Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 17, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 17, 1860 Page 2
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TAMMANY HALL. THE RISE AND FALL OF THE OLD WiGWAM TEE FCWIE OF m ASCENT BEGflE. The . ffocd Jackson t'auijmisn Virtori tw, a <i Ite United UtiiU* Back flvti thrown by its Dflofnrr. WB MEW CEJIBRiTIOl I.N TirMiNY fliLL. Rht 0/ ihe Albany Ke^ncy and Us AUiauce Midi Tammany llall. Tbe Viin liiiren* and the Firnt Treason of Tanuuany llall. The Tirst Split in tbe Democracy for Twenty-Five Tears. The Ihiftalo Platform an J tlie Denouement. Tbe Prt6ent Treason Identical with that of 1848. SPEECH OF GENERAL CASS. CFFECT OF CHE 4*TI*?MIEIIY JKJIT.WWI. fhit It Create a >?rltf-rn Party Dtitloptd at < harlrMon. THE HEW YORK HOTEL CLIQUE. THE BREAKING UP OF TAMMANY HALL. THE OLD HARLOT DENOUNCED. ?be., Ai., Ac. tho h eUiry . f Tammany Flail (or thj last taelya >eir*. ifccfl ii iiu teoa uU^ th* *.. ecru sent oi tie pr?a?ut ?cgeccy, M,| hu, b,.?.a ih8 btiDtl lBitru nt or tu dk;u loeial will. art.irda I?,iruni|<l(iif t!J? Intone cf?fla..h ?Jxl "x.lfcb , .n ilogradlng. of hor)()ril j Nemeo,ap?,l t,oi.lto*lil.i ton wh.?,; mtKe?oo qui;, pre 4um mated ihr nghout tbe whole Cmoo nut OH. hi ttlMK >11. A ^ WMciliT, VAN HI rth'N AND n*T?mj>ec,> lit! of twenty y*?r* aci, when under the mar.a,,raert of teller* of do.erre.1 , . ,?i p,-m >B m* W|0?!iy e?.r<*!,le<l jnlttie*l em uenco, e?ioyed are pwtatmn nowhere questioned, a-id an authority from whfh thcr, TW no ,,T^| ii' her po|,tlc?l organization* ha I their .lay with tbe cnuww ?tklch r\Iied llirro into aatMoorc At election* i vnc and wire o*or, no did tb iy ' home atd depart. Iiko otber ehadow, 0f ,q, hour. f()r *?ey wi re f r the m *t p*rt bat e*|?>di*ncle? to ni,?t I ttoe engenc -.?? ,J the moment, like Slato or county coo emtio*. baring f.iinilod their f.13C Moor, PM^ed away Into the thing, that were lo he *,l?d by orf?ul?4tl9e? a. temporary at 0fM? *?t Bnt Tammany Ha.'l id thn*e day, remained a ooD ?urtty orjMlxed Cogent ,oo, <n permanent ***?*. Tm imnucrate party m.gUt be routed, n,-: necia'agly tared to the wr.ntf*. and it* ehort-t ahled ?;,P,n,,llb? ~111 ,v<* wlUl ,b' foos'latirn thru ?H*t* Bo r<*lr* *wUk*i Irt m the d-atb wh ,-b they hal dealt t r lt ., w?? them, re maiming of ,te part*, eprang ir.0 v,? Hke the fkbied head* of Hydra If *,? (, ,jy mutilaied or ec ,.,ogly killed, tbe ?r,a^rtm?!n, , Ifcat Mil ni Innrvrary , eeerllelng, lilekeBlDg, animal h>?, mw leepa rtrj, eTtr watihrul while oil^r$ alum hared, and work ng while other* re?te.1, *bi? rnied by the meat 1. 1 of 'lie democracy, wbi m*'1? h?r ib? arbtt-r ?f tbetr own tUt'ee aad ceotectlwi, aud w.?r? oWieat W> ber decMMiit, oeiieviae them to be tbo rMulta of >j and patriot im m ?b?erf in, tb? popular Mt.B.Lt, ,h? to that ?-atlm?tt the form ??d prrut:;r* wbi-b m?de ii irrf<4.?tibl?. Witn ??t hrr aid the ??vuo4 faekron canap.i gn wo jld in ftU pri bab.'ity tare fai.'?< ai d ?.lh.,qt her Ike Rack -I we ralt^t ytat^a would hare b..*, prrianer.l V h#tec<M on the country. And ttMe two emm-ot en ??H.lK-*t.vo? of her nJueore are but ,?rU m tho ioag ?erw* Of pc.uical eat* Inwarda which (tie exerted a ?ore [ tent h I .ec c tLaa any . .her po'ltioal nr^ao i. I tv<? that La* t??r e? rted (lore the foiia (Ulkx ol the go- I wwT.en. hi Putt, waa uu.ler the leadenhip jf ber o.J rbie'a aud ea>ibecn* I Wrth tbe tioo of lamea k. Totk. to 1M?, the to Bwcr.ce of Uh ?. old lewder* hegao u? rtv. Men. claooruua lor . bargti, who, Bit eatKQe.1 w, lb beiog WcU.tougbt v? bw better, had ba?i.a lo oaurp their piaree. and lutrwde ?4* c- the.r eouaclH. H ? t? wonder th? their aelf r-m pert ll!y hror ked th i intmrioe , io,t ?bnr In ?r?Ht bf fan ??>fla* that their at ten lance at tbe old w .g warn bee-ame fr*qo?nt, anl that, fr.No not mating ea-.h ottwra' IM i .iar :* re, the arrived whea. ae a holy Jhey o. ?.r tti. t ?ira n the ?p r wh oh waecr.* ;.iUlt ??er Ta?n...h> ia. h?(inniog ?? crewp CTir the ?l?n !V? I "T" 4" "rn'" t>u,"n ' ? r ^arr) K^.U V .aim a .u* ? mid'^ 'Te L ,B' f, " ?? ?O'T >een :?i.n "? " u ''tt? cra?Td to take viart a? o*rt* Wat-rre 1*1 >. me <>f Ibe?? b?d a/r haib^.at. mi.' l? u.m jM l?y wrr, half wllt.i < to r-t e. fr,.? ET!"'. u the 1., M Je-t.. W- \.0 I'. r. I. at tt Hail m .-ef. : veut ,.o ' "??**?> ?ba . ir . ... ..I h., rn i tM, r , op. -a:. )' I fc W v l" ?? rej.W freor ue.whereihe, I ?rltut') . m*. i,.,! T.m, ....... ? Zzz* I raee rg i w> . train, n eute, o( whlr^ i. ?? . nldeT ZU> ellZ *?- The J annUe?Vr"*r ? ? \AC Btjree? drtwn rnm htu Ibr lb# gmrrw <#? r^frS rr^', 'r r^vwiti ^ ZuLr , . L y !l " U* !vr' "? S'h-wt Allium. WMer m me }car? r-erio .a?!, , I |n?. b m the < . tn Kew' Y, Va 'he h?^0' *u4 " " "'P*cl*|,r ?>? "Ul- of N?v rofl, fce b^.d pr? poi?m ui Mi t pjp*i Arilr Ai-d IUI m&Aitrou* iMfimtBc ?;?r%r.K tboT? 'f !V';r-' U!",B f"'' ?" ?" alTfery doe *! lh ?"? P?'p>,*4 the democrat , I arlr a* prrvtrted the fH,ruiar aaaee th? mw M*nra. Ttal a? u?? at ch fltt derah.pad Itrelf in the Balti. ?r-rerroTeolloo ,.f 1*?. I?. tt* r n-ral dl*t irbao, e of U,e country . w I probably be eloaed by tbe re? of uw . ? e of l??g hi the Tare many and Regency ?>aaat.ri?( w< rcr*ued a A.urae rery diffcreot from ** M Caterer rn rht have b?n the d aaP r>hit?rBV. at th? rewi.t of iae n<,B.!nai .>o of the Haiti ?"eef^*., . of ,,,y . yrrttu, U aa* i date, aa>1 th* b Avar pu, waa iwaiiftw. ! A a r ? pt?n wat g tea la Mr Polk, b, W4, ??*^i to the rre. 4*oey 4 T**i rege, y wa, n, ,mto the U-4 ? ut. ||w *** td ?t* ?i,r, .b0 rof ? m%>> fM(( h<4 ^ ??o?<r.te pvly together ia harm ?v. an I to a cwuta Mtect they made the , ^ ^ )( *~c ,ro? U*1 4ar t* th* prwat ? waa tbey wr.o arg-d npi f,;w Wrghi tbe ??'rat ? toe ?o?eeo?e of u? 0, Tort, fee two parpo*^? ttt Sra* u, 1#r. ? Mr Pr k, ' elected, of h e e-jpr^t e tt^ fUa?te %i,.ih? ?mulaaaletwiM Preaideatiai can I 7lai7 h 'an were the pe. te*i?l "<>* aai pie?t,.(, ^ 1 Wr*t?l a?w eel ao<' -?e croai t/? k m an I ir . , , lh? ?emrrratie party In ealn were h? evte<t re n< au * thw euterw . e the I id '>g etx-y *n-1 tbe old le |er? tt Nn ?May. that ts ? ax^e lo rcma u a the -Viet* ?n '?it h. ???t- 'e? W'th When tbe eh> ih O id oe*r tVIk ei ? 4^1 % *ri*h? w tue i .eerour.h s'" V rt? tb? il, n ,U| <or^. . ^ **" m / mude K^gra -y were e> i>?r< it-le pt'tCy "'4 r ak kJH1.* ' b^1 "?'rww^1 ^ ? ', ^ T ^ maa n? hiai i.oewewor werw he enemiea aod. STrT-. ^ rnB,UM <?"> of Ibew the n ad fiTni 111 " ' '* M impre* iwi oa itl ' *u"1 a era Newer w, r. ,r"*1 e,tr, ixt'.nlag ail *?tilT4e' TJ t^LSTlnT/ e?a* ee ar.) rr,m v* , rtL.^ i. I *1. ?-o ?*?;n*r#r CatorM oof ^rm, .!? *, la tell the tr^h ,Trr the gh it ? J, ' _Tfco.**r*1 H waa theo that tl.?y ?? ally ntwt wtm the r m e.dii. of ri, Heea-'y drawn b ? t -m h * h ah r? i <ni n tal e"' ' ? the aal o to drag bim ,to tte ?orv7.f ? ?f * Uml they etj?*)iy er (eat ml V ?d?ce h ? v? r^.'r ' i'*' dimaeoe tb<we fr eade f?i the -V.ath w'th tl|7,V, aci?d i? '|ueetNii>? of aat .*t' pohey th ^ ! Marfa Van H irea .* ar*v rat ? hia defeat at W ?ree 'Creole* were kept o,?w, aai Oorwaor W ? i ?ho u> J>a ?tar?rfiy of b* nai -e, and bji attorbme-.i ? ?ar ?wrni, ia ret-im fre acta of * haUMtai fet*d?! n ear e.1 u a ? barer a tb<*e r u> lema moee ar.d m rw ? totie^et ^/ ' be fee k l d?tr bm wt.cb wee* t4?? ?o? ; B(DCl>|t Utlr aorat tt miacbtef Jlipi I b*rnaU.rlaiUrio,bi* nomination wait demanded on tl? I t" LDd ol btt tree lull orocUvlllea, louf placing i k m In i new ia<> danneroos p< ? uoo Um d, ii-al icsoed, aad tis death *000 '..llowed bis ? 1 in ' tueut Ir a puolie life. A short ttu.e before UUU ?ni. nuble event, lo conV\ reatloo wi'.b tejvernor Uar^f, be leautrked that bis great Bimtke war in hi* mavis* the Nitlr, nail in listening lo the adv ,ce of meu wboui be uuml *I.?d It was tuu late, were u?,t to bo re tod on ??I ?n,, iaid lie, "a vMiid loio ucptracy, which Uu Dot alone ruim d me, but one ibal is diroctt/ig its ini!u*uoe t<? .111 ? e ?ud create Hostility betwi?"u the North ana the Si>aib ' A nd so fell tout truly great man, 1 bo victim to ibr wlli? ?irl seductions 0 f Uio new Ke encv and tho new ruU-r* or Tammany Hall ? or that Tamroa y Hall ?l-? tfr?er kegau V> waoe trocn i be ho ?. r w aen tbeae men '? pan to ?xerc>ae a controlling U.. jesoe over ita councila. T11K H.8E OF TUB ALBANY RKUBNCT ? ITS ALLIANCE WITH TAMMANY HALL. A few remarks upon the cnadltKM of the democratic party at this period arc occcosary to an understanding of the relations between Tammany Hail audthenowKt gt-ticy ccmibg Into power. The defeat of Wright and F"fagg, which was charged to the treacho ry of Le < ociervatiyo branch or the demo crary, hasuoed the organtEation of the rreo toilers under tbo lead of IS. F. Butler. S. Yousg, Oeorge P Barker, John Van Buren and olhrr eminent politicians oi that school, aided by the councils of (.enral l)u, Washington These men, early in the I.'gtslative session ' f 1M7 met privately at Albany, and resolved as the first step towards the esiaM^iment of fret- soil doctrines as part of the political code ol the New York democracy, to bring forward the noted Wtlinot Prov-so resolution, which was then under consideration before the House of Kepresentativts al Washington. The resolution wai? ac oordicgly Introduced into the *tato Senate, and it at once mil ftfvor with members uf the soini abolitioal'/'ftl dis trtrt* of the .' tale In both branches of the legislature It ?ts amod especially at Hei.eral Ones, whi had dioisred aiiawst the Proviso, acd equally ERatast the ad ministrate n i,i Mr. folk, with a view ?( the leleat of either of then gentlemen for the neit Presidency. Kj I'tiHilciil Van B'ifeii encouraged the p????^e of tie, which was adopted by a larpe najir.ty, n.ajiy of thoso voting for it poorant of His nlUrlor rc.i|Ki and oij*t. The gaico thus raeity started and smoothly nuar.sK?<l at Albany, if sot tbri ?:h ihe urgency of Mr Van Bureo, Oertait.iy thr> ugh bis n.uOKgi meat, wan not hu f played until Tim ?cany Halt should join, on 1 by giving her sanctloa to tnis rem! ab illtloniiim indoctru.a it luto tho Ixxly of the il. it.<? ra! fwrtv throughout tl. Ti s^ b?ius had b?i n cut i o.giy, but to tbemsel vjs almost imi?'rc> p t bly wen ovr ti :tn lavor. Th? knaves who oode'Sto-vl its whole re. p" ato teiidency had been ton wi?? for the rtupes, ?bn vi ri U*> purblind to see the p?th into wtji -,fi ib>) acre Id . and free koillSm ?a* t'axt ring mt ) IU i< lis l< tg tr i ?nd fatuifm d< moo rats, tuey in ttieir *ln? pie hit >hty rtmalniiig unsus, ict> us ol the if is that were pratt aid ii ; n ?hi tn by toetr liTimiing aui! unscrupulous uadc Una the tftnceal t'onimitMw, e .iri. -ed mau.iy of ii,. j*I denivxiraf , was u t to ea*.;y n .uag ' I. To Purov, who wax the mer : tiiKtrumcut of V>?.i Hurnn, and ?ho Klo the oiliOe of Surveyor uuJer Mr. I'n ?, wa? aiiot led the tatk nt siundlng them, but be so >n dtsoorer el t!..t hnity, ti.'hh'T fr"U th> p?epte and nior>- e' ?tfy r'llectlr.g Itsseund opinion*. **? n-iUv?r ?|. ( I'll Ij ta i.l d ? it'.l the Uf* lufeeA JU, a-i? iiu e^i; y to bi ..' .olrlnalei! w'tli It Alt attempt* ir. fiat qu?r ler sigtiai'y fkilsil butsacttwas Utea,tnfthe >m-,nra t. rt , hi I c h u y ej t lit of the con?|i r* y, thai :? thoir wiiic lio'il of a' Hon tb-'y w?e alm n-t p re to bo s icn -^s ful In soo e ju?r:ers, sn l eioh success, however stiall, adued to their (Irenatb. Tbe -taw Gosvsstl M, which ?aa to meet ut f<Jrac use, was tbo ne*: BeM of their opnru I tiots, and here tuatws had long b? eu prepared b .'oio biuid T1IK WILMOT PROVISO A>?D ITS PtTl'OKTIHJ. To looorpora> the pnnci?ic? of ib ? WiJinot Prov lao into Ibe democratic platform, n il to lawi Hnp> democracy a* a tee. qucitton, *v * piw- of boldueKK ud wtckodne-a to ?hl< h few but Uj?i I'lvm wore equal; but tbfy were <-<it:u! to It, or to *07 other attempt a', -on ?piru;y that t.i? imagmat oa of political gambler* invented Among tiiu ruppwrlera of Iba pcvieo w ere Prtaton Kirg, I'. !> u"leld (woo hro '>;tt forward th?* reeoltdion) i >m A Keonedy an.l ?icneral Sft, ail run pact blnck r> ,M;b icace at the present motgenl, tod of wb"tn w. tcay at luael aay, that however ?p m*%' eon '.<-mn tbeir Uo'trinea, :bev have at If w 1 hAd tf.e n 1 r>tciiey to adl.tre to U . in. l'< r ctniA orators ? ;aj it n ll.e uoenvi; !?> iH>?:t ..u >1 flavin* cilh r atlcm; t <?>1 to f ,i/'i|> n ;tie i> mvrir ?? part v ri n'tr ne* wb'ob they did r<d t* liete, or if tl -y tlld Iben l>ei>ovi them, of buviug eoatdineo III' nj fcroa' '<? Uey Lave proved no iu it au. fg tii" 'oucd n :i?~ the people. Hut do '? at ??aiit J ih* m In tbesr HUBft t? Or ng over tnv Coo vccticn Wi free Boll MB. tbi: vak rcr.iKK *vd Tammany ntRAi"")s - the fiht PITHHiN or 1 UK DbMUCMACY, H)B A (JO AU7KB OV a <? mm John Vat n*. or and h.? band tif roaipira'.ors returned In A I bar. y, and at a public i*i??t tig drnounood the Oua vent 1 n ai d tb< r n. ir ti?? 'or ?taS* c!1?<ieri, and recoai nientted tto holding of ? Plate Oocveotioti at Herkim?r | At the latter C^r,veEt>n tbe Hnuih was alluded to ta tan f ?t< tbi mo?t revere, ULrbar'Uhle and ib?.iltlcf, and a lav try, v pa-t of their met t'jtioca, d*noano?d 10 '.he n.c-ri b.u< r u rn,?. Ai a eocMquvMt if theac divided e?uoci:a, tbo elei'tiOD resulted a favor of the wbtfa, a* It ?ai Interilrd t ?bou!d by theae retted m tbe de morratlc ramp A mt , nty oi tbe wi bi mf of Tammanf n.miaifc ?d mib tbe duiof* of lbc?e ror?p ratorf, at! tbe i^mpatby even extended I.11 [<rl r.' tbr i..>ijer?l t"' -nai tt-?i In the ar j part ?.f acuary, 1?4?. Kr e> Pretnoen: Vao Bur'n 0 i *it ed the ritv, ineoaialy '.o aiteia ih? e^b b uf Jaruary I dieni r al^aoiu.any, but in reality k> direct tbe appr iaob ir ?r Jai nry < el t.? iti Ui city iur toe aeleeiiun of dele gate t the ^tatn Con ?.?"uiion, to be B. la at Ail' 10 y on ib? ***h 'i ?t. frr orjatri. g tbe Jut- and eh umlng tbe 1 ?<??,.'. eleet ?'* Tlje /'reni'iy /'???! did nt>t . -re.vt ramo-any u ? ctly tree toll tn her a tii li ard d' l unc-i! t- r I ?eoarnin-ee. aa 1 lammany r ( ..fd by a rt?- I -tl' a Vi '*?? aw?j ber h Iveniaetn'oK fr m tbat !?{< r aad give tbem to lb.- 4?k?lu. mh 1 h. afi< r a waim e< fitr. .< ray , wai defeate<l by Ibe efl Tie of ni?o<!ore S^'g *ic?. '.w r^ ri I'urter aud the prevent II a U .ct AtU>ri.*y But tbe naU'i al den ?racy araa aca.n 1 < ?etful, aud the O nvM'tkm at Aloany m oatel (or eteetora at .afge Heir, an .1 KrdSeld acd tamphell p. * Idle Tbe e:r( Bi?Ui.>et.f tbe ren<>n>ir.?t '>n at tbi* tine ot Mr !',"<lf.. Id a* 1 r at arg? uj? 1 the I'nioo lieget ?<?? irJ on-. ? ua of ?'.r?*?a Tbe vote of the S ate at We w Voik in l>cideil tbe Pr<eideniiai e.> ' o, a? the v< t? of tbe -tate nay hfa'n deeke it in litfU B.ttbe ft tvettirn mm de* <<u.< ? 1 ">y il l Vab tjr i.e, and lubi \ -i ftur'-n at a pt.M.c mert'.ng pr^ela m**J tfc<* eiectim of tbe tk | eaadlla^ by a n.ij r:ly of Cfty thouaai.t Tnta waa tbe llrat I'vlaK U .d ibe dem icrata upon l'rea dent al el< rt>*ra lor the laet tarn*) five y*-ar? Tbe nrrdrr* re?olv?*l t<i meet at I'l'ca and oeir aa'e a fr?. Mil tie^et. pare aod ur <>ntana.nated A date waa to be ihoaen, but exmoedlnary pup iiartty had ; inaiit-BM Mm BMn PMM oi 0 MW I > 1 lor. abd Ibe Vat Rureo ellqueal ?OCe ? >r? rg to b'Tj, re gardu of b * i- MMcal anueedeota, a* <me certain m le leal 1 : 1 her Ca?a or pi k, then tbe mo?i p- n>. rent demo ( tale tar Ike nomination. It may aeera airaug". >>-it even boe<?l < Id .'?<-a *a? . a gel to b* hr.ught Into ibe idatii "f th? fraa ami oon>;iramra; but it * cev rtheleea trne tbat Mr ifjt'.er ad dreaxd the oid hero a c-utldrnnal '?tter, un iadlng bin on ibe M ,iso| I'ror iao queatioa, and tual the au-arer * a? r i.t.ri ly i>nMli>fa> l"ry >* tb.a pdLt The booeat old fuMltr knew I'ttle of poltt na "till leaa of the p>ilit'f? of the Van !!aren acsoo', and he p'atnly declared hia un wil .tgi' ?a to bpi it' a eandii'ate ?l any ae lion oe aay fatten A? il u?ay eaaiiy be cjuo? vwd, each dlreetaeaa and h->oe?ty ?l |>urt??r ant d neither t^ie taate nor the polil.ial ba'i'ta ol th<* Va llireoa Willing tn avail ibein aelvrf ef It.' pop.dar.t) of tb** ? ? -eaa^ii (*<*aeral. th?y naturally i>? ked >. j? t, it aa a markeuh e ormrnn<i>ty to he tnrted to their o*n 1; jck-tertog p-irpoaea. and they re jjiced al ihe preeperl of and robtrot over ibe honeet mind (f the mi< "aafcl eoldiee. ?bo b>'ght he uaed. aa thev vaad evtijU, il( ? le that ravi" i.l?> t' e,r ban Ja, to awiuee their own oc li The?r<x*!?"! I'onveuti n m>t at the apimni ed and among 'i# dei>-gau>a from ibia eily weee Si m n . *ater'mr' nr. .?% a. tne repeeeealalTa at free' r. t of Tbj/I. w W?.d, W.laoo ?'ir.a.l and W u H ni The n > ro it t ut a d?i?aate at Arge, aid .?-^up.d a prt 1. : < at ? 'at on tb ) rontn?, fr -m ?biej> he addreee?-d that Co?veDti<>a of k'ndred ?pir ta be, wt-a'eve- w? xi y aay ?( i m. ?ae tb j fltte -* and nv?t criee-.tent repre?*o tative of that bo4f of 0 n eptrniot a entire! the uf - . Iv I ell. '? were rea.i fr. m I .n A t' aa'it '-'.OT* appt.iv rg the movement, anl m favor of tne m a..bie? cut |-rr.?ie<' A new aet d?le ?*??>? were . h ?en to the He' irnre tW.v.m . n, ibe fr>- ? ? **re feom iha etty ?,t. rg 1 <em!M a? " ?' t ivn, <T > M?vem ver. '? tn ?? ? r?d> and K H. Ma a> aa art i f ibetr dale ; i""" ?mi Bt rPALO pt.Am)im avd tbk mnr. '1 aa ? . >rily a' er thie p^r -t tna ibe fa u 1 -a Bila'o < > t.vett no < a' bell, ar l Ite ?? a' y <1 ? B . fa o I at rm a : >pled? ap.?t' rm wb -A, aa a a?ecsai<D of l?>ld al f^peiitry, w? |be?vM-*?t .torn# t; it a jf rick ry Mater % a thai iog'?i *.? ev*r t? con* Mrurt la the .ai g .age ni Mr VFe?*t?r, 1 wao an imaty ?> at t trtKbi'd 'veo inler the -at . aa lrea<l T Hr \?a B .r<n it net 1* y f?. to o ?* ?? from U>? frms.lltf f ?? rat" a ?. h t it hae lei <?n'? one trail ti g ve the (?U?i I ract.fto 1* pt e?a ? Ant It la Ure Hat n ae not of Ma ut th >ec who fn'-jf* :? |M nn> ?ita^ii' a w ?h that tt.a raoovd of tb? r e-uivec I With t wer* IMM from tbeie ^nlltlaal t%a We do >. m et \o tte? ii b atory i,* '*< n? ' . ' uj?." 0 it and the r am- ? >f ?u nt?f art..*? *. ? 1 ?? c- t 't m char ly 1.1 ir .< men, wl..- f are ? ore I Ire;- y iti? -mpt "h ch atw-n l?d tbe ?h. '? traraartiav, wb. have rue* an (nt tn al ti f r lb * grrat error . ' a?e*r o.?wr? ?? a ?.ff PBt U< ?tat* ir?l, wbll' tb ni! y irho'd w th tie m -^t lata at I fa .1 t> a* -ire Ike aN I tlonitU, I wt ,.#t tea t wa? r.let v cafh. acJ wb ? in lie la ? pttnn. progre/a aud i>? . n I wae n* >rthy of a Iroe aial"n,*/., 1 waa not mw. r*.hy ar Mr Van t .r?n, Ibe ac t h"r and pr merer fbe d-i'gat ?*? A in* riaedt atd tbe wl^a were a.lm lt-1 m ?.?t> m ibe Nal.o-ia Ono venli n. but e.lh 'al pioducltg ?at rfa?Jion t evtb -f, m the 'tt* aclVra w tb 'rew, ah.le Ibe harle re-nt hjt ref<wa'd 10 vote, t i?>b tbe return if ibe irre anil ban burteie a meeting *a? be'd ui tbe ["ark. wl en a r*;vrl ? a* read by Ibetr deli?al#f. a? 1 a e*pnraW I <?et fw ihe Peealdrwcy af* ret Uen llaea remmir'Od- *1 and ad ^ted It i f{?e tw to tbta movetnenl a me?*l;nf ri the <t-neral tutr.mttiee * ae ca. ed al Tfeiuiraav. ai l tbe n m oatiaof Ca?? Mftjun'd? the bamb irnera rot -ig aga nft tb moiwm, while Ptrafeen. r>el#Tae. CoieJ and a few 1 '-the* , who, whatever in |blbareheee liie'r prede 1 -ic rja U \ ai. n rtc , rtSA ?ed ;?taet?l tf >?? Mil b?e*? f. ?nd, true to U>e usages of tbe party, gave tbetr vote* for Out m tbe regular nominee. Bat Um conspirators re mained true to tiwir o! .)? cl of defeatm,: Caw) This ' "V, as it vii tbe flrtl focus of ooosplrsicy, rttmuHd tbe prin cipal stumping ground <?f the oousplratorf. Jobu Vaj Burtn, the prime miseblef n^ker. has) taken up hlnabede j here noc? bis relir'Dg fr >nHbeotlic<- of Attorney tieoera!. | an d oiLer leading fn <?? so Iters from other parts itf the -fcale added tbeir preoenoe and tbelr councils to tbe organisa tion r< nlr?'d 10 u. is city, It town became notorious that Una organisation ?u am uly luppltod with fam's, and the mvstery as to where tnene ftindn came from be came an object of simulation. <?rf animations wbn-ti, far a brief anterior period, bad been Id favjr ol uenurai Cass, earne to IbeU (support, aid tbe Vau Bureii flag was rased Id quarters whire shortly prevlotia it bad never been seen; while in tbe same quarter* there teemed to be a audden tluiti of money among those to whon. liiat commodity had been a scarce article. U was aaterted In tt< t!uni rig Pott, tbe powerful or^an of tbe free loiter*, that John Van Bureu had received a lar amoun; ol mouey In m the whiga to keep up loe free fcoil orgaiii,..u?on, and the name ol One of tbe moet dial n guished citiKDa aod wealthy merchants was given as authority rtrsnge as it was that such language should eoni" from the Pest, aa explanation Irom Mr Vau Burtu was ea'led lor by the Hkiulp. But no explanation was ever given How large was the amn ?d ratted to keep up tbe Van fauren organization was never kuown, nor baa the mystery ever Imwb cleai?d,by tbow who alone col I 'I clear it, of the sonroen of these supplies. But a* ibe nhj.Tt o' this lar i-e expenditure wag lhe defeat of the ( b p democracy, th<> conclusion forces itself upon every Imiartlal m'.ud '.hat it was collusion wtn Ibe friends of Ta<lor that these fundi were supplied by the whip* with the means to defeat tbe candidates of the Baltimore Convention. TIIK ritl?r>T T11KA80N 1PZVTICAL WITH THAT Of ? riiK BiRU AMD TUB SOFTS. We mut he excised for thus baring run Into details, many of wb;cb might seemingly be omitted without ap parently lalerferitg with .he history of Tammany Ball. Rut they are i !|ro if vint, and at this moment Interesting, ?is i'licahie to 'be movements of these same men to tbeir present ? (Tort to defeat the national democracy In tbn coming campaign. Tbe game tbey are now playing p far !n>m belrg a new one; It is but ^continuation of an exercise In wuch, from long practice, tbey have become prodcitnta. Tbe wonder is not that they are panning it; the greater worder would be thai tboy had abandoned It. Tbe scenery, though painted over a little, Is but tbo old acenery ? (be old play remains the same The chief pnrt? repr> tenied by an amor who now appears In the character 01 railroad and political engineer, wltti a mono poly on b's back to prove b's democratic horror of cnoutyed corwratiotia, In Um person of Iieaa K whin Hi'! ? waH then lim-3 by Knottier j erioruier, of moremotl'y (tarti. greater variety of st*?;e tricks, anil more antic ?Iw posit Ira, In the person of John \'au Buren. Tuo free r< tiers sat rdtd with tbe result in tbe western ?rl of the ritnte, .'?? *r York alone was required to placn the organ i /-tiion of the remainder Into their liauda. To i iTect th a purpt >c, a meeting ?raa called of tbe principal c-<nspir<t tors, coiie stiuf of t b- Van Burens, Purdva, Var'jera, Cwhrunts, Copsers, ["evlina, Watw!?orye, Tillers, Bren til., and other Darn aunwru, coaprlsmg some fifty per i"'L? It * ji In re :irr?ng;d that u le.i In I'avof of fus. r. ahouid be fir.nuulgated. an j dferc vi ts?t tu tbJ approa -liing eUction for Umm id Oouocil care ahouid be i. ilen in t.'.e selection of f'ee Boilers. Hie patronage of the geceral g ivertimeut be'ng in the lianas ol Ih?epp9 sltli o. and with little pro*[>erl ol aaaiat.mce from the rural dlalrtcta, soe.b ni iterlal aid aa rmiln be gathered fri m the i y patrorage ?u au important item, particu larly as the t ra< was not likely very aoou to arrive when the whips srould b*di"ie>w d to enter mW another puv ui* contrail .-o fuaion was the wau'bword under which new m schlef was to be natfhed ? new plan* I ? be carried out for tbe espu:.:il benefit of the frte soil portion of the demo -racy. Tbe han'a. In the meantime, were scarcely h Iding their o?u, for u mauagemeat and tr"Jterv tbey ware no mat.-b for their rivals Tbey laoored on'inr the burdaii of some pride of ropt ?eiiC/, some aentlmeut of g-?od faitb ? qnaJit es with which tbelr o) p<meuts were not for a moment troubled. By aahow o superior numerical strerglb tbe soils n ad wi>n from their ranka some of tbo weam r brttiiren. who rijuoe in majontlea: and among tbe moat oncapiruoug "I those who went over to th1* seetniEfly ttr'if^-est aide *a? I/in-njo B Sbepard, tu .Inc. d to tbis Hen, ar wat alleged, by the irtl i"nce of Hairy it', t cotwi bsUnllcg a fusion bad botn declar- d I y both the bards ai.d f ri* soilers, the management was ? iiiitsy, aod so til aiapted to the mood of inennyieid iLg bares, "ul cnly a Ua> beforo the electloo an addrws a;-i i ai'-d in ti e Httu'u, signed by Vccbf, Brady, Jtike Walsh, Brodirick, K J. Piliou and others, neoojuc my tbe wbe'e aQatr, at. i prono .urtrg the rbainn a ? neat. The j!.ui n laborioualy oonaodtad, an I with cunning I', k r the ber.eflt of th" free solleri, thus fell ifcrci ^h, s.nd j*'?tr sgt u wm in tha hands of tbe whlgs. Ult?i a'.t?Hpts to i-iU'h up a unlou belwe? n the two fiut::t.; wer< aia.:-' In rcpeato! oouventU.ns, but where everwirethi a^:tt there was the universal apon wt.. r> or about whom the ? holr- pom c?l plao-.'Ury fj?t<mef tlie r <fts revolved. Nothing ciuJJ be lone, nHb:;>g cm i be thought of in tbo political movements of the ?ottt, w ? uich there was rot -.metbiDg redolent o' Sambo, t'tdl tbeie was sonittbing In tbe ahape of mn >a paw l.?d t.p on the ?'tale ticket, by an eqnal division ol" tbe (M>n. .neet bttwien tb'? two pa- ties ? a>. arrangtm'>nt that was mi revoititig to tbe geueral si-nae ihat, althougb a m etitg was c?l>d a* Ttimwj Hail to g've authority to \ir tew triaty of an ty between lie discordant factions, and ib< Mb 0 Cotior, S-. .. iera and otber* apprarrj in the itataei^ cf pac', bettors, vet all was unavailing Tti" city went ior the wbigs, and tbe Htata, with ? ? me except i n* of n? great m met.t, went the lami" nay Ai an evidetire of the m?i tiS with wt i b r.iar> of the leading imlit'i *1 aa tors were re?5 ed, tickles waa demi'm.vd at Tj.nni? ny at l av ,rg r eivej aid fr'm the op,His n 'u and as ba-. ; / | a>ed 'kin to the |>arty. A*, a aLhsequnct in-.vt mi this person was forcibly etieel^ii from tbe room ?t. ?irv i led na<i Tammanv at last bourne that otie portioa n' ibe (?< : eril ('< mmilto'. beaded by Wind, is' ii-ii an ad dre-a rlaio, i < t,. tw tn? /', inconuminau' t deorfira i ) ; whi e another port mi', under ibe ie*.!erabip of H M. Wnter", put furtri ibc.r maclfwio with pretenato-M eqrally strong to be r<garited a a tbeeleet of tbe eieei , l ie ihrsen oOe tif tiie undented, *? tho real fen'iloe .lao>b?." to wb?h all ether rlaiir.aatt were sham rtie quarrel of the prtlmdirs was telerred to the Council of tbe Ma de ma. at> the d<< s,< u of tbr e pnlitical sages wilted ;n a .all l"r a new Ueneral Committee, throwing both <cU of as | rants out of floors TUB OLOIB MtWsrtPElt. At tbia l i! e l*if 6l?t< newapaper. c.ttdocted by lV,<-r C CfciMe, a?d wbicb Wn uarted ud fnrn>th.v| by rix a. t* n i f rack of tbcar rival far.tioaa, became tba objtct a( 'he brat lity c( tb* free ruler*, who would Iiiti nnk il It* I jc lI iiiasc* bad it laid ID tb?tr |? ?ver. Tbi concern *m gr> ?i j :n d?H? u tKnoerra ao >Url?1 and tupporW an turf It become? and Ceilda. the buai r*?? macag<-r, van .ore ???<. tinir tn hta demand* for m<aot to aeep t? a 'v* and M coaimoad tn main (a ? a preearl ol? e?i*tet>oe, "Winj rbrnfly to the cl<?*ae*a of hut peca\ ntaca^i <r.inl Tb- !.<?? ly c.tTU-l i.oMra! Commit te* tboviu a gala in th* i,'!? of ibe hard*. b'H ?!-u*ral Dig n the m. actlire arrived fre-a Waalnngtui.. and give i?f w ap rit to tbe e >'t# by ? public tpweb. ibor mc&ly in bi.<d ? th fVee toll d?virl(wa. which nereMarUy tended u> rtawak-'u al> It' usaettM feeling*. aad to rrvlta tb? dlkomiUuU of the Tammany dtapatanta. ItUlM or TBI HARM. fctb far need again appeared la tb* fleid ia ibe ?naulng *ute elect on, but the ba ii? mere tnoeeaaful la ?lect.og a majority of their friends to itprtml Ibnu At a diaatr prcvkiualy given by tba barda, at Tata many Ball, to Haalel a Dtcklnaoa, tbat g-m t!>m?n, ID a apoecb of great ?e verity, put all Un burn* <4 et Ming Mfe'tHlea lo tb* aonmnl of tba tree gotten, Okargla| Oeoeral IM? with being the principal agltatr. Tbi<a pUh*1 mallerl uatll U>* mealing of the Htau> (<wiT#Bli<ia at 9yraruar, at wblch a g*o*rai l**liog * ?? n anlfcaud la tav? r of bara-onmag p?*t difltreao** H iratio Mrytnotir *ra? nomin?t?d for lrov?raof^aad tfell d< B.ioat oa f?(?ivrd aarlaa>ati'? al Tammar y Pall u being the rod of all dtAenl't** la th* m'dat M thle n?t|a ur<rg nf good ft*l:rg a r?*nhitlon ?ar adopted, with (Bthuttaaltc and rrpoaV.-l rtnrt, for U?' Un>u>, wh eh. wbil* pr***rviet ita owe ifidepeodeece, had t>?*j ?gbting thra* taction*, a? It haa hewn do tag '? U?? pre arot eemfaiga It wa? . at K?a*t, aa aekaowiedgmeot cif lb* boaeaty of tbe Rta?u? aad t onaipUn?l to ita nan > ?t?i.ry , doub y a lira lioaBt fro? in* fact tbat it had oarer c o noa '"-raaioe toegbt to Battar ettber of iba na.tiooa, bat ha-1 ooedfaaed wttbout marcy wtiera. rrar it tbcu?bt ci>udaii> >a ao at of juatioe Rot a mrrr eirmpflflnatioa of xk? vtiRiat loo ahicb the Kaaaib ba1 gataad for lt*?lf, by tbe ladepeaiteaee of ita oourae aa wall aa l*? ao'iad er?a rf it? Tiowa. *aa asb bitrd aaortlr aftar la a apaaob trade by Qerera' Caap at Tammany Hail 'Now," aald the i rat.#, "let me do atvuier act of i??tto* la* ma tbark tba Ma? Yon Raajiin? (appiaaa*)? aad 1 do it aitli p^amre fr.r 1 ha*? part nuarly ob?er?ad itie orwraa of ibat yape> throughout Iba eriaia (Throe gMH **ra tuna '<aly gWea tor tha H(a> i> ) 1 Jo lb la arltb tbe Mora pi aarra, fur it la aot a paper attached to our partr. l>at n ta raTerthe'- n a paper wttb ao Amerieaa b <art, aad o?e wbleb baa rupp >rte<i tba wintry in the day or ita iroablra. aad In tbe hoar o' i? p-adlag m?foetu??, ? ?th lite '.ati-golabed ability ?b>ob cbaractarlMa ita culumra " ?iticr or thb Aim ><lavbkt a?itati o*. We rnuat leave ftrra tbe moddy pool of laaal poilttoa and reel oml titr gae aad anrrrpttoa to glaaoa at tba gtrera! (tat* of Uir eountry aad ita J ftraitad eoadltkto The af ita loo of tbe ? arery qaeat <? for tba tbre* yea ra prarta ormmenr ng altb tbe .atroduotloa ef tba Wlliaot 1'fvta.' at Waabiagum, aad Ita aahteinaat la trod oat loa at Alhary, had hy degrre* ar-^Taed ttie while ooaotry to a rtate of a^rm. |>art ? n!arly the Snglb, who began V) prepart fi r raaMlaa e aga ?t aaaaulta ao oft repaotad ibaaalett af tka ClM t>e.*?a a avtiiect of tte mwt aoT'< appr? h' naioc n It'' miB'iaof tm aiaeei aod awet etper ?r.rad ?tat??a>er It!e <??, Item-ai, wine I ?aa ? m ar ii many pel (wvta tbat ?hi. >i n w p^rr?.l * tb* ! cfnttry M?f a n.i re MtaWH ? l.ara u r The p>:ti ic m ad n (???' I prepared aa ;t a t >w f*? the ah ?? t bad not up tn that t m? became r. , 'amiliar wltb tb. t-l i dU ir:oa an I B"? Ultortiifiat- IT haa. tn>l ] aatid U-i- threaten rga abtcb <ane with moat roreh"dtag croe. rtery ah rjer f>f a mpromine. every propnaltx* <a niariiiai on ,-atT' ? th a atHMM, drep felt aod mtmeea I ?r ii rrb\r>* am 9 together a* men \n join wttb tbe.r Totre ia <al*iir tbe tr ?it>iea of tb* hoar, aad a nail, i <aed by tbo .eni appeared n II, e of a meet it g at t a?t> Sard a it, favor af mea?ar>? w c.rn eaiatiag i ecurtet!'* it- 1 tiB l Uie l a^oa more r!oa*?y togiHh** ? ?tifral "oott bonovfl th* ta?eting with b? pre i vi ? , atd the pror*e?i ng? ww marao-l wuh a I ? ernoity brtittUig tba ooca* '< a The nn*prntni?e of I l si 0 wee iben bafora Ootyr<a*. and bail tba aappoft >( |Net>r, Oaj. Uaaa. I>le*;tjirai and othar patrnita Tbe "cr ??" *? 'tg fore* old aeemad raailv to have r m? .t latt Tbe pa??af" of thai act, or nratr*Mai wae .???.| ! to Ve ?. ,f er?ter.l. *ith lr?mbltBg votoa U^' q traiioa ? wa* everywhere aafd. ' What may tba nan n*w? rr<m Waitiapua hvtif 'ia. aad bow Kay W? eaoape tba dan ttt wt<h nm tad > ?r* UNION or TH1 KV ICKtriC rACTlONB. It waa M thia lime of doubt and apprcbeuawa, when ?acltoualtam teemed 10 be precipitating it* most dtrotal oBtucquenoee 14x10 H, that liiu Hkralu, oanspioiMu* among tho preos of tbe country, ably ani i.3ru\ral>ly rep reteuWu tbe aali.iawl sealitueol, and iU colmnun wero looked to wltn tbe most eager anitely It fare, in Ihi elsrketl jpomentB of doubt, its encouragement that day llgbl wculd follow tbe gloom thai lay upon tho ooaalry. It uenoaaced tbe creak r* o( the agitation with btllernevea and laree, and Held tbem up to tbe acorn of n<?ir fellow nun. It stripped and bcUl to tbe public (axe tbe real autborn of tbe mischief. and <-(|>e?laJiy llM f* ti.iua u I the demnerultc tchoel, who had born among tbe chiof cause* of the agitation, Parlies and facltooa began at laat to irom tbe oo&ntiiueucea of their folly, aud wbea the iicwd iAme from Hyracuae that faAou bad at last died out, and reasou aod fraternal feulio^at b'nun lo return, the joy was doubled by thi> Information from Washington that the Compromise bill had paaeed , aod the peace 0 1 tbe country wan restored. It *a* at this moment that Geo. C*ea, fresh from hla labor* at Washington, appeared at Tammanv and pronounced tho flrtl euK^y upun tbe Hkrai u? which we have glvea above. The union it tbe factions, (o openly avowed by tbe CoLvenlieu and Tammany Hall, while boumt on the part of the ira'*cs, and bailed *? tbe forerunner of au<4>rtii, wan intended a* a hnare by the leading barnburner*, wbo boel'le to Horatio Seymour, the guberna.orial can didate of tb? d<uio:ra:y. "Thia ap -arenl union of bilber- ? l > e< ullictirg Internets among tho deuioc.r.tliy DUiii^t H it armed Ute wh'g leaden, aud W. H. St .e ar J hastened tr^m Washington to attend to hla interest*, which seemed to ne preatly In jeopardy On big arriv*1 be was visited by J^hu Van Buret., who remained witb hint for some hour*; and this singular meeting aid closeting of thane two nctorio'.B agitators lad to genera! surmise and com n-ent on the part of the proa*, but the foregone coBclcalon waa toon arrived at that tbe youuger Van Btrer was paving bia way to a teat ui tne Senate of t*ie Tailed Stall* In tbe place of U 3. Diekia ?on, whose eeat waa to become vi-*r.t on the 4th of March following. To arcompllab this reeult ? the deleat 01 Heymcur am the continuance In power of tbe whi^s in the city ? wai the conatderatioa no oce part; wLUu, ou tb<> other, rhould tbe legislature pnve democratic, a union between ibe whiga and barnburner* migb> aend Il.ckinson into private 1'fe. and equally *e?d John Vaa burrn to hi* seal in tbe Senate of the u nited Sutci. , Tho secret wax permitted to esctne by Weed, who, usual, waaihlef manager alien mischief was to be ooncocted. In connect. on with Ibtse arrangements, and u one of the re (ultlrp .iui uo-a ul tbe rootra^t. ?fD'?e in tbe Cua torn Hnuve had been allotWxl v> bambaroerx, the ooaei deration of the tenure of Ihrae > -rtic* boioi; diatinctiy uixiertlood to be tbe defeat of Seymour. Tbia defeat, wbileall the baroh-iruera 00 the ticket were elcctcd. abowa at ieaat tbat N un Buren and but amenta tUioutthout tt.e ^tate underatuod and perlorme-J tne.r part of the con tract But tb ? reauit did not exactly c im? ip to tbe piana of the contracting partlea Tbe I^glxlature ia botii^ branches wan largely opposition, *0 tba: rfeward had uo opportunity to carry out hut pari of the barga.u Tbe '< n,' <racy of ibe city . aatir&ed of tb? clu-at ibat hj.J boeu piayt-a u(>ou tbem, r?*olved to reunite Ibe fc"tter eh uv-nw of tbe party wnbout otxinrrt with thOMt- vho had Ubtray id Hum, and tbe true aplrit tbat ciiaracteri/^d their ccimula ji Uinr beat da>? eeleclea that Heady and '?ou ? ??rvatif e democrat, Dttiiel K Heiavan, aa their graid ta cbem. T XI 3 ERIK CANAL. At thia period the enlargement of the Crle canal became aaubject of wide dtecuanun, and tbe cemauu for tbe 1m provemi ut bocame ao gioeral that political partlea were compelled to yield lo it The barnburner* were oppoaed to tbe meu?Lre, a bile it waa advocated by the har-la, who, by tbia course, added greatly lo tbeir itrength ia the we*lrrn part of the State. It beca-ne evident that an organ'ird opposition to the meaau.-e wculd prove inj i rioi-.a to tbe party pursuing it; aod tbeaofta, yielding to tbe Li <*?a:ty of the case, joined witb the haras 10 reoom menulng tbe aieaaare. Cnlt?l on tbia point, tb? aame r-plrlt of unity predominated Ir. their prooee<llnga at tbe tnsuing State Con vc jti.iri, where taey passed rtrclutlooa tbe ag:tatloo ol tae slavery quest too 1 in favor ol tbe nine millions for tbe i blargfuienl of tt.e canal, wbtr.h bad been appropriated by tbe previous legislature, and with a seal fw Internal improvement* wbicb would have been highly commenda bl" if 11 h?d bee-n t har*cter:7ed by a little honesty, re solved tbat (be (nlargtnx ut should bn proceeded with forthwith, iquaily enthusiast c in faror of iutarnal im provi Uit-oW ass the new Sorn real '>f ''amm.iiiy Hall, and r?(olutions in (aver of tbe cumediate enlargement were pM*d with acrlamatlp. TBimrn or tammasy hail? voRtciors Arr*riTB or TBS RPOIL8HIN. The Whir* at thia period were beaet with their own troubles. The dearly beloved but perpetoajy trouble some African waa 'till there. The elder members of the wi g party bad become wearied witb b:a lni-OKSant miro dnctioo and tbe invv'tabU mia hlef of wblob be waa the unconacKua but certa n cause. They showed symptams ct dUoontent, but the whip and spur cf Weed aud Oree .1 y acre applied >a persaadera. Tbe convrutloo woic b l>ad denounced Webster and Clay for their support or tbe measure "??* in the mala sua ta.neu. But tbe dotal .'faction wbVb had arisen am-ng the m< re conservative of tbe whig* oon tinned to increase. The j*>werfttl voice of Wibstsr wis ra'sed its deb iubciLg the- fad extending treaaoo, and tbe t lee tion waa carrW el by the cew ulM dem ocracy throughout the city and Kute, the only candidate on the (II) ticket defeated being 1 V Koaler, wbo ran for Sur ogate. Tbe Common Council, In both braucbe;*, wia demjCialir. The afipetius of Vhe- Taumaay leader* were urce, and tbe gea>d tbinga lobe devoured were pleatiful. Tun many waa poe.r, or repreaented beraelf lo be your, barton h< 'Itrei during a long i>eriod of pecuniary nxnaus hob. V. nere tbe carcase waa, there were the eagi't tatbere<' together, " and never * ere sag lea m >re vora ctova. In point of pros nacy and etuavagauce, tae famous "forty thievra" ul ibe City Hall were ouldoue by teeir lera n ru^u ous but more hungry sucnettora. The tilsu ry e>f pabiic business neglected that pr .J .able pri vale bLStti> ?a might be aelvanjed, of leg'Sialioo for the !? w at tbe e* pen.' 3 of the many, with all the Tt.e auoeaao r;ea tbat attend upch organ satmna in which hunger and venaliiy kept equal paer, is the brief bistrry of Uteaa uo mh.|i. oua repr?ucialirea of an unacrupulotu party. Kailrcada ai d rallroael grants passed iu rapid suooeesioa in opposition to the vetoes of Uie Mayor ana the denuncim I ' 1 ? i't tbe pun c ,-rtws Nor .lid this state of eorrup ? Mn onobne Itself lo tbe Common Couaclt. Even tha Judi eiary? up to tbat parlod free fre>m reproach 00 the score of integrity ? oil not escape the tm^utatloa o? eortup Hon An inslane? was mentiound ?! a reoons, deration or a pre t, sua opinion, which brought to the "Sober aeoood tbe ugUt" ' f it > re>overted judge the snug urn of gt 000 Alneimes wbo lock Ibetr seats * itbout a dollar in the world becasie' the owners, m a short time, of splendid retieieneea and every appurtenance that aurrouoda weaitb. The political brokers >.f fammany did a tbr . :g l>na n?ts sa agmla a&d mldd'e men between the bribers and the bribed? a trade IB which some of tbem oootlnie to Iiurwt. to the preaeotday li theae buain sa arraign (ei la tb* barnburoer*,as uauai, bad ibe lioa'aakarcof tne profit*, and part of the mods thus acquired were appro tirlaUd to buy up organ isallona hitherto oppoaed to ttj. in, .a prtparalxib tor the approachtng I'raaideoltal election ?rrKe) r*i.T or trb m ur CAt-aw or thc maum t>HAT ION or TUB MXOCRACY. l?t oa take a glaaoe at the part, and aaeeitam, if we oaa, Um- cause for Uua dis.ntegratioa of par'.iea, aad tbe coesrqueet w'ekedreae practiaed usder new orfaalaa Hoc a aasumicg to tb'meelrsa the saasa of demos rata II la ea ay to our mind to Iraoe It to oae raise, the Alaap j I ola led aaibil;oo of one man, wboae aima bad ap to a certain period been supposed to be boeorabie, aad wboee rec mm. ndaiioa to tbe oounlry conaiatod principally ia bw freei'om froaa sectionalism It la dlflicuU to speak of Ibe eea-s< of Mr. Van Bursa with patience, for the rneo Hob of b 1 nan.e bru-i* with it tbe wretched ant slavery sgtlalMt, which, sicca bis reject ma sa a candidate for Ute i'leeidiicy to the preewut lima, hM Irrilatod, oao vulse 1 aDil dw tract, d thecouulry. The Ouoduci of Burr was regarded aa treaaoa to hla eooalry, aad ye* evaa liorr ? II he regarded by Impartial history M merely a darieg Olibuater, whuae schema of oemqueal lay to the ma n emiaide tbe I a loo Around him hangs aooae badge of fcere> mm, some Mark of chivalry, (far be sever feared to 1 1 enter darger H l the treason of Vaa Buren to the <*em.?raey and the one n try, wiuje 11 bora arwoad it rvrry vulrar trail of malice aid M spite of the Irneat order, was the ? tlsprlog of a se.Oshneaa of the ta >et lab see e baracter. His defeat aa a Kreaidrntiai oandidats was attributed , aad not without reaaon, to the .-Vtulh, and bi be revenger oa the South waa bis absorbing idea W Itbout b>e encouragement aod 00 operation tha anaoea of dis.ord among oemocrats on the vesaiinua slavery question woald never have oocurred for he had practiaed ? be ir.anagetotni ol that q 11*011. n ao toog aa be muld tnra It to hia own advantage But tor him and bis grietb. aad tbe aUioemecl lor theaa grief*, by aaaao'u ap?n the ?v?"-, the couael's of 'am many wotil 1 bars ?>een 'itnon niotiaande-i tbe lead, aa r..nnerly,a( boeorabie aad joat mrn But the lUeloig manager of nancoaea aad ottnvea t .IBS had for .we been o<itat?naged . aad .usuiad of y mi! I i g gracefully lo a fate wt.u ? is toe chaneww of poll ties. awaited many a betwr man than h ma* If, he and ' s bouaeh. Id follower*, raised the (lag of rebe?li..a D tbe vary ?}?tem which Uad elevated him lo power It waa by his seta that the l<?g practiaed system of ao nail*.! regular neiminatlona ha?l been lavsated w.Ut an tnfalA bilily wbicb it w*a heresy to queatioo. but the very moment he had beea made the victim i?' the eery arta ha bad MJ Sflcceaefnliy pract seel, he at one- turued tra tor to the cause ?f wl <-b he bad beea th^e aler 1 it year* There w** a time when, at the eluae W 1 fr a dcat aj term lh< u(h aa r.r.*ue wosfal oaudlaiJ^r reelection, be at >eoai relaised ihs r**|?et of Ibe oSfrm.ialie, aa 1 sp to th* period ba<l in via trracbery or selflshaeas marred bis eoodurt, h'Jt name waald bare ?emaioed la Ui* memories <t bis parly, honored and reaper Ie1 Brt lie "threw away a paarl richer thaa ali hia tribe" whoa her. nghtto avenge hia grief* by diauactlsg ths parlj wtieh bad girrn bin all hat diet met on TV aeei. of iiscoBtoet which produced this pa-oiyem of mgrtt lade, an<i which he sowed am?g the l.-naoaraay, hava ?me* i , ened into bitter fruit, aad be be* ha I ibe retlse t . tt during h*a for -a J retlreimal friwa the peiblia can eila. II at the- misrbler he produced remained torwie-iise tfc< d*ipcc rsltc parly for many year* after his voice had cased lo be b*ard In Its counr.ia. Il was the spirit of ? seen tent ot h'mseir and hia hooaeboid which led to *n ojipcsltloB In tbe compromise me*. ,r*a ard tbe Tug He* "lave sc.. Retistanne to lhea-> act* was deciared almoet maied.alel) after their pwaaag* by (Icegrer*. and in carry mg out true determlaatioa nl-*^ ?I* rhed in th* etreete of 00* principal and rrnot ,-r^e ah.e citlaa, and it waa nil* by tho rear.loie dec.aratioMot the geTerEmrrt at Washington that ibe Kfeamg nf a giceral fratricidal war waa averted. Tbe ap rtt of dta conenl Which bad ao loog ins roaled Ue,f nto tbe cecnrl's of tha deme-cracy, though aeetn ng'y quleved, was all I al work Tbe forma of unloa ba.1 been gor e through w th, b'.t the spirit of h'tterram was stl.l at work Members of the aaaie political boi?euild regar I ed e* h other wit* mmh hatred looming rwooociiia Hoea mighl gloaa over aad ecnoaal, but aever eilta gnltbed tbe disirnat w tb whlsh tbe hrouirea ocatlaoa to regard each other to the present boor cwmrn t a>p caoorr. Thg llr/? frciweea Ul ??.adrr* ct U* two atclKU throughout lb* BUVe, Utrougb their respective journals, J bad been of tbe moat persoual and viudiotlvo character. As (U rtprtfeuMtlfii of Ike bards, Croasell, of tb( Argm, bad ibovn im qoarter, and bis uncom mon ability bad made Itself moel * only felt I by ibe fartion wboae tergtaernitkms h? sxposed I la consequence of an ertkle reiliMiung ou liagger ? t*i*i same logger who now (i/oree m the* chief noo?pir?U)r iu every piaii of wickedtite calculated to bnug lb * Jooi > craiic party lato cob tempt ? lie met with ac'J?W Uft personal assault by tbat Individual, ?n aot o; bruwlity which waa chuckled over by the Vau B ireuilei ut ? vtmv ly amusing iraaaacttoo. Thus stood tiio condition of faction iu th's dtale and city iiuturdmWly previoui V) tht> Presidential oampa ro of 1862, with General Pleroe an the i?i.o ulkle. A parallel case of treachery oo the part ot the Ttra mfccy leaders sad :L< Kr^ncy, who deeerted D 3 Ih.kinscB after bavu g w n nau over to their falsi' pro fesaiota for bMVD at >fti Into Charleston Convtsntwn. waa prar.tiaed is into urn Governor Haroy. wholiai dose a similar servloe jo ibia treacherous faction a aturt MM belete the BMteg of the Convention. The Van Burets, Coggers, ' nadrtvg, Furbers aid Pnrdys promised I > Governor Marry ibe snjport of tbe nta'.e o( Sew York, hut, Id tbe spirt ol ibeir characteristic treachery, tbey falsified tier pledges and coiiescad with oibcr hostile parties to secure bis detoal. Til's vote of New York was all that waa required to ffctirp tbe Domination for Governor Vlnrcy Tue fait that both 01 tne factions tinned uo Pier e, wiiile It gave an outward chow of uarmoay, did not n the slighteet -Jcer'-fl assuage tbe etnbit terrd feei.rgs which tttil rankled in the breasts of the (till rival contestant# for power. They returned to the city with fve.iiigt more embittered against each other tlian ever before If tbu pip? of |H>ace b*d been smoked it must bave been with tsbaooo of a most hate Inspiring, whicb whiffed Ten geance instead of gund * ill, Had if ibe Imtcfiet bid b< ? a burled It *?a to scantily covered wtth the s'.?d tb?l It ?bh ready to He Kraspe't at a moment'! warning, la tbe meeting* of Tammany and elsewhere tbe barda indu ed on their rights in having their own men for offloers, and, ss a matter of courte, tbey were again oppoeed by thetofis. The Ooavenliou at Syracuee which nominated Horatio Seymour for Governor, who had experienced a Hidden change cf heart since bia previoua defeat, aad who. turning tin back on his old supporter*, bad frater mred with the barnburner*, waa ch.traetcrixed by -iiene-) of violence and rowuy,sm equalled only at tbe Five ftkli. THt n*?Dfl IN THE ASCENDANT. Ia thia Coo vent tun the barda were in the ascendant, arid John Van Baren and eeveral of Ut* barnbarner fricn 1? were rejected as tleUgau-a. Tbe real etrugglo was for the anticipated ?po;l? to bo t^iatrlbuled Id the event of the elccllOL flr Pkrce. Out the lntrlgaes of tbe barnburner* were again at work to defeat hia election, if poeelble, by ferret treachery. But a few day* he-fore the election a contract bad been made a Ith the Broadway Poet utfloe for the dlatrlbutloo, throughout the city, of eight/ thou aai>d e'ertoral tickets. pur|>ortia^ to be genu'.ue demo cratic ballots, but without the name of a single demo cratic elector upon tnem. The discovery was anaounced at a meeting at Tammany Hall, on tbe .turday eveaicg prrreditg the election, and tbe act was charged upoo a tided barnbarner holding at precent an impor unt cdbuiy cltlce in this city Tlie whole of the tickets were seized, brought into Tammany dall and destroyed. Tnis ;nt of treachery and wickedness ?as the work cf one of the most influential blark repub lican antl fusion men of Tammany Hall, and but a counterpart of the lamona secret circular from the same fact on tome years previous, which ba t been discovered and exposed by the author of this article. riXBC&'8 FATAL IUSTWri'TION OP TUB "FOILS. But the spoils to be distributed by General Pierce were bow ?n hand, ai.d many were tbe hungrv claimants The appointment of Governor M&rcy as Secreiary of Stste was regarded by the bards as an augury of their suc cess; but, alss for the faith of politicians, it soon became manifest that the sympathies of tbe aewly appointed Secretary tended to an opposite direjtion. Even he? for whom they bad borne and suffered m jcb ? be who bnd been openly denounced by Jobs Van Buron and his im mediate ooadjutors? bad turned hi* back upoa bis frlebds, and was sympathizing with those wbi had been h'a mr?> bitter opponents Bit this was only tbe be; uning of a of complicated dlilKQities of new confusion added to the old; new misun derstandings again ripening into more intense bttred. Pkrce bad some lsto (>ower with tbe general understand ing that all past questions of an Irritating character sbou'd be put at rest, and his election was cous.dered a guaran tee tbat such w mid be the case. But most sadly were tbe hopes and cilcuiat ions of nino teutbi of tbe commu nity wbo were not politicians set at deflanoe by tbe on ?prated and short sigatod course of the new President. Tbe hallucination utder President Pleroe labored In relat on to tbe existing stato of parties in this iHato it t ne o' the most extraordinary on record. To elect him factions the most discordant had suspended their dts cords These very fart ion is ts bad become weary of strife, arid the general body of tbe democrats had Noome dls g usied with their incenact bickering*. Though profes slots of fraternity aaok( tnelr leaders might tave their usual ho.lowness, yet there were boctst mep ,n both fkctiors wbo eoiight a atVn of tbe nonhtcting elements for the g' nerai good of tbe wboio country. They were quite will eg, so losg as tbe President sbrmld make bis appoint ments from imong eapabie and boaeet democrats, that some small predominance of one o? other of the old factions might tase place, ror they ki.ew that In the chances orselec tKin soch aneidenta would mo*e or less oocur . and ticv were w ji advanoe to asanuoo all cavtls oo that poini, and to r? po#? a generous boeadenoe in tbe wtSs and {tint intentions of the appointltig power But In the menu' exaltat'on under which the President labored , it waa ti a especial 0.1.11 tnaL a that bis individual aiaaaite men t must be br> ogbt it to act on u> barmv.u ae the tafias, and tie seemed to be issp red w th tbe belief tbat hut aooeasios U. the Presidency was a special mis*. on to regenerate tb? demoeratir parly. Am. most ladly and buogliogly did be go to wore, ia!acctn| the appointment of a hard bv tbe appointment of a soft, and the appiintmeut of a soft by the appointment of a hard, throwing a little more dnugh in each scale as It rose or fell, all the wn.le looking at his hin w'.tb the most chuckling ss:f And yet days bad scarce run into wevks.or weeks lsto tn wih?, before the very appilnt mecks that In bis managing mind were sure to conciliate bad ibe opposite t fleet uf dividing the party into more than its old factions l et ns here stats that there was <we cause for dissatis faction in the course pursued by <i?nerai Pierce that was almost n;r??sar'ly oonseeted with h-serviosof oflioe. It was noting more nor less thas a want of taiih, from the very start, in bl? superior qasliScattoos for the Pre* idea tiat posit, on There was nothing Is or about the man that gave to bis deetstoas the stamp of superior authority tor though regarded as a man of sense, be waa ooo*tder>*l no better tban a hundred other men of sense, sueh as we find constantly arunad us, with whom we do sot hesitate to dtfTer whenever it suits our jodgssecL The authority that rested la the very same of Jar* ?on, Ibe reputation tor shrewdness which was connected with the nam* of Van Baren. were notoalv wbeiry wanting, bat taere was s slight Inrting suspu-ioa thst be m.gbt not come up to tbe standard of bta prede censors and with "these prepossess loos, to in<|ulre into, to doubt, to dssoesre, were the transitions of miud lsto which It wsa easy Mr the public to fall. Rut tbe people wt? elected kirn knew that they were electing a s??od elass statesman, towards whom they might be ca'led to exercise charity tor good Intentions, Utile realtxing t?ut it is nr?clse> this ciass of people towards whom they are Bcwitllog to exercise that cbar.ty, and in wbom it ey ars equally ready to regsrd political blunder* as political crimes, and pattrh them arrordtsgly To proceed wtth our harried narrative. Tbe appolot meet of Marry was well retelvsd by tbe oocntry st large, outside of the baraburasr fbctioo. and it gave ooaSdsaoe as s start in the career of hi administration. But lb* oorOdenee was soon shaken, in this male at least, and dls contents began to be mattered at the preference shown by himrs.f and Qabiaet la favor of tbe barnburner lafluenoa wherever as opp >rtun ity odered to sxhib t a preference for thai faction, while tbe barda waredoomei to daily re buOs, and tbelr applieat'ons were met witb short refoaala Their friends returned to tbs rlty mor tided and ladignaat at Ibe coodact of tbe man whom they ba>l placed a power, and der' ied by tbe free eoiisr*. who had received the most solid proofs of tbe President s ooaftdence <.a the C Riots with which be ioaded tbam Tbe ofl. oes only ef (Jul lector aad District AtV.rney were awarded to tbe bards, and it waa evident tbat neither of the officer* thus named desired or woc-d accept the plaoes proffered This strange ooaduct of the admiaiatral on amboiieoe-l tbe free Boilers, who at owes commenced to reorgwisa upon tbe old tssi:e? tbe permms apuolnted by I'rss ideal Pierce taking tbs prom meat lead Tbus ta less tban two short mi nibs after P.erceoame lsto power was tbe slavery question opened answ by means of bis folly aad his ab surd attempt to reg .late tbe democratic party 1a this "tale la tbs extrmaity of hi* foolishness be went an tar as to select none, or almewi aooe , but rres Boilers tor c??e. revival that fart toe lsto more tbaa its former vitality, and thus givtag tbe b gbest stamp of author ty to their ooadurt Tbe hards, though mortified at this lolly aad tr?acbery on tbe part of the Pfee deat. determmed not to abandon tbeir poeitloo, but to rally tor tbe U n vest loo thst waa to saeet in lbs fol lowing September W bee ever aad wherever t hey eoolj sterc re proscription ipua democrats who were aot of Uieur tmm'dlate tossily free soliers were sure to eiercjie It, and w .tb tbe practical aporoeal of he Prestd.>Bt. Armed with the strength derivel from his suppnmd fr endib p, the wnrk of pr>?erli>tion waa Bot conltned to ieeeral ?? cea hat it was equally attemptsd to city ap p< r.trT ts Tbe ."tats bad been barded over, an fa r as the dla'r button sf office was enaoeraed, into tbe hands of the barnburners, aad tbe ttficess* of that farti m tiaJ bee me so paramount with the vim r wtrat ion that places I Mr tfetlr friends bs.l been leaisd evea to Saab men as t)sae sad nsoo Ftsb is d plomattc appointments pre!e?eoo?s were g'Vtl to f'es Bollere, until the enron ragemeBt of tbst ra tio*, wt.esersr an opp?rt ia<ty nler ed, -rcame so giartor as to proluoe a general secae of ta d ^ est aad atsgust throughout tbe arm jrj matTT or rnmo*'* poi.ict. Tbe r> 'nit of tti s slals of alair* sooa became apparent Rr< t cm held la Plate* wh cb had gtvea large msj iritles tor Pierce tald an entirely oppos te story . aad deserted aot merely the sda alstratlon but tb " democratic party. And these rbaagee had taksn place la the first an m oaths i of the sew Presidency, and a ur. ted democracy had Is , ibat bref per .'.id Of I me bee* spit into fragments free seller*, s^m egly va*taiae<i by Presideat Pleroe. be eem? itS'deet la tbetr supv??ed streagth. an I r.rae'ly it?- i to'erant whenever they had an opportnn ty to bring that 1 itrerg'h ihto etercla* At the Sej-teniber ?ui?Conr>-n 1 tK.n ihey appeared with their hired fighting m<m. belj separate oegantaatirna, and forest the aal tonal telega, i s to ncm Bate a separate ticket. TTie'r iBBolaaaa was so lo tolerable tbat tbe hards were sot trvatsd With decent respect. To p*oecr be them was acoocnted a virtae, Tor Ibe presumption was regarded as a thing wb ~h tbs geaeral administration at Washington w axed at and enoeo raf Greene C. Br asm ar I Ckarles OOraor, the newly appointed Co ac tor and Diatrlct Attorney?both bards, r,a wu m appc'r menui bad been onsfrr*ed under u.em of a 'air divis n of tAliia b'twoen toe fart rm? hail been isv ted to ad 'rt ss a soft meeting at Tarn mat. r Hail vh nb *aa deeltwd by tt(*e gent me* is terms of r.rcag 9m4m nation against Urn ticket and tbe mxle adoptad IB auli^ U. The mailer waa immediately taken jv> at Wasbiug too, and charge* were mailt! agaiunt Rrunsou for ttM ap pointment of none but hart* u> ottice in the Oustoin Houae. Tbr Tam tuny fMOtkoa waited this place lor Uiew own creatures, and ilie importuuttx* f?r the iwri'mu <4 Rronson were suoceaslul. thus furnishing themselves a new proof of the lfin|?tk! nud confidcuc* at fieroe and Lis Cabinet T:m Nsw Yobk Hjuuld, wbicfc had given a lair aid impartial support to tho oduuniatraM lien, observing the exUtin* state uf things and .ne de parture of (iereral Pierce Irom tue honorable policy wtilcti wri *ape< k>d of bim, becune his matt decided and bitter oppournt. And yet, notwithstanding the cotn'i Kxl in li'i? nee of tbe administration and tbe t-deral offioers jj ; lb ib city, the national democracy, with their candidates. I ui the Male election, beat the suits by several thousand | votes, ILe ^late jmumii'K into tbe bands of Seward aid bus | friend*. In tbia eleciiou tho vote for the bards sIojU ICO, COO, and tor tne solts it'i.f 00 Tbe last triumph of the democratic party In Uiw St*IO for the election ol Governor terminated in tbe cbotoe oC Horutio Seymour lor ibat ot!ioe, and the last it will prove 1 to be for many year* ?b >uld Lincoln be successful for thfl Presidency. rtiat tbo defeat of tbe democracy of tb? ! State waa in a great degree owing to the miserable ma I nanpement < r tbe Cabinet at Washington there oannot be a moment's queatHn But the r*-pouaiatltty waa shifted | Irom ilie .abinrtto Uje shoulder* <f tbe President, who by | th:a time was becoming n lo?tb?U between bia confidea I tlal Cabinet advisers and Um outside political agents who | bad > blamed tbe m^atery over bun The situation of tho perplexed "puolic functionary " wm pitiaole m tbe n* treioe Aware ol the intlueuo** which ho had permitted to gather aroUna bim. but unable to shake ujcoi oil, <> >11 stantly making foolish coiicet-siona and inventing ?'?0 promises which were aure to return and plague the in ventor, jealous of an lotrtguiry Cabinet which waa equal ly jealous of bim, himself doecend'ng to lb* pitiaole game of outmaoagtng tbe manacers n wbfw) bacda be wita but as cay in the tiandu of the poller, he stuninled on irom one blender to ae ther II'' bad forfeited the cenO deuce of one branch ol the dem. :r?cy, which woold not lawn upon aim and which darni to lei: him the tnoest truth, to MCW? the ooutempt of tie other orancu wbicts deceived bim and laugaed bim to acorn, while by ihreaUj or by cajolery they were mak in* him tbe dupe. It in but justice to Mr. fierce to say that, ino'igb he was always ma naged l>y gouie one inside party It cojIJ hardly be said tt at any particular faction always controlled bim, for bia uncertainty of policy precluded that idea, and insiders a* well as outsider" were con >> tact 1? puz/.led by his incoo ? ?i?tencie8. It is (said lliat when S *ar i held the ulflee ot Governor of this State the roal uutie* of the o;n..e, so tar as appointments were ronrorcfd, were d.Hchir^o.1 by Ihurluw Weeil. As to who ? as the real l'rtsident when poor fierce held tbe title was never clearly aseertaiDed, and must rem.nn a puzzle to inquisitive historians, who will have to rest content with the ,i-;j n raace that though ho ruled | rincipally hy deputies, yet bis dcputlee were so | numerous an I his own miu'l so uncertain that the houi.r or shume, which ever It may be, : n| b<8 adnunidration, m \?t ho divided betweoa I himsfif and the politicians with whom be ornsorted, in 1 and about equal ratios of weakness and wiciceiuewt. Bu*, j stern aud unrelenting nisuiry will not pause to be aa | coyed with such trtlies, and tbe severe voloe of justioo i will pronounce him an one In whom the higber qualitwe cf statesmanship were delicient, and whose failure as f r< udent u iw owing to Innate wialcueea of character, untitticg him lor tbe great emergencies of the olboe. When the defeat of the dem urats of this .-Ha to had oc curred, the federal ctllrers, who werti the maw cause ol tbui disaster, proceeded to Wasbingtoa to explain it away In the nifiDB'T peculiar to Utuiselves, and to shut Its responsibility trim their ?wn shoulders. It waa at vh* i period that a reguinr fluid began to be raised, obtained principally by taxation of Custom House subordiaatts, to defray the expenses of parties representing the r >nte rerts In Washington and elsewhere The namea of per sons calling thornielves gentlemeu might be given who, lor the remainder of the fierce administration, were sup ported wholly out of .he means thus ra ,'ed, including thn large outlays for expenses lacurtea in tne wildest and most dissipated extravagance* "TBI PH0TICT1 VK ASSOCUTIO ft'? ? FRKB STBSCIX Vl'tNtlJtD IN TAMMaNV XI ALL. The prtaeipal operators at Tammany at the same or about the same period organized what was termed a "Protective Association," of which the chief branch *mq prircd certain otllce holders and private agitators, amounting in all to ten persons? a second das* known hy the appropriate term of -'Blowers, " and a third, a body g-ard, composed of the m .at desperate fighting men of the city. ?fee advising oouocil met aimoat nightly for oonsultatlwy, and whenever aay of their plan* were rigts for ventilation tbe task wa? allotted to tne " bjowrs*,"' who did the work cf manufacturing public opinion la tbo drinking saloocs and other t'.aular places of resort. Ttv> leading lighting men were kept ooustantly on hud, and a* such men do not work without pay, they thrir due share rf the eonting?nt fund Woeu a fight waa re quired It waa not necewary to give tbe directing [Mb ty the order verbally, but through a system of signs*, sad tbe lilting of an arm or tbe raising of a finger from tho chief prompter would at oooe lead to tbe dtwirwi result*. A word of d'ssent at a public meeting to anything pro posed by the conspirators would be answered by a b4ow% coming from an oaexpeetad quarter, and fr?e speech wm denied a* practically la tbe ball* of Tammany as it is is* moment in tbe stree's ot Veoloo. FOWLER BITPLIU TH? FCNDft. If deficleacle* in the fundi oecurr?<l they bud to to tuppllod, no matter at ?hv. ooal. tad the dtfhloatloa of Fowler may ucqjea'.iooably be traoed to tho demaola which, betas peraooally unable to moet, be liquidated with the of the Post otUoe Kxpen*iva eatertalr menu were lav nhed upon inrlueotlal political etraogvro paaaing through the eitf , aod every eeJuctioo of over/ kind that money conld eupply ?m applied by Um ckmc corporation, wblcb, MM| In IU Itflnenoe over the l*r* ilrfent and Cabinet. and equally itrong in the or of fuiirfe, ruled with a **ay as aeiflalj ?* it wan tyrauai eal. ? (um* were obtelnod by member* rI to.* ?r g?otaalien aod their immediate coadjutora la kinoy og through locgrra* important private m<?aur*a; ao thai by tbe rod < l the l'leror administration Home 01 toam hat realied aoi)( nompeU'oora. Krery braocb tl the r.t j go virnueat waa under their influoooe. Tbo fkro ia 1>. rectory of ten, which ht*try record*, nrv?r exerc iae?t? aava in tbe power over lite? greater away than did th'? oouocil of tbe aaroe num ber, oa whom Uio Preeldeot of tbe I'aitad "ia M bad laviabrd hia oocQdeooe aod beatowed the moat iaa> poitaot rttioei iu hla gift. We 0114b'. lo tbia c MtW explain In a few worda whatever of mt alary n.?ia uo the aubject of the Fowler defaloaiion, hut perbapa it w pro dent U> await their developemeola, whloo will *bortiy bev made The pr loci pal facta would txhiatt that ui :.?i rjr ?an ia the light of a mere loatnimeat to tbe haoda of t*> wicked aod unprioclpled aaaociatea. who knew b* w *%? ncaa of hi<art. aod availing ihamieiraa of hla yielding no tore. loduced buo to the committal of thoaa acta whkb. If left lo tbe prompt Id jn of hla own retaoa aod uatural a ettneta, be never wwld have committed There are o nw tboee who walk tbe aireeta of New York, of replied wealth aod large political loBaauee, who owe whatever they may pc?aeea of either of theae loaiiliea Vo Una na fortunate asaa. Hia pecuniary dtfflcnllie* 10 bia MKVKiot* w itb the government were kaowa to three mm loug t?o (ore thry were openly eipoond, but they enoour*o<| b m to further acta of depredalloo upon tbe trea aory, with the aaauraooa that la the eod be be able to make all right,'' aod hia abeiraa t'oaa ol lie government fuode would be maoe r> d. \jt\ tboee of ola aadooen who read th>a, and any theni there are aoaae of ibepree-nt dtauutooiaie of r*ro maay Hall? If there la one part 'do of tr apathy tea .0 their nature* for on* on wboaa eoay character they rpecu Mai uotil they forced him to |MM a defaulter? >et them mace auch atooemeot aa M la their power, by pro. vie lag for their victim aoaie aaeaaa to aopport bin iu nag the rvmaioder of bia exiled lay*. Ia a nent letter to a Irtead in thla city be write* ?"I have bat th-iw hundred dollar* left a*, aad when that ia gooe, know* what I 1 hall do." the pluaderer* nf Tare many, to wboa* la (at late craving* poor Fowler Ml a dnpe ?nd m victim . tbe tuoahioe friend* who beaked la hie boooiy ; tbe atipeadtarlea who did the dirty work which he ?? too proud to do, bat oot loo prowd to pay fbr, atood ready for another victim. The hie of Fowler m merely the fat* of a politic laa wbo, oooe bavlag engaged tbe jaotaaari**, could aeverrid bimaelf of thtm Tbe jaaiaaeriee of ib* Tcrkltb 9nllaa were finally dwpnaed of by tbe rlmple ,1-1*. oeaa of eilerm nation, bat there le ao eueh eummary rw aiedy lo get rid of lb* tralaed boada of oorruptio* ??, wbo. called into el WVetioe by the eooouragemeot of,Tan> maoy, w II eemain w eoliet wherever they are paid'beai, long after poor old Ifcmaany rial I have departed OOVmtNOH WIRK WIMtiUV IW Till arKNt. Among the curloalllea of thla curloua period waa the> endoi iiMict of tba bora baraere of tarn many by H A. Im, who had lately '<?*? alectal Ooveraor of virgto.a. Hla MOtlT* for tbia atraage proceeding, m gtv*? la a let ter by the erratic Virglataa, w*a a baaia which betoog*^ to the hard* aad not lo the eofle. but tbta ta oof *Um? ly a very aomnpxi laatanee of the atraage miatake* mwte by Southern twlltlciaoa la r*latk>a to their real ( o ti e North the IJoveroer, however, khortly ater mada emeada for hia blunder by proclaiming bimaelf Mi tavor of tbe barda. Row fbr be auooeeded la eatabliab ng ?, m *elf la tbe mlnda of either ea a reliable ewteenau 1 mo muat determ ea. If, ladeei, t me baa aot alrcaly de termined by placing tbe '-orerwor la the retired i.eia ?< ini peart >ca*le? and tacorabNa. .room rnwxD ro*>Tnr. At the State elect km la Jfew York tweed lately pr>or lo the November elect a* for Pre* Went, Pierce, mbc wii ag* n 'a the Held, deapalcbed b e coot'. Ic-.i a! frier, d Job* W For?ey lo v etl Ulle c ly. and f p-. b e to br'ng the two eppn*ieg fertile ,ovo frwo 1 y relation* tfut Fnraey'e tree* w?a oiherwiae o. ? p er i< y iBg bimaelf who One tighta and floe th.n|it, n c. >? paay will, tbe Couacii of fen, and t* Hrtniog o toe r laegbiag efcoraa over the preteaetoce <4 poor P ercw. Aad toat virtue ue aad tmetnorihy adlTidoal r>tr?4 beck lo bia etoplnyer the aaeuranee tkat ail wna weii, >nt tl at the v. le for htm la the maventi >0 war a ear* to r p. POt'OMI !."<?*? rr run rgnr *1, oppicu LK*?rn> *0 ain't an The Plac naati Katlooal Oor.ven|: >a w w appr.<acb nr, atd I<OB(la*. aa rariy aa t*<r.e promtaently f-w ?arU aa a raod cate 10 oar'y tbe prire, by tbe ?nt rod ef the faB( ui Vrb-arVa bill. Strang ' aa It may a;?tw*r. tfce eofte oppnoed tba m***nr*, wbtle the hard* w*r* favor of IU paeaage P erce , wbo aaw that II waa a bid fnr tbe Pree rteocy , pnot hla laatructifoa to mary lo orpoae t.'und here again name up the o'gro agiurtoo a ob? of tbe electioneering elem?rta of tb>- ramr* ra IV .glae, who prweiee J the -otO w-ro* rf tbe ^otili, repardlng it aa a capital to elth, threw it oat aa a bait for tbe free "uue of the v'orth, now ?uet lo be mu*o*ellaed by Seward aod ibe . . . l*n*l#' I am many Hail. the latter. Ifertiagb ih? t one ' I' .TCe an I their ignoran. a .Be >**i \ aiean't c ?t the antbor, falleJ le undereund tte le? i? pre. Rested, aod betweeo thla mtaunder* ?o1iog asd t ? rud den cf. mga of Stni tbern rent : ieal II aooo hecaovevl deal that the LHtle Gtaat ha 1? at lea*- r _b? time he r*? ?rmmitt*d a fbtel mietan P-' N,i- |j? vi> at that lime -oe? .l?r?d a bard, an l tl ?* -n .-p? rated to W ivaaiaf*. It *.ii be ro<o . ud

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