Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 27, 1860, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 27, 1860 Page 10
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IftiHL? BBPORTATT rROM EUROPE. fX>lH BAVS LATER NEWS. Arrival of the Anglo-Saxon at Q&ebec and Persia at This Pert feftkal State of Affair* on the Continent CAPTURE OF PENARO. lrtoipatod Battle Between the Sar&oiao an<I Papal Armies. Stm? Protests Against Sardinia from Russia and Prussia RISE OP FRENCH TROOPS IN RONE. Assyrian Opposition to the K*w Neapo litan Government, Withdrawal of the Trench Minister from Turin. Tnrnfia Iteclared in a State of Sloge by Oen. Lamoridiere. Ptve TJwi&ihI iQiUiaoik Coocealrtted in Samoa ami on the Line of the Po, 9BE HEWS BY TBS AKGLO-BAXOH. Blp Anglo-Saion, f.-vm Liverpool oc itc lSkb, ?la Lcndcadsrvy on the 14ta met., arrived at Qiwbee yee feerday merring. Her daWi are two later lUc Iboue ?fcMtj reeehred. ?eeteamatipe Hautmotria, New York and 6iasgow, few Now York, arrivod at Liverpool oo the Hit laet. m* l,tides Timu amy* that Victor Emauoai finds a form) - Wftlt competitor la Garibaldi, w hose successappear! ? jr. ?tat to rreroomo aay resistance that can bo made by tho i the (Biuret, and which brieve t.m Into Cullle/on tho Austrian pewer hi Vcalco. PicJinoot must i herself mistreat of tho revolution, or bo conieut to giro up U? load and follow. Thoro la roaaun to behove ?feat Ite tmp'ror Kapokoo aeoe th ngi ft. si point of ?lew, tad U-ai so danger booi bo apprehended from Fr?el ite bolk-r prevails that there will be bo genera! war In Xuroi* but that e. see oow tnnaasita like tho Vllia ftaaer. treaty wili take place during the autumn. Th London JJ<rmU (eye that the r u*per_. k>b? hi Sydney affect London firms Ifco Kcgnah attacking parly at Ntaitland, New Zealand, wawHted of 347 men. Toe motives laid down oo the Wwub4 unt.l ihj men were cksc upon thorn, wbec they ?sunt' 'P, bred their dim*., barrelled (ana aad met the feafone. enargo of their adve.varies u.tb tbctowahawk, fea?f ir.i up a tan I to bau-t fipbt. Tho retreat of the Wk.g*? i a as en arrest that tbelr dead and a few of their ?ted w- re left ot Ui laitie u id. It i? a>o report* J the satires Wok one gin Groat OoinpialAl* are Ufa ml ColvUii GoiWl, tho command.r of the at um.uv; pa-ty, far no' calling to hi* aid an a.lx.ual j wi who w ere ? aid to bo a .this his row. tt. ** hi*.lab funds aero b>?.vy as Thursday, aad lk? I wli Boa rue tt?iw-*d jrri 4 dullness. Sm ? rios..l ou W. duct-lay at M , far money, and |i u. , for acc uet. I to Nig.nb political feuen w usittpovtat MTOKTXSI FLOil ITALY. B ? asr.rtod that, witi ? ct un'ting a riply tr m P. sot, j Mi ? Haidtnlan troope entered Intra ou the ilih, and u UUi ar.OoO mors .Mliau troops at ack d aad fc , saro, Inking prison*'* l.WO Gormare, who woro w > faruoca Ree*ra! Bella, who commanded the ( eopu, bad ord-red a rack of the Vuws.aiMiwaa ?user to Torts. fa*, o p'i A u> ( dewpat. h to the louden /V, datmt Wednesday , * Um r.-drxx.t?we "e.* are mareking rapidly ere ? arm, , an I an eugas nun.- t rxpocwl CO Lniwork lo-mortow TV' km rarer aud lb Frooch fe rn*, piaci are u*<d every ea rk.o to rwerunt as lava g 'Veenrx ct I i HtaU*. IV o. I rancv an 1 ?we of the 1. ladnatt are ( The tier man k WMfieale* tuiwral Guyeo !?*? . ir.siand of t uera' tamor.e rllkai feirk.x. of irtvstr had eaps^ated le the Iwvts rar- for Home m tb# Uia. V he tVruch uo.|w. Km had coneeBtrntrd Us army at t pro. ?te aga ast the entry of the twveral Poeert tv im?'. Uw Church,a- an atmek upon Hardmtana i?l< theft mu'.aa ? ami rights. wutoeted la the .uungeSt terms, Bmrntu and fnwa bat we id take no -thi t w napaaiSlH Uk near mils,is Cartna Lao s* uid a no torsmim , VTanck army at I'undo wUi be H eraa ae>*'fel that th *?" * *? 10 0 . ? no*ten Uw HsSffetMsc ??s? Amir is cs* Jsc led aot te fen. mi a. U -an frt. ?^ FRAN rc< U. h'iW*wUiui,j*[ ***** *>( K j. m M r? p.^r*Kl tk? rr*ac? r? *"?*' ?' ?*??* 16* aii*fet ?M ???????>? l? l*?,iurland ta **? fefiiu,. |,Wl|. *?? au. J U.?rtf<trt |?r?atfe ?><*? I , *r*r "? ?A- <3 w-v- n?v f^f lb? A>i IaD oi '--*,V0 RUdftlA AND Al'fc Tl *? ?V* e i?r- ,- ? o? ku<ofe Um 1 mfrof ' 4' K-*" ?* vfe A^. b*u4U.(rwi ^ C*M M *?. ? ? <* U* I*t of oi tofcor. Lm A'W -?J? U-*i Utfe tlaw-rr 'it ?f u t-Ane?>?WW| Ik-Btl, rr-'<.fe * !-?? to ^ it Aj.14 J I J , MRU. . MRU *>- J r&tJ ?ntf it Mb ' ??? ? J "? "V*? WurktKoi U. ' '< a ptaro. fb* Mf'tb of IM ( Tit ?it "* (t bkXMl b*l CI t iti im ',fr; t Hjv ?* ? *4lkr el Tfce 4. ej? ee ?c4 by ifte ?r-i?t 11 ?"* ? TreubK* veer eeprcted i < iut# eiiOttW U? w.,*. ' ceree ? cL^ct w lb' eoru. iv rebe? b?4 ??<?* pne*??e?-M? ef um etty el tov x \*e , o?!j l"iel. It* . ? d# ?auuift.M INDIA. All e V? of tMiVr JB u* *>rt*wm tjutct e( ie4ie M * *??/ Ab-Mfc-t Le4 c?.M, M< <*r vpeet of eu i-Wf' ctoj, c?kVFRr:AL omo-uonicB. uy 1MT0UL CVTTO* IUUR. Ui-*?vr .Hey* 14. ISM. T%e lew# el vlMi ^ *** by tfc# ?"ate.** C.rnJer Ml.1"* 'ACfbAMf *? >") w trwe-lab r? u,J 14.000 to t ip?r- -re. There hue been in ?4 asc? oil the *?? o >? ? a ' V*f I**f?d, cwi?g to an- woatber and 'tvoratVe advices Srcn MaaaheeVjr. Tt' large ad.ano# la ? U4 BL.kll.Ug atd aCWtr gsaJiiiea "hi eaiealc .Say Friday) wa.o iO WO taunt, u?i -ding i, JOO to di>.ci-.tor? an ? eaportera, the asarket (joiing i. o?el b. Jij fviiow jug ft tboriuod t total lows ? rhar. Orleans...,. 1%d. ???<*? kkob.le . .7 ?d. t) i.d. Ffiaudi 7d. ? S.U. "Dc totai stock fit port a aatmatou u 8VC.000 Moot, of which ihi.OwQ are of - oeeriuandeacr ptione. LfVSHPOO? BRlkDeTTTK- UBIT. r,(w di... Wbrat Craa at loll prloee. C.ttl t'lfl Ha jut. The prorlsMC mwtet a generally iteady lOVHOV MOHUY MATdLKT. la?v M. Ivoaola t.oaea lor money at*3 *, THE HEWS BY THE PERSIA. nt Chnarl iteamablp Persia, Capt Jcdl it, wt :b Milled fun. Z.:T?rpoci at n ce o' ;i?yi n Om mom-ug of the lSUi ?B'i from CTeeaetcwn or toe area'eg ef the ldtb int., arrived hero at : c? o'clock, it a taorr ' ig The bow* irona England la ^clte .Bliupr-uint. Ttarkiaa partial break on the lite 'r. the fine tar vesting wes.U-.-r which had prevailed. Eig'o wxit were rtpericncad or t il day, w:.h trot i.U-v rain, feet notb :br of importance. The Vnivemi Ccrr. RiyrUr rays ? The weather th e weee ba* en?' >J the fa- r.v re t; push tuvnl work eilttalvefy, an.1 great prhgrowa Uta I- -en ?uade, the gran tow going up -n pr.rne jrdor and k a ti jcb better aUt- than any prevlooeiy sec-red. The gaoa ral opinion ?e, that ti.ore wu tot be aa aver ago y The Re* V fi WaiacB, chapUji of Cray's jut, use met * ih a tin 7ar f..t? ,r the Tyrol to that vLu fcocBtiy boftl! the throe Exglut mea woo i^rtahed X cr:aalrg U.? CeldaCeauL Mr. Wat??, acooaopau?d by Mr. I.oie ftek, a Wrutor of Cork, aul a gatlo, waa ci jsa.og a gia ?? <t paeo, w lies be fell U:to a chirm Blue'./foet deep. H.? bjdy ru not recoterod until twelie tocre after wards. A poet mortem exam'natioB itoaod tii. L e ileato tr. .rt hare been .nBUxtane. ca. It ta fated that tfco C-orernor of Xaw TeaM?d hag ??ked iho home gcvartmen; for throo reg.oiou.ta to be acal out. F-.ther Sir W. HeonlaoB, Scremor of Saw Socth Wakic, or PI r II. Berkley, Coeerror of Victor .a, ^1, It m* eu'.d, luccced the late P.r d. Ward at Madraa. The death of ;.ieutoBaat Geaeral Plr Henry 3m tb la anc-'Dneed. Be waa Jo.onei of the 1 irat ba' Roya1 Brigade. Major General P.r George B. Iwer a to succeed b> the colooaley of the Rghty eighth regimect. The Via d? to no and Blue Jacket hare Irvm Mel bourne, w.tb gold ralued at CJ30.000. At Lloyd's yratcrday aJd'ttonal rtaka were taken on the Care .'and, a large rnaael, overdue f.-om Madraa, at Ikr rate of thirteen guineas. The iteamerc Eammenla and New Tork arrived at Southampton, and the t:la?gow at Liverpool, on the fore noon of the 14th last The Arabia arrived at Queenctown at midnight on the 14th. IMPORTANT FROM ITALY. (iMdlnte aad Roma. ttc 8ar 1 In Ian troop* c/nttnued their march Into tho Papal territory, tout bo serious collision hat ttkvo place. G ucra! Pan11 bad been appointed Commander In Cble( of tbe two mobilized wje d'mrmic. General C.aldlcl bad entered Fano, making 200 prison er*. General iAmorlctere bad concentrated 8 000 tro p? at Ancoaa. It waa reported that bis I ne of defooce would be attacked by 44 000 Sard in lane. It waa r< ported that tbe French M In later at Turin wae about to return to France. During bla abeeoce a Char?.' il'Allaire* would administer the aCa rs of the embassy. Tlie above autenient, relative to the withdrawal of tbo I roocb Amba.rador, la confirmed. The Pars Jf.^weu/ of tbe I4th raye ? la pretence of tbe facts wta'.ih Lave nut been accom plished in Italy the Proper or baa rtao.vcd that bla Mins ; r ; %.l mru liately null Turin. A MMMy vi ru there to conduol tbo business oi the legation t despatch from Constantinople to tbo IStb say a ? The Papa' government ia about to addreas a menwrwa d .m to all the K rupewu Powers protsl'ng ag..lnsl the F-kidlnlan Invasion of Ihe I'-miio territory. This rarmu. rardioi eiplaus that tbe ci raiment of foreign volunteers, of whi-b Hardh U c m| tain* in tu-r ultimatum, was prin cipally dne to Utt Bouaaaln of A -.tna uud irai.o?the taller Power bsvj?g. uftei the I aria Cooj rcaa of 1424, Insisted on the formation of a Paj'tl army. Alter i.uoi.og the passage la the Fmprror * letter to p. rsiyny, In which he expressed a w ish that Italy should obtalD peaoe. no matter bow. but without forvign Inter yciiiion. tb< Umdoti Of 6. roraes to the imchisioa that | the withdrawal of M do Talh-yraad from Turin la nothing more than a diplomatic protest?ai. indication Hut the lonisror washes bis of the stair. and afflres upon : tbe act of Intervention a public mark of disapproval, 1 which, c.?i?ki< the ijEperor'r p e.tioo of protector t<> | the Pope, it is not ca y to nee w hat other course be ou-dd ' have taken. Tbu Gjpitwvnsof Tur.n says' Antoeei.i "having 1 refused to aoe.vtc to tbo demand* of riedmcut, Coail . Minerva had left Rome, and arrived at ITorenee. i The semi rfl'ciai journal of Tur n?tbe Cfcuaiotte?in tbe article on tbe iau-rvent on of Picdwea; la tbu '.'. man ! States, saj t ? Th e t? not an m t i f aggress'hi. but one of legitimate defence It Is undertaken with a rle,\ to combat foreign i interrcnl.-n, conformably l< tbe policy lad down by the ! Km|wror Nat- Icon. At l'aria they arc probably iguor .at ? tbe bisurrectton in tbe Roman Plates is vimuiunenaa and uenersl. The grand * |o tba t ml the then. ' erstic yi ke. to proclaim the severe rrty or Victor ; Emanuel, and to conM.t :tc Italy. Tbe fru i it r,pc sad ! must be plucked Th. govtrcmcul of ll.Jmoal will know hie to assume the ieapoc.ibdlti of those facts In f tbe face of Italy, of Prnbce. at I of I .rope 1 rope la calico upon ti elect between I tor I aunue. iumI lerolu j t on between constitutional mi carr y ar.i I t w.*mi the i tilonal fmg of Ital> and the red '.ag. Tbu I alliance wltb Inner v. ill r.ot be 1 ny aamag.v D- Withdrawal of tb. French Minster I rum Turin wi.t 1 regarded by >on? as merely a l.prnai c tautest. According to tbe Paris Fn'rv tbe rtvuluUonary mtre meat is tbe Vtarohfi snd t inhris did net cslend lue.f j among tbe tnbah 'ant* of ihcee rcuttrtcr. t ea. Cialdtsi, after ba\ Jig followed the enemy t e>rjw os ihe r<?d to Ancoas and dispersed them, bad rr enter ed Puagago* w ill. hud to prisoner* Gea. IrutKTic re had declared Perugia in a state rf I ?.eg- and had issued a pro- tarnation threat sing dealt., . c < of projerty at J a fccaty fine agamtt tb* in bobilast? for a mere frariure of tbe teiegrapb w .res The <7V .a. Gj-rfh uf Tur.a pub., bo* a g, vsiumeci addrssir 1 by the Rug of Par Jin la to bla trpr* ratal iv*u abr<a.l, and dated the 13th sf K- pteauher Tbu memorabdi at rij lain* tbe "tatc of things tn Italy 1 are lb* peace r f Villain ca It uletst* to the refusal Oi the Com of Home to nor ode to IM demand of Sird.bdt to die ban! tbe furcgi kginc*. todjnstilas by Imperative res oi a tbe step tsWen by Fardlu JU Tbe Sard'.nam (overwmsat eou.d n 4 tbe It* lan inc. smont to 41* stpale u*. in aaa-cby ar.d dttfrd <r. The memorandum Coufirfe* the atraraaoc u. ready g vee that tbe royal ' tronpf w.U serupukm y reepvot K- nte ard tue from-d lug Uri. ory, and B.akiw au apj- |o the Bu.y Father, w?.. ??? > ear* .gi .aargurat.-d the t atejua. m i - moat. T1 e m< it'-ns'ium mj* fe-oe ude* Wbea tbe Pop.- a?aUr<* gai.i the "g? p* Italy, wwh eai -r* am-eg ib-- ,i.? g:.? oi "ro? lieace, b* w.ll ag. ia bee me th. father of the hai'atv. *s h Lkb n ver n-uef to be 11k ?ugust and rev<>r<. lather cf tithe failbU. Tbe Par.# fat/1 u i ? Btroa Talteyr tad w Ul ??v Turin or lh< t. tb taftoa*. Const Itayi val ? ?' aa-icrtaac the illfrt lbu of the ? ? e uf the Ugalxw fl >1. Sept U, I?40. The I spaJ g vrrcmeat is strml to addrn* a treuu rar. d m to a. tU I j-epea.. Tew set, rrol-wt eg the Mardtaian .nrst' -t of the P* . jj. icrr.Vory, Tav tntauo rajxl.m cspiain* tbri the tffortlg* veiwS tcert, ?f which Rvrulai* ?ooiflA.ra la her ult mat jb, v ts c'nelpaUy dee to tbe Kvaselt cf As, ir a and France, I t; e latter Pow r hat eg after U.e i areCohgrtw* oi i%Jt, U-slMeu oa the l?d mat .oa of a Papa, army !? H? lit eolation la ^lylfi. Tl>* r?. ? it* > ptoui. >tn?J Napk?, u>c U& >tut, |IT*B lM (MP l OB of kto r. in UwU CAf U. ? 1 TbB IfBfl ,-J.ll) of ?!>? Wwm hM (V t kcac 4#lor^(?1. >?a IB* w?nio . i .U> ? * ru ,u TlcEa . bs4 ? otB'f f< ru tMtf r.rreBJ. r a. U. >? S?c li*rt AAalr*! luu i*.j t m loM: ?ki 1> **M> wrot 0* ' 'tra the II?- o!h* . t... g .?? Am r t>? eg prt * ul Ub IhBt urr*a,i>a U ? S*r.luil*ii hwwl. ' B ??> ? ?* 4'f ?. ?*?Uxl 4-B? .a Lov -f if IB* fiv i. *? Br*. ui r U'i 3>v? tM?n a* :s i} (Ht ?:?! i? TV?N?ar '4t .rmi. U*"?M a*ui, u\or* 4Mak*<ke4 jrat-rw/t/t Ao. TV -ar itoi-a M IV laBTiflf r<*4"*1 U? U a MM U*l U* tuoD A. a Ui* b m'ng M 10* iwyml Vsi?a-JBK?i al ?h? 'mjaium pti il?( Jtf 'Bar csjvarrSo '? will 3'jm i**ou w?tn tia army of 3C,M0 uta, and yeto Hvaen i /nawrtowrco. Tb* K>ug bu tjriu?d a new rtyalirt mtalatrj. U>? meao u( Mbtch aro U-'Mlti, tampan -kod 'Jltoa. The /.uatr<an, HuMiaa, l*r jaaiau and rpaiuab Mtototora a-J Papal Muaclubave followed to* H'.Qf lo Gaota. Tb? wboio army of oaribaldi w 4] arrive 11 Nap'ea to four la>?, and with toe .nrarrocitouary baa da, m? total rcewiliUu radxd lo bO.oOQ moll. Tfta r? ) ,. - rrtrywboro ir.unptaot. H to laid tbat the Dictator ? about to march lo Vmhna The Blaio and IfVdVet brl fadea have ,uat arrived u> too port, fiaroa Bremer baa hotpijweted agamat um 4-aoawa-ketton of bari-ntob troopo. A proctomaiioo 9! ??ar baidi to the Neepot tana, toro*l yesterday, baa ere t-aribaldi, d> tbto proca uaUoo, rays that too .-tinei_iion w'.U bo et.oc.od, * tea bo win bo .tolelo proclaim t from tbo tcp of the Qctotohl. Tb* Par!* Paltn aoBoncoea tbat tbo P'b? of KarVe l?ft Gsota 9D tbo IStb instant, tit a Spaawb steamer. f? BeriMe. TL? -niraD-e of Garibaldi toto Kapler war te.'Vab"? at Milan to to? moat tBtonslaaiie maaoer Tbo whole city waa '.Momii a lad and decorated w to taf?. tts Tory name of tbo Dictator -rrjireo electric ectbua-atm. A b imbrr of lltamtohtod droat, fined .n icg potoa, were carried Ibroagb toe (tree's. Tbe*? -Irene? a'-fBid gut tooortptjoaa, u follows?"To Bom*' To Vmio! Bame, toe capitoli" Mom of toe c.twa of lta./ celebrated to* latioa af Kaptoa. Baroti Bren'cr, witt th? of tte I"react Em baa)/, tad embarked a' Naples, to ardor to re', -urn to Par*. Ittoaiaa Mid tbat tbo re|r"o?ctat,TO? of tto*r Pcwera tad received ordort t) quit toe Stogicm. Critical State of Affair* la Italy. , from tbe London Tlmaa, Sept. 14 i V.e hate not bad loog to v.alt for lie iacjloo c? tie Kin* 2f Par-llnl* uptn ths alvtco proflerod to tim by the French semi offload pre*#. The troop* at tUoto* Kmsnuel bave entered the l.oman torrilorlee, and war baa bogus x good earnest. General OtakUai tas ukau reaaro, which w?a alrra Jy rxoennred aa being la a eta to of In aurrcctlon. and with the town twelve hundred Germans and Meaeigner Bella bare fallen into bi* band*. Orrieto ban alao surrendered. This la a dub ins beg.nn.ns of the Swf ' campaign, and ait p that c^nuat ' e retracted. SardtaU haa abend'mod tie tempor.r np policy wbteh ah* had adopted aiooe the armistice of \ Ulairanoa. She no longer oecll.nlea backwards ai.d forward*, but throw* In her lot with the ttallan revolution, roilcy has done ber work, all that negotiation, .'! that balancing nod could effect hap been t. eeted, and there in nothing left for It but V> flgbt It out manfully to the fat*'.. We :.,ay nusl'y Imagine tbc motive* that have driven Sardinia to thin do clsivo *t. p. Po long is the and her King were the mly recognized ieprcicnUtlv(s of the Italian movement abo might feel Uracil" at liberty to consult ber own aafoty and await quietly the march of event*; but the Italian movement la no longer under the exclusive direction of the Bardtbian government. Victor Kmaauel haa .a Gari baldi a moet formidable competitor?a man of that mould of wblcb th successful leader'; of great popular uprisings are made?a man utterly regardless of self, and not to be acted on by any of the manner motive* *>F wl.-cb comtunu n.on are to be oonlrulied. The oonquerer of Maple* and Sicily Is quite certain not to arrest bis advance at the frontier of the IComan Haw-. The momentum that he haa gained aecma sufficient to carry him over all the resistance which the stales of the Church can offer, nod to bring hiiu with a viol set shock into collision with the Austrian power in Venice. For ?uch a consummation the Sardinian govern meat la not prepurod. It sec* plainly that If thing* hold their present course n little longer It will be in the power of tinrtisldk to drag Piedmont aa well aa all the rest of Italy Into a oonHict *, ith Austria, and to force her to risk all, she bargained In no encounter where tbe probabhl ties of pucceee ere her. She must, therefore, at w hatever i oat or risk, make herself once more mistress of tbe revolution. PL. r. utt Kid. that *he may not t-e forced to follow. She most revolutionise the Papal H.Org. In < rder that she may put I vers elf In n position to arrest * dangerous revolution ary movement against Vonetia. There la soae* reason to think that in a recent Interview the Emperor of the French has been Induced to see things from this point of view, and that no danger la apprehended on the side of I rene*. Ti.cee motives are amply sufficient to account for tbe deceive mo\ cmont of Victor Emanuel. He lives la revolutionary times, w hen self preservation has super scded all olhrr considerations, and it would be childish to tpply to bis situation the maxima of International law wbtcn are applicable to periods of tranquility. These being the motives which have Impelled Piedmont to draw tbc sword, we have next to see what are tbe gronude on whish she justi fies the step. The grounds are two?the extra ordinary misrule and oppression of the papal government, and tbe preeenoe of larxo bands of foreign mere mar lee, by v. blob the country t oppressed and terrorized, the object i? Hid to be to givr the people an opportunity of expressing their own wishes and tbe re establishment of civil order. The King promises to respect tbe eeat of the Chief of the CL.rcb?Rome, we suppose, sol its Imme diate environs but, while holding out this assurance, the manifesto speaks of the IVij* and bis advisers la terms of bllteroeee and a rlm> i.y -nusual m the present age, even in a declaration of war. He will teach tbe people forgiveness of oUoccc* and Christian tolerance to tbe rope and hi* General. Be denounce* tbe misg'-idel ad visers of the Pen tiff and tbe fanatic lam of th-'wicked roct wbieb (.inspire* -igaliiat bis authority and tbc liber ties of the nation. Ib'S is harsh Ungual".-, and 1* not ,u roosietent'y seconded by the a Jvitaoo Into tbo Hate* of the I Lurch of an army of b0,00u m< u. MebST-'not scrupled to arow tbe opinion that the motives which urge tbe King of fk.rdlnia to Invade tie territory of a n igbboT with whom be la nominally at peace, and whom b. baa ntraady stripped u! half of his d mir loaa, ar- not wh.lly.or even principally, tbuee wbk b b> declaration pule firw trd. and yet we do not scruple it say that wo heartily w ?n lb- K og suooeas. For this wo have r. any reasons. In th-- present Condition of ftootberu and Northern Italy it is <;ult* Impossible to pr? rent ? .? aple outraged and trampled upon the sub ynrts of th-- !'? pe from rising in |k< mature. and. If their r>wa strength alone be considered, in hopeless tn-urrec tfon. At F.?wombran* th- Insurrection has been tnrt down by f. ree. and the tel> prapb Informs ur of what we ran well believe?thai ?c* nes similar to ttvee ? f l'< rugia bai<-beeu rnacUd. T,.e war bogin between tbe l*opr and Lit ? ubjeel i befi>re ti. 1\ simonies'" crossed the frontier, and we w. 1! know bow the So-her of tbo Crass tnako war. M t- do not vrtib to see lamer* lore and bis Ccndettiori carrying Ore, slaughter at.J V. slUbn through tlx domii.,one of ttie l"ojw", and justifying the rule of the A letg, rtut of beaven by deed* bell it Self might bMnh to look opes Tb'.s ban ! of mercenaries 1* a mcr.are .ind ai Insult to the res; of Italy. It has been caio-d Into tvlst uce for no other purpose thai; to ? the tub/eels of tbe Tope and t> put down by arm-d feroe the rising reroiat.oe and we do not are that tbe I'cwers aghast wbich this army bar b-en levlrd arc b..uad to wait UU a suitable opportviilty pre*-nt* Itaelf for tbe Free r urn par I'-ns. *at.aled Willi slaughter and raj lue In tbe Flairs <>! lb, t'burrb, to 'XtrtM their trado at tbe sxi*u?e of Tuacany or tbe Lrsntioos. Tbea there U th. ist irrable aa'presetou or the I'up< s govemir nt. The b?t r roof of that nppr. - .on Is the fart that lb. I'op* dare n, t l rust hts "wn subject*drub arm-. b-1 pass* If, UkriNohyaiai of fyrsetme, la tbe hands or foreign mer.x r.arles. Tbe epctiar.e of a n> pi* sept d wn by such manna ta an outrag? or the e;v. 's .neo of the age, and a das per and m nace for all the re*i of Ita'y. Till some govi-ramect be established In the cntr* of ItsJy wb rb ia? be niaxta.uod wltboit ten th .uraad Fretkh tn*ite to ga'rlsoo tbc ewpttal, anl and twenty tbo send forego mereenarlew to sack tns-.rgent towns, it 1* In vain to hop* tor pcaeo. We rree'v admit that no thing but the < itri-m<ty of the evil coul . .iwtify tbesttp whieb Fat 1 nia Las takis. hut we vb.i k that step w utl fed The evi. would r.1 it-elf Kg kCuStj a.?ud not de)*rt while h blade of cm rema net f r them tt devour, at. the mercei,ari<* would remain wn.lo aealth, b*anlyfu. : revetgi for thebaire: In wblcb t ?y are neld by tbe people La ! still temptation* to ollnr. For all tbea# rea . c* W. thtPk th*' h ln^ of i ardtaia IS er.I it led to lie sympathy of Engl' I'M in tbe war in ahlch be ha tagiged. W* wj.b bin. cord<a> toe*eat, ao I thai hlaeuc ?ee rosy t-e rap.d as veil aa decisive. t'HK LATBH1 tKV tr T&LMKAru **) ! imr.ioi. Loanua, s?pi. i??r * Tin Plreti*;b of lamnrr err ? crepe la believed to Uv? been untie rule", en<1 it to no? hM W be rtrj l.lUe, If at ell, abort of 30 OCO m e. The Ixwdoo Tim* ' ref >rdp thr snhdrewal of the 1 rooch Muiie; .r frtan Tur.n ar a nark of the Ijb|k ,-*'a dlepic*; n-'U. ... WUa.jr.aAJ in; htm liar iba d< tot V ruib i por A *tria tor- rperte1 ? ; Frit re 1'the conical la elf >wcd W !a?t 1.rf there It Jaocvr if the ath olic l'o'-er. betsf drawn Into it. wttt the certa.u racult of the atrUr.| _atrn'ut of Un c i bo a Utort; ar.U inde pendent* ef 'tnlf. Tito l^O'UiO Clt-vani. ??.*? that the sltudrawai ot' tba i reset. Minteter rmw 1 ,r.n a oacpatv .t with an al ar hita Idestii/ of the poi.-; bxween Frea ? aui Sari la la. ?V Ijr.pcror #ir>n/tiito? the prfdirr be Lae gicet tr tne and, *> t? iptai. ret 'ca a lib in tbat r??ltoo of the K 2 |i rthvy wblrh ho or IfUaO,; J - but J tc be ??U r? .it to Bt.cU a u. U tcff iy -f Uh ltwtiC. Tb? I rode* t raj? tba*. Vlstor FsrACUi-ra OCT .pa!Ml if I' b rfitur; tuav Wad to eor.tua iv ?. uhoon. Tbo ln.|.i.r sltt) ous* bit ttiulaler fro?i Iuric W avoid tba ai;cai?oc< of *- J treat coj Kit; *0. th *i -'It It I oiler n?e lx?4ns U tol' ?a;a Una Ui<? l? t< r; efuerat 04 the rcacK; of Ui? I rlei001 lea la*, n. at u are re facet that; w! defeat the li e if ttr II ar.r with bor U?t, aw: Aitdrla, casev .oua of the |toi.incd a ^grortof tb bnaar Onto* rat ? ma;, bj U>r more aar jBii't on of a rimer ng attitt la, pro?.*. ue a:u a o U.o.ta'?luta?ar; forest tr uUdiurir TO st Ovytown. ti nar, Sept. U~E\*bac The ItniiW KwiranJa r*pr<*e reprct on a. coo at of the recall of the FV? b Ar be?*ed?r frost Turin The D.nueta, a Ifary nu t rail; round the h'.sg in order m aa?.,i Li.a is ot rconinc the prearst dur. -uitk t. TV other "iurin jawsalt jubi. h arl?M <d a rajc mat Tba IfinMHf m;? ,? Italy dnea not deaiff the rwponniMUl; A franco. fWr her *ct? ahoul t be hoc ableto treat libcrt; of la aTceaar; hir i ur foveraaeat. Tboaa s:ate? who ar< to fr .Mill; rein! -or* need ant on tbai luvouat be rc puoat hiaoarfbr another The pwUer fcii rw+i if Sardinia la WHpoar f up? our r'**" <?cnt bytba tiate of ihinga in the im. cm la Utarsu^n', Sept je, 1 -00 I**Ure fr ft. fa. Om 11th atal- .ut rw, aru vst f ? ? v <** aa^ju v?? keT m?J?f f?oe x that c.t/. Many prttfla *nd menae uad fra-em. ed witn lb* peopf In* polio* regulations proa.toitcd l*o ooa&peitk^ at ui* Inhabitant* w abeut ' Long lira darlbnid:." Numerous deeart uu v<i<i tnkmg piaoefrom *nu, M tbe foreign pari of lbs MtdWrjr and ato.xrra t*.t iakac ni voutage of lac -hctntor's at tburiaaiiaii ? return Ic inj-r Enlietxent o! TOlun^Mre Lad Men ordered. LiberiawtilboFto-PkU^*,while Gar bad: a nttsik lag Xaaroricwre. Garlbeid, bad deunreu that ne wlU iood .be annexation of Naples tc fLedinon; train (be * n.ran o! M9 gnarlnal, when ail Ute ifoi.ut w!1j be united at oae na tional ban.uei. A reactionary movement, upended ty feini Mtfcsi*, bad taken place al j.riaao. A uetashmeni c4 wnr.oaidiana were marching against ibaa [-ace. Rons, via Maritmee, SbjL 11, lieo 7b* Papa! ftTemmenl ?U tn.a evening ecuimunicAie U the Assembly of ine (.ardxala Me anewer which hu been made to C real M-nerva, ae we.i m lb* diptou-atic clr<r-)ar to be ad ceased to the foreign Ecvernmeata. The tri color Lag oae neon coated al liroll, Gecevano and Sabraoo, bat u A said tbat tb* poopie d,d not tapperl tbe intended demoiatralione. Nam*rose agents, now. ever, arc spreadjig sg.UUuc In Am country around Hjtne. Mgr. Maodore baa returned Item Trea.ooal. Several agi tator* bar* been arretted. The alleged oroere of ? eaeral Lamerteiere, ordering fll-age la caat of Jtawrectej?, baa beta denied. r-*-. <dp-.. 16,1640 TaC ??fo'tfufii-nne; p .bUboa an oalra t from ita cLief editor, eip-ainxg tbe policy followed by tbe Emperor la Italy. It aaya, tbe oondoct cf tbe riencb go vermeil In recalllag ita Ambassadors :r>m Tur n A to aarreae tbo diaaalMaction at tba voum wbicb ban been taken by Hard .ilia, but cdob a disapproval la for from a rupture. The interests if France and Sardinia always rcmaoi tbe lciuriMuntabla rampart el llo iAllan paninaula. Tbe legitimate omirgemont of Lor territory ace - i*a to oj common victories. The treaties caw.A, in any way, be compromised. nw lodowxg !e tbe order of tbe day .arued by General ClalJfo. on UUJcg tbe Cold ? Boiiiaua r ins Fov btb Ooktw?I am br' you against a band of fore an adraatm Bra, wltoom the tbirat cf blood and desire of pillage tare brought into oor country. Attack and dlapcrae tbem without mercy, let your band smite u. m with Uic anger of a PMl* -u: wishes Ita na tionality and lnlepeudeace Soldiers, rerog'.a calls aloud (or ngeecco, and tboogb late abe will bare It. According to tbe London Herald'i correspondence tbe wboie or tbe Frenob Legation at Turin baa not been with drawn, and tbe iaaprearlon is, tbat tbe limparor Xapo I eon secretly connives at tbe mt vementa cf Victor Ema nuel. A strong Piedmonteae corps d'armee la keeping watch on lb* movements of tbe Austrian*. A Turin letter aaya tbat sooner or later tbe straggle wtt come. Tbe uettion of Yenetta will aroure tbe paa (ions aa aoon aa tbe other t ucauona are settled. War Movemcati off Ana trio. A grand dinner was given by the Emperor at Schon brunn, on tbe 11th, la honor of tbe birthday of tbe Em peror of Russia, In return for a similar courtesy on tbe part of the latter sovereign. The toast in honor of tb* Car was received In tbe moat cordial manner by nil the members of tbe Austrian Imperial family. Preparations were being made at Vienna for tba eventu ality of a new war in Italy. Additional troops were con stantly befog sent to Austrian Italy. It was rumored that Austria bad notified France of bar intention to concentrate bQfiQt men in Mantua and the line of the Po, as a corps of oboorvntton, but with no in tenlton of intervening between Sardinia and Rom*. The Emperor end KrapwenhAd Arrteed Al Ntoi, where | U.4T met v.Itb ?? ofllDo.taBtl.jec^Hjor tW ud bw>' dSSihed to R"?e and re-unse < ?""?!?!,.. rr J,r? nhow a da sss?55 ?-? - in the dl?- 'UBl- a decrease of Usi-iO.OOd f'an?- I Tb? "rt dr- ,alrte- announce that their *U* Ilea had ( "??!??*)?>??- >? ' "u- -i ?.?.?! r.entc, i k>r?cl al t>< "w truer, from CMua ,uw\".Tt\b? French foroee would Jl U, the Soth a J the E?*lMt Votho north of li* T JL aJt? tv.. ntKi.o Pr.ttnb foroa. nonWaUM ? ?KfeMKA^S35 rSSiooocweal o( otwraUeue wan-*<?,?"? count of the I Tench not being rm>.y. I Market*. 1 ON'ItON MONET M tAKET- - ... i tt.a ta-t been dull un ler the lolteenoe of the litrrTrem'T* rc^ov "* { "K srto**rJ.?ii2-!K- "-TI rn-r lil^D. +>M? carpet wnrehon Tmrr. Ud eotpend -J pay ni' ut LtabiUtkw about M 0C0* rl'D* iWbaabt return tbcw an .nctcwee Qt 1.63 4* ?? ??" iocdon Pally Hew, 'City Art*'*), Pept. 14 ) ?K ^, nt opened with a Arm W?2?*l worethrown <t?ruu toward, noon by IhM***??* 8?? JnffSST & gsat&^Bg^gKSS !3^?32?9g! s. me nngx tu Ml due MM*T the ercelt Itouae, m w ImT In^nevjoenre of the large ' v+T id to them, tU princ pa! discount howee yeahd,y lowerad the r?k f r meaoy a', uotice from u /t to S . P?f rt^!m the locdoo T.?"? (City Artlcla). Sept. 14?1' H I 1 Toe lar .iih f. nd? . wned ?tt ? a eliflit Undaoc: jo ? . nrro < d at. and were w.rly ma.nta ned to tb, clae, ?J Th-tu^h li?? ntmn Oi U* \ remrh fciTHf ** col .id from Torre attracted ooc,ld*rab.? attonl. taat price from Par * thi? eretrinsnurw. , sr Tiuta, m a t< ry tranisaraat proseedtsg la the am S31 t SETS F.aiiCc-w^re K.^htl) tufA-r. Taa rale cf -la c njet in rr ^nm* nboTC tu tcr?? Mrrciit In the y arlout c? at neerta. ' tie,. At frmidtfart, i divnat wtucb rr.tricu arterprlit U i?cAivla mrc-il. Tterf tew no fcnHton oft ru.i'Bi ?t tu<' bai'u t<. day. The rr tort martteU durln* the err* k ha1 e r.ot e t.lhltad at) mat-rial alteration, trace artxro, b- ta, <e a ti.oderau extent, rtmctpariy fur home | rtuuirtm* BM. I |A1 IM> CIV. lt.AH. i I iDNTYos.ecpi it-er. m tirti ay -wv .* -Thtra IJ? be-r. Uaa hawe dnrtn? lb* a-ek. w'tb a decllae in price, ef r -me of the ra.wny ?7. rite, tn'ted ?nt?? ?', at M a. and I ? At W al Waraach ifette 4 ? (-U l rft aom.ual at IWa WJ^1 land do , VII ?, a W l'ei.ntylr*aa ? r< ^ frrcd at ?S. ind t irjaia e ? (do.lar) a. Mj B tral llaUmad abart,. 1A . a t?" ? OO^P T'a boadit, ,?a M HMUfaa 0*tiwl hwM< Wig. oharto < aft. Ne* Vort aa 1 Fric * , fhced,*.83 aM, r??: 11 <a g? Kt? Tork u. trml t , (ooail.t, i?-4: i w ctylTtii?in O ntf n* botCI? W,li ? H'di UOUMWOk. AI?th A co^ ^SSTi^to Rv OAP-r r ? - The weaUi r Ut J weoa h-.? been tl*hly favnraii.0 1* tarve't Operat.ou-. and been made In rear n? and a- -rtng th crv<d m al. parta of the cs.ui.try Uie ?rm.i. trade bea ? r^ dc' an. builacra grneral y Ua* boea llinlt*t. ta mar a* t the Uwitng i*ai be* a , ^ wheaUU Ut, ? ir rue re tuo' oa. tm Tnaeday tbwe va, lew Twerrew tc ?t?l Mitl a ?ogrmir Iwaf* iU ? w-at rati 1 lit: '??> I ant btojjf Vi fd. t?t?a for. itra - taw U?d.aa urn <ju*ct. al -ha *4. . ^At'todn) t n.'rU-t thr at"* dartre \ CJ?7\ SSwai Uw. bat wb-at met a la.r rcUl: iwnaau at thd ?MW , Li oi Tu??ia- )i r in ids t??d injury, ht-' li.njred In "hue Indian eore JuK'vma'at be uMtitlli beul i r 9? p?? Quarter. \ cd We qaW w*M* rod W-wtera. lie allied tor uttr U? M aU?. M lu- a w Wort.ra. Ill rt. alSr 8d Wtte, U IMl. A ISA W pW 108 I road* n*-r?i h._uk-lfVia rjprAne, .te a UexWA. .c. ? ?a fY'raW-k, 3h* a 01,. extra Wmt-rn. a 5V p-fba-rr! laian ? ora Mlaod. 3fc. A>P A ???., TT -? ? A, w*. t- \to. a Of* P?t ye..s/w, ?>? wv c . sm? ... ' ?...| .* ? r k IITT'M jar.^Nt-r iatulr-?. At rreilot* I"'*' tfcl, w??( VtUn whwmkAU, fat rW conl^-.ury ?.,uer - The ma,cot opewyl tbn week with murh ^aet^ tlty. i..d ?,r wir at bar St n lax rnce,. I hiafe then place U- lompanttje dUuew.?he1*! ,'1 , *ooU nUy and to day, bar-nx aga.u to M.000 , ? jv, m urac*r nnfpty VT* r. ad. y euptwrU J, and m^t be q ^U-d fxwtviit *< f ? v/DDT i*w rh ,1) Ihc wsiit for lb? bl! grade, <d cpianda If free fr?W 'V.T. * 4f4^ If/ (air Orl' ani a.e Itlii murh aogkctad, aai, If are rbeap* r Ut.* week. Sea '.j;anu*?inr plke WjJ * lid and^. l per lb. a fa r de- >an 1 ha, etlrted for rw ?,*?it and ?ueh are cmo halt 01 a peoay p? r lb. lurrj i'rs rJ'boir;.. ^tJt^ i^ro ?u .2.y UKte baa b^j. a ?? UtUo ream >c, Uui SSUkMfr -Wk rrjr'?4 - 7 ^r;n'lld.i 2v c'lOtatluDi a"r?M.dJ lag OrlearJl. 4 ,J. fr' 'b d*. ku biio, AH L d*J dy. apiaaJ,. , Y?d do. ni* HMJ,*nb' crrxrtAR. I,' IXYY'l.f ft IH k rixMtt:c<*i uc itAttw And ?? UApr.??it*l k. U.8 Mnnwrter nwiiti lat* ladocovi an n'^uivi aemand fur Li) 4??er -t'ona of -'.iter. wbloh haa rawited 'o larfo aalee, it ?a a+ranoe of t^d. a X<1 per lb., partt nuarty for lite Kw ud middl'v# quw i.ih at Awer.oau. Ihe aqua's huex-da has been 116,330 bnija. of which npo(i? laMra t H'U id ,700 and #*por?or? 14,400 bake Tbo mar k?t yesterday waa ateady, wtta a fair demand, the taion reaching 10,000 baiea, ,ciiled>m 2 A 00 on specuiau.n aod far export. The a-tho-ited 'iuoteie>nB arc as follow* ? Mr JfidJMiU New Orleans. 7Hd. 0**a. MobJe 7^a, 0',i. Uplands la Cyd. ?Wk on baad estimated at 941,010 bales, ineludxg 104 <00 American. no inner mamucts. Lrnmroo^ sept. 16,1660. Cotton?Saiee yaatarday 6,000 baiaa, um tiding 1,000 on afW'uiAi * and for export. :t>e market e.oaed quiet, btft In. Brenostufis ouiet, bet firm. Ptot awns rery dull. I/OIO-!*, Sopi. 16?p. M. Batiieasts toe Stxk Ea.hango waa limited today, and scarcely -ay change baa taken face- t. ill way stocks arc ra aer f.alWr toner s .meed at IJ . a 90;? for money, and 03.? a 93'j lor Bhlpptag latclM|?ae?< Ait *?d .ro? Pew 1 .wk, Cornelia at 'ilaaao*. Zephyr, and Miry Barney, a: MareelUw, tltaj .etlw, aid Aas^r-i, -1 Liv erpool Arrirrt from Hahim ir% John Ol-rte at L.rsrpenl. Arr ?J from New Orlaaae, Tbora aklien. a*. L erpool. Andre., from Hoblie, Crnmaadel a*. I-drerpooL tia ucxoa own. Arrived roa Mew 1 irk, S?pt- 10, Wm. Moore, at U*aoa; Mtb. t.reat W??larn. at Ijrrrpool Armw 'rum fo-Mm, Sep'- 1, iletry HU and Kaoakorae, at ?'wjfBV 34, Ere >m at jo. A-r'red fr )m City Pitat Sept It, fUrrie) Partxjx, at TteaL tai.r t fur hew Turk September iZ, Ox-mDiia and xrctla, from Srr.dertaad. *.?;> j for Posm* September IS, General Berry, I am link and Jti.-tni- tee Tbird, from Liverpool. lollill of the Pawnee, PnnAittLrzua, Sept. 36?5 P. M. TV. Ca'cod B*?tee ate arr or Fawaco, Commander Bart, eve n, bene for Verb Croi Tin Key West, to conl, and Fenseooia to reeelTe on board Mr. Me Inn?, If'x later to Mcxloo, went tc sa yctlcrday afternoon at half put tluree. Sho atonmod from tbo Powder wbarf to Gape Ber i pen, d.rtanjo ene hundred mtlee, In aeven bourn, which pro-, aa ber mart xsry to bo in good working order. Wool Kale. PimoPKimu, Sept. 36, 1860. A great wool tale, by auction, at tbo Manufacturers' Exalmage, 33 North Wont atreet, took piaoe today. The lota t cm bo rod 121, and oonta'.nod about 296,390 pons da, which brought fUB prises. The brokers who or dered the sade are Meesrs. Thomas Edaen k Co. M. Tbo mas It Son were auct.oneer?. fttie well attended and bid ding rtry spirited. n?rk?t?< Haw OaiXAjrf, Sapt. 20, 1M0. Co;toc-asuea today 9,600 bales at irregihar prices F*ur yery doll ,ealoa of roperOne at 80 20 a 90 2i. i Whiskey-fclea ol raw at 34c. Other articles generally u?changed. jioan*. B?P*- 2?, I860 Cotton?Satas to day TOO bales at 10c. a 10 l4c.; sales of three daya, 2,900 balca; receipts of throe days, bfiM bake. The root of the market unchanged. Pkk-idsli hu , Sept. 20,1800. | jTotr cu!H at $6 02K a 90 for euperCnc. Wheat un changed Corn ateady. ProTialooa quiet Whiskey duU i at 23c. a 23 Kc. Couee firm Kio 13>,c a lo \kc. BrrrAio, Bept. 20?11*. M. Ttour'onlet and firm. Wheat, sprio* and club, 2s. a So. hitter and in goodMcnmnd Jsalea 2,040 buabclaNa 2Clit ?t bneheta do a 8101^^0 bu^. Milwaukee dub, part afloat, at 01 00. Corn? Market bet torand' u fklr liemand aalea 24.000 bushels at 68 >ic. a ate. Data lower: sales 4,000 buatela at 27)?o. Whiskey ?toad* ialee 60 bbla. at 21>?c. Canal freights?10>4?? 00 im?,^H^eou corn toNew York \Oel?P?'!? kOUObbla Cour, '.>3,000 buabela wheat, (8,000 b-ehele SC. 1% biibVlauata.JO COO bushel, barley. txporta 1^4.000 buabela wheat, 31,000 buahele corn. Botalo, Bept, 96?0 P. M. i #irm mil in fair demand. Wheat la active ue- j d f r aprirc and club, and mari**t better aalea 32.000 tl 01 41 000 but hole Milwaukee club, part .^i *: ?1 na- 17 too do at >1 07 , 3 000 buabela Canada club at S %. O^^MbeU" rale. 30 000 bushel, at 63 1 sac Oais lee. rr? rales 3 000 be-bels at 2, }?o. Whtekey oulet EAlo. to bbla. at 21,'ic. Canal frolgnu-. 2 onflourTlTe. on wheat, 18c. on corn to New fork. Tih.^mrSrt -3 000 bblr. flour, 8J 000 buabela wheat, 8,000 buabela oats, 19.909 bujheM barley. Canal exportn?163,000 buaheU wheal, 16,000 tube* com. (>nri6o ^ M r. M. | Ftorr rtealy at 9f *0 for extra State Wheat market better, but buyer, are not plcaty et_teu_ad?nacc aatas 8 Os'J burbris N<v 1 Cblcag" ep""? " 11 h"C^ntor?.'d Vn j0 .? 81 10, and a amall lot winter red 6i?n?tMl? Com unchanged aal-s 3,MM bushel* SM1AS Barleya ahadi higher rata. 0 0OO bushel* "/.^~ta'W r> ii.ied it Mte on fltNU*, 11c. ou wheat. lOo a IvMJ- 00 ch^!> ^nwv.i imports?1 t?3d bhlt floar, I i(,4 700 b> ?1 "la wheat, 0,100 buebela oats, 23 6j0 buabela barley, 1 "Co bail, le ryo. Canal export*? i,C32 bide, i^our, 63.700 lu?bch wheat, 6,700 buabete oair, 4,(>?0 bushcis barky. 2a_g P. u 11 Kir dull. Wheat dull and unsettled lataeTtOOO bi'b~ a: 8tle. a t>7 .0. for N? 1 aprlng. 63c a 96 -tuft* No. 2, m store. Com firm rales 31 000 bueheto, a: 30.^ m store- Receipt.?9,900 bbla. flour, 16,1*0 bushtls alMit 28 000 "In cm. 18,600 do. oatr. hhipmuntr? roo bbla il.iur, 1 i 000 bu-shclr wheat 104 000 do_ 0>>r?. rrelgbt- cii(.tiled TaaaalB arc asking 13" on wh^at to Buiiilo. but w lih no engagcrr^nta Sight exchange on New York firm at 1 per cent premium. Altmipt'd Mawler anil 8?lrl?te. a copnciUUk snor ?y a "allit <irH'- ( (Fiuni the C.nclnnatl Commercial, bept 24 | William 1! Olaer, memter of the City Council ^'mnth? Fourth vard, wu abut In I be lower law, ' ball/ wm-'ided at ball i>AAC throe o'etoek ycetardaj afternooi., "?Tla W hitf a lbStai guI, at bia coniecUineo itore, -nX a-.ifa-* for a long t.m? an atta'bmeot l.M rxatedl^tcwn the parties, and that for the P**1 w eas Glare uaa refued to *!?< the girl any count "nance, or to II-ak to her. At the abOTe meuil >uod hour be was (tan. ir.f in hie ..oor.and (eeinfi her at proach. paaee.. I ,oto On ingme hou.c adjoining. She. bowcror, lingort'l around unt.l b ? return, and followed Ltm Intolhe but what,* ted between them w. could act learn GtaM offlrer Fiahcr, and Md him to pereuai H-ra to lea*e I* ahe ?a* anuoytaa him Taher did eo, iid it. pr-mued to be obidtaat If P-rmlt^l to ?.i. . , ori' io Glare, who ha i r<>0 Into a rtoJ" t?m?S2 waa fronted She >?? lu a<u.e>. h-tn to make up Ui ir U.fltenliy, aud upon his avowiag hi intention to rev or ^ ber ' erain (he drew a pwtol and (b ?? h ra the ball paew-U nr wardr and tbrccyh the el. u, breaking the l"wer t*, tand eamc out at the bate of the tongue "'?.."XTSfbSaa the w tun J ?i man iwa.owed lh< bai.,a' it bAJ no'' 9<*n f -md. Tita wound le MT?re, bat not fata . Fiaher lab m< dlately arreet. 4 Hie g rl, and aa be wef eonrry ng ber , to the station b uro ?br ir^ue-t. d perml-alM to (top at her room, which m no Third (tret and tn th( (letally, tl.. oflujer a irompan ed ber to the door, and e mom nl afterward! ?l^ ?c"ed a laudanuai botttc and drank tdf IU c<nt''ntf Hy prompt remedhe l^r lift was (aved, a. I ibough H.e lay for a 10:4 limo In a v >?r> I dit of! The t^cr girl teemi V hare a I hot victim an 1 In her waking momento lait night waa enettrually lament ng that ak waa act raraattted ta dta ' win b ? Sb. would not betters but that h. waa killed. ABi. n ber tr nket# waa a doable eased aaedalboa coalam rig their picl' rea f^r wh.cb Mk beeged .aoMiaatiy unt.l l? oi' eera reti rn* d 11 to her. Il U prvbabie that the raae whi be pnarcutod. gvuUaattaa of U>e H.?t aad Ptraeaal l.itate of Ilia SMtla of New 4 ofM. Tii" f-.ll rwiiig 1( the eqaal'rat.' n of the real and per toll *?tah' at i ted by tie suue B^ard of Knaalii tlioa, at their acting :.t lW.BeptcmVr 30, 7 , glbaav ido b*4 737 (?m?itaga 828 969 l.? A.leghen) 8 03.V120 (Marts.. DrteV. I dfcl 489 ?Tarpe ( Atlarai g ( 9.?!0,1?9 f ric^ik. .?'?2-U (.TUn 19 -14,844 C'WegD !i'isl,22 CuXaa .a 14 270 102 ptaag ' a 11? ma Chemung ?.I7S,7? 1 9,1*4 096 (te?aa?a. .. W 600 Go# r-Mrn 6 727,776 1.' liibia ... Richmond P.2J- toa ^rtSat fK'?l KiTkUcd 6 440.'0 a?":::?:S."S:S ,v,.? Brknylar.. ...... 65-0..28 trwaklta. 4.1 to.270 9w>?ea^. ? ? kuin, 4 0.4 412 St. .. U*>.4f i.ore?e II tdO-136 iiciber. t' Wl 742 JS2S* 7 080.604 BufPvt 12.080 M Han..ttOB... 479.>'273 B-l. van ? 4.19M95 Herkimer 10.111^7 ; *? ? ?'* i..n 13 93.. TOP Toaapklkk. < .* Ki'le- li-'h.-s f+1 l"(trr. 16 lawwv',.? ?? **'' M *"vren .fJi.'vS I ir r ?6toe ... 1499C U8 WaStogtmi .. .^1?J at j ra ll^TI.T*: Wijrftf W.MTJj M tb TWjWi w ftcbmtr .. 41 f airuta?y ... 7.^4 077 saw Y.*? 660.676,778 lataa . 206 .lw oiSS?:::::::: ? 9i,?i?^a? /The tmu t? He(tonaert Chanh Ooi?trowa?ejr? rTTHlkl COTW-fltnlUll TfJiM. Rd'-wr H:n .' .dgr*Sutherland, leonurl aad AHea. ?r^ .^vg? TV/*'->le affltamtafkw<4 > J "ar, i, , yv jr..?*Tf / Jder,. >C? 14 l>ulTr%, ' -lb i raw oofkea up oa appeal rram the Wvemni-m ant nrtdve. lb" title toa la^ antourlof TillHi?T..v w. prwfowty. The r-wapialat wwa d em used r.r with r.wta now row. up ta ?f at 9i4c al Term,* ? i.*v,(r nrorwrty. the process of th. eaUt. dee W KW vue? - wtlrh New Twk, kaowu S^r care anT^ hoof of waagranWd "for an ?? J^^^ogregaUaa r?* the eup the hortborr lith ? ^ ibeir mititatar, colaUied arcrrd port end me utenaaee i ? v^tg^rmn.ta now at pre eg u? the ohii b otdeia ?*"? Gained of itnl here or b> taf or bor. pb.rj, thu> denae war n.ito Ivcome ' The wU. now iimr arr meci Uv waa dat? d '20th Net ' aad nserrud its dc Unurt took th# boobd ??' l*v r* rvserriki 00m. City I a.ell .yaucc. TLB MjVOU'b T*0l aim W 111 t'l I'il.lTOH RO?..i'?Mvtfcrs. T?ip*n;_na Craves, o:~ Uu Cr.i jo i^uxiuct Department, have addressed another cjtuta&niuat.oa 10 it* Mtjor la refere&oe to the proposed improvement at Hjg& Bridge, and io reply to a oommunlaation sent to Ibem Of Mayor Wood ea the 2.J Inst. Is this answer Messrs. Tappaa and Craven labor to show that the suspension of tbe work on ibe bridge is oslng altogether to toe course pursued by ibe Mayor. Tbe oummunioailon concludes U follows ?Tor say that yon withdraw any objection! whi-h in your (our) op in. on you have heretofore madd to the Croton AquoduH Dui-artmeat, prooeoding wit! any public work under their charge in any mole the Board deems desirable Cor the public interact, consistent wit! law. We understand, therefore, that you withdraw your refusal to countersign the warrants for tho improvement of High Bridge by days' work. IT we be mistaken in this conclusion, we beg to be corrected at your earliest mMkm without such oorreotlsa we shall consider It oar duty to proceed with such work as may beneosa rary for the protection of the brldgo during the oem'aje winter. Tnts Is all the work which at this late period of tho eeeeoQ can be undertaken. The greater part at the work, vlr: the owstruotioo of tho large pipe, ban been under contract for some time. That portion of tbe work which it la unsafe to perform by contract Is the disconnection of the old pins from the gate house, and thslr raee?ectloe therew *.b by other entrances, and the connection or tho f wo ends of the large pipe, now under construct!.*, with tbe gatehouse* at Its n - tremit:ew This work casuot be doue during the present season. Before tbe necessary castings and other prepu rsli <ns could be completed, the soaioa will bo so far ad vanced as to trtske it utterly unsafe to disturb the ma sonry of tbo gate houses. Tim Paoio-tn Match ax Br: naps Berwm Mans. Bakuan as 11 PKitajr?Awcvat or rum Garni Fmuku Pus Bit?The bi.tlei J celebrities in this city are having ! pl-asant bit of a sensation this week, caused by the arri val m last Monday of Mens. Berger, the celebrated French player, wbo camo a passenger la the steamship Adriatic. A match between Messrs Berger and Pbslaa has long been oa the tapis, and has been looked forward to with tnech eagerness by the iorers of the beantlful game of buliai Js. Mr Itelan stands u&mat .bed in th! country, or it least hj friends claim as much, wine b-e French rival ccc pies the hlgheet i>oe!tb>n in hie profeo sioa ail over Europe. It is natural, therefore, that un usual uitcri at sbouil be felt in the -esuo of the friendly contests between the two oelebrltiea The preliminaries) of the match have not as yet, wo behove, been settled; so that for the present the public cur.osUy must ae restrain ed lfr Pbolan bas moat * uJly t^Bertd to M. Bergor the use of one ef the rootrs m bis billiard establishment, where a French billiard table, brought over by Mono. B., will bo erected. A series of brilliant games will therein be played <acb night, and we are further informed thai Mr. B. intends to give a course of Instruction In bil liards to these who may desire. Attbhit it Mvmnn or tei Kocrm Was -About eight o'clock last ovenlng. a woman namad O'Grady and beg husband, residing In Cherry street, near Junse, got into a fight. Mrs. O'Grady seised a pitcher aad broke it over Mr. O'Grady'i head. Bhe then got a large carving knife and tubbed him several times in tbe buck and neck. O'Grady cried out murder, when olLccr McDonald, of the Fourth ward polio-', ran Into the bouse and arrested tbe woman Just an she was In tho act of despatching Mr. O'Grady by n pow erful blow aimed at his breast. She was taken to tbd ttat.un house and, and her hasoacd attended by a physlcWn, who drew -d ha wouuds. B* injuries are thought not to be dangerous. A M. craws* CoBussravDuui?We hare received a com munlcetion, dated lUrmingdale, L. L, Sep'.. 22, 1KO, signed by C. C. Nukorok, x vrh ch the writer calls our at tention to an article, which, he says, appeared in the IIubjld of the 18th. relating to the death of a man named Powell, and "which did great lijusttco to a highly reepee table family residing In ths place." Our correspondent Is evidently mistaken in tlx ng tbe publication ot tbe arti cle in virfltlon on the Hmuu>; no such allusion was made In the liuuJLp therefore we have no refutation to make. SnowLast evening a druggist, named John M. Brclwlth, residing at No. 122 East Twenty sighth street, committed tuicide by taking poison. He died in about fifteen minutes after taking the same. No osoeeM given for the rash act. Tbe Coroner was notified. Police UUUl|MCf. Tj'k Musics Pthrst Trm *i>t?Ooirocnos.?He bavd been requested by the Ilor. Mr. Qunn, of 91. Pater's church, B? relay street, to tneke known the following facte in relation to the victim and parties concerned hi the Morris street tragedy, which throws <{u!te a different light on the sad atteir. Mrs. Jones was engaged to ho married to Mr. Ryan, the man to whom a card in yester day'e I-sue referred m being In the employ cf A Jama' ti CRT Company. This oard would lea-l to the inference t an mir.iper Intlswcy was dialing between the p.irticp, which intlmib-y would stigmatize d rers, ho. This at.dement wo wiah to correct, u? the reiat.ona bo ' tween Mrs Jouco and kl l.yan were str.otty honorable, and u.logi-th. r euth aa might oust between any ooopta : who were about lo be warr ?-I Tho banns if marraigvi 1 bad been pet '.ishrd twice In lit Rotor's church. On Kon day last Mr*. Jones called upon the Rot Mr 'Junto and | leaoeslnd htm Is marry b< i at oi.oe, as she stated abo , bad rooclved great annoyance from a mic who had j tlirratencd her ll*e, and bri k- n some window* In ber b< as. Tho rover- ud gentleman procured from tho Arch . bishop e neat "MipJ ra the SSrSMHy without f..i lb r publi-at. vn of II ? benns of marriage, and the ; parti-.* were to have been married on iionTay < reulng ' when IhokcT. Mr. (julns v>a.* informed that Mr*. Jju-w was shot. Mrs Joocs baa a:*u>H borne & mo*, eijeileat ehirSOt- r, and the correct I >n is due lo her lavm ry aa Wuil as to Iter numerous friends UrooMlyn Cltjr .Newt. ImiMOiT Moi kskt?A Coi s*( *otw W-wuw ?<"M Twe day evening, two 1 ion. well known to the police, named Willi, m lis woe and latniel 1'ceuey, cuterod the realdssoo of J. Young, corner of Gold and Concord r I rests. Mr. i Young war from h me. and Mrs. Young happened at the I line lo bo .n the woo-! cellar. The two men, **'?'?'ig the coast was clear, wont up stairs to the en -nod airry , whirl, ti, } thoroughly, and tiring secured a - gold watch an ) chain of the ra.->eof >d0, to* ether with a gold breastpla. a pa.r of earnings and otixjr trains worth about >40, were deoamplug w Itb their booty when i ihc-y were met at the rocen door by Mrs. Msg, who, J bearing a I -use up - talre. hat Just g--ne up to e*e what * a paMr. The fellow* . ndoavured to rcase khu.r ticape. and one of thorn ran ? ti, but u.- ether .? a y ! Mr* Young.vrho screamed lustily f--r help. IhihiBSBtH . <lfi|-eratc efforts to ISSS|W', an-l, to the -iruggie, dragged l..t c.pllve down stair* b ' lh<- co geous woman V- Id on to her prAoncr like prim death. Kelly and Gagnor, hearing the i ,Ae, went to Mrs. Young* aa*ia lai-cc. SB : Mm f( rmcr w esr a/r.stcd the xii la tar grasp, and found the stolen arttclee on bis person. The other n?..ii was charod by Ofbcer Gag or for a lew b,uk?, wu-n, SudJsnly turuing a co ne.-, tee pursued stopp.d ?h->rt, and co.. y turned back t, meet the officer, as if he w as in no reepvet (x nccrned m the matter. Tlw - do-lg- however, dl-li I uoceed. an ll.e a-lful dodger *bi captured bv Ibr < e*r. .nd ed by Mrs T >wbg - Bvib Bio were L/ourht before JustloeComv ell yeeter I day, and coL.ntlttcd for trial. Obitmmrjr. Col. E I., Bv-w, the well known tempcranc jadvoeaie, > died at h - r* lew t tit lb.a elty on 8 inday erasing, af ter e brief sad pajiftl illncee, in I be I! it year ef hie age. Ibo leicased ?u the founder of the order of Iho Hons of Twmierance and the T I, Pnow fecial I'nios, and. formerly rdlltd a twnperance taper called fV Oryna. H< ?namnn cf targe heart and gr>ser -a* impulses, and a MAuBcb Jef< bder cf the rghts of ma.,, irres pective of , erecdorcv-kr. Ills death her left e void lo a large circle of warm and dcvol- J friend In* remains were ma,a to U-e family tomb at Mount Auburn. Ai rivals n ml Dri>ariar<a ARRIVALS. , tl?CfcMJOt.-Sles- ?htn r*-?! - Muss de "ai ri? ami ? ' fervent*. Sir aid hr> S) - - - two rt-Udrrn awl vrrant. Mr and Mrs KPdr.e-l an . !ea??le ernant. Bra PlOMOSie. Mr end Mr* llrnne-.urt. M-*r At .-> ? 11 --Imn. Mr an<i MreYari.vil In feet nod onree Mr an-1 Mr* B l>a\i* uwl ?g-r, Mrs Mil Jog tor fnl at aoJ r, Km H-.rey. Mr cod Mr* J -MV'em, Mr auty ? PKim*. ill All*'1 uA-w-eii. Mr au.) Mr* HnelWB. ne ter ? entan t.. ?e Me Pr . bt> eueoe. Me?er i M Carver. J I ? en. .?U An-, t.w*. U, th>:iact. J T-vei e ami friend. >*?? M.e llerj cr.J.r *ed Mre Serrjl Addend *sr* Vte-t K >f Ur -m. 11 a sen R *tn aoJ jely, Hvwbn ien. Senr be^-ie* Jf W arfles b * Rarkmen. c t.^r.-j>i, nr ead M ? le-'il. cl. and itime. J' W .' wee. * R ,weg. Or W II k jr v,. )<*r u T i>n-e W r Campbell i-uk'ue, I) lav. it live - Mr n ukerHi.dUdy. Mr en., MrsSatarJmer. we M - (.ore '"dlwi. hrahfouwla# Mr ami Mrs J Dn*tea Mr - St w .-u-1 tefaot. M, a1 J ''ri Ban la Mr J D.l,. lhaiO f nan Is tw VrKdWaite- lei*' *-t. Via. Lea V in ai ^ Wan ai A .udy Mr V lies an ! lady/Mr* Agnea li kidand ear**. B- l?r --.'?nktn* wpr an da irbve* Mr o f. !' A Ruapt-a. LuiJw, Mr aid Mre Daw ? u. Ol V-1 wJlr'.r B d Ranches, O M Ja-teos O IW ? r II T livrrrvsi r. Mr S :l rwyA. Mr Wot meabol-. Mr t*'? l ri rg '._d B P liorwli. Miwle ^ ? ei* ft. fro * al-fij .'no W vitn, A MeLnertn. Re* A ? k rn. Aee Kdwardi A f-Rrrry. Mies I "eta. Nta ll.-vk- III l?ai. B- 1*,, A II <.r-t-.n. Had, far UN. Jau . roi y - w -wt-n. ^ f Ha t-s I y*e a 4 T nl?w v n i I'a; n- i*. ah ??rv-t-.n. BNL far i.isei Jo Ir. e f on Oeet 'flee de Parvi-'. R j DsnsdnM, Hiiv?. . ... ,c ?? i lb ?Pwanw.'-i wn PerRe vi-a i ywie ,ud i >r i NAir -* J .'j' 1. ? s Mr Ttxw Vtnlgra If I ilwner. Mi e-Ir-erson. Si ?e PI-rr. R barvw, I' Madsr :. ?aus Moore. Mr War* n. Mre BkmUi John Jsmr* Rac >regat<sa Mr I'sr etui filer .. Ge-i final, wile an-] broaher. Mia* T Henwu. Br Xn*i Mi -vadMraSe-'rbi rweand *e-eeii-. IVi-tO Jouen Tyha K err \, Bee..-- liar. ?' ?!arO<* a !, R-Mw B'M .rty. R J f ipt Mr# Mi tu-u. au-ibdnnl. Man Uot job, j b AM,-.. A ijt Tsnil i-. Riu?. RjA forma T flare?an.-: *1 tafontc Pf -irM' I b Wnidci.*, nh, db 1 Mri U. _ a. a 47, l? i run uupi a. kecsd?heiaf?uhi? Hamfhrm-Him XcCIaiw. Mr TO ARRItT. w?? -->? ?.*? -R-r .nuu.e> bur U the tt i a-Mrs lvatie-k, *? -nl U h. 'be f.v .??, . fOtrv rrnttf. f.?*-o ' ?S'*am?|j' Arts Mr* fi"Aemeaner and twl A i*e'-ra Mew tori M- an' Mrs .'"(a Pratt Mr and Mrs R..e*. t i' Mew T ? Mraars A > Wjmtcvofa and W <lr?! *BU n- bba W ! Kuwi H S fane, R Me.*-km*, and Ol Von n*te. New tm s R M Ward. Banehtamr aee* Skew. 2'"* 'f Sr 'wd?; ?'Owdiem aed PTBrB Be . 1 -a M - Pajtvrr ami Vk< Talbot. England. John CWkl f'.ata fwnd ralvmPb.v I: r.iiimaaa, NT; J P|>*am irmd-m -V - ftrrwa. Skvalatid; W I King. Mew OffiMSI j S fwwTeyJrT nort- i- <? i-Ti^Jia, vr taokim, 1* T. Jno foe! a. BAub- ni, T r M ratm. M f| ?m lUyward, w *1 B fl-d?..t m Skrnunrav M d* Hell an-l aarrant, R*aamiW I'-O-wm. Jin Bam, HaRhnore; ill nge.?!# ? k * t r, b V P Rrmr, Bremen; Oeo Bnmimm and M K.riii-atri t. N T.Mr and VraSf C-wnak am Moaconaalfo P R Bdwarda. * TiO TiW**. r B Cur ? -ndoa K H di-rlrs. P B DranerTi M Bwwi > ami an. of New tda: Wm (Xrare, MI*. - M " wi.- awiC %eM. wfii w.

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