Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 19, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 19, 1860 Page 3
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crime I travel oec? more, afler e'even years on the path of estle, I* fore being ar?l? to arrive si the place of my nativity , where are lb* survivors of my family , acid where rest the uu rated atuea < f my tamer, whom I luet it the nm' ul my foiioer prnaurlpi Ion Hui Iriia tlnie I (to wttb perfect ease of mind. ailb uigh sorriwfii 1 go burn lo the bl.#?ed lioit which welcomed me in 1949, u,il which ?>?* B? again in l*t>0 ? i M *d it. on s-r Victor Finaimed, freedom ao<l ju?t|.e rolg' ? hopiog, ter n.y ? onntry , lo th? generos ty of your aature , which will |tt>. I'ie ni |i?r hand at air later oouuatl* ? bo >leg that U>r mb >nn thisSiithern Italy *111 also abortly reoelve Pom our King ihi> bie?? ngs rrt freedom and good go?eru ??? 'it Your iinokit mi rant. Sa i i M, 8. pt. 39, 1800 P1LIPPO CORDOVA. Coant Cavoar'i Jlanlhitn Tbe following BNBMO waa r??rt by Count Oavuur to the Sardinian Chambers, on the VI I loat. : ? Oa?rr? sf?w ? Tbiee ^months ago, before ttoe l?at ad yuiimmt, Parliament gnr ted to the King's government tbe luppiiie repaired to proviso for th>i nnwwii^i of the f*t?te and for ihe pruwution of the further prograsa of tbe national ranee When (be two souses almost ananlmoos'T voted a loaa sufl.clent not only for p?c?eut need, but also for lot-n pre?? trg ooutiogcnr ies, tbcy ant only strong be-u.>d th? puhllo treasury, but mfiiscd Into the ministers that nigral f .ri* which in tempestuous times Is no '??*? Indian n aablo than pecuniary snbsllles to onablo thorn to carry oe tbe government of a free [wopie By this efficacious support tbe K ng'* frivertinKnt had M In tbeir power la follow up th" furtuuro of Italy, and 10 socon,piish daring enterprises which will leav^a deep Impression in tbe history of our national regeneration tbe military preparation*. pursued with activity, not withstanding tbe gr< at outlay they brjng with them, omitributed to cause the principle or n >n loterventi in to b? respected in Italy ? a principle solemnly procUitnod by the Emperor Napo'eoo at ViPafranca, and bel l up by ibe British government, a* suiting at the same time our rights and the true interests of Europe. There military preparations at Ule ?tm? t'rae p'icl at In a poal .ion rapldiy to free tho Marches an i I'tnbrla from the Iron yoke of foreirn hirelings, without too dan gerously abandoning the defence ol our fronti rs. If we look at 'he res ilta obtained in so sltort a ipaoe of time we feel ooofldent tlat the ministers bive correspond ed to the continence of the King and the nation ?t the opentrg of tbe present session the representatives of 11 OOO.tOO ol Italians assembled round tho monarch by Ihein LLauiuo^kly prucl imej su m >uitu bav.- sciria 1? elape^d and alitwly 11 000.000 more of Italians have broken tbeir chains, aid have become free to oh **<? that government which they may deem more suitable to their ewn wiabes and Interests. The ministers are for indeed from attributing to them selves rxclusively tbe merit of such won lorTul events. They do snt daily , nay, they loudly avow that so pr vitgi oas a change is ?? jecially to be ascribed t? t ie Initiative of the popular mind For what coucerus Naples and Htclly U Is doubtless Hue to the generous co operation of the ?uluntrtrs, and, more than to any other cause, to tbe hkgh souicd daring ol their U.uatnous leader, Uenural Gerloaidl. Themir ist?rs only venture toobwrve that these memo rable events were the necestary consequence of the po lity formerly Initialed by Caarles Albert, and folio ived tor teeivc years by tho government of tho present sove reign. Bad that policy been set aside, or had its ruling principles been changed or altered, tbe above mentioned cauteg would certtinly tave prove, 1 powerleM to accom plish the deliverancn of bo largo a part n( Italy If tbe ministers, theref>re deemed 11 their duty to haateo the convocation of Parliament at this unmual period ol the year, It kiih not hecansn their faith In tbe rtDuucy of Ihrse principles was at all ?b*lien. They wore brought to this resolution by a conviction that the pro sect tmtrgencies, unloresetu on the day is which tho loan * >s vuteu, laid them uudtr a strict obligation tj ascertain that thev have not lost nnv part Of that mip port of the Chambers which c nititutis tbe main s'.'eugth of the gorernmnt. They thought, besiues, lint by a free exposition of their Intenin they w .uU pUoe the representatives ol' tbe r atnu in a ponitlnn to pronounce a solemn judgment on tbe system they btv-i panned. I deem 't nnneocsrfary to rocal th? events lately ac eonpllrbed; they are so well known aid recent tuat re ?ee1 cot mention thes. Ou the other hind, It i* do*, tho pest v? o are t > make our tti^mo of 'lis^nsgija, it ii we arc now to do that beoomJS matur lor car deliber ation. Henceforth the whole of Ita'y is frie Venice al-ne forms a sad exception. RogarMrg that noblest nf tho provinces cf tbe Fenlnsala tha Pari ament knows our ?eiitinient. We have clotrly rtat< d our opinions in a di plomatic document published not loug ?go Wc do not think tl:ut we rsn declare war agairet A'Htria In thi face of the almost unanimous opposition of the V.'u-opoaa Powers 'ucti an ccdert>tkiDg, carried out at s icb an anpropitious moment, would call forth a formidable co all i ion agiicst n?, an 1 endanger not only tho cause of Italy, but the cause of liberty a'l over the Continent of Buropo So rash an attempt would place us in a statu of open hostility with thu powera tUut do not raoofutea tha prioclpres we are flghtlf g fbr, an 1 would estrange from ns tbe Fympattiles of tli ise Stales wbicQ are preparing to In , Utxluce iu their policy moiidcai, as on a liberal We, who are dally the not ludiff reut sritneHses of aaflerlog of the Venetian populations, do not forget their , cause; we think, on the contrary, we are serving it m t eBectuaily by constituling a sti ong and unltid lu'.y Wo ] are, In fact, thoroughly conddent that as *<>' n us we shall i bave attained that desirable object tho g> neral opinion of . aattocs and cabinets, which is at present opposed to ">*? | king a forcible attempt to einan. .pato Vetictia, will be Ik. i Torable to a rcttleacnt of the itaiian quost on, w aleh will | end forever in Southern Europe tho era of revolution and of war. We are likewise convinced that ooLsldcratiots of tho *tooM exalted nature make It our duty to re.'ooct the city j to which Ihe funreme l ontiff real lea Tbe R i-naa ques 1 p is one ol those whni cannot lie settled by the swurd m settlement Is Impeded by moral obatacleh which moral force alone rsn ovtroom*. We firmly trust that sooner | or later miral foroe mav effect ch*nros in the great tne | tropohs In ot nformlty with tbe wish* ." of the Inhabitant, I with ihe aapiratious of aii true ltal m<, *itb the real , prlLCiples and permanent interests of Catholicism. Wewl'lsct wisely and patriotically by showing our- ! aelves able to wait for so desirable and salutary a change, j which most be effected by tbe operation of tin* to ! tbo I great, tbe In aleulahlu In lltienoe which regenerated Italy Will bring to bear on the opinions of tbo Catholio world. Bat even supposing our opinions lo rest upoo erroneoul data, tbe very pretence of French troops ,t Rome would snBce to cause as lo abandon anv ^ o[ ? ? : , tack against Rome. * ,u u 1 -r pKMotoln un.tUycC lo ?;<*<?< openly the sol | 4M>rt of Frauce ?Oatd be more taae a lault, it wouM be b maduras We all know mat ihere ei'eta such a lb Inj aa a generous madneaa, though It may not eauso Uie ruin of a nation, ia the aoorce of lmtXi?asa sac.rUso ? and (rreat suffering. But in the present state of tbiu^a ibt i<1ea of lighting against the French would leal IU f loner nun. Uwb moiistrous lagratilude would cast a stigma of Ingratitude orer our natino, which long two tunes of suflVring would be inaUqaata t > iiiace. T*e soldiers of Fraooe were oceu.nlug Roaio at tbe Ume wben other aoldWra of trance, commaode l by vaetr 1 gtberoue Emperor, we. ? Oxlitlcg >a our b?.ball at Magenta | and *olfertao If the optima wai then entertained la .1 Uw presence of the French at R>me wai q nte trroc >ncll able w.ih tbe inlereata of Italy, we ought neitoer to bare demanded nor acre pled the oo operair n of our powerful ?elghbor to aid ua In conquering liberty and lodcpon detc At tbe present tia.0, therefore, If wc turaM agaiuat Ftarce the aruis which bar victories have platad ia U>e hands of an many Italian*, we wouid oeuiait au i act whi^h ia moat repegaaat to uie hearts A all wtoo are aot blinded by parly spirit. But If we are not for tbe present n a condition to eiert s?rs*lves la btbair of Venlae and R.< no, ?cir.:uji equally Lelplaaa with rrgird to the ot*er parte ?f Italy, wblcb, a. though rlaeu to liberty , feel the want of 1mm e dtale. efflcieat itotisioos Oentkroen If the Italian cause at la?t awakened the universal sympathy of turope, If the n.ia-U of tft-j una'. ?Ivlliaed and educated nations show litems- Irsa favor abl<- to it, tbia must espacla'ly be aitr. bated to tbe admi rable m<-derati?o o( \oeaa, t" th? calm behavior o( tn< various provinces of tbe i?enlnrula on tbe r Brat (hiking , nfl tbe yoke wblcb the foreigner ha 1 lal3 up >n th -m Tboae provlncm art r led tba most a<gn*l proof of tha truth aad dep'h of tbe clrlltgallo- attained by II) * Italian people, by laataally reti< Ting all germaof anarchy, by aloptlog wltbonl delay lh*s prlt ciplea of sound orranl nation which obtain among tbe nationa mat adraac" 1 in tkaeserelie of lloerty, an* by evincing ibelr firm will to baa out of aprovutonai Stale, and ai,jir'Bg to the init - iation of a government frao aud naunial, but at tbe suae time strong and oppnard to any etceea ' By thla moderation ant concord, ny tbia unahaken Irocii . the people of fu*uany an t .Kml'la ended br per soar) ng diplomacy that tlie Italian* are capable of or assorting a vast klrgo<ia, baa?l and organised up* broadly libaeal prlnelplea and Inatltnt !<n>a Matu re Bi'iat proceed in the aamn Banner la ?ontbera Italy. *>?e to ua if tboae people were long to continue la tbe uncertainty of a proric tla' rule !>; <i .,i baaon an J aa areby, wblcb would tonn break up, wnu'd be tba ea-iae of lattu-aae eriia and laiaaeaae Viagra * t<> tbe ? ?tantry. Tbe great nai ctal m->re?e<it, breaking fro? Uie path which it baa hitherto followed with mar * .-iloai regularity, would lead lo extreme danger*, aa well t? the lately rnfraoebl'ed prorltoea aa to tboae wli'cb have been for more than oae year free an I ladeptndeal. Tbia mi?l not be? tbia eaauot be allured by the or the rar.ia Meat Tbe g^aerooa were go, who la balled b? tbe who!* of Ita^y aa the morer and leader or tbe national roaurrao tiaa. baa apeolal diitlee tuwarda the ?aonth of Itaty. To" work of emancipation begaa la bla same round bU gl >ri oi?> etandard tbe freed people crow lo<t and preaiet It fore Carope, before poatarlty, be M aniareranie f >r tbelr felt Ktr.g Vtctff Kmanael d'>ea not Intead to dlapoae at big own pleaanreof the people of fcwitbera Italy; but he la lit daty bound to give tbein an opportunity of putt ng an end to tbeir pro via* nai opultlljo, by mua openly, moat freely g1elc( ntteracee m th. ir wiabea. What may be tbe rtauit of th* Ir rote* The aniwer Ilea to tbe electoral urn. A? luitaae, we arl-n?ly w!ah tbat tba ttibab tanta of the rroTlnce* not vet i tilted should aot aa thn*e of Oetitrai Italy bare done, an t ibat with Uta aan.r eotbualaam, with tbe name oaantmlty. they should declare in farar of that priin. ^le "f u'uifl attoa whie.b aay bring the whele prn raula under tbe ooaat:tutioaa ?O'ptr' of VMor Fmanntl aa Hit latara of a aorereiga fre# frowi pqraonal ambl Uaa, and who oanae< ratad bis sword sa I life to Ui? great aahl*' ewtenl of Ttnd;*ating Italr lo tbe ttaliaos, w<t mult ?r*ly proaoanos ia bla nam* that, whatever nay be UK awta of tboae people, it sbail bo respected We harbor lbs beat bo pea tbat you will agree with as Mi tbts subject. We all wlab to bring to a ierinii.?l: '0 ?ba great edllloa of aatioaal ua ty , but it must rlea from the apoutan?)ua ooi.aeot of tbe people, not "y say dead ?T aoweiralnt and fbroe Tbeee eonatderationa ladneied the King's fn rem neat lo aak the fbaaibers ibat powar sbmild be rraated to It to apoempl'tb tba mnexatlua of all tboae freed pror niaa of (laly which, quastlooad by meaas of the direat unUeraa! ?tilrmge, should declare that they wish In fur at a part of tbe nun-emtia family ?< paopta already abelterad i.ndaf Ue p legs of the glorHoa klogd m of VMor Eaiaa-ial Thie ministers do not think that the forfi of suffrage ?ay be a subject of d|acii?*lon. It w'll bo the aa-n" alr/a'y ultpM i? l*e .tmllla ar-l Tueeany The p -ople wtil be b>k? t to pros >uaoe Ulat.neUj wbttbrr th y a ah ?o be John d lo ?w ."tale, or not and no o.>n litl.toal *o?e ?hall b? admitted: f"r It Ig lupoid, oir det.r tn i atiou cot to Impds-i lh? act 'if ana' tatlon npon My pari of Italy, but w) muat with equal frankaeas d?riare tlial we do not tbli.k any aaat.Mvnn Ph.: Jd be J ? >?c?"d subject lo pny epfUl oto li.? Gentlewen, this would be tantamount to firm* on* r?r mere piortaoes the powar lo iiu,?wo their *ol ui?>u in ? province! already Ci ttiluted , aid ?<? fetter dosrj tti FoUirv erMoiiitioo 'to** dMmb, iotrodnf i'.t* ? ra'f"*nl 1 ? c? and ? fatal Mai( ??tagon'*"* dtsseaaloa <>a Uie uth. r band, v.u do not icrUtf 10 .ftln U.t he ???? ! km of anmsation bound to conditions which ..? rejejl, la contrary to th<- raiore of ooi"'" wmmunitl**, whith. i if they ma' , rmler peculiar circonit lances, o?n ni> utlr otiuai tliiiiiH. Inn under fedtral forms, BO lo .'?r ro quire or acmlt a ooniwct of dcdttioo; ? mero r''liu of ihe middle a#e*. a mode ot union not very worth ? of an | Italian kug ??d peni-le. Att.?r Un uo:hi iiglit of and unlocked for events whi n we bave w'tnened in Italy . !t muit ho clear lo i!l moo that we are no federalists Neither do we mean to he c?-Miai '/? rs, aa we prove by our vfi re*p"41og the adtubtrtrst vo organizati on o' tbo .-".ate N ve'.Ui', -g, we would alwa^ s r>rrf?r either lb'" f? ' rsl or ihe thor ougblv ' t ctrali*' d tyrti m to a political arrangement by ? winch (be jHurlnoea, although J >im I under the an-ne ; ip<|>t'e, tl.onld, in tbe c-*l Imp riant I* ?'i?lstlve mm trie, possets aL authority Ittlepeudeut of Parli* no it I tbe ratlin. Here wo must observe that, .although th** who h%ve MilftaUd to Ihe Irln r ph of then ittonal rv* arc >,.t ,n principle the Met of the lounuio) of Southern Italv , yet coco whose love for ibuir oountry is tin muter of doubt aud whntt" derotion to tbo sa<ire.l fern ,n of the king .* usually known, di m it eipedent to p it off the aal of anremton till ua work ta completed, ih*t is, till the questions of Rune aid Venice be liually h lived We thick If tbla design could be carried into practice it wi uld hove thi Most istal oonotqwnorS Why afcuuld we k"rp Naples and .".'ily in an auomaioua stave? There ran only be one motire fur it, and kbit Is ta trail one '? Self of tbe worV of revolution to ?eootipilab tbe liberation of Italy. Now, thm would Mi moat doplora ble error. At tbe point we bave attained, stttu it la ia our power to bund op a State u' 22,POO,OfO of Iii'un", a strong and unsnimous Rate, which may disi??o of numberless meant and resources, material aa well aa moral, tfcn revolutionary era urist oloae for us. Italy mutt with great security commence lv-r ^'?'ri^?l of inter nal order and organisation. Kurope would other #l*?> have reason to believe that revolution is noi a :oeai h f <r us, butanefcl, and her henev?'lenoa woul I ho w 'hdrawn. Public oiliiion, ?o favorable to us hitherto, wo i>d ie clare aeainsl u?, aud enlist In the rauks of our enennns Tbe arcompUehment of our Italian < oterprise wo tia lie oome not only more difficult, but, perhaps, altogether im po?*ible. Revolution and constitutional government cannot bng co fi i?t in Italy without produoiug by ibelr dualian an opposition and a conlhct which wouli only turn to me bcrrOt of the common enemy. These con lingci ctes eactped the attention of that gene rous pptrioi who hitherto opposed the anneiation of Va plee and Sicily. But If he had good reaaoae to foil,; ? that system so long as the Marobes ar.d ! ?bria oartod the south from tbe ce ntro and north o| tbe peninsula, now to ptrsevere in that system would bave no oiber el' fb t tbau to op(K>ao uselean delays and hindrances to tbo national came. There is in lh? nature of events a logic whieli trlunjpbf over the sU)ute?<l will, aud against which tbe best tcimtioos aro pow< rl- sa lxt revolution im made periranent in Naples ai.d Palermo ani very shirtly tbe authority and command will pass f-im thogiorions b?c is of b:m who wroto on his stan dard, "!t*ly and Vic tor Emanuel, " into those of men who, for this practical formula, sufstitute trie dark and mystic symbol or s-c tariaoiFm, ' I'od acd the people." (Long and loud ap plr.i tc sr. i cheering ) We re|iest ? that provisional and revolutionary order of th:ngn wbieh might bave reaaona to exist in Naples ard Si lily mi ft c< m? (o aa end at Mxm as i>osrib|e This 1s required by the interest ol thos? pro?inor* lor which .he pres< ct auto of things is a fertile source of very great disorders; and It is required still more by the honor and ii.ierest ol th? nationa! cause. II iw eon id, 'n faot, o:it grent detriment to the dignity of the crown ? how could Kirj.' Victor Eaaanorg consent tbst [ pro slticee abould be so loo< a time Knv,,rnet In hi* ninv as ootqi ercd pros' roes, without appealing to the freeet.? pressioa of tbs people's wishes, according to tbo soiema atid legal forn.s of popular imffr aft? It is upon tiiere grounds, gmtlemnn, that I hope for yonr a 'jiru^al or tbe bill which I bavo tbo honor to lay before you Only, ia the Important and extraordinary circumstan'*?s in wbi'h "iir country la placed, I'srliam >nt should not limit it?e'f to lelibenrte opon tlm legislative dispositions wbicb the nhfolong of political events may render opp.r tune or reacsasry. It is also year c^ ity to consider whether the nr-n who have in these Jays tl>e honor to sit at th<> '"ouucli n i?r I of the Cn ac are equal to tbe biiih task oo-nmlttr i lo tb< in, snd if thi y s- m to deserve ti.o oon Odessa of t'le nation. All ir.stcrisl mi ars plac?d within rcarb of the eseeutlve power, and all authority granted to It by tho law. w a w?)k be scanty and weak, unles-i the klrg'a mln tiers can ret lon on that tro-al eilie.acy, th .tlrr ?istl ble ai-thority which Ir freo oonstit'jti oual governni'-its flows fr(-m the perfect agreement between th? greuest powers of the st tie Ibe vote of ?ocOdetee yoa cave tbe ministers a few moatbt liice eenbled the-n toovercjoiedifBeultiot, both tiurrrri us ard s?'rlous, w'i:ch st oj In tbelr viy V.)? that they m..y hold with a st^wly hand th? he of the Mate it ? nec??s3ry thai they should know and that Italy sliorld kt ow, whether their dee's and bt havlor doring ibis interval were of a nature to diminish tbe tot fl ienco you put In tbem. Tbit is all the more r ecerasry, a* a Toi<v> jv.'t'y dear to it " multitude expressed to the crown aod tbe country Its dlstr *to! us K icb a declaration. Indeed, painfully tflerted us, bat It eouid not turn us by a tittle frnn our purjxiees. 1 aitlilul guardisnt of the constitution, of which wetnnsi be the moet a< rupul w? txeeators, we think taat the roice of ooerltiien. whatever signal services he may have rendered to the country, should not rrerad agaiuit the au-bcrity ol the great po*ert of tbe State. It, therefore, is lie duty of tbe ministers of a oonstlto tloral king not to give way before i>retenslous not very legal, eren If they be hacked by a splendid balo of pop u larity and by a victorious (word. Ri.t as we would fail In our duty by (lying way to those j pretentions, so we should have failed In our obligation ' toward I'arl'ament if we had not put the qnestion to It wbetber It be ready lo tancticn tbe sentence pronounced 1 against ns Tbe decision most resnlt from the dlscuation which ! jnay arlMoo ibe bill bow Is Id befwt jon '< * tltur Kmnmiil, OtHhaMI, and Kalian I'Mlljr. [From Le Nord, tbe huawian organ la Tlelginn ] The Information which reaches ng frotn Turin and Naples, aed tbe adlreft* aent by tbe Neapolitan* to Victor Emanuel prove to a* that tbwugh Italy la not 1 rj> *<*1 to separate from r.arthaldl, exceot la ao for as he m?y ?eparate from iba king, plactft all tor coofUoor* an I a'l ber bopes la tbe latter. Tbtft energetic, etoltcil tendency of pt-bllc rpln'oti Id Italy la a row proof of ihe mat irily tod experteoce arqotrrd by naliot.a bjr tbelr nm fmlu and txp.atioca la this trap ilea, wh.cb carries all tbe Pe*-lcanla tow?'d? Vic'' r Enanuc'. In prtfnr-oce evn to the man entire abrogation and marveilo'is eo-ir?/e have prepared what la bow taking placo, there s eome thing (lav than a movement cf popularity, a di?p!? -log of pe?l g? there I* th" flr-n ami general oon\ lotion that Victor Fcrarufl alone la tbe prop of laly. VuJitm frn'?e O'd itrdrrit'tnJ that liitwil Cint-jldi ii a aim, rtrtor /man'. 'I a joxncipU If tki firmer diet, all fcii furct aniihn bvl hc'itiui Ihf I utter u a dynoi'y. (ia-lt-allt, ?wjmvrer. reprrrents tbe movement. the enafliQl, tfte priarut. witb ita r.liatcea and incidents. tn ? r<T< > ?' >> ra tee atid moves uatiOLa but Victor Emanuel represents d rable and MlNlTf order, the frrce whrh makes atable the [>ower aod grandeur of clvllired natkna. In declaring forj tbe king wilh . it btailation ar. l without division, Italy pr^ve* fcrraelf cnoe more worihy of Uo deatlolea which the unanimity of her people'! wlitiij and . tbe uuioa of ber force prom tar a her The Popa'a Alloratloa. Tbe following la a I'imnnrr ef tbe ellocnti hi d? 1 1 Tern hy tbe Pope la tbe Cooalstory of Cardiaaia, held on tbe jt .h alt ? fill Bel torts defeated aad deplored tbe aonduct of Pled trt ct, and ber guilty in ration of the Papal Kut-a Ha ap-ke wlib rraiti 'o or tie brave eoldtrrs who dirt in h'? defruoe, uJ bad tbe Urn b'pe tbat they hara obta.neJ eternal peace aad blesftadaeas He rtpr ove I and onedemned in every war tbe deteata ble anil aacrlllgiooa atiarka of tha K r.g and govern-n*ot of ?ledmor.t He declared tbelr acta to be nn'l an or ni effect He protcitrd. and wr uld not oeaae to pe< fteel, in order to mi .la n entire tha civil power eoiojed by \b Roman cbu-r.b. The I'opa further aald that tbe rapport of forelr) aa l ata.nat criminal lavatt n waa atlll to be die red. and reea led tb* reiterated derlaratlooa maJe by owe of i lb* nwat powerfol prloca of Kuropa. Hta Holmeaa thaa rot tinned ? ' Wbilat, however we bare for a loog tlrne b*?o e* peettcg ?nch arta 't w? a?? moil painfully *ir?-t?d la eee'cg tl.e autbera an.| abellora of I'i'a Ilv .? ad< ?i>?? a* far aa lb" " a-a of oer cwplUl, aa tbtugb lb?y ha>: tba uHiruar tbat do one would oppoar them "In | rea. new of tneb a porilona poaltloe we sea oir aelver forced, even agalcat '.nr will, to the Ml ??-.??? ty rf occupy Ing ocraelvae wllh tbe meaaorea to bj tafi fbr the prr.t ictloa of onr dignity " ?Hie Pope then dep'or* 1 the dieaetrona and pemoline poilcy of ncn IntarvaaUoa, and. abore all, iu d*t -atah a applicatMtu to the Roman ijn<??tion. He ?a' ed upon alt the Pritif*? of Europe to ejamiae awriouar what gra?'. and lani"nrr?b'? e?Ma are rrxnprHied In th? deteatahle ?vent whlrb tie deplored, and aald tiat if ti - h an o^lo'ia j violating of icUraaiioaal lav w era not act rely auHifled tkere would so Irer r be lcit any f>rc aad rcc^rlty to any legitimate r'gbt "All aoveretgna," hla Hollceaa aal l, "abould be con vinced that their rttaae la Intlnatnly bound up wltn o ua. tn crmlng tn our aid Ibey will provide a^aai'y f *r the preaervatlon of their rlgbta " Ilia HnlirK-ea c^ncliirt* I l?y aa. rf th?( he bat n ' that tbe Calk' ilc prinrea ard peoplM w^ald cm? to tba ar? ?tun" of ihe father of the TaU^M, who la a tac< tad by the parricidal ?rma of a de^er.erate aoa. Rat Uaanlt of Hapeltva'l Italian Poll* > . [from tba iMion Chronicle, Oct 8 I The reply of the >Aperor Nap^leon to tba f*ppe. aa ?w ! ported by onr own correspondent, la rare antra in t very i way. If the Emperor Kapuleoa la wiiilng to bar. I over I ha tank of prrtrrttrg th? fope to a "genuine tta't\n Power." wa have a decisive Indicatloe thai a nolitae.n ba twceo Italian ar.l l era an. I tbe P-.-orhtr. ? n ? out of the question. Th a wlll ngnaaa d tbe (jni^jr to vleld b r poat of honor to Italian troops la no new resolve born of the orcsrreacea of the day; tw?lvs m mth< ago he waa ready to aanctioa the entry of Naar?illtaa troops lata Roaie. What Ihe Knperor Napoleoo baa slaadiu diaapprovtd la the Interventlna of foreign soliiara m Italian ft mm The wcarlty of the Popa'a jwra. n and dignity la Home nay ba a queetioa for tha r*U>ollc world, but the temporal sovereignly of the Pope 1a Crntrst Italy M aa Italian a a est too and asy inUrfervBoe of (oreignerv? Prencb Aeatrlan, or Spaaiah? woald ba oat/ a revival of tbe old /mm rf ortm of ell ev' I In Italy for ftrmly boldlrg lo hit areod the Eirprror baa bee a bitterly assailed by the altramoniane tact or for act all >wirg another street riot lo drive flo NoM ftgala a f.ifltlve fro? Rome, ho has be?i bitterly at taeked by ibat amal! mloorltv, Ibe repttMlcara of Italy. Put br he* had the er trsgeofb'a opiaU os. and btapnliey , It Is bow arm, la the only ooeoffer ug a p^wpeet e< r.c >oetl Ing reepeet for tbe P^pe, as ftplrllotl ruler of Ibe Catho , lies of the wc rH with tbe later es'a of ?' regenerated Ilal;-." The f ixprror rpeaks nf " a fnrtni Ital an por.-r " It v ? ? tie pr n a1' -a to -- y that * i-^i a " ? '? a ? ' r lB(i?. nee. Pi< meal, m u tt aled be;ort tia war o: | ISM, bo more exist* thsn the two %elll?? n? tbn pre !'?? ')?> Kiooi It* u a Stlll-l OQt-tliltt I Stat* I' r.'iu. nt ai" bieu aolu'lr frainf >rm?a; mi is u-i?s a ,H)I ? I tc ?! re- tre rniher tbsr * naltoq >";>? h-i* bo* * the Solid I?l*ri1 urnnurt wb>.h all the e .menl'?tl Mill U nr adrift? in.. IIhI.iio I>?lmn4 itlt'K have g.'h I I'ho , m m facta are ne" ve than ?uy tn-ikihir Ij the gtt.i ti'f ni' ISM ''in ?i\i >< a ,?.* ? 1 ili'in o' (m r, unu lumbers) 5(00 000 nhao > tuts, a p- .pie ha > ptlj rnabtnitg Italian |. rv.ui ? or I le ?>ib < t Halt it I ii t ? bite ut'a, 11 ??ru id v m '? ? wliu lb? Teutonic olarart tensile* IrhetlUd U "Oi th-ir a' e? ?"??, in lie* fri m the 'iirrtb nf the Knioe, c I. B*?ed Vh? ? .?> \'i<" > pia 1 us Hy tbe I r* mi, 41I Zurich , ^1# dm wit a *<V' 1 2 COO 000 of l.omha' ?? ? t>e ir st (ur-.'ssful tillers of th p >sat t'ly in b"> p ?10 her s> hj ?et* The rem >i?. results 'if the war hn "f ni to her 'J 0C0 CC0 'rom ru* auv '^n ?i> > retail, the. Id t adlt'onsof lir.-tr oouutrv meu It"* ilm i?i-t>lo [t I'.ir ? ? 1 ? r ,t> " of It).' i>M . dayr ? '"' f ,C00 r<> ? M-Meoa aid -ICO (CO from Parira ? Tlallaus ItHera'"! Ooni i?etlr loreigu nurs ?t?o ba<l no Hon 1 to conmou srMti tbo Ital an fatherland. By the successful revolution a*; ? > 1 pushed b . Jibe peopl ? alone In tbe Roirag 14, a>.d *?y tho iiberaliiK sword of ('lain ml sw? e dug a vay f .reign me'co u*r lis, 3 ,M0 CC0 of Ibe Italians of toe (Voire, n ivc beeu a^de<1 to 1 tie n Hliono nade free. Tneo. la ^ t?? m??olhi, i.?rih?|,)l the t'ant kill <r of th<? d4?,atri?M lovrn tun foreign rulei? lur tb? Bourbnui b?v<- al ?av ? iin for rig! ni hi Italy? of donlb Italy, aud SOCOi OO if Ita'^iJ* ari , f. r tbc (kit time fret! rti'8 iilve# a population of 21 400 00< ra'liut wiih ono votiw Victor (Crnvmal thuir K 1* btrikmj oil 40C 0C0 for the piptiUtion iirft by tbii .'(?sirn o'.JaToy , ?e bavo * pnr* 1/ Itauiu ihiiuIWIob of 21 COO 100 U0il"l for the Irsl tlino m th" l?l?torf of t(?? world The reeulip, territorially cnsgi'lert I, v# not tha k> ?? w< ud< rful. T?ke a trap 01 Italy datod lu lt)? ?prma of luet year Austria etroi.u ,a V?n?tla, ?n<l ftreicbtnc Ita Iron rul? far arrnan the p'ain* of l'pp?r to tb? Sank of lb?? Ticioo? Wo old duuljlD-biakrd eairlo * un "Otu wiii^ii *(/!?>*<;. eu-irdHig front al) foreign sympathy Italy of ih'i eeotro in 1 of the Siulb Puabeii Into the rorner, p mbfrt towards Fr?W* ? tnd??i1, oyer the Altis into Sar it ? Is fieil n ml, ?r il*i V'W tria, aln? at by Ucr own urrttory , ouUiug Iter oif froitt th" re?? of :ia'y . and di lrg it ag eflect ialTy tb'ojgh b?r s?lelllt? ?, farms and Modem ? tneir str >ii|f plan-** firrt toned bjr Aurtrtao troops, ibelr frlooej depend"nta of thd Austrian <v urt. In lbs MDlr^ are the States of tfji t hurrh? lb? Tope, a dependnit on Austria, bis fortr<'B?ea Illlfil with Austrian treops bIR subj ?(?!? hoi I In uws by AUotrian drug. oun. In Ut" Sou lb is Sapl'?, ruled by ? Ki(g full of traditional tj mpaihf with Aoalrla, ao't oven wh*n drearaicg of llberalltm dotcrrod b? U10 threat of Ite marrb ot an Austrian army to put '.o*n any attempt at a rOi stttullon (This threat ?m used l>y I'ruioe Mrtlernlcb, after 181fi, to tho re?tornd FVrrtj. caLd ) K (raid well the Italy of vbat da<r? a n>< re "geographical expression" ? divile'J Inl 1 petty Stales al , rare Piedmont. d<'|ioui!eul on a foreign i'o?.-r, tte suhjecwi of cue ftato foreiKuers io another: p<s<port rtguiatioLS and rusloma barrier* F'<parat n< it&itbus (rom oie another soldiers kept for court show or police use; ni national aspira t "US, bo oatlonsl boprs Color tho map with one c >lor to repreeeul Austrian lulluettoe, and you will llnd but )>ne *1 ol L11 Ibe wertein coruer I rue from tho dominion, direct or 1b direct, of the fnre'^nerg l.ook at ths map of ll?'7 now tu tte autumn of 18H0 The dark hoe, re ir*'?onttng i Au*tnau intiurnrc, ban been driven Datk aqnarn league altrr frjiiare leaRi-.e . it stilt lurks in on.- "oroer ? Vo ietu is tt ill under its gln.itn Uut tbe color marklc* frfr) Italy bas ailvacc* d from lis gub Aiptce retreat: 11 ftr?t extendi- 1 eastward Into l>i mbir ly , m arly to tho vtinoio: It then stretcbe 1 southward, und l'arma. Modena. the Uomagr.a w ith their petty boundaries, aroeffiCfd aid tbe rest of the Pat al .-tat) s follow Then, begirirng a low at Ihe Smith, ill" national color 'preats, unltl Trom 3 otlv it reach'M Nat Us, iD,1 on tee northern fron.lerof tlio soutuoru kingdca) the two t i!. s of tli ? great sea i t revolution mln gle To day tbe llait.'iu aoldtora of th.> South, th? vtctora Of Me 'a**o, clasps the hands o' the conquerors of Anco na. It is as it all Italy bad b vn fjsed by the beat of na tocal passion tnt" 'tje mass of dcy living valor and civic vi ti.e (tb" ataid old V.odniouteso themselves havo l>e?n btali'd in ibe ctiange). and wc now toe tho procoas ol t) ancforniaitton We *HI (laud by the firca'-e door ? the heat ol tbe molten mass In on' faces; (t rush s along In h< t wares, and sonc scum nr. t dints and lainurtties t aturally rise to the surface We see tbe mould lu which tt Is to be cast, snd our 1) -pe Is t > aoo artss Trout tho pro cess a grand figure of Italy or Arm pedestal and of trJU power ? hard snd ???Pd In proportion to the heat with which its elemtnts Have bien fustJ Tue ci w Italy will, in pep .latlou and territory, be tho firth l ower In Eire;**; and if the ?re?t Powrs of Eorope n main limned to tve, the must take her s?*t at tUa Kui<|,?n Areopagus to tbe excluahm of Prussia. We have, ibrefore. sc?n lb our day, lu t?o years, the boild leg op of a ?'eat nation, a work hl'berto taking centuries 10 achieve. Hut we are wrong In 'taly tho elements of rationality have exiated lor y-wrs. strong as lite tn the limbs of tbe traveller plm lerod by tbtdvw sad left bound by the road^i-'e, ine next wi.'firer wh > releasor h u> restores htm to life, but does *oi give him Me. Tlu Kn peror Napoltoo saw Italy lo chau.s His knovn sym latt.Hs Itlrred the }Uf?ti >n lolls deidhs, and tustna, wUb all tbe rs?bn>t? of guilt, app* aled to am*. ThJ result we cow see, <lne in tho Orst plaoe to ttia li ttiatlre of (>acce. But without tho aid of tti'ei great Italians, turn born for the work, tbe tvk nould not have own a'hleved. Victor Emanuel might, after No van, ha*e p'ayed the part of ho Austrian arcbduke; his wouli Live bun i-nti J al Vienua and d?corate.| by too Cxir. Nlcht las Heprefirrtd to be an Italian jrince, t? be loyal to hit word, and to give the lu tans an *x&m?l) of ?oral and pbysieal courage by risking bis lite and cr>,w .1 on tho oat leticid. This gave the liattans the uce mm whi se cia ms to tbe klogsbip of tho wbo.e n?ii >u were beyond dtspute, and anew fW>llog of unlly iiu,l"r tbe one bann< r and tpu oue name. Next tn lmi>orlanoe Is Conul javour, cairn wisdom bus Couo uiuch to ireserve Italy from gtviug any exruse f u- the interven tion or Russia or Prussia In tho Interests of "coiaerva liam " (iarlbaldl, tbe free sword of lialv, ha* klso l?ie all that a brave man could do; but, rreat as ba.o boen fcts tcblevements, It mttft be renienihored tiat Victor Fmanuel has given him the prest'go of In tune, an 1 that but fur C u.nt Cavour's diplomacy and tbd K-nix ror Najioleob's known sLtipathUS, foreign an 1 !!?en irlght month* ??<? have crurhe-l out the Inserrectlon In Sicily, Accident to Prlaec Albert. [From tfao Coburg :orreap mdeoea ot ihet. >udoo Tlm't ] At a little be .'ore 0?e o'clock, on thi lHth, toe I'rinoe Ootiott, bavlr.g leitf hnalBcti lo Irana-t. toig l*ave of Ibe parly and entered a tarriagi' to proofed alotlc to Ci btirg After he be-! gone I'm! m'lu. tu?> h ? tm, which were driven four-ln hand, comm T,-ed kioklag rto lei.tly and ?bi Uy rtarUd "t at f"ll 1, 1 Tn- c..%c!> mat. , aeaiated by hl? Royal II'*bnee?, il I m b a | owe.- to arret I the pronroaa of tbe f'-gtuan? < aol nii'.i, but without ?ff ct. At about the di*taaM of a m ie ftfltn 'ibnrg tU* roat from Calleaberj erornea the ruiwae tt ? ? . ?l, v. I v a approaching th i apol the I'noa O - aort . '>??everi tte liar which It lowered to prevent currutg*t iroeelng the Inc wbon a tratL J exp*ct -d * >? < aid, . Mural y to tbe arrival of the tra'n den ?l Pi'iu?t tt ' '? el'w,*. A w?gon which had been atoppad by the lurrnini ?taj.rtlng upon the ?t*.l A vlmeot cot c i?*l m h,<'r,g t'i?a 'rev.til !?', b ? Rjjui ni|hr.o ( .my I fr< n lb' carr:jg? and Ml in the (round. Tnough receiving mme rojcrflcial euta and bru? ?a in the far* he a ? i. l at ail atuanid or eerlotiaiy h'irt, at 4 i . y ? <V-1 toaartatthn cr-e'huan f he car r'v h-. i the moant mc ?>me int > Oolltaion with the her r.f t' ? railway, aad waa npett, the r/>acbmeti h-ing ??at ? '? >b? t ant coon : rah:y t, I! * It ?-?l II gineea In n rdialeiy deroted h i at*, rill >n 19 tbia mai, who waa conveyed Withe lodge of tt ? railway lor rant who baa charge of Uie liar. The borate havlt.g tbt freed theotflre# from the car riage, continued ibeir career lnu> the town ofCibtrc, and were tbrre aeen by Colonel prwahy, the Prlooo'a eooerry, wbo bad barn la attendauca in the earner i*rt of tbe iiay. Tfca colonel imtbeOalely pri^ured a carriage, and eeeurtrg tbe gervtr?j of I?r Italy an I Or. Carl |{ >ra chuii, tbe medical attendant of the ikkeof Sati t'.>b.irg, be proceeded wild tbetn to meet feia Riyal digbooea. Ac l*rince, wbo waa Itlll in the iraall outage, I'treitad tie attention of the medical gentlemen to Hie r unman, and deatrcd Onlinel Poeenoby to onot'nue h'? route to n>eet b?r Ma'eaty tbe tfueen, wh > waa at ita*. t'tn? li?r rtl rt to Caburf , in order to lef'>rm her W?;?-?t/ of what bad taken ^la. e. H:? Royal ll'(hacea' fee* fx- may bi conat .ei*d aa moat provide a tlai. The Prtacc of Walta ?nd Amarliaa ?? atltatloaa. fFr"tn the london IV-%. Oct I ) Tbe Prince of when a)x>ut to leave Can pta. ad drreeert the r>lk ? nj graclooa to iho loha:ntaat.< of U>n : IB? w rd? wh ch can ooly ??<? ''-tM aa ex rrvealr>f tbe gratification wkirh hie Ritval H gbreee baa d< rivrd from bia vla't to Rritleh N?r h Am-rica ? "t know thi atuihmrnt to tU" ir h Cr ?u "f the per ;<le of the North lm< r<oan no' m-r? it all tlv einec i?i r a I 1*4 limned < . ' M bava bewa emre UiMi realiard by tbe item <>?at rat iona 1 have wit <-aam| " II * Royal H'glin?"i on paaal-g lot ? the t n't- I itu'ee ha* i*-ea rccc lead with aa amount efentboaiMtn e<(?al lleg.H aot excrerlltg, that which Iia.4 atwrded lila p-o gnaa lb>ou(bout tbe dunioti>Di oi U>a It' It la a Crowe At ItetroU tbe Inja! repui'Hcana a*arrnM-<l in an^h nemhere In greet tiictr |llaetrio-at rteltnr that ' FUr<>? Keafreo" and bta aulte, Uiougb e?|^? rted by U ? H?)iT acd wtticr civic auUe<rili a, ei^riaao^l ? > d'flleulty ta eveaplrg fritn "ihe wIM er.tU taia* n" of the cowda m for>t wbo h ocked up the r.?ute, atd intercept el tbe myaJ party at ev?ryturn *,? nave in doatit tbal la rvtry portion of >h- tu b <1 Sieve from thl'-a*'. tbe grrat eorr ,'orr:?! e-epor an of the W -t, I) op<il,ntand m? !Bl(lc*rt New York the ? u of theQi^o ill Kcglan I will he reortved with loet ail. cli mate coorteey aad reelect which la wrtby of a nation whi>aa liberty, lawa and literature bare eprung frotn a <?> mm >a ? -ir^M i wlh our own. A vtalt of ?b:< kij aa ill rfn m ire to r ftrB dowti any aipwitice, or lo rr ore an? wblch may btlhorto havo n ilel tli^n a'l tbe r pllveatary rhraeee of dlploina'y or atatecrait flti Hfoyal ewieeewi , mil art nyyorrnatfv nf M'fp Ar^luh ituti/tfumt nf the* uv iA?(i'* end c"nj ?m i nj aA iik IS* *?%*'? <m ami rrpenmt* ?f l*u timr'rf Mr* pn+M i mi tAr t??! (rcurtfy J\<r "~ l Jrt'iUm tad Uu bmt trnftvard <tgn< iwr pn'iti tJ c-'-niplm lberc are aoata pareona In Rnc'eo l aii<l ta < ateda w I bare arxx-iated with tba Prtaee of W'a vlalt aotae im ri itant pnltlical deaiga It baa been ataUd tut the uka of Newnaailc, the royal Mettor of oar rejal * l?"aa cbaf aa well aa hcrrltry of fitala for tba ?<>ioniea, waa toaamrialn the wlebea of tbe dlffercat l/wlalati|r?<e In R'ltieb North America with regard to a federal I'niwi, and Utal, about tbe prop eel be generally afloe^tab e. thi Imperial and other provlaclal ParMamrnte were H t?a It ? Itrd to taka Uie Hi pa naoeaaar) to nocatltnta tbt* great noafrdera* loa At preaeal tbe Horeraoc General n' Cktada poaaaaaaa tbe notcinal tttia of 'iovarnor aad Dap tala General of Britlab North America, but thia oin * r baa ao real power to interfere with tbe dtoc.retioa of tba Governor of New Hruntwtrk or Nora Rrntla. for all local pnrporea of Improvement aal da l?nce. each province la aa aArarat<i aa tf It be loofvd to a dlfTrreat aatioa. If a rebcliioa broke aat in Canada, we believe It woal I r?el ? the d arret'ori of any anbordtnate (W>vcn.r>r to delermlbe whelfcr r he woala drrpal b Irnona fhr the ?tipp'eaal"n of tbe r U.l.reak In cm arquetiee of thta tvalem nf onlontal adaiir.ta' ration, goreraora.cowiina'.drra in oAi< f ao.t large ? lal- ?' off, naie, hare lo he maintained la *Mfe prwrto - at tte etariMtf 11. -trot! ir nnnritry~a in* -ot wbfh l et r?eeni|y at ir acted oonaldfrablc attention in the Im jertal l arlnmrnl, and one whtch It la certain oie ttnan ?ial refi.rire'a will rot permit to llumber MM Uila la I ccBparMiretjr a trl?lag aril. Tke asMUaoa tt ifeata ??T*ratr authorities interfere# ainat Sertoli} with all ?'!<?? I wotka 111. rijaa.1 initirovninfnv < ?n?U h*< <?> 'li I'dth tiraiid I'rui a ll-i'l ?? ?y , whirb rsun'ln in a In, nearly a tho'i-and mil.* Bit Ite provlao", dUUig hi mouth* tu the Jear a no cumni btetiwB ?itu iti? ana e*e.epl y ? ifwoti line, ? Inch |tiii"i<il fr<> >> ttouU' ul MMbO* lhro?gti United (*ii u alea l ltnr> l') HuHlani on th" Atia.iio if, u> I'm iiiiimi. 'y thi? ?* uniry tR'inid erer be eogtged in I >?t lit <I> will ernt* tttli MtM or t'anail w..ii 'I of . -nr ? tin okiaed. dui. fej gtaud poea**4eiM me purl of rt'?ilf??, in A i , 1 e of in" lineal buii'Ti In .he v 'rid. i t? n h ! I lb" ? ? ir round, an'l uj**er t<) the H-ili*h R than hnilti"l or N -w V Ilk IVn ymu ?<i ibo ti \ tti if yi rumri l *'.* laked t > tUiMat it tho loruiuMoj if ? it- e ? htch ma ting from lUMfa*. *otild n*et tho tiiaio I>ui k at Tri'le ^uinllN, ami Mine k't,> 'he m itbei* u uiil' y a M t? every portion at li?f North Aim noun!(?8 ii.iidj all (Mtni'ii* .,1 the j.?r. Morit Md tla and Sew Bri.nawit.k, with their comparatively ! mii?Ii r*?our??, h ire nwlr .gM portions of Ml* mud; ?"?< although am ^ Ihv period I*jfd .terln, i Mr Di-raell alio air Hu'wer I.yit i have ? | oplnl?-D? favr ra'ilfl to lh" uu ?< i taking, aud ?'n l , thai a government Ml irai W <aU|tnV in tt i gtvo i. ! !???? h ii > ? t baa b en dono Tt aro tarlined U> ifiiuk lli?i a IV t ral ParitaiuHul In Belli h Vortb Imerloa, re- i pr. renting a p1 'fiu'atioD which row i<B" iata tf> a o 't ali j rah'? ai. d, ?? tild iiavo little* rtillioultf in ciroiitoUaf tf.e gn at and Impoi tan l aom uu: I ?; ?tin.i which wo have uient ni<l Wben | Ntli'iu uf ri> ? an I tolls, an ' tin d'? r?al of wl'd latidR for ptifllc ioiprorc meLta, iVpeol ti|<?n MfWitr I^liltl irM, It i? alm wt tDpoialbio to I lhat uiiliod actiou wbic.i who i | iiiiUj for I' oooni platlufe if iiati. nai uodrrUkiugS If oa*t rouult it th ? Prlir of W*ifi' vitilt (o C'atiadi ghoald M tlla tt&l ia ?' allib>8? prov nc<'? for (OnmawiUI pnrinai1* a gron tod Mill Or aoomtilfbe) Ooih IU< r ^ir M th futaro pr.M pent) of P( ti?h Vo th Aiiomoaauo th" p>*eraud lufla elico oi tbta country lu bo W. st to hcouiajihera. funeral of Mr. Ilcibrrt Ingram, 01. P., at Ituaion, Kn^laiivi [Piorn tin U>uit'?t Cur v:ic a Oct. 8.] ? Uomioji, Oct 5. 1800 11)0 trortil rrma ni of Mr Herbert IsKraoi. ou? of tho nutnb< ru for thut li 'rough, ah >*u uoiaocioty Uoaia tuo * r> ct of the I.idj K'? n it ain?r oD ijtko Miilngiu, on '.be 8tli nit , ba? a'renoy been ai nouooed, wrro vnttafM to their !a?t testiiiii place inn u?y undor circuituiianaua of ptcuhar Kiieirnuy ?>4 liupreMivetMit. s iUura Hive wo l wHo< ?H'<I *uch aitipplnv of p<i >ltc lymoatht tut that wrbi 'h ?' u>ani'e? ted on tbra ocnaai >u tty the p-sople of Siaton lor ih.'ir <?uen eu au<f Uuieulol to?im(uau ? me prtunoe , boy abo haa naen thruugn th? raareUn >f h * o?n lr- I ilnrtry ?n'l aleut to th ? proud potllion of re)<roa?3ting them in the Settle of bla country All tho fbi | * and dweiimx hounca ^lroughout tho town j were cloat'U, ail busiQcra be'.urf s jrperl u I . tbo vi>Mt)a in I the port bad itietr coior^ h.i'.Hi.-d balf ma<t h gn aud i bai' bltnie lelia tolled from all ibe cb'trcbea tbroegbont ibe day. rbo proceemon ml formdd j at moi., and *u* Lva led ??>? tho Kirgt I.nmiluablro j Voluuleeta aud the Kourth Muoolusblrt R lid V i 1 lutileiiK, followed by tho Ma>or, mag<?lra<e4 and { corporalun, and ibe local aclioo.s, then auoceaiivi ly cimo IC ?;r> ig mn?ter the freetnaauna, th ) Oil t^elli *rx, the 1 Koriattra, tl e artiaani of H utoii and the neuniorbioii, | the rlergy %iki other miiimtora of religion; all tbo at>i*u preccoibg ti.* b?a>ae wUtkb w>a folio#?d by h?i??wn twenty ?fi tl.lrty carra<e(, coutaiulng the mnurnem, re'ativ?s an I frlenir of Ihe deceafed, tbo wlnlo bnuif wount up by a an king pro<V'Mion fo.,r abreait, of at ieaat half a niile m ltcitlb. The wboU lino uf route, fro-n the market j' lace to thi cemetery, t?i>m'.lm iiil a h alt In lent III, waa l>n?d wl?h crow'a of lnlere?t<d ajiectitora, i I the witidoa* an l roofn oe ng aiao ilmilarly ooonpl' 'I ru ? number of p< is^na in deep tu nrnmg waa oonttdarahlo. \ bnt and low. voung ?ml oli), sntrcely an mllrliuai but eihiblted a< n e Itttl. > article of nnurning, If It waa oniy a b'ack v< Ivet or rllk roaetle, or a *)ln' < rlbhou on a colored bouLct M .ay p retina cama to the funeral from various outltirg t*'?? th? dwd b?:"z generally known and reapectod In the !*au-a?li ro and Midland couttiea, aa wall aa tho Unaotu d a ; trlct, Alt'igelber there could not hare b <n It;* than 10 000 Ut 18 000 reraona preaent, abmit occ- 1 tenth ot wbom followed the liea-ac -<vi|1ea th^ 'amity | and tear lelatives, who attendud aa m >ur i"ra, a oootldo raMe cumber of gentlomen cooneau-l wi'h the literary | and arltftie. d"t artme U of the Hluttratsd handtm .Vf i of ? bleb tb? deceased gi-utleiuau waa the orli n*l ir au i wile proi r et r, tad placei aaaigne 1 then Th* burial aervtci- waa r.?d In a rieat Imiftir r* manuer by th i 1 KieWrof B- riou and tb? Rhetor of ki< kai itif w ell, a* allied by aeverai oth t cl- rgyme i. Wl\-o lb- Ci'tll t I lowered InUilhe grave, In a oeautiful v r la it a pot in iho tewc?melery, there wan tcaroely a drv eye I > oi a ?, n atrvogal .ho aaaen.hltd thi.uaaida who anrroun e<l tho graxc; even th. oWciala, ncluding *? mo of the pottoe, b vi tj give \? nt to tfceir faeluga to ixjniaue a a *oe w< have rarely wltc. ?*?') ; it * an e^ent whieb will be ra la. tied In the wm nj of the tnha'> tants or Bwt jo lung alter the ex generatn.n baa 1- awaf The ttamforl M*nury sta ?g that the WMthe of a mootimeBt to Mr. In ram ta a^ / eon Urn ?led, and tbo ctiuri hyaril, ne*r the market pi too, baa been ajeiken of aa an appropriate (it*. It has bven a jggeftod, I w ever, Uial a beautiful ai'.ar tomb, witn a recuuii' ut Ognrc, p'aued In tbe nurthwert c irner of th ? apaclout ' ant"*rl"ircb (ofar the font), inaide the noble pariah ' church, would be m .cb bitter lli? i an) uilng built out of ; door?. a The liua< Orfcnllejr Utrkilcf'i American Kk|>itltarti. [From the Lmd >n News, Oct. 8 | On Thurraey night the Hon tirantiey F. Berk- l^y da Hverr.i a lecture tn U? IJowt'i Rooms, ?;<*sgo?r, C?r tne benefit or tbe Mentis of tho Aacllui itisati ?a > i .otv , gl\ irp an aoc unt of lil* eiouitiuu to the far W it I Amu .ct during lent autumn. Tbe laeture wm under the auspices o( the GlMgow comin.ttee of the soocly. Tbs lard Provost presided, ant lb* andkeaoo wm l?r.*r, au l war ctmi ' ?f tho cliu ' f the West end. The Lord Provost, id a few remarks, intranet Mr BtKHUT, who c.immcncet by i x| r???tng th? Ii '[v> that bo would saccesd to amusing bla audience, at Isast be would do h.-i t>c?t for that p irpa.i i and be M'ureJ thnn that In what be laid It wu not hn iu'e.itioo to disparage that BAgnliioeBt oounlryof which he wm to rpcak At tbe uutaet bo would express ibe obiv.t for which tbe AoeJlmaiizslkio Society bid becu formed bad for maiijr yvars att'in.ded to rata!) <U a society In this out try. for tho aoc 1 1 Biat rattoo of everything that nul l be useful c> betul'fu) to O'lianout uur gardens? parka,", or Bslds He tried for a food many ymra lo pit | roch a society oil foot, hot It r?<| aired a rood deal of . flr >rt to put John Hull Ib motkia. Ha (Mr. Herkeley) bad al moat decpalred of scnriss; ail be wrote to a no >le frioo ! tliat he wai ready to giro up t'.,eat?:eme Rut that friend, with bla usual klBdmss, wrote bank eot to al>an1)n t'ic icl cme, but to hsrc on? su re meeting Id t/mdon Ho relcmd to lord Breulalbar.e That meet o(t It thtre wr ra OLlyisvea er eglit gentl-men p'cs-nt. wai satti'act<-ry . They resolved n do their beet , but the'r btM v?sM MVfljf 4o wltliMl loads, Mid then WW a hard ao liberal that It l> t the aoccty np lo fuiwtr Mnce the time I. ? lart aldrrsud them lo Clasgt ?. That I'-mor wm li ra Bnrdett Omnia On W<yr.?-*tay he rooriv>"d a letter frcm bcr Mytcf there wm U60 from her at tne option of ibe t'tf ietj H? then pr<*te W to descr Vt bin to j age to Aaerct He left thla co jotry on thr Joth of I August IMt year, and wm told that It would *>e Imposst- I ble tor blm to be hack from America by Cbnatisai B it i be replied he would be home in time to eil bla CarlitoiM 1 diccer. aed te wm Mr Berneley ttien d? scrtbel b>a a- I rival at Now York, and bis nptn .n of Uiat city In regard : lo Its arrb'trctr ral appearance and the character ot tli? . nHa wm doi atruck wtlb adtuira'ioa at thn rgt, and oalj law oto Urge ?tre l? Br^al w*jr? hi i which d'd sot surpwt id aTfrafanri* p?r-A-iuiy la Loadoo. He taw do magntOceot bu Idmji, but a LualxT of m ? l g'tfMtic boUls There wm om cuatom In America whtcb could aot bo too much on. if mnad, and that wm the ter ble cnau m of ppltilDg Wb? the Amerteua ooodee ested to so tilth v a babtt, and mult mk pig atjes ol tbelr plasea of resort, Us oould not tell H'lj, tktl tdta irtt$nin rsb'wvy carnigrs in Am ' rteawr' fitt f*t in utoir ne j tv* ((Mfliler } He n Mted ot ?-rc laoy who bad a>>wly furaiaWl ber Biusn, and wbo'bi log aware of ti.e habit ot apiUmg by tbe geo tlrmeo, had taken cars to hare eplttlng ."?? . t pl<<',ed over her rarpst. There wm ?ae greal f hot la that line? (laoghier)? ouMles oe.e e??nmg ska kaew , So, when he wm ib ibe room ?h s kept poabu-g afewt with her pr. 'ty Mils foot, the epittnoi. that hs might not sp't on tli? ?ar pet He ieoked, sa be (Mr Berkeley ) tho bor loH wtb admtratl' n, when at last he 'tid, " 11 you don't U<s awa> that dl?h, 1 will spit ta It" (l.v>ght*r) Whi-.b waa tbe Terr tbteg tne laly wanted He (Hr II rkelsy) f< utd la New Yi?k that IM ttatemeiils of Mr tybden | an-l Wr Bright wers utterly in error Instead of hoi ling up America m a i iacc t^r ua to r..p?, a* regardad its poli tical rtate. It wa# la the greatest rvite o; snllUasI a >n f usVwt ar.d tyrant-y that hvl ctar ooai' before b I bn o igbt to be ahle t i Ju'lfe ' f tbe pollttoal atale of a Soo&trf, having reprtMatsd to PafUamsat tiie weatera dl*i?'on o t Gtoareatsivbtrs I r 30 yraf* Ms hat lea'BSl botici ilngnf ctiereios IB tbui eoui.try, but h- ba > never wlir.^e-M aucb 'rlrht'ul carrion M be | ad aeeu <n ibe I alle>tk-tates He .'efciji^l the kli.d of t*M ,raoe that *m there exer e'ee d by tbe loweat Clare's In oot.*rolllBg the political rl-rtioLS He granted that oppression m gbt be bar>h In thla country, but II wm aothing to tbe oppression of tbs <r ob ib America. The ballot there waa a auras to An? rka, 'rsirad of s bo a, an<i gaee no freedom t > tbs eter ? <M of the franrbise What oral I be mwa Serlou* than the fact ttat tba classes la America p eaesa ng wetllh. the up|?r cjaries or arlste?ra> r, held tbemreires a'nof i? d gelCed aihnns durlrg thsee elect'oot, lltwat they knew thi y wers ' rerwhelmed by tho -nite'sa' Messrs. tobden sad Bright knew thny were not telling the truth a ben they held tin the Amerkaa Institutions m an exaiapla for us Mr. Derke'ay then referred to ibe reverence which the Yankees eth'Mt liwwrta titled rank, regarding h'n m a great gentleman who ;s b< -n I' s title, even tb ogh be eooa not pnss<<*S wealth .V" fees on trnrrUvg in ilrarrvi teTJ ooen ' r~t rr'p*rta>'l* unlrin he tnu ?re?*?pBr>i>d ftp a "skw in Mailt" te v ' Htm to Us rri' aainng ie*' w K? i ssn Mr Berkeley then described bis Jtar eey to PtoihM' Ipltla. wAtv fwewry/bar ?en w*rs i nl'inj kit arrirat w fA? ritfmoy jiaffnrm? ths Dews of t is *!>.! V> Uis p ace harirc priCMed nlm? his (onrnejr ace ts the Al|ev*n> Mountains, snd hie arrival at the city of (It louts He foand Ibe whole eonntry wm watching him. because his arrival and purpose in America oa<] b< in heralded by the Bewepapees. Wkm St rmrhnt M j>?M ks /mind In hid art w/i.vnt fundi far hit r? , ftwf *????? wa'-red a Mr/tick u?w(J th w Kim k* lu< # iwer itn trnforr, and *An hr> n itu'hiity In draw i fs All crtdU icksressr ks travel Ud in tkf Xti-'i, refut ing to ir-'-tf* SI I rryritf e re* k(l (Mr iMNhfA Ho ea lure, Imt merrlf telling Aim fo little with Kim u Ken k ?<wi' He thsa drscrlbed his Joornejr to KaoSM Citf , snd his joining la that part of tbe seuatrv "Uier spnrta mea oc a buffalo buatlag ? fears Ion During tbe ss road ds y of tbelr trave'ltwg ba kept a tharp loofc. out, sspectirg lo sae soma of those mighty aalmais la their own lair. On a sudden one of the oompany pulled np, and they soem come upon a number of hlsoaa who ? -'peered npon so eminence in mafnlflcen'. relief sfalsst tb" clear l.hie sky He should rerer forg-t tbe rroodeur of the roe re M he came up with eleven of thnae . umals He wm very locky that day, havltg kille i one of them Kr HerkrVy described hrW fy the Scenes no I < harai >..r of the rpnrt he erjoysd wh'to hnr.tteg tho bla ta on |t,e prairie*, tad coaciudtd bla lecturs ani l uueb appla tse. The f'mperor of Itsssla In Pulsntl, (From the 1/oodon News. net. ? | Viu?>, Sopt , IMS# I send yos s >ire detst's respecting U?o approach og tov.i' of Iks sjrporor of RuMia la the kingdom ol I'oJot l I ba?e a'ready written ahont <h? ha1' wbirh t? to h.> gtven in li * bonir at filtb Y >u ?lll, |MrMy>, ix ni rt?N to know la what miuin*r be -v-t* it. v1l? I M ?>!??/ n ' a tl-e Got en or G? ?i? vt r? deairo * ina hit Id v mi a tntgbl bo t?ken t' -H flewri^u'g dlr*ot, by | iome deputation from the iiobilHjc. Thlt ?t* eqitraleul | ??? per- 1 *<i! u * nu alio |t?l * /-'<! <tt? a?4 a i will, I ki ll it "bin llltJ 11 pi; W It, )? |it *llk 1 1 slit nt WMB 1 tenai <-e and an nbteq lout air to ' lf> r th*t fe'e I > t'i < ?' n |? ror at * apotitareoua ltd' ninny of tit* m" ??? i- -o ? t lltl ill talk, worthy of ibe dipt imaim. tae?aa of which W v nu ff it a Mtiur, and for lb > Mtainavetol wn 'ven bin auih'irttj ?? Oo^ereo* (Jetieral ?l|Mn it>p|i'>|,N> I perflueua Accordingly h" sent Tor the VtarahaiH uf the cobiiity of tb? ti.roe pro* in era of V lua, Ko?no ind <irt dno, In order to luform thera o' bit wi*he? n t*e matter; hut ho had re konel wittout bla b'i?t Oae excwied hi ??e|f from ro vpi'LCU g to bia appeal by trm baduett uf tho iVniJ the difficulty of the voyage; another Mid ho ronld uke no Mepa In the matter witho t the amotion of h a fel ow nob't a, a third ditillmd 'In- h iu >r *>y >*yli( that bit I'lorlMt wan not ,u y.? in.o of hla M?j"<ly'i ri ute and that he could not ene i ^nii on the prlvlleg *t of lift colleague*; Iti tb"rt, M Katttnoff found ?1v"?\rt*t I before him amed with pretext* which are in at Ur more redi ubtabU- li an reaiom that they nu.uot he refuted You ? 111, perhapa, he aatuultbed U> hear tbi* lu ord.-r ; to If ? t the Fmpcror to ho- pretent at tktMlitau H ctnary to inviie him. I'm pie who del ire the e d lit ro t! ? an ai * wbtrehy to arrive at It, but H la uut v. ry c -r ta-n t( at ttcy wfte very rar-fulna In deatrltig the t I. At i?n, u't?r cnd|?tra coiwfri>fttl<n ?, t*le#r?ph to del pal the*, oorrmpijdentei *n.l negot.*tl >nt without 'Tol, M. Na^'tn ll i'i it rmu:<' l to do *itii mt that whi -li he coi M not )!??< He announced that he wuqiJ Mod the In vitaiU'U hiniatlf, udii rg Irooi'-all? thai the Empwor, kio*tij i he al1>otli>n of tbn lubabllaota of Ibeto pro 1 Tlneer, would br watlr-drd with tbit .iv.wtlou, and wouid ivo thfm rri oit for 'hr:r K?od wlatiet 1'b< r< It t < be a fraud buut in tbe forest of TUalotrlcz, al.tch it !' e lut t ai 1. 1 of (be biM>nt in (Cur >iw. Already i ber havo tound ihlity four of thue aulmila, which are ; o be billed t>y h n M-j?M y Eaormout preparationt are | bt i, n made lor Una ? vet i , triumphal arc.hcH aro bein( ' ? r?cto i U> i-'iebrate tbe felt ill of tho victor; tha roi la will be mrcirn with (trtcn Ootight; ar.d an ol 1 canile, whtrft was fnrmerlr orrd an a place of meeting hy tho Pol lib k ii it ?btu buctioir, It belrif repaired. Tbia forrat, the laigot in Ku>np?, wat formerly huctod in by our kiota :l l> aWo n ade d. ?r to ?? hy another rer?lle.-ti.iu la IK'il It waa the aoene of the laat cooleelt of Poland with ibe rcii no of the latl Jeleudcra of our iudu JKCrtj roe A hatpyl ca tn rnfrirffted thear argeii"ntortbi?hunt a'ter thr o."d, I t,f thi He of Kliif AugUNtii* II Tlio Fmr>? tor Al? kufidcr itt to tho* bimat If t.> tbe Polet in lb ? ! ttce bi riot the tovere^rt whom tb?y regret Orltrn ba?o turn tetst t > tbe H ianan Rmbnaaj at lireaden to make all mrtaaary tt aroii in tho archive! of tbe Pollah and ;iax >n kinga, to amw at a p>-rf> ct rcn'mblatica of cottnmo and < i lurtie Tbe Kmiieror ot the Kretch having had a hunt A la l/> ir X ?' at tlompirgre, it wa? thought proper to do temetb ug nmtlar al Vl'aa. An idei copied from two tovrrtiftirt a; < i.ce ht-comea iklmoat origin* It ii a qi ttticL wbflbtr the I'olet w ill ha much flat tered at tm? recollect! m of their kirga fo parade Iteforc their ejta tbe tp< il tak n from mem It hardly a meant ?f milking tl i ui forget thai a 1 the petiliom they havo ad (Ireirrd lo the Kn:|<eror Al-iant'rr rlrico hia ciirooation hare remamrd rnianawer< d, and that the nationality, tbe lat'guate ana the faith oi their auoeatort are trndlen under (cot. For tin It ? million Inbabitauta of th't kingdom ttarc It tit Ithi r .1 Poll?>i uoiverilty, or Mbool, or noani jiatier, or prrlodinal; all araictatlooa ? ?*en tliote entab If bed lor indi-rtr-al or agricultural p-jrpotet ? are for b.ddM It lot-kt *k '1 eveiytbing *tre dvine t?> plunge Ifcoooi-rtry It t?> barbnripm? [x-ihapa to tlnk it below tho level of its maatert, and tbuK ftul-j ltl murmurt at tbeir yoke. Tbe Klnanrltl Conuttton of A??trla> i Hum tbe Pant IV-balt, Dot 4 ) We know tt.e Im.'ure the A itovcrument eipe rlenced at the commence ment of IS;">9 when trying to coetrartat l ondun >t loan or aix mlldODt of p<und? stt-r. itbg ll&O.OU) 0C0 of franca). At home, it never tried, tmt eoudi.?d tint i to emat,'*!' g from the riant of VtaMa an advance of 133 0C0 000 of :l inns on a I >an to ho imued at ' a more favoralde ptriotl " Tbla period, It Ui> ught, bad arrived I aft March. Tne tnlMnrlptton wan ojx-ued lor a loan of 2tOO>OlOO if Hi r it a (5t0 000,000 of franct). Tie rate of eiumlou win a'lvatitag-ouato tbe iiihscriixira; Ibe bait of a bonui wa< ?d led A "gun tie pree.-uro" wiu put into rperatVoa rn tndlvtdiala and oor^otatiot t, kittu la r o waa di<CH at tho yreat I >an of IH?J, called inttora' ai d volui laty. An eH-r nf 7ft 000 000 o it of the ' 2dO,OfX) (00 t* ki d lor? aiicb wat the remit of tboaa coot bmed iflorta It waa not h'-v-tver, tbe publto who fur- ' nUlied evt u th'f irat tlonal v i?rt of the I van It mi* f ib- ' Sflhed hy tl^e Cie tit V .hll i-e, the d i ? tent company tbo 1 ra Ireati cotupenlra, a Tew *rt at banking h .u?oi- all of tahom have peculiar r*-?' iia ol their <-?u fur w'.thlng to | re?crve tbe get! 1 gracet of lb" trea'-irv. T'-e experiment wa4 e?'mp'ete. In the monareby Itielf, and in the great m ney nu rn- la of l.'urope, on the ere of a wa', or < n tbe uty ?oc?w>eiiii>g the p.-*oe, capluJMa ro tralred deal to the cctieatlea ( tne Vteooeae gove'o n.eut T*ie fact It uneiatti led 1 1 the fli.anclal hiiWry of modern kurn|ie. Ibe L),batt c ntraatt tKrte Carta wltli the reullnera with ? t.ii h Kratire I#!' P'- !n."nl, at J evr.i the revolutionised Italian Sta't a afttr Villafrani*, nMaio^l loans on not very oneroua termi The wrl er then rt fi-ra to the tpe clal report if tho < muiittee id the Reijiiaratns ? In ?lj*t peculiarly cuaMru tba doi't, tii- report of the rpeclal committee, ft w <1 with the rxa-ninatlon irf It, In forms u* that i n the "ol?l of ia-cember, IkJA th? U*UIM ' (uvtrt-mi ct owad 106.214 1X<1 Uorlna In Vtenuceo cur rency; >.no to Ilia 'd <*1S mli'tona 2"iC 20S ftortaa la Cinvon Hon "3 302 HM florins In Auatrlan currency. This Is the schedule cf iho cooaelklaled debt. To tbil mw I l>? adtU-d 346,21 I 157 flOTIMOf AUBUiao currency, tbe an<>3et <f tbe lloatlog d?<>t. In actual or Austrian mopiy (arfcpted Id rlytneof the <tTii*o Monetary Con vention of .laiuar;' 24, 185T), and brought to the uuiform rate if a I ar at live per r,< i.t, there debts would repre artit t h ?? tola! aum of 2, -C* 071 F>32 I1' rlna. The mitn la u>< re than re ?pe ??able? It la almost appalling. NtrarUtc It**, It la not complete. Iu a Efito j-ubi tahed at t ho and even of Ibc committee's report, |M. de I'l. ner. who la now oomp'aliilng of tbe r'?B y eoi<m In wbl< h the committee of tbe enltrfyd hi* depicted the financial Sltoatloe, le c.ared iiimatif Ilia inferior sum ol s'*t>- tbreo millions of fli r'na wss to be i-MH to tbe sum wb cb api- tri to re ruit Yi ir b** table* Moreover, the cmirnlttec by it* owi I admiaaiou, did cot take Into account lit t Loro'iar lo Ve I neti*u <u hi, nor the i-uaranttea of loterrat conceded to vartoaa rhare'rowpenl**, aar tl.e Stat? d<bt.i of Lower Aostrla Styriaaad llorit*. nor, 'antly, the deb) ctuael by buy tg up tbe siguorlai rlgbi* (180 mill una of florins). lo taking In to actual ?:i tin-ee arbitrary omiaaion*. d Mated evl<'< ally to the < ima iw ?>? tlo sole do* Ire or dlmtnieh'ng a I ft tie tbe coloseal total of tbe debt aino-' the k>*u* r ntra-lud aud realise 1, partially at >lea*l, in 1H*J and I SCO, we ni) conO'mily vni a complementary aum cf 400 to 4TO mllir na of Bnrln' M the amount g'veo by the committee of In julry. Tbe coaa uulaU t debt, pro |*rly to called, wi uM an m'.. th"n, now to two milliard* u<: 7C0 anUlloM of Honrs. Uut ta, tj all millnrda 740 millions of franca. At flvs per eer 1 nt- real th.i would re<t?'re an annual < Ji*u?e ol 837 MM Ovo franca H>il ln ? aum <!oea not In. eluJu IUa ex (mi at of a ?.oklog fuud, wb rb tbe eomml'.t'a * t dow o at 32 f>?<0 000 fran>v, nor tbe payment of tbe bci/.i?ea or premium*, wblcb r?T>lre* 4 Its ZM> franc*, pot tbe eapeoaK, put down at 2b 000 000 feanja, of th* ?r'o r'n the "rert'*a ' dua to foreign cnpitatiaWi Neither d i* th'? rum InHuJe the annual iulventlon*. wblc.h In all tbefUtra are r< cardf) u totegrant parta of tba public debt, aed amount to STbOO*1*) frann for U^yd'a, at Tnot*. to 2 M0 OCO fraLca lor the < dw privileged 't'vti r>.oi[ ?n) of i.?t gatloo oo the l?*nube, and to 1 'J60 000 fiati'? for tla rail*a* betwei-n l'ur lublt* and Itt lcban berg. Kot to maki> the rcliedul" too loog, we pa?? orar j taTcral aei oadary l.nt r milar n*hc*tiooB, wb'i h ?a? ve?y m< 'leatl? be eetimtt^ at 6 OCO 100 florina (12.600 OOOf ); laatly, let na a<M tba Wlaiaat only at flra per <-'ut oo tbe i daiclt, with whmh the dobt w',11 ba inc.reaael during tba i>rcaeat Biancial prioil (from Novtmbor 1. lk.'i#, to tirto i ber 31, 1>o4). aad wblcb the gorarn merit aow eatlmatea at eighty a'gbt mllliora of llorina ('J If. 260.000 franaa). M Hbii m laaaa) ebarga af aaora tba* four bi n ire.1 and thirty million* of frsnt-e Thla r im needa no {torn n.rnl?ry ^>t. to MMalbta il* lu'1 ?i*r IflaaMV , It I* a a well lo rcatember that tba public rermuaa or Aueirlt, Uk'ng tbe Arrage of tba O .tncial perhwla from 11*0 to IMP, irpoiint to all bondro<i and aerrnir ml.i">na of franca tlx' requirement* o' the debt therefore will *b rorb amy four |*r cent cf the whole, or n?arly two third* Watpeak af tbo rer^nue oOe tally railed tbe or duaty ree'nue Nev*rtbe)e?a, Ihn dirionl'.iea <>oof>cn lerfl by the arimlr.iatratlon in ewllartlag thla raaaooa. the beat) am are that remMn at ti><> and o? atcb flnan ctal ytar, aotw.ltiataoil.og tbe *'al and *e*enty of tbe t* gatherrra. tba nnaalai .'ia c >m lamt* of the popu'a tlf.nt? <t( ?l ' ni the confidential mm aven of the gomrn mic* mate tb?n>Mlr<-a tbe orgMi? all atu*t that the e-oo trlbutite cord atretobeil to tbe ntm at, that the projvle ara burdeoel btfMd tb'-lr paying p weri; la ?? word, that the eo r?!le<t ordinary faaanwa of tbe frammeot la already lmp< on thai people burden* altogttlior extra oedtary Aaalbar l-attar from Ab?l-el- Karter. The Arabia J nraal p?ibl!rhed la Pari* under tbe name of Vb> Aifir, baa the followtng tranMaUoa of a letter, , Mle| labMfi-l, Mrnbw I. a*4 addrcaaed by Abd el Kad?r to C-ar<!|Bal Morlot, Archi>lab >p of l"aria ? Moat Kmoaat an I R? reread I-ord? May Ut" M >*t H |h I prolong tba tiaraltoa of yoor archlep'acot^! authority; Amen. On the awtlw of tba Natl aaara, I thought of yi ur noble qualities aben I r erei red tbe I' iter which joof cmlu'ooe honored mo with under the ilaleof Auguat 10. YoWfEBtaaMa h#a a>-qaired freab eja-mato my gratl tude by the cor eratulatlona wuich joa bare deigned to addrim t? me. Tbry aro as additional proof nf your chari ty and >aBctlty 1 feel mjarlf Moat h ghly Mattered by the atteatloa w lb wblch tbe Kmperor baa telgnod to t'Tinr t stn whiee only merit la that of ha? lug paid * hat be owtd uabi* ooercktaoe. lo my ey?f>, it la a high dlatltction fallen to tbi> kit of an uoo<T'iple-l man? for no who only dra* b!B duty It not (M'tled to hoaira A yrat ?rh>ct of rtrligM forme l| th? which the Knipen r *nd tba f reneb nat 'on ara gWlmg to tb?> tn tablUu ta of Hrrla H la not 1 wbo ?a??d tbem, b'lt tbe raya of the rrr?i?b|l .mperor'a power, who liae lq al the to-rert of the world faltbful aeoanta ready to perform their doty fvign to preaent my reeparta to tbe h ?ora ble reel' * laettoa who rnrroand you,a?d to ay frienla. Ka , (.< d prnlca g your data' Written on tbe part of Sam Jan ti K*rrn li< Mo tnm. j City InteUlgewre. Manma Of nm Caoiaama km or nt? rma nw*ar*aat.? A meetlag of the engineer* and foremen of the fire Pepartaaeal waa bald yaaterday area log at tbe I firemen 'a Hall, la Meroer ttreet fbe m?ellng wae bald for tba purpoae of reoalrlag tba reeigaatkia nf Aea,*taat ' feglneer Joba A Oa? lor, and ballot la ? fbr a paraoa to ?H hla plane. Tbe rwlgaatmn waa formally raceitwd and a cnaomlitee of three appointed lo draft! aenee of raao lutiont onnplimentary to Ifr Oregler, a* a foreman and ?reman. Ibcy tbea proc-edod to ballot la an informal manner for a perwn l? ?" t*e poaitloa of Mr. Uregter. There were tbrre oandi latea Mreera John Wtldey , rora maa of etglne onmpany Wo II : Jamee f?onard, ?t fore I maa of et/yiae eeatpaay So 21, and Daorge T. Alker, at i yorrmao of etgiae onmpaay No M They reoelvml tba following ? umber of Ttl?a? Wlldey to, Alk. r 47 and Leo narrf 13 The elect ?? will take place on Wadneaday, th* 84<h li at., bf'tW'er the bm-ra ef aeaen and nine, and lh? ^ ti rr* are lo be ha?, ltd lo to tbo chiefs mice before twclre r M Ltirr frnni Ifiaytt. I ?H CTTI/cs-Htf TKiH'KI.K ? ITH HT. IX?U>'0?> JOHN hi:t ?N 4V[> i.hjuhtINK MrtAMlU ADVIN 11Kt? or A HI ST or I...KU MII.MIN. Bjr tbe A> rival ?.f tt.e Kli? wo have received our Ha* ti Bl< 110 1 n.Vi r 22 I resident J1II1 aid baa In . ?d a law rnod'fj tag article 14 'i the Civil ( 1 dc, u roll??? ? All IwrKiif who, in virtue <-f the eoosUti.Uoo w ,?b to her. we <?!?.? ???.< !?,?>??, m?at, ,M rBOfllh of ih- lr arrival, ti ns'" In (? '<? a j'ifi 1 . r if* t?v.? ! , renouncing Ibi-retiy a. ?nance 10 any ou?r government than tbat of Ilaytt lurrmbid with at. att. ntatu.o by llio ( ft ' r >*l nf ih" tl ey ini.-it present th' umelves ?t tbe Itt.mrftbn Pr> stnenl of Heytl, to re-in e frm tbe 1 bil l of the sHete itu Act icoogbiaitig tbtui As uituoui at Ibe republic Mh.tls ?ro tvwklte by the Raven tuent to introduce trial by ji'ry Ail cit wtin of the republic, of u propor sy? , mi liAb e to jury duly. exrrplug the |'ir?'bers ; uti) religion, tbe govemuii lit ulllcul*, ana tliu (miliary la s< live aer\ Ice. There ate symptom* of trouble with ><anlo Ooidtrgo. -ill ?rrl| t;i,i s continue t'i be taken up for the wi4 iw of .It In Brown BubsiinpHons ere a'so received for L&anar 1 10V 0 nij1 < le ?rr lis a tut l-aunrfne hinaeli li * written a letter t > a Ha) tl editor, Iliac king aim lor hie exertions t.>??ed tb> subscription list. Artinrj Uo Acul mountain* there has beeu found, in an I'd 1, 01 re, a best <f l/'rd Nelson. It IH of white n.urf , ?' mew hut stained by It me and neglect. Ni'Imw 1* H i ret. i.ted id hix (VMtume of Admiral, au 1 biuistn b p hii'un live . icoratioti One In co nit faio ralli 'ii n! tbe bulb of Ahoukir, baa the inscription, "Hear Admiral I.ord N? lion 'tl the Nile " Another ra*dal hears tl wen'.a, "Aim tbty Ut,.l baa blessed but VUj v.y'a Kl'.rv " IbiS bi at. Interesting In Its Artistic and historical aaao cls.t n, war fi ued < n au iPar devoted to th fetish w<r Ship, where for lalf a o ntury it Ins beeu reverence I aa * tfce I let y of the M"Wit?.ii ^treuius Tno oaaii 1 of the (CI l( li >rs ?ere t'oalr .V I . *iy , of (.atubelb Thus for crty jeira the butt of no English altn'ral has been wot til '|'t>ed hi a bea'heu tdnl Tbe Itiu'er of the statue lias ret. red an offer of live hun dred tiollaii lor It. S?W? fiom Artxon*. OIK TI CfcON COKMhsrONDKKd. Tucnoa, Oot. 2, 1H60. EzklUixx Indian RUbny at Fl/tt Breckinridge? T oepi in the Field, <tc , 1 tc. On Friday, the 20th, About nine o'clock In tbe forenoon, tbe Apache Indians, to the number of about one hundred and fifty, made a detcet.t u|v d K >rt Breckinridge, end carried (flail tbe cattle, mules and horses be Ion g tng to the post. Tbe attack was so sudden and tuie*peeted that but very little nouM be done to ?Ave the stock. Several Indians were kiilt-J, and Licutccact Cock, promptly fol lowirg the retralnder, took a few aiunals. One of the dragoon borsen was killed in the ?kirimah The was a bold movement en tbe pen of the tudUiie; hut the policy puisued towards tin m for the pait two '>r three yoare has tended to Inrplrs tbem witb contempt ra'ber than with respect for tbe whites. Only a f- w days since Dr. Steck, agent of tbe Apaches, not. lie I th> mill tary autlKKttii'* that he rhoutd dtoWbute prrsents to the float ApAi hee la <>uori,r. These finals liiv.t of Isto mi.rdered tbrto Anierioai.a sn l stolen agrott leal of stock f-oni llio l**ir settlors <>r this region; thoref'tre, w coi dir( to tbe Ideas of th>< Indian Department, th"*1 are toite lurnisb'"l with shirts and new bi>aket'< whii-htbey wiil Ittittii diati ly trade <>11 for tans, poeinr and kmeoa Lieut Horatie KaiioaH h?p|><-nt?l to be on nis *Ay to Kott Bieekn.rv U". wub thirty men Irom Fort ii?i'hauan, acd ou bearliig of tbe attack IcstADtly pushed on to k>to Lieut. Cook Assistant and pursue t>ie Indlat s, wit > nude qulfk retreat A'-roe* th > lila into the Pinal mountains. At the time Kort Breckinrl<li>e ws stiaoked Ita elf-ctlve garrison did not auiount to over lileen muo A few nights before tbe attack an Indian, who was found skulk it t around the fort. e> luenily en the wal h t > atoal a hcrse, was flred on by a Het.ttnel and litile t. In Minora tho Hand ar tsi:.? or church party hi?e ool lecttd ahout 700 men, at d ?re moetrg to Attack feaqut r ra, who is entrenched at II. rtr.oai lo, the aaplval of '.he b ale. TLtre will probably bo hard Hunting. Testlmontal to ("apt. Wilson. Th? follnwlrg I* the Mbacrlpltoti lis', for 1 ' st.nonlal to Capt. Wilroti at. 1 bia crew, as furuuht d t>y Messrs. Howla.' d Ik Asplnwall ? We, the uodersijnd merchants ef tbe e'*y <?' New York, appreciating the noble conduct i f (Upt Wieon.of the brig llmntK Nihilli r, of tkls iw.rt, u x& the ocoaaiua of ths li.ta d'sai !er to ihi sieAii er Co mat ^bt, and iteiug d?s:roos of prseentlrg t ?pt Wfaoti, hl< oflioers A' d crew, with aultah'e t*atimcntals, do subscribe tt?e ions set :irt< r onr LamtS fo tbat purpotu. How 11 id k Aspienall. J D Jones t&O Aft .-tit s II. to !?pr fli >r?t . T: I'itt'in k Oo . .">0 flow acd ,V .asplnwA I . luu (hirick k Ot 60 (iootkue k Co {0 K .inhard & Co 60 Ortcneil MbtnrafcCo fo Mm ten, (lelaaetl As Oo. 60 A A Ixiw .v Bro 60 A T fltewAit k <v> ... 60 W W. Ui 60 !k;hi B'leo Br.'S ?iCi 60 N. L. K ti. tirlaveoll . .. 60 c.reat Western I us Co 100 CaryfcCo 60 W. A rt?le h Ho 50 Boot en, Oravs A; Oo.. 60 < om Mut iai Ins tv>. .. 60 V sea Tsy h r li Cot 10 I n. on Mutual Ins Co . 100 A>nar (t Co fio ratiAc Muteai Ins 0?. . 100 t BtefearOiM k0o.... 50 N Y. l.tfe Ins ft Tr Oo 50 Wells Fsrgoft'o .... 60 Beehe A; Bro 60 l)i.tiC?o, Sherman .v Co. 60 Mercantile Mut las Co M J.J ftnsrt k C<J 50 N Y. k Havre d i C> M A FV Ireort * Co 60 C. Vandeibilt 60 j-cbucfcsr !t .v i?- ' ; n * l 60 R L. MitetUll ? ... 50 11 A Ji'baaoo .to Ia* ... 60 tbluaiblau lus Oo I'tO Ward, Campbel ft Co. to Wuttnoea, Orydor * Ct. Ii0 W C<-rs|lll Ac Oo. 60 Cyrus W tt?IJ4Ci... 00 Geo B KohbitsA: Son. to N Y Mutual los Oo. 50 A inp k Chsunoey 60 MAitland, Phelp* k Oa . 50 J II U'Oaer k Co. ... 60 9turg?a, i?haw \ Co.. . . 'lt> W T. iv.:et??e JtCo... to J. A * t. A rat!e*on 2S C. H Marshall 10 r Mar<|tez ... 6 J U Rankee.... 60 British k N A. K /a) J. Caawe.l k :o 60 Mail f S Co 50 Tow ti send .Clinch k hO I'snams Kallroa I (V> .'>0 Pacific Wail * K Ot?, 60 Btvemeyer, T>wnaen1 Brown Bros * Co 60 At CD. 64 M Mn-f ao a Hon 60 J. G. King's sons 60 Total 14,306 Those rter'rims nf subscribing to tbt fund will please ? ml tbelr snbscrtptlooa to tbe office of Bowlaod * AapUiwall, No*. 64 And 64 Hoaito street. \nv?l Intel 1 l?<<- ?re Till DRPARTTRI OF TUK RK'llltOND FOR Tn* WKOl TXRKAMAN. OTB RATAL ? ?HUU*I'0.*PB9C*. t'aiTtn *TATrn %KA*t? Rl< lfW"*T>. 1 H**n 11 ItiiAOa, Oct. 14. IM0 J We tef'. Norfolk ytaleri lay m irnlng on s Iri* trip to Cbpe Henry, egalnat ? stroof bea t win I , and returned to Hampton Rnada to wait for more favorable wealber At preeent It la raining very heavily, the performance ?eiug varied by tirorg n >rU?eatterly ?'iualla. At aooo tall moderate! we tball fa to tea. The eoglnea aorkad very well yctterday, tbongb, our (team power being but tut tliary, I doubt whether abe will make more than mvw knot* under ?team aloae. Everybody 'f^oiioua to be of! lo the Mediterranean. or up ihe Strait*, aa the nation verm It, especially thon* who have aptLt tome time tn the Uulf and tb? Caribbean Joattbiiikof the diflirenoe to exchange the dark ?bin ned bcaut'ea of Met >on an : Central Amerkrn for tb?- dark eye ) botiria of Italy; ?ad wb ?key, at twenty c u? a rirltk, and lo^gh, lean b?*f, for g"?<l, cheap woe and Icinrto-i* living; perpetual raine an 1 peetilenie laiten aim<*phere lor orecti g air aad aappbire nth* for, talk aa you may, tbe moat aeeaitlva porttoca of into are hM rtomarb and pocket, nenee it 00010 > that wIm never a tbip t* flltlag for tbe Me<1 1 ie rraneaa there aro bnnircde of applicant* for every petition ?n board, from tbe high ? at t>< tbe low* at, and tbe disappointed go away grunt bllrg but no it wat In the day* or Horaoa, two th>o*aal yeart a<tn, for doea be not ray? 1 bave fw.-"tlen tbe I At 10 ? "Kvi-rybody can't go tu < orlntb' f Corinth la in tbe Mediterratran, and what more likely t^ao tbat he trie -1 t> tontola lb 'we whoae applanation* bad been rejected t We hare an exoellent selection of oflloer* Hb? iM any one try t" tnoleet our return re* or oppr??a Am??r*'an cltl w n? ? ur fits cftloer. Bell, will ring auch a peal In the ear* of Furopria i*tp la aa v? ill *alt?? tbem fm-o tbelr llumlxra and rbow tfcem that we know oor right* an 1 how lo tr attain tbi m. A* for Captain Iogr?htin, be t bowed at fni) raa what atutl American ootumanderi are made i t The following la a correct 11a I of tbe ofl (era of tbe Rid) moid ? riag Officer? Cfetrht H B. 'I Capiat*? IHitean N. 1i graham Lieutenant* ? Robert II Wyaian, Alevander t. Warley, H I.lvlrg?t<* Br?eae, A. B. Cumn cgt, Fran:!* E. !*bcp pard, Wiii'im ?; I toaiar Fleet Hargeop? W fl W RuacbcnSerger. l'aratd AMMtaal Hurgeon? lanut Huddarda Pay matter- (ieofaa F Culler. Klr*t lieutenant Mar In at- lame* H loo*. Flat ofntar'a Deoetary? liidetu slcull. fhlef f'r c'r.rer ? H er l-arted Mldatipmen? lamee M picket I, H??rd Terrf, ? Tlyn n Wiliu n, < larfce Merehaiit Ural iMletant Ugln. . ra- Mrglaiaa Freemen, Jabn W. i Moore. Pocond Ar?l?tanl |tigl?aep-rh?t Hoy t, It Tfclrd Are elan l ltt.fii!?ere ? J t? "tuf'-r, latnan P Hpraaae, WillMMi (V'.lerrt, H * Herrlnf. H-nry ragan Cei'ia'n'i i le.k? rrann C ttw??y. raj iriaet'e** "erk? John M P?ik Aitit* (VwlawaPn ? laaac T i;b<mu Artiag Huaaer? JaaMW JTbaiar. C?rp?fcter? Jdwtrd William#. Railniaker? Henry T docker. There art atoo on hoard two (flWMOgtra ? .""rgeoo Jo aepii Beale. for Umi HtiaqiMtenaa, and l.leul I) B lUr mony, ft-r tbe Inviiiaia. Tbe mew ennetata of two handrad and titty blue )aak eta and flty one marlnea. fin Mond^r morning we are |aat ttaading oal tor tea, wttk brifht tky and Iklr wind WtllltRuMri City New*. ?tiw.iart ?Tbe et ten I've pork paokln( jau'iiiahment of Pommy A Koeb, ooraer of Srutii flrtt and nruj ttroele, waa entered by burglar* early yeeierday mom Irg The tafe waa the object whlcb etcited the oapidltjr Of Ibe burf!art. The? appear to have eatered tbe pre mwea by aeallrr ibe feene la Flrat ttreat and braatvng open Ibe htrk door l>adlng t*? lha oflloe Hie tafe wad lliwa taken ont and placed on a p ie of pork, to deadro the tound of e*j>l?e"'ti wh >h w*a lo follow and after drlllli'g ? boll k loa'l.rg It, un (hn In* I of grrpowter w??* wiU-h applied. ?nd the ?afr hlf.wr nr. fea*'rg tbe ^ IK ??. b -aev-r. only twelve dol lart Vmty fur *. tbtlr Iron bid Wo' ng hat Mer hear I of tbe barglan.

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