Newspaper of The New York Herald, 12 Ekim 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 12 Ekim 1860 Page 3
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Mid U") ? rr-Jte I* i ? M? si^spt ?< K? utimim M r.? **? it tb? > ^?T* * Dmi?l Berne.. ,e*<pHtif?:'iii?B iJrwirfty ?h<m tfee rena-iiB U> U* ol fcwher crJ?r ituoi tbt*e ft-ud la tfeeapper Ob?c v&r ffaa u^.f tet.enu cfcaracwr mi; prVT?^!"P.. ' ^ cat nom d- vertL Jie. 1 ??f. M,r.#tr Kmc, fore .rt ? ?ketc?t c' th-rc nte j?tt >4 oil mum to tbe prince Arrival and Reception of Victoria's Son in the Metropolis. Half a Million on Broadway. SCENES IN THE BAY. THE LANDING AND RECEPTION. SPLENDID MILITARY SPECTACLE. Tie Review on the Battery, in the Park and on Broadway. ? SIGHTS, 8CENE8 AND BOUNDS. One of the Wonderful Events of tbe Age. Tbe Entente Cord i ale with England. Oration to the Representative of tbe Elder Branch of the Anglo- 8axon Race. mrc miles or hvmah beihgs. Bocae Top*, Brick Piles, Lamp Posts, Window*, Slaps, Awning Posta, Doorways, Carriages, Boxes, Stages, Carta, Iron Bailings and Trees from the Battery to Madison Square Covered with Hen, Women and Children, Some Things Can be Done as Well as Others, Ac., Ac. After a two mouths' ramble on this continent, through the British Provinces, the prairies ?f the West, the Old Dominion in the Sonth, the Federal Citj and along the route of inter ?ediate places, the Prince of Wales, England's eldest son, has at last arrived in New York. Throughout his journey, fVom the moment of his landing at St John? until now. he has been the recipient of one continued ovation, which, Increasing in proportions as he progressed, ?nail j culminated in the splendid reception with which he was yesterday met in the metro polis of the New World. The brightest antici pations have been realized, and it is now an established fact that we have a veritable Gaelph among us. It is in accordance with the fitness of things that Albert Edward should have had a magnificent reoeption in this great commercial and fashiona ble emporium of the Union, and the salvos of artillery that awoke the echoes of the bay on the occasion of his arrival, and the grand military display that followed, were graceful acts of courtesy towards the great nation of which his Royal Highness is the representative, however much it may be his desire to travel through the United States under a transparent laoognito. It is not for royalty f*r at that we have testi fied our sympathy, but for the person of the son of one of the best sovereigns who ever added lustre to a throne, and who, as daughter, wife and mother, is an ornament to her sex. Not only this, but she is the living embodiment of the law and the constitution of the only really free nation in the world, exoepting oar own. We have not merely the common sympa thies of similarity in origin, language, laws, re ligion. political and civil institutions, but we are identical in these revolutionary principles which gave both England and the United States the liberty under which their people now live. Those liberties, indeed, differ In degree, but they are the same in kind, and each nation at present enjoys the freedom best suited to its people. This, after all, is the great secret of the sympathy which, notwithstanding our occa sional disagreements, exists between the peo ple of the United States and the subjects of t^ueen Victoria. The visit of the Prince will not be without its lessons. Brief as must be his sojourn, be cannot but be impressed with much that will prove useful for his guidance when, in after life, be is invested with the imperial purple. He will be taught that the best defence of a nation Is the stalworth arms and stout hearts of her gallant eons? a citizen toldiery. com prising the flSh of all classes? and that a nation who. like Lycurgus, can point to her volunteer militia and say, "Every man is a brick,'* Is in a better porition to de fend herself against foreign enemies than if ahe was enclosed in a circumvallatlon of fortifications. He will be taught, if be has not already leaned it. that it is not dangerous to trust a free and generous people with arms for the defence of their oouutry; and. if true to his instincts, it Buy be that, following in our foot step*, be will one day save millions of pounds sterling per annua which are now paid to a standing army, and with a volunteer soldiery alone be able to defy a world in arms. Another lesson will be afforded by our volunteer Fire Department In the great parade of to-morrow night, when the Prince will wit neae a tight impossible in any other city in the world. It would bo worth almost the cost of another City Hall bonfire to show what may coir e of ardent natures and hardy discipline. Equally Instructive will be the varying rights that will meet the eye of the royal visiter? our forest of shipping; the magnlGcenoo of our great thoroughfare, with Its miles of meroantfie pa laces: ( ur fasbiorab> streets with their elegant aanilcar 'It abodet cf luxury, tastt and itwhioD, ?v -Being Jm wistenoe of a grc*t. happy and contented people, where, not much mora than a hundred jean ago, the red man wan dered through the woods. All theee objects can hardly fail to impress the mind of the young Prinoe. Bat the crown ing good that is likely to reeolt from bis visit will be the disabusing of bis mind of whatever erroneous Impressions he may have received concerning the working of our democratic in stitutions, and he will see what the foroe of education in our common schools has achieved, ! in enabling a people to enjoy the fullest amount of liberty without degenerating into ! licence and anarchy. So much for the moral [ results of the royal visit. THE DEPARTURE FROM PHILADELPHIA. Tbe iTlnoe .en Philadelphia by special train, at haif l*st nine o'clock yesterday morning, for Booth Amboy. Be appeared bat li tiled fatigued by bis visits during the previous day, and rose very sarly. Before leaving the Continental Hotel he sspressed to the proprietor his satis taction with the admirable arrangements which had been made for his comfort and convenience, and thanked the bote! superintendent for bis ooortesy and kindness, smiling as he recalled the contretempi which occurred when he flrst reached the hotel and was refused admit luce by the superintendent. A small crowd collected around the hotel an<l faintly cheered the Prince as be entered his carriage Even at that early hour the Irrepressible Philadel phia ladies were on hand, attempting to oatch hold of the Prince's hand, and clutching at his garments ss he passed them on his way down stairs. Bis departure was con ducted very quietly. There were no crowds along the street, and but a 1'ew persons atsembled at the depot. There was not the slightest enthusiasm, and the Prluoe's departure, like his whole stay In Philadelphia, may be characterized as dull, but orderly. ACB088 NSW J1BSKT. The Camden and Am boy route conducts the traveller through the most barren portion of sandy New Jersey, sod there wss little to reliere the tedium of the three hours' journey , except the exquisite tlcts which antum n had bestowed upon the forest trees along the rood, making even tbe tangled, scraggiy wocds beautiful, as sunshine makes (old or dirt. The New Jersey men are not to be excited about so imall s matter as tbe progress of ths Prince of Wales. It takes a quartntlcc question, a dispute about an oyster bed, a railroad war or an Amboy bathing day to rouse tbsm to scything like enlbusittm. Oonsiqucctly, for the flrst time during bis Jo v. rney through the 9ta'.e?, there were no gatherings at tbe country railroad itations to soe the Prince or bis car. Tbe train reached Burlington at half put ten o'clock, and there a few hundred people assembled, to whom the Prince (bowed himself from the platform of the car. This wu the only stoppage made, and the royal party, although travelling over the famous and fatal mo nopoly road, reached Am boy in safety at s little before twelve o'clock. At Amboy school wu "let out," to that tbe children might sec the Prince, and tbe youngsters, with about two hundred women and men from the sur rounding country, were gathered at the wharf. Ropes stretched across ths station kept a clear passage for the Prince, and amid perfect silence and order, blushing be B'-ath the curious (tares of the Jersey girls ? beautiful but countrified? the Prince entered the Barriet Lane, which Mr. Beron, a New Jersey pilot, had safely directed over the shoals and ojster beds of Amboy Bay and brought close alorgclde tbe dock. THE REVENUE CUTTER HARRIET LIKE. II IK DEFARTrRE FROM NEW TORE? ARRIVAL AT AM ROY? THE DISTINCJriSIlED ORNTI.KMEN OK BOARD? IKCEFTION OF BIS ROYAL HI01INK8S AMD TRIP TO THE METROPOLIS, ETC. The oocaston being ome on which the federal authorities of tbs locality were required by tbe rltee of national hos pitality to nalte tfaetr welcome with that of tbe city an tb< rltics, the 1'alUd State* revenue cutter Harriet Lane, under the command of Captain Faunoe, waa delegated to wait upon the Prince on hit arrival at Amboy, convey the distinguished gentlemen who were to receive him to that plaoe, and return with the company to New York. A more excellent or courteous arrangement could not have been made, anl the President, la placing at tbe dls poeal of hla Royal Highness so One a craft aad so accom plished a commander, has materially enhanoed the con tort, quiet and pieaaure of the iltustrtoua stranger ameog as. The weather? that Drst essential of a public reception? was all that could be desired; aad in spits of Ms croak ings of chronic grumblers, who foretold the inevitable drizzle that hat more or lest accompanied the Prla? dar ing his prugrsss through tbe oountry, the day broks as eiear, bright and balmy as If It bad been tbs subject of special contract. It was with none of thtts doiaful aa tici pat loot, therefore, that a party of sixty or ssvaaty guests assemblsd at the Battsry, between sight and alas 0 clock in tbe mors lag, aad wars conveyed sa board the Harriet Lane. A few mlautes afterwards the noble Itttls craft was under welgb, steam lag rapidly down tht har bor and gildlsg past tbe green fringed shorss to hsr des tinatioa. It was too early la the storalng, aad there was too little excitement Is tbs departurs of a mors rsvsane cutter, for a large crowd to gather, bat a considerable cumber of the m poHct who vegetate is the ambrosial prs cincta of West street aad Chstie Garden ware prat tot not wlthttaadiag. aad curiously regarded tbs prooess of sm barkatloa. Already the rlty aad harbor begaa to wear a holiday aspect. Flags b ng across the attests and fluttered frost tbs housetops, while tbe display of bustlag from tbs sblpplsg, steamers and ferry boats gave toksa of aa al most uatversal deslrs to do hoaor to the princely ttraagsr aad bis snits. The party oa tbe Harriet Lane was a rare oomblaatlea of the military, naval political aad civil rsprsasntatlves of our country, embracing a splendid share of wealth, refinement aad tatelllgsaoe, aad ao par son cooid look upoa tbe srsarers of tbs great uam re present, soaM of which ars "familiar as household words,'' without feeling that New York waa tilly honored la such a selection far such a purpoee. As will be seen from the followiag list, a large proportioe of the coaopaay waa oompaasd of oar New York mer chaata? member a of tbe General Committee First, may be meatioaed ? ma onaMrrrss or wimo*. Ft Oa*. Boa. Hamilkie Fab, Chairman ?X Wov. Boa. John A. King. Hoe Acguttut Schell, Collector of tbe Port. Hon. Luther Bradtsh Mr Cjri.sW Field. Mr relet lah I'erit. Mr. Robert B Mloturn, Mr. M B Field, Sssratary of tbe Committee Mr. J. J. Cisoo. Mr John Jay Mr R D. Silliman Mr (ieorge P. Strang Besides theee gsstlsmsa were ? I ?<i tenant General Scott Trier U?*er, 1 hairmaa of the Venerai Committee W. litem B Aator lobe J?-*-b \stor Jr. Rojsl PhHps. Ju<:gs K ?eevelt, Is. ted States Pistrict Attorney. li' trv Oriaasll Hi a. John Cochrane. Hon Vn L Yaaosy F M. Archibald, British Consul at tkis port William M re. Hrlilnh Consul at New Orleans. Mr Kortwrlgbt, Br'tlsti Coasul at Philadelphia Geo. .1. Las. Edwia Qroswsli. Charles 0'< onor Charles "tstaon J. J Hoey s daey Webster Chi to;a Ward, of lbs Nwtb Carol oa. Aad a number of others. Tbe cutter was sot decorated la aay extraordinary master, but with affloere, crew aad craft la tbs tidies; caadstioo possible ? the royal rroas st tbe fore, aad tbe stars aad strlpss at the peak , nothing more seemed wanting Is complete as already pleasing tamt tmmN' A One head belonging to Governor's Islaad waa oa board, aad during tbe trip. 1 oth down and beck, regaled tbe oompaay with a sbstos selection of mask As tbe Herri* lane, (Vem her freqaeet employment by the Chief MafWtrate oa bis tours of recreation or duty, may be fctrly roaatdored tbe "PrssWtoet's racht," sad sa bar more rarest movements In eon soot ton with tbe Prlass cf Wales bare given her a degree of astsrtsty that will al ways be retained, we add to our lists of anatss those ol her o ffyer* which are as follow* ? (artala? R'-hard F* aoe. l.ieeteaants ? J B Leber, D. a Constable tad C. B Bsrrett. Cfc ef e?g ?eer? J. *. Prfburg Aasistantt engineers. Walter Soott, C J. Dale tnd F Pakier Port pilot? W. A Booth. Tie cutter trrlved at Amboy at about htif past eleven, tsd was iir.ired*t?ly tcads fait aioa|r.d? of the steamer Juhn PoUer, which m lyiag at the dock. A gua *ti fired U> honor of Um event by lb* enUasiaetic inhabitants af lb* place, and mm four or fit* hundred ted tee ud gentlemen were gathered on tbe promenade deok of Um Jobs Potter to enjoy the anticipated sight it a real Prince. Hl? arrival at Ambcj aul lbs diaembaikattaa from the oairs have been described elsewhere. Bia Royal liigtucea, at ten led by his suite, arrived on board the Hurrkt Las* at about a quarter to twelve, and tie company informal!) gathering in a semicircle, Lieut. Gen. Scott advanced to tbc gangway, and extending bia band In a graceful and dignified manner In behalf of tbe committeo, welcomed tbe Prince to tbe metropolis. Tbe latter responded in bia usual quiet smiling way, and was tben greeted In turn by tbe gentlemen of tbe Reception Committee. Many oftbeae having met htm before, tbe Prlnoe was at once at hia eaae, and entered readily Into conversation. Tbe Duke of Neweaatle, Earl St Ocrmana, General Bruoe and other gentlemen of tbe suite were llkewlaa warmly greeted, an J war* soon on terms of pleaaanl Inti macy. Some ten or fifteen mlautea ware oonramed In trane ferrieg tbe baggage of tbe royal party, of which there waa a large quantity, to tbe boat, and at twelve o'clock the lines were cast off, tbe band played "God Save tbe Queen,-' and tbe Harriet Lane steamed on bar way to tbe city. A abort time followed In presentations and social Interviews of an entirely Informal character, and tbe party then aat down to a aumptaoua lunch, like all tbe reat of the proceed Is ga, thiawaa marked by a high degree of taate and elegance, and tbe repeat waa doubtiaaa mora enjoyed by tbe royal party? because of the abaenoe of every rte train t ? than any other of which they have participated in publlo during tbe tour In this oountry . Tbe aflalr waa under the charge of Mr. Stetaon , of the Alter House, and in all res pacta waa handsomely managed. Tbe table waa on one alda of the deck under an awning, and extended from amldahlps to the stern, be|pg separated from tbe other side by a aort cf flag diaphragm, which, until the party were seeled, served aa a acreen to tbe operations of tbe attendants. Tbe following bill of fare, printed on white aatla, will convey an idea of the good thinga furnished ? J Ilio* i?d t'Siooaa.] [basis. 1 j IKCSTTIOlf OP TBI PRINCE OF WALKS Irrsisosir.] BKIKVKR ; Boned turkey, with truffles. La rded <U1? t of beef. f sweetbraa_ i pie. with ti-iffl?e Larded partrtdpsa, stuffed. Pali de foie ma, with tr uffVs. QntiUa, atuttf d and rotated. Motst woodcock. Lobster at lad. ornamented. Cblxken salad, ornamented. Hound at beef, garnished with truffles. Itoaat beef. < HoU?dkam. 5 ?ottrtl?gufc OBK AKXNTAL PASTRY. s Charlotte rosae. French eream cakes. ; Swiss mereornes. (Tare* jelly. ; Almond macaroons. Boston cream cakes. < Frosted cakes. Jelly biscuits. * f"ruit. s Apples White Malaga Bananas. \ Pears. grapes. Pineapples. J Isabella grapes. Raisins Peaches. ? Catawba trapes Almonds. Oraagea. ; ; Coffee. Ice cream. ; The table waa arranged to acoommodate about forty in dlviduala, and waa handaomely decorated with flowers and varioua devices In pastry and kindred preparatlona. At the head atood a statuette of the Quean, in sugar; la the middle waa a metaphorical representation of the army and navy of Great Britain, while at tbe oppoaite end the Prince bad tbe satisfaction of aeeiag a saccharine Incar nation of htmaelf, In uniform, loom up to the extent of about two feet, ao Ilka the original that It would drive a loyal Engl lab man Into a vary ecalacy of anlhuaiaim, eape e 1*117 id in hut ainnw speecn. The bead of the table during the lunch WM occupied by Boa. Augustas Scbell, bte left bjr hie Boyal Highness, aid bia rifbt by Lord Lyons. Next to the Prison at the old hero, General Boott, aad between them aoon (prunf up as animated conversation. It waa a singular tight t) ?ee tbe treat aoldler, wboae same la known world wide, thus chatting familiarly with the future ruler of a ooun try wblcb once bad occasion to reapect him aa one of Ita moat daogeroua en em lea, aad tbe direct deeoaadaat of tbe K<ng wboae armlaa be deetroyad upon tha ftsld of battle. Though time baa ebanced tbe aapect of affairs aa pre ?eated tben, there were not a few oa board the Harriet I lane who did not reoall to mind tha peat, aad moraine oyer a present that baa bronchi with U, after the lapae of nearly half a oantnry, so remarkable a apectacle. Next to General Boott aal the Doka of Newcaaile, Hoe. r.u j Uter Bradiah, Earl of tL Germans, Sen. Brace and ssatls mtn of the ocnamittee. Tbe right of Lord I.yoas waa occu pied by Mr. W. B litor, while mingled among the company on that aide of tbe labia were Major Taaadali.CkptalpQrey. Dr. Acklaad, tha Prlnoe'a tutor, Bon. Mr. EUoU, I>ord Bicheabrook, Mr. laKlaharl, tha Bssrstary of the Duke of Newcastle, aad Messrs. Warrc aad Jeaner, the at tendaata of Lord l.yeea. After tbe repeat, aa tbe Harriet Una by thia lima waa cear In f 0k city, tha company adjourned to tbe upper deck, where tbe Prince evidently took much pieaaure la examining tne various potata of tatereet and listealag to tbe b<atoriea retailed by the several gaatleanac by whom be waa mooopohted aad more or kn entertained One of tbe pteaalag pointa of the jouracy wat lbs a> pearaace of the yacht Maria, juat outsids the Narrows, and there being a toe breeae liie oompany were astonished at tha apectacle of a tailing vesssl paaaiag by a (art ilea at or with almoet aa much eaaeaa the latter would dis lanca a loaded lumberman. Not only waa It a iae exhi bition of the wonderful power* of on* of oar fart yarbte, but it aflorded our Bag I tab fr cade aa opportunity of judging from penonal oberrvatioa o( the beauty of model and tbe meek ill that Amerlcaa meahaalca have attained in an art wkteh Englithman bar* until of late year* claimed exclusively aa their own. Still another pleating Incident In thia connection waa the trlag of a eat ite from tha Marin aad the display of a row of signals from bar m est bead, which, oa being interpreted, tald aa plalaly aa Sags could Spink, "Ton are vary welcome. ' To thia Captain Faunae immediately responded In lbs smm man nrr, " We are vary well? (hank yoo " Near lag tha slty something began to be ***n at tha prevailing excitement. Mutes came booming acroa tha water Item the forte, tha wblatlea of steamers ehrteked their shrill saluta'lon, tbarp cracks of cannon echoed frost lbs small craft fly lag around, rigs, streamers aad signals were thick almost ss forest leaves, aad oa every side were visible evldsncss of a great aommualty engaged la giving a right royal welaosM to a princely guest As tbe Harriet lane approached tbe Battery the sneoe waa truly megaidoaet. first, dim and tndlst.ect.oeeoutd only distinguish * kugs black conglamsratloa o'hnmsnity, cover leg everthisg that would afford a foothold? tottiac the rigging of ehlpe, fringing the bounetope, lintag tbe wharves, aad, la a word, abaorblagall spare Nearer tbe beaatlfsl reality became more perfect The military wars ssen drawn ap la long lines, their arms aad accoutrement* gluten ing la the sunlight like a row of brlllinats, wbils tb?y awaited tbe ar rival of blm they bad assembled to bouor Tbe crowd became mors of a fact tbaa before, aad la lbs eager faces aad earn set eyes bsat upon lbs I tUle party oa tbe steamer ose eould rend the intense is. tercet burning within them to grainy t?*ir seat up curleMty. The ax range mac U for landing wsrs of tbe most steal lent ohsrnctsr, aad beyond a platoon of psltoemes oa lbs deck, and a s>inad of poitc* is boat*, so person was to be ssen whose pruned could Interfere with lbs debark atioa ?f tha royal parly Ranaieg alongside lbs dork the Herri* I as" waa quickly sands (kst, s gssgway wa* provldcl, and the Prince and suite tbsn qnietly passed out and pr steeled to the Interior of tbe buttdisg 5TTTHSS W TTTK BAT. ror *?? op mi nor at. ranvr prom awiot ? sa li me paoii tbk ?Hirs and ths ronr? ? ar ritoacn to tbk city? csmnnatTic okxstixo ?t rni POPVf.ici on saoat, ?rc. It wss expected that the special train which was to bring bis Royal Highness aad salts from fhtladelpbia would reach Amboy about a quarter past elevea o'clock la tbe mors lag. The revenue cutter narret lass bad pre needed thitber at aa early hour, and wis awaiting ta arrival for the purpo*e of conveying the royal visiters to the metropoll* of the Calos. Ths elegant little *taami>oat Tbomaa I'. Way also proceeded to Am boy on an excur Sinn, for tbe purpose of affording her pawengers aa op i-ortBDlty of wltneesing tbe embarkation of the ITlace, of etijjy og a pleasant sail in company with the Bairlst late to lbs city, and of havtag a magn. floret view of tbe reception satntes from ths forts ncd skipping, and of all tie tc??s iranspir eg Is tbe harbor. a* left Siwuk at ? e'"kKlL^d|i New landing Kmc tuftrf "? >1 Un loot uf Dey ' ' .T3?- ot excuralon-te o board. Bhe wu decorum with 11*. and atream^ | era, fltly oomapoadlng ? th* reepect with the vem?<*. at the wharvea and la the itream. ' WIU? qulto a telecl parly tn b>ard ih? left ibe " , Dey street al tea o'clock, nod procretiid ou hor p.iawaii . journey to Amboy. Tbe morning wa? clear at ? bsiuti j 1 ful, the air wai freeh and bracing, the w4er*n?l't? ; I wtlta different k;o(l* or crafus, and tbe !???? | ktreamera w!th which ilwy *"* ieatooaed , were floating la the vigoro* brtexo, ao i ? bat everything combined to make tbe river preaont an j unuaually live!} and beauUft.1 appearand Very IttUc o( , ?pre ltd in term transpired on the downward paaaage. The principal topic of converaatlon on board waa the royal vlaiter, who waa to be par mctlltnu the lloo of the day. When ate approached Ana boy there waa a general Cotter among the patiengera. Opera glaaaea were brought into immediate requiaitton with the hope of bringing hla I Royal Hlghneaa within "apeaking dlatance." Ail the I" paaaengera crowded on the front of the boat , stood upon ' atooia and chat?, and a trained their longing eyea u>ob tain a light? even ihoogh It were bnt the altgbteet , gltmpae? of the heir apparent, although It waa not yet , aaoertamed whether or aot be had arrived from | Philadelphia. Tbe aalulea from the Barrlet I^aue, i which waa moored beaide the wharf, greeted the | paetcDgera aa the iteamboal approar-bed- Then | It waa decided beyond qucatlon that the rrlnco ha.1 already arrived. Quick a? an electric ahoch a feeling of lacreaaed intereat and expeetatwa pertaded every one onboard. The ateamboat went cloae to the dock, and juat aa her bow touched It the band on board the revenue cutter a track up the Engllah aire, -?.od 3avo the <Meen> and "Role Britannia." In the meantime tbe Prince and | royal aulte had left the train, which arrived at twenty mlnutea paat eleven, aa<1 were embarking oa board the larriet Lane. k large crowd of the people of Amboy had aasembled war tbe landing; bun died a bad taken poel tlona oa tbe ateamer John Potter, which waa lying at tbe wharf, and from which they had an aioellent vie* of the embarkation indeed Itaeemedaa If the entire inbebitauta of the village had congregated together for the purpose of extending to the royal party an enthuaiaatto welcome. Ifcey received tbe Prince In a handsome manner, and from um train to the cutter ha waa hailed with loud cheering, which he gracefully acknowledged la blauaual urbane and appreciative manner. After hla Boyal Hlghneaa and aulte? all dreaaed In cltl zen'a clotbef? bad proceeded on board the Harriot I*ne, and their baggage bad been oonveyed thither after them, preparations wtretpeedily made for the departure to New York. Preclaely at twelve o'clock the linen were d.aen gaged the band gave forth atrajnaof enlivening mimic ,?d the revence cutter, with the royal party on board, left the wharf amid thecbeera of the people ou ahore. Toe Tbomaa P. Way followed cloae behind her. Tee ex ourt.onlata crw-led the front rf the boat on the lower and upper decks, and the anxiety to get a gllmpee t of the Prince became atill more lnfnao. But be bad retired to the atern of tbe Harriet Lane, where b.m aelf aad anile were introduced to the eeleot circle of pro minent and Influential oltlzena who were on board by apecial invllatlcn to receive them. Preaently , however, tbe Prince appeared on tbe upper deck. Tbe ateamboat ?tiled akiegalde tbe Harriet lane; the paaaengera man! frtUd undlminlahed anxiety to aee him, and when he vraa recognized a loud aad onthualaatlc cheer of welcome : Inatlnctlvely aroae from tbe paaaengera wblcb tbe Prlnoe I ?raw fully acknowledged by removing hla hat. But thla j mm tog glance would not aatiafy tho delighted paaaenrer* They were eicortlng a real prince-the her appa rent to the tbroue of England? Vo the imperial metropolla or the Weatern continent, and a alngle alcht would not auflioe f* tbem. The ateamboal I fall behind lor a tow momenta, and then came along* 'la acaln whan the aceoea which bad occurred a abort time brfori were repeated with additional enthualaam. Tbe upward parage wa* diatlagolahed t.y many plenalog in Cdenta The bcatmea and countrymen on the ah raa cheered aad waved their ball aa tbe cutter paaaed, aad the .team wblitlei or the manatoctorlee acreamad fbrth a aalute. Preatnlly tbe party retired lo tbe main deck, where an elegant entertainment waa f prepared While thev were below, tbe baad on deck endeavored to make ?P ** wall aa poaalbla tor their abaanoa by playmg a uumbar of beaullful lunaa. Arter the rrnait the Trinoe an t auite ra api'eared on tbe tipper deck and the people oa board the other ateam boat' bad another good opportunity to aee him. S> tue Tbawai T. Way aalled aloagaida again. Oieera waled forth once more from tbe excurtloniete, and the prince removed blahataa before. Tbe Harriet Um, aa abe alowty tteamW toward, tbe city, | reaente.1 a beautl ful appearand. She had tbe Tnloo Jack Oylng frMa tbe tKiwaprlt, tbe Brltiah tag from tbe foreman and the .tan aad atrlpee from l he peak. For nearly aa bour abe tbe Ibooiaa P. Way kept each other oompaay, aad tor tbe aoeae bad been comparatively unoatentatlooa, but exceedingly auggeatlve and Impreaalve, for It waa nivMlac toohaarre tbe unobtnialre maanere of tbe colli r .led gentlemen oa board the Harriet l one, ami gratify tag to reflect that auch gentlemen-marked charaot. re. re rrnentatlve men? bad been Invited to welooma hla Lai Highneea to New York. Tbe ateamboat nailed rruad tbe Harriet Lane and round H'tn , the people on board of her atill continuing to cheer and to wave tbe;r b.ta and handkerchief* While yet wlth.n a com lewbie diatance from the Narrowe.the aplendid yaiht Maria? tbe toaleet in America, tbe faateat indeed In all the world ?aalled aloagaide the Harriet lane, and an totereetiog eoiocidince oc;urred. The yacht h^ amallemapuy of ladle* and gentlemea on board. She continued to keep oompaay with tbe revenue cutter, aad her aplendid ap pearance aad admirable aaillng noalil.ea were n.veraally admired Tb* band played ? quldtttfp.aad the iatereatof all ooa Untied to tacreeee M lb* aceoecoat.nued to en,, re* The yacht Bred a Male n* d splayed ??? ngnale. which wrre fouad, In aecordeace with Roger* American code, to repr*eeat the number* 30 881 When interpreted. U>.? ?; inker MtirK to the aalutatlaa, "Ton are rerjr wel come," to which, after the la pee of a ooe* derable period, the Harriet I am ran up, on befcaJf of the Prince, the num ber 30, Ml, which uprraeaiad the atraage reply, "Very well, I thank yon." At the Harriet Lane n eared the ear row* tew objecta of latoreet appeared, aad tko foal lnga of eriry one bamoalted frith the aaggeetlreocM aad importaaoeof the ooeaaion. Tlie gentlemen wtio were la eoorereatloa with hW Royal Highaeea pointed oat the varlooa piacee worthy of aoitoe a* they were poaaod Agala the tttamUnil Thomea P. Way paaaed the Harriet Laae aad tailed ronad her, the p*aa*ag?r? cheer. ag the I 'r lace afala, aad lie acknowledging the compliment by , removing hia hat aa betore la cotapaay with the Dak* of Newaartle aid other* of the royal party together with a law of the gentlemen of Now York, the I'rtnoa wa? aeea aaeeeding to the top of the wheel honae, where be oonld obtala a better view of all that waa traniplrtng. Ha waa cheered again a* be appeared. Other craft* aow began to appro* 3h the royal party. Ike Charlotte displaying turaala of weloome. cam* iio*r?ide I aad Bred a aatate. other yaehta, whoae aamee it wa* difficult to iliatlaguMh, followed the enmple, the bead the While mingling other air* with the aoaad of tbe *a In tee A royal aalaie waa Bred rrom fort Ham I too la hoaor of the lllaatrloua it ranger, aad *ia*ilar aa'ulea war* Bred from the other forta paaaed on Ibe way, la tht* riclaity the crafta ware )ota*d by the I'aited fltaiaa mall iteamer Habana, which had the latoa Jack Boat lag from the bow, aa Irtah flag from the fore ma* t, aad the America eaalgn from the peak. S>e tame very aear the Harriet Laae, the people oa board of her, ltd by ooe aatbietaatle Indlrldaa', war lag aa Ame rica* flag la owe hand, loadiy choe*ed the Prince, who baadaomely Milord the aaluiatlea by (lightly rattlag hia bearer Thar* waa not aaythiag remarkable la the "oatlag mcirx from ootaide the Narrow, aad from laalde the Nvrew* up to the city. There waa not a gaa*ral flo tilla. at oa the arrlral of the Great Hatter* la the har bor. Thcae who w I located the approach of that mam moth *te later woo id be apt to aotloe the difference, hut after a tittle reflection would remeaber that oa the for- ! mer occaaloa hundred* of crafta eame to meet b?r he , aam aha waa a taaaal. It mi?ht hare been wail to have had a grand flotilla to a?e?t the Prlaoe at the Narrow* ; aad aaaart him to the Battery; bat It teamed that the p??ple preferred to remain oa land and to watt tin : heraaahed New York, Where they ail ooe Id glr* I him a ualted, *athna a?iic aad magatfloeat reeeptioa. ' Aad . m yai ?ai?, they did It. Rat aotwitbataading, the toeaa from im Narrow* waa lmpoatag. Royal eaiatea of twenty oae guaa wore fired from Fort Wood aad fort Co l*mbna. The Inter* ?U*g party oa board the Harriet i lane, the awompaaylog craft aci-idit.g alarg beforg the rttff bree*e. the Mraln* of the molle miagting with the boom sag *f the eanaen , aad (he beautiful appearance of tb" lan iwape with the trM? *ttired in thMr richly tinted * omn*I foliage, hat af oa the aame branch fr**b tear** mber leareatrd whole cr morn ?''itt?i*? a I .bo. J tod to render Jit scenc one at uous spisnucr ut wflconce. I The toll spires and the imposing buildings of New York I I city, with lbs innumerable msste of Ui? ships, from t every Clin*, at ber wharves, now appeared with creator disi.octness to tbs tnw. 11m shipping were splendidly decorated will) all kinds of flam aad dreamers, present ing a beautiful appearance as lbs royaJ parly approached. The grand centre of latoreat to tte visiters now was the metropolis. They expected a msgniflccnt reception, and ibe people of New York were determined that they tbjuld not be disappointed. The long lutes of troops ranged on ibe Battery attracted munk nMsnUon, and, | Kbeo teeu from the water, were really a splendid | sight to behold. Added to this was the Immense 1 crowd of citizens which bad assembled there | to greet tbc|I'rtnce on bis anrlTal. Tbe people tamed oat I en math and besides tbe thousands in tbu atresia, thou ! sands more sought every ?vutlal>le position to obtain a sight of him. Tbe piers in tbe vicinity were oorered with people. The Stolen Island ferry landing and the Wp oi the ferry house were black with human beings; ! tbe spacious balaony of the COstlo Garden buiidmg was also filled with people, while from the windows and root's 1 of the surrounding houses thousands more of spectators were waiting in eager expectation to witness tbe soenes | which would shortly be transpiring below. The Harriet lane neared tbe Battery, and tbe Prince all the | while remained standing on her wbeelhouse. Steamboats and yachts and row boats In great number* now crowded round the enviable revenue cutter. She toucbed the ! dock at twenty two minutes past two o'clock ; a salute wss at the same time fired from the artillery on shore, while an enthusiastic outburst of cheers and welcome Simultaneously arose from tbe populace. The enthusiasm was unbounded; the reception by tbe people of New I York was spontaneous and magnificent. The royal party I then disembarked, and proceeded into Castle Garden. APPEARANCE OP THE BATTERY. At an early hour tbe gates of the Battery were looked, and guarded by police. This was the beet arrangement that could have been made, and much credit is due to Su perintendent Kennedy and Inspector Uarpenter for tbe same. It has always been a subjec". of eomplaiut to the military, when ordered to form on the Battery, that the crowd were admitted promiscuously. The Fifty fifth regiment assembled about eight o'clock for tbe annual inspection. They were reviewed nod in spected by Brigade Inspector Harriott, and dismissed about ten o'clock. Eren st this early hour the building* in the vicinity of the Battery and all the sidewalks were literally jam i med with anxious spectators. Kvery point which 00m ?ended s view of any portion of the parade ground was esgsrly seized, and the possssslon retained at all ha:>rds. This was the occasion of any number of amateur "mills," and made the police a little business for tbe circulation of 1 tbeir blood. It must be remarked that the polioe were I uncommonly civil considering tbe immense concourse. I Tbe frequent reminders tbey have received seem to bare I Improved their manners. It Is to be boped that tbey will I continue in future what they have new begun. THE SCENE IN BROADWAY AND THE PARK BEKOItK THE ARRIVAL OF THK PIMNCE. TBS l'BOIM.K WAITING ON gOYALTT? SIU11T8 AND 8CKNSS IN THK LIADIXti TUOKOl'OUFAKK, BTC. No matter from what standpoint we contemplate one of tbe greatest events that marks tbe onward progress of civilization and the dignity of human nature, and which will render the nineteenth century more memorable In the annals of history than any of its prcdeoessorc? namely, tbe friendly v Jit of a member of tbe royal family of England to tbe revolted oolonlee, now the freest and most . enlightened republic in the world ? we cannot fail to per 1 oeive tbe magnitude and importance of the event. ! The most superficial observer of the enthusiastic | reception which the Prince of Wales met with from tbe first moment be set bis foot upon American soil to the . time be landed at the Battery, yesterday afternoon, must ' have been convinced that lbs citizens of this Western re 1 public fully appreciate the bearings of the royal visit to ; this country. Could it, then, be surprising to the mast stoical individual, or soald the limited clsss of our Celtic population wbo, it cannot be denied, have a docp seated prejudice against tbe British crown, wonler at tbe extraordinary enthusiasm of lbs great masses of the people on tbe ocas ion of tbe visit of tbe I'rlnoe of Wales? or, rather, we should bavs said, Baron Renfrew? to the metropolis of Ame rica ' We venture to say that such a magnificent I ovation has never been given to any distinguished per sonage or to any foreign poteutate by his subjects as was tendered to the son of Victoria by tbe citizens of New York on tbe ever to be remembered 11th of October. The most expansive imsglnation cannot oom-ci vs, nor the most graphic pen delineate, the brilliancy of the spectacle which Broadway and the C.ty Ball Park presented yes terilay tiler noon. One of oar reporters took a walk through Broadway early la the morning for the purpose of wltnes lug the preparation* that were m profrreos for the accommoda tion of the fair sex? need we add tbe prospective mothers of republican seas ? and also to chronicle any notable lac deals that might take place while the myriad throng were nwalliag the arrival of Ibe royal visitor and his suite. It is needless to fay that business of all kinds wss sus pended , and that tbe merchant prtnoea and their em ployes addressed ibemxelves with untiring assiduity to tbe tbs work of preparing proper accommodations for their Invited guests to witness tbe grand pro eesion At an early hoar the porters of Ibe wboleaala establish meets might be seea remos log articles of manhandle from the windows, wbo were followed by an army of clerks, with carpenters' tools, so that bsaeatb their magic touch rude beaches were suddenly traaoformed Into comfortable and elegant seats, In some InSUr ceo richly carpeted. With a gallantry truly commendable these gsa tie men furnished thousands of lad lea with seats, and tn order to bega.le the tadioas hours exerted themselves to entertain aad amuse their fair guests. So anxloa* were tbe fair sex to oscure posP Hons from which a tolerably good view of the Prince m >ght be expected , that hundreds of tbsm took pjssssslou of the windows as early as aloe o'clock, sad before noon every inch of spoos wss occupied by the female beauty and intelligence of Now York. It srns an fortunate that the review In lbs Park did not terminate at aa earlier hoar, tor the Prtaoe woa dope lead of a sight which could set toll lo have ssade an abidlag impression If he had mm the thousands of handsome and latelllgsot ooaa isaaSBSS to Broadway, prerioaa to the totigae lacideat upon waiting tsa bows without rhaaglag posit los, It ssessa to us hs won id have been oeastratoad to ssy that he had never w tssssi l such a galaxy of female beauty. But It will console the ladles somewhat when tbey re fleet that the Prince will have a more favorable oppor tuatty to Jodgs of the sqslty of lbs claim which la mads for the beauty of New York ladisa at the grand ball to liiaht Notwllhouadlcf U>* pbraloaJ diaoooafort which the la diaa auat aiewaarily have tipfl?wiJ la wmitibg (or lb* arrival of tba diattagolafead ttraagar, tha Ibmiftt that tbay w?re about to pu upoo tba aoa of aa llluatrloaa i^uaaa, diatlnguibbad as much for bar doaaaatlc aad ala raw moral aaoa.blllttaa aa aba la foe baiag tba oororalga of tba aaoat powerful aad eeligbtaoed monarchy cm tba (acn of tba f loba, aaply ootnpataatad fbr tba bidlly pain anparlodaoad by baaing to raaala an long la aoa plana and coaiprraaad wltbia each uaaoaifortafcle diaaeMtooo. Tbr grat public balldlag on Bread way tbat waa IUad wag Baraaaa'a ?at?um, which bagaa to raoalra tie. tare at elgbt o'clock, Uia baieoalea aad wtadowaof thte eoUbltsh meet ware atoaopoliaad by tboae wbo patroaiaad tba Ho aaum Bet tf the reader ia?aglne? tbat tba; paid UxMr '.nartera to tee tba ' Happy Fa?lly,-' or tba 'Wbtt Ultr" or tba "fiaataar Twine," ar tba tbooaaad aad rmt "carl oeltlea * of tba plana, ba la wofr.Uy mlatakao . Hot they . tba r errand waa altogether diflbrent; they waat to aoa a lira Prlnca, aad tbay aacoaadad la baboldlag tba "show" ? tad an," la tba ataaaotypad phreteology of tba Prtaea of Chow-mra, "tor twenty caatg." It li^tanlllMlag to bla to record tba fad tbat Saraon waa antwlttad by big ?tetters yeolorday Tag, tba brain that tkbrtaatad tba wndly bona aad tba Forjs* ir-rwtatd waa natdowa by tba mra, wrmm aad ebillraa wbo tbroagad bta "Ctabltahateat yaatarday and had aa osorl loot rtaw of tba Prlaoa far iweaiy Ira era to, wbiia tbair laaa fortoaale frtaada bad altbor to pay M for tba privi lege of aaaat on a bakmy or else be oraabed to jelly oa tba a We walks. Ifaay of Ifetwe balooetaa la Rroedway wara roatod at aaoramns sane bat Tbaamaay Hall, traa to tba demoorettg lost tact, faratabad "aland ng seals- on tba baionay M Sfly ooata par baad. From mi?f of tba w'i dowa to Rmadway warr aaapeadad larga aa I baad aoma Karop?aa and Amartcaa i;aga, together wiU> siyr'** of ?wUlcr ooaa, producing, aa tnlgbl ba esperted, g lively spectacle Nsbr'y opposite 299 a large Fngllsb tag waa h nag across tbr utraet. which bora tba follow log laacrlp ' IM, "We honor tba M'Uar aad welcome tba ??<* at I So Ml aa gsssvNM flag araa display*!, to ?b b wss 1 n pec del tl? awnr?<*. ' ?tlf <*~m7 ?bty a-wij? m uniUxJ," Uie eeta'j list meets cf F? I, Biack *l Co. ud Tiffany \ Co. were Unlet ml; ?4orn?<l with emblems oi bcih hemispheres; In abort, (be princi pal mure* '.a Broadway were appropriately decked out with the national hags of both countries. ?"tage* and ail other \thicU* were removed irom Broadway at noon, from which time until the arrlYal of the royal troupe at the Battery the middle cf ttc > irect ?U l.terally pecked ??'with a never shirting train." Such a living, moving mate of human beluga, we vtu tors to sttirm wh never before seen on this or at; o continent. The Park throughout the day wm alio tbe theatre ot many interesting incidents. If we exoept the r[ioe re. served for the military evolution*, which waa iiroogly fortified by a huge posse of police, every nook and corner 01' Um i'ark was occupied, chit II y, however, by the rasi deal* of the lower wards; and, *8 la usually tbe case on such occasions, the juvenile* mointed the treee and held on tenaciously. A number of the trees wsre so thickly studded by these birds of promise that they were <ie stroyed, and wbenver s young democrat ?u preop.tated to the tarlb tfca multitude gave vent to their approi*. tlon la loud demonstrations of laughter, lie crowd sought to amuse themselves as beat they oou d, and laughed Immoderately at the slightest occurrence. Now a dog emerge* from the <~rowd and runs swiftly la the open space, and then a female, dressed la fantastic apparel, makes her appearance, which, of coarse, altords amuse . meet to the spectators, who gladly Improve toe moat trivial event to pass away tbe time. When It was learned that the Prince was passing through Park row, tbe crowd simultaneously ran In that direction, chcering voclfer >ua ly and jumping on each other's shoulders, eagerly de siring to see the royal youth. In the pr occasion there was an old English hero of the battle of Copenhagen, wbicb was fought by the British feet under Admiral Nelson, on tbe 'id of April, 1801 11? was a volunteer, belonging to the ship u>ndon, but in the battle he fought In the Edgar, Capt. George Murray. He was then ia his twentieth year; now bs is close on to (bur score. He baa been la this oouatry fifteen years, and wears a silver medal, which was sent out to b m by the British govsrameat ten years ago. Oa one side of the medal Is a figure representing Brltaania riding a sea horse throngh tbe wBYea, while on the other la the bead of ihtKngliah (Jueen, aad the words "Vlot>ria'' la alto relievo. Tbos Basbford, the name of .he ve.eran, Is engraved oa the edge. THE PRINCE IN THE METROPOLIS. THE RECEPTION IN CASTLE GARDEN BY MAYOR WOOD. On tbe arrival of the Harriet Lao* alongside i be pier there wss a general rush la the gallery lor from seats, while tbe cheering on the several vessels la tbe bay? which, by the way, were droo rated la all their bravery? announced the event to those inside of the Uardec Tbe members or the press, la particular, were wall cared fur by ths forethought of Super iateadeat Kennedy. They occupied UM circle railed off for the use of n.e Regis ter, where they a umbered pretty strong, and were kept from outsiders, while tbey were aecommodated with desks, sad every oonvenlcnoe. Mayor Wood stood a froat of the members of the Common Oounc.i, who ar ranged themselves la a semicircle behind him. At half past two, the Prlsoe and his suit* entered Castle Uarden from the water entrance He had oa his left lord Lyons and the Earl of Bt Germane and the Duke of Newoastle oa hta right. He was drtsoui m a blue frock coat, gray trousers and " garrote" shirt collar. There was nothing in bis manner to distinguish t im, if casually met, iron any one of the thousands of well dressed young ssen one can fall in with at any hour in Broadway, or any other of oar great thoroughfares. Oa entsrlBg, a band that was stationed la the bu.iding began to play a lively air, which was a pity, as It prevented tbe few words of welcome addressed to the Prlnoe from being heard, aad laid the same interdict on tbe Prinoe ? reply. The Mayor received tbe Prince with that easy d>gn ty which characterises tbe wsll brad gentleman the world over. Taking the Priaca by the hand, and sbas ng it heartily, heasld ? Yoi a Roval Hi'-hsbm? 1 am glad to see you. Ai:ow me to prestn; to you tbe Common Council of tbe city ol New York. Ai Mayor of tbe city, I welcome you to it* hospitalities. The Mayor then formally presented the Pr ace to the Common Council, wbicb was acknowledge! by Bat tel bowleg The rrince, then accepting tbe arm of Mayor Wood, and followed by his suits, ascended lb* stair csas to ths room of the Commissioners of I nigra - tlon, where be put oa his uniform. It ia worthy of remark , en paiumt, that on the entrance of the Prince every man simultaaeously aad spontaneous ly uaoovered, save a few who were la the bach tiers of the gallery aad out of tbe sphere of obeervatkon. There was no appearance nor pretenoe of toadyism in the mat ter, bat It was a simple tribute or respect on the part ot a free people to the eldest son of the ohtsf msgtairate ot a kindred free people, destined to occupy tbe same poe. tloa himself, if Provldsaoe should to order It. Adsslssloa to Oastls Uarden was by ticket, as follows ~ x anal* van saAaaa i > TO CAMTtM i.ARnBM ; RtRNAKI) CASKRLY, !Umm. Acmrt. ; Ocnmb II, 1M0. s Tbe crowd all arouat and leading to the enclosure was very dense. Ins Id* of tbe Battery was decorated with Bags of all oattoas, tbe Americaa aad British ene'res, of course, taking the lead Old Ireland, of conn*, was not forgetten, for ronsplcuous among ths aaltewal banaers was a huge greea flag, with tbe Hibernian harp la ths centre But, In furtherance of the lead lag idea, the first object that I truck the royal party on entering was so Americaa aad a British ensign plaosd immediate!) ? front of the catraaec. Ths polios arrangements, nsder Mr. Superintendent Kennedy, to keep o a ths crowd, were admirable la fact, the Battery wu but thlaly attended, aad the Gerdet'i peopled gaiMriea could bars accommodated, with some dsgrss of comfort, one or two thousand more people than were actually present Mr. Kennedy wss hlmestf preeeat, la all the glory or bias coot, gilt buttons, gold beaded cane, aad a gilt shMd which "took down ' all other shields, fie was the busiest of ths bnsy, performing his dotlss with a courtesy sad urbanity, unmlied with russ, tfcst were trsly onmmendahis. But, with all the real and of the Hoperlnteadsat, aad the Onmmisstoaers of Foaigra tloe to hoot, the clrcaler build lag known as Oast le Oar Oea oonld a>t be relieved of Its Inherent shabb'aess. si thswgfc some attempt, la ths form at a pa*h here and there la Its rotten floor . was mads to reader the piece to lei ably reaper table A* a matter of oou re* there were a sua be- cf acta h II l ties oc baad, chief smoeg whom was Mayor Wood, who did the hoeo-a with a grace aad courtesy becimirg the chief magistrate of the Kmpirs Clly. Botie, too. waa there, and so wss Tea Ttnr aad so was Brady, aad the members nf the Common Council generally; hot it waa a subject of general remark that there wae act a white hat aw a pair of yellow gtovei aaaong the wnote itmMii of the Onbiam Oouactt precast had MWnbM la the Ooveraor e Room, City Rail , ebortly arier twelve o'clock, ud were drlvaa t honor la tweaty carrtacea to CtatleGardaa, which they eoWrod Ot a the mata (ate, rmatlac oo Broadway. The maatctpal a .u>ort< ' ilea, on dtaaaoaattsi, alagled with the crowd, and acta tad freely lata ooavMmttan oa the cornice recepitoa. Several rich aocMO occurred daring the throe or flour hoar* la which the crowd wae kept wait l if for the Harriet 1am, aad eone ladivtdaale oowmlttod the? oivea la a maaaer that they aerer ron torn plated, la epaakiag to thoae awfol peranoeirre yclept AJdenaeo aad Cc*aeiN nea la a mum they aever would hare vest red upow bad they known whoa they were addreactag Bet theaa little rvmtn umpi per hope errved a food p^rpooe, m lk? dtgattartca aforaaatd ha-1 the eppertaaity ef faearfeg what waa tbotifhl of the?-ea advaatago aot anally accorded to treat bm tie peet/cmaa, however, "pet hie fed lavo If ta btiaj too oaiepokea Re waa etaadlng e*tr a rather r<v>d looktag feattomar, whom be bad )*M beard eap, la aaewer to a aect oa, "Itamk rated out twthlaar. r*n??m^it "What of Vaa TiaC" aald Ike (wtieaaaa, ?Oh, Vae Tiac la rated eat, too," re)o?M4 ttte fetarrogated yrwtieaaaa with a placid emlle, aad a bow, while a m,a. chterem twiakle waa dieceraad la the coraar ef b e eye. "Who le that (etitleaaaa' ' queried the jcatlerran who ' waa ao bard oa Mr Taa Tine, wbea, to hleeh^ria, fad waa aaawared, "Br Vaa T aa." of ooaree the aeeret avoided the Aldornaa with the notch aaaie for the reet of the day Be bad, ta feet, ar>ld falBMir. The police arraaiemeot* were every tbfag that one id be dealred. A boat eight haadred tnea, detailed fro* aewal of the warde ef the ctty, were m baad, nader the ?B>?diat? ooamaad tf taper ?ateadeat Xeeaedy, aaateted by Pepoty Carpeater. Oa the pier wcro aioewbled the very tUie of the ocrpe. eme rtieg of th rty thr*e o<n, can'* tM w lift tL?

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