Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 10, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 10, 1860 Page 5
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THE SLAVE TRADE-THE ERIE. VM DtftMluto iUfaM to fee Swarm u Wlttmii. UNITED STATES COMMISSIONER'S COCET. Before Uommiaeiooer Morell. Oct ?.?1*4 VniUd Stales m. Gordon, Wmrrm and Hail?Tne sximtsatloo of Lieut. Dunnlngtou wm ro MM4 by the United Bute* District Attorney:? Title beadle of pi pen (prodnetd) wm headed to me by Obptalo Gordon, of the Mohican, when I took ehnrge of the fote, Obpt. Gordon etnted to me that be had found them en bonra the Erie; be (eld one of the paper* wm a clear, aaoe of the ihip from Havana, and that Math in I?1 Gordon wm earned therein m maater: i took thla receipt tor the dell very. Q. During the forty odd deya that the prisoner* were with yon on board the vessel did they, or either of them, My or signify to yon that the Erie wm not owned by Amsrtsaae, or that they themselves were not Americana, or that they ware serving involuntarily en board I A. He, sir. Ooss examined by Mr. Jeaohlmeeea?I have been oa the African station about five months and a half; had never before been on the West ooMt of Afrtoa, I have not had nmay opportunHlee of areing how the slave trade Is car ried on: the slave trade te front the Odd ooast to 6 deg. sooth of the line; thla embraces the mouth of the Oungo te the south; the trade Is carried on there; we did not etaaoe the Erie; we ran to her; she wm going on her noturse; we fired a blank cartridge; she obeyed the call: she wm ordered to heave to, and she hove te; I boarded her alone; there wm no raeietanoe to me; but there wm oome reetstan ?; thla wm not done by either of the three prisoners, I don't know where this man U; I made no Inquiry m to her cargo, nor to where she wis bound; of tbeee l 1 have never seen My of tbeee three men before moetlng them on board of the Erie, 1 do not know what Mr. Hall wm doing when I came onboard; I do not know what Mr. Warren wm doing when I came on board; Mr. Gordon wm approaching me from towards the cabin, and aMed ma to go In tho cabin; In the cabin I saw six or eight men; they were seated about the cabin, apparuutly doing nothing; I bad no conversation with them at that time: I do not speak Spanish or Portuguese; I did not aak Mr. Gordon to my eaythlng to them; I did not make pri soners of tbeee persons; tie iMt I saw of them wm on boerd the Mohican; Mr. Gordon did not refer me to Don Imatnel; I never beard the name before; be did not at that time give sse the name of any one; coming home on one occasion I wm speaking of a well dressed man aboard, and be then told mo that wm the captain or tbe vessel; I asked him why be did not sty so on board ship ' I din't remember his answer, bat think he mid that wm not his buslines; I did not see Gordon occupied about the ne grots: I do not know whether Mr. Gordon was on board the Er.e when the negroes were brought oo boari, I don't know bow the negroes came on board; I do not know wblcb of tbe men oo board the Eric claimed authorlty over tbe negroes: Mr. Gordon did sot elaim any over tbem; my conversations with Mr. Gordon ware In no ways in reference to his oon auction with the Erie, but general conversations about the trade; be spoke of tbe ooarae of tbe Erie, not of the eouree be bad taken; u the oourse of conversation I be lieved that it wm not the course he had taken, but what the ship bad made; it wm tho usual mark of the track of a ebip's oourse; there were s great many courses on the chart, and they could have been made out without his aislstance; all I know about Hall wm tbal I think that he was at tbe halyards when I came, and that when 1 came bark to the Erie 1 found him drunk: 1 had htm put In alngla Irons to have no trouble; ho claimed a cheat of clothes and a qua Irant which I uqpd to bring the ihip borne with; I have no knowh-ge that that quadrant wm used on board of the Erie; this note was found by oae of tbe prise crew, saying that It was found In Hall's bunk, where he slept, Neither Hall nor Warren Claimed any authority over the negroes He direct?Never spoke to Hall about this note; t don't think he knew that I had U; Hall wm dressed m a sailor, er m a mate might be dressed; Gordon told me that he wm s passenger; Warren never told me, nor did Mr Hall; they did not say tbat they bad nothing to do wllb tbe ne grots, nor that they were not on board Ibis outward pM sage, nor whs: they went to Africa for: I do not rcmcm bar whether dates were on the chart; I understood it to be bar outward track CVcm examined?Tbe climate hM the reputation of being very sickly ? I found tbe quadrant and a chronomo for, compasses and chart, loyttne and MCmd glasses, lead lines and lead; ship wm otherwise very well found; I saw the clearance from Havana, and her name on Mern and quarter and the flag; beyond that I do not know anything about her; la eon vernation he said be had beon raised there, and apoke of hie childhood; did not my that he wm born there; I don't know anything about It, either m to Warren or Hall: In talking about iuitrunoooU, Gordon told me teat they had taken the ship's sextant on board tbe Mohican. The District Attorney proposed that each of tho prl nanus should be examined end sworn m a witness on his own behalf, according to practice before State msgts teniae. Ibis wm not assented to. Tbe District Attorney proponed to examine Hall M a wit sees against tbe otbers. Tbe oath beiog tendered to Hall, he mid >-"1 cannot ?wear aa a prisoner." Tbe oath being tendered to Warren, he declined being a witness against himself or against the others Tbe oath bring tendered to Gordon, he declined being s Witness Agairst himself or agalusl the others Pending tbe consideration of these questions, tho Coaa adjosmed to the 19lh Inst., at IT M. ?bit for Broker's ComatMlons. suriuuix count?cincurr. Before Hon. Jndge Sutherland. OCT. 9,?Jnhn 3. Christy t* Char Us R. Phillips.? This was n suit fcr broker's commissions on an alleged ?ale of five brown stone houses In ftilrty fifth street, be tween Second end Third avenues, In this olty. The plain tiff proved tbat In Jnly or August, 1859, he wm solicited by tbe defendant to sell bis property In Thirty fifth street for HI MO, 990,044 of which should be cub, and the balatoe 999 600 by the purchaser Mtumlng that amount of mortgages on them. After varioas negotiations and endeavors to Mil be told defendant he could not sell for blan at that price, b ut advised him to trado, and for that purpose in:reduced him to Dextar B Br, t too, who pro Lrvd to give la trade some Kaol n sto-V and some Baaver m mortgages, and rub In amount about SVX) IV Mock wm valued by the parties at f 13.000, aa 1 the Bra ver Dam mortgages at 93 H00 To at various papers were drawn ucttl tbe 11th day of December, IBM, when the defendant wrote a loiter to Mr Briitea, proposing to take the Kaolin stock e* suggested, also the Beaver Dam mortrsgee, an: the balance in cMh. The letter eontaloed e stipulation that it sboeld be aooepted In two days The plaintiff, to show fclg acceptance, proved that Mr BrlUon by bis dlraMina, put tbe acceptance In tbe Tost offlsi, dl reeled to Mr. Humps, at New York. He also proved thai Mr. Phillips told Sim when be wanted to eiamuaioete with htm to do it through the Poet office. Upon this proof, and also of a tender oo the part of Mr Brlttoe. the plelatiff rested the care. Mr. McMaboo tor tbe defence, moved for a consult on the ground ?1 That a broker ol real estate wm not an tilled to commissions unless a sale war eflacted through bis lantruasentallty. 2 That la this ease no sale wm proven, because tbe acceptance by Mr Brttton of Mr. Phillips' propositi m wm not received by, or common looted to, Mr. Phillips with I a tbe two days stipulated in Mr. Phillips' letter. After argument by Mr Dyolt, for plaintiff, the Judge agreed with Mr. McMahoa. and .itsmissed the plaintiff's complaint, holding that the direction given by defendant to plaintiff to commoalcrte with bta through tbe Poet office wm lataoAed to be ger ?J to plaintiff. and sot to authorise blm t* direct ? the areeptaace should be ruoslved or rat. Judgment for defendant of dk Prrrcail lal?lll|ta(). Kx-Got Wright aad family, of Naw Jersey; Clpt Par rr.of the United States Nary, R. C. Deryaa, of the nited Slates Army, uit f. C Whiatoo aad Dually, of Boetoe. are stopping at tbe (It. Heals Hotel IV J G Holland, of Springfield, Haas . Ohpt MapleioB, of Ft i toad. CM* Hudson and C U. Tarn ball, both of the lulled States Army, and ft. R luyler.of Savannah, aro Stepping at tha Brrroort Hoase I) Rtrhardron and wife, aad K K Halt, both of Tens; C. H Conning. of Albany W. Dawaoa aad F Walter both of Fagtaad, and C. l uster and wtfb, of Pastes, are stepping at tha Fifth Arecue Hotel. Hh>or 8. H. Wabb, of Ohio; Dr. J. R Hellen of Washing tea; Edmaad Walker, of England; Dr. 0. milaroll, of Rag j Harbor. Dr. Butter, of Hartford, Own , Dr. George Chard'er, of WorOMttr, Man . aad C O Chapta, of Hpr'ngftcld, are stopping at tbe Metropolitan Hotel Ooi. Hoffman of tbe United Statea Amy. and fatally ft. 8. Howard and lady, of Burlington. J. W. Taylor, of Bnet-m; M Hiont. of Vermont, K Kpealdlag an I lady, af Boaton. E. Harbor, of Vera Crua. aad C Nelson, of Alabama, were among the arrivals at the lAfarge Boose yesterday. SgnoraOerdnaa. from London; I,tent. HcOnoh, of West Point; WOUarn II I atllps, of Washington; C R Sword. ' of New Hamburg Rev A. B AtkUit, of PhllaMpbta Hrs and Mtea Mofhnley, from teyraut, Egypt, and W Wolaott. of Parrlagton, nolo, are stepping at the In Wo Plane Hotel. A R. Gaalt, bo . Inspector Doners! of the British pro rinses of (forth America; Gereral Wool aad Major . Rfiragoe. both of U?. l a,tod Stater Army, Chancellor Walworth aad wife, of Saratoga Spring* Judge A lea, of Otwrwa: Jedge Ratallff, of Albany. Alfred E'y, af R*-h#r tar; Jol'ua MotIm ana w?re, of Buffalo; nermrs Or-p* aad wtfb, of ffcimdatpkte, an I R B ,J*we?t, ?f Uarkww N T , are stepping ?? the St Rlnhotas Hotel Cbernlier Huisrmaa, Austrian Minister to lha tVtei "l A it tan c. r Baring, of I/wdoo t M Perkma j 'nmtly, of Hlasisslppt, Judge F"ote. of Genera , m A Ommo, of Kaglai.d. Dr. T. U Henry aad bmliy.of Rymeuae Rer. John Hsoglaa and busily and Dr. f, ParSrr, all of Charleston, 8 C ; J Bwrwood, oi i Lsadoa, Fngland, Pedro P. Ortlx aad wife, from Wash , tattoo A. H. Ilarta aad wife, of Keetorky W II Pro fteldaad wtft.of FalrtteU, (tea Klmberley, af New Ha l ren IV. S. P. Tackermaa, of Boatea, aad J. Ealton, of | Lsadoa, Faglaad, are (topping at the Chweadoa Hotel. General Hiram Wnlbrldga left tha ally yeoterdar, tor s few days, fbr Washington, la aoaanueaee of the literal of his father la that atty. *? ttlnw ned Hen. l. T. Wigfnil sad rami ly, were la Wsahlagtea an Hsaday Hon U Payette 8 Foster, United Rtates Rsaater from OanasMWat, was awirted sa Thnrodny of laat weak, by Bar. Dr. Masoa, of Dostea, te Miss Martha P baton Tea of the bride's brothers aad ? later*, all mar rtad, ware present at ths oarrmoay with their fbmlUas Damsttls at laooil Amw. bow a Maw lUxrearaa. Vnaaowr ASP UABio*.?Tbe man at work on the White Moaatams read warn drtroa off aa Friday September II. by aboet sis laehee af snow aad bare eleaed their labors fbr the asaaaa. Saaw fell hi oe?idmabla a ana title* oa U,nt day on the line of the Grand frank Wit way. bstwsta lalaad Pond. Torment, and Aetoa Oaaada. piaras mora thaa a hundred miteaawteat Warn each Other. There was a t?'\ nf saow at Prasqoe Ma ? tha rib af Saptembsr Baprtmi Court?General Term, '"???i Itoo. Judges BulhirUnd, Bonney and Lvonord Oct I.?This morning Uto following doe it ions were ren dered:? Sara* Pbnyth, administratrix and Jams* R. Jessup, ad missistrator, with the will annexed ot Doaglss Forsyth, do erased, appellant, vs Jthn T. Rathboue, executor, ka ,and others, respondents ?The judgment of the Qpeclol Term, to far as It holds the wlH is all respects legal and valid, to be nod I Sod and, In all other respects, affirmed, with out eoots. Opinions were delivered by Judge Sutherland and Judge Bonney. Wee. K Howland and nOurt M John O DonneQ? Judgment tor the plelotifre upon the verdict, with oosts. Aaron Leggett and UKers, appellant. M Henry Wyckoff and othert, respondent?Judgment on the report of referee affirmed with coets. Joseph Noble and othert, appellant, to. 7homos B Brown, respondent ?Judgment reverted; order of reference re called and new trial ordered at the Circuit Court, with coets to abide the event, unless the defendant, within ten days, stipulate to reduoe the amount of the ntooverv to *2 MO, and, In that case, judgment affirmed, without coets. Michael Q Minor ts. William J Burling ? Judgment of the Justloe In summary proceedings reverted, he , with costs Opinion by Judge Boouey. Englehard Greggol* and .then M. John Ackly?Sam mar f proceed inge before the Justice affirmed. Opinion by Judge Bonney. Alexander MellriUe. Jr , resvomlmt, vs. the American Benefit Building Association and othert. appellant*?Judg ment of the Special Term affirmed, wiuic wts Opluion by Judge Bonney. Sutherland and Bonney for affirmance; Leonard dissenting. Edward T Boyd, respendent, m Samel OoU, apptl laal ?Judgment reversed, verdict set aside and new trial ordered; ocsU of the appeal to abide the event Opinion by Justice Sutherland. Frederick H. Macy, appellant, ss. Henry J Overman and Anumio Pdlitier, respenlent* ?Order ol June 4, 1868, at the Circuit, setting aside the verdict, affirmed, with $10 coeIs to the defendant. Oamtliu* V. L Roosevelt, appellant, re. Fremcit Uopkint and Jamet N Crstui. respondents?Judgment an the re port of the referee affirmed, with oasts. Jtidor I.aruUenj and Morrit* Mendheim, appellant*, is. the Magnetic Tileyrapk Ihmpany. retpondent*.?Judgment on report of reretee affirmed, with eoets. Opinion by Justice Bonney. Frederick P. Jamet, Administrator, etc , of Oeoroe R. Baker, deceaeed, retpondent, el Thomas Adamt and Jama McChemey, appellant* ?Judgment on me report of the relVree affirmed, with aoste George Pameray and othert, retpondenti. is. Ansel R Cobb and othert, appellants ? Molina denied, without ousts. The People ex rel. Ike Bank of the Ctrmmon wealth, ap pellants, ts. the Oomrnittionert of Assessments and Twos if the city and county oj New York, respondent.t?Judg ment of ihe Special Term affirmed, with casts, opinion by Jadge Bonney. Jama B Wilson, Trustee, <6* , respondent, re. Anne Stryker, appellant?Or lor dtnylug motion to diaso've in junction affirmed, with $10 ousts. Hoe ace V Clajtin and others, appellants, m Rufus San get. respondent? Order of the Special term affirmed, with $10 cools. Gutter land dissenting The People ex reI Henry A Weeks, appellant, es. John Mwtn, Brigadier General, respondent.?Appeal dismissed, with $10 costs, fur Irregularity. Before Judges Sutherland, Bonney and Mullen. Bartolnm* Blanco, respondent, rs lheooare C hoot* and Daniel D M?v impleaded with others, appellant* ? Judg meut of Special Term reverted and the amplamt ss against the appellants dismissed, with oosts. Charles T Clafin and othert. respondent. es The far mers' and CUisens' Bank of Long Island, appellant.?Order or 29lh of November, 1369, mod lied Is relation to me Tilt proposed amendment, and In other respecti affirmed, without eosts. Atari Akin, appellant, is. Albert R. Blanchard, implead ed. stc , respondents ?Judgment of Special Term reverm-d, new trial ordered, with costs to abide the event. Opin ions by Judges Rnnney and Sutherland Charles Dsvelin, appellant, ss. James B. Brady, respond ent ?Order nf Special Term affirmed, -with $10 ousts. Opinion by Judge Bonney. Edward M Sheffield, administrator, Me , of Charles H. Ooates, respondents, vt Warren lie man and Ransom Be man, appellants ?Order of Special Term affirmed, with $10 casta. ffirphen P Wash and others, trustees, Me , appeBan', as. Samuel Wet more and John Cruder, respondents ?Order of Special ^rm affirmed, with $10 ousts. Opinion by Judgo Bonney. Egbert Dening, trustee, dbc , respondent, ts The New Fork Marble Company and others, appellant* ?Ordur of Special Term affirmed, with $10 ocesa. The Artisnms* Bank. iwonwtn MMTfNO OF STOCK HOl.riFRa REPOLU TIONS FXS8KD ASKING CRflS DEI'OUTTOIUI TIHK TILL THk 8TB OF JANIAKY NEXT?Till DEI'iMITOES TO ?IVE TI1RIR AH8WKK T1U8 MOHN1KO. An adjourned meeting of the stockholders was held at ?ve o'clock yesterday afternoon for the purpose of re cetvtrg tbe report of me committee appointed to confer with tbe dep.adore on tbe extension of time for the winding up of tbe afialrs e| the bang, In order to sare the expense uf appointing a receiver, h W. Spiers uuau pted the chair. Colonel Rwliard lathers, from the committee, pre ?ented a report, on wlPch tbe following resolutions were based, and pasard without much discussion-? Whereas, from the report of me r, unm ltoe presented to ibe mceto g of the stockholders of the Artlsana' Bank this day. It ap|?ars that tbe bark bos assets sufficient to meet all Its ohllgttiene to depositors, and If a reasonable time tie allowed for lh? ir collection, and tbe collections be jodlcImisly attended to, to make a dividend to the (ti rkboUJf'e, ard, whereas, If the bank should wiad up tin own alfalis without a receiver, theee reaulla would he rractu d with grtalrr certainly at an earner day aad without the loas ?r expense nf receivership, It Is Kecolved, ss tbe opinioa of this meellng, That it would be tbe most advantageous oourae for the depositors, as well as tbe stockholders that the bank shsul l wind up ltak>wi>|sflalrs, without going Into lite hands of a rocolrer, ai d to that red that we recommend to the depositors to take lbs sports! measures for the realisation of the assets of the bank, and to tlir creditors to coruwnt la writing to the exteneh n of time till th# 8th of January nest on their claims. 7 .at to carry out this plan we request the officers to maks arrangements to raise Immedtatoiv Irom I he statu of Hie bank euffioknl money to pay the prissnt aooaa Iury obligations. Tt.e meeting was then adjcorded to too o'claok this morning, and the depositors specially Invited P> attend, for the purjmso of ascertaining whether they concur with tbe issuilntthiet Tfc? Ntw York Canal Rtrtiita-IUIl la rrt m'i fourth war* to Srptemb.r,^Bo 8121 141 tt Do. do. 1568 71.142 03 Incraai* la 1500 840 Ml 44 lion III ol September, 1M0. $408,616 M Do. do. 1880 846,280 41 laereaae la 1800 8884,288 00 row enactor or aartfatlon to aad including llr 30th J Hrpb-m bar, 1808 $2 083 411 01 um IIBO la 1848 1,140,621 04 tMMW la 1880 8MB,888 88 Three ltd* water ofllaes from ibo opening of Dcvlgcttuo to ite lot of (xtoMr, 1888 8840$10 If tee time to I860 184,246 88 Tncrenre la 1800 884,214 TT ttoflhln otfoe from the opening of navigation to Oct 1, IPSO 8804.888 02 tee time la 1568 878,888 88 Inrre?M la 1880 $431,000 IS Oawrgo and Pharnlx offWe from the opening of nar If alien to Oct. 1,1800. 8878 881 Tt Name time in 1862 161,808 87 Increase la 1480 8218,047 78 Champlala Canal from tame liana to Oct. 1, 1840 888 008 T8 tee time la 1848 72,628 88 terrenes la 1840 813878 lVllllaaiibarg citjr Fl a we. Penaaeta Hnn"M ?Oa Monday alfbi William Caa amctiam, who Ilvt* to tmltb street, while la a Mete of Intel; rat ion, beat hla whe an severely that h< r reoovvy ia doubtful He waa brojbi before Justice fatten pee terday mnraltf, aad at the woman remained in a pre carictw elate he wae remanded tor farther examination FINANCIAL ANO COMMERCIAL. Trsmur, Oct. 14 P. M. Ttie following ia $ comparative statement of the export* (exrlnalre of aperie) from New York to | foreign potta for the week and since January 1: ? 1864 1860 1488 Per the week 81 146 180 1.004 800 3 041.717 Preview j reported... 44 2*3 441 48.883,721 88,767,783 Place January 1 848 $11,788 $1,018,4U 71,810,610 Thna the exreaa of export* of produce over laat rear foots up orer 120,7JO,000 over 40 per cent. Onr leading produce house* continue to *hip bread atuffh freely to Rutland, and from present appear ance*, three ehipmenta will continue to go on. The harrect in France, we gather from prirnte letter*, ia better than waa expected, hot th* failnre of the potato crop in Ehgland and Ireland will neceaai tate increaaed ahipment* of com from thia aide. The money maiket work* quietly enough, at about previous quotation*. The supply of money on the etrret appear* to he increasing, and the in quiry among the broker* ia leaa active. We quote call loana 6 a 7 per cent: (Irat ela*a 00 day paper, 6| a 7; long paper, highest grade, T a 8 per cent. The belief In a more attire money market this flail now seem* to be abandoned by all experienced person*. Foreign exchange rontinoM extremely deprean ed. Borne of the banker* are offering biita at 10S| a |, and at 109, the demand ia very light Borne very choice mercantile bilk ere oflhred in th* atmet nt 108J n }. These rate* of exchange are entirely unprecedented ft?r the aeanoo; and, though K io by no mean* dekrabl* that all the babita of trade should be altered, and that the United Btatea- a gold produoing eouuti v? should import ?pccie of Great Britain, which produce-* no gold, it la impossible to oonteinplate the enorinoua inoreaae in onr exports of produce without perceiving that, when cotton begins to come forward freely, ex change mast rule very low indeed, and the general course of trade must undergo a change. Stocks were lower to-day, and the business done was comparatively small. Pending the receipt of news of the election in Pennsylvania, the general idea among the bulls seems to be to bold otf. The bears have been selling pretty freely on tho proba ble success of Curtin.the republican candidate, whose election tbey believe would cause a general decline in stocks; we shall see to-morrow whether these apprehensions are confirmed by the facts or not. During the present month the chances ap pear to be in favor of a dull time in stocks, in con sequence of the pending political agitations. As a general rule money is very seldom made in opera tions based on onr political movements in this country: people talk about politics and revolu tion and disunion a good deal more than they mean, and it often happens that the very day of the great est political alarm is the calmest on the stock mar ket. Still, there are doubtless quite a large num ber of operators throughout the oountry who will hold aloof from the stock market until the Presi dential election is decided; and their absence nay creute a dulness in the market, notwithstanding the prosperous condition of the oountry, and the increased traffic of tho railways. So far as prices are concerned, there was no great change to-day, but generally the tenden cy was downward. Comparing the closing prices of the day with those of yesterday evening, we note a decline of | in Central, of # in Erie, of ] in Harlem, of 1 in Hichigan Central, of {in guaran teed, of 4 iu Illinois Central, of 4 in Galena, of # in Rock Ii-land, of # in Hudson River; Pacific Mail ad vanced 1} on the strength of new rumors about a settlement of the Roberts controversy, and Panama was fair at yesterday's price. At the close of the day the market was qnict at the following quotations:? Virginia 6's, 80J a 00; Missouri 6's, 77# a |; Canton, 20# a 21; Cum berland Coal preferred, 13 a #; Pacitic Mail, 87 a 88; New York Central, 87] a 88; Erie, 17# a |; Hud son River, 63 a #; Harlem, 20? a #; do. preferred, 49# a |; Reading, 46# a#; Michigan Central, 68] a j; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 21] a 22; do. guaranteed, 47] a #; Panama, 124 a 125; Illinois Central, 83] a j; Galena and Chicago, 75] & ]; Cleveland and Toledo, 45} a (; Chicago and Rock Island, 71# a ]; Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, 87# a 88. The following was the business of the Sab Treasury to-day: ? Receipts 6166,007 M ?For customs 114.000 00 Piy is sals 110,873 86 Balance 4,750,473 S3 The exchanges at the Clearing Honse to day are 824,160,003, and the balances $1,132,618. The business at the Mining Board to-day was as follows:? 200 aba Gardner..blO TV 30#sbs Itls Reyale... 11W a-fl ? licoooidBin aid leo do 12 We are requested to mention that Messrs. Lanc?, Boyce A Co. request the holders of their paper who have not yet been seen by them, In consequence of the difficulty of tracing them out, to call as speedily as possible at their counting room, No. 194 Broadway, to receive their proposition for set tlement. The weekly statement of the Philadelphia banks presents the following aggregates as compared with those of the pre \ ions week:? on 1 Oct a Capital stor* $11 787,870 11.700.S7ft Inc. 1*04 loir I* '17 033 753 2S 118 Oho Inr 180 227 Spec I* 4.67S.C99 4 SSI MT t?ec 114 152 T>ue fr m other bkt. 1,725 700 1 712 260 1>M 22 SIO Due t? other banks.. 8 SOC ,354 3 163 650 Dee 110 ?65 Deprrtu 16.882 638 16 870 463 Inc . 40 0V, Circulation 2,831/180 8,005.854 Inc. 173,574 At a meeting of the trnstees of the United States Truat Company of New York, held this 9th day of October, 18C0,the following resolutions w ere unani mously adopted, to wit:? Resnlvi-d, That tkts P ?rd profoundly deplore the lorn ?attained iy tb*s com* my and the community In Urn death of Caleb O Ital-u-d As Vloa Cm meat of thJaoom l-any from Its loattluinn, Wr IU -led erer evince I ibe rtronfrat interest m lis snooeM, to winch lie cmlnoally contributed by Ibe sagacity and prudence of hla oouarria and tbs aandulty of hn labors. As a tneichanl ba hat ever bern t ittli go ibrd through bts long and suootcful carter by Ind'Wtry, Interrity and 'ranknmm of cbarwifcr, seen fine to bin the oonB.ence and regard of IM satlra , community. Rcadred, That th's Beard tender tn Ibe family and frlendt of Mr It slated the aaeurmoa of their profound re yard t>>r his memory, and of their altoere ootid >l< uoe w ith tl.< m la U>< lr all.irttmi. R< r>l red, That this Hoard wilt alt nd tb* f in era! of their lata amnctaU In mnrrnw, at half I mat three p V Rewlved, That tb- e r* a ilnlioua. signed bv iba fresh dcnl ar.d Orcrrtary, be MHHMMN u< tbefara.iy of the dioraiH d, and be published la the dally pa para. The not receipts of the Harlem Railroad for tho month of September were as follows:? 1660 007.218 6. H60 108.478 33 Net lucres re 03,244 71 The receipts of the Detroit and Milwaukee Rail road for Peptembo? 1859 and 1860 were Grots earnings, I860. 4*5.707 64 Gross earnings, 1852 02.364 M Iacreaaa la September, 1000. 033 621 00 The Chicago Prt$$ aoya that on Tnesday, the 2d of October, tho freight receipts of the Illinois Cen tral Railroad exceeded the roond nam of $12,000, being the largest day's work evsr reached in ths freight department of that road. TmnM, Oct. I, 1440 ?1*00 C P fa 1474 109* $00 aha Il ia RR .. M ?V KWTtu n, 90S MO Harlan KR pra . 4"S 6000 do... 90>, 200 fUmdmj RK ..OO 40 Itnoo Virata*$??... 90s ? do *10 ??'? 10C00 do 90S $? do 4?S 10060 Mtimourl $'?... 7T\ 96 Mk4> Cm,KR ... 04'. *00 d* MO 19% ITS do MS 1(00 California T ?.. 91 100 MOO Erte RR lot m> 104'( It* d.> MO MV $0(0 R RfrfnbltMal 03 50 do 6M 00 H | 4000 K Kit e b 110$. 04 $00 la Ml 09 4 . 1600 Marten Idab M $ Mtcb <? A N la RB tl S' ' 9*0 11 Opalataaafeb $754 ISO do $1 * oooo mmO ?id m b? on too do bio it , 100(0 do boo ?V w do bis n>; I 1000 CbtdN w ? f h? m> ? *<>, > 3ucO UCrwAWU'mb 75* 100 do ?$* | *00 rvtf..'t?ST.?l b 70 80 <lo *40 134 1X00 EUrU.NHP.Kba 100 S **> do blO 03*4 IS aba Baak ?( Omo 101'; ?f*J ?!o .bid $$?, '440 Vrfbaaioo BkfAa 104 100 do ... 640 sis OAmltrhRaak 164V 100 dn -.ij sis 10 Park Ills MO do.... $??; UO Qant?o to $1 to do ?7 MS ICO Cu?b r.*| prff 1$ TOO do >40 II . 75 Pacific Mall Ht-?>> 00 1$0 Oa * 1'ltl RH MO Us ICO do MS Ml do blO 15 40 do.... HBO $7 *00 do ... .b.7 IS $00 H Y Oaalral KR.. 0$s UO do... MM) its ICO do M , 10 Gal A Chi IK b$0 ft* tO do hi 04s 3*0 do.. .... 71 s ICO do hOO SO to do.... ?4J 75 S 1(0 do 110 MS to do 10 76 S 100 do alO M 900 <b. MO 7r.S 1CO0 do is loo da.... .nao 7tS ino do 140 07V loo Cte A tad RR.bM 41 looErteRR M too do u\ 544 do 07 S ?00 do MM *0 do .... KM) $4 $00 do ... blO 4-' > 60 do too 37V *? Chili Kb tUt.o II 160 do I'M 3tv 711 do c 71 S fo RrteRKan'd at.iAO .10 to do bro 74 60 do 37 160 do all *1V t.O Hod Rlr RR blO (71S 1?> do... blO 71S 1100 Bar an RR 90S ltd Chi,Bar k <)o\ RR 10 1(0 do all 90S 19 Drl.l, A Wnt RR. M moown ooard. It do ^ TO', ICO Mil a Mtnr KR 1 >S ?WCOTraala, ?... 90S 400 aba SVOanRRbOO 14V tOOO Virflaia IS.... 90S 100 d? .... bJO *14 ?600 da 90 lldr^teRR ITS $600 MtaaourlOaaSO 77s SuO Bvln KK * , 2600 do 77 V ? do 90 , MfWOklMarala 7 0.. 94 50 Harlan MR prof. 45 S 4000 Chi A N W la m It 90 Fan una KR..... lit fl at* Daek of Oan 101 S 50 ? R * N 1( alaOO 47',' H r?a ONI 04.... 42 S M do 47V ItO Onion Ob... .bW 21 900 111 On RRn tlO M 50 Ch A R la RR >M Tt MO do I I S N " U MO TIM 100 Oar A Puta RK . U da T1S M do US l II MOd. >90 MV 110 Obi A Chi RR blO. T5S M (the _ 1U da JM MV lab da 75 S II d* dW M 300 do.... *00 74', ?0 do MV 100 da aW 75 s M do aOO Ms 100 Cter A Tblada RR IS* 9M da IT do ?o 41V 50 _ do aOO MV Ml do Ids 150 H T C> I Rl *4 M do.... alO 46V M do... ,.?M IT* MO, ? A 14 RRA30 M m do ...17V M M *M ITV CITY COftHBHClUi KKPORT. Tnaui, Oct. 9?3 '? "? Awan-lbo market wu quiet and prices unchanged The uki embraoed about 60 bble. at 6*0. tor pole and I we. for pearls. mumm ?Hour?The market opened without eel n,alloc and light demand. As the day advanced a better requett prevailed, and the prleea oloeed with a toir de gree of 6rmnera. The ealce embraced 16,000 bbln., closing within U?e following range of prioee ? Buperdne State ?? 2* a 6 86 Kitr a State, from old and new wheat 3 47 n 6 66 Super Cue Wretern ? r* * J IT (i,S??on to eholoe Wentern extra 6 60 a 8 75 Kt I.?ute exim........ ? * 5 {? Mixed to straight Southern 6 ?? ? ? Hlraiabt to good extra do J f) 1 J ? tboloo extra family and bakers' brande 1 60 a 8 76 jernsynnd B^ad'yirine'. i!!'.!!!'. ? *0 * 8 m -Canadian Dour waa eteady and in good request, with ?ales of 400 bble. nt 36 76 a $7 60. Southern flour wae in jood requeet, with ealee of about *000 bble , closing Arm with the abore quotaltoee. Bye flour wae a toady at our quotaltoee, with ealee of 360 bble. Oorn meal wae eteady and prtcee unchanged. Wheat wax 10 good request end rales active. The ealee footed up abou 116 000 bushels, at 31 48 a Si 60 for prime to choice while uichiean. SI 89 a Si 46 for fair to good white Ohio sod Indiana, SI 80* for red State, Si 34 a SI 38* for Mil waukee Club, aud at SI 20 a SI 31 for 1*1 ago epr ug Coru wae in I'gbt aupply and the market steady, with a fair demand from the trade, while ealee embraced about 46 000 bushels at 70c a 70*0 for Western mixed and 76c a 70). for Wtetern yehow Rye was ilea ly at 78j. a K0c Barley was in light supply snd Arm, with sales of about 14 fCO bus be Is, at 78c a 70o. for State and at 83d li r good Canada West. OaU were Is light Stoat and tbo market Arm. with salee of Canadian at 30d. n 37*o and ?rCorrxx ?The*Mtfket wae Arm, with limited ealee of about ICO a 400 bags of Rio at 14*0. Tne roltowlnf Uble of stocks in this market la from the exchange of Messrs of Rio aud *ntoe on the MOcMbw. 18S0 S 80S bags; salee for consumption estimated etB.W bate'; stuck of Rio on the 9.h day of Ootobar, 1880, 626 bsrs; Maracalbo, 3 788 bags, Laguayra, 600 bag?. J * 9 9C0* mate; government, 810 bags, St. Domic go, 4 1 total bsge and mats, 18 719 The slock or Rio ou Omo^sr 0 at N>w Orleans, waa 16 000 bsge, Baltimore, 8,000, Sib. New York, 626 The qnotation. were:-Rlo, prime, 16c a 16*0 ; good, 14*c al4*o; air, 14o. a 14*o , ordinary, ISc a 18*c : Maracalbo, 14*0. a 16o.; lMua7: ra 14*o a 16*0 , all lour monthe. Java, mate and bsge 18*o a 18o , four and six months, and St. Do mlni'o. 18c n 18 *o . cash Owe?The market was steady, and tha ealee em braced about 3 600 balee, closing wl moot q ?< 'J^1? In pr lore. Included In the salee were about 900 balee, lu torn?sah??BnSee were rather eaeler to Liverpool, and shipments were leas eclive. About 76,000 buenele grain -era taken tor Liverpool, and 17,000 bushels corn, In bulk at lid., and the remaining wheat lu bulk and ebip 11 wV mostly at 11 ',4. a U*d ; 1,000 bbla. flour at Se. l*d' a 3s 3d .and 600 bale# cotton at 7 821. tor com lotted To Lnodoo, S.000 buehela wheat at 13 *d., In ?hip's bags There was nothing transpired toe Olasg; wr, while ratrt to Havre were unchanged. To Antwerp, 13 COO bualiels of wheat, In abip'n bags, were engaged at 13<l 1C0 rises seed leaf tobacoo at 80s , Urns ooppor at 80s and 400 bbla. rosin, by steamer, tor 4s ttd To Bremen, 82 casee tobaocont37s 81 A brig wm taken up to loed for Brtnlol with wheat to AlppwiI bais. at lid A vessel wae engaged tor (fork and a mar ket to load with wheat at ltd , In ship s bags. Hat?Sales of 700 balee were reported at 70J. a 760. %?!22rtdl small lot (30 hbdn.) Cuba muesovndo sold *'n1vjU. Hicsm-lh. mark* w. comparatively quiet '-ri1 is a Kffl Cr^pentine.bbhi. 743 l.l" ???? Kstur,wntlne . 2? SM 134.9* 8 Total for week 2 368 8? 11 AM _ Rinre 1st Inst 2 268 H62 #11,21J ^ 1331 58 '210 466,170 18,429 Paovtxtoss?Pork?The market was loacD** dull: the sales were contoed to about 800 , at ebdlog new mees at 319 a 319 312*. ?"????uS?hi? ?ii mi Daaf wm wilh i&icfl of 600 b ? , heavy*for both Ohio and Stale. and the supply wan r*>4 cheese wae uncbai ged and lu moderate demand ?fMlrs of 150 casks wore made at 4*c a 4*0., or -Mlee of 10 OCO mats cassia were made at p t. _rS ma'ket wes steady, with sal -4 <d' ajnet rr, r.s halt s Cub* at p t , and 321 casts seed leaf at 6c a 221. weitarr ?The market was Hem and more active, with rake of about 1,000 bble. at 38*0. #38*8. S hT P PING N E W S. Plot entente sf Oesee IIUMinere. rsoM auBora. nnr'iM 'luiui IJreneeil J*!1' 77 "81 ..... Urerpool "epl IS...*" wyof Muwtr".r UverpooL.^. .gjt j ; 19 ..{Jew tnrt TjTu, ? T 4>ct 15.s.*?? flriat itselera Mllf ?d lUrsa J>M ?J- 'J** *** mSmuST.. ".....ftmlkmnptrw Del 13.. Pew tusk po* irsnn. Nmm T,wk Che 18... IJvsrpOol WW ?"Tf'SStess I t *?aa?v ? .< tr*l ? Sew T rk f?et IS.. ..Uver--m Dot 13. Haera Ijj;;? te ...MamWi ..........Del 17...I?v?w?4 ?l?j. gj ? ;7t?s: Mew Tort M?rTsrt ?et W ureasew POM OAI.1POMMIA. , . .. ? .. _ e.-a^ if aw Tofii ..???? .#?? -0?l jj mmm.Tr...V...T.. *ew Task l-..A*gtawaU POR IiyORTOb, JA. ..Mew York Oct 33.Ele?*whJe ?d New Orteeee 1PM. rum www uvwe ?. ? ' Wjewte* et "jdJSfU net arrtvmc at HsranaSPk aa4 'T&SEImS Y??k tor toamw en tbePk ef en* srsJS s?? i2JTT.w?aL.. P,^W^ erPCT AL NOTICM. . tor MeMwwTestMmALP AS. as a? J",' if* *l" 3 X>! aien WATsa. .......eve 4 M see Pert ef lew ferh. Oe?mtoe* ?. ????? CT.F.aMJ> Paral* <Br>. na, <j?.r-|?towa *n<1 Urinml mat wk4 ILK of llM Aoatlk, Lfn, ImuhM l> MftokUl A Knitak'i Jfu?atowa. Rfctnnar, Norfolk, il-l?<ll? A Hal P?r1*?, Mmw?. IJt*t??H-i" Cnoiaimk. Hark f ' k'if Bay (rn?) K'.mw Crt an! a atvkrl - A Wrnit A Uo. Hark Wofaata illatol, Raokar. R 'lar-Uaa I'.r'f I. V Arnold (Br! AlAtnano. Ht John RH-r f Karl? A Rrt/ *?*1 (Brt ?tkk Bl Jnlto? A ?i*>w*o A OH BH* Hurarky (Bf. Hilar, Haraor-?h ~lJ#ir?A*. t-wa'n A M?h-li Rn? riyj.i orb, FlrMMl -J I" flN A tV> H kr A w Mr latllaa, Ponlkaar. M Mar w> II J A C A Pa ?a*. _ Pekr J W ?ll*o, Doan* Oalroaton -MrOr?*dy. *?*? A no. Hrkr RanolrictoO, <lar1, OMrMra-Tia Brunt A Hkukl. Hrlir ' Rimo. RmMi. karl?to-Mr 'r?a1y, Kml A Co. Ik-hr J V I?)|r* Hna. Rrwlwm A M HI to* wall. Brhr Mafia*. Merrlhaw. Wtlm'n*t *?K * I" laroi. A hr a man**. Ko-rwl? JVrrabur* ?Vaa Br?I A Hiatal hi kr A an# wart, Ala?i*. amtihta:.!- Waatar. r,.*T J A <ai.'k, R;?r?n. Ilrwtol Maatar * MM ll? " k??T I'kaatf, nh*rh?"rl tfmw liar? -Maaiar kimp Haw VorlA. By Raybrr**? Maatar Rtoamrr W Wnrrl warn Cnn-liO Ri>?a*r Bra*?. Or .?ar rkil*d*ii>hto. ARRirm f n r'aaia rat ran* ?Mar Hamat tan* Paoar* Wathlat toe. DO, ?Skf? rA f if r of lilMMI (Hr) Pa'rV. tjrorpnnl, Mpi to, an ' V"r*?W"wn X7(h. a ilk nvla* aavl pa*?an?ar? to J Ma tl Ikale. -ft IB, In-. 10 to loo ft M. i.aae .1 at*ai?i?tiip Qn j Waafctbrtoo. Krnoo for Urarporl; Aik l?t 1*1 ?I M ton It M, paaa? aale Raw fork, from Urarpml for Raw Turk *tA, I at MU, k>* ? B, poaaad aklp J*r*rt,i.k Tbr?ra?, tome# ftw 'lay, pa?*a0 a raaioahlp i-Mind B. anpp -aad ? for |J ?rprwV to, W'??trnli, I Maomakip Anyta?, Wmdrnli, ? HMinah. wflk a?a and aaaai miirr to R tTftlb bill A Ro?. 7\h ma. 1 AM atoaot hi** ?trur?p HanfaOUa. a? a' II V PM aauiaakf Ah? ?a, ?? !* haer# for ? r? Mb aaaamakn R R Paylar Barry, ?? a?a?rara m II R ermaarell AC". 7tk leaf, M PM off flap* llatiaraa aianmabip* Al*l>aaaa, krnr* for ?< annota. anA Oo Intobto. banc* far ckarlatooa RH ?I ana Aaa??. Conck, Rlrhaao?. ? wtto toAaa a? aaatoaaara. to l aAMto A Mala?. IxW n?rMnar* no Ron day atpki. <? 7, 10 toll** kotow Aich?wl. J a? Bollto. * Mt Otor Watotor, iAOIhMW. Ujf|a?A, |lart ?, wkk aator aaA |M papacbfrra. to ??*?#, Tllaalon A <*>. Bayt IR, c*rl lAnara aaaatoo. of BMalato. fan (ma tk* i.rpaollani fnraroau? eppMlSRKSs: ?Er - - - Okto Mar?arM Br?a. Warorr, Umrtr-o a? Pna?milk. Rapt Horry If WotooAomi Hp?. www m*v mMni tm mm# ror oat IM kill IomM 47. ?nulla? I ?? *i ?toa ? HM ' '* '%l< ,'""*1 *' ' ' "***' " ' Hh'p New York, Dewhtird, Nem u-.U*. Ao* 31, nit1! 00*1, to tiro bulkier. ? bit ( (nemo, Chaae, Cardiff, Aug 25, ?Ub railroad Iron, to Neamlth A Hoc* ship <?ei mania, Townmd, Havre, Hop! 7, wtrt cedes and 177 paoaeurer* in Wm Whlt'nrk. Jr. Ship King Philip, hulgbt Boston ? daia In ballaal, to Mt ' Vine o Ihw port to load for Kogland Herb Itelurn (Hr, of Yarmouth NSi lima, OardbT, 16 ilafl. - ? ? - - ? ilea abb nuliuad Iron to order; veeael to Wl aon A Brolne. bad heavy W weather moat of the pannage. H-rk Almena, HarlleU, 1'ieagua, Peru, Jul* 9, with nltra'd of aoda to John Kerry A Co auk 31, lat 2B It I'm 97 4S elg nnlixril Hr ship Kll/..t from Matatlan for Falmouth, Kept 1, let VH 15, Ion ZH, olgnaltrrd Hutch bark H*i?eki. eanae date, Ur afcip bora (Vena. both atcertog ?K Urtp Fairfax C ay pole Hto Urania. 15 day* with hhlaa, kalr Ae. to J Ihtrand hrbra drontra Powera. and k tnrtiber. Holmes. sailed for New VA auk II Tbe F baa exparteoaed licit wind* and oa'ma (rotnlat .70 N Ugll i Brie Cououeat, Jenaen, Port au I'rinae. rla Bt Marc Hay It I 8rpt 23. ?tin logwood and onffee. to B Book. Hark Laura, from Htrhnnnd for Haw Orleans, with paaaengnra aalled a few daya previously. Kept Z5 lat O 30, Ion 71 Mr, apoka a full tigged hrlg of Salem, from Mliarnaue for Boston; kad laned from tfaaWui f< r Port an Prince wltb Ice Brig Cyrrre (Br, of PigbJ), N8, ltogart, Miragoane, 25 days, with logwood to F I Nevtua A Bon. For the Urol 10 days eipe rleneed strong N B ? tads Brig Princeton (of Hrook'lne, Me). Walls, Remedloa. 13 days, with anpar. to C A B J Peter* Bad baavy K weather to Hatta raa. alnca strong N wtnda. barn 6 daya N of Italian*. Uric John Jeffrey (of Bangor), Me.eley, Bait Cay, Tf. 13 daya, wltb oalt. to Neemllh A Bona Had heavy NIC weather. Hrtc Unda. Backer, Turks Islands 10 days, with salt, to Mkloleton A Co. Brig Lady of Uta Lake, Tlbbetts, Naw Ilayen for Clixebetb port Behr Col Ratterly, Kingston, Wilmington, NO, 8 daya. Hrhr CAN Hugera. Jobnron, Virginia, 3 day* Krhr Panama. Otllen, Virginia. Sdava Brhr B Brnienl. Decker, vtrgluta. 3 daya Rchr Wm Pickering. Parry, Ulxabethnort for Balsa. Krhr Pr Roger*. Adams. fllxabe hport fir Kaleut. fchr Kwhlem, kulUhury Klizabethport for Bnotoa. Brhr C L Dulse, Mr'lar, Blliabetbport lor Fall Klrar. Krhr If melt, e Hull, Ilnll, bitzabetnport for CUntou. Krhr Hlzabrth. (Ireen.iugb, Prorllence. Krhr llennihal. Wetilworth. New Haven, 2 daya Krhr Jonathan Cone, Due I, Rondont for Portland. Irhr Bay Hute. Kpenr, Kondont for PorJand Krhr l.ydla Catherine, Dean, Rondont for Boeton. Kloop Comet, Proyoel, Kllzahe bport for Stanford. KUep Adeline. Freeman, BHzabetbport for Pierioont. Steamer Ann Kllza. Kublnaon. Phibtdelnbla Steamer Tooany. Hr. Philadelphia, flteamer Black Diamond. Vanderveer. Philadelphia. Steamer New London Hmitb. New London. Steamer Pairs , Young Provnlenea. Steamer Valley City, Chapman Derby, Ok BRLOW. Ship Kmerald, Cook, from Liverpool, to Uowland A Froth Inght m. PAIUD. Kteamablpe Ptar of the South Savannah Jamestown, Mar folk, As; balk J W Paige. Wilmington; andothcra Wind during the day M W. niMtUMCOWi Hmr Tvmooia, reported In moralng pappri of th* 9lh, la not tbe Am I hip Typhoon, be loo King to I) A Ktngiland A Hutton, of thla city, aa that vessel waa at Uong Kong at laat da'** rtt* charting. The following ileapatnh from the Liverpool Tele graph of Kept M settles the queatlon:? Rrwtol, Bept 25?The Typhoon foundered at sea; orew aaved. The rap'atn arrived by ateamer from the Cape at Plymouth, ! Stem?Typhoon, Mc ana, nailed from Akyab for Kalnoulh April 23-1 Bee general newt for the lateal partlenlarp of the loaa of ateaiuahlp Con naught The obliging puner of ateamahlp R R Ouyler, from 8ayao nan. win pleaae revolve our thanha for favor*. We are Indebted to the attentive pureer of ateamahlp An guata. froaa Savannah for late papera Rsir Br*a or Hon?Kayal, Sept 15?8Mp Star of Hope. Fearr n. from fallen for Uorfc, ? lib a cargo of guano, arrived here yesterday In a very leaky ooo.ltilon A aurvey haa been hrld, and It waa found abe waa making IS lachea of water per hour. The whaling bark l.oulaa Dear* Mf Kdgartowni, fisher, waa wreaked la thla i ort no tha 7lh Inat during a heavy NIC gale Tbe wrrrk ha* been wild f.>r iAW -(Hy letter to Kllwood Walter. Ksq, Heoretary Board of Underwriter*) Fmr Sotrrtii .foiijrar Edmonds, from Leghorn for Boaton Bore reported), waa ntninde.t off Cap* I'alna Bept 17. It t ? hope la *nlerla!r*d of getting her off The H J waa built al Preeport, Nr. In 1831. 696 tons r**later, rated !>*, and lap pined owned in Kreeport. Suir Mn von at Buatno from IJvarpool, on the 19>h of Sep tember 'at IB SO. Ion 4.1 18. experienced a hurrloane from th? South, and wae hove <m her beam ends; hail deoka swept and loat bulwark* Vfvsel righted with cargo ahtfted and a had list. Fmr Fosasv Oak, Cooper, from Callao Jn y 18 for Oork tor orders, put Into Valparmlto Aug S3 leaky. Ba Baas Maar Lnnnaan. Kirk, at Providence SUi Inat from Ardnwean. eiperleaoed very keavy weather on tha paaaage. and bad cargo thifled, loat main hg>;r*llanlraaat, Ac. Ba Sana Hoarnonun- '"apt Wcfnllueh. of th* brig Ornate, reports ?kept 19, aaw Br bark lLispbiroa ashore on Cape Hollands re. Baa* Apeianr, of New Tork, before reported btdly dam aged In a pampero at Hue no* Ayrea on the 3t*t July, haa rem ('??nrrmued al that poet, and waa to be wild in the lattar pai t of Aurnri liar cargo waa discharged on the loth. ahewvesald to be but partially Insured. Baaa Wa IUsbt. Slevena from Cardenas for Haw Tork. wkx h pnt into Navaunak bth Inat la dlitre**, was leaking very badly. WnaLiKR Bagk Loom Sraa*. of Klnrtown. we* wrecked In r*)a! baibor In a heavy SB gal* 8*1 >t 7, *fter pa-Hug 3 ebalua She ban cat board 83 bb'e wh utl, which wa* *a.*d, t-ignhher Willi epar* rigging, pmvlatnna. A* We bull and everything but ike ol V a* wild at auction, and net'wt abont SI90I. Capt ? i*h*r I nicer* and all but ore of ibc crew have return*! knee in lark A i*. the Ml'ed I rum Kdga'toea In ?p'i', 'htil Hlwblch lime a'lh bur rn lp#, waa valued at 91S.0U. Inauied In New Itrdford for lhA'l Ba Ham Wa Wing*. ilnwan. from < heater. NR. fvr Balil more, arrived at Philadelphia vesterday mooting In dlatrewc <?? lb* Jth tret, al 8 r_M, S) reUei K of Cape Heulnpan enonua ? da gale from 8W, which canard Ike . esaet la leak about Mgti atr- tea per hour Al II o'< b rk y**trriay, off Cap.- MaV, wua fallen In with bv tug America, and towed up to Phlladel I bla to bo discharged and repaired. Bmg I W Pintn. Ire. at Bosh n 8'h Inat from Dap# lit* Urn. report* tknl at 9 o'clock ou th* r Igbt prrrtons aha * t* In con'net at till an unknown a. hr off lap* (hat vuu lost f.irn y vrd; tit-, report* having seen a harm brig aahora on the Said* of I har 'u krt A liana Held, ram* nnkrnwn. lel.nd maatrr. went ashore ' or laa.g Foist on the night of 7th Inat la a ?tuall. Wiuuto Bain l!oat* of Kairhaven. waa totally lost at Tar evlra, Aeoree. In a gala 'f wind Sept 7. all ban * aaied. She had rrvibiualy laud*d Ilk) bb.a sp-tlai bayaL She sailed Kal-haien ba'. Apvl', valaed, wl'h nutdU, at fill SIM. aod la lavioed I* lbs Kauhaiau ofhoe fur 55113. and In New Bed ford for I VUL Sraa Ctirtt fnot lc Igi before rwirled towel Into Newpor 7lh mat by ateamah p Mout I Vernon, wa* compelled In on awat matt* to aav* the tcaaaL Hhe I art anchrat and chain and l.r-k* mtlnb"wn. Prna R N Ranaoa, *?Ma at N'*tnn 8th Inat from Phlladel rhia waa In nmrtart on ' under night, nif I 'at a Ond. with an uaki-nern aehr In ligfc' trim bound M, and loat ho??| r i. Kay Wref advl. *ato th* JSd u't atate that all th* cargo ha hi in aaved t n ? ah ,i W n J art la Abont 130 c*?ea n<? 4a aod ?b<?a were daw agwd. and werr wild at an U -n on BP h b* th* v' ?i ? ''1 - r'gu wi 1 Its ahrope-l to New Or If as* Sehr Or* Mangh.m, - *u '.d*f, I rom t*hlla-l?!pfala for Moki.e. which ant la on i3th. leaking badly, aucounlar* I a a sever# gal* ?Vn a week out of port. In which the vowel wae very mnrl. strained oar r ted away h.warrU and did ikhnr daauge. She would tie ready fur aea In about ten lays. L*r*rw?i>?The brig New V-wk. for Mal'ler, lord % Que rvan. of ihis city, was aueevosfady latinciied at Balti rn on th* Sth met Khv lalBBlona b irtben. with dlamnatnti* aa fol lows ? length on dark, INI ft. breadth of lean It fit In. depth of bold. ion. Th? malarial* used la her o oau-umion am of th* mmi dnmhlaluad. Whaliarg. See Nlar*flar*oo# above fid al Naw Bedford 8th. ba*h (Teem, Stiver*. Paelke Oman; hr ^ II.u sum (of Wpptaan). Krrv-. Atlant a Ocaan from Beverly 7th, brig Iwlixrl, Kubartaoa. for AUantlo Oi Arr at Kaval Jnly 19. Helm Aognat*. Weef, TlaOurr 400 ------ , ilreca. PlI, 5u do Ian led., bhla not landed. Aug 4. Farann, I _ Alert. P*r?on*. NU clean, 13th. N DOka**, Hamllr, Beverly, 79 bhla landed; Knar.. Vammlmr, Nit. eieaa. S3th. Blah, Merchant. Kdgartow* Its bblam laodetl, Monteruma, Chap das, Fiovtacviown, ? bill# Bp, *) do blkhah, Krah, Mystic. |g t,bls laadad. ??ah Ailanilr. Sb*rm*n. NR. UV In do; Jofin t'*'igvshall. Ilcao,_do, W) .la shipoad ^cr H-vtlaod, Rarnitib'#. Ilrowr.voa, NH: Homer. Penamt. p||, pa} bhla Md. Wlllkim A Ilenrv. do. 153 do do; WUi, rtaila. ?y NM, llUdodo colon, -uiPh do 9(1 .lo do; SNh ftnlum Hn???y, Nit, IIDdo do Colon, SmPh do 90,lodo;!9th Co|t?m Ma. AewAt Jianiuekel. rlcan. MaUar?4*ett. litfurd, Weatport, do Awteda. Kvtnrion. Ma tapoWett 1991.'>1* laadc '.Slat, Botha A Helton firleara, vt. 4 man* ?9 bbla sp 19 da era. SO ap kudad, tun bbtahphk oa board; Mwar.1 imalky. ItB, eV*n, Hrrt t f v leamart. kit* ID, t>;a t ab landed. If I'piam in, Patna Hoatoa, 40b'S#? 'aedrd. Waihlngtm.'lttpley, Rdgaitowa 17* do do' k Coo teal, Moniaa. ? It. 63 Jo M alpha, ceawwli Naot Ifki . ? ^?gNa. r - dodo; 3)H. Merle peMnt* NR. 180 do do; lantlaa Seam, fa bar. Kdgaruvwn. IS do do SB w* on hoard Wave wreaked), 15, Ataaean, Ketih tfvilap 'aeU, 99 'bla, Vh, KaUiieen, Nome, N H, Ifk) ap lac led, 10th. Paulel Wood Bp?hm ?n1. do N' do do. Sophia Th wat ie BrlgC. dt. 70 bbla a llppal by baili Smtiaud Minerva, Fen-Iman. do III do do; Ink H*ad?u?o ta Hate* do elasn lluntrei*. aUaa do luw*nN<iwh IBk. Java B aeklar. In elaati. 9a| pho. 'v.ft n, 4 i. 91 ap lasted; lira; *v KaiMer, do. Ni Jo Allaatie. Ihirbery. NL to baud paaeergero, Ittk. thrive* email. f'rovW-ewm i. 199 ap ua ?card tr- pl" Bird. I immb-k IB, 3 m e ? at VDIap. ang A >Her fr aa l *|'. i,r?me, of abb. Oae Ige* of Rdgvr ?r-wn. rei?*ta k r In lw-l"lngv Strait* July H, having b.kca t Sowbcad# and 7 rlpaarka makt> r N?l bbla Una I una that # - me vb'pa had done wei. In vh* Ar-u ? iht wk-te others had done poo-|y. No aavte* m*nthmad A P'trr from Cant t In*i o* I ?rk W*ver;y, NR, r*n.wW bar ne v ac ,net Dnmnd. law- I 1*50. with 31) Ublv *i- and f? -lo whet'?l-at half of large abate from al.mgaMa a few day* BVevV-ia Ithalva have b**n qnlla pmn: no Krerv-b R.ek Aram' nrooed the paal #e? n aa.1'ahtpi ha.a genera I; I m* well, Kcpovia oN u*?.l<v lalaa.' April la./iarolle, B*k*r. NH, I 4f?*p, Slay II Hn'rfx.w, hi A .la. do fc?i*n A Iivlrr fniri fWpil Sw- - of ?Wp Thr-- AmU-ra ofNan toebei reports heron Boat imialuf Saw daaiaad JamH wkh ICO ?>!# ap ml A letter uom I apt Dfwmhk af bark Toipl* Bird. BR fa povlv bar arrival a> ray *1 Sepi IS. with 4SJ kbit #p and 99 do wh nil A letter frrm Cm I Rates of avlp P a lam una N R reports h*. *i Kaval tact l-> i* i havfag teen a wh ela*o leaving bona. Wou'.U be at rail* is March A tcttv r trvim ' apt I .*velar.1 of bark N M fovrdln. N R, rw Ka her at Fay*! "ept U. ha-.upg lae.lel 9U bbla od. Benl # 75 bbla pravlotialr !le**d fr-an Aogl.on faiell'* 'Irrunl, S* aland, Snahirf, N B, Id bhla ?*: F M-mcbtc*. Stsheram. Pnivuavatown, IB) do bark Kk fca, 'Irlr11 I, Wastpovt, haa takao 173 hhlaap IhM aea?' -n NpoMevi, Af. T S p-e-mer W- vndoitr. .81 SI rulae Sapf 18. an let An. IMp H Hkruaif * eaana. from Dalian for hi TbneaM fhO for* rvpnrted (.* I state* Sept 9 let S It S, mtl ? Mp Advaee* I in Ida. from Lfrwrpinl fur Bsi Janeiro. Aag U. i*4 9 M1 N. km 40 99. . bMp AI veal hei.ea f-w t/nvdoa Men Tt, W 43 10. lo* kt RaikKai r.! Buck (a<' Tawny Ru?g, aa miapr a'*d ynafer dan, Crnrsetl fm Dalian for Valawtn, A ag *1, lal 40 8, Ion rtark Dnwnrd 'Rrb *7 day* from Antwerp for B aton. Sept ? lal 39 SB, km .'?} SB I'urt deaanew. Lloyd, from Salem June IS fur Imaatn. Ang ? no Ml Ae- by V b ateamer Saa JartnLi, which arrived at bo ard" i re* la A ua 14 Rw% Trteets^fawafl, frjva Bio Janeiro far NOrWna. Sept 5. lal 19 45 S. Im SB 8) Bart Amartraa K*gl# Ml day* from NOrleans for NT.wM. Sep! 30. Faaa a I'Dotra St 70 laOea Bait Hermitage, of NT.*k Sep! 8 1st It tt *, 9vn tt 38 _ - rt lor " ??oehapnrt lor Oearretrrwa, sc. 0?A let ? 30. taa 7S t Br^^tary of IMchy. NS, hands for , Sept IS, 1st IMA. Htig Mary le.wpil. tnr NTnrh. Nrpt S8. let S3 14 bmTttk Sahr iieorge S Adaiaa of Pewaia from Baittmcvw for ?*?? loa. I 81 S. Five Kalhom Rank WA W 7 mile* ?eAr ISary 0 Tarheti hence. Sept ti, no tab An Vmrwlfpi FartA . I Amrt, BSptS?In poet bat* Sapkyr. Small. fr? TalparH | ""AvrTiwAM, Sep' SO (mrr*c~fi - Arr MB ! Wr.llama N Tart; Arabella I..a.later. 4o ??t?._?fcf Oathrart. do. S5lh, parka Maa lslramk_*M?'>;,?*. ft ~"*". Bow ft a, Boston l^nrv 1*-*. MonrmTSHnkathpoft; bctgOna** ?)c*. Frll STcvh. SMNkh frbf Qalndora. WalM, 5a vanilla. Slat. Cumberland. Lawvamse. Swae rMaaM Hiiarot. i Fill). Sept ? Arv Blddlasca. Merrill. ? Joha, Saci waaaavas. SaptSB?Arvrtnmm, Bartlalt, NTort Raacai. aa, Sept li?Arr llantm llareMnc. Driska " iiifc,r^ ? (librabar Sid l*k t)-l*en nf the Noolh, < hapwian ?. Basqysu, Africa a boat Aug 15 In port bark Aan A Mary. ; jSSMSvi'i JMgtoon.rt.. Mam,,., for .oaUm, won* BUIK^ AVKl!> A()|f w?-In |v.rt nblu? M^rr <1 Mvtetl Mc'lfl i zz't:;;??::zxfr?*r<?3*%?KvuJS: 1 pier. >Mh from p'tili.T'pbu** . ???<?. die*; Wr itlmm, eta- k. for Patagnn . u> i. S*'JS? t ibew, from NYork, <ti**.arhr* llwjr wrhlna *,?. v/L* ' toik snout Sept 111. Hugh Barclay, Chad ? Ick ? ,r ii.lum.L.7. ?taint Kept 18. bid Ati| 17, birk Ttiprli, Munroe, f ir itkj Jaielro. 1 Come Sept 18?Hid CballrnRer Driscoll Baltimore. CpiiiAVg*. Hept 22? Mia New Kniplre Kned ill Cardiff Coi kmiaon, Kept JO- Apr tferrtmar. FtUa, Mibuut. i'iluo aii* 29?Arraxlp* Blot dell l.nnt Chinch* Islands ; (and (Id Kept fl for lUmulon Toads); Punnets, Kin*, do i and (Id Kept 6 for Hampton Boa la); Ast-ea Sjmpaoii, do (aod dd Kept 6 tor eoj .Prima Donna. P ray. do (end (Id Kept I (or Mar tinique'; Ja? Brown, Crahtrne Valp*ral?n; Sept 7. (hlpo Lew i lew, bey hunt, Melbourne and (id lltli for rnlncaa Islands); John Ti eler. Matthews, ( hit ch* I.luade (*od aid 19th for Hampton Koada Noonday, Henry. d'i i?ud (Id Kith fordo): Wed Wlad, Baxter, do; A** K.dridge, Colem-n, do (*od (1(1 12ib lor do); Nth. Timor, Illlby, do; IOth, Tboe H Parkin*, Hte poik do isiid (Id 13th for Hampton Koed*;; David Crockett, Burgess. and Kotarpe, Arey. raa Fraooleoo, B t urling, Ull rhrlit Mtluoarnc; lllh. Harry Hastings, Oolaaao, Ublnoha la It nda. rid An* 29, (hip* Compeer, White, Chinch* lalandi; Sept 1, A? loa. Uerry, and Hello Creole t'rowell, tlurk fororoe-s; Man ila*. Pitman. and Amo* Lawreooe. Nit.hereon, ilamptoa Rends; lyth, lammergler. OoQln chinch* IaUnd*. IepotlktM a, ahipa Tin.or. Hliby, Nalenria; Weal Wind. Baxter and Harry Ha?tin*i, Coleman for Hamilton Roads, all teed* for aea; David L'nwkeM. Burgess, and Kuterue, Arey. i . All 1?'"rda; Tigeeaa, Ryan, P A Palmer. Alleo, Conti nent ltbb#: Jiu Brown Oal.iroe, H 11 MUdmay, Webb ami ? Curllp*. Ollchrlat, all leaking. ? m AA"'S l'Vnch* la'auda Sept 11, ablpa Momln* Olory, Hobbtt hmlly larnuni, simer. Napier, Kent, Sumatra, Abbott; Oott atai.une Dunbar; Archer, tfcatbve; Chapln MoOtllla; RUwood Walter, ChaCwtek; Kutnl a (, Ke.lntu; (Jran'Ut, Cruae; | Aepbjr, Kin*. Hellespont, Kennard; Wui Stur*ta. Cooks Melf I l,ulir 8 Bprngue; John tttiui t, Bums. c; Oacar Civieby, Ju Nf'?r;Ulalt*l..r.Luceeil. ra ,1 ol the Morning, Mitchell; Prtncaa hoyal, Hartley. dab. lea, Weooell; N II I Thompson, Small; Lorn L llale, Lull; compeer, White; Mm arrper Hooper, and m-w Chew, S- vbarn Ihc above werg oedmg tip rapidly there belt-* but few arrival*. Car* IUvtikw. HeplTH In port ac.hra J Nlekenmn, Oage. *r? Yirk"J' arr Connor, from Jeremlo, Vo ttnlahTdg Drat- Sept 15?Puaaed bv, ''Hannah," from levndon for New Yore; Caroline Netmllh. Coualue. from NToik for laiudou. DpaiJiv, Kept 25?Arr Crimea. Harrimaa. NYn-k. DpaOkk Kept 19?Kid (llo-ie '1 alp* v, savannah. Kai mouth, Sept 22? Md Junlue, a wanton (Irom Malanate), London Kava l Sept It?In port khlp Star of Hope, Penraon, from Callao for Cork, In dlatreae me n.iacel); bri* Newsboy, Ooane, for Rio Janeiro. flLKtiow Sept 21- fid The tie. Jonee, Portland. (iiikaaocx Kept28?81 Jane Danett, l.amh- rt, NVork. tjiaaatTaR, Kept 17?Arr Curlew, MaUbewc, Malaga for Ban Fropcieeo, i-iumif Sept 17?Id port *ch?* Rmrra V Cook, from New Toik, die*: Ueu Veaxle, (lalacar. from Boston, do. LnaeiooL, i apt 22-(.'Id llortenaia, Nelxoo, Han Kntnclees. MoTurpaaKk, Sept U?Bid Fauattna, iierry (from Ccwea), PI) mouth. V aiag a, Sept It?Arr Youn7 Turk, flaming. J a baa (not aa before) Mo.sKorji, WCA, Sept t?In port ablp South Shore, from Key Weetfor Baaaa. Hid tth, tbip Mar of the Union (from Key Weal). Serine. Oo?;k*stow*, Sept23?Arr Oiihelta, llt**lna, Penauoola ltio J a*kino Aug 22?OH brig V'lrgloiau, Strom, from Rich mond >ta Bermuda. Bio flRANor, Aug 21-In port bark Arrow. U.rrtogton, i die*; brig* Paleatlne and Thompson, and Mazatian, Iteed, fog Ntork, Montgomery, VeuUall. for Montevideo; Young Ame ' ilea t'oole, mm NYork, mm arr Hid 2*1. echra Urontea, Powera. and Kingtiaher H- im- ? Ntork. ' 1 8? HAHhT*it, Kept 19? Arr A*noa, North, Blilelda tavl aid 20tb for NYork). Salt Cat, TI. Sept 18? In port bark J ele Nlcbolaa, Nicholas, for Bo*ton neat day Tlx*!, Sept 21?Kid Terancet, Wh'tney, New Orleans Taluk Bay, CI1H. Aug 11?Arr bark Lucky Star, Nau Wyn I kle. NYork (June 6). Tone, ('bill Aug 15?AiIt ablp Berkshire. Wllllama, for Melbourne; bark 1'rtorms, Mitchell, for do, both from Valpa raiso. ' Turinpano abont Ang 28 -In port (hip John Cottle, Hallo i well, frtm Callao for Hampton Ronda, pn' In leaky. Viotoui a, VI,Kept 15? An brig orbllt. Uakodadl, Japan. VaLriKAiao, fept I? In port anlpe Oxenbrtdge. Howlaod, eld tor Iqtil<|ue to load fop Boston at (IS; Jack rrmt, Tkianag. to load gnano ou ooeat of Bolivia for lJverpool at ?2 7e8d; Cru sader, Hill, for Boston. Fnrert < >ak, Cooper, from Callao for Cork die* bi repair (see Mem K Hprague. Whlduere Waelt Incton. Patten; aaalern Bute. NI- hereon, end Meter Wllllama, Nlrkrnon, dlag, Corinne, Baker, from Callao for flam pi >u Road* disg to repair; Muaee Wheeler, do do, bark Scotland, Roberta unc. Freights oontlnned Arm at last >|nit*tkms np to arrival of the etrmnrr. when ?115e was obtained to load dour at Ohanaral and three cither ports fur Liverpool. Disposable tonnage being light, the advaece would probably be suaUlned. eepemallv for v ease la adapted lor the ore trade, lor which there would Short ly be a demand. American Porta. APAI.AOHIOOI.A, 8. pt 17-Arr ? hr D B Baylte, Jim BTork i!Hb, brig MiniA l.oulae, Blete, Havana. In ;o?l cot S. brigs Machine, Staffer, for BTork, I<l( VirW A I/mtM, Rials, I mm Havana, wig. achra Norlolfc Packet, - i Ja * ? - - stedtew, I>kU. rhlpa Geneva, Harare Calcutta; Wilton, ilnrhr, Livar Ur-;? U, fir NTork, Win; It B Bailla dayne, frnm VTurt, wlml lu iM OB, C M 8?Arr ataamnr Keoatogvm, Hakar. PhJaAel purl. Old Pom In Inc. Rampant, Hrtrlde K barte Praaeia do* r<>r Brooks, iiuieaburg, rrauk (dr.) Keller, LuWon; I dill*, IllggUia. Biicnoa Ajree William Wodtlakte, arm -ilia. Daloo, Trpp, Kaltim-rv; arctic, eimpam Provldgaoe rings Her rtcf (Hr ) Conedoo. lilasgow K W Packer, I.e?, Papo Hay lien, Iilrvrtiiv, Ball hews i erdanaa; Bnaiioalln (I wens. Port au Prince via Merlba'a Vlo?rard. Taiir'ot k vbrai Uarira, (la. tla Martha'a Vineyard; J W brbko. Crowley. Alnsan drta. Tarsllie, Preaaey , Caleatlaa I ickrlt; I 'kl niiee, Ham mond. and l.cvUllrtn, ifnfara Phila lelphln. a ba Rnetlig ban l'alpey aad 0 A i'ru?k Kierham Alei uidrio, linn, Pnrbuih. and .'<>dab Alrhirn. Berrlll. Hb hoi md Va. Chief. KUlridge Horfmk. J W Humeri Taylor. Ha'llmore. Richard Vativ, Prink, Aid, VndlooU; Kaven, Rw. Coral Qneen, Hir.nh, Wnit# S nail Howes K H Shannon, Maria; J P Cake, FuduxU, A Fa.kanburg, knyara; Mary A Hkruptblre, Shropshire; a H [Voiron, Hoeef; a TlrrclJ, Pair r. urnee ? ilrcler. Halne I. A Mar, llak>r M I Car I loo, Shalrr. Vary n*u.'l?ta, Atai id K ' Kr.l?hl, Wn'rljw HW (indfrty. Wevha, J H AnMlo Carta; Wiilnw liarp llulaa; Krai k tl< rhert Pa'lter. Prat, a Kdwerda. Ribcaisk. R I? Tay, Hl.rtihrrd. and PCrlla, Wnraton, Pb Udalnkb,. d (I Huiton, T-tonmb, Jersey City. ZlOk'O, Mnrck; l reau Hrralcl,Cut; H Iniaytr. Kanjri watchman. Kaon; Keaaei (lea. Hooper; Roan Allen, and (vritl rhomb, Ktlrabetbport; Mar ilaheiid. Ml . J li'lenon. Harding ant Vary V lac, Hrewalnr. Bond oil; Kliaabrtfe Iterldsoa, I and, Perth Author; (Ji hamhrrlln Mtur gla. Albany; Ariadne, Hobltam PlalteboM, Kf| T II thump ?Oil, l.ak-r. Jamea l.-wrrnrc alien; Neb 11a. Kaultln. aid M ri.tiT' ie, i hare. NTorfct t Inderal.a. I rat. N -ihp.irt I.I. I In the hay, a -hr Kale Hug-ant, from Mal.-iga. TllMrnpM, I b ig Htnl u| the Ware, fmni Port ail Prince Hi mil for four | Briar. (Fa ataamnr P ?eragan. Mntbewa I'hilnlrlpbi i, htrka (Ivotgv Pnrhre r , Iiu'ki?, Lo"doo lUFYnrt, R II Kolth , henry. f't Th ana brl .a I rklk '0 in/ J .N kera n. N-charao-', I BaWmorr; C H Jnrdan, MMtfdao MicRImJu lanMlor Ito Jki.clrtv r. h? Vat da. Finn* a 1. I'?rt an I'l U. Hid wind k* to W and KM, ateonicrs Kagtera Ctty, P Hpregne, brlga I Trip delta, A Ime I Mh-Arr ih? !? I Mi nrnaf IIB IhliiMlMi llowea, Baltimore; | Imaa Bird of lbe Warn, Kaflia. Kortau Prtn ?; Minr.le Srhitfer. Wilaon. Malaga, arhra Kate Hwrgtaul, Blown, Malaga, J a Ler. Cnrmn, Mobile. llAl.TIttdHK. Hid F?Arr ateamahlpa P dnronr Wetann If Jnek. Thea Hwann Kamrey Warannah. hark H. on tv Hpiarn, BVntk; ketcb Pre. liana on rkeoijitun. A pamria. A' 'A: hrtgo <>uai*a. l.eary. Oweya<|H 1. 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