Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 23, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 23, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 8811. MORNING EDITION - TUESDAY, OCTOBER 23, 18G0. -TRIPLE SliiSET. PRICE TWO CENTS. K ?HiPPIKO. UUdn .' i* rmcKo atlantic btbam navigation oompant. NEW TOR* AND OALWAY LINR TOUCHING AT ST. JOHNS, N P.. I TOUCHING AT HT. JUtlUB, n. r., 'ft laad pMMugsr* and reoelve the royal ssall and |MH meat desralches , .j ? mUm thl* Im; have be*a approved by the I <4jair*i4r, and are iht h?W IRON HIDI WHIIL STBaMBRH J udwb 4,*ou I (tmbru.' . . t Mt' Vms burt he-.. I; jtU,. 4-400 tuns burtbea 1 - ?i?l 4,400 Ions burthon. TW Mtl departure will bh the PR1NGB A LHBKT. fr*it? ?w Tork. Movem^r 10 Puns Ptor No. S7 Nonh rtrsr. --?n ... ? pun of -m a railway, and o the principal cltlee v Rn*iand and Nootland. ? not' (90 and *76, acoording to hum ri?n MNl udaUnfti Third c.**e 930, including c ?.?*?*'. w- ?? : 4. And 10 If- JoanA N. P.:? Ptr?>. nana. *il -.tun* ?.?*?* MO Ohildraa ander twelve ye ara, hair pnoe. tinder our y eu I'rae. third class psscaiiger* ere required to furnish ned* and ?M taking piM|i from Hew Tork for the steamers an I ltag from Hnsfrm. Win reoelve free passage from New Tork Uo Boston The taaiaara of una oomnany hav* bcaa eonatruoted with tti fiaaim oaxe aa rejearde sairty and ootnlort, combined ?with saodal and propelling power, and are built with water light eooapartmesta They are confidently expected to earpaai la Med and rough qualities any vessels ever bnlll, ?M are replete with eleganofca and conveniences Am egparleaoed surgeon la attached to each ahlp. Penmns ?Mhlsa to send for their friend*. can obtain returned tiokete at vhe folTowln* greatly reduced prtcee ? la third cabin from ??1 way MO: ta third cabin fma any kowmla Ireland on a railway, *M 60 In third cabin rroaa the rr>notpAl title* -if England anu Honied, Ht Porftmgh.,,p -^?^'"aXPIKWALL, agent* Hue. M ud H bouth street. STEAM WRILT BETWKK NKW TORK AND LI VIB pool, landing and embarking passenger* at yueeastown, Ireland ? The Liverpool New \ org nurl Philadelphia Steam afclp Company intend despatching their fall powered Clyde belli Iron gteamahl,<e ae follow* ? CITT OP M *NCHEiirKR Satardar. Oct. V CITT OP WASHINGTON Saturday, Not. 3 XANOARO'I HAtarlar, Nor lj And every Saturday at noon, fr>-m pier U North river. bath or rinici. Ftret cabin 975 | 8teer?xfl (SO Da to London 80, Do loLoadin. ..... SS Hteemjf return ticket*, good for ?U month*. |60 taMnwenMliniil H ?rre. mMK Urex^a, Bonerdam. Antwerp. Ac at red 'ice 1 through fare*. Pei*oD? wlaktac '? b-lac out their 1 riend* can bay ticket 1 &ere ht the folio *lng rvea, to N. w Turk.- Prom Liverpool or Qnaeoaknwti Brat ctbln ITS. J8S ?ad $ll)i. Steeraxe from Uverpool. 940. from Queenatown. 930. Theee (teamen have enpe-lor accommodation for paeaea arer*. end cArry experienced lar^eoi.A They are built la water tight Iron section*, and have patent fin analhilai'jra on board. Par further Information apply la Liverpool to Wt'.Uam la uun. agent 23 Water street; la Ui iseow to William insaaa, ?o t Bt. borh eqaare; in Q'i*ensb>?'n to C. A W D. Seymour A Co., hi l?ndon to lives \ Macy 61 Kiag Wlliiam street, In Pari* Ui Julfs .Deeoue, No 5 I'iaoe de la Bourse; In Ptaila Je!yhia to John (i Dale, 100 Walaut street, or at the compa ny's ottoea. JOHN U. DALR. Agent, li Broadway, N T. XMOR BOOTIJAMPTON AND H AVRR ? ON SATURDAY, g N<n. 10.? The OnlMd StAMe mali *teaoaer PULTON, J. A. Watt'io, oovmuder. wtil sail fn.m pier No. 57 North liver, (001 a t Beach street on Baturday, N"? IU, at noon, rhle stea aser (aararpeeee l for safety and comTinj hie double eo^.tjee <mder deok. eacloaed 9e> water tight nuapartmenta, which, be iMdee other reeuita, tenda, in the ewt of ooilisloo or straadlag, to keeo the pumps free to work, and secure the safety of ves Bel aad pi? gut Price of paeaMtn ta second oaola 971 and MU. Par fraight or paaeage apply 10 SAJil'EL M. POX, OKO. MAl'KKNZIR, Agents, No. 7 Broadway, r ARAUO will sal! December 5. SOCTHAJOTON AND HAVRX-TO ?CX?RD Ta? Adriatic ?The North Atlantlo steaaahlp Company will darpaleh for the abnre port* their splendid steamship aTLAN TIO, Oapt. A.O Gray , earrriog the Unl>d Sum* mail* oa the following day*, fnim UansI street wharf ? Prem New Tort oa Saturday, No* 17 and Dec. 39. from Harra, Dec 4, .15 and Boothampton on the day after leaving H* > Atiantln le uueioalied for strength and oomfoo. ha* ht oompartmenu, and le In aQ respects <ne mplete . _i Umlted numoer at etcond cabin paseenger*. for smi veeUeBt aooomiaodation* have been provided, will be tea at (75 each Por freight or paamg* apply at the *ka the Map any, 88 Wall street I. T. STIPHRHS. Secretary. MB NORTH OIRNAN LLOTDB HTBA.VSHIP NIW TORK, U. I Ton ttanaen, coaunander, carrying the failed atai L, will sail on BATL' KDAT, Oct 17. at U o'clock roa BRRMBN TIA BOUTH AMPTON, J&1 f.T T Taking paeaeagera to LONDON. HAVRK, SOUTHAMPTON AND BRRMXN, At the folio vine rates'? _ Pint cabin, 9100. second cabm. *60. steerage. 932. Por VZPtlk RBUTOIN A RKD'IIRLT, No. SI Broadway STRAIf TO H kMBURO HAVRE. LONDON AND SOUTH ampum. The Hamburg American Packet Company's riT"SiojCuNNl A, N Traotmaaa, eommander, WTU kaaeeaa Thursday Nor. 1, at 12 >'cloek *., for Hsmbara. ?th ?DMhamptnn. taking psaseugers for Hsrre, Load ?, South org 10 JH 1 Hajhsmptnn. I ipfcoti aal Hamburg m eabln 9MI0 [Heeond na?>ln . . M0 I Bteerag* ????* C. B rjchakd A kuas, Ul Broalwaf, n. r Tta steamship llAmmoaia will succeed Ike Bomesla. No ' U. g TRAM KB OP N? TRMBRB S ? POR SOCTHAMPTON srd Havre. ?The fan rite A 1 steaouhlp ILLINOIS, Ospt. B. Tarry, eLl sail from pier No. i ?ortl river, New Tort, ?a Mtarday. November 3, at noon, with mails pseeeoger* and aaeete. for Knglaed and Prance Plrstca iln to Havre, t?), Co BoulhMSPfcia, 97? Third cabin to Havre. 9M to Moutaamp Ion WU D ToKitAN' E agent. Nu 6 Uowllag Oreea. New lark. Bight drafte 00 Loudon and Parle for gam. leomnaoy'sdoei. at Jersey Uty, wl A the mails aad ? far Europe oa Wedneeday, UM *4th iuataat Pa* sea* en are renueeted to be on tioard by 12 o'clock. The AM* wtisaU oa N ovember 7 R C UM*al> No. 4 Bowling Or?a. I OP LITKRPt '<)L PACKBTS -S4.IL4 DOTAL MAIL NTRAMRH1P APR1CA-FCR UTIR. J|\^ pool ?The AFKI 'A. N. Shanno, Commaader. wtil e?i' eeagersw wll. tall a mAPBOOTT B UNB OP LITKBP<>OL PACKBTB .? BAIL1 A en Wedneadey . luh October, *t 12 n clock, the well known Ml flat sailing packet ship WRNT P"INT, Cast (^hlid Par ?SSIS ?? apply on board, pter 11 Beat nver. font of Heist fcaa. or w 1 aPHOOTT A CO , b? South etreat D*OR CAUTORN1A TIA PABAKA jP A first alaas steamer will leave New Tork na the Isk, Uth aad list at eaah month, except whei. theee dates fall oa 'aday, when the day of dssanure wCl be the Monday fsUow apply st ue naijr oOea. 177 West D. R ALLIN, Agent. A UBTRAU A PIONEIR LINK, A (Wrrlng the United stairs mails. ?The clipper shin ORATPBaTHXR. Mayo commander eneeeeds Use MWRB1* BTARBR. and Wtu eaU for Melbourne direct November LA Thi* skip Is Already one third loaded and has three fourths at her eargr engaged Her aneommodatieos for first and second eia? |issemia*n caaant be asceiled The ship CINCINNATI le now rapidly loading for bydney dlreet at pier 1J Beet liver. Per freight or peesage apnir to *rm. CAMBBON. W Beaver street ST. JOHNB. N. P., CAIXINO AT NT. PiBBRB ? THB trst claee steamship VK1T>RIA will aall for the aw* porta oa the TTth laetaat, receiving nargn oa aad after tasedey, kid nsmnt. at pier 4* Beet river Por freight or r'msgs her (Ag ss xadtd aecomeMxlatmaa. apply le ADAM A. DB ORAUW, Bo Ml Boath street KB Havana via Nassau, n p-thbrritirb sad North America* royal BB) steamahlc K * RNaK, . Bi laiilees. will sell for the ^Brs ports from the oem aaay'a wharf, at Jersey Oty. on Monday IMh Oct mmm 1Mb Nor. Til sis J 1113R A A TVS or MBltl' To Namac 949 Te Msnee ? Psr freight or passage apply to M rUNABP. No. 4 Bowtiag Oreea Havana and nbw orlbans-bvbbt nor datp. Passage 9M To sail on Th irvdav, November 1, at twaive o clock Uie steamaklp BIPNVILLb J. D Bullock, gnmmssiln Is a te isnniag freight aad will mil m abo-e from pier foot ef Murray street North rtrer. The sisemahlp CaTaWBA erti. sail Novemhrr 12. LITINOBTON. CR JUfllBON * OO., ? Mormy street rB HAVANA? THB UM1TBD STATES MAIL STEAM ghip QUAKER CITT, R W NtofeMf. rommaoder will leave for the above port on Thursday Oelobar M. at 13 o sloek. from pier 45 North river Por freight or raaasge apply to HABuOUS A CX> , JS * ntk street /I ft BAT ftKDUCTIOW I* PRICK TO <T iw? om.tAiiii A*n havawa. V RMsaklP UflKK crtr, l'BO? M H HutMT Win !???? rfr '<*? rt W?Tf* ?r#rt rwinwckv. <* ?i. ?? ? o ?ww * r. * rnukt lo v* ' ^ 24 <*?" 0*r ?*? '?*? {'?bin pMavf" ?"* Ortf M ??- a ? 17..? m |n l>w n.,?*n? or Ol IM 21 M.O BOBFRTb. AIM ll7*MI?fWI eoratr of Wvm HTML KoCior t*41aff ?hn??i *f*r U? ?"?m k?. -,n? ftAVAKo^H A*P </THEB rOIVT*. AS RK?W. I\_ -_l I II" ? ?TAB or THI BOUTH. Ofl, <?? ltST Iwhw o.f--A.r. jM a. ZJTn.?iionA ?nr. Ttow*. u.-Mi mm k* ha* iter tte *OT(*&aar*K> J*; ?oW*. K* * -nUrm-J, ? Knf??. i. iZ. M 11 Alt*M>T *' AU?oi?.ll; ftaiwwi. Sj^.Tssrar hat ^ <. o- te, Mir. ? w_,riri wC ?BCtM< SiSvOL u HrrrmtLL * to*. iKAim. : Hi rnoM < h ? h ,bh ? ? To havara Cvt/ssg SaSStvjrtSS ansES S ?ViMHaNiiniltiMMirruilimBkv.iu rWei? 8|HMB6KB*rae*n5 or VOtDI A' A CO IWlMn. "F' T"**' tKHBOUOW rRBTOHT AB?A*or*icl* rM *,,? 1 fntaL. riMWk, Ul? P?at MO tiauft, (twc Mm W*r BnrfnlA ts.1 l'?un*>nr? u> Sowb NMa Btilroada, S tawMrjrt Mrwphlii M4 hlirwilln auuxw. rr?g|t rWHrad .T?ry 4?, ?o.! Ihr-fh rvMt^M r-JUktl M vltrBlD-tl nr?r ftMMMr ' * MBKTOWH, C*pt Rkln ?- 'vrarrmt ??? I .??-?? i F MlAI T.I t P wi?BO.:lk, pVn? ?.? /*? W"4TVW? 1 I XtMirab ; H' *R(>KI I *i ?' ?-. n M 3 P ? . ud 'J>* TOBsT"**. )??: ' IVrM ?t**j mt,-', mr m.. riwahi for # >rf?*. . ?r faMM b* ui pA ' . ? ? -?*>.??!? or p* turn k 0H? > can * ? ? ?? u- r ???#*?* ???* taefi#M. M *???"# ??? nr " i. ' ' |< f> ?'?*- ' Kwfrr. ?.? ?tM o? t . \* * -*?*? ? ^ l* inttwif. SHIPPlftO. r>M UVUfcOL ? <"HBAP PaBkaGB ? THB Hfuln dlfle'.luper ship OaRaVaN, Capt 8an<??, wtl sail taa riav at two o'clonk Par passage apply oa hoard, pier U E. H yr to JOKICI'H MUKPH? 61 Noutb etreet, n?*r Wall. LUil 1.1 VIE POOL? OLD BLACK HTAK LIBB.-THB P JOHN KRIOHT la in the stream and aalla U morro*. Tte NORTH AMERICAN, If??. 2 for l-uersoo: or drarta (mire and, apnlv to *1 O.IA1H AG I' ION, it. Fulnn street and 177 Rroedway OAlIJi Tu-DaY. KIRHT HHIPS.-8H1P NEW ffOKU>, for Uv?rpool sails .to-day ?hlp LI VKRPOOL, lor l/>n dm. sal's to day Fa?*e ? > rmrd ca'iln. t< Liverpool and found, IIS. do. <o London, $16. ForviwL r w It to IHoft. C. KOCH It sSfo th street. Ij'uK SAVANNAH ? HTKAMSHIP MOUNT VBtiNN, r Captain Laytield. belng_d Plain ed on aocoun'. >f norm, will leave pier li, N. R.. on Tueef ay, Oct. B ?t( f M. Ap ply to H H OROM -CELL * CO., 86 West straw and S86 Breadwav For batanvah.-btbam?bip ?'>ntgomkkt, cap uu * id. 0. Kerry, will leave pier 12 N. R , on Thurs day, Oct 25 at 4 f V I'aseagx to Savannah with nnsurpa?e?d acc/immodatioiis. (*5. Through tick t' to New > r nauf f ?* 76; >1 >"Uc, 6.46; M >nt r niery ft, .MrmutaU $31 76; Nashville t!7 76. K noivi'le, i?i M Chatu ???'*? t26 A">an- $23. Columbus $il, Atlanta, $21: Macon. $21), Augusta, $17 60 Apply to B K. CKI'MWIlL A iX> ft Wes: at and 33S Broadway. fjlOR CHARLESTON, 8. C; 8AVANN AH, O A., AND 1 i he Honth and Sonthweet ? heml week > ITuited States Mall Side ?b(*l itteamahlo Una T ba steamah.p OOLUM BlA. Captain Horry, will leave pier No 4 North river, on -alnrday, October 40. at t o 'c lock P M preelaaly Rates of pannage with through tl -kfU, as follows ? To Savannah Oa., $lf ; ll^rl'ston 115 New Orleans $M 76; Mobile, $16; Mont g mery. Ala $16 Nashville fun . H17 76 Memphin Ell 73; Cbaitan<?>g\, itt KnoiviUe, $26 50, Augusta Oa . $17 W, At lauta $21. ("bnrl.^te, N. 0., $22, C"luin da 8. C. $10 For fr?mht or paaeare Hpply to *P *POKD, TI ? BUT >N A CO., ft Broadway Thr Marlon, ''apt. W J Potter, will su t)ead on Wednesday, 0< M. The Adams' Eipreas <!ompany's Great Bnuibern li press Is carrier" on thi* line. The express arer'n Sonth will give informal Ion ?sti sallmr dava (are Ac. GV)R SAVANNAH. r T he new steamship R. R CUTLER, rapt. Fred Cracker v :!1 leave Pier 12 North river, on Saturday, October 17. at 1 r. m. I'assare to Ravar n?h $16. through tickets to New Or lr?ns. 7.'. *"h|le. $f5 Montsonif-ry, $36, Memphis $3176; Path'll'e 127 75 K no' rtlle $JS8<). ha?t?noo*a. $2S All *ny. K1 (V>l"inh>ui. 121 Atiarta f'il Mama, $2U; Au^i ata, $17 .V) 1 ?la ah'p ?>as hu lerkir acnommo(!?tloin to anv '*a>w in the trade Apply U> H. B. CROMWBiJj A OO., 86 West street and 336 Hrosd?*y. _ _ FINANCIAL. _ Bank for ?alb? ^ ^>< ?rEi> in and okoanizbo urder the liberal laws '?f a Weatern Ktite all readv to jr< ? Into in mcilmu' ? ratlm, hut a email amount of caah re qulfad Addreaa ti B , box 2 675 Poet oflice Mobbt, mombt.-paktikh in want or tbmpu rary loans, In sums of from $1U to $10 000. on eoUatstm: wcurttlea, ean obtain the name of QBOROB W. PttBNOH UJ Broadway, third ttoor. between Houston and Hineatar s>s Money to i<o*x-?.n bond and mortqaob on real r?< ate In this city. Apply to the Oteenwlch Barings Bank 73 Stite avenur, corner of Wi?verl?v place. MILUOKB OF DOLLARR UNCLalMKD IN RANK OF Knglard ? Llttf of 6>,000 ntmri can >e searched for $1 at the Heraldry office. 649 Hroadwav, New York. H. 11 A VS, proprWtor, having returned I rum Kurope with ettenalve ad dlt: >ns to his Heraldic llhrxry, In several language!. Illustra ted dealgne fjr deooraters \rI? <? RLE ANN AND MORILB FDNDB BOUGHT BT i> AUOL-mT all. MONT A CO . 50 Wall street. T*.| I \rrwLkL. I ? OHIO 8TATB bOAN-W.tfQ.OON. Omciorm OoaniMioHcut or m 8i?i*a Fom? or thi htati or Onto Ooumeo* 28U> Auruat. I"ke Mate of Okln dtwwio burrow the mm of Ml mUlloaf ud four hundred thouaand dollarn. to he applied cicltui; velj to the payment of that portion of the PubU* debt redeemable at l't pteaauxe after the Sla dar of lVwrmher tint and to that end iw Oaainlatoncra of the Stoking Fund of the State, under authority of ao act of lit (teaera) AawmMy, will receive aealxd propoeale at the Ohio Mate Agency, No. 25 William ttrert, New York city, until 12 iVolrmk ? of the 26th dar of November next, for the parahaaa of Mi milliooe and foor hui.dred thouaand d .llan of the tranaferablr Oertlfl mif of the Funded and AagtaUtrad Debt of the State of Ohio, be* rto* Internet from the let oar ef Unitary. 1811 to be paid eeaal annually on the Int dart of Jaaoary and July -<f each yea r, at the Ohio Hate Agency la the oily of New York, with the principal reimbursable at the aaae place: aad which. ?? k> the rate per cent of Inter eit aad the tune of flaal r*d?mptl<>n, ahall be In accordance with each rf the three ooa lltkma fn.lowlnt aa. on the opening of the propoaala, the Ooa ataainaera way deem to be the moat ad lanlagnoin to the State-, that m to aay:? 1. Scaring latereat at the rale of five par east per annua, and reOeaeble at the pieaaure of the fltaU after the thirty Oral tar of Peceabar. 1890 I. Bearing intereat at the rate of ?U per cent par an n an. and redeemable a the pleasure of the Mate after the thirty Brat day .if Deceaber, 1870. I Hearing Intereat at the rate of elx per cent per annua, and redeemable at the pleasure of the Rate after tee thirty Aral day of Der-caber. W80 Bach profaneal must atate dletinctly for which of theee rltaea of aerUOcaiea It la made, the amount of either which la de M?ed, and the price for each one hundred dollar* of each c'aaa pr'poaed ki be taken, and moat be accompanied by a certified abert on or rertincat* of dep<?it of me of the nankj of New lurk city, payable to the order of the tiomataemoara. far a mm equal to (re per eent of the amount of oertfflcatea Md for. whioh ram ahall be forfeited If the bidder ahalj fail In mm any of the oertlflcatee are awarded to hia. to pay the raaidtir <1 hia bid at the ume hereinafter apectfled for Uai par t nee. No bid at leaa than the par ralue of the oertlfiaatea. or for v amount tree ttaa lire thouaand dollars will be oonslder -1 and ?.asfc bw ahall be deemed a a aade either for the whole ?am amed Ueraa. or for auch pro rate amount thereof aa, a| he ra> wurt'l aay be aal?nahts to the bidder, regard be ac bad to the other pumiaiie Interea aa the deceit, at the M for arhlch the eerUAralea we awarded to hia will <+ allowed to each ruttnaftil bidder tad adjuated oa the delivery of the oertlAnalaa. and eaeh will ?e required to pay the realifcie of the aaount bid by hia oa the 19th day of Deoeaber, U0O at the Ohle Mate Ageoey, la the rtty of New York, a which time and place the ajfcllM awarded will be read/ for delvery OrtlAeatea of the F'lndad IV -l of the Mate rf Ohio, redeemable oa the ftra day of J an nary. 18(1, wHI bt reoelved ta pay meal of aay part a t the kmc ker*bT cony collated. The depogMt of the enauoceaaful bidden will be returned to them cdoa awllealHa at the Ohio Atate Agency oa the day tkp bUSt u they . tv. ^0 . mm#* Teniae the e?a be *?'?the mnklag FuadV la order to aerare aaUoraltr, and for the oomeuieitee of ?Widen, the HoaaWoMn hare prepared a fora of prnpiaal, which. together with a copy of the eat authorising the kaa, aad aay Inl. rmation dan red ta the pr aim, may be obtain ad M the Ohm Hiate Atency la New York oity, or at the oMoa of the Ooaaialg*M?en tn fWmboAOhlo. I W. TATLSft. Auditor of BUM, A. P. Rl'HBKl J* Secretary of Stela, C. P. WOLCOTT, Attorney ileoerml. Pom of the Mate of Ohio. Onaakdniwof the 81nklii< ?in nnn to loan on bond and mortq auk ? 1U.UUU In one or two ? ma. Apply to C. M?CAF? PKhY, M . D . M Wed Thlrt> eenond atreeL . M Wed thlrt? aenond loah orricKH. flKAM 1AI. JkMu LiTKKARk HuKlAU. No. *M Broadway.? Adraaera upon utamonda. Jewrlr y aad other aralahle property, or purrhaad If <1 tared anrllT enrndrntial rtirale room for lady a< WOOD ?? Broadway, ap atelra. near Rmoae It ? (TBDAK HTRKKT? bbnry hthan. diamond A Broker Utah adraaned on Dlaatonda aet or oaeet; malchet. watch m.^Meeata tlWer ware, Jewalry. aecara. Aa.. or bought for eaeh oppuefte the P aa oOUse. room No. 1. up atelra. jM"edarttr?* II AN BBJtM RTKBET? ?ONrt_Tti LOAN TO orTthe i tmeaeled oa Batardaya A any aaonnt on luam -idt t*? r n?-. w?^b?a Jewalry I Ac or the aaac ? Ht for the Mghea oaah prtcte by the wall known IKAA<?. II ' Tuun tireet N. B ? N i 8BM? At hi oband ptrkbt. ttibrb doors wm op Broadway. -Mmte> adraneed oe Watchae. IMamnoda. Jewelry. Fate, Dry (tarda aad aeranaal property ef erery de errtpttna, or bnagkl aad a, Id by .'OHBra A. JACK BON. aunBnaaa and broker^ AnVdNCBB MADB ON DTANONDB WATCHBB. JBW el rj . Mirer Wane. Port aad ptrai? 1 property ef etwy drennptlm. by P O Af?B broker, M fourth avenue, oppoaw (' opa. laeUtnte, a few Boon bak.w Adt or plaea. Private aa t .-aooe. hall door At m NAffiAU w?m -a rorigman. diamond broker, makee li' eral advtncaa oa Outarv da. Walrhee. Jewalry. Ar . or boye ihea a fall value, at ble priva ? oMee. ft. kaaaa . aireet ror a No 1. up elairt Bautoeae ronfldaabai Aht thi adyaNoi oppitfMa or l. jaoobb, honbt can be obtained In anyqaanttyoa Watchee. ,'ewelrj, I 'laaor Ia N?tn. DryMaaU Hardware, Wiaee Braodiia and ?ver> deecrl, '.lea of Nerckandia or bought, and the tither. prleee glren R itinea et-Vtlv confidential (loodt In eured. ketabliahed a 1MB Principal oAoe. 17 Wllllta ttxcal. hraath eSre. ?07 Broad* ay. A MOB R. THOMPBON. 191 N ARpiXnlTRMT . (^RNBR or Ann, rooa No. I. armed floor, rr?Uanee t a1 ranee armey, n tuma fraa 91 ? Mt) QUB oa Watchee. I>iamonlt. jrwefry Regara. and all ktadaof Merrkaadtee. both la aire or bond, or will buy the taste for eaeh Notaa. Uonda. Dra'ta. Be.. neroUat?d Kooda of vartoae kla-le to eiehaa?e for *ort gagee or real eatate AhDVaDCM MaDR -MONMT CAM BR ORTAINIO TO aay aanunt on watchaa. dtean^a ewelrr aad aar rhandlee at pr( ate ? fltce*. mm NT A No 8W Broadway, (.rat floor. 1'r vate roomt for ladiaa B ttaaea eoaSdeatiai W U HRATIirofB. If f>NBT TO I.RND AT MOD?TUTI RaTBR ON DIA moea. Wtirhea, Jrwelry. Hlvk- aad Peraaal Pr<n>eHy of til deemptMaa Ooode aay br redeem*! a any ttaa wUaia oae year. Prt-ate Aet aatrance. ha>l doi r H RaRNaRD. 11 Third areaua. WATCHM AMP jiWlLMT. At -si broadWaY- LADtin' oor.D WAit-am from I fit. eel i aa lad for gold aad Uae kr?i> ng all . ada of ?ol 1 aad *1< -r Wat. bee gold rea, guard aad fob riuuaa. also a ban itae aeeortaeel of Jewar., at laperldr* ( r1> aa. I .IvMtj to v a & .rehaaai i at 131 At ai "KiAPWtTJDirfwmi * imMUTM Chan" warranted In Man arid and aoitowmwhor rjangec l<w. from $' > V'H- ?? *r ' <*,alria from f u. flij < a 1 and e.aainr th'-m a; I f t jHKR H ??? ry r. *?, 31 p. ?<waj Broadway. M . N ANRWMR T" TH? gi lHrrTON Wll vT >R??'tLI 1 forria dlamondt Pleett of errdMHaM Vta roek I 1 t a i 1 - la -1 ? ? r -toe ' |o -temMa real >? ? m< ride; whlrh ? ey ? lal a bri: tanrr. ! ad ? ? B-a^bea 1 r rrtnga I'; iai' - . feck e< ? Ik lleatfemeag totiair< ail ' 'arer Plot klip M.adt Mr. t'a aad a .aalae lhaaa M .MI ' rradaae. AhT TUB PRTR)i| BAIX. C *I^P?>it K ' A H Meannda will look at ha'i ' ? ?n- ae real hr Maaa and Ir iBeaiai'failktiaah. fm whlhltua and far a^.t <t I1ara1a>) ? I tl- *Tr|.1w JIWC HT. ? P? I M l f f? Fioek Ma great eaen* ?? a.< ? ? ? "aeet. ? ea larpe Ml -oe and Inw Safe, 'aire tlje afl} al W Rt'iiai wa ? a /a. Toe tidal, fpmu "mm. ten irtek frwa J l>U o. TUB Tl'RK. I'Dttttk DKHf, L. J.? TROTTJNU ? ON Ttb-iuY, / ( ru her 21 <1 ;)t o cloak ft aaatih 'or XtlU mile bma. b-> ! ti re* Iti th e In bvDM. H. Wo"drul! nauine ?. in. Kate Ho n, I'un l'9;er i iirti w. ( < otloft Tall. 8IIAW A WHITE Proprietor. LJNJOJt OOl'RKR, U I.-TBOTWHU? ON WKUNBE , J Vay < >etoter 24 at 2)? o'clock, ft aaairn for SI OuO. mila bests, best three la Ave, to ouixu Dan Pnfer names r. Commodore Mr Doty names b slakiiloa. from N?* Jer?e? BBiW * ?III TK, Proprietory UNION COURSE, L. L? TROTTING. ? ON WBI>?B8UaT O-tober SI. at ZS o'ol<? k. > sweepstake* of ?7W, gall* hrau i?ai tureo id five, to harness. Wm ?aton nam's ok ? Selim, N N Ol.laert names g in. Caplt' In, L. B. baunmli namea < h m 1 unaey. To come ol on a gno.1 dav. 8H aW A WHITE, Proprietors, ? ?ft CARKlAGHk, ?fcC. APOLBLK PONT HARNESS WANTED?ANY ONK harti g ft rood Ml of Pony Harness to dispose of Cheap may Cm! a purchaser al No. 1 tirace court. Brjjklyn. ASL'T'KMOB CGUPK, MARK TO ORfKR UY WOOD. Brothers A Co.. in : rst rsis order, for sa.r, ?: 68 Vesey ?treat prH t V"0 AriUT CL?H8 r AM ! ! V CARRIAGE. USBil ABOUT bs.t a doxen times fi UreH new, made to orde- by Won* ltr> there A < o . for aale ftt 58 veee ?? street, price tSUO. COUPS CARRLAUB POK SAI.K CHBAF.-4BOOND bund. In perfect order; bul't for a Kant mug <lec?aeed Coat 1760 has been but Utile iiaed. Will be eold for $230 Ap pl> at Clarendon slable. No. 57 Irving plftoe. rR SALE -SBV1N HORSES AND TWO PONY UtJIM Mar.-s Tkev are all fraek from the country. amontal them is oue of the heal truck or Hnlsdng llnrse In 'he eountrv Price BtMI. One of UM^nrea' p"ria <s 176 the oil er la tilt) Alan ope Hay I1or?e . nee $1 J5. 1 lief are all from ?U to una years old. from It-, to 16H bands high all warrau'.fkl. To be ?ecu at 31>i I'MTJ Htreet. FOR HAI.B OR KXimMCOK.-TWKT.VB YOUWO Hone*. Jitit from Canada Weat, fr-im foor to aern aar* Old. and from 1 IK to 16 hands high All sound and klad." In quire In the Blackmlthskop, 12U Mor'o'k atreet CK>R HaLE-aT MONTAOCB'8 BTvBl.ES, *> AND ? F Weat 1 wenty tlilrd atreet, one Coupe. ({tod a* new, fn? one or two bo nee, shftfls and pole complete; baa beam .asd about oae monih. |iH)R BAI.B? A OOI'PB, NKW LAST WINTER BUT UT r tie ukad . It wiU be auid al a barfftln. Apply fttJUOITA OO.'H 666 llroftdway. IjlUK SAl.*? A BLaCB HAWK COLT, PIVE YKARr r old, sixteen handa bijrb kind la airgle and donbln hamota just au-rtTed from the country; be ? jet black, with long uU. and mace, can abow a three m ai te cnA to wa?(Oii lo be aeec ftt the alfthie No. 16t Wftshlnxtoa slreet. Mew Tork. U*0B k AI.B? ONB PAIR STtU8H HOBHK<* ON It OR AT r and hay, an and eight yearn old 16 htunii high. Imb tails: wftrraatati In every resoeai . will beiold logeilier or aefaraleiy ; ibey wi uld b* eicbanged for one fut borse. Can be seen ftt 121 Cllatoa p'.aae. 4 TilOR SALK-* "PLBSDin IRON ORAY H0R9B, ? r yearn od 16 hamls; would make a I'.oe coupe birse. is kind and boci.d. AppU at private stable 64 Tenth street. TjO? SALE ? A CO^PB ROtTK A WAT, FOB ONK OR TWO IrAprsea. and a or ere 1 two -efttad Wftcoa: both bat little iflW will he sild low Ask for i>anle' Hnnsleln, at Uowes ?table, 119 a. . j. avenue. FOR SALE ? A KPAB OF VOUN? SORREL nORREK. about IS hands high, lo ig tails, very stf llsh, and ffta' tra Tellers: in fact, a perfect team 'if horses. The owner, movtnr to town fro* the country, wishes to disease of tkem, and will tale a go>d a^iatrbcrMln pait paymeol. Address K. A. M. btix 553 Pnal^lee FOK RAl.B-A CLOSE MATCHED TEAM OF RORKBtTI Narea .??nd?7 ytara old, W handa blirh; trot a mil* clcae to 3 mlnute-i to Ike. pole, perfect), auund ud kind. ?idkIc or double; wll! he aoldfeeparatol;, or toge'ber, u tb? owner tan* do uaeafor them. A aetlafaetnry trial will be given Iauuire Cff M. HI itss .'iR Wni Thirty Brat atreet, new Ninth avenue ? ? - " ; ? ____ CVB bAI.l-A P*1R OF BAT'BORCTCS, BIX TKtKS r ok). 15H handa b'gb. lone tall*, aound and kind in all bar ii'H price **> Apply 10 Mr HOLLAND, at Bradly'a alable. Thirty bralabeat, ntai 1'tKh avenue I7KJB SAI.E-A BROWN HORKK. THAT CAN TROT A " mile to 2 4t?, warrant*! bo nod and kind, aaada without ?aad ia no. afraid of anything To be a*en at M?nj,><u b:e corner of l*rtnta and Croaby atreeta. CU)R 8A0B ? A LADV'R DA DDL! HOR3K. !8 VKRT f aty'.lah aril a out IS' , handa h gb, ba* color, and one of the bo i r?nt!e Horace to ba found, baring been rode by a lady for the la* thrar or four yenrg. ard aa a aaddle huraa haa n<> aurertor w to in harnaaa at d ia warriuttai nmud. Alao 'or aale a liaht wag n and Mngle Hirnmi both being nearl new and made to ordar. Apply to ALBERT U. RlCOLA T. 5'J ? tlliaxn at reel VUI hAM OBBAP? A HANDRviMB BLACK MARE r warranted without fault or blcmlah. 141, handa high, long mane and tall, perfectly wejl broken to atngla or double har una and a anpe'tnr family or aaddle horae. Call at Qraaam'i ateblM, K Kaat Twenty ecrenth atraat If OR BAM CHEAP? A UOBT, PULL DREHR COACH, r with richly carved etandarda and mevaole hammer clou, clone quartern and cooreaUer n?pa. ti .mm. ,1 with crtaaon bra ra e aatln and upbn'aterrd In Aw 1 uurtoua manner, With aj?i back* and cnebtona, looking g aaaee. aueaking tu'ia, Ac., As ; butit to order by Meaara Brewatcr .* Oo.. at high fuel, haa net er baea need, and will be a Id at a grr*t aacriSce '?n be eeen at the carriage reyoaltorj uf Iaaac v , Jr . No ftn) Broadway. A loo, a eeoondhaad Coach and Ilaraea of aim lar dea< ripUon, atthont hammer clnth or ataadarda. trimmed blue brocatel, priuce'a melal me-inUnge, built to order by Meaara. Wool Una Aden. a aoaautl hand aU aaat Orrmauuiwo Rtvkaway, built to order by Parker. rR RAM CBRAP? AB THE OWN IE DORM NOT ?wtah to \t Inter him, a bay Borte 1. , handa. kind In ail I harnaaa. end for the aadd a free from all tnoka or vtoa, mat and a > Han drlTrr, amiable for any buaiuean. Can ba eeen Ull acid at Bo. 1? Vartek atraai. FOR HAL* TERT I HEAP-ONK PKCONI) COACH. M tw? new two and' R agona. one new I if and no too. ?*?? ra; eedond hand Wag ita. Apply at tha carriage fa< tor), 27 igBM atreat. H^HORhE* CAltKMUKt WO WAOOM FOR BAI.E ? Iba ua anne ?: i<?t?(rf t? dCmga ' 'ounty Carrlag" Ka tory and Stablna. bring two hundred wag, me, ft all kiala, and font hirer a. ? Ui in- aifl ?>.-?p A, piy a; iM Fultua a. untie and 10 Marina airae., BrootMu. Hd T T OBSKf CARRIAORB AND PONIES POR NALE-KR XI longing t<> I. M. Ntacar, Ra>i . who la abon' M ra il In hnropa. Gall a: earriaga hooaa (id Rea Ninth atreat, a ear fifth aranaa. LARUB HORUK FOR HAI.E CHilP-WrLL BE SOUM ? for R> ktrd and genu* In atagle or dotibla harnaaa la ? uire at BKKKMAN A MRO.'H, MD Third aranue, eorner of 1 v. ealy eighth M-eet \f are for ralr -a habk brown mars, t ^ar!^ 1M old a gord i ra? eller, aoltable for a doctir <*>aay light snaineea will ba told cheap aa the owner baa no aaa for her. Can be aeea a: Kerr a llrary atabla, Monrja a-rad., tear Market. m PRIVATE BrABLE ROOM WANTR1J-FOR ONK HORSB ? and a rockawaj earriaga, in tha neighborhood ot Onion, Uramarey or Mtnyvraaat parka. Addreaa iH., uui 1.M0 Tuat '<?! r. SADDIB HOBRE POR HALE.-A HAND^OMR RUT Mara an ellent tinder tha aadd la, aad kind In atngle ?* I double hamraa baring no uae for her will be eold cheap Ap ply al the prlrale atabla la icar of bonaa > 'inter Fifth arasti* and Thirteenth atraat. T< i PABMBR8 AND OTHERB -FOR RALE CUB* P. IM ? at<| bed lor immediate. ?. two private r?d H oreee, if ah lam-- one with a ain hoof, tlia other In tha ankla. would do to work alow, both haya, 1S>, handa hlgi, aouad, with tk ?e i oaptloaa. one 7. the other f yeara old, oaa baa Irani d In S 10 lo wagon the other haa beat 1 M) Alao. ana u-n Wagoa. mad* by II J liuaaal'tiry, all la parfaat ordar. Caa baaaea al ;u Bank atreat. rvmnrrvtuc. _ A mm BRPROOM RCIT OF RNAMRLLBO FURRITCRI forTr. at warranted aaaanfaeiurr a'ao aolkl ' haaUi1:' chamber Hat*, alala and oraaotr ntai. at F aKRINuToN'R warernoma. MS OtnaJ atraat. oppualla * .ntar. Baiaimebod A FAIR PR ICR OIVEN POR HRCORD HANP FCRNI tureaac Caipeta. ia rna^y moaey. All ealla promptly attended in Addraaa MS B udann atreat corner Parry. KNAVR1.I.ID CHAMBER BCITH OP Fl'RBtrraR, I* all co'.nra aad atylea at whmeaaln or retail. Al IX aad apwarda. Alan, Mxuro-aea and Paibaama WARRKN WARD. >77 ( anal atraat. four door* en at of ilrua-lx ay. FCRNITrRE BOIiOHT.? THE BIOHRHT PRICE IMIO la enah for all kleda of h reaehold Furniture, Mlrmra, Ae t!al! al, I7t Third arenne, enaddreaa Fnroi'nra, aa abna a R. K.? A gnort aaaortinant o* .aewad band Ptiral lure alwayi on haad. ?OltlTl-RI. FCRNITURE, Pl'RNITURE. -THE ER JP ur- at<?-i of Furniture of 1W Pearl vj-eet will be aotd ?eaarate or together al a **17 low Ognra during thla wael aa tha bull linvaanat ba earaled by Raturtlar next Panto- in tha 1 a > or If-ee re., ilrtng f irait'tre I ,r Uieir ,?ti H| will Bad thla aa aieallant oppartualty to buy rery ehaap. rl RBITl'RR WaNTRD - BT A RWPORRIBI.E PBRBOR. Uonaehold Faraltara to farnlah a honaa. for the >ian at whlrb a r<>i rent or board of ownar wl'J be gltta. Addraa D. H . Na IH hamld .dBaa. IMPORTANT TO ftOrRERRBPBRB BREAEIVU UP. I C K BN> RDT. MB Howary. wDl glre % fair prloa for arary daarriptkui of HouathoM FurnRnra. Carpeta, Reda. Ae. A large avek ! or aale Oooda bought on aanmlaaion. apprajad and tnred al low ralea ||>ORT|w<>t fBARCIH Bl TLER. HO. S PB< E HUP, II AJ TBI -aeni .r |v,. in lln ?.*1 l.rtt.1 r.jrl Bl T I BR R tnfaDtbln Mange Cure and Flea Eitenalnalor. M eanu per bottle Drga boardnd. trained. Ac. .1 tat pmUahad. the ? mad enlarred edition of " Hotlera I treading. Training, Management I >iei aaea Ac, of IViga, with 31 lllumratlona ol the dtaarant rarteuea of tha !>?.' PrV-aH. '' Data 1'oatl pal 1 y Dam1 rftad aad Illtialrnled." ? aenla. rR RAM TWENTY BRUT OF LONfl ItRBBIY CAR A ry Blrda Alao Bui Iflae haa. and all Pond la D Ap |,ly at 111 rtower . ent ^ance In Rlrlngton atreat GBBAT T IOROR HHOOTIRK MATCH OP >100. TO crane off al the Hargaa Hotel, termination of Barg*n cam, R J , between J. Ilrady aad J. (illaaore, on WedoamUy, Utn. aH? M CtTTlR WA NTBR- A BI.ACK ARD TAR NRTTER HI.ITT) t~ and be ef good mm handxme. well brad and trained. Addraaa lar iwodaya. w?b daaarWUon and wtrma. Ro M Ut f?-g? Hi uaa r (inn OERMAN ARD RM.IIAR C 4R A RIISR- AIXO ar.llt"/ a lat-ga rarletr of other aong and fan Ktrda fin all par?a of the world at abo'.^ale and re*H. al It'ARl Mh Rk't RR A RROTHBK'H N ? II I'm %? Rr?r.. W ! Ata 311 ? (f aU ? j la oagh; and ?oU. ? VY /\MI"SEMK*TS. 1 1M1K UaJU)RN. RKMBMBKR, ftllfRVBKR Wh (TUKSDAT) evenfcg, Oct 23 LABT WIGHT BUT ONI OF MSG MIRRILIBB. MISS CU8HMAN Can only npurar one nl(ht mora In thla rrent yeraonlfliatlon. 1h ae who hare uot wtUiwM I. tlmmd at once eecure t*elr scat a. ^CADBIT OF MCSIC. TO MORROW. WBDNB8DAY ITALIAN OI'IBA. PI rat Arrciiuim of CAKL FORM KB In ROUBRT UK DIABLB Si'KCUL KUTICKg! AMKR'CAN OKOORAPHirAL AND RTATIBTI JAL HoclMy ?Then will De ? mee'inj o t the American Oeo graphical and S!? letlnal boclelv, at the society * roornt, In CUntou BaJI, on Tburtday even. uf Oct 16. at eight o clock. Kev. Joe. P Tbt*aps"u, P. D , will read a paper on 'Lnawa ?nd the Heat of War,'' which will be followed by a pat>er, by II) W. II Ihomion, on the ' Pruaea aud Maruiute/i uf Mo at Lebaaoo." . (1ROTON AQUEDUCT DEPARTMENT, OOT *. 1*U - J Notice I* hereby flrec that an additional penalty of ten p<*r rent will tie added to all unpaid Croton water mala. (* Ue Ink day of November next B U UAfitfB. Regular ATOTICK.-THI MEBTIHii Or TUB VBTKRANrt OF i.? the war of 1311 to hear a apeech ? rum Oenerai Lealle Com!* of Kentucky, oe tl?e Pension tflil. Ac , tor the old holdlera wee p<wtponedan account at th- woatiur i.ntl! day. ibe Ud lusL The Vei-rana of thu city, Brooklyn and lae a,..o?ning oountlea, will aaa**b:e m front of the City H-jl a: half peat 1 o clock P. M precise .? . In full uulfurna on thai da. . By Older. Brigadier (Janeral U RaIMOND. late Ooloael. VTBW TOM. H ARUM AND AL.1 ANT RAILROAD - L~ rail anvagement, oonunaarinc October IS 18B1. Tnree taat tmlae dal t from New torkto Alhauy, leering Twent? mil. atreet irjatton at 7 and Id A. M and DP M.uakUMdi ?eet wmaectiooa with the N'? York < Neutral Railroad. Pas ?t-ugera ean punkaee tleketa and hare their baggage ehecked through to all prlnetpal olaree Weet. Nonhweai aal Ronthweat. N'KW YORK INFIRM A KY FO* WOMEN A?D OHIL dren, lilt B*i oud t'rnue. la attended 0) lady phyatclana i ee Dlevenaary la open :roaa a to 1U a M. Adrtoe and inedl ctoe free. Prioe of board for patients In the house, H per week. |?HB AN W A!, WET] Vi, OK TIIK ypof BBNKVO ?. tut Hrwuety will lake place on Friday, i ictober *. ?t 7li 1' M . at Mr. Detmomoo'e. Chamber* street. Member* are rei,ueate?i u> attend a 1>B 1 1 itlltL'. Herretary. HU( BKM, BUUMt, At., \V AM'Kb. . -VI . 1.1, HOl'Ha WaNTBH-BT a UBNTLBtf AN AND \ wife, In a first claaa neighborhood, be wren Fo rth and Tbtrtv fourth t'.reeU. Ad drees, autlu* location and rent, boi I *7 Voat oBce. t 8 WALL PABTT OF TOl'NO OBNTIJCMRN WIHH TO A entnge a Room or two on the aec mud etory eajt of hi ndway between Bleecker and Ninth ?trerU. Addrt-aa i 'lub, Herald oXce. \ CARD-ANT PARTY H tTINd A HOLSK. WIU. JY furi.iahed. '. . a P.rat rla'e neighborhood, and d?*trio:.g of < ?-titl:?jr the a?ine 10 * r>v<|'on?i lie urnant. ami receire me rent I" g<><4 board, will adJrv>a M. K , boi 117 Hcral 1 3;bce. ?OARDIN<i HOVKK WANTED? WITHIN TWO RIXV'KR ol Broadway, below Fourteenth atreet mual ha.ebot and cold water pa* Ac bu*. not eioeed fl.UUU per annum. atlNN for three daya Wallace. Herald (Mil e. NIF1IBD HOuAk WANTKD-A RM ALL AND rtiahy fonkM Honaa. for one year, lor-aled betwnn K.-tb mi.t (nib avennea and Tenih and Thirty fifth I addreaa with partietilara, Wylle. Herald office L^PHNIMHID HOUSE W AJfTEP I* BROOKLYN OR r Jeraay (Mj - By a ijei.tleme i an. I bin wife. m int be ww. ?u>i !!. arid '<1 brick or ?ino?. la a g - >1 neighborhood, root MUO or ITIX* Add rem R. M H HerOd olUea UUMMIBHKD HCUf* WANTED-CNTII. MAT, BY A ? lanlly of two prnoot and a chili Hoimdihi be Ural c ?m end v. ell farolahad tkrouchauL lacludlnf cklna \nc (iui. Vnt not be below Warrrlry placr, aud If atiove 1 went) thlr J ?:rre: tb< d uj'iet be enotlguoua to or CD Kiflh er Madiaoo ere I or. 1 hr premiere will be left In aa j?a1 ordi"r a< ?b<? aired Apply to FIKLD A McLKAN, Auetl.iaeere. No. V Pur ? rw. (jH RM1PHRD HOIINE WaNTEII ruR HIX MONTH* - P An? family wlahln* lo let Weir Hooae lor au montke can bra: o ( a load and prompt (man' of tke drat rrapreiabllliy. ?Ulu.* to pay a reea* otbie rrtit Iby addramlai without delay . .ib f -til partu-alare, lerma, Mo., Clara, bo? 1,439 Haw Tori fuel i Bra. f?riNUllKS> HOURS W AN TBD? BT AN AMERIPAN 1 n ?? i'l hta wife; rent n<M to et'eod SI >11 or $1 400 V -rfi^, V* U' 'D l>elnw Tenth eireet; brat reference Klveu. A 1 J A* Mr 1*. it, 4t? Broadway, up etaire C'N'OEEIRflKD APARTMENT* WANTED- HT A PAMI I \y a t ihire alalia, a ami- g Mooen. tin> HrdioomH and hltcher required In a knnae atth a email, rreoectable family, I're ?d betoa lhirurth atreet between fourth and Seventh .veeara, Addrena, elating rant, U . but 2,441 foal ullce. H? ferrncoa en liauced. tlTANTBD -A riMBT P?AR< rUMNIRHED HOURE, Bt V> a prlva'e family, for alx aioalM Apply lo Vfultam Allan. W ( hamlieri at. WANTED? THREE OR POOR ROOMR POM A PAMT ? ly of two. 111 a deelllug h >uee attn?te.l between Ora.i ! and Hire, bi-r nod H road way and the Bowery. A.ldreee J. K , ?o. U3 lleral,! (EM alatlnc prior. Ae WANTKD-PoR TWO ADULT PERSONS AND SKR. vast, part of a lurnlebed Bmiaa, ion required, two Urge r N ma ikrra bedrooma aed baarment, locaj. >n to Ue central and aa nrar Broadway aa poaalblr A aplrtUalM an;!y preferred A a dram, alalia! partlealara, A. B. C , ? '.atliin C, for one week. iITaNTED-BT A OBN'I.EM A N AND WIPE, IN A EK M an rc table prima ' tally two unfurnished H ?> bo -ailon brtaren Pii'i- Vrrnth >ud 1 weatT fifth rtrr." i, w??t fnim -i?tn aeanoa. Balaraneaa eiokaegad. A<14raa Coal Ollica ?11 w eet Twenty niutla atraat. ataling rani. Ac WrANT?D? BT A EOLTENT KARTT, A HOL'RE H01T atla for a rtapertabta boardlnx honaa or b?tal with the uritilece of a b>r akuatrd arar a me of lh? bue.nem tko ? 'Uthfarre .If the city ana a?uth of Honetm *.raet. real o< A to rutad II, 000 yearly. Ad lrtaaA M T IIerald offlce (1^ ANTED ? A POUR KfORT BROWN RTONE HOl'M, T> fully lurnlafead, rem from (1. MU tifl **) per aanum. lo i ?all? bet wren Prvirtaanth aad 1 hlrtletb atresia and Bnwdway , ?>?! Hinh aTao'ie. Twarty third or Twaaty fourtA atraat pra frrred. Call oa or aMrtm W., H radar ureal. |lr ANTED? PART OP A PIRST CLAE8 BOUSE. PUR 1 ' naked or partially f inriahed. < latm nf o( a Kllcbrn Par fw and thrra or f<mr Hedn.>ma. batm-ea Twenty e?o>m<i %!.? I Thirty fourth etrra i and Mith aad. Mlatfe area ,m. Ad dim with (all paruci>,ara. tl.. Herald oKce tlTANTBD? I/IPTP, WItn ETE AM POWER. RUITABI.P TV for a parkint bui factory. A ddrem W. H. a., boi f.HUU Hew 1 ork 1'oet oflica. WrANTED I'ART or A HOI HE. WITH MODKRN IE oroeamra'a la a r?nteel kxra loa, la New York or ?ronhlyn. by a amal1 and w?a?eatalile Ain-rti aa faiullr. Re it .rem SIM lo HU. A ldrem O. li. O , boi 130 Herald flpM t*r ANTED? PA RT A or MODEM POM A HMALL ff mmliy. n<K above Atrttelh atrret or below Oanal atreet tdd-eae N M W romer Tklitornth atreet aad H roadway. Rant la EE*? i IE1? fl'A VTED I MM EDI ATEI.T? OR E OR TWO PI.OOEN, TT or part of a aouaa. maalaUiii of fire or all Rvima. for h<> ?^eeplDK rn'iat have Ike mode n improTemaata, lorali< a good, aar below Rlfhth atreet preferrau All ill?, with par uaialara. A. R>. Herald offloe TO H I KM- PART OP A HOCRM. I/MATED EHt ' Mpararr or Potmfe aranur. or In thru imw it late aeiahbn'bood by a email, quat family. Apply at or addi aea 1 L. V . 1? xowtk Ureet flfANTED TO HIRE? A HOCRM, ABOVE Bt.EM< EER ff Itrret, la a r^wt looatloo. with about twenty moral; rtat about "tie th<xiaaod dcliara a year Add ram B. M., boi i*? Herald oAee |ArARTRD TO RENT-A RMAUL REOAR RTOMR IN V* Hr *dw*y. Hi Lb or Bchtk avaaaa A ddrem B U., Herald office. DAIttl.lO A( ADKMlfcU. All thm nmw dani mr -l. de oammo brook mt Academy. Ml fc nana etreat. la now opea. All the faakkmabla danoaa win ha MroduoaA, logatfear W*U taw aad beaoUfni Krenrh otiadrUlaa PRINCE IMI'EKI AL ARD LA RURRM I Ad lee mart fuaadaya aad Prtdaya. I ki ( P. M. (ieatlemaa 'tolOS P M. R?W i:I.aMV POM TUMRDAT AND WEDNMRi'AT. | (%ldren meea M'oWieadara aad Naiurdaya 3 to ( P. IL Lewi lea' pnaaary claweea ioe.'io??d by Mr* Unmkea All lAr faaaiooabk daarwa taqakt la one wmree at Ireaoaa. BOlRMa IVRRT WCiNEBDaT NIUHT. I ^ DODWOMTH ? DAMCINO ACADEMIES No '*'5 Broadway Mew Tork. No U7 Moatar a Mraat, BrooElya WKDNBRDATB AND RATITRDATR la Naw Wirt Tl E-DaTR AND PRIOAYk la Hroofeiya. In addition to Ike tloort Quad r 'la. Prlare mrenala. Ever r*an, Mmylre and oiker anntal Aaaree Mianet Qoadrtile, ijiuda and 'tbar ManaUonal .liarea alraady latmda<edby B' l>"dwr?tk a variety >.l aew daaree will be brou?kt for w?rt dnnnc the areana. aeioac whiek may be meal ?oad U C artae." >ial reemved from Parte and <ke Quadrille "Nttr H-eaa," capeetailr aa daiiled to tke deTeMpemaet at trar-Mol ? unaal M 'hlldren ' ir. u. J> at trrma. Aa.. may ba had at alther a<~a1emy. 1-% H MIVERM, DANf'INfl AI'ADKMT, MO. 1M PULTON I,'. Mrewi Rmaklyr ? All lha faakkmable daaeea taorat la -we cnoraa nf leaarma. Ravaral aew elamea are anw formlaa. < t pllc??*i a.) ho mad ? da ;r or aead f'.r a efftfilar. A fraud entree at 'Kkfcs Hal; on H eidar evealo*. >V*M>ar W. DANfriMO >?W n ARRKE PORMINUI AT I ROT BOM l> R Oaan.n Aaadmiy T!t liieeraer atreat. Term ieiii'??? at t?" limeof eiRarln* taa name MVE A CO CRT A , rORMERLT BO WKLL KNOWN 4N aa arWal. hat or?ned kit winter, for taa arr^mnf of ker put lla, two Danria? inaatea oaa at No !?< Kaet Twenty wr?iad*re#t the oihar al M RUtk tvenne Por leraie app'y ne iha premleaa from I In I. RXCrRHIONM. TAROETroMPAMBR-TAMOMTtlOMfANim-EX 'I R ttiaia Take adlra.- Tke larr" iplendld r.ew notal, kn iw . a? Wilow far* fh aled at Mc enut Dam aorner of Id -eta ,d Litthih arei. a. hae ike ieet ?. <-? ?m .taiione ,u th | a.- ?e Iiuju .??*> Tke ompan e* en tala ik? Mevmd or Tair I avet e ra ? Ir Harlam? (key ?M :her# *.d n ttea-nboal nkk. . *?'M eitry half ho r ( r MyOomh t D *? parbr ilart ?t ; y?Kk m AtiQiRE rntftator R s Maa,ii at: rai I a. til to n lay a..: < .iki AMPCNKIfK YTS. w XTiBLOA MAROKN. i.1 J amen Nuon Solt L-njee xzl U\ytg'T EXTRA NOTICE. Tan establishment will b? CLOSED TONIOHT Tureday Oet 23. erpr?aely to (ire an opportunity to relmnM u<1 -Khe.-wna complete (he eiteosli e arr?n*ement? for tbe proa :r::on of the u Kit AT HKN8ATION 1)HAMA Called tin ItKAD HKaRT. Mew scenery, new etr? la. new cj-i om *aJ appointments, Ae , Ac. Kor flirt bar particulars ?ee fattn-e *d e-ttoemer -.? ani bills ?julaoK'H th bathe. Mr Wallack, I uaan. Mr Lnttr WallMk. Htace Kui * FOURTH WKKK FOURTH W ? icK gitOWl>KI? BTUHTLY. ^/Ciowuii) niuhtly y ti f* MS. rABTK* WALI.ACK. MR W. R 31. A.I A MR A- H. DAVENPORT, MR NORTON, MRS. HOST. MJMi 0 AN WON. MAS. VARNOW, MIHS TAKE MA. JOHN KROtTOTIAM S NEW COMEDY, FLAYWO WITH rut A?c?>T*d with ROANS OF LAUOHTMct kuakh of lauuhtex IT IK A<TBI> ? VERY MIGHT. Fimnijr ba mc- irr.1 tea days lo u tr? XK*if? open at lo orounenze at 8 o'eioek. N'Kioe.? The free liat enUrely s'upeuJ4d wuk um ei.-?-i'Joe of tbe press. Laura kksjie-s theatre. FOURTH vri y.K FOURTH WKKK or tna BEAUTIFUL IRISH .(AM A IN THRkK A IS, C4U.II) AILEEN AROON oa THE LADY OK U..AKM13X Bead what Ike OOURIBR AND INQUIAEB aays at (be performance of this drama. A M for (ha . ATONO OF till PIECA U OO-ld aat BE BETTER DONE THAN B V MM KEEN AS OOMFANT. MISS KBBNKR ATI BK.N aKOON M188 KKKNB8 All.KKN AKOON !8 A NaTUR?1? TOUCHING IMPERSONATION. 18 A NATURAL, TOUCHING IC.'XKw >N ATIJN. MIRH POIJ.Y MaHnHAI.LS MR.-). BAHNaII V mihb POLLY Marsh ai.i/h mk? kaknahv 18 an INIMITAHI.K RIC"K\rflCNTATiON. IS an INIMITaHI.E RkPiiKSlCNTATION. MR PKTKK8' M R. BAM* AMY MR rETER* MR. BAKN.WV IS FIRFECT. 18 PRRFE' T. MR*. AI.LE* ACTS TH OB*BROUS MRU AL1 ACTS TilS i.KNKROl'8 HKAR1BD JltlsH tilKIi WITH OllKAT SPrAIT. HKAKT11) IRISH <?IRI, WIIH URKAT SPIRIT mr. Johnston makss a distinctive mark. M K. JOHNSTON M a K B> A DleTlNUTIVB MAKE. MR I.KB?ON SHOWS HIS RH MM TaI.ENT MR. lAfcsON MHoWR HIMKI .SIC TaLBNT or no mean ordba OF NO MKaN OVDRA. Of tbe piece tbe tune paper aaya tli it It H fr.lir ile?e.---in* of the mr-ess with which I! h.ti mat. 2*. has . ust enO-tjjB mlng !ln? o: the pattetie. (he ? , . m ari l (helhuraoroua ( >*lve it a ?ener?l lnii*rt-?t. while t?r rhara'-ter or many of idn ?<-. iiea anuria a wide ?P>pe !or the eaipioymeot of arettlc tiUec a, ot whiah Mua Reen>- baa not failed u> take a>1ranta<e. w tbout rexard to atpeuae and with great a ;eeeaa The aretiery. tn :ac(, thro ^bo'.it (ba wtiaJ- pi?<- la *e. J '.aa -ttfui, and the hreahlnn of Uie unrf on tbe ehore. In ibe laa?. a-ene, 'e one of the nneat a a?e elfrolM that we have ever wteeaaed In m iatof thedranuaof tbe preeent ?ay lllu?tr?tln* 1-lah eta racter (lie tntereat lamade (u centre tn ooe par ? one acVir "do?a lip" all the Iriah, and Ihe reat n: the plena, ta the wav ft iiatloual r.haraclvaUe. la anvibiag or Buthlnc, v baptena. alth ? :*li the whole ta aappneed to be Irldh In "Al een Arooo.' on tbe ooo(rar ? 'he Iriah (ea'.tire, wb. h ta dea'Etied to I e tbe rh'ef >ne in the plene ta well preaerrrd (hmoibout. and we do nut heaiiat* to aav that In all tb* pha?ea of lrwfc ( barmeter- humor, auperatltt m and pach a It ta the beat play of thektad (kat kaa ror many a loci <Uy baac put upon (ke *Uc?. TO-NIQHT Asn EVEAT NIOHT TIl.l, FCRTH1R N0TTC1 WU1 be preee:ited A1LBEN AROON. AllJIN AKOON, AIUtEN ARuUN AII.RBN AROON AK.REN AROON. OR T ,B LADY OF Ul.ANMIRK Wllh MISS IAURa 1LIIM and tb' PRINCIPAL MF.MHKKH OF THA COMFANT ta the nun The o reheat ra. -wider tbe direction of THOMAR RAABR. wtllaertona (he eelebraled Iileb Overture the < iiieen Btwti, the Prtnoe of Walea Hcbutuai be and a varte.y of overate aalee Uoaa. Door* open at 7. Conua-nM a'. 1 N *W BOWERT THEATRE MrMn U. L. Fot A J W. l.tnrarl Rat* ."ropr>?ton. nmuti. <><?? u i m LLbr tUim.intlc VI-..?!r?B>aO.' THE HIUHWaTBaN i'f Tul SBAS The i mi? Paatnmtma of MOTHER (100KB AND rllK CIOI.DB5 MO. Ami the lanf kahle Far ? of BT WIFE'S OOMB A CADE* V or BUHIC. _ TC HORROwT WTKHRWDAT. ITALIAN OPKRA. Firm Arm :a*BB of GAEL FGRMBB ROBERT LB PIABLE HOOLET A ? AMPRBU. fl MTK.STKEIA NIBiOR AALOON. Monn S'ikus. o< r. li. mn *>aar ? unna ANOI M KH (I K a S I > TRIUMPH TKEMEMX>: ? HIT tf Or id n't MdC tpUttlnr bnrieair.a ra the IV?il ()>' Wtl.Kn it A !<!?. Br eel r ad nl(hUv a lib about* jf IaocBcr uJ A * A.M. U*jk at lha ww feaAiraa BIR< H*WIM BRi'THEEll , l BSW( Rtli rt BtSRAlTNIAN'S APPEA" BEN fOTTOa'H CI M PLlNtl OUR. Eccrne'c Imitatlonanf Mlaa i twriotio < aUmaa In L*r wjrld rm">wnad ehar?-ter '4 Mag Merrillaa. The (treat Vocal (JuartMM In new i?">o?a. Be Poor* opaa At Oonnaau , e it 7\ T.ikau2li?<l< MB. AND III. Q. VARDENHOFF. HOPE CHA-'Et. J o dock. This (Tneaday) erentaf * raadlnt; wt:1 >e 1! -.Iwer't RK'RBliBC an 1 Kaa I-otat ? oomlca'Jty af I' A DDT THE P1PBB. Tlckcta M> o?al?? At Appwtop i, t'orwuia. ud a; a? door. MR. ARD MB.- O YANPENHOPP h?vi ui night ni Hone <*>>*> ?1 At I o'clock Ualwer't RKHRI.IF.Cr. whlrb Ihey aloa? hare h?r? (Ivco u a nwditf wHh a mnurailtjr of >iu lorfF'A, PAPl'T THB PfPEE. Ambrkjan OOBC'EBT ball. 444 Rralway PrM Bliht of lb* -'air F'.u n ' PBt'HALAMBAU HB FOURTH ANNUAL FKST1TAL OF TN* BOCrBTT OP BT. TJN< R NT OB PAJH., POB THB RBBEFIT OP TUB POOR WII.L RB HB1.D AT TBBTTTT AKXBMHI.T ROOM*. 4U RBOAllWAT. October a. B It Bud B. 1MB B rntc by tV? vnrth i Hand Ticket* *! rent* nth.nubl had at lb* donr T DK^ CORDOVA R LWrTURF ON Th? I'reamt OmdlUna of tha '.wf !n < ! -!U?d 0(r"l SOUTH EE N THBATRB POB RENT -THE A'JTBOflU IM of UM atty of WIlmLnrV/n N. 0 offar for laaaa ? real TIM Wllailnrtoa Thatian HaH " for the ansa iaa mmm Thia httlldtac has baw mj rar?otir aractad. vCl aaaaaa data l.lin paranaa. la watt prondad with a fal/ aat of handaoM aaw aw aary and for baaatr Asd laM la amanMat ?H aoad to o o Lhaatra aoolk of tba PotaaaA. Pot futttr itrtd An addraaa B. Borria, Traaaarar W runfetoij B 0.. Hap< H. UM C"0 ABD ??: 1 PON RABTIAOO ^^M^IO^ NO'fE. BT THB AMEBIAN ' "N" kRT IUL.L 444 Broadway TTtbRETB BALL. THIBTT TH'BH BTRBTT AT THE Pj ' actiOB of Wi h arei mm ilroadwa?. Tula baa Ufa. hall la aow '?*?,. fnr l'>a rreaptVm M annaaru. adtrwaa aad r%r<lre For pArtlc .Iati taq .Ira at the bAU frnai 1 A B. to i P B riB RAI.B? A FIRNT CTLAM l.ADIBB TFI lATRirAla Warrlmb*? < napMa to ateai.aat r.mar App r :w ma waafe Ai 41 Onaby atraat baiwaaa II A. B and 4 P. B Will ha anld hj Uta piaea Uj ault p .rrhaaara or auUra riW A KTH. TBBrRIRrBOP W A l.E* -TUB HEM PHOTOORa PII of tha Prtrx-a ?f *i>i la readT fot d atrlbatton to cona U daalara ai r?aa?aah!? pri^aa fit j !ad? and ran:>aaa la t<ia?>aMi7 n Kl bar* a far alalia of tit -o>m* Pr aaa Apply to D. 6. T DA VIH. 6B He adway. BII.LIABIM. B 1U.IARD BAUA-rA P1BB ABHf iBTMBBT OP IT RT Bi lard Baila, of a pwlnr at relncad ceiraa a^n paiaat roapreaaM Ivory flftaaa ban L>nn: banteiia Kalit H-faefiml and fif aAle by fy M WRt.T.! Mil, ?treat, corner nf Is. ?'#. ill Br? mi Biluabim. MR BBP.OIR, PBOPBHSfiR OF BtUjARDB fra? Pana, wl.l ? ?? a ?hort aar *a o' aewm;, la an t artMW ? BlM'jooa at Phalaa't prtrm* rum. raraar a ( Taaia tWaM aad B ad way arary aiaaitu, at i r, Ptm of adawa'/a U P'R BA1.E? TWO BIIjI.Ta ID TAItl.Ba HBTlBBB maka. He?*ra, w.oea. fara* <r* or ?>? wt toBTha *a wtl' e 'Aieti Id Lrada. Addraaa I h<> X?" "<** P HBLAN I BILLIARD TABI tt AND ?*OBBIBATH>N 'fumON*. la. pataaMd ?apt *.!??> Prlaa rad i-ai PBBLAB B OW.: KfM>ER WABTBDTOBIRE TWO. BOO g P.UjAiOTAH: En or worJd b -y '* t??*ad ka id Tjl ~ a t rl* \ or la tf the Itrm ew.4 a ? . A Jd>? P ' I P!fU .J:i Wku_j kea ao ' - Stora aa *to?e>?' waj * *. ANCSKBIKIfTM. A I a ."HV OK MLMC. ?ITALIAN OPK*A. EX ? " OliaMM ONLY NIGHT OF ROHKRT LK D1AUL* F rit appearance auice hi? retirr f-om Europe j / CAUL rvMMMH. y me HEttTUCPA V. A RBI ZEE U uanatf* Ulg 8YIGKI.LI for the flrn' time as Robert lu-MOKMOW WEDNEHDAT) IT1KINU, OCT. U. OoIt nkht uf Mr>rr ?>*r'? er.iud opera of K' iHKKT 1.1 LIABLE. the followta* irreat caat ? VmA. IN*S "AHnRT for the tlrv Uni? M.. Mint ltKHTIM IA K AKK1ZK* Mjt KTlUkM.1 fo- the flnt t<ne aa. . i'a RL i 'HK r S Is bii KiTut role of hi* Ql'INT" art Mlle.BI.KNA u the Abb?. ORaND ' H( 'ECS, < Rl'HKS IRA AND CORPS I>K lAlilt Conductor CABI. AMBCBOTX. Pi :<*? rf h imiv r-n u uaual. Notice ? Poaitiraly do trtt nt eieept the pre?e 'I be h? e if teat* Will OOaMMMa tbla mora r.? At the bffli '>?<?? t 'be Arndf^iv of Muaie. ?i Nibell'a at?tiouei7 Mr e 14 WaUatreat *na a*. (' Brc .?lug ? 71)1 Br , ad way. Bowery thkatre h'.Mie Ma:.*?!- r 8. t? TUuaa Benefit C' Mr J. W. COULIFR MR CHan'IAC win aoppur l> a f?-ri'> BIL .V U.N ML ? .e celebrate >. I-isheom . end MK UK 'KGK KRCOBSn liTe kmdiy to! mteereJ taetr fv laha ML *.i d w.i: *ppea- i'i farorite cBarai-tera. KOI* Si'LKADII) PIECiCri, T eeday f-.e-ilat October -3 t -Ml -Tlth: ^ ANI> Ml-ERlEtf OP NBW 70HB 2-BaRNEY TUB BARON. 3 -*KkTi:HEfi IK INDIA, 1 ? M \ FELT.OW OLEBB. B A SNUM'3 AMERICAN MUSEUM. 1 1-r the peraocal ripervlai"?i of T. T. BJ 1 he o ily place tun ?men' in Nrw Tor* honored i VI.-. I FROM l?i riHKlNCE OF WaIJM. W with tlie 11 r.K OF NEWCASTLE. EARLOFBT. I VANH ai. 1 (??.beiacf bla a'uie, eipre ie -^hted with fcr c. rl Mit.ea tlry rifnlned EVERY Da Y AM) EVENING THIS ' OOIMENOING MONLaI. (.61 S3. L*? LAST WKKK or 1 UK HIAVEHB tWINM OH A NO and KM. WHO. WITH TWO OF TUBIM OH If i>KE> will be m ?ihlblli'? l>ay an 1 Ereolaa. t:ie^et?i>h auk i wo i.ivinu mkn fuhtt row vkahs old. so insii:*arablt unitkd atthb rS 0? T:iB hTO* ai:H .bai wlu.uue lpei? 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