Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 11, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 11, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 8799. MORNING EDITION ?THURSDAY, OCTOBER 11, 1860.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE TWO CENTS. R ?hippiwg. ea>u<t:on in pkickh. , , , ATLjjmu HTKaM NAYIOATIO* COKFAFT. nv to&k afFoalwa* uk?. TOCOHIFO AT 8T. JOHKH.F. F. To land passenger*. and receive Um royal mall and govern ment deepntobee. Tkt Mum ootnprlamg Ula line k?ve bean approved by Ik* A6m>r'kTkKw'utON 8ID?WHK?L BTtAJIFM ..RlNRnCll ? tOU on* burthen. iil'NsTlUt 4 *0f tm* burthen. Jl JITKR ? * ?W too? burthen. PA 1LA H 4, W9 tons burthen . The neit departure will ba the PRIFCE ALH4BT, from ?w Tort, November lu. Fnna Pier No. 87 North river. r>m or vulatr to ur part at Ireland. rm a railway, and JB Iba prltiBt]>al ettlee o' Karland aad Scotland. Pint clan. *10D. fJO and <76, aroordln* to utate room aocooa jiodailuoa 1 bird rlaaa, *30, Including cooked provisions. And la M. John*, If. P.:? Flrat class. 9)6. third CJM 930. Children under twelve year*, half pr'oe; under one year. Tee. Third el*a* passenger* a>n required to furnish jets and Jr? Person* Uklr* passage from Haw Tort 'or the steamer* ?mOing Irutu Burton, willrecrtve free passage from New York .) Boston. Tba steamers of thin mmpaay hare bran constructed with '?ha gr*st?t rare aa regard* **feiy and ooatfort, r xntilned with model and propelling power, and are built with water Urht compartment* Ihry are oonfldently e?peete<l to surpita* La itpeed and nuigh weather iiualK'r* any veaa-la ever built, and are replet* with eltgatiOlea and conveniences As experienced surge >u la aliarbod to each ship. Perwma wfahlng to art,.! f ir tbclr frltoda. can obtain returned tickets at ibe fnllowtni grea'ly reduced prkee ? In third ealiio from Ualway 930; in third cabin from any 'mil In Ireland > <n h railway, (31 5<V In third oabln from the tirl dpal etflesof Kugbuio and Scotland, For freight ot pae-ugn app'y to ? LuWLt.MI A A8PINWACL, ag?nta, Noa. M aad >6 aouib street. STEAM WK9KLY B1TWKS* KKW YORK AND LI veruool. Innflng and embarking pnweegara at Queen* ? wn, 'I be Liverpool New tork and 1'hlUda plila -t.-aini.blp Company intend despatching their full powered v ied* t 'lilt Iron atentcship*. UI.AKUHV , Saturday October 13 CITT OF K4l.TlMf.Rk Saturday. Oct ib*r K) C1TT OK MANOIIH81KK, Saturday, ttetober *7. ku d every Saturday at no n, from Pier 4k Nor lb river. HATH" Of ri*1AAK. Tin* cabin |75 I kteerage 910 Do to London 80 I Do. to Load no 33 Steerage return Uikets good for *1* month*, MO Pawengars forwarded to Pa-la. Htvra, Hamburg, Bremen, Rotterdam, Antwerp Ac , at re.'tic*<f through fare*. Per*ona e-i.bln* to brln* out their frUnds can buy Ueketa 'acre at the following rate* to New fork -From Liverpool or <3ue*natown? F'rat c?Mn *75. 4 ?rd tlOf hteerage from Liverpool. MO; from i;ueeo?tiw, (3i> Ibeae alcmrr* h?ve tuoerl'W accmimrdatloa for pauen <e?a and carry eiperleno d aurgeona They are built la water ~tgbt irou settlona. and yalrnt Klre AnaihllaUr* on joard. For farther Information arply in Llverpiol to WILLIAM "kMAlt. Acent. U W.iier street. In Olaagow to WILLlAH iHVAN. No 5 St Enoih loittre. In Queeoavown toO. A W. D. BKVMOl'K A ' <)., In i.o*don to K1VKH A MACKT. <1 1u?g Wll lam atiaet; in Pari* uJl'l.K4 DBCOUK Ho 3 Plaie le la Bourse. In PbiUdalibia to.lOIIN (J. DALE, 109 Walnut xreet, or at U<- Compiay'* r ilirea. JOHN U. DALB, agent, 14 Broadway, W. T. QTUIIU OF UOTOBKK 20 O Por Southampton and Havre United States mail ite?m*hlu V aNDKKBILT, r M. Leferve. ermir^der. will *al' from pier Hal Worth river, Few York, at 10 A. M , on Saturday. Oct 10. with made, ,***e?oger* and arrnle. for Kngland and Prance Ft rat eatin, *1X1: *eoond cabla 960 Third cabin, to Havre, 93S, to Southampton, 930. D TOKRaNK a tent. No 5 BowUag Green, Hew Tort, tucfat draft* on iKindoo aad Pan* for sale. GOBThampton and baths. O TW North Atlantic Hfunjtup Coatpaay will despatch for 0 above porta their aclendid ateamsblp ATLANTu:. Oapiala A. u. Qni, onrrrin* the I'nitod (Hatea malla, oa lha follow Sag daya, from M atreet wharf ? Fmaa Mew ? ?rk *aturdajr, Hot. 17 aa4 Dm. IB. Proa Bane Dk S and Ju 16. And t'jothanipuv the da? after leattag Harm. The Atlanta i* anateelled for etrmgth and coafori, haa wafer tight com p amnesia, aud la la all r? ape eta la oomplete order. for freight or maaagc apply at the o**oeof tha oonpaay, SB Wall toreei 1. r. STEPHENS, Secretary. STEAM TO IiONDONIJERBT, OLAHOOW AND LITRE poos . - -t horteat aee pu>i(< to Pwroae by tha Montreal ??wan mar aieemer N<_>KTH tWKHMtN. Alton, ooeanaidar, fran (iaaw. Batorda', Oct .bar IS Raiae of pun(? to Lia Mbderry, Ola * iw or Urerpoo!:? Plrat rlaaa, $7') and BBS; aeerage, ?0 undo l>rg oceati i>iboi? andiree ticket). either iy way at ik*.?. f hh . ?> M.e .Moontalua to (joabaa, or Oy Bariam) rlw. l ake ' '.'.imp Kin. Montreal { Vienna Bridge) <o Quebec with the prir11r<r at remaining nver at any pvlni. Tor loanala' ticket \nd paae?f apply at the < 'orapaay'a offlie, ? Hriadway KABUL k bB \<4LR. leaaral paaaeerar agaota Mr tha | MM Fuuee', a,ii JO VILA, Manager. CX>B BorTN IMPTON AND H A YRK ? ON HATCH OAT, jT October 13. the United Matea mall I'Mrnir A H AUG II. 'Jeaa. erermaj. .er, wl 1 a*'l from flerSf N >rth Hirer, fo4 of Heach tired n Hat ird?y. Oct IS. at noom. Thui atearnar, nn Kurt aaard tur HMV and o^afotf - haa double eagtwaa under tail . encloe?d by water llglt o ?m.mrtmcuta, which, beeldee other reanlte wad Id Um event oi aol'lanm or atrandlag. to *?ap the puaaca :rre to work -rid >.? tire lha aafetr 'if tc?o1 and paaeeaarr* Pi Ice of paaease In ??eoud oalilo tTS and MO. Per freight nr pwaage apolr to saMURU M P OX. ')*?) MAt'llfMli. areola, So. 7 Br_?ad*ty fhe atoaiaer Pultoo wUl Mil PaeeaaMr 10 rpo 8CCI KKI) TUB APRIaTI J -BOUTHAMPTON AND 1 ?Unr She forth V liar, tic Htaawahlu t'oapaey will .aaaalib lor the above p .na their aplendld ?team?hip AT 1 ANTIC, i * i n A O Uray, earrilnr the I'nliel -taiea -TI..1I. on the HI Wl'g daya fr>ia ' anal atree; wharf ? F r jea >ew Tork, t-M'irdny, November 17 and Pec- raVer t? Fr> *a (larre Deaetn'er i aud .Tanoary 15. and Sonthaaplna tha dar after leaiiec Mnvte The A I antic la itnetoelled far atreagth >>ndeoBtorl baa weter tiijht w-rnp'.rtaaeita. and ta la all re H'tlm In rnapleie a?der gor f ei^at or paaaaga apply at tha An? f the I. un any, ad Wall Mrej-i I P. MTKTHKWB. Baaratary. ipriB irossn aiRMAM i i/m* rtiaimihip nkw 1 TORK. rt 1 Von >an?eu. eom mander, carrylag lha oittad Bute* ??!!. will aal) m BAfUMUAT, Oct 27 at Uo'elook M? FRBVIIK TTA MOUTHAKPTOa, t ak'.ag pa*aeDi?ra f r UXTDOR. HATRK )Cl H V 0 T< ?W A!*D Bit KM KM At lha following ralea: ? fV?t eal.ia. 1101. aecoad calxu, IU), ataarage, SC. For ratgfel or paaaare apply to VlKUeCKB, B.rLTtlBR A RKKIBRLT, Wo B Br?ia i way. ?TBI HAkm'Kd AMKitl Ah PAi'KKT OOBPART'd X wan ateamah'p BaXohIA.II Eh'.ara coalman 'er.wiU ea i ii for llaaab ira ? oulhaapvci, Louden aad llarra oa Mm lay. Oat IS at li M. flni c . In. ILUU. aecood eatla, S*J, awerage, 93* C. U. KTHI t*D s B' 'AH, Itl Brovlaa?, It. T. dp HOROB1 A wlU goncerd tha Sajoo'.a. FtOB UVRHrooi. -TBK rKl.BBR ATBD CT,' atas DBEADBOrUBT. the I ?a ait afctp iDoal, will pdat Jraty aail oa halt. day. OctMiar IS at il o'el.a k. For panage, h?w?at mie? atmly i>n board, pl-r ( Bonh rtrar, or to P. la OKU ARIHT. 4) honth a Iran. Foe uTBRPoou-otD nr.ACK utar ubx-trb awte ah:. > Al'nTRA i.IA. I.ltg at aaefejr H theatnwa, ?kiU Ukli day. A ataaaiboal anil leave pter No 17. Ia? rlrar, at tiooa to earry i ?r??rir?ra ua board Tor paaaaga apply to WTI.i laMl A tatloR. to ?ul'oa aiieac AtTBTBAUA Minn* L1WR-BRT tBlltfllD ISM aarrytag tha Cahrd Watea malia. aaillag pu^Uralg on uw gay artraruar-d Tha aagai i wat A I clipper ahlp URIIT ^BATHER Mayo coa?mander. will hare Imaiedute daaoatrb _ a aid ho r HI "nm UhI for thirty aaaot 4 tsaMa paaaeogera. in ho imm leek Porfratghlor pveara ao jhMS W OAMBROM, 10 Reirar atraet. eight blRa for eale aad raah adraocea m 'da oa c inaigaaania CVma^nn a la Anetralla, *a?ara B. Town? A t 1. U*OB OAWOR VI A T'* PANAMA. P A Brat rtaaa Meaner will lea re New Tor* the la*. 11 th Ml U? a< each mmih. eacept when I Hear dataa 'ail oa day. whaa Ike day of deyiartura will ba tha M?xUy tol "parVglgM or pvaega apply at lha oaly o?ee No. 177^e* corner of S? arrae O B. AtXBN, Ageat. IT A V ABA AND NRW OMfAM BTBBT TBN DATB. 11 Paeaage MB Tojall oa oraday. Ojt II, at It o clo k ?STateaSfp CAHaITBA, i ? B?Rh, aonraa-idor WlJ laiapaaee la r??-e??e fratgh en Moaday. OaA B, aad gall aa ?hoea from pier fort of Murray alreet. l?ortb rtjar. uv IMmstom. i ro* HRron .* no., m Murray alreet. DM ROTO aal la OaA ? had BIBNTILLM Mar, t. MUM MATANA? TUB rNlTRD RTATBB MAIL F aieaenehip KOARRH CITY R W. Rhafeldt. Om-an iar wit lra*a fir the abora port oa Thnmday. Oetohar IB at eineWLfmai i ter #5 Forth rixer for freight or paaeag* a?ip.y 1.1 H AH"' - I H a ' ' ' , .1 ' f?- ' h aLrrri |1?< R RATANNAH AND TBB ROPTM. r Tha MMawhto BONTOOMRRf Oapt. Wia. a Barry, arm w Pier IS NorOi rlrar oa Tharaday. OaL 11. M ? P. M. paa Paaaaga to Raraaaah. w?th nnr-irpaaeed arweam otadoaa. Hi thnxtgh ticka a to Mew Orleaaa. M?. MoMia, SBBt doaMan, BSA Mempkia. HI 7S. Maehtll'e. BT 7S Kma -U> Stain ''halta- . rv JU A'^a^T til a ?>-!?. afl A, toaia. n Raera. ?J0, Aogngto. BIT to mtatlag aainioa* fw? ?a mmmmm Mala. Apply w fl B. CBOMWMtJj B OO.. W Weal rtreet aad SSB Bread wr. rye R. R (TyTI.BR nec^U ?*?, irday,(?ct IS. n^^HBAVA/khAII AND 1BR ' TU he new auametor R R. I'C'TI.RR. CMgl P < Voegag, MM! Mara pter II h irth rlrar. oa Belariay, OaL 1A at t P IL Paige t?i ratan-aJL SIS _ _ rwSR UeA^Iamh! to New Orleaaa, BoWJa. Montgomery, a Ahaai. Ud? >B BA \ A NN t H AND OTIIBIl Pr?tNT* A* - r Theirelrlw- ?da-b.-l r^-e.h.p Al 'indr t ' arUIB M B. Wendkol ertB laavaoa Bat iritf. "ctobar 1.1 at I P. M , r m ptar No t 5-rih isrfp Thrcngh ucgaU aaa ba had fur "*Rew,Or'Mra r^" 75, M<.M:a. rw M w?g-aaery. tTJ Bnfao '? a 'a ft? I'o'ooi'-aa. Ml: AHanr BJS Ailanu. Ill . <%*? " , * ati Re* fertile. t--7 f?. ke. irBle t? SO. Maaaphla, Ml 1* *'? rr. ??T,nnah, flA P? frwutoar aaaaaga apply at I* Rraadamr. _ - PI>ihAiA tiartaia laaac roeall. wll! neeaad J-iTha ray October U atapM. ?%ed <? Taearay, ve- ?ABUBL u Mret mix 4 gQ, rR OHABt.lNTON. * r BAT *N^AH OA. AND ThzT .v:::/: Th^y.^rr,, r; C ,%2dael? Hat? '* paaaige, wlUi Ikronrh t, HZ - MMwa To f arir.nah, 'U J" rr-',v R.'CJ bsT I* Ml! M A^net* la.. *17 >1 AtlintA. H > . < 'harlrtta, '11^- I sn. Por frelri.i '' paaiarj-apply Kl^MDjMwN A ' o ItTKjdww^gaTO ,j? i it rM"li? cati.inai ler. w i tiw' ' " ' '** OrtTber'n ar*1 ???' Ni?h ''"P1 % ?? October IT ad the l olngatoa m>_?atofda 'Aj* . * tim>? Banreaa <'oai?nafB rraal * A2TSlKTr-lbae.rr?a agaata Baau. wl *** ??*+ Mga aa to awlinc a?a, far*. Bo 8IIIPF1NO. I^OR BO?Q KONU ? ABOUT THK HUT OOfOIMB r Uii- ahlp IN DBPKNDKNi B wtll bo despatched a a noma. For freight of aN>ni SUA bhfc , or p?? ?n?. apply in 1HKO D< >Rs UBHOB, 10 Wall MM, or to OH Ah H. F K**BN1>BN, 1U Walt I ' JjV>B CHABLBdTON -TUB flB?iT CLAIM riTDB r whMlMnDukip IKI BTON B STaTB Oapl C P M.nb ?JIB, will M1J from PhUtdelphlit for Charles' m on Monitor, (mi 14, at 10 o'clock A M. Oabla puna*. ?).'>, aleei-age, to, 1 h rough UrkeU to Jfew Orleasa and Intermediate pifciN at MM rates sa Iit HtMufni fnun Now Soe* ?up.-ri >r -talc proroa may be secured by appirlng to A HK&O ?, Jr . Bo I'M K"r:b w haive*. Philadelphia 1 he tteimsr mT tTB < >F v)M()r(. O I A *U1 ull m aboie for Baron nah oa aaiurday , Oct 10, at 10 0 clock A M. Through fbkioht abranobmlnt -for nob folk, Portamontb, nty P.txit and Richmond, oouaectliig with Norfolk and Peterabara, and SouUwude Rall-uadj fir L) nchburg, Briitol, Memphis and I atermediate etatlnoa. Frdrht received every day, and through ruoetpU fumlaked at pier 11 North rirer. Bteamahip JAMK8TOWK Oatt Hkiener, >earee every Tuaa dh? at S P M., taking freight for PorUmouih, t'lty Point and Rlcfemood. bteamahip BOANQKB, Oaot Ooueh. every Thursday at 3 P. M., taking freight for Norfolk, City Point and Richmond, and calling at OH Point Comfort to land paiwancera. ftesmfhlp YuRKTO "M, CSapL "arrtah every Hatorday at S P. M . uklnii freight for Norfolk, Oily Putni and Rlchromd. Freight to Portsmouth or Norfolk, 7 eeuta per foot; to Otty Point ? cents, aad t-> hiohmond 9 eenla. Passage to Norfolk, atateruotn and taenia inciodad, M; to Petersburg or Richmond, S10, ohlldren between tha agee of 1 and 11 half prtoa. LUDLAM A HKiNKKBN. H* Hroadway. COPARTNERSHIP ROTIcil. CIOPABTNBBKBIP WaNTSD -THK SUBSOBIBBB J twlng about t'l iravt-i In all eejtlous of tha Called fitvos oa biwlr < rs nf hia owd, which will reiul e but a small portloi of UatlOM. would forma copartnership with sims ?e?pon*iHl? p?rt> lor ilie aalr of gcoda by samples in'rorluce new luven u.ins, aollctt custom, or trans** any Isgttlw a'e business lh?t c?d be made lueratlre by pnbllclt< or be wtli tika any of ibe ?N,ve on hia *wn account oa commnnlou Ibla wlllb^an opp< itunltT aeldom inn to utrr not >rlet< to bu*ire?a. ctrwrtly to hi. Slue's mm tl.rim?li He oouutry. Ihe lubacribiu- hia been In a?tl*e merosn'lie l.naium fur the Ual t| yct-r aad c?i re 'cr In untile of llie beat bualoMa bouaea In thia city or oount-y. A.'.flrf ?>. la madiatrly Trareller. boi 1S2 Urrull olllca, ataUac le fill; iIm i Hture af jour bnalneaa. NOTirB?TltB OOPARTNKR8BIP HKRBTOFOBI EX UUtK between the nnileraljcned and eurlcd un 'he firm ua?e of Union Skirt Ccmpanv, n thia day dlsolved bv mntiisl r mx M O it HART Dated Oct. ID 1.M30. JOHN HHK tRVAK, Jr. PABTN1R WANTBD? WITH *1 800 CASH, IN A mu'' acturlrr businaai, the onlr one of Ih" kind Is the tnl'- d Kttlca. Artlctea aeciirod by letter* patent aad ? rea<iibr for caah Adcreaa, with real name, boi 18 Pou*h keeps c Poat oOlce, N. t. RABK CiKll ? PARTNF* WANTBD IB THB butcher tiimiieaa with MOO. to I %ke charge and half In threat In a abi>p. now In auceeaal ul operation In one of the beat i.Teinie* In the city. Applr to i? Ml Al'KBLTOB, No. f Heekm.'iu atreet, ri>m> '6. between 'he hoard of 9 and 12 TUB RUIWOB1B1R8 HA VI THIS DAT FTBMKD A CO partnerabip. fur the porpoae of tranaaetlnc a ir~u*ral Hta tlonery, Prli tior and l.Hbo^raphlng bii?tne>?. at St Nuiu atreet. The style of the firm will lie U F. OullaaA kuy. Tie aald psrtaerkhip to comtneuoe on the let day of October. I860, and tonpire on the 30th lay of tiep'ember, UM3 BK*Ja MI N r. Oi i it MBS. Niw To*k, Oct 1, 1M0. CHaRLBd A. MaCI. Jr. J>1 n|)|| TO (2 008 ? PA RTNKR WANTBD. IB A yi.l'IHI maniifactniirr btudoeaa of geeat pr jmlie and lanre i roflta. Apply at 741 U'oadway, baaeuieot nnn *<> *2 000.- AN AmTK BUSINK.^ MAN' Pl.UUU with this amoudt wanted, to lake the a >la chu-? cfihe buaineae here tha prueent proprietor going South and Wrai. haa been eatabllahxd thr?? yeara. and oan be mad* to pay the cmtng year t'O 000 profit. Call froea 8 to II o'clock A M , and from 4 to 8 P. M., at M Broadway, la baaetaent, of U KNOWLBM OCt'LlKTS AND AUHIBTtt. H JOK&.' KVK Al?I> IAH 1R8TI TOT ION, 137 Fourth iraoa ? The on y uUm la the Un'tcd Ktatee ?hfrf I.U I Imiim at the Ira and Ear ira treated aoonrdlag to the laproicaent of the eclenoe of the age Newpetfeat at teeded fma ? till It A. M.. aad from 6 UU 7H P. M. 0 A (LOTiinro. A^m UXlThtv OH 4MC7E FOE LA DIM AMD HIMOI to aenrt UMr chI of Clothing Into ouh. ? I reuetred ? lar*e oit ler (rout the Houth hoi WaaA I nivum that I will pay the following prteee ? Pros M to (SO for HUk Priieei' i, Caehaterae ud llaregee paid for fcxroMtc*! t , from tl lo tt for Pun. fnat >1 to 111 for C-oate. aleo, I'arpela, Furuttnro, Jew tiry, he A note addreaa ed lo K, 154 Hevenlh imn?, brtwii Nineteenth and IraUMk elreela. ?U1 be poaotoaliy attended letdtae mended to by Htm. E A ?TILL KKTTER AMD 8UKK8T WAT FOE 1. a 1)118 A and graLemeo lo get a fair price fur rM off "lathing Pnrultnre, Carpel* end Jewelry, ml ant be humbugged by great pule, le lo eaod a note by poet to l&l Hnimtb aveaoe. whit h will U punctually attended to by J. AMI! ALT. Ladtaa attended lo by Mra. A. 112 Heveuth arcane. A BETTER CHAJICI THAN ITII -LADIK AND J\. ger.tluw.ea. I have a great demand ' ,r cant m CI. .thing for the Wnetcru mv??, al?< !?r Fnrntture. c*rp"U. Jewnley Ac I guarantee lo pat the full oaeh prtee for the above aaaed arMeiea. aad ant to haabag. a e la due* by other greei boeetcre and faie* pralendtra Oill aad be anuilaned lo yoar eettafastlon o? addreee Harrla, 146 Hevealh even'ie, *eoou? hrntee beU/w Twaaty Urn eireet. Lad lee attended to by Mra Harrta. A still Birm amd rdeir wat foe la diee anil gentlcaee to ret a fair rut price for rant of Clothing. Furniture, I arpate aad Jewelry, aad Dot lo be hum bmred by great lo eead a note by p<i?t lo lh? new ee labltehaieat of I. I .IT I, lit Hrreuth avenue, coroer of Eljtbleee lb arret. I-adlee will be punctually attended lo by Mr*. Letl. lit areroe AURIaT l)U AND FOR OLoTlIINil -LADIEH K KD m wmiewea having aay eaat off "lothing, Parnttore -? Wu are guaranteed i > receive ae foil ?wa>-raole. fr tm (1 toaia. fna $1 hi tlu, -41k Drneaa*. froa tl tn VU Par barege and w.jollea l>reeeee the fc'gheat price will be paid by calling I Hi or adrewdng A Harrla. HR Third area ta. Ladle* httecrted lo by Ire Harrla. flKTTEE CHANCE BTILI* LAI IK* AID SIWTLI mea? A great denaad for *.h? W eaters market ? Wanted. * large quauUiy of eaat ofl eloiaiag, turn . .re oar p. u. jewelry, Ae. I gnarao^e to pay tbe Pee" t r^oee la the city. A note addreeeed lo M Abrahxta. IS3 Seventh arenna, between Twenty flnh and Twenty triith Mreela, wUl be p. ice toaUy attended la lewllee attended by Mra A. I I AID LIFT OPP L t'lothlat puwliaaed for the W net era aiarket, la Large or U1 iota ilhii at the Unre, or addreee Tb>eaea D- tXar w. M Cent * ureal. M H.? Merchant taflon hartag an r ua haad wit plaaae addreee aa above. AURPATQUAWTITTOFCARTOFF rrLOTHINO, PUE nRnre. rhneb, Jewelrr, Ae . wealed, ti enpp.y the Weetern narkn. I?diee or MaUaneea having anr to <iieooae of will twretre the hlgbeet naeh prteee for the lain* l>y ealltar orlhddrAetag a aoto m A Dt CAM. IU Herrnth aranae. watch a ill I* punetually atleaded to Ia^lua viiendad lo by Mra. D ANTRDLOST. A^m mom a fipi art romioi^t teat armr omioam ? depend na la Madame WII.V)*, who |?l|e the otyer t of year ?iaR ae aooe aa >?? eater her Ma tame I* lite great* el eetrolnalei that eeer mea kn iw*. Hhe will laenke the ko'tre nf her w eetauee. and tell all Iheereau ef yi 't* Whrta Ufa Her predltrtlima are en true that thev anrpHee every >?.e that ear rai? her. Roma lad lee mar gel a 1 We ttartd, ik. 'ieb the -, need n<* fear f'? tbe p arlieee nothing b.ii what l< reonerl.khl* to phlloanphera All aboil I -oaen'i ible m nt ?MTfkl aad BveterlO'ie lady. Her adetea baa aevrr '.eea ?twin lo fall, aad >be ?#. re twaetr th-Mieaol A<:-.are raw >rd to a* J eae wer ean equal her In the above erlenea. I. B ? Madeaie WU** le tn p<waee*<a nf tbe celebrated magle rharae. wk>rh are eeer renaia m tbetr efTeet Tmly a >r aae be salted a anet woMder?nl wenaa Keel ten -e I *?* Ilea ? reel, bet??ee t irene aad W? lea at'eeie. over the bakery. Pea ta f ak f?w led lee aad geallrlaei. hu eeiiia AIT"NtRHIXa.-M?DAMI MOER >W. RIVl^TH daintier, bwa wllfc a caul and girt of fnreafeM. telle b <w ecr,a aert <vtea yoa wilt marry aed many eraale-evaa yoar very tbre?b<e Fee It eeaie. natll o>bere ebip enpylag ay ad I>k 1H< l.'idlnw etreet. baetw llneoa. ileatl'am zr* aHalited OLATEVCT AH'R Mil blYMOURf MIDIOAL CI. AIE ? TO) aal Riiwe. ?e fm rth alreet. In - >? a aet of 11 mad aray Ihe a< effnucal aed calaad balnea enaeiiRalrae day and eeewl'g and perfect aatafaeklon ( laraataad alwaya. or ae pay laheu MlADAMI EAT II THI HBRT OLAIMTOTANT AMD I Aatruwgtal in the T'alted Melee <?tree I'Mfcy caabar% eaweee epeetly marrtat'-a, telle of loal iir^iwly M ? Mp aveaue. near Twaaly tevaaib Mat. Ladlae tt eeate. genii* met- Hi naata. MIHAKAME HARTET CAM IMPORM HIE MAMT I 'rteede aad tbe pnbllc nf the eeaMIt of lift, tbe paat, preeeat and fntara. to their entire aaiief aetknr abe feel* noat deal abe baa no e joal If you wlab the In lb rive her a aall at . at Tenth aveaae, balweee Thirty f on rth aad Thirty ilf'A atreete. ladwe. U etmtm. Kaatleaea not adamel Madame Dr boh, ci-aietotamt phtrtoia*. pob aerly nf Bareaa'e Maeeua. anal letaeaaHat cm rw ered In etaaiaea..a of dteeaae aai Vaatwraa, fa aaala M tap ervaaa. Ma ?T Weet Tweat? aeveaeb ekl IM^. tt Mra. Pa?w^. j^ADAME BTEOW THE WOPDEE Of IT? BOPS, Jt - arrived frca Farla Trne eetroJogim, aplrtlnalM tueee d on;j reaakne let: tbe glrae tme la! naalloa la hil affaire of ?fe, irkenaaae, (tree lorby n where, Ar Rbe baa elan tbe nHte liirZi aad Arable ta.wmane to be foaad a Ible M.tDAyPLEAMIiER t.EMT ?|TERT3 DAVaHTEE ? Oha be "ora t^.l ?i- -t l?ve Merrtag* * '?eeet rrtaada; ? ?? he -? eataol fa ?t I.M Mntt a-eeet IdMMt ? e?nta rer'lemea 30 . eau. i'a aee epeedy aaraara aed i -aa eiety r.-.n > era. NB-WHO h AR POT HEAID OP THE CMllRtTIP ? ? Madaae f iEWaTEE* Nbe hee baa naenlMid by ?Ji' In lb la and other etUee with entire eattefdrtlon Kb* "Jt mVerl abe baa tin eqnal. ? he tell* tbe eame of f-tlnr* wife or brabaad : a'ao that of bar eMtar. If ra wieh tbe tr itk give b?r k call at T?1 Tbtr.l area tie, above Twaaty tret ?treat OPlirrrAM?*-rrt1AEL* .coi/^hmtie HATI1T I ?? moved lo So t H v, ? alreet. sea be *oaeMfced a* atObL h ire frrta 8 A. M. Ull - F. M. WHO WfiCLP MOT OO WHIR* POETCIP It *-00 TT te. aee Mice WKI.l.TNIiTuR. the great Ragliell pro pb'teaa tie ' eat of all. and eannot be e, aHed Obn be em a>. ted peranaally or hy letwr oa all atfair* nf Ufa, entireerito* aw e>ute. owrMtw a. tbtWt frtMMda, love. coaiaSlp. a?rr%ga. bea tb. wea'ib aad wbn will reclaim dmnkea nn'altb'itl bnehaada Mia* W la the <mly perwu. e Ihteelly wtobatke (ennine R' man aad Aeabtan talBamana fi* love (iMi letl ho* a b'ta'aeee affair*, and are gnaraateaa for Ufa Iielay aid to ecmewR Ible natarallr gifted aad beanu'nl vonag la.1y. 1 1? by e ntbara givew ilyblv reet 'actable c.ty rt ,>ren<v - caa teiaen a bariaedeace, llll bliib areaoe, nppoMe Eighth a?r? e'. t)?|l OR A 'It RTRKRT. REaR HnfftkT -?AU??I AOl MTHW4IE. clatrvnvaat aMd |t'k?d kpaalek lady, oa ve ia tbe arakeiteenf fekwrtty. bwa, anaenaga. at aeol 'rlewla. et> hreae preaerlbee meidletaae for bl daeaaea, t*U* l aky bafll bare, property hat m ttolaa. Ah. Niarsuiiniori. A FA HMKK, UynKBfcTANDTMO FRUIT VMM. POffk trjr io., having J7OT lo U.UUD san lunssa ejtrantJtnarr chance on a very su, rrlor farm near this cu?, h?v aud fruit ? cmeV?J In* B.OOO, ooe of !h- bei' r*acSS lo raise imiitry. PORTRR k CO , 33b Broadway, Uurd Ijot. (1HANCB FOR A FORTCNR-A lOH^T. ABOR BAVINQ J Machine ts oltermi to thepsblls. The patent mud aradil ?1)1 b? suld for i> hit All Hrm dow-i. ??4 the balance will be 'skes outline. Apply to L. WmTBROOB. Ui Broadway C^GLl.KCTIONB MaI?K IN OAl.irOKMA.-A PPR90N ) of sbllBr rn>crlei> *e In mncuHk pnrmttt starts lo a fc? (in j ? for l?ltlon la . i. mieelal business, aud frill return I. Ml after a leu week's dc'av He will be h* jpy 1 '??? ?uy 01 ? who ne<>da the services of an agent than Undoubted re fereucesgtvi n. Address U . box *,871 Purl o?ce. flBOOKKKT AND UI.AWWARR -I. O. DOW, BO. 311 J Urrenwtch atre?-t between Heade an 1 rVvie. A l?ge and varied dock o' nil kind* of W t? , C C. and IHpt Ware, tilassw If? and Okina. t ash sad abort Hate buyer* can buy at lew It an auctksi prises DR. UftCAB BRANT'S < TBI JC It RATRD INDIAN RR eelpt for the care of Coasnmptloa. <'mehs. Colds Ic , * hick proves sureessfnl la every case, will be aest to any one, u atn receipt o' two three o*nt stamps to pay tke return p ist age Address his agent, Daniel Adre, M Prankfor street, hew York. Extraordinary dibtoybry -bra bioknbw. Kure and aafe prevention. Thla aevere Indisposition. at ti? klDK every rereon Rata? to lea, had hitherto baffled all me dical attempts to subdue It It was reserved to Dr. P. T. de la Forrest. after years or unranlttlEf research, ftnallv to find an Infallible sad tore remedy for It, wMnh we now offer with the grmteat coufWleree to the public rh<a m ot aslenlshlnit prs p*rKtl n la not an ephemeral or uotrtsd eiperlment. bat la now offered with full results of Its entile success In all caie* httser ki tried. Oertlteates attesting Us moat remarkable and salrscq h us cases will he produced? the !a?t of which Is one sign** 1 by the captain, oflcere. crew and three hundred and three passen Rrs .f the ship Rote it Oeoter, CapL Arnold, on a royags m Havre to New Toffc. lu Jute ti August. 18#) (48 days). The preparation, Ix-ln* ? t.acture, Is put up in bottles, at tl for large boules and M cents per bottle for smaller. The doas for sea sickness Is oi.e teaspoonful morning and evening, hef ire eating for three days running. None are gxnulne un eas they haw the signature of Dr. F. T. ds la Forrest ou the label of eaeb bottle. Th'yian be obtained at P. Preterre's. Jr., SIS Pear! street; J (lermnn's. druggist. f>26urand strict, 1'h.i.iies H. Rlug ? 278 Broadway, and St the general deputof W. P. VOl'NU. 41 PI e stree U GUfco, R1FLK8, RPVOI.VKBB, AC.; POWDKR FI.1SK8, Bhrt I*ouch?* and RelU. Uame ltsiis. Powder and HbcL-v The larsest best and cheapest assortment In the city, at P. RKYNOJ.PS' old established store, t8 ChatUam street. All goods warranted as revreaenled. ("M ORIOVS NEWP FROM PKVNSYl.YAHIA WHO T eha'l stag I' u<>( the IfepiihUcHus!"' Wide Awake Yooal ~ Hook. rtUueed in 7S cents per do/eu DaOOKIT, S3) Bioadway, Pub Hayk tou r*kn Tnx MW HK1X CHARM! A PKhKKCT UKM-A PIRFBOT BBLL, neci.tedly the Prettiest Prxtuotlon of the Camptlfu Bsnt post puld on receipt of 80 certs. :st V*K1KI1?S of tJAMlAIOir PINS CHARMS and MKilALB, selling at greatly reduced rates Address J U. WKLLS Mao<ifactnrer, Corner sf Park row and Heekman street, New York. 17;ni>lin(1 at twkhty cknth whkh tkn or more b< iea are orderel. Oak Hud pine by the load at -atss; sawed, or sawed asdl fool of Bant T wer.ty th.rd si rest ADIKK' BAIRDRKSH! N(?. ? MRH O'MR^lA AKO Mn. H. M. HOWaRU (from D'thliui'), Udln' llilr L MADAkK M. RRVBH KNI>, 1IKKHH* AK K < FROM Paris. Infero.s the ladlst of 1'ew York that she is ready to make the latest fill style it Parts drc sea. M Al> AMK RKVKF KNI), No. SH> Fourth street, west of Broad war MISERS', ROYS' AND IBPANTH' FANCY H ATP: ORNTB' AND BOIB' HATS AND CAPS. The largest and beet hi i.Htment to he found In the cUy. TRADN m .'fl.lEU RBLVOOO 3H1 CANAL Bill EST MARBLB MANTBIJt THB WL'UH'JRI riBK BCud leers to Inf'sm his frtenla and the public that be I* selling Mantels, Ac. ckmper than ever Call aed see for ^1*^ A. RI.AHRK lis last Rifhteenth street, near avenue, New York. Mautels put up Is any part at the conn try PATENT AFPHALTE ROO-INO AND SHIP HHEaTH Irir Telle, the rbeapeai, b?at and m^et dnrtble ?r?r often*! lo tlie public I'lrrnlnrt, a -in plea, An , will be |or?rorde4 free A crn'e i.aM'd for ctkj and towna None genuine iul'-?a li'ir rbaeed of AAHiiK A. I?litil'? IISMh elreot, o-tr eole Html Of the tutted Hole*. CROOOON A CO.. Um? <m f\V A RTT. MTLI.K? THK I.ATTKT IMPROVRMRNT U H/uughUm ? I'nirni May li, 1 MO. ep?ci%Uy alapted to tr .nrltig unuru rork end other hard ??itietvit to *a Impalpa bin powder. have adjneteble Mill haaitug (pin lieg aur fauna ?nd Improved heartnga effectually urfveiitfng Ihr. almlt* <a of Ml to the Interior of th? min. r Wild. rllirli-i t and p?'fw In Ibelr ooaratbm. Atipl) lo I H? * HK.RP K 1 1, IHvA Hollaing, eoraer at Kim And Prat*, la ttrrMs, New SHOW CAbkR V. f every deaortptloe eienufai-tnrad br U WINTE*. It forth W|llt?? gtreel N. II.? A food uiorviiiPbE couataully o.i bno-1 SKA HCKhEfS PIITIKTM AND CURED -RTERT |ier?n> going 13 are aboall hfl provided wKfc HI '.Uf > ? **?? Rprnflr for fee Rirkneaa one of thf mo* aae '-eTal nwdifnn ever introduced lo the not ire of thn put. He. and Ike naif rente ej lb?t cno ee relt?d upjn for glvlog relief la that <fl4rea?lng malady Teetlro ialfclj to lie value e ?tmaelly reeeired Pr? oared aoialv br tb? proprtetnr. W H tl ..I.IMU 'hernial, 19 Ctrtle <tree< Kdu-barg, and eold by Mm and all ehetnlet* and (tmrriaH. la hottleeat la l^d.aad farallv b-Hlee e.tual lo thrrr wo a) I obi a. Ja. lid Vt ileaale aijinU. Hal?aa A Co, I-eltb and I Irerp-iol; * hob* tie end r?l*|l ntnl * On weal of PcotUrd Hunk Ha t rtrraiat. la Argtle alreet, Ola??"W. Id aakitg for tke florin.- t>? ?ira im do rt' mlunoi fhcciric por ?h t biomnr * r~C) N? VTPPAPKIIH OR V. AO A/.I NEH. ? WAITED TO ? buy, iha rid Huherrtf tlTB Honka of la? veara aa ' |fv"i9. 1/ at a low pr oe. Addrr*a, Kallr a anir ?>ar an 1 priee, IVvna, tot 187 l.era'.<l r H Alar a <m.'. rmwi 10 aUeod lo ?tT baal neaa n ia( be of r "d ad^ri-aa. r) CAPITAtOTk? HARDBALL AIR POWK*? 1 Wit (lea! lnTeuloa. ?hlrb b da fair to do aarar arttfc tke naa of atran. la Mm to proeeaa of deTa-Jiiem-m, and will axw ba eihiMte.1 lolhe pnVIe Tka laeect * .l^id-ra a Partner whi will (0 In wfch kin m brtagtag tke inre.iHoa lau jfrn?ral a aa Appfy ?* 17 Plae atreet to JCARSII aI.I. or kJ Owaa U. Warra?. IKI Merrbar la' Kirkan(a. TRKM>NDOUII RXCITKRRNT Ureal aa'e of TR?S, WIMW, OBOiTtRim. fXOCR ? Cd PRUVIPIONK Farallr f l"nr ?S, 14 atd W M ba barrat. Na* Kante <*arr?ata teenli par pcund I'koiea llreen and Hlark T?m. ?) o oeali per poitad. P' ltara ?fcol?aaie aad retail , at reft era' prlcea Uooca dalirarad fraa IHoMAR K. AONRW, Ml Ureeawlck and !J Murray atraaM. Call and aee for ymirae.rea WIPK AWAKI BKT.I- \RD RTPHtTT AND OTHKR I nlforma aa4a at tk? abort oretea of black, red bine, oianr* drab, irold and al>?r r i aateiieled cjotka. Ala\ U.a orna and Torrb?ao* eeary letcrli tloa. Apply pt 113 Chatham a>i uara, ia tka ak> Mai atora. ccnn TO nw -A CH A NCR TO MAKE MONET fi)UU thai oaeitra bat mum bt a Ufa time. Tka (Rata Rttktj for tka aala nt am* at the beat aad aioat oaefnl pataat aruclaaaTer lavntadipeery kciaekeepar will bny R naoa a?a la? aad tryla? it lea Bluatea. It will pay 110 par aaal profit, aad at th* aa? a Uma rut k? aold an ehaap thai aar famllr naa aP *d lo hay It Ortal aoeoeaa baa a read/ attended Ita Intro dinirB Nn pprana need applj oaleaa tber naa ooomand froai IMO V) tlfM) ?llher In mo? my or arallabw pmpertr The arttle raa ba aaaa. aad fall rarttenlara at Tea, by naldn* am or addraariaa J. R. Kallay, 41 llaaaaaa attaai. Raw Tori, ap Main. m<u>n7artarar of tka arttela. Call batwaaa the koara of I and 5PM M. H PeranaM at a dlalanea who daatra to aa collate for thatr owa'Rtala aa?, br remlttlax *1, haf Ike tr uole aaal frae at eipewee pefwiii, wRk droalar it a?' all partlaalara erf prloe of aaak Ptala. Aa. *1 onn A TEAM MAD* BT ANT ONR ATOP* as^^^sssa M ( klaela aad Uowap 'orjanre Mi wUkaqoaalRy of Puak aeSetaat to retaflT for JU? *1 nara. Coaapaaa. Plntakkai Plata. PolMriap Broak. Praaaar. Ekeara, EamaWa* Roaa DM Oka*. Carre Patters faanla Mm Hiaaa Mi Btnah. wRk Rarlpe for IndalUbie lok aad EarmatUa EMaatl Iak. al ? I i ? ij laatroettona for cauloa Etenell/rawaa. taakla? Maa ?tl br rhea aad. In abort, the a hole ?J aeaa nt tarr*lni oa tka Hteacil Ealana at wknlnaala, wiik atiArlaal Nkvk aad Took at every "eamiptiaa, warranl?d per'eat, or nekuiat al aay ttae fraa for aew Tka whole mint, aattr* me maaplata, a funtUbed far 110 Dlea all patented The Aaartoaa Rtaaetl Tool Worka. al Pprtnrde.d. Tarmoat hat* a caah fiad of (XIHW inraated aarlaateelr la tke >Maa frrtare of Plea >01 Toola, karlaa Ike larpaat aad aaal ealaaMl water power kt tka Mala, w*k a wheal of arreaty-#??- bora) a laEal _ BWjk_ Re U Merekaaia' tart, ar EprfgEeld. Tt. BKAH -ALL intri.ltobnt mnn. II ATtNO HE ?OUU< ready eaak. May realtee tlRR In Mt moo tka. la ^ jMMrt^of tka _Caiied Ptetea by_ addreaaia* Mr W. R dry pack!'.*; elan a ~<nei*et enpply A Heraid o? a. Raw Vork. laalwdlan l?? eeata pi i) nnn caber? from to to m hallo** baob O.UUU tnRabia for eMar. ke , ai way a oa kaad a vary large enuply of eeenad head tour Earrafc, m liable for aae peeking; alas a laiaataal enpply of new Rerrale ard Rac V. f.w III I.I.I \ M l>?. _ SBSB RnujARDTAEKE ARD <TU?H10NR-WI & N ANT*I paleat Raeeiator apnea Oiekliaa aad Rl'tlard aktee tka beet la ihe w.rld. Dnmbla, norreel aad U r air ba road all nth era Tke oldeal raeakUehmeat ta ABertaa. Mate rfcrtnry 71 8old "_T: Billiard tarlkr - por ralr. onrtu-ndrbd rbw aad wmnd haad RilEarO Tailee. at reaaiaiable prloea. Ca;i atid eaMBlna or eet. l yotirardem. M*le by W. II. II Air PITH 1M f olloa eireet. tl'M J. RVARP'E IMI'ROTED BO.I.IARD T A ELBE with Ma rawly tvae'ad eaahtna. patented Nor??he? II. I** ?ed w?11 known lo be anpertor to ear bow la aae Mannlanory IM Pelu a ?r?"t HilfWfOTlci to TiiE~aTinrrrArTVR?iui and parr beer ra at ^illler-l lai>l?e Ihet we here aold to *? _e A I " lender the eirl iel?e rlrhl to the nee aa tk n at ? heriee <toaE?ear a inrealioa of mlrealaad Ci w CVelae A I o' leader tke ?irlnei?? rtrhi to the nee aad appMra Hon af 1 hariea Oootrear a mreatioa of mtrealaed < 'amte?ma. or India Rnbbar. for abtob a patent wae leaned to lb?tn rrntiir. da'e4Joee 11 1M4, aad erleodeE JnaalA IKE. tiw billiard let lee. aad aeamifartarere <4 bUBard taiilse arakaiwby pi UVd thai all fnlnre pnrrbeera of rnleanlaad mbher tnr btl EaM tablep mnet ba atade fnaa Mean Phelae 1 tMRender a d ell bifrtrrera on UtH r'ghi wlE be prneeoutod by na to Ihe full eti?ai of Ike law RBW TORE RRLT1N I ARD PACKIEO (XXVPART. Art. aee Ml. lWu Rr.ftARR AMD T<HIAI < <I. II AV ANA btHARR.-! AM RRI.l.IN'l nATARA >B J 1 r*nk hy the !'? or i.tiR aa 'ow aa in min nen he ra any < tber dealer ta tke rtty rm ikaeura will flmt R craeuy V> their tolar??t to ran ? ed he enaelnraE. WRU w. Eli HOI A. kapjrter 71 Ukartf AMI BKMEItTS. NIBLOti OABDIM. J. H. NUon ...... ....Bole Leaae? aad Mut ger. TiiPMear Innate, Ool 11, mu. ALL TKaT UlITTtCHS IS NOT HOLD Vriin Conway, Jnto Cheater, Carroll, Hae*lua, M. Morrla, Mrs I oowav . Hla Plater. With itr tarce rkUrd BOUTS AT TBI SWAN. Jacob larwlg Mr. John Cheater | lYIaky Mr. Tcaao. To-morrow evening Mr. Parreat wil'' appear aa LKAK H ABNtM'd AMUICAN IU1IUM, UK AND PBOCBflHION AT TBI KBOBFTIO* OF TBI prinok or walk*. TBI NL'MIROUB WINDOWH AMD WLLOOriKrt, Fronting on Rrua<1w?T auC Ann atrao*, with the IMMINHI BaLUBTRADIo* Tor OP TBI MI7BI0M, rendnra It the BIST Pla<?K 'W THK CITT to are the Grand miliary and Oivlc Dtaplay, am Mm antral of tha Prinoe to day, an.1 to art a VII* Of THK rilNOI BIKftlLT, Although Mr Banna haa bun ,fteved large nou for the aicliuiTa nee of wlndo *a aad aaata. In aome aaaee aa high $36, ka auUea no extra charge. bat the aimple PBICBOF ADM 1 tit ION TO THK Ml/SKL'M, TWKNTT-PIV1 CIHTfl, alalia to everything? tha view of the Prooeaalon, Aa., M* the following mnparallelcJ combination of NovelUea, Wood ore and Amuaemetta:? The llvag i tamrae Twlna, the moat wonderful and extraor dinary of oatnre'a marteUou* producilona, are on exhibition, with two of their children, day nud evening, aa are, alao, tha (treat living black hea I Jon, the monarch of the ocean, the only animal of the kind ever captured alive; tbr Albino Family, with perfectly while hair and akin, though barn of black pa lenia; the atrang* an. I myatar^na Anlnala. "What can they Be r" tha 11 ring "What la It? 'ft Man Mookey; the Lady With Loo g Ililr; Lightning Calculator, the fiunat Aijuarla In the world; beautl'ul Angel Ft*h, ispeekled Brook Trout, Plying Fiah, living Alllgalora, living OiooodUen, living Kharka, living monater ?'nakra, living Baby Aaaooadaa. living Ilippy rami U, great variety of new Wax Pigurea, the wonderful Fortune The elegant Metorlral drama, JOttKl'H AND UI8 BRITBIHf, Which haa been performed w th lb* moat perfect aneeeM over lift* conaecutlre llmea, wUl be repeated thla aftsrnoon at 3 o'clock, and thla evening at 7>i MotwIihatandlBR three imnienae attraotlona, aad the 890 000 rurtralllea from eve y part of the g obe, th'- prine of almia ?ii m ramalna at only 2i centa. Children under 10 yeara, 15 eeota. PRINCE OK WALKS. _ BIJAI'WAY WINDOW* OB HK ATM TO LKT, ON BB eond Boor, for the PHnue of Wal?e prooeaaiio Apnlytp O. C. BIN till AM, MM Broadway, near the Metropolitan llatel. PRTNOI OP WAI.W. RINCI OP WAl.H. Pill Nil OK WALKS. FRINCK OP JALIS. l'KINCI OP WALKS. PK1NCB OP WA1JD9. PRINi K OP WALK. PRINCI OP WAlJW. PRINCI OP WaI.IM. PRIM I OP W*LW PhlNOI OP WALK!. PRINCI OP WAT.KH. PR1MCK OP WAX.I8.noD IKKlD SKATH oool) HK III ooon UxTH oooi> hkaih (iWtn eK aT<i ooon kkath UOOI> hKATS QOOI) HKATd o<jon pkatb UlKJU ?.K*TS UOOli KK AT4 UOOD pok LAPIE?. RR-KRVI1) POK L \I)lKrt. KKflERVin POK li^piBM MBhKKVkU KOB LaDIId. KKnKKVtCn POit LAIMK4 KKi-KRVkU FOB LAI) K^. KK.-KKVKO FOR LADIKJ. BKAIBVKD POR LAD1KH. BkMKHVKU FOR LAOIIS. RI4KK Vll> FOB L1UIIH. KKMKRVKO FOB Lkllll^ KRhKRVKO F >K LAH'KH. KK>KBVBI? FOR LAUIKH. WW ?5 iT ?a l>l r. tjl g I'j ?!, i?? fs rv tt oo oo |J iw It HO #A (W M ?" f '? W ^ ?S It) $H CO ta <*) M ?J 'W ts Ul ?'| 10 t*M M I* ? )*} %A lAJ $' (HI ?? W K ?' 0 11 ?a oe ?.jio f i <n t* i" t',4) $:? ui V' ' '? fs oo 6 0" "i MU0 ?^n" *i,W fi 1*1 16 00 *1 W ?W ? i? mi '*) t? oo *1 t?i ?\00 fUMl A". Ul fSW W'?: |.M? l?) Bt tO *S ?J "J . . . At tha new Marb'e BulUiag. I'M 'J? tri your liekata at JILLKil A II HO S, Oard Wrttera. **' Br?wlwa|. frlne# of Wa'f? Ball.? RTSa' P A RKIN, Fif.h Arao-ia lldfl, ofter for aala a One i ??<mn*ut of .lewrlry, e inpna A bMi U'iil lUrtaia of tary W banr* blCltuK. 1 lamciid HriM ohoa aad Barrtaca, iitoBuul Dlatuoi <1 Hon hi. J M>| 'a, Diamond ? i f?i'l H~> \? aud half lop* "nil Am ? hrat IfrV, C<ir?i Jrwalrr, (Junto *c , An. Alan. Fan a aad RoikjiiH HoMrra of il* rrry rl<-b*at |. .>rui All ihrmr m. o 'a will (>? aoid at U?? lowoat poaal>i:a arl< ? IIPH'JP A KH1 Fifth Atrnti" HflW Mfl IiiiMiMI*'* entrance lino.# In Far la ho !>* Kur da la .Varrarta. PBINHB OF WALK* B A '.L -BOt'QrWT H'U.DBKA uinat al) laa, far by B18UOP A MKiN, Fifth Arenat ?otal Uouaa la Fart a, No M Ror da la Varrrrta. PR I writ of wai.w BAU.-Jr*r rf<'Ki vkd. a aplandtd aaaorunail ut Fan* iM baat attl*a, rart-wia rilnr* miabir H ***ry <lr*aa- BISlloF A MIA, Fifth Atenaa fli 1*1 k it in tha last** *alranr* llonaa In I'arta. No It Kua da in V?rr*rl* PRIKrraOFWAl.WRAl.U- ANT FR*BON H AVINO \ ararn TV?a? f<?- tb* %V ra kail, wl'l And a piirahaanr bj ?JJr*?aii ? X U V.. HeralU oSea. PRINI K OF WAIBfl BKjyRAION? ON THI'RHD *T OrU.ber 11. IM> th* '*trt ant rinrant <t?m?r TH' IV AS F W AT will maka an an ind*n to Aiahoy. N J.. laartng plar No. *) North rl?rr toot of l>*T atr?*t at 10 oVIork A. M , aod rattirn IB eran>acr with tka ItiH*4 Ruim aimm?r Hv 1 M I ana, and th* Fn nr* of Waloa TVkrta SO nwnta. Far aal* al aTBPHWR, OONOIT A CO.'I oflloa, Day atrMl pier, and f.n beard lb? boat PBTNCK C F WALKS BALL ?DIAMONDS, JBWBLBT, Boii-inai Mtn if. . Ac . fbr aala very low at J. K ' URTIK' naw iuc? *1 Broadway, between Bl^btreith u>d bmrtaenth airrrta anal aid* PRINI'KOF WALKS BALI. ? WIRHINU fllKIR Jewelry repaired clmoed knd po'iaba.! can have It .Ion* 'n A anperlor manner *1 JOHN K. < ?'RTI* -Ht Mreadway, iirtt In Hit?r'a fnncy ?tnra. aod "O Rlaerker itrwt PRINCM OF WALK* RALL ?FOB "ALB, A POUFLB OF Tlrkrta a^ialtinif a f-ntlrman asd ladf I" tha irraat ht'l io tha I'rlara of Walaa. prtna act laa* than HA In-iuii* at PRr*r* or wai.w.-fodb larob dodblb wi* dn*a to M, to day. al ill Broadway, ap atalra, of<poalU i4. K Ich ->laa nBorrBFRioii i* noNo? or twb fbiwtb or X Walra -Rorwa. wtad- wa and ?>ala to M, In tin- ba? part f lh* r iad. and (<??? fail n*w of 'h' Fifth Araaaa Hmal ? nirat **? and iHklooQV. InqnirB of uUILlJB A AI.I.Ai, M3 Hroadwar. or 1SJ Fifth *ra?u? S" PBTWOB OF WALRR FBCfBiHtON -TO I. BT TO DAT and rn Saturday Hrht ?l?f(? itauMa window oo Rrjai ? ar MM Titkr't Will uvnannodat' four or flra. Apply ?I SKi Broadway, roiia M thla ilharaiUyi ? >riiJn?, batwran ' aad U |B *Tf l?f T1IF LA RtlR PTORB WINDOW OF *n MB t- rr? 'w?\ near Mr.? in. at<Mt to l?t f'ir rl?w o' Uia pr i rwaatoa .hta Ay, and atao fnr MMt procaa*? no Hatur cay. Apply to Mr WOtiD. 4H0 Br.adway. tlMMIXJWW-ON TUB FT BAT AND HBcOND FLOf)BR TT o< No ?7#s froartaay. r>ppnalia W*lla<-k ? tb?*U?, to lat forth* I'rlaaFuf Walca ratrptkm. Apply oath* pramhMa, ki f A I LIU* ap atalra fl'IBPOW TO LIT FOB TUB PRIRf'B OF WALB4 TT Rar*pUun. A Window an] Nnnoi to lat nni'?bl? 'or a ?mt.11 party I.! ladlra and cntlanm Apply to Roira Ho, *, lit Broad* ay. w INDOWB TO LBT-NO 19 UMIOR frjHARK, roB tha Fit? of Walaa prori artm DA WUtO AC A DM HUBS. A BOPWMtn MMSM AOAMWm No MB Broadway. N?w Tort No 1*7 Muntatna airaat, Brooklys. WBDNBRDATB aad a ATfR" AT* ta N?w Tort. TI'MDATR ami FB1DATN la BmoRlya. la ?**???" to tba (toort QaaArilML Prtaaa liaparlaW. Bwm irw Rrap'r* and otAar aoatel waaraa, Blonot Qoa4rtB*b lada and oihar * laeathmal iHnom alraa-ir Introrlaaad by Mr PManrtlt a tartaty o# nawar daaaaa will N> hro-iahl forward :-ir.r.? 'ta? aaaaoa. among wkkm aaay b* nontlaaad "la ifShna." IO* ra**t?ad frwa Farta. aad tha u -a.lrli a Mirrt - aa." aapacMlly adapted m lAa darahvaaaat ct graoafal ? ..-*wia?i la oMHml .In ail of lai aia. Aa. atay ha had at Kttb*r A^taaay. 4CAKFMT or l>AN'"INil AND CAI.rRTHF!IIOB ? MB. and M*a TKKN<)R-? nrlrata mow. M Waal Thirty fourth atrial ar.d W Roith Rlf bin atrr*t. Broohlyn. B D.. ar* now ? paa Mr T will ha plaaaad to amnmnodala narttoa who ?raj riaataa at thalt raaUacoaa or In prtrata achoota Cafl for dJT'ilara. ____ ttnUROD DAMCTNa AOAPmT. MO. M WBTI P Foa rt**nth atraat, wtll i>r*a '>m >Var I fnr mlaaa and rr aad m OaMbar 11 for a*ntt*??n l?ahn<.! and prtrata .maa %ii#nd*d in tha <*ty or out of town. Utraotora aaa ha aad at tha Aradamy. H. BBUN'R DAMC1NS AtJAItBMT. AT l.M AND IM , ,.wi'?n?lrtfpi wtfl ?? "prn Or-t^ar IT ?' nr..?ri IM At na Or ur**t, i>ru?b*r IA, an4 lit llobnhrn, at Bauinar a OetnSar M Fo? rWcntara aall al lha abora H<-?1?m(-a, jj^f WhRa atwt. M. jr. M-^AD?*B BACTAOBaUTI DANCtNO AOADMMT, no H'oadway. naa d.ior jalow Tantb ?r*at la ?p?o on Turartat. IkandaT and Rat irday ?r*a'n?a fur ?*naraj j.rv >|r* I *?Hi>n? ytran on tfratday. tV*<li?#?i?T an1 Fr 'ay. f> -h i '-w-r-t tha irrand aolraa dan??. t? to aU'bt at <o ?)(! WF"T TH'RTT ?ITTH FTRRBr -M t DAMB f'BR ?>1 RRROj/fOMMON'it Frtrat* DMh| *r?<i*m? --Ddta ftf ir, Wadnaadaya ard Mtlurdaya ho I Mordaya an 1 lima a a VI IN KM AND 2*r F1PF* AND THRBK FOURTH FTPB^ UT T?? I ? I oalr^rHtri" 'Itn 'r< re *- hla'tat par ab'i D*?> ? war a-iw dWrharr'rr at t.lar t* F.i?? rr?>- for aa'? 'r>>m ih ? I ahan. m ;a b<?4. b) THOBaK LINCH, No | OhOar alfNi. AMITSKMKNTH. WINTKR OABDBN. TO NIGHT (Thursday), lltb and MISS CU8HMAN, Will appear la Uer great role of MI88 MBO MKRRILI18 OUT MANNEKINQ, Sustained by Mr.JCouldock, Miss a !? CUfton tad a powerful company Tbe management desires earnestly to Impress on Ike public the advantage for their own comfort of securing seats in ad vaaoe. Oalaat nlibt fully TWO THOUSAND I'BKSONS were turned from tbe doors. LAUKA K KINK'S THBATRB. KKOOND WBKK Of the Mew and Beautiful Drama, of Irish Construction and Character. Bn titled AII.KKN AROON, A1IJCKN AROON, AII.KKN AROON, A TALB OF OOUNTT CORK. BBADI RKU)! RB AD ' OPINIONS OP TUB I'KKSS on tbe company. _ nom Tux rang. The PWty la Ike Beet The Play la the Beat Produced this Reason; THB COMPART OH A PAR ***??<? *1. Bsw THB COMPART OM A PAR THB COMPART Olf A PAR TH> OOMPANT ON A PAB WITH ART WB UAVB HAD WITH ART WB HaVB HAD WITH ART WB IIAVB HAD WITH ART WK HAVB HAD IN NBW YORK POB TBAR& IN NKW YOIIK FOB TKARH. IN NKW TORK POR tlABA. w . I" ??W TORK FOR TKAR8. in. AOm la charming, gracef al and simple, aa Kathleen.? Tide Atlas. DPo^h-? U, aa Mrs. Blenkloeop , waa ?Til* Mrs. LottT Hoe?h was natural and delightful la the *g treme ?Vide Bzpreaa. Mrs. Tlaiag was a Meg Merrtlles. ?Dispatch. And at KIM LAURA KBBNB TBS HRKilA BATS:? Miss Laara Beene'a auclencea hare been delighted to see their favorite actress In a part aulled to her pore, tender and tone king style. Mr. Petera could not bare been surpassed br the lata Mr. Burton himself .? Vide Sunday Courier. Mr. T. R. Johnston convinced as he posssnsee that rarest of all attributes, (renins ? ulapatrb Mr. Leoaon'a ruber McPhsudeen Is excellent? Atlas. Mr. Burnett Is always good.? Tliaee. Mr. Dal j sun have Irish bteod In hla relna.? Oourier. Mr. Levick waa ?ood In Phillip Warner ? Bxprea^ OPINIONS UK THB PRBeB ON THB NBW PLAT. [Proa the Saturday Press 1 By the way, I met quite a large number at people last Thura dayeveqlcg at Laura Beene'a. We went to Mr. da Walden's " Alleen Arooo, at the lAdy of Olanmlre," and at the rlak of shocking all the eritloe (profai sional and amateur), 1 wish to say that I have rarely seen a p ar more unexceptional la Itself, or performed, thriughout, * Ita more naturalness snd grace. I never rive plots? nor hare I time to give anr details whatever; but, Oeaeral, If you will go and as* for yonraelf, I aa ?nre you will agree with nae Uat Miss I .aura Kerne, Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Lottie Ilouga? a spe cial favorite with the aubarrlber? Miss I'ol'y Marshall, Mr. Peters, Mr. Leeeoa. Miss Couldock (who had a mere nothing of a part, oconppTlng three minutes, bat did tt alarmingly), Mr. Johnston and Mr. Petera rmdered their several role* with a skill and an ell eel which places the company on a par with any company we have bad In New York for years; while as for the play rue If . I Junk you wUl also agree with me that It la, at any rale, tbe beet that fas been produced this season. IF mm the Hunday Courier ] This piece is a very good and eHectlve one. tbe scenery and situations l elng vory good, indeed. Mlaa keeue pi '.>ed with great delicacy and erruealneaa , Mr Daly wtth capital judg ment- not overdoing anything. We cannot apeak too highly of Mr l-eesoo ai d ar fosses, the latter geutleraan cumin:; an exit la a drubken acene which could not have been surpassed by the late M % Burton blmaelf. Mra. Allea waa moat charm ingly graceful aad Umple aa Kathleen Barradan. aasumlag a delicious brogue, aad looking aa If ice cream wouldn't melt la h> r mouth. Mra. Hough must also be mentioned aa (peaking with a capital accent, so that at least we have one good pair of brogues in Ue place [AtlsS.1 I,eeson's rather McPbaudeea la excellent Peters' Rarsaby Blenklesoi), an Knrlish third rate lawyer and a henpecked busbsnd, la ona of the very heat things be haa ever done, ilia "give rer her bead" mils capitally and his rrunkeo business Is tbe best ws have sean 'ainee j??>r Burton's fondles. John etoi. '? (?'bane Miginm* is among the lieat of hla nllaloa. Mrs. Ailen'a Kathleen T? very pretty Pr-Uy Ma rahall's Mr*. Bleu kliisop, ten to Peters' la tbe beat rendered char?eter In the play. The minuting of thla pl?ee la aupera, aud another tri umihof Ikevtnr excellent mage caryenlera au.l m.u ton lata In thie point no le?sa la the city can at prment cuapetn Laura a. IHerald.] Mr. d- Wi'den's elevrr Iriih drama, "Alleen Amrvn " haa had a i i?l resepttne a' the handu of Mina Laura Keenn ? audi tncee, who have b?en much dnili:hled |o their fav irlte aclrres In a role suited t. > her i urt'. Isadsc "vod lou> h ug etj !e. "Aileei. Areas" ta up (or every night Ull further notioe. I lUily News 1 At Laura Krece's the naw d. arua of ' Allnan Arooa" has Urpro-rd Mi' ,n aqulMfrUhca The thrtUtag scents aad luoi dewe with * hmh It la so Ihtrkly h?terwo?fo rmtsr thla ravortts plaea nae nf mneh '-iteraat to the r<sttar Paters' d run tee scer.e U of deelf wurlh the price of adminelon i w:tunsa alone. "Alleen Aroon ' is s? r?o>l a piece that ome should fall to aee It who have taste for the exciting and marrelloua. Tkd SOaBlc aud mechaidcal thr cte are excellent 1 ll.ll> Tnh'in* I Mr T K Jobnirton ni/rti a ? tr th- palm. be nwla the cha rarter of hl.are Jatfiliuiie the would bs pflMoaar, wl'b an e ar neat power Tl?ur aw* nrl?iralltr that but enhance hit well n>n?l reputation Mrasra Patera, Horuet and I^nmou ars all |0(4 M?m Ihr rwnrtl apprvraJ nf the anjlenoe. The NMnMlH ri ptwnlirn tie breaking of Ibe wkrm >)a tbe aaa ilorela a li'i rel rllm f, and la III<? jlcgly beautiful 1 be play ma) ba eat down ?? a One auooeaa. I Ripraas | Tbe I tat aueneaa of latura Kaon a Mr. Da Waldena "Allaaa im?," la drawing and of couraa noaUnuaa upon the biilaof bar Iba aire iii.Ii! fuitbar notk? We ma/ oungratnlaia tbe managerial upon It* prodn. tv? Dixpttch 1 Tbe gnldrn haired Alleen aultea Miaa K?eoe ?1mlra>> j, and H baa a right to rank with (be (air hi red (lol.eao lu the "Itol lean Ha?n," aa c*e of the ntial ladylike, yet nmnm Iilab charaott ra w? b%?e erer seen, while M) foros and puwsr it la rcry far bajond It Mr. JoUatua without Baking Shane Mag mrla at all niectumaie nr ?o?i">drameUo rendered It n a mnirrr that eona1i?ad oa be p^amn thai raraat of all artla tteMtrlbate*? gaai'ia Mr i aai iml i-u ? >* Mr i cti<-k n PIFltp Warser. Mr l?etoa waa. In brogue. ?n? coat aad brrarhea. lrtab Mr> \ Imsg waa a Mai M ?rrtliaa. and t ra J H Al'.ea waa Muumtag. aa the al* aaa t? We miia'. bow erar. doinalita '<> the eo-krfy laarrer and his wife, reurtarad by Mr. Peters and Mlaa I'ollj Maril-al!. tudMd. lha Oral of Ibaar waa napltaJ, aad pmduead rmua ( f laughter. TO Nl'iai KVKRY RIGHT TILL FUITHXR ROTIC1. Will be preaealed tbe sew Irlah drama, lu three aria, caiiod All. KB* A ROOM ; OR. TBI I.ADT or OI.ARM1RB la whieh Mlaa LAMIA KRKNK aad the entire ooapaay will aataar 1 be Orchestra. under the dlrertloa of THOMAR n AIRR, will frtorm tbe celshraiel lrlab Orartura, The < ' > Jeen Btwh," Umi PRIRC* OF WA1 *R POLRA, ABB T MB PRIRCR or WALK* BCHOTTIRCHR. Iatmdorlag the MaUonal Airs. "Uod Hare tbe ^useo,'' ' Mala Britannia ' it.d "Taokea Dundle, Uigeiba- with all tba I net lute, eompoaad eipreeely for tba drama By Mr. Doors open at 7, eommenre at S. NCW HOW RAT TRRATB* tola propria ore . . Meaar a O. I. Pot aad J. W. Ltagar*. Wadeeaday Oct 10. l-?l Crowded booars to wltaeaa ibe great lo-al drama at a r AKT WOMB* * or TIIR MOI'BRIf TIM*. Aad Mr. O. L. rox'i ?ra>d o"mlc uantoailms at AnruopaL~ Oa. Tub M??ic Pb*. rat'ir* yenr aeaia duria* tba day or noma early la t>? era Art pmiom roMfRRT iiai.u ?bt iir<>ai>wat. HPRCIA1. NOTICK ? MM ROYAL HIOHRK'M thk primi ? or TH* PRIMCR f>r WAI.K1 llaalnr elm fled bto iBtantma el atatttaa tbe ra rVma placaa nf amneroiet.t In tbia oily, w'll appear at Iba above pnpalar ball. Taii#ned hy kia km* jo irney u, TH* CRiacR l(A* (X)M*L TH* PR r*PR HA* OOMR. W. BORPWRLt, ?? Ibe Prlane ?? a-aaab of a boiel. ? !HS AMR1R HORIiWRLL ARU MM* HRLLA M T. MORI. In tbalr baaniifal Duatia W B HA REIWIM tbe treat Kiteoiporaae-naa P.m. Moaa RA I.I AKKiR tbe araat .Sword fwallowar. W J At'OHH AND t. WKf-T, Tr coan??<laa with a oomraay thai eaanot ba e , tailed la tba OR/. SMITH 4 HARRWO*. ProprWoML W larttlll Rbxre Manager 8AIRIRR < ORCRRT ROOM. H? RROAIIWAV. "Tba f>r*an ilrlader a Duet," by Dto? WaUlna tod a Jnbaaoa la racelrad nlgbtly with abulia of lanb'? Dir* WATRIMR WILL HTM1 *YRBT JfTOHF THTB weak Tba Plae Old Dnleb <?enilemui " "Da Ood laaer Mer' aad Bat poor Bb iamaber a Hoy," at tbe Uai* TIIR, II* Broadway. rpiiB run ART* On ataw at rw gxr snnssskmm' Aian a iiw V ?IBB n)aKI.<iTr( rT'BHHAjr, KaaenMd !? Roaaa by awa kbbia araBaiiaa. Tba frlenda of ibe anaat aad tbnhiaam of an purity are malted ?n napeaa tbaae waaka. aM remata bars bit a abort usaa. Admlsaon f r?* 771 BroaAway. sonar of Riath mm, flAIiTIRB nOMm*T ROOM. ?l? HROADWAT. Vj Miaa Adta Jobnanai. tba beauuf^il aad ace'impltabed dacaatna, appears aasry nl(bt la bar B(>taad>d daarea Don't fall w <-<tna and see her Dramatic r*w tacarot n< for rrtmiei la tbe rlaaa now fombu by J. H BROW* , wltb a new to firing ?arfnm?an?e* <#ply *t h i "on. I* (niaiisi Hall, frtaa 9 ttfl 1 at at 137 Fbwoed aaeeaa, Irna 7 Uil % P. M. Priaate lassnna la akicntlon aad dramaUr Inetrart :?? /'A1RTIRB fOMCRRT ROOM. ?1(t BROAPWAT. THR \ I ai ?l er.aifr-rlat.lamnm In ibe rHf ; nlM eaahi me<l ao'aa, a hiiarf em aff.*4e li aay rtber < Vmeert fin. .en MO I KI.H. ClOI.IW AR'B IBTRKRaTKIRAL HOTBl. BIA>?a*A I FaMa *. T.? Toar?wiur -lam lata IraralWs tills biAal Win ha kapt 'ires inrlnf tbe month or I *?<d>er. WO*P*R HOtmi, .'V>RBBB or BOWBRT ARD BAT TT ard at reel Tbia 1rst alas IlAei. b#(K oa the Rn-iew* rlaa tannw ripen far ibe rsreptloa sad aenaamralailna f alaiters and trs- -liars T%a semanrnodaMoaa ae? of Uae bem daaertotM*. Tbe alee, >n* n???a la-re. wail ramllaiad and raw If f-.i utahed. Tie 1 iaa Mrm M recilraL ar 1 eaary aniaf a-t tba' ran ba la any jraU w?d ne**l Witel la at Ike aom nand of tba r><? FrWfS m aleraia AH<-ndaaea aa RMMi II. r * J* J?R. rinili* A4 A 1 I SHJIKST*. (UAH# Of* 10. " ' w "" - P*|A< K OF WALKS BALL. ?fclV^XXh?e'" ' ?l haa6rmSt <* ?!?"??? OKAND BA OIVBK IK HONO? OF TU? ,. _ INOt or WAUB, the Directors iltp b 1 ui j to MUc UuU *"???*'> ??">??? k?? tire**! *r which u?i but w.'-h hi! the "AHD.ALLW OH. . BaTDBDaY. OCT. IS, ?T-om 13 o'clock V , U! 7 o'clock f M Oiiriac (tea* hM t mil A? H ' KD PROMBNADE OONC8RY WS1 be given, ? ? I Irk *!l the original 1* ORAMMK OF THE BALL f IH.TWOORCHKTB^"1^"^1' 1-oortJtinj nf ovw ON hi HUNDRED PKRF0RVKR8, DAKC? MU8I0, Under the direction of JOB. NOLL; .. . ? .. ~rw?rn t ijfr tbe dlrtctiou of their leader MUNOR URAFOLLA. rirtv ci-ntS"1*'0" 10411 partJ,?' ?*?**??? FIFTT CENTS, FIFTY Wm. IMPORTANT NOTIOE In order to ? void confusion and * rush at the dnor. the psMM are pur'irnlHrly requested lo pnrchase the tickets la id?MM> I Ickrii nm| he ohuiofd In addition to Ibo ifgulsr UoM oAmb *' the following r'aees ? fifth Avenue Hotel, Eererett House, I itlon Place Ho*fl. Clarendon, ? ' fcer.bovne's Mm* store, Umls A Kcharfenberx.s. HreuMtg's Metropolitan Hotel. rutb A Pord's, Hall A Poo's, St hi ho>ss Hotel Horace Waltn', Alitor House, Abel's, ?t<m* ?, and Prai'e Mnmc atoree In Brooklyn, and kt the <NN of the Academy of Mnsic. UTALLACE'B THEATRE. " Mr. Wallach, Lease. Mr. Lester Wallaek. Run tm nager. _ PR. LKHTKR WA! LACK. MR. W R ? -*w? ??uA;,M_PAVIt,,P0BT> " NORTON, MRS. HOST. MIK8 OARNOM. I1KIL VEKNON, HMTm Ac., Ac , Ae , Ac.. ALL PLA V IHQ WITH FIRS, MR JOHN KROnUHAMW NKW COMEDY Pioaom;>ed by the pre? and public TUB VERY BM8T or ALL HIS PRODUCTION*. i r IB ACTED KVKRT NIUHT. I'U-e* may be scoured all day* in ad ranee I*', im opur at TX; to commeiu e at 8 o'clock. NOTICE- I be free list entirel) suspended, wMh tht MMR 'Jon of the Preaa. Bowbrt THEATRE. Managers Oeo. Wood ALL. TMea. A most attraetlrn bill. Thr>*e e?oell*nl pi?*ree Thuredav eventnr, Oel. II. IBUOMaB. 1 ajr? mar Mr. I. L. TMi Parthenla Mrs. Kale Deala B?sa 8KETCHKM IN INDIA. Sally Scraggv.. Mrs. W. H. LeMMaM THK OCEAN CHILD. Harry Helm Mf. BRYANT'S MINKTKKIJ4, MktlIANIO'8 HALL, 471 Rroadwa?. MONHAT, October 8, and every evening. T11K EXCEIJUOi TROUPE OF TUB WORLD, JBllRT ANI> DAK BRYANT. be Inimitable KilMoptan comedians. In new srsties. |w lerques, Ac., Including the following unparallelsd MMi ?Mils:? lueace of Old Vlrtlnla. Mum laslppl Fllnc. Hjenea at Phaloa'a, Polka a la Ba?l% N i w smuts, daets. ballada and cbornses; (toolbars plaakaMM il >, wltb annus, dances, larahabls Mjlufs, Ac. DooaSflMI it a i|uartcr U) aeren, oommcnoe at k qtiailar la eight 0VH> Tlcketii i It cents. sock, and danos the I'rtncra la csml:>(, at the HOOLKY A CAMPHRI.l.'fl MINrtTRRIX, NItlLO'B BAI.'?0N MCMDAY EVRNINil (X I 8, AND EVKRY m-mmi T11E KTaK TROOP OF 1HE PRiiFKHHIOM. New Features and New AUracUaas. bTATV'E LOVBIl NIOHTB OF THE RAZOR ____ BILLY BIRCH'8 MIBCHIEVODE JAE?,l,TlI,lr VNHWi)?.TII'S NKW HaN.TO MU? , REN COTTOF'8 PLANTATION RKVEI^. OAMPHBU., UBIPPIN, RWBVNB. AND Mkl.LVILU. the best \onal UuartrUa in IM Mlaalral I'ru'esrtaa. Is ??? Ballads, Duels, Ohonisss, As., As.. Ac. Iiuns or Tias ? Dents opao at a sasftsr bafors T. IV? forMaaesaeaaaaenees quarter before I. TtokeiaVsMfc Bowery theatre -mridat, noroRER u? am Ct of Mr K. W. (Ilesn. Tbr. e pieces? ^ Tha WW /At* of the Wave. Berli"U Family, and White Uorsa of tha Pert1 era Roi aheat now open. The prince of waler arbivrs today, and ha <i AlKil is"** f0r to "**' J""t 0111 *l(i ?r"*d"r*r' N kV YORK ICR ST A DT THKATKK. 37 W UOWBRT. I hrrusil t.i*ht of PBR1.FT/TB ll .A Vs#l Rhi'. rumody by Baiaar: BBI. WaHhKK VhU BAUD. TauaerUie, by Tim nil? Mm KSfiRK. IIART. RITMR A WATBJUffl tPFIAI trrcr Dlrhi In Ibeir at I* ?p>i'init ?itra. ? al tha A IKT1K-I. 61' Bn*da?y. * ?li->ra txl tm f*iir? (Mart ?win. ArtitlaMna U ctala. POHT1VK.LT LAHT A I' Ph. A R A Hi K Of Mo.SM. HU>?IUN. I KK K TO HIB HBPaKHIRB FOR Kl ROPR, ON MOBOAT, O. tOHKR II. 1MB, On wUcfc nr.-iiion ihn Ir m*u will p?*rf>?T? ih* aa p?r*'>la?5 f-*i ? ?..!?" k lb" *tiiira l*i.?th >?' bin r >p* > r<l op? n ihr*?- f>?t Hi hl*h?. tb? oaly m\n ll*tni who porlorowU ih It woi.'inrfal lent, at three u'cim-h P. ? AMBRICAM COSritRT KALI., 4?t HKOALWAt. Ill ilKiiADWAT, II1I.I.T QI'IKN the ("?I'M bur!#*;'* ormuw of lb* day. TAlKIRt. ABOUT Y')UR POK< KRT Rftnm. WHT mil"' h. -m* Ulrr.l. a-<l ?h?n r?a'l ??? It w? ?*>11 tmrarlra* up b IM Airer.. u K-* unit illr at 616 v?). TKBIMMPrOVt T ABP MOHT ATT KRT J VB TOUMtil '*?1 r w4h?r? arc rufngml oolj *t tM? We defy ?'l the "it* liw i'l*?*e lo <ompele wtbb TIIR UAHCTIR*. tig H roil way AMKRK AW I ORCBRT HALL, 414 BROADWAY. ?M BROADWAT. Tb* i?r*??t i .wrt llm.ll lo ibe city, capable o( eeetin* tnt tb< OMDd pwiplf . IP YOU niMI ORCE YOU WILL 00MB A'l AIM, FOB I ym n?vrr e?* Uie ???n* tblee ?rnr n?aln. tailtll li A* n-ff nl?Mi where tb*r* m * oua#eal rha?r*. (i A TVT 1 BR, MB r-tRBMt* Vf? K? UARPFK. r Howry. II .43 US 47 40 HI. R/>w*ry. PAl.AIR hall <???? BRT HAMKIN. 1he rnrnt nt*r.*lv* ( on-crt K*l>o?i In lb* r*y. AHI.I not In b* inrruiM OPK!? KVBBt KV BMIMO. ?Bit p?tnia1?*d I jr Ih* tin r*ep*?i*ht? riu? I/nk *1 *rr*? at ta'rat and judga for |miiHn Mm) K r?r*v*IU, Mrnii K. I.* Plerra, V?.l Mill*. HI* C ( V>nM?iitlo, V.miR W? on, Hi*. MimImio MIm Rowili* Mr. I b?rl** 0'R*<l, ?lm A d?l?M*. Mr M Ihnmnm. Ml** Kolasd, Mr. ( or*W VIM Mam Nr. fl Wtrbtart. ftjn'.r I oat lint: a. V?M*r M*onra, A'?> a comr'*Mi <'-*p* d* HallM. ? r*nta. ArimaMua. ( omtt r\n WIRB-FRBB APMTRRIR* TO OOLOMMIW M*r*rampla MoMnm. HI aad Ml Rrrmdway, errrmrn ? Tmtr ftrat ?re*4. from 10 A. M. lo ? Mi TftR tVAfPR'iMBJT TOUMd I.APT W AITRM AW Wth ,.|*^l ?? ' i? nil who tWt tba OA1BTIMB. tHka* *a? Ad* m>rm to ??* ib? tnamanitb ? ?? hlrmi oalf IB AMIRP-AR ' Om UT HALL, 444 HKHAPWAY, 444 BROADWAT, L RIMMONR. WMMMMaadnn^ .*>.1 H?i i Rolna B ACKCB IB ooxmo RHOBTW. A*?t H'AR 0?kf?< RRT HALL, Mt UROADWaY, 444 BROADWAT, HII.I.Y 0'RBTL. RILi.Y O RRlC MK F RITIWRI. RCBRIO artirt, from thbai ? 4 u>d n < tba mn, UmMt* of ItrnaM h,., <0 u< *d?l?* th* PIIMI tit wBI muM Mm UM4 ? 415 Biitb itwh. GA.B7,B> Dir* W ATK1RB AMD filRB ADtB JOHRBOW. TUV P' MRRTIO XTFMBIRMCM Of PATBTOC OABBV. a nifhily i miraf*-! ?? thai pdaaaof aoal* *af?r, Mb W><kto* at lb* UAirr fca Uonawt Boom. 618 HrrMiinW. r??la. Ay >? h i. AM roMtTIRT HALL, 444 HB JAUWAY 444 BROADWAT, I BILl.Y O'MBIU ' b* mty fT tin* ' r ab Ooe?<kan tn AamrVa. |>HIN B Of W Al KB. J Tk? cataihralAt HMm b'aiArlcftl plrtW of PRIUTI I 'lARI FW. _ (t'tmrrniTi't <1l*rla*tfc? F r*,) P*i>l*,1 *1 Mad >11. d l*n bjf tba tr<MU v alao) aw, M BBW MB 'VUBAir * JCBt'lTt TB^MW BROADWAf. I A i*ai la na IS mn /TAirrBM ?X?M?"*BT ROOM. ?l? H RO A PWAY- PtOBC " 1 W?t* M Wll' rini hi* n?w hodrtlrf onaU* ***T algM. Aamtii ? Mrb axa aaw B?BM atf* ba#?r? mmm , ? tr?rt r nth. 1BBAT CHANrB TO MAKBMOMRTTO R V3in?. ?????>. >at*rPri^i?? l->aa ???a who **ag 'r??? * i i* * 'd II* ?<??' *?blwB** prm. F r? ?b- ?'!?. *nr v amaulara atn-.f al M klll?*r. ? ??

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