Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 23, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 23, 1860 Page 3
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ao prom In en J alluded to, hM avoid* t any pobllo ?take man t. Vm LI gin* port I? would bow have It that b* actually raj ? lie* Dm original miliar, which la r*. vl*ed and improved by Ml* Kvaa*. Tbe Krioch paper* bare pobiiahed the programme or the great Part* Art (exhibition, t> be bald la 1881 The Fxbibition '.a to take plaa* from tbe first or May to the urn of Jaly, and artuta of all ustloas? painters, sculp tors, architects, engraver*? are admitted No artist, bo ??ver, ie allowed to exhibit inor* tbao four work*. The ob?ejts tor exkKmiau must be *eut between the 10th of March and the 1st of April, 1861. Bt sides a great medal of 4 *00f. , smart* medal* of l,M0f 600 and 250f. wtll be ivaru?Kl, Pattfllog aloue la to be honored with twenty oo? medals. Tbe naiur*alsat on of lh< e?trt2h in Fi anoe is seriously talked of. It Is staled that tbe pr<?*at of Introducing street trara ways, os Mr. Trsid s principle, in Iswdun, ha* b>'en abaailontd Mr. Tom Taylor hat written a new j>>eco for tbe l.yce nm, a at the tuggw. ve title of tbe ''Brigand aod bla Banker ?> Hero I \ Blacketl are preparing 'or Immediate pobll rat i?o * work wftfe an attractive title, "Traita of Cbarac Ur; being Twenty Ave Years' Literary and Teraoual Kecolltrtlons, by a Contemporary." A company rt young men called Romlgnols, or th* "Blackbird Ofcib," baa been created In Paria to bias at the theatres new pieces which are bad Tata club has been organired aa a protest agalnat the "claque." A new werk by Mr David Urquhart, entitled "Tbe Le banon and its Life: a History and a Diary,'' 1* promised. The late 'Mr. R llrough's novel, "Mil* lirown," Ims been put? l*tud In a collective torm from the H'elrome Guttl Mr iter.le*, the biographer of George Stephenaon. '.a collecting materials for a biography of dir Hugh Myddel ton. Th? Post Otftc* Ihfalratloa. KZ AtitNATlON Of ISAAC T. KOWLBR ON COMMISSION IN HAVANA. rxrnto RTAyiw district ooi rt Oct 22 ? 7A<. LrtMed .Stout as. Utorge Law and Oustvut A. Vonovar ? In pursuance to an order Issued by Jadge Belts, Mr. June* F Dwight. ex Assistant I'mtod Stite* Attorney, prooeeded to Havana to execute a commission ?or tbe examination of Isaac V. rowler. Mr Dwight re turned oo Sunday, and reports that Mr. Fowler had been very U1 from yellow fever, and was completely prostrated The following are the principal points of the Interroga tories, eighteen In number, and very lengthy .? To the first Interrogatory be lay s:? I am forty twj y ar* of age; am at present residing In the city of IHvana, in tbe Itland of Cobs; am a lawyer by profession, and at present a*s not engaged In any special business. To the second Interrogatory be says ? I was Deputy Post master of the l*nl'.cd states of Amer'.ca, at tbe city of New York, from about May 1, 1863, until May 12, I860, and acted In that capacity during that time. In answer to tbe fourth Interrogatory ho says:? After my first appointment by Mr. Buobannan, In tbe spring of 1867. ? bond was given to the United Stite* for tho faithful performance or discharge of my duties during the term of that appointment. Such bond was forwarded by mo to tbe Post Office Department; I think it was forwarded in May, 1867; I believe tbe penalty was ?60,040; George Law, Oliver Cbarllck and GusWvus A. Oonover executed tbe said bond as my sureties; I did not ?lecnte any other bond to tbe United States thai the *ne ha which Law, Cbarllck and Conover united as sureties durinc the term of my first appointment by Mr. Bu fh*wn To the fifth interrogatory he says:? I was again ap pointed by Mr. Buchanan, and confirmed by the Senate of tbe United Slates, during tbe spring or summer of 1868, and in September, 1868, another bond for the faith ful discharge of my dalle* a* Deputy Postmaster was ex ecuted by me to the t'nited State* In the pena'ty rf $76,000, with George I ha and Guslavus A Conover as auaull**. To the sixth Interrogatory he says ?In Septembor, 1868, 1 law Uuslavus A. Conorer. and spoke to him in relation to biabeccming sorely for me upon a new bond to the United Slates for the faithful d'scliarge of my duties a* Deputy Postmaster at tbe city of New York My Impression is that tbls eon venation, which was tbe first interview I had with blm oo the subject, took place at hi* bouse, a day or two before tbe bond was executed; I aiked him to be surely on my new bond, with George law and Oliver Charltck, a a tbe oilier surelits He assented. Tuts application was made by me in consequence of a new bond belag ro quir d from me after my conflrmatlin by tbe S-*n*t? This conversation took place a day or two previous to tne execution of tbe bond, at bis bouse, I think la th?t converiallon I spoke of the bond which had been glv?.n tn 1867 by me, with George law, Oliver Cbarllck and himself as sureties, and I told nlm I desired to give tbe aame ?ur<tns tn Ibis new bond I canout stale the pre cise conversation I j I ly. I asked him to go on my lion I again a* sure .y , with Mr. Ueorg* Law and Oliver ihirllck aa tie other sureties, aod be consent* 4 to do so. I made an appointment to meet blm at bis own residence for tbe purpose of executing the bond. Tbe app >lntm?nt, I tbitik, was for the eranlng of the same day, or tbe uext mtmIb*. To the seventh he nyt be next (pake to Mr <'? mover on lb* evetnng of tbe 1 of rteptomber, H5S, at big realdcace la Twealietb or Twenty flr?t itreet, between Filth au<1 Sixth arenuea. I *u aoconpaaledhy tbe Hon Henry Hilton, Tor the purpoee ol baring tbe bond executed before him He attended opou my re queat. I a*ked him aa a favor to me to ac oompaijy me to tbe reeiJenoee of tbe g<wtlem-n who were to, be my eecurltlee upon tbe bond wbicb I bad to give to tbo United Sutra aa Itavaty I'oatmaator. At that interview a paper waa prodaaed to me. It wai 1e algae led tbe boad It waa tbe oaual bond glvee by De put* I uatnaatera to tbe United Statea lor tbe faithful performance of their duller I bare exam i aed tbe paper writing attached to tbta oommtaaloe, marked exhibit A, and atate that from lla general character and content* l believe It to be a oopy at tbe pa|*r or bonl than pro duoed Tbe bjud bad acala allied to it There were fr>ur ?eala at the bottom of tbe bond I ruimt aay poet tlvely when or where the aeala were affixed. I do nit remember, only my name waa then aignad to It oppatte tbe Oret ?< al I do not remember when I Hgned, whether before 1 went to Mr. Oooover'n or at bin bouae Oooover tbta (ignrd and executed tbe bond.tha It. wbei we were at hi* bouae. No name waa tben written aa wit. aaaa to tbe eiecatioa Coaover aigoed alao the aill lavi; of juettleatloa Tbera wa* aorae conversation between aa before Onoorer executed tbe bond. 1 believe I com meiiced tbe conversation by itat'tig that Mr. H.ltoa t>ad kindly acc . mpaued me for tbe purpoae of baveg the bot,d properly ex rented There wm ? farther oonv treat . >n before Onnover executed the b >nd. It waa to ibe ? ir. ci that tbe bond waa to be executed by tbe inrMiea on my prerloaa bond, by Mr lav, Mr Cobo ver and Oliver Ibarlick. After lla execution I aald we woold aae Mr law and Mr. titiarlick, and Judge Hilton aald he would? after tbe othera bad executed tb<) bond All IB tbe blank after be got home After Mr Gonorer executed tbe bond, either Judge Hilton or I took the paper? I Con t remember which. Ai oatb waa admieie tare.: t > Mr Conorer by Judge Uiltoa It waa tbe oata of JcitlOeat >oa It waa anbetanilaHy rei I from tbe form print.! on tbe boa 1. There waa bo signing or writlsg tben dene by aay other person be* Idea Con >ver. Tbe bead waa then taken by Mr Hilton or myaelf, after bales ao signed and executed by r-oorer to the reetleaee of t<torgalaw. At tbe I (at above mentioned I iter new with Mr. Ccaorer, it waa dtetlactly attte 1 by me, a..d nn drratood beta ten tte and Coeorer, that I.\w ?nd 'JtarflcV were to exec ate the b.mrt, *!,'n .1 ; '*e H I'on w*a te * ra tbe cirtiQeate and whatever e!?* waa aereaaary an I re deliver tbe boad to me la aaawer to the laat put or la tarrogatory aevea I aay I have above stated aa fully aa 1 remember ail tbe oonrerantlon re'ntlve to tbe bond and It* execution by Or?n >ver Tbe re waa ao written agre<ment between Cue rer and mya-.-K In regard to baw and Cbarilct exeeullag the b>td. all tbe understaadleg waa that which aroe? from onr c m veraatl ?, aad that waa dtetlactly uaderatood both by ?te and Mr. Oonovir aa above (tated To tbe tlglith Interrogatory Mr Fowler alm'la'ly de nribea bta aaklag Mr (.eorge law to become eu-etv with Coaover aad Char lick aa hi* eecood b >nd for 17*. 000 Mr law replied be would broose eurety forme w.ib Coatver aad Cbariick If I wlahed It, and aaked when ao1 where w? ?bmi la aieet I replied that I would aot gire them tbe trouble of coming down town to the City Ha... but tb>t I would geta Judgeand call at bla raaidcnoe aa tkat or tbe followthf evealog To the aiatb Iter rogatory be *aya he went to Mr law * bonae after tbe iBtervtew wltb Uooovrr referred to Ib tbe seventh inter rogatory Henry lliltoa waa witb aie at that interview, the purtraae wag to bare Mr Iaw airrnte the bor : before h'm aa a .1 idge Mr aa ? (n<-l tbe bood aad tbe allidavlt of ideation, and ilgtel tbe Bi|vr or bond. Judge Hlltoa admlawtered the oath t-> law. I a*ked Mr. law If Mr Cbtrli^t wa? iu town he aald be believed be wa?, a* he would be likely to kaow if Mr Caariick waa out of t>#u I then laid that Cbarltck'* residence a a* But far off that Mr law could execnte the boad then an I J jlge Hilton and 1 a >uld go to Mr. Cbarltck'i bouae an 1 get nl* ?<gaa ture. aad that would wapllf tbe b n l Judge II i <? aaid t? Mr. Law tbat be would take Mr law'* aeka>iw kdgm> nt then and go wltb m? to Mr Char'nk * hTiae and tbea tu ib tlie certul -aw? aad blank* alterwarda at taoai bouae We t?* tbe boad *nd w*nt to Mr Char l.i * * l.uaae aad tbaa ta the bouae of lodge Hi 'ton Mr lowler g <ea oa to rtale tb? *a? imdcrettnding between b m aa i Mr. law. that Cbariick waa to rm tbe bond. Tn the atareMh interrogatory be aay* when be cal'el with JuJge Hlltoa at thari ik * bo iae the a?rvaBt aa I he waa oat of loan 1 aaw Judge Hilton nn tbe b tad and write aaoaea aad date* It wai at bw bouae a day or two after law and Onanvar bad executed tbe boad, and when I called poa htm for it 1' : ' - U.irteeatb laterrogaVory be nay* aelther f)e^?g? Law nor Uiatava A. Ooaoaar aathorix ? i me to deliver the bond referred ta, or to make aay da ivery thereof to the I nited ?'t*te? w.Uniit ite belog exenutad by n.lver Cia I rk , nor did e.tber af tbeai ever aanaeut to any sucb del * f J I To the flleenlb be aay* ha called aeveral timet at U>? bcn*e of diver Char fob To the aaveateentb, be aay* that Mr Chariick having rheecfaliy e?n**ated to ttga bia bead la INT be fan Jua , tided in aMarlog Mr. law ar 1 Mr.Ooaover tint be (Ohar lick) would aga n * gn for turn; tbat lie called aeveral ttmaa at Char I let'* bonae. but could not are b.m. aad having received aa official ro-nmualettlon from tbe de partatect at Wa?'ington re?| neat leg that Ma am Ma! bjn l abould be Immediately fore arded, T eac'oaed it by mail to Waahlngtna . I did not th nk my a iretlea woald ever he railed uree, a* I ooaalJered I had property and lata feeta more thau enough to p*v my obllgat or,*, and kaow tag tba . t!i* boad cowplDl a;tb tbe rr .ju t. ui-aU of tbe law I Hut It forward P?' a r-nm ma "a^i rvn oji . ? *r>a? ? 1 ne rf the bar >e?a n Bai r. Me , ?t 11 ooitlnue tl *1?v? oeopl? on Pcnrlav, and the aall P'T lay rbavlru barber* *titl eo?ttt- j toe la ! r>*.?cute them The Court intpaaca a iut if IS i aaJ guaia, an/ tl* drfrttfar'! ap;*al. THE PRIICE OF WALE8. Synoptical View of Bis Royal High ness' Tour in America* What Can be Done by a Prince when He Sets About It. Five Thousand Miles Travelled Over in Less Than Three Months on ti Pleasure Trip. THE LOSDOS TlflES II THE PHOVIJm, Alt. fto.a Jfcc. The Prinoo of Wah-a hiving conclave t hit travel* through the British provinces nod the Vailed ?>tmt<'r. ll may be a roatur of lntereat to follow bis Royal Highuees through hi* route, note (town the length of each day's journey, and add up tbo aggregate number if milea hi travelled during his American progreas Accordingly we have beeu at some trouble to compile, from the flies of the HiHAi i?, the followlsg chronological eummary of tbe royal tour : ? JTLY. 10 ?The Prince of Wale* and eulte, oonslsttng of the Puke of Newcastle, tbe Earl of St. Germans, General Bruce, Major Teaadale, Captain Grey, the H >n. Mr Eliott, Dr. Ackland and others, embark on board tbe H*amsbtp Hero at Plymouth. S3 ? Tbe Hero, with tbe Prince on board, acoompluied by tbe Ariadne, enter the port of St John*, Newfound land, and cast acrhor, at aeven o'clock P. 11 , under a royal salute. Iu consequence of a heavy fall or rain, the royal party sleep on board tbe Hero. 24 ? Landing of tbe Prince, under a royal mlutc from tbe Citadel, the vcssels-o' war Ariadne and Flying Fish, and the French w or steamer Jesaatrla. Tbe yards of tbcte vessels are all msnued, and the I'rtnce is receive 1 by Governor Sir Alexander Bantiormin, and driven to tbe Government Hcuie, under an escort of volunteer troops, accompanied by a procession of tbo several pa triotic and trade societies* 25.? The great bt'.l at St. Jobna, Newfoundland. 36. ? Tbe Prince holds a levee, after which he embarks for Halifax, Nova Sjotla. 30.? Arrival of the Pnnoeat Halifax at ten o'clock AM, under a royal salute and In tbe midst of a violent rain storm. He ia received by I.ord Mulgrave, the Go vernor, the Major and Corporation, with an addreta, to whtrh he makea a suitable reply. 31 ? Review o' troops in tbe mlds of a drenching rain. In tbe evening, a grand ball la given In tbe Pro vincial Bul'dir*, wbtch la opened by tbo Prtnoe with Miss Young, tbe niece of the Premier. A?orsT. 1?1 regatta tak's plane during tbe day, which la sue ceedtd by a display of Oreworks In the evening. 3 ?The Prince It area Halifax for Windsor by special train, at seven o'clo.k A.M., amldat great demonstra tlona ot loyalty, where he arrlvea at half past eight. He ? tb<n embarks on board tbe Styx for St Joha, New | Brunswick, where be arrlvea at half- just ten o'clock P. M. , after a pleasant run In tbo Bay of Funiy. He ia wcl ' eomrd with aroial salute at St. John, and receives an | addreta from tbo Mayor and Corpnratl jj, to which be I reapecda. 6 ? Hi* Royal Hlghncaa attends Divine service la the ; Cathedral. 6 ? He attends a ball given In hla honor, at which six | hundred person* are present. 7 ?Leaves 9t. John for Prlnoe Edward Island. 9 ?Lands at Ciarlottetown, Prince Edward Island, from the Hero, afttr a pleasant passage. Tbe Hero ia ac companied by tbe Nile, tbe flagsbip of Admiral Sir Alexander Milne, the Coesark, Vahrcus and Flying FUh, atd the French Comm->dore't ship Pomon*. The roya1 party are remlved at the wharf by the government officers and the publlj functionaries, tbe clergy, mem bers of tbe bar and the moat pronment citizens. He ia escorted to Government Houae by a volunteer foroe In tbe evening he ia present at ? ball at tbe Colonial 11 ? IiMvel Government Bouie an 1 proceed* to tho Colonial Raltdlcg*. whero he roceivea an addreea from both brancbci of lb? Leg ialature, to which be replica; after which he kavc* for Uupe, under a aalute from the ?blpa of war. 12 ?Arrival at; Caape bay amid (real excitement aad a general outburst of loyalty; the house* are Illuminated, the Governor (roe* en board the Hero and haa an inter view with tbe Prince. 13.? The Prlsoe'i * tan 'lard la holated, aad receivca a royal talole from fort Ramaay. On Isavlng the harbor tbe Hero run* aground , but la got off without Injury. At half peat one o'clock P. M the aquadron makea aall. 14 ?Meeting of cttlztb* In New York, at which It la agreed to invite tbe Pricoe to a dinner at the Academy of lliiilc oa bli a-rival tn tl.t* city. 16.? Hia Royal Hlgbneaa landa at Saugenay, the houaea of wbtcb are btmliomel) decorated with 0?g*. and where tbe Hero again rune aground, bot float* two hour* after. I/>rd I.ycna arrtvea from Washington and Jolna tbe royal party. The iquadron again aalla for? Quebec, paatiog Ha Ha bay and oth'r point* of Internet on the route. 18 ?Arrival at Quebec. Tbe Prince landa ami 1*'. g-oat entbuaiaam, and la received by tbe Major and Corpora li<>n , member* of tbe Cabinet aad the Anglican and Ro man Catholic btabop* and clergy. Tbe aqutlroo reo-irei a rjjal ralute. The royal party, la tbe mllat of a down pour of rala, proceed, under a military Moort, to the re aldence of the Ooveroor. The day la turned Into a feoe raJ holiday. The evtnlrg cloae* with an Illumination. IB ? The Prince attend* Dlviae aervloe at the Kagi:ah cathedral, after which be pay* a vlalt to tbe Height* of Abraham and vtaw* (lateral Wolfe'* moaument. 90 ? He fay* a vlalt toChaudiare Falle, and receive* a deiegatloa 'roa Rhode telaad, Invltlegblai to vlalt that Plata SI ?He formally takea up hi* realdanna at tbe Parlia ment Honer where be boIJa a icvee aad recelvea ad drene* acl deputation* la tbe Oouocil Chamber, oa which oxaaioa he oonfer* tbe honor of knighthood, by tbe accolade, on the Hon. Karctiae Bellean Speaker of the Legialatlve Couneil, aad tbe Hob Henry Smith, speaker of the A**embly. 33 ?Ball glvea by the ettlien*, which tbe Prince at tend*. He folia with Madame Oartter, wlfb of the Pre mice , while dancing with that lady. Brilliant dleplay'of flrewrrki, during which a ilagn fall*, aad Mrtouily In Jure* aeveral per*ooa 33 ? Ht* Royal H ghne** leavea Qiebec for Montr oal, la the ?t earner Klagfton On tbeir way up, the royal party ttopalThrte Rivera, where tbe I'rlace recelvea a royal aalute from th* Royal Artillery. Tbe landing n hacJ lK'tn?ly decorated with evergreen* Th* Prince li re ceived by the Major aad Corporation, the clergy . public official* and rltixen* generally. A rule dinner la given, which tbe Catfcol.c bi*b?pa tn attend, bceauae the Prince la hia reply to their addreea did aot etyle them " my lord* ? or " grntlensen." 31 ? H? Royal n fhsea* arrive* at Moatreal, am1 lit th* tbundera of canoen and every deaionitratloa of loy alty. fa eouH juence of a heavy drwnpour of rala, the Illumination*, which were arranged to take plaoe thia evening, were po*tr?ned to the following night. Tee Prince aoa<>unc<d that he would aot land publicly till ae*t day, tbncgb It li reppoeed that be landed prirate'y, acl ?lept tb?t night at tbe real-lc nee of William t Wllllama. Much ill < llrg evrl'rg between the Preach and tbe Eog lltb lb bab l tan I* ? the former outnumber. d* tbe latt?r In their dlaplay of national Hag* In loading a gin to Ire a ttal ile. tbre? bei-rg'ng to the rtyleg ri*h aid one belonging tc the Vaioeou* are killed by a prematura dl* charge 36 ? H;f Royal n gh??a* di*>mt>arkt at tea o'clock A M. , ar ! a grand mlllUry, ctvle aad clerical prooea* oa la formed, by wb rh tbe Prla*e i* eaoorted to tbe Cryttii Pa are, which be iBanguratea formally. He then pro ceeda to the Vlrtorta Bridge, wblcb he open* with da* ?olematty. [Th * iu the prlajipal object of the Prlaca'a villi tu Canada | Th* B?ton r.i?tleera take part ia th* raeeftioa? a c-mplimeat with which th* Prlaoe I* much gratlt?d. The ceremeciee cloae with a grand lUywrnr M ?Tbe Prinaa attea !? Dlviae aervloe at the Prole* tan i Epiuopal cathedral, and bear* atcrmoa from Blrtop Palford Great crowd* lailde and oulalde th* oharch ST ?Indian game*, at wblcb the Prlna* and aulteattead, aad are much aiftoatd. Tbe See York C>ramittee wait on the Trltee, and terder hia aa laviuti >a to a grand hanqoet The Prince aone?la the Invitation, bat prefer* a ball, which M eubeequratly acr?ded to by the gsueral onmmUtee TV great Moetreal ball take* plar* to aight, In U>e building ipeclally erected for tl>e eira'ton n r groea dec rati. me an I a brilliant die; lay of a ea'tb, beaaty and faehi'B The Ull coal about mo mo M -flmtf musical festival, at which about ef?ht tho?- 1 land persons ar? preat at 2U ?His R?)al Highness visit* Logan's, where be re vlewa fifteen hundred volunteer*. From there ha pro ceed* to Laoblne, where he witnesses a number of In diana at their games and canoe i acta Ho extouda his trip to Oaugbnawaga, and return* to Montreal. 30 ?Visits Sberbrocke, ninety m.!es(froai Mwlreal an I leveral place* o' lnt?*reei lntermedirte. At St Hyacinth he la eccorted by two hundred Jesuit priests to their col lege, where he receives an addrtsa In French aud Bogllsb. At Brampton Fall* be Inspects Rome ol the Urge*! taw mill* In America At Hherbrooke he restoreajto bis rank la the La?y a Mr 1 clton, who waa algoal mlJshlpman to I-ur J Kelson at Trafalgar, and who bat been unjustly di* ibitaed the service. at lalf pa*t six P. If be return* auJ uttenda the people'* ball, bat dot* not dance. 31? ! tavt* lor Ottawa. bU'TKMBElt. 1? Hit Royal QlgbLeaa arrives at Ottawa, where tie 1* gritted with tbeaame eniaualaam which met h.ui through out tlie route He there lay* the cornsr stone of the uew Houses of Parliament much solemnity. 2 ?The Prince attend* 0iv:ne service at Christ ohurch 3 ?He ridts In an opto carriage tj the little village ol Aylmtr en roult Tor Kingston. Arrives at lr>ck <r>lle a eight o'clock P M , an<l 1* eacorted through the tawu by a firemen'* torchlight procession ? '.be Brst the Prince baa ev r seen, and at which he 1* turprUed. Troubles are apprehended at Kingston, from the determination of the Orangi wen to erect Orange arche* and organize proces (lona of the order, with their obnoxious banner* and other paraphernalia, at whlah the Roman Catbolica take olk-nce. The Duke of Newcastle, to avoid a collision, which may bo atteudei with efTutlon of blood, send* word on to Kingston that be will not alio* the Prlnct tj paaa through any arch dee /rated wllb party devices, nor take part In any demonstration* In which par y symbol* are used. 4 ? Arrival at Kingston, smiist great excl ement, In coestquence of Ifce firm altlltule of thl Ouko of New castle. Tareata were freely utter jd by tho Orangemen to burn the Prince In tflUy. stormy meeting of the City Council Tbo llayor informs the Council that the Prioee will content U. land If the contemplated Orange procession la given lip. Jut not otherwise, wb ch I* far from sail* factory. Third Grand Master Cameron ordo-s tne Orangemen to give up the position they have aasumed, but be Is met witb tbo response of ? Mo * irreader " The Prince remains in board the steamer; Out hi* sj.te, with the exctptlou of the l)uke of Newcastle, tbo t. arl ol St. Uertnins and lord l.ycna, disembark. t ? *he urargtmeo oontlnne obstinate and the Prince refutes to land, causing great excitement. Hie Prince I* told to go liome.ani the "Marseillaise'' 1* insultingly plsycd opposite the ctearaer. Tbe .*rince oiler* to reccive the address ol tbe Mayor and Corporation on board, but tbe City Council pa*! a resolution refuting tj preaeut it any wbeie cls<> but on shore. The magistrates, h>wover, present an address on boaid, which i* received an I re plied to by the Prince, regretting that circumstances should have prevented blm from landing. Tbe Oraoge men bold out threa:* to follow the Prince to Toronto, or wh< rever be might go. 6 ?Arrival of the royal party at Belleville, where limi lar riotous demoostralons await tbem as at Kingston, In cootrqneece of which the Prince refuses to laid, and passt ? no to Cobourg, where ihtre are no signs of Oraoge Ism. Tbe Prloce lands, nod Is received with every do mocslia'.lon of loyally, and he attends a ball in tbe even leg. 7. ? Tbe Prince takes a spocial train from Cobourg at too o'i lock A M , and arrives at Peterboro, crossiog Rice Ijike oo a steamer. He is received at Peterboro by a procession. Krom Peterboro he departs for Port Hope, which he reaches at two P M., where there is another prooesstoo, by which he Is cooveyed to the Court House, where be partakes of a iry uner and reoelves addresses from tbe civic fuo:tioaaries. Krom Port Hope he pro cevds to Wbttby, where he arrives at three o'clock. Leav log this Ut er place, be reaches Toronto at half past Six P. M. Here be flods that the Orangemen had submitted, aed have bnt one arch remaining, which the Prince and suite carefully avoid daring their stay In tbe city. The Prince laoiis. and >s received with deafening cheer*. He receives an address from tbo Corporation, and Is eacorted to (iovernmeot House, which he reacbea at nine P. M. Tbe city is brilliantly Illuminated b.? Tbls mom icg tbo Prince hold* a levee, and in tbe eveniug bo attenda a ball given bjr tbe members of the bar. Ao aogry correspondence takoe place betwern the Duke of Newcastle and the Mayor, on the subject of tbe solitary arch. (I ? The I*rlnee attenda Mvlne wrvloa, carefully avoid ing the arch In bla way to aad fro. Larg< multitude* oollect around the church. In the f vaatng tbe Duke o j Newcaatle and the Governor, while taking a walk, are at Brat groM'y lniulted, and then personally aaaauited, for advising the Prlooe against paaalag through the arch. 10 ? Start* for Oolltngwood, nlaety-flva mllea dlatant, by special train. (Jo paaaing the town of Aurora, an t other place* oa the rout*, orange arcbci art aeea erected Arrival at Culllngwood. 11? The Prince Join* a yaoht dull, lay* a corner atone of tbe Queen 'a statu*, and plants a tree In the Botanlo Garden*. Be paya a vlalt to the l'alver*Hy and tbe Nor mil School, but <la a lavae, receive* addreaaea and attend* a ball In tbe evening. 13 ? Arrive* at London, where he 1* received with the utmoat enthusiasm and rrapeet. 15 ?Ilia Royal IDghnee* leave* I/widon by ?p>clal train on the Great Western Railroad, and arrives at Woodato* In a pavilion at tbe Mayor'* realdeno* be receive* aeveraJ addreeae*, anl then leave* for Pari*, where he change* bla car* for tbote of tbe P.uffalo and lAke Huron Railroad. At B antford he find* a line of little g'rls, who drew Q. w i ra In hla ? ay. He receive* addreaaea from aome la diu>i v F< rt trie, after receiving aa addre**, bo <m Larks in a steamer for Chippewa. HI* llojal 11 f linns* arrival at Niagara Fall*, and apenda some time in exa ailDtag thi* stupetdou* work of nature. 11* witnesses Blnndln's i crane performance* ot the rope stretched acrc?* tbe boiling gulf, and appsar* to regard Ute daring Frenchman aa a fool for b'a pa I a*. 16 ?Be a l ten 4a I h vine aervlo* at Cfelppewa. 17 ? Arrival at Queen ilown Beigbts.aad reception of aa addrri* from tbe veterana of 1IU. 19 ?Tbe Prlooe la received at Bamlltoo by ?ev?T*l ban dreil farters wlib every deraonitratlon of loyally. 10 ?Be receive* several a. Urease*, aad vlalt* the Cen tral Public School, wbere be la again addraaae-l by the trustees la presence of four tboaaaad children. la lb* evening bia Royal Highness at-eada a ball, given la a building * pec tally crectei for lb* oecaaloa, adjolnltg tbe Anglo American Hotel. 30 ? Tlatt to tbe Provincial Exhibition, wbere bla Royal H Kbnees I* addreaaed by the Prealdeat of tbe Agrt Cultaral HooetV Be take* Ion. b at Duaburn Castle, the residence of Sir Allan McNab, after wbicb be leavea for Detroit, Michigan, bv tbe Great Weatern Railroad, at two o'ekxk P. M. pawing the frontier* between tbe Canada* aad tba I'nIUd State* Bid Rnjal Blghne** I* snppoacl to have droppol alt royal atate. and to hav* assumed tbe comparatively mod. s. aty !?? at 1 t He of Baron Renfrew. Ho arrive* at Detroit in tbe evening, where be exp; rteaoes, among democratic Amertfus aa eatb ialaatio a reception aa any that greeted bim through the pro vlrcei of n cari ftical Knglaad. There la a general lilu miration and tircbltgbt procession, anl he I* escorted to hla hotel by multitude* of cli*eaa,all vtaiag with each other to do boner to Victoria'* eldest ion. 21 - The n>' ralng I* passed tn a aerie* of visit* to tbe ?cat notable places la the city, and a glad welcome mecw tbe Prince every white Be leave* for Chicago, III , at tea o'clock, which he reache* In th* evening, when tbe reception be metal IVtm!t I* duplicated. tS ?Tba Prince vlaiia aeveral object* of tutereat In cofcpary with Mayor Weutwortb, especially tbe grain etevatrrs, wblrh be view* with sn?pr|s?. Be rcaMlns la tbe balerny of tbe hotel for som* time at the r?*|iie*'. of the pccple, who evince ijielr antn-ty to *e? b ?a by tbelr imnwrae number*. Be I* aetoatshad at tbe aoonat given Mm or the rapid growth and preaent prosperity ot Chloa go Be leave* for Ilia praiilea, aad arrive* at Dwlght itatlon la the srealng, a here be I. a* a rehearsal of acit day'* eport before inppsr 2* ?Hie Royal Bglmtia altenda the Presbyterian ehuteb at Dwtght. 24 ? Shoot t? f of prairie chick***. Not m ioh sport. M.? leave* Da'ght for Plawart* Orove, where the royal party bava bettor ajw-rt -iistl shooting Retu-a ti Dwtght. 97.? *hs royal party laava Dwlght ft?r n. I/v?ls, Mo , wbere they arrive early la the evening, aad meet with aa entbnaiaatic reception M ? Th* royal visit to tbo Agriaaltrral lair, at which one hundred thm s*a<t pev#ne are preaest. Grand ova t.on to lbs Priam. Tba royal re'ty evince tb*lr Jodg meat ie?p?et,i>g cattle aad bor* s. ?The Prlte* aad salt* arrive a* Ttaclnnatl, Oh|?, ard v sit tba p'ggerlea. The eveatag ? aJsnpwiiba [ bail, glvea by tbe I'orkopallUns to tbe Prince, who e as ! pop-ila r a t avrry a bare rise *" hi* ronta. 30? the royal party attend Divine serrioe at BL Jobii'a church, when Biahop mc 11 vain preaches Um ser mon. OCTOBKH. 2 ? Th-i Trloce rearhts PlUsbtvg, Pa , ???"? he Is eo tbunanwaily received by Mayor Wilson and the Corpo ration, and the cttizers generally. Tbo Mayor aldressea the I'rlice. Ilia Royal Highness la surprised at the mag nitude of ibo factories la ^Pittsburg, which be and his sufte call the Manchester of America. Tne evening winds up with au Illumination and a serensde to the Prince, who lra-<sfor Harrlsiurg, where he arrives at eleven P M. All alo; g the route be receive! shouts of wekome, aod at Harritburg be is favered with a at ren ale. 8 ? The Prince drives to the Qapitol, accompanied by hit mite, at nine 4. M, whore ho receives an addreia tjroin Governor Paiker. From Harrlsburg be departa lor Baltimore, where be i( met at the depot b} the Olty Council? a band playlog "God S?ve the ()<ieen " I-eav Irg Bal> I more by special train, the royal party retch Washington at four P. If . amidst lhuod>rs of artillery. The Prince !? rooelved by General Cass, wbn conducts him, under an esiort, to tho White Home, where be Is I'r (cried to President Buciiauan, by whom he la Intro, dueed to Uim> ljuie At nix o'clock tbe President gives a grai d dinner in honor of the Priucc's arrival. 4? tfce Prince and su.te visit the N*tiona' Caoito", and other obj eta of interest At noon tbe Pr s- l-nt bolda a levee, at which he iatroduws tbe Prince to tbe notabilities. Tbe Prince '.ben visits the Patent Ott'ue, afu r wbicb be accompanies M ,-:s l.ane to Ml i? Smith' Institute for Young l.ulies, where bo has a ea.rn of ten pins la tbo evening tho President entertains tbe arp< tif li'viutii/ve at dinner, at which the Prince Is present, wbt b is followed by a reception by Miaa Lane, and a grand pyrotechnic display. Jr 6? At ten o'clock Ibis morniig the Prijioe and suito embarkei. on tbo Harriet I u-o, aod pioceeded to Hoint Vernon where they \le!t tbe tomb of Washington? i touching incident destined to bo of historical interest. The l'rlnoe | lants a young horso chestnut tree. In com memoration of the occasion In '.b? evening a dinner is given by Lord I yons to tho royal party 0. ? Tbe royal party embark again on board the Hirriet lane ac l land at Acquis Creek. Thence they procoed by rail to Richmond, Va , where they are most enthusiasti cally received. T ? The Prltc? and suite attend D vloe servlie, a'tov which bis Royal Highness pays a visit to tbe G ivernor, with whom be drives out to view tbe dill*reot objects of Interest In the city and suburbs 8 ? arrival at Baltimore, where tbe Prince receives the usual ovation. 0 ? His Royil Highness arrives at Philadelphia In tbo midst of tbe ctocton excitemeut, which d Worn attention from the roysl party somewhat, an I renders the reception of the Prli.'Te leas enthusiastic than It would other have been. 10.? Great operatic entertainment a' lbs Acviemy of Music in honor it tbo Prince, at which tbo ariiua from New York take tbe leading parts. Imm-'nn euthrslssm 11 ?Tho Prince and suite leave Philadelphia fjr New York by the Camdon an 1 Amboy Rulrosl. Tbe Harriet lane, which had been placed at the disposal of tbe Prince by 'he President, leaves tbo Battery with the Committee of Reception to meet bis Royal H'gbness at Perth Amboy, whero tbe roya patty embark. The Prince Is silutod by tbo batteries ml shipping as tbe Harriet Ltno steams up the bay, amidst tbe che-rs of tbo imm-nte multitudes on shore and on bwl the different veiuois. n.s Rjyal Highness lands at tbe Battery, where ho is revived by Mayor Wood, who welcome him to Ve? York, and pro sents him to tho mcmVrs of tho Cimnoa C-uucii present He then assumes bis oolonel's uniform, and, at tho request of (General Sandford, to wh >m the Miyor in troduoes bim, be reviews six thoueiud voluuteer troops of the First division, at Castle Garden; which he procoeds up Broadway, Id ? handsome barouche, drawn by sll superb black horses, amidst its acilamt lions of a vast multitude, numbering several hundred thousand. At the Cfty Hal the Prlnoo received a marching salute. His Koyal Highness th?n proceeded up Broadway to tbe Fifth Avenue Hotel, amidst the plaudits of the crowd. 12 ?On leaving bis hotel this mornlnjr, tbo Prlnoe is savagely attacked by an issane Cci'lishman, who is at onoe arrested by the police. He then vlilts tho New York I diversity, tbe HeaT and iKimb Asylum and other Instilu tlons, and takes lunch with Mayor Wood, after which li<< pays a visit to the Central Park, when be |>latts an oak and an elm tree. In tbe ev ning ? tnegnlHcenl ball li given to tbe Prince by tbe cltlsens of New York In tbe Academy of Music, which Is girgeously decorated wltb (lowers for tbe ocoaslon. Searly In tlx evening part of tbe lloorlng of the ballroon giv-s way, creating much excitement and alarm, but, happily, wltb out Injuring any one. The breach Is repaired, and, after an elegant supper, tbe Prlaee opens the bali wltb Mrs tiovernor Morgan, sad dano"? till a late hour on tbo fol lowing morn leg. 13 ? HleRjyal Higbaeaavlei to Ceoernl Scott, after which bo ptja a round of vlalto to aeverai placet, lasludlng Barnum'a Muatum la tbe evening there la a fraud flro men V praceailon. In which Ore thcuaand flremen, bear ing torcbft, take part. The eng loea and other apparatua arc beautifully decor* led and, la (act, It la pronouooe I to be tbe largtat and moat brilliant p-oeeaalin of tbe Iciud that haa ever taken place lb tbe city. 14 ? The r>yal party attend Trinity cburch, tbe atresia hading to wblcb ara lined with people, and the vicinity crowded After I err Ice J they partake of lunoieun with Mr. Archibald, iba Brltlab Ckmaul. Sermon* on the Prince are prtac >ed, In tbelr respective placea of worablp, by the Rev. Mr. frotbingham, I'nltartaa, and the Her. Mr. Ilarrla, Mrtbudlxt. The evening la atomy, and the Prince ?lata within door* 13 ?Thry leave for Wtal Point, In tbe Harriet I aw, and o* ihrlr arriral tbey bav^a grand reception, after which the Prieae reviews the cal l* The Print* in rpectt tbe Academy, abd On labia tue evening with a giiu ? of tenplu. It ? Departure for Albany, up tbe Hudaon where tb* Prince la received by tbe civil autborltlea and the people In company with Governor Morgan, be viaito tbe State Ckpliel and other ptaoea of In te real. 17.? On for B ?ton. which to reached la the afternoon Tbe Prince i? etcorted by a troop uf cavalry to bla hotel Vaiterowde llae Um way aod eipreaa much anxiety to aea tbe Prince. lg.? Tbi* l? a gala day, Tbe principal public buildln.i, botrlf *" me prhate liouaet, and tbe In tbe harbor, are hanrftomely decorated with Bag* and atrewmera In tbe afternoon tbe Prlaoe, In full uniform , with elan, accompanied by Governor Baum anl hia atalT. review* two thouaaad Ore hundred troopa on the Ci-n mot. Tbe eight la wllaaated by thirty tbouatu !a p*r*< >La. After tbe review tbe Taat multitude form a prooeaalaa, and cacort the Prince through tbe principal atreeU to hia hotel. 19 ?The Prince vleita Harvard Collage, Mo-jn?. Auburn Cemetery, Bunker Hill and the Cbarle*t>wn Nary Yard, and the Tubllc library la the evening Ho attract* large crowde wherever be g ?* 10 ?He leavee Boeton for Portland, Maine, where be la received by the Governor of tbe Stale, tho Mayor of tbe city and a rrapectable body of military, together with al moat the entire population . by whom be le eeoorted tbrotRb the principal atreeta to tb? place uf embarkation, where begwion bear i the Hero, under a royal laiuto, and al moat immediately after tbe tq'iadron aalla for Old F. t land, where we bope he may arrive In aafety. Tbe fo'lowleg la a recapitulation cf the placea of depar tnre aid arrival, with tbe number of talle* travelled from place to p'ace, together with the lum tjtal la atatute mike ? RICCAPnTLATIOV, l ArHt* at HiUt July 10 Plymouth, Fog Ju'y 33, St Juboa, X.T. ? ? ' 30 * J'thte, N F. " SO, Hiifat, V ? . . Ang 3. Ma'ifa*. Aug. 2, Hi Juno.. S R... IW " 7, St, N B. M V, Cbarlottetown, P K 1 350 ? 11. n?er1o?tetown ?? 12 <i?ape ano ?? J.1 'Jarpe ?? 13, ij h !>? i.Can K . W0 11 ao,, " SO, Caaediere Faile and ba<-k SO '< 33 .Wm " 34. Nonfat, ? W.. 170 '? 2?. Htntreal. " Cba<i?:.ntwa?a nod back 1*0 " 30, Montreal. " She -brook a au 1 back M " 31. Montreal Sept 1, Ottawa 110 gepi 3.'>ttawa " 4. Kin??on lot " a, Kingeton. ?' A, Cubiurg M ?? T, Cobowrg " T Tor', o to 70 ? 10. Toronto " 10, r ?lll?gwood #3 ?< 13, (Wl'ngwood ? 13 Uiidon ft " It, I ondon ?' It. Ctkl|>p?wa 124 ? 17 cbippewa. ?? IT. qicenvton .... 10 " 13 gieeeatoo " 1? Him itm 2ft " an, Hamilton. ?' 30 iMroit M?h .. 130 ? II l>?troti ?? 21 . ? n ><? vr i III 3i? " 23, i tneago. " 21 Owight 70 " 23, I 'wight. ?' 33 fie war I t Grove and ba < ... 30 " 2T Height <? JT, S? l,o>il? M" , . 212 o 20, Pi I /watt " 38, Otwr.innatt. ?) .. no Oti r 2 1 lar'nnatl Ott'r 2 Haenefg, r? et1 ?? 3, Harritburf. ?< 3 f?M<i'n,?it B* ti,a,?re .... 1 21 . Arrictat Mdet Oei'r 6, Washington. OcPr I, Mnuat Vernon.. aud back . , ? . 84 " ?, Wa?hi?f?on " ?? KtrhmoodVa... 130 " 8, Richmond. " ?, BiHiaiV, I? " 9, Baltimore. " ?, . ?? ?' 11, Philadelphia. ?' 11, >U? York 'M '? 16, New York. " 16. West Polnl 61 " 1#. We?i Potak " 1?, Albany ?? " 17, AHmny. " IT, Bo*lao, Ua*?... MO " 20, Bosun. " JO Portland, Mo. .. 187 " 'JO. Portland for England. -? Total J .itax.ce travelled 6.131 In tbo above recapitulation many of th-j plac* visited by the Prir.ce, such aa Niagara Kails, have been omitted, though they all appear In tUo chronological syuopsl*, as the Prince merely pa?sed tbrou|>i auch plac s, or paid them temporary visits without making them resting place* for the night. Thu* tt will be seen what can ba done by perseverance aad punctuality in the way of really bard woik. even by thoee reared aa loiurlou<y ai the Prince of Wale* bas been Thla ll ai example which men ol buaineia may f llow with proQt. AN OLD MEDAL PRESENTED TO THE PIUNCfi. Orrits or I'smcu Stairs Conu-ak A<ia*cr, ) WlAblWIK, C W., S-pt. 15, l?(i'J. J To His P.OYAL HiOILXkM Amnttr Luw.iko, PRIM * or Waimi* ? Aiian American, andontofmotit profound roepcct 1 enter tain for your royal mother, Qaeen Victoria, aa alio for your self, I big of you to aooept a small token of that rospsct, in a trilling pint nt of a medal, the chief value of which la ita auti lulty. Tim mo Jal Is one hundred and thirty one jeurs old, aad It* lescrlption Is as follows, aa discovered by aid ofstrong mignlfylngglasies. ? Oj oao side are two royal head*, male and fcnule, after the stylo of the Prince Albert and Q^cen V.otoria mei'als K tuning around the male head, to tbe lofl, is tbo wjrd '-Curia tianlfsama," a >d over '.he fern tie heal, to the r'ght, tbo name "Maria'' Tbia I* ail that can be diasoverci un that Hide. On the other t,Jo appear* a female Ugure, Stated on the Tit cr mtM re of til" ?grM, With a child In her lap The inscription around tb! upper part Is, ' Riia rnl-it " B -math the iigure app-ars the nods ".V< itilst Vrlphine. IV. Sejtembrla, MUXXXIX '' (lib Sjpteiaber, ; 1729.) the figures sro I.or1s XV of Kranee anl Maria T.e | ennek i, daughter of dlaniaiaus, King ol Polaud,aa.l wi e : of Ixrnis XV. At this period France anl Eeglaud worn at p-ace, and wi re .) Mi.tly antipodes of K,ia:u. Tn? modal is one or mauy presented by the French governmBct to ttu culefa of the Nortb American Inoiaus 1 also forward you a copy of the ''Political Landmarks," or b>'.?ry ol pxrtwa from the organization of our g jveramnnt, ol' winch 1 a n the author. Hoping these sma'l tjkens of reipect, which I forward through u ) l'rleu1,C J Brjdges, Bui , will be received, 1 rema'n, very respectfully, yoir obadlmt ?<irvant, ItVVi. Ml'.Vli iH, U rf. C. A., W , C W. Hr. Lor is, I' 8 , 8?pl 27, 1H90 PiR? I havebern rreveuted, o? t>re*s of busiuers, from replying to the letter of the 15tb 1lU , which you at dressed to tbe Prince of Wal<*, but have now tbe honor to request that you ?lil a 'cept the thanks of his K)jal iligbn. ss for the cipy of your work, and for the very in tensing medal winch you sent through Mr. Brydges for hi* Koyal Hlglioets' acceptance. 1 have the honor to be, sir, ) our mom obedient scrvaut, K BKl'JtJ IUmii., Esq , oltive of tbe U. 8. Consular A gency, Win1*?r MILITARY REVIEWS BY THE PRINCE OF walks. TO TIIE KD1T0K Of T11K HKRALD. The revl?w of 2 500 men by the Prince of Wales on tho Boston Common o.-i uplod t tro hour* and a half; but wc do hot meet with any aOusj of Cen Andrews in tbe Button papers. The review by tho Prince o' 7, (CO m<in In Sen Yoik occupied two hour*, commencing upon t*>e DalWry | at a quaiter pa?t throe, aud termlna'.ing at tho City Hail at a quarter put Ore o'' i>ck , notwithstanding tho delay In for- leg a pas'sge from tho llattery to tho I'aik. 4nd jet On 8andford Is abuse;! with >ut stmt by some of yc ui ootemp irarM, ?bo vent to supp i*n that 7 .000 men can be moved in the hanie ti oe aa a corporal'* guard, and that the cr mmatder of the Kirst division la responsible | fur the two hour* and a ha'f delay, whilst b<; wai waiting ? lib his whole force up >n tbe Battery for the arrival of ! tbo Prluce. This 1* nurh like tbe cemure of a member of Parlla meet upon a B-itish Admiral, who dilnot a.vieo 1 the brunx with bis llect toaMist the British army at the bat I tie of White Plain*. P. p. TITE I.ONDOX TIMES W THE PROVINCES. A COLONIAL OriMON OK tlllt Till MII KER'S KFECIAL COHKKsFOWDKST. [From tbe Halifax hveuiug I tpre**, Aagait 29 ] THK THl'SI?EIi)'.K'8 OPINION OK NOVA SCOTIA. The dtatre to be thought well of wu believe to bo an al moet universal feeling, b^h atmofc Individual and com muDllMB. 11 li Uie nurM of whatever ambition there is in ue.and may not Lav* b<- n altogether au Inoperative ? gent in tbe brilliant preparatl 'U* we tonic prld< In mik lug a chort time a go In honor of oar Prince No doubt tb? KtroLg lulicrtbt I >) alt . wlikh aniroiiloe > very l?n?im In there province* wax the prime lucrative, anil *ufti ileut of Itielf to buve li aplred u* to do all we did; b'lt biblnd tbit there ? u> al*o honorable ambition to aland well la the opinion ol dranger*, and to oocupy at leaat an equal place with our alitcr province*. We felt tint at o^portu rity would beaffordid nao' making ouraelre* lomoabat better kuoau to itrangera. and, mixtofall. to Koglllt null, apd ve wete glal ol the oppor .unity , for, *ome how, thi* little corner of tho earth ban b?'u tartly mlaunderatond, especially "at home;" an 1 now, wo thought, will be Uie time to (bow them what we reu'ly are. We were quite aware that It waa generally believed that the country of a ilahburt m ami a Wiliurni waa a hyperborean region of everlaatiog fog or eternal ire; that no aummer nm I hi there, and tbat clrllUttlon waa but commtnclog to get la ita thin neat edge Thla opinion, abeuril aa It i*. wo know to enat to a very great extent, even anv-ng Iht io!cl 'gent and educated p-irt. >n of iccWty Is the mother country; and now, at least, we tho gbl we (ball have *{glnrluiiB]oppcrtuBliy of dlaab-j* luk- u>e miLdt of Iheae people of their mlataken notion* ab< ut na aid our rrorlio*. We have now, however, \try grave fear* of tbe fact. The l/Htdnn fi'nejnea* 1*1* r, the leading j iurnal of Europe, and of the world, regari lea* of rxpenae, ?ent a repreaectktlve amocg ua to Qti'l out UiC whole matter, and let the world know all abiul tbe North American Colnniea, and bow they re { cclved aa<l treated great Eogland'a belr It t* not > 'ten the rhubdtrer la unfortunate In hi* choice bat here he baa been peculiarly and di*tt eating y *o Mr Woola ap | pear* to be a oooktey of tbe eockneya, wh geography , I *a a matter of oourie. but been ladly neg'e:te l, and who would appear never before to bare been beyond the aooud < f Bow bell* or the b-aut en of Hiundfdltob. i: p belpleaaieei l* amurli.gly touching He wanted to gat to Newfoundland, bi t tbe thing was abaolutely im i pottlble. Tlierc w?* neither a da ly iteam-r, nor a rati reai* , nor erf n an omrlboi, nor the well known "Hen and I tblckrn," where he might drowr care la a mug of aif aad alf by the wav Tbia appear* to have U-en the flr*t calamity which dlaturbtd the equanimity of tho reflued ?Ld Killlire Wood* Rut we would aak.whydld not 4hc 7)>'t* *erd *n Irtfhman en tbia Important errand, aa he generally doe* a In n he na* bnitaea* ?f llr?t rate im Enrtaaoc? a* to India the Crimea, or the peutnaQla of uropr We are much m'?lak?n If Mr Ku*?el, of Crime an oelebrlty, a nuid sot have found a bed, dlllicali at wa* tbe la*k, and If be could not be would have laughed the < matter on aad mad* the bet I of it, laaiead of J?undiotag i everything be looked at with the complexion of tla own paling rockneyl'ti Mr Wo*l*, hrtead ef giving a f'aph c aid lifelike account of anything, reflect* *l<nplv hi* c wn lickly and dlttempered feeling* He Hate* fact* In a moat extriordlaar) and unaocoun manner, and alalia more rr mark able ttlll, tell* what he hat got to tell without either pith or jwint. In the flrat place, W odnr In nut a village o' " ahaa tie*," but a | retty, cleau little country tiwn Tbe na 1 live* of Halifax aie not In t ha habit of tanging oat of ! their window*, nor ar* their fac.* more aunburnl than tbtae (>f an tag tab city. Ho fa' from the ?<|iaw* having Urge (play feet tbey are remarkab'e for the tiny am* nrti of tbrrc eitremltlc*. What la tbe name of w.mder ; could poeeer* tbe van ? Hifrely tbe crowdlxg of hi* be- 1 room, or the r\lortl<.a of hi* 'aidialy? for that I* a vloa not i tm.own in gland? eoald act have *o dltlorted the metital r la Ion of tli't unhappy memht of the fourth t* late Thrre m at bare been anmMhiog e!ae to drive hla all but d ?tracte>i, before he coald have had tbe heart to doctrufh deliberate wrotg and li juall-e A* we fall before, b?leg an Keglitbman and a cie.tney , hi* laellaa tM'B would be hy ro imi?< grrgarloaji. and being kooen to be tbe Inndou " J\m?* i orreapocdrnl," we have little doubt that In ttrlala quartcra he waa ba:ted and worried aiiaeat to madaee*. rhe lata Preeid?nt of the tieen | tlve I'nnrcil im quite alive ti Ibe value of a gr od word, even of tbe mention of hi? rame, j with ordirary courtiiy, la tbe " laa.ling Jiurotl," ar.d, we <>ouht i.ot beelarered the poor Mat a'n oft to deaib Tben there anaH be Mr MnTory ? the r*m<.ua Jonathan? tbe hUatrlon* bora, hanging by hla button, ar.d ItfMtng oa abowieg him nome ajoci-neo* of bio i ' l.';e, ? '?aja Mr How* wonld aim b? rm hand, ealHr.g him "Wood*, aad, laat and mo?i provoking of a'l, Kr At rai d woa'd be thruafrir in ap-irtc-a of h I* neck ai d is bi? g< at iat v>n?* aakleg him to Hq-or. After al I 1b ?? la It aurprialsg that tbe poor X- llow waa drlvac near 1 ly rftali acied, and that hi* dl?e??M Imar nail m e n verte I putty, wbite painted otdlage* Into MMf ab*ntl?a, aad male h.m guilty of an atm mo* l the on ?h-> pre ty fnM and atkle of tbe Indian ?<|u*w? Ut u? hope that . by th? time the rrlnre really did arri ?a, ha bal managed *n*a' t* W nt i ' ti?rtob-rak away f^oan hla t- rmentoee, ant mat he oouldaee with hm own eyea a light wbi-h night to hive : iria.teevrrv Briliah heart iwell with pelde; and mve than thw, tbat I e will ecdeavor to atone to untie extent fir j the wincg be baa done na? after ha haa on *e mora ha ocrre litmael'. It li a great 'act * H h we cannot dlegni?e fro^i n?p 1 aeivrt, that the lon'im Ti mt I* read ny hnndre.ia of tbottaanda la every i*rt of th? worH, ai d, f- *n ?h- great taleat ergag. d upon it, apeak* with in anteorltv and re eriv<* a i redenoe i'ealed to any oilief journal It la to be deeply regretved, tli?r*fofe, tbat lli a Mr Wootft haa done r.othing hut m arepr'aeot an l ttrMMtft W* m a vary heavy ard nrtn'?rta'nl?g manner, anil aa we aald be'ore, we ire e invliceil, In ear own ailr 'a, that meat of the fault lira at the door of Moaare YaOng > (h , Mi ttey i > < g h t to he made aatweeaMa |nr It After a'l, however, we ballave that, lo rptte of the 1\mn enrreepomfewt, we ' will bavajnatl-e done nt la the end fie young Prl*oe, who eaw aa i*d oar*, we are ?#aur*d, will hi** very dlflerrat fralioga aad tell a very differ ent at< ry The Colonial Hriretary lock t Ilk* a ir an who could Kewltbbli own ejea, a-d f-rai an opt niou or h>e own. There were other rejwe* .,tatr p* oi that mlgMv reC* t of onh'ic cjvalee, tte pre*e. and wa ?re much V lrtak.n f by far -be greatee pari inf them Will nut do nr am^i* j- *'ir- t, ? ? Am, WHh a clrcrlat en of I ISO hat a'*o a re,.reae.,t*t v* iTo?f ne, ai d, a* It e*eret*r? ai Ir fli ence oilr ae ? wid to ? the f.m/a Meel*. we tr"?l ? r?? < ' " 1 ? not H ? ,i ? io h?fi 1 to dteg. at hf advletb) , but f ?? we <ra~ aee * la ?? and I T,?fi' le^rwchtattoa of <wr c<i't try aa N rea> r ?->f oar aob'.e ba'her aad p ir g?t (rw ii w >< %ud tft-- bar ly sots and the (llf daughters of oar tofl. We wiah to k? knowu limply M we are, and not through the feeble aarl i Hture which we re?U lu the Wibdon 7'inel of the Sib, the dimempercd lucubration of oat friend Woods, ud to which we beg to direct the attention of our rtalen [From the HalUax Chronicle, Soot 11 ] THK LONDON TIMK8 CORKKSPOMIKNT UiAIN. TIk Ixjuduu Tinifi ol the and Ij&th ult. brings Ql two li tiers at* ul Halifax, from ihe Ttrieiau oorrexpon dent of that journal, the principal part ol which w? givtj below U will bo *een Ibat la many particulars theai letters present a marked Improvement, bo h in tern and truthfulness, on the ooo wblcb torraed the bi-ij. etimmt'Dl la our otlumns some days ago; but still a. o garde matter* of fact tt?ey are not wha. ttny ought to oe, nor what the public bae night to expect from a writer for such a j turnal as thJ I/mdon ("met, or indeed from any Journal with a rejulatuo to suataln, or to which the public look lor oorrect information It may be that tii > Hrll.rh N'orth American (lotoaiaa are considered of Htllj iroporNnco by ibe Timet, but a couotry numbering I 000 (ill) of Inhabitant*, end oovering more than haT ft continent, >* not so lualgnlfl.-ani but that It oan bo In iur<*d by uutruthfulneuu aod burlesque newipAper report!. II ihe oroprlttois of the Tvna considered the country or the people if sufficient Importance to make ite u anner in which they recolved their Prmoe I a mutter of any intareH to the realm* pub lic ol Gnat Britain, they rhojld have secured the | unices of a reporter wbo, to Ixgln with, knew at leaal I Ike gtberal oulliues of llie geography of the country, who wai not too Melt conceited U> a*k, where be found himself I d< dc entof information, or too ludolent to see for himself be proUntd to describe, and who waa honest enough to tell the truth, au'l abovtfbelag promoted by any e\traoeou? lnllu>iioes to misrepresent either the country or the ptople who lorra the BUt\)eol of his com mi ntl. Mr. Woods docs not apjiear ellDor to possetia thorn- nuiftary qualities, or to bo free fre? thaao de lects !!?-? seems to be one of those ly but not very In tellectual hiiglibhnien, wi?h more b 1 ly than Oraiis, whine mental condition in governed en'.lroly by their bocliy conifoi l, and wbu seo cveryt ilng coleur Je, or the reverse, just as tbey happen to have a full tl >roocb or ' an imply one, to repaeo in luxurious ease, or battlo with j lit is md crotn,i) Thu?, when Lo came to Halifax, a'ter i two week* of blundering. Ihe result of his u ignorant, he was cadly out of temper with cve-ylhlng I and everybody, called Nova Scotia an out of tha way, remote plaice, that nobxJy ever visited, au I ouco | In, no one ever got out of, and ho ooulJ so ? nothing u> Halilax but "?| luw (oiled N|iiaws," an 1 "sau'iurnt na tin s loliirg eut of the wind >ws all day." A'ter belu^ here tireo da> s, however, aod champagne J, lean ted anu feted into a inoro amiable frnme of mind, Halifax was metamcr, hosed into a d? llghtful pUc;, its liaroor became the moHt mugr itlcent or b*i bors .m l Its pr >(>le the moat < ntei|irtKlug of ptople, who bttu gi\ <)n the Wince su ih a reofftion as could not be su'pi-K" i oy ? ?> town of e<iaal population in ali the wide dominion? i > which ae is heirf I et the Canadiau cities take waroug. au>l beaaflt i>; our experknee I^t tbam pnpit tie Mr. W.udi by good fe< lilt g an 1 luxurious lodgiu<s; let bis j j irney through their count' y be attended witn no anplsasaitt ciroutn naticer, lei ihe rain cease to (all, an t thn wad breathe only /-plij is, and the lake b'.llo?a not din- l.i ria>5 abova a ripple, whtn \N' (>- .<? h iujbi"* f r ? ti city to city, and they will have a picture of their oountry p'neaVil to tbo world, through the columns of tbo rimes. whic*i, If not truthful, ? ill be at least as llattertng a.1 tuey can deairo. We difire at prinent only to notice S(iecl?liv tw > or three foatuiei of tho letttra publshed beio?? 1 1 a seems to labor undtr aomo moral infirmity, that c?u?es him either ti overrate or unii< rr?to everything of which bo writes Thus, he says, Ihe voluutee.s nnm'iar 1 100, and were lilvided lnt > tbrea n mpaniea, when, id p unt of fact, tbey numb r about 850, and are 41tI led into teven Companiee of rillei two of euglneera and one of artillery. Again, he <a)s that on one i vinlog tbu fire ts were flile<i w ith ilruukiu men. This Is a groKR I'bel oa lb i citizens Of Halifax The uaivcraal aibriuty and g m.l behavior of the during tho 1'rince's visit waa not ceJ and cotiiiiirnted on by ? i vUlters, if we except W >k1s him self. Had be describe 4 t\?is toece of drunkenness aa taking placc on the evening on which his landlord hal to be called Into bia room to settle a bibul >us fr.y rotween lilo-ielf ocu a brother reporter, we could exffuw the mis atateatoiil, lor It Is not uoconaroon f>r men andrrsucb clrcumstat.cea to lancy everybody drunk but th-rnifelvae; but iraj-nucb as he was a guest at Government Housn on that evetilng, where we Lave a right to pret-ume that be would not forget hloisclf, there is co room for this excuse ; and we are , driven to tho bei'cf that Ite libel is a wilful, I unprovoked fabrication Aud, again, about the trails, ; he hah another falsi h<> >d. From s ime ca>?se which la i ni t lor us to i xpUin, be mism maged his corro'p iodenoe, so that h a letter writtrn in Halifax did not go forward ia time; and then, as before, a!>'ut the travel'lng jonrey ances. ae blantts defective mall arrangements lor bia blunder :>ud ta>s that all the minis wero slopped, tho UNum beleg taken up to follow tbe Prince from place In place. We are at a lor* lo Imagine how aoy man would dare to write such an open, unblushing falsehood about rurb a matter, and publish It. Mr Woods must have knows, when be wrote that statement, laat be wrote that wblcb was not true or if he did not, If any wag priaumii g rn bia Jobn Bull credulity, attempted to btax him with such a st >rv, Uid he waa soft enough to belli re It, be nrjgg be a gr ater donkey than we took h m for. Another absurd atory about a member of tbe government going to work lo gel out a gar.ettc announcing the a' rival of the l'rlnnr, fabricated by a Yaukee rep irtar, Mr Woods baa swallowed and at nl across this At lantic lo njtonlah tbedenlxeui of Printing H .use s-i'iare. He would ap|? ar also, ti have left the Province in Ihe fame uu happy stale of mind la wblcb be altered It, wblcb prevented b<m from seeing anyth r.g but tbe disagreeable, and tint uiagnilie 1. Ho MMM and lie scribe iu exaggerated laiuis the bit ak range of country U> tbe vicinity o' Halliax, traversed by the railway; but be had no eve for tne beautiful upland! and rich laarshea surrounding Windsor, which are hut a asmjde of tbe alia vial lands of Weetern Moft kollt and wbiob are uosur paw l tor rlcbneaa and fertility by aoy oouatry la Uie wrrld But we harp neither lelsare nor Inclination at preoaat to notice fuitlier the vagaries of IbW Indlvi 1 lal Wo (imply remark In cloaing that tbe ultar antrulbfuloeaa of his re|?>tl conccrniog Nova 8t tla will make the pwplo of lb s Province exceedingly distrustful of anything be may nay of the royal tour in otbar parta of tbe c intiomt . a. ?: further, il the l??i? it not uajally m'<re . ireful iu relecting Its "own correapondeata" thaa It bws been in this Instance, It muet ceaoe some day to be regarded aa aa authority on matters of fact touching any occurrence oultlde of London. K(WI from llarut. ABRIV A I. or THB BIKNVII.I.B AND BMPIBK CITY. Tbe iteamiblp Bienville, J. D. Do I loch commander, from New Mmm the 14th and Havaaa at toar P. II of the 1 JUi . lfait , arrived at the light Bhlp el eleven o'olook on Hun - d?y night, mad waa detained by the fog until daylight yea terday morning. The weather haa been anuaually tempefl tuooa during the voyage. Ia the i.ulf of Me i loo the Bienville experienced aaevere aortheaat gala, beginning on the 1Mb Instant, and haa had itrong Bor therly win da, with heavy tea and thick, rainy weather, the eatlre pea tage Nothing of Inter eat to common toate from llaraaa. The laltod Ptatee acrew ateamer Crnaader, l.teuteuant Ocirmaadlng J. N MafEtt, waa at Havana when the Bien Vtlle It ft. The rteamahtp Empire City, Captain Ruler, fr-xn Hew Or lean* via Havana 17 th id slant a'ao arrived at tbia port yeatcrday morn lag. Yellow fever had quite dloappeared, aad stranger* vera beginning U> All up the bote la, to apead the wtatar Btoatha. There waa not the nana! amount of ahlpptng 1b the bar bar tor thta aeatoa of the yaar. Wben U? Kmptro City left a horrloane waa anticipated, aad the Admiral had Issued ordera to the Hpaaiah Heat to be la readlaeea to meet it. OVB HAVANA COMMrOMPKVCK. FUvajm.OM IT, 1M0 Opening ?' a .VVv> Railroad Mm al Jfjleaiu-Uraad lirmkfaM in eke Gtf tun 9e**rsf . 4n , Se We have had a grand clebr attis at MaIibbbb of tba opening of a aew branch of rallmal fro* Havana to the Yaalvl, and n break fart entertainment to Oeaeeal Ser rano, fan tuff, the Biabip aad the authorities of Mil olty , who want Brat over the track where the onnection w?e made at Waists. Tbia entertainment wan appropriate and |>r' tin iured magu .ili-?ot Coat ftlVOOOtn tbe com pany. The throagh time la reduced to thren bourn aad five mlantaa, leaving here at a'l A M , aad arriving there at five mlnetea past nine prerleely. la tlaae for breakfast. returning in the evening at half paat Are, an) arriving at oar depot at thirty are ml an tea peat eight. Fare aleo reduced to 94 2ft. which, fir trit claaa, la moderate enough, arced ria??, M third c'.ara, ?( 7t, and ro (rumbling The part; returned In the evening of Ibe day by a aprinf tram, having had a aire time, although the weather waa boteterrooa IV New Or I oar ? poet mailer gave ua no mall* bp the llenvtile, depriving our borne" man of late Kero l<eaa rewa and of tarir ' . lepraphlc dsapatohes of yonr nrarket Ooadltlaa, due by Ibia route, very mush U the in jury of alt riataee of oar trade It la not tbe first tint ? i r, at nor i n hang* denize. 1n?ne|ers and eugar operator* have had to growl over B >"Ji delinquency. Tbc health of Havana IB perfret Oar Nbbibb CerrripeBdenre. Njwur (S P.), CM. ?. I'W O'Vtntmtital Chaff*? Tn*l V CV?? of tkt Wrre*M .Vanrr ? H rfe. Tbe Rrltleh (tram ?lyrpof war Barncoeta arrl-.-sd here from Jama led ca tie lit luilatt, hnagiag one (eha'tarn off.oer of tbe rirvt W?*? loJia regimeat and fifty rs crul'a The heed jnarler* of th!f regiment, It M bow Certain, will leave tblf for Bar* !<** la January nest. There IB n report, which awumra to oom? from good authority and with tooedatlon, that Governor Bayley will he relieved from the dutlea of tblfl government by the end ! the year and that Mr .Jeu?e Walker, late Oil on lei Secretary at Harbaloee, will be hla bmmmmot in offloe A charge I orich dealred. The trml of the pnrtlea who wera on bmrd tbe wreeked atarer will take |.'v? next week Ominael haa bmn re Ulned t r two pnrtlea aJiegltg themnelroa to be pea aerjrera Tte enmmer bar brtken op A tow lata ago we had the rala pourlig down like a delog* and hnavf wled ?>)u?il?. aiace which tbe air ta #ool, ha'ai; aad refieek'og, aa It b'owa frum the Birth revere her. been p vera lent, but row tbey will all "fade away,' aad nor lutle favored lele will be the tnvy of number* m ace. iat of Ita la'nbrity Mr Jan.i a Nlbbe Re en. who baa been appointed hy UteCJtiern re?M.nt paid Juaiwe for Ahnon, bae arrived I* re from Ft. Vtaaaat. ^>?ern* ~r r'it ?'avre ????-? oed torn Aemwiae ennnty, Ttflili, laat w??k, la a ?l?*?p, bet ware MB^Mttf re A Tbey were *11 m?ea '.,ct *n4?l?cfll n ore ?.'! t-> a in e f ll - ro dea taat:on.

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