Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 4, 1860, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 4, 1860 Page 10
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TIE PERCE OF WA1& Hi* Royal Highness al Harris burfj Pennsylvania. ADDRESS BY THE fcOVERNOfl TVe Drive Through Baltimore and Enthusiasm of the People. Arrival of the Prince at the National Capital. Mir Welcome at the Depot by General Cass. fsiaerlj deception by the President of tbe of hw "Good Friend" Vietoria. RtYiLTT iND Dinner en 7amille -Splendid Banquet. I SICiAL EVEMI1W) AT THE WHITE K01SE. THE ROYAL APARTMENTS. Xv-t Harriet Lane I ndcr the Prince's Escort. Tfeie state Dinners To-day and To-morrow. FASHION ABLE FURORE IN PHILADELPHIA. Tbe Quaker City Itteaptiog te Rival tbe >!etroptlis. H. xjLti i M, Oct 3,19(0 Ih. Pr nee of Wiln ud a. te arr v -d .! Hnrrisourg at tostes o'clock laat n.gbt. At all tbe mrnrtart pott* im( tbe rued great oreads collected to aec tbe train ex*, at places ebere tbe tra.n stopped tbe Prince Moved bunaclf at tbr rear car, rr.ncb to tbe grai.i.cailon ?1 tbe aee> mbied crowd*. Descending tbe muunta.n tbe ."rv-p ao.1 bi* rriend* rode upon .te looomoivo, *o a* to tku.n a better clew of tbe maguiOceni tceccry ot tbe tea.era elope of tbe Tbey expi cased tbem Vlroa mncb gratified vtlb tbeir ride. At Alio-aa tbe party via by ua orcwd, i.mtd mu.:b cheering and tbe grealMt ccth It.y | down tbe sails} . the boautlf.l Jam lata uMkr tbe .decry light of tbe f?a!i moon, and. arriving a; Jtorrr.burg. were received by a large and entbualaatic ercvd, vbo escorted tbem t) tbe r quarter* at tbe Joaea Beoae. Tbe Prince war serenaded daring tbe rlgbl by tbe Capi tol band. . ong before tbe bour vbra lt' * ?"1' a m announced .? . ave tbt botel, IbcusaLds of peep .e tt. ' c igregated o got a gllnaptd of b'.m, a large proport.on cf whom were la Alto In a coy raattan tne Fr.nns and Duke of Stveaai'e eiffmed vnemaelTe* highly grabbled with tbeir visit to . mertea. Politic* were tdrove to do toe * to tbe'a guest. Atmnotb. cortege em-rg.-d from lb* I :> 1, aai tbe thousand!- aent dp at "Uts of *|. dauM, wbi o the .ad led waved tbeir handkerchiefs, tbe acene be.n, as matin;: in tbe ?"urenje. TV# I'i u. wa d i! .nan ? ,ien < ar - age, drawn by f. or i'kui f I [rava, tbe property of an eoti:uaiantic Jrxi.mac Tbe party, coa.Mrtltg or tbe Fricce, Mtyir epner tbe Duke it Kcwraatb and Lord Lyons. drove tb.'o.r, i roi.t alreot, <? tbe < Wilts of the S um)m i. ana, to ii i- Cap id, 'i '?wed by car nag' * containing tbe -rar tie.- Ttiey alighted at the Cap l. '.ai.d paid a riail ta tbe i .f rn -r la klr pr rate apartment' ?>!*!?*? Packer addressed tbe i'rlncc as follow. ? 1.U*: Jtai Kaw?It afford* o r infinite pleasure to web nn. your I or lebip to the capital of tbe Or item >nvealtb ?f Peaw?.raola, on* of tbe old tbirtvo oolo tie* that originally aeknov .-;ged aJleg a.,n* to tbe creaa of lireai Br tain, lit, uotu than i ! r s that acgtanco h.ia been sneered, yudr 1 -'r'.ip will by a glance at t?4l lo_g Han of ?I coKn.s m J But# < vertort (pointing to lb ? t*>r traits nl t ?ro It < xecutiya chambers) tfcat v an.I Laee ? ??jt a -cry great t i eratioo and regarl lor oar a or i<at ri>r?, That Hat of portraits ta almoat a perfe.4 type <?( cur Amer.nan families. W. r?r.not fol law our air ?? try Bore than a few generations book vMxri irarto* tlir liar to t r.r t at red coal Again ?a. ?>m.-,g the l*rm<-e of Wales and bis suite to I'ennsyl tui, the Governor etpre?<ed an ard-at desire that their p-ogrtiw Ibnigb lit Called Staler might increase Is m Ureal and pleasorr to bin lordship, soil ?>? hereafter pro doctiTe o( last eg benefits to both natloss Tbr j'risce briefly replied, b ? a nrers reose of the high boner conferred spon bin in the Capitol of trr great -tale of rrnnsylvasia IV Vr lace and si tie. aailb the (MfWMr tbes twiled tii itat building, and alter the aeeoe from the di me i f Uie Cap. to); the party ttarlrd foe Waab.ortun. Ban-sirs, Oct. 3, ltOO T?e " arrieed b re about balf fart on# aal paae?l ?krt gt Rait latere street on hit way to the Wathln.toa I-1 The streett on the route, wh rb **i a lanfthy one, were tkr- r?ed He war rsceired at the depot by the Mayor aod a dr.egatioa from the e'.ly ? As bs altghied tie bard struck up "(iod 8a*? the Vpieen The Pr'.aoe aad su.te rode is ' pen carnage , were greeted vr'tb mu tb ai>g .acre at d rerpoaded by bowing repeatedly T?E MEETING OP THE PR1NTK AND THE PRESIDENT. Wamnsarr.?, Oct. 3,1M0 Ths rrtaos <?<?aiea rsreieed so nftwial weiooma at ?aeroi-urg last evening A great crowd was ooiistttd at ibe drpd, which cbasrel eat silastic*;!y. TV Mayor bad prepared an aid rear, wtlcfc bs was sheui to r. ad. wh-a tit Duke of New.-aeile murfbrsd. as Me bail dose at Pittsburg, aa 1t*a caeemocy was past pesrd tltl tbts morn eg, Ibe I'rtoor staying an hour .auer far tbs pur)?* Thts mem eg be was dr ran Uirscgh the r ty to tbs State Cat to., wl.eee an add-rss was p weate-t and ac n formal ieree held. At lea o ebmk bs star tad .n S at eo? tra i for t aab rg. tec Be raarbnl Ha t m< re at kaK-paet o?e. and was dres artoas tbs etty to the depot si ttr la : a n aod Me Ba.lrosd by tbs mmm.tww. The peopla tsrned out as! amsrai el ISe carr igaa, lbs Prince bowtag f*? tba tar-age He iBased alely ratrrrd Ibe tea n ar c ste ted of He m a.ssoat ? ahaustr ! w lb (ktigse, and 1 'ten ra out <bi Ibe train be was inetted to atu d a> ej? rat par.orm aa-' by tbt tolnoa tn u)e at Bhlt * re on Menday errs *itb- jt aartdoat the royal rarty -en-bet ?r?sh agios ate :l ftr r < rlorh A rrcwd of tbodrai. is of person*. pre srrr ag tha axwt < teal est orwor. rsesiSMd t'm at the depot w is the heartiest cheers at - n be has ra t rad la U a eonatry. Arm ag aw wtetet aroaad eotran- * ta the gar, aad boss bat cdh-'ala not ? rer rat Ism? ware a-'B Mod made. ,f*ea taaa, tbs Rser tare of State, a/von-pan eJ by iae . u-aarac and lamer be oat aa Henry, tbs as rC'we of Hk fresfdea', reoe- red tbs l'r not at the rir*. 'n a vief sr-eeb S cretnry Cass eipreswed the Je,^bt sad pJaaeCr* <? ?ffarde-l t m peraeaaiiy, sad as tea ' 'Of-nettat f of the PreRtdeat. to wet oase tha r ? a sf tTa ? to Wash '?*??? The ! r aos repilad by baa ag aal ?(teed-ag b's ba?d ^ *" NswoaaC- acd the fr'we's salts were r'redoe-d The ' ,-tnee act |w -y ttsa entered t."* I'rea !??'? carr a, as ard wer* | <mi J r-etly to tbs * At frwt us earr.agw ? ** 1 Sea-ty * r asr rg 1 U f h* ?.r ?<?, s *t ? ?? *?? ***** ^ *' [''' ' i tt.rti)jcjM*r?? mnum , 1 .1 *. ,,b' ? *,??a 0B 2 ?-?'*-? ? M ,* While Hrnr- the royal party war. MPnMit ^ then Ty the lYwt t -a, to Urn banc. Mve ?< tb. .u:tn. lb* Uuao f N. w gull*' an4 ?-? '?: >1 Oermaut, remain there. Thereat * I be Vb>' guests ltrd l.?m.e The introduction was afornu), tn* t>?nldnni receding the Prince as a pr.mM genlieu-an. I Ai 1 ix o'clock a grand dinner nan given by the Pre* ( which the members ot tbe Cabinet and the ' , iac.e*, Lord Lyoun and uis Secretary oi LegatiA, M r%. senator Pl.deu, and rev oral other lady Trends of the Pres'deat, were present, the whole company nunr .herlng abo t twenty. The uble wu most elegantly <x? rated. In the oontre, upon a large go. Jen tray, were seven r.ohly ornamented golden rasee, I ne eitrcme vases bexg in ClagTeo and the slden of the t /ay o; laU'cs work. These were 8!led with beautiful artificial Cov ers and grasses Around these were bout, .eta of natural towers m splendid ru s, end the 'appearance of the ta ble w'th 'his* der. rationa and 1U rich sorvlce, wan ?tperb. Tbe 'Prlhoeaa. on lira right or li st Lane, at the side of tbe tabie and ogr-oeltc tbe President, at wboee r.gbt a*t tbe Duke of Newcastle. All tbe diplomatic oorpe are In town and. will be present at tho dinner to morrow Tr. uKrrtw evening a beautiful display ol Crew irlts will oe q.vvm, and the rent of the programme is as the HsiuiJ) has already ptbushed. Tbo Wb.te House and grounds j have beec put * l&<- most perfect ord* r and Iook magni ficently. Dcring tbe Prince's visit no persons will be a! k-wtd asdtbe enclosures about tbe building, as it is tbe I ? residentb desire to b?ve the party exposod as l.lUe as | -poss-ble to '' r eus snd snnoyiog ?spe t on. i Too mportanc*' cannot be attacoed to this v t, and tbe User m publii may coagratu ate ltse.f that everyvn eg b*-re baa beeu eonl'S'ted w'th a dim ty acl decor am no? unworthy tbe Crei European court*, hut w'th 1 s mpllcity and absence ?f parade truly republican. Tr ere s to be no ball. Washington is not at all Ml, to str'.mng cor.'.ran to lis appearance during the Tislt of I tbe Japanese Princes. "he I resxlesil will give a public reception to-morrow, fb m twelve until one o'clock, In honor of the Trinue. Fi-OH ANOTinat CORK t WOP PENT. W vir.fOTOS, Oct. 3, I860. Tu< meeting of tbe Prince and the Pres dent was c* tremfiy cordial. The royal party arrived at tbe Etecu yar.s.on about :i quarter past four. The Orel car b'cugbt the Prince of Wales,'-enern! Case, ths DrJie of Newcastle and Lorl I yons. I The Pr?e'dent stood just within the door, and greeted tis youthful guest with a hearty rhnke of tbe hand and a few words 01 welcome, to which the Prince replied w'tb eqca1 warmth of manner The President tl.en led tbe *aj to the Blue Drawing Ho?m, where Miss lace. ao\>mp..nied by Mrs. Ellis, of Alabama, s nisos o' the late Vice President King, received the Prince mm! the gent'.emen of bin suite, and also Sir Henry Hoi- , land, who will talio op his sbode at tbe Kiee/itive Man s'.on dur'ng tbe stay of bis Koysl Highness. Nearly an hour was spent in coaversatlor before the company da- j pere 1'to dress for dinner. Tte Pr-nce ooenpies the two southwest apartments fronting Ialsyette square, and both ha chamber and | dress Eg room are models of elegance and refined taste. The Inlic of Newcastle occupies the largo chamber near th" library, fronting south, and commanding a glorious , v.ew down ti e Potomac and of the Virgin.a shore. Coder moonlight It is truly msgnlficent. Tbe dinner party to day consisted of thirty four Tbe \ Pr noe led in M'ss lane, and sat on ber right, at tbe centre I of tbe table, with tbe President Just opposite The eveniDg was spent quietly In tbe drawing room by tbe dislingutrtied guests I Tbe Marine Band was in fall attendance, playing, among other airs, tbe natx nal ones of Britain and Amer lea. The Pres.dent will tomorrow give a rocoj.t.on from twelve to one, In honor of tbe Prlooe. It is a noticeable faet that 'ieneral "ass. wbo, urder the theory of tho B. it sb c.cst t ltion, was bora a British subj"> t his nativity being before tbo treaty of p sen, and mho r? ivedtle Pr.tco ?n tbe tan.e of the Prervtent, 1 was priaent at tbe of the IMuoe's motner OtTt WASH1ROTON COBWrOfflWCt WssHimitus, Oct 2, 18W. 7N. rnnce "f Wales on*f hu AnticifaUd Arrival?TV i'r.j^vaiimr ff VUaturn Lhirinf hii Tuii?IV .*aV /Hwwer? Firmmrktmnd Yititto Jfotut/ Yt*wm,<i ,d:. The t?nn< of the metropolis a va ts with well brod composure the arrival of the Prince Thers la a taott nnderstandlng tocllsoonotenancs any Intrusive vlsiUttoa | that r ignt, in tbe slightest degree, in'xrfkiw With his seeing Washington In his own way. The characteristic , go*-d taste of tbe President and Miss Pane everc'ses an In uence over our whole society, and the quiet dign.ty of the Exeeitlve mansion will pervade all the other ar raogeoioota for tbe Prince's entertainment during bis loo brief spiourn at the federal capital t Brstdtw the two state dinners of tbe President, on t\edncaday aod Thursday, and tbe ban .art at tbe ir.t th Embassy on Pelday, the only opportnn'ty which lbs j Prince can aval! himsetf of to meet tun beet oomoany | in Waab ngton will bs tbe evening party on Thursday, for wt ch Viae lane bas Htuod cards of tneiia- | twn. Tbe same adu. rable tact and io?o<r rim which J the trU vera o' tug Executive n.*u?..o aya appreciate ere ahown m thta trrangeneil The royal youth having gocc throe b the earamrata' of two lll m ra w ".b ",r*vr aid reverend aeifuora" wad the.r ladle', god other* ill.stall/ rotttled to p-uocdence, will on t -era i h he rnab'.ed to view at l? Inure "the !>??* ,?y : ,he eh rt'ry" .( hs awn age who are to bo Dae leader* .: t co-iy. kr... Ii > wti *j? 't1 r ibi rmn of Im .,n a" in thin c,.i.u'r) a M be thall be oalhd to rati ovei .In *t Britain And 1 venture to ?ay that boah-rr lu tbe world will tbe Prince run t wllb a more attract!v - ur?y of yoot female lovelmcta. or mere Ukwoeisbbrad yogng gentlemen, than at Mum Lane a amembly on ThJ.-cday evening. The rumc ev- etng tbere will be a ?pl* ndi: d tpo.y of Crework* on the ma'!, aoulb of tb? l"re?. tent't bona* Few ell.r* In Europe- or America prevent tccb an r?pia Bade for aacb an exbibitton. Tbe Prince and hi* -uite, and tbe venerable Pre* lent, Mim lane Md Ibeir invited gu*tt*. will be ante c- u*o n nu.j to new and tr. oy tbe wbole pyrotechnic rthibi tlr.n fr tn dn arect paru of tbe Executive tr?n? oa. Tli i ?.t to hleunt t craon will lie one of tbe no-rt la ter m u g reaturo* la the crpecl of tliia van of ux bc.r of tbe fVi wn of Ki r'ar .t to .otuiirle* i. h ob b i anceetort oece-wntd It will take pLaoc on Frtdajr. It i* a y'orioo* idea?that of the heir rf F.nglaail'* throne. In ib'k, ocr Jrar of 1*40. pa} lay homage at the , ?briar of(i?Wf? taetuagtea AlbOPt Edward of hot-bod will, under thone cut-errec ; wto a company htm. be utdaoed to proflt by tbe ieraon* b rball tan |rarn< .1 here Tb' aye d' tnanda intellect from wboaranever weald a* < pire to rule tbe d,.y for monarchical puppet* li over. | Prince Albert Edward will carry barb to hi* country thir rrrat tearhiatr; and it be aad bt? ivianaitloraahall be I fori i nnl by It, they will be tbe m.?i tor-Wee | op ard tr- ?. prudent tu'ecmen w lb whom England ever w a* blerard Tlit IVKtrThtllMC EXHIBITION IS WAWtWfOU IK HONOR OP THE PRIM! R. From tbe Warbiegton Star. Oct S J Ob the evening of nest Tbwnday. abould tae w*ath*r pfi vc IMombU, a grand dt-play of firewerki will be given n tbegrourdt tooth ot the Prualdeat'k maaeton, I into or m the Pr,i ce and bit ault*. Tin* klBitltiua, w- on >i id*ad, wig ?*. '< d anything wntcb ba* ever been j r< ?: tist be' ie tlie pablir tn tb ? country The raront ? > kavr been arranged an 1 dergreit by that efllriml rl'vr.Majw i-no I) Raiukay, raknaatotanl at | tb ' i ted male* arnetial, and prepared by Mr Tb. mat H Prowt). I'htef tirr technWt. wbo ha* alway* m<d w ui -emae table luocedB tn bt* dw; lay* of pyritecbais w.wta. ,t Ma- a* del, 1 * 111 be is attendance la the PrMidcnt ? ?r mdn, and add to tbe interact of tbe orea?Ion by tbe re 11? i n a y of oar mo*t jevlriotu- and tttrriaj aim. Tbe ftuiewtag Ik a MM of tbw Partem (Reran la the order .a w r eh Utey are to be prkb'itnd ? 1 A magr til cent Flight ot Koeketn . BraguM Mattery?dttpiaytag tbe \annua ptrera, i at a.-.'.eg p lib gro-.nd for k eeanlderable dt*ttnr? 1 ? yr.1 r. Vh or in? a .arge arch with ? beau *e , eratra, abwtra wb<b will be n crown, t 'b - I of*e*r_large arcb ran tan t - -large Kocbaaan abe'U of variegated d w, m? ai -?d g war-'?large arcb. ? For an. Atr.rr.oaa I tack. k Si pent p< t v f ' ty -mall Mortara?variegated rbkllg behind tl.e \ ic* >rta Areh Id. ? one ntgbt *1.- ?y n.t? 1Mb i Siractcr* m tbrae wccltg will be three 'ret tn ler gtb of do,.to? rawt of lan. e wore and rar be teen dtumniy at tbe iiaiame of a mile and a half lo add t-enra thewe poeep, to be ethibtted oat bedbra the ?on ? < k d nlgbt.** there |* m pr. grera ? very h?rfk i ere gotten op by tbecoept of pyr.Heehn eta from he* Yortr.wbteJi w< n ay dm r he an f^i.>n ? Aoitobin n o? the amertran end i eglwh e.mhPr, niottoew Ac . all nWrwureo with ? n utterly l and, I aid fcmlrg a work of ui*>erper?.i heg,,ty |, tl.e centre cs the ptcee are the ggure* of Odanthia ai.d Pr tabBtn. while nd<i nttr the b-tt t* lb- Anter'can coal r arm*, and tbe latter the Knglteh (Hi the top m a globe, turrouhded by tbe American and Fag!.?b fag* i *reatfied together, and on each end *ep*rt!' from tbe H.atn ?>"-e. it a large *teem?hip. with hgbtbonae An , ret ei eral'nf the ocmmeece between the two worl It Tr ? ? raid to be the large*! pt?ew of firework* ever rriai.'.' v be'ng nee hurtrerl aad *ivty fee! la length and f ty fact In height. The plane wlU he *urroun?ed with brt S* **nd eg np their it-?wer? of *t*re, and every, ih r? nrTv-gedaddtl onnl that Will g re mrra egect to tr *ty. aa tr.:? W dfte a comnl eaied p;ece. and tbe etter* ef tb* rVtCUP tofcftpt Ml e fbt actf* I I .glh, it may QOv ?i>pc4.i U b MM, biliou. THE VRTNCE. ix ,vv YORK. Wr learn ^eer dor.ntte'y arranged that dr.r ltg ib? '"S-i,<<u>ofr.iL?0 < Wales to Slew Yorit ke will ?to, atib t rti. A venue ? uii, \? here room* b?vt already **? *'sty ted. TP.f FOREMEN'S YARADE IN HOSWR OP TflE ITTNCE OF WALKS. . ?>* joint con.:'_.tice of tbe Board of Fire oon and Kugt I neere appointed to make arrange n-on'.s 'or toe graml torchlight prfx-es'ou in honor of the Prince of Wales, mit laat evalng at Chief Englueer Docker's office, Eliza > beth It re. I, but owing to the absence of several of the committee but little or no buslnrrs was transacted. Tbe Arrlbtivit Engineers have all Signified their willlngoeei to act u< Mirabel* ou the above night, with the exception of Senior Assistant Engineer Cregier All visiting companiee wilt be assigned a place in tbe lino, but no company will be enelgt'cd a location unless they report to tbe comm.Use | on or bewre the 9th met. It wae not deflnltely agreed vpon an to where tbe line will be formed, but many favor tbe east ride of the city. Tbe line wtll be formed about six o'clock, so as to pass tbe Fifth Avenue Hotel before nine o'clock. Ex'ens ve arrangements are being made by various companies, many of them going to s heavy expense themselves in decornt tng their machines. OUR PHILADELPHIA CORRESPONDENCE. Pninpaii-HU, Oct. 3, 1MK>. The Quartf* cf the Prince?The Programme of hit Baler 'ainmenl?The Grand Opera and the Huhttmabls H.ri, j if liai Pool red?.Yanaei of the Committee?The Dispotiiii o rf ihe Tickets, Choic* of Seats, and Deooratim if the I A ademy?The Operas Selected b'j Hi* Royal Highness, , d Ac The Prince will arrive la Philadelphia, from Wathing - 1 ton, on Tuesday evening next. There has beeo no p'sn , yet agreed upon for his formal reception, and It has been suggestst that the omission of any such lormali'.y might | be advisable, as becoming the dignity of oar cltltecs as | well as the convenience of the Prlnoe himself However, i if the duty of welcoming the Prtace to the hospitaiitlee I o' 'he city is confided to the charge of Mayor Henry, It j will be performed In e spirit consistent with the simpll i city and dignity of our institutions. 1 bare not yet been able to obtain any definite Infor | mation reipcctiug tbo lodgings which tbe Prince will oc i cupy while In this city. The oonteet for the honor of en tertaining him seems to be chiefly between the Gontl ' nental and la Pierre bousee. The courier is expected in | tbe city to-day to make tbe necessary arrangements, and I bis choice will be directed by bis taste for retirement or display. Tbe proprietors of both tbe hotels I bare named are prepared to make tbe necessary arrange ments. On tbe day after bis arrival the Prince will be con ducted to tbe most prominent places of Interest, and probably be driven through tbe surrounding country if 1 he has a taste for rural scenery. In the afternoon be * will receive the visits of prominent cltiseos, and In tbe evening attend tbe grand operatic performance it the Academy of Music, which Is to be provided for bis espe cial benefit. vhs r.aijrn oi-uu. It Is upon the grand Opera, on the night of the lOtb, that tbe people of Philadelphia will rest for a display of their prodigal.ty and hospitality, as well as tbelr re finement of taste. The fashionable world Is fairly agog with the event, and It Is at the present time the highest aspiration of the bellis to poastsa beaux that rank among tbefavoiod committee of a hundred. The most exten sive arrangements are be ng made by tbe elite to make the occasion one of memorable brilliancy; and tbe event will doubtless be worthy of record m tbe future annals of the city. Tbe arrangements for this grand entertainment have been progressing for some time, but so quietly have they been conducted that tbe first announcement, made a few days since, look by surprise ail outside of tbe circle to which its prime originators novo, and threw the fashion ables Into a fever heat of excitement. It wae at ir?t in tenjed to . ive the Prince a dinner or a ball, but as be ds cllticd botl., Lis preference to witness an operatic per lor mouse, the services of Uossr*. L'U?- a and Btrakurch were immcdla'cly nought after, In order that the l flair might be given tee proper ..lot. An.l these gentlemen, through their accnt lnth?oity, kr Craw, teem to have bent every energy to forward be objects of tbe (ommilUe and make tbe event one hat wtil rtlteet erv. it uoon themselves at well as tbe city. Tiry ImsneeMMy tendered the aervkoes of their ?at ire cirpt of artistes performing at New York and Philadelphia, with tbe entire en .run and orchestra f tbe New York company and the selection of tbe ( pcra or operas to be performed, tt well at tbe artistes, wi s left entirely to the taste of tbo distinguished guest lbs foilowlog get.t'emcn comprise the committee of one I. udie.. to when, the eredll Is due of bavuit-iiroperly re tn.ect, u the City in this delicti, matter, Che Dames of u ny?f our leading cittmne * id be found la the list; a!ik< ugh It Is worthy of remark, as aa evidence of the , apathy of our editorial profeaai. u in n atters concerning | ".e i runt of the city, that the pre is has Lot a single ro I lutixiaiivc ? ma roaairin. Vrjnr A'rxaudor Hear} , Jun^e John Cadwallalar, . .)? B. K?d, Jatnaa Duadar. J I' Hv VbiBaoo, H. P. M, k.-ao, ,)<?<? j.h Karrtacn, Jr . Kdwrrd King, i b P.?tK-r, Robert Smith, ?} ll V. karu r, *. II Drayloti, Henry b?>berl, John K. Myers, lea. Heurga S Pepper, Kuarr-n F. b't.roc, W. R le-gee, Jkittta C fiend, .lor.ah Kendall, hreder ck i.rat, J P ft. ter, M Chancellor. W Taylor, .1 !; Infrrao. , John R oe, J R. budd. J. Ithea Itar'.i n, I iiWlTit^OIIr, -vethen i ;guet i. 11 ntrl<ey, C I lei. W ii Ivayum. J. B. jann I Oag t era, P. Heyberl, fi P. M imu,, C. 1- Barle, V Roger.. fleory M Pblllpa B R era .ford, Judge Fdoard King, I W Cfctlda, Urorge Norm, t tin outlet, Win Cot. A. ley tor. John Ravage. Jaa. Markoe, Judge Kbarreood H. Bor e. (Wo II Boker, H f Huddt, H Ike Jeer Piall Rt|"f, Char Vrxtn. W. Chancellor, Rob? Sm ih, J. r. Fianer, Dr. Wltoox, J. !%)?:? >, 8. S Pepper, ka D. lew r, J. .tern*. K J*. Orte, ? an. S a atrrma. J. 1 Dppitwtt, R Smothuret, henry Helen. J. UaMeU, I C f negrdorr, J. R lefreoll, I Ma.-r. yr r UicheAuB, A. J. Aalek), ' B B Tlioeiae, J A. Oar, Itrdh <lraC. T. E. Dliof. Pr. '"age. P. I rat too, T C W C Horeer, I W Wkiw, r. RWLetaa, A. J Dreae.'. J R Pry, HI wood la- ??, I. iMwaitadar 1 raa Cooper, W - 'mitti, R Wrwben, J. L BurOv. C. On thine, Henry Peai Berk, J. P. HuVA.aetr, J W. Paul. (.1 R.eeegert' u cjlver HuptfMl, H I retried, C H F-eber, J. I rpr Bcott, Win. T nbeirt, Mr latnhen, .inka Hutihl, I C. a night, B. B Onoaniagr. ? r Rnglit. With an entertainment ot lht? (h trader the opera ma- | r.a- pr- rii th reap a hrrvr-t i( the* wore -p. wed to pro ?t in |"? k'l el ue Rot la the ronuortinn of the aitalr ft anpeer* '<? be I heir ante aim to enrich their fame at ooo dacWtfo of the Italian Opera. Tin; prw?a fcr aduilarton were Bfodergtad with Uie rlrw ?.f gaining e le audience without compel tlrg tn r*torl'"n. lhree itollare wae the rm fixed for admiaeina tn all tana id the hoorc. and the memhera of the cotrmllioe, while tfcey were a nwtd the choloe of ?rata, wire limited tn Ave ttckrlf ea. h ?rw rcaTtoa is nr kid. No rrv'tier had the entwiunoem'M eo made paid it than a yerr'al rutnnr aroee fnr tied.. ??, and butidredg rrowded U,< liuota n( the 0|?ra Ilnoaa to pr - iff! tbeot Hpacula lu?r wem at i>nre in the arid, ctiiiretnrlug to h tt np the orkrta l? mil at au adou.oe, and no# i nieeprtainK Mew Yntur teh-?ra|'h??t an ordrr fn- $1 <i00 worth to euppl? thai i tr. Dm thejr were all di?at'.?>iried. It hae ng t>eea tti tin rauttna* ?U?p nf the nn'at -letit to proeide ?r i tat all aueh attrmi ta to gprri late on the puhtid. ma (wok i nr mat* T re *a?a lirely time at the A<-n.)x7,y on Peter.lav wP. u lie ,rmirlti--e t?rt to draw the r r i"'.ne of '"AU Hr Jntr R Jdyerp, of the firm of Myere, t la-.ttom k On ?a t^e fntlLcate Ind Tldual wfc- w name wae firat drawn frtifr Hi' tat. into wtieJi tt had been ted Willi Hi na- ra ef ll.e met of the committee 11-' w^ not lot # In rerureihg for bimre.f aad tartnly a pn*'twn from tbey timid bam a f oi look bold a the Prima of the pkty and the t'rinee la reality. Ti.rn fi l owed otlie'r fi<r? .nate indirldoala. and it??a tit a?rp rrarrved for the l?*t Bias to he diaap pointed, lor he drriarad Ibat he war able to aacare the eery he hAn tnr?ed for If It hvl hero |UtPI vote th? 11 tuber nf M.u allowed tt the commute" want t hare her r i*i,us e l. hot the mai agrra realaied rued a deviation t"<rn lb# f.r (ical arrangeaaent at contrary to the wlah?a of the general pohltn. An itrti'tioe nf the tntenee denre that pervadea the rrmmunlly to attend on the nrraama, necurrad at tha l ot i of tne Acalemy ymterday, wfcaa a lady eodea torrd to win the Ihvnrr of the managenent by offering In areore half a dorer fill fc r tha entire reaeoo if She war allow.-d tt make her choke ne the >ateninf tight The reata fog tha committee will he a't truer red to day, red en to mnrmw (Thcrrdav) irnrnirg the hot nflea ? 'i i<e th.ri open to tl > funi c Tboae la Rew York ? hi tab m Attend ih ? "perm rtinuld u "graph their trlrrt at acma a# ptrr.h'e aad. la ordar to prevent any vusp ion being SB tern r>la of a purpose, | i' ibo bomber of seats they require. 1KB OBColUTloW i fie" I 'ommlits* i,i Artangemoats will meet this ewo ing u> o> t -roime iLe n>o?i appropriate d-ooralloni lor | the Acadrmy on it? occasion. fi>ey will undoubtedly reject hi astessvt* at gaudy dlsuiay, and endeavor to I fcratily the must, simple iuid r> lined taste. The lower I | !??. i..uui box on the right band Bide of the Academy j wtil be appropriated to ice una of the royal guest, over wh'ch the Brush asd amerioan lings will be gracefully [ thrown It h proposed to present theee (lags?? Uich will be of 1 the bnest silk ?rxture?to the Prince be'ore hia departure, an a mem- oto. Within ttie box the portraits of the ! Quien and Prince Contort will serve to recall fond memo riep of home On the entrance of (be Prince the full orcbeelra will salute h.m with the air of "liod Have the yueen. ' and be will be greeted wltL a grand apeetacle of the aiM'tnbu d beauty, fashion and wealth of America, which thla aplendid palace of muale la bo well Bttad to display TBB PRLXra AT TUB OrKAA. B? twren the acta ihe Pr noe will be conducted to the /oyrr. which ccaiililul apartment will be adorned In the Best ex<|ui?ite taste The hot houses of our wealthy citisens w .11 oontribute their supply of cbokoe shrubbery and rare plans, and tbe richest of (lowers will be pluck rd to give rmamonl to tbo scene. The -nip d'aiI will be made a coil striking one, well calculated to luapeees it sell oven upou tbe memory of one wbo baa been aeons turned from olancy to tbo display that wealth and rr&ae rnenl ?r >rd* During these Interna a there will also oe a grand premsMBn, mfich may pose.toy result in a brtl lianl cbargo ol the female ngbt guard upon tbe guest ol the t'teUiDg. In fact, thla testimonial ot respect intended for tbe Pnoeo from tbe citizens of Philadelphia eannot fail to Impress bun most favorably with the society ot tbe , American Flatus, and create an efiecl which Now York, in uniting to do honor to the nation's guest, may en banco, but eannot dispel Mr Korlwrlghl, l<er Ms.eety's Consul at Philadelphia, met tbe Pr.ncc at Pittsburg and submitted to him tbe repertoire of the troupe for his selection of the Opera to be periormed. Tbe Prince has chosen tbe Opera of "Martba" and the first act of "La Tree'.a la." The cast of characters baa not yet been framed. THE PRINCE AT THE FAIR (/ROUNDS IN ST. LOUIS. [Pram the St. louts Republican, Sep'.. 21] Prawn by four black horses In a tin.' arriape was his I Royal Hirhm-ss the Prnce of Wa'cs, accompanied by some of his suite, while the remainder, in other carriages with two horses, were driven into the lair grounds, aad then into the amphitheatre, where they were drawn around the arena before a crowd jammed in srary part of the largo budding, who cheered and cheered again tbe royal pageant. Several of oar prominent c tiaens rode in carriages forming tbe procession, among whom were Col. John U'Fallon, Henry Shaw, James E. Yesiman, Col. Robert Campbell and Hon. Fdward gates. After the distinguished visiters had alighted tney were received at tbe pagoda by the directors of tbe Agricol- j lural sad and Mechanical Association, and Oapt. Harper, ! tbe President, received them as follows:? Sis?Your Royal Highness, your grace the DukS of j Newcastle ana gentlemen all, 1 welcome you to our fair grounds, and believe me 1 consider it one of the happiest eves la of my life ihtt, ss representative of our asexr.a ttoo, I can extend to yon a greeting and weloome on this occasion. The Prince replied In a few words, signifying his de light on accepting the invitation of Captain Harper, which had been sent to bin whilst in Onnada, and partially ac cepted by letter. The time was exciting ladies waved their handkerchief*, the exiiting strains of music 11 oated upon the wings of the atmosphere, and whvpered colo stoma aad benedict loos were ooapied with tbe name or i Victoria. Tbe heir apparent to the throue of England ' owed much of hia oordlai recept ion to '.be womanly virtues of bis mother The band played -'God Have tbe Queen," ' also our "Yankee Doodle,'' and otbrr popular t toes. dome of the Brest cattle were then introduced !n t ie ring, and tne Prince examined them carefully, and show ed himself a connoisseur In tbe qualities of kino. Several ol tbe finest horses were also introduced Into tbe arena, and speeded round and round the circle amid exciting plaudits. One o'clock and after bad arrived, an 1 the Prince, walking between Oapt Harper, tbe President of the asso elation, and one of his suite, and followed by the rest of bis retioue and the directors of tbe fair sod other dls gentlemen, among wnom were Hon. J. R. Bar ret, the founder of the fair, and Governor Stewart, of oar State, walked te the lnnch room, where a , fine repast bad been prepared, consisting mainly of buf falo tongues, quails, prairie chickens, A. . uJicalive of our local ion There were also in abundance champagne and tbe best brands of Missouri wlte. All was enjoyed. After tbe lunch, tbe Prieoe, suite, President of tbe as sociation and others, again asccoled the first story of the pagoda, nun the second royal premium oi tbe fair came cfl The exhibition of stallions was magnificent, and tbere is no doubt his Koyal Highness looked upou the finest stock that tss I a ton la capable of producing. After the first premium of six hundred dollars bad beeo given (o -'?Iver Heels, and the two minor premiums awarded, the royal party then retired from the pagoda aad departed for ihe city. The arrival of the Prince of TVairs la oar metropolis ' will oe an era in our annals, and we have . ertatnly ac BSSdSi to fc'tn the reception which Is doe to so d.s tuguished, modest and sensible a Prions. In auswer to . lnfoi melioti conveyed to tbe Duke ol Newcastle ooocern ing tbe growth of our city, ho replied frequently, It will " ''Astoi.tsbing, woucerful." 1. will be a reminlscenc* agreeable to all. We were satisfied, and wo feel thai the royal party were satisfied. The distinguished visiters, with tbelr appropriate titles, arose follows:?Alliert Edward, Prince Wales, I'uceof fctoxoi j , I., ;a of Cornwall and Rothrav, -Karl oi Chester anil CairaMt, Baron of Renfrt w, and 1>tu tf the Isiev. In this sonntry, probably out of courtesy to our uemocra cy, and that the strict etiquette appertaining t-> royalty ? may not be isbtseted to violations, he assumes hit lowest J tu.o? that ol l/>rd Renfrew. li s Urai-e the Duk? of ' Ne the Karl of Si (Isrmams; Major General the I Honorable h Brut e. Lord t.yuas, Brit -h Auibas-.a lor at i Wa?hlrgtor Ms|or Ti aadale, ? aptali. Grey, Dr Atkland, 1 Btr. Engiehfart, Mr. Jermer, Mr. Warre. THK |.Kr\HTi RK OK TIIS I'tllKrB. It Is unilcrsi..<<d tan the Ohio and Mi-*i?ttppi company j bar. ttcd up tbe directors' oar and the paymaster's car, b getbrr with a third passenger conch, for tbe use of H.c i'rlooe of Wales and his suite, for their aeoommoda- I t.on from this city to Cincinnati. THE DEPARTURE FROM 8T. I/)UIS. i From the St Uoula Democrat. Sept 29 | Eoglauua j"?nx Prmoe of Wale* aa<l bin diauogukahed companwta, with their attendant*. left St buuia at hill part eight o'clock yeaterday morniug tor Cincinnati Some alaty ol the city police, in llieir u>'m unt'orm, ware m lered on "teooud etreet, at Maruuma. both lo bon ir the departure of the (urate aad teeure them an unim peded Iran* It lo their carriage*. The retell abowod that the precaut >n a ax not wholly untioe<*aary, for a ooo aider able and rerjr eager croed had gatheri 1 tn-n at ao parly an hour, to catch a glnn|?e of the youthful gentle man who ta .'.rat .orI. lYovideur ? permitttnr, to wear the crown and ait upon the throne aou bear Utv rep* aoeptre of Ureal Britt n. Toe Prinor and jerty oxpr.eeed them aeh.em.cb ratredbed by a nlghlot oaic.>erruptPd re pure?a luxury vher bad not for ennae ants < ejoye I. He Higher** e'xbiblteo mure vnaetly and aptrit thaa we bad pruT'oualy noticed tn bin Some lime einpaad alter the abuadart luggage of the party had left the hotel before the Priroe ana anlte appeareil. paaaed out at the la.i iee' entrance and entered the carriage* aaaUned them. The affair wan managed quite appropriaoiy, and ao that very littler crowding occurred?u fart reflecting red it u|>oa throe who had It in charge The royai oortege then paaaed rapidly up Ham etreet to Carr. and thenre oo board the lerry boat, which tor* tbrni ap?dily, atlll accompanied by their police racort, to the depot landing of the Dblo aad Mtmlaatppi Radrnad (Vtrpany Thai conrpaay had lurn.aheJ a ape cially flltrd up aad aew aa ma ear for the party, and had joined in the train the "peynoaaier a car.'' which alao waa new. ana wi . l-gantly ruraiabed with ilaekr. tablre, tt, A . for the further accommodation of the fa roller? Tbe leoocornottTt R D Panrn wa? aeul oa In alvnac* of the ear* to lieura the greatcat pcaalble xourity agamat ancl dent. The main, fluent locomotive BoaU.n waa np:>mpe| eted lo the regai tra*. PnWctebl publicity bad not beea given to ibe arrangement* to bring a large crowd, but the people ga'hered rapidly lu roneiderible number* and la tbe withi at an mailable curio* ty The trareUen M coee entered their ear and reeled ttwmaelv-w for n mng end pieuart r'de, the Prince and ibe Duke of Newcantle. who rerih irarpernble, na uainl rrmaiolo together. At lb< arynal the ireport ant trstb itv led, ieavtrg the depot without aay del >oc?lration from the epwtatora. nod quietly gained an increaaed epeed that doobtlef* bat taken UK pert? In ex eel lent time lo Cincinnati We rboeM odd that, prme lo Ihetr de(?nrt,re, tbe Prince nod autte warmly exvrteaed tbemaelre* aa not only uuex crpti- naMy p'taeed but rreily dtligbled ntllb their ha t lo St. lamie Credit i? due to the rttr police for the tatadeome end e lective aitrnlWiae tliey (?td, under tbe ineteoetum* of the ttnynr. In preeerriog tbe royal party from tbe preaeure nf an intruaive erewd. Iter idee preventing eerloin dtrorder on the Prince'* arrival aad during b.? *Uy, tbey reported the departing roect to the depot .* a attic which wi? Irotn tbe latter an expruaaita ?i grate ftil acfcnowledrmeat. tearing a body guard ol nn< h nrte? n to pn aerve order at tbe hotel while tbe p*My wr re annul entering the carriage*. Cept Fealy proceeded, with alxty flee other ? *!*!*,'? aleo in uniform, to Ibe foot of Carr tlreel, and there awaited tbe arrival Tne roiurar thee haadanmely opened ia Am for tbe Prince and auite lo pee* through end nn board tbe ferry b -at. Havluf attended tbetn aernai ihe rlvee the aao ? elyle wa* ohrertcd on ibe lacdiag at ibe depot, and t.i? c >r Irgr peraorl on to thr ear* brtwreo the orderly m?r|iq; file* B? fine leaving, tie i.rane tbe (hike of MVCWbe invited (epiam Feniy into the ear, wnorr hie Royal Higher** an err* aril h m with thaoaa aad odacomrota (or tbe hatd *? *orv?o? rep teerd, and expeeanad a warm ???? of gratitude to the Mayor and e.titeae >r the generous narteiirt thry bad ix tended to bun THF. PRINCE IN RICHMOND, VA. [From the I. chmond Enquirer. Ori. 3 Tbe City Council bed b meeting leeletc-ri.g They wtr- roureoed bv the Prwtcent in etoncrioeire* nf b a fnnrg rrcrtved tbe fMtw rg 'otter from the Mayor,a! etrarrii t" the Prc*tdei>t and Ooeacil? i*nth' ifl h ?eptamhev I waa tut by llr Moore, 3ril ah I'noeu!, that the Prluoaof Wqjee waa to v wit thw city on rator lay next I Informed tbe Prea Jael of the fact i n the next day, and bow rommuniunte the use to yen ibat J oe may take (orb act! m on the *ub,ect aa to jovr honorable body may m* fit Ibe w.cmlter* proeent we?e nw ?*aldenl and Merer*, firaitan. R- rr. An-'erwo. Orlflln. Deaoua, Ote-abroob, Orrhflrid, Rill and Her* In* The preeidenl aald be called tbe meeting together lo preiere rear ulioee or eometbtug c ecem tg the Prince of b a re Mr Borr offered the following ? Thl* C uneil ha ring heeo ndv Wed that tbe Vrtnoeof Wale* I* on hie roete through the In lie I Run ?, deetree. on be half of t*>e people of thl* city, to oiler him e cordial wel c me ard to extend to falm aneh mark* of attonHna and reaper t aa are one to tbe representative o, a natlea with whteh we are nd aaoluhiy allied, bv tbe tie of blood, nf commerce, of common language and a ? ummon law; therefore, be it Revolved. That a x member* of thl* body and tit other CHiuag of Richmond be deetgaaled by tbe Premdml, wh* togcib- r with tin* V?*ji r of the city and the Pranidaat of boo). COM' tub ? committee to present to the Pr.uce t?i address emh djr-fg ?>?e sentiments of the peo ple oo the uccvi- n >l b* villi. and to tender hi* each lub'ic hotpitelitr as may be approprtato end tooept i tie. ^ Mr. Hill ti- ae against the ie?oluttoo. He believed theft the Couo?' 01 ght not to tone up the metier, power wee tot delegated to them for i'.eh purpose: be bed te meet the Si it men w ho win in favor of the Iwuncll, M e oorpo rste body, liking toy aw-p; tod the Mty or, be presumocr bed f?uud that tncb t stop woulo uot go down with the people, tad be (the Mayor) wen ted to ehoulder sponeibility on the Council. Mr. HUI, emonget other things. reminded tbe Council of Koeeulh end Dtckuei, ana of the loiolt oflerid to our Minister, Mr. Dulles. Mr. Hill tben offered tbe following:? Rtsolved, Tbet the Mayer be requested to call e meet ing ol the cilisecs to take this subjest Into consideration, tae Council deeming it better (or the cltiaena to ettend to this matter. This resolution was lout, end the vote being taken on Mr Burr's resolution, tbe word* "public hospitalities" having hern stricken out and "testimonials of respect" substituted, tbe resolution was adopted. Ayes?Messrs. Burr, Anderson, Griffin, CrucbBeld, Grattan ana deunder*?0. Noes?Meters. Decooo, Glazebrook, Henkins and Bill?4. Tbe President, after the Board adjourned, appointed tbe following cotuuiiltee ? Messrs. Burr, Anderson, Griffin, Haaklns and Hill?(Mr Saunders himself was added)? and be then oo tbe spot named tbe following citlsens ? W. H Macfarland, Judge Lyons. Geo. W Kaodolpb, Wyatt M. KUtotc, Judge Meredith and Peyton Johnston. THE PRINCE IN PHILADELPHIA. [From the Philadelphia Press, Oct. 1 ] Tbe Prince will arrive in Philadelphia oo the evening of Tuesday, Oct. 9, just in time to learn tbe result of our State election?in wb.cb, of course, he can have no pos sible interest. But be will behold s succession of soenes wholly new to him, a degree ol politioel excitement such as t?: ba 1 u<> previous idea ol. A* bis family are more or less musical, this "Baron bold ' may have a natural desire to bear some good mu sic. It Is arranged, we understand, that Lord Renfrew will athnd our Academy of Music, on tbe evening of ! Wednesday, Oct. 10, wbere be will witness tbe represen tot ion o! on opera which will allow nim to bear all tbe , principal female and main vocal performers in the United States. This will be bin drst opera since be left borne. 1 and tbe only performance of ibis character whlcb he will w tniSS In America. AI! the host members of the I U man A iHraknerb troupe Will perform Tbe orchestra will be increased, and a proper set ofebor s s cgers, wbo really can sing in time and are not poaitively ugly, will be employed. Lord Renfrew's immediate party will occupy tbe pros centum bescs, and about fifty other seats, contiguous to these boxes, will be reeervel for Invited guests of dn Unction. Tbe /oyer will be splendidly decorated on this occasion, and used as a place of promenade between the acts. The choice of tbe opera is left to Lord Renfrew, wbo was to have been at Pittsburg on Saturday, we be lieve. On this occasion, there will be one nn.form pride of ad mission to ail parts of the Academy of Musla. N'o doubt it will bo a regular gala night?very brilliant and ex tremely well arranged. THE RECEPTION OF THE PRINCE OK WALES. [From the Hoetoo Atlas and Ben, "ct 1 ] The committee of the City Council, end also of tbat upon tbe ball, in honor ol the Prince of Wiles, are busy to for warding the preparations. These, ss has before been an Douooeit, win consist of a reception at Losgwood, a re view of the military on tbe Common, a levee in Music Hall, and a ball at the Boa too theatre. The bail will take place on Thursday evening, October 18, at tbe Boston tbestre. the Melodeon fo h# used as a ?upper room. Tbe committee on tbe part of the City Council having voted not to make the ball a part of tbe city programme, many prominent citlsens co-operating w:tb tbe Mayor, invited several gentlem"n to meet and form ao organisation for the purpose of s*v-.og to tbe Prinos of Wales or Lord Renfrew a ball in behalf of the ettl/ms of Boston. Two committees were chosen to ini tiate the affair, wblcb arc constituted ss foi'ows:? Vwimitl"on Invitation and Rectftion?Edward Kverett, Icrouel Shaw, Robert C. Winthrop, Ilavtd Sears, Jacob Blgelow, dared Sparks. Wm. Appleton. Freier ck W. Lincoln Jr., George Ticknor. Henry W. Ixmgfo'.low, Pel bam Bonney, Wm. L. Hudson, Marshal P. Wilder, John & Tyler. Tbe above committee was authorized to extend an Invi tation to tbe Prince of Wales and suite to at lend the bail, whlcb was immediately done. fkn-uttve Ormmittrt?James W Paige. A. H. Rice, Geo. B. Upton, J. Thomas Stevenson. Charles Amory, John T. Heard, 6. Rowland Shaw, J. Huntington Woioott, Thomas K. Cbirkertng, Patrick Grant, Harrison Ritchie, Bonne Gray, Jr, Ives G. Bates, Samuel B. < ookin, William W. Clapp, Jr. William B. Fowle, Jr. To to is committee there will be added one from the citlsens at large. There appears to be a general detormi nation to have It the most complete sad brilliant affair possible. Tbe tickets are to be limited In number, and will bs dis tributed as follows ? No.memboroftbe Uxecut'.veOommlt tee is to submit or receive orders other than by aa estab lished rule which will be by written application addreas ed to the Secretary of tbe Committee, aad by blm regis tered In a book, when tbe distribution wtll take place. The price of tbe ttckets has boen Axed at ?15 f* a ticket admitting one gentleman and one lady, and single ttokets for ladita only, at Id. . There will be no single tickets for gentlemen. A CINCINNATI LADY SEER THE PRINCE HOW HE LOOKS AND HOW HK DANCES. [From the Cincinnati Commercial.] We are pei milted to uses portion of a private letter frcm a Cincirnatt belle to a lady friend at Loom, written from Montreal shortly alter the visit of the Prince of Wales. Tbe letter gives ClBcinnati a description of b>? rsceptton and of subsequent rc. MR but as ws have re produced similar descriptions by different eorrespondents heretofore, we must restrict the privilege to make ex tracts to one or two paragra]>ti* After referring to the procession, tbe continued rains, the muddy condition of the streets, Ac., she proceeds ? And bow rnmee whit may be termed the "grand Art It," tor nothing could have surpassed the grand ball which followed on Monday evening The Prince and suite entered about bah' past nine, amid the viva* of tbe people and tbe Puttering of ladies' handkerchiefs, the band playing "God Rave tbe (Joeen." and was conducted to a oaao pj ?even a wirt if throe* was erected for bni. but as hi* Royal 11 xtine** danced all lbs t c.e. be MM make tuueb uae ot tbe throne. The neat proceeding waa to stretch a eord about blm a?1 bis aet, leaving room bat tor oae quadrille mak lug the little gentleman appear like a eased animal la a menagerie. ao'l I must ay of tbe people tbat they all anted *< ry niimh aa tbey would bare dooe at a wnl beaut show. There ware over eight tboueand peraena prrr?*nf, and 1 do believe evtry oue of tbe crowd waa upon tip toe, with norke ?IjilcbtV la a treat alarming manucr, a>. to K>e the I , ?c. Tbe> ray tbey caged him up lo tbta axlri-trdmary marner beoauae of bit hiving been followed eo cip-ety at lbe Quebec ball, wbtcb wa*. of eonraa, quit* uaplaa taut. * a ? But all tbla time 1 fcbve aid holbing of bla persooal apuoaraace. of whicb you an douotieea dymg to bear. Well, ha ia, aa w* wurnw ?*y. ?'a dear little fellow," bnt aa that dona not errr.aaay thing dofloll*, I suppose I muat be more explm.l 11* i* Dot tall by any mean* but with rather a ,-eod lgi:r<' His fbre la not handsome but oertaiuly very expressive the forehead and eyea line, partlralarly tbe lath r, with whirb he bas a rlngular fashion of wincing at the young lad lea Indlacrlminately. an thai many at Icaat feel pretty If tbey we doi ao In reality, ins mouth la decidedly bad. tad of bla dancing 1 muat any It baa been mucb overrated by lb* newspaper . He daanes quite too feat for meat rtf ba partne-t. but, *? t to crtticiM tbe truly clerrr little geatl maa toe as verely, I muat say he lia* tbe m at exlrtorutuary habit of dropping bla partner* at the and <rt a eet A* tb* ma* it acaaoa. a lib a bow and per bap* a am lie b* coolly leave* tbe lady lo taka bararlf off In tbe beat manner abe can Of r-ourro the ladle* did ant fancy the tenet of treat ment et el'. but "an abet can't be eured muat ba *a dured" by (oral lad tea at tbe bands of a Prince. bW cava lier trtalmrnt did not prevent h m obtaining almost any other lady la the room for tbe succeeding net, eaeo one (baling beetelf only ioj highly honored by I lie request We will reform tbia thing altogether when be get* on tbe other aide of tbe line, won't we, R. ? A number of dletlnrui?bed ntrasger* were present. In cluding lady franklin, who created a ant it cm equal In rom|*rwon to that of H R II , and tl ere ware *om* t'tn ctnnailan*. aa you know, two of whom were great be.lea Tbe daaung was kept up till Ire o clunk lo tb* moraiag, tbe Prmm dancing until after four, and mtaalng hot one art, t beil've and It srae quit* daylight before the laat carriage waa called. THE PRINCE'S FLEET. j Krrm the Quebec Chronicle, ?Sep lean be r 2* 1 About ten o clock yraterday morn lag a signal gun an noaanad that tbe resorts oom poatng tbe royal a quad mo were preparing to i?a*e our port Tbe weather era* *X eeedlagly flue, and the departure waa wltaeeeed by thou ?and* of peranaa. Durham terrace waa thronrnd with nember* of the fetr sex. and tbe aotbuelaatlc manner in wblrh hundred* of them waved thalr baadkercbiefe, ae tb* vraaela steamed majestically out of tbe harbor bar* leettianoT to the esteem in which tb* gnllaat naval officers were held, while tbe cordial re*|*wiae of tbe lalt"> atwwd that tbey felly appreciated tbe high opinion which baa be* c formed of Ux or Tbe Hero Bred a ?alul?, the b*a?a play It gas tbe ah,, pa got under weigh At sterna they were out of eight Tb?y proeavd direct to r irtiaad, to inert bla Royal Highnee* at that port Punx V rayon rv Wiirmw* ?Tbe Wianotr'n Mai JtmrmU of tbe Itffth all. aar?:?About two nVoek tb<* m the peopleakwg King and rmkney aireeta were startled by a borer, with a young lady oa bt* back, ma aing at furtou* tpeed ia tbe d I r?o tioo of tbe Holer lean H ? ?e Mil bad evidently kwt control of him. and ov-ry ?me expected to eee her dashed to tb* ground sod oerloa* lv burt, if not killed outright Turning dmr-i Washing too a red a*, be shot through the crowd of wool samel and other vehicles. and dashed J tract! y lato tbe livery stable jO?t betow the American A great ruab of peopl* immediately fl"ed tb* etable, fearful tbat the girl was killed; but with the exception of *?m* rent* ia ber rid eg dran* a be waa unhurt, dbe had ke* ber neat and apprared parfactly cool and collected. All tbat truu bled ber. abe declared, during the raaaway wae tb* dim arrangemeat of ber dreaa. ard ah* projwned to try tbe bore* again without delay || proved to b* A feat bnrae, owyrd by Job* D Welch, tbat few maa oared to ride be In so wild and unmanageable, but which tb* girl, Miss ITIva IwerlaoB, of Una city, bad determined to ride at Mm lltat* ?Hir Hie was prnette'ag witb htm on Third lake ridge, near Governor Farwall ? boon*, whan aha lost eonlrol of the bribe and he ran with bar ta tb* stable, b distance of about a mil*. Tbe horse wae very morb excited, and some of tb* byataadnr* attempted to dla evade her fWm mounting blm again She rery coolly replied that "she propoaed to ride that borne or die In tbe attempt " Remounting tbe home, abe rod* cot lb the street, wbon be acted go badly tbat Bee Reed got b ai by the b ta and led him iblo the itable, where, after some atmkirg dosm and 'bora* talk," ha nerve* were par tially qeteted, and M.te Desmwan rode him away ta tri umph Mien Dennieon it a young lady apparer'v about twenty with a keen black eye and reap ?b?e<e, and I withal very pretty bee da* 1 a* brave aa jtllaa Leaar." Inakiym City s?wi. Ham* or TO IUiL*uM-Tbe tab* between Ui? Brooklyn City Bailrosd and Uio Brooklyn _ road co*pen?as hae been brought to a heed. e bore boon oojolnod by tho Supreme Court fro* usieg tbo track laid down In Furman street, on the ground that tho Iron belong! to tho trot named oompany. It apponn that the director* ol tho Oantral Railroad made an ar rangement with a committee of tho Board of Crector* of the Brooklyn City line by which Utoy wore lobe the use of the track, and they aooordtngly wont on ana made the neceaaary arrangement*. and neve been running cam for aome week* back, ? the rery groat accommodation of tbo public. The director* of tho City Railroad, not boUg ai*iwned to recogniao tho acts of their committee, applied i taftbTcourt* lor an Injunction against the Control Uimpa ?? w hich was granted on Friday, thereby compelling tho Kier WUko kMbelr car. otf'tha track. iSurtmpt SEE'* &?<? panyE^i^d|neTforWno^smat 1 sUre'of V CeS!r'LvCTw"y a^uacr'on^the ^^i, $5* E?y have already commenced- Btt. -d-U? 5 ssisri>r.kj&* Hne ff l'iTthi *)?t of the City Railromt directorsito ! keep theatreet free from their ot^U^notmru, __ra ihpmMlvei they will uniieetioiiaDiy oe www. Tb? *4of ue line hate been ux> f*Mrailjr ****" niA?d by the public for them to be permit* 1 toper* i neb a dog in the manger policy. i Boasd or Scrmavisnae ?A etatad meeting of the Boar of Supervisors, of King* oounty, *m held at the jail yee , trrdey afternoon, Stephen Crowell, President, in the j chair. Two communication* were received from the Mayor, recommending the raining of an additional ?un of MO, 000 for water purpose*, and $35,000 for aewer*. Refer red to the Committee on Special and I/teal Tage*. A communication waa received from Dr. Turner, Sec re tary of the Inebriate Atyium, setting forth that the Ki I c>e Commissioner* had in hand *13,000 apyl'. '-able to the funds of the A*ylum which they had not pa.d over, yd I ataiug the action of tho Board thereon. Referred to tU Ufbe report of the Committee en Aoconnt* of theSuper Inpatients of the Poor, to whom were referred the an I n *1 report of the Superintendent*, for the year ending July 31,1800, waa called up, showing th* follow jig I Amounts drawn by order* of tho Board for_ ^ tbe year...... 21640 41 , Amount* received ** " Coet of tbe Institution for tbe year $$8,602 8C Tno?iVport of the Committee on the Eguallzttion of the I Aseusstrrnt Rolls waa called up, with a return **?*?_ stsors of iho county, showing the value of *i?ble pro; jierty in toe sev.ral wards of the oonnty, as compared with 1859, showing the follow-.Bg aggregate* for .be wb-.c COUDty- I860. 1800. Rral 894,167,314 91J41.707 ^raZlKrty 12,151,318 12,214,080 T.,ul 8100,914,032 1109,610,731 In'urease...: $2,801,106 The'(Committee on General Tax* preeented their re port of estimated expense for th? 0*unl year, communing Ausust 1.1800, amounting to 8382,970, which they re commended to be raised Adopted. . A statement of unpaid laves In county towns, umounl lng to 8501 00, was presented, and referred u> the Com mittee on General Taxe*. .. ._ . .... 1 The Committee on Penitent'try presented 'heir report | of tvpenses for penllettiary purpose*, for the yearewdwg July 81,1869, ea follow* - For eupplies o'ltss it Salaries, ' Total expeodlture ? ? The President, from the Cjmmtttee on the Erec.ionof a Ci urt n-mee, preeented a report, staling that the oom^ niittee were unable to obtain tbe co operation of the Con-men Council to petition the legislature for Wmhmg lon rark for a site, and therefore they recommended that the resolution offered by tbe committee ?? of June, be acted npoo, by Which the *tt*_of appropriated (o that purpose. The President s the ab mm of any bett-r sugi- at ion, was lnJ*voL^ Inr tl.e Military Garden, on which * frecta CourtHom* Altera long and unprofltabie diecunslon, it was resolved m% nt on^tbe^nlnutes an attract*^whofequeMioe lor ti e lust ten years; and that In the mcsatlmoth< whole subject lie on the table till next meeting. A greet deal of routine buslneee was traoaacted, nftar which the Board adjourned to the 17th Instant, at three o'clock. Police Intwlll?ewee. (ruse.* or kUuciois Mi^chiet.?Job L. Black, of No. 142 Fast Twenty-third street, appeared before Justice (joackenbnsb, et theJci'.ereon Markot I'o.ioe iwrt,,ao prelerred a complaint against William Carney, of No. 140 lieat Twenty-third street, for malicious mischief. Tbe complainant stated that he bought the premise* occupied by tbe ureused at Sheriffs sale, but found ^eem< difficulty in getting tbe tenant to vacate tbebonar lecsl proceed lng* were commenced against fwrncy. when he birame frightened and promised to quit the pi see on Saturday n'ght. Belore taking lea", however, it le alleged be cut away the gas Ovtores, brok' ecvera! of the door knobs, and otherwise defaced the in ferior of the premises, out ol pure malice to the oom plainsiit The sconced was erreated and required togivr bail In tbe sum of 82,000 to answer. KeesKB am< Ciivru or Tuoiue J. Mrxnsv ?The es cape ef Thomas J. Monday fr??n the Court of Mccsions y?e terdsy morning, where be was to be eenteroed for al legcd rape on a liUls gill, created quite a stir among the police yesterday, and several o' the detectives set u work, if possible, to hnd his whereabout ana arrest him. 0*1 i iKiwhng, of toe Math ward polite, however, war on the lookout fer Mr M today, and last evening arrested the gei t'-msn la Hibokta. where he bed secreted him. self He wss Lrooght to tbe city and locked up in tho Clxth ward station lu-ua*. This morning be will be taken tnto court, end no doubt senteooed by toe Recorder. torasr-now ?We ere reqmwtfd to state that Mr. J. 8. Cans, broker, ef No. 84 Wail street, who waa arrestee uc the 28tb nit. oe ? cbarg of embe/.slement. did aot sell n of the not,* pisocd In hie poser is. jo by Mr II. Matbias. On ?!?" ceutrary, Mr. flaue requests ue to *? that lie Still retains ihe notes, subject to tbe order of the partita luvtly entitled to tbe same. City UUIllftac*. PaiUsOad AflOMMl ?Coroner Set inner he IJ us street; at b< lb-rue Huepital yeelctday upon tbe body of Three K? My. ? retire of Ireland, aged 11 yeere. who died frotr the certaof lejurlee arcideo tally reeelred ca the 26it nil . by being mu orer by one of the Ktgbth Arena* Rail road rar*. at the aoraer of thirty third (tract Dacenw 3 attempted to mmp off tbe front platform wh'le the ear nasi la mottoai when be turned hla footing and rail uadei tbe wh?.:? The |ory la rendering a rerd el, r?ooaaanert ed the railroad cemiecr to lake proper meaae o prnrent pe rsona from yen leg off and oo the froat platlorma af tbtir ran Pi > (Iran at an Owjrmm _4 daughter of Robert Hastier waa kuneked donn by in omnlbna In Broadway yeaterdty Bjert nag aad waa badly hart, hot we bear la bow ta r fair ear of recorery She waa iaaaaalbla far aoaaa l.m? bet ..Brier the skilful offlraa of a paaatag atraoger. fir. Hly. of Maryland. b?r shoulder waa promptly pot in place and ber wooade humanely drcaaad. Ounxotrri Keontnr, trta Ib>T Pwutsaa, will preac* la tbe Ant orb Paptlat Church. Parentis a rents*, near Twetftr rtreet, thm (Thursday) er*ntag, Oct. 4, at half peat aerea e'nork. He-w free A eollnctlon will be taken ap Psr a charitable pnrpoar. Comams Iteaea. KkW TOKK. fli mttotos, L. J.?Number of Inhabitant*. 1Mb. 0,99* ll.M.h 142; inerenne. 760 deal ha. 1960,111 dwelliaga, 1,642 familiea. 1.7*0. farma, 631 milch rnwa. 1,117 h"r*?e, 1 IC6 busts* I* wheat,31 ,936, rye, 11 312, oata. 71146 rnra. 111,102, pound* butter, 110.102. tone tag liali Ley. 10 171 e* Titmwn, 1, I ?Somber of inbabttaat# 1400,2,1-12 1 s:j,. 2 097 increeee. 41 loathe. 1900, 2= ; dwelMags 417 famlltee, 416 farms. Ill milch cowe, 664 herein. 199 bushels wheat. 0,014. rye, 4.910. oatn, 13 300; oora :? M>0 poenda batter, 34.470. totsa hagllab hay, 3,100 OHIO. The population of Use counllea of Lick tag end Ma* n gum. a* rbown by Use ceatue return* la aa fnlsowe ? 19(0 IBM Licking .39.949 10.94? MuakiBfum ,43.371 46,04' Wa pre wan Cwmrt?Hpactal Term. Before Hon Judge Boo DC 7 (WT X ?AlfrM A. ta Meat .hme-M.?Judy meet for defendant no demurrer, with learn to plaint r. to arr'ed within two dayn 00 payment of rente f?m D fhilm n<%4 din is ITm ffwedrU inf otter? ? Jndgnseet for platatifh, rnctrmlng report *f referee Ikr crre le be *ett?ed on 0th fictoher, oe fnnr dnye' notice Almn4rr Jf Bnsen or Ihrman IB wow lodgment l*n Btlff eor rdmg to j-rayer ot complaint, by drfho't m In act lie on two day*' cotloe. r rrtimn asm rre Crns ?Tbte sioguler d'reast, wblef ben ttsue far eeeated to battle the efcill of our beat phyai .-lane. ssta the Clnclnoall /'row, baa become an peera itnlaad La been to generally fatal, that aay fuggee.ior d regard to im care alll hardly prora aaiateraating U cwue.w are not known. Bad therefore all treat men! hat heretofore been merely riper'OMatai but Ita latboganmonic aymptoma are m> J reraiaed aad dtmitnilar that sa many instances tbe throat a! tbe pat'.-et rleaea, ami be dirt belsre tsw dWaanr ban Nib mrcostred. Tbe diagonal-- by whleB II f known term other ccntr'sinta of tbe throe* a the fts ma lien ef * membrane which lacreaeet g-edtmlty until the ! hl'.tht la literally (tretgw to lealh ft ta inmstfmii eerompaeletl by nieetali * aad ritrem* proah'aW of Mm rutlre rtrtew. aad at etlsera by neither of 9 sea* Symp lons, yet in either Care if w equal:/faint. fb arrsal the . v - n of Usl< membrane would therefore teem eqeira ? t 1 t? curing the .1 Mas*. and tf.le, ta aWl Inateaeea . trey be dene la tbe fuliuwlag em* - ?a the earl fits ? of the rompieial. watch w alwaga ensue nee ted by a (orcnens and (welling ?r the threat, ?a? Ihepaiisnl am a simple tohilloa of silt aad wnknr, no a gssgte. every Of tree* At the mam nam mowtee apiane ef flea uel with a re'nli'rn ol tbe snase kiad, aaw* warm m Use pallet t ran hear II, aad bind It aronad hb throat, renew irg it a* oilen aa tbe gergle la adrntaMemd, aad la tbe meanwhile tprlnkllrg Da* aalt between h? flsaael aad lh? rr.-k l'?e lawardiy tome tealc or aimaieet, aiUser ?e 1-stalely, or, If the prntdretioo be pel, urn bath to ?r?her The treetmert, at may ' - ear-. * esteeme y limple, ted. If need e the eai erstagefof the dwmne ? Jl efiecl a complete cure.

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