Newspaper of The New York Herald, 3 Ekim 1860, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 3 Ekim 1860 Page 11
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IB*, lUM)?a, M., TO UOT. LOT ON THE WEKT HIDE OP U?*VI(Trit PU '? ueer Axt'ir place. 27 ft by 1*9 ft. to !f>wi fn? a t?rn of If attire**, a huiidlng will be emote!: e:ii; the tenant wild-le * T. UKA'f, lit Naaean .trwl. At yunkkr*. a new houhk, ki.k taXcly f a ulgbed lot aplei.d. I nelghee-bud. will ho routed .e v nsagwisMv u ul Mat next. ur (or oae or two tear*. a* >1 ? ?r. MANNl, tt Mrc KenenrerU, 'Cuok.*r*. or M Dl.NUKrlA ?OLDEN, ho 8 l*i?e timet and 1,2*4 diuuiway S. f A FURN1NHKD HOI'BE TO LET?If* TWEV/'ETJI A street bet*sen Komtb sveune tad Broadway,? tittbln lor awn*U fam.'v Flat yard lu fron' tad k o.H in ?? -in plate mam. NeniSi,2uo. j. a ki^'U'I1* a <J >.. J7u Puur J. avenue CHEAP HOCt-K TO LIT?OE THIRTT HE HiXB . Err at, tow v .rtoi, root $650, ore oa Tt,ixiv third a rret, ?a fctino with elegant (w txinree, ??? "n rh nv k street t& n. furnished. to Twenty lo .rtb street. 81 oJQ. I others. OH.ce 313 Fourth arena*. ( KURNIBHBD ROOM AND "SDROOM TO I,ET wlthcoxkiiu uinegUn. tt 130 Emu Houston street, near wd tvenne, or a oa d let for tero yoniut men In a'eea to ?e, >rrj tice Hint will let itrj low. In,,..ire Ul the btee 1, from S to 8 T K. A FOUR STORY HO08E TO I.NT-IN TWENTY B1TNTO street. tt Bl WW, ntoo. oae tl IBUU; three Is Tweolr e,,; .tb sumt, ti I7U>, ore la Fourteenth street tt SI IX?; two to ee ml aeanae, tt SkW) other* well loci led J m. RICHaRDS A CO., 770 Poar*h arena*. g?T FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED HOUSES TO let well located; reel SOW! *7311. *h&0 H 0. SI OUJ, SI.AO, 10. *2 (XXI 3*300, S3 t?V til la denlroue or .*hhorbo *1*. permits apply to DINGER A HOLDKN, So. 8 Pine street ttd I.M4 Knetowsy. Unnui T MAW I SHED BOUSE TO RRNT.?NO. 3S EAST THIS Hew Ik street, near University place; paeeeeWca 0 en las. Addreet boi 712, New t orh Poet office XxlURNIBEID HOUSE ON WEST FOURTEENTH F street ?A beautiful fonr story brown atone Ktur.ub bt>e i Hunan, furnished oomplele lescent pari.ire, which are fnrelsbed with ctrpelA window culAins,And' drapery), with re. dw.A*., all new tod i , hording, crockery. p'sterl ware, he .A* . all new and eery Seekrehke; houte in elegant ordtr. rent SI71 per month. Car li ? JA.MEH R EkWaKLH. 277 Weet Twenty third street rRJIISBED HOUSE TO LET?TILT. MaY 1, 1831. House is new. four st.ries, in Forty third street, ne?r ffisth trenne, tine location Rent will be losr to A K 'xd tenant. Addreet Oliver, Heroic office. ?IV aTK STABLE TO RENT?TWO, THREE OR FOUR stale, wrh room tor two carriages. W iter g>?. barnesa r, eeparste room for fend, anl room far c Acbmta If de Id. Apply at 88 Weet Twenty el*htb street. OTORBS TO LET.?NO. 98 VR> *Y BTRKET OPPORITB O Wash' ihlnKton Market, an excellent lor?ti n for an eotlnd ) Nn. 164 South s'reel, a eret r?tn stand lor a ship Apply to E. MlNl UKh, '30 37al?r street rohl TO LET-WILL KNOWS AS A FUR STORE, adder Um Metropolitan Hotel, 37ti Broadway, lor lour alha only. Apply on Ube promisee. rLBT?FART OF BOUHI NO. 303 EAST DKOADWAT, hear Qrano street; rent moderate, poeneaeloa Riven lid mediately. Apply at offioa at Etna Iron WarkA 98 Ooerlch tno LET?1N BROOKLYN, 161 SaNDS STREET THE X Upper Fart of the no ise foar rmu; rent m xlerac; alee tidily shuaied wldda afteen minutes' * lk of Fnlnm. uktharlMOr line son arenas ferry, puonoecl Riven 1m me r LEI ?AT 12 BART HOUSTON STREET. A THREE diary aula and hteemed Honee, 1UU 1 set fiom Brmn war. wdf located for a reetanraol and public borne applr at 616 Broadway la the carriuae 'Slice, or at J. H. OATMaN'S. 13* ?Mridge street fflO LET?AT NO. 10 ELRTBNTH 4TREET, FOUR DOORS A west of Hriwdway two Ruoma, fanuehed or uofurawned. ew the get and boor eleo, a'Bagement, suitable far a phynlulaa. rl.KT.?THE <n?KAPKST COTTAGE HOUSE ON TnE teiend. Kent BSUfi; modern built, wltb all Improseinent*, Etdht/.ruth gireet. tirol he use east of avenue A. i'arpets oew, and for sale at a oarrifice. Iniureoa the i reml* ?*. r LET?110 8ECONB AVENUE?FRONT a.VO BA* * Fa-lore and oae Bedro. m .*? ibird Boor, ban twiAely f .r dhffied. In a private French family. inr no ise cosUnj a.l the woe era Imp'ovemente TpO LET?A NEW BROWN STONE FRONT FOUR HfoKT X House, between Fifth and Sixth aveanen. on U"nn side Tarty Ofth xtreet; als.i. a i #w three etory Hoase N i IH Weit FbrW eighth street -elween Mtth and Hev?atn aveuars; reul SBK ANORhW l.KeTER A CO., If3 ' bambeis street. JO LET?THE eT<)RE t82 COLUMBfA STREET, HRIMX aed the F.xtnree fur *ale. Inquire ua the prem *ee L B. WaKU. ulsnti let. the HUhie 21 i'heever pwce, and Borne, It aRoa and Harneae fcr sale. Inq ure as a >ore. fno LET-IN BROOKLYN. FART OF A BRIUK HOUSE, X eeaatetli ( of back Basement and Recoiut F our. Terms Hi per Due to. Apply at DM Atlanlle street. r LET-AY NO. 9 BE A YTEW PLACE, HOSOKEN. A One bro? n stone Aree sP.ry iouee, ?i h Stab's in rear, modern improvement*, new'y painted and In -ompleid Inq tire ut H. HAKRlSuN, 118 Bedford street. fpo LET-IN A PRIVATE FRENCH FAMILY, A NEAT X hi o rulohed room, with recess. Creplsa and marnle man ?eL Rent very lo* to a perm.c eat a?l(er Reference re Apply at No. 9 Weal Fu.dy ttrst street, aeor Oxxth ffkO LET-NO *a HENRY STREET, NEAR TH I JUN' X I4*e ef Grand, ihe ?e.?nnd boor. imfurt.l*bad. eoul.diunR -r> 'vr h<xMua two twdronma, tsavh r<w?m and i'*atriea. arldb ?i) tlM modern Juu>ruv^rtiraUi. Locauiou ^ouveiueal lu Ik# ?U|M ln?iulr# "n th? T?. ' LET?3)8 NROai.WaT.-PART OF A STORE ?Ul*! able lor ae* light bual em; flee show place at ibe door; ? ID be let f IT W0 per month, puesemvja Im aed.ately Apply keffir KaBi . CI8 Broadway. T?r LET?ON FIRST AND SECOND FLOORS, TWO front Farinrs and Iwn Hedmrma. fara shed la a quiet ; to rkll'rec. a *? i?l ban- for Renilemen ant their or two elnrle gentlemen, to write In Inq .Ire at *1 etnet nearhprtni rUT-TIII THIRD HToAT OF HOuhE NO. Ti EAST Taeat* eighth at net. In a small family, poetuvely no dbttdran hath. gas. Ac Inquire at the owner on the prsmnns . LET?RKTWKEN RROADWAT AND FIFTH AVE one. the flm kbior of bouse 2* bleat lightest lb street: to i In the tareDoon. M. ti'ifKiE. _ LWT-TBI RF1.EED1D STORE 4?9 SIXTH AVENUE, and FuWirr, for tale, w.thr. go d eaee. chaeee that eel I enrol*. Wares tr be aeen to be conrmced. Inq aire . n tbe re. to the shoe store. mo IX'-at n? and gi? broadwat. ? cuter or It Twelfth ntreet. ike imal tknr rimer Enumn. wtt* ? eat win tnw% a)#., ainnU front and ooroer tuiaa u* ! .urtfe Eatraom apaeicma JOHN ? EELNO. ?2 WJ.ita .;r?et ipo LT-nmRI. APARTMENTS LOWER rA?T OF 1M Run fortr ftftfe timet mtm m iu al?> apoar llnmliiitr, Rem 116 W and ILL W.J m, i bap** ?ere order A'an, otkar I Ufa J. M. EICUaRLH A CO., 170 RoartA Aran A IJAO LXr-TH* RODS RTOR^MflUR^BANBREJfT .bin intern NBprOTematita. Wm T een'.r armmd ttIII, M* , t Irnae would bo firm, rvrea i wry kick Mono Honae, modem lapi'iremenu 13d War. rnrtr '.*h'h ?Baa* mat M?i lbreeannry Honar, rta nr.J water ?t Tenia ??.. aear Rnnrtreolfe *L, i ml 9S??. Tkree Wort 1.1 (k ?u>.o Haaa*. M *n; a.umtA ntraet near Rirhtk aranm: rant MR aad oiArre. Aiao we or two Karma feed Houaea, mat aaowt BlOUi- J. AW DENHAM. kuuar timla. Claktfe arm ?we. aoraar ButaeatA street odlm opaa : row moru.nx until 9 B the earning. mo LET-THE aTORB J54 BLERCfCRd NTEBRT, 1 wfefe or wVUoot tfee in .rea A rud i _ _ I *u,: for * aUUaere Hh feeea uncalled aa earn for the lent etrkt ream Rent AZM Aeaa i?Wi _ , I ananat Tn< ulra o* the (raieei. did J. lll.tRT, tXJ per annum Headway LET-THE RTOBB ARD DWRLL1RO 19 WULRKRRT atmat. ae*r Caaifeam. aire < i taern.* ntnea fe?eeiaeal. I"> ? m feaefe ma end bneemeai. 9'fl * monih Ik re ? I fear i ' ueaeat SIR a month tferaa Unai In n mar a. 9a Apply nl RO William arret. room Ru I, op unlm rMB lkt mmui atrlt?a wocr*. oomtlkttly f pBti d With rklcn. ?laan. bed nad table Been. mnk' ? piikvwa uiwela nad nnrtlaa A.- Rem*, ? WO n MoolA HI r i and Mayan I 'Em H) ro-.nfe araaaa. rljt OR MURRAY HILL.?THE EARORPEl feroara aknar fmat Rnyl'tb baaeanaot four aknry Honae. * Eaat TMarr d<lfe atmnA. between Rndtnoa nad rnfknennaar wr. bn let until V* Ray belt. ar for a Wmfar permd If 1?a 111- pnil in I Rfra*. Apply ne Hen. nr w *? ? lAlflU. m r*fl Hern. __ LET PEOE ROT. 1 -iOral RO. nt w. f - ?i tAme Mory. knna vr.dtnc k taprwRKifEtf lyv * ipo tm mom fot. i aaaaltaat RaM Aii>- T? furtfear parttealara la?mm T? if?*T"-1*f? ?' ?HA apfefy <m tAa pienlna. ROf>* wrTTI Rtfa R .leiA EBET-ir bart rnrRTWRjrrn irxtr. p?*r v ^P?. J Eouaa. wfeh erery r ee '.aw wtmm fur % 0?|%T1 '%?!!? ptr*w?? .>f t rws, w?A>? My 'mil, wnk fift BmUwsj rs OWN KR or AR ELSOARTLT URkfi ?. iraleta wife ma ran tar era. would let ? ? far aay penad raqatrad In n rearonatf la Maa. H pa? RHaraii* A pair oa tba pranjaaa, 9U ?Bark: Am^EEIR^^H apeettna la i And fpo RROERM AN1? NtaUft TfREI ' .114 1 Itaka 4r?t TVine, fnr a br<Aar a 'Aw or do* rooa WaHar*r rORE NHALL Qt'IVT F ABJLY.?TO LFf ON It ?g*Be larya nnai. 'an Sadrnrma, with m%a? ? maar aad ana laqn.m nt IV rerratl ntae',. f{97 tmtt *? REoadwat-a n'Utnt V* ' . ?* Nanma. a I'tabla fnr tAa alUlna-r -w rf.P?* .^*eu, on tfe? ne. nad door of lie B* - m7- ?4 *99 llrnmtwar betwnew II .? aim ter wreeta * lao , Boe. tnilg ^ ? - Apply ta E OaHiU. oa t>- ' B ta be anpen wi ' do a. m an faithfol, - J m like manner hy tke adr?nkmr WAtw-m I . t* aad anneb.iitr ma Efealnt. Be mid n?re. atbteoriat?i RiRP a wrr* aw ar ? abelar. aad nf ?nama nfeo-t'd mnr T a* .at ewMrf EEATBTEO ^?dkalar n "Maa. Nte ~X j^|ATRtWOWT WAIIR EA*T"?*H<JW7 Iti T me V UM fbi'eda'ri ? 'n f et p . MATRfifORIAIe-rOR A 1RARP RAT, erfeeme eei'loar <ae me'A frttk #rmc a m Mm^drmeW Rafr.'BorM) idrpm -.T i. ? ? I ?rucAt. ANEW PIANOFORTE Jt'UN H. DI'WHAM, hfaoufanmrer of the eatabrntee "DUNHaM KlaforottrhH. ? Iofi run tbepuh la lb?t he h?? Ci*t o<*r p e>d a new upright H ?oi> in, ,n kit, compact and very elegant; full, ""ch and ????1 t"D?d, ||. ewry WAY supeit r to the beat aiuare And hardly Inlertw u, e vrand pUtto lu anenritv end power, 1 he manufacture of Upright rtanoe he* hitherto been A tpi ure In every pert of lite world, but JOHN B. DCh *1 vM leVevet lhAt be h-? ?oe.-mled Ui solving Ibe orohlem And h?* pnd uc-d en Upright Boudoir Pianoforte free from nil the icriner objection*. And wnrtty in every respect to like rank ? ? nop Are! rinse Instrument* while At lb" AAiae lime It ia inure rirgaal la farm then ah* olber ci*** of pianoforte*. DUNHAM'S NEW BOUDOIR PUNO la on eibtbltton At the manufaaAMy, 76 lo til Bust T bo tee nib itre-l, DC AT Broadway. A YOUNG LADY, HAVING LATELY RETURNED tl<m Europe. wad Undod '.be Piano there ander the tlrvt masters, would stab * few aore i uptu bt Vearh at tbelr own esidencea. Term# W per month. Add/*** b. A., tinned ? Bee. A greatly mrRorrj pianoforte. l.lullTR ? BRaDHURT. Manufacturer* of a new Male overe r in* baan, patent tnanla trd full into irame, gr.,nt and aquar* riauolurles, No. All broome atrrt b Piano# lo real AN EXTRA FINK REVE.V CbTAVB PIANOFORTE, with Atl ?> odern Improvement*, And war nut ted. it lor aula very low for oa>b, or will he aichanged for ary gold*. Lo quire al If Fulton tires, Brooklyn A BEAUTIFUL FI?1 TONED PIaNOFOSTK por aa.e at A AAcrtllee, been tieed tlx mouths and la An good a? new, by beat pew hork makera, to whom reference la made ard w boae guarantee gne* with it t Ail on r .MUy or Wednesday at 2111 ( linioo "treet, Hrouklyn. A AIRMAN GENTLEMAN WOULD LI Kb TO GIVE ? lea*"u? on tbe piano or |? vicglr.g In exchange for a fur Dtehed H'v iu, with partial Hoard. Addreae box 1.&B3 Povt Office, N. 1, QHICKKR1NG * SONB, Manufacturers of GRAND, SQUARE a.NO UPRIGHT PIANOS, WarernomidM Hmadway. O. A SONS hare l-een awarder thirty etght rrtie medal*, fat the superior.ty of their manufacture, for the pent iMnr-ffv* team PI A eon TO RRNT. /'HCRfH MUSIC.?A f. V PY WITH A SOPRANI VOIHI A J would .ike a altualtou teaehnrehnf en ? l?o onto vim. i? a pood reader; 1'?thni'a preferred. Addreaa for two dove Knp hbo Herald office. J A o PierHBH, 8M BROADWAY, INF.4R FOrR ? ecnth ?treet. offer At a srent bargain, a hoe wiidm-nt ?,f their celebrated lr<m framed overatruoc Piano*. the ? rw Improved patent damper, alao, several aeeoad band Piano* ard Melodeona. LIN DEM AN A SONS 896 BROADWAY, PIANO M4NI7. iacturera, esiabluuied m IKtb Ihew, Piano* are hltthly reeounment ed by the following < intnei.t artiste ?Oust** Sat ler Ctrl enwbut* John N. rattl-on. Max Marottek, W. tl. lnelrick, J< bn nuekert, Oututv J. Stoekel. MADAMF. WM. VINCENT WaLLkCC IT AS RETURNED lo the city, an * will receive a tew pupil* on ibe piano forte. Apply to WM UaLL ASON, Mil iriuolway MAI) AM IN. '(..HNKOR-GR AVER HAS RETURNEOTO the en*, and el l reeume her tnotrurtim on the 1)1 an,I Adorers' 1)0 Broadway, between Twenty tlfth and Twenty ? ixth ttreeta Mklodion for salr vrrt chiap-onr of Prince * hral n uke, quite new. Apply U> JOHN 'A IiUNHaM, 76 Aarl lKrleetth atrvet PIANOS-A YARIITT OP NEW AND RECORD hand Plaun*, hy l>e?t maker*, fur wile cheaner than al any other olaca In Ibe rby Alao He win p Mac line*, iVatibe* Jewelry raln'u,x?. Fnruiture, silver and Plated Ware, Be K r* i> una, Pistol* An aett advance* . J. F JONKS 62 \nu street. **cond Uonr. PiANopoRfE? wanted a good second hand seven cctave roe* wood Pisco In eirhance lor a Bret " aaa atntlie rewlu* Machlre neat, wrth >79. and t2i in jash. Addmare* iiq; M*. bice, box U7 Uerad otbee. IANOS AND .VELODEOWS AT BARGAINS ?A BEAU tifui reven nrtave roeewcaal Pianoforte, w th run frame, c Hopped tria. o er strung baas, for 6170 c *t fSU. one for >14(1. v *' S274, and one aevtn octave for|l0tt, , MVJ pearl kc;,ed p.iiiio for 6J2B. and an aaaortment of brat ciaat new Pietxw a( icy low prtoes, also x c?id second hand r wewo ,.1 I'midi lor S6A. one mahi'itany for f'il and three Melodeoue tor t'ii, 640 and 17b, 1*3 art'ii e A corner of Tenth street R 140NXALK/, P Theyiolin?the violin-thk violin taught by a new and aclentlt.c method lo those dealro'ia of oh le'riiig * tborough koowlrdge uf Bon A- this 1* a chance ceinouii Cered. Addreae "rofeaaor, box 131 Herald oHov UPRIGHT AND SQUARE PIANOS. Martin A OUYkIaR, manu'aat irera, M East He ?reel near Broadway < or Uprights are warranted equal to tan beet Instrument* maati/actared In the oouotry. Plane* te WANTKD-TWO VIOLIN AND ONB DOUBLE R4SS | tayer. who nan reait mualc rapfilv el rtcbt, to forn a r* til,ion nana. Addreen Plautu, box 146 Hervnd office, before 4 1' M fl>n -A LADY TEACHER or TUB PIANOFORTR %>?'. wb,a? ayetem for begtcoera leperl*it, would like two tut d)tton?l pnotl*. nt their own rvaiden-ee. A note addressed Music, box 2.81A Post office will meet attention. DAM-tae At'AOcnujca. A. DODWOMTH8 DAWCINU AC A. I) KM 1X8, Bo. JW Broadway, New Tork la IS3 Maniac?*> euwei, Brooklyn. WEDNESDAYS end BaTUNDATH to New Tort. TUKSDATB and FEIDAYB In Brooklyn. At 4 P. M. Inr ekl'dree?(I P. M. for (mtinMa. CwatDif In New Tori, xeptember 2k In Brooklyn. October X In addition to the Court Quadrille, Prince Imperial#. Irtl Bo, Am plre and Cher eoolal daneae, Mlnu?i Qu- <a a and ruber edoraUnoal naaeee already introduced > ? DODWORTU a rarleiy of newer dancae will be brr uht h ? ward dnnrg lAe eeaann?or.-, the Quadrille BUrtr ? o*. -tail, adapted to the develop-meat of (Woeful r a i .? children circular* of tarva, Aa , may ha bad at either ?? ?r A MADEMY OK DAW IWU AND C Mr ami Mr* TRKNoKH w-'.l knee Thirty fourth atreet, R. V. andHlkiitih lyn, K. D., are now up-n. At-p lenMan ' be made at any time Pnrete leer e*3nw a attended to. FENREBOA OANI'I.' i Ktmrvr-nlh atree., meetera and on firt/ibe- !l < aenea .t ended 0 Ibe < had at IbO Acadeiu) rr?T PI BT.1RHXT (I Til K LEAP ? i,' I l> . j Nnate /Horn. - owe* Plan wb?r> 29 .%TN?n THT T1 * RTF , y aroi J acK*ON bed ttlk v ? ? a.'nfto I a - ? _ WW a and ?l?h .e Madam. ; ?, ^ prtTM, rteedwi en.arped ber baa a car -my Ortol Aw, . ni/aa.a i a"l "rr 552, >1. ? i P7 Jew-lry for the Waat i l.ih'1 **'" jr. % It you wlab to aeold he ern warm , ?.? a ailh dreee or ?? for led bomb* -It _ m> ^ (|, * IV will pinaa* rail or ed 111 - ? ..I Evbiaaetb etrnet where y^Twtlf l* m ???*" ^ i lor T" ,r *-** '? jau wtll r ? M je-< I . Ma' _ EVER -I,A01 KM AND A?., 1 ?' ?' ?UMWIIWT AWU * . ' - I. ?*<"* 1 | demand for <wat nd Ilounod * I . .. . , fParntiurn. ? aroWa, Jewelry, f".w- .... < ?*? e | i PPnrnltnfn. ? areata. Jewelry, a I - m*-'a . ?|li e?* ***? far the aboee * "* -a- V.' .f'U* ae la done by other (real tlnll and be convinced to jmr , ISA Hev-rll arenue, eee md A t ndlee at tented to by Mr* name belt" ? t 1 "l" "?* ' boo . . * V ? lie -w fwetdp -ur.rJ b RCRXNT WAT FOR I.ADIBE H t *** . A / a 'ar prte-for-am-AT i lnthlej, , , ewelry, ami mi be k imhti(ded by -a, , a -w aw eota by rwt Ui IAJ ae embavenue, , aienced In by J AbllAl.T EBB? '/ v?* s 1AJ POM (T/'TJITVO ?LAIHEH AND cvt.v MEN ? *e any annl od ? -thine Furniture ,<r ..aiiet ?? r-cet" aa fnlbrwe ?Pante from (I ? andio ?IIO llrvar. Imalltaln Woe I i- < ... . ? Ibiw 11 the kldbem pnee will be pnM by I c V. ? +m A BeibM iLrd nerooA 1mA , a> w-e?C22* I e?i wW ? ? Aprtd FOB LADIE8 A?D URNTt.EMRN heir cee- off CVh nd Into eaab ?I rwoeiewt e i ibe Kmib an I Weel I (U vrantoe that I will ? nmn ??? ii _ ^ _ -a RrM - , n? prlr? ?From H 1 VO for Sue Or , Ra-aaee-v?i fr,r arwirdlnely, f-om ?l m f? , -a tolU for win, a ten .rpeta. Furniture, Jew > wweaddreae?I lo E 134 aeeeetbaeen le, between \ A nn ' wee''-lb *? Ha wttl be penrtually attended ' na amended In ny Mew M WW AND ?1.AIHBR AND KRnTl.lMEN QUANT1TF OP I'ltf 0*F CoyTHlNT the b<(heet prtee turn and cath peat In current ral prteee told for dwd ohohinr and porinbia at!t of everr dene puon. Untl a or eddreee -y. tel Paar, etra?t '' Bancb for i.adimh and rnrnjiru ic > f -?at off (Ruthtn(. Jewelry CarpeOnd and Pur b'treat price |aid Inr tfcem at my new atand til -owrruBKM-R Nrw a?i? i.*rr off ( f -.rchaeed for the Wentern warm. In ary? or all at the more, or addre? TV an? 11 I'-mr or, 44 an bend N. H Mvw hamt tellivr* any dbreee ? eboee. f CNADCB PON t.4DIER AND a*VTff TO tbetr -am off i lotbmd leto ?h, at I h?ve *e der from the tr-ev I ( la-notae pi pa> ibe full *?. Alen ilartete Pnrelturw, Jew- ry vtihv r?ed "O M, tfleta, 11* Re vent b a van ;e pore-r of eel, will meet with attention. an- >d?l to , a WOMTn OP OENTI.KWBNR NdW AND IT left off < tnibbid waet-d f? the We.tere ?Ar lebemcaehprt-e -?ee paid oae beobaln-lln neak forlerr. rerna.l Iota. b? rallied m 'b-?? we, or Wet. Walab 41 tleatr* aTeet ?lUJARIM tPM-PON NAI.E, A PIRN NTO<;E of new ?cord band Teh lea a. t7A lull and lltft 11*0 and aed ?*J Call and e* imtne or arnd roar or dare by rate bnueee furntebed W H. URIPPITH. 1(4 F'lHna Mraei ROff-To I.NT, RII.U.RD TAB: NR. 1FTTB ebnde iBicood order ft m.e f tr f. <HAR ? tweet, between la and lio rfw k A. M. BW BTLUARP TaBLXN AND UOMRTN ATlOll^rRIITOjrR. ?Pfwvem-nti paiea-rol fUpuvmber i4, I MO. Prl-eR *? PRF dRat for raeh rr. K.A X d iTH'-BNOEN, 4J to 4,1 ?-T'nby f -eek OHV eooiw. AC. A1 T MS CASH. Kl KUT. JUS If VMM. Fleg?nl and faehlonab e sty'e*. in Hable, Squirrel, Mink, Ac., srlll bei e be off-rcd to the liu let on Thunstav next, wbea tbej ?'r re?r- t'oiiy int lied to call and inaprcl tb?u?, till than to ? uspead their purchases THOMAS REYNOLDS, SOS ran a) street, three doors went of rtnia lway. HREAT CLEARING OUT SALE-AMD MUST BE ? now before the let of December, on sooosut of eakri In* the store. A ENGLISH CARPETING, OILOLOTH8 AG.. FRENCH PAl'KK HaNHINHH, WINDOW SHADES, UILT OOR.VI IKS. AO. Good Oanjete 21 oente per yard; extra fine, all wool, 90 cla, ?Welly ?>Jd at 71 rente; floe three ply carpcta St centa. usual 1/ nola at 11 H: English Hrnaeel# otroeie, job lot*. PI neola onoally Bold at $i 21; also S HW yards very thick. OILCLOTH KBMNANrS. from one to twenty yards, to be sold very cheep; also a large snrortmant ?f FINE HOLD AND VELVET PANEL PAPER HANOI NOB, ?0 seats per roll, usually add at II a $1 2b. doe Hallo Paper, 12 reals per roll; also 9 UUO pairs doe gold Window -tnadea, 11 per pair. Ire gold and rslrel Shades. 12 90 ner pair. isuaL'y ?old at 14; alto gilt Cornices Hogs, Mata Aa , at GOaTEH1, 114 Hudson street, four doors snore "print. ADVERTISEMENT FOR THE SPECIAL NOTICE OF Ladies who are la waal of the following DESCRIBED UCKCHaNDIKE, AT THE PRICES) PRH'ESI LOOK AT THKMI CORSETS, In nrery sire, 11 a pair?n prime article. HOOP 811BTS. 30 so Hogs. 11 )2-a first rate article. 3,000 dozen Ladles' Parle RID GLOVES, none better, at suf ttv* rents a pair. 69 cents per dsIt. 1.000 dozen Ladies' Linen hemstitched HANDKERCHIEFS, 11 90 per dozen. J. A BLUXOMK. 1,117 Rroedway, corner of Twenty. Aftn street, opposite Madison park and the Worth Muniment. At retail. RIGR A OOLDENEERG, 219 Canal street (aeoond block from Broadway), hare jnat completed their Pall and Winter Importations, and are now offering a magnificent and well selected stock of REAL LACEM and LACE HOODS, such aa Total and Paint Applique Collars. Beta, Handkerchiefs, Barbae and Coiffures, Black ChantTly and Hulpure Lac re. in all wldtha. Veils. Colffares and Barbea, in great variety, <1 nip are [ace Collars and nets, newest oauerna and designs. Which will be sold at remarkably low prices. AT OATNOR'S-CORSKTS and sk rth exclusive ly. ladles oan select from the large*l rarlety sod moat superior quality. I-pedal at'entlnn to the shape of onr oiro manufacture, so *s agrarefudy to suit every figure. Frenrh. Herman and English Cornets. A good Corsrt f w 21 Skirts at equally low prices Ski Broadway, near Union square; and 609 Mroadwsjr. between Fourth and Amity streets. N B ?No branch on Broadway, above Fourteenth street, nor on any of the avenues. A 1 Q. M. BODINR'S 481 BROADWAY. RICH DRM <>OOCH, From aaeroa 10 par cent less than Regular prices. Lt o. m. BODIN* r 481 BROADWAY. WU1 Oder on Monday, October 1, but) pieces RICH 8ILAB. At fl per '4r!. Wurth 91 90. A T O. M. BODINR'S Ml BROADWAY Just received, per lata steamer, 1U00 8ILK RUMS. 949 and 7 doQoree, Toe latest Farts etjlee Wt'J be offered no eonday. Oetober 1 at 90 per cent Lees than -ostof tm Donation. Bargains at no. 221, BAROAINB AT ? *. AT KIN7.ET S. AT NO. 223. CHEAP KMBROIDKHY a' RIBBON STORE, AT NO. 223. Ib.ttlU yards Ri'h IWt i, ? t, .r IRo I i. . )IU From anctkn. 6c., 8c., 12e . 19c . lh t 29e 31.. STRAW HOODS Straw Bonnets from sunt ton, IB . Etc., 71c . 7 FALL AND W.NTKR plow ps vrc tU'r > Job lot SUk and Bugle Net?, 12>- i - 36> 2 900 fine Worked Cellar*. !? -> ?'? \t 1 ?< hH toISt' 4,900 Worked Hands from . i i >? ? j, Ladles' and Hrnt's II -.91. 9,900ladles' wtal*m (? a fr ie w; Job lot ladlee e! . .vr-i ... Job lot g. . I'aini.. Job lot ' . aw ?fiTE'. Llrtl pairs '. ~ nSOi'ig .j .kw. 2.6>D pair ? ? , , ? 1,750 ps ?> r g* tat ?< ie 1|K) i ,,-1,l9e. 2 ? *? > *. en s be per air. e-e rrj. I'f rr;? zbr ner piece. ts 49c ner piece bgWAsy te c -J* ?v l< ir Pins, gilt Belts, . *aac| Hood) of til alnda I B HONS. t iart voWe, I2r.. 19e , I An I f 41 T |A .job lets in all ? ylsn of g ode. " t?. ? liVsHur obitem pries. N>- KIN/.ar. 7-1 kighta sveoue. ? ii .wsLty ? stand f went y esoued streets. * *0 I CBN1NQ DK1MH, *? LORD A TaTLOR'R RO*. ?41 TO a*7 BROADWAY. A* BLBOANTUfOKTVUT ? ? RJCB P1.A1R AMD FANCY mil. m PARWlAN~^A ABR1CR, Itliuu roa BALL AND rfjciilNO DBI ABOAlin IB CLOaKB and shawls. B A BILLS A OU. ARA.aihitit W'J a#? pV?nio( ,l?i"ATE BknoUlN. PALrrnr, !)? frwn ' ImIb ; uAI addad lo Mr MA at WOT OUBB. LOBW Ik _ BBBABtA 1*1 faaep woA khawl* at ?f.lCAM BIT 1*2 and m ti?ao( u ?-.Wat B BODTRW ORVND OPKX: 0. TRrMkl. OrL^k tbk unaaiict diiipi, or Y PALI. AND WI.TBR i'LOa Rrar irkda m -bm I'nllAd Rtv-a, *r TAB CP TOWN PALACK, urm avkncb, Oorrikt of Tw-017 third auwat. And tAa wall h?o?n wn l for CbUAlA WO n*n?l atraat. CNLOB1BO OCT aaLN OF FAlX IMPORTATION* OP J Cll R r a 1N iWM'Dd At RKOCCBD PRICES. FKROrPON BROYHBOH, JftI Bruadwaj. tn n?w oflor trm at RETAIL tkair MoeA of BBoCATELLRM A ATTN DBLAINB4, 1MM ANKN, HORN I Jf, LA'"K ci'RTAlhH, NOTTIBOHaW LACB OTRTA1BR, BBPP. vr Nlk.w RHAl'M. WINDOW HOLLAND*. Ac. AY A LA RON BBDt'CfTON IN FBI-TRN. FBRODBUB BAONHBRA. tAI Broadway ? VAMAOBO BLANK NT*. PI.aNNBL* BROAD U1THN lZ$Tzr\Z"t~'n ir-,=n,"sir,Vf TUB WN No M ' alW'aa mrmmt 'ALL EXPOSITION. will npan < A tArlr PbtW ''w?b? and Mmi In. w?aiA?r wiiA ifcaaa of IBatr on aaanfwmnra. Alan. A cbotM ooUarOoa of real India Carnal'* hair Sfeawla Bad Brarfa. Oaaal atwt. nurdm of Nar-ar, Baw Try*. Grand rbtail opbnibo _ o P^K w A p D BLBfl A NT CLOAK^ Br BtTLPIN, "*RBD?'iN A BLU(. m Broadway, Owr aaOra W7IOI.BRAI.B IPk K Will DOW t* offrmd at BIT AIL. nman fTPKRR LTONR TCI.TIT CLOAKS. ANT HLACR BRAVKR (T.OTH i'LOAKR BLACK VKl.rBT ARABIANS. B. Hin/ITB ARABIANS OOLORKD CLOTH ARABIANS. VK1.TKT AND CM.1II KitTATBN. TBI.VRT and OLoTM BROODI AAd DIM | <Ww anrwRp flf IM ? RnAR immrwd and AA 0 ami WW afar to lAa HWTAIL NOLPTN, tad and oar owa mm* I'aH'irw. pnn'kMM MaaA A alow nana. OBBtMoN A ?JJOTT, Ml Wiaadaai. GREAT SaROAINN IN ALL WOOL BOOB DB LAINBR Jim rwrwOad Dm ami! n A '.aria )'?anf BXTBA qr aLTTY all Wool. BOC* DR LAIN BR, ? rtmkpr jard. An labia for rk Idrao. BDWaBD labhrh r A CO. Nn Ml RrMdwaT. OnNU ihm H?irr?o..ll'aii Final INRRAT HAR'l ltN?- *Hi)M AUCTION. T In 'ha l>a?? Fran h K?? ? and fliiat OMA aiH.EWIN ATII.APD A ' II ? l?'l CI A; aaartraat Raw Vwk Jan pit -aa all wool ||> N?r1o?? M walk vnmti 7A *'?' do ?? ra i aa do IT', ml* worihW" j. It do. t 'r? 1 itrA do ? mid, nM aim. II. iso do. aurarfn# TFihat 71 rryla, old pttod II IS. 110 do plan <lrM?s A?. M Mi .IT -,-Nana II do. do. do. Al oanla. old prlr ? 70 1? do #0. iln It e?ala, old prV~? aA & 0?) biav-M a.nara and too* '?haw a Raw at) word '.rorAn k.i.? "hawla, M SO to 17 |\ wrti fin Win III ??rh. Aid a lr>n?a foil of rRAar ilonda, bovrbt atoaa ifca araat '?dno. ?on n pnaa whli-h l? II. A < f> InnM all cloDD bnfara , ar Ut'liar attar'loa In bafora tk?> p . ~haar 101 caaMbara araat. Raw Tor*, iwrwar of kir k. DRKBi ooorm. J AllBR OBAY ICO. Win a . .. _ ? _ -. ..I npait, Ot'.n -aoralu, RRW NTLBN, POPIJNR AND TALBNCi ar. *"!> AAV, T TARI 1TAN?7T^B MBBiu .? ?i ma vtcw . . I .>T^? BBOADWA Y, ecrsw ad Wtrarfar 11MB DRV GOODS. <k( . T oIt 11 A TaVIAjH, J MOB. mi TO 467 BROADWAY. HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS. LHD EHEETINOS, U?IN DAMASKS, NAPKINS, TOWELINOB, COUNTERPANES, BLANKETS, AC., AO., AO, AO. LAROB ASSORTMENT, AT LOW~ PRICES. ALSO AT STORM NOR M TO Ml OR AND STIBBT. NOR 47 AND 49 CATHARINE STRUT. J^ORD A TAYLOR, No*. 441 to M7 Hroedwey, BAYS NOW COMPLKTED TUNIS ASSORTMENT CLOAKS AND MANTLES TOE THE PaLL OP I960, And AN enabled to offer RANT NEW AND ELKO ANT STYLES, MaonfAetured in the beet meatier, FOB Cm RETAIL TRADE, INCLOD1NO ALL THE POPULAR SHADES WHICH NOW PREVAIL IN PARIR J^ORD A TAYLOR, Nos. Ml U> 407 Broadway. BLEOANT LACES AND KMRBOlDERim # Pall eeenrtment FOR PALL AND WINTER WEAR, NOW READY. Aleo, LOW PRICED EMBROIDERIES AND LACES, IN (1RKAT YARIBTT. Noe. ASS to Ml ORAND STREET. Nee. 47 tad ?9 CATHARINE ST RUT. J^ORD A TAYLOR. Not. 461 to 467 Broadway, WILL OPEN, ON MONDAY, OCT. 1, 400 PIECES n rM less SILKS, A> *wu,tl 75 per yerd. J^ORD A TATLOR, Noe. 2M u> Ml Oread A OARFET1NOS AND UPHOL8TRRT GOOD* TAPESTRY, INGRAIN, 7TLVET, ERU88MU And every oerhrtf of CARPETINOS ANP~'LET .1 MATERIAUK LARGE, BUG A,.i 7~A N -1 ? CP 8TOM. Hc fOOP SKIRTS " UT t?rs*l"ch' melertela. Arr ? f ton etreet. ?? tUm* E^EW CLOAK B*>W," * itif .* cr, *m oI NOV . IKS \ A ?? D M A NTILL A8, t j7p?d end plan. " , . A.VKT AND CLOTH CLOABR No. 4S1 Rro*<1w?^^ Oppoatte the Metropolitan 1 / ? DRESS GOODS. J> kdwasd Lambert a co. Jonu> aUeniKiii to litiur SUPERB stock of *1> kind* of pall and winter dRKss goods. u No. API Br?*d*?y, Oppoelte the Metropolian Hotel. T) H. MAC* iV( la BOW opeplag kta fall Importation of LA DthS I INK FRENCH kill GLuVER, all sura, ail colors, bent mality tli cants b pw. Foil atopk of fine Lares ud Kmbrm.leries Foil (v <k of Rlbb ova anil .oe Franch Plotter*. Poll Mock of Fau Hosiery ? dClov*s Fall tin k of White Uotidi, flat sola Ac. PtjH yioek of Ltneo ami L'tieo 1 aiubrw Haodkrr tuefa. Ft 11 ? nek of l.sdlea' Under Clothing. Fall Block of leaker Notmos. ladf? era always pertain to f.nd with of a fnll iwtr.maot of tbe a bow f ode at Ik* ktwee tnot R H. N ACT, SD4 and J06 Firth a? . second cntreao* below ?l KCaL LACES AND PAB1S EMBROIDFJ11ER. JaNKn OBaT A CO flare now open a rnperb aiwor.ment aI POINT LACK COLLAKn AND KKTs, rniRT LA< E FLOUNCING*. Ni-aRrn and -DfAWLR THREAD LACK VKIIJf, PMH'NOlNUN AND POINTR, ttaKHVd aND OOIFFUREd, Paris EMBROIi KRiEN Tt? HROAPWaV corner of Warerley plaoa SOLOMON A BART. Mf Ho*i w?p, rvre Bow nflerled at retail their f? I Importation* ? lihT ? IN kl aTaKI Aid! AND FURNITCRE COVERINGS. aa<1 sonul call the perurular ei'dlm of pert ?* f..r' anmg to their enleadld <1.ei ir r ' NEW STTI.K* A ? D NEW I WPuRr- TI.>NH bRto" balls* aNPnaTIN PKI.A'NBH. TAPBSTRTA. TAhll Ittl- GA'dHEH RKP-' LISTINGS, I! A NDM'VE STRIPED AND Wj RATED DAMASKR. PIANO AND TABLE 00VRan t OBNICKI, UaNDS AND PISS. m lA an oe ' large a'oak of [.At * and mi' CUR TAINS VEST.HP E LAt KS A?p III RUNk. AND OOLdi AND PAINTED WINDOW hHaDKR. of their owa man ifartnr* *. A W are prepared t? e?w ite. at eytremelv low o>w*. evert DyleofCuriam w eg. r,.h .meet** net Dec .r?'idg In the ecu.i and rtjie lor wbkh trey are trlasr*!*'. SRIRTRA FRANCE U WANCFACTCRTNG THE Wore a , tffce.1 ahtr. alao all hind* of skeleton NktiU. made of the heat aad Mmadem .'ee:, p. tb-Ubet w.ll art-ml the tedy a dyaea OU mine wade orer factory 1W Weak Thirty With nreer rt?ee R7 Bruadwey, rjoei No. A Rreid at *?? <? ,M thnrlrat adFa. "-"V, TINE BH1RTN TO OhnBV??*D FITTINu Sample IMrtmamd Onllaie made ee noprtntaer-F.'*'?!( Mnyad Collar, made ee ??proCwJ.?T"il< _ nodd, Wfcrv and ample la ererr poaa*. # rertetv AH'H'fuif in FTie weed* ? [jB B| ILL REMOTE TO 773 Rh ? ILI.INKKV G LARGE AMt iRTMBNT OF FAIX AND WINTER RIM.INERT. At wRmeaaie a? remit, at the Ryeak one* truss MRA. W. PIRMONR.W7 Hmadway RAND OPENING PaTTRRNH OF ?TPOSTSD PAR'S T Faehtnne. ?7S Rroadway. aad all the braoche. Ale-. Mm*. Item create elegantly ll.Ll'*TK aTEIi RIRH IK AND tp'aRTERLT REPORT of Parte aad New T-e* Feeytona, r etatairu full aad reileMe inform*!ion aa to the pre ra lir? wjleanf tnmalkn thaeea. m.t-ria'a. A.' b'Rbly In tereeUnp to d- inakara end .adtea F ir aa.e rrerj where. Frtce 1 aeatA. PuMtehed at 47.1 Hi mleay. MA DANE IPEACCRI.I.IER WEfDINRACH NO IM Atlaode ntreet Broohlta. will opea her aew tmporta Hone of Winter Benneke on Tknrsday, Oetober 4. and aaoet re apeekfttlly Ian lee the ladles looall aad n amice her well ae ee ted patten a ADAMR A NOt'RBIT NO w IILRRt'KER NTRBBT M ren tenf tlly tnforma the ladies ?f New Tort that ahe baa reret! ? ! a larfr joet re. et- 1 a laryr aaanrtmei.t t< rich F .nwsra ami Mau I rum the frit i am bouare In Parte Madame A NUt'RRTT .v rr y. ? MXE RBONIER NO. 1* FIFT 4 ATKNUR, AN a< .reea to the ladles of Raw lorn that ahe has a rartely of rich PartatAA fVmnrla ready for Utetr taeti~*t.?i m Thu?-? day aad Fritlay. from 17 till 4 i* M. Ska will show ny yatUrbt elejyant " klfe ,r* a aad t tpera Bnnnete. MtIUtie<-a aok admitted MII.L1NF.RT ?A LAROR AMNjRTMKNT O* F AM. AND wln'?r lb in nets no* i pen at Mr* sR^F'tt. UH St*th avn arte. A1 dearnpttona of Hearers aad F?|ta op hand N'OTICE to LADIEN -JDNT ARRIVED t ROW PARIS a ret ' lam mil loer. who wtahee fo- wort at bnm.\ la etea owa material preferred OaU at III Weet lionet n et PARIR MILUNEWT.-RAOAVR FRRRRRO. no. I Great Jcnea etreet. km yual rr oitre 1 the lel?t Party ?yle* of fall an.I winter Huoaeta. dam. Head Are ame. Fmwara Paatbera. tacea, Ae _____________ Paris fanhionr for i.adirv drknn Paris FaNHIO.NR TOR I'BlLDRKN'd DBBS4. PAhIN FAkIHONN? i'IX) tK <t PaRIs fashion4 FOR RuMNBTS par's pashionr fR tr'rringr. Paris PABIItQNN FOR NLRRTRyt Mre PEWORFST* II.I.UWT k T*P GP*?T*,,r*'' POET of all the LATEST PARIS aed NRW ?ORK FA*H IONS. Inral table In the trade dressmaker* aed ladle* r?n r*My. aoe ready aed for sate at ail the braiwSee and the nee* det ite Prfcp $ ?nte year It anbernyttnaA II ceele Add) am Use PEBORBNT, 471 Rrrmdway. ROTEI.S. c w ITT HOTEL, NEWARE. NEW JERSET -SEVERAL _ Rne Roctrtren he had at he.f k?? Turk pri a, by an tilT'bf at r.y>?i ? of the hotel, wlthia hit/ an hour'* r. lh nf New Tml. /Nfti gy tNR INTERNATTONAI. lOfRta NUflkRA Faf? F T-To a cemmndnte lata fraraUera thin hntel will be kept open during the month of Oeaoper. crrat mix nouEi, cdrrer stt?n atbnoe and Fort eth Wreet The abort biam la now In c. ana fete rei air for fall aed wlatpr t oatneea. Famtllea aad elny'i.' per lot t retrrr et from the oantry wttl do well by tnaElad thle tke lr l?ai rail Wtw* encaglne board. Terme rerr moderate JOHN B RGRTW1CK, Croprlntor ?|70?r*N nOCNB-OOBNtR OF BOWEET AND BAT. TT ar f aueet -This (rat elaaa Hotel, kept on the Bnrapeaa r'.ar. M r,?w ooen for ike recepttat and am oaamortatem at > M'ara and lr?re;iere The amvmimodallWM ar* of the beat dew rip*ca The aleeptny room* larva, wall retaliated and p?*ly famished. Tba ooei*~n te neatral. and every enmfort utat ttaa be ftraad la aey well nond-voted hotel e at the anm n?t M "-VTTKttdnOBe* ipiciai ?otiok?< ATTENTION HK I( K La V KHH ?THE KBtiULAR MuN TH l> n??fUDii of lbs New York Bricklayers' Benevolent Pro lealive l/niuu will he brio lo Conveutno Halt *"? 179 A ' wtnr ilreH, on 1 burvca ? erooit g tictooer 4, I860 Punctual aui-pdtuce of ?li members of the Union m requsltn.1 Au eleclaiu for Iretiiutf, and other buatneeeof Impo taoce will b? irtuiuuJ. JOHN U. WaRp, Prwa'dool. DANIKi, i al.aUAN, VIod PrbbMbbt J<'HH Htiwi, ItcordioK ^creury. A HKRICAN UEOORAPHIOAL AND HTATI8TICAL AX Society?The A lotober meeting of the American tied graphical and S ullsin al Koetely will be h.1.1 at the Society'? Hems. lo Olitao bt l. Astor iiWf, Thursday evening Octo ber i ?it o'clock A paper oo N> rut and the Tribes of Mount Lebanon will b? real by Rev. Joseph 1\ Thompson, D U , and remarks CD lbiwm? subject may be sneered from alter - HI in "" gentlemen Ihe Oouocll will meet at btlf oust wvmo n clock EDWaHD A. HTA.NMtUltY, Recording BecreWry ENUINCKR'H OFFICE OP PORT at HANDY HODE, 1?U West nlileentb street. New fork, October I, 1H6U. ?O'l urs will be received unUl Ihe tkfe Id Waal, for tb" delivery udou the wbarf at Handy Hook, New Jersey, of from l.MOto 5 lUDbme of rough granite or "pailande" eloue. of elzea that will wei(b about from 60 lo 400 Ibe. each. The delivery to nommeu ?* wliblo right dare after Ibe award, and to be completed by the Abb of November nest. About 30 to 40 Granite fbitten can And eteady employment at tble Port by applying at San .y Uook. or no board the propeller Uovernor Floyd near the fnoi 'f Ohrlt ? Christopher street. None need apply but firm class ami faithful workmen. B. W BENHAM, Car lain and Coa'g Kngtneer of 8andy Book Poll. NOTICE-THE M HIKERS OK THIS (1RNBRAL CO* mlltee for Ibe Itall In bonne of the Prince of Wale* who hare not ye', paid Ibelr subscriptions, are relocated uj do no w Ihout deU'.auhe u (Bee of KOYaL Pfc ELUS, Esq , Trea surer, 41 Kicbange place. OFFICE OP THE WAHHINUTON ACJCKD0CT, WASH Ingbin, Keplemb?r 27. lbdO. Sealrd propiea'e are Invited for furnishing upon the wharf at Georgetown four thousand lo ell tboiiaaud barrelsof Hr draulic Cement, of tbrre hundred pounds each; one thousand barrels to be dellvemt within leu days from the acceptance of any proposal, and three Ihouesnd more within thirty days thereafter. Hide will be opened in preeence of bidders at 12 o'clock, 9th day of October nest Propuaali should be endorsed "Sealed proposals." and ad dressed to H. W ItCNHAM. i'apt. of Engr. and Chf. Eng. W A. OFFICE OF THE McNARY KNITTINO MACHINE 1 ompany, Prptembrr 2'J -The of this Company hat been removed to No. 26 Wtiilain tlree'., roon no. 27, rear building. SEALED PROPOBALH WILT. HE RF.CE1YEO AT TH1 office until Friday, the 5ih dly of October, IS60. forth purchase by the corporation of a lot fur the uae of Engine i'omrany No. St' to be located within the following Hounda rise.?Franklin street latirbl. Hudson and lireenw ch s'-eeis Proposals lo contain a diagram of the property ottered, with dimensions, locality and character of imorovemem* if any Payment wl'l be made In raib. "n giving a sittafacpiry tlun The right Is reserved I" reject any proposals, if the interest* of the corporation require It KOHERT T HAND. Comptroller Citv or New Yokk, DsrsnssitaT or Pijsajicb, j CoMiTRoLLik s Umci, Hept. 2b. 1960, rs BOTTLMkR' l'ROTECf IVB AHHOIIATION WtLL hold iheir regu'ar monthly meet'ng on Tbureda y evening, October 4 IMiP. at eight .click, at iryner's Hall. Ad and 4d kaat Houston street Punctual attendance requested. HOl'HK*, HtHIMY, ?C? WA.YTWD A GENTLEMAN ANO WIFE. WITHOUT CHlLDhKM? wa>i part of a House, nufnmahed, where there would be but one other faintly; location beiwren Bleacher and Tweu tiribstrrtta In a p'-asant neighborhood *ddresa L R., He raid oaire Rent not to riceed $2mi per year. A SMALL HOfHF. W AN fk D?FOR A KM ALT, FAMILY, 1 between hi "ond >w klrhtb aver-tes F. .urteeslh and Fortieth streets ttent USAi to fSUh. Pose.- sion at one. J. M Kli HaKDb A A O , 170 Fourth avenue A family er tav > pkrhons wan<h a hoi'hein New York or Br.sihKe, ' trd would oe lak-o In psy.aenl of ?1 " ' log a f? v otherard 'i.e. to" Sil'a A Jtxl tlmadway, bank en | trsnee t , pv . 1' ? T! ?UNTIL 1ST f)F NiT P p.... sjF aEnHelate learnt, eissm familr Is email, and me and Iuruliure. Ad lrese . ,j >ty and reut ? aNTl .tl, I1Y A KM ALL PRl o i asant'y .orated, ols nly but I iho Sret it Mav Kent not to b Address I-?I 1 110 Post nftiee R(mim wanted?hc it a hle for a phyhicisN'R rfttce, with sleeplcu* nccomm'F at one; loea'tco most Ire above rbirtl'th street and betwren i.eimgt.n and kighth ave nues Terms nu .derate, a ddresa, ?*h penlcn jira a. M 1?., bos 164 Herald ottti-e. WANTED?MY A PHYSICIAN. FOR AN OFFICE, a front basement, or a front Kismt on tie ilret Bo >r on Mad son avenue. Address Physician. Brooklyn Post i TAT ANTED?A FURNISHED HOUSE IN A HOOD I.OOA FY Dm In Br ouklye, tor ill oi "Olhs irnm th? '??-?( N ..ein 6H South auest ber,or prevluiely. Aptly to J B. hAKDY, corner of Wall etreei. N. Y. WANTKD-TN KIW YORK <iR BROOKLYN. ?n>? built brici f<> iar id a reape"t?ilr nnah; f bnpd; a.iwt hare all the ini>d*rB nnni.W 't, h"1 h?idv pi Ib. ears or frrriea BCLl not to am ?ed SWU Ail i/raa * H. <1 llerald <HiU? WANTKD-HY \ T?Mft,T Of APt'LTR riVE ROOM* cii lie ttr?t or oQoo.t i ?.r. with I isetneat; not hoi..* RVeeeier no. a" Tee it* ar cob 1 Mro*'. wwo-n He md on I be en'-b |v<rnri rei.i me Wie.need (100 per hah .to. Addrnra Hkl. ?UU n K, K.Kl. b WANTED?HY A liKAT: ?t?A* A?0 IWAWirK, TMK ?b<w urtwii/ aim- finite i.*r< r'm city. Ac areas, ruuog pant ilmre, bouse, Un 137 I r td ?m -e. WANTKP?TOR A p.RTTOr 1RNTI.P.VK1 t rUR ruata.-d high floor Mi nn.- >1 irrnn 13 to II ft . un": a t Inn between Bond oti l Twenty third at'eeio *11.1 H .m l mil Rut avenues; rot.I from f ltd to Sli 1a ii. 'iub. AiUrcaa f. P., bin 137 1 all "o WANTKlt-HT a rilYRICItJf, km* AN '"PP1CR. t front Hnotn. with a Hedr*,' .. all ? boil, no the dr?l 'i ?> of id Has ?h basri.eil !. > me, ineato-l ?>?' *?r 1 Pirn aid NiitA armors ardrevnih -nd Vw?nt ? 'i rroli AO rem Low re 1 ico A Co., U Kami Ki rt*. n'.b rtreit fir 1RTKD-TO IIIRR. t BOUPR ABOTK T*VTH yf riro'l end w'?t of S*i-'lot aeon'.o 7f?'orinwiiiH. 1 *r 1 alibi, with hiek ??.?? p an1 good wldtb tweuiM prefer.. . Address D. bom < UU WANT1P-IN HRO'iKI.T*. MY A HiOTCII a* A MM.T "f Ibroo II, tber end l i I b ??? , the ao V ft I ? ? liftMM uil amiable lor bona*keep or, o' a small a'/-d houre la a bee try ne thf-nrbond. ond within from taa vi ft 'to n m r meijrif as' nf ihof.r.|?? ??i,. wft bo r-ry arid' ? rate AdnvetN J. 1* . b?m 1 S\" r..?t "A o Now Y r? VJLT ANTKP Y't fflRR ?A P*!1 KTR NT aHLR, IN T"V ? vleii.uydf'fwerta-'hMfWdl ?'"??n "tr u ?: d Id-tlti.'..., aeoanwa. Address a It Mer? d 0 tui rout TATANTKU ft I H K. NT ?Title l.OWgR PART tip A till YT teel Mmiae, alt ial"d between Mleeclirr and T'^., t atreeta and lbtrd and aluh a*. mire K-m M t> ureal IDA per mamum. Apply tiJuHN YRrfRKfCH, HiThtrc a?e. WANTRP TO RKNT?POR A TKRM OP YRaRA, WITH ib IS or *1 at I tea of New Torn, a l'?"I House id Ma or Iwetee rt'dna. rarden oetbotldinrf. and eight or ten wires nf land eent *J ?), near a dep.* la Naar jersey. Address <'. J. II , Ht.? Aid Hi at ?>??# IKUHAU D" aP ARK 431 HR'MiMl NTH ACT. (PP MTaIRRi >>IA tier of I'rwhy, r-irea pnamplly and paraaaaeauy, Witbnul mere .r?, ratal, Uabed UBS. DB. B. tNIBHKTT HAMRKNmVRU run* HIR 11UI utRoa, at It Unana atrret, UI hw nreaant eery nnarenlral mrn at ? Bar a at Ml I' ntraatreet, Oeto-Oea ? baarotra and Meeita atrrela. Davtax a prtrate rwrama at No difty Hail plore ?Vra ba naabe c< maul tot wtlA iHtnltlatiea m a lertalo rlaoa of apaatai ctaaaa e N. K ? lir It. la a atember of the Mew Tcrk L' alrwrWLy utadoui Uallegal aos bM dlptaaa la bla author or rurn "PRaitkiaa pri IIS Cmahe T:r:t.3vM" ? r<ojg? rtaawa af Ibeae^^H **i4". lite aad little taaw^H "".'-b'etl - .efaMi , h?R Moadiagaaaaa. A* .. ho aaa haal aeprwiHaaa bta a? Dr IiARNort* rtirth miTifiH I'pon A.m..,a IMHltty aad a r'utVLwloi tbe f rat to r.p ae the dani ?ra of rant Ui_ .. k,., paMrnta vaatlfy T?e v?,k abonld be in ihr a ?a.rt In Km)tit ?# Aimrnmmt TKias r>K . kait m..Raao ? ' prwtn * ? sow- ,?ai? aR'niw '? UI i?S a - ffc. -r # ?o ann In brallh le dlarane Th-ee wb. bad anffarwd . _ eeaafa! troaiwteat nf leaa otorrien. e.t ,,ay .i -ian. kaew ~~ oenfhia arretcen Mffl-ea, No S47 Headway, in a ^ imir*. S to A *?d 7 to S Thi.rart ir e eniera |fc?a . t ailed free by the author aad il (A I.A IYBKNi'K No 1 Ti ??y atrewt. D R rORRTTT J? YKARR TN OPPTCl PAA'TTb ? tR ?ejoanltad M 3t 1 entre tlreel, near I "iane, 1 row 8 A. M DR THD.IH BRMtnwav VHI,.R| HaRiilNM NO. derately bu wwdrrf U aa.11 and pnwptH ide 10 c irlaa earum dtaraaei la without a rt THR PRWBRVATION OP If IT* AN I.IPR-PRI rata OnoswNMtna Wb ml UTNtRR has for I kirn raara foaRosd bla MtaaMna to dtaaaoas of a earula oiMa. li 0 Ma thaa fifty Ihonaa nd oaaro, wwhow Tbe rowed!as ara mild, aad tiara h nest or ehange of dleL Dr. HUNTRI 1 of failnra. so laMiaplhia to fmataoaa 1 Is W enaiataat atleoC aoce from 7 In lis on awing bottl IS W might, at hit old otSia, Na. I DlrMna atrwst. Charges mod* rasa, aad a onew gnantDMad Neporata room, an that the patteal mm ao oaa bat lis Donor btmaalf. Rous SOI p* HOW TO OCRS D7RRANBR OP TH1 MOOT IlfMTRRRa. Int ebaraoMr -Raw PatlenU' Intde, by 4. W Narpm M. P . croiutnfeg adetoe aad mods of rare arftb r-' ?r reaiedIra. In be had of all drugytwa. at Hit a .mm aad do eipo lee 10 rwata. n ob try H 'I laarwuw, No. 1 Tawl an re 1 1 a e iu ,eia ew nr 11 ??. latwreaea, wo. 1 Yaart atreat, or mailed free na rwoetpt of foar poatoga --?warn Ad drraa boa I OSS PhUadalpbla Post ntBna VfAONMIC ARP HllLINO IRMTITOTK. MO. VI iVl atrerl ? Pr. JOHN R(*?TT will rowiora rwnr.-rw or" , ?or* of all klsda. wttboot lha oaa of the.kni'e Ch-oale ,|i. raara aad thw regarded aa hopeMa by lb- medlaai faeaRy ran be readily aad ?ur oaaaf .illy enrad. Treat meal by letmr alTlDg eympireaa aad Motnry of tbe naae. fea SS A?oaw> damn a wl atteer anre at the institute during treatrnml Re frrraeea lo tRe wool distinguished men Id i bla aad a bar muea Of the Calm Addreaa or app.y to Oy. John Room. No M Hit ?treat. New Tort. PBOPMROR RROTKIJo IO (TRANRRRR otrbmt. car he enaaatlled na uenol. ne by leuer 10 bee 1 MS New Tort tveladtoe. Pf RLXRHKP RT PR HARROW. ISI Pt RR'TtRR nreet RtPf d?*ow fr oe Maodoneal New T .r* , rVo> M Win that pen ilar medio*! work "If iman Pralltr rberw fr.a erwywbere Hold *lan b? P 0. Wel'e A Mr, ltd Prani R? eireel R. T . and at PR Pnltna atreat, HmAlye IIIPR AM RARLT ORaYR-RRaP TlfR PRtTATR an lea wholly deeoted tn on ring dtaraara of e eertala Pi tin in may ceamill Or. Ward ap.ia any dfaaasee n? siwbl'h linb-l tfwe'a lib, rweaadlee aad treauatmt dim aW rte ei af n fa the wrebl-ara prepare t from a ll/arnlma npeat la be mint hie r I tela aad a mure D| leaded prartma tkae any Iber |T*^ phefrtan Pr WAtU ahwie oaa reWore pea iHS Kroedway WIHBS AMD U?tO?k IIJI ORRRRT RRAMPT-SfW OAU^INR Tt'RR W8 ^ WIM Cherry Rready. hi earlaiw Maad packagea. na ' <na?Sf/af?r" - ~,=SBS? B I msCELUilEOCI. All. i?km h'ktionh of buhinbhh hoboht aj?o ?old upon u.oiaraln leruue For aaui. rive ye? ., ? . ! ci>???r *lr Huijr one blor-.k frnin '.Vaah.ugl. .. pivf t'? .rroun j; | fli.urea do at valuation;d?flr*hle 1 cation for 01 ?. ? ? per room#, do ; mil %6Lkl. Ai'aiytoK f)\Y,4l7 4 ? at ?. ?. 1 nue. t.rfuri" 10 or after 4, or at 1,214 Hi juiwuv. Ir .m 'n ? AFPl.KR FOB 8AL1.-PBU.HAM K A KM NKffro* 4 Pippin App'ea. warranted perfect and r>x.ay fur ???>,> run *t. Apply lo ROBERT L. PEl.L, Knup ?? Punt ofllw, Un rf roupiy, New fork. BONDS A I/ 'R ARNICA IJNINKNT.-THIR IS A PURB vegetable emollient Ha Ingredients are powerful ami doles to pit pain and iutlammauon eiceaablu by sffaorpti u through the uoree All mineral aalves are dsngero .s In.., sands ar? crippled by external applleaLons of m*reury, ?>'t. doc y end iodine. Thin remedy, on the iKher hard. la ate *? lolely end entirely hnrmjeae It curaa eatti ua! ulcers ion and In urira o' the tleah akin pod moaaular fibre, r?l?i -a a ill and r.'cted joints, la the onlr reliable application lor r'ce oi v tlam iru .Tampa and will leal aore and broken hreae'. v npoii ehi'li a!! the anlvee and lntious of U?e Jpharma ooo . v bar* bern Irird without effect. fries 26 ceo A Depot Mo. 34 llenh ? man street. III.IARD HAMJ? ?A FINE A8RORTNENT Or IVORT Milliard Italia of tuperior quality, at reduced prWe; ? In. patent mused Ivory Jfteen ball poo. and b .rate, o Italia f. r SI* bv WM. M WKLL1NO, 414 Broome atraet. cor ner of Him ?fleet. 4 (TOMVIsRIONKK rOR TUB COMMONWEALTH OF ? ) Maaeerhueeue.-WM FVHN18H, Attorney and Motory, < 'omnnaaioiirr for all the htairs Ir ana negotiated. Fj? sale, one int. middle of tlo. a. bntr 'ourih and Sljty-tlfth atreeUL between Eleventh and Twelfth arennaa. Wanted, a email Farm. In Jersey or thla State. No 335 Broadway, room No. | Moflat Building. CHILTON ON TI1B CROTON.-"THE DIAFHRAUIC Filler, mannfactnri'd by Meaara MrRenrte and O'Qara, la ibe kino of p..'out filter t> which 1 alliuled In my recent report m the Tropin Hoard, t con alder the arti Vial aand ?intie a bleb cotieltfiitev the !;l'?'tng medium, to be an ei tallent ? rtirle for the purpose. The lua.rumant la 'jut e durable and oolv rr.|Ulrea Pi lie reversed, occasionally, to ina'tre ita an IP in. JAMKH R CHILTON, M D.. Obeoilat " Vtait the aourcea r.f the ' rnton river and obaerve the dyeing establishments, atable tarda and other oauai-a of Impurity. or re?d "Harper ? ? for War rh, on the Inhabitants of the On tnn and olh?r River Walera," and von will not drink It uoleaa nit?~?l Hold and warranted by Mi KK.NZ1E A O'bAKA, J2d Fonrlb street. New York. Dr dniibbhiu/r okoton point drape*. or excellent justify, are now received daily f?o? hia vine varda and so'd at bla geteral grant and pure wine depot. No. 7 4'lmlon Hall A a tor place Hie llripra all come to the city .a boxes and baakete with f'rvyon Point marked dikkhctly ra tkeui lhla notice may rheoh the too cevalent | racilee palming t II a poor article lor ornptn Polut Ilrapes IB Henrv i.tone. (Latb or thk ahtor hoche winh c ellaret, No 71 Kaat Fourteenth etieet. near Academy of Mmii', dealer In choice y urelgn and DomeeUa Fruita, Woxte, hfgaia, Ac. nARHWARK ?BKCHANT'TB TflOIB AND BDILDBR8 lurdwair In lota to a it. aelHng lean than noil at .48 ? nth avenne, to cloee the bitatnoaa bpire to let w th Flvturew complete, a good opening tu continue an old eatabllahed buhl M' [AKHI.C MANTE1.H?THB HUHRCR1HBR lNFOBJBi ibe nubile that be la aaUtng Mantela. Ae . An cheap* than any other trraon In tb* city. Thoae wtablng to bay ahmud cat1 ai A RLAHKH'B marble yard, 113 Raal Klgkileeath atreek. near 1 bird arenue. hew Turk. NflTK'B TO PLUMBBAR-THB DNDBBHIOWBD RB apeoifniiy ca I the attention of plumbera u> their anlandld Wock of (<?per Range Butlera for t'r urn. Brooklyn and Jrw> aey preeanre. ard all kind of nop tier work need in the trade, at the m. at reasonable prlcea, and all hind of copper wortt nned by brew are. dyera, Ac. A. TRAOBRRR and O. WAI.TBR, Man tfarpiri 74 Wet Thirty drat atreet Between btith and aerenth areauea, N. *. Ordera by mall promptly alluded to. J>RINTR or W AT,IS R4LL-MRH LI1H. DRHHR maker 72 Beat Twellib etrert corner of Fourth avenue, reaprctfoliy reqneele her onePuncra anil the cadlea of New York who re.|.dre Hat| IlrewwHi mwle. and have But ?e'. aenA In thrlr ordrra to do an without delay, If they would uul be die app. Intrd an to time. TRKVINDOVB RXCI'IMENT. <4r-at aale of 1 G AN, WI N NR. tlROCKRIER, FLOvR and PhiiFIPIt'NH. Fawi'v Flour, |4 ft5. and It 5U per barrel. New '/jtair Tiirranta. 5 ce"la per pou d Choir* tlrrrn itnd Black Teaa, Jf Pi.'??.?*nt? per pound, hu,are wholcea'e and r*latl. al rcdnrra' pr *a. tlonc a delivered free. til iMaHK. A'INKW. 2HX1 'ireanwtch and B9 Hurray alree a. Cad and ?ee for youraelvva #F?0 RPORTKMF.N ? OPNR RIF1.KH, RBTOLV Bla* uvwrw I Punch* and H*lie Powde-Flaaka, Oame Haga, Powdei, Hint. A* the largcat b?? t and rbeapeat anaunmcivl in the oRy. u F. KM MH.lih', 48 Chatham air rep All gooda warraalad ae r*pr*eanlrd. TH* HKECT EN 1I.1RH RKMK ?T FDR OOOT AND rhcuinstlam ?All a iff?era from the above ?? either of rrc*nl <w long afandlni? s?* aiivia?d uva HI.AIR B 41..ut and Rheumatic Ptlla. I hcv can he rei.rd Upon na thtt muat aa'* and rflrrtual leinmlv ever offered the publie. ami bv ve been untveraalir ua*d to Romp* for m tny rear* for the alio,* .cmpla i.ta P't-c 15 end 75 cola per boi. Prepared hv Pioul A II" sai '. 229 St'and, lex duo, Kaglnnd. and sold ' r Ihelrapent tfl'TDN IIA KB \ NT, *1 t? third atree' and Brvmd way. and t v F. c WKI.I.f A CD , 115 Fr?nklln itrw, N. T. II rr Wafvij" Commfi mere have anthorlrel th* name aad adcrraa of ' Pr ut, 229Htrard I ondon,'* to be Im p.rovil upon th* o.eru i.ent siampa ull.ied to each bra of gaou.tie moctctne. WA*THD?A PKHPON TO RT'Y TTIR HOLE R1DHT rf tb a i ity to make the best patent ? etal my In the i I iiiled St a., D.e rrmand for th* in la great, and the nrobta I a*ii. I wtil re I low f..r raah "r a good note Addreae P. W , I IIrraM office or a* the lliratd Hons* ii/AMlli 1KDN TANKS DF I T t 70t> OAt.LOBN CA vV p-i tr acgular akaue preferred v nd a hsicf.t of tt.ree fe?t Alio, a large Pad .em Ikalaar* on wtiweha Adnram ? o ey, liereM oh, e, Rta'.ng loweai raaa W'aNTKDTOTR*IiK-4 very FINE r\MII.T HRW trg Va.htne ooat |I25 a le *' months alucv 'or joe ? ? two bamlwrne Hnreana Addn-va but 4 149 Post otllce. VN A NTH TO BUY A PAIR D? CH A N HEI.IRRs re R two pa'lura, Dot b u o.d taahl ,oed. Apj If to, P. S Hgrwid ii'amiii t ' m:y a kink cow and ai.p, nut vY ,irr two monha on. Call at or sdd..-ta 47 itoidsm .lie#' hootb ante KWO Ho el. 30HRPII M It . mm. Ollll A TEAR M A PIC HT MIT OHK At IHJT lln? n*nail Wor* l.*> r* and null a-.**: I n "a, Iwuara, two Alt h?l- ?. Kl?nraa .nd Hnrd?r I'aHa, w'lb Id < h'aria aod <b "*??* for la-** wort. with a luantiiy ..f Vtnck ??0 ri-ri u< ralall. f<w (IMi. Miiiara, <v>oii>a#a. t'.niahliib Plat*. PiH'ablnr llrnmh. Trmtnrr RM-ar* Mm ?.;hin< Knix, l>;* <>*? lln-r* Pattr-a liaWrnn llnmnrr and Hlonk. with K*<:p? for lnd*Ulhl* Ink and Marcantll* bt*n II lot, aj r.*<*a??r\ mrtrirt'^M f ir i-ntlln* htaonl ftar*a?. roahiu* Hloa nil brnaha* and In abort, lb? ?b n? ay?t?ra of rvr mi 'n Ilia Sir>MI M??la***#t whol?ala, w<tb a dhinrt ?Uir* and f<? m <4 *.an iKa-P| <loo, w arm "tad i>*rf?ct ?r ?i. ban?*d at an* tlm* lr<-? for n*w Th?* whol* ? i<(M. ? Or* and omflrla. a lurni b?d tor *111 I>1.a all |?'?r>l*d Tb? tmarvw Ht?*< il T??n Work*. at MpalaaltaM, V?i?v baaa a r*ah ftiad of t'Ai <J 0 ln"?l*d ??'>0BlT*ly In lb* mat. i faalna* of Hlani-11 ha. Ir.r lb* 'arraat and mntl .aloan * wai?r po*?< in <b* "mi*. ?lib a wb??l of aarrnly Syo hrirad power? ilitdbi nd ?in tad ? It* a<iv*tiia?aa. Halt I'W* and l>?ruau ara !>*? A* traaa A 1 f .Uta i*l*n la* aix^ pn<i<rt*t <rt. Mb U Mrahan'a' Ki har.f* H<?ou. US HnMa ty, Raw York, or !*i>n*|:i*<d, Y t. 4;l/w\ nnn ca* "* *?At!?cniTiirm,Miiu?t vMfYf p?r*nft* paying M In aod w wa.f / frara under in* dir."Hon of loin Mmtford. I>aa "try. alar* of tomurr moat anr"** a Aim* A?TUOUtuy. A^? bora fipr amtroujoimt, that rvrrt onrcam d*i and on. ? Madam* WlLSOlf, wbo tail* IA* ohmat of B- ;r rbolt aa anna aa vm ar.lar bar ran. Madam* m rraalaat antrolngWl thai arar wa* knows Him will Inrabd I lb* iMiw*r* of bar wosdarf ill artana* aad tall all tbs amis of your wbol* llf* Har prodioUn? ar* an tana Ibal I bay rvprtaa r?ry <?? that moon ta bar Mm* adtaa may ?*? a Jul* timid, ihu- ?k Hay n*md ant '<*r 'nr aha prartlrn* rvAbina hut what la rra.j?11?hlo tn pbii?**>b*r* All ahonld mo* uil tbi* and wn> drrfnl aad mr?rWi* lady. Har Adrian baa imrar baam known in fall, and ah* iHTar* tw?ty itrmaand dollar* aa ward in any nn* win naa *<|nal bar Si lb* ahma aalaana R. M? Mad a ma m limaaa I* la iHMaaaMoa of lb* iwlahrabad onastn ahan? ?blah ar* arar awrtais In Ih?tr a If art. Traly mar ah* hd aailad a m<?l woadarfal wnmaa Raatd? LA* Ail** Mr?A hd lw**t> llonaion and Mantna ar**ta orar lb* babary. Mm m 'all. few lad ma aad ?Uam?. MmiM ARTOfflRlfTjrfi -MADAM! MOMMOW. KMTMRTH daoabtnr. born with a aaul and rift at fnrwatiht. WIM bow *?? and of i*a jm will marry, and many aaauta. *r*m yon **rr ibonrbm. fa* U n? aattl otbara ab<|. xyrl>( aty ad. rariiaamatiia. LM Ludlow Nnmb balnw Honaba "?i I aaaa ant admMtrd (bl.A JUVI TARiT - MMH ARTWOD!-* MkriMAI. <*1.A 1! ?/royart Roma, MM Konrib *tr**t tarn hlnrba warn of Hroad alb* ami arbitral a.-l nalaad nmn-? nrm* 'tauon# day aaaal' b aad p*rf?ot aalmfaou. u y iarant*ad aloaia. or aa Pay takaa YfAPAMR SB A FPRR BAR REMOVBD FROM SRTRITTH ? araM in Ml AowM am vtamii ?<mw r1 ud I'abia " *4. third imar bb* ?11 r nunn** M tall abonl In?, star 'M?da. iw?aa? and ^rinmyb Ladi? 11 aaa?. O?tlri. , ant to?Had bwd. la aaaainatloa <d dlaaaaa aad b?m a. , room. Ri, ?7 *?t 1w?ty**r**tb atraat at Mra far* a MA In UK. BYRON TIIK WtiMHKR t>F RUKHfi.. J. af arrlrad from Part* ?Tr .* ulbi, nhr*boi ir<*t and aplrboailat tb* (tr? lr<?* inl irmatlnn Hi all adalra of Ufa, *0'a*d<nnk*rna?, flba* loaby n imbara. A?. Sim ht* **>?*? naly yaanlt ? Ur?a and arabla ;* an.ana ?* ? fnond in ta.a ?w.atry. kaatdan?MJ Ro?rry, n*ar Muod atr?L I?Ma IS e*r? inthmmklrmt Mail a i ?TMR Tr a ? r^i . r*Tf *KrtRTn~PAn'iirr?i^ i IB bo f nan hod about lai?, Marrlaa*. Aha?I fnaibi w .* all lb* a ran ta of llf* a! 1M I'll air* at 1 a IT a U a?1*1 ?Mtontf MM? (baMMMM " MA PA Mi: t.1RI.FR. ir*T ARRIVRP rRfiM PaRIH. It I H.a ?ly on* tn tbla "My tbi! ra* h* ap**4*-l ipon AMa mil* ?'?*!. it?nt abt fatu'a ????? >>f Ifa. nil eon* . lauour ronlaianttal. Ro 9S Ur.?n# atrrai, room ll ________ ar M.-WHO har ?<rr hrarp ot'thm i RLRRMa. W. t? Mad am* PREWSTR*' .*ho h*a h? f ? iikbail ?y Ibo a a?$ >? "AM aad Olhrr am?w/tb #oilr? ?uaf?Moa Rha f?if aonkdant aha ha* v wtnal. "h? 1*11* tba ??a <d f?? atf* nr bnahan.l. ala> thai of b? rtaltor. If you ? thd wntb (t?har b ndll. at MlTkird ar?oa, ahor* r want y Am <tr*ab- Lad mat' ?**? r?tlom? ?*._ _____ criEirrAi.tAM. pharif* cmiia*hbmtrr hafirh > ramo?d In An. t Raid atraal, aoar Raomiway, a? b? a?, an t*d ? naaal 11 mil* from ? A. M St S P. M. 1)111 (|R*RP ATRMKT, "BAR RflWERT-M APAWB Z*'l WiHUPR. "talrT"?at aad *lft? Rvark* ady. aa ?Vila ik* armaria* of fatnrlty. lorn, aaarrba**. aha?i rrWmda Mat nam. praaarlh** m?iHoaa for ail dl?aa. tola a?r D' Ot'1'l.lBTB ARO Al'KIMTB R TOR ?flBCItP.lRRRR. RrROPKAR 0C91.WV ARI? AnP'L, nan h* oi?-iltod on all afla,-Uo? if th* Ey# and Par, which may r*ontr? m*dl"al or rirftoal aid to ran nr* Wfht. I?r Yon Mn*rkrl*k*r h?. d inn* bl* r*#dati?*l ? t?* Pri?S Alat? a lr?dy parf >rmad wxna * :k* m wt dlfll- 't -ipara Unna, wktrb har* ralna 1 Mm Aa blrkaal i*?m m.a a tba< aaia n* fban to aot prafaaa aal man. aklrh may ho ***o at bo roaani'.nt r- oira. 107 f'llnlon *1* *. hat*"? Pith and *"t h ar?oia R R ? A rHBot*I *y?* In?rbwd to dafr V*"t <m. Adtl * ?lt"t In r**A-d to "Jm aa and *bn?* np ( wo l it dlraaiio? aa l* lb* *?aa| fa "ifWr an Mr rat* aiamina. ttor by th* "rtbbla?woia and <riba?)?Mw. and n ar-oad. an?u> iha * ??*?? r?n< mmard?*nd ,*H by Py 'tr* 4 Hariin for all wV> ar* ohUr?d m hAr* aid "ifb?- ay Mi.m* or h*'r , RA"" ?-A?r E itiA atr?A, bars? PMU aad huiA ?????

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