Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 3, 1860, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 3, 1860 Page 7
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?nj the managers claim that they have diebursed all the fund* at their com* maod. and that if the aingers do not see fit to go on and trust to luck, the season will be closed. On the other hand, they have, like the politicians, the prospect ef the spoils to ani mate them. Next week the Prinoe of Wales Attends the Opera in Philadelphia, aud a great crowd is expected. Then comes the great ball at the Academy, for the rent of which the committee pay the round Bum of forty-five hundred dollar*; so that the managers, thanks to his Royal Highness and the Chamber of Commerce, will have some cash on hand. It is this hope which keeps them together, we presume. For the next week, however, the metropolitan public is not to go without its Opera. Corporal Petti, who has already re deemed the fortunes of one desperate cam paign, has returned from the provinces, and boldly essays the " Traviata," the most impor tant rblt she has yet attacked. The habituts are expected to rally around their favorite, and if they do so the preeent aspect of opera tic affairs may be changed?the Muses may find themselves again in easy circumstances, and all the clouds that have lowered over Irving place be buried in an ocean of dimes. Come, then, dilettanti, to the rescue. At the same time we cannot refrain from ex pressing our surprise at the constant recur rence of these quarrels between the artists and the managers, and the wars between the mana gers themselves. Here we have a first class J c peratic city, people whose musical taste is se cond to none in the world, capable directors like Maretzek, Cllman, Strakoachand Servadio; first rate artists like Fabbri, Colson, Cortesl, Patti, Brignoli, Musiani and many others; and yet it seems that we cannot have the pleasure of bearing them in one company because of their internecine difficulties. It really appears as if Satan, not satisfied with his experiences among the politicians, has gone to work among the Opera manager* and singers, and we suggest that some kind of a revival is absolutely ne cessary. The Opera folks must join a Christian or moral reform association, or visit the Fulton street prayer meeting, or be awakened to grace an some way. As for the politicians, we have given them ever to Satan long ago. He knows them thoroughly, from the Presidential candidates down to the nominees for the smallest ward offices, and he wll take good care of them. But the artists and impresari! may yet be re deemed. As Doctor Watts remarks? While the lamp holds out to burn The vilest sinner easy return. So we have some hopes yet for the rival Opera managers. Let them imitate the little lambs in their intercourse with each other. So shall tbey delight the public and reap the reward of its approbation. Csanimt* Cranux at Wi*t? Oaanax?AfUr aa absence from the stage of three years-an interval of leisure which was passed In Europe, and >n lim heart and centre of art, the Eternal City-Hiss Cuah vxmb has again appeared among us, at the Winter Harden, vrhere her exquisite genius Is to enthrall the lovers of legitimate drama for a brief season. Her re entrr.- on V Monday night was welcomed by an overilowlng house, \and that hearty applause which bespeaks the graUdca t.on of an audience at the return of a favorite ?** * the profession she has done so much to adorn and dUulfy. jtp* Cuahman's temporary retirement has not diminished fjer intense dramatic power, or that suastery In the dellne ki.on of the pesnloos which she commands la a manner uneeuaUed by nay living actress. The selection for her Amt appearance, however, wan not n vary bnpp> one Rotxehus, as s dramatic author, is not quite tn keep log with the spirit of the present sge, and the rol of Hra Heller, in " The Stranger" hardly affjrda a ralr field for the derslopemeot or Miss Coshman's Immense power. Nevertheless, the play drew well for two sue oeaetve sights, and the measure of applause was not limit c*m> >CP~" ? ? V"""'' ? Kazio," a part la which she wUl have mora opportunity to display her dramatic force and renew some of her MS points as a great tragic ertreea. IU tAMiwno'a StuMrKtaAS RmouiceiJi ?Mr t itsge rald Tsslstro, for some year. translator's bureau of the State Department at Washing ton tad w,u known an a linguist of remarkable talent, Is ?1 . to commence a series of rehearsals from -~haksp*are at the hall of the Mercantile Library, CUotoa ptace, to night, opening with the reading of " Hmnlet.' There Is a peculiarity about the readings of Mr. Tsststro srfcM* wUl commend them to the lovers of the wonderful aa wall m the admirers of good dramatic recitation, and that M, that be recites the play entirely from memory without the aid of the test?something wo presume never attempted before. We have no doabt that this novel on f hi uls 1 will attract large audiences, sad tnat Mr. Maistra will he eaooutsged to proceed with his d.dtes t tooa of the great dramatic poet. Wauam'a Tmtrma ? Mr. Jobs Brougham, who hu cramit the Atlantic to try hi* fortune* m actor act author among our Brttlata cousins, baa tot to the New York public a moat agreeable tonvanir of hi* ability aa a dramatist In the It* act comedy ualled ?' rieytag with Fire," which *u performed for the first time last night to the lateas* delight of a very large and thoroughly metropolitan audience The story of the play is ose of every day Ills, the Incidents alight as every day ihctdnu generally are, but the situations are ar ranged with escaading ctsvernsm, and ths dia logue sparkles with epigrams sad boa mote. The plot, inch as it is, may be best understood from the principal charades Dr. Bsvafa (Mr. I ester Wallack), a rather eoorntrlc physician, with n sharp bustling wife (Miss Mary Gannon), and Herbert Wnverly (Mr. Norton), n gentleman who la jaaliua of <fra Waver I y (Mrs. Hney) without cause, and wbo in dncee Dr. Barege to Dirt with the lady as a test. Of courts the Doctor cannot play with fire and escape without having his fingers just a little burned Happily, It ta only a little, and the author ?rork< out his mors! with out the aid of remorse or pocket handkerchief effects There is s pleasant underpldt, where '.a Messrs Risks, A. II Davenport, Mrs. Ver non and Miss Tree have good character!, which they 1 ruder admirably. 80 far as the comedy itself is con cerned It I* remarkable for clever ocastruetlon sad with out dialogue rather than for any Special interest 1a its etovy. The third nod fourth acta dfs especially r?>d, and stirred up the audience to an unwonted pitch ot eotbu alnaas. the piece made a thorough, undoubted and Tesulae enec-ae, and we do not hesitate 10 pronounce It allogeihtr the bent of Mr. Brougham's comedies That It Will have a great run nnd nn enduring plane la the tngtish drama M beyond pemrfveniur* While we give all due credit to the author of the new p-ay, It te also proper that the a'tiata by whom't waa II /uatrated ahould hu duly rcmeabered. If we begla with Mr I ester Wallack. we have to aay that his perlormaaos of Doctor hevagc *u deci<le<lly excellent be gave s fresh anl sgret able raalering of a very diilleult, yst effective, Hit Mr. Dnvtaport, Who ma I* hie ilrnt a p pa ran re at thif- theatre, was likewise very eucormful wits the part cf Pinchbeck, which be played with a degree of gee ulna humor that took the house of Morm Mr dlnke made the beat of a ro> whloh waa hardly worthy h's great abilities. The ladle*. Mr*. Hoey, Mi*? i.tnnoa, and Mrs Veri>.i wer* likewise very good Mr* Hoey played ih? ilirtntios seeae la the third act very finely, and M m Gauooo waa never mere pineal than aa the wife of the presumed faith free rkwtnr Altogether. the performance was ewiaeotly satisfac tory . *ad ws liars not teen so rntsnslhettc s "first nvkt" lot eereval yearn. Mr leeter Wallack made the wmal anooosremsa 1 that the new pieo* would be repealed every night till further notice cad the audience received the intelligence with unusual favor. .Jersey City ft ewe. Am*T to KftA.?William " stinegbnsaay, a youth of eevantera year*, waa arrseted late Monday al|kt, charged with assaulting acd attempting t* kill Michael Flyno w ith *a are The difficulty took pier* at the Parnate lo* ?lap** respect ng * honw. about'which two driver* were quarrelling, when ffPhaighauasy tawfOred, 1 seised *a axe to strike Ftyen, who fed to a bnuae uear by He rem* out after some time, whan he waa streak .by ti'Bbaughoenay, who had been lying In wait with the axe. The blow came on Flyna'e eim iider, and cut a terrible gaah exttr ding the reitira length ef the cheat, and of a depth of two tithes NEWS FR9M THE NATIONAL CAPITAL. Affkln li Mexico? airaaoa Af?lm o? (At U ?rptlh-UUrftrtace of the Ipanllh Minister, At.. Ac. WAdHniot9>, Oct 2, 1360. to mvs raoit asi.uo. Advices vers received here this morning from Vers Cruz, with dates to 14th, and (ram ths citp lo the 10th nit. The M?s Is unimportant. Miramon had already rallied a pretty large force, and It vaa being augmented dally. He vould thus present s formidable array against the advancing liberal forces. The Spanish Muls ter, it was understood, vaa secretly aiding Uiramon. lb this connection permit me tossy that the course pursued by the black rspnbiicau presses, especially that stockjobbing journal conducted by the "Little Villain," In regnrd to Mexican affairs, is disgraceful. One day they throw ths responsibility vhare it justly and properly be longs?upon Congre?; the next day the Executive la re aponatble lor all the trouble, and that he has it in his power to prevent it, but is afraid lo use it. These miserable scribblers know veil enough that the President repeatedly in special messages asked authority from Congress to set, but it refused in every Initance to com ply with his request. The President has no authority to, use the naval force no* In the Gulf, except to protoct American citisens and their property. ?nui i ask or utxuui barret. The report that the British government bad demanded the recall of Central Harney, now running the rounds of the papers, It an entire fabrication. No such demand was ever made. CO.VTKAITS TOR AAVAI. SUPl'IAKH AWARDKD. The contracts for supplying the various uavy yards throughout the l otted States with necessary materials for the next fiscal year has been awarded. Gilbert to., of Washington: Collins A Co., and W. P. Kennedy, of New dork, have received the bulk ol the awards. MTTRX or SSCKJ.TAKr FhOVD. Cov. Hoyd, who has been absent for two weeks, re turned this evening ill excellent health. AID TOR T1IK STRIA* BI FVKRKRM Prominent residents of Washington have organized an etiicient committee to solicit contributions for tbe relief of the Syrian suiierers, to be forwarded in (be storeship Mm The American Board of Commissioners for Forslifm Missions. Botox, Oct. 2, 1390 The fiftieth annual meeting of (he American Board of Commissioners for foreign Missions commenced here, In Tremoot Temple, (o day. Rev. I>r Hopkins, of Williams' College, presided. Prayer was olfered by R?v Dr. BinJ, of Bangor, Me. The usual comm.iters were appo nted, and reports from officers were received The receipts of the Home Department for ths last unso cial year were ? ordinary donations j.iOS ilO 6c Legacies 5- '97 13 Oflertnga ior tne debt 7o,7.'3 UQ Other sources C 969 811 ToUl 84J9,799 93 Of which 812,704 03 come Irom foreign lauds, and 88,187 32 are the contributions of children for tbe Hisi.on School Enterprise. Tbe current expenditures of the year hare been 8301, 938 78. Ak the debt at the bog aniog of tbe year was 880,374 13, the whole sum lo bs provided for was 8428, 332 89; hence the balance in Treasi.r. August 1, 1340, was 81,484 19. The following Is a summary of the business of the Board ? The number of minion* ia 22: number of ordained mia ?ionariee, eight being phytic tan*. 146; whole numbe-of laborer* connected with the minion a, 824; whole num ber la aeminarle* and achoola, 10 616; ordained mission aritt aent forth alnoe the lormatlon of the Board, 418; m lea Ion try physicians not ordained. It male aniatant mintonariea, 128. female* aniatant missionaries, 690. Total, 1.267. The annual aermon waa preached at tight to an over flowing house by Rev. ft. W Flabor, D D. Uu subject wn "The manifett design of Providence to make lhe Ameri can a missionary nation." It la eetimated that 6,COO friend* of lb* Board are being entertained here aa guests of the citizen* of Boaton. New* from Denver City. fit. Joanrn, Oct 2. I860 Peuver City datea to the 24th of September are re oeived. The expren brlnga only a little over 21,000 In gold duat, bat a much larger amount la in the hand* of the paaeengere The coach met an olBcer with Gordon, the murderer. . 180 mUea thla aide of Denver. It Is thought that be will j be taken from the oBcer before reaching that city, and hung. The ettiarn* of Denver met In man convention on the 23d of September, and adopted a prorl*local for--rument, under which they hope in lulure to enjoy all the blessings that a good government can aflord The election of officer* for the ensuing Wx month* la to be held September 20. A chunk or gold weighing ?1?1 ta reported to hare been taken from the American Gulch, on the head water* of the Blue river. The aald guleb bid* fair to rival the celebrate! tworgia Gulrh, to the name neighborhood. A new ? liver bad be* be*a dmeinawd <?i the dividing ridge between the Arkanaa* and l'iatte rlvera, which u Hi* very nub. 81 aw 1'erh Itat* Fair. fcuuaa, Oct 2. 1470 The wrath, r ta a?w fair and promising, and visitor* are arriving ta groat number*. The fatr ground* bar* been open to exhibitor* to day, and the eatrlea are aearly all made. A finer display of blooded cattle and thorough bred beraet, and a mere magnificent exhibition of agri cultural Implements and mac ornery baa never b--*n aeea ntnt any previous exhibition "f the society. Kvery nvnilable plnce in the Mechanic*'Halt I* occu pied by aome practical reault of amerlraa ingenuity aad interpret!. The floral hall la beaultfoliy decorated, and the display of fruit ta large aad fine The trot between flora Temple aad Paicbln, for a premium of 22,000. takes place to morrow afternoon. The prospect# for n highly successful exhibition are very favorable Indeed The rata of yesterday interfered materially operations. Should the weather be favorable the balance or the wee*, the attendance of visitor* will undoubtedly he vary large Governor Morgan and Hon Auaon Burltngame are expected hrre to morrow forenoon At two o clock to morrow the Arabian borons of Governor Seward will be tbowa upon the ground* ?Ithlgan Itat* Agrlraitwrnl Fair. Damon, Oct 2.1480 The Michigan State Agricultural latr commenced here to day, ami wfll enntiau<- four days. Vary extensive aad completearraagvmeal* have been ran i* for the areo?. mod at Ion of exhibitor* aad viater* Mr Oaaniua M. Clay wtU deliver the annual address on Thursday. The fiuamthlp Tnnmeasnn. Niw lyntk***. Oct 1. 1M0 The r'.enmthlp Tennraetr IS aga a to be placed oa the route between New orlean* and Vera Cm* She will leave the former *6W, with the mall*. oa the 1Mb of October, and tberaa.'ier [wrform r?galar aemi monthly trips, lalllag "o the Dt and lilh of evvry month. Airnlrn in Bweton Bowrov.Oet. 2, I860 la the t'sited Mate* District Court to day Thomas Mor can, late n.aeier of the uvr hark Orion, pleaded guilty. H ? sentenoe was puetpmeJ. Morgan ?a< not Indicted eider the p racy art. which Involve* cap*la] punishment, hut la only tub yet to fine and .mprtsosmeat Iiyroa Cham hrrUtla, mate of the Oram, pleaded not gu.lty, and hia trial ha* commenced The I hike of Newcastle ha* written Mayor I I ami o that the Prlpce ot Wale* will attend the ball tn hi* honor at the Ureter Theatre, October 14 large somber* of clergymen an I authors interested In mteetont, are hoirly arriving to partlclnat* la the lencea her foreign miaaion jubilee which commence* here tomor row. The jubilee will continue three day*, and the exer cises on the occasion are *\|>eet*d to be of uausaal ut tersnt. Wide Awake delegation* from Main*. New Hampshire, aad M*"*cbu?etuc left by rail and steamboat, bavftig th e afternonn to join the demonstration ta New Y*rk to morrow night. TIM hntllnft of the Karepa. Boron, tk-t 2, 14?i0 Tim *te*m*h.p Europa'n mall* c om at eight o'clock to morrow (Wednesday) morning, bnt *b* wltl not sail until about sieves odock Vtsltlag Flrtnten. ABISMKMU, Oil 2. I860 More than half the fir* tiepartrr.ent of tbia c-ty turned ont this evanlag to receive D. D. Tompk... Fag'n* paay. "f Albany, N. T . and recorted Ute*t la grand tore blight procession from the Kensington depot over a long route through the city. They are gueei* of Pnrnt verasee Bee* Company. Boetow Bank Statement. Bosfo*, Ork 2. 1460 Capital stork 28TJkl 700 lame* aad l ecounte M MX 2 9 Specie Owe from other beoks 7 VJ8 441 Due to other hauk*. 8 43# 606 Deposits. l?,?on,742 Circumtion 7,188.844 8eathrra Ocean steamer Navemtats Savanaa, Oat 2. 1*60. The screw aleamah.p R. R. Cujler, from New York, ar rived at Tyben at tve, aad at the wharf at eight o'alork, thla (T-.eertay) moratng. The errew eteamahlp Most?om?ry ar-ived at Tyb- at two p. M. ycaterday, aad at the wharf at atrea o'c.eck ft*. aaaait, <> t 2 The Vaited State* mall etoamahlp Aufieta, from New Tack, arrived at b*r wharf at W a aiock, Tueeiay i?->? ? ? T AAln la Albany. Auuak, October 2, IS60 Three or four murderers ore at present In jail bore, charted with brutal murders. Judge Gould to-day de clined to try ony of these cants, giving an a reason that, under the bungling aad unsatisfactory taw passed last wiuter. conviction is impossible. Captain Spcltman, for ma ay years captain of the cele brated Burg easts Corps, has de Dined a reelection. Major Sprtgue, of the United Slates Army, and son In law of the lata General Worth, baa been elected a member of the corps in order to tender him the poaitioo of captain. The Ann lleut Jonventioo held here to day nominated John J. Sliagelend, republican, for County TreMurer, Md John Ball. repubiicM, (or the Second Assembly dis trict. Connectn at Town Electluao. Nsw Rai ns, Oct. S, 1840. The towu meeting* for the choice of selectmen, wnoare Inspectors of Elections, took place In most of the towns In this 8lata. Twenty four of lb* tweuty sight towns heard from hare elected republican town officer*. Markets. Ihir.ADSimi*. Oct. 3, I860. Flour advasoed 12HC: sales of 1,400 bbts. at 96 76. Wbeat advanced sales of 4, OCO bushels red at 9130, white, at $1 40 a $1 60 Corn dull: yellow, 74c Cotlee? Klo, at it a uv Provisions aleady. Whiskey uru. at 83,Sc. a 23 Sc. Bit-TUtORS, Oct. 2,1840. Flour active, with large tales Ohio and Howard elreet, ?6 76 Wheat advanced Sc red at 91 88 a $1 86; white, 91 86 ? 91 84 Corn steady mixed, 44c. a 44c : yellow, 48c. a 70c. Provisions dull and heavy mean pork, 919 76; prime, 914 76. Lard, 13c. a 13 l?c. Coffee firm at 14 Sc. a it ?,c. Wh isltey doll. At. Hi IK , Oct 2?1 P. M. What?Sales 16,000 bushels, at 91 ISH tor Canada Club and 91 38 for while Canada Corn?No sales Oats? Sales 10,CCU bushel* Stale at 38',5 Rye?biles 2.000 bushels at 71c. Barley?Demand active sales 40 000 bushels, at 8lo. a 83o for lair to choice Canada Katt lie. a63.Sc for fair to cbo.ce Canala West. 77c for Slate, and 80c. for winter. ALiiiKV, Oct. 8?P M. Flour business fair throughout the day, and saies iargon than for some days past, but at unchanged prces Bar ley active, firm and in good demand, sales to day 110,000 bushi-ls, at 77c. a 81c. for fair to prime four rowed State. 80c. jor winter, 81c. a 83c. for good to choice Canada hast, 83c a 84c for prime Canada West. Wheal?4aM to day 16 GOO husbels. ai 91 18 ?, for Canada cuo, <1 24 for Mediterranean, Ad 91 38for white Canada. Oils un changed sales )4.000 bushels State at 34c. a 34>.,c. Bi iriLo, uot. 2?1 P. M Flour Arm and in fhtr demand. Wheat market better rales 84 000 bushels No. 2 Chicago sprint st 91 02 a 91 04:1,000 bushel* No 1 do., at 91 0b a 91 08; 8 000 buabela red winter at 91 15 Com firmer sales 3,000 bushel* at 64 a 65c , closing firm No sellers under biz Oats llm. rales 9 000 bushels at 27c a 27 >,c Barley linn sales 7,000 bushel*, at 66c Wh.skey steady sales 160 bbls. at 21.-,c. Canal freights lc. lower?143. on wheat, 14\c on oorn, to New York. I.tke Imports?4oO bbls Hour, 14,000 bushels wheat. 28.000 bushels corn, 22.000 bu-bei* oats, C,000 busbelt barley Canal exports?47, 000 bushels wbeat, 12,800 bushel* corn. Ui rrito, Oct. 2-4 P. M Flour firm and In good demand: sale* 2 610 bbls. at 94 87 4-4 a 94 25 for extra Illinois and Wisconsin, 96 26 s 96 62 H for extra Michigan, Ohio, Iowa and Indiana, 96 76 a 94 86 for double extras. Wheat In good demand and market bettor sale* 3U.000 busbe.s No 2 Chicago opriDg at 91 (8 a 91 04, 12 TOO buabeis No | do. at 91 04 a 91 06. Coru market better eaies 40.000 bushels at 64 tjc. a 663. Oil* firm sale* 10.000 bushels at 27 ,3. Barley steady: sale* 7.000 b :is*la at 66c Whiaaey steady sales 200 bbls at 21 He. Canal freights? 14 cents on wbeat 16c. to New York. Lake Imports?9 OCO bbia. Hour, 87,000 bushels wheat, 8,000 buabeis corn. 16 000 bushel* oat*. 8 000 bushels barley. Canal expires?3(0 bbls Hour, 22.000 bushels wheat, 120 OCO bushels cum lake imports to Oct 1?729,684 bbls. (four. 9.767 442 buabeis wheat, 9,837,930 jbusbela cora, 847,498 bushels oats. 92 672 bushels barley. 34,'40 buabeis rye Canal exports to Oct 1?112 283 bbls. Hour, 6,962,226 bushels wbeat. 7.721.404 buabeis corn, 964,146 bushels oats, 23,983 bushels barley, 44.679 bushels rye. Oswiuo, Oct 2, I860 Flour unchanged at 94 40 for extra State Wheat held generally above views of buyers, sales 2,000 bushels No. 1 Chicago spring at II 13, 11,OCO bushel* Milwaukis club at 91 14 Corn Ora and steady, tales 46.00 bushels Illinois si 40e Barley firm, but quiet Canal freights Flour 38c a 40c.; wheat 10c . oorn 9e. a 9 He. to New York, lake imports?100 bbls Boor 24,000 bushels wbeat; 9.0C0 bushels barley; 3 000 butuels rye. Canal exports? 3,425 bbls ;Iour; 83,7C0 bushels wheat 17,300 oorn; 30 200 bushels barley. Cisi urxaxi, Oct 2, 1880. Floor advanced 10c demand limited: nuperftne 94 06 a 36 16 Red wbea advanced 2c Whiskey lSj^c. Mesa poik 918 Bacon 8\c a 11'?c. Money easy, rilghl ex change on New York firm at per cent premium durst o, October 2.18M. Floor active, and 9c. batter. Wheat steady sales 100,000 busbelt at 99He. a 99 for No 1 spring, 96H? a 94 l,c for No. 3, tn store Cora firm sales 06,000 bush els at 49c a 40He for No. l,Md 89c for No t, tn store. Oats quiet. Receipts to ilny?3.400 bbls Hour, 149.000 bushels wheat. 38,600 bushels oorn, 21,000 bushels oats. Shipments?8.304 bbls. tlour, 72 000 bushels whsal, 42.000 buabeis oorn Freights qnlet at 12s a l2He 00 wbeat to Buffalo. Bight exchange on Now York?Bank ratea reduced \ par cent premium. BrowkJjrm City Newt. Board or Edccatio*.?A itittd mealing of the Board (u bold Uwt erruLDj, Bon. C. P. Smith, President, in the choir. The flrot business thnt come np wan the nana boiler belonging to the estate of the late Mr Polly, which that grntleman had left in the achool No. IT. The true teen ol the relate, it era* reported, made two propose tloca, either to rent the boiler to the Board for 1110 per annum. or to sell outright for SI.bOO Cone, termhie die cuenon ensued, tome of the member* being of opinion that an oold weather I* earning on, whatever bargain in to be made ihonld bo made quickly. Eventually, oa motion of Or. Thorn, the matter wan referred to the School Commit to*, with oover. A remonstrance from the inhabitant! in the neighbor faaod of achool No. 11 ngaiaat the choice of a Bite for a eehool, waa preeented by School Committee No. 11. and n resolution thereupon adopted, empower!ng the committee to eetl the lot In Van Bursa street, and to apply to the Crmmon Council for per mm Ion to purrhaae a new atle Some other routine buaineae waa transacted, and the Board adjourned. Mr ah mors Amur in a Dance [Tot an ?On Monday night n number of dinreputable character*, male and female, were engaged in n low debauch In a dense bonne, in North fifth etmet, F D , when a row took plaoa. even lusting In a free light, la which the principal wcapotn were bottle*, tumbler* and club*. Information of the flgbl was given at the Firm district polio* *latioa, aad oflloar Im wen denpatched u> the tcene of actloa, where be found a man named Thomae Km ley lying on the floor, with n gaab in his forehead, which eeemed to bare been laic lad with a elnb. Palrlcn Iwrktn was bleed teg from a wound in the ueck, lalintad by a eharp inetr-.meat. Ma aeel by the ultlcer he had last ao much bliwo a* I* be almoet nnena >> e lie >i< taken to the elation bourn, and afterwards to his reaidunc*. where he remans in a* almoei hopeiea* con i'tt m anpernl other prrrooa received Is iarten more or Ir s serious A man named William Kennedy waa arreeted, charged with wounding Lark in and inciting lb* affray Arrival* nnd Oepnrtwrn*. arrival*. OhUH* tob-steamship Saabrlll* ?J fete*, ladr art ekllil. Mm Pmat and naraa. T W I'aaa.iri Mtai lUeta, J W lamherv Mr Foeee P Mnt'artev, t i? Mra-ane, ? '?** 4 Coo ,aa. W .1 Motler and ladr, li M MaadartiJe. Jollier. A ?ire?i M'f I reen. l?o Mjae# ilreon ,i Harrtn, a .. -.mmnn*. l.W eeeaela, J I*Carter T ?' frailer. J W denser, t kirh a W June*. Jr . * Row-ndlne. W 8 Met'ia- V J 8ter*aa rraak Hrhwuii Haauah itoaniea aad f amky. * Merrill ana Mullen aad fafrfrr?end 7 In the ai***?* *?ra> ran?s?*.?-hip Alabama- I II MH Uetnn J R Iter MMnham Mr and Mr* J V Nc:t T E l.loyd. Mr ao I Mr* f \ le>? Mr* Poo' Ml*# M*ye?a Mr* M M*ddot. Mm M?'hnw*. W Pf.H, H 8 Fir d. !? liar ? W Hue. Mr ajd Mr* f ireewm, Mw- A Ihotapeno Mr* A CsmplwU. Mr* J W oweaa. M < Fi Otm-.B Mi?# Herireo .1 ?cc1**o i. P cure*. M f?o?*"n Mr* (' nlatk *o<1 .1 < brd)*n J 1> vheld i* Mr* led wtier, M e Ball Mlea n V Carter Mi.* V k carter. Mr H. .. Mr. J Keao and laiani MtmMeLellaad itannkng J s aorww*. i? b Mail. A J I <-??. UIO mr-'ad u < 8 urr, a A Harruu. fc BHhAT**. J Hck r A Moll Inn?and 9 M Ibr ataaran* kit hn*k?a'eameh p Mtawke Jacob IdM? I* 1 - w* ] Lroa ?aaar* Ja-MeKialey. frm frada. fr J llarrart an! lady. Mr HUM. M Hra*?a. t 7 t a ateerare Barae?*h.p Vn P rath ?? bam-II u Lowndes, rvaacoa?Bark Maale - Mr?OT Baker. Mamaehusett*. Pin HP* I M Deuean -J T>"e*.kmltu Pa nt.rtn hk*. Berraawrtn* . * ? It ? wm w?**w*h.p fe .urn la? Mr* M A H- bhae# H*ag. r M Hier Ins and 'ad* Mew T>.rk Mr aid ? r* ASbetilVM, do. lewia Tatpaa dwtoe Wia <* Par e*. New t*rk ? b.1 liwr* d" M Horwrr do A l* -t itfrlerleh, Oalaaa, PNUip Hpiller I'neen it Hem-wj ?'ahlomin Ma lbee? Meinertr. < bi< aifn Paul urban', H V 1'h ? Pe ar*e , V?? t-r.eaa* ?'a"l Roiic Milwaukee le.aia Ker rarer N-? ??r Vane. Ado'i h Bart, orb, Mllwankee lieatyl'ngTlrk M.Mi Mt.daabeimer do Uerore Ma * aad aiwer Baa Pram iwm Pmdaa ttoldarbmldt 8 V Ch I.*4a**r1eae do Mr* 1Sere.? I Vmrht. d<> Mr* Maria Hen amin, do li >'.iba I'al- >ro,* Maihew* Hrbaoi/. ?Iiiraeo. P*llip l-inel'ia. M t HW <Vr?, do. Mr FnerauntU. New Orlean* Mr and Mr* (taiolel frba a, H>en??er Randolph M Proh* >-id, H t . Jac kr*i**hef d >. Mr* I'opei.hetmer do. i eio Marrnl ow bearer of ueapWrb** f>aa lb* Hew Norb ilar hald1 r nod louenerai UanPaeli?aad other* in wewrat* Total. Ill nmai i -*?>??Wenwinhip Ja?e? Adfe?II Itarileo and .atr. Mia* Hirclair. MM* C I. r* "iher'and. Jfr* r t* frhltehead an4 two rkiidreo Mr* I haa frllroi Vm Wyoii, Hha* frllooi. O W Mrieilan. L H Morrta. .1 T \ looi. B K < irrer Kwd fbSTTlii and i ad*. M .1 he B Knpa aad la If, I* 'Whom A Bo ',*? i lien Ball aad lady, frank ' < A n Abrani"*, fr J ''dben, f ! Penal* and ladr. M I'nhea K nrS*eider. Mlae > Mart Th? Al i*w?. had Bailey. Ji?mhn>*r. Jno M. H-wb. ! 11 * Hn? bam. J fr Kaeheid#* Mr* Me Alpine aad daurmar I Hw- nr rani. Mr* iitioleertie, H Ct John Parter, J ?e A Wheeler. I'd Minntw fr ?AiN*ri N k Colby. It J f o**ylk Mr* CalonM anil famU. Tb*M*'.rey. Jp.. Bulrey Hear* Week*. <? M Wee*. Mw* h Mrl>ermatt, M Hay*. N fre'i* Bear* Tnye Mr r?' ker.te er, I MeDertn '"i, f>*c! frrtgnry, (Jeeaitlf e. A H ANrahaaMk J no Mr fveiaM <>?* R Brown .tea ilrau, frw kobli *<?, Wm Tracer, .'an Down.;>? Jno '"aaey V W Hum lej. If A Heamle T rl Plngren, a I> *'ek??li. fr J AVi? der, T h Borden, fr Tii' bar, r So> -A w ca - aad M in '.ae Merr ana ?aranei.i?AanamMlp f wid*?Job* m ine .iwfr ?e?r. fihaa T Prie*. iTwa D Ba'.lnry and wife. Mm* Childa Um D llarrla Joli* fr IVnnlae H H Teaedale P Pe?e-man Ml** A Hull Mlae Dnplgne', Met J HmHh. Mm* D A btnrm. P A H.rdner, Dr II Mornnf* P Mian. Mtm Du.T. Me* IT y Rhlaa**. two enildrwa and ?ui*e, F k. kaiun Jo* Marline l( 8 Royardna. MraCol Mnnbali, Mlw Marahnd Mm Aihea **d two children, A Me/ H Akh and lady W B T-mher, 1> A Narlaod* M Carles i I. Icywi J P <"W* d V 'iieaaoa. wife and iafaal. Mr* friihur aad ekild, fr P fvunar, Jfriua Ho*ie MM* J Blelmond. MB* Cleriaed. Henry 1 '!e*la*1 J'ibn franua Medlar (1 Bneenrraat. rirtnr Klrelneer, Mril. Rtenw. Mr* ? f) R :mnW. .lame* M Abeel, C A llert*. O ? Rtee and Wife. Joseph Re.I. Jam-i B Taylor. J Mlm.*n and wife. Ml** C Roiay* L Mj-er* aad lad), J P. A >bot. awl frdy. Mlea Humer. C Prdll, B Hnwkhnrne. f itilde*. Thonma H' nderwm. Mr* 1> R frbeeler ? fraiermaii V t ?(e* II P Jamrw Hob*'. nae? Ree.1, k * Haye*. W H Corey Mr* Meyer and fnree children M m Meyer M Myer. Jrwepb Me?r*,! B t f laudrom, C W Tbomeaon. wife awl ehudr-n Mr* fraol aed *er*itnt, Mr* Palk nw* Mlm 8 Oalkin**. Wm frael Mm Mnml.ird. 8 Mnmford. .'ame* Kelly MraniMrtfrK fooe*. IWt. i hiidreyi ??d ae* a it. Ur > l*wl? 8 fr ?'..-**?. Mr* It M Clark*. M-.ab HatUe ? ark*. ?te. Clarke. D Ranaemwk, fr Jchn aoti. M Hhwwan. T Pike?ad Ml la the eieerae* RfCn*o*--la *;*ani?hi9 'anieetow* ? Joke fr?*??r, M n khda. 4 t.mkil i Mm i I frU, Krt Pgnmpu. bnmoai fotd A>d ladr, B Caldwell, Miss (MioBiItt Mr. H Mltahed, Mr. PsoWB aodt wo children L brew man, D Porehay, Mr. Holmes ??* daughter. H C HmmU. Mr. Haafoi-d. Mr B M Poi, K A Ohaa P'U. Com t: H Bell. Dr Partlih, MM. A MaSune Dr donee. Mr. J D Brown. N J Kolpb and lady. W Iwiu uJ iadr. B H Dobo Mr. VUlcr. Juna. Bmlta, Mu. M Post, Mr. Bum Md 39 In the M?ri|F. Proi tMilngi of the Protectant Episcopal Convention?The War la China?l'hr Crista In Italy?The Presidential Can ?nee?The Kxe< etlon of (i.ner.l William Walker?Movements of the Baron Ren frew?Local News of New York?The Markets, *c>, Ac. The Famut Herald in It. edition or torlay (Wednes day) will, with other mailers, contain:?A (till report of the Proceedings of the Protestant Episcopal Convention, held in this city the past week; The latest News from Europe, with a detailed account of the Entrance of < sri baldi into Naples, the Flight of the King, the Enthusiasm of the People, to., An Interesting artiste on the Condition of the War in China and the present State of the Country; Report of a Sermon by the Lord Iliahop of the See of Victoria at Hong KoogrChina, on the Christian Religion in China; letters from Our Correspondents in the Central States, giving their opinions of the Progress of the Presi dential Canvass; An Acoount of the Execution of (lenar&l Walker at TruxtUo; The Movements of the Baron Renfrew tn the Lotted States; Singular and Distressing Suicide of a Young lady in New York; The F.rst Exhibition of Mona. Berger, thod .stiogutshed French Professor of Billiards; All the Local News of New York and Vicinity of Importance; Reports of the Cattle, Provision and Money Markets, and all tnteroatlng uews matters of the precedias week. Terms?J2 a year; four cents a single copy. Subaoalp tlona received at the office, nertiiweat corner of Fulton and Nassau streets, New York. Single copies for sale at tha counter and by all newa agenti. Advertisements in serted at the usual Umaalo rates. Court Calendar? This Oay. SrPKSMK Coi Kt CincriT ? Part 1?Nos 1,021, 1.395, 1.416, 1,417,1.418. 1,121,1,423. 1.425, 1 427, 1 428,1,4*1, 1,436,1,439, 1 441, 1,443,1,447, 1 449,1,461,1,463, 1,466. Part 2? sojourned to Friday. Si i-SRIOR Conor ?Part 1?Noa. 994, 998, 999, 712 , 720, 418, 668, 6.66, 729, 730, 732, 784, 278. Part 2?Nor 413, 617, 669, 691, 6 '8, 697, 903 , 906 . 909 , 9111913,615,921, 623 . 626, 627. 6S7*. 629. 633. 636. Common Pi-Kam -Part 1?Same as before. Part 2?Voa. 97, 108, 2,099, '2,100, 2 101, 2.103 , 2,104 , 2,106 , 3,108 to 2 113, 1,642 I *rrsr> StAtas Dtsnticf Corn ?Noa 20 to 33 Drawings of H. France's Delaware Lotteries-? M'vn for-*tt. Class 23*. 2. I860. 46, 62 , 26 , 66, 66, 17, 67, 50, 27. 16, 29, 30. 75, 77. (7o"w>i:nAT?D Lottsrt?Class 17i Oct 2 139) 69. 49. 72. 71, 44. 19. 45, 38. 15, 64, 3, 62. Circular, sent free o! charite by addrrsal n K PR A NOB, Wlim.untou, Delaware. Draw lag* of tke Dclavi ara Mate Lot teries?WOOD. XDDY A CO.. Ssnuotoi Um dslawars, aiavmsT asi> mmsousi artie Lorraaise. Dblawau?Kitsa Class. 470. Octoisb 2. 1891 70, 29, 39,13, 23, 44, 4H, 69, 37, 44, 76. 16, 6S, 63. Dai-AWAI!*?('LAS' 480. Octobis 1VW. 60. 66, 29, 3'2, 26, 20, 56, !?, 45, 43, 18, 1. Circulars sent f ree nt rbsrre. oy aildreeaiar either to WOOD KDDV A CO , Wiiminitoo Delaware Or to wool), EDDY A CO.. St Look, Mwauurt Koyal Havana Lottery.-Yoe> 4,'14't, IS 166. 2099, 11.871, drew tke riv# Capital Prizes in liie drawing oi September 11, I-16U Circulars sent iree <>f ?'I erne by add-rsaint Don Kodrlyus/, care of city pott, Charleston, 6. V. Bnalaesa Hate, Opera Hate. Premenad. Hau, Soft sod Hard Haw. Tall and Short ltata. Silk Hsu, Pur Hals. Beavir Hata Hals foe ?ounR ceoteme-i HaUlurmld d'ea,;eS s?oUem.s ?r. i Hats for elder!) senUeuie i. tow prh >-4 Hals sod Hats at all prices sod all o' Hie geoutue K NOX manufacture ran bo obtained onl> a; 212 Broadway. Those who east s Hat must go there lor u ?Itlrle, Bhlrto?81x for |8> Made fro oi the best AsaoaAraR and Wamsat'-s OAOaUn*. Depot UN Chatham attest, ooroar of Paarl. ?IX <>e Shine for $H, Warranted to St. MOODY M SHIKT MAMUFACTOBT. 3Ai Broadway. Mrhaaghlln'i Improved French Yoke Rhins ready made. aU aires, or ssade tj SMhSuro. Store cor - oer of ureeowlch sod Murray streets Received per Kangaroo-A Case of Eng. U?a Collars All tha new ttylss at MOODY 8 Shin Maoufac tor t. 162 Broadway Hroohly o Pkolampbt?Hlalttar* to CHAR. H. WlLUiHHuN S (Jallery. ICst* n diked Wide Awtki Demofrtry?UrttlMt Good to Mankind?21 Photographs fl, at HOLM K?' galier>, Wk Broadway oulj The Colombia College Lim School will rommenre u> <*ae (Wednrslay), aid P.M. All the ?t ulrola arc tseltrd to alien 1. To Clargymeo.?To Toarh the IIaorta of S people yeni should properly nn lenuud the prlnetplat of an nature and la understand Uue yoe shotted beenmaea qualatad with Phraaoloay. Uall upon fOWLAR A VILU, Mo. MS Broadway. Mlalaway A Moos' Oeeratroag Oraad ^^?ro Pianos arc sow eooadered tha ba? maanfartnred; aad aqoare 1 ___ _ are warraalad far flea yearn Wararooma ? aad M Walker Wolrkooka' lutadaid Stale*, Adapted to erery branrk at fen darable Scale ta rwiuLred. (Ml aad riaaOno. or esad far aa llXUMl EaTMD aad UMBCRIITION CIRCULAR. PAtMBABRB d OO. US Broadway, lea Tort, Between Der aad forUaadl etraata. iBlMrarti Marhlnet ta UM world, at I. H. BlStl The Beat Plooofortortag mod Kaolly aa A CO. a. ?td Broad Mot lta ?Tha Kareha Sew log St Orhlnea Can now be pnrrhaaad Aad paid for 1a WF.KKLY OR MoMllbT INBTAl.MBNTR. Ohre t? Br ad way. (lube supplied A yea ? wanted. (?or, Pol lor O oo Bewlog Sloe h loss. (?a tbe rerooneaaitatloa of a irtea 1 I prortired, e.nee Ot'ouw at nee, a Orover A Baker Fanulr Hewtac Maraiue. My tamili hae bees o wl sue. eaaful in tin ttae. from Ike Mart, without any trouble or diO'nl'y whale, er la its oaaaromeab My wife m)s ft la a ' fern ty hletwlnand nouM '?* In nooed u> dispense ?ita .ta nae-la all of wbKh I moat haarUJy I KoUicA, IT. Ihirerwor at 1'eunaylraalA Grower A Baher'i Celahrotart Noteele Sewinf Marbt-aa the beet In nan for family newtaa Broadway, haw York, and UM Fultoa atraai. Brook-ya. Weed Pa foot Sawlov Plor hloee ore fa* rorltee everywhere Peantifcl new ttylaa for family nan. $M: oaanfart irtar ekiaa. SAi and t Id atVk both tt.lea aldie 477 Broadway. J. H OUITMMT A CO. The Bast aad Cheapen Samlly Sewing _ . A OH. d, l3 Marti na u martet. Prve flu. B ITKflSI ?Nad way. Harrtog'a t*otwo t Ctutoplaa Mire oad Barrar t'rwd Bafaa Ml Broadway, anewar of Morray atroat. Maw Tar*. ?w_. _ __ >oap ti kanwa a.eterTiaa a rveaa. e%' ie ?? iaoi Ike k ? ? .?> ?m . h la naJv in ii aei i r lo anauunaa thai U may be bad M tka old ' depot, r Walker M-'-t fr ea 'wwbeada or aar part at thebriy. Warraalad. *7 WairretrtM. Maanfaet' red twenty rears Oaaiaad'i Sle?tlrota?l Snap, os a Pro serve' see b>? auAer at ?'ie kumaa f n.e.e Oao well kaowa thai it ta m?*el? wwwer) v> eon nw-e la*' it w etlil for sale at 'ke old tepin, <7 Walker e'rwet Auipwaee all cuametore. Hedlt at core of flarolo, or Maptare? llr H b MeHHH, at lh* wall karats kouaa at Haras A Oo., So I t??T avwe, Aaare Hone*, appro.:* toe rbt.rtOilfH^B ?pertnl uur niton lo tha eorsteal ndapUti c of km Bodies! Oara rn* nA 4 lea r Coin plat loo" Ik DeelreA ky Oil lad tea Uw rBALOM A ' Hm? WV'e Orteaia. Cream." ??I,art tee' BanotlBari" Pholno A Bon e "BO>? *k ? Often la Crwwia Bold ky all Ii mffSIa ?? gaootirwi Inmplrilon." Pholoo'B "Bane ?h? <>ytental Crenm. free tu seala par >ana Cmtaitoro'e llwtr Dye. Wfga ami Toe C??l neb-.; tfce woeM fko ???!# aad retail Tha Dye privately appjed. Mo t Aa. ir Hietae. llnfr Seine's llnlr llyy la tha Beat lo thi mr - hade etiii and applied te up mortals pi i > nie rv?>mi I the* I I actor y, Ih Btnid at. eat. riirenogh's lllwalwa Wife,- Portlogs taatassble aotnrntat ?.a behind. iw> Broadway, opp-wna l. 1 etee art A < n a roroar at Haadeatreat Beaotltol (ainplailaa -lolrd'a Llqald Pe*r ?rhtare,| a e-le rllr m ItarioR no ai'ial f,w i^a.m fyiar *nd preaarrlnff Ike ompleiWm and akin, bold at all dr iieMA . Prtaelaal dav Wi 7 t7 and e? Bywdway. Brromio.?A Paw Bottles of Kiaoedy'a Badietl rfaeovvrr, a ."tdBdona npplieat'oo of Ike BrrofnJa IHatn-nt an 1 Heaiuaa tPnlmant, and Or< U. fullowtaa tka d> rartiot In the pampklel aronad aeek boeua. will ears kks Dtptherta.we Potrfaf Mora Throof, ('mop ot.tnv . Ar . are promptly ana effer'.tally e trad by HOUb'J ?A1 s M'lla and ntntmeat The en<r*oydlo*ry *atew of tkae medidnw are a paeftlra avblaaea ef tkatr marvello ? bealtn ylrle Oaorood a loeprwwed Grlaotol Craooa? for im anmalaOoa. Trial batuaa WeaaOaweh. Y7 Walker (treat Beware of a eonaterfail. Hill'* Holr Dye?"HI ( roll, Blo< k or brow* bee*. In tiaa. Dap .t Mo. I Barclay etreet. aad aold by all driMlaio Prloea of Wwlaa Boll ?Dear W.OOO La die*. "? I r - ??melthsl l.AlRli'N Miuld Pear. O'ke'naly ar toe la bet will t-rewrra aad beatiMfy the e'leaplealna nod ?kH ? 17 aad m Br wdway. T?> Pled tha rnoat 1'aabinoohla Hots of the e aaoe raUwa Wmni, III Broaiway. opp mta ?. ran. e ?NMih Wide A?r?ke? at i>'? rmmuj's namm, Had rrwod gala dav there Perfoi waneee at lafH and half BMtal U'oijok. P M The aiMkl performances cldM til flute to ??? the graad Wide Aw aha v.-otCAAOj from the wtn duwe uj baooniss of Ike Kumub. Merrlad. to'jti - Mi-foill.?On Monday, October 1, by M?* Mr Poreel, Hsyrt I Coun to Emma daughters* Ike Into Janice Mundeil, Esq , nil or Ulin city K*- rov?Kuiyay ?On Monusy eveaiog, October 1. Of the Rev J H ferry, of Brooklyn, nt Ore reuideuce. Das? M Kurnir to Maky Any Kikman, both of thin city. LsaatM?A-kwin, ?Ou Thursday. tieDtetnber 27. nt IjH'M?a.-nwith ?Ou Thursday. September 2 the residence of tHe brtde, by the Rev R. Wjfgena, John I.memo, of the city ol lr.ndou, Ejgland. to' Miss Mam Oakai H Arxwitb, of tbis city. Mum?Bpi'umoe.?Ou Tuesday, October 2, by Iter. T. H Oobsudcl, pastor of til Anu s cbr.rt.Li Ur Ooaf muted, Mr WiiKAttU Mikas, ol Brooklyn, K ags meaty, V V., to I.ft 'K Apei-aihx, eldest dsu|bter o! R. P. Houghton, of Iblacity. Va? Km?Ho win ?On Friday, Sept -nbc- 'jg, by the Rev Wm. Lawrence, Wii.uam I' ? ay Ems to I'.miiji A llotrs: i, secoud daughter of A.bro Uoeell, teq ., all of this city Died. Brtftra ?In this city, on tii nday, September 30, after a tbort illness, lie. Chx.ijila.y krauts. la ine Toth year of b.s age. Tbe relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend tbe funoral. at two o'c.eck this (Wod nesday atternoon, from bis late residence, 148 Fast Broadway, without further notice. Beach ?<>o Tuesday,October 2,altera l.ngenng illness, E^xa IIaaoh, Jr., id tbe 23d year of bit age. Tbe relative*.: and friends of tbe family are reepectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from his late residence. No. 166 Varlck street, on Thursday afternnou. at three o'clock. Ula remains will be taken to Island lor in terment Bowdey ?On Tuesday, October 2, at the residence of hj father, No 105 West Twenty ninth street, of disease of the lungs, Thomas Isaac, second son ol Wm. and Mary Ann Bowdcn, aged 24 years. | mouths and 12 days. The friends and acquaintances of tbe lamlly sre re spectfully invited to attend b s funeral, the services of which will take place at ths Madison avenue Presby teriaa churth, corners* Twenty ninth street and Madison ave nue, ou Thursday afternoon, at one o'clock. Mis remains will be interred at Cypress Hills Cemetery Caakmeauii?On Tuesday. October 2, Mabv Caveykaub. a native of the parish ol Cioesalee, Queen's county, lro land Her relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from lbs residence of Will ism Ken nedy, 2X0 West Twenty fourth street, this (Wednesday ) afternoon, at two o'clock. Cos?At Elizabeth, N. J , Caroiiye, wife of Alvord Cox and daughter of John ticbneizer, aieil 23 years and 10 days Tbe friends and relatives are invited to attend her funeral, tills (V.Vdar-d ?y> Kit.raoon at th/ue o'riuck, from ths residence of her father, at Elizabeth, w th iol further notice Donnicr.?On Monday, September 17, of congestion of the brain. Jans* lK)K!>ir, a native of Bootcrstown avenue, county Dublin, Ireland, aged 30 years. Pubt.n papers please onpy fin Run?On Friday, tieplembcr 28, Fx.iscisOi.yiom, aged 61 Ji-VS. Dtrr.?On Monday, October 1, Jams Dtw, a native of Ktl iare town, county Klldare, Ireland, aged 48 years. Ilia frieudo sud acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the fnneral, this (Weunoeday. atteruoon. at one o'clock, without further in. Hat.on. Die exmay ?On Tueeoay, ie lober 2 Bis iamiy Dicker ma.v, only bob ol Mr. B K Dickerman. agod 13 years and 6 months Tbe funeral services will be held at the residence of his father. So. lid ferry street, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at four o'clock. The relatives mi I friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend without further invita tion Tbe lemalna will be taken to tarry town for inter ?sent. knt.LtYH ?la Chateanguay, Franklin county, N. V. on tiunuay, September 1, alter a lingering ihu?s- of eight years, from perelyalt, Mr Jons Exauax, tn tbe 4-"jtb year of his age. Philadelphia and Newark papers please copy. Hatcb ?On Tuesday. October 2, after a) lingering ill nese, Ar.yib J., daughter of Cbas. C. Hatch, tn the 17th year of her age Tbe relatlvee and friends are respectfully Invited to et tend the funeral, from the residence of her father, No. 40 Wist Forty ailih street, on Thursday morning, at eight o'clock, w.lhout further notice. The remans will be tal.en to Some re, Westchester county, (or interment, by tbe quarter past ten o'clock A M Hat lem Railroad tratu, oo Thursday. Uaybax ^-On Tuesday.October 2, alter e long and pain fui illness, Eii&a Hayyay, wife of John Hannon, iu the 61st year of her age Tbe relatives an" (rlendsof tbe family are requested to attend the funeral, from her late reetdenoe, tS Mulberry street, this (Wednc lay) afternoon, at two o clock. llusm.n ?On Tuesday .October 2, Joan D. Hombbucb, Id the 66th year of his age. His friends end those or the family ere resocctfully In vital to attend the funeral services, at tbe Church of tit. Vincent du Paul, West Twenty-third street, oe Thursday afternoon, at two o'clock, without further notice, be van nab and Philadelphia paper please ropy. Matty ?<Jn Monday, October 1, E::/a Martin, wife of Joseph Marl n. iu the bHlh yoar ol tier age after a short hut severe lllnesn, which she bore with Christian tbrli tude. Tli? relatives and friend* of the family are respectfully invited to attend tier funeral,Ibis (Wedni-adey) afternoon, at ons o'clock, from her late rreidrnce, 88 Attorney street. Her remains will be interred In Urecuwood Cemetery. Mrt? !*? ?On T iosday morning, October 2, at one o'clock, of congestion of lit# brain, Jons Meftiiss.ol No. 2t?l Weal Thirty third street, between Ninth and Tenth avenues, the only son or Paul Mctiiaa, in lbs SSd year of bit nee. The Tr lends and acquaintances, and those of his father snd uncle, John Met.inn. also timer ol brothers in law. Jamrs Hmlth and John (40ML MR respectfully In vltsd to attend the funeral, from b.t Isle residence. No. 2WI West Thirty-third street, on Thursday afternoon, at one o'clock, without further notice Moaais ?on Tuesday. October 2. Hair A.vrrl Moses The relatives sad friends of the family are respectfully "lavltsd to nttsnd the fkat-ral, this (Wednesday) after noon, at one o'clock, from the residence of her parents, Patrick arid FDira Morris, No, ISA Fas! Twenty ninth street, for lntsrmsnt is Calvary ( emclsry. Noumajt ?Oo Tuesday, October 2, Timothy N'oova.v, na tive of county ldmerlck. Ireland. agi-d 04 The relatives and friends of the family, sad those of his son, Thos. C Nooaaa, art reepeotfnUy invited to at tend the funeral, tfala (We laesdsy) afternoon, at two o'clock, from No 14T West Twenty tint street. l*oi *? ?On Tuesday. October 2. I havta A., younfnst danfhtcr of Jonathan I'otley, age J 22 years, 9 months and 22 days. The relat vss and friends of the family are respectfully tnv ilet to attend her funeral,this (Wednesday) ifterniru, at ball pnsi(iwo o'clock, from the residence ,.t b<-r fsthe-, ' the comer of Third avenue an l Eightieth Mrsst. with j out farther notice Rawoos ?fts Toeednr, Ortiher 2. At>f ui>? Ws.ohi ' Rawyws, youngest daughter of Margaret sod the late Free man Kawdoo, aged 2 yens and T months Relatives and friends of the family are invited lo attend | the funeral,at the resideoce of ber mother In Mott lUrrn, Westchester county, corner of Boston road and Nun street, on Thursday afternoon, at two n'< lock, without fur tbsr notice Carriagrs will lie ,n att> mlacoe at 1*3 Trsir-t venus. at half past twelve o'clock, t convey the frtsaas lo the above place Ka?TtA"f>?<>o Monday eight, tsrtoher t, at his real d< nee. No 22 West Twenty second street, of disease of the < heart, Iumsk s Rmrainb. a* net: re of 1 ranee and for merly merchant in this city, in the ;?th > ear ol h,s iga His friends, end those of the family. are respectfully re I quested to at lend his funeral, at Hie Ch rrh of the Trass nguratioa.Tweatvn.ata stresl, between Fifth uad Mad, ' son svrnues, cn Thursday ni sisg, at nine o'clock, without f rther notice. Hca.suas ?On Tuesday. October 2. after a short illaeae, Jow.v Mario*. 'ormerly of the parish of lbs Koae, conn ty Kilkenny. Ireland. Hlafunrra! will lake place no Thursday, from bis lets reaidrore, Osle street, near flam lion evenoe. Broddyn Ilia friesus sad anqeamiaioes, aia-i bw two brothers in law, Peter and lohn Cummer lord, are invited loan ol Tai-oast ?Ob fuesdsy, October 2, after a short hot painful I'lacss Pwmu c T? i?t, only son of fH ? , rel rt of Tins F. Ta(ga~t, sad grandson of tbe late Anie ns h Ihiseabsrif. H ? relatives and fr.ends are re-pertfullv lavitsd to at tend his fus- rel, trom At John s church, Vartck street, on 'inursday at twelve o'clock M. His remains wiM be taken to Yoskers for taterssent. Yon at rt pa;*"* please c >pn. Tsi <ir ?Ob Sunday. Sept. 20, after a lingsrlag lllaeaa, Ms Rearm TamtsT, is tits #7tb year of hi* age The relatives and friends of tbs family, also the mem hers of Ike t-eseral Pnetsty of Merbamee and Tradeem-e, are respsctfully Invited lo attend his rnserai, this (Wed nesday s.'lern cm, at half past cms o'ektek, without further invitation, from bis lals retldeace, No. At like street. Warn m ?At Albany, OS Rstordav. I<pteml>er Ji, of rsnii mi i on, ''re CetntAM FaAvrm* Wmrasuan, daugh ter of Robert Nsird, la the ltd yaar of ber age. ??Way papers please copy M em ?At Ratm lows, N J., os Saturday, fWghambeg 22, at tbs reUdcnoe sf I as k White, am Wmrr. da?h ter of the late Besiam'B Whits, of Shrewsbury. MIMRLbk WHH*. A CATKi I'ism i\ ttrtvto* 1 ORSVMlTI'if* 81 ilhl'S What la TBI IIF-T ksown remedy for KR J BOtgf IU'Dt IMPERIAL l) Wfc An yoi my so' A -Hsesoae WK RBflW that IV mow RKtt.rtTL PHT Sl< fAPfi la istw Y'iBtC Md In ikoKHf* tried Ul <Sr remedies sud F VILII* ' eareMIt* W K a V SR. of N t, end UK I-*S ? K of P-itk erv <?? a s |> >TH were - ured by > wag DR J BOYKk IKJIHt IMPkRIAL WIS? P'TTMIS <J What oiber d smses are pier good for' A We KM W them le ha ?w.d fir I'TSngPSlA. !>?. BlIITY, RKRVOrsBKBR, PaKaLTHIN, HUM, f'LRROr ni.s-eoar TftKOAf. aud f S.hamc we hare aren 'hem t? e* Hep-a. :s w ili.iam LTi'.?rr a. id i.y all nrugamiA Afkw dollar* worth or Ml'Rt UK'N rn?.? RTTTKOriFHKR. M0KU.RR'* riRK k V TIN <t Men art v r;,t,kK * rirk kxriRnvisHks where kept oa bead, msy save life and nmoerty. when a few m mites <1ei?j aaatasaoee might heeome d as* re-a m butt, lie Imuortancs aad ealue has twn lonmshantly an.e m-iM by the t?? -r n.* of TUP. BOARD OF OMrtFRWRITERS, which, ?HI. mAiM <sheran lie se,-? at one ifiii We are se,w selling ft for ?ai|.,,ieg. men afar taratn. star rhass ,ag fam'ly i-st. The pabltc b lavUsd !>? cah aad etamios our aami.'es MURLLRR A CABMAND, ?3< Bnadwvy. T OIHRRBDW, M BROADWaT?Jl'-fT INTRO fured. 'be terey fUudssade ? ant. A at ftniBtip??'.-w?nDfWo cabpr Rwrm A i -pes, la appro red Stylga, aad the bam varwiy of Bma Pspsr. JT *T1*DRL1.'B Wg ntNII TkBIW NOTCR AMD w tbnss ewlebrnwd t srSs tea M had qa.y. M Rrosdwag, '?rpsr of D-eane street. A T WK rtrw BLI.'i K WtDf'fNll fARfW Of the latsst styisa UN fi^ws Rgpsk Igw iehgftmft, mucMiA WfikKLJfH A WI1SU1N ~ ? ?ttwiP'i HaOB.". ) . ~w_. fc #e* m yreferee<-? ?>, m. ' j?f J** 10 family ?*? dmijoiii, *????<* riu ?**.?? 0*1). "*? ^ *? alLftSelsB*. AAm KM " *? M?>oM ke parrMenl I adapt** set naif lo I Bukfri, rktrlatakr n_ ? ^ end eilhtadsnf laBovtir*. O?o W' I f?r? e?re> "?r B ALLOC'? ffrrrrtrrrrrr rrrtrrrrr*vr? rr rw ?f rr rr rrrr ?rr? rr rr rr rrrrr fwr ? BALLOU'S PATENT improved mdncn yoke aaian, . Patented November 1. 1W. A NIW HTYLK or HIIIKT, WARRANTED TO FIT Neat by eioreee In hay pari or the Uniird Hum >*nn r> eelpi prr mall 6f the fiWIoerlnc measures, whtoh wlL tout/* ? perfect tit. for $t|. $IS, $19 an $34 per iIu m No order Mr warded tor Urn then half a dosen shirts. The- netf jMere an follow* - Neck?The distance round It. YoAf-Th* mmum fkmn the point* of each shoulder. Sleeve- ft* IsngfA from the cen tre of the berk to the wrtet. with the arm bent Uii-t ai ound the laxly under tie armpit*. If* aim. Uir leu*th of the shirt. By aruditg the above meaAuree we ean (ummM n porta 8t Of our new el vie of Ibe N*W IMPROVED FRENCH TORE BSZXt. Alet> Importer* and dealer* In MEN'S FURNISHING GOODS. Wholesale trade *upplled ou the <:*oal I r No bai.imv BBomxam. tiM Broadway, NewTortL ^ lOL'OHfl. For Oouyha or for any disease at the Breathing Organ* J. K STAFFORD 8 Olive Tar and Iroa and Suiphur Ptvw the Olive Tar Infuses Mayuetlam or \ ttalliy, allavlog at i any pain or oppression. and It* (treat b?i?aiali properties heed aorenem and liillammaltoo. The Iran and Hiilphur Powder* being a soluble preparatlua. unit* with the digested food, ead enter with It Into the loriiiauoo of new Blond, the Iron retain ing the vital or Ufe ytvlng force* In the blood, wblrh. In u* cir eolation i* dill need through the ruUre art ten The ooua iinsd Pulphur convert* the waste or worn out particles of the blood Into *a*e* which are evpelled from the body thro igh in i??raa bv the increaaed energy given to the circulation. It i* the** waste* rr worn oul particle* of blood tkat form* Phlegm, and Tubercle*, and It I* their acrid bnmny whli h Irritate* aul le ?troy* the membrane* of the Throat, Brunt l.lal Tube*, and Air Cell* of the Luug* Olive Tar, Ski cut* a bottle, Pjwderv, A a package, at 4i$ Broadway, and all drugg sis C1HAPPRD HANDS, FACE, UPS AO.?CEitTAiN CUM ) aod preventive, UEUKMAN A OO.'N Camphor Ice, wig* glycerine If uaed a* directed will keep the akin raft la A* ooldeal waather Offly ttoerta, Sent by mat, lor 30nenUL LIEGEMAN A (*>., t hernial* aad Druggist* Nob. 1C, 3W. All aad 7M Broadway. ClORNH. BUNIONS, INVERTED NAHM, KNLAEOMM J Julnt* and all diseases of the feel cured, without pals ?r tueonT?uti-nce to the patitnl. by Dr. V.Al IIARIR. Surgmm <M> rr>tiodl*l. 760 Htuailway Refers to physician* and surcease ot the oily. DR ROHAWS' RHEUMATIO CURE?THE GREAT French remedy, give* uuiek relief i0 ? .stiuateeaem*( kheumsiism and Gout It Is perfn tly re'Uvble. For aale A to? Broadway, aad No. 'J Morrw street. Price At per (mum. J?8TABLISHXD SIXTY TEARS. msk" s cabinet furniture waeeroomt 333 and 131 Fourth street, northwest cura?r of Broadway. Superior Parlor, Library, Dlmog and Bedroom Furniture of eyerv style. From the plain and snhatontlsi In the elegant and eTpeoMr*. a* K?a*nuabl* prices Interior Decoratlona Pier. Mantel*. Ac. Good* pached and shipped to all parts of the world. Fever and ague -this trtino and provoking disease, which flzee Its relentless grasp rn the body at man, reducing bun to * mere shadow In n short space of tarns. and rendering him physically and mentally tiselnm, can be de feated and driven from the body by tbe use of Dr. J. HOST NT TER'S renowned Bilbo s. Tbe greal success 11 hs* met wOA aad the beneficial results following Its tun. hare saUbhakad ? a* a permanent "Institution " We would advise our I lo pmcuro this valuable specific, aod If aa absent friend A ?niu ted with the fever and ngue. <w any other nervous Aa rsae, to hastea and procure this much favored aad greatly Ae ain-j article. A trial I* *11 that ta needed to prove II* many eieellent qualttlea For aale by druggWa and dealer* g*n* rahy everywhere. (RANSt FANS 11 r OF ALL DEROSIPTIOMA Tbe largest and moat splendid aaaortmeat of FANS A A* ?tty I* to be found si G. C. AlU.Es >H. 413 Broadway, < hetnwC r Canal atreaA. (formerly U Wall nraat I GRUN 8KAL-ORKXN NKAL-GRNSN UAL?Ul line order, only >11 par caae. SI I ultoe Wraat. N. T. IMPORTANT TO RAILWAT TRAVELLER* Purchaa* APPLRTON M OFFICIAL. RAILWAY GUIDE It rontalna ? EARLY ONR HUNPnRD RAILWAT MAIW, Till PRINt IPAL Ra'i1wTys"?)F THE OOUNTRT. Tbelv Cc nacctlon*. RlaUooa. Diatancm. Ae. Prloa Oaty Twenty-Ave rant* per eopy. D. APPLKTON A CO , Publishers. ?U aad 41* Broadway. IMPORTANT TO A I.I. DRAF PRRHORH. DR TON MORCU/.IUKKR, t-egs renpertfully In Infirm all who are *nlIrr*Dg from Deafness, Noise. la the >1m4, B iniBt, or any aflertlout ot tlx- Kye and Bar. to inakr lauaedk air applu Elton to him. aa hi* engssaniesta In the South wU. positively prarest him trom claying sue ihaa A limited time l inger Id New Tork Otter 107 Clinton pure, between Fifth and llith areaiigm XTOTlCB TO THE Pl'BLIO.-A RUMOR HAVIN* 1\ been circulated that Ousting ? Lunch lit Broad way and 9* Oder street. New Torfc, has got out of lager bier, an<l that we are drawing aew beer, we must, la Jostle to our self a, ooctradlrt the slaMmeet, and beg to tnf.wm our pstraws that we at Of u8<-r the genuine laser for whirb our house hws become ao celebrated Our stork la vautta will reach to about December 1. The beer sold at our counter ta undoubtedly the Durst glass of layer ts be found at Una motaeni in New Path. UOBLIBIF8 Lunch Raima. lit Broadway and W Cedar treet. r^m TLOR'8 NEW 8ALOON. WILLIAM TATLOR baring rareeUy redtted aad ?-iff Ilshrd. In etrgaal style hia aalnoe at Ml Broadway Is pilpmk* to rseetre km friends and ths public. IO ALL WHO UBK IIORBKR-DR. TOBIAH'8 V? netian Horse Liniment. In pint bottles, price oely flftr _ J la, la warranted cheaper aad superior Ihaa anp article la the market for the rare at Cute. Hulls. I emeasss of all kinds OnU?. As. Ac Thw is no humbug arbcie-lry a bmtle, ltie? Ksk for use(f. Nans are grow e unless signed 8. I. Tobtam X*. .id Portland! sueet. New Vorfc. ipill CLOTHINO TRADE. Retail prises current ol the season ai STARS' Etteasive Clothing Warehcisn, M an t Fallon sires. Id UYKRCOAT* Blht k and fancy cloth ? " Nr.icr. ?? ? Flint..., OOATB. ttnod black ( Mil Frocks Fins ?? " " 8iii>er " " * PARTS mark Dneak'n. cloth and Caaatmerr Fancy Csuwmere. Flo* aad Bearer Itira Fancy and Black 1 KHTn All tha new sty lea of Telrrt alike and rutins Cloth sod t'asajuern eUITN Complete Hlart Cloth Holla < aseliurre Miim to mat. k to f 10. til, IK. Bid and RM Furulahluc <1 wde of every dcarrlpttos. retallAd at ericas, dt BTAKB', aad Pulton streak. ?N Ntca of the Bed, Whits ami Blue U in M ? Id . SS te ? ? to ? id to ta a ta $ a 1 *2 to ? A a a f^BITUI. ANf> ECONOMICAL, t II Rt I F.Man a CO 8 Reartite for the grease ao Ota, pain la. Ac Ac, and for eleanlag s lores. rib I, nan. Ac ect'i?l to new. wthnut to ore to cater or fi Fold by druggists only U oasts per boMm^mmM^m the geoulae arWcle. ILDER'I PATENT KALAMAEDBR IAFB. (jUIRg MurrhKHM. M Matdaa I w Tl'ILOINM PATENT FT HA I. A HARPER RAPES, PrrfaeUy PTRB PRfXiP. Also. Bl? BO LAB PROOF. A lac is assortment for aula by ETNA REN A MARTI*, to* Broadway, aoraer of Worth street. Maw 4as*. Wareoce A rn Pent am he's tadJae^ youths and ehLdieaf Paris aad Raw TarR. Phil and winter St a We of UsaTtasms s Duma a*? Creaam But, Lamm' Sierra Nam Tocttta' in Nora' frcrrs an Prl vHa* saw Cant CntLPurs'a Purer Hut, la attentive rurtaty of torslga and AomrdMs maasfst >uiU WARMOUR A OO.. Broudwup. tk EWhohm E?MR_ 'ITH THR CTMONT UOIV FT PUNCH ORNTLIEBN CAW eismiMi the beaut.ful ready me.l? e.raU of Ckahla* ?" LARKF'8. ll? WUham street Rualaami tVmM from to to III. a eery Aae black frock tVml !? order fit Francs naste ?ara pacta in order, from ana huadred at flea. M w* UTATTtk I.IKK HtlKAN R| HRUEATIM IN IT* RtiHT PAINFUL FORBR AI.-O ? sanguis rrrvtpolaa. salt Thrum pimplaa. hKUrb-e o <t ulcers, frrr- e-iee TV worst raws ?>: I' esse 01 the blond, mercurial cmnpUinte deWIUy brer and kidneys taa.po-na enasumpti'ia. Aa. aru most cartainly cured by thw gram purt TTTATT'N LIFINAMA* fTR*I> * J WNNI. N a. U 1 be architect. No um Broadway, of rVuamtiam of Mid n,oaths ilurkMca. wbt-b had crippled aad mallaad Mm te^ee roam Mr. Webb was *> yaars old wbra (Manure was 'Tetrad. TTTATT * f.lFR BALSAM UCRJID MR A. C. OONR, ME, Fl ?J2 HMb avenue, of Aeenf uls >a R lag s BrU. TV, a. sea a bad dsawnyed the Deab from the seek, until the wind;. ,# cm Siposed II r red Bra. tLaa also of dysprpala H^HTATT * LP 1 NALNAM ' TTRRD MR N U; -R. ROM, a ornre street aad ? Cttntnn atarkacr, utaotm.uawf. rkaumattam aad gout, after he bad earn cripp^d ft* ream H^BTATTh* BAMAM CTRRD fl N-t.ANEN, wbnaa store M Nn t* Reade a treat m aa 'par saw 4 the eat re tag from knaa k. tn^e:, the '.caS rate#-/ to tb- p mm HBBTATT * Lirt NALNAM fTjRFD WII.LRT d.tdFfA, Faij . No 177 Htrks Uract, nt lee# a ! ? bla steer* na Die lr? afiar'-la ts rUus bad IscKaa hb?*a* pntailou wsa uscussary to mre >|fs. TTTAPf 8 LIFE BAIN ,M NA? <TREnTNDr?AN W XI 1 ease of I hear ar^l aniv diaeaec. and 8 w>!! m -4 r*-? r ?* say sum eh baaa as ruasbsd ky awltsi is ? taken la awa-danse ".tb the di-a-ana t' does not oiuuca a f srtirde of marr-iry. nr anr -'ter eaie-e- ? ? m!-??P rtlrte of msrrurr nr any utter eaie-? IS) dai"*, Pta 'lea*! street At-, ITM. 1/1 t^fur, kLTUt m<taiy lr? 1 - - M. Hew ^bH k t -ttih

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