Newspaper of The New York Herald, 21 Eylül 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 21 Eylül 1860 Page 3
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LU**NT?T RATTLE-OF FURB UUII1), AMD p, for mle by WM. REDMOND, 43 Hudtr street ARABR I'itNl't MR A PERSON EST AHI.MrlH IN<? humeri In lbs 1 am v ?...: Mbumuy Sua. urea m the Ei?biu a*?uiue, as my healih will uot allow me to .pend the winter harr, for 1 am actiulomed to -outkerr citmala. I will offer R? corner wore, e new InI I in atoek nod Ave yearn" leeee. for eele. lego Ire ooruer Eighth avenue and Forty-fifth sue*. B^HARGK FOB 81LE-BCITAHLK FOR THB HAT, ?^utijtmto or general freighting kustncaa. Apply it tut Weal RT FOB BALB.?ONR OF THB I0T FITTED . bakeries la Raw Tort and la Ibe beat locality In tha avctrw. Satisfactory reasons -hrea for selling. Apply Eighth avenue gTSTa fTOAL OIL FACTOBT FOB FALB?IN BROOKLYN, IN KJ complete order, and capable of tarning out front T? t? >00 barrels weekly; wOl be eotd low for oeaa, or eadjauard for qjfcir proven/. For pi.-ucoltfi i4dr?B 'w Olla m?" #TIDKR TTNEOAB.-rOB BAI.H. NEWTOWN retard Older Vinegar, wtrraoVj pure, from m* Pattern term. In konbeada aadWe'e; aleo now OUer, pure juice. ?. A. J. L.INOH, eeaamiaaion mere Wat, Bo. t Bile Bnlld tegn. __________ /"tOAl, OABT FOR 8A1.B-BC1L* Iff THB BUST manner; u be eotd or traded for. Apr!* by reading your n ante and number u> a Roberta, boi 1)2 Herald office, rbt wart was butll to or'nr and U made In the boat manner J~vRPO STORK FOR BAI.R-AN OLD ESTABLISHED U store. Will be aold oc re town aoon. Apply to SI9 Pearl nreeC W. T. I / store. WtlJbdiold on eaay terms, as Ibe owner Ima to leave lowr toon. Apply to W. W. TUAVRB, wholesale drug fUV JP Ini 37t ILT GROCERY FOB BALK.?THB STOCK, FIX Inree and !?aee of tbn old eaUbr?hed etand, 48J < 'olumbut Hruoklyu. Apply on the premises, before 10 A M. or P.M., to I. B. WARD FAM'IY and common soap FACTORY FOR balk? in er mplrie order and long esttMlabed. w 11 be sold cheap ter enab or approved paper Can be aeen d?Hy between > and B o'clock P. at 101 Weat Twenty a rA street, or of W. J. TABT, 1A7 South itreet Factory in Brooklyn for sale or to lkt BuMable for moat any a*hi manufacturing bostnera. The bnlldlar w 76*100 feet, and a part three st iriea high. A 10 heme Steam Engine will alao be aold cheap, together With a M of BkafUny and alt steam Drying Case. Apply to JOHN B. JBKBK8B. 60 Wall etreet rB BALE?A LIQUOR STOKR AND BfLLIAEi) BOOM ea Weat atreet Apol* at SO Pine atreet, room SI. MOB SALE?A BOOT 1 000 GALLONS VA'tfflHH. CANS, P Measures, Splrtta Turpr.ntii.e, Ac. Will be aold very low, tea owner retiring from business. Inquire at 309 Pearl i treat F? WWOR BALE?OKI 8TRAM ENGINE, TWELVE HORHR JP power, with boilers end puni ami til) onmolete In per tact rnaning order. Apply to JolIN 8. MYKdB, ilfi Weat Tweaty seventh street. ETOR HAI R?TUB 8TOOK AND FIXTURES OF A GRO W eery itrre in a rood neighborhood. Reason for selling Made kuowu to the applicant. Apply at tbo corner of Bond aad Pacific streets, Brooklyn. R SAI.E-A FIRST CI.ASH WHOI.RSALK AND RE tail Liquor f tor* titua'ed on ooe of the m ist thorough fare docks, fo. 7 James slip, earner of Water street. TDOR 8AXK-A FANCY DRT GOODS STORK. 8TOCK J? two thousand dollars purchased for cash. In the first Markets, aitnaied in a flourtshtog town fifty miles from New Verb, of lS,t?JO tnhabHarv*. smrrourded hy a lumber of m? nafsclurlnu vtllsg's; will bis so'd or ex.-bunged for real estate, or first mortgage bonds The amount can remain for twelve aaonthe at 7 pet cent, wfib rood security. Good reasons gireu far selling. L tract to W. 1. Herald ollice. R SALE?AN OTD ESTABLISHED MANUFACTUR tng Bneleem of 40 years' standing In this city, with no peittlru. and all the facilities for doing a prt fitable bugl ?ess with the largest houses In the city and country. BROWN A ROUS. 81 Nassau street. JfOR ?A1.K-AT HALF ITS VALUE. A KEG A R, OON F? feetlonery and Nouou Store, with all the furniture conve nient for housekeeping complete. Apply at 81 Third avenu% in the afternoon. The parlies are about leaving the city. F? TJhOR SALE-TPK STOCK. FIXTURES, I/)NO LEASE JP and good will of a House Furnishing Hi ire. on the beat ave nue In tar city. The only reason for seUtrg la the want of suf ficient means to earry on the business aa the tonsil us requires. Ap ilieanu will address with full nruae, House Furnishing, boi 130 Herald afiice. R SALE.?A PUBLIC HOUSE. WELL KNOWN and now doing a good business, which nan be largely tai led; tbe lease is a long one, ana can be ex'ended; lo a p?u-nt person thla oilers an unnsnal opportunity to easily tan a competency. HI UGH A KoUIII WIOK. til Nassau street. Flit SALE CHEAP-A CORNER OROCEKT AND U unor Store, In a good neighborhood, with low rent Rea son forseUlrg, the owner ea inot attend to It. Apily lo F. BOBDE A CO , 804 Fullon street. TTKIR SALE?THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A FIRST JP class cheap temperance Grorery in oua of the best locali ties for business In the city. Inquire at 49avaaoe C, corner ef Foarlh street. TDOR SALE-A NEW IRON PROPELLER TUG BOAT, X It feel long, 1SS feel beam; haa lb inch cyln-ler, runs very fast and tows well; draws light d .tugbt of w" ter. Apply >0 JOSEPH B?OAB, No 7? Beach street. Philadelphia. EBOR SATE?TWO FOUR STORY BROWN STONE Mf front Houses strictly Drat class; every mod- rn Improve ment; doers of parlor story, hall trimming and stairs black walnut, situate at 43 aa I 47 East Thirty mvaulb a reel near Fetirth avenue. In.ulreonlh OCR fiAIJC?THREE YEARS' LEASE, WITH STO K AND W Flxtu'm'or wlthoat) of a neat filed Heear store aad hach Room on Broadway, west side, and. tf wanted, two Plnere. either for dwelling nr business pur.-ones. In ,utre at F? idway, r rale-a bc re her bhi p. is a first rate stand aad la good order. Iaqulre at 333 Broome sjreet. F?ri which ( )E BALE OB TO I.ET-A WHOLESALE AND RETAIL FlusWKni EstabUehmcn'. now doing a first rata boaiaess; . xta-h eaa be doubled nr an eulerprtalag maa The above ataee has been la uperaMaa for tea fears, kept by the adver User lie will either sell, or tat the place la a resp wstbie party. Ihia w a good than-a for a He-man aa hers la a targe German trade with the pleas, whloS ana ha largely teorseaed. Ueod end aatlefacwry reesone eaa he glyen ?or dtapoatag of the. man. Addiem Frortalen Dealer. Herald office. for three days. F? R RALE, CHEAF-A GROCERY OR EXPBEW Wagon. In first rate order, 'tan ne sees at 14J Liberty ? apt it la the morn, rt SALE.-TWO BARBER iO '? FOE RALE ON 11 a ei i n 1'iln terms; located about 11 n l?t fron >{w Tort Jl^eery^lhrrirg^dtr.^ For further ptetif ..are -oqurdfix ?. XfCR SaLS?A fiLOOP OF ABOUT 7t T0N.4. WELL P found te open, sails, fie., la good order for business, snltat ta for harbor uses or for brier mod or store. Will be said with or Wtthont mile and spars. Apply to 0. A R FOIL UlN. 214 South tarsal rR aalA CHEAP?BUTCIIRR'R SHOP. W THIRD avenue, between Twenty ninth ant Thirtieth streets, now doing a good buatntm. Apply la the shop. ANT LA "T OR auffaene Vi*1 r?"""*tlr, business "wfifiTrld Si k4*W' n kl i VT ?TP?riual4y. Address B hi? uLu onemi Ne agaou aaswsred. ?"?rem bos KM Harald offi-e E^WI RALE < HEAP- A OEOCEET AND LIQUOR NT ORE, ooe of the best s ands In the fierr nlownib ward; rent low; 1 iiilmgnu to five In; Is e gvod place for either German or M*. has only one other more la Urn bloeta. Iaqulre at Ilfi T igUOE DBA LEES, NOTICE.?A EPLENI>ID WIDE AJ mabegany lop Counter 0 feel long, sal peck Bar u> mntch. far ss'.e. Inquire at lfifi Madlaan sweet. s ~ CARTX ROCK AND SEAIN HILL AND PO tTlON of the Patent fcr sale, tested at the mine* and .-weeded seek, if est "Sly. mill ef veins In miners, reducing to tan *kl grinding snrfaren. K. B Nassau street. 0ROAE NTOBB FOE N VLB.?THE LEASE AND FIX jj turreof aa obi rw .bisbed eagar atom. In n foci toe Otoe In Hwohive; a part or all the may be desired. Afidreaa R. P., Herald uffioe. for two daps, for farther laformailon. GTEAM KNOINB AND BOILERS FOE HALE.?ENOINB O twenti Ive horee power, fa. Bnrden'a make, la giaid order, hollers nf best iron., termsesey. Apply li K. R DUEfcRK fi UP.. IM Pearl mraet. OTftl YACHT FOE BALH.-A FINE YACHT, IN 0 good order, with eebta mom far etgbieea or twenty per sens. Will be add low on immediate appltastloo to NWED LEY fi LXNNOX. near he clubhouse. loot of Court street. . fiPEXBO BKIETfi FOB RALE OBBfi P, TO OUMH A tad ef 4fi dosgn. firm qanMg. leqoire of )D. fib FuRem sweat. > ANT FEBfiON DHfifEING TO HHEAHE IN A ptaaaawt aad leereslre hemsern.?^r eels, a WpoUea imy. m the fimsa ef Wtes-sWe, aa the line qfe refined. I every facility tar III lining a now aad prjJRi?ta ha* -r,a war Aim D?TO NELL THE STOCK. FUTURE*. GOOD TT will and laasa tat a cheap met) of a well smabkehed. ceo Mh loeatsd whnlsmls end ret%fl Hardware ?etahilahnieot In the stay nf NalUmore. For further Inform Ufcmeddrom J.ifi a. N. HeOnmaa, No. IB North Howard street, fieMMt u i. WAOOB FOB BALE -SUITABLE FOB PLUMBIR, her ' warm baker or stove store; the whole <w pari to he tehee In trade ta mr d ta above artk lea. Ap ptv by seedieg veer name and eember to B. White, bofllo Herald oH*e The wegen w made m the beet manner and la a ?lendld ari'-le. Cioe WILL BUT ONE OF THE REST LIQUOR ?Iau tanrea la ihr Thirteenth ward, good mork and fix tame, aad ntee apartments tar e family; fistlh la the famfip tafi seme tar saBtag- Apply at ? Sruume street. *1 can -FOR HALE, WINE AND LIQUOR STORE, ?l.DUU. aotaediulv liued si. Ow do. fur ?l ??' nne for fifh); me (or fiWt ime for fifWU; sme tar MHO, aitaa. several Orosary Morse, an in r*-' and aneeagNni ooraer loratlmm Apply m the atcre. 1M Caambers street. BOTELfi. jn?'**. TPHFRHPSVIUJA gtawtand;.. ~ "W?.??-yaBww, ?ir rrrr iui mma wintmr timurnm. rimi ?? %n4 Mnm TOBAfCQJND NBHfiEfi. Havana regaer-et the mb or /S' a mrtns to the pur hseer of ta per sent fnm ear-md hand prtoee wbTch will r*a?lv dmeoverrd on siamin.l. -e fur Rtae by 000. W NTCHOLF, fiRperter, 7J Ll.eity taraat. ?ooni, MWWL *c., TO LOT CADWAY Ittilll TO I.AT -TWO LAKUR STORES. Stable ior u; kind of b.sRneae, ?V er street lu leL Apply to U. U KNICH1, Planters Hotel, fldg Broadway. m|r . BAR Ilk K H SHOP TO LET-UN DBRTHE MEiOAWTH.B Hotel, lea Duaae street For further Information la quire at the < ?ce of the shore hotel ERNimiKn houei to the tear. in Fifth avenue we* aid* bntwoon TWrty aflb and Thirty streets; bourn *i70, four storv browm moor Tor cards to view the intbUi apply to FIHLD A McLEAN, No. 9 Pipe street. lminwin BOOn TO LET-IN TWK1TTIBTH HTK KNT, P between (Fourth avenue sad Hr.tadwsy, oat<aMe far a nmell genteel 'ami It; posse?too 1st October tuulv to R. C. ?"ft, No. 68 K tat Twenty etoood street, from 12 to X rRNISHBD HO USA TO LET?RT TUN TEAR. IN Fifth arenue. west ?Me between Thirty fltTh and 1 Ulrty. stlth strests; hooee 1Ms79. four st .ry brown sUme Forwards to view the apply to F1KLD A McLKAN, No 9 Pine HOP* TO LBT IN BROOKLYN, Aim FtMNITURN for sale. Rent WHO Poesess'ou Immediately. Add-ret H., boa 1201 Poet ofkoe. No boarding bouaa keeper need aorly. IIOOMB, WITH STEAM POWER, TO LHT?TURIN IV Floon, U by W feet, with good Urht and say amount of its aas power. Apply to WKbTKK VELT A WELCH, US WeW Twenty aeveuth street, sear Eighth avenue STEAM POWER I* SPRUCE STREET -THE BAKB mcct No. Id Bpraoa street 90feet deep, with Beam power, 10 let, also, several small Rooms with steam power. Apply to H W. URRKNB. 13 Spruee street P LBT?TO ? PHTHIOIAN, A PROMT BASEMENT la a haodeoasely farnlehed brown alone bonne, situated It Lntutoo avenue, near Thirty-eUfbth street Address It A. k ki U1 flerald uffloe. mo LET-NEW Bl'ILDINO 34 PARK STREET. NTAR A Centre, well Ineatrd for maehlnuta or anv kind of >uanu lectures or mseUaaloa. Apply to W H. BCOF1KLD, 39 Wl) liana street, first flco:, rear office. TO LET?RENT TAKEN IN BOARD?A DC IRA BLR np town Hhnae. Inquire at anal yard, 177 Woneter street r I.ET?THR ENTIRE SECOND FLOOR OF THB house 78 Hroadway. Alan, the entire second done, No 5 New street. Also, two rear offices of No. 7 New street, on the second floor. Also, two rear offices on the third floor of No. 7 New street. Apply to Mr. J AM 118 URUIKSHANK., No. U Broadway. rLRT?A SMALL HOUSE, NKATI,Y FURNISHED, on Broadway, near the Park sod Filth Avenue llolet. Contains eta rooms and oldest*, range aod flue yard. Has and water on the upper floor. Rent TOO per month In advanne Addre. a Owner, Herald oflloe. mtf1 I.ET?THE SECOND FLOOR, CORNER ROOM, X with eight front window*; also front aod corner Rooms on the fhurtS floor ef Hl? Hroadway, corner of Tweltfb "street; a so the baseasaol of 617 Broadway. JOHN 8. KRlRO, 81 William street r LET?FURNISHED, TO A PRIVATE FAMILY ONLT, House No. 28 Washington square (between HI nth avenue stul Maodougal street opp.eite the squarei. with or swllbout the rtable, with all the modern Improvement*. Apply to BROWNS A HICBOL8, 311 Nassau street. mo LET OR LEASE-SEVERAL FINE OFFICER, WELL 1 lighted. In the new building No 83 Nseean street, between Fulton and John streets, thlaeUy; also, the Basement. 10H feet deep, suitable for a billiard tailoon. Apply to FRaNCIS BYRNE, 132 Nassau street. rI.ET OR LEASE-A VERY HANDSOME STORE, situated In the best location on the lutta avenue, suitable for Milliner?, Kancv or I ry Goods' hint nam Ftxturea for sale. Apply at* E1 Sixth av. rLBT. LEASE. OB FOR SALB.-THK THREE BTORY and baaemsnt Hooee. No. I West Rroadsray place, eon Udntng all modem Improvements; aosaemlon given Immediate ly. Apply o M. PABTAGALDI, 87 Pearl street. r?*NT-TO! vbry dkrirabl* poor taoRT Rpgllsh basement bouse. ISO Went Fortieth street torn, tremor with im dsturee, window shades h?n and reoei.tlin room carpels; rent MM. Inqoire after iP^U.uma^ T?J?i5i7' "I ?*OOKLYN?A nTl BTORT BRICK ^a^^ perpjj^Ud wUl ^SjSjJirSSRSf BroadT^^NewTorfc.C?iua,bl* *w*U?. or No. Ji T? ?rTi'TI**8 A1CD OBOriR8.-TO Rl LIT AT A X^ftgV&ZST**"*' ?o TO LB-THI FLRQANT AND COMMODIOUS Man stress issa vss f!li ? . food order; reot cb**p to a satisfactory BR^k^B'b^medU'-elJ- A^to i ri^-rjyjn.T fur.nisi no boomr, ,<b boiyrrt n ?p. ond II..or and others, In suite well adapted lor fit a ??rhroma mw" -? ?t T? LET?FUBMIHHEn OR UNPDRNIHHRD IN A .n.'JEL^r^rr1 wnr *? **????* ^b^dWAtt.^r5^e^ProV''M^ ?"* ^ b&pie Blx'li'Sutlt *PPl' to U* D,rIW' CU AKL? OOOl-RR, ?T* Eggj?&iKHSS&3S ffit r2t?n?e *r"7 Addrae b.? rLIT?TOR WIMKTBKN MONTHS. THB DWRLLI.VO i,^f,'L i"??"? ' b'",w,>TO Rl?b?eenih and mi riffnih itrtQti, notable for an artist or dentist ?? _ somber^ ^le r.,grmeo. A to JOHN BIHOo, tST0 ltr?" WW* No. MI ht: r t.RT-IN A LABOR K1TENHON HOt'BB, NRAR Fifth arenas. a sureib salt of Apartmen:?, Terr enftab'e for ? f?a?'fr. ?nd c. npiieUi* Marlon, furalahed with rrat? etwiL^S roarweed fnrnltnre; am Rooms on emend ?orr Tables prtsala If required. Address Home, tin IB Uerak OSes. fo-1 wo dai?. References escheated. rurr-A BisMou uttlr uoraa, on i.ktino loo a mur flnefr 1. waied and la ?pleadM order. with ererrthlne totnileta. Alio a ?ri?U House on Thlrn thi 1 jNWRm,M^,j|HjMiN? laimrmau Al?- .ther Houses, J. M. RICH A RDM A CO., T7U Toarth arena. rlBT-*BR THRRR RTORT BRICK HOISRNO mi Waahu run dwt, near Charles. The home la In perfee order paintrl ead papered Sroaafceot see aed water in would armasum late two small fnmuCie; ?-imnilelr pommel.? glren Rent MM App'j to R s. Klkd. 774 Orsanwtlhi? rLRTTTHR MALL HOCBR Ha U LRXINOTON AYR one, haodpomelj 1 waled and In the an perfect order rmm mllw w> ?tur. eclendld ruitiir. end eVerrnodaw Injll 14aMl bar wlsdo* and reraadah .. mme ?.?, D,? ??*?stoB i a; mediate It, ' 1 ' KINHHIm/r a BRICK INK rPQR. Mi roertl, ar. ko'M. I,jUnM<vMdM,7r,nI' b7L. ?PKCUL IOTIO W*??C??k?r'.Ja,T * ,WM. *t fwir a oaths, f^r' 1 three la ferer of Joha S Barbma ead CH VSSSS?!! * 01% Heptembor ft) IM) -ii ? n>od%2 term at ibm in srv??r si ?, '-jLb'Sd ?r ?te Reaae ffML ' a the oCoe. L? ad a' md^aeoaa, are re,, ?aUemra ?J ihw adebtH a ? laaedtaie pajneak P8ILO HUBD. Bmn Oread India a FBILO HUBO. 2r Tn'tATBW. JOHNTI nd ? ? ?? ??1A- * h*""* ?utwl to ?, STMS^sn^pt?k!Hi?una??*-*. t Drnm ?ed (>nh? ?Jwm l B fraieraaUp ran'Mad. Brarder^^ BDMOBD B. SaTK TVe A V.ra SB ^ ftr? Ml torn l'Vrrnere 'rTl.'tSWULa 4 icae Nrde for aaa * lotnaeo, AetnerOetaa nan 4 pen e?-few NaJ* io fadta the rails In lha linn._ ^* Fe , - Umie will te rerederd t the cA'ee eaaMd aa h Ike?i, .ruttrai at aest math, oenrr ,^2 1# *Sidif*eat *rrenpaa.?Btt ?idbe a.Ad? x-ordtael/^ 553J1-- <>-??*T4* Tub IMORMiOBBD NaTlffo BRBN APPotweari e-'e iron for the eat* nf ihe talah-a" IrfEO VALtJIh ? UUaoNHjOAL ANONACIf INBBT :?sj."cs^r?rds7 B.iy*"""! to fat res I Sto "T MOLLRB A ro., t4 Liberal BOAROINO AMD I.OLX,I\U Apleahant room to UtT?WITH HOARD. IE A private family. Apply At No. AO Douimick dLreel, b# Iw lludacm and Vartck Amu. An* TOVTO MEN CAE BR ACCOMMODATED WITH pood Hoard and airy Booms At ths New England Houae, A & ? Room t eil AinL AM RLROART SUITOR ROOMS, OONSISTINO Of FAB luraiui Bedroom mrnubsd. la a private fatally, A few doors from Fifth avenue. just above Mad Una wiujire, will be rrated to a single genbrm*n of quiet habits. To A feaUeme* wbo wish** to take meala at tar rlfth A venae Hotel, or In the vicinity, these rooms are particularly appropriate. BefeiwooM required. Aildtesn Private, Madlvon Squarn Fast oiBus ABI'ITE OF HAN DflOMlLT FURNISHED ROOM* OR Broadway to 1st to sniiilsmao, also stalls rouuis. Hot and water, gas, baihs. An. Ho.iss brut class ts every pariuular. Ouuo ?Ur Of niioe. [vocation ua-urpasssd, 8)1 oronii way batweeo Twelfth and Thirteenth utrocta. ABM All. RKI.KOT AMRNIOAN FAMILY WOULD LET, with Hoard soe or two te'ga and wall fimtehad Room* alien central aud drslrabla. References cai.lltnnsd duO last Fourth strait one block from Broadway. Adk.Nil.BMAN AND WIFE OR TWO BINOI.E ORE tit m rs can be ar, cm mounted with ttoomaon the *oo sad flour, front nr buck, with full or partial Board, and a pleasant heme, nt vn West Twenty second street, between Sixth and Seventh aviane* A SM AI.l, FAMILY WOULD RENT A PARLOR AND two Bedroom* with or without mnaln. to a gentleman or a g? Dtlrtuan and wife. House new snd near Broadway. Ap ply at lal Mill vesaal alreet, brtt new bourn east of Third ATA nue. and betwev tl Nluth and Tenth afreets. ATA PRIVATE ROARDMO HOtMK, FURNISHED It ttcoine to let, with full or partial Boa rd Oeallemeo pre I at red References eaohasged 20 hast thirteenth street, uear Fifth arenae. ATM EAST TWENTY FOURTH BTRBET-A HM ALL A private family of adults tare two Hilling Rooms, with large Hed rooms attached, to let to alngle gentlemen, with full or partial Hoard. Meals served to their rooms. AOF.NTl.KMAN AND W1KB OR TWO BIN OLE DEN lli-men can be accommodated with a large front Room and Board in a private family. Apply At M South luth St., WU llama burg. AFKW K1WQI.K orntlrmkn can br acoommo dated with r'*t Hnetl and thn oomforts of a boon ma prlf ale U?Uy; wrma m-Herate. W* leverteenth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues. i flOIT PABI-OR AND BRDBOO* ON noo?J A flour, with all iba Improvements. to lei, with Board,atto a Isrge back Boom oo name floor and a anil oa third floor. Would a refer letting to gentlemen and their wives, without children or aarvai la. 1 here will be ebi * ten boarders whan the ho one la full. Good referent* riven and required. Apply at 21 Seventh avenue between Twelfth and Thirteenth ts. APRIVATK SOUTHERN FAMILY HAY! A MOONP floor front 1U out to let. v lib partial Hoard. The room la handsomely fwnwhed, baa two large pddtrisd. with AWa?a iold water, (an, Ac, at 289 Weat htneteeuth street. Tnrme modem e. AHK' OND Fl IX B. OONH1HTINO OF TWO URGE Rooms aloovee, Oath room. A- , to let. with ltoarvl to par ties willing to pay for rood aocommolatluos. Apply at No. I Kaat Thl ty third atrcel. a YOUNO I.ADY FROM TI1E COUNTRY. WOUIJ) A nke to ohutlu a f nrnlehed Room. w 1th or wt'hoot Bo art. In a private family, where she will be permitted ti ra'nd her own huJnees. Address X. E Onion aquare Foat oUice for Ihree days AT BO M KABT SIXTEENTH STREET?BO ABO, WITH Rooms fnrt lahe.l or unfit -niahi'd Houee Drat clam. AYOONO MAN WISHES TO HTRB. PERMANENTLY, In the houae of an Amerlean family, a furnished Bed nom near Thirty fourth street and Ninth avenue. Apply, by letter or otherwlae, to W. B. WAIT, Iostluittoo for the I. lnd. A PARLOR AND BEDROOM ON Tn* BRfOND FLOOR, with Hoard. wauUni by a gentleman and bia wtfa, in a pn? vflte family. In a flret rl-m h mae. Adilryna O., bo* HJ7 lie raid olBce. etallnr terma and parurulara. A OINTLBMAN AND WIFE, OR TWO SINGLE A gentlemen, nsn be aeeomm idaled with Board and ele gantly I urnlaked Rioma, on aetond floor of a flret i-lae* bo,tee, f y applylnfl at Ho 112 (new No 119) Ninth street. we* of ami near Broad way. Dinner at all o'clock. T NO. 80 ORAMRRCY FAN*, EAST TWENTY FIRBT etreet?Handsomely furnlebed Rooms and anile of Mnomt, with Hoard and private table If desired. References re quired. A PINOLE OINTLBMAN, OR TWO ROOMING TOON Iher. can have a Room, with Hoard, where but Ave hoarder, are taken, houre brown atone front; ran bath, Ac., at lUf Rant Twentieth ilreet, between First and Second ave cuee. AT no. 91 CLINTON FLAOB, NBAR FIFTH ATEWUR Flne Knnms can he obtained, permanently or transiently, with or without Ar* tlaaa Board. Referanoee given and re qulrrd. A WIDOW LADY, LIVING ALONK. WOCLD ACCOM; moriate a lady and gentleman with a handsome fu'n shed Boom; Itosri for lady. Apply at 164 Greene "treat, near Bnuctne treat AVRRY PLKAHAMT FCRNIHHRD FRONT ROOM.W ITH Btdmoa, to let to a (Ingle gentleman in a private fami ly. at No. ?6 Bleacher tract, serf tie, tear Broad way. AT 104 EAST TWENTY FIRST STREET, ORAMRRCY Park, owe htrga front Room to rent. wah Board. A RRAimTTJL PARLOR AND B1DROOM TO LIT? with Board, high walk, mirror a Is, tn brown tnwo houae No 1,120 Broalwav new number), by Madkon riuare and eecendkluck abom rlllh Avenue HtieL torme moderate A YOUNO ONNTLRMAN DRSIRRS A FURNISHED Root.wllh Heard, In a rmp^lable AojeHean famllr, btwem fAleth aad StatUth treeteaod SMoJam'Shrth am A OENTLRMAN WTNTTE1 TO FgDCrRE_\V*SL A B<wl Wtf? TwwlUk and TfiWB treats and Fourth and RUlh avenues. Address t. r. L, hot 144 Herald edtoa. TL? XSSU&lSltB Mrm-fM And Hlith iad TMlb ivtatm> Full prtu fw bo*rI gas hath, Ac , not u> eieeed 212 par week, break/a* or brwnh Sat aad leaoalv, for the gvoUeoma; diaaor for Ite laily^ bo rrin 12 M. and k P. IT r Ohrltiat I tfcrre ir* no otb^r bflirtfWL gr?f*rrw partlcniTg. Ih M , boi 1.178 Pol oflioa. An uHrrRRUH'xn parlor or first fi,ooe. and front Room and Bedroom, fnrr.iebert. oe second floor. ? lb Beard, lo l?l to gentlemen end their wires, or tngl# gen lie men on reaeonabm terma; location desirable, dllcer at 6. Apply at 140 Wet Tweaty trth tret. BOABD.-ROOM! FOR MWU BNNTI.RIYRN^WTTH full or partial Hoard, mar be found at 114 Wet Rteveatfe | street, between Fifth aed disll area ere. szz&zz an3,7Jam~-"- ""J~ BOARD -TO LET. WITH BOARD. AT M CLINTON plaee. ftghth treat a few doers wees of Fifth ev?w??- a keadeomely fumkkif Parlor aad Had room na the am ako oae oo the third, wwh large peatrtoe r ^S'auSemodem Improvement, Board.?a priyatr family can ac^nmodvyn a geail'ik* eed wife aad a partvaf tagl# gentlameii wtU> ba?dAa?e Apply ?! H W?l jCjatTSSStreSTbSwe-riribaadBUttafeaaed. _ Board -one or two rrEWTSHBD RCQMg to wayTSieSwwa ha. all Iha modera tmprove?la, ThOARD ?THRRB OR FOCR ORNTLRMRN. OR A H eoaple of geatlameo and Ihtr wlted. Iffws with godd Board, at IS Hdjwy MrdcA Pried for get from 22 Ik to A; for gmll.tkr ami My, from 22 Id Board.-a ladt litino dom wodlp lirr to e eowpld of young P"1. appa^wmwwIthHnariL 'i&FZfJZHl war Pet offiaa, rarw df R Lite ill Board.-to irt wttmorwitwott jeo* .pn.rM agSL aJX- SI 021 ranjjjonj ytraw I'sflweessc btweaa FMth mi &?BA.V2 ^Wrd^Bnwtha. all the modern tpnwwma Family prlvatd Ptaoeet# -nOARD Of FODRTTRNTN WTRBWr NRkR PN'OW RTTmlm tetteg lorme. w.tek mee. he r.cwekle Board wantrd-in a fritatb parilt^w wbr there are few ar as tbsr bnardere. by dRewLemea alia end two eRHdroa. aged 2ve "d eevea yearn. Ilmwe w he with modern Im.memwu Befereweee evehaarvj Ji drvwa, taltg tmeee <M neecatmddlloa, bo? I. It Pot omee HOARD WANTR1V?A YOCNO MWKW?*g..af5* S rwr BjMS.JSJS ssf KtsiLsr r jws Board wabttd-ry a toi-no otntleman in a PVIrate family, where the mmfnrta ft a hae/as lew toyed tvee k* between FmtOi.Wth eniThirtith treeM. It* Mgtoe end FtfMb eremtee, tale PtoaH m '? .?e. 'eevvi ? ? berln fsptiiy. As . perMdi heard req-mwd Add.eee II wed. hoe 120 llrraid iffrd. Boa rd wanted-bt an in?.li?h centum an in e private family or bnoM ng honed: Atfwaw pre erred, nt moderate sued mowi, gond pUlnllvtBg dinner at J. ??l fat at I. IxweBrn between WgverleT place end deyntemn iiliftVralli Avnn? writ amJ F^urtfc IHfn# tut AUAltai R. P. k . bos l.(?7 Pet odtee. Rmss? treet ?OA AD no AMD 1D1MH6. 'OAKU wanted- a ?mvlrma* am? DE ?J lire Board >u ihie euy or ttrook'vn, where Ihcre are hill lew or nu boarder* firmuotlo rcwl KO per mouth ? or hwrd for jsailems* sely. AMrw Nexal. Ue DARi) WANTED?t'OR A MA SINGLE iad'.iua private bcudiUK n > ,ie la he upper fart al eiu referee-"* ??cb?n*eJ. Add ru W Hwl.uu ?|iuru Fueto&re. B S 120AMO Wa HTED-HY A FAMILY OF EIGHT PER. 101', lee iduhi, two children nod awaiting m*id; ihey would >lke tr Incite IB Seouud avenue, be.went Klilh and Fourieri lb street*. Address Larpi-il, at Crowe* * bojkiture, IN Broadway. BOAFD WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAM. IN A PRIV ATE fimuy, where he can tp near the built e*? pwrleol Ike Jlfy. lid can feel hminrlf perfectly at home; Board not oyer A. Adcrtm U. J , lien d olBoe B0AED yAETID-i* A GENTLEMAN, wipe AND two children.T ind 8 yesraclrt, Pirlor and Hetiroran, '"f1 r "V 'ur ??"'emun, *ot to rieerd $16 per ???*?, and rot ibore Twer.1 rth urert Addreu W . C. M , with fuiJ par tlculare, box 1(3 Uentld cake. BOARD A?n HCPKRIOR ROOMS HANDSOMELY F0B nltbed, hot and cold water, gis, bash, Ac. An rxeeileut table. Location otnlraL No. 832 Uiovla .y, below Union square. BOARDING.-THREE OR FOUR rooms, with board, bat be obtained it 109 Weit Fourteenth street The altu* tkwiaooeof the belt In the itreet, and opnum through to Fllteenth ilretL The hnuM In every respect tint elaoe BOARD'NO IN WK8T FOURTEENTH STREET.?A front Pirlor and Rndronot on the third flow of a tint clues borne, and In ? privtle f.roily to let, to two stugle gentlemen or a cent lent au and wile, wMheat children. Address Home, box DO Herxl 1 cfllo*. B CARDING.-OENTLEVEN AND THEIR WIVES OR slrgle gentlemen who like a crmfcrubB, cheerful home, with a leaily scud table, In a entail private family, can find ?neh arc mmodatlona la Brooklyn. in a central and deairable i eixhborbood. within 30 minute* of the Merchants' Iicbange, N S , ferry'Deluded. Term* moderate For further par Ucular* acdreti W. A., box irOO N. V. Pmtoillco. Board on Murray hill-large. pleasantly fnrntabed Rooms to et. with Board at 61 Eaat Thirty, fifth itreet, between Lexlagton and Fourth avenue*, private hole if dealred; referenoee exohan <ed. Board in brooklyn.-a gentlem an and wife, or two ilnxle gentlemen can be accommudaied with elrely furnished Rooms end Hoard, firot bnme and neighborhood oenventent to cam aed ferries; terms moderate; family small. Address bn 1,809 N. Y. l'.iet odlue. Board in bbooklym-in a fleahantly situated Qrit class Hume, with a'l tl e modern Improve mr*u, two or three handsomely and newly fura'abe l Ruotu are ollered, wl h full or partial Board. Reference* required. Arply ttael fUatou street SOA1D IN BROOKLYN?a GENTLEMAN AND Ht8 wife, or a lew single gentlemen, may rtul MltMi ??*?. wl .h Board, at 108 (itlnhn itreet. corner of State, otatve nient to Wall vtret and South Referenaci required. Board in urooki yn ?qkntlimkn and iheih wive* t,r a few stugle gentlemen can tlnd pleas int Rooms And good Board at lfid South Oxford street. Convenient to Board in brooklyn.-a gentle*\n and his wife, or two tingle gentlemen, can ot-txin board an t pleasant n* me bp applying at ?J7 Henry atreet, live minute*' walk from Filum or Wall atreet Kerry. Board in brooklyn.-two henti.ehkn with their wttes, or four single gvnllemeu, sen be ace tm mo deled with w mfnrtahle Hoard and I.-dglng at molar le term* by applying at 60 WUloiia'hby afreet. Hi eihljn, near Cltv Hall. Board in Brooklyn.-a private family will take funrgeit encen to Board, earh , uyle occupying a bedroi in tad atttirg room attached; local i Mar the South frny: reference* required. Apply at 90 Coagt .it ?t -ft. F ARD ON HROOXLT N HF.IOUT3 -DF3IRABUC Room* to be let at 47 Reason atreet. SCARD IN BROOKLYM-A FEW SIN1I.E GIN Uemen or a family oan be accommodated with a front 'a and Bedroom, on second floor, furnished or nnfnr n'thet, with full Board, at 121 statu street, uenrlioyi at. net. Pleasli.l location. Terms moderate. Board in Brooklyn-a private family, re aging In a handsomely fi.rnlahed kotiae wiih u five ml nutea' talk of the South feiry, eaa arcummodale one or two In an tee for the w later. No other boa rders taken. Applyat90 Congrea atreet, four doora from Ueary. Board on Brooklyn heights-fob a op.nti.r. mm and wife or two gentlemen, In n house where but few bovdars are taken; pb aaanily located within a >?'? ml nntea' Walk of the ferr ca, and eontalnlng all th-' iu&d' rn trn provemtul*. Apply nt fit Hit ha aueet. BOA IB) ON BROOKLYN HRIGHTH-A OBNT1 KM AN and wife and two or three H-gle genllrmea nan be Mwom mndaudwlth Board mil pleasant Boom*. In a email family, at 18 Wi'loe street, Urv utlya U tgbta, between Fuli-msud Wnll atreat terries BOAHD OR ROOMS IN BROOKLYN TO LET?THE antra brat Floor of live Rooms, unfurnished. w.tb or without Board, hooae varyr pleasantly tltoaied a d family email aid social, lnuuire at 9U7 Stat* atreet, near femes. El.ROAST ROOMS.-FRf.NT AND REAR PARLORS and Bedrooms. on the drat and aeprmd do -s, to let, with full Board, also several single Rooms for gentleman, at the Plantar*' total, 6th Broadway. Terms reasonable. Dinner at 6. ELEGANTLY PTRNTSHED AND DESTRABLT LOCATED Roomalo lat ?A few rhoiee Rorma will be rented, with ? it board, rwRh breakfiatamd tea in a rrivals f?m'y. In quire at 11 !iUnion place, a few doura wast of Broadway. TOAST BROADWAY. NO. S2K.-A OENTT.tMAN AND ill wlf ...... Reman with all given. wife, or two slntle gentlemen, inn obtnta farnlabed Keoiwn end Board, ai m Rasi Rrosd war House f irntahed, with all ihe modern improvements. Reference* i squired and EAHII.TPH-OFNTI.RMEN AND THETR WIVRR, OR atagf IWUrmru mil lev ?<*. i ti l - I wMh baads me me and Board for the winter. Apply el ltjj Bleacher ek FT BIT CLASH BOARD-AT JOT BAST BROADWAY. Hooae ccntaloa hot, cold and shower baths aad an the modern Improeemerue. kept In the beat style, fntm H 00 U) 17 per week; well fnrntahe.', with every convenience. F crushed room* to Lir-wrmopT board, to geotleman only. House oooulns all the modern improve ?rata. Apply at VO Fourth street, between Bowery and Broadway. PRNISIIRD ROOMS TO LIT TO ORNTLRMRN. WITH out board, at 27 Amity at. aaar Broadway, h .tin, gas aad Other ^oavesleoeea in the kouaa. Ntagaa paaa the d ejr. KIRNlfHEP ROOMN TO LIT-COHRTSTINO OF FAR lur and Bedroom, soluble fir owe or l?o a'ng'.a w'th all modtrn Improvements Reference* required. Ap ply at *4 Kaet Thtr eaalk street. west of Broadway. r ANIPORT BOVgR,CORNER OF FRANKFORT AND Willi em streets. N. Y.-Hlngla R-'aaa frimlSe. to J7c oar Bight, or II toll par wash. Rouse newly fundihed, with a pond Beausrsnt eimnkad. Opaa all eight. FDRNlbHKD ROOMS TO LET?WITHOUT BOARD, TO geatleamn only bona* oontalna all the modern tmprov# mv la. Apply at lib last ttovaaieealh atreat. near otayva aant square. TODRNTNHED ROOMS. WITH BOkRD, FOB OFNfLR I men and heir whea, aad for *tu|tr fealleteao. wtU gas. bath, he. Reftrancea atebang> il. Apply at lsfi Baat Broad way. rRNINHRD Boon TO IJTT-FOR RIMOLR GENTLE maw with Board, lornlleo owa block fr m Broadway. Apply at No. 4 Mattona plane, hale em Eighth street aad We vertoy piece. pl'RM.-IIRI) ROC MR TO I.BT-A FRONT PaRUtR J with Hwlr na si-ached suitable for two gentlemen n!e>. front bedroom, aU handsome) v furelahad, with t* without artlal loard la- ulra at Wt Sixth avaaaa. CRN1NHKD ROOMS. WITH PARTIAL BOARD IN A pvtvata family M lat to single gentlemen. Apply at ttt I r Jteenih mraaA FCRNIRHBD ROOMS TO I.ET-A NEATLY FUR ntaped apartment, with ccaventancea for 8re .ulub* for twa aenUeman A lax. maaller Rouam. Apply at ? Owthartua atreet. between Madlarm aad Uaary. Term* made rata EHTBNIRHRD ROOMS TO LIT IN BROOKLYN?TO OFW ? tlemaa le a etrwtl, priiaa* femt v netg|mmM^ aad aaar to aar muiaa aad forrtts; prleaa xadraaaHI. H hoi Herald a*aa SINTI JUfRM AND WITH* OR FARTtM OF ORMTLE men who desire an Mraaable hrnna are tar tied to call at Aral rleaa kowaa IB iaal Ruadwap. wbtsb baa racaatly bees rtted ap far board sen Ta earhanged. raKFW ?NRATI.T FL'RNTRBRD ROOMS FOR SIN geatleaaea, sr gen1 erase and wtfa. to let, with or loard. la a small private family Apply at Na ? '?taw place. Blinmidild atreat, ttree minutes tram the farry Hmamdsomklt ftrntbhro parlorn aid rooms In 11 me Inlet In genilem-n at mmjmgm aad aaaamd Oooee aattra, with tdoaatR balk, pantries aad all the modern imawrvamcnte, aaa, ha. geslael7ualel neighborhood. Apply at ? NlnU alraac Board M required ar wNh aUanavwa! kaentag, at vary and* nua prises. Alan a Ball Bed renin, at ft ft) wratdk. wRh gaa, bit MR ureaatnry b ase MM mat Siuateasik airaat. . LODOINOR.-TP B rROFBimiR OF THI" ?NTARUNH. ?ant bast U astti bee re mud aad furnished ? teas sow d'r t? be i"sr" jut;-, skh NO M WW VMtS VTBKST. VS.* VIVTH AVS ana ? Ronmv in lat. farntohad or nWuralatad. to sotw ee ????nr desired; every? farmsaa given and raqnlrad. only, to a quled. brat Raaa bona*, with paid. unasnepUonvbl* re ? hTO. I NT. MARK'S PLACE.?PORN IK It IP FRONT N Ronasa na the second sad thfrt Coon to let wtb Board, ? a first alsaa kouaa VTBATLY FTJRNISHRD BOOM AND BEDROOM, AND AN large evteaatsalinnm to let. u gnai'waen mile, by k art ??de famt'y ta a drat rlaaa kouaa r so lass w?h at) the mo tarn sowt aatiueea. Board If required. Apply at 171 taet Fmir tNB OR TWO QBMTLEWEM OAN BR AfWyEMODATED ' win a ktrga frrat Rama, kawdsamslr furaMed, gaa, Ma, da. la a private family, wNhmrt beaed a tlrvt dmmrga irairt ? eat dear; terms tow. tm further perRaulen apply Waprnaatom, IWNWWavaaaa. T) EgTTECTA RI.R STN01.R WOMEN ?fFLOTRD IN John's Mae. OaaaJ street, at SB par MdM. OPTT or WELL FrBNtSHED BOOMS IN TNI HPtTflE O of amnali prlvale famUy wttl be let toa (emlemsa or Iwq f. cs t. a .-ms enadatorwa aad t w>.- a IMMWl let.-nmwlt ftrninhmd ico?? ?YtTT*ir*i,T ^Hfnr (Regie geatlcmaa or rluba. now beiag t iled an. ?t N1 ? H ? aa. If* F'lnae wm* gas. bath water elnaato ? w? beds ?nd be ldtnt , p? Ike Mtendaau, Ac. Ai ply as abovA ffO LRT-k LABOR AND WELL FCRNUBBD FRONT 1 Parlor oe 1' * first fiuor. for two <w three i?at;tones ..r at gavtlamsn ard lady; slwv a small aad aeat trial I a w a Wra.e rantb man, at Hrr^wM atrem. NDONRRf HANTS <11**" AND ^>tHrS*.-EI.ROANT i iy fumwhe t KfW *ed Bedrunma, wbh pwa. bed aad twiM water, bethf. *c, ? e,ne.,ent wieals, by a private 'tm If da glrtd. Apgdy atfifirrtogf airati. adarirmdway. btiAAOltti Alt It LUOOINU. TO LBV?AT Mb VaRU'X FTRK?t. TWO bQUARR R?u? with iloeeia aid gaa, fur.taiicd, ?1L? ue with x Bni4 rLBT-TO TWO OR MORE QERTITKBR, AHAID ? mr'y full...lieJ Par or, with gaa Partial il wnl if ??? aired. Call at. or addrets with refai ru?< 3WJ llruomo afreet. TWO (IRBTLIMKF. WILLIRU TO ROM TOGETHER, Will rind a pleaaaut Kuua lu a nnl-t It l?eti*>nad New Ti A llliil Mm'If. Th"aa?h> p'e'er V-me like comfort ant Itoud enbalaotiaJ an* properly ounCed lf?*l ti tke mere ?b< w and fmblon of a loralbd *n eel t ? ?i '? ; koim , are invited to oajl >1 m Hiiilaim Util. Family au-uit.y private. Refe ret 0 a exchoiiged. UNION ]IOTKl. A ?? It RK-iTAI'Ra./T, HO O'RIILY ?tirit, "car the Pavadi A/tnn, Hami.a ?In thta ce ub'ishuuut the Akicncan traveller alii find all 'a* aeromaio dainneuf a ll 11 ram hotel. "peclaJ aiicm "o la paid tu th? rvatanruiil drpartuw nt urovidlng ll wlih the mat et i matte ertaVee, domeeUe M wed ae lore>gn. oa cutalwd t?> "'fa f th . Am the mutt f.iai>Hoiia 'nate f ih?: epicure. Ail foreign language# spot en at the Intel. Win. rrm?nnnto front parlor, with one ? ttio Pedro* im if demon. to let, terma m ulerala: Hath aril gae n the bmiae; tamilv p-lval?. No. 106 MacJongal at., between Bleecher ,iud Amity aueela. WAJSTRD?A 8r)T OF ROOMS WTTII BOARD, FOR renilrmr n, alia ami tb r?e ehlldren, need two four ami al>. w'ui tervatit. Befereiorp exchangeL a private 'molly * here t bar a am no ot? -r boarder* preferred Addrem, with tern.a. boa I.USO Poet W< ANTK11?TWO ROOMS, WITH BOARD. FOR A livdv knd two ilai pbtera. aged 1.1 Mid !h I.MalHy tie '*"? fouitb and Twenty lb,rii etrerta Addrraa. at tin# teima, abieb moat be moderate, K. B., Oyeter Bay. Look lalaod. WAKTFD-A FURNISHED F \ RI.OR A NO BEDROOM by IwogenDemen, wtlh hiei.afnet only in a private fa* mily. I otatlon belwren lightb ar.,1 Seventeenth alreeu a id Fonrth and 8?*th arennev. Adiirtee, with full partleuUra. r. W T , box 3,1 <2 Pout tllre. WANTED-AN UNFURNISHED ROOM. FOR LADT and gentleman, with Board fur Urn lady only. Ad tram J. L. 0., herald office. WANTKD-/OR A GENTLEMAN, A SOI AM. ROOM, with Breakfaat. on the pant aide of 'ha Hty, nea^ha Tenth. Twenty third or Thlrty-frurlb elreei ferry. Re it moderate. Addreae J. a., Herald office. WANTEIt-A PARLOR A NO BEDROOM, OR TWO Bedroom* furnlabed, without Hoard, \y a cetuleman, lady and aon. below Twenty aixth atteet and near Broadway. Addrraa Reapnnelbtllty, Herald office WANTFD-A FURNISHED ROOM ANO ROARI) FROM Nov. 1, to June 1. In a drat plana bouae. by a voting mar ried poople. fceferencca given and reoulred Addreae J. L. B , Herald offlre. WANTKD.-A YOUNG ORNTI.EMAN FROM THR | I'onib, In'endlry tn peaa the winter In New York, dralree to locate I imaplf in a family where be will h-ive the viiuf irta of a home. Relng a etrancer In tlircltv, l.iliee' aytlety tnoU do elrabie. Addreaa Ravenrl, lleruld office. WANTED?BY AN Kl.DKFI.Y <1E TTLIM AN, OP retired end qnlet beblte, prnn%nrnt'y If enited. a Room, furnlahed or tinfuixlahed. In a alrtrtly private famdy, where there are no other hoardera or rhuirtu. Addrraa, HUtini; terma, 1> V , box >84 Herald oflire. 2ABINODON SOU ARK. fX)RNin OF IH'DRON AND Bank Frreta ? The familt who applied on Hie lflh for ?? crnd tl.fcir Rooaia can now be ituc'imm ilat-.d. Alan, oiher Kronia to let to permanent boa-dem 11(1 WIRT TWENTY 1IOHTH NTREKT -PuNnIBHKD a" Room# to let In thla eligible location for email eeleri fa mil lea and alngle gentlemen, with good reference. Dinner at ? o'clock. 99 WIBT PODRTEWNTH RTREKT. NBA 11 FIFTH Ai U avenue.?Hoard, with handeome.'y furnlabed Riaima. in eutteor alngle, bouae drat elnaa brown at me. l/neicoplLm able reference required. OA BEACH PTREKT OPPOSITE ST. JOnN' S PARK - > n iiBfurnlehed eecund etory front Parlar and lied loom to let, witb Board. a?J WKBT UNION SQUARE.?TO LET, WITHOUT O Board, a large Room and bnlnvm adjoining, ban Ivitiv ly. furnlahed, both moma f roe ting Union aptare. Wlil be At together or aeparately, and aleo other Kooma. Af TENTH HTREET, BETWEEN FIFTH AND SIXTH a! areeuea ?Ilearabl-Rooaa, In anlta or aeparately, for gentlemen and their wlveecr alngle gentlemen. Aleo a bark Parlor and eitenalon Room. Dinner at ill o'elork. 44 'tffiMWfcJK'S'L BOWKRT A.VD RE Boor, to lei, wltb it. urd u> * rr'nUraln?" lb" ?"v>nl cftsrs. s rasr 74 &??: s,T.'^,r?vr.r--u fe- ?"^ neofarljr ...iUblr for ra.irrX^^Mrii.m?TJ2:^; "" Ueaep. Kent low io p?rmtc?ut rw " -Ug" *** R"^ utn^YiSLS ^-iHSSSa^ragsK? 1 HO JJ.^pW^N AVKNUt ?A OBKTLEMAN AWn RHrat floor^wtib^B^a^ 1? SmSSS "?=? ??. oriEhhorbo^l n^B^. V^j iX^T" "*h'"a" 156 p'ilor' ^"KSL^I^JJSTHL rrR.VISHEO two friiUrnitc. from u y, ?,f . ?*a- ???.*? ?*? w ! ^~^S?S5?aS!!^F* ew I ? TM THAPll. 1 E h Kd waST* * ^rm*a"t ?i?oarei AU-tm. rH ' f?ffT. *A***?--A r*M( H BIIIRT ri'TTXR M who k*a k?wn man? jrrtn calabHakMI in tMa Ml* nnj ?r: v^;.'-;?-,,' :.-v :,?-.v:.r..';"; sx /rrraMa??f"*"*fc"??~*1 rro poniiujri.ERp. WAimt a biti-attoi* A* ?* i. ???* *?* t^JTZLZ ?1 1 * P^PLfJ**KK- yftn^-A MAX THOROUU J LY .V.^r^.tr iraT.'; ??*?-' WABTBJ>-jur BlPKRiurrin cnTTVR ox rtrs W V"*.VJIf ?"T1"!- ?*??nn?r*n m moht Iwiwutiih wtlrkioikrr. flooo but a dm -'-? v,^,?Bn apply. Aefer*uo?. rf.ortrtd wortnuui ?o*i,^ADQ*? * dillqit ? W?y*rl^.'xinwro<rwknw. ^ jarrr* ??':?*? & W*-??gr?T ** BOBBOT Aim i*iW?ion? w^rrHSK"? gjrfShsrirt* T0| CUITHHO. A -rrr"t CItABCl THAW kvrr - LA IHBR Awn . 1_, ", m** ' >???? ? m*l t.m.r : for out ^ * ^ss^jr,jtL5L*?g?^2 boaatrra a?d fata* nr*U*d?1 f? Mrf biXMJ~T?,*Ii?i a.U.f.r ,m , r Jldr? ILm* lid K' T*r.ik arm?* ?J,L. H,rn? Twenty Oral -root ISlBnrMe inMMM^kavS* ?* *o -'? 4Prt Aim ' *'-?" ,u> w* ptwu fw BltrTW Eur ?Tt?k^r%nk. ?* fWrilT?A Udi* fl"1 oyy.ntoTTftya-A labor qpabtttt wart. Si ?..! ter* 1,0 dogbw to ?<*? Urt n* ITWaA S^^H^vsfcr.lBd KOB-roi wnicf i iriu, ?? tn Wiororohi Umb?r?.? ln.t frcaarcrSS rV3,:AiSEV5! niiciciXAiiicoi'a. AW MUHIIRAI. WORK ON NICK VDUli DKiilLITY, AND other ilwUtM of pee ll*r importance 10 tlm (-inc. , JF one's owning "~N V titjjie Journal Hy (J. '? Hammut d M 1) , loranrly i'rufnaeor uf Aouuwny la Ibo aildrra* 6'* K "utwey, corner 'if Hand Area . N. Y , I mm 9 ' ? m 9 nee uiag CouaalUlion eu Frencal*. B^"'! "4 rKW <>*SEH Or Sl'IKKIOK yioai-r Koolp^iirt laadtd k"d hiftre >dar Kur?:? l>y i?c a?? only. j p f a A/.It? 7 Perk place. ClATAKhtl - I a, . If- DAII'I ERR. > hire, mm km,we p. he , , ? fnrla:. m?|*#y, ? ega n placed h llo- iii.. rk i*l II in >|.|,. PaKKKo A WOWKK, 16 llcrkioau ktri-et, be-.e U.r **.-m y for u ?l?,b-e.i a ? .<> re tall Price lor a etiglc b IHr ?l with dlre-tlnna for i*,,,g Or them a paa-phlck dei.r.hwi' accurately the symptom* uf ga tarrli, a.ay |>? had hy urn: leing pun ace stamp MAKHI.K MANTELS -THE Kllrtr ORIHRU IwroKMR lie public that h* la aclilnc Ma'.tela. , r ihaa AST okh? r perwm Id lb* city Tboee wishing ui buy dtould at A. KI.A Ilkll'R mvrhle yard, lib kaat Klghleeuib (tract, AW Third avenue. New fork. NEW YORK WISE RAILWAY 'NIMPANY. Ilt'ToniWHUb A WIL'YKKKHaM, Bcmovud lotW Broadway New York, bait door Above Metropolitan HiAel, Manufartnrwra and dealers in Iron Railing Farm Fences, Iron 0at*A, Verandahs. Iron Furniture, CaaJnga, and a lateral rarielv of Ornamental Iroe Worke. PRCDd'K?ITAI IAN AND FMBNOW.-DIRErr I*. portaUon of One olive Oil. In hoUlea and kegs; Maroaroul, Vi rmWlll ai.d ema1! Paelra; Wine, In botllos adi roll. Liquors of all kin's. Parmesan Uheeer and other line ?nne rlea. DAC'OKSI A Ma.NAKA 75 Fultoo street, S. 1. Roofino slates opth kaulmslatr company are of superior quality, low r.?, lire proof, yield pura and Mui.'tli.lM rain water n,.d last a lifetime. Bulldem, ad dree i the Ayr nt m the oompanji ti. Kuraaan, 17 Uortiaodl ?treat. New Yolk. w 5100.000' SKWlNlt MAf'HINKS W AN I Kit?A FEW FIRST new or second hand, for which yooil buslneeiuiotea, leaving abiinl three ninu'bN to run will bo given at I a,r rated. Address P. A., box ItM licralc odice. aNTYD?A NUMIlkR OF 8ROOK * HAND SCHOOL writing lireka and H juchca. Apply at 69* 2d ar. WANTED?YO PURi H?Sl SOME KM'OND H1RD Silk Mackinery. that will anewer for making machine twlat, aewti g el k. As Aadreae. will all particular* and pre paid boa 2 Of 9 Potl oBce WFLBNEPS. ATTORNEY AND COPNHRI.l.RR AND ? Notary Pnblks, SS5 Hnwlway. Moffat Mulldlna, room No. 3. N? w York < 'oaminloner lor the i mmonwealth nf Maeaa rbiuetu, New York and all the Statea. N. 11 - Money obtained on bond and montage. I CAR B'i KKAL17.R1) BY IN'fKLl.IOKNT peraona paying U to and working tea ireara under the direction of Cole Htamford, Ifaobiiry, Conn, ladlera of Inqulry moat encloae a dim*. LOAM OPFICKS. At thk advanok opkickh or L. Jacob*, monky ren be obtained In any qua. Uty on Watehee Jewelry. Diamond*, begara. Dry (Jonda, Hardware, Wlura. Hramllea, ann every deacrlpllon of Mertbaadlar, or bought, and the h'tleet prioea given Buelnnaa atiirtly oonddeatlal Ooode Inaured. Katabllab- J tn ling Principal odlce 67 Will am ?tract, branch office, *U7 llroadway At ii chamkprh htrkkt-monky to loar to any ?mount on Dtatnonde art or unact, Watrbca, Jewelry, Ae . or the ram* bought lor the htgheel nth prl.?? by the weU known ISAACS. 11 I hamber* alreut. N B ? No k .al rrea traurarted on Katurdaye Advances made by p. o uom, 21 rouRTn av> nor. 0|ipo*He Hooper Inntilute on Diamond*, W i.rA.-e Jewelry, and all kind* ot Mercliandlee. Private entrance, hall door. P. (lAI'DC, Exchange Broker. 2* Four in avenue. A AT M N ASS AT PTRKET.-A. HONIOMAN, DIAMOND Broker, advann-s money on mammilla, Wstohss and other merchandise or"buj* for cuah, at hit prlraui uUica, M Nassau street, loom 2 Business cuniidectlal. FIN ARCIAL AND LITERARY FUREAC, NO 480 Broadway?Adraneea upon Diamonds. Jewelry ami othnr available proper)v, or purchased If desired. lloameaa strictly confldei.usl Private mom fir 'ady a^Mola Mr. WOOI>, 1-vJ Ureal way. up stairs, near Broome street. ADYANCRB ON DIAMONDS, PI,ATM, WA9UHRR. JKWKT.RV, I'AINTINOB, PIARlk, 11(1* GOOD*. *8., Or will buv the earn- lor naahat hla private lA&oe. Office h-lira frovi V A. M till J P V J. H. KARRIMJKK, 170 Broadway, room IS, ap atalra. A T THOMPSON AOO'H., BROKERS ARIRDOMMISSIOR A Merchants. 1(S Naaaau streak. onroer of Abb street r mas Ho. I aeot nd Boor, adi-ance mmjey from II to DO QUO, on Wali-hea. Diamonds, Jewelry, Dry floods, Segues and all hind a of men-handler or bo'ight. Particular attention paid to auction ealea of Furniture, Ac. Sewing Machtnee bought and eold. A. R. THOMPSON, Auctioneer. At R? BROADWAY.?PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS bought for 1 iamonda Wai hea. Jewelry, An. Alao ?roney advanced on the aamr, at 2U8 Broadway, eorurr of Pul< ton air ret. room 9. AITIUIUIOY. A BONA FIDE >STROI,OOIST, THAT ENERY ONB CAM depend on. la Madam WllJION, who telle the object at ynur visit on soon as you enter her room. Madam Wl.aon la the |reateat aalrol- riat that ever waa known. She will lavoka the powers of her wonderful aclanoe, and tell all the eve ate at your whole l'fe Her predict Ions are an true that they eurpnea every one that consult her. Home ladles may ret a Utile timid, though they reed at fear, for aha practloee nothing hot what la rwonti, llenble to philosophers. All should ooweult Ihta mom wonder'nl and myaterioae lady. Her advtoe hea never beaa hnown to fall, and aha offers twenty Un-uaan t dollari reward til any mie who enn eqeal her In the above science. N H.? Madam WUaor la In poaneaetor of the celebrated masts rh-irmg which are ever oerttJa la thctr effect. Truly mat me be sail ed a m<?t wonderful woaaaa. Keeldeaoe 1* Allen street, bn tween Umuum and Mai,ion meeeta, over the bakery. Fee la full, far ladtea sad getUsmen, Ml aenla. A BTONIBHINU.?MADAMM MORROW, BBYRNTH A deuKiler bora with a caul and gift at foresight. telle how eooo and oftea yon w I1J marry, and many events, even your JSZJELT iTfc^h^rKST'&aSL not admitted. fTLAIRYOYANCE -MRS. SEYMOUR'S MEDICAL J nalrvojaai Roma *8 Fourth atrert. two blncke west of Broadway. The meet critical medical and business noaaulm tiona d iy end evening. and perfect eellafaction guaranteed al> waye, or no pay taken. Map. fIjXury, no. a? seoohd street near sr rood avenue, celebrated by her science, ylvee ate, 1'real eovtcr'and ceo be onnan'Ud am buataeae, marriage, absent friends. An., hr maeartitm and phrenology, the speaks 1 recti.. English and (ieinaa NT II -WHO II AS NOT HEARD OF THE I'RLESRATBr) _ ? Madame PRhWSTKR' She has been consulted by Uw iiaanda In this and other rltleg with mum a,u fu.-tlcti She Isela roeBdent she baa noe-|iial ? he lelia me same of future wife or hnehar a'eo that <4 her visiter If yen wleh the tr A give here call at 261 Third aveaue, abore Tweet# .rat atrert I-ad'.es, BO eeala. gentlemen, 81 R" 1A D THIk ? A PHRENOTOOIST AND ASTRoT/t'llST that beats the world and Hull (or any ee eh can e inal Mies WKI LIROTOM, who la ackeowlt <lgnd to be the only lady In the city who triilhfully fives tain mati-w eon-era leg l.e-en, lewe-ilts. urne>a absent frinn is. bits oourlehtp, marriage, leaHh. wealth and who wld reclaim drunken ami unfaithful huabawn Ml'a W. Wilis only person Is Ih's-lly who hea the frn-itoe R -man. Arabian anl Jspancae ta.ia mana lor love, r od lock and all business a/fairs ami are gnarat-vera for life Delaj not to at maul. Una Datura., y gifted and beautiful voung lady l.urhy rumhers given Ughhr tespoctnble cRy can be nnen at her rmtdeaen, iJk Slfth avenne opposite Eighth mreet (IRA HP RTRRRT, REAR BOWKRY -MADAM B 0*21 ORARD RTRRRT. NRA1 ZOl WIDOBR, slairvrryaot an v?t a tna mysteries of futni-Hv, love. MEDICAL TRIUMPH.?DR. LINQUTET, THE RWB a r-iah phystntan, ens he nonsuited at?I''rathy street, env nerof Sprh-g atrert. oe all llsmms repair lag skill. i rcmpH tode eiperlanrw and gncraay. A DDRHRRRD TO MARRIRD ARB RIROl.R-DR WAT. A son an DnblUkv, An-, with anatomical plates end draw* Inga. "The best w rv for Um son pruacaaiimal reader "-Me dical Review. Prtee II Raid by (Tmrten MlBar. Alt Broad way, M. Y? and by the aether, at AM 1 rooms street, smed block want of Broadway, what he may baammuJtad sa all af - I actions af > ssruln ciam. from 8 A. M. to ? P. M. R. RALPH. AUTHOR OR THB "PRACTICAL PR*, 'sta Trmlma." la.jti m. Hours. I0H ull I who nrply In lea early i Houakm l Trsatlna," An. sAhvs Ui Oaahy straet, anraar at Boom, I0W UU 2 and d Oil ? iVnmUya sinmndj n apply In lha early stacaa of thane aomplalula will He , at the rapidity and ..-.tie Incoovenlen -e attewdlae I ?i la ahiady. however, ihnea suMmisg from wanfe ? An., who ana bam nepriRili hla nr . CORRlTr HAYIRG Ml YEARS' OFFICR practice taccrnsuiied at M Oanus strati, sear I) sea. D\ku tram f A. H. to DR. LACOBTA, the RUlXiaWRCL PRPRCR PnTR8 elan r<irea a certain etnas of disease safely aed with dam?lh. TIM Broadway. BR R. HOUJCR-THE" AUTHOR AND LE' TURRR, oHce MM Hroadwwy, hours fgotn M Ull I, daily, sieael day Pom AS on boa MM. 2R. OOOPBR. Id DUAMR RTRRRT, HAT RR fXMI nulled on all < la antes of a certain nature. IS years e* tvely nerved to I hues mmplalcta enable ktm In warrant a com la ail mora. The vtmims of misplaced - eltdenoe la medl-ml prrteo-tera can sal), wt A a certainly of belag rmlloally cared, er no pay. a CORBRTT nAS RElfOTRD PROM H1R OLD Met at 19 Dunne mrert, io his prveeat very nave?eel sub at niters si R) Cwatra street, bete -en < Members end Sonde D* straeis. having n private eatraaae s Rn I illy Rail risen, whr<? be eon on mmsnhed with ronltdenee on a certain -hue ? averts! Mm m. R R?Dv. C. is s msmhee at the Rem M-k Cniveratty (Medleal CoUegni Baa hla diploaas is hla nHee. HOW TO OVRB DISEARBR Of THB M''NT DIRTRRRR. Ing ebneaew-Are I'.l erde- Oslde by >? W Murbst. i . o claming advice and muds of cnee a Ah pleasant M had of all drtmiwe. M Utile w m and an e. Id ream Bold by H O Lnw-eeon "u. 1 Yn of all drnotsu. St 'tule a St and an ?ipo Bold by HakHBMWMHi mm o? ^ j drrtmVx 1.0? PMiadmpHa MHUervsng "a I veeev ?'r ?R IMHRRi Ad Import art to thr RARtr*i? ard r*MR about in be married-Dr. A. H Me irtw an. P.- '.s>? ? J I'm smrnmr WnmrtT has jam p-lbhed ike id.' skftm of km va cable honk. eslSted TV Married T,mu . Prti ale Nec| m| I'vsnesstun" PrtSBMlsntd by It. 9, LAWHKA'*R Rn I Veer rail set. Aaloe Horn and at Ma-?en. m Mheri xr-M, Rew Tnrh, nr wdU be neat by amiiwiaav t-art or thy o-teff pmtes and Canada, aa rsoetpt ef II Addrsas but I EH ?vw tnrhrtky ?OR RRETELL. r* AMRBM* mt?TsT oil ssuited aa ueuni. or by ?mm w hn? ARB Re w Tie* URLfRHED RT DR. BARR<>W ~Tvi "iiviikH street, lowr dears f ram Raedougal. Raw Yu-k ri*v R fmH, that puauinr m?-ilna' wwh - 'f.imvi Fes Uf ' R. at free everywhere Rrdd aB? by F. r w-li. ?<*. Ii? 'rank Ha mreet. M. f.. and by 8. WorUmeN"'. ?* ralh.n rnveei. MrocAlya. SPUR AR RAR1.Y ORAYR ? ERAD Vtl1 PBIYaTR Red leal Try am I by Dr. *s-d,? reealarli edaesjed t>hy. SVIBR, wknOy ievened meirtt.f dlsese?e rt s ewrkdn iwl, Fatleaw may enae?I Pf. Ward epew sc. VWaneai ei -s whs h Ma hfwM tifti Hla r?a^t)Ma , lrw?tm#rH tar ana# ?*?? aamfnl to Mm wnrtd-dve p-e.-ee-?f fe. ?? a h win. meat <s the freak busy dels, se PL**#* .'-R ??>? iwSev Hvb r phyeWse Dv RARD ? MB ?flYt other Bvhif pkyewse it MHi CMen m d road way.

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