Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 19, 1860, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 19, 1860 Page 7
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the direct vote oa the report only e few momenta Uter, bat as soon as there was a motion made to reconsider, be was in his seat and voted in the affirmative. His name is recorded with that long list of jeas overriding the Governor's veto on the several citj railroad bills, also the West H ashington Market job. He was like wise found voting side by side with such re publicans as Moulton, Miller, 'McQuade and Crocker on the Commissioners of Records ?Claim, after the Governor had vetoed it. aa well as numerous other corrupt measures before that body. Is that the kind of record that pleases the democracy of the Fourth Assembly district of Kings county ? Are they willing to return a man to the Legislature who assisted to such an extent in bringing disgrace upon the State ? If not, let them secure a representative whose re cord will not disgrace those whom he repre sents. Jaco*? Birkkb ix Wall Street,?About these days we learn that Jacob Barker, one of the oldest bankers and financiers of ancient times in this city, who has been residing in New Orlean - for many years, has just made his ap pearance in Wall street. Jacob Barker is the most venerable patriarch of Wall street brokers and financiers. He settled in Wall street in the year 1793, at the tail of the last century, and during the last war with Eogland was a dis tinguished man, raising money for the govern ment. The name of Jacob Barker, recalled after the absence of years, bringB back to our mind tnany souvenirs of the past. We remember that in the panic of 1823 quite a number of banks, insurance companies and merchants were smashed up, and indictments were insti tuted against many of the unfortunates. Among those then on trial was Jacob Barker; but the jury never could agree In his case, and we be lieve be was finally acquitted. During the trial, a judge, who was prejudiced against him, fined him a hundred dollars for some language offensive to one of the witnesses. Jacob, in his characteristic manner, stooped down, wrote a check for the amount, despatched a messenger to the bank, and handed the fine in gold to the bench?remarking, very naively, that he always settled his differences in cash. On his present visit to Wall street, the vene rable broker, when recalling old memories of -the time, when he first dispensed golden favors ?in that region, must be astonished at the growth aod progress of the metropolis. Then it had only thirty-five thousand Inhabitants: now it ncmbers nine hundred thousand?nearly twen ty-six times as many. NEWS FRO* THENATKWAl CAPITAL. Awtrttf She Pacific Telegraph Coatract Th*rMt?rtk?AU?|?d filar* Traders? The Newly D1kot?w1 Comet, ike. , WAsnixcTox, Sept l.S. 1SP0. *U CASK or tMM ALUUBD SLAV'S TkAX>tkS. Quite k number of seizures of veaeels suspected of belay klavers here recently bees msde by the Federal authori ties la New York end other cities, end the pertiee owning the mid rim sis here brought to the kt lectio* of the 8e cretery of the Tronsury fhcts ooonected with the seizure* end ere asking him to discharge them, oe the (round thet the .Ttmels ere not slavers, but ere engaged In lewful commerciel euterprtsea The Secretary will not Inter fere unless It cm be shown te be e deer esse of unlawful Mlznre, ns he Is Terr bitter against this talqultom sieve trade, end Is determined if poseible to break it up. award or ran rAcmc tulxukai-u oasmuct. In Ckbtnet council to-day it was decided to five the oo a tract for building the Telegraph lino to the Peclle to the] lowest blddsrs, Messrs. Herman * Clerk, of Detroit, who agree to construct tho line for twenty tve thousand dollars. The aoeretery of tho Treasury maintains that according to lb* bill as pamed by Congress, h* had so other alternative but to award It to the lowest bidder. A question havlag been raised, that the guarantee, un der the recent proposals, Mould be equal to tho cost of constructing the Pacido telegraph line, the Cabinet, to. day, tt Is said, dectned that there was no Executive dis cretion, as tho law provldcsfthat no contract shall be mads until the line shall be la actual operation and tho ttlfllsmat of which be guaranteed as la the ease of bids tor mall contracts also that the lowest odor tor the use *f sorb telegraph shall he nooepted, under those spsclhed coad ttous J. Harmon, of Detroit, as heretofore staled, lathe lowest bidder. It Is expected that a decision will be o>Bc tally announced to morrow. The President has reappointed Postasssters Leasoa and ?Grooves, at respectively Laporteasd Loransport, Indiana; sad removed Mnlllkea, Puetasasur of Psducsii. Kentucky, and appointed John C. Noble la bis plane, t *.-**/. ss or ran ssrasvAnT or was fob vtvgets. Tho Secretary of War Isfl Wsshington to day for Vir ginia. and v. ill be absent toe days Cctoael Dr.nkard has bera aprolnted acting Secretary during the Secretary's abuses rorrLAWTT or vwu saw nasar. Stra-ee to say, the new planet discovered b the Na tional Observatory on Saturday sight last ,s occup. lag far more ait' atlas among the Waohiagtou world t-.aa the movements, sr sberslious, or eccootrltlm, of say of the stars Is the political irmamest. F verything ataWi into las ga.Oceece belore thin new * .tiler from the celratm1 ephere The Cmc nfUerden, the Plhs'i Peak Mar deter. LkAvmrwoara Wept It. 1*40. Gordon. the alloyed murderer had en a less I en ilea yea terday. which resulted in his discharge for wast eff Juris a.ctioe Denver where the efr<-*ee was committed, h ie Mar Use county and pot la Arapahoe as wn supposed. This droivoe leaves the citIrene of the r el Peak re gion octS'de of Arapahoe eesaty without My lew what ever Immediately after the discharge of Um prisoner, threats of lynching were made, sad as exelted crowd faibe. f1 around the cosrt room, (-ordoo how -or was la so t tho tail for safety. i edev tho prfXerttne of tho 8ber iff aad eMy ofbeors Late la the evening a body of hie friends undertook te remove him tbeece, b-t wave iwtneimiely eerronnc*: by as excited crowd shooting ' H?ng him, ' ? String blm up Ar Ths Mtods of law sod order. bowvsr. urd?r the lea l of Mayor McDowell sad other city steers, succeeded is pre vent az ths mob from proceed lag t o extremities, aad Gov dm wm again lodged in jail tar safety He wis badly bruised .ad cut during ths melsr. sol other wers soma What I* and Sheriff Middssgb, of Arapahoe county whs err M it t ws during lbs tumult, eras badly In ured b a Mow on tho head. Bar dim has been rw-arree.. I v ? ?eat ice's warrant, aad will be headed over to Sheriff ??"?dxufh to be take* te Dee er as eoaa as hie t*;u permlt The a flair causae m eh etc temeo la lbs city sad our cltisauu are generally gr .t fled with ^ ' tr' mpb of law aud ordsr. Ths lalled film tea (sevenllek *f Iml varmsUeea. Brmou. Sept. M, HMO The tsited Slatea Cbaveatio* of Caiveraallela earner lied in th e ally to day, aad avgaalsad by the cfietoe iff he follow leg ofisirs ?fraeideet. Rev. J Roydea, ef Rhode lalsad; Vice Pruidmt. J. R genther. of Mama ???* fceretMy. Rev H R. Walwertb, of New Jer TbeCoaveathmwasqeltefolly tiJ Al ths MM meeting a preamble aad report wm submitted establish ,eg a paMMtlag beuae foe the dm R Met loss of Ofiloara of Use Us _ (to* I. O.O. r. *f the I slits ????**. NASUT-n.Lt. Sept U, IbM. lb* Grand Lodge of tbu Called Blakm Odd Fellow* bavu toetoa R n Boy MM*, of (loutb CarallM. firaod f?lre w lonidou, of ladisn*, Dspoty Grand Rtro. J I, Rldgaty. of mrytnnd, Graad BscroUry, tod JoAua Van Zaat. of iAryland, Brand Treasurer ?out tie arm Orcaa Rteamer Rise entente. CkAki.xwrov Rapt 11,1M0 Tbementn?:. n Kmbvlile, (?(>*? r fi''*sy f">m New M, arrived bur* at twelve o'c*?ck 'art o ght (fiwdav hMlmr Do?(Im Ml Ihlttra - -- BIS UOVtMN AM> MWS AT MCHMWI-BI? ??" il?M OH THE MlBSOrs: COMNUMUJU, tTt HOdmnit.fcept. U. 1M0. Mr. Douglas left Syracuse at neves o'clock ttiiu ?I every station on the road the usual aemoustrtuenn wore nade, ana at R.?heaur and Lyoos, where Urge crow da gathered, Mr. Dougiaa was -ended f-rth and ???<<? brief addreaaaa, a&d waa received with m,.i.h en thuaiasm. At the Roc better depot many hundred? of est .-cue aaaambled oa the arrive] of the train, and the pressure waa great to catch a eight of Mr. Dougiaa, but owing to the efficient arrange ments of Ooi. C. T. A mad en the procem.on waa for sad without lnconvenienoe, and M.. Douglas *aa conducted at once to tho Eagle Hotel. A groat number of stringer* arrived in the city d ring the morning, and Douglas clubs from surrounding cities attended in uniforms, accompanied by bands of mua.c. The excitement appears on the increase as Dougiaa pro ceeds westward, for the meeting in the aftornoou fully equalled that of Syracuse yesterday, while large add:" lions were made to the visiters from the country during the afternoon. The meeting waa held in Wa hlngtoa so ..are, which waa densely packed with people. A scene similar to that at Syracuse occurred through females and boys getting near the platform at an early hour, and being caught in the pressure when the apace Oiled up. Bevera. had to be rescued from tha crowd over the platform. The Rochester Oifou puts down the number In the square at 'J0100 to CO 000. Judge Doug Its' speech presented no new features, except on tho subject of the Missouri compromise. He claimed he bad always supported and upheld the Mis souri compromise, so long as ine people o? the free States were willing to abide by ,t, and in 1848 had Introduced a bill, which was fasaed by the Senate, extending the line to the Pnoillc. the House rejected that bill. and he claimed if it had passed it would have settled siavery ag.tatica forever. He charged that it bad been defeated by a union of free solle-v and Southern Are eaters, who had then combined against tha Missouri compromise as they now combine against ;-oj;u lar sovereignty. He ipeke an hour and a half, and the speech was well received, much enthusiasm being evinced. Hon. Joseph field, ex Mayor, presided over thetneeung. To-night tl<e streets are ail excitement with a proco ?Ion bearing torches, binds or m.a.c te. Many thou sand strangers rema n In town giving the place an appear ance of a general holiday. At the headquarters ot tb* Union men, opposite tie Ingle Hotel, a g-cat tell is kept constantly tolling. Bonfires blaze on ail p .b x thorough three, and the demomtrallou it uarvallel m point of spirit and extent *? York steady at par mi premium. " Ca* songspt. IT?4 P. IL Ftaur dn'! and V. a 10r lower VWl <tut! md le. IiWf eate* of 114,00# knMl II 44c . a Me tor Wo. 1 ?print *2"" * **" tovNo. 9 do.. ta Mora. Onra Arm uaim of a# 004 boabele at SO <(*. a 17a., la Mora Outa steady. Receipts?0,040 bbla fear, 1M.000 barbate *^?*,00.044 ImIU com Bhipmem# ?00 bbk flour, IH440 biMt wtaai, 8" oo.) hfeb eon, 90 044 oafe Fregbts ioM at I?c. on wb-il (o Raffia," enehengu oa Haw vert, X per ml premium __ . Onr ?ro. Bept 14-4 P. H. wiVm! *h**1 ?"?, 440 80- ? * lower mtaa at a* for Ho. 1 spring 7i>r for No 2, la !?"!*? sales ? 000 buahele at ITe. a 47 W hi h^to ? bblM flow, Ml,ooo ?h,?""bela eora 14.000 )oshate note f gr- ?J**- ???, **00 kuahels wheat, ipmo lf-e 00 wheat to Bafflfe, ,l *Kt"|r ?" "ow Tort H pr ooat proa'ua. California Politics. THE CMOS IMi DOl'tlLlh bTATk COSTgNTtONS. St. Jom'm. Mo. . Sept. IS, 1S00 The follow id; is the very latest bf the pony express:? SatBAuivro, Sept 4?7 P. M. The I'nlon State Cod rent ion ad.ouraed to-day, bar1 ~<g nominated a full electoral ticket. The Dt'U|l*? CoBTfrtipo baa uom:>tl?l t fall t.cist A fusion ol the two parties waa not deemed idr jiN? by either side. I Hlbnttola Brttklaildfr Dcinatrattr State Contention. I Catcsoo, Sept. IS. 1990, The Breckinridge democracy, la State (unreal lot at 8t. Pauloa Thursday last, nom.aated a foil State and electors! ticket. Senator Rice was preso-t and msda a speech against Mr. Douglas. Massac base its Politics. Boerjit. l-ept. HrlidO Edward Dickinson, of Amuerit, declines the j tion of the Bell and Everett Convention for foeuteunat Governor. Pcnnaylranln Congressional Nomination. ParuDEtrwri, Bept is, ljeo. Philip Johaton. of Fastoo, has been nam anted for OoogTeaa by the democracy of the Thirteenth district la thteStata. Michigan Coagraeslonal nomination. Jacuoa. M.c . top: IS. IS40. Hob. John D. Conely was yeaterda; nominated for Con grrsa, by the Bre, klnrldge sad lane democrats o. the First district. Loss at the Steamer On sella. . Daraort, Bept 14.1440 ^ The steamer Caxelle. wbiie entering Fa-.e liar ? r,Like Superior, at day light oa the morning of lbs 10th (net , went oo the rock- a quarter of a mile from the dock , aad became a total lose, together w tb all b*r f.-eght, j ooasistlug of supplies for iagle Harbor and other lake 1 Superior ports. All her passengers and err* were saved by boats from tho harbor. The boat w.? owns.' by E. 3. Ward and valued at 440,000; n Luaurance The hailing wf the America. Boston. Sept. 1,. 1440. The malls per the tteamsh.p Aa'r. i Tor I.verpool via Haltfai, will close at seven eockk Somorr j * (Wedaes day morning but she wiU not .ears her dock -at.. a'rout tea o'clock A. M. The Oral* Trade of Tareata. | Toaorrc.Pept. 10. ItM. The receipts of gram to day amount to ii ?j baahc-i, lbs largrft day i rect.pU of the seaaoa Pall wheat averages 41 30 par buahe'; spring wheat, 11 OS 9a:'ey. i T3f Prae fee Plash# ta. PIILAOKLTMIA VTOCt 40A13. Paiuwrxi. Sep:. |b. 1440 Blocks steady. Pear* anla Stiie Is. 07 Real lae Railroad, 44 . M?r * at, 67.',. uoag Island Rad fia-l, U. I - .i-? . . 11 , S , .1 tl'aaage I aa Hew tort at par haw ujiv. Bept 14,1440 Cotton quiet. The sP-iawr s news bad bo effect oa the market, aw to day 4.2*0 sales at 10 c. a lO'.e for mteellBg: ??> ?* three days, K,260 bates rto* pta of ihrr? dsyr 21.400'. aire sgaiaet Iff 000 bates the* (re sponding time 1st! year flo.r uuiet at 00 iX a 00 00 for supsrOne. Yr. ow corn 74c rork do.I men pork, 021 so offeree. Tcseroo lis il use hanged quotatkMw. Ksrhaagrm loafeu, K# , a UO and wna bins at iseiag loo , a 1M , ffim ricnargi> oo New York, % a \ par cent preaiom. Frtgbto CWtoe to I I'.erpeoi ?.d. Pnjr r.TLa. fept. 14,1140 I F'our dull super ins 46 a 4<i If H tS neat rP<sad with a dscitaiag irn.irncy red, 41 ?4 a $1.4: white. 41 40. , Orastosdy. yellow. 71c. t'ofte* boo< sat P.k>. 10>,c. a ! 14V? lttec. Whiskey eteaOy at u4e. a 24r Baunaonit, fept 10 1M0 Finer v*ry dull aad flat City Mills 04. 00 7' ; , Howard street s.imiaai st fe 75: Oh o eomiaai at 04 ft Wbnat sitsdy st 41 40 a *149 f.<r red and 01 44 a II 44 I tor white. Corn dail. sat. a at fee i Mr. tor whit , sad I 44c. a 74e far y si low Prova oaa dsU aad heary. aaem Pork, 41.*. isrd, 41: t. Oofto Ira aad aei.veMUc. I Whisker dall at 24c. B mio Bept 14,1440 ; Plocr doll aad ur.hangrJ. Wheat red u.oter rinsed MBr h ?ber other nna? as: wise 12 0C? bush [ m red wieter at the cleee, at 0110. sar! . 6M0 bssbela do at 01 M. tern steed r aad in mod. rate de ' as sad eaies 14 000 besbele at ffe >?ta stead sates 1.009 1> .sbr! at 40c Bar'ay Brat. Whissey aom; ai at I KJc CSsai fTr'jkb dall and tend ~\cy itowawwd 1m p..rte?1.000 bbis. Sour, W.C >0 b^beis wheat, kl.jOO bo.hele <010. S.D00 hi..heIs barley fipo'Is?1,400 I bbh. tour, UB 000 bushels wheat. 10,000 lv abets oaf. Br ?alo, itept 14? . P M| Plow dall aad nnehsaged Wheal firmer and in mode rale desuad Hotb'ag doing ta ?al?? R ON bctbela red winter Okie an 1 Indiaaa at 41 14*41 U. mnstlv at the inside Igurs a 000 buabela Milwaukee club at ?l d. Cora atoad) aadgo moderate demand salsa 10 000 bosh*ta at 40c. data lower aalea 10,W0 bushels 00c other grains aomlaal Whtaker aomiaal at 24r Canal fre'gbta &4c. on ftoar, II ,e. oa wbsat Lake im parts?2.000 bbla four, 111,000 buahea wheat, ST,O>0 bushels corn. 4.000 bushels barley. Cheat exports?i,(0u bbh. ftoar. 100,000 buahe Is wheel. 40,000 baabels eah. Orwuoo, Bept 14?4 r. M. Flour uuiet aad steady, at previous quotations. Wheat dull, with dcelitiag tendency atlas a the momtag 0.044 bushels Winter tod Wtatern el 0114. Ooni du.l aad ?carce antes last sight C.700 bushels, at 47e. tow ley 4rm antes r.M0 buateWs Oaaadlan, na pr ate terms (deal iraighu etoaiy. at tie em tmor. Ue. am whsat aad II Wc oa enra. to Hew Tort. Iabi Imports?49,000 buaheh wheat and 11.000 bushels barley OSaal as ports?1.540 bbla. flour, *d,.O0 b.tb*is wheat, 10.900 buahe le oorn. 11 000 bushels barley and ?.400 bushels Cnmrwar, fept 14,1440 Breederti"? eJseed with a daclis'ag tendsacy. eaut 4 by the steamer ? news market uaeettlirt Whkhey dall at l* rrovtetoB* dull aad uaebaaged. Bight Elects of the Terrible (>el? lu the Qulfet Hettro. tux oile at -ax wot?a or the Miaxissirrr i oax Ol Tlfx HMO WEST INDIAN AND TEH 01 UKR CRXW? XXVEXAL L 0HTHOi"?A3 DX8T1U>TK?. IK. Nww Okisajh, Sept. 18, IMG. Tlie eh.p Gatroa, which went tub?rr la tbe late g?l<\ haa return?d io tliU city fbr rape re The brig Beat Indian, which w.wt to Ma, was iMt at fata de I'Outre. together with ten l.vaa. Several lighthouses on tbe M.ts xnupi coast were blown down by the gxlo. TUX OALE AT MOBILE SAT?LOSN Of TttK 6111? R. B. DlXEY AND HXK UmU AND -i Ml . Or HJUt CRtW??VK STEAMBOATS 8CNX. TTC. MoutiJt, Ala , Sept 17. J360 v/The ga> at thie port wax very acre re. Five fteamboatt were audit during t ? atorno The ao:p P. B DUey, bound from New TcrK for thla City, wax biowa ashoro on the lower bar. Mobile bay. and became a total Irwj The captain and sever*. of tbe crew pertabed. Ixteriitllg Jltwi from Mexico. COntxwtration or tux opposing iokcxh at toe CAPITAL?A XLOOBT BATTLE ANT.CTPATID- ANOTH ER WAP?rHKRXVOLlTIOS OS NAW LBON. ETC . nxw Oilman's, Sept. l(, I860. Theaohoonrr Virginia Antouette f-otn Vera Cruz tha 3d instant, Uae arrived at thla pott with $S7l,,W0 ia specie. Twenty too-sand liberals we*e marhingon thecanltal. lit -anion wu In the City of Mexico, with 7^800 mea. j The attack was expected to commence on the 8th. A new loan, to be exclusively levied upon Mexicans waa expected to be soon proclaimed. The Bishop of Guadalajara bad been reteu-ed from im pritnoment by ( eneral Deyoll.tdo It la reported that General Mages 1 made good his ee tape Toe correapoodeat of the Prpgrttto, at the capital aaya that the i.beral army had lei: (.fereuro, and they were expected to roach the city on tbe Sth Three thousand men were eJpan.iug from Caemavace on tbe capital. Geo Ortega w ax expected to arrive aoou from Guadaia Jin. t5? civil wax nt >*tv lson. N? ' 0*1 ti>-. Sept It. la?0. The steamer Austin, front Bra.-oe 1 tb last., with $o?,. fOX ia treasiire. baa arrirad. She brings advices from Coahaila. wh ch state that tbe civil war in New heoa cod'. J .el uoaba ed. Mmrrter In Aoaitm. 8o-ro?, Sept 13,1900. JH Joirjcj t u b"< n .onmlttcd Tor truU, chi.gel with family etxbbisg U.: (> Dunne. la Richmond itfl last nltfb: the murdered man was innocent ot' tiflwce been miatsken by Jobu.oo tor a man ..e bad previously qus.-r*i>d with Daattmitloa of Cotton at Hohllt. Mom ,t. Sept. 19,1990 (oedmau n warehouse with C *u0 bni?r or cotton, was destroyed by fire on the L'tb. n?bhatti' Fair at Bonn, Bottu*, Sept. 19. 1*90. The Mechanic, Fair at Faaau.l Ball la attracting (rowJa ei via.!#.-?, aai i ta.d to V?o *-p*rior to an/ that bat precede! it. Tht Bottom Bank ttatrmtat. Sept IS, 1 a-%0 C iptta. itoca ?ST.i31,T00 1 nana and dleco ntf 64,7J3,S7l Spocio a,:.#1 .too Due from other bao?j 6,786,000 But to other baa** 9,4*0,000 Deposit* li?.0&:,000 C'.rculat on 7,079,000 A? TO m* Attrnu; ts Duiunc Fr>"i? A.teocur<w?It waa anno, need. soma montha tlnce, that a pant.emac ot Beaton had olered to l>e one of threa paraona who should dmate to the a bore named worthy association the aua of ten thouaaod dollar* This offer was made to Mr. John Br-*.|ham. one of tba trustees of the fund. Mr B is now to Karope. asa as ha baa been engaged at tba Bay market theatre, London, will not return to the raited State* before next year. La the meantime Mr. JaaMS B. Caldwell, of New Orlean*. baa i.gulfled bit willingness to contribute a third of the aum named above, and Mr. Brougham baa eent to Mr. Oxiey. the Treaa. rer of the Assoc at wo, the name of the Boston iimiileann who made the or igtaal propoatttoa. Thus t .vo thirda of the money are already secured, and are have no doubt that more than one of ocr millionaires will be glad to malm up the muniffoent trto The fund, It may be remarked la pnaaiag, In in the beet hands, and la administered entirely cpoa its original principles?t. a, provision for tba railaf of dramatic artists who may ba incapacltaUJ by Illness or aid age from lbs pursu.t of tbair roontlon. Fiaeral of the Chllenm Mlmlatsr. The funeral of Don Juan Balio, the Minister from Chile tn this country, who d'.od of an asthmatic disease oo Son day evening last, at the Clarendon Bote! In tbta city took place yesterday morning at the church af St. Fran cs Xavler, Want Sixteenth street, near Sixth arenas. Mr. Mello has been for n number of years employed by the government of Chile in Important political poets Ba hid bean apaadteg the summer at Ulee Cove. Long Intend, and at the time of his decease waa on bis way te Washington tn roanmo hia official duties. Ha waa about ttirt. Sve year* of age. The church of St Francis was flllel with a large number of our meat Influential clt'rena together with the whole of the dtotomatlc eorpo of lb! city, who attended to pay the teat tr'br.te o' reap, c ;to on* who though oo abort a time emorg o? had n ade many warm and atooare friends A mmn 4t rrq*. was anld by Iter. Father Do Swynea, by n he had b? a attended d r or his teat lines* after lab i . the asnal wi?toaa for tba burlai ef the co'dtag to the r tual of the Oatboii^rfacrch. wore per fo-med. The bedy, after being aoi'mlmed, was p seed in a leadea coffin and the who e eccl sad a a handsome ?atewood oe'hi. aed eon aye* in '.ba recti. tag . salt of at. Patrlr . a cathedral, tba toUwlng gentleman act ng as pall bearer* ? Mr Lisbon, Bra. tiaa M ate- Mr. Maaoae, Neapolitan te-. Minister Mr. Busrxaaa. Aostr an Mr. Da Moatexuma, weceta Minister, ry Brazilian . egaton Mr Hrhleides Bremen Mia Mr Be He", ^esreiary pf later French legation Sterna WaSte-eteat, Rwrdsh Mr rvaneyara, 1 raoch Cos Mtsimer. Ml. Mr. Bertmatt., SnrtLniaa Mr. Carralhn, truer etna Minister. Const. . Mr. Falton. Chilean < ooe-.u The bo ty nf the dwreaasd u II. remaia la the vaalt ant II the relit rl "or ward It to the country be e? worthily rep reeeuted. aad where b.e fbtbrr Boa Andrea* Bella, a Mill living at the advanced age or elgb y threnyeare. aad : I oaaol the meat dtettagu tbad men of the Chilean re public. Tlmfnllawmg aSetr' . oftha lift* ot the decease I may prove tairrretiBf ?Mr. Miio was i*wa m l/wdm, In Ju'y, 1*M, aaJ wascoe'egueatly a lltti* over i irtyeit yeira ot age. Bit fat' er la a Banal r ot C Its and Itaetor of the I nlverelty of Haat .ago, aad the <a!y hpaaia . Amn rlcaa member af tba Royal Academy ot Madrid, and a B Drama amoag t!.e vary flrat ?m er'tlee n .a aad Span i . liter ate ra. Mr tetlo was a member o( the Boaae #f Pepet e* al the age of twenty elr, aad at the earns lime a p-ufnso- af Mat ry aad i.teratura at the Nat rr? iret f.:tr?* can r w n h m i.'tor a;, ab.e and much I t sulci coatrat. Be praci ?e1 law aftersrarda. and an .acoemfo ly thst la two yes-* ba renicad M one of tbe beat law sera of i be country, an u to get. perhaps, over load -d w t busmen* Bte baaltli began 11 nil 4 unit h v, ft J, ana be accep'ed the poait'.oo of .ueeretary \t tba Ch 'eas le at'oa at Par'* an t tba M n'ster ratarnlag soon home >s was left .a charge of 1 o .egatioa. Afte two yea-* laboring time (pent at that pom, be was ep Instated Gorge d Aflbirea te t'.ia aeoat-r, w'^rehear rved is December of last year Bar ng -A residence at Paris be translated aad edited a treat ** oe political eer nomy 00 eommlaaloo af hie garernmaat He ubilahad. b *<d *. maay poet;.-at pieces and literary art.r re. aUrarted raatldarahls atteat'aa la Cb te .ad South Amccn. __ Cltjr l?nell?gfamca Wonx at m Crr fsermma'* Da ? Tba regu iar weekly table of operations la the City lanpactor'a Da parimeat exhibits t bo?y t'ma durlap tba week and teg last tteturdny. Amwrdiag te Mr. Dnsrrteg'e report the foils* .sg work wan treanected ?Powmod m Mm| ' at the mnrkete. he . 9,fM. abalemante of nan der not lee. m iiike aad water donate daaaed. 990; aumbar of loads of night Soil rrmorrd from tba city ltmlta, 1 J)3S. dead bontas, 16 deg* aad other email animals. 169 number of barrels of oflhl. 6,000. lands of aakea and garbage ramorad, *.640 etraat dirt, ilth, Ae.. 6,ill. Tm Rev raw or m "fr.*wowr>" Wnnpnrr..?Taatorday Mr Jostles Browoeii oatehmted the marriaga eeremoay batwaea two rmaataaa te the City Ball, la the absence of an alderman, whom the happy couple war* la saarch of Tba boot baisg Had, tba bridegroom rewarded the officiating dark with ons dollar fan. flity rente sfwhloh war* nxiia op In tve u4) three seat pteaan, aad the bataaaa te osppara, which, oa (batag raekoaad, proved to be (hart ef the amount two caste Thus whilst It only eoote one couple ninety eight reals to be 'olaed la the hety bonds of matrimaay, we have had laatenem la our elty where a at miter earamony mat aonrly 969.000. Tn Ms sea frawr Oranb, Oapt Howard A free, panad ear affiee an Monday an their third annual target exeur. stoa. Tber numbered thirty ft*a ??*-ete Thirty six pr.zea war* awaraed to the boat uiarkamea Tbey pro em lad a Boa appaaraace Fran at m* lfc ra Prr.mrm Va ?The main boildtog of Alieybnay Celleaf*, at tba Blue (te'phor firings, wan dantrnyed by 9r* on the sight of tha 12th Tbr cs'id* and dormitories, bower er, war* eared. Tha Prar lent of tba teatituttea waa nbaeat at lfea luaa. p. y tec -Verdi's grand opera, *? The B.ciiian V*N-H i?< revived to night, with ail lu wpteodld pagea**rf and a flu.' <?.!, embracing MmeColauo, Stlgaill, Fbrvt aa# twwbr?,, * orteoentnd baaso Croat Now Ortaana. irtufwMoM MO made for ? few o?LU ot French opem next wee*. Niaix's Gaarwi.?TbeCertcei I'pora troupe ccmaaanced ? brief aeaaou of Italian opera here last night, under the moat favorable a cap c?*. Hie " TVs v lata" wax sung try Madame Cortee , NThori and Amudlo to e full end brilliant audience. The opera has been vofrequently sung by Urn artisu above named that esWndeo eritiolem would be superfluous We may mention. howevir, as n matter of public interest, that Madame Goriest Uat quite recovered bar bcaltb. and that she auogaod acted tbe rofr of Vloielta very Bne'.y, batter, perhaps, than over be fere The audience was quite enthusiastic, and the prima donna received tbe moet positive tokens of public appreclat.on* Mis.ani did not seem in bis best voice, but will doubtless redeem his posit on In tbe "Po lluto," wh cb Is to be given on Tbureday. To night Mr. Forre-t will apprar, nad repeat bin very One performance of Bsmiet. Tas Tiuk>juph Ci 's is Botos ?W aeo by the Boeton papers that there it a case on trial ia the In: ted States Court room ref?r oa. tn which F. 0. J. Fmith is plaint!.", and Samuel F. B. Morse defendant. Tbe refe rees are tbe Hon Judge Sprague. of the Circuit Court; tbe Hon. Judge Cpliam. of Concord, N. H , and tbe Hon. G 8. HlUard. of Bottom Cm Friday Mr. Smith opened the case; on Saturday 9. T Curtis replied in behalf of Mr. Morse, and to day. Monday. l"th, Mr Smith for himself clo-ea the argurn nt. This case, in brief, is a claim set up by Mr. Smith to a portion of tbe honorary gratuity which It will be remembered was swarded to Prof Morse by ten of the Europ an Powers couveued in Par la in a Special Congreea at tbe instance of the Kmperor Napoleon, In the year 1868, wboej deliberations resulted In this honorary teatimonlal, bonr rub> to the inventor of the telegraph, t< the imperial government of France, and to the governments whoso warmly acceded to the propoa l.on of tha Emperor of the French. Mr. Smith bases h'.a claim on some tech. nlcallti a in th" or giosi artic,* of agreement w'th Mr. More*', and bis d ???d by which Mr. cam ? into po* ?eta on of a o ris n portioo of tbe patent rights n the te. - g-apa In the ( mud i-ialej and In Europe. Tbe d -ciaton of tbe referees will be l-ofe-d for ? th mi.cb interest b; tbe friend* ol th ? Professor I nltect States Commissioner'* Court. I * COST* BAiLnD AT CAST. Sbtt 18 ??TVe Vt ;.-d StaM i.. 11 ?* .qut Pa Cod*.?The defendant m this C*te a charged w '.tt tl'.ttn? c t a savef, and haa tendered tome half a do*rn d.'ereo! persons aa bull, all of whom were re e ted This morning i'U'.lo B. be rec, fee, ass oilered aa ba '. and a copied THE F1H1LI HEEALb. The Great Into* Meeting In Sew York? The Wooden Wall* or America?The Homaanl Trip of the Great Eastern? The Prince ef Walei at IFlagora Fall#? The Walker Expedition?The Latest Newi-Lotal New* of Sew York?The Market*, dir., dc, The : Aaa, Hxbald ot to dnv (Wrdieeaer rW conta.a u account of the entbcalagtlc I'nioa be d ai tbe Ooojwr Institute on Monday ngbt.wt:. renertgof tbe Speeches of Mr. Jovhra J. Hcary, Hoi. Fernando Wood, Hon. H IT. Hlliard. Of Alabama, and et C-oreraor M .re benl. of Eeatucky: An e ?h;blt of lUe p-raeut eoidlti >n of tba Amer ran Navy, tbe number of Vr se t composing it, when built, taeir armament. Ac An interest!if enc.ttat of the Homewa: i Vyagecf the Grra: Kitten The Store meats of tbe Prluce of Wales The lateat Intel', gence fron tbe Walker E.\i*dlt.on. A Moon, gat Vast to tbe Grave of ben. Jackeo.i. Alters in Euro]* Tbe Lateat Neva lrom Cel.f ma Further Part c_:ars at the .ate Ida aster on Lake M.cb xeo a!' the Loce'. Nets of New York and Vicinity of 'mporlanee LleporU of tbe Cattle, Prov . ?ion and Money Markets, and all ta'.ernt lag aews matters of tbe preceding week. Tims-n year; four ceata a s'ng e c py Sr.berrp tlons recei ved at tbe otloe. aorthwuet corner of Fulton and Naara . atreets, New York. Sine! rop es for tale at tbe counter aid by all new* ag iu Advcr: s.-meata In aerted at tbe usual Henau> rates Kaex.?Drees a tsinn as wrell as fee pVeae. tbe teller a art la loss upoa h m I' t.a faalunoaH.e e tsrtor la crowied by a ehurkiag t>e) bat. Let erer." , ?u !e man. wbo haa anr ragnrd f.>r bla |K?lUoo at a man of style, wear a Knot Hat. Konv a lateat Pal. style. are super . K .toa'a la at tbe corner oi 11 road are.* and Ptdiou aires.. Fnll Pasblena?heary A Co.'a Rerras ? HH1ST A DPhRNBDBY. leader. and la'rid cert of faWinos for t'atlmsas Hata. now eaaouamlbe Pall Mj'ne a* ready, at boa A ? and I aatnr Boom Shtrte?Shtrte?Nix Iter |N| Mads from the ben an oabeae aad Wamaatta mtisllas. Depot lJt Chatham ami. career of Pearl Six Pies Bhlrta tar |t, Warranted te FIG MOODY'S Shirt Maaufaetery. ft. Broadway. 30.T Canal Street. run. Pall and Wlater Paahinne ?Op~?lag day for eiblbt'don of new III lea in Children's Wat. aad <*aae .* Thursday, the X*h teal THOM AM AXYWOLD." tbrra doors ? rat o: Erondway. I edsrgarmsete for the Mlllloa? At McLaUGMUR'm, coreerof Ure*:i wish and Murray nree.a. Breeklyx Photogrtphs. - Hlnlalare, 1 Life h e. O M. Wl .tre.o Kjt'd tiiL CaWa* taperta'. and I larasege Empire A* ater?Seprrlor te Craer?as N atrr?the V asp'ra Water ? a vt>r reft e'er, eorrre tteaud prraer sees I aajtb M l by eat ai i'epot. L. ,'ohn auet:. >'ew Tor, U. W. WT>YC'X A CO. Mtelaway * Beae* Orrntraag Oread and ejnarr ilsooa era bow e uaiderr I ?w tutam act red; are warren .ed for Ire ream Warareooe M aad ft Walker Herrlac'e Patent Champion Fire and Burglar Proof Mm. S3. Broadway, corse.' of M JT?y areeu Hew York. a the amid, at f. M. way fjsae f rr Ore' -n ? ?aa let detnber _ T. r_ Beee^ow' Brea lae 'or LaUea aad dene -d October The Day ??A Clear Completion" te Reel rod hi Indira. Cm PHALOWHI 'naea While Or-erua. < ream.'' Beaatlfal Complexion.?I.alrd'e blqeld 1 a ealebrfy ae bartat an equal for Paarl baa arblered a ealebrt'r ae barter an equal fos ? fr ng and p-neerrlBg tbe ermp.erl'O and Mia. MaMltaB o-.trhu Prtoftpi depnu TW aod AW Headway. Taylor. Wig _ Maker, Codies' Hair Bed leal pteenearr. a Jndlebwn apcMMSne nf the ointmeat and HasJlae Otaeasak aad BBeUy foOowMg the? i nana ta Be pamoate aroaad eaeh indlta, wtu core tbe sbere nf the medical ywrf pea in nf ISWray. r-e U. Trth t.s lees I let ee l Headsi: rertruee la ell .Jctrt ao s lege. Ac . BBtia yrabtleC lawentore aad Pateateee (ha cnaeull wtu lean. MCRIt A OO. adl-.we of tbe a tea Hflc Amrrlraa. No. 17 Park row. aad metre a "i amoves of lltnU to lereauwa," free . t rbargr J i igu Meant, tortarrty tXwismw?r af Pateoie a can nested wjk tbe eboreeBee Orover A Baker'e Celehrated lYeteeleoe He Wire Marbtaea the be* la nee far faa .y mwatg. ?M Broadway Newlar*. aad LW Pnboa street. Brutblya. Y%We ater dk Wllsm'i Bearing Mnehlmea, ?ea M breed way New Task The ???< Haeefkrterteg aad Family ' ig I wo.'fc. tb> Braod Ash Aay F.ngtlahmaa Hie tsplalaa of MOAN!*' Old a?r. ai..t if be haataeied It he W proan .ae* It gMuJS f.ndt a alb, brel aval Iy. W .-?leea'..-. ti Bruadway. Fairbanks' Btar.dard Braiea. A ?ptei m . "j > ?? < h Oirea where a eorrerq aad durable re). 0 rr .?ed CaL <r seel 'or an ILLChlAaTKd aot DIM AITToN C.'BC CAR. PAlbBANCH A on, IB Hrna.1way, New York, Between Day aad rortlaadt el.wrta Naddle llateea for the Park to let. Saddle I' wees tra.nevt for tAdlea and Oea'.lsmrn. hadC.r Nor. -I ?* rW.rr.t atytee for m.? fcaddie H tee. kept t>r tba Sni srtth 'be arts Hag' of tk? 1 rwoers rtd.ri. Ar m ta the Mao. at lu'ms s Aiding arwteror. rtftb nvra a. arsaer of TWrlr titn.b areas. Tbe ??Gadlee* Beaatsftari" Pbalne A Kon'e "baow W - ?* Orteetal Cuia " hold by all drngxMa ?BraotlPal Complexion." Phaloa'B ' ?aom Wiun Oneatol Cream. PrVa M eeea per bolila H ?Btekrlnr'e flair Dye te the B?e? IB tba world. Wade, sold aad applied la aevropfteia prlraM I ai the w i wvey . tefcodBresA CiletadeiFe Hair Dye, Wlga and Ton urn beet ta (be word. WV>lma> and retail, and tbe Dye ?its etaly applied. No. t A nor liooea. Hill. Inlntltahlo Cntter of Half and whlsbera Hair Dye ? aaale, bleeb er brown. Depot No. 1 Wl nil Ili a. ?' Broadway. Prt.aie Bourn for UdleW Hair Dy naa ap wako Radlral Cnrs mi Hernia, or RtetmN? Dr. A N. NAkAH, of Ibe well Saowu Wo we of Manb A Ou, No. I Vraey U, Aamr Borne, types Oe tbe sbarsA dueotm ^MBal asne'joe >? Be psuMm? ilsgtiMii of bh lotkol Care OIts t'e bb OM Ma roe tor Bteeaeit lath dee* tp Be period of TKbTBJN'i IN < HtCDMN. HMfYl)P HAYB TM AT Ot.D NljB POA F OBNYft, la tbe form sf III WlNRUiW A mxrYHINa NTRVP. Few Bottleo ot KoaaoBpW IWiftt '? Brill la at Teettmoar."? llssllowny'e B earn. Ointment la e stead sal? naed by Ibe PmwtBfi yf Sid rmiN i Dtiswftrt bmau UotrirTT . ",LkJs *' fvTHait U- I JIB 66. SSXZO^'TO. ?. M. ? ?- 2- M.? 40. CORSOLi 34TBD LOTTIII o^r"?Tl ^ W HS| 3(?. 62, 22, 74, 64 , 60. ?'? 9- ??? 70, 12, 71. ' ' ' i. fBAKCS. XMUW. Wilmington. Delaware. Jforiag of IhaoicnM ot <Jof^ beretof we ? jbeUllue under lb* ?MM o. FBAJfOB. BBOAD UKMTft * CO.. Utbladay (Wired The DatawareJMd Kan Of.nm C UU., UIQIIM) (lllHNrVO IW VMfwwwm *ww laeAy Ixme.-ia* wU. be hereafter drown byJho tjuderdgaad aaman* ST r*A*0r Wiijii.ictoj Delawara, 8*1)4. 8 13?. DrnwUfi of lh< Uelawnr* St*to l^otto Hee -WOOD. EDDY A CO., Manager* of ">? PtUfiM fllTWICT mi) Ml -IOCKI ST ATI IfTTItlO. Dilawaka?Katba Claim 446, brrriaaaa IJt, 11M0.. 63. 23, 43. 46. 64. lj, 67, 65. 6. 20. M, 16. 66, 48. Dciava"!?Clam 444. Kmitui 1i, 184U. 61, 46, 66. 41, Co, 6?, 7;. 60, 61. 23, 60, 68. Circular" wo*, free of rharge, by ed.lreeetu* either to WOOD EDDY A CO , Wilmlnjton, Delaware. Or to WOOD, EDDY A CO.. 8L Uoum, Uoauurt. , White. th? Print of Hattcra, hut In trooi.ree hta Kail b'.ylee. ?t 214 Broalway, opjioate bt. Paul's church. G. Kannrirrt' Metallic Tablet Strop, for kreoirj: razor* in perfect order, can be obtained hi No. 7 Aator Doom. aad.ihe different agruU tbm.about Lbe etty. Blarrlcd. AiJiMTso.N?I.tvtr ?Oo Tuesday, September 1, by the Bar. J. I'ouul, Konaat A. aisTso.T to Una Makv Acucwa Lbtik. both of this city. Wmi?8*rra ?At Smltbtown, L I., on Tuesday, Sep tember 18, at the rnlJenoe of the bride'* father, by Rev. I William O. Browning, of Yonicera, Mr. HsnrtC. Wmn, 1 of Brooklyn, to Ulaa Ai>a A., daughter ol Edmund B. Smith, Erq Waxsuvi.?Hat* ?On Tueaday, September IS. by tbe Rev. Ur Helot, i'aiur Wa--tat,, oi opringlleld, to Aom Anil, of New Y'ork. Soringhrld paper? please ropy p' Yocso?C'a *<>n ?In tbts city, on Tuesday, January 6, at No. 191 W.-at Eighteenth street, by Rev J. Puisat. Edwabi> I. Y one to 1 i>\y O., only daughter of the Lite Wtllet S. Cap~on, Esq , of l'hlladelphla. Died.>r ?At the residence of b:i uac'e, Jacob Mackey, Esq., Valley. Rock-and county. N Y . on Monday, September 17 of consumption, W:UJa* P. Bkadt, eideet son o! Will, am 6 aud Maria Brady, lu the l??tii year of hi* age. Hia remains will be tr te-red in (>ak Hill Cemetery Ny. ack tlix day. (Tuesday) at twelv ? ocioca, ooso H, scs ? Arte' a abort t!.ne*a, ,'ohn Rowwr, intan'. son of vxbael K and Mar:* L. Burke. wg-d 6 month- and IS days. TUt fr.endr f tho foamy are respectfully tnylted to at tend tbe funeral, trom the res.deuae of h-a parenta, C47 Bowery, this , Wednesday i afte noon, at tare o clock. Cvhv ? ? la iti a city . on Tueeaay altoruoon, September IS I -mioh Mc rr, eldrtt child cr Alfred 1 and Mara E Curia, agrd b yearn, C mouths and IS days. Due notice *i : be Riven of the funeral. Car.* it: ?On Monday -op! 17, >sp?.t Cashoi,!. son of Mar re: -t Carrot, oi Mimcsiere7ta, oouaty Kl.dare, Ire aim. oi rot sumption H* frln i* ar* roepectfully 1-yfted to attend hia Date to hi* late residence. No 1, Amity placet, tills (Weeorc lay i e'taruoon at Ual' past one o'clock. Ipiiiaua.iN?On Tuesday September IS, after a long and ac.ere tlim-s. Ciaci' I'uuusajiv aged 51 < eai ,10 mouth* and 17 days The rrl.xtiv,s and friend.- of the fa.nilv, nlao the mem bers ol !? an t I-idge, No. DV A O. of 0. F , are re*[iect fu'Jy :avitid to attend h i f uneral, on Thursday afternoon, *i V-iS i tlWil bu lat* resides re, No. 162 West Klnetetiilh stmt, to Lutheran Cemetery. E-r.rpTO.-r ?Oa Monday, Feplemlier 17, at Cypress arena*, I. I., Ciml < W., daughter of Theodore T. and Caroline H. 1 tiger ton, aged 4 years and 10 months. Herfu-eral will take place th.s (Wednesday) morning, a* sieve o'clock from tbe residence of her p treats. Phi.adrlphLu pa (-era pi ease copy. Faao*. ?fa Broiki; u, on Monday. September 17, Jour Fa*' x. Pea., steam engineer of the Brooklyn N'ayy Yard, In the 74th j ear of hia age. The re'stlve* and friends of the family, the Morton Fncampmi at Knlyh: Templars, the Pho-iix Chipter, R. A. M .and tbe Ma oalc fraternity, also Salem Encamp meat and Naetin led** I. O. of 0 F., are respectful ijr Ins.led to attend bis funeral, from hi* late rea.donee. No. 4S Adelphl street. Brooklyn, thi* (Wedusad iy) atteruoou, at three o'clock. H'.s romama wtll be Ukeu to Greenwood Cemetery fo' Interment rat' asa?In Brooklyn, on 8un<'?y, September 16, An i Lot j.i, youngest daugnter of WUl'iam C. sad Nancy EaaQtner. Havw.?Cm Wedne day September 19, at half past ons o'oloca A. M., Joaa. i H. il*vt>. m lbs kith year of hu ag< The friends and relatives of the family, alio the mm be;s of CI- ton c olas Colon, ar* respectfully invited to attend b 11.moral, oa Thursday afternoon, at ball past one o cluck, from the evidence of hli parents, No. 29 l??r I- street, without further not .re. Hi *m?la Uti* city, on Tuesday, September IS, at tbe re*i<-encc of her uac-e, Robert Tb impson, 66 Poring street, Ja?v > > no- vox, w dow of tbe late Wm. Hunter, a native of Scearoe. Armagh county, Ireland, aged 00 years. Ba- i ? (>b llond*7, pep: 1 Hi i ' lln x-vt, a natl e of county Oavna Ireland, ag*d 31 year*. Hit friend* and those of thr family are respectfully in vited to altvnd llie funeral, tb * fWeda?*J*v) afternooa, at two o'c.ock, from his late res.deuce. 146 third avenue. Ha r--m* us w.U be taken to Oreeuwood Cemetery for in terment. H??; t?On Tueeday. September 18, Kabt, the be loved w fe of John Hevr.U. aged 67 years Tbe relatives and friend* or the family are respectfully luv led to attead tbe funeral, on Thursday afternoon, at two o'clock, from her late residence No. 64 Obrystie street Her will he taken to Greenwood for in terment Hr ->r? ?At Br oklyu. on Tweilny, September II, af ter a lingering illaeen. Makoasst, wu- ol Aiex. Hudnut, aged ?6 years and 7 months. The relative, and friends of tbe ramlly are Invited to attend toe funeral, th.i (Wednesday) afternoon, at four ocl < k, from bar lege residence, 249 C la Ion street. Kam ?On Monday tree log, Stptember IT, Mre. Meat Ks-1 t, aged N years a native of Corlea, near Ball/shan non, county Dooejal. Ireland The ft. tad I and acquaintances of tbe family are respect ? fi lly lav ted to attend tb* funeral, from the residence oi ber eon, An loony Kelly, CIO Hudson street, tbta (Wed atsdey) efternoon, at two o'cleek. la: Paxil -On Tuesday. September 16, Ciacaxnt Cat ua, wiauw of Roderick Laurence, lag, aged 66 years F.inert ua fWedneeoar) afternoon, at two o'clock, froir. her late rratdrsoe. 199 Smita street, Brooklyn. M.'.?-ia ?At New Or'eant. on Brnday. May 30. 1669, Ma x, saed 41 years sad 6 moatbn. rotberel nm. w Mag?- of thin city. li'Nai t?la Brooklyn, oa Tuesday September 16, after a start iiiarte, Jaat. the beloved wife <1 Francis McVes y. and daughter or the ial^ Bernard Boyla, aged 62years, 6 maths ?n I 2 days. Txe re at *ts ?Dd friends of tbe family er* rvwpcetMly lavted to sttrsd the f iseya' from tb* resMeooe *nf ber mother lorner of I wan street sad tanderb'.li avenue, and from tbeaee to Pt. Joseph ? Chcmh, Par I6c street, on Tborsdsy mr -nlng at lea o clock, where a re-ialeoanfgh matt w'.l be oSerod for the rcp a* i-f be eoui. Iler re ma.r.* will be taken to th* Cemetery of the lloly Croat, I'talbnth frovideac* (V. I ) paper* p ease ropy lltx ? it West far-Tit, oa Mon ey. ??pt> mb- r IT. of bemorrbsgr tf tbe lesga, Jo. t. :< Par-, in the 4>ih year of bis ag* Tb* relatirrs sad rr-eade of tb* ?hmi-y are respectfully larltrd to attrxd h:t funeral, on Tb. rs i?y siiernoot, at ose n'etoek, Dua* bit late rveldene*. ?On Thursday, Heptemher 6. ? Jk. A eg lit ne, last Florida, Dr. A (>. ntxrAtr, after a eerer* i .nsa, wblrb be bore with e becoming CbrMtan nyieac*. He wsi but recently a graduate of tb* New Fork Mad to*. College and bad rrternrd lo h.s borne but to d-? H ? loss will be deeply felt aau mourned by a large c.rcl* of fVteada. Rta.x ?Ob T<M*6*y, fkyie-nbe- 16. MaTtxtw Rta.v. 'a fast sen ol Michael and Ij'eo Rya.., aged 2 muatbe nod 19 d*yt. The triads of the family sad thnaa of h.s ? ne-ea. Mat tbew II and John Henry Ryan, ar* rsnpectfhllr .ar tad to sitead the funeral, from th* rMMrae* of b'j pnraalt. Mo. tl ls?t Broadway on Thursday afteruoo .. at tarn o'elorv, witboui lurtLrr larltatiog. pxo-.s?On Tuesday, September 16 JruA A . relief of tbe Ute Wm W. ftooe l p, la tb* 6-t year of be* age. Tbe* and trend* rf the lamily ar* rfopertftiily lavlted to attend thr funeral, from ber late res,dance, fd West Nlnet^entb street, oo Thursday, el eleven o'clock. Wwuatr ?On Moaday morning, September 17, Ar r rerr P . soa of tb* late Tboma P. IFoodruT, la tb* 36U year ol bla sge Tb? rrlativre aad frteada of tb# faa'ly ar* rupeet-*--iy fo-ltr I to xll?nd th# f ,n.--sl, (V>m hie lat* rrsi-lraco.K*. (lint r . iy piece, ;h s (Wedecxday aftarno-js, at two - v., w iv ?t MM'nn Fan ?rdrxasumptkm. at Rngern' Ron: Retreat, r.|?a toe*, on Moo lay. ReptemWr 17 Diair- Em. in Um ?4 year or his tie Also, at tbe same piece, tbe iafaat cb 4 of Imtir. aad Mary Ana West The reai r?* an i friends of the flunily are owpactfuiiy Inritrd to attend tb* toners!, from tb* reaideaceof bM talker, No. ?3 William street, tbig (Itedaeoday)after ncoe, st two <>'eloeb. without further tarltatioa. Vnaox ?Oa Monday. Bsniember 17, after a abort til c-ks, lb? widow of tb* late John WiMon. formerlv of the i-ariab of Oombroonay, ooaty Longford Ireland, ta tbe 7*d year of ber ag*. Th* relatlvr* and ffleade of th# fbmlly ar* rsarectfhily lavlted to attend tbe funeral, from her late residence In Netiee street. between Warren and Wyehofl streets, Brooklyn, this (Wsdaenday) afternooa at two o clock mirnu?ot'(. a MmtCAM WATl Bin. A logntdaadai <er aaaaa, forasl*krOgo. r. Af.fJHLM bread way, ana <oer below Caaal street, formerly It Wall ITBICTIOJI HOBWt POWBB FOB ftjumm IhialaveaUan langesat imprn1 anient no the borne power bow m nee. aad w parWroJarlv tea If ad for 4rtv*m notlea . na mm mil* O^mjAga^ -ws An. without etamtnlag thia, at M (told wrest, N. T. Or-darsHM far J. A- BKKKir AT BTRBDMLfB OLD WBDDtMO OABD DMPOt-AU u>e now atytae of Oseda, Aa. Mi BiislaaF. wnwwa ibmed UMfci coTioM *(mrB-BA<iBTn<^irr novsimots Toruiure at tiiibltr a-iersai. iSW day, ?' SanSay. it it W S -ieer '1 street. bWwees rWi and Mgtb arenoeW? wwond Plaoo-nrta, f-llr gnaiwoteek s >na. lata, flrree roeewood aM BP**' ?., Rwwsea, OroasoenlA Bllrorwwrw htna <!>*? re, Uhte rntiery, Ac Wale iswMseaHeg at K*H ?? elneh. T JOBBW, W AMD II ARF frrmnT-WBOp 1 gattariM *4-aad wamatedtogiT|terfpMmMmMm NHK H(.L&NKOt A. A ?<,T*L WITH A Ml S1NICH*, Ul, JY wtahlr.* * partner or ||<HM', worthy and well qndhf J???t..r,''*grnt - **.y '???'> aTeiOr ? W. wU H-MUW I11111 New Uaras. Com. j^tsT advebtivimu mk.iiuv EI- HOTICIO-O D? WCTSVa roa*. rorri.EE SPAMJa ambkioan pap*?. Wl'- M. rumJAHx;- on Friday frit ro> HAVANA AND PANAMA BTEAMI P AM> OOE8 TO NVEBY Si'ANIB*' COUNTir. ALL advertisements translated rdtM noticed" in aorroa.'Ai, coljmwj. THE SPANISH HANDBOOK ?* NEW TORE TBA.1? Trite* Moorr.ATB. Orrio U Affi hr?i (tahtli. a wood-successors to a. cajttll. abb J Mlling thei. llalmorel Buehi for ladiM at A> M, Hi?w ?llppeia.7Sr.i4> $1. A large nnd eitPnaiie at Beuta end Plior. for ladle*', gentleman, miaaea, bey'i ami luudreu, al moderate priori CaHILL A WOOD, mt Hroedwa/ between Houatoe and Blaetkrr at-ff A. CURE FOB HERNIA. OR RUCTTTRt WHITE H PATBNT LEVEE TRUH8 la * treat impo.-e inept. Clean, lljrHt, no book pad. perferHr ?tin to hold U a combined Inward ard upward nr' Ion CAB and Me It at No. ID Bond street Send for a pamphlet QRKttOP.Y A CO . Bole Proprietor*. fTOBNB, BUNIONS, INVERTED NAUA ? I ?? V Joint* and all ill??M?i of toe feet eared. wttboot paM m Inconvenience to the patient, by Dr. EAOHARDA In Chlropodiat 7S0 Broadway. Man to phymuUoa and wm Bom of lha ctiy. CALL ON SL AND GIVE YOUR ORDERS FOB PAIR, <ia> mema, < r bit" enme read* m.ule,;> art up. Tnoou c.ouia, (or bt.nlaeM aUta tiers". Fim-ka. In order. SIS lu |3S h. B. I l.ARKF, IIS Wilkus alrrstt pUllTSS DEAF X IBB, DEAFNESS AT ONCK REMOVED. BEAD TESTIMONY, Bafx or m Ramus. a Nrw Tokk, A'-ruat 15 IMS. t Dr. Voo Moarhtlaker treated bm for deafneaa very aanoam fill* aod aat.sfartanly. ttv bearing wm reelored, and gas. UatM aa food a* ever, and I add my leetlmony lo lua few. O. B. LAMAR, Preeident of the Bank of the BepuMM. PROM THE PRESIDENT OP THE O'HJDHUI PIEB If* BURANC1 COMPANY. To Dr. To.* Mo*cnrutsa. OcuLat and Aurlat No. 137 Ojaum pfea. Dkax S:??I u a liVng wt'oeee of your aklil la the opens tlonot the ear. bun*, no a meant *1*1: to Mew OtImm he come totally deaf In one ear and, by the advioe of my frlende who brongfe' pie lo your oHJce where yooreki'ful operatSm withov.t a*y pain, entirely cured me. I wen: to your den deal, and m heartng liu?u wrl. u e*ar, for which I afeaB ever hwiuaoaful to you. Hlo.Ulym think proper yoi can "Mi my name. With great reaped, yjut ubedlen: eei-vani, ROBERT BAOK. Ntw VOkk. July 11 13tJ. It TTi" nip (if. ii E, 107 CLINTON Pf A' K. BETNEIN F17TU aad MFTH A-RNUIE, D E.1/NES8, PKifNEhS. DEAFNESS. ALL PERSONb WHO HAVE FAILED OCT Ct'BXD ELSEWHBRE SHOULD AT ONTM cut ON DR. VON M0?( 37T8EER, OCULIST AND AUBfiJT WILL RESTORE 1HIT?. HEaSTNQ WITH UIX 1 nrraRTU EAR VAPOri7.BE WH.CH EESTORKS THE HXABOWa IS THK MOST OBSTINATE CASKS AND STOPS THE NOISM U* 111* HKaT* HUNDREDS PA'-K BEEN RISTORKD TO HKARtNO. aRTIMCIa. K VV.s INSERTED TO PBPT DETECTION, oriica, UT CLINTON PLACE FIFTH aal 81 XT J A f ENOt. Dinner sets. TF.A sirs BREAKFAST SETS Ad AS., la plain white or aire if docomieu FHF.M'H CHINA, for eaia In grwai Alao, a?i* palntad to Order, with eoaUof arnu ere tulUala. ,u"~- w. J. P. patlt a coh No. S . HroaJa Dr. mi ketch* radical cure ih row ? afflicted nnou rru.PA.T ratlBr prl apt |T? nal r<iotatae Ike coaib.nrd ?d/?ai.<*ef of ? tbrra oflli > HO it. aery n*. ROSA KB RHEUMATIC CUKE?THE QRlAf JL ' Freacb rrmcir. (fl'-aa quick relief Lu ooe'. J?.r funiaf Rk?im?ii?oi ud Omit. It la perfectly relink*. For en.* at 3M Uroadwa>. and No, ? v.,in alrret. Pi Ice $1 par botUaM French fanct ooods, Unliable for irearuta In.reaUruen and ladlea, nrw aat rem bear.'Jlul a.iloe, Viet rrc* ?*4 from Porta, for ama by OVO. C. ALLEN, <U llr.adway. OM J jur be. iw ( ?ut at rari. Gas fietirrb. OA* FIXTURE*. Tbe nUaaUon of buyern of chandelier*. HEAP CRTS. Al AS* for |H la acillelUd to our unrivalled aaanrtaaat W. J. F. PAILT A CO* No Ml Broad*>W. B*ck*rs' farina, a deliciov* d* m and Uia I rat anbeUute for animal food, nude has toe u of the Aator Hooar. and all Uia prta. lpaJ aalonna. Hank er* 1'ariaa Hwlara. to pro- rat burniac or wore k tar; JaO Molde at rartona alzaa. forma and paUarna. lor aala at m aataOHakmact. No. ? now t anal atreof, aoerEaat Broadway. J* DO* * CO.. MANUTACTUEIRS AND WHOCE ? aala daalcra In CABINET FURNITURE, hara derided to open Utrlr large miwk to the public, and WB beraaflor aall at ratal] aa wail aa at w bolaaala. Thar odar Fnrnitara for Pre ulna Enotna, Parlora Cftau bora. Ac . bat* rtcb and plala. of original paucraa. Ufa by tbair own workuea froin uia dried rinrk. 3srass* '"-*iowMfr!u3sr*""' Warewoua, IW aa I W *aat Houatoo atraat Fount door aaat of Bowery. HINT, LIGHT.?THENECLAJR PATENT OA* , 1": Centra au la Ike oaiy out ?::ltab> for a Life lie* fort rah# of GARIBALDI, CATOUR And tictoe 140*71 duat raaatrad frou Ban** by K. T HAUOfnr OUT A CO.. Caruar Broadway ul Bonus I T ADIEU TBBTEI INO BAGS, 1J P< >R1 KMOMN Al*P. C?RP( APEB, A?, lor aala br OEO. C. AL EN. ili B ad**f one A Canal street. Mad ant *a u.i no a, no. su canal bibket. wnx ^ apan fail at;laa o' Pruaak M Ulnar/ aa Thara^.Mi New rork MtDiCAt. cou.bub and (haett* Ilnuial -Prol. JaroU will ??amr? bla on- ran of tat tur*a net ~vatrtion thta (Wednesday moral ig tiUccMk Frwf Drrrm-a will i.anw," kj demri! by a lecture .? I ican. nan and Er burrow at J P M Prof. A R ffard' ?r an 1 B . Id will bo.J tkelr cl a* for Du raara id Fraalra, U 11 A V E. OO.'IN DORVNCK M D Oaaa ipm nitNir lHr. IIRRW1T TBF HRRMrf TUB ((BRUIT TUB UKdKlT OF m* tV 1IIU OF ??? < t or T3' Tl'lS ' ? Te nt ma oa raa BE RAT DK -TBOnE ?A HAT PBBTBOTRR tBI RBT DRBTRorBP A IT .If* PB?TR (>*?*, NBTRBT PINTBOTB* mip&Rf v II I. ft* EBaDT ? L?v|lF*5r wuxi. ax beaDt 15 TWS I* T or I* Tar I* TUt NaW TQ*ETIWm|LF N '?* T >*g VTKXtl . "?* lOPf % NEW VOBE WRXBI.f 1 aaorrnw, at U e'rdora To wemr, at U n'rlartt To mac ?,w. at 12 o'ctw k To uarrua at II x'rM. To Bor-oa, a Li cloak. For aa'e rea-ywhara For aaA aearywbara. For uia ararrwkare For ulaar?r;?bara For uia everywhere Fr .aa Four < hm par Prlea Pmi Outa par c Pnar Four iknn par i PrlfT Fraor Crate par I Pr\re Pour CaaU par c r COUNTET If BACH ANTE Tour aUrai oa m imtnuf Mf tnrNad to yar PATENT ftioAK EA< ? toe raa hat". oy.TO.iaiNAL PBINct'c^WALHB. 1.-4 ewj?rariB~.. A few of ibraa aalabraUd 1-arur I w 4!f hnfwi I?wl Ml 1 oIlMr n ?? ' mwm H mVt Hi C WJ.udiorjma^ RAITln# i * 03TIASA

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