Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 28, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 28, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 8786. MORNING EDITION-FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 18G0.-TRIPLE SHEET. TRICE TWO CENTS ?AL?? A9 1WOTW. A MOBTIMBB GRIFFIN * CO., AUOTIONMBS A> Houtabold Furniture ai Public Auction, thledAP< I r'**F'. (U '.be e.ccnut private itslieuoe 48 We? Suteeath *?. bet***'1 Ptfth ux) BlkA avs.. tale commencing at ? oto^Teci*W; Catalogue comprising the laigest and rionest aaaortmea1 of Iloaaeh >ld Furniture, .to , offered at auction thtf ?*?*? *?J*' wood 7 octave Pianofoiie. Diawmgroom Suite, Bookaaae, Ete terra Cabinets, 01) Painting-. ronewuod and mahogany Cham per Furniture. una Uuilsc Hots* Furniture, China, Glass and PUwrware ? The Fumitu'sall Bade to order by Bmunadorf. Wei: ? Co.-Drnwtogroam Bol.a. eolld rosewood, oarred tn fruit and flowerm, eorered In three colored brocade of the -rtabest description: two Tele a tete Solas. two arm reception mod etabi medallion back Chairs Ac . two rauleulla, two carved roeewood centre Tables, ft littery marble top to match: Kte Steree, lined with satin wood, mirror doors and back, maiu'.e i>p; itiperb Bec-etnnes and Boikcaaee, Turkish Arm Chairs covered In velvet, lady 's W ork. Table and Writing l?eak. toUid with mother ot pearl, made In Parts. Card T.ible, Mxroite'.ei te act bcU de ross Gablneta. broo/e and ormolu Chande'.rrs. alt llubtw: two estrs large Mantel Mlrrore, rt?hly carved I rami's; two do. Pier Mirrors, embroidered Lace Cur tains French Shades, pearl it laid Stereo., cope with full aet of Views, superb Maodo.ln Inlaid with tortoise shell, velvet me dalhon Carpets, mosaic Rugs, Chta? Table, an'lque Reception Chativ. rosewood Sofa Tablet magnificent r sewo-.d Piano forte, the ill-test Instrument ollered at a Uim this seajwn O' perbly carved legs and case, rou il corners. loll Iron plate orerstru:..- base, all the midern Inerovemenu, made by city makers, ful.'y tested by com; u tout judges and oronounc-d a ?uper.o.- i.iawrnmect. elegsutly embr ilaered cloth Cover, roes v iaxI Canterbury, do. Btool covered in brocade, Music Books, ?11 Paintings, bv Cole Ion-an. Legraud, nirUugton, K:; law and Lelacrutv?St. Cecilia. God,lets of Music; Atsump tlon of Virgin Mary, soterb copy from the original In the Lonvre, Paris. Marine Views?storm at Sea, Smugglers Winter Scene on the Danube. Market Scents in Amsterdam, two Match Paintings (B, euei in Swttrei land .by Ketohell. ele RSLtly painted landscapes on oil silk, paloted by Haley, also a cumber of Cabinet Plciurea and French line Rngravjigs. eta tuary Bronzes, Vases, marble Statue of Washington, Cupid find I'ayche. Pandora, Poetry, Pa'nt'og Music, Ann iue broo/e btatuettea. Crusaders. Clovia, Charieniagne. Aullque broura Vase* from Pompeii and Uerculsneum: elegantly decorated Sevres China Vases from the collection of Jerome Bonaparte. Iinirg Ri-nis-dolid oak Bullet, richly cawed; oak Extension Table. 16 foot draw, HerC s' patent; Arm c'balre, Butler a Tray. Ouches, Mllvarware. Co:lee I'm, Tea Bet 6 placet; FTspkin Rings, Cake Baskets. Caatere. Spooss. Forks Ice I'llchera cut and engraved Glass, Chi u a ware from the cele trrated bouse of Poeptn A Co, Parts; Decanters Giblets, Ohampagnee, Wines, Carsits. Fruit and Preserve Stands, Punch Bowl. Sheffield Table Cutler-. linen, gold band Dinner Met deco'ated Tea Se s Chambers?Rueewood Bureaus Red BVics, Commodes, Wardrobes, eu suite, stvle louls XIV.: faair and spring Mattresses, Blankets, Bed Linen. Brussels t a-pen. oval Mirrors, r-'ufas, Rockers, Ac; also ike Firullure Of the upper chambers. A BROLUTE AUCTION SALR A Of elegant and costly Household PuraHur* Ksgnl&ceot Rosewood l'iauotorte. Rosewood Ctegeree, Eacretotre and Bookcase, Commencing this day_(Frlday), at in1 i o'clock, at theprl vste res.dence, No IS west Eleventh street, between Fifth mud flx'h avet uea Catalogues are aow ready sad can be ob tained at the bouse early this morning Persons la quest of first c'.saa l umlture will find th s a chance seldom met with, as ?very aitide will be peremptorily eold without any reeer.e whatever. PARLORS eon'ata coetly rosewood Pianoforte, made In this cttv. and was new las'. Msy. pearl kevs. Ac rosewood Canterbury Siool and cover, eiegsnt rosewood Ran re to lie and ltookcase. three carved ?nils of rosewood Furniture covered with green blue and crimson satin, each suit seven nieces; large arm Chair* an tique, and o\al back parlor Chairs, three tete a tete Sofas, targe pter and mantel Mlrrore, a large and v^siab'e collection of OH Paintings, among which may be Toaad, The Lovers, by Vandprpool, The Rspida on the Rhine, fcyTVv'bear, the l'eaaaat'e Home, by Eglaw; ulso, two matched Paintings, by Vandrrpool. original, representing Life In tbe Western part of Germany; also. rl?h gold framed Rngravlnge. Biyal Aiminstcr Carpet, moaslr Rngs, roeewnod marble top centre and Sofa aids Tables, alegaat and heavy lace end Bro catei Curtains, Cornice* Shades, Tnasals. Ac. DINING ROOM. |T French China dinner and tea aeta. XO and M each: fare table Cutlery. allver table and tea 8300ns. oval revolving t aster English cut Glassware, China. Crockery, f/outages and r isy t hairs, estenslow dining oak Table : also marble top Buf fets, Chairs, br^ue Ctook^hrumeUTarpeti, Ac. Rosewood marble lop Hurexu* Bedstead* Wash stand, Amour de Glace, curled hair MaUremts, rkioa totlet Seise. ILaokets, bed Linens. Counterpanes. Curtains, costly Oti menu three ply iagrsln and Broaaela Carpets mahogany and enamelled Furniture la the upper chamber. Bed lleg. Carpets, Bugs, Mlrrore. Clocks. Rofan, spring seat and caaa Chairs. Lounges. Rockers. ?t xir Carpet, ball hat stand. Rods. Ae. Also, all the broniaThandellera, Brackets. Ac., baaemeat and kit okea Fuiniture. with which the as e wrtll commence. N B. Sale positive, rain or ihlia ALLBM, J. 8TRVRN8 A OO. Auctioneers. Auction notice. LABOR AND ATTRACTIVE A1 CTION BALK oF rich AND COSTLY KOPKWOOD MoruiHOLD FrRIt IT (IRE . AND BEAi riFI c WORKS OF ART, BT CAT A LOG I B. El RBFI.L W. WE8TOOTT, AucUmear. will sail, bv order Of executors, this day. Friday, at 10', o'eUck, the 'satire au I>erb first class Furattur* Ac . contained In tbe elegaal reel dan-e No. I6t Waet Twenty tint street, near Seventh avenue, nil of wklch la te* and In perf> o order, havlag bean made to order by Haatz end n.her emtaetit makers two months ago. Tbe wb le will ba for poatitve and peremptory ante, end com girtses a rich and elegant aaaortmeat tw every dnpalaeent, nmaag which la a magtnnowet carved rossweeod Pianoforte. ?rlth pearl keys, cat MO) three lull complete enlia Of aalld rosewood Pari* Furniture, covered la blue wad god and erpaman and maroon bmeatal; two superb (go.hie Ktegnrrs. with plate I'oore; statuary marble top Centre nnd Hofa Tables: Tnrklah Lounges, with Turkish Chairs t match covered in mad*.'.ion moquel. velvet aad Brussels Car pete elegant French Mantel and Pier Mirrors, with Haas Ta..lea silk and lace Curtvtaa rosewood Re< enti-m Chairs. 8:h arUsllc Pron/ae and Ktatuaiy, among whim are Rdwartl e Third. Rlehsrd the First.Ariadne aad Haoobus ttlr Walter Me-At. Peace and War, The Poacher*. lanooeaee, Veanaat the B Ik. Ae also rice \ sees and Part or Ornaments elegant < "kaaJs'.iers. rvm wood Dree leg Bureaus, roeewnod emlateads. fargn Bali Matt! rases and Bedding, rosewood Am .nr. French Chair* rosewood Chamber ftnlta. oval Mirror* gold R??dea Rmaie Clocks, enperi ir oak exwaakm Dintrg Tahla. II feet, rteb Silver Ware. Preoeb China ruby end crystal eat Glaea, oas Luting Chans, large Iron Ba'e. Ae., w ith a large variety of Parlor, Chain -er. Dialog Bourn aad N. firry Fnrnltnre not ?numerated Bale at 1(>S " clock pracaely, rain or ahlae. Knickerbocker sod Amtty street stages sass thin a few doors of the beuee. . DCTION NOTICE.?DANIEL A. MA THEWS, AUC raREMPTORT RALK BLBi'AMT HOCBEEOLD FCRNI Tl'RK. MEDALLION AND LKUHRKLB t altl'RIB. A. . A' BUTLER, Bt Hl'I.T'/. A MA I HEWS nrlU sell at auction In morrow Ratur.'ay', at It", o'a oek at their esleernom No 61 < evtar s'.reei opposite ae Peal office, a Urge and general aaaucment of pa-tor, bedrnun aad dining room Furniture, coceistiug la part of elegant rone wool aad mahogany parlor F 1 as. In plush, crimson aad grown and gold Mr? atel. An : rtrh fiama pier Glasses with ouesils rabies aad Hlaba. row wood and mabnaooy pier centre anJ aide rabies; mahjgany Nofss and arm Cbs-reln balv i; A mab.>gan. War) rebea fteeretary and Library Bookcases mahogany and wain t li'i'sMng aad other Bureau a; Washetsads. Ar . walnut and mahogany French and other Be, Ipsa As hair Maltraws feather Bete,^Bolsters atd I'lUnwa. rich lane Curtains aad Cm cilcee. Hbatee mantel Vsses ,-legan- medal Ion aol Hr <w ? Carpal* Gtieloths. MatUng. Ac . Uwether with a general assort m?nt cf m-chen Pi ratio vs. with ? hi hlhr tale will rommaace Caialogaes morning of salt. A t. MILMOB TATUJH A CO., AUCTIONEER* A. Will nil iMa day. rtwowarlng at 19.-. n oloak At ibo prlvua raaMaaac Wo Bt Wool Figbteoa h itrool aoar With iwi a. Magaldooui nouooboid Para it nr. Ktogam Oil ratailoga. Hroa/cn Pariaa and lla>|M Oraataoala, Boaomoot Far , Htlror a>4 lilMowara rouad In a flrM r'aaa *? 0. B - Two oi.gaat Pioaoforv Erary artMoto la good ardor aad aaa ' bow, bartag boon Parlor. Bod room an.1 Raoomoot Foratuab Orockrrr. Ktlror ard <1 lata wars of n aldose fouad In a flrM plan r?nllr?aa'i roaid B ?Two ol"oaai Piaaofartra *1 bo aferwd ai It o'clock la or ... ? ? -n i,mo. I iftk aad ftlitb avoaaa ai*?aa aad can paaa soar ib? pro Am WKBWIW, AUfTIONEFR . By BANG*. MBRWIB A OO, Irrtng Bnltdtnga, mi ?ad M B mod wad. Friday o?o?On Rapt I*. at 7 o'cloet-ll Irwtralod Ntaadard Hooka- A largo oollorttna of ralotblo Hooka KM-lootog alocaaUy IlluairaMd Kngtiak wo ka. la nob ktodlag. Ao ror panv-ularo aoo ratalagnoa AHCCTIOW Won fit -TO PKBBOBB ABOtTT REMOVING will Had R to tkoir advantage to rail oa Iko groat Bolro tan Eiprooa, Boa M and V fiogotraot aadWa IdO Tartab ?all fotir bona* wagow* for rnwortag faaaMaa la tbs * ?r Mr all Undo of autoarr. laaklao glaoooa. ptaaodonoa ra x rod with care aad at oar risk. Paro'itr* pnrkod. botad tad rki. prd to all parto of lb* world. FaoUUoa rtl lad Uua ia aarr war of aw ng, wi boot uonhio r oouuwmim. frofOotor BOW WE A WirBOLB. Al'CTIOWBKlIB ?P ATI* BO AT, i Kept rt 10 . o'clock, a onr ?'ooroo?. Wo M Naas. .rot Bow bold KurnRara. 'OMWIM o? ootid ri wo wood Par or Bait), 1" oWla trocar.'. rooawood Ragwroesad Rwrrwlotrr*, roir? oa 1 ado Tab'ro. tth warble topo. rhh rocwplinn an' roibdri in Vooownrd aad aalia; French Plato, plar aad tipiri irtun. with alabo aad braobato; neb ate ul brooo ll 1 lod w Ckir lakga. eloganl T nrtaro eooo*m?1 rtano'nrto. Inc'wb Rruotell Wpoui att.M maewtwl aad Oh?? ?rFtirnif.ra.Brdotaa.1o n-moano. WanhWanda Cb? ra Ta ba Warjliwaa, B?do B.dtinf ? eu rtlniikeu t 'orrrl la . .. Ho.oi.ra. 'Ac r-b Pining ncm Fnmli'n, Kngiwh rwkoiko Ikatr fkwoila Boda Ao. A Ion lk? Ritcboa FtirwTirr. * kino ntonoUk, abrroo Bafrtgaralnra. A* alon an Inmtor of ?' bind t'arprta. ronowilnrtf n . ait nm- talrot. la!.?i:i Will*. Br <.*aala. lagrala aad Lkrra ply OarpgkA t jrmwrn ttribmaw -i.abob hair or paper RaaaWga la tba trado. WodnrrU; aad Tlnraday. tar I and A at ? n'akvt A. M praofatly. a? Id Bnrrar near Hraadwaj. B V , a larga aad gaaoral MWIMl tb b wall Paaora arrnck !>?< nrati wa gald aad aolaM Pa li- rd rati Paaora aronck Iv<orati wa gold aad ooloal Pa rdorajgeludlata rarlotj ?? low prw?1 aano Paaor* . b? Ac. Tba Mlo ? porompwin, wtnm.l raaorra, aad km it regard to waa bar. aad ibo ?ondo will bo ooU la kiU ooU aarabaaota with a pHalldBi to daatar* '"\Uloriaa goodsaa t-law on Tnaaday adWreew. T JOWim HFflRMA W?BRFWRRT AT AUHTTOW Hainrdar. Hapt. 21. at U n'ewsk aooa. ia TUlary ouaaC ba <Md aad Pnnro. BmoklTo, tba aattrd Ptitarao of g rwobllobad AlO Hrrw.rT fa worttrr ordar with a fa ir Was# of ibo pnoim t . fmir mtautoa Hold ami) for wad of u?. :? WABB WW WW K. AU*>?? Hvirn, br R- A F H HtUBWiJI -Tbi. d*T. ?WUi 'aol . mr ? clock, at tbmr gblBB MB. >?? Br ttdiroT. now aad aa h ,-d rat un- ''?? rorkawar Car ?* mto .1 tgg.r Wagnf. dmiblr ? 'd atagla tl.raraa. be. Idward w< H*w<7T ArrTT0WBRw^ WPAH <>P PARK BBOWW M AHBW. >T R. A P B. HCHBWt'R, U't? day. 2db loac. at I o'cloM, Ibo.r wt'iMrrmaa. Wo III Broadway, irpu of dark brown row It handa klgh. * r??r?r>ld, warraatal pnrfecUy aiond, d and rmlta la orory a ay gnno aaddl. pnoiaa TBt-UTOlU IA1.B. ? A- B- TIIOIIPBOW. bVOTIMI JW Th'o day at H?1, o'rlrok. at tb. Idd* roai tmoa of Mrs. .?y. anrawr of Vnrtck ood Hwarb B'oolJ Hrr-iad day 0 oa SgowrwaHr. Afl.. o?i''ag ai'idr ord PI*1.1 W*rw, (lila* Bfaorr O tm War* c. f FnWH i? A? ?nm?1 ?**? - !? On iW l*|?cr i ?l| ?-?? a" I* oba-ab"-* WW in d ? g "*ut ram Cn-ioa ra AUfv*, ?id4 i*f ?ALiKB AT AVOTIOn. Albert ooldmutu a ca..?Aurr uNBsaa Attractive bale o' ELEGANT ROSEWOOD ANI> M AHOGANT HOUEEEOLD furniture, At Ihe pr: rate residence 100 Wen Fifteenth Mr;;'., Mtwm Sixth Seventh ancwo## Thie day (Fridayj, at Ul,', o'clock Out!/ rosewood Fisuforte. K rgaai Siuu of Parlor Fa rutin-#, tier and Mantel Mirrors, Brumal# and tapestry Oat":? a ?ohwom c#d: e Tab m, Ktegeres Bookcase lib iff, Ac . ) betu* the Urge at assortment of fiat clam Furni: ire offered a. Metaa# tbia fall The aaV will b# paiemp'.nr OB account Of for Europe. No postponement All the furniture departure I ? was made to order by Bodlne. Rout and others, of thU city A short lime since?offering Inducement. to purchasers sridom met with. Catalogues cau be had at the ea. ly this mornlug. Parlors?Solid rosewood fraioe Pianoforte pear! keys double round corners, full iron frame, lined with satin soOd. rinbiotdsrrd cloth Cjver, Stool, Canterbury. Male. Ac.; two elegant suit* of aoltd rosewood Fumli .re, made by Bodlne last May. covered with crtmaoa, an in. broeaiel. green aid gold, also oDe Suit, richly carve I and c ive.ed w.lh ,reen relret; large Music Box, It perfect order, large pier Mir: i s. 2 iar, e mantel Mirrors, rare and valuable CXI Paintings by emluesi native and foreign art tils: Krone: line Kqgrarings, elrgat t and rostlv rosewood Btegeres, m rro- doors and barks statuary marble top*. rosewood teulre and sofa Side Tabisi Consoler easy Lounges and Chairs. Kncolgnrurs. artistic Brorres Parian marble and blague Figures Roman Dresden painted Vases, mastic Kurt china Spittoon* rosewood Plan tageuet. luce and broratei Curtai'ia. Ac . Ac Dtu?g Kjcru ? Cnk ettrualcm dining Table, carved legs, 16 (set; oak vwa "*?. ,im.a, u.u.i,k "id, ' ^ ,raa *" >**,. v~v mar'ule lop Buffet, mirror back; oak Arw Chair.-,. French i 'ins Dinurr and Tea sets, Wttb : >IJ bands and decorated, ivorv balance handle Knives and Forks, Hirer Table dooo s. Tea'Bpocma. illrer Castors, with cut glass bot.'.ea ail-or Ice ..... "" ? Pttcter. fnil seta arc, ke;y, English eat and engraved GUut ?re. De< inters, Champagnes, Wines, Car art a, Tnerrlas, Gob le'?. U iaers also Bubv and Bohemian ware, bronr* eight day C.och Engravings Carpets, Sola spring seat Chairs lace Curtains. Ac. Chambers?In suite rosewood carvel Be 1 atead rosewood marble top Dressing Bureau, wth sving Mirror: rosewood Wuiheiand china follet Set. one do/en Turhiah Towela, Tah'ee dr null, Amotir de g'ac curled hair Matirrases leather PUlowi Bet Linen. Blankets Mantel Mir r>ra, Clock, Ornaments, Engravings Lac# Curtains. Cornices, Bands. Ac ; laey. Ixmnrc cue chairs :.e?: Mack walnut acltof Furniture, covered with lis!' cloth: tapestry Carpel. Ruga, Ac. Cpper Chambers are fursiahed througho. t with black ? aln'it and mahogany Furniture Kedatetda. Bnreaus Wasbsttide Bedding, leather Beds, rtliows. Hheels, UsrpeU Oil Palntlnas. Sofas Chairs ha'r Mat'.rssaea, In every room _ corner -tanca B ok Rack. Vaaes Clocks, M rrora Mosjul'.O Bars. Lace Curtains, hbadea Cornices. gold Ba ids. Ac. All ihe neat Basement Furniture, Crockery, dinner and teaTa Ilia Refrigerator, Ohaudelitrs, Uraraete Oilcloth Carpet Sofa. Knives and Forks. Ac Also Kit her utensla, A , with which the aa'e will commence. Oepuatl* will bee se ed from All pun baser* unknown to us. Term* csah in bankable mo ney or chei ka. On Fatrriay next, at the private reaidenes of Mrs c-mper, No. IIS West Fifteenth alree., bet veen bivth and Se.enth avs Ul ea. all the genteel bnuaahold Fnrnltur* ' in'alned tn aatd ? nuae. consoling of rosewood Piano. Carpets. Mirrors OH I'sintmra Engravings, Be de and Bed ting. Ac A' bale post live, without regard tu w either liepoattt re i red EPWARP BCHBNCK. AUcnONFKrt. 8UFKRBhPAN or BOKhrS AND BNGI.HH PUAB TON. By B. A F. H. BCrtKNCK. on Saturday, ?th!a.?' etlt'olork. at the salesman. Ul Bmedwv, a superb eua.- ,7 l?og teilsd tresi be* it! b ight bay Horace. seven years o'd. each of gresi beauty, ilyle aud acttou warranted perfectly km ! eoiind and gentle In every rcrpeot. and believed to ba as e.egaa: AS 1 ins s span as any In the Bute. ALSO, A superb English Park Phaeton bull ti order by Alderbsr., 67 L?sg Acre. London; aas been used but s few . tsas and U as perfect as new. ALSO. An e'egant silver mounted Harness ma'i bv Trainer to or der. In his b*st manner, aa g <od as new Also elegant Blan kets. Wblp, Ac , 'the ? bole to be positive y told wtts. it re e>rve. To any gentleman wishing u aupwbb t rn ont the above tfl era an opportunity never before met wth 1 be whole ea tsMlshment ran be se< n at the stable of East Nineieenth alrer l, until the day of sals. 1JDWARD 8CHENOK. AUCTIONEER. U DAPPLE ORAT CARRIAGE H?REE By B. A F. H. SCHRNCK, this day. 2-Hh mat , s: 1 o'cl >sk, at ikalr salesroom. No 1st Broadway, adspjie gray csrrlags Horse, 7 years old, haodahigh, war ranted perfectly aoixai, kind and gentle la every way; a good saddle korae. F?. R RAT.K?THE NEW TORE B0ILT LITE OAS In OHIO, 7-td tuna register was ihorvghly repaired and rsplanked In thii otty la ldlT. new metaled In last, and ratas A 11, Eleven e'.xteeniks of above sow has at the foot of Tweity tret street East river, will be told at suction, an Saturday, Wth Inst at th* Merchants' Ex ehssge. at II O'slock. by THILIP B. WILalNB. The ship can be seen up to that time, and the Inventory examined, kg applying to ABRAHAM BELL'S SONS, ? Park row H ENRT B HERTZ, JR.. AUCTION EBB On Friday. Sep< lb at 11 o'clots, At the aacsroom. No 6>? Fine at rest AiariNi ltd OF GOLD AND EILVEB WATCHE*. JEWELP.*, Ac.. omprlslng an entir# stock of a dealer, cot ..oldand nl,sr hunting case and ores fare and othri Clocks, diamond an ' gold Jawely < omprlslng an entir# stork of a dealer, cooa-'ing tn par*, of gold and nTvt large Iron RafeJVranch plat* glass Show Cases. Ac Sale pe er hantiag case and o> en face Watch et, rrepch .locks, dlanaood and gold Jawely. Ereaatotaa, Bar rings. Studs, Sleeve Bullosa, neck and fob t ha-na. i i emptor) for cash By order of aaAf'iee CsiLogiias ready early on aMralag 6f aale. M ORTOAOR SALE-STEAM ENOIRE, MACHINEBT, ? Ai > It AMBERS A FAIROHILP A -..m,-e-. -By virtus of a ik>Uei mortgage I will expose for aais at piibOg veadue. on Friday. September Nth at ll1, o'clock la the foraaoos. at NO Sko Stastos euset one eteam engine, boiler. ehafls, pnlltee, belt-ng Ae Ac. Alas, immediauly after, at No (7 Rldg# street, a lot of roopcra' macblnery on same day. HUGH KKLLT. Alt- rosy for Mod#*gee /AIL LAKIIP AT PPBL10 BALE. V/ Tto tr*"t 8A VUBL h(M K1.KT, oa BUppery Bock ' . Id UvmM county, Pcnita> lranla. belnituu the nuitk HeojamtD ''hew MMMkl. Will he eff tape for Ml# Dt puMtc suction ID Hpw Brtphlon. oo Friday, lb* 5th day of October Nr. Tto irad le eekmeied lb contain about SO erree Tto Klippery Book Creek pddddd through It, dirtdiap It srartr lou eqeal parte. TblD trvi toa been Vsnd la tto aetrhtortoed frato tto dot boot settle ?out. for tto Oil Bprtapa at DiiTndw plaem od It. erUeh. wtU others of more recent dimmer? at differ eat places oo tto creek, Imdlrete It to probably offertof area lee praeilm of oil then ear other Inn la in tto; i sorter Telee of nil tore been wooed nod or# aim aaef tlly worked rsreUala proprsaa Tto ell la Otoalaad at rteea to thirty feet from tto curfew pUcnttaee lotto atar ttm. bothto i . they tore bo#a Indm ed to d.rtde tto UL . _ off at It at public tola II will be I ltd off br r-rrey Iota foal ? ti. with au; wells la proprsaa Tto ell le otoalaad I ?seea (ram flrteen to thirty feet from tto surfaan fre the no tutor nf eppUoaMoae to (to sieritore, both to parakeet at, ttor tore beea Induced to dirlde tto tree: nod to pane or aertioea, la nckeuiw at 10 pi-e u. earn ??ouse no rilaedrd aad iae near aa nay b#< e, a. Creek ? ? ??? and wM e glgle eark probably from forty to Arty arree. aad ?hl e glgle aaek probably from forty to Lore, aa far aa practioablo. arid to marked i aad dealaaMetea tto plot aa lha aorltoaet. norths Oaat and eorthweat lertloea Tto trarl la toartly n-abored A plot of ito surrey will be reedy la a few da, a an l raa to aaee at tto nSee of k. B. A H Hc?pea la Hew Brighton and aayiafnrmaUoa aoncerelar tto laeto will be |1t?b by urnm or Kusrard Hnopca al Rew Bnphbm. It liee froa aioe to MB mlloe dcotoat from Rewraotln, aad tarelra or U1 rteea frtm Hew Brlpbtou. end le eeey of aceem from either place. Tto eale will take place a< the II iron Ho-car (tto total la Raw Brighton oppame Ito Railway Ration) at 1 o'clock P M on the day menUaaed. Ternaa (>ea third la auk. the reRdoe la two an anal p?y meats bennap InteraaL tto deferred permeate to be onto feetnrtly area red E 111. HOOFEd. Afeeta fo? the Ereenteri of EeRiamle Chew, iarmml. f>AWR BROKER'S BALE ?A. V. CBIPTT'T.AB tlTTIOJ A eer, S Bow en. will mil thle dee. .eth Idol. at o clciek. a inrpe aaaortmeu af mane ''ehhap; r< eetai'ee of Ooals Paaae, veam, Boom, end alee Weir -ee. By order of B. D RO< B, HI Cafberine a:real PAWRBROKRB'B BALE?JOllff MORTIMER AL'C ? rtnr ear. 19 But Bra act way, will sell lay. Beplambec at 10', n cloak, e eery lax ye amnrtment of urn'remed pledru. "eeietkapof Bhmketn plaid aad eC<#r Ptowle, UnOw. lire am a women's apparel panemlly. By or er or PBt! ARB A (X) ip: (Iraad st em Thle mie la well worthy tto attee line of dealers and others ?pH^AEDB KIKOKLAHD, ADrTIOXFBR IV HARDWARE AC.. AT AHOTIOK E1CIIARDR KfRORI.ARD A OO will mil. the day. Frl day. a; W, o elurk. at itoir aaieerwnm 1M H mod way. RW lite Eat Ink. Herman and Amaru an Hardware. Callary. Ae.. a Ian ? a rye aaar r imta of ktoaald pocket u able I'alMry. ate > I vi doers hand, panel and ripple* Pasra by oner of -.tore ead'er; also 19 barrehi Bentrk A la pleiii elan (0 !>?? nf I vi doaea hand, panel and rtpplnp Basra, by or ior of ito re a-a Pcntrh Ale lit plmi " S " m. Ttooau Bay Rom ARE ffHABCE ? FOR BALE. RT WW. ABBOTT. AUO tito. fr am October 1. at 11 oateck. a oplee ild (Jeel ford ?wAMIMmesebhmb R 8, on arena# R. Ro WF. with a pond lcem of fire yanra. tto rard la Ik a Ante# lorntvm. planked end Burl tip la Ue torn ? 1. e a tan a new r\, . < re end F-abica. offlar f rn m ra and Ocaclaa aear'r new For farther partlr-ilare apply al the ane rtcmeer'a office. Ro. t Boat Broadway A J BOO A AT ACCTIONERBB ?THIB DAT. Af U _ o'clock, at 791 Broad war. by rtrlue of or-oral as era turns all 'he rlrbi title end fo'crut of ijcnrpe rierrte. wbleh to kad on lb# flat day nf inly, i vcj or al aoy time itoraaftcr, af. la aad latnRhc Pnmt ure and Flrtnrea of the Jones floats. CllAKLBB r B ATTR. Couisble. SHIRIIFB PALE ?TARRRRB TOOLP. LEATIIBR, Ac -CHAMHBBB t F AIBi'HU.n. Ac uonecrm, e 111 awl title dar, al li ', o'olnrk al Ro. is (fold street a r-oerx aaaori meat At t .nucrs Tnota. toalber IdOBpblart Pharpeelae Hi once. PeB. Oil Caake, OBee Feralt a, Ime "*'? Ac idHR BRLLT. Rtorlff SI J IMXIART. ACCTfORlCER.?PATDRDAT, PRFT.iS. , |i . , inch at the anrflon rnoma N I N r ?,';m street, houerbnk! furniture, eonoto!n( nf matoran? Pofaa, Ctol.R Burcaua. uak caliar# Beks aurble tap Mirrors mahn puny h'jea a, Wastotaiuia Oentre Tabl-a Itcdoleada, Mat lre?era Bruaoela and iapiala Carpeia, OUelotbs. cane ami ITwos, Rockers. Kite ton I" Alan, one hay llcwee. 14 bsnda ktpk acreu ream old; ose rockaway Wuron and Har i..#e *iie brown tfare end llarneea me bey Hocee, dart and TniuWAS TIETt H ACOTMRBBE -OFFIOW 171 BROAO way ?Pnrrswaie'e Co rt-Fub"r admlntornior's mie, l y order of Boa went ? *?' '.to Pinch and Tl t irm of a fret clem drup Rare, ne MamUy. OR. 1 US. at 10 A M., at tl) 90* Pearl Ureal, onpwer of hifc eoaReUap of rv- ra, RtopaRkl OUa. Poapa. Ferftimert. R' shea. PWeet M lie eea. Tiort. ies Ada Apparaiu* Flitiuwe. pood wta Ac., Ae tto *nkr?r fcSsr! v&wEs&rto *^T. yf*i FAWBEBOKEEA ARD li>AR fiFFH'EB?BTOI.KR, ? from It Creeby itreet. nee blue enamelled Orroe, act with djimoeda and rekrW. elan two Raffle Piooei not an Any sp ray ibet has been ad roared on them srfll to paid back and a libera' reward aleo riren, by retnralap ttowi lo the oweer, Mrs Has id L. Bead. If OrmRT Tl'Il.l I AM WTTTRRB, AOCTT' iRKIB - ^FIM. REM. TlfTP ft day. (Friday M t e l^. at 191 llaael atred II Bewln/ Marbinsa. li by urorer A Baker t by Mepee. and 7 by cdtor mahcrD a'an 1 larpc Ptow neap. Surer ma a a led oWe# Feral Hue at prsemmie. theFurakwe ami PWeree ArjX a bank inph use in Wall Rreei, near Broadway. aim tto ofRceuflet. VIM 1AM WTTTERB. AniTIOinnOt-WTI.T BEL' TITIP day (FridayI. at I u'eiwR at ?l ftornl atreel, all tto null ilFi.rr Huieuf k htree ho taa. Rofa, Pofa bed matopaey and ottor Bw'amndk. iltaklap amy and other chairs naartilc top Inalm aad ether Bureaua: p ar aad mantel Mirrors BWr aad other Mali-aura fea'tor Bade.Bp reads riiiowa. Ptosis. Rlanbeta WsMrvbem wsell steads Tepeatr-. Brum-Is, three plr tod ether itopeta. OlorU Teem, Rtrer rh'na. U? aad wood Ware kioeea. dl ne room and k teheit FornWnre, Ar. ererytblnp mafnt for boeaekcrpers aad extort TAMM.lAW ABBOTT. AUCTtrrXEItE?OFFTI'E RB. a ? Beat Mraadwny. fr T . wri tall, or Fodaj topu 1% al II o'elark lha eehn'? of the enlend'lif awed or bi wd and barroom at ho. ?ttl Alia. Pr Rnswc hews X-rliw and had, Br.rV'.Tt cmstR!r? of Iwofnli Rsasi 1U ard ta> tes m (tod %t -is ?lsn trsrV#lor T-bhw one Iter Ito 1 ?? ' c tr p -si iwda F-eechi'ate M.-~wt nUVifi 'ton t v^s psesta, ael a Mb*' w 4uanrBKHK7rr?. WUiTIK Qinan, FAaiWRLL FAREWELL, FAREWELL, or Uiae? char-rlp/i artrnte. MR AND MRS BARNKY WII LiAMS The pub'Jr are reepectf 11., tuforaaed that on thli e enm*. Ftldayidto Mr. and Mr* Un ney Wimame trd. tike ibetr iiUIffKU BENEFIT nod ouUt liieir UA.-.1 APPEARANCE Bui oue tb:* aeaeon is Mew York eta wlusb oceai on w_. be prewn'.p.' the uev hurleeque, received ulfk'.ly with tl.e grent ret euth j ism etiLled the MAOIC /OKE OR PR'NOE POL"RDSn Td b? tol.' wed by the new i oaue drama phklim o ponnel:. nod THE UfSKCHAUN. Tr conclude with BORN TO UOOD LUCK. Mr. Gabriel Rt e: hi* ae ?. hindly voln'.eered the *f-rice* of h:i wonde fill lltt'e pupil YOUNG AMERICA Who will appear in EL TRAP* A iao in hi* celebrated Cbineee Pie IMSTHUCTIOI. AFP.FM'H LADY, A TEAOHKR OF FRENCH WANTS to rich*ale ifar ni U French aga.oe! coavertatlou ia ji.ii,, with * lid; o Ncvt Icrit o Brooklyn. Adlrei i Ex chance. Herald otllce. academy of penmanship and bookkeeping, A Sf-' BrjaJv.-ay?Ccntlaued by W C. IIOOOLANP for many year* aaeiatant t( Oliver B. Goldrt. ith Nor'ner*. to mi ction practical tird thoraoah, and careful attention given. Tenia lew Open ill. and e cuing. AYO'.NO GENTLEMAN, EAV1N". A FEW HOURS TO ?nare from h.i profenK. , would tMtru ta few children be gng'.lah br.,n:L?i *ud I-a'.b . Addrsee E M B,, bo* 139 Herald odice IJOOSKEE PING.?THE SU tSCRIIIER ANNOUNCES TO > New hark men hair'.s and c e <? tb ,t Lie Bot a?.eep n* epa.-toir-.: of hi* ew Academy. .'21 B oadwa>. wt i com etee e cn M ofay, Oc'iber 1 Appiiaatlrn*: ere. ad day aod. ? '?enmc ILIi wee*. OLIVER* It OI.DSNirH. Elocution and dramatic instruction -j b. BROWN art. recel e a tear pttulia for private tnatruc t.oa, on npp' ration it hie ro w 13 CMatoa EalL Aetjr place. In Pramatli ilaia no# feruling. Mr. B, U opeu lor rn ,'Ktemee -? aa I'ramftio K ale:. INSTRUCTION IN A FRIENDS FAMILY.?THE AD vernier would llhe to receive Lire* or f mr iruall boyi iroai femlUee of the a. ?t MpMAhtilt] late b.i fan r. at Tttfheitnn .New .lereey, to carefully guard tbrrmnri.e and Initruct ibrni aa liielr year* will admi. la ail the branch?* of a liberal ed'cation For term*, reference Ac., addrenK. M. Huntington, Tuehertou New Jereev. INSTRUCTION ? A G3RNAN I.ADT iilOHLT RE commended .a de-u ? ? :*... _? a * a re ? etlherfor ut.m. French or mtulc. ahe wo. ld ?No teach In a jo iad ?*, ha me uad uv.i 1 eioerleure with ihlMreo. .Aidrew Mr*. P. til Eae Thirty on 1 etre*L Ladies accomplishments. Mr. and ire AlT.Mav?' rew eiub.nliaeat and hone lor iatiee seeking the accc mpJshmeuU at New York. For nr-Mprcttm addree* Mr Adtoaarmu, 11* Ww. Thirty fourth etreet New York. Lesson* in trench and translatioys-bt a gentlemen eiper eared lalMraif. Ad tree* K. C, boa 1M Herald oflLe. or apply a. IpJ CLo oa t.rev., B.joAlyn, in taeevniag. Ladies kren< h course -madame bchaap uk de.-takei, by ber enUre"y new metloC whb h haa me with complete loeeeea. to ppart iaatrart.oo eo that In el t moothi tult.i n, embra In* twi lenoni of two b ur* each werklr ber puoile ?a?il * > la; ipetk, read and write the Frrr -h language tl-.eutly and e aamnU ally. Term* for el to itha co-tree SIT Pri ate ".'ltl->nforMi montha. S6f For further parttcuUra inquire at i t ti ree m >aae, li'l Niith araune. ercood door above Th -ieen'.h etreet. New I rk, from 10 o'clock A. ta 5 P M. SfiSaSSEtaiHSgRSr of tf*- J arHttt depaitmeu. ijUot Mae p*or ?????Ki?SSr "CTT??2 E?a && P*Pl- and ?m*Iher* - a Frtinary dapartaaaai. p?Ksrats^sEr-o^.:5g l?l'.J atria' p^gu'gsm's jj?yS^ tfTANTID- t "IF^T1?^oT.ri.^tii.WI2K?"?> ? graduate <* <'?? ?oct am CJf? w<~~ o a of 1-oula Kaaaoo. OU?a. ? '. Add ma K W.. W 1* bar* id oaoa. .? W~ AMT1TP-BT A LADT. A anUATK^ A* D^LT AdKT,?.?, bAu foot o?oe ~~ PAJ>CIlT? ACAMUPM; __ | iOADKMY OT AAJJCINO A?^O^I.T*TH*Wr^ A aad lira TK**<>?J? 1*^W,M, Mn, > -n K D . ara ??*. K. V .-iW sv^ipotes fras^sr fOLTOK n alorn Mm u ?t ?? n Rini? DAKCIWO ACAI/KMT, c. brtf n?? Jm||| tOUgftl it* OH# ^ ?T_ _ < -- _ nub'iihid <!?? Qaadrtl> 4edl?^?d ? ^ A<md?^>V * <M?aa aartpUno '0?T ha had hy if i'.K-day and FrWar aflwiliw. F* Uilaa la aow l?mla? ^ Tun-da* *7^ amino. aM at I o'rloek ft t,?W jy.r^SLgL^.. and Bat-irlayaf 8*5* m ^tSSTSm ? Wadaaatay. BSBTAVirt JnaKfR . applr at th. Acadatny, ar lead far a circular. __ HWOIf I . N*W TO*KT?SB^MKl."0pio<i*All*? OF B*H EOaT. aF.PTlMBE* J?. l*r>. will obtain lla FOBVmAira ?UP?Aiirr*.v pmrnt AgffjfenM or ? rUBU? jo. i . . p. a aahpau. H. S BANDALU ? 'l-tjataadaai ? a BABPAIX. Bupriioandan -?r ArroouooT. A th?t ^"iitrrtaaTOB^SJan to arkwowladf lo ba esrjSSffi^sSufiaSSys S*5tiSaps -"51 "ri"""*"'~ Sa5..?ua?? "" aoaiia H?*h ty*"" f- -a????? ~ /? Kw5^y~S2:5L'? ,Wl?;H.r.Tu5rif?A Trail ?ay aba bo eaUad ?' "ZTrItlldonea W Allan Araet. ba rj^H^r^d^sSii 2SE 5? ?*? *s^rvTa JSuJESM paaUaoaa. W> oaata ?tuAiavoFAwra w tlalrTOjjAl *"*.*?. ?? ? vaya. or au pay lahoa- __ J Mfc?**"!" >3? ssi. A*U0lngninlh^n*adHU?aA M?ILi2? M ixrlrad la AmorlaA. .. ,w_ Haatiafe Frvrh In.aAroInQ' ,h.,t wlT^ ?? h 1 ? -n aad tlomaa W.'^V, Marvatloa la aO affara of !2<?iSK'i5l^ ?T2? {7>Wa?rT lAdtaa IP caaia, gaatlama It. | _ -nn nil HOT Hllin OF Till (lll,*l* I till N SaiSrVaiwtfUt^M ho fco-o^itr ,w!?*Mda In thA ??d olhar nlUao with antira ??7f??twn th# . i TiSLiafii ihr haa no aaoal. I ha talla tAa nama nf fu .ura 2???mS5oA a'ao ,fl of har nAlar K yon w A. the 7;"k "irt haJT oal.. al ?1 Th.rd araaaa. Aborr T oin cp.akp ftb?tt. ?*r Za?l WimiKII r'airr -rhAl aad ?tftad ' 7 -.,^,rif p# fnicr *f Ioto, frt^til*. aljlt*1"; martt 00 ?H i aa'i It a iiK*r ??'Vrt, arrrty Ml ;t fe AMIMEWJEIYTS. g^lBLO ? OARDKN_ a? JAR. M NIXON. Uae';u4Mini?r. beooad week of Lie euirnKement of Mr. KOWIM FORREST Friday evening, Sept. <3. ISflt) Mr FORBERT wW appear lor the aUtb time as II AMUR supported bjr Mtiaara Oonwif. Fliher. Feoao; .Woie. Poa'jd, Mrs Conway, AAc Uoo-? open at 6lf; curtain rtees <u 7M; private biuea ami orchestra chairs ouly secured tlvo laya ir MTMW. 6AOTIA KEENS* THEATRE. AURA KEENER TbtATaB. IIRA KRRNR'B THEATRE. LAURA BRINK'S THBATKR. LAURA KERNE'S THEATRE. LAURA KIENB'B TUFaTR^ FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, friday and Saturday, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, PCHITIVTCLY TOSITIYILY rOSITIYIIY LAST TWO NK13TB LAST TWO NIGHT8 LAST TWO NIGHTS LAST TWO NIOHTS LASf TWO NIGHTS or THE HIOHLY KUi CKSIFCL H.OHLT BUC'IEHSFUL HIGHLY bUCCK&SFUL HIGHLY SUlVRRoFUL highly iuuuessfol iEJ nfauttfu'j five act drama. BEAUTIFUL FIVE ACT DRAMA, BV/pTIFIJL FIVE ACT DRAMi BlSX'TII UL ? _ FIVE ART DRAMA. . _ . IEaXiiiful fivk act drama. *7 Y 3 Da Walpop, Eso wiled the MONKEY ROY, MONKEY BOY, MONKEY BOY. MONKEY BOY] MONKEY BoY, MONKBY BOY MONKEY BOY, MONKEY BOY. M IN KEY KOT, MOSKKY BOY, MONKEY BIT, MONKEY BOY MONKEY BOY. MONKEY BOY W, a the fdiiowtof powerful :ir. Prfirre SeaeaJ. a coar'.rt. Mr ft. W. Odiidbch Jaorfi ?a Kenaud, k'.s an -the Mmccy Bay Mlee U<iri Keeue Lncien Gerard a painter Mr. H. F. Daly I ?i ?b Boupet J (J. Burnett I he lion. 8 Rpmer Y B. Johnston Pieb?t Peters l?pt? D. Leeeoa V antler Leetek leirata .Bernard I am ?. Barton SaonL Ungard A Blind Maa .rintou inarch..... Goodrich "aiiiaa Henry OBoerof Police Oladhlll Le Far, rhlmaey sweep Mlaa Josephine Henry ' ?* Bent chimney aweep Kuier Oliver W-en 'aurette Mow Pblly Marshall Roy* a Era. J. H. Al>a ??'. Madam MigaMStTe Mrs. H. Yuj.jij Corslle Mra Ln '.f Hough ! ??? Viae Oswald Madame La |i Miaa Bvereu Tea ji theatre will perl -in an ENTIRELY NEW OVERTURN awn INCIDENTAL MUSIC, wyllMe express!/ for th * piece by THOMAS " MR THOMAS BAKER. Aim new operaUo eeier'nona ft >ta ' Don G u> venal, "-"Sober ie Liabe ' "lee H ig?i:>ta'' and the 'iTil.d H tba Regiment a q-iad-tile oa Mailare ? new iipere T. ' l.urllne aad Mer? ? daniee' ?II Ol :-?me i,??Tba Tremve'. P i.Aa. with aoio for aomei n pet n -Cb*ri-'.er1?'..c new gali lp. the crater Intro d iem* :>el.s. whine, pistols. Ac Dvwn open a; teven o clock, commence altight o'clock, mi'ice ON MONDAY NEXT Will be pmi .-ed A.N ENTIRELY NEW TURKS ACT DRAMA IRISH CHARACTER AND CONST SUCTION, IST1TI ? o AtLElCM a H<X)N; u? Tit LADY OF i)i.i NMTRS. A TALK OF COUNTY GORE. Bowkby theatre Menace ? George Wood A I. L TUtoo BEesi IT OF MB. r. 6 I'll ANTRAL*, who wU appear in fcla origins character of MORS, In which he baa wm U? ? HBIGHTRNT laubcls. IBRS AND rum.Ti* M eye:> c -.y In the Unloo aa Ita ONLY tin RKPRKSF. ST a TI VF.. Frida eieaina. Rapt. 28, THX WIDOW A t D i IK, A GLANCE AY NEW YORK, jack suki'pard. w INTER OA BT EN PRMKMRKK TO NIGHT. HBMKMHBB TO M l|IT. NKMEMIIRR YOMIIHI BRMKMBBB TONIGHT. fABBWKLL FKNEFIT FARIWBI.L BENEFIT IaRRWK.,1. HNNKfir FAREWELL BENEFir MR. AND MBS BARNEY WILLIAMS. MR. AND MRS BARTBY WlLI.IAMH MS AND MR8. BAN MY WlLi.lAMS. MR. AND MEN. UAKNRT WILLIAMS. FIT B DISTINCT ENTERTAINMENTS. FIVE DISTINCT ENTERTAIN* E.NTN. rill DISTINCT KNTERT aINMENTS. MR. AND MRS. HAHNKT WII.UAMS hi nil the plecee, ? l?h ihelr nana! knSeet at Snagw and Dances. YOUNG AVFRI'A, by peimiaalr.n of UABRIBL RAVBL, la two acta on tbe TREPEX. nOOLKY A CAMPBELL I MINBTEEIJI. NIBIO 8 HAIAMjS MONDAY erealna. Fe tewber 14 and wrery evcnlns th'i week, will be iterfn'Wied tbe i opnlar bur>*ine at etch tbe ISALGLKaTIuN BALL Emalyrd nleLtly ?Itb raar* of lauaiitnr and npntauaa Blr?h Tnsworth. Campbell. 1 ifene, UriAa. OoUoa aad the stars every nip lit la new fenC rv alil.^, MONDAY eoenlnf, la-volier 1, will be perf 'rnaed. tint time hers. Billy Birch a new veraloa of the VIBOIMMT MUMMY. Fnr particulars ear royrmaamaa Doom opaa at 7i L> corn I a < ??a? ai * Tot eta 15 rants. ftBtbi'H THWfcJRK, 1 *'Opp?aitr mbtst.) MR. HLaRD? BBHRPIT, Priday. Rapp- aber M DELICATE iOROCBD. Sangfroid Mr. Oenrge Jordan. a ,|<l mat . Br. W. R. floyd. P aultae Rim Hera Hie rone. Treat to Look, bv Mr & B. DnReld. A Barrel of AM, by Mr. Boba I'joU. An Irtob Btory. by Mr. H. O. PluakaM. TO PABERTH AKD UUABDIARH. V ma tlowrbllloe Mr H Blood. Waaler WaddUove Mr. 0?r|? lieUaad. okkrvka MMm Jeeepblae Henry. Virginia Mrs. tl. Bland. AM BR IC AM I'ORCERT HAI.L MLu O RRTL, B1I.I.T ORBIL. ? ha no It correal rere (cutanea oC toe Iriaii eharaeter now on the American aagw. CHRIBTT'B MIMRTREIM WILL PERT' 'BR At Rath. Heptoanber IT aad Id. Portland, M. and Oetober I and I. Dorrr, Jd Cone. .rd. Mb. Manebeeler hh. I/)wall, lib. Mlrbbnrg lb. Woroeeter. Kb. HprlnrSald, 1Mb. Hartford, tub; Haw London, 19U. Raw llama 1Mb. Art uriob corcebt ihu, m broadwav. URaRD OOMPUMBRrART RRMirrt to RIU.T JAffOHB, HILLY JACOBR, whb-k omaehwi aaarly all toe prof amino ef Iba oily bare ly enlt.atored. 44 VOtTRTBIRH. ?0 vol UfTEf RA, to TOURTiUR tbr rata tar eiMnpeay of atobuaa perfnrmera, naklaR of iba greatoel entertain menu arar ftira at aay atinllar a too- of aawaMt Mr JACOBS w!U be bappy la meel ell hla old frladlk. and an many naw nea aa may he petard to attend R B.-Frwndo from Rewark, N I lorn not aad rim Billy 0 hooapor. BMItll A MaHRIHoR, Proprietor*. C'ARTERBCRY MrRTT HHA / J. H. OR PER. RVA ItRRRT. . CARLO PAMII.Y. on a hi kiadly N VW ROWKRT THRATRr. Hn'a Proprietor*. Maaara O. U for and J. W. Liugard. r RIP At, September W, lvkl BEREETTOP MR R. EltllT, n ho W" appear la two *f bta famous rharortaa. Cardinal Rctielicu la l.ylton Bnlwer ? groat fire act play of rmhrlikJ. Or. TMK COROPIRAI'T. And far toia eight only, aa Joneph, la too HIBkKW HOR. Loot olgbl bat or.a of tbo rkanalnr ootrooo, Mlaa A I.ICR OR AT, who will i >.annalr iba character of Julia da Mortimer. Vr.It O Boniface aa < lieealler deftfaiprol oed Iaaae Mr W. ft J- nra aa f'ltka. M m Paoaj Herring aa franentgaad Aarah. the prrf..rma?rr will terminate with HRBl VLKH. ??EIROOm.l-Bd. ' A M HBRICAR OORORRT IIALU PBOf. Rl' HOLL' ABO HOR. PROP. RlCHOLLO ARM Bit, la tbotr heentlfil and alooo'rtl Uyanaalle Oronplag* ORTARARI, MARIETTA, ox ATEWAU.A, (-OOI. HP ROWS jy (K't'IelRTA AMD At HINTH. ? R. TOR MOBCH/.IRK1R, BTROPBAR OOCLIHT AMU Aerial, ear bo gOMOaltM on all aTectioaa of iba Bye aad Par, whwh may reqnlro ntodtral or aorrtoal old lo rovm Mr hi Dr. fan MoarhstMtor bta, daring hla o the I'nb d Htalm. already performed of iba m"?t dMaoN op art tloan which bare gained hint tke ttgkaat leeiimoeleli Ibal ?an la gfran to aay profeaakma. man, which may be enen at kla ormtelttof room a, Mff fbntoa pleee, between Tl"k and 1 ilk avaaoaa. R. H ArliVtal ayrw Inaarlad to defy deiaattoe. Adtlea firon In regard lo lb# nee and abnM of glattaa. and dlrarttoaa aa la Hie etorffoe.roe, after aa woenrMe aaam'oa Uoa by the opk halmeempa aad nphlbaMMar. aad la *r*nr daaaa in Iba glaaaaa ag*recr>mmanda-Uand oaad by Mr Iraefe, of Rartln. for all wbo are oh'lgad lo barn Oj Ueaf ttd either to finviwm w ba'r ?,Mon. oweaioj ciUiwn lUc?. Cm fnn. ?w-.-roo Fun aa.i ?ato btrotm. ahhjsejijSWts. ACaLKMV OK MUSIC-KOBKKi' LK DlARLR THIS (FRIDAY) KVRNINU. hEPf 21 ATI BRtuNI) AND LAST EIOHt or k'KKNCH OPERA. ?VMK. PAULINE t'OLb'>N for the hut tim" In French Opera, together v'l'b MVK BEKTUCUA MARRTZ/U, honr pmilippr, mon* uciimil, T HIS (KK1DAT KYENINO, SEPT 21. AT g, Bicoii! aud UK e cf Meyerbeer 'a grand Open Of ROBERT LK DlABLK Mme J*Ari-T?rK (OLSON in her great role Of Allot Mai*. BRRTfCCA MaRKT/KK m Isabella Mont. FHI1 TPPI. na iK?m* KmOMRIUIRI M ..'..".Bertram Sig. hi OLA If tiralmel MLl.K. HK.KMt, the favorite danaeuse. win appear as Klen* < I rend DccMe Orcheetra. Chorua end Corps do Belli I Ku?.cal Director and CoMactor. max V.ARKT5KK Tomorrow (Saturday) even iir, Beet. T.t. at \ FUal I ight Of Vrrdl a celebrated Oyer* ol NABUCO. MME. INEZ fahbf.i la ber crlehrateJ role of Ab.gall. SIO FKKHI f r the fret time in hie greet character of NABCCO. bin KGhlNI ea Zaeiiaria MMK RTRAAOSCH ea Fenene bin. FOOLA... ea lamaele Tbe ?ele of arala for the laet eight of ROHKRT I.E DlABLK sod for NABUCO will commence tbiA morning at the box ofllo* of Ue Academy of Muatc. hibell'a atatlonery a .ore, 12 Wall ?Ueet, and at Brrnalng'a, 71)1 Broadway. Mlu ADKLINA PATFI in two new r.Mea The dlrrotori, take great p'eanurr tn announcing that Miss ADKUEA I'ATTI wlU shortly appear aa Unda, In Doauettl i uiagterwork ot I.I1CDA PI CHIMOUNIX, salsa VioUUl, in \ trdt a LA 7RAVIATA. w ALLACK'S THEATRE. Mr. WALLACK Lemae Mr. LKuTER WALLACE :...Htage Manager THE URSAf RUO'RM Attending the HEW COMEDY THB ROTA LIST: FORTY YFAR8 AOO Induces tie mumgement to auoMnee It EVERY EVKMIHd TIL further notice. FIFTH TIME Of a new Farce called A RACE FOR A WIDOW TO NDIHT, THE ORE AT CORED* ENTITLED THE ROTA LIST, o*. FORT T YE ARB AOO. Heart de FUrigneul. o captain of Dragooea of the Heart Mr U*m Wallaoh Tee Baron M miirtchard Prefect of the Department .Mr. Blake hi de Or goon a member of the Ooonatl... Mr. Waleut Orene a mrgeaal Mr. Parka Domvlile, a corporal Mr Unburn Pu-rre Mr. Oliver The OoonRee I> Actreval, a royallat lady Mr*. Ifo?y Legale, leg niece Mine Mary Oanuoo Drag one, servants. Ac., Ac. ? The new and appeoprlale mnatc aelected and arranged try MR ROLL. TO conclude with a new fares, relied A RACE FOR A WIDOW. Mr. (brae I -ia Pop; ay, a lawyer'? clerk, with a Arm fallb I., dtanny Mr. Sloan Mr. ACoiphm De Ortmorne Mr. Plnyd Mr Cay air im Pepprrpod ? Mr. Morton Mr. Rprlngwheal. a Faimer Mr. Coburo 1 Mr. Fillagrre. a Kop Mr Parke Mr*. Winn dkUiq Mr*. Sloan Isabella, Pepperpoda's wife Mr*. Roves Biddy. Mlaa Julia Tree MimTabllha, aa Old Maid Ulaa Kar-uaa Door* rpep at 7S?; to commeure Jat 4 o'clock Hot Book open three daya In udvanoa. riacea ana* rnw >>e secured. ADDITIONAL BOVRLTIKS IM ACTIVE PREPARATION. BARNUMS AMERICAN Mt'BKUM.?TRIUMPH ANT Rneeees of the great Moral Drama. JOSEPH AND HIS bi'EIIihKN. wbtrh Mill be repealed thta afternoon at 3 O'clock, aud ihia etening at 7^. I he (.real ljvlng he* Lion. Hie Monarch of the Oeeao. the Lum'f th" Oreat Deep, remains Ml * lew days to-ger with the moat elngn'ar aud woadertnl Albino Family, or White .V*. troe* derartlng for Cuba on the 1Mb of October. They will be tern at all boura, da* and evrnlng. until the day of depar ture. Aleo the wonderful and atngular creatnee called the WHAT IS IT or MAN MONET, a creature that baa re*rr barn described by any naturalist, w hl< h teems to be a KnguUr crmblnatlon of the human an t mookty >yee'ea. Also, Hn atrauee ai.l miMpMmm called, fur want if another name, Whal Can Ihey He ?ooe of Ihem with two beada bn' nee foot aud web footed Aluo, a Using lath oe-t New /raised t hief. living Lady, artth long hair trailing <m the Door aa she walka * the Carat Anuirta tn ike world, ailed with 11 stag Sea and Mirer Tie) Ina tartona climcw. aa Hie beaiutl J Angai t lao. hpe< hied Brcok Trout. Flying Flab l.trtnc ABtgatnye, Using Cierodttea, Ac, Ae. Tha fanwuia Lu log Lightning < ale ilatw. 1 i.tin Vnnatwr Kuahes I Ding Baby Ar ieou ti* living Happy tomi y. Hrrat variety of N?w Wax Figuiea Mile DEf. MiiNTE '.be famous teller. Coneuttalian fee. Hi cenia All lo be aern for 25 csnta t'b'ldrrn under tee years. It cents STEW BOWERY THEATRE I Friday Firm nr. Rep' is BF.hRFIT OF Ml? K KI'DT. Mr Fddy reapeolfnlly annourrra. Hist bta Benefit ia tiled for this eieulng, i n which m-raaloa be will bare the honor of ap peertng in Hulwrr's eeleliratrd play of RICHELIEU', TheCarftaal being the i hwra< ter In wblrh he appeared for the drm t me to a Sew York ai d.euce and wtil be repealed ,?i thta ucoasiou In desire of mauj OLD FKUFIMf AND PATRONS, Ternunatlrg tbe KTH WBKK OF HIS ENtIAOMENT this tea-?. be will slao appwar for m<x?'. paaitlsely this night on , la his original > harm ler ot JORKPII, tg the niBRFW'S RON OR. JOSBFH AND Ills BRETHREN Both i lores MORT POWERFULLY CART, ami presenb 4 with cor reel and approprtate F< eoerv. Dreeaes, Ac. BRTAHTB' ?MINSTRELS Mechanic*' Hall 472 Broadway, above Oread doR MOR DAY. sept. 24. aad every n'rbt this weak. JKKRY AMD DAM BRYANT, JERRT AND DAM BRTANT, The popular oomediana. la their laughable sketch at JA< K CADB, JACK CADE, JACK CADE. JACK OAJH Peel sod Norton In Ikmr Arable breakdown. WAMHOLI). BKRUKR Bt OTT ANDUOULD, The favorite voeal nnartette In new anngi and akin aedg ImmaU'l new ulantatea arrag undo A ivahae NOTtcf- ( HAROEl)r TIME. Doors open at fit. rurtkle rieea *4 TR. Ttcketa ? eaala N-1BU) ? HARDEN IT AL1AH Oi'KRA. C0RTIH1 ITALIAN OPERA TROl PC. I.APT PERFORMANCE III NBW YORK. M the Troop* will inwr Button on M obd e v Oct 1. ORAND PINAL MaTINKK In rooar<!'i*?ea <?( ibe pnt ant cent at Padei'e Open of MEDRA, ?pop ua 6rat prod -teia In New York. It will bp given FOR TUB I,AIT TTK* Oil BATl'RDAf MORNINH BEIT ?. A DM INN ION OMR DOLLAR Koaeati will be rtwrrni upon Ihla or realm. 1 orn open M II o'eloek A M 1 be Op*rn raBMtoa At 1 o'eloek. media. rn i?*t ria.t. Medea veerad tuna In Amertra MADAMR t'ORTMRI Jat one time In Aaaertra RIUROR Ml'RIaNI t'reonte (eecnd time In AmerVa. RIONOR ARDAYANI tl.akaala leeoua.l Uwe la An?rlra BI'IHOR RARHI foodIHM I'ARI. A NHCHrTTyen i O. BKYAI'IO TWO MILITARY ItANIM knee teen innetalv eagaged upon tkla .eeae'on I let ween the aemnd and third A eta o( lite Me .tea Ibe b ruber of the popular liarH-we. a mod to HlON'tiR F. AMODIO will anc "01 Fiweenta the relet.rated aria from I.A TRAV1ATA. wh ' k waa an wtrmlj ajpla.i led opoa hla drat Appearanre. A MBR1CAM OONCRBT IIAM. F. UUINN, r qc? W OOINN, The rtfat*at Burlre.oe Orator of the day. CTAKTERBORT MfNIC HALL. J .1 II. OH DEN. EVA BRENT. CARLO FAMILY New tori *b bt apt theatric 37 and 30 bowe rf. Dae Yok, win ea welnt nnd Inebt. tgfnoaedy, arltb am.**, by Berj and knJiarb. Ynleannn, Mr. Menrbcvt; W"nnla?e, Mr. Krimne Annate. Mlaa ileyv; A ton. Mr* Brhe lei Caroline Miaa Men nonet __ NOT1CB-TO THEiBBICAI. MANAORRR, Ai'.?MR. AI lei on Brown la no longer atent for tbe Cooper Knell,*a Awertran Opera tVennany Manerern plet.e ad"ew Mr. H 0. I roper Rl< htnond, Va , for Ibe net! three weeka. Wanna,, ma, kept. It. American concrrt hall. L NIMMONH L BIMMONB la hla great and original banjo aoln*. B IA)NDIN1 TUB DARIN* BIONDIN' (IRANII WHEELBARROW AltCRNAtOR. AT JONKB WOO OR, ON FRIDAT, BRITEMBER M. AT t O CLOCK P if. Ua aad aee lb# eoaderful BLOMDIM pert iraine Tbe area eitraordinarv Feat of tmllla* OR T1IR ROI'R A WIIRlt.BARRnW. AI JON MB WOOD, on FRIDAY, Fepuanber (Rat 4 o'abwk I' if. THE W'iNDRBFI L BUINDIN. ORAND WliRRLRARROW AICRBBIOM. At JORRB- woorm, an FRIDAY. Bepteaaber M, at 1 o'rkw-k P. M. M ONTANAIU, MART1TTA. OE ATF.WALL 1. COOL Rl RORNH ?RAKI/>DBOM." Mb BROADWAY.?FRIDAY RVRNINO ATI Fej.t JB. lent I ol Mr. Andrew Riatea oe whkth nee* Bike toliowlrg w?ll kanwa anwta win appear John c ear. Thnaiaa 'ennlae. A.roa donee. El Price, Mlobae' Norton Claa Cmw . Dew Kerrigan, Joke Wmda v "in* U ?vt Toting IBMnb Raw. ytriae I area, Aadrew Hlntaa Inrwa ea PO/ie . f. LBOMaRD. Proprietor. .1 CtivMtv btege Manager, an.' lake ibe Foaka." AMFRICAN INNT1TTTF FAIR -VINTTERB NBOtTLD A rtam'ne tie eitranrdteary mere* of f R ATT N I'nlreraaJ Rolling anu Frleib Ji.nrnal Rv ae III,moated In operation m the air preartrw dog rbnni nntreraa >y conceded hy arlentlit. men lobe tit tnoa. valuable iinprovaaeeai la sat Inoe* that baa ever been Introduced A MBBICAB COBCBRT IIALU J\ tit Brood way BtI.LT OJfflL. BILLY O-NRtU the oe'y ortgtaal Dteh roaaedta* m the werid M'Avtmi .iim thi " tabirti n" Detroit ,*t TT | rraeet Met'"! 'an t: ea -e r n -neeoii* <?rw.*r ?. IhfY rea .t l? "a ra voni ti'W?. i??r<m ? ' re a aa I rvp" C ?eera f'r lit, el en.' ? 11? e MR g, f, Bfce rh D?tf M * . ga <, At ?. t( lU * 1. (let. THE EUROPEAN NEWS Our Despatches and Papers by the Persia, THE CRISIS IN ITALY'. Invasion of th^ Papal Statea by Victor Emanuel Attack on Perugia and Its Capture. Iiitere>tiiig Account* of the Flight of the King of Anplei aiul Arrival of Garihuldi. Annihilation of the Pope's Temporal Power. The Fears of the Great Powers in Regard to Venetia. Opinions in England, France and Sardinia' The Revolutionary Volcano Under Europe. Letters (Von Oar London, Paris. Ber lin, Florence, Genoa and Con stantinople Correspondents, THE HARVESTS IN ENGLAND, Ac., Ac.. Ac. Th*1 Htcamstiip Persia. Captain Julkiaa, wba:h sailed from Liverpool at uine o'clock ou the morn ing of the 15th, and from Vuceuitowu on the even ing of the ltith inat., arrived here at one o dleak yesterday morning. Tho main points of the news |>y this arrival waa given in our issue yesterday, hut we to day suhjaia some important details of general interest, toaokiag the great question now absorbing public fltteatiaa both here and in Europe. The Papal government was about to despatch a memorandum to all the Kuropcan Powers protest ing against the Sardinian invasion of the Pomaa territory. This memorandum explain* tlrat the eo rolmcnt of foreign volunteers, o( whi h Sardinia complains in her ultimatum, was principally due ta tlie counsels of Austria and France; the latter Powers having, after the Paris Congress in insisted on the formation of a Papal army. The Madrid correspondence of the Jml^pend1not My, announces that the Spani-h government hae order ell three steamers Iront the Havana sqt<adr?fl to the coast of Tonezuela to protect the Spanish citizens who seem to be exposed to the hatred ot tire citizens of that republic. The satire correspond ence says that notwithstanding the despatch of an ambassador to Mexico, and the peaceful apeecfcM delivered in the last sittings of the Cortes, the Mexican question might, at an early day, take a sad tarn and bring about serious complications be tween Spain and the t'nited States. Par London Corrrepomdeace. l/oxDoa.tfcpt 15, ladfl TV Iau' if King lb-mho?TK' Great QtirMion of (V Pay ? Khali Kvray Have Peace or War *?TV RnUit'Ktill and (A* Pandt? Bay i Peace Detj>?Ukes to 'V I.>>nd>>n 71 eves? 7V Continental Ch'U Board?OarilxtHi, (V MvpHg of Kuregm Ike flrilith Minuter at ConManlinopie M TrotdJe?Mr. l.imdtay't Mutum?TH* A. Leger and %i Doneattrr Roc, dc ,4f , dr. Id a certain (un)acieattflc aooouat of a balloon ascaa aloe the airy'> nuu|bt Ml J, an be look bta seat la the be linos ear lbs eartb unnrnt *lely tank away from lira. Then when be was tired of [lotting ia the blue ether as sent out a grappling Iron?to Implement oevar C Hewed to lake "No for en answer?caught bold uf the earth, and hauled It up to the balloon wllb perfect ease. Now, tbat, with a little varlatlna, would probab y aaiwer for a dteeriptlnn of tbe diaaotutlna of pvrtaersh.p batwsaa Krancle II , the late Kisgof Naples, and bta quoadaai kingdom. He did not?oowart like? 'ee tbe country ; Ob do ' lie merely stepped no board a Spanish man of war In tba bay or Neplen and bis ungrateful country ixmoll ately Ml led away and left b m (trended at Km la Per hape tbe recreant nation In ita truant course may be a* ungrateful as to go still farther away, and leave tbe |>o<w Ring In a Spar lab convent, or In an old oaatle la B-hernia, or at a royal shooting bo* In tbe Tyrol Poor fellow, to be eo deserted! But It can't be helped. Tbe eaploeire and erratic nature of tbe elevate! ground around Naples?Vesuvius, A laa and Btrombol ? w<tl play queer pranke. for whirl, man cannot account ffj Ma leaty, however, ran be coneoled by tbe reflect loa that bta case Is not altogether without parallel or prenadent Thare were tome very corrupt, bad people l.viag about tbo bate of Moiibt Veauvlun some 1,<KX> rears ago, en ibep had repeated warmer* that tbey b id better 'eeve,or mead their ?ey? bet they Ml n-ilb-r And what was lb* consequence! Why, tbe mo ntaia not being eo eeeom Modeling, or poaneneed of tollteleal energy of cUameWr to clear out, aad not liking its neighbors, ovars belMSd them on IV ap"t I mm one of the gay yeung ladles at that period?on a lets r ait to Italy?svl.o bad lodg ags la a museum at Saplea. I do not can her Una Home; In fact, to the eye she appears to be nothing but en Irregular tkape-i cinder Now II eewms very likely tbat tbe ei rs oeaie i king of yesterday will ggure la future h (ton es] museums ta a fona'.I?a |-atrifled eper met of aa ot tinet repti r?aid aame-l In tbe moaty records of aclases. In honor c.f the persevering investigator who. If be did not describe, at least rireumssribed b a, and took bta measure?the Bnmbat Ger'beldt. Tba will be eumcieotlf explanatory, and while II shows the nature of tbe ani mal, will do honor to tbe grant explorer who fo ad him out. aad?in the language of tbe immortal Run el We-'ar, ? hew surrendering to the fascinations of the loMtf Mary?"clrf mil wealed him.'' Tbe lint has gone forth: the Italian* have lakea pea see*Ion of their own country, and tbe naval foroan aid array of the Bourbon Kltg have belated IV* flag af T'itdr Kmanuel. TV grmt question now ta, will there W pmee or war between the great P-wer* of Furor** There 'saa bee? great dapi on of IV f- nda here tn I/mioi, aw tbe fare A near- at V -run letting busasM ?e?* here la Urates ts j i- s fhlth than .er ' presa

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