Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 3, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 3, 1860 Page 3
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ami ?lo could visit t.a b< ot>e w lb the Kordib p irpoaea you did. Tbe father baa the ooaolunn that yoi did not and could not pollute the m ad of bid dk'yater: and that notwithstanding this great again*: cer she w.U be ?a m ,cn respected by all wboee reapect a valuable aa ?be baa alwtya been. Bel me <!oea not :n the leaat pall'ate yo r <v'?nee Tt la 'niocTeivable by noe bow, at the age of t?unly two yeara?for you aay Ibat >? your you could have reached aucb a deptb of depravity I'd II by a bound; you hove. You cannot have reacnec . but you must have done ?o itrougb a course of wicked aeea commencing wth the days of your youth. Upon idv so tbfoughly depraved werds of advice and counsel, at tbia . me, would be thrown away. Tbe Court are of 'be op.niea tbat you are unfit to 11*0 in a civilized com munity, that you bate forfe ud all tbnee rifhte which men bold meat dear: and that you mould be placed where no member of to nety vr.ll over again stand in fear of von Our renteece la thai yoq be confined at hard labor ?n the State prison at Attorn or the urna of your natural lie. AIOTHEB FHAICliL exchemeht. STOPPAGE OF THE ARTISANS' BANK. Great Raah of Depositors to the Bank Yesterday. THEIB CONSTERNATION AND DISAPPOINTMENT. lastitulios of Legal Proceedings to Prevent its Going into Liquidation. 8CEIES AT THE BAHKIHG HOUSE, vrrmuwu. or the cm fcim. ACTION OF OTHER CITY BANKS, fto., Ae.f Ac. The rut peas ion of payment by the Art nana' Bank on Monday morning laat created no little excitement in tbe city yesterday. large numbers of working men aad persona who bad deposited their money in this bank continued to besiege tbe place from the opening to the dosing of the establishment. Tbe cashier's and tellers' offices were closed to the public, and written notioee to that effect posted on the windows and doors of the bank. Within the usually busy interior of the establishment everything appeared dull aad dreary except the oiti uers aad clerks, who seemed to look upon a bank stoppage as ana 01 those pleasant Incidents that serve to vary the roatiae of their ordinarily monotonous life, and went on moving about their desks and writing in their books as If nothing n the world had occurred to disturb public equanimity. Not so with the bearers of cbecks, who ?very now and then dropped in, expecting to realize a little ready cash. The startling announcement, "We are not paying anything at present, sir," did not strike tbe.r ears m any very harmonious strain, and we ssw several men who walked In very briskly crawl out very slowly. Many of those who presented checks, it was clear, did not know anything of the true state of afia*rs; but on hearing tbe sad tidings they retired with anything but smiling fkcen. Others who already knew the worst still persevered is the desperation of s last hops to drew out whatever they h*i on deposit; but it eras no go aay way. The manager* and cashier were in oxorabie, and every feint to tako them by surprise failed to produoe tbe desired etfett. It ene time ao applicant who tad tailed to obtain tbe cash for his check, and who seemed to take his disappointment in very good part, on coming out of tbe bank said, loud enough to be beard by all around, "Well, I am very lucky?I hare got out every eeel of my aaoney; here's the check for it"?showing , the rejected draft to a bystander. The effect was electr.o. There was an immediate dash of the forlorn hope for the bank; but what was the result of the foray we cannot any, although it may well be surmised. One of the depoa'.tors during the day went into the bank seeklag payment of a check for four thousand dollars. Hs cams out with his draft not honored, and Instead of bewailing his misfortune, like asany others, he proceeded immediately to his lawyer, took bis advice, and subse quently sued out the following summons and complaint pre..minary to an application for an Injunction to protect the bank from going into liquidation strains coi n, rrsnoss rem a *o*by nswuwi ov cobtiuct. Oorfr P. Qcnton, J'laintijf, ex. TV Artitan<' Rank, RrJ'ndant.?To the defendant above named ?You are hereby summoned and required to answer the c unplain in iM action (a copy *f which is herewith served on yon) and serve n copy of your answer on tbe subscriber, a', his oflke, No. 13'J Nuwan street. In tbe city of New York, within twenty days after service berto.' on yon, or In de fault ibetruf tbe said plaintiff will take jutgment against you for the sum or four thonaand seven Kindred and sixty one dollars, with interest from the first day of October, ene thousand eight hundred and a'xty. be'idea tbe costs tl this action fRANdB BYRNK, Attorney for plaintiff. No 133 Natsan Street, city of New York. Dated October 3,1M0. CObPTJUXT. CVfy end CVwafy ?f Son Ynrk ?The plaintiff above ntmrd, oy Francis Byrne bis attorney, complain* of the dsfseffiat abort tamed, a* shown to this Court, as fol lorn ? Urtt The aaid plaintiff atatea upon in format km that the Mid defendaui, before and oo the Urn day of Sr ptem ber, 1Mb, and from Ibatca hitherto, waa and ?till la a bank tec corporation. created by and under the lawn of - ~ W ?'? ~~ tbe -rate uf New York, doing buatoeaa and baring iu bankiog institution In Mid city. Secondly Tbe Mid plaintiff ? tales that al rrartook tlmen between aald 8rat day of September, lviO, and tbe Aral day of October, |M0, be depoeited with Mid defendant divert auaaa of money, amounting to anrtrml tbouaanda of sollara lawful money of tbe United Stale* of America, which moneys ao depoeited bp Mid plaintiff with aald de leadawt I be Mid ctfendaat, at the time ?f tbe deposit thereof, agreed with Mkl plaintiff to pay to tbe aald plain tiff of lilt otitf oo demand Thirdly Tbe Mid plaintiff further Mated thai before tbe Mid tret day of October, 1Mb, tbe mM plain till " * ~ " ad m depesitod with Mkl defendant fber thousand aeven hun dred and sixty on* dotlara and upwards, lawful money of the United Btatea of America, and which aunt, up to and oo aaid first day of Otoabsr, I MO. the aald pla'nltff had not withdrawn from mid dafendaat uor aMlgnad.and Mid deftodaat, on Mid tirat day of i xjtobur 1 -80, waa Juetly indebted to raid plaintiff u aald rim of lour thou annd aaven hundred and siuy on* dollar* an I upwar<la Ibr moweyt theretofore depoeited by aald plaintiff with nnd renal Ted by Mid defendant, to bo paid by tba aald defeodani to the Mid plaintiff oo demand Fourthly. That the aald plaintiff, oo the mid fliwl day of October, 1Mb, mad* and signed bia check or draft la writing, bearing date Mid day and year, directed to Mid oefsadaat, by which the aald plaintiff requested and de manded that aaM defendant aboold pay to tbe aald plain tiff aald torn of Ibor tbosmad aaven hundred aad sixty aaa dollars. aad on Mid day aad year, at lbs banking lo ut itui too of tba Mid difradnnt la the Mid city, between the bears of tea o'clock la the mrsaooa aad three unlock la the aftaraoon of aald day, rb at half-post two o'clock to tba afternoon ol aai l day and year tba sai l plainim pereeatsd mid obenfc.go signed, to tba Mid dahadaal and to tbe paying teller of and la Mid bank, and demand ed payment of Mid earn of four thousand nevee hundred aad nitty on# dollars, aad Mid defeadaat refused to pay tba same, aad mid rum. or any part I hereof, has not htth erto beea paid by aald defendant to the aaid plaintiff, bat mid earn of four thousand seven hundred aad alttr ma dollars anQ Inter* i from October 1, I"d0. still rsmoin* dee and unpaid from the mid defen lent to the Mid ptnm. tiff over aad above all offsets, dedoetlons, claims and de mands of the mid defendant against Mid plaintiff Wherefore the Mid p'alatiff prays judgment against salt defendant lor the Mid sum of four Ihouaanl aeyeo bus-lead wnd ataty one dollars, with Interest from said first day of <*'tobar,lM?,(asd for asy other sum that may lie das from Mid defandant IS said plaintiff, with Interest, Ao ,) aad Urn as order be granted declaring mid defendant insoireot, and that a W mporary inunction or Injunction bv order b? granted restraining Mkl defeadaat aad Its otherra from t?y ng out or la any manner transfsrrtng or daiivariug to any person any money or Marts of tbe said defendant. or incurring any debt until mid toinaettoa or or tar bs . ? officers of the Mid do* vacated or modified, aad that tbe i feud ist be required to exhibit any asd all of It* Imoka papers, ?-counts. ssseto aad effects, and be examined as oath lou bisg the same before one of tbe Judges of tbia Court or a referee to be appointed by him, and that a ra enver ef the property of Mid defeadaat be appointed, ami that the sail plaint iff be pail ll" amouat of bis aaid debt and interest aad coats. an 1 that be may bare ancb ruber further order or ludgmsnt or r*Hef aa he mty b* Mt<tied to. FRANCE BYRNI. ttuiraey for plaintiff, No. 12 Nnamn street New York, dry and Onrnfy of Af#s? Fort-.? George P. 1-ardna. t!>? CMS above earned, being duly awom oatth he hsa I tbe Ibrev' ing complaint read and knows therm teats tbereef, aad lb?l the tame l* true of his own know ledge. e*o*pt m to the matter which art therein stated to be oa tafermatton aad baltaf, an t as to those mstlera be behaves a to be traa MO. P P OUROU*. ffoora to tbls hi day of October, 1M0 b?fbr? me fftaas, OnmmlMtoaor sf Need* amruvfi, tVyand Cbl u'y ? X? ' ovl -ftonrge P. (tardea, the ptotnt .ff abov# named being dnly -mrn, ha ha* heard rea l the snna?ed mmptotat la the above entitled art toe (verified by tatto) asd kaowa tba coolest* thereof, and that the Mine Is true of his own knowledge, except as to the matters wklvh are therein *t?ted to he on inform* Una and belief, and as to those matters be believes tt lo be iras, sad this deponent farther snlth that tbe said da lendeat l( joetly ladebted to dspobsat la lbs Sam of I4II1, aad > pwards, for lewfel money of the United Mates of Amertm. dSfms teil by tbe Mid plalattff with the mid dafesdaat as a itaaklng ostllutioa fa said stty. before aad not draw a from Mid defendant ua tba Irsf day of Ortobar, 1M0, or hitherto, or atatgass by the said pta.stiff. that sepoa?rt preseatsd the check sad made demand of the mosey therein erpraased ss siai.-- to M.d demand of the money therein erpraased complaint, and payment of said sum So lemas led sad deposited by Mid rhuat'ff, was rafussd by Ihs ?a d ds fencant (Ad by ih? teller of (Ad in (Aid bull, ud by tb( president of Mid defendant; and deponent wta is formed by the oaabter of Mid defendant that Mid de fendant bad not fund, to pay Mid demand, and that bald defendant "would have 14 go Into liquidation;" and da poaeot bu been informed and believes to ba true, that aaid defendant la insolvent. That deponent vn yeeter day present in Mid bank when a large number af claim ante were mrklng demanda and "a run" on Mid bank, and deponent haa bean informed and belterea to ba true, that many of Mid claimanta' lawful demanda for mooeya depoeited were not paid. GEO. P. GORDON. Sworn to thla 3d day of October, I860, before me. Jons Bum, Commissioner of Deeds. Monca Take rrtice that, upon tbe summons and complaint In thin action (a copy of wbieh le herewith aervod on you) and the annexed affidavit, 1 (hall apply to one of the iu< licea of the Supreme Court, at a term thereo , to be held at th? chambers of the Mid Justices on tbe nurd day of October, 1860, at tea o'clook in tbe forenoon >t th*i day, or u noon thereafter aa oounael can be bear ., for an order that Mid defendant be de-Oared insolvent, and 'h-u Benjamin F. Camp, <>r No. 116 Madison avenue, near Thir ty Orel atreel, In Mid city, builder, be app noted tbe re ceiver of the property ot the defendant, with tbe ueual powers of a receiver, it, or lor such other or further or der m t) the Mid Court may seem proper Yours, <sc T BYRNK, Attorney for plain till, No. 133 Nassau street, Dated, October 3.1860. City or New York. To tbe above oamed defendant. Let the defendant (how cause according to tbe above notice. Wtf. il. LEONARD, nwcsrcno* bt ordkk. It appearing Mtisfactory to me, by tbe complaint In tbe above entitled action, and by tbe atlliavlt of the plaintifl, that suflicient grounds exist therefor, and that the (aid plaintiff la a creditor of (aid defendant, (a bankingoorpo ration located and doing business in tbe city, county and State of New York,) baring a demand exceeding one hun dred dollars, vis, W the amount of lour thousand seven hundred and sixty one dollars, arming upon a debt or lia bility contracted by tbe Mid defendant to Mid plaintiff, alter tbe 1st d?y of January, 1860, viz, for money at va rious times deposited by Mid plaintiff with said defend ant, and not withdrawn from Mid defendant, or aMigned by Mid plaintiff; and tbal Mid plan tiff, on tbe 1st day of October, I860, at tbe bank and place of busmese of Mid oefetwlanl, between tbe bourt of ten o'clock in the fbre noon and three o'clock In tbe afternoon of said day, vl/., at half pMt two o'clock in tbe afternoon, preeented hie cbe-.k, duly signed by Mid plaintiff, directed to said de fendant. for and demanding payment of four thoueaad seven bundred and sixty one dollars, sod tbal the aahior and payirg teller ef, and Mid defendant, refused to pay Mid check, or Mid sum expremed therein, tosaldplatn till; and, in my opjoioo, on tbe facte being expedient (In order to prevent fraud or Injustice), I do, therefore, order, enjoin and restrain Mid defend ants and its officers from paying out or In any way trans ferring or delivering to any person any money or assets of such defendant, or Incurring any debt or obligattpo, until this order be vacated or modified; auif let tbe raid defendant show cause, before me. at a special term of tbe Supreme Court, to he beld at the chambers of tbe Jus tice* thereof, st the City Hall of tbe city of New York, on tbe third day of October instant, at ten o'cloik In tbo forenoon of Mid day, why Mid restraint above ordered should not be made absolute, or be continued, and why tbe raid defendant should not be declared men!rent; sod I require tbe officers of said defendant, aud any and all of lis books, papers, accounts, assets and i fleets, and to be ex amined on oath toucbitg tbe Mine, before me, at said time and place last mentioned, and why euch other order should sot be granted aa shall seem proper. Deled 'ictober 2, I860. WM. H. LEONARD. Tbere are a great many mistaken ideas a lost concern lng tbe public moneys which bave been deposited in this bsnk. Some people are of the opinion that tbe city will suffer to s great extent by this stoppage, aa they think that there is (till s large amount left on deposit there. As far m the city funds are ooncerned, they are entirely beyond any possibility of Iom from tbe affairs of this bank. On tbe 29th September, nit., tbe last public money on depeeil la this btnk was withdrawn by the City Chamberlain, and official notice to that effect served on the Mayor and Comptroller. Tbe following is tbe noti fication which tbe Chamberlain served on tbese public officers ? Ca?ant*!..tor's Ovnnt, Arthuxm' Ravk,| N'bw York, Sept. 29,1860. R T. Haws, Esq ? Sir?I bave, under my official bonds, selected the Park Bank at tbe place of deposit of all moneys belonging to the city or county of New York, or under my charge aa Chamberlain, on aal after this date, and bave discontinued all dep taiu In tbe Artteans' Bank. I trust this change will be satisfactory to your Mir and toe public. NaTRaN C. PLATr, Cbamberlain. Tbe grots amount of eity funds In tbe bank wm about one million of dollars, and la transfer ring that large Mm of cub to U>e Perk Bank Mr. Piatt had hoped to allay public eiciUmeut. The, in fact, waa hla great aim, as public fears bad been loudly expressed for the safely of these moneys. It may be as well to atate that the laws of the city and of the State give absolute authority to the Chamberlain to put the public moueya In any safe place that he may choose, and the Mayor and Corporation hare no power orer him In this respect. Mr. l'latt Is not only City Chamberlain, but he is also President of the Artisans' Bank, and In the prompt action be baa taken In reference to the public funds be has shown that he Is a gentleman well worthy ?' the confidence of the community, and especially Bttod for the responsible office which he Oils. The stoppage of pay ment by the Artisans' Bank could not, however, bars af rected these public deposits in any war. Mr. Piatt Is re sponsible for the moneys of the city entrusted to bis keep ing, end if the whole million of dollars had been lost for ever, Mr. Piatt la a man of Independent wealth, and It Is confidently stated that from his own fortune of orer two mt.ltoos of dollars he could easily meet the 'uafortunate emergency. The difficulties which led to the failure of the bank are only of last year's accumulation. Those who s ipjioee that the beak has long been in danger of a stoppage will, It ts said, find that they ars greatly mistaken Political Influences and the Jealousy of some person* who had ex pectcd to receive the appointment or Chamberlain from the Mayor, to the exclusion of Mr. Piatt, hare been some of the causes of the pressure made upon its runds and of lta consequent failure. The run upon the hank for the last few days bat been more than esosmlre, and as the combination for tt* destruction wsa every day becoming more forml table, lit* authorities resolved to etoso, at least tor a time. In doing so, it is sail that the bank waa not forced to adopt ILsl course by asanas of the outside force ntooe, but simply m s stroke of policy for self preservation. The deposits la the Artisans' Bank aasount to $1,006, 412; Its circulation to $06,114; lta apacie, 62S5 411, and its loans $IJT8 3M There la ne doubt entertained by the officers that the beak will be able to pay evary dollar ef its liabilities, aa lta assets are guile suffi cient for this purpose It to area thought that the stock wlD be sufficient to rover everything and yet to leave the stockholders about seventy per cent The bask wan started in 1144, sad Mr. Tooksr, who baa been the osshler for the lest three or tour years, express? the belief that the affairs of tbo lastitullon will, la a vary short time, ho piaoed upon the moat aatlafactory footing, when the bank will resume payment, and perhaps iscroaae >ls capital to a million of dollars to Pome persons think that the republican party will at tempt to throw some blame on the Mayor la this matter, aa If he could prevent the foliar* of any bank In the otty. They will doubtless say that be knowingly placed the city funds la a rotten ' bank. But, aa we have shows, the Mhyor baa no power wi?lever as to the depusli of the ally money, and there fore canard be field responsible, except tor the appoint meat of the Cbambarlata, sad la ao far aa the Melity of that oflfoer Is concern* 1 Thia Is the dnty of the Mayor, sad In appointing Mr. TTatt he has fully tnd saltsfonor'.ly d scharged it to the public, tor there te ao mere responsi ble gentleman m this City, financially and morally, than the present City Chamberlain The Pork Bonk, whish tor n few days past has conduct sd the exchange* of the Arttaa is', leased s clrcufsr to the other banks. Infer?lag the? that the arrangement It no longer in foro*. and terminating their responsibility for the balances of the Art,sane'. The stork of the latter ?old on Monday si 40, to which figure It has fallen from par a ft* we?ks aft The following notice was given to ell the city banks yesterday ? I'asK Bar*, New Ton*, (lot. 1. 1140 The r lev sad rhe ks of the Artteaas' toaa? Will lot oe rodee?ed by this beak after this date CI1ARLK4 A. M4CY, Cashier ' "twithataeding the fair prom tees of the bank author! ties, people are considerably exercised oe tht stoppage A rm jr lnlrlllgrsrr> Lieut <- D Baya*d. first cavalry, is directed to ffiatf U> UTe*s ywjt. K Y , and relieve Lieut Jobs B Hood, Per- nd reentry, fru? 'laty in the tertioal department at the Mil iary Aaa'fay. (m (wing ?lived, l.ieut. Held Is ordered to avail himself of otgtit mantes leave of ab sence heretofore granted b'ra by the War Department A leave of a bee see for four mouths, for the benefit of h a health, is grsntod to Chpt C. L Kilbura, Bubetoface Department iirders win be 'esued n s few darn eeo? the bead quarters of the army, 41- erttng recruits to be furulebed th- several r?t stent# now serving la Texas sad CjUfor rta Aerordtoxly there are detael men? of fMratOTMW orgumrtnx at < erector's Island?a draft of which will leave about the gfoh lee' for California?to be assigned to the i I ret dr agnosia, and the fourth and Birth infantry A draft will also be reodr to leave foe Texas ? the 1Mb lust., there in be sas'gned to the rim and Second cagalrv, and tbo f trto, Th'rd and Righth infantry Another draft ? III leave for Charleston harbor about the 10?h lost , to be assigned to the first artillery. Assistant Burgeon layman H Blooe, Medical Depart ?<??. Is assigned to doty at fort Randall, If. f. Assistant Burgeon D. L Magruder, same dep?tmeul, tt smigned to doty ot BR Iaaw, Ho Wbltwry. flw?' v DnoirrrLg, lb# we I ksnwe railroad contractor ? itor a leag sad ps'uful llness. died Is Ban Antonio, Texas. Si IBM of Aojrart Isot Mis death Will b# lament- l by hfs bj?in ne frieads In all parte of the country FODB HITS LATER FROM EUROPE. The North American Off Father Point and the Canada Off Cape Race. Conftrmatioi) of the news from Italy. Some of the Details of the Defeat of the Papal Troops. Important Demand of Garibaldi on Victor Emanuel for Aid. THE DEMAND REFUSED BY THE KM Apprehensions in Bngland Respect ing Affairs in China. SUMMARY FUNI8HMRNT IN SYRIA, Re.. Re.. Ro. THE NEWS BY THE NORTH AMERICAN. llTDU Polxt, Oct. 2, I860. Tbe ateemBbip North American, from Liverpool on Thuriday, the 20th lit., via l/>ndonderry 2lat, puwl this station at three o'clock this morning, bound to Quebec. She was boarded by the news boat sf the press, and s summary of her news obtained. The new* le quite important, confirming the report by the Glasgow, oil' Cape Race, of the defeat of "Jeoeral lamoriclere by General Claldlnl. Tbe battle lasted els boors, and afterwards the greetor portion oi the Ponti fical army capitulated. lamor lciore eecaped to Anoona. Considerable uneas nets was felt In Tar is owing to ap prehensions of a collision between tbe French troops In Rome and Garibaldi's legions. Tbe hope of more serious complication, being avoided was chiefly founded on the expectation that the Pope would shortly leave Rome. The Sacred College were exerting their influence to induce him to seek an asylum In Spain or Austria. If the Pope departs the French would follow his ex ample, and the Bardlana would at once occupy Rome. It was reported that General Guy on's forces would be increased to twenty thousand men. Tbe London Time says tbe Papal army no longer exists, for tbe forty thousand men besieged In Ancona may already be reckoned General Claldlni's prisoners. Tbe I/ondon Herald lays tbe Papal army has been de feated, but aot dishonored, l.amorlciere was evidently outnumbered, and hia foroas, 111 organized and iU formed, were so match for a regulary army, led by able com manders. Tbe London CXronv U says the result of tbe recent battle it to transfer to the King of Sardinia tbe whole Roman territory, except Rome, Orbltello and Civtta Veocbla. The foreign journals notice prominently tbe struggle be tween tbe civil and military leaders of the Italian revolu tion, and ihe subject Is adverted to In several of the Lon don papers. The London Herald says the Tate of Italy Is Involved in the struggle between devour and Garibaldi. Tbe London Time. observed that "both men mean the same thing, and are endeavoring to obtain the same ob ject, but devour recognizee difficulties which have to he avoided, while Garibaldi believes be can ride down all obstacles, sword In hand. Garibaldi's Impulsive system la admirable agatnit his own countryman, but Cavoor's will be indispensable to Italy as an antagonist for Franoe and Austria. There was a vngue report In Parla that Napoleon would attend the imperial meeting at Waraaw. The aobmartne cable Intended to oonnect Algiers and Tonkm will be landed at Ulnorea, to eatabltib a commu nication between Algiers and Parle, via Spam. INTERESTING FROM NAPLES. Casorta, Sept. 18,1880. Garibaldi baa appointed Signor Haiti pro Dictator of fficlly^ Baron Br enter will leave Naplee on Thursday next. It la reported that liaazlnt baa arrived at Nap lea. Garibaldi will leave to morrow for Capua. lamorkiere'a defeat will baaten the departure from Kaete of the King of Naplee. ? Train, Sept. 20,1880. The journal Armrmim, of Kloreooe, baa bean eelaed for publlahleg an_ article inaulllng to tbe Kmperor of the French. _____ AFFAIRS IN ROME. The lioodoo Ihrald't Parle eorreap< indent la In forme 1 that a manifesto by tbe Pope, announcing hta determina tion to withdraw from Rome, la already prepared. Tbe Ioudoo Times quotes from a Turin letter of tbe 8th, that Garibaldi persists la attacking Rome while the French and tbe Pope are there the government of Victor Emaiuel will repulse the attack la concert with its allies, no mat ter what may be the roaatqoeaoea. The same letur also says that complete anarchy reigns In fit. lly, and administrative disorder at Naplee. THE BATTLE BETWEEN LAMORICIERE AND C1ALDINI. The battle of the llth between Lemorlclere and Clai dtnl lee ted all boors. After the battle tbe greatest por tion of the Pontifical army capitulated. The foreign troops wtll return to their rcepecllve countries. Tbe fbl lowing official despatch had rear bed Turin ? tall, Sept. 18. I860 lamor>cterc, with 11 000 men, attacked to-day the posi tion lately taken by Claidint at Castle Kidaldo. The light was abort but desperate, with the following results ?The junction of Umonctsre ? oorpe with the remainder of hie troops at Aac>oa is presented, Six hundred prisoner! have been made, sis pleoee of artillery and a flag were taken only the wounded, among whom was General Pel sedeoi, fell lato the liaada if Claldlai. Tbe km I of the enemy Is considerable. A column of six thousand men made a sortie from An cose and took part ta tbe fight, but was compelled to re tire, and la being pursued by the Sardinian troop* Tl?e Neepolltas fleet opened Ore against aeoooa. Umortctere. with a few hoisemec eocwedsd in reach lug Aurora cats4e of Anew a there la net a tingle Poet I Ami bat la) tee * Tbe London Timer' city article, dated on the evening of the 20tb, any* ?"n the news of toe defeat of famortcier*, the tnglteh roads opened thts morning at a further frac tional improvement, which was upheld throughout tbe dey, notwithstanding the near appro* b of the end of the quarter. So gold wai bought by the Bask to day. After the official publications of Ctaldtal'a victory Turin wan m/Nk The illnminalions were general Tbe sis hundred prisoners of war taken at Bp > i\ ? are trishaw*. Tbe Sardinian government wished iho British Minwter to lake charge of and *esd them borne, bet he declined, raying bs scald not regard them as Britlab subjects. Ke foreign Minister, tsoept the French, bad besa or dered to quit Turin. IMPORTANT DEMANDS OF GARIBALDI. Advices from Turin saner! that a letter bad been ad dressed by Garibaldi to Victor Emanuel, Imnftiing 'V Imaaedtofe dirmui ?' if finer and Fnrint Ht aim demsfaded Hirtf f hennaed Arrdiaum tot dim to jSiil tan .Va/iea. Garibaldi's letter Is combed la respect fui but energetic terms. Tbe above eoedltiona are spa sifted by Garibaldi u a nee yea ass of good on darstnedlag between him and Piedmont. Tbe King im mediately despatched a note to Garibaldi, but Ibe con tent* are not known. Tb* Ministry will communicate to tbe 8ar4tales Parliament tbe demands of Gsribeldl, sad request Its approval of their conduct, should Una ap proval he withheld, the Cabinet wilt resign. If Gari baldi'* reqaeat la gTaoled, tbe King wilt place himself at the bead of bin army and march for Naples. Much aglla lion prevailed at Tarln. fieveaty foar Austrian vessels-of war, mounting nine hundred guns, are ordered to rendezvous off tbe Island of l.ism, In tbe Adriatic. The Austrian protest against the invasion of the Roman Plate* had reached Paris. Austria will not interfere at preneet, unless Yenetls is attacked, but holds hemdf free to rhouse her owe time of attacking tbe revolution. BUMMART PUNISHMENT IN STRIA. Military oparetMan la Pyrin would oomsteece after Ibe hot weather. Acbmet Pace a, namai Day, aad Muttapha Bey. who betrayed the Christinas at Hattys, tad Ornnan B?y, who commanded the troopa during tbe mi-soacres, were xoot at Damascus on Uie Sib. PRANCE. Tbe rar.a correspondent of tbe London Poll telegraphs that tbe itateineni of an attempt on tbe lite of tbe Km peror Napoleon i* totally unfounded. A rumor wee current in Parle that Count Persigny will rbortly follow M. Tbouvenel In tbe Ministry of foreign AflUrs. Tbe Paris toee?l gives a categorical denial to tbe report that tbe isiamis m .Sardinia aod Uba are to be oeded to France as todemutty for tbe annexation of Naples and to Piedmont. COMMERCIAL IN rELLl'lENCE. Mt TKIXOkxl H Id OKKKV. Ijvbki'iml, 9epL 21?P. M. LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET. Tbe brokers' circular reports tbe salts of tbe week at about 67 000 bales, iorludiog 16,000 to speculators aod 7,600 to exporters Tbe market was gsoerally unchanged, but quieter fur the trade, tbougb there wee an average buslneee on American account The sales to day (Frl day) were 8,000 bales, of wbicb 2 000 were to specula tors and exporters, lbs market okieiog quiet at tbe fol lowing authorised quotations >? >bir Middlino Orleans fl!, Mobile ?>; fl'., I planus 7 t i, Tbe ilock in port lsestimated at 966,000 bales,of which 760,GoO are American. state OP TE A I B. Tbe advices from Manchester are favorable. Tbe mar ket has an improved tone. LIVERPOOL BREAPHTrPPE MARKET. Floor Is steady. Wheat steady at full Tuesday's prices. Orri firm tsd Sd. higher mixed aod yellow Jos. Tbe weather is favorable for tbe crape. LIVERPOOL PROVISION MARX IT. Tbe prov sioa market ia generally quiet. LONDON MONEY MARKET. Uimxix, Sept 21?P. II. Consols 93'; a 9;i>;. THE CANADIAN'S NEWS, Dr. loiixs, N. F , Out. 3, I860. Tbe steamship Canada, from Liverpool on Saturday, September 22, via Qucenstown 23d, passed Cape race at eleven o'clock on Monday night, en routs to Halifax and Boston. She will be doe at Halifax on Wednesday after noon. Tbe Canada was boarded by tbe news yacht of tbe Prers, and a summary of ber news obtained. Italian aflkirs were unchanged. The Papal army was virtualIg abandoned. Ancova was besieged sad blockedod. Garibaldi waa preparing in march against Capua. He bad again said that be would only proclaim tbe kingdom of Italy from Rome. Tbe Parts Bourse bad advanced a half per cent. Vague rumors existed la England of unsatisfactory China news via Russia. Tbe Canada taken tbe place of tbe Arabia In conse quence of lbs letter bsving damaged ber wheel In dock ing. Tbe Etna is advertised for Halifax and New York on tbe 29tb. # Tbe steamship Prince Albert, from New York via St. Johns, N. F., arrived at Col way on tbe 21ft.. Tbe steamship Attics, Irom New York, arrived at Li verpool on tbe 23d. 8ARDTN1A AND ROME. Tbe official Turin Gauttr gives n formal denie! to tbe reports of certain letters having been received and answered by tbe King. Tbe statement Is, nevertheless, reiterated In Turin cor respondence, and tbe substance of tbe King's reply to Garibaldi is given. Tbe King wrote bis reply without con sulting bis Ministers, as it conoeraed tbem personally. It completely saves tbe dignity of tbe crown. Be speaks la the language of a sovereign justly hurt In bis anunir propre, points out that be knows bow to resist the sugges tions and influences of s foreign Power, eves wben me nacing, and declares that be cannot comply with such strange pretensions from s men whose successes seem to mlMead him. Tbe Sardinian government had not)fled the foregn Power* of the blocked* of Anconn, ud that the princi ple* of maritime right* agreed upon at tbe Pari* Coogrea* will be obeerved. It waa reported that tbe Papal arm/ waa virtual!/ die beaded alter tbe defeat of Jjimortciare. Tbe London TtWJ regard* It aa no linger In exlatence,and arguee that tbe 4,000 men beeleged In Ancona can have no motive in prolonging a retlatance, and ma/ already pe regarded prlaonara. Gen. Plmoden died on tbe 19tb. The Dublin Jtteninp A'rua bad published a latter from an Iriab eouroe, tilling that a great nettle fojgbt ootalde of Perngla, rtanlted In a rontiflcal victor/, the loea of tbe Pledmoateee being over one tbouaand. Tbla war prior to tbe attack on Perugia OARWBALDIS MOVEMENTS. C.arlbaldi'e troop* bad dtaeinbar-od at the mouth of the Ualrgllano and Interrupted tbe communication of tbe I loyal troop* between Capua and Qarta. UerihaJdl had been to Palermo and publlabed a fr'rh proclamation k> tbe Inhabitant*, that ba will only pro claim at Home tbe conet tutlon and kingdom and will not nccompllab tbe annexation at present. It waa expected that on btt return be will operate against Capua. An earl/ capitulation of that place waa anticipated. GREAT BRITTAIN. Tbe gneen and Prtaea Albert were embarking at Gravn ?end for Antwerp, on tbe day tb* Canada left Liverpool. The * rather waa again unfavorable for tb* crop* on tb* 824. FRANCE. Tbe Emperor and fmpre** bad returned from Algeria. Tbe Bourne waa Brtn d animated. Rente* on tbe 31*1 advanced nearly on* bad per cent, cloving at Mf. Ms THE ROYAL MEETING AT WARSAW. Tb* Emperer of Aaetria and Prince Regent of Pruasla will not be aooompanted by tbelr MiaMern to Waraew. It wm rumored that Napoleon bad eaonaa the Cmr to be notlOed that be woald bare pieaaure la Jointed tbe otrcl* at Warnaw, and dlapel by pernonal explanation* tbe dwtruat entertaiaed reepectlag tbe deatgna of Prance. CHINA. Rumor* were current la London of unfavorable new* from China, but there la nothing authentic. It laanp pored tbe advice may bare heea received via Rum In. BRAZIL. Rio Jaaeero datre are to Aagust 39. Exchange had ad vatred toM'f. Oof!** waa native at ancbang'-d ralea. At lea atnee iaat ad vie* 44,000 baga, of wbtcb 19,000 were for tb* l olled Bute*. Tbe reoelpu averaged lO.OOu bag* per day. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL NEWS. London Mtmgr Mtiutgr. The Imdna m-uey market waa unchanged, with the tvcepti'Vi of a rath r more a dive .1 em an I The bullion in tbe Bank of Ihglnnd bad Increaaed ?46,000 tlnco the la*t report ( or,? ? fiwoi on tbe girt at 93 , a 00 4 for money and 93a ft* account. Kvr |i ter, Sa l)<d a 7? I'd Doubloon*, 6 ? 3d. a So. 3<ad. iaglfW. To* 2<l a 76* . 2\d *v ann ?ir;r?. W'wr" Raring Brother* report tbe market for Amerl ran aerurltit* rrnerally Orm United Iteteo 6'e, ltOO ?6 a 79 In. Do. b'a Bl'j a Witt p. i,n*yl-*nia 4'a, H77 H* Da 6'e U a 64 tlaawuvett* 4't .103 a lot Marylaet 6?a 43 , a 94 Ilhvola Central Rail real d.acouat 16 Do. Do. bond* *x dividend *6 PenM/l'*nl* Central 0't, 1*1 wort 06 Hew York Central T'? M a 95 Do. Dr. 6'e 60 In* Railroadatock 39 a 90 v*?rt Bell A On report ?n active market for in vet meat. Luaarooi, Bcpt 33 1100 "TAT* or nitm: in ha x'intern*. The * vice* iro? Maacbrtter are favorable. Tbe mar ket I* I -in with an advancing tendency LiwjirooL amewwrrrr* MAturi. Tbe v father wae nnaettled. Meat re K. chard aon, Spenoe Alio., Rtflaad, Atbya A Co.. Wakefleht. Na*h A Co an other* report flour 'inlet, bat eteady, at 36* 6d ? SI 6 heat Arm at Tueeoay * advance raea of red Wruierr at 11a alia tf, and white at 12a. 4d. a 13a 6d. Corn Orn and advanced 6d,: nalaa of mixed and yellow at 34*., and white at 3fi. a la*. Mvnnrooi. rnoorcR mauit. Tb* Prokera' ana other circular* report notashe* inlet at 27* M a 87a 9d. pearkwbee quiet at 36a 61. a 39*. Sugar del. Orffee qatet. Riee Brm and advanced 34. for soft rralo. Bark -Hale* of Ittltlmore at 0*. and Pbila delpbla at 9*. id. l<laawad declined 31. I.lnnaed oaken? Sale* at 10* frr American I in reed oil?Sale* at 90* a 60*. #d > '?h oil generally unchanged Renin dull and quotation* barely maintained; *abw of oommoa at td. 4d a 4a 3d. Spirt* Turpentine at**!/ at In tllWWut *nori?i<iwe N abb NT. Iter aMndy Dork 9m? but quiet. Pare iaaittva. Iare st'erfy. TV)<~w Arm rn;"e cf Anrer car ?t b2t a b'2* 60. Cheese de<-lured 11. ? S i London uaiuirrg. Meters. Brue report new Eug.iab wheel de clined 2a. a 3a. per quarter, owing to bad cood.tiou, old advanced la ralee of white AoMr'ULa a: 60a a 00a.. aod red at 54? a 66s. Floor?Sales at -'Is. a 31a. Iroo?Rails and bar bcdb du.1 at jC6 6a. a ?6 10a.; p g .roa steady at 61a 6d. a 61a. 9d. Sugar quiet. Tib*?All qnalttjes lightly deputed: ol' Congou at la. 3d. a la. 3>?d. TV low quia', at 624 3d Rica Arm. Spirits turpentine at* ady at 31a. a 31a 6(1. Coffee firm. 1. indeed akev quiet but steady. , *i. Sales unimportant tperm ?106. I .nseed o I 31a. a 30a Sd It A V RK M \ RK j T. | for the wiek ending 1#th n!'. | Cotton?New Oroans irvs nrdina re, 93f., do boa, 83f.; sales of ll*e week, 6,100 h?les. tbe n.*rsnt.. need dull; ?took In port, 186 000 biles Wheat-- t dejlin :ug ten dency, but quotations nominal for American, t'ot A?heg quiet CoOee firm. Otla dull, but Amu, lor wha.e. R,oa firm, but quiet. Lard nineties, but tirm. THR LITEST MtHKlTS. Ij. cai-ooL, Sept. 23, I860. Cotton?Salea ye?terd?y, 1,000 ba'ee, including 2,000 to speculator* and exporters. roe market cloaoa qu.el but Arm. . RreadatuA'a rteady and Arm. Provisions quiet, I/iatuiN. Sent. 22?freeing. Consols 93 X a <>3 \ for money an t #3 a 93', for at count. The Turf. Tbe race at mile heeta for a puree of 8800 came on yesterday at tbe SIMiion Oonrae, L. I. This wae or'gl nelly announced ae the day on which tbe tbree m.te beat race would be run, lor wblcb Nicholas I., Oystermao and Muddy Coon are entered. Owing, however, to the unfa vernble weather on Moo day tbe race authorities judged 1 politic to poetpone it until to morrow, and It Was accord Itgly advertised for that day. Tbe mile race waa, there Tore, tbe only event that name off yeeterday, and, from the cauee above staled, tbe attendance of spectators was very limited. It proved to be an interesting and well contested race, tho time made being very good. Tbe winner '.a a fine, alaahlog fllly, and will be betrd of here after, as she will undoubtedly make ber mark on tbe turf. To morrow tbe race at three mile beat* for a sweep ?takes of one thousand dollars each takes place, and will wind op ibo meeting on the Fashion ? ourae. The entries are Mr. John Hunter's cbcatnat gelding, Nicholas I., to well known for bia four mile race acb,enseals. Mr. O. P. Hare's bay borae Oystermao, wbo this spring defatted Col. J. Hall's fll'y, Annette Hail, In n match tor 86,000 as.ue, and Mr. J. a Monnot'g brown horse. Muddy Coon, wbo rnn with and waa detested by Tbroganeck, <n tbe three mile beat raoe on Friday last. The contest between th?#e three bornea will prove highly Interesting, and if the weather should be fevorable will be witnessed by a large concourse of spec la ton. The following Is a summary of the race yesterday:? Fa-mow Cornea, L. I ?Tuesday, October 2 ?Racing pone and sweepstakee of 8600. W H. Gibbons' blk. f. Billow 3 1 1 J. B Monnot'a ch. f. Aurora 1 3 3 1*. C. Bush's b. f. Cyclone 2 2 2 Time?1:61?1 64 X?1 64. The great double team trotting match for 81,000, mile heats, beat three in Ave, between 9am McLaughlin's sor rel gelding Jem and mate, and Horace F. Jones' bay gelding Putnam and mate, comae off to day on tbe Union Course, L. I. A good deal of Interest exists among sport ing men relative to this match, and speculation on ths result la very brisk. Bssrd wf Mwpavvlsors. f-ElKlTlON BP INSPECTORS OP KJklISrET?THE LIT! OXTION WITH TDK COMMISSIONERS OP RECORD. At the meeting of the Board of 9upervlBon, yesterday afternoon, tbe President Mr. Stewart In tbe chair, Mr. Twekd moved that the Board Immediately proceed to ballot for Inspectors of Registry, to act at tbe omlng ?lection, commencing with tbe First ward. The committee to whom had been referred the subject of selecting names of persons to be ballotted for, unaoi' monaly presented s report, with n list of persons whom, after doe consideration, they deemed proper and tuitabia tor Inspectors, recommending that tbe Board proceed to ballot according to tbe requirements of tho law. The report wsa accepted, and tbe recommendation adopted. In tbe twenty two wards there are 217 election districts; tbree persons were to be chosen for every dittr'ot, making In all 661 inspectors. Tbo names presented had previously been agreed upon by tbe democratic and republican members, (Kb party haying an equal camber of repre sentative*. M? -era. Illuat ao<l Roach were appointed tellers, and with the aid of printed litis the Hoard went Into an floe tlon, the Inspectors for earh election district in every ward baring to be chosen on a asperate ballot. Inspec tors were elected for all thj wards except the Kg tub, K.evenlh, eighteenth, Nlnteenth, and Twenty tlm, toocernlDg wblcb the committee had not yet arrived at a -? at Is factory conclusion The further consideration of the snbject waa poetponed to next Tuesday afternoon, at two o'clock, to which lime tho Board rcaolved that It would adjourn Ah ram R. lawrenre, counsel to the Hoard, sent in a communication s|attny the proceedings of the courts up to the present li-nc ,n r- h rerM to the inmndamua moved by the Oammiasioners of Record against tho Itiard of Sq perviaors, to oompel them to raise byftax the sum of 172, ^ ye .. . COO fur Uic uae of the commission. lie said be was pre pared to argue the case on the appeal. All the documents connected with the litigation were also tranainitud by him to the Hoard, which ordered A.OOOooples to he print ed n document form. In another oommuulcaticn Mr lawrente stated that, In the case of McRpedon A (taker agaiDat four of the Hupervlaort personally, claiming da magcR for tb< ir r t having voted for tha aum demanded by the < ommlsaloners of Record, Judgmi nt bad bc?n takeu b>{default, on a demurrer, In 'avor of the defendants. The communication maa ordered entered at length on the minutes. Pending the disposition of the communication, Mr. Prniiv said that the mandamus, which was among the documents, required sorotlh.og mere than an ordinary notice. Courts of Justice should conBoe themselyee to questions ol fact Hcallirme l sad repeated that state meets contained In tbe mandamus were aot founded in fact, fbr be believed that neither be aor any of bla col leagues bad been recreant to their duty, as bad been charged In that paper, emanating Tram a court of justice Ths Supervisors had been out Into effles by tbe public to guard lbs treasury, end be deemed a the duty of Su perviaors to prevent the funds of the people being pll fared, no metier in what manner or by whom Mr. Twnm observed that be believed If tbe Judge had understood tbs true facta in the rase he would at least have been respectful ts his language. Mr. Twssd then explained the position of tbe matter, remarking that a explained the position of tbe matter, remarking that a certain turn of money had been orderel to be paid to McSpedon k Baker fbr work previously performed, with s distinct understanding that that firm would continue to prosecute tba ease to a Baal decision, aad that la the mean time bo more expense of s similar character woald be Incurred by the Commissioners of Record. But they did sot prosecute tbe ease, sad work animated to cost 9*0,MO bad bees performed fbr the Oommtaslooers of Tbe papers were ordered tJ be prlatcd, sad tbe Board djourned to T i Tnesday next, at two P. M. Personal latelllgenre. flea. Washington Barrow, ot Tennessee, who comes from the heme of John Bell, will address the I'mon men of New York, at No. f r>4 Broadway, at eight o'clock to mor row evening. He has been for thres weeks addressing largo audiences la the western part of ths State, la com pany with Gov. Hunt. Maior J. 8. Graham, of California, left tbe St. Nicholas Hotel yesterday fbr Rochester, to confer with the direc tors of the Great Overland Telegraph Or>m| an y, lately In corporate d by tbe government. Ibe major r presents tbe California companies ia lb Ik interest Recorder A. C. Beru-?dy, of St. Louis, Is stopping at I tbe Metropolitan Hotel. George Humaer, of Boston, and Boon Ptatt, of Ohio, are slopping at i lis St. Iwnlt Hotel. Lieutenant J. M. Wainrt lit, C. 8. N , Wok Hunter and ) family, of Havnsoah, O. ? odman, of ltei>n. Mrs I. K Mills, of Baltimere lb Irving and J B. Irving and html h . all ol Charleston, S. C., are slopping at ths Bravoert House. P. Brig roll, from Philadelphia, P. C. Calhoun, of Bridg port. J. B. Knstts, of New Orleans. A. Crosby, of Chi cago, and J. G- LMctSon, of Montreal, are stopping at tbs Kveretl HoiiM. C. W Vpocnsr, of Plymouth. M. A ZabrWkls, af New York; J. Burroughs, of Naw Oiford J. P. laBoche. of New York | K P. Hooker, of Ohio, and J Hooper, of Bal timers, are stopping at Ibe I<afhr<* Bouse. W. P Chamber I ins, of Ibe railed Flats * Army; Ma .r Thatcher, of Albany O. W. Warns, 0. H Sampson an I 0. R Rogers, all of Hero Rail and laly, or Cuba, aad H A Schroder ami uintty, of Cuba are stopping at Ute 89. Nicholas Hotel J. H I We, af Sew .leeway; W. R. Grlflttb, of Phtladei ph s J. H. Gibson, of i erplancfe Point; J. C Oressmaa aad G. P. Gorton, both of 1/mg talaud. H. B Goodyear, nf New Havre; W D (igiien and party, of fit I-age Miss IMrton and fan W. R p inkwell, both of Virginia and Mm Wtnshewd.of Tennessee. are 'topping at ths OatSB Place Hotel. Hon Millard Fillmore, ?f New York: Hon. Anson Bur llt-gsme, of Massac hostile. Oom Rfcirar, of th? Halted Males Navy- Rev. C H Wallace, of Raylaad Galflo G> anllenl, of Italy. Waahingtoa Barrow and wife, of Tmneesee. aad R. PadelfnM and fsmlly, of Savannah, are stopping st ths Fifth Avenue Hotel Gov F D Morgan,of Albany, Gen Alba ny , Judge Msson and lady, ni Missouri Oapl Lapse and Philadelphia Lieut. Thompson, of tbe Called Stab ? Army, Col Hasan, of Rprlsgfleld, Joige Nelson, Judge Users, and I V Rdgerion, all of New York T. J. Yates and i. Y Bayard, both of New Jersey, are stop plug at the Artor House. J P r'miih aad family, 8. J. Pensataa and wife, all of Newport; Tbamaa Frost and familr, of Charleston Henry P Hoyt and wtfs. of New York, f Ialbfop_and '?*>^y. of New Jersey. Mr. Oxford, of Inadoa. Fngland Hanna and wife, and Mies Reynolds, all of Frankfbrt, Kg.; ?. B Cummttgs aad T. W. Cnmm ng?, both of Geurgta, are ilrppiag at Ibe Clarendoo Hotel How. R. Mallory, of Kentucky; Hon. A R Botsler, af Ylrgala. lias J m. Maryland} J idge Dnnkln and lady, of Kentucky Mr Stanley, M. P,Sf Fnglard; Mr Arthur, of Kaglaad aad J. H Bmdbead. of lecrsyl yaaa, wrrs is Waahingtoa os Monday. MILITARY INTELLIGENCE. The Fifth Rtglmtnt in Uarrltoa. Tbe F fib regiment, Colonel, Scuwariwtelder, concluded tbeir fourth day '? garr.mod duty yesterday at i'ort Wood, Bedloe'a Inland. During tbe day a portion ol' the troop* were drilled at tbe nea coaal guns, under tbe command of Lieutenant Wui. Sinclair, of tbe Coaled Stales army Thin young and meritortoua officer diaplaya extraordinary ability aa an Instructor, an evidenced by tbe skill exhibit ed by bis pupils after tbe lew daya tuition they have re ceived. Another portion of tbe regiment were drilled la tbe use of the field battery, a six pounder piece being uMd fer that purpose: otbere were drilled In eqibdi and m companies In tbe Iniantry taction. Colonel ?*,bwar . wadder baa not left tbe island aiooe tbe regiment went there; be ievou? hie whole time and attention to the dutlee of tbe garrison, and In tbia be in ably assisted by Rrigade Major S. M Alford. and Brigade Engineer H. P. Hubbell, ol (>?u. Yntea' stab, who have vuiuuteere.1 weir aerviora as BMlvtnol Instructors; Major Burger, Adjutaut Mu dof and (Juarlermsster H S FeS'iog Major Holmev, the commandant at Port Oilnmhia, ac companied oy Major Robert Auderaou. of tbe first regi men', Co ted 3tat?e Arti iery. visited tbe garrison nt Fort Wooa yecterday and were hospitably received and enter tained by Col. Scbav/waelder. Major Anderson wan origi nally detailed ? chief toeiruclor to tbe Ftflb regiment, during iU stay at Bodl>e'a island, but in consequence of tbe non concinaion of Important duties at O'd Point Com fort , Virginia, be was hot enabled to rei?rt earlier. Tbe annual inspection of tbe regiment will talte place to day, at the lulaud. Tbe tlearner engaged to lake visiter! to tbe inland will leave the government dock nt Whitehall at eight, ten and twelve o'clock A M , and two and lour o'clock P M Brigadier lienoral Charles Yaten adB stall will visit tbe garrison during tbe day, leaving in tbe tea o'clock boat. Be will be received on bis arrival at the Island hy a sa lute of eleven guns, fired from tbe battery of thirty.two pounders. Major lleneral Ptndford and s'.atl will also visit tbo island to day, leaving in the two o'clock 1'. M. bust. Inspection of the Kleventh Regiment, 'Washington Rifles. This regiment, commanded by Ool. Homer Boetwick. wee Inspected on Monday hat by Brigade Major Robert Taylor, at Hamilton squaro, Yorkvilie. Tbe day was Inauspicious on account of tbo prevalence of a rain storm, but notwithstanding this drawback they inspected 114 men. After tbe inspection, tbe officers proceeded to landman's Hotel, in proximity to tbe parade ground, where a well deserved compliment was paid to Lieutenant Colonel Bendix, in acknowledgment for that officer in disciplining the regiment. He received a splendid gold watch and chain, valued at two hundred dollar . Lieutenant Colonel Bendix waa also presented, afew evenings since, with a uw >rd, aaab, belt, c| uulettes, Ac , by oompuuv C, of bla reglmeni Among the otber Incidents which occurred at the din ner table was tbe oiler of Major Kerrero ia behalf of the Ktafi officers, to give a douceur of $100 to the company that recruited tbe greatest number or men during tbe ensuing year, sad also another of $30 for tbe member who Should do the same. The Seventh Regiment Hew Armory. It baa neen Inadvertantly stated by some of tbe dally papers that tbe Seventh regiment's new armory bee been opened to the pabllc. It Is by no means furnished or ready for occupancy, nor will it be opened until tbe first proximo. There are on tbe second floor ten company meeting rooms, measuring twenty-two feet by forty, oomprising quarters for the artillery, engineer and drum corps; ? fine officers' meeting room, fbrty feel by forty-fbur, and a company drill room, forty by seventy five feel. The officers' meeting room li elegantly carpeted, fur nished with tasty and durable chairs, desks, bookcase, color esse, and n table of carved black walnut Over Ool. Lctterla' seat la overhung by tbe ploture recently presented to tbe regiment by the Baltimore City Guard. Tbe coet of fitting up tbie room in about *3 000 Tbe First company's (Captain Ben sell's) meeting rocm le nearly finished. It la elegantly stocked witb black wal nut gun coses, desks and furniture, elegant curta us and window shades, at an expense of fifteen hundred dollars. We aball apprise our readers el' tbe formal opening of tbe armory. Annatl Dinner of the Veteran* of tho National Uatrd. The vet.rau aancclatton oC exempt member* nf tbo National Guard celebrated the second anniversary of tbelr organisation on Monday night, at the lafargc House, by giving a banquet, U> which they in tiled a eeleel company of frloodr, Including the ollloer* 01 the Seventh regiment. At nine o'clock the meeting wbr called to order, and Rev. Mr Itrnnlati n, formerly chaplain in the regiment, in voked the Divine blowing. Kx Colonel Smith, lb? I'resl dent, Mid there wue an article In the constlot I m 'pquirirg that the ucnasion should be a fee live one; but it bad still higher lie stated the object of the association to be eocabillty and charity, and raid that, In order to dispense with for mality, It bad been determined to prepare no regular t> art* He concluded bis remark* by calling upon Mr. Room*, an ex National Guard, who gave a brief history of the National Guard, replete a Uh Incident* and good fc l mor. He raid that ho ?h one that did not fear fir the Union. He never met with a New Vomer that did, lor he believed when th>- Union shall ?>o really in dagger, evrry frcemau will be a National Guard. Hie r S'focialion is a bonovoleot one, thoy bvve a) ready eel lifted bit ween twelve aud flftwu bun dred dollars, with a view to hmkI tbeir ximradus as may in the march through life, h" compelled bv ra s fortnne to fall In the r-ar. He concluded his remarks by projicnr g the health of Col. Marshall Iwflerls, the prises I |Kipiilar rommanilarit of tho Seventh regiment. Col Icfli rls responded In a brief rpeecb and closed II by proposing a sentiment to lbs chaplain of the regi ment. tuber sentiments ware g'ven and responses male by the follow,r r gmtl, mce -h flgl. Ab-a n [>uryee. ex 'inf. Sherman. Rev Mr. \S at*on, ex Uapt. Brown, extol. V ?r mtlyea. Rev Mr DennUion.ex < ?ot. Holt, ex Ma or Wil *00 ex Ctpt. lioutrel, Cat tain f'dblett, Henry Melga and Captalu I rice. Ibe leatlvlties lasted till a late hour. The Twelfth Itrglmrnt. lMiirsMitstT. liCAkP?'TwainII Rn.vrsvT, ? Saw York , fepl ti, 1-90 J Tb.a regiment will sMemhle in full uniform, blue trow sers. white gloves and white pompons, with fatigue cape tlung. on Thursday, fictobcr 4, at a quarter before e ght A. M ,to proceed toRlalen Island for Held drill and tar get practice. On their return to the city the ovmmand will receive and aicort to their quarters the F rib regi ment, Colonel Hcharsrzwaelder. on their return f-nu Bat loe a Island. Commandants 01 companies will ase that one day '? rations are provided by the men and plaotd Is charge of the third Sergeants. R< glmental line will be formed on Broome eirart. at a quarter brfure el<hl A. M. The Drum Major, with the ?eld munlc and band will report to the Adjulant on the ground of formation at that hour Field and a'-aO (dis mounted) will report to the Colonel at the same tme and plaee. The ijuartermaater will make requisition on the Com mtanary General for *00 round* ball cartridge He will, also, provide targets for ball practice at 100. 800 and 400 yard*. In accordance with regalalioo. page 20 Captain lletb s System of Target Practice for tailed Stauw Army. fa announcing the resignation of our late I. leu tenant Coloael, Henry A. Weeks. Tt Is but lastlce to express the regrets el the entire command at the loss of an officer whose devotion to the Intercom and welfare of the regl ? ? nl. have won Tor him the high fat asm of r.rrr mem ber of the regtmrnt, and of nor r more an than the (Jelowel. KrrineaYvma ? lieutenant Coloael Henry A Weeks, Second II.ic .tenant Chan f udllpp, ffeceod l ieutenant Chan. M hillock KUrfi'fU ?J Howard Arkermaa, Flrrt I.leutesant, Company F vkv Cudllpp, rerlgned. Geo. S. Maadwvllle, Record f.leuleotel. Company D, vice Wbltlock, resigned. .baNpb Wall act, Second lieutenant, Company 4, vice Woodward, resigned. By order of Colonel Daniel ButlerfUld. HKNRY A BOSTW1CK, Aljotant. Di?*Wi M. Fumsn, Sergeant Major. Holies Intrlllgrmre. Tss F.. A Kansas Ivinn rami ?The examination In the case of the People vs David S. Mills, J nee C. Pedrs jan, Own F. Hows* and Henry De Orgserre, who are charged with having onnsplred together to defraud the Great Western, "un Mutual, and other lasnraace compa nies, by enacting bogie insurance* on the bark K A Kins man and cargo was continued yesterday before Justice Connolly, at the Jeflerroo Market Police Court f resh rbargr* of false pretence, attempt at false pretence, and criDSptrsxy to defraud, were made by Richard lathers, John Whitehead. T. B Hatterthwalt*. Presidents of tho New York, Son Mutual aad Ureal Wsslcru Insurance *>m panies rrrpeclivsly. It was ahiwa In evklescs that, by order of David R Mills. "!?9 barrels of yellow clay were brought over from long Inland and ah'pped on board th? F A. *ln?man as guano, an insuranoe was e'ierted nm saM yellow clay as g itno. and ad farcer were obalned upo" the tame by the aad Mlllt. Another of the wltnceees I??lt4ed that although he mad l out several blils for hooped rklrte. varsirb, ho . bv order of Mr. Mills, he knew nothing whatever of the ea aleo- v of raid good* The exaraiaatloa was adjourned until October 19. Ctot irttarsrr Mover ?tun* (Vans, s rsstdhnt of Mul berry street, wa* b-ouvht before Justine B-rnsas of* oharge of attemptnig to para a counterfeit five dollar hill r, n the I leek -f the Jlepiblle, of Roatnn. Masnach metis, at the liquor ?t"re of .lamr* Oarr, No 310 'tanton street. A counterfeit two dollar hill on the mate bank was f tond is the puexwrtn* of the prisoner when she was tsnes into csstody Omm,tied for trial Tn* Cars o* Mum It sen ? I.vat evening It was reported that M'rn l.ynes died about ell o'clock, but upon oar re porter inquiring st hrr residence he fousd It lohr untroe. hb* ia, however, In a danger'-oa condltioo. and cannot, II Is etroegly believsd by ber attending pbyaleias, recover. Arrvsrr *r Fi imps.?A man tamed Gscrgs Weiber, ro il ling at No 07 Hiaabeth strset, got Isto a dispute rany ls?t rventsg with his wife, when, enraged, b? drrw a double barrel pletol and gr?d two ehote at bin bead. Mowing away a portion ef hia lower ,aw H ? Cac? wa* aleo terribly b -rat from the powder He wae coo? vryrd to the New Turk I' wpital and placed Is car* of the attending physicists

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