Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 30, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 30, 1860 Page 3
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(governor nor|?n'l A |i point men ta I'kdli ImdlttmcBts by the (irind Jar jr. to tub irrroR^OK tub ukrald. 1 would rail joar special attention to the fact that km tag tbe preaeutuiouta brought 10 bj the Grand Jury, 14 the cioie of'heir last term aero Indictments against two or ibe liar bo/ U&Bteis and cue of the Ars.sUut Har bor Matters of this purl. Ibe officers presented are Williim Mas ten, of Kingston, and John 8. Anable, of n ,dson, Harbor Uaalera, and Aoguttua V?n Ncaa, deputy to uazteo. ""tiey ?re irdict.d for a violation of law, In demanding loea not allowed them by the statute. A sable and Uaauu were appointed lait winter by Qwreruor Morgan. They arc both " from the rural dsa Irteta," and of eourae warm parbaans. Beinj; from the boob try, it would naturally be supposed lliey would be passably henrst, and content with trie leftllinate feee of tbetr office (about M-MOs year), wit demanding iltra fees (Tom roan tern and coungneer Is. The appointineula tuade last winter were >u usoepUou le the rule only tn that they w srinle, more ra pacious than any of th Ir pre '??-v were most ly politicians, and with a i> ii.incite capacity lo absorb mosey tail a ;> united abll '.y to at lead to ute dutioi of - appoiatid deputies to : help them demand er >un re paid little or no atten Uen to their regu'ar business, hut were natinug iu their Crsuit of large d. :- lor special privileges. Sunolul bits that totally unfitted tbein for the responsible pnsi. ' Uon they bad.attained, ard few bad experience which iaabI d them to be of any rial service to tho mercantile ?saaniunity. There was a (kiptain of the P irt appointed last winter, ! Is keep the Haruor Masters inobeek.aud preventtheir bhuk mailing tho shipiui g tnen. If ha wa* diapoeeil to to bla duty, of which more la no evidence, be was power leas. When a complaint was male to blm, be oould only Save a jaw with tho lUnor Mutters, ant that amounted lo little. Onoe or twico he went with h.s oomplainta Id Governor Morgan, who had power to suspend tho , offenders Governor Morgan said "it must bo stopped," but It waa not stepped--the fact being that these Harbor Mamrra, as a bx)y,wero"a power behind tho throne mightier than tho th'onc Itaolf." Complaining to the Captain of the Tort proving aeetess, kmplatolDg ta the Governor being a waste of breath, the ytatuua next turned their atti ntkou to the Grand Jury, j htytng their evidence be'ore that body, and demanding Ibe Indictment of tbe principal offenders. The Grand Jury nave dure ?bal the Captain of tbe Port oould not, and What the Governor w?uld not do They hive Initiated measures which cannot lall. If the charges be true, to threw these officials cut of uflice. On Thursday last tho foreman of the Grand Jury, Mr. DM*, wrote a letter to Governor Morgan, telling him of the facta that bad come to hia knowledge as foreman of Ibe Greud Inquest, nud tho character or lite testimony. Be strongly advised Governor Morgan at onoe to dismiss the indicted officials. It remains to be seen whether the Rewerncr will d> so la it cot time that something la done to keep these rani peculating philosophers oot of the city, and the man who (tauten these appointments, repudiated by tbe party that ha leads into all manner of Infamy t A CIT1/.EM. S a per lor Ceart?Chamben. Bbt. 29 ? Andrew Wilton ? Kihari Butler?Tbg is action for the non payment of the pnrchaae money, to be due the plaintiff by virtue of an agreement to eonv-y certain real estate. A motion was mado for ladgment, on the part of tbe plaintiff, on aooounl of the ktvolousnees ot a demurrer to the ooinpialat. Bos worth, J ?The oomplaint to be sufficient as a plead bg must allrge, in'rrolux, that the plaintiff delivered or iBhred lo deliver the said premises free and clear of all In mmbranoes op to the day'of tbe date of the agreement, the only allegation that can be claimed to Import this, la Ibe ene that tho plaintiff offered In all things to perform the said agreement on bla part to be performed. The . -\le, see. lea, allows a party to plead the p-rformauc- of gondllions precedent in a contract by a general statement that he " duly performed all tho conditions on bis part " k parly, who avails himself of tbis statute, lustcu 1 of itating the fact on which be relies as performance, should bllow tbo language of toe code an closely that the words seed necessarily mean tbe same thing, as Its language la Mrts That section has not said that an averment, 'that party offered in all things to perform tbe aaid agree t on bis part," shall he sufficient It requires hi n to ty m terms, or tn words of equivalent import, that he duly jierformed all tho conditions on his |uirl." Ike " Intiff does not say that be " duly performed, ' or "ac illy performed" lbs conditions on his |>art, but only that he offered to perform," Ac Tbe demurrer is not Ivolons Tbe mottoa must therefore be denied, with " ', to abide the result. Vnlted States District Covet* Before Hon. Judge Betta. AMUCT.T WITH lUNUIV.OrS WF.APONB. I. 29 ?Th* United Sta't* t?. Frank Engttnym and hmrlet OtUrn ?The defend arts were seamen on board ig brig Klainore, and were put on trial fur asaaulting the ?ot>d mate. John Darin, on the j b of June last, at St. ihna, Porto Itleo. The ssoond mate ordered Oaborn to iltoa a rape, and afterwards, when inspecting the work, Id the man that leaving.lbe alrai.d of tbe lay oat of th. iltee was wrocg. Tho man said it would all if leii ?a u. >.i. iu. agreed with the ni The second mate then reached over and knocked born down while anting at hts w >rk, upon which a ugh and tumble flgbt ensued, and tbe seoond mate ruck Frank. In the midst of the light Osborn cut the DOOd mate on the hipbone w th a knife, and Frank mck I 'm with a capstan tar The rut waa not danrer s, and the blow with tbe bar produoed no wound or uWte. The chief mate teatii"! that the defendants ?ta quiet. 0-der!y men. and always obeyed orders, tile tbe oom plain ant waa excitsablc and had abased the m prevtooaly. rbe jury retired, and, ba\ Ing been absent for a Tew or*, were anaMc to syren After some consultation be m a tbe (?< :rt and the Iitrict attorDey, the Jury were charged sad the prtaonera remanded. uKLiuiotn aovwH. IB OOBBKR BTOBE or TUB OKMIAX'H HOME ABO tttylam, at <be Prolan ttul Eplaeopal church ta Saw Tork, D !<? 1*H with npprop> Inta earwmlea, hy the Right Err fproeiAoaal Hteboo. at tha nnw building on Forty air lb L,I htirarg Fourth nod Lbiiacton ktraaaa. an Tucaday, '? - ^ nt I ('o'clock A. M. Tke Thbd aennue com pane WIUMEKT k amortmbbt or FAIX ABD WIBTFR Mnj.IWBBT. At wbcleaalr nun retail, at Ibe InwaW eaab prteaa MR*- W. MM..IOKH, I37 tiruadway. tL OF FEAT AD PEIBiE DK OAUKA K tan lit raft, > KM01t?BlCl)t monmt ok bau Im.oriatt r?p'ra . mi i t pi r .J 'al affart aa P&INCk I'K rtAI.UH, HOWARD LAMBERT A CO . Kn. Ml Broadway. In fate lit M trupolrna HotaL |>RBFTR Attn FATTERBB?AT MRB BFU.'V WO. 3 < nianrMir u real, Uw or rm ?(;<?? of M no.l winiar I n ?HI* ready. B. B.-Bew da. are ft pnnnu of Ibe re Jarewe, Arabia. "ton* emenfa f'aoiw. iark-. I. *? a B noil I ae^F ota baitha <'?.?ai aod^Fjerm ,'lea and , hi.d'oo, iSnhrddertM, aad all kiada of ?Bbri ide.rtaa dut.* to urdor. IVBET-' - RPT.FVPTD BTTI.lWn ROBBTTB At *7 1 ; nd $I!V worth Bta end $30. RWaar Ittaneta. YUtnrtm I , lad e aad rta'ldr. a Hi" n ?? ? u tra?. aa P. m U BIB KB' Millinery, Wl Broadway nppoaltn the Metro Ilrdal ilrrnt o^an.n* on Tk'.r. .y in.sT'l MMM tuivu 1 A DIM ' AB ?ATBTOBB iFall Irene"# made In ? anpertor rmnner, aad eot la Ike I'arwten ? e ? Mr?. R. LTOM'H. T7$ Stlth ? be- | A ? ? - ? a aad ?MMi MM Fnnh. ?.? dire*" It., rrleaa moteraia. I t'AWF MARTEI.I.I M0TM4NWIU HloWOMMOB [day <>?? lobar 1 t ?. -i??? B|M I ft I'n/i.ian Mill! lleaddreeara, Ac . jaat fcoaiitd. Bo. MCHaUM^-j i etrort. inmu, mv wino mnr, wocld nj. r$iB ?ktal Muoa to bar k'-tnu a*n aeal I r> Tiniei a luianry. IV MIL1.IBIFT-MMB r. 1ILBBBT. t? BLMECB re-ee< b.e jn i rare rod Uw e'waat Farta aria* of 1 wu.i?r lliawu. Oapn. Uanddr-wena, Fiownra, Lacea I IB B 11,1.1 VI kT ?MA OA MB FBRRERO. BO. S ? ? um Farm . Fioaera, Brvat Jtaea ytraet. una ju t n -e <el ika lueei Parli for fall aad wtntar Bonneta. MM llnaddraa IROI.FS4l.1C ECnCRAOF WIT.MXFRT U 'MPS - tt re- r.e*4 'rota H?e?? r ? Co *n aw >e n - Ike .at 1 artmna ever offer. in R. -i,? k g, Ve'tet a 1 lartv'.e b?! net try u, ike MOttaarr ire 1?, wtlrh will ja iMMlIM Monday. OetoV* 1 ai Ur Mara of T E IBAA'kB Ayeat l >? OiMaaatrwat M'tl doorf woat or Broadwey. DENTIFTHT. inriAi. home rnxiRo for deoated teeth - la wkila a?n wttb-.i yranira or aala. Aaklna r ?nr? abtUaeaa ba Ailed wlik It by l*a dMaoearar. I BAReOB, M. D , rooaa ear tar or Broadway aad Iho-tt 1 ?ow?l. orriiBlf ?nm nTRtrr ? fo'l awa I'f TeeH ??> jp-ire Ml ear al IS. do. ipdA ,1b*. Ari.A. ml'"a* So. .? (t'WOfAad wttbe-it paV ? aaoia to $1. aoiai?aia. Al aaaia. AA work to lump, aBASDATli) FrRiJROB PEBTTBT, Bo W Waat T ereaty d nib e'eaal, Raiwaaa Be*dw*.y an. <titk arrnad IF Tor REQT TBE ARTTF7TIAI. TEETH. 11 T? .be Tewb Onaaan-y DanMMi'. 9H Bowary i fiSra Sir m? u SHI the ?uitimy. BU.IOTT MCBEmiFFRM .. nd an tbnaa widbl'i* k? ear aaw rwinaawi l, at. . a.iMiur lap .rtatea o, ,s. oai now . JAMES LTbTu, Oaylala Ram r* Freratary. Fnl. Ordarlf STKAHBOATI llt' AT FOR Al.dABT ABO TROT, MAEIB'I TH hi Und.nam.-Tha (Uam.r DA Bin. DRBW MM t?tar ar 4 Tk.rtwib atraat. Tuaadarn Tbaraday* ar 17AM (Mlt'XIRTR AMD AI RUTS, IIRT-.I r. MAI DOBALD. M. D, .Hab BR Era trm Eompe and rmaad bla r-- ai to W?n "W' kdar Brgad*?y. fromU tU 1J aod 3 FOR SAL*. A GOOD CIIANl K A B08INK88 NAV-FOR sale, a ihwp temperai ca O-orer* limn, op Iowa, lo ? Bod baitiiMM avenue. dulu# an eacellenl ciwb bu?lii**a '* ? ? M;<J weekly. including good itoek ud fiituree, b?>m-, w Mid kuwii, aud every-hli g lu Aumpleta order id* out, death .if one of tlie firsa- Address Orooem, bug 157 Htrald cttice. A BARB CHANCB.-FOR SALE IOW, A U'?Hr r'??? profitable menafeortrtng Huainew, we'] estib. mtil and requiring onlv * email capital Hall*'.cpirv i**. sat for erlluig and til "iter information given by -direasuig A., boy 170 Herald office A FIRST CLASH BROADWAY BILLIARD SALOON, dom* A food bute' bualnen*, elegantly furnished ah duat a 1 the theatres. ?H1 be odd, inoHid'n; the marble be* table.. low for neb. And ywxl .rade. Inquire At (JIB8U.N8, hurdreaaer, 76 Bleeckar street. Bab booh-tiie fixtures or a barro*, fitted op and doing A *"od, ? n-e of the brat avrnue?, will be gold ch?ap. If l .Aon aiami; >r 'he o?nor would lake a partner. ?? bo a. not attend ti it aII l.un i elf. Thl* la no humbug. Address boa 179 Herald office. OOBNKR LIQCOB STORK FOR 8ALB - THE LRaSK. FDturea and Stock >>f * wkolaaale And ret*'I U uxor ?ture? Ono ,.f tbe best auu>dn lu tho . itj root h*; satisfactory .io>r.s Tor lolling. Irqu root B. BRADY, 140 Moll street, corner ?d Prino* Fixtures, f r r n itu k b and STOCK of an old Kiting Hou-e In Pearl ?' "rot, with Lama, for ia'a ow and Altbli'U* mo. it, alio two B 1 i*rd Tab ??! to sell o; In qu re 11 tho dm* eore, No 11 'tOb* alr*r?. L'CiR HALF.?A URFaT RAKuAIN- A HANDSOME r and well knuwu Ruibroktertng and Needle wot k ? lora ttieo yeara erub mhed, A g?<) stand, In a gool onucloil street. ???t be iold tu a wrok. In oooMquoae* of Ian*!.'* tbe riiy Nrticc.?Htwnptng ado maciuae lltiung la Included lu ihe husluese. A good i bince to make mo-ey. Apply at Ml 8ec< nd itrect be:? ecn areuitea U ad! li, for two day*. OB RALK-THR WHOLESALE AND. RETAIL GEO eery and LI.iuor store US Grand street, Williamsburg, with a targe Feed Store adjoltoug required ll*? hBM ratabllabeo l.w ihi !aat Ho rears, and la now doing tbe lament r.,?h buainfna Ir the city. N. B ? A choice (tock of groccr.ea aid liquora on hand. IOR SAI.B.-A VERY DF-tTRABLB MECHANICS' Unai.ling Hovae, t'.w St. J. bn a park, tilled ?I'h g<??l pAMitg boardr rs. lo let cheap, and Fumttme for rale: an c i cellnnl opportnniiy. Alio ie?e?al lute <dllees on Hrnad vay to let, WoRt'lSTKR A CO., iSS Broadway, bank entrance. F Fc Fir salk-a thrke?ybars' lkaheof a btorron Broadway, ret aide, with plule glair wimlow. pat nt He Hector, Ac suitable for luiy Ugbl iuib>m; lo> atloa goo<t. In >iii!ic at K3S Br.w.lway. near 1 wel'th itrect For baik-a kkatly FiTreo dining, ooffrk and Cake Saloon, In a go d location. Inquire at No. 3 Sixth itreet. For salb-thk i.rapk and all tub fixturbrof the llrst clana Coal Yard No 257 avenue B, the leaae Ana Are years to run; tbe location Li uni'irpaased: new brick sta ble* and office furniture. ICIleg Ac.. at and on. oa Tuesday, ' cU.ber 2, at 11 o'clock, by W. ABBOTT, Auctioneer. Fob salr-onb rxtknsion tablb. with fix tuna, and one large Kating Counter all in perfect order. Inquire at 79 BobUurn street. (i BOCBRT AND LIQCOB BTORB FOR BA'.B?STOCK J and Fixtures, just newly fitted on in the best manner, will be sold cheap an the owner Ingoing into ether bnatoeen; will fire five j earn' lease to a good tenant apply at the oor aer of Fortyetnh street and Ninth arenne. No. HI HOBsB SHOEINO B8TAPLISHMKNT FOR BALB If o., 10B Seventh arenue. Tbe preeent proprietor Is about entering upon the manufacturing of borne shues by gram power, reqn'rlng more spaoe; ho will soil reaaonable bin pretest shop w bleb in one of tbe hem stands, and baa the beat cfara of cnaloaera La New York. Immediate application on the premise*. 8. B. SIMrSON. OF STRKS 1 OYSTBR8 1 I OTHTJU 8 1 1 l-FOB 8 ALB. A neat, hardaomcly flt'ed uo Oyeter Saloon, 12 Btuyneaaot street. < hi hp :or .wah. No agent need apply. The place la doing a g>?oo bualt ea - and la featlc. 1 to be as good a plac* a* there Is in tbU pi rt of the city. Inqulra a* above PLYMFTON HKJ STKAD FOR Hale.?APPLY TOJ. W. CaLDRILL, No. 36 But Tinth strtet; ha* been In use 8 months. POTTER'S CLAT-HACKINNACK T.IVKR CLAY, OF t ery ruperlnr ..uall'y. for sale in lota to null, by B. K. ALflLKTlS, 17 briwl"?tr? et. SKIRT WIKB-A FEW TON8 HKIRT STKKTs NO. 18 cord, In wnile ami rolnred. App'y at 2-2 Pearl ateeel. SOl'Tn DOWNH AND HIIROP3HIRE DOWNS FOR rale- Fight very fir e South Down yearling buck*, and twelT# very fine Shropshire Down yearling bucks. Inquire at 16 ard 18 Chamber* auretL mo PIIOTOORAF1IBR8-FOR HALB CHBAF (SUO) ON X account of departure, a Gallery alae year* old. lu good working order, lo tbe beat location of the Klgbth areuue. Ear trims lor paymeuh Addrraa O. M , Herald tPKCIAL HUTU BE. ATA MBKTIMO or STTWaBi H BROOKLYN BAMO jBL br!d Set t 39,ISOu, the folic wing reeoiutioaa were uoaai mcuily adoptc ! ? B united. 11 la with feellngenf the d.-epeirt regret and anrrow thai we 'ut, tb? < of our .la loader, Mr Hooert Bte eart. rodeeied U> ua a* be ?ra? by bia many man!/ virtu a, th-t In him we have lost a leader that me reelected and a friend weloyrd. Rreolred, Thai we tender mir heartfelt eympathlee to the relative* of our drse.taed leader, ana luna taa. they, like us, wtil dartre eon*>Lik>u frrm the hope that he haagmetoa be'. e? and a hrteU-r worl ' tJtTli"?- rV'Vtinneet. who' promptly'f lira lied.' OhFV'tna t mn.-nU ot Adjutant J lurvian. the ewvirt for the funeral, and to rheUoo'a baud lor lioernUy foruiahing muale for the or-aalon Keimlrf d 1 hat the membern of tlit baud wear the uiuel badge of mourning far ibfrtr date i r^ piKi.niNO, i who. ?tu?N Sojmmlttee. FPU* HANUKR, } Ctpntkai. pare notice -saddle houses por J udiee and geetlemen one dollar rer one kemr three houra two dollar# Hnraea and Carriage I of all klnde, for oe? dollar an hour, the Central l ark HUbl*. c^jner of Pi.'tr ninth ?treel and Rlglth areone ocpoaNe In the dMj at traaoe to the Phgfc. N. R.?1'rlrala anting rooaa tor ladtea r<)HB COMPANY 31.?THE ACTIVE ANO HONORARY tnf ml era at Putnam H-we Company No 31 are reqneet ed to meet at the ( aiiiaae llooae una day (dumlayi at 11 the f .neral of Ihe late Nr Jcwpk M. Whe o'clock, to attend lei, Lie aa brnorary member of thie company. JOUh CAHMOUI. Port P. L* Tnr*r*on, Secretary. INPIDEL CONYKNTlONrOP WW-THE INFIDEL Asso ciation of America will held Be next annunl eonrenthm. com meeting Sundnr. Ontober 7. In the i,Hy Aeeemtily K .ma tt( Brand way, at Id A M Theuubje are tnvtud to att-ud Par Older. HORACE skater. FreMdent, J. M Esrur. Seeretary. |rO? DEALERS MATT I NO ?THE RN ICIAR If maatteg a' the New Tut UgMf Teatera' Sucte ty will he neld at the Metnipo.jta-1 Roma, ltd Ueeier aired, on Tugaday ercatnr. Oct S at 7', o'eb-r* By orde?\ P W R.viM. Prmtdent Painters a efidlar MrRT.vo op the house Palntera' will'a held at Ml Hary Hall IM Boce-y, on Monday. OCoher I. lNBO AUmcwbrraare ra uuratr d to be rxeaeot. aa P alnen of tmpwtaree will be laid be'ure the mr lug. ETHAN B. LURRY, PreeMmt. P. Paaion, Seeretay ^TNIOE TB I ERA N CORPS OP 1T11?BROTHERS:?TOU ... are invite 1 ? n'ter,1 the faaer .1 ol our deceeaed a (idler. Col. Harlan brook. fmn ha late reaidrnee No II* Sand* atreet Hr-A - a Ihe torra wul aaaetnhle the (din-lay) Sept 30, at 1 o'ekwk P M . ? '.h tha u? ml badge of mounting, cothade on hat. medal on breaat crap# or eanr'te -xi >ft arm. to pay a leaf U-P te of rrapect to another of the few palrmta that ft mvln nf the war of l?lt. 'IT and 1A Lr* na all attend. We do am k ww who may he tarn sen ed urit Hr order I I fltri Adjutant. U RAYMOND, Colonel. fBR WOMAN'S MltRART. The p .i.iic opening of the Wemna'a I.ibrtry nf New Tork will take , 'ac* on M md .yerru. r aeit. ftrlober I, a'. 8o'..xi, hi Rev. l?r. Ubenln'a churrb. MS d-oadwar iloN. UNSET J. SATMONIT, The Piea*dent of the S wrd cf Trrw?e? wttl prw-tde. an I fre arui a atatenarLt of the c-xoditi u hud t-ryayacuof tae laahtj turn Addrtaata w? hs drSrwrrdhT BET. UIA1 Ward BEEt'HKE HON -IA*KsnT RRAPT. Or. tv? impe.-U' pr and <1 .ty of fnrumhin|Ior women the aame ? eaaa Sou SBTI " tagea of ddocaUoc a hkh era now e.ij .? #<1 by Tamnakt on coTr?tt:A!? oedpr -nno then ? A rr.-ular meeting of the l-.atttatloo will be V14 at the Oowac i t nvmtxr of tnf Ureal Wtgeam. no M.miay, O' tuber I at ha" <n H" r tier the a*ttlng of Ihe eun. tlnuc ra. and pun dual alien lam r la o i named. J AN ad CVNSBR, Orand "artem. VktrtT. ft. Cm-It*. "r*T?larr. Mt?niTtt?i??ra-?n ce huntieg. 9th mono, year of divrrre ry Juitf. nf ft 'cpeeirnee IheSflh, and of the laat .Urn the 711" Tun mrnbers or thb heskkw MOTr?t ernkpit h?e;t a. < ree mrtfaRt unied to attend the fua'ral of the ate Mr 1*1 M. B *rmad. 'rom h a late reMdenc* b?i Bioedwav thlatay j. dey . at iwi? o r'nrk P M Br order A - SOLOVUNS, Bnerr '.aip. ?etn.tan corps or tpb oTatk or nrwyor;, of It a War of l?i; ? V m< ? ag of the enrpa artll >>e frld at C. ! ta rnard au rel on Monlay eyro vg. O.' ?ber I, I I If 7S o'etoek l.*t rver/ t'rteraa re pryaett. aa taey mai hear toTi tr.'areei.i-g newt aMotlhctr Scrip fw CMllttej By order. 1H')|Ia? .'EPKe : all, Preekwed. * W. JONES. Ootoeel lltl Couai" Se- v. HhTRIEVlfUI. bea rtr and ??tMbu r a owe df Binuci. Heralt < A TO'.'N' MAN wocto wrstl To OBT MARRIED A oedrr ihe follow tag encdit* i -lie w.u gtrc Oeautp for bencty and er'f tw nerl foe eelf a-irp'T Th* owe aoawrr tng thie ? te l - be bored wia do a-> la all fatthfn.nrai. and wUi he treated la t be r taaer by the aifr rtieer. Wl burnt youth. laeed anew- Aidreee r-an- la- x AM1DM.K tOEP AMERICAN ORWTHBMAN ntnisis ' the acqdnlata ,-e of a to ng i? if or wid >w. with a r..w to mau m<w< Ac ..ewa, in grub !? p?e. R II H . Hara. t utSoe, I or Brgeklyn Por. i Sec. appTttulng aa lutg'tltw AroCN'l IxkOT. AN ORPHAN OP A'lRPNABLS manneia and roof raelum eJuca'im and reTae meat deafreg then alv'enew of aa bvxnrnhle gwotleman nf er. th Wilt a v fw to m*..l?oj>. AdJrea* Juun R Ldaeo .: . f< Err > fen. Ontin., for on- week Matrinoniai.?i nnsd a wipe, am an old ba rhal"r, and c# r nrae Ac'.d marry an ol t maid. N B Commnalcati -n? add-? ?e?d to 'NJld Bachelor, mleral aa*<< ? letter#. P'?f Sew. N*e Turk city ' treated koooral .y acd otmBicutmJy. " REATRIMONT Mi DR BAIT"-HHOWINI TTTE BE JTI eret h > * to w ,o a _krrer .peedtlymarred^ new BneA for bmk totes. Prae 'or ft egnti. Aidreee A, Wit Mem AOs. nubUahere. bag ESUO VMwBBMIPewoMen HPTILBi HBLM0NT BALL. SOHOOl.El'S MOUNTAINS NEW O Jrraey .-Tha above Horse wjp be kept Opee JnJiJMlS ?Wtar, f? the aceomm<*1atmc of tboae who mg. Sahootej ? mo mtmo tlmt '? in gam# n( WfUdil ' H h! me of vartone k'ada. ASr, Prwpriehne. CTOtNNANR INTERNATIONAL HOTKL. NIAflAB* > 'Aft. N. T.- To aopnn mut de late trareilert US hoiel Win be kept open dartag th. month or October. Cf I.AWRFNfE noTRL-RROADWAT AND BIflHTH Trrg. ccndn^sd un ihe Tun "an , lan. h"e ran Re?w of Rr , f 11< gay, M b> MS per week; Mor'e Rc me M cent# rer day. II M ;o M per peek; meiH ag or BOAKDING AND LODGING. APRiVallt KaMILY, REBlDHvG III A PIRHT OLARB bouse, ll'2 K.j' louilewilh wroet, opposite the Aoad. my uf Music woii'd let A few elegant Parlors end Bedrooms to families, or (Ingle gentlemen, with Board Dinner et We o'cka-b Ref. reooe repaired. ^ LA RON HaN'MIOMK ROOM, PANTRY, OAS, AO.. UN furnished, u> let, with board, two pursues 14 per week. Boon first class; good table. P.rtlee wishing board will And tb ? a pleasant krarduu place 143 Kouih Eighth street, one do r wevt of R-vth yirret WUUamsburgb; only three minutes' walk from All the ferrlsa A .-Mall PARTY OP RINULE LENT! KMEN OR flBN I rnirn and tkeir wires oao lie arcontnod-led with beau Uiul Moose and U at ol>ae Board, In a (elect family, where ?ir - ?here arr i-nly a few hoi. '? ra, by application at <8 Weal Nine twain rtreet, corner Sixth avenue. A YOUNG WIDOW LADY. HAVING A LARGER 1IOUBR than are require!. weald like to accommodate a few feu. Urii'oe, or gentlemen and their wirea, with or wtlbwtt Board; boure nleeli furutahi d and haa all the modern Unprovemuis Apply at 128 Rest Thirty secood street, between becood and Tr ird avenuea a FRONT PARLOA AND* BEORO >M TO LIT?OR 8B 1 ooi <1 It"- r, tn <ne or two gentle men; ulao two small Bcd rcoira; they are p!*<?.nl and the fsm ly aiuall. Call at 42 < Dirt-rally place, corner ' Eleventh auee'., on l lflh avenue atan-e route. A GENTLEMAN w stft* BOARD POR U1S SISTER IN a orivate family (widow lady a) In Brooklyn. Address J. I box 118 Herald office. At 72 TENTH 8TKERT, ONE DOOR FROM riPTH avenue - A "I t It line Parlors, three rooms deep ran be had b, a respectable family of three or foa? pero-ma wtth excellent private'ahlk If desired. House In hue order. Re ferences exchanged. a OKNT1.PM tN DESIRES OOOD ROARD, PLEASANT \ rooms, babied and warmed, for himself wife, and son, grown, for wbleb CR1 per mn. th will ve paid. Aur private family wrttbng to leaeen e\ repaee, would And 'bene rte-.lrable b.iar.'ers Adtirere P. h. M Wood, Br'Siklyu Poet ofBce, for three day a ANEtTLT PrRN SURD R( OM TO LET-*! PER seek, (cr a gentleman, at CJ2 Wooster atreet, corner of Amity. A private pa wilt win, i.rr a front room ard Bedrontn on the ae ond atorr, well forciahed, amtable for me or two rlnale gentlemen; loo ttloo very ?nve cl'11. h. tag nea bmulway Apply at At Bleacher atreeL PAMTLT, WITHOUT CHILDREN, . HATE TWO choice 8 i - 'ma. with cloeela. tn let with Hoard, to gentle men -r fanulu s at SS, late li>7 West Twelfth atreeL Dinner el 4 u'eloch. Kefe'ences required. AFrRNIHIRD BEDROOM TO LRT-Sl'ITABI.K for a ah.gie In a quiet hooae where there are noo'.arr boerde.ra, ronvemeiit to ears and stages. Apply at bo tn Third avei;ue, near the corner of Tenth street A night hex given. A N ELROANT SUIT OP BOOMS. ON BKOOND FLOOR, to let, w.ib Board, In (private family; Ibe beat "f refer ence required a> d exchanged. Andrea A.I., Parley's book tU Pi " _ . . . . store. tU Fourth avenue, near Eighth street. AN UNFUBNIRHKIl ROt.M TO LET-WTTH CLOSETS, gaa and water, without Hoard; reataurant next door. Ap ply at lit 13t Iightb (treat, atcond do* from Broadway. Par a single gentleman. ARTRICTLY PRIVATE PAMILY CAN ACOOMEODATB a ttrrntav ceniieman with one or two large well furnish ed Ro me, with partial Hoard. In s pleasantly located huu<e la the upper part or the city. None but a confirmed bachelor need address, w 1th full name and references to A. Went worth New Turk AORNT1.BMAN AND WIPR. OB TWO RINOLB GEN tlew.en can be accommodated wi'h Rooms on the sejond ho. r, front or back farmahe<l or unfurnished, with Board and a ple-sant home, at til West Twenty second street, between Blub and f eventh avenues. TOl'NQ WIDOW LADY, LIVING ALONB IN A NIOB co t;ge, wishes a yonn* lady (^pre^usnewilng appear ai're and lady Ike. to lies wllb her. Would prefer a French lady. Address Florence Hay ward, Providence, R I. 4 CARD TO GENTLEMEN.?A FRIVATB FAMILT, J\ coaabting of gettleman and lady, would let a few newly > n rob bed kumi. in sniuor separately,without boird; eua \ eulenl to cars and slagee. Ap, fy at Mil Fourth atreeL A CARD TO GENTLEMEN.-A LADV CAPABLE OF making a pleasant home, and wishing one for hertelf this winter, wou'd like to mrrt vrlth a reliable party of gentle rc? i who w.-uld take a bouse and engare with her as hviae k cper, or with a widower. Adilreaa for unc week, Mrs. Cor nelius, 112 Bleeuker at. A WIDOW LADV. RESIDING IN TUB NEIGH ?'orbis-dof West 1 wenll-th street, haa a large onmino chocs Boose, with <11 the modern Imp foremen ts, the Rums nl< ely furnished to let tu ladles, with Board; also k lady to play the pianoforte. Address Douglas. Union square Fust ?Aic. FRONT ROOM, ON HBOOND OR THIRD FLOOR, with bedroom and pantries communicating would be let, wllb board. In a gentleman erd wife or slugle gentlemen. The ... ... . , (apt he se is new and contains All the modern Improvements. Ap ply at 21 Rutgers street. Arm all family would rent a farlob and lew Redr <c>, w ith nr wlthci' mea'a and near Broadway. Apply it 23 Stnyrcsant streeL first new bC'use east of falrd avenue, between Nnilh and Tenth streets. A FINK HACK ROOM, UN SECOND FLOOR, FUR r ?hr<1 new, enamel rd t?t. gna, crate, panlr? ud hub adyoletrg. Uan owe large and hail Kuoma to let. oo Iblrd tmr. ? a grrorr comfortable li mea for tb? winter by eg;..ut; U >X liieci.e atrert eecutil door from Prince. I ? - iMi.trK FAMfLfT Barnm' arrraN ROOM a. ihar ti*y rr .Ire, can acromtnodue r. few gentlemen or gentleweo md trlren whb Hoard. *t WS Kwi Thirtieth ?trert. d ll? r el di o'clock. Refereuoaa . icaangod. SMA1 L FRIT ATI FAMILY RESIDING IN A HAND atrret an' be.euh atenuo. will gee. mandate cum nr two grn Hainan of re,-en Jill', with a Factor and .am, nr two Bedroow.a and racnllent Board, terma reat finable. til ill mi 11.. boi ITS Briald ofl.c*. A.V EXTRA LARGE BOOM AND EXTENSION ROOM t. let- With ltcerd, firntatednr naiurnlabed. to a gentle man and ? Ife nr a ngle gentlemen, In a Ural rlaaa boner with all the ro darn Imrni.einenta; home heated with a fnrnaee; rary pleaaatitlj located, l et'..?.-n Clinton and Court atreala, Beulb Hr.ohlyn. Apply M Oft I'ukm atrret. A NICELY FURNISHED ROOM TO LMT, WITHOUT b-<ard. to a genilraiau. Rent to a month. In intra at MS Prince atrert. A SMALL FRONT ROOM. NKATT.Y FUINIBITEO. tO let. wkbnut beard, to n Meal* gentleman, at a modern*, Srat cla-< ln. au w. No tf fwgoUeth mre.t, between br adeey and Fourth aveane. A FEIVATE FAMll.T, HATING MORE BOOM THAM fx they reiulre. all) let two f undated R .una for gaatla men . tily. with i r witho'il Hoard bnnar tonlaloa mudern ia Sr'TeBienia. Inn aire at Ml Elm atreet. between Grand aad ip<me atreeta. A SUIT OF Bl.IOANTLT FU ABIAIIFD EOOMR. ON the e? <md rcr, may te had by apply Me at tM Want Fourtrmth ttrttl. near Berecth areuae. Y OKNTt.EMAN AND WIFE OR FIN OLE GENTLEMEN > V can t* pleawmtlv nc nmaKvUi-1 wHb Hoard la a piirala family. ? kera ike <-omf eta of a home ran be maliied Tar wa U,*. loratioa aroaaWb r by oara and etagea Oall at No. a* weal 1 wrnty ela.h atrt at. VERT DIWIRABI.K LA It IE FRONT ROOM TO LET, ? ?Hb full Hoard. In a (eatlegaaa Bad wife, in lh? drat fie rn> ate bo?p , bo. f> Weet Twenty fooftb 'treat, directly nppuatle the lift* At.nne Hotel, had all the modern imp core A SMALL SELECT AMF.RH'AN FAMIT.T WISHES TO let with B-a-d. "O* or two targe ar t wall Iurn eked Eimme U *?) Emit Fourth atreet luwatioo aaotrai, ooe block from FiOhdway. R?., i cue re euhacg.d A PP.1TATE FAMll.T ?h KSIPIS I AT 37 WEST \ r git. enta itrret. win lei the eniba ie oa.l ear with Heard. U gwbar or aeparairly. AFIW GBNTI.BMEV CAN BE AOOOMMOOATRO, with r witkn-it ibard. In a drat claaa bo<iaa. Fa n Mink gal atreet, a bora Hieeekr r. | AMI .4 EAST TWENTIEIH ATRKVT, C'RNER (if I ? Fir.rth areata eeccmd door from Gramerny park, a i harf wear I'ailue an ' Redeem to let. alan, a few Wag la lomi k> aa and location O.aa i aaa. r*terrene* rirkaacnd. AFRIVATR FAMILY HAVE A BRATLT FURNISHED H Roam and Hedraom ai.! I'aatrr I . t to a 'eatiemaa and wife or twoal 'g.e yeatleatea. loctakm nleaaant. term? uitle rate aud prirllegr lu the pa- or. At ply at ii6 Weal Thirtieth dud. FT?R SFIT OF ROOMS TO RRET AT THE MABf o( itydwa^and Tweaty dflk atieel. ?a'uwRn Vadlnna par* and Wnrtk V"woman!: pete ate tat Ira < ira,akr<i M pmfartwd. Bant >< rafereoea rw.mmd. FRONT BOOM WELL FCENDHED. FOB TWO A yenllesen. ken ana pantry If e'en, a a Ingle front CI* ftnaij II nr. Terma without Runr l, from HI ta to HI par * rek Ant '? thin week at 17 Ft. Luke * place. In Laroy atrret hatwera I la tan an.. Bedford. Board-its barf thistfenth btreet neaerb eond tift n', in n dmi clam akme konna, nil the new and i avxlc -a I eprr cemente erry flne and p'aaannt Rnnme ffw lady and gr-it!rmae ur fur t...ale gact esae. Bacnliant tab* lrta aeruloelrtk. Beferaoreaeithaapad. B'>tRD-T? TaST ejTTEES7It RTEETT. NEAR ST. Uautgr ? ti. irtk, a tAnf S mm. i aer- r.l Brie, emu a lg| cL ae'? ami Inl a?4 ei;| -water, for two or three gentle men Rrfrrroecd rI .-hwv rd IJOARD IN A PBtTATE FAMII.T OR FRtTATB J A Ihmrtli. g 17 tae. th'ae or ??? -n o tea frail of tear place wanted, by two eaetieman. Uatr wirm and uro Ma ren 3 ? dl ;'%m, te rna amlrram Adder an. wl-h f B nart tiara, m to >"ome. hoard aal rncra. II it. L, HefRUntaaa. Board, to lit. with or without board, in a pi leu# family a large h rh Hu-mii.t auitahla far a phe a - >an. arno a Roum far n angle ganilamaa Apply at SU FMib arenna. BOiRO-BM WFST TWRNTT TT1IRD St RRET. - A Mhdrnmaly fner.abeil R m (on Ike par'. * Roar In lea, wttk i'onrd, to n gentleman aai km wtfa. Dinner at to'cueft. Rrfnen -ea ei-hanged [0A?n -DRFIRABT B rooms FOR StNr:|,R GF*T' B ? ea. with fall o. P ?-d may be f'<ond at IM Waal E? tenih gtreet. bet warn Fltb and Birth aren iea BOAHP -TO LET. TWO RED ROOMS. IE A TRI. rata ram. y. tti?tt(>ia for fni> gmtl'mei. partiea wkah lag the mm# will plena* apply at No Id* Rant fu irtaamh gtrr*< dint ar r eft n't'<oh wrata rrry rimanaakle eaara nlnl te aerera! .thee of a agea and rare. BHOARn.-A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, OR brer audi* grwUrmaa. -an te aammmMated with Uoard. la a >taa'l prf.ate fam where there nr* no ehltdroa and no other bonrdrra, by arplylrg at lUCImerrr plane. Sooth Rd br, tlm hoea* ha* all th* m-rtern lapr vementn, mfemnrra rirhaued; It? ndauled walk from Atlantic aad llu.. ivm liMT BHOARD - A PARLOR AND THREB DRDBOOMB TO Id*- fnm'ahad. with ' r ? heul it.rd in ggnllam**, a n WfVrrn hi uaa, near U>? Fl'th Arm'ia II ?*b M Weal ten ty etath atrret. bat*'re Brndwae and Stub aT*m,?. Board at is stuttktant strret, cnjntinua Utn of Aator plan*.?Two ?* thrrr ynuag g*njrm*r. ran he iff - mm*dat*d wRk rleg'r or doobir R ? me where the mraf'Pa of Mm* enu b*[*uad naa ent to tari and etagea. Board-in a private famii.t, to a genti rman and wife wflkn.1t 'hUdrer; an niifnrnlahwl N"? and nan trira or aw ? nd huir, w'lh gaa, I nth. An. L. ('die at US VTrat Sla*""B.b at. ret. Board-citt nf?r*L. nrwafr new .tkr?tt. ' ? ? "?d ? << w Tod irlnea, by at fling at :h*cg.aiof tha hotel, n ,j*ia half m t- .ft ltd* A R?w Terk. AND lAIUOtA* BOARD-A ?B# RM-1'K.orABL.K TO"Ml LADIEOB ?? fa* lly, c..u obtain board by -.pplytng at Wt Mou roe Mi(?t, fltal floor, BO A BO.-TO LIT WITH HOARD-A B A"'K ROOM on a?c.*?d floor, with IWiom, pautry and ??Ur In A blown alone tjoot ii me in fi tlrth airei t. No. S or 1 >. 16 Billion'* row. between Knch.n and h.ulh aveuuee; Prut* moderate. Referrncea exchwuied. Board aoerct-for ihe cumtrrrhri op p?:h hots looking 'or Jfo.rd ?n.t K, i ??, 1 tboae hivtnK HiomtUilrL App.lcaote for Rooma directed without i;:?. Ctbee 01 But Fourteenth atreet, I'd In ?.m ,rr K. LAWKXNCE A CO. Board and lodoi*(jh wanted-for a gentle man with hie two daughter* In * private iwmilv wiwre nothing bn) f' eucb la apokeu. Addreaa, with lull particular*, R B . 6.1711'oat uflioe B OARD. CLINTON PLaOE.?A FAMILY AMD ONE OK _ two aingle rantlemau will hud v. ry dealrably f.iruuhwd Rooma to let, w'th Board, a* No, til Clinton place. two r.arra oaat of FUth avenua. Refe'ennra eiuhu>x*d. Board, near mammon square-two gentle m-n ran bo furn.aben wltb Board at lit W'eat Twenty fourth (treat. Location central and table aupertor. Board wantkd-for a lady amd gentleman .Board for the 1 idy;. in a family whore there are no other boarder* Location must be rood and not far up toe n; etat aide preferred. Addiera, with lull particular*, U. alatlou 0 Boat offiee. Board wanted?i* Brooklyn, for a gentle men and n'a al.'e; for good Board, wltb ro >ui warm al at d Iiaht'd Bin per mouth a ul be paid k> t private family only. AO.Una bui l.'b Boat office, N T. Board wantkd-by a gentleman, wipe, nurhb and daugcter. 4 ye?r* old, lu ?.aiutll irt.o. table family, when I hi re arc no ether boanlera taken and where the noio firt-of a home can he readied, an entire aaonnd II or pre ferred, modern lujpr .vemeutaai.,1 rood ? -Ighbo b rod required; refereurm r jc hat tied. Addreae W. 8 , Union square Poet of floe, lor two dayt. BOAR 11NG.?GKNTLFMKM AND thkir wivkb and alngl* gent emeu can he aw mmodau d with rood Boetrd and pleaaanl Rnxme, at 10 Weat Git ecu'h atreet. Terutarea icnaole. Krfercncee exchanged. Board in Brooklyn?agentleman and wife, or two alexin gentlemen, can be accoinm'idated with Board In a private family, fo a dret . hue house. hitualioti near Hrn'y atreet, between gouih and Wall atreet ferrlea Addreae hoi 5.1W1 New York Boat offlee or call at 70 Ntate at. gOARD IN BROOKLYN.- A FBW SINilLK GENTLE bath room and gat. at M Buffield a reel, ceur the O.ty Hell. m?u mar find fealrable Uooma, with Hoard, prlrllage of at - - - - - - Board in hrooklyn?wiyhin five mis tints walk of either Wall itreet or Fulton ferry, can te hid at 167 Ulcka street. Apply early. Board in bkooelyn -a few roabdkrh can the roaiorta of home in a private family, oo reaaona hie lei m?. by applying at lit tut, rd *tr>, L Board in Brooklyn.-a gentleman and wife, aleo a few alaale gentlemen, ran be accommodated with good Board In a modern built bouae; terma moderate. Apply at MP Adama Ureal. Board or Brooklyn hkightr. -a gentleman and wl'e, or two or th *# Bogle gentlemen. can be axiom mo. la ted with Board aid pie maul rooma In a amtll family, at 18 Willow atreet, Bro"Uyn Ilelghla, between Fulton and Wall ?treat ferries. Brooklyn.?rrRNifiiHD rooms to let, with ont Board, furnished comfortably, with accoinniedatlnu for keeping honae and cocking, a lew mtnut?*' walk Iruru the Fulton ferry, at No. Z7 Hlcka atreet, Brooklyn. ELEGANTLY Fl'RNlHHKD HOl-hE TO LET ? IrfhOA tiou uueirrptiotable, the furniture tube aold, aa the owner la going to Iwrope. Addreea M OF, box 1011 Herald office. Elegantly ftrnished booms to let-with full Boird, In e llrel eiaee houae un Twenty eighth atreet, eea- Faurth avenue; family amall, an1 ppeak the Suropeau lart.uiatta. Apply at Iba Board Agewey, til Baat Fourteenth HrecL K. LAWKKNt'E A IX). FORRISHBD ROOM TO I.KT?TO A LtDYOBHBN tleman In a amall private family, wfb or wtthoal Ihatrd, and the naa of a piano; referercea required Apply at 18 Reuwlek atreet, near the comer oi Canal and Hudaon. HOTFL BOARD.-THE PROr-RTETOR OF ONE OP THE beat located houarn up town. r?ir.i.p hi ae. ure a limited number of permanent xuetta. oQ'TH eleK.ititly fIirnlnh'-d frost Parlor* nud Bedrnoma. havlrc all the mule.m gOMMMMR with full Board, at the rate of (lu to (16 per week, each per anr . amall parlor* ind bedrnoma for auiile grntleraen, with full Latrd from f.) to tlf each Table and attendance Ural ci*?a Addri fca P T. K boi 1J0 Herald office. Murray hill -board <-an be ostaimhd por a (rnteel family of aCulu or atigl* gentlcmer, with R "ma. f urn I abed or nafn nlahed. by applying at K East ThbtyOrth atrret, flril houaa caat of Madiaoo avenue. Befa rt nee re iutrvd. ?WURKATHIUe-DBT IGHTFtTLROOMH WITH BOARD, ytl for gewtleeaea. Famt.y private. Apply at llN Kaai Thirty alrtb atreet corner Laklugtow avenue, or addreea W. M B , boi 1.606 Poat office -RTRS. MATTHKWH HAVING TAKBN THAT LARGE 1?I houee, 110 Bier-tcr aM? (A two hl<eka weatnl Broadway, la now r?a.l? to aecommralate prrm uient and Uaaeirnt bowrdert, or Bauma without Board If dtauwd. Dinner at 1. XTTC* ROOMS TO LRT -IM (TO. M THIRD ATRNim, J.\ llhrr /? MiiricuOM rr,-e*..t Pi ???? m tinu (iran tn,ma.ll?te.y. NO. 131 NINTH RTAPET-TO 1.1T, FURNINITBO, ON third floor, I rocl mil h*> k I'lrlor*. wii'i B?lroom at Iwliid. h- Dn. ale hi, t ' r.i at.? ImimIi an,,.a w tat of Broadway. NOR MB AND6S7HOURTON RTRBET. NRAR BROAD m ? lUniVmely inruiabrd Immm la lei, wtlk or with ant board or partial H.afd for >la?l* peuUemeu or kenlieBOn end I heir wire*. he.arnunoe eifhn^rd. XI or ICR. -ORWTL AMI* WITH FAMIUBH, A UK I HIM rally rap free Ik atraat. FAM ?" ? - ?-r - at -ret, near Ink n aqua re. aad wlUtaa to pay II bo apply to S. LAWRRNCl A CO., C Kail Four f 1MB OR TWO ORNTLEMRN CAM OBTAIN A ROOM, A7 wtlh Board, In * rery plaaeanl MaaR?, o-mronlaot to car and Mayo ronton, tad whore there arw bat law boardara. lorau B'HleralO. Ad-lrea* Hoard, Hereto afltoo. ERRMAMMNT B AbD WANTED-FOR A LADY. IN A ?Ball, quiet family fa alio* preferred . a r unfnrteMe Mn with oooernleoee lor Bre Tarma muel be moderate, and I' eat urn not abora four'., uth (treat Addreaa for two days D. WIDaoa, aumi A, Rprm* alrtrl. a. uay fall par,ton lart of lei ma and l.-caiton. Rooms to i.kt-furnuhkd or cnri-entiiied, with rr without Board to faaUltoa or ataate yeaUamen. at 130 Prlnra ureal, three blucka neat of Broadway. Kefa raaeea ylceo and r?quired. Room wanted-a rra*isHrn room, wth n?s, a dtoble for two taoLeuirn ala-. tfciard for a youo* Mr. Addtem. wlta tarma, which m .at be raaaooable, WWW, ro rUURAWT FURNISHED dlNUI.R ROOM TO real to ycniieroen only, w ih ait b-iard. la a nail prieale family Apply at Bo. IT Math atraat. new number. TO PRITATR PA Mil.IE" ? A TOOM URKTLEMAN aedwlfa rood aMomwodateuua. a t bll -jd. In a pitraie fam'ly: alan. a deter --to mm for l-wn .in rle penile maa. Addreaa alauad locatena, terma, Ac. Thmaa, boi l.BC TWII Alt** IOBID " ? ' ? ?Inf.e (raUem.u wwiay l-> room foaeiber. aeaily lurntefed B oma canno had ?l IB Foul raatral tocniUo odel ear aad ataye route i flnWO OKNTI.RBKN AND TBRIR WIVKN. OR TWO ? ?aihar. pleaaaat ar* rib area le yo>i aad fall Board, Planar al a. - u'clnak TO 1 PT-TO AWNOl.P OtSTl^MAN, WITH BOARD. * pleoaant Pnom with y?" an I eWw. t. la a plaio prlrato {ami >. tern* lanlan a A ppty a'. 31 imiaarra al act mil B PR OR POOR CHIt DARK NRTWfRN THE AO KB 1 of Beo ind leu ream. w 'I bo lake a lo Board aad Rd a ito In aatrlri r pl-aie family. Una* la a eery h?aliar plaoa, a few miloa rrr.m lie etly ? hare R.ey - an hare a aertberi mre beaiof referoo-r airen. lannatiO par B -n-h. Addraae f w nao work W. Rte;.c. Waatlnyl <u Ilaidhto Pail oMoe, NT. _________________ fTHRin OR POtTB MOOBB. PrRNIBBRD OM OMFUR 1 ail-hed In let with Board, la a eery aire bnuee with modern liaiii'iiwnla ard la a dete al.te rr rhNe-twato No IPS Weal Th.rtv aeeond Mroai between hjyh.h and Ninth event? w. old Irt Ike recepU-io Room, with Ihwrd. to a pbyteelan. BAmHt' RS ONf.T- MIAIN PPRNISH1P-A wo.tow lady Will lei a bare Rev . na iha Brat Bonr with tot aad raid water, y. fire, einaeta wHlv"il>*rd or w. h braafe. faafaal lea. If required. pleaaant loraUan. near Elyhth arenue care llnvedwar naaa the da. >n a p let. yeolnwl br> i? Tie hehete raferruee aieea. Par Ierther parttonlaia taqulre ? >71 Waat Tweaif ihtrd drat. ^ rl*T-wmi BOARD. A I.ABOt FCBNINHMO ??a ea (be ie- aad floor, fmat. to a rewUeoaaa and hto wlfa or lea ? ?< ? reoi'.emeo. Ar v at 133 Waal Tao-lfih ?treat, ootetentua and BeeeaU- a.eeum. Ra'aeeuoea ai Uaayed. r!.IT?WITH BOARD TO A BMAM. FABil.T, Tvro #:.? arya P. * ret on aemrd flnnr wfih eie>ite*e bath and paatrtra halve, n rrnar. mould tot Iha ronaao awearato, far ntehad or ar' -n.?hed. h aoe to taod order and oaorentonl to cairn App - a- 13b Wart Twraiy fourth awerL rllT WJTH BOARD-TO FAMIMCS OB StMrtl.t ? en .emra. the lernnd Fuwr, faiaehed or -laf iratohed, al te ie BW Mre?r.e atrori Unrd d or i. ,? l.l'.nlra pin ? A ?> P'wteta m Ibird atory. Tnl ir Brrt rtaoa Rrfrroaeoe oa rhaciod TO LRT?A LtRflP. NBATLT FrRXISlIKD BPDROOM. wllh m Wi-Af'.l lre-d, la a tota l prtreto fam.'r. Kr forrnorr mcharited Hra W i'ajiv ??1 Pourlh a.eaud, aor err Thirty Arte rt'ert, fair agar In thirl > Brte atraat. m.1 I NT-WITH' -DT BOARD ONH OR TWO MfflR 1 Ronma, fi.rnleh.d or unfurelAed, on aacond Boor. Mo. tt North Moore .'rrat paau ira yaa. mnr'da tenntola. ll w orcii ed by aptirata faaa. y. roENTI-KMRN-FCRBIRHRD R'SINS, FXOLfTBITR lyf ralna'e rent'roirn ho-* bero reemf) -nod up M thoBt lair l.noor IM Prince otoeef . Im-udlaa all I he mo' drra tmprnrrmenla C ee.ieaaen elehirr roar at a m .lerale price would la wall to call at Iha abora hi?a TITANTRD- BOARD IN RMOfjRI.TN, NT A I.ADT Tf pilrato fawny preferred. A.ldreae. viA terra a, which tonal be modi rata. Bonr-I, ItB Wlllo-iyhby atraat, Bmoh e*. TRrAMTlD-BOARD AND LOtRHMO IN RRfXIKLTN. f T or tkloily for a yonna mar with hraakfaal aad loa; oat to nicred 13 per * tea. Addieoa Mr. Riaarf, Herald odBoa. WANTRD-A FTJRNItHND BRDROOM. IN A OEM teal, ?litrr, location, by a ?eniew?n ard wl/e. realdlha to Ibr cooetpy. f + fw. aa'fmal oornpaaey Moato ro ,ntead whaa they are o owa. or I' in tie adakWhwi of a aoM rrtea iraiA. *"e mtehH-dtopeaoaf wlft A ?- nievl i drkte fan, -y ar.'errad. Addrr?. rrilh real oama >ud number, W. H . hot Nil Pato biare **T aNTRD- NRAR FOOT OF FTPfRMWTH ST Hi rr ARD TT North liter, kt a arm imaa aad wtfn, Roard,It a prf-ato Ateeriean fairf'y wWr there tea no b tordei a tohrr A Itee. atattra trraa aad treably, addf.-aaed 1 Im'ar Ywd earth ?,r ore m Ptftaaeib aliaet and N'-rtli rl?er. wtl! meet with prompt attention. ______________ ANTRP BOARD. BT A WIDOW I.ADT AND S'fN, with aer-ant. In e aiea i ertento fimlh where tier can r-a ha lb* mae I.e. at home Addreaa for two da, ? Hra Marah, Herald > nee Pn e wi tat' a re*? nab'.e TmfANTRD RT A TOORO MARRIRD MOT WHroR II n auaad la alerr.t, a email fnre'ebr' R-e-m a a prl ra-a famllr, wt'h ? h-a' I; ternra In hftawr e and n S to et wed 13 a waeh, i re era Itoht laeladadi laeat-ia tm Mlov rUpw-nili ?tree-, aor ifr" e Ttlrtj ? III (tract Addir? L R , Madl m a.oara r?at oA^a inJl.1 U /ki 1> Luuuilb It) MtlUOk PLav K, CNM DOOR pro* EIOriTn 1m sImwi?To 14 i muI of Hw a s on ibe i eoon 1 door, H'ti |? n .mailer hp .rimeele "0 other tbmr* to fivml'l "a ,nd mi.i if m atlcwan, wlib or wubouv Hoard. Uuuaa and labia Aitt elaea i?i <? t.iwro* ft.ACK-hamiaom* r TrRNIKRRD 1 Z. wail vent, ued kooms. alula or lu inula. ho tat, with Ht aid. l?l HOMl S t III h.1- ! ?> IHMHU P a RLOk 1*1) ?KD lO ni in adjnu up. to geared do >r. [iki, ilti furolejed FuWUxl two tingle Room*. for gentlemen r.h'y on third Dior, in a private l.-irlly. llrrakfasl and lt? If deaued I r 1.KROT PI At'K HIKKi'KKH HTiv KKl' ? A TOCNO It! widow l'ol> h a etv.ral desirable furnished Rooms, to If I 1 gent Inner. has in .'era lo pr.netuenU; I' f ? .lion vtr ti BvtM lent, our I l ? k vvrtlnl >it ha parol uieiulv ifoommo dalrtl wltb Hoard for Ihr winter ro" 1 room. aid labia. silent t > eara and ?; evarj inotrr.i convenience, rele rae< < a i leisured. Ium.edU a applloiviou w U procure vnry deaf abla Ku.rfb i)(k r*l VKRPIT Y PLACE.?IU RNI-llEI) B<>OVH TO ?t\1 I.: v IU out board. t> it of Parlor* aula Room and alienable bid mil told watet In s'de rtrim, an I all nlje y fur mabrd, ( i two geibemsi or grmlrman an.I wile 0/\ WKST 1W)NTV FOURTH BTRFET-TWO OR thrrr neatly inr abed Kooina for gr Lln-men, wtlh or wl'hoiit partial Hoard. Refer- > mi eie>*nced. t)fj WKHT EK'HTKKM II RTkKKT?A QKNT1.K.MA* jU I and Indr and two single geit'li-men ran be handsomely at con modeled vrllb nulla I, with Uoaro. n? apply lug ta above; home lirtlciatk, una*, ep'.ional '.e references re quired. IJQ IL1NTO* PLACK -HANDSOME HCI f OP H!R OO nl-hed R< urns. lo let ton liiat Dior, three rooma deep. A'ao Parh.ra and Hedr> inn, suitable for a party of gentle uiru Wlrhu g pit-arant and comfortable rooma. A A WBT IUTINTR HTKKBT.?FPRNI8HKD KOOMH, aT" to let wlili full or partial Board: a ami of Kooina on the bratllorr; also Parlor and lledroom ou the aeoutid. Keie rent a given and required. 11? VTKdT H'XIKKNTH ITKKWT. BETWEEN TPTII 'til aud H\lh atrpoea ? To lJt han'sou-dy furnRb-d f .1 III g Hi t m rod Itedroom a'lach'd Alai. a stag's Room wltb finnrr if dralretl. In a llrvt . 'av hous*>. wllh a private French family, Loaallnn ui aurj. owed. t'oaveulent bj anra and .Ugea. Kelt rer ra ed C7 KA1T TWKNTT KIOHTII HTRKET, THIRD DOOR ?J I fn nrToiulb a> rnrr ?A floe a'llt of Ro<ma on tbe a? cord I'onr, lo let, a nh II mrd ma brat i'i.?i bouse aeitirally and p'r.taanlly Irratrd bring In rlorr protlmlly to the Jfadlson and ) ouilk ati'nue ale -r^. Kr eronre* eatihaogetl. CQ PLUCK Kb bTKim a PkW DOOKR 1APT OP Cm7 Broadaav ?Two hitr'y furniahid Ptriors and R?<1 roruia im tbr aeoond ll hit to let to single gmtlomen only, with out Hoard. The house la drat, foulalniug all the m'alern tn provi meuia f?C WERT TWhbTT rIF rH bTRKKr, NBA K SI1TH 'Mi atruue ? A litrjje bark Pari r and rilena'io Ri?>m. nl eli r>umated, lo hi. wllh, lo a plain Umil/. Terms vet j vot'era e D ni er at e I'emck. ?3, UKKk.NI HTK1KT, AMOVR UPH1NU, AJUHTU* Houee.?Elegant)j fufn'sbed aulta of Rooma; gas. Oynant aud ever) unovmuener for bmiaranepkng eotavjoalnauy, rar Ik-ularly suitable for small renneetable families or alaflt gr:.. kkenen. Rent low lo permanent tenants 1HR KXKTII RTKKR* ?A RtJIT OK HARDROVfRI.T 11 fO furniahid 1'arlore on ltd lloor, also, a bamlaome bull on aetf-tnl .? ? r and a aliiglr Ho tn; all the m stern rmveit nrra Ineutk'u very pleas..nt b 'tween Broadway and liqlyer iiu ptaee. lor BQBIH RTRKBT ?VERT PI.EARANT ROOM*. 1 tit I wiib full or pai'oal Hoard aoilable for gerilionen asd Ihnr or tingle nun ala i ivneommolatl ina far a few day boarders. Refi-raa -ea re imretl 1*17 NINTH STREKT, A 'RW DOORR WKRT OF I ?> I Broadway --To lei a Pronnd Floor, e'?ran!lv for nirbrd; suitable for a genl.eman and wi'e or genilriiiea tviab. Ing lo room together. Also single front Booms. Uoore Is first rlaaa A ppl) aa above. 1 ft) WEST TWIBTT-RIXTH 8TR1BT-TWO UR* J llvf tlrmen and their w Iv-w, or four single genilenten. can be eccommtslated with a large back Parlor and f rout Booaa and Bedroom on aeeonl floor; houae with all modern I ui prove menta; rlmuer at alt. refam oee eicaangad m? WEST POL'RTRKNTH 8T ItKET ?ROOM a*D I Pedroom Iomtshr.l f.w a lady aod gentlrmao; itlao ito or twoatDile Roonte. with full or partial Hi ard. botue tint tlaaa (lit. >r at 6. t mvt nl.nt to Blgblh avenue cars Four teenth street stages pi.a tbe door. 1QO BLRRCKIR STflFRT, MRAR M tCDOCOAT. ? ltJ*j Handsomely / -n.sbed (vooma, anitab e Inr famines and single gentlamm. In let with ml dnarri, beatluu, wi'h all the ouaveaiabcaa of a hotel and the ooui forts of a buaae. Dinner M E 210 KI.H BTREET. NEAR 8FRI*? RTRRET-M ARIOR llonaa.?bmel) furnlahad Apartinanta with linen nmf rotkieg ulenalla, arranged for eom-mical hotuwkeeplna, or ?uitable ror single grutleman Meals furnished If daSisd; gas m rooma krnl low lo respectable tenants ni)Q EAST BHOa HWAT.?A UEKTLEMAN A*U X hO wlie, or two vmg'e geallainan can oblalo wllh Board, a *? tains all giver s wei?. ur iwu wiuji r imurinmi 'zma uouua wnn notra, fnri lAh"tj Rfw m with Bed R<*.rn *dj >h)lnc; b^iisooOB U ilw BKdera improfomaul#. limftrvtc? rsquirttd A~~'oradcat? 1RACHBR, PKOM THK FRRN It part of Sain-i-land fW iinia>.who bar Lad mirk riprrlenra In Inaetlr* In th? pabUewbooleof bia country dratrna a altu. al.nn an prnrml tnwbe* In anmn Inclhow or (mMftalllM, B<>mncn?Rn.. lie Ptols. (T PI'lh itBiiid Acpljr to Mr, l onia Hot), iri)mvit.?^.u. oM-? lm?.?tt AUr.RTI.KMAN, WHO IH A noU.RUK OKAOUATR who h?a had nc\rral yaars' ennonaafin acpirtnoce la lead In* and la now encarr J In some of up' !>eai a I. In lha City, dwl me sown pd rate omnia If d.-rtrabln will fire loltton In excharrr fur Uwrd. boat of ro/araaoa rirno. AJdrett Inalrurtor. Pfi Broadway. A PARISIAN LAPT, HA VINO A PRW HOURS OP Ike day dmeueaynd dealrsa to laanh Fmuoh In a prtrali illy nr *? b>? I aa ? Utina y.irerueas. ale hat ihn ' eat rofn. mean, harlo* tauaht In tkla city In Oi? hunt acbitnla and fantl lira Pinnae adilrnxn for twodaya, aUtln# ?I.-rf an Interne* can ha had, I'arla. lieraid ifllnn. I.I. FOR (10 ?PXNMAPTHIP AND ARITHMETIC S ni.ic'.ka. 7' Iraaooa, or Bookkeepli* l*a?,.x uu muted f? (IP ladle* Writtnr l.meoac (S atilaan >wn>, at i.J Howery an! ids Fuiton at/ml, Mr, Aim Ae a tracker W xt/IUna and boAkfrv .a*. CM. PAlNRXaada nar:> tiled ? Rrootlyo J >ttr A ACADIMT 0F PkK.VARSHir AND H. 'ORKIRP'NU, 3d llrcadway, enoli'nnd hy W I' llOOOUAMP. for ?any cnara a ?unt in ? ?nr H Ouldaaal h Mo A Ik it nth, pran: al Issuer m and careful attrul go. Oi > ? day sad tveuief. lemw ?otari.'i. PBFN.'H LADY WITII OOOH KIFIrtENOR, WANT* a am .k n la a ( its' reboot or to a fi-nily, rta learb Pranrh Hid Ika prtocv'-nanf aiur j and dranlno ban no on j?. Pop In ( coutk. Ai* .raaa Malxtnn PaUint, AC -Ah an, An ambrhan, with pork k vowi.ppoe op spa n >h wiiuna to niebsarn with a Bean lard tnji'ah ina-r te Ik* fey Kj aau h Co id I* a> ??nii ?IP. J >n iba aan- k ??, wb.i It * oral < laaa ?itb bun. A i t. tat t.. I I. , Unrall BOUll EFPJNO, NT-81A KM WRIT ISO, ARITH**TIP. ?Mr. 1)1 'I.BKa K. tw Bmadna* nr~nrn. t. p aln do 1 bni Into itrly, ?nc.ytlic. business haUia, >a Ihrm in<*Uaa, luuht,, 'J. at N.ta >aa In erctxrrd f.m bualawt In oo? m nth. Apply, day or exeato*. for eiaaalaattan. FBRXNCH I.ANOt'AOP, 1 LITKI' ATCR1. GRAMMAR. roRVRnnAfinN Ta i(M by a new a-d einenrafnl method Prlratn Innnma th? hlybrrt m'eretrr a'.rta. Addrrat Mi. Meeneiu, R v IM Bad fimii niRatnaat (PR*Ki ll ARD H'KbtS I. Mill \O*0 -PROP P, P TM.I.SHIN1* alt Hroadway will r??ui naa applies t:. na fur prliklo Inai'nriKn ud nuanrraatl.* In lb- a' .r???l I i l.arnairi and main Iraaalailm.a, R? Ukcwtaa wUl taaeh i Uioak as '. l*Ua sad lAbnr brai cb.-a -f ado. ati m T W>N0 IN PUNCH AND TRANkf.ATIO IR BT A I Xj onoucwaa arpor cauad In tracalny Addraaa R O , hot i Ed Mar aid iiMii, or applj at 1M t-lialan atrt'-t niaaklf to tboarenhta Mora. L bX grand rai.? punch and itfii.itn I .a* lea I and i'i?ar. tal m*n?ir r nebwd. Kodaan lar raor, Hoi k.o N. J -Kracla! attruttna ki IM raodera laa ktianra and r aaranrr.u I.ran-k. ? PXRPHHTln* IN WNITING -I.tDTRR TAI'ftHT AN ntnyai t ai I laat.i nahn, aiyin,. i d ana |M| a au?e.ajr 1' -dncaa laid hi larun It ? na t-i Pr>'naa..r LOllJ I al trraity af Uiaac'w, aull.or nf a taa. ami i?pn. ?i ? Ti .natrd.-nir. Inat.lutlob 14 tmodway Opnn day an I ? renter. ?NOP. KI IN CHARI.IR*'* PRKNCH INRTTTUTN PUB T. i,nr '.'"it'inon. fvwrdlnr ?rd fkay 8e)> ?d. No V Mart ?it) lonrtfe airrd t* a na mm a???l. Ilaaatra. .'talk aa Ilea. Bnrltoh. Rsar..?h, 'Inrnan aid Fraoeb laorlM by ani<*? turn tna-.taora On art b> bo bad. with auaat of poplJa sad ytmii tkcra la a Prima/y dBpnrtmnto. KIDINU A'larRMT. mm atrruh, oornxr , Thirty nto b atmei W II DIB Stow baa the km rlo an. mil -r that kl> r ri lna elan tor laatroetlda to (matla-naa rri.l ??n.?;' ? on Mia-'-aT, Or r.bnr I. a-.d ene'.Ta iB cacB Vinlay Wrdama'ay ?na Prday awiuaf trnm 8 to 1U ock-k. tlm rnrrp'l* nmninga for la'k* and node-ran fm s.rwdan I Idlnr c niwnaaa na T tarda r. Oe W?rrt,a?dr niln - nanh Tncalay, tb iraday irl??i "lay t?ar.i?t, ? k to 10 u etnah A i and of matot will par.or n or ibnm nnaainra 1 be day aak-ul for Mlaa frjaa I A. M. ins Tit STAMM1RIR') CT'RRD IN A PP.W 1,RP?'>NS _ (PPI.T loU VAI.K, Taa< h?r of Nartfalkm hr"itr|. ItrniAkk toe w .ib P< rfpfClff. Naattral Arrsmnta H -almpIn# Or . :*T Pn.rl aUert. curaor of Kraakfort. aolraacc no ? raakfort atrvat. BII.L.IAHDR. AI.AHOR A"?')RTNRBT OP HOOP Ft' OND HAND P..itoH Tabtoa, at r<Br?a trim (100 to(B.<), rrttli art iro (to -ak(^ ^ ^ ti. 14, ?7 and to Oroaby atiOM HH.UARPB POR F?LN. A PIBR BTfli K 'lP NIW and "crifd baa' tal 'na al fTtt ft"1 and (lit f 180 an! (ITS. (."'nad (Mu .tabard riamtoeor aaad yvar utdera by ? au. Prlratn I nan fnwtabnd. w ii. .iRippnrn, inrnit<Biatf?'t BII.UARD B tUA-t PIN1 ?BNORTNP.BT OP IT'iRT Hdkard" Hal t, nf a pmiar I'ltJMp, al rndannd nrl- co. slat, ermr roaand Imry ?in?na RaU I'm4 and R* (?'?:'? R?1 a, for toto by WM. M. Wll.l.i NO. ?t( Hroimn nnrr-w -a ?!?. av. Ttmn.AR B RILUARD TAHI.PR __ 1 ARD tNtMBINATInN rfRHIONB Nnw Impi jiannli p"'anted Bnoiaaa'iar TS, IM. rrtaea ?dncto ue f- a- W aHUSM (I le n Oroahy alma). WINANTW XXORSdllOR BPRIN'I (ll.UAPt> "'^RH TT I *a, IM WM Broln, mrrrrt and dn-af'? mabim.'i nan Nllltord Tablet made U order la n naet ? -d "2 '*? Mac 'ar<irr TI <?w ?ir?K, New Tork. *?? nIAiealaC'l meat in iba United Bletan _ CO A In. . SmlL-PBAOH OX II . Rl?. I.RHIUH AND BR'UD I Mi-.aleln. "f Ik# frat ?? a.ltjaa, at lownal 11!1 ? m yard, m rnnu per trm lent fmeaj*!*, ? * ? ?ml in<i LN rponl Orrtl fiRfHT R?nr,. c* r ind ?r<4 md flH IOAI. Id TS PRR TON- PON NW-T I.TOIGH PTRN?!N ' and krd A. Grata dnlifbfBi 5V.I toL222 '? '?m' * *il*U L r CLk A RAN hi?. I ! *Al,l.S OK IlKAL KSTA fE, A "hLMJfi.h1.'*}'* *?*?"? rfhlu.m, ? jH B\Ufrl . ?2T? '',"'v 'ted (round. Win tie told la uni'i^l i"ITST* f "*" l*"' "crp* or more. Fur par Uouiars U.qnJ-e it Hun's Hi4<1k? lintel. All, K1NIH or MXkCtlASDIeB WiNTKI). IN hi *' "l"r? boutWu 'sal ? stale. f e<ue* >u<1 *?''<?'*! ?!<??* v.. 18 HsaITIFUI. COUNT*? Pi.a.lfc-FuR fcA'K A O uriry 4 I&o# if the) Oouuiy of l>i-. ?vi i.r?, Mn> i km* fork m m 1r*re h of ih* D*! iwnn- i1 >r . vj'r ag i;o acre*, n^iti ?> *n IU..1 r o?i Uv??loo, a Urici h i ih?? w ib ^very ?aitvkdi^nre of hot hbo cold *?ki 1* >o?'*-y. A- . h'.-vi farm k^rtN?, billiard bf nee, Ice h?uie. Lrv* dable iu> 1 eurrtag- touve, frapiry. gu^ri o churla an! Uecr perk rnn King tea w,r?V; *?*? a ptire ef?*-m of aprfn,? water carrie<t over \n? b m<*? *np. plying ^Hlh* ar.ii fntrot&iiia with n*?ver fMiliujf vv**?r t? uiifir'|WM???U f< r health hi i ??# autv of so*t r.ry ^ivk flw <itrcm faking ?o<i feu tlnr Ai>ply at'.h?-h< ur* of 10, 12 or $ to Al'O J. MOW*, 24 William OTrpt, r oua IL AT 1THUO HAMC-NO. 38 WKHT PJITBIfYKKN FH ?t-?et- 1 bo HrgMit iii>t elate fcro^u e'/?re front Houati art! l ot, built ! y da\ 'a work aiu* in n?r re* order, will b* ejld on TriAav pvit, fth of Oc o' er, at 13o'clock v . at ih*? M*r rb*nU' )? xchargp. 'ihr rale wol be poi tive to the highest bit* t'er, order a to *eli* nr* of ? mortgAge. iuuiur? of AU Cilsilb SHi/1 V*kLU 68 Wall ei'cet. HaV MIiR FaRV, FU SUING. FOE ?AI.R OR KX rb-nr* for impruvtl or ni,hnpr< ?.?*?! property Ntncka, torn h or Uiortaafra fifty five vr. a. with h< iurNte*<! and out l>ut!dinm fr< uilng on the KohluI ?nc1 .running through near bait u mile to Flutblrg ro?d. fo- rnlr-g an*> b-r valoab'e front* hkc Ida pr??perty ; ma the L'. S A. *t Williain'a folnt and pcakcftveaa water v>w tinenj pwaed. incjlndl'* rity Island, liart a Uhind, t ort Mrbuylrr, Ibro^'a Net k iUb?h iu e*. haven porv'r hr, k. Nc# horhelle alio uii ea of country -."jaceut atid Wtairhetler count} on the opp. kite ahorr atifronnded with rt?k)eBin of lirat cJa>H aoon-rat whfMn 'be n*ii atof Gar 'nor. Harbor. iiro*u dr^ii???r4, ? ryder, Wibet, lawrvn-e. Ai ,? h?i. Nbbol htland, I hum >n. dfU batra, ?t ? ii,..j he found Acveaihia hourly by rait )r bo it, hrlitu a charn 'ng tl * i < r of 12 a Her through th* gardeu of Long i IfcWnd thin poition being note! for <l- ban Uoine ro*da and , abttdy avenuev It fern** a highly dealmble irikCX for a genta nu.nin newt or n tunmrr reavt. every dea-tiptfton ?f rural life b'liiK at the d.rr tin tut log Ubbing, boating abiKHinc an<l aalt water b*tking. Having b.. norcupUd by one fan. lv ?ince "W, it ureda no greater mend alt n thwu the natural brmtw. ntid MvnnUg?? ? Mi-h .rriintu. ti. nod uevnr biing ,dr?nl In tlim fuim it I. h en,no* r*r Iv 10 ke m>*i with f ur rub It ?l!l lie n'il very li.w II > >ihKi.(e l wn.iaeMh lauat he paid. ?nd 11 not m>M In < n? p.irel oil,re will |>*i-ntn'U.ne4 for lt< dlrtolnn f'r Ibo rxrjuidre nurp<ao itf nreettn* flr.t e<wn ronntry with |irl?llr*i' r>f prlvnt* rn? I. ?"d driven. For nulbrr i nrtieulnre, prle?, frtn. end pennlii. *|>i>ly l?M. 1> * >. (117 Ftvinil ii\ rnuo, brfuro 10 or alter 4. at I itt llriad way.fn'Ui 10 to 4 or to I.IM.KK A. llOLUKW, Hn. 8 Pino it., and 1,344 Broadway. Foil PAl.K-A FIRhT CI,\H8 NHtW Fliua HTpOP I b'0t?D ?toDo Hnure. .Hunted on Ibe umtb side of Thirty ninth ?'r?M. about 330 loot writ of Hevenib avenue, and renr the inin Uon of Hroadwiy nrb g our ><t io*n- near bnoara Jaat Inubed Houae b.a been btillt oy d?y'a work aod In the wm soib.t tr.ilal matiDor, nitride hill anlld bit k walnnl atkire. billlerd mom, and ever. vKtiveinarm' a hoqta nan noaat h'y have; lot 31 feel b' hall the hp c k limine 21 fret by W feet deep Aakiny nru e. 112 IIW lerni. en?< . two thin".of the tan ner, I' reninred ran remain < d leonl and m <rtn**a. Iaqrj'e of JAWI8 K. HLKNTWliHTH N i 7 Ki-wd uteeet Fifth avkbuk-POB hat.b hr to UUML tub new and elegant llret iU? bumn anme llonae 383 Fifth averue; Idaek walnut niaira auuw. ve . ntewnod eoort marble ball* nail built by day a work lor private i ?e. ll/NiiKK h HUwl'KN, No a I'lne atrei t, and 1 3it Broadway. F^m ABM FOR RaT.*?ORF.4T R r<RlKlHK.-lM A'"RES. ISO la eulUvaUun well lenvd and watered, plenty uf fruit, larpe bouse twelve rooms niuneroHs and e,tensive nnt bulMlnys. In pood orrer; wmer power, ssw mill plenty ol tlim her, bnaiitlfui and healthy Ufa A. .11 . onvenlent U1 I irrhet, ecb' n'a Ac . ten miles fr an 'stlsn rprinys; the heat market In this mate Price $4,400. half r.ab, helanoe la Ave years do exrharye. Principals only address If. H. Brown, uffloe. Faux for hai.r in new jerrkt,?will rz cbanre 1 or city uropertv, nloet. acres; It kassiau. bouse and outbiilMtnys; wbhln half a wile of steamboat ..amliny, three mil* s from rallwav si- lion, twenty mllne from this city. Apply to WM. B. I UAMHKdl.I.V, TV Koblnson street. rR BA1.E, WITH ld\l r.I>l aTE P( IdflRHb I ON?THB three rtory Hmue No 147 Fast Nineteenth street, cm laina all the modern cum en u noes Prtre M 300. I vn thirds can rnasain If desired. Apply to MaKTiM A (XIREV, an) Rreenwtih street. RALE?rot'WTRT SKAT IN TIIK HUDSON H'yblands. st ('oldfiulry A neat rustle ''ottase, nearly new. In c< inplete iwder. twelve roonis; <ond ?rvhard of vountj fruit Uews, never falltny sprit gn of pure water, elybl) a<dws of Uml ' ne bslf m wi od. Prl'-e 13 3(J0. Apply to 1 HUMAN J. Mil.1-HR. No. 74 liruadway (NOB FAIZ-A FARM IF NEW JKHSKY, ON THE LIFE P of the Northern Hallrosd atxtut Hiteen ml- ites' walk from Ilsckensark Juuctl-.n iKells's) station, ronlsios ihirty Imr ao-es, wtb iruluof all kinds, will be *>id at a Itsxyalu. lnuuireof JOHN II HltlNKKKIliiFF adjoining the premi ses, or W. II ltBINHKKUorr, 737 Oreeuwlch street. E)R HALE-ON LEXINUTON AVHNI'E, porner or Tb'.rv fifth street, three new b own stoue four Story ises, with hiyb stoops, basemeats and tab iwibtrs and all the modern Improvements. Inquire at 144 Allen street of D. 8 ERA FN. owner (NOR HALE?FIRST CLASH FOUR xf.RT HROWW f stone front house. No. 140 Madtsue svenue, with all the modern ImpruventeiiW, with mtewoad and black doors on parlor (lour, In replete order; black walnut stair case. InquliR on Iks premises of D ROBINS. F^m OB SALE-A NKW DOUBLE HOUHE; 1$ LARUE pomest 4 tuts of around. splendid water new on 137Ik mrawt. w.ltnn. near Tort Morris; 14 nt nulea' wait froin three rati road vlauous and the liarlsta ferry to Peak slip, pros 6400, but little cseh required. Inquire of K. U. ELTON, M skmnn street. KOR 8AI.E-A I', KTORV HRI'-K UOrSE AND lAYT, ?O'i bf n? It, situate In bowlh Hrookb n, can be Sad at alaiaalti H UU rill r.w?l? la wmy,,* Prior 14o. In quire 04 CtlABLhn J. 11KUC(WAV, luu Wall strneL (NOR BALE-NO 23 WKHT TWKNTT SIXTH STREET; j r I Hired, ester stone front, fonr Roriss baesnieui and tadar : nailer, link bed with all Ike modern Improroinnnln. Inuulre OS the premiere. r>B PAi.r-KO ? wwrr tiiihtt rotrRTH htrbbt ? Ore! ? lata 1I< oar, flnlafcrd with ruanw ->d d ?>rc And black wahint inmm,?*t l? parlor atnry; ataln ?f taiim hnakM atnnt tip. aud all tba modarn Unpruihuiu. Iu,|itira on IM pit mlw* ? HALK-TKBTRAL PARK AHD RHOtDWAT I-oU? Pour LMl north Ada of PVIytuth tlrarl, M frat r?, ?AM of Broadway; two do north tlda of PI ninth atrert, tuo faat KMliflM arcnna; on# do rut aide of Bnmdway. 71 fwl Booth ' I kl*htr alilh aural, nan du rut of Hnad way, 7b fret mA "f 1*11 rtrr-t, four do annUnrrel mrner nf Tmto Bear.'* and 111* at-rrt, t-n do nnrthwral r. mar nf arontia ai.d I-*tb 1I1M. foor do. south wdo ut lMtk meet, lOOfeat wetl of Tenth avnnou Ia.iulrauf A. Ll'W IIT, ItrjWtH Wath.ngtoli IU.U let. FdOR H*I.?-AN KUCUAHT RRAIURNCB. *0 MINrTTW 1 fr'ai Ibr f. <A of OrUaadt st'rel, hy rallr >*d. A "area boot-. builtfcy day a work, * .lb all modem lanrifatM, hot ltd bold aater. both, water rinwt f . mica, IM pipe* marble rea-.tela, Ae : from Utn .11 lot? frattln* on two ?trrri* bi? tomely laid cm , With oil kiada ai fruit and orna mental treea a raw trrrlat, rubtNl -a, HMttMbi aaptra |ilir 1 nn property waa Irprured hjr It. owuor wuhoot rrya'l loeipi.'ae. ae.l It "Tared I w aaln or lb- aimnla ran aot tl at t- ctarrd an. rd to eecnpy It, and la worthy the a turn lion of aav oar lo aaarch of a dratralila r?,o.h o.ue a'l lb arrarur'a of etty aad country. Prrr |ld?V) to tvii.o wh'ch I- much 1ms tban It noult In boot for. p. no ran irtca..i <ai ! .iad and monraja, aad p> l stork nr frodoi* liiarll) propeily tor O patt of tor batanre. vddrrwa H. P, Vt . rarr i L?tlca l.tiai, ktlac < un r, K.w York Put '<01,.a fo* OA I. A CBKAP-IR A TUBlVlNti VIU.AOR. UN Inop I-land, railroad dep.* ffardro P-da, Pi by JUO fart. sssrttfM "vxsmssx?''^ - EIB TALK OR 10 OPT TUB TIIBRR HI < >RY AND bkOan rnt !!' -at, Unrrbratar at na front, aviated Id t for i hub av et between ptfth and blitb araauaa. Apply II AI.DBBT UOB.b, a Ueaarr ttrrrt fllCHI'lAB I.AJin WARTIP-PKBROKH HAVIRCl ATI metitar property thr* wtah to dtatnar of for -pah will And R b< '0?ir n.lar, ?t tu oaJl oa or arfdrwt ? lUi'KOKIRU A UO., real eav-ui oad (tot ral a?-i.ta, Bo. U Wall atract, ff T. Iftwo HI !Tknin AIUOIRINO NA.YHIOBR-OR HROOK iJi o h- gbta, bnwroi, Ki.Uoo aatl Wall atraat frmra, Boo. Adi ?.l. ia> lottr*?t, for aola i r to tat, toarthrr or aap aiair. ailA i rt.llrar y, pur-haaa, no auy trrmt am bouaH BlifU, tlia i*0rr by toy'a work oadrr Inrimatrm Hi owarr arpnwaly fur Olr <wa aod faiolli a raaldrnra. fatrJl of Utlity or oraomrn'. baa baan -arurally aar-d-d f-tahad la Urn haalatyta HoU honaaa foar atnptaa btab. brwat. war frata, at<npt aod boloatradaa aaaaa malarial, try bamiw r'.r wytr of ar-hltw-turr m<r*rrn Italian aiaaalrr la an t-r rvr a an,! rrt anrpaaard by uy o'kmUaralMlo Raw York, Tlw wtndoai of tba parlor ?ortnarala on# Ilpbtof plair rlaaa. ltd fart oflrrlof rvary faalBty to tba aplaadid aaar varytaR paoomiaa of tba boy. tba Ham wa Hutoo 'aland aod tbn Jar ry ?L t ibr Mot k.ilr aad f^lla of tba Piaaalr Tba pr<a Npal aulr -t?a la allptinal, of m 'id h'.arb walnut, rrrr haa itt full J t-trr. aawl. Utfbtad by a b'kbly orwamantmt ao'ora of Wall an flart f-nm wbwb a *taw of l/?* I aland lo tba borlano la ommai.drd I br rniraoert ara hJkf. aod tba pna-ipaJ bol>s laid a lib Ita lan marl,la Ulra HironpVml Tbr laratiry rap Ira- and a aplrndM tnrhrn oaaalna on a lawn, with rrnry r*d-.H?M ? of tbr ntlalaa. aad dumb waitrrs aod rp-aAlnr tabaa fnun nndr'cr la-a to i-rimd atnrtra. Hot an I no Id hatha on rrrry at- y. aad wairr. ,"?rtr from blt-b-n In all tba-ppor rhoo-urra ' la ta,., a aad apl, rdid wloa vainia, a.I uhlad bt pair a i inta'i.atira Tba prrmlara raa '.r rrra at all tnn?A aa tbrrr orr pn >?* a In rborpa. Por trrmr nr ao Intm, law ad dr-ar O r .iwtrr. M lbnmi>an, Rn 17 W -ia?ar atrart, who, aa br rrtt -a a rh' -A MkMaa -*d n' thr r 'ty rtbr sola ra-ra o? tbn prr aarly I -try In O r laarkrti. rw, -wu rb-mt lima to re aatm ami paacuol'f atlret m tay appUooaA THRIfr WOUtTH PdB HALB?IB BART TWBJtTT nlath ttrrrt, * faat front by H. V* IW>, fonramri and barrmii t t'.'f ' art laoawrnta. mtb wal-r and ?ar o -aob r, - r raa I t l !dt par aanuta ard ao In t ranta ,r tba bona-n am pr> rar'y f arad for prlra 17 I'" rarb dbla la ao, at tb' h aa, nil! tn a,10. Apv i W JOHN PBrTBBruH. tit Third rraana. T?1 !*? 1IABOB-POB A flRHT CLABi HO"HB OB A nuu'ry ti-Maaar !?rw T <rk. four arw mr,r m prtrad brow n at ra l'i ,?ra a blrb will alwoyt pay tan par rant oo tbr r ?a', ., r?i tr.r diRrr. ur? will hr n, id In oaab DISllH k Ho K rinr ttrrrt. and l.lll Broadway Loth OKFICKH. TMl'i OH ARIT HTRBrr, TIIRBR IK)'<RH WKHT O* Prnbdway k'tii afranrai on Waiebra. inamonda, J?W Mry Plata !>ry n ?.!a aad parwwa) pmparty ?* a.'u-n, or bi'itbt and aold, by JUHBPU A. J At bHOB. oam b-maaraad irmbar At It '*11 A*RBER fcTR?rr WOlTBT any amount no IMmr, n la. art or SI* wwjwaJ** rln. C ?* K mo,a b-.-rh, for tAt b!r* '? ??fcJ lha wail taoroi lHAAIN. II ' hamV?? "? "?-*? l.r.daraa titnaa- -df? Hatarjaya. MAT7W PBrrTrM%?.,tblA Tano. Bafmt. Laao, Boy -a k do. 'it nr.wdWay. TTTfiio'Im ABt.r orncTB or u Jaoorb. jiobbb A 2TvMM 'it toy nnr jm oa Wtlrbaa Irwatry, hlaaatrel^t b-barb omar. *<t Broad tray. /klJI AMI HI1.VKR (iBXANKBTH <K)LD IICRT, f t ONnr Nadr'a. Antl |iaa Tvtmnnda Pbar't and Pr??t?m ?..oaaK-nati, a' *.,t:ha?bamaira^ ^a-PhpaOoidafB r, "r?l HUtar lor rUiam mnalOatiT no hand. A. tiitHitlt B| ami tilirr r-haar, o?ce M't Chatham Wiret. wnrba IM irrua tu-at. W IIKB AID M?rOH?i I RIHW *HIHKBT, BCOTOH WHIHKBT ?TBtTAk ?<> I Pro- 1 ba< r now m atmb a anpplf n? tar Irtab Wbhbtf, -npirtad n V, l^nt. a, Anrnat, l?f aiao flp-torbmtna Hr *?? An, Importad .'una 1. l4l ara b-Hrrad "f' ? nratontala a Mr pr Icil. miBar-.t,m ?Hal>"rit''' ao'd r ,rr hr tba *m"'r nr ?a'toa at V>w prt?a Alan. oabrreW I'iUBmo Mu i ItUMW 'oua knanrtailnol. I raadiam I Inlaw I ?rein IW Ulna, Burnt. Traa, Ac. ?.???? ?? fO,Ms twadt.

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