Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 13, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 13, 1860 Page 5
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Maps *?r? then driven to the Aoadeny ,ttn Prlnce'a fdien taking Iki root* by Irvtag ptaoe, ImilMilb mwi, Third ? t en ue and Fourteenth MrMt, the aulte vta Fourth avenue, entering .Fourteenth (tract it tba ?ppealta end to the Prince. Some o f Um crowd followed, ?u> In general points of view the tnuMtt ?u very qaieUy ?ade. to front of the hot*) during Um eves lag a nry Isag ?king of private oarnagee were waiting tor their oesu pants, and several boy* had boqueta tor aale, rarylng ?en Ire to twenty dollars each. At the Egyptian Museum, on Broadway, a wry baad BBM transparency waa Ut up la honor of the ooeaaton to a circular garter around Um Prlnce'a exeat ware Um words ? see spied a Um at Um bottom of Um pMtare. On the wbele, thia traiaptftacy waa aa pretty a oompoaiUon aa mvM be dtatred. arrival op the prince waa greeted with loud and uproarious applauae. Hia ?oyal Highness entered by the pnvaM dcor on Fourteenth ?treat, and the people who seeAed to have heard that ha waa oomlng that way gave him some very hearty and *thna laattc cheers. He arrived at about a quarter paat ton o'clock, and waa accompanied by aevaral diatlnguiahad ' gontlemta of bla own anlta, and of the city of New York, fhe arrival waa attended with no display whatever, and It eould acarcely be aald whether the royal gueat or any athar had come np. THE ENTHUSIASM OF THE PEOPLE to the vicinity of tba Academy of Muaio waa Inteaae At ao public ball In thia city waa there ever congregated ?a laamaaaa a crowd. From the well known alte of Wash hsgton's statue, near Union aqnare, to the d ?r? of the Academy there waa aa aathualaatlo crowd assembled from aevea o'clock until the Prince and bla anlta arrived. Such a ooaooaraa of oarrtagea baa never on any ooeaaton been aaea ta New York. It muat gratify the noble Queen of fogland^Rb know that thia waa a ' direct tribute of lore and reapect for heraelf, and af honor aad affection for her first bora eon. The paa , aage of the oarrtagea from the square to the main doora of the Academy oecupled more than three houre, the drlvera ' tosh lag aa aa furtonaly aa clrcnmatanoea would permit. She arrangements were moat exoellent Oarrtagea ar- 1 rtvlag from Broedw^ aad Union aquare were driven np Fourteenth atreet, Into Irving place, depositing their beautiful content) at the front door of the Academy, and toen paaalng rapidly on along Irving place. Tba ' ruah of then vehlclea exceeded anything of the fetod ever aeen. They came in oonatant and- regular auc 1 session, Ilka Um wavea of the see. Curricles, carrlagea, i aha la ea, oaehorae pony oonveyancea, omnlbuaee aad j ?very conceivable aort of machinery were brought into requisition. Ths aoeae outside of the Academy, aal for a long way up Irving place, Third avenue, Broadway and Fearteeath atreel, waa remarkably brilliant. The ladlea were drcaaed In huea aa varied aa the rainbow, aad tba beauty that they presented aa they bopped Into the ballroom waa a eight that would have gratified the alalia of the dullest philosopher in the world. For more than three hoora the carriages came rolling" up, whilst the gaily dreaaed fairies tripped pleasantly np to the principal door. Such a ruah aa there was for priority of entrance baa never been aaea a lace the Academy of Moalc ha* bees erected. The crowd collected about the place waa very quiet. Mot the allghteet disturbance occurred to mar thetlfect of the proceedings, and It muat be stated that the police force, under the direction of Superinten dent Kennedy himself, did their duty aa ably aad aa faithfully aa they could be discharged. The bmb an duty last Bight arouad the Academy were aa honor aad a credit to theaoaelvoe, aa well aa an ornament to (heir highly respectable and responsible body. There were no stupid fellows rushing about without knowing their duty , end every aaan, from Captain Cameron to the ?Beer of the lowest rank, comported hlanelf like a well bred man a characteristic which aboold belong to every 1 police olBcer of thia city. The duty of the police, we know, ! la bard, oaeroua and frequently thankless, but when 1 Intelligent aad educated mea are employed to discharge them, the people need not fear but that they will be pro perly treated. "Order 4 heaven a flrat law," aad it must be obeyed under every clrcuastanoe , but It la to be hoped that In enforcing the rules of the department, the police %Ul bear la mlod that there arc membera of the preee, commonly called Reporters, who have a duty toper form as important as their own, the reeolte of which, to the people of the fkrUieat limits of the republic whom they rep reeeat, aa necessary as the daily breed which they Tire " ursmr'a own MNH Tbe cart of the Third ud Fourth itnim, m well a a tbe aumeroua etag>. i which ran Oom tbe fcrrlea op Broad way, reaped a golden harveet Uat Bight. Am #>r a private carriage, It ?a a next to tm .xwsihle to And inch a curiosity In the vicinity of th? Academy. It seemed a a tf every carriage in the city of New York tu pre ?rat at the exhibition luat n'.gbt. More than ? thousand [toed through fourteenth atreet and Irrlrg place In leea than three bonr*. But tbe police arraageratnta were perfect In tbla respect, aa tb' 7 were la every other. The only contrt trmpi that occurred to our knowledge, wu tbe forcible ejcctljn from * quiet place, of tbe reporter of a Spanish journal, of tbla city. An eff.cer took h3ld of bin by the collar aad diabed him into tbe middle of tha (treet. Ilka a pteeo of old bread , for tha reason that tba gentleman, nH understand irg Engllth, eou'd not make any explanation It moat, however, be said, In Juatlce, that the oAoer knew tothlng of tbe representative character of tbe renlleman, and when Informed of It be behaved like A fully Instructed man who knew bow to perform bla duty He certainly waa nothing like tha wild fellow who west dashing about through the fifth arena# oo Thur* ENTRARCE OF TITE PRINCE. A about ootalde, followed by repeated ebeera, an ?onaeed tbe arrival of the Prince, and almoet Inatantly tbe royal party, drcsoed la fall evtnlng eoatume, entered ?fee room by a tide door. There wat no ebeeriag , br.l a atBaltaaeooa motion of tba crowd evinced tbe anxiety of tbe eoir pan y to tee their diattngoiahed gwtla. There waa no roih forward. A foe lad lee etepped gracefully ?poa ilia chain near litem to overlook tbe tbroag, bnt i tba reet tf the company retained their prattle no with well bred soniposure, tbe spectators In tbe upper tlen rising, not from eurloalty, but In hoaor of tbe frlwa Tbe royal part/ remalnei standing be (Ore tba aofaa at tba extremity of tha etage, be neath tha pavlltoa, and aa aooo u they hit takea tfeelr poeltloae, the banda, lad by No I aad Grafulla ?track up tbe (lately aa them, " Ood Have tba Queen," fellow leg it by tbe intra triumphant etraiue of "Hall IW? bin." There waa no formal roeptloaof tba Prtnce, tbe oommlttee, to wb<>m the matter waa referred, deem lag ?feat lb la would be oat of place aad ooostra'ned. The fol lowing are tba aamea of tbe ;wtiwn oHke Committee aa Kecept oae, to whom not ooly tfee royal party, but all the goeete are graaUy ladtbted ? Hamilton ridfe, Cbaa King, l.'iioer Hratllab, John J CiOrn, R?tmrt B Mlatura, P- .atiah Peril, C. O. Halt teed, M B field, John Jay, S C Hi Hunan, ?ecrgc T Mroer, Cyraa W field, Aor Rcbell. A WARNINO AND A CRARI1. While tbe royal party were observing tbe thmng and tfee dtco'atlcaa of the room, a tuddea rustle ao : more Meat of tbe crowd ba< k wardt anaouiicad that aotn-< me a Ideal waa about to happen, and In a mimeal a "tor one of *e lower vun u(?m tbe front tier fell witb a great eraah to tbe floor, eoaliortof lie reeee opoa the people atawding by, but fortunately 'sjurlsg no one. There waa a asemeiti's roe fusion, and then tbe company, prudeetly retaralog from the neighborhood of tbe reeee, rem?loe>l ?Unt, while ibe eosmitwe pr rasa led tbe Prince with an ? of dancing, of wbtcb tbe following is a oopy ? ORDER Or DANOIMti. { ? lOaadrWe Haote Totee ... "Ira m I I wabi RTTfi of WaJaa Rarw. } llMNte Ratfoaal .Tijtt. 1 j :::::::::::::::: ffe. S * Polka a<mu M?/to. J ? ??a? Itoerta a. ......... I mn J 8 l*?n R"Tal rnaae Hoard ....Roll. J ? MP Use w ? I II Mr. NtlaRMe J I ttatoji 1 i Uarkrant . 6ncfHUe ..... a la mod# 7.7.7.'." etnlni It Rail/ Raeb aad Vlataa Uwr II Uaem UoMaMeo ?....7T n-Hmt IT Me loo feet. ^ laakje. IS Polka i aaa llo<ial Mraoaa i| !aar?ra onutoel . K I'ream of the Ooaaa. "ua?l. IHinp krnaal Tarel. 3 ft noareely bad the P?iaoe taken hiaoard wbeo anotber ffrwer raae %|l, aad the momeat afterward* a r'rtloo of the daaclng Boor gave n; wtlto a great or Mb, fortunate ly In jar log do one, however. As the crowd retired, fright Saed, to vartooa parts of the floor, It gave way beneath them. This wm three times repeated, two peraooa being precipitated to the stage beneath, bat aot being Injured. The floor rather rank than fell, the props beneath It being Insufficient to suitala the weight of the throig Tba gen tlemen of the committee generaUj, of the sub oommlttee of the boose and decorations particularly, must divide the blame of this eontieUmp* with the oarpenters, who should have understood and completed their work much better. % For some moments tbe greatest confusion ensued; many determined to leave, and a rash vas mule for the door, bnl tlie real nature of the accident being dlsoovor ed, the company resumed Its composure. The Prince was ? Immediately comforted Into the sapper room, wbitfcer a | great number of the ladles and gentlemen folia we 1 him. The remainder either promenaded, to k seats la the jur queue, or gathered around the pit, about twenty reel square, which showed the extent of the damage. The promenade and the mnslo diverted the attention of the company, who wore kept oil tba danoing floor as much as possible; the police Instantly surrounded the opening with a rope, which they guarded to that do one ahould pais; Ci mann and Palmer observed and dlreotnd; as many carpenters as could be crowded Into the bole un mediately ret to work to put up new supports, and the caieVated Brown, of Grace church, took oil' bis ooat, and with a disregard of appearances unusual, but highly bonorabls, ma it h mself generally useful. As Tar as we oould ascertain, those who left in the Ural fright and coo fusion, either returned or stopped at the door, and gra dually rtcoverlpg their good humor, the comjiuny seemed to remember the proverb, wltUly quoted by ona of the fairest ladles present, "A bad beginning has a good ending," and that Shakepercan adage retorted by a rival wit and beauty, "All's well that ends well,'' And so parsed the time during which the repairs were pro* frrerslng, in conversation, promenading and flirtations, and patiently awaited the time when dancing should be gin. Only the patience and good humor of the company prevented this aocldent causing this grand bail, so anx iously expected, and so splendidly prepared, from belrg a complete [woo. THE FLORAL DISPLAY. an avalanche or rLowmw? BODQi-rre pob thi I-K.Nii TUK1K LANULAOE, KRAdHANCS AND BEACTY? NEW YOKE GIVES A POET'S WELCOME. The unprecedented floral display whioh Now York has witnessed for the last two or three days, In connection with the visit of hli Royal Highness, has beeu such as to warrant a particular and special chronicle. The pathway of the Prlnoe, since his arrival la New York, has been literally strewn with Sowers, and those of the most beautiful and ooetly which oould bs procured at this season. The private apartments at the fifth Are nac Hotel occupied by his Royal Highness and suite, In addition to the elegant manner In which they are fur nished, are redolent of fresh flowers anil radiant with their beauty. On the centra table la tba private parlor stands a very bandsoaie pyramidal bouquet, oompoaed of Korea of various shades of color, Tuberoses, Hello tropes, Jasmins and soma few other kinds. Opposite the door of the parlor is a large stand covering the register, completely covered with rare and ooetly plants. Wa noticed Marantas, Caladlums, Oa/ nations, Croloos, and the large leafed and variegated Begonias, of which there were at leas', six varieties. In general, eaoh flower had several family rslatlaes , thus, for lastanoe, there were at least three varieties of Caladlums. and two or three of Crotons. lntertpcrscJ among them were soma One speol mens of the Jostlcla Oaracasana Major, In bloom; the Dicffenbnchla Plcta, the Cyrttaanthera Magntflca and others. Ilia stand upon which the flowers ore placed Is handsomely bordered with a deep fringe, over which trails tba Dloaoorea Dis color. The dumUt of this little floral display li very hand rme. The corridors are ornamented at regular Intervals with Camellas and Orange trees, bearing fruit; and the admirable manner la which everything Is arranged Is very creditable to Mr. Bridgman, whoso duty It Is to sup ply flowers to the royal apartmenta. The floral display at the Academy was truly magnia cent. Countless flower pots with their odorous frelghj, In eadlcs variety, tilled up a great part of the space) known j as the dress circle. We cannot possibly enumerate all the plants and floaera wc saw. There was a coamopoit tan gathering of tho brightest sad moat beautiful from all quarters of the g'.obe. Tbiro was no corner of tbe , earth? unlers tt be tbe frozen regions of tbe north ?that bad sot Its representative In the clusters that shone from tbe eighty or one hundred large, handsoma vases ' wh: b ornamented tbe proscenium, Independently of tho myriad of .lower pots of a more bomei) kind. Our own ' rontluent tad Its representatives In tbe floral c n slave ; but tbe far prater number wtre the rich azotic* of ? more aoutbern dime. There were the beautiful (Hphi dud i'ormoium, the Glndiolu* and the .Salvia Splendent, aid* by ulile with the llgnoaia from tbe antlpodae and the Aftra Fur tun l from tbe Himalaya*, while, orcrtop p'.rg all, with Ite odd looking red no I yellow flower, nod ded the sugar loaf bead of tbo ft lloma V varta from the far and du?ky rrflone of Southern AMea. Every itep, eve ry (lance, hi ougl.t fwt new and strange variety te tbe eye. Blgnonlaa weic In great and plowing variety, min gled Willi fi>ecln.i:oa of the Antirrhinum oj, er Srap dragon, with lti aacut, fragrant bloe ?< m t lie GranadiUacr I '*ti Ion Flower of the We*t In dice, tiar'y and vloltl rayed, and the iweet Aiy*ran? Uar.iimum of Old England. The number aud vai.ety of were ponltirely immense. Their native Mil of Mexico never grew eucb fahllai an th.?e which lent ibelr magnificent aixe and every chtrm of rich and gaudy color to the ncene, from tbe deep c/lmeon, beelde which tbe be*ut:fttl Silurian, at Coral Tree, waa pale, to tbe fain teat yell jw that tbe variegated UUit IUlox of Jour own eonti. neat ooul.l ever pcaa oly manage to get up. Tuberoee* were alao ia great abondanoe? nil alike la tbelr exq.italle rragranoeaad apoUee* white. Tbe vuat bulllirg wan (Iliad with the odor of thin motley multitude of flower*, which la quantity, beauty acd variety ha* never beta equalled In Uiiacity. The coaler aucb a duplay caonaot be leaa than three thoucand dollar*. ' Another feature to be noticed la what we might bo las I cally t< rm Claaa Bouquet, aad beginning at the proper place, we noticed three splendid bouquet* on tbe centre table of tbe Prince* dreaaing room at the Academy, each oce or which bad a large Came: la In the oentre, surrou id ed by row* of Vlaleta, Tuberoe.ta, White Roeebuda, aad a number of other Bower*, arrarge.: with grant Uate. and ti d with a bread aatln ribbon, hnvlng the Prlnoe of WaUa creat embroidered In gold Tb**e were made up at the otnbliahment of Mr. nlxpatrick, who alao far nil bed a number of elegantly filled vaaea. Tbe rest of tha floral furniture of tbe Prince'* apart- j menta nt the Academy waa anpplied by Mr. Andrew R? .4. Every thing that could be ornamented bad lla ap pendnge of brilllaat (lower*, from tbe floral atructura la the parlor, on whlobatoodamagalflcenlceatre pleee.eom- , poaed of tbe cboiocet exotica, to the very waabatand* ia ' the dreeaiog room*, which ware ftetooned la the m i elegant manner with flowera of every hue. But aolbiog eonld anrpaaa the bouquet* wtiteh our New York (lor lata got ap for tbe who were to attend tbe ball. Nearly all we *aw were pre pared by Mr. Buchanan, of Ckveetb atreet, and were Us mo*t eiqnialte we have ever aeea. j Tiie majrrlty wrre but of fcweclort; all, or nearly all, wilb a large Oantella la tbe ceatre, which t* a rare Dower nt tbia rea*?a; the* a few Tuberoow, frlage-1 by Borne fear let (lower, ar the feathery, violtt En|ator<um then, p?rba|*, a circle of whlto Base Bud*, and the whol t bouad la a frame of evergreen*, inlahlag wltb a deep fringe of while *ilk. Si me had the Prtane'a oreet and other* the letter* A. K worked la flower*. There waa enthlag gaa ty oe abowy about them, ?'l werealmple, tboegh, of conrae, dlfft'ing in jn oce trem the other; and It waa thia alatp'lclty of eirnrgfment thai made the exqalflt* tlegnnce of three bouquett an ?| ; vent. It waa r r it t? ImpoMtliie to arrive at aa accurate <*tlmate of the number furaiahed t* pMx ate perron*, *o buay were l he farMewlth their ordiraa.1 .ay jealerdaj , bnt w* may eafely *ay Uaal It wa* vary large la (act, all the order* that war* re ; reired could art be filled, and many were the diaappo nt ? d. Mr Bnrb*n*a, be* idea faprlylng aa ennrmou* q .an Itty of t! jwrr* for the greater part of Um Awdeay, ?up piled abrot a hundred bouquet*, nnd Mr. Held one but) d red and fifty. Tbe reat of our QorteU may be thirty *op p >ed to have doae a gned bo*; acre and fnrnlahe.l their quota Tbe bouquet* co?t from fir* dollnrt np to ten con* leM thnn fira, aad none more than ten, an* even tbeee for the Prince** table. We Male tha Sir tbe e?pn eat ' eteflt of etch nan nerer natlitad with an jibing ?nlll thty know einctly what it coeta. But we are not yet done wltb flowera. Wberf ver we follow bla Bojal fl'gbaoa we mn*t expect to be tripped np by a garland or n'umble again*! a moaatmoa vaee. for invtaeee, at Mayor Wond'* <0j*w**r yeeterdny, there they were ngala, bagging la gmeeful Mtooea from tbe wiadew* er, la the form of a tiora) pyramid, cbeddtag fragrance over the viands with which bis Booor rsgslil bis illustrious guests. 80 II ought to be. Flowers every wber* Strew tbem around and lot them apeak Ibr us. Sweet tmblems of purity and youth. Happy the Mm wb.we character may be typified by such lovelnees. Ner la their btauly dumb: they preach virtue In UMIr aim pllclty, kind lint is and hope In their fragrance, humility nod resignation la their frailness. Beautiful flowersJ What language more meet la which ? noble aad general people aaay addreaa a youthful aad guileless prlaos. No wi?b, expressed la tho act pbraae which etiquette rramea loi tho llpe; bo Uattery to polaoa tho unf uhled heart, bat in words which God haa written for all la the broad tahta and forests, net alone la Eastern lac da, where the poet tells ue flowers have a language, but here, In the great metropclla of Ibe Union, where, la words gathered from ever) clime, the daughter of England would expftss heart felt w lahts for the noble youth whoae deatlny Is aa glorious, and of whose virtuous character theae (lowers are so apt a type. Scatter them, tbea, la his pathway, aad may ha learn, as Solomon did of old, lessons from a humOle I Dower whish even a prince may aet despise. 1 DISTINGUISHED GUESTS INVITED AND PRE SENT. The rresldent of the United Stales. Miss Harriet Lane. The Vice President of the United states aad family. The Secretary of State of the United States aad family. The Secretary of War of the United States and family. The Secretary of the Navy of the United States and fa mily. ? The Secretary of the Interior of the United Stales aad family. The Secretary of the Treasury of the United State* and family. The Attorney General of the United States and family. The rvstmaaler General of the United Slates aad fa mily. Mr. Ledyard, care of Secretary or State and family. His Grace the Duke of Newcastle is so well known by his long political and parliamentary oarter that I need say little of him. HI* name, Henry Pelliam was bor rowed by Bulwi r as the title of the first of his series of novrls of high life. He la tn his fiftieth year. As Rarl of Litcoln he won an enviable reputation In the House of Commons. He Is now Secretaiy of State for the colonies. The Eur I of St. Germans, one of the inoat poh.-hed gen tlemen of the Brltbh ourt, and fur aamo time Chief Sec retary for Ireland, Is now in his sixty-third year, but looks much younger. He is acoompanied by his son, the Hon. Charles Geor;-c Corn wall Is Eliot. M^jor General the Hon. Robert Bruoe, brother of the Earl of Elgin, and son of that llluatrlous peer so well known as the collector of splendid Grecian antiquities denominated 'The Elgin Marbles " The General Is In his forty eighth year, and is one of tho finest looking men of the day, with peculiarly attractive and cordial manners; I. Sir Henry Holland, Bait., one of the phyaloiaus to the Queen, who married a daughter of the Rev. Sidney Smith, the renowned wit and reviewer. Sir Henry is not only em'Jiont In his profession but one of the most thoroughly learned men of tbe times. Dr. Ackland, of the University of Oxford, also distin guished for his attain meets in seknee and literature. Major Teiadale, Captain Gray, and Mr. Eogtebeart, the rrivate Secretary to the Duke of Newcastle. Henry Francis Manley. &q., attache of the British Le gation. George Genner, , attach* of the Rritlsh legation. William Brodie, F>q , attache of the British Legation. The Commander J. C. Flgaaiere e Morao, Envoy Extra ordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of his Majesty the King of Portugal. Madame de Klganiere e Morao. Baron Von Gerolt, the Prussian Minister. The Baroness Von Ceroit. Three Misses Von Gerolt. Rijhard Plaatagenet Campbell, Marquis of Chandos, Is well known as an Engltab politician. He was born in tbe year 1833, aad is the otily son of tbe present Duke of Buckingham, whorls the second of that title, and laknowa by the name of Richard Plantageaet Temple Nugent Brydges Chandos GrenvlUe. In 1839 he aaaumed the tl Js of Duke of Buckingham. The young Marquis was edu cated at Christ Church College, Oxford, and he took his seat In the Hons"! of Commons In the year 18M, for the ?Borough of Buckingham, where bis family exerclne erf at, aad wbere he has been constantly re elected wtti. out opposition. Ht belongs to the pr te? tionUls ar.ii the high church party. He was Lord of tie Treasury under the Derby administration, and under the ' Aberdetn admlnlMralton he far sometime filled the ofiioe of K' oper of the Prinoe of Wales' Seal In 1843 be was appc nted to preside over tho JJoard of Directors of (he great Ixxidoa and Nurthweatern Railread A olrcam staaci In hli career well worth mentioning, aa re dounding to his tifdlt, is that on tbe Dtfte, his father, besoming insolvent some years ago, ke cor st l ted to tbe mortgage of tbe fhmtly estates for pay ing off tbe Duke's Inc umbras ors, although by the provl slcns of the law of entalJ, be could have refused to do so, as there was no power to compel such action on his part. Tlie Mtrrhbstts or Chandoe, ?bo accompanies her hoeband, I* Caroline only deogbter of Robert Hsrrcy, }f] , of Iangley Parle. Tboy wert married m the gad of Oetob'f, 1*41. ViMoont IIlB' hlnbrooke, oldest son of the Pari of Sand wich, and grant'eon of tbe Marquis of Aagl csey, lb* honored military Cf rr. pun Ion of the Dcke of Wellington. He la * youth or about twenty-two. Captain Grey, Equerry to tils Royal Ilighnsaa rrlBC* or Wales. Dr. Acklasd, PbyilcfeB to fed Royal Hlghn?? of Wales. Mr F.nglebart, Secretary to bit Royal Highness Prince tf Wall. Tbe Right Hosorable I/>rd I .yon#, her Britannic ty'R Kiiroy Extraordinary and H la later riralpoteotiary. Will lam Poo flat Irrla, Esq , Secretary to lbs Legation of b?r Britain if Majt-sty Frsderl<k K. Warre, Esq , attached to tti? Legation or bor Britannic Majesty. Thi' Honorable E. J. Munsos, Attachc to vbe Lsgatloo of her Br Itannl.' Majesty. Ike Baron Grabow, Secretary of tba Legation of bia Maleety the King of Pruftta II Henor (lateral J. A. Ilerraa, Knroy Extraordinary and U 111 later Plen'pitentlary of New Granada. Doc Raphael Pumbo, Charge d Aflalrta ad uCcrim of the New ti ranadLan republic. Dob A. i. Grlssarl, Guatemalan and %n Salvador Minister. M. d? Slockl, R-.aslan Mlnistsr. Madaaac de Htookl. Baron D'txten Hark 00, Serretary Rncelaa I-egaltoa He nor Don Gabriel Garcia 7 Jaasara, Earoy Extraor- j dinar y and MialsUr PUmpotanta/y of her Measly lbs Vvieen of Spain. 8c nor D. M. del Prado, Secretary of the Spanish I*, gat Ion. Srnor Hon I.nls Molina, Oosta Rlcan Minister Sen or Don J M MaU, Mexican M outer Madkm" Mat*. Imo Mal ar Rome'ro, Peerelary of tbe MeslOMk l>eg%t,oa. { M> ! Too Cut 1 bronfe , Be lgian Minister M. Alflrtd Bagbmus. Secretary of legatloa S M M l.isboa, Braxiliaa Mlnistsr Madame l.isboa. Two Mirers I isboa. Sen r H. deToied< Maonndes 4c Moateauroa, Brailian Secretary M Mercler. rrmeh Minister Madame Merrier. Mr Rndoiph Hchleldoa, Minister Riei leai from Bremen. Doctor Ciprtar 'Coronal /egarra. Minister lies Ideal of tbe Republic of rem. Madame 'Affarm. Til* Baron Wflieaste U, M n'sl>-r Resident of hll Mal-ety tbe Ring or Norway and Sweden. Madame Ton Mm> ?rg Mr. Rorst Ton L<n 1 berg, Mlnistsr lUwlleat 0 1 his Majes ty tbe KUig of the Netherlands. Tbe Cbr\aller Stalaemann Minister P.esidaat of bis Ma jesty tbe Emperor of Austria. Smor Don Nicholas Lisa* mbura, Secretary of tbe r?ru slaa legation Tba Oteraller Bertlnattl, Sardinian Charge dAfklro* Mr W ;<Vi Baasloff. Charge d AOblrt of Denmarc. Madame ds Raaaloff Mis* ds Baasloff. Hon. aaS Mrs Jolm Tyler. Una. Martin Tsa Birsa ? decllaad Boa. Millard FUMaara. Mrs. Millard Fillmore. Bon. VraakllB Ptarar? i scllaed Mrs. Pterae? -declined. f?OTf mor Morgaa. Mrs. Mnrgaa Bon. W. Pea Blag tea, Speaker or tbe Mraas ef Reprs 1 cetallT**. I Ml Peestagtos B. M. Archibald, ftq. , twr Br llano 10 Ooaeal at Nl* Tork. Mia. Archibald. Lady Franklin ? declined. MIM Sophia Cracroft. ?art of MulgraTe, Governor G?Mral of Canada. Bit Edmund Head, Governor General W tjaaarta lie ollnod. Lady Bead. Mr. Bodier, Mayor of Montreal. Madame Bodier. Bob. John Rom. Mr*. Bom. Boa. Ma Rom. Mr*. Bom. Thomaa E Blackwell, ft') Mr*. Black well. . O. J. Wood, ftq. Mi*. Wood. Boa. Mb Young. Mrt. John Young. I W. B. 8. Mon, ftq , C. & Ooaiul BrlMah prorftoM. BarrUon Stephena, Esq., Montreal. Mm. Stephen*. Mrs. Stealb. Mia* Moor. Bon. William H. Seward, C. a Benaldt ? declined. Mr*. Beward? declined. Bon. Proton King, Cnlted Statei Senator. Lieutenant General Wlnfleld Soott. Mrs. Sooit. Lieutenant Colonel Tbomu. Mra. Tbomaa. MIm Ihoma*? declined. Lieutenant Oolond H. L. Scott, AMedeCkmp. Mra. Soott. Lieutenant Colonel Keyei, Military Secretary. Mia. Keyea. Major General John C. Wool. Mra. Wool. Major George Deaa. Mra. Dee*. Lieutenant R Arnold. Coamodore Breeze. Mra. Breeze. MIm Bieeze. Commtnder A. Foot*. Mra. Foote. Flag Lieutenant J. J. A tiny. Mra. Almy. Mr. Kdward Tootal. Mra. Tootal. Mlaa Earl. Mr. Joacph Crawford, C. B , her Br t tannic Iftjecty'a Conaul Geieral for Cuba. Mra. Crawford. Miai Crawford Janiea Bowen, Eaq, President of Board of Polloe Com mie a too era. Mra. Bowet. John K. Kennedy, Eaq , Superintendent of FoBoo. Mra. Kenae4y. lion. Fernaado Wood, Mayor. MIm Wood. Mra. La Vert MIm La Vert John Decker Chief Engineer. Mra. Decker. ? Robert J. Hi we, Comptroller. Guatavua W. Smith, Oommtaooner of Btraeta. Mra. Bmltb. Blmeon Draper, Preaident of the Board of Public Chart tie*. Mrs. Draper. William J. Kck, Eaq. , Preaident of Iba Board of Alder Mr. Pack. Morgan Jowt, F q , Preaident of the Board of Couneil mcn. Mra. J once. Thomaa Sterna, Erq , Preaident of the Crotoa Aqueduct Board. Greene C Btilboo, Eq., CounaeJ for the Corporation. Mra. Broaaon. William A. Smart, Iiq. Mra. Stuart. A. J. Williamson, ftq , Preaident of Ute Board of m if e loner* of Tavea and Aaaaaameala. Mra. Sarah F- Howard. Danltl E. Delcvan, ftq , City lnapactor. Mra. Deievaa. N.cUoia>t A. Wood*, ftq , apodal corraapoadaat of the I London IVmo. Colonel DolaBeld, Superintendent of tb* Military Arademy at Weal Point. Mra. Delafleld. Two Miaica Delafleld. Seu.uel Sloan, ftq , Prwldeat of lit* Hodaoa Rlror Rail road. Mra. Floan. Rear Admiral M:lne, K. C. B. ,of Uor Britannic Majeety '? ship Kile. Lady Mi'-ce. I lac Lieutenant Bat! 3. do K. Ball. Cttptala Fxlwarl Baruard. Con luandrr J. C Mackcnzla. I>der?ti CWIm O Rowley, * 0 mmaoler 0 II. Seymour, gf Her Britannic Majesty's lbl|i Uero. iiouoraU.e Fred 11 Slcr.tBg^of tUr Brltaan'.c Majcety e eb'p JUro. Lleut-ant Jam's U. C->ioa of Her Britannic M^<viy e ?hip llrro. Ca| Utn F.. W. Vana ttart, of ll?r BriUnulc M?w?ty s (tip Ariadne. I.leotrnact Alexander rhllllpa. Commodore Char Its W. Hope, of Her Br I Unci j Majesty's ?111? Firing > i?b. Captain W C. AMbua, C. B , of Her BriUni.K) Ht jesty's ship Valort us. 1 ienieo?i.i HicLard Moor*, Of Har Britannic Majesty's Iblp Valorous. Major 0< ocral Charles W Sandford. Major William If, Klchnrds, Aid da Oamp lla. jr Janice Foster, Jr., Aid da Camp ltrlgaUicr ueoerai C. ft Bp.' sr. Mrs. Ppic er. Brigadier I. corral Char lei Yaten. Bi igad lar General William Hall. Brigadier General Juhn kwen Miaa Karen. IJeuteaaLl Col. nai Thomas C Dew to, rirat regroeot onralry Mra. Pawls. Ool<?al O. W B Toaj kioa, Second raglmont lafhDtry. Mra. TMnpkioa. Colonel 8 H. Poetley, Third reg'ment cavalry Mra PtaUy. Uoli'tel A. 8. Vcaburgb, 9*\enth reflaeak Mra. Vwbur|lu Colonel F.. Hit. Wen, Fourth reg'ment. Mra. Haeken. C?ioo> I Christian Brhewarwael'ler, f'.flfa raglaaenl Mrs. Hchawaiwaelder. Coir eel J. C. Plockniy, PI nth regiment. Mrs Plnchaey. Colonel 0. Better field, Twelfth rnftaaent. Mrs ButtrrBeld. Cokmel M. I?flert#, Seventh rfglsasnl Mrs. W Berts. Colonel George I.yoM, Uphill reg'ment Mrs ? Colonel K. T^fal, Fifty Sfth regiment, Mrs legal. Colonel M M. Van Boren, Ninth roglmeeit Mrs. Van Boron. Colonel William H alary, Tenth reclaaeot. Colonel Hi mer Buetwick, Berenth rafiaao.nL Mi>> Iketw iek. Colonel Michael Orooran, P1*ty ninth regiment? d? I el .see. Mm Oreowa. Colonel Thomas W. M. Mcl/S*y, PeTMtj n'.nth raff ant. Mis Mcl<eay. rtofennor J. W Drsper, fourteenth street Medionl CM W* Mrs. Prater. '* Mrs. MoUrthy. Mra. Oar* on. Mr. Oeorge T Thome on, Secretary of the Mayor Mra. Tbosasna MtaaTbomnna (.eneral Pnea. Mra. ft 0 Morgan. Jr. Mrs. Morgan. ?en. A. T Halt, laepri tor General of Oaanrla Mrs. OaJt. Mra Tsn Nark. Oiptain Mnptetoa, Grenadier Oaards, A Ids- 4a Camp to the Marl of MalgraTS. Ch plate Retaiack, Aide de Camp to Sir Kdmnnd Mend, ft Bi. nek, her Britannic Ma>eaty 'a OMwel to Ckarlaatoa. Conn.. More James B. War J, Unl od Suite Havjr. Miss Ward. C*pl fl< ury W. Benham, Uultod State* Ltiglneor Oorp*. Mrs Ik e bam ? ? Professor Bacbo, United Stalea Com I Surrey? doclwea. Mrs Bacb< ? detinue Chief Juatloa Roger & Taney, United Statea Supreme Court, Baltimore. Mr*. Justice McLean, United Statoe Bapreme Court, Cincinnati. Mr. Justice Wayne, United States Supreme Oourt, New Yo.lL Mr*. Wayne. Mr*. Jjatlse Qatroi . , United Slalee Supreme Oourt, TVnnefCft? decline*. Mr. Jurllca Nelaon , United Slatee Supreme Court, Now ' York. Mr*. Nelaoc. Mr. Justice Wrier, United State* Supreme Court, Phila delphia. Mr. Ju*t!ee Campbell, United Slate* Supreme Court, Mobile. Mr. Juat.ce Clifford, Unitod Stales Bupreme Oourt, Maine. Mr. Juitloe Conutock, Pre*ldlng Judge of UM Oourt of Appeal*, Albany. Mr*. Comatock. Bon. Joalab Sutherland, Presiding Justice of tbc Su preme Court New York. Mite Sutherland. Mr. Justlcc Boewortb, Chief Ji-tic* of tbe Supreme j Court. Mrs Bopworth decline*. MM* Bosworlb. Mr. Justice Daly, Presiding Judge of the Oonrl of Com mon Plea*. Mr*. Daly. Mr. Juatiee Belt*, District Judge United Plats* Oourt. Miss Belts. Mr. General Smith, Peeksktll Landing Mt*s rojte. Lieutenant Colonel Reynold*. LleuU natl R. William*. Lieutenant A. Mcuook, West Point. lieutenant Berk man Ou Kany. CummlMlocsr Strlugham. The Right Bouorable the Earl of Muigrtfe, Oorerno r of Nora Scotia. Mr. Canfleld. Mis* Aug*. Colonel Goo. W. Moroll. Colonel Lewi* A. Say re. Colonel Char lea D. Mead. Lieutenant Colonsl Edward A. Blbly. Major George P. Woodward. Major 8. D. Broa-iford, Jr. Major William & Townsend. Major Edward Johnson , United States Army , Governor 1 Island. Major Robert Andersen, United Blato* Army, Brevoort , Bouse. Utptain G. W. Cullum, Unitod Stale* Amy, New York BoteL Dr. C B. Craln, United State* Army, New York Hotol. Oaptaia launce, United State* raven j* cutter Harriet lane. Mlta Ffcnnoe. Mr. Roach, London Morn tiif PotL Vlsoount Dlnchingbrooke, of the Prince's euite. Ilia Bon. Mr. Eliot, of the Prtnoe'* suite. Tb* President of Uie United Biatea. Ml** Lam. James Bachanan, Jr. Gsaaral Can. Mr. Ledyard. Mr* Udyard. Mia* Ladjard. Mr. Caa field. B. Cobb. Mr*. Cobb. Oaaeral Floyd. i General Toucey. Mr*. Toucey. Mr. Ttompeon Mr*. Ttompaon. Mr. Bolt. Judge Black Mr*. Bla< k. MUh Black. Mr. Pcbenek. Mr. Kortrlght, bcr Britannic Ma)e*ty'* Consul, Phila delphia. Br. Oterdon, her Britannic Majesty's Consul, Baltimore. Mr. and Mr*. Mul r, h?r Britannic M^esty'* Consul, 1 New Orlean*. Colonel Bardee, United SUte* Army, West Point. Mr. Waldermar da Bisco. Mr. Pr. Sayra. ' Mr. Mayor Fnote. W. Lindsay, Ewj , M. P. Osptain IWnwlck, United -lUlea Nary Captain J. W. Smith. Mill itfrnea l*e? declined Don Joee Marline*. Moor Aatonlo M da Keecrado Mr. Pierponl Edwarda, her Britaaalc M^Mty'a Vice Oaaiut. Alexander Campbell, or Uia Canadian Mlaiatry, M. P. P. M'*a Campbell. Ooaimodore Paulding, Called Matea Nary Boa. Cbarle* a.m. Mr. Brenton AcbabaU. CapUlD A. W. tJore. Mr. a V Da Vaun. Mr R A Henry. M. 0. R Mr. M. Liitoo. Mr G. D. Aug Benton. Mr a. S. B Beaton. Mr*. M^Jor R. Anderton. Mr. r. C. Field. THE TOILETTES AT THE BALL. Th<- ladtea of New Turk are already celebrated for the laate and coatlineaa of their dreee, and the loiietlce at lb* | moat rahrrcke ball arar attempted In New York were, | therefore, certain to b* dtallcgulabe I by a beauty and , iplendor only rivalled by tb* glorlee of Ifclrylaad. Tbe Orat effect upon the aenaea wa* ta<lee<l ao dazzling aa to render it imponlbl* to aeparate any dlatlnct or Indlrldoal effect*. yio wen repoaiag In told* of toecy laoe, laoe r la lag and falling la rl< b foam Ilka <ravaa, jewela pal ng before the Ore o I bright eye*, or flaahlng bank radi antly from relret back ground*, gold and atlrer glltler lag In the Iraaapareat tarlatano fab rice aa Ihlefcly em brolderod with the aame praelou* aubetanoe that they looked like cloth or gold; atlrer brocade, fair and ahinlng, look It g kindly ea the atlff and atately moire; flowera.rtb bona, Jewela, tana, feather* and the odor of a Ihottaand parterrie*, all mingling with tb* light*, lb* muaic and and lb* graceful mortng throng. For the benefit of lady reader* we eadearorod to ilogleout eonte *rtbe tollettea, not per li*p* thoee that were the moat itrlklng, hot whioh were dlallognlebed tor tlielr good Uate, and may **rr* aa a gold* la eottumlag fur the ball* of U>* ooailag win ter. Fall dree* waa, of oourae, <U rlgtur. So high bodlea were permitted tn ti e drawee, and tbu occasioned tome alight etnWrawment to ladle* w bo had aot tor a loeg time been accuriontel to thl* eip< ure. The dlOkulty waa, however, generally met by raaortlag to thoee ele gant little ooatrlrance* for exetMlre delMary or badly aliaped abooldera, laoe oapea, which, therefore, frmed qall* a reatnre In the detalla nf the rartoa* oo*tum?*. A very rich dree* waa o t whllo relret, oraunente-l With brilliant bauqoeta of Oowera, embroidered In gold and colore, wbtcb *eemed thrown apon tb* anrfhoe. Har u i tare of point lace, Jawalr, complete *?t of tupwb dta mooda. Another waa a mba of pale blue mo're, with plala oor tage, orer which waa woraja rery baa leome point laoa capo. The jewela war* diamonde and paarla. A robe of Magenta moire aatt tua waa nearly covered with rick laoe tuata, oreraklrl looped ap with a b iarli of white roata, whit* law Urihe with beqne; of roi-w for Utecorrige, aed diamond aechlaoe and brooch. Mead dreaa, rowe and laoe barbe raav oed with ptaa. Two a later* wore charming drawee of lotte, the ahlrta made in three deep doubled poSa, eaagbt a; with held tower* and gr*a*. llcaddrtw, bonnet to cuaaga, and ?boolder oraaaaaaU to ma '.ah, neck laoa aad bracelet* of pearl*. Aao'-her r*ry pretty draaa waa of the new pa> Em preaa green t laoe ailk, aearly Hovered with a fall aklrt of laDe, looped ap en on* *11* with mow ro**a la their greea foliage Th* low coraage waa uraameated with (.roc tan fold* of Utile, with cam I tore tn match th* afelrt. Cold and coral braoeleaa at 4 aeahlery A dreaa of white tarlatoa, apwtled with gold atlratto] ait-atloa? the law eerwge draped w'th a amrf, toavn-vl aa th* aboolder aad aadw the arma w'tfi gold atiw. Bcaddrea*, toraad* of paarla aad tiay g>ld atara A robe, remarkable Tor It* aimpie Irgan ", waa of rich white brocade, aad waa wore by a br l? Tta cortofg *" witb IL? finest and miatieat of laoe, ud IbC ornaments were nixklaoe, braaeleu Mid splendid nigrotMJ of dianonda. One of ibe most distlngulahed totl-ju ni a rube of corn colored moire antique, lb? tklrt ^ imwliVed wttb Beven narrow illuk.on n0?noee, ,lmp|y UommeJ mil *o upper skirl of doubkd llluatoo, caught up ?y trailing branches of black and yellow llowers. bo, 0ud, , ... ? with Grecian folds, ornamented with boqueta m malcb Ibe garniture of the skirt. Headdras bttck and gold. A dress of rich w tllo ai.k taflotta ni trimmed wttb ' tabs of illualon, reaching nearly to the butom of tb? ( aklrt. Round Ibe tabu were narrow rueboa or wbtto aatln . ribbon, und round the bottom of the iklrt a broad rucha of the same. The end* of the lab* were dnlabed wltb bowa to malcb. Void* of tllualoo qynamented the waist, and a abort pointed aleeve waa opened up the centre over a fill Ulualon puffed sleeve. g Tbe skirt of a pretty draas or white tulle, consisted of three graduating UuiOoni, ought at frequent Interval with ibi aa rot re. The cor* age waa Terjr low, and round the aleeve, a airgle tiny putt of toUe. A broad aaah, bro> cadrd in rraca, waa croased over and reached nearly to the bottcm cf the skirt, bum/u?t it oonuge and shooldstf ktola or rosea. Coral ornaments. A charming drew or white crape waa Bade wltb BM* row flourcea, alternating with banda of violet silk, oovar* e<l wltb pulling. On the upper part of the aklrt waa ? tunic, looped up ou ibo aide wltli a bunch of vtolota. Tbo comge wua very low and pointed, the aleeve very abort, the bocquet and wreath composed oT viol eta, aad the or* namtnts wholly of pear la. A very striking dresa waa of white r?p allk, trtmaMd with black velvet, edged with gold and black gulporC Isce. Tlie belt waa Im toned wltb an elegant gold bookla, and had loug onda attached of wide whit* ribbon, edged with velvet, gold and lace. The beaddreaa waa ? bandacroe Urtade ol black velvet, twlated with gold and featooned wttb double atrlnga of gold b?Ua. One of the moat taatefu) dreaaea waa oT violet gtae?, neatly covered by a tunic of point applique, looped op with bow and enda of white rlbboa, dotted with atl v er; In the centre of the bow waa a little oluater of white flowers. A lace aoarf waa gracefully dlapoaed over tha oorrage, and fattened under the arma with bow, aad andg of ribbon, matching the garniture ot the aklrt; abort Ml cape, of allk, over lace puff, trimmed with rlbboa aad flowera; gloves ornamented with laoe and flowera; pear) bracelets and pearl hcaddreca completed the toilet. One orthe prettiest drciaea waa a One white tarlataaa, wltb flvo puttings on tbe lower part of the aklrt, covered with lace volacta. Tbe upper aklrt waa or doubled tarletana over which a lace tunic waa looped, with a large boaob sf ?mall crlmscn velvet blcatoma; very low pointed aoraagd draped with pufliogs and lace to match, abort slssra or lace over a alnglo pufll ng or tarlatans, wreath Mr tba hair and bouquets on coraaga, aad aleavea to match tba aklrt. A robe or rich emerald green velvet waa made em train*, and the corsage ornamented wltb ooatly bonde. Olaapa ot diamonds and pear la ornamented the shoulders, and polat ot the loiv body, and torsade ot green velvet and pear la, wltb diamond pendants, decorated the hair. One or the coal lea t dreaaea waa of main aa* tirjuf. Splendid barleca of real point laoe, ornawsalad tba aklrt, each flniahed al the end with a white open roae. I'pon tbe bick waa worn a Marie Antoinette oapa of point lace, with bouqaeta ot rosea in tbe centra oTtbo corsage. A superb set ol dlamrnds was worn with thfti dress, and the be%d dress consisted of diamonds aad laoe bar be, with whito rosea set In tbe folda on eaob side. A robe of white, proe del Jndtt, waa vary striking, ornamented with black laoe bar bee, and bunehaa ol mountain delates. A wreath or mountain da la tea orna mented tbe hair. A robe of black velvet trimmed with wblla laoe aad worn with superb diamonds waa much admired for ltd elegance and simplicity. Of rich velvets aad moirt antique* ot laoe and jewela, of gold and tinsel, of rlbboos and Oarers, ooiumn after oolnasn might be written, especially IT It were poaslbla to go Into the minaliw, and describe Uia glovea embroi dered wltb gold, and trimmed with ooatlteat blonde, rlbbona and flowers. Handkerchiefs with tiny centre or cambric, and fifty dollars worth of cobweb lace, jeweled bouquet holders Oiled with freabett esotles, atd tity Hipper* holding delicate reel, encaaed In the ahimmertst of hoae. Fabulous atorlea are told pt the ltnmenae anma paid to dreaamakers and milliner* oe) this occasion? $110 for the simple making of a dress, UK) material of which cost (1,100, 13 000 Tor I tie laoe doonoer sad garniture cf a single dress; t'i 000 for a robe at go I J tissue, lm|?rUxi direct from Parle; Moo lor a white Bilk, embroidered with direr, deslgood to represent tb? ?pray or a fountain. To tbi s? many more might be added , and If tbe exact figures could In erery eaae be aeoor talced would ? Ithont doubt furnish a degree of magniQ OfLOv and aggregate oost eery rarely eqoalled. We observed a matronly lady, attire) In a dree* of bril liant white satin from the in ifiaiin Ut mudti of Madame Uuerstcd. it *u trimmed with point de applique, eel 00 with a white Illusion bertha, with diamonds oo either ?beulder and In front , and a golden oord runnleg In loop* around It. Twifloaucesof application lace and a ohats lalne oo tbe right oompleted the ornamenlatloa of Ui? iklrt This drers, exclusive of the diamonds whictj adorned the bertha, coil Hie mm of <1 004 floe J on** My WM arrayed In a goeaamer like drew of white Mas km, with puff iklrt, the under iklrt balng of beautiful white (tlk,tne whole tastefully omamecUd with flowers. TUe bertha wu of tbe tame material aa tho tkirt and a beautiful sa?h cjoflncl tbe walxt, Urroiaaliuf In two broad ribbons of ?hile silk , the cn is of whlcb were embroidered with flower pattern*. This dreai wil valued at abwit tKO Another of the fair daroera ?w attired In a drew of ptaktlUr, with an illusion overs* irt r-?-btng fton lbs waist half way to the gronad, and looped np wllhslrtnga of flowers and bows, a fa Tie waist wa4 trmmod with illusion and application lane. Tbe following attracted much attention tt was a dreai of whits Milk, tbe skirt having a lertes of flosnws In pra mlds.and lojped, with bouqnets placed around It at In terra!". The evrrsUrt, eblch was of white illusion, was looped up with Utile kaots of blue and silver flow* ere, while n handsome chatelaine was suspended In front. TbebertU, ?'*" of white lllosljo, was trimmed witb Cowers and silver. A lavender colored <lre*s of noire >m pe was ose of the flseet of lbs eren'ag 81* Illusion Boosces, arrangeJ In a pyramid, ran around lbs lower half of the aklrt, the1 point of each loop bring set with wblle roses The bertha was a beaotiful combination of white llhukM and white application lane, adorned with while flowers. A dress of white Illusion with puff aklrt, trimmed wltH loops of whits rat In, placed between the puflb, and tlx) whole snrmtvnted with pltk roses and blades of grass. Tbe bertha was of white Uloatos, trimmed with blond lace, contrasting is a pleasltg manner with bouquets of pink flowers, placed ns either shoulder and is front. Tbe above drrse was mamtt sdastred. Another wis a drew of white Illusion, somewhat similar, with poll shirt made over a white silk aadersklrt, looped np with plak r.bboos (M ose elds was sospended a ptak and white rhatelalne, while a boqoet and white f aethers deeoeated tbe other. The bertha of pnffed Uloaioa wafl trimmed with blond laoe, loopod ap with plak ribbons. A beqnet on either abotilder and la frost completed lbs ornamentation of this port .on of the dress. A rich bat plain dree* of heavy silk of a dark brown color, was welt suited to the style of the wearer. It was de\ old cf trlmmlags sad bore so floosnes, aad was flgsred with neat flower patterns In pink and whits There was also a drtu of mageota, from the establish meet of Madame Hoerstel It was silk, tr'mmed wllb whits flowers, the <klrt brlag setoff with s graoeftil as r,rs or pyramid of flounces, scolloped at tbe edges sod trimmed with laee. Tbe hrrtha of the earn* material as the skirt, was rtchly adorned with pMmtt s lm rtiU4 Tbe dree* cost about ?300 Tbe folio* It g was one of the finest dr.-sses ?A Isvew der colored water silk, with two deep Hoa.tos la* Oooaees, aad a rich H<oitoe lace shawl? ose of tbe bead* Brim st la tbe room-flowers d..we the front, a neckleos aad erees ef p??rl, aad diem-ad earr.egs, braoeiet and bslrpia*. Miss Heirs Powers wore aa olegtsl dress sf white, 1 irid with lace, ornamented with bogles, natural Sower* aad brimeeta. It was lm poe" "le however, te describe a tithe of tbs hr nutifal dresses la tbe room, or errs to see these. Tbs c. mr?ay was wrdged aa tlgkt'y togetb' r ai It eoold he, and all thoughts of self or oMiers were i sallowed ay la as Irrepressible desire to see the Prlnos. Tha wts gra tilod at tbe rost of both comfort and poMtesese, end t* mpl'ti ly sp> lied the eatller port of the ball the ntixci at Hurrrn. Rocei after tbe break lag (lows of the flour the l ? ,u<w retired from lbs Uts, aad, Is 'ompaay wi h hi# r*.'te, I.iestcsast neaerai AyHI, Peter Co<'|M>r, Mayor W>>?d,erd 1 [CWTivnto os TR'-ra pa< ? )

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