Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 27, 1860, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 27, 1860 Page 11
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DRI GOODS, *C. A"7 QATNOWB, COBRBTB A?D B91RT8 Bvtty.-lAHM can wlMl fm tke fuittf iod Mil superior quality. social oUenliou to ^ .tup, of oar mm manufacture, (O H gracefully to ^ eiel7 a,,ira. FlSneA Uernu ?Bd Rwl'U CoraatA \ corset for II. AM Kl eonolly low prices Tlroadway. near Cnioo ?Ml, MMt 996 Broadway. beLe,,? Fourth ud Amity aireats. *. B ?Bo brunch oo Brood Wo;, shore Fourteenth street, nor m ?y of the *yeune?. A QRBAT CLKaKIKO OUT 8ALB?ADD MU?T BB A wid before the Ut of Deeember. on accoent of enlarging M# store. Bocllob OorpeUngo. Oilcloths, French Poper llang bm, Window Shades, Ac Good Ingrain Carpets. 2.V per jwn; euro One oil wool Carpets 90c , onully sold ot 76c ; toe 3 ply Carpets. Me , usually aold ot $1 36; One Kngtlah Br te ?0*0 Caipes Abo ond 11 per yo-d, oonolly eold at II M; a loo BWOjardaof eery thick Ollc'mh remnants, fmm 1 to 2 yardo width, 37c per yard. A>ao Freo h aold and panel Paper, 60c. par roll t? ually aold at II and f 1 30. fine snifn Poper. I*-, per relb tOTO pair fine ?nld Window HWlca 11, fine rely* and geM^Khadea, 12 60, ot CUATBW, 31? Hudson street, store QBCABA CUlA^A^SfBriN., AND FASHIONABLE STYLES For the mo ion IP KNDLICH8 VaKIITT and at modbbatb pricks. Don't fail to coil bofore purchasing. OUR PRIi-BiT Prom 30 bj 00 per cent lower Than Br-art way. W, K. PBYTON, Wholeoala ttd retail man ifaef'irer. 294 Bowery, near tie-too atreet #1 b HARDINO'H SKIRT FACTORY?IIKXT W0 7RN v? Bklrto. foat tape*, good alldea and worra t'ed wale ateel; Pawlap, 92. Old ckuts made oyer, I I atreet near Hod on. ?wahp, 92. Old cklrte mode over, repaired ond altered. WKBprkag a OtTB O BHTTB Fall and Winter CIitka, of the latest style*, row ready. 1,002 Hroadwnr. cne door there Twenty -tilth -treat. Bow ABD LaMBBRT A CO., 6i*l Broadway, opposite Metropolitan Hotel, will epen on Monday, Hep leather 24. n large noonment of Bnrltah ond < merlcnn BLANK BIS. AIM, o full line of hEAKKB FLANNE7B, made eipreaoly for our retaJ trade. TTOOIIFJi, DUPCT A CRKHANOE, Jtft Ml BROADWAY, 911 Mm*e mam ta Mora and m port ? large ad 1 desirable aieortra?n? ?#!??%re Fancy Goods, comprising many Novelties, among IMm and Biehlee, la gl't pear], ateel &nd jet. BOk Capa Coiffeur* Heir Nets, In new rylea. llek lireaa and Bnnttlia Buttons, Id all (lit, jet and (lit, aD Hack acd fanoy rotor* Bleb l adle*' Bella and Bait Clasp* Fancy Combs and Pins, new atylra. Shawl Piss, In (ill. pear) and pearl and steel. BB aD ml whleb the attention of the wholesale trade la reepect f?lr solicited, and which they offer at the lowed market ^P IKIRTS FOR TH1 PRINCE OP WAI FS' BALL.? le larre-d vnrietr of the ne * shapes at moderate p le % aa ailhuR H, 819 Broad way, near Union square, and 6 >5 Breadway between Fourth and Amity rtresta. Our tools are ad tar sale at any oihar stores In New York. yiciY ?BRAT CLBARIWO OUT BALE FOR THE MOUTH OF SEPTEMBER. LADIES, your attention Is ealled to the Deal place In this city to p urchase good BARGAINS In BXAL LAC1 WOODS, COL!.ARB, Ac. BARGAINk In RICH EMBROIOERIRB, COLLARS, Ac. BARGAINS In RICH BOB MKT RIBB0X8. BARbAJJtB In RICH 0TTLB8 PARIS FIX5WBR8. RABOAIX8 !u HOSIERY. UI.OVE8, UNDERVR8TB, AC. BARGAINS in HUUrEkKBPING DRY GOOD* BAbO Air H in I 1NKX HsXDKBR'iIllEFA. BANG Alb 8 In fLaDlIh' anda CHILDREN'S, UK DEB tlLOIBIMG. ReRGAlbs In YANKEE NOTIONS (and no mistake'. A MB PARIS I.AD.B8' CuRSKTB, 91. worth II SO. a,?riHaIR HKUbHKS .food ones), Uto2So*ote. 1 m FORT MONNa new, s rent* u IS dealr tble (tylaa . A,ifO do/?n RK*L Hi EBL Si'IHbiiRS. lie spar 1 ! 1 ABO dozen URNTS' LINKN HOSOV.S, llo. to8So . the cheap. est lot In this eby ? y all ODDS. |?T0 CUiLDRBh'd KLBHKH HOUND COR38, Cx each. Lfcv braid sits, dHa , old prtw 96c. 1 1 1 s* Balmoral robec. ii w to$i is. MO ace pair* K ID OLUVIs. 63c Mill! Mldo/rn RCIHKS, 18t Jie , 25 . and lie. eath ?.Hi', rsrds IHleH LINEN. Sic . wortb -tat K',0. a *a-d. TfcoaNVH ALL Lib EN UaNDEKKCUIJLFb, oo!y JOe. ear> IMP HttP SKIRTS. lOrprtafa. 37 cenia. at MACY'S. MO Hi OP SMUTS. 12 apings, It rente, at MaCI S. m HOOP ShIHTH, IS sprints, 30 osnta, at MACY'A SCO HfiOP cKIHTs 17 sprtnea, Co casta, at R ACT'S. MP< HOOP SB IKTS. .SI spline* W cents, at M aCI H. MO HOOP KhlHTb USspilnra. Hi cent*. at MACf'R. Ml HOOP BKlHTti, hOaunnf* 91, at MACY'S. m HOOP 8h 1RT8, 40 spinas, M IS. at MAllY'd. GREaT CLEARING dUT SALE tar this month. All our good* are marked n PLaIN FIGI'RKM. Bet one prl-e wl'l be asked jr taken ' 11 ?lore bus 2(le sua A? sir A a. et> ue, oned or from Fourteenth B. n. MACS'. MEW P4R1B D* Ebb lOODR. JAMBS OKAY A CO hare now open 'Betr FAU. IMCoRTAIIONS m BLACK AMD FARCY HILKB, WATCHED SILKS and MOIRB utmi m PLAIN AND FANCY Pt-FUXB, ?MBINOEB AND OTTOMAN CLoTHR 719 BROADWAY. Corner at Wararley Pleas VTXW BALL DRENRDH. ? .. . JN James GRAY A OO. hare. at received a roperb a* onEpg a or US for erettlng dreaeea. 'LAIN BILKS. In a J the new color* WB1TI AND COLORED ILLUSIONS, RAPES, TAHLATAW8. AC., AC. POINT LACB FLOURCINOR SCAR'S. CALKS AND SHAWL*. 3. 9. A OO. Invite special attention to their magnlfleeat """*UAL LACES AND FRENCH EMBROIDERIES, I many novelties manufactured exprmaly for thai BLACK LACB SHAWLS. CAPER. TETL8. BARHKH AND COIFFURB& 729 BROADWAY. Corner of Warerley place. SWX)M01' * EA"' Ml Broadway, oti^i^'ma^mlu^^an DFuSSrrmuf totebinos. rr? weald call the particular niienttoa of partto? furataklnf to their apleadtd dWpiar of Ol STYLES AND NEW IMPORTATtONB BEOCATRL* SATINS AMD HA TIN DELAINES, EAPEBTKTS. TABOURETS. PLUSHES, REP*, LASTING* MANDBl.EE STRIPED COTTON AMP WORSTED DAM?SIM, PIANO AND TABLE COVER* CORMICMS, BANDS AND FINS, wRh aa uausaally 'arwe work at LACB ANI)HL'kLlN ( TRTAINS, ?ESTIBPLE La CBS AND MUSLIM* AMP SOLD AND PAINTED WINDOWIH ADMi of ihdr own maaufectare. EIR ar* prepared to eieeuto, it mtiemely tow wtort ?eery style of (Strata work, Ppk idartoe aad DirinraMkj. to SeaUkmatand (soetoattoldito for whtok they are satahratod v **~* TUK BALL SRAMOM. ITlTaTIOX HaLL-TBMRM WILL BR A OR AND Ra t rlvrn ai baiter * Newark Bay Hotel, oa Tkuraday Crr 17. 1 ISO Waltorr ? orlebrated bead has ... Septemrer ^ eacatad The proprietor has made arrac(?fn*nle o hate eUree r lentr* fr m Jer*ey Cl'.y ferry to the hntrl, for ?Re K.v?n.-'UI* of the g .eels, ta'Il lea o'elook, rdurntof ?taenrec est tune fw the mate. ^^ A. F. SALrMH, Proprietor. DARCINO ACADUniL ADODWORTH S dancimo AOADMMIE* ? M Broadway, Mew Tort. ^WKLsltoDklH MdAafcRDAYI to New Tort. TUK8DAT8 *nd FRIDAYS la Brooklra. AI ? T. M. for eklldreo?S F M. for (eetiemea. OkmmoaeetoNew York, Septomberlf. In Brooklyn, October 9. la eddlttoo to tbe Onrt QuadrOa, Piicca Imperial*. Brer ?I*. u, Batpire. aad other aortal daaoaa, Mtnaek O ialrUle. Ua la, pad othrrrd ir?;local daneea already ntmdaeed by Nr. DODWL KTH a variety cf newer daoeee will he bm-iffct for. ward darlaf Ae seeaon- oae. the yimdrtlle RUrteuoe. sepeclel taadatued to the ?rralop?' of fraeefJ moramoat M i krm'ar* at terms. Ac., may be had at either Academy. .capimt of dancing and aliathsnhw-nr. aedMr* TRFWOR yaopm their wil known rooma. 4 i T tor it 'orih Mrarc near Hroadway. N T, theiWad ayi atie?aooo, ai 4 aad I h'rtort. No. B) Ron h Ku?h'A A Braeklya. I H.k now open on Mondays aad Thnre * Applies* oa for admiaaion. rtreuler*. A' an be made ?3 ' itt Pr vuie lem me. echoola aad let ciamm at tod lo. , CADEMY OF DANCING (VD ClLTBTflBNI * ?MR. 1 Mr* TRENnRS Rooms. At W?d Thtrty fourth V.. aad PU bo-itk Rlrhib rtreei. 'tro k'vn. E. D . are i. Private l?aw>n*. bowMi rlaee** and * boot* aUead ad to." arphcation for a mas on, Ac., cae ha male at any H RIVERS' DANCING ACAIFMY. M9 FRLTOR \J. areet opposite Ae :!y Hell. HwaAlyn, ail the m lern rtaeee tooakt in one c?m*a o: leeannt The new Minuet Qnadiille. ee.ti eted to the riaae < Wale* a p ibj*bed d* amtotton ti ay he had br apprtafat tktAmtrmf Ariel fm mJiee la BOW (ot nlspoa Tue*dar and FrMay a lernonna. mlo" eek. (*at emeaon Tor-laran l i clay eran tip* at e'cAark. n wea ?t.d n astert ? WadneVv a d R*' irday af mrwantmatJ tFj'oth The openinp ? ir?e nm R*dn> *d*y. iMamer 10 at d r M. For tarma, Ac., apptT at the Academy, ar temf far * rtrc tier. EjIBRRRRO'R DANt'TNO' ACADEMY, NO. N WEPT T F?urteeath Mreet, ?m open Voher L far mkmee aad mastera ar.d oa "etnherll fn? per.ueiaen. Rehoul aad prlrate ,dame* artrndre .a the rlty or out af tow a. ClrtTlhtr* oaa h? had at the Atw *my ?BAND bOIRET DANSANTK T<> NIOIIT. AT MADAMS SaI'VA'IBaU A A-a-lemie dt D.n.e, m ><n?1wtr. twader.r* i tiow Tenth street Adei mton *1 eeww. ll?LI'BSi)YE'S DAN' INO ACAOFWY, RM Nianra *1 eves'te. near Ywetttf firel rtreea - flame i will be rnee MlTbumdaf, sey YT .'terneoa aed r-en np IHys oftnaim* No*/,re ai' Ihuret ye. All the modern eel approrrd ?meeeli rM N. " ?A rr*'d "per np ? 'ree will Vfrea aa ttwrwisy. ''TA 27 ?! Po rle-k. Aft', >e shore. 29 WIST THIRTY -IA1U RNTWRN F1FTB and b.nb **?? ? ' ?*' I '"*? ICRRONf TiwSaU Seotn en ! wtl re-, ea her n*?to Dr r. watnrda? ' er *1 H M RCMdlon TGIH Fd. CAi rY II I'llNDR OF R?\ r l^ I Hllkt ll.Ni', f rme-\. ? - . ?e ,*? l- .to ease >ie a ll * <.r*'i Hi rtMJ oHHm M I MIUilDERV AT HIS PIMMOKK', 637 RROAltwax. ?"? ?wi'u grand opeLlng will take pla-i ue TburwUy.I7th Instant An e&Urc cew ?lock oer Uutl iteim'r .'Urt hj^inw 9UJrm UrZ W. mTmMUMS, 617 tiro*Iwaj. A M. FUHLOMG WILL CPU FARM MILLINERY OH 1 b.irsdsy, Sept 27. Mo 19 Clinton pi toe. Eighth street. BAMOA1NR ?(1RRAT OPKNINO THIS WERE OP BOH sets end Childrei'# H?U of every kind. 116 Bonnet* worth I to tod Bonnet* tl V worth 111 Mourning H innate; Hi raw Baenets. L Bid NR. NUliaery, largest In the world, )(n. Ml Broadway, opposite Me jopolittn Hotel Ml. up eUlre EALI. MILLINERY?MR8 M FEELT. NO. 7 DIVIBION street, is now prepared io eshthit her unequalled sad re rrhe stock ot fall tod Winter Bonne.* of her own tooporta lion aid manufacture. Mere hauls and milliners are Ineited to esasnlne lor ibensselees. Madamk r Harris a hon, hoe. 7211 and 671 Broadway, New Torfc, DIM 18' ARTIhTIO FLOWERS, Purveyor of the Court Ike meet relehiatel free for Artificial Flowere, Bonneta, he . all ihese foods being imported directly Irons Duteta' en tesstve ssd renowned MANUFACTORY OP ARTISTIC FLAWERB, oaten! purveyors to their Msjeetm the Esaprass if Trance, the tjueena of kngland and Fp?m and the Empress of Rusete, No. 4 rue Nneve *t. Augnatm, Parte and T79 broad way. New York. Use. HAHHIR T?-gs leare to inform har numeroue friends ssd customers that she Is now receiving direct from the above bouse In Paris, a large end varied seenrtuieat of the finest AltllhTlC FLOWERS. FE aTUKRH, OUPKl'RKS, WREATB8, BONNETS. CAPS, ho.. Ad , Of the newest it] lee, which for elegance and freshness defy competition. The well known reputation if Mme. R Harris Is familiar to all v bo use. or have ? sed, Parisian articles; and ail those with Irg to purihesd are respectfully Invited to rail end judge for themselves, at No f2tl Broadway, corner of Waver ley place. A large assirtmenl of Prench Ruches at M oenta RAD the above novelties a ill be exhibited on THURSDAY, ptember >7. Madams ibaacb, M9 bboadwat, between Spring and Prince streets, begs to Inform the ladles of New York and vicinity that she has opened specious show rooms as above, where she has op sale the latest tod nap, faah.onabl* styles of BON 4KT& CLOaER, HEADDRESSES, OOlFPl'HKR. Ac It Is her Intention to oomblne ell her well-known teste with a determLsllon to sell at prices which shall be remunerative while not exorbitant, and thus tupply a desideratem on Broad way, the want of wfclcb has long been experienced. Madsme Isaacs in thui announcing her advent on Broad way, assumes ihe public that on an Inspection of her etc k tbe most recherthl styles will be found exhibited, ai d 'be utmost aitentinn will be peld to eup jlylng those from s dlelanc * wlib pattern bonnet*, n choice assortment of which will be oouaUM ly received from Perls ea the fashions oome out Please make a note of ihls end remember the location, 538 Broadway,Just above the Rt Nicholas, and In the imme diate vicinity of the principal ho tela MADAME X. A. IBAAOB. MA. OLCNB Wn,L OPEN. AT HER ROOMR, 687 . Broadway, near the corner of Amitr street, on Thurs day next, the 27th last., n Urge and fashionable assortment of the litest styles of Parle MU tnery, also those manufactured at tbe establishment. Iadlei are invited to call and viamine MME. PAULINE RICHER 19 PIFTH AVENUE, RB spectfully Informs the ladles of New York and vicinity, ibat the will open on the 76th and 27;h Inst, an elegant case of the Uteat Parisian Bonnets, received by lest steamer. Mil liners not admitted. MESDAME8 PICOT AND WILKINSON WILL RB HAP py to meet their friends at their tail and win Kir opening of Bororta, Dressmaking, so, at No. 661 Broadway, on Thure dsy. 27'h lost. For ele*ane* and variety their styles are un rivaDed, and they cmOdently solicit the inspection of visiters. M DI.IX B. HARNETT Will open PALL PAfllll NR. On Thursday, September 57, At 7? Waverley plaoe. MRR J. W. DEMP8EY. 186 BOWERT, BEOS LEAVE ?o announce that she will he ready to exhibit a handsome assortment of fall and winter Milliner* on Thursday. Sept. 7 Millinery?mins neale will show hem Prerrh Imoorted Bonnets tv day. the 77th of September Please call el 76 Cans 1 street, formerly Mrs. Uodd s old store', MBS. BARNUM. 64 EAST TWELFTH STREET, BE tween Fou'lb avenue and Broadway, will open Pall Millinery on 1 burster. Hepteinber 17 MRR. AYER AND MI?8 RHUOO, 316 SIXTH AVENUE, will open ?n Thursday, tbe 27tb Inst., lh'lr fall and win t?r style* or Ladles' Honreta. embracing designs of their own, and also the latent Parle Fashions, together with an extensive assortment of hesntifnl Velvets. Ribbons, Plowers, Festhere snd every variety of Millinery Uoods, Rilks and Velvet Uoode, cut cn tbe bins. Madame martkllt notman, imolinton place. Eighth street, will show on Thursday next the 77th insl, a splendid assortment of Parisian Millinery Headdresses, Ac. N. B.?Ladles' own material made up to order. MESDAMEB MATHTLDM A CO , BCCt'ERRORS TO B. I An i. No 1 Brevoort plane. Tenth strict, near Oraoe church, will open their latest Importations of Pens fall and winter Millinery, on Thursday, the 27th. OPENINQ DAY OP PALL MILLINEBT. Thursday, Tept 77 IS?, at MRR ANNA LAZARUS', suocm tor to Mrs 1 Isaac, .?'] Ittvtsion st'ee'. Ladles are rear ?etfally invited to call aad examine the Immesse stock of Pell Bconele. PARIS MILLINERY ?GRAND OPENING POM CITY ladles of choice snd exclusive novelties In Dose Hate, Ovps. Headdresses and La*e Goods, on Thursday. Bent 17, ai Mrs. LOVE IT'S, 763 Broadway, to whteh their attenti m Is re spectfully tsvtisd by Mrs. Lovett, Importer or lrreas Hate, Caps, Heeddi ineee. As. PARIS MRUNIkT -WlU. OPEN PALL AND WINTER MilUxery on Thnredsv, the 77th. at 767 sad 886 Broadway, tha latest styles of Bonnets by the AdrinUe. MRR. C. LBVINR, 7W sad 386 Broadway. MRR J. II. OOBBON, 886 and T67 Broadway. EARIR MILLINMRT. -MADAME PERREROWO. 6 GMEA* Joaas ? treat, has just received the newest Paris i 1 aad Winter Bonneta, Owe, Head Dresses, <* Flowers, PABIS MILLINEBT. ?MME. O. GILBERT, 80 BLEBOE er street, has just received the newest Parts styles of fall and winter Bonnets, Cape, Head dresses. Flowers, Una An, An tM t LISTS AND AI HIMTWs . Dm. YON MOROHZIHEBE, EUROPEAN OOULIfY, can be social led an aU affeattoas of the Eye and Ear, whteh may require medical or surgical aid to restore Mghl. Dr. Von M nee hi'seer hts, during hi* realdeoce in tha Called Rtales, Blrasdy peiformvd some el the most difflcilt opera tions. whieb have gained 1dm tbe highest Uatimnmeli thai ean be given to say professional man, which may be seen at Ma oor.vuiiing rorma, 107 ? 'ltaloe place, between Fifth and With xver uea N B ?Arl.ftclal ey. s Inserted lo Wk(Ml|m Advice given In regard to the use and aboee of glasses, snd directions as to the eiart'Ineusea, after an accural* examina tion by the ophthalmeecnpe and ophthametar, aad ta aeeor daace to the x'ssees a*"T?o.mmend*,LAiid 'teed by Dr Oraefe, of Berlin, for all who are obliged to tare optical aid either to improve or kelp vtalon. OflicelOT CUnton piece. Eighth street, between Fifth sad Mxth area was. ?EDICiL. ? nmru tridmph.-dr lixqcirt. the swb ? 4mh phyilrian. ran ha consulted al7J Crueoy (treat, aor ner of - afreet. on all diaeNXi rsquirtn* akin. ^HHM lode. IDWlMII 111 A eofj^ WORD TO .THE WISK.-DB. PPA1K IS] BROOME etrset, oy Man, corner of creaky, earaa without mm , DPR?D TO HARRIED AVE * I ROLE.-DR. WAT* L ROW OB Debility. A*. with asatoaioal platen adw M _"The boat worh for the aon p mammal reader '? Dr. johxbob. u or axe htreet, eat be ooe ?oiled on oil diaeaaes of ? certain clash perlenee Ib or.e er?rmmy eurea to all who oaaae am ataiafci. at a certain claaa. Thirty years' aa nnaMae lla to raniln epaady er kiaaharfs. OOca opsa uaill I 0B. RALPH. AUTHOR OF THE "PRACTICAL PR1 rata TreaUea," Aa, nMrm 1? < maby Mreet, earner at Honetoo. Ho '-rm. lot. ull 1 and < till 9 (Rondeye eaoeptedl. Thne* wbe apply In the early Hasea of them mplainta wtil ba aetnnlMWd at tba rapidity aadlittle tamnnrenimoe "trmdlaa tbeenrs. It la chiefly, bnwerar, tb'ee nirerin* from aaaE oem lea a Mandlas aaeaa. Ac.. who oaa boat appreciate hie aa* DHR r cobrett HAS removed prom bu old ? "dr-a at 19 iW alrew, to Ua pniaaul eery nwiesDafl ?Bit nf nfbree at Ml Centre Wren between Cheat bum aad Baa da atraata, barlac a pftraM aatraaaa at Xo. ? OB7 Hall sheas ha aaa be eoaasMed with *' of aoaatal Tori Dai _ , _ a eertsHapMi dta? ??? X. B?Dr 6. ta a ???bar of the Raw DairenRy tMedleal GbilscaR Baa Hi Diilnaw la li >R t. ACORTA. TUB SUUfMUL TRSR "ll PIITWI . ?aa. M a rertatB ma of dieeaae aafaly and with derpank. 704 H road way. D1 EE. P. HOLLtCK?THE ADT TOR AXI? t.ECTDRRE. nttre Kit llr-edwey flo-ira iron hi tlU I. daily, eicwpt day. row eWca boa ASH. DR C'RBfTT?T WEBTV IMIIT TEAR* IX OFFICE practice ta aoaattlad at *1 Oaatra atraet, near D laae. from ? A X UU ? P. M Fr THR PRKfllXVATIOX OP HPMAX UPE-PS1 rata Onaaultatlon - DOCTOR HCXTKR baa for thirty yeare comflnrd hw MtenUoa to diaaaaaa of a "eruin claaa. la whlrh be baa treated an leaa than 9'ty bo.iaait1 oaaaa. without an loaunea of fail ira. The rene ilea are ?.id. aad thara la ao trtarrnptkm to h-talnaea or ehaaye of dire Dr. HURTRB la la ronataat ? tten'anca, frow 7 ta the Bkaninr in4ll 10 U nirb , al kla old o?ra, Xo. S plrbdna wrest. Charm tsnda rata, and n etira yoarutaad. Separate roots, ao that the patient wee no om but '.ba Dorvw htnaelf. Booh MB pp. STsUa* nlOBI.T rXfORTAXT To Bf'TH ?.VXEK MARRIED or ein*l#.?"Ewllrai Adtieer aad Mart ?(? On la, ana rd?C*n at rapes. about HO enprn-mpa Ry R I.AH X''XT, Tnr*a aad Idindoa jbyalan? aad eariena. Ma Ht Brtwawiy X V , op awtro CRM brere for rMimeat. par anaally or by le'tar aad etareae. t A. M. 10 ? P. X., ant ' Tismday art* ape front 7 to I Tbnaa aVeeted with '? Itarronaneaa <e?i Ity. inea) and reaera! n? whh desire a h now led (a of tba inlaw rna.errk??. nhnnld read It. !l a'en tr?es fai.y e? aa?thrr Case of dtemeae and ahoald ?a i? the baa'a "f rrery peranr, na It Hapnrta kenwle-tm nfl hare ar >rkt In rata. Ballad forfl by R. Q. LaWRBXi K, X? I "eaay atraah . _ J|ow TO CVRB DIRBASin op THt xost oixrna n . tDf eh ueetar Rea PaUerta' 1 n.l?, by ?#. W tfnrtaa. B7P.. oaataiaHB adrlae aad mode f nra wtut 1 :?aeaai r?medlr? W be W >f all dr ir?l?a, at lis a coat and fywbipo^ rorr Price 1(1 en*?. a >14 by n 'I Ipwrence, Xo.1 Taaay ?treaf. or maCed f,ea OS raeefpt of four portnra ?law pa. Ad draaeVoe 1 OSb PhtMelpkia 1'oaloRea. IMPORTAXT TO THB HARRIXD AXD THOX1 ABOUT 1 to be married - Dr. A. E Maorteeao. Pnifwis at (Hp cf Fctneo. hita j-Jrt poblsnhe*! '.be lEhb ertitlcn of kit WflW raiaadile bo.*, entl'led The Married W-sar't I'r'rate sal t'-stpanion " Pr-ee ?!. wild br ft (? LA ?Rtnni. Xn. Vraey auaet, Aator H . ,?e aad al Me -Hsa. im Ubertr atrsal, Raw Torb, or will lie arr.t by mall to any part of the Catted Ptatae end < ana<ia, a receipt of II. AAdraaa hoe LAM Raw T-*rh <dty BUI X AX RAR1.T HRA--E- ataD THl7 PRlTatB Rr' .al Ireai.w by Dr Ward, B rop ilariy r In-ated pby tM-iaa, Wh-dly deroted to c innx die aaaa >f a cerAla rntlenu m?y eor^,). f>r Ward ,p,m any dlfaaea -.pon wblcb " . ftJ'**'?* rrrt edtea and raatm-nt - Ike ?tat na IT**' '!? 'be >< -rd are prepared from a lifetime epeat 'a WSM.aaapdaJa and a mwe er leaded (? met tee than an ; ?5 otrVHt' ROPEVOR RRXTXLIe 1W OTf AM BEER "TRBBT, OA It frnmi aa?a al tr bf fjgg R bar \i'.0 Raw Tort fail oBU-di ? _ FISANCllXe t?WIOtL SAUK. NeW YORE, bEPf. IS. 1880 / 1 l?W?D<t ? The >*r?K.,ti-nl had Directors ef ,tna Hank, have this day declared a qnei-lerly dlvU-nd at lis per cent. pavhhiH hi stockholders ?u 1.1 J entr Monday, the Lot day. at October out By order of the Board. U a. WILLI A kit. Oetaler. CLAIMS OF TUB HOLDIKHS Or NEW YORK STATE militia, wu of 1012. lor clothing M uhv oertl8eaUe bought by THOMAB L. BRATHaRD, 81 Well street. New Turk cltr. LAUD WARRANTS BOUGHT AND BOLD By TAYLOR BROTHERS. 7B WaUmaeei. Now Yost. NXW ORLEANS AND MOHILR PONDS BOOUHT BY A0U08T BKLNONT A CO.. M) Wallstreet. Notice to bondholdnra-the bonds or the New York and New Haven RhUmad Company, due li December 1810, wlU be paid, with aeerued interest, tm pre eentatlon and anrrender. el the Treaeurer'i office, oornsr * Twenty seventh etreet and Fourth avenue. New Tore, Aug oat 7. UNO. W. BRMKNT. VTEW TORE OITT SU PER CENT FLOATING AT Debt Fund Stock, doe 1878, lnlervrt payable quarterly, for aale. In lama to ault purchasers, by. WALLACE A BROD 111 AD, 37 Exchange p'ane. XTEW TORE, SEPT. 21, 1801-THE INTERIM AT due October 1, upon the mortfafe booda of the Now York ard New Haven Railroad i otr.nany, will bo paid on sur render of the conpoua on and after that date, at the Bank Of the Kepubi.u, J- at ibe office >f the company, oomer ef twenty-eevealh atreat aad Fourth avenue. W. BRMRNT, Treasurer. Railroad from Havana.-branch from the city in the Cerro. The Company feeling dlepoaed to eon tract for the construction of thla line, the longitude of which bar to be right aod three quarter* Ear Hah mllea. will admit propoaala, under sealed covers, In the office of the Company of < Ted its an 1 Insurance "La Allan is," ban Ignacio*, No. 90): (Habana). till coon of the 19th at October next, on which day they will be opened, and If they be admissible, the con tract will be ''1 tea In favor of the beet bidder, preferenee be ta* riven to the party who binds himself to oooolude the work In the shortest time. The above Companies slap desire to contract for? 780 tof'S J'hfladelphln IregMhRef the beat quality. 18 ions Corner* or Klbowl Sr Mate. 8 loos Nal'a for tame. 10 tone Crotchets or U a King Plates. 4 tons Screw Nallr lo fasten the rails to the The proposition! will he received In the offioe named, np to the 2Utb (twentieth) of next month. (Jctober, and In eeoo of agre? nirnt, the arrangements will be made accordingly. Belt BANL A WE. WELSH, to Phllaf elohla. ? OIMBKRNAT A WX)RIAZA, In New York. ? DON LODIB Y BO LEON BOSQUE, In Havana, _ of tho 0 Tbe two former will exhibit drawings of the materials (yttem of ecnatrucUoo, and tho latter, the plana oondltlona and other regilred Information, in Ooneordia street. No. SR from 7 till Mi In the morning. Remittances to England. IRELAND, SCOTLAND AND WALB& Bight bills on the UNION BANE OF LONDON, NATIONAL BANE OF SCOTLAND. BELFAST BAN KINO COMPANY, IRELAND, In sums from ?1 upwards. Issued by TAYLOR BROTHERS, Bankers, 78 Wall street. Mew York. ? - nnn -ANT BIHIN188 MAN MAY MEET WITH Hlt/.UUUi a profitable and certain Investment in a moot, useful and indiraeneable Invention, both here and In Europe Its Importance will be readily under ate od upon In vestigation. Address U B., Herald office. ? finn T0 loan on bond and mortgage ?Ov.UoU on New York city Improved property, la ?tuna to sulk Apply to BENEDICT A THORN, 39 WOlam etreet. (loe nnn TO 1OAH AT FIn C*** INTER EST M>J.A5c).UUv an urat cl?u oitr propertv. $78 UOOat 7 per cent on Brooklyn property, and on farms tn ihle btete. Apply to JOBN F. OOWRKY, at the office of the People's Fire Insu rance Company, 68 Wall itreeL 5 nnn nnn OLD AMERICAN coppnr cents .uvU.VUu wanted, at four per cent, laoount. Stiver change bought at one quarter of one per cent dleoouaL R F. MOBSMAN, No. $ Tryon row. special ioticii. Juiiku mis iiiuikuii ? urriui, [rui run el beady Hook. lto WaM ? llteeoth atrorl, rw Turk. l-eptemuer M 1M0. ' 'Hen eui be ret*lr*d unul the Kb of October next tar A MITT LOOOK, NO. 333. K. A. M -THE MEMBERB OF Amity Lodge ere neiulnl that, the rummer recem bar iD( e?) Ire4. the regular communication* bare been resumed, aad that the next tneeunr will be held at be rooms, corner of Centre and (fraud atreeta. on Friday eTeniag the *- h taat, at eight o'clock. Meinbereare particularly requested to attend nod cor reef the liat of reeideccea where aeceaaary. A epeclal ur mmur i'-ai rn for work (F. C. and V M Degree*) wtll be held on ike aaae erenleg, at aeren o'clock. Meeabere of the frata'Lily in good aland u? arc cordially nv Red to meet with ui Jon* J. TtacALa, Sec. HJCNRY W. TURNER. M. INFIDIL CONVMNTION OF 18tt-THB INFIDEL Aft tociatton of America will hold ha next annual coneeatlaw, commercing Sunday, October 7. in the OHy Amembly Rooma, No. ?M Broadway, at 10 o'clock A. M. Tbejrnblio are invited to attend Far order. HORACE BEAVER. Free Ideal. f> M. Bnarir, Secretary. rE SECOND EXHIBITION OF THE TONKRRB HORT1CELT0HAL I Ot'TETT le now open at Deroe a building. Ton ken. And will remap open till 10 V. M. Friday. ^JNITED STATER JCNOINEIR'B OFFICE, IFOR FORT daliraring the following deacrlbed granite upon the wharf at Bend) Hoc k. New Jersey, to wit: Flrel?A boot W ceo cable feet of Mono, well <] earned tar dree alar late oouraaa. reap e? tire y at Ma I nn. etirhleea aad Iwaaly incbee rise, with bade varying la width from two to four third* of the rw*. the length of the atonca to bo between three aad a'x feet The off ere will Mate the pHee per riblo fra t. tektag the face aa It will equara. and the average width, aad they a 111 be made for about 3 flu) linear faect of the twoa ty tarh courae. end for a boat 2.4UO linear feet of eaok of the eighteen Inch nad Mxteen inch conreea Second? Fnrfk) piers. 1 JO etooea to woet 1 foot. 8 In. rlee ; HO M"Or* of I fool flle rwc and I)atones of 1 fcafTn rlee. Tank of Ikrar iuw>a to work t feet ( lncbea loog, by 2 feel 8 tn< bee wide, the rffere for theee will be by the cable foot, or by the atonca of each rlee. Third?The following atonen for 40 automata, trareeee clr elea. to wtt HO atnaee I feat 8 Inthe* Una by S feet wide ; 40 Mooea ? feet 6 tocbea long, by 3 feet (Incbee wide; 71 Mnoee 4 feet II larhee loog. br 1 feet 4 Incbee wide t 8etooea 4 feat 3 took re long, br 3 feet 4 Incbee wide and 40 palreof alnnea, each t fee I wide, with one end enter* and oee ride 3 feet ? tnohaa Una. atd lb* other aide 1 twA 10 laobee king Theae atonee wUJ all be of lb* thlckneea of Mi irckre, and mar be offered for. by the euperhrtal font, to drear to that thickaeaa, or ready dreetcd aa f Slow a . The upper bedr to be " pcea ham mered ' true, the joints, and front aad back e laea " pouted foil" and ihe lower bed "rough hammered MrmiebL" All the ala-TC granite It to be wed .quarried. and of a sound and durable quality. aad to be aailafactoi y m the Hi pen* ten 1 tng Bngloenr. aad ta? off era will be ac-epted for the trararre .irr'e* separately. r e lb It'- tar klode, and one be U > each of the ebore dewcr.'-ed "tiraea and smbraaur* atooee will be required by the JOUi of November next, the balaece to be delivered by the 1M o' May 1*1. ten per oeat being re aerved la all cenra from each payment till the enmpletMa of the contract. H. W. BIN HAM, Captain na l Rapertatendlrg Enrloecr ,4 F an at Randy Booh CLOTHISa. ABXTTKB CHANCE FOR LADlEfl AND OBNTLSHBJf to ocr.vert their **M eff OUahlug into cart ?I received a large order from the Month aad W*M I guarantee that 1 wtt pay the fqllo-wIn* prteea ? From 33 to 180 for guk nramap; Cashmeres aad Bareges paid for a< -ordinal y from 31 to 34 for Fame. from 33 to 312 for Coat*, aim. Uarpeta. Furniture, Jew elry he. A ante add re mad to E , 134 Rerealh arentin between Nineteenth aad Tweatleih atreeta, will bo puaciually attended tn. Ladlee auraded to hy Mm E. A NEW EBTA BUBlTWENT TO FT7ROBABN CANT OFF A ClMhiag, Furniture, Oarpeta aad Jewelry, for the Wee tern market. Idttaff aad gemtlemea If you wleh in arcM he tor humbugged by eoeae odertag RT0 for a alik drvoa. or 34 tar paata, but ant Wring anything bha it, will please aad or ad dreea *., 114 Sett nth avenue near Eighteenth atreat. where yon wtll bo enre to receive the loll talue for your good* la oaah. Lad.ea punctually a Handed to br Mra M. A NTI1.1. BETTER AND NTRSRT WAT FOR LADIES A and gentleanei Feraltnre, Carpet* great pnffe. le to t which will be punetoall* atteaded lo Mlk A. Mil aad gentiemee to get a fair price tar n*M off ~l Hhfag. Itnre, Carpet* aad Jewelry aed no be bamk egged f) puffs, Is In tend a ante tar pool to Ml Seventh aeeaoa, M||^HeaelaaUy a needed to by 7. ANHALT. Ladies Abetter chance than btee -la dim and gaptiemaa. I knee a greet demand far -*M off (nothing the Westers market; elan for FuraHure, Carpets, lewalry, Ac. I guarantee to pay lb* fall caeb prtoa for Urn above ?mad a/tlelea, aad ant t> ? Iamhag, *e t* done by other great bnak re end faiea pretender*. Ca I and be onerieeed to yo-tr mttafactmo. or addram Harrta, 14# S-reeth avenue. avxv.n1 koeee baiow Twenty irat euwal. Ladlee attended u by Mra. Barrio. A TTENTION.-B. MI NT A WOULD RBRPMTTFtJI.LT IN A form the ladha and ge?0*n;*B tbat he will par the big) eel aeh prve for east eff iVahtag. Fnrnkor*. < trpete aad Jewelry, and will not k .m' ug Bha some da (Jail na or ad tram B Mintr. 318 Reveath arwnue. net* see Thkrtieth aad fhtr y flrnt aueva ladlee attended to by Mra. Mtau. A noon CHANCE FOR T.ADIBR AND (1ENTLEMBN TO dlapoa* of cool off Clothing, Jewelry. Carpeffng and Far alt ire. The klgheM price paid for theia, at my new eland. UH Re-entk *v*e je. Addrem A. Dusm. lad Mi edkeadad tMy Mr* D. 4 CARD ?ORNTLBMBITB NEW AN* IJBTJ OFF CI. thing p-.rebaeed fir the Weetera market, M large ar 1 una Okll at the More or ad Irem TVwaae D Olairoy, 04 Centre street. N. R?Nemhaiil tailor* hartag any aa haai will pleaee addrem ?e Shore. A LABOR QCANTlTT OF OAHT OFF CLOTHINO A wanted, the highest prtaa given aad caah paid la current meeey. IJ serai prlrte paid Tor rood oimhleg and portable perecnal prvtpeHy at ever y deecrtpUm. IMI <m or eilliem James Ver.aey. i-31 Fasti atreet. A 'INI AT DBMAND ? T.ADTRN AND OENT'ttMEN A Bbrttt nasi og . ? ?Ang, Furn.tur?,|Uarpete * Jewelry to dlepcee *. I r aranle# tn say the beat price la 'he dty, by addressing or miliar at 2W Hemnth avee-ve, between Twenty ?Dh and Twerir-eiiih Mreeta. wktrh will be etmnded M by M. ABRAHAM. Ladtee attended to by Mra Abraham. tINKAT DBMAND FOB oivOTHlNO -LADIBN AND A ORE geai emeu a*vine aay cam og CbaMeg Furwe,tra or Oarpeta are guaranteed to recetre aa tallow* -Farm, from 31 le33. ' oata, frem 31 v> 310, Nlib firvaeee 'rum 31 to380 For barege aad wonltaa Drrnare the hiaheM price trill be paid by nal'mg ui nr a Idrea-tag A. Harrta,** Third aveaua. latlrx a*tended to by Hra Harris. $8,000 r LAD"T* ON OFNTt.NMFN WHO 1'E-rH* TO OlMFOwR ef 'heir Caet Off CVrthlug. Jewelry or F :rn t ire, ,n iweeiv- tbe.r fn.ieet raj >e by vd reeeier a ti'dc to Nr. fl , 137 Keet Ibirtt' ih at/eel. be* if- n fh/i and Ler'ngtog ?ts OF OFurt t-v,.... waatMtaf?[? J*** AND , IIORHFN, rAKNIAOEH. AC rH RAUB?A IfOTBI. POACK, H'lMNN AND NEW Haraeaa, all >a oomr<>t? r-ler, trd will be e J vary ?heap. I;:qo.r* at Hahia :w He-per <rt--eA fOE BALE-A TOF BT ??' V. CITT V ID* R N BET ?ma m-ieib, dfl be sell *? a ?r ?*?, aav ier Rr ' i?h Ti be aeon ?t xlwie No 120 t mitr r e#-_ ? r ark,-uJtr* --tire cpp-cie, n No. 124 f <t. V.-oRHIF N RAT.B-T1IX1 OWNER HtJlNO Ro i K FOE the i two Mel peel" r Ferae# j- . k-trda b'gh. togvt ?r b a 1 gkt Warn *? i Harn*ea A ply fox ne Kill tb? tufa. Wept ggk.j *r?t ? ?** kef?eet< I'e c !> ar.i TetiVi auk THK1 fUHF. Auti"* muTTiNu mau.ii- ru>?* trmplb ru heal bid Dutchman s lima. On Thursday null, 27ih la tum t, Plata Teupn will autinpt ins greet fast of hesUug, in a match for 91 (XX), lo lbs t'entrsvlll* i'surw, ihs unequalled Line mil# performance of the celebrated llasbnw horse Dutch man. a ho la 1839 trottet 'hut dii Unee In seven initials#, Airly two sua a half Hoioda. No boras since tha. lime has born supposed equal to that rrsat task, and ? odo do# au?iaul It until bow lbs Uueen of lbs I urf mak?a lbs vent or# The Lung Inland K-Unad ear* alii leava ths 8ouih furry. Brooklyn, at two o'clock r M. and ret ura na noon a# lb# race la oyer. Faro, is go and return, utly cents. a BIO TBOT.-FL'.Ra TEMPLE AOAINBT DUTCH t\ man a time. 1 he nubile are reap# t< fully Informs J that the tickets will be for mis at Stewart's Hotel, I Is if Way House, on 1 hursday moi uisg at 10 o'clock. FARHION COURSE RACER-RKPTKMltKR 28, 28, AMD October 2, passengers wlU leave Pulton Market slip, by steamer Msttano. at land 11 JO A. M. and IP M . ooonetaing with lbs cars at llunter's Point. Cars leave Hunter's Point for lbs i'aurse at 9:2(1, 11. 13 and 1.20 Returning, extra trains *11 leave National depot all P. M., oonnseung wtife steamer Msttano tor Pultoo street, and < r. M., oonnectlng with Thirty fourth street and James abp ferries J. 8. BOLTOEFF. Superintendent Fashion t'ooRhE?fall racks.?hboond dat, Frids?, September 28. Two matrhne and a swesostases. Tkrogsneck sue buddy ilooo, tbree mile bests, for 12,(XXI, and Au-ors i nd Fleeting Mnmer ts, mile beata for SeiOO. and.Bella America, Avalanche and Young Revenue, mile beats, for 93.00U. The flrsi race will be started at 2.'? P.M., allowing ample time fur the arrival of the cars that brings the p isenci ? sera who leave Pnltoa market slip at 1 P M . and the last train from Unntcr's Pi mt: the Reooed and Third a vet ne cars to Thirty foniih itrset ferry connects with s 11 the Phis bine Rail road trvlns to the Courts. Club stand reserved for ladies. Admlmtim to all parts, |l. D. C. OBI* NELL, Proprietor. JCPTPKR.-THK PREMIUM STALLION OP TH1 ORRAT National Hurts Show at Hprlngfleld Mass.. will stand the present fall season and the spring and fall seasons of 1881 at Lnfl A Craebtron't. at the junction of Bixlh avenue and 110th street and Harlem lane. UNION COURSE, LONG ISLAND?TROTTING.?A doable team race, on Monday, October 1 at three o'clock; match for fl 001, mile beats, beet three in Ore, Sam MeLaugh tin names * g. Jem and mate; Horaoe P Jones name# b. g. Putnam and mate. A good day and a good track. BHAW A WHITE, Proprietors. TTMION COCRbR, L. I.-TROTTINO.-ON TTJKHDAT, U October 2, at 3 u'c'oclt; a match for S1.0U0 mile beata, beet three In Ave. B Tallmnn names r. g. Captain Henry, to U0 lb. wagon; Mr. Lovett names ? r. What la It, In hsrnvaC BUAW I WH1TB. Proprietors. UNION COURSE, L. I.?TROTTING -ON 8ATCRDAT, September 29. at 3 o'o'oek; a match for 91 000. mile beats, best three In Ave, In harness or to warns s, to carry 900 lbs, t lay or pay. Kim Hnag land names b.g Koony Young; D. Pilfer nam<ahr. rTyeonn. HHaw A WHITE Proprtetnra Gentlemen op thr tdrp. who dkhirr indr pendant seconds applied to their watches, that can be ?lopped and started without Interfering with the ordinary time at a moderate east, are Invited to call and examine my tm proven)cut MERRICK PRICE, 22 John tarsal. HORBKg, CAHB1AOK8, AC. A HERAT BARGAIN -HOR8K. HARNESS AND urate *e good as new; will be sold cheap; enst 11,200: a splendid luri ' lor a reptleman or lady. Can be seen at las corner of Tacuiy tl -*?t and Broadway, from 12 o'clock un a P . M. ARUPIRIOk ? ,.t.ILk UORSK. 7 YEARS OLD. ANY rhlld can drive him: mahogany bay. long full tall, blaek legs, wltbi ul a blemish spirited and can travel fast; M??-ian gar breed ar i recently from Least lalaad; wtlneesliats saerllk-e. A low pried home, snited to a farm would be taken In exchange. Call (at Bellows', corner of Prince and Croaby streets. New York city. A CHANCE FOR HOUSEMEN.?POR SALE CHEAP, two new tight trotting Wagons, manufacture! by M. James Baldwin. Apply to ltr. M. PRPPARO, Bk Nicholas stab lea, Msreer street. R VKBY HANDSOME BO UN EL MARE FOR 8ALB A About U hands high and 7 years old, srmd. kind and free from ml tricks ; very pleasant under the saddle, and Iroca well la harness She will be eold a bargain, aa her owner Is about leaving for Europe. Apply at Jarri#' stable, cosnar of Broadway and Thirty math street. FAIR OP GRAY HORBK8 POR BALB-LONG WHITE manes and tails, very stylish snd handsome, IShsndi ?sfi years old: perfectly sound and kind. Pur particulars it Taylor's stable. Broad way and Forty thirl street. Avery handsome pair op ray mares por sale U'4 hands high, very handsome end ??lias; beau tiful drivers and good travellers; five years oil. aoaad and kind. Call at Taykn's stable. Broadway snd Forty third U. A Coach por rale?which has been cred ahojt eltbtren months, and has now been ready rented. i< sow for tale cheap. Inquire at I'll aBLKB BIRnRL'H saddle snd harness store, 191 Haventh area .e DCCTOR'B GIG OR BOSTON CIIAIRB POR BALK cheap ?Price |10U, cost 9*39 when new: almost as govt MS new. vtroeg snd bearr build, rune easy. Inq .Ire at 183 Christopher street, near West. In the distillery. rK RALB-A HANDSOME DANK IRON OR VY Heme, long tall. A years old. 1?\ hands high, warranted sound, kind and gentle la all karsraa, suitable lor family nee. Also acne horse Rockasay ?'srr age snd atop il'.gry. .owl Haineaa, 1. gather or separate, ae the owner bus no f in bar use for them. Address box 9,371 Post ottos. rlR R ALB?TWO OR THREE RP1.ENDID 1IURRER and Carta, and Harneas. all In mmplets order, and the work. If PSq Ired, .he <-*r.a are ha.i spring, awl are til for say kind of business; the hsrsse are young, snd will be war ranted, thay will be sold separata OS together. Inquire at 174 Hudroa street. from fiAl'tv-A BAY HORRB, BRVBM TliU OLD, UK r band* blah, kial la oooble and iinyl* harnewt a'i'aat tmt Ier, without a Meintab, and warrant*! aiund Alan a Oiab, In good order,"mad# by Wood Broth' ra; and don hi# H?tii*m, Iliad* br Duaaerm 10 As ***a al Hvdtr i auto** 79 Wmi Tw?nlvlhlrd ?U?t..b*lwaaa Birth aadTterantk avaa iaa IPOE HALE?A GOOD. ROUND BAY BOMB, US r baada high, kaa baaa I* tiaa by prrarot wn#r for right maetba put, art!I mak* a ilrat rat* earring* horae. Hold a th* owner hita oar borae loo ?any, or w.ll Mil a largo lr .o I ray Horar, am* air* Apply at It Lailngtoo avraoe. rR RALB-A RIPBRIOR FAMIIT BORRK DAP plod pray, T yaar* old, UK lianda kirk. baautif'il form, aatyllab drirar la eery eierlletu <ind*r the laodle a .Id for want or oa* Oaa ba area at T. C. B .iler'a Mabla, 302 and 1W Atlantic areBu*. Brooklyn R RALB-A VKBT BEAUTIFUL FORTT R7<>0 BAD F01 I Pony, UK baada eight yoara old, klad In hameaa ?y uadap lha . , _ toddle and parfectij an ,nd. Addraaa Jar a boa I.Mfl font oBc* EOR 1A1B?A BORBBL HORSE. UK BANDR BlOH, perfaelly an- ad, klad aad fan. Apply bo t. PAUAN. 74 at Twaaiy ? toad anal hOR RAI.B-A PAIR or RORRRL nORRRH. 15 HAVDR kick, kind ia b~ rr??a. pond foa the radii I*, fry* frim all '? ka or ?lr# and aonad ra m aad oltM yoara old. Alan, Wapoa u d llarciaa Huld aa tkr noraor going Bo ,tk. Ap ply at I'd Yarick alreet, for lAro* day* TDOR SALE-A OBRTI.EMAR'R ROAD B >RSB; ORAT JP NrMlapar, eight yoara old. UK banda kipb, a in trot la BIB; warranted anuad and k*d In etngi* or doiLi# hara-wa Kb**r*a at tkaMotropolRaa nablaa, cornerof Prin ? and iky alrattA R 8AI.R?BORBR WAOOR ARD RARNBRH.-t B?T _ Mam. ftTtaaa i.tad* bub, ana\nr* n 1. nry pan.lo, aad rl traeeller; light too waroo tad now llarae** all for a*.* war t of aa. Prlea All Apply at URDBRIIIIJ. A flJll B liable*. I.a/*i ott* ilaea. For ralr?a RurobD hard opfr cams- hb. ir pond nrdar PrlaatJUU. Apply 10 HAHRHTBB A IIALU WIN, IM Broadway. F?. F? >R BALE?A VERT HARDBOMR BADDI.R PORT. _ aboot UK kaada hick, dart brown, klad and parfr Uy annnd. apleadM j broi* for Ik* aaddl* and eaa tr d r*ry faat la kara#? Tk? property of a gentleman rdnp lo Romp*. (Ka ba am at Jarvta' otaa.a. curaar of Broadway and Thi/ty alnth (treat. F R RA I P?TWO PIP ? FAMILY OB ROAD IIORWRR, fart meter*. U1, aad Id band* hick, att aad aeeea year* Alaa five yn*r old ooU, It'i hand* k'ch. rrry lad; nark of thea warranted Alan, road wapyia, elatgb aad Baraaaa Apply at It Mot' atrant, near Panel dabl* la mar. r,R RAlB-TWO HORPBt, JURT PROM VERMONT; *a* la a lira* rain aaddle brad. MR am rmd trarnllwra aad blnodad atnrk; will ba ani l abnap. Apply at tb* lumbar yard, fool of Hold alreet. Brooklyn. rR RALR-A UOKt RHIFTIRO TOP RCOOY W a'IOR. ?aad* by attf atakrr, marly aa pood a* nrw and in oor (rat erdrr. will be aold rhaap. Apply at Wuano ? dabiaa, Tralk aural, aaor PalraraBy ylao*. FiR RAI.B-AR ELKO AM f OOCPR, CTTT MADE; baa brao but little **d; will be antd for inaa Una tta talnn if tailed far Bono, nan br mail *7 Bad F'fteenih ?treat. for parttcalara nail at US CMr* (treat, froa 10 lo U a'eh rR fOR RALt-A YRRY HANDSOME PAIR OP LIOBT bay Bnrara. alrtarn banda bipb. a perfect natnk aad rary djBU drtrrra, klad. protla aad aoond. Oaa baaaaa attke ata Ma. Rn M fourth atraat. ARRRRR FOR BALM CBMAF.-A RIR9I.R RTI.VTtR IT ntrd ll(M Ikarnraa new, for ttU* **ry rknaw. r*a't Uiraa day* at Ro IIM aranoa D, aaar Kiphlk atraal. la <fca aa ra crbr wAirrmn-a yopro ard rttijrb bat Bora*, us * 1* banda klph Inaa tali and br amatd aad i it. id able 10 trot a ml* la SH mlnotaa Apply M prli at* . ?bln Ro il Had Tbiny jrat atraal OMR POR RALB-AR RLE 1 ART DARE BROWN _ H.traa t yaara old. fonrtrrn kaada high, annnd aad k'xd, h Mil i*ll and mart, amblra and parar aplawdld aadd.e * ' atraal, aaar H ide m H H i >aa for a lady. Ia|nl-a at I Wortb i ^ aala? Toiba aara at tka fnkarrlbar'a; aaar Wad Paraw. ? lirnfWM WaTRCR. to I'ark plan*. Tlllt FOLliOWIMO RAI.HARI.R BORRRH WBRI RID} daa bf Ike Prln -a of Walra Ike Duka of RrwraaU*. aad lb* royal ntlr tb rnibn'rt 'b- Intir la ''an ad a Tb.v har* brra do inrd to Raw Vntl for rale, and rap br Impeded it tka Vrtrrlr >ry Onilrt* InaiHnta. IIS and H7 Tret Twenty lb.rd atraat tia'll Wondif aril, wkrn any nr all I f them rrmiitiinc nil id *>il b* I r wrkt I or ward fir pnblln 1*1*. at aontfcai. In rl#lti(*-b<ol. r w*<r of Twenty Milk dreet and ktttb avowtta, at li anna, Monday^ (mninirr I ? I Hmwn m?r? la?ly Fraalla. i year*old. ridlaa a* a road ? addlo b-ea* by Ma Royal Hirfcoea*. . I. < k-eiaat mam Ran y WUUap. ? )"?*r* old, rtddea at a rkorryy. bi bio Hnjal lilt baaao. I |;inan wuurt. 0>.U?, ? year* oM, rtddaa by lb* (krreranr Oene *1 nm* W re* aad rkaipar. ? A In wn maee. I? Roll*, rlddaa by Omanandnrr Fena-yar. A, tlray knet* tir ?y R*?le ( yaara nkl. ridden by (iaplaia Rntto Urk. AM* da ? aiap. Monaraer aa.1 mad b.if**, , it, ii.waa 5 year* t>i I. rlddaa by tb* lkak* of Maw ? ?liana bane r ard mad b"Me t p*y knee*., r*.ldeo by Major Taaadala. Rf|neary. A, jtriwa k"iaa, tb* Dak#, 7 yaara old, ridden by tkr Hkrl m (lertanlna. 9 Ray r-iro, tv-inteaa, d yean old, rbtdaa by Oaten) Pr i"l *? .-l-irrer ard ma* bar**. ID '" atare, Uelrwa, dyaarioH, rV'. tea by UM tlttk. yn-MA pnrae, Km? Onto. 7 year* old. li flrnnnk'ne* Ike llarnn. S year* ntd. II grtaaMte Aiiaaimolt (I yaara old. IA OnR - 'Inred burae, ( bar l**a, T yeara old, *b*rfttr *od rradttrr. ir i ?r? ' ?n pony, I yann old. lb *d i: ratrnrlane brow* ] T??a. to' LrifV- ind DIoR p-ngi it. * and 7 year* .Id, naad aa oarrtMte aad aaddl* bar an. i an tint ta IwbP'dea. WARfRl AOOODRTTURB RRDOMP BARDDOORLR ' rlgb. me tb?l baa been but littl# laad and one that ?.11 fc* rM ? h?*p Apply at II Park rptr. npi R4U Ike Aakor WARTTD I.I9RT WAOflRR OR PI RAT WT.ARR FOR altera !B n'knit for #r? ' * Rail Rttal* naar tka (?7 Atp y ?i oaiaujCTrALIUat. m Wuiiaaa unat HOUSES, EOOMi, SC.. W LST AHA>i>mtMBi."~rnMj>iauito front pahuu and bedroom on lint ur eeuond floor, to let, In a ho- aa<oeoil plod by a wiU family, la Thirty final elreet, bclwMa Broad Wi/ak tU., . r>...,l Baaam. nf anltahiA fllT i plod by a avail family, la Tbirty nrm street, 001*000 may and riflh avenue. Aleut front Baaem.ul, aolUhta for a phydclao No children or hoarder# la the ho una. Addreae w. V., Madiaoa square Puet odium. A LIGHT AND PLEASANT OFFICE TO LIT?AT J\ No *17 Broadway, comer of Fulton atreoL Apply to DITTO ruATKB A CO.. *17 Broadway. (THEIJEA HALL AND CHAPEL, BRVENTH AVENUE, J coin or of Twenty eeiuod e'reel to lot?Tha IZmil la a large room, airy and well lighted; la aultable for a dancing academy, ball, drill. k>1an or meeting room. The "Thapel, with Lecture Boom attached, lately ocoup ed by tba Plymouth Unkm chu'ca, la fitted up with aeata cupavle of dealing three hundred persona. Inquire on the premJeea COTTAGB TO LET-NKAR THE CITY, A PI.BASANT oiuter residence: or If agroeabie ihe owner will reeervc one or two ronaa and let the othrra, parti 1 foroiahed. cboau, ?o two or three genteel peratua. Inquire at No. d Pine atreet, room No. A TAAOUERKEAN I1A1.IJRV ON EIGHTH AVENUE TO AJ let?Old oatalillehed; one chance for an enterprising man: eery spacious and on aecimd Moor; would be let for other bnslneaa Apply at IG? Klghth avenue FURNISHED HOCSK TO LET?OR THB LOWBR PART only; la well furnished three'atory, high strop, -ontolne all Improvement#, but lour blucha from Broadway, and only two In family. Apply at 1M Thompson street. Furnished house to lbt-no. m kaht four leerlh atreet between Filth avenue and "ni-m square; three atorlee and three rorma deep with modaru improve- I menta; aleganlly furaiahed throughout, inquire ou the pre mises Furnished hours'?on wist twelfth street, between Fifth and tttxth avauuea; a four atory brown ? tone Engliah baaevent Uouae: poaaeaskui Immediately. For ; car da of admiaai' n apply lo JAMES h. EDWARDS. 277 Weal \ Twenty third elreek Furnished house to bent-no. ?o seventh atreet. near fee nd avenue, lo a private family. Can be aee n from 11 to 1 o'clock. Fuenirhed house to lbt-a large four btory Bonne, on Weal llyhteenth atreet, fully furnkhed from top to bottom. Including eilver, Crockery, Redding. Ac., Ac. The Uouae 1? in good order and well fui-nlahed tor turther partlcu ara and oarila of admlnlon apply to JAMES It, ED WAR DR. 277 Weat Twenty third a tree'. Furnished house to let-on west thirtieth ?treet; a n< at and pretty three a'ory Engliah beaement Uouae la a good n dghborhood and prettily furnlahed; will be rented low Com October I till Mav next for lera than SdUO. JAMRa R. EDWARDS, 277 Waal Twenty third atreet Furnished and unfurnished houses to let. rcaxiaau. I4th atreet, bet-veen Stb avrnnn and UnlveraKy place f2 7V! 1Mb " " Irving place and Ad avenue 2 Oik) lfib " " " " l.MB ii-th ' " Broadway and fith avenue 1 Htai 29th " " ?? fith ?' 2 vi) 34ih " near 7th sveno# 1 TOO tbtb " between fith and 6th avenues l.tUU Vifrc*ni?HM> University place, between 8th and 9th afreets ",000 lllth atreet, btlween 2d and 3d avenue# 1 000 Hth " " Stb and 9th " !,*? loth " " fith '? tab " 1.S0H ,'ttth ? " 7th " Sth " Rtu 40th " " 7th ?? 8th " tiOO Mth " " Madison and 4th avenne 2.000 42nd " " Mh aid cMh avenue# I.3U0 47th " eorner 7ih avenue 1.200 48th " between sth and 9th avenuea 7W and otbere In various loeatlona at moderate ratee. Apply to DtNOBk A BOLDKN. No u Pine atreet and l.2?t Broadway. KOOMN TO LET, WITH RTEAM POWER-AT NOR. 84, 8fi and 88 Jane atreet between Greenwich and Waah lngton. Apply to the Engineer. Storehouse to lease-first class, fi re proof, very atruqg walla and heavy timbered. No. 109 Washing ton atreet. near Rector. Apply to A. B. CLARK, 212 Broad way, rooms II and 17, up atalra STFAM POWER TO LET?WITH SECOND FLOOR OF a caw Snlldtng. with Pgbt on all aldta Apply to ED. BRINEKRHOFF. 90 Elizabeth Itreet r LET?THB FOUR 8TORY DWELLINO UOUSR, NO. 289 Seenad avanua. The furniture or any portion of H win be aold If desired: alao the gas fixture* and fuel; oaaaes aloe Immediately. Inquire of ABNK11 LAWTON, on ibe pre r LET-FINE BRICK HOUSE AND OARDEN, Fifty fifth atreet aearSeyer.ih aven-ie; 'eat 1000, no gat; ? treet grading nnhnlihed; will leaae for three yeara. Inquire of GEO. ,\1. REA, 3D WUllam timet, ur on tie puinnee mo LET- THE FTEST AND SECOND FLOORR IN J home 3d King atreet, w!!!> Bteretenln, withgtt and water; will be divided lor two families Alao the Mend Flour and front Baaement la ho we 71 Ukarilun street Ita at J3 King atreet rLET?FURNISHED THREE STORY HOUSE BROWN wor e I root, No. did loir, in-*L befiwwen Harreon and Degrmw . bomb Brunhiye, lo|let, mil la; of Mav gegi or long er, The ho ve la haadenraely papered, in gao 1 irder; I, > -v! >u aneiowpUremble, ou> venlent lolbe fervlvw end cl y ra< roa-to. Ibe whole or part of tea Furnll .re wdl be add, It grettrred, at a fair p*kw, or r> nied to a amiable tenau at a fair r.te. payable mrvuly. Rent of house un oru'ahed. ab?:' SakV); or annum. Refererres required. May be aeen from It to 12 A. M. and from 2 lo ? o - lock P. M. TO LKT-TBE PllltTTTRRT MODERN ' ?R nOCME IN the ett*, all the D'nI'th laprmemmU. Inquire m .),? [iitnlKt. iiillanM ab'ire 1 ta rly-alnh e'.-ret, rm wrat at.;* t-econd avian*, or of J A ? KM K U , im Kent ttOO par year Alto Bra other* on Tblil] third aural. 1 .ow rttli i? (<>tl Itnaiilt rLET, FURNISHED. TO A PRIVATE PAKII T only. Boat* No. i'S WarhlnpUn *.; tare. between I Ult toaot and JtacOoncaJ ?ireet opposite ih* square, all* or without (A* aubl*. wnh ail the modern Improrair.i-aia An ply to UBuWkk A Xll.'Hom.'No. Jd Waaaan at/ee>. rUT, LBAHE. OR FOB PAL*.-THIS TURK* ?HiK? and bwnunl HUM, N?. I Waal Broad * *y P*c". t?? nail a.ndrra lmnrovemenla. potaeaaton (IranInumidlM* pply "N. TARTAI'AUH. W Paarl atrael TO LRT-A TIIR1K KTORT HHU1K TH>UBR, H1TU ATEL on Henry slraet Brooklyn: y.-?d ImMm has ail m .'?n imrrovtnta, rwaltSUO; pnaaaaai .ti fi.aadiaU.-rjr, Apply kit IIONDLOW, Bontap.1 a atrrtt, pear uurt. ro L*T-rrHNimi*r>. th* mm rtort brow* Ilonaa No (3 Wrat ?nr:y nfth a tree I, n<-*r Fifth arm ir vnnlaininr all'modem Improvement*. nawly and -imiiletrn ' irutabed pcaweasloa ImmadU'eh , real 1115 par month ??]! Nay neiv or S1.1RNI par yaar Oil May, Irfcl Apply hj HOMER MOBOAN. No. I I'lna street r) LET?TO A RMAI.I. FAWIT.T. POOR ROOWR OP third ttory of U>a bona* Ho. AS Hec ud avail na. with rat aoc ba-.k. ntRRRRMy toasted rLNT OB LRARB?TUB TWO RTORT AND ATTU brick Bonne BO Walu atraat, near <'; kaajMBbaai awl In artnplana order and painted throughout; ha* (a* IM OFrdon. Apply al *7 Walar atraat TO LBARE OR FOB NAI.E?THE HOCHB 1.110 BROAD way, pearly near, kaa all the modem napr vraMv.ta nrra o-enpl*d by Ik* aokarr-bar. with r.,*rh eru-ve -e :.nd atabi* as the rear, lnq-uraol B. P. CABMAN. 1154 Brnadaay. rl BWTIBR PIRNT FLOOR OF A PIRSf CLANS h ire. wall furnished. weat ,f and near Mad en a, tare r<me i*ur* of parlor, dtaloi- roan, two badr ? ?u >tta and chart will le let. with rrlynta labia. 10 a f%rn ly wta' !*?- liba ral ar'nmmndailoaa. Par rarda t| y y . j P. LAWRENCE A HO., U Eat! Funrt'-rnlA all ret rl.RT, iHBAP?TWO BROWN NTONM R OCR BR, _'l? and Vf on the north aula of Weat Forty rlah h atrwrt. b* twrra Rlaklb and Nlalb avi-n " - - - - BROW Ml Ml, ? Hroadway. TO LET-FVRNIEHBD OR CNFI RNIBlIBn, AB RLE (am flral elaaa bleb atonp, kr. at .nor Iron' llona*. In una of la* ni'WI fashionable lecattoaa a lA* eRy. Ad reaa boa 1 ill Foal attca. TO LPT?TO A RM ALL PaMTLT WITHOUT OBI' D. rra. ibyy* .* four R? ma la b'-iiar it Uut jw (tract rant ? odrrala. lagolrr un be ,, rem Ire*. rUT- FART OP HOUR* NO MFIAIT IIBOADWAT. arar Graad Mteri, rrat modart a. p<w*r<??oa . ran im mediately. Apply Rl oSoe of Eti.a Iroa Worba, M 'loortek atraat TO I BT-FABT OP AR KNOUNH RABRMBNT ROL'NB cnttomma of lb* parley fi'vnr and part of ikird. larr* Rl rhrn. wttA ranpe. r,.t ,od enld wa or. 1 alA. raa Bit .raa Ac III Baal Twrn y lAlrd auaet * witraa, TO LET OR FOB RALB-NO. IWffll BALTI1' RTKBBT aaar IWnrlMrwrv Hm.A yn.wltA (ia. balk, more for. nacm aad BldtawnA water ooalalaa U room*. Hri.t li.l per aaaam Uqnlia of JOUt'R BROWN, 171 ?'lialoa alrart ?RWMMM. rno i.rr-Fi/x)*? trrocoh. poor and fitb 1 Boom* In 1 Aoaa new brown atoae hoce-a aon hwaal orn-nar of Prerad avenor and Thirtieth atrrat. bar* hit Rad en,i wa ter. aartila mar tela prate* waab Iraya. water dnaat*. aaa, In- 1 alt dmp ahandrttrra aad Rilnrea; the ovnt omyonlral Vrteaa , tn the *Ry for ancb email rwot for email raapauuble rami.'ra. , hrnta. lib to R3&. Applir no the prrm'ara. Ir lb* 4i p Rare 1 on tkr mrnar. or *1197 Eaat Thirty NUB atrar-. rpo I BT-TTIB TBIBD NTOBT OP Horn NO >7 BART 1 Twenty -tpbth at real, an rkHdrrn Ukra. > atb. (wa. pan irtra. Aa. eonitatmpnf fi Iir route* lc -itr* of ik< owner on Ike i rrrntaaa Real 111 10 per m nth rLBT?PBONT PARLOR, FCRNIPHPD, WfTHOLtT Board, and beat Parlor If required. Apply at No. n I ri.rr-NitiR APARTintirr . i irrt ri/yoR. no. ess Badaen tt aM and 9 Oaraevm.rt atraat. f ur Rooma to each apartment, rent I 2 and lit 1 or month. In , tire ,,f vtn R. RAbTOR, Hi llndaoa aunet. TO NM1.7. A Nn.RVDtDLT TURN OTTO BOTBL. IN oae of the beat IrvaUnoa In the ePy; te-m- moat waay; wttb (Ood arrtirRy Hid moeh e*aA r-qotred for pa tlealar apply al BC Nrtawlway. la the liaaeaai r.t rpt LIT?AT 117 AND N19 BROADWAT, CORNER or M T>y|flA Btreet. the aerond Ire)', -rner RrwiiR whb e phi front wladowa. elan front and ejrnar room- on Ike f,< inh b'or wnk ? 11 nclona ratrwr.-e Ji-IIN R, KRIJtU, il WU nam I '.raat. rA TENANT WHO WILL Pt'Rf'ITAFE THE FOR Bit ore, whteh la Mnr'v new, tkr am-m 1 Ito 1 of fwiy A noma tnathm* atory Artcb d we!Una In Bamri nlrree. rtrely I on Abed for a an.all penteal Taml.j ' harp Annan b* rink *11 re-iuialta utanalA aad oneaalanee* In ilr* at atora. 77 Oadar Arret. r) LET-A LABOR, FIRST CLARE FrRNIBIIED Ilonaa. aewl; aad (aeatlr f-iralabnd. w-th all th* m dern Iff prorvirenta and hi one of the heat benUona n the dty i.p a t rival* tealdenra or a tint elaaa hoardtap lunar, at M7 Etpkib ittert, three coort real .if Br i*dway. rLBT?THE PART OF A I IRRT Ol.tNR BROWN atona front Hoo?>- SM Raat Thirty third ^uwet la ilr* on Ike airmtarm T) LPT-IN MIOIMt, A PINK ET RE RA'*E R em aad Faarment tentrwlly locnlad. H t'ranbarry atraat. arar ftiRtm. Rrnt nrivfAt* month. Apply at tha v ( 1 tf aad I : mora, &i Hold auaet^N T. rpo RTIII R A BON. 1 Lower part op a new urbt oi.anb _ H ma*, In Fifty fn-.rlA atreel between -It'A aad Bare, -h aveaoa#, roy.alatlcp o? frrmt and b#<"h Farlora, two Mwtroomn, In Bt aad toot Aaaam< eta. paa h t aad o?M ? alar, bath, I ma dt-tea Re. mo t.ET?PART OF HOOMt ?? BATARD BTREET CR<> 1 ma. paa At well adapted for a reapr-mbbWawi'ty; a'wy a PVrr In how MM Ramar atreea At ply ja Ike pranilana ra |fwaOT?ly. rpo IJIT-POR Tim WTNT1R IN A PI-MARANT LOOA 1 una, three fnmhibed Eonnm on oaa " ne dan be 1*1 aeo* eateiy 9 reqntrwd ma amall ^H?l!y Af 1'y tt Ik) Raat Tar A ?tfTTt, bmt ritfR ITWM Iioo?||,JW.t TO LBf. * H"'J,<'4 O" SECOND fLO -i with eiciiiai?? t,aib room w?okl let the room aeoar, g( rHemrn or geul'-man and ? r, ^oum ia la /err mot I ociiTentealJocation. \ f" LET?TBI BNT1RK FURNITURR OF A tub ? 1 atory houer; to a reaiuiiu .,a party, be I? ??5 low. Addraae Mm. M. 0 , H?rmd onice. a "* ***** rLJCT-THR OBOOBRY STORR AMD BACK ROOM of ho oar No >7 City Ball placa, being a gold -Iin I for tuiainraa. will he let low to a good tenant. Apply to PaT'lf MARTIN. In tba baeement. rlJCT-A I MALL, NMATLT FURNISHED HOUSR ON Broadway, near Filth A?rue Hotel, rent only Ml per month alao one la Wnvrrley place. OM la Fourteenth aire?, and oibera In good location!. J. M. RICHARDS A CO., JfQ Fourth avenue. TO LKT-THB SBOOND STORY OF HOUR! 00 NORTH Moore itreet, near Hudion park; nea apartment* and i tenant location; rent low to a email and genteel family. I.KT-IN FIFTY RUIHTIT 8TRBRT. FIRST BRICK home noriheaat or Third areaue, to a imall reaped vile family, ;ntrd Klour, with or without J" T?? rI.1T OR LBASB?TBR DBBIRABLB HIGH SCOOT Dwelling Hooae No. 48 Sixth itreet, near Senowd areeifc In In perfect order, tare* full atortea with beee?awl aad eah cellar. Han all the modem Improvwmeala?furnaee, raim bath water nU aeta, raa aad Ooton on every Soar. Poeeeemaw aoy time after October M. Par further particular* aad eardf of admiral"n apply to the owner, nil a ai.fcn OOOPRR, No, M Hiith itreet TO LKAHB?FOR A MOTEL OR LiRQB HOARDING II.mac the Worth 1'ouae, oorner of Ptfth > ranie and Waet Twenty tilth etreeta. running through w Broadway, oppoalt* Madlaon a-piere. Inuutre at Itf-t I ifih aven'te. THB 1.F.ASB, HTOCI AND FIXTURES OP A* KNOT.ISM , rent only venne. 1 "ahadea nn an areaue np town leoitared for wile; r 873b lor lie whole hoo*r; now dr lag a good hnaln nee KIN'SUIMRR A CO , 3id Fourth a1 $?0 A TRAR-TO , ETi A OOTTAGB. COWTi IN1NO 4>OLr eight ro ma. all lated la Weetrhreter county, a few mlnulee' walk from liar cm Bridge. None hut a reapactabla American family need apply to S. J. DRcaN, J17 Oraad alreet fll'SKAL. AT.^i?5B'B W-*RCRO<)l(JI, ' ' OUnlon Hall, Awor place and Rlrkth View way, alanreatock at "Rata waa*. Mar HORIZGRTAL AWT) UPRIGHT PTiena New aad second hand, 1 AORXATLY niPXOTXD PIAWOPOETX. UOHTX A BRADBURY, ted r..i?^ ? a aew aeaie OT?nnran? baaa patenl laenM tedfuli Iron frame, yracd and a.riarepSSS.^S Bronmr aue? u Plaaoe to reuL "aaofortei. Wo. ill A JPV!,a PRKWCH LADY A PUI'Tr m, ?naar?ur.1 A !??B?2rD B*V*N OCTAV1 PIARO El KOabt teas % octnr# :or w6 Tkrw d ocUve l*U?o* fo^awo-^. 2l5l An Mi>rtR)Nt of bttntlfij new PlZmZ ?T V^J i ?"i*1* Une? m?*nitloent pearl key Piano for ma ? n I he Pl? nofone and ttlaatne n -'??. trjr , T50* r'ea ?tartcne A. eorner arfSfh \l'?r * ^jHlt'EXRIXQ A 60NB, Maaufaeturere of OR A WD, KQUAHR ARD UPRIGHT PIAWOfl, Warerooma CM Broadway. ????*? PIAROB TO RRRT. F^htamf'iu* A .Htr1IW("? HK8PICTFVIA.Y 1RPORMH In ir-jno^ Jfleni.? A*t he baa rtrimeu Ida lnatracUocn ... .... IKETl'RMXRTAL AlfD VOCAL. w S l i pl-Haed In rreehe app.l.-jiUoiia aa \eram/nM >? BaU A Bona. IU Broadway. Raw fork. * u (^CITAE ARD BIEOIRO. -RAPOLXOR W GO in Ik. 17 fT'm ">* F"?lp?; concert., Ilalkan uS5.' ?f.' r.n,k ,^f P'lPlli ??i * fow Irtmmm k> *noomDAnv ?!? ?aw Betrtck. Jukn Kuekert, Onata. J. Kuwckal. *? ?? IA ..axo'i D.BA valratina pavavauI ?i ,, >m"?n e eeen'?t*)er^tti^LPTKT"^! If >1'A*? I ItillHftOR (IK \EVER ??? DA Lum :n^ oikf U? in .rder lo ree tir.e her laKTRurrriiiN or ni? a.1,1r?.totb?,.aM?f t. aarfrabr r, A L_,ia. 7mi H^,-r mma. i Si: ??? .:sr, Adrrr.e AS Prlaee ?:r*r- * k**J" ?*? Jflf rtA,ramH*??>?* 'n^iZZTo ZLZlXZftAffJT* "rS PVVa''!ulM7,t,2ln:'.',T .*'?*""** OfclARikl M#;.4>o- p ai Um H? 9L\<| *hlrOH* 175 vfl\t "r**X rrtr*?fc*?U*r. 5^3 mfSS?.1 ^ - WaTPMjt, aglaimmH... <4 fi/K Harp tka'-hir ? ?~~ by Ip^r'rar T?- harp. r,*fo'A; A,ir* ^u w?tiw S< laea R ?fr?ft, n? ikr rfr.didd .? i r - , _a rrp?. >* Mrt sn^Acn ?; baat irair .mi ala man Jaci ',r3 2 ? JJ WAru7.7:.^:*T, ?ttMi /#??* fip?r tr f? r!f i?fi5 "ifc * 5 J1I; ,nTr,B*** n""?* aari.,hlef?BUi7^ Tba'baia?!? *" < <?HAKV*KHRHIH tUTKKf. A ,l" N''**W WIS h To Jl ?? v. Mr , ., , te,sss r.UMi.Ard (a a . ?a P!?? tbat w alreada t.,1 IAi llera' l Ae * * Adoraaa AdrerCerl ?ameaan mt in arwie *hola?? ? i Mr ' .h"2r^ Party wn? and ?^r!21 eT^'rS Al ?ARI CSAICR?RA.yiFJ), A WAR Yifn ?? ? tnreet tquaJly wbh h. .*: ?M> TO I lateen tbat will par (IS ri n'mT^l, H.? _r?^rteae oaab A noanpalf eaathi "**iirr-aendml. rnfn^r aUet Oo,,. Hem way, rer? d3 ?. r Appl/ at 3(0 aM ?#? 4 " AO||tF?ABI,l AliOHATI! WANTrn Tr% nn ? *>^S^r",74i ,*0*1^ ^ a. Rr. Porter'a. ijj f? "pr^^au*<- IXTrLX ? - - ? ? M ? r r mt I hi a, v > . wi ?inder rha Cm name f Aa l?r A r?.,...-".:/ ',* aotknrt/ed to one Ike raae of ik- late : ' JOUR O UAII rV ?*?M? jARAlRdtOR, Re?T. .e,Pept K IMtl 1BAB,4LA ,JBuA **** a "* C AWPBRLU, HALL A oo. pARTRKR WARTRP BTTlltR AOV1YR MR a-r aire |^:^S?ErS LA'ART*!. A PAR1T WtfH PROM flW T' Mg n?? roSBflC.";: -...,. - SHOO -tr""* V*"TRD IR A RPRI' TPLY Otjifl plenerni an I pr. '?v, I ?? o?? a ?,i, ? e*-|e,i? nrkr ?) ?/ ae a<--,a!.le . ,e?e ard aa.a."e,i with a fair In mm, ?r?l<* m re'iak'e, will do veil to ?*T^ WW* ?I ? ytdSU ftAOn ' *"*" A'"T;vr nt'RTRRM HAH wrrn ?)?)' 'If, cane I0 (I OOU oaalia,, raa hare an OataMe hed caek ham. ?ef' "TTT' " V> ApplftltiRO R* WMRA R??iaU7 ofl oe J- ..JLai*1 Ptraea Ralonna t ?, for aal* ""?"7 ^ " "wadway. ?7r?0 T" fAKtaiR WARTtn n J)< .)W,r 4kerallkaTialr?rHal la mnun iu . . e koAeeate e?eh Iwlnna. paj ao r M ,*i) iar 2f? ? ealf an'd oataoeoon! of .eitk uV c ee *B ~.^ * mock yuan BLma a nicrnwj?|^i p^lTt, Julet ' $1.000."oi.*1ii2J,?aL5i"'T' ' " tnrrp It la a rmeer J rr >'har life h iwluiwa ne ir '^ l'1 Mtoalloa aa bookkeeper ~ Jill",,on ,7Tr. . Woa ' ,B,>* ? hiieaelf er ml A'drew wtS ret "nm^TTrtUt r1?? .111*4* ^giJwRte^^Akera wU. be amine i. a h <? t "?' $5 000 J-'iyT-rA'TRRBIirTlP tr A *,rP ^da Moka ' Pf^?as|? ,rf ,. h.w ^ lel .eTL ,id '?*,'! aale to the trade Mac' .nery ue ?****? m '^pital will he aee red roararlee - ? , - P"*t Apply to PORTKR A fO US llmadway, room 17. 45 000 Vr "* ?? !?<? W.CM AT <t t "r . .1 eowiatand, wonld nketo lore? j (n arrr.e era i"JJ P*ylo? Ho?ineae already eetebUeked. Addraa, ? 2 foil partic?vara, C. R Tllarard nlCiet * ? 41) WW) WARTtn. rw a psr *?V'VW. IWT f A ??wy pleaaart aad ?rtal? i^: ?ata hoeWea. wber?le w'ta Ala >a al a crttaa eae be a?. Ma'y Mde In iwe or Area learw ?i?m? ? vocrBWiCSi ? xams???

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