Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 6, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 6, 1860 Page 2
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THE VOYAGE OF THE S',?AMtR NIAGARA. j _ , ' I The Jaj>8*j6St> EiRoa?=8y Nearins their island Home. lMterer>tins Fact# Ooi^Piiilng the Slave Tra ,u>. O'JR NAVAL CORRESPONDENCE, &g, Ac., Uu Lou,dii Corrc*i>o??,,e,'ce IkUgoo, Afh? miSava dkmiui 0/ the .V? yara?Lf'i-J Po^mf*-3* ^ Alert of HMer -jj/ximn* on'.AlUnmanee? sacra <m Hi*xr j?J he ?Vi<t/-?ra a '' o',n# * ? ruuAiAv ?Nl""Vr * ^ at Zcdrufo _CW,ur? </ rhr? SU*n-\tU*U Sent ?mi " adiiKB ?* fleard, .#<? , <*? The IV ittj .-'u.tcs steam frigate Niagara, Captain tack.*u w,ih tbe Japant-ite Embsggy, m route for Japan, arrived >t poi t oo the evening ot' the 8th Inst., nine hero d ,J , from Porto C.raude, which port she left early ?* u ,e 18th of July. With the exception of one day, the wk o!e ruB from Torto Orando to thle port was made r ^Inst ttroDg head w.ndt, with propeller elorated; wbertaa. bad she gone to St. Helena, whlcn woull hare been her proper ocurae, ahe would nave been In the Waok of I'atr wmdrn all the wuy, tnatead of which nearly Ike whwle voyage no far?eome thlrty-alx day??has been ?ade age Wit wring head wind*. tee waa right Into tbo teeth of a southweat wind seven days that would bare cirried htr at least twelve knots, h?n Hag f#r the trades without finding them. Before u rtv ^ag ct this place the Niagara got short of coal ac t W after,?n tha'. evrryhody on board (Japanese and crow) * its pot on allowance of water no tea or ootlee al'.wwed tea the id till tbo evening of the 6th. Pro w'.'aa time mt Having r.-rto UranJe till the morning of tUaSlof tegnst?lfte<Ji'lay?each ptiron w*? only allowed on* manor and on the ?d a fnrihor reduMlon wss made to .?wo quarts for each person?miserable wafer at that. The Ni.gera't arrival at this port at all ts conM lsred, hj^Pi tne circumstances,as parlicu arly fortunate, bav* tag barely coal enough to bring her Into port, having MM three 'lays and nights within ono hundred aul eighty Jo flfty miles ot port, losing sbout?no wind and no coal, lhe water which the Vagara was suppMed with was klsh, muddy stuff, a hen It was put Into the ship. ,? ' 0f taking Oroton or Itulg ???>" 1 water, it war wskaa from tbo Brooklyn Navy Yard, to order to put 88 888 or $4.<H0 into the hands of porttioal speculators, whtnh oouia n >t have been iloue had it oc-a lakcu fr.?m nuwr of tbe above named sources. The ef coat burued since leaving New i org, June 30 to auyusi 1 waa I 120 wns.ot wuioh .146 tons to pi.rV.Hlrsnde, wud 780 to August i! Ite .lattates* have stood the voyag" remsrkablv well so lar evrijiuog baring pa-?ed oil sansfaciurilr and T'-- ? ?? all OU boar I, oxci pi tun religious s?r vtcxw which lh?v seem to regard as lut-ntled for thoir sm-ciul oer eilt, which Ibey appear to l'?'k upon as a s >rt ofaeooou ediVHio of Pbriugrre Jesuitum .d two hundred - which thoy e*i.not help tbiuslog is lu bojij way Uiieialed by the L'uiUd Sum goveru.n-nt, ioaa much as it appears u. be part ?r tue Sorvtoaa of our go vsrum.i.l it sriding ibooi Uornfo Tbs Priori s and where ef tbo .lanantwc seemed ?o;ne what p-rsecl at Ookf wtlh n lij,lous ??*? rusns?'hree ti ii?? ? ear prayei* on deck night and usomlng, and prayer meeting cui berth dock t very evening Ir >ui Urotosix, tUi roccstiy prayer meetings are bold Iro n seven till sight at ttrst they used to coma ou d?.-k duriug prayers but reoentiy tbey usu.ily ga luti tueir cabi .s tea Japanese rrgari the rtligi >us service na board the tJtagara j* ibe tnere -orange because it was disp .use 1 with ua beard the Powhatan and Roan 4i< Id brtng ng tbcat over cioepl fuadays,owes a we-k, whtoh tbey uudor perfectly well aud wnich they arc decideliy lu ^tehday Sight. July 29?Nitgara croaaed the Equator ? tosgitude 1 jeg 16 unn rust Th > last ten days her mm, ( kl bceu i II tbe coael ot Outnea, (g >11 an l ivory wast.) twn< gi.mbis, Sierra loo me. Moororia. Uberis, An te iod utb. r places on Ibo coast, wi rre the s'ava traders ars ptcseo up by tbo tugiiali ?-il Am^rl-jin orukters ah'- are employe l iu a p|ir. sk'og th- alaro trade The Cbr g". t.aboen, I augo and soiue half f?t"? other tars* rivers tmpiy cto tno atlsntko above i/wuH, tn? heaa'quark rs of tbe Afrv an rquadrou of the 1-uiglisii and kateriuui rrutmid. At prewnt there are lying at anchor wdh o half a Bite of the Niagara the ilagship Oonatellatios, Sag oDiccr lnnutau. Ike slue,' tfariou, rt -uners tetunan, ran Jael?to and llys'lo, four Eugtiah saa tour I'ortugnesn au-u <d war, besides oouss ouallr a greaibnisn lylna si ai obor, looking out foe blackbird*, fte Mar too na.w to lay at tw tra o' far Mai, h>v WW breu out S Hie si* mouth* orvr ber Hate The Afrtcan *q ad roc statftNMd <? this c>sst f..r tits vsporntcai of th> slave lrs.l? have mate a larslrlke srttkts the last two wees*?bsviii* captured three res seta within ibat lute, witn I 6C4 slav-s <m hoard, and sums 88 000 In money teeSrstvessil caolorrd wss the ?hu Krle, of abnot MS lets "fl the mouth of the C ingo river, oa the m on tag af the ?th li?taiil, by tie sftsincr Mouhtatl, having on b-ar t eight hundred and blur ly six slave*, sweat one half or whom were unworn and chlllien, th r-wt mah s. trum four to thirty five years .!" age It K ore hub ly grueraily hiown that II# Hagiuu aud am.'rl at govertiao nts keeps do* dozen or Bl'iaeo stetmer* cruising an Sbd low B the Mtrt .dl the mouth of the (lor go, lo * aw after tlavtrs. tbl* M ing the principal,aud,In fict, the salt |?rl of the o-atal where the stare lra.1 ? l? at iwossnt ?anted r I nasSo aa Mr* already been nai l, <4 tbe hsaduuarters for the English and Amerhiaii a.p s lmss wb'D uid rruisuig' At pre* i t there are Inurteeu shiju M war lying at awh.rr in this l*"! Tbe <'i4l >an g 1* the men wai'duni rnt 'red lu Ihs lig Mwta of the 8 ?mean c re-vr ilog W?a ??(?*"^ ft from 8 to meri-'rae. etw 4Wm ? as.i sucld I- tbe Lanrard at s ? nr. I s Mask e.rlrldgi lo make- vessel J?*'. -I ' ' * arst a ta-ai to ? >'<1 '? r f ond her I. be ?he ship krta, af Nrw Vnrk, s ;h-. t iwis-rs r any person ? uniug to temple's, wdh 'taJ eta. ? m heird, hn ., ? v.lxsJ www ).f Jtpanisr- ?, Air.crVwns and F-eoctnm-ti " Hbe vli, tat. n p. of by IuweVeWSSt liuoningtoo and taMltbn r an 1 of tbe Mohican, and carrta-l t? Hurro via. whe e tne slaves would all be left nad Ihe rewael tak. n to tne Ar?t |?irt In the I'mte I ititea I ue iffljeew and crew wt'l rem Ire 626 * bead 'or the slaves, and tbe , n,u I v< be dlvldrwl amotg-t thrra T??i flaf ?.tU ?r of tbesuuudron Mre I* fttrwt.hed by the Nary It pnrteaent sw tba of the d f! 'ent p rts with a m-?w?na Swm of all luapw led T. sse's leaving the t'nlled dtatrw cs ?ace-l 'n Ihe tr. de. The following I# onwraltg Jte t>t- ?"Ship Kile, 6tO lote,I .'ItSd fl'at.-g 11 ig,flw?ftl .ram Havana f w Ambrta. April 4, 1480, 'adeocd with ? wtrtt* wt I ship rurgit ot staves The .-roe on f-dug oa b *ard lb- Krts, sg drs v-Hsl by I be e0V?r* of tbe Wditbas, I* bey nad sit oo-wiweM-aalort teere were*, inc fwrniy fight men on Nrard.which tncln dsdowt-r* sailors, e.e ks, Xc N . . aptald. or oi l- r? or ? towrvrr, c. 'd 'w f.-and, but by their I *e,l rata. ?? ihrrc wav I," r flak i g them den- "P> . nierlly (r.-f ? tltSll lbs appsarao. -Ifj Uamen hut ag emm ss ever thry found they were -??igbt nnVs-aie, all hands lmm?-diab I) owntneo ad drink te awl brsakiog avefy thing whtoh they odUT 1 lay thair mangda j l)t?0 . (ta opt ring tbe halebes, which were all faetmed down fin? .its ft 1 I the d.. ? lo ?? e other, with no I ghl or air. neept what .-ams in tbfwugksMs h dea (W p el*, b-ieg ,|a. ? ? aa a reliar, tn* <teok barely high *"> . b to ailoa them to Sit co?. the stench wobjk ornne u,< csg nerlert > swful The wen and boss were <n '?? of tte .leva, and tbe wonwn and ch idrsw IS kits other, ssps teipg] h? a ? >ri bu kh? ??t Idle manrrr'd si rwing ibem was as f -Hows ?Tbey were wterk aahsd b. th sr ?rs, sttilf g Sown upon I lie fliur. with tfasir fegv atari, with aaotbar sttiltg bwtwsm s ?rt uf -??mm fashion rte w. n.ew an children were stowed in tbs sane *?r many of the <rst>l wrre prrgLSol S1I and seven ram I ha Wlvsired sod some with irfanu st Ibe breast Masv wf mm ehitar'en came and got Mud of the legs and hsn f of tte Oflwrrs of the M >bioso, st 1 with great dillkrulty they oonM We rhaken off The pert rrtsel that wsa captu-wd waa the ' brig -terra King. frJ? lob*. Awrrlesu I'sg - eared from ftsw Vork for tte rtv?r Ux go. (apt Trainer, detained by l altwi -dal-e Marsh?: st Nrw Vers will pro-vtWIy proceed on her way very Maui fo * rn reported gf .ng sa a slaver, to be com WMU-'-d by Captain I .-ckhart ft rroeriIf ot lbs Ctiuloite, sold st v.t Vork Apr ! Id 1460 " The aNive is Ibe de scrip'Mi sent cut by the New York r.jstora House Thta vessel wss captured oa tbe 9,h instant by Ibe {tailed -utao sw-ararr -tat. dec tito, baring m board a csno of sit hundred and ? l I'li-u Phe waa p ared la nterge of l.'entewaal H-igbas. ted aewl to M vpertt. and Uiewre to the i slfed ??uus Tl ? ofth'r twig- u? m was My U e l i lied States steataer dumpier, near the m-w* Btam bavtt g pa too in gold on beard, hut M> stares Tte Niagara ts uaklrg in her supply of coal asd water. Hi will bs ready to sail h> rbura-iay tee will proceed to Manrlllus direrl withvnt st ppiug ?ItheCblwof <;?od H-pe. as was ortg eallv Ib-eu 1-1 gVom thta port to our sell stopping ptaoe ^Manr t us) is 4 4gg rail-*, sad will probably lake .a SI '-ast one m-uth t- ?r.m The u rs and tat-c oa b.ard the Niagara are all well, rtrepl nope d< r"w 9r--m ?n and ether* who bars been , .mdemro I as ubOl for Igty. as I are to be wrot bores by tte Man-m IT eae mew were ubftt for duty whea shipt- l. TN# tspant- 1 **? stood lh? pwrssg* rsmarksuiy we ? i as of th. m having been tick since taavtag Nr# Y r* gmrlr sUof ihera have learned tns?-ws a IMale F c -b Twrarar and wane half l"t?a others hare isam-d .o real ?tad write alwwst a* srrll as as EogHshrwsu or a wer.-.a Her. taltePdeflhey are no .bore rrerydar tra, , wd traficisg InTvo-y, gwra and all sorts gffb-cknvaa wb-ru thry ran pick up fte Niagara will sot rea o her dret'tatt, n at tbs rate She has made so far unler' or imtbs frrm thw lime The prindpbl hu?mes. all ? i' I oo buord us ship, wo far, hm been prayer m<et ig soag tbr sa.iars at I men ? tar Krlgalr Migars ( srrsipondegr I stIM feT't rsaw rmnarw Niai i*A At esa. Jaly M. I-TO 1 kg JcTv 'nm m ?**"" " r'^ri" O' made rw r-oyde I ? 'w* <4 fhrvu?TVrar fberwewawg g if Km r%* J?1* .y"* " nm4'f ^? UeaeewTy mad-/lew h ""** ?'1*rrnr" ?" it fU \ZuZTft' ftakon ?f OA.- fmfmAAtf-Anml^t fMee, CalS. U } OA* InSLUUf -Vurt* dad !fa 7"!|ia. ai at Po rl# Orftk 8 to oo t u* and more t>-jj, sufficed to exhsual the attraction# of this . not vtfj r, mailable place. Sum* ol u,e J ^mDtme **"' *?bi ro lor a walk, but aoon returned, hating Tall*! to difoover tn their perambulation? through the towu any. '.hag of novtiiy or Interest, and, Is fact, Ifcny were moult dlaoppolnled Unit thfajr th-ir.eelven wore uwt tbe ? uhjecta of epeeml wonder; and this a alii of appreciation on tbo part of the native! waa coon dertd by ?inou an evluenoe of the most complete ignorance. Tbo evil owm of tbeae ben if btod boatbena ia well developed, even if not discovered by Meeero. Fowler and Wells, for wa have not only studied their characters from such oppor.ontttea as a month'* asso ciaUcn on toard ship has afforded, but we profeaa to know lomeibing, aa well aa to believe much, In tbe doetrinea of Gall and Bpurxhetm. Too ful som adulation which they received In the United Staei baa done, nothing to counteract their congenital i roclivitien, and even on buard tbka stately sbtp, where all the pomp and pride and circumstance of I run-v loafed war are dally paraded before their barba rian eye?, they rtrut the decks like ocean monaroha, can toned in a isvle little diil'srlng from that which waa known before the dtnsovory of the knowledge of good and evil. It baa el ten been said that they pursst* a virtue which, in the estimation of the true Mussulman (not tboae of the Hoenan school), ranks nut only to that of Godliness; but mire Utlmste acquaintance with tbeir personal habits in tbli r--ep ct, we teg vet to say, does not auutorlze us to adopt Ibis con chink-'s. Although provided with the roost luxurious baths. Sited, up at a most immense exp< ise, aad bltherto un known on I oerd goverument ships, In fact considered a0 effeminate aad subversive of dlsctpl as, 'hoy have never u/ed tbem. They do not, however, altogether ignore tbe cUansing and healing properties of water, but the manner In which they perform tbeir matutinal, post prandial and evening ablutions does appear to our Christian com prehension as destitute of all tbe element* of cleanliness. Our In'ormant?i war-worn veteran In the naval ser vice, wboec post of duty Is at tbe wheel, near to the cabin of tbe great Kamg?tells us that these learned puudits take dlurnaliy what he in his quaint language termed a "spit bath," and which he thus described ?After denuding themselves of their too scanty apparel, uu attendant, tilling his mouth with water, ejects It tbeiefrom upon tbe naked tonto of his mas ter; and, repealing tbe same several times, he applies triclion to tbe epidermis by means of a oowrse towel. Thus refreshed, tlu-y commence the duties of the day, which, as we have before sni t, consist in eilluj, di -ukli g. inn king anil picking their toes, varied Koine times by a game which ibey call f b and to which tliey seem passunataly devoted. Tauot-h Nojeio Improves daily in I-is knowledge ol tbo English language, sad st hibits, w hat is not unusual among young gcutleue-n of hi* ?ge. a remarkable f -minim fore ike, and thruagu an tnti maiy which ne Das formed with the wardroom steward, his Innocent St -i juvenile propensity la frequently gratified. His morals, we r gri t, are uoi improving; tor, 11 wo mis take not. only a -ay or I in since we betrd froui una an t xclamaiion w hi .h rounded to our ear* very much like "rami ," and, a* he win irritated at tnu time, w ? think it w-a?. H i aptness for learning is woud--rful. We recently va* him put through the manual, a b.oooistiok serving him lor aBittkket; and he a- quilio l himself iu a m-iuu-ir which would not have dnn-s discredit to a vi t -r in mo n quota ire. The doctor* stdi remain u lielr rah ma, hut as they ar< recovering lhelr app--t<l< h, the surgeon of the ship hd|ies loon pi have on interview with them The interpreters ny that th-ur practir ? is borrowed from tn# Chin-re: amt from their uiauu r of speakug of it, aa will as from tbe fact thai they ems ill thr oifl-ur* of the ship we should not infer that they place I iu it implicit oonfi'swoe. It is a matter r f deep regret that while in tbe TTalted "ties, lbs Jap-.ees ? were not confront*! ?' th s ? no of the various tribig cf Am- rlrau IndUua. Such au tunily should not have bona negleoted. Many inter,*-ing ? ihor-'egical fsets could nave tin r. ascertained, au I per. hap a the dispirit d q nation of the Identity of tbeae rar -a nngbt have In-t n settled ihepui is of resetn ilanue, both in physical and moral attributes, b.-'.woeu the .lapsi ess abd the Indian* are -r neb in -ro st iklug, evin io a iii|ierfli;ia) obs. rvcr,than between the l ,runr aid their Mongolian neighbors, tbe Oblem* .Muivwrt ter#, anw r-g others Ia?ui tlolobrl fhartes Hami'inaihat h, nsiletr tho American India.-*- triu-p int. >1 Morgo lisns. Tlie cirrim iu eoUir of the Pkt t, tbe b'.w.n s ri ght hair. Isclal angl- il-wrrn or patielty of bra- I, and high M N l-nd confirmation to this theory: It is i?-eo da mnl li d iliere is a similarity of languac? irawraaow cucetdc-s il m i distinct raoe ifUbrliig fern ot irr* in m<-rsl,pliT*>.d uli-l Inteile -tnkleli.-eclerv. V rlthep of ?h-#e writers, h. wever, rver eej-y d any extensive o.'p-rtu allies os 'ust muting con pan >rt in truth tc-ir lonx ua lion was derivrii fr- m such spmeo r.rd diverg r.l facts ae r nld br cotter ?? d lr- m the do-?? of travr ,cr*, who in ihiner-lvc* affr-nlad apt iliustrat- - .s of Ij<- oir-mitof know Urge in vr difli ultus Our own <v ini -u i?? ii I we bar* (nrred one year ane f tho m aoln lod aua sndsei- ral u. lbs ie Japan?i -it tbcy,b long Ij ibe rami: rane.and that the Japanese at s- tuc sariy day, either Twm-tart'y came or were driven by the force or w ids an I currents to th<> wertsru c. ii*t ol Aroerii a At Ib-erlo I.riude v - m?t ibe ntp-a-n of thr ,i,ip wlio, a f-w jean StSlci'.glCkod up tbn wre -'too Ja.anrse jui k in lb--i.elgtn -rlexHi of 'lie K trlM laU ids, and ri-'ruid from tti ir |?tll'<i;s enbdftlnw i veuty Jipi here, anu conveyed tbem to th Am ' wa h Ulo.iis, wnl, >n it will M reniciuberel, llicy were thee tixim ierrrd to Nagasaki tu the t'slted !"-ittin ?;i P-' b e. Tli* frvtaHoua c.rc iu*tanr,- led to the *1?ion of vth?r meu*i<res, which ulttuwfiiy iwsalteu u tbo Irnaty of niiile and c-una -rog neg k>< t hy th- th-d. Tiwi mrd ilarri*. now Mtnlstar rnvh'yr-tat J, duo Th" sirgnlsr litnens of hui arpulut neat lm ---on the ihr rne of tmivwrs tl comment, and baa a I led on- m -re pr'id t'- ?bi i-.rrecti.rss of that ax' -m enunriaUst Of the SiidoT.a. e. Ta ii yrai -I. that tlie pen It ?>(un mire ->iwrwr M Uu tti? sword We llmt met Mr Harris at Hug hctg, a In I. whore be want!, n rusldicg, hnng evrtry i<iorne<l (boas so ?xtecolve lour hi tho Ki<( He was nagtetm to j-lu lee c\|>ed'tiiB under i'nuoo drre IVrry, and to aoc-ia| I" h hi* purp->*-- ??-? or - poe<d to ??-re I: a fwiM-rUicabt .-ap -lly, a* ??.-P -u'* r ctk u beast.' lb Msavuor laii; but lata rr-q mat mi nut I arm led WP *r is't taw him it wj* at --:ng?po-e. oa i asr rvtwi Ir s* I tusaicil Jipu, ic Is-* fie a ?? :hen I <n baa--! the Ci ?Ud SlaUsti snn-r d?r- Joadato, M y ap pr int d to j-'t- ti*te n t-raty with ih# King of r-?rw," and niH-riiiiu-J - k. a re ast'onnnl General 11 the K-upt; ie of J*|iai'. WI-a the i niu.J lul-K-ncc ?f Awterlca*, K-igiieb, rirwrh a-d Kw-Ua arms ft'.icd to aooomptirh. be. ibrawigh bis nngular etyocity aod tawtaeoUv* knowla-'se of the b anter* and eutl -iwi #f tbe OvHni-ila, ail-l by h< natural urbanity ai J curie*) , tn-il k-l'iilooaiy if, .ted Mr. Harris wars Mew Y-nk cere.hant. gr.d early M.-ntided With th ? great cat se of I" i rdaaalm. Tbo Nittgar* W now abaci one tbooavnd ml'ea 'root FsHHtn Uswado, aad Hi *cav?rpn?hing thla shuet duties ?be t o* oc. - p*e 1 oBO we- -. The w mil* h*v i-r*a rrostly alvrr.e. a. l we hi-o lt-I to dcp?'Sd ep us ibi #> xiiiary (*-?er i f steam. H'r pr?-, ertls* as a railing vessel Mrs n >t jel hem pr-i ,-ly t rvj, aa-i wo arn i.uwtUiag t-aban -n vur prec u wired opi ni-n that, as Ik h proparly w> .gc.l and un-wr favorable Birrs? the will prove herweH lt>* fastest ship in timwofll. We havoboci] on ahowaC" of W*Mt trios tbe n.ird dny -ol frtm New \ -rk. ana It 1* w--> I no pti.hnM* iba: a sewond rrOaictlon will e>" a take u s is n a dsy* wi-iat i 'ai?* bptm *o can rraoh our dentin* Hon, M. i ?ul tic lomado. s ' ? flnuaI"itni.ttwXu- .ii iy na !?? o Cfmirqtk* f?i? tb r? Pnnt, uftu rf tkr ,Vit'*v ?v -IW? ?trntf /?<?'*> in Jiparut*?pr-frf* rf f .?*ty in MtMi ? ?JifUntr* V 4f af K*j <yinf t%rnu<lia vi\ E?0t4I 9Ay, dc V,? 01* ?c d lb* equator ?*?t*ri)ay, ud in hoMT 01 UlU 1 waria* mrtaBy o?. ?d N.ptnB*. tr# brnooiip-l a i>-tt!* of ' enr old v?>ir??thn gift of a TCWtfWhit hi Mgklr ? itemed Bfend?WbMh hid alma** cr ward lb* lla< ft ir 1.nut, an t ahrllrt: 1*14 It ?m the nriU? mio# of that utioct grapt Which Ua* ao often ib*orrl tu* bratt u<t 1 ? ??(' rt Iht Uk*of a walk r* In tble vnlc of '*ara. To *t?t r?na* ran be a'trh 1*1 tb* dla??W* wbl 1 hit I ? rtlrpaird thta rlr* we W> not know, but ar* la'orm 4 ibnt n'l bt'|i*? of r*aa*cii*t'tig It' boon ahnnilMf I, I tod ibat tb* f*w plpra w, rh ar# ?t :l ?tor?i 1 10 Bo I i*ftio at Fuaehai. Itk# ibr fyb,Iliac Icot* , arc .orr a* ltd la vaino aa th y dim mob ,n auaibara. 4ilT*T*r ?i i? bate o*rtr fwiakM ua d-r'og all o? r loag rot ago. and the loadaro'i* m vrhloary by a bah w# ar* propriiod er#r th# waat* of tr .fra baa aorrr waaad tta Jarrlag aM .oa or dlwt r laot * < id ttao* ?? toft tba l*<a 1 of at Tiaccnt. Wa bar* ?.-*ti no ?hip aad bar* ahtpfwd ao atw, aad, although t rro uiad by wax, tr* ararca ran g*t a imp to drink aad w? ar* aotr r*aliaig for U>? Or?t tiaio .a our t' *t l*rKW* th* f rr* of the Irit* and fan jratpr? ?.oo, that ??wot** waa intra :? d #oi*ly for pirnoa* of otr ra II. a " our barrtod dppwrtor* prcr nt*i tb* obtaining a ma?'ct.??r. whtcb, if It had hara oa board, would )??*? anpplwd atn|d* <|uaatlti*a of dtatlllrd walrr wUuil, If a it a t ftbrr luttahl* for drtoktog, would hi # h**q ?owl ar rpub * fur parf***? of ablat 0. Tit* Japa a< # wrro mora diaapfK-mtrd whra rafMi i 0Mb water fbr hall#, aad tb* -nor*#* aa lh*y bid not brrn U pr red of it <* txard ibt !*? wbtiaa or Mwok* Thrr bar* .n larlaribt* dlallbr to ?*tt wat*r an t la th? aBt#ar* of MMM frrab tbrj r. i.iioue the daily of* of th r ? u A pt<-pk fcorc MM of m*nlal cultural 'ii'.'ui irt tti t, at Want 00 f\r a? tb* rotataora arw ooocrrwrd. ,t'l barr tbi ir iranirat* and .? riiooar r# ot ib? l^glitb laayoaar, aad ar* awti B>Uing abwot. i k* ?p*rtra! Ma* wo, ib all part* of th* ably M*klet ia?tro*>ia ir,,* any ?b* arawtflloa toouraaaantoat* l ;mihI lb*ro tr* ? *c# ' ? bo. tMid?w Vaftirh, ar* aoviir ln , a tb Oar own pnpll M TooiMy, aod rTtbaal aWnballg to I*w**lrrt any or th* p-air*. w* at .tat eon real tbni b* 4 an apt aa.l imwt iat*llig?at arbo'ar The ||M* b*alhoa, bowrrrr. la riniD*at.y arltah aad with ar*ai rrli t in ? I Mnfwria m tia aay koowl?.la* of bt* natlr* Uwiy.a #r* . bar*, b*arT*r, martcred iba m.awrala, wtii h w* may at JfdJo lura to mm* ae-mat. and eraa now, la oar ?l?*al*M nig hit tb* r*p?t,t.'n 0' tl? m often haa 1 ?i#ri.i*d|y aaawtbMi* and oar* effect TWy ar* a* follow*, b*(lantng witb oa* lo iwi - itrk. Imtt, MWpr. ar. ph ran#, Mar*, kak*. bx* //at* ow* ban*red, kani-*Han 000 aiHIMW tb* fetMibar* ) Ntwraa t*a and ameta*e ar* rtprraaod thna ?hm Act, afrror, y*tr, tmw. furls, aad ao c.a to jtm, fcoa, ala*a**r. thru Intrr j#W, twenty 4n*r yw its A twraly one uny O. thirty, to bow ww. aisrty. Tb* a phahot , onawU of y arras l*?aro. whi tb ar* M MM <>f i>r,OTMfe allow, bat aaWMdlwgty dlMrnlt lo wrlto. aad wot My 10 mm yta writlea. Th* phuwati# m BMag the inflrt tfco4 of acquiring U* VjTT- narT, woo b, ^ now no bis *aj to <** f" r Uw al who expect# Ui remstn id ^b** 00011"' n?m,. having rout) ?arte eoo.,.?i.r.ble pribkix o??pM*d lb*?r s<itB?ttos. yg*?. -?i ?i me aaour informant, Ui? so0ta"t tnar1 aidiiioo ?*rL "5J2 &JXS2U sr\. ri p^u.- a?.?w. * of W.uet.tof uie Jg entire, Uie JapaacM. "? ?"*???> ?.**> **,*"?_ !?!' ta w, ??a 1 did told, but v?*tnm the ?*? to ?? * llM). 1 Din told, but lit!? wo" ??? - r~JTM iiie OUDlrT Tb? Practice orlfluDl^WWDO. wd^Adored rail* be termed tbe cure M flee. Th?_not? ? ? Kr.": D.,v^0ur?- <**2 deter.ned .? W*UOU I* PDTd de Ibarievoix. Tbo War In OMss> OCR FOO-CHOW FOO CORKKHPOHBISCg. Foo-Chow-Foo, C t?ta, July 4,1W. Warlike Statements on Hie Southern Chinese Coast?Prosperity of Foo- Chow- Foo ? English and American War Ships Believing Each Other?Trepidation of Chinese Merchants? Sanguinary Conflict Among Notices?Prompt and lMvistoe Action of the American Consul, Ac., Ac. Since I left Shanghai I have been cruising np and down the China coast nntil finally I have brought up at this snug little harbor of Foo-Chow Foo, where- - notwithstanding all the troubles to the southward, at Hong-Kong, where a vast armament Is tilting out to proceed, tLey say, direct to Pekin, and to the northward, where tiie war ships and troops are gathering to prepare the way?I found all peace and quiet, the tea season just opening, merchants receiving the bullion, ships arriving, and all the prospects of a remarkably prosperous and busy seasou for trade. The little British gunboat Severn lay at anchor in the port like a sleepy con stable at watch towards morning. Shortly after my arrival, about the 23d or 24th of May, 1 noticed she Lad tuken a start, and presently disappeared behind the high bluffs of the river Min. I then learned for the first time since my stay among this quiet community of merchants that there was a latent feeliug of fear, and the departure of the only vessel-of-war had produced a sensation of uneasiness among them. I soon heard, how ever, from the American Consul, Mr. Gouverneur, a gentleman whose acquaintance I had made on my arrival, that the departure of the Severn was only in accordance with an arrangement that had been entered into between Commodore Strihling and the senior British naval officer in command at iloog Kong, that the United States sloop John Adams should relieve the Severn at this port. This, being circulated abroad, restored general confidence, and on the 23th of May I heard that the good ol 1 Adams hail come in under command of Captain J. B. t\ alback. The Adams, drawing too much water to come abreast ot the town, was compelled to stop at the anchorage, twelve mi'e* below, and all w ere gladibned to hear that the entente corduilr between the United States and Great KiiUui had become >o close that we were all under the pro tection of that glorious flag "whose stars an I stripes," Ac., Ac. Kvery one felt secure, and people slept quietly in their beds. About the iktb or 17th of dune, Lieut. Berrien arrived from Hong Kong, and taking command ot the Adams, Lieut. Walback pro eded to Shanghae to join the Hartford. All thi - ... i- i i .. i,wii cieaeu 10 rMiangiiDe iv J..,.. .... _ was very snug and comfortable. I began to look upon Foo-t'how as a little Paradise ol s place, where a man might hope to spend and ' -? ' I'.nnlf.Bi, until thi ol a plane, w licit ?? r - ? erdbi-i days in quiet peace and li ippinesa, until the| nu rning of the 2.3th of June (I might say night of th Jtth), when all of us at "our 11 nig" were awakened by our Cantonese servants to be informed that a battle wae to take plaoe between the CaMwi and "t liin Cbew" factious iu the morning. Here w as the devrl to pay! lots of "foreign medicine," i. e., opium, silver dollars by the lac, i. bushel, twenty-two ( untoiiese torch** in port, heavily arnu d and light abreast of us. end the Chin Chew in* n gathering their forces on shore and bringing theit aimed boats down the river. A lm< ha is a it-set I averaging from two lnuiJri <1 to tire hundred tons, armed with from four to eight tw I'y-fonr or thirty-two pound gnus, marned by u desperate, reckless crew. Their -is teiisible oc-i paticn is to conviy fleets ot junks Iiideti with riec and other produce between the ilif ten tit ports of thins; but this,in fact,la the claim it g of u tribute which if not paid tliey exact, be ing actually but pirates, and if the money is not paid to convey tbiy stop the junks along the t cm-'-, take them si J claim a ransom. W l.t i| tbis u? ws shuck upon the car of th" ofrlitl t?d merchant- they siur'sd like a tlock of l l.l.iids in a ( linn cornHeld. Kverv one wc nt ?.i -ent t-i the American consulate to ask pr-> a w Mr. Gouverneur at tins tin e. He immediately despatched a boat witii ? I'ctYi. 3 C.HitTi'ii Berrien requesting that lie w< send i -nidi dctn -hment of men immediately. j; ? \ en-in h ;i t-it.e here would k-'.p matters quiet until u better survey could ho had ot tin-field. Everything remained quiet nntfl eleven A. M.. when tin- lore!. is of the different factions, having ipii? tlv taken position, commeiM't d a -low l.ut s'endy til ing fri in their heavy gulls, ac u m nit d In n lapid discharge of -inuli arms. Toward tvrt - M ih< iniiis b. i inie h-avier. Ilic eye* of all wete now turned down the river look'tt,; f?n the eren from the John Adam*. At this ti o-- I wept to tin- American consulate. As I passeil ti?. different ? Hong-" I found the mcrrhan s pl.voi.e; urn ? in the hands of their Cantonese retain ra, vet raying as they did so tiny knew not how far they could tiiut their own lives in their hoping. Now. -.hoiks I to Piywrtf, as the b.i|i* be gan to I'v Uiiek and 'hot, und neveral won id i tl Chins -e spec tutors of the fight w ere bi-tug i irtie.' by, this is p. Wi g to i-e "very peculiar." M my of 1 lis* iiih.iMi and th"* - the oldest rsaidct*. vi d tiic whole alliiir to be br.r an indication <' m is-**; r; v< t. < i.t. a,, i *'.i- ?! ilm.g shi.'i' ii be the b-rg hoarded tr? t.-ure of ttie merchant--, h- | t hi ti i m lor the j ui' of tea*. Ai . I' i M. thebiit of th? Adams turned 'he jroiat ? otn -g i up fh<> liver, fullv manned ami armed. At ;h' - lie filing reusrd. From this time n I waaquo-t; hut as the rhade* oT n'ght gathered every !.i i rutin r waa eirciiiattd abioad. ilia* the Chin-*e theiii??lvrv seemed all to undtr-Uhd that U-r for -c ft om the John Adams, be it. g so small, they nu ;1i i despise if. ami lie light would liertcommet ? d by j daylight. I'm of u? slept that night, revolver* at.d th iMd barrelled gm>* iey aronud in th ? direst r ?nln- i. ;i; be ??i<l -. e repo?td on ?>nr gross Tinie parsed. At daylight the hrlrtg resominrtioed, riuick, heavy and continuous: -ut a* It hew a die t) i? e l trgo boats el the John Vdsm . fim-d with RH-n. armed to the teeth, hove in elgtt'. The Cor d hsd appreciated tire difth ul'.tes, and duiiug the night had s< nt lor reioforceim nt to the 1*11 ex tent thai Cept. Driiien could f-rnish. Millingthvlsy I vMted him at Ms house, etirroniidcd by a guaiil of marine* n..drr comir.anJ of Lient Coiieu- few in number, but snf*i< ie t to meet a host of Ch na me it. Fngrowvti a* he was in btisi-u s, receiving I* it? * - a .1 i (?mttiunie at ion* every mime. I. I was i rt rei'ed by hlmaelt and I nly, and he laughingly offeird to turnish UK- with Uie necessary document* if I proposed writiag tie history of the " Chiit j Ch? w war." Lient. lb.Humcit. rnmmaudiug the nava' forces, ? having lita turn in a state ot high efficiency, n v? | t?rrpared for anything that ti.'ght arine. and would ; nave evi cn'ed the cider which wa* given to him by the Consul. " Uiat if a gun were fired that in I jnred the property oi a foreigner ol whatever nationality to take the b-ti ha from whence the ball came. Haj nilr the presence of our force for the time quieted the in ublet.eud I nnderatand the*, the 1 nitrd fi-ti.te- (. n?nl - b equeiitty had a *piw WOW w I' " e v t.i-t'-u*, and in ? lc | tlfii gs all str light betweui thi m at any rate, front tlia- iloe to ihi*. the "bobbery" b*s reaso-l 1 I ' ' ' - i-f gi .Ml.; to I ire tie bullion ail J "I j reign medicine " ?ent down to the opium ?hlp* anl ' i under tlie gar-* of the Jc-Un Adam?. are returning, j | pud Foe-Chow begu s to present the appearance of | ; the same quiet, orderly plare aa when I tir?t t Li ittLtfd. "M" * - ? ? UP fiH'lir '{Uir?, VI uui i; ysm\ V ?>o m i itrlved. 1 shall probably remain here a f- w . rr t.'h*. Fho'dd any M s occur worthy ol nit? on shall again bear 'root j our . arrespondent at Vo?> -Chow - Foo. Arm yr latrlllgiart. TV *'ar r*T*irtm*ni hM nj?I order* to br mited r? trnng Caido.o M. C V. g<, Owp* of Fsgfttor**, (Vixn th rk?rf? of tbr fobalroclioo of lh? WaahlocW duel na<l I'otovac VaUr Work*, .a accordant* <* wbtcS lapinir. M i* dlrrctil to turn ot*t to ("*<4*1* '<???> *i> *?aw r< ry*. nil tA# book*, p*t'r*. mn?#j*, plir,*. a*tl ;??!?( nl weuili ftrUi?lr.j in tho *aat*, thai may b- hi* pomrtkMM or under hw ountrot In* ?) ibiirwnMtf. An , for tlaoac ttork* wHI hrrraflor la* n.nlr by Cnfftoin Brnlilti CnnUi* P B knrtrt, F rM rainier, ha* broo dtrorUxl. %? ik* ?*y mime of hut tnarr of abmaco, to rop>u m j? ? -? t ' th# W?r n?r?*??rr??nt. A !'!?**? nonrt m ?*1 al '? nntrrM to wmrma at N?? lo t Iter-Mho. Ky . mi Hit 2Atb not , for lb* trial of M.fh t>i ?try delinquent* M may b? brought bofor* the mrrt. I#*** of aboeaor hn> born grant*.! by tb* W? Dr pnrlnirat to lb# Mkmtng ofTx. ro _ T.t final Bargco K. J Foard, tteJIril Drpar m*at, four iM'tha. Aa * ilea* tor of train of abomeo ha* born (rant it by lb* *ata* aathi.rity to ..tout C. A. Reynold.-, Ninth ufantry, Ibor moa-h*; I.taot. T. ?. C*#lla, SrrraUt Infant, y, ?ti ?natbo. Ij?nt C Maar.rirot ArMrrr.tmni moat if BroootU#* Ool. Wiador, Plral Arltll#cy, two tnoalbr. Oapt J. W. Albort, Topograph!**! Bagin-oro, *1* month*. the MtrciMO* or the iartaiM' iui. 1 TMa A'?Jo?>?????* *' giock holdor. t Sa?u* A|>|joHt?<l RtrtiTir An ^ ||MkkoUtNMd oiwdiurrt 1 " r' l,k -i tu held at nine o'jlock Tsntoc'ay n ^ -a >u held at aloe o'clock /enter'uy """'P'1 '' -u>n/an Martin la the ehalr, f>r the pur i*.*"' ' c,lTl,,fi re ioit of the conwtliee that had e* ?? ?TP'dB?ed to ooaler with Mr. Augustine Smith rela tire to bis at p untment ai receiver. M" W aijj'j from the committee, stated that he had sren Mr. S-mith early that morning, when Mr. 8. signified b s acoi-pui ce oi to* appotntrae t. In doing so Mr. Smith rxprt-vsec his intention to devote bis time person ally to the winding up of the affairs of the bank, without ooeertog up or couoea lug anything, ta order that all interested la the c -Lcerr rhould be made acquainted with the true posi tion of Us sflairs; and he would do so without faror, or retard to private friendship, (althfully, houestly and In dustr oualy. The n[ it was accepted, and It was resolved that Mr Augustine Smith be rec-iminended to the Court as rn ctl'fi (or the bank,and that n Judge Cowlea, f. Byrne, A H Wallis and James Vau Namee oe appointed a oom rriiiee to wait on the Court and Inform It of thia resolu Uon. The meeting then adjourned. Smprenac Camrt?Clammbnr*. Before Hon. Juogo Leonard. (n (.?in the matter of George H G irdem and others tu. ike Ar' sang* Sank ?Mr. Byrne said that In this case n meeting of the stockholder* of the Artisans' Bsnlc had b en held yesterday, and n committee appointed to in fo m the l.uuit of Its leiecti on. Judge Cowles would bsod the result of the meei n g to the Court Ki-Judge O wles said that at the meeting yesterday there were Bity four ;trsons present, who reproneuted n total of 1000 COO? ?1ST.710 of Mock, representing 0800 008 160,010 of deposits representing 000 010 g -1 Total 1000.000 There wan a great deal of discussion at the meeting, Which rrsi Ited In the nomination of Mr. Augustine S olth, V I rcsldet.t of the Nassau Bank, as receiver. Tnat grnt <mm bad the confldence of the ahareboMors of the bank, and was qualified for the office of receiver. There was some llttio opposition to Mr. Bmttb at first, but that was withdmen, sou Mr. Smith was i om I sated. Mr. B< me would ask the Court to appoint Mr. Smith. 11 would not prejudice the rights of any party wh* might not have been represented at the meeting, as the Court would at any time grant an order to show cause why the receiver sh?ul 1 not be removed. There was s unanimity of feeling amongst the parties Interested in the affairs of tbe bank that an eligible person sh ield be appointed Mr. Augustine Smith had the leading merchants of the city. Mr. Jos Yoike suggested tbst the money, ss received, sbou'd he deposited In the Ceiled States Trust Company ?' wr|. fas ;lh< {crmpvn) Suggested by the Court. They sue nil aware that Ihe rate of Interest decreases a* the ? mi unt (d deposit decreases, and it might b- s beortlt If the fi.nos of the oauk wore deposited In both o >ini?ul?s. so list law-rest might accrue on the ditt'eroat duimsits The Judge tat J It would be well to d' so; be desirej to it> il l ihe n mark be mace tbe o'.her day wav no'. Interim as a reflection no any of the com names. he did not see that a for interpri tatlm ot what be said impl'od snv ri Ihrllon on any com|iany, and It was not designed to rvfiri-l i pou tbem He hail soini dooot of tbe propriety ot appointing s pr< sident ?f a bat k as reot-lver. Mr. Wallis s stel to tbe Conr; tbat tbe stockholders had waltrdon v<r. Smith, who at fi-st peremptorily de mitrd ?ro plug the rie*i?er?htp, hut at the earnest soli cltath n i f several geni i men be consented. gi?.r re < -ihtr discussion the niallcr waalald o-r-ve um 1 two o'clock. d< i two o cioca. rri A ). i>. nu representing Ii.tOO ?i nut* n t pr sent at me met ting yesterday, but he ci ncurrrd in the ai-nomtn eni of Mr Smhb as rece'ver. At tfckl lumr ibe rase was agun taken up, whin eg. Juogf Wining. Mr. Win. Fuller and Mr V'^n Winkin, In gi-tfer with r< vera! other CJUtiSel^pjieared lor depjsuois and Slnct boll'i re Mr. W tiding was not opproeJ to lb, sppnutruut of Mr Sinitb, but wished the mailer to be sijj' utxed to M-mday niornlrg. Mr Cow lea rpiko as to the egjxviietcy of tbe court ap ??mating at out v of a receiver or even of a cuttoliar of the mw I* of I ho hock Mr Wbitmg replied that ihero wag noihlug boforo the Court to shoe ibal i-tio rent of tte ae'seis of the bank was In danger Judge Ironard raid if-at he tad not yet made up big ?nh.d wtell.i r bo would appoint Mr or niaki a i.< mil at ion hiuwelf. Aitrr rotne li.rU.rr discission on tho legality hi ihe Ci nil ? apeii ting a receiver, under the set of 1&49 (under n htch itc pi < ?rtit application was tus.'.el, and which ro ipiircs H n day* to cuihpc ul'ier tLe rifoam or the bank to meat its domMtds. The orurt granted an order sinilir to tbe one'n llda 0* c, but ucdcr the provisions of tb - Ko vised S'aiuiis, w.uch given Urn court power to make i ucb ?[ pMntraent tn. to 10 o'clock thin day, Saturday. Owr Naval CwrroapoBdeaee. GueroxT Na\ r Yah.', fVpt J7,lflK>. Arrtcrwi / (hi . tpttrt iY?ry Yari?lht JS'ete Ship Hwat?She Si )4 AibmAmr and Kkkment, ?t< . Things art (nee more In loom up U> thio yard, art! In dna ll-ue everything will be In proper order. All tteetd i-oa erhlch h?\e beer. lying about the yard for yeait pert ferine of >hlcb w> re lalicti rom the B ,t ?b during the K Tolutb* rjr war) arc now bring m raped, rbeord rod tain lid. and placed in Mso a'"UPd the vail otA little patla n..d promccaJwt decorate otr beai tiCul y ?rd. f>p.lrr are a'ro being done on the Bouth uastcra t>t,./> toiuc, which baa bom In a very ba 1 euadl ttou of la:e year*, and reeded repairing Tory much. lb? new fcbkp bcuae arhi b era rcmmauci-d one year a|o at 1Mb yard te row pri-grerping wall, and will nics be corn]''ted. U a 11 he the largrit In Ihr- t'ail*<l Hlatra when bnuhtd Thare is a An a apl> nJ'.d itrepenof bi tcb hulf .1 i la routae t f r'-mt I'-h r tar tbo rictoallmf dc[?Mn>< at i hi* ?;d-rdld structure M ruid to i? ar of the brrt th the I'lllot ihauu Ihe 1'Dttrd "tataa stoop rf war Ctrmastown, recently Klumru ft Ci China. ia a'ao being repaired. hbc w ill b. thcroeto'y ocerbauled, ail her ord pUuk aid be hue en ?taa<- oi'trei ?n wt, t-hi-a.iilc docked when the Ptseaoola ootucl out in* t ui?.< ateam a loop rf war Iiw-hriosd. Chpt !i'ghan> r*-jrr.andiBf, *,* put lu r immlni >a ta 1 ly at, V V. Toe Richmond ia a Ant clan ttcaui |t<<f if 1 ((0 :i*a burden ller rrptrex wife built at I'm tVrkhi&gloa iavv Yard, aad aaie aipcrictcude t by Mr. AttXaL hi th- hnginrer ia Pi.w f of Uie Nary. due baa Wet th"' g< ly tested aUngnde of the wharf and proved Ttryaatinfa h *y to el) com iritcd lb-rat m<t l euaairta I'Mvlnit r.tbigrea aheil g lEJ.auU two li pone<er it boa itr ia tier i-fltcera an 1 crew number -M all trie hire ai' net conn ary rr^ trial trip, bit will Bait tort.,a I b lor the Melii.-r, aer .ia. Uenu-aaut Jwv-a, Veiled Wati i Varlne orr(W. goes out m her aa ? paaaen per. He w 11 join the *?ii.?.|'ir haaEi when they fnil in with tee, a?d wfi take c. .iotasd of tlw- g-ttrlos bwrd of that (Mt C??d > oiled ?t*ti-s lUeiuai; irpe, will ummand tho irar.ura of the rijvlruu. Now Vo?b Aldttmra. I f-?m I he R'Cbm ml lu.ntnb, Oct 4.) Ufa air ttug i luatratHwi if the almirabla wmklog of ? be i t -ereal batlU t boa a the city nf Mew York, mat tbe .tldi'ireo of that <lt> hove been r per tally eidi wt rrow trmaieg tti meeloea agr-twhie ia an ofheial way to liel'nrre.'f WaUa VbiOt an apjrr'irm . ia baa Wen i ryrwtni of aay dtageaeu from the exhibition 11 royal e;aa of the > York people there baa bo?u alarm mar if rat< n led tb. ?o repreoi utaMvco of the P ipulaoe, too New I f k Alder oiaa, ah mil eitne bet wee* the W >au aod tba anblitty, Aa a aae'tary meaanre the preca. tl,?o ? hub n? raot'aeu tbeae Alar-tan daring the v-a-t of na a..ckt?'i and tleaaly fori raera to I he city may ba wieeaad oc iiona The Hai aij> and <> her reliable our rals give acriuiBla of tbel- rotdllhw aod fiahfi Wl h r?tdff ? cltor that, wttbnut a liberal approprtalmn for ctteri t af I m . cbamwl >al other dtalBh-rraaia. it would ba ua jneuihle t > autkr the i-orporttiru prr - oU bia. Wi- ib- k> i n dor a land that ut tba a,-", reaching Im'I ia Kew Yorb toy p.oducl of tba Kew York t>alhd tmx eanept bw tc-oor tha Mayor, rwn be rwrnggtad lu, it apt at U.e h-aar-l if aiirn try r ecimeot It ? . r-'t rlr a rirgiilar -i. mr da' .. the ?.ft legrif Ihr ft ? r lcl|?l .nalltat-nnaof tt"- Fmplre tdty. tl It act fif I to ikpia a bow It bapix oe tb-1 a conatitneo ry art to a baoe.1 of tb- matem of Ibeir own handa, tor hew till a bo h m at the bereOitory Hwnry are aot wlil'.i - to ??'* ?r late tba prraerreof our r< its dgnilo rut I. a i?jTk- *t tatfre rf r? re-eal an,".' ige It la a eon tetania aitoer ibat tUty bave .Uy aeglected their own dnt .ta at the i.ulrerta. ballot box. or that lht> pa iai-ra f.w ail poltticsl ilia ? tittle ab-rt of iowamgbt ? t-a? krry (eg Cent* i Items court i-tcrr. fgu t pvoftw ? The ralnaimo of New l/wdou if t? fol Iowa ?Real ertat< f N?T .TJO, perfooal>W?ie M v, US Ml 'a* It ? beitevod that wh?n the tra 1? f-..iy .-ompi ed New Locd<i? irl'l ab> w a prpila tk>a of bit art b tin and rleren tboiuasd inhahltanta. There u? lorty irartifbitnring enaHltab'nenU la thr clr. ar agyreyalc rapiial of t-TUI.COb, rmp'.aylig '.'2 habile, pa; *g mit tlk 4?7 per month for 'ah .e, tad pro lining at.cob to the ac ial amount of |""t 1(0 ft i abnutd ba rrnaeisBreed that New lor.doc i the rm-t last , oity and towr ,a potbt of terr.h-ry. of ab> la tba l alted SlateB mil. Te- ?* Pnt - re ?-Wbi*e maliB, 2.7PT. white femateu t .W. TUB* 4 '.mo Male Maere. 1 ?1 [em?le i-area, 1 <>T7. Tola, plana, S.t-tO Apn.rdleg intb<a? aturo* tin rty of AttPllU rnpt-ilbk a e l.l|e nop 'it ,mi - Slid fuNrt.PW Tbr white inpuiatinu of Asdtlt ? anal to the Tit. u o- ar of Trtrla ' ->u?ty. Ni-w jrrn.??*. Cii-r Mat Cor ?tt The foU .wiag are ibecert?.-a retnma of the pytWlN of Uape May ooubir. New Jtr?- r ? MM. turn I l^wr l. wsohto 1,141 t ?*? 1?ae* uwa.b p 1 AM i M ndle tmrr h p 11*4 JIM Utwre iowaehtp ) f 1 ,1*i Cape la ?' > w [ Ml T"tal ? 433 T.1M Wbolr tereaaa 'rum 1140 to 1*00 |gg mi rsicvg. Qowcnrdis purlab baa 1 21? wh te* aud IS M alaok*. Hew* fro Mi lk? D?toh Wool IMM> oik rMiLinscM (sr. martin) comusroNMNCK. lUiumai-ac, Bt. Mat tin, W. I , Bept IS, 1M). Chic* for CiyUalutt?A fountain of Mmganete Dileo ttred?A Baler Dusxnm Omm Owmo- IV Bait i>it4 ? hjuttic* U> the hlandtrt- Buiiiua ?t ***Or?r?, ?i. Capitalists nave now a cbsnoe of making money Ui tbla Utile la lend, for there baa reoeotly bean disoovsred oa the plantation of Abm Ttolenes, Esq., A large rock of a*. lid BAoiaaeaa, raid rock being aituaied on lb# aide of a bill, and It la aoppoaed that the Interior of the mountain la nothing but maogtnese. The geologist appointed bp the Brltirh government to make t survey of tbe neigh boring lalan 1 of kngulUa hta analyaed It, and In a letter to tbe Rev. Joebua Jordan, of tbla place, stales that tbe specimens aent blot were of a pure quality and were worth JCT ftorllag per ton. Tbe proprietor eipecta to form a company and work It. It la iuppose<l that it will prove a lucrative bualneea?more ao even than tbe Som hrero guano, and that baa turned out very profitable to the owner a. Mow, here la acbanoe for Wall atreot ape culatora. l'errinon baa arrived, and baa oommenoed hla work of . supposed Improvement He ta a lucky man to obtain aa a gift from the liutch government tbe aalt pond here. Hia ao doing baa beggared the people, and will ultimately lead to an abandonment of the lalan 1 by a 1 tboae who are not employed by him, unlaaa tbe manganeae mine goea into Immediate operation. Tbe prod waa the only aource of auhalatenoe left to the tnhabltanla, and that baa been taken away and given to a stranger. Hla plan will prevent the old txinceaa loo lata from working Ibelr dama, which have been ale re 1848 the arte tuppon of oummeroe at thia place. The Dutch government have proved very ungrateful to the dam owners. They have ruined them, In order to beuefii a vlalonary frenchman, who ban joatgot tbroi'gb, aa 1 am told, quite a fortune In " improving" Grand Cure ponds on tbe Frenoh aide 11 tbe island. Toe grant to Mr. l'errinon haa been In oppo allion to all former metboda observed wbeu parte of the pODd wore conci ded to Individual*. * Tbe proprietor* of Sombrero are atiU In active opera tion digging out guano They have quite a large number of laborers employed. Com. Howard keep* everything In activity, We have had recently heavy ratna, wbicb were much needed, aa vegetation previously waa at a aland still. We could now do a little business In the agricultural way. If I'errlncn bad not the lew laborers left on the Island em ployed In hla damagement of tbe pond u^on his own AiMilt I'jioa Captain Hlaeklty In 5?w OcUama. (Proa Hie New Orleans Cresoont, Oct. 1 ] Greet excitement wen creeled la aud arouud the St. Charles Hotel ou Saturday, about noon, by an assault which rome gentlemen of ttlibnsierlsh sympathies m.iie upon Captain Hinckley, of the British war uii-amer (alalia tor. which brought the remnant of Walker's army to thla city. Capt H , in company with Mr. Eastman, acting British Cmsui (Mr. Mare being abn-Dt), had been on a vUn to Mayor Monroe in regard to the removal from his shi,> of the sltk and wounded men of the Walkrr expedition. [The Mayor agreed to reoelve them, and they were aubse qurntly transferred to Charity Hospital, at thecitv'u out; and moat of them were In a Bad condition Indeed.] Alter leaving the Mayor's oOlce, the cap'aln and his frlerd went and ordered some sop,-li:-* lor the ship, aud tbt s went to the St Charles Hotel to take a cab lor the third district, opposite wbioh the chip was lying at an chor. the captain, having no smaller ehaige than a British gold piece, a sovereign, proposed that they should take a dr nk In order to get change for the cabman. Tboy went into the St. Charles barroom, aud whilst sttndlug at the counter a number of jiersots cob noted near. Two or three opened a taih?r toad conversation, of snoh a uatuie that the captaiu, being cunspl uous by his naval 11 mom. apprtbeudt-d au iD??li, aud proposed to leave Mr. Eastman tbeoght there would lie no insult, aud so they rcmalm d, waiting for the drinks and chaiige Ire next moment one man remarked, "Hare you aeon any of these d?d Hi ittahmi"' saitl another, "No, but I see one now;" with which he ateppeJ up and gsreibo cap tain a b'ow or a Map In the f ice. The other men thou rioted np, Mr. Kasiman recMreil a blow ou tbe aid# of his load, and tbe ispta u received several other blows. Mr. hariniso.on being struck, retreated upstaua, aud the captain, being, or.armrd and attacked by a crowd ol alrai gets, was fore* d to beat a retreat to tbs street, and was kicked at as be ran It was all the alfatr of a moment, and ended as suddenly as it begin Ibc prevalent report was that ire nan who first made the asrault was Captain Bi in, of Hinds oouuty, Miss , au old comrade i f General r during the (list Nicar* Euan war. Who the ether assailants wore we were ana !e to ascertain, though everybody said tney were ex tilihusUrs. No arreals wire made. The captain soon found plenty of friends, including some of the poloe, and wsa advised to make complaint an l have the atsadwits srreaud. This he dieJIncd doing He appeared to'ake lhe matter coolly, though it is hardly possilr e he could flail lo on adder himself grersty it vulted and outraged. 1 be affair war mueh oruvx .ted upon about town, and Ibe general scblimeut appeared h> be that It *u a aau tin and m<<st auameiul outra|e Hut there were not wanting these who justified tic thing, on Hid ground that ll.e lirifish had mwarrantabiv itl-rfered in Hunduru and eat ted (he death of Hen Walker, aud deserved pun ts! in t wherever met; and that Capt. mock ley had i reeled the prisoners In an It hi: man manner dirisg the voyage fo this cliy. The Utter bel'rl was said to be the Immediate eanae if lbs attack upon too captain. Taking wjuie interest lu this .ilfalr, we mate ?>mi ID qutrlea, aud came at last to the ooncln?ton liiat the cap tain was tbe victim of false rumors. An tateliigeat young maa, a native of New York, who was oae of tbe prisoners, s.-sun-d us tbal on board the GhllSMr an fhe orBoers, from tbe captain down to tbo ouster at inns, bad treated them with the greaieat poilionet* ml klndm-aS, leaving them free all over lbs '?evwel rxr-pring tbe quarter deck, ltut, added ih'.a yewag mar., 0H.. D11 b.-ei Shamefully in i ultad and ai> red by lha crew ami half -Inrv.-d by tbe etileer who dealt oat the rations. All tic y had 11 sal reus it ted of mi. ty crackers foil of is. ,1s, aud at diuuer little beggarly chunk* of rail i,ieat,nit ill rv.r a d * to rat. Many of the alck ronld net eat lush f.?st; they oaald get D'lthmg < Ire, ard hence they arrired here aea-ly F.a'tcd fm crew, however, u*- d llie ?urn" fo el, but they were well ami could stand it. tt si Irs all il.l--, ttie ctvw were si Is suiting. that wh'aevrr a prito Mb ha >pen rd to come near or be in thv wav, bo would be greeted with '-cms n eh cvprr>sloti as. "You ri?I Yankee am of a h? h," or "Get eul of the way, yon d?d tbtevlag fill bastes," or "You bloody robl r, an) as on. Jaded, skk, lieipkm, utterly ? I r eMail i and humlliited, pray if g otily for lh? end ol the roysv--, the pr Mowers na durtd all this in silence, cor eve* complained to the officer*: so sair onr Mknmi, who, in the r-.iae "onoeoliuo, de elar-.iC.ipl Hinckley to be as porfert a grsUrmao u be evrraitl. Tbe act Ion of tb' crew would perhaps eatila them to severs pit ahmtet If amrgbt on shore ; bat we have not b?en able to hear that Papl Hitu-kley was a party to ih r ? ondnct ol lite ? rew. or svea aware of u, whether h? could lutve(Miraiy j revrnted had he ki m it. or witb oat eaatinlrg Ibo ei t< rera ft war natural rcou;li t> at seriate tne capfala with his en #. and this asaosiatioa wotiM ta nati r* ly es:l*- w it tdfgoaliM , bet M area crtjiblj a shame ar.d a great mtiage loa vault an nn >r c Hirer who < vmc here a riply .. [he Ut*c'i.iTfe ?f a duty napavrd upon h'tn by bis sv pr .r*. and who, auoirding to ibe | run. *? tfc. nisei vr?, treated mm wita all the ktndm *t tod ;>o!!hj?m In hw p a?r rapt. HMrkley, alter Ibc id rare, rMMrtfate .i?:line.l lliv prcflerrd pu-lectin of flu ? itj -nfh '>es. so I rc tlree lu h's ship, tat . g .ft r what h*J cs-i-nrrod be br.iartd lib >bip was the aa:'< t plv e f r b m We unpih rry-ttlhat this thing his tal>< n p'aoe la our moat, there are i iher things Chpt. H la a gallant i inc r and a h n .-m an-l ktad in rted ai vu Tbe mereant ir and *hlpi .i i ismunitv may remem her a eirt ? not tip e whieh . ? iviw>| a'smt a } ar ag i. Fir r Ma jet t>'a steamer (, diator, f'%,1 IHu.Ale.r. HI Hi * ih is amrr.'u vsaati tae m dary. dm-sash-d a*vl It tally -tlsahl- d f'j. 1! board d i.r iu t.s earn buit, a a bravv sea. in l en dor m hat wo.s'v e.- h-- a-uli' H-s aid was gia-iiy veosv*- ?. at d he i wei me wrenhod ve< Ml to ilia barac-r of m ih -m?. - .at ,ut tine *00 miles for th-a the rapt tla ref >od toy a?II m. ami his -.dlset rondoct was *t nn-l ulau-i, rvengn sc-1 ia a nvwt marked maimer by ho New York l: I of I uderarnera. Military Intrlllcrnrr **tsrai. iwt.-nox pi -ur w*TT?vvf ..i ahd. ?.r_\ *m*i mm to. 19 Blilsriimifi IUu.iwob V y. ? M,i Matmmi lii ?*?, Ni m Vi?k,riul 4. H10 ( la roapltence with breads nertere th>i res scat will arwabie for :>? -i ii >n atil rr->w o ! I! nai' >r?. ?-m td at 4 ?impt ? ?! (Bray !"'??' ', o. rroate rr' H (army ?lylr) npoa the kaapM-k aad t r.e da; '? rattcaa. n Ha mi'U a rqua'e, ThErviay , 1Mb ,i at I. or * I be fo-m.J ?I tro o'clock A. M (VmnwMtMi "f eompenuv ar* directed lo pirate for iarprt Una tn ? recrolta it Bay b* an rtently ir? -u.-ted The annual n*/? of MM MB Mw will ba taken up in tb? mort .i f At ?*.<? ' i'csf M. rnfiaaraul llao will b? formed 'or 'impaction ??? renew I <eld aa I ink Will report I? tbo -i a. Ii.a |U*r tera ai alio o ckrk A M 'Turn V? ri.ralwm wiih band and drain nnrpa, will report Is lit* .MJnlaat upon the [Brad* fmuad Po Bnrb of fn-nrral Ofter K" I* *? dlrerta odlwe? and ?on cwnBiia."ted ofltreri lo aer< oble tor drill no Hator day rreai-f fftobrr IS, la hereby pouaterrnoaded aa<l ?nek ? ITierrr will arf-nbl or Turn. ty. :>lh last , taaiead of lSili. rqrl| f? d > <lire?.'fd A pnitimrnt?C T Me< Vnnt-luu>. Military secretary. Hy order of OMtMl Maiibal Irdrrta J H. ur.tntgr R M Wkio. Qtartermretrr Serf cam kii rrtar cuifm, fl Ct'onel .lame* Ilacfcrlp, af II* ial - Pro-oty (ink MfiB*al. waa elected captain of Cmpany A, Ptaty Birth regiment, on Wedreadny earn tag nee Hugh' Fund, re ftfanl. Fifty mtniher* war* prevent, pll o* altos re. eotded ibeir rntea In fkmr of the now r<>T.tunv mt uap liia Happrny la a gentleman wko t? ikon* ahiy p>wted a lianlce a nod Prott atactic H ? atecttoa a noiti<t?ra>l a good are<aalaa to Ik* Strly mint;.. larrilmrata la N?llrw?<l ?iorki TO THI kditor 01 iwr. ntati.p. Ma* V ?**, fi.i. i, into T came to town la day la aril ay iv? k in Ike ra raada; feat ay Iriewd ptrKi'N a* not I tare aa?rd ap vvtnedbrng froa ay kuvtoeaa win h T harr aerated a rtllraad ttocha, aad the diettaadv ara ibe ewllra supper! of ay 'nrge faaily. U tkara la to ka d wen re. 1 am afraid Ike little I hart Meed will be loft. Wbat do )on think of It* The Pouthere travel la a eonroe of (real proflt a all Ike rraia eeaaeetlag with the South a?d soothw eat, aa! if dianaw* takee plw* we atiall be deprteed of a large share of profit Will yon fire aa old ?a hoar t her. (a ho a Mb Icaa what to do), your rtewn upon thta eobyect 1 rely apna the BMalo tor the eh< egef <d thtogh ! hare a hula railed Betas aha*, tea. tf the appropnotiooe arr withheld, aad tha govern aeat pklB behind, I amy anfTer there, tot Ltt aa know what you think I Ial haM do. I Ilea to tae i onetry aad aa not [ oetad ep m weto aa towatoiha tfk a m;maiMK Akaat uu Icalk. OTB HBMTBia COBBB8PONWWC1. Mam-tug, Tana , Sept. >?, lMg IU* arkabU Pnmuneiam.u to Agauuc BnyUnd ty Me 0<> pernor of ^rfcor^a*?J\re Apainst tk* Korth Oramt, oM Directed Agate* Uu JVraW of Oreat BriMm, Sc. In the midst at the political excitement la which tbe South ta at lb la lime plus sad, bis Kioolkmcy Hiae N. Ooc way, Governor of tba Bute of Arkansas, baa gives a ??? and rafraabiag tarn ta tba pcevalllng ag.taiiou by the Irons of ayroaunctamfente to tbe mlllllaman of that gal laat State. It la dated AagualST, 1M0, aad baa ]Mt baac printed aad ctroalated la pamphlet form. 1 send fee Hsbau> a few extracts of portentous omen. They are M follows. Hla Ixoelleaoy aaja? , It la time to prepare for trouble aad danger, wbieh wiU eeilainly be brought upon our Bute If our oltiaaas remain tlet dleaa and Indifferent to tba security of tbemstlv their families aid tbeir property. Tba dangers wh tbrraten tbe peace aad quiet of tba people of Arkaaaeei of auch a character that erery good oillsaa, It l? hoped will be wtlllui!. Dot only to anoouraga the orgnnlsniwu, ct tbe militia, but to use tie iDftueaoe ?* money in the manner which 1 hare suggested, la o aims to arm and equip tbs volunteer oompauisa bounty I* tba ?>&. uhj petition the General Aaaembly d the State ot_ KLlSSaiS ?? protection and aenurity to the people of the mm H in tbolr persons and property. Will not tba paopta ao and aid in providing for their awn Ji u warning be sufficient to arouse them until Eogusn eat miee of our government shall have their secret and dk ! bollcal a* en is and emissaries stationed mevery hnro au neighborhood, in every county in our Bute, and ' 4 rangements fully perfected, an! aU at tbe appointed time, to begin tbetr nam g aad aystemalic work of wholesale art** and plui der. Insurrection and murdeif It ta ?r opiuio that the settled end secret policy of ment IS to disturb the domestic tranquillity of the Unite Si ales. That its object la to break up aud destroy 01 eovernmeat, get rid of a powerful rival, extend the art of the Brtthh domlnlora on this continent aad bccort 1 the < hlef and controlling power in America. It is my opinion that the abolition slews man wasfit I I aware that tne Britlab government intended, tutaeaslngl I to pursue his policy of disturbing the domestic Wanqm ! Illy or tbe United Slates, when he announced that U*'i i was sn "irrepressible conflict" between the free Slaw aud tbe slave states. It la my ?P,ul?D ^ dollars of Brttub gold have b-ea aad wUM various ways. In the Nortlisrn nndSoulliern States, stir up ana Intensify tbia "tfrepreroibl? aonflhit 1* tween the tree Sales and the .kve ?Utea__TbitU policy of tbe British government baa been for many yea and is now *0 to conduct its unoaasmg *? ?J? throw our government (by employing Wbttoatoia aa I secret agents and emitter we), thai the mieolblel? M nutrages perpetrated upon tbe a aye mates will see^ have btcu orlg nated, planned and perpetrated "J I tlon citizen of the Iree States It la my opinion that tt ' Br it if h governmont Is tbe real author and lna-l?tor 1 tbe mtschltfa and ontrsgea perpetrated sgs"atUie ?la Stales and thsl It Is tbe duly 01 our federal governmei I as^l rf tbe patriotic people of the United ^t*? tbe British government responsible for dlawrbh the domett c tranquillity of fee United StaW It M my opinion that the British ??JSJ ? mined that, as long as our goTernsmnt abaU exkst, " ?bail henceK-rlh be no domestio UauqoUllty ln tbe Uu It le my opinloo thst Brltlah gold has been and will used to hire unprincipled abolHlJQWW_ State*, and tend '.hem Into tbe slavo commit ti ch outrsgea thnttbe pc"P j? ?' J , become 10 hostile to those of tbe Sortb, yd tbe eqi ?ion* end outreges rommttwd up<*tbeBouU<ro?a by those bind ebolitkm foitsh ? Btsut, will oe to o un and M[?ravated that^ctvll war wi he produced, the Union dissolved and ?MWby, Wife lie desolating evile and dee le of plunder, robbery, TMSr?E? E*Texists agate, t federal government, and that. If all tbe tranracUoi s connected Willi it, and the nabies of St agnits and tmisaarka of the British i '^nmeat, d tributed throughout tbe United it*!0"- could bes*/' tsinod, well Mituem teste 1 an 1 made public,fee people of the United Mslrf would be tided ^feroaad b mint; and lhal hsvtrc discovered the real V1 st'gslor of the mischief, sll discord betww-n the tr Bistcs end slave mates would at ^ entirely e.sso, and that then they would 'VJ1" naily aid more firmly united; aud lbu> digestion of the patriotic citlioos *' i nk... sgainat the ifrfetU r.vernmcM snd^a, ?w^d hS''dr^irod sgainat tbe British goverumsat la ,bKntertainlng these oplnlema, I deemill 1 people of the flate of Arkansas to wnro ?eral?1 go wc 1W m rs. 1 eet aid make ptrmateot aad morotqth J paratioor, so f si they m.y st sll tlmsa no to t Get llvemre ^es aud our BtaU. ??? [ Ikic Ibo Bui irb governmei't In ends shall porary and trifling,butoonttnuous.nnd aggravated, PTvVryec?"ty'nriUe*'9tatr. of Atkanras sbould hava aukstssttad and secure county nraenal, wstl s-'PpUud w. arms *nd ergunlsed and we 11 dieclplineil volunteer co nan'ea rhoult be ready at all t'mee to use them, let these miiwilaut mttura not be lightly treaUd, calmly and aciiocaly coaaidareJ. . . . We must lo- kaa for aa pnmlble into lbs fetors, prepare lo guaird >gainst evils which are seatatnly ""Tben'.'as wife men, as pruderi men, allvitlnaj t? snd pstr da. 1 spp al to the militiamen of tne "tstel Arkansar. to orgaelaa and thoroughly prepare lor ai y win b sl.sil call for their airoa^' irtal 0 " Irnce of our rights aad our ceuutri'. WJAH N CON WaY, Covsrne of the Mate of Arkanaaa. aid Comina'; l.v la Chief of army ot said Btate, and ol the mlllt a tuereof, rn* eiMTKJi is m???irri?laa *s*n .csr The State election In tbe Wale of HlaslMippt takes pit to morrow. Tbe candidates to be voted for bave be lelecled without at y particular tew aa to their pei'.lH atatue, and tbe result will cot foreshadow tbe act mi 1 Ittical aentimeat of the Bute. But thai is set lied 1 ready beyond peradvauturs. Misaissiprl will go Bncbtni Idge by 20 OOO majority The fr.. ... planters in ratal <>c to tbs election of l-inccla la .1 on a end I have no beeitatioa in say og that the eecesema 1 fight teg eentlmenl la MMWeipiri, la cms tf Oil , elec'-iou, la as (fl'iclent and ove??het*ii,g aa Ul Carolina or Georgia General Acer, a large l'"W' 1 gratkman of Lllnence In Uieawaippi, the propiMar ibe new air line railroad from Mcmpuis to Virtaeai aad a man ?bo m in ev. ry way calculalerl to Icaow wh >a going 00 in tl" inlerior of t.le State prc liele tuat I U> uaand senile inanrrertl n? wll occur i aiMlppI ?? sooa aa It M announced Lincoln .a elected. Geaernl Aeee m aa?-? thai tbe hour 'or atrikleg for Southern rights has arm He tind me t? lay that tbe leellli* wbleh p rval ,| ? net ? 1a tea ? Id mois vioktit than during Jki fr-ir (aaipa'gn K?t .?ly ia tbe ' cmilbern heart fitau," the Mi.thrrn n hh! Is exeeprrn . d Her iah'J tiawL dnrlag tbe Prtaidenlial ooteei In l*M. t-ate rrers ai by a plana 1 00 owned hv a la-iv ui Miuiealppt, aad Pounced to tbe nrgmra that ??PcefcoH was eienSedy that they were free." They ajaadoued tbolr lahor. I their, rh'.vcle, area. An . and slewed taero away 1 ,? <o. airf iKmaudij tbetr tree duns from their m-ttr. II ? lady paerated grrat grmnee* of rharautcr; aa I .1 g the nnroee that she w. ul.l at rod to their ban.) immedeittiy. devpaichad a eoU hy a Uuetw< rtby alai t?> th<-ar art *t iu".gtilr.r la a eir,r l time abost u..riv P it..- planing g?titrv arrlvrJ ?" h >r?< l?v k ' ill, r ,, ?) aiMl the tnsergcat nrgr.ea WtTO t >n under tul.J*. t. ? 1 rcjnfSkTattra at vtia eonm now, aacanaw aria ? luvt. The cneoerrai it* aralUnoot of lb* North apfoala li I prop* for the pr*e*fTstK>* of Iho I'hCna a* lb- mo* pt.-errratire of Inn!#, WWWIW, property anl per?i ? ad alto M the rnrarn of aatu oal no Km and uaiTtretl pr leal'.oa of lb* national boarr an.I dunity. K*n*n.-r>s bought at ibe eipooe* of personal heaJli. sad daafli troth** m* that r.raaerealMm tie lb* ataiwcy |o? inn lb* North * not oat) alow aa I Muff Wh, hat, as * impart a ilb lb* a tual ooadiltno of thing# it It* hoatn <io*nl bly tgn<root h form my Tletro no* from ifaa'etl Urngee ? looai t.t holes, aor from bre raters is (lie tat a*r from tbnoe who would wantonly diltH I a too into pieoea that tbay ray b* oturah leto poliiieal mdittar* auJ power I :ra?p Ibe as tbry rm* from tb* cot too and the nee finds and U at far plant at i*n.e?the grewt and ororpmvt ring a*rk-? tt.rml ?tli*B?oi of thea* latltudiW. wo a*e b?r*, mn I boa w* <:* at the Norlb, tb* power of lb* agrle><ii.iraJ t t'ueaco. t itirr aod towns la ibe .toutb do not ei.waea it f.enogs of the agricultural popaMM. Traders and at rtier.U are ao? farmers see piasters, nor do lh*y aiv ?? Iber ?) mpsih ae with aaeb otbrr. WbtV? the iwer, ban m the c ittrs d? re peace and td'-m. tb* planter* 4- nan pretrrtioa m the fatoo, or lodepoedcacO, nwlar thetro* ?elf rrllBM e. out of iU The < m wrraiWm of the fort dora not i omprebead the arms! rtatua of tha Molhet agnraltaral reatiment. That eeiltmeat la la auran<-o Northern curler rat i?m and the New York Mock i itibo aadmrrchaat , and trader* and flatter W , emil n< be,in to ? ndrrtiand It la tbe erant of Mwri la'e ttoa tb*re is bnt llttl* tooM "rum the information I sat gathered frarni reliable aa<l rewpoow.hle en?irt.K?, ibat ibe will be an attempt at r?rotation and H te of the tent, all itbrrs tb* cooaerTatltaa of the North do not m be an* ?*d nor aimiae.l to lie lir.i relowcw ThearlKle* pnh tabi J la tba Nts Toan Ilka Mi*** wnt ago aiwml Urn Imnnoeaoe of a d Motet we of tii I alow a err, a* I bar* found, baaed upon to d graan (oondat r* Tb* twit men I* tb* Snwib hire told rr ao. A plant, r la Florida ha* ?nl hla aegrem i caarqueice of tb* tertaltty of a durupaim Mm la Hon b Carolina hare pat the "Jnok la the jo. W*1" for a lika ra tea. Rr'ymg upon tb* fidelity, tfc. ir a aree. the great plaat-rg ajf.ri^iro I oo .lange aa.l bare terred ttrwmrlrr* to that irraprtwib* eoafli ? bub "award aaya w tba hes nnia* sad whK-h ft.* birch ?ej ran as) a St the md of itaviry?the oprowd tie I ' ? ATI* II* Mrwi ' ? ? pi* ?? ij'f njr. FrfrjUnn# ??irr "'?4t? it l -nra tW-<h irnctrr ink* nf ? grmt eltf. (km fr builrt ?r> ? f?4*| np m ? m-?l ? rtry iltw itnm ft t iriMU Bndernl* nmdnrn ttfte bnlxMBf ?N| I lUWf !*???#, ud tl lb* ?t>mknuM <*"*? ?"* ? nt?iiihl? ?r fm* up tooth** ?li5on tt ? ? P<n"* V'mph*. 1 m D"l p?- IfiMl In t? \?'o ? ?????* *lt'KW?ttnn nf it, rr? tvr>r of Mmithtn, Out ? ?<** <* ??" ?'"?>? ?? """y ??* *? '??W '"print*. In in* Ar " %<7, ta mi. r?mM by M nVnTrfOWM HN ?? *?*<**>??? ? '*? nmi *M iWbMH tM MTKIH f.? ?M I ImiibI Hr -*** I"? *- WMklMtaM Mkl IB t?M 1) ar*? fW fW.i'M ?m>B

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