Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 12, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 12, 1860 Page 2
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AFFAIRS IN EUROF*E. ? ?n? NapiN C irtipuB(l< a^(, l'*m B ' : T ? TM ****-1'^ |to<2' ? ) N *.)? *. 7 IB*' , r\? JJ O'l-f. f ik* X .i.j M -Va p?*? 5u. Mdnl l? 6ar? taM ? *?.* I f* So; into? AKfTTtt *t? tbe 8.1 ?i^ luo S?r?\,Bb?T. ??0 w.ll !iag bo r . uminr"' -w, of '.iie sunt cvcuful day* Nap.ea "M 0*?r .? t flmt, VX tha -wi wbich the Hc.t of the Docr uk n l< revr; H.J W- 3a y, aa tfro entrance of tfce Wb?ur^,. on , h'? coaa r* , ltAl.a a Iberator. Tne city ???> ?fcvij /??i?rii?y ru tu.i'K a.1 eflt.r with <*e lemt,nl w. ?*? &?'??? that ?ar"*&id: had arrived at Sal-rao. ud Uju< lb- Km* w?a la ?b ftcrnoon to leave a oountiy w*>eh tkv i Ton * of tbo wor d had declare ?hoi'.Iu int ft*r r* wj'i under tbe rule e? that family- s( :y i ml ?i u*f miam-M# acta a**? reduced ?0 !arfe a for Hub a 'Uily io abwxt m'.'rrj ?nd 8f r rlt :de. " **? t..j it* xy j an I iu"?l paJr-cea ewytbtot be ?. ? a brrrt?K .led B- filling <*erar!cre Of tk*?B who ? . ?n or*rj thing ts lot j" properiy, body Mi.i ? Li?1 wi-i'jaKj'i day, and ?M old ten .. t o . ?i ut?*. w?> ro: ? ej?u ?rio w:.;: take better oare ?i Uw* p t H' iinj. ut ? a?#r + ie sarrr ^nd iargo ">oxw cf fiYtryUiui if porta ?.c bl'-cki ^ up tte jiiMwi} a and ?t? being transported v. it* n Therti tliuy ?r?:o ablfped or. board veaaela ?>r?d ?u<>ugt.i:j t's r?-ceTfe tl.em. Meet of ibem were ' ?'>' 4 Uir Trieste, wuar0 it la euppowd hi* ex Mnjfty I pt"t- to f't Abftrua cociota.on for a klrglom lo?*. ?xd ttraj ?jrvfd, tbouc^> at sresea* be (oee oniy aa wi Wbetber be -flTituatcd enough vo Jiik cf makloi; a kft t' rvgg o at that ? /rirrr* remain! to be raer. An nurvje UHii. of iptcie, ^i'.-rlry, plat? acd ra)uab:e wcrks of art Iuto \n-cu K.tblc tbe c?*t tbreo vctfkt ?< ut oo t ard It Wp*L?v y,?-j o* wr.r ruproaed to be for tho aarr.r dseti tbe pu a;^ <a ll erai:;- 1 of everythlog. ^earl'.'brated Mutx- Ft r'jonleo, outlining all tbo fom yailaatd U?rcclanunm collr i ior :? baa tleo "aflerec cooai daamoiy trvm tbo rofml fagtt'.rea wbo no doubt ^viab to mrry ?tth U-tra tboee sc- vol'* of tbe time* tbal were. ?e at r tu> were Oiled witl people eagerly wrklag for ?tfvn, aad tbr-e more darltif mi. "c eJ or c> var\ug up ;bo urbon a's?, which are to prominent on *e ahup S'jta- of Nuplee, L'.r-ounded By grocpe of ipecLa tare look ,nf on w'th a ludlTpoua ezprcaa>on ?: deKgbt aud ?npp, rracu f.'ar for lb) rea-ita of tbe.r newly formed te o?r? *j. ^ 4t Ui r?.- oil' * ! to .a tte train ia company with three j'Ocr of tv officer* uci to American gentleman roa.dlng k-re, u, Hare M opportunity of coc 3 g Garibaldi ?? *bmo. 1h road pont-R through a saagn.tfcent eoan ?j wmJlng irtmad ltd beautiful Bay of Naplea anU fa,T. tof oa oar k?n Mount Vwuvi i, rear ing \\m prim bead at 5 * ?*> lie touUfil column of wh la vapor, flra scatbod aidea, a i^-nume^t cf awful Jf-clei.oa in the m;dat of the hrtde plama bole w. Beyond you la*, ?*?** of the fa; fcr, cutt ag .croea ib? moun. ?toeue country, a aoLtlnuation o! wb ch firma th? *ra?..atory wb.ah seja/.lee the Bay of Kapi* Wb -hat of Halorno, yea are mrwunJed by roruo af?e moat rk4ure?at?# ecePery .1 haly-iofty moun. latae oo either band, thrown tcgoUkar x faaiaiit'c confj. *""? -*?P ri"?' of ?Tery oojoeiTat^ .tape, ,,1^-ee o.' Mm au,i white b,JUa,t ?f tll0 eo^,^ acalWcad orer <t *?. abor. and tx low yon, produja a airange aeraaroa of aar??io?an* aJmiralloo. There are eoae pomta on toe "*Jro *?*' 0hM> R*-lruad wbict reeemble It. but kere a^reippeara ,0 luIC/k}0, Jr0M r6e m ?a?'*d cult'Tatlon appaara eo i all. g T ag 10 II the a> world ty ^ o;lre aau peach tr*ea COVer every ava ^ble ajoi, at a grape **?"?1 fra?oon?d frvra Iret :o tree seeat Larjjy able to tear iteir lb**:/ catered trull. The railroad b a some * ** h*a.-y trt'.cs ,o l. uni Jt a: preaeat e.i touted oo:/ "k" ? *&? b a af>' ut twenty a?rcQ m:'ee from Woo. Arrived itere, a our oua algal presetted lim.r >r. r> b my made a ruab i jr a Veaas of eou.e He ea?- I rr-iLatetoaecore >ne, acj off we drove a; a fj. TivwiaW wivh a crtwd jf ?taer TtttiCle* of every f3rt, WK-u, vraaimet an! ovwtlu* og w ib noey patrii ti,' ?m*; wtvb muaaru, other* with p?k?-t and et'oic*, ail 14e maimer, " .'loa OantxLJit, ?s?, ru?, t .1 all B Kiftnri ??. u,?d fet luoat. ?very atep we a*'t d | N?e?ot>tafc Mdl rl, t*o, three or a >lo^n ti. getavr ic.i 'hr.r ?ia>y *?| t>,<* to Napta Tb.-? 22* f MSM,*',U tf tj l;j?? lrt ?attar.-i a l etoa* frt.Bi Re?a ', ?hom.aft*. U(d( (Mr mat ru-n Uar.l^id ? * ,.?m have Jr vrn b?rore tbrm Itke aoJ a mere ^u?pl. U- ap*ctael? of a rtwtwi armr *a,? A l>? i. jag;o?l -tui tleeo tt.nrab!?> rtrarnere m! e< ib. at r.Arjiy ai> U.drMt -ne kg afUrtbe f itfr. iJTr ! ?''? iu uuat aaa aty.n.fg but el:gaat Ir. #> n.e ???l ? ?? iiued w.ih toesr., an J. IsiuJt tj n'ur/ ?worjr ?/r.go loait ^ i p^d n,.M ih?m,; : ?"??? " I* >r 4a W.cb.*-, w:th dcet a?~ pa' rnuiaai, ?t- fa -h?y wire obliged to Swallow ???-?* i ready H ?r,.p. t WM aE t < *,?<? (.;rr j . IT"' *^d -)f axi opp-iriur.liv ?> ^>e?^? ibnr pert >jp toe, acd piil.ji. oC iLelr craatr *f"; "tu_l ?d J I -up. of pari M b^gb ib^y ca 1 ^ghl iters did ti t ?h,. amet gcwi / a> 1 7 ?*.??. a.. . a<.-.>- ?e?-?nod mu-nae y a'ej .?tvl ae t j they wore, oa a-- oat f tb.- h . ""ouJ 'kir* Ovh.nd iea? ;t o? d. an so i-v*r Ui? eca -' > ? b?r4ly BB|tL '<t a. ,r?- thai, -me !i or street of t ;d nee w 4 :bo iei Near tl,? mMie cf tfc j we tot?4 aa mum cr. ad of at?Kk.? j Or'oM, an 1 irawo ap bef re the arm i met. i ' **re It'ew or fr .r t c tred oi it - s* woa* ??-?rJ- -<rj oal u?y ,?aJ tvery atadow ;a to * >wwa>jj U< ene) was ?Ued. and .1 >a>c t mitj after ? ? {t* *P ?? marble -he Cr%U? ha. . and ;?? auie chamOer* " b* ??r?? ?? an^ff tfce w cg? of ifce bi:"d.og ZZZhV, V* ty r?fJ tfc?' ? 2^L ttL 1 Uau' >ei ,#>1' ?rrlTiOi -T; ? rn "f. fc* 'M u :? for the great mas ? mY * " ? ?f !t4 v?p -e tac ' Coar'y f -n-'tj r? the k Mre the p?,.e ; r a I *? time rw/,.eed to ?? g - l? .m prtper ?wt,cr There wae t-mereasi K",> " ^ lt* eioept.on cf beVri H-T U'*" m*?. h: bear* a great t5 ?? l tueu.oje Cb.?f. AfW?r eom - eoernwal n with Ihe .t WUI be -r??miere<; Is Oar ha ll'e r. 2^1 bllMM. >f ItelMt war . we mad. or r \*j\? , *?te<ul?Vn cw dS-o'ty obu l I ,ar- u. ^OT?u,WB IL# ro?<1 : him? ;bc uu?u rottd partly bel ?. . auy where ?ut of Sew Jami-tbe V'f - rury- "? fr"? ?> ? ?v v* , , f??i* ? boye ar.d rn-n it ag xg c -r u .? the.r b^o,. c liefa n of la.r." !^Z V r^awdue.aad ^.r e and aA. r w.erylBg .t: | , , ?? -'tei'J. i ? rtfv,rM Km'%amu4t uu w? # ?. h>? driver -aoa-tt the e- stag ->o, iaetU-) at ?wjgi ?a j men firXmtf ita. .7, 0f 6 = . dr ' '?f ?Jo"L twu ?'"* !"/m t Mlereo we drew ^ ?om ? ll># e aotry boi . Md m ? V|v J-rjr dark be?,n to dw,? of '.ar.k.kl?, ^V.' ^e^a ,! f ^ Calabr an -yuedr: 0] ?o 8Wnt* J#l. ? ufit b?'?f ver. an we wt?r* rf u V .7. h <ppo^UMl, a c^n:d of duat ocm og d *n tier si ^ 7 drawn by fhor toretw, ^,j caj, ? ? ?? Ue rroot Ml, a th air drear, red it rt al o<ve pante and f 1 b,t that I a, t " 3 wissft! r.-sxi diaSZa*' i'X#? ' ' L 1 ,T#r>:6 ^ " L*~ * <**4 ! eatad and wuh * ' r ^ c<?? P ve. ha.r auffo ^ "r Ur^ u ^Va^i 1" t praateew ?u bow-%rVi.?n!?^ ^ " O0' ?k* v wt aal wh?t . . . ^ d*c*? crv wde ;B m ww, fear i tale' ??? oo Use bi * u * ,4' arraag *1 j ,,, . ,'e* J-*1 ,ET H*^Xg hars.Iy e?t; > :**m, ta^, u .. "? at a?x>jt mu> Jh argf r--?r ? . I* ? <>f *"*r<?a aad m rvom. at. u>- c -?aj ,w- ^ ,fc ;J ,fc ? " ?k? aata r art ATie, , \ 9ZL'?? *?T a??w.t of ,'merv*! t,? " , *c " ' acaeacoe r.-^t aal?.toid<v.r^,/'^ ' ?'*?>*? P' ?-*??? ehaxt er. a j . ??*. fw , ,* J', * 0 nk:? 1 ?" hero of LS if, b, uti-'er-jfcj'i.i? #tl evrctaaTaa.'?' anew *?*>reat JT I aaa bw a-ar . - - .?ontha % ifca apa. ,lr. h? m ? oa th# oa-? gr-t ? 4 trrr- * ,r*' U-aaef PMertre aad * U? rrt <4 * . .... m = fc-eth tt>- ?M*Mt au. ait,,lt,V ^u.>! aarJd. Who ??.J it? Ure laag.Md !? rwv'ta wb'.'b hare U: raot rapid ? > n '< .'1 ! ? '*? ^ ????-?? tat. tf poae'blr, ib era waa ir L"* ^ flf ?t*c b> re,,' r#' kij tf e ^ He l ad Hw Ml oe Ihe polBI cfZ, ,l" ??? ag yaaiarday trarVted fcrty m iea trro ?? u , ? aaai aad heat, an1 wti frealir to .g at >? t Z2L" L"!**4' *'-'*< '.v l~ "ad a fbr our " OfraMaUi oor a/ J ? . ,t , , JM -? aa?? r ^ s7-l f*/ t V ' r/omo* w H " Be >' ; w* D'i;, . a-ad-rft x?r * .t WV W~ ? * ' * *" ?? I ? i ? r- - ?u*t a *M .i,. , , 11 ** fOxt m tt..i ta-wi ca a??rt aooaeaa, aa' -? {* .trr r* cl V-' **/ m. .,1 ,rj ? * ci ?r ? at SlStT * iU'S? ? *.*r ? " ?J' M ? r ?* '? .ah.'' ' *? a?? ?? pr .?- ? *" etp^iJ J. ^r, * < ? U I ? faniiad, aa ttcK.^h u ? i , *! * ' I lL ak u n. 0. f'.i . * ' ar^ t SI* ' ?-'?? '?? ? ? ' .. ap? .1 oar <fc,y. a. I a j. ? r M , , " - 1 "?"Itfcia r S tt ?; f r < dt?%bto<i Tract reaaire* at JWfto, ha* ?rp?t<d ta find m NapVc* ???<)? r?octx>~ao ? lor t? ? 0ikbr4 Wrusta :?W toai kP:? our reiam to Naplu u>.? < a a . i k?? eity witt ?'??j*. ? ut, . u 01 >iii r-j-n tL.Txifc ' *11 uv leu by a dapotalto# iUliM :\tc I h<-k*fcjr?u P. j Ue li?* d?MM. too wildaat eM.ii .r it*. r?.!gu4 ?i. .Vjfb- ? t a ? ? '.y? tbe poopentri t i litre rv ux t \ ??) j y. It .1 * !>riv? in*n ;i . n b.s p'a?? U?v*> waie .nu> Vap!e* tlr * alone ulttv .11 unprotected. r " -fiaed to take up but s?urteru ?.*, tiie ro; .1 tAflog tl.,'.t lio D'!*er *:?h>l to b? a km^, iii'i Ik ins.- tu.' ? t ipirt for b.Molf t'.-.j pi" mo Au .rl il* ti*i d-<cr<? ?< U!i5tt.ior aeoiarea mvti'jutvtl *ud m<-r aiiljto Li*r iiy j lie au J?v the coram*, il of tb<i Htfuadta .vfcuiral, ; ?rr ?o<>. a rit?d <?: ra r?, viho saw the If Vac md uka tbnir t-ave o| the yeelrrday, -iays 11 ?r?? a v,'r) jH iAiw-l-uiy ufiitr for the p&rUt* waeerne I. Tha yue< n aesatad verj mdeh af-setac by tliy tears of ifce f'-w r'Ttaiomp tn.hfcl -Mies aa t >';> biased b?' tnuid, t.ut tie K' rg '.iroed awai acv-ral with angry itc^at ccoo, " Jic fl-jftJty ibey went 01 board 1:100-1 uluac~ a -4J Oj at metrtery on tbe i.d -tity effri# it arfrnrr'y. Tbtn nvenlop Naples la u a ?ta?? of tbe raoit 'atnnae exliaermnl; cf?ry v. 11 t jr .u tlH ly i? ilium: oated wftll lot tnaerable Hklui 4:1 i d*>* -r? ?<?'! wit ifco trlcolorod ilatf, ba<-?t?K on It tb? -'arlinfco >?s ii p! t'io ' ?urb-u artji", which dinflRarivi ? b< fore ojnr'.-. 'uo s am.iuj th'ia a!! un ibe T< ;ei;o m 4 'jLTjii Amcr.&ui ili(. lint ?T-^le In plf? ui l l*4'TT\hr np,v?.-.rtjir.-' ,?f ibo city n rigbt; Irfiin on* end to acitlwr w oue c.ui.m. il cry of lh-: roic? of tbousuinW 4Jd IbcifauJa of " Cj 4 Oinlti Ji, i ? Oiinhahti ' i( la ill.LocIl ta moro in liio ?trf, l'. ui-'a and wutiien ?o i?rnaR?;i?, carta 4iid every Tehick1, .v??d 1 rlcolored lUfri and chout fran>.oally. A G 'oiUnl ?\r<vtm n l~>lii UlrertiODS fills the ctrecla: uiou mafi up to c i m cU>cr, bucking anc kUmtsfaanb oLbrr's inustacf. ?< until out of bie?ib,and It is evMently tlia imprint-in n r-> % * tX'Uta tfcat the mlli^niaic lua arrived. Wo "in'l see ' Our ahlji will pn-bably rery sonn !.v?\-e for tbe Eatt. llomurtlle Story. THk Sl-TIW <_?r THK riUWi'tl KMCK?W. rMm the Omi t Journal, ? pi. S2 J ? Th" death f lbs Dv.toas d'A ie h i^ giren a. terrible fbt k to tl <? fain.jy ol (he r.iuprtv *: m i',b ui ted, and, lu rpitc ol ih.) b f. (?('? <: in to which the fa. mat as'jn of tbo boil*" cf JIfr.lij.1 he? err ved, until no* but wilox ?epa rati 'J. Thonat r cf lb ? iIIl a w th wii.ih the Oushcw war al'lu Utl rei d? r ? 4 from the tlr-l s I hope of rocovery doubtful, and for tr e taut rnoi lb she was waverinn bo twreu life ard d 1th Ihe <iri?l- , which took place during the Maj of th-: (?m;ircs; at f"a r Boi-i-a. wat d' cluive, Krcui that oitam kb.- in vet rail nl.aud rcma'i.ed prostrate ai. l a. most tmmia ate. hc.irwl? to bocaii d ?> lito, tiiero art' r. The Fmperor, wi, <> bad been apprised by tcU-yrn ih, while at ttar*ei 'on, of the ine\ It.bie aparoitel of the i ?Uii ttnotrophe, had wisely urged tbo cparturo of t!w i u pr*i>* rroan Fro lest -he should be c%!le 1 to a" ' ..J her - ,-ter'? dying momenta. The a**, wit'1 a! e !? ' a ? enieiice and tr; ing, was far less to bo drea'ed tb. tbo tt.iral eOoct of tbo -<ail event to which tho Emire* would hare beeti oooipul-or 'y ,i witi^-a b "I f'ie returned to Uiarrii/. aoooidinj; to her intention. Tl.b the mo-i tcrrl b.t tr . l In human life, has bjen av iidod, at ail evenw; and time, the sole, i.rv -oother o| humai grief, wll! have done much to- arda r storin,- tbo calm of hor Miicat} 's h.ind before her return. Few petple hire left tr.ire regret to tbolr circle of friends among whom life bia bwu s./iot than the Oucboae d'A'be The at wj cf the jiralahip in lore with oac for wbom she waa w,lliog woeu the truth bocamc known, to wmrlfioe he?i>?u happiness. but * ho retort? 1 with equal generosity to *o?i*pt the sacrilioo, Us woli known at ilv I drU Tfce Hue tlbe was at the time t?v> mist elogaat I and br. '.hint of all tike . araliors of tfco Court of Spain, and auubt for his high name and godly e-latc* at muuh as for hi* own perrona' 'Hial'tles by every family Id llvtr: 1 It was aocs beheld, however, where hi" aflects-ni hid been fixed, aa h< was reldom a day without paying a visit to the mansion of lUdarao M"ntl o, and was *"ju ostab liabed in gora'p l*lk a a tbe suitor of oa? or oth^r of lk? young ladies b'lonr'.og to tbe family. For a long time a?l vtoo gossip could p lnt ont the "a rored one, so filially were the Duko a atMitiona in pub lic divided ?m jDf t tbom all. Tl waa one of the most pleasant aightr :n Madri-I t behold ti e highly derated Ih i at tbe opera belonging to M iIit.c UonMj< occupied by tbe bevy ol b<-a i;ea, of direr style oomplexion andog4, which tbe funi'y sttbat tlmesorld boant, sitting In front; and behind tbem, standing c a row, tie vuri>us pro trnlerg to their preleis noe. M..Jrid paid tell at a faoce f r wL. m wr ? latroded the murderous attempt at conquest which had ftTWlentlr oocastoned the arming .n embroidered cravats ar.d whlt'o kid gloves, wiUi all man ner of glitterinf: order' at the buttonhole, beneath which, afl?r tbe mkLner of men !n geoeri;!, the pretenders were wool to disgu:.?? their protens ion. Tns Dm: d'Albs waa tbe only one, bowevr. whose views rema ned inscruta ble. Meanwuile ooe b' irt was sinking with bope aefe' red. and the unoerti-niy wh.rb n lore is norkii and each hour increasing tb is lnd.-c ?; >d, became i a? of the most iirnfn;ng ar^nyto the lai?- girl, wb. so v.<il?ai?i onuld delrct no jT.-ferenoe eiUicr Tar b.'rself or for asr I ooe m particular amongst her coaipanioai in the duke's j Mriduit.rc, eo eqnslly w?rs tb"y dlstrllx.teJ am"ng?t all. -toe was of too h?M and deck fro s character to autim't lor any length ol time io this unprt.aiablo torturing of the soul. - A gTand f j/nuu^uf ?aa g rer bythfC-een. Ktia r<>. aoivrd that this ix uaf lor. ? ? Uiot Is Always oonaiden- 1 one wherein the greatest (radon of eptwrh is prrra-ttod? abooid put an end to the uoceria'.uty wMah was e-?ttng her very t.eart s**y. Aioao of a'i lite family aha ex cuccd h< !%? ',f from attends to^ at tl;? bail, /tide.1 In t n-r I romantic t-beme by an t C to whom ahc w# m ico ? - | tarh-.d, the fe-gn<>d inlijpos".'< n. ? i-.-tircd !'? i"i ' I f^re her cosinan ona ha I l?parte'i :or the palace oo 1 14 piclcn wrs tb?ref?r? kroiUMd. Whet tbe '.ami.y eatrlage b?d Ori\e?t from tl.odaor, tbe rcM*. and disguising hvrfleif in a long bia> ?? doat n<i, lnrtuadof the brilliant mytbo'.vgi al o*tume wliict) ba I be<*c prepared 'or her. ibe to tbo pMa? ??ide ? the ttiutof bet a'.nt. In the ir. d*t f tbo ??j iwud; 1 ec*ce whijb b.;?*t u(Oc ber v a on a* *h? eotcred i_i gr. at Ha >r(<om. but re thought .?!?ap .d her m.ud? ah* btbeid no' one oh ? t aaiiDpt ti e highly de rai l ?row.j which awiiy l ti and fro in the d*ae.\ l , u tne l?oc d'A'be ?b"*> r.-<rtv?e si * knew at in -e, It n?r u,; b?en bosac for htm at a general r?aeLir* In 'b' i ?ah ' fom? 1 tt> wli '.e befe,re r'be Soon mit;r;?! ti thread her way toward* where he rt >d, la a tog i .ige |> , a> was h.r wwl, to one ot' the ladi-w of Uk- M' hm i f... m. y. i :t ?ne feare ' not re'-ogn tioc aud pihur b i by tbe ?!<*ve. ark-*! h.m. in the. ahr.U be' t t.,re adepte l on tbe lli, occa whether r ? ? Iter to uK'e w Ith Be wh . had Ci>?ac ; > the ba: .ib b i oil er p .rpave thari that of treading ener.ur'. i> i?ur?> ' w th th. hero of tbe eight, tbe .*!i< |ijo ? in o /? ?tna wti b was tb.- . bara-ter :t? I' >ae ha I vaj ? ? i , Iaad tr which be wis tbe obs^rvel of sllo&?cr\?re llith h? real ai.d assumed character urged blm to c.ue .aaoo a ith a laJy's with, and itu?ed;ate.y t.rou:^ fntn t ie group ot' fries'1* w -A wbo a bewu cnarertuif gal J laully u<*?id but band to tbe doattm, u4 M b*r, with j a > ompllmeet, to t' e qnadriile Jos', then fore up I -neath ] I the B'ddle i al" tb? great gallery. Can v.m not ten ) bow tbe heart ot that yoanc g r! rr i,i>e boa. as. Determined to attaitn tbe ofejert for wb. -b ah* h id r<f& tb ? risk. She whispered In ber partner's ear w >rrts ot deep rnrwBin , u;<on vh>-h ber whole fotnre I. re waa buri: llui inn! laucy bow that air4- <en boa-' oust bare fa.'ler'd wfc'r the words uf truth, krtgbt with h * uns la red hcoor, fell i'r<>m the lipaof Ui? du?v? lor toe | Brat t'?e. perhaps, tbe o.igao of the real ob?ct of b.t l ire was breathed by bim It was tbe eldest daughter of tn? Or inter* de Mi nt i)o t ' whom he <va? dev jl?T ac i to he? | waab> res< e<! i > d s : >?e ihe ascre; on tb.s very h^ht INr bope eo Id therefpre -enialn to the -jotapiy vi.t m wb . ha i * igh' tb< secret wblcli waa tn be her ost iwi;., c sue withdrew from the ball What bad she t rsrk further amid that gay r.mng !>i.? knrriod homt ? and Dsag berseif lr desna r cpoo the coucb sb" I td i-ft but tl ases the despair w. ih wbicb tuc years of ber fu I tore !.r? were to be er btttered. A I dawn tbe la>lies returasd from the ball. AH were aad joyoiiS? iut one shore tbe re*' and abe could not resist tbe temp .atton to *ee? bar beat irieuJ 1 1 order W make b'r partiui!<?t? la tbe joy wh 8b ihe Puke'* r?r.-> posit, n bad inspire- she entered softly, for sfce ttiuj^iit I i ber fr ea I was ale-p,ng. fibs spiroarhed tbe bel, ant I shrieked stood with d amay at t sbolJing the invalid, to ! wfcoir at' bad b ddee so a few b> .rj helor sod wbo ' ha l ret red for tlumb- r ,n nlgbtaac ssd tw?U ?o. lyiag sow ' da the oorerlat, wrtpped la a blank doie no, I with th ? maak afce ba,' * >rr torn v olertly from fcer fa- - an 1 c'utohed with ooar.,* re prea -? u re j> her band (Hjo ca;i".t a >? i, b :t noai.twer waa retnrrM. la another m? u' m b>- ptroeired, svaa by tho light of Uie tcoja, wi. i f reamed r al U.o cb ir >er w dow, tbat tbe "jrm was U??na b?e which lay b?fors ber, aid tbat Ue feat -e# were working as If in the throes of tbe dealt avoay The house waa ar?nasd, and the Ita ly came In I aste t<-> lb- bedrid- to behoht with 1 xror tbe oooOrma t on ' r ihe <aapl<- oa which ha-i atru k tbsmirotn tks rsry thrst .us ? tan ?o had only ost ?m? ia ?. tae? the endswss whtat !sy b' fore ibetn, 1a tbe aha^e of the empty phial and t# warning label, ladtcata! the nature or tbe astt d >le tc Ik s Im'nisiered "rs?\ he p waa glrsn, aad aftsr awblaai: efliaet o' tb's momenta a ber rat ioa had paasst ?way. era* to tbe moral rsgrot or b- boid'ng tbe Djka tbs husba&d &f aa?>tber tbe ger *rn :* latp'.iss ol the bride Sleet -an r. noted most of all. tbsy aay, to Uita destrwl C o* imn at on for net til! she w at aaaurtd 'hat the de I epair cf jr^.,t*d lor* was ettlr y crer? ots would abo ?xjaaci to .eave ber frtead aad to accAj* tbe b.gbssl aarre and ftrt'ia* la all Vpalr. %iah Is the story told o tks nbria..-!ea er Madrid, aad many i*epis in Paris wbo are '.at mate with all the partl>? ooti -wmed bars e mflraaed It e.1 aad ?fi The re axed nerr*a<-llhaco inteaance. tbeou! v.r'jii rye wis a: the heron' of tbo ta'i*? hsraeif a bitppy wj? and mother aow? are orteo q note i t? bear witaem oi is :r tb. sol wsg vs it la testimony oT thsgme-owi nature sf tbe r>a'he-*, ss wsll as of 'be s'raegth of mind whi l eaab^i h?r fr eed to (orago the aslCai. sdui f??* S? b pe'ss ??rrow, wbicb woaJ4 bars blighted nott ex stenoer 'crsvsr ?iala? ef ?????* hady ?f ? raaca"%t Par* fraaai-.ted f>om th* D'- atrat o? of KMis for the haw , Vo4> Haa>m. ] Tie lea f raw'rg a ooi as a. atat^i oa tbe aat jra. sis ' vat. . which the ?tty of Pay presents ot every skis to ihe ! ej ; lbs trsvsfr-r ksd loega ace ? ?rttrrsl to all diaae ?b 'ar ac A.atsi w ;t lbs country, .n ta^i, a- r ao< I ? Vtter atapt J t- an Uiis i-o.m.aatiog un tar *?n I ;ra j.ateat n France n<?e Mttsr ihar t?' roe, wbieb I o?rrha.'.-? toe anc eBl city of takr at>4 ire thr?- ti' ?;i * -?et . r . a ' * r*'. ?o abevt- the riVr IU* gigai tie st-- -s it.* 4 ->??** f J^tr, c ?|v*r- e a g-ea*. mew re i f ti ? w-iHlaM K!?e.|V?\. molved to pnf *U' kf? -is *te?ii at,, a 1 a _n# a IU1N of Our laty rf I raax. k> b? rased .n " a: f4aje. Tmuaka to tie atUaKve a ifoj. a? .f r k riter I tahop of Veta o?. <i-e ?th >f* , ketn bar 1>>?. a suuarrttM-ni is riswed <t a. mi t '1?.bt' Apr i. |?W t'aa tmi" r tw add' ion t a rt ft . aurr prancW kl ?e< ga* '* ' lu^rJlcti *IVh 1W WO Ii.?.-?**nm% *h? ? l?rt tiss* -****? ,r.3 |?rt 0 Uie ;mh* laaec by tts v a er- r# A. } JtBujaawe- *b ?*? rg . s? at ji?aa I jf tb S < esr ut-a sta*. .s, -as . v?s ?' i.flt wf k gi, lal- - | !g?ae< m tbs art t<.i?wara' ee th- wo-a aci be an .el f ft'it s IsmniarilMi ?-.?i a f is >a ' ? Jbses ah*# ?. pr >J >* s maf?;?v*; af?'? J? # . . tr* ? ??s h ' *? i: I. *' bsp'-r 4 I <| -y wbMti yroj^oe 'beta. Tbsttati s I cf : roporUoM. Tha rsok oa w%i?a iat.?,-, t < a 4L ? i ? ,17 jie"* <? ,110 fri-t) a' .-?>?.! ,-n* i ? ??*: ii' , l'-e*i' m 7 a*u t |X> ' ' # - and ,'.i v. !?-" M m?lx ;8J fr?t? * tr s ? U ? .U a .,-r# l.J tfj* bt 4" . ? i ? . i --j - ??*?>? i v .? 1 - ? i ?' . ? \ 1 ? f|^. ?v ? ?d -? ?La?. It t*. a '? ctr.* miferer e?, crashing with hw fool tta lijad Of cu? rxiH Mtrpoiil, aud holding uu bar M? 'I* ?i*lBa ?? ft ut who la bieeeing lb* oily of Pay ua r raaoe. Within, \l.*re ia a winding s airoaae, from 1 ia Uva of the pedes tal U> lb* breaat of the principal iigore. The woigln o( tbe group is 1Q#,0C0 kiiofr>ui?et, ?bout 2?l tOM. The staiuc vis Inaugurated on tbe 12tb ul1. Art. Mteratan aa<l Hetence. There ia talk la Pan* of the uooslru;tlon of a l.irga theatre, to Joula.u ti.'JOQ *pocuior', at tUe oorucr ot the Bo'iloytrd Bonne Noavello and of tue Ran du Ifaaboorg gt. Dfluls. U m stated tbat it will be railed ibu Tuealre Au bio t ran<-aia. Sir G. Hayler's picture ol "The Mcel of the Fii?t Reformed I'art .aaicat." for which a grant ?2, MO ? takrn last fear, bta been placed m tbe Commons' Corn in.iii-' Room No. 9. ia tbe immediate neighborhood are ?o he found Mr. Wilts' " on of Alfrod," aud Mr. P!iker?gUl'? "Burial of Harold " 'Wellington's Career: a Military *->d Pol! t teal Summa ry," by Cdoofl Ham!:y, if sno m d ta forthcoming by B ackwood a:. J Co. 1 ongm.iu ana Co bate in lbs pre* an "Autobiofrapby ol Uri. Plortl. Including a Ooiectioo of her Lotura from 1815 U> 1VJ0 " Iteiatnntar'f rn.a". picture, now at ibe Mas. tidKt^r e\hl* billoti, at a '-Man lyxtking out of ? WlStow," wb"-h *t7 meriHurua liabt Iccbcs by six, Is (aid to have oeea so'd in l'arlB lor 900 guinea*. Soma admirers of the late QersiM poet, Mai tou Scb- nkoudorf, have teeolved to honor bta tnerp.orj ">v % monument ot noble ?imi>l.cit?, W be placed on nis grtvo, in the "Goltesadksr,'' near OoblenU. TLe dU:o\ery of a method of manufa.'.tn'.ng j>apjr from the Ira res ol tbe tobacco plant it annoumod. !t Is tied U? bo employe! ia tfco mamag of c'.ga'c* 'es, \zl t tbe result <4 mai.y yt *r? labor and reaeau-b of one of o .r moatskllfal pli) rlcfani, who has (llsravorovl t!uat oue ??t ?lie inert foarful disorders of the respiratory organs ia produced by the uaid va;?r of the burnt paper x.blbed w Itb the smoke of tbe c'garctte J A C. Mo/ley wll! commence with the l?t November a nfw. chi-ap, reltK'-jun perlodir&l, tto Mon'.Klj I'&fr >f S v?':av Tlc- hing, ? uder tb^ aatue editorship a- the Jf'? l'j I' octet. After tbe la|>?* m seTen?ea years iinon the Uret au EuuncemeLt of bia iotcntloo ti that efloec, M ? G. M . Tweddell, of Slokialey, Intima'.n tt it ho i* preparing f r the prfis ? t)"W bistory of tbe imp irtant Torkumre dle trlct of Clevotand, from the earlteet to the prea-ut time. The Royal Academy liat rwtiiiy admlttet to ctady iu the .\uti<)ue tVUbol a young 't'iy, abo has hil the our afe t.) enter on a tLori>ug|) a- l MBatble course of prepa ration for the praetiee or ari, by doing that vbteb men only have done before. Tlin mode of Prufce* ir rralse's gror.p for th- Be. lin iluseirm, ''Tae Miu-e Watering Pojtaans," fcas been rta ph'tei b? the arl'St. 1'no itt'ito moos rer nino leet io iielgbt the horse, with tbe he? l thirteen. Ths g>-oup H to be ciuit n tbe cmise of tbia year fr tbe exhibition at Brussels, now open, an exhibition und r government pntronage. to which contributions from the Gngit^h school were specially in rite I, Sir R twin landfeer has sent h's "Highland Fiord;" Mcssr* Ward, Ugg and F. Tayler also (among other*) bare oon ribuusit. During tbeyear coding April M 1*0, th*re DorU't torn Oiira to th'' I'tuted i-tawa 31,601,4* P > oflilk export to Gr?mtBr,talr. for the samo period amounted to 78.410 062 pound*. Arrests still continue at llaraaecus, and those *?" ng them found gu lly ?nd condemned are lmmediat >7 '*? ecutcd. Cpwarda uf 1,300 have been arrested, of whoa M have been btnK' and 111 (hot. King Victor teao'iel has sent '.he ln?ignia of the Grand Crow of the Order ol SI Mturke and it. LMnrua to AM el Katler. On the Sftth of Aogust '270 of the prisoners fro* Dam** cue arrived and wtrc brought down to Be> root to he ?hipped for Constantinople. They were coode?r'lloth'j nlleys for life-, and were for the most part trucilent look^ fng hot ndreia, and of the lowest clasti. Tho exoeption* were ve ry few. Seven of them had die 1 on another largo batch were to follow, together thorns condemned to serve for lUe In the "my. turn waa a stracge scene, < n which the Moslems looked with sullen faces and au evident bcntlnaentof humtllatoon. A letter from Venioe, in the* . ?*T* - The fortifications of th. coast are oyable of ruauting any attacks however redoabtab.c. The defeicc works of Vealce and Uic I-agucee are really formidable; wjtaiu the last two years near .y 3,000,000 l'OMnfJJ*Taf . ,lo ployed on the Utter. The provisional forts <jf tie Lllo bane been tretirtormed Into permanent Ixr of works under tho dU*cti? of Venice la seventy. Ventoe *s e? :scl ogly dUl. A.I her young men have youglit refuge Iu riodmoBt, but very U v uuJer th! tricolor tag and I ho rest, thou ??rnl? IP number. are planing tL-.r lives In cite* do ! claiming against foreigners and tyrants. Grmmerca, i navigation and nanuiactrires are in a deporablo atate. The Ktptrt, of Turin, aaoouieea that Citta della Piere in tbe Papafstalee has riaen. and that a column of insur gents of that plane niU'rM Mwleleooe on the 9th, pro rlalm'ng Viator Kmanutl. M. l^ tntlacutiai land owner, is at tho heal of the movement. A German paper aays that there are thirty ?*v'>n H""1* .-Irian oliicers servtr g under Cwlbaldl, one half of ?ho'n went rxpressty from Hungary to Italy, the remi nder liavirg beer omigtants. "Jen Hungarian offleora, ta-ld*, fought at Mel*, w, and of them seven wer.- killed or badly wounded. la th* Fef ish ?/ arierly foviac, f?r Maroh, lMt, W round the following remarkable paragraph - We arq not advo??tfsfortb<- vttionary projects thai lutlrfero laithose. uW?t*bii?tur nU. Wo the k?ea of a rallrwvl ai ioi pr? nca'ile V cib be mre palpably absurd a*, l ridiculous than the | iwpe.-ta held out of looomovlviw travelling la ? ** la-t a? ?tag?; ojaot^-s. Wo should a* t soon riLM-cl the j*v p'.o of Woolwich to carter the?** 'Ives U> be Ciec o1 upMi one of Cocgreve'c rlo?'ii?l ro .Uel*, as | to put Ihemix lte* at the mercy of s?eb a naachuio, go iwt I at su h a rate. | The Loodt.4 .*. ' of the llh lit . urs t tat a r;;"' eu'^on was to*t;tot?''l *jy tho thiblln aon lklttgeto*n i. ill ! way Osmpaiif, uon; .nUy, Ui- l?t ias'-, aga nst a gnn j t i-man named Rtciurd?v?, with a view ??l putting .a eo l. | tl possible, to the ah?'ir.l and ri'|",e<ieo*iOle pra .lios of i j, tareng^m gelling - oi a tra.n while it ?? still in motiou. Ball waay e?m paniee. rtu^ .rown pr tectioo a* eell as I tbnt of Uio puOl .art- |Mte j??tili 1, and we nalleve de teru .ned, to a4o/t tlie mot rigorona meaturea t? pre vi nt or paclih a p*^ -.c* aL^ hcan never be of any ap rr. enable a^vat..a?e to !?><? p'r ;hi In lulglog in t aul haa-.rteo been aiu-c '"<1 * Ji d a*?tro<;* oonse ivi - ire? In this particular j?Wm ? the ill j> nalty o. x . w*? preseed l"r uaitr. th" utftn lant bj tbe eompa iy'a aa bettor; but waa arw??rd?, m a spirit of well int'o.lpd knity, mit .gat 'd by the riugiatrato to a nominal A: It na.y, BevertbtUss. f rve as a wari ag rrrnc the 1st of !? *ptemWr, 1? >?, to tbe 31st of Aoguet, 1SOO. number ol dajs ou oh' h ra'a or snow bag fallen D tagiand Is 1#4, O c pr m ?rt oi< wet to dry days <2ajSfrd. or in* re Iba' hfi.t Tc ? i;taj <rltf of the r< main Ing Jays have b?'i i. lull, n < u In" gh tl.ey hare Ixxu dry The* ci arwkr r?port< d d nag the m,?tb i f August was M. ir t:. (.th o'. .1 ^rj there wore *-M. la February li.;. ;l Warvb 1M, m Apr. I 133, In lUy lil It June 146. o Tu!y ? tr?? "g a t !?! during the present year of 1 ,105 Tbe l.raod I i P*.l?r in cueing the Wglalat vt ??e rtoo of his Cha . l*r? t.iade a f ?t> h ol wbwh ouiy tbe two following |wra/rapli? ar of goB?ral Interest ? '?I 4o not think I ear ? v drfcrd the aleresta of my oountry, part of i ir ll * .? 'ban by persevering In the cr?.. te that ;av-r? tro poteLt allty and unloa of ***r many and entir e ai !l ? ??!?;' lime tbn triumph of the r gins of tbe nat.o: and oi csoh prop!, comp ?isk It ??11 is i> th "j. Iti-ref that 1 revert to tfce lay" of ftnloti sad T"- t/. ?rh ' it lss'. give i>r^ise af theai iuo so l??g d??irH aud m u ? hope that Ihe power and au^ ttorlty of oer Oer"n?ti fatl erlasd will grow ta evmnert w.tht i p .grcw ?at.itactlou of IU troa iBl^oal la tereata '' Py deer?? of ike ?l t Kay last, the Abb*- Maret w?' noni nate t uf Vacu ia, but tbe Fope rafi?aed w g vt hi* sanction to tbe apimlatasewt Tbe Daks m mont, *Poording l ? Ui ? tWrisr <ir 1 m f!! a new and i> *.ug a;. plication w the Holi r*Ui. t^ grant hlspmoa u ?, but in vale, the Pof?* declaring that be hat ?n? cm ? r?asotis for rsfaali>g_ Tbe Abb, Maret is known to b? an mllghtened man, wbo doe* hot be eve .n tbe ru ? ill of maiaUlaiag tjae a tl rlty of the P"pe A aea the raf^*l of u ' Bv 'he Buddb sest y?r, wbew tbe vew* pow cr* rtrui'tiog lor the llrit'ah na*y "hall be ialgbed. they * II count 7.4 veearls; ? 111 17 W ? r*'?. ?4 ? ?r ut.7M fcort * m f rs ibe Preach nary I* hall as strong as the Kjigl 'ih, A Milan tournal. pibliahM Ml ri?u<*, oal'ed tm tvm?l\ir*y prlnta laformttlon direct 1 0SS Aacoia. to tbe 'fleet tha' thirty cheats or ooffceshad an-h M there. I<rande<l ' silliUry object., '? ItfWWW rro? fv>mB n?M of <*ta were suar-etnl to be valaablae oel rgirg V Aul. i.olii a id others ct the Koman Oeurt , aieaat lor salp mcr.t to Trieste Ar. . mnta from ?yria are c mi idered highly , ai_ ? a-i. r . Tbe Vrroeh troop* mfl with eo ulffloelues li l*f r wort of pact float ion, whiob pn wiltee to go oa well tewan.* s rav -table tern, aaliou II Is aald that (^neral Benedek. floverwor ,l?aeral of Hungary will *ooa i>e calUd te aa impartial oneitaan 1 ,n ir, army of WneUa and that be will he nalaiid m Ula F,?t by Oeoeral I'rbaa. alao a Hangar an by birth A l*ari* letter ir 'he Vne l says ?Tbe la*' ? m, ial a- * coast* fmm Co-Mar. .jiople state that (be rymm.i.n* f an approtchlsg vrrltable revotuitna n the pa.* ? are to be tJerwived Tie baeem, ea well as the p.f .nation of Ibe town, la MaMed by the dtseeaeioa ot u tbe j,-<^a*ioc. one ,<art> aapportlag the eldert aou m the | ??iltai . the otLrr bla brother II taia qaselit* should be | a>'ded to tl/*e wbi^h agitate tfce publir, and whirji has , ?i nil" ? i. a? t oy have (the brother of the ( e ,;im it appears the eaadldate af the ntsmasl, ; ?vents ercn .n tbe la*i wtt bavg greater gravity .nu is generally supi ?ed. A Saplea letter of th* Msl uh ?a*s ?of thr pr ?tii?*s ( *. -i ? ' ng the set ion a?d the capta'r <4 the '^et? -o Ui ' c<Ntfv. ttS- abalJI %* M a I who wer?it'?poee i I . >i?n I |? m* mat to s ?l''es thoee who w.?bed t- ?.>. j A letter rotr A"?at.* m?Lt' in* that the Cath lie peieita ? of tb* r rcriaee are preparing a petitm* ?o thei'-^?, I ?efc,|i r . ? noog >t', r tl oi that tbey iriy liaye Mad j>?, ?bIKaw of U>e -wiLlry, aad but fmsfcratr*. ? Sim flMb? ey* V^MigMf Bsg4saoncb ttaea ny tho M*e of Iba impt t'lfof Austria .a the pablta prayers, i let r xr th j S .it su aii-giilsf, sa if be van mi tbe sa j | l^f^l ? - - -'u. r .adefatlgable rovernor, ts.r fa ha ?<v* tbe Vtter) ha* ent to th.? ran;* of Trla 1 1... | , ma ? 'CC ?* piaairea tn silver, and MMfl fj'uif nr.l. afWlalwia. ' fb. pa >*i ? r?? vea ?r ta. Lg j (r> d Aibjtt1 are fall if the moet bnauie and ta i ? 1 aineet 1 ?nreag? ? L, o- c-rn *ca of th' ompir? t>aet/etbe r'r I , rt-i t* n ' r?a,? rat tiie ?Mffansy'' . " " ? I- i ecui j'g k < 'i>r ft . v ial > Oi?H >11 *ar is, for tbe > ' m 1 ' wwV <iisf , L,w -it1' v . ' -Vtj'T nUJvifH, M ? I * , ? ?* ff ? nr *p) '?*} *? \'?i Tn'* ^c5m!3*2k ?ljif?i>it at'f-lieikite^W wfeo rtflw tbe tonWH during tbe Crimean war. that she determined to join tue order. tier h her . who m oa peMe of appreciates; the sublime fe ti area of ChrHltaa tjr, oooaented to her wish, and aba la tow to Parti pass n f her nqvitlale. From a return reoeatljr iesued, U appears that tbe cor reel total population of tbe Ml parliamentary boroughs of England and Waloa in 1861 aai 7.438,687. TUa touii numWof ticctora no tie register, (iucluiiug 'roeraen) is 461,684, or, deducting 8,478 for Ifte uuiveraities. U3, :i0t> The number or male oooupiers of houses of a gross estimated rental of ?10 and upwards, w*a (76,888, of its and uD<ier ?10, 48 4'JtJ, of ?8 and under ?9. 63 IK); of ?7 aud uQitcr ?8, 8:2,808; of ?0 and under ?7, lofl, 616? total male occupWrs of bouaea, tbe gross estimated icntalof nbMb la ?4aad upwards, 844,773. Iu a recent article in Btockmoi't Magaiitu, ire And tba* following Instances of delusions of great raids: ? I'oter toe (.rout and Charles V. bare an Indubitable right U> ll <ure among mad statesmen. Tbe mo'.ber of i:harloa waa in Bine, and heuce waa styled Jetmnie U Juilit. Mis grand father, Ferllnand of Arragoa, waa profbnudly meiencbo lr, and hebimielf waa epileptic. Ho waa Julias Osar; Kicbellca bad occasional attacks of insanity, tn which be fancicd himself a bone; be would prance round tba bil liard table, nelgblDg, kicking oQt at hta aervanu, and making a groat notxe, until, exhauatei by fatigue, be Buf fered uiit .telf to be put I > bed and well covered up. On awikicgke remembered uoluiog tbat had paaand HI* RthU-r, the Matquise de Bnzee,ha1 a droll hall .tci nation ?? Kllscrcyait uivtr un derrvrr de crittal, m vouUii pal s'aif ir de i*ur de le outer ti le Vvtait ttignutemetU er.tre se ? dtus- mains Je pueu tpt'i rtt lei arrival mulk-tir." Crom wed had 0t? of by pocbuudria, Dr Fraucia waa uno quivocaily intane; Dr. Jobuion waa hypo?-hoaiJrtecal, aiid d<oiered that be "co? distinctly board bis mother call to Dim, " Htmticl " wiroo sue waa many mile* distant Koos*cau we* ccrta'.nly lnaano. St. Simon is said to have oommiUed tuicide tinder circumstances tod looting maaut I) . "parsed bis life la a continual ballot In* t ion . " Cartian, Swedonbotg, Lavatar, rinvrow, Ma hornet, Van Ht-lmoot. Loyola, 9t. Francis X??l?r, St Do mlaic, all had villous. Kvun Luther bad his bailuctna tlona Satan frequently appeared, out only to bevo ink stands tbrowr. at bis rophistical head, but to get into the reformer's bo*' and I la beside him. jcannie d'Arc gloried in her celestial visions. The folio w'iDg description of the Papal Statea is of In lar?bt at tils mr>mi-Dt:? Before the war of Ttaly tao states pf tbe thvrcli were divided inve fot.r legations, not count lug lira dtrtrmt of Rome. Tbe tret comprised the provtn ces of Pologna, F?rrara, Fort: and Ravenna, aud were railed Poaiagna. Tbey have treen annexed to iMedmont. The seomd consisted of the provinces of I'rbtno, Peaaro, Mn<y rf..a, Lortto, Ahcona, Kc mo, Ascoll an! Camer n, aud < umiDoniy called th- tlarohes. They have on the i>"t1h Hoitiagnu, on tbe east the Aoratlc, on tbe south .be k.ncdon of Nap'es. and oe fie west Tuwaoy and the pro vincce of Spoleto and P01T311. rhey separats Romagna f.-oo the Neapolitan State*. The third legation ooneirM of the provibces of ?pol?to, r^rugia and Kieti; the first I <ro cointttute what is called Lmbria The town or Foilgni, v. hi, h is in I ?rngla,% the Fuigiulum of the acolenta. Tbe fourth legation compMes the provinces ef Velletrt, Froel ccce and Benerentn^ the latter, (however, la surrouuded by Neapolitan territory. Tbe district of liome, wbicb is placed tibder a special ryimr, ooosists of that city, of Vlterbo, urvieto and O vita Veccbla, toe lattor being an important oommerelal port. Tbe London Far vmist says ? It is now almost oertaia that the fkllur" of tbe potato crop is greater than in any year since 1841. root crops are full of weeds in mont cases, and whe-c tolerably cloan tbey cannot grow fo ? want of sun and from excees o' moisture. At prvseot tie farmer's chief hope t? a dry autumn; without It bis pjal tl'.s will Indeed be serious. The Roman Catholic catb<dral at Armagh has been twenty years :n course ?f erectlim,and upwards of ?30 In., been 1 : :...r ! ibereon, independently of a oontraet for ?15,000 rocently entered into looomplete it The total mm contributed to the Papal fund by tbe Publji arcfcrf?o:eM amounts to ?14434 4?, 4J. Tie exejution at Damascus of 310 oT tbe Druse sear d:rers bat struck tlie Moslems or Syria with tcrrer. It SM-mi tbat Uiey were nndor tbe Impress too tbat Kagiand would sustain them, and that Turkey woald act 4are to lnUkst any puntahncM for tbe atrocities committed upon 1 1 ia < 'hrirti.'tni It is estimated that th* actual Ism of property at Oa mafcua baa been upwards of three tnlUiona sterling Tbe lotfi* ? attained by the Inhabitant* of Mount iebeuou would be at the present moment alm?tt impoambio tooal culat-v All ih<- rope, mulberries, itlk, oereal*, fcc are totally de* troyetl. Twenty eight eotloges an.: 960 village* are In ruins : .HK) churobea bare bc< n polled down, aad forty two couvuets, together with nine Suropeai earn t l?avc beeu burned to Uo< ground. Trie pro duets 01 the garden! In the ferule plain* of the Bekaa, of the Autt l?banun, from the nilare ol Hamab to the- Hau rmu, aa well ua the cro|? ot the IU<ir\n h<mI , the richoat d '.strict In Syria, a tjtal extant ot 44,"<* *i<tarc miles, are ail completely and Irretrievably lost The Liverpool Time: of the 6th Inat aaya ? Poring the he Ten monUi* ending July 31, the arrival* offjreign woeat w err twenty ?ix aM a half per Orel below lb.- oorrrepood log period or laat year, and of flour, toe total lmp-rl waa thirty eight per oeat 1 aaa than In is?9. At Ml'*zro an incident occurred wbich deaervea to be incatloaea. aa showing the lingular <har?ct-r of Gartbul di. rtactng Ins shin dirty aad aot ed rmoi hta peri iual Itrutrg'fn be took It off, waahed It in iljo brooc hard by, and hung it op on the buibes, ate bin lunch of broad, lraitan.1 water, smoked bltsrgtr, barcoaaked, and. wmpi in thought, lit apparently coat tin plat log the drying of bt* rarnunt, ihua, in the fleid and bivoeac, iba'tog d.ia g t and bardahlp with the butablect of hie rotwwurs. Utrrctly hia ih.rt waa dry be went on board the Tukeri, foin.t ny Yaiooo, lying la Um bay on the western ?> le of tba peninsula, and personally directed her Uro on the for tre*i and ret. ring maaaee. <?'r oorrsapoadeat at Athena any* the A'ard, relates an laci'lent wbtrb may have vivy iwrioua oaaseqnecoes The Hellenic torerameat la m the habit of having drawn op p< radically a lumt. iry of the information wmcb it re cetvt* from iia ooasn's in Turkey Having Utea informed of Uiat tact by the Ottoman agent at Atbeai, All t*aab? so far forgot him* elf aa, m (peal tog to the dragoman H tic Hellene legal km, to describe It ai -'baa" act u lamou* " Tim Cut' 'net of Alfcens replied that this language did not attoti-hil on the part of the Turks, who mink evory thiag i ^imill. J to tbem, bol that. nevertheless. ifius' eaiatactlun waa not given it migbt think ?. to break oil (.ipioicallc relations. and to cb?ac Ita owo tine far ob Uiiiir.g redress. The reply of Turkey i? ted. Aa Ij the ?.r*ek people, ttry are eo i*oepiy offen k?i at Ibis in lulling pr> vocation, that the gOTernmonl cannot, without itDprudcuioe kt the matter drop. Knowing lata, tue ra.u later* are refolvod to a* with energy and to take advan tage of the criata whiui ia oomm.r . ing, to obtain or do tht |C>eivri juatKw ; bat Utay will aa*? W encounter the dilaurinaaa and heattation of the Oovereiga A petition waa lately p ream tod to the ?rioatoa (Eng land, j Itoeivng magatraua, eigne 1 by the clergyman ?r the pariah aaongat otbara, praying that tfcey would grant to WilUaat Suitable a lioenee to artl " aplriutal liquora " In tbc diureti of llonteviUiera. new Bavaa, a ran It baa b? -n ameorrrtd, wbioh it appaara waa need daring ike ?rTenttenUi and fig Merc ih oeaturlea oa the bo-ial plans ot the nun* of the euaveat rormirly enetieg tkw?. It woold aeetn that the nana were all burled to a aiogle lair, on a bed of !lae. wuthojt e .tnu*. and latd la row* tiU the |.'aoe waa fill, whrn th an boned Irat Ware Ukao tli'-lr dte?* piled la n reoaae a* the end of the vaalt The bin!} of a lady aofiertor waa fu iad eaMro. and irer It aa It or jitKia uo alate, Mating that bar name waa Bern on TtUe, and that alia died ? 1160, aged 7V. after triy niae >i>an ?< oanvrwtwal lifd. Thovgli Ux- vault oeotnidl tt.? b?na* of wrcra! generation - of a.oa. there are oaly twaiae lanjript (>na. 1 <a< ing the iwlii of Parllaaiaot inat ended, ?.W4 pe titm. . with IPTjIM aigcataree alta. lx\l, were pre ?ntcl U the llooae of Oaannoua agaloat the t <tal abolit: jn of ebon raw*. and i tr. ? petinaox, w.tb tuo Mi *igaatar>w attached, la favor of th? t tal abolition ?( tbe ratee A a iniioentlnl tarmac paper haa th? foik??riBg reply to the Journala whtoh aMlaUtn thai K I* for the latere*! of Germany to keep the lino or Ma Mlacto ? ?< Wbtl u there In iumnon between Uie Rhine and the Mlnclof The hi oe corere Germany from the Alape m Umi aaa; It haa alwaya boo a U rmu river, ever line, there waa a Ge-maa race, aad that raoe mil axrlua.vely nwtdea on Ita barka The Uinclo, on the contrary, la aa Italian river it ira eraea oaly Italy, and oo<y cover* aa Italian c^auiry. Iren the A :*trlaa prortaeco cf Ulyrta oaly bawag la 19c tc tiermany ;_the rtoea who live iheT are of to reign nrtgti.and of no importaaee to uk The tfincl i cm era I be pre ami territory of Aaalm. but aoee not C"-cr ? Tmany Tba and the Ticlno are even, Hw Gor mai.y . more laportaat strategic liow thia the Mm.:* Tbc r- wer whl-ih in meetar of the Po can p-notrate into U - T , rol ana peaa the Brenner B-b'.ad tbe MlacKt thwe *-e uo siriportaat paaairr*; that rlvrr ia scly of value la a wire* -slnal vely Aoat nan To oonparc the Mine 10 to tfc- litxe, a* regard* the defeace of Ger-nany, ia no ah aardKy fm which Germany ought to abaiala. Daaldea a;ucr ibe port of T w?t b-m been Anatriaa, it h<* never b<*n (1 -.aa to German r?>mtn*ree, Wa?o that city wa* Italian and free, it waa an Intermediary tor a groat par t of t: at rr mmerie.'' Tte rtty of U-ndoa acotmnut for the year eadlag (teoem her 1,M#. have inat Nva | uoiiabed Incluaira of a balaar. in haad on that Uay i welrreMDha of jCM Mdodd, aad of a leaa of im toc raiaej w thta the year, the aggre gate n ?ipf of tbe 0?r{>o for the yetr aaionitMi u> Cmf.n IP* Id., aad the tn?aJ expenditure n ?'MT,421 14* H , leaving * batacoe la tbe band! uf Ibe Ohawbar la n at the !>eginning of the pr. i??H year of ?Tt I0T i* 74. Ibr 1 ?eb liaMlltlna of the Onrpovati.* on the Silt of L?e otr ber Itft am. nated to il Mfl,73g 14a. Id , aad Ma oaah .w?e.? 10 11 Jt7,oJ4 Ita. lOd aaowtng an asoeaa ot oaab nahMtiia aver oaah anavu of 17* M. A* rmmniaT m RojrKTaa ? TW^ihabttaata af aur rllv , raji the It. cheater ftrnm of the loth Inat, II nag in the neighborhood of Kcttaag* atrwcl bridge, were thM m< rMiig quite excMad on tcaratog that Jane M*lAagMIB, of t!.< Hreiik o' IVy Houae. had atotwd with a boatman b* ted .'oka Flnt.egaa, icme Uaio iortag laat eight fbe w inaL'khw-Hanii, J< ha M 'Jangblla. ofoourae, wm flying aroi.uu uvlag to 'tie rover tbe Wheeeahouta af ale ua faith fill t |*ni?e. On *esr?h'itf ahoat the booee he dlarivereJ that a:l of tba t old aad allver ware waa gone Jaaa had p?rke<1 It ap and taken II wit* bar. Thia at >ralag i<thn went to th< flarluga Bank, where ha bad mimey Mp>?l ted In b IB wife ? name, aad tbore learned that aae, durlag yoelefi ay, aaUed aad drew betweea three aad Are thia ?andd' Mra Tbe aanaay la. of cxMrae, aew la ber biad* Uwt rabla real aetata ia tba alty la ateo awaod Ml Mrl. Jtcfangblia'a aaMe. aad abe baa now w.ih bar the aewaaary pagwia fcr taa pneeeeekm ef tlie I r< i-wty. Tba wMe aaionat cwted away la la vain., about M DM rtaana la a amrri?d aai, aad waa oaptain of a canal boat. Re baa two eh Idrea Bid elfb la ta ?na?oa--b? children W d? not know where He fbr-ner ly rv aided la Uiia o?ty, ha*, haa beaa aiwcat oa the ??high ?awe" lor some ycara. Tot a r ltiple of woeka paat be baa beta Mt.glog arrend Mr*. Mel Aogbila, taktag her out tiding, mi 11 1? b.h kaowa wbero ibe ooupte bavagno-, Sut it w auepeote.1 that taey will hn- g up in Aeetralla, for Ir U"?t co'intry tbe woman ha* two daaghtera, who ?t teotr. caH't Willi ibe Mar?h opera tr x;f? Th? I'm 1 1 the wwmi ally la a?d great; wa can r <adlly a^ar# more luch aa ?he IB- ?or yean paat abe ha? Nieo the head < oe uf ? booae where cr i?ue heo ahtmuita Time after Uma ?be baa flrurad In Mm- (aorta, ted aer ted Hx moetbe la Ibe p*etienllary, Mol.ngniia eat* b?> 1 w twee ? tripped rf all aia caratr g?? aot one i'?llar left? *1. ia??? away by liM '1 let w.f'?. J ?' wee ? V." e.a*^, ... -e?? ?">* a>uuuag beet rat aer daiac^i a bat caoaia*" *** KaMSod. Facta A boat Jmpmm. RELIGION OP nu Jii'ANM AND Til KIR MODBg OP TRAVELLING. ' Frota Onoe a Weak ] The religious eieoaent enter* to largely into the aocUl MilllM ol tlw JtputM people that wo own allude to ?one of Um different f*ms of faith and (hip?r?tliK*i, the distinction being hut email. Recent visiter* to Jaddo, aa well at thnai ul olden t me, have baen struck wifi -ti ? Superior condition of tho pri athood ther* a* compared with those of China. The attemiauce in the'empea, lb* ordtrly and revarunt peiformauco of the rcli^moa ser vices, all attest the lac', that, la Japan, lt*r? 'J bo?.s of that aad stoical indifference to any faith, to ov?r ruling Provident, or a future state, winch render* the Ohmt man Bitch ? hopeleBiKbjiK'it it cwversiou to Cter latiauity. The old Jesalte, wbo did not lot.' Um> Japanese priusthood, acknowledge!, navcrlneles*, that, aui<?ig*t the higher order*, there were una eloquently iinpreaelve ia tboir preacbiag3, aei that lh.:r rb- toric, logic, a* well aa (ood manner* and e eganoe of style? whether in ounveraation or their writings ? wa* not a llttie to be admired; in abort, that the churoh of ibe devil ? ?* they charitably aij Ira the Japanoso rellglos ? was quite aa well adapted I to osliat tbe reeling* aad tvucti the aaoses of the tower order* aa that of K?a^ There ia much cuo^lcn u to the particular form of faith which might be ooun<tvr<>i the Stat* religion of Ja pan; but (o far *a we oaa giean t appear* la bo a form of Buublsm mcxl -fli : by ibe spiritualiam of tba ancient ?'lu too faith. We brax cf many orders ot prtasthuoi, bjt th *e of Iho highest claas are indubitably hotter educated, m?ia Intalllieut, and lar more r^pected tbaa ia China. I bey are spoken o? aa the encouragers of intellectual pro (ret* and education, and tbe native* give tbaa or edit ta tbe introducers ami oven tors of many of thetr arte aad (lienor* Next to lbe*e stooo lurmcrly, aad la all proba bllity do (till, three or moro ord>-ra of military ciergy, somewhat re-eaibltng in < ^.uiuiwsr the knightly print hod 1 ul ancient Europe. Th<)f are, bo we re r, said to be unpopular on account of their turbulc noe, and of the ba<l odor tbey fell into in tbrsUteeuihcntaryi when, by wa/ of checking the progrera or Christianity. and other turn ?a;iOB*, they, to tbe number of 30, COO, took up arm* againet their ?overei|n, and actually captured ln?sp!ritnal capital. Tbe Emperor Nebonaega pun tabid tbaa wtto great severity; but it sewn* likely toat his aaaanratioa w aa brought about by thi* reactionary party, and thai the se verity a of Taiko aaota and li * hualtlity toChriatiana anas from a fear of th I* powerful confederacy of warlike prieata. There are other aecta of the prMatitood who rigidly a o* tain from all animal food, and apend a life of peaaace and mor tiBcatlon. Celibacy, though uot general ajtongst tbo Japa nese priests, la enforced amnugsl particular aocte with to vore penalties, incontinence being punished with death. The Ikkois take charge of certain temple*, In which hospi tality and kindness are carried out to a very profane el tent; tbey never, say* a scan laliaed lather, trouoto each olber or dispute with the ctt.z. n* upou quest. ons of th-th; tbtir temples are the booses of good fellowship, built In pleasant place* in abort, ihrj* are tbe Friar* Took of Japaa. And lastly, we bare tbe mortmain priesthood, t ie Yaman boo* before mentioned all the** sect* are more or lea* mead! ants, and amongst these thrifty people a system of loans, not gift* to the minister* of their god*, b*a beao in* troducrd, which is a* perfectly unique a* the conclusion tbey arrived at, to prevent a dispulo about tbo color of the -'evil on*'' bringing about a acbtam in tba flhurob. Kach sect declared the raid tieraonage to be of a partlcu lar hue; *11 the churcho* were by tne ear* upou the sub i-ot, all authorities at Tar.ance; the dispute b.camo s* rioui, &lJ wa* re. erred to the Emperor; be anted the .juesliun with awi-dom worthy of Hoi >moa. The dart, ha declared to be ol all color*, and we suppose tba harlequin attire of the Japnneso pulioeuiau, ai seen to-day. l* to re mind those wbo itray from the ,>atl<s of virtue "and the law that the representative of Uu> ttany colo - vl one will have them unless tbey mcid their way* But to return o the loan* to the caurcb It is a staedtng law axnoogat the Japanese homes that be who lent* them cash In this world will reon e '.n ibe oexl world the capital and ten p?r cr nt at simple interest Bills ef eichtuge payable hereafter are d'.ly given to the lender, wbo carrfully pro se vet> them; and it i* not cnufutl for dying person* to leave i special direit . i g as to these bills. Tbey are gene rally buried with Tbe <* rpae, in order that principal and Inter' tl may be clairncd in the other world, *a wail as ta fpWMsa off the evil fie, who is reputed to have a very nalnral horror of such 1. O ? Another relV >oa custom of ? tru'y painful nature Is oftaa spoken of by til old wrlteratupou Japan, ana that la the sell sacrifice of u*- more enthusiastic priaata lu heir deelri to Inherit more quickly ibt< bn unugi of the future stale. The nefchborboud ol tbe great religtoua ooll'ga of Coney I* eap?cially mentioned ai the eoeoo of these sui cides. rhia college of Cooay aoprara to be okiae to the ancient city of Seruora, a (tout ball way between Jeddo and Oaaca. It waa * wiled in 1049 by a liutoh em 5aaey , wbu ear, h.ther r.-.-a r all tbe ?? ari.-.i af Japan to dispute la theology and phlleeopby, and tbey app-ar to h ?ve wit nessed aonia of theae suicidal attemrta to reach Paradise. Iho enthusiasts usually annout-oed ILeir utention of pro need ug U> tbe other w< rid on a given day, and exp'eaaed a wlilinroeaa to underUie aay oonr.m getioa for departed f net) as or relat tea. Tbey oarefally noted down all each mea-iagee in booka carried fur tbe parpoae, Uiey loaded their waiiria wtth aims, r.i.d gfMM u.-.meeree with a aharp scythe to ekar the road of tbe many thorn i and brlais said to >mped>- toe petba Thua equip pad, the poor ereat'irea w ?u a rmhtrk on a deep lake la a small qpuoe; pad-thug out a, Ibey *iuci>ed h?-ar> weighbi to their bod'ts ai>d sprang into the w?ter, whilat their aommntf 'fraW may -alm'y regarded them aa m?n Bucb to be I'urx d, and took urstliat tlie oanoe ahouid b? burnt ?ith 3re, >a a vtasel utn sacred to t*i aver de filed by b< tag applied to l< -?h job' > par)M?ra. rtc Gaatlte 01 !js. Pete -sb poblishesa letter fro* Hulame Albrect, ? 'fa of a pbysiotaa, dated from Hako da I. n the leiail ol Japsn. iha Htn April, g rlug a< ao co ill >1 an ti utalon in-ot'.o iut?rl>r of that ?'.n<uUr country ?"It rtqiiired many clorts and mite tim ? to ciu'e the Japaieea to concent to our proj?ot. Aooordlug MJW to trratiea, Consuls *>en?ral akice oaee the right o' travel I tag by land in the interior, and tbe Huce-ans hare here oaly a simple Goae but, a> be eq)ayr the aarae pr'rl leges aa a Coaaal <>eneial, the autli rltiea c -uld rot rr. tin lain aay ob ? ci.iti vu t.iai scora- We iiarohat-ed Ja^iaueae lMtara, ar, aa U17 ara oaijed bare, lagai (kali m.) Itiy eoataincd no sort of reals, and are not long enough to oaabie the legs to oa extendi ; ao that wa ?ere aullged 10 ait < l< gjred in Jajianrse fa5bi--ti ; ea hat , Dowerer tba bark a ipt>orte t by a caahion We were 1ve m mim bar ? the 1 ou?ul, a 1 ere. tbelr a>m, rayarlfaad a U'./'a maid, and .-acb of oa h*l a Hilar or cag? 8" van .Iaoumm fuDCt'.oaarlea wera oril^rad to ba in tii*n<tanoe on aa, and each o- them ba1 a litter air! two d^Tieai'ia; we h?d tiao tao guldaii. The litt-r .* suai?ndrd fr >m a nf 1 da placed on the shoulder* of m 'n ? two before an1 two be n?d? aid I'aoh vaa ta al>ndod by baarerii to r*. *tu aacl other in turoa, aom? of then bar lag aa many aa tea. We were atao aco?!apani?d by a vaat aumrwr of ponoeottl Oars, who walked beA^r and 1 a each eida of the It tare, and who or ted la a aelanceoly tone to all the co nraon (?aoplo we mat on tba roal, " Sara," whl a cans, " 31t di.wn '* Ikla order obayiu la the towna, where tha iL^hltanta cu.ircted Ui ctoaia to eee us i?aa, ttta same order <*aa given, aad to- pe?ple .msatd lately sat down, ta sp te of mud aod 0.0. la aert*ia towns, huw ever, whiah are ooocpwd by p-tnoea, tbe peopla wera ?x emi* from U.W formai'iy %.? great In - i-ni piaoea was the curt<-etty >f the peop'te 11 see us that they p'eaaed chae lo the litters an.l endearored to open Uie auort (there I a .>Ot] on gtd?).tist Un polloe, who etrra armed with x rgati'jte and wtth email lrm rods, t*i? lit Wr carried la the ale. ta, l?i>t them off Tn?? rod '.s K mark of a.-.b rlty, ani 't la <a.d that tbe datum ? ^ rrally fr*r beiin to?rti<-d by oaa, aa thrv ar^ t!>ea ?M uiid.r At every BifttMm at wnlah we < stopped we roi^ad prepared far us a chair.ber, wLuh was very clean, ard ,'<':oratel w h tOr?ut paiie<- ting I lag*: ard, ftir us to sit down, beafi.'ifa wJtti a Sort of j rcktnod were ( roeided. TSaa. sUUous are d.alguoJ far I'liict.ooar.i-ft who Lravc. oa the pi.blic Tt-y are all oocalrt-cfd on the s*ro? piau; t-o laia^er wa orcut ied ? ?-ach w?s only separate.! fr m l'? ?tr-w! by one for tlie^dcmeet ?*, and waa divided .on d fl?-rt*l c m |?rur.ents oy s'ldlag partHioa* Eeery r^oai we war* la was very oofd at b jht. n itw tbs;andlag bri. ?i wera lighted in our rellr^g to r at. ~.h? r?d* wera eary *oo.l. Thoae 1a tl.< ftrst part of war )< uraey were, aad p aated with high trr-a, tbe braashesaf wbloa n teefe-i -uTors > ta eac.': slda of t'.iv/oad ware rice uelda. Tbe sreon I pari of oar j<mrn*y was through a m< uataia oaa oo" n try ; w< tlw re eaw a larg? qtam 'ty of scow, and were greatly noiUTeoieecel wtth rain. We fren?otly round tpe roads cat by .arg" rlrors, and wa croatrd tt-m la ferry boats. TU- rtcept .ua we ooiaiaeJ la erary towa was very ceraaosloim r rat at all, an alder ,n uo.form cstasa fhrth to meet da, ami aalitrd earh litter with iro found rreprrt on each at tAe ttrwet were (Wf;c>oCcera with 1 "liabed stiofcs. and at some diataaca rrom them wera ruhlkc 1 .dciiouj: m d grouj?, seated oa stools. Tbe uol ?rm t (" theae oflWaiS Is s'.i'guiar : It onaie'S .?f a aort of Bn 1a gsu/a, with at Uie ?b aMara a prq]ect >0 res??a g wiugs la u nee ti Uua w? called thes "fuactmaarlea * th enaga. ' tVh.aduieni *ere*tter. laata bearing waada, laao-s, sr>meUiiag Vir'-^e tai <, aad other arttrira?lmMeatinc, ao d>>uni, their j'fTeroooea la rank la certain towns wa Mead drawa sp large bodua of mea wltb hews an ", arrowa. IB otbars. ..aes o? soMtera, with a musket la one haal and a mateh 1 tba other We oowipl-ud the -ureey ia twaaty two days, bartag travaUad at tbe rate or rrom '.ftaaa te tw?aty ?ilea a day. Payalatlea ar at. l.wwla. to rng amroa of rim axitaLB. ManmpauTA!) Bar*, Maw Tmta.Sspt 30 1NI Torr N I <0(1 la conoapoadant. ia hla latter af tba Mtb mat., makai seraral -...stakes la "hla deaor ptlaa of "t I?u!a, which t take tba iberty to ooeracl, aa haatys thai the farts aad Sg- roa s|?ak for lh?mselres, aod are aa!h mi'lar to tbe great asau f the public Hi l,mta waaaattled by lA0)ed?, autLtclrra. it asitaataa ,u?i twe.ty m nbt krW tbe mixiUl of th.- Misaoart? ixH aereaty mllea; I ea esaty atW balew th? amlt of tbe lU'aeta r'rer, naa hit* dred sad tarty m lea aboretbe asmtbof tbe < 'bio rlvar? a t ore hoadred and twenty <V?-*r. Tbe population of gt. I ?>?.? ta 1M0 was aho it TO MO Tha i-oaeat popa'.ai on af the city, as per Tatted States Marabai's returna, n lai.ilo. ao- 190,000, aa /oar cunenpooueal reporta I be f n-tod Maiee ceswua waa taken at a time June and *oly) whec tbovmadaof aureltirets are aba-'at o4h?rwiae the (lm??aa would thaw aome thonsa ids wore, wbieh bet ?' be mad-' appareat by the State oenau no? be' si taken by tbe Sberifl of tba r-mnty. IHlag a aatlte of I juia. I reel aome pride .a tb? rrrrwth aad proaper t? of uie plana ?r my aatlrity. Th a wvU, 1 hope, ha a sufficient e*?taa lor ti sapaastag ea yw r otfataaa J H Mrmaa or nr> ^snun1 itra <- na ?* 1 ? Vew 1 Y'isa ? l?a ssastl aaeatlag of tata etoh waa hald alKyra ' cu? ? OB tba ?th 'ast There waa a garl attei.1aee-> f?o-n < o i.reat psrta of the -late of th-*' wf> fwd aa 'at -eee* ' ta tke praarrtatloa af Osh. btrda an! *nh'.n tbe ' b?-rl?raof o'ir --tate clib waa .rgaai ed ??e yaai I a?n. sad taroagh tbalr aibrta tbe a?t ??? { ter peaaad a atate taw or the pr aaatmsi x dab dee- and I rmms birds -w ?, the breeding masna. tflar tka f tranaarttaa of the genera) t?-ie i-?a .n"d et to tte'ror- i gat in ?m, the following wera alerted <*?? -ra for '.be pre ?- I y?ar ? < has ? llsawall, af v,n York, I rae last: I n Hatch laaoe, of t, a, ai I IT i latter, af ft t-eto* Vice Ifeal'ieota; ? nae K. Wt Mhe?d, if V 'W 1 r? r... Wiling itacr-tar-y. f oorga Iiaw?>r , af .lam;- - rt~ 1 p- ad mg Brcfetary The a-xt an. al meet s - the 1 <> I wui l>a aeld at it! a on lb tin d 1 .calay o ta? sen. Uhltaary. ^aeri-r, -kt 1 I ft-a ftar'-f T. ?"tr-e?e. . - . . ? ? I d-ait af is - ik .k h?h. tei ii<s r> -co. jm uat kiut / t rc|>r?aaBMd ikla a 4 Uag.-aai ? Oar Frukftrt C?ww>*M?m. r&a?a?caT, Kjr , August 18, 1M0 HiUorieui mi Avtvparum notnfrapkt from til t tuclcy ? Inttrtttiny Djtta for Future Jliuoru/frafi Vr v Dtariptio* of Lit SUU< Cmp%tuV- Population y J.V CVy? Attratfvau i/ Fixmkfortr-Mvmumc* On :\t 9tb of tlx Opening BtttU of Jfetf nuumct, rfi , ite The history of K'ntu-J*}- remains to be wutvea. What ? field lor U>e pee o t the competent biatorlani 1 tried m ??In to procure at Louisville a copy of either Marshall'*, Bi tier's or Collina', reeponae ?u, "On! of priet." I picked tip in a second band book ataU, at Cin cinnati, a coy of Wilson, and a cartooaly rare wcrk it ?. A Qriond premised ms Collins', and another "Bay wool's Tenneesse;'' but these ara imperfect wed alio father unsatisfactory. A proper history or K?o tacky la greatly osedel, and I believe I can promlie one will be immediately ooes njtnced under* warranting a more oosapiete work than 1 yet besn attempted. A gentissoaa re aiding here, rormsrly at the head of an Important bureau at Washington, 1* perhaps at well or hotter <iualifl*d than any other for inch a work. May we not hope that be will give tbe public the result of hie mature Uwtfcbtt ud Tory extensive reading*. Moreover, he haa a lilt ool lection of material, partly the labor of hie dletingclebsd father, who occupied tbe moet prominent poeitiona in the State durinf lla earlier decades. . Frankfort la famoua la Me political aaaala of Eentueky , and, indeed, In tbe htatory or the Southwest. Here ba*e congregated tbe gieat lights of tbe Mississippi valley. Bare hare caucuclog and political manoeuvring beid away year after year, during storm and calm, for the laet hair century or more. Tbe present rather timsworn Capitol baa been tbe aoene or countless plots and eounter pl.ite, of contending pesslons, aniloaa bopee. and bitter disappointments. Tbe old Weiaalnger House, wbicb stood upon the spot now occupied by tbe very One Capital Hotel ?an odd conceit, lor It waa built by tbe town by direct taxation ? tbe only instance I bare ever known? often re echoed to tbe sound of revelry and tbe sport of party exultation. A writer in "Harpers'," for Augoit, on Joe. Davieaa, alludee to some or tbeee restive scene*. Xtoai referring to tbe great commoner may not be moefi over wi ought. I am sorry I cannot say as much for tbe entire article, and by way of parentheeia, will correct dm or two error*. Davieaa was not the aeeond of Rowan ia tbe famous duel with Dr. Chambera. The late Hon. Geo. M Bibb, of Washington, waa tbe secMd. Davieaa defooded Rowan, and hence, perhaps, tbe error ss well es tbe obloquy which be incurred. All tbe great mes of Ken tucky annually centred here, and Innumerable are the pleaaant reminiscences narrated by tbo older cHlrises. 1 cannot, however, detain you now, but may hereafter draw upon the rich store which 1 have been enabled to tr<a*ure up from their fruitful meaaoriea. 1 bave referred lo the State Capitol. A line or two de scriptive may not be amiss It ia built of Kentocky marble, with a solooade of tbe same. which presents a taT polish. The building la lubataatlal, and at tbe time of its erection waa tbe finest Siatebous* west or tbe Alleghany Mountains. Now, however, Ubio, Tennsaee aid Missouri surpass it. The 8enate Chamber ie adorned with (tall length portraits ot General Harrison and Gover nor Shelby. Mr. Crittenden, who resides here, informs me tbe portraits are good. In the House or Represents ttvesafull length portrait of Lafayette adorns tbe wall above the Speaker's seat. What particular aptitude ibe^e Je in tbia ! could not see. Tbe majestic figure ef CBay or the stal ?orth form of Boone, Clarke, or a doioc other cf Kentucky's bravo and celebrated beroee, would, :t strikes me, be muoh more appropriate. Tbe Capitol occupies a iite position on th? must elevated spot witbtn the area tormed by U?e Kentucky river and tbe lofty hills of almost solid limestone, lite situation ef the whole place strikes tbe eye of tbe stranger as very low. but pas*lng over tbe pjiteau, and viewing tbe tine valley rlretchmg out fiom South Frankfort, this feeling gredual'y gives Ibe city contains about 4,000 la habitant*. and baa UN air i>r a pleasant and attractive place. Its society la re fined, and I bare met with many gentlemen <4 cultivated tastes. Many localities are pontod ot.t of Intoraat U> ibe biaiorian. The I ouae and the vary apartmanla or copied by Aaron Burr daring htt meifco rabte vlalt In the aut'mn of 1(M are wn| the namber Tbe c. room* tan oea of his arreet and trial before Judge Innia, tlx abld and eluaueat uefeaee ?y B-cry Clay, are all graphically told by tM older eitueaa. 1 bare picked up aaaay lateraftiag isctdeaw ooaneeaeA with hla movementa, which May eerve hereafter to lUaa Uate a chapter In hla biography. Whatever diveralty * opinion eilata aa to the real character of But1* aow lent* and Ibe extefit of their criminality. It caaaot bat be to the calm looker oa of tbe hlatorle pano raina to aee bow Butr baa been aUgaaaltaed and hie tamu r?j>ro??;he<1 wttb the moat opprobrium ep'theU for au> mptwg tn do that which tae government caa alcJ" arcomp'.iibcd. Sue'-, ia the ;oalooa rucor o( uaa and Um treat inj'irtlce of h'^torjr. rn<- clndid and dtaptf* oaau? wr.ter of our true hletory will be math perplexed to de term me nutch waa -he worst m*n, Burr or hie peat rival ?nu arch r?aecator. Hla ououdam ally, Wtlkiaepa, I'ved here, and laid oot thia very t twa. a brigadier ? aom irlwion coder a government Jr ofered ftrtOfW ia i jceonute than a higher poa; In a foremmeal u> oe? carvd out of Montezuma tertilory. Vattb waa a<v3rd .ugly bre.koa, ami me '-coaaptiMar' betrayed !rto toe hand* u( "juatice. 1 Kraut fori preeenta many tolna of attracttoa to tba V.niter. He cemetery la highly creditable u> tba r*ij. tb? "late military monumant la h adorable ai te vo K?c ? tacky end to tbecumUv. It lw comnvemerat re o' tbe brat a ireu wbo tignaitjed tbeaat Ivaa on tba natdoi be'. Lie o Ute Nevo'ul on. tbe Indian wara, Uie Wir of IRIS, aa) lately , the Mexican war. I may apeak afth.i agadk. Tb* moeomrottoCol. Richard If Infineon, erected by tbe-*laie. 1? another ered 'table memorial. Theee all (peak highly sf .4taU' pride and a proper appreciettoa of bemi *. worth. Tbe late Legislature made aa appropriation fur a maao mrnt to Daniel B woe, wboae remeiaa, with theae of b? wife, were brought fro* Mtaanarl come year* a. oca and Interred is tbe new cem. terr, one of tbe moat pic tureeqoe burial *pot? 1 barn ever vlalted. 11m aporopria Uoa la aot rulfctefii for a auluble muoumeat to tM great pioneer, and .i la proputed to raiaa fuoda by vuioatar;. ooatribatiooa from tbe people who now enjoy the api-a aid ilrmala which baa reeleimee from eavaga tfcraJdom In ooavaraatiou with ageat?-mao thia mora lag it wteur grated to plaoe tbe wboU matter ia tbe ban <la of it* :adi<*, ? hie* would (More anoceaa I aetlne by reear *. Virgin* and aorne o( tbe Kent -k, papeea that the lad ea rt V:r ginla have ondertakea tbe work of ere, Ung a maa meat at Pllet r.raeant, at the mouth of the liana a taw here, oa tbe 10th of October, 1774, wai fought tbe op, n eg ba: tie 'i tbe Hevoiulloa. It waa tbe moat hotly re-alerted r*?kl that ever took uaoe bctwees tbe wblteaaad .udiaaa, and well deeerrre to be cnmiromorated ia mr?ua"clai marble. ??n Andrew law*, wboee autaagoar npaa tbe Wafhlnfctoo mounmeat at Ri' broond, commanded at Mm flraaaiit U.a i rather. Col Char?a Lewii, fail early ia the A-nllat. Old (Jorereor laaac rtbatby, wh ?? portra.l barga in tba C^pltoi of K entunky , oommaaded a oumpaay darter, CampbeL,, Wattbewa, aad otban w be a/Urwarda rore to em. net w, diating^iiabed ibiaaalim on that men.irable day. It la itaa that tba moa? meut at. nld be boilt Virginia will do beraetf boacr. and ber Mr da waara aew Cow en m lite fadeleaa cbapiet of glory whek already -atwlara tbeir browa Tm comer atofce will ba laid oa tbe aast ann'reraary with all daa oarenocy. Or. Wllla Oa Baaa will deliver tbe aiHrma oa tba uaaaaioa, aad, trom hla long atody of American blaWr, iba pabila may eipeet a moai tataraatl mt aad ralaabte diaooaraa. Rot a truce to lb la dlgraaa.oc Oomlag baab to K?a tacky . I am ramtaded of Um great iajeatloa mat baa baaa done tba memory of bar atardy ptoaaara. la aot propariy omaiamoiating tbeaa la marale or brwaa Nc er?r did mora to reclaim tba wIMarwaaa aad neat baab . atep by ttap, tba aarage oocepaat tbaa tbe ploaaan of KrntirtAy. Their b atory, laJaed, la bat oaa kmg, Maady teeord Tbe Ihgot and the tomahawfe marked lacnla grattca aad in blood tbelr every atep in tba vera of eoe aad eir./tratk>n Crery bill, trallay. and op*? plaia heart aome niemorial of tbta r.oraa war of tba waa Tbe Tttana, who roamed tbe (oreat, did aot *"?apy the coiiuWy aa a pvraaaneni t.<-me it waa ratkrr a jommia bntitiag groned, wjere ooataa ltag trlbea met ? heme rem bat But wbec a caw raan tavadad tbe doaaaia tba ear made oommoc cauae m tbe work of eatermmatiaa. Be w well Um y auctveedaS let the l>k*>dy raaarda of BBoaa ten, B<ooe ? l.*k aad a k mdreii other aaan orabte apcaa allaal 1 badjatedad to aay aoat. ti.^gof Oeargait amaCWaa. '??jaalbar of the Wtat,'' aa ha waa aaltad, bat I am tlaaiM la ba briar. 1 made m*ny aataa oaooeratac dial lag jiabei-. urtlaar, while at ** f??? IS ^ ?aao. I will tnieffy turn m?w that Oaaaral Clark, la 17U, qader tb. actba SL '? IbMi ef tba Mbm with a m Hilar r force ade^jnat", aa wa< nrpwal. u re. daea tbe Brltiab poata at Kaakaak'a. Oabnfraa iad Vla Ha >i laembaraed at tba Talla aad Mated aer'u&y pee r. ra eiaad, |art of wt?.h at.i: ataade. n pue u if part ol tbe city of ioutaviiia The xlooiata. raatatoig?f r t Ihmliiea, p t n a crap o.' laeiae. wi.?o U.e name a i tie r '-..AT L Xf. lhal waa tbe eammaaocaea . . , ?.? Ane an ' 'nir ablng ? 'ty of 1 1 ' la. tile, aow tba U.,rd ar roe rib in ai - in ibe fea' valley of th?- * ; : Pi morfb tor the preeent. Oarke waa nertafaJy taa iMtof ipirit ic *ol< etalag Keat. ky. I ^ad uteuJr g ring ? methiaa abont tba Ulr;!1* f Reataeky, bat * 10 ba < waaaflal to dalbr M IW 'he ; ret. at a ootumoa impriaaina baa beet that aa aa V :laa< did not aerw tba ariiaat territory at Kea; n?y be reai aa are to be tuuad. be eman ,wtl. At r eaa red " an did not r^d? n?<-maa<M)try wHhic vh? .-a r at tb? preteat liav feat what haa that U da w.'k tbe ei (?Matf ' Maaglag to aa aateriar ran* Ant jalttet 1o exiat here aad nay of theae r?*i a nt poeam k b ?b de*.-' >"'f aUree; b> tue arch .lorar 7> a ? ? t , ju.tieant Keaw -yare n w anderrn ag oataiu ret n .art ree -ar - i > -.i-e i.ay b ?cme of Iba miaer relioe oi art recovered t n tad otWr aac'eat J< ?? l?r ,?? reveai ana:-. .i .?? 4 art. Kua erat a tamel. kav" baea -d and k n ntarea'.i Jf aarthaorka e vaai.eed Tb?ae rteaarcM are 'de by a ep-<!i*i <_ -n,,?'ttae .*? the part ol lb* A-w'Kao ? --at Ic >aa*ia' a, 'be ? i?aa of wb ob. Or. T>a Baaa *?-- w-rn t gnrniili tuaafflV ?f^M?a*?w*aaRtti, aot cbj r. Caa tacky, bat lad* la.Ob'e a*d o?rr ping afUn *\r. ? ?a!':aea- tla at>f??t as 1 aocetr t : .. t ? ? ?ad aceti^c >ia uiformat..* ae. >ired to acesoa, I- ? - pooed t occtiaae theeo rnwiobaa wltboa* t> "? ,? ? 1 I- ? a n i may " <?'? for ao?e ajf.irlin; ran' a Heai?'-ky iBbia >ti ? lad oneip.oTi j i.el t. ar-l, <m *r ti? -erefi i wearah ?b I $ lee -ne '? .n the r .rveat^-a. | |faa*,a faad of .? vraBatim ba airpe^a?. far'. - ear- ago. 'a n .? ?i ? i at . \ ,og. m, an-* v.* cane -v.J * h .t<e T aaay tan a . d vara t f, daaar'.nad a Uw, aad ? err Pre . jf th* rem. r.a In I'ayetw aau a 1 , ? - ? ? , ? - ? ?? > , .???' ?!-. ? ? - - ?>*? a.aU?C>? ?K -* -US* -*a d:aaiutj? M i*j

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