Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 21, 1860, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 21, 1860 Page 7
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sfinvnro. Kmlt^commvnicathih bt nuFwinMr r Maw York and Liverpool, calllna atQbmnatown, Ireland, m4 and embark pumnn >od deeuatohea. The Uw It, Be" Y<wk and Philadelphia Meaaahlp Company's mslan ntfljMiitblU) Iron "crew ateawahlpa bra Intended to toll aa vbm ?* TOR* fob umwoL rr or wabhimltom HMomay, itoA JHAltOO Kilurt?J, Bnpu n. iINHCKt) Saturday. Oc*. ? d every Bniardbj throughout the year, from pier M, North river. hBATKS <>F~PA88AOm. to QbMMtowb or Liverpool TTB to L# "odco (via Liverpool) SO ?rage to Qneeoalown or Liverpool 8U [** lo hoodoo ........ 81 H return tickeU, available (or *tx moutha from 14 Trrpool 60 ?amigen forwarded lo Havre v'nriv Hamburg, Bremen Antwerp at through rate*. Itonalaa of parnagn laeued t" n Llv urpool to New Tork.fJO [ .? ?< ? enalown to " ?U mm eteamera have aupei woeouaedaiioae for pamen , are eoiwtruotrd with watertight comparlmenu, and ?ar arTntrbi or paaeage. applr at the ofllee of the Company, JuHN ? 1 M.I.K 15 bra?iw?y New York A rent. in Liverpool to toti. 1MUAK. Tower Hulidlngn. In U largo* to WM. IN MAN. 8 Enoch square. EDUCTION TM PIIS8 ATLANTIC STKA.V NAVIOATIOW COMPANY. NEW YOB* AND QALWAT UNK. TOUCHING AT RT. 80TTNS, N. t., and pMafam and rr. ehtot royal mail and yove-nment de*patrhe*. te at earn ere eontpHvin* vbia line hare been approved by admiralty, and are the NJhr iron BID* WBRBL STEAMERS fK AlHiHT 4,400 tona burthen. NBTBK A.AOO tona bor'hea. OTT KB I ?<k| tona bnrtheu. TIB A 400 tone burthen LAMA 4 tdO tona burthen. ? nt rt departure win be the COMNaUUU T irons Button, Maday, Ontober XI. to be followed by the PRINCE AL iT, from New York. November 20. om pier No. 87 North river ilea of paaaage to any part of Ireland, on a railway, and to rttnple etfea of England and dootland ? W (ImmKIM, and >78 ac-wrdtng to stateroom acoom UR tia ntlrd eiaas. SAY Includtnr rooke.1 proviatona id It- Bl N. F . Fkrat olvas ?IA Third claaa. S20. Ildreo under twelve yeere half prtoe; under one vear free. I nlaee paaaenrera are required to furqlab bede and Una mm taking paeanee (rout Nnw Turk for the a team era Mr from Boston, will racelre free paaaage from Mew Yotk rr of thti Oompany bare been constructed with real eat care a* regard* safety and comfort, combined modei and pr ipelltng power, and are l iiH with water oomparunent* The- are confidently eipected to anr In apeed and rough weather qualities, any vessel ever nml are replete with elegwi cies and conver.liracea eiperteneea aurgeon la attached to each ship. Permna ng u? send for their tr'rnda. ran obtain return Ucketa at sllr.wiijg greatly red need prices ? third oaW from La.way. *?. In third enbin, from own in Ireland on * railway, 32 SO In third cablu, from rlnnipal clue* . f England and Scotland, 835. r freight or paaaage. apaly to HUWLAND a ASPINWALL. Agent*, Noa 54 and 55 South street. LETTISH AND WORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MATI. STK.tMSHIPH noi H* IUU TO LITKBrOOL. bin pyuio J. 1130 id c*bla 76 rmon iionTo.f to utikpool. en*in pMur .. fjlO Id cabin oaeaago (jy ?blpa from New York cull at Cork birbor ehipe from Riatoo call ?t Haltfai and <\>rfc harbor. IIA, CirpC Judhina. CANADA, Cast Lao*. BIa. Copt J. Stone. AMKRICA. Toot Rootle. ;i Oapt R. O. IiOtt [ NI AO ARA, Capt Andorra. ICA, Copt. Shannon | It U HOP A, Copt. J. Lettch. SCOTIA (bowbuilding). 00 tmpIi carry o clear white light at mulhead, green Irboard bow, rod on port bow 1 l-ott, 1 eareo N. York Wadnroday. Sept. M. )PA. Andrraoo, " Boston Wednesday, Oct 1 'IA. Judklna, " N. York Wednesday, ?)ct 10. BIA, Stone, " Baoton Wodncoday, Oct. IT. OA, Hhaoooo, " N York Wrdnnaday, Oct 24. 40A, Rootle, " Boaton Wednesday, Oct Jl. tha nt amired no01 paid for. etuerleeeed Sureeon oa board, owneraof throe aluoa will not be accountable for gold, bullion, areola,jewelry, precloua rtonea or metala, no lUa of lading am aleoed therefor, and the value thereof a ctpreaped- Far freight orusoenge apply to R C'UEAED, No. 4 Bowling Qreen. AM Kg OP OCTOBER ?, FOR BOP! HAMPTON AND HAVRR The Ualter States mall iTaetifp ADRIATIC, k J OnctWooh, aoramander, will eatl from the toot of street. mi Saturday October t, with malls, inn nag in kdeTfor the abore porta " ' " " at the oOee ad the North AUaa frekebt or peeaage apply at the oAee ad the Nc ?amabtp Company, 88 Wall street, room No. 4. L P. STEPHENS, He Secretary. ARC A OP SEPTEMBER 12, por Southampton ard hatu Uuit?d Stataa Mall Steamship ILLINOIS, rarer anmmanger, wfll sail from pier S North trsr, New alt P.M..on Bsturday, kept a, with eanila, psnmn ad apeela, for Cagland and rraaoe. MMn to Havre MO To Beutbamptoa m la M To do M D. TORRANCE, Agent. ? No. ? Bowling 'Iraan. N. T. Taadarbllt mile October M. LM ?NRW TURK, SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRR YandrrbUt Ruropeae line United Bute* mall etaaoMblpe twaea lev iork, Houihamptae and Havre. From New York for . Returning from Ha Southampton aid I rre and Soulh Harra. I amptoo. fOIB ...Saturday, Septal Wednesday, Oct. m IRRBILT baturday, Oct 20 Wadaaaday. Nov. 7 OIR Saturday. Nov. 11 Wadaaaday, Nor. 21 ? ateannklpa Lava water tight ooapartmenta Aeelea of paeaaga leaned from Roropa to America, la dellrared la Loodoo or Paris. ORRaNCR, Agent No. 6 Bowling Oreea. New York. . W A1N WBIOUT A CO., U EuePnubourg, _______ _ RooUnaltre, Parle. CHE I STIR Nnvre. PuRD A C? , ?7 oraceehurrh etreet. London. LOP, SHOALRR A CO., Southampton. NORTH flRRMAN LLOYD'S STEAMSHIP BRE JN H Weenele, commander, carrying the Called mad will cell on SATURDAY, SEPT. M, at U o'clock M. BREMEN. TIa'sOUTHAHPTON, Tkudi ptMnunn fir DON. HATRR. StJUTHAJlPrON AND BRRNRN, At the foCo ring rntee: - thin M00 Heooad cabUt... ,|M Steerage S3 * * 'SmLKafif Iruorn a hmchklt M Broadway. LIVERPOOL. Hteamahlp REUTA. Inglee. commander new and powerful eteemer will aail from the Brit ah wUt a mart ma Royal Rati Mm mi Packet Companj a RSDAT, Sept r. * drat alem peaaenaera only, for wl..._ ?eommodauooa S7E Including prortMoaa, ll.j nora. which can bo obtained oa board. -T?J3D.?7SLa,a?. 1 "tU LIVERPOOL.-STEAMSHIP REUTA, INOLIR, naaodrr Ihlenae and powerful Reamer will mil * Hrrtiah and North Amenoaa Royal MaU Steam 1'eek pnny'e Wknrf. at J ereey cur, on THURSDAY. Thhlaet Ige nuwey for Orm clam paaaengera only, for whom re aaceUaat aeoammi tiHnna, SIR taatndMg yniWlia* or Uqum. whieb eaa be ebtetaod en boaid. But THAN PTOR AND HATRR-ON SATURDAY, Sober lithe United Stetee mall Riamer ARAIK), O. mnaandv. wUI mil from Pier No. 27 Worth rlrer, / A awnat, en Satorday. Get 11 at aooa. TMa mmaH maad (araafety aedcoaafori baa Aonbla angtam oat ?monad by wntar light aauwtneth, whmh, bm3P ITamgefmato wortSaml aecwrau^'aa/tty cd'romm xrrrt uRi of UTRRFOOL PACKBTR aharrthma aanHaaa la grant caruicalm of aamaea Is $??, riddubSx141'*' VIefoit. #1 s^I^D0."' ?Wfcfora' WAITER. RHnNROCK. CAMBRIA, g. together with otharn. n ahly.erory Sva dngn. Tha PACRRTS, 'tSMflffcm "Xrj&iZ? > alaa eontmoa to kmatdrnAn, payabta anMmnai, it Rpglaad. Ira Ian i, Bull n I and Waiaa. Sand or irentma. ira. wtm all ysfOsalera, amy ba had an ?ppkmllua, Sou het , Raw York. TAPRNOTT. KNITH A OO . Uearpoat RAMBURO AHBRIOA* PACRET OOHPANTW ataamRbip TVirToWI A R Tanba, aamanaader, wtU Barnhnrs Southampton, lendan MdHnrra an Man umahtp RAXOWIA wM snaeend thn Tantonk. orrs LIMB OF UTBRFOOL P A CENTS. km Saatember ? -Tha waU known and fam nailing hip OCT MASN1RIN14, Oapt MolUrd. r-wttiv.y b"*w. Far paaaage In rnMa aarmd oabte and Maar ??-t uaanrpamed aanoaumvlatinaa. apply na bmrd. am rtim. ar u> TAPWOOTT A 00, M South Wraaa. rnWPO?t-THH SPLHRDID CLIP PRE SHIP 7 OF NRW TORS WIS go la tha cream 1Mb day, at ? whan riemigiii muat ha cm hoard, and poaHJrely L."SB asassjiaa ^ttSuntmrjnusfss NRT.ROrRNR ?E1M1AEOO LIWR?PACKET ' Whai 1?Tha atagant A I fam am Hag hark ORU e WndMf and will mU aa abors. The ? baa raaartar SaHaaabnr Itrel aad mriu bahtm paeaiuigwrn. a few which ana ba takan If immediate apphaatlim la maSa fcagauri Vc"anRall .trts?aSSt aiJFoRNIA tta pasamI. a ataea akaamar a ill Maro New Turk the im. lllh aad * namafc. mm whan lham datm fall oa Sunday, of departure wtU bo the Henday fnllowlae. cvnr1'M ^ -TH* rRT.RSRATBD TUPPRR "RIP NRuOn wRINWBLL. I'apt Tpeacer, anlla Saatem Aeond aaMa aad fonad SIR raeeeMgera hrourls ant "veply'to* " L^wS90 'or Uat ofahlpF ? THOR C. ROCHE. 9 Soolh Mreat tfOB Ufttroou-Tum uaumincur aurrmm T rhlu (+1* ur NKW tOEK. wttl euettotply sail "> row, U II o CM'*, when gmiegin bum to* '? board- ? paaaaer at iMrM rales apply on b wrd, pier ? North llwr. * 1uY. M UMM AEK8T, *OBouthetoss*. FISHER, RIO A BUS A oom ADBTEAUA 8OTHW Une.?Bar MeJbounrw-Tbs very Alp ADt RONDACK, UnraMMer, waaMdw. will bare early des patch tar the above port for freight or paess??. havhig enpe A 00.. X wall tree*. Tontine Bolldlnga. rjm UT VBI Aim n AYANA VIA Oil ARLB8TUN ? The dec*at, ouuimodlous end swift United States mall a Of Captain WUll&m Kolltaa will leave pier 4 North river, an bandar, Octoher 1], for Key West and Havana, teaching off Char eetun to receive mulls and gaaaengera Thb veeaal bae watertight ooieparUneuU, U rated AI by din under writers of b??lh Knropa and America, and from recently htlm dooed Improvements Uwvthrr with the wldeepread re jQtailoa et ber popular oominander, la by far the safest end moat agree able omiveyanee for the above porta For freight tar passage apply to BforroRD TILteTON A OoTfe Broadway? r% HAVANA. United totatee Mail Suaaubtp Line, laavtac every twenty daiafnan raobport STEAMSHIP QUA I KB CITT, A. W. HhufeM, oom ma ader. Thla favorite etramer will be thorough!* overbaaled and re titled, and resume her reealar tripe for the above port on Frt day, October 5, atllorToeb, f'OA pier 4> North rt bright or passage apply to HARuOUS A tlo., !B Ho> 1 next trip# will be " ' 1 river. ? South street Her next tripe wtii be Oatotber 25 and November l> 1(1(1 B CHARLESTON. B. C., HAT ANN AH, OA., AND * the ttoutb ?nd South we it ? Three steameri a week?Tue* deye, Thursday* and Saturdays.?Tri Weekly United Blair* to.Hi >Ide Wheel Mram?hlp lJne.?The favorite al*am?h!p JAB. ADOKR J. D PhllUns, commander, aartll save pier Mo. 1, North River on Saturday Sept. 22, ?' 1 o'cloek I*. II. Kate* of pnsaage. with through Ucktta. as follow?:?To Savannah, (la.. flC, Charleston, S. 0 ,H?, New OHeane ?M7J; Mobile 185; Montgomery, Ala >15, Naabvile. >'.7 71; Memphis, >11175, Cha'tanoor*. 125; Knoiville >25 50, Aug us'a, lis, >17 50; Atlanta, 21. charlotte, N. C . >22. Columbia, to i ,>2). For freight or paasige apply to NPofFOKP, TILE (TON A CO , 29 Broadway. the NarHVlLLE, 1* M. Murray, com manrer. will eoec? rd on Tuesday, Sept 25 and the COLUM BIA, (apt Berry, on Thursday, Sept 27 the Adams K? urvaa Company's grrat Southern Kipreih le carried on this line, The eiprrei agents South wil give Information a* to railing days, fare. Ac. iPOK SAVANNAH AN" THR BOl'TH t Meutnablp MoNrtK'MKlU,''apt. Wm. C. Berry, *111 leave p ier 12 North river, on frhuraday, Sept 27, at faur ^Ttrkete for Savannah wrb uoinrpa?aed accommodhtiwa, lift Hew Orient. W? 75; Mobile, ??; Mon'aomerv. ??.??>? talk, ?2t; Albany $23, Uolumbua, 121; Atlanta MI; Macon, 120; Au.uit , 117 W Pr.uCt 11) cento per foot. *fp?,OMWmA M 00., 3? Went .treet and 3S? Broad tray. THROUGH FKBIOHT ARRANaBMKNT.-FO* MOM folk, PorUmouth City 1'otut and Klohnood. ooooecltn* with Norfolk and IVtembure end Southal'e Railroad, for Lyeehbury, Brwlol. McmpUa and Utoimediato ?tatkin? received every day and through ranelpla furnlah. at "Btr"ir"^JAMKBTOWM, CaM WUnner leave, every Tone A., at S P M 8teanihip ROAffOKE, Otpt Coach, every tJ'i,. ?t 3 P M , callus at Old Putot Comfort to land paa ,*n*e^ Wamahlp YOKRVOWN. Oept. Perth, every Batur 5^'uj p M PrSuht to Porteatoeth or Norf?3k. 7 oeoia par fori, to t'lty Point, 8 cento and to Klohmtud I ???^( ****"** U< Norfo.k, .uteroom and meala taetadod, $#,to or Ktchmond, 111. Rterxratoa tlckata to Norfolk and back, la, to pcterabur, or airhmccd. TjtOR HAVANA AND^NRW^ORUtANB. On Toeaday. Sept ?6 ISO), at two o dock P M . from font of Warren ctrcet. North rtrer, the Manncb vnd favorte au-nm^ thin kMl'lKR C1TV, Samuel K Killer. Commander, nawty double planked ?nd rcppereil Ibono her keel un, wuh floe new d#c* atntero ma, encli e aud boilera thorouthly f.palre t^and trwted. and the veaael thruu*hou. put tu trat rate coulltton, will be dlapatcbed aa above. . . PUla of lndtriff or the roprr form fun ehed at tbs odlce, and no b Ha of India* will be ?l*nod a.'t-r ibehour of atltlf. Kor frelyht o- pnaaage apply at No. 177 We* are"? of Warrco it reel. *? N. B.?freight recelred on and after Thursday, Bept. ?. lnaurante on ah! morula by tkla Meaner oaa be bed lathe beat cai.patriot at IK PC ceo! H"*" Mm"Via??m To a?T on frlday, September 21, at 12 o'dook. "at-Bsss,; srasaKo"^.-;.-? RJKlt VILLI will aall on tka lat and OAUAWBa Uth October. rR NKW OKLKANS PIRKOT. Tom I FRIDAY, Sept 23 at 12o'clock. The fiiet and tnyurlie Hleaiudilp TKNN RssEE, Canton Tbomaa Forbee, WIS rat' a. above, from pier fool ot Murrnv atreet, N. K. Tor fre'.u oic i?..|te, bavin* *pl*ndt<l aocoutuioiUUou. for ftm cbto and * CO , #1 Murray atreet. The TF.MNER8RR will leave New Orleans lor Vera Crui on the lfttb October T7?OR8A VANN AHANDOTHRK POINTS M9"*?r r The (Vrd clam atoe wheel eteamelilp ALABAMA, Oapt. n-1,... B Hcheock. will lea re on Saturday, Sept 22. at d ru t ram phr No. t North river. Throu*k UekeU ean be JTES* a phi IBlfP Aaputa, 117 W Mam ??. Bavatmeh. 114. Tkl ht*AR*0 rPf )fk SOUTH. (Ant. Tbceaaa I^on, a^ - SON. will tail from Pkt^alp^ for l^ajlm^jm T^mday.^Bep o'clock P.M. _ _ POPII, MOOMll, dkC.. WANTIP. T^PaRLO|T~ BABRMRNT AND *WO RROROOMB. A nnfura abed wanted, by a RenUamaa and hta wife, eltber A. unf urn^eamrwauira u, a loonLuo. tufurWaked waatod by a (enUaaaaa mid hta wlfAetlber rw lark or Vt-Alju. Irttcrvrnim WaU rant ami loaaLoe. reaa A. C.. box 1.33* foal odtoe. M. T. A STRAM HOTBTINO MAOHTN1 WANTRD-BROOND J% ftutod Apply it 81 WHer Plr?i. JaKew ACdrtm |T'rIu2cBtD ^^"tkree'1^ Jf^^io'TeR'AtoJSUl brt CM. aafunuahed Houm; all for actual anpuoanto. - . . VlKLD A MoCBAN, Anaattmeern, Re. 9 rina Mraet. Room wanted?nwabi.r for * nABrr, (tWHtioa hMvrMQ Fourth *tia With ?trpnu^ji ?oa Addrea. Medlcua, 2M fourth arrnu#. VT'ABTRD-TBR LOW** PARTOP a bowoia v\ _Mli Nonae. furalahed or partially Jam l.kad, to a gwd , at a moderate real, for a *enu?man antala w X AdSn^ R- L P , box ST^oat o?ea. Matins Mtoatkm WANVTO) TO Hl*fcrp?S\RRAL TlilA StxuJwAl ?"?Si ?rtk ah pertomlar. aJ pn^Ld, b. M*rwmt* _ Wartkd to RRNT 0* >7*chA??-a rn*RRrtort iibST?' ?d Fourth anl Teolh avanuaa. i'^^tSTlSUI iSf MMe. Mattes ter-d mM KuMto. aed whae cm he ^e. &S2ffwar zzA,s^rh^ JmU MdTweaty ftmrU mm* AMnm, Manias wrwu. dSm, t Fanrtbaveaae. ?isAHiSiirUejS ssSrt bli _ _ ?- b m ?*"* - -*?- ^? / B*ftfiMl*f*. atfussfs lilirM ?Xitel phrtlPhlfA LAO- Htmld oftoP. dwianre Dom tha Otty Hall Hoeaa Meat be a daehla nee. le .nod nrdar. with ahoet of or two art, cd grtoied. ted MtW Iddrem. wNb fell paiMaMari. b. R7?d FaMc^e. LA5? ' . Ihird atreet aed RMkth areoae. PH,U"'"iMPBOTRP BTUJABD TABL? FaOJuToOAL COAL ?JOHltwTON*B TRNTT1 AVRNO* \ 7 Omi Yard rnrrwr nf T*r??oly IrH itr*1* *o4 Te?th nne. All d?er nptwe# el tbe vary beet q iaiej of Oeel In tb? market alwaya on hand, at amAerate prteea. Tb'. l. a eeetjal Ineattoe for familtoa . eatdias *k? upper part e, (he Mty Or; iter, thankful'.) r*eetv?d by peeay poM aH Mbprwtpp had pnWptU MM*dd? to. TOMB TVH*\J fUUITEEYlU.E IH2UR.SK. U L TUOTT1MW.-ON HUM \J day, fool N,u] (yokiok A malnh for MOO two mix and reoaat in kHiMt (iood day auil track. U. Tatlmas a?ar* 0. M nictMi J. II M^Menn tuunea nor> Trmpls. liars teste Hronklyn HoMb tarry mt I o'clock far the Comm. and ra ta? as ioub an Mm wot la oyer OOMKI I If ? CO, Proprietors The owner of the bona O. M Patiiwui. tatesda to withdraw htm from lbs turf after the Hl.h day of Oat 'her uevt and stand Mm for mares at the ossars Mr *?. Wsltsrsilie's plana, oo Mow Vock Island, near Kl< Kshrfchre. sod this wlU bo the last two mile trot of bb that the public will bars an oppor tahity a* wlmeaMajt. GCMTRK7IU.I OOUKHM, I* I ? TBOTTIMQ.?BhTUE day. Hoot 11. at 3 o'cloea, aaateh btUUB. alto heats, boat thraa la Ire to wanus: play or pay, rain or shine. I), rfiler. names to. g. Robin, Mr. LeaviU names r m. Lady Huff oik. (JUSK.JM 4 OO.. Proprtstora. CHALLKN(J?-THK BIJKSI'KIBKR OPPBK8 TO TKOT young Tom Wonder, sialhoa, three years old 20th Jose last, acalist aay stud coll of (he same ape. ral-ed and owned U yuesn'e eounty. Loo* Island. for II 1KJQ aside the raoete onma off in thirty days from the itsse the saatcb la inada Mils heats, beat 3 In 6, to wanoua or sulkeys on I'nioe ilourse. acMr dins to rules; ra'n or sbtna; half forfeit. Moos; to be pot up alWm. Ilurland's Hotel. Jamaica, 1* I. 3 he hors-i to be named whea the deposit 11 made. Tblt nhallenee will r?msu opeo one week. HTtCfHaW WKAHf. HuuiB Jamaica, Bept. JO, I860. FAt-HIOM OOUKBK KM'KH ?REPTKtlllltR 25, 2?. AND ? < lecher I, p sear users wlU leave Pulton Msrhrt slip, by steamer Matlano, at B an ; 11 30 A. M. and If M, ouneeUnc with the cars at Hunter's Point. Cars leave , I outer's Point for the Course at B UI, II, 12 and t 30 Returning. elira trains w01 leave National depot at 0 P M , conoeetuir with steamer MaUano lor Pulton street, and I P. M., connecting with Thirty fourth street and James slip tar'tes J. b. BOLTUKKK, Superintendent JjlLOEA TBMPU AMD ORO. If. P ITCH?M.?If A OTH r for WOO, two mile beats In harness, oi Centrerllle (tonrsn. U I, the Mth of Urptember. tiood day and rood trash. D Tsllmsn names Tntohso; J. D. Madron names Vlota. CVAHHION OOlfKHK ?ALL RACKB-WIU. COMURNCI P oo Tuesday Bept. 15, with the Ureal Bweepetakee for 1*1,000, four mfis beaujDe.ween Planet, Daniel Home sod Congmree Seemd day, Friday the Mb, two mstrhee and s ewreptakes: Tbroctoeek and Mu<*dy Oooo for W.UUO. Uirer mile beats; Pleetius Misneata and Aurora for 11,Aid, mik bents, sad a two year old sweepstakes for <1.000. mile bests betweon Messrs. Morris Moo not and WhlUooh'a horses. Third day, Tuesday October I, a ureal match for 110,000. four milt heats, between the Northern horse Prophet and the Vlrgtnls h-irae Oystermsa, and ssweepttahee for three year old, mil* heats wub sis entries. D 0. QRIMMELL, Proprietor. ?CUSHION OOCRf-E BACKS.?THE HUNTEttl' POINT X1 ferrtar, I rota Thirty fourth ??met and Jimu ?Up, New York, afford the shortest route to the-race ground, dlstoui only four milt* by Uie uew ionl front flusters' Point Ample sr ria grmrnts Hide to aocommodmle the tscreeeed travel of the occasion. CVKNTLBMKN OP THt TURP. WHO DK41KK IN1 B T peedeui ?e.cot.ii* applied to their watches, th?t ?en be Mopped iu>d Marled without interfering wttk the ordinary "tit at a ei' derate oust, are Invited tn call and examine say Im provtmenk MRU RICK PRICK, 12 John street. UNION COURSE, L. I-TROTTIIfO.-ON FRIDAY, MPT 21. at 3 o'clock A puree of SCO, mile beats beat 3 In A lnbarneas 1). Pffer enters ir. g. Tycoon; H H. ilelnuse, enters b (. Joe Laanonda; Jaaaee Wbelpiey entera WtUlatn 1 ell's oolL WIaW A WilirR. Proprietors 1 tnion otTURSR. ^* i?TmiV?yA wtJdpmS P Red^lrd DiiZDt? br. 8 M*ck ;S? ^^VwiUTK Propi tatora. IIOHSKH, CARRIAGES, AC. PAIR.OP HORMEH WANrKD-16? HANDS, KIND _ In all harnesa, Irom 7 to 9 years old, tree from ail tricks or vie e and stylish clivers. A pair that has been uard by a gtnUaman would be preferred. Apply at 1(2 Wrick street. M. BROCK WAY. rR HAIJC?A PAIR OP IRON GRAY CARRIAGE Horses ( end 7 > ear < cl 1, IS hands high. and eery stillsa. can travel together tn 3,', minutes; hind In alajrle or double harnesa; warranted eonna tn every respect Hay be aeea at Johneoo'aatabiee, crnerof Twenty second street and dereath avenue. For farther paiuctUare apply to WALTER H. MKaI>. No. 9 Jane streak IjTOB BAlJt-A PAIR OP HORSES. l?v? II t NDS HIGH, 1 8 years old, sorrel and bay, bobtail, wel' matched m style and action and can beat 3 minutes to the pole; also light doable and aln?la Harness, Saddle. Hrld.e. Ac.; also one Top Buggy, mada by Cue of the beat city niskers; one jumr mat do.,Tor two or four persona alao one IriAUag do ; also one Usht Phaeton. The above are the property of a ?ev.tismao giving up Ibe keeping of borer* and *111 lie aold at ressoaable prices They may lie aeen at Taneyek'a(table, Pulton avenue, comer of Adelphl street, Brooklyn. Matcrau^ fu^? imrUeuEi rR SALE-TWO VAI,CABLE PARK HORdKA. Six teen bands high, alout butit and warranted aouad, except being sore forward; price 666 eaeh Alee four handsome < ana dlan pony bnlM Horses Ms yean old, warraoted to travel twelve miles per hoar, price from >126 to >176. Apply at No. 8 Kaaex Mrert, near Canal, t ual Yard. rR 8ALR-A BASHAW TWRSV 16? HANDS HIGH. Ave years old, sound and kind, well broken to Mngle and doable harness and to (addle. For oih-r y articular* apply to the stable of Mr. A. T. Peonoyer. 22 and 24 Weat Thirteenth M. PR BALK-A LA RGB BROWN H0R8B, SEVEN YE ARM old and over sliteea hands high. Would sail must any kind of work, and warranted sound, or would trade for plumbrra' or gas fiIters' matenala, as he muM be aotd for the w ant of use. Apply at 66 Myrtle aveaue, Broukij a. until sold F?! borae. R BALE?A HANDSOtt* an AT roxv, ABOUT is hands high sultah e foe a lady or genUemsa'a saddle at WaM't atabls IS Vestry , EOR PALB-A HANDSOMM SORREL MASK 7 YEARS (I'd, about IS haste hlsh. perfeoUy sound and kind; drat rate k under the saddle and m harases end trots fast, lowest price >140 Una be seen at J at via stables comer of Broad way and Thirty math street. TOR SALB-A HPLRNIID PAIR OP CARRIAGR Horses 16 hands high. 8 years old. dark brown, long that toils Juat t)rough' from the eonatrr. Will be a >!d cheap Ap ply at Gould's Meble, corner of Pony third street sal Sixth rR SALE OR RXCBANOB?A HAN DROME LONG tall sorrel Horse, 7 yearn old, 16 hands high, perfectly sound and gentle, and suitable for a grower or express; fat as a hog. Win he sold cheap, or ex*haaged for a V-; minute horse for the road, either gray or sorrel, and did arena# paid ti cash. Addraaa New Jarnay Mills EaM Naw Tort, L I. rR SALE?A VERY HANDSOME PADDLE PONY, about 1 IK handi high, dark brows, kind and perfectly a utnd; wlcodldl) broke for the awldto, aed can trot very f??; . ike property of a gentleman going to Europe 'fay at Jar ria Mahles, corner of Bruedvraj sad Thirty atalh DHR pale IN HOBOKBN-ONB TRaM OP ErCOKLEC ^Balee Urn asaM reesa rSable to be acen, one learn of bleak ^?s, U hands high, well matehed; aaa Irat wtthhi torn/ mm mm, ana bobtail bar P?RT. Apply at 81 WaMM^H IMPORTED BLOOD STOCK.?THE RIGHT RLOoDRD 1 PUlles recently Imported from Evgtand by Ike Eaotueky taenia ling Oamsaay, wtll be sold by pobUe erne la ?haaMpti Latngtoo, Keotnehy, an Hetdfday, BeptomberM They are Lex tagVw, Kent oaky, on Hnlrtfday, Haa umber M They aupatka anbaela, and are af the pareet blood ta SSmlnnd. JChT ARRITMD PROM THE NORTHERN . .PART Of this Ktola. four pairs of Horses bays and blacks The ??La are Ibe premium Horses of Genesee, Wyoming aad Ltvtngabm oounUea. they are young, without blemish extra Sac and win ha cRarad at ^RMMRRmRHWRriM Saeaed wlfl ha cRsred at moderate uiiaaa in maka qutth sales ?aa pair very fhet One be ansa at the MetiupatMaii itabtaa, rrtaae sad Croeby streets s ? aDDIJC HOEM POR SALE BT A PRITATE GIN ? Ueman, a beautiful aorre! Mara, shout 16 hands high, 6 very showy aad mm travaOnr, aad aa haartanma as aay ta Naw Tor* lewid ark# MDO Alas a ales ahlfUaa top New Tar* Los eel srtae OOO Alas a ales shifting top Boggy, Klegh Ro yes Slsrhets, As. at a greet bergals To be aw at R&^Mme^^^^Ra^Mdg^^eeOd^eaB t fa IITANTED-TO exchange plr a GOOD GOING Tv Horse er pair of Haiess or tar aew or mcomi band Osndeavs. good anlmpreved leads la MMaourl, aaa tfaet worth BED. aad one worth ? JBB. Apvlv le URo iff. PI6HBK today or Maadag and Tiaatiy. the Mlh aad 26th teak, at the TTUDRON RIVER RAILROAD POR A LB AMY AND rt Troy, eaamanMaf wkh trakm North aad Wart ?s7JSHTEStj. Eaptamkar 17, 1MB. traiaa wtE leava S JSP R ; tor Paekaklll, 6 J> Pmaaagwra takaa at i*wha(R (Maai. CkrtaiMhar aad Thirty Aral atresia, Albany Emigres! TVais from Thirty M Leave Albany about thbrtv aslnnlm loser. ^m<r New York. I P M inda^ri^'.nc^-vleMi^j Albany far tn Tore Eepumbar 17,1MB. ^RW YORE ARD^L^JUU RO^. rnn sad after Monday, Jure 16 list. Rains will leave the ?at sixth street arnnne. Mew York, aa follow*? d, far CMaa faili from Twenty Mxm Mren mmm it a v above. Pov Dover Ptame_frem Teemy Mmb sbeet daaot, 4JI Y. M Mope lag at While Plalas aad ilatbrna sbure-thmlmm at WkMe rksrns iedferd. O il m PaHa aad mmamMrtUXX VIN YORK AMD HAR1JW RAILROAD?EITHMRE I i" arrangemeaSa for plea sere travel -Trelua leave Twenty ehrtb street MtMsa as fotbrwe 10 16 A. H - Bxprem far Alba ay. Trot. Saraanga, Mara a Eerings Niagara Palm, Lake amp. l-ebaaan Seringa and Lake Mabnipas eeaaaeRag at Ajbaay wllh New for* neutral Raibmad for Aarrm Nyneea Niagara PaUa and all plaeaa Wan. atoo eiA trains for Aaraln ga aad aS pekMa North. 8 16 A. R.-Pnr Crotoe Palm, aaa aasnag M iloblaa'a Hndgv was Megm for lehe Waaasbos PaUa rr?S atogea fortAke Mabnpaa t JOf. M. ? BmBrS *1* ' Orm " JOHI< BURCUILL.. DAhCISR ACAIMW1M. ACADBMY OP DANCING aMD CALIETHBNION. -MR A and MRP TRRNOR rvwpeaatbotr wellsaowa rwncs. ? WaM Thirty fourth atreet, sear IWrmlway, New Tart am Wad aealay, Mta irwt MamMk Eights MraaL B-o*i,a, I O Is aawapea aa Mandate aad Thursdays. ImbMHMM vamnhili li sRmded is Oell for elreulara glfl WNST TTT1RTT EIXTH WTEEMT PPT WEEN PIFT'l end Mxlk eveauea-Madame (Pewaeni JAfgaog beai tsgLVEXtsxiei mr^ ? LIDU M***1! YBBATBR LAURA KKKMKB THKaTRR. LaURA KKKNKA TIIKaTKB. LAURA KKKNK'H THRATKB. LAURA KKKMt'U THEATRE. U^URA KOKNEs THAaTKB. ukbat buocrmb OKKaT Bt'OCMhB ItRKAT Bl'DCKHR UKKaT BUOOBrg ORB AT HUC'CK.iM URBAT RUUl'KHB AND BK'JOND WEBB RR.OMO WKBB HKOtiND WKBB BMCOMD WBBK bb;ond wrmk or TUB MBW AMD BEAUTIFUL MKW AMD BBAUUrm MBW AMD BBAUTtTuL MBW AND BBaUTIFUL MBW AND BlAUTITUL PIVK ACT DBAMA FIVE ALT DRAMA' FIVE AOT DRAMA' FIVE AOT DRAMA. TIVK ACT DRAMA. riTB AOT DRAJU. If T. A n Warm*. ?*).. aajiad Ike MuNK KY HOT, monkkt bot. MONKKT BOT! MOM ART BOT. MONKKT BOT. MONBRT BOT, MONKKT Bov! MONKKT BOV. MONKKT BOT. MONKKT BOT, MONKKY BOT, MONKRT BOT, MONKKY MO*. MONKKT BOT, WklCU WILL BB RRPSATKO rvbrt mioht .. . . TILL rUBTHBR NOT 101. With tin following powerful cut Pierre Reaaud. A oosrtet Mr. G. W. IXmldork -'wo ues Rensud, hi* son? Use Monkey Boy. .Miss lain Keen* '.ncren dcrvtl, A pettier Mr. H F. Daly ji?Fpk RoucM J. O. Burnett The Han. 8. Spooaer T. B. Johnston Pi Net Peters T?u| in D. Leesno henries larrlch (terrain. Bernard f?ol O. Hartoa Ranul Llmiwd A blind man... Clinton Joseph Uoodrieh Malhlaa Hmn pff.orr of polios UledhUl la Nolr, cn'mney sweep Mint Josephine Henry tc Rent, chimney ...Kroner OUrrr Wrae FsureUe Mia Poll? Marshall Roae Mra /. If Allen Msdam Mignonette Mra. li. Vinlng Ooralle Mra Lnuy Mourn Diana Ml* Oswsid Madam* la Bridges Mist Krerett The orchestra will perform au BNT1RBLT MBW OYEKTURI ABB IMO'DBNTAL MUSia writ*. .rpm-y RAK? Also new operatic selections from "Don (Morenol," "Robert la IXable," "Ies Hngeoota." and Ibe "Child of the Reg! maul"?A quadrille on Wallace's new Oper* of ' I.urUne and Meroadante*"?II itluramento- The Trumpet Polka, wl'-h anlo for cornet e piston?Characlertlntic new (allop, the courier In traducing bells, whips, pistols. An. Doers open at seren o'clock, performances commence at eight o'clock. NOTICE, In acttT* preparation, a new three act Comedy by Tom Taylor, entitled LRRSON NOR LINK. Alan will be epeedily produced an anil rely new flpeotaenlar Drama of great power and nrwel construction, founded apoa one of the latest Parti tan successes. W1MTMK GARDEN. rjHS BINNING, FRIDAY, Kept ?, WU1 be performed for the FIRST TIMB MBW ' YORK, an entirely new drama, entitled P11 BUM O'DONMBLL nd THR LKPRAHAUN In which Mr. BARMRY WILLI atts will personate Phellm O'Dor.uell, an Irish soldbr. with song (first Ume) of "The Whistling Thief." To be followed by TDK CUSTOMS OF 1HK COUNTRY. To conclude with the comic farce of RltVAM O l.YNN, MBMEFll BKNKF fir MRS. BAHNhY WilJ.IAMd. BRYANTS' MIMBTRBJ1. Mechanics Hall. 471 HH>ia1?WAT, Shore(Iraad (tram MONDAY, bEiT. IT, and crer* night during the neck. BRYANTS' MlNhTKKLB In a new rartety of Books, Danoes. Burlesque Baytatca, OUm* D. (UWAMltOLD la hie ferortte BoUads and laugh*-. Is Dutch B*a)o8otoa Polka a la Zouaves. Power of M uste. IRELAND AN IT IE litwiitt and a Bora. Whtte Weak Amy JKAKT AMD DAM BBTAMT, The popular Dromloa, la thslr eomleal serfage sod bnrtaoqe* BLACK WIZARD, alo Andsrooo, BLaCK WIZARD. Poors opeeall, toeommioniat Itfstock. Tteksls 11 esola ACAPKBY OF MdlO.?DOM GIOVANNI. A To Monnow, HuuuiiT, Kvuii.tu HepL IS, at S. GRAND GALA BIG tit J at at upttruH ot ikrr? Prima Ponnaa. Mme. FdBBKI. Km WIIiOK, Mau BIRAKORCH. Km>. OOIAOM In bar famous rola of ..... .Zerlina 1 Mo"rt'' With Ik* followta* Imaaeasa Mr oaal; Mma. INK* PaHbRI a* KM PaULINK CuLRON u ftarllna Km. hTHAKoKOH aa Doom Brtra HIM. iTItlRLLI aa Don < Mario Ki* PIRR1 aa Don UlovsnnJ RU H1MBI,, ?... a? Laporollo HI*. IWITTI aa Baaatto m? MFU.BR Aa Comurndaiora Musical Ptrrntnr sod Conductor MAX MARRTZSK Tha pais oFsmu for lha HICILIaN VBbPBdR, pad Kalur dai'a DOM OICTAhBl win oomasmca this morals( at S o'eVwh, at lha but oMaa af Ike Acail ?r of Music. at MbrU'p ataikjoery Mora. U WillStreet, aad at C. Breui.u|'i 701 Broad ***' MOM AOII.TNA PATTI Id a now rota Tha dtraatnr takaa *mal plrssurp la a noun In* Gat MISS ADKlJNA PATTI will sbortlj appaaraa Linda la Itaaltatu a maatcrwork of LIBRA DI CO AMOt'KIX. N** BOWXRT THRATRP.. PKIDAT RVBNIKO, HKPT SI. MR. B. KDI'T AH UaMLKT. MR. R. BOOT AM UaMUCT. N BW BOWXRT THRaTRP. PRIDAT BVRMING, BBPT SI. MR. I. B0I)T AS BAMLXT. MR. M RDDT AR HAMI.KT (1ARD -CANTRBBCBT MUSIC HtLL, J CAMTBRBl'RT MUXIC 11 ALU. MS Broadwsy. MB Broadway. Tha proprlstosuof Oaamrbery Mail bag to Mala that thatr aa Ubliakmmt was oommaacpd aad la DM condortad opua a rati dlXaraat pnaalpta t? ayr othar kka plaaa la Ibis aoaatry Talrnt bate* tha **MA dram aad aot onusds Mow, ram* > acrnr pongs and rmmbcrlasa othar alda, disrupting l? ... u. , Hal lha i 'plawof I lirrsl I ? of lha ttnssBny M a proof IhM MMr aBoiia art raalljr apprpMalid. harahr KtT lag aeuraga to enatlaoa la Ihaaaap# oooraa. It a wift grant ppllManttoa thai Un BOX A UOBRAJf laaoaaea lha rpa but are to tm raad of by aay ooa arary moraln* la lha ml* Moak tha aanMtlra. I ' nary plam of Tha Great papers. which not cmly ah.?-k the asnMUre. but afawauM lo htWi^?| BawRooga. Abraham Idamta, Abraham IJnroln, Akraiam 1 la aala. Abraham I.lnoota, Abraham Idoooto. Abraham Iiomla, 1 toooto. Abraham Uacoli, with a hoar of othar popalar man. UmMi Bra Brant, Bra Brent, Bra Brant, if ofitoBflt pofaiir tallMlf* Th? grpaf carlo famllp Tha W*at Carlo family Thr gram Darta family ftp (mm Carta family HLONDim BLOMDIBI _ J> Tha i tladirf'd Ilkmdio'l madjamftii jnttgto ropa win taha plana Prkhtp, Bat inat., at 1mm! Wood m l o'clock. Ba will perform tha KM dartog foam, aad will ap pdths mpa BBW MM BH Mil nil I hi? Mdu TtakaM /lOLPSMITH* sTBRBOBOoriC BPBBUB. MOB. SSI U aad SM Bras.: way. ooraar of *wo^ dm ptraot-Thta la lha lar*aal atoraosoopta ?i hi baton la thM eon airy InatrnmaaU and rtawa for ml* I ilmlmlm SS eanta. mam 10 oaam BLOMDISMB BXCOVD ABCBMB10M W?oBcan PRIPaT, Rrpi SL IJM. WOOD K WiJM N"&",D " "ow",? IINR HAURT IB DBB RBBtPRMS. Raw mah> drama, with aaa^. hy A. llopf. Magic amp sPiRrrnAL rapping apparatuo for Mia. with rteh pbanaphmaaUa aad in fmpMaa wupft laaordrr. A puts fartoar to aoma-t pnrmo. taqntrp of Prof. RHBRM A*. SU Rata Troth alrasd. Ddwpm S sad I P. M. _>q\ftBrroiiji. _ . A PAIR PR1CB OtVRM PtlR SBUURU BAND PURMI. _a^sss*N^'S3:Jislitsrn * A rrfroob suit or bhamioxbo purbit. sr A. for MA fa a^ onlora. of wurraatod manufa ? ira. Aiao (oBd ohrinot Chammr ta lV plain and ornamaotai at FAR BIBgTon h sramruom* MS thwol mroat. oppnaNa Wi-iMnr. gptabHahrd In MMA KMAlflCI.LBD CBAHSRR RUIft OF PURMITURR IB aR o iwa sad s y).-s at wh dassta or rob dnjasHs. sAO KaHtimi a Canal atmat. alt o Iwa aad nylrs, at wh ilasala or rotatl. it'tify^T^a Foot daam aa?t of Bma.lwpy mo PBRSOBB ABOFT RBBOT1MG WtU. PINO If TO 1 tbrir adrsntaga ta < all no tha Groat Mot.n j Utan Rrpr -m. Nop 15 pad ST Kir* Mr?rt sad Bn IP) v*rvrk atrart. Po-r borap r ?gous for rcparwtac 'amitaa la tha rrnatry or eHy Chita at pi' i.maa. Ah hlulp -f ntstnarr. rataltagi, birr pad Msntal alrraPO Waa?>A' a?, ...n-.r?l' w*b rs. r snl si ?> Mah, AU hiada f ftrnUiy. pad ntst. sry pscg?l aad nh pfal ta all psria of ihf w-aid. Pamiilaa all) Sod '.?i? a rhaa# a. .-I ftmMhSSWVtfMftr*^ ^ AmRMNEVTI bote l*sw?e ami Vtuior Jamas M. Ntioa RNT oi ^TIBlP I'M GARDEN. k^AOKtlKkf*(>K MX FORKEbT FRIDAY BVF.N1NU, Hept. 21, DM). UAMLMT. H unlet Mr Forrest i The Efo*. Mr. J. Oarnll Who# K. B Conway The Oueeu Mad Poutel Fotealus C. Fisher I ObmBs Mrs. Conway i?uur. open at ??*, Curtain will nae at 1\ P. M Private Boies $6 and to I Pariinstte aud Circle ...fOete Orchis'ra Chairs SI | Family Otrete (Crosby at) It cts Hons aud Chair* only may be secured In ad moos. ALLACK'B THEATER Mr WALLACE ? ? Mr. LISTER WALLACE uao Manager MM WALLACE ' ha* (Teal pride end pleasure In announcing the BRILLIANT COMMENCEMENT or un KBOCLaR SRAROR EIGHTH NICMT or THK ROYALIST. TO NiOHT. AMD EVERY RIGHT TILL FURTHER NOTICE, TUM UKKaT OOMKDV ENTITLED TllK ROYALIST; _ FORTY TEARH AGO. Henri d? Flavlgneui, a captain of Dm*- on* ot the Guard. Mr. lawler WaHaek The Baron Montrtohard. Prefect ot the Department Mr. Blake M. de Urignoa. a member of the Council Mr. Water* Oreoe. a sergeant. Mr. Parka IkanvlUa, a oorporal Mr. Ooboru Pierre Mr. Oliver The Oo antra* D'Aatreval, a royalist lady Mrs H?y loociie, her nleoe MU* Mary Gannon Dragoons, ser.anti. An.. Ac Tbe new and appropriate manic ?elected and arranged by MR NULL. T" conclude every evening with tbe latest Loo loo sucoew, entitled rmsttTTM OP rrrZBMTTHE U ALL PRzmaythe. ot Fitzamjthe Hall Mr. Blnaa Frank Tottenham Mr. Norton Gregory Mr. Tonne Boy Mr. Pari* Mrs FHxmytbr, of Fltzsmjihe Ilall Mrs. Wrnan Penelope Mia* Julia Tree Hoove open at 7VI; to oommence at 8 o'clock. Bni Book open three days la auraooe. Place* may now be seen red. XTIBLOi OARDEN -ITALIAN OPERA. IN JAMKU M. NIXON OOElKSf ITALIAN OPERA. Natuntay morning. Kept 22, . ONLY gKaND GALA KaTIAKH 1 hrors open at 12 M. The Opera comix edce* at I y'clock. Rreervrd seal* can be obtained at the office WITHOUT EXTRA CHARGE. Madame CORTJMI, In thanking the public anew for tbalr generone and frank euppon of her preaeut anas m rrgretithat ?he Is imanle to conclude a longer engagement with Mr. Nu?n. Nhe regrets this the more deeply as she clearly see* that such s eeaeon would be far mure satisfactory than she had any rea son to expect. The engagement which she had termed, to ap pear la 11'at on on the 1st of (H-tober, precludes this. She busts, however st s future period In preaeut to the IMPaRTTaL AND INTELLIGENT PUBLIC both tew .ui'xU atid new opersa from tbe garden of modern music?Daly. During the coming week, which concludes her pn sent brief season Madame CORTKbl will produce Pacini's sublime tragic opera MRDKA Ftie would also lake the Ub?rtv of announcing that. In eon arriueuce ot Ike great suceees of "La Travlttt," It will be re Evat?d during thr ensuing week, when the brother of the well Down and emineul liauune Amodio. blUNOK F AMODIO. will make kla first appearance In tble eounlry. Madame Cor teai might, with joath-*, apeak of the excellence ; thii artist; but she dec'.lnee doing so. having that confidence abtrh an ex perirn -e In America i nly can give, of the justice and gene natty ol the American public. THK ONLY GRAND GALA MATINEE during the preeent eeaaoo. Saturday morning,sept, tj. Doors epen at 12 M Opera < orumencei at 1 o'clock Verdi's magnllhent tragic Opera of KRNANI, will be given, supported by THE STAB CART. Includuig the name* of Madame OORTKRI. The great lyric L xged-euue. Signer Ml>I an 1. The famous triune; ftgrior AMODIO. 1 br ceiebrsted baritone, and Stgior NANNI Tie oelehrated basso. Conductor CaRL ANSCQCTZ N. It ?1 h? public are rsetie< tfuliy Informed thai this la poel tlrely the ouly time upon which KKNANI can be performed dur?ng tbe PKEbKNT BRIEF REASON. ADMISSION ONE DOLLAR KeeervrU seats is ths Dreae aud First Otrcies aud Parquetta can be obtained from 2 a. M. until APR. without extra charge Family Ore's tfl ce-t* (rntraiiee og frothy street Ptlrate iromE- i"EH) ?rr.,rj;-g u, hs-At.."i 1'.? ? pen all, ecce at d o'e.iKi nOVMI T1JKA1RK. Ueorge ffu (1 Manager. C<?TIM,K1? soccers ?till greet* the performa: re nr lice (lOltlihoCN SPECTACLE, afclch will be prea<aieJ to eight for tun LANI TIRK but one, ta conjunction with the favorite drama. tbe LAP* or THK I.AAK Friday rvriung. Septemiier 11, ail ax oX kartu. Or. tbe DtJU>? Rao*. Crtel'e, the Demon rage Mr*. W. II. Lelfhton Count t re<ltrick Mr. K 1. Tilt >a lionet ?,u? Mr. ?. W. liltun Tu oouclude with the oaLiY of THK LARK. R<4ertrk Phu Mr K. L. TCton Fit* Junta J. W. Collier VI ?? BOWRRY THEATRE. aW Sole proprtetura.. Mmv* (I. L Fot and J. W. LinganL rh ipat. kbit 11 isda BENEFIT or MR. K ROOT. Who will appear to Shakapcrea rmud Tragedy of b aMLET. Mtaa Alice Oray .if Queen Gertrude M aa Fanny Herring If Ophelia ~ C Boniface... Mr O C Boniface .a*. IbeOhoat Mr Q. L. Fox ?? Fit at Orara Dtggor To be eucoeedcd by Mr. il. L. Fui'a OoaAc I'nuuxiume of THK KCUOOLMASTKR. Mauler Bobby Mr. Q. L. Fo* Concluding with thr laughable Farce of HOW 8 lOUB (7MCLB. JJ JOI.KT A CAMPBELL'S MINRTREIJt?KIBLO*R SA UK)* MahtU^erenlng.Jlgteaaber 17. and eTery eranlag. THEME*DOLE Hit*of the rery laughable burleeqtW, lNAl'OCKATIOR.KALL. RTTJ.T BIRCH la hla great character of PREVIOUS DIFFI CULTY, ae performed by Waa 10U rooaecuure alghia at Ma gutoee'e Opera Hotiae, Baa Frnnciaoo. Other chamittra by the Troupe. Bear la mind ''perv Comedy. Tragedy had Faroe, with new Hoagm. Acta. Han era. Plantation Heeaaa. An , all, all. a ; on tbe aame light. For partloclara eee^Prnjamaaaa. Dooae ope a commence at 1 Tu hate 1 GARDEN an ?-barBe^?*^M*BT tnujJ^WXf'ffL ?yjyriMTM* a about MR. AND MRS. BARMY WILUAMA AJTRAB IB DRAMA, COMRDT AMD FARCR, For the BeaefR of Mr*. Barney WJltama. ?ypMTMA OARPRM. AM IMMKraa BILL. Mt a TH, u , AMD THR DAirCl. For In. WDBaam' BeaeAi to a (hi Yr&WiESk WHO LOTR IBRLARD, Dt'BB HCMOR, wti gilfcer to light arouad MR. AMD MRS. BARRET WII.I.IAMR. -yyUTTK^iAKPBJf The world renowned YANKKBOAT MRS. BARRET WUpH^^H Taken bar BENEFIT TO RIUHT, and appear! t it the CURTOMR INKKB OAL, ?'TS Yf11^?^nWlLLUMM appear* TO *IO?T ?R Costa Drama of n|tf pum*. Ba IM? % WIT, IRISH JIO?, Bknm wti I RlHl ROKOR. BARRET WILUAMR prod cod for the ftrmt tuna ta Raw Tor*, ewitled ramuM o our r ell TH* LRPRBOVAUR. WIRTRR flARDBB firry eight Uar'** ' BLOMDIIPS FBCORD ARCRMRloR ?hi.i ULAl* plMTW tkI JOHKR WOOD __ on FRIDAY. Rrpt a, IN). M I o'alor* F. M. Ttekata? ce^ ^C^^Mmmora,o?tM? Aeadeaay nf ?<??*<MM wee* xrr to a "If that they are la treaty ?*b the eelehnot MORRTll'R rHILTF^R MORRIROR OIRIIHL tt the Academy of Man. Fall pardonlare la ftiif* hdrer V*W BOWRRT THRATRR ... ^ MR. B. RPHt AR MM. R. Sf?PT AR SaRLBT. fVOMIC VOCAUfT, /.ADT BABcBBB AMD RBORO win ?"??*? '? HMeAeoohto Kmhm*, OhaJSit ?j)U7a newtaealaireet. Apply to It AJLRTF11 Ex "r?-T^ w tr4mt "***' AT TH* ' OLCRTBB* l.netrtJltBg, M'JtWeNtp, ' ? F- .f ? M. v. Bale. T. Jotea. Ret, HrrW?,'hr.f a W?R p? '*??'?? Mr afid Fra J L. P-na.aac cl-. m A <m. toun llmla Keaerre. a??l* ? aeeia ? 1 i irFFT Or VYKI Ol'F.R ' t ? " KTBRY A d eertat n. of rfmMORo A ? " *?>??* der the I Afarr?? 1! ? are to oe hvl "cV ? tad -eat c a to tea pergaetoe, * ??a* reg Ma opw* u i >'?. AMUNKMBKT* Academy or muwo? tU NIOHTlKRlDAn. KKPr li ^11 ThK MUM AN WthCKR# ttecnnl appenroiice of tlui famriu- I'nto* Donne. MNK. PAD LINN th.LBON Hectmd ft*"*-*". la Ma highly auoaeaefnl role of Arrlgo. Nlti. FEltKi I he greei Haiti one, la kM treat oharac er of M mfi n BIU. bUHNI. For the flret t'me Ui A merle*, aa John of Proelda, 1HIS (FRI1> A V) RVKN1NU, HKPt. 21 nig becond night (hie kuoii of the aew end celebrated Opera at TUB MUM AN VKSPhKS, Mnelr by Verdi, the Poem by Kugeoe Hcrtbe, WITH NEW MiENKKY AND J'ilDJ'itHT1KS by K'lgnor Heualbel W. Cairo, from the oriental at <ael of the timed Opera id Lane, obtained through the kiud pn-mualon at hie hioelleuj*. Moo* eur le Mlnlatre de la Maiooa de 1 Kmpo reur, M A oh tile Fould. TUE DNIybK AND PIOTI'MtSQUB DKEJHE8. Presenting a inual faithful picture of the c atuia-* of thh thirteenth oenturr, have been made in Pari* bj MuoMeur Urn Koy, e alumrr of the (iriud Opera, and Wguor iirtuchi, aoe turner from llie principal thenli-M In Italy. TIIK NEW AOc'tiDTKKMKNTS A Nil PftOPKBTIKd Are trom the celebrated manufactory of Mottalenr tlranger. Armorer P> hi* .Maie*tv the Kinueror of the Free oh P KIN till'At, CHARACTERS. The Prince** Elena Mme. COLBOJE Arrlgo Kg. STfUBLLI He tlorrruor of Knofurte big. PKRKI PrucidA, Chief of the i'onapiralors... Nig. SlfSiNt SECONDARY CHARACTERS By Mate. Relchnrdl, blguora Lout. M. llarill, Croaza, Naff eat Xlmenr* ORAND CHORDS AND ORCHESTRA Musical 01 ret-or and Conductor rig MUZIO To Moaaow, Hatl*pat K vesica, Kept. 22. at 8 UKAND OAI.% NMIIT. .lolnl appearance of three 1'rhua Donnaa. Mme FABI1R1, Mme. COI.SoN, Mate STKAKONDB. Mme COUION in her fatuous role of. Zrrllaa Mme FABllRI. for the tirat time to a* Doana Anna To morrow, Kalarday Evening, Kept 22, at 8o'clock, uill be presented Moralt t tnmi >ri?l Opera of DON OlOVANNl. With the following Immcnae alar coat, Mme. INK/, FAHStll as Donna Anna Mme. PAULINE t'OLSON.. a* Zrrltnn Mme. HTKAKOHCH a* Dnuna K'vlra big NTIliRLLl ae lion Ottevte Sig. f'KKRI a* Don lllovmnl Big. M'hIM ** la-poreUe Fig. COr.kTTf a* MoeetM Nig MDI.LKK ea. .Commentatore Musical Director and Conductor MAX M aKFI/.KK Theaa.eof aeau for the SICILIAN VESPERSand Halnr dat a DON UltiVANNl, will coiemnnce thla morning at 9 o clock at the bci ofUce 11 the Academy of atueic ; at Ntoell'a ?taUooery atore, 12 Wall atreet, and al C. Ureusfug'o, TW Broadway, MISS ADKLINA PA1TI In a new role. The director lake* great pleoaure in annoortolug that ?? A DELI N a PA 111 will shortly appear aa Linda in Dounattfa muter w ork cf LINDA DT CHAMOONIX. B AKNCMB AMKltlOAN MUSEUM. Coder the perwmn! ?uilervtaton of P. T. HARRUM. HRhT VENTILATED LECTURE RuOH In tbe world and drdgbifully cool and oleuml. RYKRY DAY Ahl> BVKRIMO THIN WEEK. OOMMKNCINU Ml HI) A T, KEPT If. UWI. TUK SPLENDID HISTORICAL, IIHASA, JOSEPH AND HIS BRETHREN, JOSEPH AND HIS HKKTIIKKR, JOKBPH AM> HIS HKKTHHKN, Was received with sees i?s> Nil ravoR by tbc pat-nM of ths H, ..Muaeuui the peat week, and attractko such PNWONIKD mowi*. the! the MAnnuemant Will CONTINUE JOSEPH AND HIS HRKTIIBKH, CON Tl NCR JOHRPH AND HIS IJH K IIIKKN. OUNTUDK JOHRPH AND HIS BRETHREN, ONE WKKK LORdRR, ON K WKKK LONGER, OSS WKKK LONGER, Wiib all I la OorKooua AororapanlmenU, lla Splendid Scanner BrtLlant Ooatuntea, Magnificent Grouping!, and Uaeiuallea toochatticai K3ceta. Ii *111 be produced Kv'rKY AVTKHN UN at S o'clock, and KVBHY EVENING at 7#. All the novelttee and curloeliiaa of the Maneutn will be rM> ble M all bourn, Includ nc TlIK STRANGE AND MY8TERIOUS ANIMALS. TlIK WHAT CAR THKt BET" Two 111 number aad of diatlnn aoeelea. one of whf'b hue two dtatlnct bead a. but oor ,?g. and la web Ox ted. A TATTOOED NEW tTkaLAHD CI11KP. IJVIltU "WHAT IK ITT" or MAN MONKEY. The moat tijlereetlng, minuting and wonderful creature Snoana THE GREAT LIVING ROARING BLACK SEA LIOM, The only animal of the k nd ever arm In the Atlantic states. TlIK WON IHCKI'CL ALBINO PA HILT. Inch with Pure White Hin. HUken Whte Hair. Pink If an. AC . though born of I'erfertlr Hlaek PnrsoU. TlIK LADY WITH LONG HAIR. THR FINEST Atfl'ARlA IN TlIK WORLtl Filled with LIVINO PEa an! RHfH FISH. f,om carinas cUinea, at the beattttfnl AN OKI, PISll. BPECKLRD ItRoOK TKOl'T. n.YINU FIsH. LIVING A Lit) AToKA I.I VINO CROCODILES Ac Ac +l?e famo ia LIVING LHJIITNINO CALCULATOR, LIVINO MOUNTER SNaKKs. LIVINO BABY AR A OMR Dan LIVINO HAPPV rA.Ull.t_, GREAT variety up new wax figures, wonderful kor TUNR TKl.i.KP All tbexe bcaileall the Woo lent an I Noveltfea of the Mite tun collection, wluct embrace! not lea? than HO.00U CCRIOHITIEt, From every part rl the World, are ail, ?ee, ALL TO ?K SElCiN POM 15 CENTS, children under ten rearm. 15 cenu MUSEUM OPEN rHOM 7 A M lo la I' II NKW BOWERT THEATER, FRIDAY EV BRING. September tt, UKNEFIT OP M K K BHD*. Co which ocoaaKu he will Appear (by Centre of smoy fries** A? NBAKHFKBK'K HAMLET, Which will be preaeuted with correct ruati.mra, accnery, and ? CAST u? CHARACTERS Rot e iua'led bp any theatre in ibe rlty, preamling la deUR a PICTURE OP Kail fcXckLuKNCE Uainlrt. Mr. E Kddjr. Mlaa Alt, e Gray ai the Uucen O L Pm aa the Grave IHggOr. " <L fyiffsae M tbe oboat. J W. Llnaara ae r< duel lie J. Nuaanaa the King. Fanny Marring aa CipMBa. Marfaa Parados, C. K Pot, An POX la hie la uebeblr panuimine of the KHO. J.VASTER A MKBICA* mOW HALU American com art hall, 441 RROADWAT. 441 HROaDWAT, The large* Concert Hall lo the edtjr capable of aeailag THREE TUOUbARD PEOPLE IMMERSE SUCCESS. IMMENSE SUCCKBE IMMERSE SUCCESS IMMENSE B0O0MBE. CROWDED HOUSES CROWDED MOUSES. The large* nrd mow orgina1 ootrnanr In the world. THE AMERICAN Hall. ENTERTAINMENTS are hefcaow lei ted to l>e better totted to THE TART KB OF THE MABSEE than any othrr ad .ertlaed atlrartiua of the prreenl tkna la the Bret place there la the beet talent In the country aad Aa geoerml etl ect of the place te aupenor to any other ta the eng. The 1alien toft talented art ate w..; appear ? MR l? SIMMONS, The celebrated RU. u ian delineator and banjoidL MR. HfLLT OSKIL, The beat Irtah comedian and roenic etnrer hi the world. PROP A. RICHOl.LB AND BON. Is their beautiful and riaaair ay wuaaUc grwuplnaa. PRANK PELL, The borlaaque orator and Ethiopian performer. Together with the racalar eompany, will appear e*wr area tee R W. HI TLER. PrawrMor. Aotuut Met W O'NEIL, Aotina Maaecce. MORE LATHOENE. sure Mi B OWERT THEATRE UEOEUI WOOD Ml CONCUR AN l ASY HBNKr If R JOHNSTON, Bo arer Saw TOBk, Sept 19. MSB. Stare Manure: of the Ho eerr TVea' -e TC M. Josireporr. "f-? . We, the underetcned. harine a great reepart f >r you, aad Wtehtnr b< aire e rne a- ?u, ital daaiooatrauon. hereby odar you our acrrtara on the ucaaaioa of a beoeBt. at any Uaa ywa may thlak at to aaaaa Tour* respectfully, oEO WOOD. W H. Leightoe aad W. M Ward. E L Ttlum. lady, h. W O sea J. W. tXSuae. Herry J or don. 8 Ryan ami lady, Mr* U Ja rdas.e W. IT Stepheea. Mre. H. A Perry, A. Otaaaford. Mlai Hattta Arnold Q r wter, S B Wuktnh, J. Howard Ropera, W. Rewum; J. WaleV W. Holla a A J ivmeUy. U Aahlep, OUmartls. A. Teung. B O. Ueranas, I B Ctetrad E winter, Mki Eeylasee, Mlaa J HurueaL . a ?.TuJ?"? U,xa,f its A. . JA ?hl?,^?'?o y, 1 yow-"*** KTEW BOWBET THEATRE X PRIDAT RYgNINO. BEPT ?I, ME E Ei>l>T AS U aMLKt. MB. E EDDY AN HAMLET. Adamn California menaobbte _ Of ftierfortln* Heara and aher Wild Heeaaa. taelivMsg the urt/rty Bear Nation, the large* Bear ever eastured all>a will ethiblt at NEWARK. NEW JEEEKTl On the apleadt I PhwUrg Palace 0. TaaderblR. at the Teat* nan. York, on Pnday. Saturday aad Monday, Sept tint. EM ard 24th from 10 n'eweh A. M , UU lu P. M . thua eottaadsg the tour of the Male. ThS Menagerie ootpriaaa ?hu has never before Mam eahlbttcd. Magtne Heara. Daamag Heara. cisnbtoc Beara Heara that turn autmeraet ha At the late lite will elan be eihfMted two remarkable AlKno if*, white m anew, wt?h once white heir or wen., with their m*E er who laperfe-Uy bWk ? . . la the afleroone at .4. end erenlag at 7vi o'aioaE. BtaMW Ethtopian MlaetreK will glr* the b-aT Iihfo,dao p.rfway In the lares and ehigaal aahxm the Palase, tear udered the ri4tm>a or Newark. ? adwiueac* ui erawythlag .. CkOdrsa under 12 !??_?.? - mmmm GPRM 4 R volts' O A URAVI> f\HAUs, ter, APIH ? T u o CONNOR, Ml Bowery R. f. P7n"*ava OP m'lww biter rr?R rale mid iT,.r ? a Pemtlna hsoul 4* feet I mi ?nh e a-Miiery. h? ' Z lw* ? -I- tte e U be ealf haw Mr' asb <w a woxU 'e'lre'-d I ,r K<w Katae near the euv Ap.uf to H H. IYR.TA row 17, TP Broa.iwar ,wpr M?m and t aalksr Mash SroTTMH tyOT I tan 12 area post pon k;> tUNlPOSb.) to e TO ??'SPAT "?st 21 LOT! MO N DAT. BSpt H, IAA> INP'N A NIL ORD ANCEREIOR HlhMpkME jonra1 WOOO op RRIDA t Bat ? 2, Mfh< rrtP.I riike4?*i^ ,* MiELD<BP BAlxLEEt, MA 3E?ADWl I aaReaLaMts apUOS of _ rTlHYIN'M AND STAT' Hi JS ethiht'AM Does lay east ?nnlag EM

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