Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 27, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 27, 1860 Page 5
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FINANCIAL ANL COMMERCIAL. , Wkonmday, Sept. 26?6 P. M. The Asia sailed to day, with $210,824 in specie M freight. A moderate shipment will probably bo Made on Saturdayr but unless a material change should be wrought iu the foreign exchange m?r ket, the season of heavy shipments has ended lor lha year. There is nothing new in money to report. Banks and bankers are lending on call at 6| a 7; a few borrowers arc getting mouey at 6; but this in the exception; fine short paper goes at 6); fee general rate for first class names, over ?fi days to rur, is seven per cent. The recent Intelligence from Europe is calculated to ease the Money market. The Bob-Treasury to day received fM.OfiO for duties; total receipts, $228,766; pay Ments, $401,265; balance this evening, $5,223,196. The stock market was again greatly excited this 1 Morning, and for a time orders produced a farther advance, the favorites of the hour being I Harlem, old and preferred, and New York Central. At the close of the board, however, prices gave i way, and stocks were offered pretty freely at the 1 decline. The recent advance in Eric, Central and same other New York shares has been so rapid j feat holders are naturally tempted to realize, in the hope of a reaction which is pretty sure to follow so j feverish an advance. A rise of 10 per cent in Erie I per cent in Central, and 4 a 5 per cent in Harlem ?annut well bo maintained without some reflux j even those who are the strongest believers in the ' npward tendencies of the market Lave been quietly dfeposing of their stocks during the past two days, ! and the amount of stock on the street has been pro- i portionatcly increased. This is not so much the caso ! with the Western shares as with the New York stocks. , For ten days or so, ever sinco the break down in breadstufls, the public have neglected the former to speculate in the latter, and tlaiena and Bock Inland are consequently three or four per cent be- ! low where they were a lew days ago. As the re- [ action begins in Central and Eric, speculation will ' probably fasten upon the Western shares again, i and it will be their turn to mo\o. The increase in fee earnings of these Western roads, though not so , large as it was In Angnst, when they were compar- i tog with a very lean month In 1859, cannot be con- j si<hred unsatisfactory. The Galena earned in the first three weeks of September, over and above ex penses and interest, nearly one per cent on the ?lock; the ltock Island, in the same period earned nearly 4 per cent on its stock. The remain der of the mouth, and the months of Oc tober and November, will probably do ?till bettter. The advance in Harlem to-day was from 21 j fur the old to 27', and from 52 for the preferred to 53J. Central soldnp to 92, but ?lorcd 91 j hid, against 91J at the close yesterday. Hudson sold at 654, closing 64} bid, against 65j yesterday. In the Western shares there was less change. Illinois Central sold in the morning at 88}, dosing in the afternoon at 874 bid, against 881 bid at the close yesterday; Galena at 7*J bid, against 7*4; Rock Island at 7*1, against 80; Toledo at 4ftj, against 49. At the close of the day the market was weak, the following being tho aut orized quota tions:?Virginia C's, 914 a 92; Missouri 6's, 79j a J; Canton, 21 a 22; Cumberland Coal preferred, 13j a 14}; Pacific Mail, 82 a 84; New York Central, 91} a 4; Erie, 111 a j; Hudson River, 64} a ]; Harlem, 22| a 1: do. preferred, 63 j a 54; Reading, 48} a 69; Michigan Central, 71 a }; Michigan Ponthcrn and Northern Indiana, 23 a do. guaranteed, 48} a j; Panama, 12C a 4; Illinois Central, 874 ? Galena and Chicago, 781 a 4; Cleveland and Toledo, 4*4 a 49; Chicago and Rock inland, 7*1 a 4* We are informed, on authority upon which we believe we can rely, that, notwithstanding the re cent compact between the four trunk roads to the West, the New York Central and the Erio continue to carry freight from Boston through New York to Western cities at tees rates than arc charged to the aame points from New York. On some articles the discrimination in favor of Boston and against New York is said to amount to aa much as fifteen cents. Without stopping to comment upon a policy which actually discriminates against this city as a port of entry, we may observe that there fa r? a?on to fear that some, at least, of tho managers of the two Southern roads are?aorcly against their will? satisfied thst the present compart cannot la it. The superior skill and activity of the agrnte of the New York roads, added to the superior location of the roads themselves, have this fall secured for them what the Southern roads consider an nndne proportion of the Western truffle. Hence It would not be surprising to bear at any time that the Southern lines had dissolved the compact. No thing of the kind has yet been done, and the South ern Presidents are of course unwilling to give any ?Bcial countenance to the -amors regarding their fatare intentions. Bat parties who have means of knowing affirm that the month of October will wit ness the disruption of the present cordial uad r standing. and a renewal of the rail: d war. It was hoped that the large bu-.aOM tlu* full would ba enough for all the roads: but it stems thi.t, large aa it - >me friends of the Southern lines are not ?at h tht-lr share cf it, and thirk that a de mo. ?i a at the present time would prove ulti mately printable. A rupture was barely avoided nt the lete convention at the St Nicholaa Hotel; our information leads us to fear that it has only been postponed. The City Chamberlain controversy has gone through another phase. The American Exchange Bank has ceased to represent the Artisans' Bank nt the Clearing House, and the Park Bunk has taken its place. What the cause of the change was the public are not informed. The Artisans' Hanl^sUtes that it was effected " .'or the conveni ence of the Chamberlain;" but the American Ex change Bank publishes a card, in which it Hates that " the arrangement waa discontinued because the condition on which it wee to endcrtake the ex changes of the Artisans' Bauk waa not fulfilled to Its (the American Exchange's) satisfaction." At any rate, the Perk Bank will now rash checks cer tified st the A i linens', snd of course will secure Itaelf by keeping the city deposits. The Park fa a Urge institution in high credit, and hat always been managed wish skill and prudence. Two or three years ago It r-ffer? d to allow four per cent interest on the city deposits; wc do not hear, how ?ver, that any such arrangement has yet been per Ucted by Mr Piatt. The reports from the cotton r* Hons during the past fortnight have been mote favorable, aid many authorities begin to consider the prevailing crop e*timiU-e below the mark. From Georgia anJ Alabami, where the drought did to ma. h mis chief, the planters write in good apfrite and very hopefully. Mu h of course depends oa the date of the first killing f -4, which occurred last year on the ?9th of October. T'? year the crop lea fort night earlier than trial. The flowing fa NelB Ibothers' statement of the move mints of rot ton for the last week an 1 since 1st of September 1869. compared with the five preceding years : ? -- *? ~/*i ? ? I ..r 'T* rati T * ? J''1* More f, ft/ To (P\-r i?-Z. "r* ' r-m" rr ? l^OCO 1,1 000 4 000 1 ?0 }**?'" ?'*2 ?fojo a MO t op) 1,000 if-*, n.... t.ieo 2; ooo neco ? ? i*? ?...?? 100 *4 1'*) ihj to tasv oo ra?o lni.coo ilM 1#00 iseu-oi st ooo io2ooe sow a Z " r- ?-? / . /*ru Amor 1st _ O Hr\ am Franr* Oth f/' v-v* isr.:.-l wooo time ?ooo s*noe itd'wo lifts -T .... s ooo 6 COO SO'O io, re Ttr? tests ??? ? l.oon moo ??ooo is^s ? ... aeiro j-o? leoo 3ae*o o- r.Q 1M9 ?o osooo a ooo 8 000 seiKjo ler.-oo iteo-el . IMW 4,ooo ? l?,out uajooo Thus the week's receipt* show en excess of 4,ooo bnl< a over tboic of last year, and an increase of 9/(0 si r lJ5ft 9, and the export* exhibit the fob k'?lng reenlte: - Cotnii'd G Britain Prime* OOk P P Ihul ?oefc. lil/k lltr. Dmc. Dte D*c- 1*G Lntl )<nu.. .20 000 6 uOO 1,900 36,000 61000 fn< 1166-9 6,000 2,06$ 1 000 11000 163,060 Tlie bids for the Stale loan of $2oo,o*X), for the canal enlargement, were opened at Albany on i Tuesday morning. They arc as follows:? New Yoik Earhsrge Bank.. .I'M 000 pir ? 106 31 nwyeno ft Day 200 0T0 100 32 ? 100 A3 I A. 8 IMMf 10 000 ? 100 75 R H Klrg 160 000 100 66 ? 100 ftl ? Whiteboure, Ben A Morrison. MO ?00 100 62 a 100 90 > Jobn Stll 200 oeo 100 36 t 100 64 j J?? M. 8HI 46 (.00 ? 100 68 ; (1 Wtiak-n 100 ?O0 100 27 ? I'M) 47 I T. W nlcoti 200 MO 100 40* 100 62 ! The? peon Brie 200 ( 00 100 47 a 100 67 Freeman Clarke 26 0C0 ? 100 67 E. E ick 00 600 100 37 a 100 68 The awards were as follows:? Gwyonc ft Day $2 0M> 100 61 ?' 60000 loom A. S. Fouler M) 000 100 76 F H King 3 000' 100 81 Rbinhuutc. Son ft Kuirisou 26,000 100 66 " " 26 000 100 82 " ?' 24 0OO 1( 0 96 John Fill 60 ooo WO 61 V. i?u t.yck 10,000 100 03 Tr'al $200 000 The general loan of 1450,000 was bid for as fol io *?:? John 411) $206 000 101 36 a $5 CtJ ler'c lJa ik ?? 30 OOO 101 03 a 63 V Ten Eyck 60 COO 101 41 a 62 R. H. king 360 000 101 27 a 63 ("bar es F. fleartt 10 000 101 82 a 93 W'?"1 ft On 10,0(0 101 75 WhlWbmsc, Sou ft Morrison. 200 iM>0 101 76 a 102 SO G?)rno ar<l D?y 4'OiOO 1(0 T a 9 Tb< mpr&n Br. c 460,000 101.6 The awards were:? Jr bo Rill f 60 000 101 61 JobnSill 6,000 101.85 V. Ten Kyrk 10,(tO 100 5 7 V. Ten K) eW 10 400 101 A2 R n Ktlif ICO COO 10103 Cbsrles P Hearll 5 0C0 10182 Charles P Heartt 6 000 101 93 Ward J*'o 10 000 10176 Wh t hctae, Son ft M?<rrlsili. 50 GCO 10175 Wbltehocfe, F'io ft Morr'^en. SO 000 102 00 Wliitehouae, ban ft llnrrlsou. 6 > OOO 102 16 Whiiehouse, Fen ft Morrison. 50 f00 102 30 TboaapMO ft Broo 66 000 101 U ToUl $150 000 Pome more earnings of the Western roads the third w eek in Rcptember have como in, and wo subjoin thcin in tabular form: Stj*. 16?82. Sfpf 16?22. Beads. 186v I860. Ine. Gak-ua 47 916 49 067 2,061 Rock Island 28 613 29 3U9 787 Tololo 17 646 19 387 1,741 lilii..'? Central :.9,\ i 69.603 307 Michigan Central 47,804 63,876 16 071 Burling' -n (unoffle a!) ? ? 16,000 The Illinois Central Railroad Company's salea of land for the first three weeks of the present month toot op $98 609 Against imho Hire, 1669 27,684 The collections for the months, 03 advised to the 22d,fr ount to 856 870 For same time laaimoalb 37,066 The receipts at tide water of flour, wheat, corn and barley for the third week of 8eptcwbcr, 18G0 and 1859, have been as follows:? Hour, 6W?. H'Acit. bin ft. t'vrn, buth BarUy, t-uih. I860 66 2(0 921,700 643 500 68 MM) 1869 14,ICO 229,600 173,400 31.800 lncr'ae. 41,100 692.100 370100 37 000 The aggregates of the receipts of the above articles so far for tko years 1&G0 and 1*59 have been:? Hcvt, Wt. luih Com, hut BarUv.bu/k. 1860 621 400 7,e43.6T0 11344 800 167.600 1859 2>8,'00 1,201 200 2.099 400 211 600 lncr'ae.277.900 0 442 450 9,245 400 Dee. .44 100 Reducing the wheat to fionr, the excess in the receipts of i860 is equal to l,566,3b0 Ibis, of flour. The receipts at tide water of the principal ar ticles of produce, from the opening of the canals to and including the i!2d inst., have been as fol low:? 1868. 1869. I860 C'cnsl opm.... ,.Ap>U2h. A;?i( 15. April 25. Four, bb ? 1778 400 213.600 621 400 Wheal, bu*h la.... 6 741.7(0 1 20 1 200 7 01.1 600 Ono 4 (40 990 2 "9m 400 11344 800 Biit.y 482 8110 211 eeo 167 600 Bye 850 300 130,600 171 600 O.U 3,079 800 2,718 600 4,17* 400 Pork, bbis 22 640 30,166 6 770 Bitf 7.109 1 400 2 282 Chefro, lbr 294 ICO 476 7oO 170.000 lard 8,932 100 3.317,700 914 800 Fuller 218,600 376 400 242 600 Bacon 3 006 100 1 772 700 449.800 Wool 2 4 74 000 2 806 -00 1.861.800 The following table shows the condition of the banks in the four leading cities:? Lmt" AixMe (VrniPa. PtpotUt. . X Turk, Vept.13 $12*.* : (li l!>,.-? ws y 480 871 75 7M-3I 1 Fbliad a Sept 24 . 27 740 4*1 4 u.J x;j 2.W640 1S4M442 Boston. Sept IS... 23 l?4 156 9 861.413 8 949 404 14 421 MS B.Urtoaus. kt?ul5 It) *.?7C ?94 7.1*1 16? 19 4V 033 Total riU.N,* e-8 J) St.- *86 X ?49 101 ICr.X7.P6t LM week Ml.474 Ml *9 .02* 99? as US.Stt U6 (A4 *bl Drwaan ~~UBVl - ~~ 90 861 SMr* Increase - M3S.39S - The following dividends have been declared:? The Ocean Bank, at Newburyport, five per cent; Mechanic*' four per rent, and the Merchanta' three per cent?ail at Newburyport. and payable 00 Monday next; the tillage Bank, at Danvers, Mass.. tlir'c and a half per cent: the Lowell and I-a- rtnce Railroad, three per cent, payable Octo ber 1. The later foreign news by the Quebec steamer reports firmer markets in Kugland for both cotton and grain, with very large sales of the former at the advance of ;d. a id., received by the Adiiatic. Consols 931 per cent. The New Orleans ricnyvne of the 22d inst "fib- " * V lha Mamarctat moremcot during th< put week h?a beca tar more exteaatre than tba pruneutBg oao. but tba effect thua far on the money market u aaeirl/ to itwck tba further hardening or intra, without mnliag negotia tion' much esater Ibe lntc?a?ed ?Hon of cotton bare Imported mere confidence In {.nam ml circlte, and under ?U.i r eirramatancea vouid hare lnfiorxced the market decidedly but lbe t?;menta to be met b. or-for ward ere 10 lu|t tbat It w:l! rcijB.rt a *uiU owl move ;u Chit dlr*c l:'-u to keep tbn re roug In f?et, the general lutprekctoo tt tbat ?? ma; kirk tor a bn per cant ma-kal during tba whole ol lie wuiter Tb baAhcraara murtitg cautiuuaiy, and muet ol tb- n> bartlUlk- n.irptu* Tt.rae *bo bold ra ?errea are retkUtl*g Uetn talUt tbe /Iter of tanning In exebaj ge at tatlr own raU* O.idm r aegotlatiooa Kg a 1 to ,.?d paptr bare beeti mjdi- at 10 a 12 pineal, ILoujcb U* r >n j eiM1. "U#r nam> r range from 12 a 18 Tbe errircla o4 Mrgicaa Hirer l.rte but week amount to K-M.1M, Ibe bu'k of bae bora rold at ?K ? Mt V ?''t peimtcm. Tbe abipaeLta la Uie atttrt'lt romirla' *274.110 to New Torn, of 2124 Ut >a Amiri-an *M*,aad tba rtiaaladtr Mertcan dot la.' ? With a Uie pa*! fr w daya tb* oflfc ring* of exrbtnf e bate materially 4 cr??*td. and ralee for ail daarrlptiooa bare re- ?oe#i h t* Oi>Urrpr< ju'lga** wtaker,at!today Dig-1 ..tjf! I ?io rtmonlj '1 itx ill erto at a la*gt rc ?'at t.'a i*iaty ?a>a io tbe North drooped po 4a/ % par pott. Tba tame i t.a of bdia wbkha t*J or two ttaoe bretgM \ a J, dtrr e-.iJd art br morel botlar than I),, at J mm lb ?tbe tat ga ? .teeda to 2 JRerluig re ceded b ICt.'a ? J'*-. (or prima, with but little diapai tiot. to rpr ate IV cam ut btli* of goad make ran bo bad at tba bank rail' not ujer t.rer ICR. Traaea Wife dealt to to a mid.r*ta extent at If 20 t U II Tba 1 weatt.r un leewrnt a ?? 4>tra cbtrite fwtartar, aa<l tbw BM.rr if U?? ttnrmometne f?B to lldrg Aaltnilar apall ?r.Oi'ttu tb" rami 'Xj r l?'d waa faltoeed at u.r b gtaBlngnl Uctobef by a abnip cotd, aad tcrn.i uat<op tie' Hi-. *ilfi a killing fr<?h It will not do, boeercr, to altat h at,; iniportauce to auch a precedent i With the accept n uf a lioary Mi-raj ou -aturday. we hare bad -fry wtalber. an 1 c-Hfoo picking baa ptvfT.w< <1 ra.titly. fi tuttau'y tbo ti.rr.caue did trt rrtaad tato . the ruoct.y, ax.-. o?r r. b- a.t Un t no .r r) waaaua 1 taiood in tb. H -e ea't p i ?K,tiom? or tbe Allmtlc tttat'e Mill we are a ? .iriubeo by tbe ar'ouata pouring la tbat In maay mUm the rotton rai a< t well rer-.rer fme Ibe pFn?ra ted d'ought of tbe anm.-nrr. In other i<r?:tt<? lU At t -it aod . y.mber ratot bare etartel II. arrom 1 growtit, bad Ho Id fi el hoi! off until Na remtier tbire may he a part m ret net of tbe prr> ml ?e.iu.*tie gmnal ruaol bgurra la !>? ,n i.Woio 1.210 tt on if.< ? * t of fc ;. re, act firru 3 ' H h 4 5?d 11 oa tb- ltdg or altera. Cleik Krrtinnfre W?P' ep?r, Vert II IRRO ? IPC# M. 9 79 V Nn,iHu,l:R IW IHd e> Tf'l 100 .la boo H , l?roR *ftKi-tthh ion<2 uu ..t-oo 23>< tot o tan hft 4mt b? 61 >, licit do *t HfO t.r ? nm be. Ait 1*0 I'oo Bar -m F.!'. prof. M ROC* ffad R ? f Ida 101 too do bl? it << HH Mar tmtjte bda 9R 1.4 do t-rg) |. lft- r< v bSo im boa ?t'< 1M do 14'f ICaO do 17II Ml do bit M'| 11(9 K la l?t fiiga . Rfi lf> Vecoad Av RR .. |M (-0*0 Dl Cra P" ' ( . 9"11 l..f0 r.oaHag RR..... IP'< i,-0 do t i l"t> do.,... r(0 ?? Rtn,?l do.... IO- 1") do l?0 49*f HWlXARlatmtgh. 7< >, i<? do ....beo 4'<?| ICf 0 t.t r A T a I I lit 71' /II! tlin lift 72 SOW C Isfc'jRRRr* * Ml II Re A V la RR 2S\ IfiO rbr N V Ub 1 R W 2V) W.| ar. t M m KB. 15 21 .k>.... ?50 P. , net i-o 1?M ?to do.... liO P-: , ? . Tod a t Cir RR . 40 lot do ....hit ca tOMcbV .Nig a ta ??'fo d. P2 ft) do. .. ?d0 4RH '?'0 d" ,d) It.' .... Ml 19 I 1 31" * '-*t 22. ICOT anan . R. t?H 300 do.... 860 do... -'00 do... . ..llA 10 do... 1(0 do... 673 Krie RK... IbtO do.., 19 do... liO do... 1.6 do.... 120 do... 1(0 do... . xlO 110 do... 100 do... .130 92 V 26 do 1M 82 160 Ulluolk Oou KR ko ut? M\ 360 d> UU 92 V I'O do 88 V 62 6UC|AT,(*I icin HR 99 43 50 Oe* * "ill R'UJQ 18 42* $(?> do 16X 42\ 250 Gal it Chic RR . . 74 42'I 300 do 787^ 43 AO do blO 79 42',' 100 do b.'? 79?; 42'4 100 do 74 V 43 100 do bl5 71V 43 V 60 do blO 7?V 26 (Vi t hod urn,. 96 V 20 Clove k Tolod.< RR 48 V 94 Erto KHa?e'tl etlr. 41 2040 do 49 tO Hu<Jeon Ri* RH.. 6VV 8'?0 do KO 66 V 100 do. bltO 65 V 1"0 do b.'iO 49 V 66 V 100 do 49 V C.VV 200 CbiARkld RR.nJO 80 66V -?0 do 66 V 126 do 1>30 22 200 do blO 22V 300 do 80 V 22V 100 do *60 80 22 V 100 do b30 80 V 22 V 100 do bOO 80 V 22 V 360 do 88 22 S 60 do b20 80 V 22V 60 do o 797V ?V 100CM,Bor&QRR b60 92 22,'< 100 do 91 V 23 45 Del, L&WRR.. 92 23 360UCr??j&UII RR IV ?v 10 Ch>, if H AMU R11. 121 240 do..,. 250 do.... 8>0 do.... .1)30 100 do.... no do ... 160 oo ... 2<(i lUrRm RR. 660 do.... 1(0 do 1 88 100 do.. . . blO 1760 do.... 1300 do.... iro do.... 1100 do.. SCO do. .. blO 110 do.... tiO do.... 160 do.... blO 400 do.... ?6000 Virginia 6 a . 49V 49 V 92 400 chB Roari'gRR *30 48 V 80C0 IViik *n 6'f ,'90 91 60 Mich Gen KR... 71V (OfO VfiMonri 0*... 7i*V 80 do *60 71', ICblO N Carolina 6'a. 88 V 200 Mich R/tN Ind RR 23 V 2; 0 (be NT Con RK . 91 V SOli do 160 28 210 do blO 01 V 100 Panama RK 126 100 do tJO 917, S00 niCcaRRdcnj. blO 88 780 Erie RR 42 V 100 do 87 V 200 do 130 42 V M CleftPttfeRR b30 18 100 Eric RR aee't et'k 40,% 100 (Klena & Cbl RR 78 V 60 lludR.v RR..bo0 66 100 Clev & Toledo KR 49 60 do 6471 WO do 4?V 2(0 Harlem RR. Si V 400 do 060 49V SCO do bl6 22V 200 do b3 49 SCO do 630 22 V SCO do *30 49 V 300 do 221, 120 Cbl ft Rlc Ik I'.R.. 79 100 do 22 V 100 do 030 79 ICO Harlem RR pref 64 260 do.'. 78 V SCO do 63V 6 LftCroweaMiilRR IV 100 Read ii K RR 48 V 60 do IV 600 do 060 49V (1TY t'OMMKHCIAI, RKPORT. Wsrate-IMT, fxpl IM?a P. M. >?ii*h?The market wis uncharged and salt* limited, at 86 26 'or pet* an4 $6 56fur pearl*. Bkkai ?Ttr>">.?Flour?Tue market wai Arm nod active. Th<- usual "t./?" failed to arrlre, and hence the arrival* were limited. The tra-raci ion* embraced about 2ft,OCO bbl*., ik.slng wllhtn the folio tv in g range of price*:? RuperAne St?te T $6 10 a 6 20 17xtrs -Ha;", fiorn dtl and new wheat 5 4ft a 6 58 Bnpertlne Weiterp 6 10 a 6 'JO Uironwn to choice Weatern eitra 6 15 a 0 75 St. Liuls extra 5 05 a 7 78 Hl.oil t > itralxht Southern 6 76 a 0 10 Straight to good i xtra do 0 15 a 7 60 Choice exlra lamtly and baker*' brand*... 7 60 a 8 75 R'C Hour 3 60 a 4 80 Cuii meal, .It rr?y and PranJy wine 3 50 a 4 90 ?Canadian (lour wan Hrm, with rale* of 700 a 8C0 bbls. at (6 00 a 67 60 for extra txrutturn llour wa* steady, with tali* if 2,000 bble , cbeirg within the range of the above price*. Kyo II .ur wua eteady, with tales of 600 bid*. at tue above flgure* Corn meal wa* In llfht supply, and tales limited at all tbo price* Wheal wa* flrmer by lc a 2o. per buahel. ?Thctow'' bnvlug railed, "?Ur wire more extiusive, and crn j braced about 60 000 bushel* at SI 60 for prime white Kt' t i ky, 01 34 a SI 45 6 r prime white Mu-nigaa, 81 34 a r! SO f r f ilr to pr me whit" Ojfo, SI 28 a fl 30 fcr m . i r do , SI 28 a II 28 for red Wetu rn. $1 27 for mixed Weaicra end rpi ng. SI 24 a SI 2S ior amber spring Iowa. SI 22 a SI 24 for illlrvaukro club, SI 22 ?"r roll re t Wcsttrr SI 79 a SI 22 for No 1 Chicago spring, and SI 16 a 71 18 'ur No 2 do. Co u held with Armnesa and c.rfcei *t 0, with talcs cf 30,(00 a 40,000 hmhei* at ?7%c. a 88c for a 'Ur.d We*fern mixed, and at Tin. a TJ for round and flat Western yellow. Rarley was la good do mand, with tale* i.f 12,(60 bethels at 85l a 86c. for Cauqetaw<it and S'ale. Rye was In good supply. with Halo 8.700 bushel* at 75c. (Kits were Arm. with Bale* of Weth rn at 38c a 39c.. end Safe 39c. a 39 %o Ccdu?I he cargo of the Ocean Ranger, oooslltlog of 3 fCO cage Rio, war m>U on private term*, tale* other wire were ur.important Coitus ?The ilrmnev* tn the market noticed yeaterday will n.cli tainrd to day, with ial's of between 2 600 a 3 (00 balit, cl-. ng n.ff, on tfle hast* of 10%* f>r mid Clmg. Aflir tho new* by the Anglo .Saxon, tae market wa* lirmer. Sktn.iim ? Rate* wtre steady, but *<nr.ewhat lea* act Ire. To Liverpool about 40 0(0 a 60 000 buthela wheat, r mc In bulk, at 12%d ? *"*' "i ships' bag* at 131 ? 1,60(1 bbls Pi erst 3* 9 i , 2 CtO Co at 8* Sc. a 3<. 94,, 200 bb.r train at 3*. 61 , and 200 boxer cheese at 06*. Tj I or don 1(00 bbls flour at 3* 10 %4 To Bremen 100 hale* of CotV n el ?,d To Hiu.norg were taken by rteamer 40 a to hal- s of In p* at 2? per lb., loo bale* p' cottrr and 860 bag* pimento at %'e., and 80 bbls. pot ashes at 30*. * l"n e?Cry cod wn* In good supply, an1 the market tolriably active at full price*, lb" aal?* tbll week hare ein<>rar.i d 2,(CO a 3 COO quinta'*, Urge bank. at S3 67 a 64 12% . and d em 's t ank at SI ?7% ? >4 60 S'u w. r>-i were firm but lura active The aaiea tin* we k have em braced 1,660 bbl*., In Mr. at SH lor No 2 bank, S6 a fl 60 for No 3 do., and S4 60 for i mall No 3, and hay No 1 a', f 18. No S *1 SU 60. and No 3 at 36 60 Box rsrrtcg were ?e llr* at 33" a 86.1 for arak-d N'n 1. and 1 OOO a 3.(00 bcxea Mtgdaltn at 82a. a 34c. Pick It-1 wer* doll. B*T?The market was steady, with awl * of 1,000 bales meatiy at 7(>c a M*. for *blpplng. Piwr?4alea of 260 Jute *"re >a*t made, tn arrive hare, at 80C, 8 months, and 700 hales Manila In Boston at dl.c , lie* 1 per coot, 8 month*. Hoi* ?Old wrr? qui* I, wbllo the arrival* of new were light. The suit* were hinted, while price* were Arm rktie* this wetk of n*w an 1 lor fulurw delivery wer* mad* al 25c a 80c. IPC'* i Her tcb p'g ccipiir'-ed Arm, with sale* tbla week nt tbO a 700 too* at S22 60 a S23, six month*. 17m latter Aguro for best brands. I ma was l:-mer and Is good demand Rale* tbl* week have embraced 2 COO bbls , In-, udlng remmau at 80c. and lump at SI a 11 10 f-v Ki* kiatd. Mr t*?e?* ?tale* or 130 hbd* Cuba muKuvade wern r .a. . at 96c Nitu hr sr* were steady. Hie tales embraced about 2(0 bbl* ij ir'tr turpentine. rtraigbl and New York har r Is. and 100 do New Yolk barrel* at 41" . 600 bbl*. en mm No. 2 twin al SI 46. 4t0 No. 1 at 82 08 a S3, and 1,(00 eon n. u were reported sold, afloat, at SI S3 deliver e<l, per 310 ib*. The (ollow'.rg table frmi Ike clr?itar of C. J. Turner, girt* lit* itccipu and txpvcla at tflla pwrl, a* follow* ? A'?c? Ki-Crijtt. Wrrk 8it> '\d Jan I. ffirt. Crude turpent'it*, bkl*... 709 2 910 4* 185 6 000 Fi'irlt* turpentine. 8 7*1 14 618 12" *01 | oro Vrwin 28 4>6 44 330 5JO OUT SO 000 T?r. Tit 2,044 42.(00 2.000 FrprU. Cr Tuy fp. f-rp. No, in. Iter. Total lu* week ? 1.S90 9,519 ? Rlttw lit ir*l 3 IH9 4.642 S3 881 ? H'rce Jan car v 1 41.741 61 619 370 620 20 964 8amr 18(9 4k 803 60 979 438.660 18.420 fiita?Ini*t?d wa* steady, wltb salm making In wiu at Sim aad is bb* at eOc. Hi* foUowlng, from la* M 6<t(.?"aa'i Shipping Lui. ?ivc* ths movuent* la UM Nrw Bruford market (V r the week ending ths 24lb ln*l ? We sntlce mom a-.tivity the past wwak la the market fbr Sfrim aiid ?*.-? to lb* rvtcct cf 2 264 bbls bare boeu made staee rat last Met. la parealt. including a cargo of 1,510 bbl*. al SI 64 per gallrn. In Writ purl COO bbl*. ? MM nl 81 63per gallon, cash ow dehv?ry, and In fd gar town 60 hbis at SI 45 per gallon. The trmnaaetino* la whale fbr the ?n? include raU* of 2M bhla al 64a par , I alms, a nc 640 do. Woutb Wra ar.d hnmpbaok at the Nya'* targo, at a price not tram ptrcd. Taoi ? .oss ?Pork ?The market WW* quiet, aad m#u4 wtidnll the salt* rmhraaed 304 a 4(0 bbl* al SIS 24 4 , 119 37,% for m-m, with prime atS14aS14S4. Br*f wa* Mr*dy, but *ol active tbr sale* embraced 360 bbl*. , a' 86 i 84 Ir'f rcuatry mt**. M a S9 il fer repacked Wester*, aad SU a SU 60. for extra prim* meaa was qaiet Bereo aad cnt meat* w?c* Arm, atd prlee* oowl- i rial lard was ntchaag' f, wltb tah* of 9(0 a 800 bbl*. ?t 12Hr (be bntchne*', and IS tec for Wcetera Rultar a nt) chctve wrre tn f.d emend aad price* steady. ?**??? ?:.*?!> *i 4*,c a fcc Rrtiass ?71m market wa* steady, wltb a fair de-nanl | (rem lee traui Um sees en hraced about 8M bltd* Cuba p >?(vad? at 6%i if r fcr rcAulng good*, aad *4 I 4*,c a To. for grucvi r giad<e, with *wtail Inta do. at 7%c ; 1,700 boxtS (ur reOitiag ait'.c, aad 20u bag* LWUmm sugars at S'.c T.* ?Tbr pwbl.csals tn day was cm pee* d iw*Uy of gn<r s. nrarly til of wfctrb wir* ec-l.S, e rtaln rg prertoua qoctatice The Mack* wer* "f g<*>4 qt* ?iy and sua teined ]<nom, wf.ils a portion we'r* with drawn The is ?? w-?< rra " ? .i:the 'oil wtog rang* at quotalti** ? II) ion sold at r.4 sr- * SOe . yenng hysoa at 54c a (9c . bysou skin ftt 34 ," 4 36< . tysrw twftn hay it tt He a 4k%r twaakay at 55 1 ;c. alt?c gwr.pow- ! dar al . a 44c ; imprtial USOHe. a 40c ; eokmg at 40* a 62 ?*o . eogrhreg at 4Jn. The aaln of cargo Fl? ,a* , t >1, nf 2 504 half cheat* oUowg, wa* also a id at foil prttw* Wnainsrw ?w* r ''ee *ali*of 4,800 1b* Northwmt ton *? nth Mo *t 70n. b npniT ?Tbi maikrt in *M*<fy, wltb oak* tl 23 ,'e , l*r gallne MOW 1URK IATTI,K N1RKBT. W *rvxTiar, Rept 24.1140 mr C4TTLC. The brwkert and drnvni* tppear d to bekswp'cg boll fay yInilay, an 'li te had tbry to do. Th* great mass *f | thecotUa which harearrirvd r'ortag Um pa*, ftw day* weir 1y leg mmrrardiy ariund the yards, aad but tor tb? , em.-.titrable r.omher uf mco and bny* *ltllng arounJ nn the fencr*, nc* might h*v* ttiipcedlt was Rr.nday, lu s'rad of WsdrrMay, *o llttfa bu. tie wa* Utnre tn cm parV n W that wb'nbeh*r*eterl*s# l!ie gr. at mark*! day I al Coll'* head. The great secrat of thi* heata tt* tlacl that I tbiee ihlrf ectu mer* !'>r b*"( caUls. the Je- ? wer* *b srnl frcm the yard* pornniemnr*I'd* the fifty of *!"?? w.'of. w ' ' '?!? it ? tr-f d*y and, arv r' ng to Br br*w r'stem lbr*v?hi".t thewcrl' alistaln |M4B ford aril drIrk. ar.d ru*n. Ilsvrm*, ficm bu'lnaao. The rrsu't was that the 'leefcstiie market was about lbs dultett Of tbc d .1 to .ay. a> . a kladt'd Tcelated I* value malrrlally Tl re were a few See ll?ri which sold 0(1 Tiievtiiy ir.ornieg at 10c per |\icn(i. but to dar I aaly ? very tw could brtag t'.n , and th* bulk e l t r mc rfl. r, g? ?... I ?t a > i I' < th< r gra-'re realirrd frrm 4%c a S'.e. There were nn sale t? Cay a larger acmlrr t,aa usual no Weducwdays, aud the hi >k if' -mwrrn peer tl was tbr. :gbt tb?t qt It* a oi tnher wru d be l*C| over uWSoM, tent tt M pre 1 able llry will he br n?i-t ,i|> o* Thursday m.m'r.g Al TV rg'K It'll the e*h<i en (fm fay r<-?'1 I'* cad TVm vere *1 tmrtep'* 4,1*h he..rt. at i'i I the c'ty yarda t 411 h- ad mas .rg a gland tola. ? t 6,471 hd*d, aga u*t ON head teat week. The total receipts at all the yards fcr the w?ak and leal ?wk were ea Mioare.? Wu.-kit*!u* ItroumtMu * CkniiU* t OU ?n't This week 4 155 I4S .49 Ml teit week.4 669 lit 54 4(1 The ourrenl prioaa for lbs week at all Uio market* are as follows ? ana <uma. First quality,per cwt 49 00 a 9 so Ordinary I 11 ? kUO Common 7 00 a 8 00 Inferior 0 40 a 0 60 oows am> rui.vas. First quality 460 oO ? 46 00 Ordinary 4u 00 a 6o 00 Omiimna So 00 a 40 00 Interior it DO ? 30 00 vail (MLTta. First quality, per lb 8e ale Ordinary 5o. a 6,(<?. Qimnuip 4c. a 4 Inferior ?\o. a In. HHV.KF AND latum Prima quality, par bead..... 46 00 a 4 00 Ordinary ? 4 oo a 4 60 Common 3 '46 a 4 76 Interior.,. 3 76 a 3 00 SWIM. First quality ?Xe. a 8\o. Other qualities Oo. a l;,o. M'.LCH COWS. With the recurrence of cool, heailby weather, the market for milch cowi kae roiumod a more animated aod buoyant appearance, anus fair demand prevails ,'or ail ? >od grad? a. both lor private family u.-e ana from the milkmen ot Locg lBland, New Jeitey and various country towns ailjaoent t? the city. For joor, old cows, however, there la little in quiry , acd this it script ion continues hard of sale and jir>cia are merdy seminal The hulk of the oflhrli ga ' were ordinary, lul wo nolle d several vory prime Wood, d rows In the yard, all ol which wi ro d(> .itsed <.t for lami y j coo, at prices vary Ins from $70 to 4110 per bead The | receipts at all the yarda for this week and last wouk were > aa ioI.o?a:? IfatAutiVua Browning'i. Owmbulin'*, 0' Brltn'i. | This wetk... to 19 34 43 ' Lust week .. 14 17 63 63 | vwti. Calves. The market was r.n ei lerebly more active jodor the In- j of ibe mm c favorable weather, and holders maul frrwd coraldersMe in tbelroporaliotis Theof- ; f.niys wtre mainly of an ordinary quality, hut ih'"e wbb quite a large t r of flee veils on role at all the j yards, which r> a.lily commanded 7c. per pound. A ; large number ware [laced at from 6>?c. 108)50., out the average price could not have fnlleu tun d? sh irt of , 6c. per pound lho inferior to ordinary descriptions | broiikht fx in 3 V to 4>ic. but In consequence of the absence cf Jew nutcbtm ihcy wero slow of aslc. The . V lui rt-rt ipis a', all rhe yards lor the week and lust week ! were as ton. wt ? Watki*'/'*. Drammg't. toainfcrlin't.Oflrien's. I This week 3h4 *6 84 173 | last week . ....282 03 163 11)4 1 X11TKP ANW LAMB1). There was a consider ab'v loving ? 8 in Urn receipts dnr- ? Ir-fi the i net week at moat ?f tl.e yards, and a better feeing in Uio market was He immect.ate result. The market v as buoyant snd prkos advanced two to four I (hillings per bead, the selis ringiua at our .pioP'-lamR 1 above, Good lo prime ollerln|3 wi re very drm, aud aalc* were readily i (b eted as fast .is tlu-y nri ired. Tho number on le to .la* was cou*V|uent)y moderate, r.nd | only a few of Ibe inferior gratis ruuaincd unsold In the ! alter r?rt of the day. Trices rac|pa from 43 76 to 46, and extras brought from 461" $0 per trad. The tout ro ceipts at all the yards lor this week and b-t nek wero aa follows ? Wjuhinalnn. Browning'!. Chan! rlln'aO'lri'u'l Tlila week... .188 fi 133 3341 3,833 lost week... 1,630 0,613 6 *3 4,183 SWINE Were In plentiful supply, but with a mntloned mo di rah-ly active datnaad pricea are maintain-)?the ralot belnq at 8 a 6\'o. per jiouDd. The total lumber oiler big was 7,908 hewd HECAPITCI. ATI0V. Tba total receipts ot all stock at all the yards for the wcik and last week were us follows:? Brnvs Couss. VfaU S\ttp? L Washington 4,185 36 304 889 Prowuinx's 143 19 36 8.131 Llu.mberllh'a 48 38 X4 3 341 O Brim's 38 43 173 3,833 Total "...4.411 115 596 12.S83 Last week 4 163 137 8*1 17,379 receipts it the khie hailboad. Oattlc 3 04'i Horsca 15 Hogt 1 935 Calves 36 Bhecp 4.033 THE LATL8T AUV1CKS BX-tlVtn AT Tilt NEW Y011K. BKHALI) OFFICE, baputkber 38. 1500 Acapuleo. Mei July 11 Madrta Aug 27 Aden Aug 19 Maatllaa Jury 10 Akyab, Bengal Hity .May 12 M . Irid Aug M Alexandria, Kgypi. 11a; 28 as, Cuba .. dept. 11 Anioy.. A|.ril 33 Msurillua, 1. ocean.Aug. 7 Antigua Aug 17 Mayague/., P H....Aug. 26 Apuadilla, P. B July 1 Melbourne. N 8. W.June 19 Arroyo, P K Aug. 21 11. s-ina Aug- 12 Aspinwall.N. Eay . H. pt. 18 M.-xicu (city) Aug 39 Asuitcluu, 1'arag y.. Ma- 19 Mlnatitiou July 0 Auckland. N. T.. . A(>n)28 Mourovta Vfrlca.. July 33 Aux Oaves, Hayll..> >'t8 8 MootevMku, 8. A ... Aug 10 A?|ier, E 1 July 6 Hauler..) ..MaaiOo \ug 24 Hah in, 11 axil An* 17 Muac.t ?ieb. 17 Bangk<4i, 8imm.... June 21 N'sgarakl, Jojau Juite 10 Barbadoet "k-pt II N'apba ? Itaurla, Java July 9 Ka^an, N. P *"* 7? Hsthurst Africa.. ..June 20 Neurilss, Cuba....8ej4 13 Bellse.Hon Sept- 2 "m x, lion tug. 4 Bermuda. f>Vt. 11 I'adarg Iks.' 18 Ik-guta, K. C ..July 13 Palermo Aug 34 B> obay,K.l Arg 7 Panama, X I! Sept 16 Bonaire lab. 29 |"ara, Braail luly JO Bu. iua Ayrtss, 8. A Aug. 8 Paris Sent 18 Berlin b>?? 8 I', i Ho,China .. ...(>ct. 24 Baden Uailen J nut 34 Peuang.... July 3 Berue A g 10 p. rnttinbuc.Bra/ d. Aug. 19 1 Beyrout Aig 33 Pouce, P. 1! Aug 4 1 OopetibMaa A i 23 l*ort au Pi-itl, 81 D Aug 16 I Cab utta Aug. 3 Port au Prince,n ?y i^ept I 1 Ckl'lera June 7 Purl8pa;n.Trmxiad Aug 37 Calian, Ptm Aug 39 p.,rtUmt, ?>reg"0...June 33 j Ounpvortiy Isc 13 Puerto CWbvHo,Ven. Aug 39 Ckta> lufliea.luyti SejA. 9 (yueruatowa 8rp4 6 CkiwToSt.C. ti. 11 July 21 Itio Grand-.Bra/d..July 39 Caracas Aug 31 Raal<9" ^or . : Cardi nal, Cuba....Ihpt 14 lUo ita. V ]' ' Carlbag.xia, N C. . Mav 15 IVm'd'oa Sept 14 , Ckycnne.yr.Oulana.aug l'4 M.o Jao?;r? Aug. 10 i Cw-ufu'gse, Cuba.. S , \ 13 Kr* rlo... . May 19 | Ctudad Msllvar.Vcn Aug 36 Koataa . . Aug 9 Colombo Aug 4 Southampton P<pt 6 ' Coiuma. Mex Jul) 10 8an Cla.- ..April 30 I Cunabuibnoiile Aujr 39 Sag '* la Grande, C. sept 7 ! Comayagua, Hun... May 38 8alt lak.'Clty Aug .11 ' Coqulml* Mo 39 Pan l/ilr rvtwl Mex Aor 29 Curaev* July 20 Hon I'rauciscr.. I C.A-pt 13 Itmarsra, B Go'a .f 1 Stan J--n.Vl ffor....J?ly 35 llm.oa. Africa Juts 10 frsnJoac,Costa Rica Jsly 16 y at al AsofUS......Aug. 6 8a ti .1 nan dvi N <rte. Aug IJ Koaobow Jut ' 30 i'an Halv?.J..r C A .July 36 ; Gal* ay A Xept. 7 Hanta MirU. S. ?. V 24 Ueooa 8ept. 1 Ka van 111* J'?)J 41 Galnb a Aug 10 PtwngW Jur." 30 C. uat* tnala ........J s. .27 ki> rtsli -ie, All .ea A u ; 10 I GlbtalUr ??p4 4 Fu gai'.re luly 18 I Cfoaaivea,Hay'll....Aug. 30 Slsal.Mettob An* 17 ' Granada Nic leb 21 Pin/ilia. Tfouey.. 1- 1 ' Gnadalrxt* July .""l Hanta |e, M. M ... May 15 i Cuayama, P. R June 34 Santiago 4?i bw aa ? Gua)a3,.,i,lxua.lor May 39 be H. res, S. B ...-Jaa 28 ! G1 syamas ........ Jon" 94 Bombrero 9pt. H , Havana. Cuba fr'ft 1* Ht. < rola....- July 29 1 Hubart T?wb,V D I. April 23 Hi. fo < llr. July 34 i If. nx Kong .. Jly 7 M II. '? ? BmmTVi A-'.g. 10 HI Jag" .!" Otl'A... i?. 4 I Jaeo'l. fUvti.... Ang 9 ft ItWrbnrr Aug. 39 Jarvis Ulaxd, P. O. May 4 M Johns, P. K.... -8 pt 13 Jrrrmte. Hay! I ....Aug 9 84 Kit! *"? ? gtiiutwt, Japan July 23 HI Thomas Supl 11 Kingvuiu, Ja Aug 33 tumatra Juaa 4 Key Wr*? Hspt 17 f rteata, Irttch O. Aug 5 i.ienayra. Vetier 4t 7 10 ffdwf, K S. W.. J me 71 Laluiua, H I May 8 Timet-... Aug JO IJvrrpuoi 9-11 14 7 ,f ? ? .? |,>'bon f? |A- 1 Tri al!'",PI udur a. Sept. 13 I/stdra ..*??* 14 T .11 .6- vl.'ards June T I, t. .>i ? j i'' .1 *."1' t' tie" J y 7 klsilvira Aug 18 Ti. U1 deCul*.. t 4 Malaga, Fj-tta .. ..A-g 81 Turk 7 hmds Bapt 2 Mali;. 9,pt. 4 T" \hg "7 Manila, Pliiiln. Uls .'aly 1 .. <7>'ie ... vug 17 Msr**vx. N c ... .May 1# V aIVua, M too. ? Mvtuwnllla. Cuba... Aug 37 4innm 71* !! M raralbo, 7'encz .. Aug. 35 It.av- r.g Jaae 30 MaraeilPa foft 10 Yt.-aian .......... *?? '? M?j liuiu e Aug. 19 Yoka'iama. J ij^n ... Jn.y 19 ESS Apr..23 lantlhar.M.CMaB Its'aaaeraa Acg 30 faratenak M-f 1 POSTAL DIRECTORY Fardlga arid Damnllc Mall*. moo^ctofiwd at th? kbit t*a >tf'<tb. ...BoriA?Albany, Buffalo and llaaad* . .JH P. N Rartk and !*?.' ?|. ,,*l< I A ? ff?i?rri wall, r i KHa IR MM an I'f P ? bn.tA and Ho W. mill S A M aad ?H I* M Baatara mail by railroad I A M aad 1 P. BV*BA*Mlild.O* ffundaT all auni>i> altv a *Zjm at 1M V M l .? atrwm al I', P. M all i Oiurtwu *? MM mail ? Artal <m V.'.lajp. Ot lonar I Iff A. M. ffca r.Tarlan.' Ma : for tMf.i" a . ?a*-i m l*i at arerr Mondar and TA.ia.lar a; A ? M Una? 'laaifnad for ilaA > Id Ua aaaikri mum land, rla m I/rola" AlUKtt'lTT lM Inrr-and Mall friAB *. d(*-a.A 'V? i *4 ' Lata nty, marra ?. JnawpA r?ar Monday and TAunalay, al ff A. N ??.'?r? ak- 1 \-% na?. and "Orarianl. *u W Inarnk." ?e Paaind. Br r*an.-Aip Artal on v odaj. na lotirr I Id A M ?'fl" *?"?* < m tbr ,lay Afvr lha an . ?? r m?M ?'*?r aa'r I'unard parfcit at tA,? pi i sa- g< k"? ai nUi, tit alaianatrJKjtrntk ? Hi . a .1 ?. , ?M atatfei for I A# Bakaaaa lataoda 10 <w 'aao. at ba'aort. X. P. KVMdft.. ...Ill tbaa Mli Aala. Wrdnarda? Bap Inatibrr X .... I? A.M. Dtraa Pi OMBT P dnrli'*, 01 Mtidar < k lotrr I II AM. TTMB OP CLOfftMl AT TII? LOamiM 0B*fTB. ,TA? Orrrland Mall In IV* out rl ?<<a 1-. 1/' <na ta follow* -Via M*-? I it, tin- .no litlli of Mrk nu alA Tia *? nban , toa oa thclPAa-' ?l OaiCTTTA... Id. lt*A 1Mb. Iff A rla M?r*r M II* IM BAA, IT' 1. * ia pmAhaniutna. Cat at AO...Ma M?r? to* . n 'ho li-fc and MB. fTa* '* ao.i |n? Mb and MfV AMTAAlti. TlaMaan a and ?ft m tb? id 1 flak* a air | inn aad Au"?. llih ? tt?mtl... Tia Adm no |A* Alb aad T*'A of 'Aa A. ?a ami. , ,T!a -U t.i?n ; ??*> on I if d>kt mi.t* BP Tb?*~ llr* n." a ar? "apaarAad mil a ? t> aAci? datM aAo-;.| a ? >.f r -r oalM atl on t w f, iW u-a't w daanalrhaii tin f./lnarlai ?i ,n? Tad BbutBan't'ea wa art dr?paUA?.1 ?a *A? n. irataf of a kit- date* filHttiM any of ?;hw fai >? PwUv U>? MA 1 lin dr*pah'Jk*td morninif nrrviunn Pv?f ??* ro I'ktoiuv 4?i> tut. AJt^KVllXB <h>*r?:PNluetoN I?Y THY ?lUMCP V in WeklV rfQM rl?H ?'? 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(he French Pout Ufli ? bnvn|{ appoint*) it own *lf? nt? 4 Mon*??l?!eo ar d ? a kyrta. vbotre authorized W I r*eet? e the poet??e In advene# S H I P P I N G N EWS. floftMiBU aa ?h?*n MUniutrt riUlM KPKOP*. iVamMi Lmxr,K. LmUa. Itot I Edlntmrg*...........Llrwpout Pept if.. N?w York ! SajonU Riiih?mpW7n Hunt lH...Ne? Vork ( Ql%*Knw Liverpool Hopt 19...New Vork I Arago flout heivudoD Kept ?9 Www "ork NnnhHr*u?t> Uverp.-u Kepi 3U... vjaehat ikmaaiuov <*?!??* Kept 2ft .New York vmdcrMR Rouihamptfm Sept ?f;...N*w York ll?w Turk South' n?pt?? Oct 3...New York porn tola. KotiMu*Oij'U?n Oct I new York lilttuu*. .... Hon tbikjiuOtfj ....... Oct I0,,.s*w ?orh Or*at Kailcrn Milforri Haven <M 17.. .Raw York eanuuonl* Bouthampum (Jot Id...Now Yurfc Fon i^? UOPB. Vork Bop! Y7....U*crp<xJ lanuiuYY) New York. 8 2*... BtwiiiWi ?... ??????? Ji"? 'f,t. ... F pi 29... feiin>nf% New York (Km Hit n' -.r? 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Ai all ???'>. i,a ii ... n,ln.' f/nm the K, the OomI of Hind, front il.a 11 . ......I . i 2.1 ."*) S let, (tumid col be approachM* tinder II U'l. i..? Thti '.in . f a . m.dii g* will tarry * ?hlp frua 7 In9 u It ? il '11 i?ar far. .it. I.a: Ire a blth alter, 1 from the llujair. i i... hn i? ?rrjr mid Ki.kowrry ooiiibao' the lucu* Rtvar u. ? no ? ' ef >li.? (n aavaral | lata* IV falhoraa on < ..Iran.. a*M. Ifcanalof ihe ltd a* and current* h*lti({ \.i> i i.aaitu:*. the roani Jn? thivutlKiut and barely viaiblo fr. n il a ou'it ai'ge of th" ilanka in wear weather, too naoctl a'11 i.t. i fM i.ot r.a paia t" Le ler.l lu piMlni three Bank*. r> i a J; UM11 (1 r I ape Mmiraj, diatant Ih mllea Wt,W from the Vt .? " in hnrrarhaa le Mpb and b<> d <>t *' nroaeh. B^pe di.i * tha SW m. i.>o I. MM?..u ?li."il.l tnnketale headland, run |. lie I. r Mm,? 1,1 h'lant, keeping it tManora Point) oo an# beaiin* in Ihi h or t. "ii * I'm i. Itrnilr* the Wrldeof Knrrachee Harbor, la H'li I at I II bright 111 I. ... II be apuri.ached U) aiibln half a mil# <i. any bt aru.g fi. in N to K. with tlaihi iiii water, tin tht? I "li ? rim .1 ihe llpMhnuan aim aiaoal anion. Aa at certain ii. i tide idiot* rainot (it en attenounaboiUd beglren la M ? m i Mr;' abed fM.m the ebore, I f .i w. * i I *i,i| * kh. iiia not. under any tlrc tmatanceK tt" li n ;.t it enter ihe p,,rt without u .illot. Ail h"r?g? in li e Rowda ? to ihe in du'.a of Kept. mb?r ahdi. ahon'd not ofl nrv pre iii?t Ru^rur t?ut < If anr on. k**tti>U)ir llW! Uirht hooaa lerri".- from v hv B to \K 1 to 2 milea diatuit tiiUI b<4trrl?(l hv h pt'otor uIm cu-.d by ilguaL t Ift till tu? I I'll Of Mnirk: AT)rht>r*r* lrightiious*i N by K to NKR, dlitiuvce ) mile to 7 Ihlbki? 0. A pi il lf?y ? J.'fti. Luiuf .\>K to XK: distance ?>, mile tn gfathomn. K. iJILKH, ]*ort t >iftc?r, tf-un-ach^e. iVitm-rii, ?fn ii 71 HwlO. Mora I?Th? JUi^rab M<*?fhant, th? do**n??t ahip thai has rui?td ih?* bar i d ? ? In 1817. 'irawlog 30 fuel 3 Irx be#. thorn i t tbf t'luo Unit a iiii twa ?vHt?-r, ?iaii *weli, ttfco bun t r<' tfM'tul tfu i'H, lotting btr fnt?-H keel. 5 "it. ? -Siiitr th.- begiuitW'c of l6b7 the ttltip Admiral Boier lirte br#*u totally lout on the Inn lis Haiku ThoshtpM rhoinafl t'#?n i b* h^d Augn?ff?, wHh ?twnivT P*)i\*4r, havegroondrHl it t' ? hi, but w**re ovfntnaliy Pi*ted oft Tiro la'go H*.M.nera \v l b tro< i h bhvc ait-o in Ibeaaine p?*rn>?( touched mi thom hpU . b order of tbo .Yoretary of for India in Cono eU J. MKI.VihL. India ?-mco. Bept 3. W?0. Ir. hftlfoveii* Al?tl*rfi in r.ipt ^!nrfhaiit, ?.f liarlc Rika, of Hib'%rtowitf rft rt. ? -*t M K \t t. 10 lu Ut 37 26, Ion i8 3l?, *Uh 180 bbla ?p all well. T!? t iit jn about Aug 25, off I'ntnt St Elana, Domirga, I Nh. 7uk; ??,iv Frui.CHg, Hole <.t Wmrpn. 20?' nphk, no <hiUt, Av iJ< u? i d?, Ur? ? n. Nil 1(0 rp k I-leaving Ptiru. Jo y 4. lat 'It aJV , km 76 10 W, hnik Alto, Ikwrtnw, > V, or. a crtila?. H|uilira, Ate. . I fr. 1 . . \. . .. 1 e, ? A? l?v f-htp Win ' r.u.ii:ii:jsh > t fliilad* Iphla ' It a k <r? h f, Hryiii t .'onca. I roua Hoet<u for Oroii jmP, St P' ? 42 W 1 i. oo 17. hr :? 1 ? iv r> from Bo-u n for Port an Prteca, Rept 23, Ut 4014. b n 68 do A boa b ., wi't m-tln topf.dl. kto-i in ?{ F, fvhov%lng a r*?? I *rkml w)?h hhie l>crr?*r and whoa ball in oentrc. wum Be* a i s?n 1 iy 1 ?:iJ 3 1< rj 7*. <1 i *?! t 1 i i'f R#w York, from Jacksonville for UllH M-yt 12 l t 2J. !? V ? !: v.if hu'l Liiintod .vh:' fUierlrg P, a-aaat^ii ?"pt 19, la! .*>o:U, lun ti. Foreign l*orta. j A?t ?fji. uodik P;in-?-d 1 >. Parah. Androtra JfowYorkf r ,vii' *i ".r. hv?(>idd?b, <'rhn?Ull, and Kdtth K<*?, lb-nana, do f?* I in? K ?; l!? ii.g, lit.hat, B> fton for Vinoor Ktvar; ikto* 1 lark <lr ay. do lor Hong Km jr. I'.Kn.i.i ii' dnt?c?\i r Co. ioUn String?afr, N York I 1'FAii, Kt-pi 12- Sid K?aj<r, Krlky (frum Loo'>n), Sew i ( rl?*Ii?. ('r ai onw ?-Arr 1? Uj#" Hyda BOdatn Roy a flat VYork. Hi r.a Koac nodau?Arr !h?/n, N V??rk 1-ai.irak. S? pi li*? \rr r . ?? M?? | an t IU loom. Tort* 20th, | RtHow, Hurler ?!o:21t U"?aiih p Aincrt i, Mo*iio. luvatoo . (' L'. eS"* ? l.herj>? < *); :-l .? I'^itiu May, Idvrrpoui; hik* li>? ! anna ? fit a York; Northern Light, Ifiiriale, HS.-b* in i J, Va l urri ">l, rodnta? * rr Great Wfitfrn Fnrher VYorlr. KM 12tb Wm K Pat*rn N>ncr?l?, ("UarU^too; Columbia, Par ? i v N <iU .a- (rn" 'id ddf'TllH\iin SiUftil**. NY . k. I 1-onp< >r* ftr>t ** ?fid Prima Dorna. N York, j l.iTif v rj t b- Ai r !!??> Hotlr-"?n N'York. -mi i?. :? pt 9 - \rr Hriithvroer Avery. NYorlr. kriBCCKwr,, Jute 88? Arr ah1 p Lurkuow, I lor ham BoatOii. An ktfou (fate. b#?rk Wild <l*z*llo. iTviae!!, NYork Br|-lC?Arr h??g Pre#' nli l>#r * Ktnuanm. Ja. Pi Kt ? v PniJ?t r, Sept 1?Sid brig Maria, Wrighk ct Marc to kid for Ponton. pit too sej.i jn?CM br'g Amr.i'<m, Fleet NYork; a hr Held *?a ho" art*, do. I v.'.iaac. orpt 30?Air artir Oczn, Itadfleid, H> -ago for i U nor. | SrvmA, fkpt 1?Tn i?ort Parka R.?coho#pA, Fer.'b a from ; lb-, u ..:r Aug 7 *o !?>*?! for do. Mary E' job, Nlckenwi; ! In.iri.k i', Fot.fl, ri ia Ciiahlng IHr>n and Weatem 1 ini'-r i'f lioaton, A?ii.? nia, Hainlbou. ? *? Jl York- No v?*t ' a hi uld prohab'y ret bv ay btfrre 'So If b I Si'i; i.hat no datr?Arr Bwattoar, Mon??.?. NYork mi vtv NsW. Arr l/ju.h \V?iU*n, Smaiiey, NYi.k ; (*|U Halt >??'. Sitnoda Hi .i'h. Co. St i NH. a< j. hi .\rr a) t|.a Km\ly Ft Plerr". TetaJ >r; I Chfcila-too. Mhi'.h. I?bir,?a. HoaUrti; f hr* Mifcr/v^ t Ann, VGr riry. SYoik; 22d, A oo Mantu. Phiiai'tdpbta. i i iM.'.r NH, b?pll9~ln |crtahip Croiimba F^rlcw, for . iJvrrj tad 1 ?? VM,4? 11 pi 2?Arr T.udada, Fndth. NOrle int. I VAira4i?>. Aug 17?'? por' Br hbtp Oxua. for I'arytlnvi to U iwi tor IbaJtimore at rll, and othem. 1 Vena CRM, S#p4 7-Of, achr Pobm vC, Arael, fmn b'em , Orlrkt a. Aratrtrta Porta. AI.KXIRDRIA, | ? Sf? Anr lr1? laaad iTarrer, Phntnv lie :. i ?.>ra A iv:,r.. '... ' It, ley hi**i KaclhM 0 IMr Mr. Wta.lror, f II'l, Kiaetl, ilo. M?rr Abu Mn/?e <?? i r ml 11. ;,m i '< , l:.?u i , Mate* man. floU, John <*<>Uln<f rr. 1n i ?#? and Ad. tt i?ti ni Okrnod, Re? Tor* vi | l.n? Lf nl, Tr?v?rt, linrt^Jm, Tanuraoui.l,, ao>! All. a I.?, i i i lli .'i.r h'.'-TON. ll.yl Tk? AptIWrriln .l? wkitn?j. Pnrlw, Pa final' t> H kNOId! if. II"wi a. BatMmarn rta Norfolk; ah'p GHaaer. I.oaL I lrrf| ?,I l.irk K.|*ar<l Hill. Arejr. Iift-h mi; ark.a WliNkaa W'llk. n, Reelnn, Pun au Friar* Harriet I". i?. N' 'rleara S. WII PMria, IVon Ir?. and Hpajdl, We at, .Ijfkmnl V Pt Allana, S ott. <"kkeigO i.i UiiM.% P IWkor, II. I ?; kaml KnUa, (l..i dj. au 1 Kvriiiiint Pall. Pb.ladrl l>kM. Tri?ir?i t?J, ' ig Murine. Ir-im V'f.. '1' X ' K?l..w, ? I o. for at (Juantmue. Wla i,.-ip. from ' It i-net-.trB, PI nilP A tnrr air* I ' I abio Ke> raid, Pm-m ML N# ? Toft} l.ark r |?'II, ? ryo. Aleim Tin. K. 1 rlai I.'label Heme, ttw.'e arknit a (Hr>. H-V-r. r>.it ?i* (York; ft-tr Reran Wale,a I'imlff, J.rka nr.lie b.t w|..| ?'T 'o * Hf, .hi,? T. i i k"?ib brig Vinma; I uxk Huwlnnd di'npe .'town b> I'ra ?i.ift.1 RnMa HAl.llMOM. !Vpl 25-iir rtniatUl B IV.i I. IlallrH, pm ? 11:, fforf k. rl Ij. Ihirlnw li unaaaa llli??- Plan, I rl?? \!i0i..'?..e. Ll< o Hi ? .??.?4m, 'leu Wilti,.na (Hri Oirllur. Ha ' t; "? ? tt Trareltar, Wml? r, ardii-f ria l,.if?. I ter K. n 11 l.rMr H rik.i IV .iklniun, Bui. .' Hand. ukr \ II Mei. v.?t?r. Nirt..i?i?, n.t kom?l.|i|! V. >er I. -dm, ki<r V.. ml Teroou, Hal), 111'..I ?lt. W.tit I.' Iftlla U. >hi, I |.|e?t, Ale'. 'uTtd ? ? J ? I'. una Pi'Boot, ai-1 Anna. I' K? V.l >i?KV I* Nj.i IX Arrackr* D "ak?B, Orrr Cm. and . Kern Mi' ? >??? NT..-* i 1. A Kl.r.-l? (N. a-pt .'1?* rr a?hr D H *'*rr?r. "arrow, RV-k At (,'etru.ttr p. trlir H!;.ck r ? ?n I'ulirt r from Horn brrro DM IB; kwul <1 0>v?na, N. if n. Uftrp-ol. sid ? l.r Kr?i kUn Nell. Rf>!nr>M l'< Imy tw- Art tlftMNf V rtno. Poeifr. NTnrt; trbr penrt P lb **?i! Ninkli., >1 . At t^uoraalluA, nkr Max/ Aiiriue', Ir'O. M '.KB*'* PfANaMUNA I in. P.,I li- ArrMUSltkA WTort; lit I I'U Preeii., Matt. i!o. P?i. . KI.IK Pei t iS? Arr fhrt rtrraoHta tailtk, Ptila A?, M?. tfib. I'aii llr> v n It'>M ?nil Turn Ititlla ? *'l:??rn, A let, <lrl?: Ml.f'f* Ha.l, 4. II I'nlr, lUirloti. HAlUmorei Tin -"lil.'Kate .\ V>.. ? Vi.l II W M?p? IIA-Anrl *rt T R Bar"ram Mlnknlt. RTork. i.kIKaNM, It'll J1? Arr aklpa I -lum'-ia Rolrerkt, ?ul On iiD.'o Toaiae, li.. ?i; Nark All rt? I mall lit Inirra. Pfiitnr4, rr.rU^M Kirlmnl?>a, btare for Ira kora. in iBtUeaa R. k.w thiaa Mareta lireentraf k'rnntn, til m ll'r'tM.1, Bmlei , >" the*, from Mai.', Tin// Hr?l?-. Ir u. Mut. (Til aii,. I*ia iJclauo, IJfwpanl. Ur kr f li'?. P'?rrr? Hrlla* ll.w to:.? trr It) tall ab | ? rbarlrtlA, Uffnool U.Ji* W0.4. In/; P.-'amo. IB. A '.itir Mm r.. |w 1U0. Tounl ITtfe aklp i raBk Moult. *ohH I.K.Arf.lS aiTBcAr Ghlaf. MMAp, aaBtm. ni aakr AI'laMr lanrrner. NTnra IOA? A'r Bihri u W olortr, 1 Ixwaa.'"aat.lna. Maaau '.'Bit KaB", Van >an.' i.n.l laif Hult.ilk NNknr. IN tna. Wm Ha nr. Tjlrr. ?ixt Ala-an 'ar. IfaU. Mork. talk? Arr B"kr? tiul Iru R'tlr, Addiaon. Tlart, JtaBi'aM> aim 1 am. dr In llairrkut RnValltk. uhlr* Arr*, Wiario J W Pair*, OrdNtim *:rt fr*r?!t?, frraam. from Cpibn; t naarrr, frnai l.itrrpool. PapfrrUt, lull from i.ftf Mnnit lor lan.l. ni If a> krlaai law <>day? fr.m Nrmrjutk- tar i>4rlf?lon <ra? Mta 'I' Moaaa Clark, KilteO, tnm Mo nna Ayraa for MTW RmPfiTtn Peptr -*rr ? Nf? P If Adam*. Fltrfk^, pa flail-r Prlf.i 1 k?ae P rlpunnfnr aeo. illltrlla 11" (II" . ?f ahiutntl IfltnH y-Wm, Stork NA ?T 'KAf ?*, . It? Arr a hrr Mm O N. ttlrlxo Parrla, r .ifa-,4 (Brn a:,1 ? r Norfraki kM. Trial' Al-nt* W -k. NMrtlfatPt RT, fer.1 II?Arr aefcr Marram, iWirtt, N Vok ? Wrott, Nr;t JA I put-'n por'arkra I'nlen. ' rBTtree, fr ib .-ulit'anf RBAlmare, Ikalltmr, llaU. 'rum VtsBloa if. f.r PI. .aAeli hia Maio Ir an ll?r?v-k fwr R \ ? -k; ? m p H- <n M?be?aik frrta Nl* klord far la Pi'If A i'KI-l I'I A. Brpt 2*. ?Arr atiamaklp Ovakrolr#, Paoid tktr Wm i'-n minra. J-hnB. U*rrpi>. arfc'd I aire, i ik !?.?.? .I.a Hualina, Ha -t.? M?-"ao? am, ' r?*?trr ar.1 til*. Pr.tarf NTork rtetor nana, I ?i a 1 ore l.eo ti, t'B.rei (Utk H W fell, a?- HKTiiia h>?, Pro rami H II Wt>.a?. flat.#. ?o Reu I ik. Hanana. RdADai hak. < .a,a. P .rrVtene. r'?a Rane*-; 1. ? 1?t 1 ..r. lar'or. ?. I) k vqHk liatwa Lyao.Aarafe Ca'k. Iir.ffti a - m I eal> 1 faik. Anry. Nlnalxim llin Rnr i t If t. aai ,e P11 I?1 nntllii C.d brimt pert, A <kN>o, p..'' Iar.5 (I l-r'-l i-a-n "'ntnne. Itr-aem. Nanr r rnkra |. ii Pa lanbi r?, 1 Bala li. Hanrrm i?.v IIb.v.o. wlaaa u e, t.?c, t . ti, r. 1, Parkard. M il ". ar>4 A ? Il'rer ?T. '.'Ba, It'rUn I, Claift. k?r, lllnfkam Ha re ? Najlo' ' ?ial if*; ? ktenak N.*.tf merr, NmBbnry r.-? ra li !*m. Nirh. Ttel'fa.t P 111 oar. Mama (ul'rr Or-lteaB'II It W<4f. Porkalrir. Wriai 'Hk. R w Taa, T ?*?rrd, T n rr- 1# IkW*. Haimar Nrpotweo; Ijtxir T?r k-r. 1 ?? A fk-Ma, I'll ! I|-. tiiBl.4. NaraN I Ark Hrtln, V t o LVlrfor peaia.Cn o ' Rr ?-ue mMM ' wu.a, I' . V 'b.Btr. fcwfn Pmttl f:?lra.Ori,?? ".(yN * Ir r?l poi' M ar f Ca, Adtats, Natatra. AM lid, skip /ppf^ IflW* TlAfT", it* a- -ran ? ? P *u? .Ver. Puak. Joana. aa.l Arrt ffj,, p * V.rfk !??* Oak A ? -let, f ?rh"? Wo l aar I . 1 ala rLT.?, Pfepi>ar.t, N-.dea, CM karka I aA a !'? tVkn I hrrpo. 1 A A Ylrr>-?rt llrwnt Aa u*t,? katraii na-w laraai'*: t<rlga < k? -vm. flam ?* 'Ik I!??k, Tk' 1 ati do.rrhra M M nam, 7 . ,r n ' Pat'.., and r-paa I'nr-n-l Pratt ProrW dear. dW'Irkl--- ft. : ker. *'? ular. thai ' rr, R I. Ta?, i' a. * .11 ''a >, Atwid, Itnetor A Bu-nn, kraedd, % r?? h , -t 'f l ? N Arr kHg la la, Ta "arte' kietarr* d r. an a Ifpaonei ler.aan Aaak" iivllie; I H al. H?1 at far " V. ?? . .i 1.. a k Kortiand for larapaak. On ?* t I k lor PP' adr pk'a. Cld bark Volnaverr .lorhaat, ' T ttv'R. Prr* W-Arr crtinfr, .f"n"?. RTork. Rr I rfr'.a ?? aner Anl' ?? n, takra yaw>1a. Mrtir. Pia.lh 'a Til ? ( I a. Tk real. Pa'e-l t'. fV'r.liwi, kad ! ,'? at ' Hade Pit a-v'ila t Wjdk la R" ' PfeTaftirl' l'utlrr Pa. arc. and V Rl? tadara R.mdo it| P a to' .Pin. pi?I'na, P'lmprtfcp?*c PP*. ' kr* Ma.U kr ey. ail lite of r? preacM Pklade ,,k 1 ? V 11 Peer f^ar 'i i"-?1er. rniaak. Iif.'e^r Wald?r?t arl 1 ? 'It t: rrniaaa. kmnkwer* RTork ?'<T* Awariea. f -dir.--, I ir . * ran kit tjlrr. Plani.r, Rkn.wl, aad laei e N I. tmaor, II I'BMd, do _ . , , k . I v .nii, fi i -Arr wnBwk'i Vofktomo, rarnjR, RT- n >, % fftdr ,8, Vir,r"?r? R rrtend-o. fkr Mary Ifk r A > 1*?'** t! ^ fa II-Arr ?'earoaklca rinetila, f>trtr? a >. ? in... C,? R r.-k. aklpa Gfckk <3%'l Jordan, U'tri o , III mora, I'afa, KT rk: aepf M T I'kTtk. l.'kri ?. ft* Hd' Oft " < If rr r. Pi "arr?; aeNrfG Ha?kr,

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