Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 15, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 15, 1860 Page 4
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?abiblted? cae in u iib the Kjyr*l? pyramids v* ere dwerhvh u>t inaigiittti sul sad url In her l?*i graiuieat tcbiertitiiKuU only ve*?inuie tu Un? palace ot woartera. The New and Old wort In were untied, and I he lubaVUnll tamr hanged thoi.gbt? ana idea* wiih each etbe' acrn?e lie wide a*p*n?e ? I*0**," with the ewlftriet* of eh' li-wliy, aod t< iMf *"d I*1 ? Kton gulM topromjic art! insu.-u K*5*' *?u 1 v ? and kLowlet!*c and raival' u ti jeopk* a d to *. * and near. Mr. Vield, >1"" day? tu Hei-tombe*. 1H6K? pie -rsplud to New Voi k , ? lu.- Captain Ho vi\ viefrapha, h>:!i, ardor earlh p . w,|| Queen Victor.* "f ervoatr b '? { "? rr?.>? mi 'udt betwm* U..? ftkaadrhip ? i.M, -? <? ?4B.WHI Inter'- ? *?a \ . sLfWi-wsr-* QSSeSSS ,,, ? , vt.'U ci fi governor King I'f'l ?1 Sjarisrssntf wrsSr as The .. . ueal b..r ...'i , w Hwy sprung Irom po:ittcil taotloa , . ? e?l i .>rd? hiding hitowu loved e,i?;-o a * , ,, ? u tb of Uj? glorjr. Could be Have s-wn tu* ? "ihi .?.' aoi vement of aek~nOe thui hallowed aod r, rw in" 1? could he have read or tio-ird thu d"*pitw.he? Jo. 1- Urnr'necd Preoldeat Itucbanjtii rpiAkirg the cent , >t ot 1 v. huu'.red n.d thirty nj'.Uioat of Ac o Amerum an.' Sex t beer If ? could h9 ' uro wiln.*a*od this |it iiral rejulcirg rchaed haek by irio whole c'.vlli/'d wiMi.' . 'ti;i<? a t ^ile or holy triumph vou'd b*re iilu mined hi* benignant ooontenaeoe, and in the fttlleow ef bi? lint bf would havetxi aimed ? (,Tb? country ii truly ?ale ? hi u Kefcland and America ? the mother acd n >?? t'loie- 1 ? itiiro ard irc?di>ai areagAia one." Over tbAt uew K.rjt .'icaibao ?od Juha rhcok bauda VsrW ih?f4)oi? of ol 1 aMm??tty deep as oblirnti.c oth?r >o love ?iku?Js. pluaaci ?U|. t f.tu?e!-" ' aad ovc rj ibing Mi ?? >11. ? vt>rj body. V ioton ? ai d i'u ih :?n re.jrenrfnt ir. ? i>.' >*o Lt^ooa r c J- "?t ai/ l ; rit#!*** of the )| e ? ! r * r ui7^| W ? *<*(.?? I'r'iU ? 'lie alkar tbo . ? ; w. ? ill t, I <i * . ! I'.io iJU <??, til" niiloua; Ihfl ti*rr'ati ,i?'rl.t tt.i jf ? oleosa and ???'.? >n; th# deoorai' ii hf Nek* i ? . cutioii* euiw.uH althln th? an>|'le fotu^ irf U?>- '?* ? and *tr'i*? ?nd i.nwa jiok, aud ??rer all th- eagle an l tb? Hol, * till the rxohlc m'-tto ? "C'rlorv lo ?;> -) on Ihe !.i^h< ? t. on e*rt>< ; rwi and t *i I will tew aroa lorn " Tl " ioa?t? will tx- ? A1 bri??Ur.>n, one out. i >r created ua, oc.e Uod love# u*, one lour re te> mo ' or, one fWiem ua, ote lai.-r?M ntnUa oa, cn? roll( on bk-nea ua, out ote/mty await# ua. The ?one 1 ? " nt. ' raj r; t t. u oi l tlm^a w< ro hi'itpr than Ui^d, VtOfc; u.t baiutia weji turn flroui tbe ?r*r> >?,'?' IU*\ bW Hi m. Ob ' ray i ?t tb< oor'.o, tb? (t ?rm. or tho Ar. n. <<al or (iroudefct * ten wart*re ui o'er Uwint ; 1 or H ? baitu h io?l I If bit gruw * pale to lb< flgbt Win t' i. ?<? ?, is lid power and tboukbt i- ?? ? ita niRht K. v niu;<( r. /tm irlutrpbMit where alMfbter fca* beeo. Ob ' ?? d ' <?** our Preaidrnl, Ood ?*r>?oo r cv<e?.'n." ikii the nairiaf. re) ocuv? Uai ?cwc'Mj di'jd i.way wlu " ii ? iXf-rn. be' I t ?ri'ii the ?able broltern , and En^ lar ' at.<i America wemed alm<*t *<1 f?r apart aa erer. at a il to iLcri R?o that cevtrance, a I'ritith ublp'a Yii.'utlt.g Uiwruati ^uai l\w, Ix'ii/Jcd of >urve??el?, and wiib wueh eer- rlty, tK-rhai? luault, aetrohed tb?n a< blav? a; audi!' ? vo u^aia iaaril tu cry of Orltiah mi?-u e and opprmel ? : and r^ma polilti'i i:'? Of a ve') vi ,we r~atxl aotiu,'.c" .hi) tocalo of war, ol luVMlou and <'f dralh Tbta tr cil aeot p*fvail- l Ud Ml' arrival of t' ?' i.xi RUatocr, wb'.nb broufbt cs.xiiiatarf dee pntch- F, tn wtotrb iti. Hrlt eh fovcr ?> .t u plored th* *c:? of lier cural o jotande.-a. ?:? *? ??*>? afti i 1 !?> an >?!.?! ? ) which put ichrm lo'o tb< | l*ce? .r thw. blooi! ami tbncdtr prmta^a iJlal#, aod I*u?r.t ,.ii I harn."iiT .ere thus restored Dat Iho igh the ca'd. I hri u' t. " wUleb bin I t;? tin Ettlors t-) t oth? r ?i e i -no ? ? i d . *i ' ii"? ii |it.k baa been added wliiob d?aw? U' ri.urr f" I'aglav.U a' I the r.r.jOi mli peo ph-. i K ?r Vt future ma?i?n:h, ti. 1 U Ir apparent to the Britif) crown, bm c>'i . awvvgii u>, aooemr uiled by ex perietud warrtorf tatsUi ion. The yoonf Prince con i ? c rhaj. wlinti c^trtl prf j idicn, ai.d Ltturai Diiaot/n :< |>! otik nrlaogfro i a want ot a knowledge < t the oi.i)tr.v ? i i mi conco^llcna aa mttiy ttra ^"rs a' j'nred upon ! I .I I ?.? ?I "Iir fhr.iea. Bit how quickly uiiMt 'iirb Vuoraece nod , r^tu W bivs bvea dW l? lie* when i:ii?- miitc-i tbo-*ac.J? ejwi. i d tbelr Bro.? to vi . iiy e b.' wheu th.- whole country r.\t blDi a ? , ce ecr aorpa?ae<l by any given t?> her moot f ?>""* H ? cornea not to Bpy inta our llbor t ea, bi.t to i?ioii>- wl.h ?? that "fare tr ? IT s^im^a not t' i-py i i.t ti.e harreunee* ol the Uu.d. but to admire 1t? ? m?>i' fer,.litv. He oomea not t.> i?i i lault with ?ur th lUnttoM, bi t to Iiud fu n tbi n.atd ho r /tn.ia not u grumble at our hi i".t. >ee,b>it wiih tdtfiro to ' e p\5?fi * iu ev. rtbii g vr.d veery vtdy, not excepting the t>i?i ui ( .ir.rtl an 1 Mr. and Mrd .h ckiua H^at and tViat, North au i Viuth, haa b? t'avei'e.i ovr Uie ooull neat. *tid what bac b met Ho ba* *?* n our hartnn wrrml with ?' Ipoln* f nt eviry port; oorettlea and u?m aid villi*.*, npaicoa, pro^xroua at>d happy I n La>. Tlaltrd our publte <ti?l t.ition*, Oar rvlltfll, our librariee, our Kcalernlna, our co Utl rn i.f art ar; 1 ari. r.v, our h^"? of c^oimeroe and i <o I k . A legrtUt on; cor aanrtuartea and our cair I table taMltutiosa. He nay. |?<!rfcHi? detected rnir l.i ? aid otr !? 'I**, but be aixo ?o*n our eiicl. Imcea and nt arowlrg imprnvrnxn't An 1 when he tMi woero ?* tbe f> upd?' ti o' ?> < h p*o?ji Hy aud rn att the n;? u?cl? i f tbi.-ty milUorK *l fiee pe. 1 1# ri? belof* bur with the hiovl banner of tbe J'tatea tnr',. in f'>r. tbem, w hereon ? ihrcrtbed the 'do'toua naoi to, '-AU i m are born free and e?\ ial " There be will ra<ui the Meret of tbe ovuritr) a auocuie, aud then, h-' will Uudtb* d i cuicated thai he i.? Indeed la tbe mldrt of a "bo feel that they are, and that truly, the peere (4 htivrtif and family And aa tf a tribute u> the might)- (Ml ua which planted tbe Mod ofaucb a glerloue deetlny? Albert Wwtrd tbe llluatrtoua grandaun of tbe rrotiairh w l?. tai l that tlo o loniea ahon.'d not be free, if the awoi d i oiid hold thim in [hand#, lowly bom bta brail at th grave of Waalusgtoe. and, in "nomory of tint great an.i (Md man. plant* aa avjrn by bM tomb. Tbe beir a; pan nt of Uie Briiwb throne, aa one of youreelvea, ?a abid'ug . our city a* aalely aa If I >dg*d la Btickingbam royal pRiane r< ? he came anionpft u> he baa won f< r h i mae d tbe regard ana c?t- ?-ui of the Amer.oan people, aod be wt!i l>.?r with bira the knowledge that he doea ro pMiM them To tbe teai'bini{ of hti royii n. other he la Im'.euted for inarh of hli good quali'. and vlrtuea II tbe oxample of that Im.n gu^b?d wi maa ? aa followed by many a republican tr.other, who, trr id the rarv r of fa#h; natile ll'e and du sipat lor. , i egtiet their maternal dutiee and reepoemhlllilea, tbe i "l < lalmacte i;p>* tbelr time, ttxrlr rfl rw and their natuta! feclliiga If, I My, tbe R>tal oiat "i.*l example aa. mote generally foloweil by w ,ea io thia rity, ihoe woui?l it l>e better tar fjrlaty at lar -e. But wb'le I atn ? .?eafelng of au earthly prince being in yoar m:d*t, wb > la receiv ng the attention of tbe while people, there la a heavenly 1'rlnce aniongtl tou whom, ! fear, t jo of you do not aerve. Ti.e preacher here rpoke at a.-me Wugib ant very impreaeively upoo the duty o( Orifiat.a and the Iteceajity cf their rrengnitluf tbe clalma op<? their krve, and rever >noe and devotion of tbe gr ?l rrlooe tmaauel, wb" bad cotae anua-gat Uiem, aad delivered himself W t>> an ignn minloua death that be might redeem them from sin aad ? < wife, an 1 obtain for tbem an eternity of |iy and hap pi urea in beavaa. Ue 3*1 led npew tbem aa children of t?i>l to turn their evee In that grta t*Tince who bad tbem )?tat laber'tert with h'.meelf of aklsgdom.aot f earth but of heavin ? a klagdcm which w mid liat fir ever. What were (he pr uces of t ha earth compared I ? thw* wh > were to be the inheritor* of the k.rgdoa of tiodf What, be arkrd, were tbe earth* m ?'hlleet gen-?logie? c?m;iared with tta geweal^gy of tbe children of tl >dt W .old they ap. ak of the rbuecn Med? tbe aacieat aoile* of Rgypt. The eboeen *? ed of that ancient rate wu v altered an t loot am id the nsaaee of time or eraadered through tbe dreo ?ler en of forgotten ruin*, or atghe t lo the ghoatly wladt of the NUe. Wo id lh.-y rpeak of the learned ??reek or the cbr. alrons K >man Tl.eeo, the peojJ and terrtbte of tbe eaiib, lay la a comaioo grave, an I w, re ocly remembered amid ibe aognhie ? bam Her* of dnaty Mm. and tbe run of c'.aeaic tempiee and fa.lee column* " peak of the race of tbe an -lent kmga thai hare |awl away. W'aat of tbem' A k lag's blood wa* i.o better than a peaeaid t. nfteo not *o pare Vbat wee th- georaiory of raiihlj* c- mpan l |o thai of the kmg of Kiagif While Ibe ? ntcbeon of rtanlafrntta an I Br inswick ?h?'l ?? "nlder in obllrlot, while France and Kcgltnd, Sp? r an J K'l -eta shall ooly rvoemher tbeir r- val.y by the i see* ot *1 fieata and Wcetmteor ASV.'y. Madrid and j*. reMrthurg. the Cbristtaa'- genealogy *ha t glow ard live la perpetual Keenly aad everlasting ff'-shne" Km pi res ami earthly tbroo<? may crumble in lh*dit, but the ttr. Ulan * throne wa*, esulunaf far etse. An I when king* aod earthly trioee? bad patted ?way acd been forgotten, w'th all their pimp anl pa geantry, the Cbr (t an would he panoplr I la robe* olevtr lea log partly? the emblem of aonablp and he rehlp lo a tbr-oe of florv forever The fYiaoe of Wales haa a verv be?' tlful eresl, Ick Dim~"\ imrr* " I,e| 'hat ervgi be yours Tbsl creet t* preseoted in three f^oibert Let tboee fetibort be *ymb dieal so y>*i of n< d the father, it f?od the Am aad of ti *1 tbe Holy i.? oat. Then serve Him? areve Him at yo?r borne*, Mrve Hta a your fsml lie*, serve Him !a your b it nc?? ^erve Him while a thn>b if |(.'e rema.i *, then will be receive you anl pro riaim you a Prince for rver, la a klagdon where yo shad b* toUir *et ut anfe! c glory forever and erer. ? TNR PRINCE AND THR MAN. ' ?nwnM it mil hf t . o. b. nwrmwont*. or rac TUI*l> V>1T 41.1 iS CHI MCR. A mrmtto or tha *bor<> iah)*cl >u prakc6?d ;mt im b> Ui? Rar.n. n FrtUi ogham . W thr H?. of ike Third I'alUriaa totlfif, tm t'.a rirnar of B- >? !? iy kad Thirty arrnad itfui TV- acrarlty of Ut? itorra di I not pr*Tirl k r pcrftrfklloa from kltantrif Tm MOT '??a firrm^rcM *tlh k TOukUry <ta I'm ?*(**, Whtah <M follow*! by Ih, < hiukt ny of* paal a, M I tha nMof tba ?t ? >o?* w rdiBf to I ha u? i*! oNrr TM rarafad |tUriMi tbaa nriiimkH b ? di?.oaraa la u eioqaaat Uf f, lak<B| b.l tail from lh? trtt t r* 0( tha aacoad c*?pWr of tba ap atla a f ? Oar Hrnbrm hart not tha filth of Jara Qhr ?t ?)lb rt tfmri to paraoaa Th? follow sag la tM dl? oara* T?abatiio ? TM arrlvai mm*i aa of k rapraaaatati n> of royalty? tba aacraaanr ta proapact of tag land a ^1*0, u> 1 iba fair fbnsl ?>n of a moat happy aaJ h^a-iraMa a man aad moUwr who gracaa ? aaprwao offKw with a cbararw that mura wi i to ra aa wall M tfcatr h??a<a? ? aaaat of ?.<a -tumor* ptri aaoaffh tor r?li,'??a t-oal ?wi, Whra tba arwapapra ha r? doa? with it. ant "aa?i >imt h*a outapakaa all It bad to aa/. imm thr, yet rrnMUM fur tha p?ilplt indaa.1. N will lata ',<mf tortfca at all Uta l*aa?ia ahieh ara ??flraetad ltj It Ha who wal'i fairly mttnata tha meaning of aa aarwt. anal taka tha naprmaioa t?ft by it tm a papalar m'nd la IN boar of high* at ra< >i# mmi That a?cttB?o?it may M uaraaaoa n? aad oaratwiwg? an at <h tha hatter; II M laat.oM n aad Tha baart of (to pw?J*a r*** * ?*? fc??*t ?rf tlitatt. Md tba rwthmW ** , f*0^ a?aa k d-apar oaiaa ft>r Md fa?<a rnoro m ,tr,?>aWv? Uan ? la lbia?'(, thaa a aar?? QB'taratkndioa I'anorani wfcw . two yaar* a?o tM. rl#?-tri? a. - wu <o -'Wullv ?trrvh d fro* ahora ti ah -? <4 tha Ai.aatia ? n Hn an, tiUidaa a?*tfar?d at tba a lt b .rat of r?whac that irrti ad tb" nxaptatloa of tha 'il^rr'w Whrra MsM M tha ?a aaa far an tramcndoo* kr < ilrrt t Tha , an? ?w it tha 1 mammal toe of ir*nkind It ?u not th* KTtkd^ir of in, ?B'rMatOkl ?rb?'rr??-r I . ?<* ?** tt tba *>-?-?? of k?mm |?ar#m ?sJ?rV)Mi ' g ?hkl SO t..a ? l ? tma .. ? order (tirlH of human e*;?etAttoB, It ?M U.I* of Hawass fulurei, it ? w?e TK?? fT'nl brolitrbooa E^veM nation Cad nal.oo TT>* I .7 ?of ? ??* tolt to be mi electric uorvs that mile cvrt oj th. B,uuu?d?, Buki as ?uL? bm^ holds or Got to be ft ?ingle family, ? *'<*? rac* to race tbe Ufa of a ft, . ^ ?. WL - , 'ast summer, tht Japaasao Eaahftasy v fllrd ua. aud the str-eta swarmed with jubilant tbou sai^s to give their. *nelitg, aud all day long, for .lay* In , csslouatoalol i>cs *a\cL*l evcr> dt?r and window ? I irb one < f tb?m was likely to fthow hlmsolf, cauld ws bel'evr that all the atlr. and rush, ani tumul; of)oy wore Cue I ? Ibe mere prwoco of a ceict*ny of sailow reoplc, w artiig wucdeu platlcrs on tlielr liaadi aad Ijunu s ip I tin u 0) :ir fe*t, and bftlr tied up In little knot* on the Lp of tbeir beaot l'laloly not lb<.?e raih?r liuir mUciuit and very outlandish lookup people reprcsonted a rart empire in the Fue? , and tbetr pr?MM< .horn meant ?n ixirn* ton of ootusoeico, a widtuingof -.ho nr?- i of civilisation, a shifting to ai.d fro and Irftterofti ? i ?j l< setter ol Ka*t6rn and Western imputations, tho opeutn* of kt v. chaune'S fo the one blood of t? aU "ajiooa ore ttade lo llow Id; It moid psftoe ?*"> biolherhood In Ui* most remote c omcrt of the oftrw^ And m, ?Un tlits >oulh comes to eoo ua, be makes a ??r wfclch 1.0 tnllury bands ani projeahloos, 00 docUeto ?? a boy I'rinc. or a kin*, will sotllileotly . xi lain. If lli? vary Ing internal ooeld be * J;"** cltOKOt rf It wiuld \>e louod to eocsutl Of ?) ro ,?atny Ik.m^ii the r.ld nation aud the w* one? thro, sltg of ibe Ud Inhortlfcd bloot tu our veins ibe new blood .tucb * to perpetuate Itself in Ihe veina of ch'liiieii yet cnborn? a deep prescniiaiintof com og wel com- on both sides of tbe broad Atlantlo Tterj int u atloo, dobbtlMn, i^at Uencefortb England and Ame "aa ^o 'J IT b-*-m (r.ecdn, Uiat ... tUc crwHblo mi?un<icrbiant!lng , wo ahJl rein^mbvr lb t- fn? ihB wotrao wbo wero bl* perUu re *1 tbe ball to b?tv tli.1 ?tr?i ge- fr>eud? ?bo did tbetr 2X for .K to bate bim woold bo ? If one worelob.U. ?? h n.'in, Liu. wbo, an an Innocent child, be bad fondle! ltj h|^ WB.fc Tte vifsit oi tho P. .uoe of WalM will be fell ?? n humaeir'nii liflurnc? lo a "oontry like ourt. I n u.iiinl?iv?'Iy acd etrpbaiically that obvloM yet r^ff u?t w?t (atnll *r yet met unacccpVsd |(M< I , tven hin'cg r? | ^bUcIuia, pi ^ ' w lib tL: noble Inference ^al all meu are Prl"?* J? ' ? rrcau >.ue. ^*b?n Irg It imftte royally aciuaui c^mpa O'jl am ct r ihn ^ CArt ? *,1>e .b ^ bou I lu n^if fond of Bbootiu/, W^ng .ad daae'V fTlla ?al?p at dinner, anl baa ? h-ata-le from locg ridicg In tboBMi, It to e^en plainly enou^n tor lUe duiiti Suoder?Und Hut tbo bond of a c^nroon humanl STWSffir tbe tt^bra and "Tf'/h^na KCdt'y. H at all tnrr> I.ivl tbe fame b.o.?l ?od b " "' ,l? ??i otitoeea of pleasure andpa:n, tfc^ ??">? I M M " ar l tb<- iame wlanoi, that no divinity ^h ?o b d?r i k ? t * that i.r<'in?'v ilel.?bti and orJlnary ,nfir? Uea enonot rtnd tb-ir way to W-. Jf %**>??* ??* Prlcco at.; bit rublemen wUI not teacb ?.?, lt woulo , rotbU-r W0':)d If i? tow. leach It, t?? ! t^-. h v. i.av pb'-si ft-y w.d the New Teetament, Md aj II,.' ' ? vt hi k; lr liwtuc. e o' elTtltsiliuo, b-4ve Uiua fur tried io t |,cV In ? bin At "i wbal bbocl^ be the effect of aucli u ??n wui! U..fuw3t Nol meruiy u> make u? repi^bll J-iol'w royalty, bat to make ua royaJi/* republic^ia^ Kcl merely to r.,r,x ..c uh that prince, are hut men in m ' cdlc, but t > cocTluoe oe ?l?" tUat men fi-eprUio IB a ltagutoe of humility; not only to bring , K noble dewn to our lotel-lhat wooW J? poor and negative r< ult-bul to lift u? npi lo the letej . . m>i ilfrine Imaiiloalion placed llicra, lu-it h, l?V Mi b? I' xalu* and glorilltd In all, md rctiglon I * ^i:i?Hor r^loe iS the achtovemenl. And ihlT barnan<7lng Impccwi.oa will be deepened a? we re lh!? b^aa'wngra^ lUM ,u ,)llW)ern ijo^i, v bou n .InklLd i. more *pokcn ol lluin men, and men are more cobaldered than p. r ona, rack and ' ? "( "fc of iii>i<!a it -u-ad of diai?-bKiiig with m:mly altrlbutt-. d? tbem When the outwardly grc-.t-no more prlrl ? to aubHtltOto outward grcatii. i ? for Inward power rv, t .un.fv tbetr outward greatn<-?'- by lba I"*"** ?f ihc*? fcul^taotiAl qvaHliee wbt 4k c'erywb< re in lower S maWtt, man a. nan Tl?e time ? a. when one horn toa grand .Male Mt at liberty to ***** ? talent, education , discipline Ho .hud ro.icb^ fl lb<-' without monnllng the ladder, and of had no need lor the Ignoblo nieana which belccd tbe rabblTto ri?e. Wbal should he bare to do with knowiedgo and accomplishment and t*.-t.T S??js?w^jrars?rtS K^rszi'f B: ?.?? - " .0 * ay, Wbo are obliged to w ?rk for rClb^d; tot UK-e and ??dv and .r te ?b,. must do so or starve, let thwe prac..oe prudence, temperance, self denial an! ,0,h.<,' , rnues. wbo c*o?ot make tbelr ends metl wllOout tbern^ v r m\?rlf 1 am rlcb; I ca? ?ff?r<i, if I ch"ose. to be a IdV.^ ? idiot, all the Tirtue. 1 ran bur without liaTlre any of my own. What is ikimt industry, awompllsbment. wisdom, excr-Heroe of ebSirtlw good I" ?rtt not to brlog unfortonates preelwly wharaluaad wllbo. I Item, and standing here without ihem nhall 1 ctimber myntlf with the machinery of LnrU No no Mine It Is lo squander and dlaslpaU, it la ta> be alibeitloo. ftj has .1 beeu hitherto, so Srt^to^hiiSrX-- - VaUr-llng M i H ? that tbe king* nre setting us all the worthier I eitinnto of Lanllnean. Tne mlghllsst Siupar.r JET rule, to day to. and lias evsr been, r misbiT worker a roan who has Mt the putoe o? the c2oi>le in tbe rhop of lbs maf-hlnirt, In the labwatory oftbo chemist, In the objure rt>jm of the '"Tentor; . In wtato studeil lerrlbly in s-w.1 ncienties and arm a&d uot oojj lUulied, ItiIikI il^Il (?alienee tn stern endnrance, In rigid obed.enos of the }o?( r to tbe bfghw man tn grim i?4 long self W,m J to tbe school of want and almost bopolrss adren tme riis la that of a cootroliod ai.d onoouirated rrtrlt and of a vigorously dl?rlpl.ced will, and the fl0*11 I rl ihk b make Vdm the forcible ruler of a preat emj. re are rone oiher that ibe qualitlea which would make him meihsale, or prospsrlng - a nun of bwiorM The mother of this yoasg prlnM ot er whoss .i.'retl we are rfjotrleg, lr celebrated, and I need . notre^ mictf too Ira* for i rubral than womanl/ ber u.l ' ence ore' b.r people far ?Orttohwdo^^S < irtno. iban to her sorereign ssray foremoil among ber respobalbililiss, she flaoes lhal->f wif. mo^ of i bildren, |i*in| prom. lo those rery HifthtiM wbtcb arc tb4 fouttd%ttoi o* ??WT KT, -- h?r iisAkjo would make but the lowder and wid? peofa trat eu of h?r unBtneo to ruto I dom.*lc peopto. tod Tl.?L?oU.7toOsS father?. ms of wrtghi and mlad ?JrtEX?tea. usofi| the I-tryrt ij-Mjd fnl's ranal to being a peer aooag ber pew. fjw hours a !ia? he bint over h? Wi.. when a sudeoi of jurispra of Bo.n ; he is a ban , draughts _,r %n .dmire* uid p<atrwu of the arts, s aallf'il n.nsl ... a i .reable p<iut, a man of parti , w? should say, net showing hi" brilliant poslll<? U> maki htm ide, iuwuttwl a I the demands which thai pis Uou " n 1. - tbe eldest son of st-ch parents utt,K , bom our >o?ag men sr. looking at with such And he Is, what lbs eldest so. of suck o.r<els would be anywhere, tn educated, cultivated, l7?lo<M .rd dmelpilnolyouth Few New Vorkrr., t^orn i f ?uribT at if rf?THtiiof rahgio?a jarwiU, &*?? ^ the WWMH U a L~Vl in.Dd and a g ?d dXporllK!. so fairly aid tun. iM.ii' osly ss he has. He bas troddew th. straight tTd r^r-wMy of study .nd duly which .1^. Wads lo life . not tbe prtmnss of dal liance whJS. erd t. not blessed. Obedience to his partnts, itsperl for hui tut.>rs, governors and t usid,*' s. honor If all ass-hts brother ? befors tb. Lird? th.s Tr uth l?s lenrn'J after oo new ??thoJ, but s'Ur tbe ' 11. old mribod, .bloh bas bres f.lly teste 1 by | ib? ??r?rt'ore o' marklid He bas hot bebtrd tbe vnl of b.s sUtloo. or to ?b.ik dn .ss os tne rcote of k s dignity As a boy. ?b?n brought in con tit. h rlher bo)s, he t ?k hi. ehascs with them, nor r ifwUed dellc.< y of breedisg u sn escuse lor oo.ardwe Kree from ui'y vk*. ar.d duly I.U.Its and morb.ddis umpe^.n tbe bleed, is this ;?uof g uileman prln^ t an and s.set be Is is nature, If all men say of btai he Iroe He bas been bt.eigh u? to tbe practice and eri- 7 ?r.t of hrallhful. manly .poru-rldlug, rowlnj, bunllag, Md swimming- Ver'lf. If yeuag Kew Yoe* wo-^ ^Mu*e tbe Mors ting of Fng'acd ?? a model. It would be th" IkH or in heaJtfi ss .ell as in mora a, il J*? ? stroarrr heart, snd also a stranger hcl. which a??ns to be nslte a* medful snd quite as rare ?W? wyil ch\U. doubtmw is not Ubinu the moel fasb.onab'e to his knowledge f dr?rs. ?ut he isn tum ftou dru* iu 4,.ty he undersunds nil U?e my*erw o ths li.:; torn but ran leave them for Boater and Tlndar. The rules of et nuctie are fhastllsr to him, hut so are tta m rsri ih? maihemtties, sod when hs has djsa. with tu.rtss he can Snd In elegant arts sonvltlrg belter than "< r ?Tnai i? mraraa Tat M )? ff*?fr -i now. to rxlrnt, that lha kirg. la hi* ? ?> p roi airt, la rank or wraith, of ulaatPrirBlua.tBidrtbaflrttofalla mui lltmm ba in iiDfitt.; will the huiraaitjr ibat * la tha p*" >lf ?n l ^f. m lhe P*<Fl* ?c" <?'*? aupp!t?? of atficth Ala? aa4rr. < f Rw* a, rtraiar llkr a Tiuii at Um U? of amaa nf at rg tbr artf* rf tha rmjrtro, aortaf that ualtl thai can b? * dxripltatx-d Uk r< cndaltoa oi hit <-mplr? caenrt ?l*?4 imn-orabW. Nat-ot???, of Iruw, reb'UMa ttM quart ?r of f ina wlifn tl>? wtm k't( poopia lira. ao4 Uln oara tha' !)**:< by d*filtn? ???* fbrataha* f"f tbr poof, Al b< :i. of K??laa4, lilfKtH htmarif ?a uw*m?at b"'i'fa m ? ?,?.<> <i I ? ihr ?t ?? *<.*?< -l I' ?l in. ( a* ?*hib l*? i' Hjdr lark ?hjul4 ba nprr lo tb? > w'iv ft all natMO*. ?a4 not lo thai of Ea( lac 4 dm. VMor >maaa*l aocoirajra all mi Mi* of cutfiaalta* IB Mi KHiglW Ho |raM ktag toda> aaijtaal Mo ara bre'BBlaflo look lo ibnr roN*i fcir lifLt and fMnfwt iB?1 II will bo qalM lapuaal ? ? ? ? bo rr*k?? tb# pi'gTtiaafr of v rat lea with ?uch h<artjr, apirll' aa Itiia jrounf Pr' with b- <| ina *?. a j*th><* inacrfortb from tbcte who lira and ? - '.4 M tb? wt>hj. How fair lo ?'ir n ?[ i a ? tt.? viai?>a r* th a h'ytba an i happ* yw h, i atiaf ai rg aa o a<>wa Cleopatra'* ?>are\ orar thf taaay *vrr?oe mf lb la lowar ?*jih,*lh aothinf, apparral 'y, to do b ? t Vx* ab^ it hint an t ?raftfcr gay aty cla that r'rcla r^tad aud |?aa br hix a* ba mo-rm Tha prirl Jajad rhlld of lotting, ha anr < |? ba w?*rt?e blMhiBg 1 - r" n h'm I tn ? ? b >ybnod, b.?ro lo ? ?plrBd <1 mamiraar. <? at a aatw* . ?*j?ww_wlth Haw rWtbfn, h -r?iw, U- ta, arrraata? a pala?<a far hla rfal Ifrrr- a l?!*nri(?na labia -^fwnl lor bint arrrr 4a r, I tr?fn .'?) aa4 I-.- ban of *rrrj1h.ii|. w th ?eafro.r It* Irrnbla of aaklrg " flow Boa ? thirf m rank' H>w AM * ?h< ? hi jp ?aity makra tbna f?tu-1 and (il4*4 a* 4 4<voiau>l ? in I umiJi Kf*? rtpiihl?aa !i*ar? Iwata ' -afj- ai?f?, an4 tb,ik -hat roTalty malt b? ? r?4 l hire lar thra who ara bar* lo It. hi Kt m ' rttoMdrr lbl> a nvfn^cl an I aobarly aak if th? Priooa ? 1 ff?l'7 ?o prit.vj -4 a j#r?op aa to ba aa abjael of ?a ? f | to ihr saa ta thr flrat It mnal ba fmwwbafa.1 h? Inarw wlolijr that t r.raal ar4 radical aal'afkctl"a sf tna fatlffb-IKB of far* i ne lite own brrad by hi* ow? labor , a?4 of "rrl t ( thai ?*. b m, an 1 htm aloor. bit wtf* ' Ut 4 (hiMrta n?prn4 for tha lattrtra and roaiforta of I tbf if Uowia labor la aot oniy lha ? wit, bat tho Sr??.< end <T>?al alao M I '? Hear "f rirti>?a a?4 mnut < ion tiati u m una ara #wa*u >w aaanr a'ad wlUjitj The aecar of recpormtbltlty for ice's n>a;nt nan re tad other's support, the nutusl ooufldesce, the discipuae of >Coro?iy u> Uu < Uort to a.afce the two eud* ni??t, and of ix-?eral good UuLg* u> thofi' arblw'i a'P :i groal*?t value, the d?"afr.t (tut oomw with sui-?*?aftil eudxavora, Hid the sympathy thaloomt. with fatlire aa<t disappoint went; the gracual improvement it the hou-.?, the furni ture tliu table, tb? dress, the addltiou ?< n now luli:*y tow #n<' tbt'L, a library, a pn tore, a ?tiilut?-, acquired by acme little r;.rllg mid dan ml, ibo feeling ?l personal pro prictutaiiip )i, things, be tboy ei or *" f?f* ^ua 1'iinjolo, oeunt auur.n the b. ?t ponotw, us thst a i.m> cmi u*j, aim cannot be tnaeu fro? a koblo, or <-v?u from a king, without tearing t >n> hy w> much tlii poorer, au.l t ia n.? privilege at l< #>i, but a uiaadtart >g.-, to hwe ? na'.ion p.y net's Uilor'a bill and lure on- '8 c oa, to (Irniii wiue frjiu ? uanon'a cell**, ride horaea lr?ui a i. alloc 't suo. ?*, ?d t hnct lo a nation's preaervp*. Fbat Jto do< a cot i>ay lor it labor, be pa)? Id the doarer currency >if ?elf r*?pecl. "\\ b*t," ark: l.meruoo, "la tbu boot ttiat h^li"* the oa ger, blubbing boja atauiicb t getuei lit iiumhU b . jvj hoidaf It ir the Iron band o' poverty, of u.oesoity . of ; aut'erity, which, etoludlng tbetn fron tbi sanaual ou >/>m< tit *i.i .A make others Ux> < arty old, d!r?cts iliatr i a i.'Tily In mi ue and right channels, raak<w them. BplUi i of tin maelvrc r?>v?r?rs of tbo grand, tho beautiful and j the good. Ah', abort a ghted atu lenti of books, of nature i hlU of mfci'l loo happy could tuey know ilietr ml van- | (agtsl Tbiy ngb for tee clothes, for rldca, 'at lie tun* i Ire, and tb< l rooiature freedom and dissipation wblcb ' otbera po ttt et Vtuv to tbctti if tbeir nrwaoir - lire crnwo- | ??a I r m- argtlr that dwell with IBC'tn, aol ?r? wi.N?v'ag launla of lite for taclr youtb'ui brow?, ?. XVjU, aui Wurt, ai.d TruUi <od Mutual Faith " S Ttiit? a** c , tbal tbli yooct; ma u hui r. ">t , and D<>Ter will ha*t, the rawed privacy wh'cb iu c tnini<u t.fe m fcuch a crew i ?> . aawg. Ue ??k l-rn i > puklla an l cbri?U;rcd |u>,ui, uurturod In pu itio nod dlacij .lm J by Lie lat r >l public. No di'frcl of bli ou bo uDCcaled, o in u> lake bui i.vl lii forejy, uo mialrrtubo c:>. from all uiiu'a koowledf ? so lault or error of hla hidden from t?c Itanitln^ laogbti-r or ttr more liiaultlog pity of nun and wooion At* Die world knew witeu be ?aa puoub U for duobodl cot<', aed wbtu be traa wortUM lo a Ogh: ? itt a cam ration wbctn be bad wantonly provoked, all the world knew tbat, too. A crowd follows him wbca bo v u.k* abroad, and it lie ctajv at borne there Ii an eye looking IbrtM gh tlic kt> bole. There la no reluge for bit sljptllly, co cloevt for I. la ignorance, uo sbori incaoi) for his ?>! u o der* and lulh+u Uther men may be aloe with neir grufa and ivr, u xliiis, their lu?<? an i ilifir hite?. but bi' baA a multiludo waiting agat<e to eitcb bia s o'j w In sigh, the ligl.Ust ex^resalou ot his 1 *<# und diaiiicas Otbrr men can console themseltea with the ;eUectioo that If they are ordinary they may be mclui. C; be liti no lucb conaoiati n, atd rank must indeed bj pri*cl ias to u.ske aaieuda for inch misery ax tbal A prmca, ha Is 11 iore In subjection man aoy of hla subjects, a I >n, La i? le-s his own master than the meniaj w-j walu oa his table. No bondage Is more absolu'.- than the bjudnso of it r great and the etniut'nu They < moot rat, drii k oi uleep when they will; Ihcy racnot w<?> atnl wed a< tbey will; tholr positiou dccrwi whom they must talk wnn, and what they must or must uot kit. Re ts little better than an automaton, and In all tlie m nt mimentoai paifagra of life? even In U a way of hm religion ? in lsi be pushed or guided by some | tower outside of him, ?bleh hla cosecieuoe may uot aoitnaa lodge, out whicb bir all! if unt obey. 3 And ILM1 tbtrk of the rwTii!ttT>iTTti3 wblcn be U, r TTenitoeot tutlou. Thtuk of lb* ^ it, which Una you'.g tu?n malt play * cowpi^njin* P*r* ol tbe Eiuvo couumU It which hit woo in -at be c>{ (be usonoentoiift itauet wticb will bang on b?Wtllor iiia .-.Miff ll'tb rank tn acy form demand* high cap* Sty to ?? "i?dW?.u great qaabtwa >r Sr iM man ha. than a utor one It U plentant, no doubt, to hayetbe none) . or tbe potilloa, or the title; but the "xMlon of uhec It wiacly is beyopd ??!cul?llou. M?af a lime In tbe courts ol bi? life will tbla young man w?b be could put off bl? *tate and become at tbe burobleat of hl' "u l.-cta Many a time will be enyy tbo rtiugb farmer, whoaa food agrees wltb bun and whoeo Bleep l? a*6?* Va v a time will ho t Kb fur a true lic-arted friend luto llrle ^m hVcL i>tur freely b la long pcoi up Mr rowa, or a faitbfuJ companion who will aare ? ?mattv of trcadliethe wlueprea* aloii, Bul la ma hour of reed crca tbtf, which la tbe common prlrliege of coir moo humanity, rauat trften be denied bira li der?otif on tbe man w bother tbe rotpotmibillty which *? t? *'? ? ^TbTnatur'al ibTn-U blltemaea cr a If rank ? veatmei.t of the mas be will wear it ? tlly, *?*** Manly and rich and heary it mar be niade bla own mi ccy by the legitimate methoda of def v. Ud icduatrj ? be who atUina bus poeitlon by long , and boLorablc aerrl* ? be who baa acquired PO*?rbTl^e labor cUtcre and ditclpltno which prepare him tore r*?e???-w.ll niter be o,,,.re?. d b> it, or confab i by it ^tidutiM will be no bnrthen to ?? I \fiatico, ita txp<wur*a no annoyance, and iU danger* no I dread, ilarlug maetercd the way to hit poeittoo atep by ' urn he baa maittied tbe poaltion, and atandi aa eeaily ic ft a* the pooreet and leatt incumbered of hta neighbor* Sa^U in But if be uag born to grealnew, be 1* born alio to wrakarta, folly or tneaptcitj?T beirip^orn to wealth. be ? Wn .U? to ??">?'? or u> profl'gacy ? If beta* born t. blcb ^urtj, be U burs at tbe tame lime to Idleneat, treewery itaolence? if btirp born to an hoborabls name, b? a born wo the tI>? that degradet It. or t> the tnatgaiti ^thuSJta- It rtdteoJoiB, th?,botb ibama^ wd the dU'blly ahemo each tther If, baying greatneea thrust rj?n V im lo the abape of richee, or patronage, or rank, be \? in m f.?cdilioo to wear It jrasefolly, It were belt it for bin tiayer to bare touched tt with one of hU &n (era. He ibat baa a aUte that tfoea not be*"?f 10 bi?, tnu't be 1!k"ned to the tmall wwnboy who h*l cloth td I blroKell w itb an old oaat off, etolned and ratted unilori*, ? huh bad been beetowed oo htm In eharity iia o? Ur waa to hith that be could not fairly atraithun ?p hM trek, tbe fWe^fa were ao loot that It waa with ffre?' dif ficulty be telaed and bMd hia raocri, iU tlrU a wept the MTtnicnl abd drew after him a per prtual clout of dual; tThebuttoced It alKHit him it w? ?o l?? ?*** bim no warmth, while the Umiabod tpleodof .'f IU bat ' tona a?d allrer cord waa In rldlcuk>u? on, treat with the rn waa bed p? raoo a>d tbe bumble buatoeaa. Ttjernla no oomlortln^ife uoku ote be til./ a^led tobla e-rron ro.nt A mab'a t atural lureat litre ta bit akin, and tbe rrarcr hie clothing corrttpoads wUh that the i f|,?old at all (TtiiU be made hitn, not for enmebody etoe and be uo larger ibau Urf can comfortably wear. How completely lb' re obrlowi truth* were fortoiUm by Ihoee who hare bad the charge of re^elriog a?d pay Ilc euurtcty to tbta )t?ung Prinoe. Jt waa atoooeaa aumed, not ooly that raak aanihllaUd the dittinotiona of yea-a and trawfomed the lad of eighteen Into a maa . of forty but tt waa aatnmed that be already poawtaaed the kiatly port aad miad Orare Cbaacelkwa a<ldreaaad bt* M il L Mm/Vtra.lbt from tbaaeatof lo^Uble arlad*., and aolemn . mctala treated bus aa if be bU jaat deeogd ,d fro. a tbrtme la thaaklea Be waa *akea ? u of if bi lAd b ttm a ipirtt from bom opp?* 1-0 wm waiU^o. * M U hcVd U??^?iui hODOr aC in bia band. A barbarian ?tr%nger wooll baew tboiffct I |?4 atfod amorf at, and aorae good mea bluabed ta aaa I Low raak and title were eaalted a bore wtedom and worth. I WZ 1 wouM "ay a word la Tlndmatwe of thai w lar aimtration and enthualaem w bteb loUo ^ it alwaya foil-wa raak and title Truly taal ray be aacribed to aowatblat better tbaui Bnakeytim and robbery. It do?t not follow tl>at people wbo rua after pr^?? deipiae met? that UM*e wb ah. ..t at a war or a garter are Inreoelhle U. the noalltlea that ennoble bumaa L?ture. There ta doubfaa Bjakeytaaa mo gb ta Anaerl firmMlT tliirtcvcr. Ihi truth li, that ill men \m pfc?i?ar ctrcu??U?c?? p#cuilifiy UW?t "eg and oufbt to be Ttcre la aoa?etalr< unnatural Md taaoman la not carlag to tee tbe maa who baa aMMdad Hot nt Bltnc, o* rr.eaed the Niagara rb?a?blladfoldOB a w or awert o*?r a i a?l ooatiaeot m a al.hen ballooe or fought 'u the tr??ch?a before Sebaat too' or w lateral amrcg tl ? ic? trrgt at tbe North pole To haye no carl calty rraj*c?lin?uch prcple t??o la?k ? gaa"hw i?terea* la humanity. If we are in tbe neighborhood of N.akera we goto are tb?ra at a aaatur oTwite, if we are near *brm why ah.?W we not . |?ally go te aee emperore a ad ooeenr, r jrt ?entl? mm and 0?url ladltt. who are e?aai ly a mjnery lo at with the SOiak n * Ard whe? oaa of (Krwe (airy pereonagra p-n.'- ajnorget nt It lln a j'.clh 1a >l??i retne runt tbe blood of a royalltoe, ?i d wtueo brow will one day be afcaded by a crown ? a south wbtre form tur lmegrallon lereet* with a *, reairy K* gutter rice half ?"??!' lie balf cloid? wboae paol and a?.<-a*f"ture are alike In tncnmprebenalble to aland* light, a^ry an>t tmlliag on tbe three* t<iM </ a deetlny ?? grand and ao unfalht mable that tbe wiacat ran n<>t in the leaat pewetrate it* aolema and llllmi lable teil? It would crrUu y arouee a itrange apathy and even a al amelul wast ol aympathy with the fortune* of b?mai ity not to diaire one >"?* at hit he* and o?e loucb of b t ucracn If be were allow, d to come tad go it eii oUMl? it bla way wire nut lined wltb crowd* . and . wared ? tb Wel oane '.be city and IU lubabiUnta wruMfail nLder the re,.n?eh of being an: na| inatire, I at eari . if rot of b. log toobby . Tbe Prlnce l rank tallt no i) iri *b. ut bi?e.hax*< ?er, but II t< lit *yer> thing about bl? ?^f,ti^ w 'z^?m "udSrsrit bet ey.rjth^gia legard ? bia ?orlS>>e. ll doaai aetat all dM-rlbo bia ijualllKW. bet It alrvly tyaff^^ ibadowt h* dcatiny. If tb* royal prince J alao the rejei i err n, l'.e? be la Indeed a wj?de? r^S! well ataad far h. or* U-irg a dap rr tai iritce <a a dell aad laalpW aal ftddy jautb, then, in r.ry c mjeraiow we woo d wlab w*>v i* dorrr. l to *o mo ch ?orrow. Abort any |?eo,de, rertar*. people af Amerim art IBterraUd la tbe hi nan ct*da?a. W? rarer tbry a*a a , llgb, " a v , *ni . at ady?rl?tm-<.t, a Sag or A MW* whjob rat r < n re you may behola humanity la a aaw I?rb Of f*te, ? lh ther tb?y mah toewtHteB*, ard i My rager aji 1 ,? di?iy brtik* upon ihem that aH mea are aot oo the ram* lew I afur all. tlat ?-ro?Wf. nte arrtafM rtnkr that ttrange charactert may ttand a le by a o* ? U. - barm aad th? beggar both eq itl? hwtunea '?*"'^r vat j aed >orlaMia U?e b^ige, u<a ol | I be i of that Dtr ae fay* IM which unir U r wrndcr *rd awr fmen 1* tbt* eagefeurlo?IM to Uarr j ?W f>,rtui.e riaj - by h r badge*, te J?e in.-t great ?'* 1* ? fT<4t. and whether tie gtllUI 1^ wade of gold. 1 re* an ,r 1,-atU* ejtbei ?awa?r?WI ? i that In* nU.e l-?ri - ai. f 1 ' ^ ratioa of the rlbb-n* and the dWMtadt be omet.,.Pg ' ' h ? ? ai ! it" - - we.r..m? that > a* mi ,?4 canen mat the r nt n ent cf ? l rcl With '< " 'I'" ' >n ?nre ^t l ..*er. n our rompMitxr tbal w* bare rot ,ulte Uwt oar fbltb o loe tt.ran ,.gof |.err'c*ynibul?. thai tb* deceit anA h?w ug la the *WM ba*a aot yet bro-gbt aato Vlkr^ that b ba>>*>* of *r?*tree* do tot fall on great peopte. to* EfaT i a am i e* poo drace *od 'Mlde worth t* Mill * rid tod *llre ll ?< tf < oe day In ttrttcea who than to be men' *rd ??, who will be aatl*?ed wllh r? lb eg let* tb*a being prlaert. HIE TRIXCF. P1I> NOT VBIT BIBCHO'8 CHURCH. A re wo, ?at current la thta city yetterday aternoon to the eflrct that tbe Pnoce ol Walea would *t*it Heery I War* Beer Her 'a cburab, Bmably , laat eyeatag, tba eoM* I f| tratt waa that tberr waa a graad raah of royalty te?k **t froaa tbt? eity to I be piyaoa?h tabarwasia l" oedar to get agHmraeof hi* Rortl Righaeat la the early part of the e retting the P?t?i,.nb f?rry hoatt did adrlrlog hn*i ji.,.?*?< crated f*af*e In. I>WJ city. The inroad* of Jup(t?r Puvlu.n did not *pne?r to j deter the Prirrehuntrr* from ere* log thetr o>?joct Th?t Prince, however, did not vtell Brooklyn, Mid tboeo that j wet >t over there to Me him returned homt to Ihi4 cltf late la the evening? completely ?"ld. TnR DIAMOND BALL. ?T VIICV or THK i- CFMt ? TH* IWIWMI AND ?**?* Tnr. tilkiUNO or tub fLCx.H OLD HHIlim ? hi ri'tK AJ?D TOiLltTtt? TttH rHlKCK ? PAliTM-lle, ETC., KTtl Now that the giand aflkir la over, and the mercury in tut nJb*,nable thermometer bM *ubsl?ed Iron tbe fever heat atwhch It Lm Ue a maintained tor ihe UM few week*, we can look more dispassionately and quietly 1.1*10 the event than when *urrounded by tbe glaro md elilterof the magtifloenl crowd 10 tne midst of wbicb | were recorded our firat linpreMloue. Like a. ?t ojomious | of this chaiai-ter, however, In reviewing I ?e ft te we have ronton to throw a few atadow. over the splendor oi j the .c ne; for while tbe bsll tboorollcally premised to bo ai.d ww, ?? lu ah regard* th* duplay of beautiful worn u.iiegant toiUllM, M unsuri lasedsupp'.r.ea'lbeiu. Uful de:omnoua, a perfect .or- om, practically the m.M , utile arrarg?unnt* <4 ? fe* >n?caH old gentlemen, and tbe lotMM and not over poUU curl-.ty of a groat crowd, ti.t*rftnd ww !??/ w.tbtho rMliMtloorf thngayan tlupaticus abich preceded U.? eieol la tbe main . notwithstanding tboee drawback*, ? ?? worthy of 1U honored object, ami wortlty ot th* motro nulla ai.d our distinguished visiter cannot but wry away with b m the moat pleasing remtaiaceaoua of ht? stay in New York. .... . Tbe topography of tbe Academy, In its almost UHml tatile detail*, has already been faUy dMcrloed, but there U, a grnersl picture brilliant and beautiful In it* variou. ai i?tu , which yet bang* upon the wall* or mem&ry, and require* to bo Men btlore a complete Idea can be bud of thtt most mignlllreut epoch In Ihe fMlilonable record of U,c mr iro^ .i*. To convey tbia Idea concisely la the ob ject of tbe present r?\ lew. First, then, tot the ?..,<* Imagine blaise'f one of the favored three IhouMnd. Confirming with all the details rf eHqvUte, r ad .art In tbe r'o'y of b?n r*J#tuniei >00 I ?\o rur the gauullot tf p>UM and crowd, and been act o, wr on ti e u?r,-ui of th. oarpot that generously extend* fi. m Um' c*<iorctcp t" the curb-tone. Pass.og tbo muuicl pa, aerllntila aUtiaoed oo either ?ldo of the ontra/ oo, a 6lep krlne* you m tte /?? yer, and here begtn. aonie of the hl, tlful alommoct which I* the grand f?tare of the ccuai' Huge va^E, aupportiLg nwaalre bowiueU of Sowers, sr. arranged at InUrvaU along lUa pwa^e (roa ride to airto of the building. DirecUy (reeling the entrance te the room an e.ogaat -a'utini i* w^pended, repreaentlrg Queet, \ ictorla ii fuU riding habtt upon a mounted charger. The t.Kure? are if life alie, acd the 3lM of the picture seven b> leel. The horse and landac?i-? background were paUiied by landbccr, ac.l the jortrait of her MaJ '? thewo^of , Count d Orsay, by whom It wm valued at fT,fr-0. The picture bring brought to the United S^t? for exhibition, became the prcpirty of the late Wm. t- Barton, and, e ing mo*t appropriately adm ted to add to the couiplele o<-m of au'b an cccMlon, waa loaned fbr the pjrp*c by Jt?ar?. J Sab in i. Cj , in whose pji?*tion it u at pre Mot Other group and ianda^ape paintings ad^rn thi* locality, ana the place l? ncaie a worthy aleppia* atuae to the sanctuary within. The utatrv nod all the paaMgt* are c-irpete 1 with enm OB cUth, while flag* and flower*, above aud below, Uviahed w ith to niggard h;?nd. giro out a wealth of fra grance and beauty Uiat almoit bowildera the sensos. It vr.vca ary to go up stair*, to the dre.-: n< rojms and parlor* of the U Ilea, wlikh are u^on the U' -t over hf?d. io the regions ufually oocu-ried by the prr-nen i lo and refret-bmenl raloona of tbe opera, and we accordingly enter the respleudent "Inner Uinple"-th* wic'U scnio mm 11, re the decors I Ions ate on a aoale trulv inagoia cent It f.-rm* a* If r?? were standing on the liire hold of ia inimewK* eot?f?rvatery of Cower*, where ? gather, eu u world of tint and wnt that h u? W n from tlie gard. in- and hothouBi* of Ihe vWnlty They aViuod everywhere. Not a jutting eoi nice, a pillar or a p- u i.ut l?n?p but had wreathed around II tb ^c offeringi of fair * TmmeoMrMM of china . mighty with pyramidal boo queta, loom up in air, featoona are .uapended from the isllerte*. s semi -circle of cool, greea folltfe *>C growing nlanta, oootraattng brililanUy with large crystal globe*, filled with gold and silver fiah, a.t?da around theouter row of aeata, while myriad* of pou and vaM*. Blind with floral cluster*, occupy every spot where U?elr pn>ao?oe can aid beauty or fragranM lo th* *oe?e. The proacenlum is tffulgenl under a new coat of gild h,g, the private boiM have been readoMrt with new curtains of ?inb?r satlu, trimmed with lace, anl, aalde from their artificial decorations, oonlaln hoqu*U of female loveltneM, la which bright eyM, flaahlng dlamood* and elegant attire*, predominate abort all eiM. A noticeable feature, attracting tba upward gtanoe of the .peciator, ? " alk^orloal MpreaMUtlon, pMttonl To m the celling about the middle of the room, of the rru^u cordwUe beliwe. Great BrIUla and the UHMd StaiM-the ban 11 work of Mr. H. W Cblyo, thearttrtof tb? Art May. Oa tbe left of the picture America, aa ladLu (quaw, I* .baking kMda with Britannia, on the opnoalte aM*. Immediately below tht. friary gr^ are tno arm* Jt Krw Y*rk, anrmouaMd by a igwa of reaoe, ? htle U?e celora of both oooaUlM, bto^ad la ??oabla reiai.en.hip, aad the erMl ?? bM Royrt HlgboeM, recall lo mlad the part be I* at preMal acting. At the extreme ead of Ue ballroom , oppoatte the en traooe, behind a red ve vet dala or rmteed plaUbrm of threa ftet, a Mperbly painted arch overUKrtJ a gardM, in which la represented a long v lata ef tree* neb with fo liage, and forming a terminatlo* to lh- picture M leen from <mr rtandpolal. Orer the atage a apiaadld Iiiirim bM bwn arranged, eortrtDC the operatic Btcblscry tbat wonld otherwlae ta vuible, and in tbe Molrt of Una hM likewue been I atnted >u elegant de*ign. Around the room on either ltd* of lb* stag*. ltd oa ihe .lau, art crlmaoa cokrad a-jfaa, lanngreaad acaw. al ready occupied by the ermmt 4$ Is crm t, while Um two upper Iter* of bnti abeorb a lev hundred Bora, whole preface from the throag below la hardly miaaed A brilliant and beaut a ul feat are of the eraalnf la the light abad from myriad* of pa jet* that rlaa circle npm r'TCle to a diaUnce that appear* ataxwt imifteaaareble. Brtghtaeea la tbe grai d I or Ideal of Ui? fcwtlral, aad not a nook or corner la the bnad area of the ball but ta Ulumi eated bj tbe penetrating raja Uradaally tbe Academy baa ge'r.ed the oaly add'tv-nal attraction It rw^uirad? that of the migniBcent men aad women who are m ivlag m maur from point to potat We, m common (Tie, bare eatrred oa Irrlag pfaea; bat the lav lied gueat* bar* coma ta by tbe aide Jour oa I'lHirtacBth (treat, aad we oalch glimpare of gay aa i forma, pea.'ant order* , dancing pl-.maa, flaabiug ?I amotda, cloud* ol lane, and tlef?uil womee, aa they d -op ficm the aide door* mto tbe groat tea. There tower* the ma|eatlc form of I. (act. San. StxXt.mpported oa either (Ida by hie toonm pita bed daughter*, Mr*. SeoU aad lira Gould Hojt, to whom the crowd yield tha way with a reaped fnl artir. retina that ? at* to be oowcca'.ad Tbfra, t-w, movea mr fleet aad rnaaaumlng, tha haadaoate Sgure of Millard Fl.lmore, ei Preeid'nt of tb? Called Stale*, ac cunraeted by hi* retlmeble lady; Trofuaaor Hone, of lek?ra|h>c f?n>e. with coat decorated with badge* of hoaor. m?rca oaly a lltt'e be b lad, while eetebrltlea, mala ard f<ma'e, of yreater or leaa sotr, come within range of every glacca. All the j rof<?ai->cr, "are tbe clerl cal, bare tbetr rrpreaeatatirea. Tb?r* are jadgra, law yrra, prohreora, men of war aad men of peace; men ta anifora) aad out. Soma imaginary tinea, an 1 hour* of their rwn cbooaiag, and other* decnratino* who** nan-re bare beeti tacored by nothing but their own ateta deerta or meotal eirr ilecre Tha wealth of the mrlropnll* x alaa largely repreaootrd. fllldlag among the crowd may be ohaght noeaafnaal gllmpae* ot the pried pal Bnarclal gray knar da nf the ally? thoae who have aoatrlbeted In tha ball, aad tale It for created Hut they are to mcnepol're the btggeet ahare of the rpvo There too are ladie* of every type of elegance. mtad aad beauty? faeklowabl* dWialttee? remalea of the Dora Trmple order, walking diamond admiration poiate? yenag girl* la all the glory of half ecu', -fired wonua hood? actboreaaee, female diplomat*, middle aged aad anperaomerary d<<*a?er*, tad a Ibw gelatiaoe* Inking old lad lea. inch aa *ak* ap a whole carriage or a eo'a to tbemeeaa*, aad praoalfy good appetite* aad good health gaweraUy. Of their drewrr it ta almo*t impneaib'e tn gire a gen eral idea, bet they are dMlagntalied by a apieedor that eaa oaly be rivalled by the gtoriea of fairy land. The flret affect a pre tba aeraca la Indeed aa dar/llag aa to render tt tmpneetble to ar pa rate ear diatiact or Indlrld aai efleeta. Flower* repeelag la fol'U of fteeey laoe, tare rkaing and railieg in rlak f< *n> like warea, Jewel* pelTg befhr* the Are of bright rre*, or Baahlng baok radiaatlr from *?lrc4 ha< k groBti^a, goll and atlrer gill tering la tbe Irahaparrnt tarlatare tahrtca ao tblokly em brokered with I ha aame pre< wma rnhalaaoe thai they *v? like atoU <4 gold, Hirer brocade, Iki' aad ahuiaf, lo king kindly on tht (tiff end MM; mom; flows**, r.b bons, jewels, (ana, feathers and 'he odor of s thonsand parterres, all mingling with the llfbta, tbe music sad tbe f raoc'ol mowing throng. Never waa more taste ?r costliness expended upon toi It net than these of tbu present occasion. At about tun o'clock the obcertng outside announoed the arrival of tbe Prince, and almost Instantly, dressed 1a full e voting ourtume and accompanied by his suite, be entered the buildtrg by a slle door, and prooeedlug along the crimson passageway behind the stage reached bis drtoBisg room. Tue crowd surged towards the dais to obtain a glimpse of his Royal Uighnees, and In a mo ment a llntler of excitem'at run* through the house, that speak* tbo deep curiosity which seemed to be uppermost In every heart. The Prince aud suite finally emerge from their apart 11. t tit, and ooc^ncted by the Committee on Re ocptiou, who have informally reoolved the royal ; party, he Is soon at the bead of the room, I aiJCUio band strike up "God Sere the Qjeen." The { Jam In that vicinity beoomes tremeni' as. Dignlfled old shades stand on tip toss, stretch ihetr necks, sad mount every elevation that will command a view. Parties precs forward for presentation. A few sucoeedi but while the pleasing prooom is going on "crash I" goes the Boor, and In a moment a broad opening yawned w Wei; upon the frightened beholders. An upright, placed cnrleusly up><n tbs boeids beneath, hss been driven through tho lower or stage Qixjr, snd the whole fkbrlc, U> the extent of twenty or thirty feet, hss glv * way. Something most bo done, however, and very V ck. l'olicomen are called In, carpenters set to wo -k, and the melodious ring of hammer and axe mioses with the insinuating wave of music that reassures the crowd. Meun?blle Mr. Poter Cooper, who hss Uken ft uj-ou hunt elf to aot as master of coremonies, or some body oise, announces that the supper rooms are thrown open, and requests all who can do so to vacate that part of the room. We follow suit and spend s tl.ort time In this agreeable department with the Prince, and a display greets our tight seldom seen in the dem i cattc city of Now York, or even in monarobcl&l and arts Heretic Kurope There are vases of Sevres puree lain, the dev orations of wbloh are sufllo.ent to induoe the casual visiter to Inquire, "Frou whence nil this wcai -It?" Tber? is the cut glass of Venice uud Bohemia, the gold an<! sil ver pUie of both oontlnenls, aud, in fact, a duplay of pcrgeout rte seln for tbe festive board which far exoeed the luxury of a Sbrdanapelus, aud which would have ?*U become the palace of tk.e great lady whor.o eldoat eon Is tbe honnro-i guest of tbo even log. llere, too, are rich viands, exuberant fruits, thousands of foms of tiie coofocli jaer's art, tha goaorojs wints of Franco, Fpain, Porttmal, Germany aud Madeira, all glthered In lavish profusion Tbe array of choice food, fruit, wines and other delicacies exoeeda anything of the kind ever attempted in this country, and Delmooloo, who has charge of the department, may rest well con tent with the*s of the evening. The manuer of serving the sapper, also, through a tine of active wait er?, not a foot apait, rendered the pleasant task of re free! mcLt additionally agreeable. Half an hour at t- upper and the Prince and party re turns to the ballroom, fully two bourn elapee, how ever, before tte repairs are complete, snd then the Prince, being latrodused, leeds upon tbe floor Mrs. Gov. Morgan as bis psrtner for the first cauce. The arrange meet of the quadrille Is as follows ? Tbe Prince and Mrs. Gov. Morgan. Mr. J. W. Gerard and Unt Bowtand. Mr. W. tangd on and Mrs. J. J. At tor, it Mr. Scbermcrhorn snd Mrs. Belmont. Mrs. Morgan's dress was of white reps silk, nearly co vered by black Cbantllly lace Bounce Hesddress, white Uatber and diamonds. Ornaments, pearl and diamonds. Mrs. 1. J As tor wore a white corded silk, trimmed with anrien point il'anpltkrre; orr.smeats, diamond!. Mrs Belmont's drti* was of rcse colored tulle, trim nod with blofsoms of ssreot pew ; ornaments, diamonds. Tbe second dsnc ? a waits? is with Miss Mason Tbo tblrd ? "lancers"? Is with Mrs. Goo id Boyt, sec Mil daughter cf Getertl Snott, as the Prtnoe's partner. Mrs Bo /t is dressed In pink silk, with n tulloorer dtiis, trimmal with flowers of boo (ton lace; headdress, pick wrtsth. Mr* G T Strorg's drew Is pink silk, trimmed with black CbanttUy laoe Boo noes; headdress, pink wreath. Fit a tii to tbe Prtcos is Miss Rise, of New Orleans, dressed m whits and blue. Owing to tbe Intense crowd found the royal quadrille party It Is impt t ?ihie to soe and describe the dresses of bis fair partners, and we, therefore, only give their names, as follow*:? M'si Fish, of New York Mis* Helen Russell, of New York. MM Augusta Jay. Mm. Belmont. Mrs. Kdward Cooper Mrs. Kernocban. Mrs. M B. Field. Mlrs Van Huron. MUs Butler. Tbe dross of MM Betas Russet WM of white fame mus lin, with s crown of flowers. Miss Field, daughter of D. D. Field, Isq , wore a dress of wbNe tulle, WtassMd with bine flowers; h*nddr*M and wreath to match. Ber oil s vit was Mtas Elliott, wbsns dress ems sf blue sift. Mtas Belden danced la tbe seme quadrille. Ber drsas wss of white tal e, trimmed with rune de cbene ruches, wreath of deep colored roses and gold stones around her bend. Mia Bcrrlmaa m the fburtk lady , to whit# tulle, trlnimed with pen letm ud crlwo* berries MM Antwu Jay in ike partner of Ui# Prince tor the fixth dance, ? polka. Th* ermogrmetita far dancing are of tht moat miaemb'.e drecriptlcn, aad tack waa tke impolite oar.oatty of Ike crowd that at ear for tine of the evealag a rope kad to ha etteaded around tke Prlnee'i quadrU'e to pravect Intni ( no aad afford room. Afterwarda tkla waa dlepeoeed wltk, but tot unt 1 a ma/.rity ot the people kad left the hoare Utile rrrdlt le doe to tkrta who permitted lack a atate of allure to exlet, aad left It to tka royal flatter klmaelf tn maintain all Uia dignity obaerved. taring the evming m> oh aprcuiatita etieted aa to tke number of people la the koaae, aad aaaptcUMia were finally an etroagly exprtaaed tkat tke committee deillet | to count tke U*eta, a ben tke fact tn revealed that ? W? were taken at tke door, tncledug tbnee of Invited (iieeta, bat ercluatve of i<olice, Bnwiciaea aa) attendanta Thirty ><ae bnadrrd aad nmety-gve ti.-ket* were Inwd alt- getbrr, to that IT* tkjfceta >ia were delivered than Hire '?a fact that may be ar?cmnte<1 for by tke abecace at Invited g nee la and other canaea Every ticket pa* ted under the ruprrvtt'oa of foar perenoa befbre It war de irvrrid up and not a atrgle apnriotK ticket waa found, or a *lng!e la the bona*, male or flrtuaie, wh. ok talaed a t.rket, to tke knowledge of tke ocmm'tlee, la aa> , ther wajr than tke ireeertbed hai?n<'? la tkia correct: on credit ? due to Mr. Theodore H >w, f< r tae rxcellewt arrangement* which market tbe en trance of tbe company, Tke pnblle gceat'y meoanceire tke tlae of tke koaae, ud tke tot tkat over aeveateen hundred aeata were rcreened ofT will account for the tl traorihnary preeaure tkat reaul'ed. A f rattfj lag feature of the or ration le, that bo'.b tke fete and Peimoaieo'e ?" P *v will prabably mat lea* than the original eati ?ate Altogether, wltk the exception* mentioned? namely, the breaking of tke floor, tke ln<fr?|/<ncy of tke manngera la providing apace, aad It may a??o be ailed, themo' erpt ty of the Prlaee by a aet of old *ogtea daring tk? tve *>Tg? tke ball may be aet down a a a miet preen -able af. fair, and la pniat ?f magniOoeat dleplay, of elegance wralik aad beaaty, ae tke ao*t inagniflcent oratloa a tka k<nd ever tendered la tke metr< polia. THE XWBEB AT THB ACADEMY. TO TBI KWTOB Ot TBI BBBALP. It kae bee* atate.i, la one or mora of the oeeaxepera, tka' tke mrmitofaaf tke Ohaamittea on Poiiae aad Oar riagea, at tke kail oa Friday craning laat, belierad that a large number of pertoaa not eatitled toearda of Ikvltalloa kad gained admiatioa, aad that they therefore ordered a eovnt ef tka llrkrte received at the daora ; aia>, that t hergre had been wade of colloatoa oa the part of the n?K i tee a doorkeeper* aad the poltae ten of the fnraur *n>1 we of tbe latter? bafag t tat toned at each door. Rath rplaioae or chargee wee* aat eater talaed or eaprttwd ky tbe committee . but from tbe rella Me char in ter ef the paranaa employed to receive the ticket* of admsra tea th?y moat preltlvely directed from the < pia I me npreeeed that the number preawat exceeded tbe leg inmate i*aue of carda of Invltatloa, and they ordered tke r^nnt only ee a precaution to prevent tke earmleea and mi?t tbe openly a rowed cbargea of irregulwtty or colli talon oa IV part of aay per^ma ronnectel with tke Dene er cr-'leetion of ticket* At twa o cleric, by the re r?t ?.f Mrnrd r> me. g*i , aad myartf, m^mhera of the +mm<nn ha nag tka okarg* a t the entmeoee to the bom, lb* bona at tickets received for * were Mm to i prlnU room ami oooatod M. & Kietd, ?*., Uecrotary of toe Genera1 too, ?m lnvllod to bo present; also Mr. M hod too personal supervision o I too doorkeep Mr. Ksnaody , Saperintoofiant of Police. From doubt, or>gii.aled the report of a scppustJ cull too port of toe police, which the member* MBBtttoe moot emphatically disavow, u tl eat praise io awarled to toe? for their r and efficient aer vices ; several member* I"** we- e Also prcseut. The boxes wore uolw i k -y? baring been bonded to me before the doo; miMkto were opened. I announced that the oo prored tbat 8 02* tickets bad be?n received a'. I besides those admitting musicians and polieeroei were correct. No order* or irregular tickets ?< 1 were found la tbe boxos. Tho remit prored tba whole cumber of too 8,196 tickets Issued by toe tee, only & 026 were received at toe door, and t perse r? bad not a railed tbcmoelrea of the lnvitati sec tod. The arrangements made My toe commit vented toy return of tlrkote *t the door, and only u umber of Uktus for temi>ora.-y absence were isti J. HaIWK' Chairman of committee oo Polioe a: J Ca-r THE FIKEMUN'S PBOCBR8IOK. Is our report of too Aremnn's torchlight proee bonor of toe Prince ? Walt*, we accidentally on g'.re a dee ripHon ot .A'ajette Eigine Company C ear pi W. )a>l(W, This company nu * ity m'u e c d tbe right of tbe Fifth dlvu n< ' .hi ,iy C j' '? i-mory Baud of Hartford, Ooun. t)tc< tr j U a new first clasr double crane ue stroke JeOeri engine, toe flrat one of lbs kied bull l'nit*l State*. Tbe body Is mode of row ? v brakes and rocnltg gear of polished steel, and thn of polished oak. In tbe pre?o?ton It was ornsme top by an elegant 8 Liter plated nlfuaJ las lorn, wb $70; also by o neat model of toe big engine, b Iraac O. Knlpe, one of tbe monitors ol tlii codi* Is wortoy of notice that this exquimte piece of wo ship, the Jar. nmiU of one deetroye? In tho burnln Crjatal Pal*c<>, oocapied tbe sp&re time of its dur Lg a period of torco years. Ibe largo ougi >2.000. 1'i.rlcg the ttcre of the jiaarugc cf tho procession ct>r trie of the oc-mpany was placet In charpe of tl rsree ratrol. A Bre oa-or-vi in a tenement b H ?ter street, ami the engine was employed for oi bull hours, and was toe means of saving the 1 from tolnl destruction. Bome ?f the memljers tit in ranog a vromn. sad two children from uflbaat COM.ATION TO KINUQOLD HO 1! COMPANY, f At the cocciUElo^ of tlie Fireman's parade on si evenlr g, Ringgold .lose Gtmpany, No T, were ot u at Fircmar's Hall, by Hfwk and Ladder Company Tbe liD'i o was beautifully decorated witl. fl*gs of tiots, *r,i a beautiful spread wu prepsr tables ex ndicg the fall length of the trucl Besides the members ol Sewn Hooe, there w i sent, Walter R. Bake, of Wallace's theatre Ifcrenport, of Wal lack's, Henry Jordan, of the theatre ; Deputy Seporistendeat Carpenter, at I So politau pc'llce; H. 8. Bliss, Kjk\, E. J. Try on, aad] together with Podworth's first band After da bad been done tbe good things, tho boallh of to i Wales was drank, which was responded to ti appropriate manner by Mr. W. R, Biaks. Speech made by Kant Davenport, Jordan, Carpenter, Foreman of Seven Hose; A Oarvllle, Rsq. ; P. T. Foreman of Hock and Iji'der Company No. 0; A Foreman Kit by of Seven How, and several otoi whole allair lasted until a late boar. SMkKBAiia by A F'na OoarAsV to ma Fr:zsi citltens of the Tenth ward were the recipients of cal least on Saturday night, after tbe 9 rem en's aim, by Oolt's armory band, of Hartford, awoia lA'ayette Engine Company, No. 10. THE DEPARTURE OP THE PRINC1 At 110 TO VIW TOH ? TETP TO W?8T POIIH taut kki-kptiox? teuton r*oun*s8 ? i Or TH? I NITtT BTATBH. Early this mornlny tie Price* lairsa the great i lis, frr m wblcl lie ba? receivod ? reception ud tr th&l he " will certainly nerer forget, and wh slwaya be cherished anong the happiest renlniat hie Itfe." About olne o'clock be will leave tie hotel and tmr-^tinuiy to the Harriot Lane, at the foot of II it ><t With aevaral exceptions, to peraooa alk>-??Mvn l>oard lb* vessel except thoae eompn Prtaok'e party. This rale, how erer, will nrt our dtlatoa from taking a final leave Jf tngLau l's several larpe sloamboati have been chartered ta patjr the royal party to Weal Point The Prince wli: be received at tbe Aca4emy by flcott and all the military and naval oflloers ?t alioa The veteran General will take apectal | point oat every eblect whlah would bo moat ltk< tareet hie young and royal visiter On the rr loot's landing at Weat Point a royt will be thundered forth from Fort Knot, fort aad the floating batteries there stationed. Sevi bornea have been engaged to ooovey the Prince a to the Inert way, which oavaionAs will be aarort troop of cavalry wtth all military formal l Use Wbea the Prtnce draws near Iba A aad amy thi who will be draws ap la liae, will praasni ar execute all the Military evolution! expressive 1 14 heat r repeat Iba Prince will ramala over Bight at Weat Pj proceed early the next morning on the steamboat Drew (Us Harriet lane returns after leaving > party at Wist Polat) to Albany, where ha will 1 about two o'clock Frrm Albany be proceed by to B>*ton, sioj>ptng for alout an boor at 8pr From Boston, nfter attending the great bail on Inst , be procetda to Portland, wheacs be lakes ?cave of the Vailed StaUa on Um Xlih iaat. THE TRINCE'S VISIT TO ALBANY The following corrssiwodesco has peased betwe or 1 haoher aad lord Lyce* la reference to the pistol vtalt of the Pricceof Wnies la Albany ? Cm or Ai iaat, Mavon's Co?' AihaxT, Oct S, 1MQ To raa Rob Loss I rons, Waaaumroa, 0 C Mr I brg leave tn avail aaysalf of your kl to communicate through you to Imrd Renfrew as twn (ti the ]*rt .1 ib. Muox ipal Coaacll and the of Albany to acory 1 of (act deny *strati?M of < ?nto*m and good a til sa the ctrcamstaaoes will pi to cikr oa the oocas x>u of his Lordahtp s visit lo c We srs awaje thut by previous appointment ? I | is to be r c? I red u the guest of his Kxcalle Governor We ere slso aware lhat his 1/wdship r .mpcliel lo allot only a portion of a day to oar c I therefore brg Wars to inform his I^rtablp Utai b? be plea*i': to signify bis am* -nance of our inv wbl<h Is ma.le a til. the knowledge aad aooaes l-i eel tar j Governor Morgaa, especial ear* will I 10 conduct the proposed demoaatratlna witboa >r?n e w.ib the arrarf moots pr> vlouaiy male 1 i.?i?l>ecy and la conformity w th the propr etta ? ccasi'in a rtply at your earliest a?ave? b??e the honor to rem?>n yon' Lordship s m <?i c servaai, t.k . >ftUK H TH 4( HH Mayor ol City of A( Pa*'.ai?aui??, ?>* 9, Ha? I be* to rxpreas to yo.i lord Renfrew's 1 ( 1?m< nw ft* tb? court"",* an 1 hoepilaole wbuh ycu hare cmvayad to him from the Mi t 1 act! lad Citur of AlSany. Y?t are ae* 1/ rd llenfrew desires lo uavsl la the states hi the n, ?t ?u'<1 an I ?!!*? manarr, sa a private f-ntlpiaan It t by imrsalag this p*aa that ha caa hope to turn u r>v. h. taeatbla .Iwpoasl lo good aceouol by instructive aad lalerf^iag ob^cu I/ird Keefi gr< I< excredlngly lh?t his vlnlt to the eap ul o( u of Sew York should ha aec?saari!y tlmi?ed lo ? bn.f a sjwea ss one arverr<v>o ac 1 a night H? bowevr r, ib?t ha aiay be eanb'ed, w'.ile avow eeraaKK.M'0? "tlei'lay ? to b?d/?I i r'?-n>ri ? ,r varoor ot y?ar great st\le. an lo lhark your H prrano for the goct all' ?nd esteem wh rb yoa h |inss?d >m th* pari ef lb* ctimeo . of the s> ?t of | seal I have the banor lo he nr. y?r l... .? obe lMat, humble servant, t.f Bm < ao H Tmmaa Mayor, be Th* salt* of the Priac* will embrace ? Hut Oraoe the fluke of Newraau* The Karl of fH. Germane Major t?ew*ra. H<<a Robeit Brnoe Mvor Traadal*. Captaia Grey. Dr. Arkland, phyntslaa, Ac Mr Vn* . heart Secretary lo !h.k > >t Sswrsai lord t.ynos Amocf tboes aho visit Albsny oa the ewasiie Ik* M?M)Uta of Chan-toe, K M. Ar< hibald, Be 1 , Donsul at Vsw York, OessraJ WioCeld -toott, Ma> > sad Angustas Be bell, B?n THE I'lilNCE IN BOSTON, um BbckTTtoK ?T TH* iiiiiTanv ma ai ao.-nin TiiKATat-rK*rt.?xiM? , ? -t tb* ratipm More or kni ?!?*?> rnncl, kTC., KTC. orR sranAi ooaaw^inti'"* n - ' 1 (>? p,, The ? t| ??tr-' T!- t ?>' h'? P-X-V I? <?r t J> ? ]? ? ?>?* w Ute if e id ui* day ocei ? .*?? *.

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