Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 9, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 9, 1860 Page 3
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rtltr editorially to the cocae ^n, you w.I say b word to me authorities shoot sprinkling toe rtr-?*?n sgn wbttb the procession will psss, and urge ibrm not to do on the morning of tun duy, as it Is 'jnpiorlbh; for the troops to march with steadloeM or er even front when s thin parte of wet mod Is added to '.ne cmootli surface of the Broadway paieineut. Very reei-e.'tfully, J. B. 00PP1JWEH, Adjt ?tli Regt. THE BALL AT THE ACADEMY. TO THB EOITOB OP TBI BEKALD. 1 notice In the circular Issued by the committee in aharge of the Prince of Wales ball, preacr.bed a wbite rest, or a black rest and white neckcloth. I would sug gest to Um said commute the policy of chasging the dress to s white rest end white neckcloth. My reasons are these A white rest and white necktie are uaques tUsably now, as they have been for forty years, full ball dress, becoming to every man, while a black vest tod white necktie are decidedly too clerical ior a ball. It m well known that ths black coats in s ball room detract from the lights to a great degree, just place fifty ladles in ball dress in a draw ing room, their light raiment imparls a brilliancy to the scone, then Introduce fifty gentlemen in black coats aad vests and you will at onee perceive a great change n the degree of light in the room. Now change those vests to white onee and tne Improved efieot will surprise y?u. Am this ball is to be a ne plus ultra of what Ne ? York can de let ua remember that trifles go to make up such aflaira, and let the oommltte ignore all suih snobbish ideas as black vests by a notice in the public papers, sad let the gentlemen dress is such garb as will best contribute to lbs brilliancy of the great ball. THIRTY EIR3T STREET. DEPARTURE OP THE PRINCE FROM RICH MOND. Rjc?movt>, Vn., Oct 1,1840 The Prince left here by e special I rein et nine o'clock thle more inf. The etreete were crowded end jammed. The lad lee waved their handkerchief*, and the men ebon led enthusiastically at the depot. The Prince waved hie bat for food bye, and took leave of the Mayor, thank laf bin tor hie kindneee. All were worry to eee him fo, ae he baa won all bearta, eepeclally tboee of the ladie*. A< ycu Omsk, OA. 8, 1840. The Trlnoe arrived here aafe at two o'clock, and im mediately look a special boat for Waafainfton. THE PRINCE'S REGEPTION IN BALTIMORE. Leav.og Richmond, with which city be waa greatly pleased, and wbere befmucb to prolong UiaaUy, the Prince daabed through Waahlngton aa above de aeribed, and reached Baltimore about half peat eight 'dock, by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. The citizen* of Baltimore wiehed to give htm a One re ceptioo, with a military diaplay and an operatic festival, but were kept la doubt as to whether he oould ?top hero or not. At two o'clock th e aiter accn Mayor Swann received a despatch Hating that the Prlaee would oertainly arrive at fivo ?'clock, la consequence of thla uncertainty, and in ardor to prepare a. great military diaplay, the inaugura tion of Druid Hill Park, which waa to have been honored with tbe presetoe of the Prince, waa postponed till the 18th mat. Such preparations aa time would permit were made, had certainly this reception at Baltimore, though not of eo great Interest aa others, waa rtmarktble for the per fection of the arrangements, the complete order prescrred and the geueral enthusiasm of the people. By tve o'clock the Independent Grays, acting ae a gaard of honor, and the City Guard, were at the depot; hot no Prince come. Aa time wore on the cro wd around tl>e depot became greater, and nearly five thoiHiunl per sona were present when the Prince arrived. The plat form waa kept clear, haw ever, by a line of policemen. The crowd ru? lied to the telegraph < ii.oe to find out when the special train reached Washington. All was excite auenl and expectation. At hut the train approached, and a band played the ?-Star Spangled Bannir," which the crowd cheered. As the train entered the depot the tune was changed to "God Save the vueen." The soldiers presented arms, and with thr?e hearty cheers from the crowd the Prince entered the reception room at the depot. Here be was informally received by Mayor Swaun and escorted to the Mayor's private carriage. The soldiers followed, and the proces sion moved to the Ullmor House. Several bulkling* along the route were Illuminated, the etreete were lined with crowds, and the Frince waa everywhere cheered. A greet Crowd assembled at the hotel. The military drew up with perfect brder, making a passage for the Prince, through which he proceeded to take possession of bis superb apartments. All lbs suite accompany him with the exoeplion of Sir Benry Holland. Consul General Archibald, of New York, meets the Prince here, arriving this afternoon. Invitations have been presented to the Prince rrom different places of amusement, but be will probably not go out this evening. lb morrow mora tog he drives around the city in com pany with the Mayor, and leave* by a special train tor Philadelphia between twelve and two o'clock. No levee or formalities of any kind are oonteaspleted The Bell sad Everett minute men paraded la front of the hotel to night. THE rniMCE'S VISIT TO WASHINGTON. WasmjNmm, Oct. 8,1840. Houveetrf of the Princes visit ere In dssnand. The girls' schocl, where be played et tenpins, received a first rale advertisement therefrom. The deportment of the ran id tat society of Wadfctagton, <>n the occasion of this private visit of Um Prince to the President was beyond all praise. A very oonaiderable number of our most polished and enlightened men and women, who would hare been glad to have seen him, sad whom be would have been glad to know, did act even obtain a glimpse of his person, because they had loo much self respect, and loo considerate n regard tor the proprieties of the oooastoa, even to seem intrusive. Not so with certain new comers, Who deserve commemoration as transatlantic snob* The joalhfu) Prince and bis Butte, however, are men of dls arlsiinatton, and while they were most affable to tbe uuob trnalvo, received the atlealioea of the forward with end Civility. Let thla be a ieaeon tor Thursday and Friday la New York. Sir Henry Holland Inn Ike Exeeulive Mansion Ibis morning for Philadelphia Dr. Acklaad had also rejoined Um royal suite. Letter* from Boston, anting lbs Prince to extend bis visit to different places within easy approach to that city, were received here by the Duke of Newcastle on the eve of tbeir dei arture for Richmond. Mr. Everett Is the medium of oommua cation for Mnmachusetta with his Royal Highness. OUR PHILADELPHIA CORRESPONDENCE. rmLxoau'WU, Oil 8.1840 The Frimct ALtnit <Ae Sa-ex?ArraiysMn& for Running (Ae J'rimer'I Jjpeceel Met/rood J ram?The Optra and Ae //del Arc<nmr4att<mt, etc ,<c. The rrmce will visit the Paint Breeze races ou Wednoe day afternoon It wan J mired to ma*.* th.i arrangement aa quint as possible, hot the Philadelphia papers seem to have forgotten toe restraint of -eoresy, where 11 might have been very properly observed, and tbc pleasure tbe Prince might have derived from a visit to the raeex wk"gnu< has thus been denied bim. The Point Breeze Park Association la qs.te u arleto crat.c, and no scenes of 1 lewder are ever allowed to disgrace Its meetings L'ader tbe aattority conferred by tbe Legislature they have the right to elect any disorderly or Improper persons, sod cause to be re moved any lined or booth erected near tbe premise lis root I are run according to the rules of tbe fashion Course, New York The park I* situated la what a called the "Neck" of the city, witbin a half hours ride from tb* hot- is It is elegantly fitted up for Iho convenience of its stockholder* and subecri many of whom ore daily vtnter*. and on the oc of te trials of speed (the i/uak?r term fur I) UM groundi are attended by the moet reepectnbia lie?indies nod gentlemen. A badge as well ?angle?k ? . . i.cUfi is ceomirj to obtain atimii-iOD Is fact, the nsror .ni < n una d' ue considerable to reform the turn .n thlactfiy. .... i It is witt a fear lest I may brieg dow* the ebuae of the village preen upoe President i eltoc, of the fieltimore and Wnel r.gton Km rued, that 1 write tbe railway arrange ments thai have been made tor bringing tbe Prince tilth- i er. But I took loo long n walk In obtain UM information , mad It 1* of too much Merest to tbe public to throw it i aside ah Umbo, aad many otter considerations, tore* j CM to pvMtoli tin A tpeeiei time card bee been issued, s copy of whilh I may obtata before closing my letter It oootaiee direct I set ructions to nil tbe employees of the road. The iiwcial tram, with the Prlaee, will Mere Baltimore et onto clock tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon It will ?eaawt of a day ?r aad sleeping ear, tor the aoeemmoda Mam of tbe Prison aad the principal me* Of hid aatte, a paaanigsr ear tor Um reaminder. aad n bnggnga car. Tie ?agios will be decorated with the Brut* aad AsnwMaa flags, ae will also the boat at the tomosebaaae ferry fte train will be due st the river et twvmty two ml no tee peat two o clock, aad thsre will he ae ehaage of care, aa the tram will cross oe the ferry beat. The locomotive George Washington a new ooal burner Will be tltarhed et this poiat, ooder the . barge of Fng|. eeer Graager. Mr Wm Ptenrna. the meets* machine of the read, will also ri-'e no tbe aad dtroct its movetneetn Jerry Pmltt will have the h<mor of *? ducting the train The tram will have Um right of road over all other* ev rrpt the Greet Southern Mail, leer ng Philadelphia at, twelve M , for wh'ch It w:!l we t tee minutes et the ferry Tbe tram will be dee et PbiWleirh'.* at tweaty oae mtaatee past tour o'clock to morrow aftersceo. It wil i (Ml xio .be depot tncios are. I be doers of wb^jh wm caused u> ail oauidora. Only Mayor Henry ?Mr Kort wrlgbt, the lir.t ?b Consui, will bo an the stand to receive tbe roy a! visiter. Tbc reception will be viewed from the surrounding (?cilery by ? few icTiled spectators ned the rvpwters of lbe press. The Prince will then be conducted to the car risges <u, end driven to tbe Continental Hotel. ee it tree along tbe lower section of Broad etrcet that the Japanese Prince# were so grossly insulted, another route will doabtlses be adopted for tbe oonveyanoe ef tbe British Prince through the otty to his quarters -W II tbe Academy be deoorated on tbe Opera night!" 1 am asked. W.11 it? I reply, 1 asked the florist to-day. He waa orders r-oiu Mr Tepper, who was wait log laminations from the committee, wbo were waiting contributions from themselves. How. then, can I answer the question which la everywhere propounded, "Will the thins be <!oue right!" We shall s<>e ' the apartments of the rrlnce at the Cent' nenlal be ftirnlshcd!" inquire rnauy of your fhlr readers, "?bw will tbryf" I reply. The hotel men don't seem to know themselves, or else they arc afraid of the Hnuu> getting ab<ad of the Philadelphia papers In tbe descrip tion; snd 1 do not deem it worth while at present to bribe tbe chambermaid, "oh, what a dull corre spondent," isy the ladies. "(>h, what a dull city," says your corrtsponaest. Perhaps tbey are both correct Tbe printer has shown me very neat designs of the badges and rosettes to be worn by tbe ushers. Tne ro settee are to bo ol white Bilk and tbe badges of various colors. The ushers on the Bret floor will wear badges of a yellow silk, tbe same color as the tickets admitting to the parquette and circle; those In the haloony and bsi oony boats .1 pink badge, and those :n the second tier a green badge?all the c dors agreeing with the colors of the t.cketa. There will be an usher for every section, and they will be designated on their badges as '-Section A," "B," ' C," ac. Tbla arrangement Is a very perfect one, and will allow of no contusion. All the amphitheatre tickets were sold to day, and the standees will not be sold till the evening of the perfor mance. The following are the instructions for ruenlng tbe train ? All trelns, excepting tbe lightning train South, will be on turnouts or double tracks at Philadelphia, snd out of the way of the special train, ten minutes before its card time at said turnouta, and remain there until it passes. If lightning train can make Perryville not more than ten minutes behind its card time, it will have tbe right of road to the rtver, but if more than ten minutes behind its card time It will keep out of tbu way of the special train, which will run tea minutes behind Its card time untH it passes the lightning train. Lightning train will not go ssulh of the rtver until the speelal train arrives there. All trackmen, watchmen, bridge signal men and other signalmen, will bo at thstr places ten minutes before the time the special train passes their respective stations bv the card, and remain their until it passes, seeing that all Is right, or giving prompt notice in ease of anything being wrong. 3. M. FELTON, President. City Politico. BELL - B V KKETT ASSEMBLY NOMINATIONS. The Bell-Everett or Cnion party were advertised to bold their Assembly Conventions last evening la lbs va rtoue districts or the city. As will be seen by the foils w Ing table, very dew nominations were made; In (bet, the delegates did not meet al all, and could not be found alter a most Indefatigable search by our reporters ? District 1?No meeting. 3?No meeting. 3?No meeting. 4? Adjourned till Monday. I?Adjourned till this evening, ft?No meeting. 1? Adjourns t. 8? Andrew Lewis. 9? Adjourned. 10?No meeting. 11? ? 12?No meeting. 13?George B King. 14?Hbert Roberson. 16? ? 16? ? 17?Adjourned till this evening. TAMMANY ASS1MCLY NOMINATIONS. The Tammany Nominating Convention for the Sixteenth Assembly district, which met last evening at the corner of Second avenue and Sixty flrtt street, nominated as their candidate Henry Arcularlus, the prisont Assembly man of that dtetrtct. The Convention for the Seventh district met at the cor ner of Broadway and Thirteenth street, and unanimously nominated for Assembly James Nash. FIFTH CONOBBSSIONAL DISTHICT CONVENTION. The regular delegates elected onder the call of both Mozart and Tammany Halls, for the Fifth Congressional district, met last evening at the Oriental Hotel, corner of Ridge end Grand streets, and, after settling the con tested seats, proceeded to ballot for a candidate for Con gp ss, and on the second ballot Captain Nelson Taylor, residing al 156 Clinton street, reoelred a majority of the votes, and his nomination waa afterwards made unani mous. MINUTE MEN'S COUNTY CONVBNTION. The Minute Men delegate*?live from eaob ward?as- ! senibl.'d last evening at their headquarters, corner of i^sventb avenue an . Twenty second street, to nominate candidates for county officers. The meeting was nailed to order by the Grand President, and Mr. F. Harrington was called to the chair. The early part or the meeting was oocupied In discus Sion ss to the manner in which the nom'nations should be made, several of the delegates urging that the tcket should be made up of candidates already presented to the Ioopie from every party, except the republicans. A resolution wan o da red and adopted that a oomm.ttee be appointed to confer with the nominating Oommlttse of the Nat tonal Democratic Volunteers, (which meets this evening), for the purpoeeof a fusion on candidates. A resolution was also offered and adopted that the com mittee oeontat of the ohairmen of the delegations from the several wards, twenty of whioh were represented at Um meeting. The Convention ratified the nomination of Mr John Hardy for Assembly from the Eleventh district, and his name was received with cheers. The Convention then, on motion, adjourned until Wednesday evening next, at the same place City Intelllgenee. Tsomig on a Railroad Cam?At car No. M of lbs Second avenue line was proceeding down town at a lata hour on Bundsy evening lest, and bad reached the neigh borhood or Thirtieth street, two drunkes rowdies entered and had hardly been seated when one of them began In i suiting the passengers by the use of leud and profane lan guage sad by riotsos demonstrations. One of the paaeen gsrs expostulated with him, when both men turned on Bias ??"* insisted on having a fight. The Conductor in stead of at once putting them off, and this protecting bis pasaesgers, tried to cosclllate them, but m vain, and mat ters got to bad that the pas-engert arose m matte end put the rowdies off by force. The car. however, had pro I oeeded l>at e few blocks on Its way again when the i ruffians overtook It, ac>! rushing In oegau abusing Ibooe prevent, during any body to eject tbeai. A secon d time they were expelled, with Indlcitlloos of a general m*l<e, ! but getting on again tbey osce more dashed through the ear, one of them se1 slog a young ady by tbo arms aad 1 tearing her gloves from her hands. Of course further 1 Tlolei ee In Ibis qaarter was prevented by lbs tnler 1 Terence of several gentlemen. and a general flahi would havo been the consequence had It not bees for the ap pearance of abont half a dozen policemen, whom a gentle man on the front of the car bad summoned from the side 1 walk, where they were standing la a group The car waa stepped and after considerable difficulty the row I'es were r eeled Two renlletnen gave their names and addressee to the policemen, and promised In appear against the men i Is the morning, but this th- v would not listen to and in s ated on the gentlemen accompanying them to the Seventeenth ward station bouts to prefer the chars# This the latter wers unable to do, as th -y had Indies with i ll m. who needed their further protection. Tbecoooe queues was that the two drunken row J les wee perm it led to go at large and continue their Insult*, If they de, ired, on the neat inoffensive person they met Under such clr rumetaares Is not a genllsman's name and pmsmse to ap rr nest morn sg at the Police court asuritHat warrant the arrest of s drunkrn rc'tisn.or must he drag a lady to be i witnes of scenes at a station bouae at twelve o'clock al night T Mssi amis Lirrast Lbcttrr Room ?Mr Tasistrn't re citation of 3h*k#i>ere's play, '?Hamlet,'' will be glv?a this even eg at the hall above named The recitation of an entire play by one person Is a novelty la the enter tainments, and are doner vug the attention of the lovers of dramatic literature We have been requested to stale that tickets purchased for Monday evening will be good to night. at Tit CiTT iNsfgrroR's Dr-ASTKBrr ?Daring the werh ending 'fotobor ft 1??0, the following work was per foaned by lbs < mplojAt of the City Inspector's Depart meat ?losnund and diseased meals. Ash, poultry. he . seised or removed foom the city, 4,MS pounds loela of ashes, garbage, street dirt, Alth. Ac., removed by street cleaner', 11460, besides lbs following abatement of s menaces. Ac ?disks and water nonets cleaned, 14A, loads of sight soli removed from the city limits. 740 deed horses, 66 cows, 6 bogs, I doss aad other small animals, B2 samber of barrels of oOaJ, 3,600 Fatai Cascalttmi ?Peter Hssbrooek, the negro who was en seven y burned al lbs Bra ta I ightbodyg lak fac tory .a ditty Aral street sa Sunday, J ed feeler lay from the eflhrta of h t Injuries Coroner 1 sable beid as In usst upon the body, when the jury rsndorad A verdict of ?'Accidental death, " Coroner Gamble also held an laqusst upon the body of Iuke Malory, a native of Ireland. age-i th rty alt* years, who died from the effects of injuries accidentally reoslrad on Sunday, by being run over by n tram of ears near Allentown, Pa. The bo-'r eras brought oa to this ettrfor interment, and taken to No. A4V Seventh avenue, from which place the funeral will take place to ley. Ya' rt Cat Ml to Sat a UNAS ?The yacht 0. R. Ingsreoll having been pure baaed from Mr. lageraoll by J oka R. Cbevsa, Esq., of Savaaaab, will mil for that port to-mor row, aad wlU leave the foot of PWe etreet, tat riysr, at one o'clock P. M. Km is seventeen loan, finished la tba mast elegant manner, aad of beautiful model for speed aad mAsty. Taa Kk.ii imw i ? Ward Traorct?Coaanenon ?Ws art requested to stats that Mr. Daalst Haley, aad his wtfo, Ellra Flalay, wers uol rseideata of the bourn Mo. 1"9 Fast Fourteenth street. They lived la the First arsaue, some where between Eleventh sad Twelfth streets. New York CMtl TmIIs. Alranv, OctJ I, ISA" The canal tolls for the fourth week -a September wers $121,164 for the tarns week In 1869,171,102 aggmito receipts ts October 1, J56A. 02,033,413, seme n W0. ?1,169.631 THE VOX POPULI. Monster Mass Meeting of Minute Men. Tremendous Demonstration at the Cooper Institute and in the Surrounding Streets. Ratification of the Union Electoral Ticket ENTHUSIASTIC TURNOUT OF THE MASSES Over Thirty Thousand People on Duty Last Night. TBI COUNTRY SAFB. Guns, Music, Banners, Torches, Sky rockets and Songs* Speeches of John A. Dix, James W. Ge rard, Hon. John Cochrane, Charles O'Conor, General Hiram Wal bridge, Judge Thompson, The odore ?. Tomlinson, James Brooks and Others. The Union Electoral Ticket Rati fied by Acclamation. OUR COUSTRY ORE AID BISEPERABLE The Fanatics and Disunionists Rebuked. "The R?publicans a One-Eyed Cyclops and Hybrid Sens!rosily,'' There here btn mar.y great political demonstrations at the Coojwr Institute, but none that could be compared to tbat of laat evening, on the occaaion of the ratification of the Union hlectoral Ticket. Capital lata, merchant*, law yers, '.eadlcg polltlclana, mechanlca. and all claaaea of the patrioticcltizena of New York, crowded the building and fllli d up the atrceta and arenuea leading to It. A full hall hour b- lore the cummencem nt of the proceedings 11 ?? emed aa ir anoth -?* score of people could not poaalbly find room In the hall. But still the jam became greater aad the crowd denser. The call for tho meeting declared the motives for It in these terms ? Fnxow Crmmrs?This la n time of peril to the country. It cannot be denied that without the united effort of tne Union men of this State there la danger of our government passing under tne dominion of rulers asserting princi ples nt war with tha rights and Intereata of a large sec lion of the country, wboae cit'zena will practically hare no volte or representation In the executive branch of the federal gorertrnent under which tbey are to re sult calculated to dialurb tbe peaceful relations of the two lectlots of our country, to retard our prusi>erlty and onward progress as a people, and to endanger the safety and permanency of the Union. It reals with the patriotic conservative men of tbta State, by an earneat and oordial co operation cn one electoral ticket, to avert theee evils, to defeat sectionalism and pnaervothe Union In pesos, concord aad fraternity. I -el tbe glad tilings go forth to , tbe whole country that the national men or the Umpire I State aland together in solid column for the preservation of the Union and the rights of the States. Deputations and clubs and political leagues from all parts of the city and suburbs were continually marching np and adding to the crowd and enthusiasm. Among them wars clubs from Staten Island, Minute Men of the Union, Ninth Ward National Union Club, the Spartan Association. the "O'd Rmblematloal Thirteenth Ward," Brooklyn, Jeraey City and Newark olubt; tbe Ualoa De mocratic League, tbe Twentieth Ward Breckinridge and lane Club, tbe Twentieth Ward Douglas and Johnson Campaign Club, tba Twenty first Ward Dong las aad John son Union Club, tba Twenty-second Ward Douglas and Johnson Club. Ac , Ac These oame with music, banners, totches aad transparencies. Bonfires were alight, sky rockets chased each other through tbe sky, guns thun dered salutes, aad all the elements of carnestoeas and en tbus'asm were manifested Tbe ball of tbe Cooper Institute was eloquent with po litical mottoes appropriate to tba occasion. Across the Stars aad Stripes spread over the platform was a oanvam with this motto ? t Tbe triumphant emblem of Union aad fraternity, t ; prosperity and power ?Washington. 1 Another motto over the platform was? t rn t sioa, ms oostrrrcnov, >*o the twroa. aassrr { L or nm ijtws- 5 To the right of thi* was sooth .r banner with the >a" : - rlplicn? o~?*******?****************?****** *****n 5 TUB I Slow Ml It ASP IUU HS rWl.-JtSl ?D. \ H****************** ********************** **********^M Another inscription read? X I shall stand by the Uuioa and by nil who stand by { J It ?WnbitT > Ai.other read? O* **n X I a ball d? lust lee to the whole country, and act for > i the good of the whole country In all I do ?Webster. ? Anotbcr maben tbe follow ug pa ilstiou from Wa bog ton's Farew II Address ? O^WWMWM/NewMMM ********,*******,********* n ( Indignantly frowning npot tbe first dswnins oft I every nttempt to sllenate any porlloa of our country | X from tbe rest, or to enfeeble tbe mcred lies which now; X imk together the various parts 0 **************************** ****************.*,*** y Another motto real? () **************************** **************, ) jrma am lurmsm | And another? I u ,, ************************ ,.***..*****,**,***,,*,.? o \ rmo* row ma aaan or van rwe>w. I H ************************** ************************ U The names of Jackson, Calhoun, Jefferson, Monroe, Cboatc and Wright wars placed over tbe windows on one tide, asd those of Webster aad Clay appeared at tbe lower end of tbe ball. Other moltoee read aa follow* ? ; Teas cans or rat on warm-now, asp ran f>W3 will X } tabs cawa or itwwis. 1 0 ************************************************** o 1 owa cnrirTWT, on coaamrrirs, owi pawrnrv. 1 o ********************** ****************************-O The banners of tbe several Ualoa artillery clube were alas bung around the ball. Tba meeting waa called to order by Mr.* 0. H'-irr, who presented aa Chairman of tbe meeting tbe Bon. John A. Dts. Tbe nomination was ratified by aoclaaaatioa, and Mr. Du took tbe Cbatr. In doing m be mid ? finacif o? ootiwat, mx fmow rmroo-After thanking you ft have dose mo la asking me to preside owe ttoaa Una evening, and after elating tbe ? ?* ? meeting, I trust I may not be ooaatdered so Intruding my OWI opinions npon yos If I ask permission to state a few consideration* arming out of tbe peculiar circumstance* which have OSllel OS tngi tber. We are assembled, fallow cltlaena, to proclaim to tho people of this mate our approval of the Union electwal ttake* recently completed la Ibis city, after long deliberation carried en noder diffi culties which seemed at one time insurmountable, aad after full ooasultattoo with commlttean representing all the political organizations opposed to tbe elaetl * of 1.1a oola and llamTta. I *ay we are assembled to proclaim our letermiaattno to the people ?r ibis State, beoaoae. i am lure I may add. with tbe concurrence of every man with i tbe reach of my voioe, tbat we do not deetreto in terfere la any manner?ettber by our advtea or by holding op our own action aa an example for Imitation?with tba arrangements of cor political fV leads tn other States We believe we under stand better than tbey pomibly ran what rowree of poll ty umhfo, aad for tbe same reason wo Id best I tied for Ohm) not doubt that they will take, In the silti ng crwis, the ?c?? m??t t^Tious for Uwim !??? rigid nan-mm- , S^ntotS^SKatotoE from all mUrtotnc; to toe pa toUcrwHw'*2""^ ml''"' Uw H4J" i olma Umo. 1"WWnl wih a detonate aliou to make ad per*^ aaorto ? wbi.h may be ttoo! 1 to accomplish <">? g_r^ .^?. Tbey came together to form the Union; ?? ?*?? * tf nrpMtve it and for this end ct are ready, as they were to make all reasonable coropromtoc and conregglo^ 11 la strange bo* soon tbe IsswM of expertooee are forgotten, it !? acaraely a twelve month since of tboee who are hers to-night were &!3 ,"ol^lr fe on vie'nllv to express tbc r detealation of an outrage on one of our .later Slate*?an outrage whieb we regarded a. a legitimate cnnar tuence of the political the oaitv acatoet whom wo are arrayed now to we were then If any one bad told ua ttat before the end of a : year there would be danger of tbe triumph of that party fn ibia 8UU, through our own local divisions? f bo bad told "e that, through an unyielding tenacity of poriwee. through .1* prtleof organinatton, or through lioneof personal Interest. we should be at ha. iird ltc harmony of the tfnlon and permaniucv of our ln at' utlona by giving tbe victory to the party wW policy to Sto at war with botb-be would not have been credited. ADd yet, fellow citizens, thia ia the very pro hiem lo be ?olved to night?whether1 we and those who, to other carta of the site, are likely to be influence! by will to the Union electoral t.cket a cordial an efllcteut and nn unwavering support, or whether by BlaDdiDg aloof from each other In the ' tion of our respective ov.nloiis on qucstloo" of adm.nto_ Sum, WO mad leave tue victory to be oarrtod oflty tbc common enemy againal our divided to*?**- AL.? queatun on which pat/tot Um and diaiutereetedun** Should sot hesitate (or a moment. Ut me aay, without Intending oflcnce in any quarter, that thogs <only can hesitate who entreuch tue.mselvee beb.nd the narrow breastwork of their o wn Individual lam, regardlee* or praa Ileal results, and leave the oombatauts to whom they are moat nearly allied by poitcy and principle to light out the wrest b ittle for the Union, io be overthrown for want I^tSto frlrtodly aid. 1 should be aorry, fellow cUUena, to so on# of those through whose md.iiarence or Imprac ticability the victory in ih.s State ahould be given to tbo party which baa done ao much to weaken tbe bond of coutldenoe between the me libers of the I nion, to impair nur oroanerlly aa a State, aud to subvert our municipal to Je&Xnce- a city. If nuch a responsibility to to real , anvwbere I trust, for our own honor, It may not be on any of us. It to certainly to be regnttod that tbol ulon ticket wo have formed now bad not been put in the field alz weeks ago. If it had been 1 do not bellovc it could, by anv Dosslblllty have been defeated It to not too late n''W. I With?cord 1J and unflinching auppor t, it to atlll to carry it. Nay, I believe that, with a perfect union of tbe diviaiooi of party which it represent*, there will be j no dllliculty In carrying it. mo say to those who are dlsaatiatled with the terms of union?or, t^her, with the mrticular manner in which it ha.-; been made?that 1 wish EJseif the ticket oould, In some respccta have I^ 'r" ferently constituted. M the same time it to due to those who efleeted the arrangement to ?ay they have done all thev could do under the peculiar c roumslance in which thev were placed. They nave accomplished in substance Sfthit wMflCy -kid, though not precisely ln ,lh?. mrtfitk nronofod l tui iatlsfiod, as a political iriend of Mr Breckinridge, to take the suoeUnoe, and nol stand on & punctilio of a literal compliance. In other'words, having the subatance, it would bo ihc moriwt scnae leaaneta to contend for the shadow. And to assent inw to the arrangement which has boon made 1 coo slfer it a doty to assent freely, oordislly and without m.Mal rem rvaliou Is this light all fair men must regard rSr^SM- it lie successfully earned out. \> s must accept the arrangem-ut, not with a n.ggar.ti neas of consent which to taBUmnont to* rejection, but with a oordiallty which will maaifeut Itself In ' ai tion Everv man of ua, in hla particular phcre, must ra to work aid res >lve tliat the ticket shall be elected, before I alt down, fellow c.tlzcua, let mo say a word ^ the morality of' coalit.ons-a question of which our political opponents have availed themselves to pour out torrents o( nvcctlve od eur heads. No man who to at all tanullar with the history or parties to Ignorant of the fact that combinations are perpetually taking Pj*00 am we those who differ on questloos ef administration, for the purpose of carrying out Some great measure of nolicv in the propriety ol which they concur. If .he ^d ihrv have in vie' be patriotic, If their pirposcs are not merely selitoh, the combination (or the ooaNUto, if the term be preferred) to perfectly warranted b> a ? he laws of honorable political warfare. I do nut suppose that a more remarkable instance of the combination of hctcroacuoua political elements has ever be on known than r ow-1 ?UnJe 10 r,Fubi;f^ papers to this city, both conducted with liguai ab hty slid vigor. 1 need not name them. One 1s fw free trade? the other for high protection. One is remarkably sound ou liuancial questions?the other as signally unsound on all A singular antagonism of principle runs through their whide oourie will 1 a aiog'e e?cePtlon-they agree tha n.Mvcrv uueflion, wnd on this atone?at war on every other, &ey coalesce for political action. Th*y are eauahv ardent ln their support of Lincoln and Hamim. 11 they believe tbe rlsvcry question tokurpass lnlmpor 1 1 srffl all ereat aeaaurca of adnaiuiitratloo, If tn^.y Ko the -tO^ent of that question In Ibe mauuer they think right 111 J.r ^ y gst-res1",.. gASiJ f^towM have formed. Now, I do not hesitate to say that no^lvtolons of party within my remembrance have maoism Jto of uni.u-of consanguinity tfl fo einrces myself?as thoee represented by the hnioo e'.eclcnh ticket We are all noo Intervention tola. ?? !? *rii? t(? a art aU*r extent than others, in rr^' i rSwA ciSSrS m wt nnsnclal qoertlon.; and 1 tboush these Are mlaor subjects, on which we ei.lertu.u nf at op'n oL . the 1. uworc ulact arc ?? numerou ?^t lt wo ld be molt extraordinary if bv the mis management of those wh.) at ume to be lt*ders. . crisis like this, to be kept apart Above all fellow clltxens, we are united on a question whtoh, m'the importance of 1U oonsequencj*. towers above all others the preservation of tbe Union, through Kf?rnniilourt observance of oonstltntional ^^ 5?" ttoes and by abouintog Irom nil interferenoe In the do li^to <^<irna of our fellow cltiaens in other Htaten. to we could not dtounltc without dlsloynlty to a^ to d?J to the remembrwioe of tie p?t aud nr? omTln our hopes of tbe future. Let every troe ds . -T(.rT true fuiou man, rally to the supjiort o aatde tniaretla be'adjusted when toe vlUl qn-ttoSTit tosue shall be scthed let us go Into the contest under one common ban sarwttblnoother word, in^lbed oo It save tb-e - ??The Union and the constitution, undivided and indivi sible." Mr. E. J. Snow* proceeded to reel the I let ot Vise Pro udenta. He bed ooljr got *? for m the ttflb name on Ibe Hat when tbo audience mantftated a diatnciinatkoa to bear any more, and eboulod oat a recommendation to print tbo root. Mr. Brown adopted tbo nuggeetloo, and printed I lata of tbo Vice prealdanta and Secretariat were ?c?tiered through tbo ball. The following la tbo Hat ? rtct-PHWiPEbTd. W. B. Ait or, Wm. Bryce, J Oitlnet Ben I. At mar, Ker Boyee, S. Cambrel log, W. H Apple ton, leaic Bell, Jr., K- F. 0*r?*n II M Alexander, I? B Br?wa, Jama. Collee, John Andereou, Chan Barbbalier, J. W Cbaol.r, i r-,rrr T Adee R P. BrufT, Hiram Cranium, let i x Alto In, ' JobnT. Bruoe, ? C neeheiTin \fV7X!"* v:S:SK' J T Anew! AO By ran., H. B Connolly , M. AMMM, Jobo Bin, 8. H. Ooodll, Wm Anew, .John Black, John J Cuoo, Slmeoo BaKlwUt, N.'p tlemeou, Hotomoe Bant a. John Butler, Jaaaoo Boor man, JohnBryau. J w Bsekman, Vm Black, Fraaela, Willi- Slartetoee, Henry (Mwr. J R Brodbead, Jainee Bryoe, AM.w- Oorllea, a D. Bibcock, M 0 Benjamin, K. jaaea Brooke, 8 F Bargee. j. M. Crania, ? .j n iu(ti J. C BofDha?i ODltf, iL.n Stewart frown, Wm L Ooie, ibfJS finger.?M Brown. N W.ICbaler, I i.ordon Benc'tt.B. B Bradford, R L. Cottlog, j R Br rg. JoM R Brlgga, Wm Cfrll llfr, EtwlnBeua, Fd war l Cooper, H J Clarhe Geo. ihrroli, .tobo I'lraon, .ton- T Fieher, p j. Goiaeea, Kara R Dtbblee, Thee. Fenaer Chaa II. Cwlilua, W. P. Darld, W R. Fnrrell, <wear Cbeeeeman. t'frmini 1 real Ooek Wm H. Draper, Andrew I MM, To. trend Cor, Horace!D Day, T"r?M-'Vi'7' tarsal Coree H. C. Be Rbara, N. Hill Fowler. D JoaeeCrrln, John Dwyer, Mtabnel '.roar, John Cowan, Met* lurand, ?> D F Grant KrtemanCampbell, J Manefl d Defied,Ceo i-reer. I jobs W. Chandler,John ??. Dj? ?. C. <? fig*'.. R T OmpVoa, Cot Ab Duryee, U. D. H. Glllenptn, H fl Crozier. Bonj Djnglae*. J N. ' enla. n A tupbmen John F_ Derelln, Jea W. Gerard, John Cochrane. Henry Delafleld, RnmJM Gdmnn. Nsab A. Chlldd, Peter Iwlaa, John H, unarttt, Patrick Colt, touia Ilcrlein Moaea I), bale, MM(, Henry F. IfMoo J.J.Uoff. .. Chaa- A. Davie. John Fwen, John A OWW, I Bobt. J. Dillon, Anion F. Euo, Wm A^ Herring, I Saa Doug aaa A. T Fine, Chaa. Hal pine, j J Hay, Joe Fa In. an. Anaon Herri*. rwa>,at Drear Tboe. F. Da. lea, ? ernrt Hillock, p!ur 8 Dwftd, Jao J Felter, W F. Ha.emeyer Abr ni iTmareat, Benl. H. FietJ, I-n ;? liopklM, Then fT Ddfdd, K. B. Fundi, k E V . Immlw.nnl. nenben Hyatt, Thoa Jooee.Jr, Prtw lfJ"*<rit I u H:f*me, Bra-Hah Jobnaou, Maraball I jfrwi Jamr? Helma, Thoa Jeremiah, J hn I.loyd. j T Head'len, W Jelllngbeoa, Ool. Jaraf bod, jm Harral, Shepherd Kaapp, W.fc laagley, t B Hutch, HiraM KMaanm, ? W. \. Li?ferwv>d. fc B Hart, Joa Kernocban, Paoll latbrop, C. C IMm?a, ? Henry Koop, t. W. UwradM, Alrln HifRtn*, J. Ketllcman, A. B. Ba*ld, j, c lleflartoB, R. W. King, I j. Hutch,naan. Wm. D. Kennedy, WW- T. John T Henry, 8 Klabar, dt" A. Ilalaay, Eugene Kelly, LJflPhfl'-wLaa H G Hortoo, Jota Rally, John 8 l_^rraooe, H^Ra'tteabora, SToHadaon, r R KirhyM D. *rs?2X' 5r/tu?; QBK S SZ ' Riabard latbera, Drake Miffe Tan HealV F. W laaak, 8 I. Mltsball, Aid J ITHdnry, iwnlel F. baa, JamML. Millar, F legoldaby, ' H. 8. UarlU, frl^y Me In., lamre Irwin, Artbnr Iaary, K. G. Molonny, j T lobMtua, Joa. Lawreoee, J Mol. Murphy, a R JMttSn. 'ie-fg. law, Thadden. P Wl, Col laa Mooroa, Jam?a Mel ear, Marfca PothaebIM, ??; W Mcbaaa, Fhan. Mcfhrlan. JaaenWiikMSM, John MwU, W In McDonald, J. W Roherle Xoobar Mille. John Martin, Jr , Nap Rr^enfeldt, laaa D Mead, Fran. F Marbury, Jaw J Rooaafall, l?T!ri V ? ? n th'Viol, laaab Byndere, leaic Moaea, P. J. Nerli)? Ba l Ronnarart, 1 'Jorrlr, Dm> W. HorrW, Dw*Blltt|frr, I Ji bo IIcKwod, Vatb'lN:!**, Ifphen Roberta, Ja'b Morgantbauer, W. W. (fcborr, Wa. Radford 1 James Murphy, Fran 's B O'KeslS, Jobn ??ilfwird Jr., 'thn M Grsib, Royal Phelps, R J- Sohieiteim, Dr J K. MoCcmb, J. A. Patterson, Auf. E. ft liawi, Geo W McLean, Aug P. Pearse, Watts Sherman, Jtio M'Memomy, Stephen Philbtn. Jlenry G Slebbtns, | Jar a Mi Masters, Than. W. Pearfad, Adam Stoddarl, John McKmn, W I'rake Parsons, M. Van ScLaicJi, John I! Morrison, George R Peter*, 11 Sjinmon. Ttos Morre I, Pain'l 8. Powell, Col Sohar/waelder, J a* H Mulford, lloata B. Perkins, A 7. Stout, I Jacobs Miller, lamer T. Pace, Kcbard Schell, 1 J A. M;ller, Denis Perkins, Wm. fellgman, Autocy Miller, Geo V>. (Juintard, Dr. dchirmer, Jlcbt H MiUiken, A I.. Robertson, Prod. SchjChardt, F. ?. M lie, A M Roe*, Geo N. Hanier*, 1 A. (1. Mlckle, Kllaha Robbing, C. h J. Stewart, ' Tfctt SUvece, Iikman Smuil, B M. Wmllock, 1 Con P* uckhamer, F. A. Tolmalge, John I) Wolfe, C P ScbeimerLorn.Thc*. Tilea'on, Horace Waldo, Hugb sm!tb, Francis R. Tdlou. Wm A. W alker, Bart'ett Pmilb, W W. Todd, (has. V. Wood, Porter Sherman, Geo I. Trass, Jsssph War noes, Jco. V ft?rage, Jr ,Michael Tuomey, R. M Witthaus. Silas s?jniour, Thomas B. Tappan, Jas Wide, Jr., Gilbert M. Stiear. Efllng'mTownsend.J D Waller, August s Pencil, John Van Buren, C. 11 Wdmerdsng, J. J. Sbtrman, Ahrah'm Voorhlea,Theo. Voorhtet, Sand E. Ji>rouls, Wm. A. Vraland, Fernando Wood, Phillr Schlctfelin, Abrn. R. Van Nett.Beoj. Well*, I'r. T. J. Stout, I, Van Holt man, Benj. R. Wuitbrop, Henry K Sheldon, Chat. 1? Voae, A. H. Ward, Wm. Steele, Jr., Temuel Valentine, N.J. Waterbury, N. S. Starr, G W Vangtavoren.N. H Wolfe, Henry Bchnar, E. P Van Winkle, Thos. Walter, Patrick Sbea, Col. A.S Votburg, las. M. Weed, ktoB's Taylor, Aaron Vanderpnol, Wm. H Webb, Fred I. Talco'.t, Fred Wilklnsoo, Virgil WhtP'omb, James S. Tbsyer, H L. Williams, Henry Wheeler, 0. B. Tweedy. R T. Woodward, Jobn Wheeler, Tbeo E Tomllnaon,I<ero7 M. Wiley, Patrick Wade, Geo F. Thomson, J. N. Wells, Elijah Ward, J. I- Smallwood, Reuben Withers, Henry Young .Abram 8. Hewitt, SECRETARIES* Henry F. Aides, W. E Frost, John M. Ramsay, W a. Ackcn, Wm. H Falconer, Philip 8cben, Jobn Van Arsdale, John Hewitt, Jr., leaa; W. Sitter, H. 8 Bancker, Cbaa W Kruger, Jacob Solder, J.H.Borland, Michael Kuntz, Edward Timpson, Patrick Daly, Cyrua J. Lawrence,John Wilktnn. Lewla Basis. David Rowland, Mr. JowrA J. Fishy then oune forward and road tbe following report of the Commit too of the Union meeting of the 17th ultimo? The Committee appointed pursuant to a resolution of the Union meeting, hold at tho Cooper Inatitute, Septem her 17,1860, submit the following report :? Commissioned to adopt a ticket tor Presidential elec tors, which should be satisfactory to the must i who re gard the triumph of Lincoln and Hamlin, by means of a sectional organization, upon a (actional istne, aud lor Ibe establishment of a sectional policy in the federal govern ment, as contrary ta the spirit or the constitution, and therefore dangerous to the Ur.lon, wc have endeavored to perform that great duty with Impartiality, with wis dem, and with supremo devotion to an object to momen tous and so patriotic. We submit to you the "Union'* ticket for electors of Preetdonl and Vice President: ? FOR K1.BCTOKS OF t'MHinXXV SSI) VIC# IBKSII'S-Sr OF TBS iwrTsn statss. Beman Redfield, William Kent, Pearson M indy, Seiah B. Btrong, Martin Bprlcger, John M. Strong, John H. Brower. James Kldd, F.dwtnM Anderson, . laccbA.Wealervelt, Isaiah Blood, Jamea M I'd Ivor, ''I'jab t Purdy, Henry II Koto, Miles Finch, William A. Kobne, Hre< ne C. Bronuon, Charles H Carroll, J Pepejster' >gden, DnMCL Jtidson, Addison Hardner, Wm. B. I mi. can, Charles Goodyear, Jobn B Skinner ,21, Stephen P. Russel, George C. Clyde, I/>renzo Burrows, Abram B. Conger, John Muds, William Williams, leuttcl B. St. John, Ambroee&Higgloit.S'tepheo H Caldwell. Lllsba 1*. Strorg, Lncaa B. Crooner, The members of It bare all accepted. They are all "Union men for tha sake of the Union." and wo bellivo we are juatlflcd in now announcing, tbat the union of the conservative masses of our citizens upon this ticket is a completed fact. coxwrm Cbarlea O'Opnnor, Peter B Sweeny, Samuel V, Butterworlb, I'anlel F. Tieisann, Edwin Criswell, James Monroe, Henry Orlnncll, Faciei l>evl!n, S. I. M Harlow, Andrew Mount, Wilson G. Dunl, Charles A. Sco-r. Samuel J. Tlldcn. JOSUUA J. HENRY, Chairman. JtitiAt Raan, Secretary. Naw Yosk, Oct. 6,IHflO. Koaolved, Thai. tho lhanka of this meeting be, and they are hereby, presented to tbose gentlemen nominated eUcters of President and Vice President, wbo, with patrl otic dlElntereatedniss, withdrew their names In favor of the Union electoral ti-'ket, thereby contributing their ut moat to the accompllabment of that object which cbonld he dear to every true American, "Union for the sake of the Union." The resolution appended to lbs report was unanimously adopted. The Chairman then aaked for t clear and distinct vote on the electoral ticket. The vote waa taken and the ticket wu adopted by acclamation and amid lou J cheers. Mr. &AMVB1. J. Titnsn then came forward and pre sented the following as the resolutions of the meeting ? ?tSSOLCTlOMS. Resolved, That we regart the attempt of a soctional party In the Northern Slates to take poesoaaton of the federative agency of all the Slater, adversely to the whole people of the fifteen Southern Stales, as contrary to the fundamental idea of the constitution that the at tempt to Inaitgurato by such means a aeotional policy upon a subject vitally alloc, ting tha rights, tho lutorueto and the feelings of those fifteen Slates] creates s great danger to our confederated Union and to the peace sad safety of tha whole ooustry, that we deeps It to he an Imperatlvs duly to waive personal preferences ai to nam tliOaU-s, and dlnarewoCS upon nb-uract qMSti ins, m fhvor of a union of patriotic Gillxens for the sake of the union of the Stales. Resolved, That the election or Lincoln and Hamlin can only be effected against the spirit <>! tbe c institution, con trary to the wishes of a majority of the people, and by s dexterous use of the electoral forms which tbe constitu tion left to the Slates to provide, that if their election rhoold be eOeetod It will be by scarcely more than one third of tbe actual popular vote east. Reaolvad, That tbose who regard tbe election of Lin coln and Hamlin aa prolific of danger to the oountry ought not to multiply tbe chantoa of such a result by tbetr own divisions. Resolved. That the ticket for Presidential electors sub mitted to this meeting by the Committee of Fifteen is hereby approved and adopted, and that we cordially and earnestly ret ommrnd it to the support of all the conserva tive, patriotic and Union loving voters of thla State. finiCB OP MR. TILPEV. After the rsadmgof tbe resolutions, Mr. Ttintx pro ceeded to speak is reference to them He said ? Fmxow Crrma?I speak to night] not as a fVmglas man?(a laogb)?not aa in fhvor of Bell?but as aa Aine rlean citizen. (Cheers.) I would sot be here to sight, only that I feel tbe greatest concern whenever I conic m plate the coi.jim lion in which our public affairs sow ?land, (tppiauae. A voloe from one of the windows ? "Send somebody out here, for (.od's sake." Another vo'oe?" We are the people, by ?." The speaker went on.) An organ rat on truly exclusive and -actional 1? seeking to take possession of the executive branch of the government of these States The party which 1 have joat named is a party that has no political adherents In fifteen of the Statef which go to make up Ihli Union. (His es ) What la the question upon which a dlflorenoo of opinion exists III lwren tbe North SI d the South ll Isaqsas Hon that couceina avast Interest In property?not lees than 3,4C0 000 human beings. Tbe state of things to which I have Just made reference Intimately aiiocts tbe Southern Stales. It permeate* all three flteen Btotce, and is mixed up with lh? Ir hopes and laterrsu, it la Identified with their eoclal ordor, and twines It elf round the very fibres of their their so- lal sj stem. We at the North, or rather th -ee wbo cast our rotes fbr us, If they carry tbl.* election, tbe republican party are pr pared to act on this -iu-sth-n without ooasnlltag the South, and thus force up->n these fifteen Pistes an alien governments government In which tbev bnve no x oicc. Here there were loud cnlix for the Hon. Fernando W-od. which were r! teg In vigor every moment, till the cl.airman laform- d the meeting that the honorable g-n I.- man was m l then present. Mr. Tllden pr-winded?This controversy ha* la t- d ' r Ovi yesr*. and - on tiavc been liv.J?d by pnrll e North and fcvulb, keep ng up a t ctlonal ag ist, n by nil the maebmsry of ori sailed party a -c: at Ion. (Applause ) tub lie mind la tho slate - f the public m'ad It It purpnmd Iocs ? i iTiu eti party triumph, by the success of s-etlonsl can didal- e. And fur what purpose? As y -ur r>> dutt-.o cor rectly ?ays, to inRU(t.ratc a -ecti -nil policy for th-we KtaW in-tb-r W'-rda, 1-- determloe tbe great qnwtion between eigbt end a hall rodli-na -f white men, sad font millions of b'ark m-n. Wbnt would be tbe r-onlt of any attempt which the North, without the coocnt of the Poutb, wctlj endeavor to make ia d<,*c of their public opinion In that portion of the Union? You are all xware of tbe reenlt, and It i* for you to say whet er this policy will be carried "Ut. (Here there wereieveril renewed calls for tbe Hon. I Wood, but having auh?tded) the th.-tr t speaker continued to nay that be knew those wbo beard him wot.Id as one man rally for tbe Union?(cheers)?and sllow the States interested to work out the question to tbetr own mtlifsctioa. (Renewed He saw that they were all agreed upon the matter, and he was certain that they would pass their votes against the in terference of ibis Ptote id tho matter already m-l lined, and alao In fkror or Una electoral t ckat If they -I'd their duty and btcame united they would defeat the election of l.loooln and Hamlin, and thereby laaarc peace m of tr and iraryutllly n the public councils of the oountry (l/wtd applause, amidst which tha epoaktr rssumcd b.a seat ) The resolutiona were n-iopte I by aoclamatloo The Chairma.v then announced t song from Dr Gall aaette. Tbe band struct up the familiar tuae of "Watt for tbe Wagon," and to that air Or. Grit aim sang m capital style the following song?tbe whole audience Join -ng la chores with In* effect l HON CAMrAION ?0X??" MCTtli FOR TBI CNIOM I' Air?" Walt tor tho Wagon." nv wnxiii 1 oooaovn. Come, brothers, nil nail* w.tb m?oom*,Jola na one and all? Unltod we will eonqosr, bat divided wa will foil: Our flag M tor tbe I nlon, sad wo have a gallant crew, Wbo bnve mtsod it, and wbo love it?die tbe rod, wilt* nod bin*. Chorus Mm, hurra for tbe l'r- on, hurra for the Us op , Uarra for tho Union, and the red, wb.t* and bin*. Oar ship's the Goottitniion, and good patriot* at the helm Will brfag *o into actio*, and oor foee w* II overwhelm: Trtey'll 'lad that wo'll be "wide ewako" enough to put them throng*. Lot our watchword ho ?? The Union," and tbe rod, white sad blue. Then, hurrafor the Unko, Ad. We bamamcng , ,f >aderr B riant Wife tbnrant? inat la our gu 'ant, Doug-la*. ?? Li'.tie Giant of lb* Wabt;" ?B' ruth to greet b in, where'er tie paaae* through, W ,, ,wl 'or *-LI011 > the red, white and Then, hurra for the ni0B, fee. Kentucky b?s a gallmt ton el:n?rd our noble oori? Breckinridge, an ttl.cer who's BUre to make hia mark 11*111 ibe I elds of M*sioo he looght with courage woe? For it ?? tag that fit ate tor in ion, Hut the red. white and blue. ' Then, hurra for the Uuloa, fee. Ar A Ibrn we have another, and a statesman, too, > i,e Woo nerved In country long and well, that'i B-n,'ot Tenntiaee. And Everett, wfcoee voice war ra.sod to render was cue To the memory of the man who ra aed the red, white and blue. Then, burra for tbe I'oom, fee. Ttiete are aJJ good and true men so let an ell unite, Kor with such gallant leadera we ere (ure to win tbe light. National diatiuctiona we never will renew? We'll fight but for thel'nlon.and the red, white and b tie. Then, hurra for the Onion, fee We fight to enve tbe Onion, anl God la on our aide. Wo fight aga'nrt a faction who would "let tbe I c on ?Tide," To [ t down thtae re.I splitters, who would ?g>lrt It nto two? They love the n.gger better than tbe red, white and t .e. Then, burra for tbe I nion, fee. Come on, then, boys, let's chare'em, for now we're on their track? They must be i rates, surely, for sec tbeir flag in blsr.k; The sbl? they sail In black aieo, and blacker n the crew That would .biaohe the Colon of tbe red, white and bme Then, burra for the Colon, fee. Sl'LKc'il 01' JAMEft W, QEKARP. The CBAtaiuti then Introduced the Ho*. Jum W. Ghurd. Be waa received with loud cheer*, end spoke aa follow* ? Fellow citizens?1 am not not down among the *) oak era, and I have taken the place of aotm- other gentleman but I em a minute man, and have asked uo time u> present my views. Itul 1 may now statu tbit 1 amf.r funon Without uonlusion?(a laugh)?and when you wan-, me to stop 1 shall do no. (Cries of "Go on.") Gentlemen, ten ysara sgo, at the great meeting at Gasllo Garden. ?? i waa called on by the merchant princes of New fork, I declared that 1 would never b.i.uw the opinion nf the abolitionist leaders of tbe whig party, and thai, sooner than do so, 1 would soe the banner oi the party torn nto ten thousand I'mgtuti te (Cbetra ) 1 have kept my word; and I further declared. If B?t*Miy, I would go to Tammany Hall, put a bucktail In my bat, and, under the tattered hug ot old St. Tom many, light the lia tic; tf the Colon and the constitution, (loud obeers ) Tu-u.gbt I bin aming democrats of every por- ible and cast; but 'toe trues tkll lk net In my bat It is In my heart. (Renewed 'bear ing ) Who are van here to nig? ir A moat motley crew, I frankly state There tb-y are, all "be:! fe.iowr. well met;'' und certainly mlrforluuo n ekes strange b?d fel lows. (A laugb ) lu the w rils of RhaktpdfC ? Black spirits and white, Blue spirits and gray. Mingle, mingle, in ng.e; You that mo gle mo . (Renewed merriment.) We are here from part >? of ell stamps, Irorn the unlerruied democracy to .be true vtbig; and why < Because Ike enemy 1* about The Arabs are on their horses; they have shouted the r war cry and laid the lance in rest to run wildly through itto land against the lost rights of our Southern (Applause ) Ishmaul bus raised his black pira'.ici Hag, but .ve are all determined to cut that Bog dovgn let js stand together like brothers; let i s wrest tbe bia-k hag from tbe hand ol Ishmacl, anl raise as our owe tbe pure white banner of the constitution, for one Cnten, one country, and one confedc ration. (I.iud che?n.) I wast l> reason with you, and wiU tell you wcy 1 oppose tbe republican party I call that party a hybrid monstrosity. (laughter) I am n the hab.t of using very plain and simple language, and of calling things by their right names, and therefore i cnlI the republican party a hybrid monstrosity. IVoat is it composed off Renegade whig* who abandoned the trie banner or Ifec party?euch as was raised by Henry Clay and Daniel Webster, and adopted tbe Hag o' W. H Sew ard. (Hisses.) Home are of the uutorriilod lercocrscy, wbo pined alter the flesh pots of Kgypt, but did hot get tbem. (A laugh ) And, on tbe other hand, yo i have tbo fanatical abolitionist, who, to earry out h,s insane str ?trsction.-', would tear down wltli ruthless hand uo splendid fabric ol tbe constitution?mod asunder it- tr.ple columns, even though be hlmselt ptriebcd o the ru ns. Sow, my trlcnds, there are three reasons why 1 oppoee the abolition sts They can cry, they cau give y? a croco dile tears and weep over the wrongs of the poor Air van slaves; tbelr bosoms yearn towards them; and yet they have fastened their chains upon them for about fifty year*. (Criec or "That's so," and applause ) Yes, shoot fifty years have they kept back that splend 1 system of gradual emancipation that Maryland and Virginia ween projecting, when there false friends of freedom came upon tfe# stage. (I beers ) 1 have not lime, my friends, to dwell at length upon this, bat 1 give yoa the reasons wny 1 oppose tbe republican party. Ills an abolition party. (Applause and cries of "Yen, it In.") Iroxived.two da)? ugo, an anonymous letter, in s good bandwrltirg, calling upon me. M an old Henry Clay whlg. and calling In question my veracity, because ] did not ca l some one to account lor saying this very thing at a lormcr masting. What do you think he would say now? If th.s man shall hear, Ihrough the press, toy speech, let him indi rsUcd, to his teeth 1 tell him that the republican Is an abolition parly. (Cheers, sod cries of ??Good," "Bol'y boy. ') My friends, 1 do not want to be classical, but in olden timis there was one Cyclops, a blacksmith, who kept hi* cave In Mount Alloa. He eudeavored to kill Ulysses Cyclopn bad but one eye, and thul wss In the middle of his forehead, so that Cyclops could neither look to the right nor to tbe left. Clytsoe endeavored to esc., .ra from the cave, an* one night male Cyclop* drunk. Fhea.aa Cyclops could look neither to the right nor to tbe left, be took a firebrand and thrust It In his tingle eye Y a see the moral. Tbe republican party baa not one eye here, and that Is the negro, (lavghter and prolonged ap plause ) A Von*?Well, put It out. Mr. Gkkakii?11 ta negro here, negro there, and ? eg,-e everywhere. (Applause) They titit pit bul imr dre All IMIr staleum n and all their leader*, in every speech, dwell upon the eternal negro", and IMMl a one eyed Cyclopean party. (Renewed cheere ant laughter ) Tney cannot eee to the right, to perceive the grand rr.i" iplre that bind our country together. They cannot i"? : > the Irft, bat they merely look at the "poor black Afran? think of nothing elee, talk of nothing elee. l ike 1'lymm let u* put out that eye. (Cheere and en ihufiaalln crux of "That we will, with their osn rail.") There are amoog this party tboee who carry a bo tioowm like a nether millstone ab.ut thtlr neck; many pood ooo aervative rvpublicana, naacr good men. 1 am not, my frutile, In the habit of abusing all people who do not de eerve it. There are many One, noble spirits In the republican rank*, and 1 hop* to ualcfa them ? cfore the election come* on. (laughter and cheers ) What do they say "We are not ?>> .t ? str. w* are cinterval!vo. all we want is to prevent slavery from go ing into territory now frte. ' What a Ike. (I. ud cberra and laughter.) What a lie' Why, that la all we want. It that ta all thry want. 11 ta all 1 want?all you want. (Cheers and hirnei.) If that were the cane, if that were all they want, New York would not poor out half of te popu lation to night to mark its disapproval of them, look at their speeches Look at the editorials of the repubi csn preen of the country. Take their aiwakera, and 1 will give yon a fWw of them. Our old friend, William H. *fe sni- (blaren)?la all be wan la merely to keep slavery out of Territories' Look at the incendiary speeches be baa made for the laat month. (Applause ) Greeley I (Groans and laughter.) In that all be wants' ."jmoert (llirtee and grotna ) Is thatail be waaU O weywsct merely to keep slavery out of the Territories' Ah, nol my frfeods. They want to abolltloalne us by abolahlng the vsete-l rights of our Southern frieuds. and tbey take that as a mere rover to cakh the dupes of the wb.g parly, who have been caught by that very bail (Ap plause ) If aii till \ santed was to keep slavery ? t ot the Territories, was it iiceemary to sand secretly through the Southern States that book of Helper's, which was to aa.n lbs elave rise egaiast bin master No, my rrteod*, that bad nothing to do with permitting slavery to go Into the Terrilories Was It necessary for their speaker* to sym pathise with .John Brows' (Camera and groans ) Was II necessary for them to march with hts body la proces sion to lis rrsliug place, and there on* of the Boston negroes of the repu' lleas party to play the part of Mark Anthony over the dead body of O ' sar, making rpser.hra aa be went along' (Renewed groans ) Was that ascss ?ary to keep slavery out of the Territories Is It neoes aary to kiep ilaverv out of the Territories that you should have a oneflict of slave labor and of free labor? What has that to do wilb the Terr.lorcs- V ih 0g whatever (Cheers.) I saw a banner the other night at tli* Wide Awake process.on?a pr was on I admired Tor it* beauty and a dangerous one it is?dangerous to have a military parol, whereby in Or* mlanlee they can change the lamp for the musket, la thla country, where we put our faoe* against arm Ire is it well to have a standing army of 10.000 or 15.000 mm to carry the ballot boxen and ihn elect Ion? I think nol. But among the banner* the other night 1 saw one small one which gaolM more than all tb* other* pet togetber to sbow what the meaning of that party is. "Llbvrtv for all mea no more slavery a/tar 1M1 1A I < beers ) If that doe* not tell Uia story. thee I do not understand the force of the Kngffch language And lsbmarl, when inaugurated (if ever lie la), la ta raise h ? Mar fpsm th'- rest and begin hi* war againet thaWoutb. And he has promised them, they my, that by tb* mea sure* be will take, slavery shall be abolished in 1M1. If so, God save the country, and lahmael with it. (I vud rheers ) My next reason for opposing the republican party is this?it I* a sect ion al party. (Applause.) 1st ua res son together, my frlenda. What s party? My friends, party means when yon aad I differ upon ? guns tins of poller, such m free trade, or a tariff, or the aogal ?ttioa of Cuba, or foreign influence?ooo laves the Preach, another tb* English. That ? whsi I call party. A mar* gurstion of pofi-y ae f maaageaent of the conitry. (Obeers ) But w* lo my or a party handed aga'0** eight mllBef^^W^B brethren, to attack them in their property, la tbeW feel leg* and la their firesides end hopm * That I* not rarty. II .i treason, It la revoletton; It I* P'^.. <,n?*,fT cheer* ) 1 passed ss 1 name hers Una evening, that splendid workof irt, tb* rtstoe^of U>* fyet author of our co.iatry-UielDdepm.lent aid immortal Wash agtoo. (Cheers ) 11eased his staise, aad there waa darfcnsaa ' ? , whoa vhare aaemed to ileal distlrotloaa aad of all aactkiaai parties. (Cheers ) I almost heard that bream statue speak to me ea I penes- . aad aa I kasw I waa going t# give my sacti wests to you ta sight, 1 alBMat felt aa inspiration come over ma, aad I vowed te arouse all my ener gy, all my power, and all my talent, to implore of yon, and through you of your friend*. and through the press of the country, to beware of serttoeai, to beware of geographical parlies. (applause, fxiod cries for "Wood. ) I oppose the repubi ieaa perty again for Una rmana. Tb* tender c.y of all their apaeehee and ail their editorials !* to Inrait aad te Injurs the -tnuihem P'atev, aad lo driva them from the orn'ederacy (Obee-e ) Tbat is my argumanl Ho aid misunderstand me. lam to educate for s.etery o the abitract. 1 am cut fivra

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