Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 27, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 27, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 8785. MORNING EDITION-THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 1860.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE TWO CENTS. ?HIPPIKQ. nroiLr communication by stram brtweicn VT Hew Tort end L rerpool, eallng >1 Queeoatowu, Ins ' '/and, to land and embark paeaemars and despatches. The .'Jrarpooi, Haw York and Philadelphia Steamship HoMpanrY ipleodM Clyde built Iron Screw Btcamiiilps, are latauded to ?Mil ?? follow* ran* k?w tork roR urcxroot,: KAHUAROO. Saturday. HfflenlwfTI. EnrNBt'BOH. Heiu-dar October < OLAWOW, Saturday, October Id. ? , find every Saturday. throughout the year, from Bier No. 14, ratrs or rtMAOR. Oabln to Queeeatown a- IJr*rrocl $78 Cabin to London, (rta IJrerpoo' ?*? "Hliienir to <Jn? ea?iown or Liverpool ,t) Hteermge to loal? S3 Oteerag* return tickets, available for ui month*, from Ur erpooL 4U F*a**ngera forwarded to Rarre. Part*. Hamburg, Bremen and Antwerp thmrgh rates. Oerllfloauwof pwwag* ltaued from Liverpool to New York, 4U " " " from Queen**. >wu to " $30 Three eteamera hare auprrtor a?*c<vn mulatto* for 1'aaw ? deem, are eouatructrd with water t'^ht cim"ai-.(nrat*, and car try experienced Snrgeou* Fur freight or oanaoae spr'.r at the rvlre of the romptny. JOHN O. I) IS Broadway. New York, Age. In Llrorvooi >o WM ;N M AN. Tower Bedding*. In Olseguw to WM. INMAN, ? Kuoct H-iutr* TUB JfOBTK fllUlVAM LLOYD'S STEAMSHIP BKfC VKN H Weasels. commander, cirrylng the (Jelled State* tnall, will can ou SATURDAY, SEPT. 29. at 2* o'clock P. 51., roK ? BUKMKN, VIA SOUTHAMPTON, fakir* p menu" m f r LONDfFlL UAVKK. nil iTHaMITON AND BREMEN. ~ At tre following rate i Vina cabin .... BUY) tweood cabi t Ho Steerage $M Foe frrUh1 or I eauige. apply at Ukl.PCKK, KKUOEN A itEJf'HKTT, No. S3 Broadway. The 1JRKMEN will nil from the opoosbe pier 30, N K , and paasr tiger*. with their baggage will be put on Iroard by a neamhoit plying regularly between the pier and lb* ship The la?t boat leaves the pier at 1)6 P. M. preclacly. TDOR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVE* -ON SATURDAY, JP Oetober IS. the United State* mail eteamer A&AUO, U. Ldnea. mmmandor, wrtll tall from Pier 37 North rlrer, f?A. Of Beach etreet. on Saturday, net. 13, at noon. Thil eteamer - un*>trp*jred for ?afety and comfort? ha* double engine* uider deck, eu.-.loeed by water tight compartment*, which, betide* ?other reeulta. tend In the erect of oolllalon or htrandiug. to keep the pomp* free to work and secure the safety of vessel and paeeengers Price of paaaage in second ca'dn. i7S acd tdil. For frefghi or pannage apcly to oA*L'EL >1. FOX. <idO. MACEENXIE, egert*. No 7 Broadway. The eteamer FUL TON will aaU November 10. ST BAM TO LONDONDERRY, OLA810W AND LIVER POOL?Bhoitaet sea paeeage to Europe, by the Montreal ocean |mal! niram r Jl'U.v, Moolv, commander, frim Quebec. Saturday F> ptemnrr 23 Rate* of paeeage to Lou doodcrrr, U'.eag .w or Liverpool:?First claae, till anJ$dd, steerage fSO (In.-1 idlng oc?<n passage and free ticket), either br way of Boet >o. Fortlaud vvh'te Monti its) to Qneiiec, or by Hudson rl?er, I ake 1 plain, Von-re vl (Victoria Bridge) to Qnebec with the privilege of remalnl-* over at eny point. For dourMa'Ccke. and pataaga apply at the (loutpan) 'a otllee 33 Broadway. SAPKLA Skak'.k. general paueuger agent* Tor the taxed hte'ea. 1LEAZCR JONES, Manager. flSUB HANlirK'l AMERICAN PACKET OOMPANT'S A aaall s'.eamahlp TEUTtiNIA. H. Taubc. commander, will tear* fur Hamburg. .Southampton l-mduu and liarr* on ilaaday, Oct. I. at 12 M. Flrat cab'n 8100 arc >od cabin, $40. Steerage, $? C. K. RICH A RD A BOAS, 1S1 Broadway, N. Y. dp SAXON IA will auoceed the feutonia. XjSROM IRBL4ND TO NBW TORK BY STB AM.-PAH V mogrra bootrd from Quaenstnwo (Ireland) to New York gar $80 Udadlug provlaintii, by the ?plendUl lav. iteamship* St irp.*)i New York and Philadelphia line, tearing i erer? Tburedey in the year. For paaaage apply enaapany'a i Ihce. It oroa lwar JOHN P. PALB, AgenL riR LIVICRPO' L.-THSI ELBRR ATBD CLIPPBR SHIP DBBaDKOCOHT, Uiptaln Samuels. a> knowledg?4 b> be the faatraPrea**! afloat will poeillrei) aall on the 10th Octobpr. m. - | . rk|?? apply Immediately to secure bertha onboard, pier 6 North tirar, or to P. M. DBMARBST, W South I F? y?p tasdm B MYBBPOOIc?OI.D RI.ACK STAR LINK.?TUB packet ship KFS LI' I E, lying ?t pier J7 Rust river, sails X7lh beutcmiwr. Th? I'KN'll'Rt'iS sails 4Ih 'tcbrber For tply '? li'wri), or to WILLI AMs A <1UION tOFul THlPSOOTT'S LINK OF I.1VKR1-.WIL PACKETS BAUM Thursday, 37 U iu?wnt at 12 o'dnrb. The well known and foot eailiug par art ship <?(' V M a N R KKINii, tlapteiu Dollard, y iWIIi sly w o a k ove. F <r poeeare in cabin sscood oabln mad moorage. a, ,'y on ' writ, at pier 45 Baat Klrer. tAPPMNitl A CO . 34 South straet Tm t line < p i.ttkrpool paobbtr Pa? ket t-rpo tuier 23 - fae wall known and fast selling ?s?M *4*1; Hi V MANNKKINi*. Ca|>t Dullard, piMUre.y ?oils oa oleive Fo'pseaaae In cabin. Ore >nd ca' in aod steer aire, baring uuanrjiaakud w-co-nmolaiio'is, apjlr no bard, pbf M Beet rlrar. or lo t APS '<) IT A CO , H4 Smlh street. r>* UVBRPCOJ, _7?JB CKLX tRATF.D CLIPPER ?hh> '? I (it I N a U yo'itltrlr h*u la sti eain 'lis day, * ttfdlnrl f V. 1 he r'lu per ship n h. > K Y ? I, a V *1' no > ins ad and aod m a 'aw da * I ?r .wwa a> plr on board, or to K ?Colli* N |i?,u the III a, oj pic 3 curb river. ?t'OB IIVUPPI ft. - Ti K BI.aCK HALL LINE CMP F oer ehi ViiblC-lll K talis this day frmu pier 23 Baa' rlcer. The an ,' f II Fl.i A-ai't ix-'o'w I Tor iu?a|? apply lo JalloH WILSON, 108 South etraat. XMR 1 It KK < OIk-THR F aVORIIB PaCERT SHIP T Jl Kh* 1AII THUNieirN has .u crior a??cnwaoltUoas tor til c 'tH '*b tii i)Hh?p|t|frB, m tl hUI Mil ou Mon ley. Octal*r 1 Apply no .board at pier36 Kant river, or to C\ A. TR* KICK. >17 south itrect. OTBame* < r (?cTOBina o rc'R SulTHtMPfOH ASD 1IAVRK. 1 ii? L't. kI flrt>< ?i-il M. it ntlup A 1>A1 ATM, loatph J. k -tiu-mvod# . * 'I' aatl fmm th? fox of <'??< Mit< I <i> Mlu. ;ar. UnlM' I, ?l 10 \ M, nrl'b mill*, jj ? ? r ?? r? ? >? ?f ? i: ? lor llir ahore port* forfrrlaM ... ..?> cr ^1.1? %? tb* offloeof theHorti Alai Ue Itrantali'p I *np*j?, S? wall With, r nm Ho 4 I. r M.KiMIBHH. H*crr *ry. _0*UMW(U VI A flSlKt A Am < .n?a ?' ? ? -nr w..! I**vr >r? Tor* ibe Id, Ulh aod iTdrlin nth r.ort | wbrn th?wt div-Va fall on Biimlaf. _*thed*ru: ? ?rtur? *i ; br tbr Mnaaar ltd! twin* Tor fi m>i ? ' | ?iu> apply at tea oulv ofl, *e S(>. 177 ITart n enrv>-r of I>. ft At.LKT. Areot. CTUR HILrl' fl'RBA ? B AMU A R 'X) U *K-Pa?'BAT P far Ontfrr 1 -Tb* a>**Rt Al fad nulla* hark OKU 41ADRR W I mUof and *11! aul a**. Thai' h ta aupertor nawnaatoawtt m* ' r 1m an.: ?v ?t rl.u paaaao/ar*. a few Mia*./ we: a c n Saturn I' immxt'aia apnUrairt* le mad*. Ifnr fratwh: ? paaafc app'r n irmr.', at p.rr Id Ktat nrtr. or to LOail A yUKHFIU. 108 Wall ptreet. .ItXIA HA V ?S A P CaM Uttet Mai' Ptaairahln U a. I ravin* array t arn y ilara troin rush port. HI K AMAH IP tjUAKhtt Ill'fV. K. W S?nf?!dt, c tort mender TMa flarnrltr auan.rr Ittlar ? ??n Ibnroaihiy oaarbanlad mad rndttr ' ?(". rrc ..arlitpt f. r'h* above po.n on Friday, tb". ?-rr 5 at IT o'd-rh. fram piar II Worth rive-. Prrt*ht rarn- ?1 f trtntrr I. HI la of I ad to* furnMMl a-xl aarard oa boa-' >n craaeotatbv of elraraarr For I r*t*bl or panmce ipr'.r III II t Rtlail'b A CO.. 1) Nantt tlrret. Hrr tail trip* ?IH o* t.ilii'rr 21 aod S jvaoabrr lA H ATABA AHO RBW ORI.BABA. BVBBV TBH DATII. Fan* Atil m To *?ll a* Monday. "<doS*r I, al II o'rloek. ?Mr niBHTlf.LE. tart J. D HiU.nA, will? ibrrW, aed ??M to raw r 'r?lrht on Tbamlay. Hautrmbrr ad atari fma plar tint of Mnrrar a real. Hortk -tver. JjVTXi-T* >f i*fh illni'S A CO. MMorrhyet TV* CAItAX 'A will <*U oa Uta I lib, *>d tAa 1>B BOrO 81* af Oddwr CsREAT K! t ( TIOJT IS f?I"K TO r V>* OKI BtKH ARD MaVAHA NIK tHrHIF HTAR 'IT THK WKnT, I at t H P. Hrl3m, W i ravr pl?r frot of Warpr-i atrert. On M. .dav, IMA R. at 1 o'elta* P. W. fra *ht I ? >??? < T'aana. 28 annte par . ni.ta fo*t. rtltk paeaat* Haw t..rleaa# I? < ahtti paaaara In Havana ?0 ?Aaaiaar pa **tt t" Raw < Tirana or Havana 28 It. O. BodBKTB AranV, 117 Wratatrart IVima r of Warren atrret PlawataAlpt I bC* :# t tla and Kapi-a (711/ will latra OaWiber *0 awl WT ______________ uaoB *|w ORl.*?SS IUBFT. p To wvil FB10AV. Hopt W atllo'rlooB. f'ae ft at and favorltr atwawthip TBSRBtrKB. raiilatn Th rmaa T .rhra. Will Mil aa \hwr, : .-am plrr font of Morrav atprrt B. R. Tor frwtakl or naaaar*. havtnr arland: I aaooman?laton* for eabtu aed ororvif.- raawticera app. i to UflHUBtok, t^BiMlJlBROB A IX)., ?A Morrm/ atreM. Tb* TSMHBHSBR w'.'.! Iraa* Raw Orlnane for Vera Crur on r l*lh 'Htltkar ton BAVASffAH -THK Pi R8T <7LAHH HID* WHPBI. P ptad'1 ol t IK OP OBORillA, I'aplala J. J, llarvta. al aril front Phi adatphi* for H* van a ab oePttur.UT.28tb lactam her at M n o^wk A. V Fo parlor ttata noma mar be nawired by et:pi?:"A f A- lIRRfB. Jr., IM Bortb wbarvaa, PbiUAelpim. Tb* ateaeta* B BTSTOHB FT I TB will aaD ** abnwa for CbahMlB. Oabthar 8 at l? o'alork A. ?. U?OR LJVBRPCOL - TUB FPI.KNim) SHIP VA* P Of ABU ''ap'aln llallatt w ?: p.ialUvaly tall on V oodtv. Ortober 1 Tor rat. a I i w?h '.p: v Imierdlalal* on Ivoard Me. plar II I at r.rtr, ort.JfhPH MfRPHT.n Hontb tr Wait rR BAVAH S A II AH D TUB AorTH Btranah r MOMTOOUBKY ' apt *?. C. Barry. nrtl^taav# p irr 12 Nor A rlt.r, oe TUaraday, Aept 17, ?l fwtr kTVkata far a% ,.uah al'H inrtr tttr 1 ancgntmplatloea, 8. RrwOrMat. t X l> pt Moo'r .ntrffTTBI, Bo fa *. BM. Albaof y.i. iviiatat.n* Hi. at.anU HI ?*r..n. WW. Aimer. . 117 Ml Tie Wet Ul oral* per font. * poly to ?1 It r 'OMirin.l. A fX)., * Ww atrrat and XM Broadway. rlB BAV A SB a IT A XD TItM BOtTTH. Tb* naw atr latth.n B R ri'TI.KH tiapt. Prrd'k Crtwk ?. wtB t?*vr t i?r 12 Hwrtb rt-ar. on Mat trday, kept. 29, at 8 lb* trr maiodattnra for pmarn*are on Ihn atmartor loth-a* of anv Mh*r vamrl. I Ivbrta t ? 1 V< H rw Or1?*n*. Ml 71. Wohtl*. pt Mnnten. m*ry, Hh MampWa. 88178: * aal vt l*. 827 71; KnorrltleL |W Sran- ^WiTi<K=^ ? rwWMWn 8? BJH /PfXrvWPl.t. A CO.. *4 Waaler rat and 8.1} Brand way. Itiom hatahsah abi? othbh poihth ah mnxiw - r Tb* dm r'taa tida ?h*al atramtblp A CHUBT A, ITapl M * Woodbi-IU .r?vr Batnr.Uy hrt.t T*. at t P M . from jvtar Ho | H wt* rltar. Tarptab tickat* oaa be had for the Haw^^r^a 888 7* Voht a HJ , Mon'rinery, t? B.i "anla. Abt pit t oiontfja. Ml aiharr. H.7. Itlula. Hit 'btttuopv fjt Htahtil* M7 78. Bpfnvt'l- HIP Tun. iMn Ml ;? . -hi r Por fratphi or patMpr atplf at II Broad** Tbr nramr Pit All,*, - apt 'mar t.'ro Harannah 81A rar. .wet! arlli (itroml. end aall on Toae*. 'he t till' - AAMcKI. U ?UT1IIIIX A AOB IIUTflro. rn KKT WEST AMD HaEANA VIA CD a Ill.KtiTON ? The elegsuLoommndloua nod awlft United States mall st< swthlp IK A BEL 1'aptaln ffiili.'am Rollins, el1! tfewe pier 4 North riv*r ot Frldxj, October 12 for Ary West and He van*, touching oil Charleston tn rwMra malls sn! passengers. Th'avessel baa water Hi hi ontDpartuien'a: la rated Al by tha under writer* of both Europe and America, and, from recent - Ijr introduced Improvements, together with the nVr eprevl rcputatl 11 ul her popular cuiuQiaudcr, la by far the safest and Muffi agreesb t c nyevunra f,,r the above aoria for freight or pittance apply to HPOFEORD, TILBdTON A OO., 29 Hroad tray. THROUGH FRKMIIT ARRANOKM1CNT. FOR MMb folk, Portsmouth, ( Ity Point and Ri h.-uoud, connecting with Norfolk and Petersburg and Konthai-e Railroads for Lyrrhburg, Krlaiol, Memphis and intermediate stations Freight recetred every day. and through reeeipta Iurniahed, at pier IS Forth rlrer Steamship JAMESTOWN, Caot Skinner, leaves erery Tuee day, at 3 f V, Steamship ROANOKE, Uapt Courh, erery Thuriiday. at S P M., celling at Old Point Comfort to tand paa aet gera Steamship YORK TOWN, Opt. Pariah. every Batur dav, at S P M Freight to Portsmouth or Norfclk, 7 centa per foot; to City Point. 8 crnla nud to Klehmond 9 oenta Pannage to Norfolk stateroom end meal* lnoiuded. it. to Petemtmnc or Richmond. ?10. Kieuraion ttoketa to Norfolk and back SIS; to Petersburg or Ricbinned $15 LODLAM A IIEINEKEN, 115 Broadway. HOINKN, ROOMS. SC., WASTED. A PARIMENTS WANIBD-IN A RESPECTABLE LOP A xi lion, wiltnn ttfteen mlnutea of Broadway and Canal si eat, by agentleman, wife and three children; Baasmant io I r Included Address with partlculara aa to terms Ac., R. I'. W., boit 1 Jug 1'oat cUlce, ihta week. HOUSE WANTED-GOOD location, in EXCHANGE for I/aa or Till* Sites; near and enay of acc-we to the city. App'y at 321 Pear I street, rear office. HOUSE WANTED?IN A DESIRABLE LOCATION, h large House or two hnuaea suitable f<ra boarding bonne must have all the modem Impr ovenienia. Addreaa, w ith real name, terma, location, Ac , T. K., Herald office. 1ITHOGBAPFIO PRINTEBP. - OMR FIRST CLASH J cra> maud cdor printer, and one general printer wanted Iniinediati ly Addreaa Middle.on, htrubridge A Co., Cincinnati, Ohio. PART OF A FURNISHED HOUSE WANTED-BT A small family. In the tipper part of the oily. Addreaa, tutlr g items. C., box 1,331) Poet office. Room wanted in vicinity of union square. A good aired Room, well altuated, between Union siuare ard Thirteenth (tree's, Ig-xlogion aod Fifth avenues, wanted lor school purpose, for n email eiaaaof young ladles. Addreaa box 2 917 Post cilice. W' ARTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WIDOW LADY. A House, furnished or partly furnlahed. In same desirable locality down town, suitable for boarden; where the rent would be taken In board preferred. Any party hevlegiueh a bouse and wishing to make an arrangement of Una kind will pleaae address C. O., Herald office, for one week YVTANTED-A SMALL HOUSE, CONTAINING FOUR FT or lire Rooms, with modern Improvements Addreaa Hubert Jackson, box 105 Hera d office, staling partlculara. WANTED-A FIRST CLASS HIGH STOOP WELL FUR mabed Hruae, situated tn a desirable logaUoo. Poasoa ?i..p required by tha 15th day of October. Address H. F. B , box 2 295 Poat office. WANTED-A SMALL HOUSE, OR PAST OF A HOUSE, immediately, In the vicinity ot Weat T btrteenlh street. Address Adam, Herald office. HfANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, THREE TT or (our unluruiabi'd Rooms, betw en Canal and Bank ?tieets Rsnt not to exceed fit per month. Addreaf J. K. T , No. I Barclay street. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?FIRST OK SECOND Floor of a house In gnat la itioa, consisting of three or (cur unfurnished rooms, rent (1.14) or $200. or h LVttsse tn the eoui.try, acceaslble to the city. Address U. M. 0., box 190 Ue raid i lb Mb YVTANTKD TO HIRE-PART OF A MODERN HOUR* TT of from four to six rooms, at a rent of from 1175 to $125. Pomi eaten wauled October I Addreaa W. H S , M Dey at. AMID TO I EASE-IN THE UPPER PART OF THE edy fir light manufacturing purpose# a Koim 100 feet lope by li.rty to hftv wide, also an adjoining ro"m, Sfly feet by tv enty t:ra. A lower dcur would he preferred. Address, w is all particulars sad prepaid, box 2.0dfi, Poat offiae. w MATRIMONIAL A MATRIMONIAL QUIDS lo Invert of t th sexes. Ortd'a Art of lore, nicely band tn blue aed gl'L New edit o Kteel IBnetrattaoi I'm v (1. Addreaa R. H loheetm 167 WRItam street A t A'lHlttoNlAL-A RKSPRCTABlE AMERICAN Awl RM ticmai'. aged lymi'y ? en. of g?d spp-arenca, with ample means to live In style, le desirous to (orm Ilia ac q natulan? of young lady, or wiJow, age 1 f out sixteen to year*, of a gentle and affectionate ffigpoSNVm; m.ney is nut desirable, but a true heart ts pre'erable, to make brute happy. Addreaa, ? ontidrntly, Fraecta Ltvlngatoa, for on# week, Unlos ? ;usre Poet office. ? W-ATRIMONY MaDB EAST "-RHOWINO THESE ill erst how to wis a lover sad be speedtly married. A new Hook for both sexes Free for 21 oenta a d trees 8 , VTtl Uam A Oe. publtehara. bos INS PktladelohU Pom offiae NMCELLASBUI'l. A vslni RARE DHANOK FOR INVEST VENT.-TH R MOST skeptlral can t>e la mediately oonyioeed of Pa utility -nl value. Pt>gHm'a patent It a recent Invent; >o or making wrier, imterdraln au.t all kinds of pi^ea or sewera. at leas i offi and or superior quality In any other Th* uropretor no* biles all the unsold Weatrrn an t nowtbern territory ijr II >eial terms. For the purchaaa or Informal <ri apply to II PtM ltKR. at *|>euld1ng A Fonte a. No. JM tlreeuabh street on Wednradsr, Tkurvday and Ft;lay, fnnn 9 A M MJP. M . after that tie New Britain. Cues Set u fir a circular. BKAiniNO MAi-HINEN, OF VARIOUH BINDS. M \ND factored tor rear by the nniteretgncd Parties who erf li want of the above earned article, or of earla for r. jalra will please sd '.rcsa New Karglaad Butt Co., Providence, R 1. CTRL EL'S ALPINE BITTEES? J Caixgn THE BENEFaCTOR P. t pared ot the beet f wtm herbs, earsfnlly selected bp PR CRUAL. A ccrain remedy heeiaai all diaurdera of tha stanarh. aa dtspepaie. Irdlaesri ai natulerey. he ? Ac., 1 ?It I and reeom B.epued bynnwahei ot tbe -u wt r-lebratd phyffi Pane, bolh of X "rope he l Amerlea Price Ofty ceils per bottle lloM only by Jt/HN LRNaRATA M ban street. New Tort. (ViVMIWdON FOR 1HK rxjffiMONffiF.Al.rHo) MAMA J i b i sens ?ffi F1 Kb)-.- AMaPhey a' l.sw, N.eanr Pub lie. < > yaisH'C. r fr-r all the tales Lieua e"i *U'"d For ra'e. m> M, rnidd'e of h ook Btrtv loorh aed htxtv flflh fiasta. Mffipofn Mpv entk end Twe ftb aveinea. ffiamel. a ,i,l i?ms In Jersey or this Hal- No 135 Br.tdwsv. room No * X a; )'? It PI.ANTRRA, AND DF.Al.ERJ4 IN AURICUL r tnrxl Implements. K'eeds .4 1 will ted a largo vse-.rtmenl at No. 54 Vase) s.raet. New Tork. JvHN MATIIBR. ijvm, BirLBM. mviMiKs, mat bclts aba U roirtn. Powdar Mull l?*wa Rap*. An.-Ika Ivma btal aad clxvvmtwuwi la Iba ?br M f RKTNOL1NP old ra?abl:.had Hun Mora. " ' w-"-? |?f Ail poud* war MARRI.B BAN1B1.A?ON AOOOl'NT Of IIIOTAl ? M lk? (A w rortm Ika ? . ? nk-r -Par. lila Mo k of Ma tcarp, iMtx.e and vatoad M.ntrt al a Ml radiiinina. A kl.AftBH. maib?( rard, 1U Aaai Mphmalh dnAtMol Third ??attia. haw Tort. 0TBTKRR1 OTNTKRR' BT TUB I.OOU. 100 AND yU A NT.? ? Baal opto* r Rtow h tac mrrt for II earn*. f'.BlUaa and t aifa# aoo.Uad at ba iVkai nolle* maala a? a'l k-xirt, ?J Ika di-lnp aalooa. IM Prtoa* atraac Tba proi r.eiat pra far* iba qulrh sii jaoca to tAa alow ablUtup. tUUTIBO BLATIB OPTU ? BAULBBLATB cXIMPANT art. (eapark - ? --- - - - ? ' netaintof ra'a Ika A|tai nt df ?l. Naw Tort. Sta RH KNR-H I'BBVBNTBO ANII UUBBD-BPKRT paratn potap to aaa atonid ba pmrldad ?tt? RIM.Ikii ? BpactV (or aaa ticka* aa. i aa of the anal ?rraaafui aadlrtaae prrr mtrodorad to Iba ???lira of tba p'lblkt au1 tha oolj rtat ay iba? ran ba rabad npoo for at lap rail*/ to tkai dl.lriap malady. TaWin.on ala to Ha ralub eoaitaaallp racairad. Pra l.rrdwlalp bj tba prnprtator. W.H RIM.IN'I, itaailal IV > a aula atrrat. Bdinburp; bad bold bp blto bad a!' chrmuaa ?uJ I'l ipt* ?. II. boUlaa ?l la. lud Aid fatally hrdUaa ai*?l 'Pl.r aaal. <Ma 2* bl Hhotoaalr aamu Bainiaa A <Vv, 1-aPh and I rpor.) abianla and raiail apoot fur tba orato of andland. Hnrb Hart, rb-Blto. Ik Arprla diaal 'Uaaptw. la atonf for iba -*r i"e <+ rata jo-, ? (at RUOriNd hi. A TIN OP TU " BAULBBLATB CUBPAB1 art of aopartor qiaUtT, tow end, lira proof, rtaid port an ' naiatouar rala walar -nd laat a Ufatttob. ButtdPra, ad draaa ika Apaat of tba acaapbap. 0. farato, 17 'laltoaB - A ? h ? arm inc fob bba bioknbm. i ?< <bbb-HorrBAB a psbwmi * nhowoam * arai o ira 4* < Ankara Hradd. A ranaral aaaittaant of kbn? < aara a?i?t onttounlp oa ban I, o. 1 aaaaa takaa to ei otai go Urdera rnunptip naa iiad. S" SHOW CARBB. Of *t#ry daarriptloB. man if art trad bp 0. WINTBB, If Noth WllUam Itraat. N. B ?A pood aaaortmrnt canelaatlp on bant. SBTTTN0 BAfHTBICB.- ABT PBBtoiN HAVIBU OXB Of Whattor A Wltooi a Imp H plala Bawli:,- Barb aa 10 kail, will p|r?aa add rani J. H . bop 2 IM foal Naw Tort, far ooa waak. rnoBi UBB. tobctb. roBium 1 CottOBED aIONaLI, LANTBBNB, AC Ordan foe KB or No n Watar ptrtw*. rt CBDRIWIONBP. HATINO BNRB APPOINT BO aoto aaaata for tha tola of iba oalabratad WAI.TJkNB lllABONO COAL ANII MA<"'IINBAT OILB, Aia oaw praparad to affar to tba trad# tkaaa tola to lew ti rilt ctrrbaaara on tba moot iibaral tmm Htob fla ara trarraoiad pnra and nparlor to bap otbar of- 1 farad to UP* warkat Tba marhtoorp all to aapaetollp raaoaiaandad to fiat rnnalap anrbtaaa tba mal ul Awaa rotop?>l*na w.tb ?ap to tb i Bbrkat to rapt'd to brir tart *ad atradiuaaa uf u?h: Wa ara ? *--lp -aauta aanilwtonta.p aad Ihtta Oil* to ttoai: or torpa Turn Uaa. bttbar to boot ott dotp pait . Baaplaa e*n '? 'i*d or appitoaitoa A. BOI.LE'. A <x> Ai l. oattf ?trrat TRKBrNHOVB T NKNT, "raa; tola id UK. WINIB. OBOtllNtrc PLOVB and I'RiTIbIOrh _ . Piiallp Moor W ? 1*4 W W1 par hartal. Naa Z?Mt? l>irr 1*1* ? rdBM P*r poood Ctontra Oiran awl Bl?r* Taaa. ThN paatAtoap poood Bnpaan abolaaala aad ralaU al raflnara prt ? UradadaUrcrtd Ima THOBAh \4 AUNKT. 71* Uraaaw *b and W Bo< ~ap to-arta ? 'all aad aaa for pi.-traoiTra \\ Th* rn- PPHIK Nt W|?H1N<?" TO 'IRTKld A T| dttorr nod ail wh > b?ra |*? hr ,liirw b> tb ?? No PI httrtoM-art Id ad <t jrr. t onto Bo T I a?*| r ? ??! wTitol r?? ra p. tWKHR' p F Alioraap andOnnrwll ir M Iaw. ? AA? (WII|0a* *? h*' i-lRB'.t BTIRfR-.! I ?r5T d'J ."J.V"'U pr-rar pv na IP to Ar. ?.?!?. to. J'a- tkdar tba ?-?'?? td <* At I lato'iwd Oaapk.-p t-ran. .wAtoi.f.. a.iwtaav' to A WW a INSTRUCTION. AT 12 W FOK WRITING; BfyOKKlCRFlNit #IU wKd A eons unlimited, arlthweUc, 86 per mouth tl K IV)?*> N. Y ; 283 FuNon street. Binobryyt Iff i-re and daughters attended Col. Paine"! Academy to a; entire aauMeetton; tus plan of lottriuYtou Is systematic aud expeditious -It Gov. Kin*, R. I. A CAPKMY OP P3NMAN8HIP AND BOOKKEEPING, ?" 362 Broadway. Gonlfmed be W. O lloogland, for many jeer* amiataut of Cltrtr K. Goldsmith Re rlseies. lu-trtvr ilon practical end tbr rough, end c.uef ut aBeoUou gtrm Terma low Open da7 end ereoing. ATKAI-UKK DKSI JEN A SITUATION IN A h. "100T., where the nook? tereue a email cntnpens.*li m wh board lor her servliee In teaching ihe Km.tsh branches, the will reorder Id return inehniaUou In tnutlc au<l French. Ad dteae ltd West 39th et A PAlflBI AN I.AllV HAVING A FEW HOURS OF the day disengaged devtree to teach French In ? pri rate familf at vieiung goerrue a. the baa the beet references, having lAcglu In this city in the bee', schools and families, l'leare addi re for two daja. ch ine addrrm for an interview, M. I>. BeralC ofliee. A YOUNG ENGLISH LADY IB D8SIROU8 OF OBTAIN Inr a ettuaitnu as governess In a private fnmily. to one of the Bnuthera blatee: ebe Is fully qualtned to leaea the usual branches of a thorough English ethtcetkm. with French music and the rudlmeuta of Uertnan. Address K. K., box J 338 Post office. EDCCATTON-A HIGHLY EDUCATED GERMAN lady, s competent finishing governess, fully eouvereanl 'dreae'1 Bo objrottda to gotna Bouth. Address K. A., bos 1,963 Post IDRKltm. AM) QRRMAN LANGUAOBB-GRKBK AND F l atin-Prof. K TILLERING, 819 Broadway leeta tlisbrd 1862 .will receive new lady and gentlemen scholars for irivale instruction end costs, nation in the A'oresalc lan l cages; attends schools and families, and make translatniux. GOTEBNK88-A FAMILY RESIDING ON RTATEN Island want a nursery governess, to take the charge of ard educate their children four In all. the eldest 10 years of sue Address ben 941 N. Y. Pol', office, with full particulars ss to salary. Ac. stoYKKNKSH WANTKD?IN TI1B COUNTRY, TO IN VT slrort a young lacy iu English, French aud music. Cue of 1'omestle habile preferreo. inquire at the northeast corner of Lttingion avenue and Thirty seienth street, for two days, ren the hours of 9 A. M and 1 P. M. INSTRUCTION IN A FRIENDS FAMILY.?THE All I vert.rer would like to receive tliree or four email boye 'icm Istuillee of the licet respeetabldty Into his tamtlv, at luckeiton. New Jersey. I I carefully guard the r morals and II alruct them aa their years will admit in all the branches of a ?beral education. For terma. reference, Ac., address R. M llnntlDglou, Tuckriton New Jersey. LA 1M Kb' AfX'OMPLIi-HMENTS. Mr. and his APT* MkAS' new eslah'iahment and hi me for ladles seeking the aocuatpUsnmenta at New York, for oroepeeloe address Mr. Aptoaunaa, lit Nest Thirty fourth street. New York. \SK88EB. I.ESPINAFSK AND ARTFAGAH FRKNrH iri I ay sud Boarding School, 117, 119 and 131 Clinton pb re, between Fifth and Slslh aveuues; cosiplete course of studies; new scholars are aumllted only under fourteen ysars of age. Juvenile department under Mae Lesplnasse'e care. VJ"AtIfiNAL TKAf HFRR' INSTITUTE, AM BROAD Art way. N Y ?Tear hers, schools and pup,la suited In all parte of the Union. Kdr.i aliossl i orrrapiuiJmfs wanted for each county. rlcachers wanted as pnuclsals, asriatnur or partners in the d'tlerfnl States. RICK A A NI>KhVV8 PROF KL1I OHARUER'8 FRENCH INSTITUTE FOR Young Gentlemen, Hoarding and Day School, No H ttaat 1 wenty fourth street Lesaocs resumed. Classics, Matheuie tics, English, Spanish, Herman aud French taaghf by seven teen teachers. (Irru are to be bad. with uames of poplla and parnrla. there la a I rtmary department SITUATION WaNTED-AS TUTOR IN A PRIVATE f.uu y by a young man who .peakr hugbah. German, French Lat'n am' Greek, and trachea s ou g, c*u furnish uu r icet tlotirille le'erence. a amall um > c uly eipec.ed. Please address Tutor, lierald office. Tuition -a laet. whuiie education h in burn negl*eled. derlrea a i?dy Teacher with whom she can board Iu plain sty'r <* here there nee no o her hoarders t "m< mi.rt be wr< crate >< she will furn ah her own room. Address 1>. A. X , b< >x IX-0 Berrld oil ce. TkAd'kK -A YOUNG GENTLEMAN. OF SEVERAL year*'experience In teach ug Is dentures of obtalnlnc a at ustion in s> n c pl> a sat I < i r is* tan ; * tally. v*b>re ln-tru"tiorl it the I satnagee th*- liighsg Melktasetlre ir S r.-\c ,piaoo am* * eab wmr'd be t. ceoed as nn #<iulva!*ait lor hoard; heat r? frienrsk pltrs and ri ,ulrcd- Address U, K, bo. I2t 11 SI ad rSbce W/MK1 - A FITU kTION TO rEVII '! tfl ITR R ENG lish ac Freueh. b? an etnerte ce.1 leat her, who It also A graduate el iter of ur brst class schools. Addrrat K. B, rnir f Inula Ranaom. Ctlra. R Y. t\ AN I hi*?BY A Mill. A HlTU A firth AS DAli.V yv gmrrmas for young cbTdrcn, to leesh th? Km rah branches and mus.i would M prrlerrcd Ln ui a class Noub lecUi ns in gomi ifuutb or'Acat as rcstdcat go'eniees The beat of re'ecercee given end reuulred. Addrasi M. M., box 3HJ Pual offiie rt'RNITtBK. AUUTION NOTItE. . MUKNHaM'E Fori Hare Nsnrass and Parking Katthllah-maai, III and lis West Eicieelh itreel, between .V.h and 6>h ara RrmtehnM r.icellnrenr eterv deserl| lmn boge.1 and shipped loall parts t>f the world. iHeaofonea tnirrois china, glass a ate "areftillv racked and mm*!. Furniture of families re moved with are. A FAIR PRlfTBOIYBN FOR REOOND HAND FUANl lure end < arrets, la iwady money. All calls promptly et ended In Address HE Hideoe street aoraer Perry. All eindr of fuekitube. ?ateeheeh and bed dtng. whoieeale snd retstl cheaper than ear other Wore at O. W BNKDEN'R 2(0 llnwrey be ween llatiinn and Hon* toe atreefs Hofae *10. other artlclei la pnjporUtta Call anl save money. Note Ike number Knamrllbd chamrfr Eurm of fueniyure in all col ore aad styles si wloleaala or ratail. At Nt and upwards, also Maiireesra and raillassea. WaRAEN Ward, SIT < ?'tal sl eet. Four doors east of Broadway. b*l RNITURB BOUGHT POE READ) lfGNNf ? A FAIR i s ue elren lu ready m< ue* for Furniture. I'arpete, ItookA, Je.. at 123 Myth srrone. be', a ten Math sad Ttalh atree* pm?:. P4I0 ?are always oa haad.^^ aaaorimeei at see jo l y%otf rurai' COAL. (HIALPOAL. frt)Al. -JOH.NNTONT TENTH AYENCE J Orel Yard cor-iec of Twenty Aral Scrt asd Tea'h See aue. Ai: dtwrrtpuooaaf the very best inaUtref Duel la lh? market always asi hand, ai moderuta pr cee This Is a eeatra. me?t. ,p for Uwulles reeding id the upper part iM the sKy. Or ders i hank ft ly recalred br peony P?? aad tdfearwlae aad Olfotlr atlc t'ded W AHTIlOLOtiV. Aruka Pins Afrm(>u)tf iht. that rt**t okr <ak da?wo<1 <m. a IMm WIIAOK. ate W a tha nbjaat of KM VMM ? WDM u you Motor iior moot. ItUo* W llano i Ik* it?l?a utroinaai that ? w? know*. Aha will iivnftt t># powar* .rf hot art?d?ful trtrrxo. and lot: oil tha rranla f your abnl# Ufa If? prr.licM? or* hiitmIImI Lb#; mruria# #ra#y or# that nuwi k#r Boom UndUa ?ay r#t a IRUa u?1.1. though thay ua#d not roar, for aba praatir? an(liia? hot wkot a rtmoeO?M# to phUtMnpbara All abouUt nnoanll tha o? wnrdarfal and ?y??rlom ladjr. H? ad y Ira h? naror bat? kaoaalofal', and aba oil ? a l?rnt thnuaaad dnlla? rnwa-d to acr no* win ran equal k? la tha ahnro yrtaora K it ? Matla?a ft llann a In r?lama of tha eatahratad ma?ir ?ba#?a wklrk or# ##? rarta? la tkrlr aflanc traly ? \y ah# ba oai?A a ?I wnodarful wo?aa K?idanea Ml Alh? araat. ba twrru tinnaba and Ataatna ?;rarta. or? tha bakary. Paa la tail, for ladi? and a?llraarn. M ?tla. M AMTOMhHTKO -mapamk morrow, hrtrwtb I dan?Mar. bant with a raul had *ift n> f?A?ht. ta'la how ?? and nftao yna win ? arry and -any ??#oia. aroa roar Tory tkoufMa P? M rrnla. naMI ?ham ao>? any) y I a* my ad r?t:?#a? 1M Ludlow air? t, (alow Hoaah-a. tiaata?ra not adantud. 0LAIRTOTAMC?-MRA. EITMOl R1 MIDIOAI. Cta'rTtyyaai Ron?a R ? Frm rtk ?ir#?t two b'orka wa? nf K mad way Tha ?rat rrtilra! ? adlcal and buMnr? anaaal?? ton? day aad a#aala? aad p erfact ?taran? I ?raaiaad al. waya, or an pay lakaa. tHM.AIRVdVAKi R AJ?nHIRRKOUviY.-Mi?? PUR'RT. ?/ >o M Paa ad atrtrt. e#>bratad hy kar artm-r . ui ? ? rrrtultrd 'W koid??. ?aula ? . ahaant frt#nda In, Ar tl'? ? ad>?I advl? hka - -aha Pratch Racliak awl ' irrman IfAPAMt RAT H1HI MPT C1.AIRVOTAAT AID IY1 Ayt-nlrftat in th? I Dltrd Mtataa Mlv? lorkT r 'Sara, raturs ipredy ?arrtaana. trlla <d pr?artr, Ml H#ranta atrnn# no? Twaaty ? taoth a.-not Lhdt? id mala, annua Mj M ?dt. on. J A D AMR MAKPMR MKT KRVRKTH IIAP'llfTRIt Can ba rnnantlad about tajra, Mvriaaa. Ahaart Pi m?la In:'# all tha nrnnta nt llfa at 191 Mnlt atraat I?dim If car la nM?? ft) caa? Uaaaaa ??My ?anted* had fir? lanky APAME RVROK T1IR WnRPRR Of RtJHOPI HAA arrived in Arnnr?k. and for a tk?I Um# aan h# #m?nted fill aattrir?> ykr?n"i *r rn talln? la Ika Knaiiab. Pywocb ana <-#r?aa '.ea?* *?#e Abe ran an# that wlA la klddaa fn? tfc# world, hod *tr#n true la'?a?tloti la all afalra of b#a Ih wealth, lo#o. Ac In?rarata draaan. ram?n ?? n ? rrt? rra and flr?? lorkr nun harm. R? ld?nc# ? Raw?y, l.tarrn Road and <?rnet J una a ?at Bntnaaan ? tha ooa f?.tmr#ry. Laadt? If#?>ia rnalla?m fl. MAP AMR HARTET CAM IKPORM BRA MART frtnada and tha p .bite. ? all thn eroate of life, tha paM. preaeat aad futn?. to thntr aaura ?Uarartmn Aha feail coa fldwnt aha hut nonqnal I' yon wteh thn troth ft? bar a rail, at An tef Troth a*?no hntwnaa Thirty 'north tod Thirty t'th ntrna?. l?dt? M n?tte rnotla?nn aot ad?Ittad. NW B-WHO MAR ROT HEARD OP THE m.RBRATRP . Madame PARWRTRR" Ah# h? bana mnaul?d by ihwaaoda la th? aad oth#r ettlaa with aaura aaUafaetloti. Bha f?larooadaal nha h?aoaqital. tha lalla tha avna <d futqra wlfa ? haahaad a'an that of bar r?I? fr yoa wteh tha truth lira bar a aal I. at XI Third a?at?, ahor# TaaotyArte nt?at I ad wa. M nanta. |??In?ta, N ah?, ?arrteca. bnalth. waaltb. aad who will r?lal- dmni#q and aefa tkful htiahnnda. M<? w. ta tha oaly Parana la tha r ty who ha> tha rmnlM Rcmaa tod Arabian Uiia?ana for birr, t'od lurk anil all huMarai aPalra lad ar? r tantn'a? for l.f#, T#1ay not to mrnnlt tkla niturallr plf?d and haaoufol |nna(ladr. I.ocky ncn.b?a *l?*a. H?hly r?p?tahla rt;y fr'rr?t'<? raa tM arm at bar rnstdrnrn, 101 Nitk irnnua, <? ? t-'?l* Ityl tk lUrat. yriRITI'AlP* -CHARt.RA COU HKPTRR OA* RR k n n .< <1 at Ma ronwta. Ra I A?It# M/aat, Houri fro* t .. . I ..h-rP fTRRRT, REAR ROWKRT.?MAPA'mR _ ? ' I It : l.r R. rlatu an' and flPnd Mpaniah < ui'iiptmirrbnrd fn'oMiy. Inr# wiarrlar# ah?n 'da:, ?? i rkt r?a. I,rr? ??> # < n rdi u?a for all 41?a??, If q (.nn*. era, pn ?>*i.| wft or ataiau, A A w urowMm AlXAORW BSSfih I Mr WALLAOM. ? 1 Kit OOMTOT." YUM BOYAUMT; WWT TRAMS AOO rtu fa rtber aotioa, ? FOtBTH TIMM Of a ue * Farce, called A RACK FOR A WIDOW. THf GREAT COMsfft MimTLMD THM ROYALIST; FORTY YM i MR AOO. Heart ds Fiat Vaatu. a captain of Dragoons of the Guard. Mr Lester Walla* TheBaron Mooirtchard Frrfeclof the Department. .Mr. Blake M tlr Grimace, a ?ember of toe Council Mr. Waloot Ore** aaenmftt.., Mr. rvti n^mriila, a corpoi-ai Mr Oobwa Pierre Oliver The Countee* D'ActrevaJ, a royalist lady Mia. Hoer beetle. her nieee Miss Mary Gannon Dracoooa, aanaahi. Ac.. Sc. rj??u?w The new and appropriate maxlt) aaU oted and arranged by MR. *OLEt To eoiciwie with a new fares, galled _ ^ J?ACA foe a widow. NY. porrefloa >%??/, at twyer'i clerk. wMb a Arm faith In d-etlny Mr. Sloes tfr.Afo'phinDe Oremoni* Mr Fiord dr Capsicum Pepperpod Mr Morton 4r. Kprlnrwheat. a Fauna- Mr. Coo urn \lr. Flllasrre, a Fop Mr Fhrka dm. Wtuninxtnn . Mrs 'aabeUa, Fet perpoda'a wife Mrs. Krerea -^abiuia. r- ~ au. Julia Tre. Mlaalabltha, an Old Maid.... m?? H?e~. Poor* open at 7)*; to roiamence >1 i o'clrck. Box Book Ten three dajri to a-lrance. Flacee may *ow it secured. ADDITIONAL N< > V K f.TIKR "?*** IN ACTIVE PREPARATION INTER GARDEN. w ksmembkr: R1VXMB1R1 (.AJbT MIGHT BIT TWO Of the eaoet popular artlsta la Amertea. MR AND Mft8. BARa BY WTlLIAMM. The public are respectfally Informed Fiat th's la thoiaat en caxement these delhfhlful dtUneaton of IRISH AND _ . ... . ? ? . YANKRl CHARAOT1R8 Can play this year la New York THIS EVENING (TH'JRFDAY) Sept 17. The performance will commence with PHSUM O DONNELL, THE LIPKECHAUN. To be foUowel by the NEW BDR'.RSQCM, WittUn aipretaly for Mrs. W:U'.ame by the Brother* Brooch, and entitled THE MAGIC JOKE; OS, PRNCE DOI.OBORO, Received nlfht y with unbounded applause. To be followed by ?e IRISH i ION. BOWERY' TMATIK George Wood A R- 1* Manager* i>?rth apptari-oee who will hyp- * . t*era THURSDAY Reaping, Kent 17, O'FLAMIUAN AND Thli FaIRIIW TheUm OKianlgan Mr. P. H. Chanrrau Dante Mua Ada Prioe a THK DEBUTANT K. Arhl'IaTaima Dufard . Mr. P. S Chanrrau Pane* mim Walter* THK WARLOCK OP TlIK GLEN Matthew of the Ul*n Mr . E. U Til too B AKNUM'S American museum. Under the pergonal an.-trettaa of P. T BARIUM. KENT YMNTtLATID IJRTThB ROOM la Ik* world, and delightfully-oel and pie EVgK Y HAY ABO Kid ~ .RNINU THIS ?HU. COMMKNPING MO^DAT, Pept. M. 1*0. TillKl> itKK or THB PPI-REDID HtrrOKH'AL DRAMA. JOSEPH AND 11 ks HKET'IREN, Which ha* hern received wub Inmecre applana* be Boora* of thouaand* the la*t two week* lit* nntreimlly conceded to b? the beat *nd m at lnt?rea'.lr.g Dramatic Kutertalument In New Verb lb* Hennery tr pram? b*yi*,d Whig ana a The Group tnga, Tableani i'o*t iin-<*. In abort *11 'be an'otntmaata. are en a wale of mogathccuce and be* if uueoo !i will be produced wlrh renewed perfection and Inereaaed wlen.lor EVERY AYTENNOON AND EVENING THOt W ARK. at S and 7)< o'clock LA NT WEEK not one of that wordarfui and aitraordtnary roaring and bar bin* being 111. ao K BE a I.IOR t The mighty King of the oneaa. 'he long mnp'ae.1 fahnlnaa ae .one. the itri majcatlr. tarrl tc though yet doolie tahahl creator* aiir*. itno family. white negeork, or moorr. Tfea aw luieraWin* human curtnaitle* erar aaaa. rwr pa rent* ware pnr* Afreana. black at exvoj eat they are WHITE al HMO*, their l.CNO. Bt BUT HATR WRITE AH MILK, and thMr eyaa of lb* meat deiiraU though dehdad plug. They will bah l* eenn at all boora, a* will alao tURBIRAfuE AND MthlhKiol H ? NIMAlJt, THt ? WHAT PAN THE? UK* ' TWO IN NUKNEK. AND or DtHTINPl BPBPfEB. On* of which hat TWO DloTINOT UK \ DH, but ORB l.BU, and la WKH POtTKl) A TAITt" 'ED NEW ZEALAND PHI EE, LIVING 'WHAT IE 11?" or MAN RON KMT, The matt Inlermthtg am ? mag, and w .t^arfal creator* fcnowa^ wi-h a br.?bt. Inulligei.l ay*, yet devoid ef *pe*rh and i the other pec far He* of humidity. though k* ha* ta* faee and banda of a human Icing, but the mb? and head of the OH RANG OITANG Till LAPT WITH LONG HAIR, THE PiNIHT AQUARI A IN THE WoRI.D I ruled with Id flag See and Rleer Flab, from ear ton* rlliaea, ?a Ihr beautiful Anga' flab. Hp*. bled B.ork Trout, Plying Hah. Ltorg Alligator*, lietng Crocodile*. Ac.. Ar. Tt>a nib I It lag Lightning <Vr alatnr, Idling Monider NnaAea. Idelng Baby Anacontlaa. Idelng Happy,Gretl Variety of New Wai riir ufAMlla Del MONTR. tha PANOLA FORTUNE TELI.EH may berencilusl for Uaaataritra Ail thea* t-eatde a: lie Wonder* and Novel'tea of ike Haae qm eoi aetloa, ? hlch em brace# nlea* than MM QUO OUKIOHI TIEN from aeare of the World, are %1L ye* ALL T( BE BEEN PGR a t'iNTN. (%Mbn under 1U tear*. Ik eta. MUSEUM GPRN PROR T A. M. TILL id P. M. BR T A NTH' (MINPTEELN. Meet an'e*' Bad 47TIInjadw*y, ebore Grand I NUhLAY. sept 24. and erery n'rkt Due weak. nkRr AND DAN HJIYANT, JERRY AND PAR BRTANT. Tb* emaadiana. In tketr laughah.e at mo* <E JAPE CADE. jape PAGE J APR PADS, JACK OADR I'ee. end Nortoa in their doable bre*g tow*., HKRONE at "IT aEDOOOLD. Tb* fa*'*tt? few I'larw* aew am,* ai d rhoranh laati ? new t lantatloe wmg, ta Id* A wahaa N"TI"R-tlHAN<IE OP TIME IVmr* oran it Mt,'artaia nmw at 7%. I < let* ? oaam. GSAIKTIRg CONPKET R"ON. C'? hkoadwat, above r Horntou .tree*. TWENTY PI VK TWENTY PIVN M the Raeat yaaeg I'd tea la Naw York. A CAT EMY OT Rt'BIP-OPRKA GLAHSEB OP EVENT A. d*a*rtptloa, aj EEMMONN A C&. Cdf'. Iti*wdw*y. nndar b* 1 * large Ho aa. ar* Id be had <?l btr* allb* eo trance to lb* jar jue'w "* >** regalar OyaetRpk SAlETlRS Pi IN PERT EOOET Old HBOAPWaT, ABOVE li.eutui. etreet ot K \N .aRS bTRAMURRR doujd ant fail I* etai' Iba Gaietl** DLONRTN' THE DARTNO ELORRIN' Lt tiHA.NI> WHKKI.HiRHOW AN' B.NnION, at JONES' WOODS. ON FRIDAY. EEPI c.MHEh ?. AT 4 " PLUCK P M Go an J eee .be a. ndggfal HLOS {.'IN i er: >:ming The aiiev *H-w>rJaMr? Feat df IroUtri ON THE ROPE A Wll 4.K1.H AKHOW, Al J"N?? WOOD, o* r EI GAY, levwmbar 114 at 4 Yatat p i THK WONOBNPVL HLONDIN GRaMi WliaKl.BANNI'W AlPKasION, At JOWMV WOOPN. ati PEIDaY, b*a'ru?t?r M at 4 n cinek P M CN A ITT'TS I ON KET ROf'N 111 HROAPW ' f. ABOTN T Her,.,*, ..reel. 1 OR IT IS P?>R IT ta 1 be rale p ace yna ean xla.t win. mfetr N tb VdKKR ST A DT THEATRE, W pRlWRRT. lea glokpenev y on Notre iiamB. praam '?t <% Bliakpfeiffer. Emaera'da. Rm?e ?bailer j Garrawe. Mr* Hurm. eAttfIKf CONCERT EOT v. did I'.HOAVWAT, AROYR 11. ?>"r -tree'. ONE HOl'E ORE HOUR at tb* GAiETlrtEl* batter haa to go e erwt or. ?E?INTER GARTEN Vf REN EN HER tht* I* ih? laat nig? t h"t two ok whlcb NREHkr* tk.e aeaana ytmr rberMMR -MMBMb MR. AND MRS HARNKV '<11,1.1 aMS. WiNiRR GARDEN. COME AND llRING Hi E CHILDREN. UNI id TIIE I'HILDRKN, f n era tb* lev ely Patrr Piece tf PRINCE DOLORCRO. WRh It* HONOR, DANCER AND _________ DMIJ'.UTH. w omcKH. Af IN ANt 1 At. AND I 1TEEART MURE All, NO ?| Hma*l?ay.- Adtaaare taiu* DlaiatudA Jewe.ry and other atstflah * aroparty. or t or bared If deWraA lleamam Rrtetlf 'egiBBtmaal. I'rleate r ?.m f jr la.?y ajpimaaka Mr. WOOD. Ml Rroalway, np amir*, aaar B?w*?* urwaA A T III GRAND PTE NET, THERE DOORR WWNT OP Broadway?Moaay *d ranee.' .? Watchea, 1 Ramon da Jaw A Broad way-Moaay a* ranee. 1 na waicaea. iwa*n?. lew elry. Plat*. Dry OagH and ver?n**l propm'y of *rwry da rcrlpiioa. or hoogkt aadanld. by 'ORRJ'H A. JA' KBON. aue ihsire* aad broker A PTANPEN MADR ON DIAMONDR. WgTi'HES. JL Jewelry, Nttearware, art *R kind* of merebani!**. PHeate enlranea kail deer P. GAlGE, Botker 74 Foe Ik aeaana, tu rn4iia fiopar laatNut* a few door* below Aator riaca. ATA NARRAU BTREVT-A. IIONIGMAN, DIAMOND A broke- make* hheral elranne* on Diamond*, W?tch#a. Jewelry W.. ET bay* tbem al fall ra'o* at M* prirale ??*?. f* Naeae Prret. re>>m No. 1 up (talrt NMlaamauakdaaRW. it 11 CHAM BERN NTRERT-MONRT TOl/IVN TO IIT am .uil ntt IRamood*. aei or unee: Watehea -ewelij, K, or the earn* bnegkt for the k:gheet raah wutt. i , tha ?U known tRAAPH 11 ? bamberr rt-eea H it No duR ?tiimiifMsl na Baturdaya TklMRMRER NN BEOADWAf PAWN tlfTKBTN roR J V dlair oed* wa'.he* laweiry aad artia>>w o< e.i, e n ,,i, ,v tub rate* for raea A,w> n. .oev Inaaad ?s any ? m m Lv ?r !*?*. nlvMa bimHi DWIRIIi W*tN 'tftii angl, '.ser Na I, H AKHKNtm. ITALIAN OPERA TRO'ji'E" "?"u- WMA I08T POBITITRLT THE LAST KIQflf OF TIIKLR I'KMKNT KNOAUKMENT. AH THKY ItAT B TO APPEAR IN UOCTON ? ., . . ON TH* PCLLOWIN0 ITSES. Which mail entirely preciud f another rl?_ rw l'erformnnce. F1i:2?-TJSK 1* AMRKHlA , .. OMU* EEPREHtNTATIOh* Of Pacini's fraudest of l nmtc Ope. as MEDEA, MEDEA, RUBRA, MEDEA. *K?A MEDIA. mkdea. MROEA. V.EDMA, Id which MADAMR OORTRil MaDaMK CORTRfU Madam ? coknkst MaDaMK COHTKbl BAR IRVARIABLY CREATED BTARTLINd *A HKNH1TION BTaRTLINO A HKHSATION MTARTI.IN ? A HRflfATlD* HAK1I.1MI A MRHHaTION TIICRdDAY KVEN1NO. BEfTKMBER tj, REDE A POR THE ONLY TIME THURSDAY RlKNlNO, SEfl AMf'K {7, MfeDKA FDR TDK ONLY TIME. THURSDAY R\KNlNii, eOCff KtfBKR 27, MEDEA FOR THE ONLY TIRE. rhit or riir arena Med el' ?.te the daughter of King Ktea end Ulpm j, Uie en cb.wlreoa. from whom the learned the art of uut.r .luni, the chief of the Arpment*. who had nuder'ni.-u u, obtain the Uoldeu ??, which itu guarded by horrtfcln dragons tad other monsters, elded hy her wepic powers h.? overcome tluse puHri^Aie eud obJliaed powrwu Hi of 'hoeneiai e p>l/A Meanwhile Nedhn end Jcwnu have fallen in lore A marriage hi the eooshq enre I'nforwineh ly efte." length et time, Jason sect (1<U?. the daughter of King t'n-en and drier dliaeh upon the rep iif ution ef Medea lb* Dr?uie .mmtiiiee hire 'Ibe Rr*t net Hives i< the n.'ahon rvremcafes In wheh the will if the (irde t* goes tlosed reepcctioi; the propon, d marriage '(he tore of Weir* (or dares, nod her anguleh at. on fa tbleaaneee, wllb her ttsreat* of revenge In enne he should oniummate it* innriftfe wkh ? oie tcn, give n splendid opportunity for the lietrii-wlr powerWof Ma.i-rnr I orLoi to -iht'ilt ihernrrlvee 1 lie ee nd ore erlithi' the conatrruaitou of the people et Uie alans wmtti mnoiirat fdli) the godl. Medea In Jtagulae seek* Cihm to itec-ileui the tr.-c ctiite of hD? :? with rvgnrd to the prepNBf mw-Ca^e The pmyei? ef the people to nppeare the vrrtlh of Ihwr denies, and the a"ddeti appearance of Me?ler.iii '.he Temple, w ah the horror nod imprecation* of the or, pie tr'jiwi It leienpnt by them that the wiuivio atanding ID their preaeevfatbeb? ol ami dreaded sorceress, abhorred by the 11 reel* i world, si. ??# this art. Thethl'd reprraeuta the preparation.*- i e If - mar rlage of Jaaon with Medea The joyous souues and tnc He of the wedding (eatieal are heard these are tnrred 'to horror by her leinble rerruge Mir murder* her own .hMdm-ma alaya Dlaoca. ber rival, m the Temple at the moment uraen khe lan'Kiui to be united lo marriage with luuii.e ataabing hrrself at the foot of the a'tar w hile dr. Ihitl ah* di mini to die reertvird upor hun who had betrayed aurt " i- aheft bet illUHSDA Y KVEMNO, Set teinber 2T. MMIlA TOR THE ONLY TIME. Dii A KADI MRS Medea. (Brat t uie In America. Madame ' DATUM Jaaoe. brat l.Die In A men ai Siguor Ub'rOAM Creoute (his flr?t appearnuco during the prrur-. aeaaotri Sijnor AK'ld VANI Cbaicaute, (hist lima In America' Mgn w 'TAffNl Co*doet?>r* CART. ANECuDT/., O NKKVADIO TWO MIL: rAllV BANHH HAVE BEEN EMOAOKD tiPRC'ALLY UTuN Tina OCCA3TOH A Imtaa-in. ore d illar Referred aewts nan be obtained ,i the Ureal and rirft fit lei and 1'ar ,uetle without estra char w Faw Ily t Ire e er :>anee In (flaky ilreetl 11 ~mU Fnvate Hoi.* (according to Dooiaopra at 7; to cm went ? at K o'clock, orimiainr Tin rvrnua rncaa. I From I a Cm nan I Madame (Wteeil the rtral of Hlatr.iahow* heraelf aoblime In Medee lier love far -laaoti. an1 her determloatioi'. D> are areveuge (or hie euldurae. ; rewdm'rab.y depit-tea by her Rial an alietllunatr Briber doe* she ahow heraelf fa fourth scene, a at what Cercencaa does she eal. oil in tbeCnale of the aecot.d act. arlem ber drfrrn are wllhd-awn from 'j*e Bat aiMive all. ludeeoeibable in the n af-aircatea whtu ab>- oppewra wiU ber hands stained with Mood, el the end of the laat act, underlhe tarrfble etrttemrut aaraeat tri m the murdering ol Dlau'w. and of her own chtldreu. No oee can are Madame < otuwl a thlvoperu without leellng he ad mralton fur ber '.alec.La '.eiteoae la gigantic proportions. (Fman the IJor.j de la llahaoa I Faaalug fr-mi pueliy to mar, we uaunot paae la aUense the rrprraeetalkm U I ? opera "Medaa.' ol I'actuh wlona rae uu en place cm katoevtay and Heeler lael. "Medea" he* leee a arret noeeliy in haeaae 'taga ral'v the muafc. It Is see of t*e most r?mailable wnekaor Italian comp mere, sad with 1 reap*, i >o the evamtiiaa of Madame Dor eal we eae safely aaaei l thai >ur ha a no rivals Is It We were perfectly roe ilined that In melo aramailo work* she la the moot perfeet arnat Ihu ever at i eered on our boerd*. but her mpreaeefatlau ot Medea la* i sen Hie a new pearl added to her are we. la palntln ? the *? rrow of a naoeher. ahe la Hhe the wounded tlgree# that da. ta araina. 'he Mealcra of her yovan* neee, VTa would tor in a very had deaof the haul hat could atanj na mov. ,| at the aaori la o! rrepair eu lalth. ally depicted by the si Del w he et 1'ai lei cell* uie Medee. (From R1 Rayannn Train 1 MKORa Thi* ralahralad np?na al.wh ku bare parfoamad ? Mb lb* nil at dlUlaM film ou ibr i mat raaowaaa Mama ? a.'! roue waa played oa nat rd?; and Huudat iiiabia. Panua acrowaaJ aod raally t krapl'irad audiea.a. 1'kta ami wirt nf I'ah inl ? Ul eartauilr ooatlana V) irrate iwlmna aahany "if pan M?ahy ihat i ??l of nrlyinal i wind If a, an I wtih a na i a ?ra i pr'J'ia. ai id hVD '^T In rnooecfP u wtik ibr 'rna pbilouipblw ?pint of Ibr who.a nwp? too. by * hlcb lha Irarowd *>p?ni btmwa a> * all tow to axilla Jr daapaat aa*l to at liacly aan boaa. apadtljf a t?? tbia work m ao aapbatlral'y tniarpratod bl an aitrwaaof Ma/am > for ??i a power. A'uta lha wit' Vr niloyar* ti< i>;r??a^tat M lha M fbariaa Ika Ira. at Ra pica, il draw i r<u ika p ibll I Ika m at Iraabo ai piaoaa of Ibtl eomi-iaar. art to Mutant# 'Vnoai. wbo was taao rallwd Iha kiauiri ot lha lyre aUra, which it!<* waa a? wall tlaaer wd by k-r Ikai ika are-t?a*. .flay trtuadlaauw. Mlla Blatirl kartell waul la Ika draaan a room of Ika prima donna In rip aat b'-r tiuorra a Imitation Milan. Vfnlcw. Ida Fataraburch and Vlai.n* bar* alaaa baan Ika art*oar at routiaoatt t? rnrha and ovatloua lu Atlr.a. tailor I aal. nhirharn Dow fatiblaily rclmaa iy Ika "illlaUaon of Havana." Madama forlaai aluua could maplra ua nub ail thai ter.dar fawiibit which aba carolra lo bar ku band, aud alao a Ilk lhal tarrtbla nuft w ar h aba npi ?a??? wtaa Jaaun ra I aw* to p.ady* bia Mailty Pi bar. Bui Ika aniLuaiaam of tba public waa raiaatl lo a oowplwtw fran/y. wban. at tba and o. ib?l am, Madwa al'.wr batlny cnaeotrd thal.Jaain way lira frra. rMurwa lo har ckildraa, and not badliiy ibam, #!? tlalma "I mid S?'> t-'t. empia, ma mai/r. Mi randala ? ?lai fly .11. crotwll'" II wtmM ba unponalhla I if oa lo dawn ? t',a anbllmlty of ibat forcible mnuiant All tba a>aa lurna l twirl ih? "apa-i abatain imnbai wara wal with taara In Uicaa nccaaa. an w -U aa laotiwr pa yaaaarf ihla raally araad 'rayic ronapotf. lo. Mu lama t orlaW wia aa p?tl an anbllato la all bar mcaa tbr apart"tM tnd laoaaara, >?? In of not nm appldaaa. our rowjad hooaa whPh a'.tbia - ad of iha par Ika artoaapllahad prtmr*! >aaa auak a nanad aaa. aa baa aaaar oaaa allaananl brlu a. la URAMH FABRWIU. M ATI If MX. HATUBHAY. MbrT. ry. OBARD FaMCWKI.'. MaTIRBB, MaTI'RDaT. MPT t* <aRARI> FAMRwbl.l, Ha rI Kit 1. ?ATCKUaT. BAIT A, OHM O'Cl.iH'd. OKK O'CLOCK. OKI O CltO' A. w IJflKH WAKPkK 1110 1 . 1 AKKWBIX B WKTIT or MB. ARD MB? RARtSV WILLIAM. ( a wkwk t raaUia a hll) of I'b I MIC) KI>Kb TWD At rBAUTlCIf WU1 ta I ratal tad MM A?n MR" RARNCT WtlXUMfi. In fimr ' ap l al plat aa. CCVbl'T, DRAMA, BI R'.r>JC* AIC1 FA If* MM. Ann MHft MaM sit * 11*1*1 A MM la all ib? 11* ?a wltb IB" a ABO IAKKKK 10'>'tlH ARil DAT * BA. MB. HABBIBI. RATR, Raa tfr Jtrtd tt* tat t-aa id Ida apuCarfk yy'J, tlivM aMBR h'a i m lalat ,*aaa.' u Mai uaa jour aaa?a In wlraraa eAlITTMM ITiKi'RaT M him, 41* !?%< >A Olt.'.T A MOV I M-uaum alriwl. PHHTr V iMaI??H uifjj mrirv iiaiikr jium raa en'v ba aaau at Una ramolla .maaA Liamtkbbubt ml?:c iiaiu / J. II. fffORB. j. 11. mm TUB IdlsH AbAlA.Ami* AMFBIfAR IT BI KBT HA\U. A' VKH AM wlfBCKBT HAJ.I. bat BR' I A OW A V. Ml BROAIIWAV. IMVR.TMR Ri'fl'BMR, JBMf.Mt* MbtTRHMt IBMKR'K Hl,Cl *KA. IMMKM-R HUW *BK fMiiwntp Bar abb, ffiiirnKn ho abr CBcfbin uairHRu. rBownio hoihca t aa ary-at rraiar ha J In tha ' ty, (TtaUl af t aal it threw Ik aaand pwrol*. Tba aryra . baM and raoat orl? aaal mm ran y la Raw Trrk will at paar aaaryatmiay In lhatr Flarlaii m Hrwnaa. <M-ta, Pi'Of a, I tt taa 'orla , .ra Ac . w UP y Ihalr waiwrlal <?aal ba mis' tt. jipttta and iaah"nal.a arar wliaat" I la a uuucati ban. l 'fry nlybt tba wnah Ika an* Ir paatoalna Off voi. Af vKirr. Oa, In Jour M iirar ... B w bi nopriabor. 0B0ROB cnilTT'l M1BRTRB1# W1U. F9BFOSM At Ma'h nai lambar IT aad JM Paniaad, TMh and Oalabar | aadt Ifvar ||" t>ar rd lib Ma 'kwalar "?a. Inwail dk: d ab' off Mb W'i"aa?r fib Mi tnyflald 1Mb llarlford. I'ibt Raw l.nadr' . ltib. Raw Itkraa. I lib. GAIBTIBR <f)RC*BT BCOM, did BBOtAl'WAT, ABOV* Hoaihm auraal. roBrnRf Em Ki?R MlMFuRT AM> Hi* '1 nnr mono, bad wa Bra up 10 It thafa ao 1 CI ABTBBBUBT MTMIC HAI.U / lIDRuR MOMVARABl MIURI R MOWTAbAMI THR f.BRAT RUFFO kMMBB a MKB10AN t.'OBOBRT MaLI;. A BILLf 0 MM" HIL'.T O'MMH. Hwop.y Ori?laalln?bOam''i4 1- tba wnr M TBI' AR OORCFRT BMJ' 1. Mi.v Miiad, lb hi yraai aad ? Bao.i} * *JA AMl'BBMJCHTS. ACA!)F*r or XUBtO?LL'OHMIA.?PABBItl. To u'ybt. 11ii-unir, H?crt XI, at 4 MUX INK/, raHHKI Ic her (peat ebaraeur of . . Luerejfin Ible I'lIurikUj) ereum*. Kept 27. at do clock, will b? pro sealed Doc:..<>lUs celebrated open, of lU'KRfl Bono IA. WMK I Nl?/ PAB8J1I In her eelehraled rt te < f kuarwfci | Prnr. STKAKONCU as..... IUBbOnM hi* MIOkl.LI a* . taM* hi* rewH.... OattllKI xnidcal I Mr.1' '? .r ?: i* imndnmnr Kg. HVMI9 Tomorrow, Kinds* Ke'femlier M, ?f 8 (Voters, SB< oM> AMI U?1 A1U111 or THK KllKNOH OPMUL Bet nJ and lae' time ol Merrriieer ? Uinud Oiun at KOllkkT l.K HIAllI.K v iio lh?- follow in* OICM *| IrnoM east: ? lime. Pat'I.lB* Oilj'w'l In lirr *rrul role of AUM Vror l:Klfl ITI-A MaKKT/.KK ?? ImIm?> Voire I'll It. PHK ns Robert Moiif. tikNKMKKl. .is Herman Kt^.SCOLA fUunOaui Mile. HKI.K.NK, 11 1' favorite iinieitse, will appear KB KI'lUk UlaU'i Doulilo Orrho?!"i, I'borrs and Com* dp Bullet 111" Of sentt lor I.U't k'/.l A no KOI * ud IK) IW ri.-htof ltoHKKT l.K 111 A will ? .mium e this mm uia? si tke I'OiolUne at tlir Aeademy of 2?m:. tunell'a *U ternary ?on*. 12 Wuil s'lwt, end ?t HrnuilnR'r. 7Ui Broadway lu active i i t oft: ftiion, Verdi s en elirnted opera of nabwoo. In wta'rli Mine INI:/. KaBHRI will nppear for llie firs' time lu liti celebrated cbvaelar ef Ahionii Mi>* AI1EI.IM A PATTI In two new lolaa. Jib'directors lake (.rent plr.iftiire in announcta* I hat Mm A I K UN A J'AITI Will nlioi llj nppear n* Uads In DontcalM'e Biftftterwroi k of t.INDA Df CHIMOUNIIC. >U I .. Vi-ieUi, in Verdi's L.A TKAV1ATA (T ATRA KKKNF.'B TIIKATRR. iv At HAA 1K.NK H THKATHd. i.aUHA krknka thkathk. ? A I KA IK1NK'8 TIllATRI. I.AURA KKKNK'3 THEATRE J.AlItA KIKNE'3 THEATRE, THURSDAY, FRIDAY THURSDAY, *B[DAY THVHSDAY, FRIDAY TIU'HMlAY, FRIDAY 1 RUR8DAY, FRIDAY A N !> 8ATUHDAY, matdrdat, SATURDAY, SAlUKDAt, SATURDAY. I.AST THitKK MliiTH I.AHT THRRK MIHTN l,AHT THREE NI.IHTH LAW I lllltKK MllittTS Of TI1K HIOHLY SU. UKSifUD IllUHLY H I'ytsaruu HKIHI.Y MTOKHSrUt. liltihl.Y SUCOtssEUL HIGHLY lUti.KrtsFOL BEAUTIFUL FIXi? Al l' DRAMA, HKAt TIFUI. FIVE A or DRAMA. .hkai rivuii MVS *cr drama! '3MAI1TIM-U FIVE ACT DRAMA. BEAUTlfUL riYK AOT DRAMA. *1 *. B. L i Wau>(!?. Esq . called lae MONAKY BOY, MoKkYY DO*. MONk'KY BOY, MONKEY BOY, MONKEY BOY. MONKRY BOY. HOAKk'Y DOW. MONKEY HOY. MONKEY BOY, MONKEY BOY. MONKEY BOY. MONKEY HOT. -VONKKY BOY, MONKEY BOY. W **? Ufi folio win* powirYul put Ft. or Remand, . bconvlct ......Mr C W. OnqJAMM Jwiure Keunmi, hlaaon-tba Mcmk?% J?y Mlea loulltM Oervaia. Fm'tl Rannl.... A Blind Mail. (IlioRa Ineeib ? UooA " M?lb.a* II. < '#> Tt I Pn.u-tl. QUA? l* Nolr, ehmuM) awe ?? j: Mi-Hw*uatB?r Le Meat. c tourney awe ? .. l.nur OH earWrww EaaeeOe ? *? !b>By MrwRmI S"T Mi*, j! u. aii?h Madam MIrsouaUA _ Mrs. H. VMtaw HU?t HaS lu ,a _ Hlaa Oewmd Madame I a tlrklgne .Wat RrkrtM The orekemr* will per! rrr an ENTIRELYMRS* OVRRYU'.R ini ir Wraj. MOHui, written eiprcael j O r ibu ? est *n MR T) >?M \H BAKMI Alan daw oprialio eelevi wnaa "Ifn lis Duon opaa at am o'el< A rieam?ea mi.Al o'a ini mm OK Mf ?0AT N KXT WU1 be prndored AN KMIKKI.Y M.? THRRM AOT DRAMA ?* IRISH CHAR At Tk'A AND CIlNNTRl HIOR, ' ? INUA AII.KIS a KOIIN ; e, T '? I.ADY OR HlANMIRK. A TALE 0? COUNTY CORK. N KV. P V. KEY THEATRE. I.emeea and Maoaf.rf ;i?>ira. O L For I J. WU4 W. U. 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