Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 3, 1860, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 3, 1860 Page 9
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ft ATionai ?AnTKo-ricnALHS' ANTBIf-Bl A HKtfrn.TABLB l.IRU A hlTVK uoo as ebuiuhrrmaht Mid to mi w.'A t' e washing ?ma ironluu or wutraaa. Good ci'.y relereui* gtv a. Apply ?I)o */ (ic? Uth at. WANTED-A SITUATION HV A VOUNO WOMAN. TO jlc the cooking washing and. ironing oI a private family. Best of oily reference (riven Tan be aero for too dan at 1"7 West 19th at , near 7ib av , second lioor, back room. WANTED?A SITUaTIuM BT A RESPECTABLE FRO taatani *ir?. a? wdtreo* and chamber?all or chamber maM and flue washer, baa otly refeiehces To he aero tor door "**' 18th at., between 1st and 2d era, third WANTED? A SITUATION. BT A PROTKtfTANT WO oi*Q, M nun?; is capable of Ukiog cs 6 of ao Infant from Mi blrU, or would take cfcarge of sn Inrm'ld pwsoa; i7??d rttrrWeroaoea given Fleaae app.y at La ot. uuou at., near Orchard. TJPANTED?A SITUATION A8 OOOD PLAIN OOOK and to a?tat la washing and ironing. Good reference. Call at 1113 King at, In the basement "OTANTED-A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE II young girl, to do cbau.berwork or aa waiter la a private family. Has Ave yearn reference ?romberlaat place, fall at II Henry at, third floor, back room. Caa be aaeu (or two Raystf aotangaiad. TITANTED? BT A RESPECTABLE TO UNO WOMAN, A YT MtoaUoa aa waller, or would lave oo objection to do ohamberwotfc la a private family; has lived three yeera in her laat place. Good reference if required. Call at H2d Mul berry at, between Prince and Spring, Arm floor, front room. . TETAKTED?BT A RK8PBCTABLI TOUNO WOMAN. A II aiioatton ae nook; abr under? da paatry. aoopa. all kinda of meal, poulty, game, booing, larding and baking; the beat of city reference given from ber laat empl?yr. Oan he aeee for i wo day* if oot engaged, at 111 Kaat Rhh at., flrat door, bask room. WANTED?A SITUATION, BT AN AMERICAN TOCNO woman, to wait oo a tady going South or to attaod oa children; la a good plain seamstress; baa the beet of city re's verse. Call for two days at 1,006 Broadway, between kflth and 37ih ata. Wanted?a situation, as chambermaid and waltreaa. by a respectable girl who thoroughly under ' standi ber buainem; best city reference from ber laat place. Cab at 135 fldth A, between Hit ,nd '.*Uj eras WAKTKD-BT A MIDDLE AOKD PROTECTANT WO man, a attnatioe aa plain cook, or would do housework In a small family; la a fliat rata waaber and ironer: baa no -friends in this country : a a<eadv home preferred, fall at 115 Molt at., third floor, room No. >? WANTED?A SITUATION. Bt A TO UNO WOMAN, TO do general house work it a good plain cook, washer and tronar; the beat of city relet ence given. a.Call at SIS West llth at, for two day. WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT yonng woman, a situation aa eipera-nced nurse; no ob jections h> go a *ho>t di?ancc In the ammtry. good ctty rete pence giveu Apply for two days at 86 King at, bctweeu Via. nek and Hudson. WET NURSE.-A RESPECTABLE MARRICD WOMAN was is a baby to wet nurse, at her residence, fall for two dvys at 1BC Hast llth at. Oood reference glvnn. -CTTANTKD-HT A YOUNG AMERICAN GIRL. WHO TT uudaretands all kinds of family rowing, a situation bv the month or for the winter. Wagei not ?o much >u obj-et na a good home; no objection to the count y. Address H. L. r. at stem K. WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT TOUNG GIRL, A alt' alios na c ham barmaid and asami-trraa. or norma and seams'.rest. Can be ae?i for two day at bar yreseat employ. er a. W Kaat 17th at TirANTKD?A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE ? young girl, aa good plain eonit. washer and ironer. Rest of city reference. Can be seen for two days at ST West ItOlh at. third floor, front room. WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE TT yonng woman, aa chambermaid and water, or would do Chambers ork and floe washing; she under?sod a her bnatne? perfectly Can give the beet cuy reference Call at 123 West 16ih ?.. between 6th and 7th ata., fiont basement WANTKD-A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE Protest .:it young woman, to do the honaework of a small ?private family. Be? of reference given. Inquire ..t Ltt Mon roe at. cook. washer and ironer. Good city refer?ice. Oan be seen ;, Brooklyi^j ANTED?BT THREE RESPECTABLK GIRLS, AFTER oomlng from the country, situs I Ions; one aa oka?barmaid TAT ANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUATION TT to da general housework In a ?nail private family, or aa aook. washer and Ironer. Good city ref till engaged at 30 Prince at, Brooklyn. W~i (. . and waitre?; the other to do kitchen work and washing i Ironing, and the other will go as chambermaid and aa?at with the ?ashing and tootling. Caa be aaeu for two days ? SB la? 13th at.. &r?floor, back room. WANTED?BT A MOST CAPABLE, RELIABLE WO man. a ?tuatloo aa ooofc She perfectly under?an da her buslna? In all Ua branahea; has the best of cfty refereoece; can be seen tor two days at the aouthaaa. corner of llth ?. and 3d avenue. WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE TOUHO WOMAN. A situation as chambermaid and waltreaa; good city ref a renoe. Cailal 160 We-31th -, from 10 A. M. to 4 r. M. WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, WARHING and Ironing, at hrrown hanas; the be? ot ctty refa renea given. Apply ? 151 3uth at., third floor. WANTED?A SITUATION. AS COOK OE TO DO GENE ml housework in a small family; good reference of three yuan from her la? plaee. Oail ? ill we? XM> aL Wawtbd-a bituatiok, ht a touwo wok aw, as good plaia enufc, wanker -,nd Ironer; no objection l > ?|f> general housework; la a good wnnher ill ironer. Call at 211 Seal ltth ?t, third Boor, back room, bettraaa lat ?T. ml ay. A. W awtbd-a crruATiow. bt a touwo wok aw. as eaematraaa. or nana and ne< rnru nm uoderntenda dram making eatUagand Biting, fend all kiad* of faintly aawlng. Call at I IT (Wl A i corner ol High. Brooklyn. W^HAKTBD-BT A TOUWO WOW AW. A BITUATIOW TO go Booth; A a guod drrv-makrr end undarAandj all kiadaot taalli nwtag. Call A 137 Pearl A, Brooklyn. TX'ABTBD-A BITUATIOW, I II womno, to do ohnmbnrworl In Li# ran of children. I'laaaa j BT A PB 7TB8TAWT TOtWO rwor* aad plain aawlag. or aaaiA . mm aaO far two da/a A tt W?A am at, aaar Ah aa. WAWTBD-A SITUATION, BT A BEdPECTABU TV young wmnan, aa aoek aad to aaAA with Um waahtng aad taka the aattrr charge of lha kSahan, under I perfectly. haa lha baAaf all/ ul country i aoanforlAo daya Plaaaa aall at a WaA > aad 7th are., log Hour. front room. Wawtbd-a bituatiow. bt a tocwo wow aw. to go ehambarwork aad waiting, or In aaAA with the waafa - rwfemaie. Call for twu da/a a 1M afffiyis-grsa TBTAWTED?A BITUATIOW. BT A RBBPBt'TARLB TT finag aaain aa took, aad to aaAA with lha waMitng, or to An ainawl hooaawart A a taaaii faaall/, to a good baker of bread aad htaoult. haa lha beA of cky aad country refn ranee Oaa be aaaa for two da/a A UO WaA llih at, hatwaaa yih aad BUi aaa. WHtWTID- BT A TOUWU WOWAW, A BITUATIOW AB ? pinto enak aad to weak nod iron. f'aa fumiab Hie m e noeicrp'umabtr rrfereeoea. Can ba aeen fur two da/a. Ad draw ar aall A ltd Mlh A. room Wo. h W^HaWTBD-A BITUATIOW. BT A KWPWTT ABT Jt I / girt, aa chambermaid aad Uoudraa*. do obiertioo to do plajj Mwtig. Una three yean refenaqa Cell A M Orenanteh ar. for two dam. W^HAWTBD-BT A RKSPBTTABIJC TOCWO WOWAW. A ? AtoaUaa to do I haaibw mrk and new log m arc to rhil dm, to a rery nod aawar, aan glra the beat of <A/ reference. Can fee aarn A tuOWaA M^ au. aaar 7lh ar. TBTAJITED-HT A W*AT, BBBPBTTABLB OtKU AOKO TT IT ye are, a ahuauoo aa waiting ? Ad; to willing to ?-?? Ueree!f generally ea^l. toood Aty 11fat gnaw glean. Apply A? WtStliiyaf . arAltonr, fortwodn/n. 1 W^MAWTBD-A BITUATIOW, IT A BBHPBCTABI.B | Art, aa good rood; would unlet la the waahlng aad iron tog H?? the beA of Cit/Weferanoe Call fnr two daj? at 1AJ WnA BRhat. aaar 7th ar . la the tinaiiu W^HAJTTBD-BT A BBIPBCTARI.B TOUWu OIBt A ? aauitoton A aanmauem aad tn do light . ham'.erwork. Ptaaaa nail from I to I ortoek on Wn J. i .alanbrr corner nf Court and neonate.. Brook, yu. entrance on the stda. BAc rence If req aired HaWTBO-BT A BKBPKCT*B<.B A WD rcvPWTKKT wMgW ?ood ptoto cook and to awtet la the WAWTBB |Hti PB,., ^ i anting aad Ironing, or to do kooaeimrk fnr a AmtU funrr. Onn bo aenn A her preooA ewpto/er'a until aa WaA Slat A . aaar Mh nr. BITUATIOW. BT Wawtbd-a situation, BT a moat raprcta ? kto aM, aa rhnmbarmatd la a prtrean family, or etoam li waif and aaaoMtreaa BrA of ottf reference. Call far two day* A OB WaA MA A, a ml doer, front room WANTED?A BITUATIOW. BT A KKaTBT t Bl.l WO | aan. U i?w and aeametrem or chambermaid and aennAAraa Hu fond city reference from her laet place, (ton be aero A Ml Id are., near Mth A. naAl engaged. "flf AWTBD?A BITUATIOW. BT A Wo TT ntep* aa rery good annh, to willing to annet la the waab lag tot no objeAtoe to a reepeetablr boarding h*in? the*] my lafaianea. CnB MB!, Bitibarry ?met. front for two day*. Wawtbd-a bituatiow as wwt wubab. bt a ri AMrtnbto married woman, witn a fraah beaaA at aatlk. Oaa t?a aeon Mil engaged AMIW an. TJLrAJTBD?A SITUATION. BT A BKBP BUT A WLB TT jnang in ??1 * 111 ' to a aaa all prt rate family Oood Aty lafarenoea Call A 17 WaA MA A, top Bear. Ark room. d'AWTBD-A BITUATIOB BT A TOUWO WOWAB. AB TT ctawherwald and wait rem Ru three yean' reference. Call at VW *b a*., between 2PU and 30tk Aa room Wo >. AWTBD?A BITUATIOW. BT A BRdPBtTABLK yoeng wwtan. to do cUAherwork and tna wnaklng .and i-onlag The beA of rtly referewoa ma A glean Call nraj?T?r?- a rttuattow. bt a bbbpi TT el. to do t hamherwort and hmm Ke ?are orch.Mrea Tto AA of <tty rnfaren, e can A 1 Ar UM place Gall at <2 Wwt flat a RBBPBUT A BI.B or to take given (raw TXTABTKD RT A AflltD AMRRK'AN WO TT man. a ?itnaiem aa plain nvik. In a ttnall priraaa family fan u?i ^weeam ma A gleen. Apply for Itru daya at <> WM kKTBD-WT A TOUWO tllBU A BnUATIOW TO DO | plain aewtog by tA day or week OaB A 11 WeA I2lh A . At warn Jtk and Mb area, tar (we da/a. la lA Imwwak nr'n WAWTBD?A BITUATIOW, BT A TOUWO WOBAW. AB cook Ad awtoannt waaAr aad ironer. la a pnnta f?aa. ly; haAaf Ay rrferanm can A aaaa for two daye u tn < anal at. Aral door, front moot ' WMBMAWTBD- RT A WBAT. TIDT OIRI g BITTATtOW I na chambermaid and to I" wuhlag and Ironing. prA ray reference Call A U? Bnu 11A A. Wawtbd-a bttuatk>w. bt a RRRrmtABiJt go'ing girl, m mok In n prteate flmOr tn willing to an in iW wathing aad troatng Bewt au/ refereoeeTliau M a a: BXrAWTBD-A BITUATIOW RT A R?*P?CTABLB TT ynwag girl, A cbambemaaM tad wa.-rew or rhLd a home and ma uatieaS tRan the 1 ?A af re?ergAaaa from Ar toA p la era call a n Tl eat llth A . Atwera *h and Di %'A. HITl' ATJO^S H AKTKD-KKMAlJtS WANTKD?BY A tul.SU tlIRL MORN IN THIS country a wtuauou O >M?t In ik?mwr? oik thsd wall Id* or use t?r? of ct.idrno. or tu do ?eac: *1 housenofU; c?a produce (be (><??( of coy reference Apply At 91 tttenawich hvu . between 12L> aud Bsuk sis ?ret Moor front room. WANTED -BY TWO COMPETENT OIRIJI. WITH EX re. lent oil* relrrense situations In * geuuwl famtty, oar as WHiUrm sol .hawbarmaM or smut In (be w aaiuag And Iron l?* wages *7. (be othr'ssaoob in ml itshtaaehr* tea rood baker mei-a up Laans lu mj-c. "?*? SO- CaJnillotUal WANTED?A SITUATION BT* A RKSPEPt ABLE OIRL. at cbambr wore, or wlJ do general ho-isework. Apply A! 0! Henry St third floor. ANTKt ? A SITUATION *8 WET NURSE. BY A KB met (Able ) on:.* wtd?w woman. Wages not so much so <>)<.net a* eriUr* in ? mpectao a famllj can be teen at 137 Monroe at, near Rutier t plA'r TXTANTED?A SITUATION. BY A TOUNO WOMAN. AB ft rbambfrmaid and seamsress. Is a *ood nsat sewer, naders'aada shirt mmk.og asd embroidery; hat no infection to m u,l obUdrsn. flood city reference riven. Can be snen at 1?3 Bast 29th at . near Id ST., In thread and needle bums. ANTED?A SITUATION. BT A BCSPEt'TABLE w WA? Rtrl to do chamberwnrk and smiting No tloo to la the washing sad Ironing. Beet of etty refe rence triveu Call at No. Ill Went 16th it, corner 7th at sUBIs*' WAIMUkwriMULIlt Aniw England TOUNO lady, or education and reAaeroeat, aa home keeper la the family of ? wi dower, with children, Una* out of town; must be accustomed to the beet society and be entirely eompeteoi to the whole charge of a house and sarrmnts. Address, srttk fall particu lars, I. K X , Herald office New Tork. A I.L FAMILIES AND GOOD SERVANTS WIU, KIND A the larpest and best office In Ute city at Lie Uth at. oor aer of Ah ave . *ond situations Immediately; also. good, elrtt, capable heir, to suit all who call. Girls lately Inadad wasted, and small girls In *ood rsepeclsbls families A 8BRYANT OIRI. WANTED-TO OO TOBaTANNAH, Ga.: or I, three In the family; no washing; psasue paid ont. Call betw een 9 and 10 o'clbek la the morula* at Arm stroa* and UuUerly's. 94 Duane at. A GENTLEMAN AND HT8 WTFI, GOING SOFTH FOB the winter, desire to secure a woman to aoaempany lasai. who Is a good took, washer and Iroaer. and Willi a* to on *ene ral hoi sow-orb. Rest of lefererce requtrad. Call St 196 tlenry hi., one doortrom Mate. South Brooklyn. A NEAT TIDT OIRL WANTSD-TO DO GENERAL boimt w ork in a small private family; must be a good plain co good washer and irjner. Good rrierence re quired. v ?.. at 19C Water at. N Y A NURSE WANTED -WANTED. A PROTESTANT Totiug woman, as nurse One at onsu med to the care of yo- n? chUdrmt may apply at SHI 3th av. COO SB, CHAMBERMAIDS. LACNDRKS8I8 AMD seamstresses, both Protcstait and Catholic, wanted fur (i'-st class aituaUous btthin city and countrv. Apply at the church Home and InteU(*eace office, Mo. 11 Imifhl street, cor ner of at John 's lane. Canal street. COOK WANTED -WANTED. A PROTESTANT WOMAN as rook In a small prlrale famllv. one who lhorou*bly uof erstanda bar business may apply at .,11 till s<a. COOK -WANTED. A OOOE WBO THOROUGHLY PN denus. vis cooking ard is willing to do the washing of a sa>nil family. City rafarences required Apply at 43 Went 36th at EMPI.OTBBfi OF FIRST ( LABS FEMALE SERVANTS. Troief.anls and others, ran not be dDappo'nted by an eacrty application at the drat class female office 2?t tth are , near 23d at. as every effort (a used to secure those who are reliable, e.pereuoed, sad vrith good references. A lady la attendance AM1LIEN tiESIBINQ SERVANTS, WHETHER COOKS, _ chambermaids Limdrasaia. Ae.. would do well to aall at the Institute. No. 2 East 23d si., before *otn* elsewhere. N. B ?We keep none but sueh as hare (he beet rafei F 2 IB LB WANTED?TO OO TO A MANTTFAOTUBIRO Tile lags, tvw bourn' ride from this cuy, la Ooanaattent. to aa amtibtjmaat will be at ran tka year round at ramoner stfre prices For further Information apply at 27 Broadway, ap stain, for two weeks. * Girl wanted-who is honest, neat and oa pable. st waitress. Most here site reference as to cos meter and rapacity. Apply at 21 West Uth i LAl'NDB ESS WANTED.?APFLY FOB TWO DATS AT cu Whitest. R8. 4.BERN'S AGENCY FOB EMPLOTMRXT F.staollshed 1843. Fourteen h street tad Third arsaus ? mmwwb?? Wl h pieesura I Inform a 1 rropeouble hslp that I am pre pared to > ult them wrtlh the best of places bad highest t m m st southeast corner of FoarUentb street and Third aven1 MM n.LTNKB WANTED?ONB CAPABLE OF TAKING charge of a store also a competent manlllls aad dm maker. Address W. W , boi 673 Post office, Oswego, N. T. Metropolitan intbllihenob agency, ios and 104 Msldea lane. New fork.-Office hours from 10 A. M. to 5 F. M. Parsons In search of servants, either mala or fa male, upon whose honesty aad I mas illy they eaa rely, whether Bngltsk. French, oermaa or Irish, will consult their owa late rest by raHio* at oor offiee. We rstwssmesil noae bat those who come well recommended to oa, aad charge aothlag If the applicant is not suited. O vr as a IrtaL TRKMERDOCt DRM AND.?WANTRD, FOB SITU A uooa bow rend y, 10 Ittak Pi nlnaunt young women. cooke, rhembenualda. waken. onnri. Ad; ale... a Dumber of vnui ?i?n UtAlT UnAad. for aBualiona. Apply aarty at tha UmT rTOlNO WOMKN?A OOMI'KTRRT I.ADT IS a anted la a ladirt' and rhiMran'a undart lotting ealab Mahmenl aa forewoman aad to Mil: a Heady aad rood placa la offered. Addraaa Cooper, atuttwn IV Mating trharw looall. WANTED-A RTEADT, BXPERIKNORD PROTWTART woman, who la a good arimatraaa, of a kind and obilgtag diepualUoa, aaeuatamed lo wall npoa a lady, wtllte In tola Will light chamber work and make beraalf otherwtae aaafal la the family. Apply between I aad 11 A. M. at W Lafayette place. WANTKD-A REIPKCTABLP. OIRU OP PTPTKRR OB aliteen yean. to lake care of a child, aew aad do a Uttla light work. She mint be neat and tidy la appearand* Apply ai the aoathaaat corner of Kemaen and Henry am, Brooklyn. WANTED- A GOOD, 8TBADT DIAL, TO DO QBXB TT ml houaaworfc; moat ha a eoot weaker aad troaar aad good plain cook. Apply at id Llrtagaea at.. Brooklyn. "11'ANTED?A PI BUT BATB OOOK. WILLIKO TO TT wah for a mill faaally, aad with goodrafaraaeaa. Ap ply at 38 Weal Mlk at. _ WARTBD-A KUBKKRT OOTBBNOTK. MUBT HE A peraifti of *><mr edacatioa aad hare guod referenced. Ap ply at 38 Weal **?h at ^ARBh-A TOpPO OR BIDDUB AOBD WOMAN, to attend a roe frrtlor.ary atora. One trnaoaHl roaar to :be bakery or roofer-tlooerT brdaeea. wkh unet'MpMBWM rafc< coca, eaa apply al 11 Umlue Bq an. WANTED-A new competent tor siwrbb to aorh who haee worked at the buataeaa four or flee yean ?ud wngaa will be gtTea. Apply to C. O. Ouather A Bona, <1 Maiden laae. WANTFD?EXPERIENCED CARPET IHTBV, AT Ml Broadway ?o othen peed apply. WASTED-A OOOK. IR A PRIVATK PARILT, WILL ? be reqabad to do making aad Ironing none but a thoroughly ?n"? erced woman, who ran glee tha heal of rnfa reocee need a* pty at W Htcfee at, Brooklyn. between Ul A. ? aad IT*, on We.lneaday aad Thureday. TV'A NTKD?OlX)D MI1.LJSKR8 TO OO UOtTH AMD Tf Went, good wagea paid and alaady emplnjmaul glean. Apply to Wufthlagton A hmltk. lit Chamber* at WA.VTKD TO OO BOCTH. A PlBrT CLAM NIL liner to lake charge of tha millinery dapartmeat. beat price* paid. Apply at Charted bridge *. Alt Broadway. WARTBO?A OOOD LACNDBBM. IR A PRIVATE furnUy. who la aleo wtlllag to hM la the chiia bar work. Pall at ?IM Id nee., between 10 and II o'clock A. *. WANTBD-A BBRPBOTABLB. 8TBADT WOMAN TO ? aaok. week aad Iron, ah* muei brag goed reeommea-U line Ai p y at ed Weal lfthM WABTKD-A TIDT QIBL. TO DO MINERAL TT ho-iaework la a prirat* family Apr y at l?0 Calm el. Banth Brooklyn. "II'ARTBR?A WOMAN TO OOOK, WARH AND IB ON. TT and M amlat la othar bmiaahold wneB V rnqmred. Ap p r n h" *4 Weet JIM ei na thia (Wedeeaday moraiag. be fw wen the bourn at s and ul o'cloek WANTED-BT A rAgn.T A *HORT DINTaNCB PBO* M the raj, two reapermM* 8mtea PmHMM womea. eae aa cook aad lb* otbe: aa chamoenaaJ 1 aad lauedreei Apply | at III* 5*b a*., between 13 aad 3 e'etnrk to mormw. WANTED-A OOOB, WHO TBOBOCGHLT CNDBB TT Mande her btmaaaa. aad m amtei la the waahiag aad Iron (tarn* rltr reference rr.ulrod. Apply frnm ? to II Ik. M K Went IM at WANTED-A NMaBT VOONO I.ADT To aTTRND IN TT a laee and em r >.der j More. m iw. hart good rntareaca. Inquire aittrauav. Kl'ANTBD?A TOCR'. OIRL TO ARfirT IN GRNBBAL TT bnuaewnik. ate I Ltcrli wnceatS Cab at'.*4 Wcat M *t near Sth are. W-ASTR^^^KAMATRK^Ti^M^WH^^K^ Apply a: IB Weel Id... M., brtntra 7l* aad Xu art. iNTED?TOCRG LA DIKE TO al K? 9 Pnltmi ?** Nr*ik.? a. ^ANTBD-TODRO LADIMt TO DO TAXCT WORK, TXTANTBt)?A (XlU)RBD <?1RU WITH OOOD CITT TT refeeeaeea In north, wanh ltd Inn la a OHU family. Call al I IT W ern Itih at wlv- eea ? and 1 ?v; itk WARTKD-Kni'Kt TAHt.r PklWr NB OP BOTH ? taana. to tea,-a a henuttlu. new b >.aew- th a aan be dot-' at 'trof, /.ad n a?-*dy. winter aad -luntiter, te ereey <By; It wdll p y at tea-t lit pe. week smCt I'leaaa tali aad a*e ftw I ? eef-fO at B. Id e A -uia'A pt' rrlrvwa a d mteatao*. .63 YX*ANTED?A PRf'TKSTAVT flIRL POR (IKRFBAL TT tooaewark m at be a l.rM i?ew .*bar aad lemma, a Herman preferred. Apply immw' *ta?y_a: UlJUlea M I KKf ANTBD-A OIBI. POB OKI ARAL H'lCRKWORK IR TT aem' iJtMlly -nun be a gp a m th. w\a er aad Rener ray raferamn ir ired r ?1. fj.- . layt at 111 Wt* Bdd. TATARTKD-A NMART. TIDT 'URL. TO DO OKNTRAL TT bonaewerfe. Apply M MSMh at Tl' \RTBD?POR OBRPRAI. HOl 'PWORK IN A SMALL TT j n-.? e, . neat and *ldy girl whi la a good w eaber and Imuar Rc * bnt Prtteata ia aetd <ppi/ht 9B Tt hK 1Mb M a wr 10 n rloek A. M UTAMFD- A-*tDDI.f tOKD W M\R. TO AS8Drr IN TT a rata-1 an.jy <? ? n*n prwfr-red la rira al 1.4 Cedar id . New T-rt. or If.i M rgao a!., ,'ereey Wy ?tl'ANTPD AN ARRBIOAN OR P.NOLWH OIBL Rf*T TT -.yer Mi'e-s tenre r -. age to ate At wtih U.e ge prai h mewnrk of a family of thr-a p?re ?. tpply al SiT Auau Br atreet, Brer * ya. WARTKD PTPTT 9IRU" PB HAVP HAD PR*c Ore la reinring map* '? angar tor? A; ply \j ftntelend A Pa'mae ? aad SB I?nao* at. IBTANTED?AN RXPRRrNRCR") AND f RI TOIRp TT rook Aiw> a girt far ehnmoarwork AppiyettWRt lanUe et. near CUataa Br*Aiya WAMBh-A OhBL Tf OOCS WAR* AND (RON TT i lefr-gene-e he-?wwyrk ? VI me to ta- ? ? rhl 'wi M* aae'e 'i e*w tg ApTal ' B U (01 a- Nf IPi _ nuiP WAni?.u-ri.aAuat WANTKD ?A YtiUNQ LADY TO ATTKNJ> A HaKKKY oob thai la acquainted *nb the bita-ura* bud r?c ome ireu recommended Iron; her leal piece Apply u Ml b<b ?? WANTS D-?OR OKA KR All HOUSEWORK, IN A PLAIN private t-imil;. ? am en. Id lustrums atrt of pood rtt'po bill"*. KM tnuat bo an ai telle at wwii-r and u-oiu-r ud plain cook, end Dtk a'raid u work To an one a |>mnug t plan end p od wape* ?rt'l be ptren <?ty refarrni-s requtnl. lap lire bl IMI Grand at-, In the hbt More Want in-a IO0IQ GEBL, to do unAMRRRWORK and Ibk* ?Are of chiidrkD, miibt brio* gund reoummen datiou (rum her lU' pUoP. Apply At 13# Weal XU At., near Vth AT WAT NUK.sK WANTED? TOR A CHILD TWO MONTHS id: booe hu> ihree with Aral rate ret, retire will answer, bpp'r between 7 And 10 A. M.. or front llo3 P. M., At? Wm Warren st, Brooklyn. \\T ANTED?A t BENCH OlEL: ONI WHO CAN SPEAK TT English. to ibka an ot a child And lew; waft* Ad pnr niouth. Apply At No. 8 Wnat 30th at. ANTED-TWO QOOD DRRthMAKEKB APPb* aT No. 44 3d av , near roth it w WANTED- A GOOD PLAIN COOK. WAHHKK AND irotwr: roe willing to make herself groerm.iT uAAful. Aop.y unmrdikiely At 123 Facile it., ooruer of UUntoasi, Brooklyn. WANTED? IN A SMA1-L PRIVATE FAMILY. A PRE *nu to do general bona* ?<>?*, pood wage* given, refe reurye required. Apply at 77 Grand at, Hour manuiactory. WANTED-A PROTEST A NT GIRL. TO DO CHAMBER work aad Aland a child. To a competent parton. well remmmended, liberal wapaa will be paid. Call At No. I Moo roe place, BrxAUye WANTED?A COLORED COOK, FOR TWO IN KAMI ly Alan, a white noma. chambermaid. lauadree* and weHrero. for a Oral rlaa* private family. Apgty at No 7 Uth at., between Cnlrcraliy place and Broadway, from 9 Ull i o'clock. WANTEP-POR A SMALL FAMILY, A GOOD COOK, wnahrr and trueer; aa Bopllbla ptrl prafarrrd. or one aeoaatootrd to EupHak rookinp. Good akaraeter indlaprnwa bla Apply after 9 o'clock at 83 Ekat ITtkab, near Union aquar*. TVrAKTKD?A GOOD DRESSMAKER, AlJtO APPRKN II tinea. To a pood ptrl who would help nccaAoually around the hacun w hile learnlop, her board would be given Apply at lb Bond at, eeoooc atory. WANTYD-A GIRI, It TO 18 YEARS OLD, TO ABRlsT wub the peuerul huu* work in a private f.iaUly where lbe*e la nnotbe; girl Alan, a girl to do general housework, ikiia Let a t<K<d v. aahrr aud Lroner and plain cook. Apply at 81 Aorfii ktiore at. WANTED-A NUMBER OF OLOAK BAISTKRS AND tiniahare, ,' peodquihara owning mvchlnea. Call after 9 o'clock A. m. at 6d Warn 3t0i at, corner of Broad tray. No work plven out. WANTED-A GIRL, IE A SMALL FRIT ATE FAMILY, who onderatauda waablnp. irooinp and chamber work Ihoronihlyifood rmtrrtoom required. Apply kl Ul Waat23th 11, between 7th and 8th avs. AM TED?A OOOK. AFPLT AT 114 ITU AV., BE iween U bad t o'clock thla day, Oct. 3. w WANTBD-A young woman as chambermaid and waltrraa; one uaed to children preferred Mint ha. a pood cM; reference. Apply between 10 and 3 o dock at 266 Warn lint at. WANTED ?A GERMAN GIRI., AS SEAMSTRESS IN A ? pirate fatni'y; oua who la oompeteat. none olliera need apply at XV Knai :t,U> at. WANTED-A RESPECT ABLE YOUNG WOMAN. AS rkambermai.1 and nurae. Tha baat nf reference* re quired. Apply at 9< Baat iMath at between Broadway and Univrrally place. WANTED?A WAITRESS, ONE THOROUGHLY COM potent, with pood city refereorea, none other need an ply. Cell at 18* lent 18th ?L. before noon Una dny. Wanted-a respectable girl, foe cooking. waiting and tronlap. kt Ltd haat Uth at.. near 'Id av. Befarencea required. W^HASUING -A LAUNDRESS, ABLE TO GIVE SATIS fact urn in the tinea, work, w-tahee a few more ruatnmera. She baa a freak praaa plot, houae and rooms tor waahnip irno lag and airlnp. where notklnp etae la dona. Tarma rraanmwia. Call at or addreas 111 Wea; 13th at , between 7th and M av?. TITANTEI1?TO GO TO OEANGB. NEW JBRHET, TWO 11 ptrl* oee to week aad Iron and do general housework, the other io take cere of children and do up atatre worki all tern, or girl a * bo hare 11 rod together before, prefer, ad. Ap ply at 43 Mid dag h ai , Brooklyn. Irom 11 to 3 o rlock thla day. WANTED-FgR GENKRAI. HOU8EWOEK IN A SMALL fami >. a neat and obUptip ptrl. must be a good waehar and Iroorr and plain rook, a 1th beat ot reoommeadstln ia. No other* need apply att4l Oarhoa nr., Brooalyn WANTED?A FROTE9TANT OIRU AN GOOD PLAIN oook and first rate weaker and lroner; oity reference* re quired. Apply el 31 Hoormaa place. Warn 33d A WANTED?AN ACTIVE. STEADT WOMAN. AS I.AUN dreea ud In ml In rhambrrwnrk; Bust hnnpelty rnfa ream. Protratant preferred. Apply At M VtA Xld ?L. after 10 ocleck A. M. TETANTED-A f'EOTKSTANT <H*L, AS WAITRESS; TV ihe wax be dm! And pood Mnptrad. ead briar city refe rence for steadlaeae aaA capability. Apply ai lei Weal fed at., niter 10 o'clock A M. WANTED-A OIRI. *0 DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK; man ha willing, respectful and hare (nod referenda; family tare*. wagea S8 par aoaih. Apply at 10 8t Luke a place. 1-croy at. WANTED-TWO BUTTON HOLE MAKERS APPLY at No 8 Dey alreet. third floor. WANTED A PROTESTANT WOMAN, TO DO THE genera' homework for a famllr of four, who understand ? bar buaanem and caa ootn# well reeoaiaended. aunt rook, w??h and tma wall, and he neat and obliging. Apply lame dl.telv at 2*8 I iTtngBon at.. Brooklyn. WANTED-A SMART, f'kOTRBTANT I1IRL TO OOOE, waak and iron for a nil faally. no children. ooaaatla aaaa'a wnahmg. Call at 1A Orataaraa atrset. near aieeaaec. WANTED?A NEAT TTDT WOMAN. AS CHAMBER maid a a prirata faallT. aha anal mm wall, and bring rood rafereneea; alan a ?irl, efneen jrare of age, lo aaMat a the worit Apply at 18 Eaat Sik at., batwaaa 11 and 1 f clock. TJtTANTEDA OIRL TO COO*. WAEH AND IRON IN If a prlrate family, cdr reference required Apply be m 10 aad U o'alcU at a Warn 36th el. WANTED?A STEADY mUNO W?NAN AS WAIT reaa Apply at No. T? Mh aL, third hooae nam of ah aeaane. UKLf WAWWMIttM. Aqkru- wamtkd rvKKf whbricto>ku. rngthrr Jonaihaa a P?w. KuraRure P? tak, a I'nliah enperior to I oiVn Ac?:i are making from lire t v>o par day Raids warranted or BOMf rcfnidM Principal <Ant KH Broadeuy. B. T. t. E HARLOW, Rute Am * H HONKRT, ACTIVE BOT. WHO CAN BRAD, VTRITR A and make hlmae'.i uaefal MAW a -a, former emplneaent, meraaeas aad wagra eipenad. Addrrm 8., boo S.-? Past oC,re AORNTt WANTRD-TO 1RU, WIDR &WAKI WICS kr/. at Jam** K. TalaoUoa'a, 106 Watar oa Wadnaa day mpraiag. BOT WARTKIT-TO RCN OP krraxdb no onr need apply unlaaa he can eome we!) recommended for fenoaatjr. Apply to Oao. liegeman. engimver, Ml and MS Broadway. front rar?. up Nairn. BOT WANTKD-TO OPRN OTsniU KURT BR QUICK. ?od ua lgrotoad h? b dm Appl/ after 11 o'rluck thm moraine tu Ika restaurant IB Oana! fee. oppmtta Warn Hi and nay. rtOACHXAX WANTRD-ONK WHO CAN BR TTXL.L RR. V commanded for capability, Induetr- and eobrlety. iu gle man and a Pratastam. Apjply at IN Weal Md from g to 9 A. St., or Sin locum P. 1. ' CM AWTASBKR8 WANTRD-POU HRLI.fKR'B NRW TOR* Pocket B uliiwMmIiu and Plar> i nmMaii Air 141. Arply by le'ier only, nrkh rafaraaaaa. to Metltor A On, pub ilnkara. M Broadway. JVICO CLFRK WANTKD.-OKB WELL AOQDAINTRD U wTih the ratall buatnaar who k wllltng and abla to maka h. mar If useful. may obtain a pond and parmanant Wtaaiioo if addressing boi Bt Poet oOre, Raw Br-mrwtak. H. I. WTO riJOlK WANTKD.-ONE WHO UNDRX8TANDB tha c it> retail buainaaa and can glee good cuy referense apply at MI Oraad at. D J)' aRUO CTJWK WANTND?'A MNOt.t TOUNO HAN. wfco thoroughly '.ad>ratanda Mi kunlnaw. A (Teaman t^rtui yd Bngitak pretaried. Apply, wttk rBTANTB WANTTD? A PIRBT RAT* HAN. A8 WA1 ? tar. to a pi Haw family wkoeaa anra from R*> to 177 a nth, atoo a drat rata oooh at (ram IK) to 112 a I wgd w Jarnea Bogga Herald <M-+ naming rsfarea other applirattona wtll ka anMrad. WANTKD-IN A HOURR TURN MICRO ATOM. A BOT from U to U yeara of ifa Apply at lit Pultoa Brooklyn. WANTXD-A TOUNO HAN. WHO CAN OOKB WILL rtI na mended, to aatend bar and waka tomnell generally Baaf-u to a 'Amor more, la ,ntra ai lldHk ay., eornar of M it. TXTANTRD?A VOUlU HAN. OP ABOUT BIXTRRN TT yeara of MR to maka Umaetf generally oaaf U ab. nl a m?reaoU.a oHre. Apply, is Handwriting of appUeaat, into raieraare* to fksmmt. b~r If! Herald otocr YOCNO KAN WHO CtN IOAN HI8 ran harp a permanent Apply to Oeorgp Raw Una Regtmry oJice, 7? Hreadway. mtuauoaa ptnenrad. No mmniarn to ad anea WANTED - A TIRBT RATR HaV AB BAkKRKPRR; one good btlllnrd and "yatne man. both mm TXTANTXD -A TOUNO KAN W7 TT em; >erBl'd<?? ' me rit, aim .'ton in an rutx-u at |e per neto Una Kegtm-y rilire. fb Hrandaray. Bit rtmnima i.i adranai WARTRD - A TIRBT RATR Ha' one gor>l inlUnrd and neptpr man. botk m k root* w.: IbP bant rammmasdnltons t all on Tknradar at .1 ? ?? I UB ?U Wl'-tamab rg Ph a'a...,,* o ?? Tl'ARTRD-A NCNBRR OP RHART, INTM.UORNT TT e>aa boy- App y balaaaa I and 9 A M . to A. T. RtawrtAIr Rmadway Cbawbsra an-1 Rawla eto. WH ARTTD-A TO'dTH. TO COtLFOT AND HaKFOUT I bRhtloa a*ora m-nltoea gnrr* penman wagea Bt per week Addraw Wlator. Herald oOee aRhkame rafarenep Bad aga. WM|ARTFD-A TOfNO MAR AR PORTKR; AT.?0 A ? knife rleaner a?t boy. Mnat nma wa'.i reiwiimeoAed. Apply atkneany'a lliAel. TX'ABTRD-IN A BNT AIL (1/mnHII RTORK. IN PUTe TT loom hire e.ana aaleaman. to,a w o a ah e to ln P- enre t-v'a may bear of a permanent al'.iiaiiou. One abo la* bee- anipl red In the Rreel prptprrpd. A lire" B. C. W , Hera J ilea ?ttrANTtn?A TOUNO HAN OF ORB AT RXPRBIICVCi TT aad altli.iy. waata a wtnati-a aa foreman "t a week y ne-eapapee, re o' any boot an ' Nb oTre t'au g"ra IrR flaw rafe-enaaa AdJraaa R H.. Herald oftca. T1' ARTRB- R\ PBRrBNf WD AOKNTR IN RTRRV TT pari at tha wnimry for ay new i-mka-lra la unnabar Ihe m> at gpafol and pr* i ai at wa a* (ka mrwtatartltng ?e-vaattoe booia. Apply to KINNKPV. p-.bltoker. AC Broadway. m WBHARTRXV-A WAITRR. APPLT AT U4 9TH AT., RK toR II aad I oetwk tarn day WANT5D-A Bill, FROM DIXTKHN TO KIH3TXXN ? ynaraold. laatAaadln ameatmarTm He wun nnd.-r a-ai' tk- fekaol pyeta- v -alnee, Api'y V W *w! T? 1y ihclp WAnrao-Hjoaa. WAhtRI>- A TOUBO M AM TO TEN l< Ba* . ' A*s?g'a f' 'k ia a coal "# e aud a porter. spply a- i .-a path'* MwfikuV Clerks' Regiatr j tchon. 78 nro.1?ny. Mo commhaitoB u: advance K< -raocc to urm claaa houses. UKO. K a WLJMfc, buperutlea l?ut. WANTXD?A YOUNG OR MIDDLE AGIO MAM. TO act u gsne>-?i oierk: our who ran comma..8 a small capita1. Moos other* need applj to <? . B Alien. 366 Broad we; _ WANTKD-A Man FAMILIAR WITH TBI FRKD business. lo drives truok and make hi.nself seoe; dly useful a bout I be siore; one >. bo has ibe enmnieisi of a. no trade preferred. Juqiure of Bloomer A Macbeth, 14 and Prrk sLp. WANTED-AM WAIT SR. A YOUNG MAM OF NT AT and cleanly batata, who thoruugtUv understanda be business and can come highly recu nmeuded Apply el 111 Fifth as. WANTED?A SMART BUSINESS M<M8 PARTNER, with a capital, lo pui-rltaee one half of the palenl rlgbl of the Ooclllathig tAaahint; Machine fur thm Male, and to nuuiu tart Pre and fell >u partnership. Call al 71 Maiden laae. WANTJtD-NI Y MKN FOR STEAMER* TWO 01 IRII, one barkeeper, three porters, two hoye tor trades, one ooaehman, one erfl l>oy. two waiters, four girls, for good placer Apply al No 7 Chatham square. WANTSn-TWO OB TURKIC GENTLEMEN ARM wanted, to solicit advertisement* and subscriptions at the office of The Butlder No a'J Nassau it. Tboee aoeustomed to the buainee* preferred. YKTAKTKD A BOY ABOUT U TSARS we ply to William Taylor, US Broadway. OF AO! Al' WANTED-A YOUNG MAM, ABOUT 17 YMAR8 OF ape. as eseletsnt In U>* desk; oae who is a wnstomnd to handle money urn'erred, oahny J3i? per annum. Add. ma J O 8 A Co , Herald ufflre AITPATWWI W AMTRP-M .v A young mam, having fivb moumm mvrbv da* unoccupied, wishes for employment aa bookkeeper la same large commercial house, he Is perfeetly quilled for the taaki eaos'acuoa glean on trfU or no bergeis, speaks and writes Hnsnlah am French, would also kee, the hooka in " tf required. Add rem Fracote Read, box 1A0 Herald Sgaalah. I A SITUATION WANTKD-BY A YOUNG MAN. TO XX went in an express nMre or drive a wagon. or to work in a tihelesale io?k ;i;eory lias the beat of rernrn'nenitaunn* from his last place, where he has been for Mt e ears Addrese G. W. B. box 130 Herald o?re. A YOUNG MAM WANTS A SITUATION IN A HKTAIL dry goods store no obiertlutu to go South. Address P. W . box 5'.H New lor* PasIodttm. AKTKsDY, ACTIVE MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS groom or coachman. Can give good city reference Ad dress for three oays V. A. B. u.. herald oAce. Atouno man. ai years or agk. wikhm a srru. alien as bartender, heal of recommendations oan be given, t all In the Mere corner of 37th at. an i 6th at e , until suited. A YOUNG MAN OF TOLERABLE BUSINESS t'APABI lit). whose lime during lb* day is no*, wholly engaged, la desirous of obtaining tome aedttlnoal mercantile pursuit for bis leisure hours. For particulars address W. L. P.. uerald ofhce An ncxPKRiRTsain rarkkepir, resident in Ol.rle?i n South U irollns, wishes loohtala a Nlu?tlon aa b.dheeper In s hotel or reatsursnt la thle city; be Is well ac qiiidn'.rd with lbs bustueae. aad das produce the beet recom mendations and references Address C. J. F. t'nar.cstou, South t aroll. n A RESPECTABLE YOUNG ENGLISHMAN. WISHES A siiuatlon aa coachman, or grotan and roacbman Apply u. W lleelar, hi. Mark ethce, 9th at, lietweea 3d and 4th ateauer ATorNO MAN. WHO SPEAKS AMD WRITES THK English. French and Italian languages fluently, wishes an engagement; he la very well acquainted with the leather business, beet reference. Address Z. if., bo. Ill Herald Otbce AYuUNO MAN, HAYING SEVERAL LRI8URR HOURS in each day, wou.d like to emptor them In writing no a art 61 boots, or anything sU*. Ad trees M. W., Herald oftiee. AN ENERGETIC TOUNG GERMAN WHO SPRAKS aad write* English and German oorrectly, wants a situa tion * here he can make hi naalf useful; Is willing aud capable to turn bis hand to seething, good olty reference. Address A. B . but 1)6 Hsrald oAoe. (10ACH MAN'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A RR8PET. J tab!.- c- lored mas, who has tired In tha best of families In the ctti. csa aire the beet of e ty reference; yell understands ihe care of horses Osa be scan far two day* at 73 West 2bthet. J ttlHUNBOM. COACHMAN ?SITUATION WASTED. BY AN ENGLISH man who understands his buslneaa to all lla branches. Can produce the beat etty reference. Apply thle week at No. 11 Kast >7la at, between Madison aad bth area. CTOACHMAN -SITUATION WANTED. BY A REHFEOT > able man. a* coachman or groosu lr a private family; Is a ?, cate'ul driver and fully competent la erery respect. gt?<- the bert of city retereaee. Call at or address Coach man, 109 West Mb at, for three days. COAUTIMAM -WANTED, HY A COMPETENT AMD RE liable i>er*.?i. ? aitueUrm a* ooaahmen or rronrn. eltr re Terence. Addreaa T T . cere of Mr Coibeed.faaddler, I.U34 Broadway, between Mb ud 29th it. for two days. GROCERY OR DKUfl STORK.-A MAM OF KXPBRI mi* In both bi.ainrwena wlebee A ailanw n in An/ iuput I/, ettber aa clerk, bookkeeper or eeleanue, la willing to make hi mar If uewul. end not Af/Akd to work, baa rood buatneaa qua ItBreUona and a character that will bear InreWlgatloe. Addreaa k. c , Poai cffice, Newark, N. J. s ZTUATIOM WANTED.?A TOUWO MAM. A HERMAN b/ btr A well acquainted with modem language*. who hea bean employed for a year end a half aa principal entry alerk la one of lbs lancet dry gooda Uaporttnr eousec In Mew Torfc, and wbo ana bran ?llafnc?nry lafUiaaaa. wtabee to Sal a Mtnalioa In wblcb hia avtlltica may be made uf rrenterI ealee la btna. AAdreaa R. P. ben JW Poet oWne. SITUATION WANTED?BT A TOON? MARRIED MAM. aa bookkeeper. Addreaa R. M.. Herald office. tjnOATinM WAMTED-BV A TOUMO M?N, AN AM O rlatent bookkeeper, entry or aktpplac . lerk. Ileal uf city referent** given Addreaa 7. '/? O , Herald office. SITUATION WANTED?IM A FIRST CI.AHB WHOLE Bale dry goode bona*, to take affect now or Ike lat of No vcmber. by Ike advertbnr, wbo baa aa exieaafve aoquabMaaoe with the Waatern trade, particularly MlaeouH aal niiaota Tarena reeaneetle i ddreae lor two da ye P. M., box 1W Herald t ~ L SOUTHERN LANDLORDS -A TOOMO ORMTLB ua. wlahlng to ro Booth Una winter, wonld nadrriake the management ofa bar in that aeotlon. kla Aon!Acre r m tame The lieat of refareooae given. Addreaa rtaane A O. P.. Brooklyn foal office. mo HOTEL BEEPERS.-WANTED, A BITOATIOM AS A bead wat'er or atrward. by an Kngttahman of twentv /cert' practical ??pcrwt?re tn Aral rtaaa hot ?es North end Smith, baa the beat ot i efeieaoe. Addreaa I). J. U., Hot eld office. rDRl'OOtSTS.-WANTED. BT A TOUNfl MAN OP I em eiparlcnca. ? ait'tawm ea diet?m?.ng clerk and who la Killing to devote himacll bi tbe inlereWe of a* employe . beat of city reference alev* aa to ability. Ac , nn obyecti w to ibr country. Addreaa M. B. B. B Herald o?or. r HOTEL FEOPEJ1TOR1 THE ADVERTISER wlabt* to make ao engagement I" erttk any no* reBtilag Ibetr hotel underetaada repairing aad reeoveling furniture, cutting aed Ittlng i _ mrpeta and cue drroraUre I>r plain paper banginga or pa nting can give the beet of etr rrrerenee. would go Sooth or Went. Addreaa Bo lei ben lWHrreld office. mo DRcooirm?a tocmo man. is years op LJ age baring been eighteen moetha tn the buatneaa. la deal 101 obtaining a aitnaUoo aa Junior aaaiatant. where be reus of obtalateg a v'.tnaUoo aa junior aaaiatant. where be might have an oo part unity of thoroughlv learning the trade. Addreai B. U. cere of C. W. Em/the. WO J}k av. w TT i ANTED?SITUATIONS BT A MAN AND WIPE. NO Incumbrance. The man la e practical Oardet er aad Par mer: wife a good eook aad dairy wain: have been maay yearn In title country, caua give tbe beet of refarencea; would be found perfectly tmewerthy la taking rare of nay gentle aaai a plnoe daring hlwabeenee: Pruleetanta. Apply at or ed WAMTED-ET a COLORED OOACHMAN, WITH the beet city i nlhmie, and of fortv yearn eaeerieoee. a Mtimtdm ea eoaibman fegelre of T. A W. Tttaa, 1M Mar earn r - - w antbd-bt ae amebic an. a situation in a ? ebnlieela wore. aiuaavy preferred, wrltea a fair hand IT ?hoteaele store. ai a ewy preferred wrWea a fair head aad iia.taiemwla ? gatle ef bookkeeping Refareacee gleee 7r?,?lre.t rieeaeoafl or addreaa. for Urea daya. C. R W , Herald affioe. from IS Uil S e'cloak. WANTEP-A SITUATION. BT A TOtTH'l MAN FROM tbe South, la a drat rlaaa oaaniawn or ahlnpiug bouee. ao aalary required the Orel year. Addreaa W. T. P , llerald WANTED-A SITUATION AS PORTER. BT A TOCN'I maa who caa apeak ihree laaguAcne < lermaa. Hpanteh aad Ragitek Itaa dne good nffareaee. aad would make 1dm aslf geaarally uaefuL Addrea C. A. not 102 llarald office WANTED-A SITUATION AS COACHMAN. OR OOACH man as I gardener. b? a married man SaUtfar-tory re ferenoe ea in character aad cape,*/ fruet k* pieeeai em Clnyer. wi k whom be baa been for ilia lea four ynara. t'aa e area at pr' ata atable No 1(1 Warn .1Mb at. WANTED-BT A STEADY INDUSTRIOUS MAN, A affiled ? aa porter at nor arrt of ?nrk. ifcol rtt> refe tew c ftom Its law employer, for whom he baa worked over ehbt yearn. Addrea Family, but 141 Herald ?Wee. for two raw e from kte law employer. for whom be has worked over eta bl 1 ** ? - " daya. WART*'?-A SITUATION AS BARKEEPER. BY A ymng aw: la fully competent < an give uaevreuuona - ^ ( ble refereeteA Apply at tbe ..inter uf (Jold and Water eta. Brooklyn. ____ "ANTED-A SITUATION IS WANTED, BT A THO rough buWnaae men, *e agent or secretary In * company nr la * lam" kouae. [taring tilled vartoue p ets In e very Urge for about fourteen reare. he tenia confident be i none rn for about fourteen ream, he fall cn-iftdent be can gne enure iwtafaction to pari es requiring the aer ioea uf aa arrive h) or ml door man. The lew! proof of ability, Ac . Ac rea be luruebedatoeee. Pereona deelrbig *n Uderrlea will t leaae adcreeaear ly Agent. Pnai office. New York Wanted a situation, et a tocmo man. one wkn ta ecwempUnhed lo the wboteaalr and retail wotbl ng I -etrivea Addrea hot lf*> Herald offir e ANTED an AQENIi t FOR THE SOUTHERN on Sre vbee-tem State,, by A gentlem ?? well q ialKied tn ('i"a? en v . rawer' utl r i met ne utile bur 'new hea bed m eh e\penance tn-i can give tbe beat of reference. Addrea Agent, box 1H Herald office SPORTI Ik <*. A n;IX BLOODED ST BERN AED DOO PUH for aalr; metb-r and father ean both be anno. A id i. O. P . boi 11 Sew York row oWce. liiRANCH sun ME. MO. < rBUB HAS THE p kkfUM eeenrtaewt of Doge to the vmrld for sale orwuek. HI'TI.bS r> lafalSble Mange Dure aad Plea IhdeiWHnetnr. 40 r eale oratuck. krvliuMiv 10 1?erwetwe. J'.,mu. MiiSS5tS,ML5i'.2:,L ""-e?" larly fieenWSd I rR SAl F.-A HI'HILT RRRD BETTER Sl.UT, r?P. ferlir'-Weed by me of Ube flrM traieera In ibeSinta aba 11 bevei II apenmen of the bleed, mow afleeAioeate, bat % fin. I rate v -tcb. A dklrem J nee, hm ITT) Herald aWee. or epa be envei ai <*-1W utow wren, fcohotaan, M.J. Grand uRKurr mawjh -on wednendat and Therdey Oet-1 aad Che tAe Bt Ooorge ? gvraad. Hohrv ga- bet wee J Raven Aaa\eere had W*vee PrW eel mala .if ibel'alteH iiagAn earh day ??? . welcb ttekwa We. Arveicew ?'? w* , k> a.*kia*et i "yr Xttaiaedkn THE Ttvjii! a numcil. M kdlHlR BAYING A THOROUGH ? ? i. ?lrd?e of Nluf. r Rewh.;; Machine . aud a ? ?moa tent .irqi ?ii Uuee With tbr "Wh. ??!? i A YVUeoo'i," and .Alter i, ?1 kt> kit immediate has ni' OOjcmloo W B ? A. ulh wlwt. A. djsee "Marhliost. ' bo* 168 nerald id*. A8 IURDIM k'R ?GARDENER'S 8TTI ATION W ANTED ?f a .?M?4rh:u>i.i tuiamcd;; ui.der- and* hi* Itnffiiea UoiXH ) hi every dcpartmrlit, nod mi ?l?* good lefereucee in to ( hat-set- r ind compele-icy ?'.Jl M or address a OA* to Garde .er, Mr. R.ed'.- lead More. *>' Broadway. GARDENER- WANTED AR gardener bt a oom patent I'trnir. wh.. ha l awn wt'.i American famibr !or the last titHeee ).arm he isath i n.;h Ksrtencr la rt-nem :1m u drraiaa. a the muiMrmpm or h race a..d cMtla in all III branches, be Is 1 uily o to take care of a f.rat clma r?w Ideni a; a kih.i1 steady place is required Fur i efri rncea inquire (.1 A V. hmm. President of blmr and laiat.ier Hank, or <A Mr. (jr.itlai.d, 986 Broadway, Nrw Ytrk. ? rITArWiRt-FIVK WNHRIMEN CAN OBTAIN KM plovinent oy aenlflug t > James It. Cullin 78* Broadway. Wmrs JlUpri week. None need spplr liu*. Inner wh an furnish refricnce as to capability, nead'uesa. A. r TAILORS AMD CLOTHIERS.?A STEADY, EKKR K?ic young man. ogrd 7s. won understands Us b ieluaae thoroughly, is In want of a aitcaUoa aa cutler and ia willing to make himself generally r.aeful. Fir at class teatinnnlala Ad dreee K. S Herald office. mo MERCHANT TA1LORH -WANTED. A SITUATION A to aome fasnlonable tailoring eaithllahmen:, by a young tnau who baa a practical bum ledge ot the outlacse. Addreaa F. G. bo* 125 Herald office Tin pi.aye workehh wamtrd-two tin amd abert Iran worhrra: ateady employment and (p od wa<ae wU be given to two good men, at W. A J Di u? a. Si Atlantic at, Hrooklyu. Trade wanted-by a bov, u. tkarb old; ant irapec'.abla trad* and ia wilUnc lo work. Apply at tst If ul -erry at., baaemem. Alao. a boy for the country. TO JEWEL! KRh-WANTED, Bt A PRACTICAL JEW elier. a ai'.uutlon aa aaleamau and repairer, in New fork o some other city; i ndrmtnoda the business Uioronjhly, beet of reterence given. Apply at rooms 28 and 26.101 ll.ondway. w TIN ROOFERS?WANTED. THREE TIN ROOFERS. AT 1*99 i'narl at . corner of t andewsler KITaTI HMAKEKK WANTED.?WARTBD, A THO rouably tiais.ied wonunao, competent to all kinds of 1? vet or Duplet work, a ateady, boneat, aibrr man, to go le a t0.Tu. ?> 0Y?*ila; permanent tinpw.ymenl with a liberal aalary WW l.e given. AA >, wanted, a watchmaker, a fair workman, CKpaMe of .tobbln* jrwftlry ao<t also srtinr hm hhI^oiav when re<ic,tred. <o a ateady, henea; man n lair aalarv woh lie given. Apply nl the oibce of bnml h Bowman A f o , 17 John at. \AT ANTED?A GLASS PACKER AT 89 WATER STREET. T T No one need apply ouieaa he fully underatanda hla bugi ueaa and can o.*ne well recommended. ' WANTBD-TWO TIN PLATE AND SHEET IRON workers two men to blacken atnvea. and a boy who ban been nl the trade two yeara Call 196 Sth ay. WANTED?A SITUATION IN A HOTEIr AS OAKPKN ter, plumber and gaa Btter; beat of notel reference gtven Addreaa M. Spear, Herald office. KIT ANTED?ONE OR TWO RIGHT HAND FOCRDRI f? nit r w re wea . era to w ork oa broad loom; good v, ?t. ( and constant employment to good woremeu Apply to O. 1'eWltt and Urn., 1 (JO >falm at. Wanted--a good steam fitter aiao an act Ire. intelligent young man of good ndureaa. to make Women general! r ugernl ' amart. Apply to Bater, young man of good adureaa, to make eful; both muat ne ateady. boneat and ter, Smith A Co , 1?J and u2 centre at. TTAmn-IWO AMBROTTPE AND PHoTDORAPHIC Tl operatore, to go to Charleston, K. C. Apply lo C.J Qulnly, between 8 and lu o'clock, at Th wnlte'a UaLery, 304 Chatham suture, to: three daja. TI7ANTF.P.?A PRACTICAL COTTER ON OOSTOM Tf work, inn clothing akore; one wlih good referenoea may addreaa A. C , Herald office. WAKTm A WTI ATTON AS ENGINEER. ?A FRACTI cat macbintat, who has had aixteea years' eipertence, both In the w nrkabop and rttenlng engiuea Can (ft e the best of city reierencea aa to eapablltty, honesty and aoorlety. Ad dreaa M. Y , lot lllo Herald office. AWTKD-TWO OR THREE GOOD SILVER PLATERS. Apply at 89 Fulton street. In the rear. FBENCH ADVKUTltEH'ENTS ON DEMANDE VMM rtLLB PBANOAIBE POOR FAIRS ! 1'ouyrage d'une famtlle. 8'alresaer a 76 President ft, Brooklyn. ^ ON DEMANDS-DANS CNR PETITE FAMILIAL CNK femmr aachant fatrr la mi nnce. )a>er el rtpaaser. et una Cone fille ponr aoigns r detu jaunee enfans. S'adreaaer an o. I6d Weal Sn.c rue. eutre lea 7ma et Sine ava , ou chet Mr. Dupuy, Pharmaolen. Gj> Bromtway. UN* FRANCAL8E DESIRE BE PLACER DANS CNE faml'le Aglrricalne pour prendre so in dee enfant et rou dre. S'adrmar pour deux Joora a 186 7me are . entre la Mine et Idme rue. I8?TRUCTI?8.^^^^M (IADBMT OF PBNMANSHir AND BOOEKEEPING, I W Broadway, eootlaued by W. O. BOOGlaND, fkF ly yean anlali it of OUrar B. Uoldmnltk. No names; knta practical tnetructkm, and earn eat. careful atleutsm. ^^?and evening. Terma moderate. A Iborouah, Open lay A If ERIC AN BCHOOL IN8TI fUTK," 696 BKOADWAT, A supplies schools nod families wt'.a rumpeteat teachers and pi nfaeanra. parents with sreool ctrrulara (graiutmiaiy i. Retareaocs. Ke*. D C Van ftnrmso, 1.1.1)., faculty (km beret Cot el ah Wanted- a lady of Pre nob and drawing; ?alary 8900 and board, for N J., a nail, a French teacher lady, for lm.;aalar* 8600 and board SMITH. WOOLMAN A CO. ALADT. WHO IH AN EXPERIENCED TEACHER, desires a situation iu a seminary or private fatally, us competent to teach the higher EngUan branches, music, and French. Apply immediately lo luom 168 Lafarge House, or write if more oonvenleul. Aa GOVERNESS.?A NEW ENOT AND LADY DESIRES are engagemrai aa resident goyrmevs la a private fa mily to melrnat la the Etglisk branches and mnalc. also the ruduaentaof Frrnoh and Lntln If re>|ulred No objecuua to go tViuthor Wast I nexveptlOBhble leferem ea exch.aged. Addreaa Tearker hot 1,906 New York Post office. A * EXPERIENCED TEACHER, WITH TilK HENf RE I A fereonea, denlrr * aa ergagrraaii wuh a family la I each bglieh and a mal wMt or ornamental brenehea. aa a com peaeetlrn for board would mafca hereelf naefnl la knitting afgbaae and rerlou* woraled artJoiaa. I Mi an*. tor Ihrae da)a I UoTvoaaa -fx Wr? I-an at A I.I, THIS WEEK, WHO JOIN ftOMMVITBH WRI. Una aad Hoohheeplrg C lateen will b? entitled t > a reduc tion of It v?*r ernt Pom the nana! charges. Tba Htereo wiplc Mnarnir will ba open for frf edmtmion daily thl? week fr<?a 10 oVIork A. M. lol P M. Privele InMnietein gicwn. New Ar.tdemy, Nns. 151 and 951 Knadrir. nnrnei of Twenty Aral aUarl OU V EH H. OOMMMtTB. CIOLUMBIA COLLEGE LAW 8C1IOOL.-TH1 THIRD J term of this loabtnuoa will amnmrare m Wadnrada), O Inner .1 Tba Aral meeting of lu Mudruu will lake p'are at 4 o'clock 1*. 11 of thai da), when tba hour* lor laatara* will b?-arranged. I'araona dealnng Vo MMi uiortnaiton n> regard to tba roarga of atndjr, 4a , ara raouaatao in oall at tba > aw Hrbiol llnildlng. No 37 l-nfayMir nUrr, on Wodaaada), Octo ber 3, between tba bourn of 1 aad 4 P. M THE >DORE W. nwiOHT, Profmeor of law. EDUCATIONAL.? A LADY. EXPERIENCED IN teaehtag all tba solid hraachaa of, aa Kagllab education, wtaiiee to purobaae tba whole of or an internal In enma well established acbool In tba elly of Naw t ark, or IM elctattr. Or In rtew of n purnhaee at an aarljr dar, would accept teia go rartlr tbe i-oafioa of aa taalmanl. Pleaae oall on or add me MalbemaMes. 12d Rant Thirty aejood it reel. Naw York. /10VRRNJS8 -A TOURO LADT WHO HAR BUT RK U rcull- oonoinded an engagement ee leather, Intbefaaal ly Of tba Oorantnr of a Went em it late, and who ta folly sompe tent In teaob BngUab, French and tannic dettmn a Mtnalina ip rtvale family; no oljecttoe to go Not an. higbaai referanMS J^BWOM IN PRTNCn-RT A TOI NO. PAR 141 AN lady highly edoontad and belonging In tbe arlMora-atle ?re-lety the purest language tangbt la a abort Ume. Apply every day, from 1 until 7 oelork. at TTt (Jrreee etraat. near Fourth. w\ Irrat hiu. nrminart. a rant thirty nrni elect-Tbe Mhwe. ROWLAND* RagUah and Pram, k Hi wed tar and JJa^ tor ymung ladlaa, wttJba on Monday, Napiember 17. whan 4 puacfnal ettandanar of tbelr pnpi'a h ran nested tVmlarn aad farther particular* mav he oblalaad on application to the principal*. or at tba book alore of Memra Praam* A ffe. BA4 ft road way N'ATWNAL TEA CHEEK' INNTITt'TR S3' IIROADWAY, Naw York Tearhera. anhnole aad pnplla tutted to all parta I M tine kdoeauoaal eerrmpfladaei* wanted for wu k orinty Tearner* wanted aa pnnetpala, aaalalaale or part aera. Approved tart booka. apparatus. Ac . cheep. kni AANDREWB. Crop charmer* prfNCR inntrrvrr. por Young tfeni lemen. itotrdlng and Pay ftrbnoi. No. ta RmM eniy-fc ,rth afreet Leimma reaumed. ClaaMra, Mnthama Ura, Kite up), HpeaHA, Oerman aad Preach la <ht by neven teen teacher*. Otrro'ara to be bad. with oaman of paptla and Pareola, Th ra la a primary department PENMANSHIP AND BOOKRCRPIKO TAfQIlT, IN ? pracmal and ?allefartory manner ornamental Pen manablp limited 10 nrdrr by WHRKLRR A DIXON, til Broadway, oomar Thirteenth gurnet. Open day aad evening SPANISH l.ANfU'AOE -- PROPRRNOR OORRIN HAN I eanand keatrorttna In the above lugoi , nguape Apply from I0H to 11M o'rlaah, at room No. 7 CUnlon Hall. Aavw plana ard Righth ?treet. near Bread way. TTMA AVRRH1ANA. WITH BOM1 KNOWIJDHIP. OP U NyaMnh wlehe-loamaaega won a ?ianiard Rng'iah la Miortx>a lor Fp-.n'ih; ooo'd h acoomm-dated in the mate bouee. wbch te nrat rL.m, with roan Addreee L. R. L , He raid efb< e TXTANTRD A RESIDENT TKA'TTRR <X)MPRTRNT TO TT inelrnet young rhlldran In the rodlmania of in Rngliah rd'lealPm. Apply at tbe Burner) and ' hlM'l HoeplUJ. Ilat it, near SI at , between 11 and Ho clonk In dag. M ATI II KB ARD JEW ICI.H > . Ay thk pbinor or wai.rc hai.d, caupornia diamond* win look u hkndenme aa real hrflllaata, aad do not coat nwe f'i'irth in taacA On eihlbl'.leu and fpr law at XU Broodway, 131 fA N A NEWER TO THE RUCRTIOK. WHAT ARB OAU fornia dkunooda'-Ptecea of cry?u? i*?d Nuartr roe*, r in I'aliforuin, mi and aolhAad toreeemMt real whirh they mine: In brlRlanci fTneeea, Neci?!i,cee. Ac; OeaU found only la OalifiwMn, eat dfaainada. whirh they anna! In brlBianry, ladlae' Nnmnaen, Rarrlnga, < rnewee. NeckUcev. Ac, Oent'emen ? Nnlnaira and f'btrter Pin*, Rtngm, Nt ide, Ac.. Oall aad eiaa ne mem at 331 Br adw#. AT 111 BROADWAY DADHCS OOtD WATCH*l,rEO* fit. warranted for gold and Ume keeping all klada of gold an I Mher Watchee. gold teat rnard and fob Hbabw a.eo a bMidvnae vewi-tmeet of .lewetry, ai hnpnnarghprlrea Cirliity to ion pnrehaarra. at J3L 4t:?i niOAiiWAT-fX>Mi"osrrioN and ckm.d vkpt fhainf. warranted to Hand acM and not p.tanueb or Aange eolor, from $1 M to |Hoard <"Wn? from (3 u- TH) Oall aad eiair.lne Ibewi at .1. H. IDRRN d Jewr ,ry Mora 3BI Broadway Broadway, 341. PRINC* Of WAI.DB BAM. ROMAN PKARIR. A4 XT eorteda r* f<e eaic at men a low priree Apply fnm y 10 R. W. RUHR. Dttmonl Broker, Itmuu three P. M. aafy 1 ... - ? All Broadway. < aah paid fee Dtamoada A nary to loan upna IHamoada. Real piawond .uwri.rt. imr appr thin ant ether Vcvee ir New fork.-4 e imen g-wrw-i-ec *i-?i wi 1 1 ii ?. ? PfeaM rail . <ro?d?t.j ?< ,.?p CltMV tv-W*fl?. rtUHCIkH. AT A WKWT.'WCJ or TDB HkKv g . i?Rl DCi* AND LAW A/ormhiy i>rl*iaih.e of la* .i?to?d iimrtw, June* Oidf.-ry. I bamu Jieeph Donnelly, towttry am midton made, Daniel Learny was oi.mnaU-4 by |-'lnr1w for memoer of Aaermoi). 1'. wnmri . ely 'Jm ??i" toe. (t if pttbtlabed l" the Hfr^:, Hi.n and .ray Bee?, hlwed Bartholomew Lynch, Mk heel F Ux*er?kt l?irVk Dan nelly. Job'. Dt.fl, Henry Pun-ell. Juaea O Nvti, i'atnch ' - ? ler Than. fi: ;erUl Paunch Boyle J aVKo UOLlKitA'T. OWw Jo->r.ra Do>?g r, Hecretaiy. Afil'RCUL KEXT.'irU OP TUK. TlilRI) CON<xMRs awns! Dtal ic-. (".ouvcotu-D, elected pursuant to a c til 'rmm 1ic ilaoera) O mai lt- eof Imhuc/ 1 all. * v belt >u fuse day evening the 2d last . at the Film Ward I) ?el i hi- t aatr aaa. Mr. John II WlUlvmn, caiVd the u?w. ng U. urJ r at ? o'clock, whan the rcageatkn of R. I. luaaplr. . was formally accepted On m -Uno, 'he Dotirratloo pi ?-e~lad to ballot (or a cantLdair (or i '.-ogrcec *a?n Mr ..eoj*, Sa Wnod r?c?l>ad a majority of ibr whole < onrentwic I'he nova oatloa oi Mr Wood waa oa mntk>o, m*de .nam nous Hjb Com aatine than acjei.reed sine die Wm Jennett, Joke Pot. Rl hard Da>- , Thomas Baraa. Pa'nck McOolra. Funeen Mcyrm Alfred 'JbaneoUw a. tf Wllliawe Y VcMi.hou.Thoe MH'ourly. Dsn-el d t.olLoe. tee. C fbberpf, Iaaar- P Wiiitaa, Andrew PurtaU. Beuuat Ccia. Albert Lipptn. Otf, J no. Moore. wo a. wiu.iamb, ctamw. K B SwxrrTR ) a . loa i.i M. tlxiosrTT, S umBTmarlm Empire cluh~oi.i? guard, attkktton.?a mw Ira will he held oa Friday areolae next at the Otuk, sad of all thoaa who are In tavor of the democratic oataloaaa (Mr Pre...leo; nod Vice President. Stephen A. Douglas and H. P. Johnson, at I.'awn Hall, corner of rwenly aer ood atraat and Th rd areone. at K o'clock P. M. Ha on hand, and pm Mil your who.p duty to the democracy of the U a ion again* al aaa tionn. ami, come ; rum what aocj-ce It mar. My order of J AMKfl XJtVIXU, I Toot Birrrggn, fa?... B. T. Wtatiiaa, J ARTS L1HVH CENTRAL CLtTB -THR XBMBRKB ?P this olnb trill meal at did Broome atraat. tide tWedmaada# evening, at 8 o'clock. 1 has dealroua of ha no* J una Lyman electeu Register are iatilad to attend JOHN II RULE NT. PrfrndoA Wt Mt.arllT, Becretmy JAMEB LYNCH (ENTRaL lLUB.-THB M KM It Kg? ?T Una 01 ub are requested to attend a meeUei of the risk. Ml Ike Hattae of Jamna McNally. Oil rtrronte street, oi, Wedmaa day aveino?. Oct >ber S at d n clock. All la faror of Jamaa Lynch for Ecohter, are incited to attend and enrol tmjB yantra JOHN H. NUORMT, Cbalrmaa. Wail in MuarHT, Secretary, SIXTH lOHOHRMSIONAL DI.UTRICT?KLBYRNTV. Fifteenth and Herrnleauth wai-da.?The Democrat la Ra pub'lcah nomiuatlnh Cotiventkto nf thl* dietrrt, noet pu-eaaaf In adjotirnment an Ron day. Oetooer 1 at 8 P. M., at Uta Im farpe Hooaa and ttnaclmonily nominated Juka Wlychraa Ohanlar, of the Beteuteanfh ward at the regular drm wiaMB candidate for Cong nag from aaid district JOHN II. PUI>XRTT. J 50. ? Br tit. ( HAcFwfarte. tlao A, Jk.ti.iUAH, j necreiar.ea. OPARTANh AROUSE -THR MKMBKRH AND FRIENM k) ef the Np?.-tAu AMoalAtkei, and ati thoaa oppcaad toaea ttonAlUm are reuveecnl to meet at (he hea<lqa\r'era of the am onctaUnn, 111. lkmerr. l-etweee Uratyl Aid Heater rtroetA am Thursday ev< alny, Dctc.her 1 Lb?1, at hal' naet aarea t'diiM. By order of the c rerident J0B1PU B. CHAffrRAt. ? W H. (Vtcrrxrou. 11 . . ^m ? Jour P. P? aiKt. i hecretartee. mAMMANY HALL DRMtK RATH OONVKNTION. THIR? 1 Ccmyrcaaio-ial Dhurict ? At a adjourn d meeting of tm Tain mart Hal! Democratic Onnrerlkon nf the Third tlooiaw aloual lilotrlct, held a. th>- Klfth Ward Hotel on the 21 day of Otlnher, ldOC. Oerah an Oibeu. nf the Klchtb ward, waa rtenhM Chairman, and William L. II -rbeit of the Elfin wand, Mn tary. On mutton of IV I inner Cratnor. of the Elyht* want, Hon ,'oh.i 0. Mather waa unmlnatnl by aoe!Amat)-m aa a noM dtdata tor Ocajrreaa for the Third ? onararatoral Dietrlet C.KR.-HDM COHSN. Wiujab f. Ht nanitT. Sarretary. u TNI0N FOR TUF 8AKF or_T!'K UNION. KATIFICaTION up ion elxct'ral TICKET. mars mektino a? tai coopiR iniTTTtte, oa MONDAY. October ? at7Wn'clock P M ONI COUNTRY?ONE CONSTITUTION-UN ? rC8TLMW. The committee artpoLtled by a>ithonty ot tba rmt drama meeUrir held at the Cooper Inritt fe, on the lltb day of Ha? Irmber laat. to aropt otiah aa Electoral Lintel as the crista Ihe countn drmaud. In onlar to present "noe common Maal acalnnt the common adrrmarr of uotk-nal peace, oonenrd aa? unity." harlot unanimously agreed i poe aa Mieetoral tlcMdl worthy of the support of evert ouoaarraura otiuca ? Ida State ? Invite their fellow riUzoma, ndthant re yard to party raUnna. vk. are in laror nf preaen .ni the federal an nasal npon Ihe prtocl| lea and In Ute spirit m which H was focaaadL sod who are opptaad to the riection of loaeoln sad llaada, the nandidatea of a*|[reew .e oecUonaltam, to eonrenc la Man* Meetlns. at the Conner laatlt -v, on Monday areola*. Oqua 8, at 7}, o'clock IV M , lo renelre the report of the aalAaMb mlttee. sad lake tnrh action aa the occaalrai demands. Fauow Cittzaae ?Thla la a time nf peril to Ike eooatry- M rani oc be denied that wlthunt the nailed effort of the UaiOB men of this State there la danger of oar rorernmecit peaalaa under the demlnkm of rulers asserting principles at war warn the rights and tatereria or a large section utthe ensmiry, wMoa* ettlzeaa will oracoeallr hare an vrtne or representation la Ma Executes branch of Ike friers) government tinder wWrh Shag are to lire?a oaicnlaled lo dMturb Ike peaceful retaiMma tf the two enettnoa of onr eouatrr. to retard ou proa perky taM onward progress aa a people, and to audaagar Ike safety aaa permanency of the Unkta. It resit whh the patrtoOs ermserratlve man ef this (Rale, tw an aareeri sad eonUal eo operation am owe electoral Uokri, ta avert these ertla. to defeat eesHomallani and uraaarva the 9mm in peace, concord and fraternity. let the (led Udlasp ge ham to the whole country that the national man of Ute Empire Blase atanu together tr. amid column for the ptm erntlon of the tfiMam and the rights of ike rtaiaa. The touowtag geollemea have been Invited to add rem dsn meeting Hon. HoraUn Seymour, Bon Pertaado Wood. Ohaa. (yottai Bon Wsahlagion H ut, Boo Oterne (V Hronaon. Ban. ,'akm , Kelly. Hi t John A. Dli, Hon dohn (kMhrane, .lamre M. Thaw 1 sr. Dr. Isaec H. MrrUe. Ilna. James Bruuka. Horn. Joke The ' Baron, end tgbrr dtaunguiebed epenknre. I The cu I'peratlou of ell urga 'lmuooe frtwnd'y to the cacaatt earn rally 'ovped. Uhariee O'Coacr, Samuel J TLdfte. Maattiel F M'lUrnrnrth. Prior B. Bweeq -, Bdwtn Cnawvll, Daolet t. Ttrimaas. kirnrv Orinaell. Jaaww Monren, B. U M. Barww, Daniel Devlin. Whaon 0. Huut, Andrew Moust, Char lee A Seer JHBHUA J. HRNRT, Jintxt Rrxc. Becrvlai Now Yoaa. Uctooer 1, :u 1ST WAJW NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC CLUB ?TRB mmbrn of the at*.re dab. ar.t ?u thoaa wWhUR lahw roar malm ara rwinaated to aitetl a n-ffiw ?da (W niaadu' avrtun*. :id In*, at 8 o'clock. '.bar r ou. N*. 61 Oracawtcb alrnat Ryordnrot ANk'd PIT/ 3KRAI.D. (\Hraw MIUHAFL MALONKY, Vtcc C^ln Ju>' CatAiiao? a, Tiaww. 7iii anhkmri r histrk r mwt i am> iihi Warda ? At a merCo*of Drie^-aira m ik* serawlb A ??ably Dtatrw*. Itanirl lounr Kaq . ?? ?loaMmoi.-l. natrd lor Aaalj J1 O. liAVn.AND, ( ha-rt IIim.t Put mob, Hrotltry. 1 t)Tll WARD. HKYBNTBKNTU A8RRN. lt DIHTRfUT. law The aaariiibly <"ob*b Una of tha -wrenlea-.'b Aa>T% I>?(r(r- ?1U mart on N adaeaday eveainp. ?>?A 3 InM) u 1W P.N..a Ihr Ad/lfcUe. oornrr ot IRAt.i slrert ? 1 K. (bib in rota tn*r?<1 r f a Murocvy'a. aa ad rrttbrl !a tar < oaarV -Mi Sept. t>. 1140. (im. C Ol.VRT, r. KKRRin un m da vm PNTKK M KNI 'IfT DR. RlTLl M Or rnmiurr "w .-?R at Both* Ha.t Una. a. Co 1 ftTU WARD DEMOCRATIC CNION AA-tOI ATTON lu Lata Brarburtder and I at- (Sub Npeetal noWdaR a tbastnrr a Mamkcr lUr'.ilb TM.rTMiurjiii ?iu o'clock. CHaK I). BROWN, Trradat Uuit D. Pc-Lrotb, Frcrrur. U1H WARD-AT A MCKTriR} OP THE RETNW t-entb ?ard Daman r I'll' ma' CV.h brld a M.rbwM abtm'a, lot Baal Rlr?r?ib Arm no Tmadnr* imbw Ork 2 IMfi, Ihr lodowlnjj raaototlon ??? adapted - Thai ww endorar iba nonualioa of .'oka Wlatbrop Chaalrr aa ot.r (or (Va?rra from lla Rli'li "m.iiwl a dokrlat, and we Irndar b a onr bdkrt/ auppi* N-ram. Pirn*. NrcTy. ionN CARVT. Pmatd/wL OOPABTYKRAHIP NOTIOEA. AIITOHLT RBRPKCTABLl WIDOW~LADT. fBIWA Ilabi. of aomr araaa, wnald ba (lad to ba taaafiily rbb obryrr . wrn'd m lady W C'lMIWn a btMhtroa. Miwk Hotri. BraCta* MR lot ry. < mtRU lag, or aay Mimoa b. am, aa awMani or partaar H*in? aloaa. tba adraruaar would ba rqnaJly daalmna to uaArrtaka tba ratlra rbaraa of a yoaai ? ?ally wao aay ba la aaad of a a tkw'i rara Tba aJi WNI mr la aa a that to tha rblldrra at Mr adoption, aad a only u> tr?a to raanaia la Amarvw for tMIr aakr. Addraw 1.1 t. 104 Baatt- h at nrar Laxtnatna arr (YAriTALIVrB-PABTNKB WA.VTRD, WITH ABORT y 040.IM). la a narfartly aafa, plraaaat asd anrlly laaRT matr bnBaaaa. wharala a forlaa* aaa ba rrrtwai/ aaad- la two or tkrea yrara BlOflR A SOTTHWTC*. n Nawa atran ARTNIR WASTBD IN ONB OP THE BBBT RTANOB la Waal Waabiatrvai Narbrt bow dntna a road I hwa mm a -ixal opportaaitr for a wan wil/i a a<aall -ap ai HRa all tiiai a nwraaary. Apply al tbr ?land WJ aad IRt Wat Waalilnrtoo Marbak P $150 DARTS IB WAETKO-WANTTin A F'URINKRR RAW. I wltb tm-o or thr.' tbrniaard doll .ra rapttal. In a traatdae lurta* b-ialadaa arrarrd br patrnt wbrrr wtth com mam mar ay a fortune ran be made tbla la a c banc* arid aa odr a4L Addrera M.ard hanud Ai r rK RUW'RIBKR." IIATR TRIb PAT TORSTRD A OO tiartarrablp, for the anrp e liatieaflaa a rrorrW RUt .aMtry, PrintlnR an I IjAvwi-aobinr btuinrav at tlhaH alrrat Thr atylr of tbe flraa wm be It f. OoriiM A Nana. Ihr aaid partsrrabtp In aiwja?ara on tbr lat Jay of ftriobpr. in*), aad to tipi.-a Ob tba Rbb day <* Hepir nbwr. Lb& BKN.lANIN rtORUBB w _ CHARLBB A. HACT. JON. Nrar Yoan Or'obrr I URA ? WANTHD. A R*-PKCTABT.BN*N ARPARP arr tr> tabe foil rbara* of oar of tbe he? pa/tag IdotriT Mt read a a lowu. a laryr atnrr, Uirer ? rara iraaa. tb low rral a laryr alrck of tlqnora It rrooi-ea two 1. aarrj on tbr bwatnraa will laka part raaa. Appi> oo tbr inaiai lJI Wrat Hmadway. ? OfUl PABTNRRRHIP?ONB HALT CARP BaLANC* ROW I row 1M proftta maiaaw wubaat rtab aa* ?rmag aaab Aa mrrwu raaa. laiaAad w'tb a fair ,w? wA "W mm with a dratrabia uppottaany by aaUoR ai It Mai tab 1Mb. tbim floor, bank od aa. ?timi rARTNint WANTRP A TOTT<? RAN, WJJJT ROt/' *. tba ajn r amir nt. to ia-a ? half tntr-m la a Raw aad BUUard Nabww, aaa/ Iba baa farrr * "?? TwR. AA drtaa W. P.. Harald otbaa. | n| C/f A/1 - PARTNRR WAJTTBD IN A HIOfU.T M 1 f4uU. aaaetahja aaab waaofaWoiln boNi iaa rood ma ? aretmaa. wlabuabrd bad permaaaat larra ordara awpwrar. W! ^^TiUy profit will be ?kn'rn '^P'tal f'? warbtoaa a ?? tj .aw A/ ply to O T TOWrklNb, baawofaebnry wa. I 6 R,w >"" mrwor rt Qirqr Wrar4. RJJU1 -TNP ADTKBTWRB. AORD TWBNTT ??'?RT. cit'u. aa aipartaaoad Anw> ;r aatry bookbeeyrw. lab 41 liamr *,atr wnplnyiaaat aa ri'l, wm Id W -ww R4UL. WRR fW rvwa n anr bnaiitea. to Inanra ?W; p?r anaaw AayRWW , wNAkii hla barr*raa at WW, or la awplm klw badbW. tttnn -WANTPD, AN RNPBORTT' HAH. of R''Do. ledwroiw bwaWB. aa I R""D? MwnxabMkMMrtNr tte a Mrwataenl oMb boalaaaa wBbaot ? Only (Mai oad ao f< rtbar aapbal rajatr? rrlr rayr i" RnadTCf NMHA ??-an aad dratrwd. App , Rt POB' conn a B4BR oppoBTrwm tor a rmrnm I "I I. wpJt Dr alwwa awr-et t' rw*W lata a wtttamtm %.r m nf aeraa ywa*? rtaa 'I* pr?W lAffb. 4 ?? -W part4t ..jk.i t, bdiirtaitait wwnwra ksmm. a* RlilllA

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