Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 8, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 8, 1860 Page 4
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AEW YORK HERALD. JAM K N tillUDON BENNETT, EDlttlR AND PROPKIErOR. OFFiCfe N. W. CO H.N KH OK Fl'LTOK AND KAS3AC St?. TERM Si, ni K ,'n mfranse. Monty wiit by miil 9t(tf beat tb< rid, <*j the t*n,l> PoMage stamp* not reccit I as suhm'riptwu money. 'j ti 3 I>A tl. V HER A I.D tvro rent* per ropy f7 p+r annu THE M EEKLE, terry Saturdnj, at ?i* f - ><' r ' f"3'V or Kt prr otutwm; the European EUi'trm > < " V WW/r at fitjc r. ft.y j,t r ' ? py, ??! per annum t > any part ?' (it tat Hriutin, m |A(oum tM / at th> Continent, hotb to in tudtpm' >?/*. th? fkih'/to iiia Editu e "n th? 1a<, lltJi and of no h month, att c ert'f* pry U)pe-r annum. THE EAMU V HERALD on Wrln^day, at f'oy rent* per %Ll \\} A l<\ T'iiltKSPOSDMAf'K ?"!> nrui. tohritnl f rum onu quarttr u/ It'' ' orLi, <j ' ' 11 lilrral'v I'll ! -r. UHltK '?< Kaktu 11 tiur Ke?ieaied to M?uti Lirtuu A?t I aca mi teat r? . _ . AO AoTICEt.iln, ,.f mrrttpmdei???. Wttlonoi nturttt- ti"! iwiimimitati'"'' ... . A VEhTlsf WA.VT.s wvrJ rrtry iliiv, adrrrtuemmt* in ?? '?/ in th. oiimi Ji*K?in 'aiilt Uehalo, wiU i,, tlu liili/o^ui m l /' > //??!? lUhtion*. JnH /? A/.v, l.Vo -j??-?'?d vi'A neatuftt, cnmpnas ami tie tpalth. Vol unit AAV No, 481 AKl'hF.MKNTS THIS ETORINO. ACADEMY of MTS10, Fourtet-ulb MreeL?ItAUAH On ?A? L.mia i>i I'uamouhie. NIBI.0'8 HARDEN, Bn>?<t*?y.?Kifg I.eae. WINTER HARDEN, Brown w?j, oppogl'.e Bond ibeet.? Out Katmiiiiu-dim Hakes. BOW KRY IllKATKK. How. ry ?Tag Full A I'D TM KlaCue or Umwi-Mi Bom Dust. WAU.AI'1'8 THEATRE BrowdwEy.-l'LAriSG Wmi Fma. I.A17 R A EERNE'S THEATRE. No. ?-'? Broadway.? Aiiaea Atcui, NEW BoWKRT THEATRE. Bowery.?FaAI WuTII or TUB Ml'I'EUS ll*E?AAfliODEt.. HARNr*'* AMERICAN EUSKUM, Rrondi?*r ?D?T An ' KTanlvr uimi.'U AAB Uu Mtsr jaa.t hjvi.iu Cu-iooi tiu. Ao. HRY ANTS' MINS7 HKIA. Mrcluuilo*' HM1, 47.' Bn*dw*y.? UeS'.A'K. A- S, 'TOt. lltMlEA -S:|M.> At I'HAU)*'!. NIHi.l 't- SAI.OON, Ilri'Hdw?y ?Hooi?t A OtwrEEix'l fiifTKIl l I KTIIIOriAA tost.*. BokLBTviUEJ, 1)a>iu, AC.? Vlt.lMA Mi'llllT. RATI0NA1. THKATRM. OhAttuum Mrrat-ME aed Ml'!. I'ETEB W" HI rg?FElBEt I'OKLEE ? N EOgO llLOM EKA. (lANTKRBi Kt MUB10 HA LI.. ?C3 Bm?dw?y.?Fo.tCI, Dabcu. HugiKMir?A An New lurk, Nondgy, Uriaber i, iHflO, Tile Niwi. The steamship Northern Light, Captain Tiukle paugh, from Aspinwall, arrived at this port last evening about seven o'clock. She brings no Cali fornia mail, the John 1.. Stephens, from San Fran ciaco, not having arrived at Panama at the time of her departure, which was delayed in conse quence about five days beyond her regular lime. The news from the Central American and South Pacific republics is important. On, the ICth ult., the election of Presi dent cf New Granada took place. Both in Aspin wall and l'unania the vote w as almost unanimous in favor of General Herran. There w as nothing later from the interior proper of the progress of the revolution. From the ('aura there was late intelligence to the eflect that the conservatives were successful, and that Gen. Mosquera was near Popayan, hard pressed. He could not hold out much longer. On the morning of the 27th a negro mob invest ed I'anuma. and plunged the city into the greatest alarm and excitement. The authorities applied to the command) rs of the American and British ships of war to protect the city, and forces were landed from the ships. At the latest advices the negroes had retired to the bushes. The British force had been partly w ithdrawn. The United Slates Marines, from the St. Marys, still held possession of the Panama Hailroail Company's depot. The trains cross and re-cross the railroad entirely undisturbed. In Nicaragua the news of Walker's landing at Truxilo created much excitement, and troops from Guatemala. Salvador and the western de partment of Nicaragua had been placed in readi new to march against him. The treaty negotiated between Great Britain and Nicaragua had been ratified, and a ropy received at Hau Juan. The British Consul hud made a verbal statement that the treaty contained a provision for making San Juan a free port, but entirely under the laws of Nicaragua. A revolution has broken on* in Costa Itica. Fx President Mora had landed at Punta Arenas, and the people were flocking to him with enthusi asm. It was thought probable ho would be ena bled to seize on the Capital and reinstate himself. A petition bad been presented to President Cas tillo of Peru, praying for the annexation of Guaya quil to that republic. Tbe Minister* refused to have anything to do with it, and the matter is shelved for the present. The United States claims were supposed to be in a fair way of adjustment. Caatdla's lite is still in danger from a band of ac cret conspirators. In Ecuador, Franco's force was dwindling away and Flores almost entirely triumphant. General ib-lru's invasion of Bolivia was a coat plete failure, and he had fled. President Linares had issued orders to have him instantly hung if caught. We give this morning some further extracts from our European file* in regard to the war in the Papal P'at-s *r,d the state of affairs in Italy, which will be found interesting. The Prince of Wale* remained In Richmond yea terday. In the morning be attended church, and In the afternoon paid a short visit to the Governor and drove around the cfty and suburbs, to view the difft rent objects of interest. This morning he will leave for Baltimore, where he ia expected to arrive about six o'cloi k inthe afternoon. With onrrecord oi his movements we give this morning an intere-t ing account of the reception and entertainment of Id* brother at tbe Cape of Good Hope. The infidels of the United States assembled In their third annual Conveadon at the City Assembly Boom*. Broadway, yesterday morning. The Con vention haa been hitherto held in Philadelphia, and tlie object of ti e organization ia to diffuse abroad certain so-called philosophical principles, which were taught by tbe Prencb encyclopedists. and are breathed through tbe writing* of Voltaire, the two Rosaeaus, Diderot. Valate, Gibsrn. Hume. Tslne, and otLera. A steady opposition to Christianity and a general disbelief in Divine revelation are the leading features of the principles Inculcated by the association. In the large room of the building there were assembled about one hundred and fifty peraont. It was a perfect study for the physiogno mist to tiew the facial developenienu of the mem bers of the Convention. There was the agej |Htriarck, whose hirsn'e appendages would not hare disgraced a Brahmin; there was the fsdel dowager, of the genoa strong minded; while In the back groand were to be eeen a small sprinkling of over-dressed dandies, done up in al the glory of patent leather boots, garrotc shirt col lars. and Ui? inevitable eyeglass. Among the celebrities present were 0. 8. Murray, formerly editor of a publication in this city called the /??? on#rator. and Ernestine L, n.?se. Mr. Horace Beaver, the President of the last meeting, was re-elected, and presided over the delibera tion! A great deal waa said against the Chris tian religion, and all religions, but really nothing but what has been a thousand times adran - I against Christianity and ten thousand time* rtfut-d. The Convention meets this morning nt ten o'clo k. at No. 414 Broadway, when Ernestine L. Ruse and other speaker* wiU address the audience. Ow eg to telegraphic sooo-jnu rrosi id* regariiisi the rfft-u Ot U>? 1st* storm, Ut? Cotton ns-V-t on iMfjr day beesras ttoteri sod active, aoJ closed ?t fail one eighth of s aovsr th* sales *mhr?M then T 000 b*t?s, itt.ud*) ia ?tt ?a. ? as o; d,W halts, takes I' * ? a11, for export 4 cooildermble portion or l"ie sal?a embrace qualities under middling upland*, ill cloned 4 ?(>o lie. 4 11*0.. chiefly ?? "?? laslde fl#ure> |ri0ttr eUiib led more buoyancy for common and medium rau?, wbUe extra brande were without change of mo men',ml sales were tolerab y active. Wheat waa so le end price" rather fl/uier; the aalca were large, I and cbicliy for export, with purchases on speculation. ! i ru was tlrm, with more doing, muatiy on epocu latloa; Wteteru mixod waa at 70c. a Tic , afloat, and In (tore at 70c. for Oat yeflow. Pork wae w ibnui change ol moment, with fair sale < of mean at HP a <10 18?* a S18 30, and prime at *14 60. Angara, In - ooxe.juecco of tnjunea reported io hare been In Aided on the crop In Louisiana, by the late storm, bo came active, and cloaed tlrm at an advance o' from }?e. to >4 per lb.: the ealee which transpired amounted to abou' 3 000 hbd*. Cuba, with rumors of a still larger quantity, which we could cot trace. The chief sales were ma le within the range of 6>?o a 6\c. for rodclng goodai and fl^o. a 0J{c. a 7',o for grocery grades. The sales beeldea Included 180 hhda. melado at Xd. and 3,000 bags (Uatavla) at private terms. CoBee was quiet, but drmly I held. Freights were active to Liverpool, and some ! 180 COO a 200,000 busbo s wheat, In bulk and baga (chielly i in Bblp'a bags), were taken at 121., with flour at 3s. 81., j and tlnur to Iondon (10 000 bbM.) al 3s Od t 3s. 71-11 , 1,000 noxes cheese at 60s , and 1,600 bbls. flour to (lias gow on private terms Fair engagements were also malo by the Hamburg steamer, and al pretty full rates. The Impending Pennsylvania Klcrtlon ami its Hoinenlnni Comtiiaenrsi. It Is now generally conceded that the Pean sylvania Slate election of Tuesday, tho 9th in stant, will determine the issue of the Presiden tial contest. There are but two parties in tnis locbl struggle?the republican or people's par ty, and the I'nion or fusion party?and the bat tle will be between Curtin, the republican, and l i ster, the fusion candidate for Governor. Both fides now claim the victory?the republicans by from ten to twenty thousand majority, and their opponents by from five to ten thousand; trout which it will be perceived that the margin of confidence, at least, is largely on the repub licun side. On both sides the overwhelming importance ot this election of the Governor Is fuNy under I stood, and consequently, rain or shine, the largest vote which the State will have ever polled may be expected. Should Curtin be elected by a majority exceeding five thousind, all hopes of turning the popular tide in the short interval to the Gth of November may as well be relinquished, for the election of Lin coin will be a foregone conclusion. The deel sive loss of Pennsylvania will paralyze the con servative I'uion movement in New Jersey and New lork, and Lincoln will walk over the course. On the other band, should Foster be elected Governor of Pennsylvania, by a round majority of even less than a thousand, the issue of the I residential battle will become exceedingly doubtful: but should his majority run up to or beyond five thousand, then we may count upon a Northern reaction which will defeat Lincoln by carrying the Presidential issue into Con gress. In either event, the destiny of our po litical parties, and of the general government, and of the I'nion, and of popular Institutions over the whole face of the globe, now hang" upon this Pennsylvania October election. With the decisive success of the Pennsylvania republicans on Tuesday, all parties throughout the country will begin to prepare for the revo lutlonary contingency of Lincoln's election, so that wo shall very soon know something of the contingencies which will follow his official jour ney to Washington. We shall soon know whether the abolition ultras or the moderate men of the republican camp are to rule the now administration, and whether the conserva lives of the South or the seces-Ion Are eufers art* to control the movements of ' the cotton States" in favor of submission or resistance to Lincoln's Inauguration. A certain Roger A. Pryor. of Virginia, a ram pant fire eater, has made known his intentions In advance. He. at all events, will not submit to Lincoln's inauguration. But how is this la appeu>al>le Virginia salamander to prevent this thing! Roger, the combustible Roger, has to'd Lis constituents how he will do U. H? will re enact the part of Brutos, and with bis dagger will strike the rail splitter a bloody blow that will send him straight to Julius Gtrsar. But jiut here an old llna whig of Virginia, John Minor Botts. familiarly known among politi cians as -the immortal Botts." steps io, and. with the thundering voice of Mark Antony, threatens a Roman army of three hundred thousand men. to make good and secure the lodgment of "Old Abe" in the White House. The venerable Amos Kendall, democrat, said to be nearly a hundred years old. has also promised something of the same sort to susujp the choice of the people, even if-Old Abe" should be the man. But, as against this bloody threat of the would be patriotic assassin Fryor, there will be no necessity for the three hundred thousand men "in Lincoln green" of Mr. Botts, nor for the two hundred thousand protective roluoteers of grandfather Kendall. No. There will be a man on hand from Wisconsin, of the name of Potter, who will be competent to take care of Pry or. Potter, too. haa already been prepared for this task. If we are not mistaken, some of his admiring Missouri friends at the Chicago Convention presented to this terrible Potter, aa the special guardian of Pryor. a heavy, keen and gleaming bowie knife, two edged and full seven feet long. This tremendous instrument Potter will take with him to Washington, and. standing with it by the side of -Old Abe" on the fib of March, should Fryor step forward to fulfil his Moody warning Potter, uplifting his mighty weapon. wiU bring it down like light ning np<>n the head of Pryor, and cleave him at a single blow into two equal parts, even as "Old Abe eould divide a log In the act of making rails. U nh the inauguration of Lincoln thus se cured. Id the event of his election, the question recurs: ?hat if this impend log Pennsylvania struggle should work out Lincoln's defeat? Why, then. tbe election will be thrown into Congress for a President and a Vice President. Tte iliree highest candidates from the people let President will go Ink' the House, and they will l>e Lincoln. Breckinridge and Bell, from which the House, if it can. will choose tbe Pre sident. Tbe two, only the two. highest c?ndl dates for Vice President will go into the Senate and from these two one will be elci ted the Vi -e Piosident. And here as all tbe probabilities are against any election of a President by the House within its limits to the ?tb of Msrch, the Vice President elected by the Senate will in' very apt to become the President But who will be the happy man* Hamlin will certainly it. i ne if the two highest candld?t?s going Into he Senate, and Lane or Everett will be the -tber. Breckinridge or Bell miy p >s*ibly be ? '.fed bj the lluise ; but In the event of the election g' ins Into Congress the cb.?oces are lieudtdij it. favor ci tie ccncloeion that Oece i a! I aae, us Vice President elected by the exe unt- will, by default of the lloa-e. beccrne our next I resident. In \iew of the election being thrown into Goi grees, a violent, bloody and revolutionary 1 ate of things is anticipated at Washington iu ? he struggle there for the ascendency Bat all dangers ot this sort can be guarded agairu,t iu the enforcement of the law; and, if there be no law ol this sort at W ashingtoo, in the passage and rigid enforcement of a law against the carrying ot deudly weapons. Only the seven foot bowie knife of Potter, as a guard over Pryor, should he allowed to pass within the doors of the Ca pitol. This precaution, and a clearing away of the pine thickets around Bladensburg. would make all safe. We refer to those pine thickets because heretofore they have been the shelter ot duelists dodging away from the po lice. tSerioutly. however, the destinies of this great country, its constitution and its government, its unity and its power, its prosperity or iu de cline. all hinge upon this Pennsylvania October election, and with fhe decisive success of the republicans in this local struggle, alt parties in any way concerned will be wise in preparing for the probable revolutionary contingencies of Lincoln's assured election. Meantime, let the conservatives of Pennsylvania remember that the power and the issue are in their hands Great Tnnce tue Pokaopoi.itas-s. A lew days ago the people of Cincinnati were thrown into au excited state of mind by the \ of the Prince of Wales, and. as it appears from the papers, they have not yet come to their senses. Our reporters, in the line of their duty chronicling the Prince's progress, were compelled to suffer, along with the royal party, the Infliction of a ball, which, it appears, was gotten up by a "colonel" who owns the thea tre or opera house, and who invited the Prime there, a la Barnum, to advertise the concern. The visit of the Prince was taken ad vantage of to make kcown to an as tonished world the fact that Cincinnati has an opera bouse in the second story of a building which is used for varitus other purposes. The muses are lodged in a "two pair back." while pork, whiskey, dry goods, lager bier and domes tic champagne are retailed on the ground floor. That is combining the ideal and the practical in true democratic style. When the Prince came to this wonderful affair he found a large number of badly dressed people, who seemed sery unhappy and uncomfortable. After dancing a few quadrilles, the royal party left early; and worse than all. "there was no sup per.'' What's a ball without supper? It is Ilamlet" with the principal character omitted. This is the sort of thing that our irate Cln cinnati cotemporaries are trying to gloss over by abusing the New York reporters. It will not answer, and the best thing the editors can do is to keep quiet about the whele affair. It is not so very bad, after all. The "colonel" was not to blame for doing bis little business dodge, nor is it a criminal offence to wear a badly fitting coat, or an old fashioned gown People in Cincinnati cannot expect to be as well dressed as the tlxjantrs of New York and Put is, who have elevated the science of adorning the person to the dignity of a tine art. The Cincin nati people must live and learn, and in the meantime keep cool. The brilliant journal tats of Porkopolis ought especially to remem ber the excellent advice of the good Doctor IV atts, and never let their angry passions rise, unless some opponent slezes upon their gov ernment pap. Then they may go it as strong its they please. Human nature, of the rural editor's pattern, can't stand that. I Cmiois Stxte a Tuixi.s is Oreoox.?Of all the wonderful political coalition' resulting from the sma^h up of the democracy at Balti more, that between the republicans and the Douglas democracy cf Oregon against the Breckinridge democracy is the most extraordl nary. But there are two United Stutes Senators at stake, ard one of them is General Jo Lane, the Breckinridge nominee for Vice President, which will explain the case at once. The coa lition aforesaid have a majority in both branches ol the Legislature, and they have arranged to elect a Douglas Senator ar.d a republican But from the lesser branch of the Legislature?to prevent the quorum which would consummate this bargain?several of the Breckinridge mem bers had taken themselves off to the woods, and down to our latest accounts all efforts to cap tuw them had proved unavailing. This is certainly a very funny state of things, and shows how far mere personal rivalries aad jealcusies operate on all sides to distract and divide the people in this contest The two wing* of the ('regon democracy, however, have hardly beard anything later from the Atlantic States than the break up of their Baltimore Convention into two hostile camps, with Douglas and Lane pitted against each ether. They do not know anything in Oregcn of the subsequent movements this side the Rocky Mountains in support of the common cause between Douglas men and Lane men. and all other conservative men in the North for the defeat of Lincoln. Distance and ignorance, therefore, on the part of the democracy of Ore gon of the real issues of thl? contest will ex cure them touching their Ileal dissensions. But here In New York. New Jersey. Pennsyl vania and New Kogland, where the precise issues and dangers of the campaign are th? roughly understood, there Is no excuse for any conservative man of any faction or paity io hesitating tc support tny union movement looking tc the defeat of Lincoln. In this thing be who is not for fusion against Lincoln is for Lincoln, and all excuses to the contrary are false pretences Won't S bmit to Lim oi.n.?The Atlar,ta(G.t.) &r>i'hm (<?? nlc i v lt?vf :? Tfcr- South will B?rtr permit Abrtban I, tenia to or PrmtdrU of tba I'atti .1 M*? ? r# # t* lb* d?term'aall?e of til |*i ttot tl tb? fVrth ' And lot tb? Cno?*q*tbe?e bt ? battbfj may ?whether tbe I'ntnmar bt rr i ienaed ta buir.ati gore. ard I'r: tMltan a a*"Oi.o tt pared t?o 'alien? n iTptb w It mang ed bod.ot, or whether tb< loi rrti gr cf liberty tt twtrt front tin foot of tbt Antrrtraa rout.oral?tbe South, the loyal dnatfc, the roott tnt'?nai South. wit'. a-reraabtn.t to tncti bumil tat'oa aa<l drgradatkta aa tbe laaufnratloa of AbraSaw l.tarola Thi? fellow Is scared before be is burl. Lincoln Is no! yet elected : and If be should be elected, tbe*e Tery Arc eiters of the Georgia school, who are always blowing and threatening, and never drlrg snytbiog but mischief to their own friend*, will be responsible for the result Had they stood their ground. Instead cf running ;?w >j frcm lb* ChtrleMon convention. there would bare been nj occasion for any alarm concerning Lincoln's election. Be Ing assured ho were', from the late Southern election* tbst tbe Southern people will take c.-? of their | roslsvery dlsunioulsts la No Tea* brr, the conservative people of the North have on!; to look after oar no slavery d Is unionists, and all will be well. A Fbkk Fkjht.?Our local politics and poli tician.? are inexplicably mixed up, from the Battery to the High Bridge. In the various party divisions and subdivisions, as represented iu tii- competing Tammany, Mozart llali, irreg ului Tammany, Breckinridge, republican and Bell-Everett candidates for our Congressional ar.d county offices, we have all the necessary elements lor a free fight, and for such scenes of fusion and confusion on election day, and of buying and selling, as we have never seen heretofore. What is tc be done ? Let our in dependent fellow citizens pick out their candi dates for themselves, and see to it that they are not cheated by Tom, Dick or Ilarry. That is the best advice we have to give at present. Bktter Late than Never?The Washing ton Constitution (Breckinridge organ) comes out at last, cordially, earnestly and hopefully, in support of the New York Union electoral ticket against Lincoln. It thus compliments our Breckinridge democracy:?"They have not insisted on the full measure oi their rights Tbey have not thought of themselves. In pivirg their support to the fusion ticket, they have done everything which their honor and self respect would permit, in their patriotic anxiety to effect the great object?the defeat of the black republicans." Very good; but if Wil liam Makeshift Browne, of the Constitution, would only pay a little less attention to Douglas and squatter sovereignty, and a little more to Lincoln and the "irrepressible con flict." he would be doing a great deal better. TOWS Fftoa TflE 11TIOYIL CAPITAL. Wa.-'tTst.yoif, Oct. T, I98C M Betinol i,the Sardinian Minister, bad on rente-day a protracted lnte.-7lew with the Secretary of Slate, 'n re ferenee to affairs connected with hi* government f roi'Ein a- ?a:sa Advice* received by last mat: from :a*t mall from E: rope from our MLmters, tend ratUer to Increase than mu tate the difficulties and complicattena that surround the I tali in question The disturbed and threatening a* pect of affairs lc Europe produc w great cnaaalner* in d: plomat circle* here. Information from a high and reliable ?ource, brought by the last mall from Europo, rates that the Pope wtli not leave lu me It ii his present Intention tc r main In tne H >.y C. ly. <? I should," says the writer, ?' consider 11 a fatal mistake Sor him to leave a*, present. He la safe where he Is even Gar bald! would not molest him should be taks possession of the Holy City." Mr Chandler, our Minister to Rome, who tu been in 1 disposed for some time. Is convalescent ? PkirssTLVA*u r 09. Tte administration are In receipt of enoo raging news from various parts of Pennsylvania, fhe friends of Fos ter are ve-y sanguine of carrying the State by from Ave to tea thousand majority. In the last forty eight hours several thousand dollars ha e been bet that Foster will be elected *r* vso-rscs or lei ro.vr sir saw Much dissatisfaction Is fait here at the stoppage of the pony express. The plan of sendl. g the mails around by Council Bluffs has demonstrated the fact that the delay is from four to five days, and the dlstaoee several hundred miles further. Tb is Is the report from dt. Joseph since the Salt lake and Denver malls have been carri* 4 by Council B uffs The pony express wilt be ?topped as soon as the department decides to cut off the dan lake route at Juletourg Smalor Green, of Missouri, arrived here to day, Tor the purpose, it Is said, of getting the department to reverts their decision in relation to the Bait lake and Denver Oiftila Fir# 1st knth Bottom. . . ?. _ Bjwrow, Oat. T, 1800 Io Boat a Boston, Saturday night, * Ore broce out in the extensive ma .une shop of Messrs Panther * Co., which together with the gusty bag manufactory o' T. Dunbar ar joining. waa d. troy to. Tti# buildings were Ave atones nigh, of t rick, and covered the square between Grautte tint a, and First and 8>c?ad streets Loss rwllmated at SIM COO Insurance 1126.000 ( ttr twj hundred rsr sons are thrown out of employment 1%'ssval Intelligent ?. . Pa.Mucoia, Oil 6,180J 1 n.l 'J Plates sivamrr Pawnee, Lieutenant Ounnu lies Htriolein, from Pbsiadeiphl. 26th nil arrived here ?es ?< rday lu trn days and la reported an excellent tea host with pcrboi maenine.-y, which worked wim-the pn*l' ai m of watohwork. Mm VxrolifDcy. Mr McLane, Minister to Meiioo, went on boa; j at 10 o clock this morning, and at 11 A. M tha I'awnoe was on her way to Cera Crui Til* Local liter Hon In Hsvannsh _. . RavassaH.Ga .(crt 7. 1880 T -e Douglas or citizen ' fusion ticket w ill succ red. The v ill go for Brccklnr dge at the Presidential election Markets. Naw oauusm, Ont 0,1800 Cotton?St.,i today 4 600 bales middling, 10'.c a 10 ?r. Com quoted at 0Sc a 76c Other articles un changed _ . Oswvoo, Crt 0?g P. M Flour stew*;-, with a fair demanl for the tnte-ior sod l-asterf tra le sales Mo bbla., at 06 26 for extra Stale ? heal firm a.,tea S 000 bushels No 2 Chicago sprlag at 01 II, 9 000 busbna do on private term. ? 000 "oehels w ater red Western at 01 82 lorn dull saiee 8,000 bush ew Indians at 0O',? rtOata quiet. Barley lu moderate demon a en** 12 000 bnehsls Canada* Son private terms K?e unchanged sales 8 000 bushels Canada part to ar rtvr, at 79c ?aoal freigbie firmer on grata, but not quoubly higher?Viour Me wheat, 10c Mrn 9ue to New York lake Imports?760 bbla (lour 44AOO oosbels wheat. 88 MO busheia corn, 00.700 do'barley 3Jhjdn rya, 6 100 do pean. 'heal Vxp-rts?4 6T8 bbb flour, 46,100 bushels wheat, 31 860 do. ooro, 7,100 do barlt., 1,7j0 do pens. _ Brrviu), Oct 0-4 P M FV or quGt and unchanged Wheat opened stntdy but r teted firmer sales tMOO bushels So 8 Chicago spring at 01 00,24 000 bushels No 1 do at 01 04 86 OOP himneia So 1 M.iwaukee club at 01, 88 000 bushels dTal 010V , u COO choice white Uaoaditn st 0180 C-rrs | shady and Is fa'r demand ealts 30.000 bushels all* i.e . ? CC0 bu'fce * choice at 6?c No axles of other gratae Whirkey nominal at 2lSc Oasal fra.ghia close ',c bet ler 16 . i en *h,?t. aid 14l,c oa com to New York lake ti lports?8.0CC bbla flour, 62 000 battels, 63 010 busbrio corn, 7,000 bushel, nets, sad 7 000 bushel, nartey Canal exoo-u-l 000 bhl. fl .or, 06.000 bushel* wheat, 02 000 bushels corn, .tad 27 000 vuabris oat* Chicsoo, Oct 0?0 P. M Ftrur quiet. Wheat firm and active nalea 71 000 bnahela, while at W^e. a We , red sMWc. fur V>J*. t? store Corn n-m, and sdvaaced i?c a ??c sale. V 4,l*e * 43<" ? ,m* ",M* Stead. K< i. pts?.. Wo tbfc dour. 127 000 bushels wheal. 89 000 hiirbeu Cora. 7.010 buabeis asm Bhiptnents? 1 8O0 Freishul!' ? 000 b thrls c ,rn Irelgtla duU.nt 10c on corn ar d 11c .? wheat, to Buf S1?*t ? wUege on Naw Tork I per reel premium ? . .. CsamiATi, iret 0 l-so Tosr dull, and very IliUe done itMaHli f.w euper fire Whiskey steady a> 18Vr Provision# quiet Mooey market easy Sight exchange oc Naw Tork, II 10 per cent p-sm Perennial Intelligence Pg B Wolff, ani family, of M"blk Or J P Middleton of irnqimore; John Magre, of Bath. New York 1 ri hroe" der and two ?or,?, from Ikrts. k T Gault, of Moutrea: ?igaor a Amno, from Br>?toe W Evans and W E* b'i all, both of n gland, arestopp'ng at Uic ft Nlsho;.. Motel ttapt B J. Re?V, of Albany Col W C Joy, of Penn tan Cbarlrw S Yrtmans, Buperictrndeat of lb# New Haver and Nortwampton Raiiroa?i Hon Charles McPbor son, of wt John. N-wfouoiliand k B Pailersoa of Wsehinghvi. v C 11. Car ionas. of Cuba Hr (}.' R pauidl g of A '-any. an I J Atrils and, of Cuba ? ere among the arr vais at the M drop iliun Hotel yea' IS day ' Marqu saad Marrhl<?rr? tliaadiw. Mr and Mrs FooMi tod hiea farlr. of For laud: Mr Stanley. M P , and Mr arch.-, of England. ll<a Matt Ward. Texaa O. C Oalla ?ft, t'bltrd -tain Oweu' at Poac# Gee A .4 Jobaetoo C. P A . wre In Wesbii.gton ou Friday last in the Bupr. me <*? rt of Masaa-hitsettt Wm A. Onch rspe tta beaa from hit wifb for cr'mtaal ly sa l Mary Mx 'rom Thomas Dt? for dusortloc Tbu following persoss were lu Chicago on Urn 6m lost ?tspl Ide aud Uapl Hartlsoa. of Fnglaod Mr and Miu Tburne, Mr acd Mrs Moii'ton and H D. MoHinult ? nd family , of New or'eaeu: Hon H W Bartholomew, of Ve'Wost lUpl Wil'iome sad lady, of l?tmft Rev R H Beaitio ami lady. J II rtee.C Votkeiier. Morris Ketcaam ileoeoti G lceslpg and W R. Stuart and lady , of New fnrb.B W. Marsino. of Boston, B T DeFord.of Bain mere. F R Bnw.-.e and lady, of Mobile at last aerounia Father Chloiioy waa is Dublin, boll it. ipg aid bw biy rolooy la llilDoia M Kometh has arrived la Par.* from avisittoBw t ?eyland as4 Italy Ft** b* HrtIT first Br*n*T-A Ma* PasavaovutT V^Mtn ?dfiterlly be ore oee o'clock yesterday afternoon a Are broke oat lb Mghtbody's Ink manufactory,la Sixty .ret avert, bet ween Flrvt and Seroed avenuee It waa rsuaed by the ovdrflowteg of the roe teats of a kettle of o*. Dee damage drte to the stwk and building wMI .rme-bt to sho t 01 X??so miurmrre a mas aamad IVter Haebrook emploved by Mr I ghtbody, wu dan gteous y b.-seil la trying to ntiagutah the Ore THE PRINCE OF W&LE& HE ATTENDS DIVINE SERVICE His Visit to the Governor and State Capitol. BARENESS OF THE RICBHONO CUOMO. THE TRIP DOWN JAMES RIVER ABANDONED. HIS RETURN TO WASHINGTON Ureal Preparation* tor hit Entertainment In Philadelphia, Ac.. Ac- Ac. THE PRINCE OF WALES IN RICHMOND. Kirimown, Oct. 7,1*60. The Prime of Wale# did not leave hit hotel last even log lie was announced to be ?t the theatre, end quite t crowd col.ected to tee blot, wbo cere much dlnappc.nted Thore wee no ditlurbtnce, however, cxcer1 ou account of the performance, which waa Irremediably bad. Karly thit morning the itrcel to front of the hotel waa crowded with a shouting, yelling crowd,spelling the Prince's appearance. The lluke of Ne a cattle saya there la Ice* apparent and more real order In American crowd* tliau in any oilier True; but Richmond i< aa exception to lb rule The Trinca cam- out, bowing to the people, as 1 drove off, the cowd rutn'.ng after and yelling The |>arty went to 81 Paul's church, where a very fine eerrnon waa preached by Dr. Mintgerrode, the pastor, from Klrat Corinthians, hrat chapter, eighth verao ? "Who mail alio confirm you unto tho end, that ye uiay be blameless In the day of our Lord Jeaua Christ No allusion waa mane to the Prince In the aermcn. The Prince wot Introduced to and anook hands with the Po:lor at the clone of the aerrice, but couid not auy to com munion. Another crowd chased the carriage to the Capi tol. through which the Prince waa taken. He then mads a formal call of a few mlnutea upon Cover nor Letcher He aald se must positively leave this country on the 30 b, and had hardly time for his Journey; that he must up bis trip down ,'amcariver, the In spection of plantations, aud reluctantly bis visit to old Jameatown. The Prince waa very talkative and pleasant. As usual, another crowd awaited the parly at the hotel, where they were received with more cheers aod yells. All oav long the staircase and halla were filled with curious spectators, among whom were many ladies, shouting ' There be goes ! - and anxious to aee even the footmen There were no police and no order. It waa worse than the Japanese rerepllon at Washington or Philadelphia. In the afternoon the Prince took a quiet drive through the city and to the Cemotery. He was expected to visit a negro church, and about three thouaanu persona assembled to meet h.m there, be ?Idea the darkles, wbo turned out stroog. Lord I.yooa says when the Prince goes to church he goes to worship, and not for amusement. so he refused to take him there. Tonight be bad one of those immense dinners which lasted three hours," and tired out every one, from tbe cooks to the diners The Prince goes to Baltimore to morrow by way of Washington, taking tbe aama routs i?y which he osme. They say it It awkward to return to the city to which already ho had said fa?? well, but It cannot be helprd on aocousl of lime He will cot stop at Washington except to change cars He will reach Baltimore at half paat tlx o'clock The Prince was no tired that he would not leave the cars at Ashland yesterday to ace Henry Clay's birth pla e. Tbe New Tcrk led'ee must look out. The Pr nco will rival loaimy in bta love letters. The first sprinkling of tbe siower begins to fall already, tn'he shape of notes from various elites?three cornered and pink envelope*. THE PRINCE AT BALTIMORE. Ba'Tiaoas, Oct I, I860. Great preparations ere In progress here for the inangu ration of the new city park to morrow. The Prince of Wales la expected to arrive here at sis o'clock to morrow evening, and wi'.l leave for Philadelphia at noon Tuesday THE PREPARATIONS IN PHILADELPHIA. Pbilsobu'Hia, Oct. T, I860 The sac red was of the day was sauly broken Into by the agitation which exi?U In the community regarding the coming events It wan the ohlef topic of conversation among tbe church goern, end aome or the sens it ton preachers saw fit to ooodetnn the unholmesn of entertain ing a Christian prince in the manner propiwed. The royal courier, J. Bachmryer. arilved here last reen.rg, and made arrangements today with tbe Con tmectai Hotel for tbe entertainment of Hie Prince and suite Iblrty rooms beve been engaged. They will be located on the first floor, and doubtless be disconnected from the puW c portion of the bonne tn order to secure Hie privacy of bw Htghoem The Laplerre House oouid not accommodate the entire nolle, an the artists of the opera troupe, besides many atrangera heve/esured ajart men to ibfrtto The prena of this city very properly manifest much tlesatmfacltoo because tbe IVmmiltee #f Rreeptloo did n >l pe tbe due respect to the estate by allowtez It to be re reseated The Hb*au> Orel called attention to thir singular fact tbntoe tickets for the Opera are otsred la some of the hotels Id sight at prices ranging from eight to ten dol iar?. The royal courier left tho evening for New York. It o probable lbs. be will engage all of tbe Steven# 11 >lel. la rnidlng the Kifth avenue, at N<wr York, aod Revere, at Oft rniLAPKLPUIA cosbisposdknc*. ran-anai nru, uca i, iipg It hai oo? been placed beyond a doubt tbal the royal ? peralir enter laiument In tbta city la In be the rery ri tranrdloary affair that y oar corraepnadrot predicted N.i eu b furvrt aa tbai wb ich wmi yeeterday die play ad at ? be doott if tbe Acadtmy of Mualc waa erar brfuroera ?toil by a aocial airat in lb# Quaktr City, tba occur rence of aorb a acene, ryea in New Turk, would have nuukrd tbr oriaatoo tbal created It aa one of mora tb?>, uaual nterraI Tbal it !<">k place In thla e ij givra r ? on far gratutaltoo, aa being an endeace of Uia gradual orngrrai of tba pro* incea la the way a of tba world, under tbr of tba benignant light ebei fortb by tbe metropolle, and tbe gentle Ualamg of tbe RltAir. In fact, the i taea at tbe academy yaaurday ran oaty be adjr. If red by I he term "metropni.taa *' The; were rommeoced at early dawn and continued tbrougbout tbr forenoon tad alter mid lay until tba elonng of tha hog ifflre. At lea o'clock In tbe morokng the walen man of tba Academy who. during hta Tig I of tbe nlgbt. bad almoat furgottea tbe Prluoe. la ha tbouthla about bla own noeereigaty and tbe app-carbtng election waa aomrwbal alarmed by the ep I rat nice of a party of mea before tbe ooore of the huihl log ciemarlng 'or adraieeion In reply to aia demand for an capiat n um. be wna naked ?"Gbl I yon open tbe hot of) oe* Hurrah for the Prince. ' ??Ten a'ferk la tbe bour, gentlemen." "Sir tore, my triead," yracrualy whiapered one of tbi twMy tb-nugh tbe partial optoiog of tbe door, ' I'll glee you e t if you will let me tnaide " ' i an'l do it air. (let out of lb* way Ibore,' ao#*erod rtu indigeant fuacVouary, and be barred the do >r, 1'iti hi ni gbl n the led Into furtbar temptation. Il waa of euurae, a New Yorker tbal bad that attempt ed to get bold of time'a for* lock?a epeculetnr wei kaown by ibc < ?pern goera of hw orrng illy a* tb?tr pr eio? r of choice araw up hi tbe laet mom- nt He had pro ? oed birraell with a d.rm aula for the purpoee of ae urirg a ropnly of tlckefa lor hie eutftnerr A'ler ata o dock the crowd commenced rapidly to In ?Trgae. and on the opening of tbe Jort the whole epiare, from flprcce to Lornet alorta. waa blocked with peapre. Among tbr nnwt amino* I obaoreed e number of tba moat prom treat and wealthy nrtlaeeg of Philadelphia, ? bo had nefortuoete y been eacinded from I be pr < v >? ? era iy the limit put to the numho' f me to beta romi rMag the K?oetdioa Oommiilee eere r ibr'iwa, ibry wi re del. irom-d 11" be e >? n?ed la," eeee ?t tbe coat of a few honrt a top and a neglect of had nana There war ao adi(|irale puttee h.ree la a'tendaooe, and through Ibeir r done the crowd wae homed iat> a aaaka li.e of bail a ? oa n coile and tbey mtarnl tba door of the Aredemy in amgle Bio I riopped the "Brat man" hitt aa he wm r marg ng w Ui ram'eg lane, carrying bie oi pruaa in bm bead "V. or roar, Sir," I ?h m*u >ed ? lealla baci^Utd, eby do you aek " "Allow me I > iitimo. u r you. rny dear Plr, for yo-r energy Thank f< rtnao n <a no J.?bo Smith lb <l act mr me Tear name alieeoea an appronrneiuna Ibal I m> b accurrd with drawing npon my rhngiaatoiu ?' "I'll aire you BM> lor your bar*.,a,'' oned an etc led byttaniac. "My Mm woe Id murder me If 1 should inoculate on ibam. Ulm- |?at. " II vwtbiii thai urn crowd eejoyed ilaelf aod killed lime. There ?|| a coutlnued flow of life aad humor. *>?e of the more aedal* had furnished thenae'Toa with rl6..,?0T"? P*!"?. ?><" while Ihey were nogwged I* ? t^em Ihey were every minute In denser of tuning Iheir positions. The caebier of the La 1'lerre House ?m ,u"rer* from Iho wi|i, who was tod to work ttunjaeLea up ie u,t. croud. Bli s'?-ciaclaa were suddenly taken from off hie ansa aad made theirdlanppearnaoe forever. Bat he was not to luce the chance he had been wailing for three hours and ao, holding on to the ooat tail of the mac in front of him, ha patieatly wailed la the dark nil ? porter brought him auother set of eye openers During the crush one man had his ooat almost torn from his The New York speculator I have mentioned waa har vesting during all tnla time. His flrst supply of ttcksiw commanding the next best soaU to those selected by the' n.mmtUee, he sold at $76, making a clear proflt of MT. A gentleman In the crowd protested against such extsr tioc. "What la your buxiuees, my dear air?*' the (peculator asked of him "I am a flour merchant, air." "A (peculator In grain?In the very staff of Ufa?MM who buys flour low and eels It high?very high. I aaa a speculator in the pleasures of the community. You ?iwculale la their necessities. My conscience reapeetc me, air; I am ao much above some other men." The laughter of the crowd greeted this sally, and the flour merchant waa forced to acknowledge that there was "Something' in it His time was worth mora thna M, so he bought of the speculator, determined to up hie lota by a smart ahave at the "board " hour ladles now appeared on the scene They had no beaux, but tbey were determined to eee the lYlnce. They relied on the gallantry of their countrymen. The line of m?u thai had been formed at daybreak was te move back for them Of ot urse they could not stand there all day with uts an. B- 1 tnany of thetr 1 counlrytueu" hsu not yet breakfaawd. ai d American! s ? etlmus lose sight of their aocuato ned g& sutry when they are hungry; and berldna, their bust oi s waa belcg neglected The handsome speculator cams to tbeir rescue "It Is always our pleasure ladiei," ha raid very politely, "to accommodate you Bu. th'ls la business, and business always before pleasure, you know." The lad <a bought of him and he was again eocoumgad. He will realize over MtO on his eighty odd lukets, if the demand continues The colla of the snake line were delayed in tbeir onward uiot.on for a moment, when a gentleman took the oppor l jrtty of Inqulrlr p wbi ther the house will he adorned M the Hskau. bad an vised "It baa not yet been decided on by the committee," the ticket seller answered. "Then you may tell them to call on me for Are or tea dollars if necessai y to carry out the arrangements Al though 1 am a New Yorker, I intend assisting in this rn cvptiou and want to eee it d ine right " When all the tickets, except the ?tandee* and those ad miltirg to the amphitheatre, were eold, the doors wars closed, and the treasurer counted bis out money, and Uta receipts amounted to nearly XI,000 The box office will be reojieoed on Monday for the xaia of the amphitheatre ecate. Ax this portion or the house will cot communicate with the moat desirable parts, the price will be decreased to $3 a seat. The sale of a limited number of standee ticket-, for the fashionable portion ot the bouse will be reserved until the oi<ht of the Opera. Tbey are intended chiefly for the benefit or strangers sad those who have been onablu to secure easts. Every luck of room Is to be Ailed. Res' lire prtaoes do not coma once a year, like Christmas, you know, nor make thetr "lsat appearance" on another night, like Jenny Lu?d; aa If curiosity Is defeated this time It mav cover bo sa tiated 1 have the plcarere of annoancicg that the programme which I communicated to the IUsald a few days sums will not be changed, and that Cat 1 Form-*s will appear M Plunket, in "Martha " I reprint the cast:? vns rr.ocaisas "Ood 6ave the Quean" By ths fall Orchestra mo tow'a (."?sn oi-i-ka or HASIUA. (Hy remmsnd of his fco>al blabueas the rrloee of Walaa.) Lady HrorleUa Mua Adrliaa PatM Nanry Mix faaor Jalall JAwel sign or BrtgaoM 1 luukat Oarl Poroses Musical Itreclor and Coednctor of "Martha" Mai Maretrak TUX rlUJT ACT or LA THAI 1 AT A. Ylo'etia Madams Pauline Oolaoa Alfredo htgnor krraat Musical Director and Con lueter i.? "1a TiwvIaIa" idg. Muzte "Uod Save the Quean' .Ity all the artle a r-ilslrf by the fol A horus a- d urrhesus A member of the Deception Committee has related to roe many amusing Incidents, showing the little dlfflcai tics a roan encounter* when he t* known to hWeng to a body of Ible character He has been pestered day and night, be says, with the earnest and urgent application at bis fitends to "See me through, old fellow " Our oom njitteeroan is Sjmesbst of a politician and Interested la the comlrg contest, but be has had to give op attending the "glotioua deux t itrations" f?r the duties of the soetd life l>nly a month ago he delighted tn llstealiig to tks etequert appeals addressed to his patriotism and ths crude explanation of a "policy or natlooal etchanges." It is for aociaty that be is now obliged to neglect hta ooua trv for a foreign potentate and Submit tu uloaueaoe lam demonstrative, yet much more persnaalve Imagine him "buttottioied" and hit warmest friend pouring into his ear soft words of entreaty:?"Must I, tour Irtead, be sadly disappointed and you on# of the committee! Now, do the generous thing, my dear follow. Be kind enocgb to aaatst your most mteerah.e friend." And another addressing him thus ?"I have pro mtsed to secure silken places for our olrola; and, bp thn wsy, Lir.xle Bankrr is among tbam?now dent bloah?and the cruel order baa been promulgated that ItmISi me to six places. Asyoukuow me ao well, of course you ranro t suppose that It Is my wish to rp-cuiale In euoh matters, nor can yoo not (?n omtftr) do the thing for msf I Hi, v >u cannot rt-fnse " "But. my dear sir, the management?" "Never mind the management It'a the tickets I waat. If you are abort Una week, come around to the store, I am flush I'll see you again tonight for the tickets " It Is another friet.d, a young bridegroom, bowevsr, whose appi: at ion troubles him tba swi. "It's the trat night, you know. asd I mest please Bessy then or nevsr. Stie declares I mi st lake her to see the Prince, or I de i.ot love her. and if you do not oblige me?well, the wed ding may be postponed, that's a!! Now, make me your ? ervant forever." The committee-man It becoming quite melancholy. Tbe appiiosti ms I bare quoted are from actual leikww that be baa received, sad s-a patterns of a hundred others tbat be bas thrown in tbe waste basket TuiS fashionable excitement baa crsated quits a Stir In business along Chesmut street. E.aae'and Levy h Bailey's we?e crowceo durtng tbe shopping hour yratee day, and the conversation ot the buy era showed that their thoughts were all txtrciasd by the approaching rosa' !?? limits Ibe hotels are dally reselvlog orders for rooms and tickets?one coming from as far distant a point m New Orb ans Tbe Philadelphia rsces no the Point Breeie Park will rotnmenoa on Wednesday moroing next. Tbe aas-iciatlna bae tendered tbe Prince aa Invltatina In attend during tbe day Through tbe tnflueooe of Mr. Kortwrlghl, lbs British Consul, nbo is s member of t ie eiub, he will gra ta >bly accept It Tbe foliowlsg races will take piaoa oa that day ? Fii-at Dat?Widneaday, October 10 ? Handicap race of one mile. Entrance, $1<>0 forfait IM de Marat Ian, 620 Tbe aaeooiatim win add ?M? fo asms sad close ft ptember go, weights announced 36th September declaratloo October 1 handncopers selected by lbs aasa nation The rule P r handicapping la to be br reducing not increasing weights Any number of bora* caa be run by tbe same person in this band leap Closed with the following entries ? rboa. 1 Mr year ente-e eh f Rnaa Boo heir, three yaws, by Imp Obmooe. dam Millwood by lap. Monaroh Wright eighty -verso founds Tbcs fury em eolerv b e Conferee, four years, bp laop W error, dam Mnlwrod, by Imp Moo arch Weight oiie hundred aad four pounds W H liibboae sasers br h Two Bitu, Ire years, by Revenue, dam br Imp. Priam. C S I.loyd (F. M-wris) eaters g ? Tbrogsaeek, Iva ferns, by Cracker, dam S.ilie Ward. Weight KM pnuadi C B IJcyd (V Morris) rntere b. f. ?etiag Mommits, four years, by Bollingbroke, dam Quean of Oyprsaa Weight 00 pounds TTotiisS A Thomas W Dnawef eoter g m. Irooa.lvs yrarw, by RegttL r, dam Black Bal, by Prlace George Wngbl 103 pounds Hawk I'at ? Ana-c-st on pure*, twa mils haste, Mgg, for which It Is expected a line Held of horses will onatrdd cams Oat ? Unntinrbtai Hotel stake Pweepatskaa for cults and fl'lles, thrre yrart old, mile heau 1100 anh acrlptbn, 140 forfbil. Ova or more to til tbe ataSe aad to rluoe on tbe 30th of Brptr-uber. Onatisents' H >td wul add |26o The rntrlea for ibis stake not having beaa filled, a lubat'late race, II la expected, will be trrangsd Pwlktw lnuiligtBH. Fmmtnm Arrw? t? A Pkrrrr *i?in Ifotr* ?for anaan time pact yraun# IMTy, ? deputy *wi(T, re# I ding at So S3A Broome at reel, and Jamea L Borlaod, ot KB ZH BauU Fourth timet. Wtllirmeburg, bar* beww am M urw, la cncMqurac* of a buaiaera Iraaaactloa, wBMfc rejwatcdij lb re elated to laeoWr ihetn ia a light Oa Hal urday eight lb* bell.germta met la Reelnr atreot. whet th* old d fflrntty war reto w?d, aad the pair r mtmoeood quarrelling H ufua' Fmnlly Daffy Inal bla temper, and drawing a reenieor from M? pnrket 9rod at Borland, bal luctil) U>i ball par nod through tb* clothing of lb* inumd ? d ti't.Do w ll.'ui tiling ait] further daaafr fboLand ibt n wuyln ra'tty la fl??ht, wheo ht warn by the Input) .Sheriff tad Bred at tniee, bat ??rtuuel-ly without ffl-ot Tht noire ef ibr run tier attracted the atten tion of polM-omaa I'btlllpr, rf I ha Klrnl pro i met, who barttiiff tn the apot and arretted It *fj t'pow bcitg brought before j untie* Weian at iba lean I ollca Ceurl, yreierday, tb? prteooer an required 10 g to bail tba ai m t.f It 00* to aaaarr lb- p'rarg- nf fctnt.looa a-aault Borland ? atr ? m?t ml' ana lour tM, crmidrrlng bta proitmtty to U?r p'tlo, aad lb* number of abou Brad ai him PTtaMM Ainur ia Caxraa -Taarr ?At a la a hoar '? Saturday bight a men r amod M wbaa I llalrf, reatdt >g at It Ctt| Hail place, got la a light with a friend at lb? cur aar of Ontrr an I trocar I atrreia. ?h< n th ? latter draw a kaiflr aad dabbed bla edreraery la th* abdoara. Tba aaaa'laal tbew Owl. and Haley walked w f.r ?? tha r ??a*r <d t a aad Walkrr atravtr, nbae, heoaMpg faint ftnm iota of blrod, Br fell to tbr atdpwa k knuaibin. Tb* M tired fraa waa picked up by tbr l ath prerteel pollen awd . ontryd to tbr hew York H<Wf lal hjr ordrr of 'leptwW Ikm'lr g Haley , npow bring qnr-riloned, refuted ?# nnf who etahbtul bun, ar I rrlnrrd a grrit etrlikr tn b?Mmg any rwrT'raatlon open th# erjbj-ct #? tor araaalt Tba wi urd la reprice* lad to l>r a rrry Aengeroua one, aad douhlr err rtgrtorod lor tbr rre ?rary o> tar rtottm. Halra i# about Iwiaty two year* of ftf. aad t? a cabinet mater by trade A Wt ami Kiukp n imi FltWiaWII W*an at Haa Hi ?In tarn u latlao and era o'ok? t on s itiday morning a nre.i named Haai> I FInlay, mri-ilng at la IB! fart }' luikmtl, rtrrel, got Into a dlrpnlr nllh bla wlfc, ? ? F'r'ay, when br twatl# drew ap nartfe and alal.bM l ee II id* hreaei, lafH tlrg a dorp wenud, fi m wb?!h ? hr alimwt Inttm li? rap'red FUi'ay waa ?'?># rltrr a>rrrtrd By the go 'oe, and Br?<1 te wall tb# wrt'im of tha

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