Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 25, 1860, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 25, 1860 Page 9
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irniATIOKS Wft*rRD-JTr.HAI.KS. WANThli?BY AM KnOLIoB MIDDLE AGED WOMAN a si'iistim as child's nnree; ei pert-need i3 the tare of an (rum in birth. ad?I u do pijtiu Brwiojf, who bo b?tt o( etty reference. Cell at U tith at., In the itore for tv Ivy a. WANTFD-A 8JTU ATTOK. BY A BEBl'ECTABLE GIRL, u rook, washer and trooar in a private reaper able family, good city reference. Call at 191 Wee Uiih at., aw ad floor WAMTKD-A SITUATION. BY AM AMERICAN WI duw, aa child a nueae. no objection to travel; oraaa companion for an eider! v lad) or invalid; the seal of refa rencegtten. Apply to Mr-. ttwtlh, if Char'.ee at . for three <*je. WAMED-BY A RK8PROTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, YT aatt .atlon aachamtwruuatd and ao take care of chliiren. in a pri rate family; has pood all) reference. Can ha eeaa tor two vtaya. at }3d t en rob at., one door from Canal. Wanted?by a bespki table yocmg ocbu a situauou to do chamber work and watt In*, or to take sere of chiMren. t all for two days tn the rear house, 1JJ 19ui at. near 7th v.-r. Heat city rofareace. WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A YOUNG PBOTES t*at firl, mi rbdirabarmaid or ch.ld a nur?*; c%n rm I>raider and aew; treat of city reference. Call at 34 Charlton at far two days. . _______________ WANTED?NY A RBSPRCTABLE WOMAN, A SITU i ailon aa Aral claa eonk; een eook meaia, soups and pea trtaeof all kinds; la aa evrelwmt baker; n> ohjectlon to go la the country; beat of referaeen cam he riven. May be aeen lor two dajre at lab Weat 14th at. eornar of 8th are. WANTKD-BT A RE8PKCTABLI GIRL, A SITUA tlon aa chambermaid: wou'd do waltia* and plats sew In* good city reference. Can be aeen lor (wo daya at No. ( tferkaon at, second boor. Wanted?bt a respectable young woman, a alt nation aa chambermaid or to do general housework In a email regular family; la a good waaher and lronar. Call at *96 Weat 29th at, between 9th and 10th arm. Wanted?a situation, by a respectable per aoa. to do chamberwork and waiting or would go a aura* and seamstress, heat city reference. Call for two daya at MB 2d are . Brat tluor. WANTED?BY A BB8PBCT tBLI YOUNG WOMAN, A aituauua aa r ham be-maid and eewer; has the beat of city reference freaa her laat pbtre. where the has lived for t-n years. Cal! at Xo. 127 Front street, Brooklyn, In the rear, top Doer, front room. ant; d-by a respectable young woman, a ?lualioa aa good cook end baker, aad Is willing to aaatat tn washing and Ironing; the beet of etty reference can be given. Call si 65.* 2d av., between 37th and 33th ata.,eeeoud door, hack room WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL, A ?anartoe aa ohambermald and to do plain sewing or fine washing and ironing; beet of city refareaee. Call for two daya at 14J West lath at WANTED-BY TWO YOUNG GIRLS, SITUATIONS; one as cook and the other as chambermaid; la witling to do the washing and Iroiilnc between th*m. best of city refe renoc*. Can ba aeen for two daya at 112 Weat 13th at.. In the rear of the grocery store. WANTED?A SITUATION BT A PROTECTANT young girl, lately landed, to ao light chamberwork. or to asalat in general honaew rk. Call at 1W La arena at, third Doer. frou'. room for two daya WAXTFD?SITUATIONS. BT TWO RESECTABLE girls, one as plain aook la a private family, the other aa chambermaid aad waitress or ? aamaioaas Call at U9 Court at, third house south o Pacific at, Brooklyn. EXTANTED?BY A B ERPECTA BLB YOUNO OIBL, A TV a.: Bali on as chambermaid and waitress, in a respectable private fam-ly. The beat of etty referenve g ven from hsr laat place. Can be aeaa la the store, 292 Hicks at., corner Pacific, Brook, yn, for two daya w WANT\D-BY A TOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION AS sunr ud HMHtna, to travel Booth. Address (or one work K B . Her.Id olBce TXT-ANT1D-A SfTUATION-Bf A YOUNO WOMAN, TT to do plain evoking and a**htag and Ironing. Apply at l?Priae eto ihertac. tBT-ANTTP-A SITUATION A3 NUB8M AND IRAU M atraaa, by a young wunaao, who la fully competent to dla eliarga her duties; eaa take rhvge of an infant If desired. Cad be seen until engaged at her employer's. 133 Boat llth it. TITANTKD-A SITUATION TO COOS. WASH AND TV iron. Ilea good oily reference. Can be aeee for two days, cel. at flab heat 18th to. Wanted-a situation to do CHAVBBBWOKK and wading, and no objection to do homework la a pri vate family Oood city referenda. Call at (77 East 10th at. TXTANTZD?A BABT TO WET Nl'RSE AT HER OWN TT bouaa. by a respectable wtdopr woaaan. Oood rofereooa. No. Ill B5 su at "OTAJITBD-A SITUATION, bt a rebpbctablb WAZEr?LL r' or.tu to ahimbarwoct to a private family not la the ^Brameto fi'ltottSaS^ CbTnaoi Bldndge TXT ANTED?BT A RESPROTABLR TOUNO WOMAN. A Tf totnattoa aa nhemheneelii end walliaar. good referenee If required. Cell for two days at 171 Madleoo to , third floor, TIPANTED?BT A RRdPICT A BUB TOUNO WOMAN. A Tf tomedae aa go~a cook; la wiliteg to aatoto to tha washing end Lrooteg, hea tha boat of city refereaee Alao a gtol to an wetting Or aa ehtld's nuraa, la a neat, em art girt Call for two pays at lt( Wato lath at TXT ANTED?A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE Tf yonm woman, an rhembgrmald and water, or to 00 ehamberwort and flea watoWrg; nan give tha hart or city rafa rener from her tost place, where aha 11 red four yearn, ton be ansa to 437 Tiber, bat wean MU and S7lh am, arm floor, baah mom "WA*7TP-|rT A NBB'TtCTABLE, STEADY, AND CA V? pir .C WOMB, I Mlllttoi II coul, to to <>lMllNBt wbaIiap andtoonar. or would hare no ohyeSw todoT.Tr^jUSE work m a small private fbniMy^SwpttoaaK toto mdJJ' one. from her leal place Oall to 77 toCTCfiVfcte *? fee bo seen for three days ? TEPAKTEO.- V SITUATION AS MU TT lament ylrl; hna tha beat of toty ran at m West Ilat at NURBR. BT A PRO taobeaeea TMJt TRADES. A * JiA\DIU,*ll^4 *?**?<? IN ALL ITS famgy Imt bto wtfa. Can oa or address T 0 Mr. Brldg maa-aaaad toaea, to sad ? ay . earned door from 1SU at. A ^mMMT nfBJJOBNT LAP. If TBABH oy a ?? totoi W Wlfflameli ueg. *5' dremnr apply to71 Mtol to , from U to 1 eelork. or after# Si* stnebr want no.?a rutar n.tto die ton?rr wanted Immediately by Vineant, t oOlna A Or, 4 ke-.laa lane. DTXB -tt ANTBD. A OOOD DVRR, AT J. BORIA-l dyatna mibMihiiii. WhtoWtoto. Apply batwaea t nad 3 aaloeh. Six milk mat pnrnmtM wantrd ?ntbadt math to goad man Nee Own in A On. 10 to ?pO PIANO MAKERS - WaNTRD. A SMART. OOOD 1 wot bmae to pat la eon-tolas boaeaa. atoady work, at J A C Wsahar'e plane fatomy MS Weat MU to., aaar Nh or. rpo hattbem -wanted, two curlers, at i< 1 PmNWI II at. ftotrlh Sear. invwo wv hantcal bmoimbbrn would ukk to Ij&srKessyr^Jsr* sr-sTsisa atota. rRCTCHERN.-WANTED. A Tf wttlbw to make btmatlf g?? intojy ei'f at and fulUm a?., Brooklyn. TOUNO MAN WHO IS Apply earner r? NU-RT MANTTPACTVPERfl-AM EXPEPTENriin eoprr t open for an rwr?*i-rr^e!, nadertoa .'la the e br ie aa> l ad* ta * I be brandies ?ve r?o enl la m*waure. *.raid ?toto-yetr la leave the rity. Addrrata aate to fuller, Herald C WHOLESALE CIDTHIRRd -TUB RTBSfRIBER nils. rCrbr-openio an engagement as fa emeu to a ? c.nt'Tagbouae. Addram Tbaa. drab on. a IVwia, , i' m ItX ft. | TftO WE** (WANT Tan.OES-A PRACTICAL CURTOM 1 n iter ?a! ?a In and a ebiwHna in i>r oat of iliM ?;ty good [referent.- eta b< gl? ea Addrvea P. It, Herald otoee TETANTED-TWO OOOD I.NTTBRBRN TOR OLANS Tf toga work and toediral labelling Oor-d pay and a-eadj Wtok to gnrd workmen. Apply tn 1. Id ward Ire tan ? Kb. m bad flt Naama to. ______________ TXTANTED TMMEDt ATE1 .T?TEW ONTWEI.rl BRINT1.B TT cumbers wbn aetormand Ihtor bntosam perfertly. to fa Wlitem A On.A 1U Pwtrl to __________ TXPANTXD-MT a BOOTCTTEAN. a HTUATTON as ITT ga r ' enwr or r. .rtw snda'h-?' -e-t hnree aw* g-,r.riee Ma<e -^rate. tadntor1o"a aa.' rwllab'e Wraea ? ? enrwf'il delrer. ?nd nnderwunda Ibe 1.raUw?w? of '" Wr revf.,.y, cjaa ri?w referenee I n r I or '?too ualler eddrwre let Xl'AT! D-A SITU ATI OE A? O tEDf afl NT A iff ma ?d fear-ebmew wShiwitr Wires *1k a : >' r -w 1 Kea t ? St who bred teeea years wl'b bta las' emp i-er Una-., m 'r-nber I. Itardener. WaablngVm llrl-'i ? f"wl pNiSe. ?. T ?rANTED-AN IXPEfelRNntD SHOP fUTTEE IN [Tf a- ire ?? TredweU A Jtrwa.1 el Ahtag wareb- t' IK ????IP * V life TRRIffB ADTimnWM R |7| ITEB FNAPOaiSE fPNOPBaraRfW. PantANT ~ZZtf. U g'alp a I aiVmand dealee aa planar nopima femmw da ?bar bra on pnar sntgner r a entawl . rlw mm trei blea mndra. tolar e? l. an bir la Una# Sa. pUm n . '.-er-Wm ? miw,. a- m mm de le? oirlRenrea r?r-.-wm?rdatlnn. fMrrw per I EtipRnealle R<- ? Weal fiat to near Bth ar IIKWSPAPEHI. P'Rtir ? SPIRIT 0? TPS TINRS OUT ON WNWNRNDAT ^ . _ boe?a? bj all i-wa area ? y TULL RRPl.Kr tl? TflK OKKalRAf S. PLANET and iVNuaRB* TROT PNTWRPE fU'tl AND PA*fW BRAD PORTNS A NPIRrr OUT ON WWinSDAl, M HKLP WABmCD-PKJI*I.M JLL F?MTM? AND GOOD SKEVAKW WILL FIND the isrjjMl aud best office in the ctty at 188 1Mb at .earner or Good ?itttjwioiw Immediately; al*>. JE*"l c,7"? pable help to sua all wtoicall <?lr|e lato y landed wanted, and email gtrla la tood, rcspectobleplaem A CHAM BARM AID WANTHD-A PROTECTANT WO A man, with heat -tlr reference. Apply at *0. 3 Madison eve , Irom M) tol o'clock A SMALL PeMILY, IR BROOKLYN, WANT A OOOD ; A girl or middle aged woium to do geaaral housework; Herman, Scotch or American preferred Apply to T. A. Hel ler, 171 fraot it, N Y. A y*W FTR8T OIi AM MRjLIN K &3 WAN TAD?TO whom good wager will be then I All Wlfil A OODE 178 Fuitoo at , Brooklyn. A MMHKR OF FIRST CLAdB Mn.lJNF.Rd WaNTID thie day, at North's, 190 t ule-n at., hrouklyn. ARITUAYION WANTKD-BT GERMAN AND BRITISH female kelp, for private remittee, hotellaad bwrdlog ho-iter at JUL LUKlT IK A Oo.'fi General Kaployment Inat.iule, M Great Jonre etreet, near the Bownry, opposite _Sd sue. t. AS CHAMBF.RMAID AND WAITRESS.?WANTAD. A Protectant, In a plaaaaut plera In the country, dlataaoe 1}, milcf Ima New *"rk, wages (6. no milking t >do Ap ply at 41 White etraet, Tuesday and Wednesday, from 9 to f o'clock. Apprentices wanted?to leabn the press making. Apply, lor two days, at l.UM Broadway, be taeen loth and >7th street. rAMlIJES IN WANT OF OOJD HELP WILL PLEASE call at Era YOEKTON'Koffice. 28?th av., whare agree nnmber of gtrla ean he had for city or country. Mo d<shones dealings pracUaed at her office. FIR.-T CLASS FEMALE SNA V ANTS, PROTEST ANTS and allien, want firat olaaa situations in city and oountry. Fmpinjera by ap- lying early at tie first claaa Female otn-e 29t 4th sr.. near 23d at, can he well suited. A lady In atten dance. GIBIA WANTED?TO CIO TO A M ANUTACTOBINQ TIL leee, five hours' rtde from this ctty. In Ooaneetteut. lo whom employment will be given 'he year mund, at remunera tive prices. For further Inform a Hon apply at 37 Broadway, up Main, for two weeks. . Good dbessm akebs wanted-at no. i bond st. ho others nerd appl . MB* ORPIN'S AOENCT FOR EMPLOYMENT?ESTAB liehrd H4J. removed from Broadway to Fourteenth street, corner of Third avenue Dom settee of the highest grade promptly supp led tj order. Entrance on Fourteenth etreet, eouthraet corner. VrURSK WANTED.?A NEAT. INTELLIOENr OIRL. AN It babv nurse, one who understands taking rare of a baby and dole* nn baby Unco. Apply at SOB Weet Stat at . between In and 11 o'clock. PROTESTANT COOK WANTED?TO CIO A SHORT Dis tant e tn the country; the moat be a good waalier and Iron*r. and be able to conk plain dtahee. Call to day (Tuesday! at the hard w ire store 474 Broadway. SHRY ANTS WANTED IN BROOKLYN -WANTED IE ? mediately, several good nook*, washers and Iron era, eham-| bermatdt. watten, nurses, seamstresses end general eervamtaj for rice Dent situations, now ready. In gentlemen's families. Apply to M ANN1MO A CXI., 10 Ttflary at . Brooklyn. mo MIL -INBR8 -WANTED. A FIRST BATE MILLINBR. A who nnderst.ndr trimming, to goto Moot corner y, Alabama, Apply immediately to Mrs M. Feely, 7 Dltleton at. WANTED?A NEAT AND TIDT OIBL. TO TAKE ears of a child two yean oU. and to do general house work te a small family None need apply unless they ran recommended Apply between the hours o 9 and route well ? ?__ _ _ . 11 A. M. at Ha 7 Oreen ay., third floor from Fulton av., Brooklyn. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A OOOD DRI9SMAKBB, who onderstsnds her business thoroughly. References teiulred. Apply at 20 Tenth at, near 8Ut nv. ^?MHI neat, inteluoknt tohno girl. not over 11 years of age, to do the chambersrurfc and waiting Cor a family of three persons la New Haven. Ton respectable, honeet girl a permanent home and good pay win be given: none other need apply: an American AH speaking English, preferred. Sut other will do. Apple I day, Tuesday and Wednesday, before 10 A. M. or betsa and6P. M ,at 146Prlaoeat-,toJ.Llmn^m^ TlTAim^^IT^IBl^DMMm^^n^ANJN TT tog either rams, coals or pants for mash in ea; most eompatent to finish the ana Also one good operator Wheeler A Wilson's meetoea. Apply la the mora No. 148 P . _ I JfnL - Bond aL, Brooklyn. Wanted?a good smart girl to do general housework In e email plain family. Apply at Sdu 8lh av., between 38tt and 39th ato. fXTANTBD?A OIBL NOT OY'ER TWENTf, TO DO FT general housework, to a wall family: mart be a good plain conk, walker aad Inner Call, with city reference, at WHaBmB WJ ANTED-A HEALTHY AND BBEPBC7TAKLK WD ?M man, to nurse twine. None need apply naieea they eaa give nneneepUoaable rofnimtiea Apply at Mo. H Weal KU W^MANTSD-AN EXPERIENCED NCTREE, WHO THO ? roughly nndeietande the eare of ehlldranialeo e woman as chambermaid and laundrem. Call at Bo. 47 WW 19lh eL, i Monday emd Tuesday, before 10 o'clock. OOOD PLAIN COOK. WASHES AND fereaee era., five 19 o'clock Iroaar, a ) oang Protestant woman. Those with ettv re ?e may apply at 41 Weal 44th oL, between t<k and 8th ire doom from IBs church, bee em sot door, from 10 to W^HANTBD-A OIBL TO DO OBNBBAI, HOtTRBWORE, ? In a lamtly of three pernoee; wages seven dollars, nana but respectable glrta aad good wishsi-s aad loners need apply. Call Tuesday at 414 Court?., ANTKI^MMEDIATe!!^^) oo a fiHOB^ DDL W taaee la the eoeatry, a wart girt, ao nhsmhermoid aad wiltlii, aad to saW with the wmklmr aad treatag: mW be kind and nkiyy^Osll Ihte day at lalVatltt ol, be W^WANTKD-A TOHNO ANKEIOAjr OIBL, ABOUT 14 yearn old. to make herself generally useful to a email family, and lo assist to a mlUleary aad fsacy state If re ?intoed: to he used as otw of the family: reference rag aired. Apply at 937 9 ultoa sr., Brooklyn. WANTED-A TOUMO PROTESTANT WOMAN WHO Bos """ been soruetomnd to the eare of children, to sew n ?Ins without the oast of references need the nursery None without the sW of rsferraeas need apply at 18 Lextogtoa ate., near 27th at , bet seen 10 aod 12 o cloak. W^MANTBD-A GERMAN OIBL, TO DO THE WORK OF a wall family; none but one competent to do the warn tog, trociag and cot king seed apply at 1*7 Broooae eL W^MANTRD-A touno ? log washing aad must be well reeommendtd. A A NT ED ? A TOHNO WOMAN TO DO THE COOK fur a small rr>vate fami y Apply lfit Front street. w ANTED?A STEADY WOMAN. AN OOOK, WASHER and kroner, at No. 8 AMagdm square, three doors abort -rr-AKTID-A GERMAN GIRL, IN A HI ALL PRITAT1 TV family, to a and to tha kltrhra aad do gonaral houar work; brat iitoww? rr-intrad. AMI/ aa fitaaday aad Wartaaadmy, (mo 1IM1I oatoek A. V., hi lift Kotonaa at, Brooklyn. TIT ANTED?AB NTT MB AND SBAMSTRMB. A PR TV aoa who con pirn good roforooao. Tbo appurnat oiiut ?ow wf Li aad bo?nry Boat la har paraou Apply at 17 Warn What. (roolmll A. M. TXTANTBD-A YOUNG WOMAN. AN PANTALOON TV toakar. Nam but a good hand naad apply. Abj onr to aukr boy'a^aakela. Nooa hut a good oat oood apply at 111 Raymond TETANTED-A PROTRHfANT WOMAN, TO COOK, TV wntoaadlron to a pi liaau fkHy; to oar wan ttndar Manda hrr baainaaa aad baa a*>d atty rafaranraa a goad afcaa uoa eaa ha firm. Apply at 17 Want Mth aL, baton It o ekiek la lha too ruing. WANTED?IN A WALL PNITATB PaMILT, TWO gtiia; nan to rook, waah aad Iraa. lb* oibor aa chamber ?aid and "ladrw Thaaa wMh goad ah? rcfrrmaa aaar loqolra at 114 Mat 11th al, aaar M ar nfur^ o'atool TNT ANTED?A OIRL TO DO TOM GENERAL BOOR W warknf aaaal< fatoil/ia Rrookl/a: ataal baagaad took aa<l laandrtaa. Apply at P7 IJrtogsInn at. WANTED-A PI NTT CLAM WAITRESS. WITH NEAT ?I appyaaaA App'y wkh rafrraaar, (km ?io II <*,"/. at 11 Waal >la at WAR TED-AN EXPERIENCED BURSE, WMO TBO rotighl/ nadarwaaita lha aara of rh.tdma, atoa a womaa aa ebaabaraaU aad liaaliito. OaU at A7 Warn IMh aL, aa Taaada/ ar Wodaaoda/. hater* aaa a ataak. WANTED?IMMBDIATBLT POR BRIDGEPORT. HON aiaWaui. a Ana rata ebnmbmaaid aad waRraw, to arUm It bar*; wagaa will bajpaaa; anal iiadnalaad Iroakag daa r Mtas baa alt/ raferaapa paoatoad; aantrh, Piaaiih. rntarad or Onraaa prmarrad. applr Taaadar afniaaaa baaaaa oar aad fair o'elorh only, to" daa tkk at WANTED- A GOOD OIRL AN POOR WASHER AMD tronrr. to A aaall pi Data laatiiy oaa thai towilllag, aad alwat. warn SB gar aauotfc baa of rafarcaea rr-iutrrd. CaUalAANaaBlha. , Tl* ANTED- IN A SHALL PRIVATE PAMILT, A OOOD TV rook waabrr aad boorr. Urnnaa profrrrrd aha max ontnr wall twnatnrodrd froa (maw awpioyrrm. Apply m ?t laion a. Br?ioi;..a. _____ _ _____ EXT ANTED?A PROTESTANT WOMAN, TO DO GENE TT ral ho- arwork far a laal'r of two prtaona. a abort Ala Ultra In tbr ooaalry. App'y at AO la dh at., trumViO 11 A M. W^WANTED-A MOD COOK, WASHER AND I ROSAS boa trod apply atrrpt ?tlh baa rr'nonn Pinto wont prafrrrrd. apply Mum If aad 12 a Wa Carroll a , aouth aruahlya. W^WANTED-A AEETANT GIRL TO DO GENERAL ? hPStownrk ana !?? a and ?nah?r oad and m? W(0 raanamrodad. It aurh aradr *to,)lotm??j -?n ??>?! wagvo logakra at l.V Eaa v I a at . .worn la aad 3d arm Wanted?a oiRL to do the wore or a wall ? faaall) a two pa anna and aa Infant, and narup^M^M onr Innr: noma #a?J apply lint taoa* oi. ua In ma artrdb i?ilf oatfnl. wagta M Apply a Ktl Mb i anar WANT ED-A VOCE'. OtRL. BETWEEN It AND I yraia uf agn. anannla a l?oekt?? a aMkt agrlllat hat rradlaa atari tiarw and do Mfht work inaMiaiHy. App.y tiM k marly. ?!:? Broadway, Ifth Wanted-two young ladier (abbricani pre farrad aa rlarka la a habdrr a ton ooa I<| do Una* a I Apt bolom IK In taa otrnatog. or bat a r V in J H nrarlaa. Alt Broadway. N' wart ai ?RT ANTED?A NEAT KDV GIRL. TO DO GRNRRAI. TT )r-n?wor* a g ?d waahar aad l-rmtr, willing aad at.liftug analr wM r-ty aaf two a. a at l? Waat IbA at WaRTRD-HaNDS TObEW AND TCRN RAO* IN 1 qniaa at?' N atar m. WwanteD'-a whnan. aroot .*? tears op age. to aaraa anil rkatobartaati" aha toua ham baaa amtia totoad lolharar* af tblHnm and *?lr ti r*ad aal aryta. An pit aa lha odtor of lha atof hwtta. oa Wadoraday. topt M. at 13 ariaah. WWANTBP-A SKANSTEkAS. TO SIW AND ASS TNT a! houaowork (tot wit* ?nod rotaronr- may apply at ltd taa> ttreaaway.f-nto ? Wit' ?*?* WM ASTRO-A COON COO*, AND TO AMISV IN wnah,ag and Indig alan a airi for gaaara; honaaaaik f ?i?? iatoi.r wagaa r phi itM'ara. Apply ? roto ltlto Id a k ?t 1H li iri Una, up atalra. WM ANTRli?A cn A VKRRM AIItTi ?**, (Til AT SEAN rr*A Unadmaa aad a <r?.tr*g* for a lnr. riaaa irl t'r f Atally -tal rto-mad to lha rtty Aoa rat No rilth at. to t?am wa'> ay and NnirrtoKr p ars, irp? Ikf HHan. HBJLV* WA IPT*IK-FEMAL.KM. WaNTKI)?TWO ()1RLS< WHO CNDKRbflNJ UP SZtat^work Qt* J B. K?LTT, 380 Broadway. TITaNTEI >-Til 1 !? MORNTNO, FOB GOOD SITUATIONS W *{?w rLdr 15 ?x>k. 9 ehxmbermaid* 8 tat eta- ?M 1 r.Lr. i 1 fV* uJ IS glrU for central toaeeioek. at t?T F.Ta-i.tute, No ! *4* tfl ta . OPP".!* ??At ?m can?re. lie but ofll'to Lb? city for tool suaauoaa, IhU ? ty ttvr gtrid employed yeatcday. WAKTEP-A KIRT BAT* COO* ? "SI" "* THE Vf ?H4iUu? nu4 iraaio<. at 29 W??i Ml1*. i 10 to 12 A. M. and 11 o'clock A. II mrr a VTKr?IMMEDIATELY', PIVE OR 81X GIRLS TO \\ ^ZoooZLLd two ? ihme more to burulah. Apply at 363 Broadway, ?toad Boo-. WANTkU-A GOOD 1'I.AIN COOK IK A BOABOII*a ^uL^tTd t^ta b^i. W?r. ?od-ata "d^>d b?L Ga!ltal7KrnntM. ?roer BrooU'm' *"? minutes' walk of Folwi '?r Oalbartno ferry . nriMTFD-A WOMAN TO CIO A 8HOBT DISTANCE WAS, tlf^untry - cook aod lauadrem. who und*rta?nd. the care of?Uk ?3 butler; -?*??>; datinoa required. Apply from 10 to 1 o clock, on Wednesday, at 178 West Statal WA^rL,(;I^aL?!Laa?Vpp?y0^wL Sfilb ft. comer of 8th a?. WAETED-A NEAT AND TIDT TOUNO ?errs u nurse for a Toona ?bUd,aJjiBa ,<?^i 1 woa&n ascoofc. AnalT tm??rttitolT at it Wa* I9ib 1 dreo Apply at 306 Henry at. between Degrew aaA Harrison, Brooklyn. Wattntn-A FEW RESPECTABLE PERSONS. OF MhiKM. to lLrn n beauU'ul 'bminras, that tai war mated ateady wlntar and tummer tn erery city, and will paj S^bImJSopSt W?k. Otal and eeo fo. youmelves. at the Inventor a office, 1?> Ore hard at venraifTED? a oibi, to do general uourewore W In a pneate ramlly. Gond reference required. Apply at 31 Macdougal at., after 9 o'clock A. M. WANTEl*?AN AMERICAN. GERMAN OR .WELSH ?it L to do the general louaeworkof e email family, mnat be able todo pUln ^ktaRand^ * *1"'' **?l?w?Ja ir.iner. Apply to Mm. Aadernm, OeEalb ay*, between Marcy ana xoiupklna area., Brooklyn. W~I*TFP-IN A FAMILY. CONSISTING OF riVK pemons a woman to do the general be a goal waaber and troner and understand plain cooklns Apply at 1(0 Weft 49lh WANTED?A FIRST RATI LAUNDRJW8; OKI wlLr Ungwa?Jt tathe Parlor nvwfc. Nose but Iboaatho rougbly competent need apply at 196 Mb av. Wantkd-an ACTIVE, HONEST a I EL TO OCA _ J?T 'ZX?Jr?r2XK isr a i 'ffl-SSS 193 Chryalie street. I Wanted- a girl toe ^ ' ??? S'.'^KnafSaV Apply at 87 ttrten t>?i. bdww 9 A. >. wad * P. M, below MXk at g?LP WASTEMUfiW. A WAITER WANTED?A OOLOEMD OE WHITE PRO testant man, wbo perfectly nndartaanda welting i^a pri vate family; beta refamiea required. Apply at to Maiden lane, op tiara, fyet 10 lo 1 o etoct. SMART YODNO MAN down town: on* wbo ?nn W*n bin emplaynr lowr. non? other need apply; Mlwi to P'r Aildi tea 8., box Harald offiea. A SALESMAN WANTED?IK A WIN* AND LiqUO* A bones; one wbo Id wdU adqudtaldd In Ike taty. Andrew jjg.. Herald office, ? baBEEKPBM WANTMD.?APPLE JO WM. TAYLOR. A Ml Breedway, a TOUTH WANTED-TO ATTEND A ^OXKlka A rtore one who baa been l? tne butaaaea. Saltafatanry re &?T?5Ld. Apply at 106 Ubaiba-aqenre. nniflRVAN WANTED.?A VTWQLE TOCNO MAN, CTXtot ldi Sutaneaa, wttb good references, may wly ta jTTward, ll> Mall at. GOODS SALESMAN WAKTED?ON* AOCCS DtLJd^btaettay^taL trada. Apply at r? Hndao. ta.. bitweanElagaadliootaoa. = OOODS salesmen WAKTED?BXPEEIEEUED D me^tb fimta^taty mfereaoeA Apply altar ? P. M. to George A. Heern, ili Broadwny. I Salesman waktep-hatiko inpixctce^with JSsZZ?10 irzztt: #?AtmiiN WANTKD?A BMART. All! VI TOCNO H.. bov *,?? Pota office. eg^ J_t>, place. btaweanSeLum od 9 and H o'clock. WA S^-^t Xl^-a ?ta A<2i ^ box MS Pota Office. m ANTED -A TOCNO MAN WHO MAS HAD HOW* W " perleoce ta the retail dreg bntanet* Apply taMl Manreeat-. N. T. ? Wanted two both, to*wobk ie a dinino ea JvL V ?_ta and uiie lltgent. iboea from the solitary pm Tgtl Mi. anrowomel in wGUoa. ?ad n?m?wApply ta tbe dtetag aakme 1>4 frbn ta. i :y? WANTED-A WAIT** IN A SALOON. ONE WHO P W lntaimdebtabutane-andean opeeoytaem. Apply ggg Bred way ? Waxtbd-ar horkat. ebrfrctarui Torxo un. Uriap Willi kw |i?i1i, u uittut m k wbnleaelr faoey dry alnre He mm be ru-Ure ml tndaauhone aad writ# k rood haed kklkrj (mm C M to *4 per wreh- Ad drtM, for keraral deya txn 9W Herald agk-a, (irtap rafe i mw kod ttntap bow ?ployed. WAETBD-A FIBET RATI OYRTERRAX. ART) WHO alaa uadtralaada walttag lo a Balaam Inquire k( Corl Ikkdl Wraet Hotel at f. B. Ilkbbtii Wahtbd-a oood adtbbttmwo cartabrbb for Ike Riktac Okroelele kad I roe Man 'krtnrwi' Joaraa: A Brat rata rkaant for ike rtpkl aaaa. Apply kt Ike (Woe, a* Reiki n at. He? HufldWga. TITAXTBD A ROT TO OTBR OTRTBRB ARD M ABB VT kmmaE netful gaeerally. klea k ?m to oeek ked aagH> to k mlooe Appiy kt 7TA Braadwey TTTARTBD-A TOtJRO MAR. WHO IB BR ART. TO *AK'B ferred^Appl? t?BadpaikTH i aifc jTTe'TlmM^'3rroRM "U'AXTBE a rar who n aoqoairtbd with tub yy Ikkrrm teeterm; odrag elari te go mmtk Apply el ? " ? adUe. n Hraedwap. flVMO* ItaftblltlMld QfARTBO?ABTHTR Of BTBRT DBM BITTIOR. FT Near Med apply wko ban ever performed M ear eoa Apply kt OknMrknry Raafc Hail. M3 Broadway WHARTRD THRBK OT^TBBRBX THBT Rl'RT 0R ? dmalikd their bnalneaa ked make Uiem?. other wee Metal aknet tke eeteMtrbmaol Inq-Ure eriai ? a afcer* at ike eyater aelona, U aad A"1 Vk ar., oonter of Horaalo at OTAXTBD-FOR TBB BBTAIU A FRW BXPBBlBHt'BD If >al*araeo for meetlllaa aad etabrotdmee, elan. total* prat reek Ixrya Apply (ram I to (A I ? Ajr ktbwabtboo. | WM ARTED- aR IXTKU-IOBRT ROT. WRO VRLld riant a bar m<i Millard hamate- needy p.are Apty a- tke Meteopoi tea bf.lUrd mlooe i?>., It.dwey. f-om lb v> It o reek. _______ _ TlTAXTin-A CI.FRK ARII A FORT?fe FOR A WTRB Tf rank, e rleyk for a prone y, a rotlartar. two p irtera ftmr mei for nearner?. two koyi for tradea a i-erhernre re-rhary atere two waiter* ane barkeeper, l ay ptrta far good pterra Appy at EkT Chatham emere W^HAETKD-A TO"XO RAR. ABOUT TWBRTT TBARA 'are tr aaair In a prorery Rone need apply kn age aronetoted wkk 'be t o nam aed wko reo prod nor pood rtty refereaee. Apply alter V o'rlori; at C Lertagtoo iy, < oraer Nik at. W^HARTBI) A TOnROHkR, FROM Id TO H TBARk OF age wall awiaaliled wkk Ike retail kat aed aap bam aeae u eeliamae. aad to ahepa bet a Ar A eairt, aau*e ypnpp men. with gpmd i of etwee a* to koneety aad ebtlky. r?e here a l<r?1 ntoailon arkb fair warn. in e nor? a ihnrt dimaare from Rew I org Apply to J Kliakaai. lit Broad way. ktietea I aad ? F M today. TOO LATR Fok ( I.AttmFHIATIOIf. AHRRARHBHRRTB CAR ROW KB Ml OP I ok DP Btrahte Room*, la mtla or Mar la foe gatllemre aad their lamt: ee. a!te IIMI* reeUrnw-B. le e dm olaae prleale ho i .e <e Fourteenth aHw?t. teer t'ekrn eqnerr Addreai ~ . am Ut Harald ngb-e. or ap-ly in B. UtwrenrwAOa. lam Fa AR BRt-MPH FAMTLT AXk PRRIROCk OF l.RTTIRO afaralahrl know wkk ?M an.I prate, to e pealte-naa and wife ar lam gentlemen. Ke'etleere rr on I red Apply at P? Orchard et>rm. n>e door frmn IIrand r^m B fALB-AT RBTBRTT1IOHTH RTkBBT. RK twerp kmoail aed ihtrd area or > nee aood aeeon ! hael arregry Wagna, alen owe lipbt bitppr W\p>o >klao o?e a eat M?ht b- da ea Wagi n eokabW tee almmt aay Hakt bnatiaaa TkeabeeaM will be arid ekeap rOB RAUt?A W>OD RkOBBR lltTRTIX'I D'Kt: RUT ?r hraed laontra at Kit. la Mr-nod meet, baaemeot. from ?to M A- R and I tod r. R v/rru.TXBRT -m i.rr, ran orb of nARftao?Ri.T 111 faratakad TarKara. for muitne >. In a arm aUat dreaa waWkk emaMfal'-teal Ar ermt-em opport- ntty For par llea'are eddreea ttWieery. Herald ngtee Oil FOtTBTH RrBFRF.?Ft BRTRHk.t ROft*a TO T.tT Oil wkker eritkn. ? ikard, k>peaUe-neo .n't. B?rart*?? rPl*.rM Apf'i ?t !U F^rlS Wryet jea-Rraa.lwv STTim'iJOKi WASTED-DULEit Axounq mxn, u a vino nru rotu every dav unoccupied wishes for employment *u bookkeeper la ><au large comme-del h ><m? >* is psrtertlv ousliftivi for lb* tusk, sx'tsfaxdion w<veo ,,n trt? or no bargain: spevka ud writs* BpsnUb tuu I- mush would aim lt(?y Uw books In Span su U requlrnL Address Frauii* Rood, uoi 130 Herald ottoe. A SITUATION WANTSD-BT A TOUNO MAN, AS rlorh, Aa-nnnn. aaataten! bookkeeper, Ac aorialutej with the French *n 1 German lvngt agei, aul willing taniake hiinielf useful, b*?t of eity ra.erenue* Address J. 1. 0., He rald office Mo ocveeUou to ike co miry. ^ *fSSI*?_.9Ka.*4;If r? vka;).s of AGE, live yea:s to tlx* country, baring been ail ikia time la uue plaoe. ft* fart-xry olerk la tin* tiiy * lab** to r hsuae hie pieeent Atoatton He understand* the KugUtli French and German language* anil M saquainled with bouk'oeptag Uaa no objeotloa la go UNO the ooxutry Andreas W. K., eox 133 Iirrxlu aU.ce A middle aged pbr-on, wku. known in this rttv. and at preaent uneatp'oyel, a good and rapid pen man da?irer an engagement a? ropylat tn any way or as pri vate secretary or correanon line clerk to oume gentleman or Urm. Addrem X. Y , Herald utiles. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A RKSPKOTABLK MAN, wh - - - A who Is aell capable, both la Kugllab ana German, as j orter lu a who lea ale store, reference as to honesty and sobrie ty can be given. Address F D., 103 Hester st. AIITUATION WANTED?BY A TOUNO KAN. A8 porter Ins store; boot and shoe store preferred. Call at V9 West lath et. A situation WANTKD-BT a RE8PK0TABLE TOUNO man. In a dry good* or Uquor store or aa waiter In a hotel. Beet of c-ty reference can be given. Please call at 390 Colombia St., South Brooklyn, for three dsys A YOUNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS PORTER In a store or anything where h* nan make himself use ful. Understands the care of horses, and can give good refe rence or f300 ss security for hla honesty. Address Industry, Herald office. Aokrman. who spiars AND WRITES the bnq llsh end German languages c jrreot'v. wants a position where h* can make hunaeii easful. la capable and willing to twin Ms hand to anything. Good reference. Address A. d, box 130 Herald office. A YOUNG Man, arrived from thr old rountrt, wants a aituatiun aa light porter or to take charge o' a horse Good reference. Call at liU West flat st. No objesUons to the country. YOUNG MAN, NOT LONG FROM THE OLD CO0N n. try, wnnts a sttoatina aa groom lo a privets family. He thoroughly understands hi* business, and . .and is willing to make himartf generally useful. Wages net so much an object as a gooc home. Call at 193 Feat lfili St., 1st a\ e. "AiSsvatsjs' Addrem Butler, box ITU Herald "ffice, for two days. A THOROUGH BUSINESS MAN WISHES EMPLOY tnent In a store or office; is s good esicmaan, bookkeeper and a rapid penman, would make hlmtelf ganerally useful, ?very aatiafaction given aa to relereace and ab.llty, Address Energy. Herald office. A OEKTLBHAN ABOUT TO PROCEED TO THE Island of Cuba, where he has resided for xeveral years. and who la well acjjjatntrd with the principal people, mer chants, plarterw aoAthers or ha. saw and the I uteri or, will undertake business of any ceecriplion, agencies, Ac . grind re fere ones Address Enterprise, general Post uXee. N. Y. ftOAOHMAN'8 SITUATION WANTED.?A GENT 1,1 v man leer ing for Europe wishes to p mer re a situation for hit coachman he Is an Englishman, Intellleeut. active and perfectly acquainted with the care of horses, and willing to make himself otherwise useful If called upon to do eo. Ad c rrss J. S. R, box J,034 Poet office. rTOACHMAN.?WANTED, A SITUATION AS COACH \J man, by a alagle man, "who thoroughly understands bis reference; lived six years In last plane. business; beet eity Addrt as or os 1 on Coachnma, at R. Campbell's, saddler, SO Ilk sr , for two daye SHOAf HHAN OR GROOM'S SITUATION WANTED-BT ? a young man, of many rears' experience, understands ?mHR and ean be Mb relied i pon^or honesty, so I I briety and oleanlineea; good reference fro % his teat place mm objection to go In Ike oouatry. Can be seen at Montigae'e stable, 131 at. between 3th and 8th arm., (or two days. Coachman.-wanted, a situation, bt a pro lriant aaaa; oar prodnoe bast city reference aa to ol _____ isiiWd* ter and capability, can be seen at his last employer's till eo gaged, with whom he has Uved for Ike last two years, T) East Mb at, or address Ooackaaan. rtOAOHMAN -SITUATION WANTED. BT A RE KJ spectacle man. as eonekasa or groom: beet dty rsfe rvuee- Apply to or address Onachsaas. lOO West Kith at., near 7th av., for three days SHAI.R8MAN.-A TOUNO MAN. WHO IS EXPENSIVELY ? acquainted la the West, wishes lo make an engagement with mm res variable buses, rlther as nlsamie or to sell p^i?^iriaSik|r^?^7i? 0.' Cky rsfusm s given. Iddisss box 1.6S3Par. office. SHTUATTON WAMTKD-BT A TOUNO MARRIED MAN. | a* bookkeeper Address E. M., Herald office. SH ITU ATION WANTED?AB SUPERINTENDENT OR ? foreman in some manufacturing bualn- v or to siiperla tend putting up machinery, by a man taat ha- had a great deal ^mikm In that tins Good refereaoee given. Address of experience Superintendent. Herald ( 11< raid ottca. r IdBNTIBTR-WANTED. BT A TO0RG MAN. A SI '?-- x.-i~i ? Addrem X. T. Z. Herald drees H. A., Herald office. WANTMD-BT a STEADT TOUNO MAN. A SITUA ttan as poriar; la net afraid of work; would make kuaaaelf generally useful, sad riudv the IntareM of his em plover. Bast of reference gives. Adlri A A M., box 13ft Herald affiaa, for three days. TXT A NT ED?BT A STEADT MARRIED MAN, A SITUA TV tkm an porter. Is aol afraid of wort; would bmAs him sell generally useful to Ms employer, good eity reference given. Addrem R. B , 210 3d ev., for two days. TIT ANTED?BY A RHBPRfTT ABLE TOUNO MAN, TV a sltiiaUoa to taad bar. the bee* of city refereane ewe be given. Gall at or aftftram for two days to G. A RumeO, 461 Sd WAITED ?A YOUBO IAR U TP! A UK Of AUK. TH1 riiXi'i ?Hb hie prali. wuti a Mtnall-n where ho MB to arUTely pmplovfld . M wlllinyio mate bimaeit general ly uaafal Uoad rrferawoaa Address 11 P.. Herald of* m. WARTBD-AK OYRTERHAM WHO PIXriOTLT UN. iter Heads tha bnHorsa, toll of etty raferaoce required. Hon* others need aoply BlDtttBi. corner of 17th at. Wmm ahtkd.-a you*o ha* would lies a rsw boors' wrtUac to lbs asaotaf aa eoprto. )?snasla or bookkeeper, nBn a fair band, aad aaa in?a goot rsfSreorna Address r. r. *.. boa * M7. *? ?. l*oa? OSes. WM ANTED?BT A PKOTKSTAKT ENULlaHM AN. A SITU ? Man aa nachau. rerdseer or farmar; nodaratoata ibe aara of brass aad CO* cattie. Ilaa city Bad nn ntry reference. UallalSORBotta'^M WANTED? BT A KKSI'*<TABLE (IBM* AM. WHO ? baa barn in tto shoe baalaaaa I w twnlre yeara, a alt atioo ba a abrtaaala bosl aad ahna ?orf, or aa aalaamaa la a i stall aboa aiora. iba baat of ralaraaaa can to *1mn. Call at MB Waat Houston ? tab, near Hudson. ubarlas Slat. TIT'ANTED- AN AOS*! TT boaara la the arty of I nniaaa. Ladoubtnd rati AOBRCT TOE BO HE HEW TOEE Boston. tbat will pay > aatarl bad Add ram E. T. It.. Haraid a abort dial aaoa la tba I?1 Wan 1Mb at, to WAM1ED-A ETTOATIO*. EE A TO UNO HA*, waaaabaua; assbJarMaa la *wi sail I ~|- rt i"r Oa'Ieil t wean Mb and Mb am, bi tba mar WAMTED-BT A TODHO HA*. U TEASE OF air, a tiimaneel HlnaMna la same wholesale or rstatl house, at laarn tto baalaaaa. gaatf eMy reference Address E A. *., Barmldattra TETAMTED-A ETTUATIOK I* A TIMET (71, AIM TT Hairl. aa clerk or boohkerper; good ptfarrare. Aidraaa Timpano. I 1st aid oMrs YETA*TED?BT A ETEADT TOUEM MA*. ACCOM TT Imord to Iba auanfamar* of w air baa la Kaalaad, a par ?auaal sltnaMoa vbara ba rnnld nbtota a knowledge oI ar ia ral repairing refaraaaaaEm ciaaa Iddraai *. D , Haraid aHra. WAITED-BT A KWWTABLB OEEHAV, WHO Ibaa to an la tba aboa business for twalre yanrs. a alia ?MBSlb a wbEmms boot and aboa alnrs. nr aa anisrmwi In a mail too* store. Tba toal of reference aaa ba strew. (toll at M.% Waal Hooamn M . aaar Hodem (Wire Ela*. WhBs5tM>?A alTUATK>M IB A* AUI1T1UM AMP crnatow honaa as alaaan or bookkeeper. Ad dcaaa S B. lisrald Waited rtacoutebi) ham A*irw"iEK~*iTb4 tto a tto mm aa waiter, tba irlls aa cook. Oail a* Ufc Waat Mb at __W BBrABTTP-BT a heart RUHINBttt toc*h HA*. TT a iitoaibm to a toerranul# nr who'eanle btute, ba , or wonM to wUl-ny to take aborrs of a bar In a maps, table bo ? ML which to perfeaMy nadernHnda. Bsfari in e one?. sptiua able Address for two daps B. bo. 1E1 Herald uMne. WHBAETEI-BT A REBrtrTABT.E Tor NO LID. A SKnrom in a leaded eoffoe Mora, or In some reenertahie hnstoaaa la sHIMf In eaks bteaali eene rally nar'ul Tha heel a# elty refemeeo ean ba atrsa. Uall for tbraa da ya at IE llonrry WANTED?BY A TOURfi KROLHRM a N. WHO H AH had asssa yaara' a penance la a Hansbs-tsr. dry roods warsbneas. a alp ukm aa ealcwnan. or la any oihar r? ratoy. wto'B to wtl! to tallllatyo make blmaair (aaariUly Add rem F. O. Herald' BILIilARDI. BIIAJABIMt-W*. 1. IHAIPP IMPROTBD BILMaBO Tallies, with hla newly In seated CnabWa. pal en led Mo see bar 15 ld"? well kooea li to aupart ,r la say we In nee Maomfhaf ry III Eoltoe itreet Tjn IIABP* -TOE BALE-A FFT.bFDIO BTOUK Of D aaw and aeanad Mad Tahi r at ??> ElW HblaadtW K.enlbin: rnteplrn Oall Bed etamine nr send i OV orders by mall, ti W H. UEII flTH. i?4 Fulino atreef. PUELAEB IEFEOTED BTLLtAED TABLET Aad Onebinattna (TnaMnea Wa top |o tnforai Mm pnhhc taa* In fntnro wo will eake a redatorm af tea per eeat on oer lablea f?r all eaab ooiem. inaa ftatealo the pubUatboboe tAblea eAnufartnred Httotnaeal pnaaiole prtee I IIKLam A tAll.LEW I1EE. PUBTHAFBHB OF BTLMABD TABU* AFTEB THIt date wOL foe tbetr own pralentloo he part Velar la aeelu that the llneeeed plate for Obartm Uondymr'a taeeetloa of ml aanlaad India Buhbar Is attaobed to Serb tools, aa wlthont u Ibe nea of anrh tablaa a|l ba SUaaaL Bed for tba pratocdoa ad Hewra rbabta A CVvDetwter wto haeo pa-abaaai theeir.adtre r%ka from ne. e? will prnam' te *f r-.ii ln'r#iae?anU B1W TOEE BMLTTHO A*ft FAlTtldfTOoSFA** Raw Toe*. Aaanal Hi IE RnHAsE?.B OF BILUAED TABLE* ATTTE TIC? d*te artll lor thai.* on a protertica. i ? parHe-ib r a aeelaa >1 thee make a reasonable naa of Ue r fre?drm of eto. -a and earer'ally to ?*)! at the tartor *o *? Ar.nNreev Bee Tor* %? e-pVet tt the -AO af e-^cb a toh'e m't'e'. to fn a' lllo rtaa! and fer tha p??Vr*|on of free i-ode end -ran |f?r" ear e ab" a ho an pretence aba 'oue ri n-? ri*bt we wlL e tpods all * *E te" ?a'menle UTt'TtE, M aj. turn. Row POlilTIC&L AMXITJMJ OF THE BELL AND EYKKKTT UNION . Club of the Tnil.) fir,,: ward will be held oo Weduee dure w:rj 26th met . a(7:, nclooi al U>? HtdiiM Amot House. corner ol Madison avenue and Twenty acv eulh dtroet, tor tb* p.rpow* 01 elecaug delegates to Ike various city and louiuy all the turmbara are particularly re quested lobrprrecut. tiy order ol FRED*. A. TALMADg Present. ' K. PxAtmr/iT. Secretary. AT A MhKTING OK THE DELEGATES id puieuTHIHD Concreeetooel Dial -lot Convention, In- ant to a call of the Democratic Republican General ''"mmittee, of Tammany IJ all at the Fifth Ward Hotel, oa Monday evening, bepte nber 24, Mr. John H. William- w?a called to the chair, and Mr. hi H. Khafer wea elected aeeretary. The Convention then proceeded to tote for a candidate as follewa ?Thomaa Borda, Ea.^,^recelved 14 votes .lauiea English. Esq , 7 votes John C. Mather, Esq . 7t biohard T comptua, Esq , 7. and, there being no olioioe. another vole was tshen, which resulted as follows ?RicharittT Comploo re. rived 20 votes,and John O. Mathei received la voles. On motion, the ipimtnatlim of Ktchard T. Compton waa made unanlm.its. The Convention then ndjrurnvd. JOHN H. WILLIAMS, Chairman. K B- nosrva. Secretary. Fifth ward.-thk fifth ward bell and Everett Club are requested to attend an adjourned meet In*, at St. John's Park Hotel, corner ol Huda >u and Lalaht street*. on Tuesday evening, BepL 24, at elghi o'clock, to efaet delegates to reoraeeni them In Central committee, and to isect such other bttataeas aa may be expedient. All who are la favor of the election of John Bell and Edward Everett are iiivtted to be preecot aad enroll their 4 vinta BURTON TUOMll, Prcaldent. TTKAJDQUABTKRK NO. 574 HUDSON STREET ?THE 11 Eighth Ward I'uioo Club will hold a special meeting ou Thursday evening, September 27, to elect delegates to lha several conventions, aa required by the Central Committee B A IIRNDKIUASON, PrealdeaL. H. 8. B tfizK, Secretary. I1N EXECUTIVE COMMITTER OF THE " TOUNO MEN'S ? Nat.onal Union Club.'' head quartern 444 Broad war. New York, September 22. 1140. Meaulved, That it b? reooameaded to the yottag men of this oily opposed to the election of Lincoln and Hamlin, to assemble to their respective wards, on or be fore Sa'urday, September 29. for the pttrp tae of forming com panies of "minute men ot the Untnn." and that they bere> quewed to report their organDatloa ti this committee. Re solved, That the captain of the " minute men,' already formed under the anapioes of lids committee be requested to appottt a committee of three for each ward, to aid tu perfecting aald organtrition Passed unanimously. George A P I falser, Chairman'. Henry B. Aides. Secretary; W. H Draper, Oaptaia of minute men, IOC Dnane street. 1KISHMRN. It ALL V.?A MRKTINii OF IRISH CITI zrnaopioead to fusion with Enow Nothing*, and In favor ot free laoor and free botu*a, will be held in Ht iyveaaot In. atltutc No. ?49 Broadway. Wednesday evening. Itfth leal ant, at 8 o'clock F. 8 Lambert, Esq . and other Iriih speaker* will dlacuaa the merttaof republicanism and sham deinoc.ary. MICHaRl. I.0UG11L1N. chairman. JAMES LTMCH CLUB.?THE MEMBERS OF THIS Club are reqneatee to attend a meeting at the houae ol James VcNally, ?4t Broome street, ou Tbursdav, evening at eU bt o'clock, for (he puroose of enrolling a cumber of mem ber* who with to .iota Those in favor of Jamas Lynch for Register are respectfully Invited to ba present JOHN H. NUGENT, Chain William Msnrar See. rE EIGHTEENTH WARD NATIONAL DEMOORATIC Committee, (Rresklnrldge and Lane organization). bold regular meeting* every Tuesday evening at O'Donne!I'*, Sit) Third avenue. Memlvera ure hereby leapeetfully not!lied to atiead. B> order of theoommtttee M. Bola'.u Sec J BY ACE SMITH, (hitman. u NION, UNION, UNION. Union men ot the ?Irveath ward to the rescue. We, the undersigned, feeling a deep aenae ol the imports of upholding the I Dion, the constitution , sad the laws of the United States, of securing tbe rights of the several States In violate restating all attempts to Interfere with tbetr respective lostitnttncu and policy: opposed to all cantonal parties, and la favor of elevating men to.odtee who will adaualatrr the govern - menl in the spirit of Its foaader*. would respectfully Invite a<l Union loving rttijeoe to meet at Ho 21 a reuse D. at lii o'clock P. M., on Wedaetday, the 26:h last. Sevtral T-iItifl ?peakera will be present to addren the meeting Htraa Winner Patrick Philips, Willi* m Rowland, Charles Smith. Cy rus Br buoanmker, Pater lemon, William Kppbt, Ilenrr Hleka. Wm W Hoard man, John Heeler. H. C. Calkin, N. I- Larrennr*. P. Brunt, I lent Longendyck, Isaac F. Jones K. Roeamen. N 8. Eddy, G?0 H. Eddy. W.m. Boriantaen, Kavtnua Wlildtt, Judaon H. Calkin, John Weal. Julia F. Secord, Fra-klyu Glaaaer, I hundred* of othei* Third (Vmgrv'?|y*L.rt'y^Lhn C. Mather received the una ^^35'of the c. McIItTYR* Chairman. On. P. Dmin, I - ? i E., |"de?UrttA Wn. NTH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT ?DEMOCRATIC RE T pubUaaa Regular Nomination for Umber of Oonvraa* ? The Democratic Republican Oonrention of lha Fourth Con grvmiooal Dtatrlrt. emaprMag delegates from the Fourth. With Tenth and Fourteenth wards, amend.led I set evening at the Ivy Green, 174 Kim street, to noro taste a candidate to re prase m mid dimrirt la Ooogreea. Mr. John Eraray, of the Fourth vvard. waaelected Chairman, and Kdward J Knight of tbe Tenth Ward, Secretary. On mouos. Michael Tnomey, of tbe Fourteenth ward, was nnaalmnnaly nominated for Member of rnograsr, after which a committee was ap adarhtmU ...... printed to tender aim the nomination, which ha the Convention then, oa motion, adjourned ttne die. John krarmt. ctmii Row AOS J. KaicaT. Secretary. 6TO OOEOEERMONAI. DISTRICT.?THE RATIONA1 ^ . ^^TOcaaooratie Nominating Oonveolio" will meet, aecordla to adjournment, oa Thuraday evening, September 87. ISM. ? 8 o'clock. Pnaetual allendaiine ktrogmmif By order of th QTH WARD NATIONAL UNION CLDB.-TU REQU V tar mill tag of this Club will be held Wednesday evening, Bant. M. al the room earner of Chriatonhrrand Hodann streets, at half peal 7 o'alocfc- Dalagatm to the vnrtona Ouavemiona will he elected. A. M. BIMNUKK, PrettdeaL Para it s. Tinm. Bsc rotary. 2| JTH Eighth aveeue. to All the vacancy of President, occasioned by be re are reqnee rd to attend a meeting i Wednesday evening, September 88. at 7>* o'clock. the raatgaatloa of Wn WUwm.Jfa^ Bee rotary. 201 1TH WARD.?A LARGE PUBLIC MEETING OF THE _ ' democracy of the Twentieth ward will lie held al Milltv ry Hall. 464 Hgbth area us, the evening, at T'.o'elork. The following amioent speaker, wit) addrom the mvettag ?Toi"uei McJ'i - - - John Mcalana, Heavy Esq . I?r. Munaer. Dr. Brad ford aad Luka Coemua, Naq. JAMBS HUGHES, Proo't. ku'ttiaiiiKMiit, Bec'y. ?pec? ax. nmcas. Grand agricultural and horticultural Fair of th* Am?rvin laatit ite I* now open at I'a sea Garden, dallv, from fo'eUx-k A. M. until ID o clock P. M. This ciklbition la wttbnnl exceptioa the flaeat ever heir In this city 1 be plants are of tbe rarest and eho> mat hlads. tilling tbe largo aclnoe 100 by 40 feet. The dlep ey of fruit is very recherche, aad our odi/ena a-a ad need to rise them now they are li thmrprtme. Admluanee84e?. INFIDEL CONTENTION OF 1"W.- THE INFIDEL ANNO etettoe of America will bold Its ricIt annual tonrenttoa. mm meertng nuadar. October 7 1a lha Oby Aaecmbly Ronma, 44d Broadway, at 10 A. H. Tbe public ace ttvitad In attend Par HuRaIT -?'? order. HuRaCI REaTRR, Proailent, J. M. Btrgrr. Seereiary Mafonic-to THE MBMRKRN of national liodte, No 2SB ?Ion are requested to meat at the Aa tiqae homes Old Fellowe Hall (m Tueaday. tbe tVt (this deyl. el taralre o'rVirk. to alu-od the funeral of oar Idle W. M , J stum II lease. By ordrruf lha t?. M H. b GILBERT, Acting Master. RangiBa B. Ragrv, Pcerctery N R The Master, Warden atkd members of Greenwich I re er# respectfully turned. IATLROAD FROM HAVANA-?RRARCH FROM THR loncUnd# M wbmk jgja KMAJIJIOAD FROM HAVANA eU; iot?. Onrm. Tba Utrt f.a tba roaatmrUio of una iino^l fcna L> ba 'i(kl knit lkn?<|iuiwra mlUa. will adult prnpnaklk. aadar aaaltd wmA la Iba rmr+ of tka Company at fliradlta ud humw "Im ARaeaa." Baa tiaacdaa. Ho. HHi (Hehaaal, till aonaaftfea 1Mb of iw<tk?f aaxl. oa wMab 4a> Mar trill ha npaaad, aa4 If Ibay ba admltalbla, Iba aoa u-kfl afll ba > l.wad in tomr of Iba baal bkfctar. prafaraaaa ba nHW, at 10 Iba pact ah" btrvta k.rnaalf b> ??<?: atmrtaalUma Tba aw. Dampaataa ibkMn In anotrarl 740 Inna Philkrtaipbia InHa ih? baat piailtf M loaa Oaraaaa or Rlbanaaar JaMAa. M . . 4 tuna Ral'a far mmo 10 urn OraAebrla or Cattta* Plataa. 4 taaa Rrtaw Nalla In (aataa iba rail* la tba alaRiaiA Tba propnwtiotii will ba fjaalni la Iba oRrr aaaiad. a* la Iba ?b (twenUadb) nf aart aaootb. Otdobar, ao4 la oaaa ar agrar moot, iba ktrtngawtata arttl ba wada aonnrdlagiy. ?~S5m1 i WV. WTXBH la rbltw aHtbta OIMMKRRaT a WYiRIaZa, In Raw Tart. DOR LOCH TROLROR BOAQCB. la Haraaa. Kaaloaar of Iba' TiaaaT iwlnra nf be mk'-rMla aad Tba two termor aril: atblbR drawtaoa nf (ba Itiva o' onmrtK-vno. aaa iba la?M. Iba pb aad albar raanimd InfnrmkUna. la Coonnrdm (maa 7 UU lu la Iba am itaag Mraat, Ho. M rtmm urpkrbiobbp havinq mm Arromwo pSa aetata for iba aale of tba arla^r-lml WAL1JR* > DIAMOND COAL ARD MACTURMRT MA ara bow prapwed to rffar in iba iraAa ibtaa alia la law la aali pa-rkaarra. aa tba aoa liberal tanaa. alia aaa wwmaial para bad toparloc la aafMbrrtf la tbla mar ? ad Tba Mar bloat y INI la rapaalaUr faawaia'l 4a4 in feet raa alH workIraa wbtla iba Oaal Al AaAaa enma udena with bay Id tba atari at la regard <a brtMaaiy earl staadlnam of iipM. Wa ara raaaltlnr rmWgamaata orm; aanaiair. aaa odor tbaaa otla la aaall ar large (at WIUJR A OB ? liberty a AI' XBTR FOB 1HE BAU. TO TH* PRIRCF -A OFR t'.r-ako liarlrg a 1 akat far dlai aa bAaMMlag a mtlaaaa bad latlr. "dare It far aa a. Addr-aaa Ta-kat. Mar aid uBtrr. glf let add-aaa and bl?kart prV a wt: ia? In ba pan ORWtn ATATRR RROIRRMR'B OFFICF "FOR rOBT at Hody Hand. Raw Jaraay. !*? Waal bioantb r-aat RfwfwB bawaaibar M Idl. Blba ? OTrra will ta raaairtat until Uw F*b of OHobnr oarl far AMI i it lid th - fnllr.wind daarnbad yraata upon tba traarf at Ra^lJ H""k Raw Jpaaar, M?W? Viral?Atnol WWruMa faat of auma wad! rjnaarlwl fnr dr-atlnr ImIo iwi tat raapaatl?a y of air.aan, ata taan aad I * ant t mrbaa rtaa. with bnrta aarvtn" la *td k froai Itmln four lb>r.'? of Iba rtaa. ihe laaptli of tna at naa >o ba battraaa I Ibi Pk ani a ?> faat Tba I Tara will ttata tba pHlp par mihtr 1 lot tnknptba far# at a ill agrnrr. aaduta ataria? wlath. 1 W Ibay will M ntada Hp aNait 3 H' M RM Jin-.- | It Ititli rr tiaaa tIKl for txatt f *?? Itnaar faa" of aor i of Ilia rich Man larb and a: (Man Wl arairaat lltiaad?Far dtlaiara. I A) atnnaa. in a r% 1 fool i lark riM ; * at :.?? < ? I fnoi 6iar.b rlaa and Wabiaaa <<f I !<? td tab rtaa R-. ?of tka a atn*>> to wotb d faat 4 Inabat > rta, bt 3 faat J j lor.aawMa tba affata fnr ibaar will ba by tha rabir foot, or by tba nor a? of aweb rtaa. Ikird?Ta* ftdb.wbM aumaa fnr 40 eaaa-iWw taaaaraaalr i rlaa. to wb ? JF abmaa I (aat * taabaa Innt by S f*?d wila 4P at<?rt? I fa?t 41? bat tnaa. by li fnat i inabaa'w-ta T. Mwaa t faa* 11 trwhn l?"?. br I faat 4 inrbaa ? u?; f r.r??a 4 faat * | Inrbra lnna. b* S (aat * Icrbaa trlda ar.d p* paiw nf alnnat aarS $ faat ft Ida arftk r-.aan1 t-|-*ra ?nt ?|(*a .T 'aat * Inebta I ' I to Inap aad tba ntdiar tJa | for.' 10la-baa .nop fliaaa alataa arffl t.i br (f Uia ih.rkoaaa (A ?. tnobaa. aial ataxia odfarad for by Iba anparV ial loud, la draaa to tbad raady drrtaaj aa fai ow* Tba i apai btrfa lo l>a ? para b?w i ma--d '-oa, ik? ;otaM. tnd frroitaaad badA a *w 'polatat foil am* ? it lowar bad * Tnepb baat- ?-ad flra'ab* ' All Mm iNnt y-tn.l# It lo ba ad. naodat!. tad nf a anrapl aol d t.-afcw .aa *? awl la ba*RwaWo?plP?}a ?up"'iatdad i uia Baplatdw nn.l tba fd)aa? will ba ar? opted for Ibr laa aaaa Ct.r'twwraraieb. tr drt;k tba nbar I nd* a'ottl L* . ??<*b Of tb ? abo a d?wonr? ? nn-taa aad attbraa*-a P.aa. tr,i a fPnaMM If (ba > df R tr'aa o-rf (V b*!k-ra |r aallratprf M tv Id- May Ital tan aaa rat.' baroy aa arrred In a'l cab frnat aarb pafataa* tm tba a-iajladPw nf fir Iirain R W RRKRAM. pua A war j 4*a- A Bat app; X Fit ?. da -J; UjpA ?'?? a MCI AX.. BANK MW YORK, IB^fT l?, 1616 - / I).Tij,-od Tne P ealdonl and Direct ? jt :nu ilM*. haae thia day declared a oarterly d ulend of kl pur payable to atoekliolde.-a. on aud arer Moo lav ue let lir of October Mil. By artier ot the Herd " o. G. WILLIAM! OMhiar. CYLAIVS OF TIT1 NOLDIKRS OT MEW YORK HT ATM ) mil.: a, war Of 1812. for clothing Mmny OOtHj?? ? bought by TBOKAB L. BRAYMARD 81 Well ureal, New York city. Lamb warrants BOUGHT AMD FOLD Bjtatlor brothers, 16 Wall atmet, Mow Try KW OBI.RAMS AND MOIIILK FUNDS BOUUHT BC AUGUST BKLMONT A CO., CO Wall I' N won W N? OTIOB 1 Twenty -seventh etreet and Fourth OPOnuA Maw Yoax, Aoguat 7. IBM. V. BKMKNT, Ti l??? KW YORK UITT SIX FIR OBNT FUOATI*? Debt FaadStoek, due 1873. Inter*A parable qnartoaWk le, In runa to cult purehaarrs, by. WALLAUK S BMP HUD, 37 Ettchange place. VTCW YORK, SIFT. SI. 1S60.-THM III I SIMMS' A* duo Octolter 1. upon the mortgage boodi of the Near York and hew Haven Railroad ? ompaoy, will be paid on aw render of the ror.porta on and after thai date, at the Hank ef the Republic, or at the oMoe of the company, corner ef 1 weoty aerruth at reel and Fourth avenue. W. BKMMNT, Ttuaomgfc Ren itt an cm to knqi.and. IRK!.Ah D, SOOTLAND AND WALM. bight Wile on the urion bank or London. NATIONAL HARK OK SCOTLAND, BBi.kapt banking oonfant, irklanm, In aunta from ill upwards, laaued by TAYLOR BROTHERS. Banker* 76 Wall afreet, New Yortc. diro nnn TO i-oan on bond and mortgage 5pOU.UUU an Naw York city Imp roved prnoeru, ka ? uma to aidt Apply to BENEDICT A THORN, ? WUm ci oc nnn *? W)AI' AT p|* CXKT tloU.UUU real, on Aral elaaa city property, 676,666, ad fper cool, on Brooklyn property and on farm* In Ihla Stain Apply to JOHN F OonrSt, la the oflea of the ranptafo Fire InaoraiMW Company, 66 Wall street. ?Q7(T nnn TO LOAN ON BOND AND BOM g)0 I O.UUl" gaga, on New Turk and Brooklyn jm> petty. Loans ellected on ahorteat notice, at American Real Vsa'.e and Collect tug office, SU7 Broadway. O. /. HOUSE. Attorney. 6iWUi*IWilk OLD AMEBIC AN OOPPMR 0HN1M ?UUU.V/UU wanted, at four per coot dtaeount. Silver change l>oaglit at one quarter of one par oant demount. A F. MOBSMAN, No 6 Tryou row. ~ miSCKLLANKOUH. Braiding machines, of tarxoub kinds, manw fartured to rrdrr by the rnderotgued. Fartlea who or* It want of tho above ramad article, or of parts for repdrw. will pleaae adJreaa Near Lngland Butt Co , rntvtdeue* K I. CRriL i au?;nb bittees? CUUD ? the BKMKPactor Prfpirrt o. the heart * wloe herba care.'oily oat ectal be PR. CEl/BL 7 " A eer-eln remedy aoiaat all diaordera of the otomeeh ee IflSfDAft. indlBPaUon OrIiiImp* Aa A? *?*- ' a I. ? ?P"""1 wuvMnwi dyapepea indignation. flatulency. Be , Br.. LUW.UU ?na mended by e number of the moat eelebrnted phrmaUna. tA of hurope u1 rtDtrlnt, Prue flfte oaate per bottle i^u only by JOHH LM nEATg Mfae'iat/ret. P?Sw York. rBBHIOKABLT AID XIATI.T DOM. ** Melr cm here tlmtr work dame wit dri"?te.. ?UJ seatnaae Attention pel u ???. Drcaaee lire A. OPT. 19 Bond .treeTnSer ?a^?r.^??i^5s?SssS covered and which me. Narrate, wTnm uj ?gHl*? 23tt& et ho. M I eery etreot, Mew Turk. Jon*MATHWL^ CEOEBICE RUDOI.nfrttK HAS THE FLEASUM T? Inform hla frlenda that be hee Juet m?? ~a"""J !eo* 71 Blttckir street, tiro doors lut if Brt*4w5f* N^iS!iiK^rl?S55 ,r0ICI UIDKE VIRBOAB rftOtf 7" e l ^srm; w arranted ptirs Itabel a flrawn* Assay1- *?j- *&??? nod pnruee on polled at .be ohonaat notkw ?- -? *Mhe dialer (aeiooe, IK fere the qulefe Bipeeee to the Blow ehUiine. p ^rt"*r WW ROOFINO fff.ATRR OF THE EAOLX ILATI ooniaa ere of onpmrVw quality, lew earn. lire nmnr v2?T gf.TT* rr r* sssrSsssfASt ?s-?^zv? SHOW CARKs" " ?f erery deerrlp'iae mneufaeta.-ed by wee . Slbfla, IS lolfc Wi.lum at/we *? ? ?A KOfid eeenrtmcat roaeuntly oe head. SB'A Kicoxrc cuvumo aj?p cubed -btmmt I rtP-ae loaanabo .irt be prorlded etth BILLIaSI (?peril* for nee Krhneie. oee of the mnet eonr rW *--j . ' eier introdi red to I be eotlre of ibe pabltc. end the oolrremlT rtylbeteaahereUertupoeformt.BrrellWfi melody. Tret imoetola te Ha tAm romlaeeUr rwatrmiTSS? pared aolely b> the proprietor. W H aii ? ^TTrTt?T** l? Uaetle etreet Edlnh .ri. ond add by Um and ib eeddruegtae. In boula. v lTl *TowJ TH TSIjko b ?Fic?r:c n>4 diA^icsirtiih. r*CTTKB TORCKK TORrrrBH I'OUIKKII MO N A LA LA NTBRITH Ac ordere fur 100 or # at twioEm , Fa EH Water, r COFTRAOTtRH AKD RUIJ.PKRA we 'Tirlotiean llrlrk bu w. eow worblnr M o. ?**r Of rnriA fifth Ofroet aodhtJlAeeeaur * ** irlW'KI ft* IIwl'R HY TWO VRIM ?oeelne lee-.w w<#biiir oe Ibe tirib atury Vndm Uoe bed f ..Tiber Lxf >rmatloa el IJJ WiLiam at^I?> ? A HKaTH A OB 9iwniEKoor? m rrnfrrr ' iAn'-tOSiff 1EA' w"'" ??orEEi? fiw. Famll, lOonr PA, W ?ad M pi per berrei. Iff forma* a rsaia per i o?a4 BlaeS i esa, SO to SO rents m- no i ii JHtfait wbopwJr and retail, at reflnam nnom. Oooda deiiVAed free THoMa? r aOR*W Can Md ?w for rottrTe^"" TL'ASHiiro FOR rAH'ums or Rmnut qbrti.rbm IT wanted, by e woteen Uanae a rramb ruaplot far bla7 ln? ee.l arm ee >wm for u nl-.* end rnu rlotmw. . eoobiAt le tow Addreoanrwa FoMt. ina^tSftLT Al. Ihnee whiee teetbmoe* i? . -ft'*' *. t.w wli, _ . wo I I f rntmir rwif.em thooe who ( taemlure Vi M p nctneL ton* r fR H ? OeMml.tit "? fire Depertmeet of the Boo!?-r^t'i ^OTHW _ mn PTerre OARTWEF . ? XFEMIMB1* am or: __ we ?XFEW THEIR UCVrtEt mHHZ!!,. "?? w Iammp to up enet be pnewnW la Ibe Flat Mnrebe ? Fa Ueeeor wic be rreewM efw vb' buy Ore es?5s,^ ...^ - Asiz!^s^issnssjitarss the yikgatta. ??ATTA ?The flfm An. . ReprtM iffS th 4rV%Sithe" ifi^le' dl^RS ?flST-TOffFl' ' t,". , a?'*YtrtHILL - ? " ? RPItKRRKR. AEMtK ah. miROFBAH A*P ?*T IR9IA* paean haa. t end I Rredwey _ ^ Or>r fr* from w?l Pars > t an - cf * <*s* r

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