Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 21, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 21, 1860 Page 5
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THE ?IU on TOE COLT COAST. f arther PArtlcmlnrs or the Gale?A.mother i BUmeeOwl Venae! Heperted?The LmI Ship Robert H. Dlxcy_L,Ut of Her Crew eed HeeifMt of Her Gmrgo?Ite ?re phper Arrow ist. Ac. We published ta yesterday's e lengthy tele graphic account of the greet gele on the Gulf ooeti on the 16ih mat., end tin effects on the laud end to the shipping At Mobile end New Orleans. The gale was, beyond all peradvteture, one of the serereel experienced in tbet Motion lor many years; although the facts we have Already published mentioned greet dsstruotion to life And property, wo cannot hut belli ve that future accounts Of the event will add to the list of disasters Although Oor telegraphic accounts hare beet pretty full, surpass lng those of our daily contemporaries, yet they are-hut meagre compared with the importance attached to the event, but the brerlty of our telegraphic advices Is, we ?nrmiae, owiog to the fast thai many of the telegraph lines at the South were deranged from the violence of the gale. El wood Walter, the Secretary of the Board of Under writers, received s deepatch yesterday from ftp'.. Joseph King, of Mobile, In'ormieg him that the schooner Eve line, Capl Bates, from B/ax'>s for New York, a 111. s largo of htdus and wool, put iu to Mob ic on too 17 .h lest , with loss of sails and in a leaky condition, from the offsets of the gal? oc the 16(b met ."he would d'srharge sod repair. We are enabled to present Co our readers additional par ticciare la regard to the ship liobert H 1'ixey, which u as lost on lht> Mobile bar on the 16.h lost , which evont was attended v> !lh the l<*? of the captain and eighteen of the crew; the mate and five of the crew were saved. The Captain wa. one of those whole scaled eetmt-n, who, by bis urbanity of maneors to all those with whom his busi ness brought him tn contact, won for himself a host of si mmers, and his demise has cut a gloom over a large circle Of friends. The Captain was s native of lU-bleheal, Mass., where his family no v reside among those who feel his loss must keenly is his brother, a member of the well known mercantile fl.-m of llarocck f: Co., of this City. The voyage which terminated so disastrously was, With CAptain Dixey, an experimental one Htv'.agbeec long engage 1 is the Southern trade, be often experienced great Inconvenience in the appliances and labor afforded At Mob Us In discharging cargo, more e pocialiy in the labor department, and on this voyage he ecgigel an en tire crew or colored men, to whom he agree t to pay a fhlr and atvanced remuneration, and for whuh they were to assist In the discbarge of the cargo In addition to iheir duties as seamen. For the eetoction of h s crew he gave s ca~tc blanche to Ryeburgh, Prnlz A Co , shipping agents', of No. 8? South street, sod when the vessel was ready for sea and the crew on board, Captain Dixey ro markd that be never saw a User looking body of seamen on board any vessel. N. B. Bingham, the agent of the, received a tele graphic despatch yesterday, stating that the mate of the Pixey was saved; bat ss there were two on board the Information Is very Indelntte. The f.rat mate. Mr. H. K. Lipbam, is an Eastern man ; bit fsmtiy are temporarily residing at Brooklyn, sad of course they are In great snx. iety to karn lbs full tacts In the case. lbs Dtxey was rained at 860,000, and Is but partially insured. She took out s full assorted cargo; Its estimated Taloe Is between one hundred and fifty and t?ro hundred thousand dollars. We subjoin s manifest of It, with the OSkMeaof the entire crew of the weasel ? emcma and crew op the r. a. mxet. Captain?K H. IHxey. George Hammond, colored. MmU-H K. I.tpbam. Henry Dtekedaon, " 9d g B. Allen. William 8. Patter. " Onrpeatrr?Tbumu Baker. Jercm.ab fo en tend, " Sallmaker?Wm rtmith. George T. Ore. bofli, " Bonuwnln?Geo Willtnmt Dav'.d Malxner. " Steward?Jan. Cook.colored Alexander Wllliaran, '? Cook? Itnl Shank land, " Aanarv WalmaU-y, " Seamen?Jao Brown, " Henry Malliiaa, " Jan Ofdeo, " F P. leotard, " Alex Brown. " Jetteiion WaeUingtoa," John Barton, " CARGO OP TIIE BHTP R. H. MXEV. Shit'i* rs+ Cm. ? ijH***. 1?1 box n. 1. Keyu'ild* 3-6 partagm Klntl'Ul \V*AC>. Baler. I.awlir A Oo. j-| do Bmiter A Moore K Mew bona* a?son t.bla came oil sxwra nee CntaentCoPowrry A Marshall. A? SO boson W. H I'rton A Co Campbell k Co. 6?1 do G- AOOuokAOo A Co. 7_] do U AD Cook A Co J lleaae A On. 8?1 do Pnnham A Booth. Tharber A Oo. V? 70bn eheet Iron T Bl'aldington A Onlaaee D tlx-ar JO 2 ho??a O. A D (,ook A Co..Jon. R Klu.psoo A Co 11?6 do Broner A Moore.. ...B. Hawboue* U?1 do O A D Coon A. AS MrUxer. U?I) do W> ill A Proroat J K. Sbnoeoo A On. 14?3 packages.... Hoffman A Bn. .. Julloi Beaee A Ca It?1 box U * P Cook A Co.. .J B Hi op on A Oo. 1*?| do biuiih k Bahntmbyor.Tbarber A Oo. 17?1 An Kmiih a aohaeabj ar.Tnurbar A Co. lg?4 arrala W W Pom .. .Pnellanr.. Oot*1> A On 18?41 do Haniiieon A ialdw'a II 11 'tula A Cn ?ftlTua. H if CroatareU A CoPatli.l. Wade. jiZJa do ?xw A WrtAht Gambol I A Co as in i.iAaairt ' AB Ellihen....... A. P. Rtiuar. a hi do. W H Pr'ca A Oii....t P 1 J T Jonea. K-lw do H U Tartar H P. A J. J. Jonaa. 96?i boxaa 6. A D. Hook ....Tbnrbee A Co. 96-ear materia]*..Wm H Manhall ... Mobil*A Ohio BBC 97?BOhbla eemeotLawren joOemenlCoU f Hill A Oo. 96? lAOkaan nail* J. D. blnxaland Au-K P UBeer. W^l rose W B Kroiaid Dsrtee A W ade. en?I hoe f U Dmald Baker, hasrlar A O* 31-991 packages N H Brnl is Pcnrlar A H uaard. 33 -6 boiea. H. J Mmum V II l.ntnkasaoA Oo. rlju ken* anil# Tt?:?'e A Ilrtdg#....J C . GmnACe. 1 paakaga Jemea M laa P Partd 34-1 case Willy Ja* A Cooper 38? | V Arnnam B I.. Tint* 37?1 bea W U McDonald ...Tburber A Co W-leaae W U MePoncld....TWb#r A On 96?6 Orklaa butter. J. L A<Us r A Co.. . J. 0 B?. :oy. #6-4 package# ? Rodder ImwAOo i' Bern* n. 41?UArklaa butierHu.iler adama ? Oo.Cunaln?l.unA4?njU. 61?U parlnnea ...I>a-?aT A Taylor J. R Bmjam 41?1 do II II Norlua Jull'ia Heaae A Ce. ?| do .... O. II. Taylor A Co M Porcltei a hoi Titwar d Satrbank# H I. Rarno.'r OA?I do Rami T WUie Campbell A Co. 47-6 do P II A TO - 44?1 do Mlnw A Bieaeaa .. Motile 46-6 do J H lulatea Campbell I Co. 60-16rhl:e hotter H"iter. Ataaa*' o P o fir* If 61?1 iron wife Valentino A Mutter Rrtaker A Knbrr ?6?1* pack .gas Wm Wowm A Co. Walkln. n A Co. 68?f noiaa. Poruartnti # Brat . J Howea A 'lllman. 64?1 do H O Norton J H"tt>ar?b A Ob. ?A?UPr;.t ciitternJaba If tore P P Wearer. 1 bo* Ttlton. Worn.II A Co.E. A lladma. ?7?1 boa Ttltoo. Worrell AOaWortey AH nan 61?i bo ......".PaMbanM Alb.... .T. #. Wnttai ?R> ARMI. 66?6 boxes...jillan.WoiTali A Co Henry Nleboba 66 6 beara Tilt in, Worrell A OaCMeman. Hart A 69?1 ball Palrtmaka A On ....M. J. A. KattA M PelrbanAn A Co. Im.lACUae [Je. " -. Doab??n A Rooth B .'aofcaoa J00 b ia.eaaa't IjurrtDeaCoaa'etCafl. Jot dor 4 boars ,.t< A D Conk LerlAolme. 6-7 bdlaarlre B. H Br1?Ram Joe-a A Watu ft M beaa lend....Boht. Colgate . P. J. Woaaer. 1 paekaera... Jeoob B. bekewek...*. 1 Rnptoa. ?Mb B H. IB- "7- M Rim l >6?6 ananiaaaa J. A Brown Honker A Bala. 71-10 pkna. tob'o.Itedlain A Hatnkia ,W. Pad*. 76-0 doT .. Uadtea A Helnkin . P. Pord 76?U boxes J. A. Browa AOs .1.1. Gar. 71?I ansa Lard A Taylar t T. A V Haapin. T I "Ifl 9 I " D. Ihretew Thoa. Bt loba. rrirte- n?~? Hall A Co Ustaa A Uro I d* ....OnAffdiM Manny i rodAOe. I pkga tab oo Wax H men A Co Jnltoa Ham* A Co. I d* . fa t). Prtoa A Co dteia A Parker. nbet Bnkeea A Mro B. w. flaw rt. | de... Onbaraa A kdrtanad.reah A Jena* 6?6D0 bbta anwt.Bewaftt AR'delaCo. ? ?Uaaaaa od 6 Ma Inn A Co . ... Bed wot A 6on* ?I eve Hrn .Cbnrk Rro. ?8t boiea Barton A H? nborr Peak A Joiea ?67 boxea lrtB...B na. Ootho.i A Mro P All. At* ?t parka*as Tafia A Colley Rett A Mooea ?f do. .... A R Hlaxtna Hampt r Rt?'ekCn. ?16 d* Warren A Wilson. Cunteair n- A Co. ?t bbl* anep ... CnlrxM A Co L Marehnut 6 Co. 6?6 etna* Wa'ltaA tlaoenn .. H l'ake A Ob. ?? T B. Usiie. ....P?ak A J me* park acne... .0, Tbonua A Co BooMon A Oeedrta. I ik o..C. Hnmi I ('? ....Tittena r A Cn A* ....A. R Harte AOo... <3erfce. GeorreAO* da lie i h' on Brae M ftoh-o > A* ... imtlani -re* Cal-bl'rV-a. A* ... J- W. U uiK-e, A co ll II. Robert* de. ....A. Whnlny A Co. .t Mernbael A Cd. A* ... A Wkfii ? A W.H ImnbDO AO* A* ....VtriMn Rioa f Dental ....veChrrb A M tire. A tteope. ...TR W ilenn A C*..weftt*(tne AOo. ... M. R. IHrrin* C. Harare. ... Ger* A Kabtea*.. .?. C. aummty A Co. ....A. Areas latan A Welkrr. ....A. Areas B. liafber. A Areas H llefter .... ? Jflbn tSetg f ....Waber A Bine Mr....Kn Ke.aer. ... Waller A BteMaW... .0 Baner. . ? I ? ll 'nil in I. IIafter ? Vmkti Uio If ' 'teeenfar A ? .Joba Narler T. H. B . .fern., r A Pullar... .B'laker A Bel* W H Taylor AOs WfAkr A WaBer . B. P. Ra a batten B BewLoiee A C* ? c. Better. F 6* B New bene* B Ittto ittOr I As ....3.B Rtrnea A Co 'Ta?k?. leorye A CJ. tne Jaoobe... O Memat' tdOc. Bbbte. part tmltk A I ntrtak ... ,S. B Bmlik 1st; box ,.. ..... .o a O. Cesfe A 0? J. E line***. Albert JtST * i LT: p Bp ear. F: E Hafr .Rafter. 17 6? ?jr "rirasi ls&in& Irvnta Pndd a AHtwrWn .6 I. lUk*. i do r r*ce k Morrta. .mmtmmm. .. .Tnfla A ' Wiley de ... 7 1? A < liter. ^?BMnWsmt ? A <1. S AT. I kege ealbt .BriSKn. Cr.i-barACL Merrbant A O* ?jp ? I urnttnr* Adam ' .iler K m A Gtimae I ho, ....W J B'rt ?? ??'?? W R.tae tpnrkaxw ....frark l'r< * ...A Mx-kreto I A* pya-b A etrao't ...'fH.ltm'tbAPrarat'g ? K ....J. V"tittd4 |?*..B. A M Marx ? do J fttr-i til Id' J III. WOhaivaais A t ml-tini f -1 r**a p V Pree.ii*.i A I ? f> faeehitT A Co w-1^ rt'ttro T f'l a .' I So ..... * B"1 do. .... Petllle A Moerlroe it t < Eater. 1??Wdot. brooms.A. f>. HoSn IOo..?B ******* Pb?lu 1 kUUM B B Ik^^H Ohalmere * <*? If* B niitwi Ftolp-A ??Kt 0 Bunter^B iM-W cZ**;:.: p&m, a **?-"? 2^? V*"-* .r-ooettrovn t It. 166?S bhda......... M. II. Worth Ado... too WWk Bioe 167-2 doT... .......*. B. Burtla A Oo... Brow*.A See. ltf-I.PBbt(>Ml6. lt??I bdls. paper... ? T Newman '7l>?3 barrow ? B LnactaaU A Co. 171?BJOhxahcrrtngs ? M H. Btevena. 172?1 cam ? OAK. 173?2 do ? Mrs. Kaymr. [From the New Orleans Picayune, dept. 16.j ii we surmised, the storm yesterday wu very arrere ly felt oo the lake*. We hove personally loepaotaa the damage done at MUnsborg, lake eod of the Pontchartreia Railroad, aad had oocaaioa to eee a moat fearful spec taeie. The wind blew Bret from the northwoet and tubseqaenVy from the north. Tbie brought the waved dashing direct!) aganst the wharf with each violence aa to cause much damage The waved waahec over the long wharf, leaving there logo and timber* which compk-ioiy ohetruoted I ho rail road traok. The pee*soger wharf or footpath w?e cote pl.iel) broken up aad rulnod. The skin* and email crafts moored on cither aide of the wharf were kaocsed about a great deal; a good Dumber of them were atove or stranded The wharvcn loading to the bath houses were washed away, and some of tboee build, gg aero badly damaged. The treee in f-oot or the hotel wore atari) >J1 uprooted or broken down, end the prlvat ? wbarvea of the varloue hotel* Dear the lake shore were broken up. A email schooner r*u Into tbe wharl and bad her bow stcve In, the th.-oe men on board of her barely having tlm? to Jump ashore. Tbcechmner I'reteo* dragged her anchors, and ninth fear* were entertained of her running ash art but she dually robe out the atorm The Pair I loo, due ynderdav more Ing at olevea o'clock, did not arrive. It Is hoped that feeling the dtortn before the left Covington, Capt. Hodman had tho prudcuje to rant n In tbe bayou The p.iall boat Ortgon a cot oat in the gale, Capt. Ra ker feeling safer ot.ttide than aioogatde the wharf Tbe Alabama sturk to her post, aud it was supposed would bo able to leai c thia oven tug. We have to record the load of one Hie under circum stances highly creditable to the unfurls .ate deceased. A small ttabiDg imack. who a yuing lad sorm'sixteen year* old, capeized at a ilistunoe of twohuuured yard* from the wharf, aud tbe lad clung desperately to the keel A French named Henry l,c Bret .u called out for mer of good will to follow b'm, and jumped into a boat Thn-j others Pillowed bU example. They reached tbe ctpsized boat and made fast to it with thoir grapnel Le Breton immediately jumped overboard, and, catching hold of lueltd, transferred him to bis boat .lust then tbe grapnel broke loose, and the angry wave* lifted tbe boat tar off from Uie smvck The uiea attempted to come back, but found It difficult work he Breton, who was a gi*d swimmer, caught hold of the keel of the capsized boat, und cr.ed out to the mnu to lake the young lad ashore and try to com.' bick for hue, ua they were too much crowded. Tbe other men obeyed and got the lad safe ashore, but wh. a they at tempted to ccrae back they fo?nd It Impossible. I.* Bre ton, apparently unconcerned, remained alttlog astride of the capsized boat He did uot aeern le roal re the dan gore ?I hla situation. Four different boats attempted to Irave tbe shore, but every attempt proved fruitless, they were capsized In the surf or thrown bsak on the beach. For two hours poor I a Breton could be scan on the up turned boat, but.strauge to say,although an expert swim mer, he never thought of trying to make tbe Shore, which be would have easily reached, even with the strong sea, tbe wind blowing directly to the land. At last be d.cap peered, washed away by a huge wave, and was soon no more. Ibo damage at the lake is prtncipnr.7 upuo what hvl not been destroyed by tho storm of the 11th of August. Tbe repairs made since that lime stood the storm per fectly It Is considered that this gale was a* strong as that of tbe 11th of August, although It did not >ast a* long. Bat In August the swamps wore nearly dry, aud the watar from the lake found a natural outlet, whereas yesterday, the swampa being fall, the water rose in the streets of ilUooburg and covered the railroad track to some distance. Th? CJtarmey Apology. TO THK EDITOR Of Ttfl BERALD. In a com munic Alloa published In your paper of this day, the "Gurney tetter" Is again sii*rge<l with being a forgery, the charge being baaed this time on an alleged statement of Mrs. Gurney, which la entirely comprised In the three following brief and unaattafhetory lines:? I know nothing whatever of the letter to which you allude, and hope you will let tba world know it at oucc. It la tcaiidaious of thoae who have written It. It doea not area appear by thla act that ahe alludes to the letter In question; but, adaaltting thla point, I teal It nevtrthelem due to ayaelf aad the world to declare my firm conviction that the "Apology" emanated, directly or Indirectly, from Mra. Mary Gurney. The public muat bear la mind that aha la In a vary dif ferent position from that aba ocoup.od last January, the data of bar letter. She was then living In Parte, In the first flush of her newly dleoovered happiness, which she no doubt believed would be perpetual. There la, bow ever, recent authentic Intelligence that ahe haa alaoe that time aaecrtatned the Unperfeetaeaa of bar new affinity, (operated from him, aad la now actually negotiating tor permission to return home. It aaay, then, be Interred with a grant deal of certainty that the publication of her latter at inch a criata aa thla waa net with bar aacction and that If without, tha pert lea, who might be able to es tablish Ita authenticity by a tingle word, are uawtlllag la to to proclaim their own Indlacretlaa, wbloh offence at kaat, If not a greater, I regret to acknowledge, meat have boau committed aamewhare. Mrs. Gurney, fully apprised of their dilemma, baxarda little In dtaavowlng doctrines ahe haa ae Maided by her own course, aad which, If acknowledged, would be fatal to bar preheat 11 Alton ( " - of reooocll atloo with bee buaband. And It doea not require extraordinary perception to comprehend that aoma other mem be re of bar faintly, supported by bor de r. el, might, while Informed of the truth, folgn tgnoraooe, and evan Indignation, at tbenppearanoe of her I- Iter at thla junctura. Kor raj telf, Bbwever, I de not credit thla of any of tha femtlyh oonnocttona la thla country, believ ing rather that their tgnoraaoe la real. Bad tha "Apology" been published at the date It bears I have not the least doubt that it would have bean freely acknowledged by Mrs Gurney hut the whole atato of the cam is eo charged by Its appearance at this time, la the preeeat way, aad la tba actual atete of bar foailuga, that some shadow of doubt muat aecaasurtly sow attach to It, at least in unreflcctlag mtnJa. In regard to Ita "denunciation aa a forgery" bet ore ita publ lost ion, I gran' that there was such, bat It was mere denuac let inn, for It waa acoompaated by such Innamere bio'on ? of red. aad palpable, oocular proofs of the letter's gemi in cocas, that my faith la It waa only con Ut m> d Without desiring to detract from the art's distinction fbr "ready intuition," I must deny that lady Buxton has oo this occasion sustained taat reputation la "suspecting It to be a mon.-y maklag trick of the publishers," for the book Is soM barely above Ita east, as those who have seen ita typography and etjrle will anally ore tit la tha authenticity of this formidable letter to be denied in the brief terms via have above 'tooted without any explanation? It Mrs Gurney is sot lis minor, wbo in bar circle Wt The letter la team lag with dales, aa i km fW ti and, to which aba, or soma one In I fldacoa, could alone have bean privy; but ao suggestion la ?Hired to explain bow a forger could have obtained poo session of them, for let It be boras In mind that there la ac denial of their truth Pi-reuadcd, tt rrfofe, as I have always bean, aad atlll am both from internal and external evidence, of tm geLulnaacea, 1 noweallon the Dually to dewy any teat al leged Ml said latter, or tba existence of any feeling tbrre smeared, which Is st variance with any ol-camatanco rberae of her aeparatloa; and If thla latter la la be denied aa her antufraph, I aak tha*. the name of that Udy be made pub lie who haa been, ?'though in aa later-tor aocit* poaitM. bar tried fries , end who haa tha ability, which they deay Mra Gurney 10 have wrtttea It, ai.d the name of the lady 1o whom It waa at leaat Impliedly address, d, wh\ 1 have roaaon to wmrraat me la believing, la now In thisoouMry. I sm, rhr, yonr obedient servant, WM. MMuTiIKKH vAD. rsaumnu, Sept 20 1MB. Arrtwmls aad Dapartmros. AMHTAIA Bmrm ?, Ae- Wimamhie Torhtowa-C Aekermaa aad lady. Kmc lady sad arm; Mias Klag Mra Hooper. Wr aad Mra ? ma d. Mlaa lewUvm, IC Bekkwerser Mr sal Mr* O W DM, MrC A filha, Joaaftam.#r Mandatl. John Prime aad .ady.s J Doagtaa, MaamWaSana J?n?a Thayer, -villas w H r La*. Garner*. Ilahilhen aed ft wp-r, Geo Halgw. J H lljler. A MSohmW. Gen Pematt. T IWt a Osrdsu, " j Ujmm. a laf aetata. J pafigar. A f Hlsg.6 W Lwatey. Mr Imnranss, ' A were aad * la steerage. 'naaiaeroa?dlaainahlp Jaa Ailger J Cwy. C Bart 111 Beaded, W Mhlcholem. E Cheull aad lafy. J Tdpp < be. ar^ynia walker, A F black. lady aad aoa, Miaa a ftutber> . Isssrr>t-nart Kits Bares R A TaaSer Oept W H Tlew Wrne. lady, i wn. hfidrm aad aervaat, Mlaaea Ian r Jnenhigi. Harriet Hoiar a Rev T t-*aa. Iter Do-igl.ia chapman, John CnaBlesbam, H B fcddlnge Bswwtoa?Brig Pilwsm Royal?John Leilas, 0 Outer bridge Pali Cat-Brig Tlama-R M Ttayd-n. tntr aw'age. Urrnrvr-gtenmer Asseetea, team Boston-Wr aad Mra L I "flrrte, Wr? ttaacer. Okanm O Crocker. Wm I ?'?i?bia?. Pranels Hawktee, (?? ren-e Kawv. Mr and Mra fil ord, KlZltoMti uflri M T KePffiar. of Boat ?%,??* 5 "Kay, of < helaaa; G W Hardlag. Dor Mmw; Kraal Itaff Wills. Bewjuryi'orl Wm Prand. T1 Ma- la'r, Mr audMrs J N iwm. L Arondale. Rdwnrd Tea hem John Thameaan and Mr Gbeeka if 5ev_ i or*. l^^kjgd Mr? I Btw-irtk, r. . ?? ? K O Oaritaa, Baltimore; ft t Barker. aerer of fesraaoh-w to r~MaS: J din Brown, Canada "<**, John I. K Jem-enn, Pans -a: Mm Httyafd and staler. nearv Walker. Mrs Ru rai U aad mlaal. EugtamdJ A Anderwa. H. D A od-raou ai.d IV Hal cm. HssMnpl; ffimry I Tm-he-ir. 8 Unary-Iffi fir Ifallfec ? tit-ran Moras. HoMon; Mr* Farratl, ? -?rvra -it*; ??e.rga rwflipa. Raw T'-eh; Bon *? Timor, Vise f Tna*. Can Twtulet. Obaa Twining, Mad us.M.^ir Mra Maojeaa. * 'temp bell. Mr Dwvar. Mr aed Vra W II tkretgW-Hi. W ItPVne. 'a, '<rr-r Wm eloker. f A r"6thald and J Iter.ver^Ua..' ??. Mr and Mra 1. J Almoa. A John. N B-. Wm A snilb. Wm dmMi and H < j>alui|bem. Marrtngym, M u; 0 IIWll, Itavre Grec?, .K P. MaSburioe eat tetrad. HaPf'ar Mra wife - w MffiBffi, fa itnrb' lire a A Arnajo, loe llerw-ha.*. gk< rarncr, ? Wlggars, M Lyri.a. A Oohea Joe Pielda. H R Beaol. |WM land wtfaTSev B J Purdy, C W Beraay, 0 Damsay OaABtwiim ffiianmhlp Manor *,<i M Rffite. Mma A L hwimfFl Woreceler. Mra Jf Beiwhor, Mian HI Woroeaaer, ! A Tknaawm MUfke, M Moral.. 1. fiylvceler. H May, r Mra Bradley. Mlaa Bradley, 0 f Jack**. ?am iel s war-on, O kvadavborg. le Bondrie.ers.Mrv Y i''ioa?t dim A'? -laoo. Mlm J Barry. J B fieri., M Bjar r ' niUYi /. ? 1?;" .'-y-' I nvutt """I - m a lltKSL*.' ?b"2 PERIL8 OF THE SEA. FsamdirUg ?r (lu M*lp Rotstte, *r Blckmwd, Bis.?Harele Cmatoact wff Her Captalm?Her Craw Elesemed tad Car ried ?? RarMk, Va. tbe ship Rotunda, Uaptaia Fwor, which left Liverpool t ? the 234 oT July laot, with a eargo of MT tone of caaaet M al for tbe Now Torfc Oaa Company, foundered la bar Hit eth day oat la the neighborhood of Nantucket Shuals. ail b "r crew ware aared. Tbe following narrative or tht ereat wlU be found thrUUngly latereating Oar* ">8 U>* night of Wednesday, the 11th Inet., It began to Maw * heavy gale from the northweat, which rapidly Inninaw ' M 'he evening advanced. About ten o'clock it atroeh lb ' Rotunda with great force, and Captain Percy bove her under cloae reeded malatopeail. The pumpe wen * trled " the name time and found pwfoctly tight. KatU '*? continued la thla way uatil about mM Light, whuut rary haavyaeaatruokher witbaucb violence aa to raiae b *>" appeared, almoet completely cut of water. Whan the aea had rolled away from under bar, she went over . 00 her beam ends, scud lag everything moveable on d? h to the lee aide. The lee rail waa sub merged, and reeaat oedao until the veaaei went don. It Is supposed that b ' (?'nC over on her beam ends the cargo waa shifted 1 ' ' great measure to the loe aide Hiao, which may account for the subsequent fruitiest attemptj to right her. toot.. l'ercy neat tried to get her before the winl by putting ?n ? J">, but without avail. He noxt loosed to* farena '?> hut the gula, in a few momenta, loro it into shreds. During this time two nua stood at the wheel, wla oh they put hard a leo; bit, notw ithstaudlng all lb so efforts, the ship refused to turn. Her mlsaewa <*st waa Ihca cut away, the wreck of whioh In ralltot' struck the lee main rigging, and oa-rled away the m&ian mat by the boat d. The or. Ic braoe block, whioh was starU<d by tht aback, came with euob violence against the baa*' cf the tret mate, Mr. ? D. Percy, brother of the Captain, aa to kaock bin: sense less to tbe deck, in which condition* he remained during tbe subsequent thrlHing eoeooi. Aa tbe lee rlg^dug sttt) clung to the ship Captain Percy brroicaVy destoaded, with axe is band, belug lowered with a ropw from the weather tide of the deck, aud cut it away, letting it drift off cm the water. The pumps were cxamlaed, and eight feet ol v?*t<r found in the one on lha weather aldo. The otlics was com pletely submerged. The ship then foil Into tho trough of the sea, from which position It was impooalilo afterwards to get her?tbe pumps being all the ttmosteadily worked, though the water continued to rise. Daylight came at length, but bo sail wm la tight. The captain, Boding her gradually going doirn, concluded to get out the boats (three In number) and traat kime-lf and crew to the mercy or the waves. The boat upon the for ward bouse, on examination. was found to bestow, and wan, therefore, rendered naeluas. He succeeded, how ever, In lowering the second boat and getting ber safely astern. The third boat was laoocbed In the same man aer, but unfortunately, when in the water, drifted under the counter and wan stove, rendering ber useless also. This work completed, a aail was espied to windward bear ing steadily down for them. It proved to bo the schooner T. Raymond, Captain Saunders, bound from New London to Turks Island. Captain Paondcrs at once net about the rescue of the Rotunda's crew; bnt the schooner's boat being Is s vary leaky and unncawortby condition, rooourso wan bad to the surviving one of the ship. In this Captain I'erey neat Iva of bin orew, refusing to leave the ship until the Inst moment. Three of these were safely put on board the schooner, while the remaining two camo back Tor e second load. On the seoond trip ail were taken 'off, except four; bnt unfortunately, as the boat reached the aids of the sohooaer she ares stove under the letter's counter, rendering ber nnflt for use, end leaving the leaky boat on board the schooner, the only available means of again oommoatcatlng with the ship. The perilous adventure of crossing la her, however, wm ondertaken, aad those remaining on the ship, Including the captain, were brought safely on board the schooner. During the rest of the forenoon and during the after noon Captain Percy lay near by la Us schooner, watch ing the ship and awaiting an opportunity to again board ber, and in the event of the wind and saa dying away, to do something, if possible, forfbnr. Thle, howevar, did not occur, the sea during the whole time making a clean breach over her, aad precluding any such attempt. Night fall came, and perceiving that the veaaml wm rapidly settling, and at a rata that predicted her antire enbrner ?loo before morning, ha mlaataatly left bar aad tha tchoooer bora away for Norfolk, whore the satire ore w of Captain Percy desires to return his warmest thanks to Gaptaln Saunders, his oftiosrn aad tasa, for Ihoir persistant and untiring efforts la lying by the ship, and In aavlog the lives of her unfortunate crew, aad for kind treatment received on board the Raymond after their perilous ad vtuiure Be also returns bis thanks to the captain of Urn ship I lying Childert, for hie klad offer of astistanoe. { The Rotunds wag built la Richmonl, Me., In IBM, and wan owned by Mr. Marshall S Mager, of the name Rbe wan Insured for the most part la Boston, though a small gsaaUty or tha tnseraace In acsUerel through several festers ofBese. She wm rated aa an A3 vessel, aad her cargo was Insured Al. Obltaary. T. D. MCB, COM EDI IK. It la only a few days slnos we directed the aitea t.oe of toe public aad the dream tie profession to the fact that Mr I'.ios, the celebrated delineator of negro charac ter, sad one of the pioneers of Ethiopian minstrelsy ae a ?feclallty, was lying dangerously ill la thin city, aad that, la view of bin etraitoced circumstances, it would bj 1 proper for hw comfrerrt to aalta la givlag aa entertain ment for his benefit. We have now to rsoord the death of Mr. Rice, which occurred In this city on Wednesday evening. Mr. R on wm born In the city of New York, In 1MB, and made hie first appearance la a subordinate po sition at the Park theatre Here be ant appeared befort the public in n ptace called "Jim Crow, and aiade a grunt hit. The play wm merely e Match, written, we he llers, by Mr. Rioe, In introduce a song end dance after the negro fonhlen. The norelty was so much relished by the public that "Jim Orew" k-pt the etsge for many nights. II t> proper to my here that Mr. RIm was not the Oret of negro minstrels. That dint lac'.km la duo to Mr. Then Rlakrty, a veteran actor, sUU I It lag Mr. Blakely wm the Bret white man who appeared on the ntM* here with a black face. Ik aaag "Coal Back Rose," a ballad which sr.taysd great popularity la Its day Mr. R.cs, aflir a must tueoaarfol career la New York, rr-etoe, Phi ?edelphle sad other Allies, crossed the Atlanta end ap rred (If. 6) at the 'irrrj- lb-aire, London. Ilia career England was a most rvtraardlasry cue. The "Jim Grow ' entertainment was the rage Mr Riot ?named Ui seep up Iheexellemeet by Improving uear ver.-e to bid doug, and tans making It entirely new -very --truing The young men shout learn formed a Jim Crew Club ami got up at tbelr own exponas llthfrapm o' the favorite of beer, wt.osr pathway wm htaraiiy paved with BrH'tb geld. Out Mr. Roe, like t>o many or kit onfrtrtj, wsa Ceroan to a fault, and spent his money aim aa faet as received u. Wehwwt ssod, Baa, ffat, IMn tan VMM be In vested largely la the I'nttod dtatea Reck of lean ny?vMla. sad wm among the of Blddie sad ether managers of that tuamulmo Whatever maw be the truth of the matter. It Is very oewtata that la ale day Mr. Rtoe rscslrsd s greet deal .if money. When be returned from Surope lie was eager! r ?nwffblfor by the manager*, and played se a star is all ,b*d*rl"d throsghsut the oooutry. Bis favorite role wm lbs foamy negro," new nearly goM out, but be wm egMfly good as the plantation band. Bis physical peeu Hart Use enabled bia to di?Uaos ell coespotltore m bis particular Ilea ?? . a burlaeqs* opera, called " Bom tooaeh ? f soet-l'ugty witartaiBing aad wary succawrtU. j** J^-tit ego Mr. Rme wm strlohM with parallels rm7 ""** nB>" 'be day of hie death Be still "?'bwt ta appear on tha stage at intervals, and played n'JJ cwMrt r'ntS? "ST? u * The daughtar of Mr niaditoae, grsttiul IhMbla public position would w??i u> imply He wm ms af the most amlsble end kind beertcd men that ewew Jived, and wm the name It prosperity as la ad ^i1/ - brtors cai'.el blm by the pet name of " rmidy Rios," sad he WM one of the few of be pro . ml >s who sever kaewwhst II wm ta be Jealoue of a rival or savioM ef another's ?a -waaa. HI*puree aad heart were *bat might beos 1M a thorough To ffranu bum Fsxav?Th'i ferry, en which, N the ! etty Conanfl Md Ownptroller Hews did their duty boats would be ran regularly every hour UN midnight, pretends to rue e'ght boats oa Wednesdays sad Saturdays at twairt o'clock. Bnt, like everything eoaaeeted with this tbrry, the arrangement It a humbug, and tha sight boats a Mere sad e deiMlon. lest Wednesday evening, after , ? ??? vwjbq it on? o r?nor a. m. oq ^pk-taa, where she V ?" the Hda floated ber off. th?bna..^r^,to-? Insecurity of fw! l^y 'bn wMt oraeeonuaodatinu to the publle, ant t?* rtefcto Mattr lt> which th# OMipiiif ii? in ^ paM*, lb* Ktifea Ititml fmtj On*. EfutrssSta* ****'?'? 'im***"?? News froib California. UBTU or m OTBL1NI M1IL?HUT MIMTi Or vu politicians ? mphNHotaw or tub manor*, no. Joan, Ma, Sept SO, 1150. 11m pony express, with California dates U laptamber 8, arrived hero laat alght. Ban FnuKxtoo, Sept Mtt P. H. There hare boon no arrivals since the departure of the Sailed?Ship St. Helena, for Liverpool. The ship White Swallow haa cleared for Melbourne with over 16,WO sack* of wheat and 11,000 tack* ot oats. The ah!pa Konpanel and David Brown hare been char* tared to lead with wheat for Liverpool. With the exception of tome political movements, not an Incident baa occurred ilnce the last expreaa of any parti cular Inter at. T?e Douglas State Convention held sessions la Sarra mtnto on the Sth and 0th lnet. The State was fully repre sented. More then half the de.egatcs were strong sup porteis of Senator Latham and the adaataiat ration laat year The representation wen each as tndloates s proba buitj that the Slate will go for Douglas, Messrs. Ham moid, Humphrey , GriUiths, Don l ab.o do Is Ouerra and Georfe F. Prloe were nominated for electors. Tne reeoln tlcnf adopted censure the California delegates for aeced tng from tlie ChnrUaton Convention; repudiate tut inURention doctrines of the republicans of lh> Norm and di unionists of the South ; Im'M upon our rights to Sao Juan Islaod. sod demtnd their speed;-onforoement In favor of '.he over land mal's, telegraph, nnl Pacific Railroad, auu urgu CouiyeMloDiO aid f if the re ireaary steps hire be -it talvi-a U> conduct the can vase rigorously. lit- Bell ami Kveiflt party held a Coon routine the eatco day. SIT de egaioa were pres-tol, representing tweuty ?Is (ouptles, considerably more than half th" rttate The prooecdings were very tunnoui an, though the or gauiestloL as yrt r-aCfoets little strength Ihiy proht bly will cot east f ,000 coins, and may abandon their or ganization and all go for Douglass, U sui-se^ueut r/tvices frt in the Fast eigg.-st that policy. Tb'1 rrpiiblleai.s a'" ecttrwlv oaevaeslng the StaU All tholr l"-at speakers are in the del 1. They are gain!.- J the support of many anil Leoompton don irate or last year, while the DouMat party appear to be giinlog fro an the Bnckiiirtdgc The recent unfavorable news from the Boethern Stales disheartened the Breckinridge m o An Intensely exciting cut- ei la going ou tu hao I ran cl*c?> over local noai i it.ous. The repihilnos, wn- li ve heretofore always uuiied with the Vigilance ?: immlli-e sueeession party lu choosing city and county off:hers, now propose to bring rat e partlzan tlr.grt. This has called out an appeal to the people, s.gned by over 2,000 clll * ns, lrre..i?eotlvn of pi'ty, n continual adherence to the reform police ;B municipal aTa'rs 8a* 1 ajNOMO, Saturday, riept. 8?i P M. A very fair country trade has Imparted a better feeling to the market for imports. Transactions from first hands, however, continue moderate, with no leading sales quota Mr, and no parttcula- alteration In prtcca. M< ss beef and prime pork ve In demand for shipment to Coins at 816 por bid Foreign rice Is drooping. Raw sugar firmer. Foreign brandies are mire active la lots to the trade, at easier rates Tho market M wtlbout aay other not tooth le featur. ? Mire activity was generally looked for the en suing week An attire expirt business Is dobig In wheat, principally for Rsgland, at 81 40 a M 60. Tonnage continues scarce and high freights barn to be paid. Market*. Nrw Om.KAjn, Srpt 20, I860. Cotton quiet; sale* to-day 2,000 bale* at 10,'c. ? 10',c. for middling. Hour (toady at M 21 a $4 30. Ycilow torn at 76c. Sdrar (toady at 9\c. a 9X* Motuse* dull at 30c. a 33c. Kirk dull; mow ottered ut $21 60. lard in bbta. 16e. Frtighta?Cotton to Liverpool %d. Ooruktkix ?The quotation ot oottoo (middling, 10i.'a ) at New Orleam, published yeeterday morning wu wrong. The prion ehould have been a* on the previous day, 10*c. a lo^c., doe lag easier, but naohanged. BaLTiMOMl, Sept 20, ISM. Flour very dill and heavy: Howard a'.rent and Ohio nominal at $6 75 Wheat firm red $1 26 a IX 35, while $1 35 a SI 65 Cira dull: while Ma. awe., yellow 6Gc. a 70o. Trovlalont dull and heavy maaa pork $19 75, prima $15 Lard 13J*'0- Coffee firm at 14o. a 15 vj. Whiskey dull at 2J^c. 23c PniupnmA, Sept. 20, ISflO Flour oloeed wth a declining tendency superfine $6 7$. Wheat du>l: salea of 1,000 buehela rod at SI 25 a $1 31; white $1 36 a $1 15. Corn quiet Rale* ot 5,000 buabela at 74e. a 76c. Cofee? Rio 14;'<?. a 16c., Laguayra liVo. Whiakey dnU at 20;. a 26c. Ainairr, Rapt 20?6 P. X Flour heavy undtr the declining market below. Wheat lea active tela TOO buvhela Michigan at $160, de livered, 400 bnahelj do. at $1 46, cad 800 buahtla do on private lerme, 6 00C buabeia red .'llohigia,afloat,at $1 2$ Rye, In tbe atr*et, Tic. a T9c. Oata in cor load* at 37c., ai.tho Central depot. Corn?-tala la lota at 66o for Weatern mixed. Barley?Saia 800 buabeia Mate spring ad winter at S6a, 4,800 bnahela Indiana, ad 2,260 buabeia Canada Wcat, afloat, on private term*, but un derstood to be below 90c. Whiakoy?Balea 130 bbla. at ?Xi BCTTAU), Kept. 20, 1800 Flour quiet and ateady. Wheal oloeed firmer, no aale* after tUtera deepatcba aala 11,000 buabeia No 2 ateady. Barley firm: aalee 1,000 bit.beta a 75a. Wnle key neatanl at 21c. Freighu Arm. 1.600 boafeela wheat and 14,400 do. enrnto New York; boat* euro* Lake import*?6.000 bbla. fl-mr; 643,000 Uaabela wheat, 100,000 do cora, 8 000 do ,-ya. Canal export*?600 bbla. Dour, 111,000 babel* what, 17,000 do. oorm and 8,000 do. oata. Brrvaio. Sept IS?4 P M. Floor Jail and vinohaogod. What doll: aala 12,900 bosbetaNo 2 CVilragn -pvtag "at $1, 11,030 bntbola ckutoe do at $1 01,12,000 buabol* red wlater at St It* a 01 IS, 3,000 busbaia whtu do. at 01 21 Cora quiet and no aala. Pttla nominal at SOc. Barley firm ale* 9,000 buabeia Canada at 75c. Whiakey nominal at 11 t{c. Canal freight* firm, at 64c a Hour, 16;. on what, lto on corn I* New York Ink* import*?6 000 bble Hour. 610,000 buahela wheal, 31,000 buah<l3 corn, 490 buahtla barley. Canal export*?00,1(0 buaLel* what, 1,000 buaiiai* corn, 4$00 buabeia barter. Oawaoo, Sapt 20-4 P. M. Hour quiet at prevloua rat a. Wheal bel l^generally abere view* of buyera and market dull aala 6.000 buabeia fair No. 2 Cklctgo spring at 01 05, 3,200 buabeia Milwaukee club and 5,800 buabeia winter Weat ern o* private lam*. Cora acaroe, dull aad unchanged: ?air* 6 300 buahala lllooid at 67c. Other grata* quiet. U*nal freight! uncharged. Lake import*?10,000 buahele wheat , 16,400 boahela barley. Canal exporu-4$20 bbla. dour, 34,000 buah.-la wheat, 18.400 buaheta corn, 6 SOS buabeia barley, 1,000 buabeia rye, 2 200 buabeia {'T? WJ*ri7o* it $4^P< *>. I860 KmSw York &2S """"P May *rtT u *"fk i, per cent premium ",J' "clung* l?.?' ?. OftSo 3* *2m?5L 1 *>*?f !ud ODS'WYnrl?1' ^ ' ' 1 ? lT'^ 1 ,T? 4 * per cent premium "?VC- Exchange Aaravnc Somnm Anaoan ?Tb* London Critic an neuncee, m among Madame Cab at*'a engagemenU far tbe Lyeeuaa, MM Jaaspbta* H mgenbeim, Mr*. Char lea Flow and. Mrs. Julia Bennett Barrow (all wall known in tbe Called State*), Mr. George Yiaiag, Mr* Keeley and Mil* I yd la Item peon. Mm* Oeleat* will ouanmenre t?r aaaa:a with a new drama by Tea Taylor. Mrn. Joha Wood aad Mr. Joba Bmngbam are engaged at Urn Uaymarkot. Mr. Brorgbam la aognged for ten waaka, aad eommeaca on tbe let of ixtnbar .a bia owe comedy, ?< Roman * aad Re ality." Mtu J jtla Dkley aad Mr. KeaOe are alao A Loo i doa, Nit 10V Gaxi>Bi ?Tbe Corteat troupe eang the Tollulo ' (art eight, with the cut which bu already been mate familiar to the pubi.a?Gortaat, lluaiaai and Aaaodio. the audi - as* wa* very entbuiaatic, aad tbe parfermaoeo alto g tber aatiah'tcry Tbiaevaalag Mr F?rraat will repeal blf impvrarwat.on of Eamlat Canrf Cart enNnr?This Day, 1'iWl Oocirf? General Tern.?Noa enumerated -a tea aad N->?. 860, 21.22, 26 to 81, 35 38 40 41, 12, $, 3-1,12M. 13>4, "T. Stiam.a Cor at? Ctrcilt?'Short Cauam-No*. 3420 MM, 1946, 4306. 4015. 10W. iSTJ, 3109 . 24J4 Jfl#* 2150 2500, 4501, Uli 4840 . 4sk 4888, ||Jr.g >. ;?? 21M :ll'' ivuv1 till- it?- 4444 4*m. |Ri . 1727,3106. I .4534,4858 4860 48(1 4840 4040 4107, 4*'?4, 4600, 4123,2185,6711 23*6. 2062,' 2U?i W0.I, 4857, 487*1, 4805, 4-21 4464, 4269, 4645. 44'7 I7T4, 6160, 4846. 6446, 421d, 5337 , 4316, 4808,4423. *M0, 6437 M78, .'*M8,1202 4462 62W 4047, 4-?3 OK. 4-21, 6 16 IM, Lu78 Trnaaea, Sbaaldrr Br*?**, Kinetic Stack lege be . eetawiecai y applied. No. ( aaa ?(??<. under Bar a m. a luMua. Cslatadara'a ant* Oy*, Wig* sad Twn a? wrd. WVdrwaie aad retail, aad 'Aa Dy* r?'f the ber In Ik* __ pvtvxmty applied. No. s a*? tt MraaUhal CemylaileNwaUIN'a Liquid r?-rl baa acb.'* ? ?d * m?l?hr?y M barbm do eqndl foe keeoM; frli? ?od pr**-riaw tbd romrlctloe erd dkiu. bold ad all drugalau . 1'rlnripal depoia TJ7 and US Broadway. "A Clear t'eiai)l?loa" la Dcatrwd Ml ladle* ruPaULON-l "SanwWhiuoiieaial Cream.* ?i.adtea' BeauUSari" P hart on 4b Bon's '?frow White Orlacta. Cream." Held by aU dragKMa "B on Wkw Oriental Oaam.n Price 8r eeate per bottle. |lleeplN| Cengb Speedily Cnitdc-Lahrl ctUBg the apfceof 'be -hOd wt*k N'-'-iwey'* O' -nret rr* rema'kc tnlVicau'ioa. ir -lcratc* tbarcgh ami riM m He i iutT. j ine. while tbe auort y tbe Pllla ti ajt the actite ca we ut lb* diaeaea. Lady Haauiera at the Herald, if Yen 4Kb bandeoaae (Mteva at IS*. Hlipper* aad Tie* at 4*. aad 7a re- pair, patronr- NlLLl k A CO., 167 Oaaal wren lull's Hnfr Oy* SO Cent*, nia'h or brow*.-Baal la aaa. Depot N<>. 1 Bar la? tu?t ,r l ? t r ail f Oltrwhnggh'a lliwalve *\ ??*?i n't? ? tabim, partinaa eiweulnU>|r ni tanai . t> '"hbal bmnwaf, a*w to A. T. Nteear. a Dwwlagi at th? Delaware State Lettc na-WObD.KODT, a 00., MuiimoOS ?wifui, KjurrrtJCT Are Mi touu riti torraeiH. Dcuvut-trnu Clam m>. Urrcnu ?>. I860 17, 67 , 66, 66, 63, 6, 32, 71, 3 , 41, 66. 6. Piuwm- O vs.. <30 Rcmaiah W 190 16, 64, 7, 63, 31, 71, 4l, I?, 36, 36 , 6?, U. Cugoiara sent free of charge, byaudremiag efuie. to WOOD, RDDY * TO , Wilmington. Delaware, Or to trOOD, EDDV A CoTH Louif, Missouri. Drawlags of K. rraatt'i Delaware LtCHtcriofc? 80S t* Cotnrr. C: at? 128. 8r 20, 1840. 12, 60, 69, 47, 34, 60, 6, 24, 42. 77, 22, 1.4. 66, 66. Oonsoudat?i> U,TT*?T?Ci-IAI 164, Skrr , 20 1360. 2, 38, ?, 37, 69, 70, 61, 32, 15, 42, 68, 74. R. FRANCE, Wu.ut.gtoo, Delft WAN. ?ona or Dtoteumee or oorAenraratr.-rhe am heretoforesnbeinUag under lie nuns of FHAJfCH, BROAD Brim * CO., Is u3a dAjr dissolved. The Delaware and Ken tucky Lotteries will be hereeAer draws by the ?'gned ??jrantoe. R. rRAUcS; wiuueeror, Delaware, Sept. ?, I860. Homeetead Fire laewraare Coapanr ? The New Tort Supreme Oovrt has appointed PhUo Hurl, Req , late 1 resided o( the company, ibe Receiver, Ar , to cloae upent settle the n?alre of the Homeetead Fire laiu raaoe Company, the company'* outstanding obligation* bar ter been already provided for and atm-med by other reepimil bie ooonpfcnlM. It Is to be rsgretted by the friend i of th * roapnny, thai cer tain defects or mtormall'.tee in tUnrtgtra'org?u!. *iicn *bould b* re fallen upon the present otr.rera and ravn>;*me?it. who I were dftoelvea by the report of the Utftta Uotimlss; uer* as to the rl araoter o' Us arc urines. During the lute It reetl*at.oo. repeat?d o"*-? were made by the present < Hirers of U.* oompan to toe stales pertoten dent, to supply any den itency lu thee., npany * asset* by cash, be It more or lew; bat no euoh opportunity w .? pennittad. Ibis company had been organ:red before loca'iog at its pre ?apt rtt.ue, corner if Iteekmna and b aaaau itreeta the owner of whit!, property, taking an Internet In ltd meres*. and with a view to eeepre a general and proaperoue bnaiuees aad to luuLe It a permruu-nliaelltuU ? In hD build leg, o.naented not only t. eer.r aa a director hlinaeif, but loeuoed other tner chant* to a<u ve ta Ibe same capacity Hcfo-e any pnllrlm were l?*ird the eeeiirttles arblo.'i bed been areepted by the State Comiiihwtouera were examined, anil alt hut23u,lh'i were rejeited, In Mhlal stnek had already beea bated, and a favorable report aa to Ike vali e of the mortgages had been given by the Com nutaloners an l ohcra It was thru determined by the pr?*ent management that W ii Vb%"noey, K q . who bad been familiar w.'.i the proceed u g* "1 Iho company In is tne commeacemer.t, no li take the Drrdrtency and that o'.hrr mortgage* ehoulil he weed dpoo nil Biil.atltUed fi r ihooe re.ectedT before auy rtaki were taken o. bw teil. cad been proin.*ed to met erul purltee a h- ?e aprllratlmi* h d been received Ike mortgage* then determined upon to i* pr ly such detelecc* can be *hnwo by the oi l r -rent ipstim< ny or those acquainted with the mortgaged property, to * a ct 'e and re llab.e eecnrlUo, mlhouga other cit mm tgnce* wen Intended to be "iied for ft portion Not a do", ir of the at ck tiaued upon Ihtee mi rtragee bae bees ever sold by the parties to whom I: T was Issued, bill three parties from Lute in time o rinsed*'.. lUtionr,; ?toek at it* market vnl'te even up to the dale oi the Ha I pertntendrut'e report lbs cornpany wus dotog a bound and pn.?peron? br.atneaa. | and was abnodvoOy safe, notwithstanding the eumli/ut those : inter- a>d hi the re I or ted atourUi e and it* prevtv ? oon'rol and the lealouav of other amoelatioQA. either frompoUUtal bias or envy at its niece** It certainly appears desirable that the proecero e aad io rreaalng builneea el the oompeey and ite reliable c icneetiona i bon Id be pratrrved for the organv Uoo of anew com pa..;.. and that die faidhtlra for insurance in the South and West, so long overlooked. iho Jd be et nlinneil. O. Scandcn' Matklllt Tablet Strep, for keeoiijr r.tzora In perfect rrdor run he obtained at No. 7 Ajtor Bourn, aud.the dlJeres.t agents throughout Ue city. Fall VMhioaa -Ltary A Co.'i Bmecaa ?ors, HUNT A Dl'HRNBURT, leader* and In tr id", earn of hokuiia for emUamea't Hate, now aaaouaoe 0>a Ik. lily las aa ready, at Hoa. S, ? and ? Aator House. Rblrt?-Rhtrta-Mi for |R; Made from the baat Amookrsg aad Wamaulta mualiaa. Depot 106 Cfc&lkaaa ?Mtt, corner of fearl Herrlaa'a Pateat Champion Fire aad Raraiar Paof Sofas, Ml Broadway, corner of Murray ere at. Maw Vork. Owtof A Bakar'a Celebrated Rolalaa Seeing Machines. the boa In una for family aa-.rtag. 01 Broadway, Maw lorfc, and IS Pulton street, Brookl/e. VVbeeler * WUno'I lewUg ?arhlMW, dN MM Broadway, Mow Tod. Notice.?The Eartka Rewlng Maebiaee Can now be purchased Aad paid for a WM1KLT OB MOMT11LY IM8TALMMMTR. IHhoe. ?M Broadway. Cluba supplied. Agents wanUL Stelaway A Beaa' Ovrntraaf Grand and square Ptaaaa are bow oooaldered the bra maonfn ct urrd, ar? oat ranted for Bra jean. Wareruoaa U aad M Walker Hair Op |a tka Beet la the " aeproprtale pit rata rooma Batebaler'a Hair Owe ^^z&stsrsS:' II. R. INeeeldorff A Co., 3V.1 Broadway, 1 ..; or*cr? of Trench and Oermaa I aacy ik.oda ha. big roe I rd to c'oec oar budnm* In Maw York, we will Mil below uuat the wk.'tr of car ttnek ?"rapilaerf chiefly of Neta. Hair, Slides, Bustles, Ooabs, Fans and Nomreaukas la gene.aL 1 Alfred Manroo A Co. are How Prepared to supply the waste of thorn wkn are purchasing their fall and winter Aoihiug for dm and boys Man's UUdhtne of all kindr Boy a Uinthl s( ror boyn of all Bans, from ftreey ears m man hood. ALPRKU MUNROR A CO., 607 Broadway, uader Bt Mbholaa lioUl. Merrta' Old Taw I m ported from tnr Ilodrra distillery, la aoid pure at U Brordway, uader a penal. ty of 11 Out, aad dnliaa oompetit.on la prise aad iiuality. Abrwbwna.?'dOO Wide Awaken Photo graphed In one plrtnrs for SOeenla per one anpy, by UOLMRR. M Broadway, llolmea' only gallery dawn Iowa by Wtker nrwi Bblrta Made ta Order from Meaeare. D. C. UUJCCK A COX, 110 Broadway, corner Libert} eL White, the Hatter. BIB Broadway: rv?r Mr?Plenae Bend me one of year f*li atylee linmeli.. c ly, aad oblige. Pri a ft. Rroohlyn.?? Photoprapha, MlBlatare, ? 'aliloet Impel 1*1 aad Ufa W/e. CHAR B. WILLI AM dU If. RMablabed 18B1 Radical Care of Uerwla, or Raptare.? Dr. A M. M AMU, of the wall known hones of Btnk A Ok, Mo. I Veaay a, Aator tineas, qepmlte the ekorek, devotee Medal attention to the iurpaal impfitlna of kla Radical Cure Tr -ma Otvr Da am Old Hwrae Ibr Ulaeaaea lacl dantte th" period of TmrtBTMO IN ' HlIJOlRJf. HARM TOU HaVl THAT OLl? Kl'M POR 18 I7RNTB, a the form of MR*. WINBDOW'W ROOTTUMO BTRUP. Mere fa I a.?'A Paw Bottled of Koaaody'a 1 ~ - * ip ??online of Urn Rmfula ad acrtally following tea O aaak watte. w? sera tha Marrlad, B?mos?V*n Rrrar ?<ia Thursday. September 20. oA tha rraideace of the brhla'a father I ? tor, Iauevl Biltio* to M m <'ark.? Van H:; an, all of ilia city. Ju< < *r??gcnakmxnoit*.? Ik thla c'.ty, oa Tucdiay. September II, at M. Aai.s cliarch, Waal 1'ighteetilh ?tract, by Bar. luomat ? ?altaadef. Rearm M. Jaooaca la Mesa< * S. Bctmnraanrm*. both nftkla city. .],.???H casino*? In Brooklyn, en Wedaeeday, Bep t mi r 19, by the Rrr J W Dlfler.ofSt Lnka'aCLuroli, Cllklnn tT'-aec Bro t'ja, Mr Hb**t J. Jonaa of the abora <ty. to Mha Jtut r, daoutlar at J.J BarrtHh, Eaq . of in 'tn> la T' ins Mhaola, Teiaa, p.t yara ream copy Tiuncaa?Warr ?On Wedaeodir, Ha| tarn bar 19, at Brat I. R. I. by Urn lav Jdm C. * ?. K. M. Tbamm lo BtWTBi Ya* CoaaAnrr, dkkghlcr af the odattay otaryy ir^. Died. 'twoop ?ti-ddaeiy. on Wcdnaaday, laplcabcr JO, at Sayaour. Cona , Hkper C. Amuw, in lb- Obtb year of kla air* Notice of Ibd funeral will b? firm a toe fhtardar ?orklsg pat err. Bkadt?Oa Tbcraday, -?tt-mb?r 90, Ida Afo-ati Bjlci t, aged Id aaaetha aad 11 day*. The frtaada of the laarly are raapecaully tarited lo al tend the fnarral, from the reei fettor of bar pares ta. so 'JBe Adaiabi ntrerf, Brooklyn, (Iridayi atom tag, at cleree o'clocfe. Ooom* ?la Bronklya, on Wedcaeday errelag, *ep. a 1 bOT 19, of tha chronic croup, Mast Fsamm*. oelydaugbier of TLoaiaa P. and Jallam Oovper aged b yaare, I aiaatha aad 7 daja T..a rchtiTca aad frliada of tbr tarn it ?r? raepartfal.y larlted to attcad tha ftta?r?l, thii (Prtdaj, c. three o olock. from tbe raaidcma of bar pareata, .No TO Johbare Mreet, BroriljR Caboli* ?la thidcity.aa Thurtuny mnralag. Oeftaather 99, Matt, widow o.' Pairtck Oar r n.- , c ber ago. The frtaada of tb? family are rrepactful.y lavltod to at lad the fun era!. from bcr lata r< ? deem. He. H Tbwp < ron atraat, Utia (ir lay) aftcraora. at two a'aiort, with out rartier '.nv lalioo (l-i ? (>n Wedamiay. Oeptrr b'r 19 at the raalRBCO of bin anal Aea coommpi-ie, CiRaart M Ci.yr aaacf IfItbaal aM< Baa Oiaa. la tha to n year of h a agr Tie frwada of tba family are raspacU uly larited to at toad the funeral, fr-ei the rent donee of bid mother, No 7M second avmur. ihta ( afidraoce at two . o'clock I Orm?Ir U.ia city, oa Tnmday a firm son, ?epumbar II, Fi taaoe IfatM, aUaat child of Alfred !. and Marts L . Cur;la. agrd S year*, 8 montba and II dare Tha retail? oa aad fHaeda of the fkmilp are trx tud to i Shad tha faaarul, from tha raaldmca of bar father, , 41 Ea*' Twecty flovtr tlrert. th (Tr lay) aftcnioos, k( two o'c.iooh, wwbot t r iriber n? totioo. IXaueiri.?Oa Wo iacadaj, dap lam bar 19, Ufa Kin mm '?? " ? M' ? lb' i ? ' e ? ? '.ooTgc i'ngg.ii, tgod 71 yeart, 7 mm tha aad M dara. The faaeral will Uke ptore aa Mm irday mem lag. at l clerm o'clock, from the rnaidaece of bar ?? la law, M wnrd TwrM, Na. 817 V leth aruc ??, oow af Forty c |k*h | alrort The fr>ada af the family are inviiei Matlmd i without further aouce. Chiifomla paper* will pleaa* eepy FUaiaa ?Oa Friday, Bapimahm Id,a* Oaabury i oa. , i R. B. Fmnow. aged r.J yaarr. Obabt ?Oa Thurway, Raptamber F Roar tnr? | daaghtar of uemru W. aad Mary Or act, agrd 19 aa rtui md 10 daja. Tb? rataltvaa ul frtaeda are reaieetfally mrlte.1 t *t taah tha ruamai oe WaHayafwrc-os, frcm He. 319 Eaat Tbtrleae'b rwret Bcr wji aa taken to Or wood Cemetc-y fur In'Mr men t Hi jam ? Oa W? rretdaam af har am h u?*. J?i o <: fiald. 1,17 r:, i;a atrret. Br*?''.'ya. ?!ra Jd<*. A*? wWin ' Oram, aid lata ?f I on dot. f'tlatl la Um TmB y?er n( I brr agr ! The fei * 1 '? ? i ? fPrtday) afteraoot. at iwoe'l tnrh, troni , Ml'baei'a ?f|?tac*i|??l rbor. h II S } nrfH, iit'M ttfvtt nd i - mi*, 1. |*t>4 C (* > ? . 41 _Pkj :?Lit? Ptun ThorwUj.. Hep tern ber ?. G*i(* 3 urn ??*?. ?*?** child oi Ibrp M. t<id time. K Tm I^P. K*4 I years ud 9 mouths. The M?odi of the (tally, of bar rubor, b^ C W Great, and her mad (other, the tote John Bever.dga, of New burg, ore lor tied to attend iu? funeral on taturdojr atur 0000, at balfpaat two o'clock, from the reside WO Of A!* Rankin, 547 weot Twenty third street Htatt?Suddenly, of apotrtety, on Thuritay moroilg, September 90, Mr. Walter Hun, in htB 30th far. The relatives and friend* of the family are rerjiwetf jgg Invited to attoad bis ftiaeral, at the reetdi-oee of ha Ore tbar-ln-law, Va. a Boob, 1M West Forty second eueet, this (Friday) aftarnoM, at half part one o'rtoc r Hawiet ?At the iretdeooe of her mother, la Cam bridge, Washington oeuoty, Nsw York, oa Today. September IS, Loioa U , wife of David Htwley, Heq , dt tbli city, and daughter or fee lata James Whitehead, aged 38 yean. Battlajr) ?On (berth day, 19th lost , alter a llngertag Hlnsee, raw Hatjlaed, la fee 80th year of her ace The relatives and acquaintances, also tile me ml ere ?f the Society of frlenda, of which she waa a member, arc respectfally la vised to attend' her fuaerel on slrth day (Friday; afterncea, at two o'sleek, from fee residence of her ton la law, Ran jam in N. ?amrow. In South Fifth ?tract, between fcjhth sod Wiath ftrneV, Brooklya, Eastern district. ksAiuro ?On Wedoeoday, September 19, Jow* Ksah mt, formerly a native of Bob'a G rare, pariah ef Kilbride, county Caves, Ireland. (l:i friends and acquaintance# era idapeetfclly lavHed te att?Dd hie thocral thin (Friday) alternocn, from hln late rraWcnce, corner of Ross stiT-t and Kent arenas, East Brooklyn. Lvwsow ? At Yonkera oa Wcdn ratay, September IB, Floss ko.sau-oV; young tut daughter of James lawnon, age : I year aLd Ynoolhs Mriwv ?Oi. T1 v-aday ??yt?mber *. ?, of convumitioa, Fjj/.a, a ;le of (d. IJtlpby, a native of I he parish of Edge wortlisti wn, county I .eugfvrd Ireland, tied 30 years Her friend, and a-vjuaiuliwce* am. t, tone of her bro ther1, James and iwnry ! a-vcrruce, are ro?prrtf<U'y ia vitcu U> attend the ftsrrsl,on Hnturduy at ISruoon,at hah past two o'clock, froo. her 1st.: rc-.klcac*-, 101 1 set Twsn ty fifth street " llosvi.sos ?The fune %1 or 3t ,wr?r A.. *1fe cf George Morr.s.-n, will tako pla.e on Kurtirrl^- atvcsr icon, at four o'cloik, from Grace c tnrcb, Brr~i lyu. Slights The friend* of the family are tnvltert to atUad without further notion. O'Rbuax.?Oa Thursday evening Sey dembet '& at 8ve o'clock, the beloved wife cf John O'Beg an, aged "1 ye-ire, a native of the perish of In ifiauzt com ny of .E)rk, Ire land The Mcaif and acquaintance eflhe fa mily sre respect - full Invited to attend her funeral from the reticence of her husband, No, 05 Montgomery stre 't. on Htturdny afternoon. at two o'clock. Her rrrbuioe i rill bo takra ts Calrary Cem? tcry for iotermrut. Kor- ?On Thursday, Septomter 20; J A Rosi, ? na tlvc of county Derry, Irclnnd, In '.lie HSifc year of bis age Tto funeral will uke place tb'u (Friday ) afternoon at ball luo-.i three ?'alack. from the r: rider, a ? of hl? son la law, William Force, Fifteenth st:ret, tvba e. n Third aad Fourth avenues, Brooklyn. Ru . ? (m Wednesday, September 19 11 to*Ai D RiOB, in the 52d year of bi? age. T1 e fricnda of the family, and r-embe-.r?? f the theatri cal profession gem-rally , are respect ully tor ited tr ?turn' his funeral, from St Thomas' church, lionet >n street and Brondwey, at two o'clock P M., wHhdatfti.-Mi *r Invitation, Ills remains will be taker: to Greenwood for \ tit. rment SvnnworaK.?In Brooklyn, on TWttniday, H-id-mbst* 90, doe.' -Hint, wills ef Heory Stonc'-imiso, ogv ld 2k yearn The relatives and friends of the fcaiiy err t osprtfully Invited to attend tbe funeral, from -her lade r.wl fence, this (Friday) afternoon at tarn o'olock. ?? r wul h? taken to the Cemetery of tbe .-'vergrasis r NKCBLLAHE OCT*. A CARD TO DRUOQIRTfl ^ ' "~~ APuTUKCARIfcR, roblTTRT VUCIflXT? WOLFE'S pMK ZJUZ. ?n, PURE O'XIMAC I'KANDl. WOLFF H ITRK*JAJiA*ft z i r??** Sffi? VESSsS??!^ **1 merebaat of ihlrtj >WnSam h Tffilto^aeT. oirlf* *"BU?*for k?>Pnur Bomo, :C B-*deaj. AT?5nSSSSLS1 ??B*?ADWAT-?ntDOTNa aiM ?u a^arp.^ M",w,Ted ?*?? -"??* m?- ^ AKT, POT?' HAW WITU A OOOD I'JUXRftM aid ia rvtngf or, wortaj i Ml ??!' 'inalima Ujr U?(rMprrtMw .ap?ftall? u caterer -uUi " -- Judab Beojamla, he v. lUrao, Uodb. 1 A ^ bvrbdbll a toin, lot iti/rtw ctriv mLiuR ' w',Uto???? <Bfc ^ALUmi " Hwwiiwwt ? rrrrrrrrrrrrr K rr ????Of earB aboulder. mm,.- nT ? ^*yr? F??? Ibe bub lo Ibo wrt* fWM? tbaraMaa ?Ssrasgr ~~ A*, T?" ^ aTHftQSfSt,.. ill . "bo* ladlea", iBnCeaan ** taJdroo, at ucudarata (Mliaa ????a, boy a aa* ? AilIIX A WOOD, an Rmmlwar. oooa Hooatoa aod hiti?tr atreeda. Cure roE "VJ1' 15 APTnm.* WIUTIM FATtAT I.IVK1 rr rH i* ,"1**n. Uaht, no taaRaad - - ??iro to hold . Ja a mmi laed toward ud ov^/^Ll! and aca It at Mu M UomA uim lu22V-V?fz ??** <*? uW?sr?ko"7ij?r v*!?"*. jarlj.irt A^xT.iSTiw^^H O0<AKA0 BirmM IKWMAmru I Itoraa diaob"*. .*? a ad blltmiCtria i rr?i5" ?' *??? ???? ' f J ?!?.. *.n. .J, * ?*'?? - _ ? ?* "RaHaB, KBR?antuoaa. I)"- ? RADICAL Ol'RR TRUM 11 in J>^^l^ggfSHggg? torlor tilaoa. .mi- Bfuadwar '"?PmrameaL U Wto BR. RORAMr RRRVHATIR i'I'IITHI axaaa Efmrh rmrMr. Hre. n.wa ..hw f ?2EL *Mt* ""??"am aad tlitfWl ?arfiLr mhUl ?roadway. aad FL-. I Rorrtaatmt. rtuSuJS'Eff L'l. EOTIUIOtlo U| KIEV t TORI *-? TflR I _ TFII roPVLAB RI-AJjaM-ABmcAH faFR*. r*? 'Alii ri'Bl I* MED TIIIM MORA IRQ, BAT AHA ARB PAR ARA RA'iX *AW?. LRtTKRC ARdIaB&TT. 1IARDROOK Of KRW TORR TRABB. IT TO AIX TOUR RPANmSTPRIKXD4 ?*?t on ii'at)AT for Havana ?un iRrkRnriRa rxw^atrr .AMP RRRT ADTRRTIHIRa aiDIUW T*\*fA*JJ? LAROUAor -^J^ICBTTR , knT* (TFICB ? ARR TRKKT /1AR?1XTVKB? ~ ''^Tfsr.^v/xSi:' ^TTT-b^yjft.VvrT* ,or >w* "'"'"Am Fum la Xi BuJ^a "" "* ?W bWraj T. X. BAUailWOPT A rOt i^W^nuS-^g VZS*; iiiarboA. wWcb to onartrrfM.t i" . fejJL. I'-'O ?? A AhITR. ?? '? "*w? BbWA ^I '^^!l#oiPSr^!?R7^A?. J"* w?RR?.RR ? libn * iRO BAOITIRR h?a koaa avarRxf f<* I'aM maa.m^nr, ^^<toJamst2SEesJr oRkrttrss^?' **" w**h* ???? S'^7 J0?R BROIOAL f'LUR ?I aRO tlARTTT ? Huaviu.. -Prof Pnooia ? '-athnae h't moim of r. A'" ?' A F u.T ? jWf?CMI Int C --I r^i ill 'HlMIM p< Mm raa.'.1m" a ?. '?* Iilae*????'r? :e-?r VJomTTS r,ZT o 'i a r'ir f. * I ? a i **.?. |*r ? i ai a. . a a. -* >i rbak at Wart, lal d R, '"a* ?* ? fpnR dtr.tfWT (MrROTTfain IB >1. 1 If."!. l*r I - ' r a r, |I? k. I Bi? ? ? V ? >? Vtd ea Rrvariaai A INBjairr-I?r I vanr a r, .,t *.m~ wn ?-. . T?pp 0%> a K ,, , ? f, wl IRt-j i ? AtF'M&'bM R?.f. at Ufa.. ' /? ? L'-l ?

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