Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 22, 1860, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 22, 1860 Page 6
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ft'EW YORK HERALD. J1RI1SU8DORBKNNKTT, EDITOR AND I'KOPKIETOR. Cr:ci K. w. ookmb or iwmac and rrxros rrs. w mm nt M.> in mwii. Mummy mrnnl by mtaV tmiU ^ K '** pink ?>' irrAr-. Pcstagi mUlhtpt rmA rvti. ri at t ?Lariptio,, ' r?V UATL7 HBR.iT.D fieo mhA n?r mm. fT ?n? amrr-nx. TUB WKBM.LV UEKALU,ctery mix tco>. t TUB U EH ALU, crcry NatmrBay, ?< fix own Mf Iff orKlfxr iwMn. tin EI.rfprrin BJttui n*ry W.dtu-'d.iy, ml Ar m.txmr-' at: i, M lxni ...i i loamy part e Or not Britain, ?i < - -... -X a/ /., 4nr*Lul# rw.>//.xixi #\x. irHk' ar.y part of U- f mtinm!. Ir'th A, inf'ud?i;??|/ior, i'm iblii'omfc.'BHtton ontl1 ? IHlandS Iof noMAU c*w. .iw toffy, or SI flO?xr sniMR THE BAMILV HKHALI* oil Wtdt,e.*lay, at four enti prr Com or si' ;xr a.-mwni VOLUNTARY CUMtKSPOlTDBlfCB, containing importer' ytoo . tol^dtrj froot aty t^ra'irf o/ the uoriaf if umnl, tcilib' hbrallb roil for. bat ova t omias . oaitinro.TDi.i r? a:.s l'ASfTOCLXKI T KHDUTU TO BSAI All Ll Trill AID fACA ASM HIT 01. yO Hotter Mini of a*,nr? out corrcponacnrc. Tr. do ju>! m?n? rtjmctod ramiwMcsifaru ADVZBTISBMBNTB rtmnrcd rncry day; rulf rli rmt t' in ao-'oi in tl.t W?iklt Httuc Fuuli Uiaai d, atni it, thm tbli/w- ia a rut Ktirrpma Edit '. jhh VHltitlMO nmcuUd ttilli nealntit, duaptym and 4c Bpatch Vsluu XXV No. ?65 AMUSEMENTS THIS EVENING. A'-AMvnr or MUSIC, VMJtetnth street.? Itauaji On MA-IK I GIOTAJUri. KIPT.O'S garden Broadway.?Ita OrxtA?E .iate ?' Oae .'C ?W?K...iap;. wr>"T~* GARDEN, B-oadway.? Fiiauii G'Don?-i? C.Ttoss c.' tui Coosrar?Iuslasd As I.: V.'ai BOWURT THEATRE, Bowery.?SATAN ON Ea1T~.? V ..'.AiJ. W AIJ, trx s THEATRE, Broadway.?Ta? Rotavjt rrUUTTBS. LAURA KEENER TOXaT&E. OA Brovtway.-Tas Mo.hit Dot. HEW ItO wkHT, Bowerr -In [.alt Dam 0- IV I St: ? Bio-i Dcas..*?Rate o i.n BARNUM'S AMERICAN MCWUSf, Bw-..*way.-*S- aad ?vsalivs?J coax j aid Hu SasTiiiAX-Iduaa Cutuou CUM. Ac. FRTANTS' wrNSTRir.8, MMfcanfes H*I ?71 Br?.lr Ty. BtRUAa^o. Soil.!. Dakcka. Ac. ? Baits "iVajj Aasr. RIRoO'S 8AIXH?N, Brwilwar.?HviLtr A flAM-?l:i'? ?V* atillTULS II S'THIoriAH HON'iS, UVIUJtfSCM. DaSOU. AO. XSAtruB&Atioa Uiu RATIONAL THEATRE, PSV>ia3? atnet.?LCKB Til I iir.,!ia-V.oow'i Vtcr.u? Voiih Ci.ii* ? ?Ooa Ir:? Cnks. OANTERPTTKT WrRIU HALL, MB Brood way.-Bosss. Baioss. Bsaooaosas Ac TRIPLE SHEET. ??W fork. Baianlay, B*ptimb?r Mi. 1WU Tlte Ktm. TLc European mnil-to the bth Inst.. brong't by tu? Luropa, at Boston, reached lhia city late la.-t Bght. The newspaper came on by the ?here I'at. and arrived at eight o'clock last even Leg The ii aia part.- of the intelligence, received a a C.ii e Pace, have already been j Wished. We f?:-.e. however, in to-day'a paper, letters from 01 r L. -doa and Paris corresponding, and extracts torn cm files, which snpplj the details. D. the arrival of the I rig Isabel Beurmann. Capt. Tain-, at this port, yc.-tuJay, have ad b.:e? from l'ort an Prince to the 5th Inst. The ro .atry was very healthy ai.d quiet. The auti.o i ot the city were improving tho streets nnc r.aL rig trcaches otit-i.le the town, la order to pre ? ett the water running in during the rainy a-a.oa. The opening of uiarki ta on Sundays had l*:-cn prohibited. B. r?n Penfrew on Thursday evening placed him ??if cidt: tho wings of the American Eagle. He 1. aied at Detroit ar id u brilliant pyrote hale dU |>tay and a general i'.lumina'ion. He was received fev a m of people and a torchlight prices ?ioa YeMerday the Baron visited the nooiblc !>>ce-. of Detroit, and everywhere i.e w at the atrcrt- were thronged with cittern- anxious to Catch a g'impse of Kb countenance. At ten C'clock he took his departu-e fur Chicago, where L ?'rived Inst evening. A tdegr.iphic Jrsrsf'' ftum Pi.rt ??'?t so aanonr rs the destruction by fire r.t that I lace, on Thursday night, of the City Hotel and I e garrison block of buildings, in-* a loss of fit pt'ty estiiiirted at 1100,000. Mr..-tor Mrlsane leave - Washington on Monday t?vt for Key West, where he will.iola the sir op of war Pa* nee, and proceed to Vera Crux, and re b n.r his duties as our representative in Mexico. 1 !.e v itldrawal of the tils of M <?*-*. llsrman aid F' ktin having been accipt d by tl?e Be retary C the Treasury, that officer yesterday awarded the rcntra't for the construction of the Pacifie lelrgrnpb line to Hiram Sibley. It is stated that the gcrtrarnt have fall confidence in Mr. Sibley's f> iity to fulfil Us eontrsct ?ati?fictori'y. At the meeting of the Police Commi-slor.ers yes terday Captain Gibson. of the Harbor pe'lee. and Captiin Weed, of the Second ward, sent In their resirnatioas which were accepted. Officer David J\. lean an also gnat in his resignation, which wa< ? "copied. Captain Hutching was transferred t'om the Fifth to the Second precinct: Captain ( ,.rry f*om the Twrntieth to the Fifth, and Ser gear.* IKKil.ey mads captain, and detailed to the HwfV.leth ward. Sergeant Todd was ordered to a:' ac captain over the Ila'Lor police: Sergeant ( coper, of the Steamboat squad, transferred to tho P ea way squad, and Sergeant Guest, of the Be weateenth, transferred to the B'eamboat squad, (ton"liana Browcr. of the Tenth, was made ser gr. n*. and detailed to the Beventrenlh ward. Its sates of cottoa yoterday embraced shoot 1 ,T00 ?i *e TLr line of the m-r'vtl was rather sorter aeS g-.ees fbr moot grades ? me<rbU irregular. dealers wore loos'af forward with some anxiety fbr tbe rweipt of tstor foretyn area. la brtadalufts tl.ero was so Impor ta->l cbeojf in rrtraa to sole. The news expected b, A i.- at'r was looked f*t with great lot-rest r<?~eded toat.should abe report continued tta-- ueelber i., to tbe period of t r eelliag. with the aaectoafal pro I si of the bsrrestlBg, tbe re!.s of t?*oy speral*. Ic~s wac d stead t etttnrc of b? nj toraed lato Jm.h ia e'.be- words, tbe b 4tom to h gb pi.oes would fhll out r? coal/a, should tho flae weather reported by the Europe ?are bora taddea'y superaeded by raia and atorm, It impart some rear I toe to the market, aalglrt n ore lease to tbe bopre of rperelet ors. beak oBeerr and ?bee. ope rat era. Pour, ye-tardoy. held I la own. with r? r aalsa. rentiee < rders ft* wheat utrr tiled, tbcb with parchasee to wl matarl'* ftv ght -nragemaoW, teadod b* eestaia prirsa aad to keep up a rather lu: -*t. Core was sviiiaisei by the k<al aad laatera i" r and IVrk was atore t urnout with sales of w.-sa at ?IS 14 a tl? ST, and of prims at 114 a tit It. ?>rart w-re steady. with m'<*n of aboet 1 #00 hhds. aad 1,800 ?*"??, at rales gieea la another plaro. Freights ware SVsdy and rather flmv r TaMeerpool nmoot the aagasa? I rata srera mm* 4Cfi00 bu?he aof wheat . In balk and t>aea, at 15 jgd a 13d.. and ahoet 9 <XO bales of octtea at 7 SIC a <td. for unmpswl aad mixotnpreeeed, lacbidlag U- io fill up (mmpresMd) at .1 ltd. Ftour rloeed at Sn H Wheat, to Bavre, was at SXc per l uahei V H s Thi Growth or run (XdXTar.?The growth ?nd prosperity of thin country, in population, products and enterprise, as shown by the cen tra returns which we give in another column, gtre something marvellous to contemplate. If tier forefathers of two generations past could |>ehold the wonderful increase In population, ihe extent oT territory under oultirmtion. the ?Umndant returns from the toil, the number ?ad magnitude of cities and towns thickly co wering tbe country, th^raet mineral resource* feeing dally developed, the railroad and steam | oat enterprise flourishing everywhere, they frc Id he struck with astonishment as profound ?# would be the ancient barbaric nations could l>7 behold the marvels which aclence and fercw'- 'ge hive trough! In our day. In the tiletrrr of tbo world there is truly no parallel r.r It. tuf idgtoaUi of tkc United Sthlra, T*ir lolwn Hrtrtlon at Work>(<lorU?l New* from P(inifh?Bl?. I While cur New York politicians cf the em* * r!ct-i ccasirvativa and factlcaa are nuking ccn'jlon worse confounded In their ccuC-acted experiments for fusion, we are sud denly enlightened with the meat cheering Intel ligence frcm the ('Id Key tone State in be half cf the common cause cf all geed Uaion ikt. agabnt thle sectional disunion republican party V e refer the Intelligent reader to the calm and Impartial article from thr Philadelphia I f 'rtr, La another part of this paper, touching the prospective results of the approaching Pennsylvania October election, from this article, embodying the views of au. intelligent and independent nnti democratic journalUt, it will be perceived that there is a practical fusion actively at work am< ng all the conservative element? opposed to Lincoln's election, and a gotd prospec* of the ?ucces? cf Foster, the de mocratic and I'nlcn candidate ft.: Governor And why net' The republican pa~iy In Pennsyl vania represents but a miserable minority of her popular vcte. Array agalrst th's party the cemocra'.lc Americ.x and eld line whig ele minta opposed to Lincoln'j election,, ar.d the Coalition, wo dare nay, would exhibit a majority to day cf f 11 C'ty thousand L nlcn men. Upon this point what says our independent Phihtdeipbla contemporary'* He says that ii "J> row evident that there L= a chance of a full united democratic vote-' upon Fester, "that a l-rge proportion of th- Bell and Everett party will add to the nominal strength of the patch work array," and that "witt fislon and energy, Lr. Fester may, in the course cf things, be elected but that if fusion \ ere to meet with so marked a success in Pennsylvania In October, then in Lew Yorl. New Jersey and other States, where the coalition is not yet perfect or the Presidential question a similar course would be enforced by the rank and file of the parties con cern. J, whatever might be the wishes cf their leaders.' This is tie whole case in a nutshell. P. nnsylvaaia in all probability, a# in 18f6, will settle the question. The ihancee now are tetter for the Union cause against the re ptile un part., than they were in 18CC. Then the republican: and Americans frca recent tii-Cipb? were flushedt ith the hopes of success, united and active?while the democracy, from late defeats, v ere under a c'.cud, and fighting single handed. Now a large proportion of the American party are with the democracy; they ar.- cordially uniting, and the result, we say, will most probably be the defeat of tiie repub licans in the decisive Pennsylvania October election as in 185C, but by a larger vote. Decisive, we repeat, villi be thl-Pennsylvania election, as in lodC, with the success of Foster. Ar.rt the materials are at hand, and the right splilt ia at work among Union loving democrats, wtigs, Ansfiiicaur- and all concerned, to achieve thie decisive triumph. With this achievement the tables v ill be turned at once, and the con servative fcrces cf New Jersey, Now York and ctber States with or without cur bungling poli. ticlans will rally together upen a co-union electoral ticket, and give this slavery agitating republican pa.'.;, a crushing defeat in Novem ber. Let cur New York conservatives of all par ties, in the meantime, lend a geuercui helping hand in behalf ol the election of Foster as Go vernor of Perusylvania. and th* worn of a powerful reactionary revolution will bis election will be accomplished. We have been Lulld'ng our hopes upon New York; but Pennsylvania, it appears has the man. the meues and the will for the crisis. Let the Union cause pushed ahead In Pennsr l vania and her October election will decree a great and glorious re- v ? lution in November. T <k L ;?v E' oa Da*"tsr.?We recently published an article adverting in general terms to the late Lady Elgin dissste" on Lake Michigan, ir. discharging our dv.vy as Journal ists. We made teveral inquiries pertinent tc the s iMect and. attar reading the pt bllshed statement* In the cose placed the onus of blame where ve thought it properly be longed. In otnwvr tc our article the United States St?umtcat Inspectors of the Cblcvgo dls'rict pub'Lb a card, In which they s'.ig math? It as devoid cf truth, and conclude the lucubration by volunteering the assertion that no storm prevailed at tfcs time the Elgin lftlt Chicago on Ler disaetrons voyage. Iiere Is cur proof rr-om lh- Oh leap* IVram-at, F<*pt 10.) rr.n- DT o; aow*ar wamcM I m%3 nr-t-r i n i'? ?Uan-*- 1 *') ?'t1"-- J -1 ?0 If-da* svse'.Bg for Milw.u**, stmly afur mid ?l-bi rtJf ? oo wss blosricg hard from tke uiTtl??nsl M- : ab?a?r iwrrtairp , * ? ? ? ? ? Again ? rr m :U* . c< WlscaasU, sept 10 J a V ? s ? If thars ??? arT Warns. It su In starling rut when the ?? lea i nrtroded SO tern a storm as Ihsy Old IhU ?H>I. II fart* effio u teno'cUic*. lb' W9M <?f ?? it'ify binflE p. as tb? wu.d 0 ?s- to wt ux through crwv teas asd t-ai ( ? tsUoss I Ueds >ad "<p ??*'???, atsd t ess H? |.l.? ik- i?e oatioc* wtre tuUowad uy tat? at Light by tas of ibo moat .Va-fi.'. storm Among oth< r portions cf our article to which the Inspectors demnr is our state mmt that the: ? were no life preservers oa beard the Elgin at the iiiae of the disaster. We pre mteed our assertion on the reports of the Chl ctgo papers, end also from a manuscript letter writ'en tc us by a friend of one of the sur vivor! ftom the wreck of th- Elgin; but now. allowing tho sUtement in the Inspector*' curd, "that there were four hundred floats cn board ' we still insist that the Elgin did not bare her legal complement of life preservers, ss required by law, which stys that -a life preserver shall be provided for each and every passenger on board. Now, tie evidence thus far gees to prove that the 111 f?*ed steamer bad nearly five hundred persons on board. This fact, therefore, does not ame lio'ste the measure of responsibility now rent ing on thrtn. Again, these Inspector? sny: - Th< whola fbrt of Ibr ma?t?e te. Iba ealarrlly btp prar.i la c<4M*, a??<? of tii* dsihsaiv* law 11 r?f-r I w> *rfwW Itobta, aa<* lha mnntwr la which th'Tar* c?it *1, Making It almnat tmponslbM for tS/wi to ba aaan la par ticular paaltiaaw If these inspectors were aware of these de fects In the law to which they refer, why did they not Inform the Supervisory Board of In spectors of their apprehensions, or why did they not plaoe th**ir protest on record with the Secretary of the T.-'Murv. or nubUdj the facte to the world? Theefforimade ty the Inspectors to prove that the Elgin was furnished with sni'able life boaU as required by law. by nua calling yawl boats and small boats life boats, only impresses the readers of their "card with the conviction that abettof gUeoion to their tUUti a do&ftfei*! TM B?ni Remfrtw liuitr tk? ru?. Ai wLl be seen b/ a very interesting tele graphic despatch published elsewhere the Prince cf Wales has concluded his tcur in the loyal Canada* and landed at Detroit, the most American cf American cities, amidst the blare of fireworks, illuminations and firemen's tor'he and as a matter of coarse, the playing cf the national airs by a large Lumber of brass ban Is. The fact that the Prince travels as Baron Ren frew and was so saluted by the Mayer of De troit, baa not prevented the people of Michigan from giving him a right royal welcome; and we have no doubt that the same cordial greeting awaits him in every city which he may visit during his American tour It is true that we notice her? and there in seme of the Irish papers that hare no circulation worth men tioning and will.a are edited by a set of ma niacs who ce^er ???m to knew what Is going on around tbem in the world, a few character!* tic grcwlv But thees have little cr no weight Th? Prince's Canadian career has made him already very popular In the United States At th? latest ball at Hamilton C. W., he woe the gayest of the gay. dancing continually, acting ce floor manager correcting the blunders of the awkward dancers, and straightening cut the snarled seta Hio flow cf animal spirits seems In exhaustible, and he enters lntc every sport that is prepo ?d with undiminished ardor His Cooed'an experience reminds us forci bly of the etcries tcld cf the*m*dcap Hal, Prince of Wales whom Shakspere made the boon companion of fat Jack Falstaff The pre sent Prince e- c-ms to resemble tbe hero cf Shrewsbury in his geed points only?fcls gal lant bearing, chivalrous admiration for ladies fair and universal kindness tc all about him Happily, the times have changed since the I ifth Harry's time and men have changed with them. Princes have become more democratic, and are no longer roysterlng blades, but pleasant, dashing young fellows who court the breeze of popular favor and are careful tc dc every thing to conciliate it. Then, the Prince his been in the best hands. The Duke of New castle, and th? ether noblemen and gentlemen of the Bvite, have performed their delicate du ties in the best possible manner. Nothing cculd have been more admirable than the Duke's course in the matter of the Oracgerren. He was courteous bnt firm, and kept his temper undor the most trying clrcmstance?. lie has been especially attentive tc citizens cf the United States who have approached the Prince and ws bear from the ccst reliable 'eources. public and private, that the manner cf the wboleparty especially at Niagara, w:j eminent ly agreeable tc all cf cur pecple with whom the Trlnce came in contact. We have heard r:aay pleasant anecdotes Illustrative of this fact W? tare ro doubt that the (o?r of the Prince in fill* country will be equally gratifying to all parties concerned. It la only a little more thai: six weeks since the rice-regal party landed upon American soil, and In that time the Triuce fcae had abetter Inside view of human nature, in all Its various aspects, than he could hare obtained In Europe in si years, and he will pick up a rust amount cf informal ion abor t men and things which be could net get In any other way. In the United St: tcs the Prlnce'o visit is the grand topic of discussion. The ladles are espe intfMfa'i) lu iLe matter liklt L'etfolt aud Chicago and St Louis all the way round to New Yoik, Boston aud Portland tLere it an extended circle cf crinoline diftnitien, all cf wbcm arc walticg with the liveliest e notions the arrival of the Prince, who seems to be quite as fund cf the pretty girls as they ate of him. In the metropolis the graud ball Is, of ccuxse, the co? leg sensation The members of the committee cut tc Y'aehiegton to invite the I'reaident have returned, and. as we under stand. it is doubtful whether Mr. Buchanan can come to the ball, but it is understccd that seme of the Indies of his family will be present. The question or tc wtc should open the ball with the Prince gives the cemmittee a geed deal cf unnecessary trouble. Ths discussion is alto gether absurd and useless. At every place In Cj. ada where a ball has taken place the Prince hoi- danced first with the wile or daughter of a local othciul. That is the proper rule tc be adopted here, and therefore there v, UI be oc occasion to send to V. ashington for a partner for the Prince. He should dance first with the daughter of the Mayor cr the wife or daughter ot ih * Governor of the State. It would be eln g lor, indeed, if the sovereign State of New Ycrk, with its Immense population, co .Id not find a partner for acy quantity of Princes. In that case we had better suspend the perform ance of the art Terpslchoroan altogether. After the first quadrille the Prince will undoubtedly be able to select bis own partners without the assistance of the members cf the Chamber of Commerce. Ths Prince has heretofore selected the pret tie t girls he could find; so ail the young and handsome ladle* will get as near to him as pos sible. In order that they may not be over looked, while the antique dowagers will tand back anda give the clrla a chance. The matter of the Prince's first partner is net the only one in which some of the cemmittee have blundered; and unlec< these p< ucMriit are corrected we shall feel compelled tc allude to them more p ulicularly in e day cr two. We bellevo ttat the experiences of the Prince and his et tie under the American flag will be both pleaouut and profitable. It is well that so wise a statesman and so kindly a gentleman as the Duke of Newcastle makes this tour with the future sovereign of Englar d. He will see the people of the model republic as they are, and not through the distorted imagination of preju diced tourist* We are all ready and willing tc abide by the verdict of distinguished and dispassionate judges, and to promise the British Lion the very loudest scream ef welcome from bis old friend, yet som: time foe. the American Eagte> Fuhgebt ikd Frik Lot*.- The republican journals of this city are just now engaged in n magnificent controversy among themselves about forgery and fiee love, touching the Mrs. Gnrney letter. This Is curious, considering that the vital question ot a Presidential election is feeding. Tb> s'lbje* t of marriage?its sanc tity and its violation?appears tc occupy equal attention in the republican organs with the claims of Lincoln and tbe woes of the negro. One republican paper charges tbe proprietors 01 another wl'h demoralizing and debauching the people with its views on the question of ?anlege, and they are all apparently as in extricably mixed up in a quarrel about fires lore z^ijorgerj as If the;- had cc candidate t %T. tc elect tc (fce rrseldency. Put these theme* are so amalgam'*ted with ^publican doctrines generally that we suppose they can not help themselves. Free love se -n.? tc :.>me naturally into the co teat Thi Btpe*>Ucaa Ptmcadoa >r the i?r? maaa Man/ of the German population have become dtrusted with cur institutions from the t/ruany practised upon them b/ rite republican purt/ u this oil/, who for the time being hold tits reins of power, sod can work their wantonness and despotism Ln form of Law But the/ ought not to judge our institutions b/ the republican standard, but by the ccoatU,t'ou of the United i-tates. b/ the general eplritof our la>s, audhy the history of the country The republican gr.ernment in thiv State hia us rped powers and functions which do not rightfully belong to it nor to any other government in the Union. The da/ of.its ovrthrov cannot he ld. distant and it will be acme satisfaction tc the German population tc know that it w:.? I be in. their power to contribute Larbel/ to the re-1 It. The German pepi iatlon are among the mcsl ind strious, orderly mora! and temperate clti tors ia the community, and tl ey dwe;ve w>>ll of the State for the part they have performed In d. eloping its re^curces and adding to its weal tfc 1) w have tbey been appreciated and rewarded by the block republican ia power" With perse cuticn and contumely. It Is the policy cf the American system of government to Invite good citi :eas from foreign countries tc settle nmc ug r.'-, eud they are invited tc do so or. the condi tion of sharing our civil rights and religious liberties on a footing cf perfect eciality. But nc sooner do they become and sw^ur fidelity to the constitution and the gcreriiment. tb-n their rights and liberties are ignored by the rampant fanatical faction which has cen tre lied the Stave Legislat re of New York fcr several years An outcry vu justly raised against the Kao*' Ncthiug party for making a man'a religion or bb birthplace a t?*st for office, or a reason fcr delaying to a distant period Li exercise of the eufiVage. But wbat Is a paltry office, vhich cr n only be given to one person out cf nary: and what Is the right to vet*, compared with a man's right to locomotion, his right to eat and drink what he pleases and when he pleases, and bis right to worship God in what form and by what ceremonies his con science dictates- The republican majority, usurping the prerogatives of God and con science, decree that atl men must conform to their peculiar puritanical observance cf the Sabbath; that they shall neither have Liberty tc go Into the country tc enjoy the pure, tree air and the charms of nature nor yet to enjoy themselves In the city after a moral manner and as their inclinations prompt. They arc not permitted to drink cn Sunday the innocent lager bier, to which they have besn always acc stoned, and the Sunday is rendered to tiiexn a day of sadness and gloom instead of a day of rejoicing and hap piness. The puritanical and straightlaced notion - imported here from one portion of Eu rope are forced down the throats of a popula tion from a different part of Europe, who never believed in them, and they are compelled to yield obedience to a holy Protestant in Orlaltfnn ft n!fi"? PltsbuXV OT k (Cilv Kennedy to carry cut its edicts Hitherto American citizens were led tc believe that their bouses were their castles, and that no man has authority tc enter without a warrant from a magistrate charging a crime upon &a in mate. But, In defiance of this maxim of law, the Metropolitan pclloe can enter what houses they suspect, and can suspect what houses they please Ec the privacy and sanctity of ail our dwelling are dependent on the caprice of a despotic police. What mere in Paris, cr Vien na, or 8t Petersburg I By what right do c. puritanical plurality in the Legi lature?who-e de ls of darkness du ring the Inst session have been at variance with every principle of morality and religion?a? s me the control of other men's liberties about the observance of Eunday or in respect tc what or when they may drink . As well might they determine what people skali eat ard wear and what sort of fUrnlture they shall have in their ho. -es. Suppose the Cathc lioa were a majority of the population of this State, and that the Legislature ordered that no man should oat Ceeh meat oo Fridays; that ail should go to confes-lcc tc a priest; that none should work on any of the n > merous holidays of the church; that every maa should bew the kese to the host, or consecrated wafer, as being the real body and blood wf Christ?what Indignation would lira every Pre testant In the land: Bat this, in principle. Is just what the republicans are attempting to do in the cane of their fclio: citizens. What is sauce for the goow is sauce for the gander; and if it would be in violation of ewr State constitu tion, which prohibits any preference cf one re ligion over aaotber, and ix: direct hostility tc the constitution of the I nited State-, v hlch has placed all religions on the same level, that Catholics should compel Protostanto tc observe the ceremonies of their church, so is It equally unconstitutional for republicans to compel their fellow Pretectal of other sects, or their fellow citizens of the Catholic religion, to cm brace their peculiar tenets and practise their peculiar observances, under pains and penal ties, and the destruction of their business and property, We trust our German population a 111 bear in mind that theit fellow citisens gene rally abhor the puritanical ideas of the republi can?, and that it U only a faction In the State who have persecuted them. They have redress In their own hand" Let them take it when they can. The R^t.l Anci.r v ri ov nrv c *. Pabtt.?The radical abolitionists, in some of their Nee England conventions have nomi nated Gerrit Smith for the Presidency, and the I nomination has been confirmed by that party la oar cwn State. The extreme portion of the abolition party are desparately opposed to the republicans and to Llnooln and Seward. They fear that Lincoln, if elected, will be governed entirely by the corrupt leaders of his party, like Weed, and they have evidently very Uttle | fklth that Mr. Seward, with all his extreme | views, "Irrepressible conflict" doctrines, and so forth, will escape a like Influence. The radical abolitionists, therefore, are lssuirg pamphlets strongly denunciatory of the republicans, charg ing them with hypocrisy, insincerity and all sorts of crimes against the Simon Pure doctrine of anti slavery. One of their pi mphtets declares i thai of all the factions at present engajed in (lie residential contest ? the is the most thoroughly senseless, bee-ale--, n:tntew; inconsistent tad insincere It has nc co??tit tional principles tr suad upon and it lives tp to no mora! ones." It charges, moreover, that its only object is to clutch the L-poiii cf cflke; that it is composed of two wings oue favorable to liberty and the other to slavery; and that in o dt*r to keep these two wing-' together lo*j enorgh to obtain the spoils, the leadere cry to one wing rut us in power and we will do every thing we constitutionally can for liberty and tc the other, put us in power; you can dc It with per'ect safety to slavery, for cocstituticnally we can do nothing against it where it is." Such is the opinion of the anti-slavery ext emiet* with regard to the republican party. The republi cans 'bey say, pre'end to treat the cocsttt- ricn as as antl slavery document, but attempt to pervert it in*o a warrant for the continuation of slavery where it exists; while the radical abolitionists denoun-e it as a pro slavery in strument and pronounce it an evi and b cu rse not to 1 i respected or endured 01 M . Seward individually the abolitionists epe:.k in no measured terms of abuse, stigma tising him as --a shameless man," calling him "veak and wicked " and charging h m with "de ibt ate heartlessness (towards the negro . so non'trcus as to be disgusting ' In ecu elu sion, tfcey declare that the great object to be attained at the coming election is "to procure the defer.t of the republican?"'?a sentiment in which vr? entirely agree with them. I Tse TiMKitir Dkmocract.?The sachem? of Tammany, in the matter of their city and county nominations, have placed their exclu sive candidates for Supreme Judge Recorder, (Jlty Judge Surrogate, Register and S lper vise. before the people. Th3lr ticiut, tow ever, limited to the corrupt cabal of tie Old Wigwam, will of course be defeated Tte I prsetige cf defeat has followed these der ail iced party sachems tor several years. Nothing but bad luck has been their portion siace tb?y commenced their dirty squabble! ever the spoils and plunder of Mr Buchanan'! admi nistration. They have disgusted him. sickened the community, and ruined the buslnese cf their policy shop with their blundering and unblush icg rascalities. Witness the living evidences of the impcteucy cf old Tammany in orr pre I sent Mayor and Comptroller, and other officii.'!, elected in defiance cf her "regular' nomine ttocs. In the preeeut emergency there vraa nc hepe for the deluded sachems except in a gene rous arrangement of union with the other fragments of the brckea uf democracy; but the first overtures to this end were ec in dignantly rejected as to cut off any other. The silly sachems should have learned something from the lessen lately taught them Ly the Al bany Regency: but the silly sachems are like the silly old French Bourbons they learn nothing and they forget nothing. They will rule as the legitimate masters cf this eity, by the divine rights of the Coal Hole, or tbey will consent to be crushed out And thus, since lfcjT, they hove been undergoing tte crashing out process, and this election will finish them, unless we are very much mistaken. Every honest man In this community meet share in our hope that the Incoming of the Mew Tear will be signalized with the absolute extin guishment of that shameless, debauched demo ralizing and utterly corrupt amgracef.; 1 close corporation of political Peter Funks, old Tnm many Hall. It is time that the history of this Institution which is but a record of rowdyism, spoliations, debaucheries, violence and blood, were brought to a cloie. This offensive Old Wigwam Is a mockery of the freedom cf th* elective franchise, and a standing reproach against this intelligent community which ought not to be any longer tolerated. The people cf this city hare done much for the abatement of tills public nuisance, and we hope and believe that this time they will effect ally dispose of It PnooREss c! Taim/'V Weep?St* Tiwarpk Bnccuoro ra Next Lfumlattre.? The republicans of the First Assembly district of Oswego county met in convention on the I?tb d. y of September, and amidst great enthusiasm unan mously renominated Devltt C. Little john. the .speaker of the last Ilo- ee for mem ber of Assembly. It b also reported that he addressed the Convention in vindication of Lis course at Albany. There b certainly great need of bin offering some excuse, let it be ever sc weak in defence of the record that he made during the short session of that memorable Legislature: but we doubt If he could convince the public in this locality that his record b a righteou! one were he to talk from new until election day. Mr Llttlejohn seems to have a patent right to represent the republicans of that district He has already been elected to the A?-emMy tlx timet, and is now nominated for the seventh term; but on no former occasion did he leave as many and sc large footprints in the Ickby as during the last session. The official Jourral of the doing! of the last Assembly has, without any other evidence, undeniable proof of this: thee printed pages meal the fret that he voted fcr almost every claim uga:n?t the State that war presented; the division of comities was sure to meet with hi* approval. He voted to override the Governor's veto of the bill fermlng a new county out cf Steuben, called Oaubtec; and likewise for the Albany and Susquehanna bill, notwithstanding the ob jections of the Governor. The several Quaran tine peculating schemes received his support, including George Law's monste*. When the several gridiron railroads were being reported from the Committee of the Whole In the A*em bly. Mr. McQuade moved "that the bills be re fer: ed tc the Committee on Cities and Villages, with pewer to report complete/' To (hb mo tion Mr. Conkling moved an amendment, " in structing tie committee to strike out all after the enaoting clause," and to insert a bill that had been introduced in the Senate, providing for the sale of these franchisee tc the highest bidder, by the Comptroller of the city of New fork, and on this motion we find Mr. Llttieioha recorded In the negative. When these same bills were before the Aseembty on their final pas sage, Mr. Plumb m^ved to "recommit with In structions to sc am- nd that the fhre shall be four cents instead of five.'' By the official Jour nal of proceedings we find that Mr. Llttlqioha b recorded In the negative upon thb m<*loa; also upon the return of the several railroad bills by the Governor, with his abjection* and reasons for vetoing. Mr. Little* ohn called a substitute tc thq their, tcok the flcor and m.?de a half hour speech In tbefr defence, shewing ahy ths T'dcn shovld net be sustain 11, and the bills become a law u<^witLdt;.udIng the objection* of the Gk?lwiior. He *m ltb? wiae ft e leading advocate flf the Weat W ,v*hiag ten Mat ';et bill, making a speech In ite favor, boLi cn its first and final passage a -4 a^iCr bad been vetoed by the GoverJW. Hie d*i ?Ions &? a presiding officer during tie last three hours of the session of that vetnuraalSr d?ody? it ban the Almshouse bill wa* under cctaidA** ties, are without parallel La the history cf <?#? latire Lcdiea. This rec:rd aeetr- to te s tiafactory to *wf rep blltans of Oawegc, whe hare uominnMffi bite t-e *rj told, by acclamation. Their action tray be taken a> another eriienct that the ce p..I .leans cf the interior of the Slate .atend te ccctinT e their raid > pen the rights of this city. It appear*, trrrn the no. inations that ars Jseuig mvie thro .ghcut tie State, that thi t ipHuiAu and g.: e. ais? those who marshalled on the hat ? in the las; Infhnao^ Legialahtce?are a.. ?.<ru^g reacminaled. whilst the i .nh acl file me *5 ? ected Thi- i* du'.'jtless in. a.ccrdaci;# with order* fum Weed, vac has plenty* cf stos'.j smoking cn the gridiron for the next Legislature, aud v ill have to U arr* as to the rank and file if he can ccly hare hie leaders returned. We trust tl t the people will settle this question at the ballot box, nod net only keep the rank and file cf th reaal band that occupies the legislative bails last vrtter fr'?m being re elected, tut th' ir leadens also. _________ HEWS FROM THE HATIOHAL CAPITAL. Award eft to* Parllic Tjlrfriiph CostracA -Th* PlHltsm Hiiilon?Th* Cam ?#' (?cn, Harney sud Cajct n*l|?-A Lsad 'Warrant Inied to Abrnksm LiacoUa A* . &4. VSMEHCHW* Bept CI, IW* ova asraroii* w:rm m ?o. fts &:n' ery of the Navy Uu ordered toeC r.ltod I el op :! *r P?*i-e, tow at I'tiludelpLle, to proceed at on.e to K*7 Wtf?t, to lake ot board Xlajstsr McLean. T.e govor anient baa nearly completed its laitr :ctloo?, !.c 1 h? will leave ber; oc Kanday and Jetc tbe Pvwnce ad K< 7 West Tbe Liberal party In Mexico, It appears, took aa aeriy >;caJiou to iafcm tbe Englnh and French Ministers IMt It was decidedly opposed to tbe Intervention policy af those governments to bring about aa ad. itmant of dUM cultlee la that country Our government was alee la* firmed to tbe same effect. ns raonio xnaanarn Gotrraaor The Secretary rf tbe Treaaury baa granted tbe reqaeM cf Harac: acd Fickl.n, tba two lowest bidders for the telegraph contract, to withdraw their bids, and to-day awarded the contract to Mr Sibley. This Insures a speedy ooxplet'on of the telegraph to tbe Pacific coast rue c vas o? oastpja nutmr am certain kech. If tbe magnanimity, tbe delicacy and tbe cautious and deliberate juigment which distinguish President Bucha nan'- decisions ir re yard to all cases Involving the charac ter and conduct of reputable men engaged la the public service, whether low or high, needed any additional ex ample, vbiy are illustrated In tbe case of General Harney; but the position ,of the government, aa to its foreign po licy and tbe regulation of the army, must and will h* maintained In this Instance aa tn all others. Delta tbe army and navy approve the order of the War Department relieving Captain Me gs from duty on the water works hers, and detailing ban to another Servian, ir a chief and a subordinate oacnot get on harmoniously, It la manifest that ona cr the ether meat give way. No oSoer who regards the best Interests of either breach ad tbe tr-v'oe justifies Me js, or hesitates to approve his transfer to ctber duty. It is reported to-day that Captain Meigs, owing to ax order jus: issued by the Secretary o( War, relieving him from duty cn tbe Washington aqued. it and transferring ntm to Florida, will resign his position In tbe army, ana crzaMOS Bianco amnimcmna. Nothing ran be mora unfounded than the aaperr'ooa of ihp fy jd-p? ?? BBfrukM) of (hi* intiT'ir, io refcnool to the examination of applloaats far places tn the Ocmuo Bum : Tbe truth is, nil men of edor alien here are re Joiced that the examiners have subjected the nominees tm some ordeal. None complain bat tbe incompetent. Then are max.} t'ghly educated and refined women who wontt ?land tbe cr imination in arithmetic more aatisfhstoaily than tfcoa ? aspirants who ob. act to tbe rigor of (ho ques tions, and three would be vary glad to fill the places of the rr.'octed men. tn ptxrovn'? mmts r>sca?esf. jTm?e Tlucbanaa. Brj., Private Secretary to tba PraM dent, will soon resume bis residence la Philadelphia. It >? im:--stood r at the place thus to be vacated has heat trade-ed to Ada- J. Oloebronner, late Sergeant at-Arae ?f lii House if l.eprtaeatotlve;. i??> aire aavr Maims Tbe Secretary of Wa- bos erdorwd eompasy F, Tweti rtb t title.*. , now at Fort teltb, to return to Fort Leaven worth aa aooa as tbe emergency which eelled it to the turner pest aboil have c< assd 8 -rgeon I'lllord baa i-eer. or ere J tc the sicop of war Oimberiued, as fleet su-recc of the Heme Nquadren, tog also Atstsiaot So-goon Grafton to the sem_- ship, a L4>: a?-*v tsarar to asuus uscour. A patent of ?as hundred and twenty acres of lead hah just been issued from tbe Land C 'ice to Abraham Lla eeb.lbe rupu'j.caa candidate for Pr saldcc., at cap tan ta tbe Illinois militia thi Bint Hawk war R la stated that L'ocoto, while iu Oougretf, voted against the grant jig of lands to soldiers serving ta the Mexican war, yet be bne so object: u to taking one boadred and twenty acres for hlmeelf. The DUaitrvaa CoafiagraUen fit Fast Smith. lom of two Mritmtui toot*and non tM?m rt?sr omci omtsotit, wtth rem tbociaks Font Surra, Ark , Sept. 10, IMS Thta morning, at about fburo'ctuek, a fire broke oat In Lblv plar- w'leh rreuited tn the destruction of the City Bote, and the Garrison block of buildings. Tbe value of tbe buildings which were destroyed was abrat filfiQ.009, and the following additional losses were sustained in mar, furniture, fir Pot tot I. Spring, dealer-; la dry g-ioda, grocarlej, he., lota fiff.OOO?oo Insurance, Walton k Bourne, dry goods, II? no?inrrred StSjOSfi. A. Ha-ill ton CI las, druigtst 9MflOO?no Insurance. BeateM A F Mi, dry goods, Ice ,flfi DOO-lneeradfifi.OfiS. The ft-ua printing office, M,23fi?ae lasaraace. G. W. IdNtoe, fid 000?no ineuranee. J. P. Gad ley, 1.800?tawed fit BOO. 00'mcI Spring e law office, fit 600?oe inauranee. Overland Mail Company, ?S#0?oo tnauraaee; and. Tin PeetOflkw, Including 4,000 letters end the hatOM Jamba mat; tor Memphis. The entire kwa by thta dtsaatroua cenflegrMton hmaant ed to fhily BBOO.fttt. The origin of the fire to unknown, bat 11 la ? ippenad to Lave been the work ef an inoandiary. Frsm the Plhlito. tub ovT'ia.vD TBLBOkara?rnaranar-.tira FOR ?* IrUKTIKO fU 1LBOTIOK IN C4XJ' WBXIt. Font Auth, Ark., #>pt. fip, 1MB. Bis I and ret troops and aevMMf w qroea, firm the riaint Oapte'.n Kurgh onmmandMg, ar rived I are raster - Onana, MdheaMta Turrltr ry, Sept. e>, ififio. By a tneseeeger *?? ?? Tom tbe Platne, we Iron that the telegraph petee are set with' a ninety miles of FSrl Kearney, end althaea* they have to be hauled a dtetania of flity mUaa en the waatorn per* job af tbe I'm, the eom peay are pnUlng them np at th', rate rf five sod Hi mllafi pur dif. The 9*? win be if to Pert, Wear icy by ttt middle of Oetohar, and tbe wires ?r?mh*i ohait the firal ef Me vember. Me eempeny lie e? pe .bed the oeeetrnetton ef lie Una thrntor as rapidly, m-order to ta? n M traramit the November Mar t.cma by pony expeeaa vtfi ?wt Keamor. wkteh v*?u w w?e , ria ef nen-ly two day* upon Mm present time. Rewe *v ,M piba'i peek VAirH I DMCOtBFxBS OP fitbTlk AFB #OlB. BTC. Br. Joeer Me., Sift fiO.lfidfi. The rvt'e Teik e-prem reenbed here teet algbt.wlth ftf.MP? a duet, FmtdmraaMfifiO.Oeo ta the heeds of pea Mangers. Tttatbe lergaet treasure arrival this eaaeea. Basinett at Dearer City la that reviving, aai theatreeti p-i.v ni l li',#ly apj -araece. rrt ffaUter ''Cleg a'-ott ?vr aid ee'l w??ti-* j-jmlag

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