Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 22, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 22, 1860 Page 3
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dlvere; .a ?-uh * v?7i -*>*? be uu dampened : > *?fc /? Beltane- tn orler to >-?t cjt of tbe way li J. ? t ' IS be scat needs eeerliico ? b-co4 m.ay ct b ? .a.uge. but be bad don- eo and did not r.gret It, beeidce he hops,'. jiai ?be would take lure of feereeli. u they bad 'edafcorrd Ms for some time. 3e would a it b'-aoio tier tor <fat wee pa* t: but belie red that he altcmal ve nut to leave Bu'taicre. He staUa ;uut he bu enc...t,d a due bill 1*1* a gas btllcg trm foe Ibo mm of $20, ihwt .* tad aird for, tad iHnchi-le* aa fo.lo'ti Good oye. yboof ar 1 0o 1 M?e y>rj. This ' s tie i'..T**e w.ib of peer mfortcnate husband, W. H Byrne. IVb'n yon -o oeive ti #. 1 w ill bo far away from Baltlni re.'1 Tbo let ter s dated Sept. 11,1:10 fti met a'ter the ?pt!on of the UttPf, Mm. %rne *r peered groai y defect*hard a the .:'VrO"<t left feer boarJltg hours lur Um Cam ten swtiou, .t ?-? lu^poced witb the lotrat <a wtbl'.'iw iim h?r V aH'i i. rue walked down to tbe depot id -empt y tr*th a yo"" tosu arlr~* titased a through tiaket fir ClncirniU b?r aipearat t wae noticed by tb; Jaeoli7e at Uic atel.uh and aoauo etber per*c>B? urouad. CuubtUie aba bal rrtv cuily ?wallowed tbe laudanum. Good ict >r B->e"o. of ;he nut, a* be pentad through the cars alter lea. a< tbe ei.J, satined tbe oeceaiod a| yearod iluvi-y, tad coca ?; yroacb S* her for oer t'.ckot da cvered her coe<l'.tle:i,aea g.c? I a bottle o# budaaum ou the boor of tbo car. iwery Muag wee done :or tto relief of tbo ui-.arturuio wmaan ew the train, and at Hartiteburg, Virgin u, DP. I. J. Jhfiarey we? cal -d f? retdor bit profr*? serv vr, Mot tbe poiaoa had take* too strong a bold, and tbe pbya fkw atnoun.'ed that aw earthly power cec.d save tte weman. She waa then dor og off and .ty ing and at abort eight o'-iock ow tfon evemtg else wreathed Uer lac:, at Jtartlnabarg The deleaved wua about thirty-four veara of age, and satbm pr?f<?eistlbg Tbe body waa taken ji charge by friends yeiterdey, sod inferred in one if tbe cemetrlcc. >o aq seat *aa neld. The Fate of Walker aid Rwdler. ^o ram raros op tub Bftuii. New Tout, dept. 21, ISM. The VHegrsphi: -oepxtcb re - lyed from New O.-letui ut freasclsr the rapt-re of <>teral Walker and h'? 'oilowere, My the Brluah steamer 1-arus, atatea that General Wifrtr and Obloiel Rodlor were to bo at at; and aa lltve may be kaewn la tbla city in regard t? Cokme! A. Y. Ro iler <ort Vadler), 7 bare talra the liberty of girinp yon $ $hm bMory of hw l ife. ftkm*l Rudler l.? a natire f the State of A>ai-*Rjt, icd Mnmg the war with Mexico waa aa o IB oer .o oe of the Sbnthern rohaiteer r?g:a:eat?, .md during 11 at * ar be wteJ witb honor to hunaeif aud hia country. To tee year Hu9 be went tj cailfornie, and wt e in tha.-tate fee was a ree!float of San Jcaqain ooucty, and at one Mb ore ipi?d tse pcwltlon of I>epufy liarthiU of the c.ty rf RocitV o. ?Ke waeaa actlre member of the ah.g party dlurtag the Pree decJa) election la 1S62, aoJ 'a IMt he reseired Ute nontinalion of that par'.y firtteoi * ef Bber ft of :?4i Joao iin cocBty, bat was defer.'ed by the feemecratlo party, which elected .he r whole tto* l. In $$M be dihgeead of hia property and e:t CWffbrriaw yo n Ceaeral Walker in Nisaragaa, and has or to thin time keen wKb htm '.a a.i hia e*pedit?oe?. it <aa toloeci ?udler'a pr -ateat fajlt in hav -y v?e?n by tome it:; otmatable aieana inUttiated with W?!i?r aud b ? dert ny, ?JUiouga .boeo ?no aie well aciua'ate I with Golecel Rod. lee will readily admit that be waa in every reer.eet the euper or of Walker, to point of aouad ioilgmeut .xl du cretMin, at d had ho have beea the leader of the party ia Titmeagua a Tar diflereat reault would have bvo tee .sed. (Lokai;. Rudier waa a true aad bravo soUier. g-witi marly IB at) hia iaiercourao with hia fallow men, m 1; ui 1 ouiot ta t? uemeaaor, aad honorable ia all hie deal nga; heotr lata.y doautod abetter thte, aad hie Cvath wflleaat a gloom ever a large c.rcle of frieade, both ia the Southern ?tatte at a Ce -omia. Colonel Rddler was a yocLg maa, net far from thirty years of age. II la proba feio that the news of hia execution, ts also tau U woaerai Walker, will eoon reaoh this city. Aa regards tue,;?t aedB of Urn punishment I wil! not uaderuko to dec de, and therefore ciuteby aayiag, peace to hia memory, uf ece event I am certain: he will meet hla fate like a brave mar, Ar wae never a part of his nature. IT.AVF.LI.l.R. Av other or winya'a mem. , i>"m (ho New Orletr* IMta | to!. F'rry, who rcrontlr died it IMlto^roo * woowd NAiTit to i i ? r na' diniculiy wth oce of >r's m< j n the Mm" p3raon who *u so wel kn >?c r. thia e'ty for i-.ii r >m >it'v oeci Ho wis o iu of rwnavii' to ocaTif", but of o violent and tu'b'ilwii. itojir, and w a*/vv"ctiy 'nvolre.1 in pemonal broil* and dull*. I er U|? do ai*n ? rer IM to bio see wbo bud recai. od it. J ?ar<.red n maey dangeron* wounds Tc every be-tic aad In bear y every duel ia which h-was cn.sfe be m vr gilM. He began his career ui the racks of lis Americas army te Mext :o. aud by bio dar tig eed his dan *vrv We?Bd* ut-?rtr<: the attention Tf 1 j SMMmhMiir, an i wis seiectod mom of the privates sin nor* pro moted ' * . t ' 1' war to a cotsmissiuu. At tho o.ut:e of dscprliepee TTenry wso one of the J rot of '.'ie ?' it na-nc party to e-ale Hie walls of the en-tny, art, lb r-g*i tread nslbr wot oded, never ballad until be was wltbio the wa&e of tbo fori. After the wa- wis orer. Beery. a; <: jnm!**ton<?d olli ear. bertm* .dmired la noose broil which r-e jit *! in Ms retj-i nv n; from bis paaiitoo Ho the', went to V or.rac is, fu ned HaUer, and w is pruninrot la all ibe oombati tos^ht in tkslMmbf. and k.variably I MO v?d worlds m every anion. Aa if the terrlhl? and rn'nt' -raptedron iieit m Waiker were not enough to satisfy his combative opiiit. Henry oxupiod bis momcuts of leisure in persons rombais with 'owe of hi* ovra rtimr n'sti- n aims, and * as freoneat y wounded In one or Ul* doe1' in Nicaragua Mmthiyb ana broken, wbich lamed i.lm for lib itetujniog lo tins cay alter Uic expi la. >a of Walksr, be became involved to a broil toe of his eonpaaloeo, aad was badly woondad by blm in a AmI foopbt le th enar of the soy. Not ieag after bo ba I another difficulty arKh a ttuiieu ol this ettr, by shun also be was ?areraly wounded Tb-ee are by no means ad the rvm. bats a wbteh this re workable mar was enyse-d Th*r* srere those wbo had a faroenbl* opinion of ("ol Heorv, aad wbo par- bim credit far some goad .(>safi(t sw. He wm undoubtedly a man of astonishing fort lode, *n Autwoon aad curag* Jttwo's f " oM.?fait night N-. Forreot j lay *. nam let'' Air the third t.ias during h* present raaag meat, aad the theatre waa crowded aa fco-nr*, to ?*-eti To day ther? will be aa oparttJc mat jk?, when ?man." wtd be given w ik < or tea i. Mas as and A mod In. >m Monday. Mr. 1 jrreet will again appear n " Hssalet " ACiMvrr op Scat ?Oa Ibis cuaisg M uirt's g-aud ?para, " Don G <,, wdl be stray for lis* nrsi tlsse this saaaoo. labbrl, 0bleoe. Stlgelll, Suatal aad other Mvortt* artists art lathe distribute*, aad a An* per ma/ be expected Wtrraa Uaaoax ?A bow drama, ta two acta, written Mr Mr. Maraey W.inams by Mr Valraaer. a well knows Leaden dramatist. and called ' The (.epraurhaua," naa ?radused bare iaat night. The plot of tbs new o eoe M eery alight, aad It aaa evidently beet written * >Mr for (be p rpove of ffv.n. to Mr W :r.aau a fre-b vers.ju of bia farwita type of ebaraMer tae rolUck sy irtanmaa ?<? Mi Irs mis Oae Pbeiim O Poaaell, wbo baa served ta 1Mb ?fin) . ft da bim self la !*p*iU, Mil la what at gbt be termed a Saaanal ensnr Me bailers* that if be aa dad IM* Upeanabaoa, aa aid maa wbo M supposed. ?< lord lag bo lb* Irish 'Uperstitroa, to b* tbs guard, .o of h lie* ret, be caa rei.sva b.iasalf irom ba pacuaiary di(Ti ls the pre-eat cam tbs Laprau.-ba ia it a* oil i la f -rsiete-at y M'lowed by O'PonntU thronyh net Uie play, WhMh MM tb* r ?? ininsadal of ironty I hardly any other. Mr. W i smoaarod "Tlie Upran f frewi pes.Iiv* (biinre by hia capital tcShy.bnt wo I are of tl- op t.iea that It w,. not Dad s p.rnsansnt plaoe Ml MM ipobm. 7h* pei'fof luanre W M Mi tbe bsoeDt of Mi* liaisiy ?' tste.-v.!' pi yrd two of Hf -Vt r, The b'wm wat crowded n < 1 cry part Army Imtolltfescw. A It a of of wrt are now a *??*?... by order of the I'tar IWiwrtir.rni at fort Monroe. \ .ry its. slsoe (be I lit I. "Wt.foi fbe o i os- jt itunm-.; MiCNM faeb I gnu tf.src etad an?. w wMMIMag tbc ? i k- or Urn I same. The Moanl are she dir*ct-4 I* rspon SMMM I or sot lb: tree sec/ < f tb* pPHHl aMMNMMl fbr haihtf 1 lefbuco not.: I be ?\ -d by the aiiditiv* uf a u-ucto?a livwportlca of unnS of tb* CU*? I fJr tenant ? , hlsi. Teal* nlar.lrr, .* detailed far I dr si lite Military AcaUtny, aad WW f.p rt mined, lately to the ,;p< it let. -.enl at that ,? *i I iMnMiaal A. C. W?bb, facoaJ artUlery. will be re MM r- ?- fbrthep service at the Miiila y AcaAamy. sad "lirerted lo r?, orl f r "rJ#r? I the (Veuera is Co of hurr-m Jsii'S ?.Bi"o*, Medical I-cpartat.nt. MSIgB tMlrty it Tvl H ilU*, Fo .tbCsi as. and w 1! re -rl la pers r, at tf.?* flat or aceor I s. } The m'ecu-.t* cf 1 .cutsnaot C, ft itenii-n. third in rtij, Ir C .dad T tb* P. ? id'St lb* 'Id ste-' to U.k e" t ,nt 1 Nllltary fatelll|(omra. Hrsarp Akrsnr. I t m Km- ixvt N. Y. P 'I , ' it -tam? (it ?*!?, ?ic* .i ?,. -*j*. 90 i TV* i'g.mert w I paruir.fu iy ua.fbrmad. sr.iwd and nuipiNu. clutb t ant-. ? id hnspaarhs and ovsetoam db?d OO, 1 Tbi. da; t .* .Hb I UlBprv -eed to r-vt fahd, Bedlov'r nd or oae a era < gari or duly' lit# wit! bo fi rme l la Bond (treat, r*,"l oa rKtTway, at me o'd It I* M , j raruely. IN* t-dn m# sm a?-1 wa comtcisavswed .t*(T *11 rspart I tb- Mf tsat Dftns m'.nut ? b?' -? r .rmnl r The held and stag Will rrpo. t w> tbe Oolon*' st 11 iar Madttreet si half pass ; wrir* o'?l.- k ine MaMy I T ? rtarmsstor s i. ? artm nt w 'I provid* tba ue mwyhM m HMphMMM or lis '?-,rr.?, *n pm m-i*t b- itrfv rod H lb* ? "seriermeetrr ? three < eww- V M , at tae Dtvlaion ar ,,i n. - f ? ,m aad Wi.tte streets. Tbe lyasrtar #? i departss*n' will be mMwnaible for Um eafbtr M I baggage eatrvoted to uscaee. bat it will not bn re ?.'?miWreceive say issefcage or.lews it * plainly awi a p. t'.f mi- "d with lb* leftor nf tb* corny My end ta* nom tar atis of -rmpsn es ar* f*?ja!r*d to ?** that i ,w-k*g- ?? ?b*!r men s hsgef.'- IS marked in tb* da -nor and del tired pc-ict tally st tba Divwioi | ?' * < mutm w ll provide MMMff witb b-e fbt.g.M> MM A two b?a*y b;? . *M By order uf i, sad at icaet 1 . < r. * ?VflWAiaWA>./J>'J? IP iwt r?, A i^trvcl. THE PRINCE OF WALEft THE LAST HALL III THE PH0TIHCE& The Print*) Wkiipen "Sweet Mothiafv" to His Partners, and it Miieelianeouify igrewbie. SIOBE FIN WD LESS FOJt.HLITF, Influence of the Americas Prase on BoyaJ manners. The First Fascination by a Southern Belle. 10 * TEE rOCE APPRECIATES US KJHIEiS. Adieu te British America?His Suite Afleeted to Tears?Royal Presents* IrrKal Ibmbs Me Free Jiggers at Chatham? In iged Barber Ida tba rtbca ta Change a Ffvc Ceat Dmc Ma Caspars far Heneotaes. The Departure of the Prince of Wales from British SoiL r HBITO! CBANOB. Arrival ef the Baron Renfrew en American Soil* THE EARCN'S SPLENDID RECEPTION AT DE^OIT. Fifty Thousand Teopla Fresant, and Chraat Bntbusissm. Are the Canadians to be Outdone by the Yankees! OFF FOR C M IC AGO. STIPULATIONS AGAINST AMERICAN SPEED The Prince Prehahly Hunting on the Western Prairies To-Day, &s., la. fro. THE TEEiCE'S LAST DAY IN CANADA. IliUiOii.C. W , Sept 20, 1600 At '.he b -!l last evemrg the Tr ace of Wales danced his last dance :c Cac-da. and the whole aC? r reminded u*a etroog'y of his Brat bell at Newfoundland. The hall w as just abeut aa well decorated, the .lancing w as as poor aid the johitj as (reel In one as the other. Never has the Prince teenrd more manly or in better Fj.rlls Be talked away, not only to bis partner, bat to ail In the est. Be whirpered soft nothings to the ladies as be passed them In tbe dance, directed tbe awkward bow to go rlpkt, and shook h.s finger at those who mimed the Iguri'S. lie alao promcuaded aboot the room, took tu Udy in to supper, ao<1, in ib. rt, was the lifbof the party. followiug hia ? \itsaple, the l>uke of Newoaat^ and the , mite deserted thetr data aud walked about chatting and j g'" ipj ug. Every one seamed in the beat of humor, and, iii spite 01 the bad dancing, bad music and bad (upper, tbe ball was uhe<rvalled in Its enjoyment, except by that of New oundJand. Tbe American press bas doae much to mate lbs frlnoe a man for society, and It was uottosabl# how, as be j snared America, little aria tour alio fornanhl'M ware given | up, and democratic polileueas Instituted, until last mgbt tbe Prince acted .ike a tborongh democrat, or like some of L a snceetors at a ban at Balb, when loo took the place 1 of rorsMllty. 1 fa rbowiag which of these forma, ties wars distsnUfu! to Ibe people, tbs press has bses awful, and tbe re porters lnteed sending the'r protege,as they begin to coo- 1 t.dar L'm, to New York tbn vary nicest of agreeable young j men. During thaevMiing both the Prince and tbn Duks of ' Newcastle inquired fur a pretty American My. Mian B . ol hatch'/, wbom they met at N.ngain fain, and wlib i worn the Prtnen wished to dance Ha royal H'ft.nem looks as if he might bars a vary ruecspi.bie nature, and bas already j .elded to several twlogta la tbe iff** of bis n.,drill. Paodrraon. lbs Prince s stewsrd, p?k leave of bim yesterday, tnd ret iron to New York thin even.og i'a bidding Lm goodly be ban I'd blm a mag a .brent g/J watch and cb a. laying, '?Tbls .? a token of my Tunas for your ears and for which I am mush lnde'-t od 1 am sorry you cannot accompany as all the army." Dr. Kerwle, Muter of the Korea, received a sin sr watch and chain, with the Truos'a thanks, and lbs jolly Debtor says w,(h an lavtutlin also to en!) and see hUn in Major Bernard, of the dhaadiaa (orce. received a Sp'eu did set of ahirI ileus, and others were present.:J with to-ens of tbe Prince's regard Tbls mors lag tbe Prince rermai'y opened tbe agrtraJtu ral etbibndm by walkieg aro-iid th#fr? im ?sd inspect leg articles end thee ten la a rpsetal train fw Detroit, | at. i mpsi. ?4 to she lepot '?y a splendid iwecessioe and a I vast crowd. Ussy of tbe member* of tbe suit* wbe base acompe ated blm through Canada, and ware now about to saps rate, wars affected U< tsars, so m b had tbey learned Is love htm The Prince h mnsl." alto seemed much afl'scted. The ram poured ?wsy, as usual w fnsrer the Prince 'oen arything mpc.Unl THE BARON RENFREW IN THE UNITED ?TTATSK. [?ernorr Sept A). 1*60 Tbe tp*c?ei tram ran tbrongh o Wmdner, oppuvit* De troit. in aft bonra Bet fsw lac ideals occurred m the roots, (be trale making but two *tup,mg?a At Newberry an O.-ang* leg wan d aptayed. but Con do !??? Pbtrhtng Moated oenr the side of the car end tor* ii down, pelt of it m cat* of two f lb* reporter* v? a trophy. At **#r> tin * at/eg the roots tbs w./pis tamo I est sad chened be Pimm loudly At Chatham tbn tr*m s opped ire mmalas, that the Prtaoe might see the bead ?, mrteie of tb* free negro- a tl?n *. t b.thaui ,s a and looking town if abtut three tbo iaaad ii heb.isaie, who all turnsd set t* me bm fesyai Htgbasm A ims of bismes, with t?rsh?e. wan lurmsd. aad asgross is al a tag-a of dirt aad d.lnpidaMnn thronged around. < as onuid emsil the town foe ml tee. Due artir,uatM da-ley nhbreii lb* Tribe* else real pteo*, tod WbhsJ eoppne* ta return a* mass sstons Tb* general i uaicr ai.d stsarb mad* lb* Pr.aee flat to ease, aad tb* trata burr.ed >e to Tlade.r, w u?oh was sc.I ant y Illuminated. Ibe sialic wat handsomely decorated. aad tbe 1'rtac*. stepping ipoe a rawed dais meeirsd four addrsanm, which were net reud. Tbs erowd was mtmsnss, and be twees lbs ..luaaiaatloo. torches aad krework*. tbs dwpiay was vary in* tbs dels, the Prisas wan married through lme? of sailer* f tbe barg* fTiadsor, a hick was I* carry mm to Detroit, tb ban.! playlag 'Sod mce lbs tfooc*. ' f A dej :tai ao,cA? , of li.e Mayar tad cttl/ana ! of Detroit, saeortsU tbe Trite* to tbe upper baleen, when a bair circle wan formed aad Comreor fTamsr and tbn Aldermen nf Detroit were presorted. The becr ng was When the heal reached lit# centre of tb* stream Mayor ski Stippi d forward aed ?*..l?' Bar n Rsnfrew, we wol mm yea (o the l"ni(nd Plate*, trusting that your visit by bn s happy one ibat yea may long remember It Mb pleaser# had mtMbfltkw." The ferr, n w a fc'n ocodrrted t?> tbe deck t* see ih* h mWMwn. Tie i rer mnncl with boa* br. linnt'y ill i.ioated utd brf?U with ftvicc the ieixg tui gvmt no -de* of our inland rtnr'ce Oo t jih r lee j| tie r*r?r the ally ?u ilmcinated, ud A'rftthor the djiploy to ?try (rtBd. After Mlilcf up ut down the re gib ol tba e <y, .he boat came to th? wLerf at the AM of Woodward tract*, wheraao iauntaae :ine of firemen were fcrtnud, and M far M oot could Md crowd* or apectavora ward gathered. At If eat fifty tbo tard prop* were vreaeet, and when '.be bind attack ap "The ?tar Spa-glad Bannar, the Steer jig aad ec .fcaa.a*tr; ware irtmec.Ui 1a. rcr eomt tsne tie lending w* delay* 1 "O aor- xt of tie crowd, and the Buron Mood loo ottu frgut anad at tM d.aordrr wtlcl a peered 10 reifa, acd wo ch * incidental to aa Auer- an crowd. in a few moment*. howeier, t c g.%eu were Xsic :<d to t-e carragta, paaaaa through the tfartxg n uioui Uittl culty, and ranched F.ceef" *'lote., where e^ odfd jTar tar* are rr 'v.ded. To uigta; the whole c iy a UioHicaieg. Baron Reofrew kavee umorrw at ten 1":Jt tea gpeeiai train fcrChicag:). thw *>?.** of Saw car-*; Mr. lapieaart, the ttuhta aeeretary; !Ari St. u-' and hie aw. the Eonorabe iir. A' iott - Lord Ly u*,>-?c. Brooe. Kajsr 'oaa'tlr. Oapt. ?rij and Lord HickUMU. toe ?qncrnee, aad twelve aorvaata, accompany c in, fo ror Mre invited greet* fro* IViroit. It waa evpreatly itlpuIeuJ by the Bike that ths tta a ahonid take at leaat ten bonro .n p'rforrr. eg the Jocrnry, aa be feared that fattier (peed weiid he dueg-.-rc a. The nrraagementa hare been made on all the American roada by Mr. B ?ohmeyer, the Queer'e oorr>?r, ted are that a rpecit) train of two care la to be provided, ul at the rate of (Ire conte per wlte f-w er.eb ---eon. "?mi* '.irnt'y no eoHld?r? ore allowed on the frioc'-V tra'n, nod the rr porter* are in diamay. 1 with yen c riid have Jenv or' race wb?n he heard of three tper at traxa. The party leave Chicago on S*tcrd?\, and proceed to Kenkaker, lather Cfc rt/j'rl'e atttion, <~n the ice of the Bl'reie Control Railroad. Tterve tb?y tcetatroae tie pralr'.e to Twlf^'k atat'^a, where tba real lec '? of Mr. Mirpan baa bean prepa ed frr tb.em. They ?? 11 find iba I xleae fi-tll of bnnfrra -a of prut. i>om Mr. ?organ a Lbey pro wed neat day to St. Louia, by the Alloc aad St. Louie Ra.lroed. i cc. rrwaticn last, ni^ht w'th Gem. Bra:#, k? ei< F~ete*d bis own and tbe Pence's Sitiefoct.on with t o iier in re; orts, *a>l with their geaml nc ?racy. Tie r enl.rrpr.te, be raid, *44 unparalleled. Drrr.arv, Sept. 21, lUil. Tfm Windsor folks did their 111 it. raijif !n 1<. ncroftbo r'nce last evening to New York ftwe. bun leg dawn two of the fineet blocks in the ei.y. One man was k.Med whiie firing a salute. Th e morning Bantu Refrew ud snit* 'ode about the city, the flee street* snd 'luild.ngs. The car r ji^o* wore tallowed on ? dand run by troop* of me a, hoy* Slid even ladies, all aavmia u> see Baroe Kvctraw. b'.mUar crowds gathered around the hotel and railway ratten. There wee co shouting, however, and ao die order. The old-fssbtoaed ree-denr* or GenerrlOan wrae pointed out to the Baron, who could not conceal hie mrpriee that o high an cii clal ehould live ao phuoly. Rain fell freely the mornieg. Oneral Bruce esrrened the Malefaction of lb* royal party with their reception at the depot. He Mid it wan wonderful, and showed bow atroag was the Interest taken by the American people la the heir apparent In the British throne. ANOTHER atvoorr. Orroit, Sept. J9 1W0. The Prince of Walet reached Windsor nt eight o'clock ti a rioting by a special train from Hamilton. After the presentation of addressee by the Mayer and cltl/en* the royal party ware escorted oa board the Detroit and Mil wauicoe ferry steamer Windsor, which bad been gor geously decorated for the occasion, oo board the steamer wcrs the Governor of Michigan, the Mayor and Council men, and about fifty prominent citizen* of Detroit, who were presented to hA Highness When the etwsner had reached tlie American waters, Mayor Buhl, In behalf of the city of Detroit, welcomed Baron Renfrew to the Called States. Arranged la the river, and covering a apace of nearly a mile la length, was a large feet of river sod hue vessels, their riggings being hung with beautifully Tar legated lamps and decorated with banners and emblems inner.bed with words of grccticg. At the alesncr bearing Uie royal parly mad* It* cir cuitous raraage through the diet, each vviel tout forth a perfect nil' wrr of rockets and fireworks. The warehouses fronting the r.ver ware tj lendkliy iilum aate I; flrewoi?a were 1st on from the ducks, and lbs whole rlrsr was one complete blase of light, making ono of the grandest U.a plays rvsr witnessed. The royal party landed at the foot of WaotwarJ are na*, where, and A the Mlp'.ulng streets, Itric tb uid people wrre gathered. An eacarl for the royal party, oompwr 1 of the Bremen of tb* city, torch is, ud most of the c ty military, had be a arranged, but the crowd ** < to great tonl it was .foun t imp ?s.uie for tue proor - ion to form. After some delay an 1 the great' rt con' itloa, the IV.hoc was taken a way to a close utrr .ago and drive* w the F.usee 11 Howe. imrecagaiaad by the crowd, b * suite f<4 lowing in carr.agcs, - .rrted by 11* CPomM with t rebec. The royal party w II *euaain be re uatit ?? el>'< to m- rrtw. wb, a they leave for Chicago hf IN v.chlgea Central Railroad, in aspooia! train A g?r( aua car for the rrlnx's ate has been pro -id ?d >y Mr Ilice, tb* iu perlatendeut. * Pi nrorr, Sept 21, l?dfi From *n ruly b. or tb.? men. ug the strssM ia the *1 e nity ifta* Russell House t. tv* -ess ?!*? fly packed with f jple, alt sasio ia to cat. b : g' inpee f the Bar-r. ?l,ra b sheu.i appear t - laa. bis depart,;r for lbs art. Just before ten u'ekrk be ? id* t? app- ?*jaoe w.ti. l* i of b.? suite. B* was alau kc ?| Aici by I! yor Bah'.lh* whole party talent.ogte take a irtvs lor' *a the city .efbrs proceeding to tbe cars A magnificent open barouche, drawn by fo r aiAgn.t cent white hmeee, bad been provided for tlx inter* I orcaeisa. The whole party seated theme* rt? in the hareoche, wbea tb* immense crowd yalh' ?d an 'ad. sad blocked up is* ithum si Ut.okfy a< to asto it nest to tmpoaotbi* to prooeed. ? hear tier riser was yivui for th* Bama aud the w.iiost oath-.i ism prerattod. The rarriag* waa feiiewed by immene* arow is oa WW, maty baagiag to tb* wbeela, who* the ??reel# sad *'<!*? **!?? oa to# root* war* literally biooked w tb people, wbo .atrcspied the royal party at evory torn, tfooh a rabble am taeet of ooafuetoo wore sever wtte#?**d for# before. After driving tbraug* s few of te* prtnr **1 etreeM, Mir wed by tbe leerltabl* rrswd at eveiJ step, tbe party proceeded to lb* depot, sad took their departure for lb leaf*, am >d the 8i mg of a m'ate ?*<t '/ther demon Straiten*. * i vEON UBrWf IN CHUJkt'O. < ?? on, 'fog*. ft, 1Mb Tbr royal party Mft Detro t at tea o'clec- iYj atom 'sg ' y tyer.*! tram, oa toe ?. . k gaa.Ceatral Ha bead for (brags. Tb* rrporters were a'lowod fo noc an. , any the pa^'Fi By ptrmls- on of < ?i, Brs e aa l th* k isdrrt* ef Bopertateadeat >.o* Tb* trala coaaietr f ii'4p the Pr r. e'i car, very h*n t mm 'y Bt ed ap, aa the royal p-.'ty ea, : lhat'Us.', ium- ?.h aaiertwi.aay I rsi.raoi if Mi, neat am* lut isr.aeti cm nest a | ipecal sat for tbe Marvels de < baa ' si an I hi ,ly. wb> I a., mpany theFilare, tad wb et same, with ibat <.f Dr. I Uvkiaad, waa omitted .a lb* list of the f > oca's su te > a ttrday. Ti.c loader, Tim as<! lb* New Y -ek T ?'iuit re per'en Jb ided tbemsilvrs ow U>* tra n w. hout peroiir ?iob, tad were erdtrvd oB bag lb* jnado* fi wrrre potttrwea ail.,wed to rotnaia, bv ?*?!?* ' ?irr Bra *. ; and lb* |S#iMi maw t' row h mnlf rjoa tb' char ty if i the lfarv-A ? theades wbow*,M* 4 a a*y hm ladii' I ?y bavtag turn evtatted This ? tMeiPaaps MM p> rbe'-'y fobar'be N'ewTtrfc press fr -m m.ay ft"Titles <t iiag I the rest eft i.e foir, ee sob strut .oa as i bet ef tee fH hi ?>? reprsaeotaiiv# w an bad as ente-, * ie-> a ttle i- sabrp foate carriage Pop": ntstivee Of " , aal* abo were l uviterf mtod Has |MUswt*%aad rai o oa la th* rffuiar tra a. Tbe train carry ngth# Pr lace and ? Itr , alj u ,>i>ed for Wood and water. At retry stales pe pie .urn# I sot te ore*do, eaeor'og, ealHsg "Fetrb b m out,'' < "mb lag wpoa the Mrs aa<t et to )#<>k in at tbe wled iws, i aa l mak!e( ?rer> r.Tert b- rate it s gkl of bis Royal il te as. but Bares Reefrew wo-i* eot akow biwiwff, Mi spite of sre-y eBort. Tb" peopie *a:: that h? m!gM bar* Hset, c"urUouo aaoegb to coaas aal en tbe platform wbea lbay had taksa to mnrJi trouble for him .fobs T' ???, onesf tbe Rx tmsa, aa.d he never saw In *irh vulgar car nelly ia hla Ufa. But fobs It a valtar ? irinalt? him self. sad well deserve* meat oa for hi* ca vSV and gnaeral raltsb deport meat. It ? run to sv- th ?* feat nmea'o rratlesaea order r i ad lb* wa tare at tin buteia, and to imtie* tbo dafbrerr* paM tirai. Beef ar t ?- e r-e 'a great dfpranf, aa>l vanish Imi trow ie a itaw wbg John ati t;a '? cwt iff re. Tb# *V.Dee kept tM j -??ar ell d-y, ?i?'-ju!g, emoking oa rw.-ng. A; Mai stall >' Mod payed ? <<kJ r'uvti Ihi v.'"*'?!" *bd tb'''?tr/ei party stood -p, id j_ij, l? de '.no :ar *h - me '>u>d was ploy .?g. The/Vina* u?fguge *u shewn to boim *')!?? wbo -.ocid not Me the Pfifce, aid .My ted II rp ""?0 greet enm, 1b :rd?r to a..y that toey tai touched lie rrincB ? buff tf > pnu.Bg thejr flog at revirehtiy on toe 'n't-ele H. R B Tommy sflj be o-tdcne. oer Uitiy. AO Old BBC pot 00 IBe lr; n b??# t. * ?.D If rov-B < 8. S> m:)*r ktteBi .* wife u ias!1 wey* mo.ic at oeery Sl&liuE a ti'i<sgr?pb iMitUv?u yii board toe tra.c ,u? pocket :ittr .Her', o . rder to end fir bo*p 'J any accident ooe.rtcd. ilvi'y rrota t en ?u wu, and. Bl toe tick* at Sen ui.e's <?der. .te ?peed war not great. At Silet bum hearty abe-re were given,u.a a 4bj', .et was huido to toe Pricoe, woo leaned from ibe car wtone to recr-re It, and b"wed be mania. Severa! it.lie from Cti.tgo ?e (?vtcd me reg.lar train *0.-0 ?n Detroit liree hotua Id e-ivwi.e. 01 .eh gr ?? b! rg *u raueed by tbla delay, and .re fee .ng ran Otgb upoc the tubjack it 'at; .bo train .eicted Cn>.?gi, ac t the royal party weal o..t on me p?.Ubns tot-e tbeci!> and bay by men: gbt. Xoey aspreeaad adte'rai oo at Ike mmcnte per ?t :h carnta trains !rto tbe bear: of Ue city. it toe depot, aa rmecae crowd tu gathered; end aa toe lr? j> eotered eereral Il luminated buildup* wto pined. Barer Renfrew pawed aioBg b 1-ne of people, wbo were kept tr. to aim by ropes, bowing, with baton, amid repeated sheer*. iabe peered a rub was made, ted in rp 'tc of every eflbrt of the jo .ccmeD tbe crowd surged .n lie Uo see. Caron .'.enfrew waa hurried to Die carriage *e*n aa poet .ble, it j au.te bblog preity well jepUod 1 y tr.e crowd, aoff driven to tbe rttcbacEd Bona, near by, arc'Bd .t-b i crowd of five thousand person* rt-xd at tte w ndowa, In a meet perfeil tllccce and order, to aee lb* Tr tx i abode* even. Tbe Mayor and tie Brecon Cc..roll *<-?* leet In tbe rust, but Ccnrc! V.ilk'Jia,or Tl.liken*, wb ? tea been ji a etaie oi profute perap.rb.ico * a xttk, tM wbo Imagine* tk* Tr'n-se raw* cu >?.:- -*?? to trj hlu-, ?ad* a prominent feature in tbe reception. To-night tbe Prince t aa a . bauce to eew tbe Wide Awakes, wbo tors ? t in honor of tic.en.or Banks, tbelr captain baring m authority to order tuem ojt for tbe rrtoee. A arge procession, prcf'.titg n nugnibcent ap peertnee, !? raaairg through tbe f-eete. Baron Pen "raw bis .ul'mtted cre l'.tat tbe Marine Bank here, and will probab'y draw roiney for tbe bclanee ot the {rip. To morrow be let*;* for D* ,gb' rution, aa |rlegra|ilied yeaterday. ? He will do all hie aboo. eg (and that, liter tbe rlka practice cf hie mother, wffl be very little) b* , tveen Kankaka and Dw.ghl'a Slat ton. HewU) stay uver Sunday at tbe private reeldeoc# of Mr ' lorpan, and pro ceed on Monday to it. Loots. Tte will go frou tbat rity on Toetday v.a tbe Ok.o and M>eeisalpp> 11* triad to Cm Olanntl, and thence, by Rait mure and ufaio Rail road, to tTwhtngton, wtere ble etay will pr >litb)y be prul. nged. TRF 1'RINCR llf PSSN9VLVAIII.4. We leara that tbe Triac* of tV'aiea ba* determ oed to creaa tba llieghinlea by the reaciytvant* Central Rail road, and accordingly be will leave Pittaburg on tbe 3d of October for Harr lab erg, where be will be received by tbe Governor of tbe State. Thence be will pro.-**! to Baltimore and Washington, and on hie return pean through this oily, and, after a stay of a day or two, go on to New York. By tbla arrangement tbe chief e ,'tieer of our Com moowealtb trill bare an opportnnlty of welcoming the Prince to Pennsylvania. B>a Royal Highness will be able to *** lb* kneel eceoery in tbe Tnited Slate*, and to in ?peet our Central road, on* Of the grandest atbiertuieats of human skill and enterprise In the world?PhilaJ-ijMa OUR HAMILTON CORRESPONDENCE. Hmi'toi.C. W.,3ept. W, I'W. P-rarture fitm Siaytra to.'lt?r.rc"t Stonuitioi'. and tit Corner Stone?A Mayajlot/U I'ttie?,St Culhertm't and the Prinet'i K' rfAian TKtre? 6n..i?fty?JfamiMm? Zntkutietm *f the FcpfUee?Vaaiptian if the Ciij, dc. YeeUrday morning at tea o'clock lb* Pr uot .iud party ,?fl Niagara Yalta, under a eaiute (ram the \ uluatecr ar tliiery, and irarclicd by (pecial train to MtLottoti mmn, ditlant ecven milea. There tfcey aceled the "Mount-in," , an elevation three tiXilrod and forty ?lx ltd aboto it. 1 level of tba river, and approached the lofty moti'inucl under which tte the aabea of the brave General f.r ivaac Brock and fcia aid# de tamp. The arrival was eifnaJed ay ilia t'ring of a royal aalatc , and holeting the Price or Waiea' ttandard on ;h<* flag llaffat the foot Of the m ?nuruCLt. A Couipaa/ 01' Ice ? anadian Rlilaa acted aa a guard of honor and aaer'y a tUnuaaad people were aiarmMed in the vicinity of toe , platform, at oa? tldiaf the culuu.u. toad** noni-anvr. Tt ta monument baa only been erected three yt?- aoJ tun by tukecr pll u, too original one boor, blown op with gunpowdtr, I'lared P ore by tome malioeua band. IUr objeni of Ihm t.?ll eat to aaogurate the mourn ? rat and reeeit e ac adJieaa !Yom lha elerana of 1113. out hundred and .11 tj of whom ?ua uow prraant. la eluding ur AlUa UcNab aad Pir John F.ob.ntun. the t>Meat of Ike taivlTorv. Tha ?t trr?* we? read by .he later I.. tinner., to the I'r.u a rcturucd lha folio * .ag tt' tag reply ? tfvuitfwv?1 *r pt with mixed f flfug* of pride and pair. tb. addre" vh.-h y i here prc-enitdoii tti.a l| ot? j rite a the fallen! J-v. I* of my nvmtrymcn bat patn fr"? the r?lt? that ?j ir.aoy of the no>'le land you n>e belonged to hare patted ??u from the mm of tU' bravery of tbe.r yri 'tb and of I' e p* ?c 1 ?v rat-ont of their riper yoere. I bare wl.l cpty i*D?et>ied to lay m at Fverjr toe hirt ?!?.?# of rh r mmuniiet Pvery nttcu u>ay ? timet eft, -e p. iu e'- ghStira. rn . ntrnorate Wt herore aetd, that'deede of arfwt, tbe.r coble <|oaiha Thl'iaeo taunting i ottt of v>< or> an ien<-wal of lorg pa?t ear m"?i|M- b-t a noble ti.b'ila to a obiter I fame? lk> move towerv >? t eea w wr r?ad.!y ar knoe lodge IU by wf.?w 0 tusvery arid tu valry Dm* joioptt by wl .rw fianda he ttll. 1 Ire t mat Cnt.wa ml' u?rar w?iit ?uch v in eer t* the -? who'n- ght in the n-t war, nor I. r \ nnttera bo witnoM ta e ad-* 1 ? aa laaa and Ml i neatly I pr.y thai J r e>.*t ymir decgbM *? i.i y a vrr bio psPeu .i|?"e ti e'd nth't ieur'.> to tv who h y?j hurt v> ? u.laatiy *?,a I n m th.i rofly point waa edPr >?d of |h* gorge of Itae Nia g*r? ml ' yand Of f ret: nod Ivld, mtualaia aaJ town, ba *?d, far aa the rye could carry, by a wide iwvey af lha idae Ontario, while ! '?eaeath. aad at tba back af tba v .'age ef y aoatoa, wh ch tan a paf.atlua of Ave baadrcd atood un-la* the avttam ui.da a ao tary trea Tbef fell kr uk la lha ami of victory. 1 a. ght <i< ant (ur b"or? upon a te n# ao plctcram.oe ead tiU ef rater. at, but t'nrf prearea, aad a acwayape* hat Ibw a TO ik ? tree?e >ee'-ak,e tn.'ru?hia lloyai nigirHre paired a.1* r n yytag to the a<idreaa. Near II at. obeliak bad be*a b'and ika top anna oaly reioir 'J h? ha lewerr-l ul1 p ace Th.a itoae waa .aaurlbr l w.tb lattera ? L'k m i lha areraaikoly Umtnrf yf tue maa. Be Jad oa the lhUr af tWI'drar 1113, ?btle adraaclag to , repel I be lavadiag eeem.i A ailrar Uowa. waa banded to the Prlaoe, wtth *M*b he iprta I the mertar uadar lha rtoae, aad (Lee the ? iton* wa i.*wrred like a .ofiB to ib grave,aad th.aeideu < 11. carenttby Hi* R.?ai II .baeaa tad telle mare.' airly aftw ibts ;; evaded ib rn? treat* to the tt earner /.iinmermra and, ? ubark.Ok. >a,ied dawn the river to m v.lieon or tut iiu, . t ch, ' 1 * ?:. oIjco the Pake of Krai landed t; ere, wea ! r toni> ihe metrapona of, b?t tha oatp t'-wa <t tVper i Canada, -areral aeaa aad r.tndanme arcbsa hero lent a | 'ativr wpert to tha ncrn* at U>r water t.da. The f orpo rataohh* mag. tlraMa bore prat on lad add retort, |o which t-rtef r?T ** *rf* read In tl,? pavltloa built f-,r Ike oooa i/h. ? After tbit ihe -Iratter pb ighed way Into the wide hot tmn^u.l lake, the Atn-rtcan fort ai the month ar the r rnr on her way It *aa ao-w dho,raree that t'-nw af the terr aata had heea left h*tnad. and for U.eee lha Mai returatdi Ttreu a be aj'*d forward iga a, aad be f .r* bar arrival at Part Ua'^uatt, tba term me ef tha tre'.lahi! aaal. Inaeh war racved oa n- ard Tim I'iraa t ile carriage drive from the latter ptace to ?v (.alaahiVB" wat very pb-aaaiit, owiag t<* 'he abaraoe of ?le?t, the rural ',*iet of I e roed and the beaut fit auaiy wtetW the Pnnee wat tbea e*?h>l vted unc-r t 1 to .t un* ytr.iina. ta n a Corp.atiei addre>t|?tt i*ad >y , aha I lag at aad MM to >n the 1*41 maa< ar t c* liter aea ;r?i<ated a very pratty *i ,ear? t. ch ar I cli.ti-cturally aad to It a ?! h| bay "I rohtteer tronpt and a BMroua de* ret-mt <me a tha arche- >u uaifild air. oauer maklhg thai, ra ght he a.pp*.and, 1 aay it ru built tetiraly of our harrela hi (at her are la pttaeoal y aitoatod on aa open fatran abort the r .lay, ihro gh wh.ak winda <na * etiaad rwaai. and the laau r <ta rwmity into fartu.. and wall t.itlvatel at tn ham *are*d fur lltalf the iav*w.' '}*? m r' If. at." mertidlaai wat n are h'.'d In a* o.e eeteem, aad it haa biueaat a awn*, meon of tnurtttt ft i* diaftat laalva m>Ma from s'.i^ira Fall*, ar. l thlrt two fram ffamlitnei, and tiai a pnfuilat not nhvut eevra th*>"eand. n trHa rtvark fa tay it at f a :.'ja E.ghneea mU aa aathkalfcal-c raceptkh frou Uo ahab! tauts, th?. Ida jbeering and wr.visg cf bandkc.'-hivlb w?re?Bercetf and it*'. b'uqjefa wore bare and thero tfcrc *n airoaa n.a path b jt it will apply to its rat is muct a* *x any other mode by tit I'r n to ia North Ame rica. I rent It. OatLerlscn to Bam hum ten .tourney waa per '.oiuiiJ by the '>r?at Western RaJway, the luxe of which h?re run for the moat part thx >ugh beaatiful park like acenery, reminding cue of tb? landscapes of and other parts of .'oglac 1. The train stopped at I'avar. on .ne* ,? ay, where a r<atfbrm and da ? were erected at ? be nat o, wbl:t was gay.y fentoaod wttfc everwreeoa, end crowded with an eager nullit !e. The nvariable address waa here presented. after which .be train snored OB, follow*: by Ui rejoicing snouts of a thousanl. 1UJILT M. or "The '.ttb't our City,' as <a '--.habitant# de'ighl to call it, wia "Of n rear after th e, and here, for the ?lx,e of the i|a*?, tbe proceed.nee wer" osceod xgiy lively. Ibe Hamilton t.e.J Batfry Cred a salute, the doge Dark en, and there are uafartcnakily ,-ieuty of su-tii in the Am hitioui City; the people hurrahed fr m the bills and ino level ground, Poja eouvperet and joailod old wo men wh.lo in the act of ihakiug their pocket bandger.-t.e<b II the air for the xra* tioat.ou of eye* that did not awe- the Roman Ca hoHr Bwfceo end bie .lergy wa.ged away In high Judgsoa ? t ta ee no par ticclar poailUm wax aat.gnoi to tfc ui tn tL? prooeealou the bail broi.rn horset ol tho vcfort-mr cavalry cct sad capere nder U.e r riders [th -members of the Abollt.on Society, oompoaod entirely of Bagman. stood in w siting like r i manv ar..uiiu i blocks of .ud.a ruooer; .hose oi the Tei'por.tnce floo'ety looked thirsting for boor; tae o/floe:an: the Sedentary Mtl'tia had all the appearance of soldiers the Caua<l'.iin Order of odd fellows we'c certainly truo to their order, and tbo Uayor would peraisi in exposing bin bar" head to the run. Tho plat fern, at the station over Ac wad with a crowd of both ecice. intent uj-cl squeezing each other. In tbe eotre of tho platform was erected a dais, a ir ?o wted by n canopy, to which hia Royal Highness stepped on alighting from the oar. Hare the Mayor, with blF brad l tho eve, read an address to the Dr luce, wh >, with more wisdom, kept hia c thoc.ksde,and endearorod, by say >og "Come ont of the ? uo," to inJnce that worthy to study Lw health mom. Tr thw ? reply having ru rc Itan . id.ur.ry a.gtiEcaB*! wte returned, it b".ng Ut? last fttM .fad he will make n the provncea It ran that, and was uttered with maraud rmphasll and Leung ? G*mibsik>?Tbia is tho laal of the vory numerous addressee which have towed in upon me from the man ;,pal author,?:<*, of wreil as othc r bodies '.Lro- ghou tbe '.noon's dom'.Lina :u N'orth America. ?h<"0 1 bare cow trarorawl frctn mat to west, and 1 ran ray wtta truth that it is not tho lean fervent in it* ?iaclarsttons of atta bmei,. to toe Qu<?r, nor tbe least earnest .n is sap rst.oaa for the mctees and happ.itisr oi my future life and in its prayers that my career may iv one cf twefolasas to others and oi honor to myself. You <anno', dcuht tbo roadtneac with which i onderto k th. duty which waa ectruatod to by the Queen cf visiting IB her name and on he r behair these pceaaaaiona of bei crown, [hat task ia now nearly completed, aud it unly rematna fbr me to report la your so rrreiga nnireraal enthnalaam, naan'.asoji loyalty, all pervading patrio'.ltm, genera! contentment, nmt 1 trust no lean general proarerity and happiness. 1 can never forget the tee nee 1 witnessed Tho abort time tiur.tig which I have enjiyed tbe privilege of associating myself with the Canadian people met evor form a high epoch la my Ufa. I shall bearsway with oh a gratof il remcicbrancc oi klndners and afOctl >n which, ae yet. 1 have been unable to do anything to merit, nnu It sna.i be the rouatant eflort or my future year* to prove inyteif not unworthy el the love and coo Ode toe of it zone roue perpte. Ram'.ton waa well favored by tbe elements Its triuaai bal arubes and other evergreen decornt. >l?. its km thoueand Legs Di.tleriag iu the e .blight over tlie house tojs, Its illstc.nation dcvi- ca, if ro> a and wo:-en :n holi day attira, Ma nataral atyncry?a.'i vrcr-" ^a to th- '>c-,t advuutaya in th>' bl ight nod ioe> riphl >.f yesterday. Tlie city, which was laorrp' ??' J in iWT, is built on a penile alopo. backed, like Moe'reu', by a hill cn"od i he "MountAin "on ibe southwestern shore of B"rhii*t'>ii bay. sn In It l of lako Ontario. Iim afreets cross u-sob other at right rogk-a, and it can Ixrort ?f rtsay ecbetan clone and brick bu)!d|r,k-e, n? 1. wh it ia better, raw w. <Nion pace, the b-umts tieiug cMedy ..f Uw fv-inar ma teriala. It has s population of about t* rnty eight thou aaad, and | i.bltabee two dally nawepspera. ^ Tin ra(KT?-ijo!? mo*#Worwant Ir, the midit of a dec ~c multitude tUu S!2f.rr* ^ U" ^ "npoJo^, *n-? it ere was n .hof'tkM ditcrdrr always lnreimr&blo fron, acoixtri oii5. Th,' .n??>T route ?*t. odtd Tor about u mile an 1 a fcaf tiro juIi , ,:rtcU '? u><' ffSldeoe# p.-opurod f,.r hia Royal Mlganoar on the "Mountain." Tt.U .1 u pleasant manttcr, Handing ic Its own grounds, and from ta clcva iiea rOB,Bland np a foil flew or tho city and bay. A timbar house atsnrtn mar, which was made r< ?ly far lUa r.ltr mh'1.5 othri? of the nyr.t and i,.T a! puta worn 1 r"r -l Koyal H,:.) ?,u. <?;' tb' ? r M dweoR iad b euglvrp up >>/ pr.vnte it,sent, mi* a an 0Qb6a 1 r the use cf tLo Pritr.c uid suite. After pasticg under a?m?ro ? tastefully ? Indurate, 1 5!T_ . a*d being rung to, at no# (v.ot, by a larse plat fur in lu.f ol i hoof eh 'dree, to whoa* be sra'.frtl i*ni rwirctf Will, his eostotoarjr coru'a'ilr, j*lc and ur*.\ tbougb bc was, Albert F Iwar!, at ?:* n'tEx; , arrivai at bis d< rtln-stlou. In !br CTeniff A Ukh'.KAL lUXNlAATU.V AMI a HkBWOT# VOBeti: UT I'llO rt <1,1* CfiBtr ' ntrd to Urf , p a tj: l. n..-nt, t,?t tbe latkr wi< t.oguUH* pour. At ? n u'cioak bm ituy U,.' utr , ? t red .it the laaututc, whero u tr*tl conceit 1 v a be.ry girio by tbi. hamii.Tot rKunarjtnsic mmustt. ' As l^be r<yaj party entered lit# Lot nreparml for item | r-rrcrd.-,l by a Cinirisb of trumpets, tb* audience by *, 1 110 ana a...: ge oi.e, 1 ?e, ?rj the performers, nn-nbaruiir mora il.aua hnadrrd. eon mm.} J a,2gti ? the national ant . i". all preerul taking part ir the chore. Tlic flrat ! ' 1 rt of Bay.ln'a oratorio ,1 1 - ? .mi, - 1 ?j prrro.icl ' In* Royal fllglrea* arrival, ,r 1 the remalnd-r of the progr iiame iccoo'e i ?? N-ctiot* only from the win ? of Haydn nod Ii*.,(1,->t, t, wl.ieli nr.* 5 r? 11 wHh tn-lifl re,.t |?"'i< ?om? CI the, ?oloa were fbherln#, anil tl. ? ehorvi o-it or ! . armooy. There *?? t *igrent a preponderance o'r.mai, , over mai to war, ami i:.? ?iml Instrument! wer# tn icb ton ,?od f..r ,hn **,11 ,?,? The rnn only romalneJ ? i.iert time, aunj then drove w^Ii* before holding the leree a' the floral ji'dei. be vlalM-d the Cen'ral ?'ehool, wntre a Irf of env'o ,? rbtidrea that had iv nmlo half the night th'nk ;i.? at. wit bim wera ??fetri?'f ?? ibelr JeaUa Afl rtb-I Uvea be nailed t! ?. Nil '-ION | | T|f\? T it Utter * situated i>o *u r online at tho extern rod of 1 be city, where tb. viev < v? flae ard esteaJod a* fmna it* ar r?il ,1 Moi Bi?<n ft it bnllt rhieuy of wood ?B? t .ii?, oti ft tu?re f > n-!%t .t-B, n*. ! h? r trijvrflch) tftn ! of thirty six ttio'iaand f-ot. It i*otit'.rt< of two ibirlo*, and 1 hta aa cet?^,.n grouad piai. turm- mte<i by a eros# tin tots! hi yM he p( a tun I-i d k-et AH tbe wiadotrf btre etiol ctreular b?-dr. and an- filled with around rlvat t The attf d?r ta pa nted in a light stone eolcr There aiseveral de'a i:"d r-.-iodeii prem'fes tttv?ha l to it, t?n Atmg of atahks. can ?: =b")? at.d hay b*:?r# I II ? an imluetrtai sod iv-rlcu,ti ra! rvh b.tloo, n.t'i the addtt,ea ,?f a ralih ah ?r, fltr talabfe and drltkahie ard mala of rrarly ?tl defet|pt,e*? hare h'tn 'rsuR.vl in end sromni 11 large 1 w '.rra. The tpt> r store ;a far tfu aria I .m told, but th * at prrrwet a Hank" ttn bit "oyal ni|br?f? ret rn Tt-r-n the rontmpUl on ' ?rplga ami pofgbr, eieu, Mr-prod bwrmh? lonehed Will the eh., t ?? 11. ly ,i l!. KHI ai I H e. sfl thrr. dror" u> ir%' < rate ma " i tub tr#eva The Priere hod a 1-i r horse ? irritg?. hut hi* r-lte I rode ? vthUl.? ib? ' ! have 'one er"lu lo IVnov hr ok f.T.r and it--a* yc ,e .or vdrd a* to narerltsls m WWM , ? ' ? t r. .... .*?.? |I -y v nt. belter akeM'r, thrmji the roe.' 1 ? rnwd 10 ll.?r*ilaar wbail, wli-ra ihe petty . m'owrSe-l m tbe *W*I. ?r !Wer , Wra, and prooraJeJ p. 1:A 1/ ppo?:w the ' haaid,' wherr a trfr .dbrrf ?,> ai.-the altamrr t^tk !? v, #, fium whMli they landed at a ja?? Ibfciru mil for Is* orraitoti There lid Prim * ? rrflnr d by (Ii? -dii rlir of the eornty wbdrot 'uet^d htm M lh' engina boour ;ro iads ?bei. Hie wsiemei -er rnther. Wwtrr uB'fi? lb# If*) rrwl "?(, r k eal J lent trie*, wer? assetuhl-d TV-a at lb* b?nd ard ni' ath of the t bnlrmtB r the Bi .-d p-rt#nte,i an oddr. ?, to nhicb * bnef ni !y war yiiee Hi* Royal High"*-? that. *t\rt?d the main*', and s t.iiutc ws flrfvt in n 11 r of tb*eveal. Tb? caretu or ' b?.sg 1 w 1 the parly rat raed to town It Is 0' ? b*iepa?? ten e>snd 'he roy?l ranmaa baa I v t rained Albert I?ward to tb? ball, la Hm r>ar of the Aug... Saier If. tel. whero b* a t? dure* Ihr the lsrt ttaae smt-ng hla motbsrv ana e#t? 'll ? at ># for ."eara or it nuy K tbrrrar " I Heore(. rward, till hie arnrai p , .Bglaad, inlet, hr , sil? at He -mods ?? the e?y bent*. Ida bellaa of the Pa tad Btotes will be h ? w liing ptrlneia. Ilnppy man, with a prr'lti t ae drii. I?,i.? all hi* own Mr ne*t latter, t*t"i!l ng lb* I oni af-?iHBg of the rt blbittoi show friwiada. wh aJ. la to take plsr In (iw BMtrair - tad otbtr eteala by Hi# way, wiP 5>?date 1 fltm iwtroit Tht Ifne* #1 W?iea willlb#r be fliron t'.cnf,tw 0 carer, and at ?ndh srtli ?n-ef with s rfeept at fr *? the |wofd* ef lb# I'B ted Itaw* worth) of tht ? n of "uemi V Morla, of lh* lotun-Kiag of F?g ?nd P* It of c . a,-o sad lanrnoge a#d wr ert,;? Catiao I?a pr.ap rily 11 ur pr-apatdy, ftw wa are I okH ? tb l,*r to - ..-rwefr - mora nt tr.alfiy thar any Mher rst'on on rs 'h Wa ar? tUufw bor.ed by tbe t.cs * ra' r*' S" n.iy nr. ' uterr#t vl ir | therefore. tbttU of onrfllea' htpntvarbe xeakeoed and may we do hwf fe fnyitn l lp Ihe per#,n of if,* . | ? ?t i?t of Kaglaad a h*.o\cd aortreiga. Inrontr'l latBrit. I .It t a v F'?t*? ? fh - w->i? -d-irnofr birtner h'ld an m, rat j'tltfilS) st p er I Eaet fivea, up w lb* body of as nwi.nown rosn, ahe t f wtr years of ace, whs was ft addmsaad. IV,-?tcd w a* dm fact algbt inch#* la b*?kt. bad dark balr ready wnu?r*,sod rrntn hbi dr?it a#t?ar?d to hart l#ew aa loaute ?if the Workt. oat o? B act. wet a t*liBd The him rea ttw-l at. J! t of - "ftpe'd itfBWT.irf ' and the body ?, tl.<.re', ,n rent 1 to Iwi I nl f r ateri -hi Hro..m?n C ay Vmu T??At e . f, 101I .1 I vt. -At foor 0 ch k I.M em ring a ?tr#m flrd rnr'pp front II,e to .loag MtnufAc' I r ag 'on par,, of M1. ater, N. II , wa* av,?,bltr.| ,0 (rowl of Ilia 1 .ly Hail **.1 it* poerr w- ? tried in throw lo< water oa tbe bniid eg Th# "v., a* *si nr. It way to Troy, wb r* It IS to h# busht it g?t? tipaUwm t*ry ? ui. k, b-tl ? regar! |n throe *r a mraim of water 't I* t, no rraf.t to ba rww-pwred with ? m r of t'.r . ? nr. msa ilaclff d n the ne ghborh" ' Ptl.r I'? htv'N A??i-i, 1?Tho* R -km#, lh. | ie* r,ck fcy," asy* tht Tibs* rf Jo-rnol of iha Jdn ihi laa.arrip -il.sba.1 oa T iaaday. ef.alleaite'l ijes I'ttlt hfkf hlni ;a thr pr..e ring. on *f. Jort Uy fn? . t'pled the okajleagt aao* -red and stalrd tbat the a .,, sn." moti.y were rtady B 1 ot, ir* 1, rp ?? a e# Ihe pi.ii ital.ot, ..f in* v -pta, v, .we 01 lb*'t sy. r'r noiiw o.ade si. ,iav i. of li?#'lao, wr I'.l.m ? rseo dern r. it.-t|o the aa d rarda and !.,? Il.w. r |.S .* ? ?S'?|II upor. * I ' I. b- th iwri ** were srt< t#i ?? U .1 wi ha 1 m |h# ? m of ere If.'i.isi.d dc tart *t-h I" >*.y w ? f a w. ' Additional Particular* of the TcrrlHo '1 oroatiu ta Uli iiuitm Tb* Mobile paper* ?t laat ij?lur ay aftern ->r ?x " ~ ?? day gir* lull particulara o? ih? torr So atorm it to?. o'ty oa lb* 16lb met. \V? ?t> t the following Ercm or.r ei changer ? [from the Vvi-n.rg \ew., Wept if | Tor aereral day* jvjit. the wind uj u.en from tLe t-crvn, but a auceeasiou of high lidra bad given evidence tt?i wind* wore prevailing "J iho nut. Friday n go;,abort* )y b -fore ten o'ehw h, ? ran ootnm ooeii, wt.-.b gradually tr-mased daring the nigfct. H wind, t.\ 3rttw*a northerly, gradea'ly worked r mud to the tur. cod > rth eeft, and nt the t mo we write (twelve o'cto*) ;,** been blowirg I'urloutly ninoo no urly hour <? tLe tn-.c Irg, the rain rontlou'Bg with morona t atrer^Jj. *h* water hu rUo* beyond the cornor of iMupbm and If ?.er Btr< eta, and our mor.bartt are b uy aecLr'ng the r f or*. All tbo'wbw us f t that at the Aaot ot u ... et are under water, and Ibe r ater ttUI rising. rt?c nd at pretest is more soutin 11> ? but atu.tiug. We iikTe not heard ui nn> actual damage fri.m '.be go far, but wpprohengioua ?r* unterta tor the a ;rta wall ef the new then!re, the heavy derrick, \.ed f?rhol*t Ing materials, baring fallen against it, oi-oLog !t *> ff* pel kersihiy from a i-crpeedtcuUr. One o'clock ?Several steamboat* are n<,s a 104 wbarvet, aiid ukiiiuc amusing themselves w.ih aw le aning tn V c Lit street. tb. water corork tb-' k. lewautfl ?n au kwrago about Lai/ way hot * oea Wator ani r.cyal htntu. About ef v , ii o'clock ibe >'uiern gable of ibe reed hots* fell down, to ibe big J gtkUihnit.ou of kouc of the [lavo ? 1 h, w ho b- ..l.d it a* an Interposition of lioavon oh their behalf. Ifeo an:, boat from New o.ieaogts villi oat, but Ihd prolkbitlty lg ebe anchored unrer gouie Lee abor* f? pro tei tton. b\i boots left here for the b?y cr river. It .a Itrjvsglble to i*t!nrate what tbelrtk will bo. W? k ;rn ftom reliable authority fiat every mere haul from Water street down to t o river Lag an tamed more or iosr dam a,yi. The railreat track b1 lag wit merged, of eo .r*? its V>* ?toslnpl passenger tra.u laded to arrive?neither comd tLo CUrOielie Uain ?>i p last wer..og Vie have every rea* n to bol'eve thai tbo t-oe? boa not boca inf 'ed, aa<f by tbc tlrnt tbu meets tv y of he roafer tb-.t tc* former train* w'.'J bwv; arrived and that all aeedfui ar rolg willb* made to Lave everylhuig .u run&'.ag order ly Woof ay morning ii.o freghi wag ail ,ot up oa the pUtf >rt?i eare and m not d.tiaagcX Toe ottor, tsw ever, jg ail wek |i rom t'jf) Siobi ? Register. 18.] Friday BiaUt, short)/ bc'-ire 1#o'clock, ? ra.n com. mcace-i, wfclwi giaduatly it i'lwoj durisg the night. Tba wind, which at Urt> ?? northerly, praltuilky worked rouuJ U> the i-oat tut* HKiitKiwt, atid at trie time ire write (11 'oiook) a h?a I)- ? iiiriwinK lurtouily ?iaoe an early hour ' f the morning, toe rata cuatiuuin^ with sur eating ttn nctb. ?ha water baa riaen heyuud tlte oornor of Daa I kin out Water street*. and our merchants are Quay i> rut leg their goods Ail ikt' wharves, ex.'cpl that at tbs foot ? f *iauphlu, xro under water, tud he water still i i*!ug. Tkii wind, .it prvteut, in intio auu.cei /.but tblltirg About 11 oV- fit li:e eastern of the. guard titM f..'l c.itii, to the hij.h gratification of some f the prison rra, who hailed It a; an lutot petition of Hearer on their behalf. At half pant or.e the wind U.t1 vccro-1 to west cd south, and waa e inalrterabty abate-!. The wind, toe, had ceari* crated ? Busiueis ihrtr.f i out the day wnt cntiiely ruipewde#. Net a tale of notion wos sold, or aaiegle commercial transaction ban bi-cu ur- ct-d. In fart, our eltl.nne la voicd ibouweitca wholly to the laborlo-t# work :t earing their priporljr;and thone wboae intorvsu wire not vm perllkd nobly tame to the rescue of their leas fortuatd nek labors. There wss s Urge arrival of c-dtun on the wbsr-to end in worth-justs, which win rerlettsly damaged by ibo walir. The itcsner Baltic, ly'i . across tbJ rirer, caught fir# about two o'cl'.ok. the luo was put out by the hands m hoard, end hot little -is ntgo was eons. It wss rumuitd and feared Unit the steamer R. Niuho'as, o' Miis-o Cox, Bramsrd k th is loot, or seri ously uau-sg- d. M o la ta -I to be blown up on oao of th# wharves near Hitchcock'* Picas The steamer J-. i.a lu i$g?, owu-.-J by lir. Cox. -ymg at iho loai.ue wsyr, was biowu sen as luo river, and is work luur hundred lares from to* ban!, of th* river. j-Verr thing above tor boiler dec'-;? chimueys, cabin, be ?id gone, ami noih'.ag exospi the machinery will bi tared, which will coal as mu.b salt is worth to anv* it. Tb* boat has been reemtiy itjwirc.d. The tU'smer Wavatnr, owned by tho MaKrs. Menhsrt. wss also blown iioiu the ways across into the marsh, ;usi above One Mltacreci , wiih her chimneys down and . i per works gone. Shewn) probably bo gotten oil w.ta hat little damage. Ibe avaiuer SVarrxY, O i-taln H It Johnson, 'y'.tg at uuc <>f tho upper whsrv<?, loet one of her cb tccoye, and auc taint a damage of bbect f 1.100. TV- alto harn thai ibo rnlt barge of Hr. M, St the loot of Gorermnent street, cagtisod and threw into too river about four I) ouaaud sacks of salt. The loss in the m at ehouros is said to be abc 11 thirty tbuusnnd sa-ks The wborvcK arc injured very much. All sr'ieleo of nie-cbandiae on them, t?? wi-ut at the wood yards, tho lumber and -aw log* at the mills, hare bo?u swept, away, and a veiy itriuiia i--f? ol pri-mir- uoua aii-clea has beem -usia niu. ibe exact amount of wk.ub we cannot (ears or i t-w iptwoxhaate. 'io mid to the horrors of Iho day, M about two o'cloefc the fir - boll lauR a cad fur me d. partmcnt to scbdi# S tire en the south aide of Government street, ?.**. betoes ttoyal FortnnnHly, however, little or uo Uo.wad done. Agam, between three aud four o'rl ck. the alarm ef Pre ?s? sounded, and it wss n ot) .ivccrlaluot .bat the wa-e hooseof J/rurt IW)iToy .1 itarrhoU, In rrit'cb s area umot.Lt of line was stoicd. was on lire. Ben g . irroand t <1 or. att aldra by wwsoo l?. the drptli of several feet, It wt fmpoeilh'e I" Ipornae h t!.r buddlog and the i re hod to take It* course Wo s'?o lesrn that the fire eo tmnsl cotod Until to tioaman'* mtNhoaao. in wLe s there were (erne three th jjsai.d boles of cotton, all ut were dectroyed rtv in* i mic tUo water La I eu.i.sienUy receded to enable th- nw 'Bxte'siospbrna-.b U o e--ao, b .1 li>? di ut and other .(npcdhutbU r< udnad tbc.r lahurj .1. s 11est mi seure ata-i li?c. In the my wsrtboi.-c Uo tuutli wail was blttrn Jowo. reveral bsies cfi -ttoo b<ua>d. Ketcbt.m t w..i'hi.fe had s I u ye part of U.-esit wall b. -wn -'own, and the north gsble ?ud ret) !u. The weirr wss deep, but untwithtt mdtng it r ' other liuctmus,tvirj e?.? o. the fire roaipaa-es 'i-mgctf 'ii/' end up to Ibe iiku s waists, woikod ibo **-hhwcW nut Inluiifd Tri-jsM io tl, .r coct-til o wi.h tba Jrr king W? do not rtnewNr ever before to have !??*? n.n lain, r witb such ml ted i rv ?ir?t detormioalksi. lb-* u'amugc done .? grrsi, b i wo dll not tears to what ?-u'u-1 or Br to in. .ranc.. In tho s' aeaco o isAS it id lie t-> gu'aa, hut ?r bop? that msttert arc exaggerated, and th it ibe actus lrw< will be far beiotr the tr.ta.aJm of ? i t-praiii-m. is-- railrrsd track being submerge, of Co, no ibe Mm ? H ppi piPtrugar tra.u fail- d to arrive; BSither ceuld thd i ti.wei'.e trsis ;;o up lut evettng'dt uifhi the c wed t ? the noiUiward ut \m a wauner luiitU, but ibe ra.n tl il -wi.liowre in poor duws its lerrcnto. fn.? ji t aa-> io lay?Ssptcmher I)?oar city ws* v.eitrd by - tun.lar starst. One sritf uboul Ibeee rlortvrs Stfhe total sbtencs of HgLlnkd and thunder, wn-l? .1 roiua iLi iStastly. T? it frarr-i thai a , . i J. ?. -f dtmifr bee bote Joed th<- ihipping in ihr low- r bay and a'jsg lbs coisi. Many r*?w . - ore 'lprrti-1 at this t- vino frori Vorlhrrw I- its W - tbali inttll stnee is b--pe asd t tpesot in Tntai'.ay's itt-i* wr will endeavor In glee fellor per. t >iil*rt We raiu-ot w v rvrn -id' eate Ike lots, Cut Sop ptfc it is not hthe i to us iFrom tba Moklie Trltmst, !Vpt. 18.' Yiotsriley we wor?tga-n r -nod with a vrrjr rover# tt.-rm ?li.i h p. pi cd I be wort d.raa.. <us than thsk h w? reported --n th- 13thit A-:guot its'; k ihw-igh t ....i i-i-t r-mc nuprcteali, ;->r mat.y of lb# "oi-t .e babMAMS.' wbr slwart bai-i tbrlr ??wa'i.-reyc' opSB w u :wrtr ihc petreta are flyttag, ptwdictw-t, scv-ra'usyw ago, that ws woii.-l e-"-o be visited kr on 'her torero ft)W North wledt nri railed Si night and )utl bef-ra wnn lire. About noon too wreih*r at' go"s vans, and cow l.iu ' .i in ibis emy until Pridsy sight. St about <->vtn c - I ut the fain 'ji-jtan to hg, tho w;nd bi< a isg g-ntty ihr earl Vary h.ary Slack clouds were hsntmy overbrad. prvnwiitteg a very lhr?aiaaiB|C aspect. Ih* wind and rain gf-lualty in res- *t ot.l that aiorm btcam-i alarm eg Tbe ?,n<1 almost "bowled," BSC ebltted :rom ll^ cm' U> w -th. lh?n tenth wast, OSSk sad soetbes.t, sad rn-wt of tbv time blewtag at a I rate But little (bars were ? ntcrta m-1 St eevrm o'clock A. M. IkSI(Mr# orewlf bo ssy dsmggedsso by ^* 'n m, and til tapi'-r- ii test it would eubai-te by ton eYinek t. M. i-mi-ary to tbe rapoetsbofx- of the "old ?al a" si.d IhS ?ut id. *e '( tbt weotV-r tho wind be,-an 10 blow h-tfu'iy Iipwi the rati, which *i kopt ep si?ed.fy. At a be-n tbi- t.rne is tbo Mr MtormsMcb SIB ? ? -St that ail the sbo im M-ebiet mr*e? wwrw to n-lstod, ao-l tbst t -e water woo Hill r i? bf, th-? p'. - or tfco rat ios bb# olber ralsabu eu the wborvr ir e largero-jS i-nCitKWi The tenro -ry wes th -rtfy tfor bee'I WS ihite who rune fr-wi tbe lower part uf the cNy, betoeo (aut- ihWMnl atr-et Ibe m?r.'hsbf~ us ' r--.t - -mm o and Wat-1' a'-l lbs cr-? ?irr-1? l-?t immediate ?t-e-i to prm-rve their gnc-dS S , hy pis- Bf vu m above big, wale, mtr- St ---ran iiVi-u-a - M thr irrfn l-agan b? pet Oh . ?t if ? tore lerritb fa -e. m l ttlew the midOen? wa'ore np tbo rtror, dostttog Will wool. Uraltbg wreM ? -o# other t m bete ayateol tba '-,i? lytre in por* sM um a-harreo, tuiogb boi doiBg any | - -? '?? lump By th ? tbso all were arrured kS th ? -c 0 Ids i 'rr fbe water waa now - ?i?g st the Vale ,,f -mo Ijtot aS U>mr, asd fir nve m nnitf rem three nen-a ."he a - ret if nf water record Wiow who ha-t f m-l- ?bov-e fllrr tire-1 to prepare ai? i at Iho -tarlr-rl-r* oterm. Wo ?--r am after .steamed test tbe at-t-rla-wls Jet-a Hrilgi shd Wsvrrloi had rot lew# ir-wb ine - ir. trees us tus atnor ? la of the rtror ?B# Im# drift-1 is IMS ?twee thoy art oo? ly ag is ibe iriseob ? -#t o-etb ef ?n- MlM cr-oh, Bark hard and faal s'Sew-f. TWs ftsveriay met her -".hi-naey* asd plldt b?>??,w;'b apart llhtrcwMh. *? " J not "?ra If Ch?ie wassnv <tfh#r dsamge <.?o* t'- l-ai -w the at-im-Bt M 'ama?re -1-as? to iha Brlgg", ib'-'Hb it ta iuyfew--I th?t then m et osvo beow OSt ?ld.:l all e tSH?e deo . Io bn?a liessiS. 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