Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 10, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 10, 1860 Page 4
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THE ENGLISH PRINCES ABROAD. Tlie Triiife of Wales in Ainerira and Prince Alfred in Africa. How They Are Received on the Twa Continents. TBE PRINCE OF WALES AMONG THE F. P T.'S. The Ladies ?f the Old Doiiilnioii iu a Flutter. ?? Some of the Royal Suite Anxious to Allfinl a slave Sale? ARRIVAL OF THE PRINCE IN PHILADELPHIA The Preparations for the Reception in the Metropolis. ACTI7ITY OF OUR MODI3TE3. Tremendous Seuaation Anion; the Crinolines. She Great Bale and Display of Costly Jewelry. THE MILITARY PAGEANT, k??t aa?. rmijkDBU'HiA, Oct 9,1800. This rooming the roysl party, accompanied by Msjor Swonn, drove aronad Baltimore, viewing the oily la detail Large crowds were assembled at the hotel and along the streets through which the party passed, and the Prince waa frequently cheered It woe rumored that the rriDce's hat bad been knocked oil by on apple larown from the crowd last night; but this story ranks with that of (he Richmond disturbances, and Is authoritative ly denied. The ride through the city occupied the ttmc till noon, when the party drove to 'he depot to take a special train to Philadelphia. On parting with the Mayor tbv Prlnoe thanked blm for his kludness, sud expressed his gratidja tlon with his orderly and enthusiastic reception, and With the beautiful City of Monuments. Although a great cro vd aescmblcd, few saw the reel Frince, but, as at the Opera Houac the night before, mil took Lord Hlnchenbmcke for blm, much to my lord's modest confusion and subsequent pride. A greater treat than be had enjoyed before awaited the Prince during his Journey to Philadelphia. All along the route the scenery Is beautiful, the road running by little ex lutstle bits of wjodlond, with embowered lanes, su ib as Gainsborough painted and across "ruLs" or arms of the sea, abut In with hills, so that the royal parly panted most of the time by the car windows, callingHo each other, "Isn't that English*"?f?How like a loch In Scotland;" and several declared that now, for the first time, they were roally iiomeelck at the sight of landscapes so much like these of home. The party did not leave the cars at the Surquebauna river, but were ferried across ou a Hooting railway boat, which wasgayly decked with lla^s. The Prloce seemed surprised at this fe.-ry, which carried cars and ail, and Inquired if there was another in the country, and if it were nafe. Here, as at svery station along ths route, crowds as stmbled to see hitu but had little opportunity. At Wil m lug too, where it bad bees arranged to stop for a few momenta, ths crowd was so great that the royal por'.y did not deem it prudent and so on went the train, fairly Clearing Iw way through the dense throng, the Prince bowing hln response! to the orowds and cheers from Uie rear piallorm. The tretu reuehel Pb'ladelpbla on'y two mioutee be bhid time. The regulations of the rrod and oth.r par ticulars the Bfuu> published yesterday Ail Philadelphia was nritel about the election to day, and the streets except around ths pjUi, were alsotl deserts 1. The ladies, however, were out In large numbers, aad swarmed to tba Coolinentiai Hutel to Inspect the Prlnct s splendid apartments, to sit where be was to stt, ard bcgli the excitement a la Japanere They were escorted in and out of the rooms In parti. s of three and four, and seemed to feel easier after the visit This and a number of let ters directed to the Prlnoe la fem'nloe cbhogrsphy were the only Indications at the hotel that the Prlnoe would arrive If ths ladies only katw the fate of these letters how they were read by all the suite, laughed at and ds atroyed ta ben rath not: -e?perua,* stationery dealers and poet 0Sloes wou'd But be 10 'argely pair>o x*d A great ruab in made f< r opera tickets, for there Phila delphia excitement centres and from twenty dm to t irtf dollars ba\e been offered 'or tickets, hut none are ror sale, lb# Prlnc an l psrty have t *o balcony boxes on either side of the stage, aid a>t la the middle dress c.rcla during ibe "IrortaU " It hi sot probable that the P. lacs will be preeeat duviag the first opera at all, as It in hit custom to arrive very late The bouse is decorated with flowers, Dags,new cbondeherrs and devlees In gas J*!*. The Priooe arr.ved about hair pant four. There was no crowd at the depot or along the at recta The reception at the drp twos quite prlraU and Infor mal The Mayor shook bonds with the Prlnoe,and es oortad bias to his carriage, where a fsw onugrstulatiuna wers excliaoged. Ths parly then drove rapidly to ths Continental Hotel, where several hundred persons bad as sembled There were no elisors, end hul few compil er,entary remarks greeted the party They retired lmmtd lately to their rooms. and ths rrtocc did not go out during the rveniog, speod eg most rf the time observing the burners of ths crowd from his Window, which afforded s line view of several eieoti -n fights and lore! iight processions. To m> -row the Prune rides <>st to see ll.t wonderp of the city, sod v slln cspe-islly tiirsrd College sod fade prudence Hah Strange tust the beir apparent of the Br l ei crown should visit the hall wl era tM rebels for on <1 projects wi cb i *1 his aneeators their finest eolo nirs, oi.d !<?<* at tt-s bell whtuh bonn.ed its reply to h.t ancestor's threats. Tt.c f'rincv * , i r-'t go to the aristocratic Pelnt Bracts rorct, dechi g in a < r' puhiirbed this sf.rri"n, on scscust nf 'a' ? :>e ? 'Hi' 'HI ght C -i t It.. 11.1 -rs, S fsl! tri ss N'hevW of wh i h was giv eu even eg Mrak.wcb bus In Tiled the I i ace ti s mat's. e ,u New Turk, but the isnis'.ioii was dreliicl for sanl of i me The PMtaeflrh ass. with demneratle arietvrsry, ds Cllne ? itlag at ths isro. Uble with the Prince's f.. 'm- rs. and II Is amusing t? sss some dandified etqulsiteslt down with one of td< servos ?. s< d,en)y discover bj ??? nod rush . ff with fi >Sbed 'v to another lab s. There have bgeu sheers under the PriBOe's win low s'l sight?sot for hiss, but for the I'stun candidates WHAT THE riu.vr- I?TD AND SAW at rich. MOXD. or* tUCBMirbf t KKtWrONMhCl. Runs 'sr. Vs ,Osl ? IMO 7V /'near# rf H"?V? at Cfiwr ??A fWtuwiati e Cawrreps Mi <4 the OU Drmhnitm?fS* /d tin in a Flulttr it Ae fVaste of H yattf?Helios of Oh weal Hwe* S\ >?w Hu Kryai //ipdncie? KuJmoto of Ikr /JpeMnderi?Hi h #rnery en J a mn JW*er?TV /Vim* r wWr Ue Uorrrm <r off rroutf Tien of //dpwvswf Osaetrrg sud At J<An i 'tur.b_B.sae of tko Krynl 9ouU Ftyrom a fwtrr te .Ve ? Aaer Bale Be Like goes! ihrw. .?*, the Prises and his suite went to m Paul's church Is this city yesierdiy (dun lay) Your sarvespoedent occupy s pe s ostt? but twenty one?to MM Royal Highness. Ths congregation was largely flash temsble. and of course there was lbs osua' display of srlnoilae, kid glovss, pretty boansto, he , sad the usual flatter among ths ladlsa of the (Jtd [v>miotoa la lsed, th# lady members of the congregation were la s de rht ft I slste of excitement fV?m the arrival to the departure of Albert Edward of Wales, who has beei the object of mar y of the most sodearlog skpeesa oss 1 haw ewr hear d fmm rrsdlednm up to the pres. at munrnl. But let me not tell tales I bars so wtah to be aa esveg dropper The crowd that eyytsd him to church by full >wtcg bis wrtt|i' t'ool was c-oljr exceeded b} the crowd Hal pur aued bun thence to I be Copilot oiler I be coBcluaioa of the or theory rrrrlrr, but before the administration of the sa crament He was accompanied ot thie time only by the {Hike of N? witslle, lxirtl Lyons aud the Mayor of the oily. . Tbey wore received oo arrlvlrg by the Governor of tho Stole who oooductetl tb<in, first, iuto the Hoi I of lleto gales, where on old ormrlioir, fonn< rly tool ol the Hpeok er cf the Houae ol Burgetse?, while this country woe o Brl tioh colony, woe pointed out to thcm^ oleo the full lengthy portraits, in oil, of the Eorl of Cholheio, li o R dnxn toga, oud Thumu Jrllereon, which were originally bequeathed to the county of Wtsimoreland, and by thr County gtren to VirgInto. Here tbe crowd jnelled the royol porty with much rtidencee, end It woe with d tllculty that the few comporlug it passed iolo the toluuda, the multitude eurg lng after them. Tbe marble eUlue of Washington, by Houdoo, In tbe centre of thle, Drat attracted their attention II euiod on o pedestal nearly lire feet high, which bore on one of lie elder on lnacrtption tellicg that It was erected by the Ge neral Assembly cf the Common wraith of Virglula, as a menu men t of affection and gratitude, In the year 177d. Tbe figure was e.lad In tbe uniform worn by an American general (luring the Revolution A marble butt of lstlayetle filled one of tbe eight ntcbee of tbe surrounding wall, the other tenu being empty. Tin audible remarks of some of th>' roof her portion of the crowd whl'e the Prince mat coutemplallrg Waabingt >n were any thing but complimentary to the visiters, a* rcpr< ecnialivi-s of the Butisb uatiou ThU ruJeuoes ought to have been conlroih d liy th> pretence of policemen, but unfortunately th? re was uot ran in or about the building. The Senate chamber was next ouured, a st earn of men and hoys pouring in at the same tune. They then do ecci <i?d the Hi p? to the portico, from wbi b, owing to the Gaptlol being shunted en an ehvaiod plain near the sum nut ? I phi cat oo Hill, a wide and picturesque view pre seoled Itself Th" course of the James rivi r w as there tran ibk lor nnles, nud a smn;>h te panorama of the city, w i -h sil us hill aud dale, rlveli d tbe eye. On the terrace bei<ht in front was a bronhs < qiiestrion statue of Wash 11 yti n. ano Ouolher of ih nry < lay Mi ni this point Kchtnood ban a far more Imputing ef h ot than ?s viewed from any i thcr portion >1 the oily. The approach by river, however, c unmanils a still finer priepict; hut tbif vauubes like mirage as ibo vuesol drawral node the w harf. win re Ml Is prosaic black and while And How his Royal H'glinisa stepped a hundred y?n s Into the Governor's bouse, where Several of tho isnu'y Rid frnnds of the latter were pr.-aeuied, and greeiid the n onrditlly. liu minima elajwed fx fore the visiters drove back to the hotel, loliowed by a rushing mass ol ]>eop!o. Aud tho crowd had u> be enc ur.lered at the onlrance; and "There be is" was the sir ut of a thousand. Alu r him bron the Prince, tuo Mayor and several of the in no drove to the Holy wood Cent try, a mile out of nam, w here, at the mouumrnl erected over tne grave of Hon r(a-, the par ?) haitet in respectful silei oe They fubfvqocttly vlalod at. John's church, where fati i<k Henri slid Kirhard llei ry Ic.-e once declaimed In fro: t ol what is now tbe communion table. A suburban dil i foil, wed, and tbey returned home lo dinner It war fer<rtei] thul the African i lunch, tbe Ural ever eaiab'.thed. would be visited, hut it whs omiited. s me of tbe royal >uite hsvo etprtfsed a deal re to pee a slave sale; but their prist not at such might give rise to oij. tiun ?, hl.I Ih.yw 111 consequently foregu the light II e sors and <??! ghtera nf light and darkness (1 speak id complexions) codec led In fr t ul of tho h del in largo Dumbets tint morning, In order to witness bis Hi al Hiahitsa' depaittire and I aaam oba trved text the blacks and ll.c whih* manifested ail qua! curiosity to cateb a glimpse of our Illustrious vlriter, neither Is "God'a imtge carved in ebont" Ix-bind the rest of mankind to opening his month at d throwing out an Idea or two about what he sec a. next letter will be penned In Philadelphia, when I Irual, for the credit of the United dates, lbs po lire will display has hrntility and more civility thau they did while the Japanese were there, and that tbe mob will afford the rut ol the world aouie evidence ol their civili zation. ? Hirvtwogc, Oct 9, 1800. The special correrpondr nt of tlie Now York Prater com mits a grow ubel on Virginia character and manners In that pnper of (be b'h net. Srai" of It Is sorrect In the mam, but, take It all together, it la a mendacious report (o tbo Prince's own word and that of Virginia gentle n:ro. No person luaulled the Prince or offered him an Indignity, nor did be v fit Rol l A Nayo'a farm at Pow hatan. The reason why be did not meet wltb a military root??iot, or reeclvc a hall, la cb*l?>un f'ora the lolljwlng UUtrfrtin Lord I.ynea lotbe C tv Council of Richmond.? Wsiurisoro.*, Oct I, 1800. (?aanjcwaa?1 bare the bon r to acknowledge the re ceipl of your letter of the day before y**i*-rdayr'? date, and to lhai.k you heartily, l> the nam** of l,ord Renfrew, for ibrrordiai wrlc me to the cltv of Richmond whlata 1 ou bo kindly idler Mm I/rd K-nfrew U particularly *rr?ib.e ol the friendly consideration for hta wisbea, ,.: rt . f ft* triK* c.'urt* ?) winch Pan induced you to ab aiaiu li* m display ?nd cert mouiooo demonstration, and to allow him to i lull you in a quiet and unoaienlalloua Biki ner ** a private gentleman Although the cbnrao t r in wbtrb he traeele, and U* very *h?rl time whirh la at hia cen.maud, make It necessary for him to avoid the rrrepllou of formal la not on that account urawareof or ungrateful for the rtepecl to ber Maj* ny the tlueen, and the cordial friendship tor the peop'ie of (treat Britain, of which no many at*Iking proof* have been given during hil vuil to tbe United State*. II- Ci-r-re* WMWIy to rcpnta hi* gratitude for the riprrmtoB of iIhwc sUu-miul* contained In ihe re*o Iktion ?f the oity Council of Ricbmond, and In tne letter to whicb 1 beve now the honor to reply. I remain, gentlemen, With great reaped ai d regard, Your very humple (errant, LYOVJ. wrwurArn accounts. [From the Richmond Hall) Deepalch, Oct 8 ] The city eaa in a rou.owhal excited condition on Satur day. in anticipation of the arrival ol the I'rinoe of Walts, It had been announced that Ihe royal party would proha bly arrive about til o'clork In the evrnlog, and the rharmitg weather gave evtrybody who chose to avail th< mti lvi* of it an opportunity for gulag out By four o'clock a large crowd bad SSSSSM I ou Broad (feet, la Ibe neighborsood of the Frederi* kabarg depot, io the eg pectati* r sf * htainirg a view or the distinguished siren g**r and hia mite la accordance with a prevloua ar rangement, however, not generally known, the Commit tee of Rerrpti-'w and tome hundred cltirena repaired to tte Central Pair ?1 round*, while multitude* in the city van ly awaited the arrival of the apeclal train. A nam ber of ?q-?n bar our be* and other carriage* wee* on the Pair (1 round*, near th* northern ?olraoce, but the ipso tatnr* generally remained oa th* inllway p'atformeut ?id*. A few w~s?rtls after *lx o'clock the whittle of the locom'tiv* w u heart la the dtetabce, nod the cry of "Here they Mxe" wt* a tlgnal for a (rotation, upon which evrry body crow t*d up to g-1 an eligible |a?itloa Th* t'ain ?lopped in front of the entrance, when the May or i f Kk hniond and o n e member* of the committee ea tered thenar, the orrrreney of Introduction took place, aid ibe l*rtoce waa welcomed to the metrupul-x of Vir ginia. Thro, leaning c|*on the arm of the Mayor, the royol visiter waa condor ted rapidly to a barouche in waiting hia auite ae rapi.liy followed, and took aeat* in (be carriage* designated The movement waa ate ruled *n quickly that few persona ?>uid discern the f*a lunr *f ihe Prince or any of hi* party, Ail the specta tor* could bieat rf waa batug ar-n a young gentlemaa in ? I'ghl orerrack and wbite hat, wb'-m they took t > be Ihe 'riuoe of Waiee, paaa haattly by In the twilight, and with o any etprreeioo* of disappointment they retraced their step* In tbe city. At the oarriagi* conveying the royal party paaa*I tb-.ii-ih the Uriel*, r ti > ay I Ml, Kf-hauge Hotel, the shara of evening pre verted aar distinct rec ignition, an I pdblie cariosity w a* by no m-an* gralifled A roe BMtnM crowd MMNhMiI the Pxchaiigo and Hallard H .<?? h i there waa ano.her disappointment, f >r Ihe yoorg Prince was conducted n through the private door of il I- latter building, while atteulua was generally directed toward* th* mam rnlrano* Th* British (lag waved i ><r the building, and Ibe A me* loan color* ovar tbe l-X'iaige. aid everything within wat la perfeot readinee* After sutoc *nt time had elapaed the vtattera g at tbe table until nearly tea o'olock. M'ai while a >?l numb."- ? f jer*.--* ? kept wat. h from the (trad, in h*- bi'pe of obtain in ( a g',ta>(isn of royalty; bat -.1,. re pnlli i t end pvecvertng on**# wb - throng* d the pwsart* f Of Ibe Kal'ard H and wall* d until tin royal apju t to w ae Mir I, were gratis*d Io th's reaped At the l r* ak i g ? p * the dinner party. Ihe t*rta< ? and hi* auliom pSSSad r?p-iy to their aparlro-nt*. and th-i *p-*? W-r* a ,ih i? w. many of lb*-m doubling, even 11*1, . f 11. y had ?*en the Prince **r *->1 The royal party woo composed a* follows:?Prince of tVe a* ? . H*1 * 'alt. IHM *f UNWH*. i.l-l of St i ?< r i si s. I <-i *1 I y <*.? aad two attendaat*, I/*r-l H in "dug i* . .. > 1.1 ot Maj -r ioi.erai R-b -ri IWucs, M?J >r I* a <#r?j. Be Atklaod, Mr Kngleharl, Mr. II g, Mr R i W* tear I thai they ex r.*e< i ea highly gratiSod wHb tbatr qaartod at the Dai ard llua* Ti>* ree* 11 ,. throughout was managed In itAa mm I ner ?? t - give ii aiiuoet tan character of pr I rosy, aad III ? d*?iren( tbe * - I - shielded from thrgari I if the i i> . \ -I i lire*, fetl gratefiT to tlM Som-I in tin* for th? uc| ?n i iliD-wlrc*** exhibited ou the oo r a* ? ii Wbcr i! e r< -a -arty aulverl at Aequit Crock, abuit three * . k la lb* aMerio-a*. they M leave of t'aptai* la ? c<- at I fe . trcen* of ibe lit riat I.*oe, an 1, alter l| ' t la I r.lW at M . were row. I \ahwe i '-.i?N?u. Owverwer n - >y dfSlslVbgttwSB tfc* - la. t i w. ? d m ih-ia to the *ho'e? of th* apse ml t'am, aoastllsg of three 1 ? ' it - : . rngiao I and America, I waa ia re* i i.ess, *t.d *o< n a ie- t ie |> aoe aad *uit* t ok leave if (W. very Of gioydan' the * ther gentlemen who ha acr ?ri anir.) lb?m thii* f*r oo th?ir Journey, *nd tah i g their y'ncee in the ear*, were *uoa oa tb*ir way to the . apitai of the on Dnmiuloa The I'rlfice of w*|r* end a portion of hia unite attends! D.vlae ?er?le# ta St Paula ehnrrh veefrday, at II o'fleek fv M Dcigwrnit* preached th* awmou, which was selected (Yom th* Srst chapter of firet Uurlclklana lat ter part? ' the eighth verae, reading, ??That y* may b* blame.?a* la the day of rur Lord Jeena Chriat " The ser mo* was an admirable one, and ear see I aUeattoa waa paid Io It* d?lir?ry by tbe imraewa* mam of bumiaity enagregale-f ia Ibe ebanch At lb* eoecln*i >n of the *er vice, aad wbll* tbe Prlace waa leaving the rhurrb, the orgaolgt played, la SfleadM atyle. "Hod aave tbe g-iesa " TTie parly drove to 'be napliol.aad after viewing Hondo*1* b sshicgtoc, t*Id a visit to (lover**,r letcier, afterward* ? g In their enril*f*e to lb* Ballard II'iws. We pros- me ihxl ihor* were ahoat Ave th ><ieaad person# la i I It s Mil on the Capitol square pervi >o# to the* learlng the eh.-'ch. all *?g?r I" g?l a view r-f b?e pers. ' sge na arriviiig at tlie hotel lbs commute* i IlM Prior* aed a port|-*r, *.f h ? ? |M. ace ? -n udhv J*w*ph ??r v. g>q (tbe Mayor), v sited ' 1)1 ? < lo -, i. k' ' ? 111- " I "f I* ? n I B| . ? ared highly dallgbtad With I the beautiful ac?Hr; to be wttneaaed Froa various potata. Tins morn leg, it atae o olock, the Print* ud suite will leave (be city ui u extra tram for acquis Creek, where tbe revenue cutter await* them, to convey them back to Werhligtoo, from which place they will take the car* for Baltimore, where they are expected ta night. PREPARATIONS FOB TUB BOYAL PABTY AT BALTIMORE. (Krt m tbe Paitimore advertiser, Oct. 8.] The programme of nun-men ts of the I'riuce oi Wales snd ihe distinguished gentlemen who compote bw guile bare bun *o liequrntly changed that It i* rather dilhcull to utt?W|d them. In the flrat plaoo, however, we tmy ?latbiml tH?aai< mpl*ted viait of the party to Norfolk imlMltbi Comrort, where the naral work* and t-i it .fiR Maura- could have been aeon, liaa been aban iSoteo, aa It waa not deemed advisable to travel upon the w tur at night, however anfe It really la. He will, there fore, retorn (mm Richmond to Baltimore by railroad. On eaturday the oourter of the party arrived here, for tbe n i.kitg of neceteary arrangement*. He proceeded to tha Oiltnor Houae and wlecU d a nun ber of tbe moat elegantly furnlabrd apartments In that floe hotel The Prtnoe will occupy tbe suite of room* which have accommodated mat j dmirgul?)?-d peraoos, including tbe .lapincse Am barKBdnee and Hon Judge Douglas Yesterday a deg. patch aae rem ived fiom the (Jen Robert Bruce, dated Richmond, tinting that ibe party would rcaoh Baltimore at six o'clock Monday evening ir ao, u is likely that ih-y will pass over Ihe WasblDgtrir Branch Railroad In tbe regnlsr train, as up to last eT?n ng no arrangement had been made with tbe railroad company for an extra one The whole iwrty have been invited by Measrs I'llman end Btrak'Mih to attend the Opera at tbe Front street thestre. Hit y will probably leave here about dodo to morrow lor Philadelphia The Marquis und Marchioness of Chandos, accompanied by Miss Earle and Mr and Mrs. Edward Tootalh, of Eng land, arrived In this city on Saturday evening from Wash Ingion, and have a Hupcrb suit oi rooms at tbe Kutaw House. Lord Cbandna Is understood to be quite pleased w lib Ms visit tr, the Bates, and propose* ti take a look at Baitimore t day, and proceed to Philadelphia to mor iow, where bo and bla companions will again join the Prince s party In the entertainment to be offered In that < Ity aril In New York. A plea* lug incident occurred opon taeir reception at tbe Eutaw Bouse It la well known Uiai whilst passing [a plearant season at Niagara they stopped st the International House, under the pro pnelorsbip of Col. Coleman A doe, where on leaving the whole party expressed grest plessure with the sonducl of '.be house snd the gentlemanly attentions of the senior heal. To use their own language, they enjoyed all the comforla or home They wore therefore surprised and rquilly gratified at thnr reception at the Eitaw, sudd the gallant proprietor at Niagara appeared and welcomed them to th? inviting halle of his other hotel. Baron Weltorstelt, Ambassador of Norway and 8wedon to the UaMed Slate*, readied tern on Saturday morning, atTompaided by his suite, and has a suit of rooms at the (jilmor llouro. THE RECEPTION IN NEW TORE. TI1E BALL IN THE METROPOLIS. StKPATION AMONG Till CBINOLIKW?ACTIVITY OP TllE MODIbTKS?1MMKN8E BALE OF JEWHLRTi Tb,. yrauJ ball io be given on the Uth to the Prince or Wales hnn done more towards emptying the shelves of city dealer! in dry good! anl Jewelry than the aggregate ball! 01 five seasons could have done. Remote pre^.*ration! have been going on for week! peat; ordera have been given In anticipation or the event, and Paria baa been literally ransacked for novettiee that would enable the fortunate possessors to outvie all other! on thla great oc caalon. Kvin while we write fabric! are arriving more expensive and recArriAe than any that haa yet appeared In the market, to the great delight of the anxioua fashion ablta who have been waiting for their arrival in mingled hope and trepidation. For the next two daya the dreaa makera will have a busy time of It, for these goods have all to be mado up for the ball, and oo such an occasion a disappointment would be equivalent to a death warrant. The storekeepers, calculating on the ball, have given larger ordera for expensive dreaa goods than usual, and we have no doubt the result will be as assemblage of gorgeous dreases yioh at haa never been witnessed In Now York before. No lady srtll permit herself to be outshone on such aa ooeaslon If she can prevent It, and when Impelled by such a powerful motive as the desire for pre eminence what will not New York ladies achieve? They have not sow to contest tne P^m f.t superiority with provincial rlva'a, in triumph leaver whom they could gain no glory, whllo Keen dob at oould throw A aort of halo round their vanquished foe. The struggle cow la among themselves It la s airt of Internecine oonflict, a social slrl'e, In which all the con teatanta are equally aktlful and equally experienced, and la which It will be a difficult thlug for one peraou to attain dtatincllco, and almost impossible to achieve s triumph. Aa every lady understands thoroughly the exigencies of the cane, and shrinks from being over shadowed, strenuous exertions hnvs been made to discover what ?hs has got to oonUad with, what bidden resource! other ladies may possess, what unknown forces they may be able to bring Into the (told, what unsutpeeted means they may have at their dm purs', what untold hopes they cherish anl what pre sumptuous desires they ooteitaia. The exertions need to obtain I l formal ion on these important points, in order to heed (II s dangerous rival, or, rather, the stralacsasa re sorted to, would astooUh the outside public not a little, atd would supply politicians sod warriors with many a serviceable hint on the science of engineering and sirs iff j. The ladies, however, are not the only parties who take any Interest in such trifles for esoh gentleman Is ssiioua that the lady or ladles in whom he takes sa in terest should appear to advantage, and not be eclipsed by eny of their " particular friends " When the bllla come to be fooled ap It wlU be qaito tuns enough to grumble at expense end decry extravagant habits. At the present moment every fini ng Is merged In s desire to do honor to the occasion, and to be la a condition to court scrutiny and to defy criticism. Thin In the duty of the boor; and whn knows bow great the reward may be I? perhaps dancing with the Prince himself. There la no doubt that the Indies who dance with his Royal Highness?oc perhaps, In deference to the royal Incognito, we should my Baron Renfrew?will be the obeerved of all observers, anl thnlr tolleto will at tract more than usual attention. When It la recollected that all the motives to which we here referred, from the love of precedence d >wn to the desire of being equal to the opportunity, tend to the same sad, we seed not won der that Uwre has bven aa unuaaal demand tor expansive goods, and that the only trouble the dealers hnvs had to contend with wot the difficulty of procuring goods rich enough scd elegant enough to satisfy the sxtgsnat tastes of our New Yoik belles. Indeed, on one point, all deal ers agree, via: the higher the pries Us qsieher Us sals. Wr bate seen the materials of which many of Us dresses for the conjog ball are to be made, soma of then heavy moire antique, others o( light gsusy tulle, but all Ue richest and best of their kind. Dark colored moire antiques and watered silks have been bought generally by elderly ladies, and trimmel, as Ury are, with deep flounces of Cbanlilly cr Brute* Is isce.Uey have a look of rich yet quiet ele gasce that will serve admirably as a sober background lor the lighter and gayer colored dresaea Uat will be brought out tu full relief by the myriad gaslights In the A cadi my of Muric oa Ue evralful sight of the ball But the same materials, la light ooiora, have been equally rue ep.u by the young, and, In truth, nothing e mid be more rxqniaite than some specimens we have seen, par ticularly whits watered silk and moire antique, of a dtllrwte /car dc pre Ac color. That every dry gnnde dialer It Ue city has made purchases and givea ordi is of late with reference to Ue lltb ll crldeut fiom a casual tnspccllaa of the goode, and we were not,, surprisei to And in btewarl a a supply that might make the Arm est mind unsettled and the oooiest to 'gmrnt undecided. Oos dress of rich Mag'ute crlra son, worth AIM), was strikingly beautiful. The flounces, which were live la number, ware bordered with booqu'ta of velvet flowers, sot s little apart, sad connected with festoon* resembling lacework. The effect of ttls on the deep-toned ground color was very flue, and the isolation of the hooqn'U, by softening down the cwuberant brilliancy of the de ilge. removed the only objection to which It might he considered liable. The was of the name style as Ue flounces, hut narrowed down to a suitable width This pattern was reproduced In different colors, emerald green, ralr b us, Ac Other styles bad seven flnmces, Ue upper one deeper than Ue rest, ta order to svoid the ungraceful appearance of a frtU round the walat. Another style peculiar and striking was formed of alteir nals stripes of watered silk, pink, blue or green. and white satin spritkM with bunches of glowing flowers. Sometimes Ue watered strips was narrow and Us alter nate one of (Ilk. To our mind Ula was a prettier com binattna, aad one of UIs style, wlU violet stripes ea closing Utekly scattered flowers upon a ground ef swow white teflhta, steer* ue as particularly been I If j1. White metre antiques, sprinkled ever wlU bads sad blossoms, aad divided by narrow lines of Magenta crimsoa, bad a stalely and wlUal a deltrato efleet Tulle dresses, ea brotdrrrd in gold and formed wlU double skirls, hav* been much in request with purchasers of late, and without doubt will reaprear to advantage on the boards of the AraCi my on Friday night Tvere la a kind of airy, f?etirg grace about these lighter Usuries which fully com penestee for their lark of other qnellttea The Yardsabilt has smu g her freight (cms of lb? most costly dreires ?v?r twj cried Into tbj country, which have been bought far the Mtbllikmwt of lerd k Taylor, tad which tba Inexorable Custom Houae affl UU hart not yvt banded over to the oirnero, despite Ibelr urgent entreaties, and tba anilely and impatience of the hundreds of fair eapectacta, who nave been oa tiptoe during the last four or flea weeks la regard to them. There la not a fsshlncable eMabltahmeat la the oily that has not something especial for the ball?either dresses laces, trimmings, tans, (lowers, coiffures, or the hundred and one articles which ara Indispen sable on such an occasion. Among these may be Included opera cloaks, of which Heekmsu has a great vane y on exhibition. They are of different shapes? some with hoods, others with berthas?but the majority ate made In the Arab style, which Is so popular at present In every material. In color Uiey are all alike, bell g invariably white; but this rule Is uct absolute with regard to trimming, which is sometimes white and gold, or cherry color and gold, or white and blue, or Magenta asd white, or, In short, any oolor that a lady may faocy or that will harmonise with her dreM. The clonk, with trimmings and tassels of entire white, will have a decided advantage over tbe mixed colors In agreeing with any, or rather every style of dress and headdress, which must also be taken into consideration, and which might considerably complicate the ditfl cully. In Macy's tbey have some rich and beautiful j Chantilly, Brussels and points d'applique flounces, for ball dresses: point laca of different kinds for trimming, and bouquets and coiffures of rare and niqulslta flowers. Among the goods which have been ahowu to us Tn dif ferent establishment* as suitable for ball dresses, or as baviug been puichase 1 for lhelltb,w* would partlcu larlze a moire antique, of an exquisite flrwr it pedie color, which we saw In Lambert's, and a white watered silk, which we were assured hal been must extensively patronized. All lbs fashionable colors ara produced In this material?Magenta, Marguerite, violets, maize and piacb blossom In the same establishment tbey bad also those while taffetas, sprinkled over wltb bouquets of bright (lowers, and some rich dark silks, with velvet (1 rnnocH, Intended for elderly ladies. We saw hers, and also In Strong A Adrlanco's, while silks, wlih velvet bou quels of tbe stme pure color, which look elegant nod iiu( input. Tbey bovc in tbe last mentioned establish ment some splendid white rep silks, oorn colored taffe tas and white silks, with tiny bouquets of the popular Mage nta color. A OOLI'LN UAKVKST FOR TUB JEWBLLKRfl. During the put throe or four week* the Jewellers here been doing en Immense business Never before wu there sucb a profitable seaiou for them, end ia se me in stances they find It almost impossible to keep pace with the demands that are dally mado lor the rarest and most costly ornaments. One firm alone, that of rtflaoy & Ob , have sold in two weeks necklaces, bracelets, tiaras, brooches, ke , to the amount of one hundred and lifty thousand dollars, while other establishments have como 'in for their share of the golden harvest. The ladles ap pear to have been seised with a sudden mauls for the most costly article* cf Jewelry, and nothing less than dU monds and pearls will satisfy them In the wa?- of precious stones In a former article we dscribed a necklace of diamonds called by the appropriate title of la Htifrt. for it wuone continued stream or brilliants or the purest water, and there were over a dozen ladies In quiring about It: but as It was impwible for tbem all to buy It, there was, as may be supposed, considerable disappointment. However, it may be well for them to know that there are others of s siml lar description now on hand at the same place It is cur ions to observe how eager the fair purchasers are In their chase after the greatest novelties and lateil styles each determined to exceed the others in the costliness and magnificence ol her Jewelry. In fajt it would seem as tr the value cr this now Indispensable portion of their attire were to settle the question or pre eminence, for never was there sucb rivalry exhibited before as has been displayed In the preparation for the great event. Ths Impulse which his been given to the business has also is sugursted s sew era, and we have no doubt tbe time will oome when some of our wealthiest ladies may vie In tbe value and extent of their bfjesderw with some of the wealthiest rf their titled sisters In any of the European courts Fifteen and sixteen thousand dollars for s necklaco Is getting to be quite an ordinary affair, and we Btould not be surprised one of Ibsse days to hear of forty or ilfty thousand dollar* being paid for a full set. In no other dipartment ef manufactures or art is there such variety, or sucb s wide Aeld for the display of artistic tasls and in genuity. It would be impossible to follow the novelties and changes that are constantly taking place la these exqulalte products of human genius and skill, for no matter what msy be said to the contrary, as works of art they are deserving of all the praise that has been bestowed upon them. In tbe establishment already named they have disposed of nearly two dozen diamond brooches, varying la price from one thousand to two tbouaand Art hundred J dollars These are made In every style la clusters, beautl I folly disposed, the brllltsata set so as to flash out their varied boss with every motion of the wearer Some Hin are formed to represent a branch, with buds and leaves, on which tbe brilliants sparkle like the glaacieg rays of the son on tbe dimpled surface of s stream. A brooch, which Is perhaps the most costly thing of tbe kind that will be worn at the ball, and which Is valued at Ave thousand dollars, will -stiract s large abara or attention In the csatre Is s gorgeous Oriental opal,* little over as inch la diameter surrounded by two circles of brilliants, which arc In striking contrast with tbe chameleoa stone Of neck laces the vale was ao lass extensive, and. as ws hive said, they were of the most costly description. Those mate of pearls and dAmondt are In great demand, ana they are tpl'mMd specimens of Jewelry la tbe establishment of Ball, Btank k Co. we saw a diamond set worth twenty Ave thousand dollar*, whiah wsa deservedly lbs cynosure of wondering ayes The bracelet was a perfect U ririere, and glittered and sparkled beneath the light, flashing upon the sight with a brilliancy that only the beat diamonds pas eees. As opal cameo brooch was on# of the sovelties on exhibition at this house, and viewed as a work of art aloae, it waa a perfect gem The opal was sat rcuad with a harder of brilliants, and the whole was about so tneh sod s half Is diameter. This b-ooch was worth twenty five hundred dollars. Another brooch, waa at the same tim# both cbaats and gorgeons, was made so as to rsprveent s branch, with leaves sad buda and pendant sprajs, and wet valued at three thousand Ave b tndrtd dollars It was one of tbe moat deservedly admired or j cameouof the kled which we hare seen There were a number of amethyst earners, which wilt doubtless be much won, as they promise to become fovortle orne moots In ring* the dlnplny was very Aoe. sad there was one with a single diamond which alone waa worth twenty three handred dollars. A sect lac? of pearls and diamonds, a wotk of art of much merit, waa oae of the gems on exhibition at this establishment, and It possessed oos novel feature which renders It particularly appropriate for Ihe ball. This was an imitation of tbe Prlnos of Wales* plume A pretty conceit designed for a brooch consisted of the same | unes, with the wel, known motto, "fch dim *' bereath them. A brooch, with a gigantic carbuncle act round wllh brilliants, was one ef tbe novelties in the Use of Jewelry, and will doubtless make its srpearanes si the ball la headdresses there will be a great display, and tbe same extravagance Is exhibited la Uims a* is other artM-lee of Jewelry. A diadem formed of flower* and leave*, on which glistened Innumerable diamonds of nil fonts and stare, three Ibonean 1 flee hundred dollar* la Burrs' we were shows many nnreltt**. amors which was a bracelet wbl* l. 'worthy of more U>? To? Pt*? or medallion consists of a cluster of diamond., a. d I* about two uad a half Inches In do meter The bo- for surronndirt thu rioter represents a vice made of gold aad enamel and stud led with brilltarta In the centre of tbe clasts, is . brilliant of pernllar beauty Tbe cluster it.,If is cm p* 9+i\ of two which tff? with hr!I Hants, and which are made in re vol re is t vn different dl liftiuzs by as irgcntons mrchacical cotrinnoe similar to the work* of a watch them, wheel. ruB toy two hour, without slopping, and Uie won* can be ? t |? ?~rti -n by a swell watch key. Tbe effect prod ioed by lb* re giving wheels, studded with brlillaata. Is very strtktns The brooches, necklace* aad other orsamenla exhibited'a this establishment were both varied aad beautiful bat It woald be impunstbls In an artlrlt of this length to ate* anything like a detailed description of thorn Our fair readers must therefore rest oontaat for the present with these we have described. It has been suggested la several quarters that as but a very small number of invitations can be tanned to the bell on Friday sight, the Academy should he open for the In spectfos of the outside public, who could thus have as opportunity to Inspect the decorations A nrnairsail* convert on Saturday even lag, with th* hall music has beta ADDITIONAL HTLITART PnitP A RATIONS. BaapyrARTua* Ttnan Rmirasw Hrsum l Nsw Yosa. tMt A, IMS ' In eomplianee with division orders, this regimes! will parade Is fnll uniform (blue trousers), on Thuredey njtcber II, to take part Is the demon** oat km to the I'riooa of Wale* Tbea.ssmbly will be within Madwna park et ten oY'oek A M Tty order of ft Rrooke Pnei'e* Cn' lootl Crtumsndirg Third regiment Hu*e?r? N Y ft u F l.YOf, Ad in tent H*AOQv,BT*m Ftjrv*sTt! Rdotukw, I Wasu'Wco.* lUtfM, N*w Tons.Ot ?, Ism / Purs.set to Aiettion and brigade order*, this regime*! will parade in loll uniform, with knapsack*, on Thursday, tte lllti met The regimeulal line will be formed In Ur-a. JoLt-a street?right oa Broad way?at tan o'clock A. M (promptly) The non commissioned staff officers will re port to the Adlutent on the formation ground Company K, Cait Filer Kail), will receive the color* from th'Oole net'* quarter*, in lime to eacort them to the paradegroan!. The leant r of the bind and I>rum Major and dergAnl Dolor Bearer will report to Oapt Bath tor duty The Held and nut! oilioera will assemble at tha Colonel'* quarter*, in full uallorm, with the rbapeau (mounted), at half pat nine o'clock A. U By order of Huner Boblwick, Colonel Oom niandmg Eleventh regiment GEO A. RAYMOND, AdjutAni. oancaaL oitvaa. so 14 IlKAlMtMKTBka, FirTT-PUTk RSUIMMT, t New Yoke, Oct. 8, 1H60 f Tha regiment will assemble, In full uuiforra, with kuapracki) slutg, for inspectl-in and review, eti Thura day, the 11th li at. Regimental line will ha formed on the Battery at half past t ight'o'clock A M Tue non com nils'If ned stafl and band will report to the Adjutant at the aamc plaoa an.I time. Immediately after luepec tton ibe regiment will join in the parade for the recep tion of hip Hovel Highness the Prince of Wales By order of Eugene Le Oal, Coloorl OommandiDg O. J Hi LA KH.AMERE, Ad|ulanl. ANOTHER PROTEST AGAINST SPRINKLING THE STREETS. TO TUB IIllToH or TUB I1BKALD. New York, Oct 9, 1860 Would It not be well for you to suggest to oar city authorities that If tbey would dlsi>enae with the street sprinkling process on the day of the reception of iBe Prince of Wales tbey would add very materially to the appearance of our military? The Rum pavement, when wet, la very slippery, making it very difficult for the men to march well, ted rendering it a'moat impossible for tbem to koep a good alignment If wa wish the Prince to see our volunteer force, and to form any opinion of them, we certainly with hi n to form a good one, aud, on tha principle that " a stitch in time eaves nine," I write to ycu, believing that a word from \ou would bring the mat ter to lbs attention of tao proper parties, and perhaps prevent the sprinkling, thereby not only adding to Itie comfort of the men, but a'so preventing much disorder anil confusion in the ranks, which other vise must occur. AN OFFICER OF THE FOURTH BRIGADE. THE FIREMEN'S TORCHLIGHT PROCESSION. MKbTIMJ Or IBS 8PKCUL COMMITTBK OF THE BOARD OF FOREMEN AN1> RNUlNBSKd. Tbe above committee, composed of Are members of the Board of Foremen and Eugioeers, met last evening at tbe Chief Ecgncer'a ollloe, Elizabeth atreet, 10 make final arrangemeets for tbe grand parade la honor of tbe Prtnoe of R ale* Chief Engineer Decker presided. It waa reported that about half a doaen visiting com pauita would be preaent to join In the parade. They will be placed on tbe right of the line. The committee decided that tbe line ah all form on Fourteenth atreet, right resting on Tenth avenue. Tbe line of march will be through Four teenth atreet to Fourth avenue, up Fourth avenue to Twen ty-third atreet, through Twenty third Uriel to Mad I-ton avenue, up Madison avenue to Tweuty sixth atreet, through Twenty sixth atreet to Fifth avenue, down Fifth avenue (nais'ng In review before the Prince at the Fifth avenue Hotel) to Fourteenth struct, through Fourteenth atreet to Fourth uveLue, down Fourth avenue to tbe Bo?fry, through the Bowery to Chatham street, through Chatham atreet, around tue lower er.d of the I*aik, and u > Broadway to Union squarr, where they will be dismissed. Tbe line will form at half put aix o'uiock, and tn all probability the proceaaion will trover at eleven o'clock. The Chief reported tbit be had procured sixteen ban fa, and that ten bands had been engaged by various compa niea The oosmittee were ergared up to a late boar in ar ranging tbe procession. Tnere will bo teo divisions, comprising aoiut one buidred companies U will ba published in full by Thursday morning Tbe torches have all been procured, ard will be filled and delivered at the 'I as I? erglne, bore and took and ladder company houses ou Saturday morning. It is Intended Ibat tbe old Fire Department Banner shall be carried In the line by one of tbe companies. rOLICE ARRANGEMENTS. OKhEKAL ORDER FROM ITKADQtTARTERS. Polios Svpei luteudent Kennedy yesterday U?ued tin following order for tbe police regulation* of the Prince'i reception in this city OBKKKAI ORPtR NO 333 Omca or fcnDtiuTWPKjrr or Poi ic?,) N*? York, Oct. 9, lSOO / Okptelo ??, Precinct ?Hie Melropodtau polios force dotailed under General Order No. 233 to perform .-?c >rt end guard duty on the occaeioo of the reception of the himaf Wale* in the city of New Yorlc, on the 11th lent . are erjoucd tu strictly enforce the requirrmeute of the order of Major General Sand ford (General ordere No 6), In keeping all the street! and pU-e* through whti the i or of march exteide clear of ix'opie and re ticles fr in curb to curb In order to aid tbe foroe is the pcrfur trance of their duty, the propr etori of omnI hue line* arr rrquceteu to instruct their drltrere not to go below the Park on Broadway after twelve o'clock dim on tbe day of reoeption. Good order mual be preferred during the imrade, and every person who shall violate it must be Instantly arretted and held in custody at the nearer! etatioo house until after the parade la over, and then d igpoeed of according to la v JOHN A. KENNEDY, 3uperint>ndent. Dak 1*1 Cakpkmtkk, Inspector. ARRIVAL OP THE CUTTER HARRIET LANE. Tbe Vailed Stalei steam revenue cutter Harriet Laee, Dept. John Fauooe, arrived at her aacborage off the Bat lory yesterday morning at one o'clock, hariag been but forty-three hours from Washington, whorv she baa been ta the service of the Prince of Walra. She war formally turned over to the Prlnoe for hie special use by the Preei dent in person, aad will proceed on Thursday morning, at ?even o'clock, to Boath Am boy, to re X'I re tbe Prince, who will arr ire at that point at tea o'clock After the grand ball he will vtatt West Point, aad probably Kiega ton, ta the eutlrr. THE PRINCE OF WALES' RECEPTION AT BOSTON. [From the Baton lilt, Oat ?.) When ten days shall have pastel we rhaJl be la the midrt of a Prtaoe of Wales reoaatl<m, aueh as npprieac ed by many sister ettisasuocraairsly before ua Be rood tbe troll aid review, nothing bee as yet bee.i deOallely .determine 1 up-n . but tbe Kircutlre Oommiilec ere ac tively < rgagoO in praparmg for a celebration which shall redonrd to the credit of the city end all -rd pleasure to the reyai gurrt and ble suite. Tbe distribution of tick ets for the trail will be commenced to day ai the < tB? ? of Ibe treasurer, W. B. Fowls, Jr , No 24 City Kxcbaage. Bw?s t re*-t The demand has been very large Am i g ti? ti,vited guest* are tee Pree'dobt of the Veiled Slot. ?, M il l.ene, peereta-y ths*, Governor of lb e Bri liah Prnvinres, Foreign Mtnlstrrr at tYaehlegl'-n. Far! of Mulgraveard Oner tees of Mulgrare Marquis and I-ady Cbai.dos. h.r Henry Bolland, the Mayors ni K-edrickUio, Pi. John, N B . Balitu Mooireal, Quebec aid Hamilton, Geaeral Trollops, and alwrbflr Fenwlck W'lhams, ths bs ro of Kara, who ta bow commander in chief of lbs army In Canada, and In military re* k is secoou only to the Duke of Cambridge lbs invitations have been oto va rlly limited, anu la thla vicinity only tbe Governor and Mr* B*bke and the Brillab Consul at this port have been Invited Ths rmrmlUee oo Dor rations bare adopted ths de tigi> suNm-rud by Mr Bhnts and Mr Rrstbe wbo have iii.drrtahsn ths work. From a glance at ths work laid out, It rami t fa to give to the Arodetnv a tru'y magn. Srent appealnone It would ?? em Imp weible to sclipa# former efl rls, but money will work wonder* There is to be no use made of hunting or flats, hut velvet, silk, satin arid Boa era. < mployed by an artist, will imparl a novel ann r'ch at p. araarr to th? aodHsrtaM Tie " red wa! a ' are to disappear, aad a French gray will be gleen to u.rtn, * bo h ahetihs lea* light Tbe oorridoee and ra'oois win also be improved In appimrancr, and a large entrance a.ade U tbe fl *>r from the lobby opposite tbe grm rialrcaSO ThW i*tter rdea It a grand one ' - | ? hs'of going d >we l*o Mepe and up three to nam from corridor in ball room the Prlnoe and otbrrs may paaa through a iarnr'tne areb It ths oenlre?is the construe turn of wtiPh de?'rtir.'l<m of the brick wall for a ti 'rt dir'si to oi-h w' he eeqmrril Another admirable eug grstki?we belieee it baa not been adopted as yel?ti that tl ? he*t scents n'tir eobtau able bo engased to paint a repreeebiailiHi of N uk's r t 'rstk for tbe hack. o* far tbrr < i d, of the hall ct?>m Ti e n.i.rt has bur engegep, and Carl Zc-ralin Is to he the ckef g nevAewrw. W'tb <l.e Geriranla Hood 'ner< .?e! to j rlAiy piece* t,i tnore'r hard, frrty ta number, will play tor Ibe | ri n < i>a e et d n.**r to* Tbe foUowttg is a letter Irum ? ?> r veoerable fe!' we'll sen, Don. Ji* ah Uumcy, now lu his e*ghty e'eth year ? I TV .i?wm * l'Aioa leq , and other n embers of tie K*e | ci.ttve t'? n-in itee .>l the ball to be g von tie Trluc* of j Wa ea II Ihir r t. ? Gsrr' rasa? I am honored hy yonr proposal to place , ay nan.t the General ii-n ailt e ol Management, foe which tea ark my nnalts'i* It Mr now nearly If not J nolle Seventy y art emaa I had the honor of j.' Coi.orrt Hall, in Burton, a W>ntry dance w ih the Ihike of hell, the I'm re's g'at. father I Sh nld ester m It a like horof |o unite on a like *??*? oo with tie grw.liea Bsl nattrre per-btbtts, and I mthrnlt It will be im.rwstbl* | ft# B.s to he pr.e* III at th* p'opoeed hal or parti-tpate ' In aey af thenmrte its a agetrent may require But I bigb y approvit g the ti ihut. of respect prop.*..! to be : laid to th* eon oi a sovr r?tga?act mo*e elevstH hy her rank than by ber virtues aad rirmoiary isU'iawor ? I I rradlly plan mi natrr at th< d sp-wal of the f trinities, 1 lb tbe rot i ret ton they prut-ore, rrga'dleg tt bs an honor i and privilege W ith great reepeet, I iv , gentlemen, yo,,r frteno an. servant. JOSI ?H yt 1NVT Brrros UCtobvr 1,1MB | EMRARRAT10N OF THE TRINCK OF WALES. [From the Portiaal Are is. Del | ] W# are informed hy tbe Britten ? * nsul, Murray, that tbe royal squadron ta recelvn the l>iarw of Wales will arrive In Portland on Tuesday, the lflth inst. Tbe aqua dron oonemie of lb* Rent ninety guar, G >m fleymour; Arladre twenty gwne, Cap! Yarstilart Flying Flab, *11 gane. Cotnmai der Oaee.lo be followed hy tdmiralffir Aleiaader Bitae, with bta flag sbtp NI e, ninety on* guaa. and tba My I, of ata gaaa The preaenne of thta float of Rrilisbwa eetmels ta our harbor will he an onrureason of gratt inter*at ta every point of vtaw Aa a mere aaenl die play It will eurpaaa anything hefo-e aaea In our watera. As a token o? Ibe friemdly relatinae etisting between two great nations the event will d*rlvn its cV-f latoraat No such frroe hae ever before entered Arnerinan waters, r\ r*pt with hostile jwrfase Now it rotnea ektending the haad rtf frtet dehto a* d hi-epeaklng the co'tlrallon of t ltd y fer'tnsr Ir-t ua bail It aa aueh, and do mir tad to ytrlprorate the frhudly manifrstit-on* I Is moot teat lb** priq.le ot the tan f.eea at d great-at rations on earth ahmxl r I'tivate those soiieahie rr'allons whisb a cm-mow -r i,i? a n?nm l?> roage aud common In. Pr*?ta torch t to be -mr doty, aa we have no doubt It wttl bear mtn b 'h< plrast ro Ol onr pt'-plc do. OPINIONS AT HOME. TBI KBW TOU S4LL TO TH> miNOI OP BALM UT Ax kkolub romr or tiiw. [From lk? BoMon oorrespoBdenoe lo the London Peai.| &miu*. Sept. 11, 1*00. "Tbe aristocracy of New York oily" are preparing I* 0tve the 1-rtnoe of Wales ? Tory "ozoluaire" reosptlen at their ball, wkiok la to Uko piaoe on the 13lb of Ooiomp. Tbey bare a committee o 400 peraoim, oho pay $T0 eaoh for the privilege of exclualveu -m, in return for which ???Y to hare seven tiofceta a piece, which tbey are la give to Whom they p ante; hut a scioot committee will decide upon the admissibility of the pomooa who ehaU be favored with t lob eta. Ike number of pereooa at the bed 1* limited to 3,COO, ao that the "free lln" will contain but SCO name*. It ia ectimated that the total espaaditar* will eiceed bair a million of doll*?, and that the display of jewelry and ao forth will eareed anything of the kind ever be lore aeon in Amsrim. Provided there ahail be we tawdrtueae thia will be all verv well, but for a long time ta come America muat be behind even necoud rate European count rue in such dlaplaye; but the can ahow aa in any beautiful women as any othar country, and with thea* any ball ia aura to be a aucoeaa, if it be oa a audi,neatly large beale. Tbey can do things well in New York whea tbe leaders of good society rhnos* to act, and I bt-liev* that ibey have the lead on Una oocaaton. They have "good families" there, too, which not only have existed tbrorgh two centuries of American life, but who know fiooi whom they sprang, in Holland, England or Prance. The Revolution dtelmyrd some lamilira there, but other* Survived the storm, and have ever biter iiouruibed. The mare of wealth, however, la In tbe ban la of new men. moat or whom are not New Yoikera by birth. I at* not aware tbat anything baa becu done in do*ton with regard to tbe Prince'a visit; but then, we are not ao "loud" a* our New York cotemporaries, taking matter! more quietly than ibey take tbem. Tbey tay that we take every thing "hard," which may be true, aa there is some thing stiff about Boston society, which is probably what tbey mean. There will he a bail here; but ou tbe whole we tball proceed quietly, aa It la understood to it each Is lbs desire of tbe Prince and tbe gentlemen who aocoaa pany him. Ue will visit Cambridge, bat by request then* will be no display at that plaoa. THE OTHEB PRINCE. Prince Alfred at the Cape of Oo?d Hope, (from Uie Iiond >o News, 'M ] Wf announced j estei day the arrl. al at Plymouth of Um mall steamship Phoebe from the Ci|ie of Good Hope, her dates being eitnoti'a Bay, August 21; St. Helena, Aug. 80; Aicenctou, Sept. 8 The most important ever l in the Cape colony history for the past mouth baa barn the visit of hi* Koyal High Bees Prince Alfred, as we have already staled The Kury alus arrived in Mdiod'i Bay on Tuesday, the 21th iuly, and tbe Prince landed and made a public entree into Cap* Town on the following day, attended by hia Ktendency the Governor, Sir George Grey, Major Gjwell, and tna Lieutenant Governor, General Wynyard. The welcome which gneted bis Asyal Highness on bis arrival, on hid ? audit g. and throughout hit tonr through the colony had bdM < I the bom eore tat and en thus a-ti ? character; Krg llakmec, Dutckmtn, Malays, Mozambique* and Hotten tots nr .ting in the most perfect ha. nnony in a long n nts of r'ght loyal rejoicings. Poring the Prince's Mav at Cape fowu be \ mited erery objert of Interest In tbe town nnd neighborhood. Tbe voluuteers and regulars were reviewed in bin presence, ano a sham per formed. The last three days wero devoted by him to aa esctirs < u through some of the most productive, romauito nr.d historically interesting dis'rictsof theoolooy. On the 2<i of August bis K yal H gbness left for Algoa Bay, scci npauitu liy tbe Governor and I.vutei ant-Governor. He laro sd lu Port KHzsbcth on Ins birthday, August 8, reached fimhani p Town on thr 0th, was to*ho at Vital before the 1st of September and was expected back to Table May by tbo 3d. At the Pearl. D'akenstetn, and S.ellethorrh, he wes received by th.- aeacendauU of tha old Puirh settlers and French refugees with a most hearty and enthusiastic welcome. Since then ac counts had reached Cape Town of his progrean through Port Elizabeth, < raham'a Town, Fort Boan fort, snd King Wilham's Town, the capita! of tha L( w ly constituted colony of British kMParla. Tha Urinsh population, which preponderate la.gely m tboaa frci tH r towra, bail beeu enttuslaitic in Ita loyalty. Toe 1 witch firmed, so far tf it exists as a distinct element at ad, w is equally demonstrative ; while tbe native races of kudus, fiugo a, and Hottentots had Joined with heart and relet in every movement tc do hoc or to the Prinoe. K-*tn Katfrirla th? royal party bad crossed the frontier ,nd pr. ccd.d to fiaafifulapd, to gratify the old sage,and leitVul vhitf Muthesh with an wKrvit-w. Thence tnev were to y?ti through the independent Batch republic, the Orstge Iw stem, where though they would meet with rough boon, tbey were llktly to meet with ? moet hos pitable navtlon. the Free Plato Voikerend having fire* c?rte blanche to Prvtorious to speou as much money M he phased In colebrsttrg the Prince's visit be) on?l the Orange river. Hit Koyel Ht?bn?-*s ni daily expected there whea the yoet kit (Acgun 10). From tbecoe the royal party wt re to enter Natal, traveree it downwarda to the eea, and en,barging on b< ard the Eury alus at D'Urban, return te Caje Town about the 8<b September. Some doobta were being expretaed that tbia latter part of the programme? the p-o ceding to Natal overland?would be carried oot, from letter* having been rec?l?eO by the aethorltlee la t?l? Town a luting tbat the I'rtuoe and party might be ex pected to return on the 1st of September However, ex no orders have been received countermanding the ar rangement*, theaa dnubta appear grouadleaa. The Ltea lenuot Governor and hia a tail worn not to aooonaptay the royal party farther than King William's Town, bat U return tbecce, imberk on board the Ruryalua, leaving for Natal, thero to abide the arrival of the Prions by the overland route; and by the last aononnta the Kurytluc wee gone to ber destination. Dr Charles Mor ton, ten lor aratatnnt anrgeon of the Kmya ua, waa In at Untfecoe on bin Royal Highneae for tba tour. The Oape papers are filled with glowing aoooutile of the variose ;ff?, balls and revhewa given, and tbe address*! presented to tbe Prince aJorg his route. The usual number of per aoaal aneodotca of tbe royal youth are also given, the moat popular one being that of e back hunt on tbe Amettrdam Flats, where the Prince rode foremost Is the rinse, proved himself a first rale rider, sad aent bank the game, two bucks and soma bares, to tbe Eurynlus, te i b? er the mess room ot hie brother midshipmen The Intcrtft felt in lbs rrince abivrbcd everlhlng else; hli visit to far bed been e brilliant enooeee. Oe bin retire to Cape Town be waa to lay tbe foundation atone of tbe eeer breakwater and harbor works for Table Bay. It waa h bappy arrangement, tbat Ibis was to be achieved by the tailor Prince m toe tame week, or thereabouts, as that te ? blch his eldrr brother was to open In Canada tbe great Victor la bridge serosa tbe St Lawrvuoe. Tba Prtnoe waa aire to lay the foundation atone of a netr sailor's borne, both itouee to be laid with full Mm on 10 boson, the Masonlo bo ty he? lug provided for the leUer ocaaau* a trowel of pare gold and of exquisite workmanship la addition the Pr?nce waa to InaTgurate tba new pa Whs library building by laying oa Its abe vee the first book, h mtgatOceaii) illuminated edition of tbe New Testament, presented by Mir George Grey There was also h be t armd carnival, ball, Ulemiratton, and regatta, on the Prince's retnrn to Onpe fbwn Tbe follow tag la lbs ed-trcss which, on tbe 17 th of Ju'v, was nrrrested by tbe Prcaldcnt and members of the 1 eg lelatlvc Council The deputation constated of Sir W. Hodges, President; the Hon Bcera Stem, He Roubalx, U. C Jarvla, J II WtrU end IV TTet. Mr. CI W/lde, Clerk of (be U uuoi:, and the I'tbei of the Black Rod. the ft lie wing waa tbe adCrvts ? May it please your Royal Higbncea?We, tba Pre*'dent and members of tbe Ugtslatlve Council bvg rcapdMfuUy to tender ycur Royal Rrghiese our hearty welcome oe the *opj incus ocraaion of your visit to the colony of the Chpr of Good Hope But while we congratulate your Royal Hghiesa oa your safe arrival amoegst ua, ?e abo ifirr, thr?cgh yoc, our bearUsll aoaaow IrdgmoLt for tbe ktod oontlderatlna of her must gracious Mayeety tbe vueen. who has been plana id to parmtt a member of ber family to take a leading pert, t-u U e Haunt ?borra cf Sou thorn Afrca, la tba Inne guratfoe of a great public work, and thus to glva, as It wrre, a new impulse to trade, commerce and it i aarnn yodi Royal IIgWae that we duly appreciate si y ratify It g an act of condescension. and that It wll materially contribute to Mtmnlat" the people of IhlB cr.Auyr to rravwed exerts** for IU advancement and priapirtly In arkr.owicgtrg, tn lb* pvrwuo# of one of the iiya! family of F-rglaPd, in va -able boon conceded to this colony of a coestitottrm fhutdrd upoa the basts of that to univiisally ? i-joye 1 and m?|"?etrd by the people cf lb* tncihu' country, we bumbly and reepantfully trust t'ai the eotdlttor, po'lll-a^ ar. * a', of ILa whole I - |uli,to?i will prove to your Roy el lllgbn*** that we tare not altogetbir neglected the Irutl couil led to ee, ai.ri Itat ?< kio" b a t" appreciate the hrneOte thereby p.itfvrrrd upep tfcla col >oy We ka'l tbf villi of your Royal Higbnrva at tbe pewM momett with more particular satisfaction oo eseouet of tbe I'cul ar altvn'bj.n lurly to be derivd by yoa from Itc rvperirrcv yow will acquire durl'g your Royal Iligb tiss' t< er through the provinces, acrompenled by oar i.iui b esleetmd loivetnic, Rlr ti * rge '? <?> Trusting ir ei ibr -gb th* t? slog of lev ?? Prorldeuce. yoer Itral H'gt.fv* way evperleece health and happiness eur it y> ur scpsora an>oeg?t u?. we e o'd fan boi* that y? o p, <y h* n i*i' *a* d nidi our loyalty add attaoi.fsenl u> ibe ilfl'irj ibi -' Hat ali c.wwr?<?( euavvar c< r *r r-*Mi>- are rr r*c ti# of ibe boo r th'.a e*>nferr?sl i c ibr m by a vte.l of a rvpsceeptative of the royal famt ly n' Great Britain, under wboac wlte and beveu.ieut go vrr'ii t it $ ro .nlrr ha? grAdi t'.y p> yrm.-ed and r.B|>*<i tbe edrantaget ??' rr*c* riflltlit n. the rrp v'msc'e by Uie Royal HigSneee was as Ib4 .<r?S ? Mr . Its. ii-axT asn Gaavimuv?I vbeak yon for yew g is vt.rv that 1 may Mj..y uath and bsgpi?'* <??? U c n.y erb-re invngst yon, and feel gratefol ?'r ibe l"ar;iamrat ane p*"Pt* r'f this eooalry trr h.iv ;? kit" l> iparvd so raerttowt to se cure f r n.e I bops, with y >u. that I may ? rr te ctflvleg tbai ad-sttage and experleaoa rrom my i .a Una coliey wli-oh It aeema so we? oalrilated to all ad m kill erurce <rf gratlfioalton to me that r et Rail el y the Que*r ha* app-oved of my taking a lead leg part m tb* iraegritatl.-e of the brew* ?a'? r ab -ul t-v be <- re merer a te Table day, as I ?b*ll tbn* be abw te iderilfy myself mor* -Ireviy witb the peopfo t?f this o.ln ny aha bar# mv.vui' me so warmly, and *bee aitae tinnate -egard for tbe (>ieee I eball bar* g?**t rleaaorem inak'rg knows Ui her Ma)aety ALFRRO Tbe municipality of tape Towe also preeeeted aa ad rSnsa. in wblch they aatl ? Tbe three great efotoeotr wbieb form the i*?aa of oer (reoplr ran not bat regard yoer Royal Highness with pe culiar latcrrSt Tbe dteora laiiU of the T reach rrfw. g?ee vrnerete In the perrm of your Royal High ? ? as, tbe deeeeadant cf Uie H v*? of Rrnnswirk tbe bel wark of retlgmwa liberty, wbile tbe d"-sneer"ante of the f Hew eountrymee of He Kayter end Blake, el Nelson Bed Tr- my>, of Ta/man ard Co*b will ba'l the sailor prlxce who ha* eeleeted <nr the srepe of hta future career MM field le which KiglBad net Holland made tbentealvea free sad healthy at home, and feared as a rea parted abroad. The*-ibrre elements are now happily united In one geeeroee peop'e. flourtahipg ueder the beetge sad fue terlrg care ot Uie British crown. TV l'riuce reed tbe followisg reply ? f>eoll*mr i,?I thank you for your eordla! woleoma The '.our will bear with pbexnre cf your loyalty and anee tion ar d cf vnor grnteh I arknowledgewve' te cf the nap piresv ai d pin?|*ritv wbub her rule bae secured foe ymv I b j? it n ?. pro'i >ai< carter that I may ?uc ?ed la I Id. r rg r-r.' ?r?v -e 1 I be Queer and to mrocoilry, ard this I ab.all rlriv* to do , , TTf |M? K^rrffCf IT>> PfTf^ ** * Piltopte cf i'eautJlriitfoftf all ow ibi

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