Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 4, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 4, 1860 Page 3
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r?rp rt'^re tbe people. and the ercwned head o" tit legum-a Bourbon is at length overtaken by retribu tive justice. [Corretponden* of Use I-oodon Timet ] Nan*, Sept 9, I960. So tar Bar bald 1 Uaa pleated people mocb, by bis con Brine h'meeif to Neapolitans to all the appointments Vi-.-ii bo tuts TUo following otlises have been Ben temporarily to these pernoca:?Public Works, to Marrl d'.iti'ttto- 1'ubilc Instruction, to Dr Ltccone Finsuoe, to 9e ilojs; Msrlue, to Ckpt. Smis', under Ad miral Pcrvano. karebeee Bella, (kvaltero Leopard), and Itr fk's eo, ?r?> afspntnted Envoys Extraordinary to Ifmnce, :'amieiu and llugiand r< tp, ottvely. Several oon ?*e? ors have re-i wade to 'he Mbgxioiaof, ss the directo ry of tr e oatou H- veto jro'l-, and the Governorship of the Lank to l.'ocriini, an appointment snitch trill in spire Utile eoutl - u v> u t?>? public Ml public officers are, for the mnni'-ut, retains 1 In their old ?tat lone. Tbe bo.oing of sever*1 i dices i>y ? ne and 'ho fame pernon .s b> ocelot ward lornid Jen, mid pluralmta are to select witn bi ltre days wfcl b offlcs Uiej vrfil retain. *U military men willing to serve ato ordered to pre sea', thsfc t've* ?t the nearest a atlon. g've In'heir ad hesion to tbe aetaai government and take their certltlcate cf It. Those ifflce s * bo present themso.ris with their troops will be retained in their punttiona In full activity; those wbo preeem thamselves alone wil be placed in the ??? ocd clsre, and will be employed wbnn the army is rc fbrmed. Those w lu -<o not tcuJ ui their adbeaion in ten dnjtwillbe excluded. Snrr. 10,1890 Tbe Of. -taZ Journal of Naples, as it is now called, pub babes a series of deuces this morning, of which the fol law jig are tbo most important:?All tha acta of public au thority and of aJiiiinistration arc to ha Issued in tbe I?" of bis Majesty Motor Fmxnuel, King of ]Utly, ami nil tbo s als of State, Of p i"l!c ad ministration, nod of the public offices, are to belt the trail el thi royal house of Savoy, with lho legend "Victor kuaul, King of Italy." The public debt of the Xeapo Mtan State is ie?{ii zed; the public bauas aru to conti nue their payraeifts, ts also tbe Discount Bank, acmrdiog to cxistiLg laws aid regulations Tassports for tbe Qt iled Italian States are abolish 'J; those for lore gu itates and Italian Stales rot united arc to be signet by the iurector of Pol.ce. Ibo foltowiog address to tbe army hat been j .bi shiJ ? If you do not disdain Garibaldi for vour companion in arms be only deelree to right by your viae the enemies of tie conn try. Trace, then, l<> Jiaoor-'-ihe throne mlefo tuaee of o .r Vend. Italy 1 smpling on the tr?gm<-nui of ber ohaine.-points tbe r?cni _ -the path of honor. te.wsrde the 'a?t Ic-kti g plaee _ -.jrai.ia ! pr .iue you no hi.ig isore than u> mux* vo l Irit g. tiAnlBauDI. N.usS. tept UI. tbttl A aeries ui detyutrLis alio a e published from Nota. Bee-vocU), Aqutla, ar 1 a boet of other places, eiproee . e ef the puhile joy at the arr'val of tbe Illctator in tbo capital, lu Arr.ano anu AveUtno ibero has been a re actionary movement, and from fifty to eighty persons have been Sicr'Bced among tbe Mbtra s uo Sunday afternoon tbe division ol Col me) Turr, romp-serf of 2.-100 men, lift in that directum. Some disturbances. accorn paniod hy lots of life, have uioa placu a s. n cauova Todarnews h-.e been r<oe1ved of a r-act - nary mor ? men: in tbe leiand of Irohln, and Albert Mario.' on the stati ol liar.baiJi, ?aa bent oil la*t night to quell it. Kere, in Naples, Uie ca-ties bare all capitulated, and are in tbe fc?D<"s ef tbe V'atktna! ?{-?-.rd Th-> populat'oa a gradually settling down into its nsuai *iber statr, wbs.h lam letaoliy been dAturbe<i by the mvluest Ci UilHttloii. and be'ore that by apprehension. The tund* have risen flvo potnis to-day. and conivr'" Rial eonOcenoe Is evidently en tb<- increase. Tim ec-*gy ol the man at tbe bead of aCu.ra l-se.f tell turn.gbo t tbo capital. TT?e oolv foreign Ministers wbo no-v remain in Nao'ct are tne British. rYennb, Sardinian and American, but all but the two lurmtr have no re.utioos with the dep-aeJ govern net! Mr Chandler Is, indeed, so indisposed that be could not leave, and, moreover, no notice has been sen; to the diplomatic body ol the departure of the King. Snrr .11, 1890 TTa OfKeia! Joe.maf of Naples this morning pnbilnpes ike luihi' aauress to tbe PalermiUns from Garibaldi: h^arioyoo. or far irom you. nrave people of Palermo,! am ? -h you. and with you for all my lite. hones of aft action, eommualty of fatigue, of danger, of gtury, o.i.o me to you k.Ui indAaoi ible uea, moved'ioa he ve.-jr deutha of ay son!, w?h my cmeplenco as Italian. 1 kLow that yon will a-1 donht my words I separated my sell from you lor the common cause, nod I left too r.otb?r ael'?Deprvtla. Dsoretls Is confide-1 by ma m the good people of he capital of Hlclly; aud. m ire hsr. my rtpreaet latlve, be is the re. resentative of ibe holy rational Ifea. "Italy and Victor gmaimei." Oepreus wl'l of the l.irnd to the ret of t ree Italy. Hut it la Depretis wbo ? cat Cstermlne-fatthfal to my mieston and to the In'nreet of liaty?the fortunate epo- h Ibe mlaerable beings who talk to yoti of annexation to day people of sictly. are i?e same who a mcn'b ago spots u you and stirred you up, 1 sek ihem..people I' I bed coedese. ndfd to their Individtial littleues. I could ha. e ?orun?"d to fight for Italy?1 could have Sort you this day my Ovals:.ue of >a* from the beauulul capital of ihe ttuuthera ~ " ntineri. - - - continert. Well, 'ben, noble people, to the cowards wbr- h-d ihemseiTts when you fought io the barricade# ot Pa icrtno f-'r the liberties of Italy, yoti will say from yoiu-'lan taf 1. thai fAr MWiWi > 'A* liinniont or"Ki?oKt'l.-for Am., u i ?' me mitt yivrSue fsH'y; A"t thrrc am tka A#wAhr of ^ ; at ?hen Itilv Sshs 1 .-oi et brr sons In one family, ami all as trge men in hrr|HlusU:<sM bosom and blase Ucm. G. UAKiJAUJL ICcrrcrrondeiiee ol tbe I-inloa N :ws J najom, sopt. 10. mo Tto U.J demon. Jad troupe wliwh tavo lu.oacd iho IcfUBM of Fracci* 11. are rtlll encamp.d behind thu Vol I a mo, tr.d aredivldcd lew i?o sump* One, ichi A/'.r?u l.nt of mt/itaiy dfftnv, ?r,'reii Jrata Uapua to Cml-Uil uruo. fit rv.r.d Iiii4 ? f d(/r?c4 /oUo.'t Me ooarjc ?f the Gatigiiano, to tot flare ichore thai riser fa!? Ok V of Goeta I hear mi good authority that the royal aits) may be fairly roca<*ied at thirty W Ih rty Ave Uioiuand inoc, but they are no much col down that do ? a: reliance caa h< placed on thorn Aa many &a can ^Brt to an wtb all po?*>ble baal*. and nome of the regl u "ti* bave |erei 'ljitnril/ d.ciarcd their unwlllingwen to l)?ci -ga.uhi tbo r Italian brethren. Wbeu I uooaider what baa taktn pUce here within tbe laat two day* 1 eannot out put entire 'allh In the above aitnticned laformatma Nut only tbe .ruope left In r barge of the arernal and royal pala-e hare declared them'rive* for the oatloaal more menl* tbe <tay before v-?lerdey, but the garrmona at' the fort have lolkraed their example Port 3.. Kioto wet the only fort wbtrh alttl pereiated In totaling the Brurton Ban. but yeatrrday evening, nt >lx o'clock, Its garriaon (about 1 .00 men etroag) lowered tbe eimpecaion bridge of tbe forlreet and gave it up lu Garibaldi'* troop* . h< _ .- ; ih. . ; , ? at... try tn? way . are U'-t very oouragrou*? were greatly rellevel by eeelng that tbe hag of trace la II bad been hauled down, an I that of Victor Kmanuel touted in Ita place. Although the break lag up of the Bourbon government may be eaid now to have been completed, tbe Kirg an 1 hie follow ere etlll ao-irieo aomr hope* ot beirg recalled to Naplue, or at any raw nop. that a chance may be ottered W them to aoli" tbe rapiul by force uf atar. Y rater Jay one of Fraud* the itecood ? gener?i? wrote from Garu that the court would patiently welt tbe oeurvc of ev.ota. being cou rioted lb?t anarchy will w.tuic a tUr' period prevail, bulb in the <-ap'taJ aurl in the yiu'iocee. con# Vjw let tr.n add a few beta abedt tbe reception Uert Uatdi baa met with *n tbl? metn p.>lu< The t.uoera! bat h.t b-ad quarter* la Ihu I'aiarnu d'angrl, in llie Toledo Th<->Lgh he baa mw been aotre day* m tbo city the ex clement hen rran ely tobe ded In the lean. All Kaptea r.-.i, ' h -.11 l. ia"t aeienv. and the wbule popu let: n A In thr atrcrts In tin evening the principal ttorooghfare* ire aim ft lmpa?aabl?, as t tbe ahocl* lor Garinaidl, ViUorlo Vmini" le and Italia Tim, are deafen mg. TVh revtr tbe General both e veat nea wf tired a ?arro mfe ble horre or hie oerriagr, and tbe people fall en their kaeee to kim bin rt'rrupt or hie clothra Old Baa, with Ware' running down their cheek* and voice km from excitement, etretuh oot their baa da toward* tbe Bivionr of Italy, wbilsl from every balcony abowcre of flower* fell on hie bead On the day after hie entry lot" the city occurred tbe great Me of the Pie di i.r tto, which la eeooed only to that wb?a Pi. Gennaro rr.ndrecenda to let hia blood boll Tor tbe ediflcaltta at tbe peaple and proflt of the prteeta. Tblaf'Jt* wee originally retabllebod 1ST y?are Idee by Carlo 111 to commemoale tlx ripuh oe of the auair an* from be drmtniae. un tbe prevent occaelon it wee held by i rnxi extraordinary combiaai n of ctr r. mnance* on tbe day following tbe entrance of tbe the lator aid flight of the laet of Ike Anatro Bonrbun dyraaty Tbe Near-olltane are a eupentlttoua peop.e, and thie ootnblnatloe ken bad aa extraordtaary eflnrt on tb- r w i. ?* Ger be di atleedad tbe fate. The whole of Me National Guard were enter arm* and lined tbe v.rreta fr m the ntlarzo d'Argrl to the end of the Riviera dl <>*,.? The General with hie eufl drove down la car rlagee, and waa received with ncrrame of delight aotwlth ? ending the rate which wee fail'eg in torrent* la the ?venteg lie attendee tbe cble Pan Carlo tbeatre. The thclator'e vlalt waa to a certain ? xtcot naexpeotud, ao the feanae waa lot very crowded, only on the el la oppoatta hw hex Tbe opera we* "Ih* Two T.wcari," and every e'l"?w-.n te liberty or Venice waa ballad with ebottle that tamed ffcr arverai minutm. lObrreetmedaaea of tbe tzmdoa Ttma* | Varum Sept II. ItoO Tb* fonr battalion* of Oameur* whom the King bar left beb'nd tn hie flight, ? i?rt.-reJ here and there abaut tonii, bave goee aaonder Monr of tbe w,Idler* go h.>me th e'wbowtan to reman at Neplea, ? rtirv from hartn. do cbeieance to tbe Lew Power* that he by wearing a ena badge with tb* Aevey cue# on tbe.r hr*-.- ta In fortreae of Pt Klmo followed lb# rtamp e n the feet It flrwl a thunder ng aalvo in botor at Gtribeldl. hoitted tbe Rardimaceolort.and ndaltled tfe* Nntkmai Guaro* wtlhla lie wale Th* othrr fbrta are aq'taily garria*e.| by lb:< I ? au ? nurgxer ml Itta Kaplee, m ihurt, I* now wholly la :b* hand* of the pavrkrtt, aau Garibaldi ha* already t"i#h?d f.irwerd oe oy m brignd>w, wbmb hav? gained lomrnloe of lbs royal palaw ef ha eta. fhr K*ng *h?ta op tbe gate* of'tap. a Tber" and at Oaeta he will abide till ble eneoitr* come on. Mevaebllc haidl. ameter of the a*n*. eendn hi* ?traiii'rt ta Pa ota, to rtapvl, to all the mail je.rt* aear wn oh ht vet tanked legion* haeeeed behind. Every m .rmng we beer al a Mtyoua land try and n trmmphant ui?-c,h of tbeae aeverai brtgwlr*. The whole b-rce w|l. a-on b* hr ugbl tog ther. and the reej te al.owr to the h at, at i*eeta ? ill be of no toog doratma Ta* |oy of (bene good Sanpol tan* at their rhevply got tee e irner i pat Ion hi <v>m> ' dally mo*e n ny and frnnlic. Kvrry eveoivg the Toledo It all alive with banner* end torch**, with throe red mnenr of pmrieied peope, all poking their Kreliager* In raeh otter ? far*., aad alKiut log out with all the ni ght at tbetr doutoorn tbrnal* tba. favorite cry, ?' ( aa ' t nat Una .' '?conveytug I ? tie r eeire mat all Italy ?h<wld be made aa* ronotry There we* a grand gala eight at Aa facto on natordey laat, wbee the prnecmiiiia. the pit aad the hone became ooa vat atage Tou rwuld not tell the actore from tb* epnclalnr* for the whole performer** eonaMad ef to /Van* to Garibaldi. who, oalm aad aarea* ta hw bomaly garb, bad a I word fbr all the M*aaa who earvoue.led htm la hie box, and we*. I* fhet. baa lenmmhle to that popelar demon etrat oe tbaa be might have wwhed ta avow. There are not many men whn emtld renter* to my whet Gnrlhaldl'e preneat Inteettona amy be Garthmldt u ami to tali wildly. (A' ugA he u rare m oat "ioHw Be mm brlag the Nrapolilaa rolerprtn* to na aad, aad Utat will five htm employmeat to* ? ??* *r twe; thee, if diner Tamorielere march** forward to tbe reano* of the Boar Boa, or tb* Rrrarboa with hi* trtopa take* refuge in any part of tb* Papal tarrltory, the war win aeoaanarity Be carried into that ground where Garibaldi hlametf would Wiab ta pnreo* it. fkw hrrt ha* bam ycighinktg pmpi* md <f t W "Ui hw too opt** rrnealbtg M* dwkpw npeo (new and Tinker He mual have the whole of luiy, and't waa anppoatd hia mlocuao* to the wmedial* an aaxaiioa at them Southern kipgdemt M I indmont a rear . (torn * fear lest bie eetion for the future might be bam pertfi by bie allegiance to Uie ^oyernment of Aing Vtstor Fmasuei. 1 always thought. bow?ver, tbet ibo aUeged til will between civour end Oaribaidi, If not altogether ? feint, ?u at any ala '.n a great measure affected. We beve ibis day ample oootirmauoo of all my aurmieee Two battalions ol Bervagliert?geoutne Fiedmontewe Ber aaalic;i cat e Lao led from tbe Sardinian meu of. war ana t*sm ptrseeeion of tho Uaraeoa. Telograpbio orders have beeu sent for two more Piedmonvese ragi menu to garrlsoo Ibe Neapolitan forte By laMng the Jftopoiitan marine under lis u/miiMMOrf, unit oc^upyfny ike Stronqkalds, dockya rds ard arsenals about this place, tht Sardinian got- rnment commits itself mart op, my to the. an (MsMfiew ?J Am kinfioms 'h ? < if ever tared 'a do <n the rats "f Tueomey or Mossmma la- year And ail tboao men aurca aro taken not oul> witu tbe ccuseni, bci n? ibe eip<esi denre ol tiatibaldl, wbe ? '?rtaio.y oxbibiis u > arpie^.-unon that thi ICtag'e gVferoin*nl wM itK'lfTa witbb-s vaatuodrtakings. N'ai'USH, Sept 1 i ihoO. People are hire so full of exaltat on tut -i.-y do not drettu of a chug or reverse ' o-?'?u 't r ber<?ibey hare paraded, and abut tod, nut ? luni'nat ed lor ibito or four davs, and now a' is ?vr and tbldgr bsvo doen corn!".riot/... nbae'i talks ol lea; eg Naples !n a fev days, hut n s-.t.og so be laktk ntertly a military v**w of ibi quell I ,u. (ileal. floria are being made to organize tbe a4m dia iration of the country, and some admirable incisures bare heeu tsr?ci!, which I row report" tfl polit'oa! prisoners are to bo set at liberty directly" All istoio bouse barriers between Sicily and the Neapolitan continent are abo. isbed. "Twelve as;,luma for laflaatt are eetsbHahed In tbe capital Tbe institutions are municipal, and are to be Maintained at tbo gxpefiM of tbe State " ret Mlnis.erial funds are abolished " "Trial by jcrv In penal rinses s to be adopted." "The order of tts .resu lts, and all their dependene re, ar? ab^'ifbC't Id tb<?7>d fluent of tbe Two Sl?Ut<?; tcefr property, moftabie and immovable is declared uatiocal. Ad contracts on jroperty 'orf tbe butefit of tbo order are annul!. d." "Comidi r!;,g liiat rellglocs fanaticism and aristocratic pride induced tbo late government to make distinct!ins even between tbo dead, Um bur at of iho dead With In tbe walls of a o>ty is ahgoiu'.cly forbidden." "The withdrawal of gra.n and -orn from A neon a is pro btbtted." "Prrscrs are prohibited,from woaring the rod coat or any other uniform which dues net belong to Una. ' Tha, are admirable measures, but. they will make a heat of emmiet.and render a strong and vigilant government ah tolute'.y necessary. Tbe city Is in immense confusion?crowded, picturesque, almost mad. Foreignvra ae*m to outu imbor ih-> No ?p >? lltaiis, and tbe red .*? ket every ol. er colored ciolb fiuoh a Babel Is every puoi'c place that 1 imagi e myself to be Jiving some tbonsand jiara back?Englishmen jest ar rived, hob robbing sr.tli iai.ars. wboko fitly MMM lingo s tbat of tbe lingers. Mary of o .r countrymen came on Tuesday, and) ? adieu some ol tbein carrying 00 a must animated, tcougb purely gesticulaiiry, conversation with f roiicbmeo yesterday morn ng. From, i lac ut we hear mat Francis 11 has completed bis llinirtry, and the panic- of some of tlv person? composing It sre Cotrotliano, t'llua, Ctael It anC.LAoofar 1. 1 > nd or sumd thai a document baa been found sir re ibe Kog it", cnotainlnga royal order to the Intendente to i.berate ell the galley tlavt. KurtuuaUly tbe order was not trsnemitp i, or in our otb-ir uiisfor.unes we should bare bail to add ti< i.t of bandtlisai I hear ibe saund of (raised trumpet*, and, loosing out, ?ec the first ranks ol a <.ai laidl division comlcg down tbe Santa Luria. Ian ttrmk by the youthful appearance of some, cert.m!y n t more than twtii*. pi .it tip fur'hett fourteen years out?'at,-, . r'tty lortkinj boys, who nnyht have had a sat-hd instead - J a '???naptack an their backs Tttere were, bowuver, mm glorious looking fellows sni nil, whether men or boy*, seemed to be anlmstud by a so rlt little known to ibeNoopo itan troops. The lat Mr were a sect to dclend a vile poltUaal creed and Infilct chust soment on those who op? seii it; but the forme" are bauded to prther to asrrrt tbe sacred rights of liberty. I saw it in their marrhi there was an elasticity uncut It which de noted what w a passing within I rwicot say muob for their iiDlforms, lb-, y w era verv dirty, out of order, and lrreguUr, and I bave no doubt hoi tbat so ''minent a general oSc- as lordli aud 11 would bare been much siandsliKd; but they were evidently working men, bad an objict in view, and were not going to fight for m >n'-y. 1 bave seen hundreds o' mem about tbo town to *hf, ta> v are sllle'ed abou- In the bottis aud lodging brwiSM. wbik- the Piedmor.iesc troous are in Casiel <i?o. I told you thai tbe Hardlnian squadron left during tbe bight, not lor Genoa, bui 'n the ulreotian ol Sicily?it is very probates, for tome secret expedition. Reports bave retchuc us of an unpleasant feeling at Palermo, and tbe follow <og extract from tbe loiter of a mcrcbar.' .n thai cdy will evpla-n t:.alters ? There appesni ur he a good dew! of doubt sod dissalisfsntloo here as to the pox-eedlngs of tbe government or witoe or the Ministers, tirlsi I bwrlng rssignsd In oiurquenr.' of the its elwrrd dislike to htm on the pwri of the peop'e, but Ibe why or wherefore I cannot tell. I still see many obe'nrlee Ui Ifs pies Wad Htclly ( rift'og quietly U.P) tbe sruie of W.lmoul but ft's of no use to snrcuUte on erenla thai will be brought -> light from day lo d%> Some of tbe Journals last night publltbel a report to tbeefii'Cl tliwt i.iborio Romano had re? gaed otlice, but It Is not true By most people be la I ohed upon an a necessity to the country, and flarlbaldl baa expressed a wish liost be sbiu'! rcmsiu in power. Ho remain' in powc- because he is necessary, and sacrifices himself to the InUrcctn of b s country THE VENETIA QUESTION. POSITION OF AUSTRIA. from Use lx>odoo Timet, fept. 19.) The bittory of English liberty m the breeding down of the vxcluslveness, tbe re union of the number* *c l the lib. rsl'r.rg the opinion* af a feudal arnVocrary The most successful eipertincDl is aelf governrmni loat tbe world has seen was worked out by carefully eschewing any violent Innovations and by moulding ex ivtiug tn?ttlu tioua t-r tbe exigencies ol the time From the House of Lords sprang the House of Commoua, from the House of Commote our preerat bappioeaa and proaperity. Politi cal wrttera have insisted very little on lit fact wbich ex p-'rntce teacbea ua?(hat a lineraiiaed ar it loo racy is the fcurtat guaiastev lor fro. Jom Th.t result aocommodaled itaolf to do favorite theory. It bad oolbtog but truth to recommi nd It, and baa therefore been paused by with little MUMMMI sclentillc thinkers We trust it Is deatiued to be more willingly MMfHi by men wb > rnvnage the I radical affairs of the great kuropean eommuolty. the Km| ire < - Austria Ondsherself at this mouieot In a position of very peculiar difficulty The goodness or badi)res of a gt v.-ri mt> .1 ebotild be estimated with refer enie n i i" abstract rules, but to tte opinions and foal tugs of tbe governed The Austrian government just now Conciliate* no purlluo uf Auatrian public opiuioe In Some res perls it is to) advanced. In others It is not ad vanced mougb. for its sabjscta. its barbarous and ruin oua systeui of Bnanos, its prodigious sxpec liture, Its in cessant loans, Its frandu'ent ifau?u, and tbe uttor break down of its Ittary ? " ?, WfetM aeot an army Into the Uc-d without suitable weapons, without competent g-oe rals, without hospilaU, medic met, surgeons ur cwm aaa rist, have msgutted aad humiliated all claasss of the community The abtu.d Concordat with Rome. the per secution of tbe Protestants, and the pi- nder of the (irees Ohm r , please nobody but monks and Jesuits. In these respects tbe Austrian government lags miserably bsbtni the age. aad incurs the balrrd and one tempt of Its scb lects. In other reaper's tbe Austrian g irernmeut errs in a icetrary direction, aad endeavors to give practical u ic' .fleet to elaws which however sound and states manlike, are far beyond tbe comprehension of Ma sab jrtt Tasl unity which the people of Italy am eadea | vo-itig lo lorce upon their rulers, tbe Austrian govern ir.nit is eodearoritg to force on lbs uaiiooalitlea which form tbe empire But the people are not ripe for the si Srimect tbey are do au-re capable than the subjects of .trinsgo' ..I a|.,.ric allog Ibe a'vamag ?? of a f .'lou uf i aiumajltfes aad a central:.-ation of grvernmcot. Tbey cling to thctr old cut to mi ?lo their native languages?to their traditionary magistrates. Thry care aothiag (or abatracl thrones and. if MM t? be governed at ail, they must be governed by then* means It wss assy for Cmsar or Napoieou to weld tbs K*man empire or Krases Into a compact whole, because their subjects bad reached that point of civilization which rendered them capsbI* of rsrcivlag such a boos The feat of Napoleon wan Impos sible to Louts XI , and Iba exploit of C?*ar lo Charts nuyse Austria is n .? ripe for unity, and lb* labor of tro yrars, in endearorirg to promote it, has been thrown SWbj. To deal with ihene se-icus questions tbe Kmperor of Aitstris has established s body not III calculated, sn It seems to ul, to oouosrl him wisely for tbe prensat, sad for the germ of an rfflcieut legislative snd flnauc al ouun OH for tbe ftilure Ibe ??MM wh<ca the Reichsraib ban already aasumed 'n Austrian polllioa it the best proof that such a Inly was greatly seeded, asd thst It pas sear re tbe qualiiratl >o? requlsu for disc barging tbs Inactions with which It la rntrasted. As for as lb* pub lie is allowed to ses into Ibe machiasry of tnstritagov srnmenl. tbs Ketcbsratb is the worn important body la tbe rmplre Rep. r i. rs are eot a.lmltte I lo Its dellbera tioai. hot there Is, sen rt be less, an gnat difficulty It ascertain Ipg what (.-sue* I he re The anal complete freed. rn of speech scene to prevail, aad, as la three days liberality IS restricted to wo claw, we find counts an 1 btnbofw arguing questions of civil a ret drie st >stcai polity on tns br.wdeet principles snd with sn entire absence af reserve Tbs intoieraac* and ui fairness of ibe luviesiastieei Minirer, Cuvst Is* Tbun. have l-cea B'?t hlUsrlv f fleeted on ny b'sbo.s aad laymen The loual was heard in his d<fence, bat that defence was considered unsalisfa. tory, sad It seems lo b* assume-'. at a matt- r of courts that tbs r?*n|t will, ??>!>< r or later, be bis dismissal The Km per." Is r-wn pttmei le l on the sconomy of bis private expenditure, I and somvthlng like s veto Is claimed on the budget for tbe comicg year luirct taxation to a reenter evi. nl loan at present W declared by tbs l>leh? impossible Ind.iect taxat o wem* already P> have reached Its itmlls. and not tin r. ?***(*?. Is Ml but a redaction of I tbe annual nstlay, If bankruptcy it to be avoided W* is net say that aer finaaeet are tbe oalr sifts? dlA?Rp I of Austria, but we do nay Uial tbey are the only difficulty that heed be serto?. A substdatioa of the f* d?iel for the centralized principle of government, s ust sod equal treatment of all religion* del .'Wlssllna*, aad n I reps iiati -o of tbe deuvted Concordat with Rome, would, If promptly ar- omp.isbrd, retn .ve all other ceases of dta-1 eastern Aosiria has so fraalir democratic Ibetioua to deal s ill Her oi poosuta arc the ronservat vrn?tbe friends ?d old practice* sad traditions the advocate*of liberty, local and svr'e-lasllcai?men with defln-te and moderate aims, whom It la or was qntte pnastbl* Is sstle fy Hot a precious year has been allowed to elapse, ii.fb'e are entsrlalaed uf tbe favorahl# dtepnsttloa of tbe Kmperor. ar d It is quite pumtble mat tbess refortne, oh vmusly nersn?rp as tbey ar* fur tbe preservation of tbe empire rrey e'tber sot be made at all, or,lure the . uueti tunnn of the Rmg of Maples, be gieen when H l* too ktfe. Kwpfuslry ail this lo be done, there still resaais* tbe question ol a nations' bankruptcy or of a large red tret loo >f expenditure, that Is, la other worda, af a large reduc tion of the ermy How is thisto be ancompllnb~ < lesr'r by removing those count * which rseder the presence of a large army necessary We have Intimated ooe of tbons ?mines while alluding to tbe dlnronteat In Hungary, ??" html*, aad tbe other Crown lands?s dlnauatint which una only b* removed by Kederal lostitn tloaa aad religions equa lly A still greater ranee of expsnss stbepnasw rlua of tbe provlnc* of Vrustle an t lb* entengless wm mr sequent upon It, The lime ha* mm' when Austria mo?t elect between tbe ahaadonmsa t of V east is us tbs ' oe hand. ?1 bankruptcy and tbs eoaseqoest dissolution of the Empire on the other It may be, sad vary nasty would bs, thst Austria might triumph oyer Italy In arms fur lb* rosqomt of Tensile. Just ? she triumphed over Italy la arms for lbs eoaqs?I of Lombard? 1b 1848: trut Jtatr.a c.? ~tirffnri 3k? tnumpk It ?*hM birtm m.-r< fatal IXm u .it, 'jtea'tte i iouuii gtvt lur mure Urriiiiiy in ux. -j and mart WMflflfag <ubjtdt to coerce The State lr it aspires to govern others should, u> -he flrol r'xes, secure at home a ooo tec ted people, and, IB tre <-xt, a well filed treasury. Austria hH8 ne Jier I people are on the surge of ia riirrecuoh. her IrriM y is on the or.nit of Insolvency. Whatever the rrso't of an Immediate ^outlet might be, time ak>t!it w iuld he ?oSicK.ot U wrest Veucta from the Austria*! Empire Her fluaoces oanuct bear -ho constant Elate of armed expectation. W 'houtaa army kept op on its prrsrot foot rg Venetla Is lost?with an army on its present footing the is ruined, Fresh taxa.ioo ap pears n be f t f Ins question T< at.r rsnnot be ha t alter tie pal tia. itputre other Huancce set the detected frauds ? f lsst jesr Rrsm '? n?t as deeply embarr issn<i ss Austria, only that he ?i struggling a social in stiad 01 a ftueriu question .1 u. that quarter no a I Is to be t\,. i?'i t, the cut of ? Hut ?'*rlan r s.og There Is nolo hp for t b it so^misston 10 the lenderey of events A e m History policy st home, an auandonineut lor whatever ?r.sidsration may be obtained of the ruin > ue provii-e of V> t it's, cn red Ami of the amy,a ilfcrott eornoflr.y n aU other brsncaee of expen diture, a <<evr)?|en>rbt ol the vast natural roeouroetof Hung' -v by a more liberal commercial tariff?Ibese are tha rr" r,e. and the 1 uly scans, that still rstaaiB for the rrsssr atlon of Austria frcm dertruct.on. They imply, no doubt, the d ssipatlon of mary Ulrstons, the abandon Vt'itaf mary hones, the surrender ot that dogged and nm*. r ring ooellnuiy which has brought Vbe empire id ihe verge of deetruytioti. 11 A tbo sairlboe is worth n a'K rp. ?nd w? recognise or. n M this m- niest ibe pc Collar Is Hetty of Austria, when we ooaerve that, after tsvitg brought horself to ihe v ry verge of destruction, ihe may stili retrieve her fortunes by Justice, toleration, economy am* moderation. The Ptlbct of Waltt Wild the t snadlan Orange Klota. [Krom tne London Poet, Sept 18 1 Ry the laai advices from Janada we learn that the Governor General and the Duke of Newcastle have moet wisely and Iproperly intimated to the inhabitants of R'ngstim and Tororto that " Ihe Prince of Waiea wiH take i o pari <n any procession where party oolore are worn, or party tunes are played." those who are acquainted with the two divisions of the province know that Lower Ca rnda is isnrtlaliy a Roman Catholic country, whilst t'ppar Canada ta Inhabited by a population composed of 1 tuunauis of every thaoe of opinion, with the addit,on ot some considerable number of Irish, who, of oourse, belerg t? the Romish faith In lower Canada, where the p?-?.|w-tj of the church and the exerotae of the Roman t'uib.i ic relig.on were guaranteed by the treaty of 1763. the iobt'aiu have the benefit of a wee I thy m, I well organised eatabliabment, and if any despin.-e or dttferattoes ever oocur, they generally aro t>. be atinbuie.1 to the ealousy. or perhaps stronger feel tugs, with whieb the French ecclesiastics regard the Hry neotn priet's who fled their way Into the province. If the French Gsna<!inns have not been very warn or devoted in tbi-lr exprejsloia of loyalty, they at leaat havo bad the good turt" "1 remain in the background, and to obaerva the policy of decent silence. The beads of the Roman (?allelic Church *?t a bet to, and more dignified example, by aitmding his Royal Highness with a digs.(led and du ttful addrvea, to which they rrrmveda gracious answer. Put a? the only charge Which baa been Insinuated against th? Frmrh Inhabitants o) voebec and Montreal ?WMI 10 th.r?that 1 ertain mem be-a of tho le gislature have abstained from waiting upon the Prince, and that the French population generally baa tak'-n little or no part in the public re joiolage, these matters, we thick, may be safely dismi-a ed as exhibitions or bad breedmg ai d bad taste, to which further entire wiuid only attach that importanoe whith at present is a'togetber wanting. Canada, like the neigh boring republic, appears to be greatly addtoted toaocie tbs, tome of which are charitable, some national, noma feligtr oe and some politic*]. Jean Baptnte baa the great society of the Jesuits to guide and Instruct Mm; the Krelish. Scotch and Irish have respectively their St. George's, St. Andrew's, and St. Patrick's societies, which promote nationality, benevolence and good feasting, and tbo ultra Protectant party in Upper Canada have imported and sustained that political and religious organisation which, under the Dane- of Orangeiam, has lor years deetrvyed the peace and tranquility of Ireland. In tha United State* the native Americana have established an ass eiattrn which, under the nam of tha "Snow No things." la intended to oppose the growing political infiu eneo of the Roman ihtbollo Irish, who, un"" ?? n. v. H,., ,, u,.., k.,uuiI, ,1 ,u, wuu, unlike other fo reign mmigrsots. bang about the great towns and elite?, ant olton by their voice turn the late of an election. In which in teality they ought to have no oonoern. The Oraife Society in Quoad* would have very much the ?erne abject If the tame neoensity existed. In the wintor < f 1839, at the time of the rebellion, the Protectants of Vpi" r Canada turned out to a man, and behaved with the greatest gallantry and tuoceaa But secret oaths, party pre CM n? party banners and party tunea are no. rrqutsite to mulct- individual* leys' In a eouctry where the utmost amount of liberty c n slatcnt with the maintenance of order exists, such a society as that which now desires to do honor to the Prince of Wales, by Insulting a large claH of Its fellow subjects, ought to be put down by the law. It Is enrtous to observe that one or the last sets passed by the Imperial Parliament belrre the prorogation was the set to proh b t the oso ?nd exhibition of party emblems in tmland. The provincial administration, if it w ishes In remove from rinadaa constant source of irritation and offence, will adopt the statute uf the British Parliament, and plane nil parly baruer* and processions under the ban of the law In Ireland the Oruge system ought no more In be excused than the Ribbon oonepirary which asserts that " wild lUFtire of r< vengu" with which the " devilish deeds" of sgrsrisn murder In that country have ton frequently beeu testified In Canada there ran cxlet nv pretence, no excise, for these recrrt aocletlee The Prlnoe of W*l?? baa done well In having firmly refused to give the slight ret coun trnanx and sanction to processions wbl-.h would he of an exclusive and offensive. If not of an illegal, character. We hope that the good tense of the general Canadian j?o pie will revolt from the indecency and folly which have marked the conduct of the Orangemen of K'.ngeton and Toronto We regret that any trouble should have oc curred In detract (rem a visit which hilherV. has bag ooe complete triumph; bnt no one can fbr a moment doubt that the course pursued by hta Royal Hlghnea* it not only root latent with his own dignity, but ooe which It rore to conduce to the beet and most permanent Inte reet* of Cknadx. ? THE LITEST JEWS BT TO (Ulli. lui'il, Oct. 3, 1850 Tbe ?teamabip Canada. from Liverpool on tbo 221 of September, via quteaatowa ob I be 231, arrived here at half peal all o'clock tbla evealag. She report! paa-ing ou tlx 22d, American ablp Kock ingham bound la. FRANCE. Ftaia, Sept. 23.18N. A r?]o't w mrrent to- lap oa tbe Bourae that the Autrkn bad crooned the Hlaclo, bat the Commleelaoer of Police of the Bourte gave an official denial to lb a report. Panta, Sept. 9S-3 P. M. Oa tlx Bocree to-dap the rente* opaaad at Mf. Mc., and la tbe aftercooa roaa to d$f 70c., bat Gnailp cloaed at Mf. 30c., being foor per coat lower tbao yeatardap AU tbe ralhrap ahama are dull. Tbe Paria Pmtrw no;, a ? We nan the ceaaplete Calaitp of tbe report that tbe Emperor haa eipreaaed a wiab to be larlted to Waraaw. Tbe aaaae jeuraal adda that Garibaldi, la hla lettere to Sigaor Alalcoo, pabllabod la tbe official joaraal of Nap lea, aapa ? Although I am quite dtapneed to aacrlSee all peranoal reeling <>a I be altar of freedom, I eaa aever bo raooaclled with men who bare aoM aa Italian prortaoa. N> Ttrtbeleaa, a decree of tbe Dtelaler promalfalee tbe Bardie tea roaattuttoa for Naptw ami Ac tip, bat without Btiuf Ibe dap fbr Ita going into axeeutlno Tbe Preach McMt'ur it r A rater, nap* that there la nothing la Ibe a late of European politico to prwreat tbe a - ual alt men t ha' ror kuj b , belt g given oa the (ret of Oc tober. ITALY. Boar, Brpt 18? I*. M. Tbe Bar'I la lan Iroopa bare advanced aa for aa Bard I oa Mr adap aeal the CoaaMorp of ibeCBrd aaU will bo aaermbted. Tbe laet worbaof Seacaa, Rcaacboa and Harpn bare bean pieced oa tbe lades of book* rood mned bp tbe pel government lame Brrraler l? to leave Septra oa Tbsradap aeit Mr. Klltott w II ma t la that dtp. BARDISlAa Tt am.Sapt 23, IMS The Sardinian government baa decided that tbe Pranth aoldlera of U?e Papal aratp who hare been made prtenoere sbel. be taa meciateip retarard to their (aa. las. THE BEWS BT THE CONBfAUQHT. ft loasv, ?. P, Oct. 3, IVY) Tbe ateaiaahlp C laaanght, from Galwap oa Tuaadep, the (tb nit., arrived at this port at three a'c ock tbta mnenlng, ?? madr ta Bnetne Tbe ateemablp FVeatiae, from Qeebec, arr red at I?o dooderrp <m Uie id lb alt. Ylcter Kaaaoel had determtaed to fo to Naplaa. sardialaa ah'pa bad bora herded Aaooca for tit bonra, and the f rtreaa replied vigornuaip The aetiea bad been aeapended for a oosfhroace. i.eribald: a iroepa ware ooecaatrated at Ycitrrra NAPLES. So aew aa> rrment had beea made bp Garibaldi. UREAT BRITAIN, l/oeen Ttrtnrta embarked for Prnaata oa tbe 23d oR. She will amet tbe Priaee Repeat of Praasta at CeVurg I aril Joha Reaaall wnowipaaiea tbe Qaaaa. aad will, It la aald, bave a political ooofcreace will BBroa Sobleniti, tbe Praaalaa Mm later of Fortlga A3 tire. Year eahmarlae nab lea between Yelecela and the tetania of lvtna, Maxima aa-1 Mlaortw, aad thence to Barceloea. bave beae ami iwafi Up laid. Prion# John. of B< urt oo. publi-be* ta tbe Loadne JTui aa appeal to tbe "pstalab people relative to bid r ght- to i he Spaa lab tbroae FRANCE. The Faaperoraod Fmpr-ee reached 8tCk.dfro? Al aR. Napoleon, in a speech at Alg ers, prom's d bla best af forta to forward too interests of the colony The Sardinian Ambassador had quilted Paris, ?v.. ;ieg tba busneas of tbe Legation to tbe Secretary. COMMKKCl A.L IJTTELLJ6ENCB. Lrrsnrooi, Sept 34?P. M. LIVERPOOL COTTOH k AHKKT. Tba sales or cotton to day were 10,000 baiaa, Deluding 8,000 to speculator* ari exporters, tbe Market showing no change - tnce last week. STATE Of TRADE ? MAMCHIMTKR. Tflcre bee been nc market at Manchester e nee tbe da perti.ra of tLe < tLada LIVERPOOL IREAD.V.i.'.- V.IUIET. The brcadatiflh mt'kot is I'm, urd '?orn hie tc ad vstc'rg tenaenry Tie wcatfctr ? tavcrabla 'or tba cre|?. P.icbkrdroB, ?penr?- Co., Wakefield, Stab fc Co. and others report ?"Cr t-m acd tst tiy. tVCea*. Orro at FVi day's rates. Corn baa an adran. tendency mixed, .fie a Cos Cd. LI.KHPOOL PHOVLSIO:. MAREET. Previa.ona are steady. Beef dull. Pork quiet. Eacco ' steady. Lard firm, at 44a for Cna. Tallow unchanged. LIVERPOOL PRODUCE MARKET, Sugar quiet. Rioe quiet. !U*j? dull, ai 5a. 2.1. for commcc. c'tber articles uncbangeJI. LON DON MARKETS, IyiNDO.V, Sjpt. 34,1800. Wbaai tends pward ami priest are Is. a 2s. bigber on tba Sugar quit, Coffee <iu Tea buyers offer lag freely but not sales, lllce Crm Tallow slightly li.gher for all qualities. a asanas sactitmM American securities are firm. Illinois Central abaxtw 16'j discount; New York Central -barea, M>; Erics, 30. THE LATEST MARKET"?. Ijvsk jo) , Sept. 25?Noon. Cotton?Sa cs to lay est muted a. 7.000 baler. Market quiet, but steady. Tbe breadstufia xar ,et cjens at lull prlcw. Corn tends upward mixed. 15*. 6d. Tbe weather bare ta favorable for tbe crops, but .a other s"Ct;ons it s unfavorable. Provisions quiet, bet steady. T ovdon, Sep.. 25?Noon. Consols 93 , a 13 ... [Tbe baUnoe of tbe news has not com<> to baud, owing probably to bad working of tbe .incs a: tbe Eastward. | Complaints, Ac., from the People. A "sufferer" complains ;> us, tbnt having checked bis baggage through from Boat in to Albany, v.a New Tor, Central Railroad, bis checks were demanded at Green buah, on tho pies tbal tbey were nc -usury, in order that the baggage might be safely transported across tbe r.ver. On arriving at bis bot<-i, the gentleman was charged a ?billing per piece. The baggage being checked to Al bany, tbe oorreapondent considers tbe compsny bound to deliver It there, sad not at any piece th ? side. A couple of oaramen rowing on the H idscu one aiter noon last weak boarded a deserted acow that was adrift, and hoisted signala for tbe approach of a towbost. On the arrival of one, the captain informed them that tb s proceeding was quite common. If aucb la tbe case our correspondents very properly consider It necessary that tba foaling public, ttfo owners of yachts anchored .n tbe stream and others, booM be duly forewarned of tbe fact, that tbty may keep a lookout for mischief. A port.on of the late crew or tbe Cn.'tod States sloop of. war Prfblc, Just returned from a cru ee In tbe Gull'of Mexico, write to us expressing tbeir undying gratitude to Assistant Surgeon Albert L. tilboo, for tbe kindness and unremitting attention displayed to them during the prevalence of dangerous and malignant fevers in Central America. Tbe writer speaks in tbe highest terms of tbe ability and skill of Surgeon Gihon, and It must be very satisfactory to tbat gentlemen to Cnd h.s care and atten lion thus gratefully reoogmxed. A correspondent writes us proposing to relieve Broad way by cutting off twenty five feet from Stewart's store to tbe Bowling Green on the east side, and taking twenty live feet from tbe Park nearly half tbe distance. He con tends tbat be can prove this improvement must sooner or later be adopted, and tbe longer It is delayed property below tbe Park moat continue to deelino in value. Ho thinks tbe subject ei.gbt to engage tbe immediate atten lion ut tbe authorities. An up town newspaper dealer complaint of tbe iniury wbtch tbe trade in periodicals has sutiered by tbe exelu lion o( pamphlets and newsiwpers from tbe letter boxes, and thinks that tbe auggistioo of the Osiuld to establish newspaper post boxen with wide apertures ought to be adopted Immediately. As this is a question that afk-cts tbe welfare of a large class of our clttscns, we see uo reason wby tbe plan should not bo carried out. Ilearjr I. lUulkll om Kailoa. The lollowmg letter from Henry 8. Randall, or tfctk Bute, ippetn la lite New Orleans Onrur ? Coktuavd Viujtoi, N. T., Hcpl i 1840 m>B 8m?Our Bute On-mntee ere negotiating with the Iricode of Honglne for e'Taaloa." Tbcy write me Uut they ere " reoounrvlliog with our friend* et Weeb Ington." ? ? ? ! rt< fieri" to you frtuk I;, el the outeet, tbet I would much prefer tbet do fuelon uk# piece. In the tlret slecr It rcemu U> mr to let us dowo from Ute moral dignity of our pneliton It proclaims tbet our divorce from Ui- " political gamblers'' who bay eod roll, end rwep eed el,-at, and lie end overturn n? lineal o-nventlr o?, la not a rtn lr> mttrtm ?d,hat ply e temporary " ecperait. . met by eed by we ehell again Coddle under tono- dirty b-dcl-.tnee Tb'i le not the wey to build up e enuud e. ' meeet, eed ebove ell, e permanent party If we b., . e.lS e trade we (hell ?roe eed in e trede ftroocdly, I doe't believe the fhst ? would do eny good The old'.me wbtgs end the Aour.caog gere a portion of oar Btatc candidates their entire *up;ort la the tell elec tion of 1IN, while we were ecting ell together in the h. oi ymooL erdor of e recent "ram." WMiiMi supported by the old line wh'ge nud American* were elected, with < ne except! in, by mere nomloeJ me Jnritlee Now, every indloetina goex to ebow thet three oi>e? Leeeleet at ireat ewe third, an t probably om- beir of l be ttrrdgth I bey oonm>*ode<1 la 1*49 I do not know of oae prominent men of thai rtamp in my vletaity who ?rpporu the Bell Doug lee fua'oa, or who will (upport It If we meki- c.arreirc* lb' Mf l |*rlv t-, M. It i* a moderate 0 m pu let ion to bay tbet the Ano -iru.t. w , will loan 10,000 of the voice they cart in 1S49, end every one of theae votee will go for Liec iln As. wbea united oaraelvee, end elded by the Ameri cana, ww barely matched the rt publicans, It follows tbet the defect tee of tea thousand Americana to I.laeole would pat ue in a minority of twmly tbouaend I grant that there l* to be borne defection in the republican ranks?end ao there will be la oar own If we abould net down the republloen defection and adheeioa to ua at tea ibooaeod more thaa oar defect loo to tbew. tlx a It would brief the parties even again The moat aa/rulne oel sale tor, or rather <etimei..r, of S. ward eorehrede, ceonot put their Dumber higher, or, It ihbi to me, to Ofwre out a mora fBT -rable reaolt for us And new there la another weight inevitably to he thrown lalo the republican acale In the event of a triple not included In tbe prevent* eetlmate. not Indeed, In be an thrown, except ae tbe ooo ?rqnraoe >f that allUthce 11 ere are multitude* of rule or ruin lougieamee la thla Rate who will do nothing which trada to give Brrekmridge a better rbeoce of suc erra thai Imug ae If Breckinridge *uoree?la they ere po littaeliv annihilated. If Linedo ?unrweda they atart even with ua la the race of 1IM. They, therefore, would la finitely prefer the aucorex of Lincoln TWeare aNo mil Hinder of KrrrklnrIdgC men la thtS Rate who would aouarr be dragged Blunder by wild hot-arc thaa vote for ftotigia*. whr m tbr? rrr?rd ae ueaouad, both per*oeally end jm .rally Th<n there la a breech of tbe foreign vote likely In nomr to ue blnne Pougla* baa united wttb the Kn-iw \ndbloge, but which wocld leerr a* If we elan uaika with tb? Ko'W Noth aga. The tripled fastna woo id, 1 am aabaeil in think, ooet tbe purtM* to the caatract a riombrr of Uu.ueead v?tec at el1 eveata rnougb to r?n drr our defeat ae certain ae the coming election day ? Rati itlaina won't itey at a red heel daring a long train < f pro* cola end rooferes--* The very le-1 of ar gotlal ng foe e reunion goes t-> ?how plain, reaano'ng and earnot men that Ute nr'gteel dteun -o was not ao aeeee eery after ell. If tee nan again mm together?If there la ar iDenperabte bar of pr nctplr- why couldn't we etay to getber and aave all tale tro-ihlef lb tbe very natural In 'isiry "Viaahblee ao r?all!y ad >wt*d by trail ; look vastly, m mm mow men Hire lawyers' eq ahblre la court?the paid for wrath, *btcb ta a* hermi-e* and P>ck? ichlea an the seartrg dovre And Una tha moral ?trr-rtb and high real of a good canae are frittered awav Wb-t we met at tbe ttate Ontivealtea we wvre ,n rerr l The old Oal'lc legion* were tber-, the Warred aid *t<-ra voMtera of a tboorand fights We trampled ta tbe tail rax nf regularity, m ft-v the state organ i net ton ww r? nneraed. We cmeeed the Rehiroa. Our aolamn* wer* arra)ed for buttle, and looked to aee lbs Signal Bah' Tb*y aaw a little wb'te Hag croan-ng and recroae ing between na and our fie* Aed thla h*? h-en kept up until rnwer-i* bare bad time ta luek fbe tbe strongest * Je? ntll the ardor of our braveat hu chilled for why r no Id they rtrtke gullantly ag ilaet those whn may to mnrrow be alll * and who. though allte*. will not forget the pretest blow ? For tfnd'a aak? let this be end ed let a* at onoe have open war or honorable pease Pru-vos Ftirtna.?Ihe Clncinsstl Ommtt' of tbe38th ?ejr to Irtehman named .feme* fortune. whs boarded -r V 1 Dtreet, near Third, committed suicide evening be (r-r- -it, oalng the rather lingular weapon, a piece of Ik k ? t glsea He eetered bta boarding bouna about seven o rk? - *nd ached of several of bis fallow boarders Ibr . i ? t ibarp knlfc or t ratnr B* acted quite *trangaly. contemplated the ?nd it wae tbonght by tb?m that be rcrr - ?? <n of mint dreadful deed, and hie reqtu.. rnnw quietly, refuned Fortune muttered s few werda V) h mi< if ?r.d then retired to bit room. and. taking a email took r ( glass out of a frame he broke It la three please, eed. Wi?o thr fragment bavtse tbe most logged end, be rarrr-eded is rutting hta throat, the geeh exlondhtg from ar f ear He Ml heavily to the fleer, tbe blood alream trg rrt-m th* wn -ad. Braeral persona raehid to the room and dlecoveecd what Fortune bad done. They ImmodMta ly cotireyed hltn to the hospital, bet sotwlthetaadiaf the beat cf ?*d!cal attention was g'veo his, be died wTthla two bcerr THE WIDE AWAKES. The Grand Demonstration of the Republican Campaign. Ten Thousand Men, Boys and Girls in Line. Brass Bands, Oilcloth Coats, Laip Oil and Lanp-Black* TBEMNDOIS OUTPOURING OP SPECTATORS. The Republican Thirty Thou sand Non Est. The Suburbs En Route for the Metropolis. Facts, Figures and Fancies of the Occasion, &?.. &.C.. &0. The great Wide Avraked-mooltrtl on, to long promised, came cCT last night with considerable noise Mil Dumber*, but not wiib ball so much gruUeur ud mngniiiocnoe ss the black republican press bad led tis toauppoea. Tbe rari ty of a process on of thirty thousand men, bearing l.ght ed tor bes? aooordiog totho last oi the revolutlooints?was to unusual an event in political circle*, that It waa no won der tbat imrcrse orowdB of people gathered from every conceivable quarter 01 tbe city ud suburbs, to soe tbo boasted dieplay. We bad been told that tbo length of the process.on was to formidable ibat It would at least take six bours in pasting from one point to another. But tbe result did not by any meabt bear out tbe prophecy. Tbe column* did not alway* present a front of sixteen ?en, tbo gh sometimes then were as many as eighteen in line; tbe inarching, except in some cukes, wsa ?otblng to boast of particularly, and tbe appearance of tbe men themselves waa not of that overpowering and gigantic character which It was thought would terrify tbe people. Tbo Maine m- n were pretty large fellow*?that Is, they looked so in their cloaka?but, notwithstanding that we were told that not one of them was to bo less than six feet bigb. and that some were to be much nearer seven, there were certainly many very far beneath the formtr proportion, and row, if My, that came up to the latter. Th<a led u* to think that "there are no gtMtk In these days"?at least in Maine. Not one-fourth part of the threatened period of kit hour* wm consumed In the prooesston. From the time that tbe Brat company arrived at tbe City Ball till tbe laat lantern of a Wide Awake faded from the light, no more than one quarter of an boor evolved "by 0hrew-s bury clock." Tbe marching waa sometlBM slow ud sometimes quick, without much regularity, yet It was evident throughout that tbe yoong men composing tbe organization are being trained to tbe use of arms, and that If they go on aa tboy have commenced ibey must eventually become a very formidable body. The assembling of tbo Wldo Awakes attracted a great deal of attention. ud at (even o'clock tbe wbole length of tbe Ktfth avenue (not tc apeak of other street*) wax thronged with a rushing but perfectly orderly crowd. But there was a good deal of timo lo*t in the preliminary arrangements. People were kept waiting indefinitely, while small band* of men went wblzxing about, spilling tbe oil of tbeir lamps and forming into Irregular lines along tbe streets, but doing scarcely Mylblng towards tbe general movement. At about seven o'clock tbe artil lery com pan Its, which, strange though it may be,Form a part of our Mate militia ud of the Wide Awake military org.inlzatlon at tbe tamo, began to blase away in Madison square from three or four brass howitzers, arid not locg abler dies of men, with torches, were to be seen approaching ironi three or four direc liens, marring to tbe sound of military music. Public enthusiasm now began to be slightly aroused, for i?ople were glad to see thai l! ere were some signs that tbe procession waa about to move. As the various companirs arrived tbey toriued In line In tha transverse streets, where tbey ws.led to fake up their allotted position in tbe general m cement To plate tbe whole body In marcblug order was not a very earv matter, seeing that all the divisions eou d not arrive at once. After considerabl] delay the prcoea slon began to move, In alow lime, tbe crowd giving a lew faint cbrern wmcb, to sp<ak vulgarly, did nut amount to much. Tbe tlraod marshal, surrounded by hi* brilliant stall in silver cloaks and bearing wooden sword, marched at tbe bead of tbe llae, and oertamly looked very well In tb'> glare of the street lamp* and tbe radlence of thvlr torches. The Flllh svenu*-at this time waa *o throng -1 that It waa vary dlfllcult to advanoa Uan?iK'> tbo crowd. I'very window In tba numerous man ? loni of Ui a princely thuvoughlara wm Iomwd opeu ami occupied bjr lair ladira, lie doom and "(loops" warn packed with people?patrician an I plebeian?aad the aideaalka and a % ?d aaaJof tba atreet ilaelf waaoccupied by imm> i e numbers af curious cltiaaaa There could not bare been leaa tbao < 000 aprctatora In tba whole length of thla avenue, drawn kfiber by the (setting ?pectacle which bad bean nrnmieed. Tbn proceaaion moved oa In tbe moat permit ordar, aad without the ?llfhtaat iD'errnptkio. Tbe crowd gathered thick, but no enlhua.aam waa man f ated till lha Wide Awakes rreacb'd Fifteenth Mraat, wh.-n several bosses no bo?b ?idea of the arrnue opened Bra witb t<iulba, rocketa an I other pyrotecbcic davces, promptly ar own pan led by t^| travailing flrewck depoa.tarn a, wU.rb brmed apart tbe procaaelon 'Ine house at the . oroer of Kourb "nth, and ihe other at tbe corner of Fifteenth atrect, wre par tlcalarly noticeable f"' the ir.ibji.aai manner in wlneh tbe o- cupanta "went in" for tbi* kind of damonetratton There nere very few e.berra from the people, ar. I tbe Wide Awakea thtmaelrra were *o impreaaed with the coMitwi Iif thalr reception that they rarely ventjrwl on ask mportrieg toy < Intra ol tbelr own. Th a w ? however very foiibfolly dene for them by a battalion <>f email hoye, who proceeded tbe main column, and whoae n Mhtl rare i waa to fry out bum* at Convenient dis tance* B. ynd tbla very equivocal compllmaol the whole mam I Wi !e Awakea marched lb" ugh the street* of the city without eli< itlng any more eotbuaiaain or canaiag aay more excite meat than a target rompany go jog out for a day's ahootteg Tbe crowd waa^only at tracted by tbepromtto of a mammoth display, In which, wa '?ar, they have been oor.nidembly dlaapt-ilnted. Tbe arrival of ibe Wide Awake organizatloea from varioua olhrr cttlea waa anaounced a* fa*t aa they ar rived by loud and pleaalag m taic There, together with the N?w Turk city companiea. proceeded to lake the po aitloaa aratgned to tb< m la the programme Tbe dial iTa^l" ?iocs formed between 7 *4r third and sixteenth atrsrla, tba rtgbt of each real lag on either aide of the VtfTb avenue The line waa divided Into four grand dlrlaloaa, each under Ibe command nf a marnhaJ, who formed hia divlatow into four nub dlvlriona, making In all aliteeo aeparale dlvialeon, each of which waa ander the eommaod of aa arrletaal marshal (leneral J llobart Ward waa the Graad Marahal of (be whole prr- ma ion. Tbe following persona ware delegated aa atda to the Grand Marshal?Meaere Wm. reel. John i.'iiaekenbeab, ( barlea N Clark, Oovernrur Carr, Merwln H Brewer, ?? lee l erklna . f J. Tacker, W. 6 Welch, !*??. .lullle f J White, Hugh Gardner, John J.Shaw, Matt. Ii. Urrrn, lewla Watte, Jr., Hamlin Rebcock.Col Rtp Van Winkle, Mlatbome T<>mpklaa, Col Heiri'l C. Tlmmpeon, N 0. Farta. J. Rain Rlttenbaad. Fred. F. fli own eon, Kaaa Van Valkeobnrg, Rrotoo H. Mart n, Jebn Kfjmr. lariat If. Cnnover, Wm Uudock, Jamm M Royd, Mi Wm. H. Aathon, W F T. Chapman, M. lyre Fuye. Tbe first grand division waa commanded by Marahal Panic) K. t'avlt, tbe reeood by George B Van Bmnt, the third by f*. Brooke I'valley aad the fourth by Robert Murray We give beiow a aneelort bet carefully prepared tabu Inr rutemeat of the number "f peraoba who raraMllto I'ncveaion mat eight?the different pin-.a front which n-.ret of them have come?lha flgara repreeeated by ex-n <y mpnoy or division, awd a number of Interesting Mat all eal facia which, ?ben tba "hurh burly * done. Ihe people may well take into eensHeeatloa, aa in the md they muit rny the piper mkw tomb ? rrr ombaotsatmBi nm ward (Id* Germane).... .KM Merer* ward 100 Third ward 150 t'nnrth ward M fifth ward 100 p xth ward oo 250 f tghth ward 210 Math wart ? M0 Tenth ward 2 0 flvveetb ward, Onmpany A 275 im do. do. B ass Twenth ward 150 Thirteenth ward (100 Germane) 210 f ourteenth ward |76 fifteenth ward 110 it.-.r 11, wird gOg ?Mpmik ward ???(??mi.. M0 Kigateenib ward )*o Nineteenth ward 200 Twanii'tb ward 1/-.0 Twaatieth Ward Artillery Ofl Twenty I rtrt ward 300 Twenty neroed ward .too 1 Afoyetl# m Jtanava so fit* Wide Awakea 100 Kalekerbocfcer (two placet of artillery) 10? Vorkvilla 300 TMal. $#* oboAMir tnopit ntOM ttib rbtRiuon. There waa a general dtaappolatmeat la tbe e urn bar arriving frrm other ctttao, aa wall aa tba aomber which Maw Totk city turaad ant. Tb* halt of the visiting companies rami from Oonaactieat, New Jersey aad tba ladaoa river conation Mcfodtag Albany, which ?eat (jafle a largo datagatloa of the " Morgan Wide Awnkea." There war* a frw draggling leUrh meats from other pin. ee Thorn which wart auotuood to bail from Vermont. Vew Harare* re. Mawachosetr*, ? P> unsjlvajnu," and tho wesiern .,a/t of the gtate of New York, were sol obeervej in the line. During the course of the a fie roi>on two individual* wcot to tho beadqoartere and reported ihomaelve* m n-presentlng the city uf Bos ton, and itali-d that they weie the only Wide Awakes that they knew of who would bo preeent from tho Mate of MsssaMraasMS. It waa not s*v rtalned that there was a single representative from the Male of Pennsylvania. VIStTINO COMPANIES. The following Is a itatemefft of the various v et!ag oompaniei, with the number of men In each ? Hartford. Connecticut M New lis von, " (glee club. 20) 410 Bridgeport, " 140 Merlden, " 126 Waterbury, " 1*0 jiaebury, *' 60 N'orw&Jk, " MO Stamford, " M Albany, New York 1*0 Huda n, " ISO Ycnkers, Thrrytown, Whitepiainr, Peekskillmid other plane* on the Hudson river 400 Newark, New Jersey MO New Brunswick 110 Orange, Flizanetb, Rahway and other places MO From the state of Rhode Island 400 Portland. Maine 6? Stateii I#land 400 I org Island 300 Total 4,746 Musicians, aids and officers MO Rkt'APIITLATlON. New York elty mm panics 4,430 Visiting companies 4,746 Musicians, Ac 490 crand total 10,701 Many < ft base acre young fellows uot more than eighteen year- of age; and it would b" a lib* ral allowance to (ay that of the total number seven thousand were qualified to vote. THB COST OF TUB PKOCt^ION. From the statement of the numbers given shove and the ascertained amount of moat of the expenaee, an ap proximate ides can be formed of the entire coet of the procession. Tho city companies were at comparatively little outlay, exoept for their uniforms, muslo and torches. Tho visiting companies ware at a good deal o* expense In addition to these indispensable equipments. Their travelling ex]>cnnee and greater lose of time would considerably Increase their proportion of the aggregate. We have computed the actual eoet of some of Ibe land ing Items from authentic sources, and, In other Instances, have given an approximate Ides of the probable expense. including the loss of time sad wear and tear leather. The following Is a statement of sons of tho ?nn-ipal Items:? en thousand Wide Awake uniforms at 41 80 each..IIS,400 Two hundred and llfty elegant uniforms fbr ofUosra at $T each 1.160 Ten thousand torches at 30 cents each 3.000 Oil for the torches 1.600 Music 3,000 Firework* 1,400 Travelling expenses for visiting companies 1,000 Board In New York 4,000 Lots of time, say 10,COO days, at 42 per day JO HO Wear and tear of ihce leather 10,000 Advertising and printing 1AOO Refreshments for city companies and officers (In cluding liquor and segars 10,000 Banner*, ic., caravane, kc 3,000 Total 470,260 There are numerous other expenses which might If ne cessary . be inserted, but the inteillgest reader can easily Imagine them for himself These few Items are designat ed so as to give a auggoative .dca of the amount of money expended In such a demonstration. If the real cost were known, It wonll largely exoeed 41(0,000. Whi ther the money m ght have been laid cot to better advantage, and in what manner, we leave re flecting mlnda to decide for themselves. The Sixth avenue cars, in the early pert of the even ing, were much obstructed and the passengers put to some irconvenience by the blr,iking up of the streets rannmg at rigbt angles between the avenue and the hoe of march, but U was all borne with perfect good hu mor? ibe prospect of a ]?geant to oor goo I humored sad s'gbt loving citizens overriding their disapprobation of the cause In honor of which it waa gotten up. Along the other avenues near to the uute the fame in r.onvonl'nee waa felt by passengers, especially those who took the Third evenne cars. One of these nam, lllled with passengers, reached '.ho point where the avenue jmna w 1th the Bowery and Fourth avenue, while the fourth division f he Wide Awaken were defiling from the Bowery up the Fourth avenue. The Hashing lights of the lamp torches excited the admi ral l?n ol the greater hum be-of passengers, who wem ladier, and had never before bad an opportunity of w t netrlng a similar display, at leust on SUM a roate of mag nitude Pausing for s time until this part of the pro mt ion passed by. tbe car proceeded slowly on :ts way, meeting Iriipientatoppagee, till t ruachsd 14#taming into Broome street. Into which It was compelled to pass, though that i* tbe track of tbe Fo *th avenne cars, wb:)o tbe cars of the Third avenue ordinarily continued down the Bowery and Chatham (treat to their terminus, la vain, however, waa the attempt to head off the pr'ieeu ntcu. or to g< t through a ppaMMd hv tbe tail if one and the head <>t another div.sioo, on which tbe asl.wj conductor calculated; for on tbe arrival of the car at the apex loomed by tbe bifurcat",n of Centre and <htiuim streets, the procession was still crossing over th* track, and the eocseqotcre was, passengers were compelled to get out there, while tbe , ar bad to be switched elf, up 11,all,am street, to the Bowery, instead of proceed,ng to the terminus, opposite the A*tor House The ewme ar rangement bad to be carried ont by the car* ofli.e I ouri'i ?venue. In tine (!e?rr>pi:<.o. one car is made to ssrve ?s an example, as It happened to be the Bret which met the processus. but the passengers on those which huceorued were regaled with similar arenea, and had to go through about th* fame ordeal A a "UK tbe remarkable circumrtanres of the even ing Is the fact, that w hen the sat of the procession *ai mat defiling round tbe a|<t of the Cty Hall l"srk, up Park How, and llieaec a*? " up Chatham street and ltowery the flliH had juat met the rear rank*, fnrmirg a perfect oordoa. cstcndlog from tbe extreme rt<d of the Park, up Chatham atroet. Bowery and fourth avenue, round 1'nlon square, and down Broadway to the end of the Park again?an ee CmaUd dittauer. la round number* of bra miles?roo atdrrahly abort, certainly, of tbe aimdarvi wuUl wltb wbieh the cltUkasol New Yurk were threatened, and wbh b It wan gravel? asserted. wruld enable the bead of tbe pro cession to he comfortably in b< I several bouri before the tall oouM even bare alerted. Tbe W de Awakes from Hartford, Conn., wre at tbo bead of the proclaim.?that pwitlou hem.- the poet 't honor, and wae accorded to them from tbe fact of tbe.r hav rg been tbe Critic form tbe orgaaijat oo, who b kief a name to the a??"clat i*. ah.,at t wo jeara ap' "be New York rr>mpaalea followed, ti thnr reaped ve divi sion*, tmmidiatelT after Among tb, m the 'iermaoa were remarkable lor tbe brilliancy of their decoratloor. Amrrg other unique oh.rcu a ear tilled wltb tb.rly - Ibrte jruog females, drtaeed In white and blue, repre senting the reveral ft a tee of tbe I own Ar.otLn w?a clothed In umbre back, with a veil of '?!?, emblimatral of monroing?tbe aappoeltioa being she wae weepiar for "Bleeding Kansas " Tbe I re neb InviSlon, Ua,. w ib Ihrir men habited to a port ot qwa/t '/ouave uniform among abirb the red breecbce wereooo aplcuoua atd tbclr pretty gtria aa rwwndtrr.- ?no cba ractcrirtic of tbe ualivi - a tracted a great deal of nltea - tioa. A drlegal ion from New Hates, Conn . was aecom ran led by a rbo'r, whleh kept op quite a lively time by ?laglni a number of campaign sooga of ? republican rba ? racier, end Indleotlve of Ibe feeliaga of tbe party in favor of 1.1 nrola e-d llamlin In tbe line wan a repre aeatatlon of the White II ,uae. wltb tba rgn'leant le gend, "l.incola and Hamlin at heme on tbe tlb ot March, im ?? Among tbe features of tbe occamoa the Ore worm P'ayed a prominent part All e'nng tbe line of march el tetrrvaMi agreed upon, a succession of Bengal lights. Boo an readies and fountain# of multi colored Ore produc ag a pleaaing ?dec< nemeloeelly ? rocket weald he sent np to add variety to tbe dleplay It wae net red thai In ftuet of Ibe Aster House, these pyrotechnic *? bihltione were pertimlarly freoaeBt. Similar arreege menta were made wltb Ibe bands as wltb the fireworks, namely each bind seemed to pier on arriving at potatH prevwmsly agreed uprm, so that aloag tbe whole roots there was a icntianon* stream of msaie?aot always of tbe boat character, but tbe heel that muld be procured oe ea oereaioe wben so hands were had is requisites Os either aide of tbe streets through which tbe proces sion passed there wee a house Illuminated here and there Among such dee raltons, a building where black repubi ran oorumroU are evteaelrety circulated was almost hidden frrm view by nn mm ease number of fh neeo 'arirri a , ' ai, ihe colors of the rainbow I 'adeemu lev's ?alo a In tbe Fkwery was in a perfect blase of light, and higher i p the Bteahea Rosea, wbieb In largely patrrmlred by Herman*. bad a light displayed at every pane of j'nr In every w'adnw, sub a traeaparaacy on the cop tng atcoe. m the summit, dnclarinf n favor of "I incois and Ham 'u " tin reaching tb? npev of the r.ty Hall Park the pro. erseton began to disband piecemeal?several of tbedlvi a rea going bmewardt over re* b river, till, en arriving at Colon rqiarr where the whtle army wae to be re \ ewed. th re were bnt a few straggling comnenles cs tbe ground and in ailiortt'me they, too, me I led nwa., each man It lobe suppose I, retiring U> rent after IC? fatigue* of tbe evening Ihi.s Ma tb * great dleplay, shout which no moeb has been written and So much m?re a aid for some tune part, erdrd. la a ir net perceable If not n very alarm eg manner Tbe nilmtrnhl- poi re managements, no doust, contribu ted mat- rlally to this result fbr all the wtv from the fifth ervaue, down to thn evtremity of tbe rente, and hrrh a.-* n the <0100 was stationed at Interval* Put to lb# Inherent tore of order In a New York crowd lbs merit ta rhtally doe Not a stogie rase of dwtorber.e of aty note (centred throughout the whole pence's oe. Home all nipt wsa made he ecsm bore, opposite the TnUtnt office, toward tbe red of tbo p'oreaeu a, by throwing rome cinders from a bonfire em ibe Wide Awakes A eeri ue diatnr eece might hsve taken place, but bapplfy the affair pasted off quietly <>n U|C wl 'r. the d rpley be* brea a large one, abstracted r consulted but new leg it la tbe light of the frequeel b- aats of ti e black republican organs, that at least flfiy lb. rmod W ide Awake torch hearers would be prteent, it must be regarded as a great?flu la 1st ns hope that this win be ? leteoe to boasting politicians Is ffguriag an thn somber* of r?' ' ' Altowiag a small msrglr for nrcbliis and demor?ie liar mass hired at a dollar he the nrght, the numi r often thousand might yet be farlbt r ' weed Rut jam totit m Jenep City News. Artibsvt to a W?i.i Known PimwriAn ?While Dr. AN cntt and lady, of this elty, were riding la their carriage yesterday after boos, on thn Barges Point pfark read, near Natlervllle, the hornet took fright, became unma nageable and ran off a rapid speed, upsetting the ear riege sad throning tbe doctor and bin laify late tbe rssfl wt' u*ti force an t? fracture hit arm, end mesralp ' Jaring M> were tak't I by Dr I-elkies. bad re? rally tome from the country ieh fcrce aa to free in re hw arm, ana swwny m f ? a Alcott'a bach end spine Tbo Injorud pert Ian k'D to their rentdeece, where they wees nitrated I utklna The hertea were yetmg and gpirHod tM

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