Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 26, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 26, 1860 Page 3
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HA ??> M "w" aaderrtoou that the 'otter I should not be published iraB ajfcrtoKuldbamalato it* Democrat, " tor rta , see *ot Informed of i Ihtae UMvemtr^ jimLf ? I _ . H *111 be remembered, m dated at Deaton I **??*. lolj 8, and opened with theVr'ter, W. H. Bailey, WToming hie unknown correspondent that "oar glorious 1? i ri'i leaelne finely aa tar math aa Breuhaoa '' should not o* puwiieeee ?',cil M -tTl S?"f.w!2?ZCb* wmmUmwmMi iy , "TT,*" a." nay d* Danoc awanrljpaMtat'^.anth, m 00 B*l he parted with Wampov, wbJ went further Sonth, and "will do good wherever be | Bailey than any* he bad travelled np through the frontier count let, part of the time under a fictitious name; he found "many friends who bad been initiated and understood the myelic red;" he nt?> met a number of friends at '-xirgetown, who, on ??an ii Hit ton, agreed that It would be best to be oaottoua of "oar new associates; most of them are desperate cha racters, and may betray aa, aa there are slaveholders among tbem, and value a poor negro touch mora than n And bore the writer goo* on to expooo the pronent and ultimate objects of thia nefkrimis organization The only good they (tbran new aooooiateo) will do, w?l he destroying towns, mills, Ac., which la our only hapo In Texan at pronent. 1/ we can break Sou!Kent mcr dteMi and mtUeri, and have ttuir p>*x? fMedby homes.* rfubticaiu, Jems mill be an eatj prey if uxwOl mly d> Mr d*fy nil we want for the time being 1g wntrol of trade. Trade, s> 'Isted by prcaebtrg nod teaching, will Been eoetrol public opinio* Public opinion la mighty, and will prevail. LinMn uXU certainly be elected; we will then have the Indian ballon, cost what It will W^imttcr sovereignty will prevail there aa it has la Kan aaa; that accomplished, we have at least one more step to w, bat one more struggle to make, that Is, frte Texas. We will then bnve n connected link from the lakes to l Gulf. Slavery will then be surrounded by land and by water, and soon atlng Iteelf to death. I repeat, Texas we must have, and our only chance Is to break up the protect inhabitants, la whatever way wo can, and it meet be done Some of us will moat assuredly suffer in aeoomplishlDg our object, but our Heavenly Father will reward us for amirtlog htm :n blottli g out the greatest wane on earth. It would be Imporsible for ua to do an ant that la aa blasphemous in the tight of God aa holding Wo eaw this letter lu tbo Gazette of the due mentioned, bat without s word aa to how :t cams to that offloe; and Warn Its extraordinary stateimnto and devalopemeote, w* hesitated oopylng It, preferring to await further ln ffonnsllon to establish lis geuumenoes The Beltoo Democrat of the 8th aaaerta that the letter la genuine. The perrons who found It?Messrs Paul Isbell wad George Grant?the editor la asaared, are highly re apeotabto nltiseca of Tarrant county. They state, under affidavit of the 10th August, Ufru Thus. If Uathcss, deputy clerk of Tarrant cocnty, that they found tbo letter wear Grout's residence, "six miles will of Flirt Worth, aear where a horse bad been led stealthily, aa it seemed the letter bad not be u out of their poeeeesiou up to lUe 18th alt., nor had It been altered In any respect whatever. The Democrat goes aa to myWont of the names men tioned In the letter are known to be of the stripe Inui anted, and the allu?:nnB of Ra ioy to h:s vis!- to An or saw, Brrnhnm end Georgetown, la confirmed by snbre ?III events at tb'he plains which sould not possibly h?ve been known lu Tarraut county when u.e letter was fbuad. This last la a conclusive point. Bit arc not the ami micnta of the letter In perfect harmony with afl that has transpired from the burning of Dallas, on the 4th of Job , to the present time T Stronger proof oould not be Wo assume, then, without the shadow of n loubt, that the latter of the miscreant wr< a, WlllUun H. Bailey, la gaautoe and true. No aaco man can entertain a doubt OW the subject. We regret the too early publication of the letter, but ?ow M should be olrculattd ar and wide. MOVEMENTS OF MIL DOUGLAS. ? Cinvauum, Hep. 25, ISflO Mr. Dooglaa addressed a very Urge awting at T.fEn yesterday. A or apes 7 of Doaglea car air 7 * ere peasant, maaebeiTog 1,300,ail Handsomely mounted, \o. Lociavuxa, Ky., Sept. 25, 1850. Mr. Douglas baa accepted aa tort tat Km from kia frienda !? IBM oily la nddrem them 00 Saturday next. MOVEMENTS OF BON. JAMES. T. BBADY. Albasv, Sept. 25,1850. Upwards of 1,000 people, with a aplonilid band, greetai Jhaeaa T. Brady at Congress Hall to-night. Mlaepeecfe waa laid to be one oT hia beat. Be da aaanead Douglas and the squatter sovereignty doctrine, aad the raeent fusion cheat, and called upon every Batlsaal democrat la support alone the regular ticket, ?a aatd this oontest wocll dispose of Douglas, aad that ha would never be heard of outside of Qltaots for any pub Ma station thereafter. He else spoke la oevere tones of Btcbaaond k Co., and charted upon them the praeent di ?Med state of the democracy. He aatd tie Breckin ridge and Lane party alone represented tree democratic prMciplee, aad that they would ultimately prevail when Beuglas nm, Know Nothlsglam and fuslonidin were laid la the dust. He said the Breckinridge and Laae caters ware sailed to the meat, aad would never again be stripped or furled while the Union lasted. S. G. Courtney followed Mr. Brady In aa eloquent speech. In which he, too, denounced Douglas, Lincoln asd the Cooper Institute fusion, and called upon every tr j? democrat to support alone the regular Breckinridge Bad lnna ticket. Beta tf '.eebee were received with grant applause, and Mowed that the oatloeal reeling at Albany la sound. AhOTUkn Acoovar. Alimsy. Rett. 25, 1800 Boa. James T. Brady, of New York, la la this city on prof tea ions) basic ess To nigbt his 1 arty Meads Micas ded bim at Uoagrasa Hall. Ha made a speech in response, thanking them for the oomplla?at Uiey had dona hia. Be then entered on the auhf<x.t of the political canvass, darter leg that the time for (baton was past, and pro aouheing war to the kails against the LVugUa democracy. Ms declared It hia belief that If, through the division of Ma democratic party, Mr. Lincoln should be ekcted, Mr. Seward would be bta foeretary of flats and Mr Bvarta would succeed Mr. Howard In ibe Hecate M the I Uiii d Slates, u whi.b 'vent th" NHMMI oany, bnlng la the aatrmlaet, w ulejotalm to he the only national party lie aatd that attar this ooatrat Stephen A Dongles would lot be beard of aga n, aad thai be (OougUs) wsa saw only acting aa aa aid to the republicans He re v lowed the act km of the two Democratic Bute Commit tarn, dec taring that the reapoaaibllity of the defeat of the anion of the deaaoeratle party waa on the Richmond Dagger Committee. Mr Brady a apeoeb la regarded av ' 1, so far aa the 111 a laai blow ts any union, so for aa the Graaa Committee and State Committee are eeueerned, aad aa dxing the (act that, If a union be effected, It moat bo with tke aid of the lending supporters of Brack in ridge and Lane in the etty of New York, outside of lbs patitlelaaa. Mr. Brady deiioed end el *|umtly lifoniil lbs prtncIntra uf the sseadMg BalUmors 000700. Una, and draoeaoed ?? tqeauer sovereignty" in strong MMh Cfe souse allustoo setae ash by blm to ?Mto^Vsssftfes collected together rspatei tbeaa three obaara. Mr. Brady's with worm applause by bia friends. After the eaaelraieu of nil speech, la response to , 8. O Courtney, B?q. , mads a brief apeoeb. ealltag man to rally ta support of ihetr can aa the Brack InrVdge 1 dtdntea, and denouncing the fusion ticket of the Oospar PENNSYLVANIA POLITIC*. Or* PBILABBLPBIA COBBBHPOiaiBfCB. PminMU, Sept. 21, IM0. lBa /Veepitfo fmr a fWan tf the GbnawwaMnt Aianenfo fa fwmvyfmwtd? Psiifioa af Pnmd .^Vafor, Ma Dtmoerttic OmWSe for genu nor?BU Vitm tf the Slawy Qua! Maw The hate Attemfti xt ftefoa?Quarrel tf tha hand tn?rttifm tf tha Ml Mmrttm fit Jbyuhflaaaa Ashomad tf lhasr Stmt fha Wilt Aiaahaha franayl In tha midst af all tha can fasten that aaw stasia ta oar BBs politics, there are strosg aympiema avtdaat of aa eventful return to a sphere of order aad rasfuhiara Tha party raaoor which has been so laduatrlnnaty circulated lo MfMurtU the democratic wings aad Dm rtlif ekMMwUi npprasd to the rstnbltabmeol of tha republloaa dynasty la daily brooming afleto, ana thers la ovary promise of its apmdy trras lost ion la. Mat, If tha party aewapapara, with which Pennsylvania la aa partieularty aMictad aantd aaiy be campailad to silaaaa?if tha private animosities af Ihetr editor* could be prevented from interfering with the 1 af aa event a trims it ta the pubile welfare, ring ae largely with ear political movements -Aha oaten of tha various national elements against the threat of arctioaallam would be but the week af e day The democratic candidate for Governor, Genera malar, aounded the key sots to this oemblna tlaa of forces la bia speech a trw tree taps slnea at the grand mam meet tag la (aiip-aliaui aqeare Aa an evidence of Mr Poster's ability aad I teem for the dSBenlt aad Important peattkn be now oeruptm, the Col taw lag argument on the agitating quest km of tha day Is B aottcieai lade*. The iageeMua torn given to It?array - lag both the Hoof tea and Breckinridge element! against Unenia and not agaiast each other?excited the en bound ad admiral lea of the Philadelphia lawyers who aurrosnd Bi the speaker on the platform. The General said ? 1 speaker on tho ptaUrrrm. r let rae my ono word fo regard to the slavery quae Uen. It may be dry end nniatereetUig. but I with to epaafe of one of iheptmkala the platform 0 tho republl -BOB party ?that la rifoimoi to tba 1 if cstoa of slavery ta tha Territories. That party con ten la that Cjogrem baa paamr ta da?what' Net to legMato generally opus the subject of slavery m the Tervitartee, but that they ^?subject of slavery la tba Territories, but that tlB the power and right te legtatoto span one side <iffl ^?1 that they ought to my to UH> Southern Pta JP ??although yee arejotat owwera with at of thaea (Write rtoa. yon shall sot go there with year raupavtv" Tba repaMMana 1amsal that Omgrma than prohibit tha tamttutloa af atarary ta all Uta Ttontmtm of MM (fetes. Where doea Dm gram derive aav each " n. Wh.1 ra" Of -'.e rmwtltotKm legl' late upon bath _ _ .. . _ _ . M Of the (felted Maine tegWIrara apoo ail <1 uemiuea of graata af power la Ura cor.aMtottno and / cfoi'ienpe any man ta shew yew er me where, fo alt foaf imtmmmt Chnprear fo an fherind fo tap tkxt laeery tkali a* eraaf fa (to fvrrtforiw. d great twapnweihility rests with tba people ofPevaml r*BB la tha Smfotoa of this gob ?Tentorial contest Tba elect!* of Oeceral Foster by the united rotee of tbe de mocracy and the I'ataa couHtutlmelhan will ????* Jo ?bow the value of OMMmIm thb IwMitoM MUM in then itKUialoon teat It medi hat a casual reference to tba rote riven by the Stat# la ISM to abow the fallacy of nay t?MM Una**?*? ??*>?*. lion, and we I any show eoV*we gtve each of thorn Mr. Lincoln will doab'Jeaa not only receive Mr. rremoot'a vote, bat adr mono sufficient to round the numbers to 176 000, which will jive him a heavy majority, and then?though some may deny to Ool Forney the assumed honor of earry ley the State lor Mr. Buchanan?he will car taialy deaerve hta coveted (eat la the Cabinet, along with Seward and Sumnrr. Two aitempta have been made at a fat icq of the dono craoy? both being the propositions of the Breckinridge wlrg. The first was finally regarded by lta supporters aa impracticable, and the Cresaon fusion seems to give no better satisfaction That vain mortal, Baldeman, baa on dravorod to father a project, but It la so manifestly unfair to tbo Breckinridge party that they wtll have nothing to do with It, and It is hardly worthy of being chronicled as an attempt A mors practical brain than that possessed by this self constituted authority Is needed to "stt the boose m order." It 's not probablo that any terms of fusion can be drflnl .ely agreed upon previous to the.Ostober elect.on. Mr. Hakim.ail's plan is disavowed both by Mr. Welsh and the Douglas Executive State Committee, and hla at tempt to g'.vo it authority bat oallod forth coniidurable correspondence. The Tacta of the cane are these?Mr. Fuller, the Ohairasn of the Bell end Everett S'ato Exe cutive Oommittee, called upon Mr. Welah, the Chairman of the Ri-eulog Drmoera'.lc state Committee, and invited Mm to a personal conference with Hon R. J. Walker at the (j tiara Heme Mr. Welsh oonaected to hold auch a coi^mnce?not In hla official capacity, but as a private citizen. The plan of fusion, a* already telegraphed, was then proposed to him by Mr Walker, and was refuted on the grout d that as it would only allow the Breckinridge men live or ill out of the twenty seven elector*, it was unfhlr and unequal. Mr. Welah stated, however, that an equal division of the electors, vis:?nine of each party, would be more satisfactory, aad auch a plan of fusion might be eventually agreed upon. At present the matter remains in itatu ?fua, and another meeting of the Demo cratic State Kiucutive Committee will he held imme diately after the Btate e'ect.oo, aad a satisfactory fusion must then be consummated. The election of Mr. Fester will three It, and his defeat will render It aeorssary for any show of battle lu the national campaign. The Bell and Everett leelers teem willing to enter Into any all lance against the republicans that may allow them a lair representation, and the strength of the party wtll beck them, provided '.here la no taint of oorruptloa con nected with the compromise If It la proveu, however, that the Philadelphia leaders of this party have really been attempting a barga>a and sae, as is report ed, through the agency of Senator Blgler .a New York, the whole plan w.ll be frustrated iu Its pracileal efiecte. The B?II Fvirvtt parly of Stale Is largely composed of. I old line w bigs, who, while they retain their old hatred to democratic 'Ute, diitst the republican element with ten fold more bitterness They would prefer anybody (but Lane) to Llnr.j.n, and are willing to form any honorable connection for that purpose. But n fusion made by cor rupt means, for the solo Ix-neUt of their leaders, who are mainly self constituted, win not meet with their sanction. The importers of New York had better profit by tbla advice and suvs their money lor a more profitable in vualintni a1, borne, Tha Boil party here will fuae without money, and so will the Breckuiriuge mm The straight Douglas men are the only ores that need galvanising Wt< bavo no republican party In this Bute. They sail under false aniens hi a, and hoist the people'* parly flog. Borne years ago (he democratic mismanagement of our munici pal affaire forced our cltiaens, Irrespective of parly, to unit* oa a ticket called the "People's ticket " H was al ways successful, and the republican managers sow hood wink large numbers of our rree sad Independent voters by tbe adopti m of this same name Tho people of Penn syivaaie ebriak >om any oonloct with a party that has Sunmsr and I/>v?-joy for iti leaders?the John Brown raid frightened them?and it la only under false pretences that tbe republican parly ban any strength whatever la this State Even their "Wide Awake" organizations are callt-d by othur tiomrs, and their meetiugs are reported by their party papers at "popular," aad not as republi can. democrtra'ions. It Is the duly of their opponents to enlighten the people on this point?to dtooover this Its aad < teat. Tbe editor's! rem iris In tbe TTmutn of a recentdmue, concerning tbe Wide Awake organisation aad lla possible designs?the suMonaare of Mr. Ltnoola ta the Presidential eta r by for e ot arms, If necessary ? have awakened an earntetfWllng of inquiry In this city, wbeie that body baa considerable strength: and the recent disorderly scenes hat have been enacted have paused serious appro, benslona for tt? fcture. The brIUIaat pageants of the "op n lanterns" are of nightly occurrence and have pleased tbe eyts of thousands of spectators, and their torches have been carried into all tbe a oiroundiag country. There who compose these clubs dcrerve the credit of bavlrg acquired a military bearing and drill In a very short rraee of time. Indeed, the eza Allude of their march becomes painful U> observe, when the quiet procession moves aVingthe highway as if one power wss moving It, and this (brutal.>y Is compared with the gay. romplug crowd of - devil may care" fellows who have hilaorto oCn>i? ted o'.r political clubs, aad mfuaed a life into na ticbal politics with their wit and song. Quiet men are dangerous There urfwboi.t thirty of there clubs now In existence hi re, iBShiaii | the three prise pal ouee, whose headqoar t< rs arc o* t in .tout street. Tbe Cortlncntals, on parade, tuuat'-r 150 men and boys; the Invincible!. 450, and the Fevplc's {."opaigu Club, 860 Ttic various ward clubs vary In numbers from twenty five to eighty. At the rci >-ut grai d torchlight procession four thousand turned out, aTfuIly equipped. And yet I can assure the good p- o; le cf ihla village that there la aa yet so cause for a'arm, foe while ore half of our Wide Awakes are not too big for their mothers to "spank," the otner half are not atmng cncagb to keep the mother* from exercising their authority In (hat way. Tha Mayor of the city ealia tbess common neisseria. Tb> ro have been no arrangements made here fbr tbe reception of IUren Renfrew. H? wl I arrive lu this city on election n'/l.t, cud that wIM be sullloient l> give him an idea of Philadelphia and its peopio. Remember the Japanese. FnitADtLrau, Sept. St, 1880. Tl e republicans of the Thirteenth district have nosai osted D K. Pboemaker, of Carbon, for Ooogreas. In tbe Peventh Ooi.grsastonal district lbs republicans have renominated Henry C. Loogaecker. In the district the democrats hive nominated Thomas B. Cooper, cf Lehigh, for Congress. M V8HACBU8KVB C0NC.RER8I0NAL NOMINA TION. Borrow, Sept 25, 1880. The republicans of the Sixth district to day nominated John R Alley for re-election to Oocgr~es, and Jobs Q. Whlt'ler for Tree Idea tlai elt. tor. 0CN8 FOR THE UNION TICKET. Nsw BorULLB, Sept. 25,1180. The national democracy cf thlc lows are sow ratifying the laicw ticket by the firing of gaaa. THE ACQUISITION AND GOVERNMENT OF IKBR1T0RDB8. KB. xnru fO MB. MCSnBOX. ritimrnu, lM , hfL 1*. MM Boa. Donna. 8. hmniM Ibun Pm?-Herewith I Mad yon reaalationa of 1MT, with extract* (Mm your opooch thorooa la Ike Baaali la Jaaaary, lMt. all of whMh 1 bailee* to be ooead, ortbo dos democratic principle# I dooire to liOOW tf you bar* 00 objection t. aaewrr whether vmi IUII adhere to tbe** principle* and doctrine* >? oorrect aod aound. Your untr at!) inotly oblige cm* who Baa neor bold you la bigIk etteom Tory retpoetfudy, G W JONM MB. NCB1M0M TO MB. JOKia. Btwuimn.Sayl U, 1MB. Pu*a i*ia?I an (boated rrtth yoara of tba 19th Mat, aooomjenled by a oopy of rceolaUone which 1 Introduced lolo the Senate of ll,? lulled Motoa la Daconbor. 1*4T, aad catract* Iron a ep*ecbtwhlch 1 mado apoo Una ta that body la January loUcwmg, aad laqairing Whether 1 Mill adhoro to tho tarn onlatnno thvrala ospraaoad. My aasaor la a* u-ilnwa ?A* rroolatana ra fated to two eubVit* tbe a" , .aitioa of Territory aad It* gown men I. That relating te tbe gorernmret of territory war K t-tded to I n poo* aa at It eecltooal policy, upon which all aaUonai nlada ooaid aaito tu optnaltlua to tb* protiao wh'Ui wa* thi o d atui ing the )<ewe* of the country, and that r art of the wroth which dlacuMad thai raaetattcn waa directed to tb* rune end. I, thorrfceo, any that Ibr all tbe purtwoM then peraeatod, aad uador diacaaaton. i ' . aland by the .?- MM and apoecb aa a wb do. though upoa ao roo^irrlertiTr a aabiuot BO partlcuUr extract die* entire 'utile# to ny etewe. Tba doelr ao ?laMcotalilbbad by tie Drad Rent I doontoa watleftby roe tntircly In a^oyamw; but ! aiatad la gaaoral tarni. la ' eerc-ai l ull of tl, ? h thai lite territorial n a alat >o whh h I propmid, would be rieretood, af oouraa, uadoe j aad la abaratic* to tba eoootltnttoo of tb* Cuitod Amino Tho Hit of tori I tort ai right under tbo eanoUloti n had aol ihoa Mo* dodncd.aad rt gar ding it a jadiotai <i erst tow IB B. I did w t rgprtoe any > plait Had tbe qtiiwtloa of tb* preoaat day boon araaonted 1 I aa aot a ahocd doubt mo* have aaM nare, though I an aot awara that T thou!: hare raid I'M, or hare apahea otberwia* than J did, upon lb* qorotu.o ibao un'or dltniwetoo Wo w-rely )uur?, P (t DlCfclNA >.Y. But. Goo IT. Joaae, FayoUortlo, Tea a. ? msrEU-AXKors political items. T new Brunt Wxtw ?The Second Amnbly dl t^at Con eeulioa af Oaoodaga nouaty, Whtoh roaonleaded Oaptalo A eel IB Myora. aa will bo aeon from tbe following ox tract (rem tbe Sj rat net 5.'on ford, endovM both Ooeernor Mar gaa and tkr ir member, tba latter retlag to oeerrido tba Gereraor'a reto on ail lb* peculating aehoweo ? R?aoiwed, That we cordially Mlnme and ap puree tho nninotlor* of Idwla r> Morgan aad Robert Oaapbatl mmmmmmb for enf l.leuteaaat Guenrttor of the Male of New York, and Unt thotr adtalatnrattea of Mote afhlra during the prre?ot terat baa Mm dm to bo able, up right urd boarat nee, worthy of nil r oB lenoo and gnp rv.rt, and evitnenlly entitled to a rwaleatlon. Rrtolrrd, That our eeaator and repreaewtntlea la An aembly ere eatltlod to our < onbdeuoe and our ao k Bowler* gmewt* f- r their efficient adrocary of onr local Intereate, for their maintenance of tbo public policy la M'fCt to nor canal aytWm. and Mr their wUHagMM at all timet to promote tbo ateraata of thotr oangUto aata. A ft antemow.?Tho Brook larldga daoaooraoy, aaya tho Rome (Ha) Owner, bar* dleldod; on* half aro Yaw eeyltro, aad tbe otber balf Miller I ten. Im*ju ?Tbo Tlrrokinrldge mea bare foolld to aow! aatn a Mat* ticket la tadhwa. ta tba October olcctloa tbo republic*#* will bore but one titbai la Igbt. Pea-wn.?Senator Samnnr, M M Mid, will epoak in Chicago ud in fir? other place? is tilinoie during th? Gora ii Last ?The Baltimore Patriot, which hen been Striving for the laat three or four moo the to get Into the Mnok republican camp, hae dually succeeded. Hon Henry Winter Davis, of Maryland, wee the fr'-jau horee that carried the Patriot to ite dretinatton. Dwcmtios?Senator Alfred Irenes, of Georgia, wea aakad at Waresbero*, Oa., If he would advise a dlsaoK Hon la the erent cf Lincoln'* election. Els reply, In substance, wee, that it would depend on the (1m of tho majority. I*? RirawimrrdTiTai oV Kiasasa Oobntt.?r P. Mtrphy, State Senator, and Tboaaaa T. Flagler aud Butt(] Van Born, all front Niagara county, la the last I -giela ture, we baliere, voted aga.aat all the scire nee of that moet corrupt body, and they mill nn^ueationably re ceive their reward at the hands of an boneat onet.tu ency. The late oounty Coeventtou of Niagara enforced their action In tho following resolution Resolved, Tfoat the Convention heartily eudorre li e action of Bun. P. P. Murphy, State Senator from tkia d's trict, and of tbc Uor. T. T. Wsgler and Rurt Van Horn, the membcis of Assembly from this county iu the 'epie latere of thie State at its laat seMlon, aud point with pride to the record ol each as proof of their sterling iu t grity?the appreciation of the duties of their reepeo live paaltioi r. and the ability and zeal with which tney performed the same; and we hereby pronounce the com mendation, "Well done, go >4 aud faithful set vante." Mr. Van Horn, one of the gentlemen above named, has received the republican nomination for member of Con greaa in the Thirty-Aral district. With or Wax Awamb ? Ladies who are the wives m members ol the black republican Wide Awake oiube are very aevere op those organizations. They say their husbands are kept out late nights, and when they return home they are enoaaed In the forces of lamp smoke, and generally lined with bad whiskey. Bi-'ck Rmtslxan Rnmr RriAKinia ?Orestes k. Brown aon, a Jesuit; Daniel Clmacn, a Hindoo ; Carl Rohurs, a Prussian, and F. Hareanrtck, a German. Native Ameri cans, attention. fwaruR ?Since the organizatioa of the Wide Awake clubs In Hartford, it is said that wood houses, niottes lines and hen roosts have suffered to an extent never bo fore known In that city Tun Lbcwjlatixm Canvass in Soctb Caxoiwa.-'There are already in tho fluid n Charleston eight dUtlnot tick ets for representatives In the cUte Legislature, besides e gr-at many stump candidatos who are running wiihiut r> garil to'ne various organizations. Rep' in me Legislature ni>ist he a desirable office in Route Caro lina. A Tkrckt ai Thcxlow Warn ?The Western AVw Yorker, the lead ng bl ui republican papr in Wyoming county, has the following signliloaut throat at Thurk>?r:? Wo have seen with regret the eAurta which oertalu men (we have the names) from the polluted precincts or Alba nian corruption aru making to tnfluenoo our oounty poll tioa. Men who were deep in the iniquity of the laat Le gislature are. in our i pinion, damaging the cause they attempt lo befriend. We thick it world be wise to hesi tate long before soliciting men of that kidney to uee their personal influence lis Wyoming county. It ban been done. ? Docouia m Fiositu.?A full Douglas electors! tlcke| has been nominated In Florida, end the candidates are to stamp the Biete for the l ittle Giant. This secures the iuo or m of the Bel] and Everett ticket. Alabana ?It ferns that the people of Alabama, in some localities, ere getting up rehearsals of the approach ing Presidential election We recorded n few day* ego the result of n canvass had in the town of Seltca, show tag n large preponderance In favor of Bell and Everett pver either or both of tho competing democratic tickets. A similar canvaas wen held la the town of Greensboro a few days ago, with the following result ?Bell, DC; Doug las, 40; Breckinridge, 20. REPUBLICAN JUDICIAL CONVENTION. A NOUT TIM* OVER TUB CANDIDATES - NOM1NAT10M OF IHKJ. V. BONNET FOB JTiTICB OF THE SUPRBJfB COURT, JOHN V. EDMONDS FOB RECORDER, JOHN FBDOWICE FOB CITT JTDOB, AND DAVID B. JAQCBi FOR BrAkoOATB. The Republican Judicial Oourentloo, for tbe nomination of JoJfr? of Supreme Court, Recorder, City Judge end Surrogate, aaaembled last night at Oil Broadway. IB* eielunJent la and about tbe place of meeting traa quite ae Intense ae at any of tbe old taahiooed gatberlnge at Tammany Hall. Tbe oulaide preeeure wee of tbe moet formidable character. Tbe fonrention wan called to order by Mr. John Fitch, wbo proponed Mr. Hiram Barney, of the Fifteenth ward, fbr permanent chairman. The nomination waa agreed to, ae<l Menara. Freak Nheppard and Chaa. H. Hall were like wiae appointed aecretarwa. Tbe liat of delegated baring been ealled, two eete of delegate# appeared from the Eleventh and Twentieth wee ae. A delegate from lb# Sixteenth ward moved that a rep resentative ft m cash aet of delegates be heard. Car ried. Mceeri. Tbe*. Klrl pel rick, Jeha Watte, Run.llo and luckiy were accordingly allowed ten minuted each I > ad vccate tbel- c'aitne, and at tba connluaioo of the dlaeua ?Ion tbe Walla delogalloo from tba hlevrnlb ward mad tbe Turkey del'-gatuiD Irom tbe Twenttotn ward were admit ted. On motion. th-> Cowrmtnm Immediately proceeded to nominate a i.tmlwUte ior Judge of Supremo Court. Iremrt. F'utlo, Dauo* auU Cor. taa named Judge Banl. W Bont ey Mr. Hi.iai* ox nt ii eaid be underetond that Mr. Boruey bad declined to have In* name go before the Convention ae a can ill late, and that In no caae won 11 he eooept a Lomtnar<?. lie tberafore nominated John fSueioa, of the Hupertor Court Mr. A. Hall nigoejoke In rarer of Mr. Rkwmo, while be paid a glowing tribute to Judge Iluaaey a eer rteea. Mr. leiac Ditto* moved tbe nomlaattoe of Mr. Bon ne/ by eeclatnettoe. wbioh wee eeeoadod by Mr. Hull. this caured e .atidcrahle cacltemeat. A delegate stated that he bad a totter ftom Judge Bonner declining tbe use of bm anme MM armlaaima wae Intended ee a well merited compliment. Mr Fnitn the. git Judge Bonney would accept If aoml rated, and another delegate declared that he bad authori ty to a tale that Mr. Bncney, though not daatrtng offee, would r-rlatnly accept if uomaalrd The upabot of the whole mm that a motion wta male that Mr Boaary should he dedtred aomlnab d by ac ctaamttou, and tbta waa carrtod am Hal great antho atoem. On n.otloo.the Convention then proceeded to vote Tor a caadMate tor Recorder A. Oat iv Hall aoaataated Mr. Char toe a Bpaaeer, who wae a college thorn of hit (Mr. Bali). Mr. Apeaoar paw armed evey quaUAeatioe to >t htm lor the offer Judge Ccwtm aomtaated ei Jndgr John W Fd'noeda. a grathn an wbcec aeme. be aald. commanded a loner of atrrngth, and who would, he Ihormht, be elected. Another delegate aomlaatrd John W White. Judge Fur** urged the elatme of Judge Ed He aaacrted that Mr. Mmaade, a lawyer of dlattngui bed attatemeate, eateeeire ixpart ? ute, and carrying with htm the weight of jeare, oertaia ly ought to be pretorred to a young lawyer of Mr. tpen ctr'a ehpeaeter. Mr. Speoeer waa a tamhe lawyer, aed If Don, I rated, be would carry with him the'Meant* the Tom be " Dane Dimer Fiutn toBewed ae the eame eWe. aad urged the etotme rt Mr. Bdmoede la ee aaareaete otter Tbt re eea to eee le concealing tbe Ihet that Bpaaotr t boo loot ?>* voetd be *ttended with defeat. It eneld be impuaeibto to elect a fiuaba lawyer to the high offer of Be,-order No lawyer would tar a moment weigh the etnas of Mr Npaaierr against theoe of a dletiagulehed lawyer l>kr Jndge MM A rwitouTB mored, la a aareaetb- meaner, that all bat 1aw i ee anoeld leave the room. (laughter.) Mr Frain rrtoted that be wae act to be put down by tennta of that klad. H came there to apeak hie mfod and he mUrded to do en freely He bop. d tbe eeevea ttoa would Co lta duly by boeiiaatieg Judge Kdmoade as Fccrder After a rrrat d*al of further dtoeuaaioo a vote waa taker, wbteb re-ulted aa fo'.lowa ? John W Idn.nwde AH Cti* 8. Spencer .'A J'hn B white 2 Two delegaba rbaag> <1 rrnm While to Hdruaa-lt. making tl.c vote foe the Utter M It reeatrtcg Id veto la one atltuie aa elect<oe. three eaoro bailota were had, reeult I aa tollewr ? IjfJhdM. MBsHsf 3d BaPef. J' ha W. Edmcade f t U M Chvrleep Ppvr.err it U Mr. Krimnede waa thereupea derlarrd eomlaateil, and ca mettoa of Mr Oakey Hall the aomtaatioa waa made After aa 'ntermtreioa of half aa hour, the Convention commerced about half poet eleven o'ctoafe to vote for City Jedge. Men*** Jcbn SrSgwlek, J?bn Qneskesbueh end John H. White were the mrwt pr^m treat candidate*. Oe the tbtrd ballot Jnha -tedgwick eea nominated, re eelvltg IT rut of 104 Aicrtly after mWnIjM tbe voting tor e caa i late for (tarrof ate begua. The flm he'lot stood DavM B Januee PT 11 ao< i? B Young <1 Harry J. Acuddrr 3 CUrb 8 Wheeler ... I1 Tbi* rreult wae bailed wub tremeudofia aad l?n* oou tinued cheering. Mr Ja inee eomiaallm waa mad" uaa aim*we Tbe oouveatloe ahortly after adjourn. I, hiring paaeod e vote of thaeketo im effr-re aad gtvtnr three cheer* tar tbe ttehet Toward* the ctcee of the prweotd lege atwrei die bee of madwlohae were mat la by the Ketehettoncber Wide Awake*. The refrrehme.ii* were epaedlty dlemeeed end dtopaeed of in a meet, .barter wpace of lime thaa the caad! latea The aomleatlora matrae the aa'culitlnea we meile a taw day* age, being eaaetlv ae we predicted The ' i .ke. le regmited aa eaeeadlrgly etroog by the heat nf -uhr* of the rtpubliaen party CITY POI.mOH. EEaCTINBIDWB A?*?NM.r ( ONVTtWTlOV* Sinw Dtanuct?Me Mtth DUtrtet AaeewiMy (8rw*to ridge) Convtattoa met Mel eveeleg, end eomtnated Samuel T. WeheOer. ffrmuva DtaraifV ?The adjourried meeting of the tawchlurtdga Xomlaetleg Onavratloa of ta'a dntrW.t wae held thla area lag. at the eeraer of ] Buk ?treel*, but after the transaction of kdm routine bee in ese the Hireling again adjourned on U1 Tuesday even lug ni st without sflsctlrg a nomination. Oa nuoount of the Strength of the opposition la this district a "split" ih the part* would be perfectly disastrous, and the adjourn meote of the Breckinridge* so far are understood to be for the purpose of permitting the Tammany or Do if las portion to make propositions tor a fusion. Boith Rurrsicr ?There was no nomination made ut tbia district, and alter soma abort discussion the com mltUo adjourned until next Tueeday erenlng, when a lively time is expected. A strong police torso wsa present, and sirred to promote pc*oe. a breach of which was evldtnl'y intended, and would nave occurred but for tbeir pretence. There was a strong desire tor fusion among tc hie of ih" members, which others opposed with a vehemence worthy of a better cause. There eru seven or eight persons seeking tor the nomination. Ei kvixth Disrucr?A number of Brocktnridgs dsiao crate from the Twentieth ward assembled last night, at No. 337 Ninth avenue, to nominate an Assemblyman for tb?> Eleventh district. The meeting wsa organised at eight o'clock, Mr. John Gunnel* being appointed ohair man. and Mr i'bomaa D. Cartwrigbt secretary. Alter transacting tlie usual routine business, a comuiitue was appointed to confer with the Work ing Men's Democratic Club (Douglas democrats) on lliuisday evening next, the 27th Inst Mr. Thomas Pbaiar, President of the Douglas Democratic Ob, was then admitted, and in a few appropriate re marks explained the object bis olub had in view. The meeting inen aJjourutd until Mouday, October 1, at eight o'clock, when they will proceed to nominate an}man for the Eleventh district. C.iNDlDATB TOR ASSBMBLY. Like r. Cozutes it s candidate for Assembly In the Tenth Assembly district, befurs both the Turn many aud Koxsit convtnlloti.s, aud?is a so urged by the volunteers SIXTH CONCMMaiONAL DISTRICT. TO TBI KDTTOH OP rus UBKALD. N?w Tou, Sept. 93, I860 In }our i.sue of ti-dsy I have been raaie very promi nent, and most unjustly so, ss a member of the Conven tion to nein'nate a candidate for the 81xtt? Congro-mlonal district. The article is ineorrect la several particulars, and 1 most rrspectfa'ly request that, as s matter of jus tice. you will make the following statements:? Mr. Kelly nsed threatening language towards me personally, shaking his band In my face. Be had in hw hand nana pipers, which became seme whet lorn in the stunt scuttle wbtrb ensin-i myself acting eotiretly in self-defence. In regare to my swalkiwu.g the papers, I have only to say that I was net hungry 1 am rot fond enough of paper to eat It: and even If I were, I should beve onostra a different kind from that In the possession of Mr Kelly, lu regard to the number of voh-s east, Mr Kelly state# thit the whole number was but 190, out?f which his fac'ion received 77 The toots are that there wore 633 votes polled, of which Mr. Kelly's party received 77, the balanoe (566 yotcs) being cart fur the ticket headed Aaron B Rollins. In ccnnlusloD. 1 have only to say that the above te a situ pie and tiutAiul statement of Die circumstances, and mv st-lf and many others are ready at any tlmo to mane all! davits substantiating tbe same JAMKS 1.1MB. One of the regularly elected delegates from the Eleventh ward. No. 42V East IIocsto* Skrust. FOCR'ifl COVORK8FIONAL DISTRICT. to tub u>n?m or tub sniui. Nsw Tom, Sept 96,1860. is error appear* la the report of tbe proceedings of the Fourth Cong ,-selonal District Brc iklarUge Conven tion. Tour reporter rtoelved hie Information from some mis able rocs perron in tbe barroom of tbe boase where the Convention mot, and be reports Richard Barry, 19 votes; Thomas J Barv, 7; A. Burns, 6. The correct vote was: lion. Thomas J. Bnrr, 19 votes Richard Barry, 6 votes; Andrew Byrne, ? Tvtst; John UrUtln, 1 vote. J A MRS GIBBON', Chairman Nominating Ooavenlkm. havk merchants a to meddle WITH POLITICS? TO TH* UUTOH OF THB HKR11D. Tom, Sept. ?, IMo My name having anexjwctedly to myrcir been placed on the IM of Vice Presidents on the occasion of the great ft?ioo mass meeting nt Ike Ooopa, Inetltule, ? the nth ,t" '1 BnBt"? **?* ' ??*' prood of tbe dlgtlngulebed r eon,*rr*<1 opon me. Although Urn New York Tribune of Iho t4U> mm baa MM fit to Ml am, with many other S^-?!JrT5r2E5rrii.^i2s: as- ??' sn~"E' roptloo of thla grunt nod glur lou- in ion * W. L. ioxq. of iiia,. Nhorhing Hirdrr In Water it?>< DAhiu. o'Moitu* nackro TO math air Joan If MJKMtU, Abont ata o'clock yoeterd.y morning na nlterontkn took place between two men, named Dnolrl O'Roatke and ?? " 3,9 W*t*' 'tmt- -hich suited In the latter drawing a ab.<ntb knife and killing bl* ad reranry O'Rourke and McKoogb bad long been at onml ty, Happoarr, and at the time of the difficult/ thev were both latoawated nd very .|oarreieome. The knife enter ed 0 Kowke'e ntelr, severlag the jugular rein and ca .rlag deajh. MoKeogb tried to make be aecape, bat the timely irrlW of polw?om Coabley and (xmckllag pre T?ate<t bin ft ?i carrying out Vi intention The prim aer la aa Ir, liman, about forty two yearn of ago. O'- J Rourke wan also a -?atIt. of Inland, thirty two yean of age, and Una a wife and family entirely onproridod for ' ""i !'?*? ? ? ?ow. dlerenulahlu neighborhood I ami from the position of the parties who were larolrrd la tbe murder bat little Interrat la atta< bed to the oaae. ! Coroner Jackman bald aa taqneat npoa the body of tbe yesterday afternoon, when tbe following tret I ?Map was elicited * ItetMUM deponed that be rwlded at Na 31. Water ?twet, aad wan aa carte of deceamd; sew deoeaaed no T0??^ fleonnr'? roam, when the letter raleed n knlfc aad mobbed fomM m the m-o dw^rTln ?Ida the prisoner'* door, and the primmer, npoa seeing l^U' ?>*rted to go down Mali*, witaem endeavored to ?top deeemmd, and foOowed hi. down mU tbe police arrived; Urn prisoner had tbe knife In hm hand when arrested. 1 lory Downs deponed that at about Are o'clock ycj ***** mon^>t doceMSd left bis room aad went down Whir*; hentd him ojfg np la aboat am boar afterward., then beard the prtnener my, "New, CRnurke come out , *?d If yon da It wlfl be abe aad af y oa' Deoeaaed lou' him le ooaae eat ah the Himi, end walked orer to ward* the prmoeer** door jmt then the prWocw ,lrrw . eim^ly^M'nl^L'i^' ?Lw.j *? PcW rtTtrSSte .tab ~~*j ' 7, jy* *? endeavored u> prevent hie ! SSL-isPi.? "STSES ,'i ?- -Wnn etrrck with aa a?e aad a club ?if?*hta(itH<vfkn^ If ^"'y "?r? <tep3aede*fo'low. ^ kuetamd (tbe deSUf^S, Uo Mktow, ng the dctwaid wkSSblS Wm bAJ!/ cut Aod I'm pmtumlj; 'iwr*i Ihi b* room About At? o'citjk tula wxtirc and want down auir* at ?b<>ut el* r."el.H k I heard blm coming up rtatr. talklog to h m**ff. tc CAm? j#if> nop a.,..e?. ? _ . . ? tiaarke inee. telling blm what a cat be had^>r>t *u!e .T^y'tlme^l ?fcVp5T um.1 TTfZ* o%r r crz&2 ttotl I lhen taw a knlfb la the ar eooer? bend | f1" '"? dw>i?l and tried todrag b,m away "*wf H *nd held le .**? PT"**'r (tabbed htm a mooed Ibae lhe prtruorr I'^n ?ta down .lair, and I ran after ?;rib^Z?^f a... rw^xr.', -herb*' .r~n.T.V 0t^l'' 01 lb* "wirtb prec.aet, tml ted te is hi. tw* *, iw ? l loody eaeatb kalfo ?es >k turns ????"? s *zirz'J2i?ir?'?%r. AirMnedTfrvTrfc "* M /,b# "Tdkrt Pf iwmer. were e*. thil C a '! ^ ?t?tcd hrllmt* t0""' '? ** <lefenoe. hot hie wf> kIx .i .jy. ,h* *!y 60 I"** i" ">* *n'*r aad wee in bed at tbe time. Jack men oomm tted th. r>ri {man t. await U>. actio, of tbe OfMdTa^aSl Hi ?brwitmam. to the bo?m of deta.t," i , The Lady Klwtm Dtsaeder. i^Xfo!"m 'l* by the tag Heparan. Ibteamr, bro<ight la Cuddy, Milwaukee y lU Cahaewa maa. flark brown hair, while mar ?hlrt^^' 7 u?,,w ** oMle, t# uader Mita.nkm SPJSST^ 07 kJet'r as'there?u th* ?w*. bad u much magrr aa there le amy probability ef dndiag bodies. *tb?m ? STJSCT ? reeldeaoe la Chkwge, ea the ]tib ?t amehmea, died at THE SLOOP 8PBAY TRAGEDY. Identification of the Body of Captain Jonathan Leoto. The Discovery Due to the New York Herald. Wonderful end Providential Coincidence*. THE FAMILY'S THEORY OF THE MURDER. The Charge of Chief juitice Crier, and the Investigation of the Grand Jury. JACKILOW, TAB SPPPOSED MURDERER. i Bis Behavior-?More Corrobora tive Testimony, do., Ac-, Ac. !?!'?"mi ? 'J*' fio.eit.fS h?>k tiw money rr<>. hi* b mis t|? ?t*? exprved ? Wry ?. liar bill and oM.rr amonnte oh , h ^i^?iN'rs??=L:bm* **? drefiAoUas* in bllb. Iron foe to voire bou? sod vartn-i* r?r?t four<l on th< prraon of Jackal,,* it m ??>?, . tk-t Capta ? Wto ha>l .hoot ??cq 1 ' fROBattl bTBCf'VfifiY OF THff BOtrY OT CAT TUX JONA THAN IBtTF, AND IMXTIffC4TION Or THE MOT. H t? a rrtritkable fart tbal ori'y ye.ierdar a* if Pre vMrace tad r??crved It for ? ooaaeaing and arerlniag link o ibla trafiady at Mm very time U M wasted, thai ^ * Osptela Joaathaa |#?t? *u d.wi, *e i in i i Meat'fted h? h* t'rtrr. flia elrrumtUaee I* duo m llraly lu the XtW Tokb Ha ain. ? the commas of which I ?f lbs -.oth Ml waa exclusively pahllikii ih? Mtewtow Bet lee ? ^ Tan Boot or i* f iraaow* Man Form -Coroner Wood ?z "... , la thfi Mib'red ,Vr^',0*^7^4 wb to mi"*,",*?? 2a? i I cr?^U iCm ,J!!*.** * tb. , oa board of tea 111 1at< a ?j?u, BMOj Thto advertisement Oral attract)- tfr>. meat ? of a fon tlonan la Norwetk, Coon fl la a singular eolceidcnr*, by the way, that thla gentleman only oommearal to lako the dally Haaairi since Mm arrrrt of Jackalow, and bo did It with a vlow principally of keeping track of tbo "* " * friend of the family, aad It la through him that the above not I?e was found and brought In tbrir attre tton. Thla waa on Saturday la*l. Jmmrdstelj oa Mm- receipt of lha abort ion Mi w Faree B 1/ete, ae-. mpan H hr a a< ghbor fro. Oellford, rente to Mew York aad thence to Jams re, I reg Tslard, for the purpose of etamfs eg i ? Tbwvov, aapt. 26,1800. Tbe letted 9ta tea Cf remit Court convened to day, at ten o'clock A. M , before the Hon. Judge Grler aa Presiding Judge, and Associate Judge Dtckerson. Judge Grler charged ?ho Grand Jury with tpeclal reference to tbe law concerning piracy and murder, in relation to the alleged osec to which bia attention waa called by tbe Diatrlct Attorney of Jackalow, who .toed confined in tbe Circuit charged with that oftbneo. Among other points In hie charge, In reference to tbe crime of murder, he stated that it wan not newarery to AndI the body in order that tbe grand inquest should find a bill, or a subsequent traverse jury to convict for the crime of murder. Tfco statute U u folios*;? II any perron shall, upon the high seta or in open roeusGad, or In any hteen, btan, or bav or in u> tbo *** *bo* **"' " '*?- uoinnilt the crime ?f robbery n or ui^n any or the ship-,, ^mplnyTtn? ship or veimel, or the lading thereof such ncrwui ah?u be adjudged to be a pirate, and being thereof oonvhlSd before any Circuit Court ol tbe United dialre ftotb. ata trtet into which he shad be brought or ui ^rht ahailbe found, Bhallauffer death ' The Judge then laid down tome principles of law re sisting the corpus delicti. Tbe doctrine of Lord Mans 0?ld, that a conviction should novor follow where tbo body waa not prodooed, could not be held applicable .a universal rule. Many notorious murderers would sacape under a rigid enforcement of auub a rule of law. Bodies might be entirely conrumed by dra, or decomposed by chemicals, or sunk into the depths of the ses, when the production of the corpus Midi would be tmpoeelble, and yet the circumstances might very clearly point to a mur dsr and to tba offenders; particularly might this be the oaae oa tbo high sees, when . whole ship-, crew might be murdered end their bod lee thrown into tbe sea. The true rule was to be governed by such u of circumstances ss point lores focus, furnish leg clear evidence and a strong conviction on the mind that a crime had been committed. Jackalow was taken this morelrg, from tbe Newark, Eeaea county Jail, by the .even o'clock train, by Deputy United autre Marihal Southard, to Trenton, and there lodged la tba Mercer conaty (all. In Mm same train and In the same oar with Jackalow were quite a number of wltnesaea summoned by the government against Jackalow, among who. was Susan B. Leete, the slater of Gbpt. l.e?U and brother, tbe murdered victims of the sloop Spray, Jack alow, on seeing this young sister in tbe car, seemed to be Affected, similarly, though not so strongly ss he was when tbe two sinters aad mother were brought Into bis presence la Jersey City it tbo preliminary examination whan, it will be recollected, be eobbod bitterly for half an hour. nm recent confinement In the FArex eoualy Jail, since Aprtl last, baa reduced hta ays to such an extent that he looks feeble ?nd prostrated During hi. trip be maintained his usual taciturnity, and did not apprer at all desirous to converse, though, If no inclined, bis knowledge of the English language la so limited ss to pi event its Indul enon. Persoo^, be doee not took tbo murderer His Climbs ara small and delicately ;?rmod alm et o femininity, and tba c-cprrealun of bto face to so mild that, without an excited imagine tire, be would be among tbe last solectcl aa tbe p-rpetrator of to serious an offence. About his eye there la a peculiarity wblch maybe marked, but one wbkfa is common to all Orientals?for It I mow boyoud doubt that he la a Jerecree- and that to a rsntleeeneas and wsnderlrg from ohjvct to ohjset In s watchful sod nospirioos manner, as If be momentarily expect ,on,e deal^ against him. This wti particularly cv.deot In tho cart, and bs frequently, te an earnest manner, asked tho <1 or ft loo if be wag "te be hung to day f" 11m crest on tbe pretent rccasloo waa a red ahl't and rrerae pealatoena, and ho was without band cuff's. An unusual want of precaution with capita! criminals, by the way.wt.cb ladle ties tbe simplicity of bis nature, and by ,b" "motr' ?h0 have bim 1b ftinr|c Ibfti to (iffigim io Htort i*. obciin* frit ik}i nf tb? ?ier#*a? ? .1 U?pt aii'1 brother all seem to agree that if he did the an it ? CVb,o2'.,Sir^L0bu,D,D',b rri. 1? muliclore dtaposiMo n to revewge himself upon the nnfertunste vtciinM rw J* Udnk Ibat If the ant was -vm.?iure by?2 at All 'tail dree without a full k sow lodge of the awful respoaslkillty attendio. tae Ceed-a f,et ?f wh.chJre. are mere repable of Judging than these isuiee, ,o whore fkwliy Jsekttow rsat ted for a number of years T.^ ap parent unso^wtirettoo of bw uatur. has ^ Ur c.SL , . rAtoAtAf to tbe serrue of the toonly. even uuter etw"^?*l?rbl^ aW#,>,d h*** b"P'lr,t y condemned 7 h*4 posee?ae.1 the advantages of > educatkM sod civil.rvtloa of which it wta believed Um> , lt?rItT.reT.T,,*d ^reral m.nor . ?T*r fa goUm rm lata account red hswre trreted more U. ^.0, ^ . ?** toAlictoosly iacltued I, dj miarhiaf J?* fhwM It the Grand Jury they rettrrd to Chf^nK^eTToJT lord^Jcsaa ^B. IreU, ..ur of ti. two torethers aM stoa of Guilford, c;>on ; wil nsOWlU-iSj' , h* t'niiad iststaa ??'11alu ? humbe- Tf g*m, were relied before the Grand Jury and examined sf'\hTrJ,rrr?*r or ""***??* different parte cf the country, are also waiting to be eternised aid Inrnty subpr u<as wees isnued le <iaj by District A tton ev '?'"'??'"??r Vrorre, Of .laiaey City is ulry, V' hl* Asslslanre to tbe Diatrk't AtloT retoo, d.% beV^.^Virlnd a"^' , Tt will be rec.llerted Mm I at that time tbe twlrreer tdfrged that .be MtO to field' mnd nM,{Sr,^ ^ d?n?r hi. r^sTim Ul* h*"1* hm 'tcatr ^r tba ' t d or to tare* ?q ttcorat torJr Z'XZZZl? repreaeuiiog d,n rent reta"l ire | m.!T.?!*!l'.,"CIZ?.?t ?k ., h Irelds There parties ail tale that their m!"'it V m,k frx of a mi?. au4 .n bu prcccb'W U '.es lecte proceeded carefully to identify thun, which, Tiom a photograph of her two bro thers !o her ; rr"??y>r: and other familiar knowledge, ibo WM able Ui flo to hi'r nitaplru MtllfloUOD. la all reapicu, the doao Ibody referred to, wu found like tbat of OapUitu .ict&'han l.eete. Toe height was precisely the same Tbe siae of the foot, the oolor of tha bair, the teeth, of which he had a perfect set re narh ahle for their alrgular arraug. uieut.the p< cuiiar and ua a KUkcable formatioo o' the face. the width of tha *bouM*re, ai d the dree* snpi-wed to have beeo worn by the deceased, onrrespoo'iod beyond a doubt with the peraoo of the murdered captain- tliaa Iieete cauffd a portion of the clothing to ba remoTod by tho Coroner, aed leat night (Monday) it waa dtapalched to bar mother at Guilford by a appeal msa aepger. that eha might examine nioic rnlcileiy acme of I ho peculiarities, im h aa the eewlng around the patches, ai d button boles, and other distinguishing features, which i nly a mother'* eye would detect lfira Leete .a the meant line raar to N't# York, and proceeded in the early morning train for Trenton 1 'pen the forehead of tha dead man were found two dls tlnci wounds a* If tha result of blows from a hatchet or hammer. Thtsa ware auilic eat, in the opinion of tho Oeraaar, to hare caused death. the the erj enterlmrod by tha flamtly of the manner of the murder is, tbat n.jah wan at the wheel. Jacks ow oa tbe lootoot, while Johiiathau lay asleep In hM berth, there b i> g no other pciaon on board, aa waa their usual cue ton , mn< ibat .lacks ow to some way mauaged to kill the n an at the wheel, and thru with a bathkit to kill hie br> tbi r in hia berth. A further oonnaot'ng Itaksfl idsn tlflcatlo, 1* the fact tbat both the brothers Leete wars la 1be habit of retiring lu their clothing, without Oust, seat, ahf ?b or stock tags?the attire of the dead man at Jamaica. Tho family and counsel here are anxiously waiting tbe decision of the mother as to tbo rcninaut of doming that ha? be n submitted to ber, and If It should prove tbat the lurmlae? of tbo daughter are correct, this important discovery sill doubtless form the nucleus around which w.ll gather a web of clrcuraatautial, if not poe'ltve avl dtnsa that will lead to the conviction of the murderer. The Giand Jury will he occupied with tbe exan. ualion Of Witnesses for several days vo noma. The Dead Letter OUtce. By special report to the Called ? la tee ^onslo, vha Tib of May laat, tbo Poatmaatcr General recommeolod, ia response to a resolution of that body, inprovcmeuis a the details of the Dead Letter Offlye, which were favora bly received by tbe Committees on tbe Post Offloe of both bouses of Congress. Among other things, it was urged not only tbat letters containing money or other valuable enclosures, cut also many otners of moment, should be restored to writers when they failed to reach their correspondents from sun dry causes; and a bill? expressing tbe news of the com mittee, making provision accordingly, and authorizing a charge of postage on a'.l returned letters?for want of lime failed to beoome a law. Since the adjournment of Congress letters have been restored, so far as the limited force weald allow, without re'erenoe to tboae containing enclosure*, and tbe results have been blgbiy satisfactory. Particular atten tion has been given to letters returned to tbe depart ment for tho wast of prepayment of posege. Many were addressed to foreign countries. Instructions bars also been given to postmasters re quiring letters not properly directed, sod those without any direction, to be returned at once to the Drat Letter Oftloe, end of snob many are dally received, opened yd returned without delay to the Inadvertent writers. ' An important change bae also beeo made a tbe In structions concern is g 'otters from foreign countries, which have heretofore been retained in past orfaee bet one moetb after having been ad rerllsed. They are now to be retained three months, lbs better to ensure delive ry and to reduce the uumber of dead letters of this do ?ertpUoo. A few reports have been received, snowing the return of letters from post offices, not through this deputraen , but by author Ity of the law o( the laat ear si >u, provid ing for auch returns la ease* where the settlors give their names In writing as an endorsement, together with their residences, on tbe letters, specify .eg the time during which they shall be held for delivery before the'r return to the respeotlve writers thereof. Xino'a F. Amodu, broth*r of tbe en nowoad and rotund baritone, made b.a &rtt appaa-anno on any stage at lbt?(tbealre mat n gbt, and Bang the rvl* oI (.ormoot tn '-La Travtata," the Yliletta bet ig Madame Corteal, aad the Alfredo, fignor Mugtaat. The a i f tec a wae the largeet of the eeeaoe, an 1 the perfemasoe aiio gother uattefactory. With the performancee of Hoe. Oorteel and Btgnor Muaiaal in the "IraTiata" the pubi c la already familiar, but the debut of Sign- r Anodic ?ui after Uie manner of a new eenaatton. Wo bel.eve that be ta tbe only Italian atnger urbo haa elected to mako bla de but to the I'htted Plate*, and thla mak?j the event doub j Interesting. When ire aay In addition to tb.a lb .t Signer A mod to haa a due, foil, lympathitic voice, with a fair, .y resemblance to hi* brother'* noble organ that be gjiga like a tboroogbly trained ailtat. '.bat hi* acting waa deli cloualy pet;. He, and that be waa nearly frightened out of bl* wlu, we have told the whole Story. We may aay, however, in addition, that Stgnor Amod.o mado a mat favoraMe lmprttalon cprn the audience, act that bla carter ujrn# wltb a brU '.ant pteallg*. TbI* evening, at Xiblt'a, Mr. Forreat will appear aa Hamlet for lbs fifth time tiane bla rm'r-'t 'tn Tturamy Mad.tmo Gbrtcal will ting in 1'aclni'a opera of ? Meo w, ' to be girth fur tbe Brat time in New York A' jriuT or Mttur.?Tit grand opera ' Hubert i? C a ble," la to be given tbla evening la ! reach, f the Bret time, wa believe, In tbiaclty. Tbe pr no ,?*. r.- w II be lung by Mme Colann, litre Ifimtrek. MM '.CLtkrU and Fblllipe. from tbe New Or lean* Opera bo tea. Mr Boi anrAnt u Loxnew ?Mr. and Mr* W**f'.-*i, t made tbelr debut at tbe Now Adelpbl, on the lotb liiet. tn the " Colleen Beam'' aad 11 Tbi Yo .ng Actfeaa," Tbe London I turnali deacrlbe " Tbe Colleen dawa'* a* a great blt.aadoaila Mr*. Bourcieaull a" premie Jig at 1 pre'ty actress.'' (lapreme Cawrt?Uemeretl Tcrui. Before Hon. Judge* Butberland, Boaaey aad Alien. rni uroitP comnaaiTOrow' case. Tin 21 ?In Iht matter nf Lkt Ct/mmiuumerl ? J At o J r*. TTt ll< a i d of ft.yti-rtwi.-M* waa aa appeal from tbe Special Term where a mac dam a waa gruel ed igaingt the Bard of ."uparvlaor* to ootnpti tbeoi to tbe iua of fM otd) .a U.e tax levy fur the pa-a tlfl* aa authorised by lite act of tbe 1-rgw.aiore The Court rualalned the opinion of Jade* . d at Ppr.ial Trim. Judge Hunney, how. ver, eapreaeed b-a dtieenl fitm eon e of the vhweof Judge Hutberlai.), a* exntrrtttl in U.e special T?rm opinion, thai. Prat, be did not think there bad been auffmaot demand by platatiPe, at d tefuard to comply by the Hupervaore to I i*t.fy tb<- i**.. bg cfaprreaaptary mar. dam-ia and** nrd, be did not Ibiak tl.e Su.wrvtnora should ba compel,el Uj raise eny of tbe f?0 CfO until It waa Orel judicially latwr ir.intd exactly what amount wae duo, aad to which U> tiaiiuaaie were Justly entitled In the other genera. \ aw ? on Ihe cci.?tlU.Mja uf the law be aoarorretf Mr A K lawteaee, Jr., on behalf of Use SuperiX r*. stp.i'd for a tiny of prtceed.aga, la ?m of aa a. pea! tn the t. url U Ap|??ts, hut tbe Inert refuaed Jodge fulfil r and sai.l Ibat as the |?remptory mar.'at. .a wooidiott njeltte iBimrd ml* 1st us of lb* lax oookf, tnlj that, wbeu Baaed, tbry should cgla.ii provl* on for lb* disputed M0 0CO, bears, If IheBaparvisor* wnat ed to appeal they conld e, ml nua to bold be-Ji tbe booke asullMiitLt hmgtli of l av to eaahle twu k spit n its. lar couree. Judge Allen r<?g*et*d that the quert on waa oner* m ejotisiblhly r?r?ly If tbe !*?uer?.*ots i-Joae to b-.l 1 back U.1 tax b<?< As. tb?y m.*ht <id * > hot they l a l alrtadyb-.o krpl betk t?o mot.lba, sal the C .-rt rliL'd to Irk* the reepooeilllity o. any further Jelay by grai.ting a slny. Imtlk J. Aatfmsa r* /<sdc (Vniey ? Jrder f lb* *' * clai afflrnttd with 110cret* Antra Ibrri-k J.,Alt Raf*> -Order t: <(* -J Turn si rmed with 010 oral* /I I'mUr Lard rt. Auyo, '<u Ai r,f?Order a- net .', a it hoc i cuala, Judge Bimr.ey dinaeatlag. < erase re' Imrgmaeta. Fv?rirto\ pv Fori Puv -Oa nlxy mrrning en known man naa found In n vneanl Int nt the rent of ft. I nk*'* H'spitnl. hleading from tbe mouth ar t e*r . - ad In an iraeeklftle condltkia. Tbe 'ajurad maa ?a* U rn into the Imwj.IUI by the Ninteonth po bit nolwilbatnedhtg every nllent. o wna pnH h'm be d ed n the nourae of the t igbt Owoi-er Jnckman taid *a n tjnr It upon ths body i f drceaned the fWlun in? 'lay, ?' *? a pott ?t rt, m nan. ;tnl n of tbs r' toa.n* ale ?? that t". alb bad been rnuaed by frnstora of tbs nkell, the re* u of arme eiUrnal injury Bnw or n abet ma. ner tbo Inlori In 'lurmlfo wa* produced did not npneur. ee tb*e rould any tli.e be *m.idtd to the Idaaitlty of \t ?#** >d ivcmacd wn* about twenty kv* jrnratdnae, van Ave ftet ten melee t leigM. I.*d uxtk bn.r and blark eyeg He wae dre?" d in * b ite cbtth ctmt, br .wn l pint* I. ess and kwnlb bet. In lb* abteoce of all tee* miry, i r ury were oow>i?'Ied to rar tar a em dint of Oan'.h f rm tetlure of the kknl w tbout nttrlbitlngtbe e.'.fy to eny p*i??n ?r rtrw>oe (?ajnitTOt'aai niiv ?Fatrrok rhylo, * aallv* of etxad, i gvd Ud years, am' at the New York ftaapttai . estortey from IhC tP'Ctl of IrJorPw ar .ideetnily reaelied on FM day wk.l* getltcg out of nrson rlbua ia Broadway. P*. resard, It aipentr. tupped and fell ohile -ettlrg o.l <4 a stage, eben entdher one rem* op, and tief-ae h? eoeld get flirt of lh? wey ibe sheela patasg over big body, .niif ur h m fatally Tbe Juty rendered a rbrd ct *?" 'Ac :d?aial death." Fati Astjiir wai.g l.rnittn rt a Yarn Paa oTn 0i? X.1.I.V-IO v.,?# on Monday r.gbt, a man 1 tired Unaerd Hil'n.aird to a ? family tbnt b* crobahljr would nt i he eeen *e*m 1 'bm wor d. In lb* ocmn af llr i, (-l.i Ir prnvlt'rd b maelf w'Ui a kM.t? line, and Bil.t into l e ? lid hi nte, wbere h wttalierwarda fbur.M In a ?Jtieg t ? t en w rb 'J"?oord imunl b e n?*,g, aad He n'her end aiiaelto a ove-Bud, be be ng 'eat ?a leap

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