Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 9, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 9, 1860 Page 2
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ADDITIONAL FROM CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA. Owr ban Juindti Norte lurfHpo?(??f?. San Jcan i<bi. Nom, Bupt IT, IS'50. The /fiwnon'l c/lA? IVaiUtf tlmpany'a Properly?A I'utf jr?m. the Xtny </ to?/'rrsr/tal H-icripttun ji?li/ite/v? </ Tr-oftei?AituAsr T-a*til fioo/r Si mend? Ike P' rf V ^an Jjan t0 ** Surrendml {?> -Vaxi rcpua, d' , iic. At length we bare another merchant veMel at anchor toaidc our harbor, onoe gractd by a rrsjiectable Heat of nhipaofwar, train). steamers, merchantmen, ic. The American brig Dtlta arrived bore ou the 31?t ull . from Asptnwall, at which port she ?? chartered ao l u now toadiug with the balance of the properly on Pant* Are Mr, formerly to the old Accwry Corn paoy and the remnants left from the Ulil.uster spoils. lTw pro,wr.ycon-pMWr almoal everything appertaining to steam' oat machinery?"' boiler., Ac., to , suf ?elect to lovl a ship- ? * ?" satined for your port, and, ?I oourse, will be sold at a great bargain, aa Sirs. ToodU-a wo Id ray The ' ' r vcr steamer < >g len alone la to be left behind, and it has, I am informed, bjoo purchased by too enter) r sing gentlemen ?f this town, who intend ro pairing ber and herto Asplnwall. On ibt mming of the 12lh his Majesty the King ol Mue-)u to arrived hire In his yacht, and la being enter tamed by her Britannic Majeaty a Consul. He look ??bale and hearty," and conducts himself with h a uaual modeaty and accustomed dignity. He la aalte a srsafi pernor., not at all like cur North American Indian, speaks Kngiiah, Freucto, Bpanlah and' ? Central Ai'ie rlean Indian dialects, laailables manly is. his deportment, and quite intelligent. ? aboct his being a "ittoubo," or hariag aayt -U ? ble negro blood la his vtlus? If, Indeed, he has* ' ?a, purs moonshine. The taut KDgliab mall, which reacted t ? ? i ?i he 10th tost , brought out the rattHod treaty lately t ted by Mr Vyke, on bcbali of the Kngliat gove.i ut, with Ntcar.gua. The treaty made between Haw iuras and Great Britain has likewise been railMed tor some time past a rumor h*r 'prevailed :n the lots terlor that mother transit, via *11 Juan rfvor, was soon to be eeUblwhed TfcJ lolluentwl men of TJlcraagut are represented to be as rucb in ftewr of such project rww as they arc known to have be -i heretofore oppoend to it. Bui we of this i-artef the worf. have haped so long and earner 11.v, and have been so e.u-tj dlstpt.oii.UHl, that we Cre very little heed to tr*-*" t specuUr.Pjne a-rosstt.i ibm :s. Bull sociclhmt ma-- '0010 or When tbiiv^v err the word they sometimes mood On Saturday lut the authorities of this port were sailed together ,.y the Mayor, to receive a wmm m.ct Moo fr< ui ber Britannic Mr - sty's Ooeaul, James lire en, Tlie meeting took ptoce at the Court House. at two e'okirk P M , when tne twain 1 made a verbal (.tab-me-it regarding the treaty lately 1 stifled between Ureal Britain aa-l Nicaragua, to the ef ect that this port would be sur reodered to the latter goveroment ou the 21 of November next, that the port would cont nun to be a free o?e, but srtlrtly under the laws of Ntearagua. He ileellucd making known the ?oct- nta of the 'reaty further than as stated, but said that say Brillatt sti'o-?ct could see it by ?ailing on him at the Coosulate. Th< M.?)Uito King, accompanied by the Brtish Vies BoasuI and two other gentlemen, took an airing on horse hack the same evening?po.tups the last time be will have an opportunity to ride tbri uyjb the streets of <;rev town as Morf dtau territory Her BrltuiiUie Msj. sty 's rhl 1 K*eer Is to leave In a day ar two up the ro?st to convey Mr. ( roen ao I lb ? K ug to several points at ahich Lol.ce jl the rattfle I treaty |? to he given. Oar t tiirlriat Corresponrtesice C11 pap Pavid, Cuiawri, s-pt. a, ism AsAtd ffi '-fter TraA&?Swaying Esfwiti**? H'.i'iUi <f Stsir Etuminati'tv?Aatrvw lUu pe ./ Mr Tt mp#,n? Butinrr' and P!*a.<vrt, Jtc , itr The rainy season here ha? fairly set In, ao.ymnanled with the uaual thunder and lightning, aud this pi am t. now tajoytcg a tellelously cool temperature, as r.ym|?red wtth Its usually parched up talstetce. Colonel BeU s, of Urn* Rica, aril Mr. Btewart, of l.toa, Mtearagua, ar? here a*, present. Mr. Stewart is It'gely eoaneeted with the IrdU rubber tr< le. aud ha> male ar raagemeMa in Cblrlrjul for a coustaut suppyof that ar. tlcle, which, up to this time, has not been exported Irt n here, alUiuogb it ab mtidi In the forests of the Oordilk-ras. Twe of the Chlrlqul surveying expedition sent out by the I'nlted Btxles g..r.mment?Messrs. Fred, rick Kng.e, Jr., a son of Comroolcre Kngle, and Ambrose Tbompgon? arrived here this ninrulog, fcavirrg been a day aud a naif la the saddle. froi% the tuounw n pa?fes of Cal '-.-a, where the mam body of the expedition, under Lieut' iut Mor km, Is now encamiwd They r?pitt the rtv< rs as gr, at'y overflowed, and the r -ad exce ting'.y t ittlcult un.l din Berooa Mr F.ngle was r.. *j'y lost In atUmpling to >wlm theChldera ?? bersebaek, and three days ago a native tod Ian was dm wind at the same spot. Mr. Th'.mpvin's 1 was awept Into the rapi 'a r.t II..a place, >, ; y .and be was r.acud with d.i.. .uitjr. .no pro jected railroad .1.rt n.?l ;*?? nc*r ihe-e. The surveying party luive h-?n flft day* on t?i ? r< w. I rovn thefiuaratra l<> (hl.lera, and h ti a rough tlnu , b it all are wen and in good ap'rtt*. greatly p> -? y with the aenatrv . and em fld.-nt Hut a radroa I e ui-i be buil at a vary (mail cost as 000 , ar.-d with in- ut 1 n i.t,i rowtes F.vru hy the dreaded "tiuanunt" 1 rorsing y have asoeiisu.r I that by a tunnel of ?nly I 'J 10 hsi - i >0. ?eating two imnieLte valley r?a toid e?u;d be ci- :y ..4 struct.-1. whilst by Ilior pa.u. ? cs n (beie . the peaks of the Bmpiete ai.d the grr?t r.dean. ol t"h , I, wllch tbev sre row loexsai.i.e) lh-ro ct'its adirwt oprnltig -.f casygrr.l.s betw..-n the I. < 11 the flit 1 lag ma. a ? t I t* th r '* lance ia 01 .-r kr. I Mearrs Tbi mj?"L at. I Kngle leave here at lit . .. . lock la ? arrow morn :rg with a ira'n of four nan Ira, luidsA I wtth aupp a lor the parly Tb? aurveyt will he una. I plslrd in about tiityr .lata, when I will a I y?n , rtbjr 1 partlculara Buiiors< here Is 1 cry .*nl', there ? hot ,-ne vi ?#? a' the Hoc* tb -a a set iouuci , tradtsg with f .r 1 ,-.a s*a an l by the way. lai d is gvttu < |i bo -p .. a toshm-cable fvsort '.r the to tes wlto | OB?re trre m great nuinberi to indulge la "sp* ? The opetirg uf the "ht.-e-a?" have no* entirvlt ?> ? e|, aad no attention ? paid to tbetn, nor is .1 possible t pro ?are any '.mag'-s to re Pea Barton. Haveita. Prf aldert of the Chbil lo of Tk.lega, died a short time Mace His Irr a nol jet ll lnl There are ninro's here that the Mate of Panama is ahont form.Dg itself tain a ee(strate rtpub.ic (tar Aiplawtll CorrMiiomlrarf Airarui, N t< <Vp? ??, is-W Pttrn!in f Ik' ,V red here f ? V? V n t of fV Jokm L. Sit/ Vm?Om'il r. ?? at tn hf .V/rCy_//ird Jfktf-j .U Sa~ Mart*?Nrm GranaJim* Zmtarm?.V? pro Irr-fl f -mmsnl?II at Argjarfur* fr-n Arjieuni tf :*< Wharf, A lit* detention <>) the N. r herti 1/ght Are dayi beyond ber urual t me .4 Mill if, owing t> the n?>n arriroi ./ u> Ma Fraartreo ?t<amrr, and ber CuoacgMbt delay in rMcbtng New York, will pr? bchly rauee torn* ntclteupfit to Ft"" tnoet f n Ublr city un err ibe arrival of II It H lb* Prise* of Walrt, rba'l have rwaliowed ap all other Ibouf bta and oCMMfpai.. i ? What accident baa hefal ?n tbe 'learner from (as Fran ctneo, due al Par a ma no l bo n ght <4 lb* 2lih, t will n >1 ?odartf we to gar#' I oaly know ibal al tb* m.-meul I write abe Want n tight at Panama, and the North- m Ligbt t* about to proceed b< me ward to be In time tor her regular day of Milieu aga.n TV Paclfle atr?m< r ,< rip. pwaad to be tbe John L hlepbet', Cbpl Peardou, tl br.og tar trip, the eeppor.ttoii here ia that nb<- baa i>mWco mme part of her machinery, and. ber engine being I a tag e one, in toch errot (be mint depend on oanvam ?r rem blng a port, which would require a->me re*? ?t tbi* ?eo >b of the j?ar A lew oinalhl done the ... .i?r Age "lay to" forty bor n lb a gale la the Oulf <4 Teb An taper U may be that tb ? Stepheaa baaeneoealer*! auob a gale aad N < a crippled It ta repined here that <? lb. Mlh aad th ? day following the tide lb Pasama bay only bad ebbrd, trd a he-iry tea aet ia At ibe urea. ?bb acd ?nod m In. t ty fen. Ibe oil era d.iga ituMi their ttcvlr aad m J dure bad town a h?ary "blow" outride If ttw arenlet't uci'iiri >1 tear duo Iran, moo, aad >.%. wot he, k. ton will already bar* h-arne 1 ibe oarticn tor* by tk.e (?eiy tpreM It not, you mm a*a: Ibe art it*! <4 tb* neit iihuio t> p-u in ewd tn lh? et A'th . gb '.uder a- m* apprrh n * of a ter "tit ?< dent, there M thr fa leei oertod. ?(> ber* of the re'etr .4 Ibe ahtp. for no more em ,eot, ?Mbdrr at I woman er>r tori the Jrca th ta t a, t I car arm The Pacific tla'l Om aay are preparing the tf tab toftcm to taae Ibe pla-* of th# dt-phrr.' My laat letter waa datrd ?n the |.Mh ? the r . ? [( .,f Ibe name day tbe lor ?b ,or,.peller ta alia true' r?| from Santa Maria wita afwrthor npert of th. -ngag meet bMweoe the poearrvelive and liberal for. rg n 'ha plane TV new* eaa to tbe elteet that the r rat vr? at ill held the nty, aad ? c 4 th* t>mt of it ? la t> e t ? thai Ibe liberal* had been drieeo fr.iw thi 4 r> t th ? r ad ran red pootiloe* m th? town?the fern* r jri 1 xr to 400, and that *erertl of their .... , odlcert had brea taken prwneer* ib lk> i wr? t le ?t ?Utertent war that tbeT force* bad ret ma to I n - wt-i 4 Cwder an ! ball, wh-rb bad herw alt etpendoi in ibe r** or four darn'llpht An ahtmdanl mop y w?. ? . etprr-ted from t irlha^rt a. wbeo they would leaew th? alia. > and take the r 1 r It W ruled the e a an arm* hard llghlti g dunag the MfUfemrntn at Aanta Maria The Rxi flarhann f.oight like detlit, and peered ttrmaelre* tbe 1, <iaren uf the Jfew aruMdiub army N Houly ban the prortnoe o Rir Hacha he. 1. ',{ *ervi.w to t' ? general gor*rnnt'"it i* fir btrhmg bone wxl firm. I- t,w tb# aruir. It hae aim- bee# a ?ra-.i.?ii< in rair rg t? r -i the riaewr of war a ft.w r-*r* ?trgeRlrh. arlwi -ee tn'ter c, oenul at R - lltrhe, loMe.1 the goTerr.m al two buedred Ih-ioMbd toliare ?ed a isr* tbe rweoi?t or. bmke mit. it * naid h.? me a en' gwMputed nl a round mdllo*. hare b. ee freely -ee I ia it* ?rrr oe Mr IHrien l? a nail*" ol tbe riai.d of turacA. ? bat-rer may ?f the artnal rtale of affair* at <4 ,ta Maria, II I* **ldeut tv Inlen lent# of the ye*,,.,, t uer Lw?bt at Pinam? dor? art reguM the eeon* ?? .r? force* rulflriehlly etrong ta h dd th? place aga rt 11,. liberal* fm Tealty l**t (a thi tw> h -dr-. mldkrr tama nrar from l"anama, rmha'ke.] ou th? . > lieh rteumrr Salad in, and ea.led Ibe name n gh ta n Ui? rorrrrralire. at Pai la Maria Tbey w*r* lake* ? Ave dollar* eat* This is certain y a bold step on the of ^'dm ? ^ v ' U the City sUoi.'d bo U> I1"* mansa of ^ V r.'. toet.n hundred so*-'* ?* ^ ?"??*?* ? m h.v? b) he uk' o to J?m?''*>1116 ^ *,u n, ,t I., Mi tit return to ospiuwoll unde . ^f clrcum i't^ST SllCh t! , wtllheunvte ?? nreet'<"?? nf by thoeolnnlal aulho-itlee. t? wbiohoapa , ii\ ib. , will aucooad much belter tuns * ooldiero. aii th'slsftof female Btgfsrdo??? A ajiuwuIi wm out to see tb. ir ?ildtor "luvyera ' ott to tho wwrs. Hundro la Fathered around tho ears tad at the wharf, and hums were tstaglsd withBtghs we the Batadl o (teamed away to He luce 01 the "Girt 1 left behind me .?> W> have nothing fro&i the tnlcrlor ^cn thti side slnoe ibe tailing of the artel. the neat mail Is due hereon ite bib the Bnttltah ?' earner Derwmt, from (.at ibagttta. By bet we should ha (Uu particulars from -?rtaDier and othw places. u?r OhllM Coir'Mpondtaee rtttD :*tatbs i tsaumhip Lascawis*, 1 UasB'Hos '"aAilao, Sept 1%, lbt?. f Fiiit to I'tim?1 he Lit** Ilumpton?Arrival of IKe Im car rr at (tUoo?Mxcitement am th'- Amrrvan Rrri 4> nu?'? t\ rciiti IncnWoW'*?fositiosi <f Afnir* witK the '{'(tiled r ate*- The JVentA Stmedy?L'ruiJenl Outilla'l H?diK- Lui.ikt*onof Uu l*nca*Ur * HacKinrry. etc., rfi Pirme tty last another page haa bteo addct to the si ren, (y vT.uiieoaic recital of American bung ing in diplo macy. In ibid cade ltd claims agal. st Peru, so <>"ton ac kriow"r ged and as frequently repudiated, hare been the s stvoet mutt<r, and tho result has bees, so far, and will a al appearance finally be, the same relinquishment of raot and every right In question urlll we rest satlsrtod wttli what more resolute diploic ate choose to leave us art. cb bag i hsraclerized our oourve In every msttur of the k nd rrjm the Ashourton treaty throughout to the ta.e mission ol Mr. Keed In (ihioa, We left Par am* on the 24-h alt , talcing with us to Calls'. a* pa*s< oyer IT Btx'ey, of Baltimore, bearer of .espatvtus to lion. John R. Clay, our Minister to Peru, and arrived in Pans on tho 30th. Here we lay at anchor for twenty Tour Lours, within bail of the Idzzle rbotnp son, one of the American vessels seized by the Peruvian government, and for the value of which the claims are i uw pendng. It being one of the endless festival days peculiar to "Pago countries," she was decked out with Peruvian Hags from stem to stern, being now used by the government as a troop transport, mounting four guns, and as she lay?unpaid Tor?the lllluustcr element, so characteristic of the Anglo flaxon mind, could not but express the wish that no claim had been made for pecuniary satisfaction, In or lor that a more prompt and P es d pbmattc seizure of vessel, guus aud sr.munition might vindicate our national character by the strong ham'?the only effective means, by the wt?y, ol making these people understand thoroughly what they are, and that we mean what we say De Ringgold, our Co.isul at Psitn, was absent, having been called to Lima to attend a meeting convened by our Minister, to take into consideration the relati ns between the two governments. On the 1st or the present month w- loft Paita, and ar rlve I at Callao early on the 5lb, ?b'i? we found the Vi.-ted Statesstesmers Wyoming aud Parraganselt, await li g our arrival. The American poixilaliou were quite ou the ft tii*, lolly expecting that our oomiug here and tic h"teuibiagc of ?uch an iuqioatug force In the harbor treant (oniethtog definite, more especially com-'ug m we did upon the heels of the last Insulting pr.iuMciamvmto of President C-rtl ia, In regurd to tho character of our claims. Thai day passed aud uothing was .loue, newt day pr< grreacd, acl aho t noon the Peruvian lit* was rou up al tho lore, and saluted with twenty one guus, which were promptly attended toby the fort and at this stag . cr proceedings the hop s of o ir countrymen avboru bo van to Uecme "emtll by degree* ai d beaatl ully le<s." L 'he course of the day tbo Klsg UlUoer aud Or. Haxlty Ifclt tor I ma, to have on interview with Mr flay, pre sent tbo despatches trorn Washington, aud transact oir ci in locution?..111 ?? business In geuera' l'p to tho pro tent lime? a-wboie wee* having been spent in diplomatic b< iter no gtrv?nothing is known positively of whti has beta dene,'though there exists a wry shrewl suspicion that th'rf remain as yet in ttatu quo, with a fair pros I eLt of progressing no further under present auspices. Pru deniCkstiilatsasyrtconfimdVrhisroom. lonouse outnoe of wounds lately received by the piat-.l sh .t of an IL?.r..n who attempted bis life, and is uanblo, so it is given out to trstkacl busioess, anj this may acoouct for tie evident dilatory oo-rse of procedure rind apparent n" on our part. But to the of business men and pers..nv reDerally ol a practical turn of mind, a grvat deal less talk and m're prompt and dtciued action would app-ar much i* re to the peutjand bad the circumlocution oifl ? I-eg todovt'tb it, an 1 every e'aycum n ear - aoaewhat u ,re, the money we 1 tavs been on Its way to the tuned Plates icrg err 'his. How difieient was the action o' the Frendh Admtra but a mouth B'btr, wl.n came In hero with three v<wa?lH .rf vnr made l is demand, and put out to sea again, atnting it at be ?> eld return ags'n in Six flays, aul expect " 1 lh< m to put i fl to him with tbeir Oust aus wer, So soon as 1 they Olid make it out. Ho returned ou tne sixth day, auu z liaigbtway In under the Ibrt, was pre)*, l.-g In lei go'.r, barirg given n.-l!c? of his intention to; d >o the cnt'.lrg dsy, ?hru the gnvernur-nt boat api? ,t, t? si lug the ?tit? Hag?a to. ? u tnal his do na. ?. wtte .-.implied with. H>u t.<;con inulk, nor Minister to Bolivia, ie now at 1 ma on a v sit t" M'. Clay. He has already v.s.ted Mr. 1; c'tr, at i sntisgo, and goes bcnco to Guayaquil oj b s r, ?i rn t > Ch nqn- sea . At an i>th. vl hall given by Mr 'iiay, on the nigh <t ti " KHh, at winch all ll.e i lit' of I m i wac strtrcly reppsente.', Ihes.dent OMtbla was preeeut, std to !' r? f'"?" h.s spl-'arar.ce he must hsve si'lered gMst'y Ir ra his v? ...nJs, a-'1 he .wrriel h - sini lu a slu g In ? ttatititr that w?a uol very mdioa livu > f an ca ly tecovtry. t o lasiwel i g the engines of lb'* ship, as isousf>m.'y after every l ar?, it was di ivcred that lb.' m n shall l? ui a very pr? trtoi s coiulili"tt, being Iraetur d hi ethwi in teverai places in a sho.-k.og nwmer. T to tuw a in the waWc of ooe of the boxre near U.n alter .?o cectries and was evidently the cause of the 'requon braurg of it"" journals, sben ruuetag w th but a low we-i'tvof st am How far this may tend to disable us haa, as yet. rot b<wn ascertained. A model of tho fracture rues been for warded to Washitgton Mr Trsvttt. I'uiud Plates Crrsul General to Oaltao, leaves in the lame Toe the I r ted Stales, cm a y.nii to uta tanilty. (Inr TarM (P?r?) lurr?i|Miaitrm ?. Tic**, Sept 9, 1*90 C'-a- frf> . ? V??l ft*amT?lhfea'. </(At R- '?.V , / i j?B'Utt? F <mco Jarre i *1. 1 a? Oaa? > r .. *??M /"tftftry tw 't-lW k ofat .Imffan. :U |.*eo eipnt*! from Jan .try U> ino IimJim W.C'.'i tor* n the fi Ion in* propor Jon ? JKa tf T~<y, r*u f *'i <! M M.IM t Cuttrd Statin St ti Ml Ftmm 11 till fi J.til Hat ana 3 1,311 Marta I 76* *1? - I I >0$ ' R?r8.on $ Ml I A'wtram. I *49 lota' 19* 90 Ml By an > iticial Iba net fin* r'? of f t+a ooa t i > m : 'M 'row Itl January, 1* 9. k> Ui 1** eml>?r. 1* .J, j !i9T9 b' ti Mt^Sl S#4 l;.-r ti-aao. the tr*t ttfi: iter irlh?ifw tmrr .n at* I. ti rm r now ?o out oaat. aa<l, by a decree of aur g?v, tbf rra-poi y tiaa lit* aaaaa prir. "got for tba i rc?M ng irrdf aa the Fogtiab Itao. Mi John 0 tv>a Smith, fitted Mateo Mltv*t<-r at Br i Iltr'a, I at arrlTrd hart- from la fa* I Tar iirrot adTteea t. n. BotiTta roc. lrn the n wa nf the i .!? at o? tbf rfTolut'oa ft t ,a Santa Crtta, after a n??*ra f.l.t <;r otral Mattaifr wa* tUfu pre nor. ao i prob*. r hu ?h<t The PreatJeai, I taaraa, ?a? .* I* Pa mi .an amy nf 94'" tnea, fui'P pe* *'*? f? raeoa l with I'era, a iWugn circiiMPtaacaa cbang 4 s?rne I abat win tbf arrtral of Ooaara! V> Manor) V. Bein, * ho#f ftp .lttor. waa a atgMl fa iura. thuagh ha .a v rjr I* ' ? m Bofrta I Ft aoco waa dented bp tttmerai Flore* .a Maoab .to. m , tl< T'b uJt. aid bf >? "fl* In i ayn U. mm .n.le I or a ? jwtHirirmp lit* fat" ? r>iM. i,-e*t rn .wtMt prrraii*: tn l..m* ?n ar mat oi *o?m ' r.-tit Ttno* <4 gobl la Mil, at a |dara called I, rri ; On'orada Mr * .-rnoP A WtlllBMl di* I at Ufrt 9 ? ? \rtlaana' Dank. t VI*.. or ittCKMaUKb*?Ra'SKT mo ?' i |sr,? ? TtMK A???t> FOR. The itoekboklfra of tire Art anna Boat m-t at tbr*o o'( <k yea;?rJay *f arnroa, | onunt ft ootiee. f ir :be ? rp. *f1 a* *rta aing wbrthfr tbf b taloeaa .if tint ba.ik 1 rwsM be rti'iafd. or what athff arra -.gmwat cm. t ka | art i?f 1 kt, t c* T?t. ?*?<?? of tbf C ? .rt ? ?t Un'.agap . t ..j.* t r>> f.rir. "XL1J aao ljnaaa, Prrmieat af Mk Mr at ?*?tarn nitfMMf coi'.paay, Wtoi tba tafrfng t or ; iirr ar.l a?.:m"?l tbf rba,' H? *'..tft to m nt "ft ruit trat bad iKftt ir ,.? u tb oby u at tbf intrtr? a cw |?fM >4 a ftafirt t it ??t ab' >a<l tl t art r? b? irg i > nitirrfl la t ? 'oaak m.#!,t ha *.in. Tb at' t ? i. t *aanii' ?' M (bbot.1 f?a ?ba M9 Mora iataraat ta t..ta'T?*i9 of th bai.k than ?t? d.|*?ito*a. Of O-ntnt, t'?????. latt- - wrr ? ant > .a t" b? t* a'rrr r ?i ? t ?. bit tr atoi'kboW ??*????? ,? r I at*, iitffti t a itll f m >r> fi?a t . jta aapMt I would ion to >e mada, and tba9ti r,a'M| w al t ua paid Mi t wat not tbf raft MMM Hi* M ca'l tb< r fl of ~tncb I r irr?. m ottirr to aorortaia wh ! ai t-mat * a* rtmpt . m ird Mkrt pr.fwodtag la arfwm thaatrat a#. Tho r f illtort would, prr'sapf. b da an-ttrt of ta?r fw i ti. a ??? a an* tD|fl ?torkbo' J ??. aad b? ? I v.I ?. I l!f?'ti who wr rt aot tt'T'^bOidt'i *. ?t I atl. lraw i I!, brgrn'. * t1"' 'iff 'fdrit to * .rm Iho g'ai ij"n ,.f tbf prf?a that ?h ? 'h?f. w?? ao itfati* to t i ral II# oftirao* tbf boa* P?t aa'l.o ciffl r.g t? oao ?>< a pr.rair nalorf ainnt g lt?- at.*sahol tfr*. It# wo ltd n-| ?*t turn to wt'bdraw Iba rinora wrff Ifcr* eloafd. mtbt'er?, rr Hag Ui? rffoitrra. bafkif wltbdrawa (>0 ihf rfo|*? . i ,d tbf do ra II ?<? afofrU ufd that a onatifff badbr?MdM*>taMP* t.i ait'i"oo> f motor t a 'h rrr .-rod b r? of tor bark, to ordfr obtain . tbtPid if t. t to -? Mif tfcrtr i'*oir* an aa ti av I'b? ? t- ii'i'in^J.rton thfapgt. ttotrntf a r?<wfbr. of tbf i* mas't'ff ?*?* I tfafc-l NEWS FROM THE PACIFIC. Arrival if tk* Oririiad Fiif Biprew* News front Calltornta, Origan, UritUh Cilaabla, Jmpmm, Ac., Ac. ft. Jowi, Mo. ,0c . 1, l'OO. The pooy express from Chltfornlasrrtvod tonight, with the following summary ? Frascibco, Sep' 28,180) Arrived 34th, ibip PamOaah, from rhlladalphla; ?tamer Honors, from Panama; apokeo, July 11, ship Sun ?bine, from New York for Son Francisco, lit. 24;teg north, Ion. 34 ''eg. west. Bailed 22), brig Shest Anchor, for Valparaiso; 21'.b, bark Oak Bill, for Sidney. The activity in trade oontlnoee, with a healthy and steady country demand. No arrivals of importance hav ing occurred, a sensible inroad la being made upon^ stocks. Bin or sight vessels are due from New York an Boston. Their arrival will Increase buyers' opportunities; bat the general market bids fair to be well auatalnsd. Candles are rather quiet at 23o. a 24c. Coffee la ttrmsr lor Rio, with few sales to the trade at 16c. a 15'4o.; flser descriptions are unchanged. In coal more flrmnesi Is manifested- The Mall Jompany. lately bought 2,000 i tms here, terms not transpiring; 420 la a 'air quotation. Cement brings (6 60 In sms'l Iota, ome kinds of fruits sre sctlve. Currants have ad to 20c , and raisins to $3 75 a (4; oluer fruits i ncharged. Hops held higher, but meet no buyers: (to re asked for small receipts of 1800. Nails bring >4 76 Oils quiet. Coal Is selling st $1 dO a fl 02>4. B liter hss.j and drooping: sales isthmus at 30c a 331<a; II,0C0 flikibs arrived yesterday, of which only 200 have been placed; a material decline la looked for?soineeiv In 25c ?on tba arrirsl of the next atesmer 2,000 pkgs. Lard his been without sales for a week, link is improving; mem 420, clear (22. Bacon li tend ing upwards generally. Bams inactive and unchanged. Rice dull. Pugar buoyant; foreign news are as last quoted; domestics improved: crushed has been taken frte'.y lor the trade at 14c. a 16c , closing tlrm, with sale* at the latter figures. Domestic spirits are advancing; brandy. 67c. a690 ; whiskey, 50c ; pure spirits, (0c *52: ; raw at 47c. s 49- , with cor, eider able to arrive. Foreign brandy sod liquors are quiet an J unchanged T-a* with out activity Wines?French alar el dull, with large ar rivals cx|H'cted. The market for breadstuff! is quite an! mated. Wheat Is being taken freely for exoort to Fag land and New York, and quotations may be advanced Iri m (1 60 a (1 65 per hundred pounds. Tounage la stilt greatly In demand. (in the 22<>, while the British steam Irlgate Termagant, was being placed on the government cry Jock at Mire Island, one of the sections gave way, which was quickly followed by the others, ana in a few minutes the while dick was a complete wreck. Tie ahi;> was with difficulty extricated without much damage It will tike several months, and roel (200,0(0 to re;wir 'be dock, for one of I'sk n A. Hirer's docks is uol b'iieved to be suitable fur much of the heavy shipping that occasionally needs re pstrirg on the coast. The pony express, with ft. Iamis dales of the?, ar rivd at Carson Valley this morning Wrr Marisy, an ag'-nt of the express, has just returned tc Ban Francisco, having restocked four hundred m lee of ili routs eaitwardly from Carton Valley, which will enable the exprrvs to make better time wben dealrahle A lire occurred at the town of F'arbeco, Contra Coata county, on the 24ih,de?iioyirg near? (20 U00 worta of p opeity, shout ball of wh.-h *aa Insured The last downward steamer b">ugh? fifty tons of cop per ore fir m the niw mines of DM Verts county, near Crtsoent City, m ihe uorthweatern coasl of Qalifornla. fhc ore gives evidence ins: too mines are of Immense wrsl'b There Is bi now festure in the p> iit<cal canvass in the State. The Hta'.e Agricultural Fi r at Birramento had proved a gnat m era. Over a ILoursud h-al of alooded stock were placed in competition for premiums, the mining acceunts from Carson Valley, a< well a* fn ro the new (oro silver mine* near Owen's lake, are - i,>uKe uconragi f, ard publiccccfii -nrc in them's increasing Tbr Ban Frtne-iaco assayers express astonishment at the rh hr."fs of the i|?cimcr.i of ore received from the latter mines Oregon I'ster hy rtearner and overland mall are to the Ma I "in Portland, ar i 20th from Salem, wher? tb<> rt| mature sits. The Senate continued aJjturu log from day to day wit-out a quorum. A report was circulated el'a contemplated fusion between ih?- Dorglas a* d Drcrkinr'.igc democrats, giving wvb party ore S< ualor, on c mdition that the S'-oeding Breex inridge Seniors would retnm an I give the Senate a legal organization. The lower Ho se paxaid a resolution on tbe 2hth, invltlag the Senate. In Its disorganised conditMO. ti meet in lo.ct convert tin the next day and prcceed at one* to tbe c wttaa Since th n to accounts nave been rsntlved from Saietn Tl:c Douglas atd Brerkmr 'go parties had ea^h held contentions, and oom nated electoral li -k?t* The B -rg irri ige llcfcet Is as follows ?Delaxon Smith, Jamis fi'D'Srsard Mr. t'< gberllt. The Douglas tl -kit .< IVin. H Firrar, Deoj. Harding and Tin Hoffman. The new s from the Oregon and Brillrb Cji'imb * misei is very glowing. Ito new J lock crck g >ld m as', the nlv<r minis near Fort Hope, .md all them >1 lit ui which mining accounts re received, Bead out mcb reports as are hardly cred'bte. Tbe schooner Woodpecker bad arrived at Victoria from London. The consul leturcs gits Washington Territory 9 000 population. The br g Orbit arrived at Victoria on the 13ih, th' -ty rre days fioni IDkodadl, Japan. Show, alter a cargo 11 r ot m s, bnt found the Japtmev go unwllilng tc obsirrc Ihe treaty that abe did not obtain a cargo. The captain Mutts that Mexican doilart were at SfTy per cut d ? count, and American and other gold at the ame rate. Tbe Orach Minister at Je?uo bad resigned, as bis ro I prtf-ctatios? were all ucatten,.cd to in respect to tbe treaty. The Japanese bad concluded a new treaty with Portugal. There waa llttie 'ater news from China, but? large Br tirb and French force had asatm'.led, and tt was rumored that the Chinese won'd make a great rea;staa>-e, and divprrate Bg'iting was expected. Tb<- Hessian war steamers lavs been very active, novirg about with large bodies of troops on b-wrd MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS. Board of Alirrmta. Hi * biily met last oroniog, Pra'tol Pe.k la the Mr. A ' ? n.municatlon frirj tbe Mayer, m ting lb# co ope rat lea of the Alder jaea n the reeeptiot jf the mas# M Wale*, ?aa reccHod, bjt cat OceM'* A roaolntii.ii, by Aider mac Fa*; it, to orrooao tlM> salary cf the Pnimrlal -adont t Street Im/iruratueal* to 9.1 000 * vitr, van laid or er Ae-rrmaa tronrT ofl,. ed a nooiutton tpprnprta* ng aa ailltU nal rem of $7 000 to co*aplet? lie li'mW Hone a* ' tcrd-r ;l fit ft r tab laiion. Refer,.it. A r< f' lull, o to locrMM Uje c arte* ef dm e.lerb* and lorrsiau m tba anreau i>( the Chief EoitBe-T w the t re Depart*. A,>1*1 31 000 to tl '00 per aoc tn, waa adopt . d, by a i;de of 10 la 4 Aldi rain Tt - art <*Oerei a resot'itt>n to ncrnae tba aaUrte* .[ H i-fire ^n.-ra, rlerki. in the I'etCwanil 1^0 r'l Drt irtmri.!, ?1 ..h ?** laid on the Ubie Aa "rtiiianei hi la . , nr*.*l?bt Hea.ili Warden* n the rerrral nan * of the nly, at a Salary of f.1 nr dn-m war aim taid o? -r A etn "ocatealln* ?a* tootlrod from .ha Comptroller, slating lha lialanre in the In aanry tb-pteiaber 39, alon the jwymi tils u.d >e > ,do at th- el oo of h-?lneo* on lb# 4lh instant ? Ralar -e rptunhri 2"> 11.1 I *'".7 At R rei| If M Tula] 13,171 .149 id ?V u fit* 14 Mala MIT.tdR TO r*? mill ai at me T or in oram n>in...<.iin The R?1 low lag romrnuollatKu eaa i? elrad sod ordered W tt* ? -Y*m P?fA*e-.nT ?Or r, a or ? rxamr > Co*-II "mm. Saw Von*. Oct. ?< 1-Rto To Tn* Hdhmum? tRB IVa-A.i.i foca i ? (BlU ,?.*?In compi.anee wllk the du'kaif my flic*, peatcr ibed by the rhai t> r nd tbe amended or itnaa.-ea re organ'" g the Rtrrrt Department 1 hare the boirr to " ibnill h< 'e* th a tfli e.1 atatemeai of all tbe otpoadi tnrr of tb'A Department r-i all ?-orh or Si.pplieo d fnrnhh' d hy contract or other*.-e IWaa Jo'y 1 to Raptem ?er lo. 1A60 twbg lha q no* tar requioniomo open the Ctmptri Ror haa* bee* draen *o. lutu .r.g to toor hm mod aid nifty t:mu*?nd three h ndrit a?i t a melee* d'di.ira tod th rt) f< ore?Bt* (MfM -119 3d), of whieh three boa dfi' *nd tty h"r t.vmsmad rlyhl h edre | and atxty right do ine* and *tgbte*o rreta MSfi.3M IA) wer? pniTi. j d, d by tat.a*d **r??ty-tr?- it; m.?*i..i foi.r hundred and Jf I ty t no dollar*a*d aitwn rata J74 41 Id by ,iMe?*Rii-nl i pen property t.r.f ilert th .p-eu'lU A to ? bleb you ar. ?perIf oily fOterird, a ii ??a f....ul a rut men' of tba ao-. 11 of cam approyiai,,." t,* I - f->r tbe Rtr?-t Depa-t I ?> tifor tl r ytnr 1*00 by ibe OiewieOewrtl the aroouoi e-i n ated a* reeea.ary and asked r?af 'r* the "treeiChin j ml? i, n? r tbe Bmouat of r*qv.i* i r t upon tbeCVnp I trailer dr**-? by the Rural Comm aroaor d* *00* %3 I ?nprtol.oo ?rd aer'nal during each of tf.e tor ? y artera of l?.e preset year ih* iot*| am<v ot from ?* *; try 1 to teptemher M. *i d l >e hat?nr?o of all appro pi a W Ullntb.*?**? Innitalr |.| lUe Rtreet fiopart. j mi 11 t"i^ f:at, Mf W?' ta ' .f the ae unit r.h*rgo<t to 'Aihnheet ami pi !*'*???nareae <*t l at* dntiaerad l-i tbe C ilertor of .taoeeeminiU. and ai midera meter I ai on of the h-rbteeper?yon are ' am tPi'ly feferrel I ?it * *xl .bit traOMB :tod br-. alia, and marked Appai d e it ? ooeie of the-iprr r.?eo. e-..?* if Bureaat. ot IU* f> je ti Ruiarmln 'et '. of KfOit* and ;h.;.pliea. of tba thief Ragtaoer ?f the Fire |i'p*rtmet,t aud of tbe UOIter tor of dB**?li int* are also mbm ned to ymr bcoorablo tie lie*, and Ibey roaiam ir.innt# 'afor oalion oe too *,*1. a ?* of e*3li hurean h* tbe nnartor ending '?JUi *ep?. .n l<er. daring a Inch I me lb. ?eiporloiendaot of itrott !m rn yemeate report* hoeing drao- r uoliefo hi the *m.?int of ?A? ??? I* Tr>. p?r mtei 1 of ttbarree .... 70,11" .'4 ?* r*tf*'M.dent -dlleed* 1* odd .11 ? i enateo tent of to*"* nod Pare* A, 1*9 2* R| i ? r eodtai ' Irnmp* aod 9m lonaiir.e CI Ft ear of 1 re t*,iar?rrient ... tl &,(" Ai ? Par" t ri.ti. t of Iteraur aodPsf* ? Tl ft 39 A- til lep'y Bsp't of RepaJt MO Rupoita* .. 44.091 "1 (r 11 ? h- t do- nf tito third ouartfr of the yei' 1- ) 4be?e n mm toed in Ibe hand* of tie Olloe'oro' tt- ?? m**lo,ar?oii|'i oweeamenta amoiaiiiig to 91*4 91* ii ; in r.i g tb- rmrtcri there hoeotmea tr?n?iB>iu-f to > in foe % Her i a a*a?*tam*t tjoMtmoaat^f to., 3T1MI7 91 th ha? paid to the City Cbamberlati. 39* <"M 74 Relur?w l ta .he Cle-k of Artaara uueeilewt. 1 (.*. -en ? a?, Ut I.n* to 3 141 14 t d H| -fl* ii.cev".*??d aeee**m*ct? romalalBf ta fcn hae la ?m tbe io?a Rijnen-.s-r, an uuot 1?g to ,*i ?o; ,*i ' I wkogfrml plfofaro *? ot Bin ding t<- ilia burn* m Informing your honorable bod lee that, niter the tepee of more then two yenre, during which time my predeo. s ?or end I here frrquently celled eiteutioo to the subject, the books which were wanting to mnke up the sooouuts ol a former Collector of Assessments (Joseph R Thy lor) end bis deputies here been delirered In consequence of proceedings initialed by the Honorable the Counsel to the Corporation. The appropriation tor supplies for and cleaning public ottlsee was nearly exhausted on the Sltt of august lust, since whloh time no requisition has bran drawn upon the Comptroller on that account. For the absolutely necessary expenses of fuel and cleaning of the public offices, the appropriation for contingencies in Street Impertinent now being used, and I trust that It will be mode to suffice For the causes which hare led to the eshauetioa thus early of the legitimate approbation you arc rrspectfully referred to the report of the Deputy Superintendent (hereunto appended). Respectfully sub mitted. U. W, SMITH, Street Commissioner. Ordered on file. Tie Board then adjourned to Thursday. The Board of CoaaeUaast. This Board met last ST?nlng, Oouacl'man Shaw lu its CbAlf. An lBTitatloa to receive the Prlnee of Wales, similar to hat sent to the Aldermen, was received from the Mayor, hut not accepted. The Corporation Counsel sent In s communication, In anawsr to a resolution of the Common Council, reapectirg > tie obstruction of the highways by the Hudson River Railroad Company. He to the remedy ? 1. Every unauthorised obsmictlon of the high wars of the city Is s common or public nulsanse, and may be abated and offenders punished by Indictment. 2 The ordinances ol the Common Council also provide for the remoral of the obstructions by the proper city ottioers, aud subject the offender to penalties which m?y be sued f< r by the Corporation Attorney. 3. It further provisions are necessary thsy can be malebv the Cetrmon Council. The communication was referred to Committee on Rail roads. ? A resolution to give the use of the chamber of the' Board of Conneilmen ti the Superior Court, wh le the She rill was providing accommodation for that tribunal, was dresenled, but laid on the tebie. Several changes were proposed and made In the deslg. nation of places where the election polls are to be held, altar which the Board adjourned. CRIME IN NEW YORK. Murder, Homicide, Ptrjary and Forgery? Twenty-One Cilmlnala la Coart. col KT OP OYKK AMD TKHMIKKH. Befure Hon. Judge Ingraham. Oct 8 ?The court waa opened tbta morning for tbe disposal of business. There waa an appalling array of criminals, handcuffed, scaled in tbe box uxually occu pied by the petit jury. There were no lean than twenty one young men?one or two of them about thirty years of age, and tho rest n >t m>re than twenty one and twenty Ore years old. Tbia la tho cut of mon that deluge the city with blood and crime. Jeifords, charged with the Walton llatbews murder, was not In the crowd of criminals. A number of the petit jury were sworn, and several person* riensed for various onuses Thp District Atb rney said be would call on the cue of the people against John Egao, charged w lb man slaughter Mr. John MoKe-m sail that this caae could not possibly smouct to more than manslaughter In the fourth degree; tbe papers were on y screed cn him on Saturday Ue suggested that tbe case be sett to the Seeemns for trial. Tbe Court said to the District Attorney that It would he well. In coeeerjnenceof tne number of run for trial, to send come ot tbe minor otea to the .Sessions. Tbe District Attorney replud that moat of theee per sots are t<> be sent to the Sessions. J he trial of Eg an was then put ofl until next Wednesday week. lite F'ftple n Ttowuu Wood ?The prisoner is Indicted for murder. Mr. Olnton said be only received notice on Saturday, must of the witnessia lor tbe defeuco were day laborers up town, and be would not be able to have them fuhpo need for a few days. lie arkc l for u poet pouem-ut of tbe trial until Wednesday. TTi" Judge sel ihc trial down for Dies-lay. TV t'e<pl< m. Alfwwrd Hiflgs^n ?Tne prisoner Is in dicted (or murder In the second degree. Mr Bench, who was assigned as counsel, said that he rou'd not pceslbly go to trial in the absence of Witusees to chsrirter, who are in Albany, where the prisoner re sided one year. Ue (Mr IV-ach) should be oblige! to do clme aclitg sa counsel wtibout tbe witnesses; the young man appears to be resywliable and well edncat1. In answer to tbe Court, It was titled that the prisoner had been bring is New York about a year, and Could pro duce witnrssrs as to cba-acter who r-et-le uer--. Th<- D strict Attorney said be would admit tbat tbe Al bany witn-use* wo id x ve similar testimony as to cba meter, atd the trial was set down for Thursday. lbs (rial of Lhwrles !' Morrisrey aoi C0..0 P Mirrisscy, indicted for murdc* and arson, wai tut down for W Joes day. i"bo petit Jurors were -fir* harped lor (he day. Tbe i-ranil Jurv csme b,to Court wub bills of indict it,- et in the fob w'i g >m?" s Th Fuji* ':i. Fra e.u- Km rigkt ? This priionir ild not npo-er. 2V/>; *<? 1. W i II Otgrujt, isdict- d 'or grand lar ceny. Pleaded not guilty. TV JV'fJ*ts l kerl-a moirr, is- ict*1 f-> gran I larceny, pieaued not gftlty and bis oaae was remind to the O-urt of Ortauus. ? J V Fffl' ??. I I'm '<An. -n a'uu C*-l ?Tuis d-f-u'.aul w. -a Indicted lor larc- ny, but was not bro< ght up to pi- ad. TV r-fj'i ni John F H'UIwsu, irdlclc-l tor the mur der of Fctansa Wtlilemt. Tbeav-ir-1 war uk -.1 if he would be ready for tr;?' on Monday, to wh n be replied >n Ibe negative. The trial was set down far that -lay TV Ftof lent &JmSid/., fijiy- < and //-.-e Jstsi'i Indirted far forgery, r< ied sot guilty, ami their caae was . i moved to the Court of N .atnna. TV F"<p1' re. J-iyu-'t- S -jJtimIndicted for tolon ous aaeauit on a eaia'c, plcadod not gu^ty. K- moved to the Court ct -Ssr. ns 7V /"-*>/< er WMinm //eiij-ri.-n, fadtcted for burglary, plesde-1 not gu.Hy ao-l was r milled to tb>- * s oei. TV F' t't" r I fast Ja-ftr, mdlct- i or ib>- murder ef l-esry K bbier. pb adc i Pot guilty, and tbs casu was s-t lawn -r Thurso ay. , ; TV /*-?-prf rs. . Prtienl, Tor steal og 1109 from 1 Julius, pi ad<-d flirt guilty. TV l'-y'' r? ./si If ? i.?The prw-sise Is ladleis-l for Artery in tbe second degree Uo pleated not guilty, ai l alt remande-l to tbe Court of -teastn-iu TV f-op't a. Snr* JTry inT, IndfoS-d far torgary tn the second degree, pleaded not gui'ty, and was remanded to the -??*? cms TV Fmf*< tt. Loui D> llin, Indicted fcr bur -try in tbe sec ?d degr- e, pleaded uot a.lty, and was remanded to tb? sessu Bt 'or trial, i TV Heyf- w Jfkm O--n. Ir dieted for gr.n1 Ivreny in steeling a and bob y. pleede-t gu.lty and wis sen ' lennd to Stale prise n for two y- ar* TV /V-pU "t J'An R**l w?s n licted tor p rjary, and pleaded wot guil.y. No case heieg ready tbe Court ad, .reed to Tusiday more tag, at ten o'clock Tlie Keurleemth Strest Wife Murder. enrearr fchinner held an itnucet yetUfcay upon the body of Hester f.nley, wb > was m irder-l by ber Lusbnad. Itsalel K A ley, at No lMFutt Fourteenth Street, on fun-lay aftersoon. The tMlmnny ags net the pr.toasr was positive and meet conclus: e as to bis g 'lit. Mary McOuire isstidrd that th* bad '?t.;wn the de eeaeed for several years; tho i *.scoer was a mao of ,a umperate habits, aa-i used to abuse bis wife, docyased told wltn-f* that tbe hal boon sitbbe-1 by tho jieiaooer on a prsvloi s occasion osP-'n lay aftsmoo", while wiintwe | was la Mis Tracy't apartments at Mo. 199 East Four teen b street, deceased rame Is lbs -si nner ittcc Is soem afterwards; tl.e w icrsa then went uk J I an adjoining room, w.en ib* beard -lecsasti say. ' Iwa, If you --a* that knife en me you \ ' will be sorry ' mme-imtrly afterwords she beard I n lend serosa. wad aa I amis g sr i?d saw the primmer rashiBg frua the rv-st with Ule hands enversd w.lli blood, nutness l^a aw dceaaStd Call to the - r as ( the was dead; the prisoner raa -In en stairs, f -Unwed by j the wlteese. whn rbwwl I. mat far t Thtrte-ath ?tr-?t and there ares ted fie prleuaev tried In break away frctti tb- witness, but the held fan est, soiwilhstandls'g be strrrh be r seveial hioers; s pn'mman Ih.-r raaM a-oog. when witness ban.led over the prner ?n1 !?? was tak--a to tbs tui ? bouse Mary M I-or mack. a ffc'hl aNiut 19 years o..l, deposed. I ttat the was p??sent n Mrs T-a<> ? r.? tr. ? ru the si ir- - der wis committed; tb* pr-?nnee traaitcd i-te wife to re home atd get km some dinner . and ~n -wv rerwla-; to d-< sn toe drew a i perknilefrc-en hie pevwei.-ead nabbr I her tn tbe brea?t I ?leewated :btl tn the anew, and tbe prisoner ran est of tbe j r. no I?r ?-rc B Bontne trs'e a pwt -vri-in examissiu* 4 the body, and teittfed lint teatb wia m-isp-t by hewMMrbsge. th? 'eexilt o'a *? ad -a the heert 'hi-co fe had penetrated tbe rigtt lens the r -fhl ajn- t* of the heart aan the aorta, cai s-ac ueisnt death The Miry rendered a veroiet n* a-i*<ata 'p?m a sitb at the haadt nf her amband. flaw lei FiBley.<r-ioh?r I. fsftl " '"poo be tg e*arained <d tbe ui at fnrui pre -rrlhel by law Ihe piia-e-er rttled that hS was dftr two years nf age, ar-d wt* a native of trel-iut. Is r feraace to lbs ctATte prele rred agair.'t hitn, he aad.'l hare so mure koe*ledge 'ban tbe rh'l l uabwu bow it htppeae-l #? hew It re-currrd " FiBl>-y was ibto oeripitiel t" the Tottiiw tn strait tbe ?< ih* of lbs -irattd Jary. I nitre! States Dlstrle I t inri. Betorr Hon Jn-lts Phiiensn mom ro! \Ttntu::Trn? co>rit itt'. tbT ?-r?er.ivd m?i'i i? /?#>- ?. >1 .vw- a F /'id-tor?The tslea-la-its were .ndlettd otalty for parking roustcrfe't half du-tars Mr Wile..etur, Aasiataot I r-tted PUir* D-atru t Aitoruey. appeared far the pri?eru Ilea aed Mr Ridgway (or tbe defetoe. Toe prl* ?er* were found guilty and were remanded tor MB tenet Rrfwe Hon Jadge netts MEM FN*'KB ro TH r STATE fKI-r?\ I OS I IT T?*M. Jtbn ito'a, rece?iiy uonvlrtet) of cn-n-erieitiag, was restraced to mpr'annaKDl at bar ? mbnr ni Ore years, atd to pay a See nf St Ntw "svii^wsar X A rain?Mr it >S*r! r?mpbeu. of ? >1s city, tajs lb-- 1 'it alrli h?a t-as- kw - nf the fth ' -I . I as ,uel irl-tfLed fioen Ihe Y-reuha e#1 ig ta c-u-;Btri?S. t'ehlral Afrir.a. vhere, n *-nnr?rt- n w ;g c-r. M R De larey be baa bees rvplnrirg wub the ti< w of aeierllng S eatable kvsti-n f i a SsttVmeul The ot pad It-net ?rvy aoeev refill l? It* obieets, u ' ?o -atu ueu are bnlh tp'f-IrrrtleineS with tbe ?mui| . he.r vied 1'iat tuoy pxrp-ec, With their a-wlteeanla In-e' im Jteluc, re t .-o rg m Afr e a? r ? I- b- m- a f tl.-a la cu'tlvaled s-.e< r-??f?uty all thr- u?b Ontrai Afri-a, and froen the Be'thb- rh<? d of Abki.k -la wkne, | ? eep.rte ha-l reached trar'y diffl bales In la:-* It has, n-l-el, metre (ban deub-ed every rear (or the lest -sr-a or r-ght years In ti-e Hr'tish rarkrt the Al'tcaa staple srlla for aa mu'-h as avrrste New t>rl'-ar* cottoo, and whsa cteasod by Im proved ir? t.i rrv the pr ve is f-'ty iwn -sets per pnnsd I ?yt'r THE PRINCE OP WALES. More About the Trip to Mount Vernon and Richmond. HIS RECEPTION IN BALTIMORE. THE EXCITEMENT IN PHILADELPHIA. The Arrangements for His Recep tion in the Metropolis. ACTIOS 07 TEE COM HON COUNCIL, Ac.. Ac., Ac. OUR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENCE. Wasbmi.toii, Oct. 0,1840. The VUit <f the Prince] of Wale* to WaiKxngOtm?Hit Fui to the /"resident Give* Him l'noll"yed Satisfaction? Graceful Vivacity and M ltumor of Hit Royal High net*?The Firif to Mount Vernon?l\t Preliminary Ceremonies?Trip Down the Potomac?The Prince E* prcuet Hit Admiration of the Rivr Scenery?He Act* at Ocean ain of One if the duller Lane'* Boat* in Landing trip Back to the Washington Arterial? Departure for Richmond, <tr , <tc, Thereof the Prico. of Waits to the President will < oonatltute mi epoch In the history of Greet Brlleln as well as the lotted States. Hi. Royal Highness, Mid a too the distinguished noblemen and gentlemen of hi. suite, declare that, (ton the beginning to the end, In all lto circumstances, It gave to the Prince the moat unalloyed aatisfaction. His sojourn at the executive mansion secured for him all the privacy that waa deatrable, and more than might reasonably bave been expected, considering the quite natural and excnsable curiosity of the publio to look upon the heir apparent of the British crown, and the personal interest which his whole deportment since bis arrival in America has been Sited to Impart. While the two days were In dustriously spent In sight seeing, the banquets anil recep tions In the eveaiogs gave blm opportunities of meeting and ounverstng at ease, not only with officers of the government and the diplomatic representatives of foreign nations, but with many cultivated persons of both sexes, who dignify and adorn the general society of the federal metropolis. It to universally conceded that In all these respects the arrangements of the President and Mies lane could not have been improved. As to the youthful Prinoe himself, all who approached him, as well as those who enjoyel the pleasure of unrestrained inter coarse with blm, could not fail to be impressed with the frank aflabUlty and high bred oourtesy that characterise bis address, whether in public or private. Many pleteiag instances of the graoeful vivacity and good humor of his private conversation are current in social circles; sad tt caanot be doubted that-lbe remembrance of these qual.ttes will cause him to be regarded with permanent Interest and attachment by all classes of tbe American people. By far the moat interesting day to the Prince and his suite was that on wbtcb ho was conducted to Mount Ver non by the PrtalUout of the United Slates, aocompanied by ail the members of the Cabinet, tbe side walks along the whole line of progress, from the* executive mane.on to the Arsenal, where the party embarked, were Silo.) by crowds of both soxr# who saluted tbe royal gueet as be fussed with respectful greetings, which he courteously acknowledged. The cmbuWaiim on the rerer > cutter Harriet Lane was marked by the same faultless arrange ments which distinguished all the other proceedings. Ibe beautiful era't was In perfect trim, and her fbiiant < cnicers, as well as tbe commandant of the Arsenal, left nothing undone on their part that co ld contribute to the convenience and gralifl ration Of the party. Tbe voyage down the Potom*-, with tbe quiet beauty of the Maryland and Virginia shores in sight, was ds.ight fhlly exhilarating. The weather was as tavoraftlc as pos sible, the sun's rays being bid by* light elouas, and a gentle breeze ahead Just sufficiently tempering the ilm v p'.ere. Tbe Prtnco mingled freely wllb the ladies and gentlemen on board, manifesting a oordlal lnure?t in every incident of importance, and repeatedly expressing admiration of tbe scenery. Owing to the shallowness of ins tivsr near Mount Vernon, tbe party went aahore in the launches of tbe cutter; and tbe first boat, containing the Prestfcnt and ti es Lane, was steered by bis Rojal Highness, who, as might hare been exported f~n? a thorough bred Oxonian, proved bimseli' quite an expert in the management of the t iler. Th.s Incident of the Prince dineting the ptinace that bore the Amor .ran ch' -f magistrate to the hntlal place of Washing!<n did act escape tbe notice of the .jigllsh -visiters any more than be Americana who witnessed It. Nearly two hour, were epsnt in lurveylng, under the guidance of Mr. RiggS, the Treasurer of the Mount Vernon Az*o; .xstao, and of Col. John A. Washington, the 1.detent iccal.t.cs, and all that pertained to the departed patriot. Tbe rijral party remained lor seme time in the chamber where Washington died, aid the Prime iuqniret minutely eon rrrtiing everything i on netted with the last hours tad closing eeesee of his life Upon returning from the gar den ibe Pi knee planted a boree chestnut a a slight*? el * vated spot on the r |hl of the lawn, and also acre (> tot tbrre or four of the rams species which be promised to plant at Windsor, h> further or iidvh r lbs of itw ay. The last rerrmony previous to re embarkation was the viait to tbe grav? Here the Martce Bird per' rm I, with fine ?!, a requiem and *ev*ral dtrcee, trhle the Prince, cantos m the iron raii.ngs near to the Pre It eat, both uncovered, as well as ware the w hole party, seem- 4 ab?orbed with ltn? #t: rig* wbich the occasion ?m eal cuiatrd to procure It was Indeed a I per tide cf me marsble imtwesi'vencis, and woul 1 furo 'i a u -ble sub l?ct lor Ue pro .1 flf the gr- awst |*,nter, or tbe pes ; the loftirst pott of toy age The veccrahie Ubin MagiS Irate as tbe Union end the P> n. <usflfltogtnnd >nthe b .? tn of youth and promise, r rn>r n iedroy high officer* of situ betorgtnf to l,.th corn'.: ie?, an 1 worths r- preerntat vee of the pestle of ro b. besting s revereut.a ti raxge over tht mortal remans of tt" i ifM Captain aud stau<*.u .a of tlie age of ms Tbe metnuvtes aid ass icia'.iii'jt coo sorted with <^x rfe the Third and Waahingt is, min gled with the warm hopes ao<l k Indly wsh>e enSi for the great grandson cf the ; ac l tbe dlial devoti >n cbertsbru by all Arari ?mi for tbe 'alter, see cm 1 to la spire all b?arte. WlMSenld repress the liops aotcor.fl drnt expectation ttri tbe "Oruirencri u! this day wil l 1 greatly tend to further autastben the bonds of frteu.l ship bAwrts th# two countries* All, llbi1,seetrmd reluctant to retite from lbs hallowed ?!*>?., or to break las spell that bocal ihrm. and it eras wtth smItach.ily steje and slow that tbey taroed f" m the tomb aad to >k tnetr srsy again to toe river elds. As the Prtaee was abcit to tv emi aik ,e?i | r! by Col. Wa tlngt a with a p?ece oi the artgtanl coffin of the .fr parted pair >t, which be e>espied w tbgr ?lefei tat re?t Its if- bank Is Ibe Arsenal was enlivened by ? ? umptrru- snUnMen ar.' sevsrai i m ir.itee on the qua ut dec i of the cutler, tie Prinoe gayly leading sf is toe .lacce w th Miss Lane, ard aftet ward1 itki"* in eurceston, a parlors. several olbsr hdkf nfWsabtBgton Tbe day was < kw< I ny a yand baaqnet it th-- Br.t.'h rmhassr. whlrh wxs all utel by lti.i I 'rtetdsal. Mrs lane ar.' the roembr-t of the Cabinet, bra em UN I'r.nce tad tbe o..bleer.fn aril ger.l'.-men el hissnite On *'?tnrdav tbe i.lBStrioos v.tiier aad his parly left Ws'birptoe tier Ku nasod embarking s rata at toe Arsri *1 eti b.wrs the Harriet lei ? ratter, wb iu t~>ok tbfS.t to Acqota erset where tor y . spacta! train, m w is the ceo Hi of the isd :?*->-ti'oe. ted thns terir mated a vtstl which, we doubt not. I dent red to exert a powerful and tootle ielnanro <? the rentku ? betwesa the I uited Mates and '.rest Britain. Tlie hmoe aad ta? e. miiaaiooa ispeali?.:'y 'Xpr-ss rl, with (iw liai tb. it appreriaibe. if t',e reef . t ad kindness which they had met with ia tSaeb.agtoD ? ?UR RIC HMOND COBRFSFONDRifCK. Rimu'win n , Oct 6. IMO IV TUMI- ' I'lim Hit i.iUantry >, Vu <jnm-D' flip ^ ?*< /J' wane (VHw //j TMf Mw /)* /V" -I r<tr'p o?t // i'f A ?n fte .f -nrry l?.i fr-ms? l mieul of Jf cat r,r?m-TV /*r( i-w f Iff" I Off Inl'-tl in ft? ffitKry nf IT?<tiii^ >n? //? Ptonft a TV~ m O -i*mormtnm tf Ui* TiHt?fT' Pn I fit ?om* C'' nui*. irMcA It* /nfewfi M P'ttti in Wiadrr i'?il-rt< IKuril Tr f? 7 ? ^-arfrr ?> A ?f !k? <|i WWW CVU?r 7h -Mfi to ike l-ucifll *f P-rfOt ?torr-. r />(?" M Kirkmsmd. 4< Tho moot .nterritirg o*?ot owrc^M with tho f*?m?o of Waleo' prnft(* .go tho fo;to I J.aiet >u tho rli.t. with rieolJeat Ho- lionoo, yroterday. I > tho Tom* of WMhtngton, of which il hM horn tru'y oalff ? There re?U ;be n.*r, lb" *'"vr of h ?t.iiKloi, V. hctr vrage B'O h ? lobor m nl Tb?r? re its tbo ocldtrr who hta twvrd no'er drow i Dui to or h|cir.t c? e. to frwlom trr.O; Tbore rc?t? far b< ro, who u?' r fo ight for foroe Yrt goteed tnoro glory than a C car'* naaw. There r? "to ?b?- otatruooa woo, dev . I of art. Wo*i OMiodeol co-wool f?'?i aa upright heart god. 0 Columbia. Of toy -am carets. I. Tb'rr rrrlr the fauirr of tho realm* to hhwood Who on wtoh felt in make hto might* pralae. l.Ike otter ehiefh, tbo meant hlm? If to ra.oe Bat whct> rett'ing, IwcttM In por* renoo-a. And felt a graodecr that dlRowaesl * crown Tho party, la odd It ma to Mr. Reoharu. ami Mir Priooa ul, roaaiatr.' of Miaa I oar, Mr. CO a, oil tho hrada of drportmrata ood thotr wtroo M l hiaghten, on 1 (fro nt otbaro of lew official aoto. The roomer la which they made tbo rrowrroa woa tho gOTorameat Cutter Bar rift I aar Only U?.wo of tho T0J\ aad officMU party ware admitted on board, oot excepting Um gentle men of the prean, for Um worthy boat of the White Boom had aaid, In reply to a question bearing upon them, "No; the preaa la to be sup-premed on thia occaaion." da the Prtaoe and If laa Lane were panning from the oar rtage to the ateamer, whlob Uy at the foot of the Arsenal, aaild the boom of a national salute, one of the offloera of eatabllabment stepped forward and presented her with a bouquet, upon which aha mirthfully feigned to believe that it wee intended <br her ooapankm, and offered It la him; but Albert Edward, with hia nsnal gallantry, lathed, and aaaured her that the dowers were for bar, and aha accepted the aseuranee and the bouquet accordingly, Then, at eleven o'clock, and all being on board, the paddle wheels flew round, wbllo the last notaa of "God Have the Queen" were being pqpad by the Marinelh?* on deck. Another national salute was fired, and the Sage with which the rigging was dreased fluttered gayly in the sunshine and the breeze as the vernal glided through the glistening waters of the Potomac towards Mount Vernon. The beauty of tha weather enhanced the yet rarer beauty of the scenery, through which the winding stream, coursed so calmly that hardly a ripple broke Its mirror like rurfhce. On either band the dark green foliage of the woods enframed It, aave where the spires and chim neys of Alexandria rose on the right. Some small steam ers and sailing craft lay at Its wharf, and were dressed la honor of the passing guest. Convsrsatton filled up the time during which the sixteen miles from Washington were run, and the Prince declared it a delightful aall. The ?learner anchored. The party went aahore Id small boats,, and were met on the platform by Mr. John A. Washing ton, who oonducted them to the tomb, on arriving at which the band played the dirge "Trovatore, ' ibe so lemn and tmpreesive strains or which added a singular efiect to the scene. All present frit tbey were standing on hal lowed ground. Around them was the deep wooded dell In which venerable oaks spread their brawny arms over luxuriant shrubbery, extending to the water's side. Before tbcm was the mausoleum?an arched vault, surrounded by a brick wall, with a pointed arch and double gate* of iron railings opening Into the outer chamber, In which were two marble sarcophagi, on each of which rested a slab; the ono to the right bearing the Inscription, "Within tbla enclosure rest toe remain# of General George Washington," and the other, "Martha, wife of Washington " The Prince made several remarks appreciative of the (lor to us chaiacier of the man wboee death was deplored by his country and wh?ee deeds and history are Imperish able. He expressed a desire to plant a tree on the spot In commemoration of his visit, snd, some horse cbeetaute having been handed to him, be stooped down snd pieced them In the earth. He alter wards put e fsw more In his pocket with the intention, sa he said, of planting them ID Wlnfsor l'ark on his return home as another memento of n visit which be should ever regard with feelings of peculiar Interest. From Ibe tomb the company bent their steps toward." the bouse of Washington?a long, two storied wooden building facing the river, and with two wtnge standing at right angles to it and oonnected with the main pert by open corridors, while the entrance la the eourt, formed by the wings, was Banked by a ro v of negro huta and other out buildlnga In the rear. This was only thirty yards dis tant, and approached by-a path across the grounds. For more than two hours tbe illustrious visiters con tinued their etny, during tbe whole time of which they were occupied In visit tug snd inquiring late the surround ings of tbe interesting spot. They then returned by boate to the steamer, where a dijeuntr was at oooe served; af ter which, by general consent, there was a danoe on deck, the speed of tbe vessel being reduced*! bte Royal Highness' suggestion, In order to prolong tbe pleasure. Then flying feet tripped to the swell of motto, and eves looked love to eyes wblcb spake again, as Byron laid of tbe ball at Bruaaels. It was more than half past Ave when the Harriet Lano touched the wharf at the Navy Yard, where private car riages were In waiting (tor tbe fortnnate few. a salute was fired la honor of tbe return, and soon af terwards toe cortege crested s sensation on Pennsylvania avi rue, wb'.oh attracted long lines of spectators. A crowd on foot, on horseback and in vehicles also kept pees with the prooeaslou in tbe middle of tbe road. At eight tbo Prlnoe end suite, tbe Msrquls of Chandoe and others dined with Lord l.yone at his realdenoe, sad this morning hia Royal Highness took leave of tbe Prest dent, bis nlcoe and other*, with regret and many aseur aswea of the pleasure he bad derived from hia slay at the federal metropolis and White House. He then lift Washington, accompanied by the member* oi the cabinet, ou board tbe Harriet lane, at a few mln ? lev past ten, under a salute from the Arsenal and amidst the cheers of crowds sollected at the river side. After a si I of fifty five miles down the picturesque sJtani, be lanued at Acquis creek, on the Virginia shore, from which te proceed* d by the special tra.n In walling to ?be capital r.( the Old Dominion. Tbe that congregate-! at every station oe the way was surprisingly large, hut Ktofcmo id itself, in the eager Jemonstraiwu of its iteeeml- ed thousands, eclipsed every other place tbe Prior* h*a visited. The Mayor sad a eomnntlee of rlttx-us were in waiting to receive him at the Fair Grounds railway station, two m'Vs out of town, on his arrival, wbi b tooi plaie about six. but owing to the immense Towd at the Exchange Ho tel. where be quartered, It was anveu.o'olock before be en fired bis rooms, anu tben oo'v after struggling through a waving mass, the' not only t'lied the adjoining streets, lint all Ibe approaches to bis apartments A partv of dir ty, baief-atid boys were among tbe number, ami there wt re no policemen prerent ti prisr.rve order. Too Prince intered by a aide door, by which be avoided mucD of the discomfort of the erero; and when this was aecerts.ned by those who bad not scan h'oi. romo of tbcm set up a nil fi r hi?, raying '-lYince, I'r'uon," "Oome out," and l-i on. It was not till susue I ?us had *la;?ut that curi osity abated ruffle in 'y to clear Ibe neighborhood if the multitude anrtous to see the U- - apparent to the IVulsb throne, wbeu all was as tranquil is usual In ibis quiet going old city, of which I shad wr to iuored|> morrow. THE VMT Or THE PRtV E O" WALES \N'i: THE COMMON COUNCIL. IWVlTATfOS or THE MAYOR TO CO-Oi*1t<ft IS THF id - rd TlOK RECEIVED, Mf So7 A- CEPTfcP. The Mayor rent In the following cumssueicatwo to the Board of Aldermen last evening ? fiMiisw?It being definitely determined that b-s Royal ll gbuees ibe rnsoeof Wale- sill reach this city from I'L.iadelpbia ab-ut on - o'clock on Thursday, lb. lltli iast . 1 i ssaii i tfully -ul the Aidsrmre thai, units with the Mayor la bl- reoopl: n, aad that prepare trie therito they will meet at tbe c.overaor'a > s, Oil) Hail, at twelve o'otork M. on that .'ay. FEr.XASDO W0O3, Mayor. Alorrmon Raoitv moved to lay lite lav nation on the table. 1/ st by s tie vt A! i was- m-rrl that i us at nation be accept ed, ehlcfc w v carried by a vote of 7 Wi d. Alderman Boole then OMvod 'hat a < oamiltee ef five be appointed to oo operate with the Mayor la tbe rr-?p t on of tbe prince of Waiee. loe reeo.uiioe was w.tri drawn, but again renewed Aidemmn Gepit -ai l that siderma* Fxde was only w--imp lor a tickil for the IV'sce'e 1-all. and ho hop?I the whole ao?ir wr-iM be left Ic the Committee Cnirrne woo bail taken the sflalr up, as J Uses they would see wbtt tbe est ' public balls l"e waa by no ? ins ";>i>osed to Ibe courtesy to us . ct wid -d to the. Pr.uce, hut be ob|e< fd to the way n w!.. :h it was to be doer, so l thought lhal the Mayor -hrnkl have '.avltci them before Ale " he really sm t?o! these to i >.a ? tbe ova' oe. Be thot ghi this was but an effort to drew the Cu'omod Oouacil into he atreir a order ibat ibe etty n, rht bear lb- expenses. Akleimau Tt <w waa oppuaed te U.S acceptance of lbs lavitetwm. Alderman of tl.e Twelllb support.-' h i owe res-'fot1? Aide man Pss-i-i tbonjht that wtten U.s members ->l ibis ftnerd ?rt in s body tbey wreuti pay the.r In hie Higher* in.I saw eo una .a a i point .s^ a id sit tee The resolution to r-vs a romcnlttrj was fioa'ly iost only three?tbe fr<? eel, Owe. a an<l Mxde?voting u, tbe afl -matire Mr. Kav* (Jem. rat) latrodooed the fdin i-ng eteolu t on in tha Roar' o' OouacUmre ? 'lesolveJ. That a special coram lie of three he ap punted, with p >wer ta srad far prrnnn- --4 ,-ioor* thai xs'-l ceramittee peooetd w.thout delay i icq ? ie led - lac ..-lebudnees sra eat tbe rMv, iaeuirej he tfe* '? ram I tee on the RrerptieM and Ktatertoluei.-n' of the lepseeer In-baisy and ihxt SJfh nei al com-u ilea be re ,or?t* to report tbe .terns if tuch indebted.-. je? 'n detail to this lkerd. tm the rail ef tbe ayes aad nsyes the Cusiamsx de e-a-ed tbe vole oe tpe re -oieiioa foel Mr. r-scKSEv etored s re- .To?'e-sti'-o. and sail tha the eadcemevd \r ,.?e off tbe d. Th<-mrtton to rec-tstder waa i-wt. by e rete of IS to ? A cor. mualcaiH-a wm received iron tba M-j-r. re c<?aMndisg tbat tbe enm-n C- ue.l lb >aM vs-te * itr b.m lb the ree- ?, of tbe rritaoe if truss on Thareity ne>t Tb- reuemueicnli mi was r-cyived, no etb.v action tabsa IE tbe matter I ADDITION M MILITATE ? i f " - ?" III fUM'll'TiOV. , ntip<icotrtw rtKTH tst tow* ?tati M'Litu mnn?M**. Nnw Tc n, Del . |? i imuL omtmm, w ? !b mcWwc with dlalatoa ml b? '.gad# or' *a, lb * rrt'mmt will rnrwdr "*"T arrotd ail ?t tip pad, nriUt ki aiwa. kj aad rtit.ol mi, na 7 tura ; day, lb* 111* day of Uotohar nataal, for I be r<K*r lioa of ib* I'rlor# Iff Vfti+4 R**>W#iital Una Will bp fr>TT"p.| a' ? r)nimtFr b?r"H nl***a n c or ? A V , In B->nl rtr ??!. r'rbt on Br <ad ?..? Tb* Ml 1 uJ Mil will an*.?M* ?t tr>? -,art*r* of tb? Caionnl. iit B nd ttTMi. tt lu . |>MI lw oci..,* A M ?mM Tfc? wl nod f.fld rrtwtc will rr,x?rt ?o th* Ad itaot I 8ft*< n mu.:lM bafare lb# formal :<nt of lb# faun, r.t. B - r rd#r of CVIoart f 'CHVaR/WaKIOIR i. A Num l, ActlBf Armani. b?ai*>i art ?? ?'Tiwth k?mwp\t <ay w Tf>*i if a v irriA?Vathimi nt mid. Maw v..UK, Oot. ?. 1*00 ??ui ao ? ?>#? with natal.* and kr'wti orAara. ih: 'rpiraoRi will par Ad* ot, Tbnmoay, II. . in?tani. n r I ' ' f it: . . w l?? t I. *(>IV'A>. t' MS, , i T ; :0 II,? rtctpiion af lb# I roo? of Walaa. ! lee w ill h* (brmad in lafcfiU. pine#, r.fbl ,.n To'irt1; at II o'clock A II If mm MAhr Cranam will rnporl. wtlh band and drnr rorpa. W> Die AdJ ilant open ?h.^ mrnd# frr>wm.' By orl Mf f cHrrw turn " j. H. i-'iniiur. Adjn*aai. TBI *!tlTA?T PA a AM. Nnw York, Oew bar *, 1889 J.v? eomvin Hanaan, FKj Par ?ir?? In s>PbAlfof U* m hiary who nr# to para >d Tburbdnj ofii, I TIBlVV W n-jijai Uwt, timid fj

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