Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 30, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 30, 1860 Page 1
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NEW-YOEK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 8788. SUNDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 30, 1860. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE FHHICE OF WALES. Ik iMtyki if ?? Biyil DljlUM *t fto> Oe BMc IkMt Tm Mi Vktt U i Mfgcrtofr?Tkc CrMi Bafl at Ike ipcni Wko tkc Prince's PaitMn Were Mi lev tkc Ifakr vu IimH, *0., Ac., A?. Cmctoub, Sept. 29,1W0. Dm Prlnoe and tuite irrltM M on o'clock this ?eming. In cmaequeace of a freight train baring run ?C the track they were delayed three boon. Tbey were aoeompanled by Mayor Bishop, Judge storer, W. Sibley, President or the Chamber of Commerce; John Torre noe, Promdeal or the City Council, Bcfua King, President of (fee School Board, and R. & Bowler, who met tbe train at Oechrnat, and tendered tbe boapitalltiea of tbe city to la spite of the laft hour at which tbe Prince or Walee and enite arrived hat night, quite a crowd oatlected at the Burnett Bouae to too bim. Bo wan taken up ataira hp the private etairway, and tbe crowd, though cheering nnd peeking in great etyle, ?w nothing of the Prtoce. The Prince has the ladles' drawing room for a parlor, hat mom of bin enite were put in the story nasi to the reef, la No. 150, and were dietatiefled thereat Early thin morning n great crowd collected in front of the hotel. At ten o'clock the Mayor went op to call the Prince, sad found bim ctin abed. Soon after the Prince came dawn to breakfast in a private room, and the crowd, noising the first opportunity of seeing him, nmhod forward, hurrahed and opened a lane for bim to poam On his return be ran tbe gauntlet swiftly, and hurried np eteirs oa a full trot, causing much disappointment among the people. When the Prlace entered bis carriage to drive through the city acvaral thousand persons had collected, cheering aathuBlaaticaUy. The crowd scrambled after tbe oar rings, blocking np tbe street in every available epot, occupied tbe aldewalkn and lined the windows. The street wen fall of carriages, drawn np, loaded with spectators. All hurrahed, tome for tbe Prince, Bome for Old Abe, Dog, Bell nnd other politi cal (avert tee, in everyf eaat, according to tbe West ern practice, shortening tbe name to one syllable. Tbe ladies waved their handkerchiefs, and the Prlnoe bowed repeatedly. The Prince drive through the principal streets, and then through a portion of the town where hogs are killed, and whara the odors were more evident than pieamnt, wad then eat t? the Tillage or Clifton, to tbe residence of Mr. Bowler. ? A greet crowd collected upon the open square to nee the Prince attend the fire engine show. Bo did not rotnra in time, however, bot drove directly to the hotel, wont to bed, and slept till dinner time. Even tbe ser vants arc followed by crowds. Mr. Pike, proprietor of the Open Boone, ar ranged tbe ball Ibr this evening, and It wad extensively advertised that tbe Prlnoe would attend. The tickets were printed for the "Reception of Bin Royal Highness the Prlnoe of Wales"?since bgre la the Went the people have given up the titles Lord and Baron Ren frew, and Insist on the Prince preserving bis title. MM Opera House, where tbe ball was held, wag most brilliantly Illuminated, and the parquette wan floored over to tbe stage, open to tbe wail and decorated with natural Bowers. In size the building is almost as burgs as the Academy of Music. A groat crowd collected Is boat of the hotel, and a greater one in front of the Opera Bouae. After many cheers and mistakes on the part of the .crowd, UmPriace at last arrived. r?w?? -? ??.?# waan. the Ball Oemmitwe held a brief conference with him in regard to partners, ind tbe whole party were then taken telo n private fox. About ooe thnuaaid persons were present. Tbe ladles were most richly dressed, and the couj> Tail was magni ficent. ? After a few monenta delay tbe ball was commenced with tbe old feahloned promenade. Tbe Prince then epened the ball, the royal party and others dancing upon the stage, a few others on tbe parquette. Tbe first dance was tbe "Jubilee" quadrille, tbe rrlnce having for his partner Mrs. Col. Pike, wlfb of one of the oommiltec. the proprietor of the Opera Bouse, and the originator o. the ball. Everything at Bret appeared still sod formal Tbe people netted afraid of tbe Prlnoe, and tbe Prince of the people, nad bot few danced. The Prlsoe also made several mia lakes, not being aa/itif In American style ; but be Boon recovered himself, and enjoyed himself la bis usual etyle. Be wee dressed in eveoing drees, with white neckcloth, no were all tbe suite, la the first daaoe Lord Htncben broo? danced -if a ru. Tbe i>rogramme wee given to the Prince for a selection af dances, and he adhered strictly to quadrilles, with the eaneptiou of the last. Me daaoed Uia eeoond quadrille with Miss Groeebeck, Aanghwr ot tbe Boa. John Groeabeck, ex M C.. and ooe af the committee; the third qaadrlUa with Mies Taylor, of Newport, Kea lucky, that State being largely rtpr men ted. and Um fourth dance, Um "lancers," with Mae 0 Be Oregor, of Mount Auburn. The Prince was still dancing at tbe lime we are com polled to close our report. the coldness and formality oo the part of tbe Prlnoe md people early disappeared, aad all eeemad to aajoy themselves highly?none more than tbe Priace of Wales, mho, though apparently very much embarrassed, chatted with hie partners, Md them to their guardians, and pro ?seeded around lbs room, to tbe intense satisfaction of be comm nee selected the parterre beforehand, and Prtoce merely signified bis approval of the list, la was to tears at half past eleven. ? eater leg the ball room the band payed "God stave Queen, as at the Gonads belle, ha Prince attends fit. John's church t morrow more , the venerable Biabnp Mctlraine preach lag. and in Um ireooe goae to Christ church, a Monday, at nine o'clock, be starts for Pittebnrg. 1 m said tlM Pr eoe'a hotel bill at fit. Louie was twsn Ive hundred dollars, aad that be paid that asm for s clal train hero. v The I'rlneo of WalM and the Phlladel phlama PliUNtmi, Bept 29, Itto. M tt Haled ibat a commitw# of one hundred ciiiaoa* bar' ma !e arrenfemeaU for a fraud operatic eateru n meat la hcaor of the Fr ace of Walea, to buna off on tba main of tha lOtb at October. The Mitre wmpeoy of the New York Academy of Made tt enfafed for tba ne aaatoe. and the cofnbiaetloe of manioaJ U etl will be the ?troaceet erer witceeeed la thtt city. Tha Prince ta to erieet Ibe I r <?%ramme Hur lllinota I orrrapomtrnre. nwiaar. III., Bept U. 1 Mb. The H yal Ftrif nn >h Frtiri't?T*' Atf^i tf (be CbhiW y?ii <*,>?/ th* 4* Prim* if m i LyiU?Tk' Prv^rM ?f fbu/V?k<. 4rtn, ft , ft. t an act tea ta tba tnall parlor or tha I ttla hotai at Ihitcki, wruiai by tha lifhl of a aaltUry tp r t tamp PVaaaat rexdttrtloef of ? day (pent in drtrlmf nrer and Mootitf oa tba (rand pra.rta aad rttitlM la tha nUage erewd ap>a ma. aad I write a* one a lor* with btt (ob ject. I Ml oat early, nf drore acroM tha framy plain by a mere path, aad atartaa ai(bla af pralrw bird#, aa l aaw Urn h*.ri?oa rparaaly dottad wiu farm booaai.aurrtwadad by fleUte of tediaa cora. Mitt after mitt I eaotiaoad my Jaareey. aad lUtl tba aeaaa raoaateed lb i fame?,'ar after farm, aadalaltta after iiadaiattoa. oace I mat fcardnaaa la charga of aome cattle, bat be m tlia apacimaa af hnmaaity law B my loaf drtra through Ibeae raft aoM idea. Mi mi lea below tba rilttae I came ta aarrral pone that larked Ilka la aada ruing from tba aaa of peen Thaar dleaotad tba preeeaM of water. Oao of them frlajreri abarry lake, in tha r rlaity of wbieb tba Prince tba whole of j eater lay laid ita abada here tired for luacbeon aad partook of aome pokMoea baked for him pa tlte pot. aad then lifhted bit aefar at the ire ?httfc ? $ aflewarrift accidentally fa.ted a tree . *\ ? an Fra rif tt a bird/* aad tetany M0% loai ^ twentyfve to fifty bread, and If morf or Mm ttytua over Hf entire extent. Hardly any one could tall to rental* a nappofition that thla rut tract of country wm once the bed of a lake, or that It will eventually be aa .denecly populated ae the adjacent raft one. In the meantime the extreme fertility of the aall, which la a dark atoaeleia loam, teaaourceof anre wealth tot TbePrtnoe returned at balf paet aeven U from Ptuart'i drove, after a dey'a euooeeefttl ?hooting. The Prince* own party consisted day, of hlmeelf, the Dun of Mr. Spencer and Captain Belallack. The latter who la alde de camp to the Governor General of Canada, organized the whole affair, he havtng prertoaaly vlotted ttfc neiftiborhood for (porting porpoeee. The ether mem. beta of the eulte ehot on their own aeooent. The reaalt of the day'a aport v aa aa foUowt ? The 1'rince, thirty head of qualL The Daka of Newcaatle, tweaty hand of quail. Mr. J. Clinton Spencer, tan bead of quail. ? Captain Retaliack, twenty bead of quail. ? On the previeua day the Prince (hot ? prairie font; the Duke of Newcaatle,twelvebraoa;Oaptala Retaliack, five brnoe, and Mr. Spencer, two braoa. The extern on the aide of hie Royal HlghneMauf boaoooanted for by the met of hie bavtag alwaye the firm abet. The grand total of birda abot by the Mtire party to4ay I ameanted to a hundred and ninety head, and ymterday to a hundred and thirty bead. Theae figurea may be interietinf to ^ ? A rabbit wna abot by one of the party to day, tad equerrUa, Major Teaarfele and Ctptofa hit a ddap | y eater day, but did not tuoceed la bringing it dawn. It lied in a fright, from whteh it ana tSaty net y*l ft- I onaeeeanwmi wnmen h the Caltad states. ? The popularity which baa invariably attended the dl-l piomattc career c lord Lyona hie bean w*0 earned, and win be, if peaetble, in whioh be la admlalaterU^^^^^^^^^^^^H Wnlee In hie pragma Dwtgbt li a village offer bauamand atxhundred people, and has bad aa eiwuaaa of only tour year*. It will doubUoM metre aa uafetasma the ymeent royal via It, and we ehail likely bear of a Renfrew Hotel it ?ome Alton tint Its uaual quiet has been but little dlaturhad by the event I chronicle, aad, the eaMB of the Irlah fhrmere ex cepted, the Prlaoe baa been free (turn all latraeton or prying curioalty. oar It. Lrala Cerrw|ee?e?ee. Sr. torn, Mo., Sept. 24,1*0. Trip from DtoxgU to ? Lotlio-Oripin of *. LouU-IU Early HUtory and Propreeo?Locatio* of the CUy?rr< ientsto the Prince if Walee?Preeentt fremiHI Sty** Highntee?Incident* of the Prince'i Trip from Dtedgbi (0 fit. Louis? EnUuuieutic Reception by Seventy neetemi Citizen*?Programme of tto Royal l'rip to New l'nrt, U wss a Utt'e before om o'clock this morn lag 1 the client prnlrts Tillage of Dwlgfat la tht dl/oot ISO 0 Um railway atatloa. IM oaclllatloa of IM trala rtkfc oarrlcd me tteoceftrward to this exceeded aaythtsg ?T the kind 1 bad before met with. H wsa a perpetual jumping reel, which made the bonea ache, and 1 that If era? agala 1 had oocsshm to traeel between Chi cago and St. Louie, I would chooae a mbdthrff read than the Alton and St. Louie Railway. Moreover, the l care were out.ot repair, and the pace eo atow-aheet I twenty miles an boor?that it was past aoon when we reached the terminus on the banha of the Mississippi, *4 there, owing to the absence of a Tsrry steaaar to carry eg serosa, nearly an hour's delay took place baftrf we reached the city. The fare, too, was higher than hf the opposition lines, being tan dollara from Chicago * St. Louis, or two more than it la stated to be In Appla ton'a Guide. 1 was unceremoniously shaken out of my sleep at daybreak, alike with the other oeenpaata of tha sleeping car, by an ebony faced individual wishing to know ir 1 wanted breaklhst. Be received anything beta calm reply from some of those disturbed by him. How ever, I was amused as be was walking away by bearing some oneo*J out to him, "Bring sea a cup of cofim on a WliUfa" ??On who?" was the darkey's responsive query,and be chuck lad as be spoke. I imagine bis thoughts recurred to a waiter Is human form, for he see seed to enjoy the ld#A IBAZllflJ* " 'siMMW | may bt likened to Liverpool, while the vicinity of the State H' use reminds one, when seen afar off, of Lisbon. I Br.t ao sooner does the traveller land than the reseiw hi..ore is no lunger recogn aed, and the aoene har l ly k ' geata comparison. ... w. The site of St. Louis was selected by La:l#rc, who named It In honor of Louis XV., of France, on the lAUt of ?rh l^Ot the average nunual value of fuie brought s?a-JKisa5s??iS55S rxper'enced no mptd mcrtane. for u late as Uh it num k,.,ii lefts than live thousand. . . Jtranwb 11# and In the year IT68, Spsnish trooon had taktn Dosseesios or It In the name of her Catholic ty^ an Mbene retained it till IU transfer to the Lu.ted Ziamm tm iwu The c IU real prcgrew b#fM. It 1B13 ^**7 i? \ nve rlaoe to brick in the construction of houses In 181" tire first steamboat ploughed its water", imm'cratlor from lUinole stuteeded and its | IB 1840 exceeded sixteen thousand. T?o year* jater^tbe tigurts teli their own tale of advnncemmt, swd as thenar# bS v eThoog b t?illMh"Ultraductles into the present spittle ?!^9t withoutwi 11 *?? become to? much a hmhii with mi U> reelect home look abroad for later SS&T Brt 2mTEm the rrln^e of Wales has invested ths Sseec of b* so" ru with a more than common ate la well to revive old Tba pJwseit whatever there Is nsw oooosmtsg them. Too promo* roval tour bss been the text for the promulfhtica of mu .h thna#> rfflool and our of-gtabort, ln?.r ,onaD .iaovm , ought to be seen in a cleaner and truer manner than ever "g? T^W^t'uated oc the right or western ^SWof the HtMlM^rpi #eTeotv mlet below tb# month of lb* MJt* ?o?ri and a hnndrvd snd" twenty four above the mouth Stim Ohio New Orleans Is elerm hundred and ninety f?nr mild btlow 11. Tbo City to built OO two Hftritnnfi RleTtllOOl twoot? IBd ?l%ty flBOt tklTl IN lerrl of the riT?r Tbe npp*f tomoo ffldOM into a plain, from which a fine view ofthe |t\*T2ewS?l tainahle St. LsuM is at eMl*r_?x?resarty some*** straggling s appearance, and extss la ssvsn aio g lhTbs "dmcst'absorbing theme here for the lest few dayv ?ml shiih baa attracted people from all parts of lbs wl I^mwd tws2tr Sveor thirty thousound to as ?mbl^tcwMher at one spot. -a the Sftb Annual f air of rhr ? iWTASMTt- Mechanical Association, l^tS'iahibithTat ui !7rrCwM."' hlf Tm^ tb^v. w h rh gave h!? r.oya Hignew mu- h ha% in* a Tlotr? !? tbr one city toot o auwitity of too iirr <?t tran*? 1 * T*r t,iw lo thli country to tb# Prlnc . X l.aeTm w-c^ted the ;>ft. thanked the giver and r7lmd.yboVm?'r not b? ge.erally known that ?eserai Sroce i-msri tl' 1 three hundred lo'lara , Rnrs n7h?ees to BlonC,n. of tight rope notoriety, and BWErJi.?"""?..?"TUTr.s Osnads waa prieeaied wltha gold watch PSarng rTnce-Screst, anl that atmllar favore have bwa atM where bestowed under like clrcuswUnW, the Ba?*!"; r?rnt of the Detrstt an I CbKmfo JU ^^7Ct^ to"pm?isl*rTlhere ths royal party have resided ^ recip'rnt* of Um most Cterieg u wti) sa hoostiful remuneration, pis waa pur ticelarly the cans with the Rtchmonl ih. m ,., ,.?' U,., M., . in. ' r. far, the ordirvry r"ieats willingly making any necessary "nmSTJ* J!"'hJwwTHtod'Ii'S! liiv'lig fVtro l" . he ??ml t m. tab^StS^tblt ?? ?nee-l wo?;d aet exr?e<l t?a milss aa hour, owisg is earn "l**. " ' I0^, M.| of co*trss thia ordsr, ma-ie by tu aUIStlf adhered to The Ira n arrived at Alb n, ts ,teetti.ition. oa the * ""'^r , shore St lswtw. at three omaet. wltbo t u * <icri.rence of any special ?e;dect. Tbe loyal I*"* STSSSt. "'P?r,?'l~y"53 ,b?' IrUm ft* loo's " m?et them, npnti whmh lhe7 alsrted for this eily. and arrn<-?r h?* ? Tbesmr8dW*B was* "one rererred for tbe ^^TaadsuJTbe lower part being oer pledIby S^r; eSZo Dur.ns tbe ha Loya Highnms a.- b. in'y^^ a. the remet ate-Mdnp iS.rsi.-o 'rrzpzizrzz ^sTrrm^ WM 'a general rheer a# Ihe and entered TL^SSSTm^fi hwfihe earoetty of some of the reoghs commit the isdhrretios of ronnlagckma^ewfa^ ertne osrrtsse and starisg at the oee?iw?ts jwssfb l? windows. The other carriages ouU nMktSl kslMi drom off in aa oppnai jo dlreettos, Is order to -flvlds the r , which t? peded tbe progress of that f**t* *' .Li?Umi nigtsMs ?eweverVwitb: s less thss ms tfcfie party ? H rewciied the hot* tad thko? rnm?l^ Of their quartere, which, although letartor l? theat Of tbd mchreoed Hon?, prro complete ?IXirttoft. . The Prince rtoUMd attan durtsg tMWIOf thh ?Mbi. I ? Hi* Royal | <i*y morntag month?hf wtll^^H MM to Waehiagton, ud bo lite goeat of tfel MHli till the morales of the OUt October, when be Will traeel I to Btnlimred. the quatat capital of Vlntnta. Oa the Mh ho will More mr BdMni ?ore tap of red urobeMyttay M the Eataw Booao. Oh the momlr j of the Mb be will leave for PhUrtel Iphta. red there notde el the OerereeetaU Botel tuithe moralog of the 10th, whoa he will jp tarwtrd to mehe hie trtreqphoat retry tato New Tore, wSrehjl will likely iwMe etlhe Brerett Be 1 bellere, Mat he ie to tW? Wert Uth, red ITbemi re the day alter; take hhabreghreaiielJ ?ad mneta it the Berere Bean there, eMtbw bridge i? the ?aaatia*, tin the ltab, wbea be wnieatt for rorUSd*dh?tVM? poeftag the night at the Preble HMre,?MMtKNoArlia aalivTiand oa the M ^^tpeNlSkcre h* way P The tl I wti?aret la >alok|t^^^^M that If the dap wow flaa the oaael wdebly ooaoert^^B he glare at the neU la the Oretral Park. It can baldly I he doahtad that the wltieei of the day* pleasant iiheiamai wre acaaewhU laodMed by the ohflltag, piercing auto of the afitf haw, whtah ? the letghhoe heed of the Ceahral Park waa parttealarly here aad searching. the mcadretc ytetarday, thoegh not per bepa aa large aa that of the week betore, waa character!ad by a diepiay of beaety aad art aoiiae to whtah the lBcJretreey of the day aad the aoddea apptreaare of am faahlopa had gtraa a I parycalar gayety. Saturday alter noon now a days at the | Central Park pi iaet|f Plfraly ecene. What with the gay ? equeeuiane, aad, peehapo, ^?witbtbo cbarrae of would tar two abort boors. jeeJousy of CaUl the directive of the the ocsoerta to a aetaomch tare opera ?of the mall. I rwwtadB re of the rel ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Kapeetad re the reatlag ?toe,"Lotaeagrle." ? Hire kMlhXMea red le BBgdea. i Borne." Bop." TIM Hadaon Navy Regan*. IWMWNl regatta of the Hudson Navy took ptnod tfttl Byaea Held#, Hoboksa There ware iflMhr ail boala, aad the prise a chans rtMtftVt mmm* it* (bur oared boata, aad the priae a (liver buoped water keg; Um third for barges, aad lb# priae a rudder yoke. (treel, aad were conveyed to the ecene or action; but through aone mistake the barge wai anchored at aogreat a distance fr jd the ihore that the leata were uoablo to distinguish clearly what boat started aod what die not. The reporter* were permitted to remain on ths barge until after the fir it race, and they were conveyed to tbe Judge*' boat then, ton ugh tbe kindness of Cusawsm Bin k wall, of barber poiloe boat No. S. Tbe hoals ibat etarted for tbe frit msa were the What I* II f Wavrrley. Ksceh ><r, l.igbtfoot, Aurora and N .antic. Tbey rt tried at a quarter before four o'clock, aad came iu 10 lie foilowtag irder -CiaaMar, all mmutei pa*t four, C ghlfoot (it minutea and twenty four seconds pa*t four. Mantle, u minutea and thirty ?e conda pact lour. The tbiwe other 1kmla came In abortiy after. <iwing 'o the allowance of time the race waa de cided to be a draw and mail be gone over with again. The boala for the necoud race were tbe What la lit tvaabaa, and \ Olante. Tbey etarted at forty ale and a half m'.buUs peat four, and tbe Volaate ram ia lint, w ,nniBg ia twenty eight mluutee and three seoouda. Tbe What la 1?? male tbe disuace la twenty eight utautrw ! and fifty eight seconds. The third race started at twenty minutea aad a half i r?*i,?and the Ail tola came n first, wiamag la i twenty two m . an tea aod thirty three eecoods, and the i | > 'ur Jeaaie made tbe three m.tee is twenty three abaM* and fifty eight seconds. They were tbe only boala run. There appeared to ba very little .ntareel taken in tbe race outside of A* members or the club, that gay acene af small boata aad spectators, that add ao much totbrgavety 1 and ercilrment at a bout race, being wauling Still, I everything paaeed ofl, to ibuee interacted. In a pleaaaat manner, and tba experience of ihia drat annual race may , be of great value to them on their second. City latelllgeace. Tub Sr.*r*T Thai** on raa 11 as i a* Kaasiun ? The plesvurs travel on this line last Sunday waa very large, greater ibaa N baa aver been before. Over S.000 or 6,00$ people took the steam cam to |tho favorite places of re sort along the roe I. Many or tbeae were Mrangtm visit tag the Central Park. Many more went to Harlem an I thence to High Brilge Tbore who have not availed tbemteivea of these trips ahonid not let tbe preacot Dae weather para without doing ao. TaaCavaa Mraatvaaae Owaa Oonohao. Captain, oeto brate-i their first aaaaal eacuraion at Clifton Park, sum Island. Tboy muaterei about aereaty rata, an con tended for forty prizes Tbey paaaed oar office on their return b int Tbey am a flat body of man, aad their target showed good mnrWinaaasbip, as it waa welt riddled. Can an.?Wcdaeaday aad Thursday, >?et. 3 aad 4, be eg tbe aaaivermry of the great All England Cricket match, it will be seen on reference to our advertising columns that A grand Crick at match will bo played on St. Ueorge's , r round. Ho boa en. between eleven amateur* aad eleven prefrtalonala of the t ailed Mates aad aa foem tbe follow Sg I tat the player* will ba aeJoswd, It will be oae of tba beat (unlcbea of the season ? Jmmtrvrt ? Barclay. Burnett Carp, Oavia, Fakin, llibbca. Hall. Ilowa, Kent f.srge, Morgan. Sewbali. a ' ob'bboo. r Hobiasoa, Vcraoa, Stevens. Jones Waaler, Walker. Waller. /WtMt< ail ?Brett. Haggle. Hollia, Hampshire, Klp bardt, Mudee. Sadler, Sams, Sealer, & Wr gbt, H. Wright. Personal latelllgeare. Pr. N A te Coat* and daughter, of Cuba, sr? ' at the Attor Piace Hot' |. Co- at de Sallgay freaeh Minister to Hoiwo: II Ba thetic, ol Belgium. W F Mtofleld and lady, of Iuglan-l. | tod Mr D'Hautville, of Cli.mgo, 111., are ai<>pp;ag at the Breroort House M Von I mburg, M.otaler from Hohand to lb# fa ted Flan* and ram y h?o. W ttenboiaw, of England A. Humbert, of New T vh H. A Dldler and lady, of Balti more. and Nlcolar ! tarbura, of Washington,art st-pptag ] at lb# Clarendon Hotel Uapt. Mclean tad Mr. H. Wilaoa, both of the I'slted .-'latci Nary Col. Khetl,0f South Catolioa C. Vibbard, Super.aWa.'eal of the New York Central Railroad R H. Iwna, Jr., of Bnetoa aad J. Hoy. aad fhmdy, ?< New * leana. are stopp ag at the St Nicholas Hotel. f . J. Hart and family of New Orleans. A. A. Marth of Cine aaati W 0> Davldgt.of Waah.ngioa. Mr T Edeoa aad Mr S S Marsh, b- lb of the Co led Stales Army. and John t nam nga, of Mob were among tbe arr ral* at i the Metropolitan Hotel yralerday H Wiakley, of Pbiladaipbla W. c. Youog. of Buffalo. B I man, o' New York X H rnmpr. mod lady, of Ba Injure. and Mr Ra/ir aad lady, Of England art tb'ppiag at the I n on Place Hotel Ool.J. O Seymour of the New irleam BulUtia Maor Robert Beale of Waab. agios 8. Padelford, of Prov deuce Doctor D. P. Heap of 'i'aabiastnn Thome* ."tenia, aad d*t>gliter, of Louisville , W 1W. Woedfia aad party, of North Carolina L. I' Baltimore J C Bilea, of Philadelphia, aad Jobs dark, of Florida, areslipp ig at tbe Iafarge Bourn Cbpl Jadklao. of lb# tteamsblp Pertlt; Capt k'etine dy.of ibe ?toam?h p Cdlaburg; Dr Mayaard.ef Wash oglon C Meredith, of England AherMomby K tuck, of Mlaburg Geome KoMta, of looialaaa. Jamaa Camp, bell, of Brntiand. Weill Taylor aod fam ly. of Norfolk, ?a.; W Saym. of Alabama H Wood, of loedon, and Mm. Holbrook and family, of New York, are slopping at tbe Everett House 8. f. Wilton, editor of tba Now Orleaaa /Vr feasor Boemor, of Now York. Judge I.yoae ' Col Prince, of Alabama. Alfred Peaa. *" ,,.Ti,,T i n talon Haas, New <Vienna Jobs B ? TMdMt Of tbe Thomas Hullo#, of I odor Jo ?- . r ' A *, w " vi?w Jobs P. Mayoard, of New fr .dllVfSii drat of tbo Farmera' Gordon Bennett o? keat^ky Ckl fr.rr ? I* *>rW lOf*, Hrfl. StBIKT UVIDI, M ??kde ? ' evert, of Mobile, aad Dr. Net*, ef . Mm rg at tbe Fifth Areaoe Hotel CITY POLITIC 1MB BKI')N MOVEMENT. toit# H0TIH9 0? iuS Odorm lyeriTCTB comOTUB?A HKAKD iUTtWCAtiON HPTC , TO BE OfcLD ON OOMRp MONDAY, OOMM S?DKs N RICHMOND CKOJTll CI ALLY motafm ?* TICK1T, ETC* n? Committed of JUfcen, p?j| Cram the sua meeting recently held glim0?f Inatitate, met at the Amy Office y?MiL % the pnym of taking noder consideration the nmmttmtugtai ilsmi Car u grand ratLflontioo mealing leawdeNktfct Undoo electoral ticket recently uuwaseed by theaa. *? amting wie wen At tended, tod nfter eonmltetloa It was decided to boM e prand Union ratification maee meeting at the CooperJaeti tateoa Monday ereamv, October 8. Eattnmro peeparalie? kef ntrandy been commenced to make it one of the moot Important and telling meetinge that hat ever beea held iethieeity. Both Ihnumny aad Memrt Bella hate decided to take part in it aad do IMf they caa to make the gatimring an impo sing tflhlr. The Notieoal Oamoeratie Voioatoare, Ike aereral Donghm, Breckinridge and Ball aad Everett Icluke, organ Indians aad geaeral committees cf the city, wiBalao take part la the aaaetiag aad add t??he thou sands that mill gather there te give impctna to the great Union ball that ban beea set in motion. From preccat in dientiens the gnthering will be of that magnttade that Meaem. Urean, Tnoher, ami their moethpleee. Jamm T. |?r?dy^wU^e^^gtoocv^edam^b^oMarm ianot froaa the coaeerraliYe maaaea of the aity. ^B 1W Omo Blckiamd Doigiae committee will October 8, to lake official aotion upon tho ? ndded to the flectorni tiohat. oflktahy adrtaed^^^^^B adopt the llx namee put on sal that thear cannot *peak for the re-wn that they hare not rvoignntion. lion. Henry 9. eepted a petition IBBB the general dlspoaition teems to he to leave ?Main the er A 0*. in the A tekgrajibicde?i*.ch from Albany ?tatee| las Democratic Bute Committee mem in tbal^B needay neat. It ia euppoeedUmTtbc Union ticket tlx new electee*?three at tMl from the^mm I tiofeet?will be rOrmnlty mortal Urm probably, not ge off ImMfeTet for Henry 8. three erectors from the Breckinridge Brewer, WeeterreitWd Rumoll, arc uadamlBnnBIM mpmed their wiliinfsem to be placed on the Union MOZART HALL PRHLARY ELECTIONS. MXKtlhO OF THK COCNTT COIiVKNTIONS OF THK MO ZiMU AM) BKU. lV?nmi8 TO-MORROW fVKJf" am. It* Heart Ball braicR or tb# democratic fhmiiy, aadar Um Mod of GdMrallti jgao Feiaaado Wood, held Utttrprt mory eUnttmn Mat tvaalac, !a accordance with thecal) p?WWM In ylATiayt Bkxiu> So Bum waImy* beAB hfelA to l?aia,thh.-,l.cRet" waa oarrlnd according to anamaaat in all Um wards or tba city, withoot any ntiMiai latoiAsfstd oa the part of tho Tim?my Bdf lUlUMifmauB ill ^ m i? wTcwwi Mia * ummi Nil) wuj inswtaa aMub to motto* MhM fborpt, corner of E%btk ttrnst and Broadway aaabla toxsorrow aSi I oa Te?day night, Bid ^^^^Lu-Krorott night, THE OFFICE OF RHCOtDBB AND JUDGE ED MONDS. Maw Tow, Sept. SB, 1MB To Bjbaw lUxny.bQ Hillti P-irt my naaat itlKaaos In lha Oocvt of Afpaala i IwiH that l had 1mm ft in MMtoaftlia tor thaaHaaol BaeorBar by tto>Wp>IHui laBtaHIBwaw If, and I awM fair Ht?maaMl ay ralara la town, through yon, Is addr?UmOisytln aw tbaaalh A tow days baforu ynn aast I ana tsM that Mr. Boaasy mm um sinHflWPr^ anxuertd no, under no circumstances that the office bad nearly killed ae ?hen I waa ia it, and to tako it now, when lia dents bad so large:? increased, would aoon fin leli me. - In reply to my rather curt refusal, some remark was made about the duty each una owed to the public. 1 ac knowledged that, but did not see bow that duty should point only to that position; if lb we waa any one that I would take it would be that of Recorder, because there I could do to m ich good. Out of tbte remark I discovered tbat an inferenee bad been drawn that 1 would acxpl the post, and I endeavor ed to correct that impression at once still, I have l>ceo nominated, and that under circumstances which awaken to ine tba liveliest tense of the respect paid to me. Tbe office of Recorder of this city It the most important judicial position In the Slate, and U tbe beet pa; I. Itoau properly be Ailed only by one possessed of uaapproacba ble integrity, of profound legal kaowledge and great ju dicial eagac'ty, for the Coort over which the Recorder presides is the Most Important criminal court on this c-m lintni, and can etert greater Influence on tbe public peace sad tbe Itvee and liberty of our ci incus than all lbs other courts is ib.a city put together, and l appreciate lb" c -n ftdence reposed In me by deem.og me worthy of so re ?poaeib e a poailuw. Btt still I do aol see bow I cas accept It. If I could be aas ired tba; I should be defeated at tbe election, I would cheerfully e meent to be your candidate but I am afraid 1 ebou.d be elected, and it la out of that fear thai my .refusal springs I am aware bow much good f could do la the oi?oe but it would take time to place tbe couri in the condition which 1 should aim to give It, sad 1 am persuaded that that time would not be aitwded me My tenure of office would be only three years. While on tbe tx i.eb I should of course b<-withdrawn from political action, and could not resort to tbe usual m-ans to secure my continuance d it; while, on tbe other baad, ambitious aspirants foe tbe pnailton would be re ?trained by uo race rone Ids rut loo. and would easily oust me long before 1 could give any permanency to tbe cha racter I should aim to give my oourt ft la owing to tbia cause, doubt less. that t nee our adop tion of the practice of judicial electloas, oot a single Jua 1 ties cf tbe supreme Court baa been re elected la Ibis city; ' out of fourteti. Justice* of tbe Superior Court, only four bave been re elected, and a Recorder never I could ex ' pe. t do esempt;on la my rose from this seemingly men i table rate of tbe mdtclary is this city. sad I must calcu | late on being r-mired loog before alia sing the mid? tbe prospect of which could alone ladm e mo to take the efficn. Betides, tbe shortness or tbe term would continually sub-ect me to the mpstat on of ibap eg my decKMiae la referenoe to ? re election I experienced tbie at tbe close of my i.idle ai earner, and I bad abundant cause to keow llial I waa thereby shorn of my independence, and my usefulness waa impaired. < felt this to keeuly thai I then resolved never to undergo it tga'n I bave already been male aware of tbe anxiety tbern it la many to hare me lake tbe piece, and In rousing to a dete-minstne on tba sof- act I nave eudeevrrod te avoid all eel isb roamderation* I bave therefore dwelt but I-tile?even n my own mind? j on tbe pecuniary sacrifice it would be to me, or on tbe d st- rbanco tbat would ennue to a bueincse that I bare been fortuaete eaough to build p around me, and which ' lean - " ?'? supplio* me with a.i I uaat, yet leaves m<- la M freedom to art nu ail occasions accord ag to my ? onceptione of what It >*ft; and bar, b<-en governed i.y cms derations wblt-b I owe it to ibeCoriventioa frankly to mention, even at tbe baxard of tr.ieoaderit- . When I spoke of < ihe good 1 could do as a motive for accepting tbe place, I ] bad in my m id tbe casts, so frefienl in our rr.m.nai courts, of .nicernee nrtustly arcssed, sad often struck down because uafr ended an-l unprotected, and t could I easily Imsgins tbe gratiflcation tbat would How irons be ing sbls to guard H Ic its hour of peril. Rut until 1 saw there was a possibility of being Inducted Into tbe office, I did net look far enough to tee tbe whole ground, and to bernmr aware that. *n moe.b lb* greater tum'.erof is ? tsnccs, it would be my Jest ny to condemn ruber than relieve. It would be painful to me tunc to a t m idrmeet on my fellow man. and to condemn wben 1 would far rstber pity and 'orxive sod endeavor to reform. Wh'-n I now recall my |?st ud.cial career, where tbe adm-n etration of eriminel jnettce wad of rare, and dot st It would be bere. of ronetant "ocurrmoe, I And that lb" nmet vlvld feeling I bare Is tbe painful recollection of tbe many raaet in which 1 wsa nailed upon to oooJema an I to punish the errleg. i I do not nee how I could beer tbet agata, and eapetlat'y 1 the greatly Increased amount or t tbet would naturally flow from the peculiar irtedictien of the court. II is toll consideration more tbsa ml other' wh ch has nftuesced me to decline this aom ns; on, and I bave been 1 thus free and frank la staling my reasons because I bave fell that my domg eo was the noiy compensation I could | render to tbe Onurent on whore w shed I am obliged to dlr*pp< at For their k adaess to a? I *m, vers rests*-1 fully, yoire, Ad., 9-m THE I.JXCOLv if tN'i.En-. Id Onf -ketrhet of lb' oarers amps ^n cUtid, n !?atnf dey'e Hasain. w? cm ttod to tpeak of one auxiliary to Hie repub1 M orgaalmllon Tbe Wide Awake, or l.iteola ^ aert, ore becoming numerous la the rural die tricti they tarn out on boroebseb. and are dreeaed tbe ?ante as the regular Wide Awakes, aid carry the.r torches AC. ft II be rememberud tbat S company namheriag about one hundred earrr ted Rotator Reward from the capital of Michigan to Kalamaruo They are in tbat locality called Wide Awake Rangers, bat In the interior of Pennsylvania, or tbe latitode of Hssrl-bnrg where tbey are nulla nnmeroua, "Lincoln Rangers' id tbe name adopted. There are man srrsral new naesen applied to tbe Bell daN la Teudtsen. which wf eb?U B0KA OLD EKUI9 AID YOUIG The Intimate Relatione of England aad the United Statu. Importance of the Corn, Wool and Cotton Trade. The Dependence of England on America. ENGLISH IDEAS OF OUR POLITICAL AFFAIRS Increase In the Consumption of Cotton ana THE SLAYS TRASS ASD SLAVERY. BzceUeat Adelcs to Westera j^eaiid Projects of American igricaMare. laUflfi lri tapHj aid Wtpeplii Beter Jrim-Ht VMt ef the Prim of Vilm, Th* Loadon Chrmiclt of toa Sit Wsfmnlior oontolna aa MIMlttt retotloMcf Young Amrrtoa ud ('Id KagMtk too priaotpa) potato of which win bo iOudNM^ XH^pfpp?t Hd poapi* af lhatnltod 8U>n ere at lJX . -vSSpmW, ftSaMnaa^^ha? red I root ne puts of toa Inkm, Uet I be tmmt to be equal to ?to we aoat _______ to cell "tbe ?atoir eeeitry." Whatever ?fHrtl W toe ceatoMl ef toe parent toward* the <Gm. er of SmMI toward* toa paraad, aad oHhougb the iSnTtoZmotmm 2S,2a^5n1 ISfoZ MBii fVMm temm mm ocaer mm at a nee out toeadSr, dMUaatof ?a* unalterably. Tbat ferine la toe toifi, eto, aad frnodwa-lev-tag 8on of Old toghted; aad togHahmaa nwd too topi of UMrtre jrUb m Mart wB^ttoMb w* feel 6a ?? a* wartd m kM^STmmsmm tm&Sy tforamls ar M of y*mi America. a iNt UMte man than twe . i.e. i -^-f'?tof toaStotoa which bow make In rewired He Bret penaaaeat bd iaalMM hare not jreloele j ef their aetloaal axtateace. Ite ommmetff iartci nommtmdt to may ommitry, and if jmmrt a na? mmrimt *\ic\ folUofcort oafy tff lhat w At Old Cbanfry, aad fk> crteoit Ad of any otlur na tin. like toe oeentry from wMdb It SrM(, America [If every ' Sru.' Mnl exile aad aa upturn ?i, aad the ample toMd toa haaeMeet enixn la Jludea. and the wide prelrlee which were the boating ground* of *av*gee, are now wannf rem field., the carnal* of nonrlabtng Plate*, and tbc crowded aeau of natire manufactaree, or the buay marla , of trade. The toveign rrmteerre of the Totted state* ta cow no extenalvo that it re. u red IB lv S ?the laet year lor which we hare the complete return.?not le?. than 21 .749 thiie, with na aggregate tonnage of 9,006,046 torn, natire and foreign, which carried to ibe variuua port* cargue* from fbrr'ru rounlrlce. And there aailed from tboae porta, with cargo*. ?f American or fbreign produce and manufacture*, which ?rn recharged for thoae recelred I from other murine*, 21 279 ?h!pa, with an aggregate burden of 0 802 712 tnna. The crew* employed In the American voter i* that engaged numbered 142,211, and la Ibe fore gn tblpt 101 530 makiog a total of nearly a?itiarter of i mllkn men deriving their au'wlateDoe r< m the ronrejanre to and from the I'nlted Mate* and, other countrie* ol the article* which enter Into ita foreign trade. Il iM on' tsrcrji'Um 'here U ??" c unlry in Ihf I'OlU I' hick off' t/r ft, Ilttrh ncvpatim to Mft ? anNl' tkiffi g at tki< luting Amtrv<i. That ex caption i*, ol oourae, "Old Kngland " Ourlvc the aame year. 1*6*. there were 97,f 13 Br Utah and lure'gn alnpa ah cn entered and cleared lb* port* of lha Brit lab empire, and three had an aggregate tonnige of 22,109 981 I mi II we look a i.ltlerlneer Into the iignre* repreaenhag th* ?hipping m tb* trade of bolb countr ???, we abal' find that Ami rica emp'cy. very aear'y ?n r n| proportion of na tire and foreign ihipa, the nai ve being 11 869. and the foreign 11 179, and in lb* trade of the Tatted Kingdom ibe Tlritiah ablpa number 61,970, aad lha foreign bit 45 673. la the poaatmlon of ablpa la almuet u rich aa the Tolled Kingdom. Tho vcaaale that carry the ttara and ktnpei hare an aggregate menage of 6.049 SOT. while Ihoae "earing the cob ra of th* Old Country amount to 4.009,423 too* tf Aa Awricon vat It, 'kr 111 IIBBpi ef * n yicn aloe, nV Un 3. 9151',4 ru arrrngmird i in (Ac catM'j /rarf' Of rfrara re' Ir 16' ' nw'ed .Tfaf? 1 u I ohead of thr t 'ni'nl Kingdom, ani (v.irJirt 729.190 tew, ai .Min>f 449,415 ,'?ai. of the enoimoua trade carried on by America, the t'al l d Kingdom aad la ririo ? poseeaal iaa engrona mora than on# bad, aa will b* aeea by the following flgurai ? _Am'< can tonnoiy.? _f reig?i trinnap OmntriC VnUrrd. CTmref. Kn/rrnd. Cleared KnglMil s.14 r# 993,4M 32S,7'21 354.461 Holland 1??90 29.711 09919 57.176 Ireland 1 84 IS 29S 10.122 11,726 Gibraltar. 1441 S 4*6 2.1*4 1,102 Malta 424 2 782 ? ? Oknaca. 1241,717 1 1.91 5S0 9'22 920 1.012 36* Oth'rN A. Toil 171 024 242 407 599920 476,32'* Brit W Indira 101 132 117,1*74 39 429 32 762 Brit Hooduraa. 7 0(0 6UI 4 070 2.910 Trlllah Gaiana. 0.763 12,701 4 *63 3 61* nr.m*.ia Africa *J27 13 404 810 2971 Auatratla 6.402 00 8*1 3916 10978 Brit. K- Indira. 93.233 68 879 4.739 7.492 ton laa Slate* . ? .-So 139 ? T<H?! 2.MK2MO 2.794 021 1,779.110 1,969.030 M*ki*| t<?*thar ? trend W.lal of '' 123 310 too* out or < re 13.407 837 tonnage engaged to Ibe foreign trade ol the American rep* bile. TV- third; y fh?M< Iif tkt raJt of Am-rtw >< dill tarred on 4y to A nfii ftmr-m rer f.'y H' m ?/ thu ?'?html OuHnmi Ir'wm tO two rtmnfrit, lO trmdt of all n'Or neti m am~art ilv.n.rflnf into inf mi' can .?. Pub.o.aed ar* a few of the 0*1;rea obu b tell of the commerce of America with Co rope an ? ~Anrric*n fon'pr ? ? Tbr'pnf"n*' ? (bvn'ri/*. ?W?r*d C7r*r?< Bn)T?a. Cl*a red rraoei aad eotoaica 949,181 s?7,7?7 |t.<i? ll 044 , I'oMia in Kurope, Alia and America 14,178 J3I.97T 1.748 4.0.10 ?otlaad aad cotoalea. 70,344 .83,171 BM3 1 IV* UDI 39 sol 27 074 8 740 4 4311 ; I?etiR*;e and < vloair* 38'tOl 23,410 3,747 1 437 i Pr tin d I nil all. 134 -ardea aad Norway . ?> <** I,nl7 ? ? ? Antra 7.008 8.'.t?l 2 08A 1881 I 1?? r.rilleB 11 *.14 I".'. 1&.29T 3 783 Torkay. 12 114 10 777 817 877 ! Praia. w,th Cuba and i rrdot.tre 87*813 014 870 98 28A 78 8.79 i lwrtu*aleadc*4oawe ?.iel 14 718 47110 1181 Baring ebown the extent of the foreign trade, let na 1 I*m on to ooaatder it* money rain* Tbe *onde imported : into tbe t'a'ted Plate* from all eriuntrice war*, in 1800, of tbe totaa of ?Ct 433 030 an 1 the domeatlc and foreign produce an har grd n reiorn for thee* good* amounted to I J.43 01* "0 If we rom|?r* three figure* wilb Ibe ralne ! of tbe |ore<ra trad* of tbta country, We Had tha following j recall* ?Our t?ui import* amounted to XU>1,4A3 832.and onr export* to ?139.713.770 In point of ral o, lb* trade ef Am'? ra n tb til parte of tbe Br tub empire exceed* la nearly the earn* : 'import:<* u tbe rate of lionagr. thai witb all other cojotr .?a who are t itomeri of u?? l nited Matt*. Tbe relu* of tbe trade between America aad tbe Old Country I* iliown la lb* followinf tabular statement ? Cboafi i at. Impnr'i Ktrarti Regand 990 444 411 18li?l,044 ?liUaad 0,100 TfT 3?8,0M '"?aad ISMOO 1.404411 Gibraltar 03 338 tio.lio MalU ? 41 214 00,814 I Canada. 11 *01,671 17.030.244 North Amer ean Poatew oae 4 241.048 8 022,473 Brttlab treat lad**.... . 1,987,738 6 167 488 Br >tlab Hoadoraa 412 914 iri 498 Brit.tb i. i.ana 300,8*7 844 401 Britteb Africa 1 001.047 _ t*? 221 A art rail* 00 944 Britieh EM tadiee 13.140 7*3 Ionian Mate* 00 310 1 ?*? Total A merman rorraaey 0133,040 f.72 ViJ'JX a2\ Total Kngitah rurraact . 106,731,914 143^10,04] Thtie, on" of tbe ?6go?,400 of IbradO MO, 100 W t ouatry engrrwee* ?41 810 000, or ebo, t 04 |>ar fent lad of the ?40 533 000 of foreign good* imported tale lb* Plate* lif,731 (X0 or * trinle more than one half, are ?applied by leglaad aad bar odoalee By tbe aid* oflha mormon* trad* tbe oammerr* with dber foreign nation* ?ara email aad laaigaiOeaat. Trxmer, Roarda, Bo.laad, him, TWamark ?pala aad Culm, Anetrla, Purtagal, tbf Two P<ll)t* aad frkey, do act, combined, prUat* of the Americans more lino Eoglaad clone, the age retato be tec but 887 ,204,000, as 890,464 ,000. cad 11 re?' qelres U>e trade with Bread, the whole of the South American sutee, to be added to the trade of the I'eited {Betas. with llurope, aad data, and Africa, la order to briag it to aa equality with the value of the goods pur chssad Arom the Stilish empire; while outofevtry bus* dred dollare worth of active or foreign produce aold by the Catted Mates, England cod her oolonies takea city Ave, and all the root of the world but Ihtrtjr-Ave. The f w lowlag figures chow the trade of America with the prin cipal countr lea of Europe, Including their ooloolal poeaea itoei:? Countries. Import*. Export*. France $36,630 643 33 601,773 Rum la 2,13<l ,378 4.437,81 8 Holland 7,684.106 8,381,409 Belgium 3 777,090 3,818,Ml Denmark 334.923 830,003 Pruaaia nil. nil. Sweden end Norway 869 092 686 Ml Austria 401,012 2,184,060 Two Slcillee 1,737.328 60# .343 Turkey 1,086.902 837,87T Spain 37,729.627 26,210,9a Portugal 222,720 606,687 J\*o other " material guarantee" it required for 'Joe pre emotion of peac between l'oung America and Old Eng'and than u awarded by that Mus ? ndout commerce which ha* grown um between the two conn: tie*. Govern men la may change their policy, and becnSae involved la the techni calities of there email dieputea which muRt ever ariee la the meaagement of the aJfcir* of two great aatloni poe eeaatng so many poinla ol common interact but the pro ducer* and the avtumers on each side <f 'he Atlantic have m alliance to uower/ul Litest it cannot 1st broheis, and hair formed friendships which will endure so long c i and progress shall continue to be the icatchicord* oj nliphtemd c toil station. THE BUPPLY OP COTTON. [From the Mane beater Timer. September 8-1 Hearbaaler id propeatng to teUbHah a cotton company. Theoettea maswrtotare of this oouaty la a great ract; mare tbaa that, 1t te one of the moat powerful supports of ?Mlaad'a commercial progress and prosperity. No pro tecttosBt lhaattr now proclaims that Kugland would bo aa happy Mrtyriqpu nus If every one oT lis manu'scturmg ? waa swept off the Ihoe of the mrth. Terin reform teedom ofexchaage have glees a east lmpulae to the " ' de; the value of the capital in buildings and ' baa been eery nearly doubled ataoe 1846. The ? la Improving 1 iaveation la ever at work ; are op mud op, but, amidst all thla progress, we ai severe now and then In alarm at the prospect ot htllere of the raw material for keeping our aaormeoa 00 ttea spinning machinery In act ire use. Wa reeaiee by far the lergeot pert of the supply of this malarial from America, bat our capitalists reel that It Is dangerous to rely on the cottru growingcapabllltleaof one regies and climate large us is the developetneat of ootton prod action to America? energetically as It Is pushed and extended, we all feci that It la not aafe to be dependent os est lletd of oottoe cult! vat km. It Is sot good tor the buyer of cotton. I', enable* the seller to control the buyer unduly; sad wherever this Is the caas trade is placed at a arrtass disadvantage. If a /adust of crap should occur in America, where iJtou'd we be? Exactly in the Mailtos in which the millions f English consumer* were v/sen, un der the eld Com law, a bad kartell ensued, and the Sliding scale Inexorably refused them bread supplies from other countries. Mr Da/ley, 14. P.. who Is the chief promoter of the proposed company, wall says ?1"A serum* dearth of cotton uould la fe the nanvfacttsring dittri * a* dii {resting and ruinous a* a famine of broad." It la, Indeed, an important qaeatlns shall the tndeetry of the manufacturiog districts ol England ha in pert) tor want of raw cotton - Toe proposed oompany in a declare Hon that this cannot and moat Dot be. It will bold out a talr price to every rich ss well as poor grower of oot ton. In Jaamlrs, In West or 8outh Africa in Turkey, Asia Minor, Syr in. and lastly. in Australia?that bouadleaa territory In the hands of an English peasantry?ladooe meets to coltoo growing of the moat substantial kind will ha bald out. The man of large estate will led a p ir chaser for all he grows; the peasant cultivator of a gar den pie* will also be oltorad the ready gold tor h* little quaatlly, be It oca hale or lee bales so may he a Euro pean or an Asiatic, sa Englishman or an African negro, the mean* or ooovertiog hie crop la ready cash will be planed before bim He will be eaooureged to grow that for which lie m provided with a regular, steady market. Our Indian cotton supplies have grows, and are still growing. The propueed compear wul make this growth permanent, lesamaah aa lha grower will be assured rfj.ettlng lha price sf hla steak the Instaat it In '^^wmmMrv'Jsy he. a?c wui be. met with the ub ifRNwOie splanrr s buatueee is to spla, not to grow cotton. Thw is tbe old 'reepecUblUty'' argument over aga'D. But the l.sncathlrc rutton iplneera do not inewn to die of respectability. Tbcy will buy cotton, and so rouduct the buying process as to cnco.irge tbe growth ol cotton There il no need tor alarm. The ?i-ota on tho 1 world's lurtace oa which colloa can ha grows are I |S40*4 ruai y A map such Spots, ar.d the proportion of tlicru not yet i rowing cotton, would cuo I vlnce the m' l skeptical that Mr. llszlcy'a scheme I Is feerlblr. and that a little ol i-ancarbtre's surplus I capllal could oil be better employed than :n lap I pertlrglL No man having ?1,000 of loveeled property II weald her ,tale a moment l<> Invest a single pound m >re. I If by so dolor he tould munlsin tbe permanent valor ol I hi' .'10C0 This .% tusl about the proportion of sacrlflce Mr. HssJey asks tbt capitalist! of Lancashire to make, to maintain the due supply of llie raw mi'eria), by liie maintenance o( which supply alone can tie r accumulate t rspitsl be preserved free from tbe danger oi alarm ng depreciation Mr (Udcy anticipates twenty Ov* per Cent is an ultimata rtti.rn on the cipital. Kveo were iba return but a fifth of Ihla amount, we would say it waa a 1 nicer ss. s proatslle investment It would be good far Ibe investors, ard be good for every merchant, sb p keeper, meibenic and arliaau and factory worker in ihe n districts. For all bang iogethe' n tb e matter, and what tbe cotton trade toes in It will be of service to every other trade. THE IMPORTANCE OF CORN ANI) COTTON. The 1 nndon Gaittlt at the 9th of September d'Kur'* ibia question with ? great deal of philosophy aod peso tralton. Talking of the importance of theoe two primary articles of tbe pabulum of buaMtnitytU over tbo world, It (eyi:? The gruwtb of two important articlea of daily i:ae aod consumption?<oro aod cotton?ciniaM the moat aertoua att^tioo of ail elai' -a 01 society at thla mownt, sot oaly from Vbe proepect baid out of abuodaal supplies, but likewise from tbe ell. i t wbx b tboee auppliea are likely to bare up-u ra ue, and upoa the exchanges 10 tbe larg.wt cooeumiogcouatriea la the world. Tbe total import of rottoa Bio l.lrrrpoll atace th. l?t of Jail roar/, rurre, t >ear, baa amounted to 2 6*1 baiea, ? .?.nat 2 027,736 oal't In tbe ncrrCBpoadtag period la 1*60. It fotiowa, therafbro, that ?? bare received 641.26a more cot toe ibta war on Int. aod tbe muet remar?nbl# cir cumstance oonuerted with thia Impart la. t hae falUd In prerrat a continuous drain of gold fr m Aiae rlea?that ? to (ay, tbe exchange* bare ooetmued la faror of Kngland e e e e ? With ririwct to tbe ronaumptloa of ontb.r la Ibla eooB try. It would appear that 1 661 080 be lee bare bona ured r.Ltcibo let i.f January to the praarat date, ags 1 41.4 CIO balra laat year. Tbe MMBO, therefore, la oaly 1(66(0 balea, but II fortaaateli t tea followed wbal amy lie termed a prrw|rroua per od for our mtaulacturers. fa tbe eiporU ibere la an mrreaaa lb* yar of ICS if 0 babe? tbe hgurca being 361 U40 balce lor IMO. and 28* #40 for 1*4# b in ? War M m.iul that /Yer.c* ha imparted ew 100,uOO lain me.* etn a >Urr.f h<m Jmtiit" ikmm lait ftor, an<i that pruti tj a l ktndt ',artni i Am*, on ?? rmw4 >A./mini </ l '.J 200Igftm fr.m (A I <mntry UmhiLhtj) trnh'/'ictmy frtttiit (1'heWMh Ibr preetnl alate of the crop atema to indicate a supply equal to nearly that amount aad an increased aaiety uo the |?rt of tbe growers to aell wa And that already 6 210 bait* of Ue oew arowtb hare reached the (blpplag porta, against 1.940 bales to the same period la 1M9. Whiles our tmprone.on la that thaoootlneal of I rope will gradually lacrraae the demand for cottoo, fr >m the efforts now made both m I raoce and fiarmaay to Import more of tbr raw aad tree of th" manufactared mater*!, we th ek Ibat notwith-taadlng tbe oomparatlee activity la Iha laaaad lor cottoo goods. there la room for wbal may bo termed manr q lotaitooa, hat hot ixh a recline in them aa woul.l Mel h em erraasm<wt among tho trade We lot re am,* a Ibat rikaumpiloo la Earope is ncrrm eg, and thai the trade la w ad la tbe I n ltd Malta, h wr rer, c maamptkm still repreaenie b l a small jortiun af the ratira growth. For tetter or, Ibr inastily cms. med tbera this ysar II otUy 6*4 116 baits. agaiaMmif.ano balra laat season It tbllnw*, tr.sre fort. that uriat Br.tam akme r..os men marly nee mil lion lata more cotioa year by year than the Called flairs. Wa hare now to ones ler bow far wa are pat tied la taking the him view aa reaprcta the grata crop* From all parts of tba I'n.oa the moat glowing nrcouata 0666 rent hod ua on the subject of production, and we hatiare thai Unas accounts are s * lantlaliy correct We will allow a wide atarg.a for rTaggeration. atlli (hare is do doubt wbairter thai tbe wlieat and ma ae crop* line year are abo t tbe most ahubdaat oa record. <*e aaooaal giTra tbe annexed Ag ree of the prndncs at the fbnwer ? IMg. 1*M 1660 J?dV* \BulArll Butheit. BtuwU. New York ... 6A.400 000 22 060 "00 26,660 000 rreaaylema a... 20 ( 00 060 . 000 W0 24,000 000 Virg nla aad N C 1? 400 tt-0 80.*60 666 l? 000 OOO Krnlucky - MK 000 11 000 OCO 6,600,006 Ohm . . . . . . . 77 OCO 666 84 000 000 29 000 000 | :j 000 rdO 17 000 000 19 600 00(1 Maa? 14M0 000 60 000 000 24,000606 Other oiaira. . *? *06660 6 ' 000,000 90,000 606 ToUI 2co oto ooo 226,000,000 Tbrw return! n l.oate great proaprr ty la Ike Mates la tea Orel place, tbey prove that agriculture la flourish 1 g and, la U>" next, that oapltaJ Is more freely Invested ia the produc of tbe soil. Iedeei, tbey altogether throw overboard the assumption la this country that a large ax trat of lead l,u goaa oat of ealtivatioa la Aaaar ra. If we allow a fair margin Ibr 'maumptioa, any at tba rale of 6ve b' abets to each MM -which, y n.e eraa IBB large estimate--we pemeivt that the surplus growth will amount to about 74,000,000 tciebcla, excloalra of the old stock* wbi< b yet remain in the baa la at tba growers la plus , , , , .. _ mand The pnwpeet of a enotlnuooa IhfJl of ? from Amer .ca has, fbr ansae time paat, bai Tcaetdar able ihOi eaca upon Ua trade ia tb? country. That laOaa will, w# roatlnue for several rioaUa, uht l^psw hara, we may have a very large n<-comeletloa as Wm la our waret.uears,ahmitd we be favored with aBoatieaaaaa of 6gf wcatber tor the rgaibericg of Ua oraft, m

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