Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 13, 1860, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 13, 1860 Page 10
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THE PRINCE IN THE METROPOLIS. [OONTINl'EU KKOM flfTB I' AGE ] ? number of others ot the oouimittee, *u oooducted to the (upper room throng h the side enlrauoe arrange! for Ibeparpafce li waa Impossible, hoaever, to follow tbe rojai movemen'a, and mill uvwe diinc?lt U> gpl ?l Ihe good in.nga Intended for Ibe public delectation. The follow log la the hill of fare Tbose IB the royal party were printed In fold, upon white itUa; Ibose (or the a nimon peopie, In broLxe, on the same mnlerUl ? r +++++*'+ "0 haul J IN HOW?>K ??r HIM ROYAL HIGHM"** fR1>'<*OF wAIJa jtaw lr?rk, < <i?b?r 11 IbtW MfcKV. 0t0, *?*"" t'on*<<ma* do Vol?n'??. lluitre- ? U J'ouielfc). ^ ^ am o, ^ ^ ^tirre d? VoitpclUar. Ml .u de tvui . ,(,d,Dj? . i? Ro) ale j p?t#a de gibiara , U |Ait 4 ? r,n iin.i \ Pair, de LI. vres an, Trr ffes. * * ?" ; .nt uead Boaf ? l'*cailate. i ) UjiTt^nAlw de Vobll'ea, } t ?.??'?? de Iloiurda it la R u*ee. , Bmm J U. esaaloea t)'< a?a'a, } OeV'??. Mar.'e. * ?ctd.4nea de f'ulia > Ci ? ai'i Frai ea. (J la?-e a la Van lie et Citron. } i eilta Pi ? OtarM e Knmiw. i fiitn PoI'Mi Kni'n?ilnwjre, ic. i iac>? ? NTI.KS. !a Heine Victoria rl le frloce Albert. < Le Onat kutem. Le V mm de flora. J Kll*er Pounla'n. Ac . Ac. Ibe array ol fruit waa particularly rich. America rhow< d a hat she could do Id tbe grapo d?|>artmenl, but M must bo oobfeaaed that certain package* of a amali white grape, just arrived from Franoe, beat everything in Ihia line. II was not without prea'. labor on the p irt of th gontlo Men who bad h i Koyal llvbnets la charge ibat they sue ?aadod la getting him to a comfortable local, n. The mnltltode soon after tbrorgod into the room and It waa filed almost to suffocation. Tbe supper, though unexceptionable in quality, waa not all that could be desired, b-'cmise of the miserable arrangements under wbl h It was served. A few aoly oould be assisted at one llano, and tboci few by remaining at tbe tabloe, rendered U necessary to pan tbe food over the hea la or under Ibe elbows of their neighbors Wince, creams and jel lies, In tbts operatloa, m -o consequently liberally ?prickled upon elegant dr?Mte, and damage done by tho quantity. Tbe Prince took all In gool part, however, and In easv conversation with those around blm, the tapper found lis way to IU dceiitalloo. A fine band was In attendance here, and supplied tbe ?oaapany with sont ezollcat innate throughout tbe ?veiling, the rush continuing with little or no Intermis sion until the small houra of tbe morning. THE PRINCE DANCISH. Halt i-ikt Tmrnx* O'Ciocx. Lraving the supper room, the crowd owning retpoel tnlly before him, the Prince paaned back again to the dais, and, afler a moment's paise, opened the ball for ^aally with Mrs Governor Morgan, who was moet richly aod elegantly drccsed Ttie members of the Prlnoe'a nlte filled up the set. The dance has just begun. A ?pace Is roped off for lancing, and no more sptje Is re Served than is ntoesrary. OX* O'CLOCK. The Pr'nce danced tbe second daaC4 with Ill's Mason, aod the third with Mrs. Hoyt, tbe youogost daughter of ?eneral Scott. Mes Hojt Is richly drtased in pink silk, with an overdress of lace. Tbe rro# 1 around during ths Inst dance waa so great that the parly oould hardly stir. THE LATKUT KUO.H THE DAM,. EATrsnav, <Htdrsr 13, 2 A M. Tbe Prince Isaga'n trying to dance. Tl, roie span bsc mucJi diminished and the crowd arojnd bis Royal H'ght ess is almost as greit as that at the Japanese ball. The committee allege that there art- more than 3,000 peo ple In tbe m>m, Ibat outsiders hire bribed the police. Maty of whom are on duty undar 8ergeact Spade, and ?btained sdmltiance. The Jo<wpeep?rs are under char?* if Mi*s, of Wallack's The ooniuitlee are now counting the liekrts Sui?rlntend?*it Kennedy watching the opera tion Earapt tbis and ?he crowd there la no exiltemeol, aad all is progressing favorably. Tba repnsenuilves of the press are lnd>l> ted to Mr. Palmer and Klngalake, of tbe Asadsary, for planiag at tfcrtr diejmsal ??<? ot Um rc mi of tha buildlnc where they ??aid attend uDdialurbe<l to the r datiea. Halt Past Two o'Cura. Two of the thr -e boim h*T<- been rpeoed and count* 4. Tbo result Is, tbat twelve hundred mil two tlckcta bar* b--ea frond, acd It Is eat I mated that at loast twelve hundred are In the third b?? at trie orntre door. The Inference la, that there oufbl nut to be mora 1 3au throe tbouaud peo ple la the bout#, cxoept admitted bjr collation with the oommlttra'a door k<?pers and th< police, one of whom la stationed at each door. Thla oo luslon, the Huperln' lendent say*, is impossible, and bes'des that ibvra can fee no more than 8 000 persons preaest, aa the bras* la only crowded oo the lower 11 ?>r Tbe ooinmltl <e my III. Ue but thtak much. The queatlon abiat lb* ticket* can not be ?? tUed for an hour or lw? yet. and wlil probably ?mount to notbirp, aa the PupcrlaleodtBl la about right I* hi* l*U*r assertion. ARRANGEMENTS FOR TO DAY. Pp to a Ute hour last ercmof w* did not hear of any special arrangements karltg been made (or the entertain n? t,t uf the Prince of Wait* and tbs members of hi* suite to Jay, as la r*?ae|oroo* of the lata boar at which th y itre eipertod to retu'a fro? U>* ba'J, tbe member* of ?fee <vn nut tee of arrat genie nla tboi.fbl they would pro feaMy be too much fatigued to learctb* hotel before noon Purlng the afternocfe they will oo d'ubt be tak*n to In ?pert *otn* of th* turn > fluo balldlog* ami Institution* of sir city. > TUB F1RKM1M S PARADE T) NIOHT. f he Urasil Ton htlftht l*roces*l?n of th* rii< Drpanatfel In Honor of th* I'tinif ?l ttairt- Programm* of Chief Kngistrr U? her? Heats of the Parade, , 4m-., 4m. The e i ?r l t. h| jbl | r kssIc* of the flr?tne* In ho* w.'f hw F. >al W rbt-M* thel'rucaol Wales, for whU'h sue elteiele* pri>|?ni'i<?* har - bee* going oo for the ten >w weeks, will Cftoe oiT to nlgbl. a*d It is eipeat*d li>?i < i afis.r will he the m st Si '? cJld anJ Imposing of Its k* ! that ha? esrr tak*n plar ? la this rtty. hi nam b?rs w are Informed thai It ? ill ftr exceed *r*o lb* g ? >t~J n;4l |k. r i.i- of Use Kir* Tlej *rim-n: last rear, whs liui i ? ?l?rt d t he Oae*t . lhlb lion of the gallant 4- f- w-' <S f ?'Ur lire* nad peo^eity that bad oeoomd up *?? II t , -.1 4 All the etg>ne*btre been newly patsl *d ?? ? w'tbiM icg*>.l loc?st, and the tempo r*-y ' <r? mt<a**, it > sai l, will be on a s-?te of magnil s?s? in a if i ??a ei?* graadear of Mm lisp*} *n otke* |*i*leiita'. bl*hs|nMiU as yet to glr* aaytfctog Ilk* ai e*tt ?aaw if t e ttl'-n wbl.*?i wl! f> rm tli* pro<??loa; fro fe a lb* proc?ai?i^e which tr* pnblsh b-lo* it will be *a.*i that ni>i t baa ?? Jttadrel of lb* city co>* f*nle* are to i*rr > "t, an4, <*<ntr? ry to usage ktterto, |her? ?? co 1 ?It%tt"? a* to ?" na*CT*. "*eh company beng ?Ue*ilk p*<?ur* utUiJe l#le;ti'?U to their stroogth mf bbXmm fit* vMNIrg ooai ? ? nol mentioned I* tbe pe '?st?. wtlt, . ?yther * lb tVtlr motro,?Hlaa trail rer . :?'.**aa* tfc" wboM nnmber I' perhap* oa* tl**4rii ?- l i?n ty-1 *s or,r , ?als*. TW c*et of tfc.'l ?n?g?tc# al av' irral pnnMe s' th* Oremeti till not b* *orerret by M ? bo">l half of whwh wig be UuCrayed by U-i Fir* |) pae lm >nl, *?? I tho rent by W*yoe (VotC, wba tm nsi i.l ?" ?ny c >* Irihnled gt Ml lows^.1* Ute ef l*r. V>**, a-d 91 009 fv the n**lc IV following M be Ma*fh%: ?* rnonK ? mvi or rm r tsu:*. 1T-.0 lltw will# IB at h?lf inK i i '? , a l?V W law : g owl er u4 pl*M* ?? u??r nru<i ow. 7w rim w*nw?, b*k?Kt|iiii ?*|<M of Um Ttoitinf <??**? u ' ltl* r\r? n>|?rtn>el Fatd, fit* Co??n#?4>orr?, Kt? l* *?*- mi u.< i.fcpt Cr 1 1 a* ???' eirv-r* <4 TtoH?n * I I m?*? *? U?? Knfi&tr l? nt lb* i3l?i?>'ni, rm lh? mrtw <*f I 'Oik ?tt ? up ?r.4 firarir*elk HrM,M 1 ?rtj ?? tit "?'?'?<* U)*l tin Ir rl??? * "?? ''?* *?r *? l>M|ii *?COK1? MV1M9K. Th? fcwwM 4tt?K* WV1 W tn etivf!) ?f Rafter rroPtby t *??? W? Itoh'i p ?4 Ch>?' F>|lnr.T f*. ?? . ? ?Ii t ? 1 1U' 'd 1 ? vliltAi vi4? H - ?'?> " ? t. ?.??? U >f <>? v. I. M it ? I! ' ft* V, | N'St ? H ? O. V J ?? ? s Niagara Co No. 4. Marti n 11 Oo No 4. (Wild Prolcctlno Ei nice Co. No. 6. New Y'lm H moft) N > 6 Cbclrra Hock aid ladder Co No. 2. XI, ] - dlTlgion *111 form on tbc south aide of Ronrteentb street rigbt oo Toiiib avenue, the apparatus to be plaoed la i e to r tod order (ben I'.uk lonnl Broadway). TU1K1) DIVMION. Tfce Tbird dirimnn will be uDder the marshalshlp of toward W. Jacobs, and will comprise? MaLahan's Band. Americus kugice Co. N > e. Croton hoae Oo. No. 0. UslLgtoo Engine Co. No 7, with new gleam Engine. IX<d worth e Baod. Rlpfgola Hoce Co No 7. Eagle liook and ladder Co No. 4. l'i>) Hose Co No 8 Bhelton's Hand Manhattan Kxjrioe Co. No. 8. witb tfteara Engine. Loluoibltn Hugo Co No 0 Water Witch Eoglui Oo No. 10. Ltberijr Hose Oo. N?. 10. Cuni.<H'? liaiid Oty&cun Ei floe Co No. 11. Wuab'igtbu 11 'SO Co No. 14. Jui k sou HiOi CO. No 13 This dlTttton lor ins on the aoat*> tide of Fourteenth Street, the right resting on Ninth svenue, the apparatus binding towards Broadway. rorirrn division. The fourth division, Krgineer O. Joseph Rooh, Mor shal, will be composed of the following companies ? Eighth regiment t>u<1 Columbian Engine On. No 14. Excelsior HoseOo. No 14. Chaibam Engine Co So lb. Atlantic Hose Co N> 16 Union Hook and Ijtddor l)o. No 6. Band. Mobawk Engine Co. No 10. Ibmpklns Huso Co N >. 16. Elizabeth brass band Km* l Kivtr ICogiui 'Jo So. 17. Clinton Hose Co. No. 17. Band. t'r. Ion Engine (Jo No 1%. Franklin Host.- Oo. No 18. This division will form on the sonth side of Fourteenth street, right on Eighth avccae, apparatus beaded towards Broadway. Firrn division. The Fifth dlTlslon, Engineer John Brlce, Marshal , will be beaded by Band. Lafayette txgine Cj. No 10. Baud Amrrlcan Hose Oo No 19. Humane Hoec Oo. No. 20. Hudson Hose Co So. 21 Band. Protector Engine Co. No 21 Pbo nix H,?e Co No. '?i. lAfayette H'kjk and ladder Co No fl. I'mtcd Stall t> Ei Rtoe Oo No 28. Band. Perry Hose Oo. No 23. Jackson Engine Co Nu 34. National Hose Oo No 24. This division foimson the south side of Fourteenth' street, right on Seventh avenue, apparatus beading to wards Broadway. SIXTH DIVISION. The Sixth division will be in charge of Itoglneer Daniel Donovan, Marshal, and will consist of:? Band. Olarset Erglne Oo No 25 Called States Hose o No. 28. JrlTerson Engine Oo. No 36 Fort Washington Engine Go No. 27. Band. Neptune Hose On No. 27. Empire Hook at d Ladder Co No 8. " 1'acttJc Engine Co No 28. 1'carl Hose Co No 28. Baud. Guardian Erglne Co No 29? stoam engine. Mt'lutnort Hose Co No 29 North River Engine On. No 80. This division forms on the south side of Fourteenth street, right on Sixth avenue, apparatus heading towards Broadway. SKVBNTB DIVISION. The Seventh division will be in charge of War Hackett, Martha), and will consist of:? Band. laurel Ron Co No 80 Peterson Engine On No 81. Putnam Host Co. No 31 Peter Mastersin Kugtnt Oo. No 83. Index Hose u> No 32. Block Joke Erg loo Oo. No. 33. Band Warnn Hose Co No 83 Howard Ikflut Co No 84 Harry Boward Engine Oo. No. M. Seventh regiment Band. Ooeaaa Bust Oo. No. 88. RsuUL Frlendsh.p Hook and l*dd?r Co. No. 11 Tradesman Engine On No 37. Msdison ilose Co No. 87. This division wi I form on the sooth slds of Fourteenth street, right oo Fifth svenue, apparatus in reverse order. BIGHTS DIVISION. The Eighth dlvlsloa will be In command of Engineer Stephen Mitchell, Marshal, consisting of? Ban. I. Soathvrark tnglne Oo No. 38, with rt tmir. Columbian Hook anl ladder Co. No. 14. B?ed Amity Hoee Co No. 38. Franklin FngioiC*. No 39. Mohsurk il we Oo No. 29. Band Eady V.'asblcgtoa I oglreOn Vo. 40. 1 mpiri Horn Co. No. 40 Band. Clinton 1 irgtn? CY> No 41. AieitH.*i-CoNo. 41. Hand. Marian Hwk ami ladder Oo No 13. Mazeppa Hi se Co. No 43. This Division will form on the esat side of Fourth 1 avenue, right on Fourteenth street nod Broadway, ap paratus leading up town. M1XTB DIVISION. The Ninth divtamn will be la charge of Engineer John McCoeker ami ooasiet of Dedwnrth'e Tlacd. ftaxUr R?k and ladder Co. No. 15. Manhattan Engine Co No 48. Pi no. r H >?e Co. No 43. Band l ire Oak engine Oo. Mo. 44. Washington Irving H<#e Co No. 44 Aniura Engine Co. No. 88. lead Valley Forgr stum Engine Oa No 40 M< . hanic H ?e Co. No. 47. M?H'i>pa Fugine Co No 48. jkmrrieiis Hose Oo. No 48. I.IMit) Engine On No 80. Vhss division will laki- the east side of Fourth avenue, r'ght oo 81 1 teen tb street, apparatus bevded up towa TENTH M VISION. TT.e T nth dlvie'oo will be to -barge of Engineer Tboeats Roe, Marshal, and will eotstsC of? Band M itiial F.rgu.e Co Vo 81. 1'ndtn* ll<?e Os. Ko f 'i Naiad II *?< Oa No 83. Msrbattu H t <nl Vo 10. Hairy Howard H *?C?. No. 88. Band Nasesn P m (S No M r?ul<lf v Bow Co No 87 Ulbernl* H .i. a! it I ?.!,'* t< > No. Foin ?i R< oe Co No M Ankle's ttaad 7. phjr B.*o Oo. No 01 Tfc* division will lor ? o?i Foerth avctnia, a*t Side: right re Nto?Uei.<4i street, toeing up tow* JOHN D X.1KR, Grand Marshal According to the reeolot'un adopie J at a re wot awMUog b?M by Ike Board of Foresee atvl tegloteiw. tb? ?rn or tbi: f* Will N? Urnufh at ?? of lW> prii?rl|>?J lhoron?h(a(T? ..f lb* m??rof*>:ia til* liar of narrb ?ll! b? llirnugb FonrWwntb itrcM Wo foarib untr, ?f> r<?irth ?rriio* U? t *-my Uilnl ttw4, ib'u <(t Ta-al) bird ?lro? tn tUtMmi are eor, C|- Ma litnn ?r*nu? fc> !????/ f? ih ??r*. I, Ihrmgb Tvrnty ttttbatrwt in fiftlt ??<???? dowa T'fth av? rj'j (p*??lr( la h tirr U?- Prtnia? U tba??ttt Arasioo r-?. ') to FiMirteKlb nr'f*. lbf?i;?? r.-? lrwwjh ?r??t l> lucrtb mouf, down T<vr\U a?wiit? ?o ib* fcwifj, Itirorjh th<" R-w-iy In Cnatl int a?f?u*b Oh?ib?? ?<rort, amaad tb<' Jn? -r >?d of i*ta Pail, art u* ??? ?a1 way I* I n ot ?!*? aaf <"?! eompanxw jpul N djrattted 8PI.CIAI. HIN'T TO THE FIREMEN. to nig u mm or run nrn? i r>. Will yen allow a ntwi t.>f la any ?c?t, lhr.j?h jroir w'.dal} tiUadnl *?.: It InaaUal }>mrotl (or, I ihoaM mj. p*rp'r I |?|<?r),|p ihr t. mir lt<? t.f il? ImnM'i to?>h:i|M rnMMlW , ?*lrfc '? to U|f? pt?? Ml* (!%?ilf m#, In l>< m* of m<1 ?f> wfcrme tb? Prlso* of to If ptrrtovl ?ji*1 prniBpt la tlmr of tUrtinf, kr , Bet In k?rl. it* p< | > (**prrlal jr lb* vntn**) J 1#vt ??"' *1"1 * Mm* hi to i th? ?ht '? !>'?????"* ?' J 11C lb# itrmm Mrtt'na on<n|>M?(y d??tr\ J**' 'n,'h I ?*"??! ra*|M?l ymNi il?y goor c * ,nr "f r* *t|# MUtkWil'l* City Hall ? * 'k* mlMUrjr to o ?p of tt ?* ?f ?ianleif ??> ' ",r': ?** *? ?????*??, III lr(< IM ?>< *4; o Ur? *\**<\ fr 01 ?? VH r !??*? M until U f^.t rf* ?' M- ? *i?. "f i ?M1 r .11 ?IWr% ?i ?" ?^?t Important tMt c f Wtr ? |>n*r trial < pr-**, !?*? ?# |?- n*?, ?lallVt b* *??< ??> ntst I frtW w ??? ???*. >>f VlM|(U. w * B THE RECEPTION OP THE PRINCE IN b6?TON | Boarox, Oct 12 , 1WQ Tbe Interact to the visit of lb* Priuo* la luor.-aa*eK The talee of tlakels to the ball up to this evening foot up IblrtreB buBcrtd. Tbe committee have apprwpr .a <1 Ore thousand dolmri for decoration* , elgbt tbuuatua far lap p* r , three thousand for liquor, ud one thousand for mu ? 10. (Should Ibe rale of tickets rilrh two tbouaaud, live thouaaad dollars sddltlousl will be appropriated for d< co rations. . Kvrry rcom in our prlsclpal hotels la engaged for tbe sight of tbe ball. Ibe military ordered oat will number twenty flvihun dm! ? lori) 11* e dlflertBt ooips, inly ufticeis aod one buodred ud any muslclaM. Tbe Use will eailuse tbe U njuii D f b three sides. wo of tbe Governor's aids a ill meet tbe Prlnoe at tbe State House. WHAT IS THOUGHT IN WASHINGTON OF THE PIUNCE'B RECEP110N !N >EW yoiiK. Wiiuuumii, Oct 13, lktO Deaplte all Ibat maybe pietended by tbe exquisitely and superfine, oho, while dyirg to see Ibe Prince ?nd to be presented, did not njoy tbe opportu Bity? iirsplte tbe sincere antagnjiam to prloccs as tuib wbicb is felt by democrats, sue of ibe repugnance , ot demagogues, tbere san be ao loibt Ibat tbe progress of bis Royal High b<is ll still tbe abforb'ug topic here as eireabere 1b a?la> circles. Tbe account* given bv tbe Bbbjls, especially of his re ception at Castle Garcen, of the r'vicwa, the dotn?s at lb" City 11*11, tbe irsrib up Broadway, and the snones oo tbe way to aod around aod wllnn ibe Fifth Avenue Bote I, are sought for with tsger In erett It would be quiti a. mistake to Imagine that lfieae sentiments aie awakened simply bytheldeaof rayaliy among us It Is no vulgtr love of lloalslog a prince or a future moiiairb. Far from It Tbe e>mtion herd of eight Fieri m?y be influenced 10 son eei tent by thit feeling, but this Interest of tbe people of tbe best condition springs from a much deeper ai d nobler source. It baa Its origin In tbe love of faibertasid, aoctnr. memories, cbenshec arsvetatiens, and a eatsral and proper so Hoi tude ss to tbe mamer tn which one wbo stands In so near a re'atlon to the Brit sb crown shall be received ia Ibetmporlum of America by tbe rtpreaentatlvea of our highest civilization, In llio various doirslus of letter*, rehire, wealth ard polite life. Becoe It Is that the Ft in a i ii is anxiously walled for now, aa It was during tbe Prince's stsy in Washington. No other journal gives tte full news of his progress Tbe Duke of Newcastle. I/0rd St. Germans, Vleomint Blnebcrbrooke, General Bruce, hut particular!? Sir Benry Bolland and D r ackland, were continual"? asking for the Bejuid. They bought all the extra cplee they could get while here, and sent them off tod kfertnt fi lends in Eng'aud. MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS. ( Talis of ihs Clty-Tbs Hw per -visors Coa flisn the Aascasmeat Koila? Toaal Aaaoaat to b? Ralird bjr Taiailun Aearljr Tea Mllllsa Doliara? Tba Rxoid Commts* alon Uct Tbtlr Bsvtaty Odd Tboaiand, i Ac , Ae. BOARD OF PITEHVISOM. The Board of Supervisors met at noon yesterday In their chamber, No 17 City Hall? tbe President, Wm. R Stewart, r'sq , In tbe chair. There was a full attendanoe of membrrs and a fair 'obky representation, tn view of tbe expected action on the Ux books, and Inridectally oa tbe Ictf oon tested matter of tbe Record OnmnalssWio. Supervisor f ranv, from ue Committee on Taxes, made the I'ollCWiCg report:? The Coamtitee on Anrnsl Taxes, to wh'xn was refer red tbe ani>ex> d communication from tie Comptroller, trsnmttl'rg a staiei* ei t oi ibe amounts to be raised by taxaiu i) te> 1M0. ?itb the draft of ao ordinance to le*y lh IMS. r< Ml clfully repoit that lliey have caiWSulls exsnuid >s<d ilalmiD'. and nDi|?r<d tbe amxinls th< r? in with ibe i up i m i repnated by tbe Board of Su per* 'tor* for Stale aid county parporee, and by the Com n on rourcil 'or city purposi*, for tbe current year, and bad the same to be cor i eel. Tli' amount of spprooriait-ns made by tbe Biwrd of go pervisor#. scwrdltf lo tie Oi&piroller's ??atem?nt. is.... $3,678,868 49 And tte ps\ meat of this wm w to be pro tided lor follows ? 1 B) Uxalloa 98 59* ??a 90 2 IX'tse liri'tiie fees t POO UO 8 By gsseral fund M k3U 00 13,57*, 8(3 69 1b addition to tbe above sviraint id $? tSS, 468 *4 reqolMd to pay tbe atit""1>r>eitoaa for tba yiar, tbere ia t ifce retard for the O DiBiImiou re of R<cor#, aa b?eet> ater staud.... 173,034 M A I'd a luriber a?r rnnt to arip|>ly deBelrrclei In Ibe pnlurt of tbe teirp In purnoabt-e sec 6, chip MWofttc la?sof|M>,of. 99 Ml 31 140 MM 67 Arid 'or Stat* ard cc.nty 18,078.068 38 The iorf nut nquireii to hi lataedby Uitllm lor city pwi???a aourtlLg to the Gump irnlh r * Hiimt'di, la.i 6 923 *62 01 Fn m lli a tt? re rhoukl kirt?tmi( ed the followli t amone t| ? For hfinjt flrnl ttrtikiD, which your c> ti,irlitee ar* m f< ? n < rl ?> iii m>t hr n?? >l?i 3 300 Amount iKdml from 0h> (?>m BimkiMii of tif ? u be ap pi ltd Ui the aupport of tt* pnor by ih.' aim* H< "M P*?rtm*at, a? Haled In the CViaj-frol'er'i nnmimntliti tn tlr Hard, dated UCi. 8, (M? Joojeal) 89 394 ~ 41 694 00 T?UI 86, 883,86# 01 Id ? tic It tot! to the aboec annual required to he hinu tn p?T the aipeoprtatioca mad* b) lie r?rptr?Hor It'f mnat be lair'ed u< deici iro to the tax* a* per ?t 1 ot chap 6(9 ul lb? law* of 1860, .b* turn of 9(3 190 69 Ti tal br C. rj- ral'or 80,086.448 00 MMmruiM. It will h? nm ir? ii (,?? frrejolni that the whole an < ml of Una re?p. re4 W>b*l*vi>4 In 18W ta aa fol mi.? F?>r Hale and feutty p?rp*ea. 83 473 069 20 Voi c!ly purpuat t 8 086 448 00 T? ?al 89 i&S M7 88 Am^t? lli<> turn* in- kiJrd la the amount In be rawed lor Male ki d o ut ly |>urio?ea ?e ram of 872 034 8A l? li at > it d ui ai r U.? Ibrwi if' - Cotrni>?*i?ie<f? ol tUcord,'' io r< t>i| *l*i >'?' wth a |* i? mpior y rt iroue from tbe feints,*!. rl Wbil*} t ir o trim ll? * do not a-'nilt th* ii?tt ol tt<< rontu totnlrffl-r* with the a^t'on of l*(la aim MM by tftrvfttog them lo Co or not |o do tl<* b? ru f of other been* m i ?< tnwera ? niaoale from the ????* mfrrwili r >?r, yonr ni'Ut* ar? impelled by a ?? t>* ? f public ji.altce to acqoieeoe id tbia icat?oc? at-. at tin* 1 1 ir? The meoMiy for (n ireti'ai* action la l#r?iri tba taiea for lb* ) * ar , " Mal-rt ia a onimuB"wilo? Iroat the C? ?p4rolMr. Di drr salt of <?c?oh*r 9. 1860 (nee Journal, ? ) rrad*r* a Hbpi aafbla l? pnatfiese tba MIMV aoy l|ir*ilki at tl.a hrirro l?iartnitt to *e- | rv-ua fti>?'i? ?n iM?, m a n? iictrtln* |> nira o f lb* IMUII l?ifi Mtued I* ai t r patl> a ol tb? collection of th< iut a. ai- about to n alM a without it? aca la the irea ai>ry m n ? 1 1 he ?? n e lb* ?ir,o"T t u b? rawed far city P'.t praee Include* Uta folio* li g lit n ? ? . r.t t??l la ? . n an v r an ** *i ?* joT*mmeat of. . . . 8*) C00 't* city b?r?>i of )Mib alreet la too | It. r? laiion t.? it. m mm your comm it** would ra n?ifc ibat th" r< <<uu !'? a rf lb* Poard of O f?mMaio&*ra ef tbe < rnttal I tik (?(* !? ttnl, w l,p 150), 'a pur r\i?tre? l ncli i 4 ? < ? bept? i *6 of th* lawa ol 1880, waa lot tb? mm of 497 h* tL?t h*l ? llmi aiai* o 4 vinaadt !? ?* foi o< r t. ir f,inr lb* title of tin {?#?*(* of raid act (Maxli 18, Ifeti Nit apnti n?i*mr* wl h aontnan of ? |I?| <? n rr.if.. I. IN' an at if IMIW4 la r*t|fn*trl to ba nlhckti l?i um ?<??*) ni Html jtar t*>?altattaf fVocm ??' 61 , l?8o, arc lfc? M<r* taa anonl iit'y b**? 10 HlrO ?*>? l'? T n.lM k??< ?? f?T l?? tf f on\ t ?,?> I?m mrth of 14?t(l mm Mil 1 1 I ? i ? r itw K* ?T $>n QUI. to narry m tl>r ?r>?? irr i. n t by tf.. art rrt?iir|nH una It ?*? fifri iknnrrrtliif litil lt? ir?|*n Ihr i|.?i l ?i,o. >4 JleiW) ?until ?. m*. lHj y. IV i ir lit ?..>? ii #i rt'rt lh?t (una Tl? ?? i.r.' 1'W ?(7t Mr ?.* ?f. ??<? ln??l fn(l>IJi,IMIl *.jm w.m ft* IfcT ,M4 97. Hr i Km t.f nit mi k><? in roi-li"! ntr lb? ? n . i' - ft' < ?>? , * U'T i ij i-f |/| Th'?? ? tf !?? I??n< it ? iltk Mil by U>- ivdlDMoaa ?f >!>?? 'i ? n i b ??<li tin r '?? n ????<? in ifci* amocol to K-> rtlwt In tut! en i i ) f,? ?*?? i m- ?i >lw ,m si rtn ibf w> ? men i el I* rl I M A siaM tat ?i ? ?? *?' <? "? ?Mi? 'k*Wlni|i *rf |.r- ?? ? i) I* .? i ftanll) tsrrMaitif I,. r >? ill ibe ?? Mi PIJ ?t?nvi>, Juuf roaimlltM l.t r ?r it. < ii.l i it r ? ij.i?* Ui# Mfc oiif ordtoaec*. Riiu ui VI t?bfc?lls*4, 1 ni'?nr imoT/) owmtttM !a?ih r>*u< I m ?*lTfK HUH*. f Ami*) Ml I - M M H H I ) Tum. ?Hilt*'|ll11>''',H i * TV* m ru n T*? *? #r?i ??!??? ?,.*?? v??n- ? v mirrm <*? art or nw W? im in* ir V 1!A0 Ti , t<< ?-? ? f >" I" *?? i?of Ifc* oowbtf of.Vtw York 4o m>'? n I' liHk.??:? Frr 1 '!????-; VVM hrr? by (#, I'Ttad MI'1 TM ??? 1 ?? inn ?k?iH*'?i"?l 'n* I" ?? - t -l?fli 4?, ? ll W III'# tt^l tf Will' lyi^if Tnt ?i rt i . K * *? ?? tf erluvut MaanttM t' l? (If 111 ? triorlM*!' "TI 9VI-I r#1h#fHIBll > ? Yvfl Ir-'dtflh ? ?. n. vl r>> lh? mi#rr?l i? r I. i'iMI>iIIN f f ?"? Vl"? 1 ' ???' Cttf ? .llj it* MlVM)' MNMf III"1# I ' Ilfi I > l<<r?ii ' ft-vm .tfi ?*?*??? ??K?"?ir*nif ? ir ?? n If'tm \J t*rr irl ??"? lh- flWlV* r.f J t. , . M ? f f, r ?1? ?1-|P ff ?h?r? a-I'Mnr# ?(* KiratfrMl tad *r-l i??rtT ?a IMN kI.Vt>T3 U9 S?), M r. fnr t> hat Pxtrpott Amntml Adtetlieit g $6,OCO 00 Asylum for Idiots 280 00 1 Cur and niaiBta>.aaoe of Harlem Third avenue bridge S, 000 00 On>niM> h Mi for State 890 877 Bl ''ofilinMm,,,, 22 000 00 Count) oooltLgenctea 60 000 00 I nun Boot* (ww), anatrustiou of 100 000 00 Elirtion expeirea 126 ooo 00 HarMm bridge (Dew) . 26,000 00 Hoirwfor citenuoo of wiuieaeea IS, 200 00 Bi< lor detention of wltesats, oonatrnc Hi n of ?T SO0 00 Harlem river, rurvey of 2 010 00 iMriitlon Harl<m bridge bonds 2 800 00 lliter<at on loan* 40,000 00 totlitiiMaa for II" e Blind 1,000 00 Ltgbiug, cleaning and suppliea for oounty (flic ? 27,600 00 New Vork Juvenile Asylum ? (0,001) 00 N'w York Slate Lillllt lum fltO 00 ( Hirers' an) w Itaeai'a fe< s 80.000 00 printing. stationary and blank books 16 000 00 I'olleefuod (for payment of salaries) 1,326,600 00 I'n Ice eoniiigeu.lcs, fer Deputy Kuperlnten Ml.. 6 000 Pollci ? law expenses and dl?bursem>! la... 18,646 00 R.-U 10 000 00 R- palr* V> onnntv but'dlrgs and officel .... 16 OOO 00 Palai if ? I eg illative irae Lt 3 J00 00 ^ularWi? txtcutive departments 40 000 CO (Warti a? Judiciary.. 224.72000 Mate t? let. 082 68108 Ct omission -is of iircords? Ins-irted la ooo fmuiily w lb a peremptory mandamus from tb? Supn meConrt, nam amoimt to be paid by ibe C mptroPer vhen judicially i'? i< rnitned to be doe to tho coouaciora, 72,034 38 Deficiencies lu the taxes 88,641 81 Total $8,878 05B 28 Sec 2 Tlxre fball also lit, and hereby Is, ImvhiI and lrrp< nd a tax up< n the estates, real and personal, aubject to taxation according to law. of and wltbin the city and county of New Yoik aforesaid, and to be ra'sed and col lected accord trg to law, for the support of the govern ? Bieni of the city of New York. Including the Almshouse I Apartment, Board of Kducatioe, Kt re Depart >? tiit, and city ccurta ; alao, tbe paymeut I I the Interest on tbnt portion of thu city debt, ai d the arnual Instalments upon the principal thereof, wfclefc is i>avable fr"m and required by lav to be piov ced fur hj taxation in laid year, and to supply the (Himatrd deficiency in tbe product of tbe taxes arising trom erroLeous assignments, and from loea by discounts arc the Bon collt rtion or taxes; and for tbe sura of ail millions eighty Are thourand four honored and forty eight dollars andsixly centa (88,016,448 80) aa follows ? fbr What I'vrfaui. AnwutU Abatement ot nuisances >2.600 00 Aquotuct? Repairs and improvements 16.000 00 Almshouse r% i*rim( nt 699, W8 00 almi hotse ? Buildinga and repairs. 107 040 00 R*lg;an pavelcer.t 250 000 00 th an! of Haalib 36 ooo 00 Chargis or. arrears of tavs 2.000 00 ? liarri B on arrears of ahsetsmenta 2 000 00 Central 1'ark ? Maintenance and government of 80 000 00 Cleat ing market# 8.600 00 cw aatag strceta sootoooo City roiillpgenclea 80 000 00 Con men reboots for Oil? 1,070 790 66 CoeutHrs Ke?f? Blasting and removing. 90 000 00 Cnntlt gerc.iea? Major's ottice 16.000 00 Coetitf -ncies ? Comptroller's office 17,6(0 00 t'oiitii gcnckr ? "Hreet Department 86 000 40 Cottingercles? Crotoo Aqneduct Board 6 000 00 CoB<iB*etiete? ? law DrjMTtMBt 26 0C0 00 I tontm^cBCtea? City Inspector's Department. 18.0C0 00 Court House? Fourth I'ol ice district 60 0<X1 00 ; DcBiitiota 80 000 CO i aiecnoB eipera?a SO OOO 00 Krrora at <1 delinquencies 8 000 00 > Tlstg'Cg a dewaika and frnuing vacant lota.. 2 600 00 Kire [>ei*rin,iiil 70 000 CO Kire aBu Police Ttlegrupb 16 0C0 00 iMere-t on Revenue Bonde 136 000 CO Interest oo Central l"ark tun<4 stock ol 1887.. 183.9?*>0 00 Interest oo Central I'ark fond stock of 1R9M.. 36 4*6 00 Int. on C?n. Park Improv'nt fuad at'k of 1K70 11. 2W CO Int. on On. Park improv'nt fund atk of 1887 126.(00 00 lnt on Scaling debt fond stock 40 000 00 Int. ob public bolldlng atock No 3 17.600 10 let rn I*ub!lc Kducatim stock of 1878 7,700 00 lnt on N Y City stock for docka and slipa 26 C 00 00 IdI on pvMic il k, rebuilds g Tom k's Ma'kt 10.200 00 lABipe und 424 0* 0 00 lAt.d.- and I' laces 20.0T0 00 latrs purciased for tarea and aaaeaimenta 00 C00 00 lay bg oct the ( ity north ol H6th street . .. 10 000 00 Mount Morris iqoare? improvement of SO.OOO 00 CHd Cla ra? lOQ.OOO 00 I'rirtu at.d advertising for Common Coun'l 00 000 00 Printlrg for departments SO 000 00 IVIWM? Bvrit'salKn of 1868 3.0(0 CO I'ubli^ liuilalBgs? <* lsii uc.iion and repairs.. 180 (00 oo I ubllc liullctiig stock No 3? redem tir>n of.. 60 000 00 1'ubllc lu'ucatloit st'k of 11)73 ? rrd'mpt'B Of. 4.467 3fl I ubllc it'k rebuilding Tom'k'na M'kt. red'mp 17 OOO 00 Rial (State exienatS 176 000 00 Kenta 40.000 00 Ik-aAiaM aveaaea 60ouooo 8alaru s? Maj or 'a < dice 13 000 00 Salaries ? legislative department 74 ,1130 00 balarlta? Departn.tnt of Finatoa 07 000 00 Skiarira? 'treet liepartment..-. 70.000 00 Halariee? Oroton Aqueduct Department 40.008 00 t%lari?r? I aw Det*rtmi nt 90.760 00 ^?larW s ? City Inspeo.or'a Department 84 600 00 nalaries? Crwmisatnoera of H altb 4 260 00 Mlartes? Plrc I>rpartmaat 42 600 00 fa lane* ? Board of Arse sacra 7 COO 00 faiarter ? Clt) (i'urla M 000 00 8istk?.f?y and blank books 86 000 (0 powers? repairing snd eleanlsg 60 (?00 00 fevrub reg N Y. 8 M. ? camp equipage for 6 000 00 Hlr< el improvrmri ts lfl.OCO 00 Sire. I re|?irlBg and repair a ISO .000 00 W? am tire engine# 800(0 00 Siclety for Mf of jav. I' , ?, .etts ... . h ooo ho Supplies lor and cleaBlnr public offices 42 000 00 Papp! is for Police Ivpartment So ooo 00 Water pipes and lay leg 116 (M 0 00 Wt ar?s, ptrrs and slipa.. 2.!9<KOC0 Wrlls aid pi 4 OOO 00 iNackncua^ln wits S03 1!*0 69 Totoi t?,o?A m m TV- rum if tb'ee hundred tbvifaorf doll art (HOOitOO) iic tiidi i? the amount wi leylad and lu |*iaed ? >r ? clean iBf rtrfeta,'' (ha)l be and hereby ta leeiej ami im B.?d only UJ..I, IDA <-rUlea ln r?iBb* lore n.rnltoted, r$ ar d br'-.-g n-nth of a Iw.e rmnrjr lli"W)|-h lOe rrntm 01 Fifty wtiMb atreet, and U:e eutn of lour hundred anil twenty four th neand d liar* ($434 OlO) ItKlode-J In lb? airi uil ao leaiei and tmpoeed for -lamp* and ?M," ?h* I be ago heteb) l( le*Wd aad Imposed m ijr ujv-u lb* aald retain 'J'l (iM bo cj within the! |*>rti"n o( raid city t*l> Kb Ibe 0'?bim Council lli-rcvl have de?i( .ed aa the "lao p dialrtct " !V< S 'M ?t*c??B)cnt roll* for 1900, heretofore re or I red iroa the Committee on Taxen and <Mrn nenta arc l?r?ly r?d?rre?i to tbe (umriltre on Annual Tax re, and the raid roirtnltlw arr hereby auihorti-d and reqoceled to ranee to ba cm puled and rriired ilrreio opp.?ite to each of tbe neeeral "tima art down rea <ectir?<jr M Ute vali ?tkra cf real. pert coal and otoe,- taralile prnpfty, tbe proper amount! to be paid ar a tax tnerroa. ami adda Uie id,<'11i In <ath book, and nlmii compelled to dellrer i? ii' Miean.eM roi'p to tb< Gnkof Arr cere in or ter that (he crpald water rente o$ ibe J ear 1U0 may be rtierni IktrM*. aa p>n'tded bj law pre 4 After the a ti.pUtkn i f It* M't-eetnetl roll* or In bn< ka. a* proeideo n tbe tbtrd t o W tbia ?r dli m re. the r., id committee on aneuil t*xr? are ber.?>y required to yr cvre from the mirobera of the B>ard ufHi prtvrrr the proper warrant# eutbertxiaj and reqtlring tbeHteeiver of Taxer toco'lcct tht*r\nra< atinu mere lu B.?bH'n<d aiv?ri*iif to law. and Immediately tbrreaf H . i rer ??l<1 aaeraaneet Hh or t?x lw?'kr. wNk f>e wirrei ta a'orrnaid eon nd thru to to 1t>? aald Rwirrr ol Tk*< ?, and tbrrrrprx. r* pnei i.. tb<> Omtdrnller of tha city o| N. w Yrrk the amount of aald taica lo be a voui.t ed lor by tbe aald Riceteer of Tate* l?uper*'for Twar.r pTi;<?rd to itr k i out the appropr'a line 'or tbe tr air ta nance of ilia Ontitl Park, and ?r<u( d that It M aa oat>n(e that then ?hxil I be new'ed fan, (M>0 lo maintain tb? Park before It wee hall Onlehe I H ? m ^rol to atrlke Uat approprlatlcii cut, tmt th? Bmrd refjaod ? aje* S, r.oea 10. Mc*aia. Tared %imI Itrlf (? only Totmj la laaor of It. ftiprr?l?or Ptncr prop-wrd lo amrcd the It'ai f>r ths Brcrrd Otrc'aalon apprcpristi?n hy a !?!???#, tba'. <h? f (?? fttcllcr rhrniV not pay until th? K-falfy ani lha >m?int or tba ' ->rd loanraairtier* n?im bai h?v? jud r tally ilttrrn i Tlila waa a?re> d lo, Ibe ?uper vaor n?-ir (r 'nto tb? wtmle mutter In ah^w wnat ei tra*?fanre bad *eer p>rp?lraUd ?>y thi^ urmwi'd. 1 lie rtpott and ori'lnaree. aa abovi , w?a flnadv adopt e?l, hifrnur Tan* calling atl?ttw>n in tbe r??i that for ?>irli of It tha Bnp?rvta-?ra w??e noi r^rponeible, they heier i ?|?i ar? o? accnaat of mw>m?aloM aot ooulcoltad by 'he l?i.p?rTleor?. 1b<' R. ani did ? oihit it rlaa ol lirporianoe, a<%ouretag lo M <i 'ay. ?l? I* w for the re | c?l above, ae adopted hy the "*np?r?larra, the l? mplrt Iter ba* made up tba rate uf tax aa luil-tara ? Am' ?*t '4 >ar Nl? (Vunty Ik'.HN'I >1 166514 Irmp (Matrlet 4?4 I* 0 no T Ml MnrldWirKt Kf .fOO 00 6 416 T> la' W JM Ml M 1 6U Ml Prnantl Iwlel il(? n< e. Mr. Kr?ta?u? A. P^nry. of Tmnrrree, will aprat lo tba rr'on m*n of Freeklyti, on ?->nd?y eeeeief ne*t A. H Hieklea and family, of N>-w V' ?k r. fl I ?n p'ti oi (1?ln; I* KolVr* aid lade, of it*ea<.nah, W. I'lrher a I'd wife, of Bait.moia, are aV ppU f al tbe Metre , i Man Hot* I. W W rorecfkB. of frill It ft<0: *rr Or At'rh.of Newport, R I . P Wa>k?y, o' f^ihM,., ,! d n P^x. of -i John* N tf , P Bryn?dl, rf New Vn'k.andl. Paro, of IV lo R-co, arr atoppipg al tbr Kerrett H-rore. Ma<qait and WaicMoniaa of f'banloe, of Ki (.?'?" d Nr. T? tie and iwrtv, ' I k>y<ai d . R. be?t Cli ini^cr- f K<lla h???, r, II N'whall and W'fe, r-f Pt>''?de'pfci?; J ft Pli nib etd w1fr, of All any . ard W. B Ontlrr and wlffc, of tUHInM>M , are ttoi t lt? at tbe Clartbdnu H trl. Pr< r?e?or Hai la, cl llarl'i.rd; H W W'rene of Proal. (?cm, *r ri?l? I'jte and P A Pwighi.hdb of Rtmioo. J V '"V? . of rtilcttn, and 4eoe?e fkte'a a' d lady, of }rn?WI?rc?, are ato|.p)rf al Ibe Bremer t H<msn. llf? A. J. Parker aid Umllf. ?t w Ramard and f?Bi'K , ?v4 I, . P?o)|i aid , all fl llhant ; R fktrla ?) 'i wl>. of Oill'o?n?a, ard Oiptaln f??t and "tnily of ( o* Beet <ut, are rtopp.ij at ibe #t Ntcholaa fl<""l fV.| flardie and fr?l RrynoMa. Ixdh id Ilit: I'nlM^ ctat.w ??!?>; H P f!oi?ij ear. ef S'-w Hiirn, A "miol ? r ' P I't'imtn bith fr- m I'l I b a PaH W*n, uf t>* ?i!e'i Ilia : P b. r| !???rre,of Itwme.kdf ?lc tl I. er.rt 0) , of I k 'adi 'pti a. aic ?tnp.ix|r at lb# Caioo P> tr III ?rl f N I .el-* ?rd laee'le, of New Vf^k . ? A Cole# and ? ifi' rliei nl W ?? 4k mi ?-e. of J|o? 4<nf ; ?. ? V v i ir> i ? A ?? tVvlrjfn.of New Vltrt, Tt ' iyitj |< 1i' 'af??f? Homo. SHIPPING NEWS. ?ov?m?bU of Ocean Steamers. FROM Kl'ROI'K. Nam". Zeoeea DaU. f*>r City uf II ancheslor . . Llterpuol Oct 8. ..Mew Tort Nm i Tork So nth mii p urn Oct I .Hew Tork BorniaU Southampton Oet <...*?? Vork North hrttan........ Urerrool. Oct t QMfeM A ruhl* , . ... LWerpooL Oct ( lkwlos I "n?e a.nUiMBiiU* Orl 10 *?? *oeh Bohemian Ijeerpoo) Oet 11 Quelieo Asa U?e/M"? Oet IS.. .He* Turk Pulton .... Boothsmpfa* Oct 17. ..few Tork OrMlluUn Mllford Hares <?* 17. ..New Tork Cans/las IJserpool Oct 18 . Quebee llsmnroola .......... Bonthamnfain Oct 18 New Yurk Anglo Hung. LJverpt?>t Oct 2ft Quebec FOR eAI.lFOR.MA. Worth Star New Tork Oet 22. Aaplnwall Ariel few Vork Not 1 . Asptnwall Northern Ll*kt. Kew Tork Nor 12 . .Asplnwall FOR KINU8TUN, JA. zo)u New Tork. ....Oct W.Klniptnn. J*. SPECIAL NOTICE. All and litltrt iutmitd jur Ou New Tokk Hbsald bhuuld be stxihd. A I -MAI* AC FOE *IW TOKK? THIS DAY. nn? m*r" 6 OS I soon ststs ... mom 4 88 tun 9>t< ft 25 : uiuu wins. ere 7 11 Fort of New York, October M, 1800. CI. EARED. Steamship Glasgow (Br), Thompson, Qneenstowii end Ijrer pool? .Ithr G Dale. Steamship Aror" and Hup' Mesnnhlp <v SFip Nr? Orleans, Kick. I.lrerpool? W T Frost. Ship lJ/zle Drew Oisy. Ueerpool? Snow A Burgess. Fblp Hhne, Moore, Loudon? Orinnell. M mnrn A Co, Fhip Vigil?ni, Reswotth Bristol? K P Buck k Oo. Fh'p H h Milan, Kill* <jHlrrsi<n-Oa?ley k Kesitnr ^ Lip F It I "uiting New Orleans ? J k N HaUtb A Co, Bsrk Harriet Caen (Mr) Plnkney. 01?s?o? Baik I. Jewett, Smith <<lae?ow? Brett, Soil A Co hstk Fueeuie ( A as), Themes, Cork anil a market? W P ?eta fa* i. Baik DhtM lepiley, Blfbop, Oetto? J R Dow. lisik knpbrssla. Reea, ''barieeton Brig Howard. Plckele Cork and a market ? 0 C Duncan k Co. Brig J M Eenwm, Barton. Para? Bordett A Eeerett. BHg Ospray (Br), Cole, Nsesau? P"?t k Smell. Br*g A S? 1*t, Averv, Hi Thomas ? M&lUand. Phelns k Oo. Br1* C H Ijurton, franc*. Tampa? Norcr a* k l'rtnce. Brtg I<*e 1H)? Darin. Mobile? Lai tin. Uurlhut k Co. Sehr W Lancaster, lleuleraon, Lniuayra? Miller * Hou^h ton. Scbr Equator. Alburr, Harbor Island. 8<hr A Hesttnia Lowerson, rtt .'ohna? P I Nerlm k 8*o. Sih- W Meirhon, Cole, Mobile ? Oakley A Keating. SehrSfcrah Brnen, Iionglaa, Georgetown? Doilner, Potter A Co Srbr J W Hncbra Davis, Newhern ? J L Darta. Bcfar Jeney Blue, Bates. New Haren? Master. ARRIVED. Bteaaarhlp Africa (Br). Shannon. Urerpool. Sept 29, at 9 9 AM. and vt'<ern?tonn 3th. at 4.ft3 PM with mdae and l?t paa ?ene?ra to E Ciinard hejt29 <30 PM, paased ?'eaaehle t.'tty cf MancheKter, bound In. .Vkh, 7:06 AM paased a'eamahlp America. fro? BneUm for l.irerpiol ; 8th Inst, 10:4#. was abresst of Cape Race; 10th. (AM, ls4 43, loo ftl 18. MrnaKied Brem bark Nnrd Amrrtka, from Bremen A <i? 2Q for New York; 11th. 2 PM. partel ?teamship Persia, hence for Llrer pool. The Africa srrlred oil the Battery at 1 SO PM F tram slilp De Soto, Johnston. New Orleans, Oct 8. eta Ha Tans 6lb. with niiise and puuieucers. to Uvlnjielon, Crocberoa A Co Steam btr Florida. froweU. Karannah, with mdsiaM ??s ?racers, to B L Mlwhlil A boil. 11th lust, at 4 40 AM. *) mliM Rlniu Cape HatU'iss. s>rna)lzed steamship Star of theflou.h, berre for SaTat oah Bteamabip Naafc?Ule. Murray. Obarlratra. with ssda* and Fasaerjreni. to Bpofford. Tllest^n A Co. Bk 4 inat, ft PM. st?n*i t?d sUaanshipa Col<iml>la hence for Chail?atoo 11th, 10 Mt AM lft ErlUt HW r.f Ilatterss. Bt ir of the Hontb hence for Ma Tanrah. tJtb & AM, Fartoa . hence for Charleston, 8 AM, Moot grmery. keuce f(.r Bstsliu h. Hteamablp Muotk*>lo, Uaxer, WsahlnrVcm. Ae. with ata and paseenjtera. to n B Cromwell A Ca Bteamahlp Potomsc. Watson. Baltimore, with mdao and piss enters, to H B Cromwell A Co. gteaoahip Pstapsro. Vail, Portland, with mdae and passes sere, to H B iVmwell A Oo. Ship Mary Koblnsnn (of New Bedford), Clear*, Baltimore, 40 hours * Kb coal to K M Robinson. hark frnei (Br of Orerrookl. Blehols, Tensng, fune S, wlthterperAe to Yoiir*. MeAndrew. Rankin A "o Bept 23, lat 18 30. 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Ion 1i 40, >|X'ke sehr D <" llu'se Crrkllr* frt.m Wlimie?ton, NC. for New Virk wltb less of ssl s snd the mstc sud.teerard al'k with ferer? *sr te<1 no i.?si.tance; samo d?T sp ike l>rt? J ? Are y forSaulU hirer The C has eiperterced KNE and NK winds tke entl'e r??s?re Brig Prto re m Wnles (Br. new). Fl r?nald, Dorchester, BB, Iti'ais, wlib s>ri e to A Mnlihers A Co hr'jt Blsek Ffah Pslrrhlld. Harann?h, I days, with ntral ttoree. to D CoWn K urrsy. Fehr ?'< mo (Brj Mannli g. Jojrxlna, NK, 17 days, with stone, to J H V bliner A Co. Srbr Orioti (Hr), llopklr.s, Barrlegtoo, NS, 7 days, with Bsh, fa master. Fehr J B Myers, Cobb, Bayport, Fla, 18 days, with cedar, to Borrmes A Prlnee. Srbr Ocean Ware, Wsrner Washington, BC, 4 dayt Sehr Brare. tiaskell Virginia. Sckr Tnnta Bodlive. Phsro, Virginia. ScbrC Bunting RoMneoo Vlrjdnla. lefcr Lenta Jciks tetehum. OeorgKown. DC, 8 days Fekr Ella M?r*ln. EilrsNthport for Baafam. Sehr llerry leirnel V?ks?r. ElliabeUport for Bewporl Bekr Edwin. Onibb Kestport. 8 days Fehr Hesisniin Wheeler. Ea*trorv 8 days, Sehr Del Noite Dtannore I.nb?e. 8 data Sehr Delaware, Manning. KnrS>and. 8 la' a Srbr Eag'e. o i eg or y. Rock 'snd. 8 days Sehr F R Pool. t?rVad>ten. Wisraseet, 7 days. Febr J W, Fsu'klln l<?ton 3 daya Sehr A rdrfmeila Rowland. Hr<?Ahaeen. t dsym. S?br Ksle Wglker, Gullleer, IHskton. 3 <*aTe. Sehr SnNsrs, Viet .her Fliwhleg for KI'mhs4bport. Sehr .leeepkit e. Ws eetiary, I tsaford foe Albany. Sehr Sstlie F'mlth B'nrth, slbany for New !lat?n. S'cop '^aroHne <lrrm?ln E><?hetbpoet for tilsn Ovr*. Morp Print' r. Fowler. PmrVrnre, Idajs. Stesmer Brlsto Allen. Philadelphia Steamer Tn leas Finikin P>Hsdelnhla. Stesmer Pnusnska See. New Radford. Steswee pMrnt* Wt'nssss Pmefatrae*. Steamer Tetrel, Toetr, Proefclense. Stesmer TaPey OHy chapman TWby. (K BkiCHkkD? Bark J W Pslge. heeee for Wllatngton, Btl, leeky. BFI OW. One Br hi If outside the Book at snaart. SAHJSX Stestr ship lea be1. Charleston. Wlad dnrtcK the day B. niMdlHMM. j Weikaok the rsBUeaiaaly puraer of ktmiul ip Kukri!}*, , firm IVrlNtra, for (irort Flit Qctbb or th* *"?bt, formerly of It' Haw Tort ud Uaerpool Dm of pwktta. bain la thia otty ?VhiI Kit, m4 MiuM ob the Irltl eoaat Id IW, arrfred u this port on Wtdneei'ay tad coder H/luah potera. In oomoiaad at rapt John Wm Bury, for ?anr yeara nfAw<i In the Brltlak Kaet In.tta trade Potwtfhatai dtat tbe irmf neacr ttata aklp ra rrtrrd ?M> ? abrre )lr Im k tm (IfntMi oertif.raite rrom the PrHfh I >.jCa Tbe yueet. of tbr Wm l.y off thr Battery en Tkniri"*) talrtt tin retire of t?'n arr'ted. ard w*a dark to rn?h. H i m kla Rmal Rlrhrr ?? raarej Ike yarla wt re Bitnf) and Iktrr bearlt rb err* *1ren binr KoBixrt or 1KB ??a at Hobiob frrtn ?aor? anobimd lr It, btlniiar < hart rl i a Ibr r?eatii? of lb* 1WI. at lOorkirk. Hi i> s*"rntrr elitle at ?i rhor ai-a rim tr.Ui b< arkr l.*ma*tlna lof brw Yo?ht 'Nim, fn>? H?K (or Pht'adaii'hta. and U*i inbo rn 1 be i< hr lust maioaxil and fiimaal'. a ai rt tuned ? u> buatoa liik. Pmp Frin"TUK faaor, Wail*, from Philadelphia. was woorrd atnera.e t*e rt? aaa lr'r?t? Hlscara at Hi fanl <*e Lo an<ft> Ant 1M wbarttrir she ?rr>iBded on l* e bar at tbe en , Iraire hi Ibe herNr kM l^tt if a aienal of dial raa lir il ,I| br rim wt'b 40 of (he frrw nf tbr (V? aia'tali ei. arre aetil Vt ber trllef. abn anrreeded hi ?atthi? b?r iff wuhoal lajury to the ahlp ft rario, and ti*k her np ko the aoeknrace. Hb lt?a? A i Blow Bl H'etm 1 1 it* loat fn-oi Raa(nr. W. re y i n? ha?'r f ? rm ne ibe It tk Inat tat tl tl . k? W. a ? nmhar o* rlwta ard a nuantrtT of tedding. aoppoatd ku hare c me tram Ike ttrawrr (V?uan?hL P*t? Kmro? llari J A *<??e. rf tba brl* ICtneo nf (few | Tm k fn m Vara Itiij 'or *' ? "Tirana prert- not j reported b? t? lepra ph arrl>rd at Ifew ( trl?ar,a ?t? teat, ri poru ? t>a thrlt'bint he earcoaltrrd a be??> ta'errnc tko ?vtaari rtnr'r.f a b rh ?| mr* f r*yatii am1 r\i rV.| ?? << fnrat ip and trratlr Iff On 'he J7ik ard f*k hai? rtl'l 1-mW h?n ralea frrtt* t! * a?*a? i!tr?Htnr ?r?i' i*a tbe Rah anrKirad i*f! ihi- flW f">?i . tb? lirb'fci nae ? C t ? K Ik ? lt?a tt iBBnfaater. ?i ?aa ??loalu a Ittrl- raV fr. m ?b|f ?t ih? I'm# On ??ori lr? of lit Inat i?r aim* h"nlad ronmt lo SS afiU r.loela* a b>tr rlraie At M) o> re*, patted N ifc r>a!i,a a: <1 ?? .,i a-h rn b >h a I ?' f1 rr llr# I . the ??tair ! of Bailie, a here the reaael Ml Ilea. rcna Arootjt. rereB*'y a?hi^ at f> tnrr**rm?, a-aa t aed hi tu te cit) il u Mr rnlnli hi ilwklnt t o<le h+ n. eri-B T .???n?r. Jibiwrr 'r ran P>^oa fre r'.'la'e'rSIa, pnt b?' k tn Hi ?too on Ike Ilk l?ei, kartne l.?? j In r"ill?iai ?Hb ?kij. bo? im? of ike Sr. ehtrh ? ?a ?i ai rk * In >Jakt - bf ow i lanael and kwt eiaina^tl at 1 ri<raaa<l TbeaMpWt JMn*. hit* I H Kooar frr? RlrbBOBd f?r MoW>, vkhtk put let K?) Vrat tn ???tiraa eaa rn teyrd and Ion ad lu teat Nl'( a?d w??ld ilerkarpB eario and repair. Fi aa V rotaaiR Roaa. Hu'rraa. fr-na Pret Kwea f ir Pnrl !? re attb p i* i re. *?rt a?hore rn ?'ai ? fuero ih- ol(ht of i^elthittt but r-me it ou tke lft? aitbiiM daii.afe and ar lit# at kdaennea. Ti n r? 'en lit? T'* P' Vb ha- k f>metlB Otoe, At*m- 1e. f?i ii ir i fiir < ai/'f. baa al?K In n>'t??ti>a ? 'a a i??*b ab t I II H.?l'?rrt (Hi 1 1> ?d A??tlraaV '* tlx* ?.*h 'nM at f A V , i ?|l* ? a . a 'I ? Ml I ? M,t<r>l?r. Iirtat ? r i** **a iMi'lit Bri?/iii!'f#? tb? i btaf ?nate ?K<Uer<: Mm or ok *eeril i>f Ike atranf rr nrt k <m ? ' i? f-rop ) , rB. An? ?' -Hie Prr- net n, 'Ii^lnrk, f rr ' ?? 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B1! rlpl t Wa tha o pn ,??di <5 raata ard. f'airrttii. Ae* n lie I i?tr bar rhaateil han 'a tar I a i. i >? . r> iv i. id ftlOraePher fm?i?r t? , rvr, abr Is now laki i rr N ? e Yntl al aa "(nlviJer t of f IS a tin. Toad JtoPS, Are ir- r.i b??%, ti-r r.ctra,. T,ane. frr Hew Tiik teak h # r*e'.'i? eater per kar Bad rrarh?4 aa far aa !?<? r an ir ? H/.d BMIod .'n'i f * br al p Art ' nlnn. It ? ni I oponB ?bea i ft tb? Oi**l f' pe ?Bd ii ni*<tft i hi a kea v y I kl". p<atjie4 aiv^ atore la e*td? ? t| '? ? a. ?p I fll'rcl tkr ratife tattti m alrr Htnee i?ae ?>'?! and |.nt*a>ka i B twab ali'ra .lure 14. in iat fH ft A me SI tl K. Vtl'tiii lift" tl raa t teo w paallart aalh ard jib r rnr? <? irrr brat t waetbrr up W' ?'?? B'a^ In Iat ?7 fi H, b ? a? P It 'bp toll Bit and atralatMl heatttr. naaked aaray (or?i harrelr. for t?BorTH. Hrpt }?- Tbr P->m br?r Ftrma. flewmH fna llaj> ' -n l?r I t,,,j ? I thr Wrat tv^?t of Akiirtra kar b * ? *>Wti krr rrjatra, b a been I' wed out t.f kaibor Is Hp thead. *b?frf bark lonka Hear* 'nf r S iiimni, flak ?r, wreaksd Bl ratal rent T baa b??t. .old f -r IK t Unllir to Plflrlaet. tt'llebl f bfp r'.'d on Jlariu') t Wo?',? parrd ha taooitkia tiarmg tfc-t lea*/' .iw ob flM'itiay al(bl. fke at | ?poken on Bnnday afte rn. rn, to bIIm from Booth 8kwL andag ??>?aae, making for a bar bur. Wkaicma. Lahalnn Iv 29, Abrika Hart ar, KB, from a W cr<??. wlUl 1MW bl'la ok oU, 200 do (p. ud U 100 lb? v fSS [oaT wk?llBr "Wl are reported from the AroOo ud ? oolac, a, waging a IhUa leaa than a hundred hbla. 8|>uk(a, 4m. Ul S*l N kJTwSf.tft! *r?* ,nr Hkwgbae. Jnly 2B. pJrVlooV *""by ** l>rt">^ '"?> ? kjTufro" "'"pool (tepll) for CUMU, f<.uih?n '/top'*1**' **' *i N, lob J4 W? by the Taemanian (a), US Am fHu bllt Falcon Ju!v23 ntf w. ?><?.. *?u j Am -h'P Mtry Wbhildge ^ fnk Patmne Riick hence fo> Ma'untlua mi!?c?w.m? ,.v_ 2#, lat t N, laa 24 SO. uu* ? t aJontto, Jmlf Porrt?m Porta, AnTwrnr Bcpt27-Bld IjmIt F Brace Willi* me. Hid froir Flushing 2uh <>?a A Farvell, WmieST mi it, W bite KOrlc&ra (ud tfcn otmcr waa off Ulto(W%L Pkivtoi (PI IB. *ept 26? FM II B Wright, Park, NTork: Kookh Kn'd, fharl-Mon. ? Knl rut 75th. J S R yrrtr.n. Latham. foe NTork 28th, 1 1 ?" Will'ama MTHM> Peitli'ao. Miller VW^Inla. Pn mm c<tt 14 ? Art VoitiUir. Turney, Norfolk Kotnun Sepi 27? Arr Puntero Quatro, BUomlty, NTork. FI126'h. R?rbfl Mnlr *<t!. ura Kt.n Srpt t7? Bid lltrr- it'n von Brabant Mm NTork. R ' i<< i loiu. Kept 19? Arr Nm rn Tereea Oub.-iua, Bolivar, W Trrk. *lrt. Catalan* Caaenoraa iTmrleaton. k July ;J1? Arr Saiah Aodri wa NTork. Bid Ud, Mtrilprrb. IC? niter, NYo?k. Batjtia, ioi I? Arr Hut-asr, Bowlaad, aiid Meteor, Ooleon, time. CkonMaoT, Bept 19? Sid Volja, Holm, NTork; 20th, Dublin, Ijii e. ho?tnti rorcuBASKV, Bept 24- l'tta-d by Telegraph, Gllee, frooa Cn nntant for N Tori. t'iTT? Bept 23? Air Orient* Howe*. NTo"k. '"airrtra, Aug 16? Art Hydra Brown Mnnritlna; ltth, Na> llnral Katie. Mritbewa. arr* Bddratone. Orai't. l.lrerpooL Bid from Jangor lflth f'l,v HIP. BmalL PYork; 13h. Oeean Queen Hinckley. Ronton; 14 h 'hereee. Wallace. Philadelphia; tioe.n Poter; Krtard. Hoetor: 18th. Kmoreaa. NOrleana. Drat, Bept 17? Arr Burna Morhtfo. True for N York. Partmoctb, Be^t 27? Off. C( nnteaa of Be*fteld, Brow*, tnm Nf wra tie for NTork Penpal*, Bept 26? Arr Amr Hammond, Phi adelphU rta Cuktftoil. Poecrmra. Bept S8 Off. Dx-hinYar. Oole, from Am irerp for > Or lear?, and landed Pllet Ki mmokb, Hept 24 ? < 1J t liHotleleer, Hatch (from St Peten bu1 <) P< ?too Arr ?t dr^H'b. Plorenre, RaMall, Rt Peterabnrjr for Hcetno. CltAMiOir, Bept 27? Arr Onlittn* Bt*r. kelly. NTork. BUJ 78ih Pato'Hte. Stttob, Bnvannah (aud from Oreecoek 27lhJ;i9th, Welkin Hlaix-hard. TTrrk. (iBrrnrnc. Bept 25? arr Orrra Linn. I.uther, NTork. Bid 24ih <pot 28th), Jane Daggett I.amHert. NTork. GlliKilTAK, Kept lh? >rr I rl(ta Jno Freeman l/irtajr. !/?# horn for NTork (and ?l.' Ilrti; Arna P Torr?y, O'tlllo, Malan fi'r Poa'i n (and aid 21at): ?i hr A F l.lnnell. Freeman, do for w York land aid aaoce da<). Bid 17tb. briga ''inlew, MaUhewa (from Malaga), Ban FrancUco, s?a roam, Brtgga (from Mate ga', NTork Pateed from W to 1 19th, bark Henry Cook; 20th, ahlp Btgv E of the Rock. fm In lor water 20th, hark M Btetaoa. (lllley, from Boatoo for Aleiandrta (and wou'd Mil aame night) Wind W from 16ih to >/ih: Slat B, freah and a larre fleet naaetng through. Harna, Bept 27 ?Arr Pnltoo (?) WoUon. NTork. Hmnto, Pen U-Arr at Cuaharen, Blae Ruboke, Boyaen. NTork Heitobt Bept 26? Fl* I.eda Telgeler. Boaloa (and anchored la ifce Road*); Arlaooa. Ro^lnaoa NOrleana. Hone I o?o. July SO? Air <v?aark. Ora?. Boat on. Slat, Bobk , ratter per, Robertson, Ban Franelaoo; Oikoiat, Balhird (or OtgordY Bombay. Je: Ann 1. tdlth Ro*e Humana. NTork; BworClKh, Randall, do; A't 1'nlon, Morriton london. Sd Ante ' We. Cole. Bi mhar 4th Vulture, aill. do: 8th. Bur King, Bl lery. aid Fleet Wing. Hewea Ban Pranelaoo B'd l illy 2*. Creole. Cral>b, Ban Praeetaeo; 27th, Pa?gnln. ; * heeler, NewTork: Bhakapeare. Norceom Bon bay; Aug C, Kreml'n, Jobrton. Mmila 7ih Independence. Thrane. Blnga I pore: Hotton. Potter, Manila; 9th, Whirlwind. Olet, do; Char ger. Hatfh, Wnrapore Hauraz, Ort I? la port ablp W B Grace (new), DiMdy, for NTork few daya. I Kitwrotja Bept 10? lr port tehra Prtacflla, OMwthar, ard Lnthcr t'hlld Pfcate. from Paltlmore. In port 22d thlp Jebn M Wood Mack, nearly dlaoharged, to tan for ? Orleasa In a few dart; bark * learado, for do do. l.iTcarooi, Bert 27? Arr Madraa, Bobtnarm, M John, NB; Meilran Ktrle. Main. Ronton Ud 24th Protector, Crocker, NTork: 2"U), Hortenala. N?n i tfn. tan Frarctaco; t'rWerae. Dewar and (5a*ollna, Orladell, I NTork; H Oray, Oard and ^ewall. Rtekrord. '>a'lealoo: Par aee, Morria Voblle; 2Tth, Treuton, Walker, NOrleana; Aaa*> polte, P<rkett. Raltlmore. | Old 25th, India. Mnller. Norfolk; 2Kb. Partd Stewart, Pren I Ilea Baltimore 27th, Clloner Marten. Ban Pranelaoo; 28tt? Kleanor dalloway; Courier. Wyatr ard Ta?a. WMenn, NOr leana Ariel, Temoleman, ? nmlngton and Bt I.neia; B f^arla^ Jonea Rlrhmond. Ya; Athbnrton. Rradttb ItTnrk. ltnt out 26th. Bnnderland. FH/el, for rharleetoo : J Pinter, Jr, Abeel. NTork: 18th, Washington White, MoMie; ?Tth Enocb Train. Burwell. Hoeton Mlcnetot* Pllnn. Po?tland; SBth, Ptn Und, Jon* a, Apalaehlro a K or roe. Mr^urnle, do; 4amaal Ad tma. Gay: Owtn Belle. Broan and R?cnlator. Maaon, NOr leena; Admiral, Ooxbrad. Earannah; Flora, FaHkrnhnrg, New Tork. 1 ornoir Bept 28? Arr Caroline Neemlth. CooMna. NTnrk; 27' b American Tcngreee. Woodward, do; Adeline. Sehulken, pkllade phta. Cld 2?ih JTagle Bpeed. Plekeilng. Port Phltp (and 8H from i Oravraend I7ih); fanruel Tarliot. Tarboi Cardiff and Chariea trn; Allaa. Main. Mob'lc (and aid from "rareeend Wthliflth, Faion' iile, Gardner. K<*ton: AdrVw, Pick, Mobile; 2flth. Bono , char Beott do; Taeort. Bnant. NOrleene. Fid from Orav.aeod ?<ih Mile* BUndlah. Gftrdner, NTork. Mil rokp, Bept 24? f Id I'm k (Aua), Coinlirk (from Oardlin. j NTork. Mjittgiu^a, Bept J8? Arr Waahlngtoo Butchar, Ootlaa, ?*W I Tork. Malioa Tept 16- Arr Julia A HaOoek, Pedriok. NTork. Mjita Bert 20? Bid Lath Rirb. Nlckerana. NTork. I Mjkii*. Jnly 23? Arr John Haven, "alter. Hoot K nog; Xth, Btaritght. Bowea Ban Frxnelaeo. 27th, Aunte Bowen, Hon^ I Kov* ?th. Cygnet Moeea. do. Bill 23d, Arab. FMrldge Rottoa; Bate llowa, Burkatt, dot I Ang S Tnduatry, Watera, NYoilt; B R Talbot, Buigam, Byd i ae> . NBW. kinin Ang 22? Arr Ine*. Page, Boetoe. Minacoana, heptU? ,a rort brig Eolu*. 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Wi r'ei. f ' or k. >T(l a f T( iWB, Crt S? Arr ackra Black I*ataond. To-taf, P>n?.'. fhia 'or l.trn W H Bn?a Farra rkUa'? lufcla; tlh, Fnnjoo Matlkraa. R<aaon tame* l^aatir Hotmaa n--> 1 a> rt?taln*d Mia tenia*? In aalla by bring la*0 kp a aefae' nt tnnwa). VAIt RIVkR. Oalio-Arr arkra rwiaal. H ilM. W?Oar, Bltaaketkrort: Ortno, Parte. PYnrk. Plvttw rtak lewd. llaa lla?'< a. I.t: alnoa 1 n Bate*. iVdltM PYo-k Hid erara Oao t'oPiraa. *?? rdra. Pkr?de'pW. iV?eUt?rl?Ta, fkrnaV CMaifc Mi llih "hi? 1'rraa Of and ArVia. knatta. BYork. V"Hl K t'r?4? ArrakhraKrrk I irht, Iladtoy ; Ta-I# Tnbr, p. -U. a? ** Naa'a, Fawn bark luar*. Wltafc. Boa Ufl IV ha?k R Wr1?kt Othha. *??. t??< I' I A ??. i rt S-Sid nir Viaatk, Raadail, RTork; ?kt Irlr < ?'?. Jtuyrr yv-iit , io- PM aWn, F?n?. Pwman. pv afc. M w I Mf RaPF cat IS? jut (try wl) bark J<dia Carrar. Bar'*****. M'Hi'l.K. Ort 10? A rr iinnaUi .'nvMna i Bkiwr, H'f ll .????' 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