Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 13, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 13, 1860 Page 3
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the llwit! army of Italy, ud be will speedily be fbl lewed by two divisions. Simultaneous with lb j news It la mM nor* poeitlvely I baa sver tbit the Pope has ar~"** up bis mind to leave Rome Wbat poaalOlo excoae mm tbare be for Ibe French lo ration of lu jV Eveoy's Fraocb aewapaper now oriee out on UaribA'dl. Ha baa feat formed at Naples n Red Ministry , bat ib? term red , do, i not )n Italy mean republicanism, but a distrust of ! France. Tbe accounts for tbe quarter ending this day shoe a decrease on the whole, as compared witb tbe oorreepond taf period of laat year, or about ?900 000 Oa ouatutne there to a decrease of kboat ?7(0 0(0, and on excise of ?bout ?400 000. Agalnet this, however, arc plaoed a net Increase on a tarn pa, lam, Income tax, poet o?ie and ?own land*. Tbe aoonunta for tbe year ending this day ?shlblt an increase aa compared with tbe previous year ?f upwards of SA 800 060 Oo excise lb?re Is an lnon?*e Of nearly ?380,000, on stampa about ?*90 008; on tasea about ?47 000; oo Income tax, ?4#?0o0, oo post Oflloe, ?116,000; on Crown laid* J early ?8 000 On tbe Other band, tbere la a falling off In tbe customs of mora (tea ?1 ,400 000, and on miscellaneoua ?346 000 The jMorraan In oustums and duties for the quart* r and tbe year may be attributed principally to the remitted du ttaa- Tbe decrease on excise f ir tbe quarter la ealy ap parent, and arises from the altered period of oollaollng the malt duties, ooooequtnt on tbe shortened term of credit. The increase oa excise for tbe year Is 4* rived from the ibarteotng of the malt credit, wbtcb bas realised ?7,000,000, and Improved the receipts generally. Tbe large Increase on the y ear may be s? plained by the additional doty for tbe laat Snancial year he lug collected in the Brat half of the year now ending. Bus Is eta In the stock exchanges was very limited, and the general tone of the market la rather flat, tbe cold and wet weather having a depressing Infloenoe. British rail way stocks are rather heavy. THE IKIBH IN ITALY. The Iff quia of Normamtiy, In a letter to the London Mate, extols the bravery of tbe Irtob at Ppoleta, and Movb that the despatches from good sources are not worthy of credit, and expresses sympathy for the unfor tunate yourg Sovereign of Naples. 8PAIN. Madrid, Srpt. 28? Evening. Blgnor Leymore has been appointed Oaptrln General of the Pbllliptto 1> lands Ceoerai fJarvtz la to return to Spain, and sill reaideat Lasas. Aa official baa been abot at the Cspe for having com Bitted an act or insubordination. The letter which tbe Emperor or tbe French left at Matcn on bis passage to lifters, oontalned friendly com pliments to the Queen of Spain. SABUINIA. Truce, Sept 29, 1880. Tbe Ring" leaves to morrow for Florenoe and Bologna, aeeompanled by Far In 1. A deputation from Siolly is expected here to day to pay homage to his Majesty. The remainder of the military contingent of 14,000 men has been called under arms. Tram, Sep 29, 1880. lbs Sardinian fleet having yesterday, by a bold maccea vre, destroyed all the battalion of the Pope it Ancooa, and General Lamorlclere having sent two envoys to An Ma tbla day, the articles of capitulation were drawn ap. The King has left Turin, amid the cheering of the population. Prince Osrignear has arrived hers In the quality of Lieutenant of the King. Traru, Sept 20?2 P. M. Aaoona capitulated this morn eg General Lamorlclere la a prisoner of war with the whole garrinon. Paul*, Sept. 28? 8 M f. M. The Bourse has been rather animated, and prtosa bar* Improved. The Baal quotations of rsntsa were 88f. Mo. sr 20c. higher than yesterday. Par*, Sept. 29? Evening. Ibe Patrie say a the vanguard of tbe Sardinian army is at Tivolo, sis kilometers from Boms. Tbe same journal announces that tbe Neapolitan royalists bare retaken, and are Masters of the Volturno. Another 91 y ate r Iotas Harder Can. A MAM FOOD IN TO* KANT H1VKK WITH BIS THXOAT CCT. About half past seven o'clock yesterday morning, a* John Ksefe, of Williamsburg, was at work at the lifting Aeek, at pier 89 Cast river, he dlseovered the body of an onknown man, apparently aa Irish laborer, floating in the wm. Ob banltng lb? oorpae oat of the dip, II vm evident, [ron the brained ud mangled condition of the heed mi tone, that deoeaaed had been the rtctlm of aome tool auidar. Dectaaodl throat was oat, a deep wound pane tMed the left aide of the neck, the ahull waa fractured and the entire fkoa waa brntaed aa If from the repeated blows of tome dull, heary tnatrumnnt, probably tbe hrud of an axo From the appearaaca or tbe body It bad not been In tbe water more than tweire hour*. Tbe blood waa freely ooainf from the wound ? iu the neck an 1 face, deu^uug tbat ibe Mia bad bees reorntly tall to tad Tbe onkaown mao waa about Are fret nlae laebea la height, waa atnut bailt and had tbe appearance of a 'loagthoreaiaii. He waa dreeeod la blue pan ta white thin ami MMfWlli The right leg waa bandaged from tbe koee Joint down, and appeared to have b*< n tore tor aome werka prerioaaljr. Corncrr ifebtrmer. ordered tbe lemama to be aeat to Ibe daad bnuae at Brlterue Boapital for IdentlOcai ijo It la luppox-d tbat dec**aed waa murdered In ooe of Use Water or '"berry ureet g'oggTteit on four at ay night, and bit My thrown aearbeMd la Mali detection. Mo clue baa yet been dlaoorered to tbe perpetrator* of Ike moroar. Iki laqu. tt baa been po*t|?>n<d until to day, la order that ibe p" tee might be able to eoll?vt a?mu teatiaony bearti t <n the cat* A poet nu rum examination of tbe body wia made by Dir. Bout 00 lael croning but m thing new waa elicited. City Culture. tub KEVBnufrrn ahmkmhi.y imxtbict. Wa bare before arnounoed tbat Mr. Sidney P. Infra baa, Jr. bad rcoeiTrd tbe democratic nom teal toe for the Aaaembly ;n Ibe rwclfdl ward of tbla elty. OB Tburaday eight tbe I'aloa party Araembly Coereatloa unanimously ?adorned Ibe aomtcatlea of Mr. lagraham, and by tbe prmadiaga of a Jolat ooarenttoa, which are publlanel la aaotber c Icma, It will be area that tbe nomine* of M<v Bart nail baa declln?d, and Mr. IngrWiam tndiraod hie wtH proba >ly reader bla electlou eure, vbile It at tbe Mat fine deala an tbrr deadly bk w at the old ant rot twi org*ioa?M>n known aa antnany Hail. Tli? Albany eormpi oeata ani lobny mea will lud la Mr Ingrabam a ?tumbling b uok to ail Ux tr teiieeioa of plunder. Wealr heeler teanly Poll lire. KOMINATIUK rUR aWKMBLT IN TUB tKUn.M) M STRICT. We aw tbat tbe drm eraoy la tbe (V-eond d lair let of Wealebceler oouaty bar* nunnaud X. H?imr-> CM ell tor member or Attembly. Mr. Udell rotod to tut lain the re lor* of the Uorernor oa Iba peculating ecbem<vt, aad waa Immediately Informed tbat a I joal bill which he waa late retted in aoald nerer paaa. Tbe bill la queatlna waa la tfc* charge of tbe Committee oa Ctllea aad f||. ta#?a. w bere It rtmataed until to* la* boar of tn? M ?i' ii !?urb la tbe reward thai bwrrt m>-a repaired from Mm ban la of to* albany plrat-a latl winter II I re eomtnetkne, boeeeer, la jjacleeire proof that the Al bany fang do aot control Iba damooracy la tbla attUiot City Inlrlllg*ar*. Ptaain*n Amur.? About eight o'clock on Tbnmday arreiLg a a amaa, named Wm. .-%ltBcr, aa board of lb* bark Cruaader, l>ing.fl tbe Ra'tery and vnind to Mel baaree. (tabbed the aecond mala, named II .or . Mai m, of I bredeipl.ia Ibe wounded man waa yeaterday mora lag ta?i n to tha City ll"*pttai and bta wounda pro Boan^-d arrtnaa Tbe pria -aer waa brought aahore by a* oflWw r uf tbe CM lad Matr* *ptt< r IWtr.ei laae, aad Bgll >rn d ap to Iba Catted Stale* Marabal. iuaq or nil> Foaoaa Lnwt ? Relwaaa ten BBd ate res o'clock laal aight dejtire Kmith arr*aiad tbe lMlig-1 forger Henry Lowe, charged with baring ?wtnd)*d L. Voa Boffhiaa * On , banker*, oa Baaorer it r eat, out of haiweea teo.too aad 1100 000 by meant of forged bill* of ?arbaage na tbeOoloatal liaak of Itemerar* Weat la He* II aaatna tbat It **? three moatha after tha traaeecium Wba e. u. aid tad ttiel the dlanorcry Wet iuedo, aad Lnea wae tbra anwbere to be Iv ?l The pol'.w wer*, biw rear, ataxe ae<|uatiited wltb lb* fa< ta. au<l a tharp looa at waa kept r>) a nnroht-r of tbe dtWatife Ufl e?i?mng Uie ahore uillotr taveedod In g itlag ou tbat wkof I owe and arrMted him abut taeut) aieutee joal ten o'ctork, at Ibe cort-r of Right} l'?uetb ttroet aad tr.'rd arenue, ?h**re be wae pattiag tip. Wb?a ar*. .led be t-emed rrry ir icb euraged bad aatd that had be b en on U<o lookxit tbey ooul t not hare taken blm altva. H? waa Uk?u n the Pollae bead *aarter i aad o>nnmit|a4 1? watt an agam.> alt m n?fjr? a mag. i irala. r. ar irualt, well at ed, I ilmglag to tb* pritoaer, were touad in a lafrr bier faloou i i Inol btraet, where lb?y w*r* alora* It wat ha btaaUon to h**? aallrd tor Cnrupa to day. Ttar t r *a* Dtbaja with rat Ptijrr* -1 telnet party bare rnraged lb* larorlta Moaater Tb >maa P. Way. t? make a trip up t<. Wrat fViai 1* cootpai y with tbe liar rft lane, tn Monday, the tub latl. Da !y a limited a*m< tr of ticket* wtit be e. 1 1 |f?w Yrma, Haaiaw A*t? Aiaurr R?n? >?r> Kail ar naaemenl, October IS, 19*0 Tbrea faet Iralaa dai.r, ft>,?n N<-w T"? t* A'Ka*y, tear tag Tw- nty mth ?It<-i toat'-m ai T?.0 t M , 1000 a M aad 600 T. M., making 1lr>et >? .i . e t .??? with tv, s r f.u* Caofal Railroad i' rr j.?? *M punbtae tt he. a. an , latfe tl> ?' baffge rf|?Tiieii throat to all prto ,ta I Weal, Ntrih*. m tia .tbweai TIE FBfflCE Id THE METROPOLIS. Outrage to the Piince by an Insane Englishman. IMMEDIATE ARREST OF THE RUFFIAN. Tbe Ride Through the City Yesterday. Visits to the University, Astor Libra ry, Cooper Institute, Free Acade my, Central Park and the Deaf and Dumb Institute. Interesting Incident at tbe Cen tral Park. Tfce Prince Plants an American Elm and an English Oak. THE DEJEUHER AT I1Y0R WOOD S. THE DIAMOND BALL Magnificent Appearance of the Academy of Music. The Gorgeous Nafurral Floral Exhibition. ARRIVAL OF THE PRINCE. The Glitter and Glory of the Night. AN ACCIDENT, WITHOUT SERIOUS RESULTS Fall of Two Immense Flower Vaaei. The Flooring over the Parqvette Cared lie ?0 LIVES LOST OB LIMBS BROKEN. ON WITH THE DANCE! THE SUPPER ROOM AID ITS CONTEITS THE DELICACIES OF rHE SEASON. WHO TBE PRINCE DANCED WITH. The Dutiognuhed Gneata Invited and Present. *e.t *?., ke. The grand ball which formed the culminating point in the vlait of the Prince of Waiea to the me tropolia of the New World ia over, and it has proved a great aocceae. Never before waa aeen within the limita of the Empire City anch an assemblage | of genius, talent, wealth and beauty. The acene waa gorgeous and almost daz zling la ita brilliancy, and our royal guest and cu te have now had a fair opportunity of realizing to the fullest extent the magnificent hospitality of oar people. It waa such a mark of respect and good feeling aa even the aubjecta of hia Queen mother might not surpass; and New York haa in tLia instance every reason to be proud of the success which baa attended her efforts to do I honor to our illuMrtoua and distinguished visiters, j But onr readers shall judge for themselves from the following panoramic view of the whole afTur. Every precaution waa taken l>y the committee to prevent contusion or diaorder, and especial care waa devoted to the getting np and issu ing of the ball tickets. The manner in which the Japanese ball waa carried out conveyed a salutary lesson, which waa not neglected on this occasion. Thu caid of Invitation was juat what It should have been? limbic, unadorned and unaffected. It I ia of plain white Bristol buard, about five iachea wide b> seven inches in length, and on it Is en 1 graved, in beautii ul chirograiihy, with little or no flourish, the following, fcACfpuiig, of course, the | names: ? '> TttKSt sC an iV- T.'/'a'k h Cn"' k^kT i'j 7n*? I Vint MR. J u UCNSRf TO a I I (e aa onts in rarzasa or aaw tors to vaa > I rHkBWViW t x At ma A<?pr.?t ?,? Mime, <?? Pbiimt Kvnnra, rnt ; > l^iu I 'a r ur Ot r <bsh 1<k>0. at S'isra O'Cioua i | HCTt R ? oofKR, Cbaoniaa MC -*rr*UTr ? X Accompanying the above was a smaller ticket, the possession of wbich was absolately nejeaaary to gain the owner adnii-miun to the ball room. On tLia waa the following inscription:? (?" ' aubTt ro rn? nit?" J IN HONOR OK TflR FftlMCC OF WALKS, ; X it ma At'jinewv ?* MMfc i I I Tn4*j , QataMf )2 1MB ( This waa finely engraved in the bank note atyle, so as to render counterfeiting impossible. ATTACK ON THE PHINCB OP WALES. AN XVOLISHMAN tBI ASSAIL A NT? IIS tKRKSr ANO maiHABoa, amp allkobd ijisakitv, arc., arc. Aa tactdant of a jtr j ttartiiOf ?n1 Bopi-vwnl aalaro wcamS >??wrJs/ morning aa tbe Prtaaa of tak'ng b a lopsiian from lb* fftt Inaw RAH, na bis toor tbrougb the elly. Tt?? crowd sr m<l lb- b??l< I wsa '?m?sfe, at. 4 the Hlrrtag astura at Um ocoastoa 1*1 probably tb> nt ortr itni rg Ut?> tarveaof Um prlu clpal actor la lbs dastardly act wbieti wa areabtat to aarrata. The rrlnoe aai bta aolta b?t alrraty stepped from tbe tUM; manaia tots tbo earrtagea wbleb wore ta waiting for II id, a wild tbe obeera and tomullaoia ?<?>?*<? of tbe jrott om,<? urea of people arwabM amaad Um batldiag tarrta*?* w era jaat atari log, when a rata step; oi oat I fr'-m tbe reel of tba crowd and a ear toe earrlagr ta j wbleb tbe Prlnoe ?f W?i?? m riding Be instant? pot ' blpself na pngfllstts attitude, and, aa the etrr'a/1 of | bie ftojal Bighorn was parsiag, m?d.- a beavf blew of bia Art at Mia, at tbe same MtM applj Ing a m ist <pfra brinos a tilth t In tbr jot hftil Prinoe. B* lh<-o at ted:? "Too alii b'-vir ba K'ng nt Kaglaad If jn-t Ware to Hva Ibr one bnaSral j* are H?e tlms f >r k n?s la ?oe<* " TV? Pri<?-e ea* ' tbe Hit* s dlrec'ed agatnu bint, k ?* avar, and before bta ad??rs?rf hvt datebad bla ?j?ia Ktteaa tb? <-*rtt?*e bad dr'vt b'w wt of b Tiag didaaon. Of enarne this nWeiantaae* ar>"? ?t fea?t ta ?*te?t, tj au : ese<t?wwat, an t eoa ib-u Vb Prtnoe waa gone the offending assailant of ki loyal Highness ?u tbe oentre of aUeattma The a >t> ?i? M* around the man, aad before be oould do Uflkllf It ward* efltoting his canape a poltvmao had turn to charge. Bla imil ?m Bide by officer Rbedsa, of the F.tght?cnth prrolnot, who removed bias to Ike itrtloa buuae In Twenty seoood ctreel, wbithor ho ?M eaoortud *?? a bug* mob je thug and about tag, hvxHi ig and bitwiof Id the moat tviln orovs maoner. Tbere were some erM of " lynch htm," aid othors if " lei htm go," and Umi be would shoot htm; but bo waa kuatty- safely that up to the atattntihouae. Here bo euwd that he j la a sailor, belonging to tho river boat Santa Claua, sow I) wg at Oroeopolut, Williamsburg ; tba be came over to ire the fellow ail tbe sensible democrat* Of New York wtro ruahtng to tee, aad that be waa de term iced to a bow htm what be thought of arist-aeraie. : He (ave bla uamn aa Edward Morcan, and atated that he wae a native of England He is a man of about flvs toot ?cvoo lncbts in belgbt, Hgbt oomplesloned, an I ba^he affrtranca of a plumber or tiosaaMa, or maiblnlst, or smoothing In that line rather than that of a sailor, waa null taken before Juattoe Oonuolly, wbo, after hear tog the oaae, diaobarged tbe oHonder with a reprimand. , In this the Justice acted very unadvisedly, as It waa by no means prudent to diacharge a dangerous character, wbo is considered maniacal, and wbo bad threatened to ahoot tbe Prtnoe of Wales. The police say that Mor can [bad a wild look about him, and talked like a mon> maniac. BTATFMWT OK AN 1!TK WITSBS3. Mr. E T. Woodward, of N'3. A Hojt a tree t, Brooklyn, states that be was present on the oocatton of tbe alleged attempt to assault tbe Prince In the vicinity of the fifth A venae Tlotel, and kavhf read tbe accounts published in the evening papers of Friday, he pronoanoes them wholly at variance with tho facts as they tranrpired. He oeoupied a position ou the oorner of Filth avenue and Twenty third street, near tha oarb; tbere was a large crowd In his rear, bat not unoomforta bly an, all awaiting the appearance of the Prince as be | proceeded m route from bis bote) to tbe Oentral Park. He bad waited tbere but afew minute* when tho royal party, to carriages, came oat on Twonty third stroet, an t when turning Into Fifth avenoe, and while the spectators were exchanging salutations with the Prince, an excited vidua), in the rear of Mr. Woodward, made a hostile demonstration with bis (1st, at tbe ssme time ejaculating something which those standing car htm Interpreted Into threats of hostility to his Royal Htgbo?<s Mr. Woodward immediately caused the arrest of tbe oflend'r, who was taken to tbe Jefferson Market Po'ice Court Mr. Wotdwird states emphatically that tbe Prince did not see the beiltgrrent demonstrations referred to, nor did be bear any such language as baa been iapu tad to the offender, as published In last evening's papers. Af'er the fellow was arrested tbere waa no unusual ex citement, nor were any threats made of lynching, hang ing or abootlng this Impromptu offender. TIIE PRINCE'S VISIT TO THE UNIVERSITY. The honor of tho flrtt visit of tbo round of such which tbe Pr nee may feel it bis pleasure to make daring his short sojourn in this city has, perhaps, properly enough fallen to tbe University, or rather to the principals of that Institution. In noticing the fact, it may be added that such a preference was doe to the character of tbe lnati totioa as an educational establishment, from the young Prince, whose fatner, ever since he bag an to take a pub llo interest In tbe aflhlrs of England, has shown himself tbe friend aad patron of learning, a a well as or the irta and acioncee, and all kindred pursultfrof like character, and wbo baa been ever fore most (n promoting and sustaining every movement in tended for the moral and Intellectual advancement of the English people. In accepting the invitation of the Chan cellor and principals of tbe Un'versity to visit thetr Insti tution, and to accept of an address to be presented by them, tbe young Prince was, no doubt, reminded of tbe oc-asloo wb<<n, while yet a boy, he witnessed tbe Impos ing ceremony of the Installation of his fktber aa Chan cellor of the ancient University of Oxford. If the Otoe be a true Index of tbe heart? as It always Is while the heart Is yet ) oong aad guileless ? then, Indeet, did tbe Prince perform his part to tbe little act got op for tbe oooaeloa yesterday. A large party of ladles were specially Invited to sseet tbe Prince, and all gentlemen applicants for admkBloa not offioers of tbe institution were strictly eiclodel, aad long befrre tba hour set forth on the notes of Invitation ? ten o'clock? tbe cbapsl of tbe institution m 1 totally crammed, k fir m the word can be properlf ippliod where hoop* end crinoline are in question, by an ex pectant crowd of the flair wives, daughters and sistors of all and evtry ? tbe aapertora. office r?, students, Ac. The chapel wss entirely devoid of any extra trna mentatlon or adornment. Bat, Indeed, It nested lone beyond what waa aflbrdsd bjr tbe lorely occupants of pewi and aeata, and every inch of stand lsg room within tbe walla. Bach a waring of Ibathsrs and flutlsriof o rlbboca, and motion of Bower* and rustling of silks and Ml tat loo of fan i, waa never befbre(wltaeaard within the aacred walla of the Calrerslty chapel. To apeak of the laieass excitement which pervaded the fklr breaata o' all won Id be a rain taak Indeed, and therefore wa will l?ve them beating with what Intensity they may aa hsy await the coming of tbe Prince, while we conalude our nottoe of tbe Interior of tbe chapel. Bonny and bright aa tbe morning wm the gaa waa buralrg la tbe lam pa, needleatly indeed, aad tar tain ly detracting from tbe religious sssoclalims of tbe p'.at e. No dim religious light waa there, but through tha high aad narrow w lad owe tbe run poured oabroteo atrc&ma of light, which, striking on the large -talked window at the back of tbe dais, reflected la varied bias, which rtottd here and there through tbe building, the borrowed light, while tbe ladles, with what patieooa uey oould matter , awaited th ? eveatful moment which wat to uiber to their praoenoe the young beir of England's bnad realm. Dodwortb'a band dlaxwaed moat lugabrbns m title. Whether It waa tbe onaccustowed air of tbe plane which ad ctel the 1 ostium rats or whether the same aflected tbe muaiel*a, certain it la that Dodwortb'a music waa opera.lag aa a damper upoa all, woe a luddeoiy a student rmbei in, aad, waving a abort baton adorned with blue ribbons, in timated to ail TBI lutrxx or rni piukc*. It waa a quarter to slaves when tbe Prlacs and ailte alighted frtm tbelr carrlagea and catered tbe bulking. At ihla time aa immense crowd bad gathered, fining op the breadth of tbe street tor a considerable d latinos on either side of tbe bulldlag, A clear way was reallly made tor lbs carriages to pasa through, sad, though the crowd pi maid forward immediately after to get a close rlsw sf tbe Prions, yet tbelr bebartor waa marked with tbe statist rested and d< fererie for tbelr ally's young aad royal gnat Wltbta tbe mala door tbe students, In academic ooettme were lined la double Blea stretching across the aarrow ha I along the ballustrades, sad oa through tbe oorrllar to tbe chapel door. As tbe Prtsce advanced tbe students reepectfi. lly tainted him by uaoover ing tbelr beads, but ao other demonatratlou whatever waa mats. Tbe arrangements being under the luperlnteodeooe of Pri ftator Wedge wood, tbls gratlcmso Insisted spoo this or der be tag observed, ta order to gaard against a too noisy manifestation from tbe morn me it a rial of the papils At tbe h'ad of tbe marble atatrcaae tbe Prtaos was re oelved by Cbaaosllar Ferris la bla rjbea, who wel oomed bim in a few words. Followed by bla salt* ? lbs I'uks of Newcsstle, tarl 8t Hermans, General Rrure, ljtird I.yons, Major General Band ford, aad a tram <>f tbe officers snd priaoipala of tbs Instituttoa? the young Prince aad bis re titrable companion entered the chapel, the band playing tbo English national anthem. Tbe re waa a general buss and stir and flatter amoog tie fair an 11 saoe, whose ajmpatbles and natural predtltcllocs f ?r the royal tlslttr mi'?t have been at the moment enhanced ? hiii.. ding bim for tbe flrattim? ? bis slender, youthful Agar*, aad Ihlr, bright, gealal face, la oonirast with tbe tell ssd agtd man bealda lilm. Tbs Prlaes was dressed la plain aWtliet? blatk (rock, light vast, and light colored pabts Tbe suite were d re reed somswbit sbai arly. Two and two, the Prises aad Chancellor leattng, tbey as cen led to tbs platu>nn, on tbs right of wbtnb, ?Id* era; a to tbe lale, wsa plared tbe car rod oaken bigb bash Cbanrellot's chair, to wblob tbs Prlaoe was led aod btltcd hy a bow to be tested. The suite. Is tbe nstiel ordtr of at quelle, ranged themselves oa ttlbsr side of ti e Prince, wlale the professors and others osoopM tbe of pnelle aids ol lbs pialfueia. The Prlass, by a pee a liar sntma of the bead sigalfled that be preferred to stand, whteh be did, ilutisg tbe short lims occupied by the pro OtWII gs. spfimo>e or rni oorncri. op rtt? nrmnwitr. (htieel' ,r Ptntsts then read tbe fbllowtsg address ? iuacn I tsrxaw ? Hoe or ?'I e<r ? ft IS my privilege, ft> >? lint i t.< I Si.d ? fellies of lbs Cnlvsesite Sf U ? otytd No Virk, to welcome yoo to o?ir marble ball*, and to Under nor (ftalnlati ?a that a k 'n i Pfo?i ret le ha* been Browed . in" nvae and wl'l yon *'? ne v 1 1 hit your satire saoatey *s r<>tt<'", sr.d *arsi?massra w Ml rejn oe, i * \t ><..i wi ts >d I ? tin -a ?he Hraad Ai't'.-ie, before 'be rtsy sMMNfesat Ids sere ass'iawi, ai d ?.? oome acquainted with tbv noorilltoa if tbe iggloHKXOa no- In M>i? prval \Kr? *rn World, la oar onigtrj f?u ' boM t?w t-Biiumuy lorlvtof MM of ayouog hraoob of >????? mmu t- ; '? *o are fund hi MM our origin t > tb nan- fc-urff , and i? i.lnui Jlh? Intonst of boos to the iut?, att-Men lib t literature of the land of our fire fa'tnis Your Bacon, )? ur i tSsp'-re, vour Jilloo, mod Uk *>ho|e guUxy uf glorfuS ikiwi ou th? * r"fi of j on r c ui u> , we cUim *n ours as well ? their U bort furnubiu* ?!?? manures uu which *e freely draw, ao< itii a alter wnicb we mould our culture? while to tti? Ir tilting ?> love to liiuKu a scholar's pilgrimago. While \ou among us num> rons Illustrations of suo n?i'it*l Dii'i r ai progress, wo are proud to a?K your ?V icdik'U to our eigiaaood system* of edu >attou. Our i?< tmraMe common school ?j tu inf , now vary exteualveiy Introduced in tb?- st*t< ?, carrying1 ai they do, ibe alvan tape* n| ?uh> tanlial Miteil letuai culturo to the di*)rs of the great man.* aeeewartly bound u> labor, are tilling ha >|i il> on ti" intelligence of the p?*>ple Placed, aa I Ji.v.-b..o in clr< nrnnULD'a to He tbelr workings, tain astonish) d aa I alt- uipt to recount tonitsilf ibo results r.eund <n the l?;i *- if iuv ow? life Our higher insnu^ tli 'U* of Irarou k have nwi In rai>ld siieorsskio, and con mtuie the Clowning Mago In tbo prepurali >n for lilw *,Tbey are no grouped In a few towns or cities They aie fimtd in what n ay l?' called neutral pomU 10 isrge populate ns ? n > oily excepting New Y?r* / b?v!i g mom ihun oce for the nam* curriculum of stnfl} Our c< Iteg.-s and utiiversttte* bavo nwn to over one hundred sou twenty: our tbeologioal schools to ilfty nir: our law *ebo Is lo 19, and our medical scnoolH to forty i, ur ? all tli r* iiemg icbools for profo?*iunal propa ratmn I au> baopy hi making you welcome to this uni verntj? an Institution fouuued aud ooerwbed by tie liberality of tlie ui?>chant* of Ibia city , a priuoely eliaa it nrn id iImi mmruitnJe nftbelr plana aud tne muulHwone with wbir.b UMty (oataia tbem. Here they have founded a pnct'cai u it it u ti< n where the meana of prep nation fur li'e tball be a ? varied aa the wanta of a mlety demand Heie, betide the roilege proper, we have all pmle&alont] trhuda or crikgiw, and on uur rroorda, during the laat ftudy year, numbered aeven bunnrod and tuxty Dloe jouthB and )?uig nn-n. Ou' work h;? boen puraued wlib a rallr'artnr) d gr ee of aucoeaa for an Inatitutlon founded tweuty right } vara since, while it bat been our privilege to toe moat important cmtil- i builODi ma'e by our profetaora to the general fund of aocial betn>ftia You will pardon ua, that wu re 11 r w itb gratidi d feellrgs to the tact that tbia ediUce was the birthplace of the tieclro migurtic telegraph, our Pro ; ft?tor Mora- btvng, wubm a lew feet of where we at*t\d , made hi* tWi aic<v?*lul eiperlirent, and paaaod over bis * ire i of iMtnly milta lei gib Ibo uiuuraolo eureka In ibia bulldirg, a'ao, by Draper, one of our l'rofeaaora, pb?fograpbv wan tint applied to tbo taking of portraits flora life. Brie, by metns be discovered, was made the 1 (lr?t | icture of a human Uoe by tba ligbt of the sun, while the thing *u looked upon aa rlilmu* teal m Euro|io *od utioir this roof, by the same Draper, wore mad ? all those expei imcuta (now arcepted by tbe medloal profit tiob all over the world) which first demonstrated the tne i ai re of the circulation of the Aocd, your own im mortal Harvey having demonstrated Its course. Al low n <v honored ur, to tender through you oar ackcowkdgments for the roj at munlVieoce of your gofumn cut ((list In tbe person of William IV , and after bin In ih" person of your venerated motUer, whoao name weall proLoui ce with admiration, republicans aa we are) la boat va'uab'e govvrnmeotal rec <rds, aad to your royal obmvatoriea for their publtcatloua. vastly, I beg to cot>rey through you to the British tclentlota our special thai k* fi.r iht- very kind attri tion and abundant courtn until in to nur Draper on bla visit W> tbo annual meet Ingof tbe Britiah tsaeclatlon laat summer, at Oxford, and at the Severn! institution* of learnlrg. TbeM things iodi cam tbe fiellng* which should animate tho brotherhood of actrine and literature, and will barnlab to a brighter lu*tr? tbe rhaio which bind* tbe two branches of a great family. Soon you will have aocotnpltaLed the treat ob Jtct thich brought joo to American shorts. Oar prayer Is thai the tame L-raclous Providence which brought you here *111, la perfect safety, reoonvey you to your own land aad the loved circle which will have o?tioed with tbe detp?s\ It.teutneas of liiterect your progreaa among us. 1 rtrprctTuilv aak your attention to the action of our soon ell in vkw of your vlalt. Tbe a; J re?s was banded to the Prince's equery, tbe Prince lltuaeif acknowledging It by a slight bow. MKOLITION8 APOITKD BY TDK COL'NOIL. Tbe (Vmcellor, then addressing the Prince, bogged bis attcntloi to the ftlioirlng resolutions, adopted at ? meet ing of Ub council. Tbe Scretary then real tbe following resolutions:? CmvttanrtT or tub Cm of Nsw Yorit. Tbe CMncellor having communicated to this Council | that tb? Karon Konfre sr baa aocoptrd the Invitation to | visit thoVntversily this day with hi* suite, therefore, Ke noised, That the Council of tbe t'nlre rally of tbe city of New Turk weloomr every event calculated to cberiab fotlitgsof wsrm reciprocal regard, and to untto more closely in the tt* s of fraternal fellowship Protestant Eng land aol these United Stales Krsolred, That In view of tbe relation Baron Renfrew bears u tho land which we still claim aa "tbe mother country,1' and of bis oonnectlon with tbe classic aoats of l*arn|pg wblcb we admire and seek t > imitate, this Coun cil regaad bis visli to tbls oountry as emisent y leading to promot* objects *o desirable, and we great him with heartfelt welo me to our balls this day. Riwolvtd, rbat as we are bound to Englanl by the lb reef old cord of anoratry, of language, and oar "King James B1>le," we feel we are brethren, and may claim it as a rlgbl to njolce In every testimony of respect paid by tbe sovereign people of ibis land to tbe representative and bsir of Kb gland 's model Queen. Adopted ia CouncU this 12th dar of Octiber, 1M0 HKNRY VAN SCHaICK, Secretary. INTRODUCTIONS. ! The Chancellor then Introduced to the Prince the ofll cere ol the Oouncil and the various learned faculties Of ' tie Cnlvsrslty, the office re of the Law and Medical de partments, Ac. These latter named gentlemen oocupied aeals in front of the platform, and aa they were referred to they roee to a body and bowed to the Prions. INTRODUCTION TO TBI LADIK8. The Chancellor then turned to the Prinoe, and, adirem blm, aaid? "I beg the honor of Introducing to yon the wivee, the daughters and (latere of the gentlemen Just re Ibrred to." What a mantling and suffusion there waa then o t Iktr nhnkil? what an Innrissid palpitation or young bo some'? what a lightening up of bright eyee as these word* ?track [on the ears of the younger portion of the galaxy above, In the galleries and everywhere In the allies, and how their excitement was heightened when the Prtnoe himself, blushing and smiling, turned round and bowed UP all, la beyond the reporter's skill. The manner In which the Prtnoe acquitted himself evidenly increased bis popu larity among hia fair audience. ADDKKH8 Of riOFKUOK MOR-g. Professor Morse, with a few words of Intro taction to the Prltce, begged leave to address to hi n a few words Be *ald> The acceptance by the Baron Renfrew of the Invitation i of the faculty of tbe Cnlverslty to vlelt the tnatltitlon, and hie presence here, with too klnl all niton made to me la th? Chancellor's address, bring to my mind some susgeatloag (SISNM with Iks biitory of toe telegnph, wbiib may not be untntinslirg Tbe Infant telegraph, norscl under discouragement for a loog timo after lis to vintinn, etr ggled bard lor a feeble exutrare tn ISM I carried It to Paris. It there eUraeted the attoutioa of many distinguished and ec lent ilk men, both of Prance and England, amorg whom werstbe Marquis of N.ietbamp ton, tte Karl of Clgts and tbe late Karl ul Lincoln the tat ter (eotlr iran rincived it with r*p?cUI favor, esd coo motert to rttk tbe repoiatton of hia sound judgment by dedsrlrg bis belief in lt? slUmala success lie took It coder his o en roof at Loadoo, and there Invited a number nf persons to wnnesn ib? exptiim'-fcts It IS, tbeo, with so ordinary fee,legn that, afie- a tapes of tesnty years, I greet In snob a prmrnce and befhre aooh aa audience the I Earl of Lincoln in the prsssst Duke of NswcssUe. This coscluJ* d the proosedlogs, and the Priaos mingled with tbe gentlemen on the platform, shaking hands with many of them, and, arm la arm with ths Chanos.lor, be k-rt ths chapel and vtstted m TBI VOMKh'S LlHtART. Here he was met on tbe threshold by a fsw or the pa trons of thlt young but very popular Institution, sad aleo by the ladylike and diligent manager" ?, Miss Powell. Ttie Pr'rce, after Introduction, snd having very oordlally i bakes hands with the young lady, wat ad tressed by her Is a fsw neatly turned sentences nearly aa follows: '? Baron, wa are happy to wslooaae to a woman's library the noble j son of a royal lady whom tbe women of America regard aa aa honor and a friend to all womanhood. The Priooe amlltngly bowed his acknowledgments Bs than bowed to lbs engraving upon ths wall, no doubt attracted by a very One engraving of hti royal mother, which Mtss Powell, with much tsste and good feeling, had surroun I sd wltb s beautiful wreath of Bowers. from tbe woaaa'a library ths Prinoe pnsssd Into the Inw library, aad without delay theeoe through the corri dor* towards ths staircase. At ths same spot where be wss received be bade the Chancellor farewell, and pass ag ' through the lias of students, aad attended by hta suits, he once mors regained his carriage, and was driven off, amid ths lusty snd hearty sheers of the people. VISIT TO THE A8TOR LIBRARY. Tbe fetor Library wss honored by a visit from his I P >>al H gbn<ss tbe Prinoe of Wales and hla mite ysa krdsy forenoon. Llks ths rest ef the visits which the distinguished party paid to other tnatitattoos throughout tbe dsy, It wss comparatively private, aad to have it as privets ai possible was the desire of the royal visiter and ' bts sdvtrnri. Ko notices were ms<1s of tbe Intentions of the Prtsos throughout the more teg, or of ths programme b) which be was to bs guide I during the dsy, In r wins- i q?? nee of this very few persons were s wars of the pro gramme, ar.d therefore the nnmber of thoss assembled nt tbe (Ltranewot tb? noble kulldlrg by nbieb the Prlnc aad , bis tulle were to inter did tot <sce<d one hundred when I tke carriage? oontainlag tbe royal part) dove up to the door. The movtirrnts <f tbe Prkce were very quick s'Ur tbe carriages stopped. He Immediately alighted Itr.m Lis rarrlafi' aad aria la asm with tbe Duke of New ft! e, aad Mowed by thi rt it or hit suite, enured the f Sir In ihe meantime cheers were given by the Crowd oa i le, waa rapidly lucres* log ev< ry la- j ?i..: t in r.umbrra Hats aad haaJkerch efb wers ? Here was a very general eiarptng of hinds, ? i iy by the rros(\ bat a><> by par tits In all Ihe neigh b ' igwledtni it *.? atump ed to rush Into the Li* | brary with th* suite, bat w?r* prevented by the police, by more gentle IMUI U Ml Utey are geoer lly MjuokaMxi I to employ . gAt the door IIm Prince m r*oei ved by Or Cogswell, the Superintendent, wbo raised bis bat and bowed politely wben Hm Royai Ulghne* waa mtrod uctd to bun Too youthful Prince gracefully returned the saiuuatMu, wd then shook budi with the Doctor. The rest of the mute were introduced after an introduction between the Duke of Newcastle and tbe rtupxrlntenden i*ok plve Dr. Cogswell iben Invited tbe Prince and hlsumte to walk up sttlrs to the reading room. Here tbe party were reorived by Ji bn J Aslor, Jr , and a committee of tbH iriMioe* of tbe -Library, wbo were introduced tn tbe Prmoe by tbe Superlntenden . Hero tbe Prluce was shown tbe p?teo<a | of tbe Institution aliich were given by tbo British ! government, with wbicb be eiprettu'd himself mueb lute rested. Dr. Cogswell next called ibe attention of but Riyal Highness to tbe arrangement or tbe books lu th* iitxary, which be FK-uieil to fully understand wbon pointed out u> 1 blm After examining every department of Hie mu<nfl oent collection of volumea lo tbe Quoet library lu tbe .Now World, tbe Prince *xpref?ed blioself mucl jili-aned aiid entertained by what be bad seen, aad tb.-u wnt> on ) suite took bla depurture. Tbemembtrsof toe suite aiso cxpreeseJ themselvts gratiBed and e?en turp<is<-d with tbo magnificence of tbe Astor Library and its arrange menu, tnd tbe general appointments aud appearance of tbe stately building's Interior. Tbe entire visit did Lot occupy above tea minutes alto gt tbrr, from tbe time tbe Prince aud bis aiwu'iaula ar rived at tbe building until tbey left. On leaving, tbe Prinje again sbook bands wltb tbo -tupuriu Undent, and, like tbe reat of tbe vIMtere, re occupied bla place in tbe oarrlogea Toe crowd at <be entrance to tbe Library bad by tbia time increased to five hundred or s<x bundrwi persons, who were fast increasing In numberx till ibe Pr noe ma te bla appraratce, wben tbey greeted bis R.>>al HighuesM wltb renewed cheering, clapping, (raving of nata, baud kerchiefs, ho. Btsides pedes nans, quite a number of carriages, light wagons and fashionable vehicles of all kinds bad collected. Tho carrlsges of tbo Prlnoo and bla suite no swner drove on than tbey were immediately Joined In fnnt, Hank and rear by those outsiders, whioh contained in most Instances one or more ladtea, who incessant ly waved their white handkerchief* aud J Mi ned their most bewitching aLd captivating (mile*. How could the Prince help feeling pride and bap plneM on such an vccaslotV Tbe time tbe Prince arr.ved at tbe Library was sevtn minutes past eleven A. M , and he left at about a quarter past elevea fur tbe Cooper in stitute No addresses nor other uaelesa formalities wearied tho jouthful Prince's put iv noe at the as tor Library. VISIT TO THE COOPEB INSTITUTE. Tbo visit of ibe Prino* to tbe Cooper Institute will al ways be an interesting fact In the records of that noble icitttution. At Ute door, as soon as the carriages drew up, Mr. Peter Cooper reoelved his Royal Highness and aulte with ? gentlemanly salutation which was immediately reciprocated by the Prince an 1 the members of hla suite llr. Cooper, being fornally Introduced to the Prtnoe, ?hook bands with that gentleman, wbo Immediately placed hlxself at the servlco of hie Royal Highness during bla visit to tbe Institute, and volunteered his services as guide and eacort over tbe spacious structure Tne Prlum Informed Mr. Cooper 01 bla regret that be ha4 not time to vlalt tbe capacious lecture roam of tbe bulldlug on tbe ground floor. He and bit suite were then c n ducted to the picture gallery, tbe reading rooui and library, tbe Ladles' School of Djtign, the mathematical lecture room, the chemloal lecture room, tbe rooms for mechanical drawing, architectural draw lng,&o,tlll all tbe building wss gone over With every department the Prince expressed blmself interested and gratlOtd, and asked many questions which indicated good Intelligence for one of hla year*. He leaned on the arm of Mr. Cooper during hla paaaage through the Instl tut*, having a'so the Dug* of Newcastle on his left arm. He said be considered the lastltntioaa of New Yyr k, so for aabe had seen them, very grand. Mr. Cooper lofbr.ned bla Royal Bigbneaa that a One view was commanded on tbe roof of tbe bulldiag of tbe greater part of tbe city, and lavltad blm to aicend aad see for himaolf. Tbe young gentleman seemed to catch the Idea wltb avi dity, and the reat of tbe suite alao agreed to aecept lb* invitation. Mr. Cooper then led the party to the roof, and pointed oat to thtra toe different objects a f Interest within Tie ? I The Baronial Prince exclaimed, on looking around, " 0 what a One view!" and alter a few minute* added that he woald require much time to rtudy all the aoeoory about the city properly. The royal party then an nounced to Mr. Cooper their regret that they could not spend any more time In Die Cooper Institute, and they ware thereupon eacorted to the door by which they entered, by Mr. Cooper, In the order In which they entered. On departing the Prlnoe (hook banda with Petor Cooper and bowel hta adieu. The other mem bora of the mite similarly deport ed thamaalve*, and altogether Mr. Onoper la favorably Impreaned with the entire parly. A large crowd had reached the Cooper Institute before the Prince, eo rabidly did Um new* of hi' movement* spread o?er the kmaiity. This crowd had ooaalderably Increased when the f'rlsoe's visit to the building was terminated, and, ae at the As lor Library, a large number of carriage* also awaitod bis re appears*. oe In the street. Altogether tbfre were possibly one thousand persona present when the carriage wen re occupied by hi* Royal ilighoess and the Duk* of Newcastle, and a loud cheer and clapping of handa not enly followed them into the edtBos.bnt rang ' In their ears at their departure. The Prince gracefully Inclined hi* fgurc repeatedly in *ckno?)?dgm< nt of tbeae fcnulne compliment* from the American monaroha, and at length drors off, escorted a* before Tho windows is the vicinity were once more a* interesting seen* of waring handkerchief* and small white hands, and fair, blooming, smiling, Icrely faces Tbs whole time occupied by Utl* rlsit did not rxoeed seven or eight minute*. VISIT TO THE FREE ACADEMY. The next halting place of the Prlnoe and hi* suit* waa the corner of Twenty third street and Lexington arenu*. Here, a* meat reader* know, sands the band sums edifice and Institution of the New York Pre* Academy. TtH the Prince ol Wale* waa now about to b'>nor With hi* presence and at teal loo Sen. '-'andford was now with the royal party. Andrew 11. (Jroen, the former Presldsnt of the Board, and on* of the moat pro mlnent Onmmlsaloners for many years, wsa Introduced hers to tbs Prlnoe of Wale* sad bis suit* by 9en. fend ford. Mr. Or?*n sroa after left tin party, for the purpose of meetlrg them arsis at the Orntral Park, whither they Intended to proceed after their visit to tbe Free Academy. At tbe entrance to the building par ty were received by Dr. R H. Wehater, the Pre* drnt of the college, and Introduced to him by tie*. Hand ford. Tbe President raised his hsi wh-n Intra dunod to tbe Prlnoe of Wales, aad bowel re ?poctfally to him. Tbe Prlnoe, wbo, IV Wobster says, ?Ms'very pollis In bis tnacaers, considering bis youtn,'' returned the sa uto In iron princely raab too. and then extended hi* royal baad to the I'leeWout fur a ahake hands, which b* rrndlly received. "Will you weik up stairs, slrt" said the Presided 'With much pleasure, sir, I assure you," tbe Prlaos replied with mora than ordinary qslekueM. H- re the Prlnoo aad hi* suite were show* the library and lalrodue- d to the faoulty, who received the party with a degree of pollteoess highly becoming goo liemen of sducatino aad redaement Dr Woboaer sett oond noted the Prlaos to tbs lectsre room, where the stu dent*, to the numtwr of TOO, srere assembled. On entering tbs room the President anonuncvd "Baron Renfrew, who bad honored their Inetitutioa with a Tit It " Tho Undents, wbo were prnrViaaly seated, simultaneously arose and waved a nsairmoi* aal .te with thslr I ^n is, which tlie Prlnoe returned with a bow aad another wave of the royal hand Hits wsa Hie ?m?et of till* ceremonj ? If It may Justly be termed cerem mtooe-. aad the Prince aad hi* salts then bowed their adieu, which waa onano usly acknowledged by tbe Mudsate, and Or. Webster conducted the party to the apart -neat la which tlia refflstar is kept. liar* he naked the Prlnoe if be won hi desire to slga bis name a* a via Iter to the msti tutlon, to which be sal I bs won: I s*ga It with pleasure. Somehow It ojcurrtd that a pen did not ba.tpeo to be at band upon obarrvlag which the Aon toe asked the Prlsoe If l>* would l*v? any ohieetiou to eu'te hi* tame with a pevcll. "I wwkl prefrr to write with a pea, *lr," said the Pr ue?, a rl lb* 'W dest thereupon bsfg'd him to wait *** m ?o?t' until b* aett tt an acjoltilng It <<m ?? l?" ' n **? ^ Prlne%r ignited that ? * wnaid, ?nd when r* W< ??*r r? larned and prtmnUNi bis R-)al B||b*e*s with iv f ? el dabie ir.strnwrat he nmarkrd, ? I th y"'- r" ? tli? Priec - of Half* wrote "Albert Bdwi'd n s ? tne, legible hard P|?on :be e JI'ge rr| >tor Tie n*hs ?m n.bei * of tbs s l* fotlowsd the r *n*, - #1 the.r n / *1 ir??l< r, and from this day forward K.e register of UM Free Acau>a>y btars iht iigiieiuns of ib<' Priuoe at Watafl and bis suite <>u uki> g ktn f the noltrge tbe PrliioO sgaiu rh'ok batdr vjib f)r Wt-hnur, iti'i htN fa rrs wtll lu tbe wettlm ion Th*? fluke of Newcastle utd ttiO r* at of ibe I'rinei a tulu* f< tio*'?-d .he tmtn^lA, and tb? ?bole party sgtiu took possession of tbelr carriages, annd Hie ei itiuafctetie ? he era of the lar^a cot>c urse of "pectstors ?bu h*d (tumrtd at (be nutaldo of theeaillCH Tbu t'rtoce and* ?<?in r.ianmuJ thru rambllugs at a quick p?ee, after bavti ? honored tha Free Acadt my Willi Britl*b royal pretence for about twelve n. in u i re Ttiey wi re escorted hy tho ordinary t umber of outnld.e carriage*, Due ladies, charming mi lea and brinbteal suisbme. V1FIT TO THE CBNTKAL PARK. TltB i'RlMn PLANT 8 AN OaI and AN KLM THE*. The Prince and suite, in carriages, arrived at ibu Park aftw mluutea pa* I twelve o clock Tbev werr received at ibe entrance h y and luirooooed to the Oeotral t'arlc Commiseiiners, Oral 10 President Blaichford, tbea to An ? * drew H Green, l*>q , 'he Oimpirnlier of tbe Hark, arid eubn qurntiy to Cnmmlrsioncrs Holc.hiuga. Field and Rus sell Tie (Yc m rtii'Di re then *? t ti to their lurrlagefl and pr..K dt d ibe cortege through the I'ark Tha null Wat pursued arooLd the carriage road from tho Fifty Di> Hi street entrance towarda the promeuale on thd weat sice ? f the I'a k to a apot west of tbo Mall, a llttM southwest cl the piace wbeie tbe Saturdav oouoerta aie held, at wblrii place au liiietesliug ceremony look place As 'biB la tbe nrasou if tbe year when thd gar* d?n?rs plant Ireea in tha Park, Mr Oreeo, the OomptroU ler, bappi'y suggesiej ine vroprlety of inviting the Prince of W.Ves to plai t au oak aud au elui tree, which aie i uiblema' teal of ibe two utiiona \ 1 1 ibe neceaaary arrangements were made and perfected for the perform anc? of this ceremony, such as lh? preparation of tho grnund and tbe furul>hlrg of the young .reel, *> that wliu tbe ro>al parly arrived aw the s >oi already lull rcaled tbtre a as no delay Over two bind red of Uia I'ark labmera teeie drawr. up in a eeml-otrclo around tho place w hi re ibu trer s w< re ti b?< p'aoted, a bile a strong foice of the keepers, In ui. If irji prevented tbe jiopulato fr< m apprcschlng loo near the IV luce and suite H waff generally supposed that ih? Prlnro would not visit the people's pleasure (rounds till tbe afternu'di consequently hundred* who intended ta avail theosei'ea of that op portunity to see him were sally disap lolcUii Tbia la cot to be rtgrstted, so far as the comfort of tha Prince m concerned, for had ib' followed bun Arougbout tbe day be would have neen subverted to ^reat a anoyance, tbe carriages would bave bten impeded, and much of tb? pleasure be would derive frt in a comparatively private vis1! to tbe various objects of Interest tn and around th? city would be sanriflced. W? would say la passing that too much praise cannot be awarded tn tbe geutlumen hav ing tbe carr} Ing out of tbe programme of yesterday in charge for tbe admirable manner Ut wbtcb their daltcaM duties were discharged. There was no offlclouaoesa or bluster, but, on tbe contiar) , an exhibition of efficiency, good sen?e ai'd strict proprety Id all their movementa. Although the attendance at the Park waa by no means large *beu tbe Priice *r rived, still tbe morning waa so pl. as ant that a large number of private carriage* contain !rg .be families of some of our most distinguished cillnna wore within the tn iloaure, and as soon a* it waa Wame4 ibat tbe distinguished visiter waa In tbe Park tbe carri ages were Immediately conducted lo the Mall, where tb4 Prince waa about to plant tbe trees. Hnjor General 8sbdford introduced the Prlnea to tbe President of tl e Omtral Park Commtaatoottrs, whereupon Mr Batchfnrd adcr?ssed tho young Prince as follows.? U4h> Kr>ntsw? Tbo (>>mnilssioners of tbe Central I'ark, lo wlM.m tbe State of N?w York have estruated lliu ioi struct u n of tble gnat pleasure gn und lor IM people, bave requested n e to ssk you lo do then tbo ta< or tn plart bere two trecr ? one an Eugltab oak, tbo mher an Amirtaan elm They trust tbrse trees will I one nourish and remain a lasting memorial of your Tlslt to this cliy an i tils ''ark Mr Green tben sssisted ibe Prluce In placing tbe trsa* In position, tbe botes having been previously dog for Ibsls r?i eption Tbe Prloca was fbrelsbed with a sborsl wbkb be used Ut throw olay around their roots. Bs per forme < tbe cerrmony gracefully, first planting the elm, and tben Us oak. As soon sa U>e osrsaony was completed the workmen cheered tha Prtaog voclferourly, wbo then, tn oompany with tho Commissioners, proceeded to inspect the Park. Tbef wen? round tbe circle, acroet the terrace bridge, op tlM road to tbe arrtt|e way on ibe eut aide of the Ruble. Here tbe party alighted, tbe Prinoe leaning a poo Um arm of Mr Grrea, preoeded bjr two of tbe keepers, wkllelkt ?otto were In charge of the Commissioner* After walk* lr g through thla U voiite retort- which hereafter will be looked upon with still greater (kror by tbe Tleileri to thla health producing and truly beantlfuJ plensura ground? tbe oompany peteed aloag the abore of lbs lake by tbe Iron bridge, acroM U>e ruetie arab to tbe oak bridge just c imputed Croaelog thla bean* tiful bridge, tbe party rt> entered ibo carriages and left the Park throogb tie Seventy Brit atreetgaie, prooee ling without delay to tbe rcildenca of Mayor Wood, on tbo Bloom log dale read At our reporter waa leaving tbe Central Park two beau tiful jouag ladle* Inquired of Iba keeper If the "terrible little Prince wan expected," and whan lnf>r*ed that be had gone, they appeared to b* rery mocb disappointed. (1RAND DEJEUNE AT THE RESIDENCE OP TEIK MAYOR. A IBILLUKTAND VXCirwn MI'BUTaCLB ON rat BLOOM IK oDA lb nuaD, arc. Tbe Pr'.nce and eulte arrived at tbe rural cottage nf the lion Fernando Wood about a quarter to one, and war* received by h'a Honor tbe Mayor, wbo tendered tbo Prince an Invitation to partake of its hoapita ttlen. It M needieea to ttate that eiteurlv* arraageai'iita were made to rt eel ve tbe royal gueet la a manner beftttlag tbe cbtet magistrate of tbe commercial metropoi :i ol tbo Hear World. Tbe company invited on this ncnaston waa very aeiect, embracing the lending repreaenutivaa of ibe pro teeaWxial and ooaaeretal world. 0och n brilliant asaembiage of leading nitlneaa of Maw York has rarely , If ever, before convened at a private resi dence as that which met tbe Priaoo yeaterday at the dot tag* of tbe Mayor. As aooa as the Prtooe vacated htt earrlege be waa uahered la to the drawing room, where be waa cordially received by tbe Mayor, wbo Introduced bltn to bla daughter, and tubte^oeatiy to the Iavite4 gueete, all at whom had arrtved before the Prtooe Tbe aflaalllty and agreeable demeanor of the youtbfal pr? pecllva sovereign were auoh thai Mm ladle* were capt. vaud with bla. Tbe drawing room presented ? brilliant appear****, the varied oanteaaa or tb* female goeeta bleed lag with each other to give eclat to tbe see je; indeed, the ladies mail to vie wltb each other in the rioba"a* and c atllneaa of tbalr dreeaea and ooatly oeaamei u After tpend:ng from half to tbne quarters of au boor la Social, uiireelralaed ooa wree, hmch waa aaaonnord, whrrenpoo lb" Prince, no eon. pealed by ibe Major, followed by tbo invited guoeta, rrpalrrd to the diaiag room, whera a bountiful aad ale gar.! ref a?t waa prefer, d, ooaaiatlag of tbe deiieaelea of tbe eeaa> a aad the choicest wines While tbe company ?ere partak'tg of the boontlae, flolwictb e fall band, which waa stationed in tor rear of the out tage,' performed I. ro? of tbe best plerre la tbelr repertoire. # In conerquetwe of the 'nil art of the party to whom tbe duly <>f u*nli g the invitations wan aaatgnad to keep* record of tba natnra of tbe bonnrad goeeta, wa are enable to glva a complete llet of tba tedtaa aad geMleroea pre arat. Among tbe goeete era obeerved? F.i President I illmora, U nl l.vna, Drebop I .liter, Arr.hbtefcop ffugbee, Ket Mr ''batm>nga, kl Juece Keaeevrit and family, Juege I'eerepotil , Judge f<teh and temi'y , of Com , i bar lee O'tneor aid lady, Menam levaet, fleo'ge !tv arm Indy, X.eie Ta>l-.r, Wit'iam B M'r+, ji i.o Jwol) ??tor, Jt , Mr orge Bhenrnfl, Remiitot. P'?f> eed denghtsr, M' d'il?, F<tU> aveaae, Mr (waeaa, J l?|?jet?r 'Igden, <;?ie?al ??tSford, O at <?!? M?y, Ireland and Alien, 0 W Burn nan, Jamil ??""lne ffc'eeett, jMwtO'^'int ffcreeett, Jf , Bredier* J'ba**n, fi, Kcliorl and ladlee. Me ff -?g?on, y P Jtmee, tl- Pell, William ^elaoo, ?fr M)"?, W P H'l'iaed, frHe P I Mi..?er, Jan ?? t lv Vtranaa? tdiee. _ ?t * J Cif-n tod the ?tli?r Oentral Park Oswntin ?loi > a, A ? t M ,? ?< at tetttn. \ Ibet '''l eral < ..U Vat a note apol v . ?!? t '<>r h>< mat. i lu to be present !??; Prince ?aae recti n.Jted to lb* drawia# ro?Bk Xtf

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