Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 1, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 1, 1860 Page 3
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first class whoumau and entail pri <j Mi,re for Ml>>, 'oog eslnbbabad; beautifully ,lU.-d up, ( a regular. hcMnes*, illuated on a p . om w ?,..i ce?lr?li v locate*. BIU08 A -OUT11WIOK, A3 Macau . A location &? la In tba city; good reason for selling for m!>; at STf vohM. price 9900. Apply at No ( Erie Building, ne ,r ? tatsireet'up stairs, riWT CLASS LIQCOR STOBE A Nil 18 OOOD A FIRST CLASS LiqPOR STORE Ki>* SAT.E j(L IIelide, -oto J fltfllSSL tiro years i#??e, li.-ded In ..e meateat butlneia 'boro'ighfara down town; about SI JUOaayi ase. o, o. nuwM a . v? No. 6 Centre street, oppoate tba Fark. ?COD CHINCH FOB A BUSINESS If AN.?FOB n sal*, a aheap temperance Umccrjr btore, up lowu, tat a mad bnatueia arcnur, dung an excellent cash buainOM of $*11 Etiar -eekly, including good afock and Srtaree, horse, wagon Mid baroeaa, and erer/tUng la aomplnte order, l a ta- of aril g a aomplnte ora taiTout, death of one of tba Htm. Address drooara, boa 1*7 ~ (aid ofll, e. A F1YB TKABR' LEASH OF CORNER ALB HOUSE, A aaa block from Washington "trade lire ind. for ame ? Ftotarea, Ac., at initiation; desirab o locaLau for anpper iiii f - Rrnt fdOti. Day. 6'7 **r 'ml ateni#. before 10 m alter a, at 1,2*1 Broadway I/cm Id to a. BARROOM FOR BaLE-TTIS STOi K AND FIX lures of a Rar room, very btndaontely i.ued ,p. on one _ _ie beat buelncM (Ten,t?a In Ibe city, cr ike ou-oer will mar a partner aa be canno: ittenil to it aU himself; trill la "d cbeep If taken awn. This la a good,Addreaa ?, box 179 lleraid-i nice. A, B OT IIKB SBCP FOR SALE?ON A TINE AVENUE, doing a tit at rato carh b i? nna, will re add low !r' arpHea lauutetAyU iy. LAO WN A ROtSr. 87 X**?J alrect. rB SALK-THB WHOLESALE AND RETAIL O&O aery and Uooor Store 113 Oraod atreoi, Willlamaburr. arBb a brae lead Store adjoining J required Uaa been eatabUabrd tor tba teat lea yeara, an<l la now doing Ibe largest I bnaineee In tba city. N. 8.?A choice (toed of groceries and Bauora oa band. rB BAIJS?THH LHAhK AMP ALL THK FTXIURIHOF the flrat claaa Coal V rd No. 287 nvanne 8, the leant Baa yeara to ran; tbe location la unair.inased; new trick blaa ana office furahura. aealea to. at snrt on, oa T jet 2, at 11 o'clock, by W. aBbu TT, Auctioneer. CR SALE?THB LEASE AND FIXTURES, Wlfll OK wttb iut itock, of a onrne> Liquor Store. Tbc place a eetabltrb- I and la well known to be one of *be beat ct neaa for Ibe 11, ntr-r. de iDthnapger part of .fcn ally. R?? at a of selling '.hn owner baa an ti -r plana In ike country aad ennnot attend to both Apply in ibe More, eornnr Twenty ?talk atrcetani klerentb aaenue. R BAIK-THE SrOi'K AND FlXTDRt'd OF A Scgar and stationery n'.or, . Store to int. * .tb Urge back j'om and I'ai.try, No. CM Hudson enact. A; ply Ibe tbrtj rB hALE?THE FURNrTURE AND LEASE OF THE ?all known Reacauxani , north* eat oorcar of Wur'h (tract and Broadway baa so ent of Molfat'e Lull-Hue. tor terma apply on the pramtnea of LEONARD EARNED. ft BOCEKY AND LlqUOR HTORS FOR SALE-9TOCK \T and Futures, joat newly fitted up In tbe bent, wClbaaold cbeep aa tba ownar la gotng Into ather buatoear; will fire fire yeara' lew to a good tenant Apple at Ska cor | Ninto ?tr ESP of Forty atith a tract and Nut la aranna. No. Mi. OBbE SHOEINti KSTABUSHMENT FOB 8AL1 i o.. 1<!8 Set eulb atenue. Tba preaent proprietor la ' entering upon tba manufacturing of bora*- aboca by ?anm power, requtriaf more apace; be will aall raaa-mabia kla proeent chop which ie one of the beat aUrtda, and baa J boat alaaa of otaaKmtera In New York. Immediate anpUeatk ?n Ike premlaea. S. B. SIMPSON. H Sal OYEL FOR SALE -ON THE EORoFEAN PT,AN, WITH . a long lcaac, newly i.irmahed. Yblahouac la in one of brnt kcattona in tbe city, t'banco aeidom met with. For ^Inra apply to L O. HE \TH, 90 Naasa-i atreat, iooa No. > 9 to Ul A. M. aud 2 tod', 1'. M. T lODCR STORE FOB SALE?ONE OP TBE TERT XJ btat and well esubllalied; bnudaon.'-.y Aued op. goral laaae d<. ng a money making biialnem; a more ;ban ordinary gead abance -nd bargain. liMus ASOCYilVICK, 82 N.ima.t afreet. f NJl'OR SlORI FOR SALE.?A BARE CUAN-'E. Li A whoieailo and ftall IJquir Store for aula, now doing ? peed enab bna-uca. price *100. For particulare Inquire >e tbc premier* 391 Wtat atreet, adjoining tba Hudson K.ter ? ? 1dci>oC iiirxl re ie >n for aelbng onL Liquoa STORK FOR SALK OHBAP, WITH STOCK AND ?iturea, or without alork. Inquire at No. 3 Ru.laoo street, near tbe Hudson depot, ur of llADDBNHORor k MIFF, 2? Baxter etreet. It STER81 OYRTBRS ' I OTSTBi S11 t-FOR SALE. A ' Ml bnndaomaly Bfed no Oyster Saloon, U Stuyreaant ?cl, ibeau lurcaak. No agei; nee.1 apply. Ibe place la lug a good bualaeei and 1a Caailned to be aa good a pluoa aa ?W la mtkla part of Ike city. Inquire aa aborm TJOTTKR'S CLAT.?D ACKRNSACK RIVER CLAY. OF X ?ery auparlor qua'Jty, for mle ta Iota to au't, by B. K. ALBVRilS, 17 Brand** Hark chani'B ?fob sale or kxcsanob, Itate blghta tor int ,f Uir best and moat praCt-ible pwteata now In uaa, and which baa been Umr-vigb 'y tested bare and la other cities WA' ,STAFF k BROTHBR, No. fl (Tumbara atreat. KABB CHANCE-FOB SALE, A FIRST CLASS CON faottonery ratal, Hat meet, an j tybig an excellent repute Mm, and atirceix'tag tie oldeat ami test bonis In i*hl a-'elphiA For pink-'liars apply to X. HINIZ, ooraer of Ninth anil Areb Areata. Philadelphia, or CflAS. LITJIlTBNBHBii, ul Water street, New York. QOVTU DOWNS AND SBBOPSUIRK DOWNS FOB ay sale-Eight rery bne Snub Down yearling bucks, and twelaa rarj Ana Shropshire Dawn yanrdag buck*. Inquire at id and 18 C&nmbers street. rpo PHOTOUHArUARS -FOR KALI CHBAF (?1W) ON warktcg OTdi r, In the beat location of Iks Wgbth aaanaa. Easy tarma for pnymeat. Addram C. M , Herald ofllen. EPHOTOQRAPHEBS.?FOR BALK. TWO FIRST BATE Camera*, u bob and half alar, also a Bull Wheel. Coating al -rc ry, Bath. H-'ad Beat, ke. WU1 ba eol.1 low. Ap tly at WESTON 8 Fbotogrnph Stockdrpot, US', Bowery. PrHOTOOBAPHHRS ?FOB SALE. VERT CIIBAF, an Arpiualna for taking newt, axtrn aim: also a>me ether mntertel ineiu.lud. Ike whole la new, and af Harrison a make Inquire of U CUBISTIANNBOM, MS Houaton Ureal, near Ma peer. SI ef\ -FOR SALE. AX OFFICE BrSINBSN, WITH 9 ll)U. or wMbou' 'be Ptroree, w-sll lorsleo and es'i'diah ad, rant low, and paid up to llih mat. a good chance for a with small media Apply at 79 Bleecker atreat. two Mama Dam Baandway. Ml era -FOR SALE. AN OLD EST ABLISHED NKO AB 910'i* Store In Fnitoa alreei. Brooklyn, with alork and nature*, mot! be sold oa account of the owner hating other bwa'ram to auaud to. Apply at 11 Broad street, la the aipress SI -FOR SALK A NX JAR STORR AND SAM TLB 91 It). Room OH iir,?%dwaj , Laasa hick and Silurea ratsaenA-'c. m ud be ? id at .?oc? the owaar not bring ab'.e attend to the uxr A.plr at CIA Broadway, Aral d abora Uooaton street. BettualySwAI. avuvAU AT Wi LI BR'H WaRBEOONA, t'Ontoa Hall. A Mar p aoes **'? * '^RUtOMTAL AND UPRldHT rLANOB, New mad second haad. run SAL* AMD IIIRk Almaoi mad# for hira if ?i??m A TOD MO LADY, HATIJTO LATKLT RETURNED from IiirtM, ud s?-idled tka Piano there nader Aa flrel , womldrla a few mora i>Ha lo taacfe al Mr awa AK1YBM OCTAVR PIANO. PROMT ROUND OOE ? aara. faarjr lam frrt work deak. awl vrarrtr nr. wke-b kaa aat kaaa aaad &rea mnatba, wf 1 ba add far ?I7? aaah Raw tad aaooad haad rtanoa aad Hatodani far rate ?' rraat barralaa. or la raal. a- IB Broad war. If HORACE WATER*. A OREATLT improtrd pianoforte. A UuHTE A HRADBURT, Haufiatarcrs of a aaa anata n-aratraar baaa. patent Irssia tidTab troa frame, fraud aad aaoara naanronm. No. til ariJtNDID ROSEWOOD SRI km Ot-TATR PTAWO all! ba ?oM cheap. aa tfcc owner baa do aaa for U. Per i In wiat of k Oral ..tar ia*: unaalaaaaail at 111 Wararlrf QUICKnUNO A RONS. Naaofactaran af URAXU. PgrARE AMD CPRIOUT PIANO*. Warrnoaaadbt Broad way. C A MONM bar* kaaa iraM tblrtr ~<lM prise medal*. fir Ike s.rencnty at ibatr aunadsn, for tka paal Atrty Ira T*%n riAJoj TO RKMT. | TSf RUCTION* ON TfIR PIANOPORTR, WITH MIN'I 1 trr rr? u ?li !r r aa by a ladjr aa an ei .ra.ami for a p.ewani Rorm, ? A Joan, iwm Naair. DWa l oHee. LINPEMAM A NUN*. M MROaDWAT. PIANO I faetnrera. iwtab abed I OA Tkaaa Plaana are ?? bp tka foUewtaa amlaaat artntai Mr. Oa-1 AaaUMS. ' Aa N. Patttaua. Mai Raratait INeart a. John Puebsrt, Oaamr J - - -? ?AND m MHllK'At. CARD - W 4DANE OLARA M. ERIMEER Ht if P aanxnaraa la are pupila aad the aabIM bi ?sae ra. u*%i aba wti: r ten a a bar linen la atMlaf en#r Ika 1st of O- ser. Trims '.wast, fir wrens ??. absRla '.aaaoa. M. Addrrsa E* Fflace strae .. eoraar of NaedooRal. MBAPAMI RE. TIRi.'RNI WALLA. "E MAR RNTURNED to As rHy. aad will raeaira a law v'pfla n tka plaao <?#-? Ar' IpbtWN HALi. A ?OM. W Irmlway. ?NUMC INBtRCJCTION ON IRK PIANO. AT 13 PER frl a< ail w.A prlr -ra of bp a 'adf wall qnelKied PopJe auradad al Arir -ssiMsoee feme WO to lid par mar Mr. Appt at 171 Tweet; UfA streeA, batwaaa AprpaU aad BtRl.Ji a re era. ____ MMWUrlPAt.-WANTED. A TENOR AND RAMA. TO Wad obv* its '? b I la. a* at -Arab asia kara strrja# >id ruod r leas ?ad ba rood raactr*. Ap; !r Ala STSalad at Nx fc Tfd Twenty atdbi;-. a. NHB ATl'iM Af, MUSICAL ITNTITCTR, TM Brtadwap Aa Vaasaitiarp Claas al.l orna m MoetWr #>artod, '?? too? I. al So'akxt, aa WiAala's apstaa. Aa Aa C.aes Is llaM led aarlt of* aita is nerrsaarr Aap Inforrauloa daalral wtti b' (Iran 'j; sopljiar al lia a.-aaa hatweaa I be boirp of f as I ? 0>l <ob, P it By order of Ik- Board. _ MEirt p. tfQROTAN. Berretary. F^MAMOpriRTE IMtTRC'TIOM -*? nBRSSI.PR RB s. - ? illy la forms bis fneada and papl'a that be bat ra saroed te UN >*T bad reaamed huaiural aroaatba. fitmr lar tell uusfe na-edortr, Aa Apw p at DAE" <l.(t * Eiac S-.nre. Wl Wwmlaray. near Twee-.) aaaoad street. PHIANOS AMD MILOTTDONb AT BAROAINR. ?A RE AC ttf I SS'Sa ortare rarwaod plaroforta, wnb ima frasaa. awsltappsl Iota onw iroadbsas. for IITe. run ttlt am* to tltk, > -al l/Tt snl una ae ra aotsra for RltMl. a ptW pparl keyed , laao frtr t.ti bad an taartaea' ef Aral -!?a aaw pbmra >t rarp low priees am a md sea-ed bsai ramtreod . ?on ' e (RCrre rt tb .aa f fur t Al aa I th .-aa me, d? ns for W-. W'tsdfTI i? lOaieptA A, nmer-d Te <b stre-t R ?? M. t'.EA lTPRIlfrr AMD PQf'ARB PI AM .'R. U M A BTIM A o YfllbR.aiar ? ? ? ? *? *?* ".-riMfim ?Weet ? >ar If- ad a -f t ir I'rr ph'.s iff w*?T i-'e< ? .al A ?* Srp kf'.n .1 f U :'>f|rrN iVb P tp-a tr m?gmjgv_ EKAi. mmfATm. _ 4 niiLL PLACE, AT ElNUW BRUXJE, TOR EAUB 1 A. beeudMBy skuuad on elevated ground Will be sold tn ' parrels to eoR purchasers. from two aoreo or mora Tor par ! Meniere ?quire at Ktng'e Bridge HotoL ! A BMACT1FUL COUHTRY PLAOS.-TOR 8A1.K, A A oounisy alaee Is the eounty of Delaware, Slate of Te w fork, on a breach of the Delaware il tr, containing 170 s r -n, ?early ell and rcutuvuloa. a large Banalon bonaa withe-vyy ecavenlenc of hot aad oold water, laundry, Ao ; also r - a hooee. bit hard hnore, lee home, sew suble and carriage 1 ,?t, I grapery, good o.-char is. and deer park enclung ten .*-ee; aloe a pure elreant of spring water carried over the ho sup plying hatha and fountains with never falling ,?a<er. Thelo I M>oa la unsurpassed for health and beauty oi torn-try wHh I drtvaa rood Iron; Belting utd hu una Apply at ihr hrire 01 ">??<* i. la Al'U J. BBOWw, 14 William atreat, r *oin II. AT PUBLIC BALI?MO. 38 WEST SEVENTEENTH < A (treat?The elegant Ural rlaaa brown atone front House and 1-ot, built by da) a work aad In Defect order, will be a ild en Friday neit, Bth of October, at 11 o'ctoca Ifu at the Mar eheata' Exchange. The >ale will be poeltiTe to the highest btt der. under a fieeeiuaure n# a nMrigage. Inquire of Alt CCNTUR SHoTWhLl., td WaUetreet. A VALUABLE INVESTMENT.?FOR BAIJ5-A BEAUTI fnl (Vmntrr Beat and Farm, n ahvl distance from the ehy, In a delightful and healthy region oommaouiig an erien >h( proapert of land and water. On ihe place le e Hue Urge eienSnn, In excel ent order, replete with convotd'ocee fur n large family, and gurrouBded with the urual app>irteoaneeo of a gentkmaa'e residence. The barne and other oitbulldlnga are extensive, with a farm houae at a convenient distance. There are several ?.'chords, with large gardens greenhouse, grapery, and cho.oe fruit of every variety grown in toe ell ?ate. the,owner has given hla perwmal aUenUoo to the care fnl cultivation and Improvement of the plaoe for ware Toe aesalon g.ven Immediately, as the owner le making arrange meats for foreign travel. Tor 'nrther particulars as to terms. Be., address liomer Morgan, Mo 3 fine street. ABEALT1TT7L FARM, lid ACKER. FRUIT* AMD buildings 2fi mil's in New Jersey. Bo 0C0: 3-1 ac.-?w truui und bull <Inge near Mamford, <'onn . H.bOO. Farms a'l prices mllM aud vlJage p nperiy. W H. MK.i.lOK, MM rtrjadwty. BROOKLYN.-FOR RALE: OA* PAT BT IMFTALMENTB; immediate poaeeesloo; tb<-new Brat r hss bnck Hons*. 71 Terl Orees place, near fcananu place, U rooms, for BT.BQl); rear the Tniton. South ana #.,11 street rnrrlea ami oily care, orapr.vate residence this le splendid. T. B. 1 At KSOM, builder, on pre uilse-t. (V)TTAOE FOR RAI.E?IK HARLEM. WITH TWO LOTH, ) hi by 1(H) feet deep; well sleeked with plants and fruit tr*ee; house baa ten r wm?, with gas throughout; price SI BOO, oi which SBBBOeaw remain on mortgage for fourtom nan. Apply on ihe prcmlnea, Second avenue, between 117lk aad Utah streets. Farm tor balm-ore\t sicrifiue in acres. 1B0 in eoMfraiicn. well fenced and watered, plenty of frail, large house, twelve rooms; numerous and eitensive out b dialogs, in good orfer, water power, aaw mllL plenty of tim ber, beautiful and healthy loea'loa, onuvenlent to cii'ircbee, acbreis, Ac., ten miles from Saratoga Springs; the beat market In th.s s ate. Pi Ice St.300, half rasa, balance In five yearn: no exchange. Principals ouiy address D. 8. Brown, Herald otflee. Fabm tor pat.* rjr miw jerbey.-will ix change for city property, ninety scree; It hes good house and oiitbu;idlcgs; within half a mile of steamboat landing, three miles 'rem railway ration, twenty miles from this eily. Apply to WM. S. c HAMHKALl.N. 78 Kobluaun street. FJRPT CLAPS FARM OF 7d ACRES. IN THOROUOU ooluvalion, bouse, bams, steb'lng and oitbises large and hi Brat rate noo lltkm; land a rich deep s 4L with beautiful aeeoery, with tts own sloop landing and Bno lUhtng. Ravy of access and within a fsw hours of the city, ou the sound, H I.. Pse S10 000 the g rod uoe paying a Urge Interest. Address 7, box 176 ller.,Id off i.e. For raI/B?oofntrt heat in the dudron H ghlsnds, at tVddTApllag. -A neat rootle Outage, nearly new. In complete order, twelve rooms, good crcbxrd of young fruit trees; never I ailing hi,rings of pure wa'er: eiynty acrea of land, one half in wood. Pri.-e BJ.UA). Apply to THOMAS J. MJ1.LKK, Ma 7* itroHdwny rR S ALB? A FABM IV NEW JERSEY, ON THE LI KM of the Northern Railroad, about 01 teen mianies' walk from Hackenaack J,motion Kelly's) station, ooutauia thirty, f jur acre*, with fruits of all kinds; will be sold at a bargain. Inquire of JOHN H. BKIMKERHOFF, adjoining tha premi ses, or W. If. iiRIhKERHOFF, 737 Greenwich street. r)R BALI?OK LBX1NUBOM AVBMUB, OORMBR OF Th rty fifth streH, three new b own etuoe four story Boasee, with tl?h stoops, hssnmeaU and sub < ellara nod all the modern ImproremaaU. Inquire at 1M Allen street of D. H. RRAFF, owner. CH>R 8ALB-A KKW DOOBLM HOORE; IB LAMOl JP rooms; * lots of ground; splendid water view on 137th Street, Vt .".mi, near Port Morria: IS m<nutea' wals from tbrea railroad tb.llooa sod the Harlem ferry to Peok slip; price M B00; but little cash required. InquUeorR. H. ELTON, M Beekaan suwet. PR BALK-BO. O WEST TWEKTT HIXTII RTREtCT; Dorcbesu r st-me froct, four stories, basement and under ouHar; tin!, bed with all the modern tmprovcmenla. Inquire oa the premiere. (FOR 8ALI-NO 19 WEST THIRTY FOURTH BTRKET, r a Brat class House, fl nil hod with rosewood doors aad black walnut trtmmtiiss to parlor Story stairs uf same from base ment up, and all the modern Improvements. Inquire on the prtmleee. r)R PALE?CENTRAL FARE AND BROADWAY Lrea -Four Lots north elde of Fl/ty sixth street, M feet east of Broadway; two do. north aide of Fiftieth street, 3UU feet west of Sixth avenue; one do t asl side of Broadway. 7B feet aoitth cf Eigh's tlxtb straai; "le do east (Ida of Broad way, 75 fee: north of IWd street, four do, southwest corner >f Tea lb avenia sod 111st atreat. ten do. Dnrthweat enrnarof Alevrnth avenue aad inAth street, lour do. south aide at ISMh etreet. l?i fret real of Teeth avenue. Inquire of A. LUM DT, <09 West Washington market riR EALE-THE OEhTEFL KROLIHH I) ? >K\CRRT lionae B'j Meat Twenty alith vreet, between Fiith and Perroth *T?n'i*?, hue recently been ptittB completeorder,and a* the mvecr is obllcel to lt-mrs the city, wtll be toll low. Ap | ply oo the premise*. IFOR BAI.E-IN RROOELTR, TWO FIRST CLAW J? three atnry and haaement R.uarn wttk ill b? modem ; taproreir.-nie. *itniii"d Roe 1 bid 78 fori Greene plaoe. la ?a*e of J. P. FMCI.K1, on ibe premiere. CHIR 8A1.S CIIEAP-tR A TI1RIVINO VILLAGE, OR r Lea( Islead. railroad depoa, Gardes note, 10 by MU feel Cboor end s half f rom RrooUya; the murnl healthy spot la Pnlon Addrf ta E G H . boi 171 Hereld pans. 1FOB RAM fHl A P?'"ERTRAI. PARE PORVKR LOT F eoutbeaat former Nteetj eti bib elreet sod Rlstb arenas. Ms 100 feet, good erode, free from roe*. Alan, to eicbnage for bouse sad lot, r|gh Hioukijn una, not nsartsaffed. Apply st IS West Twenty second |tr< ru > RAM OR RiriTARGE-I* APPLIED I'OR ROOR. two Ire story brtrb Bol lings s reiaoble tenement pro pent), paying e Urge Intel eel wnb en e-1 mil j of kboul R.l>0 WW be enU low far eeeb or wtll be esoemered f .r e modern bulk dwelling op lows, net rest of Hard mreoos, end wortb mot tn sireri $U 000 Apply to F. MAROR, Ro MWtll ?trti l, op sulrs. c RALE or TO I.ET-THE threr ryort ard rmeol H~nt. Rnrebestar sines front ?Hosted 74 West Pony Bfik street beiweca Ptflb mad Stub arse use. Apply It ALBERT BORR, tl Bearer street. FOR RALE < R TO MARE?A THREE STORT BARB men*, sod cellar Hnnae. (7 Essl Twenty Bfth street, Orel boose seat of Islington arcane, water sad gna price P7.M0; Bin irse. carpets mirrors. AO., w wllb lbs bones. <iwner siwsts occupied It Ii i nlre no the premises, of WE. LaIMHklR Jr. Only ?I.UAlc.ab. bmlme.-e Ire retro. FCI'R REW ARD RI.RGARTLt POEEIRHEO TERR ? meat Boor, a wnb sli the m-dent leter-.rsm'ou. mud rs> -r nrer tern per seat will be eisbaege 1 for no* or two Let ciaaa fc. tiaem, lbs btlaeee of trmde If say. will be paid in cash. Appiy to I. ?< EVILS, SM Iblrd arenas, from 7 to 10 A. M mad l,-om t log P. M. Loth for sale, wrru butldiro loar.-to par Ueewlth good referciors URs leetrs' ly located tm Iowa mill be tnkl wbb s BuUdL.g Lose. Apply lo W. F. JORDaR, U Wmil urret. room E). Three hofrtr -toe ralr-ir eart twertt oiaib turn 26 root front by BR, M 100, fmr mory anl breemrnt Sret r.aea trna<aents, wltb eater and fma na eeeb flour rwt for Seat per seeum eed eo leil reatm if tbe beoeee err properly cared for erica FY.Iiai eeeb TMi Is oo hnmbag, . sa tbe bnnaa. wW be eolA. Apply lo JOHR PRTTEETCl, j Aid iblrd sret- as. f' *) r/l/1 -A PEOPFBTV HKAB TUP CTIT. OOR tj.r H7V. lateing -alter;-, aeione, Ac. TtiMbi* safe In ' Tr-'ritriit sod a c*<d irporttieMjr lor s baker. Terms easy. P eersKoi, immcHlstel). ' i'.VTIR X CO , tn Broadway, poem O. twin -A F ARE Of RtJfRTT At'RRR BIPERIOR VlliUUU. L*Su - llbm 1 tare misutes' wmlk of s depot, ca Ir*r laland Rail' wi. w tbe a* re Inleresl osar w rt ni' a HAM fvt term of years, will be at cheeped lor bp timoee. *e?mr? bqnoi* "brpets berdwsre, building maiartml, ur mn ? si.csl e smirbe ijlst. Tbe ebme farm is wttble boei uem hoars of Paw Vest. Addrtm L bos o,i?A Past adice, Rrw Torb. REI.KIIOI I TOTICBIi THUR OURRRR RTt?Rf OP TH* ORPHAR B HOWE ARO Asp tin, sf lbs Picnum Bp Heap ml obtafah m Raw Tor*, at ' he laid, wtu sppropiiatt ttrsmwUrm. by tbe Rlakt r h We Pioiteiiieel Butane, at tbe maw baltAinf aa Party a I between Psortb and I^rmsftne eree'ted. ea T rri, el lue'oleeb A. M. Tbe Tbbd area as o . T leads/. ISITBICTIUT. AI APBWT OP PERRAS8HIP ard EOORKEEPIRvI, A Ml I'rrmdwny. eaeiUu' 4 b? W r. H'KKiLARD, far me asmt of 'M.ser fl Ooelamilk. Ro tbom tk prsrtiral tsetr-x-oa. sod eeriest oars' U eusalnn. 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Meibema ? ? r . .? I?no and r-ec e taet>" kr seeee tree lew ner* I tree ere In be bed. wHk omaias af pmptu and pmieate. There id a Pr .aery derartmeM. PERM A I II' AKD BOOkKEBPIRG f AT Tit f, l.R a r* Je?' and am-, a,"a tn- uinsp,. era n atal Ten ir.ami n eteo ie ; to rder by wWk"' K't i ? .5 Brmd ay. corner T itteeath t'.rr I Oprr day mud fe log. U<T70OTA aRIT PARI? IR8 FrRRTRHEn WITH RCPP. O HneTeaabe-. rarer ? rat " o.ielT w. b ' bor! Stmtlarm. ? ui'ei*, 1 ? -all ? riml -ml ?e?fber : rVrrt irt ?? Jmrt Ttkt ! ' ? c<. 1 rrn h ' t*cber ' >ty 1 foe t at v?"l FtOH ?f 8tv' ' - r r t ,.| an' ?*ren h 'fA he* ? TifJ', WGVINI AR A '."0 BOARDWO ASD LODtiHO. A LARO* BARtMUaRMMFM, l-.ihl dV.UAH, AO . UN furnlahed, to hit, with hoard; two pervori ft per week Boom Arid claw; gaud table. P.rttee * Ahlng board will tad Una a pleaaanl board tig place HI South Eighth all-eat, on* deor weat at Sixth atreet WURhmeburak: amiy three miaula* walk from all tba fen lea, A FMAIL PaRT? OF SINGLE <' K NT I. EM EN OR G-EN ? ? llemra and Ifcelr wtvea e in be arcommodaled with baan Ut l Room and find .hue Board, In a aeleet family, whoiw there arc oi ly a few bowrdeia, by appttontkm at <8 Weal Nine let nth street, corner Mid av.-nue. At ;i tenth btf.^kt, use door from fifth avwnoe.? A ??:'t of due Purlora, three rooma ,'u-ep can te had by a reapn table fatally >>< three or four persons, with c wilent private 'able Ii desired. Bouae In llue order. Re ts re b oee eichi. i ig?<l. A NEATLY FTRNiSBEP Ri O* TO LET- W PRR week, for a atn-'enivu, at ?U Wooeter afreet, corner of A Billy. _____ A GENTLEMAN AND WIFK OR TWO SINGLE URN Uemea nan be r. <niain!.l?i w ub Rooma on lbs an toud doer, front or bvilt furnuhed ?r nai iraiibwd, will Board tad a ple-aaul bomn. ai W Wtwi Twenty aeoood meet, betweea Birth and fev?nth avnn tee. ATOUNG WIDOW LADY. LIVING A I.ON It fN A NICE cowge, w uthe? a yun. r lady uf preuoss-swini; appear ance an 1 Lady Ike, to U. e w u h bar. Would prefer a French Ihdy. Add/cms t ihiwnca Lay wanl, I'rui tdeu.t-, R L A 1'AKD GENTLER!*?? PRIVATE rAMILT, j\ eonalatlog el trr Hum m and lvly, world let a few newly Fmnbhed R, ana iu anlta or arpirately, without board; con lenient to care and r'.ajtea. Apt ly at Mil Fourth atre L A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY RESIDING IN A H AND aoitte nrtlen bouae tn ihe vicinity ot' Tw enty e-vond atreet aud beietth ?ieaue, will veimmo ?tn tarn or two gen tleman of leapeetabUit vtlk a Parkir and Bedroom. or two Pedro trie and rien!)ent Board; term reasonable. AddroW j H., tor 178 Uei aid oillce A SMALL SELECT AMERICAN FAMILY WIRHKd TO lei. with Boa d. one or two large aud cell for ..abed R.mira, at iiJO East Fourth strc t. Loordlon central, cue block from Broadway. Reference! exchanged ATM EAST TWKNTTR'H STREET, WW "F A Fourth ave. ire eeeund door fiwm Qra-nrroy ,>ark, n barf acme Pari, r and ltadr<-? -oi to let; e'en, a fe# idnglu tun; bouK and looattoa flrat elaaa; referemww ,'tckanged. A LARUE FRONT ROOM AND SMALL R OM AD joinlog. to tit, fuirlehod, laa on: ihr- e ?'. try brlek bonne, decupled by a una 1 fatn'ly; oouvenieut to cars at!. el we. Terms moderate. 12t Bait Nineteenth atree , near Third a?i. A WIDOW LAI)?, HAVIPG MORE ROOM TITAN SHE requ.rwa, wou'd Uke to aco rnmodala a g60t.?"uv?nao-1 kla wife or two tingle eenUt-ineo wbh full or pariial Hoard. leKauoo good, and c invi-uiei.i to Broadway und Mxita and Elghdi avenue cars .Apply at 8d Fed Thirty dub atreet, FEW SINGLE URRTLURM and h h w.le, dealt tag good Board to e private family, iv.ih plraer.ut f ooma, can be accommodated for the winter by applying at KbWi place, onruer at llansoa plane, Brooklyn. Convenient to Fnlton, Atlantic und Flatbuvh avenue -ar* 1/tn nner at il. Keferenuea required. AOE.VTI.KM 1N AND WIFE CAN HAVE GOOD Board, and at A rraaouab'e rnte la a private tan.lly, la a nice front Nor .n; mislrrn bwW bouae b-it ar.d old b-ubv, gat, Ac., at bit Win fw ? my eovenih atreet, y. V. ACUOIl K OF FtNK BOOMS, SIXJLK OH IN bITS, can DOW be had at M v'liutou place with gnid Bvvrd. A hatidtotne Sun A three tr b e roouu with pr.vate table It tie t;red- family imalb Rrfercueea uiehangel. A ArriTHMAS AND WIFE WISH A GOOD SI/.KD k ?>m foi the ?:olee, h? a pile eke fun.l* where khe'e ar? but few'or ?o board<*? }J'i?]S2^l!^i!LA i?tlL ... for ik? ifutlemms, ? ret tide of the city preferred itei e ^"^?benMa. Aia.t-..utiu? (Ml pwucotaw. o. a., box IW Herald uttec. KIRR FRORT ROOM AMD BEDROOM, HIOH will Mia n.irrom. Wk, Ac , on thirl lloor. neit abora whit Bowrd in brown elone honae l.l.R) Hroederay, oy tf?o.?oo aquara, tiboea Fifth A>enie Hotel, lamily 11 teinaa very reaauoabla. i w7wn?r)ME SUIT OK ROOMS TO I.MT, WITH A it- iiu m ercond U ?r, et ITS We*' Foutteauth aiieau & Dinner at aD - cl ?* A rARTMRMT AMD BOARD RFQU1*10-8*wi22?Zld A KCDUenien: lei me, locindtog "-a and *k?M, uol lo eicaed ft\per week. Addieae J. U, Uarald ofUe. A" bJ-Vif?oFiw a7sk?31 reference* rtquired. A, a rTj K SUIT OF ROOMS TO LKr-TOOITDKI OR ?er triaelv, al MI fourth ?trret, between Hr>Klwy MJ-l ike Bowery, with or wllhou; Boil 4. Houta la . ei j ?-le, with every laapiawaat. TstomTKLOOR-rowsi. tiro_of^a tkfinally'"!?"eVrWlb?r. ft* M?nr fc?tv-iiggiSr cajGrSy* T TOCMO MAM?B1XULK, WlKHHIW' "*?J?hA*? A ev?* MMontiilA iiriQi in a m ?wHikli fiiB<lf i ooqfuoor Er^d of Ht Job* ? perk would be A ldoee, ? it u* localioa and term*, Dkitd, boi_ll* liar aid >*'*. : wk viy FDRMIfillED SWORD FLOOR, ."OMHTiT T t unit IIAVr soMCIiT rCRMIMBRD ROOM, OM Lsk few ."W nor se\nrss; akreet. f,w,.,aiv i.*WH?K?OMT ROOM T<? I.RT, A with full Board VwV?rttrf^'?.'^^ ~ S^aVuTi&i5-?? E -loru uaprov. meat*. .ownishrd ROfiM ON rn* ?wjmd n/x)R to L?^Uh Board"? * (Wnlleatn and wile, ofkw. Hoi* let, ? na??" '" r5_flirtt ?f * pleaaanl home c*n be ml Twmtuelh auaa. An \ NPn tWKI.T rrRKISUKO KROMT I'ARLOR, ?>, Hedrona SmW, ?o !?? In* P?1v?<? n homily tokenarmeuteiiy TartUl me?U glreo M rm ?-red Koarth atrwt Wukkiw ?!"?? V* ruin art "yviT rooms 'r? A iimw! I >u k?Kiitul tivor Ot * IfH ? kM*l i* wt r ???*! *V ,!^or two*. ?ulmb.e for eloxle fwnUrm-n. kduncr 4?Sutuacwm. ArilVtTE KAMR.T OK ADl'LW ' AM * ti? few ,iuL'le trnlietueii, or f?'n'lemen end thmr e. ^lh f^l or p?^^ Bourt. beik and ? - lu the ho.we. Apply Tt AThrjd^her .ire^ WTO^tleiW TV N BABY rWKJfTlK'H MTBBP. akkwdoors A?'si=w.s--5s&s?T5H!ss?s An .?im >\i*i T 11'Ryu HID FROMf ROeiM AKD ykir-m ko Ut '? pmiileu.m ?d k-. w.fw for ?V** . ? ur- aoukax an*, re t ?i ? ??r bTkf*f . llio^rm i?ill? Apply St M,> Bowery. _ A" ni?DI(iVXI.T fflKlrhiT' fROUT i*ARIZ)B, ?t mm; oiiii iuf? ? ?treH. ?f?'> j.oiienio. BFCMwrny. .Kmnn-"" " two m?TUrn>. ftjff&sitcsfcRtfr. i'iirs^rT' '(Mil *2. ?4r*m Mo. ?r M*dW? tytarw I'aifts, . a' tv-P" ,r1?*2ar^,vr??E2? kS^3*M,w?? a ^.u'irr. ^ec7 elk eery low Pie*. Apy-D >mm**??'? *t if d5w*1* areek, -we>?Q?h- - P CIWu Tie?. lAjkmriwu ?5S? .. ? rmiv AT* fAWM-T OR TRITATR * MOT piece wmnte 1. '"rtlL, ,,jtm-T Add rem. fttffSi2Tt r^ST: kmra wad Prtom. ?. ?. ?*. HtrtiHl odtor ? ? ??? n ?? ? OOARD -TO ur. ?^?V32212^ wiiApply ^k HHw. rt?k met ??!<?'S"* nman-A o?irri*MA? AMD HJR '' ? AUWOtlc rnd Iw^ygl ?rrtm Board ' A PARI OR AMD *MR? BMPROOMR TO _ wi'hor wkhmtl _Jt,nW?*w newr the fifth Areunk Weed. WWrnk Twm ^SwTjrm ?rmd .k, and ?.kh .we ?OA?D .ITT MOTMU PmSTm.IniSS"?r KU 4"? " ~ ^1 ride ,rf >ew 1>?R. ?? all*- Weellhirty kilt, epl 1-eterrwcee pi enatioi i"" ROABD.-A OMTUWA- AMD WtJJ^OB OMR^OR LhrtrwM-f W 10 ?-? WKUtt * T^^swoud aed Ikird *.e%.,>a nOARD ?oR>"TI.RMRy OA* KIMD OOOP *1* JU?1 OR B Aonhia y-ome - it boat r ^Ilr. ffrj rem.nal 'e. Wima at 1?? Ur?ad rteeet. Da-.!? *,j aou.enWw t ?> ?'l ktw 'e 4 bnoneea. Bnmp-A TIT o" ROOMS f'? Agi.1** ? ? aadkMWtie ^e*''?? ^bSrtk bote lot oae oe iww *.04*1 feetlr mm, BLmioaRD ?A ft AMDR )M*f.T rCRMIS?*D K <?"??. ? n ??. V?ff? " -'d -?U ? *? ' ' *Tt1? n ? ? f . fc !hr?' . b I' ,er .t^. < - MHII B MaJUIIR? HDD MMimt ROARD-TWO YOUNG URN UA.N MK *7")VIU(7 dated with a utoa fci?>m and Hoard, by applying No 13/ ? ifth street, between Wat tBd Fecawd aver, i??, Aim Hi BOARD, (TL1NTON FLACK.?A FAMILY aNl) UNK OR two single gentlemen ntil bud v? ry dealrably luruiired ? na to let, *iUt U?ard, at No. *1 ('Union plat e, two doom of Flflk avenue. References eiebaincd. B Board wamkd-ijy a ukmlkv?n, wif*. nlv,? and daogeter. 4 yetrg.old, to s.siu*ll reiwi. h family, whee .ber# are no other boarder* takeu and whore tie oa.n forts ef ah"<inf cau be reaMre.1; an entire mind it iir are Isrrc.1; modern improvetii' itasuJ * sid u lg-htHi b-uarea references ri changed. Addreeg w. ft, Cni iu nqo . e P?-'. of See, fay t?o day*. OARD WaNTHD-WITH TW ? RfX>M% FOR URN : '.K mau and aia'-r ?adult*), potiJ b ,?rJ for (tea B /annly preferred; reference* e?ch*.,ped. add: a \Yarrow, obi i roadway with loeauon and term* BOaRD WANTKD-BY A QF.NTI.RuaN AND Wl'B J (la a private family preferre 1J with mf ire ? jeu -lei i. d Bluing Room jn ikohI floor .fall Hoard tcir .ad', partial for i Cenllaman. Plonai at t r. M.'..> r. rued MO oar , ?>.e*. adores* W. J FoeelL ltd rouib atrre', N. Y' , uWLnp | fan pariica era, Co. References cichtnuM ?OOAKD7NO -Fl HNTKflKD RO >M.d, WITH BOARD, 1J for gauiiemeu and their wives and nuglc p?u. emeu, with I can, bath. Ac. Apply a' 16* Kaet Broadway. lierereoctg et cringed. Boardino.-at 331 owunrwioB avunp a raw > JMMRmen oaa b**aooOMP)d*ted with How! : 13 and j ?J,iO tier week. Alao a . ?w day boarders. Brooklyn.-ns^iRAB'.it rooms, with p \ rt ial Hoard, nr rf! il-uieu: domrtLc arrant enteaia are ancb ; as to err'ire a comfortable (mine; kieett in plea, ,nt, aud *"b n i ibree it mules' walk of "-rjjj or Wo. I atreet i rry". Apply at | 3d Garden apee', Br.xk'yn. I BROORL'?.-FiR?T OLAle sCCuMMODslJUN AT :*) I Hit kn Fires . near Wan en. for gecLewen, ir gentleman aad wife h. ?? tb < ? nr in witkor .ilh-i.t pa?iWi i i Boird. Famdy email. Terms m ideraM Five m m e* -?'* from booth f? rry. Brooklyn hkiouta-a (jcdtlkma.i and \vn a ! nan have a band vinielj furnished Rn im. * ''b (ton I Hoard, a eouif-triable homo lor ibt wi;.."r In a genteel private fAmllv. at M Willow street lesialttui between rnl'oo aad YYa'.i atreet ferries. Terms ? ode -ate to d"suable pw ties. Board on urcoki.yn utronm-r. r a men ilk Dish and -wife, ur t'vo Rentlemeu, in a boose w VF a >ut few boarders ate taken; oowtiina tie modern linpro'eeje ??* and eoavgBlsn; to Wall and Fulton feriles Apply ai i f .as street. Board in nrooki.yw.?agrnilkm an aniy wirt, urtwo single genUeno n, may dad a pleasant ir, ; com fnrtabla heme In a small a<?'lai family, reatdlint at Itit hort (?r- eu place, oeiween Fuium and allanUc avesuaa, ilruokfyn. Terms moderate. Reference* ei- banged. BOAbD I.N BROOKLYN. WITHIN FIVR HINtlTRB* walk of Wall and Folton frrrlea ?A r?nU*man and his w.fe c ui be srr.iinmodaL 1 a lib a large ami pleasant front Parlor and Bedroom <>a lhasecond u-wr, laOely . r.rnlshnd; also a eingle Bent eman can be aeeomisolaled. App'y at 13J lie. ry at-ret, beti.era Pineapple and I lark at nets Board in brooiltn -a frw soardkrr oak iid ibe com'.Ida oi borne In a pri>De i am-iy, on . camna b> :e'm?, by applylbi; atl3t Oi/ord street. Board in uhookmn -two ccnm.rmkn. who would ne.eip* the same room, can fed partial R >ard, an 1 Ihe a mfor'.a of a Unose, near the Himiluw or Booth le.-ry a d piy at AS l ulon stiest. Board ik biooklyr - a qkntlkvan and his wt'e, i t two (Irg'u getll 'm-n, "go obtain U >ard and pleasant . er.s, hi applylnp at?7 Henry sDtet. H-e m'nntaa wala of lult"n or W a 1 street ferry. Board in Brooklyn-a ruw ainllk orntlr men cr a family can be a- - <mioo.lated with a I' oat en m and UeFrroaa on aecond ilor,r, fornlshe l or un' iru abe.l t<> suit with fnl Koaid at 221 F*\te street, near Ho t fleaaaat localloo. 1 cimi modarale. Board in hrookm.v-dknirvhi.k and hand scaoi .y f trpiabed H i ens. m MCiMtd iorr, in a nrsl class b me. s iiuldt) lor a geall-man a"d wP? or sinsle seaiiemim, oonveuleui to bo b or Wall e'.ritt ferry. I)u:i:*r at (I o'clock. Apply at 1U3 Amity aim. t. Board in Brooklyn.- fijiasant front rooms on tec ltd and It. i d iloira, l o toshi J cr uu; trniskd l. suit able for families or F.ogi* gentlemen; only a few hoarder* tiu.1 n, terms rr isOnable. apply at (I h siu'a s.rect ,inar Ful ton terry. OARD IN RROOICT.YN.?A 1RNTI KMaN AND W1FK i or sisgl" rem1 "men, mar oliLdn desirable Room* on the seo r.1 ! sir, by applitaig at #1 Oon- rd street, acorverb ise, nip'c.e v, itli Ike t.i.aiei a twin >i t into Is, awl oinvenicut to the icirfca Refarrprea rr.|Ulred BOAHD IN BROOKLYN, 2U HK.NRY -iT'tF.Kr -LtROR pli aaan; front Ham, m sr.xmd hod third lloofla. s'litahie for families, also, hsll Roome fur slug'* fStUtRM, war Honlb and Wall strret fenkg. E LIM A NT FCKHIMUtD RXIVB. Hapleta ai'11 nar'ilftQfid. ? iCHJl) ATTCNDAMIK. If.ier firkt c iu, ? Voir*! co: mirnlffli, Mo. 42 BRLADWAT, AHOVS IWKU'ril fcTRKCT. EI.BUAMTLY FURM1SUSD IfOL'hR TO LET.-LOOA una unaieapUnjabl"; the furniture lobe Bold. n* the .truer ?a cotr-K to bo/tv*. Addraa M. U. F , box KU Herald utile*. pilMfOlT 1IOUHR, I'ORmnf FR AVKFORT AMD J/ W i.Uaiu alracta, M. Y.?biggie frutn lij. loUTc. uer night. or II to ?1 per week. Hooaa nevly fnrntabed, w.'.n ? good Scot*,treat .inched. Open *11 night. FCRNIMIKD BOOVR TO I.KT.-A F1W FTRST FLASH Honma to let. tilth <>r trilkoul UubiAt to gentlemen imlj. Ai ply *1 a ttt Mark'e plane. FrUMlHUKD ROOMS TO I.RT-WTTH tUT HOA HI), TO grr.tlanei. only. hinM <"att na til ibemoderu improve meola Apply at V7 Fourth rtrert, between? Itonorj uul braoilu ay. JU'SXIKIIKD R0O2UL?TO IJtT, DOWN TOWN, WITH mil I. -ant. n't* It furatek-d front Ro?na. at II tlanltl 71 per W*HL 21 Kast Broadway AURMUOIKD ROOM* M BART PlFTERMTlt STREET cm Itrat and arc"" floor* Four Roncna on ae-rad floor to let. tueretber or toparata, ?Uh ur without Hoard: honm newly fined op. gar. bat. Ac. Hits MLKTKYaNT. (1 EMTI.IMEM AMI THKIR WI VFtt.ORHIMOLBOKNTLK T men, will flod pteaaai t Forotabed Ronwta with *o*rd, at toi Fuarh mm 1. The b ?ci baa all the m tec u iaprtird ntetto. Itefereaeea exchanged HAMDSOMVf Y FORMTRHED APARTMERT* To LET - Front and Uik Parlor cm ".rat floor. Willi ?! 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IIAUK'S PLACR-TUIUH FLOOR AND RAOE /f) |v> to .et, .o gentlemeeenl ilielr 'r uncle trrllrmrti. will be .ac?u-d on tbiuitny. H.fereaeee ?!? .banned Mibat aI all o dooh. *)i-i tJHKICNK BTHEuT.-KUtt'l 'A'*'' l > ul.T, zt) toreutleD.en >uly. Hno'H at ? l' ??- JO V w ec. II" iae baa a l>w yar.1, gal. Ac , and W >ei> 'pint 7T lli.Mll HI UK AT. MKrWKKN TIF HI AKOHlXlu '1 1. aveau-a?Desirable Bm-wa in amta or >e ?'V* ?* X-*'' krkll?m?u and their wivcr or rn*ie Rant.emem Abo a l..ya Parli raud Itltriiaun K '< ui. DSner at all O .OCA. A A WH.HT Kl AVKNTFl STBKKT. ?Fl KVISHKD ROIMF 4-4; |o tot, >vtth full or partial Boar-I; a eult of Uoom* on the rifaiflocr, a ro, Parlor and lltilroom on the aeodnd. H?Te rence given and rt pured- . . tjn ? ut HIXIKKhT1! 41HRIT. BlIKIKW FlrTli 40 ^dTimav-ii. ei -To let. ban-ieon.- J firnlib ibtt raimly. lsOJSiioD an?nr|iai^d. OaaNenlfni w cui ??.? ? 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Kexertncc# exehanird .... iinriNl PTRBFT aBOYI tiyRlFO, A15 VV W J),Houm ? Bk^A iUy fu/ntatod ^ 43r*A4 ? Uy House. u'f HowfcnooaikAlI*, r? . 100 'fnJ^Zd r^-A ^ - ? *, on ifAsontbl*' ieruui ^ - . a tr.vfiUEY Pi m'K liK!WKi:N WAHHlN?m'N 1 94 ^i^IL ?hBd Ohib ar?nu? ?A ?rnilemAH and MrA Kv .iim fi r aln*le aenlleB. 'n. Dirtier a. m o rUtch. a.V? MNTH~FTK?KT, A rKW DOliRM WKrt OF 1.47 'Broadway?To let a Heoood Flrvir. regao'lr^ur', a"tahle ?oJ a grr.tlem.r. and wire er?enCemeB **? ire to room unelfcrr. A*u w?aic frmt U torn*, houee la i-"*t rlaaa. Apply a? ainr c. .? 170 S3XJ!7i2a5fs,?a isJ>3i5?^AS tc.otb atreet aUR". paaa the <loor. wrar% HI KKttKKR ATBKKT. RKAit MA' Obt'OAfi ? 1^1 A ,. m.i? ftinilaht '1 Sooofk eeitab.e for fua.Uea "CwtwnhTnllTiaill; ' O I 'eertel, wifh'alfthe e.mrunlencea >if a hole: and die omf -ria ul a home. Dlener at 1 I^'^a^tCtl^pectabletrannU. 224 VJ,n,?r ?S?U ""-K" ?r' STi'n, a.-.omm.'.Ul. d. ivrma mod, i" .t". tl.u, balh. Ac. rt t r 4>Il M7 BBOADWAT "UKTOIi HOCBK). 0\ KR fvl i) Meodra .aJi.on Ile*?f i'dlrof ??>-> <?. Mr rm.lemer; Sw ^" u"e."^it^1.Rj?d all the cjarenliuoea of t hc -e. Apply aaabore. iioi skiii it? " ' ,.kn irUaN i r ll I. A I'T I'KilKf Ajf 11NF u h A * ? lur the ? Inter, with >ut Hoard, tenaa muai K , boa 1* Herald "?? e. . ..MRTIVVAlf ARD \T1FR. WlTllODTCnitUIRRR, jt OERTI.K* A" ? , on, baaement. 'iaf'tr O. want a>r.l ?tv>_w?_; jjanld he bm one other fata y, Biataed, In al . . iwih aire.' , III t |i>?aani nel? i.i.oh ^h^-'X. j- " ??? rMTanlHHKn'uiHJKE WARTRD-BT A OBHTUWAR r. fTT';Irm"rrT-^t Aprtl. tor thr h a b .-ra' prtca A Curt A Wt ltruailway. !)<*>*? '^J^^^UnaVr^od j JV ilem.B, V. ^ ldT'lnirnm pl^avat ImmlRf abwe ^ g^^rd^lT,ir.TH?ald otbom ear 4 V*TVI) 4 I'ARl/tK amp f WO bKOE jom, WITH WA?Ti iUitoVp^tf^ta i, # * ?**?. -1 2K a3LT?v >?., faadmu.' ?eaare F.? u?t. nr iViril-A H KNISHK.l) IBTRE. TIIKK15 (,H ^S!1 W Ji re- ..rut. ?nua ami 4. *i itr. 1A It llaliuek. Hew ?r .* nty. WiaTvn? 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SPOT HM'i r ,<t near L?- lift at peflri i?rer liAa'etri k b air* ? *? TW, ami nikart la Jaalr klaioaaur*. aita*kr.?;i naked il?naaat|i t o. ' M KP It a ?!>* A ?*? . ::?) I'-) ink 0'xiit Arrni'in'n cottaop ?>r fifty pccrtii . Mrml K> ??'. r?-it WJ ? e ilk; . e r -viiaba-t nn fifty i "li ttrfri, Bit a Bonik I?> m I kin? ?>ad, fPJO, fur nltbed k< M 41 '>mi-h ?i I. fl.kW. a bo iaa on laeuty ri*bU> Arte }'?,*')? BTpa'lIkfl < if). IP ii-ikai-enaa_ Ai.apt iiavib'i n *r TAirrg ard ?t'BTi-ntn a ??*' brown tfiae Bami1 In Ivi anprr part nf hr inj truin aeny f dd"'i if f-ea b? elOf, will Itt I . fully i ud prtf< ily laric H at li fl v moain. Addroai Anion i. knitiWAi l |0?rr Pool n,. r ri'f Ttfirro noi * ir *>rTn bboobi.tb,no* Arrpvi-pr-) noi R ij? huvTIi bbooklt)?,?ww truli 1.1 ki ika !< it A i All a In el k> a a?all Itaiilyif i d Itt a t? ?' i p >m i* :?<-raat will be ttkan u. ' ltd f ? fi .d fa ?lf A id/eta P. / T . koi MP7 ? lid-', B. V. tri BB 11*11 BD Ilt'Cai TO I.BT PRO* IHR PIRHT OP r keraailtr ki ibe ' ral nf 'i?e n?iA plaaaiatlf kivaitd ua Twaaly <1*1 k ttirr* 'meiet Bl*kik and t aeuea. I'nr part'r ?r* r ppf I" H P KiDWillil'llA Ra R) <<arnnar ? I n*. ?tul?A M.. or !M Waal lowly (ilk d'ni. tfw i r If. fprB?;? v?l) IT(?tTKT<41.Bf I" 'Wri BTR'.T Pl'RRi >11 *t ib* ?" ill, but v f atn ?' ? tli'i'" ai * - lunwo ilittfpt l lltiiw.f . IM <0llH Pur .r 1 ?.r> ? ' mn (Rttb atra i' a I ;v ' ,uiP?natki? iota - ?, id *om?, ac., tt ubb. C*1'R* iSlJitji |H), Sit TO 3d If-tit THIR .j., lyy n"r;rr" "?'7?yy pi??r, po-wmi o.e- m ?*jr. A 44rtt? Uii 7U, New , orli Post office F' To LET?TO \ OK.NfLEVIA M . T two nn^U <**i.Ut*rnru, w<ih >u h i\ fcr with ful or t-u-ibil doerii if required, nr with 15 koert in it rrnpeclable private latmly, where there am no rL T?J*? very tow, by apply in* u 51 l.eroy street ltcrnisuio hochb to rrnt-no. ?o kk.k?7h X ?reet neerhaorndeveiiue, toe piUaui family. (.ante a from .'1 to 1 o'clock. rCMBIi.i) BOINI TO LCr-T< K\HT TWKNT? SR. fi nd Creel: 12 I ana, in perfert order, auitib e for a ??HMM family 1'iw.aakun Immediately. Apply to B . JtK All, 6b Kan: t wrpty Bemud street, from 2 to 2. FC1HHBID HOUSE TO BMT-OT WE?r THIRTIBT' street; a m-al lli;> three atnry English beaeaenl, a Bra rate torntoe; rut till May, (67* J ? MIM? R hl># a KUit. 217 Weill Twenty talrj uVTt> Idlittl) HOCBh! ON WK.iT KOUFl ar-.N/ti r atreet ip rait ? A beautiful four aiory brown ainoe Koglinh w.k?meo: House faiDbdj-l ruotplele (eioept the par|.>raj u'tb furniture entirely new, aJlof whlnh will ho Vt, cutlery, b?us, bcdtilrr <w>i-lery, plated ware, Ac . .an.; rant SI70 per mourn, edmtaauu at f?NESK KIIWaKflv, T77 Weal Twenty-third atreet FU Nir'HEI) 11 .PKR TO RENT-ON WRUf tWK .Kill >.?.?*>? ?tv - ih and Pith eveenve, large f<i u'ate ry, -yowl atons: . ? ? ,,!bb base neat. ? a-** *? El>*\ \?Uy, 277 Weat Twenty third at oet. FrBNnnu hoi* s m let <fir*t 01. ass-nkmc rp'.r iiT' o ilw ueieit urkood of Wnahina' u> square; it .s '?n 1\? . imp.i-'r'y throughnit r ooe tint lira' elves lenualamM api )y to hA(tl>d KKuTilKKd, Kit Hroadway. IfLOOR- TilROl'OII ? oONltlftTHtQ OF FIVE kOOMS, A1 with i wrlv, pantiles aid eaidroberi pi let to small re arc table f? n pa. u> the new brown atone h. naea on Heoood avenue, belt- ?n twenty ninth aoii rmrtteth .treats; era ilj i urea and -hat 'altera throughout. marble mantels w?ao trays hrt and eold aster: rent $15 u> tl I AoblynT M KVH.T, Sg4 Third avenue, from 7 to 10 Ah, and from t to 8 P h or on the prem'sea ?rnct 10 to 4 HOUP1 TO LET AND rbRNITl'RR FOR HAUC -ONE or two tln? three atnry brtch Honaea, located In Hronme street, Ut.rd weal from Uroulway. The above are beauu'uoy fnrnlabe.l throughout, which will ben Id U,m to a vAih enat mfr, Ai'ply to (J. OARTKB, at the; urnltura atore. bt 'Hi K7 Wooabrat.i 1 I' l l . 11*1 Al-FRP.-TO I,ET, A RMALL 8TORR, AT J j P'l i i jar am*.' near Hroadway, and Poet . dp e: great ih i .ah ne; ront A150 per year. Inquire ol JAR BON .1 HKNNhTT, lit liroadway. OFF'i KS TO JJir-IN TUB MAR.HI.E niULDIN'l NO. 2'i IJhrrty aueel lmmmlb.te poartaafciu can It.- (dven. Apply aaah >ra, to MA?K I.KVY. Privati; ntaiii.r to iikvt -two or rorn Ntalis in a Cna amble, and twa for two rarrlaifea.'iiahted etth , -a -vaier very rnnveuteut I'osaeaalua lutuiei^lately. Af| lj a: c< Weal Tacniy eighth street. QTKAV T'OAKR m l.ET?ON RKOOND FIATOR OF A O i <>w 1 i.-na, with light na all aldea. Apply lo M. O. BRI.V' K fcUllorr. pfj Elizabeth atreet nrar tlraul. Shops to i.kt.-two or thkkk i.arhjs shops, ow *'ea: Twen.y eighth street, a utable for man . i t ing i ?poa*a. jANhJ R. EOWARDR, 277 Wait Twenty thu d atreet. liTPRES TO LKT ?NO. 96 VRi KY STREET OPPOSITE ~ VTr-ahliii'ion Markrt. nn eicellent bvali m foraneaiing ? l'.>n ley, ,i ,i. let Houth atrre', a tret rateataed f?ir a ?h!p chu.ii>?. Apply to R. MINfCKN, *30 Water atreet rj LET?IH AR 1.' I'lANT .Y F17RN1K11ED 1MB atcve b-iute, Soums. with ur ? Shout partial Bnirj, t? gna .it&tL oa!y. Apply at 34 Weal Thirty-drnt atraet. rl.KT-STORK AND OTTCKHIN HROAD STRIIKT, neer WrlL- store No. 1 llroad street, umoc? on ? v nid (tier. hn. 3 llr- nd itreet, Oulrwa on third Donr. Nn 5 Qroad itreet. Apply to A. J. DHL A TolIU, UK Wall street^ TO I ET TITR SKI'OND AND TirtRO FLOORS WITH U-.2. el llouss No. 26 Houd atreet, amiable lur ouaioaae cyafao.liv Apply on the jireuilsrs. rpo LIT?PART OF HOCKI NO. 3USRABT BRUAUWaT, A r -ar (iratiii street; rent moderate, given Im mediately. Ay ply atouloe of Klua Iron Warfca,M <iuertok an eet. 1TO IJ1T FLOUNb THROUUH, four AND F1TM . Fi-< n,a .. ih ae new brown atone honaea aoutbweat cornar of Be.o< ml avenue andjrhtiUeth atreei, hare hoi and coli wa ter. marble man via, grates wash tiaya water ctoveta. gas. In. eluiliug chaudrlt 're and tUtnrea. the moat amrnnlent hmiaee In U.e e ;y fur am b am ad rout, for aiuall respeotabto tamiiiea. Rents, tig lo KA Apply or the premises. In the drug iiore m the 0C.-u?r, or at 137 Real Thirty fourth street rTIJCT-rH? THRBK BTORT BlflH 8T.>Or BOPKB, N". 71 St .lament's pi* 01. Macdo.iral ? treat, bitweea Hieeeher and H .union s'reetj, with in.iderii imurovcme^u and la good ardor. Use Jitu-eg fur Mia. lajuire oa iM?rr osiers. fflO LET-BTCitE MS GROVE STREET JERSEY OITT: 1 a CrmI rata (land for (In t class gr.SMiry Mora, ku boon oc cupied u such (or iba put arc years. It to lilted ap in ROPd id Ic. Apply to K IViltK, 06 un dk Fulton atraet, ? Y. EI.KT-IN BROOELTN, Ml RAJHM HTUKBT THE I'pper Part at the bourn. (oar m?u. rant moderate; HHP] at! . ?">! wt hln fifteen mln. in' walk of Pulioo, i'a.l--r,ue or II1C100 aicaue ferry, posacjaiut. (Iran Inma dlately. T<? 1 FT STORE m BROADWAY. RKNT SM PER month, alai store neit'be nfll. e o ttte St U*re?"i Hotel, < n Kighth street. Rant low. Apply at Iba udtoe of the HI. La* rosea llotrl. TO LET 1TBNTK III, WITHOUT HOARD, FINB large Parlor, Mid lt?dr>tn ad mining. oao-rnd Hoar, gen tee! home til Writ Tweulj oe ot.0 tlreel, n?sr llr ?dway. u. ttlir. yuMri Ac Term* m-derate Would tilt two l.i 1.1.' tree, a gents m in and ? ifr. or a Uiat claaa dresemnker mo I.KT-PIRST '"LARS, NEW BROWN STONE Til It RE 1 end :>mr itory 11. .-sea la Forty fifth ureal between nth tied M.*b aicnuea, will be lot low. Inquire at No. TV, between Vend 10 A. V T> LET?lb MINI Tib PROM FERRY BY MYRTLE ? u nite rare-the plmiaant Dwelling 104 Ryireoo ?treet; hie tee r rim gee end other r mvi n'rn'-ee. and is In (nod or dor. Applr (or key et It< Ryirsou strati, or PJ Broedeay, btt>emi ni. (rem MloS. rl.KT-lM R1VKR TERRACE, IIOBOEKN, N. J., A fret I'sse iliiee itory llimoe. I. uidaoineiy gntobed, wtlb ?ie throughout. bath risen and all tba modem Unprnvamenie, In ontoplete order, nitb a I na rtew of tba rtear. I'lwaaatoan tiiay be bail on tba lit of Nr. ember. Rent, im lodiur lajea, tTtV per M.n>tka. Addreaa H R. II., Broadway Post <41 oa, New York. rlJCT-TIIK THIRD HTORY OP HOCRK NO ?S RANT Twenty ilghb ?l act. ma small family wlib,, it , bUdran; lath. gee, M Inquire of the owwr no tba tuemeee. IttO I IT?AY SO. n NEA VTBW PLACE. 1IOBOREN. A X tie brows atona three otory 'ritiae, wt h Stab I a In rear; a. the modern tmpinreminia. new r painted and In complete ifer Inquire.>f II llAHItlMiN lib ,rd Otree'. TO LIT -ETORP NO. 459 NIXYil A FENL'B. AND PI* taraa far Mto. a ehanre tiitt rr.dmn HNdi see i. to be const need, uo Age) to need apply Apply oa tba (remtoee. r LET?AT 12 BART HOUETiiN STREET. A TllPEE etory attic and basement llooae. IUU feet from Broad ws*. wnl' U . ated for a reetearanl asd pub'to bo.tee Apt H at 111 Brredear Id U.e onrrUge nine. or at J. B. OATVaJTB. IM Kldndge ?ueel TO LET-A PRIVATE KAMI.-T W.LL I KT TUB BB wmd PV*?-o| anettir furnlehe-t hnoee, with I wo front nttk Hum end front Mnwment, will be M separate If re mired, wKBgae but oar fatnily in the bouee. Andrew A B. <?., He aid oE-e. rirr- THE FIRST PLOOR AND BACK RARKMENT, oonerattng of alt r.iai. w th t ?a and water la lb# bonee. at 16 Riot efreet. alei AjarUnerU of three mat oe teeond Poor In a ? trail famfli alo? the B-rnod Floor and front Been ?eel of 71 ? harlnn uree' In- "tie at LS KIng Itfoec LIT?AT BO. Mlt.ETimil FTRKRT. Pol R DCORR tfnrnlabed 11 t yee iae rl.ET ON MPRRAT HIIeU-TITR HANDsfiMB I on Hew (root Engbrk b*wmeet fenr (gory llnam. SR Eaol Tbdtr I 'lb atreet, between Vvttoon end Pari ,ee WUi be let ostll let Mey e'lt, or for a longer perV?t if deetred. Teune.fLie poe*ea I at glreu. Apply OJ aboep, or to J. B> MATE ELL. 172 leer, alreet. f|YO IBT FRO* NOT. I - NOrgE NO. til WRBV X Pony aermsd M-nRni wet three alory, brWb boldtag. witi Erg' ?fa r igenti nb HaJBthe modern lepreretag leiaotwe nae.eit Rest 'baap. f.j further perttitrian la^.Wr# ae the pnmieae TO l.?rr OR LBANR TBI RCW" RIBERS RRINtf ebon' to rrmora their Type end Rtototrotepe Peendrr 'dee sotleeef ali.b will be gteneltoe more rliKlhte bnlldinr oe the mrmer of Cettrr, Duone and Read# atreeOn. now der le let or trees. ?lib wutm t ower, the nemtd. third end part of lbs fourth Ploor of the a.we A too. >e the mme heUd'ag. e .rye Raeeme. , J1B* feet If feet ootHwg. eed a pontoo of the V.nN doom. 4 fl the eperfeete ereweU Ugb'edhhd heated bi t eem Immediate p aaiegw. gts??_ S jeo, SIom BP Reekmep rtrrn with or wttlmn lafb le B. SI ami II lira* "a, toted up tbnutrb-rit wnh apeehteR tubee. for mene flftnHnff MrprMM. wMh or wlitend fllfllfll fwMMi atoen 'atuery i, 1-dl or row* Alan. Blare M Do one auem wtibnr wlhooiweem power, bo Use of JAMBB OuBNEB A to'NB. ? Beek.eheaueet. rl.ET OR I RASB Til* OFRIRABI.R NIOR NTi.<>P Dweli'ng lln. ? So tl Slithareet. tear Neonnd twam la >r ptrfeet order; three fall gpwtee wWb beeewMmt hwd ewto . Fuel tra modeta mpr" m?at? Inrewee, ranee, water eVwett, gu and fret, n on rrery Boo* Paeeeaai m ,.m iVrirvJ. B For ftirtbrr parttcutara and earde OdWet n . p t to the owaer ''HARLCT tX)0PRR No. M tilh street l.Bt L-,?. - ? nd iwtowie. 111 men Nn I Warn Wrmdwsy store r, n. tmurn >toe,ne to??ato ? gtrewltomifl agR iy Apply ? M. PABTA' ALDL W Poert OtowaA TO ' BASE (>R FOR SALE TUB floDNB I MS RROAb war (?. ?'? lew but all the mode.a topwtmMto. opto , . to le Ml rer-ttier. with t<wib onlrneee and iUhleM tba rear W -treef R. F. CARMAN. IJM Braedenp. T> LET- AT NO. 10 ELETENYII FTRRBT, FOl'R DCI west of B.oadeay t* o R<oma. farntebed or nafnrala ae Iba ae. md to or all >. a Heaement suRAbia for h phym t a'b, ? ay hi rRRST AN KNtol.Utll BASEMENT 1IOITBR I* -X)M plrte or I and newt* fnrnleb' I. ?Itnaled In Twenty tent Street he'*re , NIsUi sad Tenth arennes, to a r ideate ??tot y only Rent SIN) per mmt'b ?mill tot Bay. A vtretoi fertwwdeya bo? IUAI Pnet rSRae l> REST IN linUT '?P THE OPERA FTOrAB. PART t4 bheeegfltl llonu, wrkh eeery poelble emtree etose; I f m'dera.e to If a riaea rflrato 'ami j Only, wh-> may ap f with refer'me at No 7M H- odwar TO RENT OR FOR BALB?A NEW AND NRACTrEtn. lows ?"ae h'rh anvip Ifonte. on Weal Thlri* Tsat ??reet .at half the bhwB; toll the modern I top nr. to. an-a. . altrpi etee ?i t Rent ppno Jtbto R > I'SAslto ?77 Weat Twenty tbtod Hreet r) RENT OR FOB RALE A BPLBWITD FOCB ?'try 1'own rat Rngbsb bnwment Ronee oe Wag Thirty fexrlb Hreel. In gnnd order. Ihw to na eiagpetbiuee and w ' b# add rerr rhenp Fnm?Fim Immsdtotety. ' J A M k-t a RI>W AR1M. 177 Vf eat twenty lb TO MORFRN TO LET. A SMALL RTORB AND OF Ire men tVdar vreot. near Hr .vlway and Pis rgiee; .i.e. tie 'taS'are, rant BWti >a tear. Inq-ure of J ARBOR A HRSNPtF. lit Hroadway TH* owner or an fleoantlt fdrsishid X I etf ? rerb'. with rmeenle n a. 1 tof'he teajer par t n I * ..... |.<rtwd rtiilred, fn a rwarwietn!# lee awl dtopnasg ti par libera' ? Aptilr ne the premtoae. Ill Bam TentB areei i laerec'tie ln?R?d "7t'T PL DM At Ft'RN>'!' '? OR rN> ' RN?W(KO | Of , to'" on ??* - '? -w' '*? ??' <? J?i to a ! ? i- leu,a to Mary a bsdne" I ? lerRR

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