Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 16, 1860, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 16, 1860 Page 7
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B>oo? quiet. lard dull end ^notations barely m*int?lned. ??"ow steady, al Ms. St. a 60* tor Butcbero' Association. LtTKKPOOL PROIHTCK MAKKBT. Ljtiki- wl, Oflt 6,1840 T?e broker*' circular ri-ports>-A?li<'s? Poarl* quiet at 30*. 94. Cotloe quiet Rioe Arm, vilb an increased de mand Cod otl, ?31 10* a ?32. Liimtod otl?drMptag at bOg. a 3C? txl Home lirm, wita a alight adr&nse on lale nor qu*litlea common 5s. 31 a 6s 6J. Spirits turpeu tine dull at 81s. 9d a 82*. Tea* aJow of sale, but price* unchanged LONDON MABKKTO. flaring Bro*. ' circular rcporta. ? Wheat Arm but quiet, with au advance of 3a j>er quarter since prwrloua Knday ; "^hlte, 60* a 64o red, 58* a 6i?. Flour, SB*- a 32s Iron steady for both rails ?"d baf* at ?6 6* a ?6 1 0# ; !*otch pig steady at Sin Hi. a 61a 6d. Sugar buoyant, with an advance of fl<l Tea qutel eommm Congou, Is. 3d. Ooff ? quiet and quotation* a re barely maintained. Spirit* lurptuline suaoy at 31?. 61.*eed cake* have 2 'gbtiy advanced New York bbla . ?11 &*? ? ! B-elon bags, ?10 16e Fish oil* dull, Linseed Brm at 30*. Rice quiet, tallow "toady at 63* 6d. a 63s. M. HAVRE COTTON MARKKT. Hale* of cot ton for vb" week ending 84 were 10 000 bale*. Orleans tree orlitalrc fltf ; bas, 84f. The market closed quiet but iteady. Toe total stock to port amount ed to 102,000 bale*. tub i.atot markets. Ijvkkpodi., Oct. T ? P. V. Cotton? The sales 3 eater lay (Saturday) were 16 000 bale*, including 7,000 baits to (peculator* and exporter*, the market closing Urm Breatistulls quiet and steady. ITovWiom ? Tbe market closed quiet I/>ni>om, Oct. 7? Evening. Consols closed at 93 a !>3 for money and account. Steamer City of Mnar heater off Cape Base. Sr. Johns. N F , Oct. 16, 1800. Steamship City of Maccbeater, from Liverpool 3rd ln*t., vi* Queenstowi) tth, passed Cape Race at three P. St. on Monday. Her news bas bees anticipate! by tbe Arabia. NEWS FROM THE NATIONAL CAPITAL. <The Proepect la the Event of Lincoln'* Election? UiapaUltei from New Grana da and Nicaragua? Starvation of Ute People of lvanaaa, &c., &e. Winnorai, Oct. 16, i960. I TUB PBOariCT IN T!t? iri.M Of LINCOLN * ILK'TION. Tbe election of Lincoln by tbe Electoral Colleges being now regarded a* a possible event, sober minded Southrons ! bore aro calmly contemplating the probable st\t? of par- j tioa in Congress, and I be force of popular teutiment in , the Southern !*tate?. They feel assured that tbe rcpahll- | can party will bare little to plume itaelf upon. Klrat, the ! popular majority in the nation will be ltrgely against J .in j cola; secondly, tbe United Suites Senate will be decisive- ' ly against bim; thirdly, tbe neat House of R ipr senta- | ttves will surely coiuuia au anti-republic au mai irlty ; | fourthly, in no Southern ^t* .<? will Lincoln tin! men of any repute to accept office under hit al Collectors, or Pi'stmaalers, or Manb&ls, or in any of tbn lowest ?ubordibale capacity. Tb>sel? In are sufficient to show tint tbe Lincoln administration would be paralysed at tbe outset for any evil put p"M* ugaiufet tbe Soutn,and would l>? depeudi Dt ??. ibe indulgence ?( tfcat *? ullon for oarryiug ou tbe goverrn><.ni Ibe tl^ht aeaiusl Lincoln, therefore, will be carried ou most effectively within tbe I n ion He cannit make any important appu without the concurrence of a democratic Seuaia, aud tit* anti-republican majority in the House will ki.ep control of the pnbl'c purse. T1 e (ukRlMNlPi, therefore, will be vety HM'n tbe Liocolniit-s tnem?eive* There are the views of Southrons wbo know aid appre ciate tbe opinion* and the teeling* of different section* of the conloderac) . If New York will not do what U ex pected of her, with tbe lukion ot all tbe c uaervauve ele incuts, theac tpeculatlatiS will bo idle; but at the woret Llneoin will bare a barren *cet>tre. A* to Peanaylvanta politics, the decision of the Reading Coevention m ets the entlie aj>pro%al of denvi-.rat* tn Waahtagtoe. afiaimm oa niK is-uim - or imxama IVa pale he* were re-ri?(xl at tbe Nary Department thil morning from Capt forter in command of ito KiuC'oa at Pltuit, Id the ubi^nc of Capt Montgomery. He re |x>rt* CTtryt&iui quiet, ard apprehend* do further trouble Croat the inaurfent*. It i* generally admitted that the timely luu.rK of Engliab aad American force* at Panama prerented a terlou* outbreak and groat loaa of lift' and property. It appear* lhat the EnirlUh landed their fomea l>*lor* Uiey were rcqueated to do a > b/ the authorities at Pmim. Et*r>TrHtn no* *im?A<ira. Deepatchaa were reoeirtni thi* moraing at the Depart meat af s<tate from Minuter Imnltry. Be waa still at Manage*. There *u i? political newt of importance. They had )u*t heard of the lunmary mauuor in which the Hoed ur wan* had tr. iUxl i.eneral Walker, and there waa |*?ural rejoicing among the Vlcarag nana. MotrwTn or moor* Detachment* or upward* of a thousand recruit*, from th* aereral recruiting depot* la the United KtaWa, hare put Ittea ordered to the department* ol Texa* and Ctnroruia. HTA * e ATIOJ* I* K*mUH. Mr H.*att ballad d|?mi tb ? Prealdeot to d*y . on behalf o (he prop!* of Kanaaa, whom, be allege*, are la a *Ut? of *tar ration, owing to the t>rt traded dron?ht that haa trl- 1 nUd ILat Terrttoiy for tbo laat year, aakin i n j PreakUat to poetpuoe tbe ludlan l?i, t ?,??*. which are ?horti / to take place ta that Terrttotr He mad* a *t. o?? a p *1 to tie l'n md ol in behalf of the famich'ag peoute of K an sa*. an?J i. '(red bin to ea.i the attention uf Confrtaa to tb? a?!l?r in hit tortbe 'mlpg tferaa*e Th" Preatlent lv*t<-cad to bus attentively, til anurad b in that Ue VMM do all ib hi* power to alienate their editoring. I bare, aav* the PrealJet t. rtd a- teral letter* from !-o>r - "ue? U> Kaaav. inform i. me of the c. pl.rabie oe!>4.iN of th< peopl*. tni m'Umu cm not o? ???> rtuciv-K aair n \ x ht?, The > .Uciai report of Cu? maader Oaten, r< .?lrc 1 at the Nary Jypartmen t, p:v ng deta i* of ID* Bummer crul** of the llymoeth, ??*?*? tbe woa<!*r 'ut *ur?.'?* of new boat apparai- a. It* efltetencr w<< teatad In erery poa*ihle way. *? I 't j^r' rmed row h.M?r Mua >1* iK?t ardent auattrei* aaticipaiad IU? ?T. MmU '< A?D MU 1.4KK M 41 1 TS* "nttiM.ler < et . ri.l la* ?.'!?!. led lb?- rontr?H fmaiPt loeepk In Hall '.??.? tHftltk tbe prerout loo tr?ctor? ? the Oeetral "rerun* Mail '>? pan r w || Ku?a*J Pi ?|.!*o* Tin* tbe lb* t mil . . <? >4 the J'oo? f.ipriaa. IOTij *e>?iaa CoB,m MHOS' r Ur><e>. ? . i ui lay ratu*ao^ Irom aa o0t<a) rilH n the Oiejenrw <1 'ol ' Plkt'i :>.k 1'iuntrv ) ir'r;- ar>ai with th<- u ih?h??i* nt * treatv. 1 oe?. '* ?>' i ao* n be fru ieMjr. ?Tt a xae of lb* f efi' '< erill i t?rt the** v i*?* IA | !??? ihe k'l ?? ?e Md U to he oo p < mm ol Iwrm aitn ti m l?*iM -taw* NateMettt*! Mr. Uliltaaa L. 1 aaiey. iuin, <?rt u. 1W TLe Hall of tbe Ua).itcl eat ivamioed ti Bl#ht la lutea to tt-e ?'ra? Wnath-m e-at ir.xr Wm. I. Yatwwy HI* ?pe- > b laaMd ofW tw h.. rr ?*? a tnaa'arlj. I iflnal a n't toar'actnt artoar?tit fur tiMt^aalltyof the -Hate*, tl rl?'i<* <4 tbe tteati . ?? it Un |rr*er?* ioa of Urn Union ami^W < .-.nul oi It . a* jt-'DfM to ? ;th th* moat ma ket ?t?at'U.eare a w i aloe rapt wo* aad btaaa* from ? m.'' . rra If,** I'.i ?. *Uo*e fOCM I. he * wit wer* pftinpl f tipnWM by,'l? ' -r'j *n t o*er? balialn* i|?eer* ?(tbe>a?t auditory. Ibe veteran dalucrat, Jaatea D. Waewe p-eeldad. Mr. Ya^cejr waa tnte*v'"?rd to th* me?un( by Mr. t; Mah.n sn< t*rj o( the -i e ( amttee, la a few happy r?aark* wfc . h aIMM n<?rKM appiauee. There M bo titr.M hut th * " Catoa braathicg, oon a?t<t??al ortac tpearb will |>mdoce a rraat aad healthy <baac* ?? P"* " -eH'meet here, which will Mil e8e?-i ?*lj at th* jwli* neat moath. Mr. \ ?o< cy >pea?* at j>vrae?.*o lo morrow afteraoaa to a it*m eoarmtHn, aad the iuc? red it | evaalag at No eletwt Mtny r#fret thai Mr Yaaar* > rlalt oottea *o late It la eoof by many thai had hia eeatimenta aad the rtcbta of the ^oath h?ra kaoan feoeral y and eo praetl ?ally ? He laid tbeni rtow*. tbi* Wale woold aerer fir* it* al?et?j<al r?t* for Lire In Aa tt la. It t* drmhifnl rery re ch what: ae a eo <**rr?t|ra react low nay *o< aa( la now aad cleotloo taat My Bat* tbU Stat* aa well M tbe felon n*t etaeata af lleaatw DN|laa> ObTaorr, 0?t 14 1Mb. *<oet ? I ?or* la* arrired m thta city tf.ia morniof, aad ta tb* aftaraooa addrerae4 aa laama aadtaace aa Campi'* Martl-t* Hi* apeeeh waa main'y in reply to that of ?o?eraor Peward ?I'-llrerad laat weak There la a tread torehil?bt prooeaeloo tbla erenla*. Mr Hoaala* lrave* '<.?? Ka.aiaa*to to morrow meraiaf , where ha wttl *,-< a? la tb* afleraooa. Maw Verb RUU PaHtlea. I/wwroat, Oat It, 1Mb. "?V Rrwkiarldc* denoeran of thl* ooaaty bare aoal Baled Juaeph P lane, of Ml4dl*?ert, for Sheriff, with b fall erxioty tirbet. A. Ptewart Preat*?, ? thi* ritlafa, aad KA ward H la>r, a( W ?*ara. were aammated for , tb* tubnably NEWS FROM THE PACIFIC. Arrival of thi Overland Po my EiprtM Ntnri from Oregon, California arid ChlMi St Josm-b, Mo , Oat. 16 1800. The California poof express reached here uiis noon, twenty four hours behind time, wllh da tea to anil IS' oluilUif Uot >3. ?a? nuacixco, Oct 3, lSflo. Arrived Sept. 90, sblpa Lotus, from Hong Kong: Mary Ogdee, New York; Belvldere, Boetoo; K. K. Wlllela, New York; Oct. 1, Panama, New York; barks Constantino and Treat, Klo Janeiro. Sailed Sept. 29, bark Carlotta, (or Callao: 30 ;h, sMpa Sliver Star, Baker's Island; Klectrio Spark, Baker's Island: Oct. 1, ? learner Soaora, wllh 240 passengers and ?895,0t0 la treasure, also $24,000 worth of Waaboe stiver ore; 2d, bark Creole, Cork ; bark Ed ward Gllae. Australia. Tbe arrivals Lave not contributed to any Increased ac tlvlty In the market. Buyers are making effort* to ob tain concessions on some articles, but meet with very lit tle disposition to jk if 1 1 from the Importers The jobbing trade continues goo<l. Candles, are slow, aad would show a weakness if urged. Ct.riiie In limited request, though the tetideucy f ivors sellers. Coal firm: sale of a cargo of Sydney at $16. Drills heavy : smsll sales at 9 '?c. lruits unchanged, wllh mure doing in preserved at low rates Fish inactive. Qutuy bags quiet at 11c. Ob's without change; kinds lately in rcqucHt still Hud favor Butter heavy : rmail lota beat Isthmus, 29c. ;- 2.000 firkins should be on the market to morrow. l.?r I Still slow sales 300 packages al 17 a 18s. Btnoa improved to 14c Pork u nding upward gradually. Mam rattier quiet Klce Is selling freely fur consumption D.? mestic spirits further improved: whiskey 60c a 62>?c. ; pure spu its (6c ; forcing apirm inactive as last quoted. China advices have given a buoyancy to Kugara No. i Cbiua quotable under aalea at 914c a u\e . ttie domestic pnriaki s of an u sward tendency; choice I. O 11c. a US' . ie]u< a meets lean rtqutai,and are slow ai the ri. mi. ? ut at ISc. for crtiahed Toe export demand con t;nui br sk for wheat; uade^ laM accounts buvers can d > a irUle better; (1 Super lib I bit m a lair quotaltou for ahipping t-amplts. The umaii supply of lonou 1 lately to hand Is eagerly sought fur The WtlloUs goes to New York; Belvldere to England ; Lotus back to China; Trout to England; 1'anama negotiating, uuJ Mary Ugden to glmao The Douglas primary election held in Sin I ranciar i on the 29ih ult. , demonstrated the (act that tin Irith votm are almi*l unan moualy li. Uvor of that div isioii of tuo democracy Both wings of the democracy are oontl : .nt of carrying the ^lat?. A good deal of betting bai com m> Liou, and tLeie seeaih 00 uilllcitlly to get backers ou even bets, rltber for or e*ainal l*n glaa. 11 <avy U 1* are always supposed loex*r?i?v an important lulluanoe oil t.ue California election. n.H icpiibUoaaa, woo >rdio?ly , are not uninincful of such ta-ic* l...?rne < :1! 1 v*- * {irwnlnapl ?ember of that party, luting altoad) wagered 4^5,t>04 agausl CC0 that lit I 'LuJ:. will be i lej. d o> me people The motey u d<peaite<) in tbe batW. 1 ( ere is no laMfi rnia n< ?? of lutenn Llentei ant bail* arrived from lno-'P?*o',?'n -o ?t Vnrt iHjoin, wllh a 1 iriy of feurie< u rueo , ou itieV7m lustant. He reports fhi Indiana very tr ?ubieuome on the aI'iu querqoe road. U the 1st 0 blurt 81 j OtO ware receive'! at Suu Krim ciseo [rem Fremont's Mai ipuea mttuH, belug the produoa ot ibe pr> v?i us ?igtu o*\ a Tbe p.ih*.ngt-r? by the Soiiora were an follow*: ? E. U\ Ttawley , Wrabapi am' ?:i?, M * lila^t " m.i> i wo miaou, W. \\ Puree? Woi 1'aii) , A ;''-teri>?' <, J ' Kints, Tit tor Msrsloul, Mewtnan K Movbrey, K-u. t B.>* rran. F. T Kuiduk and chili, L v?il^<o, M -> D. ci li ters, .ionn .lobnM'U, I. Oarlif-le, < Kxper. Mrs K?-eva'i and eight r.? ildren. V U B?cbe L H FU n>. i?h aireica by . Aiiinimv Hurpby, Jno Ku?<lrs. W M ? air, wife auo thre* eolwn, A Fierier, wil" and children Capl P'lil* and wife, .1 W O ark. I S I>rew ?1r>i V flartow, ?'si tiibsoo.C Ban1 on, J t, ??.? ? .1 <: ... ? B i-naven tur* ittra/'1, .7 T ??''lilth, Krauk .luu*- h*> * wi'e >irs, Y ishields, Mr J C FtBfch<?iasn , Mr. Voeey aad wife, L. Weinberg. Slov?u, #ni (?alj^x.ay . and iwo i blldren . ntMS,J aatl|,T A 1 'it. H ')i??,>i h Hraoy.K (.'?nae,.! B "?t~|>fieiiK. A Hugh*, J. Kusli s. Iforris kranki il. (rt>o Thleni. vv 11 K. Bri(nar dellea, T H Voihemoe, .1 J tWpi-re. Maau'-I Qllleo . M W i-etiB. I< ~tei- e, W. Br 1 Jocea, 11. Beacu ? j aril lbft n iN -li erage Kali ?uv i** i'r louregon erpifln t'ie i>n>*r<'?* of the Legltlatwra. The atteaipte" :ceiit "I tn-; llouee it?if {If, a? sor'aM* by t^e > ?t> nw. mui be-ii rn'irwly 1 reeedrd fron>, and deri'H d in h?ve b-wi> iin^ie^.ola un der the existing nrcunia'annea Wh>mi ail* ? pt?d, there waa mnrb pofmlar lndlynatHxi at the attempt, tn til tn the >?'i>?le ai.d Hor?e, to deiin ? IL* ?u bf ma ture and illegal arjoarameat, M e?|l aa by the a>?ee sion cf fact i us luimtx re. n> aa to Aeorive diner body of a quorum At tho aat a- ? ?uats- 28th ? ixdh h'Mi<es were lu arstion. duly oit inixr i rtw a alMenl N'lisiora had eelurntd and laseii a?ata u ton Spnate, and rat iflad the infoimal pr <oee(Higl had U> their a f aecen ? The Governor aent In hl? m-wanje on the JOth It takts strong Brrninrifgn er.mnua r>n nationol politlca. Tbe OoverLOT rays thereiu thai he will cail no extra soa smn if the l.'g.?laiure a 'journa wltr.o..i eloctlag .senators, vbicb would poatpoue lb.' election two years, the aoeainn being biennial. I nner tbeae circumstaucea u i* thought C-pular clamor will iiiflft on an election aud other lepia Hon dunag the balance ol fi>rty days, for ? tiich only the are* ion constitul <>nally laAt* Tie follow in i! te!o grapbM Oeapalcb . whn h reaohed San Vrauciaco Widay, is the iatesi lntelilgeuee and ail that baa been received this week ? A joint r<?. lut ion pasa?l Inrth branches of the I/Cgl?la lure for a joint convention to courene in the HaJi of Rep resentatives on Monday, October 1, for tbe e'eotton of two I nlted Slalaa Setiau** Tbe vote waa unanimoua in tbe Neeate. but met with ?troec ? pi>oa:tiou by Uie Breok { inridge dem<x'ral( in the House There ia no certainly of an filer Hoc taking place at the time speoithnl By tbe arrival at two Franclaso of the ship I^pez, we have advices from Hung Kotic to August 13 She laft at that port ihipa Star King, EdM K>?e, Fleet, aud bea MrpaM, ?h a* dee'ineiiot") were uacertaia The (<word Kiib, from >hanghae, S'arrena, and Amaranth, uncertain ob'p Alfrtd bill railed for New York ?ame , i'ay. Haw ahlp Maodarlc, from hbanghae, enU-r.og Quug Kotg Tbe Horg Korg Pre*.' of the 10!h ani! 11th of AngMt : baa ad Vina Irotn Prrbelet' ten If lo the S6H1 of Jtil]r,oa vwbirb way the allwd fleet saiU'd ft r the &ot t ? if a*lion: the Irtai li in aixty (our veavria, l?rg- ?u t mi ill. ami toe British ia upwaroe ol two h'.n.lre-i v?a? ui It *<a g< n< rally o?lte\.rt the iltat >iay of Ac.-ost had be*n arrevrt ? n for the e? diMiimI attaek c(i?n T<*ee fort h waa reported lh" ' trurn |ewir?iay *r-1 >? ? f>-eltng hoi tn * wp h* t ???i> tin ?r?t.'h c.i lt iii?h,tbe aaendM say i?,"lhe lh u i?b are very muigaaut aad dirgualei al pi ' ten* ?< i .a ol the 1 reach tn. the b icfc of the ? reral v aybi'l waa the f. Mowing ? foier L*i: Oet 7-12 30 ? M I Tfea rider from Ihra- ? etn?e>e , v?geUi r v.l'h ? th rs, eepeil mat the larfiajl* ba< ? llled I ?o ?hlu- |. r I n i.? aad <?e half ?!'?!, aad di iva off Oils.. Table gkta-fe H waa sipt'' ?<il to a war ^arly of tho .^i i* r lurr'og ire I bee whtey, V' P?c?,irr ly, alHtn* the "i-'ae. |M> 'hatal' Me Ben lea weer r" i off b? tin* IsdiwBS n Har HiVer, ?nii*ii baa dt lajed it< t iprree tweui , ftn.' bo.ies ratal A Wtmf ml Xmm II ire a. Ark. Tab fit ??.*, ?*j? It. M After ? ifj'mmu: ?trr which iu h. j I hrrc u. da/, three prrwoe, Bttmei Rufi-n an ? Corl igmu (?>? i Ihrrr). at.ri Hi. hard, a *.>? of (;>? uutt, k;.ir.l 'if two br"lhetl, Bairn- ' S Ur aM R?? Kr??r?"1?, ?n.| wrrp*l ?ikfrf wfrf badly awl ati.l etfMrWua ii'|.ir?il ua h<>tfe ?Hl?e Aa <>kl It .d li?.. taurted Jxrurma if-- p??ti?a, but to K.*?r*rda>e. Who h??? Im/ lw?i 1 I rf it u( Itu part th* ?*at?*. war* ih *<>r? TTi*1 eUjiaa i. fcthr tbrtr eecaf. f.?y w?re <?? ?? w?n ar?> rt .intake* ft' m lawn by U? OaMUli # hi. ! !>ta : lod(?1 lb Jatl. A large emwd arari* <t.?d la <?' lag th<- pr'ao nara from lb* ooaauiile a*4 tuu.? lomu in ih ? aad afterwan'a atirrtmaarl tba l?n f.<r mm piKpoa*, but were pan i Rod. Iba r?. ?!?.? ?r% much ?f '*4. ?d I I' I Irarid till Ih' p- >.???? ? yet h. ,yn q, ,i I, n tbe ox?i atrortnoe affair *??T Iran** her _ Am AII?n??J l ate of >?*.? Ki<laap|?la( al , Ualraa III. < hi Oct |f. itSO Ah ootragrtwaraar .#1 1 leap, 'tf oemfTrd rt ? *}?t.a It the latlrr part of 8rpt*iii>>?f A i?|tn, J?rrj lojd, I rty fit** jra re of a*. ' b;a ? f?? a Mi. all >. tbirt; five yrart ? mm! tiargbter. '? urte^a, wera i .i- jokI | . ri lo inwa Innrtici farir <h> Uvr l;b ? f tlta m nib Mi ? mar waa fmmd, n?ar 1 ??? r?tr, mi"1' red It 'a tin poaad thai, beeoMtag Mfh mm, ba ??? kitted by ma kMrappert that ibry talgM tr M ]?i?w ? rt th*1 ??? mm Tbr < HI r*TS nflintM bare iff. f?4 a r ? wa'U ftf 9tr> 0 for tba epprrberaioe of Ibr kid* n?j>?ra It timing of tlia fltdiiai <Mh?nl at Laali* Hilt, Kjr. , lyt> irriua, Oot in. jwo Tbe lalrricr of therdiBre < .copied br Iba Keol> oky Mioal of Medvclre. at U?e rorn'T rt rifth and Arte* ati" la, waa buratd ihta mo'nta*. I ?** It.MO Tba Maarnia aad Oahinal trarr ?ar*4. Tba lactarra will be o*tlDiiM al Ibr bntfiial ? hixit iov?rnt.ticB Tba rdl floa will ba raatorad i? a law wraka. Utalraia of ? Mall Kohbrr. Ri rum n ,M U. 1W )< bn Wtiimaib, lb* rnai; robw, ? M lo day aooiraMd to tba mate prtaoe Ibr tra yaara Tbt PMlaHarg Wi rt. Prnwi' M, ra . Ort U. 1M# Tba rrp?rt?4 baa nataiard by Iba Pltleburg aad Cbta land Railroad, by tba tra na Pnaday ?wniat, w?a grrally rtacyr^alwl It wUI tot ataM<l *N 0(4. aad lAa tarn of tba aogtBM win act lo aoy maaaar aflact Um raf a' lar motile* of tba oara Tba W rat her. Pott*\ tlf, h , Oat II, im Tbara waa a al'fbt Ibll of aaow laat al?bi. cotw vi tba aa%bb*rtaf blUa lo lb* depth rt baif aa lacb. PtaniURtaw, N. T , IVI II, IMI law ftO brre laat night lo Iba lepth a I abuut tbre* kbebaa. It la baw Ikat dlaappoariag. A' uvwtA, <f , Out II, IMI. We bad a beaty wblte frrwi borr Ibta oora'ag. Rent from JlrVlco. Saw Ohlxa , Urt. 15, 1800. The schooner Carrie Saiford bring Tampion advices of tbe (tb lest. Garay, the Mencaa Minister of the Treats ry, tail resigned. Tbe liberal* were operating against Guadalajara, Mil the city vii dally expected to fall KlTorts aero making to rulro money to defend the capital, and a uc.? forced loan waa talked of News rront New Mexico. iNMl'KKDKMt. MO., Oct 16, lHflO. The New Mexican mall, with date* of tbe 1st lull. , ar rived to- eight. Tbe eaai|ialgn against tbe Navajoe Indlaai has com commenced In earnest. 400 I' tabu tiave been eaployed by Special Agent I'flffer; also 800 Mexicans and Pueblo ludlsr* bave taken tbe field with tbe regular army. It Is tbSGgbt they wtll make a clean sweep, and whip the Indians Into submission. Fire men, while baying, twenty miles tbls aide of Fort Huron, a few days ago, were attacked by Indian* and two killed, tbo other three making their escape. The Kfbrsika Klcclton. Omaha, N T , Oct 16, I860. Ofl'rial return* from all tbo organized and settled c? in ties in Nebrarka Territory, g)7e Daily, republican, for Cong rets, 182 majority. Sailing ot tb? I'nlted Mt?tes Susmer Ull llluullll. Nokkolk, Ost. 16, 1S8J. Tbe VnlU-d States steamer Ricbmoud sailod yesterday I or tbe Mediterranean NoutUt rk Uicaa Kuaincr Movements. Sa\, Oot 14, lHtfo Tbe screw strnmshlp Montgumury, (mm Ne? Vork, ariivtd hero at the bar at ten o'clock this mjruuig, tue 14 ib mat Chakuvtos, (10'.. 14, 1400. Tli>> steamship Marlon, Cap lain foster, from New \ ark, arrived here at eight o'clock this (Sunday) morning. Los* of tlis si< tiooner llaslcl Godwin. Nsw OftLBAM, Oct, 16, Into Ttic Looter Daniel Godwin, from l.avaoca tor 1'uusa cola. baa beeu lu*t on Last Inland. All basils aaveil. HftrkiU. NkW OKLkA-VH, Oct. 16, 1190 Li tton ? Tbe market is turn iwa today li.aCO Owlet, | pricca are antler, but quoialioua uuooku<t-U aj ? rair, Co Mi'lwK"* 41 V,o. Flour quiet at 66 b7>, a iu ' I'rovietooe have a decnuinfc tuuitcucy. t rrigtiu ? Cottou to Liverjiool, 9 1 Od. SUvasnah. Oct 15, 1SC0 Cotton aalca iciay 2 COO bwiie, al au ad.aiiccol ',0. | ? ?jC. CHAKutKiuM, Oct. 15, isao Cotton Mica U) day Z ->00 ban*, ai an ailvttuoo <i ,c Haitimohk, Oct lb imM Flcur quiet and drm Howard itrwi ?u<i (Mm, *o 76. City Mil*, to 50. Wheat urtn: red, it 30 a 1 1 40, wuiio, *1 45 a fl 06 Crttu Uriu yellow , TO.: a Til ami. 70c. a 7i ic frorlkioti* ?li a ly : mi-Mi pork, >19 2ft, |iriuit.<, #14 50. iar<1.13c. Coffea Urui at 14 "?*<: a It V vVU.a ke) uull at 24o. IWIAPkLlMIU. Oct 15, IH'KJ Floor active and vlttson) l'i^n. to mmrctM Wic al arliva atni eiivauueii lo a 3 ?uu?, 41 41 a ft bi). red, $1 30 a *1 Com active: ye.'loar ?t 73 ; , and .? lot new, die lost ol lb .teuton, at "So i'roruioua dan. Kbirkiy tlcwl) ai 22>,C. a . aiuajiy, Oct 15?11* M Flour vtr> actWi ; eaJre 4.0 to oula Munwt uiarkal liner -?!? ? t too Oiiahela cook*.* white ?t *1 W>. rid W.fHit. *1 ta, ret Start- . *1 80 a ?l 84 ijru h -a ui in nan a JU COo Ixiatiiia Wt-.u-ru tuixud at 67o a CK( ciai* Mr-, ?, I VI Halua 30,000 bualtcia Male aa<l C<u a< a tari at a 34c. Iter ley lu |fo*<il t'lfyy a.i I eclintU'., tlx toe Ii le very arm aalta 0.(00 ouafacla Caua la K ?a t at Hit , St, 000 nutbt-le Caua > a Moat at H3'. a B.'ic , 7 "CO bur be. a *-l?lt- ai 7&0 a 70 : It'll lek'-y , 2it,V' Auuar, Oct 14 -0 1' <4 F'.. ur v< ry active muse ? bola . at HO a ii 60 'or c UiUinj lint, 4 6 b<> ti (5 Ta ior extra. tVueui iu la. r 0? UJMH' . ta . ? In COO OUaUela, (.rmnlpa ly Oboic MluUl4*u, ai #1 ho im e rtein al 41 8S. r.?i Stale a' 41 3o i 41 Ai < nit? a lai^i 'up|t > ) i era'. n ou tile market au>ea 30, OtO Imrlieta, ai t'7i\ > (Ifijur W?rt?r? wix.-d, priuciotny at 68' . Oalr M.ry active aoU a auadti higher salee 34 ICO t. :i be I, at Sflc ?or .- u.ti aoo Cuiiit?ail liirtey lu (<>>d Ormaiid lor cboto Ictaoft ana J? ? ivly K'kiJ aa e* 11 U00 liurbi - ' al (4Ja lui?? at 8tc ,'J9 tOO Do tl<'i? Canada tt'vnt ?IBS. a bio . au 1 77.0C0 bu.bc ? MUCe, four fowod.kC 'to. a 75c Ilia t lie wawr rrw 1|'U lor tb? aecon ) <tik iu uc ti l>. r a-? 274 COO bethel*. ?ra:i-t 1V2.CC0 buabcij la 1&CU \Cln**j. ? ;alea 100 Obla at'2S\o Hi r?ALii. Oct 16-1 P M Flour tiU'a^y and In fair demand. Win?i inara>'' Bat Icr aud iii lair demaud a&lea biuw Taturdae uo in 80 000 l i,. -N.> t Cbt a*" aprtbC at tl 07 t 1,000 butiull 1 do ai <1 ('4 Ml COO feuaaeia No 1 Milwaukee elu'i al ? I IS a fl lit S3 ? i *j btiauela red Winter al *1 SO a tl 31 << tu II. lair Ciruainl tad Or tie r ta.xa 40.U0U buabe.a at 60 a tfi sr Cillier (ralna quiet Wnitkey, Sic I'aual lieubn ? i6 'i< on Com, lO.'ie on atieal Ui New York lrn|A'rti? 1? OCM l>r>.? tlour, SS<t o0?S?i?linl? wheal HJ 00v? I>u?IikI? corn I OoO buab?ia rve tuporl* ? fa 000 nbm flour. .01 OOO ni.aii k wbiat. Ill 000 buabola coil, b bvo I buabvi* oat*, 7,000 buabela liarn-r Hi rrALO Oct 16 ? 0 P. M K ' iir .: in <1i r?te fiemand, and rat? - uncbujui"!; (*1m (XU 1.1. a Wloal lb KkmI ri^juent and .ua'?ei bailor. Kan a 41 .c00 I 'nut-l* S C'Blca^o >-priuf . al fl tl7y? ; 47, O0t> J" >0 1 Sill* ?<:k*?.eiuh, 41 IS a 61 M; 1'J 000 du. re w .uier oOio, 41 SO a 61 21 . ?ud 1 300 oo wane do at 61 30 Corn Itrxi-r. will, % fair Itqgir;; -ale< 4S,0"0 kulirll ?t tOr a 56 He Oala llrto , aa.- ? 3 500 liualieU tacaiiuli UI |>ri\at? teima ll?rie? droi.Bali* 6 000 l>u?l ?, i n private leru ? By? allghlly weaker. ?aloa 1 000 I talic., at bi S<" Pro* ikiM uncn.iijfod Wlu? ke> ?t?au) ImporU ? 7 270 bbla. Dour, .Ctf ttO lio- bcLs w hi at 41 MO C.i cor0,3 000'|o oaia, aufl 1, 000 do Oar ley 1.X|A1IIJ>? S COO bbt? Hour, 200 000 Uuauiul w . . at , atid li') coO do cork. (Jn*mn, Oct 16?6 P M. FU or ureb w grd Wbekt Brm at.'! la better datnaad , kali ? 'JO V.O bwtbcji No 1 Uilwaukae club al II 1? 6 000 I itlit r .1. .it- Jo at $1 20 15 0C0 buatie.a cbo|<? No. J Ctta|n r, riuv ai 61 15, 6 OOo buaot la winter rta Wtai. in at 61 .6. 2 000 bukbelk wbttD CaaaJuUi at fl 31. Corn quit! tbe in frrlrtna coock a u> ?n :i,i r.f tiiuai it ban. > brm aalea 6 -*<)0 but ? U I p[ier Lak ? Car a- la:, at 74J , 7,600 buabela do a?75v.aQ4 t v.0 bual.rla 4o , deliverable ail IfatP niooth. at 76 Kyenn cba: ged. luteal bnili cot Untie v. ry a-j?rcw. and fr. i|bt? ou (rata advanjrd a le. Flour 42c , ? o-at I J1, a 14' corn l'< in New York Iawv imporv? 106 600 I Ut|."!i wh?at 42 '<10 liu?h< la c iru, 1A.HOO bufb>la bar lev . li.5TO liualiel" rye, 100 buabcia i?-aa Canal ?hlf> nulla? Till >arrel? II ior, 74,100 buahela wreat.24 400 buvDeie torn. 17,700 bi.abe.t bwrlee, 6,(0(1 b '?uel? oatk. CrtcAuo, i let. 16 ? 6 1" V F cur <*o!l. Wbeat ilnl! fkl?? 73 OtiO bn?!iel?, al f<0c. fur Nortb ru club, 67Sc * *6c for No. 1 auu 64c a *Ac ii -r Nti 2 fa* r-t ui-. vtiiii ''nil, aft4 1c lower a%iea 10 oo*4 bualii la al 87.'. ill at"re 'lata Arm Kacetpta? 4 *C0 bli a le ur, 152 CCO bi.r f|? wheat. 52,000 nuat. ? cm, 2.600 buahela > "hipax ila? 1 000 bb?. fl /or , lit# 0i 0 ouaa* la a beat, 42 KO In. 'belt oor- Freif bta ad ? mmt 2c. 1 f ??? u eala weie m?)* a> 16e o*> wbnai ii Ualtk . Etgut e n-kai (n on New York 1 per rwat premlnoi tiUivaaATi, 0.< 15. 1H40 Flow ?rrj dull at f.'< a t6 10 Wli.ak?y urtaer, at liyr Haer.f. taaier. will, more aeli-ra tbau On y era rliou.deia " a I* . al'tea, 11 Sn all<,c (nail t'alfMlar?Tfel4 Day. Pi I kk* Cut >'t? < tan it ? rxrt 1 ? liver aa<l '"ttiiear 1~' J- St* 1TV 'X 141* 1462 fx*, 470. laCi 15 4, l ito 1*11 1411 ii'.M. U2V. 15144. 16'JO 1630.14^. 1536 1640, lit. t ?it? '1 -T?rrt Hi-T1UCT Oatar ? Voa 44.6S 42 NMWhi tVwwt ?Nat Mr, T*6. Itlf. 12*1. 746 644. 1 ?W.1 7W W 5 pro Ml 64V 045. 661. M6, 7S6, TW Tit. 7 11 7'2, 7'n, 740, :6?, *44 104. fW. 710 STJ. 762,040, 764, 67w, U*. __________ Clij lafalll^eBi a. Amirtiaa Maaairra Eamcxvw ? Mr IV, aa 'ont itirt #f K?iu?, New York, baa aow on akklblU >a al t'aiw'e (tardea a larja tva'lona, tn wl, ca be taUula to ? aaay a trip to in the early part ot next (manor Ita rl'jnei i|i?? ire ae Jo!iow? ? l*t r? ] -t .rcb tf tn ?a!?w wi "(?to bow* iM) :iet eutna le'dib "4 eeewlopw whwa ia tiwled S< 1 re?i; ltn.'e?l b<ru mal d.iiawcr, 116 feet, .le ear i? 1 ? -aly 1 wo f. ? t la b?tjht, Owauu. t l .1' rat tab akd wu'ow. and dt%ot?4 into threw afvrvrW itrrm |.arimei i? it" !"Weat, a?4?ich K" Ooe urini 104 'aa ?u," nei-r tblriee u frw ia liautei.-r, with a dmn ir Mal ?? natkf around the u> ia, th? whole beioc aealiy caipeted awd rurtaltud Tbe fla>r above call' l lia ? t 'ait* rr? ra," ia covered with velvet cafprt, wt;* th? nppar ?tnry la to aarve ?? a ? pi f'.r laklr-f ' '??? rvniirmi Tbe oallooa 1* obloaj ?l.ajt |!, i jU I : * * 700 yar ? of atwe tally ?a.le wuiU -ir tt? na.'ifa-": e at. I we', '. .u* 2 VOO n iu 'a It ? ftwir .lit ia tiitikneaa for 411 iietdown rmia iae valve, wki ie Ibw lireae ire .1 ?r> a>. M fr?r tweotv feet thr"?' K t , <? ot i?rty i?et twnfo'.t. thua a ? >M'rf f. tl ttrmftb iWkeatna ar~ uritM with ibree rowa of ?tite,hiB|. aad i.'.e aitaoeror tbe aa/roundmc artwork ara uve n n-i at li e toy. "n " 1 ( toward* lb* lower part of the ball >oa cattl tbev aMfcto a ?'/e af (we(e? toctMil th* raiva, wtiieb ia li i.r a. a l?r f?e( m ''lamatar, la olaimed ti poarera an twini*' iat nt kot locad la other baUnoaa. v|r a vf jeotii* rboiktar I aMMfe, by wbMb lb-- loltaof the 1 nv ? ,?<;<* a-e pri ret ir.l frorn B.t'rfeeinf wth tb* opera 1 ia ot tbe !%l>,?td tbe Mljurtaient if the enaceo 1 liaia* retaorh ia ao i-oatrtvad a* to aaaiat laearryiaf oet Ift a i i *1 Ai i.tlur do v ally ? tbe introduction ot a rope ta^iter i?attitc thrcifb the owafe of tha baJI"oi flora tb? oar to tbe t aive the nh|e. ( of th'J ta 1 1 eoahl* tb* ? rotaal to cut away tbe lower portlna of tae ea V6 loua, jhouM all tbe ballaat have beea Ihrotro away, ai J lbu? aid In !tfhl< t : ( tie bal ??, aa tbe porttoe *? eat away ?u?M w-?b r early l.CoO (inuodc Mr. Ooa haa I drariB nateo bi* ba'li. a the "L'altad Ptalea." Woak jt taa Iitt ikeifrtna'a DarAitmaar ? rturlof I be Wre4l jnat eaded the rolkiwtag work waa paefnrmed by tba rmpliye* of our ?r rlaat City taapector, !?alel K. De'aear ?I otonrd and nnbealiby neat aataai, .1.946 iNMinee: aabea, parbepw and etreet dirt removed, 11 SM toarta . naitaar ^ea abated . nndwr not tee. 1M, atkka and wa ter r.inaeta riraoed 161 , load* of alflit aoll rafftorad from tba eity llnlta, 627. dead boreee, 66. oowa, 8, h-i?a, 9. dera aad otber ?mail aaimala, 17 Ma. of bar re la of otaJ, IM Maamm or taa AmicA* Cmttkanoii Bonarr ?Tba Af rica* Clvlllratioa Bantety will bold a pabltc raawttnt to www few eveataj ta tbe Kbllnh ehtire.h , 00 roar of Prtaoa aad Mar loo atraota, al balf poot aevee o'clock, "tt wblob neraatoa tbe lor L P. Rofon will dallvar kia farewell add rear Mr. R erpecta to oall for ATrloa. ta ooatpaay w lib oibere, oo tbe 20tb laat. Addranea sty he rapaci ed Iron tbe Rev J I flnitb aad Prntaaaor Robar (iktophetl, wba feat rarvatiy raturaad ftwn aa asplortai I tew la Airiea. Blondln at Jonas* wood. APPUJU.NCI TUW BklBUS ? II'. CKO.-MKfl THE HOPS ON 8TILT8, BTC. Blond in gave one of his characteristic exhibitions at Jo M>' Wood yea to/day afternoon ? the last uerial tight rope jvrfo.-mMico of the kind prior to hit departure for liundoa next, spring, where, at the suggestion of the Prince of Wales, he la to repeat bis astounding feati in the pretence or mi ."Cnglisb aa-omblage. The fact that yesui Jay was to be the laat day on which be would exhlbt . in th.'s vicinity drew together a larger number of spectators thin haa been present at any one ot his performanje* heretofore, and the announce ment that so daring a feat au that of walking the rope on stilts would be eosayod lent an additional attraction. The weather, In tho early portion uf the after noon, was decidedly unpropt.ious, bat towards four o'clock the clouds broke away, leaving a clear and tunny sky. At the commencement of tho portormance, which, we are compelled to > ay, was not cbarac er>zei by Mr. Biondln's usual punctuality, fully six thousand persous were present in the wood. About half past four o'clock the band struck up a fa vorite march, which spiH-sred M bo ttii> aigMl tor B'on din's appearance, ue soon sfu r he was observfd approach' log in an open carriage, tn which he was drivou from the hotel lo the loot ol one of the tall masts i:,?>u which tho rope was su*|i?adt*l. Ho appeared In his usual gooJ aea'th, auu asceudtu ihe polo very nimbly to the landing plaoe, i (rum which be was to start out upon his perilous journey. Arrived there, bo crossed i he ropj In the usual manner, with only his balancing pjle, lying down j and performing eiturtiau on the rope during tho pos tage, which occupied but tlvo or six minutes Kettiog ' lor an interval of lire miuutes more, he buckled ou j the stilts and slowly, cautiously, and with the assist ance of an attendant, elevating himself to a perpendtou lar, ventured out upon the rop.s, watched wltti breathless inter. ?i by the people beneath a strong fresh wind 1 was olowwg Irom the west, Ink rferuig in somu moasuro ' w I vh the execution of this feai, which mpitreu so much delicacy ol meiumeni and llrmuees of nerve and muscio. j But Olondln wan Dot to be tfetorred. Ad I vsnolng a few steps, be remained stationary ? on Hie rope tor a few minutes, during wbisb lime ho employed his polo in acquiring au equilibrium, which be maintained throughout the rest of me exhibi tion. Thus asuurefl, ha a^ain advanced, gaining couli d< nee aa be |irogret?ed to luc other end. Tne guy ro|>ue seemed lo ; ' ' v e h.m s?m? little annoy anse, and be aroused ti portions of the rope where they wire tied at a less speed and wiib greater caution tn ?n at the other parts. The time occupied in the i;u??agw was about twenty mi nuws, iu u hi* arrl at &v tus it immuu of the rope ?t; ihj nigral lor au outburst of applause on the parloi the speu lauirs. who again are* tlieir Orea'h freely, lu eokuow Ui'|tm?ni ot which d. .ttion Biooolu, from tin ele vated perch, t aciully waved bis band and thanks. This was lo have bi .-n ih? ?vonc'usK>n of tbo exhibition, aivoidug lo tho advertised programme, but HI >udiu, d< ll.i.jt ms stilts, iriMCvd Uio r?pe to the end uear??t his bout, to' which ru iou uvre soote facetious U omouai lu the crowd a-mgued, as a re*?<>u, tn*t the gr. at acrobat [ r> forrtd walking on the top - to walking on the grounrt. Having ilmvin isi, he omen <1 the carriage olci- mere ainl was ariv<o to th ? hotel I tie rti t? w Hi which he perfonjsed the last ar.d most daring ? f bis feats sre a>?>ul Four ieet mieugt'i. with rfteix at a istai i ? ? I twn i. i fro m th.' rope, ar ' pr >?i lo 1 with Lbe siraiw uecewary for llrimy allucoin* lb' in to h.? leg I Vl.eebali m terminated by a prong ? aapod mstr imeut of ir "ii, with thne teeth. two of wbioh erve tn gra?piug ths rejie, end vhe rentral or e in gal Itng tin riovi rn. nt aioug tne rej.-e. Tbi* addition to Monsieur B!ondin's v ex irtmltir* pave him Mimeahat the arpsarsnoe i i>ossess. ng ? hi< ii ???, and, notwithstanding the s?rloos iui I oerllons nature of tt? . \i ibtlUiS, uianv w?r? tncliaed to enisle at tbe laegbaul'' apf? vrano* be preKfiited, and com pared him to a l'>ng le^t' d !> Kilam crosmng a fenoe. Tne Is*' M)i1 retnni trt|. ?a* tooflty tppaiirtet by the spaa t?t. rs wbn srll lu the beat humor during the eulire iwfto inttucc, at the conclusion ol which they quiet j ais plfMt i'wlue Intelligence. An: &RT Um ?? lUMRikft ? A K***RK?B1 K Ca-^K oi AUkctti Fau<* I'i r.n mh.-i ? Y< ttiTday officer R rt in, of the secmM Otatrlct I'olio* Court, arreatel two (try goola ilrtlfrt, i.aiut?l Kolaml H. M? y *ud Samuel S. Houglitou, ou a warrant tniuil by Juatica CouuoKy, ? tierein Ibev Hand tDa-<e<l with 0<>naplriag together to Cheat aud defraurt, knit by talari pn tenet* ilid uiilam frutn the Catted Male* and Jell thou lnnuraccs oooapa D.ia i "00 and up??r. .?. It api? a>a Irom the a wo -a affi davit* ID the cue tbat tbe defendant! are doiug I) usi vnm at Nue ii>4 ao . 'J06 Siath erunue; tbat m the mimh of UyU bnr, l?i8, a Oro ooc.irrcl in tbolr store window. Tbn damage ruMataait In fact did not amxial to tl 0C0; yet a Claim ??? im'1 agvoei the com.*'. lee of |3,in !<>r ?<? il? allege! to bave actually n drotroyod iu in > window, ami Kiir.f two hunred dollars additional f?r fcoei-ry, Air , damaged on the gh.lree outaide the * n?iim Tr. r? * ao wcuranc* uf upwarda %?t $1* 000 i n tb? alcek Oaring tbr pant mintti Inform* Hon cam' to tire Harabel fetter, and thi" ma'tor ?u in tin gut< <1 and tbc (beta law h<-foro Juattre Ooanolty It further appeart ttiat tba r iua actually pall 14 Hr. Mary >3 I < 0 Th? r*ju> h a ?<-ry canow oi,e, a* lh? ??vl oaaoaol tbe clorka t&eo m tlx- defendant' employ a?-'? lurid liiai ii y wlteamd Mr. IJuughtuu tbrow c rtg and nr i'?r .*|ril (??*?'? amnc. j; < t vh<> damaged loadl aud UM tbrm ad-Mit Tbia wax dnoe, an alleged, for tba purple ol n u.. it out a larger claim agai oat the com pany The JaMIre required the aeouieil partial to dnd ball la tbc aiin of SS.OCO each to ana*?r the charge. Vovotmbw ?oa in* Tkxa* Fbomiim ? I. H Rom, of Waco, baa received orJora Trooi (iovt raor Rom j in to raleo a ciapeny of itily mounted tolunteert, to prooecd at ocoa to tba frontier Ladln' Balmoral BooU, Ualtrri And ?Npyera, Mteaae I "blUreti a end Nmi'moto atvt Nhnee; alwi, g?ete l'?ienl I,?ateere al C A rKKlX'B, 8U Broadway, (>? !?-? tt^airath and Twelfth atreeta. Brooklyn Hhotoaraph*- Wllllanaaa'a iWrij laubuahed 1MI. kjhioiiioe nD?mi *U~V Kimball A M|>aulfllnc'a Klftr !>*' I)n - attarl?alyf*a >n.t *in"'n?y(r? I'd *i?r?i u> leei-> ry atylr, Iroa tl <t|>#arca at Hi Br <4aay. I.IMHt Portralia Tah?? Daily l?jr llulmat* Vaitr4 HUM M I iv (I larn? l'u>i.^t?^h? u. o inti, II JH Hlwdcay oo'y. Pttnra of Wain -llrart Art ??r?l%? in?nt tl Haruum ? Muacuai uod.r k??4 m Aai<.Miaania. Htalnway A Nona' Ovantran* araM aa<1 at|tiar? 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Warraalad. at 1,7 Walker atre?t. *1arry*a Trlrapheroai la (ho Beat and 'k'acaa aniele fne "r-<em ^auof r'ae. rnrliag <-.?a/ t i?r line film and reeiortae 'ha ka'r. La^liaa. try tt. +y I by all dr ggfa, Hrrofaia.? A Ft va MottUa af K-na?-tya V? '?al Pla^irety a jndi<a">a a?>eivsaikin of tk" ^ee?- <ia Hi.tmnH at.1t ItaaU g iHiiaaat, a?.| airvtif f?1 neitig im gtrecU In tbe (.aavkuil * ma. I aank koala. wtU tmra tao ttrwal aaaa ? Crlaladoen'a Ifalr Ope. M Iga and Ton tere <ka kawt H> tbe vnrldi **ki I ?aaie and rtlail. aad Ike Uya felvataly app I'd. l>o t Aetcr Hi.nae. Hlll'a Hair Dye IM) renta. Illark or Rr iwn lital la naa r>?i?4 Kn I Ilturlay Mraat, aad al all in MlMa. Olvt aa am Old Rates Iter Dlaaaat* In?V dem til the period tt taethiag In eMMroa. Hera yoa kara tkal old antaa for ? eania la tha form of nut wi*m fiwn HxmitRo rracr. le*l fart af llimlA, ?* Kaatmra^ to. B *. HAMH. of tha lean karrwa hnuaa of Van* A (H, Ho 1 Vaaey air**. Aatne tlnnaa, ngpndla tha aharah. 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IS, 7S, 4,5, 57( S_ 3|( ^ 47 f {fl. Circular* Mot fie* ot charge by adirnadu.' k. rHAHra, WtimlnifiOQ, Delaware. A (-othtd Hat -Knox'i New Htyla <tf | fall Ham baa krv rk?<1 nil the ?*b*r but* intocodtod bit*. A K'-nt.rirnn whu t ouybl wn?? th? olht* r fi\%-nin|r, i ?*t W)'? H bone. >vm met by fci* wile (to bU? grm&t a?t<)iii?bm??;it> wltk re m*rkab'?*0polrt?*ueM Her a?i<>Di?bm?nt wan e .ual to U.m wbea ?h? found out who it wm.' SLe nuj>p< i*ed U to be #oae youuK. bHUf Home, daahing ?triti?K*r. WMU, tb? lUtur, baa luirodnrtd tht It -twoaaile hot t Bata. homething neat and gay. At iltt liroad ?-?y Boy*', Glrl'a anil Infanta' llata in every iiyle, at UKAIN'8. 5i.i Broadway. Kitia Ilravjr All Wool I 'adargarment*, nil (1/e* *t Mcl.Ai; jHLIN'H Slilrt aud Kurolahiiijt Store, J/J (,J I'fiiw!, h ureet, corner of Murray. Inderffarmanta For the Million, Men, vri nun * nil 1 hlM'cn ?, Ht Mil. AUUH1.1N S dhirt factory, 'Mj'J Ci teuwiih atreet. corner ol Murray. Six fl?t Shirt* tor US, Warranted to !lt? MOODY'S SH1HT MANUFAUTOKY. M Uroadway. Nhlrta, MM ? MB *?? r S". MiwV Hum the beat Amoakaag aad A'axnauUa Mualtna. Depot loe Chatham atreet. corner of Pearl. Shirt and Collar Depot, 010a. N7 and Ml) WillDur Mieet one floor north of Maiden lane. ella fleecy lined Glove*. iSc. O. M. TRACT A OKAHNIS. Asrenta. r ? Slarrii'd, "? ?~; - S2S tilergow jmptn, Hoc. Hand, will plea-e mpy Jtf w-tfiTKB -_on m.nda, evening, Oe,io&er 14 hy tb. f T ' * *'L ^>ker- K""^n n J'"?- ?? '' , .4 tUM C.w ^?burl: U^,iibU,',rfJ'me* ? ^,of Wu' l!iTah!'^>T:K"T?",J* Tfa "??c"r ?" Krtd.j, October 13. by ih? Key k H. Cbtpin. Mr Jihw 1 TH,ir^ ?l Ntw j.-ruy to Hum ail s Ravkouw, uf N e? Orieaua ' Moutnoatn O'unij. papers. Now .lortey, plewe copy. ,1 ., .^1.7"^"? ~,.a Utfu>n..suu*u island, <Iu Krl y T' W H T?>""r. Bkmhks v** E?* svaxiofr, daughter oi Kdwmd. ti-utou, l1'1' "? 0R ~At ,be rc?ldenr? of th<? bride ? tbL ri't ' "u Ft.\0*f **??"">?, Ocloser 12, by 'in I i F ')? 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