Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 22, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 22, 1860 Page 4
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THE EURO PA'S MA.IL 3. Iaportruc? of Mr. Llud*)'s Mbsioi to tkr l otted States. THREATENED OUTBREAK IN BU.GARiA. ? -- Spread of Revolution 011 the Continent. Tremeudous c'oullHgration in Siunoa, 4c.. >kc. Ac. Tbr st-im hip Europa, from Liverpool via Halifax, ar rired .1 Bi?i a at half past uloe o'clock yesterday fore no. >o Her mail* were forwarded by the afternoon train, and arrived here late laat night. Tbo newsptper bag of the press waa forwarded by tbe shore train, and reached this city at elgbt o'clock laat evening. A supplement to the Impartial, of Smyrna, of the 20th August, publishes an aooount of a terrible conflacratioa which had taken plane In that oily. No leas than TOO houaet. have fallen a prey to the Hemes. The Opinume publieboe an article referring to General LAmorlciere'a recent order of the day la the following terms ? The principle of non Intervention cannot be applied until the Pap?l government dsbands Ibc foreign hordes Which tUba* assembled against us neighbors Tins oru aade against Italy may briog about complications and serious disturbances tf the rtsdulion be not tekeu to dis perse tt. The Opim'* riuneei* tbe Pontifical govornmeul to disband Its 20,0(0 foreign soldier*, and says ? The Papal government m lit understand that for tba peace of Italy on extrication is necessary irom the normal state of Ihiogi which until now has wearied the patience Of all the Powers. A dispatch dated Vienna 0th Inst, ssys:? The recent disturbances at Udlne hare led to tha dis covery by the government of a great cou.plracy, organ ised by secret agents, with tbe object of provohlng maui testations in favor ot Garibaldi. Numerous arrests have taken place at I'dine, as well as In other Venetian towns The London I'ou (Lord Palmeratou's organ) of tbe 7lb hiet , In an article upon tne reply of tbe American govern ment to Lord John Ruas-H'a note upon tho slave and loolte trade, concludes thus.? We regret to be obliged to add that the President's Strictures upon the oovite trade have a signlflcaiire at the present time which It Is Impossible to overlook. We learn from the American i apere that slave ca-goes have recently been landed at ( 'otrieetoo and at Mobile. The tratltc has in lev J been going in all the .ummer to soma cxUol. and uexl year it is conddeolly auticipsled that a Urge increase wtil take plsce. Add to this tbe reappear nnoe of General Walker in Central America, wh eh the alave owners of the South have long regarded as their In faeritau:e, and -he afproaen of the Presidential election, tn which we fear tb < revival of the slave trade will form a proomet.tgptc of discission, It Is easy t > perceive why tbe slave (VMn of the South should object to the impor Ution of Iree Cbmamen. It is easy to perceive why they ebauid p-eter tho unhappy Africtu. But nnsatlafactory though 1 "resident ibictuuan's despatch Is. we trust and believe that the American government wi'l never again enaction the tralllc In human brings, which more than fortj years ago it declared to be piracy. The Izxidon Herald (Lord Herby's organ) of the 7th ?ays of the visit of the Prune ot W.Uca Our ciuains across tbe water are .harper willed than ourselves They have discovered tbe real object of the Prince's visit to Canada to be not mer-ly a response to the InvitkiHm i.f the oulottisls, the mental Improvement of the youthful heir to the crown, and bis personal Intro duction to his future subjects, but the realisation of that Idea which bas long flitted an ?? the Imagination of some of our North American colon hps?a confederation, with the Prince as Viceroy, uniting In one federative boud that vast empire stretching from the coasts of La vrador to the ahosea of the l ac tic Tho I". a Is a grand one, but we doubt if lis priaent realisation is contemplated either by tbe government or the c denials " Quieta rum motvre ' us a whob some principle In politic*. The different pro vinses would certainly not ga n in Independence. The ?troog bon 1 of fehow feeling which now actuates them wo<dd piobahly be weakened by individual Jealousies and local Tt.- real confederation already exists wttb out the mm*; ww might confer tba alyle and title and destroy the reality. Uar Loadon Corttipnadenri. 1/iMiut, tept 6. IMO. UatLath Htcrmti'* i?i /tcxh-n?Jfiutc Jar tKi ViUi?n? Cotwcvti and 1'rnu king in the I'arks, <fe ,?fc Knowing the pereuUbt effort* >ou bare made in behalf of a "free Sunday, I bare concluded to aead you an ae count of a bnt Ibr friend! or a rational mode of ""pending tb* Srvtntb day arc doing bere On Sunday laat 1 took a atrotl to Rcgeti ? park la order to bear for the Brat time tbe People'* SuiiCny Band, abicb play* there from five to half paat *eren P. >1. Tack ?d to the tree* 1 round th* following announcement, which tell* ita own tale ? SUNDAY BASH IN THK PaKKri (iom* or ni* nrra **** >v (Wi .'her iierm'tttug) ON BOMBAY NKXT. SKPr 9, 1S40. With an i <tended programme of choice piece*. Fr m four till (even o'clock. Tbe nauel period for cowing the m-aw.n haTlng arrived . the eommttlc c.-ogralnUW" their frin.di that the m...c mrnl bai |uu?eo m rc e?tu 'j through the watery ordeal of tbia u'.raordirary r<a? n, lb .ugb at tbe coat of the fund* in band at itr cnmtt.eccemcnt. Tbey, however, truat that with a tine day, a large audience and a liberal pun baa. if progri mn ' at tne cl .s ug p*-rf..rmaiioo, th-y will be p seed in a good financial p e.l.oo for tbe com ?rectacut of tbe nest aewrua T. C. PRATT, I a R. N M'VRRFT.L { MOB Umvi*?rrv How, Guano* STaawr, W C , Sept it Whether tbey will bate tbe deeued Baa day aad large ?udiecee on pruday neat a Tew day* will decide, bat tbey certain!) bad both on lit 2d init The well drewsed aad tbe commoaalty were largely rrpreeented on the oocasioa That great Cngl en inatit .lion, the outdoor peaoy chair, waa much in dimaad. The crowd mint have numbered aerermi U>ou?aa!> Passing tbrooga tbe listener* I beard French, German, Spai lab aad Hallaa words fall on my rare, the eecond u. wt ftcqaeatly. Tbe oonlineatal Euro power rre'dent m Uc ion tbow their good eeaae in *up portlag three band*, which must eerre to make tba con traat between tbelr Sunday* an 1 an Fagllab Sunday km gainful. I *?h;ola tbe programme .? FIFTH SEASON? IBM peopi rs <ca* minus band rat tow run ntramv tun* Sir J. T A.rlky, Bail , M P . tuu W A. Wllklaaoa. Fi t Banket*? Bank of It-neon, l&riwdasedt* atnet.nty, arc U>0 Hoi Htraad Comm tue P'wr ?Unit, rally Motel, Grafton street, East Hi a Seen ? T C. Pratt and R M Morreli MBBENf S PaliK laiwiaiaaa 1 Grand March Asber * Ywm?' tfueer of tbe Harriet" ... Oootu 3 JMcctiou?"Inert t.a Burgw" [ton nettl 4 Tti'lr?' Fair Star'' Umber 8 rns Rei'onblr Nuhoer ? One Jr.ik??? Fuglenu I? Albert Huh Britannia. 7 Hai'rlujwb Choru* Handel 5 Valar ? SalaaeiHk" laurent 9 (araloa?"Gwetnti' t' Arco Verdi 10 Overture?Mru ley Brink worth It CnJni An,man>?? biaurt Ma'"t" I'.aaainl 12 Pua Rtdruble?"Tbe WarrMw ' Kirler* Rod Were tbe dueeu _ DlreeG aaJ IWljitor ... Me. J Sidney iwei* Time of 1 >"f, rw ore? Fire till bell pert *ree* e'clonk Tbe People* Be her r p"| o Hand should be eeif *up pen ng, end tt>* e*- an iu< Irnttbetail pereona attend ng the i* rfo; mane.? will purchase program me*, i* erb Jen:# of* dielrr ?br tbeh aunt urilm of the mvw.c Dooalioae are receired at tbe t .eiiorm and tbe broad walk oppoe.te All con mnalrat'oe* ibculd be a. drreerd to tbe booora ble #?cr. tariee, T C Pratt aad P. M Morreil, I Diversity Bold, Grafton lirrrt. I ail Children who get mparwted from Ibetr parents or aarwa la tbe throng arc pia eg < pa tbe ban.I ? platform, and a placard with tbe *"r I "MB upwa it ?uepecded over Ue truant's bead In Una way erroral youegeter* were re atorrd to their owner* Jar lag lb- eateriainmenl Atolbrr cu*l> m ha* (prang up tbts wet r.m.mer la tbd Umd.-n park*. and rgb bft* rgaaof a * gnroua vitality A* tot walk tbror.b the parka, at any hour fr. on one o'clock P M to in* i P. M wh?w It w Bi r, you a*e gr"sp* of wrm, won*., and children rnlirctad tomb*r roe ad a eing le tputrr, mouated oa a *?*< or a chair N feel arr you Nar apola-.rr or hooting, some Unj. - a hymn Tbe fact W ibr epea. cf* are of two kieda > m wbo all acta tba \arg. *1 number of nudlines by rar, m the I "Ultra. orator, wbo denouncr* tbe ariat-wraey, Fuglaii J'g ?* ckrdnmr lord Palme rat-", the bitbopa, aad so forth the other grain*, who cslii imber* Ibr p??HMina* a* three to on*, bnt ail'arte individually a mneh emalkr an dwnoe, '* lbs oat door preacher He glree moral aa 1 --wrgt'iraJ dieeonrere, aad chncwr* for ibr object of bw denunc atlon the tire BBi mprrfrctmn* of the .ndlrldnal tnaa The pr-mher n.ay uinw, wrmar or boy I rare ?*< n a w- man pri t -h .w temprranc u Regent * rark, for an hour, and a boy of eleven yearn of age glre bla rellftmie evper eore tc a rluatrr m gaping aJulte nnrlaa m m Ida . - ? - e a*.*. . .. ' w . order a wMe.p*. ?iwv *?, of Hyde pwb On several ores ?IOM I litvr listened to the d*ar-rmth- crater, an ? fhuo' tbe feeling ef rbc andienee very mlitd s-ni- favor the ?prater ether. inter, upt bim, aocnae htm <d?vomiting ? Ith." and dre.irr be ,,-ght "to b* kictird set ,* tbe park I hare arvr (**? ibta threat p ;t ut. evrwutton ? -J p ;t mb.' n Tbe. rator grnrraiiy rf.alicrge* bw itterrupter to enwie forwa d " ? mat atiwrr Inni en bWnwa ?I mp <w ore occmioo lb H?n W t Com r (U*d Pn.nirr?t .*'? *te| ?on) w* prmmt i* ihe crow*, aad t> ardbMifflcW roarfoct a*?? .d for havlo* laid out a new borer ride In Reai.i gtoa GarJere f|e asked leave to drT-nd bimrelf, Juacp-Tnpon tbe etump aoo Ju?l>*e t be action to tbe n-niUtiide f believe bit tp^em wee a sc. cree, at any tale it wa* plucky aaJ wrl. dag, and oMegBfd ( " 1 a: wire ih t Wewipt of enneeavmen'"j arn re* tapcm wtiret. be vb?w*d or ibat .?carmw F.ugI rh p.,h|icopi a ?? irvar'g to b* of lb* contrary aatlen It waa uad g nifled " "'nwertng," (Vc , for ? man high In public ofU-e lo bandy words In the open air wl-.h a slump orator Ckacun n ><m gout I tuink Una custom of publio meet ings, whether fur piousor political purposes, tb iv?-a loo lustily to live, a?1 tnai some day or otue; the authorities will put a atop m both parties Our Paila l'orriipoad?ata< I'ARta, Dept. 1, I860. Caremr't Effort} to Check Garibaldi?Hit Ketignali'm and Sutoequent /Utrailun?Italy for the, Italian*? Napoleon Sum to /Voyeur a General Disarmament of Europe, ifc Tbo atlalre of Italy are afsumlDg each day more and more importance. At Turin the Idea of a unity of govern meut for all Italy baa triumphed, as la shown by tbe fol lowing fact:?The Ca?Mr Cabinet, urged rn by Its head, wished to atop at all hazards the progress of Garibaldi, and they acted accordingly, although manifestly against public opinion in Turin, as well as in all parts of King Victor Emanuel's dominions. Itul their actions wereun popular, and, wivhttg to assert his powc, Count Cavour sent to the Klrg bis resignation. The King at once stgnl fled his desire of seeing Car our, sad when tbe latter pre sented himself before his Majesty he was told that If be Insisted upon It his resignation would be accepted, but that such a step would In no way interfere with tbe pre seat movement In Italy, and that Caroar's sucoessor would encourage that which it Is evident Is the desire of lbs whole Italian people. The Count Is an ambitious man, and he felt that were he to go out of power upon a plea that was un|>cpular bis chances for future greatness were small Indeed. Ko tbe Minister chose to retract his resignation, and even to attempt lo follow the popular movement by beginning a policy marked by greater lati tude to the volunteers that wished to join Garibaldi. Ton may consider that the last struggle against Italian unity has taken place on the part of the Sardinian Cabinet, which reels that II must give way to the universal Italian senl'mcct f>r tbe future. The Mazznlana are beginning to asscme importance in Italy, the more no as they seek to ally themselves to tbe Garibaldi party. At Milan a "Committee of Italian Cnity'" la formed, which has al ready assumed great Importance In the estimation of the people. This committee advises the Neapolitans (by pro clamations printed at Milan) to refuse annexation to Sar dinia. It recon mends the rejection of tha vice royalty ol Prince de Carignan. and urges upon the Sicilians the unity of all Italy under one government. This la done because tbe Sardinian Cabinet baa sent a deputy to I'eb rnur charged to Ultimata tbe desire ol King Victor F.manuet that tbe government of Sicily allow universal suffrage to declare ttaclf ss regards annexation. A queer complication of the troubles of the Neapolitan gnvfrLm<Dt has just occurred. Baron Brenter, tbe French Ambassador, who, as your readers will bear In mind, was a short time since knocked down ta the streets of Naples snd severely Injured, has now demanded satis taction of tbe Court as well as put In a claim Ibr tbe dm magrs soili red by French subjects at tba bombardment ol Paleru o I suspect that France wishes lo be In at the diath, and that sbe will hurry a fata that Is evidently Itnieudlng It la asserted here that Count de Syracuse, the uncle of the King, will assume tbe government as aooo as bis roj al nephew haa gooe. The Count has written a let ter lo the King assuring him that there remained nothing lor him to do but leave tbe country. 1 must tell you tbit ihe government of Victor Kmanuel la evi dently preparing for tbe anon to come atrug gie with Austria Troupe that were to have firmed a ramp at Trecate, some distance Irom the frontier, have been ordered to take up strategical po cllions near tbe Mincio, while at Novara and Vercelll pre parationa for tbe lodging of great uunsbera of troupe are r? log made. Take Into consideration that Austria haa 310,000 troops In Venella, and you will understand that mv pn pkM of an impending struggle are well founded 1 most state a striking confirmation of the war mwii?lTlnne Metternich, the Austrian Ambassador at I'ai is. baa left here, oeUur-ibl) to pass some ?e*e on hts property in Crotla. but ta my certain knowledge the Am barsador bas clnai d the embassy and discharged all the servants and employes This looks as though bis Excel It nry bad no idea of a speedy return. Prince Mural haa published In one journal a letter which disavows al! lutanlion on his part of creating dts p. (mi's In Naples, and asserts that be encourages no one in such a course. Tbe Prince states, however, that be hoi <?? tome day to visit Naples, with the consent of Frar tie Tnt f mperor Napoleon, no doubt, has but little desire lo aii.use the jt alousy of Europe by putting a relative on tbe Ibroce of Naples At Marat-ills* tbe Emperor will de liver a discnurae upna tbe prtaent elate of European affair*, esleulated ta reassure those a bo will be reassured It w if. In a mat ner he at. answer ta Ibe a.*seriions of Lord Palmrrttr n I may here mention that Ihe Emperor .Va poh-ue will IB a short lime?as I am ifwltively aasurid SB I ? a .il.orilj - pri pose lo tbe great Powers of iBraglg a buna flee gtnerai disarmament Such a proposition would, 1 fear, ^adly embarrass Austria, Russia, and, per b>p?, peace loving England. It will ebuw up tbe humbug of llitte Powers that are so continually crying out lb el France is armteg [or offensive purposes. It will also de rooistrate that these who really desire peace are few ta med In iheae, aa in all other matters appertaining ta am rd fortes, France la Immensely superior ta any other l ow. r in F.urope, she can arm or disarm al any moment; no other great European I'ower can or will. Tlia Mtwte of Haplch Tbe i/nrton t'eti of toe Ttb fay* ?The intelligence of tbe (iff. it Ion 10 Garibahtl of Geo. rai Nur /sole, who h?<l been filled Htm Naples M Ibe ttauiicb. at partisan of ab n-lute goettt incut, Lu boon already fully cooUrmci. Wo can new lay betort our reader* bta wddruaa lo Ibe New pollen aiDiy, Ih. to lo rollow hi* example, which waa iibiiiee tat* ly and Iburoughly circulated among Ibe Kllig'n troops ? Co* I-a* loan i.n A ana?A Tew dayi ago, on bidding adieu to MDie of ; ou, I exhorted ,ou lo ehovr youraeirra al waysae NMM -.gainst tbeNHlH ?f lialy as gene rona inwaroe the wtak, and lo give the no bleat proof? of Ibai true mil lary ?trlue In the new path of glory opened by Providence to all Ibe aoci of Ibe great eotumo ? father laid Tbe'ut for r< upon ding to try eihortaitona is now c me. While far from yon, tbe thought of your prosperity, your hoi or and your glory, baa altU bren growng allhio tue And bavirg studied tbe i lust-.on <4 ail Italy and of Kurope, 1 became deeply CuvlM-id. that for yon and lor tb.s One portion M Italy tbere was no other means ?t safety tbau to unite youratlvt* lo the whole Its ,an family, under tbe glnrloua ?-eptrc oi Victor kmao'iet, thai admkrab? monarch ? hum the heroic (iailbakli pncla med la Sicily not long ? inoe, and ?bcin t.od, in WMMMMMI designs, bo ceidcotiy chenan ts mmums int* n grew! mm our grand oaaia country. unworthily despot e<l and cause i*?ei> aeaaeeiiiatnd Tbla thought has irresistibly led me loo area y.u, resolved to act witb you fraternally, and to arcen,i>i?b with you that nacred mission will which we ovghl all to feel ourselves inverted by tbe supreme oe CiM'tha cf the KHinlry. So long permit ted Ihst Italy thould he divided 1 km w better tbau any mac bow to be faithful lo tbe rauae w .lb wbicb I found myreif d. But wben the band of the Aim ght> God ta vtetbiy atreiched forth to maka her one, be wbu lotlowa not the 10 pulse is a traitor lo his country That nacred truth I labia up of Itself your own eowMtMSM,Md ever tncer the yoke In which you are living pushes you no to par.lal dceerlton i"i>ll< w not that tour*.- it m of nil tbe moat j*ratrioue to the country King \ iet?r hmanuel in whim Italy laincarnate, baeneel of you nil uuit*d na<! ' k pitted. to e* ploy your vnllanl a> ma is i rushing the foreigner, wto has bceu the eleinal enemy *f your at fare The Crops wf Enrept. [Fn m the I o.vtrwei tt-ro Keporbr. rirpt 4] The last two bights Were the burst this year?day* worm, with scarcely any rain, and wind steady Mar xist n. rlt baj niada mu*lrt arable progrewa in England sad Ireland, and la programa* ta dc -Maud. Quality and pot l i on of tbe w beat l* Inferior lo early cuttings la tbe trade for breadetufls consequently increase! -lulloaM, and a tail alriady la wWat and llour from tbe highest point of 9a to ha t'po* a car. Tul perusal of the various agricultural accounts, w* conclude there wtU splendid ? beat ciopa In America, California and Canada good ,u Ruaata, l.urgary and ta the Turkish dominions short In ("eland, Italy and Germany, fair In France and Scol'sad, only middling n Ireland. excepting Ibe rovlb, where fwiepeels arc fhvorab'e fur a large y win. rather nuder aa average crop in lag land, and on sonic heavy soils mu- b ut.trr rvretit senaoaia la tbe wtwtern districts. bow ever?ihst tain say from Bridges alar to tpmalock Bills? tbe wheal crop will be a large oar quality favorably fit-ken of, and r iitlag bar paaae much prowrrot la the south of Frame the yield la abundant, quality eirellewt, and rr>' i me weeks previous to and during bar-vtet opera lioca ttuv were only two and n half wet days In arrue (art* of tlw Midland count,.* wheal will yield well, rettrlai'y o Worcester* hi re sad MsaaMtanhlr* I* Wans, inspects ar* jet* rally unfa vwabl*, both at to v-a tty a.C uuanllty Thegrtwthof la-iiaa oov* will be Sr.alt r tbau for several years. Tire p-iatoerrop t* very ? If rtl. ?.,d quality nor** than for maay ssawnna. There will aleo be a smal er production of bops than for maay y1 ar*. and quality vary is Mr top; bulla Am- rica an rit.aor diuary growth, and cubdttiaa f .perlor to 1MI or I4.1> The (' "** ial fwdy ttm $ advice* f? >m Woecawler ?hire am r rsatershire vuie the t rh- re laererr prospect <! a Doe harvest. Tbe ears are of lull *t?r. and the be-ry more Ih*r i ?ially large T-a-te fn* hrea-lst iit? tea dull W. day, with a demise since M> r-'ay of ,v to ts Mr wWot, aim is for dour, beet breads ot Amertcae idferwd at per tb! , Mr arrival The pvwdwwlk a of bops is ' kely to b< stbe* larger tbaa was caldlale-1 np- a last eevk m es if rice <-etag pisaedjwosuve-t a 'all from the et.revte pent e-f I ' per rwt The opening rake* of aew t me grwwe wt,.al wet* tut to Ms la the near OOuaalM cnttirg will Mar y be brought b ac.oee lb a lew day*. Tbe 6'arwmrri finwecle remark* ?A great deal of e?r)*j has btrn nut. i d n-ts-ihstaadirg be rep- -It rf t-? heviig grow* tr mar t hstances .n land sh rh bad ? ' l b-r* w n pre pared for tkla g-nw. tt-e crop la g-acra! l> well spoken of lt> portal .una of wbset rostlnoe to a ?Md rente en,at. and Met are now aoatcwMy looked lor. ?? ?eew a?t%w required to ir..t lli. oor.e mpilve re ? .r? m> at! of the country bef re the barvait ran be a* tort J Tie pvuetnt al roattaueacanlily supplied With Wbewt and s.e there!, re bet thinly attend d At llsmherg. or the sp i. wheal la aearce, *rd b -Mer* rarr'rss of ?rl rg at vaivt-eg art*, s Bttl'l IFrr?f| Bruepr obeervec ?The *?nrlt cf old Frgltah wb. si was it... n let thaa Ml clrwled Tha i'W rsmph* art Mr* to rtqei.e a snh lsrt-r wlr- itare than wwtbeearr -sat y?*r wW* a liberal aim-ml of 'cry theve qrollly was left ever fn n the growth of l?ff The case new I* very d'flbrent, an t the coo* imptloo fr? n harevvt to harvrgl will ha-, beet th rteen mneWM, an t It'? w?:i for tlie or-'etry at h-ge that the imi-i 't* Itaec breo lallevly M?H?W*llf The ir aekekn ta the rwrth -f Ittfffvl eg been a grvd MdBtlM ?y advice* f--a K: g'sod and the namvcrkhle s'ste of the weatfe. r ".he Jfe-I /ewe Brye tg HIV ? Th,- prigr- re of Iht r .?i irg has advanced al a rale beyond Isle raieulat -n*. hot It will take ?other week brf"*e hare est r-peratb-n* will grtievally oritmrb-w The ctvge 'r the weather n Ivaree, w well *? the tetwporary at- itttow of Ih fl'dtag ? rale kaa hr?r gltt ahonl a tower raieage of prwew there fhg *h and ieench sit e** Mac affhrt the mar-eta of outhim Europe. The crop* were faltered, and price) 11 Odesea la to 2*. lower. Tnsrc eau be no doubt that 'be Kncliab advtoes of the 27th ult will produce f ic* excitement bolo iu Canada and ibe United M?n To d?y there wan n? Inquiry lor American and French wheat. lanperlanl Itam Balcarla-Kprra'l of the Revolution on the Continent ofKurope. [trow the l/oodoo Curunicle, Sept. 7 ] We have despatches from down to tbr 2-i h of Aufual by way of Coislitoliuople. They describe the Christian population ot that pa/t aa watcbiug, with the k<'xrat Interrat. the progress of ttartbvldi at Naples ??The calculation seems to be, Ihtl should Garibaldi tri un.pb at Naplea, an lnaurrectloo will at once spring up a'nug the coasts of Pulmatta In combination with a ccie ral Croat movement Tbla would be immediately follow ed by a universal upturning In Bosnia and the Herz-gu vlna then a fierce lnaurrectloo betw een Sophia and Ma ra. Bervia would support tnta movement wttb all it* power. The Wallacbiana bave a thorough understanding with the Hutifarlana: at aome places tbe openly apeak of Klapka with enthusiasm In tbe rervlocol Garibaldi there are some Greek (Hirers, who, aa soon aa tbe moment shall arrive, would detach themselves from their present ser vice and hasten to the frontier* of Thesaaly. In these hurried lines I am giving >ou lh* result of extensive ob servation and of actual conversation with the Inhabl tacts." assess* [From Ibe London Chronicle, Sept 7.1 Tbe intelJifence which we publish from Bulgaria, the authenticity of which we are able to avouch, throws aa ntense and rather atartllnf light upon ths position of Austria as menacing Italy. Lord I'almsratoa must have hreo perfectly aware of what we now state to the public, at least In greet part, when be reiterated ths assertloa that has been so frequently repeated fbr soma months? thai Austria would Dot attempt aa attack beyond ber frontiers; but he mult have spoken under the ooovlcUon that Austria would use sueh concessions and such re servo as would enable her to fulfil the promisee on which he relieu. If Garibaldi were well advised, It 1* commonly mid, be wonld not attempt to attack Austria In the Quadrilateral; and. on the other ban 1, Austria will be wise to let Naples take ber chance In the contest with Garibaldi, and not advance beyond the Venetian proper frontier In Italy. This would at least secure, In favor of Austria, the policy of non-intervention. At the same time, the Pied nana toae government has agreed with the Western Powers In de siring that Garibaldi should repel every eotloemcnt to attempt the liberation of Venetia. Ths reader will now see, hi wever. that there Is aoquestlos of the Quadrllste ral, and that the military preparations of Austria have tin ir motive In very partial reference to any Quixoilo zeal for the King of Naples. We have alieady explained to our readers, on Ut* strength of despatches direct fr >m our own correspon dent In F-uropesn Turk-y, that the Christian reaction against the new Mussulman conspiracy baa wrv peculiar bearings upon other Kurt peaa questions. The communi cation of a rorrespon lett, who writes from a posittoi in Bulgaria which enables h in to command a perfect know ledge of the feellnga or that province. Informs us that ' even In that centre of Tutkey there Is the most Intense sympathy with tbe present movements in Italy. We say evn in Bulgaria, because we have before now explained to our read) is the strikingly pacific charact*r of the popu lation there, and Its previous Olelily to the I'orte Quite recently the Christian popu ationsot Turkey bave changed anvb'pewbioh they had through ths improved adrnl nistratioo ol the Porta for complete despondency. They hope nothing whnlerer In that direction. On ths otter hand, entirely new hopes have been bum within tin m. It will be seen from on* advloes .bit a nommon understanding, like that which baa been operating throughout Italy, Las cow been brought to bear In the Christian provinces of Turkey, an J that those provinces ate acting d common, fiom Wa'lachia, Bulgaria and Ber via, to tbe Herzegovina and ftolmatla. It should be re membered that a leading man In Bervia, wbo was chival reus In bis devotion to Hungary during tbe last Russlai war, was repe'd by slights. The leaders ol Transylvania, who were equally laitbful, and wbo came up to receive the thanks or tbe Emixror In Vienna, went back with a ?cose of odd neglect?the most Irritating repayment that ambitious men can have. Tbe general agitation and the peroral understanding whlcn (rervBde the Christian population of Turkey, es teed to Hungary General Renedek, as we knew already, has endeavored to maintain the Imperial authority without allowicg tbe Hungarians to per -etve the slightest sign of faltering on bis part' on tbe other hand, hi has r< i* rted to hi* government that It win be Itnpoealbie to continue th<-u-ouM-o' Hung iry cu the preaeol fooling li will now he perceived that Hungary is ready to act with her neighbors. It is under these circumstances?snd we can well ap preciate their appalling character as viewed in a purely military s?Dte at Vienna?that the Austrian government is preparing to take tbe initiative Tbe despatch to { which we refer, brief as It la, supplies a link in the chain - if ahich we have already had other portions The pub , lie |?pers had mentioned tbe arriral o( Kossuth In Korlb I rrn Itsly ; ?r now learn that lu Hungary they are al ! ready r poking with eager e*j>ectativy of Kispka: and Garibaldi's name is accepted ss a hauner ? or the ?" w n ovemrnl, to a<?n as be shall bave accomplished bis campaign In Naples M.ould any tttei prise of the kind which Is suggested our sdvircs taks place, It would be the result of a H"i t (I military an venture, floddg Its authority and op poitunity in the state of tbe iolamntn and J lunger i.m population*. Over BMfe tnovem'-nls it ts evident that Victor Kmanuel and his Ministers cau bave no eontrol whatever OS the other hand, Garibaldi has acted hitherto chiefly In n personal capacity, without waiting tor technical warrant from an otttcial depa-Intent; and wo ki.ow of nothing to prevent bis freely embarking at Br in dlsl for ai.y place to which be may steer his bark. There I ?< uld be n .thing in all this u. break the ur.deratanding ?h ch binds Austria to ncm mtervent on. l/tra Calmer sten. tberefoie, it pr rfectly right wbeo h* parse vers* la aee< rtirg that tbe pn-sent situation ofler* to Austria no opportunity for break tag the neutrality to which she Is pledged v ?i >(.| Wr rau Me|| understand bow It I* that Austrian Generals, consulting at Vteuna, may ihltk It evrnmrst prudint to antklpnte the supposed Ccmbta* lion by nitsckirg Garibaldi h-'orc be can leave Italy? peibfi|? before be can close bit oanspsigm la Naples. The hew British Ullnlon to the ValUd Ht?t?*. [from thr I/inloa C.anrtte, Sept. T ] To morrow Mr W. 8 ! indeay nailr from l.trerpool for the l ulled KUUe on the mtseu.L * Inch, a furU>l(ol iiw. we were enabled to ML. ounce aa d.-llLitir. Ijr rtsolred upon S.cre that e-Boci.o onent appeared in our col a nana our c<?4rmporsrtrs, of ell shades of publics. have derrant II uecrarary lu refer to It lb Ibe iary>:age of doubt or dia ling! ir< rt, but coos of tbein bare eeotured to drny IU truth. We have row oaly to ?; tbel our stetemeot re a|>rrtlag ibe character of Mr l.lndray'a miMi * tuior rrrt IB fretTJ particular fir pore fe Wmtkinfhm #f the ?njtmcr <1 in Jfiyeefy't yeumwut He u furwukerf f,y (Ke oorrreme*' wit* datvavNti whieh fiat* kiw in pen ?r men </ all tint hat term M'herto irmr hf thr thrown (met In ikt vny of i orrnjOfnlrnff or n ptfui.'wm m't thr Amr'-tcem f?*rv?w?n.' ued Jr-ni / rfu h<u rrrrtmid rrprru UMTrur ??vmi fi u/fi rtf Mr / mJiut rmy potnU, fan t'y in pinctng hit noo Jnir't l*fvrr he Cutnu of WarAtnjtrm lu ? bort If' I indite, eirrpt ihet be dies 001 b?ld the yoren'B orwroinen n ?? bpermi Kuvoy, postures all Ibe authority u a negotiator .? mr'ltune affaire, with which It l? poemble tor thr adrlarrn of tnr en wn to raerat blat, while the Bi mi ii ob which be la about to pr>?e d la one of paramount importance to the oarrylnf trade of tbla ?ountry It will be aeer. tberrfore. that while there la bo It trntion to auprinrde lord Lynoa, or in aay war to loletf re with tb* dipl' inal.e funrtloaa of our diulater at Warkingtoa, It ha- beeu cnoaidered aueieable by our governmtot. seeing that adequate information oa the ml 'eel tif err martttair relatione with the United States ba> not hern hllhrrto effectually conveyed through the ordinary rbaanela of diploaary. to a-ilcct n >me iwraoe ?hi?r prnrtiwl acquaintance ?"h maritimecommerce wot o make hiuia eucoraalul Interpreter of their newa.aa wcllaaoi of the I eiked Mates goter. moot?and the Choice of the government, do .Irmht ,'irewd By tbe events ortbepaat free toe, hatrrtt.'l upon Mr l.lodaay 11 la not II. fi -at I n ? i lh., ..f the roramcrriai ri lalloaa of thlarovotry with forcga rdatca tbel prraoea pjgaaaung the ci efldetce and artirg with the authority oObe Bri tlah (cvernmrat hare been employed fie the ptrpsr of ado iting commercial qu. atiooa which proved to be be ti i.d Ibe f.ihtrr or Ibe powera uf diploaacr to adjust oaarde thr rner of tnr last ccn'ury Mr Rdeu was bid ployed by Mr Pttt oa a mission whin proved oncasera* fut only brrauie the time wee unpmpitloua. Ojr reci prtelty treat re with tmesis, with Kranre, wttb (lew mark and with the Ranpr Tows*, bear the ktgaatare of Wlllutm lluak'eeoti iV Malar boundary queatioa, which defied all the clods of diplomacy an t tbraaleoed for a '"Of time to Involve u? m mat lilies with the 1'ntrd Mate*, was at .rngUi Bottle! by Alexander Daring, a ivc.. aeful rai rcba jI. f|?dally ae redited to WaahiBf l"B 'or the purptae. and artiled with an cans and rwuldttv whirh erUr fUrd the dipkual c world A aowuwerelaJ treaty haa b?en recently rcnrluthd with France, lbs ttle-t of wbth lime mnet reveal Toe to gotlalMW or thai Irmly wa? (Mr.ftud to tf ? (chdea, be< ? .e* oar govern rai til well knew that It Involved dt tails, with which tb.i able Mirlfter who reprrsenta Uilr ootmtry la Per la bad bi t a tleadrr nrqnal tarcv /Vtma fori*, the efore. the po liction of Mr ldbSray M he ne(Oiuiior of aqaarttoo In ni'ivir| rownierclal ortall* ia eprei alile to priavdaal, and ? Mirny luefflab e on tha part of the |. r>ramett an t ouyht to be accrire'ul It eeemp W be In are. rdaase with tbr (lirp'.e rule > ' ocvie ??t>?e by which a man's tterta foe a certain work Cetrrtn'tire hueelr tloa It la no reflrc ti?a upon the abliny or discretion of lord l.yowa that na it not aa laklmately a-qnalnkra nithihe detaila of tb* mar lime relatione rf Una onuatry w.ih the I'm ted States a? e man wbo baa bees b-r ymre direrfy 'Bnereaked m the Br t ?t, carry og trade, and wh< baa maos the euhjrct r.t maritime c>*>merre ta all lu bmrina* Ma pacui ar at .df, rorcaawe nonce re II eny <t yra at am U Ix-d tyrreihathp haa been ic?rrre?'d k coaler with Mr. Liadpay, and to benoine the official Bird , B of lay luff that fftnlkwa: nv.? wa and ibe result of ble prat.oal?aperleere fully bclorr the ama loan govr-ri mrul And whaterer may be iho ybt of the yrrat ritr !? of dip, .male actton tn in' eflaira, Ibrrn If a ore done by tha net | *?l? and nn< fflcial intt rnouree of a fkw i.iih" ied indlv! di ale. artliy oa thr part of kbetr rieym live pirevamenu, tt an Ike world at large would believe Some of Ibe (met imperial t a> rar gemml* l etwica goren.meete have beea prilled ta the moat oaprrtend>i g u?t i ari tba eowaent of tbe govrri tnetit and Ibe rkrhanpe of ra' framm no Hi* more then tbe flat apna a Bwegni r eonciuetow And Ihia ip more eepec'aliy Iroe of eow-ffurciil trentlea. Mr I taeeay gc^a to Woab'ugbw for th? p.,rpraa of tak Irg the ryia're of the ame'tean gorrroni. nt on eerialn aropopale nbiebih. Rritlrb gieemwient d<aire to ranke li. order to i lewe itr at'ium r-jaiier i of iha twn coun true oa a ao e 'oat and aMHfnctcry foot ng It will be hie Juty ko poml out tbe intern e lt.flic?"d or tha Bfltleh phlpcwuer by the refi.'al of th? Ualked . nlae to open their rotating trade to Br'ttati ehipt '-g, eeeraytbat erevy brarrh of tbe llrltlah carrying tra-'e, rtlt.el. Indirect, crnating and eoli n'al. aoyion kn Aurrirer Ph<| ping Hr ran at w that a remtetmce la ?erh a policy i? .gipnwed to the ralrf.etoo if Ameflcaii comvirrrr. a,.d mold an*, if anan doted, ii flirt acr It ,ry on tbe imericaa mevdantlh. ma r If. oo the ei.nt'B'y. that the larreaaec earrylaff whlah wc.ila epre.'lly reeull would he tr,<..n ,n equivalent Br .he (all ?? PeiahU Which Wen d probably alter 1 the ?de> o* of ibe trade He may urge, tuat the spirit of t"cr.'!tr nheb 1lrtirgn.*?e the , irm* ratal levlela ll?.n td tbla cwoatry le d'eoema'ia ta tbe rerofameoda I'otPof lbs revnt ParUemenrary fomirHite, who o. II arcpted ae tl r? ubC-ubted T Win he?artM relies* tn e fepn ehlp(. ftp jnrrtrg tl ree pru to the etteat of par ar.rum paid ta lt|ht doaa t dtaciua ngtbe great International question of Utilise rent rights at ??*, Vt. I indsa.t may point to the advance made by toe Slates wbi> are part tea to the detlaraltuo of Parti, and to the lintosnlbility or England maintaining tie position In which the w nlaoed by that declaration, ex sept a reaped fur private property at aea In war time la made the rule ami t pt maritime States. Tbi* must be, or England must revett lo her ancient maritime rights. The neb-natty which exlata for a uniform law 'a reaped lo ootlialoui) bo tween American and Britnh iblps, whether in Brltlih or Anxricas water*, or on the high eeas, baa long been ad milled, and demands the earnest attention of tboae who d.t ire to aee the maritime relalktna of the two countries placed on n scllled and satisfactory footing There are other matters, *ncb aa the extradition of thoae charged with atrocitlea on board ablp, wbiob abould also And a place In the approaching deliberation! Theae questions, It will be admitted, for their aucor8*ful treatment, demand seve raily a practical acquaintance with the working of the evils th< y li volvc. Mr landaay has an arduous but aa honor able task to perform, and if be proves himself equal to It, and succeeds in hli mission, be will deserve to rank with iboee who have conferred a lasting service on their coun try. It will be no discredit to him across the Atlantis that be Is n "self raised and self educated man.'' The rnrer will cot oeunl for much, we may rest assured, In the l ulled States. We have only to congratulate the chipping interest at large that a practical man has best i levied to deal witb quratious that so doeply concern them, and to with htm svery success which Lit mission, directed as it ts to the attainment of no important an ob ject. deserves. We may, perhaps, legist that Mr. Lind say '? departure on the mission he has undertaken should provoke hostile criticism In any direction, becauae it seems to us to be well oonoelred and directed to aa honest purpose; but, having naid thus much, we are coo eut to abide the Issue. Interesting front New Mexico. We publish the following paragraph giving In brief the details of another horrible butchery of whites by the Otoe and Kiowa Indians, In New Mexico:? [From the St. Louis Republloaa, Sept IB.] Ixcxrminiiict, dept. IT, I860. The Pants Fe mall baa Just arrived. Busineab in New Mexico was quits dull. Every mail brings InU-lllgenoe of mors Indtns troubles. Mr. George IVsoock, s trader at Allison's Ksnche, was surprised In bin store by n party oT Klowas, and be. with bis clerk and a Mexican boy mardered. Peacock ana scalped and had his bead split open. The Indians had j. aseantoD of the place and stock. IHiring the past week forty Otoes and Klowas had corns to Council Grove and driven ofT sixty bead of bories and ponies. They drove them openlv and boldly, dnruag the daytime, past Diamond Springs. The raocbe on Cow Creek was threatened, and, but fbr the preeenoe of n few troops, would have been instantly destroyed. More active efforts on the part of the govern ment must be employed, or there will be more exciting details to mention in future. Mr Mulr's train, near Pawnee Fork, was delayed by bis oxen having been driven oil by a herd of buffaloes gettisg among them. Police Intelligence. KXTKK81VK BCKfll. ART?$44,000 WORTH OP PROPfBTT <. AKRIKD OFK?ARREST ON SUSPICION. On the 11th last, the dwe Hog house of Jams* Buchan, No. 870 Fourth street, wm entered hp burglar* daring the temporary absence of the family in the country, and robbed of $400 worth of plate aad cWthtng, besides 844.000 la bonds aad oertiBcates of atoek. The last men Honed property, It appears, belonged to Mr. Adam Pea aon, now travelling in Europe for his hsUth.aod ha! been placed in Mr. Buchaa'a possession for safe keeping. The day following the discovery of the burglary, printed circulars containing a draoription of all the stolen proper, ty were issued aad scattered all orer the city. Wall street broker* especially were warned net la negotiate nay of the stolen bondi or serlp, and were requestel to detain any person ifferlng the sane for sal* The police worked diligently at the case for several days, but no clue could be obtained to the burglar or the stolen property -tallI Wednesday, wbeu a lawyer, named Smith Tuttle, doiaii business at No. 6 Beck man street, was found offering three of the stolen bonds for sale at a broker's office la Wall street. The person to whom the bonds were offered tor sale, at once recognised tbem as befog a portion of the lot stolen from Mr Huchiu'a house, and giving Information of the fact to detectives Hayes and FistIn bad Mr. Tuttl* arrested. It son became ap parrot, however, that Mr. Tattle was only acting as s broker for a man named Sticb, aad that be knew nothing ahateverof the robbery. Stieh was thrn arrested on euvpirtoj of having been engaged la the burglary, and on being broogbi before Justice Welsh at the I/>?er Police Court yeeterdsy, be ear committed for examination. I'poo tie rg requested to give an account of the manner in which the oorda came into bta possession, he slated that Le sol the property from an old gentleman named Isaacs, with a request to di?p.?e of them at the regular market rales. Be did not know where Isaacs lived, or scything about him in fact, eacept that be met him at French's H< lei one eveniog, and there entered Into t negotiation for the sale of the bonds Isaacs professed to be s strsngrr In New York, aid not being acquainted with the in'rte ctes of Wall street, requested the prtsoser, he said, to the sale of the bonds in quae ion. The police bsve thus far been unable o reenter any more of the bonds, but th*y sre ssogtilne of bei t| able to effort something sslistactory before long Mr Tuttls, It la almost nrodleas to say, was honorably discharged spam the fact of bs innocence being clearly established. Lakcest or a Vauauls Dumoxo Ring ?Philip Harris, s waiter on the steamboat Commonwealth, was taken Into custody yesterday on suspicion of stealing a diamond ring valued at 8100, the property of Mr. Robert Harriot, cd No 715 Greenwich street Mr. Harriot, it appears, was on bis way from Boston In the above named steamer, when, having occasion to wash his hands, bs thought leasly t. ok the ring from his Ooger and leh it upon the wsebetand He soon afterwards left his stateroom, with out tbinkiog for a moment of the valuable jewel he had left behind him. On bis return he found that some one bal entered the stateroom la his absence and carried off the ring Bur pic too fell upon Harris, sad at the tnstssce of Mr narrlot he was taken into custody, bat nothing could be dtsoovereo tending to criminate htm Jualloa Welsh held the arcused for examination. A Usarv T*a ?(taction ?Peter Welsh was takm is to Custody by detective Niveau, oa charge of steslleg Ststy tons of iron from the bold of the bark IxmiIss Jennett, re ceotly arrived from Rio Janeiro. The pr toner, It i? said, d rposed of the property at the fbrious junk shop* along Noutb street, receiving therefor s smal earn la nomperi ton* ah the sctutl value of the cargo Justus Welsh committed the priaoaer for examination. A 1 J'.bt Txxxxjrnnx ? Frelerirk W. noffman was ar rested on charge of swindling Mr Msihew Richards, of No 80 avenue A, out of the small sum of tfly cents. The prisoner reprrsrated that bs wsa authorised to collect suiurrijdlot.s for a Roman Oaltottc church atlnated aome atwrs in the interior ol Pronay testis and, upon the Mm,gib of surh allegation, succeeded to raising the half dollar in qutstics Oomm.ited for examlaatloa by Justice Brt anas IsU. Atretics* Ran VS Powmatas ?The trst game pf s borne aad boms match was played on Monday lart by the first sines of these clubs A number of the friends of each | arty were pretest fend eviseed much late reel as to the result of the gaass, wta rh was decided, after B pro longed struggle, In favor of the TVehatss Club, as lbs snhseqsest score shows la vanquishing the American Ram the Powhatans bars dlstingslsbed thsmselvs* In the bass hall clafe community, insomuch as the American Stars, since their organ.tati<?, have eejnyed almost as interrupted victory In the field, but oa the present oc casion they d;d not handle the bat aad hall with their ?cci.?toired nkti'. the vie to si >? therefore, at11! chaos p'nasof the jsniora Home runs were made hy Brawn, Rebbtas and Undarthf, of the Powhatan Clnh; sad hy Null, of lbs Americas Star The score staade ? ajmu'as stax powhatan BL.Vt B L *? R J Murtagh.s s I 1 drawn, c 8 ? Bannon, 9dn 8 I Rtedeker.p t 3 Sbaw.e f I 1 b f 6 Beery. I f 8 1 W Wck,3db . 8 6 MrNally, p 4 0 Bruater, s. S S 8 Nutt, o 8 1 Hawley.l f 4 8 J T Murtasb 1st h. 8 0 (Mrrotl, r. f 4 8 Sinclair, 3d h 8 0 Clark,ef I 8 lodbeter, r f 8 0 McCarthy let b ...8 8 Total 8 Total. .81 Boorses?American Rsr. Edwii Neb-Held. Powhataa, Mnndell t'wjlre? Vss derboff, of the Oriental Tht Rtorwa la Newark. [From the Newark .lournal, Sept 80 1 A drenching rats storm, attended by violent lightning sad thunder, wa? 'tpcr.cnnad tc this city this aeoralog It cooxneoeed Mbsut fiee o'clock aad ccoltBurd, with slight reseat ton. mill ks f past right, when the clouds dispersed an.1 gai e way lo bright asd fer la< saosbine The quantity of water that foil war tremendons. causing an nverftmr at the months of the rapacious an won is ear'onn |?rts of the city, and resulting In much damage to property The greatest amoot I of da*-age eras ex iw rteneed hy rea'derls on Plane. Waahiagu* and other streris bitwren and running parallel with H'gh aed Bioad > tr<?ta The cellars of residents oa the streets running east from High street, between Kinney aad Orange streets, were Sited to the depth ef several fowl The ??ier rushed does the hill Is torranla, seiepli.g everything bvfore It. is the shape of bun-le botes, wis torn ebstte-s, and is several Instaac ? tearing np flag stones In the Ninth and T?i,tk wards, cellars are filled la all dtrsctioos and two engines bave be*a eegaged all the mora teg In that v lenity pumping rut I Uie water la Plant and Wash ngl. street* other sngtar* ar* at work In thi ame way snd d >trg good nerv ee Tb. of tbr rimsr to proper I v In the various pdfle of the city rsaniA be est mat- d wUo any degre- of accuracy. game ptrnona say It will sot fail short of ?10,(10 Tb' ? hewer came on in suddenly that the sewer* were unable to rcuelvs tbe Immcns* body sf water that de ir.andoS entrance at the corner* of the ntrevM, and ins psult wa* thai eome nf the ?lrec4s were nnmpieteiy (I. oded a large pile of mad tytag I* front of Ibc led a rubber fartury in Warrcu et'rei vw swept sway by tbe ?errr l, aed ooalributed much to ctog the tewar* ta that vlrtelly Tbr I'ghtn'ng was vIv'd and did its tthave of damsgn aleo inroef's silk factory, on Rank street, was straw. The f tm mttetrd the wis tow ef n rnnn ta which ueveent '? males were at week, snd tore to latter* the dram of one of tb* n. ? landing near it Rrange to St; tbe ynuag lady, Hm-sb soeiewbki sbwked by the elevtrtrity eeraped at It Jurrd the field alen made free with tbr cor,u- t? ..f the rr?>m, eraiterlig the mernhan tse and prelnstBg great rwnaternatton w.| the orvpieyds CITY POLITICS. The Political Uoaslp V?iUid?y-H#w tbo Democratic Coast* aro lUetlTcd-Tb. Fallare of tbo Fw ?lon Negotiations?What Moxart UaU In toads to Do?List of Caadldatoo Nominated, dkc., M. Id political circles I be feat topic of conversation til day ytbterday was the failure of the democratic party leaders to effect a fusion on the city and county nomina tions Tammany Hall, the Pewter Mug, Crook It Duffs, and all the farorlte resorts la the rlctaity of the City Hall, where politicians "moet do congregate" to discuss n(lairs of State and Imbibe gin rooster tails were unusually crowded throughout the morning and afternoon with groupa of individuals, whose hard, ?harp physiognomies plainly indicated their peculiar calllcg. It was a study worthy of the philosopher. What Strang* r, freshly landed on our shores, and afforded an opportunity to scrutinise the oounteaaaoes of those who composed the groups we have deeoribsd, would for a moment Imagine that those same cunning, vul gar, tobacco chewing individuals wars the veritable gov erning classes hereabouts, the makers of Aldermen, May ors, fudges, Congressmen, Senators and PresidentsT Yet sunk b the in oentro vert ibis fact. Bui to return to the subjeol of our remarks. A most unusual diversity of opinion was noticeable among the politicians. The failure of Urn fusion negotiations seemed to take a large number by surprts- They had hoped that i the ooheaive power of the spoils would have been strong j enough to patch up n joint Doagtas Breckinridge ! ticket oo the county officers, and the abrupt , rupture of negotiations oo the subject between the "high contracting parties" was the theme of considerable ani madversion and wonder. In general very tittle seemed to be really known about the negotiattena of the eonfe- i recce committees Some esssried that the Breckinridge ' committee demanded the Kegisterahlp and City Judge- ; ship, and were willing to concede the other offices to i Tammany. Others, agals, maintained that only a third of the ticket was arksd by (feptaln Smith, aud refused. But the real state of the case Is this: When the Tammany i committee met the special committee from the i Breckinridge Convention, Captain .Smith briefly and quietly explained what his party desired. He aaked Mr. Waterbury if he and his colleagues were willing to nego tiate with the Breckinridge committee on the basis of eqoality?that is to say with the understanding thai three candidates should be given to each breach of the party. This conceded, be, Captain Smith, thought there would be uo difficulty in arranging matters In a satisfactory man ner. The Tammaoy He'! committee refused to open ne foliations on this basil, and so the conference was abruptly brought to a close. Hence both conventions on reasoemblug nominated full tickets, thus blssting the sanguine hopes of the fusion isle. and terminating the vgooy of suspeuie with which a i vast number of aspiring ca> didatee were afflicted. It was rumored yesterday that Defoliations for a fusion ticket were reopened, aud that hopes were eotertained that some amicable settlement would be arrived at. But there was no foundation whatever for the rumor. No conference lock place or ia likely to The breach is now wider thun sver between the Douglas and Breckiarilge peril*ans, and there is no hepe that the difficulty will be ever arranged so ae to produce useful fruits. It Is the general opinion of the shrewdest politicians that is the event of this condition of things lasting until November, the republican city and county tickst will be eiecud. But this Is not yet so certain, as the Union parly will have something to my In the matter. It Is thought that the Bell men will support Tammany. The oool conduct of both the Tammany and Breckin ridge oooveut'eos, in ignoring bar existence alto gether, teems to have bad the ?fleet of arousing the slum brrtrg energies of Mosai. Hail, who Is now beginning to make bereelf felt In tbe campaign, ft ia asserted oo good authority that so independent ticket will be put up by Mossrt Ball, and that neither the Tammany nor Breckln ridge candidates will b* adopted We make this asser tion within certain bounds, meaning tbit the entire of neither ticket will get her endorse). Tbe Moxart Hail General Committee are to meet next Thursday evei ing, whea all the arrangements for oomi satisg m ticket will be mads. TM candidates most spoken of Is coarection with the Moxart aomlaatkooa are Mr. Richard Barry for tbe Fourth Congressional district, James I.ynch for the Reglsterehlp, Col. M<- 'uaa and Judge ConnoUy for the City Judgeship, and Recorder Bar nard for Supreme Oourt. Judte Rusaell, It Is said, can get tbe nomination for Recorder if he desires It. Tbe candidates nominated tb a far for elty, county and Congressional offices are aa (oil -wi ? DOCOI.Ag TAMMANY MOOT.A*. For Juatlcc of Supreme Court ? Q< orf?- a For Recorder Job? T H For K'-yletrr Malhew T For !<uirtif?tr F.i ward C. W?t. For Utty Judy* John H MsCuaa. For Su^trvtkor Sm'tb Ely, Jr. BRICKIKRirOI AMD LAMB. For Joatle* of Supreme Cowl....John R Brady. F' r Recorder < narle* A. May. For Reg liter Jatae* Lynch. F< r Surn?au- Malcolm Ibrapball For City Judge Johh R. Lt?i.*sloa For Buprrrtaor L F. Harrtnoa DOIULAB TAMMANY IXMQOLAJt. For Jart or of Supreme Court.... John ML Harbour. For Krcorder Abraham D. R iMoil. For R. j later Inaatbaa Trottor. For Minyilr Edward C. Waat. For City Ju 'ir Frederick A. Tallmadfa. For Sojernncr. Smith Ely, Jr. FOB CONOR*** T A MM All T ma*. VI A* rnKCI.UUt.DGI AXO LAMM. Pitt Out ??Tbotnaa J Barr 6?Jam** H lynch &?lot lei J Wiuaat ??Paul ? Bradley. A?J Wlntbrcp ? haalor B?J Aufi ntm Pap*. BMXCBTMUPOK AfiRRMBlY COMYTtKTIOKB. Paraaaal to the call of tlx Jrech.orldf# Coarral Com mittro tba drlrgaWa c.' mpor of Uir rarioua Amembly Coo rent loci of the Breckinridge branch of tba democracy aaa> uihM last arealof. la tbolr aeraral dlatrlrta, for tba porpw of placing candidal** to nomination Tba raoalt of toe of the rreport, re coaraniloaa laet night la aa follow* Putrtctt. 1 Jn*b L. smith. 2 W illiam Vt ah 5 So uomtaation / Thorn mMobtgoraery 4 f Will .yad-Shia. 6 Otkhrtw RaoTaU T. No nomlaotl a 9 Chflaa H laa.r 19 Jo's Bi lry.Jr 1 1 No nomination 12 IV Jamea L Kleraaa 13 TV 'man H:(ftna 14 Reward Murray li George* Vartaa. IB. No BommatkM 17 Aden. 0. Flaaatgna ANTECEDENTS OF THE CANDIDATES. ?to rai rsorii am nrxcrho to yoyi for. Two of th* numeroua party organ I tat too* is thta city bar* trottod not a hi I couaty uekot, aid art aow ready to reea're th* anpport of tba rotor* of th* city la or der that the pablir ? .y know who 1*4 what the tueo ore that are pot up A r thorn to volt fbr, wo hart take* th* troahle to ooeertoia their anteeedaola aa fbrao ooaiaatod. aad ahali continu our ahrtrha* aa th* Itat o' caadidalo* la locrraoed All of I hoar at prearat la the field are name* kaowa to moat of tba cltlreoa of haw York. bar. lap figured la acme mgaeltf before them either a* oily or ooonty ofBcova or can II da tea Ibr office* Tammany W tb all tto blunierlag coafbalja, IM brought lorth a ticket with a pood miature u the material (a th* '? Goal Hot*.-' CANWR4TW FOR JCPOR 0" BrYMHR COCRT. Tb< Tetnmany candidal* for that oMca. Gear ft to Bhr nard, la a yraduate of Tel* Oolle**, and ha* Bfored qatto actively Ibr a yoaag maa. flooo after be left oaiiefe ho netted OalifhrRth. and remained there about throe yaar*. and opoo fcw return, wbeo ooly aboat twenty ?l? yaar* cf aye. ho received ibr noailaatloa for it-?cord*r. through tb* lafoeoreof Faroasdo Wood who it that time rao the democratic machine B* wao aleolod by a tarpe anafortty, aad nttll bold* that poaltloa. hi* tana of ogle# not nipulag uatn the latof Jn uary eeat It li paerally ballrrad MM "hi* Etoelieecy" tb* Mayor will giro him th# eo dornemeot of tb* Doufla* wtag of Maaart Joha R Brady, tba fir*dkiartd?e ooadldnta. !? a brother Of Jamea T Brady, th* Rraohtartdp* candidate for Cover oor. aad a lawyer He wat, mm* ott yaart ago rand, date fbr Surrogate, and defeated, aad lo at proarnt Amo ctaW Jaetlee of the Cnmmoe Pleaa Court That, we be- | Iteve, ? tbewttrnt cfhtodBee holdteg 3a ha aiway* baea a Brio bellerer la tb* hard ahali fhltb Th# otlre la j now filled by Rraj R Bonner, a republican. rASn'PATRA FOR RBCORDRR. Jean T HoBman, tb* Temtnaby nominee for thlRoffloa, | row held by S G Taroerd. la a maa about forty year* of ^ Mid a lawyer by f ft* m Fa formerly a partner Of Judge Leonard. He never S*" "V . end ui there fore befbre the public for the trt.' itBM Charles A. key, the Breckinridge for?*?? time been one or the eUr oompan j per for J"** M Motart He vh formerly l'ublio Administrator, appoihKd> w* ** lie re, la 1866, by Richard Bos teed, end la now coC0*?* lor that office, at preeect ailed by Stephen P. Huaeell C# VH at one live candidate tor Alderman in the SliteeoNl ward, but not being on the tnaide of the aider manic cliques, he waa defeated. Thia, we believe la the extent of hla political life. He waa one of the Moiart party that fought Mayor Wood In hie effort to bring the orgnnlaa tioa out for Douglaa. CANDID ATM FOB CITT JFDOK. John C. MoCunn, the gentleman trotted out by That many Hall for thia office, now held by Abm. D. Ruaaeli, M an Li lthman by birth, and came to thia oountry, we be llov^, In 1844 or '48. He hae ever ninee been oonnected with the bar of thia olty, and waa at one time partner af Judge Moncrtef, and la now one of the arm of McOuon, 8 war thou I k Fine, lawyerv, In Wall street. He never held office, and Is therefore before the public for the Ornt time. J. R. Livingston, the Breoklnrldge nominee for thia office, la a man about sixty year* old, and belonga to the old Knickerbocker fain 11 lea of the olty, and la wall end favorably known by our oldest Inhabitants He waa nt one time Naval Agent, and about twenty yearv age he held the office of District Attorney, the duties of whiah be discharged with great eatlefoctlon. He la now prac ticing law la Cedar atreet, and resides la CI In too plane Hie Is considered tie strongest name on the ticket. CANDIDATBS FOB BtTBJUMATI. Fdward C. Went, the nominee of the Tammaay organi zation for this office, waa one of the Tea Governors during the yean 1868 and '68, and waa during the laet year President of the Board. He Is the present Surrogate, having held that office nearly three years, or slaoe December 1,186T. Malcolm Campbell, put forward by the Brookinrldgere for this efflde, la a sou of Jamei Campbell, who held that office for n number of years, commencieg in February, 1821. He bat been a standing candidate for a number of years for that offioe, but has never held any political office in the city, and la therefore before the publio far the first time so a nominee of a party. CANDIDATES FOB BBU18TFB. Judge Matthew T Brennnn, the Tinrnu; candidate for this office, bow tiled by Will lea Maw, bee beea be fore the public ao loog tbei every pereoo know* hie re cord. Be belie from the Bixlb ward, end wee et see time e police captain a that district, but has been for the lest fire yean a police justice, aad a a brother at Owes Breonaa. James Lynch, the Breckinridge aoaiaee for this offioa, fo well knows la ountction with the Tea Boreraors, the only office, we believe, that he has held. Be was elected to that office la 1869. having previously bees defeated, aad was legislated la to private life by the last Legis lature, during the last hours of that meawrable body. CAMDIDATB8 FOB SDPEBV130E. Smith Ely, Jr., was formerly member of the Slate Senate from the district now represented by Bernard Kelly, and bat left a good record. He baa for a long time takea an active pait In the educational department of the ctty la the ward la which he resides. Be was appointed Supervisor last spring, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Supervisor Bell upon bis appointment as one of the Commiistooeis of Public Charities Lafayette 8 Harrison, the Breckinridge candidate for Ihte office, le a youag man, and a clerk In the Surveyor's department of the Custom House Mr Charles K. Lsew Not a Candidate for Ofltoa * TO THI EDITOR OF THE HEBALD. In your paper of this day I find my name men t lea ad as one of the democratic candidates for member of Aasm ? bly in Uw Twelfth Imambly district. This is aa error, which you will please oorrect. ai I have not been, aad am not now, a candidate for that or any other office ' Tours, he , CBARLK3 E IOEW Ksw Yobs Bept 19. ISM. Olorlome Neves from Peamayiiraala. rBonrkCT of a union tictohy in oorosan mw 81VB OP THE WHOLE OAMFAION. [From the Philedelphie Inquirer?Independent republieea journal ) cwainms in tub canes wo. Bet a few weeks agu all the elements opposed te the eiecuoe of the reimMMra eeadldate for gubernatorial honors were as discordant la reftrsuoa lo tbe October struggle aa they termed lo be about the Presidential era test la the succeeding mouth?that m lo aay. wholly dfe orgaalaad. Tbe fr'rada of Uouglas, lad by a journal claim ing powerful lr nuance, laalaiea ihalOensrnl Foster ahouid openly avow himself in favor of the LitUa Giant, while of tbe Brtvklnridge wing, whose voles, though net rooeiderahl* la the (Nats outs ids of Pbiladslphm, wore awaiting that ooums as a signal for thorn ago dsssrtios of party discipline Tbe advocates of Ball aad Evert M, until a comperelirely recul period, contemplated a square nomination for Govrracr, aad la default of such a ouiMilustca It was hoped by meet republicans that tbsir influence and votes would be oerlata for Mr. tairtla The last meoliooed SEpec'ation, founds* npoa tbe eld whig tendencies of thetr candidate and ate soundness on the tar if q?. stive, aad others wbieb ware supposed Ilka Iv to call forth >?.-? rnoaoouattt'iliuaal sympathies had, It would now *? ui, been disappointed From nit pre seal stgrs, such as fights between tbe r.val organIsstleae and alius* is made by the publ c speakers sad the preet, (here le s more bitter fteltcg entertained between the L'stnu parly and the republicans than betwura either at tbem and the dc m or racy Per ha,? tbu. Is not unnalursl, a* the leaders la behalf of Mr. fed I stale that he Is the real opponent of Mr. IJacom thrragbewl foe Psios. sad they would in cold caiculelioa wish te wvakee the furor* of the latte.- by deetroylsg h a prestige in our Oe lobereleclMKi, do mailer who should be successful Om lals It Is that now the fork* of tbe Ce Insists la behalf of Foster with the democrats seems teevliable, sbslsim they may du afterwards Their strength le estimated by themselves at fifty thousand r Ace, but la not believed te been great. Tbe two fa> ions severally arrugatleg to be tbe ewe aed isdlvielMe democracy have apparently met Ibis apirttby bury irgthe bMcbrt, ad Interim, aa bet veeo Hi meilias This is s foeegncr cnacluei.m, tbe fiw rri irasrn against trace be-ng s baadful of personalty rait .lured Indivi duals, wbe, whatever they may say sad print, sad how ever I hey may bold siooi. have ceaaed to tsfla of the nace kr<at parts in this r.gard. Tbe great aid aw (useful meeting it last Saturday sight set only showed this fort at the time, but Its r reel is have sines been widest Is the greater spirit and 'n'ereot frit for Foster, without say! defiaitlea of his party vlawu, srd the graecel though loual sad U m; "iry .rpra r-nw cibiblibd btfwtqn .lbs fr'sade of Douglas, Bn laiMge and tsll, wherever and whenever they meet, rliber at mean gatherings or to private inter v lew* How ever ibis aty suit or croc the wishes of ray individual, It Is, after rareful eismlsal on. regarded *- s feet, sad af inch recorded, being fraught with most in.portAhi pceei ble cvaae.uracr* tbe odds were, a m mtn ago, that Gal Otetla, la the scrub rues, perhaps could sot walk erar the course, but ue?d sot rua to ha full metlis New. It M evvfeut that there M a?hsnoe of e full end united ferae craltc vate tx tag polled la this Mete, gee realty curried hy that party te the paet, sad thai a ferae proportion at the BrII nrd Everett party wlU add to the nominal strength of the patchwork array Tbe result at skis anaqtctiea wlU be frrafy to ieeraaae lb* excites eel of the cos test la which tbe republtosra before seemed to bars almost rxelusl re a ray, sad etM further te st'mulct* U?e fetter to perfect their sirensr ad rairuhle orgseitation And they should not comptsla that u.e prrervt com bis at km. or as Is the modish pkraae, ' rut.ou.''has besa formed agsicst tbem It being era reded that tbetr candidate Is the oalv oaewhseea be ciectc* (he hjert. Indeed the dp* neceaeity ef ell the ethers, is te prevent I bat result by wbateee* means, far ?a the proverb bath It, "all is (sir is lore few sad Mac lions, hi least, professed politicians laugh si any other cr-te-ton ttji that ef success or failure, and. principles ?part. It IS to the credit, as regards their smrmoe eetse, of Mr Lincoln "a rppooeute, (bat they bare taken the only cruras w h at ,?wetnly could defeat him. With fuste-a sad roergy Mr.Fuster may, Is the noun* ef Ihlrn. be slaeted, b< t if "foetot.*' were to meet wtlb so marked a surcevs la Transylvania la October. then la New York, New Jersey aad etter Kates, where the coalition b est yet perfect ra a# Prrei leutiu quest loo. a similar course wraM be com Cited by the raws aad file of Ibsjmrtk s. whatever might the wmhrs of their traders foe p spent mce?n>*nl la this Kate may rhnrge the whole vspeet of aghira, aad yet tbrow tbe rtectfoa Into tbn House of Baprmatilat ss Prrssaal Imtelltgramce Cai J. W Goals# sad famUy, ?f Kralucky Bw Mr Cbr.rthiU. o? Halifax, H ? Eaighl. at MasambuaeUa, Nre. C ? Walfess, sf Bagfead. Dr (Wift-rro, et Virginia, aad L Ho. i.e pa worth aad wifa, af tension wsra smsag tbe serrate at tho K N rhoiss Hotel yastsrday A B film, of Bultlmoee; J Klrkmtn, of Alabama. W G Bnseroft aad wife, of Mouth (brollc-., aad P J % uses and fed?.et Manner I) uaett*. are stopping at tb* Metropolitan Obpt W B Mtraoj.of N*w ' rleans. M Max.ager aad ramify, nf Cub* D F lfeksr, of C.ncinoaii. F E (War. of Alabama T 0 Ho me*, of Florida. J Parker, of Need Chraliaa. C. I. Iaehwood, of Philadelphia, aad M R Hpayld.i g,at featon, art stepping at tbe I vfargs M'ara #Tr. W k(water of penaaylrasfe, C H rbtrapo P A. Cbampntnter, af N*w Orlaaas, B- W Wafi. ksr aad family, ef Ate bums D J. Oobura. Chief of ??**?? cf fetetna Newt<m m Jobs aad ramlly, at Mebffe, Pr F P Kraebao.or tbe I'n'ted PtaVee Navy. Br titmmtmt, et West Point. aad leroy Napier, sf Osorpia. are mopping at lbs F fib Araa*e Hotel Serertary Floyd haettg left Wash agteo ra a brief eisH to Ttft'bfe foe chief cirrk of tbe War Ds past man t ban bees appointed ferretary ad fttefa Col 5N*ptne, of the I utted *nte? *r"'-" 1m' grrt usij I iof pnrnlyafe nl Ihssbbarg. virg'ata. Ss.:rt sflivss HHI, lo e'ls't IbwGte Mr the Ine c.seof at>*r met te at lb' Heverr Hoiae. ami law te bdrarafefen IB all quurtees te mnkst >* raU'safa vfert to fewtoc one of rare ettjaymehk

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