Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 4, 1860, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 4, 1860 Page 7
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THE POLITICAL CA1PAIGI. New York Iwit PollUri. UMXTISQ Ot THK DEMOCRATIC HT ATI COMM1TTKK AT Al-BANY?Till FVRION gl'IHTION - COALlTlON OP TUX DOtOLAS AND BUCKINRIDoU W1NUS OP TUB DEMO CRACY ON TUB KLBLTUKAL TICKET, ETC. Ai.RA.Tr, Oct. 3,1880 Ike democratic State Committee met at one o'clock. Samuel t Butter worth attends on behal! of the Union men of New V ork city, ana Atfernua Day too, of Brook lyn, u present to reproaenl the Union mm of King* county. Tho proposition for pier' j lit Union elector* on the 't?ug:as ticket to SI) vacancies, act for putting Henry S. Randall on for elector at large, appear* perfectly accepta ble to the State Committee, provided that the parties thn? p aced on the ticket w ll atcept aud declare them* "tsJvet, favorable to fnel n. It if rumored that Mr R&ndaH reftise* to accept fbr tjial'y, but at ate* that be will not decline, on the ground that he cacrot pre rent any one who choose* from voting for him. Ae Una leave* htm In reality In an aniagouiatlo pcf.t.on to union aud Rtill idtntlQed with the Greene electoral ticatt, It will probably be con*ld> red ground! for refuting to accept bis name. In that e70ut Mr. Braa aoB Wu' be substituted Me??'* trady, Greene an t other* of the Greene organi sation are here, meeting very privately. They a. e said to be anxious now to tnako a prnpjsltioo for nn'.oo on State ticket, and to com'! in to the union on the electoral ticket. It <? proposed that Mr Crane, of Herkimer, be nomkiated far Lieutenant Governor, and that Mr. Brady shall withdraw. No proportion will b ? made openly by them until the dual reeull of the union question ia *oowa. There seems little daubt that a union will 1> ? eff-ct id w th Mr Bronson aa elector at targe, ami Meosro. Brewr, Wesiervelt, Batterwortb and three other* on the elector*1 ticket. At-sirr, Oct. 3?8 P. M. The demrc-atic SUte Central UommiUe-- adjiurn -d at fenro clock this afternoon, atter a session lasting about three boors, during which cutirr unanimity prevailed. After tome dlacuMi m Samuel F. Butterwortb, on the 1 art of ice I Lion nu n, agreed to the withdrawal of the name of (leary S. Randall, and the substitution of that of <;.? ecue( tr.icson aa elector at 'a-ge. AI thermal . wyton aiated on bis own responsibility that the Gr-ej tr.-n were willing to unite, provided they oeuld aoroaate the all electors to be chosen and the Men tenant Governor. No proposition of this kind was Irrn ally bef ire the Committee from the Green party, and no action, therefore, wan taken on the subject. Mr Butter* >rtb announced that the National Admints. tratios bad s'truifled their tat*-otloe to eupport the Union t cket egrref on by the Oomraittee. Tiro follow og s the official report of the proceedings-? A' ? meeting of the fa morratic Stjte Centra' Commlt Ci e, hell at the city of Albs; y n the 31 Instant, the fot hvvi*,.- re-olntlon* were unatiuiuusly adopted:? !'.? solved hat Hon. Greene C- Bronsoo, of New York, tn an i h? herehy substituted aa an elector at large on the democratic * lectora. ticket, lu place of U?q. Reuben K VTa'v erth. de'llred. P.?oivtd, That John H Brower.of the county of King*; ?T?< t, a ffeaterveil, Stephen P. Rumell, Win B. I Juneau uhd Win A. Kobbe, of the city of New York, and Abra ham B. Coegtr, of the county 11 R ? klsnd, lie and they vve hereby substituted aa <! .vtrvl electors on the derni er ate electoral ticket, in pli e or Charles H. Colons, Os wall) Ott in '"-f-r. F. H. TiHou. .latne* Rohinaon, Jno. An derson a-'! tdaar.i Ua>gLt, who decline. ''(we've.". That Umi Wei. C Lrane, aed i bereuy substituted ?? tue 1 -omorratlc candidate lor Lu tenant trovemor, in pluiv of IP.u, W?i F o'.ed n RICHMOND, Ch.urman. 1' Ceoe it, Becretary. A r earnest ranco against any recognition of the Green Guamdtie ? at seat into the Sta.e Cnrnmittue Irrm Frank 13 county. Immel otfly after the Stite Comralttae bad completed the i.r. cc. Mr Brady storied for Hudson, where be is to addreaR the national democracy to night. tli Green ezpreaaes hta determination to carry on the war to the b.ti r en J, and It :? arnouooed Mr Brady - Ill tUmp the State from no<c uot'l election day against fOc union t cket )!.ch tz- .lenient was maniiestcd ail the afternoon in regard to tne ticket, and to night theru ia a general re jcic'og over the oonaummatu n of a union among all riaaeesof the dcraociacy Mr Bronton accepts the r unination of > hic.ior at largo, le-an K.ihjuood left on tbi boat th la evening for New Vol*. Ttie C'ampalpn *? tha Hoatli. ru C1.0K: V hl.Ki HON -THk CKACKIhMDUB CAM>1 runs th it ran ~r Hit rnon-icr in ok-hvha. ten VSMEX. ALAntMA, A*KANS V*. MICS|?SIhrt. BTC. Arufr*TA, b? , October 3, IttW IV. ji as CA.Ti.JiI** for 8t?; jK Hilar and Ilapraten Mire were e.ect?i to lay In t ? oocnty, to 111 vaoaooWa, by two hundred to three bunir-J ir.* irltr over the Be!) and ?>erott cand .latea. The Oonf'.a* vat a are rejoining. Tbe rote wm Ukrgc. acooiiild fr?m Fin.-lda report that the drcukiariitji aaadatee bote awept tbo roni* A* tfce l.*'*#iwtppl rtw -?i turn on purely loo*! ground*, no national ideation. being in voir id. the Sl?Ie hi roan oered tart for Breciinrc'ce ->t Tasarseoe down for b II, an I Alabama, A''.an'*r and W #? m-ipi .or Brer k inn Tbc vttT ag of troop* fr.'.n fort dmlth t > the An* uta anwm. e;c't-'i mvl. idnliw lath* ofcountry firery Ui j? aoin. at yet. here. At rn?. 8a , Oct. 3, tSM. A pr mlH 'luual.O to ? grot nan in IoIihti!>u* r? the retu.I ... Eat-imbi* i" '.ty, >:orld?, ?* ovsrwh'!? tagiy B? *nJ Everett for <>? reraor, Cotgreat and latorj 'i give Hilton. .V -'V. lor <i,.v jo- t.VO na^ct/ o?vr ll"( * t in# *o . Hi.' a, dutuocrat, .'or O. ti:r?i. l.'Jt uujorliy over a u. I 'aieb. On.Jw a, Dotal c i'.y, gives bBrruVnrilge Wis ?rlty. .>iiii*< iiui'iK (ongtidluiial Nomina tltai. B?r.To*t Oct. 3 1S K> Th* re# b:cau? of the <evi-<-'i district b*re : <m< is'td Jam** "..Jii.itou ior r*<rirrtt>*i to Cuogrcre TI?c repi.o icar- of th# firei i ttnci to-day aominuted "* >o it ?? Wot 'ur le t?. rnt.grrtt TLr "V ?i d Ere ret' C> #?? <a '.ir the P ,-th dig. I rt. to la ' nee. u*t. J 1 r*?t 1. 3 >w ft I*#. N|.e??li <.f Hi# I'Ovhimii Klertof !>tl**oart. !*r Loi p.IIRi. 3, ItW. T*e K'-.i tlu i# publitb'i a "peara dchverod tetter day by Mo tr Jackaoa, Otrr#rn? r ? 'er'. who r-eooiiy aprtt# in Uie'Cf* mate < -lenotioo, *n-' wbo ha* muee brea ca-iM-d a* a Rrrckiar' "ran. The Jionglu mee, Je* ? t to aoceetain tie rent irert#, appointed a mm lattice to it ure whether he utehi'ad to It ooort l'ug iao or rt ortdge In reply to lb# nWrreyat wlr* pro pnt-nded In h ra. to told that he ?*? sever mora a trout to He ? 9de?.|ood then l i?. ?o-1 Iberefoe# deoir? i the 00 rln:? attention of ttrt) ?oe ;w nt H.> MHlwl ? MI en-hat rally Hefere the recent e'-ciion tliat I lie .ere I thai Mr fiongli* wit tbo oornlo"* of the denvv-ai ?' norty, end I bel!?re ?o wit. I to art-ire lirt"ii?i.i om.oo hlii'i tbe dea ratio tbi.: a C-. tiea Jt'.r I' rl'tiail Lint r >?v ral.c i voetl'o r I re,ri'?M t>. fj. i-etn-'n to f eta ipe any irao pr. ? hi to wiy thai 1 niter* I ? it r-wv . o ibo Bre? ?!ar to t <?*<nvhw ndleat .<f f H?c r'.i;; ;w i w di pi. 1 r&pr?w1tag Then* nii ( and lone." M? r Jw.lri.'ti thi? ?!? hiorenooa. fer ? ; 'rt Ir g Doug la#, (aylhg Tn p'rr.?i il mil*!* rt mni, I now a?y tbit ' am hw IMagi#*. uid that I think that It l< mi doty to oi-pporl bin ? tne #onlneoo> the narty. If 1 Itro iMil Npve?ber t ?n rote lor rk.ur'?*. ant J naro ?r?l oa.d that 1 itOBOO 1 viae ' (a,ip!tubr ) City ISllttri, IORN T. ROtfli.1 ACt r-T* Tin TWtkST JfOltIN?? t'jh pom naronmut. We itate I ia yrfteeday'l ia* M that it ?# gmerall/ be> Merad that Mr .feho T. H">(Tntn, Ih# Tuei-nary Ht'l miaet Iw P^e*>?dar, would not d?t line, a-.l t*n fofliw'ng letter nt tff ,'tanre ? il pr.i*a tho oormtiua o. <mr ataieaacat ? Niw YoaK.Oet A. ????. Mr I *a* Si#?I tar* ir ini..r.?"<? ma tbat I bar H, a onmin*d.'1 h '? to- til araelnoil Taoioiaj.r ,'t*ii, ret iS< nlf. ... I e.jy of New Yet* Tt ai | bvii rr.;-'?re f kaowa thai thto #-? at mui, ,re:% nii.-ol i.-l bv m-'.Mil 1'iel I Bad egt'reaaeil ? itterminaiHia oot 11 m. r.?i. Ubi (**?' mm te the UMirantt'in in r.^nniie viilh tuy until eatloo ?h#ie?i - It |?ri>p- r hw m't" *?? that tM? "le lertanaat '?a w?* r"rot-'i,not h-. - ?? 1-, | ) j., ,(>??- ??? Ihed'ga'i tad h-aor a< a ivtiriAl'. b?ao#a I fall th<( uy per*ooal u'err-Le rt my fall 1 to prvlbOhiual b - u*?? ? H?lth?t?udlbC ?. w". > -Jritood w.ebe#, the rionreutioa, it ieewa, m aeimoi r * plaoed ma tu nominalin? for the offleo of It* . ''er. ao c ' ra Ih* importanae nt wbieb to the paaate of Ih:* f ty <aarot be over rrtimate?. Ha aom #*i*d ubfar *:.rl rire m?t?we# fa a fe*at honnf, f appre ciale It ? are tbe ni-mi?*tloa was made j bMa r p.- hj -Ktay #t'i id *? *u . fanner, of all pilittrai 1*'I a, Wbc In m.tiere -e'*' if In th . in t ri?rv lay a*;da pr .'real prefarenc? *?d p?'",,Kl'rea. ant la 'teellbe: a: J tfry hire mairted that, 'ifler the rvhMng eimooi tllbnfI waa my dnve tr ?-eeid Tb'ir anfiatlaMo*# a* *e3 ao a atnae < f < -t; * .1 <?> mj ?atn..?a to to whfch bbm'nbted ??:, lurt ia loced ir t walce a. ptr-oca coot* Tit /vi, to J I then fore accept I the ntm nation Yours, ftrr Irslr. JOH* t. HOFFMAN. 1 W* M 7wbb>, J*q., Chairman, Ar. TU1KD OONi.KttMO.iAL MgYMlCT. It is proper to Hate that the frteods of John C. Mather ciatBi tlul tiv wm reiuitft)' oomvuatod lor Cofi|mi bf tbt) Tammany CuDT^utiOt, hold oo toe II toot , in (kit district, instead o( Brojein a Wood, miUM l i yaiter day's pspcr M07Airr h*li. AHjrpintr.r cosri?MTio?m. Tb" Vozar' Halt Democratic Assembly Coovertioc.r as srn.h'ed last rveulog in lbs lartous districts. for the purport- of nominating candidates lor lbs next Assembly. 1 Tb* resut ( t thr meetings will be *>aaJ sol forth in lbs ' following tables:? Disir-n 1?John Callahan " 'i?Wll.taru Welch " a?B Woodruff " 4? '.djourned to Tuesday evening. | <? s?Saml. T We->*tcr " 7?M'tourond to Taceday evening. " S?John t? Hiioy. " 9?Adi irrnrd. " 10?Adjourned. " II?Adjourned t > tb s evening " 12?'.eorge J Campbell. " 14? Theodore B Ymrbit*. " 15?\ djourned to Friday evening " Id?A jourued to Tueaday evening. " 17?Adam C. Flauigaa. TAMMANY AMAKMHLY CONVKNTtOKH. Tb? de'exatea to the Fifth. Ninth. Fourteenth And Flf teentb Tarn many Assembly Convention* met last evening, and agreed upon tbe following nominations and ndj .urn men u ? District 9?John Mctlregor " 14?Robt C Hutching*. " 15? Adjourned to Friday. Miscellaneous Political Items. Biant Rbitbuca5 1 jhartt ot Sraacn?The black re | publicans Invariably raise a tremendous howl upoe tbe receipt of intelligence list their emissaries In 1 the Southern States, when they become known, receive Invitations In very strong language that tbetr presence la not required in those looall ties. They cry oat that tbe liberty of speech 1 is Infringed upon. And when they bear of the hanging of black republican Incendiaries, through whore instramen tnllty whole cities end villages have been destroyed by conflagration, with one bretth they Uugh at tne people at their exhibition of signs or fear, and with the next ' tbey denounce the .,ost puulstim-m which follvwi thj offenders as an Infringement upon the freedom of action ? They complain, too, because tbey are not almved to j spread their arguments in favor of republican doctrines before the Southern people. Selling a?niti Die pvict:c*l psrt'of their reasoning, such a* John 11. -wti raids ?nd the operation! of the Texas incendiaries, 1 ?t us look at ' some of their opinions, and then ask ours <?(-? whi-tlt.-r I the Southern people are not justifiable, ts> .tg m vl?w l the peculiar position in whicu they are placed, in donilag I summarily with all persons whom they may 1u i iu their i midst bo'ling similar s'-ntimerte. The Uret extract wa I give ffm Helper's book, which is now bring spread over the oountry as a campaign document, Intended to aid the I election of Lincoln to the Presidency:? ! Against this army for tbe defence and p'onagat'oo of slavery, we think it will be an ca?y matter. iud -noadeot of tbe negroes, who in nine css-s out often w*ild be delighted wttn an oppurten ly to cut their mailer's I throats, and without i-xp-cting a ?ingle recruit from ] either of the free Slate*. Ftigia-nl, K'?ac? w <? Tinany, to muSL r one at least thro* times as luge and far more ; respectable, for its utter rxt'oci-on. Mot ** are -vodded to one purpose, from which no oarthl/ power can ever divorce us We ?r* dei*rmln> I t > atu. isu * ?v?ry at ad bazuiils?.u defiance of ai: o^joh.' <>n i? whatever nature It Is poasib.e tor slaveocr?l* ?? br ag agaia.'t us. Oi tms tbey may take good notice, and govoi u themselves ac cordtcgly Tbe next la from a speech delivered by James Wstion Wsbb:? If we (ail at lbs ballot bet. what 'her.'' We will drive slavery bars. eaord in hind **J so help me Mod, oe Ueving that to be right, I am with them Mr T P. Chandler, tn a speech dellvare-1 id Brookliae, 51 ass , on the 27th nil . said Fellow re jnblicaas, our cours.r is clear Tt is to vote down slavery new and alaays Now and always to vote down every man who favors this great he',,urn of tbe nineteenth century. Here is s sentiment of Mr. Frsstus Hopkins ? II pear*! J moans fall us and we are dr.vee to ths last rxirem tr, waen ballots are use leas then we will make ballots elective. Mr. John I' Hale, of New Hampaoire, one of the mala pillars in tbe republican edifice, who baa been twice eleoled by them to ths Unite I Mates y mate has said ? If It comes to blood, let blood come. If that issue must come, let U eome, and it cannot come tee eooa Pur .tan blood baa not always ahrnok from suob encounters; and when the war baa bean proclaimed with the knife, and tbe knife to tha hilt, the steml bas sometime* glieteoed in their hands, and when the battle was over, they weia not always aecnad bent. Such are the doctrine* of black irpublleau.m Can the Southern people be blamed If they look with sua picion upon nil who come among tbem entertaining *:sl lar I dene Th? N3TH Oosoemmo\a?. Pr*nucr or Mumr :utrrr< ? We hare before announced that toe republican* ia torn diatrict, concelring that Boo. iJ: thaler waa not ad!!, r leotly ultra to carry out their "brutal aad bloxly" doc trtaea, had thrown him oeerboard, aad now.anted for bta auooeaaor i.oidamltb f. Bailor Mr Thayer did not ad mire tbla mode of treating a "faitbfu rapreaeatatlre." aad therefore neolred to try n. coauiew aa a atump can didate la reference to the canraaa a W '.-ester republi can lournai aayx ? Horner a-relry haa written a rlter to Hon Kit Thayer, adr bra to run (or Cong-ees ?% ? bolt ng candidate The "delremte from Oregou, treldeot ,n No* York, ad vlaea bta nesoctnie deb-.-?ie from Ongoa," rigldeat 11 Vagin a, Waahlngtoa and K meat, to r .u for ('lagreaa in Wormier We)., we are a prog ream m aad a popalar bOTereigalT peopie?it * \ . r igbl A Btacb Ra.t a:TA.e ??rtn A'T-k ?M m Kimbeny baa i-eea piny ng a the "Octoroon," el tlie fortlaad. Me.. theatre. A man named Nathan Winalow. n wealthy cm .-en of that place, a black repubi.caa. atrowg 1a hia up port of old Abe L.aeoin for E'reeideat, a m mner of the V 'ftlance Comtn ttee far the ftrwara ag of runaway alaree ta> tbe Brittah province*. aad geoeral mauager of the ua deryround railroad, dashed upon the afage on Titer ad ay night, the T?b ult., when th* "Ortoeuoe" waa ahwtt taiahiag up her part, by dying with pntaoa, aad under took to end the play in a dliferent fgahuM, larttlag "Zee" to fly with Uim by the ur-derfMOd rail-on.; to Qgtra Victor a'l doala oaa. Tha tan irct eitite<1 laughter aad eommeat .-erne mid that lite luVeriapar oa the it age waa excited,carried away by tbe inimte acene ether* that he waa crary aad othara matured to any fiat be waa a little "how come you ao " The man bimeelf tae af fh r .a the Portland Aderrft. tr of ihiurlny laat, wbcrala It appear* that he waa only try lag bta hand at a tittle tink ering of the p ay Hi* aiplaaatloa la dofuuaMy impudent that ire append it ?<? (m Saturday preview*, my family, I went to the thewtre aad witaiaaed toe play raited th - Ucioroue " I waa on rh pie seed with the per' "nacoe, and with the play ta all te parta, tare ia Ita ctwiax me- ie?the daatb of tlie elare girl. It then oec rreil to tae thai the acoe* woni<. be aa effective aad lei' tel r ou'i idwwil aad lattafacii-ry to any aodiecce, were it lu a urea that, ta euad of dyag. the or tor x a ebo-.'d <-<wpw hr tbe "I7a dergmund Kailroad," and r'gf?l?i 1.1. aaaM to Mr. Ko berta, tbe proprietor of tbe ,.'ay 1 a-t iwwwwM him to retard the *i<ggr*tlot> iaemabty. awd to'd a -n I chould attend and carry It out. t." rep' ed, * c ?ne "a." or ?? m-? thing to that elfi-rt.anrl I *i ,>|?Wwwi to w aid r . inu .el rate the f lan to the '*&* who t . n? Up part uf the Mwrtwa. It aream^ howwvwr, Ulal h ? e<d a. t tweet to th* tlcttre u I had pfwmwee, 4? tar m <ment wbeu the Ortornca waa a*>oul to twal'aw t*i? pdwr aoet d'a-giii 1 leaped or.-r the *? i td' "? W.* *Ukge, eg elnltali f. "'ieiu' >/<, ha'.d 1 ?..iau . the I'adergrwoMd Ball way' v>f. (it with r->?, aid I fit p:*rw s m anfety m Quee. Vtrtor'a'e domta ..e. i'ii leu* bate more* oa wbfe-?er ipteifi rew." Rut lb? p?aa ? ' i . laiaat r rat.- 1 to h-"?; the <fi 5 oat reougt'w tier a. I'rare ? I* wa. and ! re' re I l?liiwi the area a Bad it '?e-. nnjeret-pbi aad carrted out it w.i? my < a*les, t'-rr placing ?/?? oa Ibr rt ml ??* ' I'tderg* "tit". ta return to the *u*t?, bQ ttotii>c?' be- eafety, and dify H poiHmati ?ad an tba llttetrnn'? he eaold e enoanad uf ootirae, t gml i.i-t tny fhf I i"iri en; loe id b itrl nie fame, but' aw d'-op't '! t.-?^<4 'it the '1 -iiivgeonad Riad," an t wian Ir t":[ the retitution beloee tbe r ->ople. ftmiH nnWwIkllMM etecliea la iloriJatooa p ?<e i Muaday for (tet era tr aid ..ten her of C mgrewt. Tbe foti'iwiug are tbe oameeol fbi raoUintee f-ir tboae ofhee* ? Cw I'm-m. Coy. raor : -i ? B ' ti. I lw ?-1 H ?t> <aa. Long' K it H'il< t. ft-'- t Allen lon? 1 ;v* a I m -?l" >11 J 1 Saetd, ?f Keorgte, ?ayeef H u f , am H -t let, that he ia "aotorlouely a daMatd ?ad t;rexnou?...i?, aa b ' bat .teateJ h.utaef to be, m nit tbe I rata of * . it?i, t -r yt red amiex gr: renter v J further, tha? Mr Sfilea la "a haae aad ma..*'*ut r at lire- of both the llriag aad the dead ?' 1 a ? nt"*? ?"itteaiiot the tiyery of haa ran lo eerre the de\ it it it :>r*?eeted ta a poll I enl aeoee by i'ie ad op tir.n I y tbe A ,ae Awaken oi the uniform aad lagltci of it" fcmgM K uthlaga. Wit-aAWa m ta rw? firx Ho; i.-dru't of tha Wide Awake* that w?el from fla'iaton lo attend tbe Bihrncctady eelebralimi paeard tl.e night ia the lockup. 1 ix tam xtbartbe* f'aarr ta Manaanrwam. ?.-^oma of the ei poe'lia I" -fair ??/ th" 'by- -idge party are got t ti J Ibeb'e ?ad weak (o kft?? h 'eelta, bet theyitUI haet geffle eot atreegth let ko dta ? their pay. "tana Bower roa me , rtax ' ?Mr Haal.n, tbe Mark republican cand'date for fbe r-ee'dent. na I ta IIM. erwakint or the Bmaedlewd bill, that "there waa wo aouad prirr '# of won imy upbG * Ob a mmaurt could baaed N TI1E SLA> ^ TRADE. Tke Capiarc of tkr Krlt. The skip lirte, of Now Yortc, whir h irnicd hero yester day, was ccpturvd by the United States eieemer Mo hican, August 8. with 807 ?!?voo oo t> w?.u, 8o0 of which wore landed at Motr via?the rema.alnt* 37 baring died ou the pottage up. The Kr e ca'led from Monrovia August u0> in charge of Lieut. .7. W nimmiugton and panned Mldaitipwaa Todd, with a prixe crew of tec men. Three prtaooe "*, supposed to be the captain. Drat and Un d matea, are oo noard. The United Stake akam frigate Niagara aftrwl at Loaudo tua fiiM wivg in August. All well. ritmil STATJtS til T8ICT ATTOHMlY'd orrtc*. CVt. S?Ti e tffldgvlt of Joha W. Pimmlrrton etnt wt that he la a Lieutenant in the United State. Navv.oom mac ding the Aoierioan prize ehip Erie, of Now York, capturtd by the United State* ?learner Mohican, 8. W. (redco, commander, about forty mllfs off Oougo river, oo the West Craat cf Africa, on the ftit> of Augrut, 1S#0, bav Irg oo beard when CApturfd, 997 Africans, ooi-isting of men, women, beys, and girls; that when captured there were about thirty-Ore Europeans and Americana oo board of tne Eric, it*'. Capt. Gordon cleared the Erie fr tn Havana ou the Pth April, I860, with a per too named Warren aa first mate, nod a person supposed to be tfcond mete; tb?t deponent (Dtmmlcgtoo), In obe ditoce to tke ordrre cf Capt. Gndcn, of the Catted State* steamer Mohican, landed the Africans at Monrovia, Libe ria, on the Weal Coast of Africa, and delivered them to Key. John geve, Ct .led Std'H eront for liberated Air loan* at that point, and brought tn>. chip Erie, and Nathaniel Gordon and the two n.-ilce, Into the port of New York on toe 3d of Ortober, 1800; that they are now In the Brook lyn Navy Vsrd, and deponent pray a that they may be apprehended for detalnirg Mid African* on board said weael with the Intent to make tiieot a 'a via, contrary to tbo i*w? of the United State*. Mr. WiieokOB ir - .od three separate warrant* fbr the ' captain and two mat.icl the Erie. A number of faj tit were found oo board the Erie, i asicngst which w<r* several boioug.ngto ElishaR Payne, | formerly matter o( the brig Jehu P. Hooper, an al.eged ' slaver UNIT*!! ST \ TT< nSTBfCT COntT. Before Bon, Judy- Bett?. Oct o ? /-i "\t Jit' ? c.r Oit Alleged Slat" Bark Kat', | her tk'ltle, Ik ? Aj plicat: j **? made by Mr. Ikwonue t hi the ?pi iuticiiitof thsp ;*,>eral the abate reesel, I and that, uj?'ii-tvirg et .'*t,on t_r value sadcoet*,the ' vck-el of dell treed up t< the cU .?>, int ft! the Jfe Urr of the Ale^d Slave Bark Weat'utr Oa'tge ? A s niilar m pllc.tlivn *u made in ihu> case /n the Matter of the All-god .S.ct* Urtg Thotuu AiK.wn ? A similar aj 'imttr u made i: this case The fiurt canted the appUoati'C*, and too appraiser* are to be screed i. f-oa hy the Li lr,ct Att ruey and th? counsel f< r the claimants LI?h*ATM> SLAVIC- *7 MOVROVIA?TItX CARGO OF Tax Si OHM KING. The following account c! the cm ilkon of the nogroe* who wen. fcuou n Ik art tuu two slavers recently eai.tur cd on the coast < f Afr ca by our cruners and restored to tUerty, u> from the letter of a young g<. Meuab beuiugmg to Salem, who 1* ni/? icaidlng In Liucria f>>r pujpouw of trade. Mr. Sere ,k the ( nileU dtates agent fof recaptured Airioana, ami commercial agout at Monrovia. The Storm Km* h** ju~t,i at Notfaik.aad we preeumj her cap tain acd <>tt ceri and thua* of the Crte, w ill be inrned adrift after a mock U lal, to re engage in Ibetr nefarious ti attic Movuovia, Aug. 33.1M0 The place ha* been hi an uproar for two dart, on ac court of the arr^v*. cf t? > !?rge alaver*?on# b.-ig.the Btoru. Ku g, containing 117 Co gi>e?, aad the abip Erie, with 8M, bo in oi New York, and buln captured by Ame rican men or war?an uapreoedented affair Thcy_ar. in turned over to M?. S?ye, and h*vi been laodail. What ID the world wtl) ibt y do with th 1 f-OO from Key West [ went on b ut the Storm King early yeetardey mm nlug, with If seyr art Ur Roberta, tiie Oolonizatiua pliyn rian, and * jcIi a eight 1 never behe'.il There they were, jurt as they were captured, all perfeotly nude, one ball on deed, aril tee other Iti the hcid. Ac it was lOetr breakiaat (lire they wer ? nil gtiiog through the exercise cf ciappleg their tmnd? a; 1 a:aging, aa they were taught In the factur'ea. They are k? | i in aucu a crampo' coo dilion that this is bi-rrmatj to health I nevor was on board a alaver before, and it was revolting to my feeiiags In the greatest degree to thick that then-' poor hu.nau being* (though many. I declar?, looked anything but hu mau) uereto hare been carried across the atlaulic ta ?ueh e stale. When we came on board, and Mr. Sey* ta'ked to them through an interpreter, i-? Mm that they were no longer slave*. It did o>> heart good to hear the abojl of sanitation and the etpre-alonof delight visible oo every countenance The day after, rarethe abip. but I tnvight l had aero misery inough. Iter lot are ia a aureo . mdit'oo loan the brig*, moet of them are nothing but skew-toon, and no weak I bat at present luejf are uuabie Co nan J. Many had to be carried to the receptacle locht.rr. and* few were raving crtsy. Moet all were covered with core* of all kinds, and all have 'orwwciaw'' very bauij. It ia in deed a heart mdint eivht The brig ia * beauly,* little risiag of 900 tone, doe model, govri d ck ro> m, at>4 apparuatly net very oi l. Her rhronumei.r is r?twl New York, M?y 2, and ?be sailed a few dai c after that. It 1* uidJunladly the dtorin King. Court Of Otktrkl iteMlvni. lofore RtWbnJer Barnard Oct it?The Prat CMC d-epoaed of this morning wa< aa IndKtmvul for fe.unioua amauit, tba defendant, Ma-baal Mehaffy, barta* ?? tbe 14.h of rteptembnr aaaau lad Jaa. Mob-ay of &P Waablogtoii etreet with a slung abol Ha Culrd guilty to torn..It tr.teot to do bodily m, and an there wr*r mitigating ctrcumatsonm Judg ment aaa eurprnUed. I.t is Keyaoila, a ahoptiiter, p.eadrj gji'Vy to grant ternary. baa lag atnleu a p?*"e it ailk raluM at *72 ir-ia John O Dnoi.i-ii, SO" Ora- -1 at-ert, >.a the ITtli of H?ptool bar an <>ifi< r air?ai>-d bar wl-b tn? e<-?pe"y n. n?r |H?r< <?tua. The HrcorO<r tent uer to the fcta'u pi am for thire Jtarr Mary V ?t*>n wel fjlly ledlcted w tb Mitt Reyar-lrtr, but judgm'til dp gtUtpMaad ;n h?r r.? I barter ?'? I aae tr.r<l anil c urnx-.l ->f <>ottia>Bf BM-aay wa 'i l? a# pr. t? ?,?**. hav g 't i!n IStb ??'.f ilj mat J-?hr F C"rporr (a r?? deal of M ilite) <wi .?? >H tne Mtonirgu* tmb, an I lt?d< red b a to tag* a walk, la erdrr, he nald to f.iThe?r a ??? ..if marhlte W tile tber wrre aalRirg , tire a riy CV. ?en oto a banc oaternb.v ta get a ct ? .-it r i tie* v 1 wh"n bi cam tout ba nqt?Mea < hm re to gi?e htm ?.s lor win-n bo pledger aa >fiir l , * I) <J It 11 oa th? < it? Troat l?rni*-iy, peaeet t.. be wo-MMd'a -u ibere ,g no writ teatitm'on 'n lirteor Tee |trte<> i? anil ba aei. Ietee>' i-a Wr-luwit Court l alrmlar- I ntj Bay. ?rr#?:- * < r.rwr ? ?ar: t? * < tit Alt Ml ?tlT -no, A?? ?4T Mb Ml, ?M ?t Ml M? boT-fdlP Oft, ?"S, e-.! r*? fST. OM wi.p ?n ??* "??* f?f.? ??. 7ya. tm 7j.*. *7* fat 7; d 7?a 143. T44 7tr .7to M run am *t ClKCl'.t ?Ho aa ..-uar M of tbenraar io nr MffV R?rn run Pa-t 2ad. n.-u- I to f*?.ua t i'-w 'ill-' ? SMI *-l 2t-M IMt, ? i-lb, UM 171 T.SMe. SI3T 213b 2140 2141.'.'lit far-3?-a. Sl?4.aU?. 21M. :ilf, tint w 2132, *li?. 2177 till ta Sit; t amr- .-??**# !--r*i?-r C-rat ?K?je 24 Sf-, 20 SO to as Drawlbgi ? r h. Kraeit't Oelgtwora fa-ttei'-a - ?r?-?t ' oryrt < tttt tf. < rronn 3 IW 61. 77. :ta. It. IV 71. I?. M. i'-' 7?. SO 41. 7. rrveaotinatma taw ran*-'?<??? ITS Shf * ' -*'1 41, 3. SB, 4b. a?. Id. -<>, 31. I-V ??. ,'-t. It. 1. M. ? irr?l*ra?erlIraeo( rbarge by addnueia# H r???- g arum ifl'H. I tela* 4 ra. Orawlvgi of ttie btlatrarr -tatg Uot> wW-ttK r a.'t>1 A ban.?-ga< IH? Maaoii". xr-^rr it aba OBaOMU a.ata u-rrgg:m. i ?n? tat t?TK? v'u?i. tfl. tVrvaa* 3 tafe) 60. 4t s. 1. 75. IS. IV 71. 71. w. Irat.e. - - iaa- 17- fsroxaS I HO 11. 7ft. 74. 4. 47. 77. 10. 11. 70. 14. 01, IV 31,17. ?i-ea'araa?utfrae?f -s.:r~. ny?-td-*e?t*?aoner to OlM'l- RI?-V WnaiPuioa. ir?.-.?ira. Or io W( *7-.4 IV * )/ a biwuil The '? SgttenaJ Ubar4.M?TltH la (ha title ? I * ?a*) emm. g itndrtat flat for raaaf gexleaoni. gnei 'f US '*, flt P-> HI Pua-war -xterdt* laomto, Ottr mlelar 'rtead- r * tb? i?"->?4 wt.l ?pr?eel<je tb>- "ompli went paid l? tben I' <1 ? -rant Pail gtylr -if Ha- for gen t rmet- h?? ?"f r?oer?- oi pree'a'lon, and tba da aan4 for It Ki oi aad ??? ???!??? it? r.-oi?t?ni1y h-uiy Praha'i llxu Caa Alwgya he Olatlm guPhed fr?ai atterg by tber aiipart-rr logtr- Th- F*I.O e'l l.R for triing men la lanaHered by mdrea ?l? tb* KRO eflbeaeaaoa. PkaR R Baser IS4 Piut-a gtraet The Renfrrw Catpa art OwparH?.Iwat Maed by WilliS, the flatter. 114 Broadway oapraau- gt rani a eburab. ?htrta. Rhlrtm?Oil Ibr ?N. Made from Ike heal A moat tag aed W amentia at-iabnt Oaaot U4 --Vatham atrewt. n,?ar of Paart. ? II bhlrta tor fb. Warrabte4 to MU MOODT H BH1HT MAM PACTORT. 3tt Broadway. bait ?wapwrtmttama. dkr. We aea aow h raaatyt <d mt larga wet of OMTfMI Il??i< AUOORUT Ptib PAiJ. ABO WlBTRRl They are the uiih?I aalei B'i mae aed Ongllab atari eta ? We aha WrweMmwIOMMI ^^^pumaaiBa ooooo. Hatabia CbdMag for aw aad bupt By of Ay lea aad fahrtra to ha fonan t A!) of a bleb we offer al enfeiarVr low Ae early aelertirw la rtepeetfallyH daatand la already ear large _ ITUIf. HriBtOI* * OO. ftoa. tan W4 ami 244 Broadway trwanr War me Mraai Rare lint pa* K*agtron-A Cage of Kgf. Ileh Ont-ara Ai, tba aew gtrlea at OOOOT * H'ltrd MaatJac lory, Ml nmadway. ?ratah Wool aiil Mhafeer Kwtf f nder* germeatt all g'?a at ?> ' At't'lll.IB 4 bb w HaeafaM IT vo-aar Oreeea ,rb u d *? - tj a^i .. i?h? ? Kln? and Kle fuei Helrat uldeaUet fc.a?l.N-f MUllr'S, I IK K Htl. ft. Ke ?' K?ahl?K?.-f.?trx & Co 'a fiatiaa ?Of? Hi NX a nmiiXM kl, U-.Uern and tnisc.dv.cer* of Is-uSum tor prnclei'ieo1* Hate, nf *nao'* im Pail Htyiae a, rv Mlv. a! Not 8. 4 Hju. ? Aatot it. :f? Tfaa Tmrtf kalr or Paper llacRlnri *1 ???fltioa will becwttauH lhr..,*h t? ? .1sf fTV r*1a?' Oe?o be< t. i 14 Murray nrrr: .".Jtukfti tW-UHB AH, c an Biriil . < It 9l.>: ok a ?. Vail aad V\ inter ?Ihr Brat In Use irty LOHtN lllli (IJill ft HON iewk!>..; W9), 1?3 Fullce strrel Kiranuru In tt>? Cltjr Should not Falllo eta#'he I'brrnoloKK Cabinet aid V root of KO tUK A Wkl.i-s, .kit. k umr wuy. Horn may lit- aeeo ( lAmiati.MI frwt W' xn.1 Cart* fnn llu t -irtanf nay Of llrmiuil disrio ruiabed aad iK>ionr>ua Dim of ll.o Hi ?r.-imarn. 0 satoee, rhllrtonnrp. Murd i-:e. a, '1 birr*. at; , i, etc ph'? ooluRital DeltueMiuo* of Character, w! j id d * i ipu'ooa, Riirn when dealrrd. Brooklyn I'liiiftiRraiihi -Hlrlaiura to CHAM H. WtuQaHHUII'tl ?al:.rj. kelajtUbed 1*1. Prince m Ualaa' Km IJ -Oitr 50.(100 l.a dit-e have proclaim?! O.;'. LAIRlr H Li .uld l"e\ri '.a Ibr'ouly ar lick that arlll preat rve and bcir.ttiy l!i-octroi c md akiu. 7S7 ami 4dD lir-adarny tuiaway A Sone' Oaaratrvan %tni and equsre Plrune ar? mm .orvdrferrd the I*"| ufaeptred; are wan anted far Ova j earn. Wars-room* Si am be Waiter aureai The Lndd 6t Webster Sets Inn nachlatl may now be bad for fifty llollara. at COO tin. 'way Flukl* A. Lynn tjrwlng Marhlar Coin, pany.?All m* thine* w*rracUui to i-vr part','* uttiVu, 'Job .4 money le.'unted. Agent* wanted. CSS Broadway. h. Y. The Heat Mannfai tnring and Kunally Mat klura In tbe world at I. M siNUKis. A CO.'a. lid Bruad way. Grower 4 Babcr'a Celebrntest Notaelena ! Kewdi e Mtu-blot* the b?t It; ""r fir family ar?la*. i!H Broadway, Maw York, and ld2 fulum strew,, Unu .a I nlon Atlniua, Hdater. Ul "r and Fltlr. taAkdr No *i(7 Hroadwi . Fupri jrtl.tMMlru to ord -r Lcwa of Nfrong Drink I arm. Hector 1KIXP rrnj. ? cur* a ketuieen Can )<# ttvro (unknown in H>e * tqv...r. IVcefl. 1* , it til It tudoo atrrrt. Yon rau bow is . ?< that dear our irotn r un. I'ae Parkrr Brti 'a London ' luls dadi-r.H It le aupeiior to all MViara u:>? ?... 1 aid is (..r ualu by alt re timetable Kroner* ''its A J. Pari .IK, 11 Heehinaj atreei. Aaent. OMO AnriW* loeMrt lee a remarkable ?rttoana the hum*" *kt" ' t I: la ooP nee near ? to it u. >unio tost I. ma. be bed at tae Ud depabBWatiirraire (ioaraad'i Medleauttl loap. a? a Pre arrver soil br .1; Cer u tha btuaaa cultde IS aril kn . 1: 1 *: i* me'oly ..rctesi.> toena ttnea that it 14 ttdlfor aale si tbr old depot, (7 M a'.'aer atr<?l Hi . p??r? aj tus.ael; - RMiial fats of il.rnla, or Kuptars ? i> h. M Ma Auh i.f ths wnU known *.'? w lurdlOi, i-r t v etay atrer'. a for H msr opeoeti? tbe rhureh rtryasw t dtetal e?< it? 10 ike ?u \-.-k wbst>oiU<? hts Isrtici; t> tr it 'A l lrn lienipiitlea" U Ueelrert by nil ?r C?e P7?'A?M H "S-T w>fr (> " -.rota! Oravn." badl**' BeasttiJIer:" t'haltm * don't ?vatw Wbi e Ortecta.' l.rt asa." Bold by ati druaa' ?* ? Usawlilai I'tiBiplriloji." Plmlntt'i ?F ."W A bile Ortaatal Orraac ' P rt.? til euitia per botue ( rfcf atloio't Ilatr T?yt . U ;ri aail Tnif peat; tbe beet h tk> mil. Artfceaala iM otaw Tbe it , a j rivatrty a. pi tut. Nu i liuuar Prof. Niirlh uu krwing Plui hlnee ?" If Homrr could he e?l>d up frotn his m rk> hade*, be would (lor tbe adeeutof 'IKOVItKA KAbRnna a morn brtilrnai t niiis. ii-of aiilhanw -.s eer Vi t . - by I'e srov.l t d" uiidnuthl abirtn tkluR i- litedlrufui apr.'-s of wosa nnntini'jered Prof. North ilimtfl't PatcBt Champlua Klra aid ftrr*'ar Proof Hslea. Sii Broadway, mnmr of kvst tasa Hew York Bntrlislor'a H'lfi. Tonpeea ami lltir !>}* base lnptutrmruU ? .,.?**tn* a. otlrrs. uatarsl and | eaas; oerfa ; fit, no ? uvi <? up bi llad N - 16 IPmd at.-eet Hurry's Trlropheroata t# tlie Beat nnrt ebeapetl article lor diaiwlua. 1 cani fi rarlln*. rleanat.v* prts teto| and res.ortbe us... Lauics. try It. tioi.l by ail dnwkta. IIlll'a Hair Dye?5U (en(a, mark or brows, best In nee. Depot No. I Barclay aceet, and told by all drugalan Cllrrhafli'i Illatalv* Wig?A Novelty. ypliirilMtt lalM Hae r.g* HM'wti'f. wu Rroadwag, iirii 10 A. t Hlr *,art a. CItrat>wgb'a Illualva W'tga? Pai unetalnable, n- turiaag uy oenLml. ifft.' tm>adwag, ^ _w oppoaus A, 1 . humP A ? o '? mnM M A. Jr boaraad'i Improved Oriental i raaw fpr iM t Tito) h-uiir* ft) cot, A rvl 37 Wall re avrwrl Uenrareof a eounlerfe'i Hill, lnlraltnbla Cnttar of Hn*r and wh.aa.-ni u> lull the nowearance >o I Bar *r atrert. II-ir Lge W centa. Be* wilful Complexion.? I.*lrd's Uqald I'earl kea achle??ri a t. l*bntr a* h*?ing no ainal for beautl Iria* aad prtaerrtag Ike o mulni??i ard akin. Mold at aU ! druageia'. PrinctoaT depcta Tu and UP Broadway. dcrefxia?A raw Bottles of Kranitg't Medical luaaorerg. a judicious application of Up daruTaia ' Melzaael and Healing Otuimei-l, and atriel'* f <i.-dag Up <M rertl-w la Ua panpklat nomad aaek bottle, artil nam the Consumption, Cangin. Colds and Cntn? aeoua alsctlnn* are *pe*dilg nirM bg <Jl k.ll a .All' Lit Kit Oil. JU.I.I. aaae nr atrk-a U-patlppt W>M b\ lb? Inrer.ln' It* ?.? rta areaue. and bp a'l .irngg??* I'fatOIJi, PaaKRR A MoWhR, wb -a* airata Nn II l*?ek?iaii aire". Fever ami A|aa promptly Snhdord by Wol.l IiWaY'* Iagetalila Win Al <*her prep-rail aw rrme-.Ira bate a pernio ia ihteenec 'bin?M t. tloo, while theee l~I!a renm-aie tk? ps'tr- lyalev- without eo talUoa aaplaaaanl eonaanerarea Dlnenses of tha I.on*, land Tlirota* lar* nei'iQy trealol bt k W. VoynKR-WTH. M. >, ?n It* Rnwary Mnrrlad raaio? Poatta ?if fuesday. <J(il 1, by the -Mr loal Parkrr, Will inn H I'MAJi. to Win* Apstt I'omat, all of lh>a Cdpiapo?Clin* ?'n ttila city, ou Tli .rsdaj . emirs, -??p* |7, tit the Rre Mr Hnr?, I R ti CtMIM of Sew Brimawicb. N. J , to WW- i -IB I Clka>;, ft N*W Y*tk. (eltb-mta toper* pi< .-e M ;.y D.ivsas? Foam- ?In ?ronfclgW, Oc? 5. by lbs Re*. Dr Hnrgr. Mr < rssaers K ImanAV to tt'.-a I aiti C. ? nanus. Ill of ttnmk-t n Eadv - Mfgjc >r-a.?On Tueodag, Oct 2. by ibe Re* T Halt, BkhabiI' fiui to Ma. v . -I rit igijgti'?* .if M,. heat M'tgu-'le fc*n . ef Flar* . N 1. Moaan?I itdrSA.* - < m w pdncaua*, Qstober A, . lb* Mm., r si chum, i g tha Rev lA win K T Cnidca, J*um I. Mo*am, Je , to Kmiit A., daoghlsr of Ma Ci>t ? naa, ba , ail of Ik* cog. fatuin?Riin*ai)? ?tn We?l[iort, Cons , bg -t " Y. 9. Hot, < iianita H Ttruni. to l a. tf.ia, daofblet uj Wm H. K,i li.ins f. ut?7w *?.i **??** Trr*'ijr. 0"l-bar 3, at the rt-aleeara of ./? I Wiil'e, l>q . bg the rntiorahie If Ifptl. rr*#idiat of t*y,.n Od:Ii?*. *d?i at la net. of ?V rrr'ala. rbiteb.-t cot tg. to Vn?':* J , ?ldnel de o.tar <>t ibo tati We H fau Mb1, nbotan, nf f N Y tiled. th.a .at?Ot. t. <-dag, 11 Pi'er 3. al the rtfidsspe of IM Itlbr. Id IM Whi ia olg plsio niM i .?to of tu.' 'unfa, Tkoa.p taase, ?*or i am or ilaeg | At' B"tr.).p, agpt M j?ara 1 imalht tsl II d g*. f*e trie''".a ?n.l ?o|iui<in!.oa rf lb? lawlg a*a I Pftftlu'lg ipvltrdlo alloii I his fur rat, tha <f* ?*?. f . wh eb ??ll la**gi? o at 'ho Mad . are a 1". *l?y?or tn : ftotfl otrosrif ?#ob', ilallti ai llndisos t v ?uo, tbla f T'.aradn*) afu rti'-ie, at <. ck. .ia re us .? wiii p?t< *?ried ait , it 1 * . aoi. f Rassmn?On Teotdti, Obtebor'd ar.-l pa Oil Oirta# Mart CitllWUi, Wtf* ul g"f.*dere. d Be'jor.d, tg-i 33 )?ara aaf 4 .It;* T'Uiitrte an, ft er. a of 'he Nn.'if, and .?> ?b? n, ? >.f '? Tn. i i ? ? , ' i, I O t?J 0 a 4 j it. - sea < t? Is. as No. 7 A. O. < <1. t . ? a r. ?,?<- -U i i r H .od to ait t i pot ti.t >1, ft .. b?r ate fnstdens*. Ks. K>1*7 alrrot, c ru-r <if A'a?.iiraw? tl-iot, lb I (16'ira da., aliornt* ti, at tw. nVdsnii. ?'an, ? il tho r*khv. ? >f bb lathe-, In B? >n in 7ti. b'ar phet>'? m. tMStopr f. Wm im Bnci, ? A'l- J i ts ki.e ; ml - r. p. .??, td p ?,Bt end 23 dsga. Butt i-flip ? .ig, op I -dag. 'Au.bod 2, of r?fp-o thai, Mrs 1" lilt. I".' .?,. ?.m>. a le o< .ljl??iter II Bl.i m-.ti. in iho ?2) ieat "r bet up-. Tfc" fr'pnda tu ibo ftaiilj ? ? la*HSd to aiiesd the fun- | gnl. fl'M hot ; te rta ? -e, No 4M Atxtb a'tus.*, ibw (ThurWng/ ih?fw?r,i' ball past one o'cloeh. Without luttiaas but .a. Bi a'** ? In Rrook' % ca WpIppP'Isv mining, October 3, is Ujp 7th fWfM ton a*e. iox? M , atpeat child of , >t mm R aad 'M'1 'lot tar toy. Tho futn'ai will lake f. o <.n grMng aflt-noco, at rbrec < dork iron the renin-new 'it hi* gran ifkthcr, John ti Mas leg, If, , No m Hoar! at ? v Tha rtlttlm ltd ftmdt a, ra--ctl tied to at land w thoetlanker laaitwiou. B< Tigs ? 'w Wpdspa-ia* morntr . ? > t-bsr 3, WnjjdM fndJirta. gonpgrat POO Oi Wll|rt<n f ?? d Marptr l C Pat lot. g|Pd It moetba asd t daga Tho ralatlvpa and ft lead* aro rrspertfollg In* I ted to giippd lit itinera!, from tkp residence of his uncle, Mr TTmuaa 1'aher, No 333 Hlxth aranua, this (Thar*dag) aitsrooni, at twen rtsek, without further Uftwtino rmbl'n peper* pfasn ooj.g Pawrr# ?tn Hrionetoo, N. J., on Friday, BntiteuMi 21 Mr. 8 i anpua, a*e.l ft genre and t month* His death waa < a used h'y lajurtna rocotred at a Sre World and Baltimore Hun please nop f ATiM'tm ?On W/yinendng, O-.toher 3, Mix* JaxI r ATScel*. wife of Samuel Uathnarl, in the ?tth gear of h? r age. aner a ahort hut ae*cre illntaw. The re'atttM ar d fr*nda of the 'atgiir am resffetfull* n* ted to at end the funeral front hrr lata rm'dnaeo, <177 ?*Hh a*onnnfconrr Fort* first street, ihw (Tburndagi ul Ve ft cVx k th? ffmiibi will h? tWrn iop<xiftV ?t C raet-rg. Newark, N .1 . fbr lairrniidl. \ w irk ,'Apor* pleat, ropy. r>r **-If. Tno *1,, fmh here ttn Wia?. *?>.< !>??**. e 'e ot l*?Mt ?1 tei*n. 1'cr fckrrt. *!!> talu plnc3 th t (Thcrtdhg) w biaj, ! II) n'etock Iwl^r ??'* "r? '' hi'b'MWtr I ??* >l rttilr..| hetwee t?g'-?w " t Harvtam streets I liiri sim n.? V,,. u la ot li. ' ? V * ?n< ** * U .?? Uoti-'*4 . _ Wrtn^i.'W"' / <>rtobe-?oi I d.iihfbeiia, AntliA tilLI " * ' " ' *' U"' 'V'd ' T'.uwit J. (itidert,<?Te, ,ir , ag?t I' ?'* '"orih* i Tt. rotative* i-d frMtdsof that ftr" '" "'""Hy I M'Vud to au.-t.d toe funeral, this (i Virsdayy afternoon. I *1 1 i. clock, (runi 900 St inter Itirrt. t ? i >*-. ?On IVedDeadav aflerr.OOO, I d'*"* ? Yn' ">t ' <>fS Word* i au<l timeline ' dliey,1 *8*0 ?> flt'iuttu I and three darn 1 V <? l t -at ?ill take place from tha r.# idenre o( W* imrutts, '.no i*>*? street, Brooklyn, this ^Thursday) ? M rrcK u, at lour o'clock ran.* ? In Brooklyn, on Tneedar. October 2. after ? abort ihticss, Ajurt.u Cksss, axed 61 years. Rer fiii-nda und acquaint* re*, au.i tit *<? of the < anstljr, are respectfully Invited to at lent tb? ft'Trial, fh '?><? reel' erre of hor brother, Thomas 'wren, id tir aba? 1 airt ? l b< I veeti Myrtl" and IV halir nvenueai Brook thin ( rtiurrday) afternoon. at tan o'clort Hatch.?On Thoadvy, October 2 after a! lingering Ill ner*, Asm* J., ouugbU'r of Cfcaa. 0 Hatch.'.a the 17Ua year of ber Age 'flic relative* and friends are res.inctfu'W invited to at tend the funeral, from the residence of her father. N'o. 10 Wrrt Korty six.h street, this (fhuradav) rooming, at eight o'clock. without further notice, fhe will be taken to Seniors, Westchester county, tor interment, Jhy the quarter past ten o'clock A If ftariom Railroad trnis, on Thttrsdry. HuHBiu t k ?Ou Tuesday,Odobur 2,uohs 0. Hi>ai<v,vs, in th 66th year if bin aye. fte friend* and thoae of the family are respectfully ta med to attend the fuocral aerv.eee. at Ui? CBnn U of M Vlrc<WtdB l'aul, Wtat Twenty third strtvt, thl* (rhura day) sfterroon, at two o'clock, without further notlos. j SviiUinab and I'niladelpbia paper pieurscopy. Hen oao?Ou Tueoday evening, :V|itemocr V at her realilirre, Now tinman, tlonn . alter a brief iLlorar V. a a' A SltTM.aoh, wife of Noah Uauford, In thr tilth year of bar Her t-iends and at qualataacea and tb<?e of ber nephew Bame.el AoM, are refqiectlully iu'ttod to attend ber fu neral, from bis realdeooe, 'J77 .lay rteeft, Brookiyn, this (Tb?'*day) arternoon, at throe o'clock Hor rorutlua wilt b? interred Id tireenwood IVmelery. KiCikS?On Tuesday tnoratug, October 2, at otic o'etcrk . of uoageetlou of the brain, .louv UOiiv.v, of No T.'l West Tul.-ty third Street, belwoui Math and Tenth bvcoi 'S, the only son ot l'aul Motrins, ui the li3d year of Ma age Tli? frieo-s andacqualatanrea. and tho?e of bis fatbor and limit, John Uconno, also Uroee of tils brothers in )?*> ,1-tjiis Smith and John log an, are respectfully In vd.,1 tosHmd the funeral, from U a late r?i'leuce, No. i''l Wtsi Tb.rty third street, U ia (Thurtday) afternoon, a; one o'clock, wiihoui further V- AwtHjs.?tin fueaday, October k, Ann An* Wuic ir Rawi??. yeungtsi dan*; tiler of Margaret and the late tree n au Uitvi uon. ?ge<l 2 yearn and 7 nv .tli* Kr'iat ve* aad lrienda of the family are invited to attend the the reeideuce of ber tnolher in Molt Haven, We*ir'water comity, cornar oi* B> ton roa? aud M.,hi rl* ; th.i (iburrwlay i altnru , ,i, at two n'ciiM'k, without t rtljrr notice. Carriage* will be in alt -t,dance at No, 1S8 TMr a-eiiie, at half past twelve ? cioca. to convey the fri si * to the above pla< e UlusAiiii?11- Monday night, Oct. ber 1, at b.s rest ?'eticr N T- Wc jt Twenty becoud street, of dtsciM of the tea . VHibmifK Kucha.ud, a tint ice of J-ranre nod tbr ui?r' to ? bi.Li i.i tut* city, u iin 7Sth ; eab oi nta .ige f -H friends, at d tbo:-? ot tin f,unity are reapecthvlly re qcmed to a,lead to. funeral, ul the Ch rch of the Traoi f'gi..c' ou, Twmty it into atr-ei, t? twcea Kilth amI Ma.U t >?' a rutit*. vt ? (Tuur. ay) una..";, at nine o'clunk, W ill otit f; itber notice. KiAisan.?At ll'uHwtilield, N. .1 . ill T le- iav, October 2, *ft?r i protracted ihu ?5. wblcit ?h, I or. ? th flhrl tlaa foriiludo, .li'UA A , belo. ? de cf Alt Hinder E Rogers, sped 42 yt*r*\ 4 totinlhii sod lb.'aw. Tt.c ft and* and K.altvte o' tl e fsnily arc revpeotfully invited to attend the thin ral, thin ( ihurvday) aft rtt'KiD, at two o'ckr a.tVon her late rteideni?<> at Blootnfteld, w thout fiirtbi inrtutica. Koe.??Ou Wnduesday, OctnHcr J, of disease of the Inert. Wiiuav (isoat.K B(?>*, e Ih's city, aged 2t years Ti> fi i ods of the family an1 thus* ?' the deceased ars restKcifHiiy invited to attend the fatteral, which will inks pmce Irom bw ,ale residence. No 1- . Sno'd stri-et, tiiui ^iti ii?.)ay J afternoon, at tnrec o'th. ? prec.aoly, 4at't11 ?At NValifetil, (irargeeonety, on Toeadav, Oftv ber V. Mr. ,to*n b?vtu aped 74 yenr^ and d mouth* 'i'he Hunral wit. take pace thj> (ft. -slay) L'trrnmt, at two o'cSs k h'uirtun ?t>n Wi dnesday. Orb ber 3, Jas. .-'itantsa, son ot Ji ?? tnn' nod Mar*ar?t Slieetiaa. of Castle Ma ne cecity Cork, Ire'aud, aged tit y oars. It moot.i. and t* b friend* a <t te.illvea of 'be farolty are rmhectfully lbvlieu to attend the funeral, oo Vrtrtay aftersooa, at two o'circa, trom the rr-ilencc of aismdhor, '.47 Vol 1,? j j afreet tiear I'rUice, New Yo: a. U.? resutina will he laxen tn<l%i.arv Cen?t<'> for tnteemeiit. swiUJtA.v ?tin Wednesday, October 3. John Wtiats, jonugi ?l child of Willlnin M and 8a, ib Mil,man. aged 1 year 10 sannthe ?r;<l 17 day*. Tke luneral will lake place on fri lay morning, at ten o'clock, front the residence of h:e pareuu, 110 Idvlngltca ?ti ret, Brooklyn. His rimaiua #ul be taken to Bridge port,Conn .for interment. SwTtq?ttn Tuesday evening, October 2. of consumy tkm, 3d year* Tb frwnd and retativea of tbe family are respevtfully lev ied to a tttd the ftu.eral, this frhuraday) afternoon, at CBP o'c urk. fruru hi* late riatd< nre, Hay R.dgo, I,. I Ho fruiaius w i be tik c to Calvary Cemetery lor inter r<_iMog ? Or Tneii'iy, (bntobcr 'J.*fUra short itinera, Jon* m j?!.roi, formerly of the pwtab of the Roue, cmtt ty Kilkenny. irrland Itt* i a** ki will take place Uile (Thursday.) eflercocn, at tia'f pant olb o'clock, from h;a late ne.dcoce, Cole rtnrt.Mar Hamilton aveaoo, Brooklyn. Hia friends and anquainianrra. alnn hla two brothers In-law, I*eUr and John Commerford, are Invited to attend. htfi'iaa ?to Jersey City, N. J., on Wedoeadar. Ortobgr 8. M*i.i ra. infant dsugbter of Margaret and the late John Hqnier, Jr , a(ed S yrara and dm ; tba The rr latin a and friebe'a of tbe family and ttioae of her grandfather, Col. Joaepb Ikwlj, are respectfully incited to attend tbe funeral, from lb? rra.dooeaot her mo ther, No. 3M Hotth Rixtb 'treet. Jersey City, thla (Tbur* day) morntog at tet n flock, without further ?av'L.lioa, Her r< male* will be taken to Weatiiold, New Jsraty, ifcr loteeirent by the 1- o'clock train. Wooi>*asj> ? In thla city, on Wednesday, October 3, flaaaiaT Lnraa, only daughter of t A. and Harr.rt M. Woodward, aaed T months and 3! days. II. r re mama will be taken to Greet,* icb, Coon , to-day, for in u raw u HI8CKUARKOII8, MkR'CAN AMI* PORKMN fAlKNI OrPIf'KH. oiin tin to irykntdku anit ?? r*?rT?n. trverurrs wbr have mule Impmr i ei >t? no - h -h the* Wt "M U ait d-etre ?n procure I ettera relent will do well lo orer a tu'od thaiIbe propnemra of the RCIllliTI!'10 aWKHI-IaN hare bad upward* ot rtfleeo year* eiperh i>"e lo the evutk n*t??n of Ir ?? ? t.oo?. and dnrog thla lime have had more rwa . i?b' pder lh< ir nmrdlam r e t , ???, aten-y ? Ibe t'nbed MUire It ermud he ahenrd to a ponae thai <hia er leaded experience did n-' nlord Horn uapa-allelr I fanniiea rr.r tl? rapid and a iercaaf ill eroaei nU'n oi tbia d? C - enl of pfTf*ee"taa: burireer Mewar* tfl'RR A (1. I r made tbnuaatila if -.ereeea! eiem'nathma at lb? United Helen Patent '-Wee into therm ,It of laraa'toad, and are fa ml it wnb the law ratoSSBd leaolailone that k rem ibe ei? ?'ha of rates and era bri.og daily Intenvierae wMh tbe ' ran n'e noraide I'na.m ??tmer of rati n'a and tbe e?\l t ???>* Mtien A <'0. h* > e also ,iu1nf Ihe 'aat few y??ra anr eatafwDy prosecuted hundred* of ren ted cat'a V.*>y vea ,ure tbe ?e?emop thai puuwatlut re A ?deau'-kgee % >d H*ilf lira. Do olhrr paten'. Agency In the faded R ?te? <?. i .,a?r espial tsdo-myer.ietiitbe *< rtbi Itrrii.rk .1 Uktaraw ry If an larmier wtabea to pro'drr pa'ec'a In Ureal Kiita's. Frame Me'r .m Anair a, Ruaaia. Pn aba. r.patn any tber forma r?>ont'T where lawn eiim Me*?-?. M iio A Co., ib'ongb inair old "atanUake ' ac?neia* m Ii?don Pacta n<d HroMKln. raj al'tid'<> > . m ?'U> -eat den patch, aed ?!!! npoe apr'lraiien. jurt lati a'' tieedfi i hif' - ma M'e. either Ir i*i?? at their ialii?a ta York and W aab litri >n or b? letter Inrrulora aba wlak tn perarnalfr rnneoli wttli tfaaara If una A *'<> ran reety do ao, aril r?o?:rr prom jily all oeWlul al iter frte o|i barge and the r trlleea will he jwu<. aa'.on ftdeetlal Priii-aea)'ffee?S7 Park Row, Raw tor* mty Rr io< h rgtee?Vrr-er of F and ?'-ee?a tfaahiag toe, 0 C.. o itnal'f ibe Cal'edhtatea I'aleat tifice Fi re'*? ofliiwe-1 ondoa, id t haarrre lane. " I'arle Jy Henlrraru At M ii^. Itrmae a, Hi * e dea Koeronalera IttRF ? TO I t KM'i> H. * panrnMi I m adrtra bow 'o aero re f^'ie-a Pat?e! umiabe ' tree oil ? inainnkatlouai ' -.aldered i nkVenual tteaa*a Mmi.o A <"o. are Kdltora of the ?r,*nAmeriraa, at. l.ln?trale<; weblt naper for ln*ar' .re. man/act .rtrt urvt mrrka <e tc-yitta ear. tl feu ?? nee iba eprrtmea rumhare nf the paper amt free rm ap-'icaii m ' < m aw * on. Re it Park row. New Mark. iT fORf>', 10 A?t|> IF ARV s:RV T RtVP TO ' a-eii Una. ?? ? ?lf dr??a IVada A'?", Ike 8l 50 J ? ibl' i , > aaler prne* tc^da At t?v t.k i> imi.t.'N RtiRl?W . ftllfpfl l *R. t a I. K,.i# i. it uf tfcr . .wet a'cine lot I"t ..-at atr -t, R Y brtaMblied HIS. A RTHCR ? A.ADAl.I.. A WIN P. MVRf'ffATT bo. S iap-itb Wl M?m aueet. New York, pfl.ra fer aa'r MIPRK'PR. I- teniae, fik0 P"' T wirk m Vattaa Oi.I> KKAPIHia inhortlea tlAfbKIHAia. to he ',? rTiampagnca <* Tartont branda. Id n >AnMti*d lei *uH tvnt ' at a boiewJa prteea If aab T OcWHRROW, m P.SOAf'WAT-JURT I duaed. the nryj Handmade i 'ard frdZrtRR A WlliWlH .BRIR't lAfWHI |a i<?H ilT'l HA' fid ? okd be purrhaand la i ra'araara I aaey other, hana aa ft a *r'?J P"' ? rtwir'am It aw. he' aantn tbe a?ate* nf drtaw i??ra abirtinaAara Ka ,/r fue. aboe Wadeji, >eai makers it all I tie A "C tallnrmg. ((Woe Nd R TOM way. tend for a e'rwalar. AHMKRIf'AR ARD FfiRRMM NRRrrHARTK. I.AIHFM , and Mrva^era In aearch nf Ctnn\ an I JM'Uke-e- -Alka, ' ??iia?,< apas, I'nrreea. riaeepp a Itreaa Onoda, Pineapple H!b a- Madraa Caan-tk'WehWfa, hbawla and '.-?rfa. iW, reaaa a Keel tared and Inlaw Roiaa ? umAdoree. Vaaea. Oar den seaie Ac T k toewid and mndlewood Hraeslrta. rtrk bralbar Para 'r,,m blna and Pranrr. Amertnan Indian Pane Ken-y ARm->m ? j i'ed-?ork. Japan-pe O.rMwIUee. end many ?aber ?caree aad -re artlelaa not l , he promrpd to ary other e>tat llahmept in U>? ere iptry. ran pnrrhaae Uaem in their great' aat ad rentage, whole?la a-id retail, si fflt RTAt R * DO.'R India Wore. (Al Rntodway. Aqmcitm l_J^!21?' i?rfcM THB kaoam re, ady for i flNRlMPTlOR ? daawsn-DR. 1. BOVWW DOD'R IMPWRIIf. WITT IRS i IWiTIIToW thai tke aanm gKII.PDkrWr Rl< IARH la RNW T'IRK mad ta iltoHHtlA 1'ied all .a we remedies *ed PATtRD tnskre NM WKAVgRrrfAlhaa' R T . and MR l.aRAR, nf 0nl(l*i"?A ARCMJuW were r-nred by natog DR. J NO> *? DOO ? 1MPRK AL WlR* R'TI KRR <1 - What other diaea lea are tber rnnd faer A - We KNOW Ibera v> he g?to ftr DTRPJPIHA, PS Pll TTT NRRVOCRRNRP raK*kTbld. BH.IR.r FR'8 if'RK THNkJAf, an.' PKMA * PIRAARW aa wa baee aeen >bem 't e.t . _ DspoAnWIIwlA# rtJlkAl ? laysii Dn? .k? *"hm Mr i \.r A? *1?*<t?t*? 1* I.H ICG CAM ft . e.ce .1 aspes .cm end *ae * gkUOF - FFF FT?rpyy.y Vf?V ?ff< r?? y vaylyrvyr YVTV YT YT ?* rr *%' YT F* ff Y V TV rr Y7 It rrrr ti rryt ft rr vr rr YT rr TY rrt>r TTYIYT vrrrr m?y ?e?sv Nil hod Hi* mv* mm m MAUbOCN fATENT improved french tokr mhlrtc. Patented No/ember I IMA a new nrruc or shirt. wahrabtxd to m. Urn: by einreae to any part of the United Slate* npoa IM I celpt per mall of U>o following meaenrm which will loam* a I perfect St, for SIS, S18 S18 on #34 par doaan. *0 order fw j warded for lean than half a down ahirte. The memrarea are aa foBowa ? Neck -The dlataneo round It Toke-TSa maeanree kOB . the polnla of each aboulder. Hleere- Tha leaftk from (Ba am \ trr of the bmk to the wrlet, with tha arm beat Breaah?Ma \ lent* aiound tha body nuder the Aimptta. Waiet?r" '? " i around, Aleo, the length of theahlrt By arudii k the abore meaauraa wo aaa cunrreteee St ol our new atria of tha NEW IMPROVED TRENCH TONE MM NT. Alan, tmportara and dealera In MEN'S FtlKNIHHINU OOODB. >, Tholeaalr trade nuppllad on tha uenal Mima BAI.UHT BROTHBEN No. MIS Broadway. Now Ym BK WANE or 1MITATION8 AMP (XH/XTARfWlM. BOE IK'S BJTTERH. The moat plcaaant eordlal of Unkind. The t aaat valuable tonic and medicine In alt eaaaa of ? plaint* ? manorled wt'.h the auunx.b or the nor Awe Mm e ini we than thlrtr year* arknowlediad to bo BV .'AH, BY FAB, NT PAN, The beat atomic b b'tlrra erer Introduced. Foraale by Kroner* and di"**taui generally, and wttM 0 liberal dtri onot to the trade by the v ?nt L. FlINRE. Jr . SJ Xront etreet. Maw Toafc. BFARP ANII MUSTAOHK WQ.L SAVE ftV PROM col tie an bmnebiti* diirir* th? winter and if yocr'a woet grow, why .baa ore mr tbigueat, which will form them M grow id a rev w? ke. an * won't ataln or lujnre Utc nktu Prion St aold by dealer* getter:.'!y. _ 11 U. GRAHAM 101) Nam* otreet. CtRUEL'B AU'INE BITTHR8? / c titan TT1K BNNMFarrOB Prepared of the heal fwltn berha, aarefullr select*. if PR. IHl'Il. A rrriain remedy aarainat all disorder* of the stomveh, *0 il epepua. indtgetllou. .kuuletey Ac , an., tested and i-yaa* mended by a number rf the moat celebrated phyalrtana, both of Kni.-pr ami America. Price fifty cento per botUe. Md oplr l,r .]> V* T.KNAKHTs 84 E*"> ? atrrwt New Tor*. I tITAPPKn nANDS, FAi'K, UPS *tl-i'?KTAIM CUBB I ) andprerentive. HKUKMAN A CO '?? nmphor lee, y.yci ? if ? sel aa directed will keep the f hla aoft to the wildcat wea'her Only 2d re- ta. Sent by mall for SO aetata. 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Ficart rrmady. glrea rfilefe relief In nbettpaui eeaea af Phe-imatirm and licit It I* perfw Gy reliable. Foraale al W1 Urciutway.anit No. S Mnrrla atreev. Price #1 per Inula. D YRPKraiA-IKniaHTIOK nyxpapata?lo t kadirn.~ll <b* ?M* nrufbtnaiy of C* I nrt* <v .?? ? I . act Ij irmnntoaaty, * r THtompttre U hIw*?* * d paptlr A pr 'n runnot h ira a torpid llrar nr thr oil**, pi.i ? ?,. k ba?,.aria, *h * It om a dvapmillr pr. J. R. HTaF FORD'S IROR ANO HI lJOlUR PoWDCRS r.iraa a Ion* <4 dyaprpm* ftr.l |p 1 gaaitui Tb?> nx ft nnlah.a praptrmm wbtob '.nit* wit1, lb* itictftUd fnod ?nd rnuri wlUlit tftt.i (An (i.rMI'.i. ol ti* bl'?t, Yh* trim Mr*n*ib?nx U* tilnnd ftnl 111* I?mt in*d ?||:Iih'ii ronrrrta II- Hn-t* ,nl<* ?**?*? Thl? at una i pno the bk??t infiwiw I he ntal or Itf* *1*1 n* f."*?aaf thi- Todi, ftnd r? ;.Jiiti * *11 II* ?*? iwilnn i Ollr* Tftr. 30 <?<???? ftlK.ttl*. fowd.-r*. $1 ft packft?*. Hi M> Hruftdaft/, an 1 *11 dni|k<. 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Parefefta* Apn.RTOH R ornciAu railway o-jidb. II pon'Hlna pearly okr nvtnMii railway baiti. Rr.rrtmUnr Till PRINCIPAL RAILWAY* Or TUK 0OUKTEI. Tbn* C> larrtlna*. ?taboo*. Hnunm. Ar. Pr*?* Only TaraotyAy* aab p*r <**py. r> a'm-i.iJTi. v a en. p-Li.k ?At H*1 <u I J. - POE a no.. babci-ait; kkrr a*d Wbi I***:* ,l**'*r* In CABINET r'CRMTCNR, T IJa-* daridad In trprn UiMt *r*r dork to Ik - i ??. e. *M *i. h?r*ftli** a*tl *l rrlftlt ?* w*ll ** *i wbM***'* I b*< rffar fitn.?.tr? for drawln* *???. parlor*. . ?*?*???. A*, biilb rmb and ptfttn of nHrkin; pa, twran mOr by iWdr own ?? tamnt frrm kiln dn.<d at ?< Thrlr tf *?! fadliii** f v Uftr .Iaa Ittfln* will rttajia UM M Mil ftt lb* iMfll prlraa WftTftnatM*. 9f> aad IB I'?w floodn* drw**. Pi-tir dmn *ftait t .i Hnwrry Mount hah. wari? < o??rrrKE or tHEpina** w?ri* t- r*.p??i*d c M?t >1 I It .l'**n*.<r? dp*? ib? ***?'?*. By ord*r of ' PfiNELIl H Fl Ylfff. ? 'Nalrim**. Stop?rt?t ft\ntm UkAbl', huC A It I 1.111 rt' I CIO. 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TANR'. a*4 F 'tn* dro* Id Rl.-n al lb* Had Wb.taaA' W M 'VAlU>*n NEW PAfOOR . ... . ^ X W 11 Ll Ad TAYIA ? barlM rdindl* M?l?"d aad ml* .?had, la *'**?" *?*'? ki? aatnoB at Itt Broadway I* prayarad 1 . r* ? *? bw fr and* oad laa rw'itr. _ LWl K?t I, ANP RC"*f,*fTAL ? ; IIRIIAMAI A CO b baa*M f<* tba lortaot aaot<*?_ ? (rant* d <4* r?lM?. Ar . A* and laa nbwwtaa *ln??* w.btk mm ia . annaJ m aaw. ?' boot Injury |* eatar or fabdo. I by dr*i?*'-?* wtly ? Mat* P?* ba?U?. Bat dtaA rtf n\ , rmoow td Miraaa* r b 'Mi*. , ? bold by dfli^H Uta (rnotaa adirta JJ V\ \ynJr,n 14 Ta!.a ra r drrbafrr "?rf*r<'y FIRS FROCF Ala* RTMIjUI PROOF. A Inrfa iwnrwial far Mi* by ftearwb a baryta, _ RM Broadway anrwor of WorlA anal. d*. Viw* WartV.o-a peraob rither*bai.r or rw*~\n, w*n aaar naa.1 a i**tl* >4 Pr Toblat Yaaaii-.a L'n rat IBW Rid wnl M. tbfti u wm Hi# had tntrla for ih* mnllai draaa'i TJ pftlnanfftH btaA*. amnp. ?r < it warrai.tad to* mfa. or or pay Pnaa M ran", and Mi r?rM. Pavnt. No it Ond'an " ?Ar?*i. Raw Yorb M'ma KM da* at* >wm tlgnad R I. TOHIAR iarr'k'r rewt.yo MAcmvy. m t iprr m ?A1- t>orp' ?? turaap. Id o . m Tadar t '? '?'' "??aMtt n. a ?? r. * triv ? * - ' ' ? ? c' t' A E<? is* rt , .1 Ad> :? la VI AN 11.1. ^40

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