Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 20, 1860, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 20, 1860 Page 11
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IALKI Of RBAL EITATB. _ 4 WIHHM TO BOT A HOUSE. BETWEEN A 'lire. Ipr ud Thirty fourth rtreets aad Rrovtviyul ^/uh avenue, lor about It 000 or >7,000, 91, WO will be paid <? naming ihe pap# re; M? MB net required before the W o/Maj, U not ooumMt, mm but principal* treated with. Add****. rar two weeks, B. A. P., Union square fuM udlce. A HOUSE ABD LOT IB PACIFIC MTBEBT, BBOOE A. ljn. near Carlton avenue; bouts HOC, three atoriea u<l btaciH real* for ttfO. and valned at N.WO; free and clear; will be glean in nchauge for a Kuoi In Mew Jersey. DAYTON A JOB EH, Froptiy Exchange, M Naaan .ireel BROOBLYW FBCPERTY FOB BALB-OBB FIBBT claaa three story brick House, wife brown atone trim ?ti?. aew, 173 fort Green plaoe; also three brown atone fronts in Portland aveane, near Fort Green. Frioe low. Tea? ?ay. Apply to T. B. JACK BOB, on the malm /COUNTRY RESIDENCE ? WITH K ARB ATTACHED, v far m)4m eiahange fur city or Brooklyn property. M.OUO unly required Ui be paid. Tbs msasion and outbuilding* are to good order, the around* are w?U and spaeioualy laid oat. aad with plenty of shade, orchard, with rariou* fruit tree* all (shearing. Tbe property la mthta thirty aallee of New \ork, and af eesy and frequent aeeeae. It la well caliwlalnd to eot op In vWa plot*? the view, both of land and water beta* very tun. Ike p!?oe kdJ ?: -bt> orb 1 are remarkably healthy. TV* property 1* located on a m*g?i1o?"nt bay. from wftlch enters fi*b, Ac , aao at all Unaa be bad. Addreaa B., box l.MB Pet rtHoe. r% OUBTBT BJWWBBOWFOBBALB-CHBAP FOB CASH, \J n n*? meat to Fort .beater, oi the Hew Y?rt and New Haeen Batlroad. pml llmM. Carriage Hone, Barn, A- . with Frett Tree* asd 17 acres a / saoollent Um, attorned high. healthy aad deatrebln. ALSO. ??? i vl r?*UM rtaa, Ugh baeen,e?t. r'buadeipWa freaooed bilc? , brown atone Hl?sti |- Lut >:J iee( t?*o cor?o ia<tlnga uneioeptlMiaoie. Apply lo tie am. I'M ABDLEE BM1TH, ffb Broadway 4TB1AF HOBB-BJIO* Wl X BUT A TWO STOltY COT " ' t*?e lit UN, Barnard ten Lota, oa the Newtown Flank Bead, J', mil?a lp* Wilit?m*hurg lerrl^a no bor?i railroad r.mta. term* e**y. A. it 4 f EI.? E, 61 Juhn at reel. New York rBM FOB BAI.B-4B JTEW JBRfiET, WILL. H ahance tor city property; to seres; It baa rood bo'ise and ostWUdtnaa, within three mile* of *tatb n. 30 mtlee of ttu* glty. Apply to Wit. H. CHaNMBBLIB. 70 Koblnaon street rBM FOB CALK IW OBANGK COUNTY, If. T.? THIS farm conlalna 81 acrr* of llrat claaa land, itanvl orcb trd, wall fenced, and te?*r fa'licg aprlnia The dwelling house aoatalsa ten room*, with modem toaprnremenU; baro, *taf)lea An., all s early new. To be an Id only la c.->o*e tuenee of the death of partves connected with It. Apple to a . w KKANt.lH aeal RDfraTer, 429 Uroadway, corner oj Howard street, N. Y. OIARM FOB 8A1.B OR BX^lI VBOB FOR CITT PRO. JP perty ?A frazlnc Faint. 217 acres, baetoic tbree ntrearan rnnnitir inrt>u*h It. In Knltlean near Orarge oouaty, N. 7., I aifll"? I ? ?* " "?* 1 from tbe Bna Ballroad. Prlte #20 per acre. Inquire of UBO. WAUK, 6$ Fulton ctrcet, N. T. EB rfAlK-OB THB NORTH RIDB OB FIFTIBTH street, between Recond and Third aTSO'iea, ? new first three story nod basement brirk Honse, with under cellar and all modern Improvements. Inquire on the premise*. Term* ra 8AJUB? f N LKXINGT?N ATBNDB, CORNER OF TMrty-flfth street, two t ew first claaa four story atne Inst Boots*. htKb stoop and modern luprovemer.-s. Inquire ?s Ihe premise*, or of u. a. BNaPP, owner, 1M Allen st. ? n ~ r[)B K A LB? A IT BI.EQANT BROW* BTONK FBONT htab itorip fuaratory H(.u*e. 60 feet deep, containing a'J Ike modern impnivements. Lot ^&<1U0, situate In Ibirty fuorth street, nrar Bruadway. For lurthar particular* apply to it. BBADLBT 4 CO., l.lU Broadway. >B 8ALB-A GOOD FOCB 8TOBT. UKJH BTOOP, brown stoae front House, on the north *lde of Thirty ninth between 1-eiiogton and Fourth avenu>*, with all the improvement"; walnut doors andat&lrs, built In a tjood ITS VOB 8 ALB- 1. V HOBOKKN, A NEW FIMT CLASS V brown stone basement Honae, with all the modern Im pvoreiuant* hve mitutes' walk from the ferry. Terms eaay. Apply to WB. O. FLU MMEB, H Washington street, Hoboken. 1POR BALK? THB I.AROK AND VALUABLE PROPERTY, f known sa the fbUsdelpkia Houie, No*. HA, lii1-, and U7 Bowery, will be sold st private sale. In coneeqtienoe of the deaafe of the late proprietor, Uustavu* A, Kau For partlsn las las aire oa the premlaee, of Bra. B. J. RATZ, Admlols tratm. ____________________ rs BALE-IN JERbBT CITY' A FIB9T CLASH BRIOK Honse, three atoriee, aluo aad baaesaent, TUX) ; lot 100 feeC Alio, a three tlory, baaement aad *ib cellar Hou*e, 23 feet front, lot 100 feet Oae do, 16 feet, 8 laches; lot 80 lest. Oae frame House two stories, attic and basement. Terms easy, lmyliaal 7> Jer?ey avenue. UNOR RALE-TWO BAND'OMR COTTAGE HOUSES. F with t'roton. gas marble mantels, Ac , eight rooms firs pantries, and gncd cellar* Id ascb; lota 75 by 100 feet. Loaa t*oa Forty suth itrtet 210 feet ??st of Tenth aventrn, north tide. Apply to A ltKOWlt, 1 2? lltoadway, or to KCiENK M'OBATn, 567 Hudson street. M)R BALE? A FIRST CLASS FOCB STOBY BROWN r alone front H< use. in the beat order, and freiooei through. OWL Can be seen thronch iht day. Term* accommodating. Masted at 60 Thbty f >unb atreet, between Fourth aad Badi son avfn<ua. Apply to GEO. J. HAMILTON, 2y7 Lcxlngtu aiesue, or oa the premises. rB BA7JC-A FEW PRIVATE RESIDENCES IB Brooklyn, at erry low rates, to clnae a concern, ode ing a fond opport mity to peraon* wtahiag to aeenre a home. Mpase of tbe h 'ueea are elegant and large aad some are quite moderate >n site snd price. Inquire of the owner, 1U and 1 U broadwaj. :ori? No. 7, between II and rb 'clock." the 4,1 ?? 2*5. &^--W '-Laimi ?*? ??? tuZ&'Z o^tal? ro* kai.b ?wbst pobtt-sixtb btb*et, mow at l#!w?it FUtb ud Fix h a?<"etiea, ft new and ?li'?n? brotra ttec U?u?e, four at'irlee strict r Bra clam lad urUl Iw ekma r,*ftuni.hit n. Termi liberal. Applj to A. r. MAX, 61 Wall r? ?aL*-T':ni* kull loth, booth hide fortt trat iWH, 1U" tret i a*t of Uevertb avanu** ; goad nil, on l?>? pr?rte Alan, two t?ta north aide UBth ITMI. W) fret ?M of Fonr h ?vtin? Teroe ea?y. Apply K> B. C. iV AM.KM., Ae. 3 1'tt.e arret r* BALE? A fill HH'lt III mt*TY SEX) WO ? (Mtk, t-ttaeen Fifth and MW.lan ftren-iee. foe r alary Virnn atM Horn#, wl.h etery laprovMMot aad oooreiif aaoe. ?1?D, baa Jiiat heee palsied thoroughly and pat la prlMe a rder. Will -<e ? ? at a herraln. aa toe owner l< ah nl to po abreed. Apply to FIELD A M. 1.RAJ4, aocUmrare, Mo > riae atrret rB BALE-TWO ftRPT CLAW FOUR BTORT BROWlf ?too* frrot Hooeea. hltb a'oopa, replrta arlto toe modern tvpri inx*' k (a. moated at 102 anil luf Baal fblrty fovlb all eel, aaar LeitnaUa annw Iaijutre of JAJfH OWE*. Builder, ME Baa: 1 l.irty fount atreet. ? BALE OK TOTETT FOPETB BTREET -A nilT naaa bro*a atoa? froal Wonee. ? be 10, oa I* IB by , baielac a four boree atabla and onaeh houae la the rear, a eapat l>'na wri-iara et. trance on TAIrtr tlfth atreet. The K! ^iSriWlwSlWWpw Tklrlr nfto tweet The Mow a built aad iniabed la the mom aarelaatlal a ad ap Btyta of arhiterture, nc.h h ark walnut aad rneewood ? aad trtaamtaBa, plate (lata all Iknrngk. deatrab'y tooa between Fifth and Hlrth area nee. oa a koadred foot width atreet, la Lhe akjal healthy aad laahtoaable part of the etty aad at a i eeea:it : ;.t a* diatai oe from toe Oeatral Park. la*nl re cm toe i re? tare. Bo. 17 Wael Thirty fourth (treat. Cm $ ALB CHK Af fieit olam BBOWR btobe I llxwe and Ut, 10) Waal Party clgtrtLdBreot. bMereea and StveBth aeeaoee, with all toe ? d^Pttpruieeaea.n. hoaee la reefcet i rttor. Inspire aa fe preeataea rl BALE CBBAP OE TO I ET-A EBW POPE av ry bmara etoae Hoaee tf re KlK . eft iM?d hi Party. elcth street, between ruth aid Pitt aaaaaae, Me ad 10" aeo darn Impiee? eata. la jalre of JOBE T. WILuaMH, n Pnarth aveaue ri ????????? SALE OB EX? HABOE-TWO PIBET CLtl hmwa alooa Ho n at a, high etoope, new pal eat hot air ftr ? la A *"<d location, loU or man booaee would be Laltaa ae eart [ ayo,eat aip ) to WE. PBTTBEtiu, Ba 1H Caet TMrty aae ??< atreai. CtOB KALE OB KXCBAMdE POB CITY PBOPBBTT ? f 1M aarea of fa-mir g Land la thle Bute, eurrered la 1? acre tote aleo a|i,<?> Wee*ara (rftr Mad. waiaiteib b. BBOWB, X W luteal mrmL tfOK HALE OB IxniANOB? J0L?>T?, WKLL BITl' ATEO 9 la Mccth B' "Alje a)ai< ten Lota, aear Paieraoa depot if. J. WaLPIEK BEUWH, H WUUaai etraet rooa 11. rB IA1B OB EXfHABOE? BOB IKPBOTRO OtTf Prattrly cr 1 ota. to the Ttctalty of Caatral Park *?? ale ?aad wrtatry RealJrooe, nearly aompletad. M hrtok and rrrt ?nbeteadal M m naaarpaeted far beantlful laadasapa aad aea Ttewe. trlthta ha f aa hiv by Oaai ibTt of Pew f n for r it crowd, part farm lead, la ?rat rale orler. farm i. atabea, two ratlaeaa, lee hneee, Ae. p*r. or th? m?? r??a>n on boad aad aortaracet , A^lreai wiih ae. Efeakby Prorerty, b? Tai a T rB UU OB BXCHAPOB POB A OBOCBIT Bfoi B ar ether MerrAandtoe- A t u ianiai iMh?e aa I two mm tm a beaaBfol <IUa?a In PilMI. BMW raUraal aa 1 lar?e ^ UU*; C,?l^;^MWK E, 83 BaeMa etrex. >R BALK. BJC'HABBE OB TO LET? A THREE BfOBT EMU TBEd aydaue. balwea ftfij MEM aad fifty third atreeM ?t<'? I D aTII WELL or jOBBPB DBLATaBTE, U$ CR B 41 E OB TO LET? TUB THEEK ?T JBV A*D baMaawat Henae 2lf Wen fwBMdWWII atreet. lot tl I trobea Is v half the blaak The wl?Cb^J?e bae Mely tataa put ib Aor, ib repair. Par partlcamra inquire at 2i7 mm eatreei. E ?'ALB OB TO LFT?A OOAL T AED. IB WBTf BIM >-ALE f Etektemt MMafar L I* ?u?et tb'toc a BJnt b iaioeaa. Pa _ tof a. 1. ?L Mtl ! enure of A. 1. FAB5INO. t? R?rary, ?ear Be-iatoa atraet. B A riBBT CLABM OOVBTET KBAT IB WE*T eAeater fwiMy. 'be ea^er^cned wkl aiebrafe a fo*ir rygwj Hah -teeem'tit tin ^ lAiAtUO, >-<e?ted ae*r Ka-tia * taMrl aH Ftf'b aTeaee, wttA Fnrr ,-nre if d?*ired OIBUKB A B< >!,(>? If, . fo 1 Hae etreet ai .l l,|y Broadway TTtlBCI BIVBR PABM POB BALI D Ibeereenr ?>oeT> nt teed, free frnaa ? ?e, ?t| plale. apt' ir'ie and ? ii??eattal bnldtet. well vateted by errlew water et darallleB and Sarna. eeeerai aeree well tttefeed with -I .reread aarmlM V reep beer lee. bleak ha rrtea. rntaea. ear rae e aad Mravberrtea, alao ftPplaB, pear*. a..1 a lanre f not eaparaC'* leeaMaa a few M0?e aeetb iTr? i?hk?epa ?, m Uto trtr*T "f '**er plaaaeea rtadtaaa. eta ae to a )at>4 .ae aad dapre . a?d l'?a a See Jiaer t <ew ? Bhor^co, (1 Ubefy at^H. * OB" TO ?1? MAWOB-TWO VERY OEBTE ABLA U7M Ll ea Bedieoa awMtue. arapla taiiarlaah, w.u be T Mbiea' I ?alBBMMbered foFB Heat *ea dwe. toa knnaa qa t^wa w a ? ?at i ropen, d .?? IUBJEK ? |3l&SV, Bn ? ftoe etreet aad Mm BraeEo^p. ?fTLLlBVBt ABO P R EMI A E IJW. JU P?w lata, a B" iee tn Tenth ?eee*. between Broad War aad Tai aetfty plare kvaMon aiBabie far lbe drewr otu ataB> Hta?rTfrjireea Apply to fOBB b ?4T ft (Mae sue*, <mm door Weal ?r Bniadiray. mba,. mtate ?v-bar<ib-a aoon hopbe m Hi Mtdf, ErrnkTa or Jereey I ty wanted Ml ep<*hee?? her a Beat ataee traee^eal ?n?re?+? w?i r*k (10 MB Ad^rev, ernfc *Zv oartl* are B*f be*?e b- t )*l B?raM -W* 8ALEI OF REAL ESTATE.^ T>BLL11AM FA KM AMD NBWTOWN PIP 1' IN APPLM ? is WirasaSSiP? SayKaErbA'B ttsftftana "**? **?"? '?-m' TB?rU HTOET AND HIGH BASEMENT BRICK H'WSli ? io Harlem tor sale. with four lota of *reund, includi uj iVj ? rrer, vlnee, trees. erotau. |U and marble nulln. FrtoS 6,'S i grus rr'u jj'K," *vhsb bobkrtb. dupote Mill puce do ... full nuuc ular?, A. Jacobeoo, M Harrow etn-et. N H.? but irioclpak need uaww thiA Foeaeamao iu? diaalely or 11 May aejii. mimnn-A good hods* and lot, in ex II cfeaape (or cool Brasilia* and lint clui Stock Id ft >fw York mvmfaeturu.* compear; part cash 1 f required. Acuity J u. W., tl Cedar atrert, New York. ?7 nnn farm-in six equal annual pat I .UUU menu ft mile* by railroad from Cincinnati, Olio im proved house*, truer*, Barer fal'iu* water, 1(0 acre*, half cleared 600 fruit tree* ju*t bear Id* ; editable for market garden, crape or milk run. Will b? e* :h inir?d for real ea tale In or near New tork, or wtll iwleaa id for a term of year* k> a retpooalhle party P?**?i*it.n immediately. Addreaa Farm, Ota 3,349 Poet "ftce, N. t <C91 Hfin -*OR salE-that eleoant five srnry edi&ce newr Broadway, Ht K?st Twan ty tirat street reconstructed s > hh to be three room* deep, and to contain t* eaty room* Apply on the premise*. A. ? FOR 8ALE. FIR8T CLASS PRINKINO, DINIKO AND LOD'JINO House, near Wuhln^ton Market, coo'aln'nu thirty mom*. ?Join* >500 to tMU per week Jop( lease. haudanrat Iv tttlad ud furnish) ,1; a chance mldom nil with C. B. UUWU k CO , Ho. ti Jtot re street. opp*ite the Park. ? valuable INVENTION ON VI as ARMS is to be ?old by the Inventor on rery liberal terms. and, In ?o ?Meialkn at oae half of the proceed* "f patent rlaht for par ticulars loqnl'e f?r nr.* week of SroC&MAB * BAADE, practical machinists, 38 ireene atreet. A CLOTH IB O STORE FOR SALE? 8IT0ATKD IN ONE of the beet bualueta street* In the city, and dolii* a goad cash business. Tex mi ea ?y. Alao a livery atable tor sale Inquire of S. PBTrtT, No. 23 William street, from 9 U) 12 A.M. Si. H ?Bo agent* need apply. A RARE CHAJCE ?FOB SALE, A SMALL OLCE Fscu?ry, with fleam roller and four harae power eu aire and patent apparatus to dry slue in A. men flour* during the wbole year, Inleprmlent of the weather. Apply at 17 Inat Ninth street, near Third avenue. Baker? for rale or to eent-doino a pro fitable bc*ine??. with a !ar(f? i ui mcreioinR connection; $130 taken over 'he ocuuter weekly, fatisfsct jry reeaon* for (riling out lo the applicant. Apply to WM. 11. MITCH EL, 77 Cedar Htrcet. BUBINErK CHANCE -POR 8ALK, THE RIGHT TO man ufar tare BUx-k on h*?j, and \cOiinti of a (u.-ceaai 1 1'atent .Medicine. It w 11 be wild on lost crw it, or exchanged ur real fa'ate. with art ( tab A ooplUl Of not leee thin HMflO will he require.! ti? carry iton. Apply tJ J. BHYAN, l)ty itrtet llcuae, this day or Monday. FOR 8ALE? ONE OP THE BEST CDRNEE WHOLE a ale and retail Lir.'ior Morea In the dty with food leaae. Aiidreta A. P , Herald .nice, with fail name, iUUsk when had where an Interview may be had For salb-a ookkee urockrt and liqook Store, In the central part of the city. A sood aland and very low rent. Apply to JOHN H. CORDE8, *39 Greenwich ltreet r K 8ALE -J10W) WILL PDRCaaBE ONE HALF IN tereat In ft well tatabUabed li?kt and proSUble caah Man t fact urine K'ainefa. that, wih or. unary care and attention, will clear from M.Ci'O to M.000 per annum Order* on hand at prtaent over Sill 00U. The retlrloi; partrer '* obliged lo leave the city. Add roe*, with real name, Ejuuitiel, Herald oilioe. FOB RALE-TWO LA Rot LADD A WEBSTER'S PEW iOK Machine*. S. WOLPF k CO., 63 Broadway op (ta'r*. POR SAIK ? A SLOOP. OK THE DUBTHBN OP NIMK ty *i?ht tuna, well fonnd in aall?, ancbjrn, Ac. Will be ?Old \ery low if a) pued for itumedifttf..y. bAM'LB. UOOtiWlB, Ik , 87 Mo'itli *;., corner Burling s!lp. FOB BALE? THE LEASE STOCK ANU FIXTURES OP one of the b?>et pa>in( Liquor Mores in thia city, situated os a pmrnrnent corner an< now dolnc; (nod r iataew No a^ent, and nonn but a cash customer need a, ply to THUS. Mo ot IRE. coiner ot Btshth avert e and Porty third ltreet be' t?> en the hour* ot 2 and C P. M. For balk ? i iib hTocK and pi x tubes op ai ots ter and drinoic* Saloon now do.o. a go od cash b'isiaeae; will be cold cheap. ?* the proprietor Lu"ti*r bus.'jnm to at tend to. Apply U> WILLIAM ABBOTT, No. JIM Kaet Broad *IJ. rR 8 ALE- AN OLD ESTABLISHED QROiTBRT STORE, iltaaled m a flrvt clam nelcktorhMd. at a barxain to ore who ha* the oaah t j bay immediately JFatlafactory rea?Mi* lor aeliinc. Addrnra or call at lit Fourth avenu", northeast corner ot Thirtlrth street MARSHALL 4 CO. Fob balb-tbb only blioirlc photoobaphic Gallery on Brradwaf. Booaak (pk< (MS uid elegant, a*l acccn nodaUora oaatirpaaaed Will De aoi<l low an tmmediftie app ;raUoa lo lite putllaher of liimptetj'i Ju.rnal, J7 Lwpn Bard atrart. FOB BALB? BrRBRABBWlRC MAClI.NE;CO?T PRICB VM, will be told far f20. us the owner cauno; DM lha hm. 11 is tn perfcc; or>r. It jutt havm* bean pUd ta D. J. Lev;, Sop?rlDt?nden: of the above Machine r miiuj, lo have It repaired. Apply at W Broadway, to the far (Are. Fobbal*-thk stock and pixtcbeb op a sbuab ktorn, with Heading Boom attache 1. In > ".Ire at M 1 bird PR 8 A LB? A BICB OOBPBCT.ONBRY, FBCIT AMD Sagar f tore, well atoeked. and located for 4 line oua'neea, keiagoti a large tkorouyhfare; two lance room* and alia con Teuiencae far i>"ieakea elm; will he (old witaln a week, m ike un oar Icarca Ike ettj. Pr toe I.DJ. UaJ ear)/ at Mo. t?? (.Anal atreat liH/B 8 A LB? -A BANVJPA< TORI OP BURR PANOT r t ?Oda, {located In Part Jnr\ i a. X. Y. WW be ao!d at a *r-at ?arriAoe, tke owner katuig buatneae In Uie ffnt re-jlrlng hie Tkla la a rare IBM fo a man of moderate Beana. aa it yaeuiree not oear (Ut) oap'-il, and tke money can be th/ehlr<1 during Ike bolidaya. Addreaa O. Young, B?j . Port jvtiu. n. t. Fob ma i.r ? oxk lar?k iron rapc pirb proof, Imported, an 1 wall I alahrd. tereo look* all *ro light tot* miiat be told iliraetly; flrai coat lo Prance I 'M; will ba Md cheap fcr saab. lB<i"t*? at 361 b*n?m?rt If nutaoM P?e?vonaly, will ba aoM at a icttoa. at Jf Mew Bowery , an Monday at II o'cWek. by Mr. Hr'.i.l.. li*OR PA LB CHBAP-THR #TOtK tSI) riXTCRR* O* r a Brat rata Urooery Bture, a an eacelleat udgboorbood. itddreaa Canada. Lnim ?|iara Poet oB.-e. 2 RAIN DISTIL! tRY FOR BALK IN XBW BRLNS wlrh. New Jeraey. ok the Raritaa r1*er, w h gteaa en A atari. tiery. feu. i and ail aer.waary L^tm ?? i? *.?i order; a m ai rrkanae. a iwoatory Dwelling fcouaa. ?iao>? an. I pen* for 1.3UC kcga, alao eck ?n?r H race 11. Day, well fet.odand la rood order for painenlara anplT v> Rl< HaRI> I! MtlPIKjRNR, 1;? front ttreat PIWS POB BALB -A CDOICB PIW IN BT. BARTHO liiaa*a afcuafc (Baa. Mr < oak ractar): a no one la f*t. Ifconna' Bee. Dr Morga> rtotr , alav oca In :b? *rn u ..a ;ion Iter I>r. Pmborj rttior. A t p'y lo 8. JOMBM, 1UC Broad way. oontr of Pl?a atree*. P~~?a r FOB Mil OF AN AHT1CLK OP BvBRY day are aad t<nea.ity o' aao-e tkan i.rttnary nfltty, cheap j tot ip and allo-dlug ei raaie y Urre prodta; grant Uun U make airaey Bi'iun * BOrrHWH-B. -I Xaa?au atraat. i kCART 7 BC K AND MRAIN BILL. AND A PORTION U in ike la awl for ?*.e eoo^a.,' 1 at Ike no. nee Ike rrry i'..,<:?ii: iBinf b leit re4noln? to t?^a'v?i;a pswlar w..k an fling > rtedtag am faaea l>IU(MI 4 BOCfHWI TK, tt Naeaaa at/aai. SBWINU MACHINRB POR MALP..-BBW AND BBOOND kand Manktrea ho ighl. e<4d. etekaagel and raaalrad. Ad enoeea ma le <? Hawing I.adiea learned In laamaa. Al' kladl i< Mltrklng done to ntd?r witk naataaaa a?l deaoatuk. 0 B MCRB!LU Ageat, ail Broadw^ SBWINU MA >TNBB AT tX>RT.-nRftT <'LABfl DOCBLB tfergad for ?M>, ?iual to aar (*U aaaekloa. lo eloaa tba baa) ?Am ot a dealer. Amo, aaeoni hand Pan aad Malodeoaa, Piaao Mgaa, Ac . cheap at Mi Brocate atreeL near Bowar j, ?A. ? id* P. B. _ I O BVTCBRRR -POR BALR. A MBAT, PTBH, VC jrr A I ble aad Poatry Market now dxiog a good b-Blaaaa a iN aMa for a acualry produce dealer; or will aail tke Bow and Lot if iwqaArad. ia-,uira at Ul Btgktk aeeaoe, aarwar Twaa* BOIBRALB DBUO ItrBIMBBB POB BALB-A RfBI aaaa whlek haa bean eatabBahad for ike >a?t aerenuaa yeara Mora waU Sited -ip and a fcna aet of *? uMarn pre aamtag aa nmiaatal rhaiaae fnr a nan nf aodarnla ?tana to rcaatence boatneaa wBk aad lo icafe* mmer Ad draw bog 1.W1 Paat offiea. aroon TABU POB 8?LB-BA HtNF.RT, PIXrCBBB, TV Borae, Wagon. Cart ?. aad ai! foil ar. l .-naaplete , la aoa aaaffnl "peraa k> a, a?4 om? of tka rary ban of tkaoaea vo gat la tba > -irrr-r BTQO< t eorTBWICB, n Baaaa<i ? raat Bi n/1 ~r9m BALB a NICBLT ptttbd DPOOPPBB. JiuU. < aka and lunir* Ba)^?; bar aUarfeed. Tba Mat bargain In ike ity foe a nu wltk a taw hoatrad dottor, raaaa of leVlhur. Other hoetaeaa M attend to. Ic'intrano tka praaMgaa, No. B Witk ail*. -POB BALB. A OBBAT BABOAIB, AN OLD eetab Naked bi alaeaa, that will aiear orer II (XT) yearly wltk ordtnai-y rara and attaaMoa HRuW.y B BUBM. IB Wmmm B?aat. -POR BALB, AN OLD BtTA RLHUD I Ban arloriat Bnaiaaai, anw doang a good co-iatry <rt-. and aeatiag a pre* I ?T M to ? , er eaaL AddregB A, bo* 17*1 HaraM odMa. $800. $U)00. aad to'iaaa Addfeai A, Ikii |Q nnn -* BACHINI -BOP POB BALB. WITH A 90.UUU.gond a ^ekof noiaaad weillciated. wl ha good M ort'iakoaaava. Aadnaa O. K . koi Ml Barall o? a ?c nnn ?*ca ?wr? por uu. p?b.t u> Ci).UvU, ra?d on a laadli^ ikon akfua Tip tow*, ?a. . ??e<* wttk drat ' wae gnnda. and <Mag a an ( oaytM I 15.000. iSS XiiJu.1.; WbOLBBALB PBBBCH ?rraaa a r-et - ait le oartt >r i; pre erab e, wtll vaka aa ae tteapamer wtlk ll?.(B0aad" aa mat am mat lake tka ooaearm. Addraaa for naa week PraoaB Okaraettaaar, Mara Id Xk - K?<?TAI rBltl R PRIM pobbrTr prbw PORNR1 B FBMBB. IB tius i ?r Ai>?BnTiB;M? *r.r? rB !B I'lMl APRI.-H1A mm : r55 Ik* be W rf A MIRVTARO. ??? j BOARDING AMD LODOIM. A BiXNOWI FC RNIHHBD SUIT OF BOOMS 11 A ? to Mtad floor? to let, w?h board. to ? mmmmm I and wife. Also a few tingle Bomb, suitable for imUeMn, Pi* without board. Apply MluS Bast Fcttrteetlh Ural I?nuer at ?U I ? i i i i ABMALL PRIVATE FAMILY HAVING MORI BOOM Iku they require, would lot S kMpffc f? HM front utd back Parlor to a reoJemas and wife; alas, a a oil of very tftxl rable Roonaa, with Pantries, As. , on the teoond toot. wWak will be let HHUi 1 at together, to two gentlest im. with breakfast if desired. Par partkEars, inquire at Mo. 19 WMl thirty first ?Ue*L At JIO. M BAST TWENTY FOURTH ITROT.-i FBI rata family, of ad alia, would let a suit of Room* to rtagla gentlemen, or a gentleman and wife, wtih fall or partial Board; pi Iran labia. Also. t wo Bedrooms as lodgis?. APRW YOUNG MEN CAN OBTAIN GOOD BOARD _ taw rue* b' ?pp,5rta,t * A LADY AND GENTLEMAN, OB A FBW 8INGLB J\ geoUesten. can be aci-oatmodated wUb Board by apply tag at U Wm Twenty teoond street. References kWm and leqnlred. Urrnun preferred. A LARGE FUBNttHED OB UNFUBNISHSD PBONT Boom m the i#e<iDd floor to let, with Board, to a gentle man tod wife or a few single gentlemen, la a small private /tmlly. Refer enoee exchanged. Mo 628 Greenwich street, near Motion. AUIOl PBOMT ROOM ON THB THIRD PLOOB, handsomely furnished, to let ? ith or without partial Board. Apply at DM Fourth tireet, tear Lulayette place. Afkw SINGLE GENTLEMEN OB GBNTLBMAN and wl/n esn te troommodated wltk pleasant Rooms and gocd Board, the house haa all the modern imprt strata. Apply at 179 Waver ley plnee, OM door from Hatntnoal street A UANDOOMILT rCRMlSBBI) PARLOB, BEDROOM tx. uu ? u?ln Room to let to a gentleman or a ten Ue man and ? ife, with partial Board for the gentleman. In a private fami I j, at 28 Cottage place, between Bleecker and lionatoo streets AT 66 TWENTIETH BTRBBT, CORMBB OP FOURTH ?ti n ie ? A beaut'fal mlt of Rooms lo let with private table, also, two Routes tultable for gentlemen and '.heir wlv*. Bocae ?no location ust clam. A PRIVATE FAMILY, LIVING IN GOOD 8TYLB, IN A itoi'efu bouse, will let a Parlor and adjoining Bedrooms, with Board, to two or three gentleman willing to pay liberally. Addreis Twenty second Street, box 116 Herald office. A handsomely FURNISH ID BACK parlor, on flnt Boor; alto neatly f urnlthed tingle Rooms to rent to geodemen only, without Board; ?as and bath 61 Fourth ave nue. near Ninth street, one block from Broadway. A CHOICE or KINK ROOMS? SIMGLB OB IM suite, with (good French Botrd, can now be had at 66 last Sixteenth street, private t?Ue can be served lu apart aents lor family; or good French table t bote at 6 o'ckch, for > 80 per wMi, AGKNTl.BMAN AMD WIPB OR SIMGLB GENTLEMEN ran obtain furnished Booms, with Board, at 2? Thomp ?on street, one block from Washington square. References exr hanged. AT 26 I'UKTON PLACE- A SUIT OF FROM TUBBB to tlx handsome Booms to let, wlih private table If pru (erred, or separately, with e?> olient ii >xrd. Family small References ei chant ed. AGRN11 KMAN AMD W1KK MAY BR ACOOMMODAT ed in a private iimtly for tha winter mouths Terms >12 and >16 per week. Por partleulart call at lid Went Fjity eighth ttreet, near fcixth avenue. A SUIT OF ROOMS OM THE HEOOND FLOOR? FOR gentlemen or seat'emen and ? ivnt; wt'l he i?t reparate Ivor together, tl 178 We it KotuteeutA street Dloatrate. H tit recces given aad required. AKIO*T BOOM TO LIT-WITH It ) AMD AT 18 PER week, back rixm. adjoining bedroom, seeood a?r. very pleasant for a family or genuastan. quiet host* ror UK>?e who will make the trial Reference given and required 1: \\ alts street, near Vartck. A PRIVATE FAMILY WIU, LIT TO GEMTLMMEN A one cicely fcrnishtd suit of Kooma; also one large iront Room, house tasa'l moleru improvementt, hoi and cold wa ter, Ac. apply at 31 Ktti> esaui street, cuotiLuatloa o; Astor place and t ear ;he Cooper Insu.ute. k FIMB SUIT or BOOMS. F17BNISHBD, WITH BATH 1 V room exclusive, may be obtained by a party of three or four, with private table tl aeaired. Apply at U6 Ninth street, a few Ccors west of ii road way. Atabimbkts can BK OBTAINED FOB THB WIN ter, for families or s*nn!n gentlemen, in a private home, near Vnlon square. Those wUlm? to pay Hberally may ap ply lo B Lawrence A CO, UKut FoarteenU street. ? ?r at 2S Bast Fourteenth street. References gives aad re qi.ued. AOXNTLVMAN CAN OBTAIN A PLEASANT BOOM and good Bonul Is a tmall private flmily, only three blocks from the tarry aad overlooking the bay. Apply at No 6 Morris liret I, Jersey City . AHANPSOMB ROOM TO LET- JO A GBNTLBNAM and wire, with goad Board; aleo several single gentle men, at Henry ?treet. AFBKNCH FAMILY WOULD LTIB TO LIT A WBL1. f.irnlahed Parlor, with or wilhunt Bedroom, lo trestle inea only, i'artuj meals given If required. Pleaee call at -?? Fourth street, Washington square. 4 OBBTIBMAN AND WIFB CAN FIND AT THEIR a. apnkl twotiitta of Rontna, Uigalber or rn'ra-ale, with hoard, Id a em claae private bouee, handanmely In it tad M UP Madlaon a\at, >r. heal of reference glren ad reqalr<-l. AtlC? BABT TWENTY FIRST BTRKET. OBAVBBCT A A haadatmely f iruufc' .l Boom oo aacood floor, far reni, to a (r?u?maa nd alfe, wl h Board. Alao, Room* fur M&fclt *eai>meu. A I'ARI.OR ABO EXTENSION BOOM. WITH BOARI*. EL to I> t upon renewable term*, to peraoa? of reapactabil ty . iiWaMe fur two peiiltmea oj- a imiImiii and wife. 1(0 mliiian at real. AT TILMAR'H, 712 BROIDWAT. OPPJEITB WABH In flan piaee? To lal, a ileal? fturntabed A pan tueni, with all iha ww improvement T 23 URBAT JUNES BTHJCET, OPPuRITE LAFaY ?t'a place. a faw Oral claaa b? troart will find ? egant ac ?ow mniiaUoaa and a anpartor table Lunch at U, dinner at I ETC Ala bob bace pari.or on thb firbt floor, rawly fu?nl? .'iad. o let Miliar with or wiihoot Bjard, to a ret tl' Baa ard wife or two ?>??!<? grmletnas; aim afeeala fie traUrinan ran be tt-oommvuei wit* good Board iq! t>l<?aaut cmrr ? Luoatlon UM Blnlh ureal near Krjadway. ii.'naa ?IU ail the nmdern iwprxjrameala. Referenced ai ? tan??>d Boab?.-to lit, with ? b without boabd in a pi irate family, a Urge high HaKBMt, ruhabl} for a bvtwUn . alao a Room (oi aalagle gentlentau. Apply at JU ii th r A Board-three or focb YODNO MEN CAN be accommodated atth Hoar f. wtth a family of two, by ao Mat 377 h'ghlh ? ra-1, between area'iaa DaadC, would uroiahed Room* u> a reapecuble party. Call am the lAire Boor. Board -to i.rr. with board, a l*rjb plea ?an Room. drairabie far a ganuemaa aad b* wtfa/ir wo alrgle get leuien, tony be bad a: MM F p bMTMt, HMtBi oear i* to .itharai. .a ewi aad Broadway. DOABD- ON WWT I" OPBTBBR TH RTRBBY. BETWBRN D Fifth asd Bit! area ace; a pleaaaot ault of Rooma. alao Hot ma far atacle fwUMea; dlrner at lo claafc. ra/araoora ttgkaa|(d. Board -to let, too ether or bbpabatblt, in a private hoaat, ag rail of i?rr dattrable Ronaaa; geolle ara preferrrd; hraae modern. Hellafneviry i of areata Rlrea aad paired Apply at ? Waal Fifteenth mm, heleaoa Fifth and Bttth areauea. BOAhD -^OCIAL, BBLBirr FAMILY. BBBIDINO IN thirty rStb Kraal, between BgMh aad Nmth area nee, la a baa itif'il Oral -laaa p -irate raaldaaoa, will laka a (anUa ?aa aid Wawtla to Board, or two tingle MaUaaaan, (irimt tbcai Una Rooaia, with bath. Ac , attaahad, waara hoaae amuae oao bacajwycd. Dtaaar at ( P. M. Addraa t. M.. kiUC Ifrrtld ati.oa. BOIRD.-OOOD rooms, with OB wttmopt par Ual Board, abrap, at IRS Oraad atraat. Tka loeauoa la ratral. nearly ppnaue Odd FaUcwa' Hall. BUiaanadaara pa?aaTar>,lwa ?lautea. J^OABD.-A OBNTLf'MAN AND LADY .CAN BB AC iJ voncodatad a froat Roran oaaaaoad Baor, laaMf* ly rrapeelabla t raach hoaaa, wberathera am bot faw bn%n! | e r a Hot aad eoM walar and two paawlaa ApplT at W Waal MeTeoieeaih lUWL ? DO ARD? CLINTON PLACR.-A FAMILY ABO ONBfJ fcrjtftBrga ja Fifth anaaa. -doabd jD Wtco Board, abtd bppbbiob boomb bandmomk.y fufataUd-A Uadtad oomber of boardara. aa a?callaat aMa, all Md?n bapra raairala oeaUoa central aad aoara 2 S Bo. m Broadway, baktw Uatoa aqa^ra. Board in <-mnton placb.-a rutt or boomr for a reniteman and Ua wlfa or for Marie (aalletnei, , alao iha Maam eat for an tMm, a> 77 niaton plaaa. IN focbtbbnth btbeet ? a p ablob and v Badmowi oa arc od !'??*, aad a angle Ronai aa third 'loor, la a drat elaaa modern bo'iaa. Apply Imiaadlalaly at I M Weat >V"irte?eth ?araH, aaar Brraath awnaa. Board in a pbitatb family-fob a orntlb maa aad la>!y or two Wag'.e raaUamaa, at 101 Waal Forty ?arond Uraat, a plaaaaat looatKaLWUh a lane aad haadaooM froat Rama oa lha reread fl-wr. Br-ahfaat. tita aad gaa, DOABD IN /BBRBY ( ITT. -TWO YRRT NEATLY FOB JJ atahed lane froat Boom fwatar aad *aa la?aeh)aada ball liedmnm may be aarorcd with perauuMmt Board, la a private family, aot rt?.?at from ibe ? ortlaadt alreet ferry, am at parlor, plat.0 aad bathronaa wMt lha family 1' **lloa aad aalthhortMQd one rf the beat Apply at tl Mmei mrml. DOABD WANTBD-FOR BBYERAL TOONO OINPLB I) man. betwrea Feartaaftlb aad TMrtletli rtiiata aad Ha nnad and Rarasth araanaa. Apply Vo T. OBRH AM. Tareety tMrd w- ??i aad Fnm ih areaaa. at tka o?Itafl? BOABD WaNtlSD-roB RHirfl TBI !'??? OF A qnaatMy of handanma hnoatbold FimHara wdmM be ftrea la want* or pan pajment. A Bonm ard aednmn wontd be re<l?tred '.?natlwr with Boar !. In a raapeotai ia neitbo- 'h-md. In Faw Vnrk nr Rronklya. Aildree* for oee weak F A. V Herald oBoa. . BOABD WANTED- IN A 1 HBPBCT A HLB ORRBABOB F reach prlrate family oa lha I at of ."iorember aei . by twn?<ermaa (eatlemaa. ihrea wall f'tratahad Ronam a Par jar aad tan llaiieaaaa la a Bviaa aUotbty dtnawd. below Tweaiy UM at mat. wtth partial Board, are raqotred. Ad d'eaatt a.. N?i mi rrwt almk OjtRD WABTRD. WANTED, AR rBFflBRIRHMD i?. ?Vi* Bedr-wm or CVnet attaehed aad Board for a aaaadalfe -r a prtvait family. Ir ?Bna not a>xrra i wawty third teal or bainw Feartaaatb ati-aal pie .rred. addrata. aiatiaa terma. w blah man be moderate. Home, hot ARD WABTBD-BBUlW RlERCKEB CTRBET, FOR a geatleeaan and ha wire U ard for the Mr only. Ad tma <rC , tiara id oOea HOARD WANTED- BY A O RTLBBAN ?\1? WiFB, D who are a preatt keep o? hntar. o a p, rata am >? where vhrre art ao any or bat few n bar W?nter? ?btr* t? Ml If ac?l he coaaforta a l<ae aaa be ha.t. a New Re? B B? I fam y preferred, re the went ? d? of the r ^ Rnr I or a urr tor I. I.etween l*aa aad T treeta rtfeeeneeag res. jir tl N^ard PB.y f <r the gee (a aotuticead TU par week. Addrew Boarders ?w Ynrh Poet ? M<-?. "DO A RD1 NO.? MTCTT BEANY PARE. IE ' ?CD AYRNl'B MJ A aery t iaaaaat Room to at to fmmtotr, aa aad Mr, Beard 'or le?y orja i.#wd table ax) iao..l> M. A d?rawi ChariartoB. 'are <d Eriam It Baai T?ae.r Cdtitn jWAMPIQ MP MD6IHS. BUAKD WA'TIB- IN a PLKABANT GERMAN PAMI V Room, with partial Board), hy a , young mss, location op losn preferred. Addre** German, Herald o0a?. BlAhD WANTKD-FOR A SUtGLE GENTLEMAN P*l . nte family pre I or red term* moderate; loatltno uot hi(.fc?r ap lawn thau Twenty ilrst street. Addreai box #17 Post gOA AD WANTED-FOH. A OBNTLNMAM. WIFB AMD ?on, hi ? ?gUi? houas, W?ve K?iu th street, unfurnished k>r sad two Bedrooma, or ut Second Floor through. #Hn per at s;i. Address bus 2, lit Post offloe. TJOABD WANTED.? THRBB GRMTLRMKN WISH A J) Pax tor and two Bedrcnma, with food Board, In a ntoa loov tlo*. Addreao Johnston. batW Uarald oOoa. B HOARDING.? A GENTLEMAN AMD WlKK, OR TWO ? ?lDKt?> gentlemen. willing to room together, out have a iu<e I urnlsbed Room at No. 79 W?at Thirty eighth street, no t? e?n Brcadwa? and Iklitb avenue, with bath, hot and ooid wsler, ?M, Ac. References re tulred. B HOARDING -A THIRD HTOKT FRONT ROOM, FUR | olsbed, with partial Board, for a gemlcmnu, In a private i m y. at 834 Hcoond arenas. Wefr erne* est hanged. B HOARD IN BROOKLYN? 88 WIST WARRRN 8TK1CT, | MM mi door from Clinton street. Gentlemen and their wlvee o* a few (Ingle ientl?nIeo eaa be accommodated with all tha modern Improvement BOABD IN BBOOKI.YII.-TO LIT, 8UIT8 OF ROOMS, with Board, for gentlemen and lad lee or single gentle men. Inquire at A* Henry ? treat, between Bute and Allan tic. BOARD IN BROOKLYN. ?TWO I<ARUK AMD OHB i mall Boom, on the seouad floor, handsomely furnished, with Board, are offered by a private family. The honao has all tha modern Improvement*, and 1* pleasantly dtuated. Be e reace* ininlrei. Apply at 261 Clinton street. Board in Brooklyn -a qkntlkman and wirs and two single gentlemen <-an be accommodated urltb Room* and Board, on ?e<-nod story. aeTen minute** walk to Wall and South ferries. Apply at ICO Clinton atraat. Ro frrenre* txchanged. Board in brooklyn.-dkkirablk rooms, with Board, fcr a gentleman and hla wife ami two or three ?it gle gentlemen may be found at 98 Clark atraat. The looa >l<? la eonvealeat to wall street and FuHun ferries, and near iteoltycara. Keferanoea ft inlrrd. Board ib brookltn.-at is clim-ion street, a Parlor, with badtoom attached, second at ry, front. Board in brqoklyn-xay be had bt a gkn tleman of b? st*; houae first class. Dinner at 8 o'clock; eight minutes' to Fulton ferry. Apply at 135 Saads su Board in brookl*n.-a gentleman and wike. or single gentlemen, may tlud pleas as t accommodations for the winter, lo a unlet family, by applMQg at 87 ILcks rtrict, cnuvenieit to/ulton or Wall street frrrlea. Board in BiooKLiit.-LARGB and small Rooms, communicating, on the seetnd tloor, with foil or partial Board, may behsd lo a pleamnt location live minutes' ?alk from Couth .iod Wall street ferrlej. Apply at -'46 Henry street, corner of Cjogresa. Board in Brooklyn. -a family having just takeuahi tie. where a hutce of Kooma can be bulb' ffotlemen and .heir wi ?e? or ? ngla gentlem jn. Apply at 1-.* t emien street. References extSaagad. Board in brookltn.-to, a large, hand sum*, well f urn abed Parlor and Kedroom, for oca or two gentlemen, in a strictly private family where there are no jtler boarders. BitutUoa Pacluc street, near Hojt. Ad i' res* boi 3,744 Peat office. 'Fr ="s*i ? I n, log H erslid aline. " Addr,? Board wantbd in brooklyn-kor a gkmtlk man. hla wife, and two Utile boya; second story, riuus unfurnished, eiceut carpetn. Will , ?y |oo per month Ad dr??eB., boi 1,143 New Tork Pott office. Brooklyn iikiuhtr-a suit or rooms, fdr niabed, t> )et, with Board, to a family or eentlemen; tbe house i* pitaiaclly looated, con\ea?'tt to Fallon or Wall tticet ferry. Apply at 87 Henry itreet. Reierenoe* ex changed. Back parlor-a fin b larob back parlor, with register, ga*. Ac. , suitable for a geotlemsn and wife or two single gentlemen, may be bsd a a small family* with ->i ry sttrtitlun tn Ahetr toini "V at a moderate price, by ap pi] Dg at 121 Bast Thirty firs', street. CARD TO (IKNTLlMKir. -WANTED, A PARTY OF gentlemen, who would appreciate the oomfoi t* of a snlnct, sociable prlrale home, to be reepoi slble for Ihe rent of tbe house, snd tbe lady w ill furnish It, and do everything In b?r power to mah* their boose otmfortshle. A* I am a thoroughly c< mestlcated ptraoe, I would out object to select faosiliaa, with < ktldren, who would pay liberally for a good home, sa every attention wl 1 be tald to ensure comfort. References ex changed. Particulars furnished by addremlng A. J. D., He rald o ace. "*? BLROANTLT FURNISH KD ROOMS ?SINGLE GENII. K men can be aorommodated. alth or without breakfast or ies; delightfully located. Apply st 12 Waverley place, one sl? ck from Broadway. Terms very moderate. SiS^WWHlDPigrr,.' h?*M for A*D BMDKOOm I ^00X138' OO {^0 INryinTri ^?OU^tyjgg ^i.? . sssSsaSKSSVSssSiSis ELROARTLT rURRIHUKU ROOMS TO LRT-POR (IBR llewn, at ? i*rlnce atreot, one block weet of Braaal aray. FRARKKCRT I10U8R, OORRRR Of PBARKPORT ARD Willi, m atrela, R. Y -Hln*le Room* from Mc. to 87.'. per nUkt, or II !<> 83 per areek. Houae aewly f irnlabad, w.ta ? (004 Beata ' : rant attached Open all nUlt FVRR*Hfc.D R< >OMK TO I.BT.-A PRORT ARD KA< K luMr .HptrMl) or to?ethar; would Aii't a **ntlem?.i and wife, or a taw alnrle rout k mq. Apply at W Mae>lou??J alreet, atar Flier?. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LKT? WITH ALL M<>OBRR lmprcrrmeata. to geatlemen rrnly. at)* Irvlu* ?!?'??. one bltrfe I rtm Uatoa noara and two kknka from the AcaJamy ..f Minis rKMIRHED ROOM WARTEO? BT A OK? CARMAN ?nd lady, In a <inl? ?elai>t*?bood; irt'h a widow lary wterf tk^ra nrf no otbt r Jboar tiara preferred. Payment ?? ?d?art-e. Addrraa R Milton. IVat oBce R T. rVRRlRHRD ROOM* TO l.RT -WITH HRE 4RPA*T IP deetrrd, in imUnvi) "O'y, where than a?v few panama la famJIPj tit hoiae kaaall the m wtera lmprorameela aad J ?iattr eaatrai Preach aad ttpanlak erokaa. la itlra at Rn 5 amity i laoe. _________________ FORHIRHED ROOMS.-TWrt or THRRR TKRT OR arable Rooma to let, to reatlamm la a koaee jniainmr ai 'be modern tmproremrBt*. laqttlre at lM Km; Twenty ?< rvr.t atrret fCRRTlHED ROOBR ?RIO?, OOMPORT A R t.R PIR i V bed Ktvamrd for amall famlHea nr ttic'e |tent>men, at !?'? Rtlrabetk kteet, new ttrcv>m?. ('niton *a er ml all roameoeee, aad will MMatt moierAia rial 1 1 rr ( " table v i ante. CUf MIBHBI> ROOMfl TO I.ET AT R1 10 CRtVKKKlTY P piece, wttkmil Roerd. mil of ration, verj Uralrable P'.eaee to r raaaloe '.ke?. rn OERTLBHBM OBLT? PIBR. I'l.RAR, AIRT Ro ma, well fttrnlafced, oae block trom Hroalway, arer Betropolaaa LIAeL Apply at 101 ?'naby alreet GBBT1.EMBR OR QBRTLBMKH AMD THEIR WIT Est oaa be awimrfaX wttk Hoard and pleaaaat Room*, am aatioad or Mrd koora, ?lth all the modern immoral oaAe, la a prtrate Mtrdtec bouee. Apply at Ro i Abinirdoo ariare, thro ton fraaa Rank atreet, waat aide. pRRTUtMRR AMP THRIR WITE*. OR kl^ULR (1RR 19 t etarn. ?aa be aauwumodatad wttk pleaawit Room* ?oJ (Uard. Apply at M Writ Pouileentk atreet Raferaoiaa aicbaaged. HAMOTOMRLT PCRRlRHin ROORR POR *!*OLR natlaam or (?aUemM aad tfcatr wlTee, il?t, -Wtu to"1 ?\rw Paglaad II \nn, la a mode-n talk ko >aa Mo. !t# Maat niaaatkaoaet 3RRRRY Cm ?A OKRTLRMkR ARD L*1?V, ARO nee or twa tlngW taallamaa. oaa be aaeommotetail wttk Ht ard aad plcaaaat Rnoata. Is a am*'. I prl??te f*mlly. h, ap 10 Ruaaea auaet, wRMa Ikraa miaatea wa.kaf tie fljk* ferry. lTTHRWR. ro. im rlrstrrr RTRRRT TWO w?A ?f Broadway . eaa aaaa?mndau a few m<>r? or traaataat boardara wttk partnre or aineie r wma without Heard. A eery piaaaaat aad oaatral loaa MR* MATTOn R klnrka warn at Uroa eei maaaal or traaalaal b aad attft or wttkont Heard tee NO K WIRT WARHi XtlTOR PLACK. ?TWO t.*R?K I tattk frant aadbaAmR* M loir aad oaa Halt Mriaa na eeened Ooor. will ba let to ooaor mire (eei.rmee wnk or wltkcat Brrekf^at. oa raaaoaa^la larma. NO. 108 LROR ARD RTRRBf, RIAR MROAD WAT.? ? Farakkad Room m M. wkfeoot Board l>ain?> d- > ??a. wttk gm mi katk attaakart OR! OR TWO PLEAS* RT ROOM* TO I.IT PUI ri-ked or unf mlaRrd, to alairle rer.Uemer by a aaaatl family wttko'i' k'ldree. laaurlrate raaWenoa wttk moiern ? i rorrsatilk A rv*t at 19 Ptftb at 'eat, aaar ?I uoad aeeana rro ORB OB TWO klROLB OBRTLRMER -TO l.RT, 1 Redrcom aad naa af ParW famlaked. la ? prlrate fawllf , u> akiMraa, wltk ' <iU cr pal ual Riard beat l?. auon m M. a<eaae R road way a a?ee aad Mxtb areooa aari al ?*ya paaa | l*g Ike door. Apply at HI Rfatb araaoa. _ TWO TOO RO BBB OAB RS AOOOBMODATBD WTTH | a fart lalied Room, aa tke Ant ?-w, with Hoard. If da aired at 117 Kaet PtfRi atreet, betweea Plrat aad Mull are a .ra. Trraaa, payable la adeaaaa. TWO BBfil'BfTARLB MBfUARIC*. ARD TWO LADTBI | wkraa work la oat of tke bonaa an be aneoaamnrtatrd with , . ? Hoard wbere 'here arah'tt few board era. aJao a aaaah "in i. abed Ronm lo It Apply al W Id aT., oornar of m ?t. OBRTLBMAR Roard aad far ? . ,_ ? CatveraRy plaoa ar d Plfik areane, brmea roaiaJea tha modera lmpi nwaiwia oB TUBER IIBi.lJ 0?RTL1I?R <:*R BB AC 1 . f. m< rfaied ?'H Roard la a am all prlraia family, ky at pijln at Rft H Warn atteet. ' fro l.RT? WTTH OB WIIHOPT BOARD. A LARpB 1 errond akrr frot.t Rnnm. Mrataked, partially 'iraMked or aaf iraMa^ wB deep atoaMa ' " in^aire at M Waal Tweety alntk i TV OB THREE UKRTLBKRM, OR A OBRTLBM ? and kia wtfa. raa ba aeenaaaaodatad wlh Roard aad I r .hed Rr mi at Ro 17 Twelfth atrae*. l>etwaea Dairaratty pi rLET-WITH PIBRT f!LARR BOARD ARD ALL THE r-ml -I..*,h?a. IW ?nl?aa-m< f'-r forMAad ? oifnra fbad. of tha fmar amry knnM Ro. I albtoa place. Ra fareaee yleaa aad repaired. r. I.RT? OR P1RRT PLOOB, A WBLL PTBRIRHBn Parlor aad a (uraMkad etienatoa loom, am tta aird Ho*, a email Ronaa. betta* na aad walar. wttk full, partial, or ao HOI Apply al Mi Weaa Tw?aly tklrrt atnmt rLBT? ROOM, RIR1LE OR IB RVfTR OH BSnOBD and third ttnan, al the aortheaal naraar of Reraatfe aeoana aad r.^ktraa'kWeet r l.RT- TO ?BBTLBBBR WITHOUT HOARD. A .keiy f .latakal ba. k Parlor. B ret Boar, alea, two aeaMy t -ntehrd Reoma oa iklrd ?oor, wHh nmteaMMe r< r Ore; real ?ery low. tkak m la i laaaaaUy kmalad aad ooaMtttttR* aw Iera tmprwaiealk. tlafaraeoaa aiakao?ad. Arply at Ml Baal Broadway. rl.ET-TWO OR THBBB TRBT B<)OD ROOM*, WITH l;oard la a rat clam ko-iea. for eeatlenvaa or a a mill t aad w*tm HlHlB IIHWI HWiiltlwRl U 110 Pi uftfc a? WM.RTrr. IMMBDI ATEI T WITH OB WITITOCT | Beard, netw- -a Tweatteth aad Thirty ftflk aMolaaad PfcWlk pad a,?ih aiawiiaa, aae oe tao MMBB anttahlo tar a I i?|l wt't'Bra Tke Mabeal ?? er. r. free. . B.xaMk a nafR P?M watt WAKOIVe AMD LODOniO. Wantkd? immediately, by a aBBTLB*A<|, My, l*o little firk ? obleet three yeari, as &?}**. a large anfurnisbel free! Room, with bedroom, pres* UaUi ga? and lire, cn second floor. In ilw class home, ney BtsmJ we y , t>etween rourth uJ FWesttth etreeta; dtnaer at ? o e ock. Parties haviug such rami to rent, hy directing s letter t > l>. J Mcmrt room No. 'J Market Bank, oorner otfmrl an. I Berk nun hlreets, stating location, price, Ac., will Hod a tenant who *111 txrbnoga r?/ ere dom, and Is willing U> pay a moderate prtce weekly in advaoee. B. B-? Address until October M WANTED- FOR A QBRTLEWAB ABO WIFE. A Room and Bedroom, with Board, la a MrMIe private fa 1 nii'y; location between tenth and Thirtieth streets. ThlrJ and Sevtuii avenues; lerme uot to exceed |12, Including lire and gas. AMmifl. A., Herald oOce. Boarding houee keepers need not anawer. 1 WAVEBLKY KEKHIHHBn ROOMS, IB 1 Uadlna a handsome suit fronting Broadway, are to let In the desirably located bull line No. 1 Waverler plaoe, corner.' >[ Broadway. Board can be fnrnUheJ if deeired. 1 ABD S HORROR STRUCT, OORBRR OP MONRO! 1 and Catharine ?tree*.? Furnished Rooms, with or without 1 oard, can now be obtained at thla well known imiillshiiiesl I t rmi moderate. 1?> CLINTON PL APR. ? HAB DROM ELY FUHKIS11RD. 1 Zf well venti ated Holms to let, with or without Board. 19 WOCHTER STREBT.-TO LIT, FURNISHED I ?t Hooms. suitable fir those wishing to keep bouse, wt ter. gee, Ac ; well looaUd uar Broadwaf, and will be rt-nied very tow to respectable persons only. lQ "F.TH AVKNX IC-A NEATLY FURNISHED SMALL 1" Parlor and Bedroom on ?r?l Huv. to let, |U a gentleman, alto the entire third tloor consisting iif three Bedrooms and 1'ar'or, suitable for a party of Kcntlemen, t r the apartmeaie ?will be let to a dastrab.e family, with private table <"??# URKBNB HTHEBT.-PUHNISHICIi ROOMS TO LRT, Zrl) to gentlemen only ; rooms i>t SI 7ft t? t?t per week; bouse baa a fine yard, gas, Ac . end la very quiet. OR ABD 37 WEST THIRTJB1 H HTRRKT.-ONR OR TWO Ol) select families and three or four gentlemen can be ae << n modeled with tulle or sisgle Rooms, in thaee ?hgmle browa ?t"r,e building*, which are new and newly furnished, and de lightfully located, between liroadway and Filth avenue, fable tint elate. Eefereuoee esehanged. nn DBI?B SQCARE.-AB ELEC14NT LAR IB ROOM OvJ on aeocml ttooi . handsomely furnished, with Board, uas t e illatned by applying at ibe above address. A A WEST TWKLPTir 8TRBRr.? BOARD.? DKLIOHP Tt J ful Bocmi to let, ?nh Pciird, at li We. t Twelfth street, tnween FUth and Uth avenues, suitable for gentlemen and ?l.rlj wlvrsorUtiglegenUemeu; also a ball Bedroom. Here rt o<ea exchanged. . AL? WEST TW KB TT FOURTH HTUEKT. 3BTWRBN i U Fifth end M>th avenucx ? A Pirlur and liedroim hand loimly f d, nu aecoud Hour frt nt. Aleo Rootna fur ungle gentlemen, llouie Dew and tlrnt > lue. AW mmT SIXTEENTH HTBKKT, BETWKKN riPTH TrO and hlxlh aveouea? A hand?atneljr furnlehed eult of Higher to et, together er aepurate. In a (lrat cl%w honee with * private Prencli f lam < ? y ; locntlon ii:;h'1 -i Jut-ed, ccmculent to ear* and stage*. Heferrncee exohaoxi d. WKST FIFTKKRTH gTREKf - IO LKT. THR EN Ul. ttre Se?.nd Floor, newly furnlabed In * prnate faoti J, where all :bf oomforta of * boeae nan be realized. To pen man partial Board; to a laraily uae of kltcbeo. Iti??e o> m* are worth alteiitio". TernH moicrate. 61 Weet Kif e? uth ktrett, betHren Filth and 81x1b avenues. ???? WRRT THIRTY-SEVENTH HTRKRT, URT WEEN UU Fillh lid Mxib averoee - Ii?alr?n.'e ao Kimnoodationi. w lib Foard, may be bad upon moderate term, In a drat claaa bouie; loeMH un?xceplic uable. nsy TBNTIl HTRKET, BEAR FIFTH AVENUE- ROOM* i Li to let. with Board, to reepeutable partlee. Dinner ai I o'clock. ) 1 PR1BCB STREET. lOO sr. Clair Rocn ia bow oom| letelr furnlabed, with the view of making lit tpeclallly for centlrmen. Seote can obtain Rooeaa at a mode 'ate price. qni WEST FOCRTKEBTH STRKBf ? LARUK ROOM, | ?Ui with Itedm m auarbed; alro a tine bail Koom. A | gentleman and bla wife or (Ingle reu iemen cs.a be a.'cummo dated for ibe a Inter. Dinner at (; ort akfaal at 7. References exchanged. ELM HTRKET, BEAR HPRINO.-MABIOB Boitee. ? Nlcelf Tu-nirhed Apartmente, arranged for eernoaieal boueekeeping, with all the ooavenieocee, Including bed liren, gna, water, Ao. Ken la low. Permanent arrange ientaran sow be made for the witter. ABD H7 BROADWAY (CtlBTOB HOUSR1, OVER Mendl'a ' iloou, Rlecant mile of Rooms for gentle men. new furniture, bed a and bedding, and all the conveaien era of a first claxa bouse. Apply ee above. 210 645 CXOTHIIIO. ASTII.L BKTTER AMD SURKR WAY Ft)lt LAI>1IS and geiitlemfn to get a fair caab price for caet off Utothi Furniture. Carpt in and Jewelry, and not to be bumh i wd h? great nun^. Is to eend a note by post to ibe new ee'atil nhment^ of M. LlTj, 11( Seventh avenu'-. corner of KVbt??-iii!i atrcct. j I.sdiea will be puactoally attended to 5y Mrs I.erl, 118 -ev enih avenue. A LABOR QUANTITY OP CA?T OFF CLOTHtNtl A. ?acted ?Ihe bigheet pilne glr>-n tad caah paid In cur rent mosey flectlemsn having good nothing t?>'*-< <r , canobtain the full value by applying to JaMEs MOaONKl, i MJ Pearl sueet. Abetter chance still, la diih and urbt^e ?en.? A great demand f<# ihe Wertera market ? Wanted, a large quaattty of east ofi ok-thlng fu'Duure uar pets, jewelry, As. 1 guarantee to pat ihe t>eat uriccj la 1 b eltv. A note addreassd to M. Abruani, /W t'eventb arnoue between Twenty lif th and Twenlv ali'h atreete ?IU pnt.e I oally attended to. Ladies atvAned by Mre A. A0RRAT DEMAND POK < U)TM IK O -LADIES AND geutlemen having any cast off ceublng. I irnkure ? carpeta are guaranteed to raerive aa toil) wa - v?u:a. I ue ti to t6. <oa'a, from fl to #10. silk drei a*a, from >1 i'i Jial rur berege and woollen drew"* lb*- htgh^at , rl ? v,ul l e pa d h> calhiie '<n or ad><ret?tr.g A Harris, &8B Third a??n-ie l.adlri attende 1 to by Mrs. Harris k out at oik a h n ru* lktt n rr .ri^nn*., A Fiiirltuff and Carpata -Aa I ha>? rrt.irur.1 fn*n It* ffnt I ? ill pay Ik* bttbrat prlcr* Is <? >?1. lor I bo ?oo ?? u-m' aiUri?? will**!! pull or bimbo* Alvnu U H'k Sl<Cili.i *?rn?r, hrtarri, Twtolj ?li h wm) 1 wetity aet?utb ?trr>-i? ladu t ?ri. ndm to by Mra. Mlal; AWCTHK ( HAITI ? r<Ot LAIUBtt A5II UBNft,KklC> to ronrrrt their ciNttnMk)*| lak, ri-h -1 ra wrtxl tor** crier irom Ike Sontk krxl Writ, 1 K.i?r?r!?? Uat 1 tr? t pay the fuitowtsK pn.ra. ? ttom Aht'U (.* .?i k Or -a?*-?. ruhtrn rraapd lUrritra paid fc r rcco'd'o^ly . alltiCf ' rania, .'roaa 19 u> til for in?i>. *l*o, rarp'U rum ? ira, .?*%? rlry, Ac. A ??>d' rr*-ad tr? K IM *<??. ulkatamin . b.'t?rf NlaeiM Lib and 1 wn.urth strorta. will ta punrt ulif aiMaa?c lo. lAdtra kltaidea to I y Mr? S. * BKTIKR Oil AM K Til A M MVBK -I.Al'IH AKD ?KM A Drawn. I L?f a trrat demand "-r ml ..f c "ta jr f <r tk* Wralrrc aid fcrmtbem parkrt *?" fur f 'i nUnr*. < ri>-t? Jr -**lry, Ac I jruarao!** to pat f? " Ik l)/?a??> fn rn pi i ? tf 0. hrWi?|kt i'i? t prim p-in I?? t.>r < oata Iron M 1<>B12, 1?r fv It Viiti I rum f I ut ? ?"t ? '?or** rkota, *?. Ur nMtl IV or adrirrt-iii* |)? r?vt?tk ?vrr .r Mi ni. I b-u?? Wi'tw T ?tuly S'?t ttrcct. i. ?. i ran b* f oiwrd to your a?ila; act! m. i ?di?? au.oJad by j Mr* harrta. ARAii imTn< k -i.ADirn axi) (jfsTi.nwr* win ara df*l*MM nf obWUunf tjr ' nvunih , no* for ?r j acrpltit *ri ?>* of tm n< ?ii*rrl l?w.|ty t5arp*t* Ba*d*a( <T Xtiriittn'* o* all kind* i?wn an* n1 hs; il. ? i i <?? br ?!???' mwiix'.M'd to MM lk? ;4?r?',u#r t %M b?rr <xiii.m'wi??ird p. punk?* for * mff kw? m: t Writ, ltd Kiitt k?T? ?( - ?t My prlcr a I m li>i|rrii?il toJ AikiH. IM ?r?rtth treat* b-lmrrti f?rrp Unb ??'! 1 irraty Srtt >tr?rta. ? 111 b? In 'iirduitr; r to UdlMtltrD'Ird toby Mm A. N. U.? Mind witku it d? ?>y. A-.kark~ ha?i r ro? i.?biw *X1> orniiavks Ki roti'-rt Ikrir <???! fB 'Vtkl tl ft tut flwliititll i?M far rtlfc fr>?n t ? vof'k In* i'<m mvi rr. -n ?l t k I, i )*uU ?nd '?!? i l?n w..?i' -o lire t? i <?? ? ntt'irr ?ad Irwelf*. tk<- bi.rbrW ?rl? p*.d Ul ?t rr uWrra tha t?w ?r??.lt?ki?init of B Mfiitr. W? Hr??*?tb m ? fcii* beta <ro HOTrDtrriitb und LidbMcmb Hi i*?ta, kiiMdn. to by Mis. Mkuti ~ (Too ST u rfuito f it rl S orrKRKn to <?x<? lk 1 men h* >tf ur M? ?r l*'t off r lathing lo dWpwo r4, ?i rl<t?l? IM bWlkMt prV? by ruling ?l ib? ttorr Or a<Hrc?a m? Joke Viirpky. 107 rrwl ?trrru All t Man paa' tualty at 0VBBCOATM. OVMOO tT?. M BACH < IIIaI' I M. x li aad ''ualorOT O lata, r laMMMra poata, Ve? ?. Aa , lo Uw baanwiit Mora 9S I'Huct attar*, oua bluak wmtt of lin+d?*/ IT H.? I*atratfa>ara' ttrkato >t vtatktmt pm tkamd. . iwirraiTcxioit. All. ?OOKXBiriiru, rn* manihic aiV>Miia. A AlHktP?ta and otter ?atukl braneaaa of a b%b or Sr. in taoiM M P AIM I'M llarranU a ' Wla?? Hi H >wary, N T.. or Mil Fittaa au?al. Rroolilya Tkla laalitiitKm m >ja ? 'arc* ootutry M ? aU aa ally patroa*?a; orar 1 (?u at'i Ir >u kara bc?a raaiau rad and ta actual aiimdaoro wiikn tba laat fur, kailiBx tnm Marly rvary btoto la ika L'aloo. knaldra r*r?ra) Inrnpran or>nntrtra A t'A DBVT or rSKMAKIIIir Ann BOOKKIRPIWi A aa Itaoadway-OooUo.ird by #. ft BOCMLAffl*. for tram yr?r? aa*?taa? '</ Ollrar Jl (MdooKk Wo naaaaa Id anettoa prartioal and tkorotwk. Term* low aad car* n.' at 1? gtraa. Open *t> u>d Ttmi f. at ~dol??ae* ?T*ri? or ?a*p A lratntrf >*ff Broadway) trill poawroly rrmora all atlff araa or trrmkMaa. aad (Ira ?* k f'lll ?tamucl of ha*<l that ? ay tantlruiaa or ktdy raa arrtta trttk aaaa. *l*<aae? aad otua rank a. R*dncrd !?? ? ft'. KCtlUBM VRIT1KU I TWO V. MATH VAC*J?T l?W day. Rar.lar >?r?a ?<? Mr IXil.KK A R MM Broadway, fnaia itoai to rtitora atmaraaor trvailitac rratn aty hand, aid **r? a r*pM. *la?aat b'iat??** ?yl* to all ? k) ?miraarala CROAK '?!.?* MMIMART. ilJftl * VtlOM 'ad Ira kt ardrd aad rdaaatad. na4*r tan. SJK. alorratkat ?I* I IK) Apply u> ?rm r rrrataa. prta^pal, ?, at it rhMt ru art. Rroot.'ya. trt Mr? Rprla* i .Nt M#?r Tort, b-xatim nraa?p???d fRB>ra LAMilt'AeS. fRorRMOR A. BAiuurr-s AMT1 BOOK IHMTKM. ? Or !?atorat fr^Hkal Mrtkod for T*a.-kte* I Aairnacaa. C'laMra f." ladtaA for t?BH*n?*a and for r MM raa. F?w Tcaa - wood 'a RanMin?? Ml krntdaft. M''mrtit>*?< om<?tia(!My llalL Ik* Haaara tat ) "??> 91 will kaata oa MOB l> Ali OITKMBB It 1 ha rrpirtAitrai of rto *aaor A Itailtnt. aad of k? tjattat. ha* tprrail an 'ar and wtaa in ik* oowmnnny. IMat a M aaad tat to #at?r into laa? d*tt Oa about tk* adt wtafa* aad aaaaoaa , of kta aiiMd without bo- tut ran rot nraattaal prntoieaay la rradMta. ?rWa? aad apaak ta? riaaofc ta a tarartaad kawMof lltt laaaaaa a aaai|iht*t . ?otaiatoafnn pafMatOkraaa tsttaayMaak days an koora <tf tk* < lataaa torota A* , and ?.> lac nfiran aad tiHa iritala. may ka tad at taa raoara CRT A BUS l.ABOt'AO%OA? RB TACQRT. WITH ALL O fi llii to rnattol i M: fcaidtot aad plaaaaot Mooaa* at IA* Ijwyy raatdaaoa , 71 Pm imki*.!** klorka fioette (S; ^ Qiun nMum amd i-larhcal hoardtbo O aad Pay WaMnol at il Woodknll atmt. ??*r Ht> |a. tooo* ly*. A f*W aMra anpd* win k* rw?tr*4 l?lo t*a r*??'"? m da* or kaardtoj atMkf* All braarkt. ar* kar? <?"*?' / MnladMt mntoc aa tba ptanofort* I OOL WAJpKV-roB A LAP 5?"5*ij5y? I kj raaOaat to Ma aMy, My aa b <* 'J "* *1 Lw^r <mb ; ?W? 1* wonJd bar. tM? aarofpnt ?bo ra iraOTtf?8 j pgrnW*' T niM!Liin ffrMaMfM i>mmti??, I a- aBAPOATW" faa Tw??tJ ntatk i ** aad tot? _ HOINE*. ROOM*, *c., w * mn. ALAI>Y WlfeHKH TO RKNT * PUKNuiU ail U/ditK, where the rent, or put >>f it. ? %n be nilt '?> trdlnx the oocupante, with the prl ilege >' taking a fe ? Uret claae board era; uiie?oepilonaWe reXtreiu** eirffli. jLitrtu n. A. r, ' Hweld r Hit'1. AFURNItHRD IIOl'WE WANTED I* A .ujJW. A'4 U< a, for e party who will uie go <1 f ire o* thr [iirnitiu*. L<? aUrn Fourth to fcUth aveuuee and Kjuith to Jhirty iOWtll klteeta. Kent tare Apply tu lhe<Ui"? St 3 '.mill mmw, AFl'KVIRISED HOOKK WANTED -BT * PitiVkf* faully for the wlnte-, !? a g??d locate wh?r? part nf th- rent eould be paid la board; poeaeaafcjo red S fttio 1 ?r I. Ad drr*? A. a. 0.. 1)01 IHD Heraid oa>e. r?K8K ROOM, OK PART OF A* OPFIOR, WANTBD U North of the Poet outce. Ad.treee He vie*, Hera-d office, for two daya. rt'RM ISHKD H0U8I WANTED.? WANTED TO RKNT, from Ut of November, a seat, compact and well far* niebed Pmee. in New York, between Tenth a i.t It un> Maoad atreetn, and rot far from Broadway, hr a MB tU oAref ui faaal ly nil ckl dren . real not to exceed $100 per Booth. Hi ill 1 S. O . box 1,818 New York Puet office. JM KNlHHFD HOUSE WAMTRD? A BABDBOMR WRL' I urmafctd Uooae h?tw< eo Kightb aad Ihlrtv fonrta ttrae rant about f*i ?uj a year. Adlreae Part Baujam.n 34 " . s>venu^mtt atVeet OMaLL furnished hook wanted, imebpiatb CI W- Or a ault of ali or aeven Roomg, well foralahed for hciie*lire|>trg. ma good neighborhood, will pay about 180 a frr a bcuae, and from $(0 to M0 for enilof Boom. id? dreie, a ith full paruculare. O. P. St., Herald office. SMALL UWURBIMUD HOURK WANTED, IMMKDI '' ? ?wt of aeven or eight Kooma. o a tool u< (hb?rbood, (uitabte for homakeeplag; must be m imlrt pair ana hav, gtaandwatrr, rei.t for ibe bouaa between Ul J mot'ih. or (or he auit of Kooma not above tO. Ad Ilitaid* Mr* ' UjCI""'u fuU PAltleuiu*, M. P. 0., TUB FIRRTOPPBB nl?^ZL >}\ May, a ). ?d ? >re io Heekmao. John or tlltf lUct ui. Addreaa. with lull partleulara, \x>i [ ft gi ofRce I NFCKNI8HKI) A l* A R 1 V KH^H. ? W A STKIt Itv A y Kentienao jn 1 wife with nil" children, a aoit t f ulree ul four Rorma In a hoc ar wllta m^ern 'inam"em?-ri(? Herald'- ffleek,,Di U"1" tB mo,e"^ u W* WANTED- A FtTHNIRHED HOUBR. BRTWBRNBODS. ton ai d PourMoth atreeta, Hecood and HHth Addre'f J. K f.., Beraid otEce KTANTED-BV A SlULL FAMILT. AN A PARI MRNT, IT cuotfatlrc of foor h(?m?. between (''anal tod Twentieth atrreia. fteul from ftl to $14. Add rese F 11, l'jet office, hr token. 11TAKTKD? AN I'NFl RNIKHKD ROOM AND BtS It loom connected by a ?ei,t'>-mau and wife, between Cham! ere ard Caaal atreeti. Addreee It, boi J *vt N. Y. Poet cllifg. WA>TRP? BY A >iKN 1 1 KM AN. TWO ROOMS (ONE OP the* fura-klied', wiihotit b?ard with a plain Amertoaa faini'r. where lie corn'orle nf a borne air De eajoyed. Ad , diet* lD)ii:rdiately A. H . Heraid nOlM. nr antbd ? a ?rRnijii?i) m.ehpino roow, in a II prl\ :tle he uie, wi'b 'hati.e lor lire and K at. near Howe I ry, between ^ir?' wul Mitt atreen, terir.? miat be moderate; ? permanent If a'lited Apply to F. 1! K.. JV1 BnweiT. T1TANTED ? A IOISK ! OCA TED NEAR BRO\DWAT, I M aulta l.:e for a pr \?ie boxidiu^ houae for jwiitleaeo, | w.ili rem ecr<'igb on the urn l oor lor a billiard table. Ad i dre?e it (]?, Herald f'tbre. ?rA?TKD- A RTABM FOR PRIVATE I'HE, IN THE ? vicinity of Wn veriey I'laoe and Fourteenth atreet, with armmmodation for three boraea, carnage*, Ac. Addreee A. 1) C. Herald offi e. WANTED-TO H1BK BT A RKRPBt'TA81.B FAMILY, in wtmh tlicn; are no children, a f irnlahed Houae. froea about the middle < ( Ueoember to April I, to be iooated In a Hoed nelckborhood, between Nineteenth and 1 wentv alith atreeta, and eaat of Madlaoa avenue Rent about per niooib. Peal city reference given. Ai'draaa O. W . wiUiaaa burg Piet offi rr. WA*1RD-BT A PHYSICIAN, FOE THE PURPOSE of riaaiBluc patleote. a Parlor aad Badrooas adjototac, for one rfav In e-ch Mlki prefer the weal a We of the rltr, be ta ec.t Canal and Fourteenth atreeta Andrea* PVpalclaa, brr 1,712 Ph'ladelphla Poat office, or box l.59t New Turk city Pwu i, (or one week. WANTED-PART OF A HOUSE. OOMPR1BMO kitchen. alttisE man. and three bedroom, for ? email family with <ut children Any <i"lea family bavin* a part at a ho'iae to lei. may t.nd a reapectable tenant by addfaalog, la d'lding t"rma, W. S O , Herald office. \lr ANThU? TdE IAJRER PAST OF A SMALL. HOCRE, It c< > aitUnc of four R'looia and Kitchen l.vatuoa be t?een llciialou and Ultee >th etrweta aid fourth aod Hereath a>eo-ie? e eut not to evc?ea |:l U. li I. a wRiiX'K A i'U., U Ku: Fo'irteenih atreeL yVrnKlFOTO IMRL- A KNALL HOiei IN THSOOCN 't ir. wuj, meaere of laid between New Tork ?nd Htaa ford, t oe.ii ?drr,??.' t . Peat office, New Tort, alette* rei.t we cS n. i?t he W? ll'tlllD TO niRE-IH* CPPtR ( R LOWKR PABT \l aioial Uoua* :h t o>. ' ,1 a ? me If ?o'. ?!L J?a Mo di rn noti'oiemerte; 1 ? ?i?u ?a't o( Him-i at I Fourth ??? i.u>i> or In iti ' inured. i,'e ce ct.ttnrlaoa. A dd/e-e ur epply 10 I I- t . I'.1' *?>' t? ? ???: W ANTRDTO RK^? TUB r KiMtH FJi.OH ALONE OB 11 w. fc two K vK,tun it.?t tl me. lult.ri -bed. nf a b* uaa !>< 71(1 l>ltt> T<' ureet, in a ,u,,U l?tui<y wttAc-ul jour* children. t ttPAH'l MllO>tl(F MIIII I.V 4 R A Re- ("II A R i 8 *V vMall. a " > 'U .'.ah. IN A A \ei j ei'enaKe ?t " i r< ,i -?M- | dani aflide *iOMceM; W< eh<. ha* a tt'<len,t* e?i >"al an' gi?.t . ?> v ? .i i? " naooua. hime *ti*r Le?d ki i f b> * It >HlMS>iv* i'(i . ???> *A?U.I' " ? ?? Na.?. S A \KHTS0 .A !? ' tare- t-ea- t< <???>. ?i --k '? ta. ' r .tena' ? an I honae (rrar ire a'l eiini ere f n?i r Will* l? red %'o a ?."y h>y ?!'' ' -n't I. ' I e I ?I I f * 1 1' I ?-,d ar. ? ? 'j nf par I'ifciiy f r main c " i'v * ,?i?? tTTp .- ,n have eal rHoi nMlni'ir' ?r. ? i ? ?ai lit -.i y, ?e a ?uww <)ii?it;v<. mi" ?? w-'b"--!.! 1' 'K I ''it \ .KitiN n N !i I ? r., ? a <a??.<- tor aa eeer i> im'i.r ?t } ?<i ? ?< ?? i<e k ta-i.eaa. t? re?'ite a . r line e I I l> a. ?? . ??? ^ pPCM.'lS 8??'1 T U- '? ? KT> i:?NPI " ilWOLT I) M-I . v .tii-e I-K.r?>. ?-??! I or osrt- irh'p bnre III* -HP 8 I?. ? 111* e?" 'U ? ,11 - < People Atire'r e'lre*";* <ll*? "??' w.'.tu, . are a--r.t t.y writ, ora -1 1 1 1 >?tr h? ? m 'iHf oart. e '. .r<,('? enij aa aa lt? "i l? ? ao ? y aii.1.0 leo 'I all na> a aid, <"'.* If' ?a!d e- ? ,,ni I'M. I M Tim *? ?!?.- , f ur i (*?h e?a r*rt kt a ? i MUM < iu?i *-r !???* k vh *1 I rw i r!lf : ? Rf |o|ri . 'It ^ fflti w I ?.?-? - -ii. wi k!a Y'nt* i n Hiatnn ? h ? ?.# ? > . u -,^? | IS W4 . t i l?l i ' t? r i . * *> ? | l'|? H"H , wit? n t r '.it vmin ? ?iv < lafMAiaa* aatkirt u ?u?r ?????? ? i ? tan nt . >, c*ii n.ak! ? "i* I rn#%i V '?vjct riif. ?? n a- *? ?*'??? r".? V-*-?<#k ur?<! k,| 'r *UL.>m ill !7 >*'" ?lk>*| ?#. NV'<tirR.-T? rPf*?TMHsnif !K!.KTOr<*? ( 1 ?n?? I. <*trr I) P?j?#r A ll-o ?? Ibn ??%/. , . ??! rttrrani. It* I aittaa wW h#.*#aU#r'ba r t 4i.:?4 bill. P?>?#r 'Ii.-ri' u. V-ii'i. II. .<? PK<SI.? IIAKTMK W A > Tftil ? T HJC ?! VM1J-** P l |f?K' er# U ,r<i rr r<w t> 'f n-*r*at to ? ra*iM '?oat ? fl#ak, ?. rmi ??Ji #MabU?lad to ?r. KUW, nafk,'* t ?*?? ?k m*n Tb?'ib'rrt of * !??'?*?? la ka4 r#>M. .? wmU! reqoi a f ma $10 < < I Ul ? ? ?i,n i jwm, In ? II a portion ?>! In? W iU' ?' la ~?a. * li M .-*>ltllk?4 r? blimw '? i tfli ? u.-frij, Ml f? , ai!?ai"il> Ibaa lb# pr?k?tit VuprtaMr nan n # Tin k :.*aa ? ma.*# knowt. id ao >a?-ri x* uirlkM ?a4 W ik*# <,a?r It li #a#?y way rw US)# afrraai > ?t 1 *b!a *.tdr??? Bcirri is* i?i 1*1 H?fa..<1 ?Cn g'.?.o? ua4 ul iiariii a lay* - .: '. < - k*T*u* WA?r?n-?? mm wnj, niwu*** o*? Li I i#k'? Lb# tUy.l !(?>'? PP^ PHaKTXKB HAHTKn-WITB tXMUOR IliM .ASM. I * lb# r#iAil urrrata tfiaaka *m fcrtfcar pMMMIM ad dr#M Win, Cams ?<)??>? P Tvic < uPABTfiwHip iiritRToron* vt'.tr.nn m t?#?B Pruaal# ?. Wdjd u<. Joki. T. VUUmi*. ub<l?r U>? rrrm r?m? 'f 1 * W rvH 4 To , r ? b*ra j rlM0fr?1 tM? /??? bj mi i'i*J i- wii^ai. Tb# i'i?ia<<* ?IB b#r?*ll#r ?# (<nrtlo -4 ? bj.'n??t WCHaira P * Wf?OT? ?hTm?,w is, i*a?. M?n* r wiuuam. ? ? . , . #, . WA*TED-A L.ADV . WHO B*t IRK UKANK, OB ? caa nisKaad ??<?# l*ki I i*la?M to |Ma vh# Mnnw, ? kola a ?Wow U<!j ? l*"il familj k?l ka* uni>l<#tab.y ft*. ni?W?l Hirlu.t. ?* IMiW Mra. & *???<?*. MuXt. A flat ugpt. t<inn -p??m m> im i ha^.b it a ..jbt ?an?( *e<nr1a)r biaa??? n.r??4i ?i*t . 7a. ?t..t " '< r t.? t?* I-* u*Mba?tlaa 'Mi). 4?|ij a> iba i (t'aaaf mtaulaei <rr, WfWMWM. rc<rt? V?. A temte-M r a nta (Iter, ana rain" |U(Wt ? PA ITXItlL W A NTH), WITH tjlja AHOI'IIT. fO'/U ?? sale f II ciwuie Of k wioSeale ar4 rawi ?< ? "Or ttna#. Mng a *t '^ pajrbg b'Woaaar a rrr# mat I* P<r i^a?-. >k? >??m pmtm in? \b# rtfbi aa?. $.5oo ?IkcrTtiMlBaaa, Mfl ff?? IkHfM Urn# I?a ???<? ikibwrad r*al ?m?I off oa. for a (?? My*, alauat r^axrr'uTlS* |i m-^vaFBK?S^ y.,yf *4^ t-#rtnCr"# ^ ?Ha-.w/ bnll4l?i|r, ?>? *'? - ? ? i ? - - ^A?rwiw ??w riauMnoM a aa h?w? n??-IT IWM f a 1 p> i Man J*** T*1i, k?i* n Bl C.I>II., " A Praa?t?*l TaaW a aa ?'? k, Abrakaaa <i*anat,B. p. <b?a?!Vac < aaa?a a* UMaaiAor rf Mrarai ?-7i n u4(MHk In?w^H krvv,"do. ?jvg ? ?lj cwwil fa# b? Hanrj OaHw?y ? k lai b'?J m or kHaat Ifca lat j?t f V ary. Wl V ?'.?*, wk U.? ?MMar raanaaad for by vtmr *<>ri MViW ik? B 4a? "f .lanarT. iwi. Tn r'T#a kf? A4a#attk#Maia ?w <V#?a m Haa^r OaDwiflVW ?UI b# inaarmrt tn da w-.-a ??k U.? agaMM by .k# na*#rwrr*4 aad

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