Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 25, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 25, 1860 Page 3
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Hr ?tl*J ?th !?.:*? torn fcU <?,*rtc'*'J?? 2i tort* here "?? fr-gbt, and d wo bnv<.?lt?I Mince Um BJiry will b# fr??i. Tour uoi'i MfnnA?nt, (or JJJSt*<? tale, proper* to jo'a the liberal catop, Irom (Did be will write -luring it? t.ift. Mniw, Auguto 30,1W jl niliei Attempt) at R*ccy*t tun if Miraapm?Tke ftr?6* #,*uirrs JUS Bottom Ot.l-P+\'XoU Power with 'to Cirfg?Mt Adawi Ju Molting of Ck*r.A Plate, nmi U H pm, Be Adcwj Margmei't Stout from Pntcm wed jtppom' ivrru w a Omwwt?S*VC<C* " "0 Oremni.~CeL. i1oU IsyaUg to Hi* Port*?1,4 of t lergg Ototfr toUc Capital-Ttu CVjf UwOT-W-W^ dt,<?=. ,,? rf '? my 'att 1 gave you particular* of the recogmt-oo or Uvmoo if Senor Ihrheon, the Bpaatoh Bteoe thet treat the clergy bare made u** <* ^*,.1 other tore f. rri^ W f<^? bine tor w.lbouinuw-n. Thelito**"^^*** ??**??.??* Ue^h^.^^ wh>cli turpriat* everybody and doee aim mm* credit.' TheMlntoter of ?mi nate of ate J, aad w.ibte to follow the ooorte of ra but to frightened from doing eo hy Ir neolotofl to cam the Uberale take the olty. He baa, ^iiltrwil Hiram on that he wtohee to write to ihiaatlffl iOfOriD^i aa aoteroment for intoroctioet. Uteor Ihcbeco will tone# MauatadUi ror orameat quite to tfcemetlrm tor tome ImUJITleaet until the new Kngllab and Frenob Mlaiatera j^cbeeo ban broom* the dictator, ia rtto, orer the dorn party Be adrleed that the sawed ornament* of lb* uto-"**? ebeuld he given op for the war, aad they f31 d a&rrtd?^ ^"'illatodW^^Bti sff ?asrrJ *&~&&ix^KS!2r??TJZ and that all the wortd hloodthirety villa to and ?*? y^Ta the maa for the timet, and he ia ao ocrdingly *et free and promoted. , ?>., <i rec Vto Ipita. to now Z txw ol .^**la ^nnr? a real Bpaolah Viceroy could ur uraera to 'i?a? ? nfcu*uc? than beoor Pnoheoo uoee over ^l ^ ^r b ^taSTr.bip wlii hrinj any good tbto city, wt-taer almtt of a doubt. tolli|P?!n* rtSUCftBt* WbO UATtf Htr?Ulfof? &*?? Willi ^'"IJ.r^Ualt.rreitbe.r aflecuou. to the teeotortyj^rty.^ b# . with Pacbeco. are tor v totifoo once lire under the dominion ?f 3sS3:ff5&rs as "r'~ HH. Jul d raootar befori the hour of n*ert com** ^2?2Z?UOrtefa to* mown. ^^J,X^UVVto^myn & ? u.k of 2^2?2!SWirai-tli"J*o? -or* General CtotiUo, the clergy chief .u com ^f.fOuadaU.ara. IntMevenJ ?<J^03??'?2 ?^u^V-x.m .1 onm Report nay* OH.1'0 rrrto3S?ffv*??*blUrmlh.m by SOTSl'SSS?!.^ - 5U. ? *?? ? in ue true 'be aitg* wiU not conunou-e oefore ten **&. I ir. 'nrrwe *rom all qcarter* bar* ecme, or are TSwm!toepoor follow, erohe nw pledge w'.'u^the merchant*, iu>d dropped the cjodu.ia lllM a hot -^r /, lo rrEb b*cx bere and btcotoe Pretldeoi. H? !???Jtoto"S iTbap alwaye been. Hit force* eater to ""'it of tte clergy in the coming struggle will ^taebeoo PtwDi* Amhetoador, Dictator. HUrutoa. to* hero of innumerable atrocittoe upon for bc^r of Ttouhaya, tbemurdertrof \a? mWtier ot the GuadaU)*ra ooedoitoe, the rriml mXTeJ- m the c Jgy). he , ho., mcond ,n ""ST^ihe crafty ard bloodtblrety Indian fhnaiic of tb* l^^"^foimwS7^d robber, and the into of toe defmcefom In 1 ton town rfTiaco'aton 'be '-apiwopriator" of cooduute mmey, h? ? TtooototoB,m JW-y, ? to b, ,h, chief of the lie* ^ttl^fPeSmoVw! M Irani no, to try to hombeg the ^Sw-tb r^,UKBir-''litrte guaractcet" JSThSTtiSm here betir the b ?? 2S7 m?F ThT^lBt-ttot of M^nexaod tbo jwtr nc-. of Cotoa, Hrjta and cultorrei gire reatoen .or UThVw'?,wrS"b* bw* cloned for a week, a legal JSL-S am it <* oeoeatotito of Uie ha* been pnblltned all the grain, .trnw, nay and oattW on the Jio'ttbVjty' bar. 'b*? ordered hjte.and zSrsii'ts ^t? to wov^mia, U to to be feared that It tbe_iiegt ibeui toi l month, u to to be expected, 22t Uhe ttoae hire. The city bee now aboot SO 00? ' nMBiation man ereperly bekougt to it Wnypeo S?i.*?rj?bed bnre <J?d ooiy known Oartaloly, wb*? SC5ES5.-~iS3f~JS??? "? A ihfnBi || prison frf not Imoinf ISrSLZZ ^^TrZSmT Tb. thin, m ntoty to an idea to wtott might be done ualy none to give people an ? ??? '? "^Inl^.tbe renegate IfetMeot to Heitoo. who J*' ?..^hot long ago. bat turned up in our mtdto. - ? r. nearly all ??t tod Th. who!. NEWSPAPER EXTRACTS, m iiau-t or makuck/.?tniuMON'n ?lktion OVAcTaTIOW or OCAbALAJAAA, in., arc. I* fcvAni. of the oei'.ia! , apeak tag of the nImm of Iinmi, and ippontaMi u mood la rn?il to Mb?oa, B71 ? TMa kra?e tuperlor ofiloer, 00 learalnr that tk? eon lift 1?blade IB?ad IB* capital. offered BM ?word*t. Um gox tram eat Car the dafaao* ot eoctety, whiob n?; wthaotbader theyr?eetloae' kla trtoL Thegorera ?? ooaetdarattoa the patriotic wixbaa of ' 1 rendered auoh gr? aarrtoaa to tba Oaarl, which ?at Ida? lata coaaldar tt general. ?Bo baa read# Ml? 00? 1 Hail MM aagfelag aMi^^pHI q? rr? carry lag ar? aecordlag to tba tar? pro y?d by him. Tba 8upr-u Oaart rrpltad fcrereMy, aid yeetorday, at two a'otock r. M , tbe brava General Ml Ida or too, aad waaacnoaipaalad to bia dwaUlag by a?0 of ata fr eada, wbara a graat number of paraoaa want to pay their reeye?to h? Tba tatag, wblob baa J? oaoarrad, baaara la tba bigbaat degree General Marque* aa>l tba a ipraaa gorrr ?Mat Tba oaa, ta obadtaaaa ta bla pair?, aada tt ? duty to offar bla award ta tba pro?t ctroa?taocee; tba atbar, a barton lag a ac-ept, baa gtraa a proof at tba aoblaa? ai iba 1?eerier aad tba ooafltreca wltb wbleb Iba loyalty of Gaaaral Merquez taapirea It. Wa imagm nb 11 um <ira?I aa bla rata? Iba a?a pay? aaya ?"dararal fkmillar from Tr.lae etago, aba aada UM joetney by aarrtaga, aa boraabacb, oa laahaya aad araa aa not, hara arrtrad ta Max>00, preferring to abaadaa tba Lr gooda ?bar tbaa axpoac tbraiaa r-a w Mooca tba rlotl? of tba tahwdled lirdir aa?thaioMy ^haH^^jSSa!i?oJd tba ? , ? Jpru. _ L flroB or tba alar*? at Mtraaaon by tba Jaata da a?1 UMgaUerimef thei?trobaaaar wara eraadad by tba public. aad tbat tba r?it waa raeatrad v'.tb ta? apple? by tba apaatatora, aad tbo hero of Bk alalco. ? Joaquin aad La ?xacta rap? dly i.kaai? d A-laaittaa waa appoint** to wait oa rot, wba a peered a a frw h jera afterward* aad took tba c ?ternary oath He to! leered a rbort apracb, which woo r*y"ad ta ky ? Laraa. Prreideat of the Jaaia Both tpatch** wort applauded la tba grllarlaa, tba brro agala rk*. rr 1 ??'1 i^M all a ibdrew. a a '** taorod at Vrta Crat that 1 *rdo da Tq)rda la about ta rrttre la tba roabituUaaal Cabtaat. Tba ofll staJ report af tba defeat af Uan. Onbaa, at tba bead af tbe Mtra?a fbraea In Orgaoa, haa beta racalved. It caaa?d gr-?. ?? otclag. aad tba "ifidaat, Juarox, and bla Chh'aat, ae a? -Urt /aaara, wore aeraaaded II M atated that Gaa. Robfea. who onramaafe hat eraa la lata and Piebla, waa paid MO *00 by tba aarcbtr ta of Maatao la let tba lata -oadccta of gdOO .000 aad uywxrda p? w tbo-it aicleatotioa. It lo aald, howaear, tba', oat wt?taad eg, ba ?da aa aaa? to halp hin-eif to CL2*M sore aa tba way, for wblob he gave aa ardar oa baa- Mir?aa. ntereat aad o?aNMMb mcludal. Tba goeiraumt xlao baa aewa that tka city of Gueda'a Cra aewooatad by Cbttlllo. Mlreaaoe'a l ?H. Ba toak tba read to ?rella, whence ba wilt *a daaear to "Mkahta way back u> Max too.* Valla aad Qga. ro, of tba liberal army. are now lo poaaeaaton ot JHadjJ^ara^ Tbey wort to follow CaatlUo up aad it la By tr.? %rr ?l, Lton. we bare fllaa of Max nan paper* fr.m xJ rwrto of the reyuWVc. A eorraepondeot of tba. Vera fn- r?qr. . *r tee IV?tb* oapiul oa tbe 1Mb tbat tba I'berai araxy bad alraady left (J-iereUrn It naa bertd 1- OOd mat, aad a? am?rtod by aoewrty-af pfacao '* artiUary, with a tr? toiao wagooa, with am ncbitlaa aad baggage It waa awpaatod to ? cayttaJ na Ofce Mb Tb* aa? writer myo that Iba far?af the I bar jag 3*0* a?, wara adeawmag fr? Caar tgawaiOo axpaatod 0? maiilajiia. Of Mire arc - army, tba wnaar <aji that N 11*00 a? a: Umt tt? n aad abort tba oity.oadwoo euynortod by alxty w 'r?aty ytaeaa of artillery. Tba wr'W tblabe ba wH ? ba able to n?naad, radar aay ?r?anna, mora tbaa P,W a? aad aiaaty yiaeaa or ?notary. -eaaral ig?, Cararoar of V? On* dnriag tba b?bardtoaat by Mir?na, wrttao fr? Pino to tba tm prrm af Var? Cm* ao Ibilwwa ? Pa?.J ily 31.1M0. Jo tba eomoycedaer* Wb rb I raoalrad to day I pwioa aad fr? yaor city, I ? told tbat tba ftltby .<* ad Jab? M aawpted w lb ? yaranraT.y. aaboua to aty way through t. Tk?a 1 x r tad Doa Artorto I da ?to ba? I Tfpf tbat it Joo * Iba meat 1 MB not in UM habit of visiting but mm trwO, and Dob Antonio lmr ban heaw ??* i ?erred during hla admimatraiton aa a dep?daat f>he sation, aad not on hla pvrsam 1 make a* saplaBaHM, which ^ beg you wUl mtbUafci* wur ' ?ospect tba object of so dsapieabie a oahtmay, which shall not oooupy aa??**?' %???!*"? of Tour Outbful servant, ftm regardedby bommasignificanttmA,ttMltoooa to(? whichwas not ?;t? to mBmm? ka>g Janta waa OMt tor Pavon, Pveoldeat of tbe Supreme Court, by Padre Madrid, one of the moat nfiuential pr'eeta is the oapltaJ. Vtrrlbl* Traftdy is Jiorrle Street. PHOBAJU.X HDBMta?JK ALOIS* TUB OA OS*. About eooe yeaterday a shocking tragedy occurred ia Morris, neartireeawlch street. Tns part.c^ara of tbe eaaa, aa penned by our reporter, are aa fciliowfA widow, named Hannab Jones, prop r et rest of a grocery store at No. 22>i Morrs atreat, bad for tome tinea oast received the addreaeea of aa Kngliso shoemnae.- named Henry N. Pierrepoint. Of lata, however, the widow grew rather cold towards her admirer, aud, aotwitfaataading the latter made ber ? event) headeome preaeote, and waa assiduous m his attentions, she gave btm tba ''mittea," and told bin plainly that hie prseenss at bar place of buatoeea waa disagreeable. TO bo repoloed by <>oe be bad so long and fondly loved drove tbe poor fellow almost crazy, and Us tbe moeacat of bis rage be de termined to be revenged upon tbe author ot hla misery. Armmg himself with a knife and a pistol, be proceeded to Mrs. Jones' store yeaerday forenoon fbr tba porpoaa of putting bio bloody threat ioto axeec 'on. Ha, Brat accused ber of ber went of constancy In taking up, as ho sold, with another man, when tba bad promtaad to marry bid, and then proceeded to aboac ber in terms mora eipreec'ra tban elegant. Finally, be drew a kcU'e from hla breast pocket, and, brabdiabing it over tba bead of bia victim, threatened to kill ber unless see revealed to him the reeeoo lor ber sadden cbange towards him. Toe Sight of tbe deadly weapon ao terriflei the woman tint aha Bad from the store, but just aa she was passing Picrrcpoint be made a thruit at ber with toe knife and cut bir in the arm. lira. Jon-* succeeded in escaping without any further injury to ma bouse of an atquainiimoe named James Fitjg .ra.d, who 11 red exactly opposite. TDltber she was folio wed by the enraged lover, who, keif.- in hand,swore ne would kill ber if bu bad to lo'Iow ber all over the ward. Af ter entering F't/gereid's place, the woman roe bed up stairs and sought refuge in one of tbe bedroom*, hut ber pursuer was cljsc behind ccr, and just as abe was about shutting tbe door in hie fane, he drew a double barrelled ptstol and fired at ber head. Tbe btil entered the widow's right temple, 'ofi,cling a moru. wound uud prod uoiag immediate lnnsuKbility. Tiie c ;.se of the p't u 1 attracted the aimctins or oil y;r ltawiacd, who csme up jost in time tnofiect the arrest of Pmrrepo'nt. Tbe pri eoucr offered si-rue res .stance at brat, but fitxlly subm.ited to tbe w ill of the pottos, aud ?ae convey?d to the i-'.rs. precinct stati-n hucse. Te ? injured woman was promptly conveyed to Jie New Von. Hospital by Serf met Wemyse, w aere ber case was pr-wounoed a hopeless con by the pbis cian In attendance Subeequcutty Picrrrpoint was taken before Jus'ie Kelly, at the Lower Police coort, where be att'ed the- he felt no compunction fur what be bad done, that be bad spent all his money and time upon tic victim, add that she richly deserved the punishment the re rived at bis hands. The prisoner, It appears, was ao 1st .mate friend ol Mrs. Jones' husband, and on the death of t^e latter lie ministered to the comfort of ibe widow," and did all in bia power to make her borne happy and cheerful. He rendered ber every eld, pecan ary and other wise, he ?aid, finally to make her hi* wife. Mrs. Jones for several months received hla attentions with favcr, and int.sited tbv, at no distant diy ha m ;ht realize bis fbr.dcat Lopes. Matters went or. in this way for a month or so, bat at lac: a cnasge came over the spirit of the widow's dreams, and .u at eT.l hour she gave ber suitor cause lb.- jealousy. A driver, In the em ployment of Ads as' Ex preM Company, was also smitten with the widow, It appears, and b.s v .siu became so fre quent that Pierrepoint began to grow tjsp. t.oas. Watch ing the movements of bia rival mad tbe widow oct night, be became convinced of the inconstancy uf the latter, sad secretly determined on revenging himself upon ber. The- manner iu wb'rh he carried oat his determination la already detailed. ITvrrepojit intended, he raid, to kill himself after .bootleg Mrs. Jones, bat tba timely Interference of the neighbors and the police pre vented him from carrying that part of bin plot Into execution. Tbe wtinded woman was still I cases'bia when oar reporter Tinted bar at the New York Hospital last even ing Dr Weir, who made ao examination of tbe wound, stated that tbe ball bad entered tbe tample, ta front of the right ear, destroy leg ihe opito nerve. A probe was inssrted io the wotxi, bet the surgeon was unabln to find the ball or local-- it. Ha is cf opinion that the wooed is a lata) cm, and soya that tba patient will not survive many days. Mrs Jones is a q' Ireland, and is about twen'.y five years ?f ago- Picrreooint is about forty years oiJ, and was born in IJverp. el, England. He resides at No. 48 Greenwich street, and heretofore has always barae a good -character for b< neety and sobriety. On the ooda sioo or tbe aneault, however, be was sl-ghlly :nt attested. Mrs. Jooer was still alive at twelve o'dmck 'uat sight. It was thought she could not - urvive til! morning. city Cimi Dbjtivu m nt Cm?A Boy Sbwoisit In ;rnii.?There la a Corporation ordinance, wo boiieve, prohibiting tbe driving of ?' cattle or elber wild beasts' within certain preolacuof tblB ben at ifuliy governed dtp. Xeverthetom, every day aimost, loouoeoo of the v.als tloa of the BKinic*pal mandate art recorded. Yeeterdty moaning, aboat too o'ciook, a noiabor of cattle w? re be ngdriven upSpr.og sir u,war the Bowery .use of the bratoo became aaddeoly enraged and darted fere ciously amoa?at tbe people passing at tbe time, evidently with do lamblike intentions. A l.ttle boy, thirteen years of ace, tamed slam Douglas, became tbe victim of tbis brutish onslaught, ile was kaoakad down by tbe bull and Injured in n very dangerous meaner. Someof tbe upeeto tore conveyed tbe injured Obild to the booeeof his parent?, at No. 47 Qoorok street. Prompt memoree ought to be taken to chocs tlie further evil .imee<ieaacee of this habit of driving cattle through crowded iboroughihree. Wans at ras Cut Ismmiune Dnraitms* ?*be foi towing f gurev, prepared under the direct oo of Mr. R. Downing, of the City Inspector ?, will exhlstt tbe estent of operations In that department daring the week ending iiptsmksr 3t ? Ahatmnsnt of stitonaeea:?Zom of nninsnnf, he., reootvnd, 198 ; fbr which no eisted, 1; not lew served, M ; abatements 01 nil nances under eottoe, 1SS; sinks and water closets cleaned, 309; number of lends of night noil removed from the city l.mita, MS. number of dead horses, M. of deed owe, 9 of dead dioge, end other small so man, lit; asssber at barrels CTbd/ni, carta employed, 274; loads of ashes and gar [e removed, 8.271; toada of dree* dirt, tilth, he, re moved, 3>09 Amount snmnd by swnnpm s tB"i9 17 ;, by dirt osrtmen 9991 U, by sab oartsseo 11,893 96. Total sasoust MA9* M H. Tns Woman's Lisas at wlU spas today In tbs Cat sf Waver toy and Cnlvertity II MB bn adroalatiag library, and win bsopsn Dam ton o'clock in tbe morning until eight o'clock in Urn evening. The terms of mbeerlplton win be 91 e soar. Led tee may eater tbeir names this week as sabecrlbers, bat as book* will bn given eat until altar the formal pub lic meet tog, whtoh tokm piece en Monday craning nasi, Oet. 1, at Dr. Chnpta't church Boary Ward Ben ber aud JasMa T. Brady will tpaak an that oocanton. it nam.?A man named Igaau Rogtonkl, agel Bfly arvva yomo, ocmmlttod suicide yammday by Inking a dom of areec ic. He dlad at Its I'Qiook, at bto rsnllissi, 5*6 Fourth street. Tbe raab aU la stu.butod to insaa.ty. l> Town Inrnovnsnra.?There in a petltJm to lbs Oommeo Council asking thorn to Ma the saoamorr mee earmtor thn video fog of ?sttnlk a venae above ll?n street, end Bern that street te tbe llarlna rear, ewes leting at praomt through tbe otty for tbe pnronae at ob to .eg the eignetarvs at cUtseae tolerable to the means re. Moan Onnonrv roa roe Wenr-Rev Wa. C Van toe tor, Surertntaadani of tbe Itosrtt Ward Mtostan, and Mr. Allen, ef the Refuge, leave this more an, with Bum fbrty to nrty ebiidrea. ftr IiltooM md town. This to too twenty tilth company llr. Van Meier has tokm Went. 9v. lUvnevnto Bcnooa Pmwvc.?A grand ptoatc. la be half of St. Raymond'* toboel, Wastcbastor. nistoksplnos at Fort Fobsj ssr os Thursday, 3Tlh last. The assort, no tots win be conveyed to the plane ?"Votes, which T ~ a&str to nil dtopiay tbsir gntieroslty on the oocasiea ?eveyad to tbn ptoee by the lae stearr ?r > leaves Pec. slip at 9 o'clock A. H. a* the I of the school It baheot in tbe char.labia to for amors' Inqnsots. Foceti Dnowmm ? Coronsr Bcbtrmar bald as aquast yssterdsy at the K ret prealast sub atatlan bourn, to Trial ty plana, upon tbe body at a man named S. freeman, who was (bund drown" ! at pier No. it North river on Monday eight. Dooaaasd, It eppeered, rvoaatly arrived m Ibis city Bam Ttooton, sad pet op nt tbn boarding house No 141 Coder torse*. 'to ftiaday bn wandered shout tbe ?toeits. end wbea ngli cab # he is supposed to bore see! dental'y fa:;?u overboard. Upon the potass at droeeaed was ft uod *12! sod two watches, one silver and the other pinchbeck There wore rw c! roe moles we a Used - ing the csth of deoeai -4 which c-lined tbe Coroner to believe tbat the cane wee one of eeWUde, hot la the ab eence of any direct tomimooy nn that point, the jury warn .e?'.n.ct?d to bnng id b verdict of ? Nsppaaed drosmtag." Deottowd van shout twenty five yean at agn. Kiujm *T fiiiim oct op a Womnw?fluey Bnhr, a child about Bur years eld, maid tog as Wo lid Third treat, died yesterday Bom tbn affbeto of tojortoa end Onemi'ij- naslvad the evening prevtooa by tolling est af a third story window rnumud was atondlag an a chair, attempt rg to r?-ee tbe srtadow, whan Mm nab cease of Witt a sad dee jerk and pre ;.pl?ntod Urn ml* the yard. GSreeer ?ch rnxr bold ? mocest apea tbe body Shpremi Ceart-Cnambere, BMbre Baa. Judy mgrahim mOBABMI OF PAtaCOMto, TBI ??*? nBACCBB. Tart 34 ?on fun day releaser was nrmtod by offlwv Omk for preaching an raltglon and tampamam * toe Part. bat c be eg brought before Jaet o* Bnraan md lamtoe wwm, may rtohaad to go cn with tbn man. This more Of falcooer was beeugbt ap oa babaaa "orpus. ard an motion <d munmi was dwdmyd, on the grtnm l that thee* war ae rrnnma gyiaM him. TIE FUSIOI Dl IEW TORL Formation of a Union Electo ral Ticket. The Labors of the Union Meeting Committee at an End. THUS. OFFICIAL &BP01T. ?even Breckinridf ens VUced on tbe Donglas-Bell Ticket, St., Ac., fte. We have anally reacted it? end of It? f ikw ta'l. ud oluavi. Tbe Committee of Fifteen concluded ibeir Inborn je*iTd?y, and announced a ticket for tbe support of tbe totere of th* State. At twelve o'clock tbe ecemtere of tbe committee were eeea gathering at the aim; rftce la Wa!) at root, where they waited patiently for tbe arrival of tbe acb committee sppoicfed to nego tlate with Richmond, (."agger * Co. on oaeaide,and Green, Tucker k Co. on tbe otter. Tbe long aUeecce of tbe gentlemen coir pre eg that committee nduced tbe otfcera to believe that ite r labore were not at a oloae, and that a Union ticket would act be agreed upon by them. Several membera of tfce comm.ilea were aaeo wulk jig about w lb anxious faces, and one or two reported tbe troublesome <i-?t:tlon waa lar from ami cably eeltii-d; there were vaoaaciee enough, but thea came the knotty poiat, who should till tbem? and thia. seemed to be the (ticking point, cue that bad deprived tbe Voluateera, and all other oom ?n tteee that bad neretofore attempted it, from ri eivlng tfce honor of saving tbe Union, and enrol!.ng their oamee among tbe long liat of pa'.rnia. Waa tbe late of this cmmlltee to be tbe aamef Thia teemed at first ta bai g over tboae aeaembled like a black clouu. One loag half tour rolled eway, and still ae sub-oom m.uee. In tbe meantime tbe fate of tbe cation reated keavjv a pun tbe membera precent. Occasionally ooe of U e aumb?r would walk to ita door and look up tbat wuaderlul street thronged by tbe gold reck era, fbr tbe long committee, bed tbe only reepooae to the in Vdries from outaioers waa tbat there were a great maay obstacle-- ia tbe way of forming oae t cket. At laogtb Joshua J. Henry and tola associate members of tbe aub cooim.uee made their appearance, and for a moment there wae joy in tbe camp. A few momenta later tbe war borae of Tammany, r.tjah F. Purdy, and Judge Brennaa, made their appearance, aad were seen dodglag about la tie room of tbat building, until tbey finally found tbe object of their search in Dr. Torrty's room, where tbe Committee of Fifteen were having tbe various materials chemically examined, to see wbst proportions of each were necessary to make a complete aad perfect compound. Mr. Purdy remained but a abort time, aad com log out gave two or three of bis signified. winks to s person - landing sear, aad disappeared on tbe other side ot tbe street. Tbe Impression gathered was that tbe dif ferent material was already In tbe crucible going through 'be melting prooeee, which would toou turn out a model ticket. It appears that tbe sub-committee returned and report* ed tbat tbey were uneble to fully satisfy both tbe organi sations now in tbe field, as Richmond Insisted that so pert or should be taken from the precent Breckinridge electoral ticket, aad the Green Committee declared that they would run tbe'.r tlckst unlyt tea names ware taken and their cltlmati-m Accepted, although Mr. Green had finally agreed to take seven unman If be could bare tbe nominating of them. The sub committee therefore bad come to the conclusion that their beet course waa to form a ticket to suit themselves, and fill up the seven vacancies airendj in the Douglas Ball ticket with the names of scab persons ss the ChmmlUee at fifteen In their wisdom thought proper. Then came the struggle as to who should be pieced upon the ticket In the place of the seven names who bad re signed, as follow*Reuben H. Walworth, elector at large; Charles H. Collins, of the Second district; Francis R. TUlou, of the Third; 0. OUendorfer, of the Fifth; Jamas Robinson, of the seventh, John Anderson, of the E ghth, and Edward Height, of the Mintb district. A portico of the members were u> fhvor of taking all new men, whilst others argued If they did that they oould not expect that the present Brecxinri lge electoral ticket would be with draws; they should by all means take some frem that lionet. Another party wae ia fhvor of lakiag tbem all from tbe Breckinridge ticket; hot this the majority ob jected to, as It bed been one at Richmond's strongest points tbat ba would not aocept a nama sow on th# Breckinridge doctoral ticket. Tbe ultimatum cf both parties being of sioh a nature that neither could be accepted, tbe ooasmlttoo, after due deliberation, decided to take tha matter ta their own banda aad take four of the aamaa now on tha Breckin ridge tloket, and throe new names from the mercantile community of this city, and thus (leering bat ween the ultimatum of tbe two parlies The foil owing were th* names selectod fbr thai purpose, to wits?Henry S. Ran dall, now one of the elector* at large on the Breckinridge ticket; John H. Brewer, Jacob A. Westarvolt and Stephen F. Russell, each district electors an tha same tloket; sad William R. nob be, William B. Duncan and Abeam B. Cha fe r, new men, smktsg Is all savaa. Thin, although Rich mond aad Green might at Ira object, yet they believed that peMie opinion would force them to endows and work for. Tbe gueetiee of ft auu ttokftt tu takes ay, and alt?r coeatderable d-ecnaa'oo n was fooed that they had we power te touch .1, m toejr ware appoiateft ftuaplp to pce pora aft electa**! ttokftt. At ft guarm past two ft'etack the doort of the room where the tftlft of Um coootry bad bo loag bee* coo fined, war* thrown opes, tod ibe aaaounocaaaat made that the ticket wta formed. A half ft Jofi or ftan report an, who had loag been waiting tor ft n?tin itaai, reakiil Iwts the raftoi tad wen ftuiftM with the fM lowktg ftAclai report, aa therceuitof the dellberat luwa of the Comm.ttee ? At the meetlrg of the roetm ttftft appelated la porea ^floh!*? " ? of a reaonn'oo d opted at the n oe Mertlag. bold at tt.e Cooper imitate en th? eeftfttag of the I7tn of Sep tember, 1M0, to adopt each electoral ticket at the crista at d tbe cooairy cow d'-maod, th- folJowlog reeotutloe waft In bciM in rnnl, That thia oaaamtttee nt?end to all cltl area of the dtata of New York who are oppaoad to Iho atecttn of Liaoela and Ham.'ia, aod wbo are la fbeer of pi i? i lag tbe I'ftleh of toeee Stelae a poo the beoir of thooenUMUn, the following ticket for tbe electioa ef Pre*ideal add Vice rreoldeot of tbe I c'ted Blaise ? i as rrarx blbcnm. Xmmm. WmitHk Fn'Vi*. HeamJ. MMf Cereere, Da> glae. Hoc. j & Randal! . . Uortiand, Brec. .aridge. Pitt.;ct at* tor*. .V?at Kti-bnat. /VWfeA 1?Uriah B. dtrnog ?,?oewt, Ikr.gla#, 2?leftft K trower KtCg*. Hrr<-? er.dge. I?J. A. Wretsrrelt........ New York, Brack 'Bridge 4? Kl',ah V, :*anlT NewYer.., luoglaa. h?Wil'tem A Robbe New York, Breekiaridge. A?J. Deprjever Dgdtn New York, B-ti 7?Wm. E Iwooaa New York, Brack,or,dr* A?Btaphn P. R seel' .... New York, Rreckteridge is?Abratr B. Onager Weetr 5eeter, Brorkiaridfft ~ X, Joba 10?Ilea el B. *%. Joba Orange. 11? Flleba B. r'troag i.rrrae, Douglas It?William Kttt rnteheaa. Rail 17?Wagf.o "pr-ager R?ae>-'arr, Hauglaa 14?James idd Albaey, Bell 13? laawh Bleod Btratoga, bugles It-Branr H. Ron /o*ax. Brli. 17?Hartd C. Ju-ieoo 84. lowreree, Douglas It ChartseQoodyaar ...... febobarir Dangles. l? Gee?pe C. Clyde. Owage, Daugiaa. *"* " 'toa.da, "" tB? Tdwald Huotlagton. .. 'Mh, Ball Jt? imhrnee ? .Higgle* .... Cnrtlaad, r?otigl*a. rt?U"! w n Crocker Jaeego Dmiglaa St? IMeraow M-ady .:?r>rauo Douglas 24?'ofar M Btrowg 'Hmwdega. Dooglaft 24?Ed wta M. Acd-'-ana Wajae. rxaeglae. 2d?James M. Pal ear, Oo'-*tk>, Bail. 27?M'lee H. Eroor Tor?nk a?, Ball. 94?Charles R. Carroll Slenbew, Ball. 34- tddtaoe Oa*4mar Mot roe, Hwfiu 3X?loba B. Pkiarer, t' ... Wraw, eg, Dncgiaa. 71?1 omroR'.rT'wra 'irwaM, Ml 33?wiitta? William* .... Ere, rtoog'aa. J3? ?Rarbea D. Chldwoll ... Claataoaaa, Oo-iglaa. aa> errmatMs. rv>qg|aa man II Bail aod rroreo m-o 10 Brack midge imd 7 Tbtal 34 All of wktcb wa reeprctrxily ?< omit. C *A? (KOONOn. ?Aiirtf r BcinRWMtrH, K CROfWEIX. HENRY 0R1NNELU B. U M. BATlinw, w itm a. bcvt, AAV I. J. riLDtN. rrntR ?. Swye.nt. TJNir t. rrttASS, HHP dOV-ROE. HANI. OB.AVA.N, ? If0 INT. C?'N A. r JON J i U.IVJIY, 'Jta rsac. JwaRm. *wcrrtan NBV Year, Nrpx 3$ ins The Comm two bad adjourned nut *?' whan lb* tovrt \ were thrown open, the*. inborn therefor# oondoned, and me Fen:lmntn iomposxg it inMnadintal/ i/tlring into i pr vkie 1JB. It iu repor'.-d during lb* afternoon tbat Mr. Job? A, Gr?t? would not accept of ibe compromise, and a Aratght Bred .nridge ticket would bo run at all haanrde. Rich ?Mind, although a', tret swearing about tt, wan final)/ re ported aa becontng qmte decile, with oocaaxmtl a/mp toine of ?wa)lowu>c tbe dene. All cegetlatiana are now at an end. Tbe 2*tb da/ <?? September aaw the dooo meats eetled ano delivered, anil :t tow only remain# lor tfce tnrrrlmni - to abai) out and elect ibe ticket to keep L>bi.oj? at t ? former pro:est,on, tit: " splitting raili" ror at leaat ft'.* years more. Letter from Mr. Jminea T. Brad/. Mnw Yoks, aepl U, MAO. |jr JdKfi F.WKI, Obi row, ^ ? U*a* &n-A)itougb I tare no authority to apeak fbr tb# Breck.nridgo State Cmmtten,of which 1 am not a ?ember, and cei.rot give pc tlve aaauranoa saw what actios It would uke ou lb# AM proposition for tut,on emmnatlag from the commtteeof wblob you are cner maa, yet the portion wblcb I bold on tba State ticket, and my desire tl pueeible to proMote tbe ebjtcta at whaih your committee a m, induce me than to addreaa yoa One of my motives fbr do og so A to prevent any mA understanding hereafter an to tba oourno wbicb U?e frieadn of Mr. Ereekiandge bars taken la reference to tbe at tempt to to combine tbe elements or tba opposition to tbo ?publican ciodiditea us to ianarn lhair defeat. We wiab sou and tbe people at iargn to know that if a result so desiraola as this union be prevented we cannot be justly held responsible lor the oc.urreoce Tbe friende ot Mr. Dougiee, witb tbe Assert aa party, procured lor him twecty-hve electors on tba Douglas Bail ticket. Tbe Brack nridge organisation re tained 1 ?* separate existence, t wee proposed to give tbem a share of electors on ibe conlitloo ticket, sad after ?ucb diaouesioB and ellort the Breckinridge State com .turn ?mMl io ???* **>????? U!> ?I li wee cwbwmwm ma*^mKw w? A' mmhmm U*o,m laey ted before dMired tod aow df ?ire. to make toy liberal end honorable ??erittce ?Kan n?MM mir oountrv to the dangers wbieb many be ?i..n' expose our country to tba dangers which man/ be lieve it would encounter if Mr. L.cooln should be e eoled. Tbii prooosition wan com m m ica ted to Messrs Peter Oasrer and Dean Richmond, who re pre wo ted tbe Dourlae Mme Committee, and bad full power to act for it as their discretion and judgment might dictate. Tfiey rejected "rbemeetiag at tba Cooper Inetitute appointed your oommtuee, with a view u> Jisure tbe defeat of tbe repuo u..... and tbey bare been assiduously engaged in tbe d acbarge of tbelr, actuated, no doubt, by a sincere end earnest desire to effect the purpose f * which tbey were organised. Your committee, of course, conferred w'tta both tbe Breckinridge end Douglas Slate Gominttteea, end thA was quite neceeeary, as any ticket yon might re commend. whi b did not receive their united aopport, would not he available. After much negoixt'oa it wen at length suggested tbat if the Bretkmrldge orpantzat.on would aooept seven electors on tbe Union ttuget/M ba substituted fbr an equal number of Douglas electors, Mensra Cagger and Ricnmocd would consent to tba*. ar ranHmeetTbut on condition that such seven electors afco"d not ba cboaea from tbe Breckinridge electoral ticket. It is diBUull to understand on wnat ground such n oondition should be proposed, Put it eeemn quite obvl oim^bat tbe Breckinridge Committee could not aonsde to It without virtually abandoniug the organ txaf.oo of their party, disparaging the worthiness of tbo electors oa their ticket, sad acknowledging tbelr incapacity ? from tbat ticket eeven featlemep who would de serve the pooitlon for which they bad boon nvm! nated at our Convention The proposition an to eeven doubt, beva been agreed to by the B-wckin ridge organization. ThA I take the reapoaa.btuty of eay^ Ag from oanrersetioaa with some of the memhert of that committee bow A the city. Tbe seven would ht ac aerted. as Mr. Richmond A said to have asserted poet tiveiv that no more of that number of the Douglas elec t?Xo^*Aducod to resign. The condition aetoU* mode pf cbo'oe wm rented for the rtxnon almdy man In reference to the 8tate ticket, although the adjust ment of that is not strictly within the purpoeea of your oommlttee, 1 will mate that Mr. V Ale and inyielfigraed to any use o' our names by which an hocorshie combination to defeat Lincoln might ho effected. Tbo fnsn .? of Mr. Brack Aridge were quite willing that the nomlaeee of the Douglas party for Governor and State PrAou Inspector ?hould remain on the ticket, if tbe Brecklnr.dgeBleU Committee might name tba J ieutenant Governor and r.ti.i CommkwSoaer. To thA, 1 understand, Meters. Ceg gar and Ktchaaond objected, insist:tig that some other rT.. nor present nominee for Lieutenant Governor sbou.d ha dmi~nated by our State Committee, Sneh A the position of affaire at the moment when, in ?uThmtTl prepare thA communication, that it may reaoh you before your Inborn does. And bow, air. At me ?ay I in convinced that the BrecAliindge Mate Commit tee would agree to e fusion on the following hash: ? First?That seven D-uplai elestoia nhoaid be taken off tte present Douglas and Bell Hcke:?ooc to he aa elector second?That eeven nubrtitutes for them?">ae an elec lor at Alga be selected oy the lireahinr.dge state Com mittee from tte Br"cic .nri.tge e'ectoral tick it. ^ 1 now suggest, subject io the appr >val of our Mate Committee ? ros nur< ton at i Alien. Gideon J. Tucker or Henry .*?? Randall. ?o* rosnuo i.iAcrown. John H. Brower, John ICook, ^ gfafrhnw p Rtgiel), Oioicb M. Clark/ h2wwBoto^^ Matthew Rlgney THhe lougAi orgahlmtioa to have the Goveraor and Mate PrAoa Inspector; tbe Ureckmrldge sRaw UommA tee to name the lieu tenant Governor and Canal Comrnln Tble pro position striken me aa tbe most llhe-al that our party can be called upoo to make, nniem we abau^ don our orgaal/atloa and dmert our platform, neither of wbiob we can or will do under any eireuemtaacen, as we deem tbe ascendancy Moor princ pleeof vita! oonerqoeeoe to tbe nation and to tbe prosperity of the *?f?u0T?,'c party. 1 bone you will eootpt my awurance that if the farms I bet* offered meet the approval af your commu tes, ana tbe expreen ooneeat of the Douglas *?)* p-ittee, many geatiemee, of more Ipnoecce thse 1,_wt|l unite with me A earnest sad, I have no doubt, n euooem ful effort to obiam at ooue from our Mate Committee an approval of what 1 reoummead. Buitf tbme tornm_)m_r^t^,I am (?v^ that BUI II lOtm' wru" ^ ? V ?" JTa wI' . f ivtter n?cotiallODi) for ? oomprom:?c waiW l>? ure.cas, eJS^JJ^ASatAa wlU be coatmued, our tickets offered fbr lbs suffrage# of tbe people at tbe com mg else ttoo and we will om.l no boaorah.e meaaa to convtnoe tbe ffemucracy that If defeat overcome tbem in JJorem befl the orig.n of tbo calamity cannot ba trwoeu to tbe friendeofMr Brackinrvige RaeprctiUly and truly youre, T' BItADY BrwklarMf* CwgrMlMUl Cwvntlou. THIRD DimUCT. Tne Bleak lartdge Cenvr-j tton met in the billiarl room of tie Fifth w?r?l Bote!, and orgaaized by the re-electioa ot BobertC. Be to tyre aa Chairman, aad Wei. C Heuvell m 9MntH7 After appointing ? ores wit tee to confer with the Tam many Convention. unnbm] D the aame hotel, they pro. oeeded to bellot, ead cut our bellota before a nomtuai.oo The follow.of ?m the rrealt of the laet nee. ? >ohaC. tlet her 80 IC.Tfclatyre 1 1 .mud W el bridge 1 Welter twee 1 Johe Y. Bange 1 Oh motion, John ft Mather wae declared the tinanlmmia choice of the convention. weenepeef they ?lew rued with three cbeen eod a Ufer mvitTB mnucr. The Feerth Onfi aelnetl Dtetnet Coot ret toe ae eeahled el the eereer ef Walker aed Ontre etreeta. Two roller hellote ware tejfo, hot no eomlaalloa wae made The voire of the d*legatee were divided betweeo three aaedieeiae?r.iohard Berry, who race ret twelve to tee. Tboroae J liar- (p*ea?nt n , reeettat vr), erven an . Andrew Borne, all. The Oonv nt on then adjourned to meet on Tt.rvdey area tag, at the name place. rtitw memicr. TbeCotT ? of tbe Brackinridgera having elected to com rate a candidate to repreeeel the .fiitfe Ooofree Moanl dietr ol, met let evening et No 80> Ka? Twelfth etreet but made no aom net no. Aa adj .urn meet wae agrero p n ;>li c*it Monday eveoieg. SKTBXTM MtniCT. The delefa"! ?? the reventh Bmcklendge Coegreo atonal Onhventine aaeeir.hied 'eat evening .pnre teat to ad ?> jreweet. at No. 73 Nlal'i aveane, and una rated the It <r. .jfat. Ward at caad .late tor Cor greet to the dWrin. Denglae CeB|rwteaal Cnavtailem. raiitn burntcr?nowiKanu* or ricrard t. coup ton? tbr mmnw moil TP ir a row, rrc. Tee Tammany Cohveatinn of thie dot riot mot la the tb'rd rtory of the Fftb Ward Hotel, comer e( Weet Brood"ay and Frank'ln etreet. and wae nrgaalrcd by the e .-it:on ef Joha R. William*, of the Firet ward, Che'r man, aad E. T. -laflhr aa B*cretary. Ti e i:el of dole pateo naa ceiled over, when It wae totiad that the fol delegat ?t wae pmeat The toflow lag pereooo were tbea placed in nrm'aattnn to he ha'lotted tor ?TNomei Byrnee tamer myl ab. Richard T. Comptoo, John C Mather Uaate' E lie lee, Jeha Y. Ravage. At tfcb wage. f the precedes* a rommltteo wae an aoenced from the I'reckinrldge Con reel on, la ****'<m la 'be tarn* bete'. a'?ttag that a Committee of Ooatoreeoe bad bet appo.nted to rooter with them, with the bo; c of ?iBit ng , pro aa* read I date Oa mtR'oa. a like ommttte* wae appelated am the part Of the Tammany convention. The Ctoiimra.v then announced that be had a letter from Pan el ? mohlet, in reply to one eddr. ?eed him by a n imber of de'ejatea, denilalng tbt uar of hie name aa e candide'r tor Jowgreee The letter wae read, and ro Mired with appinuee. A 'invrjmr.v etated that ft T. Comptoa dnetrad hie nam" lo he withdrawn The Cb' iniitt"e of Conference having return*! without a'-omplieh-ng anything, the Convention proceeded ta, w th the tolJow log reanit ? 1M BmTlni gd Belief. Thomae Byrnet 14 _ JflM >ag?? 7 ? R.T. Comptoo 7 30 J. C. Bather 7 15 On motion. R T. f ompton wm derered tbe unae mo .e rcmine* of li e Gocver t m. A mot <m wee made to apenia' a ? mm ttea In n'orm tho Breaktor dp* >tivact:oo H tbe ree It. aanVhv mo : on war made to adjoora; tint befbre ei't ?r ?. wae set, a band of rawd -e <*, u>e - rthid*. wt?. hai h***i t :r Irletil all Ur even -f, tenon by W 3.*w acl Pet l'-Cy. ef tte I *tt *rnrd, hi.ttt tpee tt* lot*, ? ated lo the table, seined a:) the pop** wra lf",m op, nominated Bauer and amidst ? general yidmg and rreani jg declared il oarrl'jd. ipsst tbe tat>e, it rood off I bo goo, ud turned ud loft the room, lo the meantime lb# membora of tbe Oeovention bod all loft, and did not return lo tbo .oene of Ibe disaster. Tbo rowd.cs, bavin* accomplished ibeir, niobod down stairs, yelling for Mather nod Ailing tbo botol with the.r bideouo FOPRTH DISTRICT. Tbo Foot lb Congressional Diatr.ct Convention mot at No. 72 10 m atroot?John Kearny, of the Fourth ward, lo tbo chair, and l.lward J. Knight, of tbo Tenth, acting aa secretary. An informal bwlijt waa immediately taken, with the following result ? tfiobae) ijomey, 13; John Griffin, 8; J. M B-.-ne, 2; Smiuel Webster. 2, and -ratter lag, 3. A motion that Alderman Michael Tuomey bo unanimously ncmlnaiod by tbo Coo Ten lion waa carried amid much enthusiasm. FIFTH PIVTBICP. Tbedeiegktee to tbo Fifth Congress.oaal District Con Tt'Dtrtin, met at tbo ooraer of R'.dge and Grand streets. Ttey organed a', e gbt o'clock by select og Peter Barlow Cbairaaao. It waa fooad on 'Ailing tbo names of tbo dele gate- ibal the WU.amaburg section, wbleb forma a por tion of tbo d .eir _t, waa not represented, owing lo the ran that the delegates bad rot aa yot ooen selected. Tboy accordxgly adjo.irned to meet, at tbo King's Cc.niy Douse, W.IHamaburg, on rharsday afternoon, at two o'clock. SIXTH DISTRICT. A large and r.| |<? racily excited crowd of polittclaoa as aembled laat nigbt at Duffy'a aaloon, under the I siarge botol, in Broadway, to nominate a Congressman for Ibe Sixth Congreaakmal diatrict. Tbo meeting waa organized at eight o'clock, John B. Pogerty waa appointed Chairman, and ifoorge A Jeremiah, Secretary. Am Fifteenth, Sev enteenth sad DoTenlh warda were represented. Two sets of de.epsteo were preeent from the Klevenlb ward, one the f 'ocoraoe we legation, tbe other tbo Boole delegation. Senator Kan * protected against tbe almlaaloo of tbe I Boole delegation, and while holding in bis band aa affi davit shewing that bis party had received seventy-seven i votes out of tbe one hundred and twenty polled,and, I also, that many votes were polled by citl/ens not poe I serving tbe right to vole, and protecting against the ad mission of tbe opposite parly as being a fraudulent effort to secure tbe nomination of Alderman Boole, a Mr. Clark, known in rome circles aa Jim my Lamb, made a snatch at Mr. Kelly's papers, and after tearing tbe in up swallowed them. Groat oonfaaion ensued, and fir some u. nutee there wea a pros pect of a general row taking placo; tbo presence of a small forco of policemen was found uecessary to restore quiet and order. Tbe members of both dele gations were requested to withdraw, wben, after passug a resolution declaring tbe above pro ceeding to be not only unjustifiable but also a flagrant violation or all rules, tbe members decided on admitting tbo Boole delegation, a member of which bad swallowed tbe Cochrane protest bodily?thus placing rattan ism again in tbe ascendant. Tbe following persona were then named as cat for tbe sudragee of tbe voters of tbe Sixth Congressional district ?alderman Boole, of tbe Eleventh ward; J. W. Chandler, of tbe 8eveaieentb ward, T). W. N'orrts, of tbe Fifteenth ward. Tbe meeting then adjourned until Monday evening next, at eight q'ciooa. wben acotber scene In the fiaroa of city politics will be enacted. "KVKNTH DISTRICT. Tbe Tammany Congressional Nominating Convention of Ibis dletric' met .art mgbi, at So. 92 N'lntb avenue, but adjourned until Friday evecirg next, without pitting for ward say candidate. EIGHTH DISTRICT. Tbe Xtgblb P strict CongretMional Convention met last treeing, but were obliged to e.ljourn till Weduerday evening without action, after remaining in s-miou till near eleven o'clock P. It. Rt|akllctn Canity Cravwtloi. NOMINATION OP JOIN EKT9BR FOB ItWISTBR, AND WM. B. STEWART KOB SCTERTISO*. Tlta Republican City nod Couty Convention for tb? nomination of a Rag later and Snparvlaor, mat laat even tog at tbsir wall known headquarters, No. 6M Broadway, near lJouiton ktrwt- Ths a it en dance or dalegatae mm fill), and a tremcndcua lobby bald poaaeiaion of tbastoop, stairs, ante chamber and aidewalk, noiaily disiumlng tba politic! questions tne day, and canvassing thecbaaces of tba cand datea for offoe. Tba front of tba building was decorated wltb republican banners and tranaporea clea, and the walla of tba room la wh.cb tba oonvantloa sat were covered with huge scrolls remarkable sayings of "Old rnsle Abe" and tbeaagsof Ashland. At one of tba astremitias of tba rooaa a suspicious look log "Llocoln ra'J," aaid to be a genuine specimen of "Old Abe*!" handiwork, was soapaadad, and attracted cons), derable attention. Tba Convention waa crganlzad by tba selection of "to Amor J. Wlllamson as Chairman and Misers. Tntyer and Cleveland aa Secretaries. on calltag tor tba credentials of delegstaa It was found that there wrere two delegations from the Klevsntb and Twentieth wards, sad, after a great deal of unnecessary confaaion sad discussion. it was agreed to allow the rival claimaota a bearing in convention. On behalf of the Twentieth ward delrg?>es Meesrn. Conner and Bulkley acted as oounml, sad tleesrs. Tboniat Doyle and Wcmmel performed the same ?ervres for the Kleveatb ward dele gations. The Conover delegation was io the end admitted, by a vote of 6* to 20, and the IV yle delegation by 68 to 46. Our ag the vote on the admission of tba 1 levee to ward delegates "a nigger in tbo fence" was accidentally dis covered, in the shape of a bogus delegate, who amused biasseU with voting three or four times, in regular demo crats fashion. The Impostor was unceremoniously ex pelled and an satire new vote taken This hotsy business having been satisfactorily finished, the Convention proceeded to nominate a candidate for Supervisor. The vote, wh'ch waa ri'w rocs, resulted aa follows ? Wm. R. Stewart 8S Jaases Cutbell 23 Win. linen I The Cbais va.v tbeo ansounced that Mr. fuwnrt h ving received mare than a major.ty of the votes of the (Jon vunt.SE, waa duly a at cand"latefor BaparVlSor. Th? com nation wan tbeo made unaaimens amid enthu a est c cbcer, jg. The O nrentton nest proceeded to vvte for a candidate for, and the first formal vote r<trailed aa fol lows ?/? Mens in K. Brewer 36 Dev.d Miller 10 John Keyeer M Porter <?. -uermar. ...-. 4 Wtr. H. tlbevuon 4 Mr. Keyser bavbg received a majirUy of :be votes is convention, wan thereupon duly declared nominated, and the result was prorla seed amidst shouting sod huxselag of the heartiest character. The (jobv solioc then adlouraed, wltb cheers for l.lacola aid Uaasila. Mr. W.lltomaao, Keyser and Mewart. Rkrrsr ican jcpiciai. cortex tion. Tbe Repib cod Judicial Oonreollon will assemble to night a: So. Broadway, to nominate candidate* for a Jtot'ce of the * prune Court. Recorder, City Judge and Surrogate. In addition to the n; mca we have al ready mentioned, we hear Mr. Francis U. Young spoken of for the Purroreteih p 'Judge Edmunds tor the Recorder sb'p sad John Sedgwick tor tbtClty Judgeship. Signs of to Pamir la the Republic** limp-Tharlew Weed CaUlitoM hmtily for Help. iFmm the Albany Freeing Journal, Fept 22.) Woas Yav Cmon ?Are aot the Republicans in some portions of the rut* taking too mu-b tor granted/ The divteino in the democraue party la aot as sertoue aa It seams to be. There w a toaiiaa of Intense hostility be Iweec tbe fuci.ons, uiidoobudly, and there is nothing which the leader* of each so much desire as the dtaoomil tore of the jtber But this reefing ta seithhr so general t ,r eo inUnee ?a to render a partial reoooclllaliun and cooperation mprect.aable. Bow tor the eo-opamtion will extend?whether It wUl yet rench a stogie electoral lionet, throughout tbe Bute, or only m laeellt'ee?la ue rcruio. But there will be such an epprosimatioa to unity that It w J repairs a ompat i organization to ea. S rn the result hoped for sad coveted by the republicans of the ."tale. It is the d.- uie of wi-Jotn, therefore, to (eke sothtng for granted, excwp' thai a thorough organisation is indis pensable to success. 9uoh en organisation, we regret to say, Is not only not y*t perfected everywhere, but la many looalltiw it is a >t yet begiic. This 4?!in>j tency Is the result, partly, of neg lect. but more particularly of a mistaken Mm the! n very t jorough jrgan.outioo is uooeoeeMry If thie impression ?uali Im at n!.'general, ted induce only ubi'aai nnttcipe tloos of an easy virt y, the Plate will be last, For wher ever It is believed ?? ,t lbs repobl.oaoa are too strung to be beaten, organ, .l.oo or no organ, ration, men wiu be if' - l i, ?y ? < ? ;s. tig lt..-n ??!(.? . rm,i , -ring, on ibe gvonnd that ths r votes are oot newaeary u ae cure s.. was This tog.e fit should be a totflicisni at in. a ton prompt perfor.nasce hf the wer^ always id ?peneab'e it x full cevelopvmenl of ttie strength of the | arty. Wltb nil tbe dtsti rbing elesucU at work la tbe raaka of the lrme-rSuy--? '* I'ect r :r b" arr ly Sga.RAl tbe othar?and wiu tbe republican party as barmoa'ou* io sent meet as it is sttrnc'.'r* ;n principle. tbe Simple de liaquesdy oi Ere etc tors n each sob to! i.strl .t, would make a ilCkrenoe of nearly sixty tboua tad rotes la the ton, ar.r" pert ape defeat, ?In: with work la stta rable vii ti e election of areiriblican Prm.dent of tbe Csited MB Sealer, do you wish u has party is auto ? disaster? If not, apply the remedy. It is simple ecoegh, M t in velres *vor* The earn" of erery republican n your dls should he enrolled lira* ires ehould betaken to ? raar- the depot t of every repuMi/.ta vote, and deiin .??r y- - f >rg "*. I. suite . . i by. he t< - oftse tola.' 'mpvrs.'oo that "our vote will mak? to dlffr resce"?ebould he rendered impracttoabls by tbe means est n motion to prsvent it. We do not w ml uaisecstwrily to al irm our frleala. Ipleed, w ? tl nk there a ao> reel d*og?r But our confidence ties to the wit et ou that every repuhltcao to th* Bute "baa a mind to work,' eod will leave miI eg to i 001 infer- e? r.r hauee p ? f - il ? ccricl on we we vooliTbelieve there was larger for we are oumbat. ting s desjirrkte *ncmy, wb<?* oousctouanevw of d fent m the genernl rss-ih makts all the more anxious tor se xwas to the FUte. New Tavk is to be" the batt's greund." It is U m?k# ? such that the d egraoefu! - mb'net'ona bave hesn j .'or?ed wt b a tl SUmp the < mt| rat r? red iriag bfamr. It is tom*k' it such that dcmwacy tismade '* nr natural aflianr wltb American ism the* mm ea isrUtalag the most hostile an t ooor ting op rums bare mnlsscec, tbat p'aoen of honor hnve beec put up at aoc t >r. and that lvdny e'eclmshipe are bswkrl about Wa'l rTeet i<ke bank stock ?r cotton Mto aed oflkrsd Is wbos'sv will pay the most mmey tor Ihsm. And smb who will trnfi'r. tb -to with the I .lies' tr;*U Irsowe in our !n*il??i ?ns wll pot lesve the field w ttcrts barl strug gle to* tbe master v Wasrt tbarei >re justified r w- nd sg tal tb * note of 1 alaMi , and Sf warLiog eer fr reds age rat tbe regliDlSf s?j single agei -,y cr If and swl/ snptorel n tba m<*t .iae?.ly r?ntested tie I cvs Tr wi t v'.noey. s Bum and sstion, w " vra-d far? W' r| e^ats y en V BcM erg wet. I NEWS FROM THE PACIFIC. Arrhrtl of U? Posy Kaproaa?$940,000 Kb Route tor New York?Political Affalrr? gm from Oregon, WukUgtsB T?rrl imry, BriUala Columbia, 4cM dkc* Br. Joum, Mo., Sept. 23,1N0. Xh? poay mpiM. oilb 9an iraacieoo dates of the 12th lasuat, arrived Mr* this evening. Bab nuwKO, Sept. 12?3 40 P. V. Arrived September t, ship Oracle, from Hoc, Kong, lOtb, Eleotrio Spark, Areas Barton BUled September 8, ahipa White Swallow, tor; Mel bourne; Cooper, lor Co wee, with 14,000 om tundra* pouod eeckt of wheal, md 118 haimef wool; Lord Re* lu, for Melbourne The i tenner John L. Stephana sailed yesterday for Pa uiw, with 832 pBeeeBfert md 81,M9,nM la fold, * which $920,000 la for New Tort, end aho 142 begs oi Washes eilrer ore, valued el $14,000. The pony erpreee, with A. Lode dates of the 31>t ol August, arrived at Caraon Valley thJaaMfalng. The tenth anniversary of the adwleetiw of ffclUbrnia Into the Union wae celebrated by the PtmearB, la Ban Kraacleco, on tjie 10th lnatant, by a partial auepeortna ef hneiniet. a prooeeatoa through the principal etreats, and an oration and a grand ball at the largaat pnblio ball la Vbe city. _ At the republican primary elections In An Fraartasn, on the 8 ib tnit., ten oat of twelve dletrlcta decided againat making partisan nomlmtlonn for local oUlcere, and IB favor of alliance with the people'a party la the ooaalag municipal election. Thle ie regarded as a oompMa ra endoraement of the reform city government. The trial of W. H. atone, for killing a member of the last legislature during a political dispute, la proceeding at 8ecrameeto, before Judge Hardy, the same Judge be fore whoa Judge Terry wee recently acquitted. The Breckinridge sad Inae Stale Convention In In sa? ilon at Sacramento. It M largely attended. An electoral ticket will undoubtedly be chosen, as many of that party believe that the Bttte can be carried for Breckinridge and The Mariposa gold mines, on On I. Fremont's grants, era reported to ytela immensely since the oompwtjoa ot the exiensive quarts mills. The last wak's yield was at tha raw of nearly $800 per day. ........ . T ? A camel ea prase is about to be eaiabllshad batweaB IBS Aogeiea ana Fort Mohave. Sufficient cenaua returaa are martsIsthejtojgl to form a bents lor oatimatiag the population of CaUNrtlh at??,W0^t ^oota ^ tb< Mth lMU destroyed ***** A Melon' stables, together with nine horses. Loss MOM. Oregon dates are to tho Qth Inst. The silver excitement has been brewing In Oregon Tor several monlbe, and the most extravagant rumen now prevail reape?tu>g the mlnee in different parte of theCbe cede Mountains, bordering on Willamette I alley. Several parties bave been prospecting during the Bummer, and many more are bow preparing io go. Dr. Broy.of Halem, has left at the SLai'snan office a ?peohnen ot silver ore from the flantram mines, whioh arrayed $4,20# to the ton. Other specimens have ave raged from $1.800 to $2,0M par ton. The Portland News gives lae most encouraging reports from the Hook creek guld mines. It represents thai they yield frcm $5 to $10 a day to the man; that enough pay ing ground has been explored for Ave thouayd amtmss for mveral years. Boms three hundred and Bfty mm aiw *Sron cr?baa been dlscovared in the Cascade Mountaina. On the 1st of August Ueasenaut Mullea waa at Fart Beaton, having completed the military road to that point, and was to leave that post for Walla Valla repairing and improving as he travelled. Thin Hanoi road la three hundred and ninety three a.iw Major Bake was to have left Port Bnotoo forwaua w.iia, with a commaad of three hundred man, on the 6th ^The'rortland Adaoemle argumrcU of some, that tha Waaboe silver lede belta ma continent, as they claim that tbe s*ulram' *'^ wdfbrt ilope mines be meg to the same veto mdlibera is a probability of their position being mora slratcd by the dtuoovery of mines la the vicinity of Mou I ^Washington Territory datra are to tha Slat ult. A Bra Scurrad at fort Vanoocver. destroying B3,B#0 worth of government ?tores. _ .?nnr McOUl Th? Oi\ mri[? Pioneer Mfl tb*t ACtiBf WTPrDOr ? w a?*>m* thrtth? Indian pirates who have mken ra foge tn Victoria shall be brought to Indiana are believed to be the murderers of the crawa of the Helen Marts and Blue \V tog, In 1859. TtaPmsrWi that Uov. MoUlll WlUUkO .topi at ouoe to overenme the techaloal objectlom of our oolgh I ^TheBMtshColumbta Mvtoea ^ the 4 th mat ^ JS jraucr.SZS - VTSS - ThVaWtW ufbmmtng affair. In British Columbia la very rAtthTtoteei a moats the Fraaer river mlnee were he lugr^ldty deserted,except by Chinamen, tor ?ihamw Eldorado at Hock oreek. The rush appear. ? be general all through the country, as numbers of men were oa tneir way from Oregoa and Washington Terrltor.ea^ al lbs poru oo Pugel l?md the aam. "fffyMESS and at mart lumber mills the men hare bad the.r wages iscreaaed to induce them to stay. With yield of the mineii there Is, aa might b? difference m the accounts; but all agree that to-?** maktrg from Ave dollars to twenty dollars per day'to tha baud, while acme calms are abated, on ralkabm author Ay, io t>ay $lu0 a day per mad. The country tn the neSghbor hood is aald to resemble California.In MaJmmlloB; there being plenty of beam topped bUla, ?? tuuoelllug, have proved auriferous. .... worse, and la found on the oel of the eodts. There la do doubt about tha exteol of tbeoe aew guld ?? good proapecu were round by parties la cbarM trains whkh through ibis, wmMaajM -n row- Iter yueeuel la rl ver. Tho Maoat MMiri ver, to too northward of Kock creek, in also aald lobe auriRltul, and reveral other similar cracks, aa regarda the '?*?" lion and reaturea of the coaaWy. ara rnlnes'can be'lormed by tbl'raouul of dust received at of It ffnd. lUwav-to^ goo in eschange lor provlaiona, ho. It maaat'md thing chat a waron road must be put through at any oost. There la every reason Io ballave that his Exasllnacy, mTla IruS rXTbla, will ^ the hurrying on this work by an nddtttcoal grant naosa number of mmers In the district arauad the Rock creek sod bimilkaaKea mine# is eatlmatod at mora than 1 'prom QoeoueUa river w. hear that wae large striken ^TjraaTprTwe*have been paid to The stiver mlaea ara getting up la themarkaj. Several specimens have been shows ylatdlng $4M PWMB; riansiar baa alaobeea dlscovared la the neighborhood of Hope, in wbJcb city tow a lolo ara rapidly lacreaalog la T*1?* SU-TUWono, Sept. 18-$ F. M. Tbe Breckinridge and lane Deanocratie State iooeea< tiN reassembled lb I# morn Lag. Bob. J. B. Waller was electod permanent President, wth seventeen Vwa Presi dents, batng one from aacb Judicial district la tbe Stala. r. I., flboaff, D. T Bench and Frank laogblno vera < Tbe following potlemea hara bona appointed an alte tora?Wm. Coronal, of Loa Angaiaa, A. P. r'-iJray, of Calaveras V. K Oarger, of Tabama, and Zacb Montgo mery, of Butler Tbe Coavenlioa In ntiU In aeaaioa. Of tbe apacle by tbe Meaner John I. SWpUcH t'JS.lM goan to New York and $10,000 to T-ngland. Tbe IM of nblnpem ?u not made oat at tbe hour toe axcrwa left The following are the oabia paa*engera by the Ste pbrnn ? Mm Capt. C. C. flail, c,. e. ritob, Dr. Aloe, United Stale* Couaul, Major Raima, ISA, and Ihailly J. L I'ronla and wife Jollo* Newman, Major F. Dodge, 1'Bited Slab* Indian Igent;Cyru* A. Bocdy, lire. Sarah C. M bob K woe no, C T Walk ion, V. 3. N ; W J. Oar Bier, Payciaater Rpyden, l*. S A , J. A. "tewe'J, Jacob or, Q. A. Bcbaltz, D. Sprockets, C Mangel*, <J. Sle veaa, II Fhatti -k,C (iroa, wlfean l nleen; A w Faye, M. Aairnki. N. Uapelo, B F. I .'laud,.loo. KtTroan, Fl. Fitlea, J. Frank, A. P. VtNM, florace rarrl'tfe, W. Barrio, J. F Trnmtxk, L Pray r, Tea. Psgli r, .1 Walln, M R. Snyder D H. I.ace.b. M 'inter, LI Tf ?" 'g?r ao>l id ward Field. There were alno IN ntcerage puwetgars. tOMMUt'lAL ISTKJ.1.1'JUKCS. Ma* Ftu.vniai), Rape. IS?1 f\ M. Aaaclire trade with the onentry ban mrroroi tbe general tone of tbe market ard loereaae-l the tranaar. li< on. Froib Ami baud* tbe demand is, aad out parlicvlarly dlreclod to aay naa artie'a < are quiet and tirm. Rio oofT-w tail a at U>g< a 16c n ic ng ating in other kind*. Ona' lalea loa t?r?i,? son parol, at $lh tfucuy bag*?-'a'.w at l$H a l*o. "-ails? a.i?e at 4;,o. lo alia iiti'o I- doit.g at loot aotad pr.oaa. Irovalona- BaUer tractive .ard a*, no MO ceaae J H. h Co., and Aid M' la tote, at It Ho a lie |.<>rk salt .to bbls. new mrwe, on I " trie Pt ark, at $19, and cttra clew at $21 Be-on aad haau not lor Riae?A d .wnwar I lon iwy in fbreign Carolina unchanged Raw mgar Arm: a*OB 1 3H0 boia No* 1 and I Ihiaaat Ttfe. ate.; redned mora MM: ea e? l ooo b'.ia orwnbod, en *pe alter**, at "I He OteM too bMB <i" , t< <.*alor?. at 12 V sljrito? A I air inquiry for foreign L.raadite, domeat.m Arm, aad looking up a liUlo ?m*r .< ?a brandy sella at Ma Sc.; ita lurpei iter?Salee 2 000 rall .ua, an Moctr c Bpark, at $1 2d a $130 Splet* aalra t.OCO mala coaaia at lie WlauO? Claret laaeli'e, aal?* M eightbo oomarna aherrv at Sbc. a?T,'?e TmO? Nothingd.. ng Wboat ouBtmuaatocoaie in frrriy tbe demand for egport lo wall nr.aniajiad at $1 4/> a $1 ?o Freights lo Now York aro at about $h M per loo. ku ragluod, ?3 $a . lo Austral*, U lit a ?1 Ida. stepping lo discouraged by tbo adraaae .a ratoo, aad tooaago lo maeb * anted liprtma Cwmrt?Otreatu Beforo Boa. -ledge Iomard. tan. 24.? Fal'rr Grmwrvh ea. Pmtri * W,"SarawpM ? Thin waa an artlna arising out of a aaie of tides. The !>lalntlBb, aa anteloweare, end n lot o' bldee ,"'a?r4?g to to A. A C. Rnoret, In February, lite Tbo deflm-tent rw chaaod a lot of St. Dom ngo hide*, wb ab welgt ed tjr.2 pmiode, and la tbo hill the weight, thewngh error, wm cherge I 1 262 po. nde. and pelrl n unurdtafly. The add' l oaal I MO poor da wwe demamle.1 tbe defmdeot. w*ci reftioed to nay, aieg!ag a deotol '' aay IwaMp at tbe m Make \ erdict far |dMBt>r *nr glM, be rg ft {I BOM nt, wttfeinlnrent ?

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