Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 13, 1860, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 13, 1860 Page 7
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1'tia P(BM|lvaala EImUoBi PuiLaonLPfiiA, Oat. 11, ISM. The Tot* of the First Ooagreuitoiial district hu bran Uirown Into Court for judicial eum matlon Mr. Lehraaa, the democratic candidate, testified that be bad examlued the returns of the judges or several precincts to the Fourth ward, which gave him a majority of 666. It was alto beatified that this was the m?j< Mty oouoted oat for Mr Lchssnn at a meeting of the judges of the Fwrth wart; while the returns presented by Mr. Byerly, the return fudge from that ward, at the official ooont this morning, ueJy gave Mr. Lehman 2 29 majority, thus defeating him. PaiLAvaumi, Oat. 12?1' M hi tbs Lehmssn Congressional case the court has refu sed the application for a certified copy of the papers la tbs protkoootary's office, declaring that the matter Is ooo ?or Ooegrtseioael decision. Tbs court, however, has or dared the papers to be placed under look and key subject Co farther orders Byerly, the return judge, has beea Arrested on the charge of forgery. I be ofltni.i returns are being received from various counties, bat the differences between the reported and official majorities about counterbalance each other. TM Indiana Kltetisn. broiaxarous, Oct. ISM. Rstnrns from seven tyfour oo unties give Lane (rep ) 14334 majority, a gain over Wil lard's rots In 1864 of 4T,ii68. Mr. Yancey In Boston. Bosros, Oct. 12, ISM Faneull halt waa thronged to nigbt, and hundreds were unable to obtala entrance, to hear Mr. Yancey. Be was oordiaJly receivel and llstenod to with attention, and frequently applauded. Bis aldresi was iubitantlaUy the earns as ths one delivered In Now York. OlHtMliaNtti Congreeslonal Nomina ttoaa. Boston, Oct. 12, 18M. Ths Douglas democrats of the Fifth district nominated Wliilaai Appeton for Congroas, thus fusing with the Bell Evert tu. 9r<>CKiiMDUB, Ojt. 12, 1880. Ths Douglas democrats in tlia Eleventh district, yester day, nominated Norman T. Leonard, of WeslSaid, for Congressman, and Phinees Allen, of Piitsfleld, for eltctor. Ths Ntbraeka Kleetioa. Omaha, Oct. 11, ISM. Returns from twelve counties, give Hilly, republican candidate for delegate to Coo gr era, 137 m^jjrlty ovtr Morton, democrat. The ten ooo u tics yet to bear from 4|are 8M democratic majority lest year. Morton's elec tion la olelmed by the fiebraikian. The Bouse Is repub tioan by a email majority. The Council Is likely demo oratic. atta at Albaajr. Auujt, Oct. 11, 1860. The seoocd day's regatta of the Albany AisoclaUon re sulted aa follows:? The first race for six oared sbelli was won by Jamna UoKay , of Poughkeepate. In the seoond race, for six oared bargee, the only one that catered wai the Zephyr, of Albany. For the third race, for aingle sculls, there were four en t^les. Joshua Ward, the champion oarsman of America, cans eat first, and John Hauoon, of Poughkeepsio, se oond. The fourth race, for single sculis, for the championship of Albany waters, was won by tbs Dudley Oloott, rojred by <ko F. Baker. HsWI from Denver City, OH ABA, OOt. 11, ISM. lbs Bail coach of the Western Stsge Company reached this olty at aoon yesterday, with Denver olty dates to the ? lb Inst Ths trial of fJordoo for the murder of Oanta was con eluded before the Setter* Court on the Id Inst. Bs waa to be hanged cn the tth. The Mining news continues favorable. The amount of gold dust shipped from this c.ty per ex press jfsUrCay wsa M 044 60. Kxeltlnn Affkay tn Philadelphia. PHiLAi>tu-BiA, Oct It, ISM. Quits a scene occurred this morning at the corner of Third and Walnut streets, between M. Presbury, ths proprietor the Olrard Boose, and James Edwards, ons a f tbs owners of that property. The lis passed between them, whan Kd wards struck Presbury on ths foos with n ' Baas, drawing blood. Presbury drsw% pistol aad fired two shots, asithsr of which look effect, except on the ?set of a bjitander Edwards thee struck Presbury With his let, wksn tbs parties were separated tad Pros bory arrested The dlfficalty arose ost of a litigation re fetlve to ths Glrard Bouas property, between tbs bro thers Oeorga and Jamss Edwards, which nay result In , tbs rstlmntnt of the present proprietors of tbs Glrard 1 House to Nashville, where they propose opening a new , betel. ?ark at*. Na? iXtuuM, Oat It, 1M0 Oattoa?lte aiarket I* qalct nu<* la day 3 too babw; tBtddlioc. 10||?. ? 10 \c. 8U?* of th? X OtO bain*. Receipt* of UiU week Si, 000 i|>iul 06,000 Mtlea last yoar. Export* el UiO wa*t W ,100 bah*. Total rxporl* ?" Uia pee eon BT.MQ bale* Uroe'pt* loi I baa I eat year 8H 600 bale*. Kaoatpta at all MIMri porta lea* (ban laat year to. 000 baiea. Block alf* port 213 (00 bale* Sojv? lair at tKc. Hoar? qalet at |i Mali H7X Tob*oe> Oaar aad the market excited. Joe arm. Kio 13 \c a lta.|-aata4 of lAe treak 4,100 bag*; import* o toe week ? JM buv atock la port 16,000 big* agamsi 4# ,400 iaal Ciar. Mclnrjc aaaler but uocu'i''1 Frtljbt ?? Coll i Liverpool %d. __ Moatta, Oet H, UN. Uottoo aaM* to day 3,000 balua at 10<?o. for mMdliag. Rale* of the week 22.400 balea: rc cipu of tb? ?reek 16,600 bait*, am k in port 1C0 6Tu bile* fretful* aad ?no a*U moMm.xI "Si"- "?? OMto. nim to day ,,*m biV'S ^m U IM0 (%h) ^ ?.<*.?' *12. 1M0. ^?*w? ?i ?o, ?bii? ?i ioVTi o ***? meat pork, *1B a* * T*? ft?M ma , - 1<*. . uv7 c^vr:.-s nrr3=S?'' . fcteSSr,11,IS *?" Tort, ??? a 10a L^m iTL V^L ^Idera,' ???Mf at sac a Ma. ? >*o Wa >u, Wow 4.11 but firm. Wheal m ,VW ?ata at 61 ? 1 soo ?? - 1 000 >**?' n r*i I bai i2T5.,*h"" """b'tao at 11 M ? "?? aotlT* (aire SO, QUO h'Mboia at *rr? ?? ,u?*. ?So for riiale >,~a 34 Wkiaaej- aeio* 1M BOi4 ^ _/>* la Mr detaaad T. M ^MMlebifanuiT* ?,600 boabaia ?Hal II ?0U ZL^V Jj* hT! " 0,1 " ' Via ?artoy BKxta^Ui, HMlU " " ? ?"?Bam Chaada wJatwii* J?? 1 *?> ?" ' ? at Tic a ui',5 7irnJ2r?i!22 Barley aaebaagod, bat mo* aMive Ma a No , Caaaoa WVikJio , wm <rrH*,an?at Otu lo<rK %k 86 s ' ooo kMbrla at SAc , in Ma. Wkiai W*M, TlB Buffalo, at T?a-, aad S M0 aoahel i good do at RSa. Oorc la a? aal aad (I -m aarly I* the day aalea 11X100 huabvla Weewra mimd, afloat at tT^a. aad , in lot*. U> ? aft'rao- a h'ltoera ??-re aakta<*?X? a Mo (Ma aelirr a^ee I 0M buakai* Slate at 36 a 14:, principal!/ at Mfee WktaOey? SaM* 1M bbia at S3v Br*?? <>, 'let 13 l*d0 VtoarArni and la Mr drmaad W b?al ? rj ant ra, Biore *o tfcan at aat provloaa day th.a aaaaoo. i-loaiac Brm Mia rx IM 0M *<**???? till rs h- V. I Owe* i ftprlaf, 61 n? ? fur No 1 fc , || 10 a fl II for No | Milwaukee club, tl It a It It far rtd winter, aad II 17 14 a II M for vfeHo da. Cora active aad B-bi ' ?t ?a of 7.(00 bar !><? a at 66c a 6C: WUiakey. 114. i^nal trrlgbla ? 16 <? ?h>al. uo rora to N*? Y<rk, l*k* import*? KM bM* Owor, M 000 boatMla oh*at, 4 0M boati.-'a aartey Ksporti- a OOO bbla ll?r. tuiM huabela abrat, 34,000 b?Mr!i cam, aaJ 11, OM ?tt?h~l* nil It rr?ui. Od 11 -4 r 1 riaar IHr aad la fair daman 1 v, no*t market npeaal arttreaart B'mer, ?>ut rtraad qalet aad l?4? Irm aalea 107,000 bua?? la at 61 M for S*> t Cbloafa apria*. II 06 % for No I *0 ,11 MK far misid do. aad M?rlbw??i ?* ? l?b, || II for Nd 1 Miiaa- V-' Hob, II It a tl II tor red Witt) r t >bH>, !?>?' i**a ati-i M ch far . II 17 a tl M tor wblt*- M>M>i(an, II M a It |] ftw Uaaa4a Cora opeoed *at.>e um urm, but i 'j?i"4 ral?* l.toObeah amatMH' tMc < ?W f*"' a a in t aad n<> ea * Ca Dal fraif Mr? 60c oa Boor 14 \r -wi wfcoat, UU oa Cora ta Neat York tak* lmp..rMt? 6.0M bbla tour, ltd, Ml baahela ?b' at. l/?0 ba?b?l? barley Canal a?pi>rt*? 8, IM bM*. 6oor, 13* .000 ?? i*b' ? a teal, 110(4 boabeM aara, ll.aot bnaUm oat*. Owno, Od It? I P I floor ato?-?y at N t6 lor ratra Siato Wb?al tiIM, ?aartilta of boat a etoecka rbini Inn i-qnlry : antra laat aljtbi 11 0C0 bt.t.u Ko 1 ailaank.erlab at II It, afloat, and 1,000 ba?h''a ablta 0aaa<iiaa na prirata utbm Cora r rrhanf~i * ooo noatieli 11 litota at Ma. fMa d?M. T Ml baeteea ordinary Oaaadiaa at ' *f ?* i allnat. Ry* ataady aatr* 6,000 biiaa*ta < aaanlas at MH Otaal rretfbu ad Tanom 14. "a fratn, naiat to tbe *^afrity of boat* II mr Me , wVa? 111 aad (it Hp to New Tatk. Late tm El*? 111 600 baabeia ?b?at, 17 600 bMbatooora It NO kela barley, 2 ?00 MM la r,r Ctoa' ear ru a TuO Mar, f 400 boatoll al^at. 47 Ml totehei* rnra, H 400 bu*ba? eat*, T^M boahel* bartay, M0 buibet* fcrrano, Oet 1|, |4M. Float quit. Wheat ntl<?, and Haallaad le : ae<<? 67 0M tv*h*4a al Otc for No-U*a*tem nlah, Mn a MX? *nr N-v i aad 'at MKa IN Ma 8, fraaa mara. Mta dad, ?BiM^t-otlfclNNIlMNkMlNMMIM, iNMt Unts quM. Receipt*? 3,180 bhla. flour, 161,000 bathe B, 3(5,100 butbrla onro. 11000 buab^S oata. Ship ? 1 tOO bbia Hour, 107 100 bushels wheat, 11000 bi nicta corn Kre>gbi? advi?r>od He; 18>?o on wbeat to Buflalo. t*ixi exchaofv 1 per eent premium. CtHClKKATt, OOt 11, 1100 Flour dull, with mors rollsrs th?u purchasers, <|Uoted $6 a $6 10. Whiskey unchanged Prorisiooa ? N'o trans sctlons of importance. Exchange on Sem York llrui at K per oect. ixmu OrRKAiM Cmmih ?It Ui announetd by tele graph from lttiladelphla that I be mutagens of tbe Ullmui and tltrakaesh Italian Opera company have "suspended" their performances until after the Presidential election. It Is further Mated here that Sign* Muzto baa auooeeded In forming a combination of the principal artlata, who Intend to give the opera on their own aoootuat, oommono Ing early next month. Bom Dnmtorin.? The Stone Mountain Hotel, noar or oo tbe Qeorg<a Railroad, was destroyed by Ore on the Otb Inst. Iamb ?;?, 000. Arrivals and Departint, Aunrui. Lit* r root ? Measaahl p Afnea? ?rO Morris, lady aad la fant, Mlsa Morris and uua d?J&l, M>as Prtvnhall, Mrs Kite. Mr Prates). Mis Jackson ud two children. Mlas Maarr and nleen, Miss lot Irs. Miss Dalles. Miss Hodge, Mr lingo faaeh, Mr B Crucher. Mr Pitcfceli Mr H Levy mr "'laude and friend. Mr tUglda Mr Broadwell, M>?s Mosssy snd slsuir, Mr Mosst. Ja a BeW T l,?rre Mr dray, I tag Buotoa, Messrs Elmer. Ollder al**va, Jarkson Kndlrsee, J t Pruyn, l-rl?y. Bo?oe, Okell Teoa os, Fnrsiad Burden ''am'rui. Foi Poacy KImIu asd ladi Daal Rreret. Mr Whllnei Torar. ftrau 1. Rer Ch'udew, Mr Bil e, C A Taylor. HOUapfel Mr and Mrs lieather, Mr Wkyat, BI* Prerapteh. Mrrsra Prlsgle, Duoeau, Rouasaau and Pltol. Mlrs Andrew. J H BrlL Mr Lowe, lady and Infant, Mr* W seat snd daughter. Mr Scot , ? r Poarcey and eon, Mr K Masrn Mr Bvitsor. Mrs Rufus K'ng, Mr we?lherby and lady. R Ilulchlu* t>. nr Si' wax I and frlead. Mess's Doswell. Stuan and Hoch Rer l>r M achat '"apt Palmar. t?r Hiwl-ud, R II Aleiam'er R rtuchsnan, J Deynood, Jr. Mra Kean?y, Kits Kenney, Mr Tucker, Mr Phillips, Mr Klur<y, Mr Burton, lady amt all cbi;dr?n ; De lane; Rait and lady, Mr Hooker I<owea Hurve, Mr Kolfe, Mr I'roaJrr, Mr ehtera, Master Weaibarty. Miss *>?tberby. Miss Meal Ill s Khle'S U Tall, Mr McConk. M Landry. Mr Trandele* and bn*h-r. Dr Habere, I)r Hamllloi , Mr Itmatall, A T<u.aUll, l>r H*ye, Mr Mathews, Mr l'tderwor'4 Mr Pack, Mra Tnortall, Mrs Stewarts, Mra Aederaon, Mue bruntre, Mra Marshall, Mi-a btmpsoa, Mra l>aien, <teor?e An/rewa, M Fleming; ? Lower, James Fchall. O C Quid. G air J Ihompaou, Mr <?uthbertaon ? 148. HavaSa? steamahip De S .to ? (i M Marker. J A nalllraa. L T HI' gliam I' A k rat, CHatlolett. L Raguen, M l hou'e, M H Pi?trt>. F Kavta ???<"<? (.una. Mrs Kc&ilfrr. X M fli? ant aialer, R kelaares B Hrbulos' erger, B R 'tail'sar. T L Rut 8 R Wo rill. B R Clark MraNoril* R O'.refaa llnzviro, J <ple Ckl, C Trltot. Mrs Mowan. Mia Mara. U B Beaufort, A BUtdo, ra Trtmasl, R Westertmaa OnwlBj* or tha Del* war* Stat* Lot teries -WOOD. RPDT * on, Mana?era of ths tsutiu, aanTuusr ud ?imodhi iTATa lottskih PtuWiia- Kitk/i Uulss, MT7, Ucmssa li. IHtiU. 61, 34, 49, 33, 4?, 70, 64, 3S, 8, fi, 16. 19, 9, 78. Dklswabb- ULase ?88 ixrrosia 11, 1WL 43, 10, 60. 66, 40, 6, 3H, 15, VJ. 70, 41, 48, 63. Circular* aent free of charge, by >djrra>ila( tllber to WtJtiD. BDDf A <;o , W|imin?t/ra Drlaa-are. Or to WOOD, RDDT * CO., su Uxila, Missouri DrBWlBg* of B, Vrnnce'l DalBWBra ! COOBTT. Clam 144, Oorosta 11 1M0 14, 66. 6. 31*. 48, 60, 70, 67. 15. 70. H. 4^. 77. OOBSOUPATBD LorrSfcT. CLASS 182. OcfOBBB 11 1H?I 21, 64, 64, 68, 42, 3<$, 45, 31, 11. 16, 29, 6i. Circulars sent free of xharge bj addressing R. RR AW' * K, Wilmington, Delaware. Hoytl llsrana Lottery -Not 4,:t4'4, IS IM 2UM9, MS *6, 11 8TI dr?w tbe Five Oap'tal Prlre4 in the drawlna o' Septrmher IS, 1M0 Clreultra aect free of r\ tecae by addrtsili x Don Bodrlguer. care of rlty a-'iat. t.'harUs ton, t>. C. Ill flhe Shirts tor 98, WarraBtad to at. HOODV8 BBIRT MARUFACTORT, 1CI Broadway Green's ShlrlB.*?Klt OuBranteed, Hlyl-s new needle aasde, *c* hy machines. Hemirrd to Nj 1 aatjr llonse. BarcUy at-e. t I'Bdtrnarmsata for Million, at M'LilUlHi lN'S hblrt Fast <ry {09 Ureeawlrh atretH, c >'uer of Mu ray. l^hirte made tooea?is-e. Londoa l'ohe Mhlrta to Mrasnrr? |1N and t2i (]SLt',i>men'a F urnlsblor Ooo^a. FVtARHK, from l/>o don, S3 Broadway, few Turk VathlonBhla Boy's Clothing. DR UROOT'H Uraaits Ball 111 Fulton street, l>et<re?i Naa ana asd Broad way. What Did they Coat 1 Only SI! for Ibe Suit ? atUF.O \ BIIKTKR ? OO.'R Ma n moth t-lntfelng Wareki>iiae, hoa. PI' an. I 191 i lower}-. Ladlu' llaliuoral Iloota, Galtara anil Slipper*. Mbaea. Children'* aid 1I? ?' Ii?.u auj nh n, aleu, froU 1'alrul I.ratVra ml OA M I KKLL'M, t?l3 Mrr??J -vty, be ?reea KUremih and Twtlllh atraeta. Broohlya Pbatocrapha-WlUUaaMa'i OaUery. BatafcUahad 18SL Chlbllkm unnqoaUod. Itataway 4k Bom* Urantraaf Oraad and eqaare Plaaaa ara now oaoatderad Ik* be* manufactured; are warraklad for Bt* ;h i*. Wararooua S and M Walker Tha Blantaaa I'wlna ara at Barm Buaanat to-day. Bee hie advartlaenect, Rtraanen In the City Hkaald Not Vail to vtalt Ike ? hrrool<?lcal Cabin, t aau tnrun >* ruW JtH A WEi.l K.SOH Hmaaw-T. Hare m?jr be ma (edinUatoa fnoi bueta and ruli tram tke bwad* nt m ny ntf Ike moot dlatln anlabad ud a. Norton* men at tke u> HUleemen Or aura, Phitnanphara Murderer* Ttewi An , ke. Onatplata Phreno li.rical l?-;tneaUooa o< < -haracirT, with fall deecrlpUoni *1 inn Elittlaa Rttarai. IBS rourioAL tin bto* For 1*10 1 ?nl cV*V ISt paraa, Coa?ato? a Table of ike Ptpultr V?e f * F'-aHe I by i-ivaa, aa far back >? IrtM, wl h a Ura# n'i*atly ot ktaturloal ttattar. IOLITICIAPR OK Al l. PaHI iKh KH<H LU II \VB IT. trine St. Hr nt by ma'l. prepaid, aa receipt of prioa Ad dreaa Tke 1 ribunr . New Tort Defiance kalaaiaadtr lar**-Wlth Pa* tent powder tfron' kwlta and rrnaa bare Alan (re aad burglar Mai a^rl.?d acd parlor ka/aa. l>*>jt< CI M array atreat, aoraar of Oullef placa. BQBlf&T M. FatllOt Herrlng'a Patent Ckaatylea Rlra and Bnralar Proof Hafaa, Ml Broadway , owner of Mum; atreel Ororar A, Baher'a UUkratad Nnlaelaae Rewtnr aaehlnea, Ike Heal In naa fnr ftml'y aewtag. ?H Jii *d nay. Hew Tort, aad IS> Pulton alreet Urooklya. SKJS be paid for br InaU.i The Ladd A H'tbitai CrwlBf Mar hi naa nay now ba bad fnr Plftr Dollar*. at tan Bmadw ay r In hie A I-> on l?wta| Maihlna Cam. p*oy.~ AU machine* warraiwd In glee perf ?ri eatlsfactlnti or amer tafuacad. Areata wanted IM Broadway, X T. Weed Patent leaving Machinal ara Pa> Torn# a rrery wk>>e *e??tlfMl n?w aft tea for ramlly nee Ml. Paneledmlng al ra fniaa MA lo |1'0 Hiwk bcah aidea a Ika. ?a 477 Broadway. J H. WtllTNXT A (X) The Beat ind t heapaat Kanlly Mewing HaaMae la market -Prtaa tin. ?TKVBJM A OO . *M Broadway Prenaatara l<e?a af the Hair, trhlrh la an rrmmr a now a daya aur he entirely praeaalad by tke u*? of HI a* KltTI Oomaiaa It baa b"w need la tknaaaada nt eaaea wbere tke batr waa mrn'og oat In keedaful and baa n??er 'ait-d <aarrMt lie denay. aad In pnwa^a a keattky aad rlflnroue ?-owik It la al Ik* aaaM ?> narlrUlad aa a dre.a Ina fit Ike kair A rlajle avi'ltrailon will reader a aoA aad ?kaay fnr aararal daya, Baa adrarttereeeL - Made, antd aad a Ml (led, la aannaitala pii<aM ronM. ' y, Id Buad a" J Batrhalar a Hair uya la tha Beat la tha wnrvi Mada, anld at Ike wlc factory, Barry 'a Trkapharaw la tha Baat ud ebrape* article for draartw, beaaMTylnc. carliaf, elranatae, >f<*.rrinit aad ^aatorlac ikalialr try a Bold by all I'rUtadaraa Hair Oya Wlga aad Taanaaa. Ika beat ta tke world. wk? Imli aad ra*a?, aad tkMya prlrata ly avpU ad. ko t Aam* Hoaaa. **A ciaar Canaplailan" la Uaalred by all Ma Lea rHAIyOk l "Baaa WVia (xiaatal Oaaa." "Ladlaa' Beaatlder"? Phaloa A Koa'a "Baow Whit* "rteaUJ Craaat " Bold by all traggim. "Beantlfai I Catnplaslna." Phalan'a "baaw WbMa (,'rlaalal Uraa" Prtaa M saala per bnt>a irry'a Trlcopherona la tha haat aad ' arUcla fiw rtr?aala? I'fn cnrUag, cta&aam t pi-aaei I In# aat raaiorint tke hair l?diaa. try a Hold If aB tntfha That Prince i?f l.tntmeata, Baah'a Magic Oeaaa. a?n i>e i* ??ri flatly. h<44 by l<ra?ftaia ???. a m0y. Da?.f? 1* itreeawlofc *<r*>i tlearaad'a Imprwred tfrleatal Cr* am ine ike anmpletwa. Trial h"U?a N aaan aaah ft Water are el Maw are <4 counterfeit. Had tea l tare at Hernia, a# Baatara Pr * !* *>lt*M. of ?W wall kno?? bmaan t Marak t (X, Ba. I Teaoy areet Aakw Mcmaa, arrnane tk* ckarck. h?t ?ca am aiUia u> a* aarclaal adapia va af We Badtaal Owa Dleeaaaa af the Ldngt anil Threat lar ce-alul'r ti rated by I * TvB PBRN? ITI1, M 1> >mt? UB Bownj. Olre aa an did Baraa far Dlaaaaaa la?t dent III the rerUid of lertklna h < blldrra Her* yna ham tkat old aaiat fi r H rctia la ib? tor? <iC _ ?K? WIBBk-OWH ?'?0TI1IP0 BTHIfP, B? rofala.?- A raw Bwttlaa of Kaaaadr*! hrrth Mntlcal rHan Trry. a ^niHcVxt* apaUaaMna nt aa (Hntaieat atd llcah-a I -1 inner I aid arVtif MtbH u?a dlreetma la tN? p?mphl?t arunad ??ch bnula. will eara a* dimple. Certain and Ktpedltltaa ? Prim aa f.naJ kn^wlece* nf ikH' ?lrt'i?a we aaa emi'i lan'ly r^?a*e?w"b* moot |OI.U>?kt'a rilla and t t??ia??n aa tke p artite an I aacoeaafu. raaardy for ail dr?vW*i allrrtkaa Traaaee, p.iaatlr Htarhtn?a, Ac., for rart. """ TIB HEW TMI HKElLf HMtALV. Arrival and Reception of the Prince of Wale# In New York. Tte? Wd*it HbhaiJ), for tbe present week, wtll be ready this morning, at ten o'clock. It will contain a full and accurate report of the Arrival and srilitant Reception of tbe Prince of Wak'i in New York, tbe aplen did Military Display, tbe Sights and Scenes oa tbe ooca ?ion, 4c. , together with a graphic aooount of tbe Grand Ball at tbe Academy of Musi] In bonor of his Koyal High new laat night. Tbe Herald will alao oantaln an account of the Instruction bf Fire of tbe Steam ship Connaugbt, of tbe Galway line, a History and Inscription of the vessel and the namce of the passen gers on boarl of btr; tbe Returns Cross the recent State Elections; News from Europe, with the latest accounts of the progress of Events in Italy; the latest Intelligence from Meitoo, Cuba, California, Central and South A me rica, 4c., Ac.; Editorials oa Prominent Topics; Reiorts of the Cauie, Provision aad Honey Markets, and all Inte resting news of tbe preoeding week, received by telegraph or otherwise. Single copies, In wrappers, can be had at the counter of the offioe, corner of Fulton and Nassau street* . The "National flasnl "?A Rood many young upo bare been " up" tbe pa?t week and " at" the ei ceedli ( 1 becoming undreas llat la ?tied bf Kdoi uid named in compliment o our pnp< lar re?i mrnl It la a baanaome Ilat. at d I- aa cheap aa bandanna. be place to our H*<? Is kaox'a. urqo>atiiHi<blj, and if a> y if nor rear era are ak-i>U cal upon ibe ml'jn t we acrlae then to nail at No. 212 iiroad* waj ai.d be c. n\ laced. White, the Hatter, baa Introduced the Newcastle Bolt Hats. Something neat aad gay. At 111 tiroad Da-vlda' Kail Style of Oantiemen's Hate. Halnruom ttS.S "luadwaj , near Dnane atreel Parla Kelt Hata, of the Lattat Style*, J net received per ateamer Vanderbiit. MKJCliK 4 CO, 1M Broadway. Shlrte, Shirt a? Six Iter IN. Ma<<e (mm tbe beat aaaoekeag aad Wamsutta MusUna Depot UK Chatham street, onrasr of Pearl married. Bcsmtt? Ciiim ?In Brooklyn, oa Thursday, October 11, at St. Jamt-s' Cathedral, by the Right Rev. liahop Laugbliu, Lowikn Bi mnrrr to Obmkvikvs Vuouru Cabllv, only UaujhwT of Ittlphy Carlio, Ksq , of ?t l/>u:a, Mo Boars ? MiKAKMaa ? In Wlliuiuahurg, on Tlmrsday, October 11 by Rev J D. Wells, Joajr Uskald Boats to Maria tflsn misarmaii t o*f rJif K ? Ivn ? At Hartford, or Tuesday, Octiber 9, by tbe R> v. E R Head io, K*ra Y Confront, of New Yi?k, to bkORCUXA C , daughter of L C Ires, t>>q ItAVWoa? Mc toon ?On Anrsdev, October 11, by the Re? J 1. Pwok, Mr tlai>RT B Davisua to Mum Uabilla Iei ijjmuV, all ol A lllirniSiurg, 1.. I Uiyty ? Ahtmk ? Ou Tueeday, October#, by the Rev Dr. Cuuiir.l-gr, Jotw Gibty , ?f Ctarleatou, 8. C., to Miss M Atnaca, ur this city. (iKAM'kaiA ? -Tats ? In Brooklyn, on Sunday, October 7. by Rev Mr Steiuile, Wilua* Ura?dsiia> to Mary A -TH1M Hcu? I AfLta ? To Hiugertl aa, K. V.r on Thursday evuiing Uitohr II, at the rcOdenoe of tbe bride's father, by Rev. I Eimri.dort , Cat vt* F. Bvu, "f N?w Y<-ri city , to A Jk>m , youDgnt daughter of Luher LaOlu, of Sau gertkS. KiAitHOTH ? Wswmaji ? On Thursday, Ontober 11, by tbu Rev K W. Geieeeebuliner. Alkvkt O. H Kluhkoth. of Prut?ti. to .l<*Mtnxa a., only daughter of Augustus Weia maii, fceq , of id a city. Kwtuujt? Carll ? At West Bills, L I on Wednesday, O *tnbtr 10, by ita? R?v C M Oakley, Jaarf P Kktcsam, of Brook); a, to Micuti L , eldest daughter of LcuiujI Carll, lurq , ol the ti p ai ?? leip lalai'd i?pera ploaaecopy. Riukk ? Luwt.iT - lu Philadelphia, on Monday, October 1 ? by the Rev Mr Fnmeee, Mr JambmC. Niijkk, of New I Yort to M'fg asmk Leo*siv,of Pbiadelphia. I'hllaCi lpbia papers please copy Virtual) ? -kahsk ? Oa rhurrlay, October 11, at the 1 rean or tb> Onde'a father ,?X?m<uo<lore Crabbe, by the R< v IJr. ViMdouald, of I'iIb *ton. Roar 1 Mitoaaix, of Ntw York city tu Miaa Mama J t raiibs, of Prinooton I*at*K.t- ttoi,K.- ? Ou Wudceaday morning. October 10, st tbe I hitch church, corner of Fifth avenue and TwiLtyiiinth street, by Iho Rev Thomas E Ver di ye, I) I) , Charijsi K Panou to Eaiiv M, youngest daughter Of tte lata Henry Stotfe*. Kaq , ail of this nily. CaosawooD? Bitkl*!. ? On Tburaday, October 11, by the Rev 1*. Bellows, Lieut. J. A U>t>aawooo, ('nlted States IVvruue Strvwy-, to Aiu, oldest daughter wf Julia Buckley, aad granddaughter of tbe late Nicholas Deao \as Gokihw ? Paths ?At Brooslyn, oa Tussday, Octo ber #, Mr W|UXUI Va? Gorikjs, of Orange county. New York, to Matilda S. , daughter of Mr. David Patoa, archi tect. Blrtfas Barn ?On Friday, dumber 14, at Victor 1* Terrace, 1 fracooib, Liverpool, tbe wife cf John Hey?, E*q , H. R V 8 , tui kmju 01 the *toamabip City of Baltimore, g < a daughter Philadelphia, New Orleao* ud Keokuk paper* ptesaa K*? -On Friday, Oct 12, the wife of Daniel E. Km | as , t , of a too DM. Amu ni a ?On Thursday, October 11, P* Iscac Amu bah of old a<e Med M jean Call tori ta and Ergll*b papers please copy Ann* ? Od Friday evrti ley, October IS, at eight o'clock, Whliam Thbo<*iiobt???, lbs sob of Bartholomew C axi l Jane K Alto o, aged S yean aad I month* The relatlvts and tr iroda are reepeotfnlly invited to htterd the funeral trout the mMNN o f bla parent*, No. 14 Attorney ttieet, oa Soadar afwmoon, at two o'clock Auurm* ? Ou Tburvday, ootober 11, FaAjica M. Ai baitoh, in tb? ?H ;."V of his M' Bis iiietd* nod rotative* are raepoCtfullr Invited to at lead hi* lure-al, oa Sunday murniof, at slab! O om, from his late res'deocs, 107 W avenue D. His remain* will be takes to Palermo, New Jersey, far laf-rmeet Barto* ? on Thursday, October 11, Miss Mabia Bab tow, In ibr Ktb year ot her a*? Ibe friend* of tbe family ate tBvltod to attend the fu I neral.thi* (Saturday) e?Woooo,al three o'clock, from the , b?uae of her broiber la law, Joaept- Kisaam, N?. SOO W'ntgomtry tWeet, Jersey City. Biutsr ? Of typhi* fever. Jomi-4 lUoun, Jr , aon of Jnshoa and Ann Barley, aged 16 yean, 0 manias aad 19 4ayf. The ftWrdt and relatives of the family are rn-iested to attend the taaerai, tr< m b'*|r?lbtr * resid..o.?, M Greene street, ot Sunday afternoon, at half paat one s'smsB. IiijiaaWAii ? Oa Friday, October 12. Jo* Awsrt, wife of K Biaakmaa, In the 36tb year nf brr Bfe. T> e frK*d? of the family aad tboee of Iter brother, John II Folk, vf Brooklyn, are rcrpeatfully requested to an I'd tlw Inaeral, doe boll x of ? fetch wlL be |iveB ts if n-crtow * piper. brook ly a (N V ) paper* please copy bto>a ? < >a Friday, October 12. arter a abort bat a* Tire Miw*? Fisbs, the hwtuved wife of Thomas Ftrenoan, fotmerly of Tallow, county CarUiw, Ireland, aad atatar to, Tbomaa aad Jobs fallua Tb.- frl-'Bd* and ecquamtaaoe* of the family are reaper^ fully t?\ lied to attend the ftworal, from tie residents ef ber biisban'1, ;>*(> Ninth av>nue, thi* (Saturday) after r.oon, at c>*e o'clock, without furibar lanutlos. Fm?i> - la this city, oa Friday. Ori >b?r 12, Rons, Wife of Wiillam By raes, a native ot the co Lilly Wwkhrw, lr> .and, la the Mi lb rear of ber **" Her relatlvi* and friends are Invited to ittoad tbo fuse raJ,fioa ber lata residence. No 14 Car > ;ae street, oa Buot'sy afternoon, at noe o'cJuefe Cmt -At Jersry Ctty, on Friday, October It. Mrs. Maaoaaav Caai, a?ed M yean the telalir*s and Irteods of tbe family are reSpectfMy invited mi attend the faueraJ, frum the maldeace of b?r ton, No 83 Morris street, Jersey City, oa t*uu day ?lm soon, at two o'clock. _ Cufmu-tlD Thursday. October 11, Canuaua O# raij. In ib? Wih yiar of ber afe The relatives aad friend* of tne fealty are r?wp#clfnlty tkvtted to at ten t tbe maeral, froai ber lat? mai.ieoe-, $/ g Mulberry atreet, this (datarday) attoraoua, at ta > e'etoek Caea ?At fuamii , N. J., oa Thursday, October 11, Alio ?, wife of lUv Tt >dsi (V-olc Ibe rtlalivx aad frtefls of toe family are Isvitad lo atltad the lunrral, at Calvary i h Mk, Mitftn. w itjulay al|eri.nnn, at tb?? < cl'tek, wilt* ut farther n <ttoe. lowMU. ?At Brooklyn, oa Friday, 'ict-ner lt,K*tB N. ?tf? ef Tboaa* H. GoMaU, la tbe Xil year if h^ a*? Tbe fnnrral will take ji'.aoe from lbs realdeaoo ef her ui.if Mr Char ts [?aef nttev n, N J .ou Jaa ! day Bft*r*nria, at three o'el *k H># fri^dvof toe '?H'ly i are tavltad to attend wltb iiit further nsttss. Crentaw ? A* Ha'leWl on I rlday, Ort 'tier IS, *'?. P. j I Cremau, a?ed U jr*r*. 2 months and 4 <l?ys Th? reiati vi* and frlen 1* of lk> femliy *r<- r1;i rU illy taviied to attend tbf faneral, frMB hi* lat? rs* ?!??"?, t a | 1'AObhat . new Tatrd arena*, on .Sunday BfWheon. at ' thrre o'clock, w'tboat farther uotloe Bostoa ai ,1 Weymouth, Mas* . p^Ters pi (as-- fl ipy ( IMut i'T? On Krlday , October 12. afi -r a lin*-r u* i,i nee*. Mrs Vari DbaI>wv, of th-j pariah of i ,umire, at unty Out. irrlen i, is the stth year of her *#" Her relaitvee atd I r lends, and tb<?? nf hi>r l* i?h??r?, lleiH-ra and fluinah, are reap- ftfully lavtt iJ t')ett?fid tbe fuu'ral, ffim hi r laie n.i |i*ei, 113 Tlnrty elgatb *ti' ? t, be<u en Second aul Thlid ar. u its, oa ??'aad.y af { ternoi n, at two o'ekwk. lioemrT ? Oa Thursday, OttoW II at half pwt foar o' -inek, of,T>Bvvt4 f>m*>m . af id 31 ye?'?. Hie funeral Wilt lak<* pier- r r<m 1*1* mili-noe nf b< broih >r Wil'Um, *t No 213 Water street, H x klyn, at twoo'U c.k, thw (^i nrdayl nfltv I Alia On Varelay, (,'jtobt r II, RsTrr T?m, la tt> ' Mib yiar n, hrr aye. Ttw In .i'?of 1b? fam ly , *r?l tliiwe of lier ?r% dSK.*. J'hn, J*n '* and Hasinel Nltliim*, al?> tnt fr *nd* of T Ibri.iiifor, are resp??tfi:iiy taviiod t>i *tt'* i Moe | fi.wrial, oa Fuai*?y aftera'Adi. at o<ve oV.lo'k, fr >m tie reet-'ewee of bar in, No. C) 1,'KUeW ?t'?? I ' Her rem* ? a wIM be taken to I rpriew Hill* 'or li?'erm?ut. Foi ?va? ? o<! Wwrnsdsl. fMnhw 1?, 1*ks?* Foi v tin, Ute af Clifton, BtaWn Is Uh M b year if his B?e. H e r< tallies and frf-ad* are ta?lti?.t t > *tten1 ths fi Mral, ai the Mi ravlan shvreh. New l> -y Htstei I* lard, tlii* (He tori** y) aftorc oon, at tw? o'ef ^k, w "lout forth' r BilKe i>SB>i.w?t ?In Jusey Ctty on f i |'l?y, Ostsh i 12. Fill A i. a w \ 'einyesl ls> irhtrr M John *ml KliSabelb t.. lafltty , a# '1 ? | ean, T BS'.nlH* ai l lit -lay* The >r1eait? end relotivee ,,( ih? lian'lly are respeetfklly lav Hfd to attoMl the fnntral, Ifra the teetilooce of her l*ri-at*, tfp i.raud atmet, Jereoy CHf, th<* (<%kturd*y) aTterri-on, a1 h*lf i?i*t thri>e i.VJoek 8n??* - (i IT tin l?y firiiKr II, fluus F*A?rr at y eon rt 1v i -nm and R de*'. ISi'vee, II twe'ti 1 lt.,..i take I**-.- uv?? t,.i i .ii'tins*, M . 88 KI'falHlE street, 111* (4aturd?y) aftoroooo, al l*? o'clock. Hswurr ? O' roarlel fever, no WednnKlay , October 10, M*ma ''aughUr of Charles ud Dor I ml a II, * It, ?,? ? i 3 years, 1 month and 28 days. Ivnt ? On Thursday , Oomb^r 11, Catiuuxi J , wliow Of tbe late t ?r . Siiuuol B Irm. The frieods (it the family are respectfully invliet t > at trod the funeral, from bar lata re* id mi oe, No 2UV W-?t Tot-uty aevtoth street, itUJ (Saturday ) afternoon, a, two o'ol"ck Jaktbi ? it Brook Its, on Friday, October 12, Iamim !1 , win of Hamuol and Mary J*rria. aged <2 yars; au I KlM ?At Brooklyn, oo ir a>y, Otoher 12, of cm , ?tiDiptioo. Jam N , daughter of Samuel aod Mary Jarvls, 1 acid 2X years Tbe tunrral irrvioea will be bald at tbe See-tad Prmby I teriaii rburcb, lo C lutoo, o ear Kultou street, Brooklyn, ou Mooday aliirn-oo, at two o'elor.k Kim-st ? At Hiaten Islaiid, oo Friday, October 12, Jovx P Kiumkt, Id tbe 4 3*1 yea' of bla age His friends are icvlted la attend his funeral ser Tinea, at the Moravian eburcb, tftaW-n Island, oo jnoday afternoon, at hair paat twu o'clock. The remains will tears tola lata reetdrnce at nee o'clock. Ht hbhu ? On Wedneedav, October 10, Aittbost J. Brinu, sgsd SI years, 1 month aod 19 days The relatives and friends of tho family are respectfully Invited to attend tbe funeral, from hw mother's real drone, No ISO West Thirty -saoood street, tkla (Saturday) alten.oon at ore a'e uck precisely Mamim ?On Moeday , October S, at Black Rock, Ooeneo llcul, Kuzahcth (Uaoura, apd 40 years and 0 mouths, Wife of Joho Hasan, of No 111 Avraue 0, New York If AMm hv. ? At F'atbush, on Thursday, October 11, A MU ah Maktvnhi, sgrd M years Tbe reiativre and friec da of tbe family are respectfully Invited to attend ibe funeral, from the residenoe of hi* uotfci r, this Cat?rda? ) afternoon, at two o'clock. Natbah ? At Jrrm Oily, on Wedaeaday, October 10, AkttAMLLA Na ham, rldesl daughter of Benjamin Nathan, aged 8 years and 1 nwutha. Tb< friend of th< family, also A returns 1/xlge No. 2T4, F A M , and also al> Masonic friends of tho family are respectfully invited to at too d tbe funeral, from the real dcnoe of ber felbei, 1M Henderson atruet, Jersey City, on Sunday afu-rDo-xi at two o'clock 0"iu.iva* ?Oa Friday, October 12, Mast, widow of the late Drools o'Jullivan, of Kllmaae, county of Kerry, , I/eland, aged 60 years The funeral will uke place oo Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock, from ho- late rrsldenoe, No. 22? (Cast Eighteenth street. The ralatlres and frlctids are respectfully iovlted V> attetd 1'saksai.l ? In Brooklyn, on Friday morn int. Oot>l>or 12, Mrs Kmkkhns Vbakkai.i aged 44 > ears and 11 months Tbe relatives and friends o( tbe family are reapectfhily Invite'* to attend her funeral, oti Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock, Irom her lute residence oo Bedford avanue, SO oond bouse irom Kultoa a vet ue, near Madison street. l*Ki Tt ? On Friday, October 12. William Pionrr, aged 30 jeers, a native of the parish of Fermoy, county Cork, Ireland. lbs relatives and friends of the family are Invited to attend his fuoerai, thin (Sal irday) afWnooo, at half past ooe o'clock, fmni the reaidsno of t J brother, No 44T Fourth street near First avenue IUysok ? Oo Thursday , October Kathus, la th. tOto year of his age " Tbe friends of bi family, so l members of Washington chat ter, No 2 O I* A. , are invited to attend his funeral Ib'R (Saturday) af ?moon, at two o'clock , from his lata residence, No 108 Ka?i llioadway Thomwik ? (?' Tues'sy, Ont-iber 9, Eila C , you agent den?horof (ie- rg e and Amelia fhnnioo, aged 4 years. 8 m >t lbs and 18 days the i elai Ives and frh uds of the fasilly are respectfully Invited to attei d the fuueral, from Ibe reeldeoce of t? r parrtta, No 1 Wall street, ou Sunday afternoon, at two o'cl?"k TkiinoK ?In BronklT?, oo Friday, Ortob?r 12, **i?B Mahia, dargbUr of William idKise l'reau -r, a^.-l 16 j ear. The fri< nds <>nd arqnalntarces of th'< f?m!'y, and th <ee of her or rlr, ^rabcie liil'eo. are req-ieated tj attend ber funeral, this ( aturday) alternooo. at iwo o'clock, from Ibe reel, let re of hr-r | ar. rt?. So Its V'*k S'.reet. Tkai is ? On F'l' ay, ftctiher 12, of fiiralyals, Pnan Tnatw, of I'eekrkill, lu Hie CAih j tar of her ac. Krbnds arrt rela' vrg of the faotlly Invited to at tf od the fuoerai at the r airrcce of (leo W (Vnfer, id Fifty t tflith atre^t, a?ar Third avenue. f>n Sunday after root., at thnc nVliirk Her remalca ?U1 be cnovoyed to Peektklll. Westcheater county, on Moalay morning, for Intrrmirt ViTiM* ? ta Brooklyn, on FrMsy, fictober 12 *nmi Aiiikmi . oiily chiM of albeit C. aid Vanuy H Vcdder, k^e.i II mnotbr and 13 (!ats rbe mlatlves and frieods of the family am respectfully Invited to att< i d hit funeral from N'o 60 1'realdenl street, oo Sunday alltrroon , at hilf j>ast two nV.loek WnitM ? flu rhurrday, October 11, ASRtHAM^KBaa, ln I the 641b year of his age Bis funeral will taaatritea from 788 Greenwich atreet, | this (Saturday) aftertNOM, at two o'cliK-k Tbe frtmda of ; tbe family atid of his sons. Henry and Charloa, are lovlt?d to atteod Wiijjm* ? On Friday, October 12, Mr John Wnxaoa, In 'tb< Mth V?ar of his age Tbe friends of tbe family are lovlted to attend the fm,?r?l, oo Soudty afternooti, at one o'clock, Irom his aoo's residence No 468 Sereitb avenue NIMKLLAKKOIR. AT ROBRXT Ka I A ? ? i - Ho Ol Broadway, Oppnrtto tb? CM j HalL AUeatlon Is Inrllrd In tba'r lary ? tarrk it 0?>LI> *!?!> HIH (B WaTO M, By Uka folbjartB* orlaoralod m*Ai-ra Looaoa. CiiikiM t lornu, Jabbb Krone a *?, T I l'?or?, Jnaa Obami, DirmTitMK, Cau Tinoitlon. K. < Hk AO.ralPCt AOo., r H tmuAHon, B D Johkvjb. R< hut Bait A Oft. Limroot. M I Tom.* R AO Rnur, Rob't liuiUi Joaara Hswau. Uum. Pim Paiujra A 00-, J. C. Ijmou Locii A cnrauu, Tininoa A ContAVIB. J AJ. Babm*. LAI Dncaaaa. Jciaa Jrnmoi. I v>t>?obar*a. WMrh thay ofler at wbolaaalr mid raUU at low prtoaa. WHK|L|)| ^ WJLBOK . nvnra umm bhnaldta pnrHbaaadla iiahNM toaayotkar baaa<aaa*li a/<*ptad tot naly to ftallr aaa. bat aian to ika aaarta* of 4n? ?atara. akinmahara, gaftar iut*r*. ihoa kind BIB, na aafeM and all kta/a of laJlorta*. Olaa Ht Broad " A FKAFBCTLT MMTORIOCt ARTICLE. rtu?*nr WABI1IBO ? Al'FIIME. Io?J>f<>Uo?s tad Uxmuahtdal anUrMad. HipLVAN A at ATT, (M Broadway. I BVt* >loo?a ol ad 1S1A. A V** RYRB ItRU.'B HOBB. - WRIffMfU OA ROB ARD A *a?alov?a of tha lakaa atylaa. 1M Fnltoa Umak. B. T At a inbrrdbr-, m bi4oao?at? jvbt iktbg duo*d. ike uray Haadaaada < 'ard. A - ra#ar T UIBl'Kltnr*, VKIIOTKO OARIM A"D RE rrlot-na, la atiprnrad ?yla* u4 Ika baat aartatr Of Rata At jorrb*, in akd ii abb btrrbt -hate too awn ik-wr *4 emit drtaa Brand Alw> Ika R N Mtk aula WUM prr*/ Uonta TJt'RBRTT'B I'KK'AIBB. D A ? oBLOOBri fd iWWBrnt (HI An.. frw DnKmhIBU THK II A IB For "ffleao u< a*r-??M?nraB It la wHfcoot aa aqatL It frrrrpla Ba balr f ?? m 'al)la>t ofl _ J a<4 ara-ajr <* Jt l**?r? no dirAgrarakla odor It arJIftn tb* hair a h*n bard and dry. It ?-?<hra ih* nr"i?u-.i arala Ala. It *fli*<a tbr rlcA*rt Inalm. II rawi all,- kmaaat In rfla*. It wwto S? aaata for a half plat boNla. _ I'Kia. ? ia1? am <7mn.i hue or itb rfpioactt. DAR DROIT Borrow, oat R>. IRA Hum J.?*rn Rrnarrr A On ? Ua?i>BBai* -I hat* uaad y??ir Ownaltaa abont Wa waaka and '?? film !? w ?artrd aad fttrancdlna/y lAat I daai B f didy t" aiaf It a- ym ? v wnrat mariMAi'i f>i r aararal yaara Imb baaa daadrqR a HA Mnklac ar d rrtla'fcw nf U? arala A ftw bmaBhi* ?} Aall ! at} row <WIat w.?iM la an*?r?rf wBk tAc wkRa aAalaa (Aaa dr- (D. a a<rb '<W Ilka a Haww nf aoow a* y I arbaa istr?i rarVma aiipiW-aUxia wltkoot affadt. HSa a^<?? "? y'Kir C<waii ?. ard hia -rfialiaata rafatl lo <iaa R. t n?*(Aad aaa ?> P'twurr aad try B I lata uaaid W-.a ikaa a bflMlr. Tha 1aadr<tB aad Ika Irrtba I, on at., h r?n??4 ti bar* rntir* r dMuo?arad. and my ha* a a* n??*r l?f'?r la a a ??l rwliOmi loor >>ba>dlaiii aarraal A. A. FUJJ1 BA1.0RBBR Borroa. Rot. M. IMA 'l*PT,?ar?- Wbra' ! '-at aaari yoar ' lua <alaa I had baaa bald a tfi )*tia ia <br mraLlha* : bad trtad a doaaa dlf frr?nl prrparaiKaaa ap> <-<ai!| '""mairedael v* haHorar. aad at! r'aiwm* lo Br Ui '<u-IMa, w?b m an, brarAcial rtlrr la lb' la/NHnf aay hmua?<> 1 nr>*d ?* tatry yoar Utmele* ? Irll Am. lofiraar tb~m, rot bar ma my?alf any faMb w :hr v.,*rrr4 imb tn rMfr.ra my balr I ka?a narj tk* anuia? 1 1 <aa t?4l> ai^l my baid patr la nnarad all mar a ah rtnatf hair ai? <n ikr wdrb*a of an Inrb loas, whhih appoara Mrnwd an,i hawbky aod d>irrmlrAd In rrow In a a.Td, yw ( ?*?ki* la atrpllaa*? f" baat praparalkw fi.r 'b? hair I ba?r *?? r knowa. ?"?d lb* nnl* no* wklrb ar ~ar, .Ab-a at <?a t baa B pnaaJraa V ary tra'y j -yr ->?. tjwd .. ,4r.H^r! irr-rant. D.I MRRWIK. fmara 'r?kra Br**rTT A ,-o . B- ?vw iA -Hi* OF HAIR. Boafoa, My It, MM. Rnwra Jrwrm Brrwrrr A ivi ?? t aat?4 rvful! In ><nia lb* aa' ilxrr alTae* ha air oara acrra TAtrd -aa*. Of ynnr ri-aUanl Hair (lll( Vw*?aln*i T * "iiny r 'aiiba an; balr haa br^afaJUac n* natll I waa fearfal ?'f It riiBrrlr Tb? akin npoa my brad nooarna ^r*.""a!ly ax.i - ard ?<?"? InBamrd. an thai 1 noold w* to-wk ? wntwMit p In lb a I'Mtatrd wadlUnn I ailiibnlod m lb* na> <4 ** liona a^r*r lard hair waakr* a bMtk I bar* tfnna b~a wdd rrnlafn rAmpbr..* apl'H. Ha tb? ?#.*?? nf mr pbrBMaa. tn arknaai yon had ahowt yoair |,r riw -d pim, \ut$ thr (Ml. I am d l?? .ia?iba law arrk m Jm " T br flr.l at t . n al ayad lh? iirblnr ?nd ir r'Mtlna: In hrar or f nor day* lb* ' *d ' # aa aad trndr'nraa 41a ,, rarad- lb* latr raaard to fall, aad I har* ?<?? a ikH C. m th <4 crw hair I trturt lhal rflMta Wwllarly aAMkad Will ladaard to t/y ihe aairi ? raairdy t ?-ra rary irnty, HI'BAR R. For* IKRITAflOR or TT?R *-af.p WiryariuA . Baat U. MK Maun Joarrn PranBrr A Hn '?**' Blra I daaai H b<a jiwl M ? ?*?'- k ftm ananr of Ik* baa rata | bar* d*rlrad from Ik* tiar of joair I'onnalnr. laabt yraraaan I had Ik* typhna f*?ar afirr air r?<v arry I fooad aiyarlf trnnblol ?Hh an Iriitatta nf 'br a. alp wlitek mnlianrd ?n anam aa rary aaimk. aad Ik al rrla'* II I had fai ?M In Had a r? m*dy faalaa ar*B J'lir I 'nrnaln* adr'-rfaad. I pamkaa*4 a bottt* (m'j 'or lb* pnn*** n* a hair drraaing. bnt kn aay aurprlaa, h b?B n t'rrty f r?..t?d Uar IrHiai oa nf in* ^an^livf Da rlalrf an w**k I'T'iaft frm Ha na*. I har* rrmaaman tad B b. awrrrkl of ?jr frlrnda whf. a*r? amtakad la Ik* aaaar wtf aad It haa wV- 'ft rradlratad tha dteaaa* iOBCFH II [Us 1m. Raw Toil, B*pt It, IMA J Fraam '*1 - I**Bt Blr - Fur wan* Una* paal I hk?k **o nalat r ? ??oalaa. aad thkak R far prarfarahl* to wf* 1 ha- * ar*r ?i?rd for Ika balr. If a y aid. 'a*wirnt m nf aay rata# yoo krr r*rf**tly at Bk any to ^ar it H*?p?^tf?Ily yoara, rB * l*K I. RBI JR. Bl'RRBTT'B PO00AM& A r'nak krv watlna rnadaia tha hair fan auattrr kowattt ard dryl andt ard a?naB| for arraral daya. It la ruanadad, by all whw har* .ard lv tn ha lha bad aad ehaataat hair dl aaali ? H, tlta awM V-r -t*4 b\ T? k VPH BTTRjrrrT ? t-O ?bwb?. ?s.l (? to. l ty alaltfi tMUll), at luth a ha vk. i A t l*liiPKM aw hkuauwat, old wkiidiri* A <Vd Oep.iC- Baa the eletfant a?ylwi ? J Oarda wt .*uer mliVa p4LUHn r?rrF rrrrrrrr I rt 'rvrrrvrrrr | rr rr rr ff rr ! ?"rr rrrr " pp ?P TY ' rrrrr tyyyyt , rtrtr iyyiit BALifWiTpATltNT IMPROVED rXKH<'H Ti.KK imiM*. Paieniert November 1 IHMt A NMW HTTLK OP HTttRT, WARRANTED TO FIT, Heat hy eipreaa to any pert nf the United KM apoa isuMpI Mr n all. of the roliowtn* m*a*uraa, wbluh win idiot a Mr ! feci BU for ? I. Slfi *18 and IE* p? l?ten. No iirttr 'orwara ?d lor l?M tbaa haif A toatn ahlrta. The maaanrea are M I follows ? Neok? 1 The dlatanoa ronnd It. Yoke? The meaaere* frna lh? I polr la of each *houl< ar. Sleeve? Th# length fruai tbe oeotr* I of the b?ck to the wrtet, wkh I be arm bant. " ? '"alanirt around the body under the armplta. Walat - otsunoe around Al?o. tha laiiglt of the rhlrt. By seedier the above meaaurea we can guarantee % parfMl fit of oiir new *t> la of tbe IMPROVED FRENCH YOKK 8HTRT. AUo, Us port* ra and dealer* la MKN'R PURNIMHINO (lOODR. Wholeaala trad* supplied on tbe usual tenia. Bal.LOU BROTHERS, No. ?? Broadway, Mew TorK. BEWARE OF IMITATTOMB AND COUNTERFEITS. bok.kk'8, I Tbe moat pleaaaal oordla> of la kind. Tbe moat valuable Unto and medicine In all oaaei of aoa p'ainta cronMrt with tbe stomach or tbe nerroua ayatoca, and since more than thirty years acknowledged to be BY PA*. 81 PAR. BY PAB, Tbe lixet stomach bluer* ever Introduced. Por s? le by grocer* and di u? (lata generally, and with a liberal dleoount to tbe trade by tbe agent. L PITN KH. Jr., M Front itreat, New Tort. Ci par ? skminary, hinu binu, n t.? tounq ladlea Hoarded end Educated, under ten. f 12b. above that ?*? $180 Apply to Mr* Frreman, principal, or at 4# Fleet street, Brooklyn, and M Hprtrg street, New kork. Location uiaurpaaecd. | >APTAI* BURTON'S MARCH OF A THOUSAND V / into tbe beart of Central Africa, may wall bt olmaed tnong the boldest and moat aocceaaful achievement* in the ai,ne ? of Inland diaoovary . ?Spectator Captain Burton la certainly one of the moat remarkable and characteristic men of tae present century.? Literary Uaxette. HARrKR A BROTHERS, Franklin s^uara, Mew York, Publish this Day: ma LARK RKOION8 CENTRA*!' afioa. A Picture of Kiplorailon. ? . ?> * iniAKn P. lli'MTox, Captain H. M 1 Army. Fell- w anil Hold Meda'lat of the Royal ?mp a|>nlc*l r octet y ; ? nth f of * K1 Medlnah and Meorah" ard Foot ?ie?* In Kaaiern Africa " In One Volume i?t*vo (uniform with Dr Urlaiatone'a WcrkJ ? Itb an eltiorate Map ari.l Thirty four Illoatraliona hrtee Mualin, 13, Half Calf. ?? It ODD I'KOPI.K. Baiirn a Porrtin Dixiurinm or Minutn^R Rtcaa or If AST.. HV CaITaiN MaYNK HK1D, Author of "The De?crt Hume," ' the Ituih Boya," Ad. WITH 1 1.1.1 hi RATIONS. ISmo. tnu?l|n. fiDccnta tONTKNTH ltoejeemen, rr Buabmen. Tbe ('.aaanrhaa, or Prairie tbe yimiironlan Indiana indlara Ihe * ater Dwellrr* of Kara- The ivhuenihea, or Paapaa oatbo. Indiana tbe Kwinlmatx. The Yamparlcna, or Root Mnndrucna. or H? headers liirrer*. The Centaun of the "(.?ran Tbe Uuaraocs, or Palm Dwel i baoo " lera. The Feitfa, or Man Kafra. The L?t>laiulera. lb* TTfjf, or Friendly IbqaMpritmaoera, or Mud lrla'den. lleifiuxcra 1 be 1 uroomana. The Paiacislan (llanta. 'I be Cttoaaea, or Dirt Ealera. The Puefin Dwarfa III "MY NuifB,;" Br Fbuti TV* Oaiti>?, or. Vinirna lit Ksr;u*n L?rr. BY N N It Bli I.WKK I.YTroN. Ubrary edition mnlform with Hamper's Ubrary edition of '"lhe Cailooe"). J T() ? Unio. Mnalln, 10. HARPER A BBOTIIKRH will send either of tha abora work* by mall, i <wta(e nrepald Cor any dlttnoe In the United Malta uadar S UUO mtleai. on receipt of the naooey. / tUAFPRD HANDS, PAI'l, L1P8, tC. ?CERTAIN OUB1 vy and preventive. HK 4EMAN A UO'H Campbnr lea wME (lyoertne. If uaed aa directed will keep tha akin aofl la tlM eoldeat weather, tm'y M ceuU Kent by man for 30 centa, HKURMAN A (X).. ch-mlnta and Oruutata, Nna. 1(1, "SI# All and 7M Broadway. C1URN8. Bl'NK'NR, , INVKKTKD NAILS, ENLAROSB ) Joints, and all dtaeaaee ol the feet cure*, without pain 0* Inconvenlenoe u> the paueat, by Dr. ZACHaRIB, Ruraaaa Cblruvodlat, 7*0 Broadway. Jtaferato phyiMana and mm ?eona of the city. Cm BATPRD HANI'S AMI) I.I PR CCRKD IN OMR NU1BT bj uaiag VuNDBKHVITH'a tteanlne Otmpkitr Im. All otkare are eoualrrtek. |tei-m IM Bowery. Delfnr A(?a, 615 ltreadwny. and M'? Haya, 78 Pultun etrert. Brooklyn. JjKAFKUH. DBAPRBHB, DRAPRK8B AT OBCR RKMOVID. RKAl) TRBT1MONT. Km* or in Rartmue, | *1? Yon h Annul B. UMO. 1 Dr. Toe Wnachrieknr treated for dm'Ma rery ?imiiiiw fnlly a&d itWtKl *tly My hre*a? wee rtntured ud mam Udms u tvod u rver, and 1 add my leallrnany In Us faror. O. B. LAM Aft. I'reekdentof the Bank of Ike Rapubllo. Dm. Von Moernoaaaa ? Du> M? I lake pleaaara In teatlfylr* to yrar mptrlor *111 la re alarlep krarloa My oaee kaa been ?tran up aa bopelaui k| oar (MM pkyMaUoe aad profeaaura. JOHN BTA1BTHOBP. New Tom, Ocv-ber 11, 1M0 (7 Warren ureal OOR8ULTIBQ ROOMS, 107 CMBTmS PL AOS. gmrini nriH abd birth atbbpbs piHTABLtailBD 8 1 ITT TSAR. kkvk'? rABiwrr pur? ituss wabrrooms n> aad IM Puurtk elrae*. acrtkwaal corner of Broadway. Rupartar Parlar, Library. DUm* and Biidroom ParaMora ? Prwa Ik* plaia aad an M&S to ika rlarial Mi nfMM at reaerainble prtoaa. Interior DacoraUuna, Pier, Muni Ulaaaa, Ml Oonda ranked aad aklpped loan parie of Ika world. FTHUT PRRMIUM AT XBW lORK BTATB PAIR him Ira, FIKhT I fcPMirw a*. Rational Pair, M I/roto. riKhT PakailM at Haw J ereey Rial* Pair, Mtkbttt. I IBaT PRRRICM aloxmanmaAmtal} Pain. Takaa thla f ill by worn iRpaovrn pcmp. The reporter of Ike Tribune aafi at I' ?"Of pupa for fam oar I Mill Ur k upoa ??at'a Pnwp. of tka ordleary elm, aa Ike brat that I aa> aninalntetl altk, It bain* a I Iron, nat liable 10 art out of lepalr. and aaaily repaired If H tore, aad ooi liable E frerre np la w later. It oparawa aaaily. both aa a ruction aad frara pomp. ' The Daily Rewe reportaeeaye? "I will rot aerie* to aatte* as Inrri.t'oo which (truck me aa enpplyln* a Wm* fait naad 'at'tiad ika I "aaa ' We kara kad forrr pun aa la plasty b? fnrr r?w bill rcma V enual Weet'i Improved dtmble ai-Uaa autl frrrrlac H'tlny and furring Pumj . anU by J. D. We ill Co.. 1 7? Ur* ad a ay B. T 1 kia pump la w aderfullv 0 a< <1 powerful, aad ?P1 wwh.wlth e>|ti*l baan'y In deep I or ahal low a atria throwing a etraain In a great dlMaaee D k akma kere by Mr Walla, a eitraufie eeetlea aa, wfcoaaUa aad airrta ika ralrbralad I >Ua H?k(nlaf roda" Re aleo aaka iarp* tOra a I three Puiapa. adaptad foreran plarr wkrr* ? .1? ara to b* ntla*'. at. ? we caa f'iraiah uwu mory ?o aoonaca aay kqitlrer that tkar are tka beat aad iheapret la n?" PIPS aa? HOAR of all k lada oa head t. I) WWf A OO . I7? Broad way. W. f. JPAIX ASD WI WTKR. I am aow prrt arad to oflar jaa of Ika lanrrat aad aaoet a* Irralra Work* of read r Bate 'all and win tar IT. thln? erar ct l-rr d la tkle any Tka t*r* ik la all eaw. ataoaTartarad froei Ik* la>ret taaaartatlnaa eat aad auitr ir tka aanat taaty etyla aal fa?bKi>a}.le aai.?r A HI >a In tkle kaa will be aeld leei t>ax at any oikor natabUah?aat la ha r*r T<>11R? AHIl B'-Tfc' CLOTH1RH, Brlrnl Online, Ar . la rrary rartaty. I'ndfai room and for nlahtrg dai arimai-t rot aiaallad la taair atyla or St. In every Itaiaaee a kaa partlaa are not aalliftad tk<4r aoeey W.ll be aa lliTMiL P. S. RAI.DWtR Km ;o aad 71 Bowary. Tkr larraat atore hi tka iky QOOD RRW? ARD OLAD TIDIROH TO ALL PRO PUR M ra. Waarer. Alhaay. Raw Tor* Ur Lamar (-athbert, Uanrate, 17VRRD0P<X)R*TTWPT10R. (V4 ' uaalae, apaiaektr-.U. Pla. cnrad u < lldaey Dtoaaaa. Mr M'llraa. Rro klra ra'rd t* Paralytla. l>r Mraakam Plorlda. rnrad a4 DrtpapeU. Mr Nrlitao IWatr.p rnrad of Pllaa ? klle tanaaaa'*a af ika affla-tad hare baaa rnirad aad th>.<iaauoe are daily balaa rurad la ail parte of Ika noaairy b' DR*.! BOTBS POD'* IMI'RRI AL WIRR RITTSRft L iHpnt 71 Will ?ni atrtat. Raw Wh. Bold by all Prnwlata. 81 T ATT'll LIPS BAI#AM ? L ka'imaiieot la lie moat pal-f il f'rme. alpo Bnrofala ?Ipalaa Halt Rkadla. PMplaa HI wkaa. old Inrera, Perar llnrra, tka wiiTll raaaa of d I ???(*?? of Ika bl aid. ?errurlal ooee Iletata I?aM ity. IJrar aad Kldnara, inHplaal roaaitaptloa r . are mrm rar talnly eorad by Ikla arael peflier. ilTAII'N Mfe Halaaa hae r irrd Ihoneaade of neeaa af Ihraa vrl a'n *r Jiaaaa.a ai 1 n ?i I ? -ai n'rvataly au"e aa| raee akb k ran ba raarbad by ine. If lakaa . a aaaord a tire altk tka <'l?rcui?e It d?re atd > mtaln a p 4rarle ef rar nry nr aay olkar dalatartiNie ailaarala Prtaotp la depot M Uraiddwal . ve T BIT URDRBRHISTR. WIRTBS WAt R ? ITH' m ivnrary, a faw dove halow dread MR u\rt A BRIBR P*"" A RTTI JJBI " friwk >4 fc*i baakata of tMa ainaUaal QkkB pacaa, at mod' rata aal, A lea " P A MM I CM OAHRST," Par aere by SB a s a. wnin/inR a no., Broa.1 Oar aad WkMa atr PHOTtxiRaPHIO PA "SB Beet Tnallti aal a efcaaa. *n kTADUIalB. H. B A BIBORRM, Wo HI l'~?a.1w*T DBtSCB OP WALRB. Tbeae a ko wm* d?api 4rVa1 In n it aaalac Ha Moyal llirtaaae Oa TV. ?".?) eta ohtain a iralkfnJ PflOTO'IR*PH AI Ika 1< ndoa Bier prai opt l umrany m Broadway PI^T /S"??rP' t. m abh i Iran, fm- A., ra-na of *(?Har Una Baa* 1 laa ft* Ika Prteaa r.f Wala# ' Ball. Ktd ttkrrra. wktta elraw and dar*____ Hrartei 'ambawnrj ratlarfttlt* ard I^ewrra. kitra laaty tadaaaktf ? ?*d <?ra"rrra. f aar? Kar'tal and e>e Ian llaK II-** Pall ? r? IIWKIil 1 1 v' " '?*. iMnr. j ORA>h j?, ui.a nil('Ktl<l\KUl K. ! CM" Jl'KB* * re'-.Ttn Vr^l'rJ, \T M ^F^iiTbaae bear.. I w%* luUon >u tUiirhwi ' ? ' "rt ?'*14 wvh '*? "> UH the rev? fcCTH JONKfe "Jctl so; but I te'l yoti it ?<?" iMo'ri!* an latin Th.,' o' strop- rtni?. Uow pill ) or ftnu.. .I o*" Unr Ja?lM> byirraclout.' <? thent ul (key nla-% SKTI1 JuS K8 PEER A HKAUTY "Whew' If that ain't a purt? Mow thm *irk m? ? ?? flriKlnalad lu theee Oarter, I spoea, JT bJfcl II JONEB IWBUMED "Baa here, you, perhaps r*> <Wt kso ? wki it ?? A, s? vou Instilled la that way. I'm HKTII JON KM, from Now Hampihlre, aed ooaaaqueullv ytu'U be keer'ul of v?ch ^ "ura JONKS IB FOB fob. "Mow," w hi* per* d Hath, "by jfraotous, roe wilt see to*. Follow cloaa iu keep Uur " in p??aa, wpltw Ten oaaia. BEADLE'S DIME NOVRI4. NO ?. bbthjobes, CAPTIVEB Of"tHE FRONTIER. For aala at all KtwiPwoM. ra mrniAL homes of EMPEROR NAPOERON, to th* BTEB EOBOOP E PRIOR VtiMm A stereoscope and II View* of Ike Interior of tha Tl Bt Cloud, VeraalUea. and Foolalnhlaao. prtoa it oanla. Bent free I y mall on receipt of tS eeota. A liberal dlaoouat U> dealer* D. APPI.ETOB A CO . PnbHaha?? 448 Broad WT. "rpiIE ROYAL FAMILY OF TUB UNITED HTATBi " 1 u><THK NUt KiHK I.KMI1 " tnmMn ?MI Ihlry millions The I'rlnoe can experience no dUBooltf wtaB* ever In select in* suitable aaaoaiatea In this oouulry ; we are aB aoverelgns aere ' ? III* I.XIHIKR ta fun of original saytaat, and K oogM IB bfi, wtth inch a circulation ?? \\ pnjoyi . Thi prince and teb I.EDORR. WHK'H IRTHK UKBaTKR f It la agreed an all handa that the Demonstration of Tkm day, on the arrival of the Prtnoa of ?alea. surpassed anyotMr ever made In this ooun>ry. T?e atdewalka. the wladova.Ua roofs, the naltrrv to the Ffth Atrnnt Hotel, all ?saa packed wilt ooe dense b aaa of h>imaa b?iui? etra>nlna thalr eager e> as for a glmip ?e ol the heir to the llrlfah throne. la more people read THE NEW K/RK LRDUItK every weak than there weie toaaa tbe Prinea of Walea The Pnnoa li ureal, but what shall be said of the I.IDUBH ? (JIUK AMOUNT OF GVKROOAT8, OOAT8." PANT8, TRfNL at ?FAN*' KXTRNSIVB CLontma warrhoobk, ft*. APT. 68 FtTLTOK RTRIIT, U rich that not one man In a bundled falla to be a tilted In era rw reaped ; for. ai re car la price. ?Va r H flatters himself that ha can and does undersell t-varj other CIcAhlar In the city of Haw York ; fur Instance OVERCOAT*. Blark and fancy (lolli K to MB " Heaver ? to B " riit l I a it (.'asslmrre, Petersham, Falt^aUnet, Ac , Ac SSito U Hood black eloth Froaka. ? to ? Fine TO la U Super " " U la M Oaaalirere. Pilot and Beaver llualneaa tViata to IB PANT& B'a' k Hoeakln, (Tloth and t'aaalmera IK M ? Fancy Caaalmere Pllct and Beaver I to ? Kiua Fancy and Black ? la 1 ?MB. All tha new aty lea of Valval I lo ? Bilks and Hall, a IHIo ? Cloth and Caalmare. 1 ta I Hl'lTH. Ooanplate Black Octh Holla 10 to ? Casalmere UulU lo match Ret. BIO, 111, 91& 914 and MB FttrnlahiD* Roods of every deecrl[>Uon retailed at wkolaaaka pil'ea. M KVANB'B, and PVJI.TON HtraaA, ? Riga of tha Bad, WhMa and ?aa. rB HOHHX"OU1 JOORNAI.-PIJBMHHKD WBBRLF. attkrre rents per copy, alxleen pMI?a. priote.1 on rooa paper, in tha beat manner, with new lypa. 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Tub Hot KRiioi.n jourral.? tub mati and Biographical Mketchea are oor'rlbnted by drat r'aaa writer*. ion i,? other coatnbotor* to tfela department I* Ma well known auibor of 'Tea and Ink Hketche*.''. TUB HOUSEHOLD JOURNAL. IIIRTORT ARM TRA rtl fi rm a Terr interacting drparlami every weak, ea ?net Inetrneilae eubjecta. the IIUVKKUOIJJ JOURNAL to publlahea weakJj at three oenta. rpHK B0l'*RBOLl> JOURNAL -TUB CTTOH 1>EPAR 1 pa/traent contain* a prob.eaa every week n-1 r anner Inlrreetlng to < he** plajara. being under lb* edltorahlp of ? gentleman at ikUl la tk? queen X game*. Prtoa Uuee Man weakly. *VK HOt'RBHOLO JOURNAU- PROORRNH IS Hclenec aad Art forme a larste and apaolallT IntaraeUaa department. aad la under the edtU>r*bJp of <mecinloet,Uy 'jaaa Bed to caier fnr ectenltflc and IntaUIgnai reader*. 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A LW?f)N IN FRNNOB ard fieeman i H??n er?ry week In ike flotaeeheid Joar aal. n|K? a a/Mem at tare eaei aad efllatxiL prepared W aa aa??a|iUehed teacher Ifmmrhntd Jonraal I seam weakly. rB HOUNKBOLn JOCRRAL. -TI1R ANRWBRR TO rorn-ap<aideata form an atlraetl<a aad I a'tuHle feature m the Ilonaehold Jnnrnal. t-eu,* a a far aa pnaaible ana were la qnratona oa a<nje.-t? lmporuat to all readara HwiaalMM Jnnrnal, i neala weekly. TrrB HOU'RHOLH JoURRAIr? TRICB TIIRBB t'BNTW weakly. (I <0 ner aannm, la adraaea. Ballad by the ?ra prletora aad pnMWbara. ? Lit. IIaRTIIUX * (X)., II ItatB Till nam street . aeai Chatham. ??? *"*? rlR ItOrilRUOLn JOCRRAL CAN NR fltn FROM aay l?v**eliar or rewe ac*i I In the I mind Ktatea aad I arada. R here there le aay dlRlrnlty of obt ?lnlas K. hra mote dletrt. ta of the ountra. the publlaiwrB will mail It ren larly oi receipt of a J eent atamp far Ba?le ?>vlee ? |l m per autua. Tnr BOt'fRIIOLD JOUBRAL RBI NO Bt.BfTTROTTFBD, arj rf U>e hark atimSera raa te had at ana I ma. ? ither lijr orVrrin* thr<niak aay aewa a?ent or fr<en the pul>IMM(a THB HOrrkltHOI.n JOURNAL -THE TR1DB WILL BB ? ?npniied thfon*h Meaera RtHkt k TOUltRT aad ORhTRR A CO . New tort, or aay of the other nboteaa.r naea a*enoy hoaeea T?in*? iiBirTirri. *'lk wnincotn au* ?i<)?o. nMied uiiot. Hi tn I It. t iifoed mlied > oat. t* ?' l*a?'a ?* Veate H hew ityle of Orereoa'ln(> made a> i*dar. from fU to fit French 1 'aeai et ere f r pania t> teF7 aa 1 aa other garment* U. ?? I'UHt* ill Ricant etreet. RNOINBBR* A NO BACIIlNrNT* .. J'iet p'ibllehed. by F A HR?t>T U Aaa ?am.kwd* for practical pea <* #eam. the retae eyine acd prnaeua* > t a , -a, . . e, ?>.er A ea a'. - ? ' ? ' ' f.' **?r>> ralaa w< rhtrg pane t< ma<d.inerj U'earated_by llaaiam^ and ua marayement nf erymee eipiaiay^ faery mgtm bad marhiehl ahoel.1 haaa a e?f. for eaamlaao. na ^da alt R * I n*M oallobk n a.* m j *nrT aire t" rtra aierrae IHIFT KOAF." la uae talinn of hnMaf water. Ml addla# two allM warm iratee. I mm ireaee a re<|nlra4" ? an I N N "1 te park a* ee In riltrrder t A NO ;o I A d?t rem K u T' R aahmgv <a atrai t R V I W ITFKFtn. KVHOHKiL Hj I'.RtlRN *R A ?? h Iternaa fnr Ik* Iwaat yreaee a-'a i-eloia. Ae aad t>< rteac ? a a '???ea ? ? > eta (na Ae eqeal tn jt?m, arfkoat lajn-y la friar ar 'jkU Po,d I r druaaaa- . oaly tt rente par >>aua Nee tka* joe am the | eti u me arttata AW* n w RAl.ARANRB^ parfeet y FtRR PROOF ?j,.. Dt ROLAR FRO ># . A large ae?*'m.t ' '?* ? .? to NTRlRRI A R4RT|R Ml Broadway enrarr of Worth etreet. Raw -nrnjjAM TAT?x>Rit ?ai/h?n. mnroabwat, " Rekr ?,? eieyar.i'r em^H^had. r?erytkln? ta ry.* vay or HeTre^aenta eau be ha a "?fata by tadtak ' a ? |ttw?ra. a Mil ' *>.* M

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