Newspaper of The New York Herald, 4 Ekim 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 4 Ekim 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 8792. MORNING EDITION-THURSDAY, OCTOBER 4, 1860.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE TWO CENTS. B ihjppihq, BDIOTION IK PRiUkR ATisANTIO B7MAM NAVIGATION COMPANY. NBW YORK A*FaALWAT LINK. _ TOUCHING AT BT. JOHNS. N. F., mm tnd nc^ivfl the roysl rn^it __ meet dispatches. aunt prising this line have boon approved by the Admiralty, and are lha ____ , ???!* IRUf 8LDB-WHNBL BTRASfRKH 9??i!AE<,HT 4.100 loos barmen ; 4,4I?> toue burthen JJPJJBTBB 4 ton 1'iQi burthen jRillk 4>?j urns burthen, lAHaNA IkU t ?ia burthen. *hf VII departure will be the iXINNAUOHr. from H-mim, en IxhU; Oat 23, to be follow*! by llwt Pit INCH ALBhKT, tram New t?E Kot. 3U I ?>eto Pier No. .17. North rtrer. ?Met of passage to ?'y pert of Ireland. on 4 railway, and DO the principal ottli of KncUod and Bomland. FlrM class. f100 $90. rod $74 according to State room ae $tf BUidatl-ma. Third r aw ?30, Ijclivilng H>nked pmvlMoiiS. And to M Johns N P. ? Ft' ?t oisae. $$5, o rd clam SIU Children under 12 years half price, under one year free. Qdrd clam paanecgeira are required to f umiak beda and Ik a 'TWwni taking pawnee from New Turk for Um ateamcrs Bailing tram Bumm, will reo-tve free passage treat New Xork ko Beaton **? attain ere of thle (lorn can r hare boen omttrueted with toeyresteei oare aa regard* ealetyand oumlurt, oumbtued J??h model and prupedlu.' power, aad are bui.i wtUi water Light ceaapartmenta. They are ooofldertly crpeoted toeurpaw u yaed and rough wealher qualities. any raaaelj erer built, ?ho are replete with eleganntre and ot nventencna. An expertenond surgeon la attached to r?oa shin. Persona Wish iii io aend for their .Heeds can obtain return Uoketa at Be frdli win* greatly reduied prices:? In third cabin from (lalway. $30, In third 'cabin from any town In Ireland on a railway $12 60: in laird oabuifrotn the principal close of Kugland end Sootland, $36. Tor freight or ^^ly to ANPINWALL, A renin. Nob. M and 31 BoiLh atreet TpOB BOPTHAUPrON AND HAVP.K?ON SATURDAY, JD October 16. the I'tilled rd .tee wall nfamer ARAW, D. lines, oormsnder, wdlaall from Pier 37 North Rtrer foot at -teach au-eet on t-afurday. Oct. 13 el Doen. Thin steamer? oneorpsseed for aairty and romfort?ha* double en*1uee under deck, enclosed by water Lght nompartmcnt*, which, bealdca Other rreulte. tend in the event of collision ?r strandlnr, to beep the pnmpa free to wo k and aecure the safely of vessel end paaeer-rent Prloe of passage in second cabtli. $7* and $d0 far fretrbi or passage i.pp!y to B'.lfUXL Id- POX. OKO. MACKkN/IR, Ag> nu, .No. 7 Broadway. The steamer FUL VON will sail November 10 CT1AV WKBKLY BKTWXKN NEW YORK AND LIYKR AJ pool landing and embarking peaMugnra at Queenstiwa, Ireland The lJverpon., f.? *- 1 or* aad Philadelphia Steam khlp Ooeapany Intend dee catching their foil powered Clyde bnflt tree ideamahlpi ODINBURGH Saturday October 8, ?LAROOW Haturdar, October IS, PITT OF BALTTMOKK Saturday. October *1, Aad every Saturday, at noon, from pier id. North river. Barns or rassaoe mm Cabin $7.1 i*i I Steerage $30 IN Do. toLoBdOB ... 80 (Wj Do to Umdon At (XI Steerage Rrlnrn Itcketa, good for Ni month ? 6U Ob Passenger* forwarued to Paris, Havre, Hamburg, Bremen, Botterdam. Antwerp. Ac . at reduced through farea Pernor e wtehlng to bring out their friouds can buy tlekoLv here ed the followtng rates to New York.?Fr^m I-'yerpooi or Cmeeneuiwn, brat oahln, $78 $H6 and $106. Bteerage from Ideerpiol $dfj, fr.NBQneei.Mown, $30 I Tkeee aenmere have eu.-ertur arsommodatlooe for paaaen rere ar 1 carry etgeriem ed aurgeuus They are b dlt In water Nghf trcn eo-unite, and bare Patent Fire Annlhtlatirs on board. For further Information apply In Uverpool in TIU-lAd INK AN, Agent Id Water Mreet, In ilLeaguw to.YlLL.TAVf INWAN 6 St- Bnoohnqnare jl>' Queer Mown toO. IW.S S'RV UOSB A DO.; In London to KITE* A MaCKY, 61 King WU ?em atreet: In Pa-la tn Jl'l.kri llK'-OUK. No S Place im La Bourne, to Philadelphia to JOHN (2. DALX. ltlt Whlnalalroet tr at thb imc l uri otBcea. w JOHN U. DALB. Agent. 16 Broadway N. T STBAKXB OF OCtOUCR 10. For (iouihamptua and Havre. Untied Blatea Mail ttteamsbl? VaNDBBBTLT, F. M. Leferre. onnmandtr, will tall Iroui pier No 3 North rtrer, New York, at noon on Saturday, October TO, with malls, passer rent and meets, for Knglaud and France. F1 rat oabln $120, second cabin, $00. Third cabin, to Havre, $36. to Southampton, $30. P TOHBAKCK, Agent, Ko 6Bowling Ureen, New York. Plght drafts ob London and Part* for aale. STBAMNB OF OCTORBR 6 FOB huiTHAMPrON AND HAYRK. The United smtee mail Mr amah! p ADRIATIO, Joaeph J. OcmMock eommander, wfU sail from the foot of ae rial Mreet on I-el order, i ct 6, at 10 A. M , with mailt, pa gen aad specie, for the above porta Fur freight or passage apply at the offloe of the North Atlan tic Htsnmnhlp Company, 8i Wall Mreet. room No. 4. I. P. BTKPHKNH, Bacretary. ? The ATI.aNTIC, A. O Gray oommender, will euooeed the AdriaAtr, end sell Hetnrday. Nor 17. STB AW TO LONDONDKBRT, OLABQOW AND LIYBB pool.?ehurteM see uaauge to Kurope, by the Montreal oeeae mail Meamer ANoLObAXON, Ralantuie, oem man iter, from Quebec, Patnrday, Oetiber f Rates of passage to Loa dnooerr) liUm"* or Idrerpool:?First rises. $70 and <06. Steerage $30, (including nrean paasare and free ticket), either by way ol B- Mua, Port and (White Mountains) to Quebec, or by "udsnr river Lake Cham pi aks. Mootiwal (Victoria Bridge! Io Quebec, ?IA the privilege of remaining over at an? point, tourists' ticket and passage apply at the Oompao v a ofllse ' agenta lanarer. I fftllfC HAMB l*a AMKKH'AN PAPfCKT OOMPANY'8 l mail Mesmshlp BAXONfA. H. Bhlers. commander, will Imre for Hamburg. Kuiilbsmpton, l?utoii an 1 Havre on Kcodav, Hot 16. ai 12 M. First cabin $100. ae< >nd eebin, $0J Jteerage, $36 C. B. KI0HaB1> A BO Art, 181 Broadway, N.Y. The steamship BOBUPBIs will succeed the caioma r IN wrai tern m? ru euu ^iiawytc "i tor "*o w-.?p-.?? ' ? B Bread way. BaHKL A BBABLB general paseeoger I for Be United Metre. ttl.K AZKB JOB *M, Mans JfOK IJYKBPOOL -OLD BLAOC BTAB LINK-THB MbC SCmS' A OUION. 40' Fulton I f paekel skip CBNTUKION, lvtng at Pier 44 Mast river, enlbfikOetoher. The AUBTRAlflA aaUs lOtk Oct For use i fnaa or to Liverpool, or drafta am Ireland, aptly to W1L rB IJTBBFOOU-TH* BPXNDID CLIPPB* B1MP Yaogiiard, Captain Hallett will p eRlrcly sail on Thurs ? October 4. For passage apply tmmeihalely on board, ' rtoJOwBPil MUBPUT, $1 Aruthl' ' XriOB UTBBFOOU-THB Ff CRT1W DAT PACK XT F toy 11MK RT CUAT. Oaptaia Oaulk'na. will tall October 4. kertag unequal lad amis room acoommidaUoee far ell idemes of pimigere. For passage apply an Nmrd, or to B. OOL1JNA A CO., at the oftce, on pier I^Nurth river. XDOB LfYBBPOOL ?THF. BLACK BAL'.CI.TPPB* BH F r Ft I'Bl.l A sails to morrow from pier 23 lam river. Tke MBIT I'KB tails ike 14th October. T or peefltg* apply to JACOB WLUHjN, lOS Mouth street. )N 1JYNRPOOL.?THE rXLBBBATXD CLIFFBR ship DKKaDNiiruPT, l aptaln Samue'a. the fastest ship 0, rrti pall oe the lOta of October For passage, lowest falsa apply tmmediatelv to secure bertha. <m board, pier 6 North river, or to P. M DBMaBKTT. 40 Mouth street XjttBBT HHIP* FOB LtYRRPOOL AND IXJNDoN-THN F -plendtd skip HIM R' BCKT rERu <'ap( lstrrsbee, sal's from pier K hast river, Oct A, for Liyerpool I'mbln fare. $$9, eeeisid cab la slater inms and found, $16. Paoket skip RHIKK. Cent Moure for I ordoa. sails Oct 1 For pi?go applr to THuR. C. BOCBB, 83 MooU I'M m ^^to vnAmxym un or utmepool and London A pacfcem.?Paaaapa froa or to IJrerpunl Mil Londoa ou ajwaya '?? rajmaod hj I ila wall known boa aniline wnaklr, at Ikf mi ;omai rim and drafla fur u; ukiqi dm J nod payable la u; part of Ureal Britain ar Ireland. by applriaa fc unorn * oo., Ho. MRoutkeuwak Maw 1 ark. C* CALIFORNIA VIA PAD AM A. a Irw claaa rtramar will laare Maw Tort I ha lat. 11 tk and of aaak walk, i - - - - - - whaa tha da/ of d i day ,V for fndpbl or puaa* i ( W arraa OAK AT ?*OrcTTf)M IK PRION TO KKW OBLKaNR AMI) HAVANA. MTKAKKHlP RTaR OP THE WEdT. Capv H. P. Oilffan, Will laare pier fork of Warree atreet, Ob Mondat, Orl A. at I o'clock t. M. Prrlphl to >-w Ortaaof, M can Ia par caloe rook ObldB paaaac* to Raw orleana 110 HPMblnllarana u M I paaaac* to Raw Orlaaoaor Ba*ana M M. O. KoHki.lit, A cant 117 Waal au-aat. M t oanaa of Warren ptrapk ? MawaacMpa PhUadalpkla aad Rmptra lily >u laare October ? ?wd m. toon krt warr amd Havana via charlbrton.? F Th* elrpaok aiaaolntj and twifl Halted Hula Ball I IRA at!. ? aptaJn WOHaa Bolllne. wU10eare plar Mr OB PrMat. umober U tor tor Waal awd Ha i Rank rtrar ?MfjaHiBHHBIHHPPPBIP ? ? r tfaht aoaaparuaaeta. la nuwd Al by Ika ?MaawaHa?a* ha* Camp* aad tawM. ?nd. fnw rwnawl awtaa, Pw?b - .. ? papular ? naaaiad I apraaakla mmrww f?r ly tatredwd Iwproramerte. loanbar >M tha wtoe apraad repntettna "4 bar p?r-ilar ' mwtadar. la by tor toe aatoto aad table mmreyanar fnr the ebore porta for fret " i appir ta arorroBO. thjmtom a on.. XROR HAVANA VIA NARRAC, N P.-THR RRITMH W and Hotlh ABrrlrae Royal Bat: MeeaaMo KaRNaK. (Art Ar-aalwa a!ll ??!' for tha abort porta tnm Ika COB wa-i/'a a kerf, al .'rrany ORj, an Mannar J?k Oak BaaEp |to Mot r "i Ilato Dm. kiTtaoi raMAi.k ToMaaaa-t -Ut In Daren* IU Par rr?*aht or patonke^app^M MATANAAR aMO. No. 4 Rowllaa Oman. To aaM oa Monday. Ortobar %, ' " ?? r jpo. ? " Al t oetorfc t M Tha United Platan Ball ataantahlp aitinil I Jew ran* oaaaaodnr, la ready to rapatra ^atotoalpMwV Porta Hrer. fool of fhambera atraok Par ~ " MATARMO A CO.. M Rtrbanpe plana i obtaa at tka Piwt odlaa at 1 o'clock P. M aa iba day at Havana and nmw ori.manr, rvkrf tkx data? Obht MO To tail IB Tkioraday, Orto'-r II. at II Villi Ik III - "'I ' W?- ? nan Bandar, wm awBiwa tr> raarlre 'ratcbl "? Monday Oelobar 4. aad Mfi aa abort <nna pwtr for* of Murray alraak Nortk rlrar. UVIM<MnoN. OMOTHMROR 4?X? . m M trray atfwat. !?? -? r ?? -r 21 and RUNVII,I.K AraaV I WW matama. r In Had ataiaa Mall Rtaamtolp Uaa laatlni ararr laanly dart fioB rack pork ?tmampHip uvarkr ?5trr, M W Rh I'a'dt. r witWMndar. Tkta fawwtla ataamar harla* baan Ikor- ichlv orwrfeanlad Pad radfail, will ratnat* bar aa? tlar trlpa for tha abore port ?b Pftdap, OWbw A at II o'alork. from plar 4i rlrar. #N!gM lllNail OrvWrr ?. HI 1 n of ladtop f iri.Wrd and bp and oa ??*rd "? pra?a tauoa of elm ranra Por fratpht or HBW arplr lo llabnttl h a Pti Si wroth alraak Har aoitlfrt wt I ?w Oavatar M awd Mo aBbia lA. K>r rpw in ranr-hrnt pa'-kpt or parha ii free TWamr-arUrperahlp m tOTohvaipartnran pmnatr-tailom fnr a1 ri.rfwa af oaaaaapa . at radnoad ratmi aad Win aai' l.trio'-r? arfir m, hoard p'?r I: Baa* rlrar, or tpr A. T*R B*?'h rtrr ?"**A V''" .4 ' 'V Ml. ?H1FTOV. fit! IB ADRIATIC WILL RAIL AT Id OOLOCK, 1 nmw!j on 8uur<u, the 6lh Ink. fiMofMi are r? .netted tobcoo boftnt it Uit0< I* P. STEPHENS. NOTI0E -SHIP JEREMIAH THOMPSON. POE I.TOR. pool, now In the stream A towboai will leave Peot slip et 7 o clock Friday mornicg to convey passengers end tiwthesUp to tee. Apply to 0. A. TEN BYl'E, 67 South Klrec L lilOA BATAHKVH AND TUB SOUTH.?-MT1&MHIIIP P HUNTBTII. K. Capt. Poet, will leave pier 11 North river, ? Thursday, 0< uber 1. at 4 P. M. Pniwage to Savannah, with eaenrpeeer- u mm laliooe. J! 8. Through tiekeU to Netr Orteaoe. T' ifi; Me*- a, 1311; Montgomery, ?15, Memphis, m 75; N .vXvtllB, ttJ ',5. Knoivllle, MfiSO; Chattanooga, *M: Albany, 533; Columbus. B<. Atlauta. till Maooo, BO; Augus ta, Elf M, Including otnnlbuifare at oonnectlons. Apply to H. B. OROMWKLL A tX) . 84 Went street. and 335 Uroadway. Fob savannah and other points, as rklow. The First class tide wheel steamship A I. A HAM A, Copt. 1?o. a Srhenrk. will leave on Saturday. Oct 4, at 4 P.M., from pier No. 4 North river. Through tickets ou bt had for the folio whig places ? Mew Orleans, 5JV 76; Mobile, SSI; Montgomery, OS; Eufau 1s. Ala, B4. Oolumbns, Bt; Albany, 933: Atlanta, Ml; Chat tanooga, Bt; Nasbvt!'. IST 75 Knorvllle, 52S 80; Memphis, B' To; Augusta. SIT 50; A . a, TV*- Savannah, Sit. For freight or passage apply at Id Broadway. The steamer B1AR OP THE SOUTH, Cant Tbos. Lyon, will socoeed sod sail on Tuesday, Oct 9. at 4 P. M. SAMUEL L. MtTUHILL A BON. r)K CHARLESTON.?THE PIRST CLANS SIDE WHEEL su-amship KEYSTONE STATU Capt. C. P. Msrabman, will eall from Philadelphia for Charleston on Friday, October 5 at ten o'clock A. M. Cabin passage Sit, steerage JH. Through tleketa to New Orleans and intermediate points at Seme rates as by steamers from New York. Superior slate rooms may b# secured by applying to A. HERON, Jr , 136 North Wharves, Philadelphia The steamer STATS Of GEORGIA will sail as above for navanoah, an Wednesday, October 10. at ten o'clock A. M. ClOB CHARLESTON, S. C. SAVANNAH OA. AND TUB r South and Southwest. ? Ibre# 'lean -re a week -Tn Weekly L'u ltd Htntei, Mall hide wheel elnamsbtp lane?lie magnificent steamship NASHVILLE, L. M Murray, oom man.irr, will learn pier No 4 s K., on Thnradar. October 4, at fcur o'clock P. hi. Heirs ot p.i?-a*e, with through tickets, is loll'ttB?To Ksvi.nnnb. G*., *14; Char'eston B. O Sit; New (>rlea:,s. SS< 7{; Mobile, f IS; Montgomery, Ala 926 Nashville. Trim.. Ef7 75; Mtmphls Sail 75; Chattanooga JJ6 KnoivLle fv.t fib; Augusta. (fa . Slf 50. Atlanta 921, Char lot'e. N. C . B3j I oluinba. s 1 .. fSu. For freight or passage apilrtoHPOFFOI'.D. IlLMfiTON A CO., ? Broadway The tioluir.'ia, rs.ialti Berry, will si.jceed on Saturday, October 6. and the Marion. Capiai-i Fester, onTtiesdav Oetooer 9 The Adams Expires tympany'sgr?st Southern npr-as 1- osrr.era o-thls line. 1 he rip res* agen'.S SouUi wt. give lu' oriuatlou as to sailing day*, fan ,1c. rHROUOH FREIGHT ARRANGEMENT.?FOR MHB folk, i ortem.vutli City Point and Richmond, connecting with Norfolk and Petersburg and Sunthatue Hehronds for Lynchburg, LctstoL, Memphis and intermediate slad-ma Freh;Id received every dar. and through receipts furnished, at Die- 13 North nver Steamship .1AMKSTOWN, Depu Skinner, leavesevery Tom lay, at S P. M Httamshlp ROANOBJR Oapt Couoh. every Thursday, at 3 P. M., c tiling at Old Potm Comfort to land pas leug-rs Steamship TORETOWM, ' apt Parian, every Satur lay, at 5 P. M Freight to 1'ortamnma or Norftlk, T oeuts per fuot, to City Point a oenta. and to K'cbmoud 9 oeuts Paaaags to Norfolk, stateroom and meals Included, 98. to Petersburg Mr Rlfksisi t ?10 LUDLAM A H KIN KERN. 114 Broadway STEAMSHIP CITY OP NKW TORE FOR BALK. The etesmsklp City of New Vork, 5T4 tons register maarire mrnt, built in New Turk in 1851 under spcatal ooakrset for toe preeenl owners. Her hull was built by Messrs. Capes A Alli son an J is (litgonallr Iron braced. Hhe hat two engme* of 3d Inch ryllnr'rr bv 30 Inch strose. built by A Iteiematec, under the supervision of Obss W. Copelaad tS|. Her boilers are fifteen month* old MIHin em - yed u?.ween Phi lideiphiaand Huston e*ien years at A na? pri v.-d bertha rough sea gouig unaUt ie and great strength, for further par Ucuuvcs apply to PHINEAS KPKAOCI A OO.. 13d Oeutral street, ntatc mreet block. Boston, Mass.. or b) OUaKI.ES W. 'XiPSLAND. IS iiri-sJ way New York. flNANUIAL. Atlantic ravisoh bank, chathaw bquaee or-rrerof new llowerr ?Open 3ally from 10 A M b'2 P. M.. and from 4 to IP Y Deposits of 'root Ifi to Efi 5U0 re ceived Ria per cent Interval allowed on some or AV? and uu der Money deyusdied 011 or before Ootober 20 aili draw bt Mil eel from Octooer 1. Money to loan on bond and mortgage. M I) VAN PF.1.T, President. J. T. Coorvt, See. OaaBLKo D. UAILEY T-eaanrer Bonds np the planter*' bank of mishlisippi. will be bos gat bv H M. A K A. WHITLOCK A CO., Mrnadwwy. coruer o* White street Land warrants BOUGHT AND HOLD BT TATLOR HROTHRAV 71 Wa', street, New Til. N' W ORLMe Ns *?n M'.BU.B FCNDB BOUtidT 31 ACOUS1 BKLMONT A CO *1 Wall atreet T^IW YORK, BBPT. tl. 1*0-THE iVTKAKST Dl'R AY Oatohar I, upon the m'>rtga?e bond* of lbs New York tad New Haven Rellrewt Company, wlU he |iut on ffurruiuirr of the rwtipnaa on and after that date, at the Baok of the Rrpub lie, or at the ofBne of the coapao 7 c iruer of T went/ e> reoth Street aad Fourth avenue. W. HKMKNT Treasurer REMITTANCES TO KRHLAND. IRELAND. BCOTLARP AND WAIXt Bight bUla on the UNION BANK OF LONDON. rational bank or bc.itland, BBtd AST HaRHIN.J COMPANY. LBRLaKD la atuaa trom ?1 tip war da, leaned bf TAYLOR BROTHER* Backer*. Tt Mall atreet. New York THIRD A YEN IB SAVIYOH BANK. CORNER THIRD aveone ant twenty flf b atreet ?Ch?rtered list -Sii per cent Intereat allowed on all euona from II In All dapo alia aiadr on or before loth Oetoher draw iatrreat from l>oAo per 1 Bank rpea dalle Item 10 to 3: ale? on the eraoinca of Monday, tt s.1nredey and Saturday from I t.. 8 <. . look SPINi'RH K. UKKKN. I'rnetdaot B. P Cllllja. BecraUry WANTRD-TWO OR THRRI TH'HfH AND DOI.t.ANR on Improved elt/ propert- worth 1*1 OOO reeta for oeer By WO a /ear a mortgage of ?MX? alread/ ealata. Adilraaa OB.. Herald oMes. LOAM. AT It, PER CKNT IN tereet on atrletle tret rleea eltt pronert*. U(V atarvet per cent on Brooklyn pswrrty. or on farm* In thla state. Apnty to JOHN r. OORRKT, In the ofhee of the Pesti'e'e Fire Inen'aore tVwnpaa/. M Wail at swat I f WW1 TO M)tN ON BOND AND MoKMAOK, JOaV.uUU at the low sal rate of Intereat. la ao-nt to an t appileanu on reatl eetale lu thla Ht/ or Hmnkl/a Ala., 13Ut? u? loan r*n a farm near New York. Apply to A HKR OF ANT. 13 Wall atrset. LUA.1 UrriCKH. tD. NO teee up<<a PiaMneda, ' Ihar aenllable property aewtdenltnl Ftp , AdU Broadway. up euura. oeer Hrooane ? treet. up'O IHaanorda Jewelry and purr baaed If deaired 'ioaloeaa rnoea f<? lady epo Urania Mr Ira. oeer Hrw AHT III OR AMD RTSMBT. THRRR I Broad way-Mosey advanced oa Wakh airy, Flate Pry Honda aad pet earn! pn Mrtplloa. or Sought aad aoM. by JuatRFH , T 111 OR AND NTRRRT. THRU OOORR WRBT OF property of every da X JAORRON. eat AT II CHAMBER!! NTRRRT -MONET TO LOAN TO eay amount on Diamonds. aat or nrael; Wniehea Jew airy, he , or the nee oenrbt for the htgheet seek prloan, by the well known IMAAON. II 'Haian atrwet N R-Ila bnWaaa transected oa Saturdays. AM. THOMMOM ADVANCER MONBT, FROM . II hi IAUU0 oa I Real nw da, N alshss Jewelry aad ail blnda of merrkaadtaa or buy# the aeme fur saak at I0J Mm an etreet, nnmer of Aon ?i-wet m<m I. aentwid T THE ADVANCE OFFICER OF L. JAOOBM. MONB1 ran be obtained la any qnantMe on Walahea. Jewelry, inaaaoode. Began. I try Honda. Hardware. Rraodlaa aad every dnaartytha of Marnbeadlaw. or boaght, and I be MghaM inn, (teen Bnalneao RfVi Jy ronlVirrWtal (bonds la aarad. BbMbikhed in IMA Prhwipal oMaa. W WhlkHB araw hraaeb oMea. ?tg Broadway. Adtancrn MADRON DIAMOND*. WaTCHMR, JM airy. Hirer Wore, Foro and Perineal Proper y af every pi earlpWin, by P. OAUR. broker, U Fourth eraane opaaHH danger Inehiita. a few dsora below Aohw plana. ftlitliH A At NO ? NAHiAO NTRRRT-A HONIOMAM. DIA A. mot A Broker, aiakna adeaaraa oa Diamonds, WalehM, Jewelry aad other Merchandise. or buya theaa at foil value. af Me. ? Naaaui street. eg antra, rooaa Mo I All bn?Mi aoahdentiaJL A A ? CBDAM NTRRRT -HBNMT RTMAM. DIAMOND A HroAer Coab ad Tensed ow DiaatoadM aet or uaaaA. Wairbaa and Jewelry, or bought for eeah. ogpaaw tha PoH oMea. rooaa Ma 1, np Main. H Cedar arret. AHT jnt BROADWAY. OnRNRROF PULTON NfRFET.? pawnbroker* T-sken Iwuirht for Dlamnoita Welraee Jewelry Aien. am.y advanced oa the tame N da ared 300 Broadwhy r .raer of Ful'na btreet mom No I I I MIDRNNIRHR' I/OAN OFFICB-WI RANT BROAD I way. eorner Rrammel. Money liberally edraased oa alrbea. Jewelry, Dltaaonda. Bl her ware, Clothing Beddlog. and all kmdaMf panmaal prope-ly Artiaiea kej.i nay lean* of lime agreed apoa Mtel Imbed anew IMU FRRRZ h HRNRT FRIDDRNBRRO. MATRIMOIflAU A^m WIDOW I^DT, WITHOUT tROOMRR A NCR, IN loioineM wl-bW to make I he aen << a wtdowar My from SPh 90 y.ara. of Meedr habits, if tush p ew ad dreas R. B . WiihaMahnrg roat eMen | ? HATMIMONT MADI BARr'-RH JWIND THE RB JB rret le-w te arts a lorar aad be apeedily married A saw Rr?h for b<4h arm Free foe ? rente AdleeaaT. WB Usm A Cto.. pnSMbera, hoi l.MXJ Fbiltde phta Pom oMea MHHatriborial ?a ORMTLBMAM OPMBARR, in tub hat boeineaa. reaMlag fbvi.k aged 3 yeara. would feel plraenre la opening a enrrenterndease with a ?le e W. matrimo BY, with a To.iag lady of fair adootttoa. wbrae age would be bfdwaaa teentr nod thirty, bhe Mould nariereioad wewa <N the bnatnmo be la engaged ta. Any e aataualrtuoa with reference to the oboee. tddreme I to Henry 0. Rot iQe. Bmnkl o Post oAtaa, will rase#re prom at aaanttoe The adtrrtinrr, a rorNo m\n twentycrr years of age. lair peranwal apnsararse aad .f arertte asilfii* ? deairee to make the nrnnalatarre ?f ? me rouaf la dy. with a new hi matrtraoay see one be young fair aad a none alt, afreensie. Money no ob est ae Wis adewrtl er la doinr ? good boalarte. ASdreM Bom nod. hot its Herald nW s SMrWKR AMI UUCORk ft&Atdl -WARTSD. a or ART ITT f?r H'fif p. ^.11 M?. an I uwa ' off ? b?-1, r a i, ? 'It i ' it ; Are. ?.|r" .e b.r ? r ? - ' a ???!. ( I n -r ldlMgh I Lienor boi l?j Utratl ? ffAaiuiR pihta, At. ru TURF, UWION COOMB. L. L-TRr>TTI*a OS BATUTCD it, t ><* ff. at 2\i o'clock. A match for $430. mile he*.*. bi*t three In tire, to wagons. II. Woodruff muse* w. x .lesser, W. Wheeler names a. g. Boy from Home. Admission SO reel*. BHaW A WHITI. 1'roprf .om GENT14WKN WHO DESIRE TO HAYK INDEPENDRNT Second* applied to ibeir Watches, at a m? lorate root, tha. will not interfere with the ordinary time, will call and ex amlLe my tmprovemeut MSRKICK PRICK. 22 John etreet. HOn??B? CARRlAWKff, AO, A HARP FOR BALK-VKRT LOW, FOR WAST OT u*e ebe 1* tlx years of age, a Dice driver and very geu Ue to handle, sold fo> no fault, ahe will be enld cheap, a nice family inure. Cull at 172 Went Twenty -eevenlh etreet, betweea Wlnth autl Tenth aveuuee. AOKNTLEMAN HAVINO MORK HORbKB THAN UK . want*, will *rll a bay itaahaw Coll. ha t brothe, to lata trio, alx rear* old. 14t? hand* high. aound and kind in every way, and yer> l?a: one of the beat road horae* In the Stale. Price $7bo. Can be aeeu at tubie Stiff Molt street, (rout 10 to 3 O'clock. A matched pair of horskr for balk cbbap - Iron cray. about Iff1! hands high ff and 7 yetre old sound and kind. l>een uaed the rut year usafawily team I or fnrtber particulars in.|uire at No. 46 Iteraut ,u at., N. T. A VERY NICK LIUHT WAOON A Nil IIA.RNKSH for aa'e Inquire at Markey ? atable, 119 aad 121 W-jt Twenty third atreei, near Sixth a- enue. AOKN7MMAN M ROAD IiOKHK FOR HALS.. A ffi.i; Meeaenirer. * yesrs old. 14-, hauls high onn trot In I to warranted sound and klud In sluttle at don lie hs nese t un be see-1. at the Metropolitan eo'aer ol Prtnco and c roaby at. eels. f 1ARR1 kOKB -FOR BALK. A SECOND HAND BOX I I Wkb<t with top, pole and shaDs, a gr?.4 arucle; alw. a double a< t of Harnt-sa. Apply at JONES' brewerv, It Ka*l fetxth atrret (1A Ritl AOK- FOR BALE VARY CHEAP -TWO ROCK J easy Carriage# to be sold this week. oa? l? new and has two seal* lb' other ha* been repaired In the h *m inaun'r and has ihree teat*; they are both In Rood r ..unlnjr order. Apply at 127 Broome street. IT"OK BAIB-A FANT DOUBtxKTKAM, WO0N.J BOUND r hind, gentle no blent lata, tnck or viae, color black and chentnnt eoirel. US hand*I Icrl-os high,lung tall* gcod '.iikn fair style easy tin sera, very hen ext. can trot In 2 minute i 4* sec ml*, never baring been It the baud* of a trainer met rive promise of great speed. Address B. i. W? Mo. Iff hofli sixth street. Phi adclphia FOk EAI.R-A STYLISH PAIR OF LAROK BAY Horses. Carriage and harness complete, will be mU Sfl I rately or lotel'.er as the catier has do (? rtnsr use Co. thrci Apply at li>3 Kinol street. <>e at Mra Donaldson s, Doobs' ferry where they may be seen ITHill BALK-A VERY HANDNOMlv. DARK ' HKSvNUY P Horse seven years old, soi.ud, ovrr ,4 2 hand* would make a very tine onype hnren. Bold tor want jl use Inquire iff H B. J aMKB. 99 Br. adway. For sal*-a pair of dark ray moruan warm, U>e r nd six yens old, natural tails, black legs tpvxi trace lers, very k.nd, and warranter! sonnd In every partt.?i.*> also a li?ht Carnage, suitable (or cl'.y and ooun'.y. mule by Wood Brothers; but lilt.e used and In par'ecl or.l. W... be sold low Chj be seen at the pirate stable II West Thirty hits street. FlOR n tt K- t SUPERIOR span OF BLACK U iWilR U'Uf brothi rs 4 years old last spins, have neve.- be o In dealer*' bandn ucnllemen wanting imploring U -fa - will Hit 1 lid- lean, worthy ot llo-Lr attention. Price $740. Address II. B. B box t'.Uff?. Post rfftce, J.10R BAl.K-A BE C riFUL OOLD'IN 1>KR MARK. 4 ( r year* old sonnd and ktwl la all harness and saddle. 15>, Lards high, a hue S'epper. and cruld be inado fast, als a Patch 1 Coll of great promise dam a Manner mare hang thrve years old Inquire of HkltlKL BLJ.TON, Downing neet. near Fulton avenue, Hroohlyu. For balk?a brown hour, fifteen hands high seven jea-s old. long tail, black tuanis. perfectly an pd and kind, an easy plraanut driver, can tr d a mile In 2 IK' s has-- ci l.c en trained ll ju re of W* I Add.K.r, A' Greenwich street, corner o( Veaey (ICR BALK-A RAT MOROAN HORSE 14<? HANDS X blak, s 1 >ra's old per'-clb emind aid kind, and a fast Irrrsllei Price $bdO t u'l *t the orirme ? so e, Bo 1U Weal k tbleenth street or spon L P MORTON. 44 Pars place fjX'K BALK?A JIArKtlAN HOKBK !4Si nANDB HIOB ' six years uM. rm kind In single and double harness and under the aaddle, and sound la every rest ect F ir further particular* iuintrr of A. 1. PBBNUYKK 22 and $4 West ihuleeoih street, near Fifth avenue tjViR BAIcR-FKPARATKLY OR TOOKTHKR. A WKLL JP matrhed pair of thorough bred bright Bay Horta*. s.r years old. hands high, long tolla. fast, tree nod pleaasnt driTers. single cr dooh'e. and without a faolt or Blemish Is at are superbr saddle horses, u)w< a banc toase turuorer sea Roehaway and Jump s-at tor Huggf. buiH 10 order and Har oees low (or cash only. Address W. W. 0 . box 2 0411 Pus Ottos. Fob bai.*-* fire rat make, a tiakh old it hand l huh in<j for en kind ol work ?- in I M ! ?Ind Id bid# a or double hartieM. Apply at 10. IT.nmu tire :l, jom ll?ury. r)R HALE?A RORTOB IITO, IN TINT. >HI II AND OM ?f the IT'rt Mar rl' >: wrw .11. wilibea'.l rhrrp for want of bar. Apply Immediately ht IK Br nor BUrtt. In It* ?h< p Ijif.R NAI.K-A PAIR OF FIRE CAR! VOL IIOR K r !?*? hand i l.iah. rery udiille u<| p. t. Alt sound *L< i*t|a and pood travclirrm. Ap >1/ to W. H. LUSH, ttl F jotUi anna r K kai.i ? buferior hat unm.i HOR-if ihor. urb'r l>rok?a 16', h*od* Blab, sol! mly f> - want > ' use Apr I; at tt? stable. no 17 "tl Twenty flrat atrer* rOK SA1 It-A FINE HAIMiLE MARE SUITABLE F'iR a yrctlrir .n. i hrrtnut color. ISW li.,u,la hlpii I'rlca fltU. Innolre at prtrate stable, 49 kaat Firteemh arm EHjtf BALE?A RAT HORSE, IS* HA RDM HIOH. EtflJTT r ream ' M. porTrctlr anond, anu ran Irot in 1 94; l.? art r*?h prlr- RV i). Alao a liaki double llaro. ?? In ?> -v. order. Apple at Trn Kynk'a aUblea. coraar of Adripbi r'rrrt and Pulton armua, Brnek'yn hiMiR SALE?A HaRDSON! to n TAIL H?Ut l< 1 hand* Li?h, rery atyltah, 7 jetia old, warranted In trot to Ikrra mlrnie# or no aalr. and warranted la araij rrapeet To be arm al II t, Perry alrerl HORSE* CARRlA'IKit, WACKIER IIDHARNE44 FOR aa.r carap? Uabl law ily nrrUpe. IL? -Betray Iturijtea pmtrr a ard eturraa Waaona and arr.r.d ha. d *?.? mi a all klnda. and fifty boiars. IU Narlna atrrrt. Brooklyn. TUST ARRIVED FRO* LIVIRGBTO* f'OURTT. THI? tl tla'l. twelre rrfjf Una IrM .? ?.??! pot ai-ipl* an* malrhrd pair*, aa follow? ?O-.r pair of loop tail bar H o . tea HHMMUM W aty'.r and baau'y . rann'd *e aar pararr In lb# stair, 1 )e#r* old < o r pair of bay* 11-, .n?y iar.t yran old. On# r air of small km*n Retry C!?y if arm 6 ai d 7. rery rlrr, raa ?pnt fa 110 loprihrr. rarfert y grass bid fair topo with a little d.lrlnala ISO lo?rether pro# t%?) On* ample bar loop tall Horae. 6 yaara old. an amtln and alu i that I.c mnl! I e hlphlT rnrowBteoded to any perron wbn ? rary Uatid beautiful 'rlrer. alni!# i r doable; aire onder lb* aa die ran trot In 1 10. nrtreW5<i. fin ? hay Flnrtael *ir?. 1.'.', for I r.uty Bod 'insRly ear 4 >* aurpaaaad ran tr* in S it ii nie* 9 rranoldi price Mao. Ona rary Owe nay aad i.e Ho ae IM, h?nd? I raaraold, kind In all harneaa rery nHr ?lapcrr prba 1171 Tha retire lot warra oiel ernry ??i rlpkt To i>e nam at Ike MetrupoMaa atab a. eumer of l*naer and Oroeby atresia. Private etaiile to riet-two or four Alalia In a stable and moot foe two rarrtaataa.Rtphled with paa; water rery convenient !'? Iirnwoa ta> nediaa.y Apply at 8M Wrat Twaaly etpbtk Wrest Trottiro mark foe rale-browr. bor tail. IS1, kanda high, A yaara r id, perfectly anund and k ad baa Irot lad la* ? aar in 1 II Nha la a beautiful animal and at y lakdriiar Will be aold ckaap Apply at I* kaei Broad war fAOOR ARO HARVKXI FOR AAIJL?A REA0TTFCT. aod pearly new Duaeehurp Waaoo aklitlnp toa, fu'i alae real Alan a art of ainple Han era, nnale by lluaa 'lab. end naed a do/en Hire* Prior fur both MUU coal Matt. Apply a alanea 24 Wert Ihli leatth atraet WARTED-A U0HT WAOOR BODT MAKER. TO <10 A*mth To a reel wurfeaiaa e aployaaent a be r'eeti fan work by Ifee dap or pieaa. Apply for I K?nth To a pood wurtaaan ateanly e aplnyaient w> ,11 _ aw. <Ma i day* al TP Reahn ARTRD ?THRKB FAIR OF MARBh AODRD. EIRD and wao ?alakad. Apply at IS Wall atrrwt tktrd 8 air. w w ARTMT TO ESOHARaE-A FEW WOOD FATIN ? Railroad Itoada. Bra ban Irad dollar* each, for a few laiiMaca or Iptki. aecaad hand or new. would laba no# or jwjTmod^up buraaa Applf la ORO. W. FldURA, at the Q TAL0AR1.R ROAD HORNER FOR Ra LE-LOW. VI*. o A *aar handaome rheainbt Hare. Il\ head* 8<p tall. 8 rears old aa elrranl and alrdah drlrer. w rery faat ynd wl-.k out e inert i on tk? Ibeat rna.1 Starr m the Stale, c.wt tfcl* am trrr?;tl?l Alao a han-'aoatr hroea liorae IMl aan is I t>?raold. aa rlrcant and frre drl?ar ?nd naa irra is frnn ?J K to IV rret last aprlpp 17MI Abo a Terr ban lweaa bay Co I, r- m 0i' I yrara IS ktnda hlfh. nan trw raa. aad baa had but little hiuidllnr and rrati MM i? S710 Tha ebore II ram a*e a art anted sound ,nd kind, tha pr<'i>*rty of a peat lea in rwalnteul kit ewlire vet hi ?o p., and the ftiwaap are oflarrd reapecllirly at 12.IW. fdtti rod R'f?>. aad they moat oe Bold An el paal pair of earrutpe II ewe saw aad alepant arrlaret llpbl Wtpona lalae'e an I dnoblai. la* Mar. tea* Mia'eaad dnekl* aeta, lllai krla Ar . will be oflarrd af Irr Ike abore koraea are diepeend ef IP H* raid otBe*. or call nmer Joaa aad Jay atraala. Brook') n. s ? ILUARDS: IIJ.IARDE?FOR RALE, A FIRE RTOfE OF REW andaernad hand Tab lea al ITS Bl'*> a-.d lli? tlfli an,i 179. ?? aad (WO fall and riamla* or arod yoar orders In mall Frtrat* koueaa furawhed W. H. ORtFFTTH. 1M Falma atraet. nilJ.IARDR.-TO LET BII.UAED T ABLER. WITH X> Wats beds In H order, lea Urn of W J RI1ABF, 14* FoMmi Street, between lu aad II o'slork A. *. Hn.I.IARD RALIA -A FIRE ARRORnfERTOF ITORT Milliard Bella of eaprrtor (talHy. at re?l?ieed ptfafm alwt expressed irory Fl leea Hall Fool and PUpatelle Rails, 'or sale by WM M. WELLIRO, tlf. Rroome Creel mraer of Kim rRRAI.E-A BILLIARD TABLE MADE BTRHARFK hem la nse font mon'ha Alae two Iroa Refes, all Wol Ie arid rbeap by WUBkg *1 Ef !>*rr? r -?ne. . HOTELS. (TITT HOTEI.. RKWARC, RRW JEEkKT.-REVER AL J *n# Roreat ran le had at half Rew li.rk one#*. '>y ap r'llt r Kl ifrpdPre id ike hotel, withm hall an bour'a rid* of Rew Totk. (KM.?*AR'R IRTERRaTIORAI, HofKI^ Nf til tit J Falls ?.T -TntrmanftP la'a Irareliers thla h-itel a Ml le kepi open dnrtap lk? Rati of Oelober (tS-< RM MIPIKI. Ok THI EffROFFVP Pl.AR, Rot I ' If **e MM Sapor. Crrrl M-nk'rn I. *1>p"l"oom? frrthtiroior '!.>-? pari El t -aal ?pea li 121 . ati^bl Vi '? ' ? la F. A biiSt A, fairl|?p< AMI 8KWKVT8. VTIBI.O 8 Q All DEN 11 tela lessee and Vuunr Mr .Tamil u. V kC-. THIKHDAY EVENING, OCT I, id? The beautiful drum* of TI1K MARBLE HEART. Messrs fonwiy Piste r, Keano Oauoll, Mr*. Oncwu, E'.i?? A thru*, Ac . Ac TO MuRKOW EVENING, MR. FOREST'S nlolh nf?V A neo drams of Islense luterest now In ?kuu'rr nrepsrstt m and will be speedily produced. Wee Du re udverttae.ueo.s. w IVK AWANK1 WIDE AWan WIDE AWAKE IIARNFM 4 MlJHEl'M, Ihe only pl??e of amusement i* No- York that D open d din* the day aud rveniaf. and the only p ace THE WIDE AWAKWi' THE WIDE AWAKKS' could rlall yesterday. and the only pUoe THAT OaN VIM1T T.> DAT. rod return to ikrt boars to nlrht and to aroommudatr tic tiourand* who will he mitou to do ao. BKLKNDID FERrORMANCRB will be gl^cn THTK AFTERNOON, AT it O OLOCIt, coaatating of the rr Mruluoeti; spectacular turn A am.. r4 JusKrtl AMI Hib IlKklllaKN, which baa been received with tinhotiuded applause the last ft w weeks at Ibis bouse, and which la universally allowed to be the moat lmsreeLn*, loatrnefve and awumr e-neriaie ir.ent In New York < Ity. I: will alao be perforated Una Uvea mir, at halt paat aevrn o'clock, in addition the fclloaina ea traurdinsry UTINO WONDERS AND N'>VKl,TIK8 will be ou e?h:bl lun durlnr th? dav and nvcutnr. Tilt lilt a N 11 Ul'iM ill ai'h Ska DION' The mightr Kj?k of the tteaan, the |.vn supo..aad tal.u'nns N.-ptiir e, the moel ma.ealie, lan-IUs taou(b >?t flooile tuba oltaut of the creat deep . the most lulereaitu* creature alive tic vm-.iaIis 401 Iba , nr. 1 rdi t>.' lb? oi liah dally All who would eee Lin. tnual dj ii aoou, aa he leavea for Cuba on the Lea luat ALBINO FAMITiT. WHITK N KG ROM DR MOORH. Ihe m at IntcreaiLiK huinai. rurl wltiea ersi seen. IhtU na iruta were p'.-e Africans b ark ta ebony yel they aro while ?? auow, thnr Km*. buahy lee - ?hi e an milk, ?ud lae.r eyea oi tie uioat delicate and decided pink THE STRANGE AND MtSTRRIODS 4N1MAL8, TUK \YH AT CAN IHKY BE' ' TWO IN M'MBBR AND of DISTINCT Kl'E "IEt, Onr of which ! ua two distinct head* bat one leg t>clo?r t ie Woe*, and la weh footed A TAT1 i>oKl> NEW ZEALAND < HIKE LIVING WHAT IK IT?" OR WAN Ate IN K KY The moat Interestins amuains and wonderlul oreaiure kooea. vlth a bright li trllljjrnt eye y f't de. oil of speech end moat ef ihe other peculiarities of hum .nltr to ntah he baa the Taoe ?Ld banda o' e h. man being hat the in . end i?i . lb? Ouran if OataoK evuleniiy parkin mea. part brute rL K I.AIH *11 H i.uNd HalK. TI'E FAMOL'8 l.Itihl NINO CAl.OULATOR. 1 be finest Aquaria tn the world. Wiled with Bring Kea end ?! 1-e Fleh. frrn, rartoua cbaea aa ll.e beautiful Au?r F.cb. ?\ ei klf d brook Trail Flyln* Elah, llvine allUatora llvlur 11-or Klllea, Ac . Ac Lirina -haiaa. llvlmr inouater Bnakea iirtb* baby Anacondaa. I.vtuv Happy (real tartetr of oea Wairifmea 1 ho wondert . Fortune Teller?Cona ilta Hon f? e 24 cenla aitia A" theaa, beside all Ihe Wondtri and Novp'tieaof the Ma <> in rolleetloa whh h rmbrarea not leaa than SMl.bUU Cuxioal I. a trom c-rery nait of the w rid are all. yea, Al l. Tu bk hka N i'olt tt ' .KS TH. children under 10 leara. 1" teula MDAEbM CFKN FHuM 7 A. M T.l.l, 10 f M. / a liAiHGK DHKlhTk H MlNhlRCUd W1I.L l ERFiiavl At A.T Btih September tf aud kd; Kwtieu 1. 'i?th. and t'.'byber 1 id! Dorer Sd, mat >rd. tin. At ? n-noal. r. (ou. Lniwri Slh. lihburE. tan Wororater. Wh. hpr.asOelji, .101b, Uaruonl, ? lib New ieMnlou, ldiu. New Ucffn. UUi A MhRIt AN CONCERT HAI.U iV. AMERICAN CC.NnERT HAM. tit BROADWAY til llwbADff.VT IEVSN8E BU'TEhM. 1MMKN8K SblCK-e. 1U1WDED HODBKd CrtOWT-KD HOD8E8. iheiarseat concert ball In the Und td bIntra, cap .hie of THREE TDOCAANn 1'BOPL.R P. -H Mineed by all lo be the orl; a Ivertlami auracuou of the r'?eni day aiii'ed p. Ihe laef a of the maaeea In the drat it. pone but Ihr brat talent that can be found In the onuu ?yl?r?i.a*ed and the genera' eiteet ot ihe idare la aupertor o a v Cither In the city. K * Bl'Tl.kR, Proprietor. M ii* I.a Tuoajra Su?e aanager. ^TKIXriUFB EOIRKE . hIKIN r Ki.D N Flrat Annual Tabenmrle Rolrwa wih -?e place on Thurnday, net I. at the CUy Aaeembly Room* t .ale by Noll a celebrated band Hrhita. admllti >* a penUeiuaa and tare ladles, prtee two ?oilara ran tw had of the f llowloe committee ? l.yoo la a ana. >S DlilaWmalrret; II W Kaator, &6 Walker street. A Nut nam, 09 First avreue: A. taaac Haesrn'a H uae Broadway; 1-<r|e Uotbelm-r 5d0 Broad way, barbae A abreta ?d Naa a u ao ret; Oamurl M Sebafe. 104 Kaal Alrteautb street, J ea M6 Oaual street, ilenrre #. Brown., 67 N am a u street. hieiufeldl, ml Naaaau etrwet J.An K iMIloe 46 Nae-au treet, B bte\?ma. 4*1 Hroauwty; I.yen Wolf. 1H Rab.tay ?ir. ei Ibomaa J Bmsna. 27 1 Ute street El?anaer, XI rwey creel; V Outlmta No t Onear street; M. Miuieabet uer, 164 arruun A; M HPrahrlmer, 208 Hreensrtrb street 1 s. Harts 6U Ftne street. W. M t reodiander. 76 Nassau lUtst; Harry Porasr, Kk Nicbouta Hotni B M. pari B Uberty . lak KH aN COHORT BALL, i ttt Broadway lit Broadway. L. 8IMVON8 ats us*quailed Baaj > boiua. t Al.ACK UAKDKN MCHIC HAM, TO UCT-FOR C r ucsrta. Ixlla and lauuret- political mneunr*. Ac. Ap ' OU lh> prr.l.uea. , MKkIca* CONCERT BALI.. .V 414 Broadway. ttt Broadway. MiBb rate 1'ahtinjtun In her treat Octoroou J la a HA1LKOADH UlHAnN RIVER KAIl.KOAP KoK A I. HAS' i AM) 1 roy, connecting with urama North and Wm (iOArul Monday, Rrptniobw 17, ISflU, Vaina adll liwvr bam! waatraat aa followa ? Ibrougfc Kit rrw Tr?lu 7 and II A M. and A P. M . Albany *a"t rani 7 id A M.. Klrrpin* ( ar Tratn V JU I* M. Pnndayo n-'odnt. HayfTrain for King M. a. at V a* A M and 4 IS, 7 ?1 10 45 P M ; I. r Tarry to am, 5 .15 I' M., fur rrohahli:, 5 25 k . far PougbAMvaie Mf> and 3 *) P. It Pamniignra Lahrn at ChunlHira. Canal Chrlatonhrr and bin) 0 at atrrrta, Albany himlitraut Train, from llurty fi at trrrt (Sr. 1. > iralna for Nnw York Irai r Troy at 4 5S (Sunday* Included od ft 4* and I ? 5u A. M and J ?? awl 8 tU P M Innra Albany ab< <u thirty ni nutoa inlor, Albany fur New Turk, 8P, M (?ota. aya Icrlodndl. A P. HMJ ril, Rupwrtulendeal. Nov Yoaa, Hap tern bar 17, l.bBU t't* YORK AND HA RUM KAH.ROaD. > park to alrant u Id ard aftrr Mowda*, J una Ml nun tralna will laara lha ?rot? atrtb at/rat ata'bd) An V rt aa followa fm ta Ukamabrtdgr and all way aabat 7 4>> II A. M. and 1 .V P k fur Whoa I'lata# a A ail war atattuoa t SB, 4 and V Pur Rhltn Plnina and all aat aurtona ? It. Iru a WbiU (rtrt drpi* fur Crvnoa fal>a from faaniya'ttb at.-rat a|MA, Sit A. k., au.pp't.g at * iillamabrvwa and xv? ? t* aa. fur |h?rr Putin# (nan Twrntr atttfc at-.-at den.A. t 3b ' M bum I'lua at A btir I'taut* and ataUo ia almra? thta falu iu>ab> Urtiarino aarry haturdar rraoint ? r Albany fro? want) alith atrart dryut. 10 It A. V , rxyraaa mall train, "rd"* M * Pmlna had.'.ird. Annua Paiia and Mattona RITCRNINO, *ld laa?r WUltainabH. g? AUo rtna at all way atau wa. 3 15, 9 * M and 1 P. M.. White I'lalua a"M'fat all way aim aa an. 7 A M . 4 IB and 7 P k , Ibner l'.ama, a*n>|ilng at all oa'axta north af Pordbnaa.B A ? ?flhla train learra Mitle-VKi very kotrday morning at 3 25 I rutoa PalHi 8PM. atop tar 'at all auttiuoa aorta of Forrtham, Albany, 9 A. M., atop ? IMI at all ataoora north of Wtuta Pialna JOHN HI A. I'II.I. ? w-Mant Not *-talnn 1m.t ilTHUIdtOT. a CURA PUIR AHTHOUNtibT TH AT kV BRT UN R > A) JL drnrad on. la Madaaia WILPoR, who tcna tha ititnot u. ?nr rtrn aa w?? aa run ritei b?r rootn latuar nfuwo ? rb? irratrat aaar- yyrt that ryar waa known "by will tny >k? (be powrra of brr w.avlnrftil artenrn. ard tall all thy rraat* of ran- whnlr llfa Her pmrtwtlnnn ore an Iran thai tOrr xtirprtar *rry rwy# that MHkW brr M. mir Indira may rat a It ale uiaid !U?nrh tkry arrd not faor. for aha i rrotiorw ivAhinc bit what a rmonrttaabtr lu t>hu.?n>h?w? All ah.>oUi nmanlt tit* aM y-wdrrfa, and wynnrtoua in.1y. Mar adTtoa aw nrrar bma mown to fall, and aba ndf an I warty thouaaad dotlara rwward o at) onr who nan oqaal hm In the abnyw artmtao R H Aadaoir Wllwm lata t" ? iiln of tin Wlwintri wiAyta rhrrwt .'htrb ara amr OS rutin In thru rffmA. 1 roll amy tbr by nallsd y ami wrmdrrful w mo mm Rwutnooa 1.4 Allan rtraat, by twnen llouaua and kaaua atrryu, o?ar lha hahary Par k mIL tar ladlai aad yrailaataa. to aaala AWTOHMRrifO -MAOAMI MORROW, NkTkRTb daacbwr. bora with a rani and (tfl of ' it ifhl, talk how ?y aad of wa r* will ataiiy and wany arwnla rraa pan, ?wry tboncbta. Pay a ywwaa onttl rAbara atop wipylaa aty ad i Mai nwiak 1*4 Lodtow Rraat, bo tow H.owbat, Uaallaia?tr [ 41 AIRVOYARCR -MRU PVTMODR RMRPI'tAl.fTt.AIR I J yo)ant It), ona, M Poorkr-rani two t.lorh* wrat of Hroad Ibr aoya yidttnai ??l rnl ay.1 baBtDraaAMW'illaU.><>a day war. 1 aid t?f M' ADAMR RAY 14 TDK BBT Ot.AtkTOTART ARB _J Aatr)>..Rtwt in thr Lal'rd itaira (ll?r? lurhy anwbwra arm afrrriy marriarra trlia of but nmonrtr MO I rrauth inw nrar Twaaty Kttii atrart I mtlaa W osnta, aaaua amKanR _ _ _ MA OA MR OT* ROfR, nUAIRTOTART PHtmci AM. POk mwrlt of Hai-anai'y fnwia. now indauwoon i aa ra aura. In raaataalmn of dUwaar ?od j?tu-a*, it bcaIii at bar maw. No 47 * rat 1 wnaty wranlh atrrai at Mra r?aWa MaPARK LtBI.KR. JD*T ARRIVin PR M r-RtH 14 , lha only BM tn th>? MB 'b?t x,? ra . rprndnd ojmmTjrr trtla t ma, prrarnt aal fn?n*r rrrnt# of *f?. All ouna ulaltuaa x-ndo ?Mlal. No H Uraaaa atrart. room 13. IAPAVR LRA RPBR LRRT. BRTVRTB ntD'lHTIh t'an br anrumtwx' abunt Inra, Marrura, Abannt Prtra la 'Wall the tr?rnu uf llfr at 134 Mott atrant Indira Urmia i*at > rra IB aaala. Oaaaaa an aad y aaarrAata aad tlraa taahx Mi MA PA BP BY ROB THR WON It PR Of RfROPP, JURY ?rrlrail fr??n Park ?Trnn antral.vta| nhi .-Moloawt and ? rwrn tron i ? rmntton tn an alfatra of Ufa. e i -r? 4>nnk?mn?aa, ytray liutfty nnmbrf*. Ax. ?hr haa a Wo br at y y .atitrr ttrwrk and Brabtr talwmana p< br found la thk air*. Rakdaiina MB IV.wary, aaar Hoad krawi. laadloa W 4,41. N. WHO BAN NOT HIAkP OP THI RLBRRA. ? tad Radaana PKRWHTBBf Nhn haa ham xmwoMral by tb laaaada la thk aad ntbar Mtura wttb raUrr aattyfartton Nha far la rrmftdrat ahr haa an anaal. Hha talk tha a am* of fninra wlfa or htwbaad, alas BMa of bar *MMr. U poa wiaa tha ?Mith (trahar aaaR, alSl Third araaaa, ahaia Twaatr BfW SPTRITBaMSM. rHARIRM OOinam HAYIRO rrmorrd to No. ? H. nd atrant. anar Hroad way, aaa ha oow aalwd aa osimO. Houra from t A. H to 8 P. R ?13 iron Inf jrm?tcw mi all affalra Ihronah I 'r |n trrar to brxit" wra th. to?a aB?i-a, taaiHaara i "ironya Ian a>t ta, dia.r. lira In bn?inra? a I. any! frtnada a.rknraa and drath ha (?r |l Nor.try |y Ibr aama ladr who lormrrlr rnatitnd In Warn ? xr af-rad and Ptahtrrnlk ?rrr>a Hhr ?yrafca ?n?li*l> nod .trroiAtt, atd ??.ra? x? whoa all 'Mhrrafall Praa rndi.rr l, nr ta<! ra. H ranta Onntwatnn. SB ratata 4)'il "N?*l> aTRRRT, NRaR NOWRR1 .1,11(41 ?/>! V i.tiPR, Whir rot ant ??? ,,n. , <.-a tab i*d- na ??(?? "m Bit?t?riry if fn- !?( y l.w tuarnaa ? ?* 11 rr Itt.ra nrdx... |,,i v, >xaayt U W aun. bfR B'opnrvy tuat ur tta aa. Aa inusKHKn-s. \kf IhTKK OiBDK.V. ,y \a;a Ivimiko, octobkb < Um CUSHMAN. MUs CUHUMAH wUi eivyear m B1AHCA, Ki/.IO, for Uir sereei time, arnla.rj by Weee-n. Drok, Marlorra,, Thorne, and Aim Ada Clilton. LA I'11A KJEKJIK'S THEATRIC LAURA EKKNK'S T9I&ATRI LAURa KKENii'o THEATRE. LAI'Ra hKh..:.b'K THKATBR. XAl'UA KinMli, TUHATUK. GRK*T NUiXlP -i OKKaT fKIGUKad OicK.aT HUotlRfW OKEaT KU'X'KaH UUK.iT KU0UU4 or the new NKW NKW UK* NKW iu n*Ai;rirtTt, WtAUTIFOT. BKAUTIKHL BKaUTlPHL REAUTlKUL THREE ACT DRAMA. T'lKKK ACT DKiMit, ThhAK ACT UKAJa or IRISH CHARACTER AM) (USUI RUCTION IRISH niUlAtTit AM) CONSTRUCTION IRISH TIM A KAOTItK 1SII I < i ?. _ri ?? I*"? r. . .. 1R1BH CHARACTER AM) CONSTRUCTION ENTITLED Alt.IKS AHOON; AII.ICKN A It* m t A * AU.AKN akuoi^ AII.KKN AHOON; AI1.KKN AlUI'.-H A 11.ENN AltUONj All RUM Al . ON, AII.KKN ARODN. Ail KICN A ltd IN; A1LXKN AROOB; OK, TUB LADY or ULaNMIHR. LADY OK HLANMIRK. LAIH OK GLaA F Ml KR. I.AltY OK OL/iNMIKR. Lady ok oi.anmirk Aaf W at all acquainted wt.l- Ii ;u*od, bv.-w* that In C3 con try la mirth lighter nrd mn*? d.eip or .be tnUr end ?ha l?r mom frequently on the teen ?. (mi moment Nvui'nor the 'Donagh" ?*y? iaiM b, It lila traita and atone* uf the Irlah peeaa: Iry, I hnvc/irarr to tuillevr ?- 1 of flmt brlogiug th* ."li-,, .? ii>re of ?. .. i ?? U llMl. I., k. .A I..A k. i . I . i . " , J into notice There la little to be added hrr* to v.Vti taluiht akatoh. tonoerclng ila lutluenoe over the people, and ihe ate ol It Ad e Ki root relln ao igbt lor by Uioee who wlblted to apply A certain tret of guilt orloiworttre. Hi one bowerer, herd, od e- er having been buowa to rtek a f?l?e oath upon Ik Many Elngular anecdotes are related on ,-.o* ruing It, TO Mil (IT TO NItiliT TO NlQbE asp ?VERY HKIHT TILL FURTHER HOTITM, WUkbc presented the new Irlah I'raina.Aa tareo act, Ml lad AII.KKN AftOOM ; OA TUB LAPY Or H1.AN.MIKH, wHb the following CTeeiient cent ? Gorman Hirradau ....Mr. Da y Philip Warner Mr. La idea Katbr- Mct'baurieen Mr [ear Mr. t arnaby Hleaciaaop. ntturnay at law. Mr. Pelert Lany MaUlgat* Mr tlnmaU hbat . Matennla Mr JohinMoe Aody Lalor Mr. tvut| Pother lhinui Mr llnrtr.n Khaddy Rheeoiita Mr. Oooilrlob Adleee Harradaa. commonly oal.ed Al'eec Ahjoa Mlaa *ai ra Eeeao Hatblw o Barradan Mm J H Allen Mm fUrnaby ttlmitinaop Mm Knliy Marthall Mtllt Mageoota Mm Ia>n. Itoogb H?Uy Mate ' oiiir,.ah Welitl Mnlaby Mm Vluuig i M ulllgiui bflee OewuU THOm 'iYNOrbIS or BOHNKR Y A HD IN' IDK.NTb. ACT KIRST T118 HOTEL AT COU. Irlah Kramntrj nnder the laflnenre of Happineaa? Whlabey In Clrruiallou- A Htt of b Noreecb from Kutd'y -TAe Maalnr'a Brtda- Coating Hume?AUten?>Yelrd Milabv bud Her I'm aenUmenltol Eril- The Storm Owning on?A ltllghted Heart A PtarnaMoo 1'uetponed for HU M.mtha- A Lawyer Wiuhwa hla llanda?A LUferrnreof Opinion Corrected?the ArrtTal. AtlAEH A ftp itmntf The Nlorm?Alleen i Peara? A bearr'Btn* Into the Heart An Barly lore ?The Kaet Revived?Tna Lore at OhJuhre. A Wrttrgle between Htgbt and Wrong. Lova Attn hoho* Harradaa? Oaae? Atleen'i Kngbi-Nhe TnMata ca an 'irradiate Departure?The 'tool Capaued?KhlUlp la Dan HE Ul EAVED ET BANBADA*. Atlara Overcome by 11 er Kmotlooa- The Departure-- Weird Moiahy tee raomarr Db? a laaoa heebah' the Had Knn>be! erred, ftiwt w<?l totbe Oolleeu by Marra-Un'? aldo; M'e'ortiiue to Harradan'a honea ami lie blr When la* ? In dartueee aad atonn he ?hail bring A golden haired * ride, who would Iremile with 'ear If Ik' Kr.eai on the "lionagh" her nmsi-ieuee would clear ACT ?EP<**n-BABbADA.T MoOEB AT IHAHEIU An hi ai ?*?' pnbtican?Anxe o* Inqnleven Know hr ?!7-r - ? - ?elf?Ronrta n fhaw ? A letter Minna a HlreetErm? AM*dn! piMUnan rO-anr r agtanla-An : ?? ~t glAeoa M the Bar radar a tnonev- Bi vy. haired and me'tee a BLAgnnn AOAiaer eiiaaa. Shane determines to ??cure th? Iwitar?Alteoe A HBABTime IBEDIT An rid Prtead?A private opi-hni KubHciy Rxpraaeed? A Strange Ctrroinaianaa? An Angdl of OoMorV?Lntarotedla Uon?Karradae a Heart laid Bare mi aaonnoiLiATioB in*n? Renm apt wira. Tin* of Joy?DaanaJr and IHiabI Orrrthrowa. ICSHl kaCOBB?A COl'MTKf kl'in Aa Jninxinalrd Party- ? A Man and a l/kwrar?flmihla Meal lr a naw baaar- A Htranra Mat*? ").h ?ia-PnuilH Ojafl danee?Pbana t??w? ikr i hit ?mi tmibi>?imtwmo boob At oi.tnaiaa Doubt and Fanr Again ?Tba Yonng ?urgnnn-Hui'erauUrm of lb* fwMntrr f?m fur AU<-n'> oaf my?"bane aim tha 140 >ar Mrti'a aaiptetoaa?A nrurrr ArumUdu-Tba Pow ilor A "Ira gr Thought- ? f ran -laudi-nd Again?The Let irrfiaw II rarrwa OoutIcUwi c! Alleaa'i frnlb - Mbaor ? Double Again?Tba KlamlnaUun Tba TaaL fhi rvwuu err. aonan or taigart'a iora. 'm.i ana raartagn mm car. A MraaAPn'* icrns trior rma raoraacT ACT THIRD. mitlic BOOB AT ULABBIBI. Wkiakai aa lafa'Uah'a ''uoaulaiion?The lur?lid Mlaapa?Tha Jkonajfb Pat itoarf? t'njw, Aotlaty and Hope-Allma'a Urlaf? lauJeee 'i ?*me<l?nor ta berblakpr'a Inn "wane-Tba ArfCBAaca or atmatnta'r aaeoiaar? A TrAre of I kanka - \ Wumaniy Quar; al- Baruby LoaL Aitaaa't raaraanaaat. ? ABBtntn'l Arraaarrem. Tba Imaritew brtarra Husband aud Wlfa?AUeua a Prayer? Unrredan a Detibi 1/1TI AAD OCILt. e ah but an toostiibb. Tba Entreaty? At'.eea. Hnaacvrae bf bar la.moaaor. be! jere to Ply?aba Reaairas oa aa arrraL to tbb bob tan rbaoa team -Tba WUl-Kbaoe a Prase A Leat Charter A Baddaa Rraotra % Tin roiaor ib tub ror. A Howard'a Praia Mllly Made tba Meaerager of Daalb Una pWaa Aoaatba Mm ram a PwAMrpa ?Htm aaarrrraa. aria a laniin ?a boob ai ui abbtbb, A Paarri? a la rar'a quarrel-A Wnaaa Vaaatf?OwltNttf. Tba Haarttln* Run. wars mi bp? a maaraa phot. A rod dan atlark <f lora and atoake? Haul Mulligan - Aa aa!'- to lora lb? rhlldrr?Kvaaby ar an orator-I'imalttnlbia and b> lawn-A P*rado?mA Tba oatb of LrAberboud land* M A niwNi arriaatoA Weird Mo.aby -Hb? hrtnaetbr tnie.Mgeneeaf a*BKtDAB?a PTtTB. Ronaad by tba baUaf of Ibelr ataatar'a aaordar, tba | r raaolra to m THAI TlfllB TllglAACI oa an raman oaaTaoraa, Anas* aaoor an* as ror am - t aooa at slab bibs Pkdrip'a ToapMBM '< Maglnal ?Tba irrrerattoa for Iba mldalcM ?aaa Hbana a feare Pata and poppeta, or nam and rratlMr Mim LAtrt?tw m Iff! ?w tub biaci TNt Bl WlfflHT >?BB tn? rxt'ion ?iftrea lAl MoUky- Who ?k*l. ifif* BIX WHO ARB ICTWIB. UfcB MrtMUkn BfBlvwl AlkBB po wH b j Weird Motahj. fltB OATH Of* TUB BOBAOBa and Aiijara rnoci.Ainan laancaat Mo One llulll) ?Hhkiie a Halualr* Hope. rniLirA ixoana Hail Kbana Pear* Ha Pruiaree to tea* tba Oatb. ? ABaanaa'a irnti.ira, A Tacit (aafrararm- PHy for tba Ouilty-Tba Patbar'a Oon nlTanea a! Iba Ortaioai'a lana|>a?PbtlRi and I alblaan. aarrr Trnjunaarioa TbaOiablia. aadrr tba dlraruoa of TtlOMAR MAKES. WU1 parfora Iba ralabratad I nab orartura, TaionuAaa iiti, and Iba Htluaiilaa Qnadnliaa witb ma for tba riinnlpal la anin.r to tnrrtbar wttb all tba Ivndastal Muako, ooaapoaad Apraaaly for Ibta plana by Mr Hakar. booraopca al 7. o?aiaaca alb !.??' ukrht Ba tan of Mr P. M. t HAbPP AU. a bo will appaar ta aa aa^an a bkau b, aaUUad V A RIICTf, aad a and aa aaitft aoana la Imiuit ~r of RIlWIR PORRIPT. tllMIAf a anliig Oat I, vAHiar* Moat I ft CAMPOR.MIA Mr?n - .Mr. f S 'banfrau lira... ? <1 W. H. Latahtau T1 K I ARPRRTMR <'P ROURR. Marian Mr. S 7. Tllton HOOUTT AMD CAMPMRU.'M MlfOTRKLS. MIHI.II H HAI/HtM. Mmdny Prapirr "rtobarl it il run i iianlna MK? ATIRA' TttlMR-M->KM Mov'Rt.TrfiC TWO (IRRAT PICATPRM TH1M WEEK. ORirriN B HI Rt.nttft'R OPRRA, Aad Bill* Hirrb'a aaw taratoa uf tba VIRttlMMT MtMM T PUly Ptrah ta bla great raarnrtnr of Tba IT? Pnawurth m bin laughabta tiWb abarvaW .....IAny tprBrian Maatar Mugaaa ta Manny JaUy Jalea < Hbaa rbaraakara by tba i ooipaay Maw Ama. iHtaaaa. Plaatail n ttoenaa. As U 1 Ttokata Ma. trthar rbamrtara hy i . "Oga. Aria, It Panaaopaa at 7, to aoan PHiLHASSOMir portrrT or ff*w tors. MlneWetb Mar lAbt ?1. Tba llrat publia H?r? kraal will tana plaaa at Iba AHAt'KM T OP MUMlif On WRriMlHHAT, Ortohar to. atlHa*aioak T. M. Mubarr.pMoaa ranafrad at tba oaaal Mr nrdar, Wlmk wr?kk/f APTUMMAM MRW MMTAHI.iaitMOMT, f intnalrdy for Idftlaa' Amnwiriiaktiaaia aad P'W?, fur tb-wa wbo daalra to purana ibatr ttnUaa nadai ant mart artula la Mrw If k l4lr Wfthuat bpna anMaaMM ? tba ' n ti,ari ulai a- ? rantr Inl *-r < f bukrdtng ara-wta Ira , ?y ?. ? ad ? ?? N' ? ' ? ?? at ?le o" kamb-oa P.--t ...-r, y ' ? -10? * A a lit WM lltotTw* kto'i St. T. AjllUftlCA.'Nia'k'S. ACADEMY or MU> It ~LIM)A?FATTL P To o arrow, Friday Mreolnr, Oct'ber 6 at d. FOB.TlYKLY Labi MOOT liL'i' TWO OF TBI ?EabON. CLOSE OF THE OI'KrtA ON MOWDVY, OUT. ?. The coiai-ikiiy nil' leave on uerclay lor PhlladetpUa, aad at re on W ?dnt-sday the Or ti.i Oal* Opera In honor or the a rltal of the Prlnoe of WoJea, at the American Aoadpav ft ilualc In Philadelphia. REAPPEARANCE of adeltna fatti AM) HIUNOK HHJUNOM, >Vho bar* returord trow Philadelphia, for THREE N HiHTH ONLY. TO MORROW, FRIDAY, Out (. H* ootid Oirbt of AJJfcJ.IN A FATT1 and HRKiNOLL Revival Of l'om ettl a popular Oper . of LinDa 1)1 CHaMOUNIX. F'iSt appearance In New York of ALKLIRA FaITI an LINDA, otppiruil *)T Nad WTRaXOMOH, BRIUNOLI, K HIM. I)U URACIL, Ae < in. :-tor aao .Mimical Dire lor MAXMARI lalnrday otumi FaITI BRMKOLI. 'Ihr ?..n C toil fur l.tMiA 1)1 < II aMOONIX wlU t mt I' r t|im mi'tilr* at M?lil o'c o.-k. at tha boi offloe ef miiOi mi ? t MaA' ?t Hi'.eii a M iUooery atore, U WaN l" .ml at v . ilreuainx'a 7oA ''roadwav. 10 THE Ft HUO. 1 La finerti ra rrrpis linil) tntot ni e that In ?>l the rin wove praparatiui.a tor tea dell _ n l.c ?! l.o P i . i at i tha rapidly app election* the tail aeaaou will moe viaillvely t ui it. Oov. r THE REGULAR WIMTKR BEANO* "111 Mnmcui' on or about November u, wbao I Haaao. OjRL FONMAH; 'I be celebrated Contralto, MAD. IV A Nil HI The new and. In Knrut e. btithlv ?ixoe?.?ul Prla MRU. INaBKLLA I Mcoj, And other new nru.t* will appear. ui nonnerMow w*W oiiL'iti.ui well eitabUabed (avorllca, In a rapid of new t perna. In eotatequenca Of prevlnokly made erranprmnala Ml.LA. PATH and .MO. BRIGeOLI ?m dett rt for tbe Hr,utti and Weal and art retura la *t Yo'k <' M-.t tin winter. Hie ariova an to tinned TP Nl'MIlh will. Lrttlore, atlord the only opportunity oi thorn. w A1LACK K THEATRE Mr. WALLACE kr.LX.,ThL VVAi.LAOK Stage li RATIFY! NO AND JOTOUB ?UCCKW or TUX NEW FIVE ACT OOMBDT CiUIB PLATING WITH FIRE. Written by Joke Brougham, Nor. It wl" be ncted EVXKY EVENING TILL FURTHER HOTIOB. TO MOD f, IHlNBWAY, 'i'lird time of The new Comedy, railed P1.AYIMI WlTfl FILE, wPh entirely new eoeuery attperh t ,,n-iure and app and tbe following aplentkl caot Duetnr Baraga a rjunx PbyalelaB Mr. 'ne'e Tino'jtuy ..Mr Herbert WATRrty.... Mr Pinchbeck, Itral appaaronre tbta aeaaon .Mr. A. H. Davnopart Rl bard aervant In Warerlr Mr. Otibare ibooiae. nervest to Dr Savage Mr oMeer Mr?. Herbert Waverly Mra Heap VI a. 1 uctnr Savage Miea Mary ifmanm t lie ftluow Craoatlck Mra. Vena 'arfctna Mlae Tree Mary Anne . .Mleallin? STNoFelB OF eOXnERT AND EVMNTB. act I.?DoveoaH?va?*'s orrtce. A bnitbAnd'a ootiUdanoe? Advice, mural atuLmodioai?And tta donee t| uettcee Ai-r I.?llKAWimi Room at Wavsrit'a Honk. More illnaiTnttl iUnn?The matrtnamual a?ent?A SoekOAlkB nkcbeior? Unek- and aunt .it A ?Mrs. Wavbju-t'a ButrnoiA. A Roland for.Uie DoolnrM Oliver?Article tbree?Ibl edtoB. act 4 ? tua Docioa't rrtce. Pln-ht.eck axaw ?1 be net la woven?And lb* Dealer IN caught. Act A ?Fitoon out Drawiko Room at Watrri.t a Mttth > |ulvu<pie?ureal pun ecaent-A deal of oooftaMem? And the liictor eacapea fr un tbe net?Bo foes Daoae TMnm thy?Tbe btiaband and wife drop tAelr maaka And ererybeNr raellz*i the denper of PLaTINO with firm open at 7l? tn cnrnmenee at H o'oluek. Boi Baok aNMn ree da?a In adv?nee Flare* may now be eeeuraA N ew bowkky theatre Bole Fiopilctnn. Meaara. U L. Fot and I. W Tltl'KnDAT, OM 4,1A0U. Tbe En tnent American ArUNW. MK K EDDY, r twf of tbe beat dramaa aver written. Tbe romantic drama of THE COURIER OF LYONS, And the nautical drama of THE OCR AN OF LIFE, Ccncludlr* with u>e rr mlr fa're of HKMClfLXB, KINO OF CLP BR. BKlANTd' MINBfRRLA. Mecbanba' HalL Wl At Moppat. Ootobrr I, 19ND. ard Rvrrt Xvrmh J RRMY AND DAN BRTART, the renowned Ethiopian Oomedlana, with their EXCKUIIOK TROCFR OF TUB WORLD. DAN BRYANT rill danae for tbe Brat Uma la el* hi monlha hk BOW and urtgtnal Plantatlna ENBABCN OF v l.D VI HIM MKT, tha Lmncbable Murleaoua Hanaaa at Pbatoo'a, POLK a A LA EOUAVM, with Hon the rn Planlatloa 1 mora oi en el M b) T. Ooaunenoe at lh sasfiR G AIETIE'B COK7.RT ROOM, (116 BROADWAY. T OPEN EVERY EVENING, With a company une'inaHed in point of Y. sTRRNt.TH AND TAIJDTT. Amonx winch will tie round genitui and merit of at dry d end uienlliHiHhte kind pertalnlna to Til IM Ml CH ADMIRED AMUBMMENT, Tbna prraeniliijt an aver < arle-1 cm bin atlon of NOV ELTIKH 11 which mlr h and mndeaty ?re judirloualy intrrrnlagled. nad nil latin gntukrd without offending lh.- honmrt'y i ? mi teaRaaa. I he following wet known nod popular pertoroaarv inw crery arming m their ar?rr?i role* ? Ml. K. I.KO.VORt, Mill:. I.KONOKA, Hie lineal huiviim n. ibe <' K uo, In heraplandiddAMRff end gracelul poara crciy evening Mis* KMMA WARD, mis* kmma ward, JuRIt atjled the queen of ibe Conceit Hoam, appear* iftv availing In bar plrnem* aoi rt ballad* Ac Mist iuHik Jamrs, MIS* HaTTIR JAMK*. The Tone* Aaericau prima donna. mk. r. hart. MR. R. MART, The ortali V Ria'cpian comedian, who ha* no W|tuU In lh* |*g. oca*. It jou wan: 10 enjoy a heartr laugh, conaa and *ee 1Mb. I*T .?Al L'NIC Ml TI.KK. I'lOtYUMK BUTLMR. acknow I edged In le I ha beat .a thai kaa *e*r mibuI tafore the publm pntl. HAMAD*. Pllll. DAMNUM, the m talent aon of K.rta, In hit rich Oro.lerte* nightly, Sigt r 81.1s* Maaler I'lURI 18, Maater Al.PRKD. Mot a ?KKUOIRK, Prof ARt IIKR, an 1 Ibe youthful wonder, Maatar (1RORO& without d obt the . oungra perf'inner In th* w.irld daaaM week of tua an| caianre on the iu*e All of lb* a bora dte llnaulahed performer* .In |>'w*lTely appear crary ulght, aB tr>( the Inrgcat entertainment (ftten on BROADWAY. The nropHefnr haa aelertad with due earn, a nutabar tt IW apectabla aad agreeable tOt'JKI I.ADT-, W ArTRRA Vol' Mil I.aDI WAITRRM Toirail LADY WAiTRRM TOl'MU LADT WAlTBR* TOllNW LADY WaITRRR ToI'NO LADY WAITMUI Yol'MO LaDY WaITRiU YOUMO LADY WAITRRH VoI'NO I.aDT WaITRK* Vol nh LaDT tt Aire** YOU NO I.AHV WaITRRH VOl'Ntl 1.ADY WAITRR* VOl'NU 1.ADY WAITRRM TOl'MU i.AUT Wall RM* TOKMU l.AUT WalTRRR YOt'Mll I.aDT WaITRJI* YOUMO LADY WAITRRM Toy fly I.A I>T WAITRRM YorMtl LADY WAITRRM TOIIMII I.ADT WAITRRR YOU all I .A I IT WAITRRM TOl'MU LaDT WaITRRH ToUhll I.ADT WaITRRR YOt Nt? LaDT WAIIRR* TOO MO I.ADT WAiTRRM Te aar?e the patron* of the Haiti-. w?k the haal of ho nor* and aernra. wk>- k are ,oiy kept *1 tkla aaUbUM thr proprietor flatter* himaelf thai, alter a aunaala) of twenty year*, ha i* ratable to cater for f 'KW tOBKKR MTADT THKATRR, ST-? 8ec.<ad night of DTP Yr DRM VAN WORM*. Celebrated hlatoncni drama by Th. ?M Nrw BOWKRY THEATER. RhVI VAI.' RRY'VkL* RRYIVALI pridaT rvummo, oak i. will be reylred. for the HKMaPIT or MR. R. RDDY. the great tonal domeatle drama of HORMAN lmrijr The al-nra play wUI ba prod.mad few the and urn* la MR yenra wi'h new acenen, An., and a glnrtc**neat Rr R kliltt for the Br?t time la M*? Tork aa MoRMAR I.RBLIK. With other entertalnwrnta 8m Sr.* "pea. McDOhOI'MH'll M4YRTT, PHI LA DRI.PIII A Tha i-*di* 1 and Oenuaaae* engaged at the ahora amah lehmaat. will pleaaa meet la Re grime room, on rharadav. th* ?th. preparatory to opening aa Mat order, th* Rk loataak. J MO. R. McLOMoUOB. KIII"AY IM8TfTl'Tf PAIR-AM ADDRRMY WTU. deiDerwe at rnY1*1" UW maiag by Pi f*mm at 7S c'atnrk RgRMtica opea Trtmi I A I. HI H ednnuan. e M rem*. INHtKI kltltl. *K*n.lVRM WIMHIMD to joim a I anria. amateur hraW tent eord.ieb.r will aAlreaa hm IT7 Herald "Mae Mo aaaBhB> apply but gentlewtea willing iliii'.J****' |.? ler f.e a wnrwr rt iwelr* rekearaala and attnud tha MR lor* Iwtaa a w.ek, lh UreAiy*. regularly. National thiatbm. ?tm amotr roroi.AM place of aaroaemewt will t>e re opened aa a Unarm Rh | t n on rater,ay ere*In* neit. Oetnbar A Watted a few .a-ee atonal ladle* ant aemiemen. alan. a few ymiaf lad* waltera Iny. r* at the thaaWa, batwreti 1Q ami LI iTST. hafgar. IIM' A HKaMK Ti in wfti rRRR a dm i . mM.-oouiRMrrH'R ira rwmmpte Mnamim, Moa. *71 aad M Rtnadwag. earwar It Iweaty krw atreet wUI ba I en dally thia wank fnr frea ad* leeen froaa Li A M tu t P. M. RMraoaaopla MMaa> wet* and new* for Bale .? (XritRrRMrtD I.ADT op RMMPMtTARfUTf ' Wi# e* an . ngarrment aa l-adlnt acpraan R iMnMM *, ???. it id to) ?h irr'.i and opemi em air read* at Mgk'. talaal let., en , drr. A Idraa* wi ait A . to. A I . WlllllWi . trg i'tat oiLce.

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