Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 15, 1860, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 15, 1860 Page 10
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mimr+i by the bohch arm Intelligence fir on. Central Anfric.i and the South F&iifie? Uneettled State of Ait airs Between P em aiid the United t&tee-Oor Guate mala Correapondence? Rovolntonury Deeigna of Oen. Belsu in Bolivia? Capture of Guayaqui by Oen. Ylorea? Hew* from Baa Franoiaoo, Jt?.. to., ?ko. Oar San FiancMM c orr?s|?*?deaca AtM fiuKcmm, Baft 11, isd* Local Politic l in .Van tyaixucv?VoueUuiM Opp"neu"> to 9m Rt ? in ton oj Senator (iwitir-Tht San Juan Que* tmmUDinumd in * Dough 11 VcrnvtiUum? Adopttm of Itoautumt I', Janitor* of tk< ' aMl'* ^ *a;rJ CI aim to that I land ? ffrtt ana Uat of Ufe? i+,m? ana Ovmi'" >-?* ?* ami SeM> ltc ' ^ T?. diii- ...i political parties we eniaged in making ?oe,leatlm-i. frr toealaad Irgisiatlve otto* So far the BoojtM flui ates are instructed to uso every hooorable to ' ?> reelection of Gwin. U Is considered ibi.t ifee t ?? i'f Breckinridge would amount to the tic , j fcwu so ibii section <>f the detuoiraey hat to saury Ike dead weight of a very obnoiloos Individual. lit* I.' 1 1.1D OF *** Jt'A.N? HBMjlTI 1.1 DOCGLAX COaVtVTIOS At ibe PeBiOcralic (Inmglaa) Convention held iast week aplatf'rmwss auopW of a truly national stamp. No atmbtru man can reasonably object to its declarations. Tfce seetHing delegates Iron yie Bait Inure Coaventl >n are ?l? loutced, ai.d resolution* lav rable to the i'acillc H*tlr>ad, daiif overland mall and telegraph were pawl The Convention alas, declared that our title to the islant ?l Han .luan, la Puget Sound, Is as good . is H is to the District ol Udumbta; that the delays of diplomacy ar danger us tn our Interests, and th it ihi mm or mmiim ir.iun that o 111 a'low a foreign Pwvr (Kngltn.l) a second time u> ov< rri a > h us wlli merit aud renetve tbe larili g indignation of ihe Amercan people Tbe Utter ruaoiuii 'B < cit- i a a< bale io *h ch'Mr ?i geneCasaerly (?*<1 kSNu W Ne* Yii'k) tank tin artlv part Mr C. , without sayug nil, IS of I i u than ho dseerves i? one or lfceabt<sl lawyers n ( Ulforuta and staudu high for In tegrity and fe < lal i> sitio,i He btw *1 ul ,ng betn ustruug ?>HWl?r of itie ii iclisnsB administration. KIKSK? TIIKSS UMS L'lST On -'uudaj evr,.r g last, about nail p**t eight o'rl'y-k, a dr< broke*' ui tu tb? b'><is?o! Bryaa iKmuelly on tao Pulrero, pi m J isuaico from the C:tv, by tbe s^'.l'tug of naaiob. ce from a Urnp The Dimes pproa-1 with grnu ra pillty . aiiu t'.e ti u, ,? ?as suoa coaaumed Mrs Ikinnel ly, 11, fc?r asu m| t to ?a*e tbe li 'e ol hor sleeping child, was hiirLi 'l tv ?' .ii h by ks side Mr Donnelly him-mtf ha.' aaoe resrum L i w ,f< ? beu sbe was rearlr smother Mi fr> in it, i lUn n*, b>,t when sb>> faun t 'hit her child ?ra* alio in thi tiui ii'iig buildiag. she rm bnck 10 uiake anoll.i r iflort lo save It Mr IMtire'ly al*o rushed in again, b it ou this oocas o i he su(T-red nu b tn)jri<H that be died I??t evf till g In the hoapital <f the 3 fters if Mer ry in grrut a^oui air I) nasi y arrived In < ill lorn lata 1160 H> awaui.'r of the M imaatal Klro K:iglne Oo^puy lormerly, ai> I In 1HM '66 * as on the city Hoe The botel at St leletia, .s'apa ooui. ty, was burned to Ik ground ."k'i't 6 rutii*!' casraimcs, rrr A ti- ru an naun o l*i tei Ki'iroreta ooiotiltlfd su!ol<le nt tho Mtsstou lh.'.. was asl ft Hay, by shooting himself through tbe heart Tao OtunHiuea gol Into a disp:to on the 7tb lost , at Oak :ir,i c mirg the , lidding i f a l it ot potatoes, tine was sublie I r tbe t>ack ot the rail, (No knife blaile brtakmg > (Tt?., ,nbm ui the hkuil and killing him In sl?i,ijy II,, i*r|~ trai r ot Mm I'eed ih o cut h s u rn tbroai, but not latally. and in tils c Midltl >n criw ed to Uf Uead body U in* autagoaKt and ? tn a rai or aim ?t seven ?! the bead from to- c.'ri?se. The murderer is in prtnoo Chiietoobt r ^ictilab s fJerman, committed suicide by abov tu.g hiajetil in Nevada last we? k. J Hraii.-ha. c. uvtrt'd ifm-itderof J. RjberU. has fceao seiiU li . ,1 t' lie li?i ged at Mo<el imne Hill. Of.'..,bcr 9. Tin, ? CLmass, n aii to t>r huiig tor murder * .mo day A mail UM4 Datch l?*i? *oS killed at Terry's ran'h oa the M,.?? iuu.dc rn,r,,p Tuesday lavt, b/ a Mr. Bat Iks li i- sail that IUttl<-? killed the in self d'finoo lieir) Kitzftrald was .irowned in the hay on th - S'.h tvat He ?ai> wnrkiog i u a ship Ij lag at one of the aharvos.aj d fell over i>. aid A iwfi.i'ii j worktrg on t'ic Ra?-h:,!e ranch, B<"ar Co iuiLbia luoltiiuo- ewuity, have taken out nearly a bosh* i 1 1 k< d i ro the Wonderful depot. i uitely <Msco venii. T^< iea is t ?? locbse wi le Th^- cla.m r. ca!l -d Moli t i '!?' i . at. i ?(,0 p muds of th'* rock :< estlmal td lo be worm 110 p?*r ouuee aajlT tfl sari nws Ti e toll' wlt'g i aaieu oM, , v of tbe SUt <s> *c? at I,, At'geUa la?t v..,k ? l.u it? ti 1 iryer, J K Mc ? out aiu A ii Hard ??i ?? l.ieat, M cbcJvr, l>r l^tterman. ? 5aj>t Ikw* luiud Ktaira navy; t'aal. w I tnenstU. t oiwd > tales ('? a< t .-'1.. . 1.., nt. O. U. M ' r -.t'^ .-d Kt?t?r arnjy , ar' vt 1 in tb'.s city y malar lay, from the asntb lie tao cotnian tn of the Fou th ibfactry thaV arrlvud WrsfnDt1,'' Oii'i o Li'pavwn nl latl week, and ?? ' auei.tly pn . <? u-d to ti* ?- /??!??, where th.'y have ar riv, d. me to take peat ai (Miitwa ? Coiroar-y 1, htiy *>-ven ir.on.MiJ.r 0. O HR'l?r,de tiilto to I >rt \t. j.\ , l, ri| <* > E, flftj rlt men, I.leuts. H I'ryei ar,d K Mc 'i l, t? gi to fori Yuma i a| i (jariitt's ii m ai.y,->',?lu to be re Ueve," at Fort Mojave b> Con *?ny I Koiirlh, Henr H*l let , an Mi, ? , lial?tf i'sr mpn.y, at fort Yuma, is to gi to Sili In. go, to bf rcp;a.ied uy L'ucptny K, Kourth In ?Mry ???, i 11. ? r> t, row |n ths ?rsfea Dspart m< t t, are or , m 1 lo .ian >raneis o Tin I mnlrigatafla niie reman s still at Usre Island Kaw Yard. aa?i< rgMMf repair* I ui %nre-r.oi > napaia; f, First dragooaa, arrived at 1? I a 1 1 T\', , s iav ht*t, fti m tbe 1'< H?ud of the flsrs?n. sti'" h- ii?? heel stat med with hi* company ?sr seme Wee paM He ha* h?-n relieve! by lom *Ly A. < i the aaoie refteaat. lie e.. i.e. that tbey haie be. n to ikliiv a very la'^e p ?t Issal) Ave mil?s ? ast of Vir gieia C ily, at islirh tbre. ooaipanisa wid be stationed. His c tD|?ai i.a e relurae l ?< fart Ciook. where be will join tbe in la a lew <U)s Ttic l.esltb of lbs tro>(>s has aata nnivrsahij g<>1 all summer bat indications of stckEtss appeirt'd previ us to bts leaviaf. ?U.i Fftajrctacn, Sept ai.lSAO Tkr r r-- .1 ? </ Cfal'/iTWto Bntiik H'ar Vault in #*erl ? Htm .Vno.'. r l^i:\an r> jatll'd to t\< M?ut ? IV Orry n 5>b4; m' 4c Tb< <?? ?u? ?tarahait hare av ut fln'ahel tba'r work Tbty't, it rat 11, j pnlallM of Callforala ia about *f0 000 ?o 1 tbat ?'f Sac Krauet.-a. dooa not vsoaM #5 000 TbM will i ? irprtea mu; wh? hare eatlaaatad the ?amber of war laliabitaita at much bt|rt>?r Pyaree, bat tb* (< icral ? p'i I- e if tiat tb? eoumeratk? bia been oor reel. Wa?l. e t m d'awn la^-ely from our |?>palatioo? Mara tbao we lav* g%ir.?d during tbe year from a** travel, ao that oo ti >< at le it we lid aecm tbat oaliforuia bad mora Hbabtuu ta U> ISM tbao to 1M0. Coder the ?fit upport'oi.!- . at we will be i otitlad ta four m 'mi>?ra 'a tbe It' ure nf i 'nU' Tea Tbe Kayltfb liae < f battle abip tiarfta and the iMa frigate Tmnaf-itt art tM ta tb.,? pnrt lart otfbt fro* fugt-l ad Tb? lalV r la 1.MT tone, 4(0 U >ra? power, ?art .ca ;.!? < Uit-via aait eiaw aad 'it (una Tbe Oai.foa bw TM "tBeera bod ere*-, aad rarrlea M fine Brth ?b .pa bai > l>i n crutr'-c io tb? Soua l for orer a y?a" ?ad it ta aat>i oa? 4 that ibeliacf ia L mturil bouad. ?uw mitoi i i?* ta->aia iu ta? aa*r. M fc f itlian l-ft b?-r? a f<-w Uaya all re w.tb blf wi?'.>, by tbe Butter ft <-11 oti'ria 1 r u. fur WMhiajtoo. Be ba? badantiirle cooatructe t in IbU cuy ?,? tily f..r tbe A tkairlpltou ul it h*t be?o p iMU'iei ? It M of tbe |t? .oral eat ft r * v?arau<*of a h ?r r 0?f ? tJ wafuu, ?' i on ?pr (I aM tbuaougb hra< .si, Itowu, wttL aprac bacaa at<d r tafti I, a-t i ? el vliii a it, but b> Kt, ? * art a. en i l. tbry i' th ran he ??> 4 > ajMilo.. fib* ? ?> u. ' * oc iptaa tbe wlav ? My ? f ? M< ?>. ?l -r. Ml tr.e i ;er ? ay ft ? p a . > u ?atui .} acta bia I>n ?, (tub aa .j u<im aarth <1 a- ?? ? T?ii i t bt ?H4ait.a tlaa < ' .<i'* wl. nU uui I# >i J ab , .?(! (> . a car lata fn in too tu leti'-r wbea drriraVI ', t( a aarlea uf drawert; iter* are U>? it ? I r ?!? ?-t f Unf s, Aa r ti? a, .. -It ?... ??. u ? .?e rr ti* r . ao U.vaJ.1 ro *!il ci ?* tbe tnaiM. t ta it ? .L ut c :? >ettttt( M ?*| Uta i 4 t i ? . pu-p> A* ?i are a -tr I ' ? i >i it a- I . . t ' ? a r t * r * ? i ? -n, ' ? i- i, atw ' ?<> la ?. I (? a, m , .1. I I a t? J? -ar> ?a *ft aar ? rn It ? i* .i? ? .... ??? .- i . ? -? ??,. ?,i(.>r a >t*j i>?! f >??? ->t]- t <-?-.? ?ia rti ? t i t l? ,%?*! ? . .1 4 ?f'fl Taa > --ui > ?? i atal ut , i? ?'.? Mil. i' I ta* /.ta t in -a. a < " ?3-t a ? s- - ua w?.t' d?t?rn ? i i tr >y t. i tt t . R i*aae, tlx i.i i.y aa i> > '. i hi ait .<? * i<. ?.* \ tuet ,h>4I' f t < a i ? c ' >? a me* fur .t?'i ^ <.?'? ? I u. i> i r ?'! ,a t i a, , ? '.ia yfr . itwetc . the t tn* OMB Ml at . a: EU t * tl.1 Or* |t m i.aj'a.*!"^ aa(??. t i i * IV" j. f. Unit a ( ????! >?* i i*> -i ?? e1 ? i a ratal i -r . .?nn ?) t T. V ? ?'-? (?r,. ; i'* ' r -t, , ? ) tt.t i art, auu ? ? f. ? -*'(? ? ft .? ) t t ami 1' ?ra? ntt ? trflHf t *rm >!v aaa r?. *! y ' b" -ktarl . m n. n .v It' ( !? It ? ? ? Btaugla* " c iMIOa ? ai alt*V<n wta ? ?? I* ftr.-i l > a> it Un Baa . i 1 J * , a ? i*. - ? tot. ? ( n retain* tar,? 'r I* ??f . t t? -?* ^r?'U4 t.e. >i I' .1 ., ?i 1 - .... .tf'1 tf t ? ? ? u ? ' il |f l:l? B> ?' ??? >f l'l . ? -JT early to (tie ? . ?, .? ... b. ? wm. ?* a qaoruaa. Ti.? t k t ,, _f , rmm. ? 'iy. Hivt,or?. r,., ,..4l M.t A (BMatN ?" ??? l??ae.t by i. a . : . , . . , j k , r vaii<?t- trraa tn i >ti?n t ,- , ?>, ?? , aen. ? * bo C * t I. ' < ? ?t- be ?arwari Tn? i r ? i <? u , j I kta, .ba WW ? , ? Arf BMM *? ? '' ??* >? ? t , , l>r?at a 1 *" 1 ' ti m*-r aw * '? OH K l? ? r . Ml *a <??. 1*4 ?t^?*."*" *' '* ' '*?" ' T-> ?lacMM tl ail i.< ? >? * ? ) * Idea B tb b ?? ' t A* ! . V ?a , r f. Blfba tb < ?i 'i B putmt al oitijai.a a. tVr '-^i'li, wbo no the arrival o' the < 01 *?<r , tod u?m u> the both bed Mall* rrd Id va'teua ftrefltlons to avnl t arreet They bad all been atepoing at Oorvallla aln?? loavuig ;he Sunt? One waa arretted by a deputy, but vubte^uatoUy c scaped. Finn WAfHOS Bou J. P Bengali, Uikl States Hfnatorfrom I/Mltst ! IU U'l arrived at ? Oily from .San Prancisoo. Tto mtsog i.ews is rather encou News from Www Grutdt. oi'M Panama ooKUBroNuaNCB. PANAMA, oat ? 1840. Peace a'd itrier Ketlorti? United Sudm and Hriluk fUrcrs S> tfl -i i hore ? l-t.Uer from Captain Porter, of IKi A Ma y?, to Ike h.cmdtnic General ? IttiAert and 4Mcts < / thi Uuileri (kiji'wrd?A Jamaica Ntftu Awvtny 1 him ? th Boattt of Ike Aumher of A tneriiam He Hat KiUrd?Aew Outtmor JittCaUai ? Sajety of the John L. SUyKem ?, etc. The most important ud gratifying intelligent* I tore to communicate it tne restoration of peao>< and urder Is I'm. una and its Ttciulty, The state of alarm which pro rai:ed Lere when the laat mail left for tbe UuilcU States, leal at jibcr outbreak might ocour, induced tne federal au Ihorilies lo request tbe landing of fore- s trorn the foiled tttatrs sloop of. war St Ma /ys aud the British ship Jlio, wbtcb mis accordin gly douo on tbe 30ih ultimo, with the understand "f chat tbe force* were to to withdrawn ? b< u request* d b.- the authorities The j->tut on: j|?tlon j ti>s continued ever sliK'e, tbe American forces oecup/lug the railroad stall .n, and tbe British loreea tbe Cahildo io the own, but a* lb? r'ot^rs are toueved lo bi/e dm persed, tbe authorities will probably, lo a Tew days, re quest the wltLdiaaul of tbe f reigu foroos The following is a ro.j of the letter aJanwd to Capt. Porter, o mmsoilitig the St. M>'H, by the In tendente Central or the Slate, authorising ito lauding of an arm i furoe l> ni that veswl. It wiil bo s?en that the IiitMdMite fu ly sets forth the reasons whlon Lopellod him to this step. A similar letter him aeon addr.**ed to raptaln Millar, eoicmai.dln^ the Britiah ship ot vr.i Clk:? ijcncsr.tscjA (irNnijii., Pahama, Sept 23, I860. ?in ? The nuic >f aUrru la wruob tho ltih.ihivi..m of thia city lire ke|.l, from feur of another outbreuk timilar to l-ul ?I. i h oouurrrd ou tbe morninit of the '47 1 U mat , n >t be obnoua to yon. Toe tin rcbaota' atorua aro cloFfd. tbe leist sign of alarm lo the town produce? a I nolo, aod 1 am Int. rroed that tbe railway bu*in>?a and ihe mall atwdurt' aervioes cauuot bo carried os iu en aei|uenc? of thikataUiof thlogp. You will easily under staid tny anxiety to rvmrdy thetu vvlln, and I ba??, Iheit.nrt, cume to tho deiermiiiatlou of ayalling rnynelf fur that eud if the kind and I r lend I v of! ir? o! (wrvinea which you, air, and Capt Miller, ol her Mijesty** ship l llo, La\ ? u.w.'e to rue, ai. I to requ.*t i <u to liud j dnlly trum .< our t lp? a hody ot about oue bani.' d .u u, t<> he rtatir In thr. i au Tina t?ea?ur? will, 1 feel m TtBOeJ, M*j?urelhi ruort lirnld, and t' o tu*n nv ill at wee legal n It* form r tranquility ?f<-iinwh|,e, I a nail organist a ti.ilii leut f' ree t < bc ^ur ihu u<>iinlr> all rouud Paii>n>a and ti leave at th' naint. time tne cevsrury i"kb<ri f m<c In tho towu to carry on garrlSJO duty and to ma nam order I h?t* then t-' nhow that there Is uo iruili id thr r .mora whirl are cm ulatrd regarding i the ? xiak nce of lata-' b<>diea of a'Diul rnvu Colleoled to f- ihtr iu the i:ii^hbjronod of ihe town, ana A^lcb are t lie cute ' ? the ^ri>at nlvrn whifh pre** 'a When thia Kha>l liave h en ?cr> u )>l Khcd, wh ca 1 to eif. r-t in a vi ry fu? t.ajf, it cluaii ju my duly to thu.k you forth) assistance y<vu it. i> 1 4V<- gire n mo ,o re mtabli'hlng orde. ar.d tratquiillty in the towu, aid ycu may >ely ou my lukirit the u< eeerarv st<>,? to obtain tbm result as gum an pruct oabla, ao that \ 0'ir mi n m .y be kept tne lea ^1 possible t nr i.u* < l their ahiu. 1 imve lao.'unjr lo b". ?lr, ynir obctMi i.t tervast. .1 M HURT* DO fomm?i der W. D PontR, I'DlWd Slatta aaip St. Marja, i'm.arr.a Harou r. I woof iba prinrijial ka iera of tba rioters, 3r Bueaa TcutLra Oorrcoa >, late criminal Judg>- >f the State, and a Colonel niuico, have bn u caplurcJ, aa will ae about alxty or k< veDty of their fnllowera and are now In tbe cuetody of tho authoriiies awaitiug their trial 1 oar more of tho rirgltadtri arc stin at l<rgc, but It is to to bopel that they too will to captured, aud tho whole party piintahcd tf they d serve The gen al dtaii among all ciaatua ia to La Yi ihiin tl.ot, lor if th> y aro liboraled aud p>-rmit t<d In gofree they will be very apt t.> In^tl^ate aootler terolt fi til an cxunplt la of th. inl?erablo unt'lifs, Panama w III, a is leared, noEilnu? ta ba tb-" tcere ot rl< :a aod bl MKlihed, however vigilant the autho rni i- may to, a* the uegr ? p< pamttoa, * ik very large, ia dill: :ull t? mampe rhia la the rune lu all cottotriea when tr ey are fr e and Invest' d ?tlb pollttoJ rights, a* If Iheco-'btre ah. uk tho?" am rieil, is, ] i.nderrland, a J ?f a - a n irro, ?bo boa^n of th* ni: rotor of Am -i hail hi kil r.i at the ra'1' id ttitlw lirliif lk< wtr of lift (in the lnl iiiki , Sr Auitiago u ?' la Uvnlit, th' newly elecitd <?< ?? rn?>r of Ihe Siaie. aaadutv loma.Ud In oitl :o. The UAiigiiiaMoa ccreuiotlva t ?>k pla^e at the l>?v?ru M i House, in tbe pt??"u<? if the tori ,fn oivubuIs and a toDSldfratle rot.eouire of oHtaws ir OoAldia, tba re tlt!C| (iuvciior, Is kis aillma otto ((.coming one, re urn u to lii< dltlurhaiiCcS, and to. k oc'AKion w. pub lle'y iiprtas h*s grstHui'a to Cmi>t MIMar. of tor 3rlttsh v i)'?t> a Ship taTu ami Capt l*i'rt"r of the I'nlted Siat>-s sloop war St Marys, tor the i Bstecit rervle.ta rendered by II eoi in aidl; g the author .ties to rcMt-we oroer, and all rdmg prol? cii 't ?? the 'lTea and property of tho;r ro spe<ti\i i <i\irtrjmet) realdirg lo l'anama >r J:, tolcrj . ut< amitubor uf Ite uatiopal rongreaa from tL.? Male, liaa bus apj-'iule 1 by the new iiovernor Stcittaiy <>f Mate, aud sir Manuel J"P,e Dlez has been e> lect< d as hafn t A camber of to citizens of Pai.ania hare signed and puhl^ a letter of Uiauka to fr. MuriaJo, tlm Inten li. Lta (Jeii' ral, f'>r his *. al<>tia and efficient ?U?rta in (at t!i c rtowti the late outbrtak i ? cltatoa an idea <>l the alarm and eoc*trrn?t!cn that pie? here ilurinii the tl'?turbaun> a, I tn*y rnotitl. n that. ? ti tl ?? nlpbt 1 1 il.e 28i'i of -te|i|?intor, wiien aoclher aliaek ana ixmetei! on lb- towu. Some liO partoas, pr;net|*;lj wusM and cMMrrn, s't pt under ihe re f of li. Amer on Cbnaula.r, at least tbr? f.iurlha of whom ? ii uuiii .i, tbei 'untry. An,, ug the g\ i~ia of toe Vrlte i Pt tea Onu! on that cuit ?ere bi? K'jroalleaey J'i-e ue Ohaldia, IfeelSo 'em* of the State, and hia family ai J rti a tai fi 'er.t'a, wh j w>-re there npon the li.ri'watl of ?"r 0>rwtrw, between whom and the Governor tho wn.'H fr en nhip liaa exi?teii lor mauy yeara. The 1 4 a. 1 1 h O iai >ie Mat a > i cioa'ded, besides aoreral pri vate ttsidcLcta Ib( arri "J of the (telecom st thia port last night, 1', ? ,? g ot.- <n " ol tbe aafety of the aleaoisuip J. in, l #Upb t a acd her i ibicttrf, Las reliuvud tho public mint n t a little. Laltit from 8o?tb PAcldc. Tbc Fxgliah itcamer Bogota, with datfa from Yal piialio to la;U Caliao, USili, aaU iiuayaq.ii' (vi? r. U) to *i4ib, arrived at Pabamaou tbe moru.tig 01 the c L ili}. | but Un lata fur uur uu*? to bo lur#*rtie4 by mail. CHILI. Tbc utmt from Uiia ri-p.iblic ta unim.orltr.t. Tha ? fiiiudt twd arrived at Va'piraieo fr itn Near , Y rk an lanwl for jaui Kraouiaoo. mo. Oar relation with th<i <x?it.trj renatn roolimgod, acd there u no )t bat>ii..y of the Anrr.m eiaun* betn* allowed. TI.e felted "'(tea flag ?>. -> | ?q caatcr ail ( nboata TCjfrntm aid NarrafMaalt, W're ttdl *t ? alia". Tt c la'U wa uitdergt :i j r -;.air?, an t wkj <?|imi l in la ' roou i >r 1 acaina 1 ? carry I.ieut J<ffr?k n 1 ) arty i i Gi. o liuloe. a i jomr uUkaiaa cur r< ' > jr t!i i i i r? have l hi i ill It sin- ) notaador of < tba m Marya w? mmM M . <?? *??i ?*? tb-e bu?iixae ?v? uih ? ?!(! ?i Amem** aiU|> of trar, If v? u itore *h t ?> nu. B IblVIA. n ?' a. o mi a .. : a rev i!ott . art attitude ii * ? airJ ia n. i> be i I'lru. by rresi-t?Qi CM t in. of IV u, ecranon. (.*n flirea #r.t*-fi1 t. ?yaqnl ni tho Jt< i of acptetn ber, ai>' rr't.-'th but little -itiMance II ? ?? to oe-i ? I " i< it ii ear.. tjirini- Kit f.w Vera |j Ui? >cf . Ii ?l?an i i i f i,el??>'d hit hIikk on tha loan Mill W et>a?i retl?? a Ireab ??i;<p'v vf iriri from i i. *oah'. i i l.wir'i I Id all, ?hi, h re*i 'icd him ?boat i... '.vita ill A Tanr h lit ml nrii. roe. v tii" - ?????v ?? t?r ?r*HotM?ivn oorf TKT AM? Ittg .M.?i;iUV| 1 ,>Mi *? 1 ? rjB'-ltN i a 1. 1> ? v ? ? -a n? a: trrirrL m. l.xtin , ltc. to ma r iroa or T-.ia nttum. I :roe '-ij ,a i letter I h*<e mad"' a t ir In the int?rt ir t;p li.<* t > ? r rn fr, utic1, i?a? i.? head a. m< oaa Uin.'.r.- I and tifiy i. ? ? lik la the tt>?< ? mb ii >ia la ?. Whl ih liiv an i t\ >i >o < ' 4 COO ft. i, la co?ip?Uj wilbl'ro aa >r v ?-r and tv t ?; ' -* n, ( , our ex I ? k.iI V? kfl II i,<? it t lil|t I'drcfiiaiMi * li/ fcur W. ui* er y ; i to n?r> a ei iy a; 1 oar hoy Wlllu?, from IV' n t tha m *:h of U ?* l.baai, thr< i a '?i*ht t >?m ? ? < a i*t a : orur abai Imt; t o i - ?.j ? ia k- 1 'at r r "ta a A ? --tree > e, fr'th a hra 1 1 -a. tnd a tUfTt .tt?ra?rW *' $, t?.? hneaktot imt a* taaii oar I atUoM eiar/taiac I1 t |>l i ???it r ?;tf ?hie. Mer UirN hmN of " ?-| nil I'*-: i'll'ltlig ira artl <1 ?' Ui? mwilti of t r ear *u?l to* Mil?a?> i ??!*; ? ? ialo tha kaj f i liiraa ?? :e, J lt< . uat. la a am* pr t of land, r>? ? , the ??*'>?>? i" 'f cat r i tbe r?a?, at Twifg, fMola k to < work', i-i Mfrrh t a d I r ili.v 1 ,? lir* v ? nun |r >?-1, aad t> ?' r? 1 ' ' 1 ? ' I .1 tl" u'i Ih'' a n f, A ( w camp r>r I ?> t .?ir.a the ?!?!? of Wh: h are ia *?! t? of uo oMhagi im . ap t . * fr> at Mm i>aml oo, aa i irhnee r?? ?? are |h?tnlKd * ta Nm. l'?n ** m-t! barf'n rf fur. tura, t. d by fan m aad their fare Ilea, I >rm a knit nrnila i H?re tn?> river l? nr. r n but i: i, tin ? i ? are pe- | ?luaMr oov?m4 wM'i ? \ ? rjr n A'ilafV, I t . r?per?i A with tie e-wna, tabbafe, o.'iu.-, r.ertr ,.r I the ? e, * ?. ' t- nfc p< t? fr - ... ^ <f ti^'.a ai in eleeattoo rr. n? two t<> it i frCAi ?' urutMMl, and Wh ?# l w > .. ?' .>t' i>- ? rWa.htd - ? ae r 'r f ? neat ? the ap'iearaaOe of * tai j ; im r<f ror -a li t rl 'tM ' w'th rj?? i|r?, ? I'DBtri >', il V ?? k' te^l nu I b- it < i ? i. ir# ii . ?? > th*re, ?a: d lis* Wlat#, are ?n?i: .a. . ? . 4 tnd i r *'ltB r*l tithw, ai ,1 -? , i. *' ?>,? refrner. oa #ft|fh Uwy ealiintu a Mti? . i bar pJaataliK, (? a. pp.ft gr-l n ?ar ???< . IV> Kfi ? 4?;.- cist.iw.:-, a. ..... ^ .j , drutikcMtii and tnrjr Mlw Tlte. lb* calx laoor we aaw m formed >11 the pafsage * u x> old *niuin flihtng Their costume to simple? a pair uf pants mid sometimes ? ?tin l (or the turn, a <uum calloo gown for the women, the children art- m a male of nudity. Birds ? the most beautiful plumage flit from bulb to bnrb and tree to tree, making the woods r> sound with their peculiar cri h A i tin' moutb of the river lh< land it low and s* ; but as von ascend you moot with ; bigb labia land, aad for a inile, at one place, we found | limeator e rocks of a singular format loo. Our desuuatkw was Burns' Bank, susue sixty miles up, I and with only one ?iop)?ye for break'ast lu an old r imcd 1 plnmstKD. around which wc wandered for an boor, | while our Mosquito men boiled their pork and doughboy, j our nun paddled us to our declination under the burning rays of a tropical sun, unbearable to us uudcr an awning, whi'e they. bareheaded asd exposed, kept up their stealr stroke kpparently without eflort At etfht o'clock P M I we arrived at Bums', tired and worn osi witb our day's ' labor We ate our lunch, alung our hammock! and | turned m Mr. Burns and bis lady were absent from home, having gone to tbo boom, some mile* below; but his men aad bo>s made us ? couilortable ae llo'lr rude accoiumo la itone would permit. (Wrying oer hammocks, blankota st d provisions. we cMiicd onlv a roof to shelter us from tfco storm auu store otr supplies. bums u*iiK ih far su (* nor lo any we saw oa t tie river, In si?<\ losatl >n m.d buildings, ttaMli g ou k high, often rU'ge of table land, on k point lorn. i d hr an elbow o' the HtDnea, and attending for tlirt'1 mi'Sa along ><s b.'nks ami running back for i^'les, through pine ridgta and savannah*, ? er *hi' !i roam herds of cattle, collected here lor the use of the mahogany cutters. The bouse, in rlze noma twenty by thirty (? ot, malo fri m the tannage tr ??, aeatly planed, having j*lausi?e and the LMial bay li af i?of plaited over n?at ridtfe t> ?l*is; tte lowei |*ri u*uU for a store room the up] >er as the family resident*, which Is divided Into two room*, m | ore of we ul.uig our 1. uu mocks, atui.Ung some j forty feet above high water; yet the tpriog thiol*, rush* . ing do?n from their mountam beds, f equeutly luumuu; ! the lower 1*1 r t and tbo surrounding giouu<.s. aud foi day! i tuey cat. otilj leave their bou>?> In boete The Tlew : m j the south wtrdow is beautiful and ptetWtsqM. Below glide* tbefihooa gently along with scarcely u ripple; on tiie op|N*lte slu re tower the inajeeti ?? mang-i, U?e c*<c a a: d |ia!m, In their rich green foliage; ttto )iue o It lll i' of the mountains in me distance, dimly visible; herds of cattle grilling In the pine rid gee; Ih | yood ihe bioart SHvuunatis, Interspersed with Untotiif I of haitihm, and the <)oh' n ridge, wi h its yirtntlc tre?<s ' of wild rtton Scattered around are the oraagf . t>ie j tbkddic. the each i, the rose apple, Ihi forblJ leu rruit at.C n.un> others bang In tropical ahui lancoa ?: iffued a picture the recollection of vrhich will long lu >r 11 ro, loo, in wild profusion, grow the s-.eusiilve plaut, the air plant, wbi re Ion# sttm la covered witti rich crim? >u flowers, at c the pimento, wboso leaf cb?< ly rts^u-bl ? the Chinese fan After a da> s sb<Hit1n|! In the T'ine rWiga ami savtunahl. Fbooting ii'.M.y birds, lour of wbicb were of rare 6p*-cieft, w? returned to be bouse wearied; an l retire! early to I rttt. On the following morring at ilavligbt we bade a-lieu I to cur niuc.h esteemed friend the Pro'exeor, and onr b.*t. wbo bsd returtiCd the evening before. I?-aving ibe firmer to pursue hi? re^earohes in natural b flory lu a ; Bell rich and unlrodd-i by any naturalist, with an ear I nert grasj and Uod sfieed you. we parted from a tnaa ah m all love and honor, acd without accident or lact one! v.<rtby of UKhlonihg arrived, at Bine 1*. M , in &hze Oar Naval Correspoadaace. ri>ini> S*T.triB< aHir St LnrM,\ rraaaooiA, Sept. !i?, 1800 / Tfif Trip if tie .1 Lfiuii fnm Rw Hat he, New f/ranada ? AU Tlandt on Board fftU ? /Vnu-ritnt ft fM- </ tht Crew? Inadnpiary of the Lift Saving J)yia'Uia on Board fee an Emtrg-ncy?IItruic GmduU of One of the Crtti ? Af}rruUuwn of Liu Oj'icert, Ac We arrived at this port but evening, after a Sue pan Sage of too days from Rio Hache, New Granada. We left t'uracoa on the 2iih of August, la company with h schooner belonging to the American Consul at Rio lU'.he' In which be bad betn compelled to leave soino time pre vious. owing to some flnancial dill) rallies with the !ib< ral party on their taking the town from tbo hands of the govrrnmni party, the details of whi.:h will, no doubt, soon reach you thicugh official tuurces. Ail bands ou board arc well. A melancholy accident which recently orc.urrc 1 has cas' a shade of sadness over every one ou board. On the 241b tut , at sctcu o'clock A M. , John Oroaso;-, or'iniry seaman, a native of Ph.. a lelphla, aged 24 > ? ur*. while en gaged In wattling paintwork outside of the ship, fell o. er board. The ularrn was immediately givea, ani every possible (Uort wit made to render Mstftsice to lb" mi I >r luuate nine. GrallnsK, bucket* and otht r available articles wi re thrown to htm, aud the life fcuoy *** c?--it ai'r.ft a. soon u* possible. I am uiici* lied to rav, in truth, bo*<t i r, that this Indispensable safeguard aralnist i^lMtieri i>f tbek'nd In question is manifestly tnadoqjiUi to ttir ehjeel lor wuich it in des gaed. Our bu"\s, whnh sra, I fetiM-ve, of the r>>;ulali^u pat'ern, are bung or.'r the Hera of the v-sscl, i". s*cuv*d (or intended to b? ao Se rand) ?s to be cut adrift at a> warulcg Put, I. in some nut*.- ether, it requires several minute* to get tbim ii to tht v. ater, a i ttat the s-'p i* uuder bead VI) r n an "Vi Mm aid must be too far astern to be able to r< ach lb i m wb? n they are cant Into the wate *, nnie** ho if an extraordinary > * immer, lu nhichcaae t .ey would be slni'tt L'edU-tF. as lie coold, la tiii^ca-ea onto' ten, keep af.'int their a??ie anc? until a b at wan lo* rtd <>n the ore utior In question tue uniorluaaie mar, who ?u ut aM? to swim, waa t veral )ards astern of the vi ?sel l? BD}tb*li| could oe thrown to ntm. The port qoai t.-r b' at war lowered at imce (that is. as toooaetbe liu>bit)t?, st.<p|iera, Ac., could bo oast adrift) ; but It, like Uie buoy, wati too late, the poor fellow having lork for tfci> last lima almost bef >re the onat touched the walrr I w l?h, In this com.' . tion, to make publtc a brsre s^l Lciom arttatki |>art of or.e i.f our rr'w, which. tl< -njh i i inn etMul, ut no i?m d' setvii p i f all c toiDeodatt"!!. When the cry of " maa ttswlward" was ra.wxl, Jaoea V ev. a yoni.g man, sotT'ng la the c?p*ei'.v of ???amo", who was on the Upgallaift * -.*-u.lle, rai aft, ascended the r' opand leerlts?'y <? ashed (.verkaard to the p-ioi fol ic* 's rescue The obi. rtunate man w ii, h. wrrr. oa the point ol r'nktpg ere nu> brave shlprra' ? rcaoa -J the water Wiley struck aat rafM(y klti direction of bis l<rlsti'Dg ?li'.n ate. hut wiui rl ? - e to i.ita '.Hi.ntmeot lr^ tie con Id rea- b the soot the eager C)ee <?' e^ir.s of at xious men on board were fated to Ivok their last npon poor Criaaoo. sal Wiley, Dang b.s brave attempt un tucei riful, nam to th< b' oy , wliere he was p.rked up by tl)?- b<?t, which, a khoti tiaae after, rtached the sp>t. W :li y ??? |.n -Holy ( .a toi'ded by the olBcera for h'a roble ? fTorir in behalf of his shipaaato, and a r?o?wwl feel leg m ti<anl'ret*d on board that bis brave at d learu-aa art be publirhed to tbe world. In my humble opinion I can tut but ad.l that rs?es of this kind should s>eio to do serve ibe rarrfui attention of tbe Navy Department, for ccrtamly it would be unjust not to encourage utoers to in it .*e the nob!* cvi.dit'of Wilejr lu this I :sta?3C by litituw'cg apon b'm some mark of acprobat oe Oar Ltaveaworth Corraapondeaee. LaavaawokTB, a> j>t 17, 1 <10 thy n'ealktf and <f? Ptrmk tout Rtmin ? t. uJhm fnm Ou rerrit u/y? The Ciimsie qf Aniuoi- Tir t\.'d Xoei'ot Katlrnod ? lay) *f the Populace at the Prnipmt of ill OrmplHi'-n ? Inter*! IUmi by (he A'tnui Inhabi tanti in the Prnidential Election? Antt -ipatnl I tiiti from Political Ltadert ? Jcmard's TViul< Ajair>it On I Army and .Vary , etr TtiH drought la Kanaaa a still aevara Ker twelve Bot.tlis the w icJow* of Rcavca hart b<?n cloned, a. leant j Uicee In that part of the celestial area Just above tba Ter ! r 1 ? 'i > . sail a* hate har<l y ba-1 raui enojgb tu lay tl.e j durt l..t> aCecl 1 1 this dro .ght oa Ka- saa oanaot b? otherwise Irjnri.icr, a< t merely la Mfes kaa of oropa ( tMsyia ,i t p'cvcatlag peoi'e from se't'lrg la the | Territory. Mai) have ii ft L?re already, aaa their report ' wi'l d?t( r otb< rs frrm r mUf The leper* of Kanxai arr i -t,.;. amrlpf tolhrov dtscea I dlt Mi tte rttn ?' ade n rrn ri t tsk'rg plare here on ar , ct Mi' iu. ' '.. re oi ci "T *, bi t ti e facta are ss I stata aot croas tba f <rtbe t???, wb. re the ""ay 1 saw ' i wagons in oil; at d th< ir h>kt'boil >'t*a?ltl,ln *11 pn>W.i1 ? ' " ' otl ?ue ? rs(rw>r"p -c 'f i r Mfti Hon t ? tr. teferal >'i>. fortht li t taoity tit at i rli a dry s? i Huii verb ? tr'wa Ik ie Mire. 1 t ave ruraf & no part of el mate, aa<l va'ley <1 the f |. i" eta <1:1 toal 1. it IS n 'n?aa* bsiplac > wash <>o I-. <? ij? i tH lo?jv-*k In Wra'ra In afewdwa, ? t r .? ? ? r r < f ?< rci:y f.rl qnita r* 'i*a' ' b> will TiotHatr f rosc'f hero , -vsrdwi i< tt-rrra ite Ud it s taa I. a* d will the* titi . . i t< Ui. net, ab<re hi will Base bis great Kan >?? ? ?b, ti.i a r oi.e he Intet 'ls t< ma- to Kacass ,-#??? i '? i sw?" r<> er???h. 1 f'ei safe le are. rll. g, will be I eii.f Itra. trinirr ore .f thl- namoslgn. tr. Cirn-i'r nu srk tbat the liiduatr of the i > } a:. S'n.) w?a to crraft put.? ilrtirt mar i|,?ar a litt'. rtiaBie, wb<t> It is knoan that I ? cMa i rd s ce?'et'a Pl^'lntmi nt f.?r ore of fcl* i* ? >, I* at t!.?t ?. .. Ii.atfd at Waai ' ? a c . *?!n Ii. oa? fib- rea'raral* ?t Is r.t i., ?..** ( v -w *?-*'(? ft f??j fee be had la III* i> . u < the i,* ,?l r r I" >a wbo bal rhaige I I i>. ? i 'i and tie h< w Tork Al '.rmec, iailS*' ta if rt Oar >MlM Cwre?|>uwla*n. Outrr w, net 13 1#00 WiOimm L Tcmety mi BotUm?rm*u* to IMfaU Ourtin game ?*d Mice? Kit Thayer an Inary^ndcnt CaiutuiaU 'or C imyr<t*?TAe Botum i'uat <!//'" * In response to u Invitation from tti? Ja"*i? '0 l?- mo cralic Club (Breckinridge; of atmlou, WiMam L. Yauoey lal evening addressed the mutt crowd J and ini?r.> *hly wide awake audience that baa been couvmed ooriug the year In old Faneall ilall. Ample notice having h-en glvoo, [ pnblic curiosity bad reached lliu highest possible pitch, and long before lbs door* of the hall were thrown opeu a dense crowd of men of all parties bad ata-vabl?l, each more anxious than the red to secure a t*fi rabU- position trow which to 1 la ten to the words of tiie sloqii nt lUba mian. Breckinridge moo were there, of courts, uagi r u> hear their peculiar Interpretation of we political g >?^el expounded authoritatively by one of 11* cuief at?i9tiea. Ikiuglasltea jrowdeU Id to catch a gliui jbo 01 the inau who hai fur months been the object at wnuh their party ora tors hare aimed their boldest sLafts, and against iriiuu their party prus has spent lis ou dotal and meet frequent abuses. Tt.e devoted vih<T* nu cl Juhn Ball were not above riskii-g cotfUutualiou .o'lim brcadciolh and white limn whun the g'e.t "disunlouisl'' was to appear, and jutlxd abuut the eulrandt) #uli 11 ?t carriers and 'iougajiuretneu. iU-p-'jl.oaus cam; ?ou, seme to bias the slaveholders, but m ie out ol a (real curiosity to liea t what could |ioe?ibl> Oo cud in favur of tbe "nim ol all vlllanics." Ho, on the i>i*uiag of tha doom, all crowded U), and la a Ie* miuutes i very rq tare li cit of standing room was occupied by au eagerly t i I?vUnt auditory. Tbe epaclous galleries *ore Uiioa by tne various B.eekioriilge and Lauo Clubs of H mum Thousands surrounded tbe v.ncra'je bun ting *tto wore unable to ellect an entrance. lb-' iUt of bthcers uiuludod tho i am ? * of in^a wh > bare for j>ars been especially prominent in ibo dem c ratio P-ily in Massac nunt lis Colli cior Wnr. ey pr>?ulel The audtenco were undoubtedly ? aapp^iut**! by their Cnt lock at, Mr. Yancey, lie has Ik ?.n rv^^riod as pucu Itsrly the embodiment of duolbirn c'.iv *lr> , aa l rnuuld have stepped forth wuk such b'a-.k looks a<id ey>* and dark complexion and tall, nervous llgaie as would hive muue hint an ibjeol of particular tul.irSl *itli romantic youtg females. llis tmug arii gesttuiitat >ds so >ald have been ^tboie of a tort of niiitilo ag.?l Hotspur; be lliould ha^ro ttormrd la a "wbirlaiod of pulsion " The UrriMe Mr Yancey is not (o terrljie, ater all He w a nodrst, uavxuming grntleman, of a quiet, business likea^iect A? an orator, In tbe bandliug of l> H sul j ct, fce is clear, disuVt, I <gl j c?l atd cobciusive His style is eminently (vuular, abi.ut.dlrg in bapp) lUoslru'.ton and ealivenad b> b'ighl srlntilaiious of wit. Tbe honesty w.tb which be suted ll.e |X<SltiCDl of his uppiiueiiLB, as well as tn-i readllcss and humor of bts retwri ???, woo f-ir him I Inqi ent rminds of a .piau?e fr?m men o' a I ?ha s of i opinion. K.-piiblicans, oemo : ats aud ola vn uuil-s in j t?\ tig that a belter sp?" ub thry unver li-t ue1 l> o l-iinuil Ha'l, tird tbey arc fq .all harmoQH .m lo i!w m tut ton that "Yaliocy is a rigni g *>d lellow " Mr Ya iy ; ><|i>.ke two horns a>id a half i?uh m thai nm> th"r?- w.n not j tbu least perceptible dlmiuutl >n of iiulu'wn 1j the audi iict.and tf <>ngD fitm the n.ix-.d coa*arle-or lieorovJ? ' hot nioie fcnM id tb< in bi i / Hreckinrt'lgo ?i>- ? | ihi re was s?>me little confoniOD at tiroes Darius th : de lltirj ?' the *p tch, it wasevldeut lOat tbepdrcouai |T" >d ? 1 <?' .ill *?? cau.i d. ami at its clon. me eutiru a*<- ai'ily rhook the walls with resounding ch?-ers for ibo s ie*k?r If Mr. Yancey has not toude many con'erts it in cot because of the weaki??s of bis arguments bat beraune of tho strei.|ith of p' 'ill < a I prejiidieek; aDd be has certaiuly n.a je bo-ts of frki.ds. Ilia rpcch will be lorg teme ot??efe I by ?*?>r> hewer, ?ad l as a' . ad) ret many qiiu t > tbii kiog I. shinld 0' air eiilst<d largely, but nrne ?f our pipers, th ijnb tbey re l? rt It st great lenf.h, have d>?e i In j.itti ? (X Oourse It would be lini?>?eiblit lo onvey to the w;nd or the r> ?i'er a coo Of pt loo of tbe 1'iota and manner wetob t ve to his i rai.iry Us rbarni; but It ?* a pity that a muitlo word tnat oropp^d from Dis it,* laft eveulug skeutn not be preserved In print for careful stu y. Mr. Yaacey ronfltod bin *? if prluri pally to tUo <nnn clattnii and defer >'<> of the rights f tv.? 'outb and apix al <?<1 u> tne conser .-alive Bia?in U ?? t in uuiaou a?raio?l lit lr rotnmoD eneiny , the re^uboou) party. Uo oetlued will: gnat |? rKpicclty lb" pistil'. a of t1? South In th's Caavnss exp'sics t ber position in the l't|. u und- r tiic nu.stit'.lion, gave a histury o' thu rlare trade and r tbe sanction cf thai iratrument tnnciL* wli it ibuuld n-iw bi, as a o nsi quonce, tbe pnalnre of lli> North l>vriMs ? Istery; ral<l that me fathers of the renublic rtmire.l ti protect the Institution, and did so Dy tue pr"Ti?nm? of the roiiMilutMiii; Ol moostratfd that ti elr action was In Isvor of equality in the c<nnm -n iVrritorltl p sli is, dtclailr f that fair play is a I tho Mhiia ask*, and that while she bas h<-r o*r.?-t| utt .iial rights In the l ulon stie docs rot a loh to leave I'.; promt cooTlnctng'.y the aggressive t.haracier of ihe re publlcsn ncoveuieni ; explalne<t at s>>iw?i lei (th tbe mu tnat ie;>endeni>e of tbe North ana >?iiii; went into statistics snow tig that the Kouth cnuii Ibutea vastly inore to tbe national weal h tl. sr. tbe North: c )otra*te 1 lite value of tlave labor with that of tree while and black la*>i?r in a boirlipate; dwelt with tnaoh* ,.n tbe effect i u ftnubcrn Inleiests of ihi: elecitor ol Mr L'Uiviln. and cfincluord with an sKqaetil appeal to the m-n of Maaaa cbusclta to heed the last exhortation which fell on their tars fr? m the lipa < f lianlel *ebst?r, arm pa se iu thilr |wtb or sggiesston on tbe rigtts of the Suuthern S'*trs H ere is tome prosptct that MM r. puba.-anr imy lose tw. 0> r grrssuirn, snd |a?rhafi? three, by th" approaching ?I'-etioti. Tlw> Kourtb (Rior'a), fift?i (Kuri l ?:aiiM> s) and Natb (Thsyrr's) are called eo'ibtful T?o yr?ti aco tbe dem?rats, by a fonlish nan. u ai r ibri w a say Ibelr chs'jco of defiatiug the republic mi in the Suurib district, and three Hem is? An? rican, rtpublictn and iiemo caili'- weie in Ihefltld Tr.e d n ? . rain i a as ui popular, ruiolf'f largely behind Lia tlcktt. Tl'i* year there tr certainly it he.ler pr?rwit for Ui? i trek* of a oooter ??llrr mu, a!, hough ex Waver, who la a ?err ? iU,y gtbti- nan, hti mail-- blmtrlf quite popular wilh bla roaMilutUjr TUo U< l< kreruta (ret la conn atton to r.omlnntr a candidate, tor Buret, and tbec.wun great ui*l ratty, ir choice of K H B g> low, formerly a wbtg bu, now ? d< BKrU ai d a supporter of Mr liontuwaa'a admlulatra t on Ml. Uigeuiw la a practical mu, aia,. what f annua at aa *nrrctor, and In quite w caliliy Iki Dcagtaa mm tram heartily ? nieraed bta nominal on, and ma Brack tn i idge Court ntlon will any aroeo to tbn selenium. The do. ii octet* frrl qu;tc confident of auc&tas, but there la come doubt whither tbn Bell inei> wilt give n untied "iipp-cl to Mr. Btgrlcw, aa mar y of tbcni are rery kindly diapoael luwar-r Mr. he should ILe old ulna* five their Ml iidat. their ? Li le ilrrLgtl) be ?* .il be cb?ea Tbn lourtb district ormprnee the ?t* another wtrdi of B m too. w i<h tf e city i f Roibnrr and town of B-onkline. la tb<- F fill district tfce o|d?xn?uta of buri.nnaiar will un.te i c H I'.'nm A| pieu n, * l.o ban received u>e unaiilaoua i. iiii atti n or h tb the IVvglaa and Be' part'es, ai>4 will kail that i ?( tb* Brcckli rl Ige organ. m Ion. rhla cialrkt lucludee tb- ti* nortliern war la of Boston and the tliM of Uielrea and Onabrklr* Applslon tray go out of tfc?Vn w'lb a majority, hot the re traiLlig portion of toe d.ruict 1a reputtliraa. Much r.otnj La* be?o spent ?n tbtn district daring t'ongie* riota! elecltron f-r ? me yeare put br repMb.icana and a: tl republtcaas, and the republican* bare h jn. to any the lean-, quite a* jitf .clona in their tipeauiturr ? as their r i pgc< Lta. Il c>-*t.? incite a sum ho* to carry lb* Fifth dwirict.for th ?e?ti.ili?i,ii,i to net: bare learn .1 Itit n irke; '-nlue if tje er>tnn *5itf A wcr ma j, or oae ml. i-e irk n d ? eoold not inpply the r.eedfiil , WonJl i *v a r?ry poor li nt Ibr ;ji eb< tt'? In Mr Bur !il? ? die trlcl. not sllrr wl utfaity gave him tb? r-n Dil'oo. A f?i ling of tkfrM le?a'i'??"n? cfth-lr leadc-? n**;;rown up In t'je ret vblteao ra'.ka I* tlm t *?)tt|, becauM uf the e'. rirrel) t uiei :l< at .? t tivii |? ?' to the Mgro popji*. tkn. A little while ?1: re the Wide Avtk'-e of ti.e die trtrt run le n r.octurnil rMIt to Cbe'?< v In t?ii *an mart i d the AUrrka Wide Awafeee, rntnnneeb' v< ti- ilj of fcrgn--*. atd In n bftrew**, InBioe.iia'-ly In th?|r r?nr, #r. <????, r*pul' <*%n eaeill''*t? for (5 eeru .r, th" Vajrr of n ?l?.>a, ai d one or two ?tb r I ical r ila b tit* tb, hi rani tb? w lnu. rot< r?. riereral of Ike club- . t<> tfceir credit he It raid, k ft tbr ir<ioer?r<a tti u?. uet, bt i m-r' -if Ui- oi r>ii.*.red Tee ?er j t n j> h-ei n.e ?ree? ?? ^. voticr r*\ the pk'l of IV eol? red i t ?. ?i. u I be reputtliran wit rett, and ?<mo ;< - if white Tuteri rat |1 'r ' 7 fit rkaals?4t'<a. '.i.. r, iM .a'i n 1 ij- ii f are (nintog <>y th? iiMftre. fl I ? 'fihn ? I I f ri -?er' iecc? 10 lh< >?ir*p?ef"\ -g. , V.? ' a* a |*rt ef tbe wf rt?l, Menmng n hiack*. la I" p lnrly ra <* the mates r.f Apt ; ia wnaid ' ? a ?': hnt t> iwgll fcM > tin da w ill do tb r ntm # , 1. Ii fc<?t ytl VMitirfvi. In ike \iitb il?trlct, the era; - e-nr-e Mr. l> t Ttayer. t'e prwr- r* m< nber, ban* r giren rwne 'ie??ti? laslxa. the 1 uty ? i'iri n 1 ? n.1.,1 1, 1.1 U?e Whwni H?" rtnti b> ?l < 'e 1, ip v. Tln>er, , ?, , t ra 1) , dot 11 re t ? he ?h? h ? d , aii ' what le ninaaa1, gai ' 11,. 1, ,rr t? rrt>t?i ed not t' l>e Mr I l'4l ejr, cf Piffcbnrr, bar r ef .<! tb<< urmlnat # r- . 1 'art* fr ||m , be; w<+.< y . ap ? i "1 to v - a r ,? 1 a liter, or I'-ttcr*. rV'.'ng ?'lb Mr Tt roc ?? ' n' !nf b:> r r'.e if r r? a ?' deprn 'ent r?f !'!'?*"' If* n <,r ' ? r ? > mil of h ? ??? t..-*o h-? r I - j ul' r a< Yin r'ty fr >nd att r re and 1 ? n'a > ?' 1 >?? alt ? tl I - m r. lurtbr. rr . l| ?, ? I -ha' ' ;>< hM 1- r r'. red ?Mh h* r-i. t <*? m T> ,1 ,-er*? ? t4s'. 'i 1 -lor. ( ? -ii .rr a'Ti'at-a 'r.a < 1? It c, a I I ?? U. .t < Hi il t ten a ! ia, ,?? tin,, it -t. ' 1 ' a*lr? a h r :? allt*. It l? O.Teuil In ?e ? ,?? a Hi ,1 ?' , . MM c u' t g> (or |, m. ,r i e ?* ml i <?? I ie |M t? i firtr'e, v tl iime- oi Iwcgiaf r.? ?. K ?t>, at'trui trg l. r dtet'Mt rlgoroag'y ant,na<4eri ? < i-e--. ntn - ?, Nraf \ i! : Icad'r.j r j . . ??< p * ;t the ? a'r ,? , jr rt Bt'l. \ Ti e |*< i.'e or Bo?t i are gMMeeallw m -h t wilb Dr r i , ? , r*i t/Ol.w nriai g- mrnle. ll.'\ f t i> e nr%. t n eeey cf a.cew, a?a th* m.-nr ' tak ' i r bet er ace, n?in fcr e*ery way ?ne i ,? i'< ; a't*i ut nnd tt1" r?vlt? hate rcanoo to eoeg-at tt-rn ?< crt at the d.ahge Tn* Fi*>sn,t or Hi"'*. ?* ? -tf tbaF'-it I ,r> the H>t M>3 *9 it ' wi on p<*ii at lheArtl?m?' Ui k at laat nomotlr? aud tte rnbilo tn*e Hi Main ???*>! Inr in f- riratton rrlatlre to It rn ettie <ank fai e I ? thvn tbe atmci>trf direct '< nee to the treaenry daring the ,*?t yiar *111 be aa f. Heart r tbr Fan! Canal bonria f SO f?0 00 f.) the ArtMaae' B.nk L'epontt. oiftl m Pf C. I At>ilH*y?e drv.mlt 14 ?< ? i .i ?1#1 T-i ?a tt-'a lea all l'< "0 leal dnrbg a tingle y<ar, tfie-e ti ?? ?ij ree? i t ? heller* Of k c (irat name* mm lUere tg ( 1,1, r ai > d uht whatever; of tV toaa m tl.e ae 1,4 mirtei' ct Hi ire of lh* a>ti;itnl?tr*' w at d It* nr. , ai a 0 itre p'etty d'rect pto?if, and of lh? laat anv "int ?o ? 'U f Tf r fit'rd that 11 wi ul't 1-e a t la! Ua* It I >a rti f- a pa?a 1 "? *brra tbe d!r ft !?#-? a t , ihrpeoptg ru *1 U)?i< keip pace *ltti tte n< riti ag .uttruau ta their , I, a hi I rm, tvt U Ck?Kk Dedlcatloa la Broohijrn. A mail bat mm cburab building, whiab has b,** re neatly purchased by the congregation or 8t. Ihuwi'i Kvuig- Ileal lxtUieraa church, was yeeterdiy formally conae -rated to tbe ?ervtee of Out aud the holy truths, ao cording to their b- lie). Tba oonsaeratlon service tu performed by the Iter. Pr 8rbmt >t, of Coluu>*>ta Co'lege Be waa net tiled by tbe future pa?t ?r of tbe cburcn , tbe R?v. Vn. Hull. After tbe cburcb bail been 4?dic*to<i to IU future good purposes, appropriate thauki-g ving bj mi. a were lung by tbe iu? m'Msrs of tbe oongregati >n Tbe Bev J L Scheck, of New Tor It oily, pr<a -he i tbe Introductory sermon, which waa appropriate for the oo w-Mon. Be cbose for hip wit. 8t PaulV enletle to llw Fpbeeiane, chapters 8 to 21 H<- prefaoed hi* dlsorrirs* by g'ar.cing over tbe belief and doctrine oi me Lutheran church, try ing to impreea upon ino ram li o* bis beurer* that tbe' belief of tbe cburcb wan not bimi upon the mt r i la < f Lutber, but upon Jesus Cnruit: th a It waa ml of honian lormat ,<n, bi.i of Diviso lustration Tlie riiuiiu ?u llsuteuto with great attention, a* it pointed out to i be nongregatun Ihelr future cuurae, and was Oiled with encouragt m< et. At tbe dote tbe usual h? n.i r aere rung, and the serrlne olueed with a neneillc liou The cbuicb la (ituaird In Atlantic ttreel near Power*, and ta built of red brick. The iut rual de vira tt< r* are very plats, but substantial and neel Tnebu'H Ug wll probaMy teat three h i.irea per* n?, but yesier u?> there were not more than two hundred prtaent, not ail of ti i m b> lug n tuber* of the church >01 a p. ljii-i In Vi la t Ion was given 'o all to atte.d aid wit* "?s th-- pjnlng and o? i bc. ram n ol ti." b 1 II 1 1 1 ? ? . In tbe eveeu g a ser n on wua presehid by lite Kev. I>r. Htrobei, of K-.a Bo 4. n y. Oar Wlicoailn Currri|.oinl.iir?!. ILimmo* VI- , '.tot 9 i860 Wt Prwnt IVop? Immevie YuJ/t of Wh-at ? flu I'Mic and fr%ral< Debti of tk? Sto to ? The Mttlis to ' Vy Hun U? Poivlict ? Ike Candidates fur Cong rets, Jtc . <Ac The ff?gnn in WitconilD ha* be-11 one uf the taxi r* vorable ever known fli? Slate ba* a aorpiia uf a'joit 20 COO.CIO bushels of wheat, worth in fiirt h> da au are rage of seventy five cents per bushel "Hiia sin mai, wti?n It |tt(iwB lLto trade and the farmers |>a> their s-aM sure bill*, and the small (.ores pay th* wb .lesa'ers, aud ' tboae Indebted remit to New York, will be sufficient to j pay up, nearly, tbe privaW ludebifdix hi if tae ?>ate. T?i(n will also be more promptly paiJ ibau usual, anu tao public ladeblednees In tbe w?y of lLWr?-i on m'inluipU ai d rorporate debts, is likely to be paid better thu> for several ywu* psat. But It will take three suob years aa tbis to r??tore onr dtate to tbe firkt ciars position she held, financially, la tbe fl ush times of 'dO &>uie 4 600 farms la Ibe Slate are pattered onr , wltb these scaly and dubious ratiroal farm nu-rtgages. Cities have sunk th ucelves out of big lit in j debt by loaning tbelr credit and Issuing bonds to tail road coir pan les All these thugs It will us.- som" years 1 to weik out off; but tbe people ti re are hom ti aud * *nl to pty to the b?st of tbelr a.nlity TbiF city was foolish enou>b in 1856 to borrow a jouple ? of buralred thousand dollars, aud iiut e tu ooads tb*t ; sidoudi. One hundred tbmisan 1 was used lu oulli tbree . icbool hnotes. a city ball, two eagloe h"m"? und to j trade ureet* and bultd sidewa ks. be oili-r b'ioflre'1 thousand was lent to a ra lro?d n?nii?u> lli?l Ut> never tb? road tl?e Comiui ti O nucll h?v> of mile a propoiotloct to pay tbe f'.CO 000. It '* vo |>ay tlnrtv Oeata Ou a dollar in tweoly years, at eight perc-ol lnUireat, ao.i te levy an annual tax o< five |mr o?ul f >r ? eiukiug fund to pay" ibe bom1*, wbicb ? uu bj Bad fr> tu year by sui-b of the creditors as want t Ttils m.te wi I elect a L'oiu d A-nat >r noil wliU-r in plane of Mr liurkee. The priucii>ai 0"in;>ctii'g can ilu'att e a?e a ? folh wf: ? A. W Randall, p'tn.rt Governor; frrrmerly fr>>e noli drmocrat C C Washburn, one of the bruthe g, no? nww of tbe Boose; ol<* whig T. ') Howe, formerly Miptemi- .In' ge; cudU:, at? for the eleoli >n a,; ? uat U out tie. In 1867; old whig, v ry co. ser vaiire lbete aie ibe three l-adu.g 'andidat-?; l>.irkee hai ao sbow, and in 1 ot a run-In ate, bt? Irtem's >ay N< xt spring ano'liir Juigo of tho pr-Mi^ Curt Is to he elecW-d Last spriag, you knov, a nulilfler was beat- n. Another ?tH be n*-tt Spring, Judgu Dole's sucrtmor is then to be t lectori. Ho will be ' ?ouno on tbe main quest iors i The raruiuate* lor Congress In tbis Stute are as fol loWf. ? j / lifrurt. J\im*r<us. RrtmbUemni. 1 J. R Arnold, J Putter, I 2 J. 11 Ptymcrt, I?U?u-h-tt, 8 C H I.arrabee, A. -t. -tii-an Every b. dy knu?s r< t er, of bowie knue oei?brtiy, the ' repebllusn candidate In tbe First dietrto*. U s op(> neut Is ote of tbe abl< >t law.iers. m *t brilliant s. eake'g And 1 1 ancmplirb* d gentlcnmn lu the Wert Bn was a delegate lo I ti e *blg National Conviction la laS2,atid voUd dliy six ' tinr i s for Uantel Webstar tfngave c tt but a no- i sup. port, wri t wartuly for Buchanan ind is tow in fu I 0 a D<nm ?r Willi Ibe democracy Hesupporis Do islas. He j Mri ? d a vigorous canv^-K agilnal Potter, but bis iavo.'lie enild? a b"y some fifteen } ears old ? was lost on the i lady Elgin. He kept out or the cantata tbe'? after till { tbe preki-ii t time Uu has now taken the slump again, SLd will be bury till tbe end of tbe canvass. 1 Tbis district (the Second) is tepu iltcao by three th vj sane v< lis at ieesi; Banchrtt will be elecW 1 The Tblrd district Is la greater doubt. Larrabee Is a I candidate lor re elect iun ; ne la making an active aid v guiceg canvass Bis competitor is A Scott ?! .an, a Musi et-tliuable aud good bi*rwd gentletr.-in, wbi wis ; beaten fur Judge Of the ttuprrme Ouurl last spring by : I > 1 > on , who waa an hidi-pendent candidate It is my 1 opinun that larrabee will be tk-cied. Tbe autumn Is cold, wsl and unpleasant. The canvass I* not azclted, and turns mainly up<>n local affairs Ths Grata Trade of Cklrago, TUB LABUKaT MlirMCNT OP WHIAT ON IlKCOHD. |?rom the Cbtnago Tiaes. (let 11 J The receipt* of wheat veaterday were 15b i<01 bushels, ai < tte thipmects 897,988 buabi is, wh.rl) is largvr by 2f> r(0 hn?bels 11 an was evi r before shipped Irutn tbis city in a single day Tbe mark' t opened active, wi'b a 1 Hh?i fi. man.! 'mm sbipia-rs at W||i a M\e for No t, , nefch>,c s 89o. for Xo 1 Spring, and 9Jc tor North *e?t<ru r)ub,nl wblrb some NO 000 busbels changed bsrds There wsa n good demand for fio-tr, aid sunt 4 U0 barrels changed b inds at 83 a M 96 tor superliae, 84 40 a M 87 ^ for good to choice brand* of spring wboat extras and 86 60 for double extra red winter There was hss doing la norn and the market was lc lower, tbe rm'ta b< ir,g trade at 40c for No S aad 41c for No 1 < uu were qnltt. at l?r. In store aad 30a all ml Btrlev was oulet at 48c. for No t In More, aad 60j a 880 to bags, ltye quiet. Thar* was aa active demand tor veasels. but tbe an ranee asaismle I for Ifwtgbts caused snmo ship|iera to hold off; Ike doe r g rata* warn at lt)?c for wheal to liuflalo and 80'. to Oswago. Tbe lolkiwltg are the reoalpts and aklpmecits for tbe twenty lour huura eadmg teateri.ay moratng>? j>xr*tn me iMo Hour, bols 4 420 4 993 Inc. 878 tt beat, bushels 87 417 168 W06 Inc. 91,468 Orrs 7 047 37.403 Inc. 30 9Vf ("at# 7.0&6 81.0*0 Inc. 14.014 Kye 2 788 1 864 l*r. 1>81 B*r ley 8 13d 8,891 Dee. 846 .< ! i| m- nU. PVrrr, bbls 1 M9 *0 Pee 1800 Wheat, fcaatxa 47 iM 897 DK6 Inc 360. 7vl Corn UUO 46 <100 luc. 44 900 (aw MO 1 000 1*C 32 138 Barley 81311 ? l>eo 16.J41 Domuttr Iltwi Item*. Ear*imf or mi. Arm mi ituku ? Ttf total bbtoIpj* &0<1 WIpWMHtolW of Album |.rlB<*i for Ux Bud lb of jty 1M0. *Wf r.a fbll iw? ? Total r.nirart cariitBff $7 4*v U MiacrUai ecus ckrclLfl 8 441 37 Total aara'nfB fit 179 4* Total t?p*tmt% hit ortleary tvi port & 440 SI $10 4M #7 Ti'?i riM-|iui Tor Dm jear fuJmf :? pt 30, lAt? t? *100 "MB 74 Totai iu immrj txjvtfea durwig ?um iiox 71 191 Sv JV(lt? nrcr e>rp?r<litHrr? fx Uta jrar ... . 116 14." U Tm Hmkku t hot ? rte !' (II* ) .i'trrrlifrr ?*??:? ?>!? -iMt *f M? t r who are tmg ... 1 I,. the ??) rotofcirri C^iicrT ba??- v, v-> prv r |u k am ? hlir out* ottprW; 1,1 ?< <> ^{--d In l' * rotM tab httf ka*oba?b iiMitrtiy NtMiru, V\> ti ? aatinial l-iiinl it !?* .? Im i ? ntfe* Um ??i n on lbs <ia?t of t:? bf ?.'?? lit t* (j klif? with n, . *i r?.i, a . J tl.r CH <y drawbar* to ??> In -ena* r* eh ? i ?a rt fua*l of nn j ? * to take li e toe* Tbc ah ,a4anr? of i mark? kil tb? M>rWI t<. brgtr <t tin- kU? I* Liny, i, l<w ll'? Ux ? i ?.,? > of ihtaa '? ilnhtaf t ) n ? oat T?b tiim i itud cut f.?r bay i .a l ill i* ? *e I <? - I. KB *11 Ik <]i|K4 I I lli ? ) rKf km l?>c, 'mi , , f ? ' lfi-? I ulu t*h, whhti r i i ? blKhrr jr.* >? tf tbaa tMH, Ml Marl; ?q .? tb-tr la? j?k?'? in 7 1. - -t ! ? -\t ? V aid ?a? ? ~"b? Scat 4t l?kfW0 Ht*t? ? ' ? '??<. r? 1 1 rt rn rai iti la"#> ' 14 li . Bl i%4r?l !.?*. i--< ac ? ? K >? ir.' nam t?i? *i aa li?" >t l<Kf?j w "n?fh o *i i?-- . t; ?I'M III Kit ?'f Htiol'! wtil tot* kIotv a, or It Ntftrrtl ? *i'> ,?] in I, *<r] -,?y ? ? ? .1 ' *i > Am .1 ? ? lii <*?? ?uera'ite T ? u? r . ?!.!,. i, 0 i ,? i if | , t< , I II til. > iK.lir f .??? A" It It.- ?rrl ? I HI !%!< f r ? ? *. ? . nil . i I It t l?l I ?l ll PI (Kllf. t ?. Wv LfTt ' ?? ? I il" "id *??r i. ,ii *i Hm?f, from ? f ir r i' ? ' -hog m ??t>il ii,? iumI, bdving t*i c 4(0 h'.i. K ?> ,< rrl ' '? >* f ? iw nna ?mi f^-v T'ori R*-. w> -n ?Tire r ' t 'il tut ll Mk*. Ihmi tl ?? wrcck ut 1 1. I^4 '> K1 t i , r? rr w?>4.e< aal>w> at K n>?fa *i i 4?y, wb ra U< r \ it? ln-.rtwt th dill" ?f Ore wk?*! h,i tri< fvt 1" i. In* ir i# *W, ti>ilrr?i mc-v |<aaia ? >,*, rri?ia ' I* ?itk till .1 li 1 1, ft.t-Ufl'ilrt p fck, n'ttt ??r*1 Hi in , ttta ikitl lntl<ti altk fmr I i- n *>??* m form < Inht AwmiIip* tfat wttkablnrtt ,e, Mir fKlt, i^ m?i It if*, oa th" m?]. ther ?!??<? rt n -.M?.ir> ' \ tr ' WiMkrn ' ABOtt'r Hail 1 n ?>llt aO'l'r ?blf? fiH. b#?* riMtmiro rK*tatf?T? *>4 b'irt r vr?t, it. ' rtfm irnritH "J. II f|.' in Ccriraa li it A?oib?r t?j .r i*r*b r?*?!ir?a patta! <r??, *altam l?<v?J at |1w ? ->?, brr>?? w. tiro T'-t, hlark brfW 'r'alh ooal. I ti'tlfit* 'orr*at ?n Itr atfnxl B Hifhtnaoo, ?"? ?ln? 1>U' to f Ri'f, nr?j II J A'trorJ. Kort^Brlp t-tT <?? lh<- i tfcp* two h ? R ?CWDOfn Hmt>, (y. 10 Tub WB'i va* T^?a? ? a*i> ItUfm i? ? T?a arrra% ?l r***- ?lit *i <v??r>?<l ?"??? fw-tr t, >f?. *? . ?* ??. -? t'T# f -?bf? ' t * ?v *n rrrrlr 1 1 it fut^itiiMl h rw? on a ??n,|t?a t-tn.ia*. ? . tat* ir?fi aa ) n?? *aa >-?na*ti I Tan wmb?b,?U? ?M taken I- >;i U o b- il of ?t r- I ar>. I If *hA fnn V f'T i1' ??', h >? ' n li I BI f?rt l>T f>*fi} If ibe atVif' ?M ?<?> rr. I!mi? l? tm' ?.i f ?l* f * ?i< > 'f im 'wo nr .br'? i ?ll>.>?n r , s 5* C I ? r ? VfB ttirmrr * , wl ?.??? ?r 1 nti't I t?'n 'ti ih, i tiBfl, t k b'r la UauI ?? t\ t* ai ? * nr. tin IB*. ?:.<!, a?C 'dlBf to a. MX'-i H, r i> j, BU? d bcr to uoallk. Cut;* In !f??r York. MM m D FIT? H HTKKKT- AN OLD Mi* Bl'KNfD TO DEATH ? A 1>IK AH HOI'S I- 1KB PVKTKNTKD BY TUB IN bfmancb Pathol, aimld by en?inb compant >?. a. bhorUy after d m o'r.lort on Raturday night a Are oc curred tu lb* premies <>l Edward Douiiciiv, on tne ttfib floor or the lament nl boose No. 103 Hosier street. It appears i)i>i Mr Donnelly was upuu a bed aileep, aud. that Mr* Ivuoeily *u steepisg opon a sola In another rocni ; ibe aa) ? the beard [)OLU?lly ory Bre, and Uieu raw the bedding id a buze, au<i, becoming frightened, raibel into Ibe t cii room, occupied by Mrs. Short, and o Alloc' for help. Mr* Short seized ? pail of water And threw It upou the Bre, ana when in tbe room she cr.-ild diilinotly Mf Ihefoim o' ? >iue out on the bed, but whether the jjtiM U ?u Miflucated or a*l>ep ibe cannot say. At the linic moat (it tbe U-naLts ware a^rent from the house viewing ibe procession, or tha conse quence bate l?ru more serious rtxre were tw?ni> iamiIi-s occupying tbe bouse When tbe Bre broke im.i, ihe wb?d.* Are dipartnunl were up town la pr<r.ettl< ii ; f itIji ab !y . ho?u?er, No. IS bad plaoed their itrerve 1 1 k>i a hi tbe diA|? sal of Captain Irwin, of No ? Ibrnraim* Patrol Hatch The patrol, with the engine, ?< quit kiv at m-- pretrfes, ani, aided by No. 2 Kugine O ui|aii? ( ?b' hvt declined Ui j > n III Ibe parade), euo CtUMi in,< unigui Iiligih 'Ire Owing to the great belgbt of Le b'ni tg '?arawere enfrtalned hp one of tha in tursirt c.'ii.b> u?e that ihe entire edifice wnu'd be de iirbjin, -t o.' hn ? y-r ?w at oho? ilenpatcbcd to tbe Chiel Eoginni *4i.. nuiocdtateiy , and with his usual prompt ue*?. h. 1 1 >i b ale * ir 'yM be required, bat Dclore their itrnvsl ibe fti *- was tii*,<ni< d Tkuu ?..rc vi ral rumor* a^oot Mr. Donnelly at U? l in- o( i hi* Ore, but It *as not kLoaull . h? whs buried to deatb until at-""'*! hour* aileraart* wt.tnex ?as.tart Engineer John I. toour, as clritd b) tic fmi'i'tt't d in finding th" body under ? pile of i M.iah It ??<? no much charred an l tlmflgared thai (1 1-ouio f<-:rre'> rtfivgulMd. Tlio dect-uel WAH ? Uni .eialt. tu? . aail kboaiaialy years of a?e He leave# it wilt* uirt ti veral t biloren Tbe body wa? taken to the f. i ih pr> "i oi iutioo L >n?e and Ooroner Stuirmer noti Bed. rbr Inq.i'H won ht-ld ymtrrday, and a vurdkit of "Dt elb Iron ?fr.i:!et.tal hurba" rendered. rhed??i>r- by Ire n.d water U> tbe furniture of Mr I,.i.ii,t'?- -it.oi l, J. w,.li Wellser, Ur?. Mm well, MAiytAKirk ai<d otbtrn will amount to about $600; not Ilauh ? ' be building t* i wncd by William lrviug It la damage 1 ab'iui $3(0. Inenrcd. I IRK IN WBST TWBNTI1TH 8TRKET. Slinrfj hi lore twelve o'clock on Saturday a Are wae dldroverrd in tbe dweaag bouae of Tbomaa Q alio way, No. 48 Wt ft Twentieth ulrret. It originated In a elothec prim in fi me aci'idt i t ai rrarner, and beforo tbe flamee wrre (xtli'gu .?b<d daniage to Ibe eitent of about $900 km LuLe Fuilv iiiiured. F1KB IN BROOMS 8TRBKT. BetWicn twelve and i ue o'clock on Saturday afternoon a fire brjke out nn the roof of the frame dwelling boofe, No 470 HiiKirrr ftreet. The premise* were occupied b/ Louia Tatteiuw, who rents furnished apartments Tr.o ti e caured by a itove pipe passing throigh the fide of tfce bulldlbg The building Is ow&ed b) Ami* t'no. Il is damaged abcul $40. not In tuied Ibe Itruitu e, owned by Mr. Taeterow, was dam aged by QreaLU italer about $100; no Insurance. FIUE IN Hfc-ST MNETKBNTB 8TKEET. About half Ave o'clock on Saturday evonlnj a fire bri ke o-..t 'n tbe I -amo liable No. 88 West Niucteentb litreet, owi ed bj .larr-es VI rjuiiky The b o^ding was to tally dimiojed ' I --if ab> ui t'iuO ; no lnauru ce. ('nrnntr'a In<|aests. Tm terras ad Mcrubk i'ahi at Bstiavt-B lomtAL.? Tbe lnqueat in tn<- case of tne unknown man who ?M fi'cnrt drowred at the fo?t t f Pike street on Friday morn tLg. under circu iiSUnoea which led the pollno to believe thai a foal murder ba<1 beeb rommltted, was brld yester dA> at B?ll?-vu* Hospital, by Ooroner Hih rmer. Jnbn O'Brien, kr<-per of tbe dead house at BellevnB Ilosplul, lepnsed ttsl on Halurisy tbe body of dee*awed was reoogaltid by Ihe b atuien of the I?..iu i Iluepital %? that of ALditw iloehaii a uatlve of Iceland, ?/e.l ihlrly tbrie itar* Peetastd had bum an Inmate of tbe Uiaa-i Ret-piiti, anj wh'-u I .? i ?md alive he fj' li ^rioimlDC acri^Mt ihe Kait river, lor the purpose of ej.:jtplng Irom the W aid. Or <li-i r ge n n mt i mtde a viost mortem i xamtnalloa o' tbi ?>dy, and te?llt<*<l as I'o low*:? I foaa I lh-> n tn*l hi. i <s frai tured ai d Ibe eartilutfe br >ken from lis atla-ib meiit and tlalteni d to ih?- i wht Toere was a wouud on tbo kit si'le ui the Bute, th't i <j .arleis of au lut'h L>eg. ono (Xieudll g In. id the root of ihe noae to the let! soper orbi tal notch. <H.e lucked and lacerated w >uim about two ibchm .a ier,gili,u>theri(blolihesynnptayHU!o( ibe lower niaxlllt, at us r;or border across tbe tbr. at. In the opinion of the doctor, all o' 1 "e?e wounds were po?.t toor tt Ui ones, and mai e proltably while daMase<! was Qjatlog In the water. l>r iiouiau stated that to tbe best of n i belitf deaili w?* caused by drowning, and that the wounds In q 'ftlion were rec .vei after Ciaib Tbe )ary coincid'-d with tbe pbyxi'-'an In his opinion as lu ibe cause of death, and r*udu.<. I ? ver lict ei "iXatb by drowtiing " Thk* fririM fji.-n ne Trit 8pw rr ? Oor?er Pchlrmer held An li.q irsi at No 392 West C? ifth street jetlerday npnn tbe body of I>ewla Deltx, who coamltted mkilde by (wall mlng a d>?* of cyanide ef p 'lUMtom, a?? previously reported. Km IVPf tesitfled tnal deceased Lad ric?ui|y been arrested on a charge of fa - > pretences, and tt st he bad btcom very much ceprt" I in spirits In a eloquence On Widn<?day last decea d returned to his bouse abo it three o'clock, snd telllnr his wife that be won d not be at bonis It any one ?a!l--d to see bim, retire] to his bedrotim About an boor af rwards, on gc Irg to ibe room, Mrs. I> Its toend her hua,>an'l tying t)>?d on the floor. Ocra>ed left a letter addressed to Mcitrlde k Hroihtrs, KB Washington rreet. la which be denied tbe charge preferred SSSl'Sl him, and ?lAtti'g thai life Wat no linger supportable, he de tet mined to eni hl? terrors In a suicide'* cave Ho also Intimated tbat be had tougbt a lot In Celtary One. leiy, and wiant d to be buded there, and concluded by raj lug that at th'e? i.'cl ck be would bs no more Tbo jury re&'ered a verdict of "Suicide by eyanit** if potas sium." Ik-oeased was about Bfly t^or Jear? of age, and was s saliva of this oity. Fatal Acauuri wni: s Ornc Ammm ? Tb kdsi Mc Cnlre, s native of Irelsnd, about forty four years of age, died at the New York H epital loot week fro is ihe effect of a fuBShot wound anc'dentally received while engaged is shnntliig docks at Yot krra deceased was loailag his gm, wbeo It aecldea *liy axploded and lnj ir?d him so severely tbat be died on Friday last In r.-n-qoeece. Ouroaer Mrbtrmer held an I q neat upon the b>dv.wben the Jury rendered a verdict of " Aocidestal death." Rsrrsi iCajo" f*rsiu?o irinsa Psemji's Tivr ?* ?Then? is a very ni at stained g'aii transpar* ncy in fr.iut a i tha Muy veaaat Institute, Bread way, placet there by the pro prletor of Vclasqnes's p! lure of Charles I oa tbe ' and la bower af the reception of the Pri ice of Waiea In thl* elty. In tbe centre is tha Prince's Uxlsnls, vis : ? tbe plume, with U>e caption "lch Dieo," an l Iber loyal embieas, arranged In artlrtlc style. The ?r er >a af Ibis t rettt piece of (kill hai been erroneously attributed tr ibe Mack rt pub i icon club who occ ipy ro. jis in that buiiitlsg. P?lt?MAl iMtwlllgeSCe. Hen. Mr EilW, o( IX# and, K atopptng at (be Mew York Hotel. Lieut rv>) Ra1?*a,of the lolled SUM Army, ud fami ly. R?r D'.ahop Am?*, of iMttM, Jo<1(C Jnn ??, of Pean ?ytiar>ta. Mr J D fiiafto*, of the t'nlUd Attoi Nary, and Mr Koben Roricr.a or tCog.aad. ara atoi.,>lag at Hit m Niehoiaa Hotel C Bowlatt, of %ii Frai <?'? co. f. A Twrtlf. n t Ktor* ton ; J Crean and wife, of Philadelphia; j. W !Mdi. of f'ac^fcrd.r lb .and G. IV Darii, of uUio, ?>.ra am >u( the arrlva'a at the I?fa rje >1. u*e yeatarOay. Mr P, tuMIr* hjwt o( the ratted Mat** Nary C li 'i !?> ?rar?, <uprr'n(riJ'>Bt of I be New litres aad S" rth?n>ptow H?:ir<*it ; Cc 1 J [timick and Li-nt. Edaoo, twli i ( 11m t'niw pt?i? Arm; . Capt A Wal<c*r. of Bnf. faio; i iltatl, rf N rtrafot, aad F Tktuf, of Oarajc Valley, are flopping at lb* Metropolitan Hotej We tope, pay* tbe IIihi T-.i 41t, a m<! f InUot'.al Vkeu of apiireetat'OT, wt'i be be?tnwed upon r?ol W,l '<* the ri'rrrr r f lb* f >?>! aiOt-' rrtm au-l >><?ae-<f?>r*, br U.e c lii'i.t of u*t< u Ilia an'ftct ft n tbe Aral of the ?i*ti?l ul dial r?+*. far ???? ? toe edfo ?if u?- t>< r r>n, until he Mr?irr<l f'a 4?'t I'M o i boa-l h* ntli? Tiaeel worthy ft the blgb It r mqaea la tter He acted with ro 'jfi, peraerrra^oe, lotai igcnoa atdf illl) tccvriy dictate of bumuity Ui' fb Hit the *boleaceie Vebare bee* paaniatly atr? a on read lie Ue arrnunt* ailb ihe prompt it>*i?|i?i ao<! ajllm which he tnaoifeef. it * h*t> he f.-nr. t that?ana?| waa ?ro* Ihfm as* pi t half of the w!Tjre?? ro* to per'ali tree irnt i, ft Tbi* will Bol do, be ?ay? ; ilarti" ?a la on 't r I will k?? ? "" iilthtai ? fr.'? tbe ?t<aji.rr, ao that weiati r-t iHra ao br>*r<t n rc apeedl ly, and M he *er*'ai?-i in the n'f?? TV* f t brought ?'i rtr r-roit/rtuHTi ?h ? fate of tbe Ontrat trr r'rm. wfcn Me tfc re b*-r prr?> : to r.f mini on ho*-4of i ? a earner >r u.e baik wbtJi 'Wir; d c ?>l'> b.rtabu tbroaa a >f*f'r at tbe emir*! rrmmt, all tt!*ht ha?a been ?**?< C*f4 W It a ratira << B? I'm- e, hat for um J je , iwtl ba> Ik?? a ? aid* ?t. wlw? at ?? mi wlta 11* ? r< . at \i w O-lea- ? ITa ha? no r?*n? i, >? a'? it Ift I ?? |.< a*a. anl ia hi* ?<*!lat rel?t?one M thai ? itt.1 ? ' a n a* a li t * , 'i.t ."???. ha t* ** n|iiii*i?l fi.r b> ?t bar It* at o gn at liiti#|iti*?e of eh? t?^r Witb h*? i tnr'oTt ?? be haa a' e-aj * **ooit *ery Mjr* '?* b.e la tifrtty, ability ai d (ctrtwity of character 4wmarMf?t Pr??rf? ??-* '?*? - "he alartr i ? bre atwmt half faet o'rtorlr th*e (Sit i ^ m ra ti f arte* fr?io tbe ba'n'er rf tbe !ar*i r- lea ba.ll ti-f i wt *w tta m?r' f?' t ^ rfptd^ rt , t- < -eftini W .thlbt rit'raiclcct cttah.klbmaet ol Mrei (. i'ae.jri ft rt. Mattery ft Cki . in I .?t atroet, ?"-ar e f.?,| of Wr>i( it* 0r* wa* ?r?i iliee<>vrre?l hy It- i oauen. <?.,ir of whota wera ttsrd "f en the cotter ' |..?t ar4 lirar d Urrttf, two of ti t t.artt f bat a n> 't before l?Nrd by i be fbeto-y. ateo ae l.gbt waa t? b reen. An a arm are lmo?-dl?i ly tlvri), aud a utraa; of wat'r how tbe ? igtae *d wiib the fa or* wat *?<B r'i? ?? *h Is" II ?n aa, filloiaad ilrarliy hy tw ttrram* f- m the Infi'a ru >ber fan ?. rr n?ae hy, at d ?'? o a' rr tl-at b) tba em e Tlra Da parttn Lt. lw aot? ,lht' ii il'nf tkclr alltH r*ert|f>na, tht I rr>? ?i -e?d a<i rv ita that I', waa It? ?*atbl? V> ???e l ie or ai ithinr It r-iata^ed, a ?? 'be aflort# af th, ao dtee rf ' ? ? are-e tl'?B PosP"td to ??* ?> ' ?" w^Vh, fwi'" .tely, tbef re rvt ?*'nt, all r a i b 'lldlsf* e?U? i . tr:a itninb . a <-a*?,<J it .ilaraA. M tr ?t e^araa , IU'ra,t? t til ( ?%"***? I h?! lt #**' m aiitu ?t ? n. m o )-c ha-' a ???' ? nauraan* t!;?ir lit.^erli, hut . j- (h"r that paetto 'e*t'r ?<*l i fu?Ij fftv ' |f ?reea. n"' Ittatt fbe-e* t a? ? it ? I ? . rar'il ta tl?e faaWary I. all of a ? i ha ??!' -?tt etfin'e* meat for f. r. a tlmrt V> (l U. ? /iutut /C1??IMI', w*- M.

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