Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 11, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 11, 1860 Page 2
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XHTEHEST^q from PIXE 8 i ?AX. *,Mr City C.irpeipo??*?rt ?*. IHnvkr, Sept. I1, 1 iht Pikt't Pi ak Gold Region* ? Ihf Vi>ji re* Vo . et liar-lot Work- .VtdnigM Ktt cui\m ? Star l',n i J'tv a'io-t- A I.'jal Oc ? ? il'htnf ? M.uiii (j Atir*- IJur l linns in 7V\\> t f; {.'oh Cum? Original AHKSlotm of lknt'jlu * ami t, nco'n, ?< c., ?Vc. Am. Jt epoch ..f crime, terror mid exoiU-mcat id ?jp >n ' ? on mnii'ty. For the 'tnt ten days depre dati *'s uj ? a the live*' and property of our eit zeoa, it*. revetati iraplioatiflg part!** of highpo ?*ior. m tfceir prepetration . >*nd uibie<|uent secret ?jrecntiwi* by the Vigilance Committee, havo kept the p? ill, c Bi nd n a >4s.:c ol constant irritation. Tbo happy delireioBoi the enjoyment of an nninteT .-wpte<d moral -aim after the iaya of violence and retnhution in the latter part cf July has altogether ^#?**1 **?> y, and it is now all but certain tfcat tlie utter an?Tthy und*r which the tiCy in habitant* of this region are oonrpelled to live, owing to the 'ins of omission of tire last Congress, will continue to result in occasional conflict* be tween tlie largely agglomerated criminal element Of our hoc idl body, aud those that, for the sake of tell" preservation, n.u?t from titue lo time by fo? e secure the respect of liieir right* of botli person ?ad property. Ifcit to tlie record of the event* 01 the last two week*. On the evening ol the 3d inat. John Shear, of the pionenr minora "f this region, was called ??t of L?s boarding house by two individual, the teatareR of whom were not re CRnired by hit land lord. Ho was heard to engage iu earnest ccuver aaM>n w.Ji hi* visit ra in ft out of the building, on Parry afreet, in West Denver. After a while be was wen walking off in company with the same persona, hi the direction ol the Flatte river. kiarly next ?torning hid body was found in tho river bottom, about one mile and a half above town, t-uspended by the neck from a bi?n;h of a cotton wood tree. Tinned to his vest was a Blip of paper on which the announrom' -at was written that l.e had he> n executed for having been for a ioog while at the head of an organized band of horse thieves, highway robbers aud assassins. Ui tat was the snrpiise produced by tUe di*c> very or Shear'* body. He had been tuowu to many, and, altuough ! e wi< averse to hard work and rath-r unacrupulous in some of LU business fcansactions, bnt few a ^pected him <f be?r * profeinional criminal. It now appears, however, Mi . Jie victim of the ReguUtora had met hut a well dewrvej fate. John Shear, indeed, came here in April, 1S53, afugitive from justice. He Jiad led from the towu of N'ewajrgo, in the State of Hiohignn, where he ha 1 been arraigned on the ?barg<"? of seduction, bigamy and forgery Short ly alter arrival in this couutry he was arrested and tried lor thef*. Subs- ipieutly he was often ac iwi <1 ol participation iu hott-eaud cattle stealing*, hut want of evidence and the .ib<ca<:e of all laws protected him from pintshment. Recently, however, a horse thief, caught in Mtu/ni' 'e i It'i'-io, made -otne disclo-nrea. which knaily enabled tl i i ! taken th?- viudi t?U"U ot jne'ic'j Into t'. lands to fasten his guilt ?pon him. aiid hi,u -e t'.e t-iijie end ?( hia e^rcer. 9beu' 1 t I tVO ?*n in the ^ttates. ffcear a body hu.l hardly > "t n ^nt down, when Ik* newa of another uagejy b .. t up n our p^oplo. A. C. Ford, a well knowu i,tnr> of th>? law, a'id WBael for nearly all the blacklegs snd despera does tii at had at itmrs 1j. <>n s -.rr. mined b' fore the Tigilance Committee, l:a 1 ? :ir? d a paaaage in one ?t tb* i'<^cUe? of the f'-ntral <>v? riand .Kxpreas Oawvp'.nv. w.'h a view to proceeding to Leaven wortb <'ity, where lie propi -ed juiitiug in the de Smc* of 'lordon, the no'ori ma murderer. He was, 4o?l)tJe?sly. '?'tnt',Tripla?iMi! 'ho grixtitying prospect of h i ?? coming enjoyuicnt of the long niUaed com lorte of ehrtliited Ule, w' -n ? t l<letily half a du?eti ?gly marplot*, in the shape of Iteguiatora, ?rm< -1 I 1 : i : , ? whan a'jojt ai* nii.s ir 't:i heuvi-r, and command ?C Ford to alight and follow ttiem. F'ord had, 'toi' < ro'< n-f , to comply with the ill boiling r> C>?t. That wa? ") ?? lu?t ai .'n of inm up to tm>. e. couid har<llv he s*; 1 to be a In go >.1 Hantl': yet nobody ever ur?-a::;i I of liish?ing the, " of *h>* tnicvea that have infested nnd ?indered this < i -.titry : ir i long p> tiod. And yet II is now poaitivf ly i'.rd that such waa the case, mm) ihjt mi: waa solely due ti hia criminal ??nnei }Jot;?. It i - ippowd' that Shear made a ?on i' -si >n before beit'g awini;' up. in which I'ord'a relate na to tlie gang a re revealed. lfanv are tli>- cooject r* j aa to what w.ia done wKti l>ord. The general belief la, however, tUat waa aa a , . ir v - in il ...... fcrmer'y a r< -ijen' f and t vd * : uor ia Co.m .. BkNTtbrffldiVn imitations .f> .n H'<ear and Ford, !V * ? niyataties ?!' Denver" a.*e be>ng unravelled hi a truly a?!uni?hing manner. A Banker of pro minent citiseti*, wh< ?? rev ' >' have blth- rto keen unMen ?h<-d, he one l*'t ? wi* ti he involved h eriit . .ai transact us, *i> t >nt?wie4 julmnent by an incontinent tlighi from 'he -ountry. Among ?hom ffi:urea < v> u the l'u?i, of the Denver Town Oampany. The coTlrr? tl~n of t'.is e m unite. in view of lke??> ?i-?. lo?.tr aa he mm! . ii.iakin-'il. A inu teal Jhtrunt ??{.(' a h* i.gMt.'iiai. likely to exer ?t?o- an ir:plea*an- < "? ? t upon > ii inlcrcoWM. People -anuot bf hUm 1 however for being n ^ an?l ?, when there ia ganger of a aewly ma le ii erd or ae-iuamtatice t iratnK out a erltiuu.ii !n the cour** of the next boar. If tb? an *err(??rr- of all of oar citizen# were folly W?wn. a #tUI more numerous eva-? uatiaB ui the ?untry wo ild probably ensue. A ??>!.. ewhat htunoron* contrast to. and refresh hag relief from, the sombre charact r of our preacut tel. t|. n? ! irm? a movement lately inangur ?ted by the legal fraternity >1 thia town. It ?y bo lew than tl.?* foi ni^.1 aunBounerment ?f Uo ir determination M>t to r intiirie ?ay longer tl:?- thankl<?? j r ? in th? ?>.<< k conrta of the so-culled provisional irovern m;.'. It appeared n tie al .ipe jI trie following card ?' We. the m Trr^glr 1 .ittoroey^ and connaellora ?t law conrineei from a long exper ience, that the Crartii e i 1 < .r profee*ioa is worei than melee*. Oth :? our?e|v? >nd the puhli BBderthe present ?ircan -tai ' es. herewith make pntdlo our deter* uiioato n to cloae our office* after the 1Ut of the ?r??enr month; and thereafter, onr professional huein*'*" eeai* < ar.tll am-h time a* regular ani con ?Ot?.:iooal ;u! anal* of j ;-ii> e*re established In onr ?Jdst " Your >rre?f>on<ler!' wonld iflidly publish the list ?fthe igncrs of tie above do<*ameat, who hare imniortanaed tUemaelve* by tn.a atirpriaiag act of l**.u diaiutere?t?'dnesa entirely without ? parallel hi Ui" annal* of the Western bar, were not the ar Mvuf naoi.-'- too long. The oadition of the different qnartz UMl placer ?. is atitl un-H'.s(?. v. The i .i krt? oi the a* of moat <|nartr mills" are Wiog depleted by nn?ii ' ev?fol nttempta to g?t them in "payin|r" order. 1 heir dis omtium ai,d di-ponden > ia dai!y Itie?tng. Seaily all are ..i?poiie<l to sellout ?t a Iosm and resign the chances of (trinlingn fortune ?ut of the a . wta rock to otliers. Hie reports of heavy 'runs ' in the dailies and weekli* -> of thii ?ftwe have altoceUter c?:Aed. aai the flt?tjTMrof ?he qn*rt. ro k era U now .ti ?? t -ally expected to yrove da?-U'i':< to n- arly all on ernej. The pla -er dig*it*"s are lik?w'-?- uniiergoinir a reaction. The Biimi>?r <>f payin r ia ?t?'t4ily decreasing in the old mints on the eaat*rn ?tope, And even in the gul'-hea. abm* the he.idwater? of I the Arkanane and ??rand tiesra. the >:?.),) i? to %e daily leseenlng Th' bisicsaa of this town, at \a**t ia far from ?howin? th decree of l \ ci j : 1 **eryb ^dy erpected for f-e fall ni mths. ( .?h J: nil' remarkably ac?rce. at-d It H altogether im ! 4ble to meet any one that Joe* not roawMi of t - hard up." Thi* gloomy aapect to the ?n viUitiistauiding. iniiuensf q santit u* of n r Maule w*res eontinue to arrive from the M*te?. Train- o *fro? twenty live to tlorty w.i.-on-. load if wtth frou ' *-n*J to ?,000 pi> mds ench, make their advit aln ??-? daily. Red < ting ?nn'*?aa are now seronsly ? onm, lenng b? nti?'tion i-,i h> what i* t . be mo of tho thon ^04n that ha?'e anan rea?tal!jr t >He 1 away in the 1 vonnUln* all wmmer .mm th?ir la*'- in rruiiiees -mpt* at Minhw.nn 1 are now beeomlaf redn"?d I 2L m -tremith>? veitli 'be proape t of m.tuv montbe | ir L^'luntary ?l??eai. -luring tbe corntag eoM ?ea ^ , __ ^ ., ir?,r 1 an.l .111 SJ- i tha^ HUII^ proMMovn, Jiltill j . , ?h"y will leed w.'i ho j? y , Lirkit hot tile ik"H,n,"jr n<- ?*"ry 1 ' ,,1*> Ihem will ST^l2t2L C<K^ Charity. al'Xongh Pra in th" ^ ' "f r a?v? teTL m?m4 ?" ?ertatnfng aeriow app.-e^^""%?or,? e?^ of 'he ei .lau'na ^ h# n?Ll" vf P' Ptri, JhrttMt the ! e** at* mon'ls. .... , ac?,.-,g 0f ?>,# - *h Jr'? ?fTC8 tft hw? for the prosecution in the case of the d? uble irnirdt ,rer, Gordon, who, as yoiar readers will probably remember, had tied to the East aner committing a series of the most atrocious crimes, but was raptured in Eastern Kansas by i>i:rt >- gem in pursuit from Una place, started for I eavt nworth nty, where the trial is to come off. " lie w>uch wan accompanied by an cscort of armed 1 men. i or the sake of contributing a attic sa't ? ? I tin political mesa that is now being hrrtled iu tiie I subjoin two original anecdote* oue re* latng to the great squatter sovereign. and the other to h? moat dargermts antagonist, the great rail splitter. The former 1 found in th? colnn us of the 11 ? *?/? it? JdoitHtauHrt', published tn (J< Iden City, to which it was contributed by as ex-Illinois poli ticiun of h*gh htanding. U wus told by him as fol lows: ? " Wl?n Judrr Douglas was ?uite a young man, luniiicf, , if I w jstnke not, for ttie firatotlicc to which he aspired '.u Illinois, alVr certain influential frieaftit had drawn him frrm the obscure posi tion of :i country schoolmaster, he was thunder ins .iw.iy upou ttie polices of the day, when a IiriWdv son of the K<nerald Isle interrupted him witk the ijwestion: " Are yez a discindant <- t ihr groat ould connthr/,Dougl:if.?" The speaker, thinking to be stde to tnake a fav?rabie impres sion, very promptly replied in the affirmative, whereupon the Irishman surveyed bis limited sta ture for some tifiie, arid, then, wi'ti a derisive laug'j. turned upon hi -t heel, remaining: "And a divf of a difciut it is, too." T?ie Lincoln story the writer he;ird from Old Abe's o Mm lijiM duriis; the last ?es>tiort of the Illinois legislature. it run* thus: ? During tiie ui.-nKirable con'^st for the United B atfs Henati ?hip, iu the summer of 1 *68, Lincoln Slid Douglas happened to be simultaneously in the httle town of Pitt< eld. in the western part 'if Illi nois. Lincoln wiv walking inwards his hotel after delivering himself of his spec?!), when he wasa: rosted by one St. Patricks oouutrymeu, who ex mossed his satisfaction at the sentiments just pub licly expressed by him, and after indulging in snch extravagant eulogy as ouly Irish men inat Wave a pec* inal object in view can .itter, very blandly asked: "Ould Abe" to "trait."' This the Utter declined to do, but, ir, order not to oflend the supposed proselyte's feeling*, gave him a qu trier, with the request to driuk hi* health, .! he desired tod?so. The parties then separated, each pursuing his way rejoicing. On the following morning Lincoln was arouse 1 from his slum bars by the '.trains of a brass baud tliat was playing a parting ;>snc in honor of Doug las, v. ho stopped at the same bouse. Lincoln, on looking out. was greeted with three tremendous cheers tor the little tiisnt. n?i whom did he per ceive in the crowd, most prominent iu "hunting and wa\ing his hat in glorification of his opponent? Why, the very eon of tiie Emerald Isle thai had pocketed his quarter. The shipments of bullion by express, from the let of Aitpist up to date, amounted to $134,000. P.*S. ? I just learned that the body of 4. C. Ford, wl.ose mysterious abduction is referred to in the above, was tound some hours since about so v*n milrs east of this p!i e. It was completely riddled with bullets. I Th? L*K Harrtcaa* 1?* SewOfle??iMil Other Par ta. (.HKAT PKWTRCCTION AND LOCH OK LIKE ? A NPMBEB OF Bt"ILI'IS<iB l.BVELUBD TO THK OKOIND- APPAL LINO CATAPTBOPIIK ON CAMF STRFKT? HOOFS TORN 0>K. TSI?H t r-KOOTSD, K DICKS FHO.'TRATKD, ITC? I PAW AOK TO STEAMBOATS. rrrom tbe New OrleaLS Bee, Oct. 3 ) ' Che of the mo* terrific buiricaoet Cut ercr rltited ? N. w OrlettB itged during the whole of yctlorday. fol ' lewnp cl."i*ly upon two dctlructUe predeceetort within 1 the tpaoe of teyen weaki, 11 hubwa roor? violent than r liher of tho othert, and i? irtelligenco r"nclK? as from ihe courtiy around we fear to learn a tad ttory of it* direiul ?Scrt? In tblt city *e afc'ea.iy know of groat <jinn.ctl< n Ai.d a melancholy iott of H'e. Tte rtorm may be ??1<1 to have commeoced on Moudty, I tlitorgb it wan uiily tbout four o'clock yeeiorday m>ro Ug that the bar 'loane commeLeed. At It gene rai'y the < ??e, tho wind reered ahout ha.f way roued tho cutnpata In Ibf iBuriiiAjt it rams Irom the northwett, about noon it wat wru toetrdt f?.ur o'clock, when it wat at tie novht, li ram.* from the to nth w rat; alterwarda it wae due aouiii, | pi tl laft night we o^trvd It to be ioutbeatt touth. 1 In ?? very part of tbe city tbo eii'ectt of tbe hurrisano were >1iuwd 'M the ;:prooto>g of tree* an J tbe proration | of lenc. a A portion of tbe abed of the tnef muiet wu 1 Mown down upon the banmietto, damaglag tbe oofl-e I tuaOa and overturning a ml'k cart thai waa tiandieg In the atriet, the or.vcr of wbieb eeoap-rt injury hy J'ltnp og nut. A Lumber of fcouact were r.rlpped of their roolt I ami had their obtmr.cyt blown does. The ?loc roof on I the I'btltp ttrc.t Hall, a baU room on Philip near Tob mp* 1 t.iaa a. reel, waa roU-d up moat oinpaclly and lauded ' ncaily iii th? ttreet? the tecond occurrence of the <iud at I p'ace. rigLe, ?h JlterE, gut era and all art idea motl at the diapoaal o' the wind were treated in a very ua_ 1 i-ertnionioua n uintr, i on? timet to the great danger oi Ipaearre by. 1'ntrt'k Coyle'a io.[- kdfj, in oourte of erection at I he o.rLir of Third and Jacob at roe W, Foortb Jtetricl, waa levelled to tte ground. Fcrtiinately no peraim* were v, ill. in X Keatlig'a ?o*p factory, on M?gn alrect, ncai fourth . ?u tlan prjatrated. H a ,oe? will he about f.oc. So oL.e waa injured here. The larg^ ittbloe go Itg up on Nayade < treet, near Ninth, formerly V D. Marvel'* f tablet, being eniarced for IV.rlnk Irw'n, were bioeu down, and, at in Ihe other cattt, no one wat LU;miI it great of ihe day wat tbe destruction I I four I lid rr? on Oam i< atreel, at too minute- rati four o clock In the aftrrnuoB, beneath the ruina of wblob 'i . r? ar- tcoam to be tao |?rtont, atJ a gTeaUrr lott of lUe it fraied. y ?l of "<ir rea Irra will doubt ett re*x net ton 'lam^ mi, ih I.nn ? i g Noa \l and 38 Camp alrc^-i , botwee*. Ura v?r?nd Uimirfn ttreett The aiae and rear waila ual been lomplelcd with lUe rc.l (Tve tvoriet in height, and th, iTnlrortwt neai'.y up It waa o*ne l by Mr Tu | lai.e ai d she bu Idert -ere th? well known Brm of tmi ] ?on hi Mr.Ibloah. "n one tide t f it, N?> 85, wa? f Sli t ter * Co a c. thltg cttabHthment, a ihrec WW bruk i lore . imtheo'ber tide were Not 29. 17 and 25 ttree atory brick balMl??t. rearh eg to the ,v>raer oi o nim o aU'et No ."> wat OCnplel on the ground 1 t! <rby FrtJerkk Uti herron a drug ftoee ted a email ret ir t ore An the tecjnd Boor by the office of [> l Rl ertdo eoiary rublw, ai l on the top awiry by Colllt T bi? a b ndery N" 27 waa oseup ed o* lb? grmnd li > or bv H W j t real rtwt* all *, ami ab >v^ by law i \ c: t' i fll ea , amotg w hk'b were thoee of [?(?r,Ct Attcr [ ,.y R, vM" rd and Mxtra Kraok Hayret.J A HiybiB ar' W Bancroft, with the ? IT.ce of l aptale Kobertton, narlfce uei?ctor. The e.?enee buil Ucg. N.i 2i, wat oC t ui'le?l ?? \ lb* S'in M' t itl h.turacie tVnpany ' That tbe la'ge p-w ail "or wat in an nnw'e ooadltlon we have tbe aulkorily of Mr Ricar<lo,amo? g other a Tbe lo*< r tile ? til, ab< Ye the root of No 29, dirergH three or four Incbea from the perpendicular, and the aalla ??re ri t auiwttntial ?'i oi gh, eo;4?'dermg the height and wi 1th of the bnlldltg. tnbJfCt Bi.wtvr, wi l be thoroughly lnveat .rated n tbe Onrntefl uquett At ten m nn^a patt four o'lkxJi t rurahling "nil WM heard quick 'y followed by ooe prulm g"d, iremendout rra-b ' All Of that portion of tbe new buihllog above the toof of No 29 and to with. n ten feet of ?bo rear wall, fe.l.ver um.iI the root* of Noe 20 and 27 Camp atreet 0 aid the ro"f <?' tbo rear of N 77 i mmni atreel, n<-vt U> Ihe Pt n Inti. ranee ofT ce, tra tforiniog them In one to atft In m rtalely edifl *ea W ooe maao of pow Jeroi briekt, ! trot tar atd i-ri k? o iwaw Toe work of d. atructlon waa 1 to tuddtn lo U ac?o?nplithmeot tnd to terrible ihit lb* I many pe'trina tbe tirel who wUncaaed It Mrettruci ' d> no with awe, and then, lo aeotb.r ir iment, a crowd I n.iect'd from every -iiiarter.aod the moat mU-ott tm j ciunwot prtrailod . At Brat 't wat at'ppoaed that t Itege cumber of per , ? ? bereatb the m.rt, but leflection terved to re rai, tlx- itrl that at that h-v.r rery few of the om-?rt were ca*nptrd Two men aodayoa.bof about aeren 1 ton wi re oow teen crawling out of the raioa tmmedutt l? . t. r Ihe Crat fl or of Ihe building No. <17 Camp ttreet, U.. b. an ? < f wboJi had aueUinid tbo thoct tad left Pol'ret 't ' lliso uodltlurhed They ha4 beeo at work m Ibe book bindery, and were carr?e<1 orer agalotl the wall of tho oorterbal'dlBf eocaplog from death by a perfect , m'aele Tbe yount man wat t me what brolttl. anl th. y were a)! to intttened ae to be tpoochlett, aad weal I OH wltUoOl tlviOg loeir narpet. V, it ore were frcalated that Mr Rkiardo, hit clerk, Mr l1rw*eot Heai pay , Mr >r?.t llaynee. aad olhera. | bad brat fcl' ed. bat all theee getilemeo dleproTed tti?si lo terami. Aft' r duif^ t 'ointn th* oply per?iaa we rould Uara who were koowo lo bo w thta the bulldlop th- Clerk. Mr Otlotnar Krahl, aad tbo negro porter. A. ea. who were In tbe drag l?ort, aad If hot imaed ate ly oroab'-.l to death, tnu?t hare beea tnataatly after aard rufi -ated by the acid* and rhem flale, there be?g t >it ti <aeaf e of |*wm tvea thrmigb Iho rulnt la J F 1 de't truth tnd thoetlore.Mo 77 itonaflt etroot, ILe t i .. p. tor ttJ three emploj et btrely ea<>e4 thmugb the firm it n>>r wh n the retr mall and floor easo it The r. bnliduf it to much cracked It will lurt lo be Ukeo down and rebuilt . Krahl wat a aatlve of ilefMlf. Ulrty tit yewt of age. tnd craivried, but Uae a aintaer atd tttver la the N iftb He wae lormeely la the l/aited ?atot Army, but bat beea i\ Mr McFbertoo't employ ft* teres yeat la the Bra', re* meet of etc. lenient, wbea it wat rip i. *rd a large a umber were heaeatb the rtlaa, oereeal gaatlwea thought It woald bo hoot lo call owl the fire [ynruwal, to at to .olieet a large force to the work of aitrtcatloe. aad the aJarwi wt* givta from tbe c Jro.T of C^nip aad caaal ttre?u Tbe Tire tvpertment waa tone rvlleeted, bat oa eal?e? oooeidoratlon It waa deeend txwt to employ a gang of men at the eipenae of the cttF, M It trat t long >b tad cmld sot be eommneeed ntttl th<- gale rnl?|t?d Tb- W nd go tg dowt c ma, lora jlr t iwarlt eight o clock . the men were tot to work by the t'd of two boaflrit. under tig ?uperaletidnwot ?.f A Jermaa Gov an I 1. wit .leoqaet I p lo Ibe honr we go lo prut, t ltrge ptrt of the mint I ad been cleared awty.bul It wtiytl impowtt o W g?t la lo the drug rtcre Tbo r'Ter wet *tbel ^|o wtreo three fee' It h->'gM, tte tide water i*ch'rg ap aearly ?rt feat, and uolhlag reolsred out but a fw te-? cmg Itft Hk' bull of a . ... w?, a. iw aero>t the rirer fr wo the other el lo, fed jtfkal the levee, betweea F.ral aad S-rwid 'I'-eU About ?#ht c'4?* in tbe Btwh^i tbe olJ ItU tp r-ATH-alt W t Andrew ttd Belle Gtvt and the parliy ? Tned tblo TodofK'n^ence hmke freto tbtr -a - r'og oa " . ,, >r, v an I drifted acroet attoag the tt< ?n') >aU " -ta" f Tbe Belle Oatei lid to dam ?e to bete, it wMb-v boat*, tad th- At dree feurt B>!h".ght heraelf H-r laebcarJ whtelh tiae aod guarie wern l.'ra re ip* ;od oer lenoe eta her bow oto Ibe (tftod Muke, de*rnyiagbeT?WWfc te ?e lh?. ttigMly dt-wag-jl tlWlirwh^c .nn.y.bad -ig^^c wJ tg 0 her hufri- are rieif Tbe (hip ?ook air" tb .t "te v ? ard '? * * " * Peytona, br*aklcg p*rt of bar ladles' osbln Abort f?ar e'riook ?he gm n.<>'ner start and safely clearing ?*"> b< at* came > gams' the Coarmer, tear Us off a Urge p- rt of her buri ' sne rool, breaking her j? i ot the cI.ueuu) >! u)c. ;-te lb?n ivcu a?aintt the 'janal atr?.< t ferry b. at, sinking the two Uoauog wl.arraa. H'th the ?u secured The sblpp'og and tin (tMincti at the Wwer landing were unlnjure?fc. The W. M lior i-' D and War i-uglu w- re allghuf injured by aw iD|(;o^ . each other 4<W in. At Uiinebuig tbe town aai aiiroad wharf wr ro In to dr.tco early in ' tie nioriitsg wi do diimast* wan dono of en > con* qiM dm. ()o the arhaif Itie vacer wu tix tnrhjs h fber 'hsn dr.'ing either ot tV e twa reient storms. [fV'm tr.e New Or'eai ? Pie'.ysue, 0:1 5 ] From Ijiu'Diaua and Uit<u* lppi. we b<giu to uotain sad ot tbe lues by Uie vie of tueeoa? last. For iU (, l. ration ant lor tbe force 01 the It baa Bcaroely been ? quailed for many vea'* No alisila' record of la'ge ? id deplorable kwrea of building* aud machinery, to tay nothing el the growing crop*, bus been lately e/pe riitotrt From the I.\fourche perish**, from the river below and above, tbo evidences o'< destrtMl'on, even now, when ot- 1 y Uk Aral items of lateUtgaiu ' beg .; to be received, are Startling. The pr |*rationa for uijo grinding #?ro fully tnad>' tin alnioet every planiat o< , aud 10 sune fi? intuitu ew ~>H) machinery bad been starved. tluidreJs of sugar planters have now e xieiialve and ^<ietly repairs to miike before tboy can cruih a cane or light a ftro. S;ich a master, oomug at thia Inopportune moment, i* a C? '.annity thai annot b- fttlly appreciate! by t,h 'go not tbcioughly acquainted Willi me whole rot ne of sugar Baking. But a<M*d to ihtai i? tbe fac". that the cane, by being primal"), la seriously endangered Every joint tb*t toed cf <t?- gr und, If tbe weather cootinn-s w irr-1, will ?oon tfcr-iw out r<<4leU and onmmei'Ce to grow, liestruy iug al: the taccliat me properties of tbe cune, and render ink It U'wH in tbe pierent crop The i'e ang' roect of machii cry and the d extraction if eugar booses, bagoMO chlinoeja and i th'-r bu'ldirg. will di ley ull atu n'pui to save the crop by early reeort to gritdug. Ino prcspcutg of tbe sugar cr.ip ?? cio"t n rioo*iy damaged by tbe late storm. It la to be hoped the great damafe reported la con lined to a very narrow belt of tbe sugar region Tho IcM to the cotton |>lantera, tbo igh no', ao aeriou'. will be unuiaal. We ba*o heard sufficient to belie* t tial the It. rm Las hoeo vioieut 'ar in ine li.t? ri ir. Una day Blgbt u wax blow i>g a half hurru^kne al Cu.itoa. The TtnieLde ol the wind w?a the cauae of delay to the trains ou the .lack* n road, from Jackson to Krenler station, crfatlDg tie apprehersion that the beat onttoo district, at least of MiCKifSiiipl, haa felt tbe full force of the storm t'lperuiH' d in this city aud Tlciatty. Tbe wind fell ?iIK,u Be oa while with open bolls at lean twenty four |*r c< nt would have blown oatoflta reo ,'tacle, much of it he<ng entirely ?rrlcd away That which remainel ia tbe liekl cannot but be deteriorated in quality, being EtslLt d with dirt and rendered trashy. It is Impnt-xlble to estimate tbs lore which haa beeasua t&icid, but it is not improbable the impression thai tins o master will intluenoe the markets temporarily, will be realized. The barometer, on Monday night fell ? idden'y to a point below which }be mercury naa not descend* 1 for ten yeaia It j^ave ample warning of tho ttorjn that was uear ? the sale, at its worrt, a Arcely , however, realiriog the anUetpatlOBB that had been created by obBorialiotiS of the aud ieo changea. TUB STOHM rs niK fNTEKlOR. The itorm in the sugar region west of tbe Mtssias'ppl rlvir ?a? eveu more severe than it pro red in thia city. Its ei tent also wu.i in uen greater than had been antici pated, proving that In Its diameter it wai as reretrkabla ss in tb? destructive results which have followed. Yea t< rday wo gave some uarticutara of tbe wreck caused on the coast above thia city. Tbe rumors of destruction that were lb' n in the street have been fully ixinflrrned, and the list of losses appended, furnished ue after they uave In part Ixen made public, aje reliable. Huch a list rf dlt&a ttr has ret, within the memory of the OKleat inhtbltant, been chirnictcd as the following. ? lMH.ii.IS KBCIUVBD AT UTTLB CAnXOP. II. M. Thibouaux, augar bouse blown down and cne life I wri II. G. roll. dp, ptirpery blown dowm. A. F. Cage, " " " 01 TBKKEB0XB. T. A. Robtmon, purgury blown down. Ra?lr & (iunLi-r, " " " TftRIkatey, " ?' " Mm. R A. Ntcholar, mi (jar houee blown down. ? ? Downing, purgery hk>wn down. OH HATOl HLAOK. T. fWheon. pnrgery blown dowa. Boom A; Hour 1Mb, fugar hou*e blown down Cvarlsto Porcbe, purgery " " E. M. B'jkia, ?' '? " W. B. Minor, " '? " on mi u?ricn? P-jgh % Pardee, augar bouw blown down. A. Brnafaeaii, purgery " ?' P. ! anurean, *ugar bojee 14 " Kgana, " " " " _ ? NVIaon, " " " " H. K J*-it*l, purgery " ?' C. titlll* * to , " " ?' t aullut. " " " T. Braud, lugar houae " " T. Boa'iy, purgery " " M. Hraud, " ?' " M a. Tn eclair, '? " " V. Butlo, '? " " L. Barren, ?' " " Mr* Tbibo'aov' " " H. M. Heunia, ?? M " ? ? McCulluiu," " ?' William*. *ugar b"UM " " Bll.iu Af Perklur, " " " M1UIK r? m. MABY A gcntlrjran of tbia mty write* u* that he received a Idler, daU <1 y?-*!*n'a), from Matter* onil*. !t M*ry p?r?h, auttig that the ?utar hoiaw-a of Me**? n.raey Urothera anil capt Biadiry were blown lorn enfr ?ly.un the ill mil , and ibe '-an* generally io that rtoaily ba* bon pro*trttel, bat not very aerioualy lt>jureJ In I iaqi.rmlne* ?j.,l Ht. Bernard, It i* **id, by th iee ? bo w:ine?*i-.l tbi' gale, that aiicb a TiaiUtiou baa never before b<en wltre?*?l Tbe greater part of pia?jucminee pariah waa aih-a-rgeJ by the orrrflow of the gulf Poll te a !h-H?".Ik waa altroet r:i'ned, an>l th? ir.-oe at the Bail-' waa terriAc At tb<- ( \p?rr are re* red fr->in the interior, wn foar we aliail hare iaJiltr incident* and (rarer kmn tj ra cord. Adrttttonfel from ^lealeo. COMMOl<OHK IAH\ IS AND TBI (tl'ANlHtl -HJUirHOS AT vkha envz ? *hax?tl sbi/i kb or a iondcuta ht TBK 1 MlUKilH. [rrini i he Saw Orleena Plctynne, Oct 6 ) Thebritg Kiueo. Cept *?r*e, which arrival off lh? PateToeecay normcc, dini-t Iron \>r* <>?/, but au*i n m-rntly went atnore, aa elaeaberc reported, brier* to u* itrrtil i!aj? latrr newa from M?iieo !t la or lb? meat important C arar-.ter, and not only cirfirr.a ar <at we ?< ri> r it"'1 to tbe nnal con ..imnatiun anl cot C, i ?ti n of It. -"i ,i iiah bark Maria i)i ocop :H>u, but pr???-t l* an entir?-'y new pbaae of th? r?nl dithcully be twecn the t?o g' Teromt lU. It . j to Una ? rT? a, thai Imme i?Wy tiler tha a?rl?tt! out of th? aiHi war aloao.i-r VViatflu, wilh olJirial da apatcUca fivm Hnvana. u na<ore atat?sl.anote ?< poaaail firm the ?p?c:?h c>03aD<?4f>r? to tha oooatit'itunal go Ttromcrt, ileBiandtng '.he lmnueiiiate reatltutlon of the rt < ! vrfir. i * i : ih - pa) ro.'iil of tauiagna oth'rwiae the eitjr of Vera < roi would a? in?e? be tx le t Aa ctnplUnee ?un tbia d>n>aad h?J airo.ii', is mrc rdanre with the daeuioug of tbeonirU, 'i*n furm?l ly rirclltied. and the last n >ta waa c mcel*?J in tbo m?i perron wry knra, Ita conienla were at oune cunmiul r?t?d to CV| tain .Urvla, of the I'niUM Hlate* aloop of aar avaocah tail I'.ag ' llioi r of tbe Home ^jiad'on Tbere uimn (Captain Jarvia ii?m?0.?lely paamd a ant* la th ? .?l>ai>h c mn- 'Jora. ia ?b*<-b h-- not only ooa1enia?l bia crurM In the dee lilad terma It diaarrad, bit flnaliy cm rinded wlrti drcltriog aa tbe worda are ijuit'l ti o?, " ihat be wruld c mailer tbe Brat a hoi Ore-1 u(nn Vara Crui aa a abut fired n|?m tit* Amerioan aqtiaiiron " fn cocarqui'iice of tblt note all lurth-r ac'io3 In tb? mailer ?aa turpi t.ded, and Ute whoie ^(Unleli f.j ialr >a, wltb the eiceptloo ?f one veaael, aalled hv-k to Harana With' ?t intend lag to ?l,I<t?? tbia tiatement , whtcb cnaa- a to ua only aa a rerbal rep rt, we may remark aa pistui mrrub^iration of ,t. tbat tbe lateei utriut mail rapurte tbe return home ?! tbr?e *eeaela of war. tbe tten-pguela. Alrcito and \ e'??ro tb* troth, boweTer. will aooe rearh na In an aatborllatlTe form, by tbe Kngltab at> a nar at Havana Irom Vera Inat , ab ild tha mai!? d'rrrt hy the Potomac, uow a. m: dejaortr due, but own. to ba-id before By the oik'.l frcm Northern Meakr. brought to in y*i terrtay by the Allattlo. front Bra/ w iHatlago, we akai hare the iini>or1ant intell'getioa of me aafcture, by ordera of (nneral Iiefoli.Mte. t.f an tmmnnae a^cla em'.urta amo'iLtit f to li .luo OtO la ail. from /au iteo.aaan.1 Muana .tnato boend t" Tampteo Thoerid?nce of ti.ta arvu <al oae act ia aatd to h. nr. .onhied It Mtaea to oa ia oop ?w of kltera from the ecniiocUira thernadrea to Indlrl l iala largely '.nterratwl in llie aafety of ll?o money rh teizure waa mailt at I?g\>na Hera "? ih* toll alt . and the ? h le oriler< il back to lagnt. Hie oul) otiiae a**tgn?l for l lie ?atrara nf the money that we bar* heard ia that tbe rx'rtfetea of the campaign demanded tt It la a ir po*?d that it la lo be 'Med in au;>p >r? ,.f tha expedlt'oa aga' the capital ia bei.-re inectioned \ ooneider ab'e partioa of lb* ?oney an* deauned f) ?? 1 ? it To one or our principal bonier a. ?* 'ii : era uui: . waa oooaigurt the large * m of II to 000 la tl taeonnrrtkm it ifalaoitated tr. u* on eqaally foo-l itHlmrWy , that Pen I> ?: malGitaua ;nato of I600.C00 In inpport ot tie ratie expedltlna The givm waa tliecaailaaaMil property How far tbe loan waa rolnaiary or ?foroe.l" ia not atat td. Aa to II* progrrea of Ih i rampaign the Klnan bring* to ?? tbe Inte llgrnee th:it th- rar n*r,| of the liberal arvy liail alreidy arrlrrd *t la- ihava auJ other dirt aloe' wet* etpactfo t? take apti eir |>? tins* before tbe aitye Okltaary PKATH Of VAX fBIST, TUB MAHIMfl PaINTBS. Van n**at, tbe well taoai Ihit.o painter, wboae ad n> .table pi- lurra are fam liar to the coaaotaaaara of art, died of Inmor la tbe fWtntiHi in <>t I 'ika'a F^lano pal Ilopital, at ten o'eJock on Toeaday night, aftjr aa III traa of two month* for *ome t me p?*? Mr Van H-^*t bad bern in T*ry poor clr ?nm*Ur c(>*. .tad waa ibiefly roppovted by hia friend*, R. ( Hawblaa. K?i , and O.Vaa a iff, Pih| Re war r.uite a young man, beiug only thirty fonrytararf age, and waa born In Rotter am. Turing bia raaidenoe in tbi* citj hut peorll ha-t been baally at work, aad maay rf bit work* a*e <n tbe piaacaal-mof aereral of m-r i*1tl?ena Mr Hawkln* o? ia fire or alt aad Mr Van tlifl e.gbt or ten of but picture* Mr I 0 Henri it la aholije f eer*eor of two rery fine marina plo turea oae, that if a race , m whtcb Ih* yaohl Jiilia waa tbe winner, and the other in which tie Robeooa won Van Beret boarded at the Hotel d'Kan tie, wnere be left tereral of hie b*et *k?b-h?a. Prenon* to bia fatal ai ?* rea* be bad Bi'e i?me rer* good ?*et-b<-e nf t ie no1*!* 1 Hndaoo eeeriery. taken from Waahiugtaa H tfhte, fra-n which lie deeigned lo pe "t t lan>l*u(ie At wr Van Bee*t i Uxwe remalna bnt ?n* I -.t-'h marine m nt*r of an? en?i urate In the city, ard that I* Ilia*, wto t* n'*<> q te a yonrg ran Th* ft"-'*' of p? r Vtn at at 1 lake place at line o'clonk t'r* ( (Tijrr la)) morning IlirlL. hM day at i*t lukc * Ha*i<i a1, the wt. uted ?rt.*t w? i lb* ret p>?t <4 ?r*r) a nd atteatioe i>om tbe i at-ri uf Cba' M tltaetiM fo that 'nat'tat^ THE AFRICAH SLATE TRADE. Tfec United Htftui Hqudroa'i C*WMtto> VUuwIili- The Slave Ground*? The \V?y t?r|oei are UbUlnad-A NUtw'i Fre?ich?? The Custom ll au CtnalvlBf hi tit* Trullir? Dlittt-ultlee of the Hqiad r?n? Llit of K scaped Slaver* ud Bui pi- | el us Craft Expected on the Coast, <fcc. Obit-wing to promtuent journal* of toe dsjr recurring commentaries upon tho African slave trade, and the con oectlnn of the United States squadron therewith, and judging that these are Inliueooed by oorrespon lenoe from tbe coast, suggest to me the probability that many of lh? IlrHAi [ '? reader* would be glad to have Uielr im prea*ions of an opposite existence of facta confirmed, and 1 address myself the more wlU'ngly to their supposed w.sIms, from a confidence that tbe Marion'* over two years continual Investigation* Into tbe legal and Illegal proceeding* on tho west coa. t o' Africa enable me to prerent a* nearly the ract* In connection with this trade? especially It* appliance* on the wait ? a* is pos.-l b e for an uninitiated to obtain, as well as a refutattoa to these opprobrious statements usually characterizing the article* of those writing upon such matters In their con nection with the United Stales African quadron. And here permit me to express surprise that the press are so inclined to publish the ualuformed communica tion* that a certain claas of ambitious penny a ltner* are constantly scribbling, without requiring far ther evidence ol the cjrrertnePi of such statemenU ? tliiU frequently are personally offensive to many of their reader* ? tban an>cymrua signatures appended to this every- word a fact correspondence. I know of several communications that were dated from the west ooaH of Africa within the month ths writer arrival, OlieJ witb "facta'' attainable by the initiated aline; and tven those of a later date, pretending to get Information from reliable source*, putting tbom selves before the publio a* tho initiated, bat gene rally "tuffed by their informer* with a weil-dlgested pur,>o*etbet tbe " true facts" *ha'.l appear In tbe paper* It will be reality acknowledged that all statements re ceived by those inquiring into KuH)e:ta relating to the slave trade should be by them, and from lb m, by tho paper*, tuken um gran' It being an incredulous supp>. FitkL that it is a subject upon which those interested art I likely to be oommucisatlve, and those on thecoistwh) are freu from the Uint are like exception* which prove the rule. As necessary to a partial understanding of the opera tiou* of slaver* on the coast of Africa, It require* a knowledge of the geographical limit* of the "slave ground," with its localities, as uow admitted. Tbe late exceptional, but now abandoned, intention of tl.e King of Pabomy to reopeu tbe traffic .0 hi* dom nkms Is the only evidence, for same years past, of an attempt being made to ruu 00 cargoes from tbe " Bight;" indeed, I believe tbe trsfEc In those waters to Lave eutire'y etastd It certainly has to the westward of Capo Pauls, which, in tree geographical terms, i* tbe west ward point of the " Bight," though It I* an aocustoraed error to clam all that line or coast to Cta|>? Palina* as in cluded In that term . bu:,wi.h the knowledge that Sill! Ooflce. near Oape St. Paul*, and a few place* along the " Bight," until reachJig Lagoa, which would inc''ide Whydah,are still available for -argoe* to be arranged for, and run from, a watchful guard is continued upon it* waters by stittoned American and English war cruiser*. The trade, therefore, Is at present confined within tbe ?oast line i'mit* of Mayumba north, tod Bah.? F>oda south, embracing a cruise distance 11" 170 mile*. The im portance of other Intermediate stations within this limit are comparatively trilling to that of Puuta d* Leuba, in Oocgo river, whi;h la, unquestionably, tbe heart or the traflic, ths pu sation, quick or slow, may be traced to the Mate if things there bearing on this tralll -, and natura'ly, the prmcpai alave stations oiustor near thi* river, tnelr locaUtiet depending much upon the facility of Inland oozmuni atHin witb :ho Ooogo. Along this range of "slave grcr.nd,'' or on any other part of tlwcoui #hcre the irnlllc iiu boon, or may De carried oo , tt would be mpnas Ible to *.ve oorrect d is tan v? between barraoooni, or even within lbs ranga of probabili ty, as they are nit established wth regularity. IV.ata, which at one time .ire favorable for shipment of ca'gix#, ?ay be aoo? entirely deaerled, as, for aoras cause, the facilities nay be decrnaaed or interfered wilb. Generally, three or tour stations aloof the ooaet are '.he laronus during one season, and are changed aga.n for others near by, which have become unused and unsjapected. Nor >s it dcauable that there should be many point* for sbip m< nt, and near legethrt , as It w odd euabie our s<| ia t ron to e fleet at. easy blockade. The unava'.lableutss for an -'opening" for ttismdt aloag parts of toe ?<aat unused to its |>rao:ices ren tiers lis const lemtloa impra ti Where geograpnioa obatrnc'.Kna do not Interfere, the steady though sljw advance of legalized pursu t has put mto disuse the traffic, which would re<|alre much tine and paimi Je.i ing with the ?uapis.ins Akro crt.efumx tn ag?iu renew and that there is considerable legal trade carried ou ia demonstrated by the various American, Ea^iish, French. Dutch, I iac. eh and ether faot >r.'-s silenJ'.ag along the weal coast from El *:ua to Beaguela, encage t "> ?l'>lte an extensive trade with the .nteriar, the prj.ta.ia of which ihty st.p in large quantities u? their reflective . ountrles In the Culled S.ates alone are several Arm* ? mpkjuig .n the impori-iiou of Africa produce eighteen vessels. I think it therefore reliable t-? cumUW thai the trade in urgrxs from the a oat -o*l * a I bo couf.umi '? r yr ?rs to Its pern nt limit*. Those eeosj Icue'is a* n^ui&r stati l* within the da toed rarge are liiack Fo nt, Louisa, Lanugo river, Ijuxtano <Malrn.b* ll?) ) s&d Kal/eutJa. lb." .alter, though not a petal for rfcirir.<*et now, atWssa favorable optiorttiauv ?build ttJer, ia the muel important pl~> aong to- v?aai far lasting the si'per-vf > and hj rnmey to tn??. lim rtcerrsry srrt.ngem?nts, or to send Uie Tatckmi Bailee <4 the snv*r*s arrtmi ;a the <5oast to 1'u.ile dr l?aui !uk*'i Hes-i, lkkl| Ml a mUes to the aMtfc o( the C*i>gt>, Is tM ?alj rut. i lu tLat Jirerlno; lt< re are several harra- kws nw far froji that point, ?m starred ss beknging to the <acsi ty !t t? loppeenMs, from ihe tiet-ctfwi of inters so In tetded, last Ibe agents I in the trade on the coeal a a itfcrsi' d by parties at ibe p ma fiom which the vessel la tspectel tn sail of b?r pt obable ', fjr aa4 r?it-.UateJ MM of parssge to tie Onega river, tb<ta gt'ing ibe sgmte ample opportoittty fir HsU rlnr arrancxineaw with Kteg Oego, and the eolectloa.of ' ebenj. Very olten ?:avor?. after arriving otu, hare to wait ft>r Some time while Ibis Is being eocmpiwle 1, ' * the alave b ,r?r on the roast would inalder It too great a dedac'.MKi from Iba prcflta of the tra In t.1 keep on hwi. I vargoes for ?> . Iragth of t.iae. The *laver Is ^oiileut to HMMfl full and a ia?orab'u opportunity lor weeks, oue VMM having retnaiard four m mihs in tbatViign, till the right mom' 1 1 Vi'nela ooaiig oct geuertlly maaa land to ?i?e ?on th ward o' ibeOiogn, to ?-oHt the laMer's j??werfa ci:rrr nt, ah! ih iraa?? to the northward, .10 . are lb>-o Us Urmlaed :n tbelr farther morrmenia by the "lor* of th rgs, as well as by m ' I .0 p-r?ire?J frou tti >?? ootcerned In the lra>. who are eoostantly sailing up aud down Ibe roast In light erafta, procuring inteli'genne of ibe mnvefcoiits of guard shlpa. *c. , wb.rli thrj ? miiuu nKale t > theee veaaele and to the d: If.- rent slave stations, rMh?r perenaally or thrrmgb tb? telegraph c syetnm ol Area, which are bnt t at Bight on prominent points along tbe 0.?sl and by aatlve ranter* swi't of foot, ana oth. r r?ncovta4 Slgnala Tbua warned . the slavurs bide tbe r t'.me, either st Pun la da Leaba. whien they may have safely rearbed, or oa the maat, eraialng a meg tbe taw>r mediate stations until th* arrang-m^nta of tbctr sui>?r cargo have been oom| leted and tbe e.?st Is clear, wheu I her take, <n an incredibly abort I me, fr->ui t-.-ne pmar ranged locality, thrir cargms of nag roee lbs rlans of veteeis engaged tn tb.a trafi range from a ?ehr<.ner to a ship, the larj^r n-imber, hn ?. ??r, heiog bar^s. averaging atxuit two liuadrrj at.! llliy '.onnsge. iL' k s. rnj of thesa ha.l ftom Saw Yort city. Omtrary to the preva I ag li?| rrasnji, th -ac veea? .1 sra geurra ly old ,nd alow, having leww h? rght i p as cheap hsrga us lor Ibis Irate, lb s renderleg a safe delivery of 00a oa go of legroea mere tbaa an equivalent f^r tbe Inas of three or tour lueh veaasla. ?p?ed la by no moats ,h-? mi wrtant dea|drra'un> f >r the Hi"*asfal prtiarcutl >n of tti* b<i>l refs, ss the light, ban ing &re"a<* so I ca'.n* tbtt so gaoe rsi') I^evall oa tb? weat r.iast of Africa rend ts this iiwa lit) of little sva'l while subject li them, wl, 'r^as, vheti at s<a, five or sis knots aaswer tbe elaver a purple* .0 M rescblag tbe O.baa waters, when "lo'k a?.| eipo rVt ea" are more relonl on foe a sale laadlag than the swiftrraa ef tbelr ;raft A resarkabie conflrrnatlon is the f>ct that the Marlon ("one of tbe ?low*t old ia toe i.av) ") baa over ha .l*d every vesael she has pn aoeJ on tbe roast, the rha>? Irequenti., affording ample tinio for testing tbe capacity ef each veaael. I in nn?,t>ow avee, wt?n It Inferred fron this that* th'p* no niitt'r bow last, sre erjnnl V? the task of fiard rB*y are uatl?*s for miles i.ortn r.f the Q>tgorle<r. f>rt^e same pi.weiftil rurriit of this rlv.w mat ba.:i-a tn ? arbiter's a temptfor Jays, when gn:rg souta, to ie%;h Its Voiilb, sweej# lli? slaver? pro bnbh> at the time lying at I'uTita <te !?i,t.a, and tflegfinbed of tbe nvi of vae> 10 ifl dual atlrtrpi? fkr ooi tn Sea during the Ja'i'i?i n' oi.e 1. ^.ht; w - eas to the eoutrw-iid of this r.ver, and eves uuder the most 'sror.blec rr jmetanees, with a -hip of war, depetdmt r > in rauriss s rice, the eh toe s a r lew , |nnV 'learn i?iwer Is th'refure re<|.i)sit? ^Tfee rargnee or sn<pMto?? rcarels ee>n?ls' prfno*pa'lt ?' s?lieles c 'eared by lbs I a,U.I SUl,s Custom II ?i?r thst sre shsih.t"ly useless for any oin?r purpose <?r the w. t | toartd Afr 1 a rtoept to pnr?haae at.d ma ?* ?'are? AS jstaaeed ? T?IS New York Coetotn Ho 'ia 1 t!. <? 1,1 oth r perls site olear s - re f<^ the OnaetV* pln?l<tTih?w. which is uaused for any other prrpos<> on tne w.wi ormtt , itiiu '-t ny mg f lavr 1?-?s mi v me< Is. n r? ?..* of its prrwbsn'e rataee sodre ib? u- ,<o.r? 1 ci^t 'im?te ? : e^rerVarrl r <r th? h> 1 of .il rr i w. e .-<? ti< With Pt tbe M*pnnM< worn-.e (If si tn*?et>1) for |?nrp?s?s "f diStlHug II SO mid be a til knoao (?'l hst s> oh an es abltahmrnt as a il^ttlievr, ? disllflmg " r-t' l.s no fry web faie, jo not stlf. m the *e#< rout or bsBlgbtod Afrloa. Daring asoatha five alemblca or ililla were cleared from New Voile tor the and only one with ? worm. Tbeae for pi for vessels *tut are termed ' slave ooppera," to wDteh i be lood, ike .of the prtaouera ? prepared, but. from tbelr suspicious character, vesaola Bow <>bia!u them at Vu.iut de l*nba, wbere tbey ar" con 1 strncted from ft pp- r sent oat for the purpose. ? j Immmm quantities of disinfecting ftatd la likewise amred j a? ligil morcbandUe for the Congo; also dcuii) >bua of , oologne and large boltW-n of Florida water by tue 'lo/.eutt. ; What pnstib'e ust can be made of It oo the African crnut , or In the interior, otber tban tbe Intentional ooe of uis jg ; It to purity the stifling daiks of alav?ra, 1 not only do not kno?, but cannot conceive of, not ?r1ibktaadlng tbe war rati from tlie Custom House legalizir.r it. Ki-j, In quantities capable of feeding Just about a complement; stacka of wooden pine bucket* (to waab down the oegr.<es and ablp'a deck* with), wblcb are seldom If ever ?een In any nouie or for any otber itao the mcMioned objuct, on the coast of Africa; sponges for sponging tbe pojr cap"ve, and various welt known appliances for tbe slave triple, and used for that business alone In Africa, are each and all cleared under tbe seal of tbe Cuatom Heuse of New York direct for Punta de lnnBa as articles for h >uea? traf'lo, whin ibeir notoriety as appurtenacoes of Ibis trade m u distinctly known throughout tbe Unitod H la lea aa It ia tbat tbe trade i * lata. Tbis, In connection with the difficulty of getting a v w 1 condemned when ariit to tbe I'nited tfuten uudi-r '.he '? sirenptgr suspicion of Intent," anx-b, wub tbe fact that sbd cm; be b Hidud while tne oaae is in abevancc, an 1 return ?o the '.oast with the benefit of e<|?erteuce, baa d< no store 1 1 increase the traffic tban tlid utaiort vigl nf the squadron can do to atop it. Why shoutd nut tf.oae wb? apply for a "clearance" for a oa; go bound to tbe slavo c ait of Afrhia, moullng lo their Invoice ihe articles kuowu to by the ap dlaaoea of the trade, and the rafrchati-llse of a character to tak 1 lb* [ 'act. of m %??}? in payment of the bumai freight, be obliged tu give tiecurtly tbat such questionable st'iff la to be disposed of in legal trade? Wbat .s a legal cargo to Europe or the Pacific should not ha claaae l aa such when cleared for ifc<; "ongo River. The stale of our relatwus with countrlea on the Isthmus make us, or at least ihould do so, over all vessels flttlu? out for tho>e localities under suspicious oieenmsWwwve. Th? normal condition o' things s what makea aitlclea ooatraband or rot. NotwithPt-^Mng three obsta;l?a to oar squadron's entirely satisfactory performarre of duty, they are, by tbelr watchfulness, giving a a er ia rebull' to tie hitherto s. i reef sful operation of slaver*, and 'n so doing present an undeniable contradiction to tbe spurious abstract n in lamed in the New York 7ittu>i , or March 19, whlcb eliarcea. though indirectly, the naval oil -era of die l olled Sut?i Afilean squadron wltb I uke war and ?<ctl. nal InUr fet? In the evidence of eleven veascls having been seel lo tho United Hu'aa witbla the '.at lew months for adjudication, two of which had slaves on tH a'd numher.og in tbu aggregate 1 600 ? E'le and storm King. Tbe inainoat <>o to wbu.h I bavo a|:ud id, "that the abstract opinions of Southerners initio service improperly influence the zeal of the squadron," or of any Hjtgle command, would be an InJ tatlco of rather a serious nature, were it not an trjrcl of the writer's absurd Igi - ranoa about turh maltcra Had he taken tte p'eca'jtlon to examine tne Naval (Winter hn would have <li?c-nered :hal the "fHg," and a large ra?i>rlty of the t Hirers a'tacbcd to the afrieau aquadron,are "North en era," and of a stamp, too, that probably understand tbe considerations o' principle to be very diflerent from his personification !n th? case of the Marlon, her com msnder, executive, and, with on* or two exoeplions, her i tber i Ml It, *' re ^^utnerners, "hot bed Southerner*." aud yet she sent home three vessels charged with Illegal traffic. Perhaps, however, thiai might not have been hai the s.lppers nf tbe afcreaaid vessels tendored the MorioL s otScera one of those auinptuoua entertalBR rnta men'ioned by th? T mtt correspondent as ftequcctly extended by slave lo the .ilhoers of our sqi.artrou At all eventa, It wonld have been a tlgb t squette bad such a temptation occurred to them when rrdurrd, on several occasions, to "Bait horsa and hard tark," srrt that In devlliab plnchlog quantltlea. In wbat respect should the navy be held reaponslbla for tbe condition of slaves on board of v ssels, or Tor tbe work being < ne undrr the Atnorican I'ag, when the m<?it str-anous tff. rts of our squadron lo pre von i lie one and P'oitct tbe ttbar are rt ndered abortive by tbe decisions of tbo>e laws tbat declare as null and void the work it has achieved, and which must he referred to such triba ra's frr isrctlon ? Is it r?asoo*h> to expect that a com BianUer will make b. rase If liable to legal prooeedings that < may result injuriously to hla own and tbe interests of ibosa dependent upoa blm, by Bending veaaeta to the I'nited Nln to be tried by s j..Ji. i?ry tbat have cleared ; tbose previci'.sly sent, whose ompll:ity lu the slave trade was rqually, If not more, poaltlve? Haa the naval ollli^r tbe right to suspect the character if thoae vessels whose r argues hear the broad seal of the Custom Rouse, aud sn 1 titled, therefore, to that oftlorr'a protactlon aa nis c ua try 's w aoici'f ? Certainly sot. And yet tbey do ooth , the one *ud tbe other, from tbe spirit of tbat profes > < nai hn nor wnn.b will ever keep tbnm Arm rua. lians of , tlKlr country's trust, aa It Laa over tbe civil itcd world , rrBdtrrd tt.e American naval officer a welcomed and I ? rrditshie reprcs<nt>llve of bia government. The 1\mti also cu?a tlie example of the English 'ruisjra , remaining at tb<lr poats aa a rebuke to thoae of our 1 own, which leave tbe station tor the purpoae of recruiting. While admitting tbe anreaaonabla extent lo wbteh tbis baa been oar -led In soma caaaa by oar sbtpe, and the nquirtsent of eenstaut vigilance againat tbe ; trade, 1 caiitt t acknowledge the propriety of exercising i it to tbe degree of ba dahlp and sacrifice of life wbiob it ' haa rmst the Engl ah navy. 9tre *a along tbe entire slave J r.jaat are tombetone* and bumble mounds marking he I r'Stlng p ace of their dead, numbering, no donbt, cxnpa i ratlvely few with those ouosigaed to the deep from tbelr I ah Mia. Tbi- beaitb of the I'd, lc<l nquadron l? do er:ler!on ly wlurb to Judje the c'me'o 'if thn western ooaat or Af rtca, ?<-ch Deing attr. humble to lb" wuatary rrf ul*t:irf of Am'ripur. meii of -v*r ? a end it loo of wblcb allow* a ?hort theaoee from tbe drenching rii.oi, detuie, humid ?t m. n here, heary dew* and n.ltry, aoorrbing beat per taining in tbo anal. to ie ?r*nl where the eib?u*.ed oa trg (?* .-f both ofllcer* and rrew ran he reenporated Tnat the i.oaat <? a dang* rora and jft-ut.moa deadly oar, e van with *i?-.b prrcam ion* agam't >ta malarial rff'fU, I* no dei >? ai.d la .r \ y r I about ibe mnuLh* >( rlr-rs. A few mirth* *ui>i i?at"'o to it* abrupt exuem "a will re dnr? a .'.???rty erew in * pa nful *tato of debilitation Tbe r?e?-B*tty for iucb r Lflnemt-nt aa la al pre*?-ot de ?d could tw> readily obrlaud by the a<l<>ptioo of gnrarrrm tiat would a!?o greatly improve tU rlbjionr.y of the A'rlcr.n ?quadroa and our na?y , ylz ? by ro-?U log. or rather by u- ? rendlag out kh the future, ? nrh rrM-l* aa the i. one* rial ion, I'urlatnouUi aa I Marx*! ; ">ut in their al-ad, at a much Ira* expenditure of lrra*a>>~ Btock, a larger unwrol araa'l "ram gtinboa?a, that cn.ld all >rd an ocraamnal relief mrtif w other, ad mil ailruor tha oh|e?; of their c ><a a int'-n mora MKafautcrily tbaa thoee of U." clan* na-n -<!. No lataingeat ikirktr will cr? ill Um poaainHty of 4paia's prohibiting tha latro.' ii'n >u of *laree It, to Cuba Mboild tLe l\ ,t?d i?t*t<r arquteo the i*I?u<i In cnlti rati t? would t? .< <? i,.i bt ? :ave labor, a?aur<*dly , If lha r ix- aa.l roii.n tWjtfa a (?,' rata and (touth Ikto me ara fatal li Uu< m tile bai.d. It <?>-"ld ba Ivl'f to n'lempt tba loirudurlicn of auch laiMH ii|*ki tba p'aLiatioea of Cuba, aheru rt?u? llea aatab'ieh the mortal It* at a much gre?t?r average; l<. r-eh a degrre ,o <a't, that lb? negro market U never gutted I tba Celled jt,t a g?v rnmr'.it >? drtcnnload ioroatip?n< >u< aiu-mpi to put ? atoa to tba Inbumta traOlc. <b< tf ttun forr, work b< Tore bar navy fur j<?rt ta rtimc, tn U> on tb?i U>Ml <* Afra^a, an t. If a'^iilr ad by wr { "mimiI, Oaba: towarabnMJ ho th?n (tiran to tlr Va'al t> J??rt -irr.t to it la pi *? of Ibe % iratioa by an aironi'Lt ll at *o>,lil bo oquaMjf ?ar?.ca*b?- and n ?lad !or utbei purj-oaca, thoti' f ibe i> ?a?-ol fauau !.ir llacoa ri-'.cti'' t* f < n- K*?y -a -n Af tl ?, th" atn'olrt'a tK? tat of late anro?p11ah?i n ta, ta raapact all within m Dxaia, mi a iba im ?' riiut, n ffomi?tia< n ?iUi th.?t a.uo.'-d -> tim ?a..' ( T< ffaala n! f. uwt r^o^lroa, <io i?r t'ar t'fflxir t no? <r, bid imi) iooictt<? tin' fai t to hara ba< ? ? itb ttia r>a?a 01 ?k'| < and not attribntabla to ? art o' sa?| rr tha pnrt of tba i f1i-?r?, hut kh-iwa ? bat ?i.?ht be ari.i, ?ad wara the raa? :* intendet ii r mh. Mrrlaa aii i liatlar INI 10 thnr work In laakWlai I ObkM rioMfe tttt, tt .11*11 1 am np tint ol tbe i&b imarahla i?a.n,r.?* at iha ooamaiid of the atarar, I i.? rartbrU i* ballaTa that the nef'O trade ub Iha ar?t ?n'?t A'ru-a ronld b M-*kad, hy tha adop tion ?f T>*orr>na ?>????'. ?r? on tbe patt of our Oiatom Hoi?r<?. Iha nU'iliiMtf or icothrr prnrtatonal ami otal erp< t ai Krrr ando |"?, and b) the addlttoa ot junb ?ta, i:nt ' > i <*b a t >n r aa tba lata*? > reeourrae of Ih^r.Mat liae Ihtar'nr ?r>,ld b) tb*:r c n?r.; at d*Tal<i|??nieDt at tra<t lit aiu-ntlrr of fpecn au.ra. ?b> would et abliah mill'* ata that ? r ,iat i -i v. ?i en has ? for t pallw tha t >n.- of h:a pr-aait ^.mparwtlae ?aloeuwa u>i r rbandiaa thca rand' rlp( the p tUmc.- paid ti kin(a aud mart* ra tor ibair ? a?r? a trirl t g r mei'lTHIon to the cal", tb? y world rtaliie 'ri?i la^al tra<!r Tb.? rraaoalng may beohja-lad t ) a* a kr| time cant, hct I hailere, if Ibr lift la aver thoroughly appln l, It wdi a"*! only prore the auto rr< omae, but a (peetlliy aoocoM^ul enr,r >r the it m, v?i a| a hit I* unw a mara h'tp'tear. in pr 'p.rtum to i ha ptII it will j rt rnta ' npon oa if prrmltted to grow or e?.'B aiiat ta it* paearat euadttWia aaan a* < L *Xim Baoar jn> nuta tub c*mao a: rax arrwau arait, 1W9, aBD raiMUBT, 1M4. ranrhita, IWbacoa, Laimaaa, fly gnat, <>ttaw?, ^ownavll>?, star of tbe ?a*t. Wna M. Sruua, am i Kit, dalle, J. J. Cbfcb, Vb Taylor 11*11. lata da Cube. Nc^i ?Known that all of them carried away ca'foaa of Bfj maa .*<??, 1M0, a a raaraia m "?mr> <? ma coakt trraa avarmuca. A'tm#. jrtaarad /raat.1 # Wy.|Oi^.M? John JVtrniar. . Adai.tia Kprnati^ i karMM ? i aj t'orwi Kii| 1 oaia k ?t . a?ra A lhart . F. A Kinaaua . M'emita U ?nd. r-T late lau aua ... . ... He'W "I ?ve" Oarauo U II faatiwo. . AUatHa Ar.;tt.ari Tl M B I Ht? '"knrakiaan i yaa.M > ?i- aa>% ..... Tur' oik it* Ackorn.... ? n^. .. i itj i f Bor'ott* II B , ! [Bar* Bark SmC MHv.J t!taa*e dkaaged to MaaoaU Jeraey Cltjr >*wi. I tai Ar^tr^rt Wnjiji <lv*vmc. ? Alatuter Mcv*r rrei iaf ooraar of Rirlnavw and Oaaaon atrial ?. while i .it | nntiiac ok TV red ay lo*t In the wooda na*r w .*n*? Vr rrldaai tally abot b mrlf w th lia frtwMnf piece and ,;ied aironat in*ta?Uy. The daoatjel, it appear* wae MMir* ?? * 'if 'a iwi?| witk a oonp,? offriao i*. whea Htm near to Mil hie na tfce triWar oaurht oa a !*'.(, diarbaiftna the o n tent- of thr ;Mae? into hi braaat. The ^ ? , ft Of t*e em int? held aa laqnaM, wfcan a iwr. Mr trr*<l?<iMtl death tna readerad "?w lBTtntlou la TdtfraphlBf, a trim or phom eioht to rirruN i-houbamb WOKD8 I'KR BOCS ATT AINU). A very valuable invention In telegraphing baa b?w perfected by Dr. Bradley, of thin city, of which, wttfc ? r iaventioas, all ten J log to the still further develope ment of thia great science, we five a description, pra mis'ri' however, that the flrat Instrument referred to *? a partial Inir'ugement ol the liorae patent. Whether lr view of II e great ?oecd which haa been attained In the traoemitsion of messsgea by means of thli iwtrumeot It will be accepted by the owners of the Morse patent ra maina to be Men. Bradley's improved telegraph apparatim embrace* lX the elements of the Morse iuitrumen1., together with in gcnious and simple devices fir traa emitting u4 record log with great rapidity by means of type and oompostnt. aticka, operators who road by sjund having do thing new to learn In practising their niual mode witi?tfcki new in strument. Uetssgrs, when prepared for transmission can he communicated and legibly recorded at the rate (# from eight to twelve thousand words per hour. On a short circuit fifteen thousand have been attamod. Kroo. one thouaand to two thousand live hundred is good w >rfc on either the Moist) or the printing lustrumcnts now in use, which shows a large gain in favor ol that ol wb>eir? we are writing. The preparation of the message is performed by set ting them up in type, and when thus set the tjp^s aoC composing sticks containing ti at are passed through the - instrument, where they meet with such appliances ae causc the opening and :losug or the circuit in sash order s* to produce the record at the receiving ofSo? la lh< most r?(;u.*r and mechanically aocurate niumir. Tb< rccord is made on sheets of paper with ink in reguiat lluei and pages, and is compan as oloaely written manu script lt>e inventor baa al;o conceived and constructed a machine for miking the type, by which ae produces :n r finished state from Ave to ten thousand in an boar, eact. type having teeth ot one edge, either short or broad, k. represent the dots and ilaes ol itio coximon toiegrapa let ters, with the Roman Utters stamped on the f/oni, thus enabling any one to set and distribute them tvea abouid be not be fam.liar with tLe telegraph letters. Tbe reeoro Is mate with tk in aigzag lines, producing a complete fac simile of the t> pes as they are sit in the -ornvtVm sticks. Dr Bradley propuees to furnish fonts of type* at cheap rates to busitcrs men and families, a ho can set uj their owa despatches, ta*e them to ths telegraph olUct) where thoy w ill be parsed through the Instrument and recoidei at the i la;e of Jestiuatiou in such clear aad legi ble characters that any one ean read Ihrtn after bavtof given a little attention to the telegraph alphabet. By these means any two cotrep;>ondonU will be able io cut municate with the greatest secrecy by ainply chaaging the denomination of the type* anil lorm<ng n ci;*her o. their own. It may be wtll to state that the re cording instrument oan be construct with Jbr.r ? cylinders, on which three copies can bo taken, stopping , only one at a time, and changing the paper ia s toh al ternations that the transmitting apparatus need not be interrupted. Having tcsUd the instruments on the 11m be'.weer > New York and Washington to the satisf*c'..oa ot snper lntendent and operator*, and finding their practica. operation to be equal to bin miet sanguine expectations the inventor next turned Ms attiution to the improve ment of the receiving magnet, or relay, an It Is comccoal) called, for it was in this Instrument that bo found the limit, or rather the first interruption, in th3 speed of nr> of orations. The result has been the production of ar electro magnet more active, and presetting ~ny advan tages in practice over th>?a now In uao. lie commence* by discarding ent'rely all tho old forma, and proceed ?:p step by step, and with an eye to tho latest discovert*, principles of the sciocce , to construct an instrument en tirely new. Availing himself of the suggestions pre sented by the bei eal ring, tbst most powerful of al> electro magnets, so commonly shown In eke trloal exhibitions, he uses bnt one halix, with on.j one third to one hair the quantity of wire aom monly used, thus diminishing in proportion the rsewtsmoc - consequent upon the introdaotlon of relays in*.-> the hue and at the same producing a more sensilivs ant. powerful mag let The soft iron paseca throiigb the heil: and extends arounl in clone proximity to .ts outer sur face witbin the pole*, in close proximity to <act> other 01. the outside of the coll, one of which standing ta a line s. far to the right of the other as to admit the armature be twen them, which being hong at its oetotre by a tfctx metallic spring is free to move with exceedingly r*piC vlUraiuna. B-side the mala spring which draws tfx armature irotn tbe magnet, there is a oouau-r soring ant ing la the opposite direction, making It r n na ?i j k place the mam spring in a higher state of i?x.swn, wher? by more rapid vibrations and lrmrr contacts are seen red. Tbe helix ia srraeged in concentric sections, sw.tebes, by which any portion of It may be thrown c.v? ot the circuit, so as to adapt it to long or short linao, ur 10 strong or weak circuits In contemplating the advan tages of this powerful magnet, th? inventor cwr.ce ved tlx idea of adapting it to some appliance by which tlx ticks of tb? armature might be mala to proluje sound i sufficiently tudlsie for practical purposes withoot the in tervention of a local clroait. la thia pureatt be has tra v? rscd a Held In the science of aoousttoa hitherto acaroeiy explored. Clear and distinct knocka or S" ?o*, naaca a. |?nied by any such vlbrtikws aa produce a .??n*iag >>i prototgne l tone to any ejrtent whalcvwr, a tbe deenlert turn in telegraphy f ? reading by sonad. The ia renter haa succeeded in h<s reasar iLes and labors tor the aooom piirkn.ent of tbla lirf rluit object, and baa pra?tiisail a. sounder by a peculiar oombiaation of bis imp.-oveJ ivag aet with tension s>li>gs ?r wires, and a stranding -oan. by whl< b the llghtesl toecbes or tbe arm alert, rvhvcr are capable of cloaicg a local circuit, are al o cepabit o producirg the cl ar and distinct sounds req^ red, s.-I . ctei.lly aapilll-d Ibr all practical pnrpoase E jr i.waae oC tb^ Invention, not only will the oost or Clt.iug oat ax offioe bo lessened nearly one half, but tbe eapeMer for keeping op the batteries be reduod t> at ejual ratio. A main line of one wire, wcil insulated, rt quirea t reive cups Gr ve's battery forooe hundred miles ?ad that tbe tUca reqn re to be renew. 4 every lonr months, Mtended by a relative expend tturo cl aciOa V we soppoae a way station every ten milaa, refiniricg twi co pi each, there will bo twenty cupa of local tattary . tb? sines of wb'eh have to be renewed every two maotbs. This given an expenditure of thirty six zincs par aaaow far main batteries and one hundred and twenty fbr the locals, with acids u. correspond. By the jae of tbta new instrument all local b.oastas are diS|?asod w?th, ivfcj.a tavea over three fourth* ot tbe battery eposes now ac crulng. Ia adltlon to this the operator So Is greater fa cility In having but oae Instrument to adjust aad tahl care or, lastead of two. The sound . also, is mora ar*c?a ble to the ear and more acceptable to tbe operator Aipttt of AflThlra In OCB LAQCAYRA CORRHfOVPtWCB. UailTU, Sep* II, 1SOO. Mtnultrial Apfdnlm-^'4 I* lb* >?nwn?')i( tf tn#r< ' StMtn . France, /'upland end ? ,^wil> falfcy ? 7H< Fr'itTi for a Cffvt Befit? t%* Spmi ?u? Min'tur': Admv. none? PrvuUu KxplmmmHnmi In .'mpmriUi /V ? jMj-.VulIa' Fun? The ."paniiS WniUtr D'-pm b r?nxuWa P-f?t.*s tm the Cnital A Tbe AaerkCAU brig An Wataon baa ten for your *>(7 . . tta/rg deapatrV# frtm tbla goTernwat, wt'h tbe af potnlneat uf Geaeral Ji?e Aatoala Pma Kiref E>inar ,1'ntry ltd MlD'aterPkalpotODtlary of V?ae->>ielato V?b lagtoe ?Vn"T Frrn,.u Toro hu b.on appended to U>*> MM poet at Maorlo, Mil Heaor Rodriguez at laodea ?-?? Farta. 1*0 eb a ao?tat.t la d',.loa?acy la lute rvt la war a'srnat ftirgotWa rejmblla. whero ao oae tb'n ? of fbr?'?r> raitoaa or eltlaa, ????? of Porta for f?et >o? aad tfee latted .?tat< ? for pr. ?laloe?; but II ?;?! ma-k or< of the ?<?! ?ignal p node of V?<i. iiK aa hiatory, m ber eai ioaiiij ta iBrol?i*d la the tirugg'e. S^a wtahaa V r*etv?r h? col. t>ka, tod ? aot fc> are tbe aon aet )? bor < n, a* w 1a ttM naae ta ta? W g *?t y bar If a v Aim I (?pointb policy h?a withdraw* tba rati . nd ifcf faiiuunn of Woriwco daaira to extend lbt*r aa |. it* to ih'.a m< ft 111 h ? j'l' jr land. To **pla.B ih? m?tlT >u re olear'y, I will bring to yon. mted ib? 'art thai we bare bad a long war, tbo n?*t far rlbla for nlnorteb. 1 we bate ba-l a'rrr the emanr ,ia?t m of' Colombia Tbe Uleno#, or taaary It land ?r*. wbo, 4unnj tbe p?a<"?r ;l aim < i ?at rat Inaa of tba (I rut i'ree fente, ??> graft 'fn? lb? A Mr. J. dnaiifilrn* of bla Ol m<*! *b?J<M>y ?-ber? tlar.tlle aixl famlae dectmated tbeai. foaed to. tbe pr"|>ltt"n? mM o' VonrriMl* abaadauco aod r*po<n<?e Tb?> br.-oair, Is fart, either tbr owner* ar tbe orera?*r? M mi tie farm* in tbe anbarbt of oortftl?a. fa>l~ra* let or iifgro party bated tbem becai'ar ihay a<eo werr , auti trov* atiil alaara rraJy to take part wub ? ie wti.u far ly TUf ledTB lata took ad aot*?r of ;n? fec-ral.y erlaird pnan en of tie lai*B<* la tba tl^ida to aaaaacr< ?ome of ihrm ?roei m?ml?aalT ,'>etlor Fdnarfin ttmr?a, her Catholle M? ,1*1/ 'a *'nlete? n Uaiieraa, ?a# well aware of that fart, and ka*w that tbe g< v. rrwent were dolag all la their poorr to pin at tbe anawma ?? ba MM la bla lottara in u>" (oreranaeai ai d ? I e? bo wa> the protector nf the ?re?^?i nblentabt ? rot' that bo alwayg bad h>vm4 tba beat d'rycoHn.

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