Newspaper of The New York Herald, 27 Eylül 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 27 Eylül 1860 Page 4
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ins rmscE ur wiles. ()nr ihiiUK*) turrtipbndinr*! Clin auo, Sept VJ, 1' "0 A B"fUt Pmuv?Thr f/t w<iji Mdt of Ike linyat Kent? A G< <f Jukt .Sj i('U by a MaJ Snwtr ? r?e 'fide A < ahi?I.t+g J< H? and the LC'tle /Vines? the Itufol JaKibt nn fr<?n tA? Motel Uakong?Off to the /'r<u Hei tti , <?c All tho Weft Is Unghlng at the (rartical joke playo 1 at St Louis, on the 18lh iust , by the celebrated Dr. Boban nan, and this and the uidtacrlbitble letter! of l"rof Ward, the menagerie oiid, give the comical tide of the Pnueo Of Wales', or Baiuu Renlriw's, progress. Hume doubt ex tsudss to the day upon wh:cl? the royal party were to land Ui St Louie. aoJ taking advantage of tbia doubt, the Doctor lircteed huns?lf op to p< raor.atu lb1 Duke ot Ncw r&stlo, crowded a large boy Into a unl'orui much too small for him, came in on the care, announced that the boy way llaron Reufriw and poeted placard* with the <l oihctal programme " ab< ul luc sweets. Every one wag ?? gold " The | . I.pit turned out In crowd*: the ladiog fought for g. d |>o itiona to " aee tb Prince," a aort of procession wan f> fined and inarched through tbo principal ftreets, and ( eu the newspapers were humbopped, and came out with extras announcing the f'riucc's arrival, following them by llier extraa tiilormti.j the public, as the pub lic had already discovered for itself, thai the whole thing **s a '? sell " The roy al party did not know w. it to make of the af fair, hut ended by laughing at it, and wondering whether the M Luuiaanians would recognise the real Sa ron when he came. This l>r. bubaiaan has Ogurtd In ?ucb digp's/s before, turtng, at varioua turns, appeal ed us Douglas, me 1 Warded lady , Kossuth and the Woolly Horse. So wlUd ? r* a*, of tfa?i?Ki? ilvnwiilab col |ruiuo, anu the IKfGtor has It. lie is aiaaye succewlui in dra? log, ?*S the 111 tee a thuus'tnd peisors who went to sei htm la hts last character of the "Mm . ke" took the deceit a* a joke, and did not ur and featuer bun, as nine propo?*<d. A-, the 1 motor ufet sLull Inordinately?it was bigsnee?'tig which gave the peopie an ink> i g of the L >ax by shoot lug oil h.s g'ay wig?he may very raatly represent Mr. idea aril, and throw duet in the c> ee of even tiik win* awags*. lineage isa great city for drills and companies, and I v erily believe that every man hero is a Zouave, a Douglas Ix MUCtbie or a Wide Aw ?ke. A* I pure through thesireetg 1 am in constant apprtUet.-ion leu some of them should attempt to Imp u|'jo u > shoulder or throe- the heel aud toe ron.crset. Ou Ki iday nifctn the citizens put on their oikioUi cap<a, lit thi ir lurches, and turned out to See the Baron Ki-ntiew and iirenado Gov. Dank*. The royal pa.ty wrre much inw e-wd tn Utv dl-pkiy bat, is spile ot the cor slant eflo. te ol the 11. u I.^ng J'.nii tfi utworth, cc>utd not be made to omlerktaud the latent of 10U peou liar inbiaitioa. fNW'< TOW UUHT* Th? It >th L J- too* complete charge or the Trlnee d gr in,; hi. v ail bow, nod thouih ttr?.'"? m W" r-'iUi .t tb# Herd.* aim lull ?W>r? MUM hotel. -<? arranged lb* p.-nu. n.tof Ihe iTtnca'a mmem- tk.tolu- c ..up le Mtwfc* 1,1. of III" ??** to ttol Of IM 1'ruic*. Enrly ?* Saturday tom.irg the Mayor nutad out the t, >*'. |Uily, tut the BUIOU .lid b ? IHtlwdl.t*' t??rty 'ut> ? lour bona taioucha, weerrtog a ?ai tor him-eif. I^c.1'1 lit kK'li'i retainer. lUto t*u htHOrd c meed, dreva thim aruuita to rte ihe city Ei*t tJhtovo, with it * hue buildings broad ?treet* *nrt geoer*' Jtaatl near of uppearMice Barer ?w*ed bitter, and when lUe Mayor aaxiug aloqoeht *ith fait th tu.\ li' rm 1 the royVi Vmty oTih. l-tory of im city. ? fu? d ^ the luluiu ab.cb jailed H, im y uouid iurgi)r halwti? the rvtot'oc likt luy.acd m-cmy rrpraM-d ibmr aur m>i i> iicIiid a?Uui?lii?.c gruwlh hi>u ec? ,>|nui- H It am. H0? U. h.?r ttmiwcrUI ul. Kv ry reatjeut ol C6lc.igo ia bona,I by n wlrmu t?lb to tat no opportunity ihim to >t rt hi? dnecrlplire poWcra m ?i, ?it- of thM city, noil the rt>CaJI/ uto" "hub ra?u.w ?In ti vo'i U. k Chil'ag .ju anything iiU Kll (1ik Ht' im D? uJ Th. Mayor tor givbtobt of thorn ah. aria ah ?u ?iMD|4a iu th- rtkK-*. But .... ?. ty Mw>,JMk toa ?U lrCK.htrr,<*m? is for a p !t from ti. ,M i> aid tU'gr. alK?ol lto?e l#*i#a ?*a I lily r?i uuled up m | (>?o or la tea, by biliog bia lit*. I J from an unciyil alio*tun to .'iginuit, Out that a.r Hoe rail road U Ibe !? riy mcuo<1 pafbiitl, at<l Ibe tail that gralo ?aa abi|>| <-e (r an fbtaago tirtcl to hue. y..d, gape Ibd Mayor aebamwlo hat fur Bntiah capital, a-j th# mi* , in t prteratod acre UmpUHona to au ardent getnnrrai. , lam'! ibit-k thai the loyal party Whl labor uu-lar a?y i^ .f the of teat word ?d~o oral' i' tb.-y chatf to rraJ th e l. u / lb' ****** J fully' |H? i. .1 thnn u|k.ii rn.r I- itloa, warmM tr. oar v.terabit '?? *?J- la "tZ ,t. toUiAO'ilM^M9Vrr> *l,a 1 a aimM i JJ* bjml.aul II coui lo l b? beipm. aad {to V?ur |-r?d*a b'mre.f ur?? ?'?? Idol ??? t? ! raid T'ry llkth' kb.rut llarMf, a ?uh|.tl * *? ? | J bau '?kc< tote lairty aarioei to H? it,aua*iuB. ?o'?d tare tn .? ao ?n-1 'f tn ab.. o | irty Th a hkaae oaafdrrath* ??? | hmtad by a rtdtt to Um grata a?crater, and Bar.-n H.-a f., w amaa thtir.rt m m.ctauua W nrll kuo?^. card f "? ? irtiul ihe macbih.ry, makug a to" oi>??ra lama kb th ?ho? ca h? UaoakVga <d marb oery "?_< .loha tll'laltrrd thu aUa i t tueii *ou* tb? pMty to lit- City Han. ?her? they eifted their same* to toa ra n?C h - k. lb* ?rf<ntoeiug v rt -ith a U?urtab.og Al t?rt lei?art." a rti.'tit mmw. Of etmraa a .real many tilbered aeug th rlinl aad at tb<-l it' H?' to ?>-* tl e i rie?. bat the e* cih n. ol *aa by D< ni'ate ceoer*. at e*traor.linary, and i. "d at bar, It. ir aro.^ti.aia and tor a cai M -ai ' u, k^ thry rea ly a . to a e the r, ~ t .arm . the * trort mi a *aww ?h. w lb th l Htowra.1 ??. ?b* iai? r. that th - l*nar? h"* taU fr m tor bah-.*) <d tOeKwbMondH.eMr athall ,4f < rl *?*. filial lb If oo ?i#ht ft* h tlf an boar a It indu.'* r"V walk eg. boa. r*r. th- Prioea tidu t draw y,( ,en.m ? bo th-.ugal arrioualy of tbi"i an that any ?.*h nhtbi.lon ? J tike |lao? bit W,o??rorfh ha. lu a n *1 Ibe p wer. .T . di-o l-arr-mr. and trrAt-d oat to- fdron at lha b-ryr ai>P"tntad A ? ? ^ '* i ?c I i* mid aiemrmUy of B"t th# boat eU?? ia tb# # ty. gttor'red m b.del. and ? M'ge f., <a I-, a a# m tuixlwo* t., k< ? !< or "<-r, but b.f u dfc e( t ? k p t?.?pl rt'eaoa ami ibeir -- i *? ... . Altorih rr ?d fad ? ihciealy map etad tha Prtae carriage. ?h rb ?ag ,!-a?n up. like to* Tnuair. . be "re Utd door. Mbi tWorU earn# "ut ?ra . abeataan faahum mid m^r ,??# a a -aarb. oooraiulai:* lb- j#or . u,. a the Mrrl eat , rirr -bleb lb y hal . Um r.aim abw-b tber had ihoarn tba Biruo aadbi. ante anaarario. that bir nr ant fjld-.- oou d _ba?e . uilltd a I .i baar. If aay bad ar-ra, and ".raid I- ? up izj c:e wba alhaaptod to Make nad gtrlog .wt'tba W tr lough a h .rli toe Pftaye -olid rfl'.n iM*?" rr. pbt ?# bnu ?br peatod, and toea MnMiM.1 Vrn r? alii ana aid**' tor a fbw tanmaal., and diurer," it )??! tbe nar t ?e aad *1ld J| i to aapruMiatM-M. a. to# tararw mw ?g r. la "i"*'"* atory -A IbaaeU lat." oaad to cry, ? Tua (ill-aaaa ?>ll on a a alt torar um*. around tbe car* ran and tbea fetifd l>t hiuu tbf ctrt?l " Tboe ty# l-rtur# aad htt iuite rawe not. ard the erowd ah. utod am', ap darntod "? by e ? yM^'l V* I'ntce t?-a?l bora tbo frvui i? toe h Jonay, ?r* ?"o toomr rad aod tb*a to to- otft'r. boa lag from na.a, aud rreeliinf a boadaet?aanth-r th?.Irtral f-akure Tad ?b< a at? ?'*? iirer, pueblo the re'tef of thna Alto fcltod U ? d?t-a1al It -aa to tba' aetora. '? * r. ?. b- t- -rlto a rtn-y of rah aa abnon!' ?*?)[? ?"* Le "h.cb van ao otterly al rariarc ?lth good ?a?ka and r aaut.a aadd Th. e rerlamiy neTar MfMd, a. certain ? aer. r drt'r- t. ai y a. h a d'-play ? to# Prt-M of *lalea ai d ait* mgb Urn I'noca and bla dbl'd guialtod e-iita ran act 5d rueugb pr* al ?,r^r dap Mr*, aga.i-at U-,r a*,e^a#.l -fb#" "lib -bat Hay ta nidb? the Odd um of a gdM?ud and bn.| I aal# rtol?. ?b->a-ho mlriMtd H tH -gbitoiaa oaaitot be *iOe:i#ohy Mara J. H ?. a great eomr 'Tr nt to to# f?.Mt>?. ?"{ wrraid *"?. 1 tolbk, have been granted an) ?b#n eda but in lb# I'hltod Make* Tb# ainaara nf Ba-na Renfrew are an h'fh y pb-*? a th'h ? la aw wb-rb be baa rtenml h<*? tbal tn*y are atuuay ? dn aiir. rt aajtblr k- la abow to* r a 'I*'"'*, ttoa nf lb# Had*-*- aad g ?*d b^- ng of a-f |?<pin ama aa erhtl it a, |to?#r??, ia a^ually unuere?a?ry aad ?n " air. d. and wt I. w# rruat. Barer beaga-o ato# I "? g'*ai-d. In tbrrU't*.?! '' Hi m .im nt aod if tynue ??< John erra f.wgnt hh.i?#?f to f?r it to Itnag'o; that R.r - R. rfrea ?.n|Tl link a a.-etob-erery * think a that an oCU -iaiaan ? ?rr*t nirti are nr*?e?, .of mat ?ia#eb.? an. al-aya apf-otwi*to?aad eaDe<t b'f "?fdn# a? t al lb# <*#??d w.tgat i'*t ? ft ittb#re waaaoajeak tr. <? 'Pt IbM tb" horowaata tddjyar glnaadff. an t ma Ban-tt afrd" <dt.n?f,lha Cb':ag'> g'*01 idb?r car veil? toUowing ore rr rt* rta'an? gte# dinner tb# rora. party w#f# drtrra ep Wl-blgaa art?ar ?a ?rwt aobw ibweugbW-?o tb# Hi Ira l ie u ,r\a atoeh they It *p*et"d .ail mea pMaaee-l i lit b m?ll.!fc*t?*e1#-t-Of *%rot W#a.i wnrth. *n-r# a lueob aa. haait'l diari?ee.1 and tbr p?ny at three odel a>>'? a .%.? al rra a !?. I>" fhfa aiatl n, .b-ml ? -a f-no l>-eagn. where three prlraie rrwl hrncd baf li -rt ecgage.1 ae hantontrrly ?lt"d CP fo# U#'# M'-lil Tb' ' ar1 o* Rt ftetnaiaa and a few of tbe rniao# m"?a to r* f to# aaltd rrmalaed near Buaday Id i?"gO| and a t end. < m lareea rburrh To day a ap#r?l l #??totlrr, w'lh bnoad. aewu?pera and to- j.?et? tor tb# royal t^rty, ?d aei.t ii .?a ? > I>a th' Tb" f'lae# rrrte.1 ?<> day, hardly I. ar ig tb# bruae, and 1 think ibat tb# gr#*t#r part of bd a'at her* wtu be riep'ny?d IB reeling fr- m the Ibfgi?d of b a long Im rery aud ia preparing tor lb# para#) to com# Tb##d ar a great maay pry- at H"igb?. an J If Ibe Pr nod bunt, at all?whwh - ant rery tt ?i >?h" will bar# to ?a*# peek'y ear* ?!? ? r be will b ill oa# of te ?? i? ?' p? h? pp. wrg". who hare drl*## a#ay all tb" prairtd rl. icd et,a and ere a# plentiful aa th? pram-far?a It i* tbe m?'Hrtn-e "* royalty that it <ann <t be ed.ivy i huk lb# Priaao, A bM #B g I ttl" farm) "*?. a-m? 1? kanee ftoMi Ibe piHdgp ti ant much annoyed an org aa b* Maya >tdnnM. * taere are rii-tort of a pnt'tla wolf a-d a btfa' r a tog ?but ap Br f. ac"d iel ra for kb? Har m to a an If be p'?*#?? bat an flm# nr p'ane - Mated, and I, rate r kb . * bl? R>.tai H'.f '>*?? ??,l arotd hi? imltai aa o?"i b*i"eg %r. 1 Uka bia ram#, pher-g l'l '?# ?b? *??.* "? **" '? Is my p. tr letter I aM.ll a#od y#d. I'imt. b f iM-iv i of b"W the Pt dOB lire, bad tonka, aad ?het aa. to>" b# *^fkart?a Re>IVaw arr'eea la Rk lid- no W#d?i?elai ard Pirn afartk top M?* York. >'"?"? al arre-M to ??" n Ui# rout# tb#/aanr* nf wbirb and dale, dpod Wbidb b wil strive at thriii, 1 bare aireal/keut jou by tet? g.i.pb f>'r 'in the Ching ? ivn >-r?t ] H boring n. en n,iamnrv4,tbro >itli lb" morning paper*, thai ib< Truer appear ou too ba'c -ny oi too Rwtt 1m..,.i. II ?' sc ni about Bait i-atil on* o clock, al that uujr I*, ge (N tm ..r (M.I .-Hi* ca, r nth MM ?ud of all i n ilnns in ! ???? tobod in lr"tti 01 'Dai b' u*l f?i tbe (ini jn'H* 11 i-i iti| ifar I'uMr rummy h foe ta'u o'cltok Mai cr Wert - 'lib in> ,.ar d tpet) Ibo baluuny sod an ti ,i i i il i k' i t m matp.tig r?u lb bab: my a lew mo ii i la he Tiii. ? fin) I.if. ?uib' would ruler n i' r?rrl*<e# ami i ice "oarii )" t tugui sv. uue u> lb" irebor road, a dit l.iiinil biq, ? u Hi'Ira Tbo Ms> or 104. ? "U?l th? ,?-i|'l3 n khslmn tr> in b su-rou* demo Mirations uf ever) kind, i . ilioiM'ii uf n al palt. silo ail'lit rwiarl lo'iug l'1 r f 11 ? i.. mm u lb ? am u? Hip Minor tut i bo had j 1. 1 k> 1 jili r own ? I. 1. ? wool 1 DjW'm bavo "a III . .iocs! t:. Iiii' b. did not know bill Hi .t aciii" at- anger! wight I * ji" Si 1.1 aU" would attempt uuauiuni'i demon airauui a 1 kept .1 IU? a llg-'M would -nip-rate wilts lb- jviin in r i*pte?i log 11.> a ."h demiw-iirall >.H Cau I'; 11 i i lb. 1. a, pi aiid ii(*'ii ib" balroi-y, and ***" received villi a b'lralot nearly applause, allien be a,-libowh>dgid by bow.i'|i r' si'. Hi) , and ih. 1. retired 10 tn# rooms to tntk" ( roparut i uy fo ? bis . epsrture Tbr whole of Micbi.iao avenue, by ihlt time, was lloel w ill. r.iri isg< ' '* t*' l'K I "'i' I *au street to 011 air .-el, ai d (ni. o v itb lb" bv'iuiy aud i utiiou of luo cltyr. The 1. jmi al. i B tin avenue ?1 re also alive with people, aud tin- pMrvniks vein filled entering bla carriage, tie pom -four ti l .? b irc'ii b which be b id occupied 111 the r (.ir'rr, * uh luo I'dUe of N'eaculie. Kol Si. Uwinw m.o Mail - IV. 11? rtb, and follow.-d by the other B 'Uile n eu of bis suite, b? Prince get furwird on bis ri ilc The Mayer i*t at Uh left ha. d, aud tl.e two noble noo or enpiui ibe fro t 10I, facuiK the l'rince. Tnee liug tbo Canute ni a short itiiliicr ro le l ily Muaaal lsi?e"Ui A di rarnn Jnr, TiK rnian of tie" iVunn'.tee oi\ I'oiice, auJ Cayl C Vf. Katkir. A tile uf |e>'k"iui?.carryiuj thi r l ul us, ma ebid on . .ih r N.J' of tie royal carriage The 1.1 Voir |>r> ee !? ' at a very slow (iftca. and lire vasl crowds vim I ..(li nh hi roi the avebue bad *u eKcut lout ilea of ? K. jai liiBbnrss and ibu noblemen iu hi? r iiipiu.i. itu I' '.<? api-ared to cni ?y Iho rioe bifblv, aid eilalied aid iauylird With the M"ior ? lb o uch anioiiiticn rtu: gceiia wag a "viri l'< -lutifol and atrtti a otic. Ttie lun t-n : ? tir'ab Is and wartn'y; tbo blue, and tranquil wutera ol ti e ate gp siin d n the sunlight, add the p-owlu, re slra'tosg lr? ? all d-nu 1.''rations abate;'er, qmellv be bi'lc Vbr spectai e. anil ri Hi cteii credit upon iti 'mr Ivoa .1 i mi city. Ill" Prinro wore n suit of plain clotuoa. No better in n ugen.i'bt, txiih tor tbo gratileati m of tiie pi cp'r and the pl eaoif of the I'riuco, could have l?e?a made than lbs He waa eoal'iad ki soe aod to be aero, viiru i l nny disren ? 1 or I'D." r.| dig .ity <>u bis part, or on tl al 01 sur cilia, ns TI. ? police arrangi ui-i.l. ihrou. U i nt tLi l'r 11 i.s visit nave l> en admirable, and we are sure tbr tvij n> paity must c.irv away Willi ttieul the mort plca?a:.t riniii-cVioos of their slay iu Chi mgo. T' ? n'Cin "c:s 01 Hie IVlucr'a sjito repi'alcdl) e*i>.-i swsl ll.elr calitli nt "n at tn? m. mlrable arrHoa'i'airuta made lor Ibe'r o mf. rt au-1 ' nj"i neut A larye tunii r id bisjii.'tg ao re thrown at tbe feet of i t! * I'riuco, eotno of which foil short of hi ti and sums reached Mm |i ?u id vaiu that the Prince inquired of J the a a) or t 1 v . in be indc otid fur Iheae favur?, tbo 1. >drft) of the ladle* pre renin g the n Irom writing tbsir Iumus upon 1 heir VH|U.'?a The pari) lie n loo* tba care, the special train being in wittily fci till III. 11 "? v eg pec l Pi be in St. Uouiaon Hednsday uett, and w ill pass thn interval in private eu | ) on . 1 upon on |uantes, tstensive arrangnments have I here n ade fur t'"-ir>porl'ug, which have been Lcpt prl : vale Tb< ,?.'(. a ay stop i? bilu at Springfield. Tn. lYince was bored with do siva-cmx or addreaiea while in Chicago Our r itit -ns gave bun every opportu nity, without intsrrupti u, to visit every object which be <iei me?l woiiby of big notice during m? eburl stay In the city. Our citlrsDs basded to the Rrilish Consul an immonae number of invitation* for the Prime U* had but so much timeto pvss In Coicago The Brit ah Consul I aid ail tbo in vital ions before bnu. He decided 11 tak* up thoee Iohj.cis which be roiiid not Bud iu any other place to so B'.st an extent ng her* If be had bau more tlo>" there are other piarre whlcb ho vroel I yladly have visited We | do 1 ot kn< w v bicb the most to pr? so, our own citizens or our (Kiliet tv* certainty tbiuk that our citiaeua are , rutitUd to every praise?fur there *41 not one onplea saM or-curreneo our my iho day?and the Prince sut ed to the Mav'or al Ms departure' tuat if bu eou'd be treated In all other Atuern ?u citiei aa bu had been iu Chicago, tr would gladly Way another m 'oth. lie camu here a* a private g. uiVmaa. an I trlahiil to be tr.atc 1 aa purb tie was sc. tfiaad, and ie gratoful for it lie trusts t:r m?> sjp?rl. r oe similar treatment when r?r be gia*. Now and tin n, be awn:, he found dricoi gtr?ll?n* made to him ?uirl. ?? re prcporly bei .r.stng to b a m >tber. fttis he ?u grin,nd for in b-'baif of but mother Bit under a government formed like ours, neither via mother or biuisclf e>|H?tiil any such dem .ttatrationa, ai d It would in- b ore agreeable to b tn If they wuro with held lie r*iue b?ra tubvov people and our ioatltu. tH't* u 1). y were, and when n* returned tiotse, bwaatJ, it tbr giibj -cis of hla mother aboo'd ask hitn about the reojde uf Chlosgo be would take great pleaniro le aayieg mm tbey all lodted bappy. and lrom all tnal bo aaar tb(y bad ( very tea.on to lie bappy. TV Trio-e ysve rnoouragrmrr.t to tbo rerju. st of the Mayor that vim one ot bia bri.tbera might suit tbl* ccaiLtt) mil lake s lour U rougb to the Pacific Oc an. Iu tak ing nave of tbe PrUice lbs Mayor tug%rslad tost aa ai.Jtuiwr* had a pri.'e in Ideotifying tUvnuwlrea with tome great mcssure, be might lend h i inOuonoo to Anae rirsn ent. i prise is tlaiCuris to bring m tbe docks of Ci tcago, fci fair com pot 11 loo betv ran ibe Canadian and tttaCuiistf Stabs r*itm%oa, the orolucta of the Paoihc Vev of m.r c'liaer.a know tbe vast amount uf Kugi ah ' cap tal itnt it it' u in our city *lu iher that cast ' lal shall it ecllri'ly v illnlraim, or liberally mcrevtod. In 1 tbe mind or the Mayor, di pinnis very materially upon Ihr rrp'ft wb b bis R'.yal Htghnoaa as 1 big i?S'ty tbatl bisko v;'W Ho 11 letura to llngluid Tbsr* u every pro tat t it) that our vis tor* ot Saturday will long rate over the i!'*tio>m cf the llrttlab empire, aod if ve nave made a favorable iui reaaioo upon bun, aa Iher* ia every res sob to beliwrr so bare, who ran ni'-wa ire tb* advantage* n kLc future that w lli accrue to uar The I'Irtntd'i ParMt !? Hmur of the IMni ? of nrwrrNfi <? tui ioahd or ro*B(BN skp iKOivKKKd. Tb? Uuud brld a Special mrr lug lent reoning et I >n biro'* Ha. , Cblif l.ngincer lacker Is tbs obair. The u>. it of Uv u,e*lug om to lire/ the rep irt of the com tue e| |?>ir tret ti merer wih (be Mayor retp"i ling (be erraigi ax nte f.r lltr pared* la honor of (be Prince of to* 4 Th > rta-ud that (be Mayor bad procured 4.MM lariblS,?I I ??' fm cubed ih-m (I 000 for mntm n?e report hei'14 ?e> u reoe red, l( 00 ra tion, reoolrod In teplt! ( ? uiaullrr of Are from (be Kngimar B r?rd (o iUil(r ? .1b (ii? olr.i-r committee la nekiug (be ttoe uf mar>b octl |> . gramme f >r toe parade A me ?o then ?ak<D a? ro le e many c uiimruw wou'd parol*, wo ma reeuKr-o a* foiiuee ?In fnrnr of turning oil bad w.ll pe IMe,n. 'Ill not wi'e, IT. uaeettaia, I* It "** re (??red Ibet the rssig- ntioa uf denmr Assntaal Engineer 1 rre'vr wold Ho Ui? . re* to the Board, but ne 11 was not r,wired, U Board edj turned. The Primer's Doll ia Bow lorki Tfc t rile in rr??nl (o (be proportion uf tiobrts to (he bail fi r laoHO r-i 1 g uilra< n bar been nuliflsd so a* to rtad as fu4i<-?n.? let u nirn.bdr uf tbe general 00m 31 it lee eh VI be eoti. 1 . .1 to rr- . 1. tare (hi uwa lucleMdl. of ? neb (broe be it be fur ktatlr rtru and tbno tor Ivies. (be eerrulh Bay be rltbr. (or a I otitis man or a Udf. The Pribee at Nerhlb, V?. In ele ? of he e<al?m|iiats<l rim uf tbs Btroa to Tlr (trie, tt.> tour ink llrrulH (J4'h) Rays ? It oil! be si- b i'i*t rue lo ir tupa/enl of th' Br't.ta rrna* will roil Kkb r?ud?bw lira* not prr cutting mm 10 proceed turner dnnib U rriuraina. tl m prvbibie till Lee t'l tnkrlbe lamro rtrer aad (.'bear-eake runts, alUeaieb ne may not Batter rarnlrri with tbe boy* (btt ha t no will jet in 1 ti m (o spend a Jay in -or city. We ray it w pri nanlr. tor while 11 ran ml delay bun lb La Jowrary , be rnuai surely hoi a denies la bo borne orar (be (be rteteir tirraei cm aboee border* nrltub rlrlllxa (lue arts planted (on center*re end n ball ag* aad vie e Ibr tallowrd epd wtirro II ???( In* root in Una new I world?tbe I" and of Jamsei >wa?contiguous to which 1 be may ado behotd ibt mo itb of (be em alter stream. Cb? kth rn.ny, ta fording wbtrb the gmUat Captain | rtoolth wae or- 'powered eel aapturod by tbe warrtora of H lug t'i ? h -tun it' being doom rfl 1 loath was raereed by hl? noble naarnu r ih? 1'rtm-at I'lceboata*. Tbw, endotber rrneiaoaoan. lie 11 tbe way of (be Prieee ia Urwu-nuirg .'amor rlrer fm n m ? eacient dap<iel nf puwiietiaa (Kmhraood) to tbe ytUogu of kerougbten (Hampton) at iu ra- ?lb The f.frrt I* KnjIMd of the Prlbrr'i Vlelt. (From tbe I/an ton Herald. Wept 13 ] TtiaPr<i*nnf ? making rapid program la k!i Cana.-in ? Tu ay , nr-nrtiing I, the p-,>gransi?, b* n at to (rat el fr/ta l-wen'o to locdon, where be would rrwrtee ndurrneee. and, ta about a w?ek from th ? date, be wti! hear 1 a all that U to N ?<? n to Cana-le, ant a-dtc b a prepertlrne f >r pawning Into the I'aitc I dtitea Thr n-ya rirtt 1 . t ana ta '? n w ihnr r a -1 - a rrent t- ? Victoria Bridge hae been np.nei, th<lali* trtn'fil ? tloe 11 Wiintreai and the prortooe nf Oku !n has been tasif-rated, tbe Canadian" bare ah ?r, Uietr b.i Jty h, ? th '.Mod ways?ia oalia, In bdnqU'U, t'i t ta t pr m/tous CLrara, end stltoi a boe'd# rr,tie . anr deny that tbe iVsoeo Let achi?rr I a biiiltant m-e too one dmi'it'd that the heir apparent ta tbe B 1.1b I'r ar a : wr I r-?ae Vbd hy llMUIbeflaBII, but t ai been an rigor n rdtotlity aad a heartfelt entbae \<t a' the receptor, ohieb i? enough 11 p-ta,-r that tbera It 10 foundau a fur the aihy ram" - w to the furmattoa M Oa a la tnio an It-lepra lent kngl.n Tde prefut toBditi e id m-a'a te at titrated.nvy lllo?'.ral-?n of what tney he anei-m ?? Jtheg n, rnrrgt aai eoter/rtee un 1 ? r fhro MMn It M ueit" orrteib that an be t eai.ty ) %r* ag <b" op a nans o.-re In hu urner H ree'ife ain -t Hi. m a rr.ireeenieMTe nf the HritiTb nrowa hb , tbdu try wee ehei-bleIbmr eoterprlee cheeked i>r ??> ?ur : iratr?t)>ae. end fmy he.1 wraeie gro inJa nf ca | aim eg* art lie le.iwriel r mnaent tl p-eaeat ctr r-.tnetaiaci? ate wtilily H'lfrfW't. flm Vtoadto- now keow that, latite npte'? of Keg"*b potttte|?oe, the pem | |ierity ot <br 11U r country la intimately Huund at* it tbe pcep-riiy of thr coiootee. The lalereris of 1; e.t item and >d <ba?ia, nr aqatral-a are e e?iw-al. anti ' grand nh)ei t they bar* ia reoim iu is all l?e m '*e lltely ?o fcbbbm mi'l ahed hy iraaiag to tbe boldblnb the ram agrmei.i if lb >r own ?B?-ra, and by treating with mm oa oq *1 I.r'# The ?nwwptaun res gima ?? the P.laee of W?.w is a per*-f mat 111 nI'?w he sue mtel. es t the rntbueiwtb diepiaye-' la e-ly aft r etty hr them loyal ?? faj-rle 1 f tyern \ tHrwia dertrra its rhief eal ie frnra th ? lb t that It ? *? the epnateeoiiue te mat-* if a fire ? pteipie In Ute adi " tbry dot I an red v' the Kr 1 one | rig 1 w wag ' 1 yallt with 1 ? l? ai m, and i n e ra of that fame an I gig'ad ag lattery abmti cbtra-trr ?< the lasguate > n ? >yrd I. Ueft'HyrWMO Orsp-ilic enreretgra S.i in ?-? 11 en ,? i MOay ranild be written na the eal ie nf free is et.ia'-n, . It an the mere record nf the rnyd* rsn ti Obi Boa, Ai d what has happen-M te f^utada woul 1 bits ha.yer .? ,a ant mtwr it'll eh od my at I'" traal Uie Prieor of WalM dn?t saw snme S;?eel ! mria.-f t at ra.,-? r-irnra' d rac ahtcb.ei m> rare re m. te rr? ?? a as s-rreme u, to rtb tm fiCA t ale as rn 1 water hae Hri f-|i ay,/ a m->m than i??a aun lit -4 > rsasgrra a. tbe (wroeet ivraemodesig of tbe lta?? Irs ? J'"'* har* terribly "?p'Wiciated from tbe original type 11>. v km- Co* dew , tbed in ur by hi, eye ?* ilotcw a< h.cmg nil lb* tut, broad, Urtur f. j.tur??_ Jjtcit llui; t ?lid widen,, thei, ?ito mHi*, twvnv |,. ? s I u ? cars*, wiry WW, wli.Ui, sharp, ir -<uUr toot', , ? " ?f do not tiaMludrVruy HHwio'g which cam UkI' origin, porhspt, to the t> . >t n.I j,ilium of the jrt'ttt AinM'tcAQ r?'?vvli6t Ii is ii'>u^h fur ub thnt iu a MiBtrv pjop-ei, only mc M?H? trlhd! thare bat Uu>? b m ?i*tniolrd the moat marvellous ant in, r":u bf K>Mtis. Tue oh tog,, b(/ Uk.u place so rupiniy it n?>m? diiBau'l to Imimts in ,t a our own c .unify Uie P-f?"ca.; that ha, h,- ? ' * 1 .'{I! ? ""l i*!l ",ur>' laatnttlug ru n , bat it i iojaoa tbi: cuargt< h** oc.iu mora ??.??! j m*ui- . , i t ,. pr. tentse of? rrt Ct Kh, a**r* Indiana, tu l??V in .? l>'* W-'? 'I Montreal. b-o.gbt l1' " l",""'"1 ? ?T?t g? am aurltio ; ' i ! It tr gt?f> r iu a b-f,-u tW-\> ...r Ir, quota bau- fallen victim* to a ctvlllrytl, a watch they dla not UhOojauwt, or u, ? Iivharirn: waul t . form Htebaaia (.f a iuure euligbteued clve ntlou. i.oih.r cwea the conquered liavc amalgamated w tb ti - o >u 1 qui rnrs, and a ue* people has boon formed out or the fusion r.f the two But with Uie ludiau* ting ha# not btrn (he care. Tbey nave k -pi to (being,dveg. aad Urn/ ?rr i; w dying away, uutn soon tboir very na-no will be f.'tyi'tUu Tli. fur u-g the mucnagius, Sod Ida curious be 11 <ir? pm'b in which tin innnair pria?on <i tttcmt<iir(>< to the Prune wgrc ?? much out ol place n TaotJt ?* an au?i?tt Br:inn would bo In it ttreet* of I/thdoa "Fire Wtl'r" dim have bad something to do with ?h# t,pj?dr eitinis tiennf I lie furtrvr lords of Nona A n rfcs, hU it muti not heforgoti. tt mat saragniora can hvror Uonrl?h aids by tide wdh clTlUztlloc. It dna out; aad this tt whtt i .lppec " to >ba lri 8, ere y title Cautda u low me prraorrioD of ill Ahgki daxoa 'too. Tbo fuillmj raioeay wi, ,b cs'jaod lb- abarnoe df tba U-gum-ire from ho proccM-Inn t.l Moatretl is tut worth t lir.u of u woh".V ? *? i J> U * ""'y "> <"? ?raat i n i otoerwlao uoanlmiua entbuoiastn tad.biied 1>? all nlufcce* of thecmib lull.. It. r.anj would grem M II tin, Dual range of the Anrti S?*on ra<s> bai been tbal It almuJd ? ?h>'c the cartb. Humanly (peaking II a xuni Impoiaiole itut a tun.' lie" or*VHr Ci'WV Wb^" Kl*I'u'J ?h?re tb.. Luh iLfT' ?/ 0f "'"or empireg, of wbirib i be bietory ui writtea w lulf a dog hi p??,w, or in nor,lit.nie onrlod U.-u.-ati, hilla of tiud. as ?idu ?*". i!Ci \"T "! WM^f bui rr"'oic') frnm Cana'a Ir to tie -tauw.h,? wtii.tp1 fl.d hi ntetf atao-.g ? r,pie I t P.' '?'rrlcrt with to -m acroeg the atlnittic tlie f.7.i.h ?" ,^0frn?"?h bwtory, who (till de.i^hl in tra?ii'k b.iK ih. ir gi-uraf yue to oil Eugiia'i f*tuill t whonototny rptak oar Ur.juagr, but n? ul>.> robin' tl? ?r tiualitl. c ? bich . oema t? wl tig to tu0 fl<{lo ^U0B people. The (i't |*rgiioog already twaning for bit roo.,1) I"*, are ? ougli to prore Uut Auwrica u not <0 widulr br,>a It, ,t from iirn?i. Hnuia as s-m., Coutm.i.lal critics l,y tou-aVo their reaJera bo ieve. Blond i.t gail to b? atrncgor ibaii water, aod tt may b? prediotod with per tect roiitlnrioo tnat tt n-er a time BbouM come when Eng.uid Could itand la ncej of a?d Iron) An >ri a, thnt aid would be ah orfulu giveo There la no rraaon Ui fear that YJCd aJ < m?rgcrcy will ever occur, but then, dayg, wb.n tut" Ir HO much Mid lib Hit Ijoalltioua and all,aw... w ni LV i>. on lor rem'untuB ? ,,, tha.^ure rxuU In a iiALce b? i4*<? jrr?%i DAimf.g on eittior Bid- d' ih AU.iLtic. ubu h r?n? o*? fouadAtioTiA more enduring thin pfceM of |>A'r.hn3*-bt KngMMhrn o and Aio?rioaiB \r* not perjaUttiiy otterWR ea, t. other il;* right hand o' frb urtehip or eutbua.aFHc p'or.Bsloos of eternal p-va (* thecti trarj.tbry areetgagcl iu aa ahtrp and qu oca? ing . rivalry arcan Or tmaglr.od. and tt rarely hao pt-na Uiat the two soTorutnenta are not occupied tn din putter about ro. Imagli.ari griotai -o. But thai la ail IIIW .i .( a rracricea wwep4otrg tludulge it, a IllUe biuat.T turt eaaggeratwo wo ke.,w .bi lt aa^* Witl oo olfeLC- fx Uiteu where no harm is m.vtnf " i pr<nn the Lofidan T??IecriiLht beut 11 I The Pri, cu of Wuleg ha., mtb cofmd. .-abl ? fu.vp and , nl<U, 0{?feil lbs gigantic tirld e wlncU apan* tbe rirer I r '? ??""?' -'r the most UDt pa. t of bis Royal HtgiinoBa' miK'ioq to our .V ,r h 1 N?'doa2f|,wII.0?'f;-b!Sb< accoinoltabed I > i J' Ubt but tost tbe Ur.i i ana woql I b.tvo b.Mq able to fy"i- i lh?'r brf?e wilbout tb. Miiettaee of the Wueeu Of f.i glahj g elfltet a.m, Ubd that tte tnglo Saton ei). r?* I which Cdu;d lay out serer ujIUimi uf dollar* ou graoile ptrre and iron to,hw, woulJ oot have qu.i e-t oer?re the Kaiomcrirg o? m.y cumbe/ of rtreU we asury to crowa A?h, , "'e', US, r k of tour* youag ' ^'*?rJ had at litt,9 to do ?,tb oiihiJ IWs t itl tr'U?;,h of ctigineoriug Ikiu na Uer giac,.,us (U ab^ wi a . ^ iDt h"x,"r* *<? Wimbo doa, mtico ?bc pu od a ftnng atiached t' toe trirgwr of a nlld ad w'h a hi s" ?h? tbe Pnooe, ^1.1*^.4 th ! o ' "'lUHl 1Lr m -rtar in which the lirtst'tc o| the bridge was imbed, and. with tbe wroog rod of hi. hamnKr, eg sty M ui drive the l7.t rlvet?h rmou h. a diuic.kte gpi'li of .aulatmn ofguror? Ibrre w, re, of nmrts, saedry b ?rAv n,a.,mi rJLooILl b.-ncat* the tuahem, aad some g.t't artiScera to per form the real I thuya > f Tubal Jhin Tmaj tunes ?e, we aupp so, nolo fhe ecd a lliw The great clptain '"0 V bVU* f""? ?-wtrnlll lS wU? b be racweed bimae f, acd there la no ^ LTiwtia black,"Old bitnaelf with ril'laoo t ?a t|*trc, or run au advaranry through with bis A Wner'r ,? *? C*",U lb* bocmri of the day. ,. ,, b prmoe who Cobdeec~adi to two ?$? sr. rortriukn^ M W.T.'gin^^n ^ bTolT'^wortiwj drswtnga if arnhr* ami glnlera and . ch iiect .1), h.. .k. tclwc the aaU^rT.^.8 or his blot to. | paper, or m ? , Ui e who h? giy.n hw Or^^tZ^.tSTd^ oS^ UtM-ri ,\t>r CAO ftl? ?hA/'* Itf ri??U|V lo Ihts kunwohf ?Ksa *uc^ UcIs/aUUmstl 'tm' tig ^ey^^lidT!'" -"?!?* V, ' ib^nTn r1" Still, bewtog'^T these I blow tn remembrance, ?r are not In the iaLS!!? bi ULCervaioe the .mporunc of ? ,ch mUatrMi ?^2 Ud Ijps, acr p, ir clplea emm,dIMt mrt?wetu and ? ire r,gbw a-xarien b, peeUita, OOStawK^i^i bwgwiJimKh.amm,, aoi tach a?u't * ! .ti. llM> f^-eeor of roya iy at the laaors ration of Aii atuotira atudy o' the prry.f"! Ian Al Montreal, dor try the thort WAT of the lft'<e of Wmi. m replete with B ator ala fur rwMabllM t. r li me who ?uh ti Irva ta? I il .1t of lb? II o lerth-n but wren t.rwat fteiteia Bud her (?tadtaa poaaeaaiuee, and at?rn ?0|>ecieily IM proeahiliiy of e.-Burnt 100 cutuileg. We have in the Aral 1 Be ken or I he ncr great pa .on I And *1 none feci of the euoeoaaful a< ca>o>|.u*bin"i,t of the bridge?a wot A wlieh really i1?bM? I'le wtii'.m wuidert of engloeertng al the Meoai Siren*, acr'WA tlietkwiway, ami ai Kit 7. to Lilliputian diax'u. r* Tto luQueere fur gu.J, for eteiigalioa, lur wcAi'b And fro |..??|? ray, wb ch the important adj met lo the ftrelid fr- i.k lUllwh) of Ceo?ie Wl'i uetciae, c. uf rouiae, aa > at unl; .aaceot ee l prmpwutiro . hot res we erea ??,*?< t U It u>.' Vint uf ibe I'rinoe of Walea to North AOierioA will At oucc direct A ml rtreeot of ? willed lAOor ewlfretKii to toe a norm of f?( B um wick and N i A rtcotia, or ei able th" tababtteala of Ibooe *?et (win to cm and ul I be uueiM to red lee At oooe en the rtcbea they me) una dejr (ipwtfrvo their leam'Ag furreu, their e?u tleet r >ru Itaoa, end tbetr li eibeaetl b e brio r Ire li would tw too m ieb In MinA forward, fr un Ibe nuiigr at-!?!<?* > AUilrdeief lot Ai corp-wati tm, to aa tmaieriekr rreenoa of tr.nWiit l'..m klr J-ctice llel. burton Arm tie f.liuw pom-eiana <0 it tie Timber duties Abd tbi Na.- -Umiu 1awe. out tbere, At hMM, II Uie Vts Voile fir i.l*. Tbere t? Ibe d >rk one .rueeeed by ISO gran deur hi tgypt or of It-use rberi' id lb gtaat edifloe ebiub sii] dify lie nenng lute And the drifting farlfMSM or Ice Tbrrr tli? imainorr nirui-lure obtcAoaeieUie Ibme tS'lJioei cub c 'eel of biaioary. which. if relword lu lined tr.eneure, would reerb MO milrc wr.'cn, M e eoinf, erodl form a fiyrtbi, l 3ih feet high, wltb ? been of tl* "(uar* Tbere i? tbe gri a. Artery uf irmi Abd etote en b now been inb mw bait? oi Vn io ie, a." I which le An Ad aitruSAl llAk hum lb- tioie mej cty nf F.-ielemt And the BUbmne yet a,HI Ibfketiee grandeur nf the W.wt U tble wort All, II Uta W.turie Bridge apauaed AS F. ig | He A eetosry. lb? ajwtalo't might gi quietly horn# after the cheering, And bat'i <*t'i g, eud iJuiniBetUwa had est* lu aa < i,d A: d b. ecef rtu be MB te imtk opuw the Hegnibceut achievement A* I |B im ercid coAnert, to be worked by a bitrlef director* fur the benrit nf the pth'.te at I with prodi to litem erlrre But A variety o. ouedirtiy icUreeta are bound up with the kwalily of the Iruj-wTgrace'il mieetuo Abd with the eircjoiAUiicn uudtr which tin purpue-. of big q. itting the reunify of bic birth hava here re-rind out TV- | -'tgreaiiAo of the rejutciaga km I la heanr af hif Af'lve, the a'irr rg AArrU Tie id IU ? r<r,-m .ei.w end fi -tiflliee wUleh u?dt p'we. Ace full "f al'tage reminder* Bf the ar>< n alou* tenure by wbieh w? b'dd tbe |tree.uc?a of I'yper en 1 lower OwbedA Whea lite a mr. | of the huiie* Aid the ?atoke rf Ibe eeluthig gunpowder hare died away t. ?rrei *r Abd pri grAiunto may aril l?e poieter od nrer Fr, rro aa i Cngluh nem' t? F'ee. h A"d Fng. Ibb addreteee?a I'. i?thi lie preutr the Acgtirao b tLori lu tba peurnalu: - leal Bi naetlf an Cletiee of ."t rruarli Xtrior end 'I. Vtarvbt de Peel ?v ccediog tturdy habde tf Kng'ieH workbie.i and rail way bAfle*, eau 'Jaiod ju aa Aaaoaiatkiaa, hraoai paauA. An 1 wril drilinf vnlunteer* fruai t Ankre A>?i .a ? All thr ar Mttagd hi I HA Bhi ? r< i tbat It h - tr tb^ thrnuo of ti.gieaif Ia IreroliiAg la a l>u I where the rrro,. r-j of Mu.iraiw la hunur. i to tbe fu I ee ai?rh en that if Jam-a Wofte, where Jeoq iva I'ari er ia Ii-I I ia gr> Alee eena.eli. n .bAii If ? Alio Ni ?ta. whereto eirau < petaii !I?Ma who Iiat* 0?<t from toe e.uth ar" A*tw,ed uf*ti by Yd kee Aboi k> perf ?l,er . la e ??? prot.ialty to Brltirh e >ft the a tare eel ttripee act Ue'iuting la the eh er cattd Sky, end ee raerf tif, Iwpi.le e?, end rainghe out looula.i iu er? fur erer itedkae. tug that "territorial logtc" he? made Oaotfa ripwhlwae, tn.l the! tie frvrtecaa IhrmarieoA are "ktuwktpg fi'r tdm ??iuB At tUedoi r of thr I d inn " fVrtA fily doruig th" Af?t of Aibo't F<1wardia Ctaa-U eerwyth ir.oa the eerfe e, ai l. aet. haa Ahowa aigue of the otret oerfnwi twi I.iyaiiy Only frum t .an to lime ir <*??? ?' ch at t Ami. r eh?tecti<m cf tfc antin n I the leylA'Ar./r. at Moelr d fr m .imaltig in th? royal ^ren prAAlon do we em ay trp'owta mti aao >ld ladrr* ua t ? in quire fr In the rtml h r ue? rf me (eaadiane to ear la ma, aaa to aaa t*i. ae qitdifled k extend o ?r lu u.-mein a *iir irer the er'flt thai arnmeta-i I'e, net M uoi en ajf. lord ftgie rryiya lite rrp*ifel a <if bertwi lnyallA?1 faaade Punug the Cr'tven war U< teeMW efbren aa a Hae of hett>e abiji, and th* y hxrn atnrr g roo aaa rrgf aiert Of the lille n>'*y he^e eh niied IVB Ae.*ea no.r ? ?a b in- nf the i*riooe of W-C Toojr bare gleeo b ni a ya l?u< end orer*' wing welc, and tfai'** end "'li re a. em to ha* <* Afrieeji .?ulf to hutd i oaoIi etb> ' lu rfn.eoua an I genuSe* h wtutalitA Bui or ly th >ee <n the A...I An 1 tall Iietely ac |.i? ufhl witlt (lanedian r" Ih'.a rati tai. abet i r any art-t t-nc yot rud viw, ?ue it ? r any r ? i larao in llnyrf 'tt'itl It' o ? ? n try. a-.d It ia I . t,u,?e i at at l-oA< "A ? wler ar t eg wri t ocf d b-eo w|.| I ewtoac the * Hte of the Prtam of be nam / ? ob ih? mn ra and *b* leadngmen of faeeda. e ?t t ? bnr* Kai* tn h ? A yt' ml*lr ?? lld'nru of wi>aiai?A telK r" aaarj , In the re?lr>?A nf Wr. eg a and their..' eeeeri t f roBAoli*?te the wel fare of three ?-?! ImpvrtaBl proem-ea AFi AI&3 IN NEW GRANADA. Our Uu.iuiiijiiIiU i'oi respiou'le it< w. ll.VKHAIMI ILL*, H. li , Sept. I, 1H80 77 A iter* on L'in/a Mafia?(f0. "I hohin^?Ontiek Phi iaiuti/ijiu. JnUi ir-nfi'-n?TKc Atru'Uan Cvn.uUr Agent m the / c 'a, <tr , <tr. iU>ut li.-1. L.i lU ? 24'.h ult. stgiols from tbe cathe itr.l on j otbi-r niii.:e?'C * tu riant a Marts nnaouocvu the sjp,uechof GtSerwl Veg*. and soon w.u heard tho desul tory finiig oi tkirmMn-rg. At thes im, day Dino kvrip'u (If yii'iril?Ifjii cauu.s, with twenty to thirty muu and a ml pouuder each id ta' bo we?t v>k [? i it- uu of the V o?in Impregnable nefcy Ulet at tlie (Ltraiico if thi. haibor, w .th a lurl OS It oowmaadiug tb3 town. Mirauvo sua Vleco, not hairing suBUIoot mm 0) garrison b?tb t i plftce and the tuwu. thought flt to abandon it, after having disinaut'cd ana spiked the g ma aiid thro en the balls into the sea?a aao mistake. Ihe cocacfvatlrie have barrloaded themselves within the plait, with oattei tea at the aereral ertraniea, and occupy the tops of the cathedral and private dwellings with their sharpenooiere. From their position they are iLaooeaaihle to the bayonets of the liberals, aad by the parapets lairly iheltercd against their musketry. Vega's troops baring no flrldpleces, are lighting their way to aaros ttos square, from bonae to bouse, by pioaixe and crowbar, a la Miotcrey, aad when la-t heard from wrere to p<* session of tbc outer half of the In rn. the wnrervelives are completely hemmed In by sea are! land. As among Viga's army there are many Datives and residents of Santa Marta, that "dernier resort"? powdci?bas not yet betu used to dislodge lha sharp si ooters from the lops oi the bouses. But no one out tell bow soon Miramon and bis Rio soldiery may be tying in tbe air, at they bars not hesitated ts o,.eu ib' ir billettes on blue, e iney knosr toe lio.ras hare eh tend as yet from this cause the battle basbecn more dsetruo tiie to property thai, to lives rrom the tllii t) tfte SO.b Ibt- ratio mod killed aud wouojed on l> i.h elJta did II, UIHI'U two nuiiUrrd meu M->at and water lu lie town is vory soa os, aud in ?'rhl days toe inh vbksntfl and iris. |?> will be re w d to bread alone. About 1,000 barret* oi Uutir anu tiO oagv of rtoc aju the < Diy supplies la, t to to wiUiSt old me itegd Col Julio A>boleua, o?' oi the leaders of the eonserea live parly, arr ved at 8*hta Maria from Rurops, i .* At plowall,oa the 26'.ft, an' took runanudof the piade. It Uiiaid Hiat t.peipnjts soon# from Aspinwali It must ar rive sood, or emta Maria will be lost, aa l > morrow the man ct wa. schooner (???n Mo*q e ra sails hence from Cailhugeia, to act in cone -rt with the liberal buogoe n blocka->'iig toe port, and to oarry a supply or caouou balls <H 24 and 82 pounds, 'or the gm a ou me Muro. 11, r Brilansk M?J ety's *!uOp-?5f ? ar Galiausi* still sccboreo b made Ms u> ill ' lJ *0 ; h d the forum luder aad tbv Rulish Consul, asiue from their uadteguuit-d w ishes I tint his cloven Tool-d m<g; ny may fly away with the U biralr, not banug I' od a jaetnst tor thterrent barn rvmaiutd qntvt rpvetators I lorgvt, howevrr, that Ct >t. Hulyer, of MiCa mus, bad at tor tune ni^ pbtlanthiopy htiricu up s?e!u* a t?> re pound abot hum a tsreuiy four ton id piece?aluiuge to be linngiucd?strike tb? Ousum House A (umiuubioativn, wtih humanltv as its basis, was wot by bun to I' e eoinr and r of the M >r , n.-ggtoi' bio, tu d.-S'kt from tiring < n Iti town Uul th- b.'USc* < 1 th ? t jwu, bo't, red uno. r a wrthortog dre of theconsurralio u, do not come under tin- i < ad o( tu puilauibropic list?a quve'l si for yoar fel<*b *t"<S N. w York uii'tvorolog:u ? the d tflbreaM of iron bail poured from a liberal or coo eerrative castion In .-aiitu Muu the Fn-ji cb C"bS'll has suece9-1?J In on listing id the Cause < f M iamou all Weak rondel fort-'gn ers tilu I'loD, an Amerivin an i the amcricsu ''ootuisr Agent there, ban goi r eo lar a-, on the 2Ttb, to lire on the liberai* with a r musket, until the crn-ktlng ul blood from Lit prob s-cis, dammel by the kick'uk ruus kct, wa> fed him to retreat to his corner and snoitcr hiui self under tbe neutr a' stars ard s ripes of his country. This Is lo Idle report, but was wiineasud by City per sons. Blocked lo the harbor of Santa If arta are tbe following re'reta?'boe TUMtoe, americwr.; the Parchal (bans pe, Km.cb and the Oaduvias, a t?ui>?all with carg kw tor Cartbageua, but tue auvnoriil.w will not c'.ear thnm tor the latter place, raying that it ts dosed ny decne since lbs Sd nit will, fur Savantila, on the luih, Mlra most desiwtobcd the British so aootmr Viper, aleo a mer obant and juw. ?rr vessel?-'a vanilla being also closed by decree An Kng! sb vevsei could get a pass, but no other. Mlramoe even asys ibal any ves-tei comiog from abroad, with cargo for New Granada, shall not eve* return heme with its cargo unlews security be given, as unfortunate sin ger who might arrive there, aad who ciitainly would bad bo oue fbol enough to respond fur two, would nsoJa bare his rewse! MMB up by itie worms, Mi h cargo rvt or lamlnl la a pln-ve llabie at any momenl to be takso by atorm, and fbr which, If bis bills of lading were signed for tbe port of Carthagvaa, the vessel aad owner w ould be held respousi# e Uar very worthy aad able Consuls, Mr. Albert Mathew, at Cartlmgfwa aan Mr J. W daraoilla, watca with moat creditable zeal tbe laterewis of Americans, but be ing both located ta tbe Bute of R dlrar, they can hare no Uiluenoe in awn la Maria, aad protests with the cuwssr MIMWVISVV saa uaniw ? aas am. wsii" jriwimsws ? ism vvmwwi raUves, wtthoal guns to back Ihrtu, are marwly a waste Of Caole Baa's valuable stationary^ Wltbia the past year the ports of Oarthageoa aad Baraalllt hare otooed sad opsned, aad cloaed agals, with merely a month's notice, and tht unfortunate mar chants wbo may bare goods on the wray or pro goo* to ship uiast pocket tbe loos w ilhout any hopes of ladsmaidcatloa. merely because at Washington, in their ladiflerroot, they allow a decrepit aad ImOecUs govern meal, with puerile vacillation, to declare dosed the porta of a Stale (where lha pniittet do not suit them) by a mere paper dsoroe, w ilhout baring the smallest aatfaority lo toe place or a shadow of faros t) pat ta tt>ros their blueksdea. TIm CMLrlqgt HnUi OBAXABIAN OOxrUMUtACV? SATlUSab CKCTiri rofu-mia or knactmxmto or rna narasT MXXT Of OOVKHMIBIT A>D Wait?OACTION 2, SU.5. BUUOIA, March 22, ISM. Mil Attohjiwt Omui or m Natkw ? The Mutator at .Hew UruM*. accredited to the tovara Meat of the I u tied Stale*. bM remitted to the Kircutir# power tbe article ol the Maw You H*JUU>, the Uanala ttoo of wbicb I hood yon Front that aoeum.ol It appear* that the (ovarsBeot ut the Called MaM, eatter dale let of Map teat, made * cncditioeaJ contract with a oogpaay d.snm noted '?Tbe Cbtrtqei Imnrovogeot Ougpaa/aud Ambrose W Tbumpam," with uie obyer.i ufinsuring to the Catted Slate* terutn eery valuable pri?11'g.a la to* aa cicoi province of Lhirlqui, eU.oo are ?periflrd m to* artidle. The larcotlr* power baa fhlt farj rle* at tbe teroe ol the aald c *tract. and even more that the Called State* Secre tary of tbe Nary ehuald bee* accepted them without ooeeuiuag tbe will or lh<Grao*diaa government, aod it to be lie duty to lafeo tbe riep* wbtcb aity be proper, Id oraer to aevtd ooeUy eueapromiaao, baa leit oa loterrat ia nan ntng is to the caueea of toe detract re liirtl to, aad, by tbe taduettuoa woicb It baa beaa able to ontne to, la eoaetaoed tbat Mr fboeope a derive* the right whi.ih be pretend* to traeefar to the govern meet ot tbe Coiled Stole* from oa ordioaa.? tarued by the Pre eticlai ieqtalature of Chirtqui on in* 20th of February, 1A'4, granting to tb* oald Mr Ttuenp ?w aa exclusive pri r I lege to impror* to* proriooul road from (land to tbe Laae of Chniqai. Tbe aatd o dioaoo* attain ia tbe or cbtra* of toe supreme Court, ia a uucumrot prepared n? It* applUalloe of the Solid tor ot tbe Natlua, tar do arm leg bull god roil aaother ordtoaaeo of April T, It* I, rveprair.g aa exclusive prirlrg* to tbnae *bo should cooruudt road* io toe oald province a nuildy whiao waa da-cm-1, aad which waa sot gad* to ectaad to the ord.cancr at proMtl m (joeatioa, out with* the op i plica hoc gate to Ih* Or pa run eat baring ia charge the public gtdtatry bf tb* Secretary fur Forego Ada ire, be Cduae tb* opiotoa of the attorney Oeaeral ??* that the nrdiebtoe of BPth of February, ISM, area valid, aed the | Court wad of optoiud that It abouid out eater upr* the exam in alio* thereof, to lb* a bee a,* of aay for annulling it. Bel the K tec all re power oca*, fere It ocetrary le lb* eoeetitetioa aod lawn of the confederacy, aad liable to load to direalrou* retail* by raaoon of tb* ciai ma to wbn-o l mar ( v" -is*, aad baaoidered n lb. r.fore to a yen. to request you to *yp</ fur in# ejopeoeioa ot the which, the fact of not narmg been acnnlied, nod d baring boos rocer piool.'y icrurporatad ~~\m " - - In tbe legi Matte* acta of tbe -data of t'aanga, ebou Id Ou**-der*d aa d It* uf that State It la contrary to tbr seventh article of tbe coetracl ea tend lau> with tbe I mama lUiJinad 0>m,an/, aad ap peered by the Myiaiaure do tree of Jun-4. for by ' that ait*i* the g-ir?raaaent undertake* out to construct ItaeU, oor to p. rm-i any other Company or ind.rUuai to cvnitiact aay .-ther r?rn*ge rual, wo. it r nit ?t? a i -|, plan*, or an) other alaaa ?u .table r..r wheeled i i wren lb* two uaean* ajrua* ta* Uthmue Ot Panama, dur leg lie trim ol tbr * At*tree* of lb* prlfiUqe, aod I an beugh it la c.vtair that the Mid article an-ianw tbat ' tbl* c.-udilioa doe* not op|?a* the muelndiag, pi .terra i tb-n aod toipr vren at ol tbe ruad* already la eawteure, j or ninth at tbe lig<- of -sating tbr o->bltact gay be la ooorar of COO*, root ion la the and tatbmut, it i* aim. Irua thai tb* r?ov,A..w .lure nut toc .a* lh? r.iod from grit to the lake-if i biri^al, b<?au-. the uret artic ? ol tb* raid grant, a p'ir|.e,e to cuarert la to a car rlagi nuMi a rnhu at. -b mm si ry lar fr->m r. teg tf i'.at cla-e wheu the C nlmrt wa* ?al. with lb* ra 'real Una pony wbicb aae oba.iiuleiy Muit tor abe*"-d r> ai.-.e*. an I ahi b, pruta-r1y *p-aai?g wae but a tr?r? vT Ol id* way paaaab' and y -a a II re-.go -f fr.-m tb- .n.ta -t tha. t? . oarrn aurb a irac! MBoacar riage mat a aa out li Impi >re it, bet retnef to aaa* ax ih. r aeo iwe and i f a did. - at naiurr. a.-1 art the . pn.r il.m airat of tb* (er*a?b art .Ir s me Cuatract i Pa with tbe Pa- una Kailrra ? Oeapany But tttn.-ed.iit It r.qn rod u> luadrrrltad that tbe alt pulai'oa ouQte ,e.i m tbr art lata ?arb I bare - tat cited or l fur it* .dip t to pn-r. nt tb* oprn a? uf any rnwia rirt.b'r f.e- w?i rtej rrotcle* b*.we>u tae two uueaea, tod wli- ib rr ?ul nnaprl ? a ib llat of I'a.. i aa. rile if tri* t leir i-wull . >uld fMlow n.o.', if tb* contract it." ' eit'i Hr. Too*, mo wereI'. be ear. 1 t Inio lAlt Tti- rsuruad r aapany anew reiy well that tba bad food trbr:' .. aleI I tae-n Oartd aod lb* I *?a of GMtrKjui, *fw la ti. r??e .if iw to.-iag i at pro red, ruatd n..t Oowipef' w i'b <i ?e tnysra it, ai.r a od uitb doe* n t pet git It* hop e to Be *eu*f rod - oaking lb. gttgr frnt a btidle poll, of tbo wink ud and .1 a dultceit ea i Haiti* aai.tu a I ?? p *1 ctrrtafe road unit *?i l btrr a large irait). Snot a tratMtorgatlan mar be rery ooefai and profit* b. ta the la a ? u.ta i i Hi# u.-partuieat oi Cbirijui. .i I per aa|d L. ih. #f. .? uf N'W firaoa la, an I toriin|iTis-C' iu gobtig; b"t I'M) -r .1.1 nit'to ?f utility *b< uU be a-t and* eh. ii tr I ?iu. uf a .nirrcl aad ibv full n-a' of a law ar. In t??. a > It ercul-i i"- ruff - it pr.. o f rf tpp'fcalf n i?" Bnrpe* ito- hy ? i ?affein -> Mrt .?? tbd ?Mel# or ilaandr?ttM ] tb>-d av #?i * le of t* ObH '-e'Inoaor I* i dir. ct up.i ert Mon si tbe ..-n i .ti art le at tto coetroci "itrt tb* K?n i runC<ig| f I i i?w. f f b? ?ueu.--*|i?a tb .aid or I ti. l ? the ? ? rr ? -r'" a** - nded ?, b*t a roe , r|f, e-orl, . ?l*. I >k<dbinnpi4toa,ad contrary ' tr Ih.- r >i.? The prrtu ?< rrtatrd by Utr I'10 viicl* M thro dtnauoc to Mr Th-rapton it c o#t' et rt*. quays tad landing ;>!*?? a a* mi wubiu the tin lb out of the l/i gialalui. ot tbirqui, for the fort, cigb article of tha ci.umiii.iJ'u ol N>'<? (iwsda, faiotu>ued Mty 21,186S, whiob w?r lu for' f when tho ordinance ?4i mtue 1, only autb <rized tbe proy uicea to runt ?uut-vur uiuht ho lu-o?-c?ry fm thoir urgaoist'iou, una age me at tad aluii til*tr*tioo in th.- lot. i jor, ? i ho J t rue roach log up hi whit waa <?! the c'-aqiei' noy ot leu geueial govcruiu.-ul, am >ug ahull waa ibciuu.d abate., r pdalo'1 I" foreigu ooiu m?-rue, exports noil lin.rurt*. h?ro ,r.i bu t road* which acre cooalriuieU or mi,in he constructed to couu-ct Uiu Atlaoltc and l'ac'Uc oceans Von will observe > to Hint by tbo furl a divuloa of the eigh b aili< k- of the or . inauoe, the p.-rsoue and things o- <erary fur the undertaking are excepted frous all du lira or taxes, when tin. legislature of Chtnqul was uul aulbmizrd to gram any rucu an exoiUt Viou, because hi Itnpdlt QUllOi l?t tlUie belonged, a* tlley doatlll bo long, to the general gnv"rniunnt, in a cor-lancse with tbu term* ol the brat Oivi >n of toe fburiooolh article of Ice the law ol 201b ot April, ltk.'J rosp.cting 'leuculrali cation of rcvmui s and expenses; the forty "ecoodan-1 forty third artw-lee or the law i f June 4, IbM, organizing the administration of the Nation It 1 inauoc, ami th >t nf ine tlihi article of law of lbs budget for too national semes for 1843 and 1844 H will uot be superfluous to observe to you slto that, ac orumg to tbe fltt.-enth and aixteeoih ro.-l.oua of tbe federal constitution, "the direction aid administration of the forlresites, maritime porta and river ports, as well at tbofe on bind upon the frontier?. the arsenals, aauals, &) , and tha luloroooaotc route vhiult in ay exist or oo opcuud lb tbe territory of the oon'edoi at ton, are of tbe exciuaive competency of the general gowrument," and th?t, as tbe nrdtnaroe issued by the I<es:?lature of Cbirl qui treats of several o( these, aad i-r i* lally ?>( a won tnimieation b< aeeb the two oceans, it is contrary to thj express terms of the presest constitution, and should, for this further reason, bo susi>;nde<l It seems to mo unnecessary t > offer soy other observa tions, lor the preceding ones ar?H sufllt- ? for you to under siaod tbo principal reasons whl< o have deiermmed lbs Executive power to make to you, by my Intervention, tha application of whicb 1 have spoken. Other real ma will not fall to (uesetil themselves to your pom tration wtrluh may serve ss additional grounds on which to base tut application you will make to the 8m' - ne Court, as soon as you have made yourself acquainted win the docu ments to which 1 have refetrod. I un your obedient ser vant, M * dAN'CLEM INTR. News freia La 1'iaia. ont BLENCH UIU flOHHBol'OSiDE.VO*. Btenoh Ayiu'.i, August 8, I860 Pent and CnUm?CommeTtarraiioe Medal? Kltdiotu? Indiana?Trade?Salt?A'eto at RoMrio? Violent Si-os?Damage to Shijying, ife. This r Hictry is elated tritb the hlghu-t !>?"* as to the nsuliof late negotlatiors for peace Ins courtesy showa to I'realdent Is-rqul an i U< nural L'rquiza In their late visit to tbis city ha* sent rejoicings through tbe whole confederation. These courtesies were civil, literary, so cial. military and masonic. Inning his visit General l'rquiza said be would do all In his power to secure the adoption of tbe amendment* to tbe constitution pro pnec j by Bucms Ay res. These are in the maiu do cidedly wise and progressive, and as he is a delegate to toe Constitutional Cocvpliiuu which will act upon them, we for * happy result. on artkt l ore has prepared, tn tine style, a meJa von.n erooi stive of tbe federal nniou of wh oh President Oerq. i, G? tvral I rquiza sod Governor Mitre have each ordered one hundred impr.?n:oui o' c .pp-r, fl <y of sliver ai d i-be of gold As upou these three pcrro-.s. more tlisu upon any other three, tbe uni in d> iwu<1a, It is pleasmt to see thein uniting In ooiuiucuioratius If. ? The ?lect!->is have a reedy be u h. M for dolegstes t? the Sainmui Conveutlon, for conri tc -eg thu reforms pro fused *y Buenos Ay res. In th-s city an excellent saled I loo ws* made. 7h>? ere ex Governor ViCenllne AUina, I) F. Sxrmuxtc. Jose, Adolf-1 A siua and R ifluo cn> EUgolde, exoept the flrsl, are deci-lediy pro gr-wsive men, and the second is tbo great patron of to*rauig In these countrlea Siwc are at pear* with the Ounfederatloo, the Indians of the I'amoat show signs of becoming peaceable telgbbors R y both fear and rcsiMcl t'lqmxa, and no doubt they will now, for a while, cesre to rob the (rot tier. A trade Is springing up with the southern portion of this province in bides an I salt. A cargo of 60.000 bvfbcls of salt arrived yesterday from tbal region, which 1* abtalned by I m-iing rvrls w th tbe huge cak?s of (alt formed by natural evaporation or the saline Ukes nf thai porttou of the country It cai. be placed oo board fb? about twenty cei l* tbe m-'as'ired ho'h. l.and it is used for cattle a let sheep, and for sailing hides Tbe merchant* of Rnaarto feel so much tha want of banking facilities that they are ah tut to establish s bacx thrre with >00.100 silver Or.llan capital ft la believed that these c tiutrios have never before been s?> full of promise for an ext. us. ve ind healthy coin mrreo. klecrbant^frc.m the riverine countriea have well esbatu tr.1 supplies. Too market has been good fur ail the neuaj articltw brought from the l'nlt-d States The Adriatic, of New York. Oapt. rhombs, was fertnis ly damaged by a storm in th" harbor last week She parleu her chain and was dasbe.l ahopt, doing great uamage Mhe will probably be conde nncd Ureal sym patby la felt bars for Oapt Thumbs, who la a careful mta, and tears much by the accident, dbe waa nearly 1 jaded with bona aahea. Rmptloa af tike Rptelih Amiunlot la U?e City of Jtesloo. KBX1CAK CWUUIOKT AND ITll)OITTI?AimOtO Of ANTKJUATKD OKANDRUK. (Trenelated from the Dterte onoiei, of Um oepttel, A at aet S3 ] Toe lords p the ereet of in* rooepti n of the fpaeteh Ambaaaeoor look piece, with ell Uu> eo,. molly which the eoeme of Ibr poorromont of the republic end tos riuik of hie Kxnollencp fl>u Jotqulo KrejctHim Paiheou demeiirtrd All the rrqu.iwmrula o' diplomatic rliqutte were rtporoaelp o beer red, eui the rvoeptloo coo ducted witb ell our order. end crnrytllla* ruliltyetoil tree prepared with eimlrexlc beooolngeoHi About two o'clock I i the efwruooo the two fwo who were lo Introduce the Ambeoeeder wont trom the |>eleoe, with three ooecbec, to the bcure aocupted b> the 8pe->ieb Km hh; Two of thnee cow-hre wore drewe by elt *|de?.<lid horeee, end the otbor bp four?AJl m<|i.ifleet,ilj ceptrieoned A mmnoal efurwertle the pert) prooteded to. the Net loo el Palace In the foUo?tn( 01 dor:? A) ned roe of Seoote CAfrlefe drewe bp four h.rerc, aocupted bp the aitetbrs of tbj Hpeuieo krabeeep. Carrie*" drown bp six borer*. wtte tb? iVorcterp of the Katbeiep, eccom pen ted bp ooe of the inlroiucore of Ambeneedof * Cerrtece drewe bp en borme, ooulelnmf bin F.ioeUeocp l*JC J Preucleco i'ecbrco, eoc atpeeteu bp Um oU>*r introducer On tbr rlfhl etd left of thu leal cerrla*e rode tbe chief U the itetl of bie Kioeiiroup the Preetdeel end tan Oovrrnor of tbr l elate, with tbnr roep-ettro etde. A eeretrp bend lolt?wrd, end e rquadroe, eriLuf ee eeoart, rloeed tbe prooreeton. In toe betioeel feleor, the third betleiton of Infen rp end to, put ia of the Military lloltofe formed e berrter ftom tbr (Oct of the etelre to tbr redeptiee eetuoa In the eelooa, beoeeih e reovpp, wee r> >trd hi* Kxeeiloery tbr Prretoent, with tbe A et01erf of dtele, end the fatiuwiaf ft nticmoo le thetr rrep-ctr. i phfMK? Tbr M el Ktnrllont OwuiOt of HtetA. Tbr ibtprrtnr Ouurl of .'net 'be. Tbr Mnprmie Omt ot W?r If pt?r Uthciele >f the Mtate Noer. terpeTipe. Secret A' ce of tbr dopr.air (Vurte of Jnelioe end If or. Mi> Mortal kmruoy*?. Au !itore ??! fxenoe Trtee iry OfUcteie The JruirT' ireerp af We'. Adm.rt '.rotor end Audi** tfc nrrel u' tbr Poet OHWt Admlaietr el or, Auditor end Trreeercr of tbe Cdat ten House. Tbr H?eJv ? The thud <d tbr -Mall. Pinrctnr at Ktfierere. Itoeff of ArtiUrrp. Uotnu-ead- r tlewrrel Gorerwor ef the Ve"-> Urperlntenk. 0?errei? at IXvtetM. (b-oorel* i< K. .ere. On the errtrsl rf u<r ort p a* tbe pelK* hke ficH lenep tbn mhweii'f wef rrr. ,?ej el tbr foot of tbe tteirn bp e o ir.mlth* of ecnidijn of the MloUtrr uf forrtfti R. a! P tot the eteire tbr higher tfhriait o" .-iii.' Ac*'-??)?bti? eeaitri htm, eat at tbe e ef the ?a be ??? m.>l bp lb ' Mtewtrr of doe kite, ebe *rd w'tb ibr tmi'oia ef foreign Rrlettoee Tbue eortutiatird ? p#i n?v> prrerutad btaertf before hie EkreOtt p kbe Prtehleel, pteend bie rrreroltnl letter ta b e betide end efdrt^wwt bia in e speech [A trestle Ilun <4 wbwb wr . ub ?h^d e tew Ae o ? ..or ] AfWr tbr Pr.?' rnt'e T'-p f the perl) withdrew In the order la which Ihrp eeae Coert of Appesle. Hot it ?Oerdorr re ifdea ? Muttoe Ibr prrfbrrooe denied Better worth re Kmoedp? M?llea for preference de al, d. k??rp Hum a en. I "it?Not wo to correct remitter frnatrd thairrtr The Owirrein-ei Mi,teal 'nenrenoe Oomia bp? t>i down or No M %, end rrerfeed till tih Otober. He p vi Hot! itre?Notion 'or p'cf wnror l-telrd. !vll?.?-r re New Trek ivntrwl K? wood ikimpeap? k tuw II. ir.iu or ertrte l? Ihr name of ?\ vmtor c-en tel. |}> .Burnt re Oidtueu?Mot. >a to rotate order eed that r-mlttm itmr f ei ird No B?I, ?or , bet e*d on eelrnde' ttahafM Cbuilp Heck ?? tk Entc?ordered le lake lb pie. w u <? mow dee e? uf letr of D.iaf return. Hutr \m ft. r??f m iuued 11 o< e-imii Atreh (. He It-< reed U> third tu- roe) uf 0 iketn r Uert .u re trbet ?U di N) in r i ete order d.??L ? cf Sfi. e1 tiei.d J K t'l.rtre, i?m>i Nor T t 9 (>hr IHrob r?iwe)-* dmn to Mr P'reite ,n -i Ilo. Mr Inmil T. Bred) eed Mr. O'Oe m i ? ppuerd lundu rre?rrrd IVre. Derie?M.<uoa k, aodtfp julgmcet (reeled. r?'l I d. Piiee. r, tt to nrl tWk-n tie* ip I ? pt?Rowrrwl t? fourth week. BtrOrll re '? "Ire Rtlirier?I'f Ikr the term fVtjB i.uo re u?|??Mid ,ia but UK>. ml?dee led with e> 'i* CuHep re p?rp!r.- Kmtcrred to 10th Ort^b?r No I?.'oolphee Keener e?t . Iff I'coptn? trrued. Jemrw *. bra I) for pletatiif in trrtw, Mr .ioJ(?ii? fee pw. U Wiiiiem ff Wi.'rwtt, ad m r. r?w , er'l Her id Rimwll ei .l a< i llw. e?^.'f? ? \ pv. ' Ml K I'orw fw epp'le Jen 1. leu* f. tie ft H.roe re map? t1i)eref1t end nt'.rd i-l Kippnii eed nlhore?tr (eri* Jolt K I'rtif l.w epfM't; l.Aa H ttepsoldd for t.rp'l Hu>?redt er.l otbrr* *g' Ktopri.iee end i.ibcre ? |r ?ik*i ),ik? K rvnee fur epfd't. Jose H tv-ponl-le fw rtevl. N.? AT end Rddri'her rod lekkfir fur ?<*p> tb ?? N<e. to, 11,14, t.i, II. 1., IS, 1?, M (I MNtneip. .. n,c n-n Jtmf freri n htk ,m<? ?',? . at hi* 'neMmim >? 0MM11 we If, To , n . thn t|-? wo t We -n- -innr, perfnt peer* tin r> p. nWd ,a ?>uu-?dp fti' -hrrt ?h fm.pnweMWel di'tf f wf ViiMtaie Inttrtaitlu( from Clan OVH (iilHA'l o ALT LAXK ClUUUrUKAlNOI, SILT 1.4KB ( ITT. August 31, IMA, Arrivali in Ou TbriU-iy?Iwtyt FUrutiken, Xeceiary IT,*, tan and Martnai Grice?Arrival of Uu fir*', /{umlaut Tram of Kmitftaift?A rmy ftMrlUpimm (Jra, 'Wl Jfjus, dx | <Cc. lbo last mail from tbe Kast arrived bore on Saturday evening, adding to our transirot population Lieut. A. Dana, ot tbe United Siat<? artillery, bin lady and laugh, tor, and t'nplnin Uicbanl Franco* Burton, of the British army, Ou Monday even trig Judge Ftennlkeo, "OoretMy Wuoton and Marshal Or,jo put in their fl-st appearauoa (to use a Wosleruism), at their official '? oUmptug ground.-' Tbe Lieutenant and lady, and the Captain, were the gucsiB of his Excellency tbe Governor on dun lay, and on Mouda) morning tbe Lieutenant and family left hr Camp Floyd. Captain Burton put up at " Brother Town - Bend a" ball Lake Huuae, where be is likely to remain some ten or twelve dsyr, dividing bis lime between pre paring notes on Western travel, Beting the noloriettsn ef tbe city, tbe great lake, and one good hunt aler Ui grtsslks. The Captain is a traveller of distinction, wel known In Europe as tbe Hejee Burton, pilgrim to Meooa, explorer of Burrur and diaeovercr of tbe great Oeatrnl African lakea. He landed In Boa too in tbe first days at May, and, after nailing tbe Altautio Slates, has got this tar on his Journey to the Pacific. Of course such a travel ler and writer oould never ooueent to pan through tbe world, and into tbe pagea of biatory, witbont leaving o record his interview with "tbe Prophet cf the nineteenth century," or rather his sue tensor, as I be lieve to tbe founder of Murmouism only has tuj quoted title heen ac jofCod. Brtgbnm It at present on a toor to Provo; but on retain I expert bis Excellency will procure for tbe Captain the INI Ml IWF of an interview. ma axw rxnaxiL oincms Jndye Flrumki-u la auooinpanied by nis two sons, an! I believe, at Washington, nis domination has been lied as tbe sinx-eator of Judge l iradicbaugh at Carson county, or wbat is proepe.otively enjoying the- tiilo of Nevada (Vf. ritory. Judge KHnn>he? hue come with agooi reputa tion. As tar as the citizens have learned of him, he U as iaearahiy vetoe wed as any eainMo federal afeear can ever etpe t to be Hm personal n.'pevrance commandb tbe respect quo In moral and uiteiluctual vulture, wblufe, forming euvb a w nle contrast a lib aome of bla prodeeee Bore, cai.uot 'ail, I tbluk, to augur a pleasant change of aflalrB in Utah" li would be difficult to predicate the In fluence be uiaj gain In bis dlrtrici, as tbe Wm-hoe mioas are reported any tbUig but a parauiae. But I am Balm Ord that if be ba ueer, appointed to thia uistriot, aad pursue a at-aigbiforwsrd, independent course, troatiag alike, and imn? lug wi n the rulxena without duitina tlou uu religious grouuda, he wii^certainly neoorno a popu lar man Wc hear aom times of Junge Kinney as being en route, and at oib-r times of his tarrying In Nebraska till alter tbe 4lb nt November, and then hie acceptanoe ad ci~oe for thll Territory being extremely problematical rv Die gentlemen in Georgia vas appointed the otm-r aseo c aie Justice; but we con bear of bis caving in altogether, Finos matter! bave i harped, and (be glittering pile ee contracts has vau?b?d wita the part, 't u hardl, rea ar?radio to expi-ct much aitentloo to Utah, especially at the present tuooiect; but I Can asst.e tbe aimlni-traiioa and all othern who may expect soma day to fcivo the h'''or of that claaaltloa'i-ii, whether It ba rapub'tceen democratic, North or South, or Union, that the n--gloat of Utr h tc the abteuce of aro-pccuble, inUlligrnt judiciary. l? creating universal ungual, and In time?when tbe ncxi row corn's up?will bu one of tbe staple accusations against thegi ru ral government for general but treatment. Of Secretary Wuoton 1 am unable to ?iwa'r, nut having m-u bun. Hr has before bi.n U'lDttdorahle labor. Triers baa been rome falk of the G ivernor taking a trip East ward thlr fall, which would -ceesardy bring tbe Soera tary promioex fly forward in tbe Territory. Martha! Grtco stums an lnulllg?nt young man, with many advantages L. hut favor over b<? prodec-amr. Should tbe oew Marshal avoid cliqunam?rrntlleitiah or Mar atomtiab?be will bave a rmooth path. AKSIVXL OV aMIURAWTfr?Tat h a woe art thai* The first bandcart o-mpany that has orosaed tbe Plains this reason arrived here uu Monday afternoon, in ail about two bt oorid ana thirty men, women sat ctullreq, priuoi *iy former subjects of ber Brtlann c Maj-wty. An .eg ihi'B there were a few families fro or tbe hilars Stales. It was certainly a novelty to aae Iheur trutgtag along through the *ir<eu, pulling aad pushing their email carls, whr<- tiny, no doubt wttb good footing, toted to slog their lian-icari aoeg:?I and I And wnh the music and the eoeg, Hew ctceriully woil ma-cb along; And b'res Ur-* Lord we made a aurt, To ci: no the Plains with oar baudoa.-ts, AC,, Ac Alter the Unisons- JuVBM of rnoro than A thousand mnoe, over a try tag reed or rocky ridges, deep raid bills and a?ge pla.ns, it was certainly an excnsabM exhibition ol goou pun* t* display tbeir happrueee aed coi.u ntmei.t m\ wag>-ue baa accompanied them over the Journey, for inn purp-we of Ir-ighitnf their hoary lug gage aunt the bulk <4 tbelr pro ~>iooa When tbeyr entered tbe otty, tbe teamster* wore particularly gallaet and fllltd the wag. r.s with the fatbera aad mother* whe could crowd oar to 'btrn. and tbe younger aad more ro bust g ided away cheer'uhy, as If they bsd now ranched within tbe portais of tbe heaven of beavens. Tbuumnds of uerauea turned out to meet thorn and to fTatarnlee with Utem on the camping ground, aad a brans band en tered the camp plav tug " Home, sweet home " After which "Du Ijab"?toeir favorite?and other Mar etna airs, "Hail GMumioa" aad''Taukee l>?odlw " The Biabopa were early on tbe gr >U'>il, and furnished them with suppilce,ss tbny naU consumed their allawneee. One of the company mid that taey ware perfectly ueatl lute two dajs before their arrival, Bud knew not how to get bicafciaai next moreing and how to get in. The pony txV*?, paseu.g the c mpany, picked op that Item, and imuirdiau iy on its arrival drigcam a oldest aoo start ed out with a lour mule wagnu l?a<ied vtth flw, aad be fast. iraveiliog ail n gbi narhed lb m lr time for hruaxfe B> tho lime tbe haudnarta |are a? Set apart, and the pil grims Lave found row ling placet and occupation. A LAM<I (IKK OOMI-AJIT About noon T'>* iday the ant regular ox trola am red tn Ui<' ally, uoOer Um> guidance ?< Oaptalu Jaana Murufey. It tliwit Uuw bun.i'ed p waoca, anted) (row few Ymk. a good unmoor from Sow Jrre>y, miwtly from Tuoi'a lUeer; f?t?m Conoreti ul m< MtwtrkwuW Uterc we t- tuu a u #; upanroa of f.irly (mm awitseeuod anil ? tea In*. Caria Vnr Kronen, a,ln tbotr ueuitl laato tur Ob-.w, bad tnr<-e baorrra warirg from thn front af tba, with I bo luperiplina oc the Wl ootored tag, ??Irnrce C. idem-ce do I'ana " Tba eaiaa w?ra mXtrn tuu.nnaJ, oaoli wageu waxing tbe natioui nun ting?Uh wuile cram on in* rod fl ig The k [?oouorf tog irri raU tba unmet of the em 'granla are pubitehod, to that -n fries da art on tae I wt "Ol.and hvtorv eumk ltd! o'gbttr.t * inirtl of too oota pan j * a* loft no tie Cam pi i .g groepd. 1 ooulo not half .?berree the dMfrroore ?f greetipg The coutiueutali act abide tbr rent ror-nAliUoa or Iho B'lliah, and hugged aat roibracrd to feeari'a C'hUot ka arnr*i of ih:? * .rt i? a ptrfiii picture See lea >oticg meet dear friueda wham t?<Tort) had p.-,?raj-d, the b"p- e of eoob other'a one euocy aoo undiiuiulati-o aflecti a NMMiaael realised; rvmelite.w time and a Deeper bad not fu'Slloj tbd poett viaiuti of " miking the boart grew foodar," and another might he b> tbr a>do of tbe rhaug>-d as*. ! m * an ??wd Srcichtman meet bit obi iron and Lit childreu'a htdree rbe b g loart of >o> rolled down bia 0hooka aa bo ea hra?ed lb*an, and brde tbom i^m ipeed and we' In /.Ida. Old a> ifuaiataociw who bad mot in other laoda, awe roeoatiifii't tbat '? It wad (e m your lip. that I am brord Mnrm dtipm, and I bare tx?a happy oror ginon." fithrra, 1 prtptimr. bit lead and m'ebt fool otn'O, bit wan baa fr?# of aprrrh Tbea ff.inre too bolter, at loaat tee aabelantial, and to toe wuartod migrant lb? r.haarlw part?tba rein rhmrnt to tbe Inaer man. Tbe meloae and ogeAoairo r> nerally oocua la la a-uudaoor, and l*a rholn moratia of lb* market lb* om'graatd Bai friend* tbe am day of arriral, U ibey rorarer aflarwarda ban Id beat litem tnjutr ibtna Cnt P W George v?? *o, Uto arw Oommaader of Ma d< parimrot of 1'iah, arrtrod at ramp oa tbe ltth iaU.. ? ilh about tight* rocrana In taeaiug be Ml ab.rat tba mme l u at her at Ftwt Brufgor. It ta reunited that b< baa leaned murrain tba return of tbe dragooia from Port Hall, t?der tba mm nan I of Lieut Ootnoel ft we, a ad prvpreoa placing Utom oa the sealral mete, With tbe new nf croteci u.g ee. gratiei, *ad readarlag aaiataore to tba mail and Jew) rtptead Col Cnwamaii, tbe inaiatait Qoartermaater Oenend, baa roorlrod Irbro if abeeCM, bar rhpta n detrr, uf M. frmla, la afiortiy oxptr<?d at camp aal.?Mde raoc A lary- t i.mter m the. illcrea Jtori bare petitioned fbr tbe o?n,e forte r?o wh t rt ara eaovgu Ibffr. and la may a tbird, witb irwant fuitad, la aafectmi to be in aa|ipnrtabte rnn Perrryr.' fteeeral Slau. ha> go and oomp : y?la all orar Iwolro teraoaa?~retumod frtitM lb* if oxan.l alf j of the H??o aurrora mat imi .reat. Tbo rlenta bare em yet ma ii <niI tbolr >o(?wt( belli la not ua'>kr.j ta a Huge ? ill got oror a il. ara ino< oaad hui'art Uiat uara term withb-id fn m hint at Waobi'gto< f to a few year a ttngd ban bit n ahoui aa to neat aa any of he to inhbo.a whuoran any toyod bore Uddor r mtrwil Tbey bare ail got tbotr more) ,aid a>eno of ?h?wi aorer otuok a atak<- la ?ba gmoad. Well. Mego i.t ~d tot be the ncape go?t Kind old mae, t'orlr hatr VlfUndte ote fo.low. a lew tbea ?aitila ar- aota ng V blm mriun tmiM Tbla deptrtmret la in a nee muddle H"bodr knowa What I' On I'tr^ bit . ram* lit irnVi Kn>y I aoo * Sal to dt.. bat, Bod log onb ?i? ae?i m Inatrnaliuuo, r?4t bar* again Huni|ibroy ennn It frw d atiab f"rt la thr tame plight, dt. I cuarladaa to Idtre by Una mail far w*#b ?.gf a In learn ?by Ihii, wby that, ni.j wn u>4 tbie and that Tb. ra v? a r-??ol ?? "thrr diawrtmaaap an the Wrpioro mall lire, hul tbof do pot t- a greet deal It IO Bi t at all lia?lyts?l Inr p ny arlU Ui,. the mocb tan gee Frrrjina* lnJ.rutrp an rprly r op I ago oftbat! utb.n At the ?amr ti no I Worn of lop probability of lla lUi the ti- rtie* m Jnwgrenn Caraaart' lagaatla raowinwri CAPTabr* ?Aari.oor Seblrraer bold aa In quoat yraAerdajr. nl plrr So 50 North rtrec, '.p-m the bo dy of I'alrtrk Qnlgiry a aa'ira*' Ireland, ago l an roara, ? ho waa drttw.rd by the rnretrirg of H ibtrr ?a B*4 day laat The lighter, li appear*, waa aor tea tally raa into hy tbr ?tonmn .il A ti?- -* aod aproi m ? > ire ran or rod a rordiri of drowning, allboa atlrib .ling Maaat to any oaa Firir giTi.? io loq- al waa a tan brM at tfco IBew Tort 4.?|?.tal, hy dwnno bthcmrr, atro I bo ntidf of n rhiM b*"ait flvr yenro old, rnnabd Abae Motbiir. ww dnd from tbe off-ria ef IPjurbe tv Htrniai'y reh#<ro.t hy fall't.g from tbr roof of the Flat foimt Hia?|.m ftndPO en Tnroony ?#< Fov-to m two W .Tint ?TVa hndt of an mtbnown awn, ah tit tbiny It* yrora of v-, "aP f -uad ( la toe ? ?'ir at the hot of CWHw rtroot j-aaterdny. rr< m paprra boaiid b It* r ?riaalo?> of d*"" ***^. n,< Lame la a. plowed V> bo .lamro (Year) of Ho, a 9 rirm brroao (Vr. ?( -Vbirwer hr a aa loir eat ? **0 tba biiiy, and ordrr?e the rro * a? W> hr a. rt to tii* dead b ear at n?r Bropnai, 'A tna parproa of i-taatiBan Una

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