Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 12, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 12, 1860 Page 4
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Biadway aquad, ir.der the command of Berfeaat Crop II wm by tteee men I ha Priuce tu UteraUy re te'ved on landing In physique, perhapa, there ta do fnrce, ctr'l or military, superior to them, and, Certainly, If the manner la which they coo ducted tiiemaelvea y eater lay be an Indication of their moral worth, th<y can bear comparison with any police force m the wor'.i ? not ertu lug ihe famoiu po lice o f Hindoo Shortly after the disappearance of Albert Edward, a number of aallore of the Harriet Lane were -.een to lea re the room in which the young Prince wa* donning hla ual tprm , and not long after the Prince himself reappeared, to full uniform of Colonel of the 100th (Canadian) regiment? scarlet coat, w'tb blue faclnga. trimmed with goid, black trowaera, with gold atrlpe down the outer ?earns cocked hat, with while of ostrich Teathirs. crimson fash, and blue ribbon, with ?tar of the Hanoverian Guelphie Order. la thla Uniform of a aokller, be wa*, a* a soldier, conducted by Mayor W ood, followed by hU auite, to the floor of the Garden facing on the Battery, and there pre Rented by Mator Wood to a brother soldier, Major Gene ra! Sandferd, commander of the Flr?t Division New Yo* F'nle Militia, fucb of the Prince's auite aa were entitled to wear uniforms did ao, and made a splendid show. en .rescrtmg the Prince to General Sandftrd, Mayor V d e (Tired a few brief remarks, to which the General m.tde actable remarks, and inv'.ted the Prince to rerlsw t be V rat Division of the New York State MtMtla. lo fin cb ihe Prlncc aBaented. THE MILITARY DISPLAY. i-liotlly ifltr eleven o'olock ths Seventy lirst regimeat, Amer cu Uuurd, came upon the ground. They were under command of Captain Aaa K. Miller, the aenlor cap tain.Oolonol Voeourg having been quite serioualy Id trel In the morning aa be waa about to muunt. Hi* bona be comitg fractioun, be attempted to quiet bitn, and la tie effort the bora* ktoked him on the thigh. The regiment paradod about 3M> m<M> in seven companies, and were ?ccoO! puilcd by Oodworth'a band, of thirty- Ave pieces, and ful! drum corpa The band wore tbelr now acarlet drees with the addition of a blue scarr Although not to aa full number* aa ?e bare se<n them, the American (>: ard fully auatained Uitir reputation for beauty aad (trill. Nest on the ground came the Second regiment, State Guard, Colonel George W K. This la In reality * uew command, for the old Bscond baa been, by dls rhirgee, transfers, kc , completely stripped or tta Identity, lolonoi Tompkuu, who baa recently assumed the oom tsand. certainly deaervea Birch credit for the admirable nppoaiauce on this parade, both aa to discipline and m:m |>eia. Tbe regiment mualered upwards of 160 men, well uniformed and tolerably Instructed AfUr thli wiuter'a course of instruction they will rank with our very tlrtst eirpa Tb> Eighth regiment Washington Greys, Colonel George I.yoos, were the neit upon the Battery, and drew the loudest plaudits rrom tbe outside spectators. They were preceded by the Washington O'ay Troop, Captain Varian, with about ftfty horses We did not Intead to bare men tinned single companies, but in pausing down tbe line attention wai called to Company P. Captain K. D Tt'Qce , and we must note the fact. This ia the company tr>a? which the incendiary card, algaed as comlnp from the Eighth regiment, was alleged to hare emanated, as tbe reputed author waa a memoer. Tu ahow their feeling on the ?'.h)-et, we hare only to stale that they bare prompt !y expelled the author of that card, and paraded upwards of ftfty men on lh'.a occia'oi. The Eighth numbered abotit m men They were accompanied by their reg'mertal band and a druaa ocrpa of a I ten teen The Eleventh regiment, Waahlcjtw Riles, Cel. Boat sr ck, were the test a| pUeants for adm aaloo . and their appearance. In tbe dark blue and greea uniform, was ap cad . 1 The drees rr< in Ita colors gives the Idea or eoildly. and with their sword bayonets gloaming In the ?in'lgbt, the view w?* we to appal aa enemy or renew the war tg cocrage or a Mend. Tbe regiment pa rad -d C40 men , including tluir band aad drum corpa. Ths bas become the seeood regiment, In polat of nam t* r? :a our whole militia, having recently inspected near ly 650 men The Colonel is surrounded by an able field and staff, and ahould have his cot ps at least only second la drl'.l as well aa numbers. The Fifth Brigade. Gen Philip 8. Crooke, were the neit to arrlre Thta brigade la composed ot tour reg insula loca'ed in Brooklyn ai d Willuraiburg Oa tbe right oT the br gvle was the Thirteenth repl mi it, National Grays, OoU nel Abel Smith. This wak ooo of tbe handsomest In the whole Ilea. It la unlTonnrd nearly the aame aa tbe l-gbth regiment In thu city, and ts coupled oT the finest class of young men in tbe city of Brooklyn. Ool. ftnith bas the honor or being tbe Senior Colonel in the dale. and we cannot fee that he Is at all rusty yet. The 111 r Wen lb bad sis companies, with about 180 muakeia. (me rem, any, Captain fprague, were in fatigue un.f"rm owing, we bear, to the Inability of the tailors to complete their foil dress la tims for this parade, being driven w th w >rk for the grand bail. The company is but new Is tne Thirteenth, but ia under aa officer who will soon bring them op Tlic Fjcrleenth regiment. National Bljes, Col. Atfred St Wood, was Ibe aecond la line in tbe rtflh brigade This reg went hare been In their present uniform but about a year, and are deserving of much credit for the a Imlmble j display they made. They had six companies, with one , Li.nd.-cd and forty muakets, a drum cor,* ot tea, j and light eeglaeera. Stewart's band accompanied , them, and were noticed particularly for their splendid muetc Ths uiilra of the fourteenth is a spleaiid one, blue, with light yellow trimming*. Twenty eighth regiment. National Guard, of Brook lyn OnfrrniTl Ml'barl Bennett, waa tbe third In Hoe of the f tfth brigade. This ragirarnl wa* last year made arils regiment, and Is ualforar 1 and equipped the same aa the Herwalh rag1, meat, mentioned above Their appearaace yeet??"tay waa c toel.ent, and fjrst"l a splendid addition go tbe whole column. They n inhered ItO rlQes, la ssveu companies Colonel Bennett Is oas of the hardest working efllcera m the State of New York, and as h.s district has n large iwrmaa population, no doubt a year or too will find hliii la comatand oT .'?00 men or mors He Will bars the good wishes and hind regards of all his brother ofll cere sod eokliere The Seveatieth regimeat, artlllsry and cavalry, Carnal Hanr.e Graham, brought up tbe left of ths Fifth brigade They had about 340 preeeat, In seven rompan es. Ore of eava.ry and two of artillery. Oas company, T. was not oa parade. Thit is oas ot ths regl ments on which much ds^endence c>uJd be mad* Mtouid o "orsalty repairs actual servos, as they are i. early all f-onera, aad could, oC course be s eed aa a regiment or detailed a* chlefi of squads la maan.' ? any reasi uabie number of guna. Cclwei >'-abam ts a practical oilicer, at 1 .1 may he truly said be has a |"act,cabte reg'meat This cl.?sd the Brooklyn di .egit.on, and oar cl?y U j*i<* ?. ?in commenced to enter the Battery. B> the i:nmense theertng and ?a?hasia?m a blind man wuald be able to know that lb- Sevealh wars approa h lag the galea. "There tb< ) Cotae " fce them "Aia't t ?l s ea," were Ihe express. oaa on all aiisa, and to a ?t ranger it w . ?ld seei lhal. allhoagk upwards of 8. 000 men weee already oa U>r Battery, aob?1y bad err. ted, a tbe eyes of Ihe aese- .bled aultli'ide 31 Uie dress aad app raire of lha National Guard It M a waste of wards to say aoytbmg, fer every one bas lbs wbo'e indelibly liied la the mind. Onions: !?fTerta was la ommami, aad liad upon the ground eight companies, ot seventy. Are men ?aeh, an artillery orra of twenty eight, besides the band of forty pl'ces and sigbtsen Unas This, with the Seld aad staff, mads tip Mors W"< 730 men Tbe troop, tinder Ca?ta.a tfcUogh lis , are yet to bs added to tbis number, aad yns have the flaast and target regiment la lbs fiulol Slates, aad wbea yov take la view tae prr+ mntl, la las worlt. Mads aip of the beat class of our boslasas men aad rlerks, who ? ni oa tartly wae Ihe s .idler '? duly, thsy are tbe cr,ns g>f sor isty , aa waU a a of corps Nest cams ths Aarealy ninth regimeat. High land (.sard, Oo towel Thomas MrUay With the ?seept.ea of ths field aad staff, the Highiaaders ?wees ta kiita aad Gleagarya. They wars a great attra-tioe, aad were heartily applauded aa they paaaed through the crowd aad entered the galea, la a am here they were sot large, ha v lag bat a tout lgg men pi'seant. They were peseadeil by f re piper*, la addition to Rohertaoa's baad of thirty pterea Tbe Niath regimeat. nty Guard, Onlonel M Tea Beurea, vera neat la order. This la the haadaomeat raglaeal, aa far as outward show goes, wa hare srsr Mao Their aalfbrm is dark bios, with ?car >t trimmings, aad fkirly da/ilee the eye la ihe llae we sor red the City Hluee, of Pater* o, Capiat a OrlfBtk. Th? f nh parade-' >10 tare, la s.i eoapanles This is toe r *1 parade they bare erer made, aad 11 Is to bs li f d t; -tt cadi i-ccaasirs parals may wltsess a like la c"" '? 'Ma prea-at cvionel Tan 8e,j*ea bas oas aftbs flaw .2a la Us Dlrlsloa. Ttof Fifth regiment Jefltrsa* Guard, Ooiooel Christian Brbwarswaelder, entered nut la sucoesatoa. This rsgt meat h*-lnf bat Just returned from a toar of stz days garrtaon futy at Port Wood, oa Bedloet Island, tt was not eipected that they would parade very full, bat they did remarkably well. They bad a la* engineers, eighteea drums, band of thirty aiz ptec?a and olfbt companies of thirty ats men. Their appearand* was solid and eSect I ire, and equal to either of the other regimes is of Um ' tame numbers The Twelfth rogtment, Independence Guard, Colonel Daniel Butterfield, were the neit we eaw, and tt waj a hard matter to recognise them Bat a short tlms since the regiment was disbanded, and here they stood with Dearly four hundred men. They were chosen as the etpectal guard at Castle Garden, and well do they deserve the honor ornferred by that selection, for no other corps has progressed in like manner during the past year. Col. Butterfield is at tiring in his oiTorts, and if this pa rale be taken as a specimen, we think tUoy have been repaid amply. The regiment at this time were only as com peeled by their drum corps, their band having pro | cceded to Am boy on the Harriet Lut By this time we bare reached the Sixth regiment, I Governor's Guard, Col Joseph C Pinotney. They | were out In good numbers and looking In better 1 shape than ever before. They numbered two hua i dred and fifty men all told Their uniform, which is 1 very plain, blue trimmed with rod, is not so striklog 1 In appearaice as some of the others, but it Is one that will stand service, and ti therefore a grod one Colonel I'lnckney has reason to be proud of bis oommand, and can, we think, show as good a front, If needed, as some who parage more for show It Is a regiment for work, not display. The Third regiment, Hussar*, Colonel B Brooke Posti*y, ! were oeit to spprar They mustered upwards of four hundred meu and bor?en Thii is the largest cavalry ; regiment in this Btato , and we believe in the Onion, and ' though their drees is rather fancUul, they make a good ; apiwarauoe The Hrst regiment, cavalry, Lieutenant Cjljoel Devin j commanding, immediately followed, with eight compa nies, tome 821 men and horses. Their uniform is the I Un. ted 3tat(? cavalry uniform, and Is certainly the beet we have seen. It is neat and plain, and perfect in Its i details This regiment, being without a colonel, Is proba I bly held back U> numbers, or it would soon equal the Third. We have now to took cssualiy at the Fourth regiment, artillery, Colonel Edward Htnckeo, and we have finished the First Division New York Stau Militia. This regiment was : *?. pec ted at the Arsenal in the morning, before pro ceeding to the tfattery, and had 360 rneu present, witta fourteen biz pounders and caissons. Attached to this regiment is the Veteran C >rps of ITT#, who were detailed to lire the saluto at the BUlery. The v bad 20 men and three twenty four pounder howitzers. By the way, we have neglected the National Grays, the nvcleus of the Twenty -third regiment, Brevet Cilonel R?y nor,wtth 40 men and a band of IT. They appears 1 very well-, bet It would bo advisable for them to take a line position In the kighth regiment, we should think. THK ARRIVAL AMI) MILITARY1 RKCRTTtON. About two o'clock a gun from one of the forts an nounced the approach of the Harriet Lane with the I'naoe on board, and In a few moments she came in sight. The different brigades were now formed, the First froit.rg C<?Stlc Garden, and Second nezt in rear, and so to the Fifth, which was formed to the left and rear of the Fourth Ttie Twelfth regiment moved from thslr posit xi in br gade line, and dividing by wings, took both sides of the gate entrance to the Garden, faced inward, and arms ordered. General Sand ford and stalT, and the other officers who were on the field as visiting guests, wers drawn up facing the entrance. la a few moments the Prinoe made his appearance, dressed in the uniform of a Colon '! of the line. He was received with the fullest honors, ruffiss, colors dropping, arm* presented, and bar.d playing. Almo?t Immediate!) he rode to the r ght of the First brigade, preparatory to j the rev iew. rn? RKvmr. In the rsview, In addition to hi* on suite, the Pr.aea wsa accompanied D y Ma;or General Sandford, of the First I'.tisiou Generals Sherman aad Spofforl, of ths Goveraor's (tall; Major Genera'. Duryea, of the Second D'vuMoo. General Hamilton, ot the Sixth brigade, and the st*!ts o( tach, making a staff of nearly fifty offloera. The review *u made by brigade* numerically In lac csaioa, and, aa they were forrnad on dlftercat Hats, It gave the revlowing ofliter the fineat opportunity to i our troo|?, or i attar our volunteer*. The iwipl.mants were we>I paid, and every point closely attended to, ma*:Dg it one o f the heal standing renews the divlaioa ever made. At the dote of the review the Prince and ?u to took their positions In the carnages provUed, and I'lHtJ out of the Battery, followed by the troops la regular ordtr, rn routt for the City Hall. MAUOUKO 8AI.rTK IN FBONT OP TIM CITT HALL. The military column reached the east gate of the Park precisely at Ave minutes pant four o'clock P. M. f irst ( ame a *?, uadron of the Washington Graj troop, Capt J M, ridng ft company froat of sixtaan flies; then followed lbs carriage containing the Prince, bis Honor Mayor Wood, the Duke of Naweaatle. aal Lord I.jooa, British Minister, next the carria^a containing (teoera1 Bruce, m fall uniform, with Col Teaadala and Capt. Grey, and others fallow ad la the suocoedlng oarrl ages, aa alao ths members of the New Tork Common Council. A portion of the WaahiDgtoe Grey troop and tha Nation a: Guard troop formed a body guard to the royal party, and rods on either aid* of the carriages After the Priaca and ths Mayor alighted from the.r carriage in front of the City 11*11. after a s'-urt ds trillion, the carriages wer* driven from the parade grt und, preparalor) to the marching salute to hi* Royal Highness by the troops of the First Division. The royal party taaa asceaded the carpeted platform, after which tha troops marched past la ths lotto wing order Major General Chart"* W Handford, Command First Divtatou New York iStato troop* D1T0B0S KTifT Division Fngiaeer, O W. ai?, Heary Tom*t , MoraU, Division judge Advocate. Division Surgeon, Lswls A. C. U Mead Hayer. Division Paymaster, E A. Division Inspector, Ksbert Blbby. C. Wetniorn. Aid, Chart** W Darting Tb* General and bis Staff were mounted on elegant charter*, aad uniformed la suits of aary bis* broad r'oth, richly trimmed with gold bullion and tao*. they W"re ihe new regulation or F ranch military cbapeas. da coratM with heavy ornamental gold trimming*. The bora* eq? pmont* were of the mo*t complete dsnoriptlon, the sal lie cloth* war* of dark bl*e, richly trimaaad around tht edgsa with deep gold taca ?eaeral Paedford took hi* position near ths royal par ty, and but ttalT, wltb thi mounted eaoort . took poaitloa opprw itr the r*v .ewer* Crt>r?ral iberman the lnapertor Several of tha tale of New Terk, rod* with lb* Major G*aeral'* staf FIRST BRIGADF, NFW Yl'RK 3TATK Mtl.iriA Br'galler Cbaile* B Pptrer.ommand ag tbe Brigade MtKiAM mar*. Intpretev, r H '<with Rrie Ffcg , Ma J. 8 Law Jadrr A-iroeve. Ma' M. >'?? l iefcnoorf 9ur. ??*, H\. D. W Waia Pa* Truster, Capt Rrigar wrtgbt. Klrby g-ia'Crmaater, Capt R fl Aid. J Janeway Van Nest lloudtay. m tontt fwT Hitoin>T tkmcin orkRit. Th'a reg'meet 1* tn, farmed la dark blse cloth ooata, wltb three row* of e>gant gilt button* oo tha b re sat, fkred with indigo b!*? cloth and gold braid; pantal >ons of indigo b.oa elolb with wide bltck cloth strpss down the seam*, cap* (f tbe Frrach infantry pattern, hue cloth bodies t.pped ? thullT enamelled leather, with n?al orna rectat frontispiece, aa J tha aumee'eat dergnat oa of tb* rrftmest !n tbe cettra, at it white worsted pompons Ths eqa pminU? crraa beita of wblla tenth er, patent ! lather cartri Ige botes, made <f stlD enamelled leather, with ths letter* A G Hereon In F.ngiiah o man. acta! script. Tbe regim.'at la armed with the new army or Mtaie muakeia. Tbt a raiment had aeven battalion corapaalea on parade, and marcbad la review la cerapaay fronta of sltteaa fl e* Fijg'.nrar Corp*? tec men. Pram Oorpa? aittean man Dod worth s Bard, forty ptaasa, atagaatly anifbrmad la French soar'ies ooata aad nam a^atpmsnis. Oolanet Abram 9. Voaburgh, (On ho '**>nck ) Oempaay 8. CMptatn Aa* r. Mittor Oompaay A Usptela J R Garland Company K, CWptela Heary F. Metster Oompaay G, nontenant Wm & Dunham Ctompnay F. Cspteia ? Cnmpany C, Uptam Wat J Oolaa Company D, Caput* D C Mearhutl mnoni! star? (w irwran) Acting 14 j steal, Paymaster, U O W. Rome Uuarterraater, Li G A veil B'tcAingliaas Cbaptaia, OmHtns Conwi Itestnerr, ('apt J.X rtsad (tiirgeon, Oapt Henry Star* fort. Aaatstaul Surgaon, Lt J. V Dodga Tte field at J staf i flirer* war* no borser>*fk Their bor*r equ'pmenls and tr appags ara of ? very sag <rj aaJ teat dwcrptiosL SECOND IUUIMXNT. Tbi* regiment ia uniformed la dark blue frock coatt, with three row* of Bute refutation button* taeUfuIlf dis played on the brea*t; white shoulder knots *dged with blue, the cape wore of the State regolatloa style, with black enamelled leather lope, frontispiece aa per regula tion; pompon of white worsted. Eqv.pment* ? wtlte oroaa belta and cartridge boxes of the United Stales regu lation pattern, pantaloons of light amy blue cloth, with white stripe down the sides. Col. 0. W B. Tompk ins, commanding Drum Oorp* ? eight drummer* Hartmeyer's Band? thirty mueiotaa* btx battalion oompanua ? iwtire hies Iront FIRST iUiOIUKKT (CAVlUtr). This regiment Is uniformed In dark blue frock ooata, with yellow trimmings: caps of the State regulation style, blue cloth bodies, tipped with patent leather, frontlsplea of the regulation patten, and dark horeehair plumes, pants of army bine, with yeUow oord. equipments of dark enamelled leather . arms, the long regulation ssbre and a brace of home pistols for each trooper; saddle cloths of dark bine cloth, and trappings of black, and yellow leather. The regiment march In company frouia of fourteen dice, twenty eight men front. Regimental mounted band. Licit. Col. T C. I'oT'.n, ommander Troop A, Uapl. Andrew I.earr Troop B, dept. John V. Barklee. Troop C, Capt W. I. Oulng. Troop D, Rapt D C Win ton. Troop K, l ent W Wallas*. Tioop 0. Capt. Benra stuck*. Troop H, Capt. A. P Ureene. T-oop 1, Capt. Cbarl * P Hawkins Troop K , Capt George Hen *en, Jr , KU.IHIim; STArT. Paymaster, Lout. J. W Quartermaster, Lieat. G. L Peck. Maxwell. Chaplain, Augustus Toet- Adjutant, Lieut. WilliaB F. burgh. Naabltl. THIRD KKUIMMNT (HUhXAtW). This regiment Is uniformed In dark blue Hussar jack ets, heavily trimmed wttb gold and yellow worsted cord and lace pantaloon* of dark blue, with wide yellow stripe down the sides, cap* of th* Prussian style, the bodice mate of black fur and the top* of scarlet cloth, with a pretty little yellow tassel suspended therefrom. Tbey were ejiuppsd with fanoy black bella, from whiah were suspended neat cartridge boxes. They were armed with the long cavalry sabre, aui each mas had two Im proved bora* pistols in bis bolsters. Thoy rode In review in sections of fifteen aal th* fol lowing order ? Mouuted band. Colonel 8 Rroolt* I'.wtley , commanding. LeuUnant Ootocei Wru Mecca. Major W W Pr o*. Troop A, Captain J. H Budk*. Troop B. Captain Andrew B-iser. Troop C, Captain George W Sauer Troop D.OepU.u John Ricbner. T-oOp R, Caj'Uin Ohtu-les K Velmelstor Troop F, Captain Fred W Schmule. Troop H, Captain 1'oter Hoeft. Troop I, (?pt.iu John Otto Troop K , Captain iamuel Wei** HBulMB.tTAI fftfr. Adjutant, Lieutenant Jas Kaho, burgeon, CapVajt C J. Vau Cort Chaplain, John B Howard. AmUtant Surgeon, II . BlnmenthaU Engineer, Captain W B Palmer QuartermiuUr, Captain A Hirech SECOND BRIGADE, NEW VORK STATE MILITIA. Brgadler Cenerai Charles Vat** Commanding i.iui.*uraa matt. Inspector, Msj. 3. M Alford Fngineer, Major H P. H-b Judge Advocate Major C. A. bell. Arthur. Surgeon, Ma. or Alas. B. Paj master, Capt J. H Her- Molt rick Qiiwtormuter, Capt C. B. Aid, Oapt. Thoe. AUoock. Wool. fhth rkjimknt jirwOK ocabd. This regiment Is uniformed In dark blue frock coat, with on* raw of Stat* regulation buttons, scarlet facing* and trlmmlnp trowaer* of light mixed b'.ne gray cloth, with a welt of scar let cloth oa th* outer *eam cap, as pr**crlb*d by general regulations ? blue bodies, with black enamelled patent leather: long scarlet pompon, cblnj strap of gilt scale* metal gilt frontispiece of arm* of the Stat* Im paling those of the United State*, with motto and erent of the State. They ma/cbed in company front* of a:xto*a die*, and In th* fbUowtng order ? Engineer aorps, eight men. Drum oorp*, eighteen drum*. Filth regiment baud, thirty piece*. Ool. Chriatlan Scn?a-7*ae)der, conmand ng Col E M Dodge Mai or Lewis Bar gar, (All mounted ou riclily caparlaoueO bore** ) Company A, Captain Uarde*. Company B, Captain Hut man. Company C. Captain Betrman. Company D, Captain Mandcr. Company E, Captain NuAol*. Company F, Captain Hapimche'.mer Company 0, Captain Hlrg' ne. Company H, Captain Barlach. RM.ia*Tai. hta"?. (Ail mouLted ) Aset A Jjt. , Lie:'. Neander QuarUrmaster, B. 8. Fsar Paymaater, l.'.eut. Char!** tng Stela way Chaplain, C C Idey. TWSLTH KKOIMXNT ? XKDVBKDBNCa OUABD. This regiment Is uniformed in 'lark bl?* frock coat*, faoe.l with light blue cloth and white oord, pant* of In digo blu* cloth, with wile white strip* oa the side*; Mo* tx died French Infantry cap*, with pa tan I Mather top*, frontispiece of a very tastefu. design, with the numer'.oal dealgnatlon of the regiment in th* centre oa th* top of their cap* the troop* wear a neat whits wool pompoa; their equipments are ma >? of black *nam*U*d leather, Superbly ornamented with gilt tnslgaa. Tbl* uniform bai a very rich, showy appearance, and la very attraattv*. They marched la company fonts af**a dim each, and la the following ?rder ? Drum Oorp* ? ten drama Governor "* Island Band? thirty pt**e* Colonel Dan Is' Butt r field, commanding aai-. astral at* -? Ad utant, Lt*i:t H A Boat Engineer, Captain F. B. Sal wick. tea Pay master, L-eu tenant C B <j>ia'tcrma*ter, Lieut A. B Wade Nioolay Char lain, M H Smith. Sergeea, Oapt B. Slack Company A, Oapt. B?o. H Barr * Com par j B, Cap! William Rueoo Oomrany C, Capt R W Bvder Oompaay I > , fapt Jntin T OUIwell. Oompaay K. Oapt Hig oie Oarpmlar Corepao; 1 , Oapt. wm S Ward. Oompaay U , Capt Jam ?* A Boy I*. SIXTH BKiilfXMT. This raglBMat I* uniformed Mmllar to the Fifth regi ment, with the single exception that tbey wore dark blu* cloth pants, with wide scarlet stripe* down tb***ama. Tbey marched In column by Co oi pan Is*, fourteen file* front, and la Ui* following order ? f iglneer ( ->rp* ? ti n men l>*om Oorp* ? eight men Waaniagtoa Bra** Band? tweaty fie* pteca* Ool .'jaeph C I inrkaai , oomuMLJisg LlMtenaat Ooleorl H R 7o?k, Major Mnton J Path burs Company H? Oaplaio Bernard Brhwartx OMopaay K Cspiala Ueorge Mittoarht Oomnany B? Capta.a Sc in- uter. Com pat>) I>? tiapuln N. Miller Company F? Chptale Alex Khelsbacfeev iompaay O? Captain t Or mm Company A? < 'entail. I tamnn Ad)ntai.t? ? Quartermaster? Lt H. H PMma*t?r? LI 0*0 1'iioa, Camp Jr. Fngineer? Oapt. A A Ar Chaplain ? C H n-'Ulp* meet S*rgeon ? Oapt J Berghaun. roc kth RMissKf?riiiD aktillbbt. This regiment I* a*if?rm*d la dark bio* fro*k eoat* trimmed with scarlet cloib . cap of dark bl'ta cloth, body eoarlat band, rruod scarlet pompoa; pants of light arsy blae cfc tb, with *carl*t atrip** down Um a id** Tki mea rode oa tbs gua car rl*g**, and cataana*, aad each man waa armed with a heavy artillery sword Their artillery oosaieted of *ixt*en leld pieoee? eix andtwelv* poumler*? with oaisaona, and each drawn by foar boraea. Th* nglmaat looked **oeadi*gly well, aad would, ac doubt,gtv*a good aaoaaat of Iter If la actual s. rvoe Th* pi**** ta rout* of march w? re drawn twe abreast, ea aitber eld* of th* stmt, th* cfhe> rs ridli.g ta the tnWrval between the gun* The Foartli mad* a very rredltaM* lisp lay 0*1 Ed war it Rta?*?a. eommaading UMl CM Itntel W T* ler, Major H Coisa. Ratter) B Oa H Join J Dwhl Bait^ry Ctapt Henry Rrh*?rr. Rail- ry D. Capt Hmn (U.a Bauer) R. Lieut Then R Park Rettery F Lleet R chard 0'0-ady Battery A, Oapt Richard Rayoor Battery H, Oapt lea* F. .Vhafcir. TBTRD BMOADK, NEW VORS SfAn Mll.mA. OMorftJ V illlAfn llill. fonaABdlM IMBWIW MM if J. (? H?r AM? ^ftato J. T Mitt, ifctt h?vUr-C^Wi J It ? Aotboa flmlfc KmImt-, ?WM? k?B J Quick lni? A>!ro??'.?? M^or W. ?A)or flw. W. ?IT Dm RMIKMT, NATIONAL Qt AftD. Tbo MM Mid pat>ia of Uitt rrgiaMl art of mdat ?liod (TAy Clotb, Mm* quality M II at ?A*d At th* W?at Point Military ArMro ) Tk? cata ar* ma<1t in tbf dr?H ???*, trinn^f tm U>? HrraM ?'th lhr#? ro?t of National Guard km**. Ib? MM, cu? aad col lara fitful *ttb b M tl lb and with fold manfrt#, t ttcicat to tire tlx aaiform A T?rjr MAi mart al and Hrr'mUt aptvarAMA TV? paats or the msa bar* black wide cloth stripes dowm it* sldea. They wear wblla leather craaa baiU, attached ta which ara tb? cartridge bona, regimental patten, oa which ara the latter* N G. la English onmmental ecript. They ara armad with mart; eta of tha arm/ or Mlaie patent; capa of tha Fnaet infantry pattern ? plaah bodies and patent leather tope, while wonted loaf pompoa, frontispiece of gilt metal, wltb the flgan T conspicuously displayed. The uniform* of the field and staff off) (ten ara very o?a and substantial, and the horae equipment! of a rory tasteful descrlptloa. the) marched In columns by platoons t wenty (Has front , in the following order ? Engineer Corps? twenty two man "Drnm Oorpa? elghtcea men. aiuMm tiki Band? forty ptecea. Marshall IWIerts, commanding Uaulenant Oolouel K M. Crawford, M*jjr Wa. A Pood. Company H? Captain H C Hhumway Ooanpaoy F? Captain Benjamin 11. Nenra. Compa.iy U? Captain Alexander ihaler Com pmy G? Captain John Monroe. Company K ? Oaptain Wm A Hpalght. Company A? Captain Wm, P. BenaeL Company D? Captain W II. Riblett. Company C? Daptaln James Price. rbo?i<bi?tai *rarr Adjutant, J. H L.ebeoau. Surreoa, Captaia I W, Paymaster, Capta.a Aaron Cneeaman. Assistant Surgeon LA. E. Quartermaster, Ueut I. W M.Cameron WlooLuiler ChlpillB W Brainerd. Ec?ii.c*r. Capla'u E. L. Ordnauce offloer, J A Ba Y'ete hw KIKTH RKHMKKT? SEACOA3T ARTTLLERT. This regiment la uniformed la dark blue cloth pants and coats, elegantly freed with scarlet cloth and trimmed with gold lace caps of blue cloth bodloe, with appropriate gut metal frootlaplece tbor-oo pompon of scarlst worsted. This U deoid'dly the moat beautiful artillery uniform In thla country They are arm ad, when doing duty, a* In fantry, with the new army pattern, or Mime musket They marched la compan'es, twelve Alee front, la the Pol Ijwlnf order ? Doda rib'* Band? twenty ple<*? lTiim Corps ? i-ight pieces, Got Michael Van Buren commanding lieu I Ool W (1. Ferris Maior W H lUlieck.. Hi?ee jfBcers were mounted on ftvandid chargers.J Company A, Capt Jo-> H. Johnson. j Oompan; C, Capt Mansfield Lovell. Compvi) I > Capt John W Darts, Jr Oocnpauy F.Capt Wm. Atlerbory Company B, Capt. H L Kobert. uauiMBirrAL tnarr. Adiutacl. Burgooo Capt K W F susr IS> master. Lt H I. King, Eog'r, Capl H. L iteveos. yu'rmastw . 1 1. A Beorlques. Rl.UITH RKOIIOKT ? WASHINGTON URAT8. Tli a regiment Is uniformed the same as the 8ev -nitt, with the esoeptioo of the froatiapisce <yi the capa. They an a fine body of mea and did thomaelrea credit >n the r?oept<oti column The battalion companies marched in r- mpanr frcota of sixteen flies, la tha follow ng order ? Kngineer corps ? twelve men. I>um corps ? sixteen drim* Qrooalyn Narr Yard band? twenty-two piecea Oui (-eorge Lyons. Lieut Co C. O. Waterbury, Major 0. F W ?ntwortii Company C, Capi C Burger. Company H, Capt Samuel Gregory Company B, Cap; H. Mooie. Compaoy A, Capt. C H. Burtu. Company E, Capt. Alex. Frazsr. Company D, Capt E. D Lawreo^e Compaoy F, Capt Leander Buck R'.lHXJTAl suit. Adjstani, LiMk C J. Blau- Chanlain, Thomaa Butter nit. Quartermaster, Lieut. D. B. Paymaster, Llect M. B. Keeler, Jr. Owtman Engtneer. Capt W W Wal Assistant Surgeon, L.eut ton. J Aitkes, Jr. Firrr rim MorjawT? oakds lafatwtt*. Thj regiment la composed eacluatvaly or Frsncbmoa. Their uniform is of toe F ranch Infantry style, dark blue frock coats, scar'et panta, uniform caps, neatly ulmmed with scarlet card and braid, and pompoa ? of Rcarlat worsted. Then were she battalion companies present They marched In column by companies, nine flies front, tn tha following order ? Pioneer oorrm? eight men Drum oorpa? eight meat. Regimental bead ? tweety-two p. aces rk.ikbnta: rrtxrt . Colonel 1 a Gal, commaoding Oompany A, Captaji J 3 l'hunmall>5r Oompaay V, Captaia Char lax Mercter Oompany D, Captaia Booore (ioulet Company F. Captain I?wis Thu irot Oompaay F, Captain Liaa Lafebre Oompaay H, Captain John 0. Thuick FOURTH BRIGADE, NEW YORK STATE MILITIA BrifaAlsr Geasral John Eweo, commanding. Bam ads tnirr. Inspector, Maj R Ta, lor Aid, Capt. J B Stearns. Judge Advocate, Ma). H R Surgeon, Ma] H. B. W?od CumtLtBga hull. Qunrtermaster, Capt B 3. Paymaster, Capt J. 0. Yaa Bona. A bra ma IUKTK-TH WXhT- WASStKOTOK RIFLM. This regiment Is uniformed In dark blue cloth, with smrrsl 1 green facings; cips of ths French palters, su perbly ornamented with gilt emblems, pompons of ems raid (rasa. Their equipments ara of blaok sns mulled leather They won on this ocosaloa their new patent leather knapsacks. They an armed with the loeg raaga Minis rile, with sword bayonet, a most formidable weapoa Tha Eleventh, In acmsrleal strength , an as oond only to the Bsventk Their nppsaranoe yesterday was very creditable. They marched In review in ce I?bib by companies, sixteen flies front, la the following order ? faglssar Oorpa? ten men. Dram Carps ten soon. Whitwortb'a band? twenty six pieces Oolonal Homsr Boat wick Lieutenant Cotaael i F. Beadix, Major E. Varnro Company A, Captain Kroeat Siraoo. C n.pary C, Captau. William *ineb?irgor Oompaay F, Captaia Henry Las Oompao; K. Captaia Hoary Kietn. Onmpany E, Capta.a Peter Ruth. Company O, Captain John Knbln Cc,mpar.y H, Captain Coara.1 I'y And two other companion act enuue.-atod sja.ramrraj. mar*. Adjutant, Lt George A Ray Engineer, Capt J ? SsrvaU. BKiad Chaplain, Joan J. Matt. Paymaatar, Capt C. B Bo- Burgeea, Capt. & H. Gil Quarter maater, U M 3. Asslslaat Sargeoa, Lt. E. Allan Parmly The flald aad staff oflkoers were moaateA wt Eirri vnrra mmnuurr? komlakd oruto. This reglaseat is ualformed la full Bigh.and costume? boaaeta, kllta, polka Jacketa, he ? aim liar to tboae wara by the Seventy ninth regiment of British troops They mart-had la colussn by compaaisa, fourtaea ties treat, Ttr? if an eorpn? rocrteea dmmi Highland p. per*? 8 re men Robert aoo'i band? twenty It* piece t Unions! Tbnmae W ifnl#aa. Lirauaul delooel S M Kuiott Oaapaay A, Caputs Wrn Manaoo ( otnpwf B. 0?rU " .'ohn MrOafhg , Company C, C*, ULn TV>m*e llarela/ CoBptor 0. UapM'.a Wi.iitm Br in l)umr?ny K, Oaptate Robert T Dona Jaon Ooaipany f, OaptelD John Maano Cap tela Raynor'a Company Nalloaai Ornya, la tw? pi* tooaa. IWa followed the f!fU Br gate. of Brooklyn Tb* bri gade oouatata of tb? Thirteenth regimeat, Colooei Ab>l Smith, Fou-teecth reglaaent, Ootoaol A. II Wood T ??n ty M(bUi rtgimenl, Culoaei M Beau tit Seveatietb re gtmeat, Ookiael Bawuei i>rabam Tte troepe bad not ail paaaed In pa new at tea atantee f ut Bt? o'clock, wb'o it m fait gre eing lark, aod tba Major Ibotgbl It eipedleat to order Um carrlagea aad eoaduct tba royal party to their hotel Aooordiagly a port toe of the 8ereat eth regtaaeat, that war paaeag al the time, wea obliged to bait aad alio* the oarn^ee to re acler the i*arW Tba Prtaee aad Bo tte were aooa m rvue up Broadway, reviewing the tru?pe who were farm ed la iiae aa they paaaed. We muet. la jaetlee to tha troopa of the Fir at IMvtaloa, ccmaead tbem for Uialr ?y>nf da crpt as I gallant bearing oa UH oc caf lea. Tbe Barrett! regiment fairly atirpaaaed ibemeeiree by tbelr large tiamtrcal atree* h aad the cor rect manner la which they paeeed la rerlew before tba Prlare. Tbey were laadly applauded from tha tlaM tha toed of tba column eatered tbe Park aatU their Ml , reaobed Broadway Geaeral Brnoe, of the Prlace'a aulta, waa highly elated with tbe Beveath regiment, and re pealed ly remarked that be never aaw their March log or aalutlng ricelied. The Fifth regiment pr* err ted a aulld mat, aad they aiao met tbe epprobatioa of Beaeral Itraee The Baeoad, Twelfth aad Sereaty nlatb rega^nta aiao deaerva hoaorable mention SCENE FROM THE BATTERY TO THE CITT HALL. The reVew orer, tba cortege moved op Broadway l? warda the Oily Bail The protean *oa waa preceded by a ?quad of policemen, followed Immediately by the Prlaee, aocompanird by Mayer Wood, the I Hike of NevcaaUe, aad Lord I. yon a, la an elecant barouche faralahed hy tha Aawrloaa Rxpreaa Ootapaay, drawn by alt iuperb blaek boma. All np Broadway waa a drnae maa of llrlag, moTtag, "orgtag humanity. language fella to roe r or aa h ca of the ?ul crowd Prery bouaetop, door, etoop, window, the udewalka? ta fat*, wherever a h- men being could be plared, a human being waa prtarat The cable retebratloa aad the Ja paa??? rear pr on draw tom?aao cnada, aad ao did the arrival of the Oretl Eastern, hat nev.r before bM Mew York wltMMOd *0 large a crowd, lU g ttkered together for ?< cb a purpose. Talk or mm of heads, nt uj figure, can 'leal or otkarwlM, el would fall Infinitely abort of Uu (rat reality. Id fket, U l> not hasardmg loo macb loaajr tbal Mm berore baa tba young Prince fund on aueh a crowd m Uiat wbicb greeted bis vtsloa while passing ap Broadway roster day afternoon Even his rjyal mo her, on aucb alata occasions a a tba opening of Parlament, ia aot accustomed to meet aucb plaadtu ai greeted her son and heir yesterday , from tba hearty cheer of tbe hard kited mechanic or laborer to tbe *?rW| handker chiefs, huld in fair baa da wbicb have never bald any thing heavier tbao the aforesaid haadkerobiefa. ia fact, lb* progress of Albert bdward up Broad way was one con tinued ovation. A good natured crowd It waa, too. ready w'tb hearty jokes, making fun of tfcs objects which paaaed before their oyes. N jw and lb to, as a solitary Individual paaaed aloa( tbe open (treat, whloh, aa Our u Cortland! street, waa kept clear from curb to curb, be would be greeted sa tbe 'Prlnos,' tbe ?'Duke/' or tba "Doctor,' 4c., lie , as bis garb and aupposed age would area to warrant, and cbsers and tbe accuatomed "licer ' would be propoaed la honor of tbe way rarer, all of whlcb waa taken in good part. H?o decorations ooths route were rather chatta tban numerous. At tbe Olty Hall there waved a Br'tuih onsvTn over tbe wwrtern wing. On the eaat were the (.tare and stripes, while towerlog aloft la Ike centre tbe (lag of tba city Buttered In the breeze From the Agricultural offloe a banner waa suspended acroM tbe atreel, w'.ta the following Inscription ? iwaurna to tub aoo ok brolabd's woiilssv r?vao? > or aoBiruLTtntm I ; Agriculture lathe moet healthy, tbe moat useful, $ > ai> J the moat noble employment ot man. j J WAsaiwoToir. ? < A///// V// WW VW/W/I) At Tower's (tats Earle's) Hotel, a large Ameri can Hag and a smaller British ensign were float ing sldo by side Barn urn's Museum nude a grand *bow, alternating w.tb British and American enaigns la evory window. A line of larger tugs, of both countries, -tretcbod over the way t) the Astor House, the facade of h inch was dect raU-d with a Brltiih and American ensign (?otortwned. At Winduat'a dining saloon, a British and on Amciican easign wavod togothir, side by alda, while a large American flag floated from the mimmlt of the building No, 150 Broadway wa# handsomely decorated, after the raaincr of Baraum'3 Mufccum, with an KuglWh and American Bag alternating in every window Green & Baker's, No. 11T, was deio ratrd with two American Saga, and, lower down, Good evs, Arkrlifc Ktliot hoisted the Onion Jack, la honor of tbe occasion, while high above all was a red flag, wita the device of a cttntU in tbe centre Still lower do vn, at No 82, there was a largo American flag, surmounted by a p< noant. From No 30, tbe office of tbe Greenwood Cemetery, desp to it. u lugubrious oattre of tha eetebliabmeot, a line of flags wai strung across the street to the Sterers House, the general re sort of Engiisbmeo Tbe flags consisted of the American and British ensigns, tbe Hibernian flag, and other na'.-oa a. f j mbols. Iu the balcony of the holel a number of miniati-xs flags were displayed? the Amertcaa and tha British Sag croeeing. A large Britiab ensign ou tbe sum mit ot the building eurmouattd the whole. Aa a matter of oonrae, tbe British Consulate, at No. IT, was ban iscmcly decorated, tha British Union Jack being conspicuous. But tbs bsst part of tba decora tions was tba ladies, with lbs stoop was crowded at as eaily an hour aa tea o'clock Every oounUnance, manz of wM;h gave evi dence of pure British origin, was redolent with joy, and even the two liugo aloni lions on either side of the sa tranos strmed to smils with a grim sort of ?attraction. Nest door, the ageoey of tba Liverpool, New York and Philadelphia Ship Company, was handsomely dressed with Am* rlcan, Britiab, and other flags. At tbe Bowling Grree, luit in the centre of the blook of buildings, there was as arrangement of flags form ing a reprsaeatatloo of a high peaked ga b.e, significant of tba Outch origin tf that part of tbs city. Tba apei, aa waa mast, was dressed with a Britlsi- and an Amsrloaa ansign, oas on each side, while tha flags of all aatioaa fluttered be neath on either side. Immeuse crowds were gathered to (etber at this poiat, svea sa early as hetweea tea aad eleven o'clock The Washington Hotel waa filled to t ver flowing. Tbe treee la the neighborhood bora a luxuriant crop of bo man fruit, while one anthuaiastio Individual actually ea sconced himself oa a lamppost, la tha space that ought to have beea occupied by the gaa Jet. but which had beea probably removed for the purpose of repair THB Cn.MH OF T1IKTTT. Oo tearing Tr laity church tbs china ee rarg not tweet uJ ckar, under tba management of Mr Ayllfle, Wit tiperleoc*d bell ringer. IC'IKU OK Tax ROCTB. B*veral funny incident* took place oo the Ilee of marcb Opposite Trinity church aa unfortunate dog found his way to tba Middle of the street, and was enable to satrl cats hlmastf, through the daoaa muiN which lined the sidewalk R waa laughable to bee tbe manner la which tbe poor brute, aa plaiaiy aa a dog could talk, In all the bland i-bmeota of tail wagglag and other canloc tsaaooatratiooe, taBplorlag the compaa etna, now of tbla aaaa, than of that. Bot all bla aoliclla tuna were la rata, till a *> apaaetonate policeman took bold of bin by bla o?ck aad pitched htm among tbe people oa the atdewalk, where be epeedlly eubaided. A elm. lar scene waa eoacted opposite Power * Hotel, with tbe exception of tbe unfortunate cur gett'ng m >re kieka than cents frsm tbe feet of tbe advanced police guard At tb'f point of tba proceeston eome 1:?eulty waa ss peneoced In keeping tbe way clear, ao vsst waa tbe crowd; but It waa affected w;lh but UtUe annoyaace to either tbe people or tbe po! ce The eheers all aloag, bat particularly here, were overpowering, and tie waring of baadkercblt lb by the lad lea waa something to be remesa bertd lor all time Thul at tec led and thus honored, (fee Pr:aoe, with hls^cxtcge, ecu red the City Hal' Park from Park row. Tin rush row rum waa t men don* To glre aa idea of tbe can for Bag*, H la only neceaaary to elate that Means. Ann In k Oo., of 99 Fulton atreet, the great Sag manofbeturero, bar* been employing between forty sad Bfty g'rla, who bare beeo kept bard at work tor the !aat two weeks. Oa Wedaeeday n?lit aiiteen young lad lee were kept la active employ ok lit all night by thta trm, making up tbe aaagtitoeat dag th.rty by twenty feet la stss. whkb was displayed ia front bt Ball, Black h Oo 'a store. | SCBNBK AND INCrpFSTS IN THE PARK. Tossy that this civic, If sol classic, ground presented a area a in chararter w tb tbe ociaslos would be alarnel to Attract from what is lu dae ia coeaertion with tie pageant of yasterds y. But boldly may II be asserted thai nerer before waa it to radiant aad ao attract re with tbe presence ?f fair women aad brave men However jaat the ciala of tie former mar *e Ic hold a t-at place oa tte pa# ? whirl, records (be dally ivmi> of life ? bow ever traly It may be said tbey are er?r foremost Is reengtititBg, with feeling* and aympathlea peculiar to lh<me*lrre, wt*#ver aad whatever baa a .last aa l honor able claim to pr.blic eoi sideratton and regard, that elalm waa yesterday fully tua tamed, aad their per rap. m re mge.sed by tb* tboueaale aad tans of tftecssads wbo Joined th -m Is the magnificent ovatloa to the Priaee of Wales. The City Hall I'ark haa ever be?-a a ferorlta locality fbr C'vU diepiaye, and tbe attraction* of the be ur thers bare many a time aad oft gathered large aa esmbagss within Its p-rlleua, bat never before did It present *uch a crowd of human beings? ?u a compact maee of aaen and women? a* U d d yesterday . during tbe marching past of tbe toidlsry la preeeooo of tb* roj ai visiters I rom tbs earliest tari.out la the moralag? aad that was I mg? aitnj hours, InJejH, betes soy could hops to be granted with eves a glimpas of tbe >r*t preparations of the dsy'a programme, people begaa to aaaembie, a* te a central polat, la the Oily Hall Park In teed, thoee wbo, too, selected It, not>* a plans of wltaeasing to MM best ad vantage tb* pagssat of tbe day , aad beholding the hero of the bsur, bat aa a favorable ground for vsadlag iWelr humble wane, teemed te be laggarda la oompariaoa with the mere pleasure seekers, wbo desired oalt to seoera commaadlag potato of view of the platform rrosa wbloh It wsa kaowa tbs Prises was to wllnsaa lis mart hie g paat of the troops. Aa the boar advaaaed, tbe crowds sweeping past, sad harrying oa to tbe Irst point of attraattoa ? tbe Bettarjs-aad o her seleeed plaota, ro?meot*rlly swelled tbe Bu?i?wr* within tbe Park From the galea, eaet .ad weal, a deeee line of anatons apectatore begaa to f.^rm, which grew dewper aad tilaker as the bouri aped paat To? fr wu of thtr* Uses were kept selform '.* eop-araiee ?>yri|> ? atretrfaed 'rom gate to gate. ea tee lea* te nf wh rti p ? ! were stationed, prsvsr.tleg hoy Invaa a n^n t6 . ?,.v? thus kept clear for lto?n yet there ?m no KpMltUN of the proceastoa makiag I la iffwmw; but ootw'.th stwdtng this, the ontdi etiH kept pouring is, tad sMB kept Ukloc up position* to the rear of the first oosaera, from behind whom it ?il aliaoet Inpoeelble for th*si I* suooeed, under the Boat favorable circumstances, la catching a glimpse of the Prince when bo should arrive, and only erea chance gleams of tha glittering array of eoidiory aa they larrhad past Bat atlU soma ground muat be takea, and aa the Prince wu to be there, aad aa the whole cortege muet paaa through It there, the criwte continued to assemble. There wee, of couree, more thM the usual gathering of tha Itinerant reader* of fruit and randy . of men flpertiet of young men. whoee amuse ment *u In joaUInf through the dense throngs who el bowed and wedged their way through the streets, of bofl whoae glory and ambition It waa t? climb the big keel treee and Beck pointa of observation from the moat psrH oua btanchea, aad tha moiiey currant of humttHty wtueh flows and ebb<> through thi? great city. Tha City Hall u self wai regularly benteged, tut It held out succeesAiMf for a long time. At last there came a cruah of crinoline, and the defence* and their defender* gar* way, and toon the window* and U>* be loon lee ware filled with the (air lad lea who were tha victors in tha fight. Thar* were no decoratl mi* observable about tha building Oe either wing were rai*ed tha American and British Saga; in tha centra the city tlandard. But from every prlrata and public building in view tha broad lag of Ainerioa nd the ensign of tagland tninglad their fold* In the brer ee, aa if joining la the harm any which pervaded Um action of the pMetng crowd* beneath. It waa near foar o'clock when the m title of the bands waa beard costkq; up tbe lower part of Broadway. In an mutant theaa Hound* of meate were loet la the nolae aad uproar of tha ruih of people which ensued, and n ithing waa to be heart for minutes but the noise of hurling feet near and tha roar of ro iota la tha dtatanoe. It waa exactly four ?*< nu lea paat four when the head of the cortege wheeled Into the Park? the advance eacort of the Washington Gray*. Immediately after followed the barou be In whdh tli 9 Prince rode, who deeoended, amid the oheeta of thuueanda and the waring of i maim arable white haedkerohleft, In rront of the City HsB? liore a slightly elevated platform waa placed* and which the Prince aaoended aa the fir*t body of troops approached. Beyood the hearty welcome whin greeted bim when be entered, there were no demonstration made by tbe aaaembled multitude until the moment the Prtaea took bl* departure. During the short Interval which clapted from hi* taking hi* position near the platform un til be took hla stand upon It to return tha salute of tbe troop*, never*! voice* called out for a speech . Mayor Wood, in reference to tbi* particular humor of the Ga thnmltefi, good humored!? remarked to the Prince that tha people mutt have their humor, and he hoped he would n cuse them Tbe Prince at onoe smilingly replied, " Be cute them! I am delighted with everything." Tbe Princt stood upon (he dais or platform while tha troop* mtrrbed pant, aud saluted in return eechoos* mandlLg officer , although It waa intimated to him bf Major General Sandford, through General Bruce, that II waa only expected of him to salute the regimental stand ards. The Prince paid no attention to the suggestion, and, greatly to the ploaauro of those acquainted with what had transpired, be continued hit sa lutation* to the officer* to the end. But before tha whele of the troop* bad marched paat, It becoming evi dent that the vaat multitudes lining tbe whole of Broad way from the OKy Ball to Fifth avenue would be de prived by the lateness of the evening of the gratificaUoa of advantagenualy seeing the Prince, It waa determined to make as hasty t move as possible, and one of the regi ments waa ordered to halt In Its advance until the ear ritges should oe brought up to convey the Prince and **tt* to the hotel. A* the Prinoe entered hi* carnage be waa most heartily cheered. Be raised his ckapeau la reoogal tioa of tbs greet ingajof the people, and louder grew tbe cheers and more numerous tbe waving of htndkerchitfc until be had passed from view. It may be resiarked bare that Gen Bruce pi pressed to M?J. Gen. Bedford hi* surprise at tbe soldierly and hlfhly disciplined bear ing of the troop i generally, but particularly notlolng tha Twelfth and Seventh rec 'meets Tbe latter, he said, formed in line aa fine a body of soUisrs as be bad ever TITE ROYAL RIDE CP BROADWAY. Is accordance with the prof raaoaie, M Boon m the r? ?lew to the Park ?H completed, tke carrlagea were re > tuned In the mbm order la which thejr arrived, ni the Prlace, suite aad follower* pnemu aloe* the Usee am his way to the Kifth Avenue Hotel. Tbess extended from Reade street to Waver ley place; aad as the cortege moved slowly aloof, the various corps presented ansa, the bands pished and the people cheered. To convey an Idea of the crowd, which, next to the Prince, was the great curiosity of the day, is Impossible. It was huge, Immense, enormous, eu?fer Med, stupendous, Infinite aad indefinite It was a maitltude ountleas as the leans of the forest? castf those crushes which are perfectly bewlllertnf to the senses. Below, a stratum of humanity was so wedfed la aad macadam: zed together that to move one Lndlrldaai was to stir the whole mass, while above, every window sill was a roufh frame, within which the laces oi beaaU ful womes and smliisf children made up an attractive picture. Every openlaf , every story, every reel was a parapet, from which coaitsatly played a battery of brifht eyes Every available place was occupied, aad whsre ctrcumsuaosh aata rally failed to provide accommodaUasM, Infeeatiy brought Into requisition bo km, beaches, chairs, tablss, aad any other appltaaoe that would effect the desired ob ject As aa Illustration of the extent to which this spe ctra of Invention was carried, we saw standlaf oa the ear row ledfe of the first story of a house, a place not mach wider thsa the heel of one's boat, two rouef sees, who maintained their pwliloa by msaas of a rope paeeod around their bodies, and thence inside the bulldiag through the wiedows os either side Tboee who could not enjoy the privileges of a window were content to take to the street, aad lbs quantity of well dressed ladles aad children, mixed In with the not over frag rant crowd of ui.KO'.red publicans and sinners, was palafully amazing to behold. Onoe In It was almost lmpoaible to fet oat, and the poor fsaulea were compelled to end ore the paiss of purgatory to gratify the curiosity they oealda't be4p Even the side streets were made available, aad vehicles of various ktads ware press id Into service and a peed By crowned with aa array of hustaa be lags To ths bays the lamp poets and Iros ralllnfs were a fod seed, aad though now aad than by looklaf up, the spectator ralfht eee tatters I iatogumsals flsttsrlsg la the breeas froi.i pot ota of the huaaa oorpwootty that ware aevsr made trader by too much whlpptag , llUle attaatloa was paid to tbewe freaks of nature ao 1 ancident Oa ths whclo t>e crowd was altogether unobjectionable, except to |U Individual components. Oscartosally there stigto be beerd considerable promiscuous swsariag . or whso the ponoraaen rammed their batons into men's stosMSfes oho could not move an lack la any direc tion to eeve their lives, there woiid be aa eruption of highly ox*gynated adjectives that a n rid ?ake i man's ears I lac<? with holy horror , or sometimes some qtiie* temper wjM strike out fro- a tea ahoeldsr art) he quietly removed from the aeeae of aetloa by gaa turn** ta hineco%ta, b?t, with tbeae oxrepUoas, every thing was liarmnnloos, melodious and good. The defloration* aloaf the route were net what might havr heea eti ?eted, ind beyood n display of flags hare and there, ooe or two tnouoee, aad pictures of the ' Name Rrnfrew's hat," aad a few advertising dodfea, there was little lo attract attention Is this respect. la fact, they wou'd hardly have been aeeo If preoool Ir peaetag llr I.alrd'e Store. 4St ??nod way, a beautlftri i>r>uqM. t waa thrown Into the Pri Bee's sarriage, aeeam ponied by the tolmwiog plaaaaat llaee - Anrept . dear Prliee, this htmble g'!%, riuh every kind, aed loeal prefer May Heavea, your Hi?lioeee ever III! Above each sod aad worldly care Ooe prayer, among the real 1 send , Materi al love tt-s mat e a?e slaf, Tbov,. h 1 would not yuur?>4f e(T nl, Hoy it be Inof era you are Klag. In each aa outpouring of humaally It would seem aa If * great number, from ooe cause or another, mutt of oe eeealty he hurt; but we have heard of a ithtag of a sort mis nature A frw horses slipped aad retted their riders la the mud, aad some bloody heads may have heea mails by ths elena of ths pollse, bet hsyeat thsas Ihore are sol snaay men ecu under the head of aassaWlsa whl* we have to record its anoa as the royal cortege poeasd ths ragtme^ I la review, owing lo the lateness of the heme, It weeld Im m*dtet?ly de*le and proceed to the plane of <t'??nl??u , ?? thai bj the tl*ne the Prince rewihod the head of th- lias ? he ?.r,? at ibe oppoatte e jd had departet for their re s|*c?>vs armories 11 waa by thia tlma^nlte dark, aad the rrovd I e? a ,,Mbl, W tb'n ?et A *? ????"? ,h? Od naih* were a m*?a of morlaf te'nr "homeward

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